The Model’s Naked Urge

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will feel as if they have been exploited for the sake of an individual’s goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desires, is the only thing that really matters.

THE MODEL’S NAKED URGE is a story about a young woman who will do anything to attain the goals she has set for herself. She will even resort to what some would call perverted acts in order to get what she wants. But the fact remains that despite the means she used to reach her goal, she does find happiness, and no one is harmed.

A startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be attained by some from actions that much of our society considers perverted.


Dave Williams was rudely awakened by the sound of two female voices fighting in the apartment next door. He cursed loudly as he swung his legs out of bed. He was in no mood for a cat-fight in the middle of the night. He had been on the road for two weeks with his job as a salesman, and he had been looking forward to a good night’s rest.

Dave knew nothing about his new neighbors. They had moved in while he was away. He only knew that he had paid a lot of money to live in the fancy apartment building and he did not expect to be kept awake all night long by screaming females.

Dave stalked angrily down the hall and pounded on his neighbor’s door. The yelling voices suddenly grew quiet. A moment later the door opened just a crack. Dave choked back his angry words as he caught a good glimpse of tangled blonde hair and sexy blue eyes.

“I know what you’re going to say,” soft voice told him. “I’m very sorry and I promise we’ll be quiet for the rest of the night!”

The door shut in Dave’s face. There was nothing left for him to do but return to his room. He took off his shirt and stretched out on his bed. The woman had kept her promise. The voices next-door had gotten quiet, but Dave still couldn’t go back to sleep. He kept wondering what the woman was like who’d had that soft and sexy voice. He was sure that she had a body that would match her beautiful voice.

“Oh shit,” Dave said loudly.

Dave got up to fix himself a drink. He could feel a stirring in his crotch. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman. The last time had been a waitress who worked in a cafe along his route. She had been a good fuck, but not the greatest. Dave was not the kind of man who liked to go a long time without a woman.

Dave finished off the drink and made himself another. He was surprised by a soft tapping at his door. He knew nobody who would come calling on him at this time of night. None of his friends even knew he was in town. He was supposed to be away another couple of days.

Dave felt curious as he walked to the door. He opened it and felt stunned by the woman who stood in the hallway. It was the woman next-door and this time he had a full-length view of her.

“Hot damn,” Dave said.

She was so gorgeous that his prick ached just looking at her. The top of her blonde head barely reached his chest. Her pale blonde hair fell to her shoulders in silky waves. Her face was aristocratic, but her lips were full and inviting. She was the kind of woman that a man wanted to rape brutally and protect, all at the same time.

She was wearing a full-length red satin gown that clung to her like a second skin. Her could see she had the kind of figure he liked. A small waist but large, round tits and a beautiful ass.

“May I come in?” she asked. “I have to talk to someone and I knew you were awake.”

“Of course,” Dave said.

Dave stepped aside to let her come in. He almost reeled as he caught the scent of her expensive perfume, and felt her gown brushing up against him.

He somehow controlled his wild impulse to throw her down on the floor.

“My name’s Lorraine Jones,” she told him. “My roommate and I are both models.”

“I’m Dave Williams,” he said. “Was that your roommate I heard you fighting with?”

“Yes.” Lorraine sat down in one of Dave’s living room chairs. “Rene’s such an idiot. She had the opportunity to get into a movie but she turned them down.”

“Why?” Dave asked.

“Because she would have had to get into bed with a man on the wide screen,” Lorraine said.

“You would have?” Dave asked.

“Of course. It’s only a movie. Nothing really happens. It’s not like it’s porno or something.”

“And what do you think of going to bed with a man where something does happen?” Dave asked.

“It depends on the man,” she answered. “What do you think about me?” Lorraine grinned at him. She had not really come to his room just to talk. She had taken a long look at him from her door. She thought the tall, dark-haired man was very appealing in a rugged sort of way. He looked like the type who would lift weights and swim.

“You’re in a pretty good shape,” Lorraine said. “You might make a good male model.”

Lorraine knew she looked a lot braver than she felt. She was not a prim virgin like her roommate but neither did she make a practice of going to a strange man’s room. She’d had a little too much to drink a little earlier and now it was beginning to wear off.

“Maybe we could make our own little movie,” Dave suggested.

“I hardly know you,” Lorraine said.

“Sometimes it happens that way,” Dave said.

Lorraine was beginning to loose her nerve. “I think I’d better be going now. My roommate might worry.”

“I don’t think you really want to leave yet,” Dave said.

Dave knew one thing. He had no intention of letting this sexy young thing out of his apartment without a fight. She had come next-door to get fucked and he was determined that she was going to leave that way. He did not like the thought of rape but it might have to come to that. Dave was too horny to stop now.

She got up and started out the door. Dave grabbed her arm and pulled her down into his lap. She struggled for a few moments but he would not release her. He knew she could feel his stiff cock pressing against her sexy ass.

“Let me go,” she said.

“Not yet,” Dave said.

She started struggling again. He held on to her waist and began to tighten his grip. In a few seconds she stopped struggling. He was causing her pain. He saw a few tears in her eyes.

“Now you don’t want to fight me,” he told her. “No,” Lorraine answered. “I’ll stop fighting.” Lorraine felt weak as the husky young man led her from his living room into his bedroom. His grip had a lot of strength. His kind of strong man seemed to always be the type that Lorraine could not resist.

Dave picked her up easily. He dropped her onto the bed and stood looking at her for a moment. He could feel her eyes tracing his body and he knew she liked what she was seeing.

“You’re so Goddamned beautiful,” he said.

“So are you,” she said.

Dave lay down beside her. He put his big hand on her head and started stroking her silky blonde hair. He kissed her. His lips felt hard and demanding. His first kiss sent shivers of desire all the way to her pussy. She parted her full lips willingly as his fat tongue probed her mouth.

“Ohhh God,” she groaned softly. “I like kissing you. You’re quite a man!”

She grabbed his hand as she felt him moving his fingers down her front. She thought she should show some sign of resistance or she would not feel decent. She could not stop his hand. He continued to kiss her as his fingers found her zipper.

“Please don’t,” she said.

He paid no attention to her. He tugged apart the zipper down to her waist. He tugged the folds of her satin gown. Her big creamy tits popped free and Dave whistled in amazement.

“Hot damn,” he said. “I always thought you models were supposed to be skinny.”

“Not all of us,” Lorraine said. “I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.”

“No,” Dave said. “I’m one of the lucky ones.” Dave put his face in the crevice between her sweet-smiling tits. He licked the creamy flesh as he moved his lips around one large mound. He found her nipple and he felt her shiver. He rubbed his tongue across the pink nipple and felt it growing stiff with passion.

“I like that,” she groaned. “Ummmm, I like that!”

He sucked the nipple into his mouth and bit down gently. She was squirming with hot delight. He sucked the nipple deeper into his mouth and kept using his tongue.

“Ohhh,” Lorraine cried out softly. “I like that! Oh, that feels so nice!”

“I like to suck tit, baby,” Dave said. “Especially a pair of tits like yours!”

Dave sucked harder and managed to take more than half of her big tit into his mouth. Lorraine put both hands on the back of his head. She stroked his dark hair. She no longer protested. All resistance had left her.

She clutched his head with animal strength. She felt his hungry mouth moving from one hard pink nipple to the other. His tongue and teeth kept working on her steaming flesh, making her hotter.

“Oh yessss,” Lorraine cried. “Suck my tits like that. That makes me so hot!”

Lorraine moved her hand from his head down his broad back. She felt the tense movements of his back muscles. She felt the aching wetness between her legs. Her panties already felt soaked. She was beginning to be really glad she’d visited Dave.

“Your tongue is so nice!” she cried.

She felt his mouth moving between her tits again. She tried to pull him back but Dave had his own ideas. His hot tongue was slithering down her belly to where her gown parted. His tongue probed her navel. His hot lips touched her just above her pussy.

“Ummm, baby,” Dave said. “Your skin tastes sweet!”

His tongue slithered underneath her gown. She felt him touching the fabric of her panties. She helped him pull her gown down far enough to reveal her flimsy black panties. He put his hands underneath her and started squeezing the cheeks of her ass. She felt his mouth pressed against the front of her panties.

“You’re making me so hot, baby,” she moaned. “You’re setting my pussy on fire.”

His tongue slipped under her panties and he began licking at her blonde pubic hair. She knew her hair was already wet with juice and he seemed to enjoy the taste. Lorraine could stand it no longer.

“Take my panties off, baby,” she moaned. “Oh, please take my panties off!”

Lorraine lifted her ass as he slipped the panties down her long, shapely legs and kicked them off. She parted her legs and knew she was really giving him a good view of her pussy. She did not care. She only wanted his tongue inside her.

“Lick my pussy,” she groaned. “Lick me!”

“Turn over, baby,” he told her.

She did not know what he had in mind but she was his to command. She flipped over onto her belly and felt his hands on her ass. He started licking her back and then her asscheeks. She felt his tongue licking the crack of her ass.

“I love your ass,” he told her. “I love a beautiful ass!”

Lorraine moaned as she felt Dave’s tongue probing her tiny asshole. She had never felt anything like this before. It seemed to add new excitement. She parted her legs wider and kept rubbing her pussy against the bed.

“My pussy’s so hot,” she moaned. “Do something for me. Please do something for me!”

Dave flipped her over on her back and put his face into the soft moistness between her thighs. He loved the smell of sweet, perfumed pussy. He felt her shivering as he began licking her pink lips. He could feel her juices coating his lips and tongue with the honey smell.

“Oh yesss,” she moaned savagely. “Eat me. Eat my cunt!”

Dave stabbed his tongue between her cuntlips. She nearly jerked away from him. He slipped his hands underneath to grip her ass once again. He then started to move his tongue slowly in and out of her cunt.

“Jesus,” Lorraine cried. “That feels good. Nobody’s ever done that to me and it feels good!”

Lorraine felt his tongue licking at the most sensitive parts of her pussy. She expected him to pull his mouth away when her juices began flowing. She knew that she was the kind of person who really had a lot of juice.

Instead, she could feel him licking a little harder as her juices flowed into his mouth. She closed her creamy thighs a little tighter around his head. She felt his tongue slipping into her deeper. She nearly jumped off the bed when she felt his tongue brushing against her clit.

“That feels so crazy,” she moaned. “God, you’re doing crazy things to me!”

He slipped his hands up her body and cupped her tits. He began massaging her tender flesh while gently rubbing his thumbs across her hot pink nipples. It sent shivers down her spine and she could feel the hot fires growing in her belly.

“I’m getting so hot,” she cried. “Jesus, I’m getting so fucking hot!”

Dave knew it was time to stop. He did not want her to come yet no matter how much he was enjoying sucking on her sweet pussy. He first wanted to feel her tight pussy around his cock. Dave moved his head from between her soft thighs.

“Don’t,” she pleaded. Her ass moved invitingly. “Oh, please don’t stop.”

“I’m not going to stop,” Dave said. “I’m just going to give you something you’ll like better.”

Lorraine groaned in pleasure as Dave climbed off the bed. She turned her head so that she could watch him undress. God, be had a nice body. His chest was broad and covered with thick black hair. She could see his stomach tensing as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper.

“Hurry,” she whispered frantically. “I’m so hot. My pussy feels so hot.”

“You little bitch,” Dave said. “I’ve never seen a cunt get as hot as you.”

Dave stripped his trousers down. His prick was painfully bunched in his shorts. He saw her hungry eyes drop to his crotch. His balls felt a little hotter. He started to pull his shorts down but then decided against it. Hell, why not let the little cunt do it.

“You take them off,” Dave said. “Come on. Get down on your hands and knees and take my shorts off.”

Lorraine had never had so many new things happening to her. She knew that Dave was degrading her by making her get down on her hands and knees, but it was an exciting degradation. She wanted to do it. It made her pussy burn hotter just to think about.

Lorraine got off the bed and went down on her knees in front of the big, hairy man. She very carefully eased his shorts down over his magnificent cock.

“Oh my goodness,” Lorraine said, as the powerful cock sprang out and brushed against her cheek.

His prick was huge and thick and had the biggest cockhead she had ever seen. She let her eyes go down the length of it to the heavy balls underneath.

They were huge, and she knew they were filled with cum for her hungry pussy.

“Oh God,” she said softly. “It’s beautiful.”

“Show me how much you appreciate it, baby,” Dave said. “Kiss it for me.”

Lorraine shook her head. She had never done that before, and she didn’t want to do it now. Instead she wrapped her fingers tightly around the pulsating base. She began to squeeze until a little drop of come oozed out the tip.

“Oh Christ,” Dave said. “Christ, I can’t stand it. I’ve got to have some of your sweet pussy!”

Dave knew what she had done to him. She had not wanted to suck his cock and this time he was not going to force her. There would be other times to teach her new tricks. This time he only wanted to have her cunt.

“You little cunt,” he said. “Get back on the bed!”

Quickly Lorraine climbed back on the bed and spread her legs once again. She licked her lips hungrily as she stared at his throbbing staff. She could hardly wait to feel his thick cock inside her. She reached down and parted her cuntlips with her finger.

“Put it in me,” she groaned. “Come on, baby. Please put your big cock inside me!”

Dave dropped onto the bed and rolled on top of her. He felt her grabbing his cock and guiding it to her hungry pussy. He felt her cuntlips sucking at his swollen meat. He would not be rushed. He let just his cockhead slide into her.

“All the way,” she begged him. “Oh God, put it in me all the way! Put your cock in me all the fucking wayyy!”

Dave laughed at her excitement. He gently pressed his cock into her tight cuntlips. Her ass started shaking wildly. She was really going crazy. He had known she was going to be a good fuck but he had not expected an animal.

He pulled his prick back out of her again. She was clutching at his back and sobbing. He was enjoying himself. He had never felt a woman who needed it so badly before. He laughed again as he pressed his cockhead back against her hungry cunt.

“Don’t tease me,” she begged. “I need your cock. I need your cock inside me.”

“I bet this is what you wanted all along,” Dave said. “Isn’t fucking what you came over for?”

“Oh yessss,” Lorraine answered. “I want to be fucked. I need to be fucked!”

Dave pressed his cock half inside her. He nearly blew his wad right then as he felt her tight feeling cuntlips massaging his hot dick. He had to pull away again. He felt her hands on his back and then clutching his asscheeks. He thought about something else for a moment, and the pressure cased in his balls.

“Please fuck me,” Lorraine begged him. “I’ll do anything. I’ll say anything, but please fuck me!”

Dave slammed his thick prick half into her pussy. He felt her ass jump off the bed as her hungry cunt tried to suck his prick all the way in.

“Sweet Jesus,” Lorraine cried. “I like that. Put it in me all the fucking way!”

Lorraine sighed softly as she felt his prick slide into her pussy all the way. His fat prick filled her as she had never been filled before. She reached down and slid her hand between them. She searched his body until she could feel his heavy come-filled balls.

“Oh baby,” she moaned. “Oh baby, that feels so good!”

Dave left his prick inside her without moving. He felt her ass sliding from side to side. He could stand it no longer. He pulled half out of her pussy and then slammed it brutally back into her again.

“Oh yessss,” Lorraine cried. “That’s nice. Fuck me good!”

“Now I’m going to give it to you,” he groaned, “Now I’m going to fuck your sweet ass off!”

He slipped his hands underneath her shapely ass. He lifted her higher so that his fat, slippery cock was sliding deeper into her tight cunt. He felt her hand fingering his balls.

“You feel so nice,” she said. “Everything you have feels so nice!”

Dave began fucking her in slow, delicious strokes. Lorraine could feel his balls slapping her each time he drove it into her pussy. His hot dick felt like he was burning a hole deep within her. She began responding to his hard thrusting by lifting her ass and keeping her cunt walls tight.

“You sweet bitch,” Dave said. “Your cunt feels so fucking nice! So fucking nice!”

She felt his fingers searching the crack of her ass until he had located her asshole. She gasped as one of his fingers stabbed roughly into her tiny hole. She began riding up and down on his finger while his thick meat slammed into her.

“Fuck me hard!” she cried. “Fuck me harder!” Dave really began to ram his prick up her fuckhole. He could feel her pussy juices coating his prick and making him slippery with each stroke. The fire was back in his balls and this time he knew he was not going to stop. He was going to blow her ass off with his wad.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Lorraine cried. “Give it to me like that. I love it hard!”

She turned into a wild, fucking animal as he drove his cock into her steaming cunt again and again. She reached her other arm around his neck and pulled him closer against her. Her tits felt sweaty.

“Yes,” she cried. “I’m coming! Oh God yes! It feels so good! Your big fucking prick! Jesus, it feels good! Your big prick feels good! Your Goddamned big prick, ahhh, ahhhh!”

Her juices soaked him as her body seemed to explode into a thousand delicious shivers. She kept rocking back and forth on his cock even after her pleasure spasms had stopped. She could feel his prick growing thicker and longer.

“Come in me, baby,” she moaned. “I want to feel your come! Come in me!”

“I’m going to come, you bitch,” he groaned. “I’m going to shoot my cum in your pussy! You bitch! You Goddamned bitch!”

He stabbed forward as far as he could and his thick jism spurted into her pussy until she could feel it leaking out of the sides of her cunt and coating her thighs. She kept rocking back and forth until she knew she had drained every drop from his swollen cock. She finally felt his prick going soft and slipping out of her.

“Ohhh,” she said softly. “That felt so nice. I hated for you to stop.”

“I didn’t stop, sugar,” he said. “I’m going to rest for a couple of days but then I’ll be back.”

“Do you need a couple of days to rest?” she asked.

“Lady,” he said. “You have to be the best piece of pussy I’ve ever had.”

Lorraine sighed at his compliment and snuggled against him. She was glad she had decided to come next door. Her neighbor was also one of the best fucks she had ever had.


Lorraine was feeling good. After a fantastic time of fucking she had slept until noon and then had a wonderful brunch. Now she was dressed in her sexiest outfit and sitting in the office of the producer who had talked to Rene the day before.

“The silly bitch,” Lorraine said to herself.

Rene had been more than silly to turn the producer down. After all, just about every model was willing to do nude pictures in these times. It was expected. And the money was so damn good in those movies.

Lorraine looked down at her watch. She had been kept waiting for almost two hours but she had expected that. The producer would not let her see him right away. He wanted to impress on her that he was a very busy man, and had no time for nonsense. She did not mind waiting but she did not care for the way the busty red-headed secretary kept looking at her. Like a man would look. Lorraine always felt a little scared around women who liked other women.

The door to the inner office finally opened and Lorraine breathed a sigh of relief.

John Sansing was a producer who looked like a producer. He was big and fat and balding. He had an eye for a pretty woman, and that was one of the reasons he liked producing. He knew he would not have a chance to get at so many beautiful women if he were in some other kind of work. But women were usually willing to do anything to get into a picture. Even messing with a man like him.

He was saddened by the loss of the delicious looking dark-haired beauty of the day before. He had made her the offer and she had refused. She would have been perfect for the picture but she just did not want to take off her clothes. John considered her stupid for an attitude like that. She would never get anywhere in this business like that.

John took a long look at the sexy blonde sitting in his office. She was wearing a dark floor-length dress that molded itself to her luscious figure. He could tell that she was not wearing a bra. He could see her nipples pressing against the material. He could feel a warmth in his crotch.

“Come in,” he told her. “I don’t have all day.” He went back to his desk and sat down. He knew the impersonal business attitude usually frightened the girls. Most of them were used to dealing with men who got turned on by their beauty. He did not like the women to feel beautiful around him. He wanted them to feel like objects. His personal objects.

“Your name?” he asked.

“Lorraine,” she answered.

“Come in and shut the door, Lorraine,” he said. The sexy young blonde did as she was told. Even across the room he could smell her sexy perfume and he felt a little dizzy. He was glad he was sitting behind his desk so that he could not see the condition of his cock.

“You’re a pretty girl, Lorraine,” he said. “But what makes you think you can act.”

“I had some acting lessons,” she said.

“Shit,” he said. “They don’t mean a damn thing. You have to be in front of a camera.”

“I think I can do it, sir,” she said.

“Stand up,” he commanded her. “Stand up and turn around for me.”

This was what he liked. Every one of the girls usually got that proud look in her eyes. They did not want to do turns for him. They felt humiliated by it. He enjoyed watching them weaken as they realized he had the means to make them a star.

“Hurry up, girl,” he said. “I’m a busy man. I don’t have time to waste.”

“Yes sir,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine felt a little shy as she stood up for the fat, balding, producer. She did a turn for him and he motioned for her to do it again. She kept turning until he was satisfied. He told her to sit back down once more.

“You’ve got a nice ass,” he told her. “That’s important for the woman in this movie. A part of the filming is done on just her ass. Very important.”

Lorraine crossed her legs. She felt like getting up and walking out of the office. But she did not want to lose her one-time chance to be in movies. She knew this man could do it for her, and she was willing to go to any lengths to make him happy. Lorraine had a feeling that she already knew what he was going to ask her to do.

“You’re going to do a nude scene in this movie,” he said.

“Yes sir,” she answered.

“I’ll have to know what you look like.” He licked his lips in anticipation. “I mean, I don’t want to start filming and then find out that you have a lot of body blemishes.”

“I don’t, sir,” she assured him.

“You’ll have to prove it.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded her.

This was the point where a lot of the young women would walk out on him. They did not feel like stardom was worth it. He could see the indecision in Lorraine’s face. She wanted to walk out, but he had a feeling that would not happen.

“All right,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine’s heart was pounding as she stood up. She knew it would not stop with just her taking her clothes off. This horny old man wanted more than just to see her naked. He was after her body. Lorraine kept wondering just how far she would be willing to go. After she took her clothes off it would be too late to change her mind.

Lorraine started unbuttoning her dress. She peeled the black folds away from her huge, round tits. She felt his hot eyes running like fingers over her tit-flesh. She shimmied out of her gown and let it drop. She was wearing nothing but her red panties and a pair of black high heels. She felt his appreciative eyes roaming all over her body. “Turn around,” he said.

She turned for him. This time she felt even more humiliated than before, and yet she could also feel a warmth in her belly. It was not like it had been with Dave the night before. This fat, balding man could not turn her on the way Dave had.

Yet, there was something interesting about him. It might have been the fact that the producer had a lot of power. Lorraine wondered how many other young women he had used his power on. He had probably made many such women undress in his office.

“Very nice,” he said. “Very Goddamn nice. Baby, you make my prick hard just looking at you.”

Lorraine blushed a little but she did not try to cover herself. It was out in the open. She knew what he wanted. She wondered if the movie was worth it. She decided it was, but not just because of the movie. The situation was beginning to turn her on.

“Come over here,” he said.

Lorraine went to him and let him pull her down into his lap. She moaned as she felt the hard pressure of his prick underneath her ass. She turned her head to kiss his mouth. His tongue wiggled into her mouth and she rubbed hers against it.

“You’ve got nice tits, baby,” he said, as his fingers gently roamed over her flesh. “Real nice. They’re going to look perfect up on the screen.”

He stroked her pale blonde hair as he could feel his cock growing stiffer. He had not expected the little bitch to be willing. He knew he was going to get some of her sweet pussy, and that made him almost rip his trousers.

He bent his head down and licked her pink nipple. He felt her shiver and the nipple grew rigid against his lips. He could not resist taking the nipple into his mouth and letting his teeth scrape it.

“You make me feel so good,” she moaned.

Her ass was rubbing against his cock and it was making him hurt. He reached beneath her ass and found his zipper. He pulled it down and pulled his cock out of the opening. Jesus, it felt good to have his cock resting against her asscheeks. Her panties felt so soft that it was hard to keep from shooting his wad right there.

He opened his mouth and sucked as much of her creamy hot flesh into his mouth as he could manage. He could hardly breathe. All around his nose he could smell sweet tit-flesh. He released it and moved to her other tit.

“Oh God,” Lorraine said. “Oh Jesus, you’re making me hot.”

Lorraine pressed more of her hot tit into his mouth. She could feel tingles all over her body. She closed her thighs a little tighter as she felt her juices wetting her panties. She started rubbing her legs together.

She felt his hand on her knee and then slowly rubbing her thighs. She parted her legs only long enough to let his hand cover her burning pussy mound. She felt his strong fingers rubbing her mound brutally, until the hole between her legs was burning hot.

“Take my panties off,” she whispered. “Oh Jesus, take my panties off.”

He did not waste any time. He gripped the top of her panties and nearly ripped them as he pulled them down her legs. She kicked them off and spread her legs again. His hot hand covered her mound and she felt one finger stab into her cunt.

She grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled his face against her twin globes. She urged him to bite her flesh as his hot finger worked inside her cunt. She felt her clit swelling up and brushing against the hard edge of his finger.

“Put another finger in me,” she moaned. “That feels good!”

Another of his fat, stubby fingers stabbed her fiery cunt. She began to rock back forth in his lap. She could feel his cock rubbing between her asscheeks and it was a new feeling. She rubbed faster as she could feel her juices coating his fingers.

“Ummm,” she moaned. “You’re going to make me come like that! God, you’re going to make me come!”

His fingers worked faster. She was gasping for breath as she kept sliding back and forth in his lap, her hungry cunt sucking at his fingers. She stroked his head with her fingers.

“I’m coming,” she cried. “Jesus, I’m coming! Your fingers feel so good! I’m coming, AGHHH!”

She knew the secretary in the outer office must have heard her, but she didn’t care. It had felt too good. Her body reined deliciously after the last spasm went through her. He didn’t take his fingers out. He kept working them in and out of her until she could feel the juices beginning to boil again. He took his fingers out of her and licked them. She watched him licking off her juices.

“You come real good,” he said. “We’ll have to capture that on the screen.”

He pushed her out of his lap. Quickly he stood up and began undressing. She did not like the sight of his pudgy body but she knew she would go through with it. He had made her feel good and he had promised her the picture. She would make him happy.

He stripped out of his clothes and bared his fat cock. His cock looked a lot like he did. It was thick and long and the bead was bloated. She could see the white cream covering the thickness.

“Ummm,” she said. “You are excited.”

“I’m ready to give it to you,” she said.

Quickly he started clearing off his desk. She realized that he was planning on fucking her on top of it. She sighed. It would be hard but she had promised herself she would do anything. She climbed up on the desk and willingly spread her legs for him.

“Ahhh shit,” he moaned. “You’ve got a beautiful pussy, bitch. A beautiful cunt. I wish we could put the camera right there and show the world.”

She did not expect what was coming next. He pulled her down until her legs were half-hanging off the desk. Then he moved his head between her silken legs. She felt his hot lips pressing against her pussylips and the effect was sensational. She nearly jumped off the desk.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “What are you doing to me? What are you doing?”

“I’m eating your pussy,” he said. “Hasn’t anyone ever eaten your cunt before?”

“Oh yes,” she answered. “But not that way.” Lorraine was remembering Dave the night before. Dave had licked her cunt but the feeling had been different. She did not know why, but this fat producer was doing something wonderful with her cunt. She felt his tongue slithering between her pussylips.

“You’re making me go crazy,” she moaned.

She reached down and grabbed his head. She held his face closer to her pussy and tried to lift her ass. She was grinding her snatch against his face and he was loving every minute of it.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “God, that feels so good!”

He was drinking her juice. She could bear him making swallowing sounds. She could already feel her belly tensing with desire. She would not have believed this man could have made her come so many times in one afternoon.

She was almost ready to go again when she felt him lifting his head. He licked his lips as he looked down into her pink pussylips. He was ready to feel his cock inside her. He moved up on top of her and let his cock rest at her hungry snatch.

“I’m going to fuck your ass off,” he groaned, “I’m going to really give you a good fucking!”

“Oh yesss,” she moaned softly.

Lorraine began moving her ass while the delicious pressure of his cock began to split her cuntlips. She widened her legs and she let his long, throbbing cock slide all the way into her cunt.

“Ahhh,” he moaned savagely. “Shit, I knew you were tight. I knew you’d be tight!”

She reached behind his back and gripped him. She began rubbing her big tits against his chest. His balls rested against her asscheeks and she felt how heavy they were.

“Come on and fuck me,” she whispered. “Come on and really slam that big cock inside me.”

He did not move for a while. He kept resting on top of her and she could feel her own excitement growing. His cock did not feel bad for that of an old, fat man. She began moving her hips and he still would not let himself get carded away.

Lorraine grew determined to make him lose control. She lifted her legs and locked them around his back. She began moving her ass back and forth on the table. She could feel his big cock sliding in and out of her cunt, and she knew she had got to him.

“Ahhh yesss,” she moaned. “Fuck me good!” He began to thrust violently into her sweet pussy. He wasn’t surprised when he heard the door open. But he could feel the surprise in the good looking girl underneath him. She had turned her head and she could see the woman standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” Lorraine asked the busty redhead from the outer office.

“I came in to watch,” the redhead said. “I like to watch my boss in action.”

Lorraine couldn’t believe it but the redhead was taking a seat near them. The busty redhead crossed her shapely legs and Lorraine gasped. She was not wearing any panties. Lorraine could look right into the pink lips of her wet cunt.

“Fuck her good, bass,” the redhead said. “Give it to her like you give it to me.”

“I’m fucking her good,” John said. “I’m fucking her sweet little ass off.”

Lorraine felt humiliated as the redhead watched her being fucked so violently. Yet, she didn’t want him to stop. Having the redhead there seemed to add to the excitement. She could feel wicked little shivers going up her spine.

“Oh God,” Lorraine moaned. “I don’t give a damn. Let her watch. Let the bitch watch you fuck me!”

The redhead leaned back in her chair and her fingers started working inside her pink cunt. This was unlike anything Lorraine had ever experienced. She began sliding her ass a little faster.

“She’s getting worked up,” John said. “I can feel her pussy working on my prick!”

John understood that a lot of the women got hotter when his secretary, Arlene, walked into the room. There was just something about another woman watching. Some of them went absolutely wild. That was the reason that John allowed his secretary into the room.

“Ummm,” Arlene groaned. “It makes me so hot watching you two!”

The secretary’s fingers worked faster in and out of her cunt. Lorraine could feel the fires in her belly growing until she could hardly control them. Her nipples were rubbing so hard against his chest that she was starting to feel raw.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned. “Jesus, your cock feels so good. Oh God, you’re going to make me come again. I’m coming!”

Her ass went wild underneath him. She moved from side to side on the desk as if she were trying to shake him off. He gave her a good ride. He kept thrusting his prick in and out until the last shudder had gone through her body.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Fantastic. Fantastic!”

He kept moving his prick in and out of her pussy and she could feel his prick growing. She knew it would not be long before he was shooting his cum into her. She tightened her legs around his back and tried to suck his cock deeper into her pussy.

“Yes,” Arlene groaned. “Yes, yes, yes, it looks good. It makes me so hot. Oh God!”

Lorraine could see the redhead nearly jerking herself off the office chair. Her pussy opened wider and Lorraine could see every part of her moist cunt. Lorraine could feel John driving his cock into her as hard as he could.

“God,” he groaned. “God, I’m going to shoot my wad. Oh shit, I’m going to shoot my wad. Shit, oh shit, oh shit!”

He slammed into her and she felt the hot spurt of his thick jism. He had as much come as Dave had the night before. She could feel it filling her pussy and wetting the sides of her thighs. Lorraine turned her head again. She could see the redhead still fingering her wet cunt. Lorraine kept moving beneath John until she had drained his cock.

Finally John climbed off her and began to straighten up his clothes.

“You were pretty good, kid,” John said.

“A girl will do anything to get into the movies,” Lorraine said.


Rene Talbot was doing her stretching exercises. She had on a one-piece bathing suit that modestly covered her shapely body. Rene was a prude. She had always been a prude, but it was not something she was ashamed of.

Sometimes she wondered how she got along with Lorraine at all.

Lorraine was certainly no prude. Rene knew where Lorraine had gone the night before. To that handsome hunk next door. And Rene had a feeling that she knew where her friend had gone today.

John Sansing had left no doubt in Rene’s mind that he was after any woman who came along. Rene was not about to let him fuck her just to get a part in a play. But Rene had a feeling that Lorraine would do anything for that part.

“The idiot!” Rene said out loud. “She’s a damned idiot!”

Rene felt better after her vulgarity. Rene was proud of her talent and she did not feel she had to go to bed with men to prove it. She would get her chance sooner or later. A woman did not have to prostitute herself just for a part.

Rene heard her doorbell ring and she wondered who it was. She was expecting Lorraine at any time and she wondered if her friend had forgotten her key. Lorraine was constantly doing that.

“Just a second,” Rene shouted, as she hurried to the door.

Rene did the dumbest thing she had ever done in her life. She opened the door without checking who was on the other side. Immediately she was sorry. There were a couple of rough-looking young men standing in the hallway. One of them was holding some books and the other held a notepad.

Rene did not bother to ask them what they wanted. She started to close the door again and one of the boys put his foot against the door.

“Now you don’t want to close the door without hearing what we’ve got to say,” Jimmy Pierce said.

“Nah,” Ted Moody agreed. “We haven’t even given you our big sales pitch yet.”

“I don’t want to buy anything,” Rene said, and she tried to shut the door again.

Jimmy Pierce kept his foot in the doorway and he also leaned his broad shoulder against it. He knew he did not want to let this sweet-looking brunette get away from him. He could see her big nipples pressing against the front of her bathing suit and it was making his prick hard. He licked his lips as he thought about her pussy.

He pushed at the door and nearly stumbled into the room. His friend followed. Rene had a look of horror on her face and she was backing away from them.

“Get away from me,” she said. “Get out of my apartment or I’m going to scream.”

It happened so fast that she could not stop it. One minute they were in front of her and the next minute they were crawling all over her. She tried to bite and she heard a shout of pain. Then something hard smashed against her face and knocked her down.

She rolled over and she tried to scream. A hand was shoved roughly over her mouth. She bit at it and she heard another shout of pain. The hand was removed and she was able to scream. Then something hard smashed against the back of her head.

“Bitch,” Jimmy said, rubbing his hand. “I’m going to make you pay for that. You little bitch!”

She was feeling dizzy and sick. Jimmy rolled her over on her back. He bent over her and put his hands around her throat. She started gasping for breath as he squeezed.

“Do you want to die, you little cunt?” he asked her.

“No,” she gasped.

“Then you’d better not try to bite or scratch or open your mouth again to scream,” he told her. “If you do, I’m going to choke the shit out of you. Do you understand?”

She was dizzy and nothing would come out of her mouth. She nodded her head. She could not believe this was happening to her. She knew he was going to kill her and she didn’t want to die. She would do anything to keep from being killed. She kept nodding her bead.

“That’s better,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy and his friend hadn’t meant for this to happen. Things had gotten out of hand so quickly. He knew he could go to jail for what had happened already. He didn’t like the thought of jail, but he knew that he desired this tall, gorgeous brunette.

She was the kind of bitch that made every man’s mouth water. She looked like she wouldn’t fuck for a million dollars and yet every man wanted to fuck her.

“You sweet bitch,” he said, “I’m going to show you what’s it all about.”

“Are you crazy?” Ted asked. “We can’t do this. We could go to jail.”

“You can leave if you want,” Jimmy said. “But I’m going to enjoy her.”

Ted didn’t leave. He could not. Especially when Jimmy was reaching down and pulling down the top of her swimming suit. Her small, but shapely tits popped out of the top.

“Oh my God,” Rene begged them. “Don’t do this to me. Please don’t do this to me. I’m a virgin.”

“Sure, baby,” Jimmy said sarcastically.

Jimmy put both his hands over her twin peaks. Rene shuddered at the unfamiliar way his hands caressed her boobs. She had touched herself there before but no man ever had. She did not want to like it but she could feel little tingles all over her body.

“Don’t do that,” she pleaded.

Jimmy was not about to stop. He leaned over and his hot lips brushed her nipple. He opened his mouth and sucked one of her small tits between his teeth. He caught her flesh and pulled at her like a dog tugging at a bone. At the same time he rolled on top of her and let his legs brush her soft thighs.

“God, baby,” he moaned. “You’re something else.”

He moved his lips to the other nipple. His tongue licked at her vibrant flesh. Somehow he knew she was telling him the truth. She really was a virgin. No man had ever licked and kissed her tits. Jimmy could feel his cock nearly tearing a hole in his trousers.

“God, baby,” Jimmy said. “I’m going to like this. I’m going to like fucking you.”

“No,” she moaned. “Oh no!”

It was happening to her. The thing that every woman feared. She was about to be raped by these two animals and she could do nothing to prevent it. She was afraid that if she tried to fight they would really hurt her. She was too scared to do anything to defend herself.

“Oh no,” she said. “Oh please don’t do this to me.”

“Shut up, cunt,” Jimmy said. “Just shut your fucking mouth before I shut it.”

Rene grew silent. She could do nothing to stop his hungry mouth from licking all over her hot tits. She could feel her nipples growing hard despite herself. She closed her thighs together as she felt a tingling in her pussy. She tried to think of something else. She was determined not to enjoy their crudeness.

“You can pretend all you want to, cunt,” Jimmy said. “But you’re going to enjoy it. I can tell.”

He peeled her bathing suit down farther. His hot lips kissed her belly and worked his tongue into her navel. She could not escape even though she kept trying to slide across the floor. Her motion made her bathing suit slip even more.

“No,” she moaned.

She tried to grab at the bottom of her bathing suit. It was her last protection. She had nothing on underneath and she did not want her pussy to be bared to this young animal. She tried to keep it on but she felt his strong hand pull hers away.

“Let me take it off, baby,” he said. “You don’t need all these fucking clothes.”

She sighed as she felt him pulling her bathing suit down her legs. She was completely naked. She heard him whistle as he stared at her thick black bush.

“God,” he groaned. “You are something else. You are really fucking something else.”

He took her hand. She started trembling when she felt him putting her hand on the front of his trousers. She jerked her hand away. He very patiently took her hand and placed it back on his crotch. She felt the wiggling beat of his prick.

“No,” she said. She jerked her hand away again. “I won’t. You can’t make me touch you. It’s disgusting.”

This time his hand clutched her so tightly that she moaned in pain. She tried to pull her hand away again but he was having none of that. He forced her hand back to his crotch and this time she could not escape. She felt her fingers rubbing across the long length of his tool.

“You feel that, cunt,” he said. “That’s a cock. That’s what you’re going to get. A big, fat cock. You’re going to feel it right up your fuck hole.”

“Don’t make me do this,” she cried.

Rene couldn’t pull her hand away. She kept feeling his rock-hard prick throbbing through his trousers. She was frightened of it. She thought that it was the biggest thing she had ever felt. She knew she couldn’t put that big thing inside herself. It would kill her.

“Take it out, cunt,” Jimmy said. “Unzip my trousers and take it out.”

Jimmy was really carried away by the pressure of her fingers against his hard cock. He was already breaking his zipper. He put his mouth back on her shapely tits and let his tongue caress the nipple. She kept trying to jerk her hand away. Jimmy knew it was time to teach her a lesson.

“Goddamn,” Jimmy said. “Come on, you fucking bitch! Take it out. Don’t be shy. Take the fucking thing out.”

She wouldn’t move her hand. Jimmy balled up his fist. He slammed it into her stomach and felt her gasp for breath. He opened his fist and began slapping her face. In a few minutes he had her sobbing.

“You little cunt,” he said. “You cunt. Are you going to do what I tell you?”

“Oh yesss,” Rene moaned. “Yes!”

Rene was frantic. She didn’t want to touch his cock any more than she had to, but she didn’t like the thought of being beaten up. Already she could taste a little blood inside her mouth, and her belly felt sore. She was frightened that he would hurt her badly if she continued to resist.

She reached for his zipper. She slowly undid it and wormed her hand into the opening. She felt his hot flesh and she nearly jerked her hand away again. Instead she steeled herself for what she had to do. She wrapped her fingers around the stiff meat and she carefully pulled it through the opening. She had never felt a cock before. It felt strange and almost exciting in her fingers. She tried to tell herself that she didn’t like it, but she had to admit that it was a wonderful feeling to be handling his cock.

“That’s it, bitch,” Jimmy said. “Hold it tight.” She tightened her fingers around his swollen cock and she could feel him jerking. She moved her hand up and down the length of his staff and she suddenly felt sticky cream over her fingers. This time she couldn’t help but pull her hand away.

“Don’t move your hand,” he warned her. “Put it back. It’s only come. It won’t hurt you!”

She put her hand back. She kept her hand moving up and down his prick, feeling his juice coat her fingers. She kept feeling him and she suddenly thought that she was going to make him come this way. That would be better than putting that awful thing into her cunt.

She started moving her hand faster. She was inexperienced but she tried to do things that would excite him more. She could feel her hand rubbing against the rim of his prick.

“Baby,” he groaned. “Baby, I’ll come that way.”

That wasn’t what he wanted. He jerked his stiff, throbbing prick from between her fingers. He stood up and began stripping off his clothes.

He had a strong, hairy body. She gasped for breath as she saw his long cock sticking straight up. She could see the purplish cockhead, with cum smears covering it.

“You like it, bitch?” he asked.

“I don’t,” she lied. “I don’t like it.”

“You’re going to like it,” he promised her. “You’re going to like it a lot.”

Rene could do nothing to stop him from doing as he wanted. He dropped on his knees and spread her legs with his huge hands. He was looking right up the pink lips of her cunt. She had never been so ashamed in her life.

“You have a beautiful pussy,” he said.

Suddenly his face was between her legs. She had been ready for anything but that. She screamed as his hot tongue slipped between the lips of her cunt and rubbed gently against her clit. A delicious shiver went through her body.

“Oh Jesus,” she mowed. “What are you doing?”

He began stabbing his tongue in and out of her cunt, and she could feel the heat building inside her. Her pussy was getting hot and wet and she knew she was about to loose control of herself.

“I don’t want this to happen,” Rene said. “Please don’t do this to me. Please don’t.”

She was lying to him. She did want it to happen. She loved the hot warmth of his tongue licking the inside of her pussy. She could feel her clit growing harder and longer as his tongue caressed her. She looked over him at Ted. The other young man was rubbing his cock and grinning at her. Somehow she couldn’t feel as ashamed as she had before.

“You like his tongue in your pussy, don’t you, bitch?” Ted asked.

“Oh yesss,” she groaned.

She had bath her hands in his hair and her ass was bucking off the floor. He was really licking her now. She knew he was swallowing her hot juices. She had never felt so hot before.

He pulled his face from between her legs and moved up her body. He kissed her mouth and she didn’t struggle as she felt his wet tongue slipping between her lips. She started rubbing her tongue against his and she felt new shivers of fire going through her.

She also felt his cock rubbing against her thighs, but she didn’t mind that. His eating her had made her hotter than hell. She had been afraid of his huge cock only seconds before. Now she wasn’t afraid. Now her cunt felt like an empty hole.

His hands slipped underneath her back and then her asscheeks. He gripped her asscheeks and lifted her off the floor. And she felt his cockhead against her snatch. He didn’t drive his prick into her. Instead he rubbed the bloated cockhead against her cuntlips until she was nearly going out of her mind.

She parted her legs wider. She could feel his cockhead slipping inside her but not very far. She was doing her best to suck the rest of his prick into her pussy. It didn’t matter that she was virgin and he was raping her. It felt too good to matter.

“What’s the matter, bitch?” Jimmy asked.

“I need your cock,” she answered. “I need your big cock inside me. I need it so bad.”

“You’re going to get it, bitch,” he promised her. “You’re going to get every Goddamn inch of it!”

It happened so suddenly and brutally that it took her completely by surprise. It hurt like hell as he stabbed his hot dick into her moist fuck-hole and ripped away her virgin walls. He didn’t start fucking her right away. He rested with his prick deep within her. He gave her time to get used to this new feeling.

“Just relax,” he told her. “Just relax and it’ll feel better. Just relax, bitch!”

Her juices mixed with his leaking cum and it made her loose enough for him to move. He slowly started sliding his cock in and out of her cunt. She felt the hot friction of his prick meat rubbing her pussy lips. She could also feel the crown of his dick rubbing her clit.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Oh God, that’s nice!”

She looked over his shoulder at Ted. Ted was undressing. For the first time she realized she was going to get fucked by both of these young men.

The thought both frightened and excited her. She had never had a cock in her life and now she was about to have two stiff ones.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “What are you doing to me?”

“I’m just fucking you, bitch,” he said. “I’m just giving you what you want. A piece of hot dick!”

She squirmed as he drove his hot cock into her a little faster. She was no longer in pain. It was a delicious feeling to have his throbbing cock so deep in her pussy. She wondered why she had waited so long now that she knew how good it could feel.

“Fuck me good,” she whispered. She really felt wicked using words she’d never used before. “Fuck me, please. Fuck me good!”

Jimmy knew he had conquered her will to resist and he really started slamming it to her. He could feel the sweet caress of her asscheeks touching his balls as he stabbed his meat into her. He pressed his chest down on her, loving the feel of those shapely tits.

“God, you’re something,” he groaned. “You’re something else. God, what a sweet bitch!”

Rene could feel his cock growing inside her and she knew what that meant. Somehow she wanted to please him. She wanted to prove that she was a good fuck. She began to slide her ass back and forth on the carpet. She could feel his dick sliding deeper within her.

“Give it to me,” she cried. “Oh yes, I love it. Give it to me!”

“You little bitch,” he grunted. “You bitch. Oh, you fucking bitch!”

His brutal hands gripped her asscheeks savagely as he drove his prick deeper into her hot box. He could feel the liquid fire shooting up from his heavy balls. He gave her one last stroke and left his cock deep inside her as his come came spurting out.

“You bitch, I’m coming,” he screamed. “Do you feel that? I’m coming. Do you feel it?”

“Ummmmm,” she moaned. “Ummmm, I feel it!”

She squeezed her cunt walls together as the delicious sensation of the cum cream spurting into her nearly drove her wild. She kept massaging his stiff dick with her cunt walls until she had squeezed every hot drop of his come out of his dick.

“Oh baby,” Jimmy groaned. “Oh, you fucking bitch!”

Jimmy rolled off her body and Rene looked up to see Ted approaching. It was crazy but she was ready for him. She could see his stiff prick jumping in anticipation of getting into her pussy. His prick was even bigger than Jimmy’s. She looked up at him hungrily.

“Come on,” she whispered. “Come on and put that fat cock inside me!”

“Goddamn,” Ted groaned. “We’ve got ourselves a real fucking cunt!”

Ted was on top of her in a minute. This time there wasn’t any hesitation. She opened her legs and Ted stabbed his meat into her flaming pussy. She began to slide her ass back and forth across the floor, her cunt making sucking sounds around his cock.

“Shit,” Ted yelled. “The Goddamn bitch is going to break it off!”

Rene wasn’t sure what was wrong with her. She only knew that her entire body lusted for the young man. Her pussy was wet and aching and she needed relief that only a cock could give her.

“Fuck me hard,” she groaned. “Fuck me really hard.”

Ted did his best to comply. He put his hands beneath her ass just as Jimmy had done. He brutally massaged her asscheeks as he began driving his cock into her cunt. His thick balls slapped her hard.

“You little bitch,” he groaned. “You feel so good!”

Ted couldn’t believe how tight her cunt felt. He did his best to drive his prickhead all the way into her belly. And she was loving it. He felt her long legs close behind his back and he was getting his prick deeper inside her. He searched her crack until he found her asshole. She gasped when his finger poked the tiny hole.

“That’s the way to move, you bitch,” he groaned. “That’s the fucking way to move your Goddamn ass. Oh shit, it feels good!”

Rene loved the hot feeling of his fingers in her ass. She couldn’t escape from the delicious shivers in her pussy. She started bucking harder and she knew she was turning into a wanton bitch. The fire shot up from her pussy all over her body. She screamed as she tried to buck his dick out of her cunt.

“Oh God,” he moaned. “You feel so good. You’re going to break it off. Oh shit!”

“I’m coming,” she screamed. “I’m coming. It feels so good. So fucking good!”

Ted could feel her entire body shuddering at the violent pleasure spasms that went through her. He had a hard time keeping his cock inside her. He felt her wet juices soaking his prick.

“You bitch,” Ted moaned. “You sweet bitch. I’m going to shoot my fucking wad! You make me hot as hell! You sweet bitch!”

He slammed his meat as far into her as he could. He could feel his hot jism spurting into her pussy. He pulled back and rammed her again. He felt her pussy walls gripping his cock like tiny fingers. God, she might have been a virgin when she started but she found out quick enough what a pussy was for. Ted pulled his cock out of her and rubbed his prickhead against her soft thighs.

“You’re a sweet fuck, baby,” Ted told her.

The pleasure had passed and Rene was left feeling weak and tired. She also felt ashamed. She had behaved like some kind of whore. She couldn’t claim it had been rape. It might have started that way, but it hadn’t ended like rape. She had enjoyed it as much as the two boys had. Probably more. The betrayal of her principles by her hot body left her sick to her stomach. She started sobbing into her hands.

“What’s the matter, cunt?” Jimmy asked. He was getting dressed. “You can’t start pretending you didn’t like it. You liked it. Hell, you loved it. You could have taken another three or four cocks and still loved it.”

It was true, but Rene didn’t want to admit it. She kept crying as the two boys finished getting dressed. Suddenly she felt Jimmy’s fingers in her hair, lifting up her head.

“We’re leaving now, cunt,” he said. “But we’ll be back. I promise you. We’ll be back!”


Dave was feeling hot and horny, and he hadn’t been very lucky that evening. He had tried all his usual pick-up shots. Most of his regular girls were busy, and there was nothing new at the clubs. Earlier that afternoon Dave had knocked on the door of the apartment next door, but evidently there was nobody at home.

Still, it was worth another try. He was feeling slightly drunk as he knocked on the door. Nothing happened. He knocked again and he heard footsteps. The door opened a crack. “Is Lorraine here?” he asked.

“She’s out,” the voice answered him.

“Do you know when she’ll be back?” Dave questioned.

“No,” Rene answered. “Please go away. I don’t feel like talking right now.”

Dave was feeling drunk or he might not have done what he did. He put his hand against the door and pushed it open despite Rene leaning on it.

“I just want to talk,” Dave said.

He saw that she was wearing a floor-length gown and she looked like she’d been crying. Dave didn’t give a damn about that. He’d been having a bad night and he was ready for some action. The beautiful dark-haired girl looked perfect.

“Get out of my room,” she told him.

“Come on, baby,” he told her. “Lorraine was nice to me the other night. Why don’t you try?”

“Leave me alone,” Rene said.

Dave was quicker than she was. His strong arms went around her waist and he forced her to kiss him. He stabbed his tongue into her mouth and kept it there until she was gasping for breath.

“See there, bitch,” he said softly. “You can kiss nice when you want to.”

It was impossible but it was happening to Rene again. She’d spent the last three hours in bed after taking a long, hot shower and scrubbing herself until she felt human again. Now she was getting handled again. She just couldn’t believe it could happen twice.

“Please, leave me alone,” Rene begged. “Oh God, please, leave me alone.”

“I can’t, baby,” he said. “I’m too hot!”

He picked her up and carried her through a door into the back bedroom. Dave was drunk and staggering and he was too far gone. He wouldn’t stop until he’d done what he wanted to this sweet young thing.

“Take the robe off,” Dave commanded.

Rene had lost the will to resist. She woodenly unbuttoned the robe and let it slide to the floor. She had nothing on underneath. Dave grinned as he admired her slender, beautiful body. He put his hands on her tits.

“They feel real nice,” he told her. “Real nice. I think I’m going to like this.”

He pushed her down on the bed. She was trying to fight the hot feelings that were already growing inside her. She was trying to think of other things. But again her body was betraying her. She could feel the wetness beginning between her legs.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Why me?”

Dave put his head down and he began licking her shapely tits. He could feel her fighting her desire but the immediate tautness of her tits gave her away. She was not a plastic doll. She could feel. And Dave was determined to make her feel more.

“Your tits taste great, bitch,” he said. “I’m going to suck on them all day long.”

Dave opened his mouth as wide as he could and he tried to suck one of the small tits into his mouth. He had more than half the swollen flesh in his mouth. He began to rub his teeth gently against the nipple.

“Oh God,” Rene moaned. “Not again. Oh, please not again!”

Dave had no idea what she was talking about. All he knew was that be was enjoying her body. He moved his lips down to her belly and then into her bushy cunt. He tasted her juice as he sucked in a few of her silken pubic hairs.

Rene couldn’t fight it. It felt too damn good. She could feel the hot fire already in her pussy. She had never known that she could get so carried away by a man’s tongue. There was no doubt that she was a hot bitch. She had to admit it to herself. And she also had to admit that she liked a man who would take her. It made it more exciting.

He moved aver her body and he was rubbing his body against her. She could feel his dick in his trousers and it felt long and stiff, and a hell of a lot bigger than the boys’ cocks had felt. She found herself slipping her hand down the side of his body. “I want your cock,” she said.

Her fingers found his swollen log. He rubbed his fingers across her other titty and he felt her fingers closing around his cock. He didn’t want his prick to remain in his trousers. Already he could feel himself leaking in his shorts. He reached down and unzipped his trousers.

“Go get it,” he told her. “Take it out!”

She was like a dog going after a bone. Her hand darted into his trouser and she felt her hot fingers encircling his rod. Her fingers roughly pulled his cock out of his trousers. Her fingers closed around the swollen knob and she began to rub hard.

“Christ,” he moaned. “Oh Christ!”

He jerked his cock out of her fingers and sat back on the bed. He started fumbling with his clothes. She jumped up on her knees to help him. Rene had never undressed a man before but it seemed like the natural thing to do. She helped him strip off his shirt and couldn’t resist running her fingers through his curly chest hair. He was a lot better built than the boys of a few hours before. He was thick and strong. She could feel his muscles tensing.

“Now I know what they mean when women call a man a hunk,” Rene told him.

She pushed him on his back again and stripped his jeans down his thick legs. She was careful not to pull his cock as she lifted his shorts aver it. She slid his shorts down and let him kick out of them.

She started to put her hand on his prick, but he stopped her. He put his free hand in her hair and started pulling her face down toward his cock.

“You know what I want, baby,” he told her. “I want to feel your sweet lips on my prick!”

Rene looked at him in horror. She had never even thought of doing such a thing. She looked down at the huge hunk of meat that lay on his belly. She could see the blue veins running up and down the skin. She could see the tiny eye on the crown.

“I couldn’t do that,” she whispered.

“But you will,” he said. “You know you will. You’ll kiss it because I want you to!”

Rene didn’t like it but she could feel her will to resist being slowly drained away. She let him pull her closer and closer to his thick cock. She brushed her hair back with one hand as she drew her face close enough to touch her lips to his cock.

“Kiss it, Rene,” Dave told her. “Kiss my cock. Kiss it like you love cock!”

Rene couldn’t stop herself. She pressed her lips gently against the side of his cockmeat. She felt the hot cock trembling under her lips. His cock tasted a little sweaty. She lifted her head but she knew that wasn’t going to be enough. He was ready for a real cock licking.

“Don’t stop,” he told her. “Show me what a good cocksucking bitch you can be!”

Rene was scared to death but she knew she was going to do as he demanded. She put her lips back to the sweaty meat. She could feel it jumping underneath her pressure. She let her tongue slide down the entire length of his meat to his balls.

“Jesus,” he said. “Jesus, yes!”

Rene was starting to get into what she was doing. She gingerly took one of his big sacs into her mouth. She rolled the balls beneath her tongue before she released it and moved to the other. She could feel him tensing with excitement as she tongued his balls.

She had both his sacs covered with her saliva and she moved back up the soft underside of his cock. She had never thought she could enjoy licking a man’s cock so much. But she knew he was going to want more than just her licking. That scared her. She was not sure she could get that huge piece of meat into her mouth.

She felt his hands in her dark hair, caressing her head and pulling her toward the tip of his swollen prick. She let her lips touch the top. He had already started coming. She could taste the saltiness of his come.

“Oh shit,” he groaned. “Come on, baby. Take it in your mouth. Take the fucking thing in your mouth!”

She took courage. She opened her mouth and took the rubbery cockhead over her tongue and into her throat. She rested. She could feel the pulsating cockhead against her tongue. She started sucking him deeper, like a sword swallower swallowing a sword. She felt his massive cockhead at the deepest part of her throat.

“Jesus, you little bitch,” Dave groaned. “That feels good. You sweet little cunt!”

Dave’s thick hands tangled in her hair and he started pulling her head back. She let him establish a slow, delicious movement. She let her lips slide up and down his cock, all the time sucking at him for the jism he would shoot in her mouth.

She also kept using her tongue and teeth, knowing that would turn him on even more. She let his big cock get deep in her throat with each hard thrust.

“Play with my balls,” he grunted. “Use your fingers on my fucking balls.”

She slipped her hand up his thighs and she found his rock-hard balls. She began gently caressing them as she sucked his dick. Her dark head moved faster and she could taste more of his juice in her mouth. Suddenly she was hungry for it. She wanted to feel it squirting into her mouth and she wanted to swallow it.

She had always thought that she would be a prude with a man. She would make her husband happy but that would be as far as she would go. Now she found out that she was enjoying sex, and enjoying doing anything her master wanted her to do.

She was especially enjoying sucking his cock.

“Shit, baby,” he groaned. “That feels so fucking fine. So fucking fine!”

Dave wanted to come in her mouth, and he would later. But first he wanted to sample some of her sweet pussy. He wanted to feel her moving that gorgeous ass underneath his stroke. He reached down and pulled on her head until she released his cock.

“Wasn’t I doing it right?” she asked.

“Baby, you were doing just fine,” he told her. “But first I want some of that sweet pussy. I want to stick my cock in your pussy!”

Rene moaned. That was exactly what she wanted. She slid up his body until her cunt rubbed against his swollen prick. She captured the hard cock between her thighs. She started rubbing her silken thighs together over his rigid prick. She could feel him shooting hot juices over her thighs.

“God,” she moaned. “I’m so hat. I want it in my pussy!”

Dave was going to turn her over but Rene moved too fast for him. She slid up a little farther and let him capture one hard nipple in his mouth. Then he felt his cockhead at the entrance to her hot pussy. She started sitting down an him. He felt his swollen member sliding up into her delicious hot cunt.

“Oh shit,” he moaned. “That’s fantastic, Rene. Your pussy feels so Goddamned hot and good. I could fuck you all night!”

Rene could do nothing but gasp for breath. She had never felt a man’s cock so deep inside her before. He was almost coming out her mouth. She didn’t think she could ever make another movement with his cock so deep inside her.

But he was able to move. He started moving his prick inside her hot pussy. A delicious tinge went up her spine. She wasn’t torn in half the way she had feared. Instead she could feel her pussy getting wetter.

“Ummm,” she moaned. “Ummm, good!”

She bounced faster and she tried closing her cunt walls together around his hot dick. She let her cunt walls caress him like tiny fingers. She knew she was tearing him up.

Dave couldn’t get the power he wanted with her on top. He wanted to slant it into her cunt for a while. He started pushing her off. She protested but he wanted to be on top. He wanted to feel his cock ramming that hot pussy.

“On your back, bitch,” he commanded. “I’m going to give you a real fucking!”

Rene allowed herself to be rolled over. She spread her creamy thighs as he moved between them. She gasped as she felt the long length of his iron cock ram up her dripping snatch. She closed her thighs as tightly as she could.

“That’s it, baby,” he groaned. “Now I’m going to fuck your ass off. Now I’m going to give it to you!”

Fucking him was different from fucking the two boys. He fucked with the same animal wildness but he also had the benefit of experience. He knew how to move to make her hotter.

“You sweet bitch,” he told her. “What a fucking cunt. You know how to move it! Jesus, you sweet bitch!”

Dave really started ramming his hot dick into her cunt. He felt her moving her ass, bucking up to meet his every stroke. She wasn’t the dreamy-eyed virgin that her roommate had led Dave to believe she was. This was a fantastic fuck-bitch, who knew what her fucking hole was for.

“That’s right, baby,” Dave groaned. “Move it. You know how to move it! Shit, you know how to move it!”

Rene lifted her long, shapely legs and locked them around his back. She could feel the tension of his muscles each time he thrust into her. She could also feel his cock rubbing her clit and sending shivers through her cunt.

“Oh God,” she groaned. “I never knew it could be this good. It feels so good!”

He was fucking her in short choppy strokes, but his prick was really filling her cunt. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled his chest down on her tits. It felt too good. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to last any longer.

“Oh God, I’m coming,” she screamed. “I’m coming. Oh God, it feels so good! Your big dick feels so good!”

Dave was afraid that her pussy was going to break his cock off. He felt her bucking like crazy and his dick seemed to slip deeper into her burning pussy. His swollen knob felt like it was sliding all the way into her belly.

Dave started ramming his hot dick into her as fast as he could. He could feel the hot fire shooting up from his balls. He felt her hot juices mingling with his come and making them wetter.

“God, baby,” he groaned. “I’m going to shoot it in your cunt. I’m shooting it in your pussy! Do you feel that, you cocksucking bitch? Do you feel that, bitch! Shit!”

He slammed his cock into her one last time and his hot come started spurting into her pussy. Rene could feel him shooting again and again. He had really been excited. She quickly slipped her hand between them and began caressing his balls, coaxing the last few drops out of his cock.

“Oh Jesus, baby,” Dave said. “Jesus, that was fantastic.”

“Ummm,” Rene agreed. “Better than anything. I never dreamed it could be so good!”


Lorraine walked into the darkened studio. She was early but she was just too excited to stay away any longer. This was what she had dreamed about all her life. A screen test. A chance to be in movies. She had gotten ahead by fucking a fat producer, but she didn’t think that was wrong.

She had gotten her chance for the movies and that was all that mattered.

There was only one man in the studio. He was tall, slender, and good-looking. He was working with one of the cameras. She felt a flush of desire as she looked at the young man. She hoped that all the cameramen looked like him. That way she wouldn’t mind taking off her clothes.

“Hello,” she said. “I’m Lorraine.”

“I’m Howard,” he told her. “Are you the girl here for the screen test?”


“Good. We can get started early.”

“But won’t there be anybody else coming?” she asked.

“Not at first. First we just take some camera footage. Just to see what you look like on camera.”

She nodded. There was a lot that Lorraine didn’t know about the movies but she was going to find out everything she could. Howard looked like the type who could teach her.

“Should I stand somewhere?” she asked.

“Just walk up on the stage,” Howard said. “Just walk and bend and do a few exercises. Just to let me see you move.”

“Okay,” she said.

There was a mock stage set up in front of the cameras. Lorraine jumped up on it. She was wearing a short yellow skirt and she knew she showed him a lot of thigh. When she looked back at him, she saw a red flush on his face.

“What do you want me to do?” Lorraine asked. “Just walk,” he said. “Just like I told you. Just walk back and forth! Do a few exercises.”

Lorraine knew this film footage was important to her, and she put a lot into her walk. She strutted and she was glad that she hadn’t worn a bra. She knew the camera’s eye would pick up every bounce and jiggle of her big tits.

“That’s enough,” Howard said.

“Is that all?” Lorraine asked innocently. “I thought surely you’d want a few shots of me in the nude.”

Howard was flustered. “That won’t be necessary.”

“But I’ll have to be naked in some of the movie. Won’t the guys who choose want to know what I look like that way?”

Howard could feel his mouth going dry. Howard was just a young college student who made movie shots for some of the producers. It was just a part-time job. Usually the girls were pros and they knew exactly what to do. A few minutes of film and they were gone.

He had never heard anything like this before, and she was gorgeous. His hands itched at the thought of those lovely thighs that he had seen a few minutes before. And he could hardly quit thinking about the way her tits filled out the front of her blouse.

He was tempted to go ahead with what the girl wanted. It would be easy to tell her to take off her clothes. He would enjoy that, even though the producers would never see it.

But it wouldn’t be fair to her.

“No,” Howard said. “I don’t think you need to do that.”

“Well I do,” Lorraine said. “I want the producers to see everything I’ve got. I know how producers are. They’re always wondering what you have underneath the clothes.”

Howard couldn’t believe it. The young girl was determined to take off her clothes. There was nothing he could do to stop her. Howard could feel his cock starting to grow stiff.

“All right,” Howard said. “If that’s what you want.”

Lorraine really didn’t have to take her clothes off. She already knew she had the part. The screen test was only a sham to cover her fat producer. He had already decided to give her the part.

So she really didn’t have to take her clothes off!

But there was something about the young man that made her weak with excitement. She wanted to fuck him. It made her feel a little ashamed that she could get carried away by a young man’s looks. But he was so strong and so innocent. She would enjoy teaching him about fucking.

She started unbuttoning her blouse. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She almost laughed as she noticed he was no longer messing with the camera. He wasn’t filming her.

She drew her blouse off her shoulders and pushed her big tits out in front of her. She could see him licking his lips as he stared at her. There were beads of sweat on his forehead. She let her gaze go down his body and she saw the hard prick in his trousers.

“Do you think mine are big enough?” Lorraine asked.

“I think they’re big enough,” Howard said.

Howard couldn’t tear his eyes off her. He could see those big tits with her hot pink nipples and he wanted to taste them. He had had only two women in his entire life. Both of them had been young and inexperienced. He had the feeling that this woman could really take his dick for a ride.

She unbuttoned her skirt and let it slide down her legs. She was wearing yellow panties. He could see the blonde tendrils of her cunt hair poking out the sides. He felt his dick get harder.

He wanted to tear those panties off her and put his dick into her pussy. She took her eyes off him as she peeled her yellow panties down her legs.

“Oh God,” Howard said.

Her pussy hair was the same blonde color of her hair and there was plenty of it. He felt his hands getting sweaty. He realized he wasn’t filming anymore but that didn’t seem to matter.

“Do you like me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said. “I like you just fine.”

“Do you think the producers will like me?”

“God yes,” Howard answered.

“Do you want me to put my clothes back on now?” she asked.

Howard didn’t know how to answer. He knew that he didn’t want her to put her clothes back on. He wanted to stand there looking at her for as long as he could. He didn’t think he’d ever seen such a beautiful woman.

“Do you want to come up here?” she asked him.

“Yes,” Howard answered.

Howard hurried up to the stage. He hardly thought about what he was doing as he reached for the young blonde Goddess. She came willingly into his arms. He felt the delicious pressure of her tits against him.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I can’t help it,” he whispered. “I’ve never seen such a good-looking woman. Never!”

Lorraine felt like laughing as he kissed her mouth. This was just what she needed to forget about the fat producer. The strong young man felt good against her. She allowed him to kiss her mouth, and push his wet tongue between her lips.

His hands stroked her silken back for a moment. She shivered as she felt his fingers creeping down her spine and then boldly clutching her ass. He squeezed her asscheeks and pulled her cunt against his throbbing prick.

“Ummm,” she said. “You’ve got a big one!”

Howard couldn’t seem to get enough of feeling of her. He put his hands down her crack and probed at her tiny asshole. She trembled as she pressed herself against him even harder. Delicious shivers went up her spine as she rubbed her hot cunt against his prick.

“Ummm, God,” she moaned. “You feel so good. So big and hard. I love your dick!”

He moved his hands up her body and slipped them between their slippery bodies. His fingers roamed over her big, round tits. She pushed her tits into his hands and felt her nipples growing stiff.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

“Where can we go?” Howard asked.

“Why not right here?” she asked him.

Howard looked around. He couldn’t believe that he was holding this gorgeous young woman in his anus. He wanted to put her down and stick his dick in her cunt, but the floor looked hard. He was afraid he would hurt her.

“Come one, sugar,” she told him. “I’m not a doll. I won’t break!”

She pulled Howard down onto the dusty stage floor. The floor was hard but she didn’t give a damn about that. All she wanted was to strip his body and free his hard cock. She started unbuttoning his shirt. He was too nervous to help.

“You’ve got a good build, honey,” Lorraine told him. “That’s why I got all hot looking at you. You’re really built nice!”

She peeled off his shirt and ran her fingers through his curly blond chest hairs. Her fingers traveled down until she was touching his belt. He grabbed her hand and pressed her fingers down on his cock.

“Ummm,” she said. “What’s the matter, baby? Do you want me to take it out?”

“Oh yesss,” Howard groaned.

Lorraine unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers open. She peeled his trousers down his legs and then came back for his shorts. His big cock was so hard that she had trouble lifting his shorts over them. She felt how sticky they were and she laughed.

“Ummm,” she said. “You are turned on!”

Lorraine peeled off his shorts and turned her attention to his fat cock. She put her fingers around the base of his prick and felt it throbbing hotly. He had a beautiful cock. She was tempted to kiss it, a thing she had never been tempted to do to any other man’s cock.

“You feel so nice,” she said.

The sexy blonde couldn’t resist her first impulse. She held her hair back with one hand while she bent her head to his hot dick. She pressed her lips gently against the throbbing meat. It was a strange taste, but it didn’t turn her off as she’d believed it would. Instead it had her hungering for more.

She began to run her lips up and down his rubbery cock. She let her tongue caress his feverish flesh. It made her pussy hotter just to have her mouth on his dick. She moved her hungry lips up to the top of his cock. She saw his crown smeared with jism.

“Oh God,” he groaned. “You’re making me so fucking hot!”

“That’s the way I like you, baby,” she said.

She started running her tongue over his come covered crown. For the first time she tasted a man’s jism. It was not a bad taste. She began running her tongue all over his dick. She tasted more and more of his salty come.

“Oh God,” he groaned. “God, it feels good!”

She wanted to suck his cock. She had never been tempted before but now she could not resist the temptation to take his hot dick into her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the stiff base and lifted his cock up to her mouth.

“What are you doing?” he asked. “God, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to suck your prick, silly,” she said. “You’re going to love it!”

She hollowed her cheeks as she took his swollen cockhead into her mouth. She held it over her tongue and she pulled her head back. She had to gather her courage before she could suck the swollen knob into her mouth once again.

Howard had never felt anything like this. He had heard of women giving blowjobs, but he’d never had it done to him. Now he could feel her sweet hot lips sucking at his tender cockhead. She had the cockhead in her mouth and he felt her tongue working on his tiny hole.

“Oh shit,” he groaned. “Shit it feels good!”

He put bath hands on her hair. He took handfuls of her blonde hair in his strong fists. He made her move her lips farther down on his hot dick, until she was almost touching his balls.

“Yeah, baby,” he groaned. “Do it that way, bitch! Suck my big hard prick!”

Lorraine began to move her head up and down, and her satiny lips rubbed up and down his slimy dick. She could taste more of his hot come-cream filling her mouth. She swallowed it and sucked at the hot crown for more.

“Shit,” he groaned. “I can’t stand this. I want some of your hot pussy. I need some of your cunt, bitch!”

He was trying to force her away from his prick, but he didn’t realize how strong she was. She was like a dog with a bone. She didn’t want to give up his hot cock. She had never had a man’s dick in her mouth before and she was enjoying it.

“I want to fuck you,” he groaned.

“You’ll get to fuck me,” she said. “I promise you that. But first I want you to come in my mouth. I want to swallow your come!”

There was nothing he could do but stretch out and enjoy himself. The little cunt went back over his cock again. Her blonde head went down and he felt those sweet lips sliding up and down his prick. He felt her soft fingers caressing his balls.

He knew he didn’t have to guide her head any longer. He moved his big hands from her hair down to her tits. He began massaging her hot mounds as she sucked him. His fingers rubbed her nipples until they were as hard as they could ever be.

“Oh shit,” Howard moaned. “Shit. You keep doing that and I’m going to give you a mouthful of come!”

A hot mouthful of his thick come was just what she wanted. Her blonde head began to move faster, her lips sucking his dick into her mouth all the way to his heavy balls. He could actually feel her chin rubbing against his balls.

Her tongue was doing things to his cockhead each time he thrust into her mouth. He could feel her teeth skimming his excited flesh.

“Oh shit,” Howard screamed. “Shit, I’m going to blow my wad! I’m going to shoot off in your mouth! Oh fucking Jesus, I’m going to shoot my wad! SHIT!”

Lorraine felt his cock growing more swollen and her mouth started filling with his come. She felt his hand move up to the back of her head to keep her from escaping. She didn’t want to escape. She felt the first hot squirt of his jism and she started swallowing frantically.

He had more come than she could handle. She could feel it leaking out of the corners of her mouth, dropping to her big tits and making them feel sticky. She continued to suck as he shot another thick wad of jism into her mouth.

“You’re swallowing it,” Howard said, in shock. “You’re really swallowing it!”

She really was. She drank as much of his hot come as she could manage. It was amazing. It didn’t make her sick to her stomach. Instead it made her pussy hotter than it had ever felt in her life. She lifted her head from his cock and licked up the last few drops.

“Oh Jesus,” Howard moaned. “I’ve never felt anything like that. Never!”

“I’m just getting started on you, baby,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine’s entire body was trembling as she moved up his body and kissed his mouth. She knew he was a young man and it wouldn’t lake him long before he was rock-hard again. She began rubbing her tits against his chest and her cunt against his limp cock.

She kissed his hot mouth again. This time she felt his tongue pushing into her mouth. She rubbed her tongue against his. His hand moved down her back to caress her asscheeks again. She was excited to feel his cock getting stiff again. She felt his cockhead rubbing against her belly and she moved her cunt against him.

“Ummm,” she said. “I told you it wouldn’t be long. You’re getting hard again.”

She reached between them and found his hard cock. She began squeezing his cockflesh until she felt some of his come leaking out onto her fingers. She squeezed harder and she could feel his entire body trembling in lust. He was almost ready to put his dick into her cunt.

“You’re beautiful,” he moaned. “You’re so Goddamned beautiful!”

She parted her silken thighs and moved against his cock. She felt his hot dick slowly parting her cuntlips. He was slipping into her pussy. She parted her legs wider and began sitting up on him. She felt his long, thick pole sliding up into her cunt.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “That feels good! That feels sooo good!”

Lorraine sat straight up on his hard dick. She began bouncing up and down on his prick, and joyous shivers went through her. She could feel his cock splitting her deliciously each time he thrust it into her.

“Shit,” he groaned. “Your pussy feels so good. It feels so fucking great!”

Howard wasn’t content to let her bounce up and down on his hot dick. He wanted to be able to slam his meat forcefully into her pussy. He had never fucked a woman as tight as Lorraine, and he wanted to enjoy every second of it.

“I want to fuck you, bitch,” Howard groaned. “I want to be on top sticking my prick in your wet fuck-hole! I want to fuck you hard!”

Lorraine had no objections as he rolled her over onto her back. His cock slipped out of her for a few moments. He thrust and missed and she reached down to grab his cock. She wrapped her fingers around the stiff dick and guided it to her snatch.

“I’ll put it in,” she whispered. “Just fuck me!” She put the head against her snatch and he pushed forward. His big cock slipped into her easily. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. She wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him roughly against her big tits.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck me good and hard!”

Howard pulled half out of her and then slammed his cock savagely back into her. He nearly shot his wad as he felt the delicious pressure of her cunt walls. He held his come back. He wasn’t ready to shoot off yet. First he wanted to fuck this sweet little bitch.

He began violently thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. He could feel her cunt walls caressing his hard meat each time he shoved it into her. He could feel a sweet pressure in his balls.

“Fuck me harder,” Lorraine cried. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me like a whore! Fuck me harder!”

She could feel her pussy juices coming to a boil. She really rocked into his cock again and again. She could feel her clit rubbing wickedly against his cock. She felt the hot spasms of pleasure going through her.

“Oh Jesus,” Lorraine cried. “I’m coming. Coming! Your cock feels so good! I love it! I’m coming!”

She started sliding back and forth as the sweet spasms went through her. Her cunt felt so hot and good. This young man was everything she had imagined him to be.

“Oh yessss,” she moaned. “That felt so good!” She kept rocking back and forth against his cock. She could feel it swelling until it was just as long and thick as it had been in her mouth. She tightened her cunt walls like a vise.

“Oh Jesus,” he groaned. “Jesus, it feels good! I’m coming! Jesus, I’m coming!”

She kept her legs locked around him as she felt the hot spurting of his jism into her cunt. She kept massaging his prick with her cunt walls as she made sure every drop of his thick come had been shot into her. Lorraine had never felt so wonderful, nor so wicked. She had found a new kind of sweet pleasure in fucking this young, inexperienced man.

“You really are something,” Howard said breathlessly.

“I only aim to please,” Lorraine said.

And she meant it.


“Well,” John said. “What do you think?”

“My God,” Dave answered him. “It’s one of the most fantastic pieces of porno film I’ve ever seen.”

“It was a stroke of luck,” John said. “The young camera boy had film in the camera and he didn’t turn it off. The camera kept rolling while they were fucking and sucking. Wasn’t that a fantastic-looking bitch?”

“Fantastic,” Dave agreed. “She’s just as fantastic in the sack.”

“You know her?” John asked.

“She’s my next-door neighbor. How about running that film again. I should be able to really sell the hell out of that piece. A lot of small-town businessmen will pay for that one.”

The producer turned the lights off and started running the film again. Dave leaned back in his chair. He had known that Lorraine wanted to get into movies but he’d never realized she’d be that good on film. She was one of the hottest pieces of merchandise he’d ever seen.

Dave could feel his cock growing hard as he watched the young blonde perform on the screen. He nearly broke the zipper on his trousers when he watched the young man gobbling those magnificent tits.

“Shit,” John said. “Look at those tits. She’s magnificent.”

“She sure as hell is,” Dave agreed.

He remembered the taste of her tits in his own mouth, and he could feel sweat breaking out on his forehead. The door opened a crack and he saw the producer’s red-headed secretary walking into the room. She was not wearing a bra as usual and Dave could see her big tits bouncing.

He looked back at the screen and licked his lips. “Shit,” Dave said. “I’d buy that film in a minute. It makes me hard as hell just looking at it.”

The red-headed secretary, Arlene, sat down next to Dave. She moved her silky thigh over to rub against Dave’s. Dave was a little surprised. He’d been trying to fuck this bitch since the first day he had walked into the office. She’d never wanted anything to do with him. Now she was suddenly rubbing up against him.

Dave was never reluctant to take a chance. He put his arm around her soft shoulders and felt the heat of her skin through the thin blouse she wore. He caressed her arm and she moved a little closer to him.

He looked back at the screen again. Lorraine was sucking off the young man, something she had refused to do for him. She was really getting into sucking him off. Her red lips were moving up and down his swollen meat and Dave knew that he’d soon be shooting his wad into her mouth.

“My God,” Dave groaned. “She’s really something else.”

“She’s not so much,” Arlene said. “I could do a lot better.”

“Could you?” Dave asked.

“Of course,” she answered.

Arlene put her hand on Dave’s knee. Her burning fingers moved up his leg to his inner thighs. His cock was already halfway down his leg. She felt the end of his hard cock.

“Ummm,” she said. “You feel like you’re ready to go.”

“I’m always ready,” Dave said.

The redhead laughed. The film ended and John got up. He started the film again. Dave was sure that the fat producer knew what was going on with his secretary. He was not looking at them.

“Baby,” Dave groaned softly. “Baby, your fingers feel nice.”

She was gently caressing the tip of his cock with her fingers. She moved her hand farther up his thigh until she was touching the base of his meat. Dave was growing very uncomfortable. His cock was hurting.

He slipped his hand down her blouse and cupped one of her big tits. He lifted the tit in his fingers. She was busty and that was the way he liked his girls. He stroked her nipple and he felt it getting hard. He moved his hand to the buttons of her blouse.

“Ummm,” the redhead moaned.

He stared undoing buttons. He parted her blouse and slipped his hand inside. He felt her warm creamy flesh. Again he rubbed his fingers across her nipple and he felt her snuggling closer. Her nipple grew rock-hard under his touch.

“Oh yesss,” she groaned.

She gripped his cock through his trousers. He was afraid she was going to bruise him with the strength of her grip. He reached down and unzipped his trousers.

“Take it out, baby,” he groaned. “Take the fucking thing out before it gets too hard!”

She laughed as she slipped her hand inside his trousers. Her fingers found his hard meat and she pulled it out of the opening. Her hands felt as soft as feathers as she stroked him. She put her hand down at his balls and gently lifted them.

“Ummm,” she said. “They’re heavy. Are they all ready for me?”

“Oh shit yesss,” he moaned.

He looked back at the screen. Lorraine was sucking the young man once again. Dave could feel the hot anger rising in him. So that cunt wouldn’t suck his dick but she was willing to suck the young cameraman’s. Well, Dave would make the little cunt pay. He would make her pay with her body.

Dave took his anger out on Arlene. He suddenly grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her off the chair. He jerked her head forward until she was between his knees.

“Be gentle,” she begged.

“Fuck you, bitch,” Dave said. “Suck my dick. Fuck being gentle. I want to fuck your mouth. I’ll see how Goddamned good you are.”

He unbuckled his trousers and pulled them down to his knees. He pulled her face against his stiff prick. He felt her delicious lips touch the head of his dick.

“Suck it, bitch,” he told Arlene. “Suck it and then I’ll give you a good mouthful.”

John was watching them, but Dave knew he wasn’t going to do anything. He was getting turned on watching them. Dave grinned as he wrapped his hands in Arlene’s thick red hair. He started moving her head up and showing her how he wanted her to move. He felt her sweet lips cover his cockhead. Her teeth skimmed his prick as she swallowed the entire length of his cock. His balls hit her chin as he pulled her head back up.

“Suck it,” he moaned. “Suck my dick!”

He peeled off her blouse and started massaging her tits with one hand. He still guided her movements with the other. He knew she was already tasting his thick prick-cream but that didn’t seem to turn her off. He thought about Lorraine and how she was going to get a mouthful of his hot come.

“You little bitch,” Dave moaned. “Suck it good. Use your tongue on my cock! Use it!”

He felt her pink tongue rubbing his flesh as her head moved up and down on his cock. The film had stopped but this time John gave no indication that he was going to start it again. Instead he was moving closer to them. He had his trousers unzipped and he was fingering his prick.

“Suck him,” John urged her. “Suck him good! Suck it, bitch!”

The redhead was making wet, smacking sounds as she moved her head up and down. Dave could see his cream mixing with her saliva and leaving his cock glistening. He could feel a hot pressure in his balls.

“You bitch,” Dave moaned. “You hot fucking bitch! You hot cocksucking bitch!”

He grabbed her head again. He started thrusting his hot dick as deep into her mouth as he could manage. He could still feel her teeth skimming across his meat with each wicked thrust. He slammed his balls loudly into her chin.

“Feel that, bitch,” he yelled. “Feel my dick in your mouth. Feel it!”

“Ummmm,” she said.

She had his dick deep in her mouth and she kept using her tongue against his heated flesh. It was the best blowjob he’d ever gotten. He kept ramming his cock between her ripe lips. He could see some of his white cock-cream spilling out of the sides of her mouth.

“Shit yeah,” he moaned. “I’m going to come. Oh fuck, I’m going to come! Oh shit, it feels good! Swallow it, baby! Swallow my come! Swallow my come!”

He stabbed into her again and he felt his hot jism spurting into her hungry mouth. He could feel her swallowing his thick juice down. She could really suck dick. She wasn’t gagging as she kept swallowing his jism and sucking for more.

“Christ,” he said. “You’re right. You can give a good blowjob.”

“Better than that bitch?” Arlene asked.

“I don’t know,” Dave answered honestly, “but I’m sure as fuck going to find out!”

Dave had projector and film under his arm when he knocked on the door of Lorraine and Rene’s apartment. He waited patiently as he heard the soft footsteps inside. Rene opened the door. She looked both confused and frightened to see him there.

“What do you want?” she asked nervously.

“I want to come in,” Dave said. “Get out of my way.”

Rene had no power to resist the handsome man. It made her feel restless just to look at him. She stepped out of his way. He brushed against her as he walked into the room and she could feel every nerve tingling. She glanced down at his trousers. He wasn’t hard, but she knew how hard he could get. Rene sighed.

“Is your roommate at home?” Dave asked.

“She’s in the shower,” Rene said.

“Good. I have time to set this up.”

Rene watched him quietly while he put up the projector and pulled a painting off the wall to make a screen.

“Are we going to watch a movie?” Rene asked.

“Oh yes,” Dave said. “Your roomie’s going to love this one. She’s in it.”

“She’s in it? I don’t understand.”

“You will, baby. You will.”

Rene’s roommate came out of the bathroom. She was wearing nothing but panties and she was drying her hair with a towel. She looked surprised when she saw Dave but she didn’t try to cover anything up. In fact, Lorraine seemed to push her tits out at him.

“I didn’t know you were coming over, Dave,” Lorraine said.

“I didn’t bother making an appointment,” Dave said. “I’ve got something I know you’ll want to see.”

Dave turned off the lights. The two girls sat down on the couch. Lorraine was puzzled. She wondered what kind of film Dave had in his camera. It was probably something dirty so that he could get them turned on. He didn’t have to do anything like that. Lately Lorraine didn’t need to be turned on. She stayed horny enough.

“I hope this is good,” Lorraine said.

The film started and Lorraine caught her breath. She was watching herself on the screen. She was doing something on the stage. Lorraine watched herself unbuttoning her blouse. She realized where the film had been taken.

“Oh my God,” Lorraine said softly.

She was getting undressed. Somehow being naked had never filled her with shame. But it seemed to be gross watching it on film. Especially when she knew what was about to happen.

“How did you get that?” Lorraine asked.

“I’m a salesman,” Dave said. “I sell prime porno films for the movie houses. This is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Rene was staring at the screen. She had never seen a porno film in her life, and it was a shock to see Lorraine on the screen. It was a shock to see the young man coming up on the stage. Rene watched the two of them kissing and fondling one another.

“I can’t watch this,” Lorraine said. “Turn it off.”

Lorraine started to get up. She reached for the light. Dave was there ahead of her. He caught her hand and twisted it until it hurt her. She could feel tears in her eyes.

“You watch, bitch,” Dave said harshly. “You watch every minute of it.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Lorraine asked.

“You wanted to be in the movies. Now watch yourself perform.”

Lorraine had to sit back down again. She didn’t want to look at the screen but she felt fascinated by it. She watched herself sucking the young man’s dick. She could feel her juices stirring as she remembered how good his dick had tasted.

“Look at that, bitch,” Dave said. “You’re really going down on him. You’re really sucking his cock.”

“Yes,” Lorraine groaned.

“You wouldn’t suck mine. Do you remember? You turned me down when I wanted you to suck my cock.”

Now Lorraine knew why Dave was angry. He was putting her through this because he was jealous of what the young man had gotten. But Lorraine didn’t feel the same about sucking Dave’s cock. It didn’t turn her on as much.

But she knew what she was going to have to do before Dave would let her go.

The young man was fucking her on the screen.

God, Lorraine didn’t know that film could capture so much. The film’s eye could plainly see the lusty expression on her face. The film even showed the white come that still bubbled from one corner of her mouth.

“Oh God,” Lorraine said. “This is nasty.”

“No, it’s not,” Rene breathed. “It’s beautiful.” Lorraine looked at her friend with a shocked expression. Rene was leaning forward with her lips parted. She was licking her lips with the tip of her pink tongue. She was wearing a short dress and Lorraine could see the bottom of Rene’s blue panties. She could also see Rene’s fingers caressing her own inner thigh.

Lorraine had never seen her friend so turned on.

It made her feel a little hot herself. She looked at Dave and the handsome man was grinning lewdly. Lorraine had the sudden uncomfortable feeling that this was about to turn into an orgy.

“Your friend is getting hot,” Dave said.

Dave moved closer to Lorraine on the couch. He put his hand on Lorraine’s inner thigh and she could feel the burning heat of his fingers. She didn’t draw away. She could feel her pussy growing suddenly wet and throbbing with pleasure.

She looked back at the screen. The film had stopped but she no longer cared. Rene had turned to look at them, and Lorraine had the feeling her friend was about to watch the real thing.

“I’m going to make a mint on that film,” Dave said. “And all the others you’re going to make for me.”

His big rough hand moved up her thigh to touch her pussy. She couldn’t escape from him and she didn’t try. She slipped down on the couch and parted her legs. She took his hand and placed it over her burning cunt mound.

“Fingerfuck me,” she whispered.

She was looking right at Rene. The dark-haired girl was looking into the pink lips of Lorraine’s pussy. Lorraine had never thought that Rene would be the type to get hot looking at fuck pictures. But the little bitch was hot as hell.

“Put your finger in me, baby,” Lorraine moaned. “Fingerfuck my pussy. Fingerfuck me!”

Dave laughed as he pressed one finger into her hot pussy. He rubbed his finger all around the inside of her hot hole. He felt her shivering. Raw couldn’t take her eyes off them.

“Keep watching us,” Dave said. “Keep watching us and I’ll show you something good!”

Rent moved closer and she could feel her panties getting wet. She thought of herself as a good girl, but there had been something wrong with her lately. Ever since the two boys had raped her, she had been having hot sexual urges such as she’d never known before. And watching Lorraine on the screen had made a nervous wreck out of her.

“Do it to her,” Rene moaned. “I want to see it. Fingerfuck her hot pussy.”

Rene had to get closer. She kneeled down on the floor so that her face was just inches from Lorraine’s parted thighs. She could see Dave’s big fingers moving in and out of Lorraine’s pussy.

“Yes,” Rene moaned. “Do it that way. Do it to her.”

Rene could hardly keep her fingers from her own pussy. She was stroking her thigh and each touch sent shivers up her belly and spine. She wanted this big man’s rough fingers insider her own pussy.

“Oh Jesus,” Lorraine moaned. “Jesus, that feels good!”

Lorraine parted her legs wider. She didn’t care who watched. She loved the feeling of his fingers inside her. She began to move her ass against his thrusting hand.

“I love that,” she cried. “God, it feels so good. I love your hand!”

His fingers kept moving in and out of her pussy. She felt him gently rubbing her clit. She grabbed his other hand and pulled it against her tits. She started rubbing her titty against his free hand while she pussy-sucked his fingers. Sweet pleasure was flooding her body and she knew she couldn’t last much longer.

“Sweet Jesus,” she cried. “Oh sweet Jesus. Your fingers feel so fucking good. Sweet Jesusssss!”

She nearly sucked his fingers up into her belly as she came. She could feel spasms tearing all through her body. Her pleasure was all the sweeter because Rene was watching.

Dave took his fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them.

“Oh my God,” Rene moaned. “I feel so hot.”

“Your turn’s coming,” Dave said. “We’ve got all fucking night!”


Dave reached for Lorraine’s hand. Lorraine didn’t protest when she felt her hand covering his huge bulge. Instead, she traced the long length of his cock with her fingers. She knew what Dave wanted. She knew she had to give in to him. He was angry with her because she had sucked the young man’s cock and she wouldn’t suck his.

Now she would suck his.

“You want me to do something for you?” Lorraine asked.

“Goddamn you,” Dave whispered. “You know what I want. You know what I want you to do.”

“Yes,” Lorraine admitted.

She fumbled with his trousers until she had pulled his zipper all the way down. Her hand snaked inside and she found that he wasn’t wearing shorts. Her fingers curled around his hot, throbbing flesh.

“Mmm,” she said softly. “It’s even bigger than I remember.”

“It’ll fill your mouth,” Dave promised her.

Lorraine had no doubt that it would. She carefully pulled his thick meat out of his trousers. She closed her fingers tightly around the thick base. She moved her hand up and down.

“Yeah, that’s nice,” Dave groaned.

Rene was feeling really hot. She had started pulling off her blouse. She unhooked her bra and revealed her small, firm tits. She began running her fingers over her tits as she watched. It was even better watching this happen in real life. The film had been juicy but watching Lorraine work his cock was even better.

“That’s the way,” Rene groaned. “Work with his cock.”

Lorraine kept rubbing his prick up and down. She felt a hot gush of his prick cream suddenly covering her fingers. She kept working his prick as she felt the sticky come wetting her. She moved her hand down to his heavy balls and caressed them gently.

“Get down on your knees,” Dave commanded her. “Get down on your cocksucking knees.”

Lorraine was beginning to feel a little better about sucking his cock. She didn’t feel the same way she’d felt about Howard, but it still left her feeling nice. She moved down on her knees between his broad legs.

“Don’t you want to take your trousers off?” she asked him. “You’ll be more comfortable that way.”

It took Dave no time to pull his trousers off. He could feel his prick jumping as Lorraine put her fingers on his cock again. God, her hand felt nice. He could imagine what her sweet lips were going to feel like.

“Suck me, bitch,” Dave said. “Use your mouth on me. Let’s see if you can suck cock!”

Lorraine bent over his meat. She let her blonde hair fall against his thighs as she lifted his purple crown to her lips. She kissed the thick tip gently, letting her tongue stab at the tiny slit. She tasted his salty jism. She kept it on her tongue for a moment.

“Ummmm,” she said.

She began to lick around the tip of his cock. She knew she was really exciting him. His hips were moving from side to side and he was trying to thrust his cock into her mouth. She wasn’t ready for that yet. She wanted to get him really hot before she took it into her mouth.

She held it against his belly as she licked down the long underside of his swollen meat. She felt him jerk as her tongue touched his heavy balls. She began to roughly tongue the heavy sacs and his body kept trembling. She knew she’d found a sensitive spot, and she started sucking the sacs into her wet mouth.

“Oh shit,” he groaned. “Shit, that’s something else!”

Her tongue moved all around his balls until she had them completely covered with her saliva. She moved up and down his prick until his whole prick glistened. She moved her lips back to the sensitive prickhead.

“Oh shit,” he groaned. “Take it in your mouth. Swallow my whole fucking dick!”

Rene was trembling with excitement as she watched Lorraine opening her mouth in preparation for taking the monster cock inside her mouth. Rene could see the pink tip of Lorraine’s tongue. Rene moved closer.

“Take it in your mouth,” Rene begged. “Suck his dick!”

Rene’s cunt was burning hot. She leaned back on the floor and slowly eased her panties down her legs. She parted her legs and moved her hand up between her thighs. She covered her hairy bush but that wasn’t enough. She gently edged one finger in between her cuntlips.

“Ooooo,” she moaned.

Lorraine’s hot lips fitted easily over Dave’s throbbing cock. Her lips licked at his prick as she started drawing it into her mouth. Her own pussy had started aching again, as she thought about taking this big prick all the way into her mouth.

“God,” Rene moaned. “God, suck his dick. Suck his fat dick!”

Rene had never watched anything like this. Not even the film had been this good. She began working her fingers in and out of her hot pussy and she could feel a delicious warmth in her belly. She moved her fingers around until she was rubbing against her clit.

“Suck him good,” Rene shouted. “Really work on his fat cock.”

Rene couldn’t stay out of it any longer. Her pussy was burning hot and all she could think about was sucking Dave’s fat cock. She moved across the floor on her knees and she moved her head close to Lorraine’s. Her blonde friend looked up in surprise as Rene’s mouth drew close.

“Oh shit,” Dave moaned. “Two of you. This is better than anything I dreamed. Fuck, I wish I had a camera!”

Lorraine moved her head so that Rene could put her lips against Dave’s throbbing prick. Rene’s soft lips touched his prickhead and she felt herself tremble. His cock tasted so fat and juicy, and she couldn’t help but run her tongue over the rosy crown.

“Oh shit,” Dave moaned. “Shit, that feels so fucking good!”

Rene opened her mouth and took his bloated cock between her lips. She closed her eyes as she sucked the long length of his swollen staff into her mouth. She let her tongue play around his cock as she took the cockhead deep in her throat.

“Shit,” Dave moaned. “Shit. You give a natural blowjob, cunt. You give a fucking natural!”

Rene was forced to pull her head back as Lorraine tugged at her black hair.

“Don’t be greedy,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine put her face back against Dave’s cock. Her lips opened and she sucked his staff into her throat. This time she sucked him deep, and she could feel his swollen cockhead at the back of her throat. She kept him there for a long moment. She could feel his hot meat pulsating with excitement.

“You sweet bitch,” Dave groaned.

Dave had had good blowjobs before but not like this. Both these young women seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Lorraine had been a little reluctant but now her reluctance was gone. Dave reached down and caressed her soft hair.

“You’re doing fine, bitch,” he said. “You’re doing a fantastic job. Just keep working those lips.”

It was Rene’s turn again. Rene was getting really turned on by sucking his hard meat. She moved her fingers up to his balls and held them gently as she moved her lips up and down on his prick. She made loud sucking noises as she worked on his hot flesh.

Lorraine let Rene suck his cock for a while. Lorraine moved up his body and kissed his mouth. She let her tongue wiggle against his. She could feel the fire racing through her body and making her tits ache with desire. She licked his lips and throat and dropped her hand back down to his cock. She started stroking the part of his cock that Rene missed with each movement of her head.

“Oh, fuck,” Dave groaned. “Fuck. You two are going to kill me.”

Dave massaged Lorraine’s big tits. He could feel the pressure in his balls and he wasn’t ready. He dropped his hand down and pulled Rene’s mouth from his cock.

“Don’t stop me,” Rene begged.

Instead Dave reached for Lorraine and pulled her into his lap. He felt his prick resting against her furry snatch. Her juices were already dripping down his fat cock. He slowly edged his prickhead between her hot cuntlips.

“Ummm,” Lorraine cried. “I want it. Fuck me!”

Dave lifted his hips and drove his cock all the way into her snug fitting cunt. She moaned with pleasure and she started grinding her cunt down on him. His prick seemed to slip farther into her. He could feel his balls against her hairy pussy.

“Yeah,” Dave groaned. “Your pussy feels good. It feels so fucking good!” Lorraine started bouncing up and down on his cock. He felt Rene frantically licking his bans. He looked down at her. Her fingers worked in her pussy as she licked him. Dave slammed his hips up harder.

“Do you feel that, bitch?” he asked her. “Do you feel my prick in your belly?”

“Oh yesss,” she moaned. “Yesss!”

“Well move that big ass, bitch. Move it!”

Lorraine began rubbing her tits against his chest as she bounced frantically up and down on his swollen prick. In his position his cock was rubbing her hard clit each time he slid into her. She could feel Rene’s hot breath on her asscheeks. God, it was driving her wild.

“Bounce faster,” Dave commanded. “Bounce your ass, bitch!”

She was his to command. She knew she looked lewd with her blonde hair flying wildly and her big tits bouncing up and down. She could feel his leaking cum juice spilling out of her cunt and wetting her thighs.

“Shit,” she moaned. “Oh shit, it feels good. Your fucking feels good. Fuck me good!”

He moved his hands between them. His fingers brutally massaged her big tits, while he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. They were already hard but his thumbs made them feel achy.

“I’m coming,” she cried. “I’m going to come. Oh God, your fucking cock feels so good! I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh shit!”

Her hot pussy juices bathed his cock and made his entrance easier. She could feel him nearly jumping off the couch as he drove his rock-hard cock into her cunt. She continued to bounce and she pressed her tits against his fingers.

“I’m going to blow ft in your pussy, bitch,” Dave groaned. “I’m going to shoot my fucking wad! I’m going to shoot it! Oh Jesus fuck!”

He slammed upward again and she felt the hot spurting of his jism flooding her cunt. His come hit her pussy so powerfully that it nearly knocked her out of the saddle. Sweet pleasure ran up the backs of her thighs and made her pussy tingle.

He kept squiring his hot cream until he was drained. She slowly lifted her pussy off him. She almost wasn’t fast enough. Immediately Rene was pouncing on his prick and her mouth covered his flesh. She made loud sucking sounds as she licked the last of his hot cream off his prick.

“God, the little bitch has gone crazy,” Dave groaned.

“Maybe she’s not as crazy as she acts,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine understood what Rene was doing. She could see Rene’s tongue working on Dave’s flesh. She was trying to make him hard again. Rene opened her mouth wide and began sucking the limp cock deeper and deeper.

“You’re going to fucking kill me,” Dave groaned.

Rene continued to work on his flesh. Her tongue lathered him with her saliva. Lorraine bent down. She took Dave’s hand and began pulling him off the couch. Dave offered no resistance. He ended up on the soft carpet on his back.

“I’ll have you, sugar,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine let her soft blonde hair fall around his chest as she leaned against him. She licked his nipples while Rene was licking his cock and balls. With both girls working on him, Dave couldn’t stay limp for very long.

“Shit,” Dave groaned. “You’re doing it. You’re making my fucking prick hard again. Oh shit!”

Rene had his prick stiff as a board and she began sucking on him a little harder. Lorraine moved up to kiss Dave’s mouth. Again they wiggled their hot tongues together.

Rene lifted her head. Her whole body trembled with desire. Dave could see her hard little tits pointing at him like shotguns. He could almost taste them in his mouth. He let his hand slip up her thighs to touch her tits.

“I need to be fucked,” Rene moaned. “I need to be fucked so bad!”

“I’m going to give you what you need, bitch,” Dave said.

Rene sat back. She parted her thighs and let him see her hungry pussy. She moved her fingers around the fiery hole but her fingers didn’t do enough for her. She needed Dave’s fat cock and she needed it quickly. She couldn’t ever remember ever being so hot.

“Come and fuck me now,” she whispered. “Fuck me please. I need it so bad!”

Lorraine couldn’t believe it was her friend begging to be fucked. Rene didn’t look anything like the prudish virgin that Lorraine had known most of her life. At that moment Rene could have taken a dozen men in her wet cunt. She was nothing but a cock-hungry whore.

“Fuck the little cunt,” Lorraine urged him. “Give it to her good. I want to see its I want to see how good you fuck her!”

Dave grinned as he got off his back. He pressed Rene backwards on the floor and crawled on top of her. He parted her thighs and pressed his cock against her wet fuck-hole. He could feel the hungry cunt sucking at his massive prick.

“Put it in me,” she cried. “Please put your cock inside me. I need it now!”

Dave was teasing her. He pressed his cock half into her pussylips and then pulled out again. Rene moved her ass from side to side and she did her best to suck his cock into her burning pussy. She needed it so badly but he wasn’t giving it to her. She reached down and grabbed his broad back and tried to pull him closer. Her small, hard tits bored holes in his chest.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Don’t tease me. Put your cock inside me. Put your cock in me!”

He kept pulling back. She was begging and sobbing and her fingernails scratched bloody holes in his back. But Dave only laughed and kept his cock just outside of her cunt.

“You’re going to drive me crazy,” she whispered. “Crazy. Please put your cock inside me. Please!”

“You cock-hungry bitch,” Dave said.

“Yes,” she moaned savagely. “Yes, I’m cock hungry. Please give it to me!”

Dave slammed his cock all the way into her cunt. She was shocked by the sudden way he shoved it into her. She couldn’t catch her breath for a moment. Then she could feel the hot flashes from her pussy and she squeezed her thighs as close together as she could.

“Good,” she cried. “You feel so good!”

His fat cock stayed motionless inside of her. She bit his shoulder as she started moving her hips. His cock started to move. She looked up at Lorraine. Lorraine’s mouth was parted and she was licking her lips.

“That’s right,” Lorraine said softly. “Fuck her good. Fuck the little bitch!”

Dave began to shove his cock deeper into her cunt. His thick cock was sliding deeper and deeper into her snatch. She lifted her long dancer’s legs and wrapped them around his back. Her ass slid back and forth along the soft carpet.

“Now fuck me good,” she begged him. “Fuck me good and hard!”

Her eyes popped open as Dave really started to fuck her. He slammed his meat into her so hard that it made her tremble. She could feel his hand slipping between their wet bodies and somehow massaging her tits. She felt them aching with desire.

Lorraine came over and knelt. Rene had never kissed another woman. Somehow it seemed the right thing to do at that moment. Their lips met and Rene had never had such a sweet kiss. She felt Lorraine’s sweet tongue in her mouth.

“Oh God,” Rene moaned. “Oh God, he’s fucking me so good. Oh God, it feels good!”

She could feel something hot boiling in her cunt. She knew she couldn’t control her hot desire much longer. She began to buck like a mare in heat. She nearly bucked him off. She felt his balls slapping against her faster and faster.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” she moaned. “Sweet Jesus, your cock feels good. You’re making me come! You’re going to make me fucking come! Sweet Jesus, it feels good! It feels good!”

She felt her body being torn apart by the force of her climax. She squeezed her cunt walls together as hard as she could. She could feel her juices soaking his meat. He drove his hot spear into her faster and harder. She could feel it swelling. She suddenly felt like doing something different, something really wicked.

“Don’t come in me,” she moaned. “Come on me. I want to feel your come on my skin.”

Dave liked that idea. He kept driving his prick into her until he could feel his prick juice boiling in his balls. He felt it shooting up his dick and he pulled his prick out of her. Quickly he moved over her tits as he started spraying her.

“Yeah, bitch,” he groaned. “Feel that. Feel that come!”

His hot jism ran in rivers down her belly and tits. It really excited him as he milked his hard cock for a little more. He covered her with his hot come, and be loved the sight. He only wished he had a camera, but he knew he was going to have one. These little bitches were too good to waste.


It was the first day of filming and Lorraine and Rene were both uncomfortable. They knew what they were getting into, but it was hard to turn Dave down. Porno films were big business and they were being offered a great deal of money.

But it was still uncomfortable to think of fucking for money.

Lorraine didn’t know either of the two men who walked into the room. One was the cameraman. The other was a tall, broad-shouldered blond man.

Lorraine felt, herself flush a little in anticipation. He was a good-looking stud and she knew what he was in the room for.

“Let’s get started,” the cameraman said. “Ladies, this is Harry Johnson. He’s quite a guy as you’re going to soon find out.”

“Is there a script or anything?” Rene asked.

“No,” the cameraman nodded. “This is just a straight fuck scene. First you two girls undress down to your panties and get on the bed. Be playing with one another and kissing a little.”

The two young women looked at each other uneasily. They had not expected this. Rene had felt a little funny about the kiss while Dave had been fucking her. It had given her a strange new kind of feeling. She had been wondering what it would be like to kiss Lorraine again.

Now she was about to find out.

“Now get on the bed,” the cameraman said.

Lorraine and Rene climbed up on the bed. Lorraine felt a little uncomfortable as she stripped down to her panties. She watched Rene doing the same. She could hear the soft whirring of the camera as they moved close to each other.

“I’m nervous,” Rene said.

“So am I,” Lorraine admitted. “But don’t you think it’s also kind of fun?”

Rene nodded. The truth was she wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t seem like fun. The money was unimportant. She could make as much money doing modeling. What was important was the thrill of doing something wicked, and making porno movies was as wicked as she could get.

Besides, there was the chance of kissing Lorraine again. Rene leaned over and their sweet lips touched. Lorraine felt Rene’s tongue slipping into her mouth and their tongues touching. Rene lifted one hand and touched Lorraine’s silky hair.

“That’s great,” the cameraman said. “That’s fantastic. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Rene didn’t have to be told to keep it up. She could feel her entire body trembling as she passionately kissed Lorraine’s lips. Her blonde friend seemed a little reluctant about kissing, but Rene was really enjoying herself. She kissed Lorraine a little harder and she dropped her hand down to Lorraine’s shoulder. Lorraine felt so soft, so hot. She found herself rubbing Lorraine’s front, her hands inches away from Lorraine’s luscious big boobs.

“Oh shit yeah,” the cameraman said. “That’s great stuff. Get undressed, Jack. You’ll join them in a second.”

Rene didn’t care if the young man never joined them. She was getting the thrill of her life. She remembered all those times she had felt a little strange when she was looking at Lorraine. Now she knew why. She enjoyed sex with another woman. Almost as much as she enjoyed it with a man.

Rene let her hands cover Lorraine’s big tits. This time Lorraine moaned and she pushed her tits into Rene’s hands. Rene began moving around so that she was forcing. Lorraine over onto her back. Rene’s dark hair fell around Lorraine’s face as she kept kissing her soft lips.

“Baby,” Lorraine moaned. “Baby, you’re making me hot!”

Rene moved her hot lips down the front of Lorraine’s luscious body. Her lips sucked at one of Lorraine’s hot pink nipples. Rene found herself sucking her friend’s tit into her mouth. Rene had never believed she could do something like this, but it was making her really hot and she didn’t want to stop. She didn’t ever want to stop.

“Hold on, Harry,” the cameraman said. “Don’t get impatient. This is great stuff.”

The blond stud waited by the door dressed only in his jockey shorts. He could feel his prick itching to get into the action. He had never watched two women who obviously enjoyed each other so much.

“It better be quick,” Harry said. “My cock’s going to blow it’s cool just watching this shit!”

Rene couldn’t hear what was going on behind her. She didn’t care. She had never been so happy as she sucked on Lorraine’s creamy tit-flesh. She bit gently on the hard nipple and she could feel Lorraine shivering. She moved her lips from one tit to the other.

“Suck me, Rene,” she moaned. “Suck my tit!” Rene was making loud sucking sounds as she worked on Lorraine’s flesh. She felt her pussy throbbing wetly, and she put her hand down between her legs. Her panties were wet as she rubbed the crotch.

“Oh God,” Lorraine moaned. “God, you’re making me hot and itchy!”

Rene moved over on top and slipped her knee between Lorraine’s knees. She began rubbing her knee against Lorraine’s mound. She kept rubbing her knee briskly against the hot pussy mound. Lorraine was acting as if she were trying to buck Rene’s knee away.

“Oh shit,” Lorraine moaned. “I can’t stand anymore of this. Oh shit, I can’t stand it!”

Lorraine made Rene move her knee and she slipped her panties down her legs. She kicked them off and then spread her creamy thighs. She knew the camera was looking right into her pink cuntlips. She wet her finger and she touched it against her hot pussy lips. She slipped her finger inside her cunt and began working it in and out. She knew the camera was catching every lewd detail of her fingerfucking herself, and she didn’t care. It only made her more excited.

“That’s the way, baby,” the cameraman said. “That’s the way. Keep doing that.”

“Jesus, I’ve got to get some of that snatch,” Harry groaned.

“Have patience, Harry,” the cameraman said. “You’re going to have some of it pretty soon.”

Harry didn’t know if he could control himself much longer. He had never felt so hot. He wanted to stick his cock into one of those hot pussies and he didn’t care whose it was. He rubbed the front of his shorts and he felt how sticky they were.

“Jesus,” Harry groaned. “I’ve got to get in there soon, or I won’t be good for anybody.”

Lorraine had tired of playing with her own pussy. She turned her attention back to Rene. The dark-haired girl was still lustily licking Lorraine’s tits. Lorraine had never realized that her friend would go for women like she was.

Lorraine had another idea as she put her hand on top of Rene’s head.

“What are you doing?” Rene asked.

“I want you to kiss my pussy,” Lorraine said. “You know you want to. Get down and lick it!”

“Nooo,” Rene said.

“Get down on me, baby,” Lorraine insisted.

“You know you want to. You like licking pussy. Get down on me!”

Lorraine kept pushing on the top of Rene’s head. Rene was frightened and confused but she didn’t keep fighting. She felt herself being pushed down Lorraine’s taut belly. Her tongue licked at Lorraine’s navel and then touched Lorraine’s pussy hair.

“Ummm,” Lorraine moaned. “That’s what I want you to do!”

Rene put her face between Lorraine’s hot thighs. She could smell the sweet aroma of Lorraine’s pussy juices. She didn’t want to lick down there but she knew she had to. She put her tongue out and tasted a little of Lorraine’s juicy flavor. She suddenly felt Lorraine’s hands on the back of her head, pulling her face against the blonde’s hot snatch.

“That’s it, baby,” Lorraine moaned. “Lick me. Lick my pussy!”

Rene’s face was pressed all the way against Lorraine’s pussy. She could do nothing but lick. She pushed her tongue between the cuntlips and felt Lorraine shiver. She moved her tongue around the hot insides of Lorraine’s wet tongue.

“Oh God, baby,” Lorraine moaned. “You do it so good!”

Rene found Lorraine’s clit. She began sucking at the tiny bud. She could feel it growing harder in her mouth, just like a cock. She let her teeth scrape it.

Lorraine nearly jumped off the bed. Her hands crushed Rene a little closer to her pussy and she began humping against Rene’s face. Rene’s tongue slipped deeper into Lorraine’s pussy. She tasted Lorraine’s hot juices flowing into her mouth. She wasn’t turned off. She started swallowing them and the taste wasn’t bad.

“Oh Jesus,” Lorraine cried. “Jesus, your tongue feels good. I’m coming! God, I’m coming! It feels so good! It feels so fucking good! Oh God, I’m coming!”

Rene sucked harder as Lorraine’s juices flooded her mouth. She kept swallowing and sucking as she felt the trembling in Lorraine’s body. Finally it stopped and Lorraine’s grip on the back of Rene’s dark head reined.

“Jesus Christ,” the cameraman moaned. “It was fantastic. It was fucking fantastic!”

Harry could wait no longer. The hell with what the cameraman wanted him to do. Harry’s hot prick was pushing against his shorts and he had to have one of those sweet bitches. He didn’t give a damn about the movie any longer.

“Christ,” Harry yelled. He lunged toward the bed and the cameraman couldn’t stop him. Rene turned her bead as Harry pounced on her. She felt his heavy weight crushing her backward. His mouth covered hers and his stiff tongue stabbed deeply into her warm mouth.

Rene gasped as she felt his hot crotch pressing against hers. She could feel his long, thick bulge against her thighs and she couldn’t believe that he could be that big. His cock felt huge.

“God,” Rene gasped. “You’re built like a horse.”

“Ummm,” Lorraine said, as she noticed what Rene was looking at. Lorraine had been around more than Rene but even she had never seen such a huge cock. She slipped her hand down the side of his body and then slipped her hand between his legs.

She covered his huge prick with her fingers, and she felt him shuddering. Her fingers traced the long length of his cock and her pussy started aching again. She moved her fingers to where the top of his throbbing meat pressed his shorts. She could feel how sticky he was.

“God,” Lorraine moaned. “It is big. God, it is big!”

She could hear the cameras whirring as she kept exploring his thick meat with her fingers. She decided to explore his prick farther. She took the edge of his shorts and began tugging them down his powerful legs. She heard Rene scream as his naked cock pressed against her belly.

“That feels so big!” Rene shouted.

Lorraine helped the stud take off his shorts. Then she moved around him so that she was kneeling behind him. She could see his asshole and his huge balls. She slipped, her hands up the backs of his thighs until she was caressing his balls.

“Move your face up there,” the cameraman shouted. “Move it, you blonde bitch. Move your face up there!”

Lorraine did as he asked her. She moved her face up between his legs until she could smell the musky odor of his cock. She licked at his hairy asshole and then licked at his balls.

“He’s leaking on my belly,” Rene shouted. “His come is leaking on my belly.”

Lorraine kept working her tongue around his asshole and his balls. She could feel him shuddering each time her tongue touched him. He seems to be really well-built, better than Dave. And his cock seemed to be still growing.

“Lick me, you bitch,” Harry shouted. “Lick my fucking balls. Lick me, you bitch!”

She kept working on his hot flesh until Harry could stand it no longer. He finally flipped over on his back and grabbed both sides of Lorraine’s head. He pulled her face against his throbbing meat.

“Suck it up, cunt,” he said. “Show me what a good cocksucker you are!”

Lorraine had been getting a lot of practice lately but she didn’t think she was practiced enough to take his huge cock in her mouth. Still, she could feel her pussy aching and she knew she was going to give it a try. She let her long blonde hair flow around his sturdy thighs as she pressed her lips to his sweaty cock. She ran her tongue around the throbbing cockhead and tasted cum. She hungrily opened her lips and took most of the swollen pole into her mouth.

“That’s it, bitch,” Harry said. “Do it that way.”

Harry wasn’t done with the other bitch. He put his arms around her soft shoulders and jerked her against him. His hands stroked her small tits as he kissed her mouth. He could taste pussy juices on her tongue as he kissed her. He moved one hand down her belly to play with her cunt.

“Ummm,” Rene moaned. “Ummm, that feels nice!”

Harry parted her thighs with his thrusting fingers. He edged his fingers between her cuntlips and into her juicy pussy. He moved his fingers around the inside of her pussy. He felt her hips thrusting back at his fingers.

“God,” Rene moaned. “God, it feels good!”

He felt Lorraine’s hungry mouth sliding up and down on his throbbing prick. He was leaking into her mouth but that didn’t discourage her. She was a fucking fantastic blow-jobber. Harry already knew he was going to shoot his first load into her mouth.

He took his fingers out of Rene’s pussy. She protested but he didn’t pay any attention. He half sat up and reached down for Lorraine’s hand. He took thick handfuls of her blonde hair. He started puffing her back and forth while his cock slammed brutally into her mouth.

“I’m mouth fucking you, cunt,” Harry moaned. “I’m mouth fucking you! I’m driving my cock in your fucking mouth!”

He could already feel some of his hot come leaking out of her ripe lips. He began pounding his cock into her mouth deeper and harder. His cock felt slimy as it mixed with her saliva. He felt his balls touching her chin with each thrust.

“Sweet Jesus,” he moaned. “Sweet Jesus, it feels good!”

The cameraman moved closer. He was really getting good film of Lorraine sucking his hard cock. The cameraman’s name was Joe and he’d never really gotten hot watching the fuck scenes before. This time he was starting to get worked up. This was really wild.

“Sweet fucking Jesus,” Harry groaned. “I’m going to come. I’m going to shoot my wad!”

The cameraman moved as close as he could. He could see Lorraine’s mouth, dripping with cum, as she moved her blonde head up and down. He knew Harry didn’t have long left.

“Come on her face,” the cameraman said. “I want to see you come on her face. Shoot it in your face.”

“I’m coming,” Harry groaned. “Oh shit, I’m coming. Oh sweet Jesus, I’m coming!”

Harry thrust forward between her lips and he could feel his come shooting out of his dick. He could feel Lorraine’s head jerking as she tried to swallow the first spurt of his jism.

“On her face,” Joe shouted. “I want to see the come on her bitch face!”

Harry pulled away and shot another thick wad of come. It struck her face and hair. The little bitch never even tried to pull away. He could see his come running in rivers down her cheeks. He watched her pink tongue lick at the come on her lips.

“Ahhh,” Harry groaned. “You sweet Goddamn bitch! You sweet fucking cunt!”

“That’s it,” the cameraman said. “That’s what I want to fucking see. Now get the other bitch in there. Let her lick it off. Lick her face like a Goddamn whore-fucking cunt!”

Rene didn’t even feel humiliated at his words. She scrambled over to Lorraine. She kissed Lorraine’s full lips. She tasted some of his come on her lips. She moved her tongue down Lorraine’s face and started licking.

“Do it!” Joe shouted. “Shit, do it. Lick her face.”

She cleaned Lorraine’s face of come and then turned to look at Harry expectantly. She was like a hungry little animal ready to pounce. He reached for her and pulled her face against his prick. He could feel himself already getting hard again. Goddamn, this was turning into a regular fuck-fest!

Joe no longer gave a damn about making a movie. He was putting his camera aside and stripping out of his clothes. Joe knew he had a good build and he could see Lorraine watching him. Joe was horny as hell. He was in a hurry to join the fun and games on the bed. Especially with the dark haired one.

Rene saw him coming and she made a face.

“Come on and join us,” she said. “We’ll make a real party out of it!”

Rene wasted no time. She pushed Joe on his back. She slid up his body until her pussy rested on his cock. She eased herself onto the thick, throbbing prickhead.

She gasped as she slid all the way down on his thick cock. She left it there for a moment as the wonderful pleasure flooded her body. She felt his hands sliding up her belly and fondling her tits.

“That’s the way, baby,” she moaned. “I like having my tits played with!”

He was a sweet fuck. His cock felt so good inside her as she began bouncing up and down. She could feel his thick flesh touching every part of her hungry cunt, especially her clit. She felt a tingle each time his cockhead rubbed that tiny bud.

“You make me feel so good,” she moaned. “You make me feel so fucking good!”

Her ass slapped up and down as she sucked his prick into her tight cunt. Joe felt as if he was being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Her cunt was doing strange things to his hot flesh. He could feel her lips caressing him as he thrust.

He gripped her tits a little harder. His ass began bucking off the bed and he could feel his prick going deeper inside her. Her belly seemed to be tensing and he could feel her small tits growing rockhard with excitement.

“I needed this,” she moaned. “I needed to be fucked. I got so hot watching. I needed a big cock in my pussy! I need it so bad!”

She bounced faster and she felt his come squirting into her. He had plenty of it, but it was only the beginning. She felt him slamming upward a little harder.

“Shit,” he yelled. “Shit!”

Her cunt was suddenly wet and slippery as his hot cream kept exploding into her pussy.

“Oh yesss!” Rene shouted. “I can feel your squirting. I can feel your jism inside me. It feels good! It’s making me come! It feels so good, yesss!”

The last hot shudder went through her body and she fell forward on Joe’s rugged body. His hard chest felt good against her tits. She shivered as she felt his hands moving down and squeezing her asscheeks.

Rene was glad she had learned about fucking.


Lorraine stretched like a cat when she opened her eyes. She felt good. She felt better than she’d felt in a long time. The night before she had taken a long, luxuriously hot shower. She’d slept like the dead. She knew that Rene had done the same thing. She listened but she couldn’t hear her friend moving around so she was probably still asleep.

Lorraine felt a little tingle in her pussylips as she thought about the day before. She’d never thought that making a porno film could be so exciting. It had really been fun. Of course, she wasn’t planning on making any more, but it would be a nice experience to remember in her old age.

That young blond guy had been some stud. She’d thought he never was going to get soft.

Lorraine heard a tapping on her door. Dave must be visiting early. Lorraine didn’t mind. She’d been well-fucked the day before but this was a new day. And lately she needed more and more fucking.

Lorraine jumped up and grabbed a robe. She was sleeping in only her panties. Rene hadn’t awakened yet. Her door was still firmly shut as Lorraine hurried through the living room. She expected to find Dave, and she was surprised when she opened the door and three young boys stood in the hallway.

Immediately Lorraine straightened her robe and blushed a bright red.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“It’s what we can do for you,” Jimmy said. “We were expecting the dark-haired bitch but you’ll do even better.”

Lorraine was so shocked she couldn’t say anything. The young boys pressed past her into her living room. She felt one of the boys brushing a hand casually against her asscheeks. She jumped back as if she’d been stung by a wasp.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“We’re coming in, baby,” Ted told her. “We told your friend that we’d be back. Didn’t she say to expect us?”

The three boys laughed. The husky-looking boy slammed the door shut and put his arms around her from behind. She tried to break free but he had a grip like steel. He pulled her back against him and rubbed his crotch against her asscheeks.

“That’s Bobby,” Jimmy told her. “He didn’t think you’d be so good-looking. But we told him you’d be nice.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Lorraine asked. “You get out of my apartment right now. I don’t intend doing anything with you children.”

“Nobody offered you a choice, bitch,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy slapped her face as hard as he could. He wanted her to understand that she could get hurt if she resisted them. The little bitch was smart. He saw how her face suddenly turned from angry to contrite. She wasn’t going to fight with them if it meant getting hurt.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Jimmy asked.

“There,” Lorraine said.

“Let’s go,” Jimmy said. “I don’t like doing it an the floor all the time.”

Lorraine led the way. A lot had happened to her lately but she had never remembered being so frightened. These were just young kids and they knew how to hurt her. She didn’t want to fight with them. She hated giving in to them but she didn’t want to be hurt.

“This is nice,” Jimmy said. “A pink bedroom. Just the kind of bedroom a whore should have.”

This time Lorraine didn’t protest when Bobby put his arms around her from behind. Again she felt him lewdly rubbing his crotch against her ass. She didn’t like to admit it but she felt a flush of pleasure through her body. He felt like he had a big cock.

“Take the robe off,” Jimmy said. “You look like you’re built even better than the other girl!”

Lorraine hesitated too long for him Jimmy stepped forward and slammed his fist against her face. It knocked her dizzy. He put his hands on the front of her robe and ripped downward until her big tits hung free. He lifted them in his fingers.

“What a beautiful pair,” he said softly. “You’re really something else, cunt. Are you going to strip the rest of your clothes off or am I going to have to do it for you?”

“I’ll do it,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine knew she had no choice. She took the robe off the rest of the way. She skimmed out of her panties. She was immediately pulled back against the husky young boy. He had unzipped his trousers and this time she felt his naked cock between her asscheeks.

“God,” Bobby groaned. “She feels so good. Her fucking ass feels so Goddamned good!”

He rubbed her asscheeks with his cock while her fingers moved up to grip her tits. Lorraine had never felt such a steely cock on a man. She felt him pulling her over in a bending position.

“Just get over there, cunt,” he said. “I’ve got to have a first taste of this. Just bend your ass over!”

She felt degraded as she watched the two other boys watching her. She was bent over until she almost lost her balance. Jimmy brought over a chair for her to lean against. She felt his throbbing cock at the entrance of her cunt.

“She feels so good,” Bobby groaned. “She feels so fucking good!”

He slammed forward and she felt his long cock going all the way into her cunt. His balls slapped against her cuntlips and he left them there for a moment. Then he pulled back and slammed into her once again.

He began to fuck her in rapid, deep strokes. His balls beat a hard rhythm against her cunt. She had never been fucked so brutally. He gave her no time to take her own pleasure, although it could have been good for her. He was using her like a whore!

“Fuck her, Bobby,” Jimmy urged his friend. “Show her what you can do with your cock!”

Bobby was really giving it to her. He was nearly knocking her off the chair every time his cock slammed into her tender pussy. She could feel his cock growing, and she realized how horny he was. It was like he had never had a woman before.

“Oh shit,” Bobby groaned. “I’m coming. I’m fucking coming. Move your ass, bitch. Move it. Oh shit!”

It was over so quickly. Bobby lunged forward and she suddenly felt his hot jism spurting into her. It was probably the shortest fucking that she had ever gotten. Bobby kept slamming his meat into her until she felt his cock getting limp.

“Turn around,” Bobby demanded.

Lorraine turned and Bobby grabbed her by her hair. He made her go down on her knees in front of him. Her lips brushed his prick and that was what he wanted. He grabbed her hair hard and he made her open her mouth. His limp cock slipped easily into her mouth.

“Yeah, bitch,” Bobby said. “You suck that. You suck it clean and make it hard again. I’m going to give it to you again and again!”

Her wet lips circled his cock and she began to clean his flesh with her tongue. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the other two boys getting undressed. This was crazy. She had never expected anything like this to happen to her.

“Yeah,” Bobby moaned. “That’s nice, bitch. That’s nice. I like that! It’s nice the way you suck me!”

She felt another cock against her cheek and she looked again. She saw Jimmy standing near her. He was naked and he was rubbing his powerful looking cock against her cheek. She could feel her skin getting smeared with his jism. The third boy moved to her other side. She was shocked as she felt still a third cock rubbing against her face.

Lorraine had never been treated like this, but she didn’t know what to do. She would have to go along with it until they were done with her. She felt Jimmy’s cock moving around the front of her face until it was pressed against the side of her mouth.

“Give me a chance,” Jimmy said. “You don’t want to hog the cunt all to yourself, Bobby.”

Bobby’s cock wasn’t completely hard but Lorraine knew it was only a matter of time. Bobby reluctantly pulled his prick from her mouth and let Jimmy take his place.

Lorraine almost gagged as the huge cock was pressed between her lips and into her mouth. She felt the cock going all the way into her throat and almost into her belly. She felt tears stinging at her eyes as she tried to catch her breath.

“Yeah, baby,” he moaned. “There’s nothing I like better than hot lips around my cock. Shit, she feels good. I like a hot mouth on my wang!”

Lorraine’s lips moved up and down on his prick. She could taste his strong male odor and his salty jism. She felt his swollen cockhead filling the back of her throat.

“My turn,” Ted said. “I want some of her hot lips. My turn!”

Jimmy reluctantly gave up his turn, Lorraine had never sucked three men at once. She tasted Ted’s cock sliding between her lips and this time she was able to catch her breath.

“Hot damn,” Ted said. “Hot damn, her mouth feels nice!”

Ted began ramming his prick in and out of her tight lips. He could feel his balls slamming her chin each time he moved. He wanted to shoot his wad between those hungry lips but he knew he was only going to be given time for a few quick strokes.

“Don’t you be hoggy,” Bobby said. “She’s just about got me hard again!”

Bobby pressed his limp prick between her lips once again. This time she could feel his prick swelling inside her mouth. She sucked harder and in seconds had his prick rock-hard again. He kept slamming between her lips until she could feel his jism.

“All right,” Jimmy said. “Let’s get the little cunt on the bed. I’m ready for the fun to start!”

They grabbed her by her hair and moved her to the bed. All three boys crawled onto the bed with her. She felt Jimmy’s hot lips on her tits. She felt his tongue and teeth nipping at her. She felt his hand between her legs. His fingers slipped up her thighs and entered her pussy. For the second time she began to experience a little tingle of excitement over what was happening to her.

She moaned and another of Ted’s fingers slipped into her cunt. He began to move his fingers around until he was making her slightly wet. His fingers left her cunt and his lips pressed against her inner thighs. At the same time Bobby tongue-kissed her. They were taking her breath away. She couldn’t find the strength to keep from being turned on.

“Her nipples are getting hard,” Jimmy said excitedly. “She’s liking this. She’s loving it!”

His mouth went back to her hot tits. His lips covered one of her big breasts and his tongue licked wildly at her nipple. She arched her back and pressed more of her flesh into his mouth. At the same moment she felt Ted’s face going between her thighs.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “God!”

She had never been eaten like this before. Ted’s tongue was frantically licking every part of her cunt. He was sucking at her cunt, and biting at her hard clit. She could feel shivers going through her body. She tried to press her snatch to his face.

“Oh God,” she cried. “That feels so good. So Goddamned good!”

Ted was through eating her. He wanted something else. He moved everyone out of his way as he moved up her body. She felt his prick rubbing against her thighs and leaving a trail of wet, sticky cream.

“Fuck me,” she cried savagely. “Yes, fuck me!”

“Give it to the little bitch,” Jimmy agreed. “Fuck her hot little ass off!”

Her hot pussy sucked at his big cock. He slid into her easily. She squeezed her cunt walls together on his stiff dick. He moved back and slammed into her again. He began to fuck in hot, delicious strokes. Her body trembled each time he pounded his meat into her. She could feel her belly tensing in delight.

She lifted her legs and locked them around his sweaty back. She felt his cock sliding farther into her pussy. She tried to grip his flesh with her cunt walls. It felt so damned good. It no longer mattered that they were forcing her.

“Oh Jesus,” she moaned. “I’m going to come. I’m coming. Jesus, your cock feels so good! It feels so good!”

She felt exhausted as the last hot shudder went through her body. His cock felt stronger and hotter and he was driving it into her with violence. She felt the first quick spurt of his come.

“Goddamned bitch,” he groaned. “Goddamn bitch, it feels good! You’re tight as hell, you bitch! It feels good!”

He soaked her pussy with his spurting come. She could feel it dripping out of the sides of her pussy and wetting her thighs. She kept grinding her ass until she had drained his last drop of come.

“And now it’s my turn,” Jimmy said.

Rene awakened from a deep, wonderful sleep. She lay looking up at the ceiling. Her body still felt mellow from the wonderful fucking she’d had the day before. She was glad she had discovered what a wonderful pleasure a cock could be.

Rene heard a scream. It shocked her. It was something she had never expected to hear. It was Lorraine screaming. Rent was sleeping nude and she reached for a robe as she got out of bed. She softly opened her door and stepped out into the living room.

She wondered what was happening. All sorts of things could be going on. It might have been a scream of pleasure but it hadn’t sounded like it. It had sounded like a scream of pain and fear. Rene heard movement and voices coming from Lorraine’s room. She walked softly to the door and peeked in. It was open wide enough for her to see everything happening in the room.

“Oh my God,” Rene said softly.

There were three young men in the room, and Rene immediately knew two of them. They had Jimmy on his back with Lorraine on top of him.

She was moving up and down on his cock. Ted was at her head and she was sucking his cock.

But it was what was happening behind Lorraine that had caused the scream of pain.

Rene wanted to turn away. She wanted to run for help but she couldn’t keep her eyes off what was happening. She was fascinated by what the third young man was doing. She hadn’t thought it would be possible.

Bobby was standing on the bed behind her. He had pressed his huge cock against the tiny puckered entrance of Lorraine’s asshole. He was pressing down gently but firmly. Lorraine pulled her mouth away from Ted’s prick and screamed again.

“Noooo,” Lorraine cried. “Please don’t do that to me. Not there. Please don’t do that to me. Not my asshole!”

Bobby was listening. He pressed forward and his cock went halfway into Lorraine’s asshole. Lorraine was still screaming and trying to escape the fiery pain. Bobby moved forward again and his prick moved into her asshole all the way to his heavy balls.

“Oh Jesus God,” Lorraine cried. “Jesus God, stop!”

“Shut her up,” Bobby demanded. “Put your fucking prick back into the bitch’s mouth!”

Ted grabbed the back of her head and forced his thick meat back into her ripe lips once again. His hands held tightly to the back of her head as he brutally slammed his thick cock deeper into her mouth.

“God,” Rene said softly.

She felt flushed by what she was watching. She could feel a weakness in her knees. Again she realized what she should do. Dave was right next door. He would help her stop these three boys from doing what they were doing. But Rene couldn’t move.

She was excited. Her pussy was feeling wet from watching. She put her hand down between her legs and searched until she found her cuntlips. She slipped her fingers into her cuntlips and began moving them in and out. She felt a tingle of desire against her pussy.

“Fuck her,” Jimmy said. “I can feel your big cock inside her. It’s rubbing mine. Fuck her hard!” Lorraine couldn’t escape from the things that were being done to her. She was taking three cocks into her body. Her asshole didn’t hurt so much now. It was getting easier for Bobby to poke his thick prick into her asshole.

She leaned a little more against Jimmy. She felt her big round tits rubbing his chest until they were aching. Jimmy and Bobby were moving into her pussy and asshole with the same hard rhythm. She could feel their balls almost rubbing together as they fucked her.

Rene’s fingers worked inside her pussy a little faster. She saw Jimmy’s cock changing rhythm as he moved up into Lorraine’s pussy. He was getting a little more excited. Rene knew it would be just seconds before he shot his wad into her pussy.

Rene got control of herself. She knew she had to stop this. They were using her badly, and she would suffer for it. Rene moved back. She thought of Dave again.

Rene hurried out of the room and went next door. She knocked loudly on Dave’s door and she kept knocking until the door was opened. Dave looked sleepy and tired.

“What’s going on?” be asked.

He smiled when he realized who it was. He reached out and grabbed her. He pulled her into his arms. His hands were so damn fast. She hardly had time to say anything before he was parting her robe and touching her hot pussy.

She was already aching. She wanted to tell him about Lorraine but her pussy was already hot and aching. She could do nothing but gasp as she felt his fingers gently massaging her pussy. One of his fingers jabbed up into her hot hole and made her cry out.

“Did you come next door for me?” he asked.

“Mmmm,” she said. “I came next door to talk, but you’ve made me forget.”

Rene no longer thought about Lorraine. All she could think about was the hot flood of desire in her cunt. She slipped her hand down and touched the front of his shorts. She felt his cock pressing against his shorts and trying to escape.

“Damn,” Dave said. “You’re a horny little bitch.”

“Ummm,” Rene said.

She spread her legs and caught his knee between them. She began rubbing her silky cunt against his knee. She could feel more tingles going through her. She had one last thought about her friend. Lorraine was getting raped in the ass and Rene could only think of her hot pussy.

Well, it was too late to stop anything!

Rene’s deft fingers slipped into Dave’s shorts and she found his throbbing cock. She breathed a sigh of relief as she carefully pulled it out of his shorts. She tightened her fingers around the base of his staff and started moving her hand up and down. His hot flesh felt good in her fingers, and so did the come that suddenly coated her fingers.

“Oh God,” Rene groaned. “Your cock is beautiful. Your cock is so fucking beautiful!”

Dave picked Rene up and carried her into his bedroom. He peeled the robe off her and stood looking down. The little bitch had a beautiful body. Her tits were perfect, even if they were small. Her cunt was covered with pussy hair, just as he liked it. He felt his mouth water as he looked down at her.

“You sweet little bitch,” he said.

Dave stripped out of his shorts and reached down for her. He flipped her over on her stomach and stood looking down at her perfect little ass. He felt something tighten in his belly as he looked at her tiny anus. He wondered how she would respond to his ass-fucking her.

“Come on,” she moaned. “Stick it in my pussy. Put your big beautiful cock in my pussy!”

“That’s not where I want to fuck you,” Dave said. “I’ve got something a little different in mind!”

Rene looked over her shoulder and she realized what Dave had in mind. She could feel her asshole tighten in alarm. This wasn’t what she’d had in mind. Yet, there was a feeling of excitement. This was what she had seen happening to Lorraine. Perhaps getting a stiff cock in her ass would be part of her punishment for not helping Lorraine?

“Don’t do that to me,” Rene pleaded.

But Dave was feeling hot for the tiny puckered asshole. He kneeled on the bed and pressed his thick cock against her asshole. He pressed his cockhead snug against her ass.

“Nooo,” Rene pleaded. “No, don’t, please!”

Dave reached around and gripped her tits. He held them tightly as he started working his stiff prick into her asshole. He moved slowly but he felt the hard resistance of her snug ass and he knew he was hurting her. He didn’t want to hurt her but he couldn’t stop. He felt too good to stop.

“Just relax, baby,” he told her. “Relax, and it’ll feel better.”

“You’re killing me,” she cried. “You’re killing me!”

“Just rein,” Dave told her again.

Dave kept pressing until he could feel her resistance giving way. His thick cock slipped into her asshole all the way to his balls. He felt her body trembling, and he heard her sigh. She tried to move away but he had her pinned.

“You’ve done it to me,” Rene shouted. “You’ve fucked my asshole. You’ve done it to me.”

Dave only laughed as he pulled his prick half out of her tight ass. He moved back into her slowly. He could feel her relaxing as his stiff prick wet her with his jism. He pulled back one last time and violently shoved his cock into her hot hole.

“Oh my God,” Rene moaned. “Oh God, I’ve never felt anything like this. Never!”

It wasn’t hurting Rene as badly as it had hurt only moments before. His stiff, slippery cock was getting deeper into her asshole and his entry was getting easier. Rene did relax. His swollen knob was starting to make her tingle.

“Ummm,” Rene moaned. “That’s not so bad. It’s not that bad!”

“I thought you’d like it,” Dave told her.

She didn’t really like it. Not yet. The feeling of his stiff cock in her asshole made her feel uncomfortable. Yet, it excited her to think of her body being used this way. She was beginning to feel a little jealous of Lorraine. Her blonde friend must have been really enjoying what was happening to her.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” Dave commanded.

She did as she was told. She somehow forced her way to her hands and knees and she felt his swollen cock slipping deeper into her asshole. She could feel his cockhead going right into her belly. The uncomfortable feeling was gone. She found herself thrusting back against him.

“That’s the way, bitch,” Dave groaned. “I like that. Keeping moving your ass like that!”

Dave slipped one big hand down from her tit. He rubbed her wet pussy hair and then slipped his hand farther down. He found her hot pussy mound. He eased two fingers into her hot snatch.

“Ohhh,” Rene moaned. Rene was wiggling like crazy. She felt like an animal in heat as his fingers worked inside her. It was a delicious feeling to have his fingers and his cock in her two holes.

Again she thought of Lorraine. God, it must be nice to have three cocks all at once. Rene made up her mind, at that moment, that someday she was going to have three.

“I like it,” Rene moaned. “Give me your cock. I like it!”

“Hot damn,” Dave cried.

Dave knew she was turned on enough to really stick it into her. He started fucking her hard. His prick really slammed into her tight feeling asshole and she didn’t mind. He found her clit with his fingers. He began rubbing her hard clit with the same roughness he was fucking her with.

“That feels so nice,” she cried. “Oh God yes! Really give it to me. That feels so nice!”

Dave kept one hand on her tits. He kept squeezing as hard as he could and running his fingers across her nipples. He was really getting her hot. He could feel her pussy juices dripping onto his fingers. He took his fingers out for a second.

“Oh no,” she cried. “Keep doing that to me. Don’t stop!”

“I just wanted to taste some of your honey,” he said. He pushed his fingers into his mouth and tasted her cunt juices. He moved his hand back to her hot cum once again. His fingers slammed into her pussy hole and he began roughly massaging her.

“You feel good, baby,” he told her. “You feel so damned good!”

He rammed his cock into her as hard as he could. He could feel his balls banging against her asscheeks and they were filling with hot juice. He knew it wasn’t going to be long before he was flooding her asshole with his jism.

“You’re fucking me good,” she cried. “You’re fucking me so good. I love your fucking cock!”

Dave knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep up his hard fucking. Already he was dripping come into her asshole. He was ready to come but he wanted to come in her pussy. He was tired of her fucking her asshole. He pulled back and made her turn back over. She spread her legs and held out her arms to him.

“Yeah,” she moaned. “Give it to me this way. Fuck my hot cunt. That’s what I want!”

He dropped on top of her and his big prick went all the way into her pussy. Rene went crazy. Her legs locked around his buttocks and she began humping up at his cock. She was squeezing him with her cunt walls and trying to take his jism into her pussy.

“You big bastard,” she moaned. “You big fucking bastard!”

He put his hands underneath her. His cock was sliding deeper into the hot warmth of her cunt. She was feeling juicy. God, he was nearly there. Oh God, he was almost there. He was ready to shoot.

“You bitch,” he screamed. “Hot-titted bitch! Come!”

He slammed forward and his jism flooded her pussy. She could feel him trembling as the spasms of pleasure rocked him. Almost at the same moment she could feel the knot in her belly starting to explode. She locked her legs a little tighter around him.

“Oh dear Jesus,” she cried. “Dear Jesus, I’m coming. I’m going to come! Dear Jesus, I’m coming! I’m coming! Coming!”

Rene seemed to explode into a million pieces. It had never been so good for her. She rocked like a wild horse until the last thundering spasm had passed through her. Only then did she relax her grip around Dave’s buttocks.

“Oh Jesus, that was nice,” she sighed.

“I’m glad you liked it, babe,” Dave told her.

Dave lifted himself off Rene. He had to drop onto his back because he felt so exhausted. She had really drained him. He didn’t think he would ever be able to get a hard-on again.

They both heard footsteps and then Lorraine walked into the bedroom.

“Well, well, well,” Lorraine said. “So this is where you’ve been hiding, Rene?”

Rene remembered why she had come next door and her face turned a bright red. But Lorraine didn’t look hurt or unhappy. She looked like she had just stepped out of the shower. She had on nothing but a robe and Rene knew she didn’t have anything on under that.

“Why don’t you join us?” Rene asked.

“Ummm,” Lorraine answered. “Dave’s a good looking hunk. I think I will.”

Lorraine dropped her robe. As Rene had expected, Lorraine was stark naked underneath. Rene reached over and put her hand on top of Dave’s cock. She could feel the heat of his prick going through her whole body. She would never have believed it, but she was getting hot again. She wrapped her fingers around Dave’s prick and squeezed.

“Oh Goddamn,” Dave groaned. “I’m getting hard again.”

“And that’s how I want you,” Lorraine said. “That’s how I’m going to keep you from now on.”

Dave groaned again, but it wasn’t an unhappy groan. Dave was a happy man!

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