I Host my Niece’s Pool Party 2.

Before dawn, I wake up. I take a quick shower and am out the door to
fetch coffee and donuts. I am back in time to catch Dee pulling up. She
is in flip flops, micro shorts, and a bikini top. She is sizzling hot.
The smile on her face though is just amazing. She helps me carry in the
coffee. Carrie and Stacy are still asleep.

Dee asks me, “You ready for a fun party tomorrow?”

I rain on her parade, “Sorry, I have work to do. I will be in my office
most of the day.”

Dee smiles, “That sounds like Stacy. I hate to ruin her plans but so
far, the main topic of conversation between the moms is how we get you wet
in see through trunks.”

Carrie and Stacy come walking in the kitchen and grab a coffee each.

Carrie, “Sorry Dee but this is for the girls. Phil isn’t invited.”

Dee replies, “You think there is any less demand from them?”

I eat a donut, not getting involved in this conversation.

Carrie uses her commanding voice, “This isn’t up for discussion. This
is a mother daughter party. Otherwise boyfriends will show up and then
husbands. Do you want that to happen?” There is a long dramatic pause. “I
didn’t think so.”

I announce, “I have work to do. About lunch time I will finish. I will
take you out for lunch and then we will go shopping.”


11:30 and I finish all my paperwork, listings, and reports. I stop my
exile and go looking for the women. The house is sparkling clean. They
are now working on the coolers, the pool, and the grilling area. We go out
to a small family owned sandwich shop for a nice lunch. We then go
shopping for the food.
We take three carts. Carrie, Dee, and I have lists. I know this store,
I finish first. When I see them coming, I get in line right before they
do. I put my items on the conveyor and then a divider bar. Dee and Carrie

do the same.

They have a conversation while my stuff rings up. While Carrie and Dee
are talking, I deftly remove a divider and return it to the holding slot. I
repeat that action a second time. The cashier wants to say something, I
hold a finger to my lips as if saying “shhh.”

Dee notices that the cashier is ringing up her items now. She knows I
have not paid. Big problem.

Dee, with a nasty voice says to the cashier, “The divider is so you
don’t mix orders. Is this your first day?”

The cashier did not like the attitude, “Well, if you weren’t so damn
busy talking to your girlfriend, you might have had the brains to see your
boyfriend remove the divider. Don’t go blaming me when cutie is up to no

We are now into Carrie’s food and she is just realizing what has
happened. She is furious with me. I turn away from her and look forward.
Dee and Carrie both want to say something.

Stacy cuts them off, “Before you go inserting a foot deeper into mouth,
Phil drove. Just accept that Phil was smarter than both of you today and
accept it. Everyone will be happier.”

The line of people behind us all agree as well. They let it go.

As soon as we get in the car, Carrie blows up.

Carrie is furious with me, “Dammit Phillip, you know we planned on
buying the food. Why did you do that to us. Why did you embarrass us?”

My anger level is raised a bit as well, “For four years I have seen
every parent on this team help all the daughters selfishly. You are all
very giving. I went to team dinners and trips, I saw it all. So please
excuse me if I want to give something back to the team that I enjoyed
watching. Had you not lied, and you shared the burden as a group, I would
have been OK with that. However, I know that both of your families are not
thriving and dammit, I just want to do something to help two very special
women. Is that so fucking terrible?”

Dee wanted to say something, Stacy quickly cuts her off, “Dee, how about
you shut up. You two just need to accept that there are people in the
world willing to help nice people. It just happened to you, better learn
to deal with it because Uncle Phil isn’t about to change who he is. Do you
really want him to change? We have lots of cooking and cleaning to do
still. How about we concentrate on getting those things done. Then you
can tell Uncle Phil what a terrible person he is.”

I hear Dee mutter under her breath, “Can’t want for these smart-ass kids
to go off to college.”

Carrie who is fuming, starts laughing at Dee. It doesn’t take long, and
Dee is laughing as well.

Stacy asks, “Did I miss something?”

I add, “No honey, you didn’t miss anything.” That added to their

When we get home, they put the food in the refrigerate and start
cooking. I explain that I am going to the bank and will be back in a few
hours. They all raise an eyebrow but know better than to say anything.

When I get back, I help with the dishes. They have a mountain of dishes
and are busy cutting, slicing, and mixing. They object but I have nothing
else to do. When we finish, we are ready for the party. I hand them each
a sealed envelope with their names on them. They each get $1000. Like
before, Carrie gives her envelope to Stacy. Stacy takes out five hundred
and gives the rest to Dee who starts to cry.

Carrie says, “No, no, no. Phil, tell her no.”

I use common sense to defend Stacy, “I gave each of you an envelope.
It’s yours to do as you see fit. You gave yours to Stacy as she will need
it. Stacy gives half of yours to Dee. That tells me that to a smart,
intelligent, and articulate woman, her best friend will need the money more
than she will. Who am I to say she is wrong? I trust her, she is a good
woman. She will be off to college soon, you need to start trusting her.
You raised her the right way, she will be fine. You taught her to be this
person so technically, when you gave her the money it hers to do as she
wishes. No, I will not stop her. I trust both of you that much”

Stacy ran at me full speed and jumped in my arms, she hugs me.

While she is crying, she says, “Thank you for standing up for me.
Thanks to you, mom will see me in a new light. Thank you.” She quickly
kisses me on the lips.

I ask, “Order in Chinese or go out for dinner?”

I got four Chinese orders. They are tired and don’t have the energy to
go out. The food arrives amazingly fast. We eat and then Dee takes off.
She has stuff to do at home and spent too much time with us. Stacy and
Carrie need a change of clothes, but they don’t seem ready to go either.

I break the ice, “Ok, what’s up you too? Spit it out.”

Stacy is really shy and blushing when she starts, “While you were out,
Dee told us in detail about a device you own. My problem is that I don’t
want to cause you grief and pain. Yet after hearing about the device, I
want to ride it for a while. I am conflicted, do I ask you or do I avoid
the subject and die of imagining what it would be like.”

I point out a problem, “You realize that everyone that rides it is
naked. I would be there and see you for a long time, 100% bare ass naked.”

She laughs at me, “That is no issue. In fact, I was hoping that while
mom takes a ride you will fuck me with a real cock.”

I sat there for a while trying to digest what she just said. I looked
at Carrie and could not believe her answer.

Carrie tells me, “A wise man once told me that I raised my daughter
right and that I should start trusting her judgements. I think I will
start right now.”

In my mind I am thinking, “The pupil has become the master.” I don’t say
that of course.

I sigh in defeat, “Before we go, each of you will need a towel.”

They are both sprinters. Up and out of their seats then running down
the hallway. They both come back hugging a large bath towel. I guide them
to the secret room, pop the door, the lights and fan turn on, Journey
starts playing, and they are both wide eyed, looking at all the equipment.
Dee had described the device so they both walk right to it. Stacy seems
reluctant, almost nervous.

Slowly, as if she is in a trace, she removes her shirt, bra, shorts, and
then panties. She is standing before me naked. What a glorious body she
has. Young, thin, perky tits, sleek athletic body. She has some muscle
and definition. Her hips seem narrower. Her arms are thin and
proportioned perfectly. She is clean shaven, doesn’t even look like
there’s any stubble. She looks at me and then slowly descends on the fake

She has a look of happiness on her face as it fills her up. The
imposter is fully inserted. It fills her love tunnel with plastic that
will provide the best orgasm she will ever receive. I marvel at her naked
body, so perfect. I want to fuck her now.

I turn the first dial just a bit and the movement startles her. Her
hands go up and the smile widens, she immediately likes this. I give her a
bit more and her mouth goes to a big “O” and then back to a huge smile.
It’s a cute smile like she knows this is dirty, but she likes it too much
to stop. Carrie comes to me and wraps my arms around her naked body. I
check, and she is wet. She must be horny as well.

The first dial controls the vibrations of the machine. It travels up
the fake penis to stimulate the vagina, g-spot, and clit because of the
attachment I have. The second dial takes the fake penis that is stationary
inside the vagina, tilts it on an angle and starts running around the
circumference of the vagina. Then add vibration and you end up with a
magic finger that brings lots of happiness.

I turn the dial some more and the noise of the machine is now prominent.
It’s like a paint shaking machine at the hardware store. Stacy is swaying
forward and backwards a bit. Both hands are now firmly on the device. Her
nipples are fully engorged and standing proud. Her breasts seem stiffer
than I remember. It could be I never had such a pleasant view.

I turn up the dial some more and turn on the second dial just a bit.
Her eyes shoot open at the new sensation. She lets out an “oh,” but no
more. Damn that smile is precious, it’s like she is getting away with a
crime and she knows it. Her mother is moaning now as I am teasing her

Stacy is glistening with sweat from her excitement. I turn both knobs a
bit more. Stacy’s eyes close. She is grinding her pussy on the fake cock.

I ask Stacy, “Are you OK?”

She answers back in a very calm and cool voice, “Oh yes. I feel
fantastic. The feeling is incredible. It’s hard to concentrate on the
feeling. Hell, it’s hard to concentrate on anything.”

I line up Carrie, but she denies me entry. That hurts a bit. I guess
she has had second thoughts. I pull my hands back, I respect her wishes.
She quickly grabs my hands and put them back on her breasts.

Carrie whispers to me, “I promised.”

What did she promise and who did she promise to?

Stacy is bucking on the device, her tits are swaying in time with the
bucking, her smile is amazing. I turn up the first dial some more. Stacy
is laboring to breathe. She is taking deep breaths. I lick Carrie’s neck
and then run kisses around her neck and shoulders. She breaks out in
goosepimples. Stacy quickens her pace on the device. I think she is
close. Carrie pushes me away, she is close to Stacy now.

She must sense her daughter is close. I nudge the first knob a bit and
then the second. Back on the first, I nudge it a bit more. While these
are still minor adjustments, the accumulative effect is quickly becoming
too much to handle. What do I do? I nudge both dials some more.

Stacy is almost in tears, “Too good, need more, want more, no more, too
much, increase again. Oh, fuck this is good. Mommy. Help me. No, I want
more. No, I don’t. Oh my, this is fucking good. Phil …”

As she says my name, I give both dials a larger nudge. Stacy would
strangle the device if it were possible, she is holding on tight. Sounds
are exiting her mouth but nothing I understand. In a flash she stands up,
takes a step forward and then falls to the ground. I break her fall by
catching her. Her body is shaking because of the intense orgasm. I feel
small jerks in her body.

Carrie rushes to Stacy and rips her from my arms. She struggles to hold
her close and cries holding her daughter. I turn off the device. I get a
towel and we dry Stacy off. She opens her eyes.

Stacy says in a raspy voice, “That was intense. I have never had an
orgasm like that before. Earth shattering. A special moment. Never
forget. Wow. Oh my. Special.”

Carrie steps closer to the device. She looks at me with lust in her
eyes. She needs this, and I won’t deny her. She descends on the device
and has a look of satisfaction on her face.

Carrie giggles, “Oh, to have your cock on here. Now that would make
this a million-dollar item. Phil, you have been awesome to me. I have no
right to impose by asking for this, but I am going to anyway. Please allow
me to enjoy this.”

I smile at her, “Have I ever let you down?”

She starts off immediately with a good turn of the first knob and a
slight turn of the second knob. Meanwhile, as Carrie distracts me, Stacy
moves a stockade in front of the Sybian and then turns it on an angle.
Stacy bends over a padded bar at waist level. Puts one hand in, places the
stockade over her neck, then places her second hand in the hand holders.
She then lowers her neck and stockade into place. The bar clicks closed
and locks her in place. Because of the angle, Stacy is facing her mom, yet
Carrie can see her breasts hanging like fruit. I can’t imagine what Stacy
is thinking.

Carrie has a nice smile on her face, she is enjoying the ride a lot.
She looks me in the eyes, and smiles.

Carrie says in a strong voice, “Phil, I want you to stand up, and make
my little girl a woman. Stacy wanted to share it exactly like this, I
listened to the wise woman and let her have her way. I trained her to be a
strong woman that gets what she wants. She wants you now!”

I take the controls with me and nudge both knobs a bit. Carrie lets out
an “ahhhh.”

I get behind Carrie and tease her nipples. I make tiny kisses on her
neck and shoulders. I then move over and slide into Stacy with zero
effort. She may be a man virgin, but she has seen lots of action. She is
super lubricated and it’s a lovely feeling sliding in. She moans as I
slide in. I reach around and maul her breasts. She moans some more. A
couple of spanks get a screaming ouch, but she doesn’t complain as I am
slowly slipping in and out of her hot cunt.

I turn the first knob a bit and the second just a hair. Carrie has a
Cheshire cat smile on her face. She is certainly liking the device. She
could care less about me plowing her daughter although she does keep an eye
on me.

Stacy is thrilled with my cock ramming her and tells me, “I want you
finishing inside of me. I want to know what it feels like.”

I pick up the speed a bit, I sense she is getting complacent with my
speed. I can’t have that. While I adjust to daughter, I turn up the speed
on her mother. A hair more on the first dial and a larger turn for the
second dial. Carrie is trying not to smile but she can’t help it. The
result is a smile that fades only to be replaced immediately by another.

I say to Carrie with a smile on my face, “Carrie, I want you to repeat
the alphabet. I will start you with ‘A’…”

Carrie is in a daze, “You want what?”

Stacy is giggling, “Girl, repeat the damn alphabet NOW!”

Carrie of course can’t concentrate on anything, but she tries.

Carrie mumbles, “A, C, D, R, S, T, R, and Z.”

I can’t contain my laughing, Carrie doesn’t care. Stacy wants to laugh
but she is enjoying my ride immensely. I turn both knobs slightly.
Carrie’s back is perfectly straight, pushing out her chest just a bit. So
sexy. Her breasts are amazing. They wobble as she rolls her hips in time
with the machine.

Stacy asks between hard breaths, “Sex … isn’t always … this good
… is it?”

I answer, “Sadly no. I eat my date out, makes sure she orgasms first,
and spend the effort to make sure we get a nice long sensual fuck. Quick
and hard is special but also common. You are getting a fantastic
experience for your first time. Only a few in a thousand have a day that
match this as a first-time experience and even then, your day would be #1
on that list. I am older and experienced. It makes a significant
difference. The pig alone is off the charts.”

I turn both knobs some more. I speed up on Stacy. Stacy is now
grunting with each thrust into her body with my large cock. I spank her
four more times and that only gets me a few moans from Stacy. She has lost
the ability to communicate. It’s such a joy to watch Carrie have fun. I
slap Stacy’s mammoth breasts, forcing them to flop around. Their rhythm is
gone for a few thrusts but are soon flopping around in time with my

I turn the knobs some more. Carrie screams out in joy. Her eyes are
wide open, and her hair is a mess, she looks like lightning hit her. I
have great stamina. However, thirty minutes or so fucking a glorious young
vagina that is stuck in a stockade, I have been slapping her ass and tits,
and then add her mother is on a Sybian right in front of me.

A guy can only take so much, I am human. So that Stacy can experience
quick and fast, I move into my fastest speed I have. I shorten the depth
of my stroke, I go significantly faster. She is holding on tight now. I
turn both knobs too far for Carrie. She shrieks like I killed her.

I open the stockade, pull Stacy up, and place her on the floor. She
rolls on to her back. I pick up at a lightning fast rate. She is holding
hard, like she is giving birth. She is trying to deny the orgasm. She

I pump a load of cum deep into my niece. Thrust after thrust forces
more into her glorious hole. On feeling the first rope hit her cervix,
Stacy claps down her entire body and lets out a scream of joy followed by a
loud “Fuck Yeah!” Not at all what I expected. I was expecting passed out,
unable to move, etc. Instead, she is on the high of a lifetime. She
quickly gets up, sits on my lap, and kisses me with a deep, sensual,
melting of the heart kiss.

We then sit as her mother goes through a silent orgasm. This is more of
what I expected. I turn off the device. Stacy goes and holds her tight or
she would have fallen on her head. She is reassuring her all is ok with
tiny whispers. I am thinking, how odd. The facial expression on Carrie
makes it obvious there is nothing wrong in the world. This is a woman that
is enjoying complete and fulfilling happiness.

Carrie sums up her entire experience by saying, “Wow.”

She then continues, “That was amazing. That was awesome. Oh my, never
expected something so awesome. Yet, it was so intense. It drained me of
my energy, I focused solely on my enjoyment. You all ceased to exist.
What a freaking awesome experience. I need to pee. Be right back.”

Stacy went with her mother.

I think to myself, “Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Most of the
mothers have been to this house when they were younger, before I bought the
place. They have been talking about getting back in here.”

That shook me to my core, I collapse to the floor. Stacy and Carrie
come running back.

I explain in a broken voice, “I am ok. When I imagined the other moms
in here my thoughts went to Ginger’s lifeless body on the floor and the
screams. Then I remember my loss of appetite, drinking, sadness, and deep
despair. I can’t do this. We need to cancel.”

Stacy is unyielding, “No. You need to get over this girl. It’s not
you, this place, or Ginger. It was a dumb ass man showing off and doing
the unthinkable. We will call the mothers and spread the word.”

I continue as if she said nothing, “I had to tell her mother and father
that the woman I was going to marry was killed by a stranger at a sex party
at my house. Her father hit me so hard I blacked out. It’s my fault. I
killed her by hosting those parties.”

Carrie instructs Stacy, “Phil is walking you home.” Stacy almost blew
up. “I want you to get clothes and bikinis for both of us. We are staying
the night. Then go next door, get Vickie, and have her do the same. I am
starving, I will get Dee and then get snacks and drinks for tonight. I
will take Phil’s Mercedes Benz. Go!”

She threw me out of my own home. I hand my car and house keys to
Carrie. She hugs me hard, much longer than necessary. She has tears
running down her face.

Stacy holds my hand and we walk the few blocks to her house. Her father
is there. Stacy explains that we have not finished so she is getting some
clothes and they are spending the night. She adds to the story by saying
we are picking up Vickie, we need more bodies to finish everything in time.
She giggles and says that I am a real man, never cleaned a day in the five
years I have owned the place. Her dad believed that.

It’s awkward waiting around him. I know my sister is going to divorce
him. My cock still has juices on it from his wife and daughter. That is a
very surreal feeling. Vickie was sad to see us until she found out she is
coming with. I get a huge hug and kiss for the money I gave her mother. I
have not had anything to drink yet both women hold my hand as we walk home.
We are gone for an hour. When I get home Dee and Carrie are sitting in my
car on their telephones.

As I approach the car Carrie rolls down the window.

I tell her, “Pop the trunk and open the garage, it’s on the visor.”

Trunk pops open, garage door goes up, and the window goes back up. The
girls are clinging to me, it’s embarrassing. Together we use the groceries
to make a cheese and sausage tray and a veggie dip tray. They round it out
with root beer and vanilla bean ice cream. I pull out five tall glasses
and five tall spoons. I fill each glass half way with root beer and then
fill with ice cream. So simple yet they are dreamy.

We eat and drink with light conversation. Vickie and Stacy get to sleep
with me. They want to learn the joys of sleeping with a real man. Their
words, not mine. They receive very explicit direction: do not allow me to
get off. They have plans for tomorrow and I will need all the energy I can
spare. I hold both girls tight and we all sleep well. I am still worried
about the mothers, but I bet Dee and Carrie took care of that. They don’t
want the party to end prematurely. I trust them.

Chapter 5 — PARTY!

Saturday, I wake up to an empty bed. I can hear the TV playing a movie
with explosions. I stay in bed thinking about Gina. I need to deal with
it. That event is holding me back. Yet, as I have seen in the last few
days there is much good that comes from that room as well. I know Stacy is
just a fling, she will be in college soon. Carrie and Dee, hell, all the
mothers have potential. Certainly, there is one that would like my secret
room. I notice Carrie in the doorway, already in her bikini. This is
going to be rough, that suit is barely legal. Her luscious breasts are on
display. I am positive she shaved today.

She looks at me with a sad face and asks, “You are thinking about a
woman not here today, aren’t you?”

Sulking I confirm, “Yes. I was thinking I can’t go on like this.
Others like the room. Even if it brings me lots of sadness it can bring
others happiness, I saw that yesterday. I just don’t know how I forget
about Gina.”

Carrie surprises me, “Why would you want to? You loved her right?” I
nod my head. “You will never forget her. She will always be in your
heart. A woman that full of life, willing to try anything, would be sick to
her stomach seeing you like this. I bet her ghost kicks your ass every

Carrie kisses me, “Come get breakfast tiger. We have a party starting
in two hours. You have work to do.”

I take a quick shower and make my way to the kitchen. Scrambled eggs,
toast, sausage patties, hash browns, a full breakfast. All the women are
helping and then doing the dishes as soon as they finish. While I eat, I
get my list. Empty all trash cans, put ice in coolers, put drinks in
coolers. Turn on all games in the game room. Adjust radio to use an iPod
playlist. I turn down the volume. At 4:00 they want me to start dinner. I
am using charcoal, it takes a while to get ready and then a while to cook
for about fifty people.

I am set up for parties, I have a huge grate for cooking. When I
finish, I head for my office. I am all caught up on paperwork, I sit in my
recliner, raise my feet and take out my Kindle. Two hours in, everyone has
arrived. Carrie summons me to restock the coolers with ice and drinks. I
drain the water in four coolers and consolidate the drinks and ice. I then
take three coolers to get ice and drinks restocked. Since they are all out
by the pool, I put the coolers near the pool.

I take a moment to notice that there are twenty-four mothers and
twenty-four daughters, all in bikinis. All hot and fuckable. Yup, best I
am not here. It would be quite embarrassing for me. I know these women, I
don’t want them to see me perving. I notice Stacy is turning red.

I look around, many of the young women and their mothers are turning a
light red. I go inside, in the garage, pull out a basket, and then go back
out by the pool.

I make an announcement, “Attention ladies! I see many of you turning a
light red and you are only two hours into your party. The pool magnifies
the sun’s damage, you MUST use sunscreen. This basket is full of all
colors and SPF sunscreen. Un-protected skin burns quickly and is PAINFUL.
Get a buddy and be generous with the suntan lotion or go inside. You have
been warned.”

I set the basket down, they mob the basket, and I go back inside. It is
awesome watching them run to the basket. Some of those girls have a lot
moving around. My cock is growing again. Quickly I walk away and don’t
look back.

Thirty minutes later and a few girls come looking for me. They don’t
understand pinball tables. That about killed me. I feel old now. I go
down with them and show them how to play pinball. Soon, they are all
trying. I try to go back up and two girls want to play pool but don’t know
how. I put on a clinic about playing pool, using trigonometry, and how to
hold a pool cue. They had no clue. One was just playing dumb, she got
good way too quick. They are playing me.

I leave under pretense of checking the coolers. As I walk out on to the
deck I see three or four bikini tops on the side of the pool. They are
waving me over. I freeze. I better not, this could go wrong all kinds of
ways. Carrie didn’t want me out there and now some girls or mothers are
topless. Yes, I could get in big trouble. I turn around and leave.

It’s 3:30 now so I start bringing things out of the refrigerator in the
house and the garage. I put the twice baked potatoes on cookie sheets, so
we can warm them up in the oven. I get out the paper plates and plastic
ware then start bringing out the large garbage cans.

At 4:00 I start on the grill. A few girls are milling around, two are
topless. I give them a stern look, but they are oh so cute. It’s awesome
watching large firm perky breasts move around while talking or walking.

The two girls look at me and say, “What? We have lotion on. Our boobs
are small enough we don’t really need a lot. They say it with a frown on
their faces.

I snap at them, “Hey! You all became friends when everyone had zero
chest. Some of you got more than others, DNA lottery results, not much you
can do. Let me tell you a secret, most guys don’t care what size breasts
you got. We like playing with nipples, it’s what turns you on and can make
you orgasm. When you find the right guy, it won’t be because of the size
of your breast, it will be because of your personality. I think you are
both awesome and will marry some very lucky men.”

I say in a soft voice, “You are getting a thrill out of standing next to
me, aren’t you? You are showing off your beautiful naked body to an almost
stranger. You better be careful, you will get horny and there are no men
here capable of helping you.” They look at me with surprise. “I promised
Carrie and Stacy I would be a good host tonight. I don’t want to ruin your

Some long thin arms wrap around me and hug me. A woman I can’t see
whispers in my ear.

She says, “Thank you. Kids tease her about her weight and boobs at
school. That was very sweet of you to say.”

I respond with, “You are welcome. I need to get dinner going or I will
be in trouble. Thanks for the hug.”

I would have bet anything she was not wearing her bikini top. I felt
the nipples scratching my back.

I have four charcoal starters, it goes quick. Soon I can start
grilling. I go back to the kitchen and I notice quite a few more moms and
daughters are now topless.

Carrie is in the kitchen, “Sorry about the suits. I can’t get them to
keep their suits on. I would ask if you mind but why bother, you are
loving this. I know you are. How could you not? I won’t hold it against
you. I see the potatoes are going, good. Better get going on those steaks
and chicken.”

As I go back outside, all the daughters are now topless and half of the
mothers. Only the biggest breasted mothers are still covering up. By the
grill is a refrigerator. I take out the marinated steaks and chicken and
put them on the grill. I have some hamburgers, hot dogs, and tofu burgers
for the vegetarians. They will go on soon enough.

Soon all is ready, and they sit down on the grass, at the outside tables
and in the dining room. I play host and get drinks, restock the side
dishes. Fill special orders. Get more silverware, plates, etc. They keep
me quite busy. As dinner winds down, they start handing out presents
between friends. Then mothers give their daughters presents. I walk
around and hand out envelopes with the instruction to open at home.

I see one girl opening the envelope. I quickly excuse myself. This
could get me in big trouble with Carrie. This is a mother daughter day. I
am not here. Carrie came up stairs and barges into my office. She has a
plate of food in her hands and she is furious.

Carrie angrily asks, “Why are there a bunch of crying girls and mothers
down at my party? What did you do?”

Oh shit. Better just tell the truth.

I get a full breath, “I gave each girl a hand-written card saying how
nice they are. Then there are instructions for accessing a mini

Carrie yells at me, “A what?”

I am calm but sitting down trying to avoid the raging woman. Sheepishly
I say, “For four years I am paying for books at any college they go to.”

She is astonished and looks at me, “That’s a lot of fucking money. Can
you … Never mind, you can. When you finish your dinner, please help
with clean up and then you are done for the night.”

She went back to the party, mad. I ate my dinner. Alone. I don’t
understand why she is so mad at me. I think I have gone out of my way to
be nice and helpful and stay out of her way. She must be stressed. People
change when stressed.

I finish my dinner and go outside to clean up and take out the garbage.
All the mothers but Carrie are now topless. I clean up, handle the coals.
Put back food. Do a load of dishes. Time to go hide. I notice all the
mothers are outside talking. Some are very friendly with each other and
ignore me. Then I notice something is wrong. What’s wrong with this
picture? No daughters are around. I bashfully walk up to the parents as
they are talking.

I ask in a humble voice, “Excuse me, where are all the daughters? They
are not swimming. They are not upstairs. They are not in the kitchen,
living room, and I don’t hear them in the basement. Where are your

It dawns on me where they are. I am now a raging mad man.

I snarl at the women, “You told them about my room, didn’t you? Don’t
you know how I feel about that room? The woman I was going to marry died
down there. Do you have any idea how much guilt I carry? It was my
fault.” I am in tears now, remembering that night all over again. “I can’t
believe you let this happen. Carrie, how could you? All of you, take your
daughters and go home!”

Patty asks, “Where are they?”

I grab Patty by the hand and drag her to the hallway going downstairs.
Halfway down I flip the panel and push the button. I walk forward and
collapse, held in place by a handrail. Before me is a sight that I could
not comprehend for a while. The shock is too much.

All the girls are buck ass naked and are performing in a variety of sex
acts. Stacy is controlling the Sybian while fingering and licking a girl
in the stockade. Three girls are in spreader bars on the ground. One is
on the fucking table with a girl using a strap on. The cross has a girl
who loves the flogging she is receiving. Other equipment restrains a girl
while her partner eats her pussy, stuffs her with a strap on, or teases her

The mothers run down to their daughters. They are not mad, oh no, they
JOIN IN! Soon mothers are on mothers, mothers are on daughters, daughters
on mothers, and daughters on daughters. It is a wild free for all. Every
one of them naked, tits bouncing, and everyone screaming. It’s loud. Two
arms come around me from behind. I was expecting Carrie but no, it is
Tammi. Tammi is the tallest, has the biggest boobs, and is in top three
for hottest babe.

She is easily 6’ tall. Long legs, long straight blond hair. It goes
past her shoulders. She has big deep blue eyes. As I mentioned, she has
huge breasts. Her face is plain. Big nose on a small head. Otherwise,
she is a porn star waiting to happen. Oh, did I forget to mention, she has
a tiny bubble butt. Oh, to see her in high heels. She has big breasts

Tammi whispers in my ear, “I am a virgin and I want to turn into a woman
tonight. I want you strapping me into the fucking table and I want you to
give me the fucking of a lifetime. I can get quick and bad at school. I
want a man to show me love. I want my first time to be special. I am part
of the collective Thank You present we got you. My mom is ok with this and
I am on the pill.”

She is more confident now, “You are not going to kiss me, tweak my
nipples, or eat me. I got twenty women giving me that. I want from you
what nobody else can give me. I want it in front of all the others. I
want to put on a show. I want you to fuck me good and make me a real

I ask, “Are you sure about this?”

She chuckles, “I have no clue, but my mom says I will love it. Mom says
you will treat me like the slut I was meant to be. You will push me hard
and rough. If you allow me, ‘Unicorn’ is my safe word.”

I ask her, “You understand this will hurt some right?”

She taunts me, “Are you man enough to do what I need?”

I surprise her by grabbing her around the waist and hoisting her up on
my shoulder like a big piece of meat. She screams. Everyone ignores her.
I grab a few items as I head up to the center of the room. There is a
small stage and a fucking table in the middle. I place Tammi in the device
and quickly strap her in. It uses Velcro strips. She gets a mouth
spreader in her face, a blind fold for her eyes, and four hard crop strikes
to her ass.

The room goes silent as her cries ring out from the strikes. I move in
front of Tammi and pull down my boxers and shorts. There is a collective
“oh my god” from the crowd. I start a rough face fucking of this beauty. I
wasn’t brutal, but she knew I was using her. She never cried out her safe
word. She did deep throat me but mostly because I forced me way in.

I yell out to the crowd, “Did you all know Tammi is a whore?” They yell
back ‘Yes.’ “Did you all know she is an exhibitionist?” They say ‘No.’

I continue fucking her face hard. I slap her ass a few more times. The
sound of the crop and her screams echo off the walls. I take out the mouth
spreader. I start walking behind her. My cock sways as I walk, I am
making it sway for dramatic effect. The others are loving it and giving me
wolf whistles.

I ask, “Who are her closest three friends?”

They point out three girls.

I command them, “Come here.”

I stand behind Tammi and slowly insert my cock. No hymen, no problem, I
didn’t expect one. I force my way in faster than normal, I wanted a good
scream out of her and I got it. She loves the feeling and being on
display. I start fucking her at a moderate rate. This is slow enough I can
go all day … almost. She is tight and feels awesome. Her natural
lubrication is flooding her canal. She grunts loud with each thrust into

I give instructions, “You, tease and tweak the right breast, you, left
breast, you, make sure she eats again. She will be punished if she fails
to get you off.”

I give her a few thrusts that are harder. She screams and then starts
eating pussy. I slap her ass a few times. Not even a scream anymore. For
fifteen minutes I fuck her good. I change the angles, change the speed,
and she loves it all. She finally eats the girl to orgasm and earns a
squirt for her effort.

I now start the humiliation.

I ask Tammi, “Are you a slut? What will you do for me?”

Tammi is loud, “I am YOUR slut Master. You own me and command me. I
will fuck you anywhere. I will fuck a group if you ask me. I will sleep
at your feet and clean your cock after sex. You can share me with your
lovers or friends. I will bear your children. I will suck your cock
anywhere, anytime. I will do anything to keep you fucking me so good.
It’s amazing. Is it always so good?”

All the mothers yell out, “NO!”

Tammy says loudly, “I am one lucky bitch then.”

At ten minutes I change the three women to a different three of my
choosing. One is her mother. She pushes a girl to the side and stands in
front of her daughter. Tammi eagerly eats her mother. I doubt she knew it
was her initially.

At twenty minutes I swap the three girls again. I strike Tammi four
more times. She screams but it’s not pain. At thirty minutes I have the
girls stop and I slowly start picking up speed.

Tammi screams out, “Damn this is sooooo good. It goes so far inside of
me. I wish I could share how good this is.”

Tammi is in tears now. Stacy runs up to her and runs her hand over her
shoulder, making designs in her skin. An intimate moment, a simple touch,
a showing of love. Soon their all touching her and rubbing a part of her
body. None of it is a sexual act, but it adds to Tammi’s emotional state,
one of total love.

I speed up some more. I spank her ass with my hand. I doubt that even
registered in her head. My body is slamming into her body hard.

Tammi says, “I need to cum.”

I yell, “NO! Master has not given permission.”

She starts whining, “Please master, I need it so bad. This is too

I heckle her, “I don’t care. I own you, you will cum when I say you
will. Not yet. Soon.”

With each thrust she screams now. She is going to go off soon, no
matter what I say. However, denial is sooo much fun … for me.

I spank her ass twice and yell, “I own you. You will hold off!”

Tammi is in tears, “Yes Master,” as she screams.

I solve her problem. I shout out, “Cum for me baby girl, I now declare
you a woman!”

As I am saying that, I erupted into Tammi. Her shriek is thunderous.
Her body spasms hard, testing the restraints strength. Then she goes limp
and is dangling in place by the same restraints. Her breathing is shallow
and quick. She is red in the face and wet like she was swimming. Her
breasts are wobbling which everyone must appreciate. Luckily, she is
hanging in the fucking table or she would be in a puddle of her own squirt.
She let out a tsunami as she orgasmed.

Her two best friends are fighting for my spunk. They are playing too
rough, but I can’t do anything about it. I too am a mess. I am sweaty and
breathing hard. I take a step back and fall to the ground. Stacy orally
cleans my shaft.

I now hear a loud, “Woooo Whooooo, Fuck yeah that was awesome! Get me
the fuck out of here.”

With Velcro straps, she is out in moments. She is stumbling on her feet
like she is drunk. She is searching for me. She all but falls on me and
hugs me.

While hugging me she whispers in my ear, “Thank you so much. That was
far better than I dreamed it would be. I will gladly repeat that
performance or any other, any time you want. I am your whore.”

Next to jump on me is her mother. She still can’t speak but she does
kiss me and cry. Several nearby moms say “Awwwwwwww.”

The mom finally speaks, and she is mad, “The bitch is eighteen years old
and her first time she has better sex that I have ever had in forty. Life
just isn’t fair.”

I whisper in her ear, “You provide the dinner and I will provide the
entertainment, deal?”

She hugs me harder, I hear a “yes” between her sobs.

I am back to being invisible. All the girls and mothers are back to
using the equipment. I see a lot of mother daughter combinations. Like my
parties, there is too much sex going on to take it all in. I concentrate
on a pair and enjoy. Lots of beautiful women here so lots of goodness to

Carrie comes from behind me and rubs her breasts into me. She is all
smiles looking at the room.

Carrie whispers, “Look at the happiness. They are all having a
wonderful time. I have more work for you to do. You have not noticed but
nobody has eaten Donna. She doesn’t like it. A boyfriend once told her
she tasted like a dead fish and he could not stomach eating her. None of
the girls got anywhere with her. She needs some of your magic. Can you
help her out?”

I softly reply, “I can’t force her to allow me.” Carrie gives me that
look. I sigh. “I will try.”

I walk up behind Donna and she is surprised by my shadow. She is
cowering before me. I sniff myself.

I ask her, “Do I smell that bad? You don’t need to cower before me, I
am mostly friendly.”

I sit down next to her. Her mother is nearby and looks interested in my

I talk to her in my normal voice, friendly, “I have heard stories about
you. Stories I don’t like.” She looks afraid now. “However, I like to
verify the facts rather then just accept the truth. You know that these
women here adore you right? You have one nasty fastball. It’s more than
being a good pitcher, you are their friend. I have it under good authority
that you have a defective vagina, it smells and tastes bad.

“Let’s suppose I am a young man and only care about myself. I just want
to fuck women because that is fun for me. I don’t care about their needs,
it’s all about me. I am better than you. I am smarter than you. Your
feelings don’t matter to me. So that I can fuck you, I eat you out. I
really don’t like having to do that, it cuts down on my fun time. I tell
you that your pussy tastes horrible and no guy should bother eating you.”

I give her my award-winning smile, (yeah, I just made that part up), and
tell her, “I am a mature guy. In my experience women are better in bed
when they are properly motivated and care about you. How do I make them
care about me? I eat them to three orgasms before I fuck their brains out.
That makes a guy like me an experienced pussy eater. There are treatable
medical conditions that can cause what I have heard. However, would you
like asking your sixty-year-old doctor or have me tasting you to see what
the truth is?”

Donna looks at me and says, “I love that story, but I was willing at
‘Hi’.” Her mother fell over laughing.

She lays back, bends her knees, and spreads them wide.

I say to her, “Really, I think up a fantastic story and all it takes is
to say hi and then you let me eat you?”

Donna looks at me, “I just saw what you did to Tammi. I would have said
yes to anything you wanted.”

I lean over and use the tip of my tongue to emulate a baby kitten
lapping up milk. It is a lightning fast tongue that works her over and
immediately she is moaning. Slowly, people stop, to watch us. They know
nobody eats Donna, yet here I am.

It’s not long before she orgasms. I now widen my tongue and lap long
strong strokes, like eating ice cream. I spend considerable time digging
inside. I nudge her little bean often. She is new to that, she orgasms
again. She stays awake and aware of her surroundings, but she is void of
all energy. I continue using a different approach. I haven’t shaved all
day. I rub my chin from her middle right thigh, down and across her pussy
lips, then back up to the left thigh. She screamed and now has everyone’s
attention. I put my chin in her pussy and grind away. She screams the
entire time. Orgasm #3.

I can’t stop now, I press my lips to her pussy lips and blow warm humid
air into her hole. Then I hum a popular song that ends in a light bite to
her clit. That was another small orgasm. I now move up her body. She is
telling me, “No, no, no, no.” She isn’t very convincing. I gently kiss her
on the lips. She cringes from the taste.

Next words out of her mouth, “Hey, I taste just like all the other
girls! That mother fucker lied to me!”

I stand up, and announce, “Donna has been eating you all for a while,
time to get in line and return the favor.” I pause and then quickly add,
“For as long as she can stand it. Have fun girls.”

As I am standing above her looking down, “You are way too good looking,
make guys eat you. Never forget that.”

As I am walking back an orangutan jumps on my back. Ok, it just felt
like it. Donna’s mother is showing me her appreciation for my handling of
the situation.

She whispers in my ear, “I owe you one. It’s not possible to handle
that any better than you just did.”

Carrie is there in an instant, “Get your own, this one is taken.”

They both laugh but I wasn’t so sure Carrie didn’t mean it.

Carrie pulls me aside and hugs me. I believe she likes pressing her
massive chest into my body. An action I am not against and would welcome
it more often.

She again whispers in my ear, “Tonight I am going to leave your bed, get
a girl, and bring her back to you. She is hugely popular but all thumbs
around men. She still has her hymen. She wants you to guide her into
womanhood. The mother offered herself as payment, but I didn’t think that
is necessary. She did offer if you ever are interested. It’s Malissa.”

I gasp at hearing that. Of all the girls, she is a goddess. She has a
perfect body and all the charms to use on men. Something doesn’t make
sense here. I see her with guys although, admittedly, far more with women.
She is outgoing and has a lovely personality. She would have been near the
bottom of my list if I was guessing ‘who’s a virgin?’ Oh yes, this will be

She is medium height, probably just a C cup for breasts. However, she
has light brown hair that is highlighted with blonde. It’s short around
the ears and bounces. She has light brown eyes and a small nose. Her
smile is stunning. Guys just can’t say no to her. Then you take those
pointy boobs and she is obscenely cute. They are unnatural in the way they
stick out.

I try to sound confident, like it’s no big deal with Carrie, “Oh, ok. I
will take care of it.” She looks disappointed. I whisper, “Party’s over,
bed time girls.” Now she has her happy face on.

I tell Carrie in my normal voice, “This group is wearing down. I am
going to start making snacks and start making some ice cream sundaes. I
will bring a cooler or two in. Give me twenty and then start passing the
tired ones upstairs.”

As I head for the exit, about ten mothers follow me.

The first one says to me, “We will help. We can’t take any more fun
down there, we’re too worn out to continue. I never thought I would ever
say that. It is an intense room. Tell us what we can do, and we will
start helping.”

I have cheese and sausage cubes, crackers, sundaes, milk shakes, mini
hot dogs, bagel dogs, mini pizza’s, and a veggie tray with ranch and honey
mustard dressing. Several mothers comment at how nice the house is for
parties. Few houses have two stoves, two ovens, a commercial ice maker,
and four refrigerators. We quickly get the snacks set up and a mother
calls down that food is ready.

Carrie closed the door to the room after making sure she is the last one
out. This group has worked up quite the appetite, they devour the food. I
expected half of it to still be there. Of course, I didn’t expect to spend
all evening in the sex room.

While eating with the whole group, a mother, Pam, asks, “Why don’t you
host parties anymore?”

The place goes silent. Pam did not get the memo.

My eyes water but I answer, “I was about to be engaged two years ago
when my then girlfriend died down there due to a stranger practicing

Pam stares at me, “I thought the party was for singles only?”

I coldly reply, “It was … until my girlfriend died.”

Pam asks, “Did you think you were going to get married?”

I answer, “Yes.”

Pam asks, “How many women did you screw that night.”

I am shocked at her questions, how dare she question me, yet I answer,
“None, I couldn’t do that to Gina.”

Several of the mothers now smile, they see the result long before I do.

Pam continues, “Yet Gina tries out several men, including strangers she
knows nothing about.”

I defend Gina, “It was her way. She was a free spirit.”

Pam adds, “I hear that from lots of guys that get cheated on. She used
your parties to do it in front of you which she got off on. You were never
going to get married Phil. I am sorry.”

That just shook my world.

Next thing I know, I am in my living room with Carrie and Pam. Everyone
else is still in the kitchen, talking softly, and a few concerned women are
looking at me from a distance.

Pam starts by apologizing to me, “I am a psychiatrist. When I heard the
story of why we could not say anything, I knew you were in denial. I don’t
know for sure what Gina would have done, but I know the odds say you were
never getting married. When you are in love, you didn’t sleep with or
screw other women. That is not normal behavior. Her behavior is normal
for someone who’s not ready to get married or at least not with you. There
are exceptions, I am generalizing.

“How about I stop by weekly, so we can talk. I think I can help you see
things differently and you can stop beating yourself up. A death in your
house is traumatic, you still need to deal with it but not by burying your
feelings. Are you willing to work with me?”

Carrie answers, “Yes he is.”

Pam is not impressed, “Cute darling. However, he needs to want this, or
he will be wasting my time. My time is very much in demand.”

I sit for a few minutes before saying, “I think it is time I deal with
my issues. I would appreciate your help.”

That made Pam and Carrie very happy. They both get a kiss from me.

Chapter 6 — Bed Time

I make an announcement, “You have a choice. You can stay here, there
are six bedrooms, a lawn, and dozens of air mattresses or I can walk you
home. None of us are safe to drive. Who wants me to walk you home?”

Not one hand moves.

I continue, “Five to six of you can fit on a King size bed. My room is
off limits, I am entertaining tonight. Here are four pumps and a stack of
air mattresses. You can go to the game room, living room, and the back
yard. Buddy system tonight, nobody need be alone. I doubt that will be an
issue with this group. Remember to text your significant others if needed.
I don’t want a jealous husband banging on my door with forty gorgeous naked
women inside. They may take offense at that.”

They all giggle, I am positive they are imaging their fathers/husbands
banging on my door. I am exhausted. It has been a physically, mentally,
and emotionally taxing day. I hope I can keep up with Malissa.

I walk into my room, Carrie follows me, and kisses me.

Carrie says, “I will get Malissa in a moment. I want to make sure you
are OK with this. I don’t even know if you know who this girl is or if you
like her.”

I gasp at my sister, “I can name every mother and daughter on the team,
what their address is, and what their house looks like. There isn’t a girl
on this team that isn’t sweet and good looking. To me, Malissa stands out.
She is the best looking and most popular. Everyone wants to be her friend.
Yet she doesn’t have that stuck up attitude that many women like that have.
She is content with who she is and won’t let others change her.

“I do worry about her though. If she is shy amongst men and looks so
good, I can see her getting raped at a party or having someone slip a pill
in her drink to use her. They are going to want her and will take her
unless she finds a boyfriend quick to keep the wolves away. She is smart
but that won’t save her at a party where she is solo, and the boys are much
stronger. I think this is a wise choice, who suggested it?”

Malissa walks out of my closet, “I did.” I fall to a sitting position on
my bed. “A lot of what you just said has gone through my mind and yes, I
am terrified around men. Every mom lusts for you, so I know you are the
one that will help me.”

I say to her, “You have the advantage. You have what they want. You
can make them prove their love for you and you decide how and when the
rewards go out. Men will want to protect you, use that to your advantage.”

I look at Carrie, “If you are coming back tonight, I will need a good
ninety minutes. I am going to rock Malissa’s world tonight.

Carrie smiles at me, “You get one woman that wants to screw you and now
you think you’re a God. You are not anything special. Just a plain OLD
guy. Have fun dear and I may come back later.”

She walks out the door.

Malissa laughs, “She will be back.”

I put out my arms for Malissa and she crawls up on my lap and wraps her
legs around my body. I gently kiss her lips. I am soft, slow, and steady.
I hold her body as she holds me as well. Our mouths part and our tongues
make love to each other. They pass on each side, rubbing our skin against
each other.

I reach over and pull out a blindfold and put it on Malissa.

She asks, “Why?”

I explain, “You will see me later. Right now, I want to tease your
senses. We rely on sight too much, it’s only two dimensional. When you
explored my mouth with your tongue, did you need your eyes? No. Rather
than see I have a chest, I want you to explore my chest, feel the softness
and ridges. Notice that it has contours. That’s thinking three
dimensionally and has more data. More data is a more interesting
encounter. You will forget 60% of this encounter in a week. With more data
your mind works harder, you will remember more.”

I start a line of kisses down her neck and towards her large breasts.
Typical for her age, they stand up tall and proud. I use both hands to
pulls the breasts apart and watch them spring back into place. Amazing. I
use both hands and trace her areola’s, stimulating them. I rub my fingers
around the stems of the nipples and then run over the tips, causing her to

Her tits are so perfect they are like from a cartoon. I use both hands
to trace around the nipples causing friction and jolts of electricity to
spike her pussy. I squeeze two fingers lightly causing the nipple to
flatten and she yips like a small dog. Oh, so cute. I reach over, squeeze
the breast and lick the tops of the nipples. Her body shivers.

I clamp down two fingers hard, she lets out a, “Ha…, Ha…, Ha…,” I
release. She shakes her whole body.

I push her on to her back and push her legs up in the air. I lean in
and she drops her legs over my shoulders. Like earlier tonight I start
with the baby kitten experience. I follow that up with licking ice cream.
Whiskers are always a hit. Blowing a hot breath across her pussy lips went
over well but surprisingly the humming didn’t do much for her. That
disappointed me. I kiss my way up and down her lips while licking
interchangeably. She likes that a lot.

Malissa says to me, “I appreciate your work and attention to detail.
You are very talented … for a guy. If you don’t fuck me soon I am going
to burst.”

I smile at her, “Hey, I just had this great idea. I think I should fuck
your brains out.”

She giggles at me. I remove the blind fold, lay a towel on the center
of the bed, and then place her on it in the classic missionary position.
She is staring at my cock, with fear.

I tell her, “This is nothing, some day you are going to pass a bowling
ball between your legs, now that is a feat. If I was 10+ inches, then I
could hit your cervix. At eight, you will be fine. I am going to push in
and it will feel great. I will go slow. When I hit your barrier, that
will hurt. I will stop. When you tell me to continue, I will pause and
then continue my trek. At that point the pain typically goes away and for
the rest of your life, it’s all good.”

I align my cock and press in a bit and she is super tight as expected. I
am wider than average and longer than average but by no means a porn star.
Her natural lubrication is working fine, that means she is enjoying herself
and not here against her will. Great. I apply continuous pressure to
continue progress. Soon we run into the great wall. I look at her and she
nods as she holds on hard. I roll my hips and thrust through the hymen.
She gasps and holds her breath. I don’t move a muscle.

She starts to breathe again and relaxes. She nods her head and I
continue pressing down, deep into her body. She is holding the bed very
tight, sweating, and has a look of intense concentration on her face like
she is willing her body to accept my cock. It works, I run out of cock to
push in. She visibly relaxes and has a smile on her face.

Now the fun starts.

I pull out my entire length and then push back in and stop. Malissa
moans deeply. I pull out quicker and push in again. This time no
stopping, I pull right back out again. I am going slow, reading her face.
I want to be in missionary, to easily read her face. All happiness on her
face. I can now speed up to a more enjoyable pace yet one that I can
sustain for a long time. She is silent. No comments about how good it
feels or how great I am. No, this girl is sealed in the moment and
enjoying herself immensely. I am happy for her.

She has a sparkle in her eye and a layer of perspiration glistening
across her body. She is expending no effort, she could do this forever.
From the smile on her face, I think she would like to do this forever. To
keep her focused, I will speed up and slow down randomly. She never
complains or says anything; each change elicits a soft moan of
acknowledgement. The huge smile never falters.

I quickly look at the clock and it’s been an hour. No wonder my hips
are starting to tighten up. I was going to stop at thirty minutes but like
Malissa I lost track of time fucking this amazing woman. To help end this,
I slow way down. She has a look of surprise on her face.

I tell Malissa, “I am going to roll us over into Cowgirl. I need some
time for the climax, you get to control the angle, depth, and speed.”

In one smooth roll, she is now on top of me and we never disengage.
Hesitantly, she lifts and slams down. She likes that a lot. She speeds

I explain to Malissa, “Cowgirl gives you control. With guys my size you
might want to start out this way. It guarantees you have control over
preparing for the descent. Once you adjust to the guy, you can switch to
other positions.

Malissa finally speaks, “It’s cool. You are still in me, yet it feels
entirely different. I take it, because the position, the angle and
pressure are different, that’s why it feels different to me, right?”

I smile at her, “You’re an expert at sex already.”

She laughs at me.

She says with a smile on her face, “This is really good but takes a lot
of effort. I can’t go much longer.”

I pull out and tell her three simple words, “Hands and knees”.

Quick as a cat she is in position with her head turned over her shoulder
looking at me sit up and then get on my knees. My member is swaying right
to left in front of me. It homes in on her little pussy. Once in position
I push in as deep as I can. Malissa lets out an “ooof.”

I bring us quickly back to our familiar fucking speed.

Malissa says happily, “Same speed yet feels so much different. I like

I am nearing my end, I pick up speed slowly. This makes it hard for
Malissa to match my thrusts. She stops trying. I continue past my
previous high speed. We are breaking new speed records consistently.
Malissa is all out sweating and is taking more effort to breath than she
did previously. The huge smile still has not wavered.

I go faster and faster. Our bodies are now slamming into each other
harder and harder. With each deep thrust now, Malissa grunts. The smile
is gone, replaced by a serious face. She is concentrating on the joy and
breathing which is much more difficult now. She is pink in the face, not
enough oxygen, I speed up more. We are both sweating profusely, we both
look like we are dipped in baby oil. Her hair is a mess. Normally it is
perfect. Long and wavy light brown hair. Not now, it’s all frizzy and
going in 100 directions.

I shorten my stroke, but I can now move to my maximum speed. I am a
blur. Malissa is holding a low long constant moan of a note now. It only
falters when my body crashes into hers. She has the look of need in her
face now. Good, I have that same need. I feel the molten lava surging;
the pressure is quickly building for an eruption. In seconds I am going to

I scream out, “Oh, oh, oh …”

I shoot the first rope of cum deep into the womb of this beautiful young
woman. She is way too special to be with an old guy like me. I feel great
but at the same time guilty that I spoiled this girl. I should not have
been the one to do this.

Malissa never saw my anguish. Her body responds by contracting every
muscle as hard as it can. Her pussy clamps down on my cock and she curls
into a defensive position. I am still pumping my seed deep into her body.
At the same time, Malissa lets out an all time scream in sheer volume that
had to wake the house and some neighbors. It is like being in a college
basketball stadium when the home team was down by two, hits a three-point
basket as time expires and wins the championship!

This scream is only something the body can produce, you can’t do that if
you try. You can’t summon that much energy. The body must be reacting to
something strongly. I hear from the other bedrooms, applause, “Woo whoo”,
“Way to go girl”, “Welcome to womanhood”, and lots of whistles. Oh my,
they know. Now I am even more embarrassed, and guilt ridden. I am near

Her mother comes sauntering out of the closet. Oh my, she was there,
saw the whole thing. Nowhere to hide. That means Malissa knew, they were
in this together.

Malissa is awake but unable to do anything but move her eyes and smile.
She is trying to talk.

Her mother instructs her, “Just rest baby. You just had the best sex of
your life. Far better than I ever got. Go to sleep and dream about it.
Your too tired to stay awake. I pushed her on to her side and drag her to
the pillows. She watched everything I did with a smile on her face.
Finally, her eyelids get heavy and she falls asleep.

Malissa’s mother, Linda, gets in bed and embraces me, planting her
rock-hard nipples into my chest.

She asks me, “Why the tears.”

I am ashamed of myself, I can’t look her in the eyes, “That woman was
too good for me. She is out of my league. I wouldn’t even bother asking
because the answer is “no”. An old man like me certainly should not have
been her first. It should have been some young athletic stud her age.
This was all wrong.”

Linda chuckles, “You are one weird dude. How many men do you think
would have turned down Malissa because she was too good looking? How many
would turn down the chance to take her virginity? You know, if given the
chance, every guy says, ‘Hell yes.’ A year ago, Malissa told me, ‘That guy
is going to take my virginity.’ She was speaking about you.”

Linda holds me harder and grins while saying, “She loved the way you
looked, your muscles, your ease with people. You never shouted at the
umpire and was never negative about any players. You always found
something nice to say whether it be about their looks or the way they
played. High school can be harsh. Even beautiful women like these get
negative reviews and comments. Never from you though. She loved your
maturity, good looks and the fact that you could have had any girl or
mother any time, yet you didn’t.”

Linda now looks sexily at me, “You were the perfect person to guide her
into womanhood. Your calmness, sexiness, expertise, huge cock, and the
fact that you don’t think you are worthy all say that you were in fact the
perfect person. You didn’t just fuck her nicely. I know what that was.
You made love to her. You are close to all the girls, so it isn’t
surprising to me at all. It just explains the generous gift today.

“No kid her age could love her the way you did tonight. They all want
her, and she would have felt good. No way she gets what she got tonight
though. I have never heard anyone scream like she did tonight. You go
dump that pity you have in the toilet, Malissa and I am both damn glad it
was you.”

Linda rolls up on me, “I told you, as payment for your services, I would
do anything.”

In a weak voice I try to say clearly, “Not a chance in hell. If I
receive payment, that makes you a whore and everything I did tonight a
farce. In the last twenty-four hours I have cum six times. My body has no
energy left. My balls are drained. I can’t do it again. I am not saying
I would not like an evening with you. I am just saying not now and not as
payment. If we do it, we do it because we both want to.” I smile at her.
“That means we can do it again as well … if we choose to. You may not
find me good enough.”

Carrie is standing in the doorway, she adds, “I think she will approve.
We both have talked in detail about our marriages and our sex life. You
will rock her world. Of the women here that are still married, we fall
into two categories, Linda and I each represent one side. In my case, my
husband hates me and is mildly abusive. We have zero hope of lasting and
he won’t miss me when I am gone.

“In Linda’s case they still love each other very much, but they are at
the bored stage of their lives. Sex is infrequent and it’s the same old
thing when do they do it. I bet the time with the girls is going to spice
up their lives for a long time. Am I right?”

Linda looks dreamy, “You have no idea the things I saw. Watching Phil
here, I will use a blindfold now. My libido is at an all-time high. I
need to fuck. I would love to get my husband down in that room with a
bunch of other couples. A no-share night for couples. The exhibition and
seeing what others do would be amazing. Some demos on how to use the
equipment would be cool. Lessons on ropes, restraints, anal, and pain
would be cool.”

I ask, “Do most of the moms have a husband or boyfriend?”

Carrie says, “I think everyone could come up with someone other than me,
unless I can get you Phil.”

Carrie closes the door and gets in bed next to me.

Carrie looks into my eyes, “You look so tired baby. Let us help you

I lay on my back. Each woman cuddles in my arms and have half their
body on mine. We fall asleep quickly like that.