Dream come true, I get to fuck my Aunt Cassie

My parents always said that when my 18th birthday came, I’d have to move out of the house. Growing up, I’d gotten into a lot of trouble and they put up with it because they were my mother and father. Eighteen meant I was a legal adult. My job didn’t pay enough for me to live out on my own so I talked my Aunt Cassie into letting me move in. Uncle Jack wasn’t exactly happy about this, but it was that or the streets, and he understood.

I’m sure my Aunt Sandra would have let me come and stay there. Since her husband Barry died, she’s been pretty lonely but I’ve always had a strange attraction to Cassie. I’ve always loved blonde’s and her large breast certainly got my attention. She didn’t look her age, which was amazing, considering she smoked constantly, but she did run and go to the gym. I figured at least by living with her, I could be around her.

Around age fourteen I discovered I had a smoking fetish and whenever my aunt was around, I’d have an erection. Like I said, she smokes constantly so I’d frequently be visiting the bathroom to masturbate to thoughts of her puffing on her cigarette. soft lips sucking on the filter tip, taking in the smoke.

Each day went by very smoothly. It was a relief to no longer be living at home. There weren’t any rules and I had plenty of privacy. Uncle Jack was gone most of the time, busting his ass at the office. Aunt Cassie spent a lot of time out with her friends so there was a lot of alone time. My curiosity drove me into rifling through her clothes, seeing what kind of things she wore. My uncle was very lucky to have a woman who wore all kinds of sexy negligee. There were drawers of satin, silk, leather, and latex. There were corsets, gloves, and a drawer full of panties. Sometimes I’d imagine her masturbating as she smoked her Marlboro menthol 100 cigarette while I rubbed her panties on the tip of my dick. It usually ended with me splattering her panties with semen. I’d hide them in my room until I had time to wash them and put them back. She never said a word, so I’m assuming she never noticed. There were so many pairs that it would be hard for her to, I suppose.

I’d never thought anything would ever happen between us, since we were related, but near the end of October, it did. Trick or treating was being done a few days before since Halloween fell on a Tuesday. I’d been working so much that I figured I’d just relax and stay home, watch Aunt Cassie hand out candy. To my surprise, she walked out with the candy bowl in hand dressed in a black leather corset that tied up in the front with a matching skirt and boots. The leather gloves wrapped tightly around her arm and went up near her shoulder.

“Wow auntie, you look great. I didn’t know you still dressed up for Halloween.”

“May be getting older but I’ve always loved dressing up, holiday or not. It just gives me a reason. Judging by the way you are looking at me, you like my sexy vampire outfit.”

“I was wondering what you were. Ah, okay, I see the fangs now. Yeah, you look great.”

For nearly three hours, kids lined up in droves to get a butterfinger or crunch bar. It seemed every time she sat down, the door bell rang again. A few older boys even hit on her, one grabbing her left breast before running off.

“Want me to chase them down?”

“No. That’s okay. I actually don’t mind the attention. It’s nice to be reminded that you are still attractive to the younger men.”

“I’m sure you get hit on all of the time. The outfit certainly helps. Guys love a girl in tight leather.”

She laughed, “That is true. Your uncle use to jump me whenever I’d wear rubber or leather. Lately, he’s been so busy with work and what not.”

We sat silently for several minutes as she sipped at her wine and lit up a cigarette. Maybe it was a coincidence, but the wine was red. The way the light glistened on the leather and how she held the cigarette to her lips got me erect pretty fast. I was trying not to stare but it became very difficult. She was staring off, rubbing the leather tip of her thumb over the bottom of the cigarette.

“I know that you are staring, Steven.”

“I’m sorry, I, I, couldn’t help it.”

“I also know about the panties. One day when I was cleaning I found my purple satin ones beneath your bed, stained with cum.”

“I’m so sorry Aunt Cassie, I’ll buy you new ones. I’m…I’m just really sorry, I…”

“It’s okay. To be honest, I’ve known about your attraction to me for many years. I was actually very turned on when I found the panties.”

Shock came over me, “Really?!”

She inhaled deeply and let the smoke flow gently out of her ruby red lips, “Yes, really. I’ve always thought you were a handsome kid but since I’m your aunt it seemed wrong. Maybe it’s the lack of sex lately but since you’ve started living here, I’ve wanted to act on my urges. How often do you masturbate into my panties? Do you imagine me?”

“Whenever nobody is home I grab a pair, sometimes it’s your stockings. Yes I do.”

“Didn’t know about the stockings. What do you imagine?”

“Most of the time I imagine you smoking while masturbating or while you blow me.”

She dropped down onto her knees and leaned towards my groin. Her fingers quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled my 7 inch member out.

“You are bigger than Jack.”

I watched closely, stunned, as she lifted the pack of cigarettes and pulled one out with her teeth, bringing the flame up to the tip. Smoke filled the air.

“So you imagined it like this?”

Cassie leaned forward with her open mouth; my cock was engulfed by smoke. Her hand moved down my shaft slowly as she inhaled deeply, letting another cloud form around my thick cock.

“Just like that.”

“Good. I want you to remember this. Every time you jerk that big cock of yours into my panties, think of this and cream all over them.”

Her tongue swirled around my head as her leather gloved hand smoothly ran along my balls. Saliva dripped down to the base as she took most of me into her throat, stopping near the end to prevent herself from gagging too much.

“So, you said guys like a girl in leather. Is my nephew one of them?”

“Oh yes, I love leather.”

“I’m going to make your fantasies come true. You are going to fuck me in my leather while I smoke this cigarette. Would you like to fuck your aunt’s hot cunt?”

“More than anything.”

A devilish grin came over her face as she leaned over the chair, ass in air, revealing no panties under the black skirt, just a hairless vagina.

“Come over here. I want that big prick in me. Give it to me good.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. My aunt was bent over in a sexy leather outfit with a cigarette dangling from her lips and she wanted me to fuck her. As I got closer, I could smell her and it was intoxicating. I leaned down and stuck my tongue in her, it was sweet and soaking wet.

“Oh god yes. Stick your finger in my ass hole.”

I couldn’t believe what I had heard but I did just that. My finger slid into her tight hole as my tongue penetrated her wet snatch. She grinded her pussy into my face, covering me with her juices. The sweet taste covered my tongue.

“Fuck, I can’t take this, put that fucking dick in me. Now!”

She begged me and it wouldn’t take any convincing. I ran the head along her wet slit, feeling it glide over her opening before popping it in. There was an intense moment of ecstacy when every inch pushed in and was surrounded by her hot juices. It felt so good and unlike anything I’d imagined.

“Come on, fuck me hard. Grab my tits.”

I leaned closer, driving all the way in, as I reached my hands around and grasped onto her large breasts. They were soft around my hands as I squeezed and rubbed them. She pulled most of me out but the head before pushing every single inch back in. I let go of her breasts and grabbed her hips, occasionally smacking her ass. It shook as my movements grew faster. My eyes were still focusing on her face as the cigarette dangled.

“Goddamn, you fuck me so good. Fuck.”

Her fingers moved towards her clitoris, moving rhythmically over it causing screams of pleasure. At one point my movements were too quick and my cock popped out. Before I could put it back in she stopped me.

“Stick it in my ass. I haven’t been fucked in the ass in so long.”

It was my first anal experience and it always excited me to see anal porn. The palm of her hand was covered in her saliva as she smeared it across her tight little hole. My head pushed in slowly, stretching it out. The screaming and moaning got even louder when I started pounding her ass. This hole was much tighter than the pussy so the friction was driving me closer to orgasm faster.

“Yeah, pound my dirty ass hole. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Without even thinking about it, I started fucking her even harder, stretching her hole out. Her body shook.

“Shit, I’m cumming. Fuck.”

It took everything in me to not cum. My pace had to be slowed down so I could make this last longer. It was hard as she moaned loudly and her ass hole tightened up.

“Come here Steven. I know you are almost there. I want it all over my tits.”

I withdrew from her and she turned over onto her back.

“Put that big hot cock between my tits. Fuck my breasts.”

She pulled me by the cock, directing me downward towards her. Cassie pressed her soft boobs together around me. I set my hand on the floor for leverage and started thrusting.

“Mm, cum all over my tits. Cum on your auntie’s big breast. I want your cream!”

She was licking her lips wildly, begging for me to orgasm and it was more than I could take. It was a fantasy come true and it was too much for me to handle. An intense orgasm came over me as shot after shot of semen spurted from my head. It ran down her neck and was splattered across her nipples.

“Good boy.”

My aunt milked my cock, drops of semen dripped down onto her leather corset.

“That was really great Aunt Cassie. Thanks”

“Thank you. I really needed that as well. Go clean up, your uncle will be home in a bit. This is our little secret.”

I washed up and the whole thing replayed in my head over and over. It was an amazing experience and I hope it will happen again.