Liz and the helping of Patrick’s feminization

Liz disliked the smell of the new room, it was weird and she didn’t
recognise it’s source. It must be something out of the new bed or the
painting of the walls she thought. Since the pretty blonde got her new
room she spent a lot of time inside it, always sleeping after the lunch,
something she never used to do before.

She realized that a lot of other strange things were happening around
her. She started to think that her uncle was not that bad looking at all,
in fact she was beginning to become attracted to older men. She begun to
walk the streets looking at guys of at least forty years, imagining what it
would be like to have sex with them.

She had been constantly horny on the last days, even starting to stare
at George’s crotch when he was home. Liz had been masturbating every day,
and on her mind the image of her uncle fucking her with his hard cock was a
constant fantasy. This incest situation no more seemed something wrong to
the curvy blonde.

Liz even teased an old man thinking about George! Somehow incest had
became a great turn on to the blonde girl.

It happened when she paid a visit to her friend Brenda but she wasn’t
home, only Martin, her grandfather was there. He looked around seventy
five and quite wrinkled. It was weird… the man was old and fat but this
fatcs only got her even hornier.

Noticing his eyes on her legs she decided to tease the old man, and sat
on the sofa in front of him, saying she would like to wait a little more
for Brenda.

As she talked to him Liz crossed and uncrossed her legs, giving him lots
of opportunities to look inside her micro skirt to peek at her small

She said she needed to pee and went to the bathroom where she removed
her bra, exiting with the straps of her cut off top on her shoulders. This
time Liz sat by his side, talking joyfully with him as she saw his eyes
ogling her cleavage.

The teen felt so good to be flirting with the old man that she started
to move her shoulders as she talked, making the straps ride each time
farther, threatening to fall on her arms. The Old man stare was obvious,
he was holding his breath as he expected the neckline to fall and her
B-cupped boobs appear in full view.

Liz turned her body on the sofa to face him and arched lightly her body
foward, she put her left arm on the back of the sofa and the right hand
went to her right knee, the straps went to her arms. As the old man looked
down he could see all her tits, the big hard nipples clearly on sight for
his enjoyment. She continued to talk for a long time as he stared at her
exposed breasts, the girl pretending not to notice his horny stare.

When she left he was panting and sweating a lot. It must have been his
best afternoon in a long time, she thought. She kept imagining the old man
fucking her… and her rather stacked friend Brenda too! His own
granddaughter! Again incest was turning her on, something that never
happened before.

Back home other weird things were happening.

She noticed that Steph was having a growth spurt, her tits, that were
already big, were getting enormous, a D-cup by now, maybe more! her body
was still very slim and seemed hardly capable to hold such large glands.
Her hips and butt filled a little more, but she didn’t grow a inch taller,
which was also weird. The girl was becoming a petite bombshell still with
a childish face.

Her sister started to use tank tops and sheer nearly see-through
clothes, also begining to get well along with her uncle, being very
submissive and obeying his orders. The older sister never liked her uncle,
and was very embarassed to admit, even if just to herself, that she wanted
to have his attention, she was starting to get excited whenever he was near
and the blonde teen was starting to long for his presence, even if only to
annoy him, it was a way of being near that hot older man.

Somehow the situation made Liz very jealous, envious of all the
attention he was giving her, but Steph’s growth also made Liz feel
inadequate. Her thirteen years old sister was becoming much more
curvaceous than her!

Liz thought it was only natural that her uncle chose to give his
attention to her. It made the older sister feel inferior to Steph and she
became a even greater pain in the ass for everyone around because of it.

Another weird thing was Patrick.

She was used to tease him about his feminine appearance, but now it was
just too much! He was starting to gain weight, and it concentrated on his
hips and chest. When Liz touched his chest a few days ago she felt what
seemed to be a girl’s tits! Lately she noticed his waist was thinner and
his ass fuller, rounder, he was cruelly getting a girl’s shape.

His friend, Albert, had phoned him constantly but it had been days since
the last time he left the house to play with the fat boy. In fact she
realized it had been days since she had seen him at all.

Liz never liked Patrick, he was her father’s favourite child and the
older sister had always been jealous of the attention and love he gave his
son. Now, after years of picking and little fights, where her parents
always sided with him, she decided to extract a little vengeance, she would
convince him to act and become a girl! She would humiliate and control
him, making him do things her father would be utterly ashamed of.

She knew he was nearly a teenager and had noticed that even if he hated
her he had being looking at her body with new eyes in the last year.

Patrick hadn’t left his room in the last five days except to eat and use
the bathroom, and even so when he was sure no one was around. He was
utterly ashamed of the weird changes in his body.

He started to change a couple of weeks ago, his already cute features
were now even more soft and feminine, his lips got full and red, also
becoming incredibly sensitive. His hair had being growing like mad lately,
but weirdly the rest of his body had lost most of it’s already sparce body
hair, now he had a shoulder long red hair and looked like he had shaved the
rest of his body.

He had gained weight, but even so his waist was getting thinner, in fact
all the extra pounds went to his widening hips, growing butt and swelling
breasts. Now he had a nice pair of small A-cupped tits, and they were
growing swiftly, in a couple of days he would be a B-cup! Somehow his hair
had not only grown in a fantastic rate for several days but also became
luscious in it’s flaming red beauty, little did he know that it was the
effect of a specific drug his uncle injected on him.

All his body was extra sensitive, he got horny all the time, any touch
on his butt, chest or penis sent him mad with lust. Yet no matter how much
did he masturbate it never satisfied him, the boy felt he needed something
more, but he couldn’t figure what. A constant thirst took hold of him, and
no matter what or how much he drank Patrick was always longing for
something, but he didn’t know what was it.

The boy got out of his daydreams when he noticed that his older sister
entered his room unannounced. He raised his head furiously, ready to start
a fight, but as he saw her Patrick became really surprised, and more than a
little horny.

Liz was dressed just on a very large halter dress with thin straps that
ended in a bow behind her neck. It was so big and the neckline was so low
that it started to cover her body just from the middle of her tits, the top
of her areolas showing. As she moved the too large outfit swayed, nearly
baring her bosom. She had it shortened, so the garment went just to a
couple of inches bellow her crotch.

“Patrick, I-I’m here to say I’m sorry about teasing you and all the
nasty things I’ve done lately. I’m really sorry.” She walked toward him,
sitting by his side on the bed. She was uncertain at first, but the nasty
incestful situation drove her over the edge.

“YOU WHAT?” asked a very surprised boy. Even his voice was coming out
in a higher pitch than normal, it was becoming more feminine too!

“Yes… I had been thinking lately and…” she landed a hand on his
shoulder, her face getting excitingly near his. “And I realised I had been
a very bad sister. I should be helping you with your problems, not teasing
and annoying you!” Liz hugged him, making sure to brush her tits against
his growing chest.

“OOOHHH!” he moaned loudly. The girl backe and looked at him truely
surprised at his body, she felt the touch of tits brushing against tits, it
was too weird!

“LIZ! What is happening to me?” the boy was trembling, he was flushed
and nearly in tears as he broke the hug. “Why am I g-growing THIS!!” he
asked showing his chest, cupping it from bellow on his hands.

“Don’t worry little brother…” She arched her body a little and placed
her hands on his legs, her fingers near his crotch. Her left breast
escaped the cloth’s cover, standing in the boy’s full view, but Liz
pretended not to notice it, not tucking it back.

“How can I not worry!!” tears were falling from his eyes. “I am looking
like a GIRL!” Even so he couldn’t help but stare at her upturned pert
boobs, and start to feel his cock swelling.

“Now I even have TITS!”

“Yes, that’s quite strange… let me see them.”


“I want to see them, perhaps it’s some kind of hormonal problem, maybe I
can help you… trust me Pat.”

The boy disliked her use of such an ambiguous short name, Pat could be
Patrick… or Patricia! But even so he wanted any help he could muster
and slowly took grabbed his his T-shirt. Ashamed to show his body to Liz
he looked up to her eyes with a pleading and coy face.

“Lift it Pat, I need to see it to help you.”

He lifted his shirt, exposing small and very firm tits with big and hard

Liz gasped, it was really weird! But she continued.

“I’ll touch them and you’ll tell me what do you feel, ready?”

“Y-yes…” answered the boy uncertain if this examination was the right
thing to do.

She cupped his small boobies and started to play with them, asking “How
does it feel? Please, tell me the truth, I may need to report it to a

“I-it feels real good, OOH! Real GOOD!” his face was showing his

“And this?” Liz started to play with his nipples, extracting a
surprisingly loud pleasure moan. “It seems you like it a lot, don’t you?”

“Y-yes! Don’t stop!, please!”

“Tell me if this feels better…” the teen asked as she lowered her head
and sucked his big and hard nipples. liz never had sucked a niple before,
she was straight, even though her friends Brenda and Lyla were bi and urged
her constantly to try it. Liz was starting to think they are right, the
blonde girl was liking to suck and knead the small pointy boobies of the
feminized boy.

“YES! OH GOD! It feels sooo good!”It was the first intimate touch he
ever had from a girl, and it was his own sister sucking his tits! he knew
next to nothing about sex but he was sure it was something guys did to
girls. “OH NO! I’m becoming a girl! Oh, it’s soo good… I’m so horny!”

“You’re not a girl” Liz spoke as she raised her head to stand inches
from his face. “Girl’s don’t have…’ she grabbed his throbbing cock “…
THIS!” and kissed his mouth while freeing his dick, pulling it out of his

It was big for his tender age, standing 5 inches high on his full
erection, but was thinner than what would be expected. The teen started to
masturbate her brother, moving her hand expertly up and down his shaft.
Patrick had started masturbating less than a month ago, Albert had showed
him how it was done. The boy had never felt another hand working his
shaft, and it felt great! Even if the hand was his sister’s it was
wonderful, his heightned sensibility made sure this first time with a woman
to be a incredible experience to the unexperienced pre-teen.

“Lay on the bed Pat, let me show you how you’re not a girl!”

The boy undressed in seconds and soon was laying on his back on the bed,
his erection pointing to the cellar. His big sister moved up, getting on
her hands and knees between his legs on the bed and kissed his cockhead.
Patrick moaned in delight and she grabbed his pole working it slowly up and

“Do you masturbate Pat?” she asked sensually.

“Y-yes.” he answered blushing.

“Do you think about me when you jerk off?”

“Y-yes… sometimes…” he adimited, becoming ashamed of his words as
he said them.

“Do you know what a fellatio is?” she asked grinning.


“It’s real good, it’s like that.” The blonde girl imediatly started to
suck his dick, making the young boy feel unknown pleasures.

Patrick couldn’t believe it was happening, he had been staring at her
body with lust and desire in the last year, but she had always being a
bitch to the twelve years old boy. But now she was making him mad with
pleasure, lost on his first sexual touches.

Then she started with her plan.

Liz’s tongue left his prick and slided down to his balls, licking it
with well practicised talent. She noticed the boy had put a lot of weight
on the hips, they were wide and the waist was thin, Patrick was becoming a
voluptuous girl, his butt was full, round and firm, and all his body was
still hairless.

Her face was between his legs and she forced his hips up, sliding her
face again, this time to his ass hole, licking it with all her heart.

His over-sensitive drug-altered butt sent waves after waves of pleasure
to the young kid, but soon he felt his twelve years old ass cheeks being
pushed apart and also one of his sister’s fingers penetrating his anus.

He couldn’t believe it felt this good, but wasn’t sure if it was not a
normal thing boys and girls did. He had heard about blowjobs but never
about girls sticking fingers inside boy’s buttholes. But the oversensitive
anus was feeling just too good for him to stop, Patrick was loving the
finger fuck.

When Liz noticed he was not resisting anymore and, in fact, was moving
to match her tempo, she returned to his hard member and again was giving
him his first blowjob while still finger fucking him.

“You Know Pat…”She said taking his cock out of her mouth. “…being a
girl is not that bad!” She started to move her finger faster, fucking
harder his virgin asshole.

“W-what? OOHHH!” He was listening but the pleasure was just too much.

“Yes! Girls have a lot of fun!” She felt his anus relaxing and inserted
another finger slowly while deep throating him. She was finger fucking her
brother and alternating between talking and sucking him.

“Haven’t you liked when I sucked your breasts?”

“OH! Y-yes it was good!”

“I also love when a boy sucks my boobs, it’s so nasty! You’ll love to
feel a boy foundling your tits!”

“NO! I won’t let…”

“Oh, don’t be silly Pat!” Liz increased the pace of the finger fuck and
started to jerk off the pre-teen. “I can see you’re loving to feel my
fingers up your ass!” The boy’s body was convulsing as he was near the
greatest orgasm of his short life. “A big hard cock would feel much
better! Just picture a big dick fucking your tight little ass, sliding back
and forth… it’s just like my fingers… but much better! You would
love it, I know it!”

“Oh I’m gonna cum!” he groaned.

Liz suddenly stopped and pressed with her fingers the base of his cock,
interrupting his mind bending pleasure painfully.

“If you want me to continue tell me you want to feel a boy foundling
your tits!”

“I DO! Please continue!”

“You do what?”

“I want to feel a boy foundling my tits!” Liz started again the finger
fuck, a moan left the boy’s mouth.

“You want him to cup your cute girlie boobies?”

“YES! I want him to cup my pretty girlie boobies, to knead my titties!”

“Do you like to feel my fingers in your ass?”

“OH, YES! God, I’m so ashamed! I do!” Hearing it Liz returned to the
hand job.

“Would you like to feel a big cock inside your ass?” The girl saw his
face blush instantly, he was very flushed when he answered.

“I would, I would like to feel a big cock up my ass, fucking me!” In
fact he didn’t, but the boy needed the release of orgasm, he was too lost
on his sexual abandon to care anymore. Even so images of a cock like his
pumping in and out of his asshole, like Liz was doing with her fingers,
couldn’t leave his head. His body started to jerk and Liz put his prick
inside her hot mouth, sucking his dick until the boy spurted all his week
and hot cum.

The big sister raised her head smiling to her little brother who was
laying exhausted and satisfied on his bed. A silly smile showed how good
it had been for the boy.

Liz moved up on his body sensually, slowly and silently, her firm tits
brushing against his skin all the way up, her lips seeking his. The
pre-teen opened his mouth to kiss his big sister as they had done before
and was taken by surprise as he felt his own cum flowing from her mouth to

Liz haven’t swallowed his load, she kept it inside her mouth. Somehow
she had this weird idea to feed his his own cum and pushed all his watery
and week sperm to his mouth. The girl was really surprised to feel him
trembling with pleasure again, as if having another orgasm, it seams that
his own cum in his mouth had got him horny again!

Patrick tasted his own jism and couldn’t believe how good it felt, it
felt like another orgasm! He finally found what was missing in this last
weeks, The flavour of hot cum had fulfilled his body’s need. He had been
thirst for semen!

Without knowing what to do he kept the sticky goo in his mouth until he
heard his sister telling him to swallow. Taking courage with a deep breath
he swallowed all the semen and again he felt like he had another orgasm,
even bigger than the previous one, a gift from his body alteration. The
twelve years old boy was nearly unconscious as Liz left his room.

The incest had made her cum twice! She never been so turned on on her
life, just thinking about it made her horny again, and she ended up
masturbating on her room, always thinking about her uncle.