Teacher Fit To Be Tied

She told herself she wanted to fuck all of them. Then she changed her mind. Not all of them, Helen thought. She certainly didn’t want to fuck the girls. Just the boys. All the boys in her class.

She was horny today and it was getting to her. Usually she kept the fires down, but today she’d felt it already in the morning. Her pussy was hungry again. Well, she did have a date with Stanley tonight, so that was something to look forward to. And in the meantime she could dream about these kids.

She did like to dream. The boys were certainly old enough to fuck. Some of them looked like they could show a woman a lovely time. She had never fucked a boy, not anyone as young as the boys in her class. Not ever. She’d been a virgin until she was twenty. A late bloomer, they called it. And then when she finally lost her cherry she didn’t like it that much. She still didn’t like it that much. She liked other things, but the fucking.

She could feel their eyes on her. Some of the boys in the class were always looking at her body when she was at the blackboard. She always knew it. They liked her tits. She knew what she had. Good tits, a solid ass, lovely legs. She rose up now and went to the blackboard to add something to the exercise they were doing.

Go on, look at my ass, she thought. Then she faced them and she felt their eyes on her tits again. She imagined one of the shy boys sucking her nipples. Jason Potter, that was his name. Shy eyes and freckles. She thought of her tits stuffing his mouth. She’d once caught him looking at her legs when her skirt had accidentally ridden up her thighs. Boys this age got so hot when you showed them anything. She always wore spike heels because she had great legs and she liked to be looked at. And they did look. Her boyfriend Stanley said she had the most gorgeous legs he’d ever seen. She liked to wrap her legs around Stanley’s neck when he sucked her gash.

Now she imagined herself fucking one of the boys. She would have him eat her first. She imagined him sniffing at her pussy. She liked it when a man sucked her juices. She liked to see a man’s mouth wet with her cuntjuice.

She really liked teasing men more than fucking them. It was so easy getting them hot for her. She liked the lust in their eyes when they looked at her body. It was fun to make their dicks come up for her.

If she did fuck one of these boys, she certainly wouldn’t let him finish in her pussy. She’d hold his balls to feel when he was about to shoot off. She’d make him pull his prick out of her pussy before he came. His prick would come out of her cunt all red and wet. Then she would take hold of him, grab his little balls and his little pecker and bring him off with her hand so she could watch him spurt. She liked to see the slime shoot from a man’s prick. She did it often to Stanley. She liked to tease Stanley until he couldn’t stand it any more, and then when he finally shot off he would have a huge load for her, a geyser of jism spurting out of his prick.

This was last hour of the day and finally it was over and school was out. Helen was relieved. It was one of those days when she hated her job. She was so restless today. She’d been horny early in the morning and now she was hornier than ever.

She was happy to get out of the school. Of course the kids were happy too. They waved to her as she climbed into her little car and drove off. The little fuckers. They would die if she knew the fantasies she had about them.

She went home to shower and get dressed for her date with Stanley. The prospect of a nice evening improved her spirits, and by the time she walked into her apartment she was in a happy mood. She quickly stripped down to her underwear to get comfortable. She glanced at the building across the way to see if the old geck who spied on her was at his window again with his binoculars. She was disappointed when she failed to notice any sign of him. She was in the mood to show him a few things. Well, she would do it anyway. She’d pretend he was watching her again.

Humming to herself, she unhooked her bra and tossed it onto a chair in the living room.

She held her tits in her hands as she faced the mirror over the sofa. Oh Helen, I love your tits. They were round and solid, the dark nipples perfect. Stanley always went crazy over them. She fingered her nipples until they turned into hard little spikes. She still wore her pantyhose and heels, and she turned a bit to look at the curve of her ass and give the old fart across the way something to look at as well. Maybe someday she’d meet him in the street and invite him up here to suck her ass or something. You could always get a good suck out of an older man.

When at last she was inside the shower, she lathered up her body and then she started playing with her pussy. She tickled and pulled her thick cuntlips, then pushed two fingers inside her cunthole to feel the juice boiling in there. She did need to get off. It took only a moment of rubbing her clit to blow her cunt away. It was never difficult when she was hot like this. Her pussy was so swollen. She thought of doing it again, but then she decided no, she would wait.

When Stanley arrived at seven o’clock, he kissed her cheek and smiled at her and said she looked sexy. “You always look great. That’s a new dress, isn’t it?”

“I’ve worn it a dozen times.”

“Well, it looks new. Everything always looks wonderful on you.”

He did like to flatter her. He was always so eager. She could see the lust in his eyes. He was wild about her and she loved it.

They went out to dinner. The spike heels made her very tall, and when they walked into the restaurant she was aware of the men looking at her. She smiled to herself and wondered which of them wanted to suck her cunt. Maybe all of them. She told herself they were all hungry for her.

Especially Stanley. She sat beside him in a small booth. They ordered drinks and dinner. She started teasing him to amuse herself while they waited for the meal to arrive. He was always so easy to tease. She got him to talk about the way she looked tonight and before long she had him drooling over her tits.

“They always looked great,” he said. “They’re just tits, Stanley.”

“They turn me on.”

“Big enough for you?”

“I’ll say they are.”

She remembered the time she’d let him come on her tits. He’d thought it was so wonderful to shoot his spunk all over her nipples. Men were like little boys. If you knew how to handle them, you could do anything you wanted with them.

After dinner they went to a drive-in movie. She sat beside Stanley and wondered if his cock was hard yet. He always said that when he went out with her he had a hard-on most of the evening. She did like that. She teased his thigh with her fingers. Then after a while she slipped her hand into his lap and touched his prick through his pants.

“Mmmmm, that’s like a rock.”

Stanley chuckled. “You always turn me on, Helen.”

He turned to kiss her. When he pushed his tongue against her lips, she opened her mouth to him. She didn’t mind necking with him in the car as long as it was dark and no one could see them. She kept her hand on his cock, not doing anything except feeling it with her fingers. She never did anything serious with him in the car. As long as his cock stayed hard, she was satisfied. When Stanley had a hard-on, she had complete control over him and that’s what she always wanted.

After the movie, she agreed to go to Stanley’s place because it was closer than ha own. When they arrived at his little apartment, he opened a bottle of Scotch and they started drinking. She didn’t like him drinking too much because sometimes he became too wild. But he seemed all right tonight and she told herself no matter what she could always handle Stanley.

She had him put some music on the stereo and they danced awhile. She deliberately turned him on by pressing her belly against his cock. Yes, she could feel it. Poor Stanley had a hard-on again. She giggled as he kissed her. When he put his hands on her tits she let him do it.

“Christ, you turn me on,” he said. “Are you going to be nice to me?”

“I’d rather fuck you,” he said.

“I’m not promising.”

He groaned. “You never want to fuck.”

“Stanley, that’s not true. Anyway, you know how I am. If you don’t like it, we don’t have to see each other any more.”

“Oh Jesus!”

“I thought you liked doing that to me.”

“I do like it, but I like to fuck also.”

“Well, do that first and we’ll see what happens.”

He finally agreed. She patted his face and said he could help get her pantyhose off. She knew he liked doing that. She slipped her shoes off, raised her skirt and waited for him.

She smiled at the lust in his eyes as he gazed at the crotch of her sheer pantyhose. She knew he could see her cuntbush. That’s what they all wanted. Show them some snatch and they turn to jelly. Like Stanley. How easy he was.

He went down on his knees to get his fingers at the waistband of her pantyhose. He peeled the nylon down, and when her belly was uncovered, he pushed his nose at her cuntbush and sniffed at her.

She let him stay there a moment with his face pressed against her crotch, and then she pushed at his head and told him to get on with it. When he finally had her pantyhose off, she slipped her feet back into the spike heels and teased him by letting her skirt drop to cover her body again.

“Darling, I’d like another drink.”

She could see the disappointment in his eyes. Well, let him stew a few minutes, she thought. The hotter he was, the better it would be for her. She thought of going go the john to freshen her pussy a bit, but then she decided tonight Stanley would get it as it was. Hot and juicy and a bit sweaty after the evening’s activities. Good for gobbling, she thought. She quivered as she thought of his tongue in there.

She finally let him go down on her.

“You can do it now if you want.” She sat down in one of the easy chairs, pulled her skirt up and raised one knee to expose her pussy.

Stanley’s eyes turned hot and he immediately went down on his knees in front of her. She ran her fingers through her cuntbush and smiled at him. “Hurry, darling.”

He moved in like a hungry puppy. She moaned at the first touch of his tongue in her slit. God, how she loved it. She opened it for him. Her gash was a mess of hot juices, but Stanley obviously adored it and she wouldn’t argue with him about it. She couldn’t understand how a man could enjoy sucking a slimy cunt. All that sticky stuff down there, some of it already turned into a white froth.

She watched his tongue as he licked her. She watched him scoop the goo out of her snatch and swallow it down. She stroked his head to encourage him. She told him she loved it and that was certainly true. She kept him down there until she came. She came on his face, her thighs closing around his ears as a fresh batch of juice gushed out of her pussy to cover his mouth.

After that he wanted to fuck her. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked up at her. “Come on, Helen, let’s go in the bedroom.”

“Aren’t you comfortable here?”

“I want you on a bed.”

She put her legs down and covered her knees with her skirt. “Darling, I don’t know if I want to.”

“But why not?”

“You always ask that. I don’t think I’m in the mood that’s all. I don’t like to do it when I’m not in the mood for it.”

“You were in the mood for what I just did.”

“Well, that’s different. Anyway, why don’t you get your clothes off if you’re so horny?”

“What about you?”

She agreed to undress also. She insisted they do it in the living room. She was afraid that if she went to the bedroom with him, he’d get too wild and force himself on her. She peeled her blouse and skirt off and carefully draped it over the back of a chair. Then she unhooked her bra and put it on top of the other things. When she turned to look at Stanley again, she found him naked and waiting for her.

He did have a nice body. A thick dangling cock with lots of hair around his balls.

She smiled and went to him and took his long prick in her hand. “You’re always impatient.”

“I don’t get to fuck you enough, Helen.”

“Make nice to me again.”


“Well, it’ll work me up, won’t it? I mean I need that if we’re going to do anything else.”

He gave in as he always did. What she liked about Stanley was that he was manageable. She sat down again. This time she was naked. She raised both knees to her tits and offered him her crotch. Once again he went down on the rug in front of her to suck her pussy. She kept him at it awhile, and then she pushed her ass forward on the seat cushion and pulled her knees even farther back to roll her ass upwards.

Stanley knew what she wanted. It wasn’t the first time and she was sure he liked it. She groaned as his tongue washed over her brownie. He licked all around the crack of her ass and then back up to her cunt again. The feel of his warm wet tongue all over her crotch was delicious. What she really wanted was his tongue inside her asshole. But it was too awkward to ask him for it and he seemed too stupid to get the idea himself. She’d had it only once, and then from a man who was past sixty and eager to lick and suck everything he could get his mouth on. There was something very special about feeling someone’s, tongue inside her asshole.

He finally stayed with her cunt and worked on it with his lips and tongue. She kept her cuntlips spread apart with her fingers, her eyes on his nose. When she needed more pressure on her clit, she pushed at his nose with a finger and he responded by using the point of his nose to rub up and down the shaft of her clit.

Before long, she went off, shuddering and moaning as she came on his open mouth.

When she came down again, she lowered her legs and smiled at him. “I love the way you do that.”

“My balls are about to explode.”

Helen chuckled. “We don’t want that, do we? Stand up and let me see.”

He was helpless now. He rose to his feet, stood in front of her with his cock pointing up like a thick hard club and his balls indeed swollen and tight. She giggled as she ran her fingertips over his bloated ball-bag. He was hung so nicely. Like a horse. She’d done a good deal of riding when she’d been a girl, and the sight of a stallion’s cock and balls had always made her furiously hot.

She finally curled her fingers around Stanley’s cockshaft. She could feel his blood throbbing in her fist. She held his nuts in her left hand and his cock in her right fist. She started stroking his prick, slowly at first, but with a definite rhythm.

“Helen, I…”

“It’s all right, darling. You need to get off and I don’t mind.”

“But you promised we’d fuck.”

“Let’s do this first.”

He was angry. “Christ, you’re a bitch!”

She paid no attention to him. She kept her eyes on his cock now. She was determined to make him come. She’d bring him off and then he’d drive her home. She didn’t care about fucking him tonight. He didn’t own her and she was free to do anything she liked.

He was close now. She could feel it in his balls. She watched his cock with intense interest. She always liked to see it. She liked to watch the knob of a cock swell up before the explosion. Then he groaned and the first dribble of white came out. He foamed out like he always did. Then he shot. A great glob hot against her tits. Then again and again. She loved watching it. She could feel his big balls jumping in her hand as the spunk jetted out of his pisshole. She kept her fingers moving, milking his prick, and pulling the load out of his balls until he shuddered and pushed her hand away.

He looked at her with anger in his eyes. “You’re a crazy bitch, Helen.”

“No I’m not.”

“Crazy and selfish.”

“If you think that, I’m going to leave.”

“All right, leave. I don’t give a shit any more.”

She was furious with him now. He was such a clod. Yes, she would leave. She wouldn’t patch it up. In a few days he’d come crawling to her again. She hurried into her clothes, and then a moment later she slammed the door as she walked out.

Down in the street, the problem was to find a taxi to get herself home. There didn’t seem to be anything available and she had to walk toward one of the boulevards. The street was dark and deserted and it wasn’t long before she became uneasy. Where the hell were all the taxis?

Then a car suddenly pulled up alongside the curb and someone called out at her.

“Miss Carlson? Hey, man, what do you know, it’s the teacher!”

She felt relieved because they were evidently some of her students. But she was wrong to be relieved. Oh boy was she wrong.


She was in the car with them, seated in the back with two of them while the other two were in the front. They drove off in a great rush and she was suddenly wary. Did she know any of them? She knew one of the boys sitting beside her. She sat between the two boys in the back and the boy on her left was in one of her classes. His name was Jerry something. She had no idea who the others were, but they were certainly from the high school and they all seemed to know her.

The boys on either side of her were giggling now as the two boys in the front joked about her. She was uneasy. The boys were pressing against her thighs because the car wasn’t that big and there was hardly any room for three in the back.

Then Jerry, the boy she knew, asked her what she was doing out so late. “It’s not safe out there, Miss Carlson.”

Helen nodded. “I had to leave a party unexpectedly. It’s very nice of you boys to drive me home.”

They all giggled at that. Jerry teased her about the party. “A wild party, Miss Carlson?”

“Just an ordinary party, Jerry.”

When he pressed her further about the party, she told him not to pry. Then suddenly she felt his hand on her thigh. At first she couldn’t believe it. But his hand was there, all right. She stiffened and pushed it away.

Jerry giggled and immediately put his hand back. Then the boy on the other side did the same to the other thigh.

She groaned and tried pushing their hands away, but the hands kept coming back. “Listen, what’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on, Miss Carlson.”

“Keep your hands to yourself! I don’t want you getting fresh.”

Jerry giggled, reached into his pocket and suddenly a wicked looking knife appeared in his hand.

Helen trembled when she saw it. She realized now she was in trouble. She watched the knife with horror as he touched the point of it to her thigh.

“Don’t do that!” she cried. She cringed, then threatened him with the police. “You don’t want that, do you, Jerry?”

She was helpless as he kept the point of the knife pressed against her thigh with one hand. Then he moved the other hand to one of her tits. He covered the globe of her tit with his hand and squeezed it through her blouse.

A great shudder went through her. “Jerry, you’re raping me!”

“Bullshit, I’m just feeling your tit.”

He continued squeezing her tit, his hand opening and closing and slowly rotating. She was in a panic. She begged him to stop but he ignored her. He paid no attention to her. Then he told the boy on the other side of her to feel her tit also.

The other boy did it. Now she had each boy covering one of her tits with a hand. The teen in the passenger seat in front turned around and laughed when he saw what was going on. “Has she got nice tits?”

“You know it, man!”

She was helpless. She realized she couldn’t do anything, not while they held a knife on her. She wouldn’t be the first teacher stabbed by one of the students. But somehow this seemed different than an ordinary assault. They seemed more determined, more sure of themselves, as if they knew exactly what they were doing.

Then she noticed they weren’t driving toward her house at all. “Please tell me where you’re taking me.”

But they wouldn’t say. Now she understood she was being kidnapped and the idea frightened the hell out of her. It was something that happened to other people, not to her. She couldn’t imagine it happening to her.

They finally arrived somewhere. So far the boys in the back had done nothing more than squeeze her tits. Now she was afraid of what might follow. Jerry still had the knife on her. They made her climb out of the car and she found herself in front of a large house. As far as she could make out, they were somewhere on the edge of town. She went along when one of them took her arm. She walked up the front steps with them as they led her into the front door of the house.

She was in the living room. The boys stood around her, snickering her. They seemed to be waiting for someone to appear. She trembled as one of the boys reached out and stroked her ass. He laughed when she pulled away from him. She was very frightened now. She tried to guess if they would really harm her, but she couldn’t tell.

Then finally the door opened and someone appeared. A tall blonde woman wearing a mask over the upper part of her face walked in. She was followed by a large evil-looking man, barechested, muscular, a man built like a wrestler.

The woman told the boys to wait outside. When the boys left, the woman smiled at Helen and said Helen could call her Eva. She introduced the big man beside her as Felix. “And we’ll call you Helen, if you don’t mind. That’s your name, isn’t it? Helen Carlson?”

Helen began complaining about the kidnapping, about the way the boys had mistreated her. She demanded to know where she was. She demanded to be released immediately. But Eva chuckled and calmly told Helen to shut up.

“Don’t talk at all, not unless I ask you to,” Eva said. She threatened punishment. She hinted that Felix would be quite willing to punish Helen if Helen misbehaved. Helen was terrified and she became meek. Eva smiled and said that was much better. “I’m happy to see you’re not stupid.”

The blonde walked round Helen to look at her.

When she faced Helen again, she calmly told Helen to strip. “Everything off and quickly.”

Helen was paralyzed. She just stood there trembling. Eva frowned and said they could easily make her do anything they wanted. To demonstrate her power over Helen, the blonde pulled out a long thin dagger and used the point of it to cut away the top button of Helen’s blouse.

Now Helen realized how helpless she was. She began unbuttoning her blouse. She slowly stripped as the two of them watched her. She was determined not to cry. She was determined to maintain her dignity. She told herself that eventually she would be rescued and these people would be punished.

She stripped everything off, including her shoes and pantyhose, and she stood there shivering and naked in front of them.

“Cold?” Eva said. Her tone was mocking.

Helen could see the lust in Felix’s eyes as he looked at her. She was unable to see Eva’s eyes because of the mask.

Eva smiled at Helen and said Helen was attractive. She told Helen to turn around slowly to show herself from all sides.

Helen did it. She could feel their eyes on her. She heard Eva say something to Felix and suddenly Felix grabbed Helen’s arm and led her away. Eva followed them. Helen was in a daze, her arm hurting from Felix’s incredibly strong grip. She stumbled near the door. She was taken to a nearby room and forced inside by Felix. Eva came in and closed the door behind her.

The center of the room contained a tall post with metal rings attached to it in various places. Helen was helpless as Felix now tied her up. Her wrists were bound behind her back. Then he put a ball-gag in her mouth. He pulled at the manacles that held her wrists and attached them to the post.

Eva watched it with a smile. Then the blonde went to a drawer in a cabinet against a wall and she returned with a small box. “It will be better for you if you learn them quickly.”

The blonde opened the small box and brought something out. She took hold of one of Helen’s tits, and while Helen watched with terror stricken eyes, Eva fixed a large clamp on Helen’s nipple.

Then the blonde did the other nipple with another clamp.

Now Eva adjusted the clamps, tightened them until Helen moaned.

When Eva heard the moan she was pleased.

She explained to Helen that the clamps could be tightened in a precise way. She smiled at Helen and dropped a hand down to finger Helen’s cuntbush.

“I want you to piss,” Eva said. “I’ll tighten the clamps step by step until you do it.”

She said if Helen refused to piss her nipples would be permanently damaged. She said Helen could easily stop the pain just by pissing.

Helen was mortified. A shudder ran through as she glanced at Felix. He had such lust in his eyes. He was standing there waiting to see her in agony.

Eva screwed down each clamp just a bit. The pain was already bad. Helen resisted. She couldn’t bear the thought of pissing in front of them.

Then Eva tightened the clamps again. And again. She smiled at Helen as she did it. “I know you’re feeling it.”

Finally it was too much for Helen and she let go. She started pissing. Eva stood back and chuckled as the piss ran down Helen’s legs. The blonde was pleased.

“Yes, that’s fine.” Eva patted Helen’s face.

Eva loosened the clamps and removed them. She looked closely at Helen’s nipples and said the skin wasn’t broken. “It’s not that bad. I think you gave in just in time.”

Then Eva, amused herself by pulling at Helen’s nipples, stretching them out from her tits. Helen made a moaning sound because her nipples were now extremely sensitive and Eva was hurting them.

Eva laughed and finally released Helen’s tits. She pulled the ball-gag out of Helen’s mouth and explained that Helen was never to disobey her or anyone who worked for her.

Helen could see Eva’s eyes now. The eyes were pale blue and empty. Helen was completely mesmerized by the woman and in tenor of being hurt again. She knew she would obey Eva. She could feel the strange power Eva had over her.

Then Eva said something to Felix. The big man grunted and came to Helen. He adjusted the attachments to the post and then pushed her down on her knees. When he stepped back, Eva nodded at him. He walked to the door and left the room, then in a moment he was back with the four boys that had brought Helen to the house.

Helen twisted at the manacles that held her wrists. She hated having the boys see her like this. Somehow it was worse when the boys looked at her. But she was afraid to complain. She was afraid Eva would hurt her again.

Eva smiled as she looked at the boys. She said they should have a reward for bringing Helen to her. She said if they liked they could use Helen’s mouth. “But quickly, please. Fuck her mouth and do it quickly!”

Helen was horrified. The boys snickered as they brought their cocks out. Helen’s eyes were wide as she gazed at them. Four young cocks dangled in front of her. Two of the boys already had hard-ons. The other two soon rose up even as she watched them.

The first boy to approach Helen was Jerry. He stood over her, smiled down at her with his cock in his hand. “Hi, Miss Carlson. Just open those pretty lips so I can get it in.”

In a daze, she opened her mouth. He pushed forward, his cock sliding between her lips and over her tongue to push at her palate. He grunted with pleasure as he slowly pulled back. Then he pushed forward again, his cock stuffing her mouth as he began fucking her face.

She hadn’t ever had it like this. Oh, she’d sucked a prick now and then when she’d had a bit too much to drink or the man was particularly insistent. Just a little bit of sucking around the knob, mostly to tease them. But this was very different. The boy was fucking her, fucking her face it was true, but still fucking her. It was Jerry who was in control.

She was completely passive, her mouth open to be fucked by his sliding cock. He hit the back of her throat at times and she thought she would gag but she didn’t. Then she felt him speeding up. She looked up and saw that he was watching her mouth. He was watching his cock as he fucked her face. They were all watching it, of course. All the eyes were on her, on the boy’s pink prick as it slid in and out of her rounded lips.

Jerry suddenly groaned and started spurting in her mouth. No warning. She felt the flood of hot jism on her tongue. He fucked her mouth more forcefully, deliberately pumping out his spunk. He had so much of it, so much hot jism, it was almost like sucking a running faucet. Then finally he was finished and he groaned as he pulled his prick out of her mouth.

She swallowed everything down. She closed her eyes and swallowed it. A shiver ran through her as the slimy stuff slid down her throat.

Jerry was immediately replaced by another boy. This one had a larger cock and it was very stiff. He forced his prick inside her mouth, rammed it against her tonsils and giggled at the way she gagged. He grunted as he started fucking her mouth.

Helen recognized him as the boy who had been driving the car. She tried to close her mind to what was happening to her. Maybe if she pretended they weren’t real they would all somehow vanish. But the cock in her mouth was too real to be denied. It was the prick of a man rather than the prick of a boy.

The only grown man in the room was Felix, and now Helen wondered if she would have to suck him also. She told herself she’d throw up if she had to. Or faint. It would be better to faint, to simply lose consciousness. She couldn’t possibly suck the prick of that brutish-looking man. Sucking the boys was bad enough. God, how she hated them. And the boy she was sucking now wasn’t too clean. She could smell his cock and balls as he fucked her mouth. She kept her eyes closed and prayed he would finish soon.

Then he was there, humping at her face, swearing at her as he shot off in her mouth. His balls kept slapping at her chin as he blew his wad on her tongue. His spunk was hot and thick and she thought there was more of it than Jerry had given her. She continued swallowing until the last of it came out of his pisshole, and then, when he finally pulled away, she shuddered as she rolled her tongue over her lips.

Two more. She was almost numb now. She opened her mouth automatically to take the third boy. He fucked her face and came quickly. Then the fourth and last boy did the same. Four loads of jism down her throat.

Eva was amused as she sent the boys away. She taunted Helen about it. She said Helen had looked as though she enjoyed it. She said she couldn’t blame Helen for liking it because it was nice to suck off boys that age. Helen sobbed and said she didn’t like it, she hated it. She begged Eva to release her.

Of course Eva refused.

“And what about girls,” Eva said with a laugh. She pulled up the front of her dress to expose her blonde cuntbush. She wore beige nylons with elastic tops, no panties, nothing above the nylons but her cuntbush and belly. She gathered her dress at her waist and said she wanted Helen to suck her pussy now. She said watching Helen with the boys had turned her on. “You can suck everything out. Do a good job and I won’t make you do Felix.”

The blonde moved forward to get her crotch over Helen’s mouth. She ordered Helen to suck her cunt. Helen shuddered with revulsion as she did it. She sucked the woman’s slimy pussy. She had never done such a thing before and she couldn’t believe what was happening to her.

Eva humped against Helen’s face, fucking Helen’s mouth with her cunt, rolling her hips around and pushing forward to get more pressure on her cunt. Finally Eva quivered and seemed to have an orgasm. The blonde stepped back and turned around. She still had her dress at her hips and her ass was completely bare. She chuckled as she backed her ass against Helen’s face. She ordered Helen to lick her asshole.

“Get it wet, sweetie. Get it wet and suck it.” Helen was too frightened to disobey. She did what the blonde wanted. She tongued Eva’s asshole.

Glancing out of the corner of her eye, Helen could see that Felix had his cock out of his pants. His prick was enormous. He was jerking off as he watched them. Then he suddenly grunted and wad after wad of jism shot out of his pisshole. His load came out in force, spurting at least three feet from the tip of his cock to splatter the floor.

Eva finally pulled her ass away from Helen’s mouth. She told Helen that she would be driven home now. The blonde smiled at Helen and crossed the middle finger and forefinger of one hand over the middle finger and forefinger of the other hand.

“This is the sign of the Double Cross,” Eva said.

She explained that Helen would be called upon again when she was presented with the sign. She said that when Helen was called, she was to go with whoever called her. She said from this moment on Helen belonged to the Order of the Double Cross.

“As one of our slaves,” Eva said. “Maybe someday you’ll be something else, but now you’re one of our slaves.”


On Saturday morning Helen was still in a daze as she sat in her living room. The ordeal had happened the evening before, on a Friday. Now she had the whole weekend to herself. Her mind was in turmoil. She couldn’t think of anything but what had happened to her. She was afraid to go to the police. She was so afraid of Eva and the others. She was sure they’d come after her and punish her if she complained about them. She decided to do nothing.

The day passed. Helen had a weekend of fear.

She spent the hours wondering what happens next. She was certain Eva would be after her again. She dreaded the next time. God, how horrible it was not to know!

On Sunday, in the shower, she started thinking about Friday night again and she became turned on. It was the memory of the boys that did it. The way she had sucked all four of them off. All that jism in her mouth and sliding down her throat. She started playing with her pussy in the shower. Then after the shower she lay down on the sofa in the living room wearing nothing but her robe and she began fingering herself again. She couldn’t help it. Thinking about sucking the boys made her so hot. The way they came in her mouth. She lay on the sofa and played with her pussy as she thought about it. She stuck her fingers inside her cunt and whacked herself off.

Then it was Monday morning and she had to go to school again. She was uneasy as she walked in. Jerry was there in her class the first thing in the morning. She blushed when she found him smirking at her. But he said nothing and she was thankful.

Then she noticed some of the other students were also smirking. Even some of the girls. She was suddenly afraid they all knew what had happened to her Friday night. Or maybe just some of them knew. She trembled with uncertainty. She had to hide her uneasiness as she carried out her teaching duties. She tried to push everything out of her mind and concentrate on her job. Were they really looking at her strangely? She told herself it was just her imagination. Jerry certainly knew everything because he’d been there, but the others were just smiling at her the way they always smiled at her. Forget it, she thought. You’ll never get through the day if you don’t forget it.

Finally the school day was finished. She gathered her things and hurried out to her car in the parking lot. Her heart suddenly sank when she saw Felix standing next to a car in the next space.

He grinned at her when she walked up. “This your car?”

She nodded. “I’m going home now.”

“No, you’re not.”

She looked at him. “What do you mean?”

He chuckled and made a sign with his fingers. The sign of the Double Cross. “You get in my car and come with me.”

Helen’s heart pounded. “I really don’t want to.”

Felix shook his head and frowned. “Remember what Miss Eva said about the sign?”

Helen knew she had to go with him. She was too afraid to disobey Eva. There was no way she could refuse to go with Felix.

But she hesitated, telling him that she couldn’t just leave her car in the parking lot of the school. It didn’t work. Felix told her to forget about her car and get into his. He made the sign again and she was afraid of him. She finally did what he wanted and climbed into his car on the passenger side.

He drove off with her. She sat there trembling beside him in the front seat as they moved through the streets. She was afraid to ask where he was taking her. She thought how much things had changed for her. She’d never been so meek like this with anyone. Eva had changed her. Eva had made her so different.

Felix looked at her occasionally and grinned. Then after a while he put his hand on her thigh and squeezed it. “How are you doing?”

She trembled under his touch. “I’m doing fine, thank you.”

“I like your tits, do you know that?”

A quiver went through her. “No, I didn’t know.”

He laughed at her as he pulled his hand away to turn the wheel.

Finally they arrived at an old warehouse on the edge of town and he stopped the car. He came around and opened the door and told her to get out. He led her into the warehouse through a small side door. She gasped when they were inside. She was shocked to find a crowd of people almost filling the floor.

She thought there had to be a hundred people there, but she wasn’t sure. They seemed to be waiting for her and Felix. The crowd parted as Felix led her to the center of the floor and a small stage located there. He made her climb up on the stage and there they were surrounded by all those people.

The light inside the large open space was poor and Helen couldn’t see too clearly, but she thought she saw some of her students in the crowd. There were people of all kinds, men and women, teenage girls and teenage boys, even a few people in wheelchairs. They were all looking at her and it made her feel creepy.

Then Eva suddenly appeared on the stage. She wore a mask again and this time she carried a riding crop in her hand. She smiled at Helen as she walked across the stage towards her.

When Eva was close to Helen, she stopped and poked at Helen with the end of the riding crop. She poked at Helen’s tits. “I see you obeyed Felix. That’s very good.”

Then Eva turned to face the audience and she started talking. Helen didn’t understand much of it at first, and then she realized Eva was talking about her. Eva was telling the people various facts about Helen, her age, her occupation, and so on. Helen was in a daze as she listened to it. She trembled with fear. Her instincts told her nothing good would come out of this.

Then Eva turned back to Helen and smiled at her. A teasing smile. The blonde lowered the riding crop down to the hem of Helen’s dress and lifted it. Helen froze as the riding crop raised her dress to uncover her thighs.

Eva held the dress there a moment and then she let it drop. “I want you to strip. Take your dress off.”

Helen was mortified. She couldn’t bear the thought of stripping in front of all these people. But she was helpless. She was too frightened to resist. She cringed as Eva brandished the riding crop at her. Her fingers found the buttons of her dress and she began undoing them.

The people around the stage were quiet as they watched her. Her clothes fell away piece by piece. When she was down to her pantyhose and heels, Eva told her to stop.

“Walk around,” Eva said. “Let them have a look at you.”

Helen quivered with embarrassment as she started walking. She heard some laughter in the audience now. She felt her tits shaking as she strutted around the small stage. Eva was so cruel to make her do this. Her pantyhose were sheer and they could see everything she had. She thought of holding her tits in her hands to prevent them from bobbing, but she decided maybe Eva wouldn’t like it. She was totally in Eva’s power and she had no idea at all who Eva really was. Why was she masked? What did the sign of the Double Cross really mean? What would happen to her now that she was so completely under Eva’s spell?

Helen wished she’d worn panties under her pantyhose. At least then her cuntbush would be hidden. She felt awful being naked in front so many people. And there were teenagers too, some of them her students. The faces of the people seemed to whirl around her as she continued walking. She found herself getting dizzy and for a moment she thought she’d faint. But then she recovered and continued walking. Eva was smiling at her, brandishing the riding crop again as she urged Helen on.

Helen was determined not to crumble. She felt totally helpless. She felt there was no way she could disobey Eva.

Then finally Eva told her to stop walking. She ordered Helen to bend over with her ass toward the audience. “Keep your legs apart.”

Helen froze. She found herself unable to move, unable to do what Eva wanted. The blonde woman prodded Helen with the riding crop. A warning. Helen trembled as she turned her back to the audience and moved her legs apart. She bent over the way Eva wanted her to. She knew now they had clear view of her asscrack and maybe even her pussy from the rear. The pantyhose were so damn sheer!

Eva suddenly struck with the riding crop against Helen’s ass and Helen gasped and lurched forward. She almost fell down. Eva laughed and then all the others laughed too. Then the blonde ordered her to pull her pantyhose down to her thighs. “Expose your ass, darling. You don’t want to keep it covered, do you?”

Helen groaned. She pulled at the waistband of her pantyhose, pulled the nylon down over her hips and ass and down to her thighs. Then she bent over again to show herself to them. Her ass and cunt. They could see everything.

“She’s ripe,” Eva said to the audience. She patted Helen’s ass with the riding crop as she talked. “We don’t usually get them this ripe.”

“I must say it’s easier to train them when they’re a bit younger. But I think Helen will do nicely.”

“And I can see some of you do find her appealing. Full in the ass, isn’t she? Lovely tits and a luscious pussy. I think in a few weeks she’ll be quite acceptable.”

Then Eva told Helen she could straighten up. Helen was thankful as she did so. She remained standing with her back to the audience, waiting for instructions from Eva. The blonde woman poked Helen with the riding crop and told her to turn around now.

Helen heard murmuring in the crowd around the stage. Her pantyhose were still rolled down around her thighs. When she turned around, she gasped as she saw Felix. He had just come onto the stage and he was completely naked. He stood there grinning at her, his cock and balls so prominently displayed, and then he slowly walked towards her.

Helen was mesmerized by his swinging prick and massive balls. When Felix finally came up to her, she moaned as he grabbed her in his arms. His face came down and he kissed her neck. A great shudder ran through her, a shudder of fear and revulsion at his touch.

Eva stood nearby watching then. The people in the crowd were now calling encouragement to Felix, urging him to get on with it. He laughed as his hands mauled Helen’s body. He squeezed her tits with one big hand and her ass with the other. He ran his fingers inside her asscrack and into her cunt from behind.

Helen was moaning constantly now. It was bad enough to have him touch her, but to have all these people watch her degradation was the most awful thing she’d ever experienced. She trembled as his fingers probed, her cunt. She prayed she would somehow be saved from what seemed inevitable. He intended to do more than just fondle her, of course. She could tell by the way the audience urged him on. They wanted him to fuck her right there on the stage. They wanted to watch it. The idea of it put her mind in a complete whirl.

Then she felt Felix pushing at her shoulders, pushing her down. She went down on her knees, dawn on the wooden floor of the stage. She cringed as he rubbed his cock across her mouth. His face was expressionless. The tip of his prick left a trail of juice across his chin. She could smell him. She had the smell of his cock and balls in her nose.

His hand was on her face now. He squeezed her chin with his fingers. He kept squeezing until she finally opened her mouth. Then he chuckled, raised his dick with his free hand and pushed his knob between her lips.

His huge cock stuffed her face. She gagged as his cockhead pushed at the back of her throat. She could feel the heat of it, the throbbing of his cockflesh on her tongue.

He began fucking her face, his hands holding her head as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. He grunted each time he lurched forward. Her lips made a slurping sound as he pulled back.

Finally he pulled his cock out of her mouth without coming. He reached down to grab her arm and pulled her to her feet. The crowd was hooting now. They wanted more. Helen trembled as Felix led her across the stage to a small bench.

He made her bend over the bench. His hands worked at her pantyhose to get them down to her ankles. He playfully slapped her ass and ran his fingers between her cuntlips. People in the crowd called out to him as he spread her cuntlips apart.

She told herself she wanted to die. She could feel all the eyes on her. She could feel the cool air against the hot flesh of her open cunt. She felt Felix’s thick fingers reaming out her cunthole.

Then he was fondling her ass again, pulling her asscheeks apart to look at her asshole. He ran his finger up and down her asscrack. He rubbed her bunghole with his fingertip, around and around the puckered ring without going inside.

Suddenly she felt his cockhead pushing at her cunthole. She groaned as he entered her. His thick cock pushed in, stretching the walls of her cunt-channel, pushing all the way inside until she could feel his huge balls against her clit.

He began fucking her. He fucked her pussy with powerful strokes, his big hands holding her hips. She heard him grunting. She heard the crowd hooting at him, urging him on. She moaned as he amused himself by screwing his cock around in her cunt.

He still didn’t come. After a while he pulled his prick out of her cunt and pinched her asscheeks. A moment later she felt something dripping on her asscrack. A shudder went through her when she realized it was oil. She was in a complete daze. She could hear the laughter in the audience. Then she felt Felix’s cock pushing against her asshole.

She was certain he would kill her. His cock pushed inside her oiled ass, first his knob and then more and more of his cockshaft.

His dick felt like a huge log going in. The pain was awful, the pressure in her chest unbearable. She moaned constantly, her head hanging over the edge of the bench, her mouth hanging loose, and her mind refusing to accept what was happening to her.

Felix pushed forward, his cock driving inside her ass until she felt his balls against her cuntlips. Then he started fucking her ass. He moved slowly at first, but then more forcefully. This was Helen’s first time. She’d never been fucked in the ass before. It was horrible. She wanted to die. She told herself no human being should be subject to this. It was the most awful thing she’d ever experienced.

Felix was into it now. His hands gripped her asscheeks as he started fucking her shitter. His huge cock slid in and out of her gaping asshole. At the end of each stroke he screwed his cock around to stretch her shithole even farther.

Then finally he went off. He made a croaking sound in his throat as he started coming. She felt him spurting in her ass. She felt the wetness in her asshole. A shudder went through her as she thought of his hot jism shooting in her shittube. The pain was still bad, but not as bad as before. Now it was the degradation that was so powerful. The humiliation. His cock shooting off in her ass, giving her a jism-enema in front of all these people.

At last he pulled his cock out of her ass. He grabbed her shoulders and forced her to turn around. He pushed her down to her knees in front of him. He grinned at her as he waved his cock at her face.

Helen’s heart sank when she saw his prick. There was shit on it. Her own shit. Brown streaks of her shit on his dangling cock.

Felix moved closer and rubbed his cock across her lips. She gagged. She wanted to throw up but she couldn’t. He pushed his cockhead at her mouth until she opened it. He pinched her nose. He laughed as his smelly prick pushed between her lips.

She had to suck his cock clean. She could taste her ass, taste her own shit on his dick. He slid his prick in and out of her mouth, cleaning it with her saliva, chuckling at her dismay.

She heard the people in the crowd hooting again. They loved it. They told Felix to make sure she got him good and clean. One of the women yelled out and said she wanted Helen to tell them what her shit tasted like.

Helen was certain that somehow she’d been transported to hell.


Helen had a week of peace and quiet and she was thankful for it. Stanley called her, but she refused to see him. She was too preoccupied, too afraid of what would happen to her next. She was grateful that so far her job wasn’t affected. She noticed nothing different at school. There was talk among the teachers about a new principal arriving soon, but aside from that things were no different for her than before. After a few days, Helen found herself believing she was free of Eva and the Order of the Double Cross and all the awful things that had happened to her.

Then on Friday afternoon when she walked out of the school building, she found Felix waiting for her again.

Helen’s heart sank. Felix grinned at her and made the sign. She climbed into his car with him when he ordered it. She didn’t question him because she knew it was useless. She closed her eyes and trembled as he started up the car and drove away.

He started talking to her after a while. He teased her, reminded her of the way he had fucked her on the stage the week before. “You’re a hot piece. Some of them I don’t like, but I like you.” He chuckled and reached over to fondle her thigh.

But otherwise he didn’t touch her in the car. They drove for some time and finally he pulled the car over in front of a hi-rise building.

“This is it,” he said. He came around to open the door for her, and then he led her inside the building and into the elevator.

They rode up to the penthouse. Helen was frightened because this was evidently something new. She couldn’t imagine what it was all about. Would she see Eva again? Finally they arrived at the penthouse and Felix led her out of the elevator.

He rang a doorbell and in a moment the door was opened by a maid. Helen walked in with Felix. She told herself she had to avoid crumbling the one thing she didn’t want to do was crumble.

Felix led Helen into a large living room and Eva was there. And another man. The sun poured in through the windows and lit up everything in the room.

Felix left. Eva smiled at Helen. The blonde woman was wearing a mask as usual, but the man’s face was uncovered. He was an older man, distinguished-looking, without any expression on his face as he looked at Helen.

“This is Mr. Jurgen,” Eva said to Helen.

Helen nodded. Then Eva told her to sit down and she sat down in one of the armchairs. Jurgen kept looking at her, and then finally he spoke. “You’re an attractive woman.”

Helen quivered. “Thank you.”

He began questioning her, simple questions about her age and family and how long she’d lived in town. She answered all the questions. Eva was sitting right there and Helen was afraid to do anything except be obedient.

Jurgen eventually turned to Eva and said Helen was quite nice. Then he looked at Helen again and calmly told her to get on her knees in front of him.

Helen trembled. She looked at Eva and Eva nodded. Helen felt so helpless. She slipped off the chair she was sitting in and went to her knees in front of Jurgen.

He smiled at her, unzipped his pants and brought his cock out. He pulled his foreskin back to expose his red knob and told her she had a pretty mouth. “Take this between your lips.”

She was in a daze as she went down on him. She sucked his cockhead, ran her tongue over the tip and around the rim. Jurgen seemed pleased with her. His cock remained limp in her mouth, but he did seem to like what she was doing. After a while he told her to stop sucking and stand up.

Helen obediently rose to her feet. She was sorry she hadn’t been able to make his dick stiff. She wanted to please him. Her instincts told her that for her own good she’d better please this man.

Now Jurgen told her to lift her dress to her waist. He said he wanted to look at her legs. His cock still dangled out of his fly as he leaned back to watch her.

She did what he wanted. She raised her dress to her waist to show him all of her legs and thighs and hips. She wore sheer beige pantyhose and she knew he could see her cuntbush through the transparent nylon. She wondered what he liked. He was so distinguished looking, she guessed he liked classy women. She prayed he would like her. She told herself she wasn’t the sort of woman what looked cheap and maybe she had a chance with him. If she had a chance with him, things would be easier for her.

He kept her standing there awhile with her dress raised while he looked at her. Then finally he nodded and told her to undress. “Yes, I think you’re quite nice. Now let’s see the rest of it.”

She was too afraid of Eva to resist. She began working at the buttons and hooks of her dress. She slowly stripped her clothes off as they sat there watching her. She took everything off and piled it neatly on one of the chairs, and then when she was naked she returned to stand in front of them to wait for the next instruction.

Don’t make any mistakes, she thought. She knew that if she made a mistake she was certain to be punished. She could see that in Eva’s mocking smile. The blue eyes behind the mask looked so cruel.

Jurgen talked to Eva about Helen. He said he liked Helen’s tits. He asked Helen to come forward and he made her lean over him so that he could fondle her boobs. He stroked her thighs and then her pussy. He ran his fingers through her gash. He probed around to find her clit, then smiled and told Eva she had a big one.

“She ought to be very responsive.” Then he told Helen to turn around.

When she did so, he spread her asscheeks apart to look at her asshole. He finally patted her ass and said he was pleased with her. He said she could turn around again, and when she did so he rose from the sofa.

“Help me undress,” he said.

Helen helped him get his clothes off. When he was down to his shorts, she saw his cock was hard. Then his shorts came off. He had a long white dick and pink balls. His body was lean and in good shape for a man his age. He smiled at Helen and reached out to fondle her tits. “Yes, these are very nice.”

She quivered under his touch. She felt the rush in her pussy as he pinched her nipples. She didn’t want to be turned on, but she couldn’t help. There was something about him that got to her. Eva seemed to notice it and she seemed amused by it.

Jurgen at last sat down again on the sofa beside Eva. He told Helen to sit on his lap. He wanted her to get his cock in her cunt and ride him. Helen moved forward. She felt awkward. She’d never fucked a man like this. But Jurgen helped her. His long cock pushed inside her cunt as she sat down on it. Jurgen took one of her tits in his mouth and sucked it. Yes, he did like her tits. He chewed on her nipple as she started bouncing up and down on his cock.

Helen told herself it wasn’t that bad. The fact was she liked the way his cock felt inside her cunt. As long as he didn’t hurt her she would find it tolerable. He wasn’t at all like Felix. Jurgen was a gentleman and Felix was an animal. And his cock was so long. She could feel the knob of his prick pushing at her insides each time she sank down on his crotch. She wondered who he was and whether he had a wife. Did he fuck his wife like this?

Helen imagined Mrs. Jurgen would be an extremely beautiful woman who would wear sexy lingerie whenever she sat on her husband’s lap. Helen suddenly wished she’d worn a garter belt and stockings instead of pantyhose. She suspected Jurgen would like that. Then she told herself she was acting crazy.

In the meantime Jurgen had moved his mouth to the other tit and the first one looked so wet and swollen it made Helen quiver. She did like having her nipples sucked and Jurgen was an expert. She guessed he’d be an expert at anything he wanted to do. She wondered what he’d want to do to her next. She didn’t think he’d be satisfied with anything ordinary.

Helen continued bouncing up and down on Jurgen’s cock as Eva watched them. Before long Jurgen’s hands moved from Helen’s tits to her ass. He squeezed her asscheeks and then his fingers slid inside her asscrack. Helen groaned as she felt his finger pushing inside her asshole. He gave her one finger and then two. She could tell he had two fingers inside her ass by the feel of it.

Jurgen giggled as he reamed out her bunghole with his fingers. “It’s a nice tight ass. She’s really delicious.”

Eva laughed and bent over to have a look at Jurgen’s fingers inside Helen’s stretched asshole. Helen trembled violently, her cunt pumping up and down on Jurgen’s cock, her asshole gripping and sucking on his two fingers.

Finally Jurgen made Helen get off his lap. She had to unseat herself, pull her cunt off his cock and stand up. He wanted something else. He told her to move over to one of the armchairs and bend over it. Helen turned and went to do his bidding. She bent over the chair, her head and shoulders hanging over the back, her knees on the seat cushion and her ass in the air. The position was perfect if he wanted to fuck her from behind. Fuck her pussy or fuck her ass or maybe even whip her. She was mortified, trembling, afraid of both of them. She was completely in their power.

Jurgen came behind her and stroked her ass. He seemed fascinated with her butt. He pulled her asscheeks apart, then released them to see how they jiggled when they closed. He played with her asshole again, testing the grip of the brown little hole by pushing his finger inside and twisting it. Then he asked Eva to open a drawer in one of the tables and hand him the bottle of baby oil that was there. Helen trembled. She knew what was coming. She closed her eyes and waited.

Eva brought the baby oil to Jurgen and he poured some into Helen’s asscrack with a chuckle. “She’s perfect, Eva. Really perfect.”

Helen quivered as she felt the oil on her asshole. Then a moment later she felt Jurgen’s knob pushing at her grommet. She held her breath as his cock slipped inside her ass. Then she felt the pain and pressure and she moaned in response. His cock wasn’t as big as Felix’s, but it was big enough to hurt her. The pain was less but it was certainly there.

Jurgen made a grunting sound as he pushed his prick inside her ass. When he was in all the way, he began fucking her with a slow thrusting of his hips. He talked to Eva about Helen’s asshole, said it was tight and hot. He said he was pleased with Helen: “She’s a solid fuck.”

Eva was amused. “You do seem to be enjoying her.”

Jurgen groaned. “You’re damn right I’m enjoying her. Look at the way that hole grabs my prick.”

Helen hung there over the chair, gasping and moaning, hoping her misery would somehow end soon. She prayed he would come quickly. She felt as though her ass were being ripped apart and she was certain she couldn’t take much more of it.

Then Eva decided to join in. She pressed against Jurgen, then moved behind, him to stroke his butt. She grabbed hold of his balls and held them while he continued fucking Helen’s shithole. The blonde often fucked submissive women herself. She liked reaming out their cuntholes and asshole with a dildo. An attractive slave like Helen could be a lovely treat sometimes. She could tell how turned on Jurgen was. She urged him on, urged to fuck harder. She liked it when the slaves were hurt. She wouldn’t mind seeing Helen’s asshole bleed a little.

Twisting Jurgen’s nuts, she probed his asshole with her thumb. “Fuck her into the wall, darling. She can take more than this.”

Helen groaned as she listened to them. They seemed to know each other quite well. She heard Jurgen say something about his asshole. Eva evidently had a finger in his ass. Helen shuddered as she remembered how evil the blonde was.

Jurgen finally shot off in Helen’s ass. He went wild as he came, ramming her ass again and again as he blew his wad. When he was finished, he pulled his cock out of her ass with a laugh. “What a juicy little asshole!”

He told Helen to turn around. Groaning, she twisted her body around and collapsed in the chair. Jurgen moved forward and dangled his cock in front of her face. Helen wanted to die when she saw the shit on his dick. Her own shit.

She knew what he wanted. She remembered what she’d had to do to Felix after he fucked her ass.

Her degradation was complete. She opened her mouth. Jurgen chuckled and humped forward to give her his cock to clean. “She’s lovely, Eva. She’ll need some training, of course, but I do trust you for that.”

Helen licked and sucked his shit-streaked dick until it was clean again. Both Eva and Jurgen watched her with approval. Then Jurgen chuckled and made Helen lick and suck his balls. He pulled his nuts up to her mouth and held them while she worked on his ball-bag.

Then he wanted his cock in Helen’s mouth again. She opened her mouth and he filled it with his limp prick. He told her not to move. She kept her head still, waiting. She thought he wanted to fuck her mouth, but instead he started pissing.

Helen was horrified. She tried to struggle, but Jurgen held her head in his hands and she couldn’t move. She kept her mouth open, afraid to do anything more. She took it all. She took his hot piss down her throat, swallowed convulsively to get it all down as he chuckled and stroked her head and said she was very good, very good, a sweet little pussycat. He told Eva she could get on with it.

Helen had no idea what they were talking about. Her head was filled with the taste of Jurgen’s piss. She couldn’t imagine anything worse than what had happened to her now.

She was a complete slave.

Jurgen kept his prick in her mouth, just the knob, her lips behind the rim and his foreskin pulled back. Using his fingers, he began frigging his cock while she still held it in her mouth.

“I think I can make it again,” he said. “Hold your tits in your hands, sweetie. You want some more juice, don’t you? Oh yes, I like you, I really do.”

She felt his cock getting stiff again in her mouth as he frigged it. She was amazed because he wasn’t that young any more and she didn’t think a man his age could make it again so soon. But he was doing it, all right. His cock was long and thick again. He laughed as his fingers flew back and forth. She helped him by rolling her tongue back and forth over the underside of his cockhead.

Then he came. Just a few spurts and not too thick, but she could feel it on her tongue. She started sucking to get all of it out of his pisshole. This was the first time she had the taste of his jism in her mouth.

Well, it’s better than shit and piss, she thought.

She closed her eyes. She heard them laughing at her and she once again wanted to die.


Another uneventful weekend passed, and then another school day. Helen did her best to cope with what was happening to her. She told herself maybe the bad things would happen only on Fridays. But then that Monday evening the doorbell rang and when she opened the door she found Jerry standing there.

He was with a girl. Helen recognized the girl as one of her pupils at the high school. The girl’s name was Cindy and both she and Jerry were smiling at her. Jerry did something with his hands, and when Helen looked down she saw that he was making the sign of the Double Cross with his fingers.

Helen’s face grew pale. “What do you want?”

Jerry snickered. “Well, you can ask us in, for one thing.”

Helen opened the door wider to let them enter. She knew the school frowned on such a thing. They disliked the teachers socializing with the pupils after school. But she had no choice. The boy had made the sign and she had to obey him. A shudder went through her as she closed the door behind them and led them into the living room. She told herself they were just two kids. What could they do to her? Of course she’d already sucked the boy off that first night at Eva’s place. But Helen blocked that out of her mind and pretended they were just two students who had come to visit her.

“Sit down if you want,” Helen said. “I’ll get you some Pepsi.”

Jerry smiled at her. “You do that, Miss Carlson.”

Helen left them and walked into the kitchen. She was still wearing her street clothes. She’d been shopping after work and she’d arrived home only a short time ago. She was annoyed that now she had these kids to deal with. She could get rid of them fast and then relax for the evening. But a little voice inside her head told her she was crazy if she thought it would be that easy.

When she brought the soft drinks back to them, Helen could tell by their eyes that they had no intention of being anything but difficult. She felt awful because of what had happened that night with Jerry. And then of course there was that time when she was on the stage with Felix. She was sure she’d recognized the faces of some kids from the school in the audience. How horrible that was.

Helen was especially upset about the girl Jerry had brought with him. Cindy’s eyes were mocking as they looked at Helen, and Helen wondered if Cindy knew everything. Yes she does, Helen thought. She cringed inside. Maybe Cindy had been at the warehouse. Maybe the girl had seen her with Felix.

As if reading Helen’s mind, Cindy smirked and said: “I saw you.”

Helen trembled as she looked at the girl. “Saw me?”

“I watched you with Felix. I watched him fuck in the ass. I watched the whole thing, Miss Carlson.”

Helen’s heart sank. “Oh God.”

Jerry snickered. “You don’t mind if we call you Helen, do you?”

“Call me whatever you want.”

“Anyway, you’ve got a nice body,” Cindy said. She was obviously amused by Helen’s embarrassment. “Did Felix hurt you when he fucked your ass?”

Helen blushed and looked away. She refused to answer the girl. She wished she could somehow disappear. It was so awful that they knew everything. She wondered if Jerry fucked the girl. She remembered sucking Jerry’s cock that night, Jerry and three other boys. Did Cindy do that? Did she suck Jerry’s cock? Helen squirmed in her chair. She felt her cunt getting wet and she hated herself for it. She hated the idea of turning on like this. You’re not the same woman any more, she thought. She hated being a slave but somehow she couldn’t help it. The problem, of course, was that she was completely in Eva’s power. Eva was the one who was responsible for everything. All the awful things that had happened.

Cindy began talking. She questioned Helen about Helen’s boyfriends. “Do you fuck them?”

Helen blushed. “I… do we have to talk about that?”

The girl looked at Jerry and laughed. “She’s bashful.” Then she looked at Helen again. “Are you bashful, Helen?”

The questions continued. The girl insisted they be answered and Helen was afraid to refuse her. She said yes, she did fuck her boyfriends. Then Cindy asked if Helen jerked off and Helen was mortified. But she answered that question, too. She realized how cruel the girl was and she became more and more afraid of her.

“Crawl on the floor,” Cindy said.

Jerry giggled. “Hey, that’s a good idea.”

Helen froze. “You can’t mean that.”

Cindy’s eyes suddenly filled with hate. “Crawl, you dumb bitch. Let me see you wiggle your ass. You do have an ass, don’t you, Miss Carlson? Oh yes you do. I watched Felix fuck you in the ass in the warehouse, didn’t I? Yes, you have an ass. Now get on the floor and crawl, or we tell Eva you turned us down and she’ll really hurt you.”

Helen was numb as she slipped off the chair and onto the floor. She started crawling. Don’t cry, she thought. Do what they want, but don’t cry.

They laughed at her as she crawled around her living room floor. Finally Cindy told her to stop. She told Helen to remain down there on her knees and lift her dress to her waist to uncover her ass.

Helen did it. The teenagers giggled when they saw she was bare-assed under the dress. When Cindy asked how come, Helen explained that she’d removed her pantyhose when she’d first arrived home from shopping.

Cindy ordered Helen to show her ass better. “Turn around so we can see it.”

Helen did it. She knelt there on the rug with her head down like a Moslem in prayer. Her dress was at her waist, her ass bare, everything she had on display for the two teenagers.

Then Helen gasped as she felt the girl’s shoe against her cunt. It had to be Cindy because Cindy was the closest. The girl was so awful. She giggled as she pushed at Helen’s hairy cuntlips with the point of her shoe. “That’s a big cunt, Jerry. If you fall in there, you’ll get lost.”

They both laughed at Cindy’s joke. They told Helen to turn around. When she did so, she found Cindy had her skirt pulled up and her panties off.

The teenage girl giggled as she opened her cunt with her fingers. “Suck my pussy, Helen. Lick it all over and suck it.”

Helen moved in, pushing her face against Cindy’s young crotch. The girl’s cunt smelled sweaty and unwashed. Helen was revolted by the idea of sucking it. But she had no choice and she started licking between Cindy’s cuntlips.

The girl’s cuntjuice poured out of her snatch and Helen was soon drenched with it. She had it all over mouth and chin. Thick slimy cuntjuice with a strong fishy smell. Helen told herself the girl ought to be spanked for not having a cleaner pussy. Then Helen realized how stupid that was and she wondered if she were going crazy.

Cindy finally pulled Helen’s face away from her crotch and told Helen to suck Jerry. The boy had his cock out. Helen slid over to him, moved between his legs and took his knob in her mouth. She started sucking Jerry’s prick while Cindy watched her. When Helen glanced at Cindy, she saw that Cindy was frigging her pussy with her fingers.

Jerry was soon groaning as Helen sucked his cock. She wanted him to come. She jacked his cockshaft with her fingers. She thought if he’d come she’d be able to get rid of them.

But the boy was on to her. He slapped her face and told her slow down. Finally he pushed her away, pushed her back to Cindy’s cunt. The girl ordered Helen to stick her tongue all the way inside her cunthole. Cindy pulled her knees up to her chest to make room in her crotch for Helen’s face.

Helen did it. She pressed her mouth against the girl’s gaping pink cunthole and slid her tongue all the way inside. Her nose pushed against Cindy’s clit and the girl giggled as she squirmed around on the sofa. “She knows how to suck a pussy, Jerry.”

Jerry teased. “You’re a lez.”

“I’m not a lez, I just like a tongue in there. You could take a few lessons from her. She’s a teacher, isn’t she?”

They both laughed. Helen saw nothing to laugh at. She was too miserable. She lost herself in the teenager’s wet cunt. Cindy was very turned on, the hot cuntjuice pouring out of her. She humped her cunt at Helen’s face.

Then the girl came on Helen’s mouth. She groaned as she wrapped her thighs around Helen’s ears. “Oh shit, I’m making it, Jerry!”

“Christ, I can see that.”

Helen had the girl’s cunt slime in her mouth and nose. She was flooded with Cindy’s pussy-juice.

After that Jerry wanted to fuck Helen. He stripped his clothes off and made her bend aver a chair. He drilled his cock in her cunt and started humping her. Helen still had her dress on. She knelt on the chair with her ass uncovered while Jerry rammed against her butt.

Then Cindy came over and she started tickling Helen’s asshole while Jerry fucked Helen’s cunt. The girl’s finger pushed inside Helen’s ass. She told Jerry she could feel his cock with her finger.

Jerry finally came in Helen’s cunt. “Christ, she’s a good fuck.”

Cindy pouted at him. “Better than me?”

“She’s older.”

“So what does that mean?”

Jerry shrugged. “It’s different, that’s all.” Cindy was annoyed. She slapped Helen’s ass and ordered Helen to come into the bathroom with her. “I’m going to be real nice to you.”

Helen trembles as she went with the girl. Inside the bathroom, Cindy closed the door and told Helen to undress. “You liked sucking my pussy, didn’t you? You don’t have to hide it because I can tell. Anyway, you’re not the first teacher to do it. Go on, get your clothes off and we’ll play some games.”

Helen was amazed at the authority in Cindy’s voice. The girl probably wasn’t nineteen yet, but already so dominate. Helen did what Cindy wanted. She stripped her clothes off, everything off until she was naked. Cindy smiled at her and complimented her body. The teenager reached out to stroke Helen’s tits. “Nice boobs. I hope mine are as nice as this when I get to be your age.” The girl’s hand slid down over Helen’s belly to cup her pussy. Cindy giggled as her fingers squeezed Helen’s cuntlips. “You like Eva, huh?”

Helen shuddered. “I hate her.”

Cindy giggled. “Wait until you find out who she really is.”

“Please tell me.”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Mmmmm, your pussy is wet. You’re turned on, aren’t you?”

Helen groaned. “I wish you’d leave me alone.”

Cindy laughed and pulled her hand away. She stepped back and began working on her clothes to get them off. Before long the girl was as naked as Helen. She had small tits with pink nipples. She ordered Helen to climb into the tub. “Get in there and lie down.”

“In the tub?”

“That’s right, in the tub.”

Helen was puzzled but she did it. She lay down in the tub on her back. The porcelain felt cold against her skin and she found herself shivering.

Cindy giggled as she climbed into the tub after Helen. “I can see you’ve never done this.” The girl straddled Helen’s body, facing Helen’s feet as she leaned forward. The teenager squatted, her thighs apart, her luscious ass poised over Helen’s tits. “Watch the little brown eye,” Cindy said with a snicker.

Helen stared with disbelief at the girl’s pinkish-brown asshole. Cindy grunted and in a moment she started shifting. Helen was mesmerized. She watched the girl’s stilt come out. A long brown turd oozed out of Cindy’s ass to fall on Helen’s tits. Helen gasped as she felt the heat and weight of the girl’s shit on her body. Cindy groaned and grunted and gave her another one. Helen could see the girl’s fingers in her pussy. Cindy was frigging her cunt as she dropped the turds on Helen.

When Cindy was finished, she ordered Helen to remain as she was and she climbed out. “I’ve been thinking about that all evening.”

Helen groaned. “You’re a beast!”

The girl laughed. “You can play with it, if you want. Some of them like to rub it around.”

“I hate you!”

Cindy laughed again. She went to the bathroom door and called Jerry in.

When the boy arrived, he burst out giggling when he saw Helen in the tub covered with Cindy’s stilt. “Cindy, you did it!”

“I told you I would.”

“Christ, what a mess she is.”

“Why don’t you pin on her?”


“I said why don’t you piss on her, dummy? Piss on her face.”

Snickering, Jerry walked over to the side of bathtub and lifted his cock in his hand. He pissed on Helen while she lay there. He made sure that most of it went on her face, and then at the end he directed the stream at the turds that lay on her tits.

“Christ, I love it!” the boy said.

When he was finshed pissing, he told Cindy he wanted to fuck her. Cindy giggled and bent over the toilet. Jerry moved behind her, wagging his hard cock with his fingers before he pushed his knob inside her asshole.

Helen watched it from the tub. She was amazed because they were so young and yet there they were assfucking like they’d been doing it for years. Cindy seemed to feel no pain at all and she obviously loved having his cock up her ass.

Jerry pounded the girl’s butt, his hands squeezing her hips, and then he groaned and shot off his load in her shit-tube. “Take it, baby, take it!”

The girl took it, all right. She churned her ass around on his cock to milk the jism out of his balls. When the two teenagers were finished, they no longer cared about Helen. They left her in the tub and returned to the living room. Helen lay there in her misery, listening to them as they put their clothes on. Before long they called out goodbye to Helen and said they would see her in school. She heard them giggling as the front door closed.

Now for the first time Helen started crying. She was so miserable. She finally stopped the weeping and rose up. She turned the shower on to clean her body of Cindy’s shit and Jerry’s piss. She felt completely degraded by what the teenagers had done to her.

As she washed her body and thought about what had happened, Helen suddenly realized she was getting turned on.

Oh no, I don’t want it, she thought.

But she couldn’t help it. She found her clit with her fingers and rubbed it. She slid the other hand over her ass and probed her asshole with her middle finger. She pushed the finger inside her ass. Then she added another finger. Now she had two fingers in her shithole. She fingerfucked her asshole as she continued rubbing her cunt. Her pussy was boiling, her cunt stiff and throbbing under her stroking fingers.

She thought about Jerry and Cindy. She couldn’t forget the way the girl had slit on her. The teenager had been so calculating about it, as if she had done it many times before. But to whom? Helen trembled as she realized how ignorant and innocent she was. A girl like Cindy knew much more than Helen did. She remembered the teenager’s pink young pussy. The taste and smell of it when she’d sucked it in the living room. All that young cuntjuice pouring out.

Helen’s cunt went off. She groaned as she popped her cookies. She had an intense orgasm, a shuddering climax that left her sobbing.

When she pulled her fingers out of her ass, she quivered and brought the fingers to her mouth.

She sucked her fingers, tasted her ass as she pretended her fingers were a thick cock.

I’ll go mad, she thought. I know damn well I’ll go mad.


“I like the dress,” Jurgen said. They were alone in the living room of his penthouse. Helen trembled as he smiled at her. She had just arrived. He’d been kind enough to make a drink for her, and now they were standing near the huge window that overlooked the city.

He began talking to her about some of the people he knew. She felt so strange because he was acting as if they were just two ordinary people instead of what they really were, a master and his slave. That’s what I am she thought. She was nothing but a slave and she would do whatever Jurgen wanted.

Then he was smiling at her again, and this time he leaned forward and kissed her mouth. He put his drink down, kissed her again and ran his fingertip over the swell of her tits. “Maybe we can get you more comfortable. Let me do it, will you?”

She said nothing as he started undressing her. She looked at the window to see if anyone could see them, but they were so high up it didn’t matter.

She’d been brought to Jurgen by Felix and Felix had warned her that she was to be completely obedient to Jurgen. She had to obey him no matter what. Helen shuddered as Jurgen’s fingers worked at the zippers that held her dress together.

He finally had the dress off her shoulders. He pulled it down over her tits and waist. He wanted the dress off. He pulled it all the way down and she stepped out of it. Now she wore nothing but a lace bra and sheer pantyhose and heels. His eyes burned as they raked over her body. The bra was as sheer as her pantyhose and showed her dark nipples through the nylon cups.

Then his fingers pulled at the waistband of her pantyhose and he bent to peel them off. He seemed delighted with her as he unhooked the front of her bra and tossed it away. She was completely naked now, and he chuckled as he looked at her.

“Oh yes, you’re nice, aren’t you?” He smiled and pinched her nipples. He said her tits were gorgeous. He seemed amused by the length of her nipples as he pulled them out with his fingers. Then he asked her to do a complete turn to show him her body.

She did it. She turned slowly around, hesitated a moment when she had her back to him, then continued turning until she was facing him again. She told herself she had to make it good for him. Felix had warned her that if Jurgen complained, Eva would be very angry. Felix had hinted that she’d get to be Felix’s slave as a punishment. The idea of being touched by Felix again terrorized her. Jurgen was a thousand times better than Felix. Or so she thought.

Jurgen led her out of the living room and into his bedroom. The room contained an enormous bed and a huge TV screen. She wondered how rich he really was. He certainly seemed to have everything he wanted.

He told her to lie down on the bed. “I like looking at the lines of your body. You remind me of a painting I once saw. I thought about that the first time we met.”

Helen stretched out on her back on the bed. She quivered as she met his eyes. He was such a strange man. Almost as strange as Eva. She wondered what kind of relationship they had. She remembered how the two of them had used her when they were together the last time. Now Eva was absent and it was just her and Jurgen.

He stood above her beside the bed, then he sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly ran his hand over her body. She could hear music coming from somewhere. She told herself to imagine he was just an ordinary lover, not someone who had complete control over her.

Then he leaned over her to suck her tits. She gasped as she felt his mouth on her nipples. She moaned under his lips. He ran his hand between her legs and into her cunt. He pulled at her cuntlips, kept pulling her flesh with his fingers until it hurt. She mowed at the pain and he seemed pleased at her response. His lingers probed inside her cunthole.

He finger-fucked her cunt while he watched her face. “You’re a hot little piece, aren’t you? That’s good. I like them hot. A hot cunt and a hot mouth.”

She groaned as his fingers dug inside her cunt-channel. He seemed amused by the sounds she made. Then his thumb found her cunt and he rubbed it back and forth as he continued fucking her cunthole with his fingers. She felt so helpless. When he told her to pull her knees back to her tits, she did it. He smiled as he stared down at her exposed crotch. She felt one of his fingers rubbing the ring of her asshole as he gazed at her crotch. Then the finger pushed inside her asshole. Just the tip. Just enough so she could feel it. He had two fingers in her cunt and one finger in her ass and his thumb massaging her cunt. His fingers drove her crazy. The finger in her ass pushed deeper. Just one finger sliding up her shitter. But it felt so big. She was amazed because it was only one finger and yet it felt so big.

He finally pulled his hand away and rose up. He began undressing. She watched him as his clothes fell away. He was such a distinguished looking man. Then he was naked and he stepped to the side of the bed again. His cock dangled over her and he told her to touch it.

“Be friendly,” he said.

She reached up, touched his cock and then his balls. She told herself she had to make it good for him. She felt the weight of his nuts with her hand. His cock started lifting and slowly became hard as she fingered it. She toyed with his foreskin, sliding the soft skin back and forth over his pink knob and watching for the first drop of juice at the tip. His cock looked so lovely, she felt her mouth watering for it.

He smiled at her, told her to sit up and suck his dick now that it was hard. She did it. She moved her body, sat on the edge of the bed and took his cock in her mouth. His prick was so long. She fingered his balls. He had tight nuts for a man his age. She jiggled his nuts and then tickled him behind his ball-bag.

He chuckled when he felt her finger at the edge of his asscrack. “Go on, get your finger in my ass.”

She did it. He made a sound of pleasure as she gently worked her finger inside his shithole. Now he humped at her mouth, pushed forward until his knob was in her throat. She had her finger all the way inside his ass now, all the way down to the last knuckle. It turned her on to do it. She was surprised at herself. She hated being his slave, but getting her finger in his ass turned her on.

Jurgen gave her more cock, no more than another half-inch in her throat, but it was enough to make her gag. He laughed and pulled back a bit, then slid forward again to push at her tonsils with the tip of his prick.

“You’ve got a lot to learn,” he said. “You’re going to learn to take a dick all the way down your throat. Yes, that’s better. See, you’re learning already, aren’t you?”

Suddenly the front doorbell rang. Jurgen pulled his cock out of her mouth and his ass off her finger and he told her to wait on the bed. “Don’t move.”

He left the room and went to the front door. She thought it was weird because he was naked. Did he really intend to answer the door like that? She touched her cunt with her fingers. Now she wished she could fly away from him. She was afraid of him. She hated to be in his power like this. In anyone’s power. Before she met Eva she’d always been sure of herself. Now she wasn’t sure of anything any more. She squirmed on the bed as she waited for Jurgen to return.

Then finally he was back and Helen was shocked when she saw two people with him.

A man and a girl. She’d never seen them before. They both laughed as she covered herself with the bedsheet. “Look how shy she is.”

“She’s new,” Jurgen said. “Almost brand new.”

The girl snickered. “Well, I like that. Is this the one they had at the warehouse with Felix?”

Jurgen said yes, Helen was the one. Then he introduced his friends to Helen. The man’s name was Tony and the girl was Sheila. Jurgen came over to the bed and pulled the sheet away to uncover Helen. He ordered her to behave herself. “You don’t want to hide anything from us, do you?”

He said they would do anything they liked with her. He said he wanted her to be nice to his friends. His tone frightened her. He ordered her to play with his cock and she hurried to obey him. His prick had grown limp since he’d left her to answer the door, and now she took his dick in her fingers and slid his foreskin back and forth over his knob to get him hard again. He chuckled and pushed his cock inside her mouth. She sucked on his prick while the others watched her, and then finally his cock was hard and his knob was pushing at her throat again. She wanted to pull away, but Jurgen held her head in place and started fucking her mouth. Sheila moved up against Tony and ran her hand over the front of his pants as they watched Jurgen’s cock slide in and out of Helen’s rounded lips.

Jurgen finally pulled his prick out of Helen’s mouth and urged the others to undress. “Make yourself comfortable and we’ll have a little party.”

Soon Tony and Sheila were standing there naked next to the bed. Sheila was a true redhead. She had a red cuntbush and long pink nippled tits. Tony was dark, with dark eyes and dark hair and a long prick that was almost brown in color. His cockhead was purplish in color and very broad at the tip.

Jurgen asked Tony if he’d like to fuck Helen. “Find a hole and stick it in,” Jurgen said with a laugh.

Helen’s heart sank as she realized how helpless she was. When she glanced at Sheila, she saw the mockery in the redhead’s eyes.

Tony said yes, he wanted to fuck her. He climbed over Helen, straddled her body and moved forward to get his limp cock over her face. There was no way she could escape him. She took his cock in her mouth and started licking it.

His prick quickly became hard. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shifted his body down to fuck her cunt. He raised her legs, draped them over his shoulders and rammed his prick inside her cunthole. “Juicy pussy.”

He grunted as he forced himself on her. He held her legs with his hands as he pounded her wet cunt with his dick. Helen squirmed under him, moaning at the force of his fucking, shuddering each time she felt his balls slap against her asscrack.

Jurgen and Sheila smiled as they watched it. Sheila was pressed against Jurgen now. She had his prick in her fingers, slowly jacking it as they watched Helen and Tony.

Tony laughed and pushed Helen’s knees all the way back to her tits to expose more of her crotch. He rammed his cock inside her cunt, pounding her pussy again and again. His hands moved down to maul her ass. His balls kept slapping her asscrack as he pumped faster and faster.

Then suddenly Sheila left Jurgen and she climbed onto the bed near Helen. The redhead bent over Helen and took one of Helen’s nipples in her mouth. She sucked Helen’s tits as Tony fucked Helen’s cunt.

Helen got hot from the redhead’s sucking. She couldn’t help it. Then Jurgen grabbed hold of one of Helen’s tits and brutally pinched it. Helen groaned and begged him to stop. Jurgen ignored her and continued bruising her tits. Tony slammed into her cunt, screwing her pussy, laughing at the way she begged Jurgen to stop hurting her.

“Yeah, she’s a hot little bitch,” Tony said. Then Sheila climbed over Helen, straddled her face and pushed her cunt against Helen’s mouth.

“Go on, suck the box,” Sheila said with a laugh.

Her cunt was sopping. Helen tried to turn her face away, but Jurgen warned her and told her to eat Sheila. He pinched Helen’s tits again until she cried out. She was terribly afraid of him, and she had no choice but to turn her face back to Sheila’s dripping cunt and suck it.

The redhead’s clit seemed huge. Helen pulled the girl’s clit between her teeth and worried it with her tongue. Sheila squirmed to show she liked it, and then she groaned as Helen sucked the point of her clit between her lips.

“Hey, she knows how to suck pussy,” Sheila said with a laugh.

The girl giggled as she moved up and pushed her cunthole at Helen’s nose. She fucked Helen’s nose with her gaping snatch. Helen’s face became quickly drenched with Sheila’s cuntjuice.

Tony continued fucking Helen’s pussy, driving his cock in and out of her cunt with boundless energy. He had a lean hard body and he knew how to use it. He kept laughing at the way Helen responded to his ramming prick.

Sheila suddenly came on Helen’s face and Helen moaned when she realized it. Then Tony shot off in Helen’s cunt, his long cock spurting a flood of hot jism inside her fuckhole. He kept pumping as he shot his wad, his hands holding her legs, his hips humping back and forth as he emptied his balls.

After that Tony and Sheila fell away from Helen, and Jurgen made Helen get on her knees. He pushed his cock inside her cunt from the rear. He began fucking her, his hands holding her hips, his cock sliding in and out of her cunt with smooth piston like strokes.

“Shit, I want more,” Tony said with a grunt.

Sheila laughed. “More what?”

“More fucking.” He moved to Helen’s head and pushed his limp prick inside her mouth. She sucked his prick, amazed to feel it already responding. His cock quickly stiffened again in her mouth and Tony laughed with pleasure.

Now Helen was fucked by two men, one on her cunt and the other in her mouth. She was on her knees, skewered at both ends of her body, her mouth shooting forward on Tony’s cock each time Jurgen rammed her cunt from behind.

Sheila got her hand under Helen to play with her tits. Then Sheila’s hand moved down to Helen’s cunt and she toyed with Helen’s clit. The redhead snickered as she pushed her fingers inside Helen’s cunt alongside Jurgen’s sliding cock.

“She’s like a cow,” Sheila said. “I bet I could get my whole hand in there.” She laughed as she fondled Jurgen’s cock and swinging balls.

When Jurgen pushed his thumb inside Helen’s asshole and began reaming out her shitter, she couldn’t take any more and she had an orgasm. A big one. She went wild, sobbing and calling out as she made it.

The others taunted her. Finally Jurgen shot off in her cunt. He finished pumping in her fuckhole and pushed her away at last.

Tony frigged his cock with his hand and shot off again, this time his spunk spurting all over Helen’s face. “It’s raining, honey. It’s raining jism!”

Sheila laughed and pushed Tony away from Helen as Helen rolled over on her back. The redhead squatted over Helen’s face and sat down on it. She rolled her hips around, smearing Tony’s jism over her crotch.

“Hey, you’ll kill her,” Tony teased.

Sheila made a mewling sound. “She’s going to suck my asshole.”

Helen groaned as she worked her tongue inside the redhead’s gaping shithole. She soon had the taste of Sheila’s ass in her mouth. I hope they kill me, she thought. She started crying as she fluttered her tongue again.


The new principal arrived at Helen’s school a few weeks later. One day Helen was called to the office to meet her, and when she walked in Helen immediately felt she already knew the woman.

But who was she? After a few moments Helen realized with a great shock that the new principal of the school was. Eva.

The blonde saw that Helen recognized her. “The mask wasn’t that good, was it? So now you know. I intended telling you anyway.”

“I… I don’t understand.”

Eva laughed. “Darling, there’s nothing to understand. Sit down, will you?”

While Helen sat down, Eva walked to the office door and closed it. Then she returned to the swivel chair behind her desk. She talked to Helen a few moments, asked about her classes, and then she smiled at Helen and told her to come around the desk to where she was sitting. “On your knees, darling. Show me how obedient you are.”

Helen did it. As always, she was helpless when she was with Eva.

Eva stroked Helen’s head. The blonde began explaining things to Helen. She explained about the Order. She told Helen the Order was worldwide and extremely powerful. An organization of people who sought out and dominated those destined to be slaves. She taunted Helen about her submissive nature. Then Eva pulled her dress back. She wore crotch less panties, her hairy cuntlips protruding through the opening.

She ordered Helen to suck her pussy. “This is really why I called you in here, sweet. I’ve been horny all morning and I need some attention.”

As usual, Helen was obedient. She slid forward on the carpet to suck her mistress. Eva’s cunt dripped with juices. Helen thought the blonde’s cuntlips looked obscene the way they protruded out of the slit in her panties. She nibbled at Eva’s swollen flesh. She flipped her tongue back and forth over Eva’s big cunt until Eva came.

Eva was amused when she saw Helen’s wet mouth and chin. “You’re soaked.” The blonde ran her fingers over Helen’s mouth and wiped the juice on Helen’s forehead. She said Helen was a lovely slave. Then she told Helen there were others in the school like her. Maybe Helen would meet them some day. But for the time being Helen was to say nothing to anyone. Although some of the students knew about Helen, she was never to talk to them about the Order. Then Eva told Helen she wanted Helen at her apartment that evening. “I live in town, you know. That house you were at belongs to someone else.”

She gave Helen the address and ordered her to be punctual. Then she dismissed Helen and told her to go back to her class.

Helen left Eva’s office in a daze. Now her life was truly changed. Now she had Eva to contend with at the school. She realized nothing would ever be the same for her again.

In Eva’s apartment that evening, Helen stood in the corner of the living room like a wax doll. She was dressed in black. A black bra with the cups cunt away so that her naked tits were emphasized. A black garter belt and opaque black nylons and five-inch stiletto heels. Her hands were manacled behind her back and she had a loose chain connecting her ankles. She had a metal clip on each nipple. At the moment she had a black rubber ball-gag in her mouth, her jaws forced open by the ball, the straps attached to the ball knotted behind her head.

Helen stood for Eva’s inspection. The blonde was naked, wearing nothing but a pair of high-heeled bedroom slippers. Eva smiled, then reached out to toy with Helen’s tits. She adjusted Helen’s tits in the open bra. She pulled at the nipple-clips. She said Helen looked lovely. “Stunning, in fact.”

Then Eva talked about pain. She said only women really understood pain. She suddenly did something to one of the nipple-clips and Helen almost passed out from the pain Eva had caused.

Her eyes closed, Helen moaned. She was unable to scream because of the ball-gag. Her nipple now felt as though it were on fire. She begged Eva with her eyes, but Eva only laughed at her.

Then Eva removed the gag. She asked Helen if she now understood how easy it was to hurt her. “It’s important that you know that.”

She told Helen to get on her knees. When Helen sank down on the rug, Eva smiled and opened her cunt with her fingers. She brought her cunt out and told Helen to suck it.

Helen moved forward to get her mouth on the blonde’s pussy. She was anxious to make Eva feel good. She prayed Eva wouldn’t hurt her again.

Finally Eva tired of the sucking and she pushed Helen away. She told Helen that Felix would be arriving soon to drive her somewhere. She would be taken to meet some people very important to the Order. A woman and her husband. Two people of some consequence. Eva said she expected Helen to entertain them. She said the people might want to hurt Helen and Helen had to accept it. She expected Helen to be completely obedient. She would be very angry if she heard of any difficulties.

And so an hour later Helen was delivered by Felix to the home of Grace and Arthur Lawson.

She was brought to them with a cape covering her body and a ball-gag in her mouth. Felix handed her over to the Lawsons and left immediately.

“Oh, she’s lovely,” Grace Lawson said. She was an older woman, close to fifty but still quite attractive. She teased Helen about her bondage as she removed the cape. Her eyes lit up when she saw what Helen had on under the cape. The cut-out bra and the nipple-clips and the black nylons. Grace chuckled. “Arthur, darling, she’ll drive you wild.”

Arthur sat quietly in an armchair. His face was flushed and he was obviously turned on by Helen.

Grace walked around Helen, murmuring about how pretty she was. She stroked Helen’s ass and then pinched it. She moved around to Helen’s front again and ran her fingers over Helen’s exposed tits. The older woman seemed fascinated by the nipple-clips. She asked if they hurt. She said Helen had lovely legs. Then she turned to tease her husband, asking him if he liked Helen. “If you don’t like her, we’ll send her away.”

When Arthur admitted he did like Helen, Grace wanted to know what he liked about her.

Arthur mumbled something and Grace laughed.

She said of course she already knew he liked Helen’s ass.

“He has his inclinations,” Grace said to Helen with a smile.

Grace stroked Helen’s ass. She made Helen turn her back to Arthur and she pulled Helen’s asscheeks apart to show him Helen’s asshole. She played with Helen’s tits. She said Helen turned her on too. Then she pulled the gag out of Helen’s mouth and she asked Helen to open her mouth to show her teeth and tongue.

Helen did it. She opened her mouth and showed Grace what she wanted to see.

Grace chuckled. “You’ve sucked pussy before, haven’t you, dear?”

Helen blushed. “Yes.”

Grace was pleased. The older woman sat down in an easy chair and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She told Helen to a get down on her knees and sucks her cunt through her panty hose crotch. “You can work me up first this way and then we’ll do some other things.”

Helen asked to have the manacles removed from her wrists, but Grace refused. Trembling in her misery, Helen went down on her knees before this woman who was now her mistress.

Grace gurgled with excitement as Helen’s face pushed between her thighs. In a moment Helen had her mouth on the woman’s pantyhose covered crotch. The crotch was already a bit soiled from Grace’s excitement. Helen chewed and sucked the older woman’s cunt through the wet nylon. “Arthur, she’s nibbling at me,” Grace said with a snicker.

Helen remembered what Eva had said about obeying the Lawsons. She did her best to please the woman and she was happy to hear the sounds of Grace’s pleasure.

Then Grace laughed and pushed Helen away and slipped her pantyhose off her legs. The older woman slid her ass forward and pulled her knees all the way back to her chest. “You don’t want to miss anything, darling.”

She wanted her asshole licked. Arthur leaned forward now to watch more closely. Grace was amused at her husband’s interest. “Perking up now, Arthur?”

She ordered Helen to begin and Helen moved forward. She gazed at Grace’s crotch. The woman’s cunt hair grew down into the crack of her ass and around her asshole. The grommet itself was full-lipped and already winking at her in invitation. Helen closed her eyes and began licking the older woman’s shithole.

Grace murmured with pleasure. “Oh, that’s lovely. What an adorable creature she is.”

She watched Helen’s tongue as it swirled around her puckered bunghole.

Arthur watched it also. Helen could hear his heavy breathing. She licked, up and down and around, fluttering her tongue over the fine curled hairs in Grace’s asscrack and then over the puckered hole itself. Then she pressed her lips against the woman’s asshole and began sucking it.

Grace was pleased. She said Helen was skillful, quite good at rimming. She mewled and squirmed her ass under Helen’s mouth. Then finally she pushed Helen’s head away and she told Arthur he could have Helen do something to him if he wanted.

Quivering, Helen sat back and wiped her lips with her fingers. She was thankful Grace’s asshole was clean. She wandered what she might expect from Arthur. She prayed she wouldn’t have a difficult time with them.

When Grace suggested to Arthur that Helen suck his cock, Arthur agreed. He brought his dick out of his pants. Helen remained on her knees as Arthur stood over her and shoved his cock inside her mouth. He had a respectable prick and it was quite hard now. He started fucking Helen’s mouth. He obviously enjoyed doing it. Grace teased him about it, but she seemed to enjoy watching it.

Helen remained passive as Arthur fucked her face. She wished she had the manacles off. Everything would be so much easier without the manacles.

Arthur suddenly grabbed Helen’s head as he shot off in her mouth. He grunted as he came. Helen felt his spunk jetting on her tongue. She swallowed his load, his hot jism running down her throat and into her stomach.

Arthur wouldn’t let her stop. He told her to keep sucking. He said he wanted her to get his cock hard again. Helen thought he might be joking, but he was serious. She worked on his limp dick. She wondered if she’d be able to do it. Could he really get hard again so soon? His cock was so soft in her mouth now. She glanced at Grace and she saw the woman watching them with a smile on her face. Grace had her legs spread apart and her fingers rubbing between her cuntlips. It occurred to Helen that this woman was as interested in sex as any teenager. Maybe that’s what made her so attractive. Helen quivered as she remembered sucking Grace’s asshole. Not long ago the idea of doing that to another woman would have made her fuck. Now she did it all the time. They always forced her to do that. They all wanted it. The women were all worse than the men.

Helen continued rolling Arthur’s knob around in her mouth, sucking it and pulling on it with her lips as she attempted to get his cock hard again. In the meantime he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and shorts. Now he wanted his balls licked and sucked. Helen moved her mouth from his cock to his ball-bag and gave him what he wanted.

Grace started teasing her husband again. She said he was being optimistic about getting his cock hard again. She said maybe he’d better let Helen suck his asshole or it would never happen.

Arthur finally agreed with Grace and he turned to offer his ass to Helen. He bent forward and reached back with his hands to pull his asscheeks apart. Helen’s heart sank as she gazed at his hairy asshole. She moved to lick and suck his asshole. She could smell and taste his ass on her tongue. He was much less clean than his wife.

But it worked. Having Helen’s tongue in his ass made Arthur’s cock hard. Now he wanted to fuck her. He pulled away from her face and told her to bend over one of the chairs.

Helen did it. She bent over one of the chairs with her ass in the air and Arthur shuffled behind her with a giggle.

Grace sat on the sofa and calmly watched them. The older woman had her skirt at her waist and one of her hands in her cunt.

Arthur rubbed his belly against Helen’s ass. He played with her cunt and asshole. He spread her cuntlips apart and tickled the mouth of her fuck-channel. Then he rammed his cock inside her cunt with a grunt and started fucking her.

Grace urged him on, her fingers pulling at her clit as she watched her husband fuck the little slave the Order had offered them for the evening.

“Nice pussy, Arthur?” She wanted to know what it was like for him to fuck a younger woman. She teased him about it. Helen wasn’t the first young woman they’d had in the house, but she always teased Arthur about it.

He was fucking Helen with considerable force now. Helen was surprised at his strength and agility. She expected him to come any moment but he didn’t. Instead he pulled out of her cunthole without shooting off. He toyed with her asshole. Grace saw what he was doing and she told him to use some lubrication if he intended to fuck Helen’s ass.

“Men are so crude,” Grace said. “If you’re going to fuck the girl’s ass, you’ve got to use something.”

Arthur asked his wife to get some corn oil from the kitchen. “That should make her good and slick.”

Grace went to the kitchen, and returned with the can of corn oil. She poured some of it onto Helen’s asshole and told her husband to control his excitement. “You’ll ruin the evening if you have one of your attacks.”

Arthur paid no attention to her. In a moment he grunted with pleasure as he rammed his cock up Helen’s ass.

He didn’t care about his wife’s teasing. He concentrated on Helen’s luscious ass. He pounded her asshole with his sliding cock.

Helen prayed he would finish soon. She felt him pinching her ass and she begged him to stop. All he did was laugh at her as he pounded her asshole. She could feel his nuts slapping against her cunt. And Grace was right there. The older woman fondled Helen’s tits, pulled at the nipple-clips until Helen screamed with pain.

Grace was amused. She told Arthur to stop fucking a moment. Grace maneuvered herself on the chair in front of Helen’s face. She wanted Helen to suck her cunt while Arthur fucked Helen’s ass.

Helen did what Grace wanted. The older woman’s cunt was a sopping mess. Very hairy and thick-lipped. Grace’s clit looked swollen.

The juice oozing out of her cunthole was surprisingly thick and plentiful. Helen went for the juice first. She licked up the cuntjuice on the outside. Then she got her tongue inside Grace’s cunthole to find some more. Finally she went after Grace’s clit and took it between her lips to suck on it.

In the meantime Arthur was getting close to coming. After a few more strokes he dumped his wad in Helen’s ass. She felt his jism wetting her asshole. She sucked more frantically on Grace’s clit and finally brought the woman off.

At last they pulled away from Helen. She thought she’d be free of them now. But she was wrong. Arthur told her to kneel at his feet. He pushed his cock inside her mouth. She gagged as she sucked his shitty dick. Then suddenly he started pissing. Helen was horrified but she took it. She swallowed his hot piss and he was delighted with her. He giggled as he watched her drink everything down.

“She’s a honey, isn’t she, Grace?” He pulled his limp prick out of her mouth and wiped the tip across her nose. He giggled again and told his wife to do something more with Helen.

Grace said all right, she’d piss in Helen’s mouth just like he did. She ordered Helen to come forward on her knees. She stood over Helen and pushed her cunt down on Helen’s open mouth. Grace snickered as she settled in, and then the next moment she started pissing.

Helen kept her mouth wide open and the hot piss quickly filled it. She swallowed convulsively. She realized it was harder to suck a woman’s piss than a man’s. And Grace’s piss was more pungent than Arthur’s.

Grace squirmed around on Helen’s face. She played with Helen, pinched her nose. She said she wanted Helen’s tongue in her cunthole. Then she turned and demanded Helen’s mouth on her asshole again. She pulled her asscheeks open and Helen moved in. Grace told Helen to get her tongue inside her ass and Helen did it. She pressed her mouth against Grace’s asshole as she reamed it out. From the corner of her eye, Helen could see Arthur jacking his cock.

Grace wiggled and laughed and said she always loved it when they had a slave for the evening.

“Now I want to join the Order,” she said. “I certainly want to join now, Arthur. You’ll take care of it, won’t you, darling?”


The following Saturday evening, Helen agreed to go out with Stanley. He seemed in a good mood. He urged her to drink the wine as they sat in the restaurant. He said she looked lovelier than ever.

If he only knew, she thought. He had no idea what had been happening in her life. But she felt good being with him. At least he wasn’t like the others.

After a while, Stanley started talking about himself, the things he’d been doing, his plans. He said he was thinking of joining a movement. Helen wasn’t paying any attention to him, but then she heard the name of the movement Stanley was about to join. The Order of the Double Cross.

A great shock went through her. “Say that again.”

Stanley shrugged. “It’s called the Order of the Double Cross.”

Helen didn’t let on she knew anything about it. She made him change the subject, but she continued to be stunned by his announcement. She wondered what would happen now. If Stanley did join the Order, would he find out about her?

They finally finished at the restaurant. The original plan had been to go to a movie, but Helen was too upset to concentrate on a movie and she suggested they go to her place instead. Stanley, of course, readily agreed. He chuckled and hinted about them finding things to do in her apartment.

In the car he began flirting with her immediately, and Helen was surprised at herself for responding to him. She became turned on as she thought of the evening ahead. Why not have some fun with Stanley? She’d been so miserable lately, she certainly deserved it. She decided not to leave him hanging the way she always did. Tonight he’d get what he wanted or at least some of it. She wouldn’t give him everything. Just enough to make it fun. They hadn’t had any sex in a long time and her life had changed so much.

When they arrived in Helen’s apartment, they had some more wine and relaxed in the living room. Helen turned on the stereo and searched for some tapes.

Stanley came behind her and kissed her neck. “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“No, I haven’t. I’ve just been busy.”

She could feel his cock pressing against her ass and it excited her. She pushed back against it. Stanley kissed her neck again and she moaned softly. Then his hands came around to feel her tits through her dress.

“Christ, I love these tits.”

They returned to the sofa and sat down. They kissed again as he continued fondling her tits. She dropped her hand to the front of his pants to feel his cock. His prick was rock hard. As he kissed her, she unzipped his fly and brought his cock out.

She finally broke the kiss to look down at his cock. “Mmmm, this is nice.”

She had so much experience now. She decided she liked his cock. She played with it, tickling his cockshaft and running her fingers over his swollen knob. Using just two fingers, she gently jacked his foreskin back and forth over the rim of his cockhead.

Stanley groaned. “You’ll bring me off.”

Helen teased him about his excitement. “We don’t want that, do we?”

“Christ, the way you turn me on!”

He rubbed her nipples though her dress. Then he unbuttoned the top of her dress to expose her bra-covered tits. The sheer bra showed all of her nipples. Stanley’s eyes were hot as he unhooked the bra in front to get at her boobs.

Helen’s excitement increased as he fondled her tits. He lifted them in his hands and told her he was crazy about them. Then he bent his head to suck her nipples. She moaned under his sucking kisses.

When he stopped sucking her tits, she bent over his lap to suck his cock. Stanley groaned as she ran her tongue around his cockhead. She licked up and down his cockshaft. She liked the taste of his cockmeat. She felt the heat of his dick against her lips as she took the tip of his prick in her mouth. She jacked his foreskin up and down as she sucked his knob.

Stanley groaned and told her to be careful. He said he didn’t want to come yet. He said he wanted to fuck her.

Helen enjoyed herself with his lusty prick. She wondered what he would say if he knew what she’d been doing. Ail the sucking and fucking and bondage and toilet games. The way she was a slave to those people. She wondered what Stanley would think about it. She suddenly wondered what it would be like to drink his piss. She shuddered as she thought of it. She couldn’t do it with Stanley. Not Stanley. The people in the Order made her do it, but she would never do it of her own free will. Certainly not with Stanley.

Her saliva drooled over his cockshaft as she sucked his dick. Then Stanley said he wanted to suck her pussy. “I need some of that hot cunt.”

He made her stop sucking his cock and he went down on his knees in front of her. She pulled her dress up to her waist.

Stanley was delighted to find her in a garter belt and stockings. “Oh yeah, that’s a turn-on.”

The panties were on the outside and they came off easily. Now her cunt was exposed to him. She pulled her legs up and opened them so that he could see everything. He smiled as he studied her cunt.

The lust in his eyes tuned her on and she opened her thighs wider. “Nice pussy, Stanley?”

Now it was like old times with him. She still wanted to dominate him. She still wanted to control him. She smiled at him, teased him by opening her cunt with her fingers. She pulled at her cunt-flesh to bring her clit out.

Stanley made an animal sound and went down on her. He burrowed into her cunt. She moaned as she felt his hot tongue pushing inside her gash. He slipped his tongue all the way inside her cunthole as she squirmed her pussy against his face. She loved it. She loved the way he sucked her snatch.

Finally he finished sucking her and he said be wanted her in the bedroom. “Keep the stockings on, okay?”

They hurried to get undressed. In a few moments they were on the bed and Stanley came on top of her and kissed her. She opened her legs and raised her knees as he pushed his hard cock inside her cunt.

“Oh shit, that’s good!” he said with a groan. It was good for her too. His cock was very hard, and as he started fucking her his cockshaft rasped against her clit with every stroke. Her cunt was sopping, the hot cuntjuice pouring out to drench his cock and balls. She groaned as he pounded her pussy. She hadn’t fucked in the missionary position in ages.

Stanley fucked her with great force. It was obvious he was extremely excited. She wrapped her legs around his body and enjoyed the fuck. She liked the way his balls slapped against her ass each time he thrust forward. She told herself she deserved some enjoyment after all the misery she’d had.

Then he pulled his cock out of her cunt. He wanted something else, another position. He said he wanted her on her knees. She smiled at him and obliged him. She knelt on the mattress with her ass in the air and her head on her forearms. She wagged her ass at him as he came behind her.

He said she looked beautiful. He fondled her butt, stroking her pussy from behind, then reaching around to squeeze her hanging tits.

She was very turned on. She moved her legs farther apart. She moaned when she felt his finger rubbing her asshole. “You can if you want to.”


“You can fuck my ass if you want to.”

He made a sound in his throat. “You mean it?”

“Yes, I mean it.”

He chuckled with delight. She told him he could use some baby oil and that the bottle was in the bathroom. Stanley hurried to get the oil and Helen remained on her knees waiting for him. She wondered what he thought about it. He’d never fucked her ass before and here she was suddenly offering it to him. A shudder went through her as she remembered the others who had fucked her ass. Ugly Felix. That old bastard Arthur Lawson. Why not let Stanley have it? She told herself she’d have more control over him if he got hung up on her ass. That was a good reason, wasn’t it? She told herself she was getting even for what the others were doing to her.

Then Stanley was back with the oil and in a moment he was on the bed and pouring some of it on her asshole. She heard him hissing as he rubbed the oil over her grommet and then inside. Then she felt his knob pushing at her brownie. She opened up to him. She opened her ass and then she groaned as she felt his fat cockhead stretching her little shithole. No matter how often she did it, this part always hurt.

Stanley was excited because he’d never fucked her ass before. Too excited to hold on much longer. He pushed in and out a half dozen strokes end then made a croaking sound and started coming. She had a sudden climax as she felt his jism shooting up her ass and it surprised her. She hoped he didn’t notice it. She didn’t want him thinking she enjoyed it that much. She’d be unable to control him if he thought she enjoyed.

She expected him to pull his cock out of her ass, but instead he kept it there. He was still hard and he wanted to fuck her ass some more. She let him do it. He was already in there, so why not? She giggled to herself as he started moving again. She hadn’t known Stanley had it in him to fuck her twice like this.

Now she turned her head to look at the full length minor on the wall. She saw herself on the bed with Stanley pumping away behind her. She watched him fuck her ass. She could see his cock sliding in and out of her ass and it turned her on. The image of herself in the mirror getting fucked in the ass was exciting. She reached underneath to play with her clit. She felt Stanley’s balls with her fingers. She brought herself off as he continued fucking her asshole.

Stanley’s excitement was extreme. He soon told her he was about to make it again. He said he’d never fucked a woman twice like this, twice without pulling out.

He went off in her ass again. Her asshole was now wide open to his plunging cock. He said she had the most wonderful ass in the world. “Like a tub of hot butter, Helen. Christ, I love it!”

She smiled as he fell away from her exhausted. At least Stanley was someone she could still control.

“I like the new hairdo,” Eva said.

Helen was with Eva and Felix in Eva’s apartment. Yes, she did have a new hairdo. Helen was pleased that Eva liked it.

Felix sat with a cigar while Eva sipped a glass of white wine. Helen stood beside an easy chair as she undressed. She was conscious of the others watching her. She told herself she ought to be thankful Eva wasn’t whipping her. Instead there was music on the stereo and a nice atmosphere. But you’re still a slave to them, Helen thought. A complete slave.

She dropped her skirt and stepped out of it. She carefully folded the skirt and draped it over the back of the easy chair. She moved slowly, as if in a dream. God, how she hated these people. They had such power aver her. She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. Now she wore just a bra and dark brown pantyhose and heels. She unhooked the bra in back and slipped it off.

Her tits jiggled with their weight as she moved. She was annoyed because her nipples were stiff. She hated not being able to control her body. Now she was fearful that Felix might get to fuck her tonight. She found him repulsive and she hated it when he touched her.

When Helen had the heels and pantyhose off, Eva offered her a glass of wine. Helen walked over to take the wine and Eva smiled at her. The blonde said Helen would find a garter belt and nylons on the bed in the bedroom. “I bought them for you this afternoon.”

She wanted them on Helen. And the heels.

She wanted Helen to look a bit whorish tonight.

She looked at Helen with such hunger that Helen blushed.

Helen obediently picked up her shoes and went to Eva’s bedroom. She found the nylons and garter belt on the bed and put them on. She looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, she did look whorish. The black lace garter belt emphasized her ass and cuntbush.

When Helen returned to the living room, she was shocked to see Felix standing in front of Eva with his cock in the blonde’s mouth.

His pants and shorts were down at his ankles. He stood there with his hairy legs and thighs and heavy balls as Eva sucked his dick.

Helen had never seen Eva like this before. It was so strange to see Eva actually sucking Felix’s raunchy prick. Helen sipped her wine as she watched it. Eva sucked his cock with such obvious gluttony. He had such a big ugly prick. But Eva seemed to relish it. The blonde fondled his hanging nuts. Then her fingers started jacking his cockshaft as she sucked his knob.

Felix groaned and a moment later he started coming. Eva kept her mouth on the tip of his prick as she took his load. Helen could see the blonde swallowing his jism and she shuddered with a mixture of excitement and revulsion.

Then Felix’s cock came out of Eva’s mouth and his prick hung like a fat sausage over his huge balls.

Eva looked at Helen and smiled. The blonde picked up her wine glass and sipped her wine. She told Helen how foolish she was for not understanding how beneficial it was for a woman to drink a constant supply of jism.

“Every day,” Eva said. “I suppose some day you’ll understand.” She teased Helen about her dislike of Felix.

Helen was afraid them and denied it. But Eva seemed able to read her mind. Eva laughed at her. Then the blonde turned to Felix and calmly told him to piss in Helen’s mouth. “She needs it, Felix.”

The big man grinned and beckoned Helen to come to him. Helen moved to Felix in a daze. She knelt in front of him and took his dangling cock in her mouth. She held his knob between her lips.

Felix started pissing. Helen could hear Eva chuckling behind her. She swallowed Felix’s hot piss. She was thankful it came out in spurts rather than in a steady stream. If she kept her mouth on just the very tip of his big cock, she could swallow fast enough to get it all.

At last, he was finished pissing and he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Now Eva wanted Helen to suck her pussy. The blonde pulled her dress back and opened her legs. She wore no panties, just nylons and a garter belt. Helen crawled to her and Eva raised one leg to plant her foot on the seat cushion.

Helen got her mouth against the blonde’s cunt and started sucking. She sucked the hot juice oozing out of Eva’s cunthole. She sucked Eva’s clit until Eva came. Helen’s mouth and chin were drenched when she finished.

Eva then ordered Helen to get Felix hard again, and Helen went to him on her knees. Felix grinned and shoved his cock in her mouth. He started fucking her face, holding her chin in his hand.

Helen could feel his huge ball-bag slapping against her chin and, throat. His cock stayed soft, but it was still long enough to make her gag when he pushed all the way in and clogged her throat with his fat cockhead.

Her mouth was stuffed with his cockflesh. She could smell his prick and balls. She hated him. She found him nauseating. She felt terribly degraded by both of them. Especially by Felix. He was the sort of man she would never let touch her. Men like Felix looked at her, but they couldn’t have her. Now she was his abject slave. He did everything to her. She had even sucked his ass a few times. He was always taunting her when they were alone. He told her the only reason he worked for Eva was to be able to get at women like Helen. He said Eva was boring because all she did was suck him off to get jism. He fucked all the other women but he hardly ever got to fuck Eva. He stroked Helen’s face now, teasing her with his hand as he slowly fucked his cock in and out of her mouth.

I’m nothing, Helen thought. She was on her knees, dressed like a whore while a brute like Felix fucked her face.

Felix finally pulled his cock out of her mouth and he went to a chair and sat down. He growled at her, told her to get her tits around his prick. Helen went to him on her knees. She leaned over his lap to smother his big cock with her tits. His prick was a bit stiffer now. She continued massaging his cock with her tits to get him hard again. She had the impression that in the last month or so her tits had become bigger. More swollen, the nipples more prominent.

Felix’s cock slowly became hard. Helen could feel the heat of his prick between her tits. She kept massaging his prick, rolling her tits around his fuckpole. He had such a big cockhead. She wondered if Eva was right about drinking jism.

As if reading Helen’s mind, Eva now warned Helen not to bring Felix off. The blonde said she wanted his load for herself. “I’ll take what he has in my mouth again.”

Helen finally pulled away from his big prick. His cock was fiercely hard now, swollen and huge and about to explode. Felix grinned and went to Eva. He stood in front of the blonde and she took his cock in her mouth. She jerked him off quickly to get his hot load. He grunted and groaned as he shot his wad down her throat. Eva took it, pulling the last of it from the tip of his prick with her lips. She smacked her lips, ran her tongue over her lips to wipe up his jism. She smiled at Helen and told Helen to kneel on the armchair with her ass in the air. “I’m hot, sweetie. I’m hot and I’ve got something for you.”

Helen did what she wanted. She knelt on the chair with her cunt and ass exposed. She heard Eva moving behind her. When Helen looked over her shoulder, she saw Eva was now naked and with a dildo strapped to her crotch.

The blonde came forward. She petted and fondled Helen’s ass. She said Helen had lovely legs. Then she drove the dildo up Helen’s cunt and started fucking her.

The dildo was so thick and hard, Helen couldn’t help being turned on by the fucking. Before long, she had an orgasm and Eva laughed. That’s exactly what the blonde wanted. She leaned over Helen, pinched Helen’s tits and teased her about coming.

Finally the dildo came out of Helen’s cunt. Eva unstrapped the dildo and ordered Helen to get her mouth on her cunt.

Helen hurried to obey. She went down an her knees in front of Eva and pressed her mouth against the blonde’s pussy.

Eva chuckled and started pissing in Helen’s mouth.

Helen took it.

She was nothing but a slave.

She hated the piss, but she took it and swallowed what Eva gave her.

She wondered if her misery would ever end.


“You must be the girl from the Order,” the woman said with a smile.

She stood at the open door of the frame house, a forty-year-old blonde with big tits in a colorful wrapper. She smiled at Helen, a curious and mocking smile, as if she already knew all about Helen, all her secrets.

Helen nodded and the woman opened the door wider to let her inside the house. Helen felt miserable because the woman’s eyes were laughing at her and this wasn’t the sort of place she was used to. The house was a seedy mess, cluttered and dusty and with a smell of rotting wood.

The woman led Helen into a stuffy old living room, and there Helen saw the teenage boy.

The woman introduced the boy as her son Calvin. She said her own name was Lucy and she asked Helen’s name. She told Helen to sit down while she went to the kitchen to fetch some booze.

Helen sat down in one of the torn easy chairs. Slumped on the sofa with his legs wide apart, Calvin gave her a lazy grin. He looked unwashed. His tee-shirt was grimy and his jeans soiled with grease. Helen decided both of them were creepy and she felt uneasy. She didn’t like the way Calvin was looking at her. He was almost drooling, his eyes on her legs. Like always, Eva had warned Helen about obedience. Helen was afraid now because she had no idea what to expect from these people. They weren’t her sort. Especially the boy. He seemed a little crazy, the way he looked at her and grinned without saying anything. She was afraid to uncross her legs, afraid to show him any more.

Then finally Lucy was back with a bottle and two glasses. She poured some bourbon into the glasses and handed one glass to Helen. “This is all there is, honey. But it’s better than nothing, isn’t it?”

Helen hated bourbon, but she said nothing and sipped her drink. It was evident to Helen now that the woman was already boozed up. Maybe she was always boozed up. The blonde was still attractive, with creamy skin and lovely hair, but maybe she did drink too much.

Lucy sat down beside her son on the sofa. She started talking to Helen about their house and their landlord. It seemed they rented the place from an old geezer who expected Lucy to put out in exchange for a break on the rent. Helen was shocked because Lucy’s son was sitting right there while Lucy talked about fucking the landlord.

Then Lucy asked Helen what she did for a living, and when Helen said she was a teacher, Calvin giggled. “Hey, that’s cool.”

Lucy was also amused. “Well, that’s ducky, isn’t it? I mean Calvin likes all his teachers. The women teachers, anyway. Isn’t that right, honey?”

She smiled at the boy and rubbed his head with affection. Then Helen was astonished to see Lucy’s hand drop down to Calvin’s lap to rub his crotch a moment.

Lucy looked at Helen and smiled and said maybe Helen ought to get her clothes off now. She said Calvin was restless and they’d already decided he’d be the one to have first crack at Helen. “We tossed for it and he won. Why don’t you show us what you’ve got, honey?”

Helen was more uneasy than ever as she rose. She tried to blot everything out of her mind. She thought of asking if she could undress in another room, but she knew they wanted her to do it in front of them. She told herself to forget about them, forget about her helplessness.

She dropped her dress and stepped out of it. She was wearing a red undie set chosen for her by Eva. A red lace half-bra that pushed her tits up like a pair of offered cantaloupes. A red lace garter belt and red lace panties and sheer beige nylons and red high-heeled pumps.

Calvin snickered as he looked at her. “She’s pretty, Ma.”

Lucy agreed. She smiled and said Helen sure had nice legs. She told Helen to get the bra off so they could see Helen’s tits.

Helen unsnapped the bra and dropped it on the chair where she’d placed her dress. Her tits bounced as she moved.

Lucy teased Calvin about Helen’s tits. “You like them, don’t you, honey?”

When the boy nodded, Lucy playfully twisted his ear and said Helen didn’t have as much in front as she herself had. The blonde pulled the front of the wrapper aside to reveal one of her huge tits. She held the underside of her tit with her palm and raised the globe to point the fat nipple at Helen.

“Now the panties, honey. Get the panties off and show the boy some pussy.”

Helen did it. She slipped the panties off and dropped them on top of her bra. Now she wore nothing but the garter belt and nylons and heels. She turned slowly to show them what she had from all sides. Now she wanted them to get hot. She told herself she’d have some control over them if they got turned on.

Lucy made comments about Helen’s ass. She said the garter belt looked good on Helen. She said Helen had a nice-looking ass. Then the blonde told her son to go on and touch Helen. “Do what you want, baby. That’s what she’s here for.”

The boy rose. Lucy smiled at Helen and the smile said: Get ready, honey.

Ready for what? Helen quivered as she saw the crazy look in the boy’s eyes.

He walked toward her, his eyes on her tits.

When he was close enough, he cupped his hands under her tits and squeezed them. In a moment, the squeezing became more forceful. He giggled as he squeezed harder and harder. Helen groaned. The pain was unbearable. She moaned and begged him to stop. He giggled some more, then he finally unclasped her tits to concentrate on her nipples. He pinched each nipple with his fingertips, brutal pinching that soon put her in a state of shock. She was at the point of fainting when he suddenly released her.

He slapped her tits as she recovered. As she stood there with weak legs, he unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans and shorts. He pushed at her shoulders and she went down on her knees in front of him.

She took his hard prick in her mouth. She told herself she’d rather suck his cock than be hurt by him. She mouth fucked him, bobbing her head back and forth, her lips gliding over his cockshaft. He giggled as he watched her, then he finally pushed her away and finished undressing.

On the sofa, Lucy watched them with a hand supporting one of her huge tits and the other hand between her legs. Helen remained crouched on her knees on the moldy carnet. She found the woman repulsive.

Then Calvin was back. He pulled at Helen, pulled her toward the sofa. The boy sat down beside his mother and he wanted Helen to mount his lap. Helen did it, climbing over him to get his cock in her cunt, and then sitting down on him.

She started fucking him, riding his cock, bouncing her ass up and down on his lap. He squeezed her tits with his hands, then raised one tit to suck the nipple between his teeth.

Lucy giggled and reached over to stroke Helen’s bouncing ass. The blonde’s fingers moved down Helen’s asscrack to find her stretched cunthole and Calvin’s cock. She grabbed the boy’s balls and held onto them as Helen continued fucking him.

Helen rode the boy until he came. He made snorting sounds as he went off. He gasped and moaned as he shot his jism up her cunt. When it was over, he pushed Helen off his lap and she fell down on the floor.

Mother and son laughed at Helen as she sprawled on the soiled carpet Lucy told Helen to stay down there. “Just get on all fours, honey. Turn around so we can see your ass.”

The blonde got up and went to a drawer in a chest against one of the walls. She brought out a cat-o’-nine-tails and Helen trembled when she saw it. Lucy giggled as she brandished the whip at Helen. She told Helen to get her head and shoulders down and move her legs apart.

Helen did it. Now she had her ass up in the air and her knees wide apart. Mother and son were behind her and they were talking about her. Helen heard Lucy talking to Calvin about her ass and cunt. The blonde’s voice was teasing as she asked the boy if he liked a dark-haired cunt or a blonde cunt.

“I think you like your old lady better,” Lucy said with a laugh. “But that’s a nice-looking snatch, isn’t it, baby? You wait and see how she creams when I give her the whip.”

Calvin giggled and said he liked Lucy’s cunt the best. Lucy called him a honey and she moved to give her attention to Helen. She stroked Helen’s asscheeks with the tails of the whip. Then suddenly the blonde lashed down with the cat-o’-nine-tails and started whipping Helen’s [missing text].

Helen groaned at the pain. She always expected it now. Whenever Eva sent her out, she always got hurt. But each time it was something different and, of course, the people were different and she was always afraid.

The whipping continued awhile, and then at last it stopped. Lucy told Helen to get up and turn around, and when Helen did it, she saw that Lucy was naked now, the wrapper gone.

The blonde smiled at Helen as she cupped her huge tits in her hands. “Suck these first, honey. Give me a good tit-sucking before we get on to other things.”

Lucy moved forward, pushing at Helen so that Helen was forced to sit down in the armchair behind her. Then the blonde pushed one of her huge tits at Helen’s mouth and forced Helen to suck it.

Helen took the woman’s big tit in her mouth. She sucked one tit awhile, then Lucy made her switch to the other one. She sucked Lucy’s nipples until they were stiff little paints in the centers of the huge halos.

Then Lucy pushed at Helen’s head and forced Helen to sit on the floor in front of the armchair. Helen went down bare-assed on the dirty carpet and the blonde hovered over her with a soft chuckle, then shifted forward to get her cunt on Helen’s mouth.

Lucy giggled, rolled her ass, then pulled her cuntlips apart with her fingers to expose her clit. “Make nice to the man-in-the-boat, honey.”

Helen sucked the woman’s reeking cunt-gash. She flipped her tongue back and forth over the blonde’s pink clit and slurped up the cunt-slime oozing out of Lucy’s gaping fuckhole.

Calvin had come over, and now he sat on one of the arms of the chair and watched them as he jacked his prick.

After a while Lucy pressed her cunt more firmly down on Helen’s mouth and the blonde started pissing down Helen’s throat.

Helen took it. Her eyes closed, she kept her mouth open while Lucy pissed in it. She’d learned that if she swallowed fast she could avoid much of the pungent taste.

Lucy giggled as she told her son she was pissing in Helen’s mouth. She asked Calvin if it turned him on and he nodded. “I like the way she drinks it.”

Lucy laughed and said she wanted to see him finish jerking off. The boy’s fist flew up and down his cackshaft and in a moment he shot his jism all over his mother’s belly.

Her face still pressed against Lucy’s cunt, Helen quivered as the last drops of piss rolled over her tongue.

And so the days passed. Two or three times a week Helen was sent out by Eva to work for the Order. She was always abused, always teased and taunted and used as a sexual toy by the people she served. She discovered the people in the Order were everywhere. One day she found herself in a minister’s rectory. He was a pink-faced old man with white hair and a beaming smile.

His eyes sparkled as he told her to sit down. “You’re quite lovely, my dear. Oh yes, I do like you.”

Helen sat with him in a sitting room, the afternoon light shining through the windows as they faced each other. She was dressed modestly this time and for some reason she felt comfortable with him. The minister’s name was Filmore and he wore, a white collar below his smooth chin. He smiled at Helen, an easy smile, but his blue eyes glittered as he looked at her.

Reverend Filmore started talking about sin. He said he’d spent his life making a study of the sinful ways people had. He said one had to understand sin in order to conquer it. He said he’d learned a great deal since he’d joined the Order. He told Helen it would be for the good of humanity if the Order took over the world. Then people would understand things, he said.

Helen didn’t care about his ideas. These days she never thought about anything serious. Eva had warned her to get Filmore turned on and entertained because Filmore was important to the Order.

So Helen spread her legs a bit as he talked. Her skirt was short enough so that now Filmore could see the insides of her thighs. If he wanted to look. And he did want to look because his eyes locked in like a radar beam right between her knees.

She slowly moved her legs apart even farther. She was wearing nylons and a garter belt, and before long she was certain that he could see her bare thighs above her stockings. And maybe even some cunt-hair. She wore no panties, nothing to cover her cunt-bush. She wondered how many women came in here and spread their legs in the rectory.

Filmore continued talking about religion and sin. Then suddenly he stopped talking and he stared at Helen’s crotch a long moment. He said nothing. This his lips moved and he spoke one word: “More”.

A quiver went through Helen. She slowly pulled her skirt back and opened her thighs wide. Now her dark hairy cunt was exposed to his eyes.

Filmore’s face was flushed as he gazed at her pussy. He sighed. He leaned back in his chair and unzipped his fly. He said nothing as he brought his pale-white prick out, of his pants. He began jacking his cock-skin as he gazed at Helen’s exposed cunt.

She played the game with him. She slowly inched her hand down to her pussy. She spread her cuntlips to show him the inside of her pussy-gash.

Filmore shuddered with excitement. Then he rose up and came forward with his cock dangling out of his fly. When he was close to Helen, she took his prick with her fingers. She lifted his cherry-colored cock-knob to her lips and began sucking it.

Filmore groaned as he started fucking her face. He kept his chin raised, his eyes on the ceiling. He muttered constantly as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. Then suddenly he pulled his prick out of her mouth and he said he’d like to see her ass. “One must look directly at evil,” he said.

Helen thought he was crazy, but she wiped her lips and rose up and turned around. She lifted her skirt to show him her thighs and ass above her stockings.

He touched her. He stroked the rounds of her ass and tickled her asscrack. Just light touches at first, then his fingers pushed inside her asscrack to explore the valley between her asscheeks. One finger touched her asshole, explored the ring and then slowly pushed inside. He coughed and told her to bend over a little more.

Helen bent over the chair, holding onto the arms, her feet on the floor and her legs apart. His finger worked in her asshole, screwing around, reaming out her shifter. It was obviously her ass that appealed to him. She swayed her hips in response to his probing finger.

Then she heard him working at his pants and shorts to get them down. She held still as she waited for him. In a moment she felt his knob at her asshole. He gripped her hips and grunted as he pushed in.

No lubrication. These days she didn’t need any. They all wanted to fuck her ass. Even some of the women were more interested in her ass than in her pussy.

Filmore’s cock pushed inside her tithe until his balls were against her cuntlips. He sighed and gasped and groaned. She had an educated asshole now and she knew how to use it. She closed down on his cock, gripping his prick with her hot shitter.

Filmore went wild. He started muttering again, this time about God and heaven and sin. He continued ranting as he pumped his hips. He fucked her ass with more skill than she expected. He rolled her asscheeks around with his hands as he drove his cock in and out of her shit-tube.

Finally he blasted off. He called out something about Jesus. He kept pumping in her ass until his balls were empty.

When Filmore finally pulled his cock out of her ass, Helen turned around and sat down to wait for the inevitable. This was something else they all wanted. She always got the cock in her mouth after they fucked her ass.

Filmore was no different. He shuffled forward to get his prick between her lips. She sucked his prick, cleaned the shit off his cock-knob and cockshaft.

Filmore looked down at her wet mouth and smiled. He patted her head and stroked her cheek and said she would find favor in the eyes of Christ. “The Lord will bless you.”

Helen licked her lips and told herself it wasn’t too bad because these days she was smart enough to shit before she went out to do the work of the Order. A girl had to know how to take care of herself.


The crowd laughed at Helen as she stumbled. She was at the warehouse again, shuffling awkwardly on the stage because of the shackles around her ankles. Her wrists were manacled behind her back and she had a ball-gag in her mouth. She had a dog-collar around her throat and a leash attached to it. Eva held the leash in her hand as she led Helen to the center of the stage.

The crowd hooted at Helen again. She recognized some of them now. All the people who had abused her seemed to be there.

Eve left her now and Helen stood there trembling. She expected Felix to came out on the stage. She heard the crowd murmuring as someone walked out now. She turned and looked at him.

It wasn’t Felix. A great shock went through her when she saw that it was Stanley.

He was naked, his cock hard and pointing up. He grinned at her as he walked toward her. When he reached her, he took hold of her tits and bounced them on his palms.

Then he pushed at her shoulders. She quivered as she met his eyes. She went down on her knees in front of him. He chuckled and pulled the ball-gag out of her mouth and patted her cheek. She found herself unable to move, unable to speak. She felt as though she were in a dream. But it was no dream. This was Stanley standing in front of her.

Now he rubbed his cockhead across her lips and she opened her mouth. Eva had insisted she wear a bright red lipstick. Helen had thought it would be for Felix, but instead it was Stanley’s cock she was taking.

She sucked his knob. He stood there with his hands on his hips, smiling down at her as she nursed on his dick. His cock felt good in her mouth, warm and thick, like a fat nipple giving her sustenance. Then she pulled her mouth off his knob to sniff his ball-bag. Stanley’s balls. She’d never paid much attention to his balls before. Now she licked the leathery sack and jiggled his nuts with her tongue. She opened her jaws wide, grabbed one of his balls inside her mouth and sucked it. A woman has to use her mouth, she thought. That’s why we wear lipstick. A woman’s mouth was for sucking. She sucked Stanley’s balls one after the other until his ball-bag was wet with her saliva. Stanley chuckled and stroked her face. He slapped her face with his cock as she sucked his balls.

She finally took his knob back inside her mouth. She didn’t care about the crowd around them now. All she cared about was Stanley’s juicy cock. He started fucking her mouth, holding her head with his two hands while he racked back and forth against her face.

His cock was so thick and hard. She took the jabbing of his knob at her throat. She knelt there with her eyes closed and her jaws wide open, saliva drooling out of the corners of her mouth as his balls slapped against her chin.

Her head was pushed back each time Stanley thrust forward. She suddenly realized how much she loved it. She loved his mouth-fucking her this way. In front of all these people. She loved the way his thick cock stretched her lips, the way his cockshaft slid smoothly in and out of her mouth. She felt loved. Stanley wanted her. His cock wanted her. His fat knob wanted her throat.

Stanley soon pulled away from her. He went to the mattress on the floor, and he stretched out on his back and beckoned to Helen. His cock was now pink and swollen, glistening with her saliva.

Helen shuffled forward to him. The five-inch heels she wore made it difficult for her to walk. She stood over him, wondering what she was expected to do shackled and manacled as she was. Then suddenly Eva appeared on the stage again. She came to Helen, smiled at her and stroked her ass. Then the blonde knelt down and unlocked the shackles around Helen’s ankles. She did the same to the cuffs around Helen’s wrists. After that Eva patted Helen’s ass again and left the stage.

So she was free now. No constraints at all, nothing except the dog collar around her neck and the leash still hanging from it. She unsnapped the leash from the collar and tossed it away. She smiled down at Stanley. Then she straddled him, facing his head.

Stanley made a sign with his hand. He wanted her facing the other way. She turned around obediently and straddled him again. Now she had her back to Stanley and the audience. Yes, this was the better way. Let them look at her ass as she took his cock in her body.

She squatted. She lowered her cunt down on Stanley’s hard cock. In a moment she had his knob inside her cunthole. She pushed down until she had all of his cock in her cunt. Then she bent forward, her hair hanging on the floor between Stanley’s legs.

She knew they could see everything. They could see her ass and her cuntmouth speared by his cock.

She began rocking back and forth on his hard dick. Stanley stroked her ass, tickled her asscrack between her cunthole and asshole. He rubbed her asshole with his thumb, then slipped the ball of his thumb inside her grommet. He spread her cuntlips apart as she fucked his cock.

After a while he pushed her off. He told her to stay on her knees. She knelt there on the mattress with her head down. She wanted him to look at her. She wanted the crowd to look at her. She spread her legs further apart to show them her cunt. She was turned on, in a due of excitement. Reaching back with her hands, she stroked her ass. The crowd hooted at her as she pulled her cuntlips apart. She ran a finger up and down her wet gash. They watched as she touched her asshole. She pushed her finger inside her ass, screwed it around, and then pulled it out again.

Then she felt Stanley’s hands on her ass. He pushed her hands away and squeezed her asscheeks. His fingers stroked her cuntlips. He slid two fingers inside her cunthole and started fingerfucking her pussy.

Helen groaned. She loved it. She loved exhibiting herself like this, her ass in the air, Stanley’s fingers working in and out of her cunt. My fuckhole, she thought. One of her fuckholes. These days her asshole brought her as much pleasure as her cunthole. Sometimes she went crazy when they fucked her ass. She even liked it when Eva fucked her ass with a dildo. She adored Eva now. She adored the lesbian fucks they had, the sucking and fingerfucking and dildo-fucking. Sex with Eva always left her exhausted. The blonde was so demanding, always dominant, always laughing when she made Helen come.

But of course a cock was still better. A hard man with a hard cock. Stanley had such skillful fingers. He was driving her wild as he fucked her pussy with his hand.

Then she felt Stanley push a finger inside her asshole. His thumb. It had to be his thumb. He had fingers in both holes now. He fingerfucked her cunt and ass at the same time. She went wild. She shook her hips from side to side as his fingers plunged in and out of her ass and cunt. He twisted and screwed his fingers around, stretching the two holes. She moaned constantly, tossing her head from side to side as he handfucked her.

Then suddenly he was down on his knees behind her. He stroked her ass and spread her cuntlips. People in the crowd called out to them as his cock pushed inside her cunt.

He rammed forward. Helen groaned as Stanley buried his cock in her cunt-channel. He began fucking her vigorously, his balls slapping against her clit her tits bobbing and jiggling as her body moved.

Again and again he slammed into her. She loved it. She loved the force of it, his hard cock ramming against her insides as he fucked her cunt. She wiggled her ass in response to his fucking. She begged for more. She always liked it now when the fucking was hard. The harder the better. She needed to feel it. She loved the feel of a hairy ball-bag slapping against her pussy. All that hot jism in there waiting to shoot out. She reached back to grab Stanley’s nuts with her fingers. Like big fat plums. She pulled at his ball-bag, twisting it with her fingers as he fucked her cunt. She fingered his cockshaft as it slid in and out of her stretched cunthole. His prick was slick with her juices, hot and thick as it slammed into her again and again.

Stanley grunted as he drove his cock up her cunt-channel. Then his finger pushed inside her ass, first one finger and then two fingers. He rammed her asshole with his fingers as he fucked her cunt with his cock. She loved his fingers in her ass. She wished he had two cocks. How marvelous it would be to get fucked by him with two cocks. Not two men, just Stanley. She didn’t want anyone but Stanley now. Stanley was the only man she cared about.

Three months later they stood beside each other at roulette table in Las Vegas. They were man and wife now. Stanley was her husband. Helen hung on his arm as Stanley placed his bet on the table.

She felt the eyes of the men around them on her. She knew she looked beautiful. Part of it was the knockout dress she was wearing and the new hairdo. But the other part was the happiness she had inside her. They’d had a lovely fuck this morning in the hotel room and now she wanted it again. She whispered in Stanley’s ear, begging him to go upstairs with her.

He finally agreed. He collected his chips and they left the table. Helen could feel the eyes on her as they left the room. Women as well as men. They all looked at her. These days she could always tell when a woman was interested in her and it happened often.

But she didn’t want them. She didn’t want anyone but Stanley. She clung to his arm as they went up in the elevator. She loved her new dress and the gorgeous high-boded sandals. The dress was tight around her tits and ass and it made her feel so sexy.

Then finally they were inside their room and Stanley closed and locked the door. When he asked her if she wanted a drink, she nodded. He poured some Scotch into two glasses and banded one of the glasses to her. “Here’s to us, baby.”

They looked at each other and smiled as they sipped their drinks.

“Do you love me?” Helen asked.

Stanley chuckled. “You know I do.”

She told him to sit down in one of the easy chairs by the window. She put her drink down and she turned on the radio. In a moment soft rock music filled the room. She smiled at him and started working at the fastenings of her dress.

Before long, she had the buttons down the front of her dress undone. Now the dress moved to each side and Stanley could see her legs. She wore dark stockings and a thin red garter belt, her thighs white and smooth and luscious. Her pussy was covered by a red g-string.

She slipped the dress off and carried it to the closet. Stanley whistled at her as she wiggled her hips. She’d been watching the showgirls here in Las Vegas and she thought she had as good a body as any of them. During the past six months her ass and tits had filled out a bit. She had a good body, she knew that. High tits and a high ass. She quivered as she felt Stanley’s eyes on her. She knew he had a good shot of her bare ass as she hung the dress in the closet. She unsnapped her bra and tossed it away.

When she turned to face him again, she held her tits in her hands. She smiled at him, swayed her body to the music. Lifting one tit, she licked the nipple. Then she did the same to the other tit as Stanley chuckled. She rubbed her hand over her cunt mound, her legs apart, her hips moving to the beat of the music.

“Helen is a horny little girl,” she said. She was very hot, her pussy dripping on her fingers. “I’m all hot and juicy for you, baby.”

Stanley grinned at her and stood up. He started undressing as she waited for him. When he was naked, she went to him and knelt on the carpet in front of him. She sniffed the tip of his cock. She licked the tip, then took his knob in her mouth and slowly sucked it.

His cock thickened in the heat of her mouth. When his dick was hard, she released it. She made him turn around.

Stanley knew what she wanted and he snickered at her. He bent forward and growled at her to go on.

She kissed his ass. She bit and licked his asscheeks. Reaching between his legs, she held his nuts as she worked her mouth over his butt.

Stanley chuckled and wagged his ass against her face. “I’d have to pay one of the girls here five hundred bucks to get this.”

Helen quivered. “You don’t need to pay anyone, darling. You’ve got me for nothing.”

She pressed her nose inside his asscrack to smell him. Then she used both hands to spread his asscheeks.

There it was. His hairy asshole. She looked at it a moment, then, she leaned forward to tongue his asscrack.

Stanley groaned as she licked up and down his hairy ass. She lapped his asshole until it was wet and loose, and then she pushed her tongue at his grommet and slipped it inside.

He made a croaking sound of pleasure as she rimmed him. She held his asscheeks apart as she worked her tongue inside his ass. “Oh, suck it, baby, suck it,” he said with a groan. He kept his butt wiggling against her face as she tongue-fucked his shithole.

Hot tongue in a hot ass, she thought. She loved the way it turned him op. She fluttered her tongue inside his shitter, and then she began stroking her tongue in and out, fucking him with her tongue, reaming out his hairy asshole.

Stanley groaned and said it was great. He said she was the hottest woman he’d ever known. She gave him more tongue, her tongue deep inside his hot ass, her hands squeezing his muscular asscheeks.

God, how she loved rimming him. She loved the funky taste of his ass. She loved making him tremble for her. She wanted to be his slave.

She finally pulled her face away from his ass.

She went to the bed and knelt on the edge with her ass in the air. Reaching back with her hands, she pulled her asscheeks apart. She offered herself to him, her cunt and ass exposed and offered. She touched her cunt, then she touched her asshole. He could have his choice. Either hole would do. But where she liked it best was in her shitter. Deep in her ass. His cock hot and hard and deep in her shit-tube.

Stanley came to her now. He stroked her ass with his hands. “What would you like, baby?”

“I want what you want, darling.”

He laughed softly. “You’ve got to tell me.”

“My ass, lover! Please fuck my ass!”

He snickered and told her to stick one of her fingers in her ass. When she did it, he told her to use two fingers. She reamed her asshole out with two fingers as he watched her.

Then he asked if she was ready and she groaned and said yes. “Fuck me, darling! Please hurry!”

She pulled her fingers out and he pressed his knob against her shithole. He pushed in. She moaned as she felt his hot cock stretching her asshole.

It was so good. She loved it. Stanley groaned as he pushed forward to drive his hard cock up her ass. His dick felt like a telephone pole going in. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her ass. His cock slid smoothly in and out of her shit-tube.

She moaned and told him, she loved it. She pulled at his ball-bag, pulled his nuts against her cuntlips. He ran his finger around the rim of her stretched asshole as he began ramming her. He fucked her ass harder and harder, and the harder he fucked the more she loved it.

She swayed her hips from side to side as he pounded her asshole. She wanted more. She could never get enough of ft.

Finally he came. He shot a huge load of jism up her ass. She imagined all the lovely hot spunk flooding her shitter. She came as she thought of his prick shooting off in her shit-tube.

He kept fucking her until his balls were drained. Before long his cock was soft and he pulled it out. She quickly turned around to sit on the edge of the bed. Now she’d have her dessert. She giggled softly as she lifted his limp prick with her fingers. Stanley watched her tongue as she licked up and down his cockshaft. She took his knob in her mouth and sucked it gently. Then back to licking again, cleaning his cock, getting the smell and taste of her ass off his cockflesh.

He pushed his knob at her lips. “Take it, baby.”

He stroked her check as she took his cock. Just the tip in her mouth. In a moment he started pissing. The hot piss flowed over her tongue and down her throat and she suddenly had an orgasm.

She sucked lovingly on his dick to get all of his piss, and then fell to her knees in front of him to kiss his balls.

She was happy. She had everything she wanted. Tomorrow she intended to buy a riding crop for Stanley to use on her. He’d already agreed to it and she knew exactly how she wanted him to use it. She quivered with excitement as she thought about it.

“Let’s go down again,” she said. “I think now we’ll get lucky at the tables.”