Every inch a nymph 2.

“He just had too much to drink tonight. I’m sure he’ll be ashamed of himself tomorrow morning, and I’m sorry about Slim. He goes a bit overboard sometimes. That man, all he ever thinks about is body-building, his spa, and sex! But I love him!”
“Do… do you ever…” Melanie lowered her eyes and blushed.
“Do I ever let him lick my pussy?” Jeannie continued for her embarrassed girlfriend. “Oh, yes. And I love it! There’s nothing dirty about it. And yes, I suck his cock too. It’s wonderful. I have no words to describe the feeling a woman gets after her man has shot his hot cum deep down in her throat.”
Melanie gasped.
“One of these days, dear, you’ll know that feeling,” Jeannie said, and kissed her tenderly on the cheek.
“Oh, I never could!”
“What you two need is to get away,” Jeannie said, ignoring her. “Slim’s brother has been itching to get down to Mexico and Slim promised he’d go on up to the spa and take over until he gets back. We were leaving tomorrow and you two could come with us.”
“I don’t think I could…”
“Nonsense. It’ll only be for a few days. You can relax, get lots of rest. Meet new people. It’ll be good for you. Besides, with the hangover Tony is going to have tomorrow, the mineral springs will do him a world of good. It will give you a whole new outlook.” I’ll make sure it gives you a whole new outlook, honey, the brunette said inwardly.
“We’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon. No buts. Bring your bikini and something fancy for tomorrow night. Slim’s throwing a party.”
“At a health spa?” Melanie asked.
“You betcha. This is a special type of spa, Melanie.”
Early the next evening, Melanie and Tony were unpacking in their assigned bedroom at the Sunshine Spa, located about fifty miles north of Flagstaff.
One of the first goals in Slim’s private little party had been the serving of drinks, and by the time Melanie and Tony had found the “recreation room” the laughter had grown more raucous and more relaxed as the excitement of a “healthy” weekend at the spa combined with the stimulation of the alcohol that was being served in exotic fresh fruit punches.
Jeannie and another girl, Liza, were going out of their way to liven things up by wearing see-through halters without bras and flirting loudly with the other men. Melanie had started drinking too and had to laugh at the crude jokes told by a tall cowboy called Sam Pickford who was apparently staying at the spa with Liza, and she didn’t mind at all when someone refilled her punch glass. When Sam patted her affectionately on her ass, she was embarrassed but managed to say, “Shame on you,” just as Jeannie and Liza were having to do whenever one of the men walked past them for something on the hors d’ouvres table and accidentally brushed the tips of their titties. She was surprised that she could see Jeannie’s nipples hardening almost as clearly as if they had not been covered at all, but everybody seemed to be having a good time and so was she, even if she was worried that she had taken a little too much to drink.
There was an expensive sound system set up and the soft slow music made Melanie feel like wriggling her ass and dancing. She looked around for Tony and found that he was already dancing with Jeannie, but Sam was there and she slid into his arms. It alarmed her a little that he pulled her so tightly against his body that her huge, voluptuous tits were pressed nearly flat against his chest, but the music soothed her and she closed her eyes and let herself move in rhythm with the handsome cowboy. It was good, friends dancing with each other far from the city in the desert, in the soft light of candles. Melanie wondered where the other guests were and was about to ask, but her thoughts for some strange reason turned to sex. Sam Pickford grinned quickly to himself as he took in the scene behind the back of the big-titted blonde he was dancing with. Over by the “Health Bar”… Jesus! Jeannie was tonguing Tony’s ear and he had his hands all over that mankiller ass of hers. Sam swiveled his gaze and felt his thickly throbbing cock respond with a jerk to the sight of Slim massaging Liza’s billowing tits through the thin blouse while she ground her cock-hungry cunt provocatively into his in the sexiest dance he had seen in a long time. God, it was going to be a wild night! And this little babe in his arms didn’t seem to be minding at all the way he was dancing so close to her, although Liza and Jeannie had warned him not to expect too much. Don’t worry girls. I won’t expect too much. He laughed softly to himself. I’m just going to fuck this pretty little blonde like she’s never had it before! It couldn’t be long now before the action really got going, and his cum-laden balls were aching for it!
Without warning, Sam slid his hands caressingly down her supple back and over her sensuously curved asscheeks, and he was happy to hear her gasp and stiffen a little, then relax as his hands remained still for a second to allow her to get used to their presence there. A few minutes later he felt the contraction of her ass muscles right through the cotton skirt as they clenched involuntarily under the sudden pressure when he started slowly massaging and then abruptly gave the yielding orbs a playful squeeze.
“Oh!” Melanie gasped, opening her eyes at the same moment as the rhythm of the dance sent them turning in a broad curve. And it was then that she saw the other two couples, dancing completely oblivious of her shocked gaze.
At first she did not understand what she was seeing. Their bodies were jammed together tightly as if they had melted into each other. They were moving slowly, almost imperceptibly, as if the music seemed even more sensuous to them than it did to her. Liza’s arms were wrapped around Slim’s neck as he hunched over her, while Tony had pulled Jeannie’s voluptuous body tight to his own by reaching down and grasping her sensuously wriggling asscheeks through the thin material of her shorts!
Melanie’s vision seemed to be clearing now, even though the recreation room appeared to be drifting from the “special” health drinks she had drunk, and she perceived a slight motion that she had not noticed at first. Oh God, it couldn’t be!
Slim had reached up under Liza’s halter and was excitedly rubbing her naked tittie under the revealing blouse, squeezing and pulling at the hardened nipple as Liza seemed to be struggling to get away from him. But no. Her hips were grinding up into his!
Suddenly Melanie was afraid that either Jeannie or Sam would see what was going on and all hell would break loose. But there seemed to be nothing she could do about it since Tony and Jeannie were slowly turning, and the sexy brunette was bound to observe what was taking place at any second. As her astounded gaze started to swing back to the lewdly caressing Liza and Slim, her eyes detected a motion that pulled them back to where they riveted on Tony and Jeannie.
Tony’s large groping hands were kneading rhythmically at the firmly yielding flesh of Jeannie’s asscheeks! Her own husband and one of her best friends! Oh, God, this was horrible. There was never any telling what he would do when he was drunk, but poor Jeannie was probably as embarrassed as she was and was very likely upset by what was going on between Slim – who had always been a crude and lecherous man – and Liza.
With a sudden jerk, Sam pulled up on Melanie’s smoothly curved asscheeks, crushing her clothed young pussy up against the hard protuberance in his pants. It was a move well timed to surprise her into submission, and he had the pleasure of hearing her exclaim “Oh!” without making any effort to escape him. He had her body curved backwards under his ardently close figure, and it wouldn’t have done her much good to try to get away, for he had her firmly pinioned against him as he guided her in a slow, sensuous rhythm, rubbing his bulge harder and harder against the sensitive cunt.
Melanie was taken by surprise, but soon found herself grinding her now wetly twitching pussy back against him, dancing despite the embarrassing awareness of his huge hardness lodged right up between her thighs, pushing the flimsy material of the skirt before it.
Trying not to be too obvious about it, Melanie attempted to draw her thighs together, but the need to keep dancing kept her legs in constant motion so that gradually the pleasant intrusion, accompanied by persistent pressure of his hands kneading her softly trembling asscheeks, made its way even farther up between her loins. Melanie felt, as she had the night Slim showed the movie of the young girl fucking her pussy with the candy cane, strange fluttering sensations pulsing deep in her blonde cunt, reminding her of the times she had experienced sexual pleasure with Tony before her Uncle Max had raped her virginal young cunt.
It came to her with shocking clarity – what she had not realized the night of the sex film. For the second time in years she was experiencing traces of genuine sexual desire! And not with her husband, but with the lover of another woman!
For a naive young woman like Melanie this was a horrifying realization that affected her almost like a physical blow. Yet every second brought a continuation of the rhythmic prodding of Sam’s thickly throbbing cock into her hotly quivering pussy, where little teasing tremors of delight continued to build in a way she had not experienced for years. She wanted to run from the room, and from herself, if this was the kind of person she was. In her drunkenness her mind reeled at the idea that only a pornographic movie, and now the exciting presence of another man’s cock rubbing so hotly against her pussy, could give her the kind of pleasure that other women could enjoy and did enjoy. Oh God, what was happening to her? It had been her dream for years to feel sexual pleasure, but did it have to come this way, this horrible perverse way? What kind of a spa was this? And what if Tony were to realize that at this very minute she could feel a dampness up between her thighs as her cunt responded excitedly to the stimulation of this handsome cowboy moving her willing asscheeks in powerful little circular motions centering on the delicious demanding probe of his thickly pulsing cock?
Hot rushing waves of shame flowed through her, seeming to swell in proportion to the increasingly powerful surges of pleasure exploding outwards from the center of her wantonly moistening cunt. Her mind was in a frenzy as the fluttering sensations caused by the rubbing of Sam’s fiercely protruding prick grew in intensity and showered up through her body like fireworks. She had never felt anything like it in her life, and the temptation was strong to let her body take over from her befuddled mind, to let this strange man who was not her husband fuck her pussy as he wished as long as the growing stream of pleasure-inducing ripples never came to an end!
Once again the other couples came into view as Sam guided her around, and Melanie was jolted by the sight of Tony’s hand working its way under the tight waistband of Jeannie’s pants. Melanie felt a small knot of fear catch in her throat as she watched the hand slip deftly down under the material over the other woman’s sensuous asscheeks, the fingers perfectly outlined by the clinging cloth as they continued to rub and knead the malleable flesh. Melanie was so astonished and frightened by what she was seeing that she made no move to object as Sam brought his lips to poise excitingly over the delicate whorls of her ear, his hot breath sending swirls of maddening pleasure careening down all the way to her madly quivering pussy. While Melanie was staring in horrified fascination at the impossibility of what she was seeing, at the hand outlined by the tightness of Jeannie’s shorts and now, not content with the rounded globe of the right buttock, moving toward the central valley between the hotly clenching moons of her asscheeks. Oh, God, it was like a nightmare!
Tony’s middle finger was moving up and down as if it were pressing against the concealed outer ring of Jeannie’s asshole through the outlined material of her panties… oh, God, it couldn’t be happening!
Suddenly Jeannie’s passion-thickened voice drifted across to her. “Oooooh, Tony, oh yes, do it like that… rub your finger just like that…”
Now Melanie was more confused than ever. It was almost as if Jeannie, were encouraging him to finger her asshole. But maybe that was because she was jealous of what was going on between Slim and Liza, who were no longer even bothering to keep up the pretense of following the music. They had their mouths locked together and Melanie could see their cheeks moving as their tongues drove in and out while they rubbed their bodies against each other. The couple suddenly turned a half circle in the heat of passion and Melanie had a clear view of Liza rubbing the obvious bulge at the front of Slim’s pants with her small, teasing fingers.
Instead of reacting to such a lewd sight in the way she would have expected, Melanie felt an exciting thrill coursing through her pussy at the very idea of doing such a thing right out in public. Melanie’s body was turning into a bundle of raw emotions and sensations that she could no longer control, and tears sprang to her eyes as she fought in vain to quench the pleasure that was raging like a holocaust through her hot juicy cunt. It shamed and degraded her to feel that her pussy was sopping wet as the result of having another man’s cock rubbing against her, and she was afraid that at any second the moisture was going to seep through to darken the material of her skirt where it was pushed up tight against her curl-rimmed pussylips by the intruding hardness of Sam’s prick. Then they would all know the kind of person she really was, and Tony would hate her for allowing her pussy to become excited by another man’s cock, when it never had with his!
Suddenly Sam’s tongue flickered out into searing contact with her ear and Melanie, struggling within herself, tried to jerk away from him. But somehow she only managed to maneuver herself into a position of even more exciting contact with the insistently rubbing prick as for the first time his ridge rubbed directly against her hotly tingling clitty through the flimsy layers of cotton.
“Ooooooh,” she moaned involuntarily as raw concentrated pleasure exploded through her cunt. Oh God, we have to stop it, she realized through the haze of alcohol and pleasure that was numbing her brain. All of them were getting carried away into something they would regret the next day, and no one seemed strong enough to get hold of himself and bring it to an end. It would have to be up to her. But it felt so good! The other half of her cried, seizing command long enough to allow her body to wriggle obscenely against the protruding head of Sam’s pussy-exciting prick in an effort to force it against the sensitive nub of her clitoris again and again.
“Ohhhh, ohhhh!” she cried when sudden blinding contact was made and the white brilliance of sparks shot up once more through her nerve ends. “Ooooohh, yessss ohhhh… like that!”
With an embarrassed blush, Melanie realized that her words had fallen jarringly into the silence surrounding the end of the song. She saw Tony jerk his head away from his kissing of Jeannie and look at her in a puzzled fashion, the frown forming on his face suddenly changing into a blush of his own as he realized that, from where she was standing, Melanie had a perfect view of his hand stuck down the back of Jeannie’s panties! In the awkwardness of the moment, he pulled the hand out from its hot nest and stepped back from the brunette beauty as if he expected Melanie to be angry with him for what he had been doing.
Melanie was desperate for some means of taking advantage of this break in the growing erotic atmosphere. In a second the music would be back on and then there would be no escape. Sam had deftly disengaged himself from her arms and hurried over to the stereo, but Liza and Slim were completely oblivious of any change in the room, and the sight of them continuing to behave in such a lewd, degrading fashion made Melanie all the more anxious to somehow get herself and Tony out of the room. Her body was trembling, weak with unfamiliar sensations, as she self-consciously pulled down the skirt that had ridden halfway up the panty-clad cheeks of her ass under the excited manipulation of Sam Pickford.
Jeannie was surprised by Tony’s move in backing away from her, and she knew that something was going wrong, but she had been so confident that Melanie was coming around under the influence of the erotic behavior taking place on all sides of her that it was hard now for her lust-dazed mind to comprehend how strong the inhibitions of a girl like her naive friend could be. Melanie had seemed to be enjoying herself, which was in itself a victory of sorts, but Jeannie could not hide her disappointment when the young blonde abruptly walked over to Tony and invited him to go for a walk around the grounds of the Sunshine Spa.
Tony seemed almost relieved to have the excuse to leave the recreation room. Perhaps he had expected wrath rather than a simple invitation. Jeannie was sure he wanted to fuck her, wanted her to suck him off and allow him to do to her all the things that Melanie would never permit. As she watched the young couple leave the spa, she turned to Sam and rubbed her shamelessly hungering cunt blatantly against him in lewd invitation. This was only the first night Melanie had been at the spa, and it was no good getting depressed because her plan hadn’t worked the first time around. After all, she giggled to herself, eyeing Sam’s excitedly gyrating body, there was more than one way to suck a cock. And more than one cock to suck around the Sunshine Spa!