Two Hot Moms

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true when it comes to sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now learning to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, many people harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. It is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

Melanie Patterson and her neighbor, Donna Jones, both without a husband, find this out with the help of their sons. In discovering that they are so different in their desires, they open themselves up to a way of life that is freer and brings everyone closer together.

TWO HOT MOMS is the story of average women who embark on a new lifestyle, one they think is best for them.


“Are you sure we can’t be seen?” Melanie Patterson’s voice was a nervous tremor as she reached up, fumbling at the catch of her bikini top. “I mean, it’s one thing to get a nice even tan for once, but I don’t want to start a neighborhood scandal! And if the boys get out of swimming practice early and come home to see us like this…”

“Oh, don’t be such a prude!” Donna Jones’ retort was both mischievous and scoffing, her full lips tugging into an impish smile, her red, short-clipped hair glinting in the summer morning sun as she unsnapped her own top and shrugged it off. “Since when have you ever known Josh and Dave to come home early from anything? And as for the neighbors, I can guarantee no one’s going to see a thing over my hedge — at least no one who’s ever complained! I sunbathe like this all the time, and believe me it’s more relaxing this way. Just try it. You’ll see.”

As she spoke, her bikini top fell away and she casually dropped it on the grass beside her.

Instead of relieving her hesitation, the abrupt spectacle of Donna’s petite, perfectly formed tits made Melanie’s embarrassment surge into a warm blush across her attractive face. Her own oversized tits felt floppy and huge in comparison.

“I don’t know.” She glanced uncertainly around the hedge-enclosed back yard as if expecting to see all their neighbors gaping from over its five-foot-high border. “It seems so… so wicked, two grown women lying right out in the open without a stitch on! If our sons saw us doing this they’d just die!”

Donna chuckled at that, obviously enjoying her friend’s shyness. “Well, suit yourself. But I’m getting comfortable, and maybe if you did the same once in a while you wouldn’t be so inhibited. Relax, darling. See? It isn’t hard.”

In one motion she deftly pulled her tight bottoms down, wiggling her long slender legs out of them.

Melanie gave a shocked gasp as her next-door-neighbor’s muff of fiery red cunt fur came into view. Frankly, Donna had one of the most gorgeous pussy mounds she’d ever seen. Its thick luxuriant triangle gleamed in the sunlight as if all aflame, burning sensually in a glossy thatch between her smooth, tanned thighs.

“Urn, it feels so good to just lie back and soak, in the sun. What’re you waiting for? Come on, Mel. Stop looking so upset and join me. And if anyone does see us… well, that’s their pleasure as far as I’m concerned. What have we got to be ashamed of?”

She had a point, and Melanie gave in with a reluctant shrug that made her long shoulderlength blonde curls sweep across her bare shoulders like a golden waterfall. “Oh, all right. Just this once I don’t guess it could hurt. But if I get a sunburn in the wrong places, you’ll never hear the end of it!”

With that defiant statement and a quick deep breath Melanie pulled her bikini top away. Her large pale tits bobbled freely into sight, and this time it was Donna’s turn to stare.

“My, my,” the redhead murmured, taking in those bounteous joggling orbs with blatant appreciation. “You certainly did have a lot to hide, didn’t you? I always knew you were well endowed, dear, but those — they’re absolutely scrumptious! Melanie Patterson, you make me feel positively flat-chested!”

Melanie’s blush deepened at her friend’s praise, but this time it was more with a sense of pleasure than from embarrassment. Secretly she’d always been proud of her tits. They always got lingering gazes when she walked down a crowded street, and unlike some other women she’d known, her tits lived up to every inch of promise their hugeness implied. Their rounded swells soared outward with weighty, unsagging softness into rosy half-dollar-sized nipples that blossomed an extra inch as if practically dripping with richness, the way she knew big tits were supposed to look but usually didn’t.

More at ease now, Melanie daintily slipped the loose folds of the bikini bottom off and lay back completely nude, only a trifle self-conscious.

Despite the outward differences in their appearance, the two women had a great deal in common. Both in their mid-thirties, they’d become the best of friends almost from the very first day Melanie had moved in next door after her divorce. Like her, Donna was also without a husband. A widow of five years, she had a teenaged son who was just Dave’s age, and just like their mothers both Josh and Dave quickly became best friends too. So it was only natural that now, under her friend’s uninhibited guiding, Melanie found herself sprawled out nude in Donna’s back yard, wishing she hadn’t let herself be talked into this but too ashamed of her own shy reaction to show that she couldn’t be just as bold.

“It does feel better this way,” she forced the little lie out, wiggling abashedly. “But I don’t think we’d better lie out like this very long… I mean, I burn so easily and all…”

“I have just the thing to fix those certain places you were talking about. Just roll over and relax while I take care of everything.”

There seemed to be no escaping the situation, so Melanie surrendered with a small sigh and settled onto her stomach as ordered. Donna hovered above her, pouring out a palmful of white liquid and smoothing the lotion over her back.

“There, does that feel better?”

“Ummm, yes.” The cool suntan oil made her quiver a bit as Donna’s sticky hands glided across her shoulders and slid down her back, coming to the firm twin globes of her pert, jutting asscheeks and massaging them as well.

Despite the intimacy of that touch Melanie didn’t feel more than a brief twinge of embarrassment. She and Donna were the closest of friends, with hardly a secret between them.

Suddenly Donna’s woeful voice spoke out with startling sharpness. “God, I’m horny! The trouble with cocks is that they’re not always there when you need them. And at the moment I need one so bad I could scream!”

Melanie smiled at that outburst, unsurprised. In the past months of their friendship she’d hardly known a moment when Donna wasn’t horny. “You’re just man-hungry, that’s all. And besides, I don’t see what we can do about that right this moment, do you — ooooh!”

Her voice rose to a shrill wail and she twisted her head in time to catch Donna’s wicked little smile as she slipped her cool fingers into the cleavage of Melanie’s ass, purposely torturing the small pink rim of her asshole.

“Donna!” Her voice was a breathless shocked gasp, her asscheeks automatically clenching at the cold wet touch.

“What’s the matter, darling?” Donna made her voice perfectly innocent as she plucked her fingers away. “A bit tense this morning, are we? That’s that I thought I’m not the only one who could do with some real fucking for a change, am I?”

Still grinning with satisfaction, she resumed kneading Melanie’s ripe tightened ass globes as if nothing at all had happened.

Taken by surprise at the little jolt of sensation that had shot through her with that brief, taunting caress, Melanie forced a rueful smile of admission. “I never said I wasn’t horny, did I? It’s just that there’s nothing we can do about it. And I don’t see how discussing it is going to help.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Donna let out a deep mournful breath, her short red curls glinting in the sun and her small perfect tits rising and falling in a way that couldn’t help but capture Melanie’s attention. “But you’ve only been divorced a few months, Mel. Just wait until you’ve been without a man as long as I have. You’ll develop some ideas then, I promise!”

She had a point, no doubt about that. Even through her shyness Melanie had to admit that the nights had been getting lonelier lately, and seemed to last a lot longer. And she tossed and turned in bed more than she used to. Donna had a point, all right. They were two horny women, without a man between them.

“Well,” she said at last, wiggling on the beach towel, “being single again does have its drawbacks, but like I said, what can we do about it? Now, if one of us was a man, that might be different!”

Donna chuckled at that suggestion, her green eyes lighting up. “Now that’s a thought, isn’t it? If you only had a cock, darling, I’d forget all about getting a tan and concentrate on getting fucked! Ummmm, if you only had what it takes down here.”

This time Melanie’s surprise came out in a giggly squeal as the redhead’s fingers dipped down between her thighs, brushing delicately along the downy fleece of her cunt fringe and gliding with blatant curiosity across her pussy crevice.

She caught her breath in a fresh burst of amazement at her friend’s shameless behavior. Donna’s sculptured high-cheeked face was openly lecherous as she let her fingers linger, playfully searching for a nonexistent cock.

“You’re — you’re just awful! Sometimes I think you’d do anything to satisfy that craving of yours! Honestly, you can be so… so disgusting!”

“Oh, really?” Donna drew her manicured fingers back and rolled her thumb across them, eyebrows arching. “Well, I may be a cock-hungry widow, honey, but it appears I’m not the only one. When’s the last time you had a good fuck?”

She raised her fingers in the air, and they were obviously moist with more than suntan lotion.

Melanie felt her face turn a hot red, now fully aware that her cunt had begun to tingle terribly. All Donna’s talk about cocks and fucking, combined with being touched in a place that had been neglected for months — she’d creamed all over Donna’s hand!

“Well…” Stumbling to hide her embarrassment, Melanie tried to laugh it off. “It serves you right, getting us both so hot and bothered! Now, can we get onto a different subject so I can finish my tan?”

Donna’s eyes flashed with mischief, displaying that she had no intention of changing the subject. “You don’t need to be so defensive, dear. After all, I’m a woman too. Believe me, I know about wet pussies! I’m practically dripping myself at this very moment!”

Her words had their effect. Instinctively Melanie’s gaze traveled down the redhead’s sleek figure and fastened on the rich fiery curls of her cunt. Its shining triangle gave away only a glimpse of smooth pink pussy flesh beneath, but she could clearly see the trenched cleavage where Donna’s fur darkened ominously, damp and obviously well-greased.

They were both turned on, without a doubt.

“See? We don’t have to play shy with each other because I know exactly how you feel. Now turn over so I can finish you up.”

Melanie rolled onto her back, hoping it was the end of that conversation, knowing full well from the itching in her pussy that its effects would last a lot longer.

Her large pale tits bobbled and thrust upward, their big pink nipples shamefully stiff and pointed. Instantly Donna’s hands swooped down on those lush, pliant tit globes and began to rub them.

“Ahhhh!” She groaned, unable to stop her nipples from expanding and tightening even harder in Donna’s palms. “You’re… not making it… any easier by doing that, you know!”

“Oh, don’t worry.” Donna leaned forward, sliding her thumbs in little circles across the huge bumpy-textured areolas and watching her nipples spring to attention, maliciously enjoying her neighbor’s horniness. “I don’t mind getting all hot and bothered if you don’t. There’s no sense pretending, is there? We both need the kind of nice relaxing massage you get from a good stiff cock. And since we haven’t got one of those available, we’ll just have to make do. How does this feel?”

Her fingers wickedly tweaked at Melanie’s big, spired nipples, and the blonde gasped. “Now — now stop it! You’re just making things worse.”

By this time both women were more aroused than either of them wanted to admit. The sight of Melanie’s big rose-colored nipples leaping erect between her fingers had Donna’s pussy sopping with juicy awareness. She couldn’t resist giving those inch-long peaks a few extra flicks, watching impishly as her friend squirmed.

“Poor baby,” she purred, creaming with delightful gushes of pleasure at Melanie’s gasps. “You really are hot today, aren’t you? Do you want me to stop?”

“I… I think you’d better…”

Her answer rose without conviction. In spite of all her self-consciousness, Melanie couldn’t refuse the fact that even the simple act of being rubbed down by another woman had her cunt tingling furiously, aching with all the loneliness that had built up inside her. After all, a dim reassurance reminded her, it wasn’t as if she and Donna were up to something really wrong. They were just two hot-cunted women enjoying a bit of mutual horniness, that was all…

That was the rationalization that ran through her mind. It didn’t prepare her for what happened next.

“I don’t think you mean that.” Donna was smiling, and her face loomed even nearer. “I don’t think you mean that at all, Mel. In fact, I think it’d do you some good to get the juices really flowing again. And I know just the way…”

It happened without any more warning than that. Suddenly Donna’s head ducked, her mouth fastening on a ripe jutting tit bud, full lips clamping around its fat stiffness. Before Melanie had time to do more than yelp, her nipple was being sucked and tongued with eager, hungry expertise.


Despite herself, Melanie couldn’t resist that moist warm mouth. After being aroused by her friend’s talk and massaging fingers it was all she could do to keep from clutching Donna’s head as her shoulder arched up, thrusting toward the sensation for more.

Donna murmured her approval, tonguing the big hard bud in her mouth until it strummed like a bowstring between her lips. Melanie soared up for more, no longer able to hide her own response.

“Ohhhh — what… what are you doing? Don’t… don’t… ohhhmm.”

The situation had gotten far out of hand and they both knew it. Ordinarily Donna wouldn’t have dreamed of finding herself with one of her best friend’s tits plunging up to her mouth, aching to be sucked. But at the moment her own horny needs seemed to burst through her in an explosion of need, turning her small teasing game into an emotion ominously like the real thing. Within moments she was lapping and licking at Melanie’s tit the way her own tits longed to be worked. Her tongue slid back and forth across the big oversized bud, then she switched from one taut pink spike to the other until both of Melanie’s tits were gleaming wet.

It all happened so unexpectedly that the two women were totally caught up in their own unleashed hungers. Melanie surged on the beach towel, big tits flopping wildly for attention as her pussy melted in creamy bursts of sensation.

At last, when Donna raised her head panting for breath, she collapsed, groaning.

“Dah — damn you!” She managed a weak laugh, unable to ignore their mutual arousal. “Now… now that you’ve got us both going, what’re we going to do about it? Oh God, that felt good! But… ahhh… I think we’ve established that neither of us has a cock! How do we solve that little problem, Mrs. Jones?”

Only minutes ago neither of them would have dreamed of finding themselves in this situation. But now that they did, Donna took over completely. “Hum, I believe I might have an answer for that. Yes, I think I know just the thing.”

Smiling with an openly lecherous leer, she scooted down. Her hands eased Melanie’s legs apart, and they slid open without the least hesitation. Caught up in their horny game, Melanie allowed her cunt to be displayed in all its wet, frothing splendor. She trembled with a giddy mixture of shame and lust as Donna got the full view of her blonde-furred pussy, its pink plumped lips flaring open and filmed with juicy excitement. Her small delicate clit puffed up like a hooded button, oily now with the floods of cunt cream that literally poured out of her.

“Goodness,” Donna’s voice was husky as she took in that sopping pussy. “You certainly do have a problem, don’t you, darling? It would be a shame to let you go home now without having any fun at all… does this help?”

Abruptly she dipped her head between Melanie’s thighs. Her tongue flicked greedily out, darting across the blonde’s slick luscious cunt and collecting a fresh gush of the juices that flooded from her spread-open pussy.

Melanie could hardly believe it was really happening. Here she lay, stretched out nude in her neighbor’s back yard where practically anybody could see, with her legs flung wide open and Donna’s tongue sliding along her slushy cunt, gobbling up the flow of hot cream that oozed from her pussy.

“Oh… oh my God, I can’t stand it!” she groaned, watching with glazed, unbelieving eyes as Donna’s gorgeous sculptured face burrowed into the golden thatch of her seething cunt. “Ohhhh, that’s so good! Donna, don’t — ahhh, don’t stop, don’t ever, ever stop… aaaaah…”

Her cries increased Donna’s to as the redhead lapped at her friend’s heated pussy furrow, dipping deep for its fragrant juices and then darting with expert care across her swollen clit.

The first wet stroke of her clit was like an electric jolt that had Melanie arching up off the beach towel, sobbing with fresh spasms of delight and hunching her pussy blatantly up for more.

When Donna’s tongue slipped neatly between her soaked cuntlips, she gave out a cry.

“Yesss! Ohhh, oh God I can’t stand it, I’m going to scream! Yes Donna, get it in me! Get your tongue up inside me! More, morrre!”

Donna did just that. In all her wildest experiences she’d never eaten another woman’s pussy before — had never even dreamed of doing such a thing. But she knew how her own cunt loved to be eaten, the way it loved having a fat, squirming tongue plunged deep into it. Now she obeyed the impulses her own pussy hungered for, probing deep into her friend’s juice-drenched pussyhole and drinking up the tides of musky sweetness that washed from it. Her tongue began to glide in and out with a natural fucking motion, and Melanie’s body lunged up for each piercing tongue-stab.

“Guuunh — uuunnggh! Donna, you’re — you’re fucking me! Do it! Oh fuck, that feels so good! Stick it in me! Get it all the way in me… aaahhhh!”

Almost instantly she was surging up, slamming her split-open cunt hard against Donna’s soft lips just as if she were screwing herself onto a man’s hard-driving cock. All the past months of growing loneliness seemed to explode in her at once like a huge volcanic eruption. Suddenly her body shuddered in release and she wailed.

“I’m coming! Oh God baby, I’m coming! Co — uuuhhhmmmm!”

She rippled in blast after blast of blissful climax as Donna tongue-fucked her to oblivion.

At the same time the redhead was fully aware of her own needs. Even as she slithered her tongue eagerly in and out of her friend’s clutching pussy she could feel her own cum melting for attention, aching to be satisfied as well.

Moving with supple ease, taking care not to miss a single stroke of her plunging tongue Donna worked herself around until her knees straddled Melanie’s face. Groaning deep in her throat with pent-up need, she lapped at that blonde-haired pussy more hungrily than ever.

Completely caught us in the first orgasm she’d had in months, Melanie vaguely sensed the change in position. Her eyes fluttered open to focus directly on Donna’s lovely red-furred pussy hovering over her, looming wetly before her gaze. Donna had a pussy that was every bit as gorgeous as the rest of her. Its soft, pouting lips flared open like blossoming rose petals, all dewy with the moisture of her own arousal, to expose a snug velvety hole and a pert jutting clit that stood out like a little nipple.

Hazy with the ferocity of her climax, Melanie reacted without thinking. Her tongue licked out with a curious jab, slipping along the soaked crease of Donna’s pussy mouth, and flicked across the nipple of her clit with an inquisitive tasting flurry.


The redhead gave out a muffled groan of pleasure and her cunt undulated for more. Hardly realizing what she was doing, Melanie lapped up the other woman’s hot flowing twit juices, swallowing gulp after gulp of sweet sour cream. She’d never imagined herself licking another woman’s pussy and actually enjoying it, but each furtive lash of her tongue made Donna’s probe wiggle deeper and harder into her cunt. Within moments she was lapping at that hot leaking pussy and mouthing the hard little clit that jutted from it, sucking on Donna’s cunt nipple like a piece of candy.

“Guhhh — uuuhhmmmm…”

The redhead cooed in the sheer luxury of release and dug deeper into her friend’s tightly clenched cunthole, reaming it out as if to gobble up every drop of cream from it. She hunched down on Melanie’s face, urging the blonde on.

That was all it took to complete the mutual fulfillment of the two lusty women. Within moments they were clinging to each other in a sensual embrace, tongues jabbing and hips surging in simultaneous rhythm as each slurped hungrily at the cunt mashed to her face.

What had begun as an idle, horny morning for two lonely women had now been transformed into a hunching, tonguing frenzy of soaring completion. A dazed and ecstatic Melanie buried her mouth deep into her best friend’s pussy and plowed her tongue into that fantastic beautiful pussy as heedlessly as if she ate Donna’s cunt every morning.

At the same time Donna moaned and hunched in eager abandon, surging to orgasm in wrenching delight.

When it came, the two women sobbed and clung to each other’s taut, pumping asscheeks for dear life.



Climax exploded through both of them. Cunt nectar flowed like never before, and two long-unsatisfied pussies clamped down with vise-like fury on the tongues that wiggled and wormed inside them.

For what seemed an eternity they hung like that in an unending embrace, hovering frozen as wave after wave of rapture swept through them. Then, gasping and moaning in completion, they sank back onto their beach towels, drained and sated.

It was Donna who first lifted her face, gasping for breath and giggling. “My… oh my goodness, lover, I never expected that! Oh fuck, that was nice! You knew just what my pussy needed!”

Sleepy and weak from her multiple orgasms, Melanie smiled back. Both their attractive faces were slick with cunt juice. “Uhhhm, I could say the same. Ohhh, oh baby, it was so sweet, sooooo sweet…”

Melanie’s lips trailed across the soaked inflamed cunt that gaped before her… then realization struck. She was kissing another woman’s pussy!

Mortification seeped in. Slowly at first, as the initial waves of satisfaction diminished. Then the full shock of what had just happened sank home. Abruptly she pulled back and reached for her bikini pieces.

Donna collapsed in a heap beside her, making no effort to pretend it hadn’t occurred. “What’s the matter, Mel? Why, we’ve hardly gotten started! What about that tan you wanted to get?”

“I…” Melanie fumbled at the string ties of her bikini pieces, too shocked by her own actions to meet her friend’s gaze. Blushing fiercely, she rose. “I’ve got to get home, it’s… I mean, we forgot about the boys. They could get back any minute and I didn’t leave David a note — I’ve just got to go, Donna, really.”

“Oh, all right.” Donna smiled slowly, lying nude and unconcerned with her legs casually flung apart, her pussy still glistening from the effects of her friend’s tonguing. “But we’ll finish this session later, you can count on that. Believe me honey, you’ll need some more relaxing before you know it. And for that matter, so will I. You’ll see.”

Flushed and humiliated, Melanie opened her mouth to reply. But the terrible truth was that she knew Donna was right. Now that she’d had a taste of honest pleasure again, how could she stop? And if there were no men around to satisfy them, what would she and Donna do the next time they needed that kind of satisfying?

The thought was too awful to bear. Instead of answering, Melanie turned and fled home.

It was with a sharp, knowing and very pleased gaze that Donna watched her go.


“Oh God,” Donna groaned, sinking down on the bed and reaching instantly for her wet, sopping cunt. “Oh my God, it feels so sweet! Yes, yesss!”

She arched, shoving three fingers up the slick slurping sheath of her soaked pussy and sliding them in and out with furious pumping stabs.

Melanie had just gone home. Still hot and flowing with a mixture of cunt juices and saliva from the blonde’s eager tonguing, Donna immediately went inside and flopped down on her big double bed to pick up where they’d left off. Her bikini pieces lay where she’d flung them, and a moan of sheer hunger tore free as she squirmed with her legs spread wide, finger-fucking herself to fresh orgasm with a series of wrenches that jammed her fingers deeper than ever.

“Baby fuck me, fuck me, yes! Come, oh my sweet God come! Uuunnnhhh!”

She wailed, immediately soaring to climax in a delicious frenzy as her handmade cock pumped in and out like the real thing. It was as if her unexpected session with Melanie had untapped a reservoir of pure pent-up sensation, releasing a flood of hunger that just couldn’t be turned off. Her slender, lithe body writhed on the bed in the mid-day sunshine, her small, compact tits jouncing and her fiery pussy spasming up onto her hand as she reeled in fresh oblivion.

“Ahhhh — gggaaahhh!”

For what seemed an endless eruption Donna soared upward, coming hard and fast on her jabbing make — shift cock.

But all good things come to an end eventually. At last, with a gasping groan of sheer luxurious release, she slumped back.

It was as she lay there, still twinging in blissful fervor, that she heard the front door bang and Josh’s feet pounding up the stairs.

“Hey Mom, I’m home! You here?”

Unexpectedly he rapped on her bedroom door, and she gave a startled little jump of guilty reaction.

“Mom? I’m back!”

“Yeah — yes dear, so I hear.” Caught with her fingers shoved deep into her heated cunt, she tried to make her voice sound normal. “Did… did you have a nice time swimming?”

On the other side of the door she could practically see the infectious natural grin plastered over Josh’s masculine face as he answered. “Sure, it was swell! Dave showed me how to jackknife, and tomorrow we’re gonna practice some more. Well, I’m gonna grab a sandwich for lunch. Man, am I hungry after a swim!”

His footsteps ran off then.

Donna smiled hazily to herself, still leisurely gliding her fingers over her cunt to capture the last little twangs of satisfaction. Ever since his father’s heart attack five years ago he’d considered himself the man of the house.

A sudden wicked notion made her smile widen with impish delight. What if he’d flung the bedroom door open just now, the way he usually did with the thoughtless unconcern of a naive teenaged son greeting his mother? What would her little man have done if he’d come bounding heedlessly into the bedroom and found his mom sprawled out nude with her legs flung wide and fingers stroking her drenched bloated pussy?

A little disturbed by that unmotherly thought, Donna tried to push it away. Melanie was right. She certainly was getting awful these days!

But the thought didn’t fade away entirely, and neither did the tingling itch that still lingered in her cunt. With a sigh she rose, and in impulse slipped into her light summer nightie rather than getting dressed. Then, not quite sure of her own intentions, she headed for the bathroom.

The door was closed when she got there, and Donna felt an instinctive jolt surge through her pussy when she saw Josh’s wet swim trunks hanging on the knobs.

“Honey, are you almost finished? Hurry up dear, I want to get my bath.”

“Okay,” his voice came back muffled through the door. “I’m almost done. I’ll be out in a minute.”

But Donna didn’t wait. In a sudden motion that surprised even her she abruptly twisted the knob and swept into the bathroom.

“Sorry to interrupt, darling, but I couldn’t wai — well!” She froze, staring.

“Hey!” Taken by surprise, Josh stood at the wash basin with the razor poised in his hand. As she’d expected he was absolutely nude, and Donna’s gaze flickered down over her son’s tanned, muscular body to settle on his limp cock.

It nestled against his hefty dangling balls, sprouting from a rich thick bush of dark fur and lolling preciously against his ballsack as he jerked to face her in astonishment, his ears going beet-red.

It was a moment neither of them had anticipated. Suddenly her cunt gushed with fresh juicy excitement, and Donna’s mouth opened in a wordless hiss of breath as she took in his lovely bare prick, unable to tear her eyes away.


Josh’s voice came out in a shocked gasp at his mother’s sudden appearance. Then, realizing that he didn’t have a stitch on, he blushed even more deeply.

“Sorry to barge in, honey, but you don’t mind if I get an early start, do you? I’m simply dying for a nice refreshing bath!” Not waiting for his reply, Donna went on in as normally as if she saw her son nude every day, carefully pretending not to feast on the sight of that beautiful cock.

“Uh, well…” his voice was throaty, and he coughed. “I guess not. I mean, if I finish my shave…”

“Oh, I don’t mind. You just go right ahead, while I start my bath.”

With that pretense of disinterest she turned away and reached down to turn the tub’s taps on full blast.

Bending forward, Donna felt her nightie glide crisply across the smooth flesh of her under thighs. She heard Josh’s shocked gasp behind her and leaned a bit extra.

The sheer material dithered over the firm thrust of her ass, momentarily exposing its tight creased cleavage to his gaze.

Josh swallowed hard, making an audible gulp. From where he stood he could see his mom’s whole ass crack, its tight crevice tautly clenched as she bent, her dimpled asscheeks jutting toward him as if with an open invitation to stare. He could even see a tuft of fiery red cunt hair between her thighs.

He’d never seen his mom this way before, hadn’t even thought of her as a woman like the women he’d seen in pictures. His reaction was unexpected and normal. His cock gave a little tug and he tried to force his eyes away from that unbelievable sight.

“Now darling, don’t use up all the hot water. At least save a little for me!”

Well aware of his stare and taking full advantage of it, Donna bent even further forward to test the water that gushed into the tub. The motion perfectly displayed every inch of her cunt gash to him, and for the first time Josh found himself gazing straight at a real, honest-to-gosh pussy!

It was all pink and moist and puffy, trimmed in a rich red halo of pussy fur that dwindled to a slight fuzz at the puckered ring of her asshole. Her hairy cuntlips poached out, and he could even see the drooling velvet lining of her snatch peeking open like a small hungry mouth.

Even though it was his mother’s cunt he was seeing, it made a pleasant ache shoot up from his balls. His bare cock twitched with life, and began to swell.

“There, that’s just right.” She held that pose just a moment longer to extract its full effect, then straightened to confront her son. “Now, if you’re through I’ll just — Josh, are you all right? You look so flushed, is something wrong, honey?”

Josh could feel his face burning and tried to hide it with a grin. “Naw, it’s… it’s just being out in the sun and all. I guess I got a little burned. Well, I’m finished now. You can have the bathroom, Mom.”

He started to leave, but Donna’s voice caught him. “Are you sure you’re all right? Here, let me see if you have a temperature.”

To his horror Josh felt his prick swinging up stiff and swollen to point right, at his mother’s crotch as she felt for a fever, her cool hands sliding across his forehead in a motherly gesture. Oh man, he had a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit! How could she not notice that.

Donna noticed, all right. She could hardly miss the prick that soared up to its full, quivering length, its huge engorged head brushing between her thighs and just barely managed to nudge its way beneath the border of her nightie to nuzzle delicately at her red cunt bush.

That brief intimate probe was like a hot poker that speared through her pussy, drenching it with creamy arousal.

“Uhm, you do seem a bit warm.”

With difficulty she kept her voice casual, trying to hide the sudden turmoil of conflicting emotions that all seemed to emanate from her aching cunt, she had to face the fact that he was a man as well and it was definitely a man’s cock that snaked up under her nightie now, as if actually sniffing out the nearness of a nice juicy cunt. Without taking time to think, she went on in a rush.

“I think you really have been out in the sun too long, young man. What you need is to cool off, and I have the perfect solution. Since the tub’s already full and waiting, just hop right in. I’m going to give you a bath!”

“Huh?” Stunned by that statement sad confused by his guilty conscience and aching cock, Josh stared at her blankly.

“You heard me. No son of mine is going to get sick this early in the summer before he’s hardly had a chance to enjoy it! You just get right in that tub this instant and we’ll cool you off!”

He opened his mouth to protest, but changed his mind. It was a little humiliating being treated like a kid, but at least a nice refreshing bath would ease the horny swelling in his prick — or so Josh thought as he tore away form his mom’s sexy presence and climbed hastily into the bathtub.

“Okay, okay. I’m in. Is that…”

He froze in mid-sentence, his head twisting around just in time to see the nightie slipping over Donna’s head and drift to a translucent heap on the tiled floor.

“Well, you don’t have to stare quite like that!” Her voice came out in a husky chuckle as she raised a trim tapered leg and lowered it to test the water. “I was going to take my bath too, and this seems a perfectly good way to kill two birds with one stone. Scoot over, darling. My goodness, there’s hardly room for the two of us!”

Josh scooted and watched with frank amazement as she stepped in, giving him another brief glimpse of pink pussy slash beneath her glossy fur. Then she seated herself before him as naturally as if he wasn’t even there. He had to spread his legs wide to make room, and his engorged prick popped up out of the water with a hard-on not even a mother could miss as Donna scrunched forward on her knees, reaching for a washcloth.

Her firm bare tits pointed at him, their rosy nipples spiking out into a pair of tempting buds that bobbled and weaved with hypnotic effect as she soaped the cloth down and set about doing just what she’d threatened.

“Now just lie back and rein while I do all the work.”

“Come on, Mom.” Josh tried to protest, but his words were weak, unconvincing. “This is crazy! I’m not a kid. I can do it myself!”

“Uh huh, just the way you went out this morning and got yourself overheated.” She swept his argument away easily, already moving forward. Her knees spread out to straddle his waist, and as she slipped into position Josh abruptly found those perky dangling tit buds hovering right before his face, bobbling and dancing with almost blatant invitation. “You may be practically a grown man now, but you’re still my son — and as long as you don’t take better care of yourself that’s just how I’m going to treat you! Now stop fidgeting so I can get to work or this bath will take that much longer.”

With those words she began to soap his shoulders, pushing him back until he sprawled in the tub with his hard-on bobbing up more obvious than ever.

Taken completely off-guard by the whole turn of events, Josh didn’t know quite how to react. He couldn’t help staring furtively at his nude body as she ran the cloth over his shoulders in apparent concentration, tits looming just inches from his chest and lush flared pussy hovering above his cock with a directness that couldn’t be missed. From his nearly-prone position he could see that her cunt was slick and moist, its pouting lips practically dripping with juiciness as she slid the cloth along his chest and arms, working it slowly down across his flat stomach in a soapy trail until it slid along the very base of his upraised cock. His prick gave a twitch in response, and his eyes bulged slightly.

Pretending hard not to notice his delicious hard cock, Donna swathed a path around it. “What we have to do first is make you more comfortable. You’re too tense, Josh. And well, you have to admit it’s pretty obvious where the tension’s the worst. Here, let me see if I can fix that…”

Suddenly she couldn’t stand it any longer. With one deft motion Donna’s cloth-covered hand swooped around his cock and closed in a warm wet fist around its swollen thickness, squeezing lightly.

Josh groaned, twitching and unable to hide the lust — filled expression that crept over his face. “Uhh… Mom, I don’t think that’s going to help much. I… I can’t get reined if you keep doing that…”

“Nonsense.” Donna was getting a bit breathless herself as she encompassed that prick, feeling it pulse like a fluttering bird from beneath the wash cloth. “I know just what I’m doing, dear. All you have to do is stop fighting and let me do it.”

She gave his cock another squeeze and it jerked up even stiffer.

“My goodness!” She couldn’t suppress a little gasp as his big hardened prick expanded in her fist, its fat, sensitive head jutting up between her parted thighs with wagging enticement. “You really are growing into a man, aren’t you? I knew you were sprouting up taller every day, but… well, I never imagined you’d grown this much!”

As she talked, her hand slipped from his soap-greased prick and trailed across his ballsack, caressing it as well.

It had been a long time since she’d held a man’s balls in her hand, almost longer than she could even remember. Josh’s balls nestled like a pair of huge tender eggs in the cloth, bloated and creamy with soap as she teased them with fading pretense. Her pussy was churning with juices, literally drooling for the massive veined prick that lurched and soared up beneath it. She had trouble keeping her voice controlled as she worked his balls into a lather, then slid the cloth up once more to grasp his wagging prick.

“There, doesn’t that feel better? I know just how it feels to be a grown-up young man with all kinds of tensions that need just the proper care. You certainly don’t have to be shy with me, you know. Just relax like a good boy and let me work those tensions out.”

She couldn’t resist the feel of her son’s soapy cock any longer. Easing atop him in a subtle motion, Donna placed her hot, creamy cunt directly over his reddened prickhead and slowly lowered herself over it.

“Oh Jesus, Mom.” Josh’s voice was a hoarse groan of mixed embarrassment and lust as his prickhead nudged against her sopping pussy, jerking and lurching more erect than ever. “I… I can’t help it. I get tense like this all the time, and I and especially now. It, huh, it just kind of happens, that’s all!”

“I understand, honey.”

Creaming deliciously at the first touch of that big scrumptious prickhead against her wet cuntlips, she stroked his rigid cock with long leisurely caresses, feeling it throb through the wash cloth. The strumming presence of that cock had her pussy gushing, aching to be filled by the hard quivering shaft of pleasure that trembled in her fist.

Donna couldn’t have stopped herself now if she’d wanted to. Her cunt gaped open, seeming to clutch for the cocktip that hung below it. At the same time Josh gave a small twitch of his hips — and it happened.

His prickhead slipped between her cuntlips and hung there, a tantalizing captive.


Despite her pretense, Donna’s eyes flew open wide at that incredible taste of cock, the first she’d had in years. Its bloated knob dangled in the sopping rim of her cunt mouth, and she hissed in a delighted breath.

Josh’s mouth dropped open and he gurgled a harsh grunt of pure sensation at the feel of having his pricktip lodged in a real, dripping pussy.

“Mom, I — oh shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean… it just feels so good.”

Even in the midst of her own explosion of sensation she had to smile at the terrified, greedy expression on her son’s face. “You… ahhh… you don’t have to apologize, darling. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I… uhhrn… I told you I understood, didn’t I? It’s the most natural thing in the world for a man to be horny. And I know just what it takes to ease that particular tension… in fact, since we’ve gone this far I may as well show you… ohhh, oh my God — baby…”

She began to undulate, rolling his cockhead around the slushy entrance of her cunt and luxuriously working herself down on his prick in a screwing motion that stretched her pussy lips wide and forced out a long sighing gasp of pleasure as she settled on top of him, totally sheathing that hard cock in her cunt.


“Oh Mom…”

It all took place so suddenly that Josh could hardly believe it was happening. One moment he was getting bathed like he was a kid again, and the next he found his cock buried up his mom’s pussy! Its silky vise clamped around his prick base like a sucking mouth, and he couldn’t stop the burst of pure ecstatic pleasure that erupted from his chest.

“Ohhh — oh, fuck!”


Donna’s green eyes hazed in sheer lustful agreement as she felt her son’s enormous cock throbbing inside her, shuddering with sharp, spasmodic ripples in the clamped velvet suction of her pussy. Cunt juices poured along the base of his prick and soaked his hefty balls as she gyrated, shifting position to work his cock around and screw it in even tighter.

“Ohhhh, my… my sweet baby,” she groaned, hardly able to cling to the dim realization that it was her own son’s cock that was wedged deep in her pussy. “Does — does this make it feel better? Maybe if I just massage it a bit like this that’ll make the tension go away… uhhhmmm.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Josh gasped openly as she began to work herself up and down on his tingling shaft, sliding in a see-saw motion that bloated her pussy with stiff cock meat all over again with every down thrust. It was really, truly happening — he was fucking his own mom! Hell, she was fucking him! Oh man, he could feel his cock sliding right up into her pussy!

Abruptly his hands flew up and clung to her small thrusting tits, kneading the twin palmfuls of vibrant pink-tipped flesh as she glided lazily up and down on his massive stiff prick, luxuriating in the sheer hugeness of it.

“That’s… oh shit, that’s great! Fuck my pecker, Mom! Show me how it feels — oh hell yeah! Yeah!”


Her answer was a throaty moan as she undulated, riding her greased pussy up and down with growing ferocity. It no longer mattered that Josh was her son. All that mattered now was that she was getting the very fucking she’d needed for so long, the fucking she’d gone without for five long years! Her flopping little tits seemed to burn in his eager clutching hands, and she bent forward with a surge of breathless hunger.

“Darling, oh baby I can’t stand it! Suck my tits Josh, suck on my titties for me — hurry baby… please! Yes — aaaahhhh!”

Josh’s head craned forward without the slightest hesitation, and in the next instant one of Donna’s pert tits vanished in his open mouth.

She groaned blissfully as he instantly began to milk at her tingling tits, his cheeks drawing in and out with a vacuum effect that sucked up her small thrusting tit completely. “Oh ohhh darling, yes, yes that’s it, suck me while I show your prick just what it needs most — ohhhh, oh baby yessss!”

Within moments she was hunching in a frenzy of rapture, caught up in the first fucking she’d had in too long. Her cunt rode up and down the length of his prick with slick slurping noises as she slammed herself onto every beautiful inch of that hard cock, urgently pumping for more. Water sloshed in wild erratic waves about them as Josh gobbled up the tit shoved into his mouth and clung to his mother’s heaving hips as he arched in response, driving his prick home again and again.

“Ghhuurn… uuuhhhmmff…”

Donna soared to climax in a sudden chain of explosions that had her wrenching and sobbing in utter abandon, clawing her son’s shoulders and urging him on as she plunged on his prick more furiously than ever.

“Fuck me!” she wailed, pumping hard and fast. “Oh God, darling, give it to me good! I need your cock, oh fuck that feels so good I can’t stand it, I’m going to cum! Make me cum lover, make me — make — mmmaaahhh!”

Reeling and crying out in pure uninhibited joy, she surged in the first blasts of orgasm.

And that was all it took to overwhelm any fading inhibitions Josh might have had as well. Without warning his mom became a volcano of eruptions, reeling and pounding her sweet, tight pussy down on his cock as if in an effort to piston it all the way through her. His load of jizz had built to an unendurable peak, and with his mouth clamped on that soft hard nippled tit he hunched up with all his might, groaning deep, in his throat with oblivious need.


They both came at once, writhing in the bathtub with wet, bunching fury. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Donna’s pussy and she felt her son’s prick twist and buck inside her with an almost-forgotten sensation. He whimpered and the first load of cum spurted deep up her cunt in a flooding fountain of release.

If any dim part of her had held back at the shameful reality that it was her own son’s prick in her pussy, the first taste of cock cream swept it away. She lunged down as spouts of jism jetted up into her, thick and hot and syrupy streams of come that made her cum all the harder.

“Give it to me!” she cried, lurching on his prick for every drop. “Give me your come, shoot it in me! I’ve got to have it — oh fucking honey, that’s riiiiight!”

Josh had never felt anything like it before in his life. Her pussy seemed to suck his balls dry in spasms of completion, pumping and soaking lip the dregs of his cock-load until at last he was drained like no amount of mere jerking off had ever drained him. He arched up in total delight, sucking the tit between his lips as if it was the last tit he’d ever suck.

At last, when their mutual orgasm had subsided to tremors of satiation, Donna slumped atop his used-up prick with a long, soft sigh of pleasure.

“Ahhhh, so good, so-o-o-o good…”

“Mhmmm — Mom.” Her slickened tit slipped from his mouth, and he groaned.

“Mom, that was… ohhh, shit…”

Smiling happily, Donna felt his limp cock slide from her seeping pussy with a small plop. Then, dripping with cunt juices and cock cream, she rose shakily and stepped out of the tub.

“I… uhhm, I hope that teaches you a lesson,” she said matter-of-factly, drying herself off. “Always listen to your mother because she always knows best. Now, didn’t I make you feel better, just the way I promised?”

“Yeah,” Josh grinned, taking in her nude, shining body. “Oh yeah, you sure did. But… well, what if I need to feel better again sometime? I mean, what if I get all tense again…”

They gazed at each other, mother and son. Josh’s grin widened.

“Then come and let me know about it right away,” she answered with a little mischievous gleam. “I want to be the very first one to know when you need the slightest attention. We’ll think of it as… as our own special home remedy, all right?”

He nodded dazedly, still not quite able to believe it had really happened.

As she turned and headed for the door, Donna found that her step was lighter and more carefree than it had been in years.


The moment she got home Melanie darted upstairs and climbed under the shower, bikini and all, washing every trace of perspiration, suntan oil, and cunt cream from her face and thighs. As she stood under the rushing spray, humiliation began to set in.

How could she have done it? Letting another woman suck her titties and lap at her pussy, and then returning those favors as eagerly as if she and Donna were a pair of horny lesbians? It was disgusting!

Yet even in the midst of that inner turmoil, she had to admit that ii had been a long time since she’d felt so good. Her pussy was still tingling with wicked pleasure and as she dried herself off she actually caught herself humming with satisfaction. It wasn’t bad enough that she’d done it — she’d actually enjoyed it as well.

Stepping out of the bathroom refreshed and a bit less humiliated at that self-realization, Melanie heard the familiar blast of the television coming from the den. That meant Dave was home.

She smiled to herself, heading downstairs to greet him. At least some things were still normal in her life!

With that comforting thought she swept into the den, where her son sat hunkered before the T.V., all his concentration on some silly program.

“How was your swim, darling? Did you and Josh have a nice time?”

Dave jerked at the unexpected interruption as if he’d been shot. Immediately he saw his mom standing over him in her bikini and blushed embarrassedly.

“Oh, hi Mom. Yeah, it was all right. Gee, you look a little red. I guess you stayed out too long this morning, huh?”

This time it was her turn to blush at being scrutinized by her own son. Although his examination was brief and perfectly innocent, the vivid memory of this morning’s events made her rush on with embarrassment, as if he could somehow see the truth on her.

“I’m afraid you’re right, David. It’s surprising how that sunshine can affect you! I think I’ll just relax a bit and then fix us an early supper. HOW does that sound?”

“Great.” At last pulling his eyes away from her and going back to the T.V., Dave went on at a sudden thought. “Oh, hey, I almost forgot. Josh and I are going to the show tonight and I invited him and his mom over for supper. That’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Well…” Melanie hesitated, not exactly eager to face Donna again so soon. But then she shrugged, pushing aside her own petty embarrassment. “Of course it is. I’ll whip up something special then, but I’ve just got to rest a moment. My, I’m worn out!”

With a tired whoosh of breath she sank onto the den’s small divan, suddenly aware of how weary she really was.

“Sure.” Without quite looking back at the spectacle of his mother in a string bikini, Dave threw a glance in her general direction. “Go ahead and get some rest. I’ll be quiet.”

Melanie did just that, grateful that somehow or other she’d raised such a shy, thoughtful son. The soft blare of the television made her eyelids droop, and a moment later she stretched back on the divan and closed her eyes.

Within seconds she was sound asleep, drained by her unusual morning’s activities.

After what seemed an eternity the show he’d been watching ended and Dave silently reached over and flicked the T.V. off. Then he turned, certain that by now his mom was deep asleep.

“Mom? You awake?” His voice was cautious and low, testing.

When she didn’t answer, his heart began to thump.

He swallowed hard, examining the expanse of smooth curved flesh that lay before him. Dave had never seen a grown woman without her clothes before. Over the past several months his curiosity had grown a lot, and since he didn’t have a steady girlfriend and was too shy to try anything with the girls he did date, it had naturally turned toward the only woman he really knew — his mother.

Now, at the sight of her asleep and helpless in the skimpy bikini, he could not resist taking advantage of the situation. “Mom? Hey, Mom?”

Edging forward, he felt his throat go dry. Suddenly his pulse was racing. A tremor of mingled fear and curiosity surged through him as he watched her big tits steadily rise and fall, ready to pounce away at the slightest change.

But by this time Melanie was deep asleep, and before he knew it Dave hovered over her, more scared and eager to discover the mysteries of a woman’s body than he’d ever been in his life.

Fortunately her bikini was the kind that fastened with little bow ties, and his trembling fingers reached between her lush ripe tit globes and deftly pulled the bow of her top apart.

If Dave’s heart, had thumped before, it hammered now, as the strings fell loose. The flaps that covered his mom’s big tits merely lay limply in place, stirring with her slow, even breath.

Moving very carefully, he pinched one flap between a thumb and forefinger and peeled it back.

One of Melanie’s large milky tits flopped free, jiggling and spilling into the open.

Dave’s breath sucked in. He’d always known his mom had huge tits, but the jutting bare orb that bobbled before him now was enormous. It thrusted upward like a white soft mountain, all round and swollen and peaking up to the biggest, pinkest nipple he’d ever seen in any picture. Its bumpy distended areola had to be as big around as his open mouth, and its puckered tip stood pinky-thick like a rubbery marble, with the promise of more to come.

Gathering up nerve at that spectacle, he pulled the other flap away as well.

Now both her tits were bare and free, their giant pink nipples standing out like erect mouth-watering cherries atop two small scoops of strawberry ice cream, and all that capping a pair of mammoth white tits that seemed to be just waiting to get tasted.

Dave ogled, struggling against a turmoil of conflicting emotions. His mom had the greatest tits ever! Despite his fear, he couldn’t keep them waiting any longer. His mouth watered at the sight of them. Without taking time to think, he bent and placed his lips lightly over one gorgeous cherry, closing them around its textured thickness in a moist, warm vise.

She groaned softly and he froze with his mouth fastened on that fantastic sweet nipple. His blood went ice-cold with terror, but she didn’t awaken. Instead her shoulder arched slightly, and the next moment he found his mouth filled with soft, vibrant titflesh.

That unconscious urging on Melanie’s part was all it took to sweep his fears away momentarily. Very gently he began to suck that beautiful oversized titty, sliding his tongue across its springy nipple and flicking the button into life. It sprang up, expanding in his mouth until it had to be well over an inch long and finger-thick, quivering with an urgency that made him suck all the harder.

Dave hadn’t expected to go this far, but the temptation was too much. He sucked and nibbled his mom’s juicy tit bud, and this time her reaction was even more obvious.


Melanie’s groan was a long throaty purr, and he didn’t stop sucking. His hands moved up to carefully squeeze her big soft tit, kneading its creamy hugeness as his mouth milked at that unbelievable nipple. Lapping and slurping until it was slick with saliva, he finally lifted his head and moved to gently suck the other tit as well.

It was the most he’d ever done with any girl, and for what seemed like hours but was only moments, Dave concentrated fully on licking and sucking his mom’s tits until they were wet and strumming to erection.

When he finally pulled back, gasping for breath, he realized that his cock had speared up in his jeans with a throbbing stiffness not quite like any hard-on he’d ever had before.

Flushed and gasping, he briefly realized the danger of what he was doing. What if she woke up now and found her top undone and him leaning over her like this? Shit, she’d kill him!

On the other hand.

He’d discovered so much already — why not find out a little more while he had the chance?

With that thought and the rigid bulge in his crotch pushing his fear away, he scooted along the divan and reached to fumble at the ties of her bikini bottom.

It seemed to take forever for the first bow to fall apart, and even longer for the second. But at last the flaps of her bikini bottom went limp, and with sweaty hands he pulled away the palm-sized bit of cloth that covered her cunt.

Melanie’s pussy curls sprang into view, a luxuriant triangle of golden spongy fluff that took his breath away.

It was the first real-live pussy Dave had ever seen, and his gaze feasted on that glinting patch of cunt fur as if it was the last chance he’d ever get to look at one. He stared at his mom’s magnificent blonde pussy carpet, taking in the way it tapered down to a fleecy peak between her closed thighs. Through its thick thatch he could see just a hint of pink cuntflesh, and that glimpse made his cock lurch with renewed vigor.

Slowly, as delicately as he could, Dave ran his fingertips across that wonderful soft cunt hair and down between his mother’s thighs.

Responding automatically to the ticklish sensation, Melanie’s legs eased apart.

Dave jerked his hand back at that sudden motion. Then, realizing she wasn’t stirring awake, he repeated the maneuver. His fingers brushed her inner thighs with abrupt hopefulness, and they opened even wider. One foot slid off the divan to the floor, and with that unexpected act her pussy gaped open, exposed before him.

His eyes bulged, heart leaping to his throat.

Of all the cunts he’d seen in the photographs that Josh had shown him, he’d never seen one that looked even remotely as beautiful as his own mother’s. Its pink, gold-trimmed lips parted like a pair of puffed oily butterfly wings to display a snug, tightly creased hole and above that a hooded button of nipple-like stiffness that he knew was a clit.

It had to be the best pussy anywhere, and it flared with open invitation to be stared at just by him.

If Dave had any reservations at all about spying on his sleeping mother, the sight of her luscious, spread-open cunt tossed them all aside.

Then he noticed that her pussy was oddly wet. The curls that fringed its lips were dark with slickness, and the creased lining of her pussyhole was all shiny with a seeping juiciness that none of Josh’s pictures had ever shown.

More curious than ever, he leaned forward and sniffed.

For Dave, it was another first. His first whiff of real pussy smell and its heady aroma had his cock soaring up stiff as a board. Drawn by that strange sweet-sour scent, he reached out. His slightly shaking finger trailed across her mound of fur again, this time plowing amongst all those curls and practically disappearing from sight.

His lips twitched into a grin. Man, was his mom built! Not only did she have the biggest, nicest tits in town, but she had a cunt to match! Hell, no pictures had ever prepared him for all this!

Even as that realization struck, his finger pushed its way from her flossy rich curls and wiggled down into the velvet warmth of her pussy trench.


Melanie shifted with a soft sigh, reacting to the finger probing at her cunt even in her sleep. Her thighs tautened, her legs drifting even wider with a motion that opened her pussy like a small hungry mouth to grasp at the hesitant intruder.

The next thing he knew, Dave’s finger had slipped inside her.

“Oh shit…”

The words slipped out from between clenched teeth as he watched his finger vanish, sliding easily between her soaked pussylips and burying itself knuckle-deep in her cunt.

He held it there a moment, simply enjoying the way his mom’s cunt seemed to close around it. Then he pulled his finger free, and it slid out with a small slurping sound. With a curiosity intensified by the throbbing of his cock, Dave popped the finger into his mouth.

It tasted tangy and strange, but good. His prick whanged up, twisting painfully in his jeans, and he knew instinctively that he had to have more.

Dave didn’t take the time to consider his next act. With that luscious sopping cunt spread out before him, the feel, of it still fresh on his tingling finger and its smell wafting up with blatant enticement, he moved hastily around to the foot of the divan and scooted onto it, wiggling up between his mother’s outfiung legs.

Her pussy loomed before him, its depths leaking wetness as if all too ready to supply what he wanted. His tongue darted out, licking tentatively along the creaming crack, and a burst of juice poured into his mouth.


She groaned again, unconsciously twitching at that warm, hungry probe. Almost before he realized it was really, happening Dave was nuzzling deep into her wet, golden cunt hair, his tongue dipping between her slick cuntlips and gliding straight up his mom’s silky pussy to lap eagerly at the juices that seeped from her.

“Ahhh… hhhmmm…”

Melanie was haying a delicious dream. Once again Dave’s head was buried between her thighs, tongue fucking her pussy into a froth of sensation and sliding like a big soft prick inside her, worming deeper and deeper.

She arched a bit, enjoying the dream thoroughly.


Dave gave a muffled gasp as his mom began to undulate, mashing her cunt to his face. Hot cream burst across his tongue and instantly her heated pussy seemed to clamp around his probe, squeezing it with an urgent sucking rhythm that matched the twitchings of her body.

Astonished by that reaction, he realized what was happening. His mom was actually fucking his tongue — hell, she was really going at it!

And that realization only made him lap at her pussy more eagerly than before. His tongue wiggled back and forth in her clutching pussy with a natural fucking motion, lunging deep into the slick sopping vise of her cunthole.

It only took a few greedy tongue-strokes to have her gyrating up with little bouncing thrusts, big tits flopping, her thighs clenching about his head as shudders rippled through her body in small explosions. Captured there, with his head trapped in place and his tongue wedged in her pussy, Dave had a moment’s terror that she was waking up.

And what she’d do if she caught him in this position!

But amazingly, she didn’t wake.

Instead, her breath burst out in moaning whimpers, and as his tongue increased the fury of its stabbing she suddenly soared up, tautening like a bowstring.


Her body seemed to ripple in spasms and he knew without being told that she was coming. His tongue drove forward as far as it would go and darted wildly in that dank, clutching sheath as she twitched in the throes of orgasm.

“Unnhh — hhhuuum…”

At last she sank once more on the divan and he pulled back, gasping for breath.

Staring down at the wet gleaming spectacle of his mom’s pussy winking open and closed in the last tremors of climax, Dave abruptly realized that he couldn’t stand it another minute. His cock was lurching painfully in his jeans, aching to get out. Without a single instant’s hesitation he hastily unzipped his pants and jerked them down to his knees.

His prick shot up in the air, its thick meaty length swaying frantically and smooth pink tipped head rubbed raw from being pressed against its denim confines. His balls dangled free, feeling more, bloated with arousal than they’d ever felt before.

His pulse was hammering, making his cock throb all the more. What had begun as a simple, naive attempt to satisfy some curiosities had now transformed into a very real, gnawing ache. He hadn’t expected things to go this far, but now that they had he couldn’t stop. Even if it meant getting caught, he couldn’t stop what he had to do now.

Shoving all consequences aside Dave edged forward, clambering atop his mother’s voluptuous body until he hovered over her, his weight distributed on his hands and knees. His sore, swollen prick bobbed more eagerly than ever, and he let out a silent gasp as its sensitive head pushed into the soaked mound of her cunt bush.

Easing his hips down, he worked his rigid prick into place. Its huge knobbed tip slid along his mother’s pussylips, gliding effortlessly across the slippery trench of her cunt.

He knew it shouldn’t be happening, but he couldn’t help it. To even think of fucking his own mom…

But oh shit, her pussy felt so good! His cockhead slid along hot steamy wetness, seeking out the beautiful greedy hole that only moments ago had been filled by his tongue. Then, easily, it slipped neatly between her open cuntlips and lodged there pulsing and quivering.

“Oh… oh fuck…”

Dave groaned, unable to withstand the overwhelming sensation of having his prickhead buried between his mom’s juicy pussylips.

Carefully, so carefully that he didn’t dare to even breathe, he began to undulate. His engorged cocktip rolled in the clutch of her pussy mouth, dipping wetly into the fountain of juices that he hadn’t even begun to drink dry.

“Uhhm… mmuuhhh…”

Melanie moaned all over again. Her lips parted, her big nipples blossoming up stiffer than ever to graze his heaving chest. If anything her legs somehow slid even farther apart.

She wanted to be fucked. She was his mother, but she was also the most attractive woman he’d ever known. And it was obvious now that she wanted his cock, even asleep.

Dave grunted, only too willing to please. His hips tugged downward and his prick slid in deeper.

“Unnhh — unnnhhh…”


Her pussy seemed to wrap around his prick, melting it in gushes of hot sticky cream as it sank into her. Inch after inch pushed home until at last his nested cockbase ground against her lush cunt fur.

Gasping for breath, he lay like that a moment with his prick totally crammed inside her, fluttering like a bird nestled in a tight, snug grip.

He began to pump back and forth, very gently at first, then faster.

“Maaa… ahhmm… ahhhhh…”

To his sheer disbelief, she arched up. Her pussy rode on his prick with soft, slurping sounds that sucked at him for more. And the fact that she was still asleep made the whole thing more incredible than ever.

Almost instantly the entire length of his aching cockshaft was surging in and out of his mom’s sweet hungry pussy, sliding back to the mushroomed rim of its knob and then shoving into her like a spear.

Dave knew absolutely nothing about fucking except what he’d read in books. But his own inexpert plunges were more than enhanced by his mother’s pumping ass as she hunched up, drilling herself on his cock.

It was a totally unreal situation. He was actually fucking his mom, and she was fucking him right back… sound asleep! If he hadn’t known her better, he would’ve believed that she knew perfectly well what was happening.

“Fuck… oh fuck, Mom!”

His voice came out rasping and hoarse. Melanie writhed on his prick more furiously than before, lunging up with every downthrust of his hips to meet he full stabbing length of his cockmeat her breath escaped in panting moans, and floods of cuntcream soaking his heavy bobbling balls.

“Guhh — unhhnn! Unnhh!”

Dave hissed blissfully, feeling his load build up to climax in his balls. His cock began to piston into her sucking pussy with vigorous twitching agony, and he knew he was going to explode.

And as if she knew it too, Melanie writhed up in a furious thrashing heave and impaled herself completely, wailing a small soft cry of joy.



His load of jizz blasted. Cock cream spurted deep in her grasping cunt in long arcs, and she hunched up to take it all.

They hung like that a long moment, Melanie’s ass wiggling in the air to soak up every drop, and Dave’s face twisted in orgasm as he came in blast after blast.

Then, with a heavy sated sigh, she slumped back on the divan.

His prick slipped free, dripping and drained. And she was still asleep, not even aware that she’d just fucked hex own son’s balls dry.

Silently, breathing a whoosh of giddy relief and reaction now that it was over, he slipped off the divan and pulled his pants up.

Now that his cock was limp and satisfied, his fear grew. It seemed to take hours to tie her bikini back in place and Dave honestly didn’t know how she could ever miss the fact that her pussy would be dripping with hot syrupy jism when she woke up.

But he was too scared to do anything about that now. At last the bikini was just as it had been before his explorations, and he crept silently from the room.

But he knew, even as he stole out of the den, that he would never again think of his mother in quite the same light that he had before today.

And for the first time, Dave began to wonder if he would ever find a piece of ass as good as his own mom.


“Umm, this salad is delicious!” Donna’s voice was an appreciative purr, her sharp green eyes glinting with secretive pleasure as she gazed across the dining table at Melanie. “You’ll just have to give the recipe for your dressing, dear. You never told me about this! Honestly, I’m glad we were invited over this evening. And it looks as if Josh is glad too. Darling, you don’t have to eat quite so fast.”

Josh glanced up from tearing into his steak, his mouth full. “Got to, Mom. We’re gonna be late for the show.”

She sighed with exasperation and ran a hand briefly across his tousled brown mop of hair. “Oh well, we can’t have that, can we? But at least you could take a lesson from Dave’s manners. You don’t see him wolfing down his meal, do you?”

Dave looked up at mention of his name and grinned.

Josh made a face and shoved back his plate. “Come on, let’s go. It’s getting dark already.”

They rose hastily, noting the time.

“You want us to stay and help clear stuff away?” Dave asked abruptly, ignoring Josh’s wince at his offer.

Melanie had to smile, once again pleased at the thoughtful attitude that seemed to be growing every day along with her son’s strong body. “No, no. You two just run along to your show and have a good time. We’ll get by. Now scoot!”

Obviously relieved, both boys rushed for the door.

“Bye, Mom!”

“It’s a double feature, so don’t wait up!”

Then they were gone.

They cleared the table, chatting and laughing just as normally as if nothing at all had happened that morning. Her initial unease dwindling away, Melanie had to admit that nothing really had changed. Donna didn’t mention the earlier events at all. It was as if they had been merely an insolated incident that was done and over with. Before she knew it, Melanie was feeling much more relaxed and relieved than she’d felt all day.

They had finished the dishes and were just putting the last of the things away, when Melanie turned to face her friend with a sigh of finality. “Well, that’s… What’ll we do now, with the boys gone?”

“Oh, I suspect we’ll find something to keep us occupied.”

With an unexpected glint in her eyes now that their chores were done, Donna suddenly slipped a hand around to give her friend’s ass a intimate little pat, lingering long enough for an extra squeeze.

“Oh Donna, sometimes I think you’re positively depraved! After what happened this morning… well, I think we’ve caused enough trouble for one day finding ways to occupy ourselves! Aren’t you even the least little bit embarrassed about that?”

“What’s to be embarrassed about?” The redhead’s eyebrows arched, her eyes glittering with impish delight at Melanie’s attitude. “We’re just two horny women making do with what we’ve got, so why fight it? And don’t pretend you’ve been fighting very hard either because I happen to know better. Admit it — you’re just as horny as I am, whether you like it or not. Do you need more proof?”

All the evening’s casual air evaporated and the two women confronted each other with a mutual understanding that made Melanie shiver. No amount of self-reproach could hide the fact that her pussy was juicing into a creamy lather, tingling at the sharp memory of their morning’s fun.

Before she could react, before she even had time to admit the truth to herself, Donna’s hand drifted from her ass and slid over a rounded hip. Delicate manicured fingers dipped along her slacks-clad crotch, exploring the wetness there, making her gasp.

“Ah, just what I thought.” Donna hissed out a delighted murmur, gliding her fingers into that moist, heated trench. “I’m glad we both understand each other so well, darling. Are you sure you’re not just a least bit depraved yourself? Maybe this’ll help make up your mind…”

She slipped forward, and their bodies came together.

“Don’t…” Melanie’s mouth opened in a weak protest, and without warning Donna’s tongue plunged into it. Their lips enmeshed in a deep, soul-licking kiss.

Melanie was still as afraid as she’d ever been, but the redhead’s probing tongue and expertly prying fingers were having their effect. Her cunt seethed in a fresh gush of pleasure, tongues clashing with eager lapping lashes.

It all happened so fast that, she didn’t have time to resist the willingness of her own body. She hardly noticed as the buttons of her blouse were plucked free one by one until the blouse was being pushed from her shoulders and dropped in a heap on the kitchen floor.

Her bra quickly followed, letting her tits spring free.

“Oh God,” Donna groaned, pulling her mouth away and cupping the blonde’s quivering tits in her palms. “I’ll never get over these lovely sweet babies. They’re absolutely fantastic. I’ve just got to have another taste… uhmmmm.”

Hefting one big tit up, she swooped.

“Please, do — ohhh…”

Melanie’s plea turned into a moan as her nipple slipped between Donna’s lips. Instantly it was sucked and nibbled and tongued into aching life, throbbing fatly in the redhead’s moist, expert mouth with an intensity that had her reaching up to tangle her fingers in Donna’s short red hair, urging her on.

Her neighbor gave a throaty sigh of approval and attacked her aching tits with hunger, moving her head from one to the other until both were wet and warm and tingling.

At the same time her hands peeled Melanie’s slacks down. She couldn’t bring herself to resist as the material inched along her trembling flesh, working across the thrust of her ass and sliding down smooth, tapered legs.

Donna was right — they were both depraved. The slacks slumped to the floor, and Melanie stepped out of them.

“There. That’s better. Much, much better.” Donna moved back to take in her friend’s nude voluptuous body, the gleaming wet spires of her big nipples and the dampness that matted her blonde pussy fur.

With green eyes aglow with anticipation, she reached up to nimbly unhook the fasten of her own light summer dress.

“I feel so… so wicked!”

Melanie stood there, trembling and nervous with surging arousal as the dress slithered like slinky water to Donna’s ankles. She hadn’t worn underwear, and her fiery muff of cunt fur was a dripping, a soaked thatch of enticement.

“Don’t let that worry you, Mel. I have just the thing to satisfy those feelings right here with me. I thought we might get a little wicked, so I brought it along.”

Nude, Donna went across the room to her purse and fished inside it. Melanie helplessly watched the woman’s vivacious, undulating body as she drew something out and turned with a triumphant smile. “Here’s my surprise, the very thing to fix us up. I’ve brought us a cock, darling.” She held up the thing in her hand, flourishing it like a magic wand.

Melanie stared, aghast. It really was a cock, all right! But not like any cock like she’d ever seen before. At least twelve inches long and thrusting from Donna’s fist with an almost frightening thickness, it loomed before her. Its pink, shiny length was rippled and veined like the real thing, with only one difference — it was knobbed at both ends! Donna’s cock had two heads, each of them mushrooming into a smooth rubber pricktip that had to be as big as a fist. Melanie had seen dildos before, but nothing even remotely like this.

“My… my God,” she blurted at last, watching hypnotized as Donna held it up for inspection. “You don’t actually intend to use that thing, do you?”

“Oh, indeed I do.” Donna came forward, hips swinging and red pussy fur gyrating and dildo dangling in her hand with an hypnotic effect. “I have before when I really needed it. And tonight promises to be even more fun because I won’t be using it alone. Come along, baby. I’ve got things to show you.”

Melanie couldn’t seem to resist. Though shocked by her friend’s ominous toy, she found herself being led up the stairs to her bedroom as if she had no will of her own.

The next moment she lay stretched out on the bed with Donna beside her. The redhead pushed the dildo into her hands, her own hands moving to cup Melanie’s jutting tits. “Don’t be so tense, Mel. There’s nothing wrong with a good stiff cock, even if it is made out of rubber. Get the feel of it while I do some feeling of my own.”

Even as those urging words came out her mouth, Donna’s lips were moving across Melanie’s throat and down once again to her big pliant tits.

Melanie stared in utter fascination at the huge swollen prick in her hands, unable to get over its massive length. How could any woman take something so enormous? It was impossible. It just couldn’t be do. She groaned afresh as one stiff sensitive nipple slid between her neighbor’s lips.

Donna sucked and teased her tits into twin peaks of aching need, her mouth gliding back and forth between them. Then her tongue make a warm wet trail down across Melanie’s stomach, at last furrowing into her damp pussy mound and slithering between the poached lips of her pink cunt.

She let out a soft moan as her cuntlips were pus bed apart, allowing a blast of horny juice to explode from her slick hungry pussy. Licking that burst of hot nectar up, Donna then closed her lips around her stiff, pulsing little clit.

An explosion of pure sensation soared through her and she clutched the bloated make-believe cock tight as her body arched in a delicious spasm.



Donna worked her clit expertly, alternately tonguing and sucking the sweet cream drenched bud until the blonde was hunching and squirming under her, clinging to the dildo for dear life.

Then, when she had Melanie good and hot, she lifted her face with an expectant grin. “Now… now I’m going to give you a fucking like you’ve never had before, lover. And you’re going to help because this is just what you’ve been wanting all along — whether you admit it or not. It’s time to use your cock, Mel. Use it, and you’ll see what you’ve been missing.”

“I… I don’t think I can!”

Melanie’s voice was almost a whimper of fear and hunger as she lowered the dildo between her open legs. One big inflamed cockhead pushed against her splayed pussylips as if drawn there by a magnet, probing its way between them until her cunt seemed to stretch as far as it would go. She was scared. The dildo was much too large — no woman could take a monster like this!

But at the same time, the rubber pricktip seemed to throb in the tight vise of her pussy mouth, as if to disagree.

And Donna’s voice was assured as well. “Yes you can. It’s easy, once you get started. In fact, it gets easier by the moment. You’ll see what I mean.”

Shivering with mixed fear and lust, Melanie eased the big cock around against her pussy until even more of its bloated head vanished inside her.

“Oh — alt, it’s too much! I can’t… unnhh…”

In sheer disbelief at her own cock-hungry actions, she rotated the giant prick around until its entire ridged head had vanished into the syrupy clenched depths of her cunt. She knew Donna was watching the whole thing with greedy anticipation, seeing the way her cunt melted around that enormous prick and clung to it in an effort to suck even more of its hugeness inside her.

Inch after inch began to push its way in, and Melanie wailed.


She thrashed as the dildo slid forward despite all her fears, forcing her cunt walls wide apart and gouging deeper with every thrust of her clenched fists. Her fingernails dug into its veined rubbery surface as she twisted and worked the thing inside her, unable to stop as her long-unused cunt muscles were shoved open to take it.

“Oh — oh my God, I can’t stand it!”

Writhing in mingled joy and agony, she arched on the bed. The dildo lurched with a life of its own in her stretched cunt, jutting its free head from her over-stuffed pussyhole like some kind of obscene hard-on emanating from her. Clutching the rubber prick in an ecstasy of sweet surrender, she worked her pussy onto it with increasing fury.

“Yes, that’s it, darling. That’s just right. And now it’s my turn. You’re about to find out exactly why two heads are better than one…”

With those words Donna scooted around until her pussy confronted Melanie’s and the big slickened cock that jutted out of her. Their legs entwined and Donna grasped the twitching dildo as she eased into position.

Through glazed eyes Melanie watched it all. She saw her friend’s pink, deliciously soaked cunt gaping open, all, juicy and flared with excitement. She saw the second dildo head nudge between Donna’s cuntlips and saw the redhead’s face sag with delight as it began to sink into her.

Within moments the entire dildo had disappeared between them. Donna’s seething pussy wrapped itself around her half of the rubber prickshaft and she wiggled in a surge of pleasure.

“Oh, my… my fucking baby!” she cried out, twisting like a pinned butterfly on her end of the dildo. “Now I want you, to fuck me real nice with your cock while I do the same. I’m going to give you a fucking you’ll never forget! That’s it, Mel, take it nice and slow — ohhh…”

She began to hunch, her hips gyrating in a slow fucking motion that slid the monster cock back and forth in Melanie’s pussy like the real thing. Her torn-open cunt muscles sucked at the slick dildo, and she couldn’t help reacting. I’m being fucked! she realized dimly, groaning aloud. I’m really… being… fucked!

It was more than Melanie could stand. Her own hips began to arch in response, cunt muscles clinging to the dildo and squeezing tight as it glided in and out of Donna’s pussy as well. The dildo quickly picked up a wet slithering rhythm, sinking first into one cunt and then the other, as more and more of its twelve-inch length moved between them.


Melanie gave a gasping cry of sheer uninhibited bliss as she took the first cock she’d had in months. It pushed deeper and deeper into her gushing cunthole, gripped in her pussy and seeming to pulse exactly like the real thing as it fucked in and out. Shoving like a piston from cunt to cunt, it soon impaled both women until not a spare inch could be seen.

“Ohh yesss,” Donna cooed as their pussies came together, wet cock-bloated lips squishing in a sensuous kiss, hard-budded clits mashing together. “Fuck me, honey, fuck the ever loving shit right out of me so I can do the same for you! That’s it, ohhhh fuck that’s it! Harder, harder! Yesss!”


They reeled in a hunching abandon on their shared cock, pussy grinding to pussy and clits smashing together with a frenzy that had them both writhing and sobbing in luxurious sensation.

And once again Donna proved correct. It was a fucking Melanie would never forget, as her prick-filled cunt twitched and surged to ecstatic peaks of joy she’d almost forgotten could exist.

They clung to each other, fingers clutching into spread-open thighs, asses hunching in rhythmic oblivion as the first ripples of orgasm tore between them.

Suddenly Donna wrenched up, squealing in unleashed fervor.

“Fuck — fuck me, honey! I’m coming, oh sweet lover make me come hard! Take it, Mel! Take it, you sweet fucking bitch — gaannhh!”


Simultaneously, Melanie felt her own explosion of release erupt. She sobbed and flailed on the bed as blast after blast ripped through her. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before.

With their pussies rubbing hard together, they came in a fury of rapture that made this morning’s climaxes seem like mere foreplay…



It seemed to go on forever.

At last, gasping for breath and still rippling with the dwindling surges of mutual completion, both women sank back on the bed amidst groans and gasps of grateful relief.

It was at that moment, while they still soared in waves of enraptured enjoyment, that Donna changed position.

In one sudden motion she swung about and sprawled on top of the blonde. That action twisted the dildo that was still lodged in both their cunts and made them each cry out in a fresh spasm of delight.


“Ohhh babyyy…”

Groaning and smiling with a satisfied grin, Donna sank onto Melanie’s sweaty voluptuous body, tits mashing to tits and pussy fur mingling in a moist tangle of red and gold as the bent dildo locked their cunts in a fucking embrace.

The stiff rubber cock bucked inside them both with strumming vigor, its sheer hugeness clamping their pussies together.

“Aaah… How was that, darling?” Donna panted. “I told you it would be fun, didn’t I? And now we’re going to have even more fun, because I know just how to give you everything you want from a man. I’m going to give you a real fucking now, the kind that hungry cunt of yours has been begging for — and mine too, for that matter…”

Her words barely had time to penetrate. Then, to Melanie’s sobbing delight, Donna began to hunch. Expertly holding her end of the dildo in place with her strong, clenched pussy muscles, she slid it carefully a few inches from her friend’s cunt, then shoved it home with a lurch.

“Gaannh!” Melanie wailed, her eyes bulging with lusty astonishment. “You’re fucking me! You’re actually — yuhhh!” It was happening. The very thing she’d happily imagined only moments ago was now turning into the real thing, as Donna moved the rubber cock in and out of her hot sopping cunt just as if it was her own stiff, vibrating prick.

They writhed, clinging tq each other, Donna using her cunt muscles to fuck the curved dildo in and out of Melanie’s pussy as thoroughly as any man could have. Totally caught up in the fantasy of being fucked by her best friend Melanie wrapped her legs about Donna’s thighs and hunched up with unhidden need, giving out an urgent shriek.

“Fuck me! Fuck my pussy, damn you! Give me your cock! Give it — ahh! Give it to me! Yesss! Oh you fucking slut, stuff it to me!”

“Oh, so I’m a… uhh… a slut, am I?” Donna’s attractive face was wrenched in a lustful knowing smile as she squeezed the rubber prick tight into her pussy, forcing it simultaneously deeper into both of them with each new thrust. “Then what does that make you, lover? You’re… enjoying this… as much as I am! Aaannnh!”

Her own sobs mingled with Melanie’s as they hunched and humped in unison, trim, flat bellies slapping together, pussies grinding hard as they succumbed totally to the sensation of fucking each other. Cunt juices blasted and flowed on the slick sliding dildo as it slipped back and forth from one pussy to the other, thoroughly reaming out both.

Within a few strokes they were surging in a heaving, grunting tide of climax. Melanie’s big tits flopped wildly against her best friend’s smaller ones, rigid nipples darting across each other in a clashing frenzy as she pounded up like never before, completely plunging herself on Donna’s thrusting cock.

When she came this time, it was with an arching lunge that lifted her off the bed, driving her cunt onto that big shuddering cock as if she could practically feel a load of real cock cream spurting into her.


“Hunnhh — uuunnnggghhh.”

They plowed together in a thrashing tangle, cuming hard and fast on each end of the bent cock.

For Melanie, it was the end of a long ignored wait. At last she was getting the one thing she’d missed so badly since her divorce, the one thing she’d longed to have without ever admitting it to herself — a cock. A fucking, slamming cock stuffed up her cunt and driving her to peaks of orgasmic fury she’d feared would never be hers again.

And even though this particular cock was made of rubber, that didn’t stop climax after climax from tearing through her, tautening her body like a bowstring and clamping her legs about Donna’s waist to bring their cunts pounding together in fountain after fountain of gushing satiation.

When finally the two women slumped in a satisfied jumble of twitching bodies, the dildo forced its way free. It slipped from Melanie’s dripping pussy with a soft plop, then slid out of Donna’s relaxed cuntlips just the way a real, drained cock would have.

The redhead groaned, fucked even more thoroughly than she’d hoped.

“My… oh my goodness, you really get the hang of things fast, don’t you?”

“Uhhmmm…” Melanie sighed, wiggling. “I do when I want to anyway. And that was… ohhh, that was good…”

“Indeed it was.” Donna’s lips tugged up, and her voice was knowing. “And it’s always going to be good from now on. I’ll see to that. You and I are going to make it very good — and very often, too! Does that sound nice, darling?”

Her hand moved, down to fondle the blonde’s puffy cunt.

Melanie sighed again, smiling. It sounded very nice to her at the moment, despite all her previous objections. Very nice indeed.


Since the movie was a double feature, it was late by the time the boys got out. Glad for the chance to uncramp their legs, they started home at a brisk pace.

“Man, did you see the tits on that actress?” Josh’s eyes were lit and his crotch bulged. They hadn’t told their mothers it was an X-rated movie they were going to see. “She had to have the biggest tits I ever saw anywhere! Oh, man, those babies could smother a guy! D’you ever see any as big as that?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Dave gave a noncommittal shrug, thinking about this morning. He’s seen bigger tits all right, but that wasn’t something he could tell even his best friend. Still, he couldn’t keep totally quiet. “They were all right, but nothing special. I’ve seen bigger.”

“Bullshit!” Josh grimaced at that, disbelief etched on his face. “Hell, even Pamela Sue in English hasn’t got a pair like those! They must’ve been forties, at least! Nobody’s got tits bigger than that!”

His scoffing tone did the trick. Dave’s voice burst out before he could stop it.

“Well, my mom has!”

“Huh!” That wiped the sneer off Josh’s face. He halted, staring. “Your mom?”

Dave could’ve bitten his tongue, but it was late. He’d began thinking about his mother until his balls ached at the memory. Now, caught by his own words, he blushed.

“Yeah, and they’re lots bigger, too. I, uh, I got a look when she was taking a shower and they’re something else! You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw them.”

Josh’s dark eyes had gone wide with surprise, but now narrowed into suspicion. His breath whooshed out in an incredulous explosion. “Bull shee — itt!”

“Hey, it’s the truth!” He turned defensive, despite himself. “You never saw a pair like my mom’s. They’d make your eyes pop! And… hell, I can prove it too! You want to see for yourself?”

Those words made Josh’s jaw drop. In spite of the corner he’d painted himself into, Dave felt a twinge of pleasure at being able to impress his friend.

“Are you shittin’ me?” Suddenly excitement filled the air about both teenagers, and Josh’s voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “You mean you can get us a peek at your old lady’s tits, for real?”

“Yeah! She always takes a bath before she goes to bed, and if your Mom isn’t still there I’ll bet we can get a look. You want to try?”

Josh did. They were both still turned on after the X-rated movie, and just the thought of spying on a voluptuous woman like Melanie Patterson had their crotches bulging all over again.

“All right then,” Dave went on before he could change his mind. “We better hurry though, because it’s getting late. Come on!”

The few blocks home seemed to take forever. When they got there they saw the lights were on at Josh’s house, which meant his mom was home. The upstairs lights of Dave’s house were aglow as well, which meant the scene was set. All they had to do now was get outside the bathroom window, and Dave knew exactly how to accomplish that.

Leading the way around to the back of the house, he pointed to the drainpipe that led up to the roof. A vine-covered trellis beside it provided easy footholds, and without a word he started to climb.

By the time they reached the roof their hearts were thumping from exertion and excitement. Dave made a shushing sound with his lips, and carefully made his way across the dark rooftop with Josh close behind.

The bathroom window was lit up, and both teenagers were breathless with anticipation as they crept up to it. Neither of them dared make a sound as they crouched beneath the sill, and slowly raised their heads to peer in.

They weren’t disappointed.

Unaware of her two silent spectators, Melanie lay stretched out in the tub soaping down an upraised, slick tapered leg and humming a soft light tune to herself. A thick, rich carpet of bubbles covered her completely, and even though they couldn’t actually see a thing both boys ogled, their imaginations soaring.

It was Dave who pointed at the two floating mounds of white that covered her tits, whispering in Josh’s ear for fear of being heard through the screen-enclosed window. “See? Look at those — I told you.”

Josh glanced at him and gave a snort, still skeptical of what he couldn’t quite see.

Melanie was still soaping her leg, taking her time with the long leisurely bath. They gazed on raptly as she slid the bar of soap along her thigh, swathing a trail through the thick suds until her hand dipped beneath the water. But still they could only see her arm moving in slow circular strokes.

She gave a little groan as the soap glided against her pussy, sparking a wicked reminder of the evening’s events. It had been a long time since she’d been so thoroughly fucked — even if it was her best friend doing the fucking! And with a rubber cock, yet!

The big soap bar rubbed along her cunt, making the sparks fly a bit more furiously. God, what a day this had been! A re-awakening, as if she’d been asleep ever since her divorce. And to be honest, she couldn’t even blame Donna because Donna wasn’t the type of woman who would even have considered trying all those things if she hadn’t somehow sensed that Melanie needed it as much as she did.

The soap wedged between her cuntlips, pushing slickly against, her clit, and she gasped.

“Oh fuck…” Josh’s hiss was a sound of sheer amazement as they watched Dave’s blonde-haired mom wiggle under the bubbles, her arm rotating faster. Her wet, shining knees drew up and drifted wide apart as they watched. Bath water sloshed, and every now and then they got a glimpse of slippery firm flesh as the suds rolled and shimmered over her lush, undulating body.

Neither of them had expected this. Both boys’ cocks hardened stiffly in their jeans, bulging with renewed vigor at the sight of Mrs. Patterson getting off on a bar of soap.

“Ahhh… annnh…”

Melanie didn’t hear their gasps. Her own groans were growing louder as she soaped her pussy into a froth of fresh juicy hunger. The big bar slid between her cuntlips, wedging one corner iii her pussy as it worked across her clit. Within moments she was panting and rubbing the soap in furiously, jamming it deeper in her cunt and humping up to take it.

“Oh God… ohhh, oh my God!”

She was coming. Climaxing in a delicious explosion on the soap, just as she had on Donna’s dildo. Water splashed onto the bathroom floor, but nothing could have stopped the explosion now. When it blasted from her cunt in a series of firecracker bursts, she cried out.

“Uuh — uuuhh — uhhhhh…”

Mesmerized, the two teenagers stared with cocks throbbing and eyes bulging. Josh let out a small groaning breath, and Dave felt his own prick twitch as if it was going to blast in his jeans any second at the show his mom was putting on.

At last she slumped with a throaty sigh, and reality seeped back into all three of them.

The boys glanced at each other, speechless and hardly able to tear their eyes from the amazing spectacle they had practically witnessed beneath all those bubbles. Then they turned back, not knowing what might happen next.

And just in time, too.

At that moment, drained and dizzy with satisfaction, Melanie rose from the rub and stepped dripping onto the tiles.

As if previous events hadn’t been enough, both teenagers now giggled at the sight of her voluptuous suds-clad body as she reached for a towel and leisurely began to dry herself off.

Josh’s mouth fell open. He found himself staring at two of the biggest, bounciest tits he’d ever seen. All layered with slick foam and joggling with her every motion, they jutted out farther than he would’ve believed possible. The large fluffy towel slid over first one tit, then the other. Now his gaze fastened on a pair of huge pink nipples that soared their fattened spikes from the most enormous areolas he’d even imagined.

“See?” Dave grunted beside him. “What’d I tell you?”

Slowly Josh’s head bobbed up and down.

Abruptly, though she wasn’t dry yet, Mrs. Patterson let the towel drop. Smiling hazily at herself in the bathroom mirror, she stood totally nude. Josh’s eyes flicked down across her slick vivacious body and glued themselves on the sopping foam-covered, thatch of golden fur that carpeted her cunt. All shiny and clad in suds, it had to be the most beautiful pussy mound he’d yet seen — next to his own mom’s.

Then his eyes tore up again. Mrs. Patterson was reaching up to cup her huge titties, hefting them out at the mirror in a self-satisfied display. Her distended nipples stood out like a pair of big inflamed cherries, strumming more than an inch long with rigid, trembling stiffness.

Her hands rippled across those mountainous tits.


She stood there, tweaking each turgid nipple between thumb and forefinger and recalling how it had felt to have her best friend’s mouth sucking them.

“Jeez!” Josh gasped in amazement, trying to take it all in at once.

His gaze flitted down to the spongy soaked gold of Mrs. Patterson’s cunt mound and then back up to the fingers that rhythmically milked at her hard nipples, then to the attractive face that glowed with a lust-filled expression. Her hands slid down toward her fleecy cunt bush then, across a smooth, flat stomach and down to its blonde fringe, fingers tangling in those curls and plowing further. It was more than he could withstand. “Oh, jeez!”

Melanie heard that and horror instantly filled her face at the realization that she had an audience. She jerked her hands away, twisting toward the window with a shocked cry.

“Oh — oh my God!”

The two boys were caught, both too surprised to move. Their faces were perfectly framed in the glow of the bathroom light, and her wide uncomprehending eyes caught them like a pair of insects.


“Oh shit.” Dave’s face scrunched in sudden fear, and Josh gulped.

“David Patterson — how dare you?”

Melanie’s voice rose to an indignant cry as full understanding sank in. Suddenly remembering that she was nude, she scooped up the discarded towel and stalked to the window, wrapping it about her as she went.

Neither of the boys even dared to think of trying to escape as her furious expression pinned them to the spot. Trembling with rage and humiliation, she unlatched the screen and pointed.

“Get in here, the two of you! Get in this house right now!”

Dave slunk in first, clambering over the sill like a prisoner about to face the firing squad. Josh followed meekly, flushed and scared.

“Uhhhh, it’s not what it looks like, Mom. We were just… I mean…”

“Just what?” Melanie confronted them, trembling. “Just what were you doing out on the roof at this time of night that doesn’t look like you were spying on me! And Josh Jones — I can’t believe it! Just wait until, your mother hears about this — and she’s going to, I can promise! Creeping around like a pair of thieves spying on people… you’re disgusting, the both of you!”

Neither of the boys spoke during her tirade, both knowing there was no possible explanation that could get them off the hook. Dave looked sick with fear and Josh felt a twinge shoot through his stomach.

“Honest, Mrs. Patterson, we didn’t really intend to — that is, it just kinda happened, that’s all. Sort of… sort of an accident…”

His lame attempt at an excuse fluttered into silence under Melanie’s glare.

She took a deep shuddering breath, forcing the first surge of panic and anger down. “Josh, I want you to go home right this instant. You haven’t heard the last of this little escapade of yours, but I think you’ve seen quite enough for one evening! There’s no need for you to stay while I take care of your friend, here.”

Relief flooded over his face. “Yeah, okay Mrs. Patterson. And I’m sorry. I mean, I really am.”

With those parting words he darted off, pounding down the stairs, glad to get out from under that stare for the moment, even if he would have to pay for it later.

It was only when she heard the door slam shut downstairs that Melanie turned with new fury on her son.

“How — how dare you spy on me while I’m in the bath? And getting your best friend to go along — do you have any idea what you’ve done? What’ve you got to say for yourself, young man?”

“Uh, well.”

Dave couldn’t come up with a single answer. Blushing fiercely, he stared down at the floor and saw his mom’s wet, tapered legs, spread out in a defiant stand.

Melanie was trembling with outrage and mortification as the full impact drove home. They’d seen it all. They’d seen her masturbating in the tub, writhing and gasping and bunching on a bar of soap! They’d seen her standing at the mirror admiring herself, fingering her tits and hovering on the very verge of playing with herself a second time. The two boys had seen everything, just as if they’d been standing over her and leering.

Flushing with humiliation at that thought, she instantly decided to repay her son in kind.

“Well, I’m going to show you just how degrading a thing you’ve done, young man! Now that you’ve gotten your eye-full, we’ll see how you like being looked at!”

Suddenly, in a burst of anger, she grabbed Dave’s cotton tee shirt and jerked it up to his shoulders.

“Hey — hey, Mom, don’t!”

He was too surprised to stop what was happening. The shirt slithered over his head and off with one deft jerk of his mother’s hands. Then, to his complete astonishment, her fingers plucked at the snap of his jeans.

“Hey, come on! I didn’t mean to see you like that — Mom! Jesus!”

He could hardly believe it was happening! His own mother was tearing at his clothes, and his half-hearted attempts to stop her were swept easily aside.

“I’m sorry, okay? Really Mom, it won’t ever happen again…”

“No, it certainly won’t!”

Beside herself, Melanie wanted nothing more now than to humiliate her son just as he had humiliated her. Intent on doing exactly that, she felt the snap pop open and with one single heave jerked the tight jeans down to his knees.

Caught up in their confrontation, neither of them were quite prepared for the sight of his stiff, throbbing prick. It swung up hard and veined and bobbing, making Melanie jerk back as if she’d been shot.


Dave tried to hide his rigid prick with his hands, but it was no use. His cock flailed and jerked with a wild life of its own, wagging up with a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit. “Da — David!”

Round-eyed, Melanie stared down at her son’s bare, meaty prick sprouting out from its nest of downy fur.

Suddenly her pussy creamed.

“This… this is filthy!”

Spurred on by the unexpected spectacle of that massive swollen cock, she reached out. Her fingers curled around its thickness and a jolt of pleasure speared through her wet, seeping pussy like a hot poker.

Melanie hadn’t intended on anything even remotely like the pang that shot through her cunt now. Trying desperately not to display the fact that she was turned on by her own son’s cock, she gave it a sharp, painful squeeze.

“So this is what you were up to — spying on me and getting yourself all hard and aroused, just as if I was one of your little teenaged girlfriends. Your own mother!”

She squeezed again, feeling his prick pulse in her fist.

“Mom… aaahh…”

Dave gasped, unable to stop his prick from soaring up stiffer than ever.

Her pussy tingled with juicy heat, and the fact that this was her son’s cock didn’t seem to make any difference at all. It was still a cock, and she hadn’t held one like this in a long, long time. Not wanting to expose the fact that she was turned on as well, she went on quickly.

“What’s the matter?” her voice came out in a taunting tone as she blushed and hefted his strong cock in her palm, trying to avoid staring at it with blatant hunger. “It’s not so much fun when you’re the one being stared at, is it? Is it?”

She gave his prick another sharp tug, and Dave sucked in his breath. At the same time Melanie’s cunt gushed in a hot blast of searing delight, and she tugged again.


Dave gave a hoarse grunt of intermingled embarrassment and lust, his prick swelling into such taut hardness that it actually vibrated in her palm.

It was almost more than she could stand. Melanie hadn’t expected this kind of reaction — but then, she hadn’t expected to be standing in the bathroom holding her son’s prick, either. Its quivering presence made her insatiable pussy ache with a new, almost forgotten need. Standing here practically nude with that hard trembling prick throbbing in her fist… it was all she could do to keep up even the barest pretense of anger.

“I simply can’t believe you’d do such a thing!” She squeezed that scrumptious cock with veiled urgency, making Dave’s eyes bulge. “Spying on me and getting yourself all horny like this! I’d… I’d almost believe you wanted to sneak this filthy little prick of yours right into my cunt and shoot your load in me! Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t!”

His mouth worked weakly, but all he could manage was a husky groan as his engorged cock jerked in his mother’s hand. His balls bounced and flopped painfully in response, aching so bad that for an instant he thought his load of jizz might shoot at any moment and make things even worse. Finally he forced the words out past gritted teeth.

“I… I didn’t mean to spy, honest! It’s just… oh shit, you’re so beautiful and all, I was just showing Josh…”

“Showing Josh!” Melanie gave his prick a painful jerk, actually enjoying the way it leaped and strummed erect in reaction. Her loosely bound towel began to slide apart, and she didn’t stop it. If anything, she gave a small shrug of her shoulders that made it slide faster. “Showing Josh! I’ll teach you to show me off to people, David Patterson! How do you like what’s showing now? How do you like being looked at? How does… it… feel?”

Her hand pulled hard on his prick and he groaned.

Abruptly the towel slid away altogether and fell in a heap on the tiled floor. Dave goggled at his mom’s heaving tits and spongy cunt mound, all still slick and wet from her bath. His prick lurched violently, bucking in her hand.

Melanie gasped. She hadn’t expected to be turned on by her own son’s cock, and she certainly hadn’t intended to stand here nude before him, her fingers wrapped around his stiff prickshaft, her wet, glistening body bared boldly to his gaze.

Cunt juice seemed to pour out of her, forming a thick warm film between her thighs. Dave’s rounded eyes feasted on her huge bobbling tits. But instead of trying to cover herself she pushed her tits forward blatantly toward his stare.

“There — now are you satisfied, young man? This is what you were after. Look all you want. Do you like what you see?”

Slowly Dave’s head nodded up and down, his mouth dropping open. “Oh yeah… oh shit Mom, you’re… you’re really beautiful! Man, I could look at you forever! Oh man…”

Without warning his hands flew up. They palmed Melanie’s big tits, hefting the twin creamy mounds out and up for closer inspection with one swift motion too abrupt for her to stop.

She sucked in her breath at the feel of Dave’s exploring hands. Her tits seemed to shudder and expand up to him, and in a breathless gasp she heard herself moan. “This… this is what you want, isn’t it? Well go ahead — if you’re big enough to spy on me, then you’re certainly big enough to find out what there is to spy about! Go ahead, Dave. Let’s see if you’re the man you think you are!”

With that sudden defiant statement she grabbed her son’s head and pulled it down.

Dave instantly found himself smothered by one big juicy tit, its stiffened nipple searching for his mouth and popping with an expert lunge between his lips. Unable to hold back an instant longer, he closed his mouth on that big rigid bud and began to suck.


Melanie arched, groaning her pleasure openly.

Inexpertly sucking and flicking at the huge nipple thrust into his mouth, he felt it grow and swell even bigger. His tongue slid across its rubbery texture, bending and rolling the flared-up nipple around like a marble. His mom twitched and clutched his head tighter. Oh shit, she was urging him on!


He began to suck in earnest, milking the hard nipple between his cheeks.

“Ohhh… ohhhmmm.”

Melanie purred, melting under the sweet sensation of having her tit sucked.

Almost without realizing it she had begun to pump his cock with harsh, rhythmic jerks, milking at it with the same frantic hunger that he sucked and lapped her aching tits.

“That… that — oh God, yes! Do it, damn you! I’ll show you what happens when you spy… on… me!”

Somehow she found herself backed against the wall by the basin, pulling him with her. Dave’s prick seemed to lunge in her hand, furrowing into her pussy fleece and shoving hard against her dripping cunt.


She cried out in an ecstatic tremor as his prick lurched rigidly against her pussy, pushing up to its velvet wetness and probing in wild undulations for more.

That was all it took to sweep any last hesitation aside. Melanie spread her thighs wide apart, lifting one leg in the air and letting Dave’s huge bloated cockhead slip between her flared cuntlips.



They both groaned as his cock speared forward, sinking into her pussy to its hilt. It slithered in and out with Dave’s urgent lunges, reaming her cunt with the vigor that only a real, throbbing prick could produce.

Before she knew it Melanie had forgotten all about teaching her son a lesson. No longer the stern scolding mother but now a hot, cock hungry woman, she wailed in sheer blissful joy as that stiff prick sank inside her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me baby, fuck me good! Stuff it to me, oh fucking sweet lover, I need it so bad. More, more! Ahhhhh!”

One slick leg wrapped about Dave’s waist and locked there, pulling him into her even harder.

“Uhhmm — mumff!”

Unbelieving, he felt his prick soar into his mom’s cunt just as if they were made for each other. Once again her tight cunt walls closed on his shaft with a clenched vise-like suction, and this time she wasn’t asleep. Her big tits flopped and jounced in his face as he plunged, crushing her against the wall and sheathing his cock to its base in her cunt.


She writhed and sobbed as that delicious big cock began to pound up into her, pinning her to the wall and slamming home again and again.

It was really happening. Dave was actually fucking his mom, shoving his prick in her cunt and slurping at her big bouncing tits just as if she were any other girl, and not his own mother.

And instead of objecting, Melanie groaned and sobbed and clung to him in a fury of hunching oblivion, crying out for more.

“Yesss! Oh David, please! Fuck me, fuck me good, baby! I can’t stand it, I’m going to cum! Harder, harder! Oh God yes, yes, yesss! Aaaahhhh!”

Panting and fluttering and mashing her wet cock-filled body to his, Melanie felt the first blast of orgasm whip through her. She surged frantically onto that beautiful lunging cock as the vibrations of climax rippled up from it, swelling until her entire body seemed to melt around Dave’s cock in the most thorough explosion she could remember.

When that eruption came, Melanie shrieked.


At the same time her son grunted and his prick leaped inside her.

Jism blasted into her sopping cunt, and wave after wave of utter bliss tore throughout her as thick hot geysers, of cum jetted up into her pussy, filling it with oozing warmth.

It was a fantasy come true. At last she was getting exactly what she’d longed for all these past lonely months — a real man’s cock pistoning her to orgasm and shooting its delicious load of cream in her cunt as she reeled and hunched in pure, sensual abandon.

The fact that this particular cock belonged to her own teenaged son didn’t register at ill. The only thing she knew was that finally, after all her waiting, she was getting just what she wanted.


Whimpering in sheer bliss, she flailed against the wall and soaked up every luxurious glob of jism from that gorgeous pumping prick until not a drop remained.

At last Dave slumped, totally sucked dry. “Oh Mom, oh fucking shit that was good…”

Gasping and moaning in return, Melanie sank against him. She could feel the first trickle of jizz seeping from her overfilled cunt. His shrinking prick slipped from her cunt and she groaned.

“Ohhh… oh darling…”

Dimly reality began to trickle back in. But it was too late. Far, far too late to stop herself now. And strangely, she wasn’t a bit sorry.


Josh had never been so relieved to get home in his life. Man, was Mrs. Patterson burned! She’d probably ground Dave forever! Hell, she’d probably never let them hang around together again!

On the other hand, it had almost been worth it just to get a glimpse of that body of hers. Those big flopping tits and that wet furry vunt…

Oh, man!

Trembling with a mixture of fear and embarrassment and horny arousal he hastily darted upstairs to his own room, then stripped out of his clothes and dropped down on his bed, glad his own mom wasn’t uptight like that. Even if Mrs. Patterson told her the whole story, she wouldn’t be mad. Hell, not his mom!

At least, he didn’t think so.

As if on cue Donna knocked lightly on the bedroom door, then swept in without waiting. “Well, it’s about time you got home! How was the movie, honey? Did you have a nice time?”

Wearing nothing but a long filmy nightgown that fanned out like a transparent haze around her, she made a sight that had his prick twitching again already. Lying there with his clothes scattered about the room, Josh saw her green eyes settle on his stirring cock and twinkle as she surged forward, smiling broadly.

“I was beginning to think you were going to spend the whole night out, and that would’ve been a shame. I thought we’d have a little talk, after what happened earlier today. Sort of reach an understanding, if you know what I mean.”

“Sure, Mom. What sort of understanding did you have in mind?”

Donna stood above him, gazing down with frank hunger at the scrumptious fattening cock that slowly rose up to greet her. She’d intended to have a severe mother-son discussion to explain away their earlier activities, but now she couldn’t seem to remember what she’d wanted to say.

Instead she abruptly reached out and grasped his stiffening cock. It soared up and she gasped a husky reply.

“You know exactly what kind of understanding, Josh! It’s about this, and what we did, and how that’s never going to happen again — my God, you’re getting so hard! I never knew I had this kind of effect!”

Although the effect wasn’t due to her presence entirely, the delicate fingers that squeezed his prick into thrumming life did turn the boy on. Josh chuckled, not the least bit shy now that he knew exactly what his mom really wanted.

“Hell, my cock always gets this way when you’re around! I can’t help it if I’ve got the sexiest mom in town!”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, young man!” Smiling tautly, she gave his cock another squeeze. Suddenly it was too much to withstand. Donna’s legs went limp, and without warning she felt herself collapsing to her knees before that beautiful hardening cockshaft. “On the other hand, it might not hurt…”

Her cunt gushed hot juicy cream. All her motherly intentions flew out the window as she hovered over the swollen prickhead that speared up from her fist, warm breath fluttering across it.

“Oh darling, it’s too much! You know I can’t stand to see you in the least little bit of pain, and that… that must hurt terribly! Here, let me make it feel better.”

Josh gasped as his mom’s moist warm mouth closed over his sensitive cock knob in an intimate kiss. Her tongue flicked eagerly across its smooth surface, and it twitched up for more. Fighting back the impulse to obey, she looked up at him with an impish expression. “There. Does that help, honey?”

Josh beamed back at her. “A little, yeah. But it needs lots more help than that, Mom. Maybe if you can get me cooled off, then we can talk, huh? Go on. Make me feel better.”

“All right,” she murmured, lowering her head once more. “Maybe… maybe it would do us both good to cool off first. And I know just how to do that…”

Her pink tongue lashed out, gliding along his stiff, upright prick and sliding all the way down until her lips nestled ticklishly against his cock. Then she went lower, cupping and lapping his hefty wrinkled ballsack as well. Her tongue darted expertly, working over his balls until he groaned. She sucked each ball in turn, taking them into her mouth like a pair of fragile eggs and rolling them around, tasting the full flavor of him. He groaned louder.

“Suck it, Mom!” Josh’s voice came out in a sharp gasp as he gazed down on the spectacle of his mom’s lips wrapped around his cockhead. “Suck my cock real hard and fuck it with your mouth! Make me come! Come on Mom, do it! Do it!”

His fingers twisted painfully in her hair, urging her on.

But Donna needed no urging. She began to bob her head up and down, taking more and more of his stiffened cock meat down her throat, until its whole length was glistening wet. Her lips sucked furiously at that gorgeous swollen hunk, riding up and down it with a suction that quickly had him bunching up and groaning with pleasure.

It was obvious that he was on the verge of coming, and that was all the warning she needed. Her mouth plunged up and down with frantic intensity, sucking for his delicious load of jizz as if it was the last she would ever taste.

Donna wasn’t disappointed. Suddenly he spasmed up and the first thick stream of hot jism spurted down her throat. Groaning with sheer horny pleasure, she bobbed her head and slurped up the load that followed, and the load after that.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

Josh heaved up until his prick was drained of the boiling jets of cum that had built up throughout the evening’s horny events.

At last, when every last seething drop had been wrenched from him, he sank back with an ecstatic sigh.

“Ohhh, shiiiit…”

“Umm… my sweet baby, you taste so good!” Licking the last traces of cream from her lips, Donna gave each of his balls a last loving kiss and then stood up, wobbling slightly. In one swift motion she pulled the nightgown off, then stood nude before him. “But I’ve got all sorts of appetites tonight, and now that you’ve got me started they each need proper feeding. Hmmm, why don’t we begin with a little nibble where I need it worst? Yes, I think that’s just what I’ll do…”

With those words she hastily slipped onto the bed and swung a slender thigh over his waist, positioning herself atop him. Josh could see his mom’s pink wet split-open cunt hovering above his limp prick. Her red-trimmed pussylips were practically drooling with juiciness, and his balls began to ache afresh at that lush, inviting cunt.

“Ah, I see you’d like a little taste of sweetness yourself.” Donna reached down, fingers plucking up his half-shrunken prick and guiding it to her cunt. “I know just how to satisfy that kind of hunger, baby. Just wait and see, as soon as I — ahh — ahhh…”

Wedging his soft cock into her pussy, she groaned. Her fingers shoved the slippery shaft all the way inside her, and she undulated down to roll the limp worm of her son’s cock around in her cunt.

“Oh, yeah.” Josh grinned again, feeling his cock stir already. It gave a little jerk of awareness in his mom’s clutching cunthole and she gasped, undulating faster. Cunt cream poured over his thighs, and her firm little tits jounced as she wiggled his prick back to life.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long at all. Josh’s cock swelled, blossoming in his mom’s hot pussy and pushing her cunt wide apart as it grew.

“Ahhh, that’s good,” she smiled sexily, urging his prick to grow faster as her gyrations increased. “Yeah, that’s — ahhh! Much better, darling. Just right for some real fucking. And that’s exactly… annh… what I’m going… gghhuum… to do — ooohh…”

Even as she spoke Donna began to ease up and down on his re-stiffened cock, her soft wet pussy mouth squeezing and milking at its hardness as she see-sawed atop him, working higher and higher on his thick, veined prick and slamming down to take it all in her insatiable pussy.

With a sigh of pure glowing delight Josh reached up and clung to his mom’s flopping little tits, squeezing them in his hands until her nipple peaks stood out like a pair of rubbery pink marbles. Donna’s undulations grew faster and he let out a hoarse little laugh.

“Yeah Mom, now you’re going! Take my cock up your pussy! Oh fuck, that feels good! Take it — take it!”

His voice rose to a gleeful yelp as his mother did just that, riding her sopping cunt up and down on his fully-swollen cockshaft with a ferocity that had her panting and twisting for more.

Donna had waited for this moment all day. Without quite admitting the truth to herself, she’d known all along that her intention of having a talk with her son was just an excuse. This was what she really wanted — his magnificent prick sheathed in her cunt, fucking her to heights of pleasure that not even her sessions with Melanie could match. She was a cock-hungry woman, and only cock would do.

Groaning and plunging violently on her son’s big throbbing cock meat, she felt the first eruption of climax shoot through her.

“Ohhh, lover!” she wailed happily, hunching with new fury. “Give it to me, give me all your cock! I’m coming — make me come, baby, make me come! Now, nowww! Aaannnhhh!”

She bucked and lunged down on his prick fast and hard, riding to orgasm as that wonderful massive prick surged and leaped inside her.

And when the explosion came, it hit them both at once.


For the second time in minutes Josh’s prick blasted, this time drilling geyser after geyser of jizz up his mom’s cunthole. She gave out a blissful shriek and writhed down to take every eruption, her pussy quivering in sensual ripples as it soaked up every twinge of completion.

Finally, panting and dripping cum and cunt juice over his slumping used cock, she toppled in a heap atop him.

“That… oh Josh, that was delicious! You’re so fucking sweet, I could just eat you up if I hadn’t already! My goodness, that was… uhhhmmm…” She wiggled, sloshing his cock wetly around inside her.

Josh had to laugh at the delirious expression on his mother’s face. His laugh came out weak and hoarse. “Oh man, that was something else! Let’s do it some more. Come on, Mom — I could keep fucking you forever! Just make my cock hard again and I’ll show you!”

With blatant bravado he surged up, plowing his softened prick deep in her pussy as if to urge it to arousal once more.

Donna smiled luxuriously at her son’s eagerness. It was plain to see he just couldn’t get enough of her. And the feeling was all too mutual.

“Oh, will you really?” Her green eyes took on a mischievous gleam, and her smile widened. “Well, maybe we’ll just see about that. I’ve never been fucked forever before and I think I might like it! As a matter of fact, I do happen to have a private little place that’s just aching for a little of that kind of action… are you interested?”

Josh was. He nodded his head eagerly, ready for anything. Ready for anything, that is, except the response he got.

“All right.” Donna seemed to come to a decision, and abruptly rose. His cock slipped from her cunt and she gave a reluctant sigh as it plopped away. “In that case, this is your chance to prove those big words of yours. Only this time, darling, you’re going to do it in my ass!”

“Huh?” Astonished, he stared up at her. “Are you kidding?”

But it quickly became apparent that his mom wasn’t joking. Even as he watched she turned about on hands and knees until her drenched pussy gash gaped before him.

Leaning forward, Donna reached back and pulled her asscheeks apart, exposing every dripping inch of her cunt and ass to his view.

Her cunt mouth winked open, drooling jizz and gaping slurpily under his gaze. Her small, pink-rimmed asshole flared as well, all moist and slick with juices.

“What’s the matter?” she breathed, enjoying his stare of amazement. “Change your mind, darling? Why don’t you just try it to find out how it feels? Go ahead, slip that cunt hungry little prick of yours into my ass. It doesn’t bite — at least, now very hard…”

With that dare and a small backward surge that displayed her cunt and asshole even more perfectly, she waited to see if her son was really the man he thought he was.

She didn’t have long to wait.

After that initial moment of complete surprise, Josh reacted without any further hesitation. Scooting up on his knees behind her, he gently placed his wet, reddened cockhead against the moist, tight-looking little asshole and pushed.

It slipped in with surprising ease. Donna cooed happily, forcing her ass muscles to relax as the whole slippery length of his tender cock shoved its way in, stuffing her. Then she rhythmically clenched and unclenched her muscles with a series of small tightening squeezes that seemed to suck his prick right up into her ass.

“Yesss, yes that… that’s soo good, honey! Stick it all up my ass, cram it into me so I can feel every inch. That’s it! That’s just right! Ahhh!”

Even limp and drained, his cock made a snug fit. It pushed into her asshole like a big soft worm.

Donna squirmed with delight, feeling her son’s slumping prick slither in her ass as if to work its way even deeper. His balls dangled heavily against her cunt, their soft-wettened hair tickling at her clit and pussylips like tantalizing feathers.

It had been a long time since she’d had a good ass-fucking, and the delicious glow that spread from her overstuffed pussy now burst into flame, growing and swelling inside her with swift burning need.

That wasn’t the only thing that swelled, either. Already Josh’s cock had begun to expand, ballooning up in the tightly gripping channel and forcing it open wider.

“Uhhh — hhhuuuhmm…”

Her ass lips eased apart to take it, stretching wider and wider until it seemed the sheer hugeness of his cock would tear her open like never before. His prick pulsed inside her, throbbing and growing to its full, gigantic length in her slick ass chute.

Whimpering in a mixture of pain and sheer uninhibited craving, she began to hunch back and forth. Slowly at first, to get used to the feel of that monster lurching inside her, then faster, picking up speed as the pain dwindled under overwhelming jolts of ecstasy. Almost before she knew it his engorged cock was sliding in and out with a natural expertise that surprised them both, gliding from her slippery hot sheath to the very rim of its big fat head and then speared back again, shoving deep and hard into her.

“Ohhh, God that’s wonderful!” she hissed, arching like a cat onto her son’s meaty prick. “Fuck me just like your promised, lover. Fuck me forever and ever in my ass, stick it to me — eeee, yesss! Yes, do it to me good! More, give me more! I’ve got to have it — uhh! Unnh! Fasterrr!”

Her cries rose to yelps of frantic joy as he plunged his cock to her, jamming it to its base up her ass and sliding out in harsh, pumping stabs. Josh had never fucked a woman’s ass before and the feel of that tight slurping asshole was like nothing he’d even dreamed possible. It was even tighter than a pussy, and seemed to gobble his prick right up. Within moments he was pistoning his cock to it and clutching her rotating hips with all his strength as his balls began to tingle for the third time tonight.

“Take it, cunt! Take my cock up your asshole so I can feel it shoot right into you! Fuck me with your ass, Mom! I’m gonna cum! Make me cum up your asshole!”

Wrenching forward faster than ever, he shoved his prick into her with a frenzy that made the whole bed shudder.

And for her part, Donna couldn’t have been more pleased. Spasms of fresh climax shot from her drooling pussy and ripped throughout her as she met her son’s every lunge with a backward heave, stoking the furnace of her asshole with his wedged poker.

Suddenly it was more than she could bear. Driving back in a surge of total oblivious release, she shrieked out loud.

“Do it! Give me your cum baby, I need it bad! Shoot it all up inside me — ohhh, now, now! Guuhhh — aaaahhhhhnnnn!”

Writhing and sobbing, she lurched in an orgasm that slammed her back on his cock, twisting there like a speared fish.

A long throaty growl erupted from Josh’s throat, and his cock blasted with twitching release. Loads of cum jetted up his mom’s asshole and she sucked every glob up in utter blissful abandon.

This time their climax seemed to go on for hours. They hovered like that, bodies clashing in total culmination, until both were gasping and groaning with rapture.

Then, in slow motion, Donna sank onto the bed. Josh’s cock slid wetly from her flooded ass, and he collapsed atop her in a twitching heap.

“Oh Mom, that was fucking something else again!”

“Yessss…” she breathed a slight squawking laugh at the double meaning in his words. Jism leaked from her ass and cunt, while more of it rolled in her tummy. “Yesss, it… ahhh… it certainly was! And that was just the beginning, darling, because I’ve got lots more plans for you! Don’t uhhm… don’t think for one moment that this conversation is over yet! Even if it keeps us up all night.”

Grinning, Josh pressed down on his mother’s slim, limp body. Hell, if she had more of this kind of stuff to say, he was sure willing to listen!


The first thing Melanie felt when she awoke next morning was a stiff cock pushing against her ass.

Her eyes flew wide with shock at the intimate nudging presence that slithered there. She found herself in a strange bedroom, and a man’s warm, regular breath was wafting against the back of her neck.

She gasped, now wide awake. Then reality seeped back in slowly, and with it came the memory of last night’s events. She was in Dave’s bedroom, lying nude in his bed. And it was Dave’s hard prick that pressed against the cleavage of her ass.

Instantly a wave of humiliation swept through her. Memory flooded back in, and it brought back the sharp, vivid image of herself thrashing and sobbing on her son’s cock while his cum soared up into her pussy.

Melanie groaned and shut her eyes, trying to shut that image out. Last night had been a shameful experience — she’d seduced her own son! What kind of mother would do a thing like that?

But even in the midst of a wave of self disgust, she knew the answer — the horny kind, that’s what kind!

And Melanie was horny, despite all her inner turmoil. Even now, with the shock of last night’s behavior ripping brutally through her, she was all too aware of the vibrant cock probing rigidly against her bare flesh, as if sniffing out her pussy. She couldn’t stop a little surge of pleasure, a gush of juicy arousal that oozed from her cunt in response. The wild experiences of the past days had unleashed too many pent-up hungers to ignore.

Being careful not to wake him, she rolled over to face her son.

Dave lay on his side, his attractive face peaceful and the bare hint of a smile on his lips. His cock stood out all swollen and veined, as if last night’s fun was still on his mind as well.

In spite of all her shame, Melanie felt her mouth tug into a returning smile. After all, it wasn’t Dave’s fault if he had such a horny mom!

And she was getting hornier by the moment. With that thought a sudden wicked notion crept into her, making her cunt cream with greedy delight. Now that the damage was done, what was the use in denying it? She’d gone without cock for too long to ignore his pulsing stiff prick now. And if she couldn’t ignore it, why not take advantage?

That was all it took to urge her on.

Easing one leg gently across his body, she scooted into position until Dave’s inflamed cockhead pressed against the velvet-lined pot of warm, greasy syrup that was her cunt.

As if sensing her arousal his cock bobbed up stiffer than ever. Its huge knobbed head brushed back her moist pussy curls and plowed them aside, sliding along her slickened cunt.

She gasped, losing the last threads of self-control. Reaching down with a feather-like grasp to guide that lush, throbbing prick into place, she slipped its head between her cuntlips and sighed as their resilient rubbery tautness closed neatly around it, capturing his cock knob.

For a long moment Melanie simply lay like that with her sleeping son’s prickhead lodged at the entrance of her cunt with the promise of so much more to come. In spite of all her motherly objections, she honestly found it hard to believe that it was really wrong to feel this way. After all, David wasn’t just her son — he was a man. And even though she was his mother, she was a woman as well. And if they could love each other as mother and son, why not as man and woman?

Not that the answer made the slightest difference. Juicy arousal seeped from her filled cunthole, leaking down across his balls and filling the room with that musky, scent she’d come to know so well.


She wiggled a bit, enjoying the way his cocktip rolled like a big fat marble in her pussy. Sliding a leg across his motionless body, she eased forward, slowly sinking onto his thrumming, shaft.


Inch after inch of delightful cock meat slithered up her cunt hole. At last, when the last incredible inch had vanished into her seething pussy, she lay gasping for breath. Half-sprawled over Dave’s body and nestling her ass ticklishly against his hefty balls, she felt his cock twitch and lurch inside her.

Even asleep, David seemed to know just when his mom needed him most.

She began to hunch with slow leisurely strokes, sliding away from his cock to the very rim of its massive head and then riding smoothly back onto it, filling her cunt to overflowing with his hard pulsing cock.

It was the first time she’d ever fucked a sleeping man, and the first time she’d ever done it with both of them lying down. But then, Melanie had stacked up a lot of firsts these past few days. At the moment she was more than content to simply keep fucking like this forever. Her cunt slid back and forth, her clit mashing against his cockbase with delicious tingling explosions at each, forward thrust. Dave’s only response was a heavy sigh and a slight twitch of his hips, his face nuzzling down between the pillowy soft mounds of her tits.

Tenderly, with all the care of a loving mother, Melanie fucked herself into a rapturous oblivion on her son’s bloated prick. Before long she was gasping and panting, arching on his hard cock in spasms of sheer, unending joy.

“Thick me, David,” she cooed, breathing in his ear as her sopping cunt rode on his cock with increasing fury. “Fuck me nice, ohhh… oh baby, baby…”

Her words ended in a purr of pure joy as the first ripples of orgasm surged from her stuffed pumping pussy.


Dave groaned softly, hips thrusting. His cock bucked and leaped in his mother’s dripping cunthole as she slid back and forth faster than ever, plunging onto his swollen prick with a sighing cry.

“Ahhh — ahhhhmmmrn!”

Melanie rode her son’s cock into a wave of blissful climax, her thrashing cunt slurping greedily at his prick in a quiet, sobbing fury of release as she came hard and fast, again and again.

He moaned, hunching as well now. His eyes popped open in bleary, glazed approval, and a hoarse little grunt rose from his throat.

“Uhh — unnhh.”

Suddenly he arched. His cock wrenched ecstatically inside her, and Melanie let out a delighted wall.


Spurts of jism geysered deep into her pussy. Blast after blast of cum soared from his spasming cock and plunged her to an even greater climax as she pistoned onto it, taking every drop.

Gasping for breath as the last little splatters of his cock cream were soaked up in her tight hunching sheath, he managed a weak groaning smile.



Melanie’s voice was a purr of sheer, unfettered bliss.

“Mom, mommm…”

Blinking his eyes into focus and grinning with full realization, Dave squirmed happily to roll his prick around in his mom’s sopping pussy. He craned his head with sleepy joy and took the nearest rosy nipple in his mouth, sucking on it with infant-like satisfaction.

Fresh pangs of pleasure shot through her, and she clung joyfully to her son’s strong body as his soft used cock lolled inside her and warm eager mouth slurped at a stiff distended nipple. “Yes honey, oh yes that’s it. Suck my titties for me, milk me baby, milk me dry! Oh God Dave, it feels so great! Don’t stop, don’t ever stop…”

The nipple in Dave’s mouth twanged with an electric jolting intensity that took her breath away. Melanie had never been so attuned to her own sensuality before. God, she was about to come just having her tit sucked!

“Unnh…” she moaned, shoving her tit to his face and urging him on. “Do it, oh honey do it to me! I’m coming like crazy! I’m com — ummm… faster, faster! Suck me, lover! I can’t stand it, I’m going to come! Ohhhh couuuuummmmm!”

Her soft wail rose on the morning air as Dave gobbled that big juicy tit, trying hopelessly to slurp it all down his throat at once. Already he could feel his prick twitching with renewed life in the hot greasy vise of her cunt. Crisp spongy cunt fur tickled at his balls, and his mom began to hunch in a fury that made her tits jiggle and flop in response. The tit captured between his lips popped free and was instantly replaced by the other.


Trying to grin with a giant tit in his mouth wasn’t easy, but Dave managed it. His mom was real horny this morning, groaning and purring and undulating to work his prick hard again, while all the time her urgent tone begged him on.

“Give it to me, baby! Eat my titties up — ohhh, oh God yes, that’s it! Just like candy, Dave! See how sweet they taste? Suck my candy, sweetheart. Keep sucking me so I can get a taste of your sweetness too! I want your cock, oh fucking honey, I want your cream in my pussy, I can’t stand it another minute! Suck me and fuck me, yes, yesssss! Ahhhh!”

By now Dave was wide awake, and his cock was nudging to full awareness as well. He could feel it soaring up in her cunt, pushing and swelling against wet warm cunt walls and pushing tight, slippery pussylips apart until it was once more fully erect, jerking and twisting in his mom’s hungry pussy. He bit gently down on the fat nipple in his mouth, unable to contain his own hunger. His teeth nibbled on the plump ripe bud, tongue lashing its delicate surface until he had her whimpering and clinging to him with an intensity that made her dig her fingernails into his back.

“Precious lover,” Melanie gasped, reeling drunkenly on his stiffened cock like a pinned butterfly. “Ohhh… oh fuck, that’s good! Nibble on my tit like that — David, you’re driving me out of my mind! Harder honey, eat me harder! Oh fuck, fuck! Fuck, I can’t stand it! I’ve got to — Aaaannnnhhhhh!”

Suddenly twisting atop him, Melanie slammed down full force on his throbbing prick and lay squirming and wiggling, shoving her sensitized tits at him for more and flailing on his prick as if it was the last fuck she was ever going to have.


Hardly able to breathe, he gave a surprised grunt. He’d never seen his mother this wild before, not even last night. His cock was twisted backward by the abrupt change in position, and she began to slither back and forth with snake-like suppleness, hunching onto his wrenched-back cock in a frenzy of activity.

“Do it!” she hissed. Writhing on top of him as if trying to plunge his pulsing cock all the way through her. “Oh my God, you sweet fucking, sucking baby! Fuck me good David, fuck me good and hard! Fuck it to me lover, fuck my pussy until I scream!”

She gave a shriek of sheer delight and pumped back and forth more furiously than ever, riding his thrashing cock with hard pistoning strokes.

It was all Dave could do to hang onto his mom’s writhing body as she slid up and down his engorged prick in a fucking, heaving frenzy like nothing he’d ever felt before. Unable to endure that urgent sticking cunt vise any longer, he bit down on the nipple in his mouth and surged up taut as a bowstring, groaning loudly.

“Muuuhh — ummppf!”


For the second time that morning Melanie shuddered in delicious quakes of orgasm as her son’s bloated prick soared inside her, releasing its fresh load of jizz in her cunt.


She wiggled like a hooked fish, climaxing again and again as fresh jets of hot cock cream blasted into her already-sopping cunt. If anything, the second time was even better than the first. Floods of jism poured into her, and wave after wave of bliss rolled throughout her shuddering body with each spurting tide.

It wasn’t until she’d soaked every bit of pleasure from that chain of orgasms that at last she sank with a happy sigh atop him, her tit sliding free with a wet smacking sound.

“Wuh — wow!” he breathed, gasping for air. “Oh wow Mom, that was something else! I’ll… I’ll bet that was the best fuck ever!”


In complete agreement Melanie slumped beside him with a sated smile, feeling the first little trickles of cum seep from her overflowing cunt. She slipped a hand down to cup the overflow and hold it in, fingers kneading her swollen pussy flesh at the same time.

“You were great, Mom.” He rolled onto his side, his cock lolling limp and wet against his leg. “Man, what a way to wake up! I could do that every day. Hell, I could do it some more right now! How about making my cock hard again so we can keep fucking?”

Her smile beamed at that suggestion, her fingers rubbing tenderly across her cunt to massage his cum in thoroughly. “Ummm, that sounds wonderful, dear. But this poor little darling… do you think it could take one more turn? It looks so sleepy!”

Giggling girlishly, she gave her son’s softened prick a flick with her free hand. It bobbled lifelessly, drained and shrunken.

Dave grinned. His eyes took on a gleam. “It would if you kissed it back to life, I bet. Go ahead and try, Mom. Give my prick a couple of licks, just to see. And while you’re at it, how about showing me what your cunt looks like when it’s full of cockjuice? Oh shit, I want to know everything!”

His exuberance made her laugh. Melanie honestly couldn’t remember ever feeling so absolutely sexual before in her life. Without even the least twinge of inhibition or shame she scooted around on the bed to face Dave’s drooping prick, at the same time positioning her cunt before his gaze and letting her knees splay wide open to display every slick crease and crevice of her pink, dewy pussy.

Dave made a sound of delight as her tongue flicked out, diving across his wet shriveled prick with playful slurping laps. He watched his mother lick his cock clean of juices, then his balls and thighs as well. Her long blonde hair fanned out over his stomach as she lapped with kittenish pleasure, cleansing every drop of jism and cunt cream from his used-up cock.

Even as she tended to that pleasant duty, Melanie kept a hand moving between her thighs. After the two wonderful fuckings she’d just, received, she was more than just uninhibited — she was totally wicked, frothing with fresh juice just knowing Dave was watching and all too eager to show him more.

“Is that what you wanted to see?” she murmured, using two fingers to pry her cuntlips apart. They made a small squish and gaped open, allowing a warm ooze of cum to slide out. “Just… mmmm… tell me what you… mmmmm… what you want, baby and it’s yours.”

As she spoke. Melanie trailed darting kisses across his cock and hefty wrinkled ball sack. Her mouth moved all over him, never able to get enough. And the prying presence of her fingers aided the mood. She was getting hornier by the second.

Dave stared at her sopping open cunt, feasting on its puffy pooched lips and firm oily clit button. The sight of his own jizz seeping from his mom’s cunt and smeared stickily into her golden cunt fur made his voice hoarse, and he went on gleefully. “Yeah, that’s a good start. Now rub your pussy a little. I want to see how it looks when it’s good and juicy.”

How much juicier could she get? But Melanie obeyed eagerly, resuming a slow, leisurely massage that raked her fingers all along the silky slash of her cunt to display every tiny fold and wrinkle to his view. They even dipped down to play across her asshole, one fingertip pushing into that small puckered hole in her intent to give him the whole show.

Gasping slightly, Melanie played with her pussy in every tantalizing way she could think of. Simultaneously her lips glided expectantly across his cock and felt it tremble with life.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Dave felt the tremor too. “Oh shit, now you’re really turning me on! Play with yourself, Mom. Like you did in the bathtub last night. I want to see how women jerk off.”

Melanie chuckled, more at sheer joy over his slowly blossoming prick than at his inexperienced suggestion. “Women don’t jerk off, Dave! They’ve got nothing to jerk! But I know what you mean, and it goes like this…”

Without hesitation she slid a finger up her cunt, then another. Both fingers started to ease in and out as she engulfed his flared cockhead, sucking it like a straw.

“Ohhhhh, yeah!”

Dave watched greedily as her fingers sank deep up her cunt, pulling out all slick and greasy.


His cock rose slowly, sluggishly. Melanie took all of it down her throat, gulping at it in an urgent attempt to quicken its pace. Her thumb swiveled around to roll across the bud of her clit and a ripple of excitement shivered through her.

“Mmmmmm… fffuuum!”

Though she’d begun masturbating to please him, she now concentrated on pleasing herself as well. Thumbing her clit, she worked her fingers in and out of her cunt with increasing friction. Mouthing his prick and fingerfucking herself to fresh heights, she was soon writhing and hunting and groaning with all the new-found hungers of her unmotherly freedom.

“That’s it, Mom!” Dave’s voice was delighted as he saw her fingers slide deep into her gaping cunthole, while his prick blossomed like a flower between her lips. “Fuck yourself and suck my prick good. Make me come in your mouth, just like I did in your pussy. Eat it, Mom! Eat it real good!”

He arched, jamming his swelling cockmeat hard between her soft, puckered lips.

Melanie teetered back and forth on her knees, plunging back on her fingers and then crouching forward to take the big upright cock that speared up into her throat. Though it had been a long time since she’d sucked a man’s cock she hadn’t forgotten how, and now every bit of expertise came into the effort of working her son’s prick back to full throbbing life.

She wanted David’s cock in every way she could get it. She wanted to taste his cum blasting into her mouth, to feel it rolling down her throat in big spurting globs of cream. She wanted to give him a sucking he’d never forget, no matter how many girls might mouth his luscious prick in the years to come.

But even more than that, she wanted him sheathed in her pussy. She had to have his beautiful cock stuffed into her cunt again, pumping away and pounding her to climax with a completeness that no amount of finger-fucking or rubber dildo could match.

Even as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy with growing urgency, Melanie knew that nothing less would suit her now.

“Muhh — muhhmm…”

Gasping and weaving back, and forth with serpentine undulations, she quickly had both of them twisting and arching in full, soaring arousal.

Suddenly she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Plucking her soaked fingers from her cunt, Melanie twisted around and collapsed on the bed. Her legs flew wide apart and she roughly pulled Dave by the cock between her filmed thighs.

“Oh God, fuck me!” she wailed, wrapping her legs about his ass and trying in desperate surging heaves to plunge herself totally up onto his now-rigid cock. “Fuck me baby, I need it! Stuff it in me — oh baby, hurry!”

But instinctively, Dave held back. The grin on his face widened at his mom’s urgent tone. He’d never seen her like this before, and a sudden sense of new-found power flooded through him. Hell, he could do anything he wanted with his cock-hungry mother. Anything at all!

Instead of plunging his prick into her waiting cunt the way he ached to do, he held back.

“How bad?” He gave a harsh chuckle, thoroughly enjoying the wrenched look of lust on her attractive face. “How bad do you want it, Mom?”

“Oh God…”

Melanie very nearly screamed. His cock hovered over her, its tip barely nuzzling between her cuntlips, but no matter how she lurched and pulled, he still held back.

Suddenly she did scream. “I need it so bad I’m going to explode! Give it to me, damn you! Give it — to me this — instant!”

But Dave didn’t give in — not just yet. He was having too much fun to stop now. It was strangely satisfying to see his mom squirm and wail for his pecker, her pussy mouth grasping for his cocktip with frantic hunger. He enjoyed making her squirm. So why not make her squirm a little extra?

“If you want me to fuck you all that bad, Mom, you’re going to have to beg for it. Come on, let’s hear you beg! Beg for my cock!”

“Please!” The word ripped from her, torn out by the taunting nearness of that lush, pulsing prick. “Please! Oh — oh you bastard, stuff it in me — pleeeeeease!”

With that mournful sob and a thrust of her hips she tried desperately to impale her boiling cunt on her son’s cock.

Her efforts made him laugh, and he pushed her back on the bed in a strong, hard grip. “So I’m a bastard, huh? That makes you a bitch then, doesn’t it? Tell me, Mom, tell me you’re a bitch!”

“Duh — damn you, I’m a bitch!” she cried, clawing at his ass. “I’m your bitch, and you’re going to fuck the shit out of me right now before I die! Now get it in my pussy, you mother-fucking little bastard! Thick my cunt! Oh my fucking baby, give me every mother-fucking inch!”

Her hips rolled up with eager lunging fury, cuntlips smacking for his cock like a drooling thirsty mouth.

Unable to withstand that insatiable urging, Dave groaned. “Oh shit, your pussy’s too much! Take it, bitch! Take it all, you fucking bitch!”

He slammed down and his massive prick split her pussylips wide and pounded home. “Gaaaaahhhh!”

Melanie shrieked with that first torturous thrust. Her body thrashed upward with eager spasming surges as he began to slide his cock meat in and out, quickly picking up speed.

All Dave’s attention was now totally focused on giving his mother the most thorough fucking yet. Caught up in the fantasy of having a mom who was his own personal bitch, he speared his cock to her with vicious twisting lunges that wrenched her pussy wide. The intensity of each thrust pinned her ass to the bed with a wild sobbing shudder, but she hunched up for more just as if she got this kind of fucking every day.

Within moments they were both pumping and heaving in a gasping ecstasy of mutual abandon, mother and son crushing together and their sweaty bodies slapping loudly with their unleashed passions.

Suddenly Melanie climaxed in a explosion of bliss, and soared up with a strength that lifted her son in a twitching tumble stop her.


She screamed with open rapture, taking the full weight of his body behind that last, delicious plunge of cock meat into her steaming pussy.

It was too much for Dave to withstand. He moaned, and his balls tingled. The first geyser of cum jetted deep into his mother’s pussy and was immediately followed by another and another.

They came in simultaneous unity, clinging to each other in utter oblivion with blast after blast of orgasm.

Dave had never been so drained before. Even as the last small splatters of jism dribbled into her cunt she undulated up, eyes glazed, breath panting out hotly on his face in a luxury of completion.

When at last, thoroughly intoxicated, with cum and climax, she sank back on the bed in an ecstatic heap, he managed a weak little laugh.

“Ohhh, shit! Oh man… Hey, Mom?”

“Muhh…” Eyes slowly unglazing, Melanie dimly heard his voice.

“I can fuck you anytime from now on, can’t, I mean, we don’t ever have to stop now, do we?”

She smiled hazily at those words, her soaked, bloated pussy still clinging to that scrumptious prick in an effort to suck the final droplets from it. “Uhhm… no darling, never. Ahhhhh. We’ll never stop, never ever.”

She purred in a cloud of satiation, happier than she’d been in a long, long time.

And as Dave finally rose and began to dress, he was feeling pretty good himself.

They were mother and son, but now they were lovers as well.

And nothing was going to change that. Nothing at all.


“Hey, Dave! Where you been?”

Josh called out from behind his motorcycle as Dave spotted him and trotted around the hedge, coming up the driveway with a large grin plastered on his face.

“Hi! Working on your bike, huh? Think you’ll ever get it running?”

His voice was as casual as if nothing at all had happened, and Josh couldn’t keep the curiosity out of his reply. “Forget that. What happened with your mom? Man, I thought she’d bust your ass good!”

“Aw, it wasn’t so bad.” Dave shrugged, smiling sheepishly. “She just gave me a big lecture, and… uh, that’s about all. It’s okay now, she’s not mad anymore. They can sure surprise you when they want to.”

He knelt down beside his friend, almost on the point of blurting out the whole truth but not quite daring to.

And for his part, Josh had the vague feeling some details had been, left out. After seeing Mrs. Patterson all bent out of shape last night, he found it hard to believe she wasn’t still upset. “Well, that’s great. You mean she didn’t ground you or anything?”

“Uh uh.” Embarrassed at keeping a secret from his best friend, he tried to change the subject. “Come on, let’s see if we can get this thing running again.”

“She’s not even mad anymore?” Josh persisted, prying for details. “What the hell’d you do to cool her off? After last night I thought your ass was fried! What the hell happened?”

His probing stare weakened Dave’s resolve and, despite himself, a small, secretive grin flitted across his face. “Oh, nothing much. We just, uh, kind of talked things out, that’s all.”

“Oh, sure.” Josh’s face scrunched into a look of frank disbelief, and his eyes lit with the first small hint of realization. “She didn’t look ready to talk from what I saw! She looked like she needed a different kind of cooling off — is that how you got out of trouble? Did you slip your old lady what she was really after? Oh slit, just look at your face! You did it! You really slipped her the meat, didn’t you? Holy shit!”

His words rose to a gleeful chortle as Dave flushed furiously. His expression gave him away. He glowered, unable to hide it. “The hell I did! And if you go spreading that around…”

“Hey, not me!” Josh raised his hands in the air, grinning from ear to ear. “We’re friends, remember? And besides… well, you’re not the only one with a mom that likes that kind of talk.”

Before he quite knew it, Josh was pouring out everything that had happened in the past days — the way his own mom had unexpectedly displayed her horniness as well, and the events that had piled up one after another, growing wilder and less inhibited with each new session.

Dave’s blue eyes grew wider and wider until they bulged at the vivid images of Mrs. Jones doing all those things with his best friend.

Within moments both boys were engrossed in revealing their experiences of the past days, baring all the secrets they’d kept hidden from each other until now. In a haze of mutual realization they swapped stories, and a new understanding slowly crept between them.

As revelation followed revelation, a plan began to form. After all, Dave and Josh were best friends. And best friends always share, don’t they?

The morning seemed to go on forever. Melanie went about her routine chores as if nothing had happened, but all she could think of was David. Her cunt still tingled with the sensation of his throbbing prick, and no matter how she tried she couldn’t get her mind off it.

In fact, the sheer hunger that seemed to glow within her was a bit frightening in itself. She had never experienced a feeling like this before, not even during the height of her marriage. She was becoming obsessed, and she knew it. The memory of Dave’s lush, throbbing cock, the feel of it sliding between her cuntlips or pulsing in her mouth, was so vivid she found herself creaming with wicked anticipation merely at the thought of experiencing those things again just as soon as she could.

Melanie smiled to herself, just imagining the look on Donna’s face if she found out. Not even the insatiable redhead would dream that Melanie had discovered the kind of fulfillment she needed most right under her own roof. And as unhealthy as their relationship might seem to other people, it couldn’t be totally wrong to feel the way she felt now. David was her son, but he was her lover too. And if that only made their love all the more complete, how could it be wrong?

Those thoughts carried Melanie through the long lonely morning as she cleaned and dusted, simply enjoying the ache that grew in her cunt and knowing that it would end the moment Dave got home.

God, would he ever get home? What was he doing? Didn’t he know she needed him? Where was he?

She’d worked her way up to her bedroom, almost as if by pure chance, when the ache grew too fierce to ignore.

Dropping the dust cloth she’d been using, Melanie reached down with both hands to feel the hot moistness that had blossomed steadily at the crotch of her slacks.

Spurred on by the urgency in her cunt, she stripped and collapsed onto the neatly made bed, reaching hungrily for her cunt.

At that moment, as if caused by the sheer force of her need, the back door banged open downstairs and Dave’s voice blurted out breathlessly.

“Hey Mom, I’m home! Where’s lunch?”

Melanie almost laughed with giddy eagerness as she scrambled to the door, her pussy seething.

“Up here, darling. And it’s about time you got home, too! Your lunch is waiting right here!”

It didn’t take any time at all for that statement to penetrate. His feet pounded on the stairs and he burst into the room panting for breath.

“I figured you’d be in the kitch — shee-it!” He stopped, gaping at the sight of her standing there nude before him, smiling sexily.

“Well, what are you waiting for? I’ve been keeping it warm for you. Aren’t you hungry?”

Still smiling, she stood with her tits thrusting out and her legs spread to display a hint of pink wetness between her thighs, letting him look.

“Yeah,” Dave grinned, instantly reaching for his own clothes. “Yeah, I’m hungry all right. And you’ll see just how hungry. Just wait and see, Mom!”

His cotton shirt flew through the air and seconds later his jeans lay in a heap as well. He stepped out of them and strode confidently forward, his cock bobbing and soaring up to life.

“Wow, you look kind of hungry too. It’s a good thing I brought something to nibble on. How about it, Mom? You want to nibble on my cock again? How about getting it nice and hard for me? Come on — I want to see you suck it again, just like you did before. Then maybe I’ll give you the kind of meal you really want. Go ahead, suck my cock off good. Do it, Mom…”

Melanie let out a small laugh, sinking to her knees without complaint. She knelt facing her son’s swelling cock and heavy balls, delighted at the prospect. “Well, an appetizer might be nice, I suppose. Just as long as we don’t forget the main course…”

Dave groaned, grinning down as his mother’s soft warm lips encircled his prick and began to slide onto it, engulfing more and more of his cock meat down her throat. “Suck it, Mom. Suck it for me real good. Eat my prick up. Oh Jesus, that feels great! Yeah…”

A purr rose from around his vanishing cock as she did just that, riding her mouth back and forth on his prick as if trying to taste every bloated inch of it at once. Instantly she was gulping with eager need, urged on by the creaming pain that shot through her sopping cunt. There was no pretense between them now. Melanie reached up and grasped her son’s taut asscheeks, moving her head in a fucking motion on his cock with exactly the same urgency that she wanted it plunging up her pussy. She didn’t hesitate. Hungry for her son’s beautiful, cunt-filling cock in any way she could get it she rode her mouth on it in a luxury of worshipful bliss.

His hips twitched, fists clenching into her long blonde hair and forcing her head forward in fast harsh strokes that shoved his prick to the base between her lips.


Melanie’s already-heated pussy gushed a fresh torrent of creamy need. A droplet of jism seeped from his pisshole, and that only aroused her more. Gulping at his cock meat with growing need, she was soon wiggling with juicy hunger and moaning deep in her throat.

She didn’t hear the creak on the stairs.

She didn’t see a mop of dark curly flair poke from around the bedroom doorway.

Engrossed totally in the vibrant cock slithering in and out of her mouth, Melanie didn’t notice as Josh peered hesitantly in, his mouth agape.

Despite all the stories they’d told each other, Josh gasped. Now he was actually seeing it happen. Dave hadn’t exaggerated one bit. She was really sucking him off — and look at her go!

From where he stood he could clearly see the whole thing. Mrs. Patterson was on her knees before Dave, those big juicy tits of hers dangling and bouncing with every bob of her head as she licked her son’s cock to a wet, shining cock shaft. Even across, the room Josh could see that her thick golden mound of pussy hair was all dewy and matted with arousal. Little moans surged from her cock-filled mouth and her cheeks sucked in with furious new urgency.

“Oh yeah, suck it tight off!” Dave gasped delightedly, hunching forward in a series of fast stabbing pumps that slapped his balls roughly against her chin. “Suck my jizz right out of me! Oh fuck, that’s good, make me come right down your throat! Take it, Mom! Take it!”

Melanie took it, and without protest. Her cunt was seething by now, sopping with creamy need. She wanted to feel Dave’s load of precious jism sliding in hot liquid globs down her throat, but even more than that she wanted it blasting in her pussy, jetting spurt after spurt into her.

Abruptly she couldn’t stand another moment without that scrumptious prick plunged up her pussy.

Unaware of the spectator, she suddenly pulled her head free and twisted back onto the nearby bed with a moan of hunger, flopping her legs wide.

“Fuck me! Get it into me baby, now! Please David, please!”

Dave heard a small hiss of breath behind him and grinned slowly down at the spectacle of his mom with her thighs spread wide, pink dripping cunt stretched open into a moist hungry mouth, gaping before Josh’s hidden gaze.

Strangely, the knowledge that his best friend was looking on made Dave even more aware of the power he had over his Mom. Shit, she’d do anything for some cock right now, and Josh was watching it all! He could do whatever he wanted, and she’d love it. She’d love anything at all.

A new gleam flared in his eyes at that realization, spurred by one of Josh’s confessions.

Intent on showing off his mom’s horny lack of inhibition and at the same time satisfying his own newly aroused curiosities, Dave unexpectedly reached down and grabbed her.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll get it into you, but maybe not the way you thought…”

Without warning Melanie found herself being roughly flipped onto her stomach under her son’s strong hands. Dazed with need and taken by surprise, she didn’t resist. “Dave, what’re you… ohhh, oh God honey, not there! Please — don’t…”

Understanding sank in as he pushed between her out flung legs and grasped her taut asscheeks, drawing them wide apart to expose the moist puckered little ring of her asshole.

“What’s the matter, Mom?” His voice was a hoarse chuckle as he held her ass open, displaying the pink stretched-open hole of her ass to Josh’s view. “You want it, don’t you? I’ll bet you could take my cock in this beautiful ass of yours. I’ll bet it’s nice and tight too. Hell, I’d be lucky to get my prick all squeezed into it! You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You’d like to squeeze my cock right up your ass and fuck it real good, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you?”

By this time she was beyond even a feeble objection to her son’s suggestion. Her pussy was churning with juices, her ass jutting and revealed in all its slick enticement before him as she clutched the bedsheets and gasped out her response.

“Yes! Yes damn you, I want it! Put it anywhere David, just put it in me! I’ve — I’ve got to have your cock, baby! Hurry! Do it!”

Her wail was a plea of unleashed urgency as she spread her legs even wider, ready to take his prick anyplace she could get it.

Dave’s face beamed with pleasure at that response as he knelt down, letting his bloated cockhead slither along her parted ass crevice and poke tauntingly against the moist, slippery little hole.

“Anything you say, Mom. How’s this?”

His swollen cocktip pushed against her ass lips and Melanie groaned in a mixture of pain and delight.

Grinning wider than ever, Dave clutched her hips and heaved. His cock shoved forward with a lurch.


She cried out as her delicate ass lips were forced apart, and the entire massive head of his prick slipped inside.

In all her experience Melanie had never had a cock up her ass before, and at first the pain was incredible. Her rubbery ass lips were split wide open as more and more of his prick worked its way into her like a hot searing poker. Inch after bloated inch sank home, and within moments she was shrieking out a cry of intense agony and bliss like nothing she’d known before in her life.

“Yehhhsss! Ohhh you fucking little bastard, shove it all up in me! Oh God that hurts, it’s tearing me in two! More, more damn you, I can’t stand it! Guuuuuhhh!”

She lurched, sobbing, as his cock pushed up her clutching ass sheath and began to work in and out, picking up speed as her wrenched open muscles relaxed to take it.

“Ohhh, yeah!” Dave’s approval was a gasp of pleasure as he drilled his mom’s hot tight asshole, watching his prick slide in and out of the small sucking vise just as if they’d done this hundreds of times before. “Shit, that feels good! You’ve got the tightest ass anywhere, Mom! Thick me with it! Yeah, wiggle it, cunt! Wiggle it right onto my cock! Ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh…”

To his frank amazement she did just that, arching backward to take every meaty thrust. Whimpering and writhing, Melanie plunged onto her son’s prick in a new frenzy of sensation like nothing she’d ever known before. Even the torturous feel of having his cock wedged in her ass was enough to send shuddering ripples of climax surging through her. Before she knew it Melanie was wailing with a new tone, lunging back on that delicious prick and spiraling to orgasm with an intensity that had her thrashing in blissful completion, bouncing her ass up for more.

“Do it! Oh God lover, fuck my ass hard! I’m coming, make me come! Come, oh fucking bastard come! Aaaannnh!”

She shrieked, blasting again and again with orgasmic fury as Dave’s cock pounded her with fast, hard strokes.

That was all he could stand. With his mom’s writhing ass suddenly clamping down on his throbbing prick, he slammed it to her with one last furious stab and felt his load erupt in a throbbing wrench that made him groan.


An acid-hot geyser of cum spurted up Melanie’s taut, damp ass channel. His cock soared and leaped inside her, pumping blast after blast of thick syrupy jism into her as if it would never end.

Melanie came like she had never come before. Heaving and sobbing and twisting in utter rapture, she took it all.

“Oh jeez — uhhhh…”

Dave finally slumped back with a happy grin, drained.

Delirious in an ecstasy she hadn’t expected, she shivered there even after his cock slipped away, undulating in waves of unleashed oblivion.

It was as she hung like that, ass jutting in the air and still swaying in the throes of unbelievable climax, that behind her Dave called out.

“Hey Josh, it’s okay! Come on it. She’s ready for anything now!”

The words barely registered through Melanie’s haze of satiation. Then she heard the approach of footsteps and a second voice spouted.

“Oh wow, that was really something! Man, you weren’t kidding when you said your mom knew how to take it!”

“Uuhh — wha…?”

Stunned and dazed in the swells of her assfucking, Melanie managed to twist around to see Josh Jones standing in the open doorway, feasting on the sight of Mrs. Patterson crouched with her ass still gyrating in the air and Dave’s load of jizz seeping out in little splatters from her pink, moist asshole.

“Ohhh…” Reality sank slowly into her, and with it came horrified understanding. “Oh no… David!”

But it was too late. Obviously the two boys had planned this whole thing, and had chosen the moment when she was at her weakest to make their move. Even as shocked realization swept through her, Dave laughed.

“It’s okay, Mom. After last night Josh has seen everything, anyway. But he never got a good look at your cunt. Let’s show Josh your pussy, Mom. I want him to see just what he’s been missing!”

“David… ohhh, don’t…”

Before she had time to do more than gasp those words out Dave was already in motion. He reached down and grasped her ankles, then flipped her onto her back and pulled her legs back and wide apart with a flourish.

Melanie cried out in shamed astonishment, but her cry emerged as little more than a whimper as Dave clambered onto the bed holding her ankles far apart, totally exposing her drenched pussy gash to his friend’s gaze.

The chain of events happened so swiftly that before she could muster even the least attempt at resistance it was too late to stop what was happening. All the strength seemed to have gone out of her. Now Josh stood staring down with open delight at her gaping pussy, its puffy blonde-fleeced lips flaring wide and her small anal mouth still drooling with her son’s warm, sticky jism.

“Please… oh my God, please!”

Melanie groaned in a wave of humiliation at being shown off like a prize to her next-door neighbor.

And even more humiliating than that — she felt a tremor of pleasure tickle through her split-open cunt as Josh feasted on the spectacle of her pussy, his face tight with lust, his lips twitching into an “oh” of awe.

“Wow,” he breathed, repeating his gasp of pleased amazement at the sight of that lush matted pussy blossoming out before him.

“You sure have a beautiful cunt, Mrs. Patterson. It’s… it’s really great! Oh fuck, it’s one of the nicest pussies I ever saw! I’ll bet it even tastes as good as it looks…”

As if drawn by the sheer presence of that inviting bared pussy, Josh knelt between her thighs.

Staring at him with wide blue, uncomprehending eyes, Melanie saw his face suddenly dive forward.

It happened without warning. Josh’s tongue lashed out, slipping between her plump dripping cuntlips and sinking into her pussy. It probed with wild uninhibited curiosity inside her and she groaned.

“Josh — juhhhhhh…”

A fresh burst of cream flooded from her at the feel of that fat, darting tongue. Despite her shock Melanie couldn’t help twitching with wicked arousal, squirming on the bed in sensuous reaction as Dave held her legs wide open, giving his friend complete access to his mom’s cunt.

Josh seemed to know just what to do. His tongue slipped deep inside her cunt, then glided out and flicked her greasy erect clit and stabbed in again, alternating between the two. It only took a few of those all-consuming licks to have her pussy churning in a new fury of sensation, gushing horny juices over the teenager’s face and clutching for his tongue with blatant eagerness.

“Josh, don’t! Please… please, aaaahhhhhh.”

Melanie’s voice was a moan of intermingled shame and lust at her own predicament. Dave was grinning down at her, holding her legs apart while Josh’s tongue lapped her cunt to fresh heights of arousal.

She was a hopeless captive between the two boys, a prisoner of her own unquenched hungers as she wiggled in a weak attempt at escape. Somehow her throes only seemed to bury his wet, driving probe deeper, and she couldn’t hold back the sob of pleasure that slid from her throat.

“Don’t… oh honey, honeyy…”

Her cunt muscles squeezed treacherously on Josh’s tongue, milking at it despite her cries. And that only made the situation more humiliating than ever. Melanie’s shame was utter and complete as she felt her pussy juices flow across the boys face, urging him on.

“Yeah, look at her go!” Dave chortled at the sight of his mom’s writhing body, her big tits mashed against her thighs and her face wrenched with lust as his pal hunched over her open cunt, furiously lapping at the cream that poured out. “She really loves having her cunt eaten — yeah Josh, eat the bitch up! Then we’ll show her some fucking like she never had before! That’s it, Mom! Get nice and hot for some real fucking.”

Melanie writhed in helpless ecstasy as Josh’s tongue slithered in and out between her sopping pussy folds, slurping the length of her pussy with long lingering laps that had her creaming like crazy. She couldn’t help it. The teenager’s tongue was driving her wild all over again, and no amount of mortification could halt that. Purring in total abandon, she bounced on the bed with a cry of urgent need.

“Yes, oh yes that’s it, eat me up! God, I can’t stand it! Oh you cunt-eating baby, lap my pussy good! Yes, yessss…”

Josh’s prick throbbed in his jeans and Mrs. Patterson’s juicy pussy made it throb even harder. He licked her cunt until she was hunching and moaning in renewed oblivion. Then he drew back and tore at his clothes without the least bit of hesitancy.

“Uhhh…” She let out a frustrated groan, her eyes fluttering open just in time to see his big stiffened cock spring up before her.

That sight was more than Melanie could stand. “Yes!” she groaned huskily, hypnotized by the magnificent bobbing spectacle of it looming in front of her. “Get your cock in me, honey, get it all the way inside me! I… I need it, I need your fucking cock! Hurry, oh hurry!”

Josh was more than willing to oblige. He slipped between her outflung legs, moving straight for that scrumptious wide-spread pussy.

“Anything you say, Mrs. Patterson.”

Smiling broadly, he pushed his knobbed prickhead between her cuntlips. Melanie’s eyes bulged and he shoved.

The whole massive length of his cock slid neatly into her without even the slightest resistance and she let out a wail.

“Oh fuck, what a pussy!” Josh gave a pleased groan as those resilient cuntlips snapped around his swollen cock, sucking it to its base up her heated cunt chute. He began to pump in and out, slowly at first, then with increasing intensity. “Christ, your cunt feels good! Oh fuck, Dave sure wasn’t lying about you at all, Mrs. Patterson! Take it! Take every inch — uhhhh…”

Melanie did just that, beyond any pretense of objection. Too much had happened in too short a time. Still woozy from her ass-fucking session and aroused by Josh’s lapping tongue to resist any further, she gave in completely to the lovely prick that slid in and out of her cunt.

She didn’t even realize that Dave had released her legs. They flopped in the air as Josh rolled atop her, his cock squishing back and forth like a piston.

Dave sat on the bed, watching it all. He saw his friend’s cockshaft sliding in and out of his mom’s cunt, saw her face curve in an enraptured smile as she took it. Urged by that sexy scene, he scooted into a straddling position over her head, letting his softened, still-wet cock loll against her mouth.

“Hey, let me in on this too! Suck my cock, Mom, take it down your throat so you can fuck both of us at once! Give me a blow-job while you’re fucking Josh… yeah, oh yeah that’s real good.”

Melanie hardly heard, but her full lips opened as if by magic and her son’s prick sank between them. Caught up in a dreamy haze of sensation, she began to roll that limp pecker over her tongue and gulp at it with blatant greed, matching the rhythm of Josh’s thrusts.

“Muhhm… uhhhmmmmf…”

Within moments she was totally engorged with hard thrusting cock as Dave’s prick swelled up stiff and quivering in her mouth. She sucked and fucked furiously, writhing on the bed and taking both cocks at once. She’d never been so stuffed with hard thrashing pecker before, and nothing could brake the flow of creamy bliss that soared through her now.

Soon both boys were gasping for breath, Josh’s cock meat slamming into her tight pussy sheath faster than ever and Dave’s delectable cock sliding down her throat to its base. They were really doing it — fucking Dave’s mom at both ends! And she was loving it!

“Yeah!” Dave blurted an ecstatic laugh, burying his cock between those soft full lips just the way he had her ass. “Make us both come at once, Mom. Show us what a cock hungry bitch you really are! Suck our jizz right up! Unnh! Uhhh!”

Groaning, Josh plowed his prick to her faster than ever.

Their cocks surged in unison atop her, and Melanie abruptly arched in a climax of unbelievable explosions. Plunging up on both those scrumptious cocks, she came in a muffled scream of fulfillment.




They all came simultaneously. Two loads of hot cock cream literally ripped up her pussy and down her throat, blasting again and again with a frenzy that had her swallowing and hunching as if it would never end.

Both Josh and Dave twitched in mutual release on top of the beautiful whimpering blonde, ramming their cocks home until she’d taken every last drop of jizz and still undulated for more, drinking them dry.

Josh slumped, gasping, between Mrs. Patterson’s smooth, tapered legs. Dave settled over her face with a groan, pumping the last little droplets of his load into her sucking mouth. Then he too collapsed, sighing loudly.

“Oh shit, that was something! Really something.”


Melanie couldn’t have agreed more. And, as the two nude teenaged boys sank across her in drained, panting heaps, she found herself smiling.

Perhaps a little humiliation had its good side, after all!


“Donna Jones, you’re a cock-hungry bitch!”

Donna smiled at her reflection in the full length bedroom mirror. She stood nude before it, legs spread apart to display the slight drooping pout of her moist cuntlips jutting from their lush bush of fur. Her pussy was soaking wet, aching for some action.

And Josh was off again doing God-knew-what, leaving his motorcycle strewn all over the driveway. She’d pulled her car up beside it after a hard morning’s shopping, looking forward to a pleasant afternoon of some very unmotherly fucking, to find her son out gallivanting all over creation, when he was so desperately needed at home. It just wasn’t fair!

“That’s what you are — just a cock-hungry, boy-hungry bitch!”

Her smile widened. She no longer felt even the slightest twinge of regret or guilt that it was her own teenaged son whose cock she was hungry for. The past days had reminded her how much fun it was simply to feel alive again, after all the empty years before. She knew that Josh wasn’t about to develop any unhealthy fixations about his mother, he was too exuberant for that, too popular at school to avoid having some cute girl flaunt herself before him and take away the thing that, at the moment, Donna needed more than anything else.

But that was the way it should be. All that mattered now was this very moment, and the delicious pangs arousal that swelled in her cunt. Everything else would take care of itself eventually. All she had to worry about was taking care of things right now…

Her hands slipped down, fondling the warm, soft, wet flesh of her pussy.


For a tantalizing moment she was tempted to pull the dildo from its hiding place in a bureau drawer and satisfy herself with that. But it wasn’t quite as much fun using the big rubber cock on herself since her session with Melanie. Two could have so much more pleasure than one. And speaking of Melanie…

Aglow with the vivid image of the two of them passing the afternoon together, she quickly dressed and headed next door, seething with anticipation.

N Donna didn’t bother to knock. She opened the back door of Melanie’s house and poked her head in, calling out.

“Mel? It’s me, darling! You busy?”

There was no answer. Melanie’s car was in the driveway, so she had to be home. Without hesitation Donna strode through the kitchen and through the living room, her deep sexy voice rising.

“Melanie? You’re not hiding, are you?”

Still no answer. She stood in the living room, frowning.

That was when Donna heard a sound come from upstairs. The faint squeak of bedsprings, as if in answer to her call. Her lips tugged upward. What better place to find the hot, voluptuous blonde?

Her pussy creamed and tingled with delightful persistence, urging her on. Donna moved softly up the stairs. The bedsprings squeaked again. Surely Melanie couldn’t be sleeping at this hour! And all that squeaking sounded suspiciously sexy. Was it possible that Mel had already started without her?

Heading down the hall to her friend’s bedroom, Donna almost laughed at that thought. Then she heard a familiar laugh, and Josh’s voice froze her to the spot.

“Wow, Mrs. Patterson, you sure are everything Dave said! That feels real good… ahhhhhhh…”

Donna’s mouth dropped open, green eyes flashing wide. Before she could overcome that initial astonishment, a second teenaged voice blurted out as well.

“Hell, I told you she was a horny cunt! My mom can fuck your cock raw and never get enough! Isn’t that right, Mom?”

“Ohh… oh God, yehhhsss…”

Melanie purred out a response, the sheer huskiness of her tone stabbing a sharp twinge of sympathetic sensation through Donna’s pussy.

Stunned, the redhead found herself creeping forward. Josh and David and Melanie, was it possible? Judging from the sounds coming from the bedroom, it certainly sounded plenty possible!

Still unable to believe what she was hearing, Donna slipped up to the doorway.

She stopped there, gaping.

Josh lay flat on his back, grinning from ear to ear.

Melanie sat straddling him, undulating with a fluid leisurely motion. Her eyelids fluttered, long blonde hair streaming out in a tangle as she gyrated on his cock, rolling it about in her pussy. Her soft full lips were parted in a long moaning sigh as she rode his meaty prick, working it back to full stiffness deep inside her. His hands clutched at her big jiggling tits, groping at their distended nipples and urging her on.

Dave lay on his side, his thick cock lolling limply, and watched the whole thing with a pleased expression.

Before she quite had time to fully comprehend what she was seeing, Dave abruptly hopped up onto his knees. Even limp, his soft, prick dangled against the hefty hairy nest of his balls with a thickness that took her breath away. His blue eyes lit up beneath a mop of tousled blond hair, and he moved to join in.

“Hey, how about me? Let’s both fuck her at once this time, for real! You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Mom? You’d like to take my prick right up your ass again, while Josh fucks your pussy! Wouldn’t you?”

Melanie was beyond denying her son anything by this time, and that face was plain to them all. Her puffy lips curved in a luxurious smile, and she groaned out her automatic agreement.

“Yessss, that — oh fuck, that’s just what I want! Fuck me, baby. Fuck my ass!”

Instantly she leaned forward, wedging Josh’s cock in her pussy and mashing her tits to his chest. Her ass jutted out, its pink inflamed hole glistening wet and pooching open, ready to feast on her son’s fat shaft.

Donna reacted naturally to that unexpected spectacle. Her cunt drooled with a fresh gush of wicked cream as Dave slipped up behind his mom, his cock already lengthening and thickening to breathtaking proportions as he held its big reddened knob in his fist, guiding it straight to that open inviting asshole.


Melanie gave a small wail as his prickhead pushed between her ass lips for the second time that day, this time shoving even tighter between them as Josh’s cock lurched in her pussy.

Dave didn’t let that wail stop him. He heaved, and the entire massive length of his half-hardened prick slid into his mom’s taut ass channel with only token resistance.

“Fuhhh — fuck me! Oh you sweet fucking babies, fuck me good and hard! I need it! I… need… it! Ahhhhhh!”

Enthralled by the beautiful blonde’s pleas, both teenagers were grinning wide as they worked their pricks even deeper into her, taking full advantage of the situation. Dave’s prick gouged into the taut greased hole of her ass, shoving its way to the very core of her. At the same time Josh surged up, plowing his stiffened prick meat into her seething pussy with new intensity as it tightened around his cock, wrenched into a clamped vise by the ramming prick that tore into her ass.

The sheer sensation of being filled with two throbbing cocks at once was nearly enough to make her faint. She’d never taken so much cock before, had never really believed it was possible for one woman to take two pricks.

Melanie’s eyes bulged and she screamed. “Naaannngggh!”

They were fucking her with unbelievable thoroughness. Fucking her ass and pussy in a mutual rhythm, fucking her to a heaven of approaching orgasm like nothing she’d yet experienced. Melanie flopped without the least shred of self-control as that pair of male bodies thrashed to her, lunging from beneath and above. Her head lolled, and the tremors of an earthquake unlike any she’d ever known began to shudder through her.

Whimpering and glassy-eyed, she felt its rumbles. She shrieked again, beyond holding back. “Fuck me, you bastards! Oh you sweet fucking, cunt-screwing bastards, give me both your cocks! Fuck the piss out of me — ohhhh, I’m doing it! I’m going to piss! Fuck me! Fuck — fuck — fffuuuhhh!”

The first blast of climax had her reeling wildly on their combined cocks in oblivious frenzy.

And as if her disgrace wasn’t complete already, she felt the sudden warm wetness of her own piss gush out of her, mingling with the juices that already slickened her two holes. A sharp acrid tang filled the air, and both boys’ balls were soaked with new stickiness as she whimpered and lurched between them, totally at the mercy of those two stabbing pricks.

“Hey, she’s really pissing! I can feel it!”

“Shit, I’m gonna blast! Oh Mom — ahhhhh…”

Dave’s cock wrenched in her asshole, and hot jets of cum spurted deep into the clenched sucking chute as he groaned, clinging to her for dear life.

Even as he wailed at that ecstatic explosion of jism in her ass, Melanie felt Josh’s prick ripple as well. He surged up and his meaty cock geysered its load up her pussy in furious twitching throbs.

She came in an orgy of bliss, bouncing and flopping.

Amazed by the whole scene, Donna stood there and watched it all. She saw her son’s face screw up with delight as his cock erupted in her neighbor’s pussy. She saw Dave’s big prick slide from Melanie’s ass, slick and dripping. The three of them slumped in gasping satisfaction, oblivious to their spectator.

That was all she could take. Her cunt was creaming up a froth at the sight of them, urgently aching to join the fun.

And that was an ache she intended to soothe, right now.

“Well, I see now why the neighborhood seemed so empty! Is this a private party or can anyone join in?”

The two boys twisted around at her voice. From his position pinned beneath the twitching blonde, Josh let out a gasp. “Muh — Mom!”


Dave tumbled off Melanie and made a feeble grab to hide his slippery prick as the redhead strode in, her sharp green eyes flashing.

They barely had time to realize that they’d been caught when, still smiling, Donna began to take off her clothes.

“I think that was very naughty, ganging up on poor Melanie like that. Josh, I’m ashamed of you! And you, David Patterson — the both of you deserve a lesson in manners, if you ask me! And I’m just the one to even the score.”

Her blouse drifted to the floor, followed quickly by her slacks.

“What… ohhhh, shit!”

Dave blurted a gasp of total surprise as the gorgeous redhead abruptly stood nude before them, without the least hint of embarrassment. Her small pink-tipped tits stood out to firm jutting peaks, and her fiery cunt bush undulated as she came forward as if it had a life of its own. He’d never seen Mrs. Jones nude before and had never even imagined that she could be so beautiful — almost as beautiful as his own mom! He stared, agog, as she approached.

“Uhhmm… Donna…”

Awareness had seeped back into Melanie as she sprawled on her stomach, luxuriating in the splatters of cum that leaked from her torn open holes. She smiled sleepily and focused her glazed eyes on Donna, who stood hovering above her.

“My, you’ve been a busy girl today, haven’t you?”

The redhead gazed down with a feasting expression on her friend’s sopping pussy and cum-bloated asshole. Both holes were dripping and inflamed, oozing warm, sticky threads of cock cream.

“Poor, poor baby.” When Donna spoke again, her voice was husky. “Maybe it would help matters if I took some of the load off you. And I might start right here…”

She knelt, and slender, delicate fingers glided across Melanie’s rosy asscheeks and pried them apart. The entire syrupy gash of her cunt and ass was displayed, drooling hot jism and winking open.

Donna’s head dipped, and her tongue lashed out.


Dave gaped, and even Josh hissed a surprised breath as they saw his mom’s pink, wet tongue dive over Mrs. Patterson’s cunt slash, collecting the white globs of jizz from it and swallowing them up. Her soft full lips nuzzled into Melanie’s crisp blonde pussy fur while her probing tongue flicked between Melanie’s cuntlips and slithered up to her puckered ass as jism rolled out in thick streams to be gobbled up.


Donna purred, lapping ferociously for every precious drop.

“Oh fuck, look at that!” Dave unnecessarily directed his best friend, watching Mrs. Jones eat out his mom just as if she’d done it lots of times before. “Man, is that something! They’re really going at it!”

Melanie arched up with a gasp of pleasure as her ass and pussy were aroused all over again by the eager tongue that sweetly slithered in and out of her, licking her to a fresh lather.

“Ohhhhh… yehhhsss!”

She began to hunch in a hazy rhythm, tummy bouncing off the bed and ass gyrating against Donna’s mouth with new enticement.

Slowly, Josh grinned. Hell, by this time he shouldn’t be surprised by anything his horny mom did! Despite its almost constant use over the past hours, his cock gave a tug upward. He settled back on his knees and watched the whole thing — Mrs. Patterson panting and hunching on the bed, his mom burying her lovely high-cheeked face between the swells of those quivering asscheeks, and Dave feasting on it all.

“Oh God, yes!” Melanie squealed, her big tits flailing as she bucked up in delirious rapture. Any qualms of inhibition or shyness were long since past, and now she enjoyed being the center of attention more thoroughly than she would’ve believed possible. “Eat me, God, baby, eat me up! Ahhhh!”

Donna lapped the juices that poured from the writhing blonde’s cunt until her own pussy was seething with excitement.

Then, as Melanie humped tautly up for more, she rose, licking her lips. “Oh no you don’t, darling. You’ve had all too much fun without me already, and I intend to catch up! You don’t mind if I borrow David for a little fun of my own, do you?”

Without awaiting a response she slid onto the bed beside Melanie and spread her legs wide before Dave, spreading out one of the most delectable cunts he’d ever seen.

“Well, what are you waiting for, young man?” Smiling wickedly, she gave him just a moment to take in ha wet, sopping pussy, its petaled lips flaring out and red-fringed depths drooling in blatant anticipation. Then she reached out and grasped his soft cock, pulling it to her. “It’s time you showed me just what naughty things you’ve been doing with my best friend, and I mean to find out every scrumptious detail firsthand… starting now!”

“Oh Christ…”

Before he had time to more than gasp his response Dave found himself being drawn between the redhead’s tanned tapered legs. The next moment his sensitive cocktip was pulled against the soft buttery lips of her fantastic cunt. Its entire softened length slid effortlessly into her and he groaned.

“Jesus — oh Mrs. Jones, oh shit, ahhhh.”

His prick nudged awake, blossoming in the velvety squeeze of her expert pussy mouth, and he wiggled enthusiastically to urge it on.

At the same time Melanie had no intention of being left out, now that she was fully aroused again. Her lust-dulled gaze met Josh’s frank stare and she scrambled toward him with a wicked, hungry look on her face.

“Get it — get it in me, Josh! Fuck me honey, please! Pleeeeease!”

She grabbed at the teenager, flinging herself on her back and tugging urgently at him for another taste of his prick.

It took no more than that to have him pouncing on her, eager to please. His stiffening prick lunged into her wet, gaping pussy and she wailed.


Instantly he began to pound his cock meat to her, clutching those enormous thrashing tits and hefting one to his mouth.

Beside them, Donna groaned. Dave’s cock blossomed inside her, reaming out her pussy with a hugeness that matched her own son’s. He plunged his cock in and out with furious stabs, determined to give that lush cunt of hers the fucking it obviously needed.

“Oooooh, darling!” she gasped, overjoyed at his exuberance. “That’s nice, sooooo nice! Give it to me lover, give it to me hard! Ahhhh — aaannnnh…”

For Dave and Josh, this was the wildest thing that had ever happened to either of them. Their mothers lay writhing and moaning side by side as the two boys’ asses lunged into the air and down with pistoning frenzy, fucking into them with every ounce of might.

A lot had happened in the past few days to both teenagers, but none of it could match their mutual glee as they fucked each other’s mom, panting and thrusting and crashing down on those two cock-hungry voluptuous bodies as if this unbelievable session would never end.

And hell, why should it. They had all summer ahead, with two of the hottest cunts in town. What could make far a better vacation than that?

As if the realization simultaneously occurred to them both, the grunting teenaged boys pumped harder than ever.

Melanie cried out, and Donna puffed. In the depths of their own blissful hungers, they seemed to realize the same fact. Two cock hungry moms… with all the cock they could handle.


Melanie gave out a little scream as she ripped upward in delicious climax, orgasming on Josh’s cock. He gasped and hot loads of cum flooded into her. She hunched frantically, taking it all.

As if cued by the surge of release beside them, Dave and Donna spasmed as well. The redhead groaned happily and arched as he slammed down, pumping blast after blast of cream into her greedy cunt.

“Ohhhh loverrrrrrr!”


Melanie billowed up in waves of satisfaction, smiling hazily as the bedsprings beside her squeaked. With Josh gasping atop her and the last little droplets of his cum being sucked up her pussy, she reached over and slipped her hand between the bodies next to her, feeling the base of Dave’s grease-filmed cock and Donna’s sweet flared pussy.

Yes, she thought, wrapping her legs about Josh’s waist and pulling him tightly to her. Yes, this was going to be a very pleasant summer after all.

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