Every inch a nymph

With a grim look on her pretty face, Melanie Patton gulped down the remainder of her Bloody Mary and poured another from the pitcher on the patio table in front of her, trying to block the memory of her husband wanting to lick her naked pussy the night before from her mind. The voluptuous twenty-five-year-old blonde felt the cool liquid slide down her throat and suddenly turn into a glow of warmth deep within her.
“Oh darn!” she swore aloud and took another long sip from her third drink. A voice inside her cautioned she should slow down or she would be tipsy before their dinner guests arrived, but she continued to drink. The alcohol was already beginning to cloud her thinking and loosen her usually tightly controlled inhibitions, which made her angry. And that anger was directed at her husband. Tony… and all because of SEX! Well, maybe she was a little frigid whenever he tried to fuck her. But she had good reason!
It had been so different when she and Tony had been going to the university in Tempe, he in law school, and she a music major. She had almost let him fuck her many times – in his student apartment when his roommate was out on a date, in his VW when he took her back to her dorm at night… how exciting it had seemed then when he had slipped his hand under her skirt and stroked the soft flesh of her thighs just below her panties! So many times she had wanted to go all the way, but her mother and Aunt Lottie had warned her that a man wouldn’t want something that he could have with no trouble, so she had pulled Tony back again and again, even though her own pussy had been aching to be fucked, promising to let him fuck her when he graduated from law school and they were man and wife. And the miraculous thing, in the light of what had happened since, was that he had managed to control his sexual urges. Knowing that she did not want to let him fuck her at that moment had been enough for him, and he had stopped.
Tears came to Melanie’s green eyes as she remembered how wonderful it had felt to sense his hugely bulging cock pressing into her hot, panty-clad cunt when they were dancing close. The feelings it had caused to rush through her like wildfire! Time and again she had wanted to let him strip her naked so he could look at her sensuously quivering body with his admiring, loving gaze.
Sitting on the patio of their $100,000 home outside Flagstaff seven years later, she could almost feel the delicious tingling sensations when he had slipped his hand inside her blouse and bra at the movies, in the darkness, with the fear of being seen… it had been so exciting!
Tears were streaming down Melanie Patton’s smooth cheeks now as her green eyes clouded with self-pity, for the way that wonderful anticipation of her first fuck on her wedding night had been brought to an end three months before that wedding by her lecherous old Uncle Max.
Her voluptuous young body, clothed in a short denim skirt and red checkered blouse, shuddered violently as she recalled the horror she had felt that afternoon. She had gone home to Prescott, where her widowed mother lived with Aunt Lottie and Uncle Max, during semester break. Her mother and her aunt had gone out shopping for the day and since Uncle Max was in the living room drinking beer, Melanie had decided to take a long shower and stay in her room dreaming of how romantic her wedding night would be, and wondering if fucking was as wonderful as all the girls in her school dormitory had said it was. She was lying there dreaming when suddenly Uncle Max had entered her room and saw her lying there naked on the bed. She had tried to cover herself but her robe was on her dressing table stool, and he had stared down at her exquisitely molded young body for a full minute, his drunken, lust-glazed eyes roving over the upthrust of her trembling white tittles and then down over her belly to take in the small triangle of softly curling blonde pussyhairs. Then his eyeballs had seemed to swell as they came to rest on the pink, already moistened cuntslit between her thighs and, for the first time in her young life, Melanie had felt fear.
Suddenly everything that her mother and aunt had told her about sex had surged into her mind, putting back up all the barriers she had erected against feeling as her mother and aunt had felt about men. It had been Uncle Max’s eyes! Something had been in them since he entered her bedroom, and then his whole face had taken on an expression that Melanie hadn’t understood. He had looked at the slender contours of her fresh unexplored body as if her flesh were something separate from her, his nineteen-year-old niece, and merely an object that had been placed there for him to treat as he wished. “You’re beautiful all naked,” he had said. “Dreaming about Uncle Max?” Then he had lurched forward, drunk, and she had squirmed back in automatic reaction to his sudden movement. But her cringing had infuriated the animal in him even further, and he had fucked her that afternoon with a brutality it would have been hard to envision beforehand. He had stormed her body as if it were an enemy fortress instead of the tender, fragile bastion of femininity that it was. She had screamed and cried for him to stop, or at least to come back, to be her sweet Uncle Max again, but lust had so overpowered him that nothing could stand in his way.
Fifteen minutes later it had ended with his heavily panting body lying prostrate over hers so that she could barely breathe, her mind shrieking with the pain being broadcast from her bruised, spent nerve-ends. All the pleasure she had looked forward to had ended in a shower of her drunken uncle’s hot cum shooting heedlessly into her brutally fucked virginal pussy, and now his huge, sated cock lay deflating, thin white tendrils of cum joining it to her aching young cunt.
It had been a nightmare, and something in her that night had closed off any future possibility of experiencing pleasure from what she now considered a base animal act. That very afternoon she had packed up and driven back to the university to spend the remainder of her semester break before her mother or Aunt Lottie had even come home.
Several months later when she and Tony had married, even though Melanie realized that he could never be held responsible for her Uncle Max’s actions, Melanie had remained cool to his lovemaking. She loved him more than anything, and even though he had been patient with her and had exercised all the gentleness she could have wished so that she gradually felt less and less pain, no corresponding pleasure had appeared to take its place. Instead she had felt nothing, and had continued to feel nothing until this day, nearly six years later.
Melanie didn’t know whether she should feel bitter about losing her ability to experience pleasure or not. She could no longer really see how sex could ever be pleasurable anyway. All she could think of when he fucked her furred pussy was the animalistic nature of the act, sweating and moving like dogs for a few seconds’ pleasure or, at any rate, excitement. Fucking disgusted her, but still she had not felt the right to deny Tony the release he received from fucking her naked cunt, and had decided it was her wifely duty to go through with it any time he wanted. She had even tried to fake pleasure when she found that he was unhappy over her inability to respond to his lewd caresses.
But last night he had gone too far. Everything had been all right as long as he had been willing to fuck her like a husband was supposed to. That she could put up with. But then, about a year ago, he had started wanting her to do things that seemed… perverted, like letting him lick her pussy… or wanting her to kiss his cock. Melanie shuddered… and she didn’t think he had a right to force her to do anything like that! The worst thing was that, whenever he started to push her down on their bed she would see the same look come into his eyes that had been in Uncle Max’s the day he fucked away her cherry… a horrible leering glint that seemed to replace his normal personality with one of animal savagery.
The first time he had slid down her body and then raised his head over her nakedly spread pussy like a dog about to lick at a choice piece of flesh and relishing its triumph ahead of time, she had pulled her thighs shut quickly as a wave of nausea had flooded through her body. How could anyone be so… sick, so perverted as to want to taste, to lick, to suck at her private place between her legs? God, at first his eyes had flared more brightly, angrily, when she had screamed at him, but then he had relented, fucking her pussy instead in a fashion more normal and decent. But God, that night had terrified her! And then, when Tony had tried again a few weeks later to lick her curl-rimmed young cunt, she had had to start crying before he would stop. And that had been the last time – before last night.
Melanie’s mind was reeling under the effect of the Bloody Marys now, but at least she felt she could pretend to be gay when Jeannie Black and her lover, Slim, arrived! She couldn’t bear that Jeannie, the same Jeannie who had been her roommate in college, should see that she was unhappy. Melanie and Tony had been a twosome for so long in school that they had been regarded as the most likely to have a happy life. And Melanie was sure that they would have had if only sex hadn’t entered the picture in that ugly way. But for Jeannie to see that she and Slim were happier than Melanie and Tony would be a horrible blow for the proud young blonde. Oh, if only she didn’t love Tony so much! If only she didn’t, then she could leave him and try to start a new life somewhere else, away from all thought of men or sex. But I do love him, she moaned to herself. I love him with all my heart! But the problems with sex were poisoning their whole lives now, were no longer confined to the bedroom or the nighttime. Then, suddenly, a new thought came to the intoxicated young blonde. What if all men wanted, to do such perverted things… then how could someone like Jeannie be happy with Slim Ranito, who was certainly more crude and dirty-mouthed than Tony and must do even more filthy things to Jeannie when they were naked in bed.
Nothing was making any sense anymore! And when was Tony going to be dressed? Even though she dreaded his coldness, still she longed to see her tall, dark husband whom she could hear singing in their bedroom while he changed for their dinner guests. She had always been so proud to think that she had made such a catch, although her own looks, she thought immodestly, were nothing to be overlooked. The voluptuous, huge-titted young woman had been a beauty queen in college, and the years had only made her figure all the more alluring to men.
She decided against a fourth Bloody Mary. It was unusual for her to have more than one anyway, and they were confusing her thoughts so much that she was thinking things she never had before. What if all their sexual problems were her own fault? After all, some women seemed to like it when their husbands turned into animals and mounted them in a lecherous frenzy. Melanie stared at her glass in puzzlement, and heard the doorbell ring.
“I’ll get it!” Tony called from somewhere inside the house, and Melanie tried to pull herself together before she went to greet her dinner guests in the entrance hall. The Bloody Marys had made her tipsy enough so that she had problems even getting out of her chair.
Jeannie had come in dressed in a tight little pair of cut-offs and a low-cut halter top that Tony had whistled at in a jokingly wolfish way, causing Jeannie to wriggle her sensuously curved ass with a sharp peal of laughter that Melanie had gaily joined in. The three of them had gone through the house back to the patio to begin their before-dinner cocktails. Then Slim, a muscular man in his early thirties, had good-naturedly refused any alcohol, instead pouring himself a glass of his own freshly pressed tomato juice. He owned a health spa outside Flagstaff and jokingly said it would be bad for business if his wealthy clients found him on skid row.
Soon they were sitting down to dinner, serving themselves salad, steaks and potatoes Melanie had prepared earlier, all of them except Slim drinking red wine freely and making the sort of conversation that can only come after years of friendship. Melanie was so proud of the way Tony was telling jokes and drolly describing the exertions Judge Harrison had gone through with the defendant when he was presiding over one of Tony’s cases, that she allowed herself to drink much more than she should have. But she saw that everyone else was doing the same and it didn’t seem to matter here among friends. And, golly, it was fantastic the way a mood could change!
Melanie found the steak delicious and laughed wickedly when Slim started telling some of his inevitable dirty jokes. The one thing she specifically had never liked about the wealthy spa-owner, when Jeannie had introduced him to her shortly before they started living together, was the way he seemed to be always looking at her huge titties in a manner that reminded her of the animal gleam in her Uncle Max’s eyes that horrible afternoon many years ago. But tonight that didn’t seem to bother her, even though she had felt very self-conscious when he had whistled at her provocatively clad body in much the same way that Tony had whistled at Jeannie. There was something about Slim Ranito that usually made her nervous, but tonight the Bloody Marys and then the wine had put her in such a good mood that nothing could bother her for long, not even the way Tony kept flirting with Jeannie. It was all good innocent fun, and she was happy to be able to see it for once in that light. This casual flirting had gone on ever since the three of them had known each other, long before her beautiful brunette girl friend had met Slim and Slim didn’t seem to mind at all the way they would pretend to bump into each other, or the way Tony would reach past Jeannie for the hot rolls and rub his arm against her titties that were just as big and sensuous as Melanie’s.
Well, maybe it did bother her a little, Melanie decided, after she noticed Jeannie drop her napkin into Tony’s lap and then reach to fish it out without waiting for him to get it for her, rummaging around much more than seemed necessary to get the silly thing back. But the three of them were more or less drunk by the time they had finished their meal, and there was so much laughter that Melanie found it hard to take anything seriously. Jeannie was her best friend, and she could flirt with Tony as much as she wanted because Melanie knew she would never allow things to go too far. Even though Melanie didn’t approve of her girlfriend living with a man and having sex with him without the benefit of marriage, she knew Jeannie was basically a “nice” girl.
Jeannie felt the blood rush to her face when she noticed that Melanie had caught sight of her ploy in dropping the napkin into Tony’s lap. Oh God, now I’ve spoiled it, Jeannie fretted, her mind reeling under the combined stimulation of the alcohol and the feel of Tony Patton’s huge, thickly swollen cock jerking in his pants as she grappled for the napkin. Oh God, would I like to suck on that prick of his! But we’ve got to be careful about this. Just because it was easy to get Liza Smith and that sexy country friend of hers into a little group sex at the spa with us doesn’t mean that Melanie and Tony will go along too. Jeannie knew Tony wouldn’t be any trouble, but she was worried about Melanie’s reaction to the idea. She and Slim were going to have to handle this carefully, with lots of liquor and one of those blue movies Slim had brought along with him for after dinner. Jeannie had been waiting to get her hands on Tony Patton’s huge prick for simply ages, and now she could feel her panties getting all damp with the very thought of it. God, I want to run my tongue around the tip of your cock, Tony, baby, she shouted mentally, staring straight at the unsuspecting man sitting beside her at the dinner table, hoping that he could somehow see in her eyes what her mind was saying. I want you to suck my pussy!
The sun had gone down while they were eating dinner, and the twilight was darkening into a moonless night by the time they had finished the fresh pineapple pie a la mode. Jeannie told Melanie to leave their plates, she would help her with the dishes later. For now they should bring their drinks into the den, Tony should set up their projector, and relax for a special movie.
Melanie only giggled when Slim made some joke about a dirty movie and suggested that they all watch one together for the first time, just to see what the things were like. Well, that was just like Slim, Melanie thought, but it couldn’t be all that dirty if Jeannie was in on it. Melanie knew she had had too much to drink but she couldn’t see what harm it would do to watch one of those movies she had only heard about, so she and Tony, who was wobbling drunkenly, sat together on the sofa while Slim set up the screen and the projector; then, as the lights went out, she saw Jeannie snuggling up on Tony’s other side while Slim tended to the machine. In the darkness, Melanie could sense Tony’s arm moving up around Jeannie’s shoulders. Well, two women, she giggled to herself, that should keep him happy… since I’m not enough for him!
“Oh! Stop that, you naughty boy!” Melanie heard Jeannie exclaim suddenly, and she was annoyed that she couldn’t see in the darkness what Tony was doing to her best friend. But the numbing effect of the alcohol kept her from worrying seriously about what was going on. After all, Tony’s other arm was around Melanie herself, squeezing her to him affectionately. It was good to be here with friends and to feel free to be yourself without having to worry about silly things like jealousy. It was too bad, she supposed, that people’s joking revolved mostly around sex, and that Slim had to show them a naughty movie, but what was nice was that it didn’t matter, it was fun! And soon enough the lights would be back on and they would have their coffee while she and Jeannie giggled about the movie, as they did the dishes in the kitchen.
In the darkened den, Jeannie picked up the hand that had poked her in the ribs and lifted it gently so that it came to rest on her right tit. Suddenly the hand was squeezing the taut, bra-covered flesh, pinching the hardening nipple harshly. Oh God, that feels good! Jeannie sighed excitedly to herself as Tony pressed his leg hard against her thigh and continued to paw savagely at her trembling tittie. She squirmed down hard into the material of the sofa, rubbing the moistening slit of her tingling pussy, against the cushion in an effort to quench the fires that were beginning to rage there in lewd anticipation of victory and the moment when the four of them would start fucking like crazy. And then suddenly Slim flicked a switch, and the screen was bathed in light.
Slim Ranito knew that sweet little pussy of Melanie’s was going to get hotter than ever. That hot little cock-tease! Wearing those sexy clothes all the time and making a guy’s prick all hard the way she did just wasn’t fair, unless she was willing to spread her legs. Thank God he was shacked up with a chick like Jeannie, sexy as Aphrodite herself, but with friends like Liza and Melanie, who were enough to make a man’s cock stand to attention and then more! Crap! He didn’t know what Jeannie was up to, the horny little bitch, he wouldn’t be surprised if she had taken advantage of the few minutes of darkness he had given her to get her hands on Tony’s prick. Slim felt his own cock jerking inside his pants at the thought of Jeannie doing that while poor innocent Melanie was sitting there not realizing a thing! Tony Patton knew the score all right, although from what Jeannie said, he had yet to be unfaithful to that juicy little wife of his. And she should know. Slim grinned lewdly to himself. God knows she’s tried enough times, apparently all during college. It wasn’t that she was any less a good friend than Melanie thought, but just that she felt her blonde girlfriend should share the wealth a little, a philosophy he could understand and go along with, especially if that meant he got to sample a little piece of Melanie in the deal! It would excite him like hell to hear her begging him for his cock after the way she had always seemed to hold in contempt his earthy manners and dirty jokes. Yes, the little cold-cunt was going to get a good, healthy length of cock fucked up her, maybe even tonight! Well, enough wet dreams, he thought, it was time to start the film rolling.
Slim pressed a button and suddenly the title of the silent 8mm movie appeared on the screen before them. Melanie had been lost in a drunken reverie, but the sudden movement on the screen attracted her gaze in time for her to see the words “Candy Cane and the professor” disappear from the screen, to be replaced by the jerkily recorded view of a chemistry lab where strange bottles, glass tubes and burners were lying on a long table. And then, suddenly, the camera zoomed in for a close-up of the blackboard behind the table.
“Ooooohhhhh!” Melanie gasped aloud when she saw that drawn on it in graphic detail was a girl being fucked from behind by a man! Then the camera focused more precisely on one detail of the obscene sketch, the hair-fringed stumpy base of the cock where it disappeared up into the girl’s lewdly spread pussy from behind!
Melanie heard Jeannie gasp and was glad that she was not the only one shocked by the lewd close-up of the wetly connected genitals; then the camera panned away from the blackboard and jerked to the doorway to show a beautiful young blonde girl in a pink and white dress with a magazine under her arm and holding a big candy cane.
Jeannie realized that Tony must really be drunk to be taking the kind of chance he was with Melanie sitting right next to them. The excited brunette had gasped when she had suddenly felt his hand leave her sensuously quivering titty and slide down her bare midriff and around to slip in under the waistband of her cut-offs from behind. His probing hand began wriggling along the tingling flesh of her asscheeks, quickly making its way down beneath her willingly shifting cuntband into the throbbing wet slit between them. She crossed her legs, allowing the hand to make sudden electrifying contact with the hotly palpitating lips of her curl-rimmed pussy.
“Ooooohhh!” Jeannie moaned, with a glance at the screen to ensure that Melanie would think she was gasping in shock at the titillating goings-on that were now being portrayed there.
Melanie watched in horrified fascination as the young schoolgirl walked over to the blackboard and opened her mouth in amazement at what she saw. The girl, reaching down with one hand to rub her pussy, took a piece of chalk in the other and drew arrows pointing at the girl and man, writing “me” and “Professor”. Then the girl took the magazine from beneath her arm and opened it.
When the camera switched to a close-up of what the girl was seeing, Melanie couldn’t believe her eyes. It had been bad enough to, see a sketch of such an obscene act, but to see an actual picture from a filthy magazine – of a man fucking a girl from behind!
The photograph made Melanie’s pussy start to tingle hotly in spite of herself. She noticed the girl’s tongue was hanging out and a glazed look of passion distorted her face – almost as if she were enjoying her debasing act!
Now “Candy Cane’s” hands were flipping through the dirty magazine, which showed more people in a variety of lewd positions. A girl sucking a man’s cock, a man sucking a woman’s titties while she fingerfucked her pussy. It seemed impossible to Melanie, but that was what the photos showed.
Melanie was growing annoyed with Slim now for showing them such an obscene movie. Things like this didn’t excite her at all, and she didn’t see how they could excite anyone who had a decent mind. Some of the pictures – especially the ones that showed them doing what Tony had wanted her to let him do in bed last night, with the older man kneeling down between the girl’s nakedly spread cunt and extending his tongue far into her sparsely furred young pussy while she held on to his hair to pull him in deeper and deeper – caused strange, exciting tremors to surge through Melanie’s hotly quivering cunt. She was sobering up quickly now, and hoped the film would end soon so that she could tell Slim exactly what she thought of his idea of an evening’s entertainment; and she would!
The girl in the movie had set the magazine back on the bench now and was continuing to look at it slowly, flipping through the pages with one hand. The camera swiveled to her face and Melanie was astonished to see that she wasn’t at all horrified by what she was seeing in the photos. Instead, her face seemed flushed and a bright light had come into her eyes; her mouth was open in a dumb excited grin, and her breath was coming faster and faster. Oh God, could she be getting excited by seeing the pictures? That was impossible!
But suddenly the camera dropped to the girl’s curl-rimmed little pussy, and Melanie sucked in her breath sharply. She had pulled up her skirt and inserted her fingers under the elastic cuntband of her filmy white panties and was rubbing her clitty!
Melanie was held transfixed by the lewd spectacle of the girl wildly rubbing her hotly throbbing cunt while she leered at the dirty pictures, the angle of the peeping camera allowing the innocent young blonde to see the girl’s fingers glistening with the moist cunt-juices from her hotly excited pussy as they jerked back and forth across the pinkly shining lips and throbbing clit and the sparse blonde hairs that were exposed by the pushed-over cuntband of the almost sheer panties. Melanie had never imagined seeing anything so totally obscene in her life! Yet the sight before her was causing strange sensations to awaken in her own excited cunt as she wiggled her smoothly curved asscheeks down into the cushions in sympathy with the young girl in the movie.
Tony was going out of his mind with excitement. He had managed to get his hands into the pants of that hot-pussied whore Jeannie, and was even now worming his finger forward to the point where he would be able to suddenly slip it up into her hotly throbbing cunthole. Crap, it was exciting to be sitting here with Melanie on one side of him and, on the other, the hottest little cunt in Flagstaff, just aching to take his cock to the hilt! Her sensuously gyrating asscheeks were grinding so wildly she’d be sure to cum right there if he didn’t get that finger into her hot little cunt soon. And up there on the screen the sweet, young Candy was in the process of taking her panties down so she could have freer access to her hotly wriggling pussy – Jesus, her cunt was hot!
Now Candy was leaning back on a table and pinching her dress-covered titties obscenely with one hand while she rammed two fingers of the other right up her wet, sparsely furred pussy!
From the look on her face he could tell she was turning into a mass of raw nerve ends aching for a good stiff cock to drive her to the pinnacle of completion! Her dress was bunched up around her waist and she was writhing out of control on the table as she jammed the two fingers in and out of her wide-splayed little cunt, drawing her legs back toward her shoulders to give the pounding fingers greater access to her hotly steaming pussyhole.
Behind the projector, Slim unzipped his fly and pulled his thickly throbbing cock from the tight confinement of his shorts. He knew what Jeannie and Tony were probably up to, but what was happening on the screen was enough to make him want to jerk off right there. His fingers clasped the thick hardness of his painfully swollen prick tightly and jerked it up and down with a rapid steady motion that sent his fingers up to squeeze the sensitive swollen cockhead in a tight ring that made him want to groan with pleasure. He looked down at his rigid hardness in the dim light and watched with quickening breath as his fingers raced back and forth along its full length. He was sure little cold-cunt Melanie had never seen anything like it, and it made it even more exciting!
Melanie felt Tony shifting beside her but paid no attention to it because suddenly something new was happening in the dirty movie. The camera had left the startling scene of the girl fucking her fingers up into her hungrily devouring little pussy and flicked to the table where Candy had laid her candy cane down. The young girl’s hand was reaching for it and then the camera zoomed in for another close-up of the puffy-lipped pussyhole with her wetly glistening fingers fucking in and out of it at feverish speed.
Melanie was nearly choked by the sudden presence on the screen of the much larger-than-life-sized pussy seeming to suck the plunging fingers deep into their wildly squirming depths. She could see every blonde pussy hair and the glistening distended lines of the girl’s gaping cuntlips!
“Oooohhh! This is so, obscene…” the voluptuous blonde moaned hotly, but no one was listening to her, and she couldn’t understand the strange, exciting fluttering sensations, that were building in her own belly under the stimulation of the lewd images in the movie. Her pussy had not been sexually excited like this in years, and so she did not realize for several minutes that she was feeling the faint beginning shudders of desire. But there was no mistaking the dampness that she noticed suddenly between her thighs, and, in her slowly increasing sobriety, her reaction was more one of embarrassment than fear. After all, her pussy had secreted her hotly flowing cunt-juices for Tony hundreds of times since they were married, even though she had felt no pleasure from the huge prick fucking into her cunt, but the idea that her body was responding to such blatant perversion as she was witnessing on the screen made her fear that the others would realize that her curl-rimmed cunt was all hot and wet. She couldn’t let anyone know that her body was betraying her in this way!
Jeannie groaned hotly as she suddenly felt Tony’s lewdly groping middle finger push up into the sucking hole of her juicy cunt. A shiver of pleasure caused her body to arch like a cat’s as she ground her wantonly trembling asscheeks down onto the invading hand, forcing his finger even farther up into the hot, greedy walls of her pussy where it flexed, and then was suddenly joined by another, filling her cunt even more deliciously as she clenched her wriggling asscheeks, in appreciation of the two fingers fucking into her from beneath. With his three other fingers he was squeezing hard the softly quivering flesh of her asscheeks in an obscene mingling of pain and pleasure… God, she was going out of her mind! She had to do more! Jeannie quietly unfastened the zipper of her cut-offs, giving Tony even greater freedom to wiggle his fingers inside her naked cunt. Suddenly she felt him shifting so that he could ram both fingers all the way up to the last knuckle, the palm of his juice-soaked hand pressing flat against the cleft of her squirming asscheeks.
Jeannie’s mind had been distracted from the screen for a second while she unzipped her cut-offs, but now her eyes returned to it in time to see the young girl so lost in the lewd fingerfucking of her own pussy. Oh God, no, Jeannie cursed softly to herself. Slim had gone too far… didn’t he realize that this was going to be too much for an inexperienced girl like Melanie? Goddamn that man, he was in such a hurry that he was going to spoil it for both of them!
But at the same time, Jeannie’s eyes remained glued to the screen in avid anticipation of what she knew would take place. Maybe it would spoil things for tonight, but Jeannie couldn’t resist the sheer perversity of watching a young girl finger her cunt while she herself got fingerfucked, by another man with his wife sitting innocently beside them. God, the way she was going now, it wasn’t going to be long before she came all over his fingers!
Melanie watched with dazed incomprehension as the girl took the candy cane and placed it up between her nakedly spread legs. The blunt end of the red and white candy cane was now mere inches away from where the girl’s fingers were fucking her pussy senseless, ramming themselves as deep as they could go into her tightly gripping cunt while the girl rocked her body back and forth in an effort to allow them even greater access. Melanie continued to watch wide-eyed as she realized for the first time that the girl actually intended to fuck her pussy with the stick of candy!
“Ohhhhhhh,” the incredulous blonde sighed hotly, unable to control herself, and abruptly the camera was refocused to show the blunt end of the candy cane zeroing in to rub up the length of the girl’s nakedly exposed pussy and over the excitedly fucking fingers.
Suddenly Melanie lurched to her feet and stumbled toward the screen, covering the lurid spectacle with her shadow so that pictures of the moistly glistening pussy being obscenely rubbed by the candy cane flickered across her hotly quivering young body.
“Oh God, this is disgusting! Turn it off, turn it off!” she was shouting and crying at once. For a second the film kept running as Slim hesitated, the lewdly pulsing cock in his hand burning to cum, but Melanie was sobbing uncontrollably in front of them and Jeannie knew that they had gone too far.
“Switch it, off, Slim,” she called back to him. “You could have picked something a little less dirty, you filthy son-of-a-bitch.”
The overwrought blonde was grateful to hear this support from her friend and felt unbelievable relief when the film flicked out, leaving them in total darkness while Slim fumbled for the light switch.
Melanie thought she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled up, but dismissed it as the product of an overwrought imagination. Then she heard the sound again, from farther away, but had no time to think about it as the lights suddenly came on to show Tony with a Kleenex in his hand. Tears were still streaming down her face, but she found that all her planned angry condemnation of Slim Ranito had melted into thin air with the remainder of her strength, leaving her standing there in front of them, swaying, with nothing to say.
Slim knew he shouldn’t say anything, but he had been so close! He couldn’t resist a dig that he hoped would lighten things and maybe get them all back on the track toward some good healthy group sex.
“What’s the matter, kid, you afraid you’re going to get the sofa wet or something?” he leered.
Melanie couldn’t believe her ears. She was about to open her mouth and pour out all her anger and resentment, but Jeannie’s voice spoke into the tense silence.
“Shut up, Slim.” Then she turned to Melanie. “Sorry, honey, old lover boy over there doesn’t know when to turn off.”
Melanie mustered a brief smile of gratitude that Jeannie managed somehow, in the name of friendship, to answer warmly even though the cock-hungry brunette was about to go crazy with her exasperating need to be fucked.
But if Slim and Jeannie were frustrated, Tony was furious. He was drunk and his prick was hard as a rock, but he still knew that a man had some rights in his own house with his own wife. He had been faithful to her so long, when he knew that she didn’t have an ounce of sexual response in her whole cunt, that his fidelity was beginning to wear thin as a substitute for genuine passion. That was what had led him, tonight, to go as far as he had with her girlfriend, Jeannie. But now, dammit, she was the one who had gone too far. It was time that she got hurt a little for the years of self-restraint she had made him endure as long as they had been married. So, into the silence following Jeannie’s kindly meant words, Tony dropped his bombshell.
“I’d love to ram my prick up a hot little pussy like that,” he said, directing his words directly at Melanie.
“Tony!” she gasped, her eyes wide and still wet with the tears of a few minutes ago.
“I’d like to suck her cunt too, something my own wife won’t let me do.”
Melanie shook her head as if to clear it of things that she did not wish to believe she was hearing.
“Can it, Tony.” Jeannie turned to him with flashing eyes.
“I’m not going to can it. I bet you let Slim lick your cunt and you’re not even married to the bastard!”
Jeannie blushed, glancing guiltily at Melanie, who was standing shocked into stillness and staring at her husband as Slim laughed, still too horny from the movie to realize the seriousness of what was being said. “You better believe it, Tony.” He leered at Melanie appraisingly. “Bet she tastes as good as Jeannie. Blonde pussy is something else.”
“You bastard.” Jeannie got up and walked toward her friend, who was trembling and looking pale as a sheet. “They don’t know what they’re saying, honey. Just ignore them.”
Jeannie was getting angry now. It was all right to try to maneuver her best friend and her husband into a position where they might want to have sex, but it was quite something else to push a scared girl around because she wasn’t interested in going along with the idea, and Jeannie would have no part of it.
“Hey girls, why don’t you show us some pussy,” Tony called out drunkenly.
Jeannie shot him a blazing stare as Slim reached for the zipper of his pants.
“Have fun with yourself, lover-boy,” she said icily. And with a swish of her hips she turned and guided the sobbing Melanie from the den into the kitchen.
“Oh, Jeannie, I just don’t know what I’m going to do!” Melanie cried, and began to sob out a tale of sexual problems that were far more serious than Jeannie would ever have guessed from outside appearances. She had known that Tony was much more willing to enter into a group sex arrangement than Melanie, but she had not realized how deeply Melanie had been wounded by the long talks her mother and Aunt Lottie had given her about men when she was just becoming a woman – and that vile uncle of hers, she could have cut off both his balls. And when Melanie finally confessed that she had not felt a trace of sexual pleasure ever since, her voluptuous girlfriend cursed the bastard again.
It was clear that Melanie had been traumatized by one afternoon’s terror into accepting everything her mother and aunt had ever said, despite evidence to the contrary in Tony’s case since then.
Jeannie was barely able to keep herself from laughing out loud when Melanie told her of the “horrible thing” that Tony wanted her to do to him down between his legs, especially since the sensual brunette had been hoping to suck on Tony’s cock this very night if things had worked out better. But it was no laughing matter to see her best friend locked into such a psychological quandary, and Jeannie swore as she listened to the shame-wracked woman that she would do everything she could to free her of her sexual hang-ups and restore the marriage to the ideal bliss they had all envisioned for it back during their college days.
“Oh, Jeannie, what can I do? Whatever can I do? I love Tony so much, so very much!” Melanie moaned, drying her tears.
“Honey, you just take it easy. Everything will work itself out in time,” the beautiful brunette comforted the trembling blonde. “You still haven’t gotten over your Uncle Max fucking you.”
Melanie flinched at the dirty word “fuck”, but Jeannie continued. “Didn’t you ever tell anyone about it? At least your mother?”
“Oh, no, I just couldn’t!”
“Well, dear, that’s all in the past anyway. For now you must think about your future. Yours and Tony’s future together.”
“If we even have one!” Melanie exclaimed, beginning to cry again.