Penny’s Mistake – His Lordships Best

Penny woke with a start, to find Mrs Growel tutting like a mother hen
about the room. “Sorry dear” the kindly housekeeper muttered “but the
Master insist you prepare to meet his best, you’ve been asleep for
nearly three hours you know and the guests are becoming impatient.”
Smiling indulgently at Penny the old woman produced another pot of
cream and insisted in the most polite way that she remove her clothes
so that they weren’t spoilt as the cream was worked into Penny’s skin.
Like a child losing her candy Penny reluctantly handed over the dress
and underwear. Standing there naked she had a feeling that she was
being watched, but put it down to the fact that the Master was
probably filming her even now. She had given up trying to work out how
he did it, and just accepted that he was able to watch her every move.
Mrs Growel knelt before her and gently smoothed cream over her pubic
mound then with an apology inserted her finger liberally coated with
cream into Penny’s cunt. Immediately Penny felt the effects, her
muscular walls tightened around the housekeepers finger and Penny felt
the first gentle wave of sexual tension building. Blushing a bright
red Mrs Growel told Penny she had to “Do her back door too.”
Penny turned and leant forward against the glass exposing her anus for
the housekeepers probing finger, with a shudder as it entered Penny
felt immediate sensations coursing through her body. Mrs Growel
noticing her body’s tension explained this was a special strength kept
only for girls that were allowed to meet his lordships best. The
administration of the unguent finally completed Penny turned back
round with difficulty as her lower body inflamed to fever pitch by the
cream was betraying her appear calm and collected. “There, there my
dear” cooed Mrs Growel as she pasted a dollop on each of Penny’s
breasts this will make them stand nice and proud. The Master likes his
best to be excited when they meet a girl for the first time”
Penny thought that whoever his lordships best were they would surely
get a good time with her as her nipples hardened and her aureoles
filled with blood until they puffed out like a young teenager just
budding into womanhood, her cunt and ass were literally on fire with
lust as Mrs Growel assisted her to get dressed again. Finally looking
resplendent again in her silk dress Penny looked at herself in the
mirror and wondered if every haughty lady she had ever seen gliding
coldly along was boiling beneath her slinky skirts the same way she
was now.
“All right dear, your done now. I’ll let the Master know” said Mrs
Growel and picking up the cream jar she left the room.
As she left Penny noticed that there was no handle on the door this
side, in fact someone had opened it for her as she approached it.
Penny moved to where she knew the door was but no sign of it could be
seen. All Penny could see was her own reflection in the mirrors and
there was no sign of the doors existence at all.
Turning back into the room she walked all round it nowhere was there
any sign of an exit. She knew there were at least two doors because on
this wall was the entrance she had been brought in by, and that wall
over their held the door used by Mrs Growel and the footman, but Penny
couldn’t see them.
Moving around had caused her heated cunt to begin itching and she sat
on the chair and absentmindedly began to rub her hand over the mound
of her pubis. that made her feel a little better but the itching in
her anus was becoming unbearable she wanted to tear off the dress and
plunge her own fingers into the fiery hole to relieve herself, but
afraid that the Master was probably watching her she sat as still as
she could and squirmed on the chair.
Five, ten minutes? Penny didn’t know how long she waited but every now
and then she thought she heard a chair scrape nearby, or a cough, but
unable to see anything she assumed the sound was echoing down one of
the long passageways.
Standing once more she moved towards the wall where she had seen Mrs
Growel leave and inspected the mirrored surface again. Inspecting it
closely and absorbed in her work she didn’t hear the click of the
panel opening and into the room quietly came his lordships best. Penny
inspecting the glass wall suddenly saw, reflected in the glass, the
four moving shapes as they glided into the room and spread out
watching the figure in white silk stood before them. Whirling Penny
pressed herself back against the cold glass, and with a gasp of fear
stared at the advancing bodies. Each one must have weighed about eight
stone, and on their beautiful muscled frames were heads with dark
brown eyes which studied her intently, but most unnerving of all was
the way they drooled as they inspected the beautifully dressed but
horrified girl trembling before them.

Penny, recovering from the shock, watched unmoving as the largest
moved steadily towards her. The way his muscles moved reminded her of
the rippling of water. Finally standing right in front of her he
buried his nose deep into her crotch driving the silken dress upwards
against her cream inflamed lips. Penny screamed, and lashed out at him
with her foot.
Immediately he jumped backwards a puzzled look on his face. Then
raising his head to stare at her frightened face he growled.

Penny had never seen a full grown Foxhound before and the sight of his
teeth barred choked the next scream in her throat to a whisper. The
dog moved forward again and plunged his nose once more into Penny’s
crotch, she tried to move away but he followed her his nostrils
flaring as he scented her growing tension. Suddenly he growled again
and Penny froze whimpering against the glass, with a snap of his jaws
she felt his teeth graze her thighs and grip the silk of the dress.
shaking his massive head the beast backed away from Penny and she felt
herself being dragged away from the wall, into the middle of the room.
Despite her pleas of “go..od dog, leave it boy” he continued to pull
at the bunch of dress held in his strong white teeth, just as Penny
reached the centre of the room an extra strong tug forced the
stretched cloth to part and Penny felt the lower front panel of the
dress tear away. With a toss of his head the hound sent the piece of
cloth flying across the room where the three subordinate dogs worried
and tore at the cloth. Penny watched in dismay as they tore the cloth
to bits then turned their gaze once more upon her.
In front of her the slavering beast now stared at her tiny panties and
with an intensity that terrified her moved forward again his drooling
tongue licking his lips as his nose crinkled and snuffled her scent.
Once again Penny backed away from the beast as his slavering tongue
approached her crotch. Backing away Penny could do nothing but stare
at his gleaming white teeth and imagining them buried into the tops of
her creamy thighs begged and pleaded with the beast ” No, please
stop… Go away… nice dog” tears streaming down her face she tried
to keep her hands in front of her to protect her sensitive fanny from
his mouth. With deliberate steps he forced her backwards, a ‘grin’
crossing his face as he smelt her sex, and his tongue lolled even
further from his mouth and raising his head he howled. Penny frozen to
the spot by the outlandish noise echoing around the room pissed
herself from fear, and felt her waters squirting around the edges of
the tiny silk knickers, dribbling down her thighs the terrified girl
whimpered for release from this devil dog that she was sure was going
to tear her limb from limb.
Unknown to Penny another of the dogs had circled behind her and as she
desperately begged the beast in front of her, her quavering voice
sobbing “Good doggie, nice dog..gie” in a vain attempt to avert the
impending attack. It grabbed at the back of her dress and pulled, with
a shriek of fear Penny jumped forward, straight into the waiting nose
of the leader, and her legs buckled as his black cold organ drove
harshly into her piss soaked cunt. The dog behind retired with its
prize, the whole of Penny’s dress had been torn from her body, and
dressed only in piss soaked pants and a silk bra she stood impaled on
the growling dogs probing nose. To terrified to move she stood stock
still as he smelt her crotch and tentatively licked her with his
tongue. Enjoying the taste he lashed at her thighs and crotch removing
the piss still dribbling from her terrified cunt. Finishing cleaning
her dribbling fluids the dog turned his attention once more to her
knickers and gripping the cloth gently in between two teeth began to
pull, Hoping to gain a respite as he worried the sodden cloth Penny
pushed them down her legs and kicked them off, but his intention was
not the smell that emanated from her pants but the cream dribbling
from her cunt. Once again he advanced and pinning Penny against the
glass wall drove his tongue deep into her cunt. She screamed as she
felt his teeth graze her pubic mound but could do nothing as his
probing tongue tried to remove every vestige of the cream from her
swollen twat. It was all to much, the feeling of his canine tongue up
her sensitive tube and the sight of the other dogs circling behind him
gave Penny new strength, she pushed him away and as he tried to return
she hit him hard on top of the head. As he stood shaking his head in
disbelief she ran to the glass wall and pounding on the mirror
screamed to be released from this hell hole to be saved from this
torment, her terrified pleas echoing around and around the room. Penny
heard a click in the far wall and turning to run to the door she was
sure would open stood in disbelief as instead the whole mirror wall
slid to one side to expose a sheet of crystal clear glass, the other
side of which sat every person (Except the policeman rapist) that had
been in the large room earlier. Scanning the faces, full of lust Penny
finally realised that she had met his lordships finest. His finest
four Foxhounds.

The sight of so many people intent on watching her molestation by the
dogs was too much for poor Penny, with a wail of despair she collapsed
to her knees and waited head bowed for the next assault. She didn’t
have long to wait the lead hound recovering from the shock of the blow
to the head approached he from the rear and once again drove his long
tongue into the crack between her cheeks, with a wail of fear Penny
was pushed forwards onto her hands as his tongue lapped up and down
her crack searching out the stimulant cream so adroitly placed there
earlier by Mrs Growel. Further and further forward Penny was pushed
until with a groan she toppled forward onto the floor his tongue was
now probing her anus trying to remove the last of the cream from her
back passage. In an attempt to protect herself from this attack Penny
rolled onto her back. Immediately the dog smelt the one remaining
place where the smell of the cream was strong and leaping forward he
buried his face into Penny’s chest. The sobbing girl felt his tongue
slip under the cup of her bra to slither over her engorged breasts,
with a moan she felt her body arch up from the floor as this new
assault, on her distended aureoles and nipples sent waves of
pleasurable feelings throbbing through her terrified body. from one
breast to the other the dogs tongue moved without stopping
Penny’s cries of fear slowly gave way to moans of desire as the
lapping tongue, rasping over her sensitised breasts began to have the
effect intended when the cream was first applied.
His leader otherwise occupied another of the dogs began attending to
Penny’s cunt. his nose buried between her legs his tongue lapping at
her exposed labia he was intent on getting his share. Penny sobbing
once more from fear as she felt this new assault tried to pull her
legs away from his invading tongue, only to feel it worm up her Ass.
She tried to push her legs straight again but his muscular shoulders
were stopping her in desperation she kicked out only to hear him growl
and she felt his teeth fasten around her leg. Frozen with fear she lay
there as the dog carefully moved her leg to one side then returned and
using the same technique stretched her other leg wide. totally exposed
Penny’s cunt once again became the subject of his tongue but now he
wasn’t licking for the cream a new taste was driving him on. his
ministrations, and the fear that he was about to bite her had made
Penny piss herself again. the hound at her tits sensed the new smell
and barking at the other dog drove him away then circling Penny he
drew his lips back exposing all his teeth and crawled between her legs
to the site of the fresh aroma. Sobbing Penny lay there as he wormed
his tongue right up her cunt and as the last drops of her wetness fell
upon his tongue she saw his haunches bunch and he stood staring into
her eyes. With wonder Penny watched as his cock burst from its sheath
and sprang to between his front legs. His massive paws prodded and
pushed her. Trying to shuffle away Penny was stopped with a growl and
the dog prodded her again with his paw. Slowly it dawned on Penny what
the hound expected and she rolled onto her stomach. The dog moved
forward and nipped her buttocks a terrified Penny didn’t understand
and wailed her fear to the watching crowd, until the dog pushed his
nose under her cunt and levered her upwards, sobbing with fear Penny
realised he was trying to position her like a bitch and rose onto her
hands and knees, her breast dangling beneath her she waited for his
Now he had her in position he was in no hurry and his tongue returned
to its work. As the rough, long projectile buried itself first in her
cunt and then deep into her anus Penny felt the familiar tingles of
sexual arousal in her own limbs and sobbing from shame that her body
should put on such a display she pushed backwards onto the waiting
dogs tongue. Immediately she felt him step forward his paws coming
either side of her waist and in between her legs she felt his cock
tremble as he tried to line it up on her juicy hole. Once , twice the
quivering tip failed to connect, and growling at Penny he pushed
again. Unable to find the hole he wanted so much the dog nipped her
shoulders and Penny’s head was forced to the floor pushing her Ass
high into the air and exposing both holes to the dogs attack. This
time he connected and Penny screamed as his cock buried itself into
her snatch. With her face buried into the floor her taut breasts were
being ground backwards and forwards across the rough carpet eventually
she felt the bra give way and her sensitised breast spilled out to rub
across the coarse matting. With groans of delight the girl abandoned
herself to the dog. his cock embedded deep inside her was jerking and
flexing inside her cunt tube when she felt his body tremble and, with
an extra loud whine, his seed began to pour into her. Penny remembered
Michelle’s comment about the amounts a dog could shoot and was forced
to believe her friend as for nearly a minute his trembling hips sent
jet after jet of spunk furrowing toward her belly. Like the Alsatians
the girls had talked about his knot, once he had finished dwindled
almost immediately and he left her easily. loping of to the other side
of room he flopped down and watched as Penny crawled toward the low
stool, now she understood its purpose, the padded stool was to provide
a stable platform for whoever was being fucked by the dogs, preventing
them from falling and perhaps injuring one of his lordships prized
hounds. Placing herself over the cushioned curve Penny waited as the
second dog circled around her. As he moved in front of her and licked
her face she reached up and held his neck, pulling him sideways on
Penny reached under his belly and tickled his black sheath, almost
immediately she felt the pointed tip of his cock pop out of its
protective sheath and holding it in her hand she pulled him forwards
until he stood squarely in front of her and wanking it gently watched
as inch after inch of his angry red cock crept out of the sheath.
Finally it appeared to stop growing and Penny watching it buck in her
hands noticed a globule of pre-cum form on the tip. Her body now on
fire, she wanted to find out if doggy cum tasted as good as a man’s
and pushed her head under his flank and sticking out her tongue licked
at the slender tip. A heady aroma filled her nostrils as the drop grew
to become a dollop resting like a spoonful of cream on her tongue.
Rolling her tongue back into her mouth she savoured the taste. Penny
wanted more, sod those bastards out there she’d show them how a really
good whore could act. Tickling his belly Penny coaxed the dog to lie
down and rolled him until he was on his back beneath her. Then holding
his exposed balls in one hand she used the other to lift his throbbing
cock to her mouth and quite deliberately smiled at the watching
audience as she sucked it deep into her throat. Her cheeks hollowed as
she increased the suction on his flexing shaft. At her exposed rear
another of the hounds made his presence felt. Penny had no intention
of leaving her cock sucking and reached back to grab the cock trying
to find her hole. as the dog moved up to straddle her hips she guided
it towards the one hole as yet unexplored. The dog didn’t seem to mind
where she placed his member and with a growl of doggy joy he unleashed
a savage thrust which sent his thick if pointed rod deep into Penny’s
Ass. with a grunt she accommodated him then left him to fuck her back
door, as she turned her attention once again to the dog lying on the
floor in front of her. Once again her mouth enfolded him and she
sucked his cock deep inside her mouth. As her cheeks hollowed the dog
whimpered and Penny wanked his long shaft whilst gently squeezing his
balls. She felt them constrict in her hands and increasing the
friction on his shaft she kept his spunk from shooting forward whilst
lifting her mouth away from the tip. Holding her open mouth above his
twitching knob she released her grip and skilfully milked his cock.
Plumes of pent up spunk flew up to cover her face, splashing over her
hair and dripping from her nose strings of dog cum created a
glittering counterpoint to the diamond necklace. As his spurts
diminished Penny caught more and more in her mouth. Each time turning
to the watching crowd and letting them watch it sliding down her
throat. At her rear the other dog was whining pitifully as his thrusts
pounded into her rectum each thrust driving him deeper and deeper.
Leaving the dog still stretched out before her she reached back and
cradled his wobbling bollocks as he finally embedded all two foot of
his turgid tool into her Ass. Penny screamed her own release as his
cock finally managed to send its load crashing up her ass. Penny was
sure that he must have delivered at least a pint of sticky cum into
her shit hole before he too withdrew exhausted and plonked himself
down to recover on the floor.
The last dog trotted forward but Penny now master of the situation
snarled a stay command at him and the low ranking hound obeyed. With
as much aplomb as she could muster Penny rose from her prone position
and with sluttish pride exposed her battered Ass to the watching
Holding it open she stretched her gaping shit hole as wide as she
could so that they could watch the doggy spunk dribbling from her
tender anus. As it dribbled down her thighs she scooped it off, and
licking it from her hands let the hedonists sat outside observe the
way her tongue lifted it and slid it to the back of her mouth before
letting it slide down her waiting gullet.

Then picking up the only thing in the room she could find to write
with… Dog cum, she wrote backward son the glass screen.

“Is there any cunt out there brave enough to join me”

Watching the reaction of the people outside, she waited. It was
obvious that most of the people were highly aroused, men wanked their
cocks and women played with their own cunts. No one had turned their
heads away from the sight of Penny being ravaged by the hounds now
each sat intent on their own release. Slowly it dawned on the crowd
that Penny hadn’t just smeared the glass but that she had written
something and she could see them trying to decipher the words written
on the glass with spunk which was rapidly turning into a clear liquid.
Suddenly with a hiss the mirror wall slid back into place and Penny
was left alone again with three spent dogs and one lowly one waiting
patiently to do his mistresses bidding.

After about a minute the wall once more whispered itself away and
Penny looked out on the sea of faces. Would anyone take up her offer?

A hidden speaker in the corner clicked on and she heard the Masters
voice “Penny one or two of the ladies here are swooning at the
thought, but since they are guests you will have to ensure they are
not harmed”
Penny glowered at the tiny speaker but realising that it probably
worked both ways turned to face the watching crowd. “Put your fucking
hands up you bitches if you think you can make it with a real dog?”
Out in the crowd most women turned away and hid their eyes but four
finally let their hands creep up to indicate the desires that Penny
was sure they all felt. Peering through the glass she pointed out two,
and told them they would need to strip completely before coming in.
Watching them disrobe Penny called over the lead dog and taking the
fourth and the lead in hand she began to wank their cocks until they
were excited again. Penny intended to have some fun with the stuck up
bitches when they came in and wanted the dogs ready.

Finally the two women appeared by the door and Penny eyed them up and
down. One a willowy blond was stood laconically waiting as though
entering a room to be molested by a dog was an everyday event. Nearly
five foot ten tall her breasts were quite small but firm and Penny
watching her haughty expression decided there and then that this bitch
would leave screaming for more if she had to fuck her herself to make
the cold cunt react. The other woman was a different kettle of fish
all together, a dark haired, dark skinned woman probably of Italian
descent her olive skin already coated with the sweat droplets of
anticipation, hopping from foot to foot her short , slightly
overweight body was trembling, he tongue running round and round her
lips as she watched the dogs. Penny watched her large tits jiggling as
she hopped about and wondered if it was possible for a dog to tit fuck
a woman, well she would soon find out.

Moving between the dogs and the door, she called into the speaker
again. ” You better put some cream on them I don’t want the dogs
upsetting by strange smells”. From nowhere Mrs Growel appeared and
winking through the glass at Penny made the two women lean forwards
and spread liberal amounts of the cream onto their lower regions and
into their exposed holes. immediately the shorter woman’s face
betrayed her inner feelings as the cream began to work her jaw dropped
and she moaned her hands flying to her itching cunt she played with
herself the taller woman however was trying to ignore the sensation of
the cream and apart from a slight tensing of her leg muscles gave no
indication that it was affecting her. A footman stepped froward and
the door, still invisible except for the handle on the outside opened.
Penny quickly ushered the two women inside and placing them with
their back against the wall, so that everyone could see their buttocks
flattened against the glass she led forward the two dogs. Placing the
leader his swollen cock still jutting out between his front legs in
front of Miss haughty she waited just long enough for him to catch the
scent of the cream then left to take the lowest ranked dog towards the
other waiting woman.
The dog took one sniff at the waiting dark skinned cunt of the shorter
and buried his nose into her crotch, with a wail of delight she spread
her cunt lips to allow him access and Penny stood back to watch as she
thrust her pelvis forward to allow him access to her love tube, and
groaned happily as he probed her cunt with his tongue. Leaving her to
her enjoyment Penny turned to watch the other woman, cornered by the
powerful leader she was trying to keep her legs closed, but his
insistent poking was forcing her up onto her toes, her back pressed
tight against the glass. Seeing Penny coming towards him he growled,
fearing he was going to lose his treat, but Penny stood well back and
started to give the blond woman instructions if she wanted to leave
with her cunt in one piece. Penny told her to open her legs, as
otherwise he would snap at her thighs. With a low moan the blond let
her legs open a shade, the dog sensed his opportunity an drove his
nose into the welcoming area from which the smell was emanating.
thoughtlessly the blond jerked her legs shut catching the hounds snout
between her thighs. He backed of and barked at her, then snarled
showing all his teeth. The blond fear in her eyes pressed herself even
tighter against the glass. With the dark woman cooing and moaning in
ecstasy behind her Penny concentrated on the haughty, but frightened
bitch. “Let him in or he will attack you” she snapped at the woman
“what on earth did you come in for if you didn’t want him” the woman
turned to her with tears dripping down her face and said her husband
had insisted she enter to prove she loved him. Now all she wanted to
do was leave. “Sorry” said Penny but if you try to leave he’ll tear
you apart, stand still now and we’ll move you to where you’ll be more
comfortable and moving in front of the vicious looking hound she
ordered him back. He moved about an inch and Penny screamed at him to
back off, reluctantly the dog withdrew, but all the time his eyes were
on the blond. He knew where his treat was and he had no intention of
relinquishing his prize. Slowly keeping herself between the dog and
the sobbing woman Penny moved her towards the little stool. Then
screaming a the dog to sit she lay the blond backwards over the stool
her arched back forced her pubic region forward and Penny told her no
matter what she mustn’t close her legs again as she wouldn’t be able
to control him once he got another whiff of the cream’s scent.
Choking back her sobs the now distraught woman signalled she
and Penny let him move forward. Tentatively he nosed towards her cunt
his tongue flicking over the exposed lips. Although she shivered she
didn’t try to move her legs away and getting bolder the hound buried
his nose once more into her waiting snatch, slurping and licking the
dog was forcing half his snout into her cunt as he reached for the
last drop of cream. despite the blonde’s fears the dog’s attack had
affected her internal mechanisms and her cunt fluttered open to allow
him access, her lubricating juices flowing to let him probe deeper and
deeper into her sensitive chute As she watched Penny saw the groaning
blonde’s nipples harden and her small but perfect breasts fill with
blood as his constant barrage stimulated the walls of her
cunt. Realising that both dog and woman would be alright now she
her attention back to the darker woman. Still with a dog licking her
fanny she was groaning towards an orgasm her hands grasping and
ungrasping around her giant tits, no longer wobbling they were rock
hard and
as Penny watched her nipples already engorged seemed to grow even
further, and from each trickled a steady stream of milk as she tugged
on them and whimpered her way to release. Her orgasm made her wobble
and the dog sensing something was changing stepped back and looked at
her with quizzical eyes . The dog noticed the liquid running down her
belly and as dogs will, licked at it, finding it to his liking he
reared up and placing a paw either side of the woman went straight to
the source, lapping at her nipples he caused a fresh burst of milk to
erupt, and the woman gasping for breath held her breasts out to him.
Penny signalled two of the men in the front row to crouch on the floor
and, kneeling herself, she guided the dogs cock into the wide open
cunt of the wailing woman.
Sensing his cock embedded in a hot tube the dogs instinct took over
and whilst still licking the milk from her breast he started to hump
at her love tunnel. Her eyes closed the brunette moaned and groaned as
she matched him thrust for thrust, and let her cunt swallow his
pistoning rod.
Penny turned her attention back to the other side of the room to find
the blond writhing on the big dog’s tongue as he finished of the last
of the cream in her cunt, and began to try and reach her hidden anus,
with an evil sense of enjoyment Penny knelt above the blonde’s flushed
face and lifting her feet drew the slender bitches legs right back
until the brown ring of her puckered Ass was totally exposed. With
one lunge the dog’s tongue disappeared inside her still tight shit
hole and as she screamed and writhed Penny lowered her own cunt,
still coated with dog cum onto the haughty blonde’s open mouth. “Lick
me you bitch” hissed Penny as at the other end the dog licked his
The blond unable to do anything for fear of being bitten tentatively
pressed her mouth against Penny’s cunt, but releasing one of her feet
Penny reached between her own legs and spread the lips of her own cum
soaked cunt wide, and drove them down onto the unwilling woman’s
tongue. “Come on you slut, drink some cunt juice” yelled Penny as she
frigged her fanny until dribbles of her own juice, mixed with stale
dog seed dripped into the woman’s captured mouth. Unable to do
anything but comply the woman sucked and gurgled as more and more of
the captive spunk dripped down to fill her mouth. Meanwhile the dog
tonguing her Ass was reaching the end of his supply of cream and began
to think of other things.
Penny reached over and pulled him towards her then guided his rampant
cock into the entrance of the struggling woman’s cunt. Lifting his
legs she positioned him over the wailing woman and smearing some of
her cunt cream over the tart’s little tits she stood up. The woman
looked at the hound licking avidly at her small but tight tits and
groaned in anguish, but he didn’t care his cock was embedded in a
tight tube and now his body took over, growling at her he humped her
cunt, his cock sinking deeper and deeper as he move up her body until
finally embedded as deep as he could go he started to lick the salty
tears from her face, whilst his cock pounded into her cunt.
Back with the others Penny carefully disengaged the young dog from the
brunette and helping her to stand on legs that had sustained her
through three orgasms, led the gasping woman to lie on the floor with
her head resting against that of the blond then positioning the dog’s
cock between her massive tits she tickled his balls and was overjoyed
to see the brunette clutching her breasts together to fasten them
around his pistoning cock. He’d never had a fuck like this before his
balls being tickled and squeezed whilst his cock pistoned between two
rock hard globes of fleshy resistance, and with a howl of release he
sent his spunk flying. as Penny had hoped with him being kept on edge
for so long his spunk flew right over the brunettes head and landed
squarely on top of the blond. with a scream of surprise she squirmed
as the first jolt of red hot spunk landed across her face and chest.
The dog above her growled at the interruption and then pumped even
harder as the scent of another dog’s cum reached his nostrils. Again
and again the young dog’s spunk cleared the brunette, despite her
attempts to fasten her mouth around his flexing tool, until in
desperation she grabbed his cock and folded it down into her mouth.
Then with a gargled grunt of joy she drank every drop of spunk that
the poor animal could produce. Finished he ambled away leaving the
brunette lying on the floor frigging herself as lust overtook her.
Calling up the second dog Penny made her turn onto her hands and
knees, and then sitting in front of the cock hungry slut she forced
her head down and her ass up until the dog could mount her. As his
cock slipped past her puckered sphincter the swarthy woman lost in her
own world of spunk and fucking sensed Penny’s cunt only inches in
front of her face and edged forward to sink her tongue into Penny’s
waiting slit. With a groan of pleasure she began to tongue Penny and
reaching forward she grabbed Penny’s buttocks and pulling her onto her
mouth ground her lips against Penny’s still engorged clit. Unable to
prevent herself Penny rocketed skyward the feeling of the woman’s
rubbery lips sucking and rubbing over her clitoris was too much and
she descended into a lump of blubbering fuck fodder her cunt streaming
cum juice as she came again and again. Lost in her own release, being
sucked of by a woman whose ass was being ravaged by a dog Penny
completely forgot about the blond. Her eyes staring sightlessly toward
the ceiling the haughty bitch had reached a zenith of her own, lying
there being raped by a dog she had seen a glowing cock out the corner
of her eye and without thinking she had accepted the proffered red
organ. too late she realised this was also a dog and now the third dog
was shagging her face, his cock had slipped past the entrance to her
throat and as she gasped for breath all sixteen inches of his rod
disappeared into her throat. Almost choked by the massive member and
too frightened to move because of the Ass fucking dog growling at her
every time she so much as squirmed she was being raped by two dogs,
but the worse thing about it all was that she felt her body
responding. With a groan of despair she felt her cunt flexing with a
life of it’s own as her anus constricted around the large dog’s cock
and her throat muscles rippled along the length of her face fucking
canine’s shaft as he licked at her spunk encrusted body. In her as she
felt the pack leader drive even deeper his balls slapping against her
ass cheeks as his muscles bunched and he began the final assault, as
his boiling sperm filled her shit tube, she moaned and screamed
obscenities. her body finally out of control she begged him to keep
shafting her Ass, but needing to rest he trotted away, to flop down on
the other side of the room. With only the cock embedded in her gullet
she endeavoured to suck it right of its owner’s body her frantic
sucking bringing whines from the poor dogs throat, but the bitch
didn’t care anymore she had to have his spunk. she wanted all his
spunk and with a desperation born of lust she reached up and cradled
his balls. It was too much for the poor dog his hind legs heaved
another inch of cock down her throat and she felt the end twitch and
pulse before disgorging spray after spray of stringy dog cum deep into
her belly. spent he withdrew but the haughty cunt hadn’t finished she
needed more stimulation and seeing Penny writhing on the end of the
brunettes tongue as a dog shafted the wailing woman’s Ass she moved
from the stool and coming up behind Penny who was sitting with her
hands back supporting her weight, as she lifted her cunt to the
brunettes hungry lips. Watching the woman who had forced her into this
disgusting state the blond prepared to get her revenge.
Kicking Penny’s arms from under her she pounced on the unsuspecting
girl and straddling her she grabbed Penny’s tits. “Now you little fuck
slut. It’s my turn” and she drove her aching anus down onto Penny’s
mouth “Drink dog cum bitch” she screamed as the deposit so recently
left there gushed from her shit hole. Lying underneath her Penny tried
to swallow as much of the sticky cream as she could but it kept coming
and slowly it overwhelmed her. running from the corners of her mouth
it dribbled all over her face and mixed with the drying spunk already
lodged in her hair. “Lick me you fucking bitch” groaned the woman and
shifting herself backwards she placed her cunt firmly over Penny’s
mouth. Still being licked in her own cunt by the brunette Penny
tasting the sweetness of a cunt pressing on her own mouth went mad.
Grabbing the blonde’s thighs she pulled her down tight and sucked the
whole of her outer lips into her mouth. chewing on the soft flaps she
felt the woman’s muscles tighten and waited for the flood of cum juice
as her expert mouth sent the blond hurtling into a body shattering
orgasm. her mouth now full of spunk and cum juice Penny struggled to
keep as much as she could and as the blond rolled from her she pulled
the blonde’s flushed face to meet her own and kissing the spent woman
full on the mouth Penny passed every drop of moisture she had kept
from her own mouth to the blonde’s silken tooth lined pocket. Together
they passed the mixture of cum and spunk from mouth to mouth as their
frantic hands mauled and squeezed each others breasts. the brunette
forgotten the two girls rolled about on the floor and slowly but
surely turned until they were top to tail, their heads buried between
each others thighs, sucking and licking each others sensitive tubes
their tongues first probing a cunt and then an anus they both reached
another joint climax and completely spent, rolled apart from each
other and moaned their release in unison, breasts heaving as they
tried to regain some composure .

Recovering they looked at each other and laughed and hugged
themselves, before carefully licking the mixture of spunk and cum
juice from each others bodies. Forgotten for the moment the brunette
was still being fucked by the dog, unable to reach conclusion in her
Ass he had remounted her fitting his swollen cock into her pulsating
cunt and as she grunted and gasped beneath him his front paws had
locked around her waist. his muscular body arched he pumped and pumped
but her cunt was too slippery from her own juices and he couldn’t get
enough friction to make himself cum. the upshot was that the poor dog
was fast tiring on top of his victim who was loving every minute of
his attack. Writhing and moaning her own fingers reaching between her
legs to clutch and squeeze her sensitive clit she constantly squirmed
from on cataclysmic shudder to another as his cock so deep, inside her
that it had invaded her womb sent her into paroxysms of pleasure.
Penny hearing the dog whimper in frustration looked up just in time to
see him trying to dismount, but his knot still engorged because of his
failure to expel his load was locked inside the brunette’s exploding
fanny. As he tried again to disengage she screamed not from pleasure
but pain and Penny and the blond leapt to help her straightening the
dog up they both licked and wanked his cock. Then the blond moved
behind him and Penny holding his cock tight watched as she sucked
first one ball then the other into her mouth. the brunette lying
moaning on the floor was no help as together they brought the poor
hound to completion and holding him as still as they could they milked
his spunk from his shuddering cock and once his knot had subsided they
gently released the two tied ‘lovers’ and allowed him to move away. On
the floor the brunette was lost in haze of pain and pleasure but Penny
and the blond had no intention of wasting all that good doggy cum and
together they lifted her and placed her leaning forwards against the
glass spread her legs then lying down they looked up opened their
mouths and waited. After a few seconds the copious amounts sent flying
into her womb by the overworked dog began to cascade down onto their
upturned faces and watched by the crowd outside they caught and
swallowed every drop. Totally fucked out the brunette staggered to the
door and was released but Penny and the blond still had one dog that
hadn’t finished the smallest recovered from his one fuck was
patrolling the room looking for a chance when the two women pounced on
him. tickling and pushing they brought him close to the glass, and
getting him to roll onto his back they took turns sucking on his
pointed prick licking and tickling his distended member until to a
roar of approval from the watching crowd his cock jerked and sprayed
both their faces with his jism. Sucking his cock back into her mouth
Penny cleaned it until it shone. Then as the dogs limped away through
their own door the two girls ignored the crowd and using the spunk
scraped from their faces as a lubricant gave a display of lesbian
fisting that is still talked about in Blackpool today.

Penny couldn’t remember much of what happened afterwards, until she
was back in the taxi being taken home by Roy. Still on a sexual high
she had made him stop at the side of the road and had let the old man
fuck her face, until he was ready to cum then making sure his spunk
was deposited on her bush she had spent the rest of the journey gently
wanking her aching cunt using his spunk as a lubricant for her
fluttering fingers. Arriving home she had tried to get Sandra and
Michelle to join her in a threesome, but the two girls realising Penny
was still in adrenaline rush made her sit down and relax until it
disappeared and then when tiredness finally overcame her they helped
her weary body up the stairs and of to bed. Penny didn’t wake again
until nearly dinnertime to find the girls had left and on the kitchen
table an invitation from the Master himself for her to arrive at his
place for seven O’clock. As usual there was a box containing the
clothes she was to wear, but Penny left it unopened until she had gone
for a shower. Her body still covered in dog’s spunk from the night
before stank and she wanted to get herself cleaned up.

Standing under the shower jets, their blasting pellets revitalising
her body she dreamt of what might happen when she met the Master, and
hoped that the last few days were only a lead up to the final
debauchery she felt was to come.

PS Penny had rather hoped for some extensive comments from
appreciative readers about what they might like to do to her if they
got the chance. If anyone wants to reply their comments will be