Two Raped Schoolgirls

“Normal”. A frequently used word, yet a word whose exact meaning is as elusive as the term “perversion”. What those two words imply seems to vary from nation to nation, from community to community, from person to person.

Among one African tribe it is considered obscene to expose one’s back to others. In many Eskimo communities it is the height of hospitality for a man to offer his wife to a guest.

The characters in this book appear to be average Americans. Yet they behave in ways that many others would consider abnormal.

But who is to say whether these characters are normal or perverse?

TWO RAPED SCHOOLGIRLS is a novel of major interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A story of one young girl seeking to resolve conflicts and find happiness.


Sandy Hamilton wasn’t thinking about anything but her upcoming English exam. She hadn’t kept up with the work and now she was in the basement of the high school library, cramming.

She pushed a strand of strawberry blonde hair away from her eye, unmindful of the silence around her. All the other students had gone, leaving her alone in the musty basement of the ancient library. Sandy hadn’t yet learned to be wary of being alone in such places.

It was a lesson she would soon learn.

Sandy was one of the most beautiful girls in the high school. She had bright eyes that sparkled when she felt happy or mischievous, and hair that fell in loose waves to several inches past her shoulders. Sandy wanted to be an actress, and she kept her hair in a Farrah Fawcett-style, parting it slightly off center, combing it away from her face in loose, silky waves.

Her body measured a cock hardening, but it wasn’t her body that drove men and boys crazy with lust. It was her face. She was simply so damn beautiful that every man wanted to fuck her. Her mouth was so sensual that the thought of Sandy Hamilton giving a blowjob was all but guaranteed to give a boy a throbbing — and sometimes embarrassing — hard-on.

Sandy did not hear the two sets of footsteps as she turned the of her textbook. She was hunched over the book, concentrating on the complexities of the English language. Then, she heard a sound and looked up from the book.

“Be very quiet and you won’t get hurt,” the masked man said.

The teenager’s mouth went bone dry in an instant.

She couldn’t have screamed even if she wanted to. There were two boys, dressed in letterman’s jackets, jeans and leather jogging shoes. They looked almost identical — including the ski masks they wore.

“Who are you?” Sandy finally managed to ask, her voice quivering with fear.

The taller of the two said, “You can think of me as the Phantom.”

“And I’m Trouble,” the shorter one said.

“Stand up,” Phantom said, his voice soft yet firm, letting Sandy know that she couldn’t do anything but follow his orders exactly. “Stand and turn around.”

The strawberry blonde turned around slowly, feeling their eyes on her body. Despite her fear, she could feel the pussyjuice moistening the rosy lips of her cunt. Sandy was an exhibitionist at heart. She wanted to be an actress and she loved it whenever anyone watched her.

“Take your clothes,” Trouble said. “We’re going to fuck you but good!”

Sandy was trembling from head to foot. She could only hope the two boys wouldn’t hurt her. Maybe, if she satisfied their lust, worked their cocks over until she got them to cum harder and more forcefully than ever before, they wouldn’t hurt her that she began unbuttoning her dress.

“I’ll do anything you want, anything you ask of me,” the girl whispered. “Just don’t hurt me. That’s all I ask of you.”

Sandy unbuttoned the front of her dress, letting the two halves separate to show off the front of her body. Since her tits weren’t really very big, and since they were nicely rounded and riding high on her rib cage, she wasn’t wearing a bra. The boys could nearly see the dark, chocolate-brown circles of her areolas and her fear-hardened nipples. Her stomach was flat and tanned. The skimpy, clingy bikini panties she had on barely covered up her triangular patch of pussy hair.

“Take it off, Goddamn it!” Phantom hissed. The gorgeous young girl shrugged her shoulders and the dress filtered down her arms and fell in a heap around her ankles. She stood motionless, hands at her sides, Sandy didn’t know what to do next. She felt like hiding her tits, putting her hands over the ripe mounds of succulent flesh so the boys couldn’t gawk so openly at them. But to hide her tits might annoy them and she didn’t need to fire up these boys’ anger as well as their lust.

Sandy hooked her thumbs into her tiny bikini panties, sliding her thumbs under the elastic band. She bent forward at the waist, dragging the sheer material past the delicate curve of her hips and down her thighs. Her ripe, hard nippled tit fell away from her body and Sandy’s luxurious mane of strawberry blonde hair fell down the sides of her beautiful face.

“Holy shit!” the Phantom groaned.

Sandy brought the panties down to her ankles, then stepped out of them. When she stood up again, she as wearing only thigh-high white stockings with an intricate pattern running diagonal lines down them and her shoes with three-inch stiletto heels. Around Sandy’s neck, hanging front a gold chain, was a medallion. She smoothed her hair away from her face after righting herself, licking her lips nervously, unintentionally making them glisten.

“Everything,” Phantom said, his voice ominous and commanding. “You’re getting completely naked, or we’ll help you. Now you don’t want that, do you?”

“No… of course not,” Sandy replied in a whisper.

Sandy kicked off her shoes and pushed the stockings down her shapely legs. When the masked boy who called himself Phantom reach out his hand, she gave him the stockings.

“Don’t hurt me,” she repeated, the fear she felt now mixing erotically with anticipation.

She wondered what their cocks were like, if they were big and strong or small and weak. Sandy Hamilton certainly wasn’t a virgin, but nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

The boys attacked swiftly and before Sandy could even think about defending herself she was on her knees with her arms outstretched in either direction. She felt her stockings being tied around her wrists, then the opposite ends being tied to the desk she had been sitting at and the post of the bookshelf.

“Nooooo,” she whimpered.

Sandy, the most beautiful girl in the high school, was naked, on her knees in the aisle with her arms extended at her sides, tied securely with her own stockings.

“Suck this,” Phantom said, stepping in front of Sandy as he unsnapped his jeans and jerked don his zipper.

Sandy stared at the crotch in front of her, unable to tear her eyes away from the bulge in the Phantom’s pants even though she was frightened out of her wits. When he pushed his jeans down his thighs, a massive, rubbery knob of cockmeat drooped away from his body. The prick, though it wasn’t completely hard yet, was already ten inches long. When it had grown to its full, jaw-stretching length, the Phantom’s prick would be an even foot long and nearly as thick as the girl’s wrist.

The lusty teenager shivered, feeling the hard tile floor against her bare knees. Her tits jiggling from her chest, the please capping lust darkened areolas. Sandy didn’t want to believe she was hungry for the taste of the Phantom’s prick, but she was. Eves though her hands wee tied away from her body and she was nothing more than a captive about to be gang-raped by the two masked boys wearing letterman’s jackets, she was horny.

“Just don’t hurt me, pie…” she said, then was silenced when Phantom hooked his hand behind her neck and pulled her face over his cock.

The bullet-shaped tip of his prickrod forced Sandy’s painted lips apart. She squeezed her lips around the rubbery knob as it rolled deeper into her mouth. The ridge of the cockhead slipped between her lips and she began rubbing the underside of the crown with her tongue. The manly, meaty flavor of his cockrod delighted Sandy, made her pussyjuice glisten in droplets on the delicate lips of her hot cunt.

“Ohhhhhh!” Phantom groaned, shoving another inch of his cock into his gorgeous captive’s juicy mouth.

Sandy shivered. She had given blowjobs before, but never had it excited her like this. She checked the stocking on her right wrist, feeling it bite into her tender flesh. There wasn’t any way she could getaway from Phantom and Trouble until they untied her.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, then silenced herself. Sandy Hamilton had to remind herself that she was being raped, and that she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it.

“Suck it! Suck my cock!” Phantom urged, pumping his hips slowly back and forth, working his foot-long cock between Sandy’s clutching lips.

As she sucked cock, Sandy nibbled with her lips and danced her tongue over the undulating prickmeat. She breathed raggedly through her nose, struggling for air.

Sandy whipped the throbbing, spongy cockhead with her tongue, lashing at the crown of Phantom’s cock to make it thick and hard. Her ripe lips were ovaled around the huge stem of cockmeat and Sandy’s lipstick got rubbed off on the prick.

“I’m going to fuck you, Sandy,” Trouble said.

Sandy wished she could turn around to see Trouble. He was behind her and it added a dimension to her fear to know that she couldn’t defend herself against the boy who obviously knew who she was. This wasn’t a chance meeting, Sandy decided. The two lettermen had clearly waited until she was alone in the library before attacking her.

She slurped as the cockhead slammed hard against the back of her mouth. The Phantom’s big, pulsating cock head nearly reamed the girl’s throat, and her eyes got glassy as she choked slightly on the prick.

The cock continued driving deep into her mouth, sliding between her lips to fill Sandy’s beautiful face. Behind her, she could feel Trouble’s cockhead rubbing against her asscheeks as he got down on his knees behind her. She could feel from the pricktip that he, too, had a big cock. Big, but not as big as Phantom’s foot-long prickpole.

“Fuck the bitch!” Phantom hissed.

Sandy tried to pull her hands together and felt the stockings tighten around her wrists. The Phantom had both his hands on her head now, holding her still as he fucked her beautiful face. She couldn’t make even the slightest attempt at defending herself.

“Ummmmm!” the horny girl groaned as the pricktip wedged firmly, threateningly against her tonsils, nearly jamming down her tortured throat.

As Sandy felt the cold tile floor against her naked knees becoming uncomfortable, she also felt the hot, spongy head of Trouble’s cockpole against the lust-inflamed lips of her pussy. She spread her knees slightly, pushing her ass back toward Trouble, making it easier for him to shove his red-hot cock into her equally hot pussy.

“You’re going to get it now, cock-sucker,” Trouble said.

Sandy could feel him guiding his cock to her pussy as he reached around her body, cupping one of her luscious tits at the same time.

The cocks worked on Sandy’s body, heightening her lust, driving her crazy with desire. She gnawed on the see-sawing prick that stuffed her mouth while Trouble rubbed her clit with the blunt, conical head of his prickrod. Each time her clit was rubbed, more hot pussyjuice oozed from her cunthole. A moment later Sandy felt her cuntlips being pried apart as Trouble’s big, iron-hard prick began shoving into her cunt.

“Yeahhhhh!” Trouble hissed through gritted teeth.

He was squeezing Sandy’s right tit with one hand and he hip with the other. He plowed half of his nine-inch cock into her hot cunt on the first lunge. Then he reared back, then sank all of his prickpole into Sandy Hamilton’s pussyhole with the second invasion.

The force of Trouble’s hips slamming against her half-moon asscheeks knocked Sandy forward, forcing her to gulp down more of Phantom’s cockpole than she wanted. The awesome, blunt cockhead crammed against the opening of her throat, nearly choking her.

The boys went at her, throwing themselves at her face and ass, reaming her mouth and cuntlips with their big, fiery column of cockmeat. Sandy trembled and shivered, sucking on Phantom’s prick as she worked her cunt muscles on Trouble’s pistoning cock.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Trouble grunted as his lean, sinewy hips slammed hard against the taut melons of Sandy’s asscheeks.

He shoved his cockrod into her from behind, feeling her delicate cuntlips working almost magically on his fleshy prick. The cum simmered hotly in his churning balls. He, like Phantom, had his jeans down to his thighs.

Each time the cock moved in or out of Sandy’s pussy, the broad, veined upper surface of Trouble’s cock slid against her slit. Hot, jagged bolts of electricity jolted from Sandy’s luscious body as she jerked against the stockings holding her arms away from her body. She squirmed, twisting her hips in a circular motion to take Trouble’s cock into her oozing, tight cunt from different angles.

“Mmmmm!” Sandy mewled, mouthing Phantom’s prick.

When the cockhead was, all that filled her mouth, Sandy tongued lovingly at the pisshole, tasting a pungent drop of pre-cum. She was delighted with the salty flavor of cum and knew from experience that if she continued to give the heated blowjob, she would get the full wad of fuck-cream that she craved so desperately.

Phantom looked down at Sandy, watching his prick sinking deep into her mouth. He couldn’t believe that such a beautiful girl was sucking his cock. She might pretend that she hated his gigantic prickpole, but he knew better. He knew that she was really getting turned on by his massive prick. He reached down with one hand, pinching Sandy’s pebble-like nipple and she squirmed, tightening her lips around his cockshaft, heightening his pleasure.

The exhibitionist part of Sandy’s psyche came to the fore. She could almost see herself and the image fired up her lusty emotions more than ever. There she was, kneeling in the aisle of the basement library, completely naked with her clothes strewn about her on the floor. She was on her knees with her arms outstretched in either direction, her own stockings used to tie her hands.

Behind her, kneeling, was someone wearing a letterman’s jacket. He was shoving his big prick into the fiery recesses of her juicy cunthole, fucking the beautiful teenager with hard, choppy strokes. In front of her was another male, wearing a ski mask, shoving his enormous prick deep into Sandy’s lovely face.

The mental vision of what she was doing and what was happening to her was more than Sandy Hamilton, would-be actress, could take. She suddenly began shivering, twitching on her knees, swaying from side to side as much as her bound hands would allow her. A moment later, as the jackhammer fuck-thrusts of Trouble’s prick continued relentlessly, she spewed out oily waves of hot, slick pussyjuice.

Her clit exploded, sending out gushing jets of girl-cum, overheated by the stimulation it was receiving. The young girl squirmed, struggling to continue sucking Phantom’s monstrous prick. She nearly choked and for a fleeting moment, she thought she might accidentally sink her pearly teeth into the awesome shaft of Phantom’s prick.

But she didn’t bite the cock. It tasted so magnificent and she would never want to injure a prick that made her feel so hot and horny.

“I can feel her cunning!” Trouble shouted, his powerful fingers gouging into Sandy’s hips as he pounded her asscheeks with his torso, sinking his throbbing cock full-length into her quaking pussy.

They went at her like a team, gang-fucking Sandy Hamilton. Phantom, holding Sandy’s face in his hands, reamed her mouth with his twelve-inch cock, shoving his prick between her lips until the flaring cockknob shoved three inches down her straining, protesting throat.

“Ummmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” Sandy slurped, choking on the mouth-filling prick as it ripped down her gaping, tortured throat.

As Trouble fucked Sandy’s hot cunt, pussyjuice gushed out in slick waves, coating his balls. He felt the succulent, feathery cuntlips tugging his prick. He could feel the walls of her cunt surrounding and massaging his prick.

The added stimulation was more than Trouble could take.

“Ahhhhh,” he shouted, throwing his had back on his shoulders as he powered all of his overheated cock into Sandy’s pussy.

His big balls slapped the inside of her thighs as they pulled up tight between the rapist’s legs. With his prick rod buried completely in the velvety smooth, liquid-filled cunt of Sandy’s turgid cunt, he released his pent-up load of jism.

Sandy was just coming back down to earth after soaring in the heights of ecstasy when the pungent eruptions of cum started gushing in her cunt. She chewed harder on Phantom’s prickpole as it see-sawed between her lips, sucking furiously to get his load of spunk down her gullet while her cunt was deluged with cream.

The trick worked and Sandy got her wish. While Trouble skewered her sizzling cunt with his prick, throwing his fiery rod into her pussy and splattering her womb with jism, Phantom’s stalk detonated.

“Suck!” he groaned, reaming out Sandy’s tortured throat.

The slender, attractive strawberry-blonde tuned her head back as far as possible to get the fat cock head out of her throat. With all of Phantom’s prick wedged firmly against the back of her mouth, the first load of cum shot from his balls. The cum trickled down her gullet and Sandy swallowed quickly.

With her cheeks hollowed as she took a spine-tingling suction to the cockpole, Sandy mouthed the undulating prick, nursing on it as salty jets of cum splattered against the roof and back of her mouth, spraying over her frisky tongue. The heady flavor of the Phantom’s cum delighted Sandy and, for a moment, she thought she might be wrenched by another bone-jarring orgasm.

But she wasn’t, and Sandy really wasn’t disappointed. If she had cum, she would not have been so vividly aware of what was happening to her. As it was, she could feel the blasts of fuck-cream filling her pussy and she could feel Phantom’s prick flexing between her lips as sticky, syrup-like streams of white spunk gushed in her mouth.

Sandy swallowed, then swallowed again and again. She couldn’t believe how much cum Phantom was giving her! It had seemed to her impossible that any boy could hold that much jism in his balls. While it was true that she was sucking cock, she was really getting her face fucked by Phantom. Sandy had no choice in whether she wanted to toss her head over the cockpole or not because he held her face in his hands and pistoned his hips to and fro to work his gushing cock into her mouth.

When it was finally over, Sandy’s pussy was filled with fuck-cream Trouble left behind. She trembled slightly, making soft, mewling sounds when she felt her cunt suddenly get emptied of cockmeat.

Phantom uncorked his cock from the teenager’s mouth. A white drop of cum, like a pearl, clung to her bottom lip, right at the corner of her beautiful mouth.

“That should teach you a lesson, Sandy Hamilton,” Phantom said.

Sandy closed her eyes, not wanting to believe that she had become so excited by what had happened. But she had gotten excited. She had tucked and sucked two boys whose faces she couldn’t even see. And she had loved every single second of her gang rape. She loved the way she had been forced to strip in front of her captors, and loved the way they had used her own thigh-high stockings to tie her hands apart.

She hung her head down and licked her lips, tasting Phantom’s cum and feeling Trouble’s cum warming her pussy. She heard them laughing softly as they adjusted their jeans and walked away.

“Don’t leave me here like this,” she whispered softly, not looking up.

Somehow… someway… Sandy Hamilton was going to find out who her masked attackers were. She had to find them again!

Sandy Hamilton needed their cocks shoving in her body and she knew it. She had to find out who they were.


Lovely Melanie Carlton stretched her right leg, loosening up for her ballet exercises. Being a ballet dancer was what pushed Melanie on, what gave her life meaning. She knew she had been gifted with all the physical requirements to become one of the premier ballet dancers in the country. All she had to do was work.

She was short, just two inches over five feet, and slender. Her measurements were a girlish, and she barely weighed a hundred pounds. She had large brown eyes and a pert mouth with naturally red lips, and though her face was cute in a little-girl sort of way, it was her hair that people noticed first. Melanie’s hair was dark brown and came down to her waist, falling in loose, satiny curls. She always wore her hair parted down the middle, with pink ribbons holding her hair in pigtails.

Melanie had on a leotard that hugged her body, squeezing her small tits to her chest, making them look even smaller than they really were. The pink leotard — pink was Melanie’s favorite color — was cut high in the thighs, showing off the girl’s tight little asscheeks almost completely. But it came up high on her neck and was full-sleeved. Though Melanie was a quiet, introspective girl, she liked showing off her legs because they were disproportionately long for her height, and she was proud of them.

When she heard the door open, Melanie groaned but did not turn around. She was in the dance room, which doubled as the music room, and she liked being alone during her workouts. She enjoyed the room because it was soundproof and she could turn up the record player as loud as she liked without disturbing the students in any of the neighboring classes.

“I’ve reserved this room for the hour,” she said, still not looking around.

Melanie Carlton came from a rich family and on occasion she could get quite smug. But usually she was a very polite young girl.

“Big fucking deal!” the intruder shot back. Melanie turned around, her face twisting in a frown. She didn’t like confrontations, and from the words and tone of voice the boy had used, she knew she was going to have some trouble.

She didn’t know then that the trouble was Trouble, with Phantom at his side.

The ground rules were laid down quickly and Melanie understood with frightening certainty. She was in a soundproof room, one that she had reserved so that she wouldn’t be disturbed. Nobody would come around to check on her and nobody would hear her screams for help. She was stuck, and unless she did everything Phantom and Trouble said — what strange names! she thought — she would be in even pester danger.

Her only hope was to do as she was told and hope the ordeal wouldn’t last too long.

“Take it off,” Phantom commanded, nodding his masked head at Melanie.

She knew he was talking about the clingy leotard. She squirmed out of it, sliding her arms out first, holding it against her naked tits for a moment before pushing it down to her waist. She felt more than naked as she pushed the leotard down her legs, then stepped out of it.

“Nice… very nice,” Phantom said as Melanie stood before him.

The teenager crossed her arms over her small tits, hiding them from the lusty eyes that bore into her very soul. The areolas were about the size of a fifty-cent piece, dark chocolate-brown with small nipples that were hardened by fear.

Melanie’s checks turned pink with embarrassment. She couldn’t look up. The only things she had on were her white cotton panties — the panties of a little girl — and her pink ballet slippers.

“Don’t stop,” Phantom said. “You don’t want to make us angry, and we want to see everything you’ve got.”

Melanie shook her head so that her luxurious mane of hair fell down the front of her body. The glistening, dark brown pigtails covered her tits. She didn’t want to take off her panties because she didn’t want to let the two masked boys in lettermen’s jackets see what she did to herself.

“Move it, girly!” Trouble hissed through gritted teeth as he rubbed his crotch.

The girl pushed her panties down quickly and stepped out of than, putting her hands over her cunt. Phantom said, “Don’t be shy, Melanie.”

“Hot fucking damn!” Trouble exclaimed, seeing Melanie’s shaved, pink pussy hole. “Look at that cunt!”

This isn’t right I thought Melanie, shifting her weight from one for to the next. She had always been shy, always quiet and reserved. But standing naked before these two masked boys, she could feel her slick pussy juices oozing to the shaven petals of her cunthole.

Why? she thought, her mind spinning out of control. Why do I want to do what they tell me? Why? Why? Why?

“On your knees, Melanie,” the Phantom said. “You’re going to suck us.”

Melanie rationalized what she as doing. She couldn’t openly admit to herself that she wanted to give both masked boys blowjobs. That was unthinkable to her! She’d never act so lewdly, so wantonly. She was doing it because if she didn’t, they might very well hurt her.

At least that’s what she told herself as she, with nervous fingers, unzipped Phantom’s jeans and reached for his prick.

In seconds Melanie’s gloriously naked, slender body was twisting and turning on the hard wooden floor of the soundproof dance room as she pistoned her head and shoulders to chew on the biggest prick she’d ever seen.

As she gave Phantom’s prick the loving attention of her mouth, Melanie used her right hand on Trouble’s prickpole. She pounded on the nine-inch prick, working her tiny hand from stem to stern until it throbbed hotly in her fist.

“Eat my cock, Rich Bitch!” Phantom hissed, standing with his hands on his hips, his jeans down around his thighs.

Melanie sat on the backs of her heels. She nibbled on the shaft of Phantom’s heavily veined prick, amazed that she had just the cockhead in her mouth, yet her mouth was completely filled. Turning her head, she pulled Trouble’s cock toward her face and he immediately tossed his hips forward, punching his pricktip between her ruby red lips.

“Umm!” Melanie gasped as the throbbing pricktip forced her lips apart, wedging her tongue to the bottom of her moth, ramming hard against the opening of her throat.

“Don’t bitch, you little cunt,” Trouble said angrily, feeling the young girl’s hot, juicy mouth working on his cock. “You’re going to take everything we give you — and you’re going to like it!”

As she gave Trouble a blow-job, Melanie’s hair jounced around her body, the velvety curls dancing down her front, tickling her sensitive nipples to make them even harder. Her shaved pussy tightened and relaxed, getting hotter and more moist by the second. Melanie knew deep in her soul that at least one of her attackers was going to fuck her and, though she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she also knew that she was really going to get off on it.

Melanie used the tip of her pink tongue to play with the slitted pisshole of Trouble’s cockhead. She tasted a salty drop of pre-cum and something else. Was that pussyjuice she tasted? Of course it was! Trouble had fucked someone else, and very recently!

These guys must really be studs, she thought, curling her tongue around the mouth-filling shaft of Trouble’s cockpole. If they can fuck one chick, then still want more, they must really be studs!

Her hair tickled her throbbing nipples, sending lust racing through Melanie’s feverish body. She took turns sucking on the cocks, wrapping her sensual lips around Phantom’s prick, then chewing Trouble’s cock into her face until her cute facial features were distorted by its length and thickness.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Phantom said. “Now I’m going to fuck you.”

Melanie didn’t really know what was expected of her and she looked up at the two masked faces, holding a big, fiery cock in each hand, the pricktips close to her mouth. When Phantom grabbed her under the arms and hoisted her up, she knew immediately that he wanted her to wrap her slender legs around his waist. She did so and as she was descending, she felt the blunt, conical head of Phantom’s incredible prick pushing against the shaven lips of her cunt.

“I can’t,” she gasped. “You’re too big!”

“Like hell,” Phantom shot back, holding Melanie’s lean hips as she gyrated around in front of him with her legs around his middle. “You’ll take it and you’ll love it!”

Phantom’s hands were at the small tight, silky smooth curves of Melanie’s asscheeks. She felt his fingers digging into her tender flesh, forcing her asscheeks apart. And then, to her surprise, she felt her pussy juice thickened cuntlips parting. Her lean, quivering body dropped half a foot and six solid inches of cockmeat were forced into her tight, tiny pussy.

“Awwwwwww!” Melanie gasped, toning her head back on her shoulders. The fiery column of manmeat spread the girl’s rosy petals far apart. The girth of Phantom’s prick was incredible!

Melanie threw her head forward, resting her cheek on Phantom’s shoulder as she dropped lower. The cock threatened to bend, but held steady as it pushed the final few inches into the juicy, clutching recesses of the teenager’s pussyhole.

Despite her personal revulsion at what was happening to her, Melanie couldn’t deny that having the broad, veined upper surface of Phantom’s magnificent cock rubbing against her sizzling clit felt good. It was better than good — it was the most erotic feeling Melanie had ever known! Nothing had ever made her feel so completely filled with cockmeat as the Phantom’s prick.

“Ohhhhhh!” she moaned softly, her mind working as the Phantom started pulling her slender body up, then letting her drop down that his cockhead pushed deep into her cunt, nudging her womb.

As she rocked up and down, taking the huge prick into her juicy cunt, Melanie’s small, lust hardened nipples rubbed against the Phantom’s shirt. The contact sent shivers through her body and she twitched, feeling her insides turn to jelly. If this continued, Melanie knew, she would soon be cumming.

Melanie locked her ankles together around Phantom’s waist, helping him hold her up. She had her arms around his neck and used what little strength she had left to push herself up, assisting the rapist. The Phantom’s hands were still at her tight asscheeks, spreading them apart painfully. Melanie didn’t mind the discomfort — it was mild in comparison to the magnificent feelings that the huge, throbbing prick gave her.

She felt something warm and spongy against her exposed asshole, but Melanie didn’t pay much attention to it. She was completely consumed with the prick that filled her pussy.

But then it happened, and she was wracked with fear.

Trouble was going to fuck her asshole!

Trouble’s pink, taut pricktip was at the puckered opening of Melanie’s asshole. He pressed his body against her back, feeling the heat of her as she squirmed against Phantom. The silkiness of her hair, the smell of her long tresses, made him wild with lust. The ends of her dark locks nearly touched his prick as he shoved it between the pale half-moons of her cheeks.

“Don’t!” Melanie hissed.

She, however, did nothing more than that to try to stop Trouble from ass-fucking her. In the deepest wanton recesses of her mind, it seemed the most erotic thing in the world to be suspended above the floor, getting double-fucked by two masked boys.

“Give it to her,” Melanie heard Phantom hiss. His mouth was near her car and she could feel the heat of his breath. “Fuck her asshole!”

Fortunately Melanie had sucked Trouble’s cock before he tried to ream her asshole and her mouth had slickened his throbbing prickrod. She felt the four hands pull her up, then please her lean body, letting her drop down. When she descended, the pressure against her tight asshole was amazing.

It couldn’t happen, Melanie kept telling herself. These sorts of things just didn’t happen.

But then she felt her tight ass hole opening up, engulfing the pulsating, reddish tip of Trouble’s cockpole. And once that was accomplished, the cock’s forward progress continued relentlessly, driving ever deeper into her ass.

Melanie’s waist-length, curly tresses were flattened against her back. Her svelte, naked body was crushed between the two heaving, grunting, straining rapists. And she felt two cocks, one larger than the other, one in her cunt and one in her asshole, reaming out her openings, driving full-length into her body. She took the cocks to the hilt, her cunt and asshole feeling like they were tearing as the cockpoles jammed into her quivering, overheated young body.

Melanie felt the strength being sapped from her, felt her strong, lean muscles turning to jelly as she was hoisted then dropped repeatedly. The cocks were reaming her pussyholes, throbbing cockheads shoving deep into her cunt and ass.

The grunting sounds her rapists made excited Melanie. They wanted her with an animal lust — and she wanted them. She didn’t have the courage to forcibly fuck in ways she’d never been fucked before, so she had to count on them taking what they wanted, and in the process, exciting her beyond ail boundaries. Even the pain in having a vibrating cock shoving powerfully into her tortured asshole felt, in a strange and indefinable way, exhilarating.

And somehow, though the roomy didn’t feel it starting, Melanie reissued her pussyjuice. She felt her body slipping away from her mind, the two entities becoming separate. Even though she tried to keep her ankle locked together behind Phantom’s back, she couldn’t muster up the strength for it. Her leg slipped down his thighs, then dingle straight beneath her, several inches above the floor as her cunt and whole were barraged with thrusting, charging cockmeat.

Her feet twitched beneath her, legs flopping weakly like the legs of a puppet on a string. Phantom’s hands tore into her tight asscheeks as he pummeled her pussy with his awesome, cunt-stretching prick. Trouble threw himself against her backside, nearly toppling three people over as he reamed her asshole with his fiery cock.

“Nooooo!” Melanie heard Phantom hiss. She couldn’t tell in her lust-induced stupor if he had shouted the word or merely whispered it. Pussyjuice was still streaming from her naked, shaved pussy.

A moment later, Melanie felt her hot cunt get even hotter as rich, creamy jets of cunt cream splattered against her womb. Bolt after bolt of cum gushed from the awesome head of Phantom’s cockpole.

Her head bouncing on Phantom’s shoulder, Melanie’s luscious, red, inviting mouth, curled into a weak smile as she felt the super-heated prick in her pussy filled her with jism.

Melanie was still being tossed about between the two rapists, wedged between their heaving bodies, when her asshole received its load of fuck-cream. Trouble reamed her ass with several long, overly powerful thrusts that again nearly knocked everybody over. With the cockhead buried to its farthest possible extent in her ass, Melanie felt salty jets of cum deluging her ass.

“Cunt! Young, Rich Bitch!” Trouble said as he slammed his fiery cockrod deep into Melanie’s asshole.

Melanie fell to the hard floor in a lifeless heap, her pigtails running down the front of her body, tickling her sensitive, still-hard nipples.

“Come on, we’ve got to tic her up,” the girl heard Phantom say.

Melanie did not resist — she didn’t have enough strength left for it. They used one arm of the leotard to tie her wrists behind her back, then the other arm to tie her ankles together. When they were finished, she was on her stomach on the hard wooden floor, knees bent, feet near her hands.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” Trouble said. Melanie heard the door open and close and then she was alone. Her whole body tingled in the afterglow of the magnificent orgasm she had enjoyed.


Maria Towne had been an English teacher since graduating from college. Now, at thirty-three, she was beginning to wonder if she’d been wasting her time. Each day was boring, more boring than the day before it. Nothing new ever seemed to happen at the high school.

Maria had had enough affairs in her life to know the joys of fucking, but something had always been missing. Her body, she was convinced, was womanly and attractive. She made sure of that with exercise and close scrutiny. She was a knockout and she knew it.

Her hair was an off shade of black and brown, not quite either color with highlights of each. She had naturally curly hair that, when she left it down, rolled in silky curls to her shoulders. And when she wore it piled atop her head, shimmering strands fell down the sides of her face delicately.

Maria’s eyes were jet black, black like onyx. Her nose was narrow and straight, and her mouth was medium in size, with lips that knew what they were doing when kissing another mouth — or sucking a cock.

And though she was pretty, it wasn’t her face that most attracted men’s attention, and Maria knew it. Her body, her incredible body, was what turned men’s mad. Specifically, her tits. Maria Towne’s body measured a staggering D, and though she had nice legs and a flat stomach, her huge tits drew men like a magnet. They billowed out from her body, swollen melons of delectable feminine flesh made for nibbling, caressing, fondling. The areolas were a light brown, like caramel, and Maria’s areolas were so big they couldn’t be covered by the width of a man’s hand.

Maria was on her way to the basement of the library, searching for an obscure book she wanted to show her class. Her heels clicked softly on the old wooden steps and she smiled when the first scent of ancient, musty books caught her senses. It was in the library that Maria could escape the doldrums of her everyday existence.

The big-titted brunette was wishing there were more lights in the basement of the library as she rounded the corner and found herself face-to-face with something she really didn’t understand.

Sandy Hamilton was on her knees with her arms extended. Her wrists were tied to a desk and a bookshelf, forcing her arms to remain far apart. She was naked, her rosy nipples rising and falling with her rapid breathing. And the girl’s gorgeous face was filled with a big, thick, charging prick.

There were six boys surrounding Sandy. Apparently several of them had already taken their turns with the bound girl because Maria could see a river of cum running from the corner of Sandy’s luscious mouth and down to her chin. As the stunning teenager brought her face back and forth over the young cock filling her mouth, a gooey string of jism jiggled and dangled from her chin, then dripped off, landing on the smooth upper of her left tit.

“Oh my God!” Maria gasped, putting a hand to her mouth.

There was cum clinging to Sandy’s neck, running into the soft valley of her tits. The triangular patch of pussyhair was matted with white drops of cum. Even the side of her nose had a pearly drop of spunk clinging wetly to it.

“Shit!” a boy named Billy hissed, stepping away from Sandy, jerking his prick from her mouth.

Maria judged the situation quickly. There were six boys in the library’s basement. Sandy had already sucked off three of them, and she had three to go. Maria knew most of the boys by name, the rest she at least recognized.

“Get out of here, you monsters!” Maria said, putting her hands on her supple, curving hips. “Oct out of here and don’t ever let me catch you doing anything like this again! We’ll see what the police have to say about this!”

The situation changed so rapidly Maria was caught off guard. At first the students were frightened of her, an English teacher. Then, lust getting the better of their emotions, they turned the tables on her and she became the one on the defensive.

“Fuck you, Miss Towne!” Billy said, his eyes glistening evilly, his big cock wagging about at his waist, shining from the moisture of Sandy Hamilton’s mouth. “We ain’t goin’ nowhere!”

“You little bastard,” Maria hissed, trying hard to cover up the fear she felt. “Get your little ass out of here this instant!”

“Fuck… you,” Billy said, drawling the words out slowly, venomously. He was in charge now, not Maria.

Maria looked at Sandy, wishing there was something she could do to save the teenager. After several more heated comments, Maria knew there was no way that she would get Billy, Rock and Jonathan — the three boys who hadn’t cum yet — to leave until they got their rocks off. They were simply too horny to stop.

“Okay, I see I’m powerless here against the six of you,” Maria said softly. “You boys are too strong for Sandy and me. We can’t stop you, but there is something I can do. If you three promise to leave Sandy alone, I’ll do you. I’ll do what you want to get you off, then you can leave us alone. Deal?”

Maria felt fouled by the boys as they looked at her body, taking in her womanly curves, devouring her huge tits with their eyes. It was clear that Rock, Billy and Jonathan all thought fucking the English teacher would be a first-class turn-on.

“Deal, Miss Towne,” Billy, spokesman for the group, said as he fondled his slick, throbbing prick. “Do a little strip for us, then we’ll decide what we want from you.”

Maria, her dark hair pinned up, had never stripped for anyone in her life. She certainly wasn’t a virgin, but she’d never done anything that lewd, that blatantly erotic, in her life. Having big six horny boys and one frightened, cumsplattered girl watching her was terrible — and exciting.

“I won’t dance for you, you bastards,” Maria whispered, looking down at the floor. “But I will take my clothes off, if it’ll get you out of here and away from Sandy and I faster.”

For school that morning Maria had chosen a thick, fluffy, loose-fitting pullover sweater and a skin, both of light blue. She grabbed the sweater and jerked it over her head quickly. Maria wasn’t going to tease these boys — she was going to give them everything at once. At least then they couldn’t brag later to their locker room mates how she had danced and pranced, slowly taking off each article of clothing one at a time for them.

“Damn, those are something else!” Billy exclaimed, looking at Maria’s tits. “Biggest fuckin’ tits in school!”

Maria took pride in the boy’s acknowledgment of her tits but did not react to it. She wouldn’t give him the pleasure of knowing that she appreciated his comment.

“More?” she asked, secretly wanting to take her clothes off for them.

“All the way, Miss Towne!” Billy answered. “We’re going all the fucking way!”

The zipper to her skirt was at Maria’s hip. She jerked the zipper down as far as it would go, an angry and disgusted look on her face hiding her true emotions. When she leaned forward at the waist to push the skirt down her legs, her creamy tits swung away from her body slightly, and in the bent over position, she gave the boys a mouthwatering display of her cleavage.

Maria stepped out of her skirt, giving the boys all a show of her body. She was a cockhardening sight if ever there was one, and it gave Maria a thrilling sense of lustful power when she saw that Rock, Jonathan and Billy all started stroking their pricks. She stood before them, hands held passively at her sides. Maria wore nothing but a red bra, a red garter belt, black bikini panties, black silk stockings that came to mid-level on her thighs, and her high heeled shoes.

“More?” Maria asked.

“All the way!”

Maria cursed herself for finding a strangely erotic joy in taking her clothes off in front of then teenaged boys. She grabbed her bra between the over-stuffed cups, where the clasp was. This time she didn’t hurry. Maria Towne pawned her hesitation off as fear, hoping it looked that way to Jonathan, Rock and Billy.

Then quickly, she unhooked the clasp of her bra and jerked the two cups away from her tits. There was an audible intake of air as ail six boys — and even Sandy — gasped at the sight of Maria’s tits, now naked, jiggling and swaying from her chest. The nipples were pink, elongated, in the center of her massive, delicious-looking areolas.

Before anyone could make a comment, Maria bent forward and jerked her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them, casting the bikinis aside. Her cuntal bush was thick, the hair curled tightly. She didn’t have a big bush, just a thick one.

“More?” Maria asked, indicating her red garter belt, black stockings and shoes. “Or should I leave them on?”

“Leave them on,” Billy answered.

Maria watched the boy’s prick wiggling about like a fleshy lance in front of him as he walked forward. He had a big, spit-shiny prick. Rock’s prick wasn’t particularly long, but it was extremely thick. Jonathan’s prickrod was about average — perhaps slightly larger than average — in both length and girth.

“All of you at once?” Maria asked.

She noticed in her tone a faint but unmistakable quality of anticipation. In one flashing moment Maria realized that because she had been bored with her utterly boring life and had chosen to go to the library when she did, she had changed her life completely. Somehow, thought she didn’t know exactly how or why, Maria knew that her life wasn’t going to be so boring from here on out.

Rock, Billy and Jonathan said nothing as they surrounded Maria. She glanced over at Sandy, who remained tied firmly, on her knees. Sandy’s face glistened with cum. Maria wondered what it would be like to have so much cum in her mouth.

Maria sank to her knees on the floor as Billy stepped up in front of her. She had three big cocks pointing at her face, at her mouth. She knew what they all wanted and she was going to give it to them.

“Let’s get this over with you so you all leave me — ah, us — alone,” Maria said as the cock came closer to her shining off-red lips.

Maria refused to help Billy. She wouldn’t grab his cock, wouldn’t guide his throbbing prick into the hot, wet recesses of her mouth. When the cockhead touched her lips, she let the pointed knob force her jaws apart.

“Ohhhhhh!” Billy sighed, sinking his cock into Maria’s mouth.

He pushed the pricktip between her lips, stopping the forward thrust as soon as the rim of his cockknob had slipped between her lips.

Maria’s tongue began rubbing the clefted bottom of Billy’s cockknob. She tongued the manly prickhead, tightening her red lips around the shaft just behind the crown. As she sucked on Billy’s thick prick, she kept her hands held down at her sides.

Billy laced his fingers together behind Maria’s neck, churning his hips, working them back and forth to sink his cockrod even deeper into her hotly sucking mouth. Maria, her excitement mounting by the second, drew a firm suction on the undulating column of young prickmeat.

Her checks caved in, conforming to the sides of Billy’s cockrod, squeezing it in a smooth, slick embrace while her tongue curled around the cockhead and shaft.

“Mmmmm!” Maria moaned, stopping herself once she was aware of the pleased, passionate sounds she was making.

“Go ahead, guys, do what you want,” Billy said, his thumbs caressing Maria’s pinned-up hair as he pumped his red-hot cock into her mouth. “I’ve got my spot right here, and I’m not moving until I get my balls off.”

The words filled Maria with an overpowering sense of joy. She was going to suck Billy’s prick until he came!

Jonathan and Rock, not to be easily put off, got down on their knees on either side of Maria. She watched them, her eyes flicking right and left as Billy’s cock muscle moved to and fro between her lips. When each boy grabbed the tit closest to him and twisted it so the nipple was toward his mouth, Maria closed her eyes. She couldn’t bear to watch their mouths — so young and hot — chewing on her sensitive nubs. Over the years, probably because her lovers always paid so much attention to Maria’s huge tits, Maria had learned to take as much pleasure from someone sucking her nipples as she did from someone sucking on her juicy, pink clit.

Maria clenched her hands into fists, fighting against the urge to reach for Rock’s and Jonathan’s beautiful, solid pricks as they sucks on her nipples.

I’ve got to remember what’s happening! screamed Maria’s mind as she squirmed before Billy, gulping his delicious cock deep into her mouth. But it was difficult and sometimes impossible for Maria to remember that she was giving a blowjob because she was trying to protect a beautiful student from the lusty desires of these three boys. It was just too exhilarating for her to be sucking on a cock while two different mouths worked over her nipples for Maria to not get swept away in the thrilling emotions that were forced upon her.

“Ohhhhh! Suck me,” Billy urged.

He pushed his cock into Maria’s mouth until he felt his rubbery pricktip nudging the open big of her throat. Then he kept his cock there, shaking his hips to work his cock-pole around inside the English teacher’s sucking mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” Maria slurped, finding it difficult to breathe.

The lips and tongues working on her nipples sent hot jolts of pure ecstasy zipping through Maria’s veins. In seconds she thought her tits were on fire, literally burning up from the hot, frisking tongues that lapped and sucked at the nubby buds of sensitive feminine flesh. “Mmmmm!” moaned the teacher.

She flicked the tip of her tongue against the pinhole and tasted Billy’s pungent, extremely salty pre-cum. She could hardly wait to feel his cock bucking and jerking in her mouth as his balls released their wad, showering her lips and teeth with manly cockcream. The taste, suspected Maria, would be absolutely heavenly.

As Jonathan sucked on Maria’s right tit, chewing as much of the firm, delicious tit into his mouth as he could, he stroked on his fiery prick. To be nibbling on the prim English teacher’s massive, D-cup tit was more exciting to him than fucking any girl his own age could ever be. He sank his teeth into Maria’s nipple and felt her body tense. He bit Maria’s button just hard enough to give her a hint of pain.

Even though she had vowed she wouldn’t do anything, Maria found herself giving Billy a blowjob. She wasn’t just letting him use her mouth anymore, she was bringing her face to and fro over his seesawing cockpole. Her tongue moved slowly and expertly, curling around the knob and rubbing the bottom and sides of the awesome, jaw-stretching prick shaft.

“Mmmmmm!” she crooned, dancing her tongue over the cockhead briefly before pushing her face forward to chew on the shaft as the pricktip pushed down her throat a couple inches.

“Eat me, cock-sucker!” Billy hissed. “I’m going to give you a mouthful and more!”

The words were Billy’s last act of defiance. He hardly stopped talking before his hips began quivering. She sucked harder on his cock, gnawing on the shaft with her lips as it bucked and throbbed in her mouth. Then, with the fat, conical pricktip against the flat part of her tongue, Maria felt the prick leap and spew a gooey streamer of jism over her tongue and against the back of her mouth.

Billy’s fingers tightened at the back of Maria’s head as he pulled her face toward his crotch, throwing his hips forward at the same time. His fiery, gushing cock rolled between the teacher’s tightly pursed lips until the crown slammed hard against the back of her mouth. When it hit Maria’s tortilla, another huge, juicy river of cum exploded from the slitted tip, splashing straight down the woman’s throat.

“Mmmmmm!” Maria moaned shortly, massaging and milking the jerking prick as it gave her the hot, delicious cream she thirsted for.

“I’m cumminggggg!” Billy choked, pulling his hips back, then throwing them at Maria’s face once more.

This time the pricktip didn’t stop when it hit the back of Maria’s mouth. Instead, the huge, undulating, spongy cockhead slammed against Maria’s tonsils, then drove straight down her throat. Maria gagged as her throat was unexpectedly invaded with hard-charging cockmeat.

“Oh!” she gasped, her hands still clenched into tight fists at her sides.

Billy’s body was crushing her nose, his balls against her chin, his huge cock swelling her neck out as he reamed her throat with his cock.

Being forced to deep-throat Billy and swallow his hot, salty cum was utterly degrading to Maria. But somewhere in the degradation, she found incredible eroticism. There was something amazingly sexy about being stripped down to her garter belt and stockings — with her massive tits open for inspection — in front of the boys that really turned Maria’s cunt into a seething cauldron of burning desire. And knowing that Sandy Hamilton was watching made the whole situation that much more exciting.

When Billy withdrew his throbbing prick from Maria’s throat, she inhaled greedily through her nose, swelling her gigantic tits out even more than normal. Her hard-nippled tits jiggled from her chest as she continued nursing on the rubbery, softening cockhead, working the few final drops of precious cum from the awesome tube of Billy’s cockpole.

“Goddamn that was a good blow-job,” he hissed under his breath, pumping his shrinking dick between Maria’s lips so that she could clean the cum clinging to his shaft off with her slithering, enticing tongue. “One hell of a blow-job!”

Rock, a defensive end on the high school football team, had been as patient as he would ever be. He pushed Billy aside. “You’ve had your turn, Billy, now let Jonathan and I have our turns,” he hissed angrily.

“No argument here,” Billy replied quickly, pulling his pants up and tucking his prick gingerly into his underwear.

It bothered Maria that the boys could determine what she would and wouldn’t do. Rock was talking about her as if she were nothing more than a piece of beef that could be bought and sold.

“Don’t I have any say-so over what happens?” Maria asked, still on her knees, her hands at her sides and her delicious tits ready and waiting for whatever would happen to them.

“No you don’t, Miss Towne,” Rock said, rising to his feet, his blunt cock in his right hand. “So let yourself go and have some fun ’cause you ain’t got no choice anyway.”

Maria glanced over at Sandy. The look on the beautiful girl’s face told the teacher in an instant that what happened to Sandy — being forced to give several blowjobs had been trying and frightening — but not entirely without satisfaction.

Jonathan and Rock attacked Maria then, pushing her onto her back on the hard wooden floor of the library. Rock grabbed Maria’s ankles, raising and spreading them, putting them up on his massive shoulders as he got on his haunches between her legs. Jonathan straddled Maria’s body, his knees pinning her arms to her sides, his big, quivering prick nestled in the smooth, warm valley of Maria’s cup tits.

“Ohhhh!” Maria sighed, watching Jonathan mauling her tits at the same time she felt the lips of her cunt being wedged apart by a thick, mushroomed cockhead.

The powerful defenseman stroked Maria’s thighs, feeling her muscular hips, then running his hands over her silk stockings. Turning his face to one side, he kissed her calf as he fucked his throbbing prick completely into Maria’s hot, wet, clutching pussy.

Maria, her curvaceous body trapped to the floor, felt a shiver of lust go up her spine. Rock’s cock, though not very long, was extremely thick. His apple sized cock jerked between her cuntal lips and rubbed against her fiery, sizzling clit. Pussyjuice oozed freely from her cock-filled pussy lubricating the tight channel, making the boy’s club-like cock roll smoothly to and fro.

Rock made strange, growling sounds as he fucked the English teacher. He rubbed her thighs, his hands exploring the expanse of flesh between the tops of the stockings and the bottom of the red garter belt. Looking down, he gazed at the dark, tight curls of hair at Maria’s pussy, and saw the pink cuntlips milking and squeezing his undulating cock shaft.

Jonathan squeezed Maria’s massive tits tighter around his prick, rolling his hips toward her face to work his eight-inch prick through the crevice.

“Lick it,” Jonathan commanded, his cockhead near Maria’s mouth. “Lick my prick, Miss Towne.”

Maria was surprised with the tone that Jonathan used. It was obvious to her that he really wasn’t a bad kid — just horny.

Looking up into his face, Maria decided Jonathan was really quite handsome, in a boyish way. But his prick was certainly man-sized. When the cockhead reappeared between her milky tits, she brought her face up and flicked the tip of her tongue against the conical knob, lashing the pisshole, making it shine with spit. The cock flexed between her huge tits, letting Maria know that she had pleased it.

Jonathan rocked his hips, pushing and pulling his cock between Maria’s tingling tits. She hadn’t sucked his cock and the rough friction of dry flesh sliding between dry flesh was somewhat uncomfortable. As he pushed his cockhead toward Maria’s face, he watched her tits twisting in his hand.

Sensing what the boy was thinking, Maria knew what needed to be done.

“Use same spit,” she whispered, just loud enough so only Jonathan could hear her. “That’ll make it slide easier…”

Jonathan hawked loudly and released Maria’s tits. They fell away from his cock, pulled down by gravity. He twisted his hips, moving his prick away from her breastbone, and spit down at her. He spit several times and Maria, hands trapped at her sides by Jonathan’s thighs, whimpered as though she were being tortured.

“Don’t! Don’t do that to me,” she said, loud enough so that everyone could hear her.

She was playing a game now, a game that only she and Jonathan knew they were playing. It pleased Maria that Jonathan could pick up the rules so quickly.

“That’s terrible! Don’t spit on me, Jonathan!” she cried.

“Shut up, bitch!” Jonathan hissed, grabbing his cock and rubbing the spit along the milky inner slopes of Maria’s jugs. “Shut the fuck up!”

Another shiver of lust ripped up Maria’s spine as Jonathan grabbed her tittie from the outsides, pushing the feminine mounds of flesh together, trapping his red-hot prick between them. This time as he pushed his hips toward her face, the cock slipped smoothly through the tight valley of tit-flesh.

Maria raised her head as the pricktip pushed toward her mouth. She parted her lips and sucked the delicious crown into her face. Her cheeks caved inward as she drew a hot, slick suction on the cockhead. Her tongue danced over the heated, rock-solid cockmeat, the fucking the cockhead oozed out.

“Ohhhh! Suck it! Suck my cock,” Jonathan urged.

He sank more of his pulsing cockrod into Maria’s hotly sucking mouth. He couldn’t believe such a beautiful, experienced woman was actually twisting her tongue around his prick, making the jism boil in his throbbing, aching balls.

When Jonathan removed his prick from her mouth, Maria dropped her head to the floor again and closed her eyes. She could tell from the way Jonathan’s cockhead had flexed and throbbed between her lips and against her tongue that he wouldn’t be able to hold his cum back very much longer.

Maria could hear Rock grunting and huffing as he punched his cock into her cunt. Her legs were still up on his wide, strong shoulders. When Rock touched her sizzling clit with his thumb, a soft, crooning sound was forced out of her.

“This bitch is gonna make me cum,” Rock said through gritted teeth, slamming his hips against Maria’s full asscheeks. “She’s really gonna make me shoot my wad!”

Maria waited for it, fighting against the urge to cum herself. She wanted to feel Rock’s hot blasts of jism showering the inner walls of her pussy, warming her curvaceous body from the inside. If she should cum herself, Maria knew reality would be blotted out as she floated in the erotic work of pure primal pleasure.

She opened her eyes for just a second and Jonathan’s reddish pricktip appeared between her milk white tits. Maria watched the straining, taut pricktip expand, then a white, creamy river of spunk exploded from the pinhole.

The spunk hit her high on the forehead, leaving a trail of jism between her eyes and over the bridge of her nose. When the pricktip reappeared between her tits, a second thick blast of cum shot from the crown, sailing far enough to strike Maria’s right eyebrow. The horny, big-titted English teacher had to keep her eye closed or she would have felt the stinging, salty cum.

The rest of Jonathan’s hot, milky spunk was deposited on Maria’s chin, neck and tits. She trembled on the hard wooden floor, not caring that the surface was brutal to her tender flesh. The smell and feel of Jonathan’s cum seemed to be everywhere.

As she licked her lips, tasting the salty essence of the young stud’s jism, Maria felt Rock’s thick cock sliding harshly into her cunt and begin showering her insides with his cum.

Rock’s hips pounded Maria’s mercilessly as he clawed at her asscheeks, prying the full melons apart while his prickrod sank into her cunt-hole. He pulled Maria’s hips toward his own as his churning balls spew out jets of cum that splattered Maria’s womb and the walls of her pussy.

When the boys had moved away from Maria, she got onto her knees again and wiped the cum from her eye. She looked at the six of them, trying to appear as angry and disgusted as possible.

“There! You’ve done what you had to do, now leave us alone,” she said, hoping the boys believed her act. “Go! And don’t tell anyone what’s happened here.”

“Fuck you, teach,” Billy said without contempt as he led his companions away.

Maria moved over to Sandy and began untying the girl’s wrists. “It’s going to be okay,” she cooed, her voice reassuring and maternal. “Don’t you worry about a thing, Sandy. We’ll get even with those sons of bitches.”

Maria’s mouth went dry when Sandy replied, “You don’t understand. You don’t understand at all. The first two — the masked ones — the guy who called himself the Phantom had a monstrous prick. It must have been a foot long!”

Maria dismissed the girl’s comment as exaggeration. But the thought of a twelve-inch prick sent hot shivers up and down her spine.


If Melanie and Sandy hadn’t been such good friends they never would have known that Phantom and Trouble had raped both of them. Melanie, so shy and introspective, confessed to Sandy that the two masked men had fucked her ass and cunt at the same time. Once Sandy had this information, it wasn’t long before Maria Towne got involved.

At first Maria didn’t believe Sandy’s story of the twelve-inch prick, but when Melanie also said the masked man who called himself Phantom had a foot-long meat pole, she knew it had to be the truth.

“I say we find the bastard,” Maria said, sitting in her private office in school. Melanie and Sandy were in chairs facing her desk. “No matter what it takes, I say we find the bastard.”

“And you know how we’re going to find him?” Sandy asked. “We’ll have to get a look at every boy in school — we’ll have to look at his cock. That’s the only thing Melanie and I saw. We saw his cock and nothing more.”

Maria nodded her head slowly. “Well, I’m up to it if you girls are. I say we do whatever is necessary to find that son of a bitch with the huge cock. Once we find Phantom, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out who Trouble is.”

Melanie made an angry, hissing sound as she said, “Trouble! That rotten creep as the one who… put his thing in my butt! I’ll never forgive him for that! Never!”

“Don’t worry, Melanie,” Maria said smoothly. “We’ll get even with both of them.”

Sandy brushed a lock of strawberry blonde hair away from her eye. “So then we go looking at cocks and whoever finds the foot-long dong tells the others, then we decide what course of action to take.”

“That’s it then,” Maria said. “Keep me informed of any progress you girls make. And be careful. There’s no telling what Phantom and Trouble are capable of.”

It was seven o’clock and school wouldn’t start for another hour. Sandy stood in front of the bathroom mirror at her home, inspecting herself with a critical eye. It had been two days since she had been raped by Phantom and Trouble, two days since she had been tied up and had three of her classmates shove their cocks into her mouth until they gushed out their hot fuckcream. Sandy had swallowed the first two loads, then let the third slip out from between her lips until it dribbled off her chin onto her tits. She simply couldn’t swallow any more spunk.

But that was in the patio. Now she was hunting, hunting for cock, intent on finding out the true identity of Phantom.

To go hunting for this type of animal, Sandy realized she needed to dress the part. So she selected clothes that would insure her access to whatever cock she thought might possibly be Phantom’s.

She pulled thigh-high stockings up her slender legs. The stockings were white and patterned, identical to the pair she had worn two days earlier. Next came a pair of satin bikini panties that were so sheer and skimpy they just barely covered the crack of her ass. Sandy chose not to wear a bra. The last garment was her dress, which she had hemmed up several inches higher than the manufacturer intended.

The dress was cut low in front, showing off the inner swells of her medium-sized tits. The dress came down to mid-thigh, almost to the tops of her stockings. When she would sit down, the dress would pull up so high on her thighs her cunt would nearly be exposed.

Sandy was dressed to kill, dressed to be seduced — dressed for hunting a Phantom.

His name was Benjamin Monroe, and from the bulge in his pants, Sandy figured he had to have a pretty big prick. The bulge didn’t seem to indicate a foot-long cock, but then Sandy had seen how cocks could grow.

“Yeah, Sandy, what’s going on?” Benjamin asked.

He didn’t know Sandy very well, but had fantasized about her often. She was, in his opinion, the foxiest-looking girl in school. When she said she wanted to speak to him in private, he didn’t hesitate for a second.

“There’s something I want to say to you,” Sandy said, fighting the trembling in her stomach.

This might be more difficult than she originally figured. She certainly wasn’t a virgin, but seducing a classmate she hardly knew wasn’t really her style.

“It’s very difficult for me, so please don’t say anything until I’m finished. Okay?”

“Okay,” Benjamin replied, his mind reeling. Sandy shook her head, sending her shimmering strawberry blonde hair in motion. She was an absolute knockout, a real stunner.

“Will you tell me how big your cock is?”

Sandy could see the utter confusion in the boy’s eyes and realized instantly there wasn’t any way she was going to find out how big Benjamin’s prick was until she took the initiative in getting his rod hard.

“I-I don’t really know,” Benjamin stammered.

“Will you let me find out?”

Sandy’s wide, sensual mouth curled into a smile when Benjamin nodded his head. They were standing beneath the bleachers of the foot of the stadium and it was the middle. School was in session and they both had a free hour to do what they wanted. She looked around quickly, hoping there worst my students or teachers around who might see.

“Don’t tell anybody about this,” Sandy purred as she rubbed Benjamin’s crotch.

She could feel his cock responding to her touch. The prick was stretching down his leg and Sandy figured that if she didn’t get his cock out of his fly soon, she’d never be able to get it out until it was soft again.

Sandy jerked Benjamin’s zipper down quickly, thrusting her small hand inside his pants. The cock was still rubbery, but she could feel the blood pumping into it, making it grow, and becoming harder by the second. She had to act quickly or would be forced to make Benjamin, with his pants down and she didn’t want to take off any more clothes than was absolutely necessary in cue they needed to make a fast escape.

“Damn it all,” Benjamin whispered, his eyes wide as saucers. “You’ve got no idea how may times I dreamed of you doing this.”

Sandy knew then without a shadow of a doubt that Benjamin Monroe was the Phantom. If he had dreamed of her going straight for his cock, he certainly wasn’t the kind of guy who would tie her up and force her to give him a blowjob. But as Sandy’s hand worked from the cockhead to the root of Benjamin’s prick, it grew to a monstrous ten inches.

“You’re not him,” Sandy said quietly.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Benjamin asked.

This was getting even more weird by the second and he hadn’t the foggiest notion as to why Sandy Hamilton was dressed as revealingly as she was, or why her hand was moving back and forth on his bone-hard prick.

“You’re not him and I’ve got to leave,” Sandy said, the words coming out quickly. “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

“What? Wait, you can’t leave me like this!” Benjamin said, on the verge of anger. If there was anything the otherwise mild-tempered boy couldn’t stand it was a cock-teaser!

Sandy looked at Benjamin’s big cock. It was big, all right. Big and hard as a rock. But it wasn’t Phantom’s cock and she really didn’t want to do anything with Benjamin. But she didn’t want to hurt his feelings either and Sandy knew that if she got the reputation as a cockteaser, it would be all around school in a day or two.

Bending over at the waist, Sandy flicked her tongue out, lashing at the conical crown of Benjamin’s awesome cock. The cock leaped in her hand, ten inches and very thick.

Benjamin pushed his fingers through Sandy’s satin-smooth hair, swirling it around her head. He looked down and watched her pink tongue flicking over the head of his cock. The sight of such an incredibly beautiful girl tonguing his prick was almost more than Benjamin could take. Sandy’s face always looked beautiful, but seeing it at his prick as her tongue curled around his cockhead made her even more attractive.

“We’ve got to hurry,” Sandy said, her right hand sliding over the cockshaft. “We can’t stay here very long or somebody will catch us.”

“Yeah, sure, sac,” Benjamin answered quickly.

Sandy turned it on for the boy. She used her left hand to squeeze and fondle his balls through his pants, using her right to stroke the fiery prick. She opened her wide mouth and sucked the cockhead in, squeezing the cockshaft with her gleaming red lips while her tongue worked against the cleft. Hot, salty pre-cum dribbled from the pisshole and Sandy licked it up, savoring the pungent, manly taste of Benjamin’s spunk.

“Mmmmm!” Sandy moaned, her satiny tresses flicking over her cheeks as she bobbed her face over the cock.

Holding the pricktip in her mouth, Sandy nibbled on the head, chewing on it with her lips as she danced her fiery tongue over the pisshole. Benjamin’s crown was big enough to almost completely fill her mouth.

“Awwwwwww! Suck it, Sandy! You’re so good! Ohhhhh!”

The words reinforced Sandy’s belief that Benjamin wasn’t the Phantom. He was too polite, too caring for him to be a bastard cruel enough to tie her up and rape her. Sandy was somewhat disappointed that he wasn’t the Phantom, but she was also glad that Benjamin, who had always been polite and kind to her in school, wasn’t some kind of monster.

As Sandy pistoned her face back and forth, dragging her hotly sucking lips over the rim of Benjamin’s pricktip, her hard-nippled tits jiggled from her chest. The low-cut dress barely contained the swaying mounds of youthful, firm tit-flesh as she gulped hot cockmeat into her mouth. She rocked on her open-toed, high-heeled shoes, hoping that nobody was watching her.

Sandy moaned, filling her ravenous mouth with the cock. The taste of Benjamin’s prickrod delighted Sandy and she felt her panda clinging wetly to the hot, lust-swollen lip of her cunt. Even though she had no intention of getting turned on — she was, after all, only hunting for the Phantom — Sandy Hamilton felt the growing, burning need to have a big, hard prick shoving into her pussy.

She gulped the throbbing cock into her mouth until the red, taut pricktip was against her tonsils. Sandy wished she could deep-throat the huge cock like she had seen Maria Towne do, but she just couldn’t. Still, she knew that she was giving a good, sexy, hot blowjob because Benjamin’s cockrod was pulsing between her lips.

Sandy chewed the cockpole. She removed her left hand from Benjamin’s balls, sliding the hand up between her thighs to caress her red-hot clit through her panties. Whatever good intentions she had of remaining emotionally detached while searching for the Phantom vanished the second she touched her own clit. She shivered from head to foot, her nipples making sharp dents in her dress and her legs seemed to turn to Jell-O.

“Suck it, Sandy! Ohhhhhhh! Sandy, you’re so beautiful,” Benjamin hissed. “Ohhhhhh! Take me as deep as you can.”

Her cheeks caved in as Sandy sucked hard on the prick that filled her gorgeous face. The emotions going through Sandy were more than she could stand, greater than what she had thought they would be, too powerful for her to deny.

Sandy bolted upright, releasing the cock from her mouth. When she was face to face with Benjamin, her lips were shining with a mixture of her own spit, lipstick and pre-cum.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Benjamin replied without a moment’s hesitation.

The ground had plenty of refuse on it from spectators at the football games dumping their garbage, so Sandy wasn’t inclined to simply lay down and pull up her dress. She thought for a moment and then turned her back to Benjamin, grabbing onto a steel support beam.

“Fuck me then,” she hissed over her shoulder. “Go ahead and fuck me! Fuck me, but hurry!”

Benjamin grabbed Sandy’s dress and pushed it up over her hips, exposing her panty-clad ass. He paused just a moment, running his palms over her asscheeks, feeling her flesh through the satin panties. His prick was hard as the steel beam Sandy held onto. Grabbing her panties, he jerked them down her thighs, below the to of her white, patterned stockings.

“Yesssssss!” Sandy purred, her hands clenched around the steel. “Fuck me any way you want to!”

The warm breeze against her cuntlips was nothing compared to the seething cauldron of smoldering desire that burned in the beautiful redhead’s wanton pussy. She twitched, shaking her ass at Benjamin, waiting anxiously to feel his massive, rigid prick spreading her moist cuntlips.

In the distance Sandy could hear her classmates in a gym class, playing some game. She wondered if they could see her, too. The actress in her hoped they could, but reason told her it would be terrible if she did get caught fucking Benjamin Monroe.

Shown thinking about the repercussions of getting caught fucking the spit-slickened head of Benjamin’s prick forced her cuntlips apart.

“Uh!” she gasped, feeling her body get invaded deeply from the very first lunge of Benjamin’s hips.

The cock was big and thick, with a pulsing blue vein running the length of the shaft. It stuffed deep into the girl’s juicy cunthole, driving the cockhead into her tight channel.

“Ohhhhhh! Fuck me fast, Benjamin,” Sandy purred, no longer trying to control herself.

She wanted to be jolted by a spine-tingling, mind-boggling orgasm. She knew then that she had taken every inch of his awesome, outstretching prick into her cunt. The underside of Benjamin’s prick rubbed against her hard, juicy clit, sending electricity through her veins, pushing her relentlessly closer to a jarring orgasm.

“Fuck me!” she crooned, ashamed of her own wanton ways, amazed that she could even act so lewdly without being forced into it.

Benjamin grabbed the girl by her slender hips, jerking her forward then puffing her back toward him to meet his charging thrusts of cockmeat. He fucked her furiously, skewering her pussy with his cock, plowing his cockpole into the depths of her cunt until the harsh zipper of his pants bit into her tender pussylips.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Sandy sighed, gripping the steel beam like it was a lifeline.

The floodtide of pussyjuice erupted from Sandy’s hot cunt without the usual amount of Benjamin’s forewarning. If it hadn’t been for strong hands on her hips, she would have fallen over. Slick, clear waves of jelly-cum spent from her cock-filled pussy trickling down the front of her thighs until it mingled with the tops of her white stockings. She quivered, tossing her head back on her shoulders.

“I’m cumming!” Sandy shrieked, oblivious to the classmates playing a hundred yards away. She had completely forgotten about everything except Benjamin Monroe’s huge, red-hot prick and how it made her pussy feel.

When her climax aided, nil the strength was sapped from Sandy’s body. The gorgeous redhead had lost all her energy at the same lime she lost her pussyjuice. Her knees buckled and Benjamin, not completely understanding what was happening, let her fall to the ground.

Sandy — her face — the steel hard cock. It felt cold against her hot skin. She gulped in air, her mind reeling as she struggled to recover some semblance of rational thought. The orgasm had been complete, draining her of mental as well as physical energy.

“Y-you can’t stop. You can’t stop now!” Benjamin exclaimed, standing with his prick jutting through the fly of his pants.

With her back to Benjamin, Sandy replied, “I… can’t fuck any more.”

Sandy remained on her knees, holding onto the steel beam. It wasn’t that she wanted to leave Benjamin frustrated, she just didn’t have any energy left to get him off. Her tits jiggled from her chest inside the dress, the nipples becoming soft now that she had cum.

“Do what you must,” she whispered, her voice weak and tremulous. “I can’t help you. Do what you must.”

Her mind was hazy, everything in a fog of sexual fulfillment. Sandy could hear the other students playing during physical education class, she could feel the light breeze cooling her overheated body.

Closing her eyes, Sandy breathed heavily, hoping Benjamin wouldn’t make too much of a mess of her. She could guess what he was going to do and she didn’t want him splattering her nice dress with his spunk. Still, she knew that her classmate needed to get his rocks off; and since she was unable to help him, she wasn’t going to complain no matter how he finished himself off.

The beautiful girl closed her sexy blue-green eyes and waited. She heard Benjamin settle down on the ground behind her, and felt him raise the hem of her dress to expose the tight half moons of her pale asscheeks. Then she felt the warm, spongy cockhead touching her flesh. For the briefest of moments Sandy became afraid that Benjamin would try to wedge his big, throbbing prick into her asshole.

“You’re so beautiful,” Benjamin whispered, grabbing his cock firmly.

He rubbed his cockhead up and down the crevice of Sandy’s ass, enjoying the heat, softness and smoothness of her skin, the fragrance of her perfume, the delicacy of everything about her.

Sandy quivered, clutching onto the steel beam. When Benjamin used his left hand to reach around her body and squeeze one luscious tit, a soft, passionate whimper was forced from her chest. Her nipples became hard again, responding instantly to his fingers. She wished Benjamin would push his hand inside her V-neckline to caress her burning, fiery nipples.

“Ohhhhhhh! My cock is getting so hard,” Sandy heard Benjamin whisper. His lips were at her ear, her silky hair a satin-soft caress against his cheek.

“Cum,” the strawberry blonde whispered softly.

As if on cue, Sandy felt the hot, creamy jets of cum erupting from Benjamin’s big, over-heated balls. Streams of sticky, syrup-like jism shot from his cockhead to splash against her asscheeks. White, gooey spunk hit her puckered asshole. More jism struck the pale melons of her ass, trickling down her quivering thighs until the cum matted with the tops of her thigh-high stockings.

“Ahhhhh!” Benjamin hissed, aiming his pricktip left and right, blasting his juicy spunk on Sandy’s quivering ass.

He inhaled deeply, his senses overpowered by the delicate scent of perfume and shampoo, pounding furiously on his big, geysering cock. The spunk left trails of cream and blobs of cum on Sandy’s ass. She felt the hot fuck-cream trickling between her legs, running over her cuntlips and down her thighs.

When Benjamin was finished, Sandy thanked him and asked him to leave. Mane under the bleachers, she took a Kleenex from her purse and began dabbing at the spunk sticking to her skin.

It was clear to Sandy Hamilton that Benjamin Monroe was not the Phantom. But that really didn’t matter. She had enjoyed sucking his cock and having him fuck her until she was all but blinded by ecstasy.

As the teenaged girl with the striking good looks and cock-hardening mane of reddish blonde hair rearranged her clothing, she made a mental note to fuck Benjamin again.


Even Melanie knew that she was emotionally ill equipped to go searching for the boy who had raped her. She couldn’t just approach every boy she saw and say she wanted to see if his cock happened to be a foot long.

But that’s exactly what she had to do. She had agreed, with her friend Sandy Hamilton, to search until she found the owner of the magnificent hunk of man meat that had fucked her into a bone-jarring climax that was so powerful all consciousness had been blotted out. The massive prickpole slicing into her cunt had felt so great, even the cock shoving hard and fast into her asshole didn’t bother her too much.

So she had to find out who the Phantom was. She had promised to search for him. All she needed now was the courage to go through with her convictions.

Melanie brushed her long, wavy brown hair. It looked gorgeous, catching and reflecting light, falling in two pigtails down the front of her body, parted down the middle of her head and tied with matching pink ribbons. Her dark brown eyes had a hint of mischievous anticipation in them, and Melanie’s naturally dark eyelashes and eyebrows didn’t need a bit of makeup to enhance her seductive charms.

For her “seduction day”, as she thought of it, Melanie chose a casual cotton dress. She didn’t wear a bra and her small, rosy nipples made dents in the fabric. The dress came down to a mid-thigh level and looked conservative and girlish. But Melanie knew that she would be getting fucked while wearing that dress. Even if she did look just like another naive, proper teenaged girl, she was something eke entirely — and she was going to prove it.

For the first three hours in school Melanie did little more than check crotches. She was surprised to find out how many boys her own age had big lumps in their pants. Did they walk around all day, with hard-ons? she wondered.

For hours Melanie tried to figure out some way of checking the size of a boy’s prick without seeming too forward. But no matter how much she thought about it, no idea came to mind that made any sense.

“I must try,” she whispered to herself as the school day was ending. “I’ve got to do my part!”

Melanie was on the school bus when she saw that Frank Samuels, a boy who lived near her, had a big lump in his pants. She promised herself to gave at least one boy a try so that she wouldn’t have to report her complete failure to Sandy and Maria Towne.

“Frank, can I see you at the back of the bus a moment?” Melanie whispered in the boy’s ear. She saw the way Frank’s face lighted up and immediately her heart began thumping in her chest. “It’s very personal,” she added.

In the back seat of the big, yellow school bus, Melanie so Frank had relative privacy. Melanie positioned herself near the window, with Frank sitting near the aisle.

“What is it you wanted to see me about?”

Frank asked.

Melanie licked her lips. She had to go through with her plan no matter what. She took a deep brash for courage and said, “I’ve got to find out how big your cock is.”

What followed as a blur to Melanie. At first Frank was surprised, then he was arrogant, saying he knew along that Melanie was hot for him. She didn’t tell him that prior to the past fifteen minutes she never thought twice about him. And then, even though Melanie didn’t want him to, Frank whipped out his cock for her to see.

Melanie realized two things immediately — Frank had a big cock but it wasn’t big enough to be the Phantom’s. But what could she do now that she’d asked to see his prick? She couldn’t just tell him to put it away and forget about what she’d maid.

“Come on, Melanie, don’t let me don now,” Frank said, his eyes darting around the school bus.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“Yes, yes, yes! I promise!”

Melanie knew she had no choice in the mafia. She slithered her lean, supple body onto the floor of the school bus, keeping her head and shoulders above the seat. She wished there was a more romantic place to do this — especially since she really didn’t have any romantic designs with Frank Samuels.

Inhaling deeply, Melanie caught the faintly musky aroma of Frank’s prick. It pleased her and the petals of her young pussy tightened instinctively. Even though she had mental reservations of giving a blowjob to a boy she hardly knew on a moving school bus with her friends sitting nearby, Melanie Carlton was getting hot and horny.

“I may not be very good at this,” Melanie whispered, looking up into Frank’s pale, frightened, horny face. “I’ll do my best.”

“Fine… just get to it,” Frank shot back. He sat straight up in his seat, frying to appear calm, perhaps even bored. He certainly didn’t want anyone coming back to check up on him.

Melanie tentatively touched the shaft of Frank’s prick with her fingertips. The cock wasn’t fully hard yet and the cockhead was big and mushroom-shaped, with a slitted pisshole that Melanie knew would be spitting hot, salty cum at her.

She wrapped her fingers around the stern of Frank’s prick and began stroking it. Almost instantly the cock jerked in her fist, stretching out, growing to its full length. When Frank’s cockrod had grown to full size, Melanie was certain he wasn’t the Phantom, but he could be Trouble.

“Suck it, don’t just stroke it,” Frank said impatiently. He was dying to feel the rich girl’s hot, pink lips rolling up and down the shaft of his throbbing, man-sized cock.

The cock was so hot and hard it almost frightened Melanie. She longed to taste the pulsating column of cockmeat, to curl her tongue around the knob and taste the cum she knew would gush from Frank’s big, tingling balls. But as much as Melanie wanted this to happen, she was also afraid of it, afraid of the reputation as a cock-sucker she might get, afraid of her own responses.

She steeled herself, fighting once again for courage, and aimed the cockhead at her mouth while she brought her face toward the taut prickknob. Melanie closed her eyes, not wanting to see what she was doing, mentally shutting out everything but the taste and feel of Frank’s fiery prick-stick in her hand and mouth.

Mmmmmm, Melanie moaned, kissing the cockhead.

The teenager flicked her tongue out, letting the very tip of her tongue graze lightly over Frank’s cleft at the bottom on his prickknob. The flavor of Frank’s cock sent shivers rippling thorough Melanie’s slender body and her nipples were hard.

“Ohhh! That’s it, suck my cock,” Frank urged, fighting to sit still in the bus seat.

The floor of the school bus was hard against Melanie’s bare knees. She threw her dark, luxurious mane of hair over her shoulders to keep it out of the way, raising herself to get in position so her ravenous mouth was directly over the red-hot column of cockmeat.

“Eat me,” Frank hissed.

She opened her eyes for just a moment, looking at the flexing crown of Frank’s cockpole. It was big and mean looking and the cockhead alone would almost completely fill her mouth.

“I’ve got to do this,” Melanie purred aloud, so quietly even Frank couldn’t hear her.

She dropped her face down. The bullet shaped head of Frank’s prick forced her lips apart, and then the knob was in her mouth. Melanie squeezed her lips around the oval shaft of the prick, putting her tongue in motion, rubbing and tonguing the stem and knob while she drew a firm, tantalizing vacuum on the prickpole. She began bobbing her cute face over the cock, taking it deeper into her hot, moist mouth.

Her ruby lips puckered inward, then were pulled out as she withdrew the fiery cockmeat.

The teenager crooned, salivating freely around the delicious, hot prick. She curled her tongue around the cockhead and tasted the first precious drop of pre-cum that oozed from Frank’s tingling, itching churning nuts.

It appalled Melanie that she could so quickly turn to cock sucking with such zeal. One day she had been a rather sweet, innocent high school student, the next day she was pistoning her head over a boy’s hugely swollen, fiery prick with such wanton abandon it made her almost ashamed of her own lusty desires.

“Mmmmmm!” the girl slurped, flicking her tongue over the pisshole.

The pre-cum was trickling from the cockhead much faster now, leaving a salty flavor on Melanie’s probing, enticing tongue. She lapped slowly but erotically on the cockrod, working her tongue over the ridge of the crown and toying with the pisshole.

“Ohhhhh! Melanie, you’re going to make me cum,” Frank said.

Melanie filled her mouth with the big cock, pleased that she could take more than half. Melanie brought her mouth off the boy’s hot, spitty prick.

“Where do you want to cum?” she asked.

“In your mouth.”

“Then let your cum go!” Melanie whispered, stroking Frank’s prick as she spoke.

Melanie’s hands moved up and down Frank’s thighs, her fingernails scratching his flesh through his pants as her moist massaging lips traveled up and down the length of his cock. She chewed with her lips on the cockshaft, rubbing the cleft of the cockhead with her tongue, urging more pre-cum to trickle from the throbbing knob.

As the cute, innocent looking dancer sucked cock, she thought about what she was doing. It didn’t bother her anymore that she took such lewd delight in filling her mouth with cockmeat. Though Frank Samuels wasn’t the Phantom, she really didn’t care because bringing her hot, kneading lips up and down an his cockrod gave her an incredible sense of power. It was she who was in control, she who would push the boy over the brink of ecstasy.

Melanie held the base of Frank’s cock firmly in her tiny fist. Pistoning her head over the prickrod, chewing it into her hot mouth until the throbbing cockhead smashed hard against the opening of her throat, she jerked on the fiery cock. Each time the spongy crown of Frank’s prick threatened to enter her throat she felt her chest heave in protest, but she continue, wanting nothing more than to suck Frank’s big, beautiful prick until his balls boiled over, showering her mouth with the juice of his passion.

The horny girl’s panties were sticking to her clit. She dipped her left hand down, sliding her skirt up, bringing her hand between her slender thighs. The touch of her own fingers against her sizzling cuntlips — even through her white cotton panties — was electrifying. Her clit was sending hot jolts of raw passion through her veins as she sucked ravenously on the big, throbbing prick.

“Mmmmmm,” the lusty Melanie Carlton crooned, no longer concerned about which of her friends might hear or see that she as giving a blowjob on the school bus. She didn’t give a damn about anything but Frank’s gorgeous cock and the spunk she knew she’d get from him.

She wiled her tongue around the rim of Frank’s cock-head, using it with skill, making the red-hot cockmeat dance from the boy’s waist. As she sucked his prick, she slipped the middle finger of her left hand inside the elasticized leg hole of her panties and explored the opening of her cunt. Her cunt was hot, the lust swollen lips extra sensitive, ready for a big prick to part them.

At the same time that Melanie shoved a finger into her cunt, Frank’s cock expanded. A fraction of a second after that a fountain of sticky fuck-syrup geyser from the pinhole, splashing over the girl’s frisking tongue and against the roof of her mouth.

The amount of cum, and the force from which it shot out of Frank’s fiery cockpole, surprised Melanie. She nearly choked on the creamy wad of jism as the prick bucked and spewed furiously, gushing a second mighty eruption of white cum into her mouth.

At first Melanie was uncertain of exactly what was expected of her, then, gulping madly, she swallowed the boy’s hot, salty wad of cockcream as it splashed over her dancing tongue.

Magnificent eruptions of spunk continued blasting from Frank’s throbbing cockhead. The hot-blooded brunette swirled the delicious nectar around her mouth before gulping down the thick, pungent blobs of jism.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned, on the verge of cumming herself, her finger pushed far into her cunt had made her forget how many boys she had said she wanted to see in her private office immediately after school.

“Ah, wait a minute guys,” Maria said, looking at the four horny teenaged boys crowded in her small office. “There must be some kind of mistake here.”

“No mistake, Miss Towne,” the tall, handsome student said. “You said you wanted to see my cock. You said the same thing to these other guys. Well, Miss Towne, now you’re going to get what you asked for!”

Maria looked at the horny boys. It wasn’t her style to make a game out of sex, but she couldn’t deny that having so much young cockmeat to suck and fuck did appeal to her.

“D-don’t worry,” she said, her voice weak and tremulous with excitement. “I won’t let you down.”

They attacked Maria like wolves going after a deer trapped in a deep snow. The lacy white blouse Maria had worn was ripped from her body by several pairs of hands, exposing her mountainous tits tightly encased in the white bra.

“Stop!” Maria hissed, trying to push the boys away.

There were so many of them! Hands were everywhere on her body! She didn’t dare make too much noise or someone might come, and Maria was positive that with so many boys after her Principal Bradley would never believe that she hadn’t led them on somehow.

Hands pawed at her gigantic tilt, squeezing brutally, adding pleasure and pain to her body, throwing fuel on the continually smoldering fire of passion that glowed in the pit of her stomach.

“Don’t… please,” the big-tilted brunette sobbed.

Maria was backed into a corner of her office. Someone grabbed one over-stuffed cup of her bra, trying to rip the garment off. His fingers slipped out of the bra, but Maria’s creamy melon of tit flesh popped free, the nipple hard, the areola huge and round and pink.

A hand pushed under Maria’s skirt, sliding between her thighs. She tried to clamp her knees together, but by that tine it was too late — the hand was already at her cunt. Only the thin, sheer fabric of her panties prevented the contact of skin to skin.

“Suck me, bitch!” the tall, slender boy hissed.

Maria felt a hand grab her by the back of the neck, forcing her down, making her bend over at the wait. She was immediately aware of two things — the strength of this slender boy and the intensity with which he wanted her.

Maria’s one free fit jiggled, pulled further away from her body as gravity tugged at it. She made soft sounds of protest, trying to get away from the hand. Doubled so far over that she nearly lost her balance, Maria’s eyes suddenly widened as the boy’s prick came near her face. The cockhead was huge and red, mean looking, pointing straight at her mouth. She put her hands on the boy’s thighs to steady herself.

“Don’t,” she hissed, not really wanting the boys to stop their onslaught.

Someone unhooked Maria’s bra and the cups fell away from her huge, milky tits, the straps of her bra filtering off her shoulders and down to her elbows. Immediately hands were at her tits, pinching her nipples brutally hard, digging fingers deep into the succulent, supple mounds of feminine flesh. Maria squirmed from the pain, but felt her pussyjuice ooze more freely from her pussyhole, dampening her panties.

“Suck it, I said,” the boy growled, holding Maria’s neck with one hand, his prick with the other.

The brunette rocked on her high-heeled shoes, nearly toppling over. Her forward momentum made the pricktip slam against her mouth. She started to gasp — and that was her undoing. The moment her lips parted the tip of the cockhead wedged between them. She opened her jaws, afraid her teeth might scrape against the throbbing cockhead, and her mouth became filled with young, pulsating cockmeat.

“Umm!” she mewled, her lips tightening around the broad cockshaft.

Maria’s mind was in a whirl. The boy grabbed her head, holding her steady with both hands, and began pumping his hips. He worked his cock between the teacher’s pouting lips, driving his steelish prick into her mouth until his fiery pricktip pushed a little ways down Maria’s tortured, burning throat.

Her eyes were open wide. Maria saw her own hands at the boy’s crotch, the fingers spread wide, holding the base of his cock in the crook of her thumbs. Her white bra was dangling by the straps from her wrists. Behind her, somebody jerked down the zipper of her skirt and she felt it being pushed past the succulent curve of her hips.

“Mmmmmm!” Maria moaned, lapping at the cockhead when it was at the entrance of her mouth. Before she could do more than that the hips came lunging at her face again and the throbbing bulbous knob jammed a couple inches down her throat.

The material of Maria’s bikini panties bit into the tender flesh of her cuntlips briefly before the cloth tore. Maria heard a chuckle of demonic joy as one of the boys shook her panties near her face, delighting in his stolen possession.

“Move her around,” somebody hissed. “Let’s fuck the cock-sucker!”

There was total confusion in the tiny, cramped office. Maria tried to talk to the boys. She wanted to tell them that she would do anything they wanted — fuck, suck, even get assfucked by them — provided she could take them on one at a time. But she couldn’t tell them anything because she couldn’t get the thrashing, pounding prick out of her mouth.

She was moved around so that her back wasn’t to the wall. Strong hands were everywhere, grabbing her swinging jugs and pulling them to the side, torturing the throbbing nipples by pinching on them.

Maria had one boy in front of her, and she was giving him a blowjob. There was a student behind her, caressing her taut asscheeks, feeling the straps of her garter belt and running his hands over her silk-encased thighs as he rubbed her cuntlips with the head of his prick. The remaining two boys took positions on either side of Maria, squeezing her tits while they stroked their own cocks.

Maria Towne tried to comprehend all that was happening to her. The reality of the situation was that she had brought this orgy — this gang-bang — on herself. She had started it by telling four boys she wanted to see their cocks. In her own haste and anticipation of finding the Phantom and having his monstrous prick slamming deep into her hot cunt, she had forgotten how many boys she had propositioned.

“Mmmmmm!” she slurped, drawing a firm, succulent vacuum on the prick that stuffed her lovely face. Her hot, slithering tongue worked over the prickpole, rubbing the broad, pulsating underside of the cock as it rolled between her glistening, painted lips.

Behind her, Maria could feel the boy finally putting the spongy crown of his cock at the opening of her pussy. He held her by the hips, his knees quivering with lust, then threw his hips at Maria. The prick wasn’t particularly large, but it still puckered the brunette’s lust-inflamed cuntlips inward before parting them.

The cockhead stabbed into her cuntslit, spreading the juicy, slick walls of Maria’s cunt as the boy sank half on his prickpole into her pussy.

He pulled back, and on the second lusty plunge, drove all of his cock into the massaging creases of Maria’s tight cunt.

A gasping sound came from deep in Maria’s cheat, forced out by the sudden invasion of cockmeat into her pussy. She felt the boy’s cockhead nudging her womb, skewering her prickhole from behind as she teetered on her spiked heels, rocking back and forth, trying desperately to keep everything that was happening to her in perspective.

“Hot! So hot!” the boy groaned as he threw his hips forward, reaming Maria’s cunt.

He pounded his hips against her warm, soft but firm asscheeks. Using his thumbs, he felt the almost brittle fabric of her garter belt. The heat of her pussy surrounding his throbbing prick made his head spin.

The student to Maria’s right was reaching under her baby, grabbing one swinging tit. He filled his hand with her warm, soft flesh. The nipple was hard as a pebble in his palm. He gouged his fingers into the tit. With his other hand, he stroked his fiery column of cockmeat. The kid’s eyes were almost glued to Maria’s face as she sucked cockmeat deep into her sucking, receptive mouth.

Maria felt the hands at the back of her neck loosen slightly. It was her one chance to be free and she took it. With a mighty shove she pushed herself away from the boy in front of her, jerking her face to one side at the same time. The cock stretched her lips out, distorting her beautiful face, their popped free. She gasped, feeling the spitty head of the prick pound against her cheek as the student tried to impale her face once more with his prick.

“Wait! You’ve got to wait!” she exclaimed. Using all her strength, Maria’s pushed away from the boy she had been sucking, standing upright, twisting sharply to get the cock out of her pussy. Her skirt was around her ankles, her torn panties on the floor, and her bra still around her wrists.

Maria cast the bra aside, bringing her hands up to her tits. She cupped them, squeezing softly, rubbing the pain out of the abused melons while she had the chance.

“Listen to me carefully and don’t move a muscle or I’m going to scream my fucking head off,” Maria hissed, the words coming out hastily. “I’ll get you off… each and every one of you. But this isn’t going to be Gang-bang Miss Towne Night.”

Maria felt in control. Her eyes darted from one cock to the next. Four hard columns of prickmeat were waiting for her, wanting her, silently begging for her attention and affection. She breathed deeply, swelling her tits out, releasing them so they could sway. The boys all gawked at her monumental tits.

“Now if everyone takes it easy, we’ll all have a great time,” Maria whispered.

She stepped out of her skirt, leaving it on the floor of her office, and spread her feet. The pink, hungry lips of her cunt were parted slightly, ready and waiting for a cock to shove passionately into it. Her red garter belt and black stockings clothed her, making her look more naked and alluring than if she had worn nothing at all.

After the fast negotiations, Maria knew that time was critical. It was getting late. Unless she got all four boys off quickly, the janitor — old Willard — would be coming by to clean her office.

With a sweep of his arm the tall boy who had hammered his prick into Maria’s mouth cleaned off the top of her desk, sending everything tumbling to the floor. Maria sat on the edge of the desk and lay back. Her feet pulled off the floor, dangling an inch from the cold tile, spread wide to accept the hips of whoever wanted to fuck her juicy cunt. Her head hung over the opposite side of the desk, chin pointing upward, mouth naturally open, neck stretched tautly. Her mid-sized tits spread on her chest, becoming even fuller, the nipples tingling buds of raw, super-sensitive flesh.

“Take me,” Maria said hoarsely.

The boys moved quickly and Maria trembled with unabashed delight. She had been confused at first, but now the idea of getting gangbanged was more than appealing — it was exhilarating.

The tall boy grabbed Maria’s knees and forced them wider apart as he got in position between her full, silk-encased thighs. He grabbed his prick, guiding his throbbing prick, rubbing the spongy cockhead against Maria’s wet cuntlips.

Another boy got up on the desk, straddling Maria’s delicious mounds of tit-flesh with his knees. She felt him grab her tits, squeezing them together. The heat of his prick between her tits made her clit sizzle. He was going to fuck her tits and Maria couldn’t have been happier about his decision.

A third boy stepped in front of Maria, his prick at mouth level to her, and began rubbing her cheeks and lips with the head of his cockpole. A pearl of pre-cum formed at his pisshole, then was wiped off on Maria’s lips. She could smell the pungent aroma of cum and the scent made her salivate hungrily.

The fourth boy, not having any hole to shove his prick, stepped up to Maria’s face and started stroking his cock. She would have helped him, giving him a hand-job to make his spunk explode from his balls, but her arms were trapped at her sides by the boy fucking her tits.

She closed her eyes, concentrating, in turn, on each cock that ravaged her body. She felt her cuntlips tugging and massaging the cock that filled her juicy cunthole. Her pussy walls were slick with pussyjuice. She used her cuntal muscles expertly, tightening her cuntlips around the driving, undulating cockshaft.

“Mmmmmm!” Maria moaned, getting her face fucked in long, slow, smooth strokes.

The edge of the desk was at the base of her neck. If the boy wanted to make her deep-throat his cock, there wasn’t any chance at all that she could stop him. In the position Maria was in, all she could do was accept the red-hot prickpole into her mouth, giving it to her tongue and lips, hoping the kid wouldn’t be cruel to her.

The English teacher felt her body being filled with hard, thrashing cockmeat. Each time the boy fucking her cunt reamed her prickhole, the broad, almost flat upper surface of his cockpole rubbed against her fiery cunt, sending electricity crackling through her limbs. Maria shivered, churning her hips slightly as the big cock charged into her pussy, spreading her pussylips wide.

The hands holding her tits together were fingers of steel. Maria was afraid the boy tittie fucking her was bruising her succulent mounds, gripping them too tightly. The cock jerked back and forth between the teacher’s heavenly tits, the pinkish cockknob pushing through the mounds until it appeared, hot and unyielding.

“Ohhhhhhh!” one of the boys moaned.

Maria wondered who had said it. Opening her eyes, all she could see was a set of swinging balls that would soon gush hot, salty cum in her mouth.

The sound of a hand working feverishly on a long, iron-hard prick mingled with the sound of Maria sucking cock. For a moment she concentrated on those sounds. It was all so sexy to the horny English teacher, so utterly erotic. It wasn’t like her to get gang-banged by four students at the same time — or was it? In Maria’s mind she wondered if having four powerful cocks to suck and fuck was really what she had craved all along.

Maria heard a grunting sound. It struck her that the sound had a painful quality to it and she wondered why.

Then she discovered why — a white, gooey eruption of fuck-cream splashed on her flesh. It was the boy who had been jerking himself off that had tumbled headlong into primal ecstasy. Pointing his angry cockhead at the side of Maria’s cock-filled face, he exploded.

A streamer of jism sailed the three inches from the tip of his cock to Maria’s concave cheek. The spunk hit her skin, sticking wetly. The cum trickled down the side of Maria’s face, matting the hair at her temple.

A sense of powerlessness swept over Maria as the blasts of cum continued raining upon her. Along river of cum shot straight in her ear. Another gushed in her jet-black hair, white against the dark strands.

It was strange for Maria. The powerlessness, the warmth of the cum splattering her gorgeous, cock-filled face, the smell of the acrid jism, it all heightened her sensuality. The prick jamming into her cunt slammed home, skewering Maria full-length, rubbing against her over-heated, sizzling clit.

Maria raised her feet, spreading them even wider than before, her heels pointed up toward the ceiling. Her stomach felt like it had become one giant knot of muscles. Then she released her girl-cum.

Maria moaned, her neck stretched tight, her head tilted down as she lay on the desk. Her mouth was getting crammed full of cockmeat and, as slick waves of feminine cream spewed from her pussy, she was afraid her excitement would make her accidentally scrape the throbbing cock with her teeth.

Maria quivered. She tried to roll away from the boys but she couldn’t. They were too horny, too strong, too intent on getting their rocks off for her weak struggles to cause them any concern.

The onslaught continued. Maria’s tits throbbed painfully but the cock sliding faster and faster between the milky melons felt magnificent. The heat of the boy’s cock seemed to pass straight through Maria’s flesh, into her soul, giving her pleasure even as she was coming down from the dizzying heights of her orgasm.

“Awww! Fuck!” the boy tittie-fucking Maria hissed, pressing his fingers cruelly deep into the English teacher’s abused tits. He shoved his cock through her tight furrow and hosed out gushing jets of off-white spunk.

Maria nearly gagged on the prick that seesawed between her lips. Her breathing uneven, ragged, corning only when the boy roared back, preparing himself for another heated lunge into her hot, juicy mouth. As she gave him a blowjob, as her lips got brutally fucked by his vibrating cock, she felt molten jets of fuck-cream splashing on her arched neck and the underside of her chin.

The cockhead slipped out between the big titted woman’s clasping lips, then hesitated. Maria flicked the tip of her tongue against the pisshole. Pre-cum was pouring out fast now, big her mouth with a pungent flavor, cuntal jug and assailing her senses at the same time.

Without warning, jism sprayed from the pricktip, splattering over Maria’s tongue and the roof of her mouth. Before she had a chance to drink the thick, creamy syrup, the cockhead came roaring back into her moth, ovaling her lips, filling her face with meat. The pricktip slammed hard against the back of Maria’s mouth, then reamed out her throat. Maria, trapped, on her back with her head hanging over the edge, was thankful the position she was in made it an almost straight line so that the cock could drive down her neck without tearing her apart.

It was an odd combination of pain, fear, pleasure and satisfaction for Maria Towne. Her throat continued getting jammed by the long, thick cock. Her huge, milk-white tits throbbed painfully from being squeezed together so tightly around the boy’s jetting prick. The smell of spunk — two loads worth now — assaulted her senses. The feel of cum trickling down the side of her face and her neck was warm and slick and somewhat distasteful.

And when Maria felt her hot, tight fuck channel getting deluged with a flood of creamy white spunk, she was wracked by a second climax. This one was of such magnitude consciousness itself was nearly blotted out.

As though from far away, Maria heard the boys putting their clothes back in order, saying words of praise to her, saying things she didn’t want to hear but that thrilled her just the same.

Maria breathed deeply, feeling the cum cooling and drying on her skin. She needed a rest — just a brief rest — then she would see Sandy Hamilton and Melanie Carlton to find out if they had been any more successful in finding the Phantom and Trouble than she had been.


“How did you do?” Sandy asked Melanie as they sat in the school’s cafeteria. “Any luck?”

Melanie felt her cheeks flush. She didn’t want to admit to sucking off Frank Samuels, but she knew it was best to tell the whole truth. Slowly, without being able to look Sandy in the eyes, Melanie told of how she crawled to the floor of the school bus and whipped her hot lips over Frank’s prick until he spewed his delicious wad over her tongue.

“Wow, that’s something else!” Sandy exclaimed. “I didn’t do anywhere near that well. But, just the same, I thought you should remember something.”

“What’s that?” Melanie asked.

“Our rapists, the mysterious Phantom and Trouble,” Sandy purred, leaning over the table to insure the girls’ privacy. “Don’t forget — they’re probably lettermen. Remember they were wearing lettermen’s jackets.”

“So what are you saying? We should fuck every jock in this school?”

“No, of course I’m not saying that,” Sandy countered, wondering now if her friend had the courage and lust necessary to continue the search. “All I’m saying is we’ve got a better chance of finding Phantom if we stick to the jocks. That way we’re cutting down the number of cocks we have to check, right?”

Slowly, still unsure, Melanie nodded her head.

Sandy was stunning in her miniskirt. Her long, lean legs scissored as she walked down the hall, drawing the attention of every boy and most of the teachers at the school. As usual, she hadn’t worn a bra that day. The shiny black blouse she wore allowed her tits to jiggle tautly from her chest, the nipples clearly defined through the sheer, clingy black fabric.

The miniskirt was a new purchase for Sandy. She’d bought it the night before, after her conversation in the cafeteria with Melanie. It was time, Sandy decided, to put the search for the Phantom into high gear. She was going to find the big-cocked son of a bitch if it was the last thing she ever did!

“You’re looking great today,” Principal Bradley said, his eyes raking up and down Sandy’s scantily clad body. “But I’m not sure that’s appropriate clothing for school. Maybe you shouldn’t wear that anymore, okay?”

Sandy looked at her principal. He was tall, lean, and had silvery-white hair that gave him a rather distinguished appearance she appreciated. She couldn’t say for certain, but just for a moment she thought she caught something in his eyes. Something that said he was interested in her — perhaps even sexually. His eyes were certainly devouring her legs, and lingered a long time on her tingling nipples that dented her black blouse.

The girl’s eyes, as if by a will of their own, went down to Bradley’s pants. There, at his crotch, she saw the prominent bulge of a monstrous prick. She wished he was younger, a letterman, so she could give him a try.

Something told her that fucking him would be a real kick.

“Okay, Principal Bradley, if you say so,” Sandy replied obediently. “I’ve got to leave now or I’ll be late for class.”

“Rock, I’m going to make a deal with you,” Sandy said, leaning against the blackboard in the empty schoolroom. “The other day you and your friends found me in the library. Remember what happened?”

The huge boy — a defensive end on the school’s football team — grinned crookedly. “‘Course I do! Hell, we found you all tied up tight like. Then Miss Towne came by and said she’d fuck us if we left you alone. Hells bells! You had cum all over your face and tits anyway, an’ I always wanted to fuck Miss Towne, so I took her up on it.”

“That’s right,” Sandy said, feeling her confidence building with each second. “I’m going to tell you everything that happened to me before you showed up, and when I’m done, I’m going to ask for your help.” Sandy’s eyes were burning pools of sensuality as she looked steadily at Rock. “And if you can help me, you’re going to fuck me, if that’s what you want.”

Sandy told Rock all about how Phantom and Trouble had found her alone in the library’s musty basement. She went into great detail in describing how Phantom and Trouble tied her up, then pounded her magnificent, slender, utterly fuckable body with their cocks.

When Sandy finished the story, Rock had a hard-on trapped inside his pants that was, in judging from the expression on his face, causing him considerable pain.

“So here’s the deal I’ve got for you,” Sandy said, cool and confident as she had never, before been. “If you can find out who Phantom and Trouble are, then I’ll be your woman, your sex slave, if that’s what you want to call it. I’ll suck your cock anywhere, anytime.”

Sandy pushed fingers through her strawberry blonde hair, secure in how dazzlingly beautiful her face was, knowing full well that her body was not only amazingly well built, but also scantily clad in a manner that showed off her small but firm and round tits.

Rock tried to lick his lips but his tongue felt dry. The girl standing before him was so erotic, so alluring, his dim-witted brain couldn’t fathom the full significance of what she was saying.

“So what’ll it be?” Sandy asked. “Do you want to help me or not?”

Sandy misunderstood Rock’s confusion. She thought he was unsure of whether he should help her or not. That wasn’t the case, but Sandy didn’t know it. Afraid she was losing control of the situation, she cupped her tits, pinching the nipple to make them even harder so they were more visible through her blouse.

“If you don’t think I’m worth it, I’ll give you a trial run right here and now,” Sandy said quickly.

She took a tentative step closer to Rock, her soft, luxurious mane of reddish hair fluffing around her face. Her wide, sensual mouth promised to be a haven for his prick, a hot, wet oven of eroticism just made to service his thick, rigid cock.

“What’ll it be?”

“I want… to eat your pussy,” Rock said finally.

Sandy leaned against the blackboard and spread her feet, grabbing her miniskirt at the same time. With a slight tug the miniskirt came up to her waist, exposing the bikini panties that wee more for show than practicality. Tiny bows at Sandy’s hips held the panties in place.

“Help yourself, honey,” Sandy purred, closing her eyes.

The boy’s massive, powerful shoulders hunched as he approached the girl. He grabbed her tits, squeezing them through the silk blouse. The nipples responded, pleasing Rock, heightening his already soaring ego.

“You’re really fuckin’ gorgeous!” Rock exclaimed.

Crudely put, Sandy thought, but a compliment nevertheless. She turned her face away from him, exposing her long, perfumed throat to his lips. A moment later she felt him nibbling on her earlobe, nuzzling her flesh while his hands clumsily unfastened the buttons of her blouse.

Sandy shivered as Rock exposed her tits. The small, firm mounds begged for attention and received them. Rock sucked Sandy’s nipple and areola into his hot mouth. Even though Sandy found Rock personally revolting, she trembled. Her nipples were like they were burning. When Rock’s hand slipped between her spread thighs, a choking gasp of pleasure as if torn from inside.

He moaned, sinking his teeth into the girl’s nipple until she squirmed. He was determined to fuck her hard, to throw his body down upon hers until she could no longer look down her snobbish nose at him.

Sandy grabbed the strings at her hips, tugging lightly on them. The panties came off in her hand, exposing the sparsely haired snatch that Rock passionately wished to taste.

“Go ahead,” Sandy whispered, dropping the panties to the floor. “Eat my pussy.”

She felt the boy’s lips working on her flat, smooth stomach. His tongue flicked into her navel teasingly, sending more hot shivers through her veins. Rock’s fingers pressed against the velvety folds of Sandy’s cunt, pushing against her juicy pink cunt. She moaned again, louder than before.

Sandy’s hands went to Rock’s head and she felt his crew-cut against her palms. It bothered her to know how she craved, the feel of his tongue delving deep into the inner recesses of her cunt. But she did crave it. She wanted it. More… she needed it.

“Eat me!” Sandy hissed, pushing Rock down to his knees. She literally forced his mouth against her pussy.

As Rock shoved his tongue into Sandy’s pussy, her knees began trembling. She found it difficult to breathe. Her miniskirt was up around her waist, her legs spread far enough to give Rock plenty of room to tongue her turgid, seething pussy. Her delectable titties haled from her chest, the nipples glistening with spit from Rock’s hungry mouth.

“Yesssss! Ohhhh! Yes, Rock! That’s it! Eat my pussy! Lick it! Lick my cunt!”

Sandy’s words burned in her ears. For the briefest moment she tried to ignore the dazzling satisfaction Rock’s hot, snakelike tongue gave her. When the pink tongue slashed over her tingling cunt, she forgot all about fighting the wanton, rampant desire that pushed her forward.

Rock sucked the girl’s clit between his lips, sucking on the tiny bud, drawing it into his mouth then using his tongue on it. Sandy released Rock’s head, bunching her hands into tight fists. She felt her fingernails biting into her palms. Her mouth was open but no sound came out.

“Mmmm!” Rock slurped, dragging his tongue through the smooth, silky crease of pussy flesh, shoving his tongue as far into Sandy’s pussy as he could, his cheeks no glistening with her girl-cum.

The blackboard was hard against the back of Sandy’s head, yet she was oblivious to the discomfort it caused. She fought with herself, trying desperately to maintain some control over her emotions, over her breathing.

A finger was inserted in Sandy’s cunt. She felt the thick finger spreading her cuntlips, driving into her body just beneath the tongue that was also entering her.

“Ohhhhh! Where did you learn to lick pussy like this?” Sandy gasped, her head twisting, rolling against the blackboard.

The coarse, grunting sounds Rock made while he tongued Sandy’s pussy filtered to her ears, hammering home the point that she was getting her cunt tongued by a boy who, under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t even talk to. But none of that mattered now as she felt her red-hot clit getting whipped by Rock’s hot, tantalizing tongue.

Sandy put much of her right fist in her mouth, stopping the screams that begged to be released. She bit her knuckles, whimpering softly, twitching and shivering from head to foot as hot, jagged bolts of electricity crackled through her aroused, passion-hungry body.

“Mmmm!” Sandy groaned, biting her fist so hard she felt pain.

The teenaged girl’s stomach was sucked in, the outline of her ribs clearly visible. She was fighting against the onslaught of tongue and finger, fighting to keep some reasonable control over her emotions.

Her tight crease was getting finger-fucked furiously, Rock slamming two fingers into her cunt until his fist pounded hard against her tender cuntlips. The tongue continued its assault on her clit licking, whipping it, and driving her crazy with unbridled lust.

“Oh, God! I’m going to cum!” Sandy groaned.

Sandy’s hips jerked from side to side. She bounced against the wall, part of the force coming from the powerful boy’s fist slamming against her tender cunt mound as his two stiff, driving fingers reamed her pussyhole.

Pussyjuice splashed into Rock’s mouth. It was too much for him to swallow at one time. His checks became wet with girl-cum.

Sandy was at the peak of her ecstasy when she heard the door open up and Principal Bradley’s voice booming.

“What the hell do you two think you’re doing?”


Melanie was in her stretch leotard. The search for Phantom hadn’t been successful, although there had been moments of delirious passion. Each time Melanie remembered how she had crawled to the floor of the school bus and given Frank Samuels a blowjob, she still smiled knowingly to herself.

But the moments of wild passion could not make up for the fact that she still had not found the two men who had come into the dance room and forced themselves upon her. She recalled how she had given both men head, turning her face this way and that, always taking a cock into her hot mouth no matter how she moved. And then she thought of what it had been like to be suspended in midair, two powerful cocks reaming her body, jamming into her cunt and virgin asshole.

She had intended on dancing, hoping to exercise her frustrations away. But now, with her mind spinning from one thing to the next, she decided a walk was in order before she tried any serious practicing.

Melanie only had one free hour. Outside, the air was warm and Melanie felt a brew caressing her flesh. The leotard’s leg holes were cut extremely high on her thighs and behind the ripe melons of her asscheeks were almost completely exposed. Her long, dark, hair flowed down her back.

A devilish twist of exhibitions ism entered Melanie’s mind as she caught several boys gawking at her. The leotard squeezed her tits to her chest, the stretch material highlighting her small areolas and bud-like nipples.

“Hey, you! Hey, you girl!”

The voice seemed to come from the heavens. Melanie looked around, not knowing who was talking to her.

“Up here, dummy!”

Looking up into the coach’s tower overlooking the football practice field, Melanie saw Coach Knowles leaning over the railing. He looked mad as hell.

“Yes… sir,” Melanie said, adding the sir only when she noticed how angry Knowles was.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing here? Can’t you tell my boys can’t practice with you tramping round out here?”

Melanie shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the next. Now that she stopped to think about it, it was pretty foolish for her to be dressed as she was in front of the football team while they exercised.

“I’m sorry, Coach Knowles,” Melanie said in apology. “I’ll go back inside.”

“You’re Melanie Carlton, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Getup here. I want to talk to you. You can’t get off so easy.”

Melanie went to the ladder leading up to the coach’s tower. She felt both silly and ashamed now that she wore so little clothing outside.

The limber, athletic young girl ascended the ladder, her breathing slowly accelerating as she wondered what kind of punishment Coach Knowles intended on dishing out. Melanie had heard stories of how rough he was on his football players.

When she reached the top of the ladder, Coach Knowles was standing in his jogging shorts, a baseball cap on his head, the school’s logo on the crown of the cap. The gray sweater he won also had the school’s logo, as well as the motto, on it. He didn’t look happy, not at all.

“Honestly, sir, I’m terribly sorry if I’ve made you angry.”

Melanie was truthfully sorry, thought not because of anything she had done — like showing off her lean, girlish body. She was only sorry she had gotten caught doing it.

“I suppose you think that’s going to be all it takes to get you off the hook.” Coach Knowles had a mean, evil glint in his eyes. “Is that what you think? A rich bitch like you simply says she’s sorry and then everything is okay again? Well, Miss Rich Bitch, you’re dead fucking wrong this time!”

Miss Rich Bitch? The words burned in Melanie’s cars. And there was something besides the words that struck a familiar note in Melanie’s mind, something that scared and excited her.

Could Coach Knowles be Phantom?

No, Melanie thought. Coach Knowles couldn’t be Phantom — but he could be Trouble. There were similarities both in the insulting words he used and the tone of his voice that reminded the longhaired teenager of the masked man who had forced her to accept his brutal cock into her asshole.

A slight tremble worked its way up Melanie’s spine as she stood before Coach Knowles. Her hands unconsciously went to the elasticized leg holes of the leotard, puffing the fabric down over her asscheeks a little more, hiding as much of the succulent moons as possible.

“What do you think I should do to you… as punishment for your crime of lewd behavior?”

The coach’s tower had a solid three-foot wooden wall surrounding it on all four sides. Melanie knew that if she got down low enough, the football players practicing on the field below wouldn’t be able to see her. And, judging from the expression in Coach Knowles’ eyes, she was in for a punishment that included fucking — especially if Coach Knowles really was Trouble.

“I-I don’t know, Coach Knowles,” Melanie replied, her voice holding a quivering quality. “I’m really very sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to disturb your players.”

“Get down on your knees,” the coach said, his voice harsh, commanding. “Get down there so my boys can’t see anyone as filthy as you. I don’t want them seeing your shaved pussy.”

That was it? That was the confirmation Melanie needed. The only possible why Coach Knowles would know that Melanie shaved her pussy was if he’d been one of the two men who had raped her in the dance room!

Melanie’s mind was working furiously as she got down on her knees. She had to keep her knowledge of Coach Knowles’ other identity a secret from him. She’d tell Maria Towne and Sandy Hamilton later — after she’d finished with her “punishment”. Then the three of them could decide what course of action would be best to take.

On her knees, Melanie’s face was at crotch level to Coach Knowles. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what he was going to say next, so Melanie said the words for him.

“You want a blow-job, right? You want me to suck your cock?”

“For a rich cunt you’re not too dumb,” Coach Knowles said contemptuously. “Get to it, and keep your head down. I don’t want my boys knowing how much of a slutty tramp you are.”

Melanie did exactly as she was told. She pulled the coach’s jogging shorts down to his thighs, dragging his jock along with it. His prick was exactly like Melanie knew it would be — big, nice in girth, a cockhead fat and conical.

The cock wasn’t completely hard yet. Melanie put her hands on her naked thighs, bringing her mouth to the pricktip. She puckered her lips and kissed the rubbery knob. The cock leaped in response, growing rapidly, proving to Melanie that she was one hot, erotic young girl.

“Suck me, damn you!” Coach Knowles hissed, wanting to feel his throbbing dong shoving full-length in her cute face.

Melanie, keeping her hands on her thighs, flicked her tongue out. She lapped at the cockhead and the coach’s prickrod sprang up, jutting out from his waist. Looking up, she saw that he was watching his players, pretending to be unaware of what was happening to his cock.

Opening her mouth wide, Melanie sucked the crown of his cockpole between her lips. She rubbed the bottom of the cockhead with her tongue, squeezing the shaft just behind the knob, using her lips to tantalize the cock while her tongue worked its magical wonders.

Melanie purred, making no attempt to hide how much she enjoyed sucking cock. She bobbed her face, dragging her glistening lips back and forth over the sensitive rim of the cockhead. Her pink, dancing tongue continued its erotic treatment, making the coach’s cock quiver and wag with excitement.

“Eat my meat, you rich fucking cunt!” Coach Knowles hissed, grabbing the edge of the tower.

He glanced down and saw his prick sink deep into Melanie’s innocent-looking face. Her dark, wavy hair streamed down her back in two silky pigtails. He saw how the girl’s naturally red lips alternately squeezed then relaxed around the stem of his sizzling prick.

She pushed her face forward, feeling the cockhead pressing her tongue to the bottom of her mouth until it nudged her. Melanie cooed softly, salivating freely around the delicious column of cockmeat, rubbing her tongue against the flesh to savor its manly flavor. Her nipples were bumps in the tight-fitting leotard, clear and unmistakable signs of her satisfaction. If this was punishment for walking around in inappropriate clothing, then Melanie was going to wear her leotard every day of the week!

The pussyjuice as pooling in Melanie’s cunt. She could feel the slick oil making her cuntlips moist and ready for Trouble’s prick. Her panties were sticking to the naked petals of her hot cunthole.

Melanie had given Frank Samuels a blowjob on the bus until he blew his nuts off in her mouth. With Trouble, she wanted to feel his throbbing cock slicing into her body, skewering her pussy — or maybe even her asshole, like he had when he raped her. A simple, tongue-pleasing blow-job wasn’t enough to satisfy Melanie’s urges this time around.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked, sounding terribly innocent. “Is that going to be part of my punishment, too?”

“You little fucking tramp!” Coach Knowles hissed, nearly spitting out the words. “I’ll teach you some respect!”

Melanie was shocked by Coach Knowles’ attack. He grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her backward, causing her to fall on her ass. Her legs tumbled out from beneath her and the coach was immediately between her slender thighs, pressing her body down hard against the wooden floor of the tower.

“Wait! Don’t!” Melanie protested, loud enough so only the coach could hear her. “Don’t be so rough!”

Her words went unheeded. Even Melanie knew it was useless to argue with the horny teacher with the throbbing prick that glistened with moisture from her own mouth.

When Coach Knowles put his hand between Melanie’s thighs, she had expected him to — aside the crotch of her leotard so he could pound her lean body with his own as he reamed her tight, hairless cunthole. What she did not expect for the coach to do was rip the crotch out of her leotard.

“Shut the fuck up, cunt!” Knowles hissed vehemently.

Melanie felt the heat of his pulsating cock against her thigh. Then the huge, swollen, bullet-shaped cockhead struck her naked cuntlips.

“Awwwwwww!” Melanie gasped as the long, unyielding prickpole forced her juicy cuntlips apart, stabbing into the tight channel of her pussyhole.

Whatever worries Melanie had about having a ripped leotard vanished as she felt the throbbing, rigid cock skewering her cunt, driving furiously into her body on the very first lunge. Coach Knowles’ broad chest crushed her pert, little titties even flatter to her body. Hot, erotic tingles of pleasure came from Melanie’s lusty nipples as the coach writhed above her, slamming his crotch down into the succulent valley of her thighs, reaming her shaved cunt.

“Kiss me, you rotten slut!”

Melanie turned her face toward Coach Knowles and his mouth was instantly against hers. His tongue pried apart her lips, delving into her mouth. Melanie tasted the man’s mouth, her cunt getting even wetter as she kissed.

The harsh thrusts of cockmeat into her cunt, despite the hard floor beneath her, felt magnificent to Melanie. She squirmed, wrapping her arms around Coach Knowles’ neck, sucking on his tongue as he pummeled her pussy with his cock. She raised her feet and hooked them together behind Knowles’ thrashing ass, using her cunt muscles to squeeze the prick that stabbed her naked pussy with jackhammer thrusts.

“Uh! Ohhhhhhh! You cunt, you’re really hot!” Coach Knowles groaned.

He skewered the girl’s clutching pussy with his prick. He could feel her shaved cuntlips tugging and squeezing his cockshaft, working his prick over, making the jism boil in his big, free swinging balls. Each time he reamed the young girl’s cunt, his hairy nut sac flopped against her taut asscheeks.

“F-fuck me,” Melanie gasped, tearing her mouth away from the coach’s.

She clawed his back with her fingers and squeezed his thrashing hips with her thighs. Her hips felt bruised by the hard surface that she was bouncing against, but Melanie didn’t care. If having bruises on her hips was necessary to discover the identity of Trouble she figured it was a small price to pay.

When Coach Knowles pushed a hand between their bodies, rubbing Melanie’s tit through her leotard, it added fuel to the raging fire of lust in the girl’s pussy. Her hard, itching nipple fairly crackled with a life of its own, sending electricity throughout her body, heating her up, pushing her closer to the brink of orgasm.

“Uh! Fucking cunt! Fuck you hard!” the coach hissed as he reamed Melanie’s hot, moist, deliciously fuckable pussy.

Melanie’s long brown hair was spread out around her head like a luxurious mane as she writhed in bliss beneath the brutal, demanding coach. She tried to concentrate on her hatred for the man who had shoved his cock into her asshole until her whole body rocked in agony, but she couldn’t think back that far. It was impossible for her to think of anything but the hard, slick prick that spread her creamy white cuntlips, driving the bulbous cockhead far into her passion-hungry body.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Melanie chanted, her spermy lips close to Coach Knowles’ ear.

The girl unhooked her ankles, keeping her knees pointed up. She kicked her feet out, spreading her legs even wider. Her pink ballet slippers and ankle-high white socks had an innocent, virginal quality to them. But Melanie’s torn leotard, shaved cunt and squirming motions of sheer bliss gave off an entirely different impression.

“Yes,” Melanie said, the words coming out in gasps.

The young girl could feel Coach Knowles’ cockhead slamming deep into her pussy, ramming hard against her womb, filling her seething fuckhole. She quivered, her fingers digging into the taut muscles of his ass, pulling him down so he would skewer her pussy even harder than before.

Melanie wanted it all. She wanted the coach’s cum, she wanted his cock, and she wanted his tongue in her mouth. If he could have fucked her in the ass and pussy at the same time, she would have wanted that, too. Anything Trouble desired, Melanie Carlton was willing to give.

“I’m going to give it to you, baby!” Coach Knowles whispered, his knees hurting from rubbing against the wooden floor of the tower.

He threw himself down at Melanie, pounding her crotch with his own, sinking his red-hot prick into her cunt until his cum-churning balls slapped hard against her puckered asshole.

“Yessss! If that’s my punishment, give it to me!” Melanie replied.

The volcano-like eruptions of molten cum showered Melanie’s slick cuntal walls, jetting against her womb, spewing hotly from Coach Knowles’ overheated balls. She quivered, churning her hips to take the gushing cock into her pussy from different angles as he pumped his prickrod to the hilt in her cunthole.

The coach slammed his torso down against Melanie, sliding between her thighs, driving his cock into her shaved pussy until his balls slapped into the valley of her asscheeks. He thrust his tongue between Melanie’s lips and she greedily sucked on it like it was his cock, nibbling as her pussy became deluged with the thick, gooey eruptions.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Coach Knowles sighed, his cheek against Melanie’s as he rested his body down atop hers.

Melanie relaxed. Her arms flopped straight out from her sides, her legs spread, feet on the floor of the tower with her knees angled up slightly. The coach remained on top of her, his weight now making it difficult for her to breathe. She hated him and loved him at the same time. His breath was like fire against her cheek. She could feel his heart racing against her tits.

“May I leave now?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah… sure. Get the fuck outta here!” When the coach rolled over, getting off Melanie’s body, she inspected her leotard. The narrow section of fabric between her legs had been ripped away, exposing the pink, hairless petals of her cunt. How she would get back into the school, and once there, into the girls’ locker room, without anyone seeing her was a complete mystery.


“Just what the hell is the meaning of this?” Maria Towne demanded, storming into Bradley’s office.

She seldom lost her temper, but when she discovered that Bradley had pulled Melanie by the hair to his office — with her naked cunt exposed for all the students to see — she was furious.

“Goddamn it, Principal Bradley, what do you think you’re doing?”

Principal Bradley was sitting behind his desk. He had a totally calm expression on his face that frightened Maria. She had expected him to at least be a little shocked at the vehemence of her assault on his office. Instead, Principal Bradley appeared to have fully expected Maria’s heated entrance.

“Sit down,” Bradley said, running a hand lightly over his silver, immaculately groomed hair. “There’s something we should discuss.”

Maria looked over at the couch in the corner of the office. Sandy Hamilton was sitting there with her hands folded neatly in her lap. Melanie Carlton was sitting there too, except her tight leotard was up around her stomach and the pink gash at the apex of her thighs was uncovered.

The big-titted English teacher found it difficult to tear her eyes away from Melanie’s cunt. Almost instantly her own nipples elongated, becoming hard with lust as she wondered what it would be like to shave her tongue between the young girl’s shaved cuntlips, tasting the delicious flavor of teenaged pussyjuice.

“Miss Towne, I suggest you do exactly as I say. It is in your own interest to follow my orders,” Principal Bradley said in that calm, confident tone that infuriated Maria.

Even though Maria would have loved nothing more than to scream at her superior, she sat down on the couch beside Melanie. It was difficult for her to keep her eyes from scanning down to the naked pussy the girl didn’t try to hide. Maria guessed that Principal Bradley had ordered Melanie not to hide her cunt with her hands.

“What is the meaning of this, Principal Bradley? The least you can do is give me an explanation.”

Bradley opened a small box on his desk and produced a cigarette. He lit it, leaning back in his chair.

“I don’t usually smoke during school hours, but what the hell? This is a special day.” He smiled at Maria, then his eyes darted over to Sandy, who blanched under his gaze. “You, Miss Hamilton, were caught having your pussy licked in an empty classroom. Now that’s hardly appropriate behavior, is it?”

“No, sir,” the erotic redhead replied weakly, staring at her hands. “I don’t know what happened to me. It just sort of…”

Sandy’s words trailed off. She couldn’t tell the principal that she was going to fuck the muscular boy so he would help her search for the Phantom. Now she wondered what Principal Bradley as going to do to her. He had the authority to suspend her from school. She knew that if he should tell her father about what she had been doing, she’d surely get grounded for weeks and weeks.

“You’ve got a choice, Sandy,” Principal Bradley said, blowing a gray plume of smoke toward the ceiling. “You can either do exactly as I say… or I tell your father everything I saw. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now I want you to start licking Melanie’s cunt. And please, do yourself a big favor — don’t stop until she cums. You want to make your friend very happy, don’t you?”

Sandy’s jaw dropped open. She wanted to believe that she had misunderstood the principal, or that maybe she had heard him wrong somehow. She couldn’t. There was no denying what Principal Bradley had asked her to do.

Looking over at Melanie, Sandy could tell that her friend was just as surprised about the demand as she was.

“I’m sorry,” Sandy whispered.

Instead of getting down on the floor, Sandy simply leaned forward, twisting her body slightly on the couch. She couldn’t help but notice that Melanie immediately spread her thighs wider, and Sandy wondered if Melanie we more than just a little anxious to get her pussy tongued.

Sandy looked at the pussy. It seemed so childish for Melanie not to have any hair on her cunt. But there was something enticing about the naked pussy. Sandy could see the pink that was there. She inhaled deeply and smelled the fragrance of womanly juices.

Sandy pushed her tongue as far out of ha mouth as she could, hot touching the pussy with her tongue but with her lips would somehow be less of a lezzy act. However, as soon as she tasted pussyjuice, Sandy’s reservations ended. She attacked the pussy, shaving her tongue hungrily between Melanie’s cuntlips.

“Mmmmmm?” Sandy mooed, her lips against Melanie’s cuntlips, her tongue curling inside the twat to lick out the rich, oily pussyjuice.

Trying to remain calm, Maria watched the mass of strawberry blonde hair swirling between Melanie’s slender thighs. The two teenaged girls were going at it right there in the office! Under Principal Bradley’s explicit instructions! She couldn’t believe it; Maria crossed her legs at the knee forcing her cuntlips to mash tighter against each other. A hunger was mounting in Maria’s cunt, the kind of hunger that can only be satisfied by a big prick.

Twisting to her side, Sandy got her elbows out, her hands near Melanie’s cunt. She used her fingertips to pry apart the delicious cuntlips so she could shove her tongue even deeper into Melanie’s scrumptious body.

“Yesssssss!” Melanie cooed, rolling her head back on her shoulders, forcing her friend’s face harder against her shaved cunt.

Sandy couldn’t believe the words she was hearing. Melanie was actually begging to have her lick her cunt! And Sandy couldn’t possibly have been happier about Principal Bradley’s unusual and unexpected demand. She shoved a finger into Melanie’s cunt and lapped at the bud-like clit that throbbed hotly at the top of the cunthole.

The taste and smell of Melanie’s cunt was everything that Sandy delighted in. Without a moment of regret, she tongued and sucked furiously, wanting to swallow her friend’s load of pussyjuice. The fact that Principal Bradley said she had to eat Melanie’s cunt until she came had absolutely nothing to do with Sandy’s desire to taste girl-cum. Sandy Hamilton had, in one flashing moment, become a raving, ravenous cunt-licker.

She slurped, jerking her head to stab her tongue into the hot, juicing cunt. She could feel Melanie’s hands gently but firmly guiding her along, moving her head to the tempo that she liked having her pussy sucked. Pleasing Melanie was all that mattered to Sandy now so she made no attempt to fight against the guiding hands that controlled her movements.

“Ohhhh! The tongue feels… feminine,” Melanie said softly, almost in disbelief. “It’s different than… when a boy eats my cunt. Oh, Sandy, you’re doing that so beautifully.”

It was a mind-blowing experience for Melanie. Her youthfulness and genuine sweet disposition had never trained her for the emotional impact of having her pussy licked by a friend while a teacher and the school’s principal watched.

“Let yourself go,” Principal Bradley said, his voice low, controlled. “It’s all right for you to cum quickly, Melanie. No one here will think the less of you for it.”

The silver-haired man’s words were all it took. Melanie made a high-pitched, squealing sound and shivered. Her feet, kicked out in front of her as she leaned back in the couch, twitched on the floor, sort of bouncing as the first trembling shocks of her orgasm began.

Sandy felt the cuntlips contracting around her tongue. She shoved it a far into Melanie’s cunt as she possibly could, her lips mashing against the lust-swollen cuntlips. She wanted to drink down her friends girl-cum, to gulp down every single precious drop of the pussyjuice until her thirst was satisfied.

Melanie’s hands took on a life of their own. She wouldn’t intentionally hurt Sandy, but in the delirium of her climax — with her hands still entwined in the redhead’s satiny hair — she forced Sandy’s mouth on her cunt until she nearly broke her nose.

She seemed to hang there, suspended in midair. Then her hot, slick girl-cum began spewing from her cunt, flowing in oily waves as her stomach puffed out then sucked in. She jerked in spasms on the couch, oblivious of Maria Towne sitting beside her, oblivious of Principal Bradley watching her with wide eyes. She was completely, totally insensible to everything except Sandy’s hot, flicking tongue as it worked over her sizzling, seething clit.

Sandy was caught by surprise, even though she had suspected Melanie would be coming soon. But then, with her lips surrounding the opening to the brunette’s cunthole, the girl-cum suddenly started gushing out. The clear juice came out so quickly it was almost like Melanie was relieving herself. Hungrily, with the ravenous cravings of a nymphomaniac, Sandy tongued and swallowed, drinking as much of her friend’s girl-cum as she possibly could. Even so, despite her best attempts, she couldn’t capture all the pussyjuice that flowed from Melanie’s pussy.

When Sandy finally brought her mouth any from Melanie’s cunt and sat upright on the couch again, her face was wet with pussyjuice from the nose down.

“Very good. Miss Hamilton,” Principal Bradley said, nodding his head approvingly. “But please… don’t for a second think you’re finished.”


“This is wrong, Principal Bradley,” Maria said, trying to ignore how wet her cunt was. “This is extortion to make them do… things, just so you can watch!”

“Watch? Watch? Is that all you think I’m going to do?” Principal Bradley appeared quite amused by Maria’s brief tirade. “If you think that’s all I’m going to do, you’re not a very good judge of character, Miss Towne.”

Mafia’s breath caught in her chest when Bradley stood up from his chair. He wasn’t wearing any pants! And that cock! It was monstrous! Fucking huge!

It took thirty seconds for Maria to get over her initial shock. Once she did, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind that Principal Bradley was the dreaded, infamous Phantom she had been searching for.

“You’re him,” Maria said quietly, a mixture of anger and awe in her tone. “Principal Bradley, you’re…”

“The Phantom? Yes, my dear Miss Towne, I am indeed the Phantom.”

Melanie, her mind just now clearing from her orgasm, said quietly, “And Coach Knowles is Trouble. That bastard fucked my ass until I couldn’t see straight.”

“Very good, Miss Carlton,” Bradley said.

He stood directly between the couch and the edge of his desk. His foot-long cock hung out from his body, the pricktip the size of a small apple, the shaft drooping downward from its own incredible weight.

“And for your intelligence and detective skills in discovering the identity of one of your two rapists — you can suck my balls. Quickly now! Don’t make me angry.”

Melanie, under Principal Bradley’s supervision, slipped off the couch. She turned her back to him, then leaned back so that her face was pointing up, her head between his legs. His huge, hairy balls swung far below the base of his cock, massive in size, capable of spewing out an incredible load of fuck-cream.

“Suck them, Miss Carlton. Miss Towne and Miss Hamilton will take care of my cock. Your only assignment is to make sure my balls get all the loving attention your mouth can give them.”

Melanie looked at the gigantic nuts. She shivered, her feet spread, leaning backward with her head between the principal’s thighs. Her leotard was up around her stomach and her shaved cuntlips were glistening with a mixture of spit and girl-cum.

“Yes, k,” Melanie said obediently and began tonguing the hairy nut sac.

“Miss Towne, you get to give me a blowjob,” Bradley said quietly. “And you’d better make it the hottest blow-job you’ve ever given. Miss Hamilton, while she’s sucking my cock, I want you to… I want you to suck on her big tits and suck my cock. Take turns, my dear. You’ll figure out what to do.”

Maria’s mouth watered as she looked at the cock that dangled from her boss’ waist. She got off the couch, trying hard to have a disgusted look on her face. She straddled Melanie’s reclining body and then got down on her knees in the office. Taking the immense prick in her hand, she brought it to her mouth.

The cock leaped a little, raising several inches then drooping down again. An opaque drop of pre-cum formed at the slit and an animalish purr came from Maria a moment before she lapped off the pungent jism.

Maria sighed, dipping her face down. She tongued slowly around the rim of the pricktip, using her tongue expertly. She raised the prick with her tongue, then brought her face forward, allowing the mushroomed cockhead to separate her lips slowly.

“Come on, Sandy, don’t make me angry,” Principal Bradley said.

Sandy moved quickly. She got down on her knees beside Melanie, leaning over her friend. As Maria bobbed her face over the bulbous crown of Principal Bradley’s enormous cock, Sandy touched the huge, oval-shaped shaft. The manly, meaty flavor of the cock pleased Sandy, just as it had the first time she took the prick in her mouth when she as on her knees, tied up as the Phantom fucked her face brutally.

Maria couldn’t worry about what her young friend was doing. Because the cock was so big — much bigger than any cock Maria had ever sucked — both women were able to mouth it at the same time. The horny teacher with the enormous tits filled her mouth with the cockhead, squeezing the shaft with her lips, using her tongue to make the gigantic column of prickmeat even longer and thicker.

The teacher slurped, her tits rising and falling from her chest as she brought her mouth over the cock. Her huge, milky tits swelled out from her chest, straining against the bra that encased them. Maria waited impatiently for Sandy to suck on her tits like Principal Bradley commanded. The idea of having the most beautiful student in school sucking on her ultra sensitive nipples made her shiver.

The cock was throbbing softly between Maria’s lips. She had her eyes closed, concentrating only on the taste and feel of her boss’ prick. The sound of Melanie sucking on Principal Bradley’s balls, along with the sound of Sandy tonguing on the incredible cockshaft, drifted into Maria’s ears.

Maria’s checks caved in as she sucked on the prick, drawing a cock-hardening vacuum to make the cum churn hotly in the silver-haired man’s well-tongued balls. She filled her mouth with the cock, practically impaling her face on the great prickrod. Maria was idly aware that Principal Bradley had his hands resting on top of her head as he felt her silky hair without trying to guide her back and forth movements.

Suddenly angry, Maria grabbed a handful of Sandy’s hair and forced the girl’s face away from Bradley’s cock. Glancing into Sandy’s eyes, Maria let the teenager know what she wanted. A moment later Sandy had both hands unbuttoning Maria’s blouse and unclasping her overstuffed bra. Maria was going to get what she wanted — her tits sucked on by the beautiful Sandy Hamilton.

As soon as the bra’s cups were taken away from Maria’s enormous tits, they began jiggling in their fullness, bobbling from her chest as she pistoned her face over the meaty prick. Maria, still holding Sandy by the hair, forced the girl’s face into the succulent valley of her tits and immediately felt a hot, wet tongue gliding along the inner slopes of her tits.

“That’s right, Maria,” Principal Bradley said, chuckling slightly. “Get what you want any way you can. Knowles and I have the same attitude. That’s why we raped Melanie and Sandy!”

Maria now had sole access to the gargantuan cock, though Melanie was still sucking Bradley’s big balls. She grabbed the cock with both hands, wrapping one fist in front of the other on the shaft. As she bobbed her face, she began twisting her hands around the stem, working on the cockpole to tantalize that part of the cock that she couldn’t fit into her mouth.

Mouthing the prickrod hungrily, Maria felt Sandy’s lips surround her right nipple. The hot, wet, erotic feeling of the girl’s tongue and teeth working over her tingling nipple made Maria quiver as she rocked on her knees, sucking the jaw-gaping prick into her mouth until she couldn’t breathe.

“You cunts… you’re driving me crazy!” Principal Bradley hissed through clenched teeth.

The prick leapt between Maria’s lips. Principal Bradley tried to free his huge cockrod down her throat but Maria’s tightly wrapped fists prevented him from accomplishing that. With her lips mashing against the edge of her fist, Maria felt and tasted thick, gooey blast of salty jism splatter against the roof of her mouth and her tonsils. She held the spunk in her mouth, not swallowing it, swirling it over the insides of her cheeks and teeth to savor its rich, manly flavor.

More hot rivers of spunk exploded from the magnificent cockhead, jetting over Maria’s thrashing tongue. She quivered, holding the cock tightly while Sandy’s face literally became buried in the warm, creamy mound of her succulent tit.

Maria’s checks were puffed out as she worked to hold both Bradley’s gigantic cockhead and the incredible amount of cum he gushed out. When she as certain she had taken all of Bradley’s jism, Maria removed her mouth carefully from the cock. Only a little cum had escaped her mouth, leaving a trail of white spunk from the corner of her lips down to her chin.

Maria grabbed Sandy’s face and kissed the girl’s mouth. In the process she transferred the salty wad of fuck-cream. Together the two savored the delicious cum, passing the gooey, almost chewy jism from mouth to mouth until it disappeared.

“Very, very good,” Bradley said, rubbing his spermy cockhead over their faces. “You two have impressed the hell out of me.”

Maria looked up at Principal Bradley, making no attempt to move away from his meaty prick.

“I’m speaking for the three of us,” Maria said, gently stroking Bradley’s shrinking prick. “Now that we’ve discovered who the great Phantom and Trouble are, we don’t want you to be strangers to us. Hell, put your masks on and tie us up. I think the girls got a kick out of that. Even I would. It might be a real thrill, a turn-on to have you and Coach Knowles fucking my cunt and ass, then leaving me tied up for students to find.”

“And so?”

“So you don’t just get away with your crime without paying your dues. And, your dues,” Maria said, a sly smile spreading across her face, “is the promise that you will be fucking us again real soon!”

Principal Bradley laughed and nodded his head. It looked like he and his friend, Coach Knowles, had started something that wasn’t going to end in the near future — and he couldn’t have been happier about it.

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