Family Lovers

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is perhaps the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

FAMILY LOVERS is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

FAMILY LOVERS — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


“Do you think it’s much farther?” Paul asked his sister, Judy, as he glanced out the train window, a panorama of trees and mountains paralleling the train tracks for miles yet to come.

Judy glanced at her kid brother, thinking, as she so often seemed to these days, just how handsome and sexy he was. Only a year youngerer than she, he was already tall and muscular. He was well built with a broad back and wide shoulders and not an ounce of fat on him.

And, best of all, Judy thought lewdly as she glanced toward his crotch, her brother appeared to be very well hung, although Judy had never been lucky enough to see her brother’s cock.

The teenager sighed deeply, wondering what was wrong with her lately. It seemed as though all she could think about was sex. Yet, she was still virgin! Maybe that’s my problem, she thought, feeling her pussy beginning to itch and burn with desire. I’m sick and tired of being a virgin! I want a nice, big, fat cock to pop my cherry!

“Judy! I asked you a question ages ago!” Paul said, laughing at the dreamy expression on his sister’s beautiful face.

Judy blushed. If her brother only knew what she had been thinking! She tore her gaze from his bulging crotch and forced herself to sound natural. “I’m sorry, Paul. I guess I was daydreaming. What did you say?”

“I asked you if it’s much farther to Uncle Ned’s and Aunt Sally’s farm?”

“Oh… yeah, I’m afraid it is, Paul. We won’t be getting there till tomorrow sometime so we have another night to spend on the train.”

“What a drag.”

“I thought you liked it on the train.”

“I do,” Paul said, “but enough’s enough! Besides, I like it during the day okay. The scenery’s really nice and it’s kinda fun. But, at night…”

“Yeah,” Judy laughed. “I hardly slept a wink last night too. These seats are so uncomfortable and I was trying so hard not to crowd you.”

“Yeah, I think that was half the problem. Everytime I’d start to nod off, I’d catch myself falling against you and I’d wake up again. It’s hard to stay in your own seat when you’re sleeping!”

Judy suddenly grew excited. “Hey, Paul! I have a great idea, a way we could probably sleep much better tonight.”

“What do you mean? You know we can’t afford to get one of those rooms they have with the real beds,” Paul said, wondering what his sexy sister was getting at.

“Instead of both of us sleeping badly because we’re trying so hard not to crowd each other, let’s just cuddle up together and be more comfortable,” Judy said, watching her brother closely. The idea of feeling her brother’s hard, muscular body pressing against hers during the night filled the virgin with indescribable desire, and she felt hornier than ever.

“Well, I don’t know…” Paul said, knowing that he wanted to do what his sister was suggesting, but not just to be able to sleep better either! He had been tuned on by his sexy big sister for sometime now, and his balls tightened with lust as he thought about her soft, big-titted body pressed against his.

“Oh, come on, don’t be such a baby!” Judy said, knowing that that would get him. “After all, you’re my own brother, Paul. What could be wrong with you and me curling up together to sleep?”

“Well, nothing, I guess,” he admitted, his eyes focusing on her huge tits, their large nipples poking through the thin fabric of her tight, sheer blouse.

“Okay, so it’s settled,” she said, closing her eyes as if she wanted to take a nap. She didn’t want to argue with him anymore about it. She felt a thrill go through her as she remembered the look in her brother’s eyes just now; she had seen the way he looked at her tits, and she had noticed the way the bulge in his pants grew bigger and harder.

“I’ve never been to the farm, Judy, but you have. Is it nice?” Paul asked.

Judy opened her eyes again and smiled at her brother. “Oh, yeah, it really is, Paul. I like it there!”

“But morn and dad have sent us there for the whole summer! I bet it’ll be boring after awhile!” the boy grumbled.

“No, I don’t think so, Paul. There’s a lot to do there. And don’t forget that our cousins are about our age. We can probably hang out with them and their friends.”

“Is the farm very big?” Paul asked, growing more interested. The way his sister made it sound, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Yeah, it’s huge! There’s all kinds of animals, and horses. We can go horseback riding. And there’s a neat pond right on the farm where they go swimming in the summer and ice-skating in the winter!” Judy exclaimed, growing more and more excited about the idea of spending the entire summer on her uncle’s and aunt’s farm.

“This is so neat! You know how much I love to swim.”

“Yeah, so do I,” Judy said, laughing, “and, in her last letter, Lisa told me they go skinny dipping!”

“Skinny dipping? You mean they go swimming in the nude?” Paul asked, a shocked but mainly excited by the idea of seeing his sister and his beautiful cousin, Lisa naked.

“Sure! Don’t be such a baby!” Judy said, giving her brother a scornful look.

“Quit saying that! I hate it when you call me a baby!” he protested.

“Well… you’ve never proven to me that you’re not a baby,” Judy teased.

“You just keep it up, Judy, and I’ll prove it to you in a way that’ll really surprise you!” he said, his gaze riveted to her big tits. He could see their nipples growing harder, and he smiled, knowing that she was just as attracted to him as he was to her.

Judy blushed. “Promises, promises,” she taunted, but she licked her lips hungrily as she stared at his bulging crotch.

Paul turned his attention to the scenery again, and Judy looked around them, noticing that the seats nearest them were empty. She was glad they had privacy because, the way things were going, she and Paul might soon be doing a few things that they wouldn’t want anyone else to see.

“I’m cold, Paul. Hand me that blanket,” Judy said.

Knowing that her brother was watching her every move, she pulled the blanket up around her neck and, slipping her hands underneath, she cupped her large tits. Slowly, she began to rub her huge nipples, rolling the hardening nips between her fingers.

Moaning softly, she caressed her large, firm tits, pinching and kneading the big nipples over and over, turning herself on more and more with an intense heat that rocked through her virgin pussy.

Paul stared hard at his sexy big sister, his breathing growing more and more labored as his cock stiffened with desire. Even though she had the blanket pulled up to her neck, he could see her hands moving beneath it, and it was obvious just what she was doing.

Just then, the blanket slipped down beneath Judy’s chest, and Paul gasped with excitement. His sister’s already-tight top was now stretched even more tightly across her large, swollen tits, and he could clearly see her big nipples poking through the thin fabric. Goddamnit, he thought to himself, does the horny bitch think I’m made out of stone? Doesn’t she know what she’s doing to me?

But, of course, Judy did know exactly what she was doing. The knowledge that her handsome brother was watching her every move just turned her on more and more as she continued to stroke her tits. And, she knew that his already-big cock must be throbbing with lust by now.

Paul’s eager eyes took in the sexy sight of his big sister’s long, reddish-blonde hair streaming over her large tits which were now rising and falling quickly as she caressed them.

Judy glanced over at her brother’s crotch and saw that she was right. His big throbbing hard-on strained against his tight jeans, and she moaned with desire. Her growing lust made her even more reckless, and she slipped her right hand down to the waistband of her own jeans. She slipped her hand underneath the denim fabric and the thin nylon of her bikini panties, finally touching her swollen cuntlips.

She began to rub her pussylips as hard as she could and she immediately felt a jolt of sexual electricity shooting through her virgin cunt. Without saying a word, she glanced up at her brother and smiled, as though to let him know that it was okay for him to watch her. In fact, she wanted him to watch her. That was what made it so much fun!

Paul caught his breath, feeling himself growing more and more excited. He was a virgin, but, at that moment, all he could think about was what it might feel like to ram his big cock up his sister’s tight pussy! She was sure asking for it, the way she was jerking herself off right in front of his eyes. He noticed that it was growing darker outside, and he felt another surge of excitement as he realized that very soon now he would have a good excuse to curl up next to her sexy body. Maybe he wouldn’t get to fuck her the way he really wanted to do, but they would be sleeping together.

Judy kept glancing at him as she rubbed her pussy. She was chewing on her bottom lip, and her forehead and upper lip had broken out in a sexual sweat.

Smiling again at her brother, Judy concentrated on finger-fucking her hot pussy.

She slipped her middle finger between her throbbing cuntlips and quickly found the rigidly twitching spire of clit-flesh poking sexily up out of its sheath of protective flesh. She lightly stroked the pointed tip, her entire body trembling with pleasure. It was all she could do not to cry out in excitement. They might have some privacy since there was no one nearby to see the actions of her and her brother, but she knew that if she started to cry out the way she really felt, they would quickly have an interested audience for sure.

Still looking at his finger-fucking sister, Paul wished he could rub his cock. He could feel it beginning to ooze pre-cum and he longed to jerk himself off. But he knew that if he so much as touched himself at this point, he could come in a minute, and he couldn’t take a chance on that. Not now, anyway. Maybe later, when they were sleeping together, both of them under blankets…

Judy worked her finger across her burning clit, over and over again, feeling her turgid fuck juices trickling out from her virgin fuckhole. She felt her panties growing wetter, and she knew that her pussy was shooting out far more cuntjuice than ever before. And she knew, too, that it was because she was sitting right next to her sexy brother, and he was watching her every move while she jerked herself off.

Sitting there next to Paul, whose cock was growing harder and harder, was a tremendous turn-on for the girl, and she found herself rubbing her clit harder and rougher as she worked for the orgasm she so badly needed.

And, knowing that she would soon be sleeping with her brother with his big, hard cock pressed against her, turned her on so much that she came at that moment. She rotated her hips and thrust her ass up off the seat as she came, moaning louder and louder, unable to keep her voice down as much as she knew she should.

She closed her eyes now, completely giving herself up to the pleasure of her orgasm. She continued to rub her twitching clit as waves of thunderous climax washed over her shuddering body. Then, with a heavy sigh, she pulled her hand from her pussy and deliberately began to suck her fingers clean, loving the taste of her own cuntjuice.

Suddenly, Judy opened her eyes and smiled at Paul’s lust-contorted expression. He was staring intently at her, his eyes glittering with lust, his cock throbbing visibly beneath his fly.

“What d’ya say we go to the diner for dinner, Paul? Then, maybe, we can try to get some sleep,” Judy murmured, giving her brother a flirtatious look.

Paul grinned. “Sounds great to me, Sis, let’s go!”

About an hour or so later, after dinner, Paul and Judy sat closely together under two blankets, darkness all around them. Paul had stripped down to his shorts, and Judy was wearing only her bikini panties. The two teens wouldn’t have even been wearing that much but they were afraid that, for all the privacy they seemed to have so far, someone might come along and discover their nakedness.

They pressed their hot, desire-filled bodies against each other, giggling nervously, both of them knowing that they would be doing a lot more that night than just sleeping.

Judy slid her hands underneath the blankets and slipped her hands beneath Paul’s shorts. She immediately began to stroke his big hard cock, making the virgin boy moan with pleasure.

Paul turned his sister’s beautiful face toward him and, while she continued to jerk him off, he tongue-kissed her passionately, their saliva mingling obscenely as they kissed each other over and over.

“Mmmmmm, Paul, you kiss so good,” the girl muttered, turning on more and more.

“So do you, Sis. You kiss like you’ve had a lot of practice!” Paul said, feeling a jealous at the thought of other boys kissing his sexy sister.

Judy laughed. “Yeah, I guess I have had a lot of practice,” she admitted, thinking about all the boys she knew who always acted hot around her, reminding her of bees buzzing around a beautiful flower. The girl always had more dates than she could handle and, even though she had never fucked yet, that was the only way in which she was still a virgin!

“Have you had a lot of practice doing other things, too?” Paul asked, bucking his hips up off his seat as his sister expertly jerked him off.

“Yeah, I’m pretty good at just about everything. But I’m still a virgin, Paul.”

“Yeah?” Paul was pleased that his sister hadn’t fucked anyone yet. “Me too!”

Judy laughed. “I kinda figured you were.” Paul laughed. He knew what his sister meant. These days, he was so preoccupied with thoughts of sex that, sometimes, he forgot he was only a kid.

“I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore, Judy,” he panted, rubbing her big heaving tits.

“Me neither, Paul. But, you know what? I have a feeling that, even though we won’t be able to do any actual fucking here on the train, when you and I leave the farm this summer, neither of us will be a virgin anymore!”


Paul sat sprawled in his seat with a dreamy smile on his face as his big sister, Judy, sucked him off underneath the blankets which shielded their movements.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, Sis, you’re doing it really good. Suck my prick,” he said in a low voice, knowing that she could hear him but no one else could.

Luckily, there was no one around the teens, and they were sitting in total darkness anyway. But, still, they felt they had to be careful.

Judy moaned with lust as she sucked her brother’s big throbbing prick. The blankets completely covered her head and she felt as if she were suffocating. But, the feeling of the blankets closing her in around her brother’s prick just added to the excitement of what she was doing. It made her feel somehow as if she and her kid brother’s cock were detached, were completely alone in their search for release.

“Mmmmmmm,” Judy gurgled with a mouthful of hard prick. “Soooooooo good, Paul! Your prick tastes so fuckin’ good!”

Paul could hear her muffled voice through the blankets, and his words excited the boy all the more. He reached down and rubbed her hard-nippled tits as she continued to suck him off.

“Suck it, baby! Suck my dick! I love it the way you’re doing it! Make me come!” the boy cried, trying to keep his voice down, writhing around in his seat in a frenzy of desire.

Slowly, deliberately teasing her kid brother, Judy pulled back and began to lick his big throbbing prick. Every time her tongue lapped up his prick, his ass twitched until, at last, his hips swung into motion and he was fucking Judy in the mouth.

Harder and harder, Paul fucked his big sister’s hot, wet, sucking mouth. His cock was as hard and stiff as a rock now, and he longed to come, to shoot his entire load into her mouth and down her throat.

“Suck me off real good, Judy,” bemoaned. “You mouth-fuck me till I come and I’ll finger-fuck your pussy like it’s never been fingerfucked before!”

Judy groaned with excitement as Paul fucked his bursting prick deeper into her mouth and rotated his hips lewdly, fucking her hot mouth with his pulsating prick.

Now, Paul was practically leaping up from his seat, fucking his thick, throbbing prick to the hilt, feeling his balls bumping against his big sister’s chin. His ass rotated in a wide circle, his big cock reaming out her soft, sucking throat.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, you’re really good! You suck cock really good, honey!” he cried as he felt his balls tightening up painfully.

Suddenly, Judy came. She felt her hot cunt juices spilling from her pussyhole, filling her pussy cavity, and oozing out from between her swollen cuntlips, wetting and staining her bikini panties.

She tightened her mouth-hold on her brother’s prick as her violent climax thundered through her body, making her feel as if an earthquake had just hit her. A thousand multicolored pin-pricks of color seemed to dance before her eyes as she struggled to catch her breath, never missing a beat in sucking her brother off.

As Judy sucked hungrily on Paul’s rigid, twitching prick, he continued to play with her tits, rolling her hardening nipples between his fingers, pinching the turgid rosebuds until she cried out in pain and pleasure.

She sucked and licked, treating her brother to the best blowjob he had ever had. At his age, he hadn’t had more than a dozen or so but, by far, his sister was giving him the best head he had ever had. And he had a feeling that he was extra excited because she was his sister. There was something about her being his own sister that turned the boy on more than he had thought possible.

Judy squeezed her hands around the base of her brother’s prick as she continued to suck him. She moved her mouth up and down his prick, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked him as hard as she could. And she came again from the sheer excitement of giving her brother a blowjob.

She was fucking her own mouth with Paul’s cock, slick with his pre-cum which she thought tasted delicious. It made her impatient for his jism. She couldn’t wait for him to shoot his wad right into her sucking mouth. She trembled with excitement and anticipation.

“Ohhh, yeah, Judy! Suck my dick! Fuck your mouth with my big dick!” he moaned.

The girl flared her nostrils to breathe around the thickness of her brother’s cock. Over and over, she sucked as hard as she could, fucking his swollen prick in and out of her throat.

Finally, the moment came that she had been working toward. Her brother’s hips lurched crazily, and his cock jerked hard in her hot, wet mouth.

“Gonna shoot, honey!” Paul cried, his cock twitching and jerking around in her mouth as though it were connected to a live wire.

Suddenly, a huge, hot wad of cum shot from his bursting cock and splashed into Judy’s mouth. It was followed quickly by another until he was pumping gallons of jism into his sister’s eagerly sucking mouth.

Judy’s cheeks puffed out with the heavy load until she was afraid they would burst wide open. She swallowed hard and fast, managing to swallow most of her brother’s cum. But, finally, there was just too much cum for the girl to handle, and she was forced to let the rest of her brother’s load spill from her lips. It dribbled obscenely down her chin and splashed onto Paul’s crotch and thighs.

Suddenly Paul yanked the blankets away from his lap, fully exposing his cum-coated prick and his sister’s head which was still fastened to his coming prick.

“Ohhhh, shit! Commmmiiinnnggg!” he groaned as he yanked his prick from her drooling mouth. His cock was still shooting its hot, thick load and it splashed all over his sister’s face. He watched excitedly as Judy scooped up all traces of cum with her eager hands and licked her fingers, moaning in ecstasy at the tangy taste of her brother’s cum.

Finally Paul’s cock stopped shooting, and he moaned happily, feeling completely fulfilled.

“Did you come, Judy?” he asked, suddenly concerned about her.

“Did I come? I’ve been practically coming constantly ever since I first started sucking you off, Paul!”

He laughed and stroked her tits fondly. “Settle back, honey,” he murmured. “Make yourself comfortable. I promised you a fingerfucking like you’d never forget, and I intend to deliver!”

“Ohhhh, yeah, Paul,” she squealed, remembering to keep her voice low just in time. “Finger-fuck my pussy! It’s sooooo hot!”

Completely surrounded by darkness and with no one nearby, the two teens grew bold and reckless. Giggling excitedly, and urged on by her brother, Judy shimmied out of her bikini panties and spread her legs as far apart as her seat would allow.

Paul licked his lips and ran his hands down over her naked body, over the low swell of her trim tummy to the blonde triangle of soft hair over her cunt. He paused, feeling her downy cunt-fur tickle the palm of his hand and he fought to control the excitement that rose in his body. Already his cock was stiffening with desire once again!

Moaning, he closed his fingers over the soft, furry cunt mound and he felt a surge of hot blood to his loins as he realized that he was touching his sister’s pussy. If anyone had told him yesterday that today he would be fingerfucking his sister after she had blown him off, he would never have believed it.

“Mmmmm, good, Paul,” Judy murmured, closing her eyes in ecstasy. The slow, cautious style of her brother was turning her on even more than if he had suddenly attacked her pussy with his hands.

Slowly, using both hands, Paul spread the lips of his big sister’s cunt, and a new, even stronger excitement shook his entire body. With a trembling hand, he eased his middle finger into his sister’s wet cunt. He glanced, at her face and the expression he saw there made him hornier than ever. Her beautiful features were contorted with lust, and he could see that she longed for the touch of his hands on her pussy just as much as he desired to fingerfuck her!

Paul leaned over and, by the dim light next to the window, he was able to look between Judy’s widely spread legs and watch his finger fucking in and out of her hot, slick pussy. His finger probed deeper and he felt her tight cunt growing wetter and wetter.

He moved his finger higher in her pussy and brushed against her rigid clit. He caught his breath sharply with excitement. Judy’s pussy was growing wetter by the second and now her clit was stiff and twitching.

Still glancing at his big sister’s face now and then, Paul stroked her clit. She smiled up at him as she began to move her hips. The small nub of clit flesh grew harder and stiffer against his finger.

Paul’s lust grew as he finger-fucked his big sister and she ground her hips against his hand. She raised her body as though trying to get more of his finger inside her cunt, and he knew without a doubt that she was enjoying his finger-fucking her snug pussy as much as he was.

Experimentally, he fucked his middle finger all the way up her virgin fuckhole and felt it bounce off her cherry as she cried out in pain.

“Owwwww! Noooo, Paul! Don’t break my cherry!” she cried, alarmed.

“Don’t worry,” Paul laughed huskily, “I’ll leave that to a nice big cock, hopefully mine!”

“Mmmmmmmm, I’d love it,” the virgin murmured dreamily as she squirmed her ass, trying to capture more of her brother’s hand in her pussy.

Paul’s breathing became shallow as he continued to stroke his sister’s wet cunt. Her pussy had become flooded with thick, hot pussyjuice, and her fragrant musky cunt odor came to him strongly there in the darkness.

Judy moaned softly, loving the feel of her kid brother’s finger in her hot, clasping pussy. She clenched her pussy muscles around his finger, hugging it to her virgin cunt walls as if it were a prick. Then she unclenched her pussy muscles, allowing his finger to slip out of her cunt again.

The girl was ecstatic. She had been hot for her baby brother for some time now, and now a dream was coming true for her. He was actually finger-fucking her hot virgin pussy! And, if she were lucky, once they were on the farm, they would have a chance to really get down to some serious fucking.

She didn’t think that she wanted Paul to pop her cherry, though. She would rather wait until she was no longer a virgin, and then she would welcome the chance to fuck him. But, for her very first virgin-fuck, Judy somehow imagined an older, more experienced guy doing the honors for her. Someone like her Uncle Ned, she thought with an excited shudder.

As Paul continued to finger-fuck Judy’s pussy, she reached over and grabbed his hardening cock. She wriggled her hips and felt a new rush of warmth in her cunt as she began to pull on her brother’s throbbing cock.

He fucked his finger in and out of her hot pussy, his breathing ragged with lust now, small groans of excitement and pleasure escaping his mouth.

“Mmmmm, yessss, Paul,” Judy whispered, arching her back so her brother could fuck his finger even deeper into her slick, fiery cunt.

She squirmed against the finger in her cunt, feeling her orgasm building. She arched her back again as Paul’s finger sank deeper and deeper into her virgin pussy, and she bucked her hips up and back in a lewd, fucking motion.

She pulled harder and harder on his pulsating prick, reeling his cock twitching in her hot, eager hands. She stroked the entire rigid cock from the base all the way up to the shining bulbous head where several drops of pearly pre-cum oozed from the throbbing cum-slit.

Suddenly, she felt her brother’s finger pulling out of her cunt, and, as she began to groan in disappointment, she was shocked and thrilled to feel her brother’s face between her legs.

Moaning with excitement, Paul began to nuzzle Judy’s flat tummy, working his way down to her virgin cunt, moving his lips around hotly, knowing that he was turning Judy on as much as he was turning himself on.

Finally he closed his mouth over her pussy and began to suck wildly. The girl shivered as her brother’s tongue began to fuck in and out of her hot cunt. He slipped his hands underneath her squirming ass, shoving her crotch up hard against his sucking face.

While her brother ate her cunt, Judy continued to pull on and stroke his big throbbing prick. She was pumping her hands up and down on the rigid cock-meat now, moving her hands faster and harder, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

He arched his back, forcing more of his cock into her hands, and she moaned hotly as he tongued her cunt faster and faster.

Judy stiffened, knowing that she was about to come. She stroked his prick harder and harder until, finally, his cock erupted, spilling hot wads of cum into her eagerly embracing hands.

“Arghhhhhhhh, unhhhhhhh, commmmmiiinnngggg,” he groaned as he came.

Judy thrilled to the sexy sensation of her own baby brother coming into her hands. Her own climax washed over her powerfully and she felt shudder after violent shudder rack her virgin body as her brother’s cum completely filled and coated her hands.

As Paul continued to suck her spasming pussy, Judy brought her jism-stained hands to her mouth, and, closing her eyes in ecstasy, she began to lick her fingers, moaning with excitement and pleasure.

Paul glanced up, raising his face from between his sister’s legs, and saw his sister licking his own cum from her fingers. The sight excited him so much that his prick twitched again and, amazingly, yet another wad of gooey cum shot from his prick.

The last glob of jism caught Judy unawares and she watched unhappily as it splashed against the window of the train. Then, to Paul’s amazement and excitement, the girl moaned and pressed her mouth against the window, quickly and eagerly licking up all of her brother’s cum from the cold glass.

“Jeez, what a hot cunt!” Paul exclaimed, shaking his head as he pulled his shorts up and covered himself with a blanket.

Judy turned toward him and smiled happily. “Mmmmm, that was great, Paul! I feel so satisfied now. Thanks.”

Paul laughed softly and tenderly stroked his sister’s beautiful face. “My pleasure, Sis! Think you’ll be able to sleep now?”

Still smiling, Judy pulled her clothes back on and snuggled next to her brother, pulling the other blanket up over them. “Mmmmmm, I’ll say. This feels all nice and cozy. We’ll have a good night’s sleep tonight, Paul, and then tomorrow we’ll be at the farm! And who knows what fun awaits us there?”

The two teens looked at each other and laughed. They both had a pretty good idea of just what awaited them on the farm and they could hardly wait.


Miles away from where Judy and her brother, Paul, slept in each other’s arms that very moment, their Uncle Ned and Aunt Sally sat on the front porch swing of their big old farmhouse.

“I’m so glad that Judy and Paul will be here tomorrow, Ned. Do you think they’ll like spending the summer here on the farm?” Sally asked, turning her bright blue eyes toward her handsome husband.

Ned chuckled. “What’s not to like? They’ve got a whole farm here to run around on, their cousins who are dying to see them and, of course, you and me.”

“But I’m a worried, Ned,” Sally murmured, smoothing her blouse down over her full, firm tits. For an older woman, Sally wasn’t really very old, and she looked even er with her firm shapely body, beautiful face, long slender legs, and big tits.

“What are you worried about, Sally?” Ned asked, stretching his muscular arms out and yawning lazily.

“Well, you know, we haven’t seen the kids in a long time. And there have been a lot of changes around here since Judy was last here to visit us.”

“Changes?” Ned asked, confused.

Sally laughed and poked her husband in the ribs. “Yes, changes, Ned! Come on, think about it! Our… uh… lifestyle has become a lot more… well… liberal in the last year or so!”

Ned laughed, finally seeing his wife’s point. “Oh, you’re talking about sex!”

“Yes! After all, even though we see nothing wrong with the way we all show our love for each other, Judy and Paul are still probably pretty innocent, and they may be shocked.”

“Hmmmm, yeah, I see what you mean,” Ned agreed, nodding. “But Judy is a teenager and a teenager nowadays is plenty mature enough to handle what you’re talking about. Besides, what can we do about it?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe we should just be sure not to do anything… you know, out of the ordinary… while they’re here,” Sally suggested doubtfully, not really liking the idea.

“A whole summer… three months… without me fucking our girl, Lisa, and without watching you and her eating each other out? No way!” Ned cried.

“Yeah,” Judy sighed. “I know. I hate the idea of having to do three months without Jim’s big cock, too,” she said, referring to their son.

“There’s really no reason why you should have to, Sally. I think you’re worrying about nothing.”

“Maybe you’re right. Judy did look very mature for her age in that last picture they sent us of her,” Sally admitted.

“Yeah!” Ned said excitedly. “She sure did! That pretty face, that long, shining blonde hair, and you know what a pushover I am for big tits!” he said, stroking his wife’s big tit-mounds.

Sally laughed and, reaching over, began to fondle Ned’s hardening bulge beneath his pants. “Why, Ned! I think you have the hots for your niece!” she teased, noticing the way he was licking his lips, his eyes already glazing over the lust at the memory of Judy’s sexy picture.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. I wonder if the pussy’s still a virgin. Hope so.”

Sally laughed again. “Yeah, you hope so so you can pick her cherry for her, right?”

“Right!” Ned said and they both laughed.

“So you think we should just go on loving each other as always, and not worry about their reaction?” Sally asked, still a worried.

“I just have a hunch that our niece and nephew are much more with it than you might think. Let’s just wait to see what they’re like when they get here?” Ned said.

“And if they’re all uptight about sex and everything?” Sally asked.

“Then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” Ned said as he stood up and stretched. “You know what? All this talk about our sexy niece has made me pretty horny.”

“Yeah, so I see!” Sally laughed, staring at the cruel, hard bulge between his legs.

Ned laughed too. “So I think I’ll go on in and see if, hopefully, Lisa’s in the same hot mood that I’m in,” he said, walking across the porch toward the front door.

Sally smiled. “Great! Send Jim out here while you’re at it. I’ve become pretty horny myself!”

Just a short time later, Ned was on his daughter’s bed, both of them naked as jaybirds.

“Can I fuck you on top this time, Daddy?” Lisa asked breathlessly. She had just finished sucking off her father’s big throbbing cock, and now she couldn’t wait to feel it in her pussy!

He laughed with delight. “Sure, baby, just take it easy. You know how you hurt yourself sometimes when you fuck me that way.”

“Yeah, I know. But I keep telling you I don’t mind!”

Ned laughed again as his sexy lithe girl stood up between his legs, her juicy cunt poised directly over his big prick. Then, taking a deep breath and smiling happily with anticipation, Lisa lowered himself slowly on her haunches and grabbed hold of his big hard ten-inch prick with one hand while, with the other hand she pried open her swollen cuntlips.

She pushed her father’s big cock into her wet cunt, past her pussylips and paused at the entrance to her small, tight fuckhole. She licked her lips excitedly. This would be the best part, and she always liked to wait just a few seconds before ramming her cunt down over her daddy’s huge ten-incher.

Ned smiled up at her, knowing exactly what was going on in her mind. They had played this scenario out dozens of times in the past. If it were entirely up to him, he would have reached up and jammed her body down over his prick. He could hardly wait to feel her snug juicy pussy clasping itself around his big prick. But he knew, from past experience, that he simply had to let her take her own time.

He did reach up now, but only to grab her big swinging tits, squeezing them together as though they were one gigantic tit with two big throbbing nipples. He greedily sucked both hard nipples into his hungry mouth. His tongue licked and his teeth grazed her turgid nips as she moaned and writhed on top of his cock.

“Mmmmmm, good, Daddy!” the girl cried. “Bite those suckers! Bite my tits!”

Ned bit harder into her nipples, sending shudders of lust straight down the teenager’s spine and into her hot pussy which was already flowing with her hot, thick fuck juices.

Holding herself up by her strong legs, Lisa wiggled and squirmed, pushing her father’s big basting cock a farther up her small, snug cunthole. Even though they had fucked this way many times, when she reached this point, Lisa always found herself wondering if her daddy’s unusually big and thick ten-inch prick would fit up her cunthole.

She smiled, knowing that, as always, it would fit all right, but it would be a tight and deliciously painful fit. She pushed her hips down over his prick, easing his cock deeper and deeper into her eager pussy.

She panted hard as she worked her father’s huge, throbbing prick farther into her cunthole. Meanwhile, Ned held on tightly to his daughter’s big tits, hoping that she would hurry up. He was eager to get on with the serious business of fucking her hot pussy.

Finally, as though reading his mind, Lisa raised herself up until only the knob of her daddy’s prick was buried in her pussy-hole. Then, grinning down at him, she quickly and savagely thrust her entire body downward, ramming Ned’s cock all the way up her tight, juicy cunthole.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, it hurts but I love it! Your cock feels sooooo good up my pussy!” the blonde screamed, just as she did every time she fucked her father on top.

Again Lisa raised herself up, and again she plunged downward, grimacing in mingled pain-pleasure as his enormous cock fucked brutally into her aching, pulsating fuckhole.

“That’s it, baby! You sure know how to fuck your daddy!” Ned cried, still squeezing her bobbing tits.

“I had a good teacher, Daddy!” Lisa laughed, remembering with a surge of lust the first time her daddy had ever fucked her. She remembered how his huge cock had torn through her cherry, and she groaned now, almost wishing she were a virgin just so she could experience that delicious sensation all over again.

Over and over, they fucked each other with hard, sure strokes. Now, Ned was meeting his daughter’s fucking thrusts with his own. Each time she lowered herself hard onto his pulsating prick, he slammed his hips up, smashing his crotch into hers. Then, as she pulled back, so did he. They were in perfect tune with each other.

Lisa concentrated on tightening and loosening her strong cunt-muscles around her father’s big prick, increasing the hot pleasure for both of them.

“Great, honey! You’re doing great! Fuck your daddy hard, Lisa!” Ned groaned, thrusting his ass up off the bed to meet her hard fucking movements.

Over and over, Ned’s entire ten inches of raw cock-meat reamed out his daughter’s cunt. As many times as he had fucked his daughter, each time was like the first, filling him with a raw, hot pleasure he seemed to find only when his big cock was buried up her pussy.

“You’re so good and tight!” he cried.

“You’re a great fucker!”

Hot tremors of lust swept through the girl’s pussy as her father’s hard cock brutally fucked in and out of her pussy. Her tits were flushed and sweaty, and her breathing was ragged with lust and exertion.

Each time her father’s prick fucked into her cunt, it pushed against her twitching, rigid clit until she was half out of her mind with the need to come. She humped wildly, relentlessly pushing her firm body harder and harder on his throbbing cock.

“I’m commmmmmiiinnngggg!” she finally screamed, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of ecstasy.

Wave after sweet wave of hot orgasm shook her body violently as her climax tore through her. Then, her father’s cock exploded, shooting out wad after wad of creamy cum up her tight cunthole.

“Ohhhhhhh, sweet Jesus, commmmmmiiinnnggggg!” Ned cried out as his jerking cock spewed out what seemed like gallons of jism into his daughter’s tight, wet cunt.

Lisa’s cunt was gushing out torrents of pussy-juice which mingled lewdly with her father’s cum, both of the fuck-fluids overflowing her pussy and dribbling down her legs.

Ned groaned with excitement as he continued to come. He could feel Lisa’s tight pussy muscles milking his cock as it shot out load after load of thick, hot jizz. And just as the girl’s own climax was subsiding the thrill of feeling her father’s cum filling her pussy turned her on so much that she immediately had another orgasm.

It went on that way for long moments of ecstasy for both of the lovers. Lisa’s multiple orgasms made her slender, body rock and weave over her father’s prick which continued to spew out its creamy, hot load.

When, moments later, they lay wrapped in each other’s arms, Ned realized that, as he had been shooting his cum into his daughter’s pussy, his hot feverish thoughts had not been of Lisa. He had been thinking about his niece, Judy. He had pretended that be was fucking her.

“Lisa,” he murmured, stroking his daughter’s big tits which were now flushed and heaving from the effort of the savage fucking they had just experienced.

“Honey,” Ned began, watching his daughter closely. He only hoped that she wouldn’t start feeling jealous when she knew of her father’s interest in fucking her cousin.

“Yeah?” Lisa asked, only half paying attention to her father’s words. Her gaze was fastened on his cock which, as she could see, was growing bigger and harder by the second. She licked her lips hungrily, hoping that her daddy would stop talking soon so that they could fuck again. Or, maybe, this time, she would suck his cock. His prick looked so big and juicy there, throbbing invitingly between his muscular, hairy legs.

“Yes, we were talking about whether or not we might have to act differently with your cousins around.”

“Act differently? What do you mean?” Lisa asked distractedly.

“I mean, we wonder if we’ll have to stop fucking each other while your cousins are here. After all, Lisa, not all families are like ours and they just might not understand.”

Ned had her full attention now. “What? Stop fucking each other? No way!” She sat up on her haunches and looked at her father indignantly.

Ned smiled. “Well, your mom and I don’t want to stop either, Lisa. It’s taken us a long time to have the kind of family we want, loving, close… and we aren’t crazy about having to give any of that up, not even for a summer.”

“Well, I don’t see why we should have to!” Lisa pouted.

“If we are going to go on fucking each other the same as always, Lisa, we’ll need your help. Yours and Jim’s.”

“What do you mean, Daddy? How can Jim and I help?” Lisa asked quizzically.

“Well, we’re hoping that Judy and Paul will be mature enough to go on along with us… to realize what a really good thing we have going here… and to want to be a part of it.”

“Oh, they will, Daddy! I’m sure of it!” Lisa cried, unable to bear the idea of having to give up fucking her father, brother, and mother all summer!

“Well, let’s hope so, Lisa. But just in case they don’t see it that way… I want you and Jim to help persuade them that our way is best,” Ned said, watching his lovely daughter.

Lisa smiled, suddenly understanding her father very clearly for the first time. “Oh, I get it. You want Jim and me to sort of… turn on Judy and Paul?”

Ned returned her smile. “Exactly. You think you can do that?”

“Not only can I do that, I’d love to do it! I can’t wait till they get here. Gee, I wonder how big Paul’s cock is and how pretty Judy’s pussy is,” she mused.

Ned laughed delightedly. It was obvious he would have no problems whatever with his horny daughter getting jealous. In fact, he might have to keep her away from Judy to get a crack at the girl’s pussy himself.


While Ned and Lisa were fucking each other upstairs, Sally and her son, Jim were having their own hot fuck session downstairs in the living room. They were sprawled nakedly on the floor and Sally was stroking her son’s hardening cock.

“Yeah, Mom! Pull on my dick! It feels so good the way you do it!” Jim urged her.

“Mmmmmm, it’s such a beautiful cock,” she murmured huskily.

“A full nine inches, Mom!” Jim said proudly, knowing that his mother was really turned on by the size of his big, pulsating prick.

Sally moaned lustfully as her hand firmly gripped his cock. She pulled vigorously up and down the length of his shiny, long cock-shaft.

Jim groaned with pleasure and arched his back, trying to push even more of his prick into his mother’s hands. She continued to pull on his big prick, pumping more and more life into his big fuck-stick. He loved the feel of his sexy, beautiful mother jerking him off, but, even more than that, he longed to feel her strong ass muscles grabbing his big cock and squeezing all of his cum right out of his bursting prick, the way she had done for him so many, many times before.

“Okay, that’s enough for now, Mom,” the boy said, rising to his knees, his big prick dancing lewdly in front of him.

“What’s the matter, Jim?” Sally cooed, disappointed that he wasn’t going to let her finish jerking him off. She yearned for the sight of his thick, white cum pumping from his prick.

“Nothing, Mom,” he said, grinning at her. “It’s just that I’m gonna bugger your ass now!”

“Ohhhhhh, well, that’s different, Jim! I’d love nothing better!” she squealed, immediately throwing herself onto her hands and knees, her ass wriggling obscenely in the air.

Grinning with excitement, Jim parted his mother’s soft ass cheeks, beginning to fuck his huge, thick cock into her tight asshole.

Sally could feel her son’s broad, fat cockknob throbbing against her asshole, and she wriggled her hips impatiently. As many times as her son had ass-fucked her, she could never seem to get enough of it!

Grabbing her ass cheeks firmly, Jim suddenly fucked his entire nine-incher right up her quivering asshole. She let out a loud cry of pain and pleasure as she felt her handsome boy’s large, throbbing cock invading the still tight muscles of her hungry ass.

“Ahhhhhh, yesssss, Jimmmmyyyy! You’re making your mother feel soooo good! Do it, Son! Fuck your mom’s ass! I love it!” she yelled wriggling her ass around violently, trying to capture even more of his pulsating prick up her ass.

“Don’t worry, Mom! I’ll fuck your ass all right! Like you’ve never been fucked before, you lousy cunt!” be growled, slapping her hard on her lily-white ass cheeks, knowing that she loved it when he treated her that way.

Glancing down, Jim watched with lust as his thick, twitching cock pulled out and fucked back into his mother’s ass all the way. He loved the sight of her sexy, firm hips wriggling in response to his driving cock-jabs.

Sally lowered her head and let out an animalistic howl, so turned on she could hardly stand it. She felt her asshole stretching to accommodate her son’s big cock, and she thrilled to the sensation.

“Ohhhhhh, Jim, you have no idea how great this feels! You’re sooooo good to your mother!” she cried, her big tits swinging lewdly, their fat nipples pointed downward toward the floor.

“Move that ass harder, Mom! Shake it! I want you to fuck my cock for me!” Jim moaned huskily.

Laughing with delight at her son’s words which just turned her on even more, the woman began to wiggle her hips as hard as she could. She felt the rubbery grip of her tight asshole pulling on her son’s cock as she wiggled her ass just as hard as she could.

“Jesus, but you’re so nice and tight, Mom!” Jim said admiringly. “Doesn’t dad ever fuck you in the ass?”

Sally laughed. “He’s not his favorite way to fuck, Son. I reserve my ass just for you!”

“Great! Be sure you keep on doing just that!” he growled as he reached out and slapped her again, as hard as he could, leaving his red handprints on her pale assflesh.

As he continued to bugger his mother’s ass, Jim thought about the way they acted when they were fucking each other, and how different it was from the way they usually acted. Oh, they were always loving and very close whether they were fucking or not. But, usually, when they weren’t fucking, they were very much into the mother-son role with his mother always the one in command. When she told him to do something, he did it, no questions asked. That was just the way he was raised. And, never, but never, would he have thought of raising his voice, let along his hand, to her, or calling her names.

Yet, when they fucked, they had somehow fallen into the reversal of roles that, they were into now. Jim was the one in control, and his mother did whatever he told her to. He was able to hit her or call her names, anything he wanted to do, and she thrived on it.

Sally moaned, a hot, delicious sensation spreading through her loins as her son continued to fuck her ass. She was now feeling a hot, forbidden pleasure which shot back and forth between her moistening pussy and her small, tight asshole.

She was pleased that her son found her asshole so tight and such a turn-on. She wanted him to enjoy fucking her ass as much as she loved having him fuck her ass.

And Sally was pleased that Jim liked to assfuck her so much because it was her favorite way of fucking, too. Yet, as she had told her son, Ned just didn’t go for ass-fucking in as big way. He much preferred pussy-fucking. So, in that way, Sally and her son were well suited.

The woman moaned happily, loving the hot feel of her son’s huge cock fucked up her asshole. She knew she would come when she felt his hot jism shooting up her ass. That always did the trick for her.

“That’s better, you bitch! Much better! Shake it again!” Jim cried as he continued to fuck his bursting prick in and out of his mother’s asshole. “Now, work those hard ass muscles around my cock! You know what to do, you cunt! Now do it!”

And she did. Groaning with excitement at his words, Sally began to work her strong ass muscles around her son’s cock, holding his prick tightly inside her ass, pinching his big fucker so hard that he moaned with pain and pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, it feels soooooo good, Jim! Don’t stop, honey. Don’t stop! Fill my ass with your cum! Shoot it all, Jim!” Sally begged, wriggling her ass around in a frenzy of lust for her son’s prick.

“I’ll shoot when I’m good and ready, cunt!” Jim growled as, once again, he slapped his mother’s asscheeks as hard as he could, making the woman cry out in pleasure. But they both knew that she really loved it.

As Jim continued to fuck his mother in her tight, pulsating asshole, she thrust her ass back to meet his powerful cock-thrusts, working her ass muscles around his prick, wiggling her ass violently.

By now, her cunt was pouring out gallons of cunt sauce which trickled into her asshole, nicely lubricating her son’s big fucking cock.

“Ahhhhhhh, Mom, sooooo good, what a nice, tight asshole you’ve got! Fuck me, Mommmmmyyyy!” Jim cried. His tightening balls beat a steady tattoo against her naked, upturned ass cheeks as he fucked her asshole with his big, throbbing nine-inch cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss, Son, it feels wonderful! Fuck your mother! Fuck meeeeee!” Sally screamed obscenely.

Glancing down, Jim turned on to the sight of his gleaming, wet cock-shaft fucking into his mother’s ass with fantastic, savage force. By now, both lovers were trembling and shuddering with a hot, pounding fuck-lust.

Suddenly, Jim reached beneath his mother’s trembling body, rubbing her gushing cunt.

“Ohhhhh, yessss, Jim!” Sally panted, beside herself with excitement and desire. “Fingerfuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fingerfuck my pussy! Ohhhh, Jimmmyyy!”

Her ass muscles clenched hard around her son’s fucking cock as she fucked her pelvis back and forth against his bushy crotch.

Jim slipped his hand between his mother’s juicy, swollen cuntlips and quickly found her clit. He began to rub the hard love-button as he continued to fuck her in the ass.

“Yesssssss! Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss!” Sally screamed as she came, her fuckhole pouring out a huge amount of fuck juice which gushed out over her son’s hand.

As her climax ended, Jim slipped his hand from his mother’s cunt and raised it to her mouth. “Smell it. Smells good, doesn’t it, cunt? Now lick your juices off my fingers!”

“Ohhhhh, Son, the things you make me do!” Sally whimpered but she was smiling as she smelled her own pussy odor on her son’s hand. Then, almost before she had a chance to think about it, she sucked his fingers into her mouth, one by one, eagerly licking her cunt sauce and moaning with excitement as she swallowed the hot, thick fuck juice.

Over and over, Jim fucked his blistering cock deep into the wetness of his mother’s slick, grasping asshole. His gigantic prick was oozing out drop after drop of pre-cum which mingled with Sally’s cunt juice and lubricated her ass even more.

“Jeeeesus, you’re such a hot ass-fuck, Mom! I love fucking you!” Jim cried hoarsely.

“Ohhhhhhhh, I love fucking you, too, Son! Fuck me! Make me come again! Fuck me in my ass! Shoot your cum up my asshole, honey!” Sally screamed, hardly knowing what she was saying.

Jim stared at his glistening cock fucking easily in and out of his mother’s asshole, which was now gurgling noisily with fuck juices and pre-cum.

The exquisite lust and ecstasy in her asshole was driving the horny woman wild. She kept wiggling her ass as her son fucked her ass as deeply as possible. Her ass was squirming and writhing as the huge rock-hard cock continued to fuck her deeply.

“Ohhhhhhh, Mom!” Jim grunted as he began to finger-fuck her cunt again, keeping rhythm with his prick-stabs up her asshole. “You’re beautiful, Mom!”

Her son’s wards filled her with a warm pleasure and just increased her excitement. She squeezed her ass muscles as hard as she could around his prick. The intense clenching of her ass muscles only excited her son that much more and as the soft, clinging walls of her ass closed around his stiff cock, he slammed his crotch hard against her upturned, quivering ass. His balls swung heavily against her ass cheeks as he fucked even deeper.

“This is it, Mom! I’m commmmmmmming!” the boy cried as he fucked his cock all the way up Sally’s ass and unloaded.

Sally loved the way her son always called her mom as he came. It endeared him to her each time she heard it, and it turned her on in a strange way, too. As soon as she heard him call her mom and she felt his cum beginning to shoot up her ass, she came, too.

Wads of thick gooey cum shot from Jim’s prick and cannoned into Sally’s asshole as they both came hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss, Jim!” Sally screamed hysterically as she felt her son’s jism shooting up her asshole, overflowing it, and dribbling sexily down her firm slender thighs.

“Take it, you bitch! Take all of it! You begged me for my cum! Now take it all and love it!” Jim yelled as the last of his jism jetted from his prick and shot into his mother’s slickly oozing asshole.

Sally’s pussy spasmed in orgasm, making waves of hot, forbidden pleasure shudder through her entire body as she came and came and came. Even though Ned was a terrific lover, and she loved fucking him, Sally seemed to have her best, most exciting orgasms when her son, Jim, fucked her.

Long orgasmic moments later, the two fuckers lay entwined in each other’s arms, kissing each other now and then, stroking each other’s feverish body gently, just being content to rest nakedly together.

Suddenly Sally remembered her earlier conversation with Ned, and she knew she had to talk to Jim about their concern.

“Jim, you know your cousins will be here tomorrow,” she murmured as she stroked his softening prick.

“Hmmmm?” he said huskily, half asleep now. “Judy and Paul? Sure, I know.”

“Are you glad they’re coming?”

He shrugged casually. “I guess. They’re okay.”

“Well, your dad and I were talking about the way our family is and we’re afraid that Judy and Paul might not understand, you know?” Sally said, watching her son whose eyes were half closed, as if he were about to fall asleep any second.

“Who knows?” Jim asked, his eyes wide open now, “maybe dad’s brother has some of the same ideas that we do. Maybe he raised Judy and Paul the same way that Lisa and I have been raised. What do you think?”

Sally laughed. “Uncle Ray? No way! I guess you don’t remember him. But, trust me, Son. Uncle Ray is as straight laced as they come! If anything, he probably has those poor kids believing that there’s something wrong with showing your love for your family the way we believe in doing,” Sally said sadly.

“Jeez, what a bummer! Those poor kids!” Jim said.

“Ned and I talked about it, Jim, and we feel that we shouldn’t have to put on an act while your cousins are here,” Sally said.

“An act? Hell, no! What for?” Jim asked. “Well, it did occur to us that maybe we should just cut out all the fucking as long as they’re here,” she muttered, glancing at her to see his reaction. She hoped she knew her son well enough to be sure that he would never put up with that!

“Hey, no way! Cut out all the fucking?” he asked incredulously.

“Well, except for Ned and me. We’re married, so of course anyone would think it was all right for him and me to fuck!”

“Just you and Daddy? Oh, no!” he cried, feeling a pang of jealousy at the idea of his father fucking his mother and him not being able to!

“It doesn’t have to be that way, honey,” Sally soothed, seeing that her son was jealous. She was glad he was. It made her feel and desirable.

“What do you mean, Mom? What can we do about it?” Jim asked, anxious to do anything he could to be sure he wouldn’t have to stop fucking his mother or sister.

“It’ll be up to all of us to convince Judy and Paul that our way of loving is really the best way. For everyone. So, all you have to do is your part, dear,” Sally said, fondling her son’s hardening prick.

“You mean I should talk to Judy and Paul about it?” he asked.

“Well, yes, if that’s the way it happens. Just wait and see if it’s necessary. And, if your cousins seem to be, well, hanging back, you could talk to Paul and let him know what’s what. As for Judy… well, you think she’s pretty, don’t you? I remember you liked her picture.”

Jim smiled, suddenly remembering the picture of his beautiful, luscious cousin. “Yeah, she’s really sexy! If she needs someone to talk to her about how great our way of life is, I won’t mind being the one at all.”

“That’s good, Jim. Now come here and eat your mother’s pussy,” Sally murmured as she spread her legs for her son.


Late the next morning, Judy and Paul arrived at the farm. They went horseback riding for a couple of hours and then, after a good old-fashioned home cooked meal, they gathered on the front porch with their aunt and uncle and cousins to rest awhile and visit with each other.

Judy was unable to keep her eyes off her Uncle Ned. She had forgotten just how looking and handsome he was. He was so tall and muscular that it took her breath away. Why, he’s really sexy, she found herself thinking. She glanced at his crotch over and over, unable to miss the hard bulge which seemed to be growing under her hot gaze.

She only half listened to the small talk going on around her. All she could think about was how horny she was and how attracted she was to her Uncle Ned. The horseback ride she had just come back from had made her hornier than ever. She rubbed her thighs together now as she remembered the way her pussy had slammed down hard against the saddle over and over, making her cunt itch and burn furiously. It had turned her on unbearably, and now all the virgin could think about was getting fucked. She only hoped that, somehow, she would be able to get her uncle to pop her cherry for her.

Suddenly, still staring at her uncle’s crotch, Judy became aware that everyone else, was looking at her, as if waiting for her to say something. She blushed and looked around, wondering what she had missed.

“Boy, you’ve really been daydreaming, haven’t you, Judy?” Aunt Sally laughed.

“Yeah, I guess I have,” Judy said, blushing again. “Did someone ask me something?”

Paul laughed. “Only about five minutes ago!”

“That’s okay, honey. You were probably thinking about something very important,” Uncle Ned said, looking directly into the girl’s eyes. And, suddenly, Judy knew that her uncle had been watching her while she stared at his well-hung cock. She looked at him, frantically searching for a clue to what he was thinking about her. And, as she looked at him, she was startled and pleased to see his gaze rake over her lush, firm body with a look filled with desire. She caught, her breath sharply, knowing in that instant that she had nothing to worry about. Her uncle wanted to fuck her every bit as much as she wanted to fuck him.

“Come on, you two, quit staring at each other!” Lisa cried. “What do you say, Judy? We asked you if you want to go swimming down in the pond?”

“Oh,” Judy managed, blushing again. She hoped that no one else saw the looks she and her sexy uncle had exchanged. “Sure! I’d love to go swimming! Does that mean we’re going to skinny dip?” she asked, growing really excited now.

Uncle Ned stepped toward her and squeezed her shoulder. She could feel the heat from his hand shoot through her body, making her pussy burn even more. “Right! We always go skinny dipping here! That’s the best way, the only way, to swim, Judy!”

“You don’t mind, do you, Judy?” Aunt Sally asked anxiously, exchanging a secret look with her husband.

“Mind?” Judy laughed, thinking how shocked they would probably be if they only knew her secret thoughts. “No, I’ve never gone swimming in the nude before and I’m really looking forward to it!”

As they turned to go into the house, she saw her uncle flash her a look of warm approval and she knew that he liked her attitude. Things were definitely looking up.

Half an hour later, all the Watsons were at the pond. Paul gasped when he first saw it. Judy had forgotten to tell him what the pond was really like. Large and deep, it was really more of a big lake. There was even a float out in the middle. And, since it was on the Watsons’ farm property, no one else used it and they had complete privacy.

“Wow! This is great! It’s huge!” Paul exclaimed, running quickly to the coal water.

Laughing and splashing each other, the others quickly followed him.

For a long time, the family swam together, dunking each other playfully, playing water games with a couple of large beach balls and just floating idly and talking.

All this time, both Judy and Paul were very much aware of their own naked bodies, and they were excitedly aware of the naked bodies of their cousins and aunt and uncle.

Paul was surprised that his aunt was so beautiful. Her body was still firm and youthful looking, and the sight of her large tits made the boy’s virgin cock stand at attention. His gaze darted back and forth between his Aunt Sally and Lisa, his cousin whose big tittied body looked ripe and inviting.

Paul noticed the way that Lisa kept rubbing against her father, and once he was pretty sure that she was jerking off her daddy’s cock underwater.

But, mainly, the boy watched his aunt who made him feel like no girl ever had before. His eyes focused on her bushy pussy and he inhaled sharply as he found himself wondering what it would feel like to have that beautiful pussy wrapped around his prick. Several times, he thought he saw his Aunt Sally staring at his cock which was semi-erect. At first, he had been embarrassed because he had a semi-hard-on. But then Paul noticed that both Jim and Uncle Ned had the same problem.

Meanwhile, Judy found herself growing jealous whenever her uncle spent any time with her cousin, Lisa. More than once, he reached out and stroked Lisa’s arm and a couple of times, Judy couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing under the water. He was standing close to his daughter and his hands seemed to be moving. At those times, Judy swam away, unable to watch. She knew that she wasn’t usually the jealous type, but it was just that she wanted her uncle so badly and he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. Judy knew that, if she could only get her uncle to fuck her, she wouldn’t care how much attention he paid to Lisa or to anyone else, for that matter.

Judy climbed up onto the float in the middle of the large pond and watched her family in the water. She saw her Uncle Ned and Lisa splashing each other and teasing each other a lot. She glanced away, moaning softly, and buried her face in her arms, resting on her firm, flat tummy. She couldn’t bear to watch her uncle and cousin together, not when she was so horny for his big cock.

Before she knew it, Judy dozed off, feeling depressed because she was beginning to think she would have to stay a virgin forever. The cooling early evening air chilled her naked body, and she woke up with a start, looking around her in confusion.

To her surprise, she was all alone. Or almost. Uncle Ned was swimming out toward the float. But everyone else had left the pond, and Judy smiled with excitement, realizing that this might be the moment she had been longing for. If she could just make him hot enough, maybe she could get him to pop her cherry for her. The thought of fucking her handsome, well-hung uncle thrilled the girl so much that her virgin fuckhole began to ooze out a creamy load of pussy juice.

She rested on her back and threw her arms up over her head, her legs splayed wide so that her uncle would have a good, bird’s eye view of her juicy cunt.

She knew that she had a sexy body and she already knew, from the way her uncle had looked at her that afternoon on the porch, that he was attracted to her. Very much so. So all she had to do was to play on that attraction and, hopefully, soon she would feel his huge cock tearing through her virgin pussy.

The sound of splashing water was louder now, and Judy knew that her uncle was almost to the float. She felt her pussy burning and itching with an indescribable longing as she wondered what would happen when he joined her.

She raised herself upon her elbows and admired her uncle’s powerfully muscled arms as they sliced easily through the water in long, strong strokes, each one bringing him nearer to her.

Just then, Uncle Ned heaved himself up over the side of the float and lay down next to her, propping his head up with one hand, smiling down at her.

Judy shivered as drops of cool water fell on her warm body from his, but she knew she was shivering more from excitement than from anything else!

“Hi, honey, you look all nice and reined,” Ned drawled, his eyes taking in the sight of his gorgeous, sexy, niece.

She smiled up at him, pleased with the way he was looking at her. “Oh, yeah, I am.”

“You think you and Paul will like spending the entire summer here?” Ned asked, reaching aid stroking her bare arm, making goosebumps form over the warm flesh.

“Sure, Uncle Ned! I think we’ll like it just fine. Why wouldn’t we?” Judy asked, her eyes on his big semi-hard cock which, was even bigger and thicker than she had realized. It was almost as though she could see his prick throbbing and pulsating right before her eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know, Judy. It’s just that you and your brother are from the city and life here on the farm can be pretty boring for city kids like you,” he said.

Judy glanced up at his handsome face and saw that his gaze was fixed on her moist virgin cunt. She shifted a bit, opening her legs even wider.

“Boring? That all depends, Uncle Ned,” she murmured as she put her hot hand on his naked, wet leg. He gasped with pleasure and moaned softly, and she knew that she had him. She no longer had any doubt about whether she could get her sexy uncle to fuck her. She knew that he wanted it just as much as she did. At last, she would have the joy of feeling his big, hard cock shoving it way up her tight fuck-channel.

“Honey,” Ned murmured huskily, his voice thick with lust. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Judy laughed and slid her hand up his leg to his inner thigh, the back of her hand brushing against his soft prick hairs, making her uncle moan again. “Oh, yeah, Uncle Ned, I know exactly what I’m doing!”

Judy reached over and stroked his big cock which grew immediately erect in her hand. Its full ten inches were standing straight up in the air, and she moaned with excitement as she continued to rub.

Ned groaned with lust for his sexy niece. “Yeah, you’re right, Judy. You sure as hell do know what you’re doing, honey! You’re making your uncle feel so good! Keep it up, honey! Rub my cock!”

Grinning, Judy wrapped both of her small, soft hands around Uncle Ned’s bursting hard-on and slowly stroked his cock. Ned moaned with pleasure and began to stroke Judy’s big throbbing tits, rolling the large nipples between his fingers over and over again until the girl was writhing in excitement.

By now, the virgin’s cunt was flowing with cunt sauce. She loved the feel of her uncle’s hands on her big tits but she knew that the pleasure he was giving her now was nothing compared to the sheer joy she was bound to feel when he finally rammed his big, pulsating prick up her cherry cunt.

“Ohhhh, honey, I sure love big tits like yours! They’re the biggest I’ve seen yet, especially for such a girl!” Ned muttered, his voice thick with longing for the virgin who was busily fondling his ever hardening cock.

“Mmmmm, thanks, Uncle Ned, and I just love big cocks, and you’ve got the biggest yet!” she said and they both laughed.

“But, Judy, you are still a virgin, aren’t you?” Ned asked, suddenly worried. His niece was beginning to sound more experienced than he liked. He knew he would still love fucking her, no matter how experienced she was, but he also knew that he would enjoy fucking her that much more if he could have the thrill of smashing her cherry!

“Don’t worry,” Judy laughed, as if reading her uncle’s lewd thoughts, “I’m still a virgin, but not for long, I hope.”

“No, honey,” Ned assured her with a leering grin, “not for long!”

Sighing with happiness, Judy cupped Ned’s churning balls for a few seconds, squeezing gently, making the man groan with sheer lust.

Then the virgin grasped his huge cock tightly and stroked and pulled. She was so excited that she could hardly stand it. At long last, she was touching and fondling her sexy uncle’s huge ten-incher. She was super turned on by its gigantic size and she rubbed harder, making his prick twitch obscenely in her greedily grasping hands.

“Ahhhhh, yesssss, honey, that’s it! Rub your uncle’s cock! Keep it up!” he groaned, digging his fingers harder into the girl’s throbbing titflesh.

Ned smiled inwardly, remembering his talk with Sally the evening before. It we had only known what a hot number our Judy is, he thought. We didn’t have a thing to worry about! He had hoped that, in time, they might be able to bring Judy and Paul around to their way of thinking, convincing them that the family who loves together stays together. But never in his wildest dreams had he dared to hope that Judy herself would get things rolling, and on her first day there! While Judy continued to stroke his bursting cock, Ned thought ahead to all the days and nights of the next three months, days and nights of giving his niece his own special brand of loving.

Judy stared lustfully at her uncle’s huge cock as she continued to rub its full ten-inch length. His prick was rock-hard now, and the virgin couldn’t wait to feel his cock ramming up her virgin-tight cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Ned! I love your cock soooo much! It’s so big and hard! Mmmmmmm,” the girl murmured, her eyes glazing over with lust.

“I’m glad you like it so much, honey, ’cause pretty soon it’s gonna be buried up that cherry pussy of yours!” Ned said, groaning with excitement at the mere thought of popping his niece’s cherry.

Judy giggled happily and squeezed her uncle’s prick even harder.

“Thai’s it, honey! Rub it harder! Real nice and hard, Judy!” Ned moaned, thrusting his hips up off the float, pumping even more of his huge, hard prick into her squeezing hands.

As Judy rubbed his growing hard-on, Ned took one hand from her tits and pulled her face down to his. Then he pressed his mouth hard against hers, thrusting his tongue between her lips which parted instinctively as he kissed her passionately. Over and over again the two lovers kissed, their tongues rubbing against each other…

The feel of her uncle’s tongue against hers, their warm saliva mingling, his teeth nibbling on the side of her tongue, all combined to arouse the girl so much that she came on the spot.

“Ohhhhh, Uncle Ned, I’m cumming! I’m… aaarghhh… cummmmmiiinnnggggg!” she gurgled hotly as waves of hot orgasm smashed through her pussy, releasing a torrent of hot cunt honey.

“Come, honey! Come right on my hand!” Ned cried as he thrust his hand between Judy’s swollen cuntlips and felt the warm fuck juices flowing over his fingers, soaking his hand all the way to his wrist.

The feel of his niece’s pussy-juices on his hand, the feel of her orgasming pussy spasming against his fingers, aroused the man so powerfully that he knew he would come any second, especially with her hand still clasped tightly around his cock. But he didn’t want to come yet. He wanted to wait to make it very special.

As Judy’s orgasm ended, Ned forced himself to move away from her, his breathing rapid and shallow with lust.

“Give me a few minutes to cool down, honey,” he said, not even daring to look at his niece. Just the sight of her naked body would be enough to make him cum at that point.

“Okay, Uncle Ned,” Judy agreed, but she felt a disappointment. “Then what?”

Ned laughed hoarsely. “Then, honey, I want you to suck your uncle’s cock!”


“Ohhhh, Uncle Ned, do I have to wait any longer? I don’t think I can! Please let me suck your cock now!” Judy begged, tears of lust and frustration streaming down her beautiful, face.

Ned laughed with delight. It had been a long time since such a gorgeous virgin had begged him to let her suck his cock. By now, his cock had softened just a bit. He knew it was time to feel his niece’s hot, wet mouth around his prick. And, like her, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer either.

“Okay, honey, go for it! Suck my cock!” Ned cried as he settled down on his back, his niece already on her knees between his widely spread legs.

“Mmmmmm, Uncle Ned,” the virgin moaned as she reached out and fondled her uncle’s enormous cock. She slowly stroked from its rose-tipped head all the way down to his churning balls.

“Go on, honey,” Ned urged her as he thrust his ass up off the float, hoping she would get the hint and suck his big cock into her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Judy murmured, her eyes half closed as she lowered her face and rubbed her uncle’s jerking prick against her cheeks. She felt as though she were in a dream-state, only half aware of her uncle’s pleading words for her to hurry up and suck him off. The idea that she was about to pop that gorgeous, huge, hard prick into her mouth filled the virgin with a lust she had never known before. Adding to that lust was the wonderfully exciting knowledge that, after she had sucked her uncle off, he would be fucking her. He would be popping her cherry. Her long awaited dream would come true at last.

“Please, baby, don’t make your uncle wait any longer! I’ve gotta feel your hot mouth on my cock!” Ned cried, his face flushed with excitement and impatience. He reached up and fondled the girl’s huge tits, feeling the large, rose-colored nipples hardening in his hands. He hoped to turn on the girl so much that she would not be able to wait any longer. What the man did not realize was that his niece was already so turned on, so aroused by the idea of sucking him off, that she could hardly move.

“Please hurry, baby. As soon as you finish sucking me off, I want to pop your cherry!” Ned promised, thrusting his hips up from the float, his cock jerking in the girl’s hands.

That did it. His words brought the blonde out of her dream state with a force that made her tremble with excitement. Moaning with anticipation, Judy lowered her head again and fastened her hot mouth on her uncle’s cockhead, licking up several drops of pre-cum as she sucked his prick into her mouth. She scooped her hands underneath his hairy, tumbling balls and gently squeezed them as she rammed his bursting prick all the way into her throat.

The ecstasy of having her own sexy uncle’s huge dick sticking deep inside her mouth was so powerful for the girl who had waited so long for this thrill that she had an orgasm right then and there. “Mmmmmmmmffff,” she moaned around the thickness of the throbbing tool as her climax thundered through her tight, virgin pussy.

“That’s my good girl,” Uncle Ned cried, sensing that his niece was coming. He could tell by the way she had excitedly tightened her mouth-hold on his cock, and he matched her moans with his own. He had never been so turned on by any girl as he was by Judy. He felt as if he couldn’t get enough of the sexy feel of her hot mouth on his prick-head.

He arched his back, fucking more of his ten inches of cock-meat down his beautiful niece’s throat. “Suck it hard, Judy! Please, honey! Suck me harder! Suck your uncle’s big cock!”

Her uncle’s words turned on the virgin all the more and she pulled his big, bursting prick almost all the way out of her throat. Then, taking a deep breath, he fucked back into her throat just as far and as hard as he could. She moaned with excitement as the big, hard prick slid halfway down her throat. His prick was rock-hard and slick with her uncle’s pre-cum and her own saliva. The girl had never felt so aroused in her life, and she loved it!

“You got it, honey! That’s it! Suck my cock really good, sweetie!” Ned cried, humping his crotch up toward his niece’s sucking mouth.

Over and over, she went down on her uncle’s slick cock sliding his prick in and out of her hot eager mouth. She sucked its entire length all the way to his churning balls. Then she pulled his cock back out until she was just sucking its tip, licking up the drops of pearly pre-cum that formed at the twitching cum-slit.

As she sucked his cock into her throat, she worked her strong throat muscles, around his bursting cock which she could feel jerking hotly in her mouth, vibrating lewdly against her throat-cavity.

The blonde was intent on giving her uncle the best blowjob she had ever given, hopefully the best blowjob he had ever received. Using all her skills, driven by her hot lust, she sucked his cock as hard and as thoroughly as she could.

Ned was half out of his mind with desire for his sexy niece. The feel of her hot, wet mouth fucking up and down his cock was obscenely erotic to the man. And he could not wait to pump his entire creamy load of cum into her greedily sucking mouth. Then he would slam his big cock up her virgin pussy and tear her tight cherry right out of her cunt. He would give her the fucking of her life.

While Judy tongued her uncle’s prick from its throbbing head to its root, she squeezed his balls as hard as she could without actually hurting him. Then, groaning with lust, she slipped one hand beneath his quivering ass cheeks and stabbed her middle finger into his tight asshole, reaming him out expertly.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, honey!” Ned cried, his hips leaping up from the float, urging even more of his prick down his niece’s sucking throat. He could feel her strong throat muscles working around his cock while her finger continued to fuck in and out of his asshole, and the man moaned and groaned with an excitement the likes of which he had never kit before.

Judy’s lips moved up and down on the pulsating hard-on in her mouth as her uncle fucked her mouth with his big cock. He could feel the pressure growing in his balls until he knew that they were boiling with his hot cum and that, soon, he would have to dump his load into Judy’s eager mouth.

Suddenly, her uncle’s cock jumped wildly in her throat, and Judy knew that Uncle Ned was about to come. She continued to suck on the big prick as several large wads of hot cum jolted from the twitching prick and sprayed against her throat, sliding into her belly where it filled and warmed her.

“Commmmmiiinnnggg!” Ned screamed as his cock continued to shoot its creamy load.

Judy swallowed hard, thrilling to the delicious taste of her uncle’s jism as it slid lewdly down her throat. By wallowing hard and fast, she managed to take in all of his huge cum-load, although it wasn’t easy.

The second that her uncle’s orgasm ended, Judy threw herself onto her back and spread her legs wide, giving her uncle a good view of her cunt. She was super turned on from eating her uncle’s cum, and she could feel her warm cunt sauce flowing from her virgin fuckhole.

Knowing that her uncle’s gaze was fastened on her, she closed her eyes and began to rub her large tits, kneading the firm titflesh, rolling her big nipples over and over until they grew as hard as rocks. She moaned and stroked her hot, firm body, knowing that she was and beautiful and that her uncle thought so too.

“Ohhh, honey, you’re so sexy,” Ned murmured, his eyes widening as he took in the incredibly sexy sight of his niece stroking her own tits, fondling her own body. He wanted more than anything to fuck her, but he was mesmerized by her erotic movements. He had to watch her, to see how far she would go. Then, when he wasn’t able to stand it anymore, he would fuck her good and hard.

Judy opened her eyes and raised her head. She saw her uncle staring at her, his face contorted with lust, his mouth slack and drooling. She smiled at him, knowing that she had his complete, undivided attention.

She closed her eyes again and put both hands on her pussy, rubbing as hard as possible. She thrust two fingers of one hand between her puffy cuntlips and began to rub her engorged clit.

As she continued to stroke her rigid clit, she thrust the middle finger of her other hand in and out of her virgin cunthole, faster and faster, harder and harder.

She spread her legs even wider apart, her head thrown back on the float, her mouth half open, breathing hard with desire.

She felt her orgasm building, and knowing that her sexy, handsome uncle was watching her every move turned her on even more.

Suddenly, Judy began to come, moaning loudly, her hand rubbing over her bruised clit, the pain only increasing her pleasure. Her other hand fucked furiously, her finger ramming in and out of her flowing pussyhole as she came.

“Ohhhhh, God, commmmiiinnnggg!” the virgin screamed as her orgasm shot through her. She humped her hips off the float and thrust one of her fingers deep into her virgin asshole. She moaned furiously, continuing to finger-fuck her fuckhole and her asshole as her hot, thick come juice poured out, down her thighs, and onto the float below.

As the last of her orgasm washed over her, the girl could not control herself and she screamed out at the top of her lungs, “Ohhh, Uncle. Ned, fuck me! I have to feel your huge cock busting my cherry! Fuck meeeeeee!”

“You got it, honey! You got it!” Ned yelled as he knelt between her splayed legs.

Judy reached up and pulled her uncle’s face down to hers. As his lips pressed against hers, she forced his lips open with her tongue and kissed hotly over and over.

Ned finally pulled his mouth away from his niece’s and, bending his head to her chest, he began to suck and lick her throbbing, blood engorged nipples, his head going back and forth between the two gigantic tits, first one, then the other.

The virgin felt as though she had died and gone to heaven. She rolled her head from side to side, moaning with pleasure and lust as her uncle’s hot, greedy mouth sucked at her tits like a new-born babe.

Judy stroked the back of her uncle’s head and moved her small, soft hands down his back to his waist, lightly rubbing and pinching his asscheeks. He moaned with excitement and bit into her nipples, causing her to groan as hot pussy-juice flooded into her cunt.

The blonde reached around his ass and grasped his huge, pulsating prick between her eager hands.

“Ooooooh, Uncle Ned! Your cock’s sooooo big! What is it… about ten inches?”

Ned grinned, glad that his niece was so happy with the size of his prick. “You got it right on the head, baby, ten inches. Ten glorious inches just for your tight virgin cum!”

Judy shivered and trembled with excitement at her uncle’s words. The idea of ten inches of raw, pulsing cock-meat shoved up her tight cherry pussy thrilled her beyond belief.

“Shit, Uncle Ned! Please don’t make me wait any longer! I can’t stand it! Fuck meeeeeee!” the virgin screamed, half out of her mind with desire for her uncle’s big ten-inch cock.

Without saying another word, Ned leaned back and, with both hands, spread the girl’s firm, throbbing cuntlips apart as wide as possible as though he were peeling a grape.

Then while Judy watched him breathlessly, he aimed his bursting ten-inch cock right toward her virgin fuck-hole, leaning back again just as far as he could.

Finally, grinning down at her, he hinged forward as hard as possible, fucking his throbbing, hard fuck-stick right into her wet virgin cunt. With the first incredibly strong thrust of his big cock, he broke the rubbery sheath of her cherry, tautly stretched across her virgin cunthole.

“Ohhhhhh, Jesssssssssus!” Judy screamed half in pain and half in pleasure. It hurt her far more than she had expected, but she didn’t care. She loved it! All she cared about was that finally, after waiting for so long, she had her uncle’s cock buried up her cunt, and thankfully she was no longer a virgin. Her uncle had made her a real woman now. And she would always be grateful.

As soon as he had pierced her cherry, Ned sent his ten-incher surging into her bleeding, pulsating virgin fuckhole. Her pussy was amazingly tight, even for a virgin, adding to his lust as he continued to fuck his prick as deep into her cunt as he could.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Uncle Ned! Fuck meeeee!” Judy screamed, throwing her legs up around her uncle’s waist, allowing him to fuck her pussy even more deeply. The feel of her uncle’s giant-sized cock fucking deeper and deeper into her tight virgin fuckhole turned her on more than ever before.

This was her long-awaited virgin fuck and it was happening just as she had dreamed about for so long. It was every bit as good as she had dreamed, too. Even better. And she was so glad that she had been smart enough to wait to let her sexy, virile uncle do the honors of popping her cherry for her.

Judy wiggled her slender hips, trying to urge her uncle’s cock even deeper into her cunt. She knew that even though much of his big prick was deeply imbedded inside her there was still more of his delicious ten-incher to be rammed up her cunthole.

Ned fucked savagely, sending even more of his cock fucking deeper into the girl’s tight virgin cunt. She yelled out in pain and excitement, and he laughed, knowing that his niece was having the best, most exciting time of her life.

Her entire body shivered under the impact of her uncle’s savage fucking and still she wanted more. As Uncle Ned began to grind, his hips in a circular motion, fucking more and more of his bursting cock into her virgin fuckhole, she moved her legs from his waist to his shoulders, allowing him to finally fuck all of his stiff cock into her cunt!

Judy moaned, feeling as if her pussy could not get enough of her uncle’s rigid prick, not even with his entire ten inches of raw, pulsing cock-meat inside her. The feel of his mammoth prick deep inside of her, and the knowledge that it was her own uncle who was fucking her thrilled the girl so much that she came again, even harder than before.

“Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Ned! I’m commmmmiiinnnggg!” she screamed as her climax blasted through her, making her strong cunt-muscles squeeze down on his fucking cock inside her.

“Squeeze my pecker, baby!” Ned yelled as he felt her cunt-walls clenching and unclenching around his fucking prick. He had never fucked such a tight pussy in his life, and he sensed that, when he finally blew his wad up her pussy, it would be the biggest come of his life, just from the sheer excitement of fucking such a hot, pussy.


“Ohhhh, it feels sooooo good, Uncle Ned! Fuck me haaaard!” Judy cried.

She dug her heels into her uncle’s back, just below his neck, moving her hips instinctively from side to side, then in small circles, grunting with ecstasy as her uncle continued to fuck her virgin pussy with his big ten-inch cock.

“Arggggghhhhh!” she cried, writhing on the float. She thrust her ass up to force her small, tight cunt up against her uncle’s rigid cock as he fucked his big prick in and out of her pussy.

Ned lowered his head and sucked one of her large throbbing nipples into his hot mouth, tonguing the rosebud nip, then sucking harder and harder as the girl moaned with excitement.

“Ohhhhh, Uncle Ned! Feels sooo good!” she moaned.

Ned’s enormous prick was stroking the blonde’s clit with each fucking thrust. Judy clenched and unclenched her strong, tight cunt-muscles around her uncle’s fucking cock, increasing the fuck pleasure for both of them.

Ned groaned with hot, erotic pleasure as he felt his sexy niece’s tight cunt hugging his throbbing cock.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssssss, Judy, honey! You’re doing great! Keep it up, honey!” he chanted over and over.

This was the best fuck of Ned’s life. He had fucked many chicks before, and his own daughter, Lisa, was certainly no slouch when it came to fucking. He loved fucking his daughter. But, somehow, fucking Judy was even better. And he knew that somehow his pleasure was linked to the exciting fact that it was his own niece he was fucking. And he had popped her cherry to boot. It made him feel so manly, so powerful. And he knew that no matter how many other cocks the girl fucked in her life he and his big prick would always have a special place in the girl’s heart because this was her very first fuck. That’s what made it so special, so exciting.

Ned savagely jerked and sent his gigantic prick fucking even deeper into the girl’s cunt, touching nerves she hadn’t even known she had. She yelled with excitement and pain as his thick, long cock stretched her cunt-walls to the breaking point, but she loved it and wanted more. This was her dream come true — being virgin-fucked by her very own sexy uncle. She had never known such happiness, and she only wished that she had another cherry for him to pop.

“Ahhhh, Uncle Ned, I love fucking you! Your big cock feels so good up my pussy!” the girl cried as she humped her crotch up against his.

Ned ground his hips in a circular motion, fucking his cock harder and harder into her juicy cunt. He couldn’t get over just how small and tight her cherry cunthole was. Even for a virgin, Judy’s pussy was unusually tight, and she was giving her uncle the fuck of his life.

“Soooo tight… your pussy… so sweet and tight, honey,” he moaned. He loved the incredible feel of fucking his big cock into her tiny fuckhole and the feeling of her cunt-muscles milking his cock. There was nothing like it, and he wanted it to go on forever, even though he would never be completely satisfied until he dumped his big load of cum up her cunt.

Again Ned lowered his head and sucked his niece’s tits, licking the stiffening rosebud nips, nibbling their throbbing edges with his sharp teeth, moaning loudly along with Judy as the lust of the two incestuous fuckers grew and grew.

The teenager’s entire body was trembling now as the slamming force of her uncle’s fucking cock made her shudder from the impact. And still she wanted more. She loved everything he was doing to her, and she could feel her cunt oozing out more and more warm pussy-juice. She felt fuck juice dribbling out from between her swollen pussylips and trickling down her firm, slender thighs.

Growling with lust, Ned sucked Judy’s large left tit into his hungry mouth. He sank his teeth into the titflesh, making the girl groan with a mingled feeling of pain and pleasure. Then Ned moved his head to her right tit, doing the same to that one. He bit as hard as he dared into the firm, throbbing tit. Back and forth he went, from tit to tit, groaning in passion as he sucked and nibbled his niece’s huge tits.

“Ahhhhhh, Uncle Ned! I love it! I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me haaaaard! Oh, Goddd, it’s sooo good!” the girl cried, tears of pleasure streaming from her eyes.

She couldn’t get enough of her uncle’s rigid cock. The feel of his gigantic prick deep inside of her and the fact that she would have three wonderful months to fuck him anytime she wanted thrilled her so much that she began to come.

“Oh God! Oh God! Uncle Ned! Jeeesus Christ!” Judy cried insanely, writhing on the float in a frenzy of lust as her climax began. Her orgasm smashed through her cunt, squeezing down on the pulsating prick inside her.

“Yeah, baby, yeah! Way to go! Go for it!” Ned cried, feeling the hot, forbidden thrill of his niece’s strong cunt-muscles contracting over and over again, practically squeezing his cock to death.

Knowing that she had come, Ned began to fuck her even harder, no longer trying to hold back at all. He grunted with the effort as he brutally fucked his large, hard cock up her small, tight pussy. Every thrust of his huge cock into her juicy cunt added fuel to the hot fire of lust already raging between the girl’s legs.

Ned lifted Judy’s ass up off the float. He fucked his mammoth prick to the hilt deep within his niece’s juicy, bloody cunt. His huge, ten-inch cock completely filled every nook and cranny of the teenager’s cunt, thrilling her to the core, and she came again and again, feeling dizzy and disoriented from the force of her orgasms.

“Oh, Godddd, yesss, Uncle Ned!” she cried. “More, Uncle Ned, more! I want your beautiful big cock so bad! Fuck me haaaard!” And she came again. She couldn’t stop her feverish body from responding to her uncle’s savage fucking.

“Damned but you’re one horny girl! A great fuck! I knew you’d be a terrific lay, and you sure as hell are!” he groaned.

His words turned on the teenager even more, and she tossed her head from side to side as she continued to slam her pussy up hard against her uncle’s crotch. As much as she was enjoying her virgin-fuck, as much as she wanted it to go on forever, the blonde hoped that her uncle would come soon. She knew that that would be the biggest, hottest thrill of all — feeling him shooting his creamy load of jism up her virgin fuckhole.

Judy tensed and relaxed the strong walls of her cunt, knowing that she was making this fuck even better for her loving uncle. And for herself. She raised her head and watched as his huge cock fucked repeatedly between her swollen cuntlips. She moaned with excitement as she saw the throbbing blue vein on the topside pulsing with lust, just for her. The side of his prick was slightly rippled with veins and folds of hot cock-flesh as he fucked in and out of her slick, juicy pussy. The most exciting part of all for the blonde was feeling his large, purplish cockhead pressing hotly into her cunt-channel and expanding her virgin tight cunt-walls to the painful breaking point. Each time Ned’s cock fucked hard into Judy’s cunt, her tight cunt-walls expanded to allow room for the huge ten-incher. Then, as he pulled his prick out again, the cunt-walls immediately contracted. It was obvious that this girl’s pussy would remain good and tight through most or all of her life, giving all the lovers to come the tightest fuck possible!

“Ahhhhhhh, it feels sooooo good!” Judy cried as she clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles, trying to milk her uncle’s prick as he continued to fuck her hard. Suddenly, she moaned loudly, coming again. She was amazed by all the orgasms that rippled through her body. Her sexy uncle was so manly and virile that he was giving her more orgasms than she had ever had before in her life.

Ned reached under Judy and gripped her asscheeks in a firm hold. He squeezed her velvety ass and she found her cunt-walls smashing down even harder around his fucking cock. He jabbed his finger into her asscrack and plunged it into her small tight asshole, fucking his finger in and out in perfect tempo with his fucking cock.

“Ohhhh, Uncle Ned, that feels great! You’re making me feel soooo good! Fuck meeee! Fuck meeee!” she screamed.

“Damned right I’ll fuck you… my own niece… so sexy… you’ve been asking for this… way… you stared at my dick… those big tits… that tight pussy… yeah, I’ll fuck you all right… whore fuck you… fuck you…” Ned chanted in a singsong voice, hardly aware of his own words, as he continued to fuck his cock in and out of Judy’s juicy cunt.

Ned arched his back and fucked his throbbing prick even deeper into his niece’s virgin cunt. His rigid finger fucked her asshole, keeping perfect time with the savage strokes of his prick. Meanwhile, his huge loaded balls slapped wetly against her ass.

Judy moaned over and over, loving every single second of her fuck session with her uncle. Yet, she needed still more. The blonde felt like a whore, a bitch in heat. She just couldn’t get enough of her uncle’s huge cock fucking up her cunt.

Suddenly, another climax coursed its shuddering way through Judy’s pussy, and she moaned in pleasure, clutching her uncle even closer to her. She loved the multiple orgasms she was having. Yet each time she came she needed to come again and again just as if she had never come yet.

Ned fucked furiously into his niece’s pussy, gasping with pleasure as she tensed her cunt-muscles around his pulsating prick. He thought how lucky he was to have a niece who was a virgin but who fucked like a pro. The best of both worlds, he thought happily.

Finally, Ned felt his balls screwing up tightly against the base of his fucking cock and he felt himself beginning to come. Breathing hard, sweat pouring from his body, he fucked his prick faster and harder into Judy’s slick, clasping pussy.

“Coooommmmmiiinnngggg!” he shouted. His cock jerked and twitched inside Judy’s pussy as she felt the exciting hot rush of her uncle’s cum filling her cunt to overflowing. His jism poured from her pussy and ran lewdly down her legs in hot, thick, creamy rivers.

“Ohhh, yesssss, Uncle Ned!” she cried, so excited by the feel of her uncle’s cum up her pussy that the girl was afraid she would pass out. “That feels great! Give me all your cum!”

Ned fucked his niece furiously over and over as he came. He had never had so much cum at one time before. Just as he had suspected, the climax from fucking his sexy niece was the greatest, the biggest of his life.

Judy came again as her uncle’s hot cum spilled into and out of her cunthole, splashing down onto the float. Ned pulled back slightly, about to withdraw from her cunt, but Judy put her hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eye.

“Okay, Uncle Ned, you can take your cock out now, but do it real nice and slowly. Try not to spill any of your cum!” she said, her voice husky with excitement.

Ned almost laughed, thinking that she was joking but he could tell by her urgent tone and the serious look in her eye that, whatever she had in mind, it was very important to the girl, and certainly no joke.

Slowly, as though handling a piece of precious china, Ned pulled his large cum-coated cock from the teenager’s pussy, and the moment his prick cleared her throbbing cuntlips, Judy jumped up onto her knees and eagerly sucked Ned’s prick into her mouth.

Now, Ned did laugh, but this time with pleasure and surprise. So, that’s what the horny girl had in mind, he thought with approval. And again he realized how great it was going to be to have someone of her obvious talents and imagination around for three months.

Tasting her own hot ex-virgin pussy on her uncle’s still-hard, throbbing cock turned Judy on powerfully and she sucked hard, moaning and groaning with ecstasy.

Ned closed his eyes, turning on all over again as his niece sucked his prick. He had never had another girl do this for him before, and knowing how much Judy got off on his prick made him feel very manly and it gave him a tremendous feeling of power which he enjoyed.

“Mmmmmmm, delicious!” the girl breathed after she had licked every trace of corn and pussy cream from Uncle Ned’s cock. Her eyes were glazed with lust, and she looked at her uncle hotly. “So sexy eating your cock! I love it! I love your dick!”

Ned laughed with pleasure. Then his breath caught and he moaned, his eyes widening, as he watched Judy throw herself onto her back again and rub her fingers along her pussylips, gathering up pussy cream and jism which was still dribbling from her cunt. Grinning up at her incredulous uncle, the girl deliberately wiped her fingers on the purplish head of his big prick, making him writhe and moan with pleasure.

“Great idea, huh?” Judy asked with pride as she bent over to take her uncle’s prick into her mouth once more. A soft, whimpering groan of pure sexual delight and lust welled up from deep inside her throat as she licked Uncle Ned’s cum from his cock.

Ned shook his head in amazement. “You are really something else, you know that?”

Judy heard the approval and admiration in her uncle’s voice and she trembled with pleasure. She knew that he thought she was pretty terrific, and she was glad because she thought he was pretty great too.

Judy scooped up more cum and pussy-sauce on her fingers, this time, going deeper into her pussy to gather the juices. She smeared her fingers on the broad, throbbing head of her uncle’s cock. And again she sucked his cock into her mouth and licked off all the fluids from their fuck session.

Over and over, Judy repeated her erotic ritual until her pussy was completely cleaned out of all jism and cunt sauce. And her uncle’s cock was glisteningly shining, bigger and harder than ever. She had turned her uncle on so much with her mouth on his prick that she knew he was ready to fuck her again. And she could hardly wait!

The girl moved away from her uncle, scooting back farther on the float. She leaned back on her elbows and smiled up at her uncle. She knew he wanted to fuck her again, and she wanted it, too, but she was already learning that the longer they waited for it, the better it would be.

Ned returned her smile, fondling his big hardening prick. “What are you thinking, honey? What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?”

“Oh, I was just thinking that I’d like to fuck you again!” the teenager said, feeling her cunt beginning to twitch at the very thought of fucking her sexy uncle again.

“Great! That’s just what I was thinking, too, honey,” Ned said, waving his big, hard cock in her direction.

Judy caught her breath sharply, licking her lips excitedly at the thought of her uncle’s big cock just waiting for her pussy. All ideas of postponing their next fuck were swept from her mind as a hot raging lust washed over the girl.

With a low, throaty, animalistic growl, Judy practically hurled herself at her uncle. “Come on, Uncle Ned! Fuck me again!” she cried.

And he did.


Back at the farmhouse, Paul, Jim, Aunt Sally, and Lisa all sat in the cozy den, enjoying snacks and light conversation.

Paul would have been completely relaxed if it weren’t for the fact that they were all still naked from skinny-dipping. Everyone else just seemed to take it for granted that there was no need to get dressed again after swimming in the nude in the pond. Paul felt terribly self-conscious, especially since his cock was semi erect. But he didn’t want to be a party pooper. He knew he would look foolish if he made a big deal about getting dressed, and he would be the only one dressed with the rest of the family sitting nakedly around him. So he just went along with them, said nothing about it, and hoped against hope that he looked as casual and comfortable as the rest of the family did.

A few times, the boy noticed that both Lisa and his Aunt Sally were glancing over toward his crotch, and he flushed with embarrassment, wondering what they were thinking. Even though he saw that his cousin Jim had a semi-hard-on too. He was a year older than Paul. Maybe his aunt and Lisa thought he was terrible for being aroused at his age. Of course, they didn’t know that he was still a virgin. But he knew that their opinion was important to him, and he just hoped that they weren’t disappointed in him.

Suddenly, his cousin, Lisa, spoke, breaking into his worried thoughts, and he was grateful for the distraction. “Wonder what’s keeping Daddy and Judy?” she asked, laughing softly.

Paul had been wondering the same thing but he didn’t understand his cousin’s laugh. And, as he looked around, he saw that Jim and Aunt Sally were chuckling too, exchanging glances which seemed to mean something, but the boy felt left out, not getting their meaning.

“As if we didn’t know!” Jim finally answered his sister.

Sally saw that Paul was struggling to understand what was going on around him, and she also saw that his big cock was semihard, filling the older woman with desire that made her pussy itch and burn with excitement.

“Paul, dear,” Sally said, smiling at him kindly, “you look confused by our talk, our joke.”

“Well, yeah, Aunt Sally, I guess I am,” Paul admitted.

“Just what do you think is keeping your Uncle Ned and your sister, dear?” she asked, watching him carefully.

Paul shrugged, “Heck, I don’t know. But Judy loves to swim…”

Lisa and Jim laughed uproariously and Paul felt himself reddening again, growing angry because no one would tell him what the hell was going on. He felt stupid and he didn’t like the feeling one bit.

“Now, now, we can’t expect Paul to know about our ways… we’ll have to tell him,” Sally said, admonishing her kids.

“Tell me what, Aunt Sally?” Paul asked, glad that at last they were going to fill him in on whatever was going on!

“Well, Paul, I think you should know that your sister and Uncle Ned are fucking each other at this very moment,” she said, feeling her pussy burning even more at her own words.

“What?” But as soon as the word was out of Paul’s mouth, he realized that he should not be surprised. He remembered his talk with his sister on the train, and her eagerness to have her cherry popped. He remembered, too, the way his uncle and his sister had looked at each other out on the porch earlier that day.

“Yes, Paul, it’s true,” Sally went on. “Let me explain something to you. Our family is extraordinarily close. Very loving.”

“Yeah, I’ll say,” Lisa giggled but her aunt silenced her with a look.

“And we believe in expressing that love in the most beautiful, most meaningful, of all ways, Paul,” Aunt Sally said. Then she sat back in her chair, waiting for the words to sink into the boy’s mind.

But Lisa was impatient. All this talk about fucking was turning the girl on, and she knew she wanted to hurry up and end the conversation and get on with some serious fucking. She looked at her cousin’s cock which was slightly twitching as she licked her lips excitedly, knowing that, very soon, she would have that same cock buried up her cunt!

“What Mom is trying to tell you, Paul is that we all fuck each other, and we think it’s great.” Lisa said, ignoring her mother’s signals to keep quiet.

Sally had been afraid that if her nephew found out the truth about their family too fast, he might be too shocked to ever relax and join in their family fun. And it was very important to Aunt Sally that Paul join them in their family activities.

“You all fuck each other?” Paul echoed, suddenly understanding the family’s behavior he had been observing ever since arriving at the farm.

“Sure!” Jim said, winking at his mother. “It’s great!”

“It sure is!” Lisa said, her eyes fastened on her cousin’s hardening cock.

“Yes, we like things this way, Paul, and we all hope that you’ll join us,” Aunt Sally said, smiling at her nephew, as if she were inviting him to tea!

Paul’s eyes widened with excitement, and he felt his cock grow another inch as he took in what he had just been told, and, as he saw the way his sexy cousin, Lisa, was staring at his prick.

Before Paul had a chance to answer his aunt, she stood up and walked over to Jim who grinned up at her. As though they were totally alone in the room, she leaned down and cupped his big cock in both of her hands and kissed the throbbing cockhead tenderly.

“Come on, darling. Let’s go upstairs and think of something we can do with your nice big cock and my hungry, wet pussy!”

Jim laughed and, as his mother turned from him to walk away, reached out and slapped her affectionately on her naked ass, making the older woman laugh huskily with desire.

Paul gasped in shock and excitement at the scene being played out before his eyes. Sally and Jim left the room and went upstairs, their arms around each other, their hands busily fondling each other’s naked body.

“See, Paul?” Lisa said. “That’s the way we all love each other. Think you can get into it?”

Paul turned his attention to his cousin, noticing for the first time just how beautiful and sexy she was. His cock stirred restlessly in his lap, and the boy suddenly realized that he wanted to fuck Lisa for his very first fuck. It was obvious, too, that she was plenty experienced and would make it good for the teen.

“Yeah, Lisa!” Paul grinned, feeling completely relaxed and at ease for the first time that evening. “I’ll say I can get into it!”

Lisa laughed. At last, it was going to happen. Her handsome cousin was going to fuck her. “Well, then, come on. What are we waiting for? Let’s go on up to my bedroom!”

The two teens stood up and embraced quickly before turning toward the stairs. As they walked upstairs, much as Sally and Jim had done only moments before, they wrapped their arms around each other, giggling with excitement.

“Only thing is, Lisa…” Paul trailed off, uncertainly, wondering what Lisa would think if she knew that he had never fucked anyone before. Maybe it would turn her off, and he wouldn’t be able to stand that!

“Only thing is what, Paul?” Lisa asked, fixing her big, lust-glazed eyes on him.

“I’ve never fucked before,” he finally admitted, coloring slightly.

“Oh, is that all?” Lisa laughed. “Good! Then I’ll get to take charge and I love that! And, believe me, Paul, by the time I get through with you, you’ll sure know how to fuck!”

Paul smiled gratefully at her. The way her sexy body was turning him on, the boy knew that he wouldn’t have any trouble fucking her, and fucking her good and hard!

As they entered Lisa’s large bedroom, she turned to Paul, her eyes glittering with desire and excitement.

“Oooh, Paul, let’s do it dog-style! I love it that way, and I promise you, you will too!”

“Sure, Lisa, whatever you say,” the teen said, not caring how he fucked her, just as long as he got to bury his hard cock up her experienced pussy.

Only moments later, Lisa was on her hands and knees on her bed, her cousin kneeling behind her, his large cock in his hands, poised at her pussy.

“Go on, Paul! It’ll all come naturally, you’ll see! Just stick it in!” Lisa urged him as she placed her fingertips over the ridges of her cunt and pulled the swollen cuntlips far apart so that her cousin could see her small, twitching fuckhole.

“That’s it? Just stick it in?” Paul asked, wishing he really knew how to fuck his sexy cousin the way she so obviously wanted to be fucked.

“Yeah!” Lisa giggled, “trust me, Paul. Just stick your big cock up my pussy and you’ll automatically know what to do next. Please hurry, Paul! I have to be fucked! I can’t stand to wait any longer!”

Her lewd words turned the boy on so powerfully that he couldn’t wait any longer, either. With a loud groan of excitement, he fell forward with a strong fuck-lunge.

His eight and a half inches of hard swollen prick immediately penetrated Lisa’s tight, juicy pussy, the knotty head of his cock surging up the tight canal of her hot cunthole.

Lisa screamed with joy. “That’s it, Paul? Now just fuck me good and hard — until we both come!”

The idea of spilling his cum into his cousin’s sexy pussy filled the teen with a lust he had never felt before, and he began to fuck Lisa like a pro.

He pulled his prick out until only the tip remained, then fucked his prick all the way in again until his balls slapped against his cousin’s ass.

“Ohhh, Goddd, that’s wonderful, Paul! And you thought you wouldn’t know what to do!” Lisa laughed huskily as she began to thrust her ass back toward her cousin’s cock.

Paul grunted with desire, realizing that Lisa had been right. Even though he had never fucked anyone before, all he had had to do was to ram his cock up her pussy and suddenly it was as though he had been fucking cunt all his life. His basic instincts took over, and he just followed them. He felt proud of himself, and he knew that Lisa was enjoying every bit of this fuck session. He no longer had any doubts about being able to satisfy her.

Glancing down, Paul saw that Lisa’s cunt was oozing thick fuck juice, and that her cuntlips were swollen with blood.

He reached around his cousin and grabbed hold of her big swinging tits as he put everything he had into a powerful fuck-thrust.

Her pussy was unbelievably small and tight, especially for a girl so experienced in fucking. Paul quickly fucked his cock in to his balls, then paused, breathless and more excited than he could remember ever being before.

“Mmmmmmm, Paul, this is great! You fuck great for someone who never…” Her words were cut off by an even more powerful thrust of her cousin’s cock into her pussy, and the girl moaned with delight and lust.

The girl was happy, as she usually was when her small pussy was completely stuffed with cock. She had been hot for her cousin ever since he had arrived on the farm with his sister. Now at last she had him right where she wanted him — up her cunt.

“God, Lisa, I love your pussy! It feels so great wrapped around my prick the way it is!” Paul exclaimed as he continued to fuck his cousin dog-style.

“Ohhh, Paul, your cock’s so big! I didn’t think it would be so big.” And, once again, the teenager’s words were cut off as Paul savagely fucked his throbbing prick up her tight pussy.

Lisa clenched her strong cunt-muscles hard around Paul’s prick as his cock fucked into her tight cunt. Then, after holding still against her pussywalls for a few seconds, she relaxed her cunt muscles, allowing Paul to slide his cock almost all the way out again.

Over and over, Paul fucked his big eight-and-a-half-inch cock into Lisa’s pussy where her strong cunt-muscles would immediately grab his prick and squeeze hard. Then, as her pussy muscles released his cock, his prick would slide out again, so far that only its tip remained buried in her small, tight cunt. Then, once again, he fucked his prick in to the hilt. Over and aver. In and out, in and out.

While Paul fucked Lisa as hard as he could, he continued to squeeze her tits, rubbing, fondling, pinching, making her wince with pain and pleasure as he pinched the throbbing nipples between his fingers.

“Ohhh, yesssss, Paul! It feels sooooo good! I love fucking you!” Lisa screamed in a frenzy of lust and passion.

Paul’s only answer was a loud grunt as he continued to fuck his bursting cock in and out of her tight, juicy pussy. Now that he was finally fucking his cousin, Paul had to admit to himself that he had always been attracted to his beautiful cousin, Lisa. He knew now that he had always wanted to fuck her. But he would probably never have had the courage to let her know that if she hadn’t taken the initiative. Now, he was terribly glad that she had.

As he fucked Lisa, Paul thought about his Uncle Ned fucking his sister, Judy. And he thought about his Aunt Sally fucking her son, Jim. And now Paul was fucking his cousin, Lisa. Paul panted with excitement, realizing that he liked this family’s way of showing her love for each other. And, he knew, too, that he and Judy would have absolutely no trouble fitting right in. He felt a surge of lust for his beautiful sister, and he hoped with all his heart that he would soon have his chance at fucking her pussy. After the way they had fooled around on the train, he was really hot for her cunt.

With a groan of lust, Paul admitted something else to himself, too: that he wanted to fuck his Aunt Sally. He envied his cousin Jim, for being able to fuck the sexy older woman anytime he wanted. Paul hoped that soon he would have his turn with his aunt.

The boy, knew that he would be attracted to the older woman even if she weren’t his aunt, but somehow knowing that she was his very own aunt made the idea all the more forbidden and, therefore, more exciting.

“More, Paul!” Lisa cried. “Harder! I’m gonna come any second now, Paul!”

Paul gave all his attention to Lisa now, fucking his big cock into her cunt faster and harder with each fuck-stroke. Grunting with desire, Paul quickened his movements, pulling his prick out of her pussy faster, and fucking back in again faster, harder, and deeper.

“Ohhhhh, yesssssss, Paul! Fuck meeee! Ohhh, God, I have to come!” Lisa screamed, tossing her head first this way, then the other, her long, blonde hair whipping wildly about her lovely face.

She kept perfect time with her ass and hips. She thrust them back toward her cousin’s crotch harder and faster in time with his rapid fucking motions.

“Come, Lisa! I want to make you come hard!” Paul groaned, realizing for the first time that he would not be completely satisfied unless he could make Lisa come, too.

“I’ll come, Paul! I promise! Just keep it up! Keep fucking me until you come! Then, as soon as I feel you coming, I’ll come, too! That’s the way it always is for me!” she yelled, thrashing her body around wildly on the bed.

She wriggled her hips and ass as she felt the steady, relentless, driving fuck thrusts of Paul’s big eight-and-a-half-inch cock fucking in and out of her tight pussy.

Over and over, Paul fucked his prick hard up his cousin’s tight pussy until, each time, his prick was buried balls-deep in her cunt. The tight walls of her cunt were stretched wider than ever, and her cuntlips hugged his cock, giving him the best fuck ever.

“Mmmmmmm, yesssss, that’s it, Paul! Fuck me haaaaard!” Lisa yelled.

Paul continued to ease his throbbing prick almost all, the way out of his cousin’s tight, clenching pussy. Then he fucked it back in, faster and harder and deeper each time, thrilling to Lisa’s obscene cries of lust and pleasure.

As her cousin continued to fuck his eight-and-a-half-incher into her pussy, she clawed at the bed in her frenzy of passion. She arched her back and slammed her ass back to meet his savage fuck-thrusts. When she arched her back, her fuckhole opened up even more to her cousin’s fucking prick. And she felt his cock fuck again and again into her small tight pussy, feeling better than anything she had ever felt before. It filled her with a hot, raw pleasure, and the girl realized suddenly that what was exciting her so much was not just getting fucked, although she always loved that. But what made this fuck session so special was the knowledge that her cousin was a virgin, and that she was, in a sense, breaking him in. She loved the feeling of experience and power that gave her. As a teenager, she didn’t often have an opportunity to teach anyone anything, especially about sex. And she loved the experience of teaching her cousin everything she knew about how to have a terrific fuck session.

“Ohhh, Lisa, I love fucking you! Your pussy feels so good!” Paul cried, as though reaching his cousin’s mind.

“I love fucking you, too, Paul!” the girl cried happily as she felt Paul’s big cock fucking into her pussy over and over again, her creamy pussy-juice coating his entire cocklance now. She moaned hotly and wriggled violently on the bed, trying to capture even more of his hot cock-meat up her pussy.

Over and over, they repeated their hot fucking motions, harder and deeper each time, until they were both covered with a fine sheen of sweat which dripped onto the bed, mingling lewdly with Lisa’s warm pussy cream.

Paul’s big, thick cock twitched and jerked in his cousin’s tight pussyhole. He could feel her strong cunt-muscles continuing to hug his cock over and over, and he threw his head back and groaned aloud with the sheer joy he felt at being able to fuck this sexy girl’s pussy.

Lisa answered him with her own low, husky moan. Her hips moved as fierce hot thrills shot through her juicy cunt. She loved fucking her cousin, and she was so glad that he would be around for three months so they could get loads of hot fucking in!

Paul raised himself high up on his strong haunches, drew his prick almost completely out of his cousin’s pulsing pussy, until only the throbbing cock-knob remained. Then he lunged forward and down with all his power, keeping his huge cock in to the hilt while he swung his hips in wild movements — lewd fucking movements that tore into Lisa’s loins, giving the girl an erotic, intense pleasure.

At just that instant, Paul’s cock fucked in all the way and exploded. Wads of thick, gooey cum swamped the girl’s fuckhole and, just as she had predicted, the incredibly sexy sensation made her come hard, too.

Wriggling violently, Lisa lurched forward, then back again, continuing to fuck her cousin’s cock while they both came.

“I’m commmmmmmmiiinnnngggg!” she screamed as hot waves of exciting orgasm swept over her trembling, flushed body.

Gallons of hot cuntjuice poured out of her ravaged fuckhole, mingled in her pussy with her cousin’s jism, then dribbled obscenely from between her swollen cuntlips, running down her legs and onto the bed.

“Me tooooooo, Lisa! I’m commmmmiiiinnnggg!” Paul thundered as his balls screwed up tightly and shot another heavy load of cum into his cousin’s tight, spasming pussy.

He could feel Lisa’s orgasm coursing through her cunt, making his cock vibrate from its force. And the feel of her pussy in climax turned the boy on so much that even more cum shot from his prick, and drenched her pussyhole.

He had never had so much cum in his life, not even when his sister had sucked him off. He was amazed that his balls could hold so much jism. But he was pleased, too, because he knew without a doubt that it was that very jism that was thrilling Lisa so much and making her come so hard.

“Shoot it all, Paul! I want it all! I want your cum!” she screamed.

Finally their orgasms subsided. Paul’s cock went soft once more, and Lisa’s pussy twitched a few more times, then was still. They fell onto the bed, wrapping their arms around each other, and Paul kissed her lightly on the lips, feeling incredibly close to her.


Late the next morning, Aunt Sally and Judy sat alone in the kitchen, lingering over another cup of coffee. Everyone had eaten breakfast together. Then they had all gone their own ways, leaving Sally and Judy alone. Ned had gone out to the barn to do his chores, and Jim, Lisa, and Paul had all gone horseback riding together.

They had asked Judy to go with them, but the girl’s pussy was so sore from her savage virgin-fuck the day before with her uncle that she knew there was no way she would be able to ride a horse.

Judy sneaked a glance at her aunt. The night before, Paul had filled her in on everything that had happened while she and Uncle Ned were fucking each other. She was thrilled to know that her brother was no longer a virgin. Now, they could fuck each other the way they had wanted for so long.

Even more than that, Judy was excited to know that her uncle’s family was so liberal in their attitudes about sex. This summer promised to be most exciting for Judy and Paul. Her brother had told her that everything was out in the open now, so Judy knew that her aunt was aware of her fuck session with Uncle Ned.

The girl noticed that her aunt’s gaze was fixed on Judy’s big tits, and she wondered if she should close her robe more tightly around her. The robe was loose and flowing, cinched only at the waist so that her neckline fell open, revealing most of her lovely, firm tits. Then, below her waist, the robe fell open again, showing her long, slender legs, not to mention the triangular patch of her bikini.

“You look lovely this morning, dear,” Sally said, her eyes still on the girl’s tits.

Judy blushed. “Thanks. So do you.”

Sally smiled and ran her hands up and down her sides. “I often wear a bikini around here in the summer… with the pond so close and all… and the weather so hot…”

“Sure,” Judy shrugged, “why not?” But the girl had a funny feeling that her aunt didn’t really wear her bikini around the house very often, and that she was wearing it now to turn her niece on.

And it was working. Judy stared at her aunt’s amazingly firm, youthful body and felt her cuntjuice beginning to flow from her ravaged fuckhole. She was a shocked by her own thoughts. She had never, but never made it with another girl before, and she wasn’t even sure it was something she would like.

She blushed again, looking quickly away. Her aunt saw her and placed her warm hand on the girl’s leg. “What is it, dear? Why are you blushing?”

Judy’s mind raced, frantically searching for an explanation she could give her aunt. She certainly couldn’t tell her that she was turned on to her own aunt.

Suddenly, Judy thought of Uncle Ned, and she turned to her aunt, confident once again. “I was just thinking about Uncle Ned… about yesterday,” she murmured.

Sally smiled. “You mean you were thinking about when your uncle popped your cherry for you, dear?”

“Yes,” Judy muttered, turning on even more.

Sally laughed softy. “Was it wonderful, dear?”

“Ohhh, yess, Aunt Sally! His cock is so big and hard and it felt so good when it tore up my pussy!” she shivered, remembering how wonderful it had felt when her uncle’s prick had ripped through her cherry. “I loved it! And I’m so glad I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“We are too, dear,” Sally murmured, stroking her niece’s inner thighs, her hand brushing against the girl’s soft pussy fur.

Judy trembled with excitement. Her aunt’s hand was making her hotter than a pistol. She searched her mind again for something, anything, to talk about that didn’t have to do with her rising lust for her aunt.

“The only thing is, Aunt Sally, he fucked me so good and hard that my cunt is really sore today! I can hardly stand it!” she said, laughing with her aunt.

“Oh, honey, you should have told me earlier. I know how to fix that.”

“You do?” Judy asked, surprised. The girl hadn’t realized that anything could be done to ease the ache in her pussyhole.

“Sure, honey,” Sally murmured, continuing to stroke her niece’s slender thigh. “I can make your cunt feel all better. You just trust your Aunt Sally.”

“Oh, I do trust you, Aunt Sally. What do I do?” she asked.

Sally reached out and undid the belt of Judy’s robe. Then, she spread it apart, completely revealing the girl’s body. “Take your robe off, dear. Then get up here on the table and lie down on your back.”

While Sally cleared the table of everything, Judy did exactly as she was told. She shrugged her robe off and scooted up onto the broad old-fashioned kitchen table on her back.

Already, Judy was feeling more and more turned on. Lying down on the table, completely naked, she was even more tortured by thoughts about her aunt’s beautiful body.

She only hoped that whatever her aunt was going to do to her pussy wouldn’t turn her on anymore. Maybe she will just put some strong medicine on my pussy, Judy thought, and it will burn, making me turn off at last.

But even as Judy was having those thoughts her aunt was slipping out of her bikini and, with an eager grin on her lovely face, she slid up onto the table with Judy and knelt between her niece’s legs.

Sally reached out and stroked the girl’s thighs. Judy closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. Encouraged, Sally moved her hands up to her niece’s pussy and she felt a rush of heat from the girl’s crotch.

“Wow, Judy! I guess you’re still thinking about Uncle Ned,” she teased, “your cunt’s hot as a pistol!”

“I’m not thinking about Uncle Ned!” Judy cried, biting her bottom lip and rolling her head back and forth on the table.

“No?” Sally asked, stroking the girl’s thighs again. “Just who or what are you thinking of?”

“You, Aunt Sally! I’m thinking about you and how much I want you to touch my pussy!” Judy screamed, hardly believing her own ears.

Sally smiled and eased her middle finger between the soft, downy cuntlips of her niece. Then, slowly, deliberately, she began to fingerfuck the girl while Judy moaned and writhed on the table.

Still finger-fucking her niece’s cunt, Sally eased herself up over Judy’s body and kissed the girl passionately. Their mouths mashed against each other, their tongues fucking at each other like miniature cocks.

Then Sally moved her face down to her niece’s heaving tits. She kissed each tit in turn, then sucked the large, rosebud nipples into her mouth which grew stiff against her tongue.

“You have such beautiful tits, especially for such a girl,” the older woman murmured huskily.

“Thank you, Aunt Sally,” Judy said politely, half out of her mind with excitement. The feel of her aunt’s mouth on her big tits, her aunt’s finger reaming out her pussy, was turning on the teenager more than she would have thought possible. How could she have ever wondered whether she would like getting it on with another girl? This was sheer heaven!

Sally continued to finger-fuck her niece while she bit and nibbled on the rigid nipples which were visibly throbbing with excitement.

Suddenly, Sally moved back down between the girl’s legs and fastened her hungry mouth on Judy’s cunt.

“Aunt Sally! Ohhhh, God, Aunt Sally!” Judy screamed.

Sally raised her head from her niece’s crotch and smiled up at her. “I told you I could fix your sore pussy, honey, and I can. Just you wait and see. I have the best medicine in the world for it!”

With that, she lowered her mouth to Judy’s pussy again. She rammed her hot, eager tongue between the girl’s swollen cuntlips and licked the twitching cunthole as hard as she could, feeling the teenager writhing and twisting in pleasure on the kitchen table.

Aunt Sally clamped her soft lips around the tiny fuckhole and fucked her rigid tongue full inside. She was terribly excited by the delicious taste of her niece’s pussy. Knowing that just yesterday her husband popped his girl’s cherry just added fuel to the fire that already reached in the older woman, filling her with lust.

“Oh, God, Aunt Sally! That feels sooooo good! I love the feel of your mouth on my cunt! Don’t stop, Aunt Sally! Don’t stop until I come!” the girl cried, insane with lust.

Groaning with excitement at her niece’s words, Sally began to fuck her tongue in and out of the tight, wet cunthole with increasing speed and fervor. She could feel the hot, twisting movements of the girl beneath her sucking mouth, and she knew that she was turning Judy on so much that she could hardly stand it.

“Yesssssssss! Yessssssss! Suck my pussssssyyyy! Suck meee!” Judy screamed, running her hands over her own bursting tits as her aunt continued to eat her out.

Sally thrilled to the taste and smell of the delicious pussy cream oozing freely from the teenager’s fuckhole, and Sally’s own pussy was sopping wet by now.

The older woman fucked her tongue deeper and deeper in Judy’s pussyhole, fucking it in as far as she could and licking the tight walls of the twitching cunthole. She pulled her tongue almost all the way out of Judy’s cunt and started all over, fucking it all the way in again. By now, hot pussy juice was running out and trickling down both pairs of slender legs.

As Sally drove her fucking tongue deeper and deeper, feeling the girl’s cunt muscles tightening convulsively around her reaming tongue Judy moaned and reached down to press her aunt’s head even tighter against her crotch.

“Ohhh, you were right, Aunt Sally! This is the best medicine in the world for my sore pussy! You’re making it all well again!”

Moaning with desire, Sally pulled her tongue from Judy’s fuckhole and turned her attention to her clit. She sucked, licked, nibbled the tender clit-flesh.

“Ohhh, holy shit, Aunt Sally! That’s incredible!” Judy screamed as her aunt attacked her clit.

Judy’s ass was bouncing high up in the air now as she thrashed violently on the kitchen table. She bucked her hips, grinding her cunt and clit against her aunt’s hot sucking mouth.

Now Sally moved her face back and forth, first sucking the girl’s pulsating clit, then plugging her tongue into her cunthole, then licking the entire throbbing cunt area. Back and forth she went, bringing both of them that much closer to orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, it feels soooooo good, Aunt Sally! Please make me come!” the girl begged.

Not answering her niece, Sally scooped her hands under the girl’s ass and raised it high in the air, humping Judy’s cunt against her mouth.

Judy bucked her hips up and raised her ass to meet her aunt’s grasping mouth. By now, Aunt Sally’s mouth and Judy’s crotch were slamming against each other violently, not caring about anything else but that orgasm they both needed so desperately.

The sounds of her own aunt eating her pussy turned Judy on almost as much as the act itself. They were wet gurgling sounds, and Judy thrilled to the sound. This was the most exciting, forbidden thing the girl had ever done, even more daring and exciting than having her uncle pop her cherry.

Judy moaned over and over, her mouth slack, drool oozing from its corners. She looked down between her heaving tits and stared intently at her aunt’s head moving between her legs. The expression in her glazed eyes was one of madness, lust.

Judy arched her back and raised and lowered her ass, panting loudly and moaning all the while. At the same time, she clenched and unclenched her strong cunt-muscles around her aunt’s tongue just as she had done around her uncle’s cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmfffff,” Aunt Sally groaned, letting her niece know how much she loved the feel of the girl’s pussy muscles clamping tightly around her tongue.

They were both close to coming now. Hot pussy-juice ran freely down their firm thighs, wetting the table below. Their large tits were so hard that they felt as if they might explode any second. And, hot groans of lust and pleasure continued to burst from their mouths.

Over and over, Sally’s tongue fucked in and out of Judy’s dripping, swollen cunt until both of the girls were babbling with lust and desire.

Sally was busily licking the girl’s clit again now, raping the small love button with her hard tongue. She licked her clit over and over again, harder each time, then brought her teeth down and bit into the sensitive clit-flesh until Judy cried out in excitement and pain.

“Ohhhhh, Jeeeeeeesus! Holy shiiiiiiit!” Judy screamed, grabbing hold of Sally’s hair with one hand and trying to yank her away from her pussy. But at that instant the pain subsided and excitement took its place. And Judy found herself mashing her aunt’s head back down against her pussy once again.

“Tonguefuck meeeeeeee, Aunt Sally! Please make me come! I have to come! Pleeeease!” Judy babbled, raking her fingernails across her sensitive titflesh ma frenzy of desire. She was so turned on that she hardly even felt the pain.

The muscles in Judy’s tummy tightened up painfully and her large tits heaved and broke out with sweat. She writhed under her aunt’s fucking raping tongue.

Suddenly Sally fucked her hot rough tongue deep into the girl’s fuckhole over and over until, finally, just as Sally wanted, Judy began to come; the girl’s entire body stiffened, and she arched her back painfully, driving her soaking wet cunt up against Aunt Sally’s greedy mouth.

“I’m commmmmming! Eat my cunt, Aunt Sally! Eat it, you whore! I’m commmmiiinnngg!” Judy gasped, hardly, able to breathe.

A fresh flood of hot pussy-juices poured from the blonde’s cunthole, drenching her aunt’s mouth. Groaning with pleasure, Sally licked it up hungrily, swallowing it greedily as fast as it shot from her niece’s throbbing cunt.

Shudder after shudder rippled through Judy’s thrashing body as her long-awaited climax washed over her trembling, body.

“Ohhhhhhh! Aieeeeeeee!” she hollered as the last of her climax shot through her hot, ripe body.

Her niece’s screams of lust released the older woman and Sally began to come too. She tore her face away from Judy’s cunt and threw herself onto the table next to the girl as her orgasm smashed through her body, leaving her shaken and trembling with exertion and excitement.

Suddenly, as the last tremors of her climax passed through her, Sally realized that Judy was moving toward her, quickly fastening her mouth on her aunt’s pussy.

Settling back with a happy sigh, Sally gave herself up to the pleasure she already felt from her niece’s hot, wet mouth moving over her swollen, gushing pussy.


About half an hour later, Sally and Judy were in the throes of another orgasm, Judy’s face still buried in her aunt’s snatch, when they heard a smothered exclamation from the doorway. Then a familiar voice cut into their moans of ecstasy.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here,” Ned boomed with a delighted laugh.

“Oh, God!” Paul exclaimed, immediately excited to the point of a full hard-on as he watched his aunt and sister getting it on.

Lisa and Jim laughed and began to stroke each other’s naked body in anticipation of what they knew was about to happen.

Judy looked up, her face smeared with her aunt’s pussy cream. “You’re all naked!” she cried, excited and frightened at being caught while eating her aunt’s cunt.

Ned laughed. “So are you!”

“But… but… I mean…” Judy’s voice trailed off in embarrassment as she struggled to sit up.

“We went skinny dipping in the pond, Judy,” Paul said, moving closer to his aunt’s beautiful naked body. His cock throbbed with desire as he stared at her juicy pussy, and he found himself wondering what it would feel like to have his big prick buried up her pussy.

“Well, let’s see,” Ned said as he threw his arm around his daughter, Lisa. “Looks like Paul has chosen you, Sally. I’ve been hot for Lisa here all day. That leaves you and Judy, Jim. What do you say?”

Jim’s eyes glittered with a hot sexual hunger as he looked at Judy’s big tits, still heaving from the force of her orgasm. “Oh, yeah! Great with me! But what about you, Judy? Do you want to fuck with me?”

Judy gasped. “Is that what you meant, Uncle Ned? You were pairing us up to fuck?” she asked.

Ned shrugged as if he had been pairing them off to dance, instead of to fuck! “Sure, why not? Don’t you want to?”

Suddenly, Judy realized that she did want to. Very much. She could see, as she glanced around the room, that it was what everyone else wanted, too.

“Let’s all go into the living room where it’s much bigger,” Ned said as he and Lisa walked out of the kitchen.

“Yeah, and then we can all watch each other,” Jim said, helping Judy down from the kitchen table.

Moments later, they were all in the living room, fondling each other, exchanging tongue-fucking kisses and groans of lust.

The drinks flowed, and Judy found herself relaxing more and more, hardly able to wait until she and Jim were fucking. She kept staring at him, knowing that she was terribly attracted to him. By now, she realized that before their summer vacation was over, she and Paul would have fucked the entire family in every possible combination, and that thought excited the girl so much that her cuntjuice began to run hotly from her fuckhole.

“Come on,” Lisa squealed, “what are we waiting for?” she asked as she stroked her father’s growing hard-on.

Ned laughed and rubbed her big tits. “Yeah, let’s get started. Tell you what… let’s all take turns instead of fucking all at once. That way, we won’t miss a thing.”

“Yeah,” Jim agreed, “and that way, we’ll get so hot watching each other that we’ll be ready for another turn in no time at all!”

“That’s the idea, Son,” Ned agreed, “and then we can switch partners.”

“Let’s go first, Daddy!” Lisa cried as she threw herself on the large old couch, spreading her legs wide for her father.

“Okay with everyone else?” Ned asked as he moved closer to his daughter.

When everyone nodded, Ned grinned and quickly straddled his girl’s chest. Without missing a beat, she sucked his huge ten-inch cock right into her hot, wet mouth.

Judy gasped with excitement. Jim grinned and pulled her onto his lap as he settled into a chair, his hands already busily fondling Judy’s big tits and increasingly moist pussy.

Aunt Sally sat next to Paul on the loveseat, her hands already cupping his swollen balls. Then, silently, the four watched Ned and his daughter as she sucked him of f.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Do it! Suck your daddy’s cock!” Ned cried as he felt Lisa’s hot tongue licking the sensitive underside of his stiff cock. Her hands stroked his aching balls ever so gently. She was giving him a great blowjob, and he realized that they were both even more turned on by the fact that they had an audience.

With a loud groan, Lisa sucked her father’s cock as hard as she could. She slid her hand underneath his ass and plunged two fingers between his asscheeks, finding his asshole already puckering with anticipation.

Ned jumped up off her chest as she began to finger-fuck his asshole. He was getting harder I and hotter as her soft, wet lips continued to move over his throbbing ten-incher and her fingers reamed out his aching asshole.

Suddenly, with a lightning-quick move, Ned shifted his position so that now his face was between Lisa’s legs and his cock in her mouth.

As Lisa’s head bobbed up and down over her father’s mammoth prick, he fucked the full length of his tongue inside her creamy fuckhole, flowing with hot pussy-juice now.

He found her throbbing clit and sucked it hard into his hungry mouth. Lisa gasped with pleasure and increased the suction of her mouth around her father’s throbbing fuck tool. She was sucking his cock hard now, her nose buried in his curly prick hairs.

“Suck him off, Lisa!” Jim urged her, still fondling Judy’s naked body.

“Yes, dear, suck your father really good!” Sally cried, fingering the pearly drops of precum that formed at Paul’s throbbing cum-slit.

Ned stabbed his tongue deep into the teenager’s hot, pulsing cunthole, feeling her strong pussy muscles close around it. After tongue-fucking her pussyhole a few more times, he returned his attention to her clit, sucking it, nibbling on it, feeling her stiff clit twitching and jerking in his mouth.

Suddenly the girl screamed as her orgasm began to shoot through her. “Oh, God, Daddy! I’m commmmiiinnnggg!” As she came, Ned continued to fuck his tongue in and out of her spasming cunt until the sexy feel of Lisa’s orgasming cunt made the man have his own climax.

His entire body stiffened as his balls suddenly released their creamy load of cum into Lisa’s sucking mouth. She sucked even harder and came again as she felt her father’s delicious cum filling up and overflowing her mouth. Swallowing hard and fast, she managed to take all of his cum, not spilling one drop.

Their orgasms had barely ended when Ned looked at his wife and nephew. “Okay, Sally, go for it. It’s yours and Paul’s turn.”

“Come on, dear,” Sally said to Paul as she pulled him off the loveseat by the hand. Without another word, she pushed him back onto the floor and quickly straddled him.

Her hands held his throbbing eight-and-a-half-inch hard-on as she eased herself down, fucking his big prick up into her tight pussyhole. With a long shuddering sigh, she settled all the way down onto his cock.

“Aunt Sally!” Judy exclaimed. She was beside herself with lust at the sight of her aunt fucking her brother. The girl could hardly wait for her own turn to come.

“Fuck him good, Mom!” Jim cried, his hands busy inside Judy’s pussy.

Ned and Lisa lay on the floor on the other side of the room, their arms wrapped around each other, all set to watch the hot fuck action between Sally and Paul.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Sally, that feels woo good! Fuck my dick, Aunt Sally! Fuck it!” Paul cried, feeling his cock jerking lewdly inside his aunt’s clasping cunthole. He couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was. It was as though she were a virgin, and the feeling just turned on the boy all the more.

Sally glanced down and saw that her nephew’s entire shaft of cock-meat was stuffed up her fuckhole. She threw her head back and groaned with the sheer pleasure of fucking her nephew.

She grabbed his shoulders, hanging on as she pumped her lush, firm body up and down over his cock. Her nails dug painfully into his flesh, and she shook with lust as her tight cunt fucked on his cock, her strong cunt muscles clasping tightly around his prick.

Sally pulled herself up, holding her pussy open with just the bare tip of his pulsing cock. Then she sat down hard, grinding her throbbing clit against the base of Paul’s hard cock.

“Oh, honey, you have such a nice hard cock. Your aunt is so pleased with you!” Sally moaned as she continued to fuck Paul’s big prick.

“It feels so great, Aunt Sally! Please don’t stop! Keep ticking me until I come!” Paul groaned as he reached up and boldly fondled her big heaving tits. Her nipples were large and hard and he felt them stiffen even more against his obscene touch.

“Ohhh, God, commmmmiiinnnggg!” Sally yelled, throwing her head back and closing her eyes as a gigantic orgasm tore through her pussy, sending streams of hot cunt-cream pouring from her cunt and soaking Paul’s cock.

His aunt’s orgasmic cries took the boy over the edge and he came, too, shooting several thick loads of hot jism from his prick into the spasming cunt that still clasped his cock.

Scant seconds later, Judy was on her hands and knees on the floor, wriggling her ass in invitation to her cousin. “Come on, Jim! Fuck my ass!” she squealed.

Jim grinned and gripped her naked ass cheeks in his hands, pulling her globes wide apart. The head of his nine-inch cock banged hard against the girl’s tightly puckered ring of virgin ass muscle.

“You ever done this before?” he asked, suddenly worried.

“No!” Judy shook her ass impatiently, wishing he would hurry up and get on with it. “But don’t let that stop you! I want to do it! Hurry, Jim! Bugger my ass! Fuck me in the ass!”

As Jim continued to hesitate, his family began to chant their encouragement.

“Do it, Son! Fuck your cousin in her ass!” Ned urged his son.

“Yeah, look at her! She’s begging you to do it to her!” Paul said.

“Don’t worry, Jim!” Lisa said. “It’ll hurt her at first, but then she’ll love it!”

His family’s words turned him on so powerfully that Jim no longer had a choice. He had to feel his cock up Judy’s sexy ass.

He reared back and, with one brutal lunge, buried all nine inches of his pulsing cock-meat up her virgin asshole.

“Aieeeeeee!” Judy screamed in agony as her cousin’s big prick split her ass wide open. But, almost before her scream had ended, a pulsing pleasure mingled with the pain and she wriggled her ass sexily, already loving her first ass-fucking.

Her tight clutching ass walls immediately grabbed Jim’s cock, trying to milk it of its load of cum.

“Mmmmmmm, good, Jim! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass until you pop!” Judy yelled.

Jim began fucking his cousin in the ass with slow, deliberate fuck-strokes that made the girl moan and scream with fuck-lust. He pulled back until only the thick, bulbous head of his massive prick remained in her asshole, then he started fucking forward.

As he continued to fuck all nine inches of hot, hard cock into her ass, Judy came hard. Ripples of ecstasy tore through her cunt as her orgasm peaked. At that instant, Jim came, too, and the feeling of his hot jism rushing into her tortured, quivering asshole increased the intensity of Judy’s climax, making her scream insanely with pleasure and excitement.

“Ahhhhhhh, Goddddddd, your cum… I want it all… sooooo good!”

At that moment, Judy knew that she had already learned a lot about loving from her uncle’s family. And, she resolved, right then and there, that when she and her brother returned home, she would make it a point to teach her own family how to grow closer. The thought of fucking her own father, mother, and her other brothers thrilled the girl so much that she came again and again and again. It was at that point that Judy realized that this was what life was all about.

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