First dates can have some surprises

Before I start this I better explain a few things
first. I’m not gay, bi-curious, or attracted to men.
However, I’m not a gay basher or against gays in any
way. I’ve known some gay boys, and while they’ve never
been close friends I talk with them sometimes. The
reason for this disclaimer will become apparent as the
story progresses.

I’ve had my driver’s license since I was fourteen,
last year that is. My mom has to work long hours and
shift work since my dad left and I have to drive my
brother and sisters around, so they let me take
driver’s-ed early. It’s called a hardship allowance.
Whatever, it gave me the ability to have a date, and I
was getting ready for my first one.

There is a new girl at school. Shelly. She’s in
seventh grade with me. She’s shy and hasn’t made a lot
of friends, but she’s cute and I thought it might be
fun. We’re going to the drive-in tonight. I haven’t
even checked what’s showing. It’s the only show in
town and you go see what they play, or you watch TV.
Having a date watching TV with my little brother and
sisters in the room was not going to happen, so it had
to be the drive-in.

I told Mrs. Shaney next door I’d be home by midnight
and she said she’d look in on the kids during the
evening and put them to bed, so I don’t have to worry
about them tonight.

It gets dark early now so I left the house at 6:30 and
went to Shelly’s house. She met me at the door so I
didn’t meet her parents. We got to the drive-in and
the show started at 7:00. The places up front were all
taken and we had to park against the back fence. That
was good since no one would be walking by the car on
the way to or from the snack bar. I got us some hot
dogs and drinks and got back to the car in time to see
the start of Dracula. Good. A scary one. We had moved
to the backseat for more room.

We finished the dogs by the time things were starting
to get scary and Shelly snuggled against me. She
hugged my arm and I could feel her breast pressed
against it. I enjoyed that for a while, then put my
arm around her shoulders. She moved in tight against
me. I slowly let my hand drift down until I could feel
the top of her breast. She didn’t notice or ignored
it, so I moved it down a little further until my
fingers could feel her nipple. I didn’t move it but
just let it sit there. She seemed to get used to it,
so finally I began to stroke it gently. I could feel
it getting hard.

After a while she reached up and held my hand then
deliberately pressed it more firmly against her
breast. With my left hand I raised her chin and gently
kissed her on the mouth. We stayed like that for a
while, my heart racing, then I moved my left hand to
her breast and began working on the zipper down her
back. I got it to her waist and began undoing her bra.
This was my first attempt to undo a bra so it took me
a little while but I finally got it.

She slipped her arm out of the dress sleeve and I
moved my hand into her dress. Her nipple was hard in
my palm. I felt her breast as we kissed. I slipped my
tongue gently into her mouth and she played with the
tip of it with the tip of her tongue.

Things got hotter until I slid my hand down toward her
skirt. She jerked upright and pulled her clothes
together. I figured I’d blown it, but she kissed me
again, and holding my hand she placed it on her bare
thigh. But she held it there, not letting me move it

She hung her head and said, “I’ve got a secret.”

The silence went on until I started to say something
but she interrupted me. “I’m not just a girl. I’m a
boy too. I’m both.” She implored me to not say
anything at school, or anywhere else. I kissed her and
promised. She took my hand moved it to her pussy which
was wet, but clearly there was more equipment than was
to be expected.

I reached into her panties and there was a hard dick
and balls but I reached past them and felt her pussy.
It was very wet and the lips pressed tightly together.
I ran my finger up and down the groove until they
parted a little and I felt for her clit, but there
didn’t seem to be one, so I began running my finger
gently into her vagina.

We kissed and played for a while and I asked her if
she minded talking about it. She said no so I asked
her if she played with it. Her dick I mean. She said
yes, she’d been jacking it off for over a year. She
also fingered herself until she came that way too. I
gingerly felt her dick and balls. Her balls were
substantial but her dick was small, less than four
inches long.

I’d never played with a dick before, other than my
own, and this was different. She was circumcised,
which sounds weird when you say it, and she had a
helmet shaped head. I played with the head then began
jacking on her dick. She liked it and began to moan
softly. I pulled her dress up out of the way and
pulled her panties down below her balls.

I jacked on her for about ten minutes before she shot
her load over my hand and her belly. I pulled a shop
rag out from under the seat and cleaned her up. I’d
tasted my own cum and it didn’t taste very strong, so
I decided to try hers too. It was a little salty but
didn’t have much taste at all.

I decided to lick her pussy so I got on the floorboard
between her legs and put her feet up on the seat on
either side of my head. I licked up and down her slit,
tasting her juices and spreading her lips with my
tongue. She seemed to like it so I explored her
vagina. This went on for a little while but clearly
this wasn’t going to do it for her, even though she
seemed to like it.

I could feel her balls on my nose, so after giving it
some thought, I decided her dick was going to be the
real way to give her pleasure. Her breath quickened as
I licked up the length of her dick and took the head
in my mouth. I had never done anything like this
before so it was totally new ground for me. I’d never
even had my own dick sucked though I’d heard about it
at school. It really wasn’t like I was doing it to a
guy, I was sucking a girl to give her pleasure.

I sucked gently on the head, exploring it with my
tongue. I pressed the tip against the hole on the end
which made her shudder. I took more into my mouth
until I was stroking up and down the whole length. She
held my head as I sucked, stroking my hair. Finally
she erupted and cum shot into my mouth, shot after
shot, until finally it dribbled to an end. I swallowed
it and sucked her dick clean.

After I got back in the seat next to her she began to
play with my crotch. I undid my belt and zipper and
slipped my jeans down. She pulled my dick and balls
out of my shorts and played with them, then slid down
so she could return the favor. I felt her mouth take
my dick in and she sucked it gently. I was so horny by
now that I didn’t last long at all and unloaded the
full charge into her mouth and throat.

We kissed for a while and I sucked and stroked her
breasts which were nice and puffy. Then she said,
“Would you like to do more?” I had a pretty good idea
what more was, and nodded. She lay down on the seat
and while lying there pulled her dress off and put it
on the floor. Her panties followed. I got between her
legs and felt around with my dick until I finally
found the right spot.

She was tight but my dick slid in. We rested there
enjoying the sensation. She said, “I can’t get
pregnant. My ovaries didn’t develop.” I kissed her
with a sigh of relief and began fucking in and out of
her pussy. Her dick was caught between us and it was
getting quite a lot of stimulation there. I lasted
longer this time but finally I felt it coming on and
came as I thrust hard into her. She came too, though
by now she didn’t have a lot of cum left.

When we sat back up she stayed low so anyone passing
the car wouldn’t see that she was naked. She got
dressed and we both sorted our clothes out, and
decided that we’d seen all of Dracula we wanted to, so
I hung the speaker back on its rack and we left. As we
pulled out of the theater she asked if I’d like to go
down by the lake, so we pulled around to the far side
which was more private. In short order our clothes
were off again and we were kissing and playing. The
full moon rose across the lake. It always looks so
huge when it first rises.

Then she said shyly, “There’s something else we can do
if you want to.” She got onto her knees with her
backside toward me. I wasn’t sure what she meant but
she took my hand and put it right on the crack of her
ass. I played with the crack, and began toying with
her anus. She sighed and folded up more, exposing her
bottom to me. I licked my finger and began pressing it
into her hole.

She pushed back against my hand until my finger was
fully lodged in her butt. I pulled it nearly out and
pressed it back in again. She sighed. Clearly she
enjoyed this. I’d never tried it myself. Just hadn’t
thought of it, but I guess I wouldn’t mind. “You can
fuck me there if you want to,” she said. I got in
position behind her and pressed my dick against her

I realized we were going to need some lubrication so I
spit in my hand and rubbed it on my dick. I pressed in
again and her anus began to open a little. I pressed
harder and with a pop the head of my dick was inside.
She pulled away a little so I eased up until she
leaned back against me to let me know I could go on.
My dick slowly slid into her butt. It felt really
different than the pussy did. It was very tight right
at the opening, but not so tight just a little further
in. It still felt great, so I began fucking her
slowly. She was digging it. So was I. We kept this up
for a while until I came with a groan. My dick got
soft and plopped out of her. I cleaned us up with the
shop rag.

We sat there recuperating. The whole time I’d been
fucking her I’d been thinking about what it must feel
like to be fucked in the ass. I wasn’t sure I’d like
it but I said, “Would you like to try that with me?”
She nodded so I got up on my knees. I had to fold up
some to get my butt low enough for her to be at the
right level, and then I could feel her trying to find
the opening. She had lubricated the end of her dick
and I could feel its cool wetness pressing against my
asshole. Slowly it opened a little, and then she
popped inside. Wow!

I pulled away, feeling my butt cramp. After a few
seconds the cramp went away and I leaned back toward
her. She began pressing her dick in and soon she was
pumping away.

With every thrust I could feel her bump something
inside. It hurt a little but felt good at the same
time. Without warning I came very hard, spurting long
shots across the vinyl seat. She fucked me a little
while longer then came too. I could feel her dick get
thicker just before she shot. As she softened she
pulled her dick out of me. We cleaned up again and I
tucked the shop rag back under the seat. I really
needed to remember to get it into the wash…

As we got dressed again she mentioned she had a sister
that was two years younger than her and was just like
she was. Would I like to do it with her too? As I
nodded enthusiastically I had a mental image of me
being stuck in Shelly’s butt while her sister fucked
me from behind. My dick started twitching immediately.

Next weekend sounded like it was going to be a lot of