Big Step-Sister’s Anal Cravings

Me and my big sister Clare had always been close, but we were about to get closer, thanks to her sharing the same preference for back-door penetration that my girlfriend, Anna, did.
Anna and me had met a few years ago in a club. She was then twenty-two, the same age as me, and without a doubt the hottest woman in the place. My eyes were drawn like a magnet to her beautiful rear, a lovely pair of plump, firm globes squeezed into a tight mini-skirt. Being a reasonably handsome guy who was full of confidence (and lust!) I went over and introduced myself.

“Hi gorgeous, my name is Steve,” I casually announced. Hardly the most original chat-up line, but at least it was to the straight to the point.

“I’m Anna,” she smiled, the black-haired beauty looking so sexy in her tight mini-skirt and equally tight halter-top. The generous amount of flesh that was on show was slick with sweat from her energetic dancing that had, to my delight, involved a lot of hip-girating and associated wiggling of her beautiful behind. It’s only fair to point out that her face, and her legs, and her luscious firm boobs were just as perfect as her arse, although it was her arse that I’d fallen in love with at first.

I offered Anna a drink and, to cut a long story short, thirty-minutes later, we were in a cab going back to my little bachelor home.

We were soon naked, both of us as horny as the other. Her body was fantastic. Anna had a bit of Latino blood in her which was primarily responsible for her lovely round buns. She was slim, with a flat stomach and lithe legs, but her arse was lovely and round, a million times more mouthwatering than any of the many female arses I’d indulged myself in. It’s curvaceous, plump shape was emphasised by it’s contrast with her narrow waist and slender legs, the buttocks firm and smooth and, between them, a dark puckered hole that begged for attention.

Usually, when I’d picked up a girl, I’d claim I had no condoms and suggest, tentatively, a bit backdoor fun to prevent pregnancy. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t, and I’d end up with just a blow-job. I didn’t even need that cheap line with Anna though! She was an anal-addict of the most fanatical variety, and when we’d undressed, she’d had no doubt that I shared her love of anal when I immediately fell to stroking and kissing her arse.

Soon enough, I’d lubed my rock-hard eight-inch prick up with generous amounts of KY-Jelly and Anna had got on all fours on the bed. I’d sank my long cock into her arse and soon enough we were fucking like animals in heat, Anna egging me on, sweat forming on my brow as I gritted my teeth and banged her up her shitter. It didn’t take long for me to lose my sperm in her bowels, but Anna soon enough sucked me back to fucking form, and eventually I sodomized her three times that night. The fun continued in the morning.

Fortunatly, we had a lot more (non-sexual) things in common. We enjoyed each other’s company and soon enough we were living together. And fucking, naturally! I did fuck her cunt sometimes, and occasionally her mouth or her big tits, but mostly it was her arsehole I’d penetrate. We were planning on getting married and having kids sometime, although Anna often joked it’d be a miracle if she could ever get pregnated, what with the frequency with which I ejected my cum into her bowels instead of her womb.

That was three years ago. Anna and me are now both aged twenty-five, engaged to be married sometime in the Summer and living in cozy, neat suburban house. Our passion for arse-fucking hasn’t let up one iota. The novelty was still going strong. I could never get bored of her luscious behind and the tight grip afforded by her very resilient sphincter, and Anna could never tire of of my thick erection ploughing into her behind, stretching her arsehole and packing her shit up into her guts. I would love licking Anna’s arsehole too, slurping greedily at her anus and pushing my tongue far into her body via that tight rear-hole. She often got me to fist her too, Anna screaming with orgasmic joy as I pushed my greased hand up her rectum, sometime getting half my forearm into her bowels.

Enter my dear sister, Clare, into this story…

Clare had recently turned twenty-nine. She was married and living just a few streets away from Anna and me. Though she was four-years older than me, it was often hard to think of Clare as my ‘big’ sister because she was a dainty, petite little lady. She was blond, slender and had big blue eyes like mine. Her arse was something that I’d often eyed-up, not unatural given that my appreciation of the female bum was much stronger than the incest taboo.

Clare’s arse wasn’t as prominent as Anna’s plump buns, but it was beautiful in it’s own way. Anna’s arse was almost flamboyant in it’s beauty, a lovely round pair of cheeks forever trying to burst out of tight skirts and seeming to cry out for men’s eyes to hover over them. Clare’s arse was more low-key in it’s beauty. It was small, pert, beautifully moulded and mouthwateringly shaped, but not as wide as Anna’s. Clare’s behind didn’t attract the eyes of men from a great distance. It was an arse that was content to sit snugly in a pair of tight pants, knowing that any man who’s eyes did chance upon them would have a difficult time dragging themselvers away.

Anna’s arse was, in my opinion, the most beautiful one in the world, but Clare’s was a close second. However, I’d assumed my admiration of Clare’s bum would just stay an idle admiration, to be done at a distance. After all she was my sister. My married sister!

The other night, I was indulging in my favorite activity; bum-fucking Anna. My gorgeous, dark-haired girlfriend was bent over on the bed with me kneeling behind her, sawing my cock back and forth in her clutching arsehole.

Anna then began telling me about a conversation she’d had with Clare, about how they’d both got round to a discussion about sex. Whilst sodomizing Anna lustilly, I listed to her relate how she’d confesed to her addiction to anal-sex. Clare had giggled and admitted she, too, enjoyed anal-sex, but complained that her husband wasn’t too keen on penetrating her back door. Clare had talked him into fucking her bum a few times in their four-year marriage, but my brother-in-law, inexplicably, had no enthusiasm for it. He even thought it was a bit ‘disgusting’ getting shit on his dick.

I laughed as Anna related this to me, amused by Clare’s husband’s queeziness at getting a little woman-pooh on his manhood. I often enjoyed having a be-shitted cock, it felt nice and kinky and dirty. Often I’d sodomize Anna when she was bursting for a shit, and my back-door-addict girlfriend would have no hesitation in licking my messy cock clean once I’d unloaded up her arse.

Anna related how she’d suggested Clare could find another guy to fuck her arse, without her other half knowing of course, but Clare didn’t want to cheat on her husband. Anna had come straight out and suggested to my sister that I could arse-fuck Clare. Clare had laughed, keeping up the pretence of it being a joke, but according to Anna: “I could tell she was seriously considering it.”

“You think I should satisfy my own sister’s anal cravings?” I asked, still buggering Anna on the bed.

“Sure, why not?” Anna said, bent over, her nude body slick with sweat, “I explained to her that it wouldn’t really be cheating because you’re her brother rather than some adulterous lover. Clare kinda laughed it off but I could tell she was keen. She looked all horny sitting on the sofa as she mulled this over. Also, with my tongue loosened up with a couple of glasses of wine, I’d gone into lewd detail about what a nice thick cock you have and how great it felt having it in my arse. Would you like to fuck your sister’s arse Steve? I’ve caught you eyeing up her bum on a number of times.”

“Yeah, she’s got a cute arse. I love kinkiness, it’s why I’m attracted to sodomy so much, and throwing in a little incest would make it even more sordid and enjoyable. You think she’d be up for it then?”

“Definately! I’ll speak to her tomorrow, then we can see if we can get her round here. You’ll have great fun together, you two sodomistical siblings, and I’ll have damn fun too watching. And joining in of course.”

This was too much! My sweet big sister, apparantly hungering for my cock in her cute arse, and my sexy girlfriend Anna keen to set things up and watch! I’d kept my climax at bay during this discussion, but I couldn’t hold it off any longer. With thoughts of Clare’s beautiful behind and how gorgeous it would be to feel her anus gripping my cock, I rammed my erection into the depths of Anna’s rectum and filled her bowels with sperm.

It is now a Saturday morning. Anna had spoken to my sister yesterday on the phone and Clare had agreed to come over here this morning whilst her husband was out. Clare knew what was in store for her and, according to my girlfriend, she was pretty enthusiastic about it on the phone!

Clare arrived earlier than expected, indicating how keen she was to have me subject her the arse-fucking her husband declined to give her. As pretty as always, my petite sister had her long blond hair tied back in a pony-tail and wore her nice little round-frame glasses that gave her a curiously academic look. Dressed to thrill, Clare had a pair of very tight black jeans that beautifully hugged her pert bottom. The white T-shirt she wore was very tight and the stiff pointed nipples atop her small but firm tits were trying to break through the thin cotton material.

“Hiya sis,” I grinned as I met her on the doorstep.

“Hi Steve,” Clare said, giving me a little peck on the cheek, which she usually did on her frequent visits to my house (although none of the previous visits had entailed plans involving sex, of course!)

“You look gorgeous sis. Wow! Nice jeans. Nice and tight, give us a twirl…mmmm….they show off your bum so well Clare.”

“You pervy little brother,” giggled Clare, playfully punching my shoulder lightly. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

I lead Clare into the living room. I was wearing a tight black T-shirt that hugged by sculpted torso, and a pair of black shorts that showed off the growing bulge at my crotch.

Anna was sitting on the sofa. She’d recently had a shower and was just in a dressing gown, her long black hair damp and clinging to her pretty face. Her and Clare said their hello’s and gave one another a friendly hug. I sat on the armchair across the room.

“Come over here sis,” I beckoned Clare, “Let me see your pretty arse. I’ve admired it on many occasions but I’ve never seen it bare and exposed. I want to admire your pretty bum.”

Clare sauntered over, sexily, and stood a few feet from me. She undid her jeans and slipped them off, along with her socks, and finally her pink panties. Wearing nothing but her white T-shirt, Clare stepped up to me, my eyes fixed on her neatly trimmed cunt, the small bush of pubic hair the same bright yellow as the hair on her head. Clare then turned so that, as I sat on the armchair, her bare bottom was right before me, level with my eyes.

“Oh my,” I gasped, “Oh my, what a pretty arse! So gorgeous, so tender…so mouthwatering!” I reached out and gently stroked my sister’s arse-cheeks, feeling the superb balance of firmness and softness to her arse. Being a devoted bum-lover, my tastes were quite specific. I didn’t like an arse that was too big and flabby, of course, but neither did I like a skinny bum that was too firm. I preferred bottoms like Anna’s – round and plump, but still shapely and relatively firm. Clare’s arse was, as I mentioned before, not as full as Anna’s but it was nonetheless beautifully shaped, two round little globes of flesh, perfectly cleft by her arse-crack. Her cheeks were soft and pliant.

I palpated and fondled my sister’s arse, Clare alternating between amused giggles and sighs of pleasure. “Let me see the pretty hole,” I soon panted, my voice heavy with lust, “Let me see it.” I clapped my hands to her cheeks and spread them and, there it was, there was the magic hole that my sexuality was well and firmly focused upon – the female anus. My sister’s back-door was light pink, totally hairless and as neat as a pin. I licked my lips and leaned forwards, tongue outstretched.

“Eek,” yelped Clare when my tongue-tip came into contact with her most intimate hole. She’d never had her arsehole licked before, but I knew that she’d like it! I began running my tongue around her hole, keeping her cheeks spread. “Mmmm, that’s nice little brother,” Clare soon purred, the shock of being arse-licked dissipating. She bent forwards and placed her hands on her knees then pushed her arse onto my face. After a moment of loving tongue-work, I’d loosened her anus up a bit, and steadily I pushed my tongue up into her rectum. I could feel Clare shiver with pleasure at this invasion of her private orifice. Soon I had a full inch-and-a-half of my tongue buried up my sister’s rectum, and she moaning with delight.

“Oooh, I can’t wait for your cock to get up there brother,” she panted, “It’s gonna be so good! Uuuh. Lick my arse, lick it deep.”

“You’ll love Steve’s cock up your arsehole Clare,” Anna assured my sister, “It’s big and hard and thick, it’ll plough into your bowels beautifully and I just know that you’ll get off on it just as much as I do!”

My dick was straining to burst from my shorts. I took my face from Clare’s bum and she moved aside.

“I’m ready to unload my nuts any minute now!” I declared, standing up and whipping off my shorts so that I was nude from the waist down. My eight-inch dick nodded in the air. My sister’s eyes went wide with awe.

“Wow, what a lovely cock Steve,” she smiled, “It’s a bit bigger than my husband’s, although I’m sure I’ll get it up my arse.”

“Let’s have a closer look at it Clare,” Anna said, having now removed her dressing gown so that she was nude, “Sit next to me. Get rid of that T-shirt whilst your at it, let’s all get totally naked.”

After my sister and myself had removed our tops, Clare went over and sat next to Anna on the sofa. I walked proudly towards them and stood in front of my sister and girlfriend, who both reached out and stroked and fondled my throbbing erection.

“Mmmm, a lovely big dick,” Clare sighed, appreciatively running her hands across my member, her fingers gently fluttering over my rock-hard shaft.

“It’s great isn’t it?” Anna smiled, “Feel how hard it is Clare, feel how rock-solid your brother’s prick is, all thanks to the arousal afforded to him by having licked your arse out! Feel the gentle curve of it too, the way it rises up towards the tip, making it a perfect shape to cleave through the bowels and fit itself snugly into the colon. I sometimes think Steve has buggered me so often that his cock is beginning to take the shape of my shit-chute, it spends so much time up there!”

“Such a swollen tip too,” Clare commented, squeezing my shaft in her small fist and making my bulbous cock-head swell, throbbing and glowing a furious shade of red/purple.

“It’s great isn’t it?” smiled Anna, “I love the thickness of the tip, the way it pushes my arsehole right open. Length may be the most important characteristic to some girls when it comes to cocks, but my priority is thickness! I want my sphincter stretch almost to breaking point. Length is still significant – and Steve’s dick is a good length! – but it’s the anus-splitting girth of this tool that makes me in love with it the most, the way it pops through my arsehole and makes my whole body shiver with ecstasy!”

“Enough chatting ladies,” I said, stepping back, “I’m eager for some arse-fucking before I end up blowing my nuts before my dick even gets anywhere near an arse! Come on Clare, my beautiful big sister, get on the floor on your hands and knees, and I’ll give you deep, hard sodomizing!”

Clare shivered with delight at this lewd order. She quickly got on the floor, on her hands and kness, assuming a submissive pose with her arse thrust out. Her hairless pink arsehole was visible between her spread buttocks, begging for sodomistical attention. Anna got a tub of KY-Jelly that was on hand and came over to grease up my dick, slathering the lube all along my shaft. Generally, Anna and me only used lube when I was fisting her arse. When I was just shoving my cock up her bum it would be adequate for me just to lick her anus to lube it up. Sometimes, if we were feeling extra horny and rampant – like, for example, when it had been more than six-hours since we’d last fucked – I could penetrate Anna dry without too much fuss! My sister, though, was not as used to sodomy as my slutty girlfriend, so Anna made a good job of lubing my dick up. Then Anna scooped up some more of the KY-Jelly and pasted some around Clare’s tight-looking anus, sliding a finger in and out a few times to ensure the interior of the sphincter was greased up.

“All ready,” Anna said, moving back and sitting on the sofa, “Fuck your sister Steve! Fuck her up the arse, good and hard, and I’ll watch and frig myself!”

“Yes, do it, fuck my arse,” Clare panted. It was both amusing and shocking for me, for the first time ever, to see my gentle, caring older sister in the heat of passion and spluttering such a lewd command! It was a command I certainly wasn’t going to ignore.

I placed my thick cock to the entrance to my sister’s anus and began to push. Clare braced herself, gripping the plush carpet with her fists. Steadily her anus began to give way to my advancing cock.

“UUUUUUUUH!” cried Clare, her arsehole suddenly blooming open like a flower and allowing my bloated cock-head into her arse, “Holy shit that’s good. Oh wow, oh fuck!”

“There’s more sis,” I panted, “Lot’s more!” Steadily I slid my thick lance deeper and deeper into my sister’s bowels.

“Oh God….fuck…that is so good!” Clare was spluttering, overwhelmed with delight.

I continued driving my cock forward whilst gripping Clare’s narrow waist in my strong hands and pulling her onto me. Steadily, more and more of my rock-bowel-prober sank into my sister’s arse until, finally, my thick eight-incher was buried to the root in my sister’s bottom. She was beside herself with delight, moaning with ecastasy. Anna, meanwhile, was sitting back on the sofa, legs spread and raised, two fingers from her left hand buried in her cunt and two fingers from her right hand buried up her arsehole. She urged me on, ordering me to fuck my sister hard.

I began to slide my cock out of Clare’s arse, but before I’d withdrawn completely, I slammed it forwards. Clare yelped with ecstasy as my prick-meat filled her colon. Her arsehole was spasming round the base of my dick and my petite blond sister was shuddering with ecstasy. I began to fuck her deep and hard, slamming my pole up her tight arse. My orgasm was not far off already, thanks to the intense stimulation of having fondled and licked Clare’s arse a prelude to fucking it.

“Aaah, fuck, I’m gonna cum sis,” I began panting, “Holy shit…I can’t hold it off much longer…this arse…so tight…so hot…”

“Wait for me, I’m about to cum,” wailed Clare, humping her arse onto my invading weapon.

“Me too, fuck!!!” cried Anna, enthusiastically fingering her cunt and arsehole, “Ah fuck, I’m cumming, shit!”

Clare began to climax, stammering out obscene statements of rampant, incestuous passion. With my climaxing sister’s arsehole spasming round my pulsing cock, my sperm finally boiled up and unleashed itself in a slimy supernova of cum.

“UUUUUUUUUH!” I wailed, shaking with ecstasy as I sank my eight-incher to the hilt in Clare’s arse, launching my sperm into the depths of her clasping turd-tunnel.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah that’s good Steve, cum in me,” my sister urged me, looking over her shoulder with her pretty face slick with sweat and contorted with lust. She was still wearing her glasses; I was surprised they hadn’t fallen off from the strength of my fucking. Meanwhile, Anna was still masturbating herself as she watched me finish giving my sister a sperm enema. A moment later she took her fingers out of her orifices and sucked on them sedictively.

“God yeah, shit,” I panted as my prick throbbed and continued to eject it’s sticky load, “Holy fuck!!”

Finally, my climax died down. I felt tired. Slowly, as if I was reluctant to leave it, I withdrew from Clare’s arsehole. My dick popped out, my sister’s previously nipping tight anus yawning open and leaking brown sperm. Clare fell forwards onto the floor, laying on her stomach, breathing hard and clearly having had the time of her life!

“Wow sis, that’s a side of you I’ve never seen before,” I smiled, kneeling alongside Clare and patting her cute bottom.

Clare was too exhausted to talk so she just looked round and smiled sweetly at me.

“Mmmm, let me clean you up,” Anna said as she got off the sofa. She came over and knelt next to me, reaching out and gently stroking my cock, which was semi-hard, leaking sperm and covered with a fine brown film. Anna leaned over and took my dick in her mouth, lovingly deep-throating me and moaning inwardly with delight. She was a thoughtful girlfriend, Anna! She always sucked my cock clean of arse-juices after I’d buggered her, although I hadn’t imagined she’d be so keen to clean my dick of someone else’s arse-juices! Anna was deep-throating me, purring with delight and sucking me clean. It also had the handy side-effect of bringing my cock back to a throbbing erection.

“Mmmm, I love sucking dicks that have been up my arse, or indeed, someone else’s!” Anna grinned.

“Wow, ready for more already?” Clare smiled, turning and sitting up.

“I sure am!” I proudly confirmed to my sister.

“Are you going to fuck Anna’s arse now Steve? The charming young lady is clearly itching for a sodomization and I’d love to watch you bum-fuck her!”

“I’m sure that can be arranged.” I turned to Anna, who’d already got onto the sofa. She hooked her hands behind her knees and drew her legs up to her chest, her beautiful volumptuous arse thrust off the edge of the seat and spread, her arsehole gaping slightly from the fingering she’d given it. I went over to Anna and knelt before her, stroking my fresh erection and preparing to enter my girlfriend’s arsehole. My sister quickly came over and knelt next to me, her bright eyes full of eagerness to watch her horny brother bum-fuck his girlfriend. I was going to give her a damn good show!

I placed the head of my cock to Anna’s winking anus and began to push, my prick easily gliding up into the dark-haired beauty’s rectum thanks to her familiarity with type of penetration, in addition to the coating of saliva she had left on my shaft. I soon had it wedged right up Anna’s arsehole and I began to pump it back and forth. Her rectum was like a hot tight fist, the slick walls of her shit-chute clenching my throbbing meat.

“Uuuuh, I never get tired of this feeling,” Anna moaned, clutching her knees, her legs pulled right up to her chest. She stared down her slim torso, past her heaving tits. She strained her neck, trying to see the point of entry. It was a little difficult though, but Clare, however, had a ring-side seat! She licked her lips and seemed to physically shake with horniness as she watched me fuck Anna’s arse.

“Give it to her hard,” Clare urged me, “Deep and hard, just like you did with me. Oh wow, that is so hot! That is so sweet.”

“Anal is best,” I panted, banging Anna’s shitter with my raging hard-on. I was fucking her hard and fast now, unable to slow down. How could any guy restrain himself when he had to beautiful anal-addict ladies – one of them his own big sister – to frolic with? I was going at it furiously, soon picking up pace and drilling Anna’s shit-hole. She was lost in ecstasy herself, panting and grunting, urging me on like the buggery obsessed bitch she was.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck my arse,” Anna cried, “Fuck my shitter deeper…faster…holy fuck, yeah!”

Clare evidently sensed that I was going to lose my sperm soon and she wasn’t going to let it be over that quick!

“Slow down Steve,” she said, “Or you’ll blow your nuts too soon. I want another arse-fucking shortly.”

“Very well sis,” I said, halting my thrusting.

“Pull out a minute,” my sister further ordered me, “I wanna suck your cock, just like Anna did after you’d fucked me.”

I obeyed, sliding my long erection from out of Anna’s arse, the soiled head popping out with a wet sucking noise. Clare had no hesitation in gripping the base of my cock and sucking on it, slurping it deep into her throat.

“Oh wow sis, what a fuckin’ good cocksucker you are,” I smiled, stroking Clare’s blond hair whilst watching her head bob. Her lips rolled up and down my shaft, her tongue swirling all over the cock-head that was jammed down her throat, evidently loving the taste of Anna’s arse-juices.

“Give Clare another bum-fucking now,” Anna urged me, “I want to watch you arse fuck her again.”

“Sure,” I said.

“Who’s arse will you cum in?” Clare asked, taking my dick out her mouth.

“I’m not sure, that’s a tough one,” I laughed, “They’re both as tempting as each other.”

“Why don’t you cum on our faces?” Anna suggested, “Why don’t you give Clare a good arse-fucking then pull out and shoot over the pair of us. That sounds fair.”

“That sounds fantastic!” grinned Clare.

“Okay then. Anna? Move over. Clare? Take her place sis. I’m gonna give you another hard buggering you sexy slut!”

The ladies switched positions. Clare was now sitting on the sofa, her legs drawn up and her arse thrust out. Anna sat nearby. I got into position, kneeling in front of Clare, and I began to ease my dick into her arse. It was obviously a lot easier than the first time, her anus was still loose and greased up. In a single stroke I’d planted by rod up her shit-chute. Clare began moaning with pleasure, gasping as she tossed her head from side to side, loving every second of the deep bum-fucking I was given her. I thrust my dick back and forth in her arse, watching the way my sister’s eyelids fluttered as she underwent the most delicious sexual experience a liberated woman can undergo – sodomy and incest combined! I fucked her bum faster and faster but, luckily, I had my wits about me and held back my climax.

A few minutes later, I slid my prick from Clare’s anus. I stood up, jerking my throbbing tool and warning Anna and Clare that my sperm was about to flow.

Clare and Anna both took up positions, sitting up straight on the sofa, facing my cock. They put their faces together, hungry for the cum that would soon hose them down.

“Here it is…” I cried, pumping my prick furiously, “Holy…shit…yeah…Anna…sis….fucking GOD take it!!” My prick began firing out powerful jets of sperm. The first wad sprayed all across my sister’s face, painting a gooey white slash from her mouth, across her nose and all over the left lense of her glasses. I moved my dick to oneside and shot a second wad of sperm all over Anna, who’s grinned and closed her eyes as she was generously pasted with cum. She loved facials almost as much as being arse-fucked! I shot another wad of spunk onto Anna’s outstretched tongue and, whilst she gulped it down, I moved back over to my sister. My fist was a blur as I pumped three blasts of fuck-sauce over Clare. I gave the final shot of spunk to Anna then stood there, out of breath with my arms limp by my side, whilst Anna and Clare both sucked my dick. Those beautiful ladies shared the task of cleaning my dick, lapping at the shaft, the slippery head and my drained nuts.

I made us something to eat and then the three of us sat around nude, chatting amicably as we sprawled out on the floor with a glass of wine each.

Anna and me explained out anal-antics to my sister, boasting of all the times I’d sodomized my girlfriend, how I fisted her arse almost to the elbow, how Anna once impressed me by sliding a wine-bottle up her rectum, fat-end first, just the neck protruding from her twitching arsehole. Clare was impressed! My sister explained that her sex-life was good enough. Her husband fucked her often and frequently, and they certainly enjoyed a few exotic variants, such as facials and even a bit of watersports! However, my brother-in-law just had a bit of aversion to poop-chute penetration. I assured my lovely big sister that she’d never want for a bum-fucking so long as I was living nearby!

We were all, unsurprisingly, feeling horny again shortly.

“Who do you want to bugger now?” Anna asked me as I knelt there, stroking my pole.

“Hmmm….I’m not sure. I know, both of you bend over and I’ll share my cock between your assholes.”

So, Anna and Clare got on all fours next to each other, both beautiful bare behinds thrust out towards me, cheeks spread and anuses ready to be speared.

I first sank my stiff cock up into Anna’s arse, lodging it right up her rectal passage to the root. I eagerly buggered her for a couple of minutes before I withdrew from her and shuffled to oneside so that my cock was wobbling menacingly between my sister’s arse. Deep into Clare’s bowels I ran my cock, thrusting it in without mercy and fucking her shitter hard, encouraged by her lustful cries of pleasure.

Soon enough, I withdrew from Clare’s arse and went back to Anna’s for a few minutes. Then Clare…and then Anna…

For a full hour I alternated between fucking the two mouthwatering backsides presented to me, spearing one arse with my cock whilst stroking and groping the other’s arse, switching over to ensure each lady got a good go of my cock.

My sperm finally began to rise whilst I was arse-fucking Anna. As gorgeous and as tight as her arse was, I realized that I could cum up it whenever I wanted. I decided it was time to take advantage of my sister’s presence and give her my cum. I swiftly popped my dick out of Anna’s arse, shove it to the root in Clare’s, and it was inside my sister’s intestines that I fired my third load of hot seed of the morning.

We finally collapsed, exhausted and spent.

I didn’t think life could get any better than this.