For Now My Step-Daughter Wants

I was laying in bed, naked, as usual, when my
bedroom door opened. There was my daughter.
She was teen, and developing beautifully.
Her firm breasts were beautiful mounds topped
with her stiff little nipples. Yes, they showed
through her filmy night gown, she was wearing.

Oh yes, I had seen her in that night gown before.
I had also seen her mother in it many times.

Her mother had passed away almost two years
before when she was involved in a bad vehicle
accident. A drunk driver had hit her car. She
had died before they could get her to the hospital.

In some ways I had been lucky. She had just
dropped our daughter off at a girl friends that
she was going to spend the night with.

Believe me I was broken up, just as our daughter
Beth was. Yes, blamed herself for a long time,
having had her mother drop her off.

I had finally convinced Beth that she was not to
blame for the accident.

Every once in a while when Beth was feeling
bad and thinking of her mother, she would
come to me, yes, even in my bedroom and she
would spend the night in my arms with me
comforting her.

This particular time, things changed. Yes,
things change a lot.

She crawled into bed with me, but this time,
not expecting her to come in I had gone to bed

I was covered with the sheet, but once in bed
she had like before cuddled up to me. Of course
right off she realized I was naked but she said
nothing and did not pull away.

As we lay there, her in my arms, she seemed to
hug me even tighter that before.

I thought she was asleep when suddenly I felt her
take my hand and cup it on her firm small breast.
I started to pull it away but she held it there on
her breast tightly.

As we lay there, she began to squeeze my hand
making me squeeze her firm breasts.

I wasn’t sure what to do. She said nothing but
I could feel her try to press her body even tighter
against me.

Suddenly she moved and I felt her hand moved
down to my bare side. As we lay there, her hand
began lightly caress my side and moving down.

I didn’t move. Then she did it. She moved her
hand down and grasp my stiff cock. She wrapped
her hand around it and held it tight, slowly moving
her hand up and down on it. With her other hand
she squeezed my hand making me squeeze her
firm breasts.

Then her hand left my cock, but I felt her pull her
night up until it was around her waist. At almost
the same time, she, holding my hand actually put
it inside of her night right on her bare breasts and
held it holding her firm breasts.

Her other hand went back down to my stiff cock
and she was soon laying there with her back to
me her legs spread and she moved my cock between
her legs and pressed it against her hot and I was
surprised wet pussy slit.

Again I wasn’t sure what to do but I didn’t stop her

Then once again her had left my cock leaving my
stiff cock pressing against her wet pussy slit.
She grasp my other hand and pulled it across her
and put it right on her pussy. I could feel my cock
pressing against her pussy as she even took my
finger and moved it up and down her pussy slit,
wet and slick with her own juices.

We lay that way for quite awhile, then taking
my hand again, she actually pushed one of my
fingers up into her tight little cunt opening. She
pushed it up inside of her until I could feel her

She then moved my hand making me finger fuck
her tight little cunt.

Finally, she turned until she was facing me. Her
lips pressed against mine in her inexperienced
attempt at a passionate kiss. Hell I didn’t stop
her or even try too.

I pulled my baby against me and began letting her
experience her father making love to her.

Yes, I made love to my young virginal daughter.
We kissed as I caressed her and she fondled my
stiff cock. My hands caressed her sensitive breasts
and nipples. I caressed her sensitive stomach and
slipped my hand down to her virgin pussy. I
caressed her virgin pussy lips, her virgin slit. I
caressed her virgin clitoris, sending waves of
pleasure through her virgin body.

She was wiggling and squirming and mewing like
a little kitty as I caressed and fondled and even
finger fucked her thigh virgin cunt.

She never once let go of my stiff cock, holding it
tight in her hand.

I finally began moving down, kissing, licking and
sucking her firm petit tits and nipples then kissing
and licking my way down her sensitive stomach.

I was soon at her virgin pussy, my tongue licking
around and around her pussy slit, but not touching
it. She was wiggling and squirming as my tongue
played music with her hot sensitive wet pussy
slit and lips.

She didn’t resist when I turned around and moving
up between her wide spread legs, I partially lay
on her, once again kissing her, letting her taste her
own juices on my lips.

She whimpered and almost sobbed when she felt
my cock pressing against her tight virginal pussy
lips and slit. She moved her young hips with the
movement of my cock as I slipped it up and down
between her young pussy lips, and across her
sensitive clitoris.

As I caressed her cunt and clit with daddy’s cock,.
I kissed and tongued her mouth. I licked, sucked
and even bit her little nipples.

She held my cock as it pressed against her wet
pussy. She was the one that taking hold of it
guided it to her virginal opening.

As she held it against her opening she whimpered,
“do it daddy, please do it. Put it in me please daddy.
Oh yes, please daddy fuck me please. ” she
begged me in her little voice.

Hell, there was no way I could resist. I kissed my
baby and while I kissed her she took her daddy’s
big stiff cock up into her tight virgin cunt.

She only grunted with the sharp pain of her lost
virginity as my cock tore through her hymen and
was buried deep in her virgin body.

I held still savoring the tightness and heat of my
baby’s body. Finally when I felt her body relax
I began fucking her. She lay there for a minute
then her young body began undulating with the
pleasure she was feeling as her daddy’s cock
slipped in and out of her also caressing her
sensitive clitoris.

Believe me we fucked. Yes, father and daughter
fucked and fucked. I guess I should say father
and daughter made love. Yes, made mad passionate
love that night.

Father giving daughter pleasure and daughter giving
her father pleasure.

I have no idea how many times my little girl
orgasmed that first night. I know I spewed my hot
sperm up into her tight hot young cunt and womb
five times. The most times I had cum in years.

We finally went to sleep with daddy’s cock still
buried deep in daughters tight cunt.

I woke up the next morning with my baby fucking
her own little cunt on my cock once again. Yes,
she learned the art of sex fast. Of course I wasn’t
knocking it. I never felt more alive that I was
feeling with my baby fucking her own cunt on my
cock, milking my hot sperm out of me.

When she felt me begin fucking her back, she
fucked me that much harder.

When her orgasm swept over her, she cried out
with pleasure and almost screamed out. “Oh god
yes, daddy fuck me, cum in me, fill me with your
your hot sperm.”

Well, it wasn’t long and she got her wish. I once
again spewed my juice up into her, my own
daughters no longer virginal throbbing. hot cunt.

We lay for a long time just enjoying the feeling of
our being tied together, my hands fondling her
young firm breasts.

Well, from then on my baby never slept in her
own bed. She spent her nights and a lot of her
days in her daddy’s bed with daddy’s cock in
her mouth or buried deep in her hot young

The only time she did spend time in her own bed
was when she would have a girl friend over to
spend the night.

The girl friend she usually had spend the night with
her was our neighbors daughter the same age as
my daughter. Yes, she was young and had a
delicious looking body also.

Many times when she spent the night the two of
them would come out of her bedroom dressed
only in their flimsy see through nighties that were
so short I could even get glimpses of both of their
almost hairless young cunts.

Then after her girl friend had just spent the entire
weekend with her, after she went home, my
daughter came to my bed and as she fucked herself
on my cock, she told me that her girls friend had
told her that she was no longer a virgin. The girl
had finally told her that her own daddy was fucking
her also and her mama enjoyed watching them fuck.

No my baby didn’t tell her friend that I was fucking
her too, but my baby ask me if I would fuck her
friend if her friend wanted me too. Then she told
me that if her girl friend did want and let me fuck
her, she, my baby would have to let her girl friends
daddy fuck her.

She then told me that if she did she was sure that
she could get her girl friend and her mother to also
let me fuck her girl friends mother.

Well her girl friends mother, my next door neighbor
is quite a beauty herself. She had a good body and
firm breasts. I had noticed them knowing she
wasn’t wearing a bra, her stiff nipples pushing out
her blouse.

Oh yes, I had thought about how it would be
fucking her, but at that time I never believed
that she would do anything like that, or do anything
like watching and helping her husband, the girls
father fuck his own daughter either. After my
daughter told me that, I looked at my neighbors
wife in a new light. Yes knowing she was watching
and helping her husband fuck their daughter shed
a whole new light on it.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what
happens. It probably won’t be long because
my own daughter told me that her friends is
thinking about fuck another man and even
mentioned that she would enjoy having me
fuck her.

My daughter told her that if she didn’t watch
it I might just do that. Then she told her girl
friend that both she and her mother better
watch it because I might just want to fuck both
of them.

Her girl friend only grinned and told her that both
she and her mother might just like that too.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what
happens and enjoy the charms of my own daughter
for as long as I can, knowing that sooner or later
she will find a young man to marry and will no
longer want her father to fuck her. Of course
there is always that chance that she will want to
continue enjoying daddy’s cock also. Hell maybe
I’ll luck out and her choice will also enjoy watching
his wife’s daddy fuck her. I guess I can always

But I’ll just take things as they come. I’ll enjoy my
baby as long as I can and be satisfied with that.