Girlfriend Becomes Obeying Slave 2.

Margot walked off her working place building. She saw a
car parked not far from the exit and next to the
pavement across the street. It was Reinhardt’s car. He
saw her and honked. Margot walked towards the car and
got inside.

“So what do you want to have for dinner?” Margot trying
to suggest that she was going to cook something.

Reinhardt kissed her on the lips. She kissed back.

“I was going to take us out for dinner. I was thinking
of Persian,” Reinhardt smiled at her.

“Persian sounds good to me,” Margot smiled back.

They were going to go to a Persian restaurant.

“I am taking out my princess for dinner tonight since
she is going to make my wish come true. But she doesn’t
have to worry too much. I would take good care of her
tonight too,” Reinhardt smiled and then started driving

Margot was his “exotic Persian Princess” and that he
always implied how they were good together since he was
the stereotypical German, being Blond and athletic, and
that she was the stereotypical Persian (never mind her
father being German), being Brunette and more brainy.



Margot just closed the apartment door behind her.

“Hey listen, how about we drink something first?”
Margot suggested.

“I would suggest Red Bull. Don’t worry. Sit down in the
sofa and I’ll get it,” Reinhardt said.

Margot sat on the couch and Reinhardt brought their Red
Bull can drinks.

“To tonight. An event I’ll always cherish. And to us”
Reinhardt cheering his can in the air towards Margot
and then started drinking.

Margot raised her can and then she started drinking
from it too.

After they finished drinking, Reinhardt took both their
can drinks and walked away. Less then a minute later he
came back to the lounge.

“Margot I can’t wait. Let’s go to the bedroom,”
Reinhardt excitedly pulled her by the hand and she got
up. They walked to their bedroom.

Inside their bedroom, they both stripped until they
were both naked.

Once naked, Reinhardt walked up to Margot and looked
her in the eye.

“I want to say thank you. For all this,” Reinhardt
smiled with excitement.

Margot started breathing heavily, and then sighing a

“You’re frightened aren’t you,” Reinhardt looked her in
the eye.

Margot nodded. Her heart was starting to beat a bit

“Look you don’t have to be afraid. I’ll be gentle on
you. You know I won’t hurt you,” Reinhardt started
fondling her hair and moved the back of his left hand
against her cheek lovingly.

“Reinhardt tonight my life is in your hands. I am all
yours and I have no idea what is going to happen to
me,” Margot started whimpering. Normally she was tough
and defiant but tonight she was not anything of that
sort. If she was anything she someone scare as she
entering uncharted territory.

“Margot I love you. I promise I’ll take good care of
you if anything happens,” Reinhardt leading her by the
hand to their bed.

“This is the first time I am doing this. I have no idea
what I am doing,” Margot sounding a bit more worried.

“Ok I’ll guide you. Don’t worry. Just climb up to bed
on your knees,” Reinhardt climbing the bed and Margot
following suit. She moved to the middle of their bed
and was on her knees.

“Ok press your hands against the bed on all fours,”
Reinhardt started groping her from behind and on her

Margot went on all fours.

“You know what. On second thought, maybe you should lie
face down. But I’ll pass you your pillow and just lie
your chest on it so that you don’t suffocate,”
Reinhardt grabbing her pillow and passing it below her

Margot repositioned her whole body. She lied down,
facing towards the bed but her breasts touched the
pillow and so her face was three inches away from the

Reinhardt went behind her and positioned his cock just
over her anus.

“Ok Margot. I am going to push my cock slowly into your
ass. It shouldn’t hurt even for the first time,”
Reinhardt assuring her.

Margot felt the tip of his large cock touching her ass
cheeks. She winched and sighed. It felt funny to have
something that was about to enter her ass.

Margot started making much louder breathing sound as
Reinhardt slowly moved his cock into her asshole.
Reinhardt put his hands over her wrists as her hands
were by the side of her head.

Reinhardt made his first cock movement inside her ass.

“Please be gentle. I am not used to this,” Margot

“Trust me. You are going to enjoy this once you get
used to it. Look if anything goes wrong we still have
the lights on so not to worry,” Reinhardt was sure that
once she had this type of sex, she would enjoy it a lot
more and perhaps even ask for it.

Reinhardt started fucking her ass, moving his cock
inside her ass up-and-down. Margot started screaming.
As Reinhardt continued hammering her ass, Margot
started screaming. It felt a bit nice but she had to be
honest that it felt painful, like having her tooth
being removed by a dentist.

Reinhardt started fucking her ass harder and faster, as
he got carried away. Margot started screaming, both in
pain and what she deemed as self-degrading. She felt
that this act was degrading and how she did not want
Reinhardt to have his way (this was one way of many
ways) and now she was giving in to him, forcing herself
to push away her own ego and just submit to his
“demand”. She hated his domineering personality at
times and his arrogance as it balanced against her own
but this was one act that showed that he was ultimately
the winner, and thus a psychological bruise on her own
ego and arrogance and pride.

Reinhardt pushed her wrists really hard against the bed
as he continued hammering her asshole with uncontrolled

Reinhardt felt really powerful. Not only he felt
powerful as he was fucking the ass of a woman and a
sign of what he perceived as man’s natural domination
over women (in that of German men being superior even
to other men) but that he finally got to fuck Margot’s
ass and how it was making him feel that this was the
first time he had total power and control over her. He
was starting to get consumed by his power drunkenness
and enjoyed having his cock moving around and
dominating her entire body through her asshole.

As Reinhardt started fucking her really hard, like he
owned her and could do anything and whatever he wanted
with her, Margot started screaming.

She was in total physical pain. His cock was really
smashing up her asshole as his strength and speed was
starting to be too much for her ass to bear.

“Stop. Please stop. It hurts,” Margot cried, with tears
flowing down her eyes.

Reinhardt managed to get a control over himself and
then slowly moved himself and his cock out of Margot’s

He could see that she was in real pain and crying and

“Sweetheart. It’s ok,” Reinhardt seeing his cum stains
all over her ass cheeks. He could see from the way her
legs were stretched that her entire body was in pain.

“It hurts. It hurts,” Margot just screaming.

Reinhardt automatically remembered what he had done to
the prostitutes whom he had anal sex with many times
and how they cried from his violent ass-fucking and how
their pimp said that their ass and body would be
soothed by soaking in a bath water.

“Sweetheart wait here,” Reinhardt getting off the bed
and headed straight for the bath tub. He turned on the
tap water, as he was running bath water, being a
mixture of hot and cold.

Reinhardt let the bath water as he went back to the
bedroom and patted Margot on her head. She was in total
pain and judging from the way she was crying he knew
that she probably could not get up or walk, like as if
she was banged by something really hard and painful.

“I am running you a bath water. Once it is finished,
I’ll carry you there and you will feel much better,”
Reinhardt fondling her hair as she was still faced down
crying, as her tears were flooding the bed.

In the past he had watched the prostitutes he had
fucked very hard on the ass cry but he did not care.
This time he cared because it was Margot’s ass that he
fucked and she meant the world to him.

Reinhardt went to check the bath water. As the bath
water ran for ten minutes it looked like it was finally
full. He turned the taps off.

Reinhardt went back to the bedroom and slowly pushed
and turned Margot’s body over so that she faced the
ceiling. As he was so strong and muscular he managed to
balance his arms behind her back and carried her body
like as if she was a child. He carried her out of the
bedroom and all the way to the bathroom, where he
gently lowered her body onto the bath water.

“In about a minute your body would start to feel much
better. You are going to have lay here in the bath
water for an hour or two,” Reinhardt being very loving,
caring and assuring that he was upset for having caused
Margot physical pain.

Margot looked like a rape victim and her face looked
sick and exhausted and battered up.

“Please don’t go. I don’t want to be alone,” Margot
pleading with him as her pain started easing up, thanks
to the bath water making her legs and arms and ass feel
much much better.

“Ok. But let me get you water and I’ll join you here,”
Reinhardt assured.

Reinhardt left and came back with a glass of water.

“Here drink this,” Reinhardt offering her the glass
water and still holding it as she tried drinking from
it. When she was finished he took the glass away and
came back to the bathroom.

“Ok sweetheart your Reinhardt is going to join you,”
Reinhardt climbing over the bath water and lying next
to her. The bath tub was big enough for 2 persons.

Reinhardt put his arm around her shoulder.

“How do you feel?” Reinhardt asked her gently.

“Much better. Thanks for this bath,” Margot sounding
grateful and…meek.

“Hey. I said if anything happened I would take care of
you,” Reinhardt trying to take care of Margot and
trying to comfort her as much as he can.

Margot looked at him, very weak and fragile and as if
her life really now was in his hands.

“Margot thank you for tonight. You gave yourself to me
and you made my night and I’m sorry that it turned out
this way. Just to let you know that if you are in pain,
then I am also in pain,” Reinhardt looking down on her
and trying not to look arrogant, as he knew that his
arrogance and arrogant sneers in the past made her
angry and furious.

“And I am going to be here with you for as long as it
takes. Ok,” Reinhardt being emotional.

Margot just nodded her head.

Reinhardt talked about the good times that they had and
how they were one day going to go on vacation to Ibiza
or Hawaii or somewhere much warmer than Germany.

“You know I am glad that we are boyfriend and
girlfriend. I enjoy spending time with you more than
with anyone else,” Reinhardt said.

They laid long enough until it seemed to Reinhardt they
had been in the bath for more than two hours and so he
turned to Margot.

“How do you feel now?” Reinhardt asked her in a loving

“Much better. My body feels much better now,” Margot
sounding much healthier but still more humbler and not
really her full self.

“Sweetheart we get out here in five minutes and I’ll
make us some hot drinks,” Reinhardt offered.

“Sounds good to me,” Margot just agreed, only because
he suggested it and he knew that.

Reinhardt and Margot finally got off the bath water and
when Reinhardt checked the time, it was already 5 in
the morning. They got dried up and got dressed and went
to the lounge. Reinhardt made them both hot drinks.
Deep down he felt guilty because he had enjoyed fucking
her ass (of any woman’s ass) and she paid the price for
it, namely her comfort and health.

Half-an-hour later, they both went back to bed.

“Margot why don’t you rest your head on my chest so I
can play with your hair,” Reinhardt suggested as they
both laid there in the darkness.

Margot moved her head away from her pillow and laid her
head on his chest. Reinhardt started fondling her hair.

“I just want to say again that I am sorry about
tonight. If you didn’t love me you wouldn’t have tried
making up for my thirty-sixth birthday. I just want you
to know that I am grateful and just want to let you
know how I appreciated all this. I know I can be an
arrogant dick at times but I still love you,” Reinhardt
speaking to her.

Margot sounded as if she had fallen asleep.

Reinhardt did not want her to think that their sex was
far more important than their “love relationship” and
he remembered that she had also agreed to have anal sex
with him…tomorrow night. He felt tempted but already
felt guilty about what happened tonight.


“Margot. Margot,” Reinhardt was shoving Margot’s

She woke up. She saw her boyfriend crouching over on
the bed.

“I made us breakfast. Actually brunch. It’s after
twelve,” Reinhardt said.

Margot got up, cleaned herself in the bathroom and
joined Reinhardt in the lounge. They both had

That whole Saturday had been funny. Reinhardt still
felt guilty for what he did to Margot. Since 1PM all
the way to 4PM, he had been ordering Margot to do
things (knowing that he could but not sure why he
could) like clean up some of the messes he made while
spilling his beer drinks, get him cans of beer without
having to get up himself, give him massages, and also
that she never challenged any of this and what would
normally have been a day when they would have been
fighting over what to watch on television, Margot let
Reinhardt decide what he wanted to watch.

All this was strange, as if she was obeying him without
question and just letting him boss her around. For some
reason Reinhardt was very aware of this, like he had
never been aware of anything else before, and he
realised that it might have something to do with him
fucking her really hard on the ass and how it affected
her brain, thus making her obey him as if there was
some mental link between him and her.


Reinhardt had been watching some football show while
sat on the lounge. Margot was probably doing her own

“Margot could you come here,” Reinhardt called out to

Margot arrived in the lounge, standing not far from
where he was sat.

He could see from her eyes that she was also aware that
she had been doing whatever he told her to do that
whole Saturday. And that she did not like it. Not one

Reinhardt knew he could push his luck and sees if his
theory was true (let alone amazed that he was now a bit
more intelligent than usual too).

Reinhardt got up from his eat and pulled Margot down
next to him on the couch. He started unbuttoning her
shirt and once he had done that, he pulled out her bra
by its front edge with his two strong fingers,
revealing her big breasts and pointy pink nipples.

“Hey what are you doing?” Margot screaming.

Reinhardt was surprised. This was the first time this
whole day that she was starting to act like her old
defiant self again. Same ol Margot who took shit from

“What do you think I am doing?” Reinhardt smiled at
her, then started fondling with both her breasts.

Margot groaned from her boobs being touched and

Margot moved away from him.

“I don’t know what the Hell is going here. Ever since
you fucked me in the ass, I have been behaving very
weirdly. I don’t like it,” Margot shouting at him.

Reinhardt could see that a part of herself was starting
to fight back but not really strong enough.

“This whole day has been feeling like as if I am the
master and you are the slave, right?” Reinhardt
becoming even more bolder and also teasing her, as a
part of him that was tired of her own arrogance could
not take it anymore.

Margot looked at him, not anymore so defiant but also
with fear in her eyes.

“You feel like calling me master, don’t you bitch,”
Reinhardt getting carried away with his new power.

“What?? How dare you talk to me that way??” Margot
surprised at the way he was talking to her, not liking
it at all but also scared that he was talking to her in
such a way.

Reinhardt started unzipping his zipper and took out his

“Now why don’t you just shut up and give me a good

And call me Master,” Reinhardt started shouting at her.

“No. No I won’t,” Margot tried getting up.

“Sit down,” Reinhardt ordered her.

Margot sat down again. Reinhardt pulled her closer to
him with his strong arm.

“Look at my cock bitch,” Reinhardt ordered her.

Margot stared at his huge cock.

“Now bend that pretty head of yours over my cock and
suck my dick. And say Yes Master,” Reinhardt giving her
a very cold look.

Margot wanted to defy him but instead lowered her head
over his cock, saying, “Yes Master,” very meekly.

Margot started giving him a blowjob, sucking both
lovingly and obediently at his cock. Reinhardt out his
hand on Margot’s head, smilingly.

“That’s right. You know now that things have changed. I
always get what I want. Always. Even you offered your
ass to me the night before and now you are just being
your head over and giving me a blowjob with that little
jaw of yours,” Reinhardt looking down on his “slave”.

Margot gave him a blowjob for what seemed like 45
minutes until…

“Ok you can stop,” Reinhardt patting her on the head.

Margot stopped sucking his cock and started looking at
him, surprised that she was letting him order her
around and letting him step on her dignity. Her jaw was
full of German cum.

“Wow you look lovely,” Reinhardt chuckling at the sight
of her.

Margot moved away from him, disgusted with herself.

“How dare you do this to me? I can’t believe that after
last night you have the nerve to do this…ok
Reinhardt. That’s it. You know there are times when I
think you are an asshole. Well I really think that you
are truly an asshole,” Margot screaming at him, slowly
getting up from where she was sat.

Reinhardt was not smiling anymore. He never let anyone
get away talking to him like that. Except for Margot.
But now he was also no longer going to let her get away
with this too.

“You are arrogant, self-conceited and I guess it was a
mistake to let you fuck me from behind. Something so
demeaning and degrading. Wednesday night was not my
fault anyways. If I came on time I could have instead
lost my job. Now without a job how the hell can I
partly pay for all this,” Margot sounding more and more
like her old self.

Reinhardt could not believe what she had just said. He
looked hurt and angry.

“So you mean it was ok to skip my birthday just so you
can attend a stupid meeting,” Reinhardt started
shouting back, also getting up.

“I am starting to think Yes. Yes that meeting was
actually far more important, given that people all over
the country are being laid off,” Margot shouted.

Reinhardt could not take any of this anymore. They
argued before but this really was taking the cake.

“Why don’t you just shut up and go fuck yourself,”
Reinhardt shouting at her very emotionally, as it was
now his ego that was getting the beating.

Margot wanted to defy him but she stood there. She
started unzipping her short pants, slipping her fingers
down her crotch and started fingering her pussy.

“You know who your master is, don’t you,” Reinhardt
feeling a little bit better as he was now successful in
making her do something.

“You feel like calling me Master, don’t you,” Reinhardt
firing back.

“Yes…Master,” Margot nodded her head meekly, as if
she was about to cry as she was letting him bog her
down like this and letting him “win”.

“Oh my God what the hell am I doing?” Margot shocked as
she was masturbating right in front of this arrogant
jerk and also that he was smiling and smirking at her
obeying him.

“You know what. I think I like you better this way. Not
arguing and putting me down all the time but just doing
whatever I tell you to do,” Reinhardt starting to
laugh… very cruelly.

Margot was cumming on her fingers as she was making
herself excited.

Margot was making sexual sounds and she started closing
her eyes.

“Keep your eyes open bitch and look at me when you
continue to fuck yourself,” Reinhardt ordered her.

Margot started directly at him, meekly and not defiant.

“Oh yes I can understand what you mean whenever you say
you are a proud Persian woman. Well I was thinking of
letting the world decide,” Reinhardt smirking.

He went over to the dining table, picked up his I Phone
and used it to “take pictures” of Margot playing with

Margot hated what he was doing. If anyone saw those
pictures, her mom would be ashamed as well as her other
Persian relatives, although her German relatives would
not have cared as much.

“You know if your mom saw you doing this, or if this
was uploaded on the internet, you really won’t be able
to look any of your mom’s relatives on the eye again.
Hell even your other friends who think you are so bold
and defiant and proud would no longer look up to you
and think that this whole time they had been admiring
some slutty whore,” Reinhardt staring at her coldly and

“Ok you can stop fucking yourself. But you are not to
touch my I Phone nor tell anyone about what is going
on. Is that understood?” Reinhardt bossing her around.

“Yes…Master,” Margot hating herself for what she had

Margot stopped playing with herself but her fingers
were stained with her own cum.

“Why don’t you lick your fingers bitch,” Reinhardt
making a suggestion.

Margot started sucking on each cum-stained finger until
the visible cum was gone even if her fingers were still
feeling sticky.

“You give a good blowjob you know that. I mean you talk
too much and so you should shut up and concentrate on
what I think your mouth is best suited for, like giving
me a blowjob,” Reinhardt adding more injury to her

Margot looked hurt now.

“I think I am going to go,” Margot walking off.

“Well where are you going?” Reinhardt demanding to

“It’s none of your business,” Margot trying not to cry
and also lying to herself that he wasn’t getting to

Margot was still a strong woman and she never lets
anyone get the best of her, even if situations got much

“Where are you going?” Reinhardt repeating his

“To the toilet alright,” Margot answered.

“Ok you have my permission. You can go,” Reinhardt
talking as if he approved.

Margot went to the bathroom and washed her face over
the basin. She looked herself in the mirror. She really
couldn’t believe what was happening to them. In some
ways it was a nightmare.

Margot was thinking what else could she do? Leave the
apartment. Go see friends. All she knew that she wanted
to go out.

Margot left the bathroom and quickly got changed. She
looked at her cell phone. It was already 7PM.

Shit, she thought.

She just wanted to be out of the house and then…

“Wow. You are really looking nice,” Reinhardt
complimented Margot.

“Thanks. I just feel like I need fresh air. I think I
am going to go out,” Margot trying to avoid a fight
with him.

“So you got changed and you weren’t going to tell me
that you were going to go out,” Reinhardt said.

Reinhardt started giving her a hard stare, a stare that
intimidated Margot.

“You’re scared of me, aren’t you!” Reinhardt commented.

He obviously knew why.

Margot did not want to answer that.

“Ok. We’ll go out together. Give me five minutes to
change. We’ll eat outside and then we’ll go to some
nightclub,” Reinhardt suggested.

Margot wasn’t sure what she should say.

“I wanna spend more time with you. I think you spend
too much time with your friends anyway. I mean I also
spend too much time with mine but honestly I don’t
think it helps either of us. And there is one club I
want to go to anyways,” Reinhardt said.


The night club was full of people, mostly local German
youths, ranging from Neo Nazis and Skinheads to rowdy
Gothic types. It smelled of beer aroma everywhere and
loud Black Metal music too.

Reinhardt and Margot were sat by themselves on an
isolated round table.

Reinhardt had beer while Margot stuck to Smirnoff Ice.

“I just love this place. Too bad you never came here
with me before,” Reinhardt cheered as he sipped his

Margot sipped her drink. This was 1 night bar she never
went to, even if Reinhardt did. Not far from them, two
Skinheads started harassing a young German youth who
looked like some punk. She knew of this place’s
reputation but her “master” made her follow him here.
She wanted to be elsewhere Margot felt sick on her
stomach. She was afraid that if she refused to come
here, Reinhardt might order her to do something even
far more degrading.

“I got to go the toilet,” Margot said.

“Ok,” Reinhardt watching what looked like an
interesting fight waiting to happen.

Margot went to the Ladies and once there she was trying
to think how to get out of this place. Reinhardt might
have loved it but she didn’t. She came to this place
because Reinhardt drove them here. She had an idea.

Margot left the Ladies and made sure that Reinhardt was
not watching her She peeked at the table he was at. His
attention was elsewhere.

Now’s my chance, she thought.

Margot slowly walked towards where the exit was and
left the night club. Once she was out, she walked to
where the cab stands were. She went there and waited
for a cab. Once finally came and she took it.

Margot climbed in the passenger’s side.

“Where to?” the cab driver asked. The cab driver was a
dark and swarthy man, probably of Turkish-Kurdish
origin Margot told him where to go.

To Angela’s.

As the cab driver was driving, her cell phone rang. She
took it out. It was Reinhardt.

She wanted to resist picking up the cell phone but
eventually for some no logical reason she answered it.

“Hello,” Margot answered.

“You’re not in the Ladies. You lied to me. I bet you
left the club,” Reinhardt shouted from the other side.

“I just couldn’t take the place anymore. Look you
looked like you had a great time so I did not want to
ruin your mood. But I didn’t. I …” Margot meekly

“Where the Hell are you?” Reinhardt.

A part of her brain made her comply to him honestly.

“I am in a cab. I’m headed to Angela’s. You know to see
how she is doing,” Margot answered him in a frightened

“Tell the cabbie you are going home instead. Do not
speak to anyone else on this cell phone. Once I am
there I am going to deal with you,” Reinhardt screamed
and then hung up.

Margot sighed. She told the cab driver where to drop
her instead.


Margot was drinking a glass of water while sat down on
the lounge.

She left Reinhardt and now she was going to suffer the

She heard the apartment door lock move. The door
opened. Reinhardt finally got back home. Reinhardt
slammed the door behind him.

“Just what the hell were you thinking?” Reinhardt
angrily walked up to her.

“I…I couldn’t taker it anymore,” Margot said.

Any strength left of her standing up to him seemed to
be waning.

Margot put the glass down on the side of the couch.

Reinhardt came and sat next to her, putting a grip on
both her arms.

“How the fuck could you just leave me there by myself
without telling me you were going?” Reinhardt screamed
at the top of the lungs.

“Look. If I told you I was going you would have been
angry. I just thought maybe I should not spoil your
mood and so leave the place myself,” Margot sounded far
more scared.

“You are so fucking stupid Margot. You wasted money
paying the cabbie,” Reinhardt shouted.

“Look. Can I go see Angela,” Margot asked.

“What. Oh I get it. You are going to her and try
telling her what a bad boy Reinhardt is and what
Reinhardt had been doing to you this whole day not to
mention fuck up your ass last night. You know what. I
don’t want you ever speaking to her again. Or to any of
your other friends. I don’t want people to know that
you have been behaving like my slave. You know how much
trouble you could me into. Do you,” Reinhardt shaking
her really aggressively.

Reinhardt got up and started smashing his fists against
the lounge walls. The impact’s sounds were very
frightening to Margot’s ears… for the first time.

Margot’s heart was beating really rapidly.

“You know something. I think you need to be punished.
Go on your knees and crawl to our bedroom. I think you
have forgotten your place,” Reinhardt pointing a finger
towards the direction of their bedroom.

“Yes…” Margot responded meekly.

“Yes what???” Reinhardt shouting at the top of his

“Yes….Master,” Margot got up and then went on all
fours, starting to crawl like a dog/bitch towards the

As Margot crawled, Reinhardt had been following her
from behind, admiring her wiggling ass.

Once in the bedroom, Margot faced their bed.

“Now stand up, take off all your clothes and then lie
face down on the bed,” Reinhardt ordered her.

“Yes…Master,” Margot automatically responding in that
meek tone as she was afraid of the consequences if she

Margot stood up, slowly stripped off her clothes ’till
she was naked, climbed onto the bed and then laid face
down spread-eagled.

Reinhardt closed the bedroom door and also started
taking off all his clothes.

Reinhardt went to the drawers and pulled out some of
Margot’s clothes. He then used some of them then
started tying up her ankles and wrists to the four bed
posts. She was now tied up and had no chance of escape
as he tied her too hard while at the same time lied
face down on the bed.

“Now I am going to punish you,” Reinhardt using one of
her shirts as some sort of whip and started hitting her

Margot screamed, “Aaarrggghhhhh!!”

“You like that huh. Teach you to try being a naughty
girl next time,” Reinhardt releasing all his tension on
his punishing of Margot.

He hit her again.

“Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!” Margot screamed.

The impact from his assault was really painful. As
painful as his assault on her asshole last night.

Margot started crying as she was being both humiliated
and being punished like this.

She felt not anymore as his girlfriend but as his

Her ass was starting to look red.

“Will you try something like this again? Will you?”
Reinhardt taunting her.

Margot shook her head as strongly as she can.

“No. No I won’t do this again. I will never leave
without asking you first,” Margot started crying.

“Ok. I believe you but I will hit you one more time as
a reminder of what would happen next time if you do,”
Reinhardt told her and with that hit her ass one more

Margot screamed, and then continued to cry.

Reinhardt saw how red her ass was. That part of him
that wanted to have anal sex took over.

Reinhardt climbed on top of her and then started aiming
his cock directly into her ass. Margot screamed.

“You made me so mad tonight that I think you are going
to have me comfortable again,” Reinhardt looking down
on her neck and back of her head.

Reinhardt started fucking her asshole and humped his
cock up-and-down inside her asshole. Margot screamed
from both pleasure and pain while Reinhardt’s mind
suddenly shot into ecstasy.

Reinhardt was enjoying having his giant cock move
inside her asshole, touching her inner flesh while
shooting down his sperm inside her body.

Reinhardt fucked her ass the whole night until he got
tired and Margot lost consciousness. His body lied on
top of hers but he was not heavy enough to squish her
beneath him.


Reinhardt untied Margot and started shaking her

“Wake up sweety,” Reinhardt shoving her body.

Margot slowly woke up. She had an uncomfortable sleep.
Her wrists and ankles felt squashed and her body felt
warm as she had been lying on her tummy the whole

Reinhardt sat by her lying body and started fondling
her brown hair.

“It’s one in the afternoon,” Reinhardt soothing her.

Margot felt tired and not ready to get up.

“Margot I want you to try turn around,” Reinhardt
slowly turning her body so that she faced him.

“I love you ok. But don’t do something like that again.
I didn’t enjoy spanking you. It hurts me as much as it
hurts you. Come. Get up. I am going to make us
something to eat,” Reinhardt said.

Margot got up the bed and Reinhardt let her clean
herself in the bathroom.

After breakfast Reinhardt made her watch football with
him. She didn’t like football but Reinhardt ordered her
to watch it with him, rather than try calling up one of
her friends.

During commercial breaks she was made to go and grab
them beer cans. Reinhardt may have been properly
dressed but Margot was ordered to walk around naked the
whole day.

Sometimes Reinhardt would ask her to rest her back
against the couch so that he can let some beer drops on
her nipples and he would lick it off her nipples, as
well kiss and suck on her nipples, with the beer foam

Margot made low moans as her nipples had been treated
this way.

Reinhardt did not just use her nipples as beer stain-
ers. He also held her hands and forced her to finger
her cunt as he found it amusing while she just moaned
(but was not allowed to close her eyes but instead look
to him).

When the game was over, Reinhardt kissed her on the
lips French-style.

“Hey you know what I was thinking,” Reinhardt making

Two minutes later, Reinhardt fucked her in her cunt
while her legs were wrapped around his back and her
arms were hugging is back.

He banged her back against the wall and she just
screamed. She did not want to have sex but her “master”
wanted to have sex and so she had no choice but comply.

As Reinhardt fucked her cunt really hard, he was
sucking on her right nipple, followed by her left one.
He savoured her flesh and she felt his saliva and
breath on her nipples.

Although they did not have sex continuously, they still
had sex in one form or another from oral to front-al.

Margot cooked them dinner (and cleaned up afterwards

Reinhardt felt tired and wanted an early night. Margot
felt tired too. By 8PM, they both called it a night.
The night, however, was not going to be like how Margot
wanted it to be.


Margot laid there under the blanket. Reinhardt was next
to her, or rather behind her. specifically his cock was
up her ass. Her ass filled and that it was occupied and
also reminded her of their new “relationship”.

Reinhardt felt his cock getting warm but he was just as
happy to hug Margot.

Margot could not properly sleep. Unlike the first time
her ass was feeling less painful from having a cock
inside it but still uncomfortable enough to prevent her
from getting a full proper rest or sleep.

“Reinhardt…honey. Are you awake?” Margot asked.

She slowly felt her “self” (old) getting back again.

Why the hell was I letting this guy get away with all
this?” Margot scolded her self.

“Reinhardt. Wake up. I can’t sleep,” Margot started
talking loud.

Reinhardt woke up.

“Huh. What’s wrong?” Reinhardt feeling bliss as his
cock was up her ass (which he had been waiting for such
a long time).

“I am not comfortable. I really can’t sleep. I can’t
take this anymore,” Margot complained (surprised that
she was able to start complaining again and liking it).

“What…what are you saying???” Reinhardt just as

He felt not surprised but also “hurt” since he was
becoming more sensitive after “bonding” with his

“Reinhardt I am going to be honest. I can’t sleep with
your cock inside my ass. It is making me feel
uncomfortable and we both know that I have to get up
for work tomorrow and I would not get a good night
sleep if my body is not feeling comfortable. So please
can you stop or at least pull yourself out from my
behind. Please,” Margot complained.

Reinhardt slowly withdrew his cock, grumping.

“Thank you. You know it is nothing personal…” Margot

Reinhardt was not going to let her become her dependent
self again.

He was going to establish his authority.

“Hey you know what. I don’t give a shit about your
story. I don’t want to hear your story. Why don’t you
get off my blanket and go move yourself to the other
side of the bed,” Reinhardt feeling emotional.

As Reinhardt moved the blanket, Margot moved out of the
blanket and moved a bit more away from him. She also
realised that she was stark naked.

“You are such a selfish bitch you know that. I still
haven’t forgotten about Wednesday Night and yesterday
night. Go sleep without a blanket,” Reinhardt having a
“go” at her.

“What. Wait? Look. I just us want us to have a nice
peaceful sleep. Look. Let me go get a blanket and I
won’t disturb you,” Margot starting to get “soft”

“Don’t leave the bed. Stay there and see if I care,”
Reinhardt keeping the blanket all to himself.

He was as naked as she was except that he had a large
blanket to keep him warm.

Margot started feeling cold. Her nipples became much

She wanted to get up but found out that she couldn’t.

“Reinhardt. Honey. I am really cold. Come on. This is
not fair. Look How you would like it if someone had
something up your ass,” Margot trying to reason.

“Fat chance of that happening. Most guys don’t dare to
fuck with me,” Reinhardt commenting coldly.

“So you are doing this to me because you could. I am
really cold,” Margot started shivering.

“You expect me to care. You don’t care about me so why
should I care about you,” Reinhardt speaking back to

“But Reinhardt. Please. This isn’t fair. I have never
done a thing to you…on purpose,” Margot continued
reasoning with him.

“Well I wanted to bond with you. Did you know that? You
thought having my cock up your ass was me saying that I
am Master and you are slave. That I was telling you
your place. For fuck’s sake what about I enjoy your
company. That didn’t ring a bell,” Reinhardt charging
more of his emotional tone.

“Look I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings,” Margot trying
to apologise.

“Well you did hurt my feelings,” Reinhardt spoke
authoritatively but also as if his feelings were

Margot was starting really shiver as it got really

“Reinhardt I’m cold,” Margot started whimpering.

Margot then started coughing.

“Ok come closer to me,” Reinhardt ordered her.

Margot moved her body close to his. He started touching
her nipples, which were hard and firm.

“Yup. You really are cold. I can feel it,” Reinhardt
mocking her situation.

“Look I am sorry. I am so sorry to have complained.
Look I’ll have sex with you. Give you a blowjob. Oh for
fuck’s sake I’m your also girlfriend, your partner whom
you had been living with for so many years. You can’t
treat me like this. Look I’m really sorry. If anal sex
is bonding, then I didn’t know. Now I know. Please let
me join you under there. You know I don’t think I mind
having your dick up my ass,” Margot whimpering.

Reinhardt raised the blanket and pulled her closer.

“I mean I am not just your slave. I am still your

I mean you do love me right,” Margot trying to talk.

Margot tried turning her body around but Reinhardt
started pulling her body from her back.

“Ok I can understand. You just weren’t feeling
comfortable and I do realise that you really can’t take
having a cock up your ass. I mean if you had asked me
nicely earlier instead of bitching around I would have
taken it much nicer,” Reinhardt sounding as if he was
trying to educate her too on her tone of voice.

“I’m sorry. I guess you really want to have anal sex,”
Margot sounding more scared and reluctant.

“I guess you think I enjoy dominating you. That is true
but I still love you and I do enjoy bonding my body
with yours. Having my dick up your ass was my way for
saying you are mine and I meant that lovingly. But you
don’t think so so we will bond in another way,”
Reinhardt said.

“Huh,” Margot was surprised.

“Ok. This is what we’ll do,” Reinhardt starting to make
his suggestion.

Reinhardt lied on his back while Margot lied on top of
him. But all is not what it seemed. His cock now was up
her cunt. Margot felt her pussy really full. She lied
face down on his chest.

“I think this is much better. Women get pregnant this
way and this is more a sign of real bonding. My dick
inside your vagina. Well now you should be able to
appreciate that I just want to not only make love to
you but bond with you too and you are facing me,”
Reinhardt having his hand on her hair, touching it

His cock was moving inside her cunt and she felt full
as his cock was really huge and that if he felt like
fucking her, she would automatically be forced to react
to his cock fucking her body from inside.

Better not to argue with him again, Margot told herself
in her head.

“This is the way it should be. Not you and me fighting
and you trying to go away from me. Just want to tell
you that Master loves you too and that you should try
to love me too and not fight me all the time,”
Reinhardt kissed her head.

Margot’s cunt was being impaled but she eventually fell
asleep as he was moving his hand on her head and back
which was counter-soothing her.


“Honey Come out here and show me what you’ve got,”
Reinhardt demanded while sat down watching some
documentary on TV about some drug addicts (while
holding a can of beer himself).

Margot came out to the lounge and revealed to him what
he had ordered her to buy that afternoon (when she is
on her break from work) and of course her new outfit
from now on. She wore only a see-through transparent
panty and unbuttoned shirt, revealing her boobs.

“I like it. Come here,” Reinhardt ordered her.

Margot came and stood in front of him. Reinhardt pulled
her to sit down next to him. This was what he wanted
her to wear from now on, as she looked sexier that way
(for him).

Margot saw what he was watching.

“Do you think there is anything good on TV tonight?”
Margot hoping that he would change the channel.

“I wanna watch this. Take this beer, get me another one
and one for yourself too, but put both our drinks on
glass pines ok,” Reinhardt handing her his empty beer
can while fondling her left breast.

Margot walked away and came back with 2 pines of beer.
She came and sat down next to him.

Margot had to sit next to him as from time to time he
would make her dip either of her breast nipples into
beer glass and he would lick it off her nipple. Margot
moaned as his tongue kissed and sucked on her nipple.


Reinhardt and Margot watched a documentary about Hitler
and the Nazis on television.

Margot did not want to see something like but her
“master” was in the mood for something like this.

“Man I don’t know why people in this country are not
allowed to say Sieg Heil. Or even read Mein Kampf. For
fuck’s sakes it’s only a fucking book,” Reinhardt
making his comments.

Margot hated war and politics. Reinhardt had his arm
over Margot’s shoulder and he was fondling with both
her breasts, though he took turns with each.

“I love your breasts. Nice. Tender. Soft,” Reinhardt
making his romantic comments.


Reinhardt had been fucking Margot on her ass, on their
bed and she had been on all fours. As he fucked her, he
was groping her breasts but sometimes would pull at her
hair and then bite at the nape of her neck.

After fucking her from behind, Reinhardt had been
fucking her pussy and he did being on the top.

Finally they both went to sleep but his cock was inside
her cunt, wiggling around and being kept warm.


The routine during the evening was the same. Reinhardt
would make her wear her see through underwear while
sometimes fondling her breasts, making her dip her
nipples into his glass and him licking it off her
nipples, and ordering her to bring their glasses to the
kitchen and clean up and makes her pick up stuff for
him as he saw no reason to be a responsible bugger.

And each time they finished having sex, he would kiss
her on her lips.


Margot finally arrived home. Reinhardt said he was
going to meet some friends and would be back home late.
He told her not go see anyone else.

She could not take it anymore. She wasn’t hungry. She
was angry with Reinhardt for keeping her as his sex
slave and also for dominating her too.

She put her cell phone away and decided to hide in the

Hiding…from him and the world. Her ego and pride
finally collapsed.

She started crying.

How can he do this to me? He had made me into his
obedient bitch this entire week. I should have never
let him fuck me in the ass. This was how it started. I
thought he loved me, that I was the love of his life.
He keeps on fucking me in my ass and it hurts. He makes
me do things for him. He wants me to acknowledge that
he is superior to me in everyway.

These thoughts were swirling all in her mind and she
just could not take it anymore. He succeeded in
smashing her ego.

She just cried and cried.

Suddenly her closet door opened. Reinhardt was stood

“I heard you crying. Why are you in here? What

Reinhardt was clueless but concerned.

Margot saw him but she just continued sobbing. She
hated this feeling. She just acknowledge that these
last few days did shape their relationship i.e. that he
was superior and she was inferior.

“Look, do you want to talk about it?” Reinhardt asked
her in a more loving tone.

She just looked but said nothing, just continuing

She eventually nodded her head.

“Would you like to talk about in bed?” he asked her.

She shook her head.

“How about I join you here and I close this door and we
will just be alone here in the dark. Then you can tell
me why you’re crying. Would that be ok?” he asked her.

She nodded her head.

He closed the door behind her and stood with her,
putting his arm over her shoulder.

“Ok sweetheart. Now tell your sweetheart here why you
are crying.

I’ll listen,” Reinhardt kissed her on the cheek.

Margot confessed her feelings and how she hated that he
had made her do all sorts of degrading things, that she
had to obey him and let him have his way with her,
especially by letting him stick it up her ass (very
degrading to her dignity and painful too), punishing
her whenever she disobeyed him, making fun of her and
that she was no longer allowed to argue back but he can
say whatever he wanted to say to her, that he was
trampling on her pride and freedom, and how she
couldn’t take it anymore.

“I am so sorry. I know I have been acting like an
asshole, dominating you and I do feel guilty for making
you feel like my slave. Maybe I should have asked you
how you felt about all this. Look. I remembered when we
broke up and that part of me that was angry with you
and wanted to hurt you just took over. I also feel bad
that I was taking advantage over my control over you
because…because I thought you were arrogant at times
and I just wanted to put you in your place,” Reinhardt
hugging her and massaging her head.

“You have made me feel that you are superior and that I
am inferior,” Margot further confessing.

“That’s not true. You know that the reason I am
overjoyed of having power over you is only because you
are the one person who scares me and that I have a far
higher respect for you and that I look up to you. Come
on. Have I better beaten you up?” Reinhardt talking.

“Well you did punish me last Saturday,” Margot cried.

“I was angry that you left without telling me. I would
be very angry if something were to happen to you. I
really love you even I control you too much. I mean I
want us to spend the rest of our lives together. I love
you Margot. I really can’t live without you. Would you
like to know how special you are to me and that you
mean the world to me,” Reinhardt said.

Reinhardt led her out of the closet and he made “love”
to her in the bed, in a way that she would want to and
letting her express herself.

After making love to her for 2 hours, Reinhardt cooked
her dinner.


Margot sat down next to Reinhardt on the lounge. Only
the kitchen light was on and Margot wore her night gown
and not just some transparent panty and no bra.

“Margot you really should know that I love you and you
have no idea. I am going to make a confession. It would
make you angry but I just want to let you know that you
are the only woman I love,” Reinhardt about to confess.

He told her that he had been seeing prostitutes for
anal sex because she never gave it to him before. But
that he never loved any of the prostitutes and that
every time he fucked them on the ass, he was imagining
that he was doing it with Margot and not with the woman
he was actually fucking with at the time.

“So you have been having sex with hookers,” Margot was

“I never loved any of them. a guy has some needs and
his partner was not going to give it to him. What do
you expect?” Reinhardt cried.

“Typical man,” Margot getting up.

Margot made herself a cup of coffee and Reinhardt gave
her some time to be with herself and this was the first
night since she had been obedient to him that she was
allowed to roam around as feely as she could and in
anyway she wanted to.

He turned on the TV.

“Sweetheart what kind of film would you like to watch?”
Reinhardt asked her lovingly.

Margot joined him and she made him watch some romance
film (Mamma Mia on Blue Ray Disc) with her (he was ok
with that as it made them bond). He was playing with
her hair as she laid her head on his lap and they spoke
in a much softer tone. Not as “master and slave” but as
equals and lovers.

“Reinhardt could I go see those hookers that you were
seeing?” Margot asked.

“What?? Why??” Reinhardt was surprised.

“Do you really love me?” Margot looked at him.

“Of course I do,” Reinhardt responded.

“I mean if you love me you would make it up to me too,

Margot wanting to be sure.

Reinhardt was not sure but then gave in.

“Ok. We’ll see them on Saturday afternoon. I love you.
I don’t know why but I guess you want answers for
yourself and you won’t be satisfied with mine,”
Reinhardt giving in.

“You know since I am your slave…” Margot trying to be

“I’m sorry about that. Look you’re my girlfriend. I
don’t take you for a slave,” Reinhardt feeling guilty
and also aware that she was playing this game with him.

“Just be honest with me. Have you been fucking other
women? Not prostitutes. I mean we’re living in Germany
and people have sex with strangers all the time,”
Margot teasing him, as she really didn’t care if he did
fuck other women.

He knew she meant one night stands with women from

“Ok. Before we got together again, yes I did. These
last four years no. you’re the only one I did it with,”
Reinhardt being straightforward.

“Oh,” Margot was surprised but liked the answer she
heard and she didn’t doubt it.

“For tonight can we get off this subject Saturday I’ll
take you the brothel I go to and you can interrogate
the girls their yourself and I’ll just tell that guy
(the pimp) some cock up story why we are there.
Afterwards I’ll take you out for lunch or dinner. How
does that sound?” Reinhardt asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Margot agreed.

“Look can we have sex later?” Reinhardt asked her.

“I am still not ok with anal. I mean my ass really
can’t take it,” Margot looked sad.

“We don’t have to have anal sex. I just want us to have
a romantic evening. I mean I am not living with you
just to make my dick happy,” Reinhardt admitted.

“You know I think I am in the mood for some nice hot
chocolate,” Margot teasing her boyfriend by moving her
finger on his nose.

She was being funny and sing his guilt to make him make
it up to her.

“Ok. Is it two spoons of sugar?” Reinhardt starting to
feel happy that his girlfriend was behaving like her
old self.

“Make it three. And milk. Now before you go give me a
kiss,” Margot getting up from his lap and they were



Reinhardt was talking with his usual pimp outside the
brothel’s doorway.

Margot was inside one the whore rooms. She was talking
to a girl named Candy, a hooker with pink hair and kind
of looked like the singer Britney Spears, dressed in
lacy lingerie and push-up bra.

They were both sat on the bed and Margot paid Candy
roughly about € 100 to tell him how Reinhardt had sex
with her. Every detail.

“Well he would tie me up but I face the bed. He
sometimes would pay in advance like 50 Euros for me to
dye my hair brown. Brown like yours just for the day.
He would fuck me and call me Margot. He would say how
much he loves me and how he has finally conquered me
and that I am all his. Really romantic but he gets
carried away and my ass really hurts but he pays really
well. But his cock is big and my ass really hurts.
Whoever this Margot is I feel sorry for her,” Candy
said and she lit up a cigarette just for herself.

“You smoke?” Candy asked, as she puffed.

“No. Why do you feel sorry for this Margot. You said
that he really loves her,” Margot trying not to smile
as she actually was starting to like Candy’s answer.

“He would fuck me and pretend I am Margot and say to me
‘I love you Margot’ ‘I love you Margot’. And that
Margot’s ass is finally his after all this time and
that her ass is the only ass he wanted to fuck. I know
it does sound romantic…” Candy continuing to talk.

Margot got up and took out another €50 bill and handed
it to Candy.

“Thanks for your time Candy,” Margot smiled and kissed
the hooker on the cheek, then left.

Margot went back to see her boyfriend and they both
left the brothel.


Margot and Reinhardt dined in an expensive Chinese
restaurant and Reinhardt was paying for it (not
complaining for what he put Margot through).

Margot used her fork to pin her chicken meat and she
ate it, munching it.

“So did you get your answers?” Reinhardt asked.

Margot nodded, with a smile.

“Reinhardt we can have anal sex tonight,” Margot told

“What??” Reinhardt was caught off guard.

“I mean you are doing it because you love me right,”
Margot said.

“But I thought you found it painful??” Reinhardt was

“You can do it slowly and gently can’t you,” Margot

“Of course I can,” Reinhardt digging in into his
Chicken Chow Mein.


Reinhardt was fucking Margot from behind while they
both laid parallel within the blanket and on the bed.
Reinhardt did it slowly and not so fast. Margot made a
low scream and she realised that her ass was getting
used to this type of sex at last.

After Reinhardt took her from behind, he withdrew his
cock and they just lied on the bed.

“You know that felt good,” Margot commented.

“Do you want to do it again?” Reinhardt asked her.

“You know that Candy is such a nice girl. She told me

Margot smiled towards Reinhardt in that darkness.

“So you really believe me when I say I love you and you
are the only one I’d rather do it with??” Reinhardt
trying to confirm.

“Yes,” Margot cried with joy.

“You know I am happy that you are happy. Look now that
we are having this type of sex I won’t go see the
hookers anymore,” Reinhardt said.

“You know I think you and I should go and hire Candy
out for a threesome,” Margot suggesting.

Reinhardt could not believe what he was hearing but he
liked it.

“You mean you want to,” Reinhardt smiled back.

“Hey how about we also take turns with her,” Margot

“Turns with her? Like make love to her or fuck her?”
Reinhardt said.

“Like sometimes we have sex at the same time. All three
of us but I was thinking like having sex with her the
way you have sex with her,” Margot being kinky.

“I get it. You want to tie her up to and fuck her ass
with a dildo,” Reinhardt said.

“Yes. I wanna have power too. I think I wanna try women
out too.

For sex only of course. Margot starting to laugh.

“Whatever makes you happy,” Reinhardt coming over to
her and giving her a hug.

“I think I wanna make her dye her hair blond while
doing it to her. Some Blonde women make me mad and I
sometimes imagine putting them in their place,” Margot
also now getting carried away.

“I’ll support you if it makes you happy,” Reinhardt
kissing her.