Teen whores action in the mall

The three teenage girls sat in the food court of the
mall, trying to appear bored and uninterested and
incredibly seductive all at the same time. Each girl
thought they were far sexier than they actually were,
and it showed.

“Oh, damn, it’s Alexis” Britney said.

“Where?” Jessica turned to look around.

“She just walked in, I mean, look at her, she’s dressed
like 1950.”

“How can anyone be so conservative? She’d probably die
of embarrassment if anyone ever saw her bra strap.”

“And she is soooo full of herself.” Tammy chimed in. “I
heard that Dave Metzler called her for a date, and she
turned him down.”

That comment almost brought Tammy out of her chair; she
had begun dating Dave a week before, and thought she
had made a real conquest.

“What a slut!” Tammy said. “Who the hell does she think
she is? I am sooo sick of her.

“Someone ought to teach her a lesson, really put her in
her place.”

Britney lowered her head, and whispered, “And I know
just how to do it.” The other girls leaned closer to

Alexis, of course, was totally unaware of all that. She
was a bit apprehensive and self conscious. This was a
“new” mall for her, and THIS time, she was determined
to be just another normal, unimportant customer. Here
to do some shopping and browsing. She was NOT going to
get into ANY kind of trouble. She had learned her
lesson. She was just going to spend the afternoon
minding her own business.

She was walking through the food court, and jumped
about a foot when she heard her name called out. She
looked around, and didn’t see any of her friends. And
after all, “Alexis” wasn’t really a very common name.

She looked around a 2nd time, and saw 3 girls at a
table, who were waving to her. Curious, and cautious,
she walked over to them.

They quickly introduced themselves, and mentioned a
couple classes and teachers from school they had in

“We’ve never seen you here at the mall before,” Tammy

Alexis stalled for a moment. “Well, you know, your
“regular” mall gets to be boring after awhile; I just
wanted to see what was different here.”

“Oh this place has just tons of great outfits!” Jessica
said, “Really sexy, hot stuff.”

All three girls closely watched the fourteen year olds
reaction at the suggestion of “sexy, hot stuff” They
were just slightly thrown off when she didn’t react at

“Come on,” Britney told her, “you can join us while we

Alexis was really surprised at the offer, but grateful
too. She couldn’t get into any trouble just shopping
with her new friends!

The four girls left the food court and began their
shopping hunt. They looked over clothes, tried clothes
on, critiqued each other, and gossiped about school and
boys and other girls. They made every effort to make
Alexis “one of the group”. Raving about how great the
outfits looked on her.

And Alexis was happy about it, never once suspecting
the girls might have something other than friendship
planned for her.

They finally found a one piece swimsuit, all three of
her new “friends” were crazy over it, raving about how
hot it would look on her, how there was not a guy in
the state who would not be drooling over her, if she
wore that to the beach. She simply HAD to have it.

Alexis was a bit confused. It just wasn’t that hot or
sexy to her. There were certainly suits in the shop
that were far more revealing. She began to blush. When
it came to “revealing” and having guys “drooling over
her” at the beach, NO ONE could out do her, much to her
embarrassment. She decided not to mention THAT episode
to the other girls.

She had just about decided to get it, when Tammy made
up her mind. “Well, if you don’t want it, I will get
it. I was holding back, so we both wouldn’t get the
same suit that would clash. Two girls should not be
wearing the same outfit at the same time.”

Alexis didn’t really see what it mattered, but she was
not about to disagree with her new friends and upset
them. Besides, it was just a swim suit. Tammy paid for
the suit, without even trying it on, and the girls left
the store.

They did a bit more window shopping, but showed no
interest in really buying anything. Then there was the
announcement, the Mall would be closing in one half
hour. The got to the food court, when suddenly, Jessica
began going on again about how fantastic that swim suit
would look on Alexis. “You never even tried it on,
Alexis. You really should at least try it on.”

Tammy said, “Sure, Alexis, and if you really like it,
you can just pay me for it, I won’t even charge you the
damn sales tax. But you HAVE to try it on!”

“You mean go home with you?” The fourteen year old
hated to sound like a little kid in front of her new
friends, but she said, “I’d have to call my parents,
and let them know I will be home later than I

The girls laughed lightly. “No, silly. You can try it
on here, we’ll just go into the ladies room. We paid
for the suit, it’s ok, just to try it on quick.” You
really HAVE to try it on, trust me.” The other two
girls chimed in, encouraging her to try on the swim

Alexis looked at her watch. “I don’t know if we have
time. I don’t want to miss my bus home, I don’t know
when the next bus is.”

“Oh, don’t worry, you got us taking care of you.”
Alexis never caught the double edged meaning of what
the girl had just said.

Worried about the time, the young teenager got up and
hurried to the women’s restroom, her new “friends”
close behind. She walked in and looked around. “There’s
really no place to actually change in here.”

Tammy shrugged. “We can go into the “handicapped”
stall, it’s extra big, to make room for wheelchairs.

Together, they entered the large stall. Before Alexis
could object to anything else, Tammy told her, “I’ll
hold your clothes while you try on the suit.”

Alexis was embarrassed, but would never admit it. Sure
she had changed in front of other girls, but that was
in the school locker room, not a small stall in a
public Mall. She took off her tee shirt, and handed it
to her friend. Next came her sneakers, but she kept her
socks on, somehow, one always thinks of the floors of
public restrooms as dirty, and she didn’t want to be in
her bare feet. She slid down her jeans and took them
off, handing them to the older girl.

Then she was in her bra and panties. “Give me the swim

Tammy laughed. “You can’t see if it fits right with
your underwear on. You only have to keep your underwear
on before you buy it, when it’s still in the store.
It’s ok, no different that changing after gym class,
we’re both girls. Hurry, before the place closes.”

Blushing, Alexis turned from Tammy and took off her
bra, then handed it to her. Finally, her panties,
leaving herself in nothing but socks. She had not even
noticed that her “friend” had been passing her clothes
out to the other girls.

Tammy pretended to look in her shopping bag, after she
dropped Alexis’s bra and panties into it. “Damn,
Jessica, do you have the bag with the swim suit?”

“Yes, I think I have it.”

She looked at Alexis innocently. “I’ll get it.” As if
she expected Alexis to step out for it, undressed like
she was. Before the nearly nude teenager could say
anything, Tammy was out of the stall. Alexis heard
howls of laughter as the three older teens rushed from
the rest room, with all her clothes! Alexis rushed out
of the stall to follow them, to get her clothes back,
then stopped dead, remembering she was nude. HOW COULD

Quickly, before anyone else walked in, she ducked back
into the large stall. She sat down on the toilet, ready
to cry. She was beginning to feel like she was nothing
but a character in a story, and the author kept putting
her in these ridicules situations just for peoples
reading enjoyment! But, she was NOT a character in some
story. What she was, was nude and in a public bathroom.
Of all the stupid, dumb places to be trapped.

The question was, how to get out of here? She couldn’t
just walk out nude, not even with the excuse that her
“new” friends had stolen her clothes. BUT… she could
wait there, until she was certain everyone had left,
the Mall was empty, and no one would see. She’d be
safe. Then?

There must be janitor’s closets or rooms, and they wore
uniforms! Maybe she could find one, and borrow a
uniform or at least a jacket or something, anything to
cover herself to get out of the mall and home.

She tried to make herself as comfortable as possible
while she waited. And waited and waited. She quickly
learned that sitting around nude in a bathroom is NOT
comfortable. For one thing, it was chilly. The teenager
was getting cold, she had goosebumps all over her body,
and her nipples were starting to stiffen up.

She rubbed her arms, to warm herself, then her hands
strayed over her breasts, massaging them. She felt
tingles running through her body. Her nipples stiffened
even harder, and this time, not from the cold. It just
felt gooood. Her other hand strayed down to her lower
stomach, then started moving even lower yet. She
remembered where she was, and mentally slapped her own
hand away. This was NO time to start playing with
herself! Besides, she admitted to herself, she did more
than enough of that back in her room.

Without a watch, she had no idea how long she had been
sitting there. It sure was quiet, very very quiet. She
opened the stall door and stepped out. She stood there
by the sinks, trying to gather her courage to walk out
of the bathroom, her hand resting on the paper towel

The paper towels! It was a stroke of genius. She could
wrap herself in the towels, then walk out! She began
pulling the towels out, she had about enough to cover
half her body, when the dispenser ran empty. She threw
them on the floor and was about to start crying when
she heard a noise. A squeaky noise, and a rolling sound
noise. Then a male voice!

“I hope this one isn’t too trashed, I want to get out
of here on time tonight.

The janitors! It never occurred to her that Mall
janitors had to stay after the place closed, and clean
up. She sprung back into the large stall, sat down and
put her feet up against the door, shoving it closed
with all her strength.

“GOD DAMN, SON OF A BITCH!” She heard the janitor yell.
“The damn kids did it again! What is wrong with them,
anyway? Just once, I’d love to get my hands on one of
the little bastards.

Even as scared as she was, she had to clamp one hand
over her mouth to keep from giggling as she thought “I
bet you’d like to get your hands on ME, right now!”
Alexis heard him gathering up the paper toweling she
had tried to wrap around her, then a wet, slopping,
pouring water sound. She couldn’t figure out what it
was at first, then realized, he was mopping the floor.
That meant, he would try to mop in her stall! She sat
on the seat and put her feet up against the door,
pushing with all her strength.

It never occurred to the panicked teenager that she
could talk to the man through the door, change the
story a bit, say she was forced by someone with a
knife, and get help. Instead, she was frantic not to be
seen. Her fear and her sitting position, the strength
in her long, sexy legs, gave her far greater leverage
than the angry janitor had.

She felt him push against the door, then push harder.
But there was no way he was going to force it open. She
only hoped he would not try to slide in UNDER the door!
Of course, she had not accounted for the general
laziness of janitor’s world wide.

“Son of a bitching damn kids! Just once, I’d like to
get my hands on the little bastards!” He said again.
Obviously, he said it so often he never realized it.

The janitor pushed a bit harder, then gave up. “Fuck
it, let building maintenance take care of it in the
morning.” he muttered to himself.

Alexis heard his mop bucket being rolled out the door.
Then it became quiet. Very, very quiet, for a long
time. She finally relaxed her trembling legs, there was
no need to keep forcing the door closed. She had no
idea how long she had been in that rest room!

She jumped when the lights went out. GREAT! Now she
was nude, AND in the dark! As she sat there trying to
figure out what to do next, her eyes began to adjust.
She realized it was not totally dark. There were a
couple dim emergency lights, so she could at least see
and not trip over anything and break her leg.

She eased open the stall door, the creaking of the
hinges sounding extra loud in the dead silence. The
only other advantage she had, being in her socks, she
was totally silent herself. She was also totally

She moved towards the doorway and carefully. Luckily,
there was no door, so she was not worried about being
locked in. It was designed in an S shape, no door was
needed because no one outside could see around the
curved walls. She carefully peeked out, no one in

Naked, cold, scared, Alexis stepped out into the food
court. There were more lights out here, but it was
still dim. She kept close to the wall, the lights were
brighter in the center of the court. She cursed
herself, for not paying more attention while she was
wandering around with her so called “friends”. She had
no idea where the phones were in this mall! Still, it
shouldn’t take her long to find them.

BUZZT, BUZZT, BUZZT, BUZZT. Mike Nalis stirred from his
basketball game, annoyed at the internal alarm going
off. Probably another bird got inside and now, flying
around, trying to find its way out, was setting off the
alarm and interrupting him. And he had 10 bucks riding
on this good for nothing team, too. Bored, lazy, he
simply reached over and turned the alarm off.

BUZZT, BUZZT, BUZZT. The alarm sounded again. Cursing,
he switched from the game, to the Malls security
cameras. He checked the “zone” the alarm was coming
from, and switched to that particular camera. And about
fell out of his chair he sat up so fast.

“Greg, get over here, quick!” He yelled to the other

Greg yawned, he had been napping. The guards took turns
sleeping. There always had to be at least two guards on
duty at night, but it was so boring, it was impossible
to say awake the entire night. So they took turns,
screw the managers. “What is it, another druggy trying
to break in?”

“Get over here, asshole, you’re missing it”.

Greg moved faster than normal. Something in Mike’s
voice told him, this was NOT your average break in. He
sat down beside Mike and looked at the monitor. “WHAT

“I have no idea. That broad has GOT to be flying on
drugs. Probably hid in the ceiling till we closed,
figuring to find a store unlocked.” It was a problem
all Malls had, every once in awhile, someone, usually
kids, would go into the restroom, climb up, lift the
fake ceiling tile and climb up into the real ceiling,
among the piping and vents and a/c shafts.

“Stark naked?”

“A run away, off the street, her clothes in rags. She
hides in the ceiling section, waits till we’re closed,
leaves her rags behind, figures she’ll get some new
things, and walk out in the morning, just another

“I don’t think so, look at her.”

“I’m looking, I’m looking. Fuck, what a body she has!”

“I don’t mean that, I mean, look at her. Street kids
are dirty, I’ve seen some who don’t wash their hair for
a month. She’s clean, her hair is clean, AND, you’ll
notice, she’s not even trying to rattle doors, trying
to find an open one.

“Sooo, what the hell is she up to?”

“Damned if I know,” he grinned, “lets watch and find

Alexis, totally unaware that she was not only on
camera, but being taped as well, was going down the
main Mall corridor. The phones would probably not be in
any of the main sections, they would be down one of the
side wings, where the people on the phone would not
create a traffic jam in the busy shopping time, and it
would be quieter, so you could hear who you were

It felt so WIERD! Walking around nude, where only an
hour or so before, there had been hundreds of people
here. She began to relax as she walked. There was NO
ONE here, it was exciting to think how they would have
reacted if she’s walked around like this when they WERE

The nude girl experienced a tingling, itching
sensation, in her twat, imagining being nude in a Mall
full of shoppers. It was a sensation she was well used
to, and she knew how to satisfy it. But this was not
the time and definitely not the place to take care of

“So what the hell is she after? Just some crazy teenage
dare, ‘go to the Mall, wait till they close and walk
around nude?’

Who would be dumb enough to accept a dare like that?

Greg pointed towards the screen. “She would.”

Alexis found the phones, FINALLY! She thought. As she
was reaching to pick the first one up, she stopped and
groaned. She didn’t have any money! How could she make
a call from a pay phone with coins? She sat down on a
bench, she was about ready to cry.

Maybe she should go cry in the center Mall fountain, at
least no one would notice. THE FOUNTAIN! People threw
coins in the fountain, she had seen them do it, she
even did it herself once, making a silly wish. Pity she
hadn’t wished that she could keep her damn clothes on!
Somehow, someday, she was going to get sooooo even with
those three bitches! But for right now, there was the
money in the fountain to deal with.

She jumped up and sprinted for the center of the Mall,
in her socks, she was totally silent, only the sound of
her breathing.

In a way, she thought, this is really neat! Running
naked in silence, like some wild, erotic dream.

“Where the hell is she going now?” Greg asked.

“Who gives a fuck, she can’t get out, all the doors are
locked. God, look at that body! Such great tits, and
they don’t even wobble, they are firm and tight.”

“I just bet she is tight. What a fucking hot body.”

Alexis was at the fountain in no time, not even panting
from her run. She walked to the stairs “bridge” that
crossed over the large pool of water. YES! There were
all sorts of coins, plenty of pennies, which she
couldn’t use in a pay phone, but nickels, dimes, even
quarters! She stood there for a moment, considering.
She would only take what she needed for a call, well,
maybe two calls. No one could ever accuse her of
stealing that way.

She went down the stairs to the edge of the fountain,
sat down on a bench and pealed off her socks.

“Don’t tell me, is she going to take a fucking bath in
the fountain now?”

“With this crazy bitch, who knows what she’s going to
do next!”

Greg stared at the screen, and licked his lips. He
glanced quickly at his partner. “Sorry, but I just
can’t hold off any longer.” He unzipped his pants and
pulled out his cock, and began stroking himself. Mike
looked at him, grinned and undid his own pants, freeing
his erection. It was not the first time they had
masturbated in front of each other. In fact, it was
fairly common.

Babysitting an empty mall very quickly got boring as
hell, and working the night shift cut into their
dating, and hence sex life, badly. So they brought in
porno DVD’s to watch, and help the nights pass quicker.
They weren’t gay, hadn’t even touched each others
cocks, they had restricted everything to each pulling
his own dick.

Still totally unaware of the wildly erotic show she was
putting on, Alexis put one foot in the water. She was
expecting it to be icy cold, but it was warm. In fact,
it was very warm. She walked out into the fountain, the
water felt good on her bare legs. She picked up a
couple dollars worth of quarters, and dropped them next
to her socks. She hesitated before getting out of the
fountain. This was the nicest thing she’d experienced
yet today!

She remembered what her father always told her. “Take
advantage of your opportunities when you have them, you
never know when you might get a second chance to do
something. Well, she certainly was not, never, ever,
going to get the “opportunity” to do this again! But
swimming nude in a Mall center fountain! It was a wild
secret, she could never share with anyone! (She still
had absolutely no idea she had been sharing her entire
nude adventure with two security guards and a video

She waded to the fountain, then stepped beneath the
cascading water. It felt totally AMAZING! Taking a
shower, in the middle of a Mall, stark naked! For just
those few minutes, she actually thanked the three
bitches for what they did to her. She stood there,
letting the water flow over her bare body, not caring
about anything in the world.

Mike was slowly, gently stroking his hard cock. He
could NOT believe the show this girl was putting on for
them. Did she suspect she was on camera, and showing
off? He doubted that, there were no sly glances around,
up towards the ceiling, looking for the camera she
pretended not to know was there. This dumb bitch really
didn’t know about the security cameras.

After a few minutes of letting the warm water flow down
her body, Alexis decided to permit herself a bit of
pleasure. Since the water had been flowing DOWN her
naked body, it was time it flowed UP her body! She
waded over to one of the gentler upwards shooting
streams, and stepped over it, straddling her long, firm
legs, letting the water gush up into her cunt.

She slowly slid her hands over her breasts, down her
body to her groin, then pulled her pussy open. Her eyes
bulged behind closed lids as the water penetrated deep
up her virginal canal. She was glad she was in the
water, she was so hot, she thought she would explode in
flames is she were anywhere dry.

She was not the only one about to explode! Greg
couldn’t control himself either. He pulled his hanky
out of his pocket, and with a sheepish grin to his
partner, “Sorry, pal, I can’t hold back any longer, she
is just too fucking hot!”

“Not me,” Mike said, “my load is going right in her,
one hole or the other.”

“My SECOND load will be in the bitch, and she will have
to work harder to get it! Greg gasped in response.

Mikes eyes widened in sudden understanding of Greg’s
intent. “But you know” he gasped as he sped up his own
stroking motion, “it’s rape”

“Fuck, the jury sees this tape, not one would ever
convict us, after the show she is putting on.”

Still in the pool, Alexis moved slightly, squatted a
bit more and groaned as the water squirted upwards
against her asshole. Her entire body began to tremble
as her orgasm hit her, no, it was more like it slammed
into her. The force of the water over her cunt and her
asshole was too much, she felt like every nerve was


“Me tooooooo!” Mike groaned and he held his hanky over
the head of his cock.

“DAMNNNNN, me too!” Greg joined him. The two guards sat
there silently, waiting for their dicks to drain into
their hankies. They each wiped themselves off, and sat
back, waiting to get their breathing down to regular.

Alexis, of course, was now sitting down in the warm
water, coming down from her own fountain orgasm high.
She leaned back in the water, till she was almost
floating, almost, the fountain wasn’t quite deep
enough. She suddenly realized how ridiculous she would
look, if anyone every did see her.

She hurried out of the pool, gathered up her socks and
the quarters, and ran silently back to the phones, the
running made her wet body seem cold, her nipples
stiffened up again.

“So what is she doing now? Greg asked. He had put his
cock back in his pants and zipped up. The sexual relief
over, it was back to business, for now.

“Damned if I know, maybe she filled the dare, and now
she thinks she’s going to call someone to come get her.

Greg laughed. She is about to be really disappointed.

“Yea, I guess it’s time I brought her in.” He grinned
as he looked at his partner. “Keep an eye on her.” they
both laughed.

Alexis reached the phones and quickly dropped a couple
coins in. She listened for the dial tone, and heard
nothing but silence. Was the phone dead? She moved the
coin return lever, and collected her quarters when they
dropped into the change return. She tried each of the
other phones. All were the same. She slumped against
the phone side. NOW what was she going to do? Stay here
all night long? Her parents were going to be furious
with her. She was going to be grounded till she was 21!
She looked down at her naked, wet body. Maybe till she
was 35!


The sound of another voice, the first real sound she
had heard in what seemed like hours, and made extra
loud by the silence, made the fourteen year old jump a
foot into the air. She spun, automatically trying to
cover her breasts and pussy with her hands and arms.

“Who, who are you?” She immediately realized what a
stupid question it was. He was obviously a cop, or at
least Mall security.

“What are you doing in here, we closed a couple hours
ago. You’re trespassing.”

Alexis considered what to tell him. No matter what she
said, it would sound insane.

“Turn around.” He took a pair of handcuffs out of his
belt. Mall security guards weren’t supposed to carry
hand cuffs, but most of the shop lifters and fighters
they dealt with didn’t know that. He was certain this
naked girl didn’t know it either. He wasn’t worried
about her trying to escape, where could she go, after
all? He just wanted her hands behind her, not hiding
those fantastic tits of hers.

Alexis didn’t even try to resist, just turned around
and put her hands behind her back. In seconds, she was
cuffed and being escorted down the mall corridors. Mike
could have taken the short route, there were security
hallways running between stores, most people didn’t
know about.

But he was in no hurry at all. They got to the security
office, Mike held the door open for her, his hand on
low on her back to “help” her through the door way.
Very low on her back, in fact. It was practically on
her ass.

Here, in the brightly lit security office, Alexis felt
far more exposed than she had before. There’s just
something about authority that creates that reaction.

“Set down in that chair, and don’t say a word” Mike
told her. He sat himself in front of a computer,
apparently totally ignoring the teenage girl’s nudity.
There was another guard here in the office, and he was
doing anything BUT ignoring her naked body. He was
openly leering at her, studying every inch of her
exposed skin.

Mike asked her her name, Alexis answered automatically.
He began typing into the computer. After a few minutes,
he leaned back and looked at her, but he seemed to be
having trouble talking to her face, his eyes were
everywhere but her face. “You aren’t on any shoplifting
or bar from mall lists.”

Alexis let out a mental sigh of relief. The guys at the
other malls had kept their word, and not reported her.
Well, considering what she had done for them, she
deserved to be let off.

“The question is, what do we do about you? You’ve
broken the law, you’ve trespassed.”

“And if we tried, we could probably find a few other
things to write you up for.”

Alexis decided to try for sympathy. “But please, it
wasn’t my fault!” I was about to leave the mall, get my
bus home, but I had to use the rest room. Three girls
came in, and mugged me, they said they had knives, I
didn’t see them, I mean, they weren’t holding them, but
I couldn’t take that chance, could I?” They told me to
give them my clothes. They took my clothes and then ran

“I couldn’t just walk out into the mall stark naked! I
hid in the restroom till I thought everyone had gone
home, and the mall was empty. Then I came out and tried
to use the phone, to call my parents to come and get

“Well, there’s a bit more too it than that, isn’t
there? Like your little bath in the center fountain?”

“I had to go in the water to get quarters for the

Mike turned the monitor screen enough so Alexis could
see it, rewound the security tape to the frame where
she squatted over the fountain jet, then pressed play.
The embarrassed girl had to set there and watch herself
have her orgasm, while the guards watched too. When the
tape stopped, Alexis hung her head in shame.

Greg stepped close to her, reached out, and took a
handful of her hair. “You’re still wet, you could catch
cold.” He walked away from her, went into the stolen
property room and came back a few minutes later, with a
hair dryer. He plugged it in and handed it to her. She
took it gratefully, and began drying her hair.

Mike got up and motioned Greg to a corner of the room.

“Ok, the good cop, bad cop routine is working perfect
on her. We can convince her to do anything to get out
of this. You know, in a weird way, I can believe her
story. Well, most of it anyway.”

The two guards walked back to Alexis. “So what do we do
about you?”

“Please, let me go, none of this was my fault! I didn’t
steal anything, the money I took from the fountain was
only to make the phone call to get out of here!”

“BUTTT, you are still trespassing.”

“Please, just let me go?”

“Just let you go?” And spend the rest of the night
worrying about our jobs? We’re paid so things like this
don’t happen! But I don’t feel like sitting here for
the next hour or so doing the paperwork, not with the
hard on you’ve given me. So, you do something for us,
we’d do something for you, and no one ever knows this

What choice did she have? But at least she knew her
parents would never find out. But she could not bring
herself to actually say “yes.” She just nodded.

Mike uncuffed her and told her to stand up. The took
positions on each side of her, and began running their
hands over her body, stopping only long enough to take
their cocks out of their pants, letting their erections
spring free, then back to feeling her up.

Fingers began to work their way into her pussy, into
the crack of her ass. She felt two hard dicks pressing
against her legs. She felt them, but didn’t see them,
her eye were closed, lost in the sensation of hands and
fingers on the most private parts of her body.

She was becoming such a slut! Letting herself be used
this way, to keep from being punished. She told
herself she was doing it for her parents, to spare them
the shame of her name being in the papers. Her hands
slid down, found the hard cocks and closed around them.

She began stroking them, short, quick jerks, it was
difficult to get any real sense of rhythm going, under
the circumstances. She was almost to the brink of her
orgasm when both men stiffened up, she felt their cocks
harden even more, the spasm. She felt the hot cum spurt
onto her legs and sides. Instinctively, she tugged even
harder, milking them for ever spurt of cum.

When they had both dribbled to a stop, she leg go of
their dicks. She realized they had stopped feeling and
probing her! She was on the edge of cumming, they
couldn’t do that to her!

But they could. Both men were wiping their cocks off
with tissue, they handed her the box, to wipe their cum
off her. Greg took the hair dryer back to the stolen
property room, and came back with jeans, sneakers and a
tee shirt for her.

“I’ll give you a ride home. We’re not supposed to leave
the building with just one guard on duty, but if you
don’t tell, we won’t tell.” He grinned at his own joke,
Alexis was hardly likely to report them!

It seemed very odd, but getting dressed in front of the
men seemed far more embarrassing than letting them play
with her, or even than jerking them off.

Mike led her out the back security office door, to his
car and then to her neighborhood.

“Just tell your parents you missed the last bus, you
had to walk a few streets to the next line.” That was
the entire conversation since leaving the mall.

Just before she got out of the car, a few streets from
her house, he handed her a DVD.

“What’s this?”

Mike laughed. “The recording of your experience in the
mall, for a keepsake. Thought you might enjoy watching
it when you get home, and while you finish what we
started back there.” He gave her braless tit one final
squeeze, let her out and drove away.

Alexis started to blush. They had all ready guessed she
was going to masturbate when she got home.