Happy Anniversary – orgasm after orgasm

After five years of marriage and an increasingly adventurous sex life
together, Bill knew just what to get for his wife, Sally, as an anniversary

Every year on their anniversary, Bill and Sally went to a nice 5-star hotel
in the city, had dinner out at one of the better restaurants and came back
to their room to re-create the first night of their honeymoon with very
wild sex. Each year they were more daring than before. On their first
anniversary Sally gave Bill his first true blow job, sucking him to the
root and swallowing his full load (she had sucked him before, but never
deep-throat, and never to climax). The second anniversary, Bill introduced
Sally to a little light bondage and the use of a blindfold to keep her
tingling for several hours as he probed her body with his tongue, tickled
her with feathers and finally fucked her without saying a word, letting her
imagination do much of the work. On their third nniversary, bill had taken
Sally by the hand and had her stand naked in front of the full-length
picture window in their 27th story room. He then entered her from behind
and fucked her to orgasm in front of the whole city (if anyone had been
watching). This was their first semi-public sex adventure. It had gone
on like that for severel more years each more daring than the last.

This year, Bill decided he would fulfill one of Sally’s most enduring
fantasies, one she often used to masturbate to very strong, almost violent,
orgasms: being taken from behind unexpectedly by an unknown cock of very
large proportions. This fantasy was so strong for Sally that Bill
sometimes used it while she was kneeling on the bed between his legs
sucking his cock with her ass in the air. He had only to mention that she
was in the “….perfect position for your mystery lover to ram his pole
into you…” before she would start to cum without being touched.

After they returned to the hotel from their very good dinner at the bistro
down the street, Bill and Sally headed for the shower. The soaped each
other all over, paying special attention to their private places, playing
the anticipation game before getting into the king-size bed in their suite.
Bill turned on the cable channel and called up one of the porn channels on
offer so they could watch while they played with each others’ bodies,
slowly beginning their foreplay.

After fifteen minutes of this, Bill rolled onto his back and said, “Suck

With a last lick of her tongue into his mouth, Sally slid down his torso,
stopping on the way to bite his nipples, and proceeded to his cock which
she slid into her mouth. Her long black hair cascaded over Bill’s groin,
hiding the sight of his wife’s mouth on his cock and he lifted her hair to
one side so he could see as well as feel her mouth sliding up and down.

Beyond the foot of the bed he could also see the door to the adjoining
suite silently swing open as the man he had hired stepped into their room,
naked and ready for action. His cock was fully twice the size of Bill’s,
both in length and breadth. He held it in his right hand and slowly
stroked it, speading copious amounts of pre-cum along its length.

“Honey,” Bill said, “I’ve decided that tonight you are going to get to
live out your fantasy, if you want to.” “Would you like that.”

This was an old verbal game they played.

“Oh, Yes,” Sally answered, between sucks. “give it to me.”

In the past this had been the signal for Bill to switch positions and mount
Sally from behind, playing the part of the faceless man. She would put her
head down into the pillows and he would drive into her from the rear
mercilously while she had orgasm after orgasm.

But tonight was different. As soon and she said “give it to me” the young
stud drove his cock to the balls into her and started pumping her pussy
harder than she had ever been fucked. Her initial reaction was let out a
groan and try to look behind her to see who was fucking her but Bill held
onto her head forcing her to look at him only.

“Suck me” he said again as she looked at him first with surprise on her
face and then, as her expression changed to one of lust, she lowered her
mouth to his cock again and swallowed its full length.

The stud fucked her to 4 or 5 full orgasms, slowing enough after each to
maintain his erection and avoid cumming himself. Bill came in her mouth
but stayed hard as she continued to suck him. Sally had long ago closed
her eyes to better concentrate on the feeling of a cock in her pussy and
another in her mouth. At one point she cheated by looking back underneath
herself beteen her legs but all she saw was a pendulous ball sack swinging
back and forth with each stroke and slapping her clit and mons like a
metronome. She had never seen such big balls and could feel that the cock
must have been proportional.

After fucking her steadily for 30 minutes the stud picked up the pace and
finally, with one massive thrust he came deep in her pussy. Sally felt
each spasm inside her as he pumped his seed into her. After waiting until
his cock had wilted a little, the stud slid out of her and again
disappeared through the door into the next suite, locking it behind

Sally flopped down on top of Bill with her legs still spread wide and his
stiff cock jumping
against her labia. She looked like she had been “…rode hard and put away
wet…” but she had a huge smile on her face.

Bill cock was drizzling pre-cum and he needed to fuck her even if she was
immobile. He rolled her off and onto her back and then he mounted her. As
he slid his cock into her he could feel the unique slickness
of a pussy filled with cum. Sally had enough energy to put her legs around
his waist
to give him a better angle and he fucked her hard until he, too, came.

When had had finished an they lay together, Sally asked him sleepily, “who
was it?”

“It was in your mind, Sally” Bill replied, “All in your mind.”

Sally never did know who had been behind her and, after a while she didn’t
care. The memory of that huge pole splitting her while she sucked on her
husband’s cock was enought to make her cum whenever she thought about it.
And she thought about it a lot anticipating the next anniversary.