Whipped And Raped Teenager

Often times, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed — and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear — and the consequences would be devastating.

Sally Tillerman — the heroine of WHIPPED AND RAPED TEENAGER — is an unwilling victim of a suburban subculture. Caught up in a covert world she never dreamed existed, Sally struggles to free herself — until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


“Ohhhh, yess! Fuck me, Johnny! I want your cock deep inside my pussy! I’m aching for a good fucking!” the young girl cried as she writhed about on the bed.

“Unnnnn! Yeah! Hot damn! Your cunt is so nice and tight, Sally! Ummmhhhh! I love fucking you! Damn! You gotta be the hottest little bitch in Hermosa Beach!” Johnny was fucking the pretty, young girl with powerful cock-thrusts into her tight, wet cunt, slamming forward so that his thick, hard prick slid deep into her pussy, parting her pink pussy-lips with the base of his thick cock. “Damn! My brother Billy said you were a hot cunt. Yeah! Nnnhhhh!”

The teenage girl smiled up at Johnny, licking her lips lasciviously, relishing the praise and admiration that the young man gave her. “Well, Johnny,” she said. “Am I as good in bed as your brother said I would be?” She punctuated her remarks by twisting her hips and arching her back, grinding her tight cunt forward to meet his mighty cock-thrusts into her pussy.

“You bet!” Johnny replied enthusiastically. He gasped for air and rammed into her cunt again, filling her pussy to overflowing with his rock-hard prick. Their naked bodies were entwined as they wrestled in sexual bliss, perspiration dripping onto the sheets. They were both enraptured with carnal desire and unbridled lust, humping and bucking, fucking unashamedly. “Goddammit! You’re even better than I thought!” Johnny exclaimed. “This is great!”

He reared back and plunged forward, his rapier-like prick slicing deep into her seething hot cunt, raking erotic sensations from her pussy. He began to fuck her hard and fast, pounding and slamming his prick into her cunt, his balls slapping her naked ass-cheeks, which clenched and became taut from the fucking.

“Ohhhhhhh, God! I love your cock! I love it!” she wailed. She was behaving like a wanton whore, and she knew it. But, Sally Tillerman didn’t give a damn. Ever since her parents had been killed in a plane crash, the eighteen-year-old beauty acted as though there were no tomorrow. She had moved from her fashionable Beverly Hills home and took up the life of a beach girl, frolicking on the beach by day, and fucking her brains out at night. First, it was Johnny’s older brother, the handsome surfer named Billy. Now, she was in the arms of Johnny, who was fucking her like a madman, slicing his stiff prick in and out of her ripe pussy.

“Unnnhhhhh! My cock is about ready to shoot! I… I think I’m gonna come!” Johnny shrieked.

“But, you can’t! Not yet! Wait for me!” Sally shouted. She stiffened her body and lay perfectly still, trying desperately to slow down the frenzied fucking motions that had brought the young man to the verge of shooting his load of jism into her hot, slick pussy. Cunt-juice was boiling in her cunt, stirred around by Johnny’s stiff prick. Beads of sweat formed a long, thin line on her forehead as she jerked her head back and forth, savoring the wonderful feelings that coursed through her pussy. “Just hold on a second more! I want to come, too!” Sally wanted her sexual gratification. So many times before, when she had fucked Billy, he had brought her right to the pinnacle of an orgasm, but she had never managed to climax. She groaned with ecstatic sexual delight, knowing that, before long, she would reach the big “O”, an orgasm that would drive her wild with passion.

Johnny’s face contorted as he tried to hold back the desire to come. Thick, hot jism pulsated in his balls and throbbed in his pounding prick. “I… I can’t hold it! Can’t do it!” he screamed as he rammed his hips forward, impaling her pussy on his thick, hard cock. The thick muscles on his shoulders and biceps tightened from the intense strain. His prick lurched and twitched in her pussy, throbbing against her tight, clenching cunt-walls which were lubricated with slick cunt-nectar. Pussy-juice leaked out of her cunt, trickling around the base of his prick and streaming obscenely down her deeply tanned thighs.

“Nooooooo!” she cried in frustration. “Please! I… I’ll only be a second!” she could feel her orgasm building, welling up inside of her cunt, ready to spill forth. Sally really needed to come — needed to climax in the worst way. She had been frustrated so many times before. The only person she had ever fucked before was Billy. But Billy never seemed to care about pleasing her. All he ever seemed to care about was his own sexual satisfaction. Sally hoped that Johnny would be different.

Suddenly, Johnny’s body stiffened. He plunged his prick as far into her cunt as his cock could penetrate. He gasped and shot his load. His spurting prick was jammed deep into her juicy pussy. She clenched the muscles in her pussy as she felt his scalding cum spurting out of his cock-slit, washing through her tight pussy, bathing her rippling pussy-walls with sticky, gooey jism.

“Unnnghhhhh! MMmmmhhhhh! Aaaahhhh! Fucking bitch!” Johnny shouted as he humped her with frenetic cock-thrusts that sent his quivering, spurting prick-shaft slamming balls-deep into her seething cunt. “Nice fuck! Unnhhh! Nice, tight cunt!” He was breathing hard, his bare chest heaving as his lungs filled with air. Again and again, he raped his spewing prick into, her pussy, cum spilling out of his cock-slit and filling her pussy-hole.

“Nooooooo! Goddammit!” she exclaimed in total frustration. She had been brought to the very edge, only to be left hanging, unfulfilled and frustrated.

The tingling sensations in her pussy began to dissipate rapidly as she felt Johnny’s prick getting soft and limp inside of her cunt. Sally wondered if she would ever experience an orgasm. This was getting to be a big drag, she thought.

What was the sense of fucking the guys at the beach if all they ever cared about was their own sexual gratification. Johnny gasped and rolled off of Sally’s beautiful, naked body. He tenderly pushed her hair out of her face, shrugged and said, “Sorry, Sally. I just couldn’t hold it any longer. You understand don’t you?”

Sally didn’t understand, and she wasn’t afraid to tell him so. “Fuck you, Johnny, you bastard!” she shouted angrily. “You don’t give a shit about me. Get the fuck out of here, will you? I just want to be alone.”

“All right, all right! Excuse me for living you little bitch. I bet you never spoke to my brother Billy like that. He’s liable to kick your fucking ass if you talk nasty to him.”

“Fuck your brother Billy! He’s an asshole too. Both of you are assholes. Now, get the fuck out of here, or I’ll call the cops.”

“Oh, yeah. What are you going to tell them? That I didn’t get you off when I fucked you? That you can’t have an orgasm? Ha! Ha! What, are they gonna arrest me for that? You dumb bitch. I’m leaving, just as soon as I get my pants on.” Johnny took his time getting his shorts on. Then he abruptly left. Pausing at the door, he shouted at Sally. “Billy’s gonna be plenty pissed off when he hears what you had to say about him. You better watch your ass, bitch. My brother can get real nasty when he’s mad.”

Sally threw a bathrobe around her naked body and dashed forward. She pushed Johnny out the door with all of her strength. “Fuck your asshole brother! He can go to hell in a basket for all I care!” She slammed the door behind the young man.

The angry young girl wiped away a tear from the corner of her eye and walked back into her bedroom. She scowled at the mussed up bed sheets, stained with drops of Johnny’s jism. Picking up a towel, she wiped the viscous mixture of cum and cunt-juice off of her thighs. Sticking her finger up her cunt, she unleashed a torrent of jism, which leaked out of her pussy and dripped onto the towel.

Sally stepped over to the mirror and looked at her reflection. The eighteen-year-old girl was proud of her looks. She had long, curly red hair that was soft and shimmering, with natural sandy highlights. Her hair was parted in the middle of her forehead, setting off her lovely amber eyes, her perky, upturned nose and her full-lipped mouth. She cupped her ripe, taut tits and ran her thumbs across her sensitive nipples, which stiffened and pointed skyward. Running her palms down her sleek curvaceous figure she stroked the vital contours of her luscious body. Her hips were full and curvy. Her ass-checks taut. Red cunt-hair fringed her pussy-mound. Her legs were long and lithe. Sally was beautiful and sexy. She always enjoyed admiring herself in the mirror.

Feeling a twinge of guilt, the pretty teenager strolled over to the night table beside her bed. She opened the drawer and pulled out a plastic, battery-operated, vibrating dildo that was shaped like a prick, only without the bulbous cock-knob. She stretched out on the bed and guided the dildo toward her pussy. She flinched as she felt the tip of the dildo touch her cunt-lips. Then she pressed a button on the base of the dildo and the plastic prick whirred softly and came to life, trembling in her hand.

“Mmmmm, yeah,” Sally cooed as she felt the quivering dildo touching her juicy pussy-lips, sending waves of luxurious erotic joy shooting through her hot cunt. “This is the real thing,” she muttered to herself as she slouched down and savored the tingling sensations which filled her needy cunt. She twisted her body around and arched her back, slowly inserting the dildo between her cunt-lips which spasmed in response. Cunt juice trickled out of her pussy and ran down her suntanned thighs in thin, slow-moving rivulets. Sally gasped, took in a deep breath and moved the vibrating dildo deeper and deeper into her seething hot cunt. Inch by inch, she shoved the plastic cock into her heated cunthole depths, moving the dildo across her clit which began to throb anxiously as tender shock waves shot through her pussy. Her cunt-walls constricted and secreted pussy-nectar at a rapid rate, lubricating her tight young twat, making it easy for the dildo to sluice into her cunt.

“Yeah, this is better than a real cock!” she exclaimed hoarsely. Then Sally shoved the vibrating dildo deep into her cunt, as far as it would go, penetrating her torrid pussy. “Unnnnnn! Yeah! Aaahhhhhh!” she wailed as she began to twist and turn, jerk and writhe in delirious sexual pleasure, relishing the wondrous sensations that poured through her pussy. Sally was going wild, enraptured by the dildo-fucking that was turning her on madly. She was sweating profusely as she pumped the plastic prick into the depths of her slick cunt. The tip of the dildo banged into her cunt-walls and took pleasure from her pussy. She was really turned on now, floating on a wind-swept cloud of obscene eroticism.

Her body quivered, her legs trembled, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She clenched her teeth as she felt her long-awaited orgasm coming on, reaching up to grab her and shake the daylights out of her. Her pussy spasmed, her cunt throbbed out of control. Her entire naked body was drenched with sweat as she bucked upward to gather all of the pleasure available from the penetrating dildo. As the dildo vibrated inside of her cunt, she could feel her pussy-walls constricting, pulsating, clenching around the plastic prick, clamping down and holding on tight. Her pussy worked of its own accord.

“Aaaaghhhhhhhh!” she wailed as her orgasm hit her, sending mind-bending chills coursing through her pussy, thrilling sensation rushing through her veins and spilling over in her brain.

Lost in a crazy quilt of passion and obscene lust, she writhed about on the sweat-dampened sheets, savoring the powerful climax that tore into her very soul and sent her off into a netherworld of thrilling, spine-chilling eroticism.

“Aaaaeeeee!” she wailed again, jerking and bucking, her fist clenched tightly around the base of the vibrating dildo, furiously pumping the plastic prick again and again into her slick, hot cunt.

All too soon, it was over. She was spent, her climax suffusing, dissipating rapidly. She ceased her frenzied movements and sighed with relief, her passion fulfilled, her body’s demands satisfied, her lewd desire for sexual gratification satiated. She took a deep breath, her tits heaving as she gasped for air.

Physically exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained, she lay sprawled out on the bed. She could feel pussy-nectar trickling obscenely down her brown thighs and drying on her smooth flesh.

Looking down, she shrugged and involuntarily shuddered when she caught sight of the dildo, which still whirred and vibrated in her clenched fist. Ashamed and disgusted at having been forced to dildo-fuck herself to derive full sexual satisfaction, she switched off the dildo and flung it to the floor.

The exhausted girl rolled over on her belly, closed her eyes, and was soon fast asleep.


Billy was furious when Johnny told him the nasty things that Sally had said. “Let’s go to her place and fix her little ass for bad-mouthing us!” Billy said, an evil glint in his eyes and a smirk on his mouth. “Listen, I know where we can get same rope, and do you remember what you did with that leather whip you bought down in Tijuana?”

“Yeah! It’s in the house, but what are you gonna do with rope and a whip?” Johnny asked.

“Never you mind. Just meet me over at Sally’s place in ten minutes.” Billy dashed off without commenting further.

Sally stirred in her sleep when she heard the creaky wooden door to her small beach apartment being opened. Paying no attention to the noise, she rolled over on her stomach and dozed off, dreaming pleasantly.

Billy walked on tiptoes into Sally’s bedroom and stood to one side of the four-poster bed. In his hands, he carried four strands of heavy rope, each strand about two feet long. He wore nothing but a pair of tight-fitting swim trunks. His upper lip was curled up in a nasty sneer, baring his straight, white teeth.

Less than a minute later, Johnny entered the small beach cottage. He closed and locked the front door after him, then strolled casually into Sally’s bedroom. Gesturing to his brother, he grinned gleefully and held the whip aloft. It was a sturdy, brown, leather whip. The whip’s handle was thick and about two feet in length. The whip itself was about three feet long, with a braided, black knot on its tip. It was indeed a menacing item.

Billy looked down at the naked, sleeping beauty, admiring the pretty face, the firm tits with pointed nipples surrounded by dark-brown areolas the size of sand dollars. Her narrow waist and bright red thatch of cunt-hair caught his gaze. Then his eyes brightened as he saw the plastic dildo lying casually between Sally’s thighs. He reached down and picked up the dildo, holding it so that Johnny could see it, too. Looking closely at the girl’s pussy, Billy could see little curds of dried pussyjuice. As he glowered at the beautiful, eighteen year-old redhead, his prick began to grow and stiffen in his swim trunks. A warm, glowing sensation shot through his prick, which began to throb as his cock-shaft swelled with red, hot blood. Sally was a gorgeous little bitch. That was certain. But she would get hers, and get it good. Billy didn’t appreciate any fucking beach bunnies saying bad things about him. He had a reputation as a super stud. And he meant to keep it.

Billy tossed two of the ropes across the prone and sleeping body of Sally. Johnny easily caught them and stood by the bed, waiting for his brother to make the first move. Billy always had been the leader of the two brothers, the more aggressive boy.

Reaching down, Billy suddenly rolled Sally over onto her back. He grabbed her wrist and wrapped a rope around it, then affixed it tightly to the bedpost above her head. Johnny quickly tied her other wrist in the same manner.

Sally awoke, stunned with disbelief. “Wh-what are you doing to me?” she demanded, twisting about on the bed. The ropes cut cruelly into her flesh and she winced in pain. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes. When she blinked, tears trickled down her cheeks.

Billy and Johnny methodically bound her ankles to the bottom bedposts, tying the ropes tightly. She was bound firmly, her arms and legs splayed far apart, and her tits pointed upward, a look of fear and anger on her pretty face.

“You… you bastards!” she screeched. “Let me go, dammit! You have no right to tie me up like this. I won’t stand for it!”

Billy laughed wickedly and held the plastic dildo before her wide-open eyes. “Look what I found, Sally. You’ve been dildo-fucking your cunt, haven’t you?”

Sally was taken aback. Usually, as soon as she finished fucking her cunt with the dildo, she would hide it under the bed. This last time, she had forgotten. She felt so ashamed and guilt-ridden. “Oh, my God! Get away from me, both of you! This is my apartment, now get out!”

“Not until we’re through with you, bitch!” Billy hissed. “What do you say to the idea of sucking my cock, you slut?”

“I say fuck you, you asshole!” she shouted. Sally tried to pull her hands free, but the only purpose that served was to intensify the horrible pain that she felt from the ropes which dug into her raw flesh.

“You’ll be sorry for talking like that to me,” Billy said coolly. “Johnny, throw me the whip,” he instructed his brother.

Johnny tossed the whip to Billy, who caught it in mid-air. He uncoiled the whip and held it between his hands, right over Sally’s upturned face. Her face turned ashen white, contorted with fear as she realized that Billy’s stern face conveyed deadly seriousness.

“What are you going to do with that whip? You won’t… you can’t!” she protested loudly.

“Can’t I? Watch me, bitch!” Billy said, sneering lewdly, licking his lips with his raspy tongue. He reached into his swim trunks and pulled out his prick which lurched and weaved above the girl’s face. “By the time I get finished with you, you’ll be begging to suck my cock, you filthy little bitch. You’re gonna give me a great blowjob, or I’ll beat the living shit out of you.”

Sally spat at Billy, her spittle hitting him just under his eye and drooling down his face which became a contorted and grotesque mask of sheer evilness. Sally knew at once that she had made a big mistake, spitting at Billy. The boy had a terrible temper and there was no telling what he might do to her now.

“See how you like the taste of my whip, you slut!” shouted the angry boy as he reared back and lashed her up-thrust tits.

The whip whistled through the air and snapped hard and cruelly across her tender tit-flesh, which quivered when struck by the black, knotted tip of the biting whip.

“Aaaaiiiiii!” she wailed as the whip cut into her tits. “You… you bastard! You can’t do this to me! Stop it at once! Stop it!”

Billy laughed and smirked at her. He wound up and let her have it again, slashing the whip down on her tits again, smiling lewdly as he watched her wince with pain.

She twitched and twisted about on the bed, moving awkwardly from side to side in a frantic effort to escape the slashing of the whip. It was impossible to evade the whip. She was helpless, bound hand and foot to the bedposts, unable to move more than a few inches. Her hips could move a bit farther, but not enough for her to be able to get out of the way of the whip as it descended on her ripe, young tits. She let out a chilling scream, but Billy paid her no mind. He thrashed her unmercifully. From the leering grin on his face, it seemed as though he was actually enjoying watching her suffer.

Snap-crack the whip sounded as it fell relentlessly down on her quivering tits. Her nipples puckered and pointed upward, her areolas dotted with goose-bumps.

Sally had never before experienced such dreadful pain. She shuddered, closed her eyes, clenched her teeth — attempting to endure the agony as best she could. But there was no way to shut out the horrid pain which coursed through her firm, quaking tits. She gasped for breath, her tortured tits heaving upward, providing a perfect target for Billy as he aimed the whip at her puckered nipples.

Snap-crack! He flogged her tits joyously, relishing the fact that the tormented young girl was shrieking in terror, her eyes showing her fear and horror.

“You fucking bitch! Whore! Beg to suck my cock, you cunt! Beg to suck my prick, or I’ll keep whipping you!” he shouted.

“Nooooooo!” she yelled, her shouts of torment and protest filling the small beach cottage. Sally was slipping into hysterical delirium, shocked and over come with grief, writhing about helplessly under the blows from the whip. Her tits were burning with pain, agonizing, gut-wrenching pain!

“Whip her harder!” Johnny shouted. “Give it to the bitch! She deserves a good belting, the cunt!” He stripped off his swim trunks and reached down, rubbing his bails with his cupped hand, hefting his constricted ball-sac as he watched his brother whip the writhing, bound young girl.

Johnny’s eyes glazed over with the unmistakable look of lust as he savored the vicious flogging that Billy was giving the girl’s quivering tits. “Whip her cunt, Billy! Get the bitch nice and hot! I wanna fuck her pussy!”

Sally couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She turned to look at Johnny and was stunned to see that he was busily stroking his prick to a mighty erection. The rope-like veins that ran the length of his cock-stalk were engorged with blood as he pumped his fist up and down, masturbating right in front of the tortured young girl, unashamed, unabashed by the fact that Sally was watching him stroke his prick. In fact, it seemed as though he was enjoying having her watch him rub his prick to erection. What kind of boys were these brothers? Sally wondered. She was totally confused, having never experienced such evil and debauched men before. She hadn’t even been fucked before she met Johnny and Billy. Billy had taken her cherry only two weeks before it had hurt like hell, she recalled, when the tip of the boy’s prick tore through her cherry, taking her virginity. She had fucked both Johnny and Billy since then, but she had failed to reach a climax — while both boys managed to come in her pussy. And now Billy was whipping her, while Johnny stood by stroking his cock lewdly as he watched his brother abuse her tits. Sally wished she had never even met the two nasty boys.

“Please! Don’t whip me any more!” she begged in a high-pitched voice that betrayed her horror and sense of degradation. “Please, I can’t stand it! You’re going to kill me with that whip!”

Billy’s lips curled in a cruel sneer as he looked at her red-thatched pussy which glimmered in the harsh light that came from a singular, overhead light bulb that hung from the ceiling. Sally didn’t know what to think. Billy had been rough with her when he had fucked her, but now he had the look of a deranged man. Would he go absolutely insane and damage her tender young body beyond repair? she wondered.

“Listen to me, bitch!” Billy snorted. “I want you to suck my cock, and I refuse to take no for an answer! You understand?” Before she had a chance to answer, he cocked the whip and sent it flying through the air, flailing at her pussy-mound. The whip landed on her cunt and she arched her hips in response as pain shot through her tortured pussy. The pain that welled up in her cunt was excruciating. “Aaaaaeeee!” she screeched, twitching convulsively on the bed, her wrists and ankles aching from the ropes which tore into her flesh every time that she moved. Cunt-juice leaked out of her pussy, and Sally didn’t understand this strange reaction to the whipping. How could she possibly get turned on by being cruelly whipped. She glanced down at her tits, which quivered uncontrollably. She looked down in strange fascination at her naked body. Fortunately, the vicious whipping had left no marks on her tanned skin. Then she glanced up at Billy who was tugging off his swim trunks as he leered at her, his face contorted with evil lust. He still held the whip in his fist and he raised it high over his head, bringing it down across her cunt again.

Snap-craaack! She flinched and tightened the muscles in her firm ass-cheeks, trying to draw away from the thrashing whip which slashed into her pussy. The knotted tip of the whip flicked across her cunt which stood up erect and stiff, protruding from her fleshy cunthole sheath. Her clit throbbed and spasmed and she shrieked in terror.

Billy thrust the whip aside and climbed onto the bed. He straddled her face, placing his knees on her upper arms, putting the entire weight of his body on her biceps. She struggled under his weight, but there was no way to relieve the pain that racked her body.

Billy gripped the base of his cock which was covered with thick blue veins. He guided his cock-knob toward her mouth. “Are you ready to suck my prick now, bitch?” he hissed wetly, little drops of spittle landing on her red, flushed cheeks. “I think you’re ready! Yeah, I think you’re gonna give me a great blowjob! Ain’t that right?”

She shook her head from side to side in refusal. “You nasty son of a bitch! You’ll be sorry! Damned sorry! This is rape! I’ll report you to the cops and they’ll throw your ass in jail, Billy!” she threatened.

His eyes glazed over and he raised his hand. He brought his open palm down across her mouth. It was a powerful slap which rattled her teeth. Slap! Slap! Slap! Three more times in quick succession he slapped the helpless young girl, who was bound spread-eagled on her bed.

“Owwwwwww!” she shrieked as he slapped her. She looked up at him, but she could discern no look of remorse or pity on his hardened features. Still, if she wanted to retain any sense of dignity, she would have to refuse to suck his prick.

He rubbed his cock-knob into her face, laughing heartily as the tip of his prick slid into her eye sockets and over her nose. “Open your mouth, bitch!” he commanded harshly. “Open your mouth. Spread your lips and take my cock into your mouth, you slut!”

Roughly, he spread her lips apart, prying her mouth open with his thumbs. Then he plunged his prick between her lips. His weighty balls slapped beneath her chin and he pressed his knees into her biceps.

She flinched and tried to scream out in agony, but her mouth was stuffed with his hard prick.

“Now suck my cock, you slut! Suck my prick until I shoot my load into your stomach! Give me a good blowjob or I’ll whip you some more!” he commanded threateningly. His voice was harsh and strained. Billy began to pump his cock into her mouth, moaning with pleasure as he face-fucked the bound and spread-eagled young girl.

“Ummmmppphhh! Yeah! Nice mouth! Fits just right around my big cock!” he muttered obscenely as he ground his hips, driving his prick deep into her mouth. “Suck, you whore! Suck my cock!”

Reluctantly, Sally obeyed Billy’s lewd command. Her tongue swirled around his cock-knob and she pursed her lips, slurping his lengthy cock-shaft into her hot mouth. She was completely humiliated, but she didn’t think that it would be wise to disobey the brutal boy. He was determined to face-fuck her, and there was really no way that she could safely refuse to suck his prick.

She gurgled and made lewd, loud sucking noises as her tongue caressed his mighty cock-shaft with long, tantalizing licking and lapping motions that drove Billy wild with passion. His prick twitched and lurched deep into her mouth, his prick-tip banging roughly into the linings of her mouth, raking across her red tonsils which became raw and sore from the irritation.

“Unnnhhhh! Nnnhhhhh! Yeah! Suck my prick, cock-sucker! Cock-sucking slut, bitch, whore!” He panted obscenely and cursed at the poor, bound and helpless young girl as she sucked hard on his prick, giving him the blowjob of his life. Billy didn’t seem to be able to get enough of the wild and illicit sex. “Suck my prick harder, you fucking cunt!” he screamed as he wriggled, his hips and gyrated his lower torso, grinding his balls into her chin and neck, his cock-knob pounding ruthlessly into the back of her mouth, rubbing roughly across her tonsils. “Yeah, that’s better, cock-sucker! Suck! Suck! Suck my cock, you bitch!”

Sally was disgusted and repulsed at what was happening to her. Billy was raping her mouth, face-fucking her brutally as he shouted lewd obscenities at her, methodically degrading and defiling her. This crude, vile boy was purposely abusing her, raping her mouth for his own sadistic sexual pleasure. And, she couldn’t stomach the epithets that he was screaming at her, the crude names that he was intent on calling her. She was not a whore or a slut, and she wished that she could shout back at the obscene boy who straddled her face and fucked her mouth. But, that was out of the question. Her mouth was filled to overflowing with his rock-hard prick. Her jaws began to ache terribly, but she could do nothing to relieve the pain. His prick was buried balls-deep in her mouth, sluicing in and out, slicing crudely between her full, red lips, splitting her lips apart with every powerful cock-thrust.

“Unnghhhhh! Hot fucking mouth on this bitch!” Billy exclaimed, addressing his lewd remarks to his brother Johnny who stood beside the bed, jerking his cock between his fingers, breathing heavily.

Sally glanced in Johnny’s direction and was thunderstruck, astonished at what she saw. The purplish, bloated cock-knob that protruded from Johnny’s pumping fist looked menacing. She was shocked to see how large and hard his prick had grown as he jacked off before her eyes. Johnny was totally unashamed. In fact, he even seemed to get off on having her watch him as he jerked his prick. “Yeah, face-fuck the cunt! Give her pouty little mouth a good fucking workout!” Johnny exclaimed, goading his brother and to do his worst. “Get the bitch all warmed up for me so I can fuck her pussy! I want her twat nice and juicy and hot!”

Thoroughly debased, Sally kept sucking Billy’s prick, looking up into his sweating face, pleading silently with her eyes for him to cease behaving so brutally and wickedly. Billy paid her no mind. He groaned with ecstasy, his cock hot and throbbing with every plunging movement into her slurping mouth.

Billy’s cock had grown to enormous proportions in her sucking mouth. She felt as though she were about to gag, but she managed to hang on, sucking his cock-knob deep into her aching throat. Saliva drooled out of the corners of her mouth and leaked down her chin, dripping onto Billy’s tightly constricted ball-sac. His balls were damp with perspiration and Sally could smell the pungent aroma of his leathery nut-sac as she breathed in air to fill her lungs. Her tits heaved as she gasped for much-needed oxygen. The pain in her aching jaws was agonizing, and still his prick grew bigger and bigger as she, sucked his mighty, throbbing cock-shaft. Her stomach felt like it was turning over and she choked back the urge to vomit. She looked down as he plunged forward, his prick tearing through her lips and into her mouth. She could see the base of his hairy cock, several inches of which remained outside her lips even when his cock was deep in her slurping mouth. She was astounded that Billy’s thick prick could get so big and long.

“Keep on sucking my cock, you slut! I’m gonna come soon, and when I do I want to feel you sucking the cum out of my cock. I want you to milk my prick and drink all of my cum down your fucking throat!”

“Yeah!” Johnny chimed in, his voice coming from the edge of the bed. “Meanwhile, I’m gonna warm her little pussy up and get her nice and juicy! I want her pussy hot and slick when I ram my prick up her snatch!”

Sally wasn’t sure what Johnny was preparing to do down there, but she knew damned well that whatever it was she wouldn’t appreciate it.

“See how you like this, Sally,” Johnny said as he reached down and gripped her cunt-lips with his fingertips. He began to roughly massage her pink pussy-lips which trembled convulsively at his lewd touch. Without warning, Johnny rammed his middle finger up her cunt. Instinctively, her pussy muscles clenched around the boy’s intruding finger. He was rubbing his fingertip across her rippling cunt-walls, watching with fascination as his finger burrowed deep into her tight pussy.

Before Sally even had a chance to reflect on the unwanted finger-fucking, Billy’s body stiffened and he gasped loudly. “Unnnghhhhh! Aaahhh! Yeah! I’m… I’m coming! Suck my cum down, you whore! Drink it!”

A huge wad of jism spurted out of the boy’s cock-slit and rushed into her, washing across her throat and bathing the walls and linings of her aching mouth. Her mouth filled up with scalding jism and her checks puffed out as she tried to avoid swallowing his vile jism. But Billy wasn’t giving her a chance to spit his jism out. He refused to allow it.

“Drink it, bitch! Drink my cum! Gulp it down your throat!” he commanded harshly. “Drink it all down!” He hammered his prick faster and faster into her sucking mouth, his cock-silt shooting thick gobs of cum into her throat. Finally, it became impossible to hold his jism in her cheek pouches. She resigned herself to the ugly fact that she would simply have to obey the boy and swallow his cum.

The poor, piteous young girl shuddered as she opened her gullet and gulped down a load of his jism, the sticky fluid coating the walls of her throat as she obediently accomplished the degrading task. His cum was shooting out of his prick-tip and into her mouth in jet streams.

“Milk it! Milk my prick with your lips, you slut! Drink my cum, you bitch!” he bellowed crudely, gyrating his hips swiftly, his balls constricted, pumping more and more cum through his stiff and bloated prick-shaft. His cock-slit spewed forth with thick gobs of cum that shot down her throat.

She nursed his cock-knob, slurping out his jism. She despised Billy, hated him with a passion. She never would have believed that any man could treat a young, defenseless girl in such a crude and brutal manner. She was repulsed at being forced to suck the cum out of his piss-slit, but what else could she do? she thought. The obvious answer was nothing. She could feel his cock-shaft getting softer, shriveling between her lips and becoming small and flaccid as she sucked it dry. What troubled her now was what was happening to her pussy. Johnny was gripping her cunt between his fingers, pulling it out of its protective sheath. He would rake his fingernail across her stretched clit fiber, then allow her cut to snap back. It hurt to have the evil boy manipulating her so roughly.

“Unnhhh! Yeah, that was an excellent blowjob, Sally! Very well done! Shit, now I know just where to come whenever I want my cock sucked by an expert! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Billy sat back on his haunches and gripped his cock. He squeezed the base of his prick and a drop of cum oozed obscenely out of his cock-slit. “Hey, you forgot some,” he said, his eyes flashing animatedly as though he had just made some great, new discovery. “Lick my prick clean, cock-sucker!” he commanded, his jaw set with determination to degrade her even further. She could tell that Billy savored every debauched moment. He was a brutal young man who got kinky kicks out of humiliating her sexually, watching her writhe about in her bonds, tied up to the bedposts in her own apartment, forced to submit to his decadent sexual depravities. He looked on with a cruel, sadistic sneer. “Come on, now finish the job. Lick my cock clean.”

Snaking her tongue out of her mouth, she licked the tip of Billy’s drooling cock, tasting his salty jism. She swirled her tongue back into her mouth and gulped the final drop of the boy’s jism down her throat, feeling disgusted.

She hoped that Billy would end this horrid scene of sexual depravity, but the boy slipped off the side of the bed and goaded his brother on. “Hey, ream out her pussy with this,” Billy said, flinging the whip at Johnny.

Johnny caught the whip in mid-air and looked at it carefully, trying to figure out how to use it on the girl’s cunt. He shrugged, and prepared to throw the whip on the floor, but Billy held out his hand, gesturing to Johnny. He had an idea. His eyes gleamed with joy. “Use the whip handle on her pussy. It’ll fit her cunt! I bet it will!”

“You think so?” Johnny replied with increased interest. “Her pussy is pretty tight, you know. This whip handle might be too big around for her. It might hurt her cunt.”

“So what,” Billy said, shrugging his shoulders. “It’ll teach the little cunt to mess around with us, and she’ll know better than to try and call the cops on us.”

Sally was stricken with horror. She opened her eyes wide and looked from one boy to the other, hoping to detect some sense of sympathy or compassion in their faces. She saw none. “You can’t do that to me! It will hurt my pussy! It’s too big for my pussy! You can’t put that thing inside of my…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Billy shouted as he moved forward and slapped her hard across the mouth.

“I don’t know,” Johnny said. “She might be right!”

“Fuck her! Fuck her with the whip handle. If you don’t do it, I will!” Billy was deadly serious.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try. Hold tight, Sally. See how this feels in your pussy.” Johnny began to rub the tip of the thick leather whip handle across her sensitive cunt. Her cunt became erect instantly and throbbed as it came into contact with the butt of the whip handle.

“Ohhhh, good God! That… that feels terrible!” she yelped. She whimpered and wept hard, feeling completely frustrated, unable to escape the crude whip handle as it raked across her cunt. Her clit twitched in response to the grotesque caress. Pussy-juice began to chum about in her cunt and rim down her thighs.

The two boys looked down at her cunt and smiled as they watched her pussy become slick with slippery pussy-nectar.

Johnny slid the whip handle between Sally’s juicy cunt-lips, but it was too thick to penetrate her pussy. Her cunt-lips folded inward, into her cunt channel. Frustrated, Johnny pulled the whip handle out of her cunt. “Shit! It’s too fucking big for her twat, Billy,” he said with a tinge of exasperation in his voice.

“We can do it,” Billy replied, undaunted. “Let me help.” He reached down and gripped the folds of her outer pussy-lips, pulling them out, stretching her cunt-lips to the absolute limit. “Now try it. Shove that whip handle in her fucking pussy now. As long as I keep her cunt-lips out of the way, it’ll go in. I bet it does.”

“Here goes,” Johnny said. He slid the whip handle between her pussy-lips, which glistened with cunt-juice. The whip handle was thick and it was a tight fit, but Johnny managed to shove it into the entrance to her tight cunt. “Hey, I think this is gonna work,” he said, beaming with joy. Johnny was grinning from ear to ear, and he seemed to take some sort of perverse pride in this crude manner of abusing the girl’s pussy.

“Stop it! Please! I beg of you!” Sally shrieked as she felt the whip handle slicing inch-by-inch into her hot pussy. “I hate you, you bastard! You sick, perverted bastards! To hell with both of you! You’ll pay for this!”

“Fuck you, Sally. You can’t do shit. You, can’t prove nothing against us. Me and Johnny are the only witnesses here, and we’re not about to rat on ourselves, you fucking idiot. You’d better just shut your fucking mouth. Just grin and bear it, bitch!” Billy bellowed. He shot her a mean look.

If looks could kill. Sally thought, she would be dead right now. Billy didn’t take kindly to threats. Hell, she was bound helplessly to the bedposts, the thick butt of a whip being shoved up her cunt. She could complain all she wanted, but it wouldn’t do her a damned bit of good. Not now!

Johnny worked the whip handle deeper and deeper into Sally’s cunt. The leather whip handle reamed along her tight cunt-walls which clenched automatically, holding the leather whip handle tightly in her cunt. She tried to relax the muscles in her pussy so that the pain would not be so intense, but it was impossible. Her pussy was being brutally reamed out.

“Shit, this is great!” Johnny enthused. “Should I shove it in deeper?”

“You bet! Her cunt can take it, and tough shit if it can’t!” Billy replied nastily. “Pump that whip handle in and out of her cunt.”

Johnny followed his brother’s instructions, slamming away at her cunt, shoving the thick, leather whip handle into the heated depths of Sally’s tortured pussy.

“Aaaaaeeee!” she wailed as she felt her cunt being reamed out. The pain was almost unbearable. She nearly blacked out as she writhed about. Her wrists and ankles were chafed and sore from the ropes which dug ruthlessly into her flesh. Whenever she turned and twisted. She was drowning in a sea of pain and degradation. The indignity of it all — being fucked by the butt end of a whip! But her screams of protest and agony only seemed to turn the boys on. They had vicious looks pasted to their faces as they tortured her, thrusting the whip handle deep into her cunt.

Her pussy felt like it was burning up. She bucked and writhed about on the bed, straining uselessly at her bonds, screeching with pain and frustration.

Johnny roughly pulled the whip handle out of her cunt and hold it in the air above her. He twirled the whip handle in the light and Sally could see that it was covered with slippery cunt-juice.

Billy grabbed the whip out of Johnny’s hand and plunged the glistening butt of the whip into Sally’s mouth, laughing sadistically as he twirled the whip handle around in her mouth, forcing her to taste and slurp down her own curds of pussy-juice. It was a distasteful task, but she did it. She had no choice in the matter.

Billy yanked the whip handle out of her mouth, nearly pulling out her front teeth. He flung it aside and shook his head with disgust.

“You look like a bag of shit, Sally. Christ, I don’t even know if my brother even wants to fuck you now,” Billy said cruelly.

Sally looked past Billy and saw Johnny’s cock standing out proudly from his waist. His cock was stiff and hard, his cock-knob twitching with sexual desire. Johnny wanted to fuck her all right. There was no question about that. There was an unmistakable look of wicked lust on his handsome face. He stepped forward, holding his prick in his fist, jacking off and getting his cock ready to fuck the tortured young girl.

She screamed as he came at her, ready to give her a hard fucking.


Johnny was on her in a second, his fingers probing into her, urging cunt-juice from her pussy in hot floods of viscous fluid. He mounted her, slipping his cock-knob between the glistening, pink folds of her twat. Her pussy-lips parted allowing the penetration of his cock into her cunt. A stream of hot, cunt-nectar leaked down the inside of one thigh. Her pussy was wet enough, and his cock slid into her pussy-channel with ease.

“Uh! Uh! Oh, yeah! Tight cunt! Gonna fuck you silly, you bitch!” Johnny snorted, his nostrils flared, his prick throbbing with desire as his lengthy cock-shaft prodded into her hot cunt. He fidgeted into position atop her spread eagle young body, the balls of his feet pressed hard against the baseboard of the four poster bed, giving him extra leverage when he plunged forward, stuffing her juicy cunt with his raging hard prick. “Unnnhhhhh! Love it! Love your cunt, Sally! Shit! Fucking son of a bitch! Unnnhhhh!”

There was a wet and juicy sound as his prick began to burrow its way deep into her hot cunt. His cock-knob inched its way farther and farther along her cunt-channel, raking pleasure from her rippling cunt-walls. Her pussy-walls spasmed in response to the heated sensations given off by Johnny’s rubbing prick.

“Ohhhhhhh, Jesus! I… I don’t understand,” Sally stammered weakly. She was beginning to get turned on in a big way by the fucking. Johnny’s prick did feel great. There was no denying the warm, tingling sensations that pulsated in her pussy whenever his cock reamed hard through her cunt-channel. Her cunt-muscles tightened around the circumference of his throbbing prick, clamping down, squeezing his cock-shaft tightly in the grip of her clenching vise-like cunt. She moaned again, the sensations becoming more and more intense with every powerful cock-thrust.

She felt somewhat ashamed of herself for behaving in such a wanton and lascivious manner, responding joyously to his crude fucking. After all, it wasn’t as though she were enjoying it, she thought. Or at least, she shouldn’t be enjoying it. She was being brutally, crudely raped. Johnny and his brother Billy had methodically abused and degraded and humiliated her, and she wasn’t even in a position to fight back. She was bound to the bed posts in her own bedroom. Johnny was raping her pussy, pounding and slamming his hard prick into her cunt as she writhed, about, hopelessly bound and spread, powerless to resist.

But, she thought, did she want to resist? Somehow, her sexual excitement began to build rapidly. Her pussy was fevered, burning, itching with lewd desire, demanding satisfaction. “Ohhhh, Johnny,” she cooed, bucking beneath his hardy cock-thrusts, her hips moving seductively from side to side as her mind spun erotic images of pure, unadulterated sex.

“Yeah, uh! I… I knew you’d… like it once I started fucking you. You little whore. Shit! You’re going crazy! Uh!” He groaned and grunted as he raped her ripe young cunt, his prick slicing and hammering hard and fast into her pussy, giving an erotic massage to her pussy-walls. Her cunt-channel was clamped dawn tightly, holding his prick captive in her tight, constricted twat. His cock was burning with wicked desire. He loved to fuck, but it was even more thrilling to rape Sally, especially when she was spread-eagled and tied up. Johnny savored the feeling of power that he held over the helpless young girl. He was totally in control of the situation, and that was precisely the way that he wanted it. He also got off on shouting lewd curses at Sally, verbally abusing the girl. “Yeah, you fucking whore! You love it! You love to fuck! And you love my cock!”

Her cunt seething with passion, rippling and seeping pussy-juice in torrents, Sally lost all control. She writhed and twisted about on the bed, riding on the crest of passion as wave after wave of thrilling erotic sensations broke about her, spilling her into an ocean of unbridled, helter-skelter sex.

“Aaaahhhh! Ohhhh, God! It… it’s terrific!” she groaned. “Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck me harder! Fuck me!” She tossed her red hair from side to side, whipping the bed sheets with her sweat-dampened curls. Sally’s hitherto secret and well-hidden passions were coming to the fore. She really did love the fucking. Her body quivered and shook violently, her naked flesh crawling with goose-bumps as tingling sensations of lust shot through her veins. The, thrilling sexual pleasure throbbed through her hot cunt, which spasmed and rippled, her cunt-walls twitching, wet and juicy with pussy-oils that flowed freely out of her twat. She arched her back and bucked, timing her movements perfectly, so that her pussy ground into Johnny’s crotch, meeting his powerful cock-thrusts into her tight, seething cunt. Lewd sucking and sloshing noises came from the erotic coupling of his prick and her cunt, filling her ears with sounds of forbidden sex. Sally felt like she was going crazy. She lost all composure, all sense of decency and propriety.

Johnny was sweating profusely, drops of sweat spilling off of his forehead and landing on her tits, running down her beautiful, up-thrust globes of tit-flesh in thin rivulets. He looked down at her lovely tits, eyeing her succulent, pointed nipples. Her tits were so enticing. He bent down and sucked one of her nipples between his lips, his tongue swirling over her sensitive tit-button.

“Unnhhh! Ohhhh, Johnny!” Sally gasped, her pussy throbbing with sexual delight, her orgasm beginning to creep up in her tight, well fucked twat. She was acting like a wanton bitch. She knew that. But, now it didn’t matter.

She just wanted to keep fucking. Bucking and twisting and turning as much as her tight, restrictive bonds permitted, Sally writhed in ecstasy, savoring the perverse sexual thrills which shot through her body. Johnny sucked hard on her tit and she gasped with delight. Then, without warning, he bit down on her nipple, pinching her nipple between his sharp teeth. She yelped, but the sound that she made was one of pleasure mixed with pain. It hurt, but it also felt sensuous to have her nipple cruelly bitten by the boy as he continued to fuck her, his prick stabbing like a knife into her hot, dripping cunt. His cock-shaft tore into her juicy pussy, burrowing deeply into her steaming cunt, drawing obscene sexual pleasure from her rippling twat-walls which clenched his prick, holding his lengthy cock-shaft captive in her boiling pussy.

“Yeah, you got her going now, Johnny! Fuck that bitch! Give her pussy a heavy workout! She’s going for it, the little slut!” Billy shouted words of goading encouragement to his brother. “Fuck her hard, Johnny! Fuck her hard!”

“Uh! Aaahhh! Fuck you, you slut!” Johnny rasped as he fucked her with staccato-like motions, hammering his prick deep into her hot and tight cunt, slamming his hips forward to ram his cock between her glistening pussy-lips shining with gleaming cunt-juice. Her pussy was well lubricated with pussy-oils, making sloshing and sucking sounds whenever his prick sliced into her cunt. Billy was in a frenzy, his mind spinning with wondrous sensations that set him on fire with passion. He was really into the fucking, his hips working almost automatically, swiveling and thrusting forward, impaling the young girl’s pussy channel with the throbbing shaft of his mighty prick. “Unnnhhhh! Nice hot cunt! Tight little pussy, just right for my big prick!”

Suddenly, Sally no longer minded hearing such lewd and repulsive statements. In fact, she was getting off on hearing Johnny speak to her so crudely. She felt like a whore, a slut, a cunt-made to order for fucking. She was lost, being burned by the heat of her own desire, falling into a vicious sexual trap, falling head over heels, end over end, to crash in a pit of unbridled passion. She was being used in a most brutal manner. She knew that. But she would worry about it later. Right now, she only wanted the pleasure to continue.

Her pussy was spasming with erode delight. She felt like a sensual animal, and she didn’t care what anyone thought about it. She was bound and determined to derive sexual satisfaction from the raping of her young cunt, no matter what the cost. Clenching her cunt-muscles as tightly as possible, she clamped her twat down on his raging hard prick as it sliced in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was dripping with pussy-juice, which strewed down her tight cunt walls and trickled out of her twit, slipping down her suntanned thighs. She could her the slurp, tight suction as Johnny’s hard puck pushed into her pussy, raping past her swollen pink pussy-lips, sliding across her rippling cunt-walls, which were constricted and clenching down on his cock.

“Aaahhh!” she yelled passionately, her lust taking over. She no longer even tried to control her emotions. Her mind was totally twisted, absorbed with the chilling and tingling sensations that coursed through her wild-fucked cunt. Bucking mightily, she rowed her hips, meeting his powerful cock-thrusts into her pussy. She felt her orgasm building up in her cunt, being made ready for the final denouement, the fantastic moment when she would climax. Her orgasm would be upon her soon. She could feel it happening as Johnny’s prick stirred up her cunt-oils. His prick impaled her, raking across the linings of her pussy. And as much as she hated to admit it, she loved every second of the fucking.

“Unnhhh! Unnhhh! I-I’m gonna come, bitch!” Johnny snorted. He slammed forward again and again, his throbbing prick pounding into her cunt. He fucked her with all of his might, filling her pussy with his rock-hard pricks.

“Yes! Me too! I-I’m gonna… I can feel it… too much… love your prick!” she moaned ecstatically, knowing that her words made no sense. She was so caught up in the passion of the moment that she was unable to think straight. It didn’t matter, though. Her cunt was burning up, inflamed with lust and sexual joy, quivering with passionate delight. His prick raped into her pussy and felt like a dozen tiny claws ripping through her. She moaned, emitting a weird guttural sound. Her eyes fluttered and shut tight. Her stomach muscles tightened. Her cunt-muscles clenched.

She was weak from the fucking, her strength sapped as she used up all of her energy, bucking and writhing beneath Johnny’s brutal and relentless cock-thrusts. His prick gouged into her cunt, and she luxuriated in the luxurious sensations that filled her pussy. She gritted her teeth as temblors of heated sensuality shook her. She felt wonderful, so much alive, vibrant and full of youthful vitality. She arched her back and rotated her hips as the force of his prick drove deep into her hot cunt. Her head slammed from side to side, beating down on the bed, her hair whipping and flailing about. Her hips lurched, and all of a sudden her orgasm was upon her. It happened so suddenly and unexpectedly that she wasn’t prepared for the intensity of the lightning bolt that struck her pussy and shot to her befuddled brain.

“Aaahhh!” she yelled, her passion boiling over, her mind in a daze, her body out of control, writhing and jerking about. Her cunt quivered, sending wild shudders of delight rushing through her hot and dripping pussy. Thick curds of cunt-butter discharged from the depths of her pussy as she came. Her climax hit her hard. For a brief, but delicious and wondrous moment, Sally forgot who she was and where she was. She saw stars before her wide-open eyes. She wailed low and long, an ear-piercing scream which split the air above her. She hovered for a moment on the edge of a lusty precipice. “Aaaahhhh!” she shrieked as she fell over the edge and into the abyss. She felt disengaged from her body, and it seemed as though someone else were making the strange, gurgling and choking sounds that she heard.

An instant later, Johnny came. He lurched forward, his prick buried balls-deep in her turgid pussy. His prick thumped hard into her seething, slick twat. He shuddered as he shot his thick, hot load of jism deep into her cunt. “Aaahhh!” he panted as he came. He nibbled hungrily at the nape of her neck, biting and sucking on her neck as he shot his wad of jism into her pussy. Bucking and thrusting forward with wild abandon, he deposited his jism into her pussy-channel. He vowed obscenely, his cock-thrusts slowing as he spent his load.

She felt his cum mixing with her pussy-oils, forming a mushy, gooey brew in her boiling caldron of a cunt. The smell of sex was in the air and she breathed it in eagerly, savoring the pungent aroma. Her belly heaved as she gave, wanting more fucking. She wanted to come again. But much to her dismay, it was over. Johnny had spent his load. He was finished with her. He rolled off of her naked body and stood up, his prick oozing jism.

“That was all right!” Johnny gasped. He walked forward on trembling legs, standing above her. Gripping his half-hard, dripping prick in his fist, he wagged his cock before her eyes. Johnny grinned lasciviously at her. He shrugged and bent down over her, wiping his drooling cock-slit on her tits.

“Come on. Let’s get the fuck out of here,” Billy said. “This bitch has had it! Ha! Ha! Ha!” His laugh was mean and nasty.

Johnny turned to face Sally again. “Thanks, slut,” he said cruelly. “Thanks for the use of your cunt.” He laughed sadistically. Then, he turned to leave.

“What about me?” Sally shouted anxiously. “You’re not gonna leave me tied up like this, are you?”

Billy moved forward and untied one of her wrists.

She was relieved to know that she would be freed from her bonds. “Thanks,” she whimpered pathetically.

Billy turned to leave. His brother was already at the front door, unbolting it. “You can figure out a way to untie the other knots. Good luck,” Billy said. He waved at her, grinning broadly as he left the beach cottage.

With her one free hand, Sally managed to untie her other wrist from the bedpost. The knot was tied so tightly that it took her a full hour to free herself. She rushed to the bathroom to take a shower, feeling mixed emotions about what had happened to her.

What would she do now? she wondered. She couldn’t report Johnny and Billy to the police. If she said that they had raped her, they would deny it. And Billy had spoken the truth. There were no witnesses to the rape. She would look like a damned fool. There was nothing that she could do. Her dignity and honor had been trampled on by Billy and Johnny. She despised them both, but there was nothing that she could do to redeem her honor.


It was getting late, but Sally decided that she wanted to go for a swim. She put on a tight-fitting, skimpy bikini and headed for the beach. The beach was only three blocks from her apartment, so she was there in a jiffy.

She ignored the lewd stares of the men who lingered on the beach as she strode toward the ocean water and leapt into the breaking waves. Her muscles ached from the abuse that Billy and Johnny bad meted out to her, and she found the salt water very soothing on her flesh. She swam about in the cold water and body surfed, enjoying herself totally, forgetting for a time the dreadful experience which she had just been put through. Before long, the sun began to sink on the horizon and the ocean breezes became cold on her flesh. Her skin was covered with goose-bumps and she ran out of the water. The air was chilling on her flesh and she realized that it was a mistake to stay in the water so long. She was freezing, quivering. She hugged herself as she stood in the sand.

“Hello, there, little lady,” came the deep voice of a handsome man who sat behind her. “You look like you’re freezing to death. Here, take my jacket.” He rose and moved forward, gallantly removing his terrycloth jacket and placing it over her shoulders.

“Why, thank you,” she said shyly, snuggling into the warm jacket. “That’s very sweet of you. My name is Sally.”

“Nice to meet you, Sally. My name is Bertram. Bertram Havermeyer. I’m staying at a condominium just up the beach a bit. How about joining me for a drink. You look like you could use something to warm you up.”

“No, I don’t think…”

“Oh, come on. I’m not going to attack you or anything. I’m new in the area, on a vacation from New Jersey. You’re the first friendly person I’ve met in Hermosa Beach. And the prettiest, too.” He put his arm around her shivering shoulders and led her to the Strand, the concrete walkway that ran along the ocean.

Sally felt safe and secure with Bertram Havermeyer. He was big and strong, with bulging muscles and a thick chest covered with hair. He had a beautiful head of hair, curly thick blond hair, cut fashionably. Bertram had the air of a man with money. Sally snuggled up close to the man as they walked into the lobby of his expensive condominium building. They stepped into the elevator, which opened up on the penthouse floor of a stunningly decorated condominium apartment. Sally was visibly impressed.

“You like the place?” Bertram Havermeyer asked. “Frankly, I think it’s a bit garish and gaudy, with all of the leather and suede furniture and the gold and silver ornaments. Besides,” he added, “I never was crazy about modern art,” referring to the Dali and Warhol originals which lined the walls. The handsome man seemed nonchalant, speaking about original works of art as though they were mere dime store prints.

“What would you like to drink?” he asked coolly.

“A rum and Coke, please,” Sally replied.

“Say,” Bertram said off-handedly, “why don’t you slip out of that wet bikini. You can throw on my bathrobe. It’s hanging on the bathroom door.”

“Thanks,” Sally answered, rising and walking to the bathroom. She was impressed at the marble floor in the bathroom. Tugging off her bikini, she turned around to discover that there was no bathrobe hanging on the door. Undaunted, she shrugged and called out to Bertram. “Excuse me, but your bathrobe isn’t here,” she said. “If you have something else that I might…”

Before she could finish the sentence, Bertram Havermeyer stepped into the bathroom, his eyes glowering at her luscious tits. “You’re right, Sally,” he said calmly. “Now, step this way.” He grabbed her arm and led her through the bathroom door, down a long, narrow, plush carpeted hallway and into a dark room.

“What’s this all about?” she protested angrily, trying to hide her young tits from his view, covering herself with her hands. She shuddered with fear, wondering what the man was planning to do next. She had trusted the man implicitly, and it was most distressing to find him acting strangely.

“I’ll show you what this is all about, my darling young girl,” he said. Casually, he sauntered over to the corner of the room and turned on the light switch. The room became bathed in harsh spotlights. There were four bright spotlights in the room, one in each corner. The lights were so bright that she briefly went blind. Covering her eyes with her hands, she cowered in the middle of the room. Then, when her vision began to return, she made a stumbling dash for the door. Bertram made no move to stop her. Still partially blinded, she turned the doorknob and threw the door open. Running forward, she smashed into the chest of a hulking bunk of a man who stood in the hallway just outside of the door. He stood there, his heavy, hairy, thick arms crossed over his heaving and huge chest. When she smashed into him, he didn’t move an inch. She bounced off of his chest and fell roughly to the floor.

“Met my good buddy,” Bertram said casually, his voice soft and even; “This is Malcolm Reams. Ever heard of him?” He chuckled as he spoke, enjoying some kind of inside joke. Malcolm Reams laughed, too. “Malcolm, this is Sally. I met her on the beach. I thought she’d make an excellent co star for your next feature film. What do you think other?”

“Nice piece of ass,” Malcolm said. He reached down and plucked the girl off the floor with one, swift effortless motion, astonishing Sally with his immense strength. Malcolm Reams lifted her up high, her toes a foot off the floor. He eyed her up and down, taking in the luscious contours of her beautiful, young body. “Nice tits, nice curves, nice red pussy.”

“Yeah, I thought that would photograph well. Red cunts are commercial. They sell more movies. Men dig red-thatched pussies. She’s a salable item, for sure,” Bertram Havermeyer said matter-of-factly. His voice was firm and even, without any inflections. He spoke like a businessman conducting a transaction. “Hmmmmm,” he said, shaking his head up and down in a gesture of approval. “Women like red-cunt bitches, too, right?”

“That’s right,” Malcolm Reams said, turning Sally around in mid-air. “Nice ass, too!” he said. Then, he held her aloft with one powerful arm and smacked her ass with his other hand. The smacking sound resounded through the harshly-lit room.

“What in the hell is going on around here?” Sally inquired indignantly. She was totally confused this was an absurd situation. Absurd, but frightening. Here she was being held aloft by a monster of a man, a man named Malcolm Reams.

Being held up like a hunk of meat, under the watchful eyes of Bertram Havermeyer. She felt ridiculous. What in the world was happening in this expensive Harmon Beach condominium? she wondered. “Let me go, you fucking ape!” she shouted at Malcolm.

Malcolm didn’t take kindly to her remark. He sneered at her, his upper lip curling over his straight white teeth. He tossed her aside, flinging her effortlessly across the room. She fell roughly onto the carpet, thankful that there was a thick pile rug on the floor to break her fall. She could have been hurt badly otherwise. She shook her head in disbelief and listened with intense interest to the discussion between Malcolm Reams and Bertram Havermeyer.

“I think she’ll do quite nicely, don’t you?” Bertram said.

“Yeah, you can make the bitch a fucking star,” Malcolm Reams said, his broad chin thrust forward, a lewd smile creeping across his rough, but handsome face.

Sally looked closely at Malcolm Reams. He was a huge man, at least six feet four inches in height. He looked to be about two hundred and twenty pounds at least, every ounce firm, hard muscle. Malcolm was in good shape, there was no doubt about that, she thought. His face was angular, but handsome in a rugged sort of way. But he was so huge. He frightened her with his strength and size.

She cowered and watched the two men as they shook hands and looked in her direction.

Their eyes perused her naked body with gleeful enthusiasm. They sized her up as though she were a used car part at a swap meet. “Yeah, she’ll be great!” Bertram Havermeyer said with enthusiasm. “We’ll shoot the opening scenes right away, then we can finish up as soon as Mindy gets here. Where is the little bitch, anyway?”

“She’ll be along,” the hulking Malcolm Reams replied, smiling broadly. “She had a little bit of a problem disposing of the last girl she co-starred with. You know how jealous Mindy gets when there’s another beautiful girl in one of her films. Mindy thinks she’s the best porno star in the business, and she can’t stand competition.” Casting a baleful glance in Sally’s direction, he pointed his finger at her and warned, “Don’t get Mindy angry at you, bitch, because if you do, you’ll be awful fucking sorry.”

“I-I don’t understand,” Sally stammered, her mind racing, her body quaking with fear. “Who is Mindy and who are you two? And what do you want with me?”

“Jesus, Bert,” Malcolm said. “You mean to tell me the cunt doesn’t even know what she’s here for? Christ, I thought you were gonna be more professional after the last movie.” Malcolm was pissed off. He shook his head angrily, disgusted at Bertram Havermeyer.

“Listen,” Bertram said by way of explanation to the hulking man. “It ain’t easy casting porno films. I take what I can get. But I know you like sexy bitches to work with. It helps you get up for the part. Get it?” He laughed at his joke, and Malcolm soon joined in.

Sally didn’t comprehend the joke. She shook her head. “Just tell me what I’m doing here,” she demanded.

Malcolm stroked his crotch and strolled forward, rubbing the huge bulge in his pants. “You’re gonna co-star in a film, a porno film. With me!”

“No!” she screamed as the grim reality of the situation set in.

“Let her have it, Malcolm!” Bertram exclaimed. “I’ll get the camera and start filming. Break the bitch into the business good and proper. You’re the best in the business. Give it to her.”

“You bet!” Malcolm said, moving forward. He grabbed her arm in his powerful fist and squeezed her bicep.

“What — ouch!” she screeched as Malcolm Reams lifted her high in the air and slapped her across the face, jolting her head back, her teeth rattling in her mouth. Slap! Slap! Slap! He hit her three more times, quickly, knocking her head from side to side as though she were a rubber doll. Her head snapped back and she could hear bones cracking in her neck. For a moment, she wondered if her neck had been broken by the beating.

He flung her across the room. She slid across the carpeted floor and crumpled into the corner, cowering, weeping hard, tears streaming down her face. “You-you’re insane, both of you!” she shouted angrily.

Malcolm paid her no attention. He walked woodenly to the doorway and shouted out to Bertram. “Where are my fucking props, dammit?”

Bertram appeared in an instant, carrying a heavy black leather suitcase. He handed the suitcase to Malcolm and reached back into the hallway. When he reappeared, he carried a movie camera. He focused the lens and aimed the camera at the anguished, tear-stained face of Sally, who propped herself up on her hands and knees, shaking her head back and forth as though she were trying to recover from a dreadful nightmare. But it was not a nightmare! This was reality! She was relieved to discover that all of her bones were still in one piece. She had almost expected her body to be broken into small pieces from the rough treatment.

She watched anxiously as she saw Malcolm Reams rooting about in the suitcase. He pulled out a small, black leather riding crop and smiled gleefully. Stepping forward, he turned to face the movie camera. “Get a good shot of this, Bert,” he said. “I’m gonna whip the bitch real good!”

Sally could hardly believe the words that issued from the hulking man’s mouth. But the proof was in the pudding, and there was no question that Malcolm was standing above her, poised to strike her with the riding crop. “Get ready, bitch! I’m gonna beat your ass, you fucking slut!”

“No! Please, don’t hit me with that whip! I beg of you!” she screamed. “I beg of you!”

Malcolm certainly heard her screams of anguish, her piteous pleas for mercy, but he ruthlessly ignored them.

Whap! Whap! Whap! The riding crop fell with relentless regularity about her shoulders and tits. From the look on Malcolm’s face, Sally could tell that he truly relished whipping her with the riding crop. He hovered over her, his massive body shading her naked flesh from the harsh spotlights. He languished thrashing blows across her tortured and aching tits, the tip of the riding crop slashing painfully across her pointed nipples.

Enraged, but too scared to protest, Sally whimpered in agony and terror, screeching loudly. “Aaaaaeeee!” Her soul-rending shrieks echoed through the room as she tried desperately to cover her tender tits with her hands. She crossed her arms, placing her palms over her nipples to protect her aching tit-buds from further abuse. She rolled over and over, but Malcolm was instantly upon her with the riding crop, thrashing at whatever flesh was exposed on her naked body. She flinched as the whip struck her ass-checks, which quivered and trembled in response to the brutal whipping strokes which bore down upon her. Twitching and wincing with pain, she drew herself onto her hands and knees. She tried to crawl away from the thrashing whip, but Malcolm only followed her, taking long strides, flailing her mercilessly with the riding crop which sliced through the air and snapped across her flesh.

Malcolm seemed to be hungry to inflict pain on the poor, wretched young girl. He looked as though he were hypnotized with sadistic lust. His prick was bulging in his trousers as he straddled the girl and rained blows of the whip down on her tits. When she rolled over, he thrashed her ass-cheeks.

Al the while, Sally could hear the low whirring sound of the motion picture camera as it recorded the vile and wicked proceedings. Bertram Havermeyer was happily filming everything, a wide grin pasted on his face. Sally looked over in the man’s direction and was startled to see that his trousers were bulging, too. Bertram had a huge hard-on in his pants, his rigid prick striving to break out of his trousers. She was horrified at the lewd sight.

Malcolm threw the whip aside and grabbed the girl by her long, red hair. He pulled her head up and stood straddling her face. “Take my cock out of my pants,” he commanded in a stern, no-nonsense voice that frightened Sally half to death.

She instantly obeyed his vile command, unzipping his fly and tugging out his huge cock. When his prick flopped out of his trousers and wagged before her startled eyes, she did a classic double take. His prick was monstrous, bulging, bloated with hot blood, engorged and stiff. She held his limp prick in her palms and stared at his mammoth cock-shaft, astounded that any man’s prick could be so huge.

“Jack me off, slut!” Malcolm commanded sternly. “Jack my cock off! Get my prick nice and hard!”

“What?” she said. She really hadn’t heard what Malcolm had said. She had been too absorbed in looking at his huge prick to pay attention. “What was that?” she repeated weakly.

He cuffed her with his open palm, almost knocking her onto the floor. “Oh, Christ,” he said, exasperated. “You are a dumb cunt, aren’t you? Jack me off, cunt! Jerk my cock up and down. Get my prick hard, you idiot!”

“Okay,” she replied meekly. “I-I’m sorry! It-it’s just that your… your prick is so huge. Jesus! I-I’ve never seen such a big cock in my whole life.”

“Yeah!” Bertram interjected as he continued to film the debauched and decadent scene. “Good old Malcolm has what is known in the trade as a horse-cock. He is a well-hung son of a bitch, isn’t he, Sally?”

Somewhat perturbed and overwhelmed by the manner in which Bertram spoke to her, Sally shook her head, trying to clear her mind. She wasn’t quite sure how to react to these lewd men. One thing she knew for certain — she was being filmed. Moreover, this was a pornographic film. Who could say how many people would see Sally, completely naked, helpless and vulnerable, at the mercy of Malcolm Reams? The very thought repelled her and made her sick to her stomach. She almost got sick on the spot, but there was no time to think or do anything but pay attention to Malcolm Reams, who stood hovering over her, his legs spread far apart, feet planted on the carpet. He kicked off his trousers and stood before her as she knelt on the floor, naked and exposed.

“Now, let’s get back to business, sweet cunt!” Malcolm snarled. “Weren’t you just about to jack my cock off, cunt?” He sneered at her crudely, his upper lip curling up at the corner. He ran his tongue across his teeth and glowered at the kneeling young girl. “Well, answer me, bitch! Weren’t you about to jack my cock off?”

“Y-yes, I suppose so,” she replied in a timid, barely audible voice that trembled as she spat out the words.

“Well, then, let’s see you snap to it, cunt! Here,” he said as he lifted his soft prick in the palm of his hand and held it toward her, arching his back in a practiced motion as Bertram Havermeyer moved in close, the camera aimed at Malcolm Reams’ gigantic cock-shaft.

Crawling forward, Sally reached out and touched Malcolm’s stupendous unit, which began to throb at once. She held his prick in the palm of her hand, holding the base of his cock near the back of her hand. His prick was so long that it curled over her fingers and drooped down a good six inches.

“My heavens!” Sally declared in utter fascination. “Your prick! It… why, it must be a foot long. God! I’ve never seen anything like it!” Sally wasn’t kidding. She couldn’t help admiring his huge prick. In fact, his cock was not only long — it was thick, too. And it was shaped perfectly. She shook her head, a perplexed look on her face, and spoke with true admiration. “You’ll have to excuse me for gawking at your cock, Malcolm, but I’ve just never seen anything like this before. Christ, what a cock!”

Then she suddenly remembered what this depraved scene was all about. This was a Goddamned porno film. She had momentarily lost sight of what was going on. But there was no way for her to lose sight of Malcolm Reams’ huge prick. His cock seemed to loom large above her, menacing and nasty, its cock-knob throbbing and the thick, red veins that ran along its fleshy length filling with blood, making his prick grow in length and thickness.

“Quit wasting time, Sally!” Bertram admonished her, zeroing in for a close-up shot of her holding Malcolm’s abnormally large prick. “Jerk him off! Get to it! Now!”

“Yeah! Jerk my cock, you stupid asshole!” Malcolm snorted, thrusting his hips forward.

She obeyed the vile command and began to stroke Malcolm’s mighty cock-stalk, watching his prick grow in size as she rubbed her palm beneath its fleshy surface. She could feel heat being generated inside of his weighty cock-shaft as it became engorged with blood. His cock began to stand up and point toward the ceiling, its cock-knob turning a purplish hue as she rubbed his prick wildly.

Malcolm reached down and cuffed her alongside her ear, making her see stars. The giant of a man didn’t know his own strength, she thought. “What’s wrong?”

“Use both of your hands, cunt!” he snorted, his nostrils flaring, beads of perspiration forming a thin, wet line on his forehead. “Use both of your hands on my cock. Wrap your hands around my prick and stroke!”

Sally hastened to obey Malcolm Reams’ vile command. She placed both of her palms underneath his huge, swollen cock-shaft and wrapped her fingers around his prick. Awestruck at the thick circumference, she began to pump his prick to a terrifyingly huge erection.

“Awwwww! Yeah! Shit, that feels great, sweet cunt!” he exclaimed. He balanced himself on his heels and rocked back and forth, savoring the wonderful sensations that coursed through his hard prick. His cock leapt to attention in response to the manipulation, standing straight up, his cock-knob pointing skyward. “Mmmmm! Unnhhh! Love it, sweet cunt! Keep stroking my cock!”

She was repulsed at being forced to jerk the man off, but she realized that there was nothing else that she could do. There was no sense in trying to escape. With Malcolm and Bertram in the room, she wouldn’t even be able to reach the door, much less make a dash outside.

“Okay, that’s enough of that,” Bertram said, moving back and focusing the camera lens for a longer shot of the wicked sex scene. “Make her suck your cock, Malcolm. Let’s get on with it, okay?”

“Sure thing,” Malcolm replied. “Your ears work, bitch?” he asked.

“Y-yes,” she replied.

“Well, you heard the director. Suck my cock! Let’s get on with it!” He stabbed his stiff, foot-long prick between her lips and rammed his lower torso forward with a powerful cock-thrust into her mouth. His cock-knob banged hard into the back portion of her mouth, slid over her tonsils and slammed deep into her throat.

She gagged immediately as his cock-knob obstructed her windpipe, suffocating her. She made obscene gurgling noises, but Malcolm kept face-fucking her, slamming forward, rotating his hips and pummeling his mighty prick-shaft deep into her tortured throat, either unaware or uncaring that she was choking on his prick.

Sally choked and grimaced in pain, shedding tears which streamed down her flushed cheeks. Malcolm’s giant prick was tearing into her mouth, pulling her jaws apart, literally ripping the muscle fibers in the lining of her mouth. She gagged loudly and pulled her face away, turning to the side to escape his mammoth cock-shaft. His huge hard-on slipped out from between her lips. The very sight of his cock was frightening and menacing. His cock was lined with thick red mid purple veins that were swollen and standing out in bold relief. His prick was wet and slimy from her saliva. His cock stood out obscenely from his crotch, where matted blond pubic hairs stuck out. His balls dangled down so far that she wondered if he ever got them tangled up in his knees when he walked around naked. This was one well-hung stud of a man, she thought. His cock-stand wagged in front of her face, moving left to right and back again, as if scolding her for failing to do a good job of cock-sucking.

“What the fuck is her problem?” Bertram shouted, patting his foot on the floor impatiently.

“Yeah, what the fuck is your problem, sweet cunt? Is my cock too big for your little mouth?” Malcolm remarked, standing before her, poised to resume face-fucking the poor, helpless girl.

“Yes! Your cock is huge! It’s choking me! I can’t suck that!” she exclaimed, pointing a finger at his mammoth prick-shaft. “It-it’s impossible!”

The backhand blow struck her across her eyes and sent her sprawling to the floor. “You fucking cock-sucking bitch!” Malcolm snorted angrily. He yanked her up to her knees, tugging her by her long red hair. “Get on with it, bitch!”

He pried her lips open with his powerful thumbs and rammed forward, his prick slicing into her mouth. “Suck! Suck my cock, sweet cunt!” He began to face-fuck her brutally, with forceful cock thrusts into her wet mouth. His prick-tip probed about inside her mouth, prying her jaws apart, stretching the muscles in her mouth to the limit.

She winced in pain and tried to fight back the tears as she slurped his bloated cock-knob into her tortured and aching mouth. She couldn’t take all of his prick into her mouth. That was an anatomical impossibility! But she could suck a good six or seven inches of his thick prick between her lips. When she felt as though she were about to choke and gag on his cock-knob, she would pull her head back slightly to relieve the pressure on her throat. Then before Malcolm got a chance to realize what she was doing, she would hunker down on his cock again, slurping and sucking his prick into her wet, hot mouth.

“Uh, yeah! Nice little cock-sucker!” he exclaimed, complimenting her in his own lewd way for her ability to suck his mammoth prick. “Now you suck my cock hard, and if your mouth isn’t big enough, then that’s just tough shit for you, sweet cunt!” He took the back of her head between his big, thick meaty fists and pulled her forward as be pumped his cock-shaft between her lips, cruelly face-fucking her, grunting and snorting with obscene delight. “Unnhhh! Unnhhh! Yeah! This bitch is all right! She sucks cock good!” he said, speaking to Bertram Havermeyer who moved in for a close shot with the movie camera. Malcolm grabbed Sally’s hands and placed them on his quivering ass-cheeks. “This’ll give you a better grip, sweet cunt!”

She gripped his thick, muscular ass in her hands, feeling the clammy, slippery sweat that came out of the pores on his fleshy ass-cheeks. She cried, but her tears merely dripped onto his pubic hair and got mixed up with the perspiration that drenched his crotch. Her tongue swirled around and licked the underside of his shaft, fucking across the spot just beneath his bulbous knob.

“Unnhhh! That’s the spot! That’s it! Dammit! That’s the spot!” he bellowed. “Aaahhh! Aaahhh!” He was gasping as he plunged forward again and again, filling her aching mouth with his stiff prick. His cock was huge, swollen and stiff as it slammed repeatedly into her oral cavity, causing her to retch in a frantic effort to keep from choking and spitting his prick out of her mouth. Her jaws felt like they were being split apart by his raging prick as it ripped hard and fast into the tissues that lined the inside of her mouth. Her tonsils puffed up, swelling from the irritation of his cock-knob as it raked across the sensitive area.

She gave special attention to “the spot” beneath his bloated cock-knob, lapping and licking, tongue-lashing that special area from which the huge man seemed to derive such sexual delight. She sucked and slurped on his cock-knob, taking as much of his prick as possible into her mouth. But even when she sucked his cock-knob painfully down into her throat, she could still see a good five inches of the base of his prick which she was unable to suck. Christ! she thought. Malcolm was a real prick!

Her jaws began to ache terribly, and his cock just seemed to keep growing bigger and bigger in her sucking mouth. She found it difficult to believe that any mere mortal could possess a slab of cock the size of Malcolm’s prick. No wonder his prick was called a “horse-cock”. Even horses would envy a prick this size, she thought.

“Unnhhh! Yeah! Good little cock-sucker!” Malcolm exclaimed. “Nice blow-job, bitch!” He cackled maniacally, his voice pitched higher than usual. But not for a second did he quit face-fucking the poor girl. He kept gyrating his hips, slamming his giant prick between her sucking lips, moaning and groaning with obscene delight. “I love it!”

Sally hated it! She could tell that Malcolm was about ready to come. He was groaning louder and louder as he face-fucked her.

Then he made a low, moaning sound and shot his wad, his jism spurting out of his cock-slit and pouring into her mouth. She gasped for air and sucked down his salty, jelly-like load of cum.

“Drink it all down, sweet cunt!” Malcolm commanded in a hoarse, no-nonsense voice.

She obeyed, sucking down his jism and milking the head of his prick in a frantic effort to drink and swallow all of his cum quickly, before he had a chance to become angry with her.

“Unnhhh! Unnhhh!” he gasped as he twisted and turned, rocking on his heels, pumping his prick into her mouth. Thick gobs of creamy jism pulsed through his blue-veined cock and shot hard into her sucking mouth, filling her mouth, completely. His prick just kept spurting out cum. It kept coming, although it seemed as though it were impossible for any man — even a hulking giant of a man like Malcolm Reams — to carry around so much jism in his balls. “Keep sucking, sweet cunt! Suck my cock until it’s dry!”

She kept slurping on his cock-knob, her tongue fucking across his piss-slit, lapping at the cum which spurted out of his prick. She sucked his prick until it was spent and dry.

Malcolm flinched and moved back away from her, his prick almost dropping out of her mouth. She kept her lips clenched around his bulbous cock-knob, wondering what she should do next. She could see that his prick was quickly losing its hardness. His cock was getting soft and flaccid.

The hulking man took another step backward and his long, dangling prick slid out of her mouth and swung like a vine in front of her eyes.

“That was a nice blow-job!” Malcolm said, beaming with satisfaction, complimenting her for a blow-job well done.

She nodded her head in acknowledgement, not wishing to chance raising his ire.

“That was a good first scene!” Bertram Havermeyer yelled. He turned off the movie camera. “A great first scene! Shit, where the hell is Mindy, anyway?”

“Why don’t we just go right ahead and film another scene while we wait for Mindy?” Malcolm said.

“I have to think about it,” Bertram said, leaving the room. Malcolm Reams followed him out, shrugging his shoulders and grinning at Sally as though nothing unusual had occurred.


Bertram Havermeyer and Malcolm Reams soon returned to the harshly-lit room, only this time Malcolm worked the movie camera as Bertram moved forward and cuffed Sally across the room, striking her with his open palm. Malcolm eagerly filmed the brutal manner in which Bertram smacked the wretched girl. His eyes were bulging and half-glazed.

Then the man pulled a long and wide table out from a corner and shoved it into the center of the room. Sally stared at the table. She shook her head in confusion. It was a strange table, so long and wide, covered with shiny black leather. Wooden pegs that appeared to be about twelve inches in length protruded from each corner of the unusual table. Attached to the pegs were steel shackles. She gasped with horror as she caught sight of the manacles.

“I… I don’t get it,” she said, her voice thin and more strained than before.

“You don’t get what?” Bertram asked casually. “I don’t get what that weird table is for,” she said, cringing nervously.

Bertram moved forward, taking long strides. He lifted her up, cupping his hands under her armpits and pulling her to her feet. Then he smacked her ass very hard and she quickly scooted across the room.

“Okay, jump up on the table and try it out for size,” Bertram said.

“No!” she replied emphatically.

“You’re not cooperating, Sally. That’s not very smart on your part,” Bertram said condescendingly. “Now, climb up on the table.”

She paused for a moment, holding her ground, her knees weak and trembling.

“Well, if you refuse to cooperate, I suppose I’ll have to whip you,” Bertram said coldly.

When she heard that, Sally quickly jumped onto the table. She sat there, her legs dangling down. For a moment she felt like a patient in a hospital examination room, naked and waiting on the examination table for the doctor to check her out. But, such was not the case.

Bertram Havermeyer reached out and grabbed one of her wrists. She screamed and tried to pull free, but it was impossible. Bertram was too big and strong. He clamped the heavy steel shackle down on her wrist. Then he snatched up her other hand and attached a manacle to it. She pulled and jerked about in a frenzy of energy, but there was no way for her to escape. She was manacled to the wooden pegs, her arms held above her head and outstretched. Then he shackled her ankles in the same rude manner.

When the man stepped back to examine the girl who lay spread-caged and shackled to the pegs on the leather table, he seemed very happy with himself, “Move in and get a close shot of her like this,” he instructed Malcolm Reams. Malcolm stepped in close and focused the camera on her naked body.

“How about a big smile for the film audience now, sweet cunt,” Malcolm taunted.

She puckered her lips and spat at the camera, hissing, “Fuck you!”

“Ha! Ha! That’s the spirit. Just the reaction I anticipated,” he said, laughing. Then he moved back and Bertram closed in on her. In his hand, Bertram held a long rubber dildo that was shaped like a nightstick. The dildo had rough bumps on its rubbery surface.

“P-please don’t touch me with that vile thing,” she begged, her voice shrill with nervous anticipation.

“Oh, I’ll do better than that, bitch! I’ll fuck your pussy with this dildo,” Bertram said.

“No!” she shrieked in outrage as he began to tease her cruelly, rubbing the thick rubber tip of the bumpy dildo over her pink pussy-lips. Her eyes showed her horror and indignation, like those of a wounded animal. She lay there on the leather table, spread-eagled and shackled down, more mortified and embarrassed than she had ever imagined. She was hopelessly caught up in a web of sexual perversion and there was no way out. Her anguish was almost unbearable. She knew that she presented a ridiculously absurd sight, but what could she do about it? Nothing! Nothing but try to endure the utter humiliation of this decadent experience. She sobbed and looked up at Malcolm with imploring eyes. “Please, if you have a shred of decency, you won’t do this to me.”

“Well, God damn it! You hit me right where it hurts, little bitch. But, you know what? I don’t have a shred of decency.” He laughed at his sick joke and continued to rub the rubber dildo against her pink cunt-lips, making her squirm about in agonized fear on the torture table.

He reached down and opened the folds of her pussy-lips so that the thick dildo could penetrate her cuntal opening. The tip of the bumpy dildo raked across her clit-sheath, opening the fleshy aperture so that her clit was totally exposed and vulnerable to the abusive treatment from the dildo.

“Aaaaeeeee!” she wailed as the pain tore through her loins, ripping into her cunt. Her pussy was not yet slick with cunt-juice and the dildo was rubbing across her dry, raw, tender cunt-flesh. It felt as though her pussy were being clawed apart by the rubber bumps on the tip of the dildo as it probed past her outer cunt-lips and into her cuntal cavity. She struggled vainly in her bonds. But for all of her struggling, her dire situation only became worse. The steel manacles dug into her tender flesh and caused her untold pain.

“It is foolish for you to struggle like that,” he said. “Why not just grin and bear it, bitch!”

Bertram Havermeyer was insane! she thought. She had never met such a wicked and decadent man. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and she grimaced in terrible pain as the rubber dildo dug into her pussy, reaming out her cunt-walls obscenely.

“Aaaaaeeee! Aaahhh! Don’t do that! Please!” she wailed as she felt the grotesque dildo sawing into her pussy, stretching her cunt-walls to the limit. “Please, don’t push that awful thing up my pussy any farther. Shit! You’ll rip my pussy apart!” She groaned loudly, fully aware that her pleas for mercy would go unheeded by Bertram Havermeyer. He didn’t give a shit how much pain she felt, how humiliated she felt. That didn’t matter to him — not in the least. All that he cared about was his own demented, sadistic pleasure. And from the lewd smile on his face, he was getting plenty of pleasure.

“Ha! Ha! If your pussy does get ripped up by my dildo, it won’t be my fault. It’ll be your fault, because if your pussy gets wet with cunt-juice, it won’t hurt so fucking much, you asshole! Ha! Ha!”

He wormed the blunt tip of the dildo into her cunt, inch by terrifying inch, until the rubber shaft of the thick dildo was deeply embedded in her tortured twat. Obscenely, he worked the dildo back and forth in her tight cunt, sawing away madly, tearing into her tight pussy. The rubber bumps on the dildo-shaft raped across her exposed clit which instantly responded, getting hard and becoming erect, swollen with blood. She writhed and shook, her muscles flexing and spasming out of control as she shrieked in agony and dread, afraid that her cunt was being torn to shreds by the wicked rubber dildo. She gasped loudly and tried to pull away from the dildo which fucked into her cunt.

But, much to her dismay, the shackles held her tightly in her spread-eagle position on the torture table, making her practically immobile. She was able to twist her hips about some, but not enough to escape the probing dildo. She felt the bumpy tip of the dildo pressing deeper and deeper into her cunt. Moreover, whenever she tried to pull back away from the dildo, Bertram just rammed it harder into her cunt. He showed her no mercy at all. He just kept pumping the rubber dildo into her tortured twat, dildo-fucking her pussy with wild abandon, loving every agonized moment that she suffered.

“Hey, that’s a good little bitch!” he snorted, his nostrils flaring sexily as he glowered at her. “Your pussy is starting to respond properly. Get a close shot of her cunt now, Malcolm,” he instructed. Malcolm moved forward and filmed her pussy impaled by the dildo. She could feel cunt-juice churning up inside of her abused twat now. Pussy-nectar lubricated her dark cuntal passageway, making it easier for the dildo to slice in and out of her tight, but wet cunt. He was working on her pussy with demonic delight, pumping and sawing the dildo into her juicy twat, smiling obscenely as he dildo-fucked the naked and helpless young eighteen-year-old girl, purposely tormenting her.

“Hey!” Malcolm Reams said. “This is gonna make a great scene, Bertram. Shit, yeah! Look at that cunt-juice streaming out of her pussy!”

“That’s right! Sally here is one hot little bitch. That’s for sure!” Bertram replied. He emphasized his point by slamming the dildo as far as it could go in her pussy, penetrating her twat deeply. He slammed the dildo into her cunt hard and fast, with staccato-like motions. Pumping and sawing! Slamming and pounding! Pummeling the dildo into her ravaged cunt, which dripped pussy-juice. Cunt-nectar poured out of her wet cunt and leaked onto the shaft of the rubber dildo, which glistened in the harsh light whenever Bertram pulled it out of her cunt in preparation for another thrust deep into her pussy.

“Yeah, shit! Your cunt is starting to work real good now, bitch!” Bertram said coldly, his voice dripping with evilness and sexual decadence. He seemed to love talking lewdly to her, his mouth spewing forth grotesque curses and obscene epithets. “Yeah! Hot fucking damn! You like this, don’t you, Sally? You like having your cunt reamed out by a rubber dildo?”

“Nooooo! I hate it! I… I… hate it!” she screamed in startled response. But deep down inside, deep in her heart, she knew that she was lying. The dildo-fucking was beginning to feel quite good. She refused to admit the truth to Bertram Havermeyer, and it was difficult even to admit the truth to herself. But there was no denying the chilling sensations of lust which welled up in her tight cunt. She was actually getting turned on by the dildo as it sliced deep and hard into her cunt. Pussy-juice gushed out of her twat and flowed down the length of the rubber dildo. Her cunt was slick with pussy-oils and the mighty dildo churned around in her twat, making her cunt-butter flow even more.

She was hot, and she knew it! She nevertheless felt horribly degraded. The fact that she was getting hot and horny did not diminish her feelings of hatred for the two men who were so cruelly tormenting and sexually abusing her ripe young cunt. She watched Malcolm Reams out of the corner of her eye, seeing him maneuvering about the room to get different shots of her as she writhed about helplessly on the torture table. He zoomed in on her face which was a contorted mask of pain and humiliation. Then he would come around and zoom in right on her pussy, filming every glistening, slick drop of her pussy-nectar as it oozed obscenely out of her hot twat and dripped off the rubber dildo and onto the leather table. Her cunt was seething with lust, and desire, and she began to kick and buck in an attempt to derive sexual pleasure from the dildo-fucking.

“Yeah, that’s great! Love it! Love it! This’ll make a terrific scene!” Bertram shouted enthusiastically as he thrust the rubber dildo into her hot cunt. “Shit, Sally! You’ll have a whole shit-load of fans out in porno film-land after this movie is released.”

“Yeah, you might even win the coveted Golden Cunt Award for your performance,” Malcolm chimed in. He laughed lewdly and zoomed in for another close shot of her tormented face.

Suddenly, Bertram removed, the rubber dildo from her pussy. She heard a lewd sucking noise as her pussy-lips plopped back into place, releasing their grip on the rubber shaft of the thick dildo.

Now what? she wondered. She bit her lip and stared up at the ceiling, but she soon had to avert her gaze. The lights were too bright in the room. She would go blind if she looked at them for long.

She didn’t have to wait long for the answer to her question. Bertram Havermeyer tugged off his trousers and climbed on the torture table. He stood above her bound body and leered down at her. He reached down and began to stroke his half-hard prick.

“Get a close shot of my cock as it begins to get hard,” he instructed Malcolm. “And you, Sally. You watch carefully. I’m gonna fuck you with my prick! Fuck you good and hard!”

His eyes were glazed with passion and obscene lust. Although he was looking right at her, it seemed as though he were staring right through her, splitting her head in two with his decadent glance. She winced and tried to look the other way, to take her eyes off of his prick. But she felt a strange fascination with his prick as he stroked his cock to an enormous erection. Bertram’s prick was nowhere near as huge as Malcolm Reams’ gigantic unit, but it was still larger than the average cock.

His prick began to throb and lurch as he jerked himself off, rubbing and stroking his sensitive cock-flesh between his fingers. His fingers moved frantically up and down his bloated cock-shaft until his prick was as hard as a rock. He beamed with pride, his prick wagging obscenely above her face, pulsating with obscene desire and need.

“Unnnhhhhh! Aaaahhhh!” he moaned and gasped as he jacked his prick off. He was enjoying himself immensely. And in some strange way, it was exciting Sally to watch him jack off. His prick grew with every jacking motion, grew and throbbed mightily as his cock became engorged with blood and his cock-knob quivered with desire.

“I’ve got plenty of nice, hard prick for you, Sally,” Bertram said, sneering. He knelt on the black, leather tabletop, positioning himself between her splayed legs. Gripping the base of his thick cock-shaft, he guided his quivering cock-knob between the folds of her outer cunt-lips. Pussy-juice filled her cunt and dripped out of her twat, forming a small puddle on the tabletop between her legs. Her slick cunt was prepared to receive his cock-shaft as he slipped it into her pussy.

“God damn you, you evil bastard!” she bellowed in disgust and anger as she felt his prick sliding deep into her cunt. His prick-tip probed the depths of her pussy, prodding and ramming and reaming out her rippling cunt-walls.

“God may damn me, but you sure as hell won’t! Not once I get started, bitch! Hang on, sweet cunt! I’m gonna take you for a real ride! A real fucking ride!” With that, he plunged his cock hard and fast into her twat. “Unnhhhhh! Mmmhhh! Nnnhhh!” he gasped breathlessly as he began to fuck her pussy with powerful cock-thrusts. His prick was firmly embedded in her tight twat. He began to gyrate his hips rhythmically, timing his cock thrusts with a cool methodical stroke. “You like it, Sally? You like getting fucked like this?”

“Ohhhh!” she gasped, unable or unwilling to reply to his lewd question. She was ashamed to admit that he was correct. She did like it. He was fucking her like an expert. Before long, she felt tingling sensations in her cunt, and her clit was spasming and throbbing with sexual pleasure.

He raped her cunt brutally, but with well-timed cock-thrusts that set her off tremendously, turning her on, making her writhe about with obscene lust and unfulfilled passion. Her pussy throbbed and absorbed his powerful cock-thrusts. Soon, she found herself arching her back as much as her shackles allowed, arching her back and tightening the muscles in her cunt, trying desperately to prolong the wondrous sensations that coursed through her well-fucked pussy. Sally knew that this man knew what he was doing. Her hips jerked fast and she swooned in delirium as his prick sluiced in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

“Yeah, you like it, all right! Shit! You love it! I’m fucking you like a madman! Hell, I am a madman! A fucking animal! That’s what I am, a fucking animal! And you love it! Hell, you love every second of it! I can tell!”

There was no sense in trying to hide her emotions. She knew that he really could tell that she was enjoying the fucking. She was really turned on now, her pussy wet and slippery with ripe cunt-juice. Her twat was boiling and on fire from the powerful cock-thrusts of Bertram Havermeyer’s raging hard prick as it slammed deep into her cunt.

“Admit it, cunt!?” he shouted at her. He bent down and bit her nipple, causing her to jerk in a reflex action, the pain coursing through her tit. “Admit it! You love getting fucked by my hard prick! Admit it, you slut!” He bit her nipple a second time and she writhed in agony.

“Yes! I admit it! Y-your prick! It feels so damned good!” she exclaimed in a stammering, stuttering, high-pitched voice as she hunched her hips to meet his thrusts into her cunt. It felt as though her pussy was on fire, steaming and boiling as he raped her. “Ohhhh,” she whimpered softly. “I love it! Fuck me more! Fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy!” Suddenly, she pulled her legs around his pumping hips as tightly as her shackles would allow, tears of bitter embarrassment welling up in her eyes and then spilling down over her red, blushing cheeks as she humped and bucked beneath his mighty cock-strokes.

His hard-muscled body was dripping with sweat as he fucked her twat, slamming his prick hard into her cunt. He bent over her face and slipped his tongue into her mouth. His raspy tongue explored the linings of her mouth, dipping deep into her oral cavity. He sucked her tongue into his mouth, then he bit her bottom lip gently. His hair was whipping about his face as he came up for air, ramming his rock-hard prick into her cunt with terrific force.

“Unnhhhhh! Aaaahhhh! Unnhhhhh!” he panted and groaned with sexual ecstasy, relishing the wonderful fucking, his body taut, the muscles and sinews that lined his arms and legs tight as a drum. His prick lurched and pulsated and throbbed inside of her pussy, his cock-knob banging into the linings of her taut, wet cunt.

Sally bucked and kicked, her shackles rattling as she fucked back, absorbing his cock-stabs into her pussy. His prick was ramming even harder and faster into her cunt than before. She could feel her pussy-muscles instinctively clenching and clamping down on his fleshy cock-spear, grasping at his cock-shaft as it slammed into her tight young twat. She could feel the heat coming from his body as he fucked her with powerful, unyielding cock-strokes, his bulbous cock-knob pounding hard into the sinewy linings of her seething, dripping cunt. She was soon overcome with lust and passion, her mind sizzling with lewd, forbidden desire. Her cunt was throbbing quickly, whipping about in its cuntal-sheath. Scalding curds of cunt-juice formed on her pussy-hair which was frothed with thick, slimy pussy-goo.

“Aaahhh!” she yelped, throwing her head back, her long red tresses matted and tangled, damp with sweat. Her face was contorted with lust and passion. She dug her heels into the plush leather covering of the table and bucked beneath Bertram’s powerful cock-thrusts into her heated cunt, gaining leverage with which to push her lower torso upward. She had lost all sense of propriety, all sense of self-worth. She felt wholly degraded and abused as she jerked and twisted in the throes of sexual ecstasy. Nothing could save her now. Her dignity was lost forever as she gave in to the lewd sexual demands of her hot, fucking cunt. “Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Unnhhhhh! So great! I love it!” she hissed through pursed lips.

She felt her pussy-muscles clamping down on his rock-hard prick, pulling and tugging at his heavy veined cock-stand, raking his prick through her cunt-channel which rippled and throbbed with intensity, responding lewdly to the fucking.

“Unnhhhhh!” he snorted and groaned loudly, fucking her hard, fucking her fast, fucking her brutally with powerful cock-stabs. His prick lurched and throbbed in her cunt, slamming in and out of her pussy, rubbing across her erect and spasming clit, drawing sexual joy from her heated loins.

Every muscle fiber in her body clenched and tightened like a screw, and she twisted and turned as much as her restraining shackles allowed her to move, writhing in sexual bliss, totally overcome by the wonderful and delicious sensations that coursed through her juicy, tight pussy. She relished the emotions that she felt — conflicting emotions that were totally alien to the young girl. She felt intense sexual pleasure, a throbbing sensation that shot through her clit and coursed through her veins, rushing to her brain. At the same time, she felt a sense of horrible shame and degradation. She was being terribly abused, her cunt raped by a man who cared not one iota for her welfare or pleasure. All that Bertram Havermeyer cared about was his own erotic delight — that, and making a sexy porno movie. He didn’t care about her at all. He was selfish and egocentric. If push came to shove, he would abruptly abandon her to the wolves, to be ruthlessly devoured while he stood by and watched with total dispassion.

“Unnhhhhh! Unnhhhhh!” he gasped, his prick performing a lewd, trembling and lurching dance inside of her hot, dripping twat. “Unnhhhhh! Shit! I… I’m gonna come! Get… get a… a close shot of… of this,” he stammered, instructing Malcolm Reams who moved forward and zoomed the lens of the movie camera in on Bertram’s stiff, slick prick as his cock sluiced fast into the girl’s hot pussy.

“I got it! I got it! Come whenever you’re ready,” Malcolm said, spreading his legs wide as he positioned himself to film the man’s climax.

Sally looked at Malcolm, her body quivering with passion as she caught sight of his raging hard-on. Malcolm was naked, his huge muscles rippling and glistening in the harsh light, his prick throbbing and his balls clenched in his tight nut-sac. He had a bird’s-eye view of the fucking and it was getting him hard, his prick twitching with evil lust and wicked desire.

Was it her body that was turning Malcolm on so much? she wondered. She knew that she had a beautiful young body, firm and delicious. She was a very desirable feminine specimen. Sally knew that. But was she turning Malcolm on, making his prick grow so quickly and stiffen into a hard erection? Or was Malcolm getting turned on by watching this lewd display?

She knew the true answer, but she didn’t want to admit the truth. Malcolm didn’t really care about her either. If he did, he would stop this obscene happening at once. Then again, she thought, did she really want it to be stopped? No! her mind responded anxiously. No! She wanted to keep right on fucking.

“Ohhhh, yes!” she gasped. She could feel her orgasm beginning to develop, building in her hot, tight cunt, ready to spill over at any moment. She hoped and prayed that Bertram would hang on for a few more precious cock-strokes. “Ohhhh, wait for me!” she wailed. “Wait! Wait, for me!”

“Fuck you! Fuck you! You…” He came suddenly, his body stiffening like a board. His prick lurched upward and inward, sticking far and deep in her cunt. His cum spewed out of his cock-slit in torrents, drenching her abused pussy with jism.

“Unnhhhhh! Unnhhhhh! Aaaahhhh!” he grunted as he shot his load of thick, creamy jism into her pussy, his face contorted with lust, his lips curled over his straight, white teeth, his tongue lolling and hanging out of his mouth like a crazed animal.

Bertram Havermeyer wasn’t about to wait for her. He was having his sexual thrills, enjoying his erotic pleasure. He really didn’t care about her at all. He only wanted to get off himself. Never mind if she didn’t come. He didn’t worry about her attaining an orgasm, not at all. All that he worried about was his own climax — and his filthy porno film.

Even as he came in her pussy, his jism coating the linings of her cunt, Bertram Havermeyer turned around and spoke to Malcolm. “Did you get it all? Did you zoom in when I shot my load into Sally’s pussy?” he inquired, sweat dripping from his brow, spilling onto her up-thrust tits, dropping onto her puckered and pointed nipples.

“Yeah!” Malcolm Reams replied. “I got it all on film! It’s a great scene! We won’t have to do a second take!”

Thank God! Sally thought. Jesus! She didn’t know if she would be able to withstand a second take of that scene.

Sally heard the loud tattoo of spiked heels coming through the doorway.

“Hello! Anybody home! It’s Mindy! I’m ready to go to work!” came a shrill voice which echoed through the condominium apartment. “Get the camera ready for me, you angels! It’s Mindy!”


“Hey, what do we have here?” Mindy Mandringer said condescendingly as she sauntered into the harshly lit room. She moved in an obviously well-practiced, oft-performed, seductive canter, moving her hips about in a gyrating motion so that her firm and supple ass-cheeks rubbed together.

Sally looked at Mindy, noticing instantly that the woman was a true beauty, voluptuous and stacked, her firm tits jutting upward beneath her filmy cotton dress. Her nipples could be seen through the thin fabric, puckered and pointed. The woman had a cruel look about her, the look of a vixen who could never get enough — a first-class bitch. Her eyes were heavily made up; her lips were covered with bright red lipstick. Her hair was shining, dark brown, medium long and straight. Her body was perfect in every detail. This woman was made for sex. But, Mindy Mandringer looked like a small wench, a bitch! There was no mistaking the evil, nasty glint in the woman’s eyes as she strode forward, her hips gyrating seductively as she walked.

Sally was frightened out of her wits. Good God! she thought. This woman means trouble, serious trouble! Sally moved about uneasily in her bonds, the shackles tearing at the tender, flesh on her wrists and ankles. She was helpless and at the mercy of her tormentors. But now her tormentors numbered not two, but three! Two men and a strange woman.

“Hey! Good to see you again, Mindy! You little bitch! Shit, you’re a fucking sight for sore eyes,” Malcolm Reams said with enthusiasm. He licked his lips and strolled forward, swaggered forward, his cock stiff and huge, drooping from its sheer weight down near his knees. “Yeah, baby. My unit has been dying for your pussy! You delicious little cunt!”

Sally thought that she detected a look of lascivious delight in the dark blue eyes of the little bitch as Mindy glared long and hard at Malcolm’s huge prick. His cock was dancing in front of him, lurching and throbbing with erotic delight. It seemed almost as though his cock were more than an appendage, as though Malcolm’s prick had a mind of its own. Sally was disgusted at the thought that Mindy had fucked Malcolm many times before, although it was obviously true. Sally had heard the two men speaking about the brunette bitch, and she hadn’t liked what she heard. She recalled hearing the men speak about how Mindy was late because she had to “dispose of” some other woman, a woman who, like herself, had been featured in one of the films that Bertram Havermeyer had made. Sally was not sure what it meant to be “disposed of”, but she was certain that she didn’t want that to happen to her.

“Well, Mindy, sweetheart!” Bertram Havermeyer said, moving forward and gripping a fistful of Mindy’s taut, creamy ass-flesh, “so nice to see that you could make it for the film session, darling.” He pinched her roughly.

“Ouch!” Mindy squealed, flinching and jumping aside, her ass-cheek red from the pinching. “Damn you, Bertram Havermeyer! You fucking asshole!” She laughed loudly and lifted her chin, opening her lips so that Bertram could kiss her on the month. He obliged, leaning over and dipping his tongue into her wet, open mouth. He swirled his tongue over the roof of her mouth and over her teeth. Then he stepped back, perusing her luscious, scantily clad body. “You like what you see, Bertram?” she cooed, licking her lips lasciviously, taunting the man as she began to do a slow bump-and-grind dance in the middle of the floor.

“You know damned well I like it, you cunt!” Bertram shouted. “Take it off, Mindy! Take it off!” He began to tap his fingers on the edge of the table where Sally was stretched out, spread-eagled.

Mindy writhed to the beat, removing her dress, then her underwear as the two men stood by and watched with wide-open eyes. Sally glanced at them and saw that their pricks were performing cock-stands. They were getting into her lewd striptease, their cocks responding to her performance.

Mindy noticed, too. “You damn guys,” she said, pretending to blush and acting embarrassed.

“You just can’t get enough of my cunt, can you?”

“That’s right, Mindy! You’re the best! The best actress in the whole fucking world!” Malcolm Reams exclaimed, moving forward and lifting her in his arms, holding her high off the floor. “In fact, I think I’ll thump you right now! I’m in the mood to fuck your sweet pussy, you sexy queen.”

“Damn you, Malcolm Reams,” she said, pretending to blush with embarrassment again. “I just bet you would like to fuck my sweet pussy.”

“Go for it, Malcolm!” Bertram shouted. He leaned down and picked up the film camera. “The film is rolling. Let’s make this a good take, you guys!”

Mindy wriggled her hips and Malcolm let her down slowly, gently, maneuvering her onto his rock-hard prick. She slid right onto his cock just like a nut slides onto a bolt. Wriggling her hips, she began to pump and buck. “Ohhhh, Malcolm! You fucking stud son-of-a-bitch!” she exclaimed. “Fuck me with that elephant cock of yours, honey! Let me have it right in my tight little cunt, sweetheart I want it, baby! Let me have it!”

“Let her have it, Malcolm! Give it to her hard and fast! Fuck her standing up!” Bertram shouted with glee, his eyes transfixed as he watched the pair entwined and fucking.

“You bet!” Malcolm shrieked. He bent at the knees and gripped her firm ass-cheeks in his powerful hands. Powerfully, forcefully, he pulled her forward, ramming his prick deep into her cunt, his lengthy cock-shaft stirring the cunt-butter in her twat. “I’ll fuck you all right, bitch! You deserve a good fucking, and I’m just the man to do it! Right fucking now, you little bitch!” He slammed his prick deep into her cunt, pumping and hammering his cock hard into her wet pussy.

Bertram Havermeyer stood by, the camera running, capturing the whole sordid scene on film for his porno film fans. He grinned widely and laughed occasionally as he filmed the scene of Malcolm Reams and Mindy Mandringer — both were internationally renowned erotic film stars — fucking lewdly in the harshly lit room.

“Ohhhh, you fucking stud son-of-a-bitch!” Mindy rasped as she bucked, wriggling her hips, squirming and writhing on the end of his cock-shaft which was thrust up her pussy. “You damn bastard! Fuck me harder, you fucking ape! Give it to me! Shit! I don’t feel nothing yet, Malcolm!”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Malcolm snorted as he slammed his prick deep into her hot cunt. Pussy-juice streamed out of her tight twat, lubricating his cock as he slammed forward, burying his prick in her cunt. He was pissed off at Mindy. He turned to Bertram Havermeyer who was capturing everything on film. “What the fuck is her problem, Bertram? The bitch can’t be fucking satisfied! She’s a fucking cunt! A whore! A slut! She ain’t got no reason to be hassling me!”

“Fuck her, Malcolm!” Bertram exhorted his male star. “Don’t take no shit front the bitch! Let her have it! Show her who’s boss! She’s just a fucking cunt! Let the bitch have the whole fucking twelve inches! Show her what a real stud cock feels like, Malcolm!”

Mindy moaned and bucked. She wrapped her legs around Malcolm’s waist and dug her heels into his back. “Show me, Malcolm,” she said sarcastically. “You show me what it’s like to be fucked by the famous Malcolm Reams, well known porno star! Shit, you ain’t shown me nothing yet, you son of a bitch!”

“Why, you little cunt!” Malcolm bellowed. He gripped her ass-cheeks and brought her cunt down hard on his huge, hard prick. His cock slammed deep into her pussy and she moaned with delight.

He raised her up and slammed her down again, impaling her cunt on his hard cock. She moaned again. Again and again, he lifted the brunette bitch and dropped her hard on his quivering cock-shaft, cursing at her, railing at her, and calling her a bitch! “You bitch! You whore! You cock-sucker!” he shouted loudly. “I’m Malcolm Reams! I got the biggest prick in the whole fucking business. You got no right to hassle me, you cunt! I’ll make you suck my prick right fucking now!”

“No!” shouted Bertram Havermeyer. “Keep fucking her!” He stomped his foot to add emphasis. “If you two fuck up this scene, I’ll take it off your salaries! You hear me, Malcolm?”

“Listen to the director, Malcolm,” Mindy said curtly. “He’ll dock you if you fuck around with the scene, you bastard.”

“What I said goes for you, too, Mindy!” Bertram shouted. “You fuck up this scene, you’ll pay for it. You got it!”

He was really angry.

Sally, who watched from her spread-eagled position on the table, could see everything. She was stunned at the way the three people behaved. Fucking didn’t really mean anything to them. It was only necessary for Bertram to produce his porno film. These people didn’t even know the meaning of making love or even having sex.

Malcolm and Mindy were starting to really get into the fucking now. She was gasping and moaning as she jerked about on his cock-shaft which penetrated deep into her cunt. Malcolm was going wild with lust, thumping her with his prick, grabbing her ass-cheeks and slamming her down hard on his mighty cock-shaft. His powerful legs held him upright as he lifted her naked body high above him and slammed her down, his hips gyrating rhythmically as his cock slid up her pussy. It looked like he was hefting a mere doll into the air and then letting her drop down on his cock.

“Fuck you, you bitch!” Malcolm snorted as he dropped her, letting her cunt fall over his rock-hard, mammoth prick. He pumped his cock into her cunt three times in quick succession as he fucked the lewd brunette bitch. “Mmmmhhhh! Aaahhh!” he groaned, fucking her pussy with all his might. “Fuck you, you little whore! Bitch! Slut! If it wasn’t for Bertram, I’d make you suck my cock, you bitch!”

“Fuck you back. You asshole!” Mindy shouted. “That’s not my job. That’s what the little bitch on the torture table is here for, and I know it. You can’t pull that shit on me, and you know it, Malcolm! I’ve been around!”

“Yeah, you’ve been around all right! All around my stiff prick, you bitch!” Malcolm snorted angrily as he fucked her hard and fast, pounding his prick into her cuntal depths, snarling at her angrily as he fucked her pussy.

Mindy began to twist and turn, bite and kick as Malcolm shoved his prick to the hilt in her hot pussy. “Mmmmhhhh! So fucking good!” she cooed restlessly.

Malcolm’s giant, stiff prick controlled the brunette bitch’s every movement. She jerked her hips and wriggled her ass in perfect unison with his hard, hammering cock-stabs into her hot, wet cunt. Lewd sucking and sloshing noises came from the friction of the man’s cock-shaft as his prick sank deep into her juice-slicked twat, pumping and sluicing in and out rapidly and powerfully.

“Unnhhhhh! Gonna… gonna come!” Malcolm shouted, alerting Bertram Havermeyer who strode forward to get a close shot of the climax.

Sally watched in total amazement, bewildered at the lewd manner in which the trio behaved. They appeared to have no sense of guilt, no sense of right and wrong. They were wholly immoral, and totally lacking any sense of propriety and decency. The brunette bitch named Mindy was bucking happily, jerking up and down, and fucking Malcolm with great pleasure. Sally shook her head with disgust, repulsed at the casual way that these people treated the sacred subject of sex. They were acting like animals! she thought. Sex-crazed animals! Looking over the shackles which bound her to the black leather torture table, she shuddered when she realized the hopelessness of her dreadful situation. There was no way in the world that she could free herself. She was forced to endure the subjugation and helplessness of her piteous position. They would not free her until they were good and ready.

Malcolm was fucking the brunette bitch — the foul-mouthed woman named Mindy — with such hard and frantic cock-thrusts that it looked like the woman’s cunt would be seriously injured. His prick was so thick and long — at least a foot long when hard — that Sally was afraid the brunette bitch would be hopelessly impaled on his prick when he slammed her cunt down. Sally winced as she watched in wide-eyed amazement. But she could see that Mindy was totally happy, thoroughly enjoying the ruthless fucking that Malcolm was giving her juicy, hot cunt. At the same time, Sally could feel her own cunt-juices beginning to churn and boil in her tight young twat. She tried to look away, to avert her eyes from the wanton display of lascivious sexuality, but the gasping sounds that Malcolm and Mindy uttered, and the whirring of the movie camera inevitably forced her to turn her head and watch.

“Oh, you fucking son of a bitch! Big Prick Malcolm Reams! Unnhhhhh! Mmmhhh! Give it to me, Malcolm! Give me all of your cock, you filthy fucking bastard! I can take it! I can take all of it! Give it to me! Unnhhhhh! Don’t stop now, you prick!” Mindy snarled, her long red-lacquered fingernails digging into the flesh of his muscular back, her heels kicking at his firm, rippling ass-cheeks. She was throwing her head from side to side, drops of sweat spilling onto the floor beneath her. Her dark brown hair whipped about, striking Malcolm’s face and neck. She was in a veritable frenzy, fucking like a minx, like a bitch in heat.

“I’ll give it to you, you cunt!” Malcolm rasped throatily as he thumped her, his prick slicing deep into her juicy, steaming cunt. “Unnhhhhh! Gonna… gonna come soon, you bitch!”

“Don’t you dare, Malcolm! Not yet!”

“Fuck you, bitch! Mmmhhh!” Suddenly, the big man ceased his hard fucking motions and glared into the distance. He seemed to be staring into a void, his eyes unseeing, looking far off into space, with a startling and strange glow in them. He appeared to be thinking long and hard about something. “G-gonna… gonna come!”

Mindy moaned, shouted aloud. “No! Not yet, you bastard! You can’t do this to me, I want to come. Don’t leave me hanging, you asshole!” She bent down and began to suck his neck, then she bit him hard.

Stiffening abruptly, he rose on the balls of his feet and jerked upward, his prick burrowing balls-deep into her hot cunt. “Now! Aaahhh!” he screamed loudly as a thick load of white-hot jism spewed out of his cock-slit and filled her pussy. He gripped her ass-cheeks tightly and slammed her cunt down on his spurting prick as his jism began to backwash out of her overflowing cunt. His cum drooled obscenely out of her twat, running down to the base of his cock-shaft and forming a foamy, sudsy lather on his pubic hairs. “Unnhhhhh! Nice cunt!”

“You bastard!” Mindy shrieked. “You didn’t wait for me!” Her eyes slit like razor blades as she spoke, her shrill voice readily conveying her deep felt sense of anger and frustration at failing to reach a climax. “Fucking asshole!”

Sally watched, transfixed, unable to avert her eyes from the lewd coupling. Sally shuddered when she saw Malcolm lift the brunette bitch high up into the air, his prick slipping out of her hot cunt.

His hard cock-shaft glistened in the harsh light, slippery and slimy and slick with a heady mixture of scalding jism and viscous cunt-butter. His cock-stand looked like an oiled spear. Malcolm set the woman down on the floor and backed away from her, his knees weak and trembling. The furious fucking had worn him out and he showed signs of fatigue as he staggered about.

“Stay on your feet, Malcolm,” Havermeyer instructed as he moved in closer, putting the lens of the camera a mere four inches away from Malcolm’s drooling cock which spit drops of jism onto the floor. The camera lens ran up and down the length of his dangling-pick and held for a long shut on his dripping cock-knob. “Okay, this is great! Now move over to the torture table and climb on. I want to see you straddle Sally’s face!”

“What for?” Sally screamed. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her entire body quivered with revulsion. The last thing that she wanted was to have Malcolm straddling her face with his oozing cock.

“Damn!” Mindy interjected, sitting up on her haunches to get a better view of the action. “Make her lick the twat off of Malcolm’s cock. That’s real good box-office stuff!”

“Precisely!” Bertram said proudly. “Damn, Mindy! If you can learn to control your temper, you might make a good director some day.”

Bertram followed Malcolm with the camera, focusing closely on his drooling prick.

Malcolm Reams climbed up on the table and straddled Sally’s face. “Lick the cunt off of my cock, slut!” he snorted.

“I won’t!” she protested loudly, turning her face to the side in disgust.

“Make her do it, Malcolm,” Bertram said coldly.

“Yeah, make the slut do it! Make the little whore lick your cock!” Mindy shouted anxiously, rising and standing behind Bertram to get a close view.

Malcolm reached down and pulled her face up toward his cock. He slapped her hard and fast.

Sally reeled in pain, her cheeks flushed a crimson red from the wicked slapping. She felt stinging pangs of anger and remorse, and she knew that it would be futile — and perhaps dangerous — to refuse the man’s vile command. Her tongue flashed out and she licked the drooling tip of his prick, lapping at a thick drop of sticky jism that had formed on his cock-slit. His jism tasted salty and creamy, not entirely distasteful, but hardly yummy either. She could hear the continuous whir, ring of the movie camera getting louder as Bertram Havermeyer stepped in close. Sally imagined how lewd the scene would appear on celluloid.

“This is gonna make a nice take,” Bertram said coolly.

“Yeah, but wait until we get to the lezzy scenes. That’s when this film will really pick up!” Mindy stated with enthusiasm. “Then my fans will see me in my true glory!”

As Sally licked and slurped the tip of Malcolm’s bulbous and bloated cock-knob, she reflected on what the evil brunette bitch was saying. She didn’t understand. What did she mean by “lezzy scenes”? What did any of them mean? she wondered. Christ! she thought. They all spoke like they were big-shot Hollywood directors and actors. And Mindy, speaking about her fans! How ridiculous! How absurd! Or, could it be true? Did Mindy Mandringer really have fans? It didn’t seem possible! No, these people were insane, with foolish delusions of grandeur. They made vile, filthy pornographic movies. She seemed to recall having heard the name of Malcolm Reams before, but she didn’t remember when or where. Her mind kept going over the phrase, “lezzy scenes”. Whatever it means, Sally knew that she wouldn’t like it.

She gulped down Malcolm’s jism with a sense of urgency, wanting this disgusting scene to end as soon as possible so that she could get some relief. She was locked into a terrible nightmare of brutal reality. She wished that somehow she would suddenly wake up and find that all of this was a mere dream. But she knew that it wasn’t a dream. This was reality, and it was truly shocking! Was this retribution for some evil thing that she had done in the past? Was God punishing her for her sins?

“That’s a good girl,” Malcolm said condescendingly as he backed away from her, his long, soft prick hanging down between his legs. Sally noticed that his low-hung balls had relaxed and were no longer clenched and constricted. She could smell the pungent aroma of cum and sex and sweat that permeated the air of the, room. “You did real good,” Malcolm complimented her, scratching his balls and sliding off the table.

“Yeah, that’ll look real good on the silver screen,” Bertram Havermeyer groaned.

“Now, can we get on with the lezzy scenes?” Mindy Mandringer said eagerly, her eyes brightening as she glowered down at Sally who lay stretched out and shackled on the torture table. “You’ll get a real kick out of the lezzy scenes, slut. Ha! Ha! Ha!” Mindy cackled and Bertram and Malcolm joined in laughing, enjoying some private joke that Sally was unable to share.

“Now, now,” Bertram said in a fatherly tone of voice. “We don’t want to spring too many new things on Sally all at once. Let’s go in the living room and have a drink. We’ll give her a breather for a while. Besides, I want to discuss the next few scenes with the two of you.”

Sally tensed her muscles, frightened of being left alone, spread-eagled and shackled to the torture table. “P-please,” she whimpered softly, tears streaking down her flushed cheeks, “will you release me? I won’t run away, I promise.” She pouted as she spoke, shooting Bertram Havermeyer a look of unabashed sincerity. “I-I’m scared to stay in here all alone.”

“Oh, the little slut is scared to stay in here all alone,” Mindy said, mimicking the young girl. “Well, that’s just too fucking bad, ain’t it, Bertram?”

“Shut up, Mindy!” Bertram said. He strolled forward and unlocked the shackles that bound Sally to the torture table. “Here, get up and move about a bit. I don’t want our little starlet to get cramps right in the middle of one of her big scenes.” He smiled at Sally. His smile struck her as warm and quite sincere, and she smiled back, realizing that this was the first time she had smiled since the filming had begun, two hours ago at least.

“What the fuck are you talking about, calling that little slut a fucking starlet?” Mindy raged, her cheeks flushing with anger. The evil brunette bitch was seething. “She’s no fucking starlet! She’s nothing but a cunt!” She strode forward, her hand balled into a tight fist, ready to strike Sally. But just in time, Bertram interceded, standing in front of Sally. Malcolm put his hand on Mindy’s shoulder and pulled her away. Mindy turned on Malcolm now. “You son of a bitch! So you’re on her side, too! Fucking asshole! Shit, you don’t even have enough balls to please me, you son of a cock-sucker!”

Sally cringed in fear and rubbed her chaffed wrists and ankles, scared to death of the evil brunette bitch. The woman was insane! she thought anxiously. It was obvious that Mindy Mandringer perceived Sally as a threat, but Sally didn’t know why. She decided to try to reason with the woman. “Listen, Miss… Miss Mandringer,” she stammered weakly.

“What the fuck do you want?” Mindy said, spinning on her heels and staring at Sally, her eyes on fire.

“I… I just wanted to say that I’m no threat to you. You’re obviously a great star,” Sally replied.

“Yeah, I’m a great star! That’s right!” Mindy said, throwing her shoulders back and standing proud and erect, her haughty demeanor coming into play. “And you! You’re a worthless little cunt! A fucking amateur in the film business, you little whore! Just because Malcolm and Bertram like you doesn’t mean that you’ll make it big in the industry!”

“But I don’t want anything to do with the industry!” Sally said. This time she was speaking the absolute, unadulterated truth. “I didn’t ask to do this! They made me do it!”

“What the fuck is your beef, cunt?” Mindy shouted, not waiting for an answer, “You think you’re too fucking good to star in a skin flick? Is that your problem? Why, you cunt! You’re demeaning my profession, aren’t you? You’ll be sorry!”

“Okay, girls,” Bertram said. “That’s enough for now. Save it for the camera. Let’s go.” He pushed Mindy out the door and followed. “You Goddamned little wildcat,” he said as he slapped Mindy’s bare ass.

This was not to be believed! Sally thought as she planted her feet on the floor and stood up. She tried to take a step, but she faltered immediately, falling down on the floor. Her limbs were still very weak from being restrained in the confining shackles. How in the world could the evil brunette bitch hate her so much? she wondered. It seemed like no matter what she said, Mindy Mandringer took it the wrong way. Of course, she really didn’t want anything to do with the porno film business, but, still, it seemed as though Mindy Mandringer was a dangerous bitch with a serious chip on her naked shoulder.


“Okay, it’s time to go back to work. We have a schedule to meet here,” Bertram Havermeyer said as he opened the door and walked inside.

Behind him were Malcolm and Mindy. Malcolm was dressed in a shining, black leather outfit, a law-cut leather shirt that showed his rippling biceps and powerful chest and a pair of tight, leather trousers that showed the bulge in his crotch.

Mindy wore an outfit that was just as bizarre. She was decked out in a red leather halter top which cupped her luscious tits, a matching miniskirt, dark black nylon stockings, and a pair of gleaming, black pumps with sharp stiletto heels.

“Okay, tie Sally to the whipping post!” Bertram directed.

“Wh-what?” Sally said in a startled voice. She was quaking with fear, stunned by the sight of the bizarre duo.

Before she had a chance to say more, Malcolm pulled her into the middle of the room and bound her wrists to a long steel pipe which stuck up out of the floorboards. He tightened leather straps about her wrists and left her feet free.

“What are you going to do to me?” Sally asked weakly, her voice a mere whimper.

“You’re going to be whipped by Malcolm,” Bertram said calmly, matter-of-factly. He smiled widely as he spoke. Reaching down, he picked up the camera and hefted it to his shoulder, preparing to film the scene.

“B-but, I don’t get it!” Sally said nervously. “What did I do wrong? I didn’t do anything to deserve a whipping!”

“Nobody said you did anything wrong, honey,” Mindy said maliciously. “But this is part of the business — getting your ass whipped. If you aim to get ahead in the film industry, you have to accept a whipping now and then.”

“But I don’t want anything to do with the film business!” Sally shouted. She couldn’t believe that the evil Malcolm Reams was going to whip her. The leather straps which were fastened about her wrists were tight and bit into her tender flesh, sending a searing pain through her outstretched limbs. She recoiled in pain and agony as the straps dug cruelly into her wrists. Trying to pull away, she flinched, realizing that the more she struggled, the tighter her bonds became. “Please! Don’t do this to me! I don’t deserve such terrible treatment! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Sally was such a piteous sight, squirming about, every muscle in her naked body tensed and flexed. “Please, I beg of you! Don’t…”

Before she could complete the sentence, the whip whistled and cut through the air, slashing across her taut ass-cheeks which quivered and trembled with pain as the whip struck. Crack! the whip sounded as it slashed wickedly across her ass-globes. A terrifying sensation tore through her ass as the whip jolted and rocked her to her heels. She spun about and the tip of the leather whip struck her pussy, causing intense pain to course through her cunt. “Aaaaeee!” she wailed as she flinched on trembling knees, her legs barely able to withstand her weight. She let out a horrid groan. The pain that she felt was excruciating. “Jesus! My ass! My cunt! They sting! You’re going to damage my body! Please! Stop! I beg of you!”

“Don’t pay any attention to her screams, Malcolm,” Bertram said, setting up a tripod on which he placed the heavy movie camera. “Let her have it! A dozen lashes and flog her hard!”

“No! Please! No! I’ll die!” Sally shrieked. The thought of a dozen lashes on her ass and cunt made her delirious. She would never be able to withstand the horrid pain and anguish from a dozen whip lashes across her tender young flesh. She glanced over her shoulder and looked into the eyes of Malcolm, hoping that the huge, muscular man would refuse to obey Bertram’s instructions. She could see that Malcolm’s eyes were glazed with sadistic lust. He pulled the whip back and brought it slashing through the air once again.

“Owwww!” she wailed.

Again and again, he flogged her mercilessly. Malcolm’s chest heaved as he whipped her. “Take that, you slut!” he shouted as he flung the whip across her ass. The tip of the whip probed into the most intimate portions of her body, digging into her asshole and into her cunt, flicking across her sensitive young clit.

Sally flinched and steeled her nerves, attempting to endure the pain.

Bertram counted out the whip-strokes as Malcolm brutally flogged the defenseless young girl. “Six! Seven! Eight!” Master of each flogging whip-stroke, the helpless and abused young girl flinched and writhed about nervously, the pain tearing through her loins and shooting straight to her brain. She was soon numb with pain, screeching and wailing in a shrill, high-pitched voice.


“Aaaaeee! I… I can’t stand it! It… it hurts so damned much! Stop! I beg of you!”



“Owwww! No more! Have pity on me! Please! I beg of…”



“Aaaaeee! My God! I can’t stand it! I can’t take any more!” Sally felt as though she were quickly slipping into insanity. Her mind was reeling with horrible pain and anguish. Her body was racked with incredible pain. She wished that she would die so that she would no longer be forced to withstand the brutal whipping. Her cheeks were flushed with anger, pain, frustration, fear, humiliation and degradation. She truly wanted to depart this life — this world of woe. Her body, was aching terribly and she was helpless against the brutal whip which slashed across her ass-cheeks and dug into the crevices of her pussy and her asshole.


“Twelve!” Bertram Havermeyer shouted.

Sally was relieved. She sighed loudly, happy to have survived the brutal whipping.

“How about one more to make her grow!” Malcolm said, his eyes flashing with wicked lust and evil anticipation.

“Okay, one more for good luck!” Bertram replied.

“No!” she yelled. “I can’t take another lashing. Please! Don’t do that to me.”

Craaaa-aaack! The whip landed hard on bet asscheeks which quivered convulsively in response.

“Aaaaeee!” she shrieked as the pain shot through her tortured and tormented body. The pain was excruciating and dreadful. Malcolm struck her extra hard this time, and she felt the world slipping away from her. Fireworks exploded in her brain and she reeled and turned and twisted grotesquely, her face contorted in a mask of pain. All of her muscles spasm at the same time and she felt her life being drained from her tortured body. Would she die from the beating? she wondered deliriously. In front of her eyes, she could distinguish nothing, only a dark, ambiguous grayness. She was slipping into the unknown void. Summoning all of her remaining strength and energy, she fought desperately to stay awake — to stay alive? She no longer wanted to die! Life was precious, and she wanted to live through this wicked nightmare!

Through the hazy, thick grayness she could hear the voices of her tormentors. Their voices tinged with nervous anxiety, they were speaking — speaking about her, about Sally! She listened hard, carefully, trying to discern their words. Were they worried about her? she wondered.

“Shit, now what are we gonna do?” came Bertram Havermeyer’s strong voice. He was concerned all right, but not about Sally’s welfare. He was worried about his precious film. “Shit! We’ll never be able to find a double for the red-headed cunt! Besides that, we don’t dare release a film featuring a girl who died in the process of the film’s making. That’s just too fucking risky.”

“Well, I just hope you guys manage to find a nice quiet place to dispose of the bitch!” said Mindy Mandringer, her voice cold and hard, conveying no sense of pity or remorse.

“Christ, Bertram! What the fuck do we do now?” Malcolm said. “Do you think she’s really dead?”

Malcolm bent over her twisted and tangled body. She swung slowly in little revolving circles, hanging loosely from her bound wrists, tied to the whipping post in the middle of the floor. He held his ear over her heart and listened.

Sally felt the grayness beginning to dissipate. She was alive! She would live! she thought happily. She would survive the horrid torture session, the brutal flogging.

“She’s all right!” Malcolm exclaimed loudly.

“Good!” Bertram Havermeyer said, brightening. “Untie her and let’s give her a breather.”

“I’ll give her a fucking breather!” Mindy rasped, striding forward and grabbing a swath of Sally’s bright red hair. She twisted the girl’s head upward and spat into her, face. “The cunt can breathe my pussy for a while! That’ll revive her!” She ground her cunt into Sally’s face, rubbing her pussy-lips across the young girl’s upturned mouth.

“P-please, stop,” Sally whimpered.

Malcolm strode forward and untied Sally’s wrists and she fell flat on the floor, gasping for breath, trying to recover fully from the whipping. She was allowed to rest for about twenty minutes, while Bertram, Malcolm and Mindy stood by menacingly.

“She’s had enough rest. Let’s go back to work,” Mindy said, addressing Bertram Havermeyer.

“Okay, let’s get this film finished and in the can. Do your stuff, Mindy, baby,” he said.

Mindy curled her upper lip, baring her teeth in a cruel sneer as she strode haughtily forward, bent down, pulled her short, leather skin above her knees and smacked Sally across the mouth. “Time to get back to work, cunt! It’s time to film the lesbian scene. Ha! Ha!” The woman’s laugh sounded like the crackle of a witch.

Sally finally understood what Mindy meant when she had spoken of “lezzy scenes” earlier. The wicked bitch had meant scenes of lesbian, sex between two women. The mere thought of lesbian sex repulsed Sally. She really didn’t know much about lesbianism, but she did know that it wasn’t for her. It was unnatural and immoral for two women to have sex together. Sally shook her head in grief and horror. She would have no part of lesbian sex.

“What the fuck is your problem, cunt?” Mindy said crudely. “You don’t want to suck my sweet pussy? Is that it? Hey, once you get a taste of my cunt, you’ll give up men for good. You believe that?”

“No! I don’t believe anything you say, you filthy fucking whore! Get away from me!” Sally shouted.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Mindy was all over the naked young girl, slapping her hard across the face. The brunette bitch went down and pinched the girl’s tender nipples, digging her long, red-lacquered fingernails into Sally’s aching tit-flesh. “You’ve simply got to learn to cooperate better!” Mindy said, taunting the wretched young girl who writhed about, on the floor. “You’ll suck my pussy or I’ll make you wish you had, you fucking slut!” She rained hard, slapping blows down on Sally’s face and body, striking her firm tits and taut ass. Suddenly, as Sally rolled over on her stomach to escape the slapping blows, Mindy reached down and stuck her middle finger into Sally’s tight, puckered asshole. Her finger wormed its way deep into the girl’s asshole, burrowing past the protective ring of sphincter-muscle that surrounded her tight and tender asshole.

“Owwww! Stop it! Stop it!” the girl protested. Mindy jammed her forefinger deep into Sally’s asshole.

“How do you like getting fingered in your asshole, bitch?” the cruel brunette shouted.

“I hate it! It hurts! It hurts awful!”

Mindy glanced up at Malcolm Reams and laughed heartily. “Did you hear that, Malcolm? Shit, what a fucking pansy-ass! Just wait till she feels your huge prick reaming out her asshole. Then she’ll really know pain! Ha! Ha!”

“Oh, my God!” Sally shrieked. The thought of the giant prick of Malcolm Reams penetrating her tight and tender asshole was frightening. His prick would split her asshole apart!

“Now suck my cunt, bitch!” Mindy demanded. “Suck it dry, you little fucking slut!” With that, the brunette bitch ground her pussy into Sally’s face, rubbing her wet pussy-lips across Sally’s mouth. “Suck! Suck my cunt!”

Sally gripped the woman’s pussy-lips between her lips and began to obey the lewd command. She momentarily considered biting down hard on the wicked woman’s cunt-lips, but she thought better of the idea. It would be a serious mistake. Malcolm and Bertram would surely whip her and abuse her even more than they already had if she bit the female star’s cunt. I’ll simply have to suck the bitch’s pussy, Sally decided. She really had no choice in the matter. As soon as she began to lap and suck Mindy’s hot, wet cunt, the evil brunette pulled her forefinger out of Sally’s steaming asshole, and Sally knew that she had made the correct decision. Sucking Mindy’s wet cunt was a degrading task, but it beat the hell out of getting her asshole reamed out by Mindy’s probing forefinger. Christ! she thought, her asshole was terribly sore and tender.

“Suck, bitch! Suck my hot cunt!” Mindy commanded. “Make me come. I want you to suck me until I come!”

Sally sucked and lapped and tongued the evil woman’s cunt for all she was worth. She knew that the woman would not leave her alone until she had climaxed from the lewd sucking. She slid her tongue deep into Mindy’s juicy cunt. Mindy’s pussy-juice dripped out of her wet, needy cunt and drenched Sally’s upturned face. The wretched young girl smelled the pungent odor of the wicked woman’s cunt-nectar and felt the pussy-nectar pouring out of the woman’s pussy and streaming down her cheeks. She wept, but her crying noises could not be heard. Her tears were smeared with cunt-juice and her sounds of anguish and torment were muffled by Mindy’s pussy-mound which ground cruelly into her mouth.

“Looks like she sucks pussy real good!” came Malcolm’s enthusiastic voice.

“Yeah! She’s a born cunt and cock-sucker! I found us a real nice little bitch here!” Bertram Havermeyer chimed in.

Both Malcolm and Bertram stood by closely watching the debauched scene. Bertram filmed the entire sordid episode, occasionally zooming in for a close-up of Sally’s puckering mouth on Mindy’s wet, hot cunt-lips. The two evil men reveled in the debauchery of the moment.

Sally felt terrible. She was being sexually molested and abused. Raped and tortured, forced to commit unspeakable sexual acts. Forced into decadence and perversion. The thought of what was happening to her was repulsive, and she wanted only to be freed from the bonds, of degradation. For the moment, she prayed that Mindy would soon come and end this horrid scene.

“Unnhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Yeah! Suck my cunt, you little clit-snapper! It feels so fucking good. Shit, this bitch sucks good pussy!” the brunette exclaimed as she rocked back and forth, her pussy rubbing across Sally’s open lips. Her cunt slid deep into Sally’s mouth, and Sally sucked the woman’s clit-button down into her throat.

Mindy moaned long and loud. “Ohhhh! Aaahhh!” She climaxed and Sally felt the woman’s clit throbbing inside of her mouth. Suddenly, Mindy pulled her knees inward, gripping Sally’s cheeks tightly. Sally felt the blood rushing to head. She became dizzy and her head began to ache terribly. It felt like a migraine headache, so powerful was the squeezing grip that Mindy had on her head. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Mindy released the pressure on the poor girl’s head. The brutal brunette toppled over backwards and basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. Sally felt dizzy, and she could not focus for a few seconds. But soon her headache dissipated and she looked up, her eyes glazed, her vision still somewhat distorted. Her body ached terribly and her mouth was sore from sucking Mindy’s cunt, not to mention having been forced to suck Malcolm’s huge cock earlier.

“Thank God! It’s over!” she exclaimed as she wiped Mindy’s cunt-juice from her mouth and face.

“Honey! We haven’t hardly got started yet,” said Bertram Havermeyer. “You’ve got a long night in front of you, my little cunt! Malcolm will make sure of that. Ain’t that right, Malcolm, old buddy?”

“Sure as shit!” Malcolm said. He stood towering over Sally’s supine, naked body. His prick and balls formed a huge bulge in his tight-fitting leather pants. He leered at Sally with a look that frightened the poor, abused eighteen-year-old redhead. Malcolm’s face was a mask of unbridled lust and seething passion. He looked dazed, his eyes glazed over, his chest heaving as he took deep breaths. He reminded Sally of a bull who was preparing to tear a matador to pieces with his horns.

“Well, boss,” Malcolm Reams said to Bertram Havermeyer, “What do you think? I’m ready to fuck her tight little virgin asshole. If is okay by you?”

“No time like the present, good buddy!” Bertram exclaimed with a toothy grin. “But I think you’d better grease up your prick with some Vaseline before you try to enter her asshole. She’s gonna have a tough enough time taking your big prick up her ass, even if you are greased up.”

“Yeah!” the brunette bitch added. “Shit, she had a hard enough time handling my finger in her asshole. Imagine how she’ll respond to the feel of Malcolm’s mammoth prick reaming out her asshole! Shit! This bitch is about to learn the meaning of pain.” Then turning towards Sally, she said, “You’re about to get it now, you fucking wench! When Malcolm ass-fucks a woman, believe you me, she doesn’t forget it! You will never forget it! In fact, he’s liable to split your ass in two with his prick. You’ll be lucky if you come out of this scene alive, bitch!” The brunette grinned lewdly and licked her lips with her tongue. She tapped her foot on the floor and anxiously awaited for the ass-fucking to begin.

Bertram Havermeyer changed the lens on his motion picture camera and placed it on a tripod. He aimed the camera toward Sally who lay on the floor weeping and moaning. The young girl eyed her antagonists and she didn’t like what she saw. Their cold eyes were devoid of any sense of pity or empathy. Their faces were as cold as ice. They looked evil, wicked, depraved. Bertram methodically adjusted his camera. Mindy sat down in a chair, propped her feet up on a stool and lit a cigarette. Malcolm Reams stared straight at Sally, looking at her with his glazed eyes, looking at her with what Sally could only describe as animal eyes. He looked like an animal in heat, a crazed bull, ready to attack, prepared to wreak vengeance upon her frail, youthful body.

Good God! she thought. These people were sex maniacs — depraved sex maniacs! How could they even consider the idea of Malcolm fucking her asshole? It made no sense at all. His prick was a foot long when it was hard. And it was easily three inches thick. Her tiny asshole could never accommodate his mammoth cock. The very idea was absurd! Preposterous! Absolutely ridiculous! If he did try to ass-fuck her, she would surely be killed, impaled on his giant prick! And even if she somehow managed to live through the ordeal, the pain would be so intense, so horrible, that she would never be able to endure the suffering. She would go mad! She would be driven insane by these three debauched people! Sally’s very life was on the line and she knew it. She had to at least try to escape!

Malcolm Reams pulled his leather trousers off and walked over to where Mindy sat in the corner. “You got any Vaseline?” he asked the wicked brunette.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?” Mindy replied with a snicker. She reached into her purse and produced a jar of Vaseline. “Here you go!” she exclaimed as she handed the jar of Vaseline to Malcolm Reams. “Use it in good health, honey.” She broke out in laughter and leered at Sally, who had pulled herself onto her knees. To Sally, she said, “You’re lucky, bitch. If Malcolm fucked your virgin asshole bareback, you’d be in real trouble. As it is, you might not be able to take it even with his cock all greased up.”

Sally couldn’t believe what she was hearing! These people were mad! She had to get out of there, and she decided to make an attempt to flee.

“Fuck you all, you demented creeps!” she shouted as she suddenly rose to her feet and dashed toward the door. Malcolm was busy rubbing Vaseline on his lengthy cock and Mindy was relaxing in the corner, so she sped past them with no problem. The only one who stood between her and the door to freedom was Bertram Havermeyer, who was fussing with his camera, making adjustments and focusing the lens which he had just changed.

“Stop her!” Malcolm shouted.

“Don’t let her get out of here!” Mindy shrieked. “She’ll head straight for the cops!”

Bertram Havermeyer reached out and grabbed her by the arm, but she shook him off and kicked him right in the balls. He fell to the floor, clutching his aching balls, wincing in severe pain and unable to pursue her as she dashed through the door.

She raced across the living room floor. Her entire body ached from the torture that she had undergone and her cunt hurt so badly that it slowed her movement. Still, she ran toward the front door. She had a good head start, and she knew that if she could only make it out the front door, she would be safe. Bertram Havermeyer would never catch her. She knew that for sure. She had executed a perfect place — kick right between his legs, and she heard him go down and hit the floor. Mindy was exhausted from the cunt-sucking that she had received from Sally. So she wasn’t worded about that bitch catching her. The only one who could catch her was Malcolm Reams. But Malcolm was taken totally by surprise when she made her move to flee the condominium, and he was such a big, hulking man that he no doubt moved slowly. She knew that she could beat the big man in a footrace any time, even with her muscles and pussy aching so badly. She crossed the living room floor, trying desperately to make it to the front door — to freedom! Then her aching cunt seemed to grab her, to stop her in her tracks. She stumbled and fell to the floor. Sally pulled herself to her feet and moved haltingly toward the front door. Her hand gripped the doorknob. She began to turn it. Finally, she would escape! she thought with jubilation.

“Hold it right there, cunt!” came the familiar voice of Malcolm Reams. His voice was harsh and threatening.

Sally felt fear welling up inside of her. Her spine shivered at the sound of Malcolm’s cruel voice. But she did not turn around to face him. The next time I face that bastard, she thought, will be on the witness stand in a courtroom. When Malcolm and Bertram and Mindy would be on trial for raping and torturing her. She opened the door about a half a foot when the heavy black leather lash raked across her bare ass-cheeks.

“Close that fucking door, cunt!” Malcolm shouted harshly.

“Fuck you!” she shrieked. But before she had a chance to open the door wide enough to make her escape, the whip slashed across her shoulders and ass-cheeks. She flinched and fell to the floor. The pain was unbearable. She turned and looked at Malcolm. He stood on the other side of the room, his powerful muscles rippling; his body looked awesome. Malcolm’s huge prick was as hard as a rock. He had a glistening hard-on. The entire length of his prick was lubricated with Vaseline. In his hand he held a long, wicked bullwhip.

“Close that door!” he repeated, and he punctuated his command with a slashing whip stroke. The braided tip of the bullwhip struck Sally’s nipple and raked across her bare belly.

“Owwww!” she screamed as she groveled about on the floor. “Please, don’t do that! I beg of you!”

Malcolm paid no attention to her pathetic pleas for mercy. He lashed her again, this time wielding the bullwhip in an expert whip-stroke that left the wretched young girl wrapped up in the whip, virtually held in bondage by the whip that coiled about her tormented body.

Malcolm strode forward, a lascivious smile pasted to his face. He kicked the door shut, then turned and kicked Sally in the ass. “You fucking stupid cunt!” he shouted. “What a dumb thing to do. Now you’re really gonna get it. If Bertram’s badly hurt, he’ll give it to you good, bitch. Shit! You’ll be lucky if you get out of this alive. Now, up on your knees and lick my cock.”


Tears streamed down Sally’s face, but Malcolm Reams didn’t care in the least. He stood towering over her, his massive prick pointing skyward and glistening with Vaseline.

“Lick my cock, bitch!” he commanded harshly. Sally had no choice but to obey his lewd demand. She gripped his throbbing hard-on in her hand and drew his prick to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and she licked tenderly at the base of his giant cock. She was doing her best to please the brutal, domineering man. But her best simply wasn’t enough.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Sally’s head rang from the hard, punishing slaps that Malcolm Reams meted out to her. She wept, but her tormentor paid no attention.

“Lick the tip of my cock, you stupid cunt!” he shouted. “Christ! When are you gonna learn to pay attention? You really are a dumb shit!”

Malcolm’s words rang true. Only a stupid shit would get trapped into such a debauched, depraved scene. Sally felt like a real fool. As her tongue bathed the tip of his bulbous cock-knob, his prick throbbed and grew in size. His cock was so large that it frightened the hell out of Sally. She lapped at his growing cock, and watched his prick-tip fill with hot blood. Malcolm was a horny stud, that was for sure. She only hoped that she could lap his cock until he came. Then she wouldn’t be forced to endure the ordeal of a powerful fucking.

“Okay, my little cunt! Down on the floor, on your stomach!” Malcolm demanded.

“B-but, why?”

“Don’t bother me with stupid questions, bitch,” Malcolm said. “Just do what I said.”

Sally hastened to obey, stretching out on the floor, her firm, ripe ass-cheeks thrust upward. She whimpered in degradation. Such a humiliating situation! she thought.

Malcolm Reams knelt between her legs and gripped her tender thighs. He spread her thighs apart.

“Now for some real fun!” Malcolm exclaimed. His voice was higher pitched than usual. Sally could tell that he was planning to do something terrible to her. She knew that he wasn’t going to whip her. He had thrown the whip down. Probably he was planning to fuck her from behind-doggie style. She could handle being fucked again. Hell, she had been fucked by both Malcolm and Bertram in the past two hours. And she had been forced to suck Sally’s pussy. God! What a disgusting thought! She was definitely not prepared for Malcolm’s next comment.

“Such nice ass-cheeks, and such a lovely virgin asshole, just ripe for fucking,” Malcolm said, unable to disguise his enthusiasm. “Yeah, I’m gonna stick mw big prick right up your little asshole, you cunt. You’ll hate it at first, but then you’ll learn to love it. You just wait and see. You’ll love getting ass-fucked by Malcolm Reams. He’s the best ass-fucker in the business, darling.”

Sally was appalled. Malcolm really meant what he said. He was going to stick his cock up her asshole. That was impossible. It was difficult enough accommodating his big prick in her tight, wet pussy. But, her asshole! That was impossible, a physical impossibility. Surely, he would damage her, split her in two, and even kill her with his cock. She cringed in fearful anticipation. What would it be like to have her tiny asshole impaled by a giant prick? One thing was sure. It would hurt like hell!

“Spread those legs wide, cunt!” Malcolm commanded.

She meekly obeyed.

“Yeah, look at that nice ripe asshole! Damn! This is gonna be great!” Malcolm bellowed.

Sally shivered and shook with fear and anxiety. Malcolm tried to console her. “Listen; I know this isn’t gonna be easy for you, the first ass-fucking never is easy. But tell you what I’ll do. I’ll slip my finger in your asshole first. That’ll give you a chance to get used to the feeling. Shit! I’ll even put a little Vaseline on my finger.”

“Gee, thanks a lot,” Sally said sarcastically.

Malcolm rubbed his forefinger over his greased up prick. Without warning, be slid his finger into her tightly clenched asshole, penetrating deeply into her tender ass-channel.

“Owwww! Good God!” she cried. “It hurts! Please, take your finger out of my asshole! It hurts terribly!”

“Tough shit!” Malcolm snorted. He wriggled his finger about inside of her tight, puckered asshole, savoring the power that he held over the poor eighteen-year-old beauty. “You think this buns, wait till you feel my prick ramming deep into your asshole! Then, you’ll know the real meaning of pain, bitch!”

“Please, don’t do that, Malcolm! I beg of you!”

“Fuck off, cunt!” he snarled. With that, he thrust his muscular body forward, holding his prick in his hand, guiding his cock-knob toward its target — Sally’s asshole!

“No!” she wailed as she felt the tip of his bloated cock-knob pressing into her puckered asshole. His prick would never fit her asshole, she thought. Never in a million years could his enormous cock-stand fit in her, asshole. She winced in pain, her face contorted, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks as she felt Malcolm’s prick burrowing into her puckered asshole. Every muscle in her body was stiff, aching and rigid. That only made matters worse.

“Try to relax your muscles, especially the ones in your asshole. That’s the way to do it. It’ll hurt like hell at first, but it won’t hurt so bad if you can relax a bit.” Sally was surprised that Malcolm could be so helpful. She had thought of him as a sadistic bastard. And he was a mean, nasty sex maniac. But, still, she was grateful that he was giving her instructions on how to ease the inevitable pain that she was about to experience.

She felt Malcolm’s prick sliding through her protective layer of sphincter muscles and she felt his prick-tip worming its way into her asshole. It hurt! It hurt real bad! But she did what he told her. She tried to relax, and it seemed to help a bit.

“Here we go!” Malcolm exclaimed in a throaty voice. Then he thrust his pelvis forward and rammed his turgid cock-stand deep into her narrow ass-channel. “Aaahhh!” he shouted as he impaled her asshole on his cock.

Sally was speechless. She whimpered, but she was too weak and too much in pain to mutter so much as a single word. His prick rammed into her tiny asshole, causing her terrible agony. She had, never felt such intense pain in her entire life. It was unbelievable! My God! she thought. This is so awful. At this very moment, Sally wished that someone would put a bullet through her brain and end her misery. His giant prick was torturing her, and she wasn’t sure that she could stand it. Her asshole felt like it was being ripped apart.

“You’re doing real good so far,” Malcolm commented.

His voice was husky now and he was breathing deeply, his chest heaving as he began to move into a rhythm of fucking. Moving forward, his prick slid deep into her asshole. Then moving backward, his mammoth, hard cock almost slipped out of her asshole. “Just relax, bitch! I’m trying to make it easy on you.”

His big prick rammed deep and hard into her steaming asshole. “Ummpphhhh!” Malcolm grunted as he rammed his hard prick into her aching asshole. He spread her ass-cheeks apart with his powerful bands, trying to open her asshole wider so that he could thrust his cock in deeper. “Damn! What a tight asshole, Sally. Shit! This is great ass-fucking! Don’t you love it?”

“I hate it!” she blurted tearfully. “It-it’s disgusting! Unnatural! Perverted! I loathe you!”

“Ha! Ha!” Malcolm laughed. “You may not like getting ass-fucked right now, but before long, you’ll be begging me for more. You just wait and see. You won’t be able to get enough!”

That was preposterous! Sally thought as she writhed about in agony beneath the big, muscular man. The linings of her tender, aching asshole began to stretch. Although the pain continued to feel excruciating, it was becoming much less bothersome. In fact, she thought, it seemed as though the pain in her tight asshole dissipated with every cock-thrust. She followed Malcolm’s earlier instructions and concentrated on easing the tension in her sphincter muscles. Sure enough, it worked. The pain began to subside. She realized with mixed emotions that Malcolm was correct in his other prediction. She was actually beginning to enjoy the ass-fucking.

“Unnhhhhh! Yeah! Damn hot asshole! Tight as a tunnel! Love it! Love ass-raping a virgin asshole! There just ain’t nothing like it.”

“Unnhhhhh!” Sally moaned. But the sound that she emitted was not a moan of pain, but a moan of erotic delight. She sighed with pleasure as she reveled in the exotic feeling of Malcolm’s huge, stiff prick reaming out her tight asshole. “Ohhhhh, Malcolm,” she cooed. “This… this feels kind of good.”

“What did I tell you, Sally,” Malcolm said with an air of immense self-satisfaction. He was no dummy. He told her that she’d learn to love ass-fucking. And it didn’t take the lovely young redhead very long to learn, either. Of course, he thought, she had the best teacher in the world. If anybody knew how to turn a girl on to ass-fucking, it was him, Malcolm Reams! He slammed forward, his prick slicing along the walls of her ass-channel, sending a wave of strange, sexy, wanton sensation coursing through her asshole, her wet cunt, and her befuddled brain.

Good Lord! she thought. Her clit was throbbing and her cunt was soaking wet with pussy-juice. His prick was buried to the hilt in her asshole, and a weird sensation of mixed feelings, as pleasure welled up inside of her. She was my confused, but she shrugged it off. This was no time to reason why, she thought. This was the time to do it, go with the flow, enjoying the ass-fucking getting off on the wondrous untold passion that overwhelmed her.

“Yes! Do it! Ass-fuck me, Malcolm! Really ram it to me! I want to feel your cock deep inside of my asshole!”

“You got it, Sally!” Malcolm exclaimed, beaming with pride as he hammered his cock in quick, pumping motions into her tight asshole. The big man was grunting and groaning with sexual pleasure now. He was perspiring freely and drops of sweat dripped off his brow and landed on Sally’s bare shoulders.

This was really what you would call being in the heat of passion! Sally decided. Christ! How wonderful it felt to be impaled on the big man’s prick. It was degrading, that was for sure. But somehow it was exciting to be so brutally dominated by such a stud of a man. She loved Malcolm’s hard prick! She actually loved the cock that was at that very moment raping her tight and tender asshole. She wondered if she was beginning to love Malcolm. After all, he was a crude man, but she sensed that he really liked her. He had started calling her by her true name. No longer did he assent her and call her a bitch and a whore.

“Oh, Sally! Your asshole feels so nice and tight. I love it! God, you really are a beautiful young thing!” he groaned. With one final, powerful cock-thrust into her asshole, he grunted loudly and shot his load of thick, hot jism deep into her ass. “Unnnnggghhhh! Oh! Sally! That was great!”

As she felt his prick begin to shrink inside of her asshole after depositing its load of cum, she felt an orgasm coming on. A big one! “Ohhhhh! Oh! Aaahhh!” she wailed as she hunched her hips and jerked about wantonly beneath Malcolm’s sweat drenched body. Her orgasm hit her like a brick, blinding her, tearing through her body, ripping into her brain, exploding like a million firecrackers.

She screamed and shrieked with unbridled, unashamed lust. “Aaahhh!” Her body was on fire. The orgasm was the most powerful climax that she had ever experienced. Her pussy seemed to glow like a thousand-watt light-bulb and she felt a tremendous release. She felt no pain, no anger or hostility. She felt sexually fulfilled for the first time. She felt wonderful! Ecstatic! “Good Lord in Heaven!” she shouted. “Malcolm, I loved it! You were great!” She let out a deep, sensuous sigh and turned her head upward, offering her lips to the big stud.

Malcolm slid off of her naked body, knelt beside her and kissed her passionately. It was a kiss that lingered. His tongue snaked into her mouth and he sucked her tongue. Sally felt like she was in a dream world. She was on top of the world! “Thank you, Malcolm,” she cooed when the kiss ended. “You are, one hell of a man.”

“And you are one hell of a woman,” he replied, nodding and smiling. He bent over and kissed her nipples lovingly. “I’ve fucked plenty of women, probably hundreds,” he told her with a pathetic, embarrassed look on his face. “But, I swear to God, I’ve never felt anything like what we just experienced. That wasn’t just ass-fucking. That was that was…”

“That was making love,” Sally said with finality.

“Yeah! That’s what it was,” Malcolm said, grinning like a kid. “Dammit I’m afraid I might befalling in love with you, Sally.”

“Malcolm, let me tell you something. I’m afraid I’ve already fallen in love with you.”

Malcolm moved between her legs and bent his head down. He kissed her pussy, savoring the taste of her sweet pussy-nectar, his eyes wide with delight as he ogled her pretty thatch of red cunt-hair. His tongue slithered into her cunt, parting her pink pussy-lips. He licked and lapped lovingly at her precious pussy.

Sally moaned in ecstasy. Her sensitive clit-button throbbed with anxious anticipation. Soon, she would climax again. Malcolm was a hell of a lover! she thought.

Malcolm sucked her cunt tenderly as though he were worshipping her pussy. He adored the ill treated eighteen-year-old girl. He was in love. There was no question about it.

“Aaaahhhh!” Sally moaned as her climax struck her. “I love you! I love you, Malcolm! I love you! I love you!” she repeated over and over again.

At that very moment, she heard the menacing voice of Bertram Havermeyer. “Ha! What a joke! Let me tell you something, you worthless little cunt! You’re not gonna love what I plan to do to you.” Then, addressing Malcolm, he added, “Get up and get dressed, lover-boy. We’ve got to dispose of this bitch. It’s time for us to take her for a ride.”

Sally shuddered with fear. She looked up at Malcolm, but his expression conveyed no sense of empathy. He looked cold and hard. “Malcolm! You won’t let them hurt me, will you?”

Malcolm shrugged and smiled cruelly. “Honey, Bertram says you’re gonna be taking a ride. If that’s what Bertram Havermeyer says, then that’s the way it will be. He’s the boss. Sorry, darling. It was fun while it lasted, though.”

Sally couldn’t believe her ears. Surely, Malcolm was joking. He had just professed his love for her! How could he turn his back on her after making such passionate love. It made no sense! “I’m scared,” she said tearfully. “What are you gonna do with me?”

Then Mindy chimed in. “They’re gonna snuff you, bitch!”

“Snuff me?”

“Kill you, dummy. They’re gonna kill you.” Sally was bewildered. She felt blood rush to her brain and she passed out, falling over, her head hitting the floor with a dull thump.


When Sally woke up, she found herself on the floor of a late-model Cadillac limousine. Her head ached, and when she tried to move her hands, she realized that they were bound by tight-fitting handcuffs. The car was moving.

Looking up, she saw Mindy and Bertram sitting above her. Where was Malcolm? she wondered.

“Take a turn at the next dirt road.” Bertram instructed the driver.

“Okay, boss,” said the driver. Sally recognized the driver’s voice immediately. It was Malcolm Reams!

“Malcolm!” she shouted.

“You shut up, bitch!” hissed the evil brunette bitch who reclined in the plush back seat. “Damn, what a shame that we have to snuff this cunt. She did such a great job of sucking my cunt. Hell, I would’ve liked to have her around to service my pussy whenever I got horny.”

“Ha! That’s all the time. Mindy,” Bertram quipped.

Mindy stretched out her nylon-clad leg and nudged Sally’s face with the pointed tip of her shoe. “What a dreadful waste to have to kill you, bitch. You really did give me a damned good cunt sucking job. You would’ve made a good personal maid. Shit, Bertram!” she cursed. “Every time you come up with a good one, it seems like they have to be snuffed. I want her to suck my cunt again before we kill her.”

“Forget it, Mindy!” Bertram said harshly.

“Well, how about a foot massage? You don’t object to that, do you?”

“Not at all. Go right ahead. Have some fun with her. But we’ll be at the killing ground soon,” Bertram said as he lit a thick cigar and turned to look out the window.

“Take off my shoe, bitch,” Mindy commanded. “I can’t. My hands are handcuffed behind my back,” Sally answered timidly.

Suddenly, Mindy stuck her thin, stiletto heel into Sally’s mouth, and pulled her foot back. The heel almost ripped out the tormented girl’s front teeth, but the wicked woman’s shoe slipped off and dropped to the floor of the car. Sally couldn’t believe how nasty and evil the brunette bitch could be. She was a true sadist, and Sally could tell by the lewd leer on Mindy’s face that she enjoyed degrading her.

“Rub my foot. Give me a real good foot massage,” Mindy said as she lit a cigarette with a fancy gold lighter.

“I would, if I could. But my hands are bound behind my back,” Sally replied meekly.

“You really are dense,” Mindy said, shaking her head with disapproval. “You deserve to be snuffed. Shit, you probably would’ve made a lousy maid.” With that, the evil bitch thrust her toes into Sally’s upturned face and cruelly ground her stocking foot into the girl’s face. “Mmmmmmm,” she cooed. “That feels good. You don’t need to use your hands to massage my foot. Your face works just fine.”

How degrading! Sally thought. She would give anything to get back at the nasty bitch. Not to mention Bertram Havermeyer and Malcolm Reams. But she would never get a chance at revenge.

They were going to kill her. And soon. She prayed to God to spare bet life. She was sorry for the wrongs that she had committed in her short eighteen years of life. And she hoped that the good Lord would forgive her and allow her into Heaven. Her silent prayer was interrupted when she heard Bertram say to Malcolm, “Stop here! This is the place!”

“You got it, boss,” Malcolm replied as he stepped on the brakes. The car pulled to a stop. When he turned off the headlights, they were bathed in total darkness. “Where are we?” Sally asked.

“None of your fucking business, bitch!” Bertram shouted.

“Honey,” said Mindy as she slipped her shoe back on her foot, “we are in the middle of nowhere. We are miles away from the nearest town. Do let me be more precise. Where we are right now is the site of your grave. This is where you are going to die, bitch… Oh, by the way, thanks for the foot massage.”

“Fuck you!” Sally blurted angrily. “And fuck you, too, Mister Bertram Havermeyer. And fuck you, Malcolm, you bastard!”

“Feisty little wench, isn’t she?” said Bertram Havermeyer.

Bertram stared at the tormented redhead with glaring eyes. Then he smiled and spoke to Malcolm. “Go get the shovel and start working on little Sally’s grave.” Then, to Mindy. “Go find me a couple of nice thin pieces of birch.”

Mindy chuckled and dashed off in search of birch branches. Bertram shrugged and trudged back toward the Cadillac.

“You really are a bastard!” Sally exclaimed. “I hope you rot in Hell, you demented son of a bitch!”

Smack! Smack! Smack! The blows landed sharply on Sally’s naked tits. She tried to protect herself, but the handcuffs that bound her wrists restrained her movements. She steeled her nerves and was determined not to cry or plead for mercy.

She was beyond tears. Besides, she thought, if I’m going to die, I’m going to do it with dignity.

“Yeah, you are a feisty little wench, all right,” Bertram said, nodding and grinning lewdly. He unzipped his trousers and knelt over the poor girl’s face. As he tugged his prick from his pants, he leered at her, then commanded, “Suck my cock one last time, Sally.”

“Not a chance!” she replied angrily.

“Honey, if you don’t suck my prick, you know what I might be tempted to do?”

Sally shook her head. “I’m liable to have you buried alive.”

“No!” she screamed.

“Suck my cock, and suck it real nice, Sally,” Bertram said as he smiled wickedly, savoring his power over the young girl.

Bertram’s thick, blue-veined prick slid between Sally’s ruby lips and she reluctantly began to slurp and suck on his swollen cock-knob. His prick began to swell in her mouth. Soon, she felt his bloated cock-knob banging painfully into the tender linings of her mouth. Each powerful cock-stoke sent his rock-hard cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Soon, his cock was in her throat! Cutting off her air! She began to gag and choke, but Bertram was a merciless bastard.

“Suck, bitch! Suck my cock!”

Sally almost blacked out from suffocation. What a horrid way to die! she thought as she felt her life beginning to slip away. Blue turned to gray, and the irrevocable blackness of death seemed ominously close. She refused to quit, though. She would hang onto life until the very end. She fought against the urge to give up and die while sucking Bertram’s big cock. She would not suffer the indignity of dying from being choked by the cruel man’s prick.

“Aaahhh! Yeah! Fuck! Shit! Piss! Nnnhhh!” Bertram moaned as he shot his wad of jism deep into Sally’s throat.

In a semi-conscious state, Sally heard the man’s moaning and cursing. She felt his jism shooting into her throat, and she felt his prick begin to shrivel and recede from her throat as he spent his load of cum.

“Swallow my cum!” Bertram demanded.

She gulped down his jism and knew that she would not die — at least not yet! She was relieved.

“Ha! Ha! You get a good blow-job, Bertram, huh?” came the high-pitched voice of Mindy, who stood beside them.

“Not bad! Not bad at all,” Bertram replied as he stood on shaky legs. His prick was dripping with jism.

“Here’s a nice bunch of birch whips,” Mindy said. “Want me to flog the bitch?”

“No!” said Bertram. “You just stay the fuck out of this!” he shouted sharply. “Get the hell out of here! Go back to the car and wait.”

“Oh, come on, Bertram,” Mindy whimpered. “Let me in on the fun.”

Bertram spun about and, with a closed fist, he slammed a hard blow into Mindy’s wet cunt.

“Owwww!” Mindy cried out as she doubled over and fell to the ground.

“Get back in the car and wait!” Bertram shouted.

“Okay, okay,” she muttered as she picked herself up and limped back to the car. Mindy knew better than to push the issue. Bertram was a nasty bastard when he was in a bad mood. She didn’t want to take a chance on getting him too angry with her.

As she staggered painfully to the Cadillac, she passed Malcolm Reams who strode forward, carrying a shovel and a tire iron. She smiled lewdly at Malcolm and said, “Have fun, donkey-dick.”

Malcolm grinned lewdly. “Believe me, Mindy, I plan to have plenty of fun.”

With that, Malcolm walked to the killing ground. He could hear Sally’s pitiful moaning. Then he saw Bertram standing over the tormented teenager, whipping her brutally with the birch branches. Bertram was breathless and weary, but that didn’t stop him from raining blows on Sally’s tits, and ass and cunt.

“Take that, cunt!” Bertram cursed as he whipped her naked, writhing body.

Sally bit back her tears, determined not to show Bertram that she was in agony. She would not give him that perverse satisfaction. But her body was on fire. The birch whip slashed across her nipples and pussy-lips. She flinched and moaned with pain, but she did not cry.

Malcolm strode forward and grabbed Bertram’s wrist as he prepared to slash the wretched young girl again. “Take it easy, boss. You’re gonna wear yourself out,” he told Bertram. “Take a breather. You can’t lose control. You’re the boss, Mister Havermeyer. Mindy and I count on you. Relax while I dig the grave, then you can go at it again. Look, I brought you a tire iron. You can ream out her asshole with it later. Before we bury her.”

Bertram smiled lewdly. “Thanks, good buddy. Always thinking about your boss, aren’t you? I’ll see that you get a nice, big bonus for that.”

“Thanks,” Malcolm said. “I’d appreciate that. I’m gonna go to work now.”

“Dig it deep, Malcolm. A nice deep grave for our little redhead.”

“Will do, boss,” Malcolm replied with a nod. As he passed by Sally’s prone, tortured body, he looked down at her and winked.

“I hate you!” she shouted. “I thought you loved me, but I was wrong. You’re no different from the other two. You’re a prick.”

“Shut the fuck up, cunt!” Malcolm cursed as he leaned down and slapped Sally. Then he leaned down and whispered, “Trust me, honey.” Then, he strolled off with the shovel in his thick fist.

Sally didn’t know what to think. What did Malcolm mean? He had told her to trust him. She was hopelessly confused. Why should she trust him? She felt like she was going mad. Her brain was working overtime, and she soon passed out from sheer mental exhaustion.

Still half asleep, Sally felt a cold, hard object slicing in and out of her wet cunt.

“How do you like getting fucked by a tire iron?” said Bertram Havermeyer, who jacked off his hard cock as he slid the tire iron in and out of her pussy. His eyes were glazed over with lust.

“W-what are you doing!” Sally cried. Then she looked down and saw the tire iron slicing in and out of her pussy.

“Nooooo!” she wailed. “You can’t do this to me!”

“Can’t I?” Bertram hissed. “Who the fuck’s gonna stop me from fucking you with a tire iron?”

“I am!” came Malcolm’s deadly serious voice. He stood behind Bertram, legs spread apart, his bare chest, his muscles rippling and slick with perspiration.

“I’ll be through with the bitch in a minute. Then we’ll kill her and be gone,” Bertram said to Malcolm.

Malcolm’s heavy fist slammed into Bertram’s face with the force of a locomotive.

Bertram Havermeyer was knocked out cold. Sally shouted to Malcolm. “Take this ugly tire iron out of my cunt!”

“Will do,” Malcolm replied, and slipped the tire iron out of Sally’s juicy cunt. Then he bent over and kissed the girl on the mouth, a passionate kiss that made Sally’s pussy drool with cunt-nectar. “I told you to trust me. Everything will be okay now. Don’t worry about a thing, my loved one,” Malcolm said tenderly.

“I love you, Malcolm,” Sally cooed. “Fuck me, please.”

They fucked with wild, reckless abandon, writhing about on the ground. Malcolm’s monstrous prick was buried balls-deep in the girl’s hot, wet pussy, and she savored the wondrous sensations that pulsated in her clit. She was on fire. Her cunt and clit spasmed and her seething pussy rippled with erotic delight. They weren’t just fucking. They were making love! Sally was overcome with lust and desire. His prick felt so hard and big in her hot, tight cunt. She writhed about beneath the big man, savoring his powerful, pummeling cock-thrusts and loving the way that he sucked her tongue into his mouth. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast!” she pleaded. “Oh, God! This is beautiful, Malcolm! Fuck! Fuck my needy pussy! I love you!” She felt her orgasm coming on. It crept up on her and extended in her well-fucked cunt. Her frenzied passion was totally out of control.

“Ohhhh! Oh, yes!” Malcolm shrieked as he came. His thick load of jism flowed through his prick and saturated her cunt, filled her pussy with an abundance of cum.

They climaxed together, and both Malcolm and Sally were so close at that very moment of powerful orgasm that they felt and heard identical sensations and sounds. They felt as though they were lost in a crazy-quilt of passion; they heard the sound of a loud explosion — an explosion that sounded like a gun firing.

The next sound they heard was the voice of Bertram Havermeyer. “You tried to fuck me over, Malcolm!” he shouted angrily. “Nobody fucks over Bertram Havermeyer. Nobody! Especially not a muscle-bound, stupid, dim-witted asshole like you, Malcolm. You’re a brainless fool with nothing to show but a foot-long cock. Now both of you get up and start walking. I’m sure Malcolm dug a grave big enough to accommodate the both of you.”

They stood peering down into the deep hole in the ground. Sally clutched Malcolm’s big hand and felt brave. She would not cry. She would not beg Bertram Havermeyer to spare her. She looked up at Malcolm, who stood bravely, his chest thrust forward, his jaw firmly set, his menacing eyes focused on the figure of Bertram Havermeyer.

Bertram stepped back, being cautious, afraid to get too close to the hulking man. He aimed his revolver at Malcolm and smiled with self-satisfaction. “Any last words?” he asked.

“Nope!” replied Malcolm. “Rot in hell, you bastard!” shouted Sally.

“Fine. Say goodnight, Malcolm,” Bertram quipped as he pulled the trigger.

Bang! The sound of the gun firing tore through the sultry night air. The revolver flashed, but Malcolm stood firmly.

“What the hell!” exclaimed Bertram. He had fired straight at Malcolm’s chest. He couldn’t have missed at such a close distance.

Malcolm smiled. “Try again, boss!” he taunted the confused man.

Bertram squeezed the trigger again. Bang! the gun exploded. Malcolm stood firm, smiling. Sally looked totally confused.

Bertram fired three more times, pulled the trigger again and was distraught to discover that his six-cylinder revolver was empty. There were no bullets left. And Malcolm still stood there, unharmed, his arms crossed, his eyes beaming brightly.

“Didn’t you know I was Superman? You can’t kill me, Bertram. Not unless you have some Kryptonite with you.”

Bertram stared wide-eyed, shocked. “It’s crazy! I’m going insane!” he cried as he threw the gun to the pound.

“Well, then, I guess we’ll have to take you to the nut house, Bertram,” Malcolm said matter-of fact. “You’ve lost your marbles, boss.” Malcolm strolled forward, and Bertram freaked. He ran on trembling legs, stumbling and tripping through the night, with Malcolm in hot pursuit. He tripped and fell, striking his head on a rock. He was knocked unconscious.

Mindy came running to the scene. She was shocked to see Malcolm and Sally standing over Bertram’s body. “W-what’s going on?” she stammered. “I heard shots. I thought you guys had killed this little bitch!” she exclaimed, pointing a finger at Sally.

“The boss is a bad shot,” said Malcolm with a wide grin. He reached out and gripped Mindy’s wrist, pulled her forward and threw her to the ground next to Bertram.

“What’s going on here?” she demanded.

“Roll over, slut!” Malcolm commanded.

“What the hell for?” she replied indignantly.

“Because Malcolm told you to do it!” chimed in Sally as she reached down and picked up the birch branches.

Mindy instantly obeyed, and trembled as she lay face-down on the ground.

Sally lifted the birch stick high in the air and brought it slashing down on Mindy’s back. “You nasty little bitch!” she shouted. “I’m gonna get you back for all the shit you put me through.” She flogged the helpless brunette’s back, tearing the clothes off her body. The birch whip rained down on Mindy’s naked ass-cheeks. Mindy wept and wailed and cried for pity, but Sally was in no mood to stop flogging the wicked bitch who had caused her so much pain and degradation. When Sally became arm weary, she threw the birch whip to the ground in disgust and sat on the ground. “Malcolm,” she said breathlessly, “Let’s get out of here.”

“Good idea,” he replied. “But, first we have to bury Bertram Havermeyer.”

“He’s dead?” Sally asked.

“Yep!” Malcolm replied. He lifted Bertram’s body over his massive shoulders and carried him to the grave. He tossed the man’s body into the deep, dark hole. “Too bad, boss,” Malcolm muttered in false pity. “That was a terrible fall you took. Damned rock put you away. A terrible way to die. May the Good Lord have mercy on your poor soul. But, I’m afraid you’ll never get to talk to the man in charge. I doubt if Saint Peter will let you through the gates.” With that, Malcolm filled the hole with dirt, turned to Sally and said, “He’s better off dead. The son of a bitch doesn’t belong in the world among decent people.”

Malcolm and Sally kissed and walked back to where Mindy lay on the ground. The wicked woman turned over as she heard them pass by and said, “What about me, Malcolm, honey?”

Malcolm grimaced and said, “It’s a long walk back to town, but you’ll make it.”

Malcolm and Sally drove the Cadillac straight to Sally’s beach apartment. They packed her clothes and drove to San Bernardino, rented a motel room and collapsed into bed.

“I love you,” Malcolm whispered as he kissed her neck.

“Make love to me, Malcolm. Please! Fuck me!” Her voice carried a tone of urgency.

They fucked passionately. He fucked her brutally and tenderly, and Sally loved it both ways.

“Ohhhhh!” she wailed as she felt his prick slicing into her hot, tight, red-thatched pussy. She writhed in ecstasy beneath his powerful body. His prick filled her tight pussy to the brim. He hammered his cock into her cunt. She came, screaming loudly as her orgasm racked her lithe young body and sent her into a netherworld of untold passion and lust. “Fuck me more!” she screamed, and Malcolm rolled her over on her stomach and fucked doggie-style. His massive hard-on rammed into her seething pussy, raking pleasure from her cunt. Her pussy was burning with lust. She came again, and this climax seemed more powerful than the last one.

“Aaaeeee!” she screamed as she wriggled her ass wantonly, dreaming of how wonderful her lover was. His giant, hard prick felt fantastic! God! What a marvelous lover! she thought.

Malcolm spread her ass-cheeks apart and slid his prick into her asshole. He pumped his cock hard and fast into her steaming asshole. She loved it. She loved being ass-fucked by Malcolm Reams. She didn’t feel degraded when he ass-fucked her. It felt great. Her passion carried her away on a wave of sexual delight. His prick reamed out the linings of her asshole, and she felt another orgasm welling up in her well-fucked cunt. Her pussy leaked cunt-juice and her clit spasmed as he butt-fucked her tight asshole. Her cheeks glowed with satisfaction and she bucked and jerked her ass upward to meet his powerful cock-thrusts into her tight pussy. Soon, she had the fucking timed perfectly. When he thrust his rock-hard prick deep into her asshole, she jerked her ass backward at the exact same time. The result was a wondrous sensation that shot through her nubile young body and filled her brain with a rush of passion. “More!” she begged in a throaty voice. “Don’t stop, Malcolm! Ass-fuck me hard and fast! Give it to me good!”

“Unnhhhhh!” Malcolm grunted as he reared back and slammed forward, impaling her tight asshole on his mammoth, stiff prick. “I… I can’t hold it much longer I,” he stammered breathlessly. “I’m gonna come any second!”

“Go ahead, Malcolm!” she shouted. “Fill my asshole with your jism. I want it all!”

“Aaahhh!” Malcolm moaned as his prick let loose with a flood of cum. His jism spurted out of his cock-slit and flooded her asshole to overflowing.

A moment later, Sally came. “Aaaeeee!” she shrieked as yet another all-consuming orgasm racked her beautiful, nude body. “I love it! I love it! It feels great, fantastic!” she panted as she bucked and writhed, sighed and groaned, thoroughly enjoying the hot ass-fucking that Malcolm had so expertly meted out. It was perverse to be fucked in the asshole, she thought. It was wicked, evil and wanton to allow a man fuck her asshole. But she didn’t give a damn. She was beyond reason. Malcolm Reams was her lover, and she loved everything that he did to her. She would even let him beat her if it made him happy. She would do anything, anything to please her man. She was so proud to be with Malcolm Reams. He was a strange sort of man, but he sure knew how to fuck her tight pussy and asshole. And he was such a stud! she thought. He knew exactly how to turn her on, get her pussy-juices flowing and tease her, then fuck her to a great orgasm. She once hated the huge man, hated him with a passion. She had feared him and thought that he was a perverted, wicked, nasty man. Perhaps he was, she thought. Perhaps he had changed since he had met and fucked her.

Or perhaps she had changed. Two days ago, she would never have submitted to an ass-fucking, and now she was loving it, even begging for it, pleading for Malcolm to ream out her asshole with his tool. It still hurt to be ass-fucked, but the pain was over come with sexual pleasure. She enjoyed being sexually dominated by Malcolm Reams.

“Damn!” she blurted. “I just thought of something. Bertram Havermeyer called you a superman. He was right,” she said as she squeezed his drooling prick and licked a drop of cum from his cock-tip. Immediately, his prick began to swell again. He had just shot his load of jism, and here he was with a throbbing cock, a reddish cock-knob, a blue-veined tool. Christ! she thought. How in the world can a normal man get a raging hard-on only moments after shooting his wad? “I don’t get it. How can you be so damned virile. It’s inhuman!” She looked directly into his beautiful eyes, sighed and said, “Are you Superman?”

“With you I am,” he replied. “I just can’t get enough of your hot pussy and tight asshole. And right now I plan on sucking your cunt, you beautiful little redheaded bitch.”

As she stretched out and luxuriated in the feeling of his tongue that licked tenderly across her clit, she felt like the luckiest woman in the entire world. She had the greatest stud in the history of mankind. Was he Superman? she wondered.

“Aaaeeee!” she wailed as she came again.

Then Malcolm plunged his prick into her mouth and she sucked his big, hard cock eagerly. She greedily gulped down his jism when he shot a thick load of cum into her mouth.

Jism drooled out of the corners of her mouth.

She tried to speak, but the words came out all muted, and her lips foamed with his jism. She licked her lips and gulped down his remaining jism, swallowing every drop. Then she tried to speak again. In a whimpering voice, she asked, “Malcolm, tell me the truth, are you Superman?”

Malcolm laughed heartily and shook his head in disbelief. “No, my darling. I’m just a horny man who is in love with a beautiful young woman. I’m certainly not Superman.”

“B-but that bastard Bertram Havermeyer fired five shots at you. You never flinched. You were never scared. I thought that we were going to die right then and there. But after he shot at you, and didn’t hurt you, I wasn’t worried at all. It was as though the bullets just bounced off your chest. And you were there with a bare-chest, honey. You weren’t wearing a bullet-proof vest I don’t understand.” She gripped his prick and stroked his lengthy cock-stalk. Immediately, his cock began to get hard. Within seconds he had a massive hard-on. She kissed his cock-knob tenderly and looked into his eyes. “You are unbelievable, Malcolm. You really are Superman, aren’t you?”

“No, Sally. I’m merely an ordinary man. I have an unusually large prick, and an unusually large sex drive, but otherwise I’m a normal human being. I’m no Superman, believe me.”

“Yeah, sure,” Sally said, sarcastically. “Then how come bullets bounce off your chest? Your bare chest!”

Malcolm panted breathlessly as Sally stroked his prick to a giant erection. “Darling, those bullets didn’t bounce off my chest.” He shook his head and chuckled boyishly.

“Bullshit! I saw him fire five shots at you, at point-blank range. He aimed right at your chest. You never flinched. You don’t have a single hole in your perfect body. How the hell do you explain that?”

“Sally, I’ve been Bertram Havermeyer’s flunky stud for years. I knew his every mood, his every move. He trusted me. I played along with his game, only because I had no confidence in my own abilities. He made me feel like a stupid muscle bound stud who had nothing to offer but a foot-long prick. He used me. He manipulated me. But when I made love to you, I became a new man. All of a sudden everything made sense to me. I realized that I really wasn’t stupid. And I was determined to save you. But I had to play along with Bertram Havermeyer to accomplish my purpose, do you understand?”

“Yes! I understand that, damn it!” she exclaimed as she stroked his prick and admired his lengthy cock-stalk. “But that’s not the point! He fired five bullets at you, and you never got hurt! Why weren’t you killed?”

Malcolm’s prick throbbed and he found it difficult to speak. “Sally, my loved one, I told you that I was Bertram Havermeyer’s flunky. I was in charge of loading his revolver. Get it?”

Sally laughed loudly, and squeezed Malcolm’s prick. “You loaded his gun with blanks!” she blurted.

“No shit, Sherlock! Now, what say we have a little tumble in the hay, Ms. Holmes?”

“Brilliant idea, Watson,” she replied as she guided his rock-hard prick into her seething pussy. “Hey, Superman,” she added, “do your stuff!”

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