Surrendering again, young lady?

“Surrendering again, young lady?”

“Perhaps, but only to dwell in people’s minds for a little while.”

“Very soulful, my dear,” he smiled. “Are your clientele not biting tonight?”

“No, not really: maybe they think I am too young.”

“Too young?”

“Me, yes, ” she shrugged. “They do seem to think I am too young. How old are

“I’m a good deal older than you, evidently. Does such thinking frustrate you?”

“Yes, but you seem cool. My name is Teresa.”

“A very fetching name for a very fetching young lady.”

“You are very sweet. What is your name?”

“Call me Sir. It pleases my vanity.”

“Wow cool, okay,sir.”

He laughed at her enthusiasm.

“Sir, can you see me properly in the lamplight?”

“Your soft smile is delightful.”

“I am a Latina.”

“I noticed. And a quite lovely one too.”

“Would you like to come with me?”

“Sure, lead on young lady.”

She drew him into a doorway, up a dark flight of stairs, looking behind her to
flash him a smile and then turned to flash him another brilliant smile in the

“Sir, you seem like a nice guy?” She giggled leaning back against a doorway and
pushing it open to show off a small sparsely furnished bedroom.

“See, this is my room,” she looked up at him and giggle. And see: big tits too,

“I am nice -mostly – you tempt me, young lady.”

“Why should I not,sir? One guy told me I needed to lose weight.”

“One guy is a fool then.”

“He hurt my feelings, sir.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Teresa,” he reached down and touched her left breast,
pressing it gently. “I’d kiss your feelings better were you to allow it.”

“Sir, can I put my arms around your neck?”

“If that pleases you young lady.”

“It does. And let me press my big tits against your chest as we kiss.”

“I like your sweet breath,” he smiled.

“And my sweet breasts too?” Teresa giggled and then looked up at him seriously
for an instant, letting one hand slip from his neck to feel in his pants. ” Oh
my – and this,sir. What is this?”

“The taste of your soul.”

“Can I feel your penis, sir?”

“You are a very forward young lady.”

“I know.”

“…but a good girl nonetheless.”

“Can I unzip your pants sir?”

“If that gives you satisfaction, Teresa. Please let’s close the door first

“Oh yes. Of course.”

“Oh my!” She whispered, crouching down. “Look at what is sticking out.”

“You are very observant and you look cute kneeling there.”

“Sir, can I lick your manhood?”

“Young ladies should be allowed to explore. Does the idea give you a
pleasurable feeling?”

“It does,” she murmured, licking it up to the head.

“My goodness – you are a friendly girl.”

“Sir, your cock is so big.”

“I bet you say that to all the older men.”

“No sir. Yours is the best, I promise you.”

“I’ll believe you though hundreds wouldn’t, if only because your mouth is so
receptive, Teresa.”

“Look into my big hazel brown eyes as I suck your cock, sir.”

“As you wish, sweet Latina.”

He looked down and caught her glance for a brief instant, before looking away
to close his eyes. And then he stood there for an endless moment, listening to
the distant night traffic and the closeness of her pursed lips, sucking and
squeezing his maleness.

“Now,” she paused after a while letting him loose from her lascivious motions.
“I want to finish taking down your pants and underwear.”

“Be my guest. You are beginning to dwell in my mind,” he grinned

“And you are beginning to swell in my mouth, sir. Is my soulfulness catching

“It most certainly is Teresa. You are an attractive chit,” he sighed, closing
his eyes once more as her long fingernails caressed his butt cheeks, while she
began again to suck eagerly at his cock.

“I am perfectly yours, sir.” She murmured as she pulled away eventually and
stood up to unbutton her blouse.

“As you say-your body is perfect – a perfect young dream.”

“Would you mind unhooking my bra, please,” she asked, letting her blouse fall
onto a bare wooden chair by the side of the little bed.

“Front or back, Teresa? It’s hard to tell in this darkness.”

“Back and unzip my skirt too.”

Almost modest clothing. I approve,” he kissed the nape of her neck and ran his
hands down her shoulders. “And such a well tanned back too.”

“Do you like my bikini panties too?”

“Yes, leave them on for now. You look sweet, quite the kitten.”

“Sir, let’s go on my bed and make love.”


“Yes, sir?

“How young are you?”

“I’m twenty four, sir.”

“And in between seducing older men, you study?”

“Yes,” she giggled and reached down to slip off her panties.

“No let me, you seem very eager.”

“I am sir,” Teresa agreed, falling back onto the bed. “I want you to show me
what a man you are.”

“I will. Don’t worry.”

“Climb on top. “She patted her naked belly.

“Mount the eager young student?”


“Give her a little lesson in sexual connection?”

“Ooh yes sir!”

“You smell fresh, Teresa. Let me taste your freshness.”

“Noooo! Fuck me first.”

“Don’t you like being licked? Does your hungry cunt need more than my tongue?”

“Cum inside me and then eat me.”

“Beg for it then, Teresa.”

“Sir please! I need it your manhood in me please!”

“Poor sweetheart.”

“Sir, show me what a man you are.”

“Spread yourself, girl.”

She dutifully spread her thighs.

“Good girl! You look wonderful.”

“Put it in, you dirty old man, for goodness sake,” she laughed.

“Witch,” he chuckled “You just want to be filled.”

“Fuck me with your big cock.”

“And show how hard I can push into your softness?”

“Yes, sir, do it!”

“Can your little cunt can take it?”

“Yes, sir,” she groaned under him, as he pressed against her, his hands
slipping under her body and pulling her to him. “I just so love…surrendering