Hot Bed Cousins

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modern everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

HOT BED COUSINS is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its most base desires come to the fore. The members of this family are all swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

HOT BED COUSINS — the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.


The fishy smell of stale cum was unmistakable. After a long whiff, Meg Browning jerked her son’s stained shorts away from her nose and threw them into the machine with the rest of the dirty laundry. But she couldn’t get them out of her mind.

Finally Meg could contain her curiosity no longer. She just had to know more about her only daughter’s surprising sex life.

She went to Andy’s room and searched through his things. In the bottom of a dresser drawer she found a packet of rubbers. Meg’s cunt automatically spasmed as she imagined her son’s hard cock encased in one of the skin-tight sheaths.

“What little bitch is he fucking?” Meg wondered aloud, her language as out of control as her thoughts.

She searched for more clues and found one hidden between the pages of a book. It was a Polaroid photo of a naked teenaged girl with her legs spread, showing off her wide-open pussy. Meg recognized her immediately.

“Sally!” she blurted the name of her brother Bill’s daughter. “Andy’s fucking his own cousin!”

Meg trembled from her stunning discovery. However, in truth, she was more jealous than shocked. Down deep Meg wanted her son’s big cock for herself. It was only a matter of time until she admitted it.

And the time was suddenly now.

“Anybody home?” Andy Browning called as he entered the house. “Mom, you there?”

Meg’s cunt burned with desire while the rest of her froze. She didn’t know what to say, what to do. She could hear her son approaching the bed room.

At the last moment Meg slipped into the closet where she couldn’t be seen just as Andy came into the room. Throwing his school books aside, he sat on the bed. He started fiddling with his jeans, but was hesitant, apparently making up his mind about whether or not to take them off.

“Aw, what the hell, why not?” he sighed. “It’s been bugging me all day. Might as well give myself a break.”

Meg wondered what he was talking about. When Andy’s pants were down she knew. His cock bulged in his shorts. He’d most likely been walking around with a hard-on for hours and now intended to do something about it — namely, jack off.

The last boy on whom Meg had spied while he played with his prick was her brother, Bill, and that had been well over twenty years ago when they were growing up. Meg had never forgotten it.

Bill’s had been the first stiff cock Meg had ever seen and when it had spurted with cum she had been left breathless with excitement. Steamy dreams about the experience had bothered her for weeks. She would wake up with her hand between her legs, having to finger-fuck her sticky cunt to get relief.

Now, watching her son about to do what she had seen her brother do so many years before, Meg felt the same panting excitement which had overtaken her back then. For Andy’s prick had just jumped out in the open. It was long and thick, with an absolutely beautiful hard-on.

“God, he’s hung,” Meg whispered to herself. Her pussy was so wet with arousal that she squeezed her thighs together as if she were trying to keep from peeing in her pants.

In the meantime, never suspecting that he was being watched, Andy wrapped his fingers around his jutting cock. Then he began to slowly tug his foreskin back and forth over his swollen cockhead.

“Ahhhh, that’s it. Feels good. Real good,” he sighed, leaning back so his cock stood straight up while he stroked it.

“Ooooh, do it to yourself, do it,” Meg muttered unheard encouragement in the closet. “Make yourself come, Andy. Let me see it. See your big prick explode with hot cum.”

As though he were actually listening to his mother, Andy Browning moved his fingers faster around his jutting prick. His balls rose in their tightening sac, then clung to his cock’s root.

“Oh, gonna come… gonna come,” the boy gasped while his hand blurred on his straining prick.

Andy’s body stiffened. His cock lurched and balls quivered. A plume of jizz shot at least six inches in the air.

“Mmmmmm… that’s goooood,” Andy moaned as his jacked-off cock spurted repeatedly. His cum rained down on his thighs and belly and by the time his nuts were drained, he was a mess.

Meg saw all the spilled jizz glistening and knew that she could not contain herself. There was no way she could remain in the closet with her hung son so near at hand — especially with his dripping cock remaining rigid, despite the amount of cream it had just unloaded.

“Got to have him,” Meg admitted to herself recklessly.

And then, just like that, she was out of the closet, standing there in plain sight, her hungry eyes fastened on her son’s sticky prick.

“M-mom!” Andy stammered with disbelief. “Wha-what are you doing here?”

“Don’t say anything,” Meg answered. “just don’t say anything.”

She moved toward her astonished son. Andy reached for the bedspread to cover himself, but Meg caught his arms and stopped him. With Andy’s cock twitching in continued exposure, she licked her lips.

“Shhh, darling,” Meg reminded her son to be quiet.

She knelt before him. Now it was her hand on his prick. She guided the fat knob toward her mouth then took it between her moist lips and gave it a long, deep suck.

Meg was hooked at once. She had never tasted anything sweeter than her son’s cock. She knew she wouldn’t be satisfied unless she ate the whole thing. Then when she had deep-throated Andy, she would really turn on the suction, making his hips roll. Just blowing him wouldn’t do. She was determined to make her son fuck her in the mouth.

So Meg’s lips inched down the thick shaft of Andy’s prick, what the cockhead reached her throat she momentarily gagged from its bulk. Then she got her second wind and resumed swallowing. By the time she took her next breath she had downed every bit of her son’s huge prick.

Meg looked down and saw what had happened. His cousin Sally had blown him before, but she had never come near to getting his entire cock in her mouth. That Meg had succeeded where Sally had failed was almost as incredible to Andy as the fact that this was his own mother who was going down on his prick.

And now Meg was sliding her lips up and down the erect column of cockmeat. The friction she generated made Andy’s asshole tighten and his balls churn. His hips began thrusting.

Meg had told Andy not to speak. But he could contain himself no longer.

“Jeez, Mom, I’m fucking you in the mouth,” he rasped in wonder. “Is that what you want?”

Meg nodded with a throatful of cock. Then her lips resumed moving and her oral suction increased.

“What a trip,” Andy murmured, more to himself than anything. “My own mom eating my prick. And doing it sooo deep.”

Andy reached down and took handfuls of Meg’s long, brown hair. He jogged her face between his legs, increasing the friction between mouth and cock even more.

“Only one thing could make this better,” Andy swooned after another minute or so of getting his cock slurped.

Meg glanced up at him, wordlessly encouraging her son to let her know what was on his mind.

“I’d like to, you know, suck you back while you’re sucking me,” Andy told his mother nervously. “Sort of, well, eat your pussy, Mom. Eat it at the same time you go down on my cock. You think we could?”

Meg didn’t have to hear any more. If her son wanted to sixty-nine, she certainly wasn’t going to deny him the opportunity.

Up Meg crawled onto the bed, never releasing Andy’s prick from her mouth. Now she carefully swung around on top of him, twisting his cock in her oral grasp. She wound up straddling his head so he looked up her skirt. Now it was Andy’s job to do the rest.

Andy put his hands on his mother’s waist. His fingers were clumsy with excitement and when he found the zipper to Meg’s skirt he had trouble getting a grip on it. Meg had to help him. Finally the skirt was unfastened and fell away.

Meg’s asscheeks bulged in her panties and her cunt strained at the crotchband. Leaking pussy juice had already stained the yellow fabric to a dark gold.

Andy rubbed his hand on the damp nylon between his mother’s thighs. Meg’s pussy squished in response, ready to be uncovered.

“Can’t believe it,” Andy panted. “Gonna see my own mother’s cunt. Stick my face in it. Eat it while my cock’s getting sucked!”

Andy began to peel the panties away. He did it very slowly as if he were somehow afraid of hurting Meg with the removal of the clinging material. First her bare asscheeks came into view. They were plump, pink and smooth. The crack separating them, though, was wild with dark, curly hair. The hair led straight to Meg’s cunt.

Now the panties were gone and Andy Browning was staring into the vertical smile of his mother’s wide-open pussy. Some juice dripped on his face and Andy tasted it, shuddering from the exquisite female flavor. Of course he immediately wanted more — directly from the oozing source — so he lowered his mother’s cunt toward his face. He kissed the insides of Meg’s spread thighs, then took a mouthful of her pussy’s bush, sucking it until the curl was gone.

Now Andy placed the lips of his mouth directly against the lips of Meg’s cunt. His tongue squirmed in her pussy.

In the midst of the oral contact, Meg’s clit was licked. She climaxed on the spot, feeding her son a fresh batch of pussy juice.

Andy gulped down his mother’s female cum as if he were dying of thirst. And the harder he gulped, the stronger Meg’s orgasm became. She could not recall ever getting off this powerfully before. Best of all, though, was her knowledge that this was just the beginning. What would it be like, Meg wondered, when Andy actually fucked her?

In the meantime, however, the sixty-nine was in full swing. Meg’s cunt was not only being devoured by her son, but she was feasting on his big cock in return. As she flew on the wings of her own come, too.

Meg used her mouth like a cunt, tugging at Andy’s prick so she could feel the veins stand out. She also squeezed her son’s fully packed balls, priming their supply of jism for the approaching eruption.

The pressure Meg was applying swiftly took its toll. Andy’s crotch bucked, powering his cock as far down his mother’s throat as it could go.

“Gonna come, Mom!” Andy announced. “Come in your mouth like a damned gusher!”

Andy’s cock started spurting and Meg started swallowing as the teenaged cum poured into her belly. It was so hot, so sweet. And however much jizz her son’s prick wound up feeding her, it would still not be enough for Meg.

“That’s it, Mom,” Andy called when his cock was drained. “My nuts feel like they’re wrong side out. Jesus, what a blow-Job.”

Meg reluctantly released her son’s prick. She could have sucked it until she’d drunk a gallon’s worth of cream. Still, it was time to move on to even better things.

Breaking up the sixty-nine, Meg shifted around on her knees so she was looking down to face her son. She smiled lovingly, some stray cum trickling from the corners of her mouth. Andy grinned back, his nose, lips and chin shiny with her pussy juice.

“You’re not through with me yet, are you, Mom?” Andy asked.

“Not hardly,” Meg purred in reply.

She reached down for Andy’s cock. It had lost some of its strength after its eruption, but instantly returned it’s full force when Meg trapped it in the groove of her cunt.

“Ever wondered what it would be like to fuck me?” Meg asked her son. “To fuck your own mother?”

“I couldn’t even let myself think about something like that,” Andy truthfully answered. Then he paused, getting the words straight for the bold question he was about to ask. “How about you, Mom? Before today, have you ever thought about doing anything like this?”

“I was like you,” Meg admitted. “But when I saw your beautiful cock and my pussy started doing my thinking for me. All at once I realized how much I had always wanted you.”

“Then go ahead, Mom,” Andy urged. “Stick my cock up your cunt so we can start fucking before we change our minds.”

“With pleasure, stud,” Meg answered hotly.

She didn’t have to use her hand to guide her son’s hard-on inside her. An expert shift of her crotch and that stiff, teenaged prick surged into her waiting pussy entirely on its own.

Now, with all those solid inches of cock standing straight up in her cunt, Meg bore down and rotated her hips. The result made her womb flutter, making it instantly clear that this was one fuck which would reverse the usual order of her orgasmic response. Rather than finishing with a climax, she was going to come right at the very beginning.

“Ooooooh,” she squealed with delight as she rode her son’s hilted prick. “It’s happening for me already!”

“You’re coming so soon?” Andy asked, in awe of his mother’s writhing reaction.

“Mmmmmm, yes,” Meg groaned with continuous release. “And I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. As long as we’re fucking, I bet I just keep coming and coming and coming.”

In his mind Andy compared his mother to the only other person he had ever fucked, his cousin Sally, who wasn’t nearly this easy to please. With Sally, Andy had to fuck her and fuck her before she finally climaxed.

Momentarily careless, Andy started to say something to Meg about the difference between her and Sally, but he immediately caught himself, remembering that his mother had no idea he’d been fucking his cousin. No sense, he reasoned, in making things any more complicated than they already were.

Meg, however, detected that her son had been about to say something and had thought better of it. “What were you going to tell me?” she asked.

“Uh, nothing,” Andy nervously lied, having the feeling that his mother might be reading his mind.

What Meg said next only increased that impression.

“Bet you’re comparing me with some girl you’ve been fucking,” she teased, swaying on top of Andy so his prick shimmied in her tight cunt.

“No,” Andy lied some more.

“Don’t tell me you’re cherry.”

Andy claimed he was and Meg didn’t push it. Of course she knew about him and Sally, but something told her that keeping this information to herself could be useful later on. Besides, it was fun stringing along with Andy’s make-believe virginity. “How about that? So I’m your first piece of ass,” Meg chuckled.

Andy had left himself no choice but to reply that this was so.

“Then I’d better really turn it on for you,” Meg said playfully. “Don’t want to leave you with anything but the best impression possible. After all, if your own mother can’t teach you what we women are really like, who can?”

“Sure, Mom,” Andy muttered, wondering if he were really off the hook.

During the talking, Meg had temporarily stopped coming. Now she turned it on again, reaching down to flick the switch of her clit. An instant climax instantly seized her. To keep it alive she slid her pussy up and down the column of Andy’s cock, her ass bobbing in the air.

The yanking friction on his prick made Andy grit his teeth. His balls ached from the pressure of rising cum. If his mother kept fucking him this way he would shoot his wad very, very soon.

“My cock’s ready to blow!” Andy shouted out seconds later.

But it didn’t happen the way it seemed it would. To Andy’s surprise, his mother short-circuited his climax. Bounding up on her knees, she purposely pulled her pussy off his prick. Confused, Andy asked what was going on as his throbbing cock fell across his belly from its own swollen weight.

“When you come in me, I want it to be exactly right for you,” Meg explained. “I want you to be completely in charge so you’ll really feel like a man when you fill my cunt with jizz. So far I’ve been doing all the work. Now I want you to fuck me instead of me fucking you. You be the boss. Dominate me stud.”

Meg fell back, catching herself on her elbows, her knees up. Now she parted her legs, stretching her thighs in the classic fucking position to display her yawning cunt.

“God, Mom, you’re gorgeous. Just fantastic,” Andy panted with excitement at a peak at his spread-legged mother.

“Fuck me!” Meg stated with stark simplicity.

Andy crawled between her open thighs. He had his cock in his hand and he fit the head in the gap of Meg’s pussy lips. The penetration was moist and tight. Andy shoved until his prick was in his mother’s cunt to his balls.

Now Meg wrapped her long legs around her son’s waist. She jogged him in the cradle of her loins the way she’d rocked him in his crib when he was a baby. But it was Andy who actually set the tempo. With mounting rhythm, he drove his cock in the squeezing pussy that had delivered him into the world eighteen years before.

“Mmmm, I knew it would be wonderful this way,” Meg moaned, her ass squirming. “You’re doing just perfect, stud. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Don’t stop moving your cock in my cunt until you come.”

“It won’t be long, Mom,” Andy grunted, his prick pumping in Meg’s pussy. “Feels like there’s a dam between my legs that’s about to burst. I’ve got so much jizz to shoot that your pussy might not be able to hold it all.”

“Sounds fabulous,” Meg swooned, picturing herself with her cunt so swamped with her son’s cum that the excess streamed down her legs. “Don’t hold back a single drop.”

In the frantic moments before his climax, Andy ripped open his mother’s blouse and squeezed her large tits until they popped out of her bra. Meg’s nipples were red and stiff and Andy sucked them. Down below, his prick kept steadily fucking her cunt, thrusting toward a creamy climax.

Suddenly Andy’s body went rigid, his cock hilted in his mother’s cunt. His prick seemed to expand an extra inch. Meg reacted by tugging as hard as she could with her strong pussy muscles.

“Come, Andy, come!” Meg shouted. “Come in my cunt!”

“Yessssss!” Andy hissed with erotic release.

His cock spurted in the depths of his mother’s cunt hole. Once, twice, three times. Then the spurts ran together in a continuous stream of liquid fire.

“So hot,” Meg groaned in response. “Such hot, thick cum. Give me more, Andy, more. More cum.”

Meg’s cunt was already so bloated with its creamy burden that the last of Andy’s jizz couldn’t be contained. Just as his cock slowed to a dribble, his mother’s pussy began leaking.

“You were right,” Meg told her gasping son, “my cunt couldn’t hold all your cum. It’s all over my crotch. Mmmmm, I’m a sticky mess.” Andy pulled his spent cock free and looked down between his mother’s legs. Meg’s cunt was a slobbering wound. Fresh jizz trickled into the crack of her ass and dangled in globs like melting pearls on the strands of her pussy hair.

Meg put her hand down there and smeared the oozing cum from thigh to thigh, up to her belly and on her asscheeks.

“Now lick me off,” she told her son hotly. Andy had never tasted his own cum, but there was no hesitation on his part, as he lowered his mouth to his mother’s gleaming loins. Andy didn’t stop until he had lapped away all of the jizz his tongue could reach, both inside and out of his mother’s cunt. When he was finished, Meg still glistened between her waist and thighs, but now it was Andy’s spit instead of his cum that caught the light on her bare flesh.

“Jesus, I can’t believe I did that — ate my own jizz,” Andy slurped when he bobbed up from his mother’s licked crotch for some air. “Can’t believe any of this, to tell you the truth.”

“Well, you’d better get used to it,” Meg purred in reply. “Because this is just the beginning for us.”

Then she got up from the bed and went over to Andy’s dresser, grabbing up an armload of his clothes.

“What are you doing, Mom?” a puzzled Andy asked.

“Moving your things to my room, of course,” Meg answered. “Ever since you father and I were divorced, I’ve needed a man.” She paused, training her gaze on her son’s cock and balls. Andy instantly found himself with another hard-on. “And now I’ve got the man I want.” Then she dropped the clothes at the sight of her son’s revived cock. “But the move can wait.” She sighed. “First things first.”

Meg returned to the bed. She began sucking Andy’s prick all over again. Within minutes he was fucking her once more.


Meg had been divorced from Mike Browning for seven years. During that time she had had no trouble getting used to living without her ex-husband’s bullying and drinking. But she would have been a liar had she not admitted to missing his body.

Mike Browning was a loser in a lot of ways, but the one thing he had always been, was a stud. Hung with a cock as big as a guy can have, he seemed to have been put on earth just to fuck. After he was out of her life, Meg frequently woke up alone in bed in the middle of the night longing for his prick.

During those times of horny desperation, Meg probably would have taken Mike back if he had somehow appeared. She hated herself for her weakness and was really grateful that Mike was not actually there to tempt her during the times of weakness. So Meg would finger-fuck her yearning cunt to a few orgasms, then somehow get back to sleep. It was a pattern which had been repeated many, many times over the last seven years.

Tonight, however, it was a different story. When Meg rolled over in bed, there was a muscular male body for her to cling to. At first she thought it was a dream. But then she was wide awake and remembered how dramatically her life had changed.

For Meg Browning was naked in bed with her own teenaged son. And Andy had inherited every inch of his father’s huge cock. Meg reached down to feel the boy’s man-sized prick and it stirred from her touch. Meg lightly stroked the foreskin back and forth over the cockhead, drawing blood into the lengthening shaft.

“Show me a hard-on, darling,” Meg whispered to her sleeping son while she played with his cock. “Get it up for me even bigger than your father ever did.”

Andy sighed and rolled over on his back. His mother pulled the covers away so she could get a better look at the swelling cockmeat between his legs. Andy’s prick was solid as a rock now.

“Got to suck it,” Meg panted with desire.

She bent over her sleeping son’s crotch, closing her lips around the knob of his cock. Then she started easing her mouth down the thick prick. She wouldn’t be happy until she had swallowed the whole thing.

When Andy woke up his cock was getting deep throated down to his balls. It took him a moment to realize that he was in bed with his mother.

“Jeez, Mom, you surprised me,” he muttered. “This is gonna take a little getting used to.”

Meg didn’t answer. She couldn’t, not with her mouth so packed with cock. Besides, she was a lot more interested in going down on Andy than in talking to him.

The lack of conversation suited Andy fine. He had something on his mind he couldn’t mention to his mother anyway — namely that when the blowjob had started while he was still asleep, he had imagined that it was his cousin Sally copping his joint the way she had done so many times in the past.

What bothered Andy about waking up to discover his mother sucking him off instead of his cousin, was how the presence of both of them in his sex life complicated things. If either ever found out about the other, Andy could see himself in the middle of a mess. And he could think of no way to tell his mother he was already fucking his cousin, or how to break it to Sally that she’d have to share his cock with his mom.

Andy guessed he’d just have to juggle the two, which wouldn’t be easy. His mother and cousin were both so demanding! But he’d just have to do his best to keep each happy so neither would get suspicious.

So right now he had to concentrate entirely on his mother, which wasn’t difficult. For Meg was no longer content to just suck cock. She was shifting her naked body around on top of the action, drawing her cunt toward Andy’s face so he could become the bottom half of a sixty-nine.

Now Meg was in position and Andy looked up at her open crotch and the view was spectacular. Spilling through a nearby window, a shaft of moonlight hit her cunt, making it glow. Andy reached out with his tongue and his mother’s pussy lips quivered from his oral touch. Then he fucked her clit.

“Ooooh, keep that up,” Meg temporarily interrupted her blow-job to call back. “You’ll have me coming before you know it.”

Andy gave his mother’s stiff, little clit a real workout with his fat tongue. Predictably, Meg’s hips started churning and her cunt dripped with oozing honey.

“Yes, I’m gonna come,” Meg panted. “Gonna come.”

She squashed her wet cunt flush against her son’s face and got off directly in his mouth. Hot, thick female cum poured down Andy’s throat, while at the other end of the sixty-nine. Meg sucked his prick harder than ever.

Quickly, Andy was ready to come too. His hips bucked, jamming his cock to his mother’s windpipe. Meg squeezed his balls, trying to wring the cream right out of them.

There was a liquid surge, starting at the pit of Andy’s groin and gathering momentum through the barrel of his prick. The jizz erupted somewhere down Meg’s throat, headed straight for her belly. She gulped as fast as her son’s prick gushed and by the time it was over she had swallowed every drop of teenaged cum.

“Mmmmmm, that was delicious,” Meg slurped. “Nothing gets me in the mood for a wild night like a wet sixty-nine.”

She twisted around on top of Andy, looking down at him with a sticky grin. Bending at the waist, she dangled her tits over his face, teasing him with her perky nipples.

“Know what you’re going to do to me now, stud?” Meg asked.

“Uh, fuck you, I guess,” Andy answered. Then he laughed. “Something tells me if I don’t, you’ll rape me anyway.”

“Bright boy,” Meg purred. “Only you don’t have the whole story yet. The important part is not just that you’re going to fuck me, but where you’re going to do it.”

“What do you mean, Mom?” a puzzled Andy said. “Are you talking about doing it someplace instead of in bed?”

“No, I’m not talking about places like that,” Meg chuckled. “I’m talking about holes. I’ve got more than one, you know. My cunt isn’t all you can fuck. Am I making myself clear?”

“You want my cock in your ass, Mom?” Andy gulped with surprise.

“What’s the matter, Son, does it turn you off to think about fucking me where I shit?” Meg quizzed.

“Your shit doesn’t bother me, Mom,” Andy said. “It’s just that I’m afraid of hurting you. My cock is so big, and your ass — well, it has to be awfully tight. I could rip something.”

“Mmmm, you little darling, worrying about your poor old mother like that,” Meg sighed. “You’re upsetting yourself over nothing, though. Sure, it’ll hurt. But that’s what taking a big prick up her ass is all about for a woman like me. It hurts soooo goooood.”

“Did dad ever fuck you in the ass?” Andy questioned his mother.

“You better believe it,” Meg murmured as she recalled her ex-husband’s huge cock reaming her bowels. “When I divorced your father, Andy, it wasn’t because be didn’t know what to do with his cock. And wow you’re old enough to take his place. You can do your dad’s fucking for him now.”

“Jesus, Mom, I really dig it when you talk dirty to me this way,” Andy rasped. “Will you keep it up if I fuck you in the ass?”

“What you hear will make you blush.” Meg teased playfully.

Then she climbed off her son and got into ass fucking position — up on all fours, her plump asscheeks quivering with anticipation.

Now she kept her promise to continue with her raunchy dialogue. “I’m opening up my ass far you, Andy,” she said. “Wide as it can stretch. See my asscrack, darling? Bet you didn’t know I was so hairy down there, did you? Almost as hairy as a man.”

“Damn, Mom, your ass is beautiful,” Andy said. “And it sure as hell doesn’t remind me of any man, no matter how hairy it is.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere with a horny bitch like me,” Meg chuckled.

Then she ran her fingers up the split of her ass, stopping at the pucker a notch above her cunt.

“See it?” she called to her son. “See my asshole?”

She stuck a finger deep within the small opening. “Mmmm, feels good,” she sighed. “But it’ll feel a helluva lot better when I’ve got your great, big cock in there, Andy!”

“Want me to put it in right away, Mom?” Andy asked anxiously.

“No, first you have to get me ready,” Meg told her son. “Get my asshole nice and wet so your prick will slide in slick as a whistle when the time conies for you to ass-fuck me.”

“How should I get you wet, Mom?”

“Use your tongue, of course,” Meg instructed. “Before you fuck it, you need to suck my ass. Grease my hole with plenty of nice, warm spit.”

“You got it, Mom!”

Andy moved in behind his mother and quickly replaced her finger in her ass with his probing tongue.

“Oh, that’s it,” Meg moaned with approval. “Wiggle it around, Son. Ream me out.”

Andy pushed his tongue to its root up his mother’s ass. Then he stared twisting and turning her oral lance. Her bowels spasmed in response and Meg gasped.

“Watch out, I think I’m going to fart!”

Despite his mother’s warning, Andy kept right on working his tongue inside her asshole. He was rewarded with along, sweet fart right in his mouth. He sucked up the female fumes as hungrily as he was eating ass.

“Okay, now I’m ready,” Meg finally said. “Ready for your cock up my ass.”

Andy pulled his tongue out and gripped his throbbing cock. He fit the blunt tip into his mother’s asshole.

“Put it in,” Meg urged.

The knob of her son’s prick entered her asshole. But that was hardly enough for Meg.

“More!” she pleaded. “More cock in my ass! Don’t you dare stop until you’re fucking me with the whole thing!”

Andy began to inch his cock forward. But that was much too slow for his mother. She told him to ram her. So, gritting his teeth, Andy bucked his crotch, launching his prick on a brutal surge. Meg’s spit-slicked asshole took the first six inches of cock meat without any resistance, then grew stubborn.

“Why are you stopping?” Meg asked breathlessly.

“I don’t think your ass can take any more of my cock,” Andy said. “I’m too big to fuck you all the way.”

“Bullshit!” Meg snorted. “Rip me, stud, rip me! Make it hurt so good I can’t stand it!”

“All right, Mom, you’re the boss. I just hope I don’t kill you.”

“If you do — mmmmm — what a way to die! C’mon. Fuck my ass all the way to your balls. One big shove is all it’ll take.”

Andy held onto his mother’s shoulders for leverage. He channeled all of his strength between his legs, thrusting his crotch. His cock became a battering raw in Meg’s narrow tunnel, creating its own space with its savage momentum.

“Oh, you’ve done it… done it,” Meg whimpered at the end of her son’s brutal effort.

Andy looked down. His cock was indeed buried. He could feel every inch of it in the vise of his mother’s ass. The only problem was that now he was afraid to make another move. Not just for Meg’s safety, but his own. Her hold was so tight it was unreal. Andy could imagine the skin being torn right off his prick if he wasn’t careful.

Meg knew what was going through her son’s mind so she temporarily took charge of the action.

Back and forth she rocked on her knees, creating the friction she craved between ass and cock.

As his prick was tugged, Andy quickly learned that the pain he had anticipated was just the opposite. He experienced nothing but pure pleasure and it started his cock moving on its own. Now when his mother rocked back, he plowed so deeply into her ass that he could feel her hot shit lapping against his cockhead.

“Now you’re cooking,” Meg called back. “Just keep it up, stud. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Meg relaxed, letting her son do all the work. That way Andy could look down and watch his prick slide in and out of her ass. For there was nothing, Meg knew, that made a guy fuck harder than getting to see his cock in action.

Andy responded just the way his mother expected him to. His prick took longer and longer strokes. When it was in reverse, it withdrew until only the head remained in Meg’s ass. Then there would be a mighty thrust, which would end with every inch of prick buried.

The process was repeated over and over again. Meg’s ass was getting jack-hammered and she was in such sweet pain, caught in a tug of war between agony and ecstasy. At the core of her being there seemed to be a volcano that was ready to erupt. Meg couldn’t tell what was going to happen next, but she knew something had to give.

“I’m not sure whether I’m going to shit or come,” she gasped to her son.

Andy just fucked her harder and the pressure within Meg peaked just as her son hilted his cock in her ass once again. She closed her eyes giving herself over to her inner turmoil as she let nature take its course.

The rush Meg felt in her bowels could have been escaping shit — but it wasn’t. No, it was the exquisite turmoil of orgasmic release. For Meg was climaxing more powerfully than she ever had in her life.

“I’m coming! Coming! Cowing!” Meg cried with relief. “Oh, God, what coming!”

Andy kept his cock moving nonstop. Now that he had gotten his mother off he was thinking about coming himself, and when he shot his wad he planned to unload so much jizz that his balls would be sore for a week. There was no way, he predicted to himself, that his mother’s ass would be able to hold all the hot, thick cum his cock would deliver.

Meg sensed this and started urging her son to let it go, to fill her ass to overflowing with his teenaged cream.

“Blast me!” she demanded.

Andy’s prick surged a final time. Now it was hilted and twisting, getting that last amount of friction before the creamy payoff.

“This is it, Mom,” Andy grunted.

Then he came and the force surprised even him. There was such a steady flow of jism from his cock that it was almost like pissing into his mother’s ass.

“Oh, Andy… Andy… where are you getting it all?” Meg groaned with delight as her bowels were swamped with cock-juice.

“Don’t know,” Andy admitted. “Knew I was gonna came plenty — but this is incredible!”

Then his prick shuddered with one more burst and was drained at last. And now there was the price to pay for such a violent climax. Andy’s hard-on collapsed with sudden fatigue, turning to mush in Meg’s ass.

“Whew, I’m all fucked out,” Andy admitted.

He freed his limp cock so it dangled in its floppy, shrunken state between his legs, dripping like a leaky faucet. Then he knelt and stared at his mother’s freshly fucked asshole, watching his cum ooze to the surface and trickle down to Meg’s cunt.

Finally Meg turned around. She saw her son’s wilted prick and laughed.

“Can’t help it,” Andy replied self-consciously. “God, I’m only human.”

“Then what am I?” Meg saucily asked, making it clear that she was hornier than ever.

“I dunno,” Andy sighed wearily. “But I’m beginning to wonder.”

“I suppose you’re ready to go back to sleep, then,” Meg said.

Sheepishly glancing down at his ragged cock, Andy answered, “What else can I do with this but call it a night?”

“It’s not what you can do with it, it’s what I can do,” Meg confidently answered.

“You’ve got to be kidding, Mom,” Andy said. “Even you couldn’t get my prick up again.”

“Want to bet?”

“Double or nothing on your next week’s allowance,” Meg named the stakes. “You can use the money, can’t you?”

“Sure, but…”

“And you don’t see any way you can lose, right?”

Andy shrugged and nodded. “Okay, Mom,” he agreed to the bet. “It’s your money.”

“Just lay back and relax then,” Meg purred. “Let mama do all the work.”

Andy stretched out and Meg slipped a pillow under his ass, propping up his crotch nice and high. Then she got busy bringing her son’s deadened cock back to life.

However, before she did any touching, Meg used word-power to stimulate her son. She hadn’t forgotten how much it turned im on to hear her talk dirty, so now she took advantage of this erotic technique.

“Poor little prick,” she cooed. “Just lying there, all soft and sticky. And those tired balls, drooping in their sac like an old man’s. What a shame for such a big, strong boy.”

Andy’s pulse quickened. He had to admit his mother’s funky language had an effect on him. But, he believed, the last place he would feel it was between his legs. His cock was done and there was nothing his mother could say or do to him that would give him another hard-on.

He was wrong.

“Know what happens to a cock when it’s been fucking ass?” Meg murmured. “It gets nice and slimy with shit, like it was covered with chocolate.”

Andy automatically reached for his prick. Sure enough he felt the evidence of what his mother was talking about.

“A shitty cock is the sweetest kind to suck,” Meg continued with her steamy talk. “And that’s what I’m going to do right now. Suck my own shit off your cock, Andy, after you’ve fucked my filthy ass. Mmmmmmm.”

Meg bent down and spread her lips over Andy’s prick. He was so limp she easily took the whole thing in her mouth. Then gave it a hungry slurp, washing down her shit with spit.

“Mmmm, delicious,” she gurgled.

Andy thought he should be disgusted. But just a thought was all it was, and a fleeting, unconvincing one at that. For his true reaction was quite the opposite. A rush of hot blood had just surged between his legs and his cock stirred uncontrollably in his mother’s suctioning mouth.

Now Meg became even more playful. She abruptly released the swelling prick from her oral grasp.

“Maybe you’re right,” she teased her son. “Maybe I’m wasting my time on your cock, after all. Let’s forget it. I’ll go get your money out of my purse.”

“No!” Andy blurted out as his prick lengthened a couple thick inches more. “I don’t want the money, Mom. I want the blow-job!”

“Uh-huh, no blow-job,” Meg answered. “You either fuck my pussy or I’m paying you off right now.”

Meg swung a knee over Andy’s crotch, straddling his hips. She reached down and fingered her cunt lips apart. Abruptly at full strength, Andy’s cock stood up, straining toward his mother’s open cunt before it fell over under its own throbbing weight.

“Yes, I’ll fuck you,” Andy rasped. “Fuck you so good, Mom. Drive my prick right up your cunt. Split you in two.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Meg chuckled. “Just slide your cunt down on my big cock and you can make up your own mind, Mom,” Andy answered.

He flexed his prick and it stood straight up again. Meg lowered her pussy, catching her son’s cockhead with the lips.

“All the way, Mom, all the way!” Andy called.

Meg bore down. Andy’s hard-on was swallowed by her dropping cunt until there was no more of it for her to take. Now she was perched on her son’s crotch and both she and Andy were moving their hips, letting the friction of cock and cunt grab hold.

“Ooooooh, your cock is so huge,” Meg moaned to her son. “Feels even bigger in my cunt that it was when you fucked my ass. I think you really might split me in two.”

“Twist around, Mom,” Andy suggested. “Really give my prick a workout. Get the cum boiling in my balls. I want to shoot even more pa in your pussy than I did in your ass!”

“That’s my boy!” Meg celebrated her son’s macho vow. “I knew you wouldn’t let me down.”

She swiveled her hips, turning Andy’s cock into a corkscrew in her cunt. She could feel the drilling effect all the way up to the spasming packet of her womb.

“Gonna come!” she screamed.

Then, when her orgasm struck, Meg heightened it by sliding her cunt up and down her son’s standing prick. As Andy watched and felt what his mother’s cunt was doing to his cock, his balls tightened. Then they were bulging like they might burst out of their sac as they clung to his prick’s root.

Suddenly it was Andy’s turn to gasp that he was going to come.

“Shoot it, stud, shoot it!” Meg cried in response.

She plunged down with her pussy on her son’s cock just as Andy climaxed. The cum spurted as long and as hard as it had in Meg’s ass. Her cunt was leaking even before Andy’s prick had finished unloading.

When it was over, even Meg had had enough fucking for one night. She slithered off her son and sprawled face down on the bed, fresh jizz oozing from her sloppy pussy.

“Going to sleep, Mom?” Andy asked when Meg had been still for a while.

There was no answer, Meg was already out like a light. When she rolled over, she was smiling as if she were dreaming of a rerun of everything that had just happened.

Andy, however, could not drop off. Now that he had sucked and fucked his mother again, his thoughts had turned to the other piece of ass in his life.

“Sally,” Andy whispered his sexy cousin’s name. “What am I going to do about Sally?”

For he had just remembered that tomorrow was Saturday, and Saturday night was when he and Sally had their regular date to get it on. Just how he was going to handle that with his horny mother breathing down his neck, Andy did not know.


As Saturday night neared, things didn’t go the way Andy had expected at all, not that they ended up in disaster. It was just that Meg Browning never stopped surprising her confused son.

It had started on a tense note when Andy got up enough nerve to ask if he could use the car. Normally, he borrowed it every Saturday without any trouble. But, of course, the situation was very different now that he had started fucking his mother.

“No,” Meg told her son firmly.

Andy took a deep breath of desperation. If he went out to meet his cousin Sally on foot, they wouldn’t be able to fuck because they usually used the back seat of the car. And if he called Sally to cancel their weekly date, his mother might overhear the conversation.

“I’m using the car tonight,” Meg now explained. “I have some shopping to do.”

“Oh,” Andy sighed, trying not to betray the turmoil inside of him.

Then Meg smiled, her attitude warming. “Listen, I know haw it is,” she said sympathetically. “You’re young. No matter what’s going on between the two of us, you still need to be around teens your own age. Am I right?”

“Something like that, Mom,” Andy muttered.

“How about this, then? Why don’t you invite a friend over while I’m gone? I can take in a movie after I’m through shopping and you and your friend can have the house to yourselves until around midnight. Play records. Make popcorn. Watch television.”

Seeing a way out of his dilemma, Andy perked up. “Would it really be okay for me to have someone over, Mom?” he asked.

“Wouldn’t have made the offer if it wasn’t,” Meg assured her son. “Now I’m going to take a bath before I leave. Go ahead and call your friend while I’m in the tub.”

Meg turned and left. When she was in the bathroom and Andy heard the water running through the closed door, he made a beeline to the phone to call his cousin.

“Sally,” he told her when she came on the line, “there’s been a little change of plans for tonight.”

“You trying to weasel out on fucking me?” Sally replied suspiciously. “‘Cause if you’ve got yourself another girl…”

“No, no, nothing like that,” Andy said to calm his cousin down. “It’s just that I don’t have any wheels tonight. But I have the whole house to myself until around midnight. If you can come over in around an hour…”

“I’m way ahead of you,” Sally bubbled. “Gee, it’ll be super to get it on in a nice, soft bed for a change instead of in the back seat of a car. Just like we were an old married couple. I can’t wait. Gosh, I’m so horny!”

“Well, I’ll see you then,” Andy said. When he hung up, he paced around the living room, working off nervous energy as he wondered how long his luck would hold out.

In the meantime, Meg soaked in the tub. Although she hadn’t overheard her son’s phone call, she knew he had made one and exactly what it had been about. She felt totally in command of the situation.

A while later, Meg was through bathing and dressed. Andy told her that a friend was coming over, but he didn’t say who and Meg didn’t ask. Then she said goodbye and left the house. Andy watched the car roll down the driveway, then disappear around the corner, and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“So far, so good,” he told himself. Then waited for his cousin to show up. He just hoped he wasn’t so rattled from skating on thin ice that he couldn’t get it up for Sally.

After about twenty minutes the doorbell rang. Bracing himself with another of the deep breaths which were becoming a habit for him, Andy went to answer it. There was Sally dressed in shorts and a halter, clearly wearing nothing underneath.

“Like my outfit?” she asked Andy, turning around so he could see her cute ass wobble.

“I’ll like it a lot better when it’s off of you,” Andy chuckled, feeling immediately at ease now that he was alone with his sexy cousin.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Sally giggled.

As she kicked the door closed behind her, she was already untying her halter. Her bare tits fell free. They were small but perfectly shaped and tonight, as usual, the nipples were red and pointed.

“Wait’ll you see my cunt,” Sally now said while she unfastened her shorts. “Have I got a surprise for you.”

The shorts fell down her slim hips and Andy’s eyes popped at what he saw between her legs. Or, that is, what he didn’t see. Her exposed crotch was as smooth as glass. There wasn’t a hair in sight.

“That’s right, I shaved my pussy,” Sally purred while she posed in the nude. “Can you dig it?”

Andy didn’t have to answer with words. His stiff cock did his talking for him, turning the fly of his pants into a telltale bulge.

“Oh, yes, I’d say I definitely did the right thing,” Sally murmured, reaching down to rub the swollen outline of her cousin’s cock and balls through the denim of his tight jeans.

She pulled down the zipper of Andy’s fly. Then, with her hand in his underwear, knelt before him. Out came his prick, jutting like a pole, and Sally took the fat head in her mouth and gave it a damp suck.

“Mmmm, sweet as ever,” she slurped.

“Want to go into the bedroom?” Andy asked.

“Just let me blow you first,” Sally said. “I’m so thirsty for some of your hot cum. Then you can take me to bed and fuck me in style.”

Andy looked down, watching his cousin go to work on his prick. As usual she didn’t swallow the whole thing, concentrating on just the head with her tongue and lips. Andy couldn’t help but recall how his mother deep-throated him when she went down on him.

In spite of himself, Andy started growing impatient with Sally’s halfway measures. He’d always been satisfied with her cock-sucking before, but now there was definitely something lacking.

“Did you, uh, ever wonder if you could get all of my prick in your mouth?” he hesitantly asked.

To Andy’s surprise his cousin wasn’t defensive at all about his question. In fact, she seemed pleased he had asked it.

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Sally cheerfully answered. “After all the blow-jobs I’ve given you, maybe it’s about time you really fucked me in the mouth with every inch of your cock way down my throat. Want to try it? I’m ready if you are.”

“You’re a terrific girl, you know that?” Andy gratefully sighed.

He took his cousin’s head in his hands, easing her lips over his prick’s knob and down the shaft. As she took more and more cock, Sally gagged a couple of times, but she never made any sign for Andy to quit feeding her his rigid cockmeat.

Now Andy had three or four inches of cock left to be swallowed. He jerked Sally’s face downward at the same time he bucked his crotch and the result was total penetration. Sally was now sucking his prick to the root!

“You did it,” Andy congratulated his deepthroating cousin. “Are you used to it yet?”

Sally nodded as well as she could with ten inches of cock down her windpipe. Then she started sliding her lips back and forth. Andy responded to the oral friction by rolling his hips.

“Now I’m doing it. Really fucking you in the mouth,” he moaned to his kneeling cousin. “God, it feels great. Gonna come for you so good, Sally.” Sally didn’t just cop Andy’s joint to the hilt. She also pulled down his pants so she could play with his balls and finger his asshole. Andy showed his appreciation by fucking her mouth harder and harder.

“Hope you’re ready for my jizz,” he finally rasped. “‘Cause it’s on its way, straight to your belly.”

He wedged Sally’s face between his thighs as he flexed his crotch. Several inches down her throat, his cock exploded. The cum flowed in a torrent, but Sally drank it as fast as it spurted, never yielding a drop of cream or a bit of prick.

“Told you I was thirsty,” she gurgled after she had drained Andy’s balls and released his dripping prick.

“C’mon, let’s go to bed now,” Andy said enthusiastically. “Now it’s my turn to eat you. Chowing down on your bald pussy will be just what I need to get my cock to full strength so I can fuck you.”

“Right on!” Sally exclaimed.

She got up, linking arms with Andy as the two of them headed for bed. They tumbled into the sack, believing they had the house to themselves.

They were wrong.

The front door was being carefully opened just as Andy dove between his cousin’s spread thighs to eat her shaved cunt. The intruder tip-toed across the living room, chuckling at the revealing sounds coming from the bedroom.

“Seems like I came home just at the right time,” the intruder whispered to herself.

Then Meg Browning stole her way into the dark hallway so she could spy on her son and niece getting it on. And she got an eyeful right from the beginning. There was Andy with his face buried in the grip of Sally’s thighs, filling his hungry mouth with teenaged cunt.

“Oh, tongue me, Andy, tongue me,” Sally moaned, wiggling her hips. “Use your tongue in my pussy just like it was a snake.”

Andy slurped noisily. Sally’s pussy squished. He had his tongue inside her now, reaming her out.

As she looked on, Meg was thrilled by what she saw. It was even better that she had expected when she had parked the car around the block and come sneaking back into the house. For she had purposely set the whole thing up. Why? Well, she wasn’t exactly sure. All Meg knew was that if Andy was going to suck and fuck someone besides her, she intended to keep a sharp eye on him.

And, Meg had, to admit, Sally was a beautiful girl who obviously loved sex. Who could blame Andy for giving in to her, even if she was his own cousin?

Meg thought of her brother, Sally’s father, wondering what Bill would do if he knew their kids were lovers. The idea made Meg laugh under her breath. Bill was so uptight that incest in the family would probably give him a stroke.

“Guess what Bill doesn’t know won’t hurt him, though,” Meg chuckled to herself. Then she focused all her attention toward the action on the bed.

“Make me come, Andy,” Sally was squealing. “Come right in your mouth with all the pussy juice you can swallow.”

Andy eagerly licked away, concentrating on his cousin’s clit. His tongue was all over the magic button at the top of Sally’s cunt.

“Oh, yes, perfect… perfect,” Sally groaned in ecstasy, lifting her ass from the bed and clenching the cheeks together while her cousin lapped her clit. “It’s happening for me now. I’m coming… coming so hard. Can you taste all the pussy juice I’m creaming for you, Andy? Drink it, drink it!”

Andy sealed Sally’s climaxing cunt with his mouth, swallowing his cousin’s female cum so greedily that his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

“Mmmmm, she is a horny one, isn’t she?” Meg whispered of her writhing niece as she watched Sally get off in Andy’s face.

Meg found herself licking her lips. She realized she was fantasizing about sucking her niece’s wet pussy herself. For now, though, she put the notion in the back of her mind. But, Meg promised herself, in the future anything was possible.

Then Meg saw a new feature of Sally’s charm. It happened when Andy quit eating his cousin out and lifted his head from between her legs, leaving a clear view of her crotch. There was, of course, no hair to be seen.

“Oh, she’s shaved her cunt,” Meg sighed at the sight of her niece’s smooth pussy. “It’s gorgeous.”

Meanwhile, Andy was telling Sally, “You came quicker than usual tonight. I’ve always had to work on you a lot longer than this before to get you off.”

“It’s ’cause of what I did to my cunt,” Sally said. “No hair in the way makes it twice as sensitive. Just wait’ll you fuck me; I’ll be coming so hard you won’t believe it’s me.”

“Can’t wait to find out,” Andy panted.

“Don’t forget a rubber,” Sally reminded him. “This may be the new me, but I still don’t want to get knocked up.”

Andy hurriedly got the protection from a tinfoil packet he kept in his wallet. Back on the bed he knelt in front of Sally, his stiff prick angling up at a forty-five-degree angle as he rolled the taut latex covering down.

Now that Andy was ready for action, Sally briefly teased him by closing her legs. Then she slowly reopened them. There was her bald cunt, stretching wider and wider until it finally yawned. She reached down and fingered her pussy lips, presenting the most inviting target possible for her cousin’s massive hard-on.

“Fuck me!” Sally urged with erotic simplicity.

Andy brought his cockhead to his cousin’s juicy pussy. Before he entered he did some teasing of his own, tickling with the tip of his rubber-clad prick from Sally’s clit to her asshole and back again.

“Fuck me!” Sally repeated in a sexual frenzy.

“Yes, fuck her, Andy, fuck her,” Meg whispered her unheard encouragement to her son from the hallway. “Fill her tight cunt with your great, big cock.”

Right on cue, Andy penetrated and once he started he didn’t waste time. His prick stabbed, burying itself in his cousin’s cunt with a single surge. Andy and Sally were belly to belly as she hooked her legs around his waist. His cock drove into her cunt with short, compact strokes. While he fucked her, Andy squeezed his cousin’s tits.

“Remember how I told you that I was gonna come quick?” Sally breathlessly asked.

“Yeah?” Andy answered expectantly.

“Well, oooooh, it’s hit me even faster than I thought it would,” Sally swooned. “I’m getting off like crazy already. Can you tell I’m coming?”

“Absolutely,” Andy happily replied. “Your cunt feels like it’s chewing on my cock.”

“Maybe I’ve grown some teeth in there,” Sally joked in the midst of her orgasm.

“Feels like it,” Andy kidded back.

Then the cousins stopped talking and stepped up their fucking even more. Andy’s thick prick was tugging Sally’s pussy lips in and out as it steadily pumped within her. Sally’s original climax was replaced by a fresh one. A third and a fourth followed. In the space of the next several moments she would shudder from a series of orgasms which became impossible to count.

While Meg followed the action she could have easily become jealous. However, her reaction was entirely positive. All she could do was admire her niece’s skill at fucking. For when Meg had been Sally’s age she had been chained to virginity. And now it restored her faith in the younger generation to see a teenaged girl getting the most from her cunt.

“God, I wish I were that age again,” Meg longingly sighed, scorning her cherry youth. “All the boys I could’ve fucked and didn’t. Damn, what a waste. Was I dumb! I wish I had it to do all over again.”

Meg realized at this point that her hand had dropped between her legs. She could actually feel the heat of her aroused cunt through her skirt. When she squeezed her thighs together she could hear squishing pussy juice.

All of a sudden Meg had a reckless urge to take off all her clothes, and burst on her son and niece naked. She was so horny she wanted to get it on with both of them at the same time, imagining herself sucking Sally’s cunt while Andy dog-fucked her from behind.

“No,” Meg said to herself, overriding her burning impulse. “Can’t let my pussy do my thinking for me. Got to control myself. Tonight I just watch. It’s too risky to do anything else without planning in advance. There’s plenty of time to do everything I want if I just have the sense to set it up ahead of time.”

So, during this crucial confrontation with desire, Meg had made the definite decision to travel the road of incest beyond the simple mother-son arrangement she had already tried. With the future holding so much promise for her, she was able to calm down and watch the rest of the bedroom action without the temptation to join in. She’d do it all in good time, Meg promised herself. Now let the kids enjoy each other on their own.

And enjoying themselves they were. Climaxing repeatedly, Sally was finally getting around to coaxing Andy to come too.

But he teased her, “After all those times I had to wait for you to get off, maybe I ought to show you what it’s like the other way around.”

“Really think you can hold back?” Sally answered.

“Try me,” Andy challenged.

“You ask for it, turkey.”

With a surprising show of strength, Sally suddenly reared up from the bottom of the fucking. She and Andy wrestled on the bed and when the struggle was over she was on top, sitting on her cousin’s cock.

“Now just watch how fast I make you come,” Sally vowed.

She began riding Andy’s standing prick, sliding her cunt up and down it. She was doing all the work, fucking Andy instead of being fucked by him.

Andy writhed below. His balls churned in their tight sac from the constant friction Sally’s pussy applied to his cock.

“Come! Come! Come!” Sally demanded.

Spying from the hallway, Meg whispered the same thing.

“Oh, shit, this is too damned much to stand!” Andy gasped. “You win, Sally! My cock’s gonna blow! Fill this rubber with so much cum it might bust!”

His ass shot off the bed, as his flexing crotch balanced Sally in the air. Now Andy’s balls were visibly pumping, launching an eruption of jizz up through the ten-inch volcano of his cock. The rubber trapped the gushing cream, keeping it from flooding Sally’s pussy.

As soon as Andy’s climax was over, Sally climbed off of him. Then she was peeling the soggy rubber from her cousin’s spent prick, being careful not to spill a single drop of the milky fluid inside.

Now Sally brought the open end of the used rubber to her mouth. She sucked the sheath all the way to her throat. With it went a feast of Andy’s fresh jism, which she hungrily swallowed.

“Mmmmm, absolutely delicious,” she gurgled with a smack of her lips when the rubber was drained of cum. Then she laughed at Andy, “And you thought I couldn’t get you off whenever I felt like it.”

“Jesus, what a turn-on,” Andy sighed in reference to his cousin’s raunchy stunt with the full rubber. “We just fucked and, damn, if I’m not hornier than ever.”

“I see,” Sally chuckled, fondly gazing at Andy’s continuing hard-on.

“Want to do it again?” Andy asked.

“With a hard-on like that, did you even dare to ask?” Sally teased.

Then, just like that, she was upon her hands and knees, facing away from Andy so her ass was the focal point of her naked body. She spread her asscheeks apart.

“Dog-fuck?” Andy asked.

“Ass-fuck,” Sally eagerly answered.

“Really? I’ve never done it to you down there.”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

“Should I get another rubber?”

“What for? Nobody ever got pregnant from taking a prick up her ass.”

“Yeah, guess not,” Andy panted.

Then he was there with his prick in his hand, fitting the knob against the waiting pucker of his cousin’s rosy asshole. He shoved his cockhead inside the narrow opening and Sally screamed, but not for him to take it easy. She begged for more, more, more prick in her ass, telling Andy she wouldn’t be satisfied until he was fucking her tightest hole to the hilt.

And Andy did it — powered his entire cock up Sally’s backdoor. Then began moving it in and out, back and forth, fucking her ass as hard as he could.

“Oh, I’m coming already… coming so much,” Sally whimpered in joyous response. “Your cock is even better in my ass than in my pussy. Can’t believe I was too dumb to have you fuck me like this before.”

“Just like I can’t believe I never made you do it,” Andy answered. “God, your ass is super-tight. It’s gonna make me shoot more jizz than I ever have before. And this time there won’t be any damned rubber keeping it from flooding inside you.”

“Mmmmm, I can hardly wait,” Sally moaned. “Hurry up. Come in my ass. Fill my guts with your hot jizm!”

“Yeah!” Andy whooped.

He slammed his crotch against the cheeks of his cousin’s ass, burying his prick deep within her. The cum was on its way, a scalding mass that burst into Sally’s ass, mixing with the shit there to create a boiling inferno of liquid fire.

“It’s burning me up!” Sally screamed. “Oh, I love it in my ass so fucking much!”

Now Andy’s cock shot its last. Sally took the final load of jizz with a happy shriek, then collapsed face-down on the bed. Andy’s dripping prick popped free, brown with the crap from the asshole it had just fucked.

Sally suddenly came back to life. “One last thing I’ve got to do,” she panted, rolling over and reaching for her cousin’s crotch.

Andy wasn’t surprised when Sally took his filthy cock and put it in her mouth. His mother had done the same thing after he’d fucked her in the ass. Meg had sucked her own shit off his prick just as his cousin was now doing.

Meg saw the whole thing from her secret spot and she was proud of Sally for taking things to the limit. Yes, Meg thought to herself, her niece was definitely someone out of the same old mold as she was.

Someone Meg definitely wanted to know better a lot better.

As she ended her eavesdropping and slipped away, Meg was looking forward to a whole new kind of incest.


“Why did you want to see me, Aunt Meg?” Sally asked nervously.

“See if you can guess,” Meg answered, sitting next to her niece on the couch.

Sally muttered, “Gee… I just can’t think of anything.”


“Really, Aunt Meg, you’ll have to give me some kind of hint,” Sally said.

“All right,” Meg replied. “Explain this.”

Meg had been clutching something in her fist. Now she uncurled her fingers. There in the palm of her hand was a shiny tinfoil packet. Sally turned pale.

“Know what this is?” Meg patiently questioned.

“A r-rubber,” Sally stammered. “But what’s it have to do with me?”

“It belongs to Andy,” Meg explained coolly. “He has a whole supply of them. Now wouldn’t you say that it’s safe to assume that he has some reason to use them? That there’s a girl he’s fucking who he doesn’t want to get pregnant?”

“That’s his business,” Sally gulped.

“Yours too,” Meg evenly stated. “Because you’re the girl.”

“No!” Sally blurted. But she wasn’t lying about fucking Andy. Instead she was reacting in shock to her aunt’s knowledge of her secret life. The admission that she was fucking Andy was written all over her face.

“My son has a big cock, doesn’t he?” Meg asked in a way that made the truth impossible for Sally to avoid.

“Yes,” Sally admitted breathlessly. “How did you find out about us?”

“How I found out isn’t what’s important,” Meg now purred to her trembling niece. “What matters is what I’m going to do about it if you don’t, uh, cooperate.”

“Anything… I’ll do anything you say, Aunt Meg,” a very scared Sally choked. “Just don’t tell my parents about me and Andy — especially my dad. You know how it is.”

“Yes, my brother Bill has an awfully bad temper, doesn’t he?” Meg chuckled. “No telling what he might do if he knew what his precious daughter is really like. You’d probably pay any price to keep me quiet.”

“I already told you I’d do anything, Aunt Meg,” Sally rasped.

“I know,” Meg purred. “And now that’s just what’s going to happen. Relax, darling. It’s time for you to pay the price. You’ll be surprised how painless it is.”

Meg took her frightened niece in her arms and abruptly kissed her on the lips. She used her tongue, driving it down Sally’s throat. Sally offered no resistance and by the time the kiss was over she was answering with her own darting tongue. “Are… are you a lesbian, Aunt Meg?” she asked at the end of the kiss.

“You’re my first,” Meg answered passionately.

“Am I your first woman, dear?”

“Yes,” Sally murmured. “But I feel like I know exactly what to do.”

“So do I,” Meg cooed. “I think we’re going to get along just fine, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Aunt Meg, yes,” Sally panted with desire.

Then aunt and niece were hungrily undressing one another. When they were both naked it was just a question of who would eat whose pussy first. They settled it by deciding to go down on one another at the same time in a lesbian sixty-nine.

Sally was on the bottom, spreading her legs so her aunt could dive for her shaved pussy. Straddling above, Meg opened her own hairy cunt in her niece’s face. The mouth of aunt and niece simultaneously met pussy. Greedy tongues licked moist cunts and the sixty-nine had begun.

Neither partner had ever tasted another woman’s cunt before. However, Meg and Sally ate one another out from the very start like a pair of hardcore dykes and both were rewarded with mouthfuls of pussy juice. They gulped it down like they were dying of thirst and sucked for more.

Meg came first. Her niece’s tongue on her clit did it for her. Wanting Sally to come along with her, Meg did the same thing to the writhing teenager’s magic button and the results were immediate. Sally climaxed with a delighted shudder, her orgasmic pussy foaming in Meg’s face.

Now that aunt and niece were both coming they stepped up the oral pressure on one another’s cunt, seeking to prolong their shared climaxes as long as possible. They succeeded beyond their expectations. Neither had ever come so long and so hard and the pussy juice they didn’t swallow ran down their chins. The jerking sixty-nine had the couch springs wailing from overwork.

After a solid minute of orgasm, Meg and Sally finally stopped eating pussy to break for air. As they caught their breath, they had time to speak, comparing notes on the first stage of their lesbian session.

“Mmmmmm, and I thought cocks were sweet,” Sally sighed. “God, Aunt Meg, I just hope my cunt was half as delicious for you as yours was for me.”

“I had to keep myself from eating right through you,” Meg giggled. “I’m just sorry my pussy isn’t shaved like yours is so you could get every drop of my juice like I got from you. All that hair between my legs must have been in your way.”

“We could take care of that,” a lighthearted Sally suggested.

“You mean shave my cunt, too?”

“Sure. Why not, Aunt Meg?” Sally bubbled. “I’d love to help you do it. All it takes is some lather and a nice, sharp razor. Please say yes.”

“Gee, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have no hair on my pussy just like I was a little girl again,” Meg said. “Okay, Sally, I’ll do it. Shave my cunt for me.”

Moments later, aunt and niece were in the bathroom. Meg sat on the toilet with her legs apart and Sally sprayed lather from thigh to thigh as though she were icing a cake. Then she took a razor to her aunt’s crotch and started gliding it across the foamy triangle.

A big clump of hair came off with a billow of soap. A patch of pink skin showed. The process was repeated.

“Mmmm, that sharp blade feels good on my cunt,” Meg murmured. “Tickles.”

Sally took another expert swipe with the razor between her aunt’s spread legs.

“How far do we have to go before I’m bald down there?” Meg playfully asked.

“Take a look for yourself,” Sally said.

Meg gazed down at her tingling crotch. All the hair was gone expect for a soapy fringe bordering her pussy lips.

“This is the part where you have to be careful not to get cut, so don’t move,” Sally warned.

Meg sat like a statue as her niece finished the job with short, delicate strokes at the sensitive rims of her pussy. But it wasn’t easy to remain still. The prickling sensation of the tugging razor on this special part of her body almost made Meg come.

Now Sally put the razor aside and wiped her aunt’s crotch with a towel. “All through,” she chirped, pulling the towel away as if she were unveiling a masterpiece.

The instant Meg saw her shorn crotch she was in love with her new cunt. She ran her fingers over the smooth surface, sighing about how different it felt.

“Sounds crazy,” she laughed at herself for being so hot for her own pussy, “but I wish I could go down on myself right here and now.”

“Unless you’re double-jointed I’m afraid I’ll have to do that for you, Aunt Meg,” Sally chuckled.

“Mmmmm, I’ll take what I can get,” Meg cooed. “Eat me, eat my bald pussy.”

Sally was down on her knees, centering her face between her aunt’s spread legs. She worked slowly toward Meg’s freshly shaved pussy, nibbling and kissing the insides of the older woman’s thighs first.

“Ooooooh, you’re driving me nuts teasing me like this,” Meg panted. “Hurry up and suck me where it really counts. My cunt’s just dying for your mouth and tongue.”

But Sally would not be rushed. Now she was licking in the hollows of her aunt’s crotch, just shy of Meg’s pussy. Meg squirmed on the toilet, pleading for her pussy to be eaten.

Sally finally brought her tongue into action. However, she purposely avoided cunt. Instead, she dipped all the way down to her aunt’s asshole and probed that tender opening until Meg farted.

Meg was so horny now that she was ready to start fooling with her own pussy if Sally kept playing games. When she lowered her hand, though, Sally pushed it away.

The grinning teenager looked up and sassily declared, “I’m in charge here, Aunt Meg. I’ll eat your cunt when I’m good and ready.”

“When’s that going to be?” Meg rasped with frustration.

“How about right now?” Sally said the words her aunt wanted to hear.

All at once the wait was worth it to Meg for her niece’s talented tongue had just slipped into the groove of her cunt. And it was pushing inside deeper… deeper. Then it was buried in pussy and wiggling like a snake, the tip tickling the entrance to Meg’s womb.

“Oh, shit, that feels so damned goooood!” Meg swooned, her hips churning. “As good as being fucked by a cock!”

On cue, Sally stiffened her long tongue into an oral replica of exactly what her aunt had just compared it to — a cock. She stabbed with it in a fucking motion, in and out, back and forth.

Meg started to say she was going to come but the words never surfaced. For before Meg could speak her climax had already arrived and it was a monster. She wound up celebrating with a long, passionate moan that echoed like an animal’s cry off the tile walls of the bathroom.

Her aunt’s orgasm made Sally fuck Meg’s cunt with her tongue all the harder. She drove into Meg with one oral thrust after another as pussy juice and spit drooled down her face.

“Enough! Enough!” Meg finally begged. “Nobody can keep coming as much as I am and not lose her mind!”

Reluctantly, Sally pulled her tongue out of her aunt’s cunt. Then she let it hang from her mouth so Meg could see how red and swollen all that oral fucking had made it. Sally’s tongue looked a lot like a drained cock.

“You really did it for me,” Meg praised her niece’s efforts. “My pussy really feels fucked.”

“I aim to please,” Sally replied. “Now it’s your turn to return the favor.”

“Nobody could match your tongue,” Meg said. “I’d be dumb to even try.”

“But I’m so horny,” Sally complained to her aunt. “You’ve got to be kidding. You mean you’re really not going to get me off after the job I just did on your cunt?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll do a number on you all bright,” Meg answered. “It’s just that you’ve proved you’re the tongue specialist between us. I’ve got to come up with my own thing.”

“What are you going to do, Aunt Meg?” Sally asked anxiously.

“Tell you what. Go get in bed and wait for me,” Meg suggested. “I’ll be in after a minute with a big surprise.”

“The suspense is already killing me,” Sally gushed in anticipation. Then she bounced up and disappeared into the bedroom, making the springs squeal when she bounced onto the mattress.

In the meantime, Meg went to the kitchen and found what she was looking for in the refrigerator. She ran some warm water over it to take away the chill, then stroked its circular length and judged it perfect for what she had in mind.

Now Meg entered the bedroom, the object hidden behind her back. She called to her niece to close her eyes. When Sally was sightless, Meg approached with fucking on her mind and just the thing she needed to bring it off.

It was a simple cucumber which Meg had brought from the kitchen. But it to her was a cock. For it was certainly shaped like one and would fit so snugly into Sally’s cunt, just like the real thing.

Best of all, though, the long, curved plant rounded into two blunt ends, which was where the real genius of Meg’s idea came in. Because once she was fucking her niece with one half of the substitute cock, she fully intended to slide her own pussy down on the rest of the thick, green shaft and get fucked at the same time!

Joining Sally on the bed, Meg still urged her niece to keep her eyes shut. Sally commented on the suspense again while Meg caressed her naked body. Then Meg gently spread the anxious teenager’s slender legs and guided the makeshift cock toward its luscious target.

The cucumber’s blunt tip rubbed up and down the slit of Sally’s pussy until it was shiny with female honey. Sally’s hips began twitching from the promise of things to come.

She murmured, “I don’t know what you’ve got down there, Aunt Meg, but I do know I’m ready for you to stick it in my cunt.”

“Beg me,” Meg replied. “Say the magic words.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Sally pleaded.

“Good girl,” Meg praised her niece’s horniness. “Here we go.”

With a jerk of her wrist, Meg stuffed several inches of artificial prick inside Sally’s waiting pussy. Sally’s crotch automatically surged in reply, so her cunt was penetrated even more deeply.

“Oh, Aunt Meg, what is it?” Sally panted. “Feels so much like a real cock in my pussy.”

“Open your eyes and see for yourself,” Meg directed.

Sally’s eyes widened like saucers as she stared with wonder between her open legs. Half the cucumber was crammed in her cunt, with the rest of it curving out and upward like a hard-on.

“Jesus, Aunt Meg, what have you done to me?” Sally laughed. “Looks like I’ve grown myself a big, green hard-on!”

“Seems that way,” Meg chuckled. “How let’s see if you know what to do with your new toy.”

Meg quickly straddled her niece’s crotch, centering her own cunt with the cock-like object jutting from Sally’s cunt. Down she eased, her aim perfect. The free half of the cucumber passed between her dripping pussy lips and surged inside her gash.

Now Meg lay on top of Sally, her hips wedged between the teenager’s clutching thighs. Belly to belly, aunt and niece began rolling their loins in erotic rhythm. The cucumber jogged back and forth in their squishing cunts. Meg’s experiment was a complete success.

“We’re fucking, Aunt Meg, really fucking each other,” Sally moaned with delight. “God, it feels just super. Andy never fucked me any better.”

“He never fucked me any better either,” Meg moaned too, revealing her incestuous relationship with her son to Sally for the first time.

Sally abruptly froze when the meaning of her aunt’s words sank in.

“D-did I hear you right?” she stammered to Meg. “About you… you and Andy?”

“Shock you? That I’ve been fucking my own son?” Meg bluntly replied.

“Yeah, I guess it does,” Sally admitted. “I don’t know what to think.”

“Then don’t think at all,” Meg said. “Just make your mind a blank and fuck me while I’m fucking you. You’ll be surprised at how well everything works out if you just take things as they come. And I do mean come.”

That advice given, Meg began moving on top of Sally again. The makeshift cock in their cunts started doing its magic once more. Sally’s reflexes left her no choice but to push back.

“Oh, Aunt Meg,” she groaned in submission, “it’s like you’re raping me. All I can do is relax and enjoy it.”

“That’s the idea,” Meg soothed. “You’ll be coming before you know it. It’ll feel sooo goooood for you.”

Meg reached down into the tangle of loins and fingered her niece’s clit. At the same time she ran her tongue over the erect points of Sally’s small tits.

“It’s like I’m sinking… sinking in quicksand,” Sally gasped. “Can’t stop myself from going under.”

“Let it happen, baby,” Meg crooned. “Come for me, Sally, come for me as hard as you can.”

Sally wrapped her legs around her aunt’s waist. Her ass squirmed and a sheen of sweat coated her slim body as most of the cucumber drove into her cunt.

“Ahhhhhh!” Sally cried with an orgasmic shudder. “Thought I was going under, but, damn, I’m flying! Thank you, Aunt Meg! Thank you for making me come like this!”

“Hang on, darling, I’m joining you.” Meg answered.

She reached into the crack of her niece’s ass and jabbed the writhing teenager’s tight asshole. This made Sally jump off the bed and in the process power the cucumber up Meg’s pussy.

Anxious now to make her aunt come along with her, Sally thrust her raised crotch again and again. This delivered most of the shared cock-substitute into Meg’s cunt in stabbing fashion. The result was as predictable as it was welcome. Hit by her own climax, Meg came just as strongly as Sally was already doing.

Then, their loins locked and the cucumber sawing between their orgasmic pussies, aunt and niece staged an erotic wrestling match on the bed. They took turns on top of the action, feverishly extending their dual climaxes.

The pleasure was too intense for them to be careful. And the bed was only so big. And their fucking tool only so strong. One too many rolling tumbles and Meg and Sally ran out of mattress and tumbled to the floor. When they landed, the overworked cucumber snapped in half between their cunts. For both of them the abrupt ending was like being plunged into cold water.

But at least Meg and Sally could be thankful for what they had accomplished. Nothing could take away from the fact that they had succeeded in fucking each other to the point of coming. If it didn’t last as long as they would have liked, the memory of it promised to endure forever.

“I wouldn’t have traded that for anything,” Sally celebrated the unique experience of being fucked by another woman.

“Same here,” Meg sighed. Then chuckled, “Only next time we’ll have to use something stronger.”

“And fuck each other on a bigger bed,” Sally laughed.

They helped each other to their feet. As they touched, they immediately recognized that all their desire had not been fucked away.

“Maybe we’re not through after all,” Sally noted while she fondled her aunt’s big tits.

“Let’s think about it in the shower,” Meg suggested.

Sally agreed and they went arm in arm to the bathroom. Moments later they stood together in the tub under the warm water which gushed from overhead. Sally took the soap and lathered her aunt’s cunt and Meg returned the favor. Then they did the same thing with each other’s tits. They were getting so hot! As hot for each other as they had been before they’d fucked.

And there were so many things two females could do to keep their lesbian fires burning. Such as Meg telling her niece that she wanted her ass licked. Then spreading her asscheeks so a kneeling Sally could turn her tongue loose down there. Or Meg inserting a whole bar of soap up Sally’s pussy. Crazy things. Wild things. Kinky things. The things a pair of horny women go for when there’s no man around.

The shower turned out to be just a temporary site for the continuing passion of aunt and niece. Before long they were back in bed, inventing new ways for mutual pleasure, existing in a world of their own.

It couldn’t last forever, though. For, in reality, Meg and Sally were just two sides of an incestuous triangle. Sooner or later they would have to deal with the third part.

It turned out to be sooner.

Andy Browning walked into the house and nothing would ever be the same again.


“Mom, I’m home,” he called. “You here?”

Meg and Sally had been sucking each other’s cunt. But their sixty-nine broke up in a hurry when they heard that voice.

“It’s Andy!” Sally gulped. “What do we do now, Aunt Meg? I don’t think I’m ready for him to find us like this.”

Meg was surprisingly calm. “Leave it to me,” she told her niece. “As long as I don’t answer him, Andy probably won’t come in here. Let him think he’s home all alone for now. In the meantime, you go hide in the closet. I’ll clean up, put something on, and go deal with Andy.”

“Should I try and sneak out the back door if I get the chance?” Sally asked.

“If you like,” Meg answered. Then slyly added, “But you might be missing something if you leave.”

“What are you going to do, Aunt Meg?”

“Shhhh,” a whispering Meg cut her niece off. “No time to explain. I just heard Andy’s footsteps outside. He might overhear us if we talk anymore.”

The last thing Sally said as she was led toward the closet was, “This is getting too heavy for me. Think I’ll split when I get the chance.”

“Have it your way,” Meg patiently replied. She saw no reason to argue the point. Even if Sally didn’t realize it yet herself, Meg knew full well that her niece wasn’t going anyplace. Locking the closet door would take care of that.

When Sally was safely out of sight, Meg took her time about preparing to face her son. First she toweled the spit and pussy juice off her naked body. Then she powdered between her legs, turning her twat a blushing pink with the rose tinted talcum. Her tits also got the same treatment. After this she dabbed some perfume on both places. She looked and smelled terrific.

“Okay, what’ll I wear?” she asked herself while studying her reflection in the mirror.

She chose a simple robe. There was nothing special about it, except that the sash which tied it closed was lost. Meg would have to hold the flaps to keep herself covered — and let them go when the time was right.

Now Meg had one last thing she needed to take care of — Sally.

After taking a key from her jewel box, Meg went over to the closet where her niece was hidden. She slipped the key into the old fashioned lock and turned her wrist. After the click, a trapped Sally started tapping and scratching on the other side of the door.

“You’ll thank me for this later,” Meg said through the door. “Just look through the keyhole if you get curious about what Andy and I are up to. I’ll be back in here with him in a few minutes. So just sit tight, honey, and get ready to enjoy the show.”

Meg then drifted out into the hallway. She cruised the house, searching for Andy, and found him talking on the phone. Hanging back, she eavesdropped on the conversation.

“Sally’s not home, huh?” Andy was saying. “Do you know where she is, Uncle Bill?”

His jaw dropped when he heard the answer.

“Are you sure that’s right, Uncle Bill?” he said. “Are you sure Sally’s over here? I just came home and…”

Meg chuckled in the wings as her son’s jaw dropped all over again.

“What?” Andy gulped at what his uncle had just told him. “Sally’s with my mom?”

At this point Meg cleared her throat and made her presence known.

“I-I’ll talk to you later, Uncle Bill,” Andy stammered. He hurriedly hung up as his robed mother approached him.

“Yes, Sally was here,” Meg answered Andy’s unspoken question. “We spent the afternoon together.”

“Uh, no kidding,” Andy muttered, wanting to find out more but afraid to ask too many questions. “What’d you two do, anyway?”

“Had lunch. Talked about this and that,” Meg said. “Sally’s a delightful girl. Too bad she’s your cousin. You two would make a cute couple.”

Andy’s heart almost stopped when he heard that. Somehow, though, he pretended to be calm.

“Where’s Sally now?” he asked after a deep breath that he hoped his mother didn’t notice.

“Gone,” was all Meg would say. Her hands had parted the top of her rope so her tits spilled almost all the way out.

Andy was relieved by his mother’s obvious come-on. If she was horny that must mean that whatever she and Sally had talked about was nothing to worry about. There was no way, Andy reasoned, that his mother would be in this kind of mood if she knew, he was fucking his cousin.

“I know what’s on your mind, Mom,” Andy chuckled with a surge of self-confidence. He felt good as his cock stiffened in his jeans in reaction to his sexy mother. He was ready to forget all about Sally for now.

But Meg wouldn’t let him. Not when she opened her robe all the way and showed him her pussy — a pussy shaved as cleanly as Sally’s was.

This time Andy was sure his heart had really stopped. Could it be just a coincidence that his mother and cousin had both shaved their cunts? As he considered the possibilities, Andy didn’t know whether to be frightened or excited.

“Like it?” Meg purred, rubbing her hand over her smooth cunt.

“It-it took me by surprise,” Andy stuttered.

“That’s the general idea,” Meg purred some more. “Just wait’ll you taste it.”

She let the robe fall to the floor and stepped forward in the nude. Putting her hands on Andy’s shoulders, she forced him to his knees so he was looking straight at her cunt.

“Eat it,” she commanded.

While Andy stared at Meg’s bald cunt he couldn’t help but see Sally’s equally shorn pussy. It was as if his mother and cousin were somehow in the same body.

Impatient for her son to perform, Meg pushed Andy’s face against her slick cunt. His tongue reacted automatically, tasting the female honey which oozed forth.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it,” Meg called down. “Lick me, lick me. Make me come in your mouth.”

Her cunt seemed to suck Andy’s tongue inside of it. Then Meg was bumping her hips in her son’s face.

Andy performed like a machine. As long as he was eating pussy, he didn’t have to think. But it was over almost as soon as it had begun. Meg’s cunt was suddenly swamped with female cum as she climaxed with a moaning shudder.

Now she pulled away from Andy. He was forced to stare at her cunt again and make those mind-bending comparisons between her and Sally. Then Meg began drifting toward the bedroom. Andy followed, not knowing what he was letting himself in for. But he had to find out — that was the only thing he knew for sure.

Moments later Meg was spread out on the bed. Andy noticed that the covers and sheets were already in a tangle, as though some serious action had recently taken place there. He wanted to ask about it. God, how he wanted to ask about it! But he couldn’t find the right words. And now his naked mother was beckoning.

“Fuck me,” Meg said. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Andy mechanically dropped his pants. His cock was hard, but felt numb — like the rest of him — when he touched it. He started toward his spread-legged mother. She suddenly stopped chanting and dropped another bombshell.

“Don’t forget a rubber,” she said in a girlish voice.

Andy blinked with disbelief. He could have sworn it was Sally talking to him instead of his mother!

“Shaving my cunt may have given me a new image,” Meg added, “but I still don’t want to get knocked up.”

Now Andy was practically reeling. For his mother had just repeated, almost word for word, what his cousin had said to him the last time they’d fucked.

Under the eerie circumstances, Andy was glad for the opportunity to leave the room and go find a rubber. While he looked for one he tried to put things together in his mind. But he kept stopping short of any conclusion, perhaps because he was afraid he might be right. Then his mother was calling to him and he had to return to her.

“Come here, let me put it on for you,” Meg said when Andy was back.

He sat on the edge of the bed. Meg rolled the rubber down the length of his cock, leaving a pouch at the tip to catch his cum.

“Now we’re ready,” she said.

She reclined again, spreading her legs. Fingering her pussy lips, she opened her cunt for her son’s sheathed prick.

Andy warily guided his cock toward her shaved cunt. It was, he thought, a miracle he still had a hard-oh with all this stress. He’d need all the concentration he could manage just to get through the fuck. He hoped he could get into it enough to come and get it over with. Never had he been so reluctant for a piece of ass.

While he was mulling it over, his cockhead entered his mother’s pussy. Meg bucked her crotch in response and the rest of Andy’s prick automatically surged inside her. She churned her hips and wiggled her ass.

Andy felt nothing. It was all he could do to fuck back. Worse, he felt the strength leaving his cock.

“Don’t know if I can get through this,” Andy finally admitted aloud.

His mother seemed to ignore him so Andy said it again. It was as if he were talking into the wind, his words, carried away as quickly as he’d spoken them, leaving him to wonder if he’d even heard his own voice.

It was like a dream, Andy thought, and that gave him an idea. Suppose he shut his eyes and pretended he was involved in nothing more than a wild, wet dream in which the strange and unpredictable were taken for granted? Then maybe he could relax and focus on nothing more than what was happening between his legs.

He did it. A form of self-hypnosis took place inside the darkness of his mind. When images formed they aroused him instead of threatening him.

Now Andy was totally uncertain of whom he was fucking, his mother or his cousin, but his confusion became a turn-on. Just when he thought he was fucking one of them, he became convinced it was the other. Only in a wet dream could he fuck his mother and his cousin at the same time and have it seem completely natural.

Andy reached down and felt the cunt that was filled with his cock. It was so smooth. At the top of it, his thumb pressed the nubbin of a clit and produced a female orgasm.

“I’m coming… coming so good,” Andy’s fucking partner moaned.

Her voice echoed in Andy’s head. At first he thought it was his mother. Then his cousin. Then Meg and Sally sounding out their climaxes together.

“I’m fucking you bath,” he panted out loud, his eyes still tightly shut.

“Yes, yes,” he was told. “Fuck us! Fuck us!”

The cunt which gripped Andy’s prick turned on the pressure. It would squeeze like a vise, then briefly relax before clamping down once more. Over and over again. The rippling effect seemed capable of sucking the cum right out of Andy’s balls.

And he was more than ready for it. Ready to shoot his wad.

His cock strained, seeming to lengthen and thicken in the pussy it fucked. There was a final surge. Deep as a prick could reach in a cunt. A spasm at the pit of his crotch and Andy’s jizz was gushing in release.

“Never came so hard!” Andy cried while his cock repeatedly spurted. “Oooo, it’s turning my damned nuts inside-out.”

When his flow of cream slowed to a dribble, Andy became aware, of the sticky warmth surrounding his cockhead. Reality partially surfaced as he remembered that he was wearing a rubber.

He opened his eyes, not sure whether he was going to be looking at his mother or his cousin. It was his mother’s face he saw. But what she was doing was a carbon copy of Sally.

Meg had just pulled Andy’s spent cock out of her shaved cunt. Now she was peeling away the used rubber, being careful not to lose any of the cum which it had caught.

Andy watched with awe as his mother brought the soggy rubber to her mouth and sucked it all the way to her throat. When she was through she had swallowed every drop of his cum, exactly as Sally had done the last time Andy had fucked her.

Now the rerun continued. Only this time Andy was the one who was uncontrollably forcing the issue. He just couldn’t stop himself from finding out how far this repeat of the past would take him.

“We just fucked and, damn, if I’m not hornier than ever,” he told his mother with words that were as close as he could get them to the ones he had spoken to his cousin during their last session.

Meg made a familiar comment about Andy’s cock still being hard. He in turn asked her if she wanted him to fuck her again. Of course she did. But this time with a difference.

Then Meg was up on all fours, pointing her ass in Andy’s direction with the cheeks spread. Her puckering asshole begged for a cock inside it. She could have been Sally.

Andy recalled what he had said to his cousin the night she had offered her ass to him. Now he repeated it to his mother.

“Should I get another rubber?”

The letter-perfect reply came straight out of the recent past. “What for? Nobody ever got pregnant from taking a cock up her ass.”

It was too spooky for Andy to accept with his eyes open. He closed them again, trying to slip back into his imaginary wet dream where it didn’t make any difference whether he was fucking his mother or his cousin, or somehow both of them at the same time.

Even in his self-imposed darkness, Andy had no problem in finding the asshole he was going to fuck with the head of his prick. When he’d made the connection, he forced his way inside. It was so tight! But Andy shoved and shoved.

“Hurts so good,” came the female response to his surging prick. “Give me your whole cock in my ass!”

“You got it,” Andy grunted.

The asshole was narrow and stubborn. And Andy was hung long and thick. The perfect mismatch for a ass-fuck. Andy plowed forward without mercy until his big prick was buried to the root.

Now he moved it. In and out. Faster and faster with strokes that used more and more of his pumping hard-on. He would briefly pull out until only the knob of his prick remained in the ass he was fucking. Then, plunging forward, he would hilt his prick until he reached shit. Repeatedly he did this, using his cock like a weapon.

“Take it! Take it!” Andy cried. “I’ll split you in two!”

The violent rhythm of his cock-thrusts were affecting his balance. Reaching down, he grabbed hold of a set of tits like they were handles. He squeezed them until their spongy flesh oozed between his gouging fingers, all the while fucking ass as brutally as ever.

Caught up in a macho frenzy, Andy lost whatever restraint he might have still possessed. Whatever the consequences, he wanted the answers to the questions that had been raised about his mother and Sally. What’s more, he was willing to go to any lengths to get them.

“I’ll fuck you until I kill you,” he threatened viciously. “Kill you with my cock unless you tell me the truth.”

“Mmmmm, what a way to die,” a moaning Meg answered. “Whatever it is you want to know, you’ll have to do better than that to get it out of me.”

Andy slammed his prick home with the deepest penetration yet. Down at Meg’s tits, he twisted her nipples around double. His eyes were wide open again.

“Tell me the fucking truth about you and Sally, Mom!” he bellowed. “You know exactly what I’m talking about, so don’t pretend you don’t.”

Meg just laughed at him. Then she came.

“You can’t hurt me enough,” she celebrated the welcome pain that had triggered her mighty orgasm. “More! More! Keep me coming, stud!”

“Whore! Bitch!” Andy cursed her.

He let go of his mothers tits and took double fistfuls of her hair, tugging it like the rope on a maverick pony. Now he was riding her and she bucked under him. His cock kept jerking in her ass, extending her climax.

Then Andy abruptly took an entirely different approach — the most cruel of all. He simply stopped fucking, just like that. All at once his cock was a cold piece of steel in his mother’s ass, moving not a bit. His arms dangled at his sides, his hands neither squeezing nor pulling anything.

“Don’t quit! Not now!” Meg rasped. “You had me coming so much. Hurt me some more. Please, please!”

“No way. Not until I find out the truth about you and Sally,” Andy said.

“What about us?” Meg stalled, stretching out the suspense.

“You and Sally are in this together somehow,” Andy hissed. “Both shaving your cunts, saying and doing the same things to me when we’re in bed…”

“Then you finally admit you’ve been fucking your cousin,” Meg interrupted.

“Yes! If you want to hear me say what you already know, yes! I’ve fucked you both!” Andy thunderously answered. Then seethed. “Now I want to know what you two bitches have been up to behind my back.”

“Do I really have to tell you?” Meg taunted. “Can’t you figure it out for yourself?”

Andy rose to the challenge, remembering the information that his cousin had been with his mother all afternoon and linking it to the tangled sheets he’d seen when he entered the bedroom.

“You made it with Sally, didn’t you?” he said sharply to his mother. “Found out I was fucking her. Maybe even watched us. After that you just couldn’t keep your hands off her. She was in this damned bed today before I was.”

“You can’t blame me for checking out the competition,” Meg answered, letting Andy know in a mocking way that he had it right so far.

“But you had to take it further than that,” Andy continued. “Had to shave your pussy just like Sally’s.”

“It so happens that was her idea.”

“I can imagine. You probably had her eating out of your hand.”

“The only place I had her eating was between my legs,” Meg leered. “That’s why she shaved my cunt for me — so she could get every drop of pussy juice when she went down on me. She has a beautiful tongue. I came in her mouth so many times I couldn’t count them all. You should have been there…” Meg paused to laugh. “…of course if you’d been there you’d have had to just watch. ‘Cause the last thing Sally and I were interested in was cock. We were just like a couple of dykes.”

“Then what happened?” Andy asked.

“You showed up while we were still getting it on. Sally panicked. I came on to you so she could get away and you wouldn’t think she was a lesbian.”

“What about after you and I were making it and you were imitating Sally?”

“Just fun and games to keep you guessing,” Meg said. “You were right. I did spy on you and Sally fucking the other night and couldn’t resist driving you a little nuts with what I knew. And that’s the whole story — except for one more thing.”


“You promised to finish fucking me in the ass if I told you the truth,” Meg reminded Andy. “I’ve kept my part of the bargain. Now you keep yours.”

Meg clamped her ass muscles around her son’s frozen cock, which had remained unused in her ass throughout the conversation. Then she began rocking on her knees. The tugging friction thawed Andy’s prick in a hurry and he began pumping back.

“I won’t even bother to ask you whose ass is tightest, mine or Sally’s,” Meg sighed when Andy was solidly into a butt-fucking groove. “That’s your business, stud. Just so long as I get my share of your beautiful, big cock, you can play around with anybody you want.”

“What about you, Mom?” Andy asked. “Are you going to keep making it with Sally, too?”

“You know the old saying,” Meg laughed. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Looks like our Sally is going to be a very busy girl.”

“Wonder if the poor kid knows what she’s let herself in for.”

“Why don’t you ask her?” Meg playfully said. “She’s probably ready to tear the place down by now.”

Andy started to ask his mother what she meant but all of a sudden her squeezing ass had taken its toll on his cock. He had to come before he did another thing. He jammed his prick deep into Meg’s ass pit and for now forgot about anything but relieving the pressure between his legs.

“Hold on, Mom, this is it!” he gasped when he finally spoke.

Hot jizz squirted from his cock, pouring into his mother’s bowels. It mixed with the shit there, the molten turmoil making Meg climax along with Andy.

Bearing down, mother and son made it last as long as they could. For as long as they came together everything was perfect for them. Sally temporarily didn’t matter. It was just Andy’s prick in Meg’s asshole, shooting jizz.

Then it was over and Andy’s doubts returned as quickly as his drained prick softened.

“There’s one more thing I’ve got to ask you, Mom,” he said when the ass-fuck broke up.

“What a coincidence. There’s one more thing I forgot to tell you,” Meg chuckled as she slithered around so she could lick her own shit off of her son’s ass-stained prick.

Andy looked down, watching his mother swab his prick with her tongue. Only when she had lapped him clean did he speak.

“It’s about Sally,” he finally told his mother. Then he flinched when he realized that Meg had just said exactly the same thing.

They stared at each other, Andy not knowing what to expect as his mother grinned with smudges of shit at the corners of her mouth. They waited each other out until Andy cracked.

“What did you mean about Sally tearing the place down?” he gulped.

Meg calmly answered. “Poor girl. She must be out of her mind by now. Locked up like that and having to watch us fuck.”

Andy turned pale.

“That’s the part I left out,” Meg said. “You see, Sally never got away. She thought she wanted to. But I, uh, persuaded her to stay. She’ll tell you all about it.”

“W-where is she?”

“I’m sure you can find her.”

Just then the closet door rattled from beating fists.

“Let me out!” Sally cried from inside.

“You heard your cousin,” Meg purred to Andy. “She’s waiting for you.”


There was only one thing Andy could think of to say when he opened the closet door to release Sally.

“My mother’s crazy!” he blurted out to his cousin as she emerged from the darkness.

Sally’s reply could not have stunned Andy more. “Sure, she’s crazy. Crazy like a fox.”

Then, still naked, Sally brushed by Andy and went straight into Meg’s waiting arms. “Oh, Aunt Meg,” the excited girl said, “thank you for keeping me here. I needed to watch you and Andy fuck so I could get my head on straight.”

“Hope it wasn’t too hard on you being locked in the closet,” Meg soothed, stroking her niece’s golden hair.

“Only when I couldn’t get out and jump into bed along with you two,” Sally gushed.

“But you’re here now,” Meg cooed. “And so am I. And so is Andy.”

“You mean it’s still not too late for the three of us to get it on together?” Sally asked breathlessly.

“I’m willing. You’re willing,” Meg said. “So I guess it’s up to Andy.”

Sally turned toward her cousin. “Andy, will you?” she pleadingly requested. “I want all of us to suck and fuck together so much. Don’t worry, if your cock’s down now your mom and I will get it hard for you again.”

“You’re both crazy,” Andy now said. But he was smiling. “And so am I.”

“Oh, Aunt Meg, did you hear that?” Sally squealed. “Andy’s going to do it. We’re going to have ourselves a real family orgy!”

“Only,” Andy cautioned, “if you can put some life back in my prick like you promised. Right now, it’s dead. Mom fucked it over, pretty good.”

“We aim to please,” Sally giggled.

She pulled her cousin to the bed. Then stretched him out.

“Okay, Aunt Meg, let’s go to work,” Sally said. “What’ll we do? Suck him?”

“Seems like the best way to go,” Meg answered. “I’ll do his balls, you take his cock.”

“Mmmm, that little thing?” Sally said, playfully referring to Andy’s limp prick. “I could take a couple of cocks that size in my mouth.”

She bent over her cousin’s crotch and swallowed his shrunken prick with an effortless gulp. Then she turned on the suction, bathing Andy’s cock with warm spit.

In the meantime, Meg eased down from the other side, lowering her face just beneath Sally’s between Andy’s thighs. Her son’s smooth balls quickly filled her mouth and she rolled them over her tongue, feeling them quiver.

“Ooooh,” Andy moaned after a few moments of dual sucking, “I’m getting the feeling.”

His hips twitched as hot blood rushed on an emergency mission to his groin. His prick stirred in one female mouth, his nuts in the other. The sucking continued.

“Yes, I’m getting hard,” Andy moaned some more.

Indeed he was. All of a sudden, Sally had trouble keeping all of his expanding cock in her mouth. But she refused to give an inch. It just meant that she had to give a deep-throating blow-job.

Just below, Meg continued to do her part. And then more. In addition to feasting on those teenaged balls, she began fingering her son’s asshole.

“Don’t stop,” Andy panted. “I wanna go ahead and come this way. And don’t worry about my prick going down again after I shoot my wad. The way I feel now, I think I’m gonna have a damned hard-on the rest of my life!”

Meg and Sally were, of course, delighted to hear that Andy was back to playing the stud. However, his developing climax posed something of a problem. Namely, who would take his cum? Although Sally had his cock in her mouth, Meg was clearly just as thirsty for jizz as her niece was.

Now, with Andy close to letting go, Meg released his balls. She nudged her face against Sally’s so her niece would know she was expected to share. Sally generously gave in, sliding her mouth off of Andy’s prick so Meg could have a shot at its eventual eruption, too.

Cheek to cheek, Meg and Sally used their tongues to lick Andy’s prick the rest of the way to its creamy payoff. His cockhead was their main focus, being stimulated to a bright shade of red. It throbbed like a miniature heart — then burst.

Suddenly the jizz was flying. Andy took his spurting prick in his hand, aiming its flow back and forth between the faces of his mother and cousin.

“Take it, take it,” he grunted while he came. “There’s plenty for each of you.”

Andy was right. His prick seemed to be unloading a double dose of cream so there would be enough to drench both Meg and Sally. They wound up with their features dripping, appearing as if they were melting.

“Am I as messy as you are?” Sally asked her aunt.

“I can hardly recognize you,” Meg laughed, fresh cum spraying from her lips.

“I think you bath look terrific,” Andy offered his opinion.

“You’re looking pretty terrific yourself, Sonny Boy,” Meg chuckled, staring pointedly at Andy’s crotch.

Andy glanced down at himself. His prick, still dripping from the cum it had just shot, was stiffer than ever.

“Yeah, guess I am at that,” he agreed with his mother’s praise of his permanent hard-on. “Told you it was gonna be that way. My cock’s not going down for anything.” He paused to grin. “But you two chicks do your best to wear my cock out, anyway, you hear?” He was really looking forward to an afternoon of nonstop sucking and fucking.

“We’ll do our best,” Sally promised. “Right now I can’t wait to get that monster in my pussy. All that fucking I watched while I was locked in the closet has made me horny as hell.”

“You deserve a break, all right,” Meg said in support of her niece’s right to fuck Andy. “Let me help you.”

“You think I don’t know what to do, Aunt Meg?” Sally kidded.

“Don’t be silly,” Meg answered. “I just want to feel Andy’s big prick when it goes inside your cunt. Want to touch everything while it happens. Andy’s cock and balls. Your pussy lips and clit. Get my fingers all wet with your leaking juice. Maybe do some licking.”

“Oh, Aunt Meg, you’re something else. You get me hot just listening to you,” Sally sighed.

“Me too, Mom,” Andy chimed in. “Keep talking while Sally and I are fucking. Like we’re putting on one of those live sex shows and you’re the announcer. Make it as dirty as you can.”

“That’s as dirty as it gets,” Meg boasted. “Your ears will be burning as hot as your cock and pussy by the time you’re through listening to me.”

“Fantastic!” Sally squealed in anticipation. “Let’s get it on!”

She fell back in the classic fucking position, complete with a pillow under her ass to raise her crotch to a commanding summit. Her legs were up at the knees and spread so wide the flesh strained inside her gaping thighs. The main attraction, of course, was her cunt. With no hair in the way, every detail of it showed.

Now Meg started the raunchy commentary her son and niece were looking forward to so much. The words rolled off her tongue in an almost dripping fashion.

“Ah, there’s nothing more beautiful than a teenaged cunt,” she said. “Especially when it’s shaved clean and just begging for a big, fat cock inside it. Am I right, Andy?”

“Mmmm, right on,” Andy panted with arousal, both from the sight of his spread-legged cousin and his mother’s funky dialogue. His prick was jutting like a pole.

“On the other hand,” Meg continued, “there’s nothing more beautiful than a boy’s cock, either. I mean when it’s hard and throbbing, like Andy’s cock is now. Isn’t that so, Sally dear?”

“Tell it like it is, Aunt Meg,” Sally panted just as Andy had.

“A cock like yours, Andy, and a cunt like yours, Sally, they were just made for each other,” Meg crooned. “You two kids couldn’t keep from fucking if your lives depended on it.”

Now Meg took her son’s hand, drawing Andy toward Sally. He knelt before his cousin as her cunt yawned in invitation.

“Tell Andy what you want him to do to you, Sally,” Meg urged her niece. “Beg him.”

“Fuck me, Andy, fuck me!” Sally pleaded. “I need your cock in my cunt so bad!”

“Answer her,” Meg prompted her son.

“You don’t want me to fuck you any worse than I want to do it to you, Sally,” Andy said, expressing his lust.

“Well, you kids seem to be on the same wavelength,” Meg chuckled. “Let’s see what we can do to give you both what you want.”

Meg wrapped her fingers around her son’s hard-on and guided it within an inch of Sally’s crotch. Then, with her other hand, Meg separated her niece’s pussy lips as far as they would stretch. Sally’s widened cunt gash drooled with honey which leaked into the crack of her ass.

“Have you ever seen a wetter cunt?” Meg asked her son.

“No way,” Andy choked with desire.

“And, Sally, your cousin’s cock is just huge, isn’t it?” Meg said. “How big do you suppose it is?”

“Ten inches,” Sally replied steamily. “Ten inches of cock for my horny cunt!”

“I have an idea it’ll feel even bigger than that when it’s inside your pussy and fucking you,” Meg suggested. “Can you take it, Sally? Take so much hard, driving cock in your tight cunt?”

“Hope it splits me in two,” Sally rasped.

“We’ll find out soon enough,” Meg purred as she tip the knob of her son’s prick into the dewy slit of her niece’s pussy.

Now, with one hand Meg stroked the rim of Sally’s cunt. With the other, she rubbed Andy’s balls.

The stimulation Meg applied between their legs caused the two teenagers to slowly inch their crotches toward one another. In the process, Andy’s prick gradually entered Sally’s pussy.

“You’re putting your cock into your cousin’s cunt now, aren’t you, Andy?” Meg described the action, her sultry words seeming to make it happen entirely on their own. “Feels so good for both of you.”

Meg fondled the connection of pussy and cock, paying special attention to the way her niece’s fat cuntlips clung to her son’s thick cockshaft. Andy was about halfway inside at this point. His balls quivered, while Sally’s hips twitched.

“Good as it feels,” Meg now said to the kids, “it would feel even better with this beautiful prick even deeper in this beautiful cunt.”

Meg slipped her left hand under her niece’s ass and pushed. Sally’s crotch surged in reaction, her pussy swallowing two or three more inches of cock. Then, with her right hand, Meg lightly goosed her son and the rest of Andy’s prick disappeared into Sally’s pussy.

This left the naked teenagers belly to belly. But they didn’t move until Meg gave them the signal. It was as if they couldn’t fuck without her telling them what to do. And she enjoyed her role to the fullest.

“Work your cock back and forth in Sally’s cunt,” Meg told her son. “Yes, that’s it, darling rock your hips… get your cock in the groove.”

Andy’s ass was bobbing between Sally’s thighs now as his prick rhythmically jerked in her pussy.

“Wrap your legs around him,” Meg told her niece.

Sally quickly responded.

“Now fuck back, Sally,” Meg instructed. “Every time Andy shoves his big cock in your tight cunt, answer him with a push. Force his prick as deep in your cunt as it’ll go. And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.”

“Oh, yes, yes… I love it,” Sally moaned, thrusting her crotch in reply when Andy bore down on her. Her ass was off the pillow, her pelvis grinding against her cousin’s groin. Not an inch of Andy’s cock could be seen because it was so totally buried in her cunt.

“Okay, relax now,” Meg advised. “Slide away from each other… That’s it, Sally, back down on your ass… Leave only a little bit of Andy’s cock in your pussy, not much more than just the head.”

This left the teens as far apart as they could get and still be fucking. Meg moved her face into the space separating theft crotches. She licked the exposed shaft of Andy’s prick, then swirled her tongue around Sally’s pussy lips and clit.

“You both taste so sweet,” she told the teenaged lovers. “Such a sweet cunt. Such a sweet cock. Such sweet children. Oooooh, I could just eat both of you up.”

Now it was Sally’s turn to make a suggestion. “You can keep using your mouth on us, Aunt Meg. Lick us when we pull apart like we are now. Then let us trap your tongue between my cunt and Andy’s balls when we’re fucking deep. It’ll drive all three of us crazy.”

“Yeah, Mom, at least try it,” Andy said.

His crotch bucked. Meg was so close to his cock that it brushed her nose as it surged into Sally’s pussy.

The best part for Meg, though, was what happened to her tongue. Suddenly it was squashed in the crush of loins and she could feel the hair of Andy’s crotch and the smooth skin of Sally’s outer pussy. She tasted cunt juice and salty male sweat. The scent, flavor and sight of fucking up as close as it could get abruptly had Meg as near to coming as anybody on the bed.

Then Sally and Andy temporarily unlocked their crotches, leaving Meg to lick away at pussy and clit and cock and balls. She was too busy feasting to talk dirty anymore. By this point her raunchy deeds spoke louder than words.

Then she topped herself. For before Andy could launch another surge of his cock, Meg had forced her tongue alongside his cockhead inside Sally’s cunt if Andy went ahead and thrust his prick, the pinching momentum would carry his mother’s tongue right along with it.

Andy made the move and a lurch of his crotch and his plunging hard-on took several inches of female tongue into Sally’s thoroughly stuffed cunt.

It hurt for Meg to orally join the fucking. Caught between the wall of her niece’s cunt and the bulk of her son’s muscular prick, her tongue got brutalized. But it was worth it. The pain was the key to her pleasure, pleasure so intense that Meg didn’t need to be sucked or fucked herself to reach the peak of sexual pleasure.

She came. What a weird, yet wonderful experience it was for her. She had the incredible sensation that her tongue was actually spurting jizz into her niece’s pussy. She could almost taste it.

No, Meg realized, not almost. The flavor of jizz was in fact assaulting her senses.

“Man, am I shooting a load!” Andy cried from on top of the action.

It was then Meg realized that her son was coming too. The jizz rapidly bloating Sally’s cunt was the product of his gushing cock.

Then Sally was also climaxing. Her female cum mixed with Andy’s and Meg’s tongue was there to absorb as much of the orgasmic mixture as possible. It could only strengthen her own climax to blinding intensity.

Andy was the first to stop coming. When his cock was drained he pulled it free, generously letting his mother take over Sally’s swamped pussy.

Meg leapt at the chance. At once her mouth was sealing her niece’s cunt. Pushing in as far as it could reach, her tongue took over completely as a replacement for Andy’s prick.

“Oh, fuck me, Aunt Meg,” Sally moaned with excitement. “Fuck my pussy with your tongue as hard and deep as Andy did with his cock.”

Meg orally stabbed and probed. Pussy juice and jizz ran down her chin. Up on her knees now, she gave it everything she had as she burrowed between Sally’s legs.

Andy watched for a while, but the role of a spectator was not for him. Not with his cock still so stiff. He wanted to fuck some more. It didn’t take him long to spot the perfect target for his tireless prick.

There was his mother’s ass, raised in the air while she knelt to go down on Sally’s cunt. It was such a plump, pleasing ass, especially when its round cheeks were spread as they now were. Meg may have shaved her cunt, but she had left the crack of her ass as wild with hair as ever. And glowing through the jungle was the small, red circle of her tightest opening. Andy just couldn’t resist fucking his mother right where she shit!

He moved in behind her, his hard-on in his grasp. Meg didn’t even flinch when he fit the head of his cock into the dent of her asshole. An assfuck seemed to be just what she expected from her rigidly hung son.

Andy started giving it to her. He knew it must be dangerous to put too much prick too fast in a woman’s ass. But he also knew how much his horny mother loved living dangerously. So he shafted her ass with a violent cock-surge. About half of his cock was buried on the first try. The next shove got it hilted to his balls.

If Meg had anything to say about the ten inches of prick suddenly filling her ass, it was muffled by Sally’s cunt. Because she kept right on eating her niece out.

It was left for Sally to speak out. “Oh, Andy, you stud!” she called when she saw Andy pumping away behind Meg. “Fuck your mom’s ass! Rip her! Rip her! It’ll just make her eat my pussy all the harder if she’s getting your big cock up her ass at the same time.”

Sally was right about that. Every time Andy drove his prick in his mother’s asshole, Meg did the same thing with her tongue in her niece’s pussy.

The three naked bodies moved to a single erotic rhythm. Along with their moans, the soundtrack to their triple ecstasy was provided by the continuously squealing bedsprings. It was group sex at its rawest and most beautiful, the kind of thing so sensually real that it could never be staged with actors for a porno movie. The kind of sucking and fucking which only those who spontaneously live it can ever truly appreciate.

However, the absolute peak had still not been reached. This could only occur if the three participants managed to come at the same time. There was no guarantee this would actually happen.

But it was going to.

Her cunt fucked nonstop, originally by Andy’s cock and now by her aunt’s tongue, Sally had been getting off all along with multiple climaxes. Her problem, if anything, was being able to ever stop coming. So she was the orgasmic foundation, just waiting for the others to join her.

Meg didn’t take long to get on board. The cock up her ass had her insides boiling. As she teetered on the brink of release, she momentarily didn’t know whether she would shit or come. Fortunately, the climax won the tug of war in her bowels. Her orgasm was the best one of her life — except for the one she had next.

Only Andy was left but there was no problem here. His prick had been tugged almost raw by his mother’s tight asshole. In fact, he had been holding back for some time. There was no reason for that anymore, not with Meg and Sally waiting for him to come along with them.

“This is it!” he shouted. “Gonna explode in my mom’s ass!”

He shot it. Shot it as if his cock were a rifle and his cum were liquid bullets.

The scalding teenaged cum poured into Meg’s ass and its heat made her climax all the harder, which caused her tongue to piston like an oral hard-on in Sally’s cunt. Sally reacted by soaring to new erotic heights.

And so the golden moment of triple orgasm had been achieved. With Andy’s prick rapidly unloading it couldn’t last long. Soon it would be only a memory, but that would last forever. No matter how many times Andy, Meg and Sally got it on together in the future, they would never please each other any better.

Not that this would stop them from trying. The rest of the afternoon proved it, as they went on to suck and fuck every way three people possibly can.


“You know, I’ve been thinking,” Meg said. “We did so well together with Andy, maybe we ought to find ourselves a new, shall we say, project.”

“Oh, boy, here we go again,” Sally laughed. “Got anybody special in mind we should fuck, Aunt Meg?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Meg chuckled. “Care to guess who?”

“Somebody in the family?”

Meg nodded.

“Hmmm, let’s see,” Sally wondered aloud. “There’s not that many of us living here in town. Is it a man or a woman?”

“Male,” Meg said. “And he’s right under our noses. You see him every day.”

“Something tells me I’m about to have my mind blown if you’re talking about who I think you’re talking about.” Sally spoke in a voice which quivered with anticipation.

“Yes, that’s exactly who I have in mind,” Meg teased, leaving the identity of her latest incestuous target unsaid so her niece would have to name him.

“Y-you’re talking about my dad, aren’t you, Aunt Meg?” Sally stammered after a long pause.

Meg nodded again. She was grinning from ear to ear.

“Gee, I don’t know,” Sally muttered. “Don’t know if I could handle that — fucking my own father. Daddy’s so… so…”


It was Sally’s turn to nod.

“You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know,” Meg said. “After all, don’t forget he was my brother a long time before he was your father. I was raised with him. Bill’s always been a real pain in the ass, telling everybody how to act. Always so Goddamned right. But you know one thing about him?”

Sally looked blankly at her aunt.

“Your dad is hung, Sally,” Meg bluntly revealed. “Hung like a horse. You ought to see his cock when it’s hard.”

“You have?” Sally breathlessly asked.

“One time when we were kids,” Meg answered. “One afternoon I peeked into his room and saw him jerking off.”

“You’re making this up,” Sally gulped.

“His prick was huge,” Meg continued. “And when he came, there was so much jizz. Mmmm, it flew all over the place. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It was all I could do to keep from busting into his room and begging him to take my cherry. But in those days I was a good girl so I just took a cold shower and finger-fucked myself to sleep for months.”

“Maybe a cold shower is what I should take right now,” Sally muttered. “This has made me hornier for Daddy than I want to be.”

But Sally was hooked. And after a panting silence all but admitted it with a telltale question.

“How big?” she blurted out. “How big is his cock?”

“Maybe bigger than Andy’s,” Meg estimated. “A monster. What do you say, Sally? Do we go after him?”

“Yes,” Sally agreed. “If just hearing about my dad’s cock gets my pussy as wet as it is now, I’ll never be satisfied unless I fuck him. You’ve sold me, Aunt Meg, or at least my cunt, because that’s what I’m thinking with right now.”

“I knew I could count on you,” Meg bubbled. “Now let’s make plans.”

Meg and Sally talked it over. After throwing a lot of ideas around, they decided to handle their seduction in two stages in order to draw their victim securely into the trap of incest.

“So, okay, it’s settled,” Meg summed things up. “I’ll go after him first. Bill won’t know what’s hit him after I get through with him. And after he’s fucked me, his own sister, he won’t be able to resist fucking his own daughter.”

“I just hope it works,” Sally sighed. “Daddy can be so stubborn.”

“He’s a man, isn’t he?” Meg replied confidently. “Which makes him a piece of cake.”

That evening Meg called her brother and told him she needed to talk to him. Since Bill was in the insurance business it was easy for her to invent a story about some coverage she thought she might need. Sniffing an easy chance to sell a policy, Bill took the bait and promised to come over.

In the meantime, all Meg had to do was wait. She had the house to herself tonight. Now she got ready to seduce her brother, turning her attention to what she should wear.

A low-cut blouse seemed in order — with no bra underneath. That way when she and Bill were supposedly discussing insurance, Meg’s big tits would be on the verge of spilling out every time she leaned forward to catch a point.

To the revealing blouse Meg added a tight, short skirt. Since she would be without panties, she ought to get good results from crossing and uncrossing her long legs for her brother’s benefit.

An hour later Bill was there, all business, as usual. It was all Meg could do to persuade him to have a drink. Gradually, though, the alcohol loosened him up and he accepted a second drink without any coaxing. Meg made it even stronger than the first.

“You know, Sis,” Bill said at one point, “a woman like you, without a husband, should really have more life insurance than you do. If something happened to you, God forbid, then at least Andy would still have the money to go to college.”

“What could happen to me?” Meg laughed. “I’m in the prime of my life.” She had leaned forward when she said it. And remained that way long enough so her brother could not ignore her bulging tits.

“Yeah, I guess you are looking pretty good at that,” Bill admitted. “But you never know what’s coming next. You could have an accident.”

“Well, accidents do happen, don’t they?” Meg breathily said. “You just can’t be sure of anything.”

She slumped back in her chair as if to think. Her short skirt had already inched up to her thighs when she crossed her legs. Bill was looking.

“Is something wrong?” Meg suddenly asked.

“No, Sis, why?”

“You’re staring at me.”

Bill got nervous. More so when his sister uncrossed her legs and left her knees apart. There was no way he could ignore a glimpse of Meg’s crotch that revealed she wore no panties. Finally Bill forced himself to turn away.

“What is it?” Meg questioned her flustered brother. “Something about the way I’m dressed?”

“Yes,” Bill choked. “It shows a lot. Maybe too much of you.”

“Oh, Bill, is that all?” Meg girlishly giggled. “I don’t have anything to hide from you. We’re brother and sister, after all. When we were growing up, you must have seen me running in and out of the shower a thousand times. If you saw me naked right now it wouldn’t bother me at all.”

“Please, Sis, let’s change the subject.” Bill choked some more.

But, of course, Meg wasn’t about to change the subject. She had her brother right where she wanted him.

“What are you afraid of, Bill?” she puffed. “I feel like stripping for you right here just to prove my point.”

She stood up. Bill was still turned away. But he could hear the rustling of Meg’s skirt when it dropped to the floor. Then off went her blouse.

“Look at me, Bill,” Meg insisted quietly.

Bill slowly returned his gaze to his sister. There she was without a stitch on, taunting him with her bare body.

“Now, see, here I am naked and I don’t turn you on at all, do I?” Meg cooed. “How could I? I’m only your little sister.”

“V-you’re wrong, Sis,” Bill stuttered.

His eyes fell guiltily toward his crotch. There was a bulge between his legs which needed no explaining. He had a hard-on that seemed ready to burst out of his pants.

“Then you see me as more than just your sister?” Meg asked, pretending to be surprised.

“You’re a woman, Meg,” Bill whispered with uncontrollable desire. “A beautiful, sexy, naked woman. And I may be your brother, but I’m still a man.”

“I’ll get dressed if you want,” Meg offered, purposely leaving what happened next up to her brother. She stooped to pick up her clothes, her big tits dangling.

“No!” Bill blurted to stop her.

“What do you want me to do, then?” Meg answered.

“I don’t know yet,” Bill gulped. Then he awkwardly asked the question that was obviously burning to get out of him. “Why did you shave yourself, Sis… you know, down there?”

“You mean my cunt?” Meg chuckled saucily. “Yes… your cunt,” Bill repeated the key word as if he were saying it for the first time in his life. “Why did you shave your cunt, Sis?”

“Some men like a pussy that’s smooth,” Meg told her brother. “Are you one of them, Bill?”

Bill nodded. “It reminds me of when you were just a kid, Sis,” he confessed. “Girls have ways… well, excited me. I’ve never admitted that to anyone before. But seeing your cunt like this…” He couldn’t finish.

“Would you like to eat me?” Meg boldly interrupted her tongue-tied brother.

Before her brother could get cold feet, Meg was standing in front of his chair. She thrust her pussy in his face and Bill’s tongue automatically leapt out. Before he could reconsider, he was licking his sister’s cunt.

“My pussy sweet enough for you?” Meg called down.

“I’m hooked, if that’s what you want to know, Sis,” Bill slurped as cunt juice ran down his chin. “Ready for anything.”

“Hope that includes having your cock sucked while you’re eating my pussy.” Meg suggested a sixty-nine.

“Don’t just stand there and talk about it, Sis,” Bill panted. “Just do it before I come to my senses.”

Meg pulled her brother out of his chair. She stretched him out on the carpet, sitting on his face so his tongue worked straight up her cunt. Then she bent toward his crotch and went to work on his pants.

Bill was quickly stripped from the waist down. Only one word could describe his hard-on — massive. His was a long, thick cock which his sister could barely wrap her fingers around when she raised the swollen head to her mouth.

“Your cock is even bigger than I expected,” Meg said hungrily. “Don’t know if I can swallow the whole thing. But, damn, I’ll try.”

She took her first suck of her brother’s prick. It was salty and made Meg instantly thirsty. A thirst she planned to satisfy when she had deep-throated Bill and made him come in her mouth.

Meg’s lips slid down the shaft of her brother’s prick. There was so much cockmeat to take she had to down it slowly, stopping after every inch or so to take a deep breath.

In the meantime, Bill kept busy with his tongue at the other end of the sixty-nine. He pumped and wiggled it in Meg’s cunt, reaming her out. His reward was a steady feast of leaking pussy juice, which he greedily drank.

Her brother was eating her out so expertly that Meg climaxed before she thought she would. She had swallowed only about half of Bill’s cock at the time but when her orgasm struck, she abandoned her cautious approach to the blow-job and devoured the final inches of prick with a single gulp. The extra cockmeat surged down her throat so easily that she didn’t even gag, even though she was suddenly sucking nearly a foot of prick.

If she’d thought about it, Meg would have brimmed with pride at being able to swallow every bit of such a huge cock. But she wasn’t thinking. She was coming. And so she took the whole cock in her mouth for granted, the same way she was reacting to the tongue in her cunt and the climax thrilling her soul. It was all so perfectly, wonderfully natural to be sixty-nining with her brother!

Bill obviously had the same feeling. He not only fucked his sister’s pussy with his tongue, but now with thrusting hips, turning the blow-job at the cock-end of the action into a mouth-fuck.

Meg took lurch after lurch of Bill’s prick, rubbing it almost raw with her spasming throat. She also fingered her brother’s heavy balls, priming their supply of cum for the gooey eruption she so hungrily craved.

She wouldn’t have to wait long.

“Gonna come,” Bill issued a muffled cry with his sister’s cunt in his face.

Meg applied all the suction she could to his deep throated cock as she squeezed his balls so hard that they burned against the palm of her hand.

“Drink it, Sis, drink my cum!” Bill shouted into the cavern of Meg’s pussy.

His prick was spouting like a volcano and Meg gulped the creamy lava as fast as it flowed. Her belly was immediately sloshing with it. She wouldn’t have believed a man could shoot so much jizz if she hadn’t actually been drinking it.

Then Bill’s cock was drained and brother and sister gradually slid apart. They wound up sprawled side by side on the carpet, staring at one another with continuing lust.

“My cock’s still hard, Sis,” Bill called attention to what was throbbingly obvious.

“What do you plan to do?” Meg hotly murmured, stroking her brother’s dripping prick.

“I want to fuck you,” Bill stated with stark simplicity.

“Then come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly,” Meg crooned.

She got up, beckoning her brother toward the bedroom. Bill followed her with his hard-on jutting, watching the rolling movement of Meg’s ass while she walked in front of him.

Now, at the bed, Meg pulled the covers away. She stretched out on the sheets with her knees up and together. Then she slowly, parted her thighs and Bill watched her shaved cunt open before him, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, his cock twitching.

“Have you ever thought about fucking me before?” Meg asked when her pussy yawned.

“If I did I never admitted it to myself,” Bill answered.

“I wish you’d tell me that you did, anyway,” Meg requested.

“Okay. I’ve always wanted to fuck you, Sis. Ever since we were kids,” Bill rasped. He seemed to be speaking the truth.

He joined Meg on the bed, kneeling before her with his cock in his hand. It looked like he was holding a club! Then he fit the end of the bludgeon into the juicy gap of his sister’s pussy lips and shoved. He was inside her, with no place to go but deeper and deeper until her cunt had taken his entire cock.

“Oh, God, I can’t get over how damned big you are,” Meg moaned when her cunt was hilted with her brother’s prick. “I’ve never had such a huge prick in my cunt.”

“Your pussy’s so tight, Sis, it’d make any guy think his cock was huge,” Bill answered with praise of his own.

“Ooooh, you don’t know how special that makes me feel, hearing it from my own brother,” Meg bubbled. “I feel like I’ve been saving my pussy for your beautiful cock my whole life. It’s almost like I’m cherry again. Eighteen and anxious.”

“Who did take your cherry, Sis?” Bill asked. “I’ve always wondered about the first guy you ever fucked.”

“Mike,” Meg named her ex-husband as her first lover. “He knocked me up on the first try, too. That’s why we got married.”

“And after that?”

“As long as I was married, Mike was the only man I ever fucked,” Meg revealed. “If we hadn’t gotten divorced, I might still not know what it was like with anybody else.”

“Until tonight I was in the same boat,” Bill told his sister while he steadily fucked her.

“Then Jane’s the only woman you’ve ever fucked before now?” Meg asked. “I never cheated on her once.”

“You bragging or complaining?” Meg kidded Bill as his prick surged to the depths of her pussy.

“Just telling you the facts,” Bill said. “It had to be someone pretty special to get me to cheat.”

“I’d like to think that’s a compliment,” Meg replied.

“Maybe only someone as close to me as my own sister could do this to me,” Bill continued. “If it weren’t for you, Meg, I probably would’ve been faithful to Jane my whole life.”

“Don’t blame me too much.”

“Blame you?” Bill scoffed at Meg’s suggestion, now grinning to show he was free of hang-ups. “Am I fucking you like I feel that way?”

“No,” Meg admitted, “your cock’s just sensational in my cunt. Got to admit you’re fucking me like there’s nothing you’d rather be doing.”

“There isn’t, Sis,” Bill firmly stated. “I’m right where I want to be with my big prick in your tight pussy!”

“Then why all the soul-searching?”

“Guess I’m a little long-winded,” Bill said. “All I really wanted to do, Sis, was thank you. Thank you for making a new man out of me. Thank you for fucking me.” Bill paused and laughed. “And now I’ll shut up and just do what I’m here for. Fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked.”

“Mmmmm, right on, stud!” Meg whooped. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

She locked her legs around Bill’s waist, flexing her crotch against his so his cock was buried in her cunt. Then she began jiggling her thighs, rocking her brother on top of her. His hilted prick jerked in her pussy, as that special kind of friction grabbed hold.

“You haven’t done anything to my tits yet. They’re just as horny as the rest of me,” Meg encouraged her brother to stimulate her even more. “Suck them while you’re fucking me. My nipples are so stiff and tender. They need your mouth and tongue on them to go along with your cock in my cunt.”

Bill closed his mouth over a tit and drew the nipple into his throat. The suction was so great that Meg thought the swollen point of her tit might burst. Then, abruptly, Bill attacked her other tit.

“Do both of them at the same time,” a swooning Meg requested.

Bill pushed his sister’s tits together so the nipples stood side by side. His lips sealed the erect blossoms of crimson flesh. While he sucked them he also used his tongue. Meg’s tits were tugged and licked and bathed in warm spit.

And all the while Bill drove his prick in Meg’s cunt, fucking her with hammering strokes that made her thighs quiver. Caught in a crossfire of pleasure from the sucking of her tits and the fucking of her cunt, Meg felt as if she were going to die from her brother’s sexual assault. And she was more than happy to slip over the edge into the erotic hereafter.

She came. Oh, how she came.

With her climax, her point of view made a wild shift. While Meg would have been thrilled to be sucked and fucked to death, her present orgasmic state of mind turned out to offer even more excitement.

“Gonna live forever!” she cried deliriously. “Yes, that’s what I’m gonna do! As long as I can come like this, nothing can kill me!”

“I know what you’re saying, Sis,” Bill rasped, his cock pumping her cunt. “I’m getting that same feeling myself.”

“You’re gonna come, too?” Meg panted.

“You better believe it, Sis. Are you ready for my jizz in your pussy?”

“Shoot it, stud, shoot it in me!” Meg pleaded. “Flood my cunt with so much cum that it runs down my legs!”

“It’s yours, Sis!”

Bill jammed his prick into Meg’s cunt to his balls. But even that was not enough for him. He shoved beyond the hilt, his cock buckling in the deep vise of his sister’s pussy.

“I’m coming, Sis!” he shouted. “Can you feel it in your cunt? Feel how much jizz my prick is giving you?”

“Oh, God, Bill, where are you getting it all?” Meg moaned as her pussy filled with gushing cream. “You’re coming even more in my cunt than you did in my mouth. I’ll never be able to keep it all inside me.”

“You said you wanted it running down your legs,” Bill answered while his cock continued to spurt. “Well, it already is. Taste.”

He had dropped his hand into the tangle of loins and then offered his sister his sticky fingers. Meg lapped the excess cum from Bill’s hand while, down below, his prick treated her overflowing cunt to one last blast of liquid heat.

Bill pulled his spent prick free so he could watch his cum drool from his sister’s freshly fucked cunt. He had never seen a more beautiful sight.

“Now you taste it, Bill,” Meg urged him. “There’s no better way for a woman to finish a fuck like this than to have her man drink his own jizz out of her pussy.”

“Like it was champagne from her slipper,” Bill readily agreed to go down on his sister one more time.

His face was between Meg’s spread legs and he slurped at her cunt with noisy hunger. And didn’t stop until he had swallowed almost every drop of his own cum.

“First time I’ve ever done this at the end of a fuck,” he revealed with a glistening smile.

“That’s because ft’s the first time you ever fucked your own sister,” Meg teased. “With me, anything is possible. But the best part is that we’ve only just begun.”

“I swear, Sis, you sound like you’re still as horny as ever,” Bill noted.

“Aren’t you?” Meg leered.

Bill looked down at his cock. All the fucking and coming had just made it harder. “Yeah, guess I am.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Meg beckoned. “Thick me. Fuck me again!”

“Anytime you say so, Sis,” Bill vowed as he guided his tireless prick back into Meg’s cunt. “For as long as we live.”


After he fucked his sister Bill thought he’d done it all. But he was wrong. Next it was his daughter’s turn to sample his big cock. He just didn’t know it yet. But tonight would change that.

“It’s fun the two of us going out together, isn’t it, Daddy?” Sally said as she sat beside her father in the front seat of the car.

“Beats me why you wanted me to take you to see this movie,” Bill sighed. “And at a drive-in, too. I haven’t been in one of these places for years. Feel kind of funny with all these cars full of teens parked around us. Couldn’t you have gotten a date to take you, Sally?”

“Oh, you know how boys are, Daddy,” Sally giggled. “They won’t never let you watch the movie. They’ve only got one thing on their minds.”

Embarrassed by his daughter’s frankness, Bill turned away from her grinning face. When he did his eyes landed on the next car. In it a young couple were making out. The boy had his hands under the girl’s sweater, clearly feeling her tits. And she seemed more than willing to let him do whatever he wanted to her squirming body.

Bill looked back at Sally. He was surprised to see how close she now sat to him. He felt her thigh against his hip. Staring straight ahead, Bill tried to concentrate on the movie.

Bill had originally turned down the idea of accompanying his daughter to the film. But Sally had always been able to wrap her father around her little finger when it counted and tonight was no exception. So here Bill found himself, wondering how he had ever let himself be talked into this. All he could do under the circumstances was try and enjoy the show.

In truth, Bill wasn’t even quite sure what to expect from the R-rated film. He had stopped going to the movies long ago. The only ones he ever saw were on television where they had been cut for the home audience. He had no idea how bold they could be.

There was a love scene unfolding in this one. The leading lady had just opened her blouse and her bare tits spilled out across the screen. Her hard breathing wheezed from the speaker which hung on the window by Bill’s ear.

“How do you like it so far, Daddy?” Sally asked. “Isn’t it romantic?”

Bill squirmed uneasily, saying nothing. Then he jumped, feeling his daughter’s hot breath on his neck. Sally took his hand, stroking the back of it. If she was trying to calm him down, she was having the opposite effect.

“You know what I read about this scene, Daddy?” Sally whispered in her father’s ear. “It said that when they filmed it, the director made the actors go all the way so it would be as real as they could get it.”

“I don’t have any trouble believing that,” Bill gulped as he watched the actors, now naked, lock their bodies together. The woman’s legs were around the man’s waist and the only thing the audience couldn’t actually see was the surging connection between their legs.

“Would you go that far for all the money they’re getting for this movie?” Sally asked her father.

Bill didn’t know what to say. Then Sally spoke again as if she had asked the question to herself.

“If it was the right guy, I’d do it for free,” she sighed. “And it wouldn’t have to be in any movie. I’d be ready anytime, any place.” She paused, letting her sultry words burn her father’s ears. “Even now, Daddy.”

Bill couldn’t believe what he was hearing, much less the presence of his daughter’s hand on his crotch. Her touch immediately alerted him to the hard-on he could not control.

“I-I think we’ve seen enough of this movie,” Bill stammered. “We-we’d better go.”

“Forget the movie, Daddy,” Sally purred. “I’m a lot more interested in what’s happening between you and me.”

Bill unconvincingly lied that he didn’t know what she was talking about. Sally laughed in his ear while she unzipped his fly.

“You’ve got a big hard-on for me, don’t you, Daddy?” she murmured after she fumbled inside her father’s open pants.

Bill looked down and saw the thick length of his exposed cock throbbing in Sally’s grip. She began sliding the foreskin over the head.

“Feel good, Daddy?” she asked. “Want me to jack you off?”

“N-no,” Bill answered, wanting to blurt it out as forcefully as possible but producing nothing more than a weak mutter.

“Then if you don’t want to get jacked off, you must want me to blow you,” Sally said matter-of-factly.

Bill started to protest, straining for the strongest terms possible. However, all that surfaced was the wheeze of a deep, troubled breath.

“I take it that means yes,” Sally chuckled.

Before her father could stop her she had lowered her face to his crotch. Suddenly Bill felt her soft lips caressing the swollen knob of his stiff cock. Then Sally was taking inch after inch of his prick in her mouth. Clearly she was experienced enough at sucking cocks to be able to swallow the whole thing.

Only one other person had ever deep-throated all of Bill’s huge prick — his sister Meg. And now his own daughter was on the verge of doing the same thing!

Bill closed his eyes as Sally bore down. It felt just like when Meg had gone down on him. It was only logical for Bill to wonder if his sister and daughter were a lot closer than he could have ever imagined they were.

But when he tried to ask about it, all Bill could do was moan. Sally was sucking his entire cock now and he could feel every inch of it in her oral grasp. It made his balls churn with the production of cum — cum that he would wind up shooting in his daughter’s mouth if she continued with the blow-job.

Bill tried to drive desire from his mind. Tried to shrink and numb his cock with unpleasant thoughts. Tried and tried — and failed. His prick was doing his thinking for him at this point.

His hips started to roll and he found his hands on Sally’s head. He was controlling the rhythm of her sucking now, pushing her face into the well of his crotch every time his cock surged so she had to take every bit of his cockmeat down her throat.

“Eat me, baby, eat me good,” Bill heard himself say. It was as though he were watching and listening to himself the way he had done earlier to the movie. Only he and Sally loomed larger for him than any images on a screen.

There they were, partners in incest. Father and daughter, burning their bridges behind them as they broke society’s strictest taboo — sex between parent and child.

When Bill had made it with Meg he had been able to get around his guilt by telling himself that he and his sister were adults. But that wouldn’t work here. Sally was just a girl, even if she did suck cock like a grown woman.

And yet Bill never got close to taking his prick out of Sally’s mouth. “Eat me, baby,” he repeated more than once, keeping her head bobbing between his legs so her sliding lips stroked his cock without letup.

Bill knew he was going to come before long. Would his daughter swallow his jizz? That’s what he now focused on, the issue of right and wrong pushed aside by the ache in his balls.

Abruptly it was time for Bill to let go. He crushed Sally’s face against his flexing crotch so his prick was buried in her throat. Grunting like an animal, he fed her his cum with a climax that lifted his ass off the car seat.

As Bill’s cock gushed in her mouth, the sound of Sally’s thirsty gulping filled the car. She drank her father’s jizz as fast as it spurted. Bill had the sensation that she was sucking his balls inside-out.

When his cock was drained, Bill could not keep from asking, “Did you swallow it all, Sally?”

She looked up and gurgled, “Every drop, Daddy. Sweetest cum I ever tasted.”

“I won’t ask you about the others,” Bill said. “Whatever you’ve done in the past, I don’t care. It would be too much like a father to care. And right now I want to forget all about the fact that you’re my daughter. It’s the only way I can handle this.”

“Who should I be?”

“Some little tramp I picked up off the streets. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Whatever happens between us is just for tonight, then we forget all about it.”

“You make me sound like a whore.”

“And I’m the dirty old man who can’t help making a fool of himself over a girl.”

Sally thought about it a moment, then chuckled, “Okay, if I’m a whore, give me my money.”

Without hesitation, Bill took his wallet from his pants and handed Sally a twenty-dollar bill. He seemed almost relieved to pay her for having sex with him, as if the money put a safe distance between them.

“You know, for this much,” Sally playfully told him, “you get more than just a blow-job.”

“You come cheap,” Bill answered, getting into the groove of the game he had started.

“Only with customers I dig,” Sally cooed. “If a trick can keep his prick up for me, I’ll put out for him all night long — even for a lousy twenty bucks. And it looks like you fill the bill, stud.”

Both she and her father gazed at his cock. It remained hard and Sally pressed her finger to the tip, then stretched a late glob of jizz into a silvery strand.

“Mmmm, I want more of that,” she murmured. “Show me your cunt, girl, and you’ll get all the cock and cum you’ll ever be able to handle,” Bill hornily vowed.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Sally smirked.

She was wearing tight jeans. Pushing out her stomach, she popped their waistband without ever touching them. Then her zipper lowered in the same fashion as if she were willing it down.

The jeans were loose at her hips now, open from the soft roll of her belly to the top of her crotch. Bill looked for panties but didn’t see any. Licking his lips, he waited for her pussy to appear in full view.

Still using no hands, Sally worked her jeans down by wiggling her ass and thighs. There was her cunt. Her father blinked. There wasn’t a hair in sight between her legs!

Sally now shook those legs so her jeans fell past her knees. Her feet squirmed free after she kicked off her shoes. Naked from the waist down, she laid back against the car door and removed her blouse. Her small tits bobbed free, the nipples erect. Down below her legs had gradually opened, so her pussy yawned by the time she was completely nude.

“Like me?” she whispered.

“Your cunt… it’s shaved!” Bill gulped.

“Turn you off? Turn you on?”

“It’s just that it reminds me… reminds me of someone,” Bill muttered.

“I won’t ask you who,” Sally said. “That would break our agreement about no questions.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It would,” Bill agreed nervously, trying to cling to the rules of the game. “Just because you shave your cunt doesn’t mean anything.”

“Or just the opposite,” Sally suggested. “It can mean whatever you want it to — after all, it’s your twenty bucks. If you wanted to, you could pretend my pussy’s so smooth because there never was any hair growing there in the first place. You know, like I was, say, just a little girl. I could be that young for you if that’s what gets you off.” She paused as her father’s desire mounted. “Does it? Is my dirty old man a baby-fucker?”

“Yes,” Bill rasped. “As low as man can go, that’s what I am with you.”

He had his pulsing hard-on in his hand, guiding it toward Sally’s pink pussy.

“If you had ribbons in your hair,” he rasped some more when he slipped his cockhead into Sally’s pussy. “Just some ribbons in your hair like a little girl.”

“Close your eyes. See, there are the ribbons in my hair. Pretty pink bows, the same color as my little cunt.”

“And freckles on your face and braces on your teeth.”

“Exactly. I’m the little girl you always wanted to fuck. Give me your big cock in my tight pussy and turn me into a woman.”

“Sure, baby, sure. I’m your man.”

Bill sank about half of his prick into Sally’s pussy and her cunt responded with a damp squeeze, then relaxed so it could take more cock.

“All the way,” Sally urged. “Fuck me with your whole cock. I want to feel every inch of you inside my cunt.”

Bill’s hips bucked and he pitched forward and he wound up sprawled on top of Sally, belly to belly to her. His prick was hilted in her pussy. Sally eagerly seized him with her clutching thighs, pulling him even tighter against her.

“Now move your ass,” Bill directed. “Wiggle it, sweetheart, squirm for me.”

“Like this?” Sally answered, writhing from the waist down.

“Perfect, baby, perfect. Now I’m going to start working my cock back and forth in your cunt. Every time I shove forward, you push back.”

Bill’s prick began stroking. First it withdrew several inches, setting itself for another hilted plunge. When it rammed home, Sally met the thrust with an upward lunge of her crotch that lifted her ass off the seat.

“Feels like a foot of cock inside me,” she swooned as she temporarily hung in mid-air with her cunt stuffed with all the cock it could take.

“Okay, now relax,” Bill told her. “Ease back down while my prick slides out until only the head is in your pussy.”

Sally sighed as her ass returned to the seat and her pussy released most of Bill’s withdrawing cock.

“Now let’s put the pressure on each other again,” Bill rasped.

He reached down and fucked Sally’s clit at the same time his prick drove. Sally’s hips jumped and her lurching pelvis caught her father’s hand between it and his crotch. Once again her ass was in the air and her cunt was shafted to the core with her father’s cock.

Her raised loins swaying, Sally twisted Bill’s prick in her pussy. She could have come on the spot if she’d wanted to, but backed off instead, knowing that the longer she delayed her climax the stronger it would be. So, sagging at the waist, she let most of her father’s cock leave her cunt for now.

Bill was frenzied with lust by this point. As soon as his prick was partially withdrawn he wanted it all the way back in again. He grabbed Sally’s asscheeks, yanking her crotch toward him as he drilled his cock in her cunt.

Bill kept his prick hilted longer this time than before as he held Sally’s squirming ass aloft. In addition he licked her tits, drooling on her rigid nipples.

“Come for me, baby,” Bill slurped.

But Sally wrestled free of his grip and lowered her ass to the seat so that all of his cock except the knob was left outside her pussy.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?” Bill asked. “Don’t you want to come for me?”

“More than anything,” Sally answered. “But not just any old way. When I come I want it to completely blow my mind. Tear me up. The longer I hold off, the more it’ll build and the stronger it’ll be. Just keep fucking me, you’ll see.”

“You’re the boss,” Bill said.

He drove into Sally again and, she rose to meet the thrust of his prick. Their loins ground together, maximizing the friction of cock and pussy. Then they partially separated, but only for a moment. Now Bill drove once more with Sally pushing back with every ounce of her strength. The action quickly became a blur of male and female loins as Bill’s cock repeatedly stroked in and out of Sally’s cunt. Her ass was bouncing.

Then Sally stiffened.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Bill asked.

“Absolutely nothing,” Sally moaned.

And then she let go with the mightiest orgasm she had ever had. Her senses throbbed and her pussy spasmed. Her body’s momentary stiffness gave way to rolling gyrations.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she sang. “Keep me coming until you come yourself, Daddy.”

It was the first time Sally had called attention to the fact that Bill was her father since they had started fucking. When Bill heard her call him that he took a deep breath. He had been avoiding the reality of incest for the last several minutes, but now he had to face the fact that he was fucking his very own daughter.

He also had to come.

As the jizz rose in his balls, Bill remembered the time before when the juice from his spurting cock had poured into his wife’s womb to start the pregnancy which brought their baby daughter into the world. Now, a generation later, the same cum that had originally given Sally life would swamp her teenaged pussy.

Was fucking his daughter, Bill wondered in the pressure-packed instant before his cock exploded, the worst thing any man could do? Or the best? Did fucking your own daughter mean you were a monster — or the luckiest guy in the world?

And then there was no more time for Bill to think. All he could do was what nature willed when a man’s prick had been squeezed and tugged to the limit by a tight cunt.

“I’m coming, baby,” he groaned to his daughter.

Hot jizz gushed from his cock. It flooded Sally’s pussy.

“More! More!” she urged her climaxing father. “More cum in my cunt, Daddy!”

“I’ll do my best, Sally,” Bill promised, completely over his hang-up about fucking his daughter now that the moment of truth had arrived.

He lifted her ass off the seat so his prick angled almost straight down in her pussy to finish its spurting. He wanted to flood her, to fill her pussy with cum from the bottom to the top.

He was disappointed when his cock slowed to a dribble, afraid he hadn’t given Sally all the jizz her thirsty cunt deserved. He needn’t have worried. Sally’s pussy was so bloated that it couldn’t hold all the jizz that had been shot into it. The overflow was already leaking into the crack of her ass.

“Did I do it good enough for you, sweetheart?” Bill asked anxiously.

“Pull out and see for yourself, Daddy.”

Bill withdrew his drained prick and gazed between Sally’s thighs when she unlocked her legs from around his waist. The creamy evidence of his massive climax drooled from the wound of her freshly fucked cunt. Sally put her hand down there and smeared the cum around so it glistened all over her crotch.

“Yes, you did good, Daddy, real good,” she chuckled like she was talking to a brother instead of her father.

“Yeah, guess I did at that,” Bill proudly agreed with his daughter’s praise.

“You fucked me even better than I thought you would,” Sally sighed. “Only one thing could top it.”

“Just name it, princess,” Bill quickly answered, ready for anything.

“Fuck me again,” Sally told her horny father what he wanted to bear.

His hard cock entered her pussy again, greased this time by the leftover jizz from their previous fuck. The repeated cock-strokes made Sally’s sloppy cunt squish. They also made her moan, and then come before long. Responding to her climax, Bill drove his cock into her harder and harder. Then he too was coming. Father and daughter were so horny for each other that the whole thing had only taken a couple of minutes.

Neither felt cheated by such a quick fuck, though. For they had the whole evening ahead of them. They could do it fast or slow, as many times as they wanted. Sally could take her father’s cock in her ass or mouth, as well as in her cunt. They could suck each other. They could make each other come over and over again…

And that’s just the way it was.


For Sally’s father, the night of incestuous passion with his only daughter was followed by the cold light of the next day. Here he was, behind his desk at his job as usual, trying to go through his normal routine. And all the while knowing he was anything but a normal man.

“Wasn’t satisfied fucking my own sister,” he muttered with his head in his hands. “Had to fuck my own daughter, too.”

“You say something, Bill?” a co-worker called to him.

“No, just thinking to myself,” Bill answered.

He sat there, trying to seem like he was busy. Actually he was doodling the names of his sister and daughter over and over on a piece of paper. When he looked down at them they seemed to leap out at him. Taunting him Meg. Sally. Meg. Sally. Meg. Sally…

He scribbled over them with such force that he broke the lead of his pencil.

“What’s the matter, Bill?” the co-worker laughed. “Damned job finally getting to you?”

“Yeah, that’s it,” Bill lied, wishing his problem were really so simple.

“Hang in there,” the co-worker said. “It’s all you can do.”

“Sure,” Bill wearily sighed.

He got a fresh pencil and went back to doodling, unaware of what he was drawing until he looked down and saw it. There was a rough sketch of a shaved pussy. Then Bill’s hand automatically guided the pencil through a second drawing which was the same as the first.

As he looked at the piece of paper, Bill was suddenly wide-eyed with discovery. He labeled one of the pussies he had drawn with his sister’s name. Then wrote his daughter’s name under the other identical cunt. Meg and Sally.

“Of course,” he whispered to himself. Then he said it louder, crumpling the paper into a ball in his tightening fist.

“That was a quick recovery,” the co-worker said. “Hey, Bill, where’re you going?”

Bill left the office without a reply. Then he was out of the building, walking briskly. So deep in thought that he ignored his surroundings, the next thing he knew he was knocking on his sister’s front door.

“Well, look who’s here,” Meg greeted him. “Come on in and let me make you, uh, comfortable.”

Bill lashed out and slapped his sister across the face. “You dirty bitch?” he cursed her.

“Well, to what do I owe this honor?” Meg sassed despite the blow.

“Sally!” Bill blurted out his daughter’s name.

“What about her?”

“I’ll show you,” Bill seethed.

He kicked the door closed behind him then grabbed Meg’s skirt and ripped it away. She reeled backward from the assault, landing on the couch with her legs apart. Bill was right on top of her and he took a handful of her panties and tore them from her crotch, leaving her naked from the waist down.

“Look at your cunt, Sis,” Bill snapped. “Then tell me what we both already know. Who else in this family has shaved her cunt, too?”

Meg didn’t answer, not because she was afraid, but because she was waiting for somebody else to answer Bill. Somebody who should be coming out of the bedroom just about now.

“Why don’t you ask me in person about my own cunt, Daddy?” Sally called after her abrupt appearance. She was nude.

Bill took a deep breath to steady himself but it didn’t do much good. Still, he was going to see this thing through regardless of how rocky he felt.

“I should have figured it out last night instead of trying to kid myself that it was only a coincidence you both had shaved your cunts,” he said. “You two are in this together. You set me up to fuck each of you. Trapped me. God knows what else you’ve done. I won’t even ask you, Sally, why you aren’t wearing any clothes.”

“But I’ll tell you anyway, Daddy,” Sally breezily offered. “Aunt Meg was just getting ready to eat my pussy when you showed up. Of course I’d have stripped her too in no time flat so we could sixty-nine like a couple of dykes. Wouldn’t have been the first time we got it on and won’t be the last. But you know what, Daddy?”

Bill looked blankly at his smirking daughter.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Sally said. “Suddenly I’m in the mood for cock. Your cock, Daddy. Your great, big, fat, hard cock!”

“Sally took the words right out of my mouth,” Meg told her brother as she unbuttoned her blouse so her tits fell free.

“No!” Bill insisted. “What happened before will never happen again. This has got to stop before it destroys us all!”

“I can’t believe you mean that, Daddy,” Sally purred. She had crossed the room and she was rubbing her naked body against her father. Meg finished undressing and quickly joined her.

“Really, Bill, you know that Sally and I have always been able to wrap you around our little fingers,” Meg cooed, pressing her cunt against her brother’s trembling leg. “Why fight it? You’re just as hooked on family fucking as we are. Relax and enjoy yourself. Getting it on with both of us at the same time will be twice as good as when you fucked each of us separately.”

“Think of it, Daddy,” Sally chimed in, picking up where her aunt left off. “Two shaved pussies instead of one. While you’re fucking one, you can suck the other. Doesn’t it make your cock hard just thinking about it?”

“No!” Bill hissed.

“Of course his prick is hard,” Meg scoffed at her brother’s denial. “He’s a man, isn’t he?”

Bill offered no further disagreement, knowing it would have been pointless. The bulge in his pants proved his sister was right — his cock was as hard as a rock.

“Go ahead, Sally,” Meg urged her niece. “Touch him. Feel for yourself how horny your old dad is for us.”

Sally pressed her hand between her father’s legs. His cock and balls throbbed against her fingers through his pants. She rubbed. Bill’s knees wobbled.

“Oh, I want it,” Sally sighed.

She dropped to her knees and unfastened her father’s pants, forcing them down along with his shorts. Out leapt Bill’s prick, stiff and jutting. It seemed at least a foot long.

“I-I’m not responsible for this,” Bill stammered when his daughter began sucking his cock. “I didn’t want this.”

“But here you are anyway, Brother Dear,” Meg crooned, “with your hard cock in your daughter’s mouth. And that’s just where your cock will stay until you come and Sally swallows every drop of your jizz.”

“Okay, you’re right, Sis,” Bill admitted painfully. “I’m guilty as hell. If that’s what you wanted, you’ve succeeded. I’m no better than you and Sally. There’s enough blame to go around.”

“You sound like the end of the world’s right around the corner,” Meg teased.

“It might as well be,” Bill muttered, uncontrollably jerking his hips so his prick fucked his daughter’s mouth. But at the same time he cringed at what was happening. “How can the family stand up under this? Nothing will ever be the same.”

“Christ, I hope not,” Meg chuckled. “We were an awfully boring lot before we started sucking and fucking each other.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Bill replied. “You’re divorced, with nothing to lose. But I have a wife. A place in the community. I was satisfied with my life. Sally was a happy, well-adjusted girl. But you, Sis, you had to drag us down with you.”

Meg had to laugh out loud at that. “So you think I was the first one to fuck someone in the family, do you?” she said. “Well, think again. It was going on before I ever tried it.”

Bill was surprised to hear this. “Who then?” he gulped. “Who started it?”

“She’s sucking your cock right now,” Meg answered.

“S-Sally?” Bill choked, looking down at his slurping daughter as she fed on his prick. “Sally was first? I-I don’t believe it.”

Sally looked up with her mouth stuffed with his cock. Her eyes twinkled. Obviously she wasn’t denying anything.

“Who?” Bill gasped, wanting to know which family member his daughter had fucked to start the ball of incest rolling. But Sally wasn’t about to stop sucking cock just to satisfy her father’s curiosity. She left it up to Meg to provide the details.

“Your happy, well-adjusted daughter,” Meg explained saucily, “was fucking my happy, well adjusted son. Yes, Bill, Sally and Andy were fucking every chance they got. When I found out about it, there was one of two things I could do. Put a stop to it — or get my share. You know which route I took. Everything fell into place from there.”

“Sally, is this true?” Bill called down to his kneeling daughter.

Sally answered by increasing her suction on her father’s cock and squeezing his balls. Bill asked his question again, but now his voice was charged with sexual excitement. He couldn’t help himself. His daughter had deep-throated his prick past the point of no return.

“Have to come,” he painfully admitted.

Then the pain abruptly turned in to sheer pleasure when Bill’s sucked cock exploded with creamy release. Now he was shooting his wad in his daughter’s mouth. She swallowed the jizz as fast as it spurted.

“It’s so wrong… so wrong,” Bill moaned as his cum flowed down Sally’s throat. “But, damn it, it feels so right.”

“And the good times are just beginning,” Meg assured her climaxing brother. “Sally and I can make you come over and over again — even if we have to rape you to do it.”

“Oh, Christ, I don’t know what I want anymore,” Bill groaned.

He slumped to his knees under the weight of incest’s burden. His cock had stopped squirting, but Sally was gnawing at its head to draw out the dribbling remains of his cum. And there was Meg, straddling his head. Bill looked up into his sister’s yawning cunt and saw the truth.

“I’m hooked,” he confessed. “Why fight it?” He reached up for Meg’s hips, drawing her crotch toward his waiting mouth. Then her wide-open pussy was plastered against his face. He had his tongue in her sweet slit. Pussy juice oozed down his throat.

Meg bore down and she didn’t stop until her brother was flat on his back and she was sitting on his face. Bill’s tongue poked straight up in her cunt, twisting like a cork-screw. Meg’s pussy responded with more juice. Bill couldn’t gulp it down fast enough.

“Everything’s going to be all right,” Meg told her niece.

“Ahhh, don’t I know it,” Sally sighed with a sticky grin after finally ending the blow-job on her father’s cock. “Just look at Daddy’s prick. All that cum it shot in my mouth and it’s still hard as a rock ready to fuck me.”

“Then get it in your cunt,” Meg urged. “Let’s give your old man what we promised him — a cunt to suck and another one to fuck.”

“Here I go,” Sally bubbled.

She squatted over her father’s crotch. His stiff cock stood up as if on cue, reaching for her shaved cunt. Sally caught his cockhead between her pussy lips and slid down Bill’s rigid prick pole.

Facing Meg, Sally told her aunt, “Daddy’s whole prick is in my cunt.”

“Mmmm, I can see,” Meg stated her admiration for the hilted connection of cock and pussy. “It’s a beautiful sight.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Aunt Meg, sitting on Daddy’s face like a queen on her throne,” Sally noted. “Is his tongue doing the job in your cunt?”

“Wiggling like a snake,” Meg reported. “I’m almost ready to come.”

“Can you hold off for a while until I get into the groove?” Sally requested. “Then the two of us can come together.”

“Okay,” Meg agreed. “But I can’t wait very long the way your father’s eating me out. Hurry up and start fucking hard so you can catch up with me.”

“No sooner said than done,” Sally chirped.

She started riding her father’s cock, jerking her pussy up and down on it. Her head tilted back and her long, blonde hair flew as though she were aboard a frisky pony.

“Oh, fuck him, fuck him,” Meg called her encouragement. “The harder you fuck him, the more his tongue moves in my pussy.”

As her niece bounced on Bill’s prick, Meg heightened her part of the action by swiveling her hips so her brother orally reamed her cunt. Down below, Bill squirmed, his every movement drawing him deeper into incest’s sweet trap.

“You and I aren’t the only ones who are going to come,” Sally told her aunt. “Daddy’s cock is ready to blow any time now. All this sucking and fucking’s got the poor guy ready to bust loose at the seams.”

Sally stopped forcing the action on top of her father. But there was no letup, because now Bill’s crotch heaved up and down, pumping his cock in his daughter’s cunt. At the same time his tongue stabbed his sister’s pussy as far up as Meg’s womb.

“This is fantastic!” Meg whooped. “All three of us are going to come, come, come! Come together! Fan-fucking-tastic! Let’s let it happen for us right now!”

Meg had called it exactly right. Her cunt trembled with orgasm just when her niece’s cunt did, too. And at the same time Bill’s prick erupted with a torrent of jizz.

Aunt and niece leaned toward one another, kissing to celebrate the mass climax. Beneath them, Bill’s cock pumped cum into Sally’s cunt while his tongue went wild in Meg’s pussy.

The golden moment of three-way coming had only one drawback. It was just that, only a moment. Even an hour of continuous group orgasm probably would not have satisfied the incestuous trio. They wanted to come forever.

“Oh, it’s over too soon,” Sally sighed when her father’s prick had spent itself in her cunt. “Way too soon.”

“That’s the bad news,” Meg said. “The good news is that we can start all over again.”

“I’m not so sure,” Sally warned. “All that sucking and fucking took a lot out of Daddy. His poor cock feels like a dishrag in my pussy. I think he’s had it.”

“Let’s see what the damage is,” Meg suggested. She and Sally dismounted Bill and looked him over. He wasn’t a hopeful sight for a pair of horny females. His cock and tongue, so hard and active in their pussies just a short time before, now flopped with apparent uselessness. And his eyes were as glazed as a corpse’s. The only sigh of life was his labored breathing, which rattled in his throat.

“Doesn’t look good,” Meg admitted.

“Maybe we ought to just forget about it,” Sally said. “We might give him a heart attack if we push him any further. After all those years being married to my mom, Daddy’s just not used to this much sex.”

“I hate to say it, but I think you’re right,” Meg concluded. “If we want to get it on some more, I guess the two of us will just have to do a number on each other like a couple of dykes and forget about your dad’s cock for the time being. Come here and let me suck the cum out of your cunt.”

Bill twitched as his niece moved toward his sister.

“No!” he blurted.

He sprang up between Meg and Sally, holding them apart. The effect could hardly have been more startling if he had risen from the dead.

“Eat each other’s pussies on your own time,” Bill snapped. “AS long as I’m around we’re all in this together. There’s no sucking and fucking unless I’m right there in the middle of it, getting my share. Understand?”

Meg and Sally looked down at his crotch to see if there was any meaning behind his words. There was. His cock was jutting in full glory. He had the kind of hard-on which makes women lick their ups while their tightening cunts get warm and sticky.

“Oh, you beautiful stud!” Meg swooned to her hung brother. “And I thought you were all fucked out.”

“How’d you do it, Daddy?” Sally asked. “Snap back so soon when we’d given up on you?”

“That’s just what it was. You gave up on me,” Bill explained. “No man with any balls is going to let anybody else count him out. And believe me I know what I’m talking about.”

Meg and Sally listened closely, realizing that a real turning point was at hand. It was as if Bill were being reborn in front of them, had finally become that renegade macho force women crave in their lives instead of another face in the crowd.

“I’ve been letting other people sell me short for years,” Bill continued. “Relieving that I had to live by the rules. I’ve heard it from my wife, my boss, and everybody else. Do this. Don’t do that. Bullshit! I’ve taken it long enough. Nobody decides anything for me anymore. I call the shots. And you two bitches are no exception. You’ll jump for me or I’ll beat you until you bleed.”

Meg and Sally felt like cheering. But that wouldn’t do. They knew their places now. Whatever they did next was up to Bill. They had created a macho monster and couldn’t wait to behave like his slaves.

“Up on all fours,” Bill directed. “I want to see you two looking just like a couple of bitches in heat for me. Asses up in the air, asscheeks apart, and your cunts wide-open for my big cock. I’m going to dog-fuck both of you.”

Meg and Sally couldn’t get into position fast enough. Each seemed to be competing with the other to make her rear-spread pussy the most inviting target for Bill’s prick.

“Look at you two,” Bill mocked his sister and daughter as they offered their cunts to him. “If I were just going to fuck one of you, each of you would be ready to strangle the other for the chance to get my cock up her horny cunt. Good thing I’m man enough for both of you.”

He moved in behind them, holding his hard-on as though it were a weapon. He ran the tip along the groove between Meg’s asshole and clit, then shifted and did the same thing to Sally.

“Beg me for it, bitches,” he told his sister and daughter.

“Fuck me!” Meg and Sally pleaded in a single voice.

Bill’s prick hesitated a moment between pussies, then plunged into his sister’s juicy cunt. However, he did not neglect his daughter’s cunt. At the same time he drove his meat into Meg’s pussy, he crammed his fingers into Sally’s cunt.

Now Bill moved his cock and fingers to the same rhythm, servicing both pussies at the same time. Female hips churned in response. Bill pumped harder and harder with prick and hand, making a fist with the latter in Sally’s stretching cunt.

Then he stopped. Both having reached the brink of orgasm, Meg and Sally breathlessly waited for Bill to make his next move after he freed his cock and hand from their cunts.

Recognizing their need to come, he teased them, told them they ought to pay him to keep on fucking them. They would have if he hadn’t been joking.

Now Bill switched the cum of his two sexual tools. This time his daughter took his prick up her cunt while his sister got a cuntful of knuckles. As the action resumed, Sally and Meg breathed deeply and surged toward the orgasms they had been momentarily denied.

“Go ahead and come, you bitches,” Bill laughed. “You’ve got my permission.”

He jammed his daughter’s cunt with his cock, his sister’s with his fist. Sally and Meg climaxed on the spot.

“Which one of you is coming the hardest?” Bill taunted his moaning women.

“Me!” both of them insisted.

“Too bad you have to stop,” Bill laughed some more.

He pulled his cock and hand loose. They were both dripping with female cum. Their pussies suddenly empty, Sally and Meg sighed with disappointment on their way down from their orgasmic heights. But neither openly complained. Whatever Bill did was right. They were here for his pleasure.

“Maybe I’m getting tired of your cunts,” he now said. “Maybe I want to fuck something tighter, if you know what I mean.”

Sally and Meg knew exactly what he meant and each felt her asshole throb with anticipation.

Bill jabbed a finger up each female ass.

“Mmmm, tight all right,” he noted.

He withdrew his fingers then passed them under the noses of his daughter and sister so they could sniff their own crap.

“Now that you know what I want, let’s hear you beg me to do it to you,” he told them.

“Oh, Daddy,” Sally cried, “please fuck my ass! Bury your big cock right where I shit!”

“What about you, Meg?” Bill asked his sister when she didn’t join the plea.

Meg seemed to ignore him.

“You’re playing with fire, bitch,” Bill warned her. “I’m not a patient man. If you won’t beg me to fuck your ass, then I’ll beat it raw. Is that what you want?”

Meg finally spoke. “Try me,” she said. Bill didn’t hesitate. His hand looped in a blur, gathering violent momentum before it smacked like a shovel against his sister’s hoisted ass. Meg’s asscheeks were instantly red. Another blow made them redder. A third and they were turning purple. Bill continued beating on Meg’s ass until his hand ached. He stopped to shake the soreness from his fingers.

“I’m beginning to think you like this,” he told his sister.

Meg looked over her shoulder again. Despite the brutal spanking, her face did not register the expected pain. Far from it. She was smiling eerily.

“You do like it, don’t you?” Bill said, reading the obvious pleasure in Meg’s expression.

“Did you ever have any doubt?” Meg purred. “You can beat me anytime — especially before you fuck me in the ass. Set my ass on fire before you shove your big cock up my tight asshole.”

When Sally heard this she was immediately jealous of her aunt’s latest trip.

“Whip me, too, Daddy!” Sally urged her father, anxiously wiggling her trim ass.

“With pleasure,” Bill agreed.

He didn’t stop spanking until Sally’s ass was a mass of ugly welts. She was crying when the beating stopped, but with joy, not suffering.

“Oh, thank you, Daddy, thank you,” she whimpered. “It hurt so good.”

“And my big cock up your ass is going to hurt even better,” Bill vowed, choosing Sally’s rear chute as the first one he would butt-fuck.

He fit the head of his cock into his daughter’s small, pink opening. The narrow rim widened as he forced his prickmeat inside. He didn’t stop pushing until every inch of his hard-on was buried in Sally’s ass. Still, she screamed for even more cock than he had to give.

However, Bill abruptly pulled out. When Sally protested her father pointed out that he had two asses to fuck. Then Bill moved behind an anxiously awaiting Meg.

With his cock already slick with shit from being inside his daughter’s ass, Bill had no trouble hilting his sister’s asshole. He rammed her to his balls with a single surge that made her squeal like a stuck pig.

“Rip me, Bill, rip me!” Meg yelped. “Tear me to pieces with your mean cock!”

“No, it’s my turn again,” Sally insisted.

To Meg’s disappointment and his daughter’s glee, Bill switched partners and started ass-fucking Sally again. But, of course, that didn’t go on for long before Meg was demanding her share of cock once more. Sally tried to shout her aunt down, pleading to her father to keep fucking her.

Bill pulled his shitty cock out of Sally’s ass. However, he didn’t stick it in Meg’s eager hole.

“Enough bitching!” he snapped at his daughter and sister like they were quarreling children. “Either I go at my own pace or neither of you gets her ass fucked.”

“We’re sorry, Daddy,” Sally replied to the scolding.

“Yeah,” Meg agreed. “Guess those dynamite spankings you gave us turned us on too much for our own good. Still, it’s damned hard for one of us to just watch while the other one’s getting her ass stuffed.”

“I’ve only got one prick,” Bill said, reminding his daughter and sister that he was only human. “Can only fuck one ass at a time…” He paused as an idea took hold. “But that doesn’t mean,” he spoke again, grinning now, “the other ass has to stay on hold. I know a way I can handle both of them at the same time so you’ll both come together. It’s kind of kinky, but that’s why it ought to work.”

Sally and Meg bit. “Just tell us what to do,” they said together. Then Sally added, “If it’s kinky, Daddy, how can we complain?”

“Okay, then,” Bill said. “One of you climb up on the other’s back.”

Meg shrugged, then straddled her kneeling niece like she was mounting a horse. Bill pushed her forward so she was bent over with her ass yawning. Down below, Sally’s ass was in the same state. Both assholes puckered in anticipation.

Bill fit his cockhead into his daughter’s ass then plastered his mouth between the split of his sister’s spread asscheeks. His prick lurched and his tongue surged. Suddenly both assholes were engorged with meat.

And there were no complaints.

“Oh, I know it’s tongue,” Meg moaned in response to her brother’s oral penetration. “But, mmmm, it feels as good as cock to me. Eat me out, Bill, ream my ass so deep you can taste my shit.”

“I’m so glad you’re digging it this way, Aunt Meg,” Sally told her father’s sister. “Now I don’t have to feel selfish about getting all the cock. We can both just let go and groove on what’s important — coming as hard as we can.”

“Absolutely,” Meg moaned while Bill’s tongue wiggled up her ass. Then she farted uncontrollably and her brother sucked up the fumes without hesitation. Meg responded by coming with everything she had.

Picking up on her aunt’s climax, Sally strained toward her own orgasm. She rocked back and forth on her hands and knees so her tight asshole tugged at Bill’s ass-fucking cock. The friction was magic.

Sally gasped that she was going to come and it happened a split-second later, as she joined Meg in orgasmic flight.

Meanwhile, Bill kept his tongue and cock working in the asses of his sister and daughter. He had the urge to come too, but fought it off, wanting to suck and fuck ass as long as was humanly possible before he caved in.

For Bill recognized that after he finally shot his wad, he would be through for the day. His part in the family orgy would be ended, as exhaustion took its toll. So he would use his remaining strength to go out in style then collapse with a smile on his face, the badge of a job well done.

Bill kept sucking and fucking until his tongue and cock were almost raw from the squeezing asses of his sister and daughter. And when erotic release overtook him at last, he kit like a drowning man.

“I’m going under!” he cried as his prick erupted with a gushing stream of jizz that seemed to turn his balls inside out. His own voice was the last thing he heard before a curtain of darkness lowered on him.

“Look at Daddy!” Sally noted when the bodies untangled. “He’s out cold. I wonder if he’ll be all right.”

“He’s smiling, isn’t he?” Meg chuckled.


“Well, Daddy, how did it go?” Sally asked her father. “Did you break it to Mom?”

Bill nodded.

“How did Jane take it?” Meg chimed in. “Hard? Did she cry? I’ll bet she was surprised.”

“Not as surprised as I was,” Bill sighed. “You know, you can be married to a woman for twenty years and think you know her. Then you tell her you want a divorce like I did today, and you find out you were living with a stranger all that time.”

Sally and Meg, along with Andy who was also there, looked at Bill with puzzled expressions.

“You know those bridge club meetings your mother has been going to?” Bill spoke directly to his daughter.

“What about them, Daddy?” Sally anxiously asked.

“They were phony. Your mother’s been playing around instead of playing cards. Twice a week at the Holiday Inn.”

“With who?” Sally, Meg and Andy all asked with disbelief.

“My boss,” Bill revealed. “Can you beat that? She’s been fucking him ever since I went to work at the agency.”

“SO what now?” Meg asked her brother. “Are you free? That’s the main thing.”

“Free as a bird,” Bill answered. “My future ex-wife and my boss are very happily stuck with each other. I even got a promotion out of it.”

“What about me, Daddy?” Sally quizzed.

“I get custody,” Bill said. “Your mother isn’t so sure it would be such a good idea for you to live with her and my boss while they’re shacking up. She’ll explain it to you later — after she gets back from Acapulco.”

Eyebrows were raised.

“Your mother,” Bill explained to Sally, “believes in making a clean break, it seems. We’re on our own, honey. Just like that. I still don’t believe how easy it was. My head’s still spinning. Twenty years of marriage — phffft — just like that.”

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you, Bill?” Meg said. “You told us yourself that divorce was the only answer. That as long as you were married, the rest of us could never be free. The split had to come for everybody’s sake, the sooner the better. I’d say it’s worked out great.”

“That’s right, Daddy,” Sally supported her aunt’s logic. “You had to cut Mom loose. She was in our way. As long as she was around, there was always the chance she’d find out about the rest of us. And I don’t care what she’s been doing with your boss, she never could have fit in with us. She’ll always be my mother and I still love her, but, damn, I’m glad she’s gone. You ought to just be happy, Daddy, that she’s already got another man to keep her busy.”

“My pride’s a little hurt, I guess,” Bill admitted.

Then that sneaky grin creased his face again. “But I wouldn’t mind celebrating my freedom a little.”

He slyly chuckled. “Anybody got any ideas?”

“Mmmm, I think so, Daddy,” Sally purred.

She knelt before her father. There was an instant lump at the crotch of his pants. Before Sally could unzip his fly, Bill did it for her. Then he pulled out his stiff prick and thrust it in her face.

“To life without Mom,” Sally offered a toast. Her father took advantage of her open mouth to feed her his cock. She greedily swallowed the whole thing.

Bill immediately began rolling his hips. Sally pushed her face against his crotch every time it flexed, deep-throating cock with slurping hunger. It was never just a blow-job. Father fucked daughter in her mouth from the very beginning.

“Aren’t they perfect together?” Meg asked Andy as she and her son watched the action.

“We’re not too shabby ourselves, Mom, when we get it on,” Andy answered.

“Are you making me an offer I can’t refuse?” Meg teased.

“What do you think, Mom?”

“I think the cock-sucking in this room’s contagious,” Meg kidded.

“Then let’s see how bad you’ve caught the fever, Mom,” Andy said.

Andy put his hands on his mother’s shoulders, forcing her to her knees. Meg unzipped him with her teeth. Then her tongue wriggled inside his jeans. Andy wore no shorts and when his hard-on sprang forth, his mother’s mouth was there to eat it.

“Mmmm, move your lips on me, Mom,” Andy urged. “And keep them tight. I want to be able to close my eyes and not be sure whether I’m fucking your mouth or your cunt.”

Meg slurped back and forth along the shaft of her son’s hard-on. One moment she would just be taking the head, sucking it like a nipple, then, bearing down, she would deep-throat every inch of Andy’s long tool. Over and over again she repeated this pattern. Andy swayed, moaning with pleasure.

Andy was not alone. A few feet away his uncle Bill was practically a mirror image of him as another mouth-fuck between parent and child ran its course. Sally was eating cock every bit as greedily as Meg was. If they weren’t having a contest to see who could draw first cum, they were giving a pretty good imitation of it.

Bill picked up on it. “Bet Sally gets me off in her mouth before your mom taps your balls,” he called to his nephew.

“You’re on, Uncle Bill,” Andy answered. “I’ll tell you what you owe me after I win.”

“And you’ll be washing my car every weekend for the next month when I shoot my wad first,” Bill laughed confidently. “Sally will be sucking my balls dry while your mother still hasn’t tasted her first drop of your jizz.”

Having overheard this, Sally and Meg doubled their suction, each trying to justify the confidence in her. In addition, balls were squeezed and male assholes fingered, cum-supplies primed by every means possible.

“Shit, this is gonna be a piece of cake,” Andy gusted. “My mom’s eating me alive.”

“Just keep talking, Sonny Boy,” Bill answered. “And while I’m listening, I’ll be giving Sally a bellyful of jizz.”

“You gonna come already, Uncle Bill?” Andy gasped.

“Better believe it.”

“Me, too. Damn, it’s gonna be a fucking tie!” The cocks of uncle and nephew erupted on the same thrusting beat, as each of them made that last plunge down a female throat. Sally and Meg thirstily gulped. They didn’t quit until each had swallowed every drop of cum available to her.

“Guess we should’ve known that neither of these two would let the other one beat her at cocksucking,” Bill said when it was over.

“It’s sure as hell fun to have them try on us, though,” Andy replied.

“Oh, men,” Sally scoffed, releasing her father’s drained prick. “They’ve always got to play their little games. Can’t just enjoy themselves.”

“C’mon, Sally,” Andy answered his cousin. “Uncle Bill and I were happy just getting our joints copped. It was you and Mom who started turning it on like you were in a race. We just picked up on your vibes, that’s all. Isn’t that right. Uncle Bill?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, Son,” Bill agreed with his nephew.

“Okay, let’s say you guys are right,” Meg spoke up for the first time since she and her niece had finished sucking cock. “What if Sally and I come up with something else? Will you play along?”

“As long as it’s dirty,” Andy said with a horny grin. “Right, Uncle Bill?”

“That’s what we’re here for,” Bill agreed. “What do you have in mind, Meg?”

“Have you ever wondered,” Meg said, “which is the best hole to fuck?”

“You mean like pussy or ass?” Andy asked.

“Exactly,” Meg answered. “When you’re fucking one or the other, you’re, sure it’s the one that can’t be beat.”

Andy and his uncle nodded.

“But wouldn’t it be interesting to find out which actually gets a guy off first, pussy or ass?” Meg quizzed.

“An interesting question, Sis,” Bill remarked. “How do you propose we answer it, though? The boy and I can only fuck one way at a time.”

“Yeah,” Andy sided with his uncle.

“You dummies,” Sally spoke up. “Don’t you see what Aunt Meg is getting at? One of you guys will fuck one of us in the ass while the other one fucks cunt. Then we’ll find out whose cock comes first in which hole. I think it’s a fantastic idea — especially if I’m the one who gets ass-fucked.”

Just like that Sally was up on all fours, spreading her asscheeks so her asshole throbbed in exposure.

“Go ahead, Bill,” Meg told her brother. “Fuck your baby girl where she shits.”

“With pleasure!” Bill declared, his prick springing straight out.

He moved in behind his kneeling daughter, planting his cockhead in the rosy dent of her tightest opening.

“And Andy,” Meg called to her son as she dropped to her hands and knees beside Sally, “you dog-fuck my cunt.”

“You got it, Mom!” Andy answered enthusiastically, his hard-on twanging in reaction to his mother’s bitch-in-heat pose.

Lining up at the rear of Meg, he slipped the knob of his cock between her moist pussy lips.

“Okay, boys, shove it,” Meg directed.

Bill powered half of his prick inside his daughter’s asshole with a driving thrust. Andy sank all of his cock into his mother’s cunt. Bill caught up with a second surge, hiking his prick in Sally’s ass to match his nephew’s penetration.

“Now fuck us,” Meg commanded. “Move those cocks. In and out. Back and forth… Ahhh, that’s it. Feels sooo gooooood.”

“Ooooh, it sure does,” Sally moaned now that her father’s stiff prick was jerking in her tight ass. “Oh, Daddy, keep it going. Fuck, fuck, fuck my ass!”

“Don’t let your uncle out-fuck you, Andy,” Meg told her son. “Pump your prick in my cunt like you were trying to saw me in half.”

“I’m fucking you with everything I’ve got, Mom,” Andy gasped. “I’m only human.”

“No, you’re wrong. For now you’re a big, horny Great Dane,” Meg reminded her son that he was dog-fucking her. “And I’m a little, white poodle who hopped the fence. Your cock’s twice as much as it should be for my pampered cunt. You’re going to show me who’s boss. Make me yelp every time you ram me. Do it, do it! Make me pay the price!”

Getting into the swing of things, Andy growled like the animal he was supposed to be. At the same time his beast’s cock gored the narrow canal of his mother’s cunt and Meg yelped just as she promised she would, spurring Andy on to a series of mighty thrusts. Now his prick was hammering her cunt from behind.

Sally noticed how fast her cousin was dog fucking his mother and told her father, “Don’t let Andy take the play away from you, Daddy. He’ll come in Aunt Meg’s cunt first unless your cock does even more than it already is in my ass.”

“If I fuck you any harder down there, baby, I might hurt you,” Bill answered.

“It’s my ass, Daddy, and I want it fucked as rough as you can do it,” Sally insisted. “The more it hurts, the better. Rip me, Daddy, rip me!”

Bill responded the way his daughter hoped he would. His cock drilled her to the hilt, sending its head into the hot pocket of shit in her bowels. Then pulled out almost all the way before crashing all the way in again. Quickly the process was being repeated with pistoning frequency.

However, as perfectly as Bill was fucking Sally’s ass, he wasn’t going at it any better than Andy was dog-fucking Meg’s cunt. Both cocks were blurs as they lurched in and out of the holes they balled.

“I’m gonna beat you, Uncle Bill,” Andy called to his mother’s brother. “My prick’ll be creaming in my mom’s pussy while yours is still bone-dry in Sally’s ass.”

“Oh, Daddy, that’s the way to fuck me,” Sally squealed in response. “Keep it up and I guarantee you’ll come first.”

“The hell he will!” Andy shouted, ramming his mother’s dog-fucked cunt with his long cock.

“Pour it on, stud!” Meg urged her son. “I know you can do it. Know you can come in my pussy before your uncle comes in your cousin’s ass.”

Trying to help Andy be the first to get off, Meg clamped her cunt as tightly as possible around every inch of her son’s prick. Then she rocked on her knees, tugging cock with the noose of her cunthole.

Sally did the same thing with the hard-on in her ass. Her father started groaning in ecstasy.

“I’m about to leave you behind, boy,” Bill called to his nephew.

“Don’t count on it, old man,” Andy answered his uncle.

Then both Bill and Andy shuddered as their spines snapped. Their tongues hung out of their mouths. They were breathless, sweating and red faced.

They were coming.

Bill’s jizz poured into the depths of his daughter’s ass. Andy’s cock creamed in his mother’s pussy.

“Andy’s prick is flooding me with cum!” Meg told Sally. “What about your dad’s cock?”

“Mmmm, it’s gushing in my ass,” Sally swooned.

“That’s what I thought. Another tie,” Meg chuckled. “Looks like these two can’t beat each other at anything.”

“We ought to keep them trying, though,” Sally suggested. “Can’t think of a better way to get fucked all night.”

Meg agreed with her niece. Then she and Sally wobbled under the weight of their own simultaneous orgasms. At the peak of their climaxes they kissed, exchanging tongues to keep their fires burning long after the cock in their fuckholes had been drained.

“Look at those two,” Bill sighed. “Sometimes I wonder if they even need us around. We’ve shot our wads and they’re still going strong.”

“Just watch ’em if we pull out,” Andy said. “They’ll be all over each other like a couple of dykes, sixty-nining the cum from between each other’s legs.”

“Might as well see if you’re right,” Bill replied. Yanking his dripping cock loose from Meg’s pussy.

“No, I’ve got a better idea,” Andy told his uncle, also freeing his dick. “What about if we switch holes?”

“You mean I fuck your mother’s cunt and you fuck Sally’s ass?”

“Right. Only this time we hold back on coming as long as we can. Force these two bitches to do what they’ve been making us do. Sec which one of them can get off first.”

“Sounds good,” Bill chuckled. “Let’s hurry up and do it before they turn dyke on us and we can’t pry them apart.”

Uncle and nephew traded places, stroking their cocks to keep them hard. With their free hands they held Meg and Sally in place, then took aim.

Bill’s prick entered his sister’s rear-spread cunt. Having been fucked already by Andy, Meg’s cunt was sloppy with leftover cum. But Bill didn’t mind his nephew’s jizz as he buried his cock in the gooey hole.

Now Andy pushed his prick into Sally’s freshly fucked ass. The presence of his uncle’s cum there was welcome because it greased the way for a cock surge that went in ten inches on the first try.

“Man, Uncle Bill,” Andy laughed, “when you fuck ’em, you really fuck ’em. Sally’s ass is packed with your cream. I’m surprised you can still get your prick up after unloading so much.”

“I was just going to say about the same thing to you,” Bill answered his nephew. “You really drenched your mother’s pussy, Son.”

Down below, Meg and Sally had broken their kiss as soon as they had started getting fucked again. Wiggling their hips, they maximized the friction of the cocks within them and reminded each other how lucky they were.

“Do you believe these guys?” Sally moaned. “They never get enough.”

“Well, that figures,” Meg sighed. “Since neither do we. Mmmmm, what a family.”

“Yeah,” Sally kidded. “If we weren’t related, we’d all have to adopt each other.”

“Suppose you could ever make it with an outsider?” Meg asked her niece.

“Don’t even want to think about it,” Sally answered. “What about you, Aunt Meg?”

“I may never leave this house again,” Meg laughed. Then added, “And I’m going to make damned sure Andy and your dad never do either, unless they’re on a mighty short leash.”

Sally broke up at that. She and her aunt were cackling like a couple of magpies.

“Hey, you two,” Bill called down to them, “are you going to fuck or chatter? Andy and I mean business. If we have to settle you down with force, we’ll do it.”

“You mean like spank us, Daddy?” Sally hopefully asked.

“If that’s what it takes,” Bill said.

“It does!” Sally and Meg cried at once. Bill and Andy looked at each other with big grins. Then they started paddling ass with their big hands. At the same time they pumped their cocks, Bill in his sister’s cunt and Andy in his cousin’s asshole. Tears came to the eyes of both Meg and Sally as their asses were reddened — tears of joy.

“Whip us! Fuck us!” one of them cried.

“Oh, yes, whip us and fuck us as hard as you can!” the other one added. “We’ll come sooo gooooood for you if you keep it up!”

This was just what Bill and Andy were waiting to hear.

“Which one of you can come first?” Bill asked. Meg answered, “Depends on who gets spanked and fucked the best.”

“You mean like this?” Bill grunted, smacking the cheeks of his sister’s ass at the same time his prick shafted her cunt.

“It’ll get the job done,” Meg whimpered. “Just keep doing it to me, stud. Again… oh, that’s it… and again… mmmmm… and again!”

“What about you, Sally?” Andy asked his cousin.

“Aunt Meg took the words right out of my mouth,” she answered. “Hurt me! Fuck me! I’ll come for you like you won’t believe!”

Andy jammed his cock in Sally’s ass until he could feel shit. Then, when his cockmeat was hilted, he wrenched his prick like a cork-screw in his cousin’s tight hole while he violently clapped her slight asscheeks with a two-hand slap.

“Beautiful!” Sally squealed. “More, Andy, more! You’re really going to have to make me suffer to make me come before your mom does.”

“I think I can arrange that,” Andy darkly chuckled. “A spanking’s not enough for you. You need something worse to go along with my cock in your ass.”

He dropped his hand to his cousin’s cunt, separating the folds with his thumb and forefinger to get at Sally’s clit. When he found her magic button he pinched it hard. Sally gasped. Then screamed when her clit was twisted around double.

“I’m gonna win!” she howled. “Gonna come first!”

Not if her uncle Bill could help it. He stuffed a couple of fingers into Meg’s asshole and scraped the tender lining with his sharp nails while he dog fucked her pussy. Now Meg was also screaming that she was about to come.

Aunt and niece strained toward orgasm and got there at precisely the same instant.

Andy and his uncle couldn’t help but laugh. “They’re just as bad as we are,” Bill said of Meg and Sally. “Neither one will let the other come first.”

“Speaking of which,” Andy answered, “I’m just about ready to shoot my wad again. How about you, Uncle Bill?”

“I’m ready to rip. Let’s do it!”

Bill and Andy slammed their cocks in to the root and their cum gushed. Meg’s cunt and Sally’s asshole were quickly bloated with liquid heat. For a moment of sexual perfection, all four family members were coming at the same time. Then the pricks were drained, the female climaxes cooled, and it was over.

The four naked bodies sagged, then collapsed into a tangled heap. Everything was quiet for awhile.

“Oh, we really did it that time, didn’t we?” Sally finally spoke.

Everyone agreed. Someone wondered aloud if they could all ever come together like that again.

“Something tells me we’d all be willing to die trying, if it got to that,” Meg summed it up. Then chuckled, “On the other hand, we might just get so good at it that we wind up living forever. Personally, I plan on getting a head start doing the second.”

Meg stroked a cock with each hand and moved her mouth toward her niece’s cunt.

Bill, Andy and Sally stirred in response to Meg’s touch, their renewed arousal signaling they wanted to live forever, too.

If sucking and fucking would do it, they were well on their way within minutes.

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