Wild Naughty Daughter

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modem than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in nostalgic remembrance of the time he snuck out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Sally’s story is that of a teenage girl growing up in her own way: breaking the moral code she has been taught, flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, Sally makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

WILD NAUGHTY DAUGHTER — she is growing up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. She is learning to see her parents as people. This is the story of one teenager’s coming of age in our society.


The stores hadn’t even opened on Main Street, and already the early-summer day was sweltering. Sally had to run on tiptoe quickly across the asphalt at each intersection to the relative coolness of the concrete on the next sidewalk, although even the sidewalks were getting too hot to walk on barefooted.

She really should have worn shoes, she knew, but she’d gone barefoot and had worn her tightest, skimpiest shorts and blouse in the hopes that when she reached the First Baptist Church were her mother was waiting, her mother would turn red-faced with shock at her indecent manner of dress and send her straight home again instead of making her stay around to help serve coffee and doughnuts to the women’s group, of which her mother was chairwoman. On her first day of summer of vacation, Sally couldn’t bear the thought of spending the morning catering to a bunch of tittering, gossipy, self-righteous women.

She could already see them looking up and down, appraising her. They’d ask her how school had gone this yew. Had she gotten good grades? Wasn’t her hair getting just a bit too long? Her mother, of course, who’d been complaining about the length of her hair for months now, would send her straight to the salon to get it hacked off church-woman length.

It wasn’t fair. Why shouldn’t she be able to grow her hair any length she wanted to? Her brother Mark could do anything and get away with it. He could grow his hair any length, stay out late at night, take girls to drive-in movies — anything. Dad stuck up for Mark, but he let Mom slave-drive her however she wanted to. It was as if Mark belonged to Dad, and she to Mom. Mark could even skip church and Sunday School half the time.

And Dad even skipped church sometimes. Sally knew Dad didn’t believe all that Baptist crap that Mom was always fantatically trying to live up to, and trying to stuff down her throat. If Mom kept this up, one of these days, Sally was going to run away.

A car passed by slowly, the boys inside whistling and whooping. They asked Sally if she wanted a ride, but she just stuck her tongue out at them and kept walking. They laughed crazily and squealed off.

Dumb boys! Why wouldn’t they ever leave her alone? She couldn’t step out the door and walk two blocks without some boy going by in a car and yelling something dirty at her. All they wanted to do was get into her pants. Even Mark looked at her sometimes like he wanted to get into her pants — her own brother! Well, they could all go jump in the lake. No boy was going to get into her pants until she was good and ready for it.

When will you ever be ready for it? a disturbing voice deep inside herself asked. You know that almost all the other girls at school have had boys between their legs, or so they’ve claimed or implied. Do you want to be the last one to spread your legs for a boy? How much longer are you going to let Mommie’s rules control your life? Do you want to end up a Baptist church-woman, spending your days in a church basement eating coffee and doughnuts and gossiping about all the sinners outside?

Sally’s heart pounded. She started trotting. The sooner she got to the church, barefooted and half-naked, the sooner her mother would blow up and send her back home. Maybe on the way back home those boys in the red car would pass her again — but this time she just might take that offered ride.

A block ahead was Lipman’s Department Store, the largest business in town, and a block beyond Lipman’s was the First Baptist Church. It was appropriate that the biggest store in town should be so close to the largest church, because George Lipman, owner of the store, was not only the church’s major contributor, but head of the Board of Directors of First Baptist as well. The Lipman name was the biggest name in town. There were people in town who might not know the name of the current mayor, but everybody in town — including the five-year olds — knew the name Lipman. And people came from hundreds of miles away to shop at the famed Lipman’s Department Store, which was known throughout the state because of the store’s slick television ads, some of which featured George Lipman himself.

Sally crossed the street in front of Lipman’s, wincing as the softening asphalt stuck to her bare toes. She danced on the sidewalk, cursing under her breath, and was about to continue on a good clip when movement behind the large glass doors at the grand main entrance of Lipman’s caught her eye. A chubby, greasy-looking man was hanging a large sign on the inside of one of the doors. Sally couldn’t believe her eyes. In large bold black letters were printed the words: SALESGIRL WANTED.

Sally froze where she stood, astonished. A job at Lipman’s was every girl’s dream in this town. Every girl’s dream only because George Lipman hired only female salespeople — usually of high school or college age. The wages he paid were the envy of many professional people, and the bonuses were many and generous. The prestige of having a job at Lipman’s was as great as being on the high school cheerleading team. Jobs hardly ever came open, were never advertised in the newspaper, and Lipman’s accepted no advance applications for future jobs that might come open. The rumor was that announcements of openings were passed on by word of mouth from girls who already worked there. Sally stared up at the big sign shaking and almost sick to her stomach. Here was the greatest opportunity she’d ever stumbled onto — a job at Lipman’s. But she was dressed like a slut. They wouldn’t let her in the door this way, let alone allow her to fill out an application. She wished she were dead.

The short, chubby man was staring at her through the glass door. He had his hands on his hips and a slight frown on his face, a frown Sally could make out even though from this distance she couldn’t make out the man’s features too well. From his posture he seemed to be saying: Get away, you dirty little streetwalker!

Sally started to turn away when the man suddenly pushed the door open.

“Interested in the position, young lady?” the man called.

Sally couldn’t speak for a few moments, then managed to stammer, “Well, yes.”

“Come in then, girl, before I wilt in this heat.” The man held the door open as Sally stumbled up the concrete steps and slipped past him into the foyer. He then took down the sign he’d just hung up, and opened the inner glass doors and ushered her into the store, which wouldn’t be open for business for another twenty minutes or so.

“Follow me, darling.”

Sally moved in a daze through the air conditioned store, following none other than the man she now recognized as George Lipman himself. He wore shiny black shoes, black trousers and a white shirt, open at the neck and with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. He looked fatter, balder, and older than he did on television. Greasy black hairs were combed across his bald scalp on top. He wheezed slightly as he walked and smelled of deodorant. They passed the glittering Jewelry Department, Ladies’ Clothing, and the perfumes. They went around the large fountain at the center of the store. George Lipman led Sally into an elevator. Before the door closed, one of the few other people in the store — a girl Sally recognized as a junior from school — greeted Mr. Lipman.

“Good morning, my dear,” Mr. Lipman said. “I’m glad to see you here so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on your first full-time day.”

The girl giggled. “I got here a little early just in case you needed me to do a little extra work for you, Mr. Lipman.”

“Why, thank you, my dear, but not this morning. I’m most appreciative of the thought, though.”

On the way up in the elevator, Mr. Lipman stroked Sally’s hair.

“So fine,” he said. “Like spun gold. And you’ve grown it almost to your waist.”

“I’ll get it cut right away,” Sally blurted.

“Cut? You’ll do no such thing, young lady. I mean, it must have taken you years to grow it so long, and it would be a crime to cut it now.” The elevator opened at the top floor, and Mr. Lipman let Sally exit first.

He led her down a carpeted hallway, past several offices, but didn’t enter the large waiting room of the office labeled: George Lipman, President. Instead, he unlocked an unmarked door farther down the hallway, and showed Sally inside. The room was more of a lounge than an office, resembling a well-furnished living room. There was an intercom in it, though, which Mr. Lipman touched.

“Maxine, absolutely no interruptions, please, until I’ve finished some pressing business.”

“Yes, sir,” came Maxine’s reply.

“Shall we be seated, my dear?” Mr. Lipman said, indicating the plush couch.

Sally sat down and felt self-conscious under the eyes of Mr. Lipman, who stood over her. She crossed her bare legs.

“Relax,” Mr. Lipman said. He suddenly dropped down to his knees in front of her. He put his sweaty hands on her knees and uncrossed her legs, spreading spreading them. “There now, don’t you feel more relaxed? I always like my girls to be relaxed. And your name is?”

“Sally Myers.”

“Sally. Now isn’t that a sweet name? I’m George Lipman, if you haven’t guessed. You may have seen me on TV?”

“Oh sure, everybody knows who you are, Mr. Lipman.”

The man smiled. “Yes, they do, unfortunately. Well, Sally, I’d like you to call me George whenever we’re alone together — but only then. At all other times you are to call me Mr. Lipman. We need a salesgirl for the Sporting Goods Department. Full time now, although once school starts again, I realize you’ll have to go to part-time. Have you had any experience with sporting goods or as a sales clerk?”

Sally felt faint. “No, I’m afraid not.”

George gave her a deadpan expression, then started to shake his head. Sally tensed to receive the bad news.

“Fine,” George said. “Can you begin this morning?”

Sally thought she was hearing things. She couldn’t speak.

“You’re hired, my dear. Can you begin this morning?”

“Well, yes,” Sally finally said. “Just as soon as I can run home and change clothes.”

“No need, darling, we have enough clothing in this store to outfit you daily for ten lifetimes. Let’s see, about what size shoe do you wear? No, don’t tell me, let me calculate it.”

He picked up Sally’s left foot and held it as he sat back on his heels. His fingers measured her foot, weighed it, began to caress it and massage it.

“You have beautiful feet, Sally,” he breathed harder, wheezing louder. “So beautifully tanned and dirty.”

He suddenly raised her foot to his lips and kissed it.

Sally squirmed a little, not knowing what the man was going to do next. George Lipman — “the” George Lipman — had just kissed her grubby bare foot. She must be dreaming!

“Relax, darling, I’m going to give you a cursory physical examination. Very quick. Painless. Quite pleasant, as a matter of fact. It’s required of all new female employees, I’m afraid, so just relax.” He started to lick her toes.

Sally was shaking. This couldn’t be happening! She had the disturbing feeling that George Lipman was going to eat her alive.

George wrapped his fat lips around her toes and started to suck on them. Sally gasped.

She was helpless, unable to move, not knowing if she would move if she could. The sensations flooding her feet from George’s hot lips and tongue working on her toes made her want to squeeze her legs together. Her pussylips were puffing up, and the crotch-seam of her tight shorts pulled up between them. Her loins started to throb, and suddenly she wanted desperately to take off her shorts.

George wheezed, his face a bright red, the strands of hair combed over his bald pate falling away and dangling from his temple like limp spaghetti. He lapped at Sally’s bare foot, slithering his tongue between her toes. He kissed her foot, gnawed on it. He took up her other foot and began to do the same to it.

“Nothing’s better than a barefoot teenage girl,” he whispered. “Nothing! Oh, delicious!” He munched on her feet and toes until his spit was dripping off them. Then he started to lick his way up her legs.

“So smooth! You don’t even shave them. Downy. Oh lovely!”

He pushed her legs wide apart, leaning between them so he could lick the insides of her thighs.

Sally’s heart slammed. She was sweating, her face burning up. Her cunt felt like it would explode. Her legs tingled all the way to the tips of her toes. She had no doubts now that George Lipman was seducing her. She had no doubts that she was helpless to stop him. Nor did she want him to stop. He could do whatever he wanted to her.

He mashed his nose to her crotch, inhaling deeply. “Oh, that smell? Teenage cunt! If I could bottle it, I’d be a billionaire overnight.”

He inhaled again and again, as if he’d never get enough of her scent.

Sally was moaning, squirming, wiggling her ass. Her toes wriggled. She didn’t know what to do. She just wanted to shove a few fingers up her crotch and jerk herself off quick, before she lost her mind.

George unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. As he pulled them off her ass, Sally raised up automatically to assist him and she pointed her toes as he slipped the shorts off over her feet. He spread her legs wide, opening up her blonde furred pussy. Sally felt the air-conditioned coolness licking the wet pink meat between her pussylips.

“Quick, the shirt!” George panted, and Sally let him whisk off the blouse so fast that three buttons popped off.

She wasn’t wearing a bra. The air caressed her completely naked body and she’d never felt more naked in her life. Nobody had ever seen her so exposed before. Two impulses fought within herself — one impulse to curl up and hide herself, the other to open up, to spread her legs even farther, to drape her arms over the top of the couch and leave her tits completely vulnerable to attack. The second impulse won. She’d waited too long for this. She wanted to be taken! Completely!

“Oh my angel!” George muttered deliriously. He leaned close, kissing each of her nipples, then sucking on them.

Sally groaned, thrusting her tits deeper into his mouth, rubbing her bare ass against the plush cushion underneath her. The hot pussyjuice bubbled out of her throbbing, burning crotch. The smell of hot pussy rose in the air like musk-scented steam. As George munched on her tits, her cunt contracted again and again. She’d die unless she either squeezed her legs together or shoved a finger inside herself. The fuck-itch in her crotch was maddening.

“Oh, you luscious girl!” George dripped sweat on her as he slobbered over her. His fat lips nipped and sucked, moving all over her tits, down her smooth belly and flanks. He licked up, tasting her armpits. Then he licked his way down and drove his tongue into her navel. “Oh, you delicious little bitch! You’re going to drive me out of my mind!”

Sally was a little shocked by his calling her a bitch, but she was trembling too hard to let the word bother her. She was so worked up that he could have called her every dirty name under the sun and she would have ignored him. He called her a bitch again, talking about how good she smelled, how all teenaged bitches smell alike, and this time she found herself enjoying being called the name, found herself being excited by it. Suddenly George Lipman was licking her crotch, and Sally nearly hit the ceiling.

“Ooooaoh!” she moaned. “Mr. Lipman, oooooh!” She put her hands on his shiny wet scalp, gripping his head tight as she pressed his face between her legs.

The man wheezed, gasped as if he were smothering, growled like a dog, mumbled like a crazy man. He pressed his thumbs into her puffed-up pussy-slabs and pried the slabs apart so he could lick the sizzling red crotchmeat between them. He lapped up and down, slurping up the sweet girl-goo that oozed from deep inside her quivering pleasure-hole.

Sally lost control. She threw her legs up over the man’s shoulders, clamped his head between her thighs, writhed madly as she ground her open crotch in the man’s face. Her heart slammed so hard she could hardly hear herself think.

“Ohhhh, George, lick it, oh God lick it!” She bounced her ass, fucking her cunt in the man’s sucking mouth, feeding him her hot slick juices and her sizzling crotchmeat. The fuck-sensations swarmed in her loins, streamed in all directions through her body, tingling her nipples, prickling her toes.

George Lipman sounded like a man fighting for his last breaths. He was smothering, drowning between her legs. He twisted his head, growling, sucking, eating. He rammed his tongue deep inside her hot teenage crotch, probing all the juicy folds and crevices of her young cunthole. His tongue twisted, wriggled, squirmed, jabbed and Sally saw stars. Never had the sensitive nerves in her fluffy cuntmeat been stimulated like this. Even her asshole streamed inside with hot tingles.

Sally realized that George Lipman had his cock out of his pants and was jerking it off. She knew how men jerked off because she’d more than once spied on her brother Mark as he’d beat off his teenaged cockmeat, and she’d heard the girls at school talk a lot about how boys jerked off. She craned her head to the side, trying to peer under George Lipman’s paunch so she could get a look at what he held in his jerking hand. She glimpsed a big, purplish knob, all shiny, with a clear fluid oozing out of it. As the man’s fist jerked, he worked some loose skin from his cockmeat back and forth over the knob. The loose skin surprised her. Mark’s cock-skin was perfectly tight on his erect cock, but then the skin was tight all over Mark’s muscular body. Mr. Lipman’s skin sagged on his face and belly, and on the rest of him, so she really shouldn’t be surprised to see loose skin on his hard cock. George’s big shiny cock-knob and that loose skin were really kind of ugly, kind of creepy, but for some reason Sally found herself being excited even more by the sight of the man’s fuck-organ.

“Come on, sweetheart,” Mr. Lipman gasped. “Come on, baby! Mmnnnmnnnnn!” He sucked fiercely, eating her up, devouring her pulsating crotchmeat. His tongue stabbed deep inside her, and suddenly Sally was coming.

Her head snapped back. She saw stars. She arched up, driving her cunt into the man’s mouth, feeding him her exploding young fuckhole. Mr. Lipman slurped, guzzling down her hot fuckjuices as her pussy contracted again and again. Sally moaned loudly, abandoning herself to the pleasure. Mr. Lipman’s tongue and teeth felt electrically charged as they licked and gnawed her spasm-wracked crotch.

Sally finally ground her humping to a halt. She went limp, relaxing completely, sighing long as she experienced a tremendous sense of relief from the fuck-tension. Her legs unwrapped from around the man’s head. She was panting hard.

George Lipman pushed himself to his feet. His face was a slimy mess of pussycream and sweat. Some of Sally’s blonde cunt-hairs stuck to his lips. His head looked like a red balloon about to burst. He gasped for breath, pounding his cock as if trying to mutilate it. Placing one hand an the backrest of the couch, he leaned toward Sally, pushing his cock close to her face. His hot fucklube dripped on her tits.

“Open your mouth!” he gasped. “Quick!” Sally responded automatically, opening her mouth without thinking, because she’d been told to do so. She saw George’s pisshole open wide, saw white fluid begin to spurt out. A hot wad of cum splashed against her check, and George stuffed his cock in her mouth before she could do anything to prevent him. His huge wet fucker filled her mouth, pulsating as his cock ejected more cum. Sally choked as the slimy fluid shot against her tonsils.

George was grunting like a bull, moaning as if in pain. “Drink it! Suck it out, little bitch!” Sally had to swallow to keep from choking on the profuse load of thick fuckcream. The man’s cock kept vibrating, kept flexing, kept shooting hot slime down her throat. The taste and aroma of the fluid went to Sally’s head like smelling salts and made her head reel with dizziness. The man’s cock tasted terrible, but before he was done coming, Sally found herself, munching on it as if it were a tasty slab of roast beef. Not only that, she found herself sucking out the last thick drops of man-cum, disappointed that there was no more coming.

George pulled his cock out. He pushed back, standing unsteadily. His eyes closed, his large paunch rising and failing as he sucked in deep breaths. His cock dangled from the fly of his black trousers, long and fat, wet with Sally’s spit, its cockhead nearly covered with a sheath of skin. After several moments, he opened his eyes, then began to unbutton his shirt.

Sally sat there, silent and dumbfounded, but fascinated as he undressed completely in front of her. His body was not only grossly fat, sagging even more than she’d guessed, but covered with black hairs. It would have been enough to scare any girl away, except this wasn’t just any old fat man — this was George Lipman. And he did have a fascinating set of balls — very large, like a bull’s. And his cock hung over his balls, getting longer, swelling. The loose skin over the cockhead started to pull back as the cock stiffened without really standing up. The man had attained a semi-erection, his cock straight and throbbing, but pointed more down than up.

“Lie down, you gorgeous little slut,” George said, then he got onto the couch and started to lower his huge sweating body down on top of her.


Sally feared she’d be crushed, but George took most of his weight on his elbows, and she felt as if she were covered with a heavy pillow of flesh. Her breathing became shallow due to the weight of the man, but all in all, she felt fairly comfortable under his naked bulk. His tremendous body-heat made Sally begin to sweat profusely. It was as if she’d just been covered by a gigantic hot-water bottle. She squirmed under him and felt his hairy skin scratch against her own velvety-smooth skin. His cock was like a long, hot, hard pipe between them, and she could feel it throbbing.

George licked her face, slobbering over it.

“Oh, my gorgeous little girl,” he moaned. “Oh, my darling!”

He kissed her, smooching her all over her face.

Sally had kissed only a few boys in her life, and those kissing sessions hadn’t lasted long because Sally had always twisted away before the boys got too serious and out of control, which had been almost immediately. Well, now she not only had no way of escaping, but she didn’t want to escape. Her loins strained upward against the man as the fuck-itch surged through them. She’d just come, but her entire body throbbed with aching need again. She opened her mouth, letting George Lipman slide his big fat tongue down her throat.

George snorted like a bull, humping against her smooth belly, wheezing as he licked out her throat and inhaled her breath. His cock seemed to grow larger and harder, and a slick, hot fluid ran out of it, lubricating her skin. As he worked his cock between them, belly-fucking Sally, an obscene squishing sound came from between their pressed-together bodies. George’s spit drooled down Sally’s throat. He sucked oh her tongue.

Sally trembled, the feelings rushed through her making her too weak to do anything but lie there and let George Lipman use her in any way he wanted to. Her spread legs raised up automatically and wrapped around George’s loins. Her hot feet caressed his ass, her toenails scratching sensuously. She felt George’s cock throbbing madly between them. Her own eyes rolled dizzily as George sucked the breath out of her.

He broke their kiss, wheezing as he squirmed on top of her, grinding himself against her, pleasuring his flesh against her teenaged body.

“Oh, Sally, I’m crazy about you! Oh, darling, you’re going to give me a heart attack! I must fuck you now!”

Sally felt a rush of panic. All along, she’d known that George was going to fuck her, was going to take her virginity, but until this moment she hadn’t quite believed it. She knew, it was inevitable, she knew she wanted it, and yet she knew she must prevent it.

“Please!” she squeaked. “Oh, please!” She tried to say, “Please don’t”, but she couldn’t get out the “don’t”.

George had lifted up slightly. He reached down, rubbing her crotch.

“Oh, yes, darling, yes! You’re so hot, so wet, so ready for it!”

He slicked up his cock with her cuntjuice, then bent the stiff fucker down and pressed it between her legs, rubbing its hot prickknob up and down her open crotch-hole.

Sally groaned, writhing, twisting her head from side to side. She couldn’t believe his cock was actually rubbing against her cunt. Her loins contracted, aching with such need that she had to stifle a whine. As George rubbed his hot cockhead against her clit, and up and down between her lust-swollen cunt-slabs, electricity shot through her cunt. Her loins were melting inside. Her cunt contracted, sucking at the man’s cock as if trying to devour it.

“Oh, good Jesus, oh God, I’m going to come if I don’t get it in you quick!” George started to push, working his cockhead between her cunt-lips. Her cunt opened, allowing his cockhead to slide in.

Sally thought she’d go insane with pleasure. The stretch sent delicious thrills through her cunt, unlike any she’d ever felt before. George’s cock felt like a burning fist inside her. She wriggled, gasping, cooing, almost laughing. George began to slide his cock in farther. A few more inches of rock-hard cock entered her and then met resistance.

Sally’s mouth opened in a silent gasp of pain. What was happening? She clawed at the man’s back, squirming under him as he continued to force more of his cock into her. He looked puzzled for a moment, then elated. A flicker of cruelty came into his eyes and he bore down, grinding his cock inside her, forcing it in despite her gasps and whimpers of obvious pain.

It was like a dam breaking. Suddenly George’s cock burst through the barrier, and he groaned with a sadistic pleasure as something tore in Sally’s cunt and his cock buried itself to the hilt inside her nubile young body.

“A virgin!” he gasped, panting hard. “Oh sweet Jesus, a virgin!” His tremendous bulk moved and he started pushing his cock in and out.

Sally had to chew her lips to keep from screaming. She was sure she must be bleeding to death. George had broken something inside her. She’d felt it tear — a sharp, excruciating pain. And now George was sliding his cock in and out of her, cauterizing the torn tissue, with his cylindrical branding-iron. She clung to the man, clawing him with her fingernails and toenails, grunting repeatedly as he pumped his huge cock in and out of her.

George’s fat belly made smacking noises with her own as he thrust. He’d taken most of his weight off her so he could thrust more freely. His sweat ran and dripped, all over her face and tits. His face glowed red. He wheezed as he labored, plunging his cock in and out, in and out. His heavy balls flapped against Sally’s crotch as his cock knifed her pussyhole.

Sally thought she’d lose her mind. He was killing her! She squirmed helplessly under him, tears filling her eyes and running down her cheeks. Fluid ran out of her cunt, and she was sure it was blood.

“Please!” she whimpered, gazing up into the man’s lust-red face. “Oh please, please!”

George moaned, fucking faster. “You want it, darling, you want it so bad! Like a mink! Oh baby, take it!”

Sally twisted her head from side to side as the man plowed her cunt. She found her loins moving up and down, humping upward to meet the man’s ramming thrusts. It was as if her loins moved in self-defense, meeting the man’s attack with an attack of their own. They grunted as their humping loins smacked together, as their pubic bones collided. Sally found that by humping hard, the sensation of being stabbed to death disappeared. She began to find her humping pleasurable, and suddenly she realized that her cunt was contracting, sucking at the man’s cock as he plunged it into her and yanked it back out nearly all the way.

“Yes!” George gasped. “Yes, darling! Oh my stars! What a pussy, what a cunt!”

He bore down, plunging his cock even harder, even faster.

“Ohhhhh!” Sally whined, squirming madly, her body humping as if powered by a motor. Her toes curled as the pleasure intensified in her cunt, as the tension mounted moment by moment.

“Fuck me!” she said. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Ohhhh, my angel!” George Lipman looked as if he were about to have a stroke. The veins stood out on his temples and forehead. His eyes looked glassy. He wheezed so hard that any medic seeing him would have administered oxygen immediately. His huge bulk pounded Sally, nearly knocking the wind out of her. She would have wailed in fear for her life if the pleasure between her legs hadn’t been the most intense pleasure she’d ever experienced in her life.

Sally clawed the man, writhing under him, screwing her cunt on his knifing cock, trying to get him to fuck her deeper. If only he wasn’t so fat, he might be able to give her a few more inches of hard cock. She felt his burning cockhead jabbing the mouth of her womb, and she strained upward at him, trying to open herself up even more so he’d penetrate her very womb. It was hopeless, though — he was too fat. His cock wasn’t quite long enough to enter her womb. She rubbed her crotch madly against his swollen balls, churned her cunt around and around on his sliding cock, rubbed her tits against his hairy chest. She wanted to feel all of him, both inside of her and out. And she wanted him to feel her — all of her.

George kissed her again, nearly sucking the life out of her. She drooled into his mouth, and he drank her spit as if it were the sweetest wine. His sweat showered her face, trickling like rainwater. As his cock reamed out her sucking pussy, her hot fuck-fluids bubbled out over his balls.

“I’m going to cream you, bitch!” George mumbled. “Baby, oh, baby!”

He started to grunt. His cock flexed crazily inside her. His eyes rolled back as the first spurts of cum splashed in the depths of Sally’s cunthole. He groaned loudly, pouring his fuckcream into her.

Sally thought she’d lose her mind. She gibbered, not knowing what she was saying. All she knew was that she had to voice her pleasure and excitement in some way. She clung to the spasming man, gazing into his pleasure-crazed eyes, feeling his hard cock flexing and spurting inside her. Her cunt worked like a hand, milking the man’s prick. The pleasure that surged through her made her start to whine. As the pleasure exploded in her, as her cunt went into intense spasms, her whining became a series of gasps and whimpers.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” she gibbered. “Ooooh, ooohhh, cream me, shoot me up, oh God!”

She crushed herself against the man, trying to absorb herself into his body. They were melting together, fusing, sharing a pleasure that made Sally want to die. She squirmed against her fucker, crushing him in a fierce embrace of her arms and legs, tearing at him with her fingernails and toenails, grinding her hot tits and all of her smooth young body against him, milking him dry with her wildly contracting pussy. Her crotch streamed inside with a fuck-itch and heat that became so intense she had to gnaw on something, and George Lipman’s neck was convenient. As she gnawed, growling, George shuddered in her anus, gasping as he fired even more cum into her.

She would have clung to him forever, but the moment he was finished shooting, he broke their sexual embrace, pushing up off her with what looked like superhuman effort. His cock slipped out of her cunt, and Sally moaned at its loss. Her cunt gaped wide open for several seconds, cooled by the air, then slowly closed itself. George Lipman started staggering toward an easy-chair, but stopped in the middle of the room and sat down on the carpeted floor. He collapsed after a few moments, lying flat out on his back, his belly heaving as he wheezed. The sweat was pouring down his flushed face.

Sally sat up, alarmed. “Are you all right?”

George shook his head slightly.

“Yes!” he gasped weakly. He wheezed so violently that Sally froze where she sat with panic.

A minute later, the man was breathing more normally. He turned his head toward Sally, eyeing her crotch, from which oozed his own slimy cum.

“Darling, do you think you can pee?”

Sally giggled with self-conscious embarrassment. She’d just been thinking that she had to pee, and pee badly.

“Yes sir.”

“Come here darling, quickly.”

Sally’s tits jiggled as she got up and moved toward the man. For some reason she felt self conscious about her nakedness and she covered her pussymound with her hands.

“Stand over my face, darling. Yes, like that.” He turned his head and kissed her foot. “Now squat, my angel, and hold open your pussy real wide.”

Sally couldn’t imagine where this was all leading, but she surely wasn’t going to question the desires of her new employer just because she was feeling a little self-conscious. She squatted low, hauling her elastic pussylips wide apart. She looked down and saw her pussycream and cum dripping into his open mouth.

“Pee!” George gasped, gazing into her crotch.

“In your mouth?” Sally said, flabbergasted. “Yes,” George said. “Quick, pee, now!” Even though her bladder was bursting, Sally had to strain a little to get her piss-flow going. Her boss’s weird request made her feel slightly sick, even a little afraid. Was he crazy?

The dam broke and her piss gushed out straight into George Lipman’s open mouth. The yellow fluid filled his mouth quickly, but George started to swallow before his mouth overflowed. Then he swallowed rapidly, guzzling down her piss as it hissed from her cunt. As Sally watched, she had the mischievous urge to piss between the man’s eyes, then to rub her piss dripping, slime-oozing crotch all over his face, and to make him suck out her cunt.

As her piss-flow slowed, George lifted his head and plastered his mouth to her open cunthole, sucking the last of her piss directly from her pisshole. His tongue snaked into her cunt and he started to lick her out. Sally went weak all over. She couldn’t prevent herself from sitting on the man’s face with her full weight. As he gnawed on her cunt, she rubbed her crotch in his mouth, moaning, almost growling. His hands came up and started to squeeze her tits.

Sally couldn’t believe it, but she needed to come again. She’d just came twice in quick succession, but her pussy was as hot and itchy as if she hadn’t come at all. She tossed her head from side to side, her long blonde hair tickling her lower back. She’d brought her knees to the floor and was riding the man’s head, grinding her teenaged crotch in his sucking mouth.

“Suck it!” she hissed, feeling slightly cruel. “Eat it up, oh, yessss!”

She growled, humping herself against George Lipman’s face, using his head as she sometimes used a pillow in her bedroom to squeeze between her legs and rub herself off. This was much better than a pillow, though. No pillow had a fat wet tongue to stick up her pussy. No pillow sucked.

“Lick, suck, make me come!”

George pinched her nipples until she nearly screamed. He pulled on them, stretching them, twisting them. Sally’s cunt contracted madly. George choked on the juices that gushed out of her. Sally went crazy, fucking the man’s mouth. Her body filled with tension, prickled in every cell with fuck-itch and heat. Her loins swelled with tightness and heat and the pleasure surged through her crotch. As she began to come, she almost toppled off the man. It was only his grip on her tits that kept her in the saddle of his hard sucking mouth.

“Eat me!” she squeaked. “Oh yes, oh God, oh fuck!” She ground her spasming crotch in the man’s mouth, feeding him her sizzling girlmeat. The fuck-thrills shot all through her body and she quivered from head to toe with each spasm.

George Lipman kept sucking long after her orgasm had throbbed itself out. He couldn’t get enough of her teenage cunt. When he let her go free before he’d sucked her inside-out. He reached out and caught her leg.

“Wait, angel, hold it just like that! Oh my, what an ass!” He forced himself to his hands and knees and started to sniff her ass like a dog. Then he started to lick her asscrack. Suddenly, he slipped his tongue into her asshole.

Sally couldn’t believe it! She’d never imagined anybody doing such a thing — licking out her asshole! As shocked as she was, though, she couldn’t prevent the prickling excitement from running through her asshole, couldn’t stop her ass from wiggling with excited little rotations.

George slipped his tongue out.

“Darling, might you possibly have to shit?”

Sally was speechless.

“Please, darling, if you can shit, please shit for me.”

“I can’t,” Sally managed to stammer, even though she felt so sick to her stomach momentarily that she probably could have easily enough.

“A pity,” George Lipman said. “Some other time.”


The Sporting Goods Department was located in the basement of Lipman’s Department Store. After George Lipman had led Sally to Women’s Clothing to be outfitted for work, he’d left instructions that she be taken down to Sporting Goods and introduced to Cleo for training. George told Sally that he would see her again soon to see how she was getting along. He’d warned her earlier that whatever was said or done when she was with him in private was to be kept absolutely confidential. If she were ever to violate that confidentiality, even with one stray word, she would be immediately fired. He’d then presented her with a check for $500 — a bonus in celebration of her hiring, a sort of “Welcome to the Lipman family,” as he called it.

Sally felt as if she were floating on air as she was led down to Sporting Goods in the elevator. She was wearing a brand-new dress and shoes, and she had a check for $500 clutched in her hand. The dress, which showed off her figure and tits as no other dress she’d ever worn had, was also worth ten times as much as any dress she’d ever owned. And now the dress was hers, a gift of George Lipman’s, as were the expensive shoes she wore on her bare feet. Strangely, they’d outfitted her with a dress and shoes, but not with any underclothing or stockings. She was completely naked under her dress. The high-cut skirt of the dress showed off her legs, and the low-cut top displayed not only much of the flesh of her tits, but supported them in such a way that they looked even more well-developed than they already were. Under her dress, her thighs rubbed together lubriciously as she smiled, slick with George Lipman’s cum, which continued to ooze out of her slowly, drop by drop.

It surprised her that he’d injected her with so much.

Cleo was a college-age woman, wearing a dress much like Sally’s, only blue instead of green. She was a blonde, like Sally, but her hair was hardly shoulder-length, let alone waist-length, as Sally’s was. She was getting married, she said, and would be leaving town shortly. She wondered if she was making the right decision, but it was too late to change her mind now. All the wedding invitations had been sent out, and she and her fiance had already leased an apartment in the city where he was attending graduate school in computer science.

“Where did you meet him?” Sally asked.

Cleo blushed. “Here, as a matter of fact. He kept coming back and coming back, and after a while he had me hooked. Maybe the same thing will happen to you, doll, so watch out!”

Now it was Sally’s turn to blush. She’d never even been out on a real date with a boy, and it would be years before her mother allowed her to marry.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m much too young to get hooked.”

Cleo laughed. “No girl is too young, doll — especially no girl that works in this store.”

She stroked Sally’s hair.

“I can see why old George hired you,” she muttered as if to herself. “Come on, let’s get to work.”

Cleo was a good teacher. By eleven o’clock, Sally had lost her sense of being lost and actually believed she was starting to grasp how to manage this department. There were a thousand and one items, from basketballs to barbells, from fishing rods to jockstraps, but Cleo was able to familiarize Sally with each item quickly, and Sally became confident that within a few days she’d feel right at home. Since Lipman’s discounted most items except for the luxury items in certain departments — jewelry, high-fashion, imported furnishings — most customers came to Lipman’s knowing what they wanted, and needed help usually only in locating it. Sally’s job would be mainly to supervise the changing rooms in the Sporting Goods Department and to ring up sales. She might have to help a few men try on shoes, like football or wrestling shoes, but most of the athletic shoes were sold up in the shoe department.

“Nothing to it,” Cleo said. “By the end of the day, you’ll know as much as I do. You’d better, because tomorrow you’ll be on your own.”

“You mean, today’s your last day?” Sally asked, surprised.

“Uh-huh. Tonight’s my going-away party. Then it’s bye-bye Cleo.” She frowned slightly. “I’ll miss this place. I only hope Jess — my fiance — can make up for what I’m giving up here.”

“Lipman’s is really a special place, huh?”

“Yeah,” Cleo said wistfully, “especially Sporting Goods.” She smiled as if sharing a secret with herself, then looked at Sally. “It’s crazy, but I envy you, girl. Somehow I wish you were the one getting married and leaving this place, and that I was the one just starting here.”

Sally didn’t understand, but she said nothing. “You’ll learn,” Cleo said. “You’ll learn mighty fast. There are things about this job I can’t teach you, things you’ll have to learn on your own.”

The flow of morning customers was light. Two young boys came in for Little League uniforms, which they tried on in the fitting rooms as their mothers waited outside. A man came in and bought three dozen golf balls and a new golf glove. A freckled boy came in and bought a baseball glove. By noon, two-dozen sales had been rung up by Sally as Cleo watched over her, coaching her as needed. Twice during the morning, men had come in to try on sports clothing, and while they’d been in the men’s fitting rooms, Cleo had excused herself to go up the women’s fitting rooms. The men had then left, red-faced and hurriedly, hardly waiting for their change from Sally before striding to the elevator. Sally suspected that the men had been shoplifters, but then Cleo had returned to the floor, as red-faced as the men, and Cleo was certainly no shoplifter. Maybe the fitting rooms were stuffy and hot, Sally decided, remembering how claustrophobic and uncomfortable she’d felt in fitting rooms at times.

“Pretty hot in there, huh?” Sally had said. Cleo had turned even redder. “That’s something of an understatement, doll.”

Sally didn’t understand, but she went on, “Especially when you’re working hard. I heard you bumping around in there.”

“The rooms needed an overhaul,” Cleo said, then reached under the counter and turned up the music, which was already louder than the music in other parts of the store.

At noon, Cleo went to inch, leaving Sally alone. Cleo said that she knew Sally could handle things for an hour, but if an emergency came up Sally should phone the store cafeteria. As soon as she found herself alone, Sally got so excited she felt like masturbating. It was weird, but she found herself sexually excited by being alone and in charge of the Sporting Goods Department. The first thing she did after Cleo had left was to go over and check the jockstraps.

So these were the devices boys used to support their balls, she mused, pulling a jock out of its package. She held it up, inspecting the pouch and the strange connecting straps. She imagined the jock on a boy, and she remembered some of the silly jokes, her girlfriends at school had made about jockstraps. A chime went off, warning her that someone had entered the Sporting Goods Department, and she quickly stuffed the jock back in its box and ran to the cash register.

She saw a blond head moving down the row she’d just come from. The head paused momentarily, then continued on. Suddenly a familiar face appeared from between the high shelves. It was Rick Johnson, the star fullback from school. He was dressed in a yellow tank-top, shabby cutoffs, and worn athletic shoes. He was so tan and muscular that Sally caught her breath. Her heart was slamming. She was going to faint.

“Hey, babe, you’re new here,” Rick said, chewing gum. “I seen you someplace before. Must’ve been school, huh?”

“Yes,” Sally half whispered, her throat so dry she was surprised anything came out.

Rick smiled without stopping his gum-chewing.

“Hey, babe, I need me a new jock. The old one just rotted apart. Mind if I try this one on? I might’ve grown a little since I bought the last one, if you know what I mean.” He pulled the jock out of its box and dangled it in front of Sally, grinning at her.

“In there,” Sally managed to say, pointing toward the men’s fitting rooms.

Rick smiled again, his eyes flickering wickedly. “I was hoping you’d say that, babe. Do a good job now, babe. Cleo always did.”

Sally didn’t quite understand him, so she just giggled. He blew a bubble and swaggered toward the first dressing room. Before he entered and closed the door behind him, he turned toward Sally and winked.

Sally gripped the edge of the counter, her legs shaky, her guts all churned up. Not only had Rick Johnson spoken to her, but he’d said he recognized her from school! She couldn’t wait to tell her girlfriends about this. This was almost as big as getting a job at Lipman’s.

The door of Rick’s fitting room opened a crack. “Hey, babe, ain’t you gonna check out the ladies’ booth next door? I don’t like waiting, you know.”

Before Sally could get a word out to say she was sorry, but she didn’t quite understand, Rick had closed his door again. Sally wandered out from behind the sales counter. She went to the women’s fitting room adjacent the booth Rick was in. This booth had to be what he was talking about. And now she was supposed to “check it out”. What was all this about? She opened the door and entered the booth.

It was just an ordinary fitting room, as far as Sally could tell. A little larger than the standard fitting room, maybe, but ordinary. Mirrors, benches, paneled walls. Then she realized that a floor-length curtain was hanging against one wall. Curious, she drew the curtain aside.

And there she found a plain paneled wall. She stared at the wall, wondering what it was doing with a curtain over it, and suddenly she heard a knocking. It was then she noticed a small, square door, set flush with the wall and made of paneling like the wall itself. The door was mounted on two hinges at about waist-height or slightly lower. The door, hinges, and a tiny knob for pulling open the door, all blended in so well with the wall itself as to be almost unnoticeable. She heard another knock and saw the door move slightly. Completely dumbfounded, she kneeled down in front of the door and used her fingers and thumb to turn the small knob. She swung the door open.

“It’s about time!” Rick Johnson said. “I don’t like being teased, bitch!”

He was on the other side of the door, visible in the next booth — and he had all his clothes off!

Sally kneeled there, her face in the open window that she’d uncovered by opening the door. She gazed in awe-struck disbelief at the stark naked, muscular fullback as he leaned up against the far wall of his own booth, displaying all of himself to her. He was playing with his balls with his left hand as he slowly masturbated with his right hand. A thick clear fluid oozed from the wide-open pisshole of his enormous prickhead. The booth was filled with the sweaty smell of him, and Sally became lightheaded as she inhaled his potent male scent.

He let go of his cock and let it throb in front of her eyes. Sally thought it couldn’t be real. She’d never imagined a boy’s cock could grow that big. And his balls were as big as eggs. They rolled and shifted nervously in their hairy sac as his prick flexed up and down like a heavy billy club, veins bulging all over it, fucklube continuing to bubble out of it and drip to the floor.

He smirked at her. “Don’t stare too hard, you teasing bitch. Your eyes’ll fall out.” Sally licked her lips and swallowed, but not before some spit had trickled from one corner of her mouth.

“Jesus, you’re hungry for it, ain’t you? Well, I don’t know if you deserve it, trying to tease me and all. Maybe I’ll just get dressed again and leave — unless I hear a little begging.”

Sally pressed her face harder to the edges of the opening. The hole wasn’t quite big enough for her to shove her head through. If it had been, she might well have done so. There stood Rick Johnson in all his glory, showing her his huge stud-cock. And it was obvious now that he’d been expecting her to suck on it, and maybe even to drink his hot fuckcream. She’d die if she didn’t get a taste of his cock. If she lost a chance like this, she’d kill herself.

“Please!” she whispered. “Oh please!”

“Please what, bitch?”

“Please let me suck on it!”

“Suck on what?”

“On your cock! On your big juicy cock!” Sally dangled her dripping tongue at him. She was salivating like a hungry dog.

Rick chuckled. He blew, another bubble, then spit out his gum. “Here it is, you lucky little slut!”

He moved toward her, his hands on his hips, his huge cock wagging and throbbing. She strained toward his cockhead with her tongue, but he stopped just an inch away, letting his prick throb and drip. Sally nearly tore the skin off her cheeks as she strained to force her head through the window. Rick leaned a little closer, letting her lick the end of his cock and taste his fucklube. She groaned, turned on by the salty male taste. She lapped wildly, but Rick had pulled back. He lifted his cock up and pressed it to his abdomen. Then he moved closer, offering Sally his naked sweaty balls.

“Give ’em a bath. I ain’t washed ’em in a while.”

He shoved his balls in her face, rubbing them all over her cheeks and nose and mouth, rubbing their musky smell on her flesh.

Sally moaned, drunk on the smell, drunk on desire. Here she was with her nose buried between Rick Johnson’s huge stud-nuts. She wanted to die. She was going to pass out from the excitement. She started to lick, to suck, to nibble, tasting ball-sweat and getting kinky hairs in her mouth. She couldn’t believe how big Rick’s nuts were. She tried to suck one of them into her mouth and just managed it.

“Go easy, baby,” Rick muttered. “You can suck that big thing, but not too hard. Oh yeah, like that! Lick it, mmmm, yeah!”

Rick’s ball quivered in her mouth. She sucked on it gently, using her tongue to tease it. She released it and sucked up his other ball. Rick was breathing like a bull.

Sally kicked off her shoes. She was starting to sweat in this booth. She felt hot fluid dribbling down the insides of her thighs, squeezed from her throbbing pussyhole. She reached under her skirt and rubbed her hand up and down, smearing the slick juices on her smooth skin. She clutched her pussy, found the slabs parted and her cunt open. She rubbed her fingers between her swollen pussylips. The wet raw cuntmeat nearly burned her hand. She twisted on her clit and got so light-headed with the pleasure that she nearly toppled, over.

Rick had lifted up his balls so she could lick under them. She licked not only under his balls, but all around them, cleaning out the salty crevices between his legs. He pulled away then and turned around, showing her his muscular ass. He gripped his asscheeks and hauled them apart, showing her his naked asscrack and his twitching brown asspucker. A few blond hairs grew in the moist flesh between his buttocks. He shoved his ass in her face, nearly impaling his asshole on her nose. The super-musky, slightly shitty aroma nauseated Sally for a few moments.

“Lick it, baby,” Rick growled. “Clean it up.”

Sally’s initial disgust at finding Rick’s smelly ass in her face gave way to lust, to hunger. It was as if the potent male aroma acted like a drug on her. Within seconds she found herself growling like a hungry dog as she lapped up and down Rick’s asscrack, her tongue tingling, her pussy throbbing. Rick assisted her by wiggling his ass, by moving it up and down so she could lick from one end of his asscrack to the other.

“Lick out the hole,” Rick said. “Come on, bitch!”

Sally was becoming delirious. She feared she was losing her mind. All she cared about now was sucking out Rick’s asshole. She kissed his asspucker again and again, felt it suck at her lips as if kissing back. She probed the swollen pucker with her tongue, working it into the crevices. Rick’s asshole began to open slightly and Sally shoved her tongue inside it easily. At the same moment, she stuffed three bunched fingers up her drooling, pulsating pussy. Both she and Rick groaned.

“Ohhhh, yeah, fuck out that asshole!” Rick growled. “Shove that tongue way in there and fuck it out! Oh shit!”

Sally twisted her head, trying to bury her head up Rick’s asshole. She forced her tongue in so deep that she thought it would rip right out of her mouth. As she snaked and fluttered her tongue, licking out all the crevices inside Rick’s asshole, Rick’s asshole contracted rhythmically, sucking her tongue. Rick moaned as if he were being tortured. Something started to swell inside his asshole, throbbing like a miniature heart against Sally’s sliding tongue.

Rick jerked away gasping, “Christ, I almost lost it!”

He turned around, the base of his huge cock gripped tightly in his fist. The fucklube dripped from his pisshole. His cock head had turned nearly purple.

“What a tongue you got, bitch-girl! Goddamn!”

He squatted down and pressed his open mouth to Sally’s. His tongue slid down Sally’s throat. Sally drank his spit. She was in heaven. Her cunt nearly chewed off her sliding fingers as her loins exploded with a sudden orgasm.

“Mmmmnnnn!” she moaned, breathlessly kissing Rick Johnson as the pleasure surged through her body. Her pussycream ran out and frosted her jerking hand. She could feel her eyes rolling in their sockets. She cooed loudly, drooling spit into Rick’s mouth as she drooled pussycream into her hand. She was aware of her toes curling toward the balls of her feet.

Rick broke their kiss, panting. “What a kisser! Jesus! Me and you are gonna go out parking, baby, one of these days!”

He stood up again, waving his huge cock at her. It looked as if it would spilt out of its skin at any moment. Its veins bulged like fat snakes. Its cockhead looked ready to explode. The enormous prick appeared even larger now than it had when she’d first seen it. Still grasping with the last jolts of her orgasm, Sally gazed with renewed lust at Rick’s unreal cock and opened her mouth as wide as she could, letting her tongue dangle and drip.

Rick stuffed his prickhead right in.

Sally couldn’t breathe. It was like swallowing a man’s fist. Her jaws ached from the stretch. And all she had in her mouth was the knob!

“Come on, baby, come on, eat that thing! Take it all!” Rick forced his cock in farther, and Sally gagged and choked, nearly fainting for lack of air. “Suck it, baby, suck it.”

Just when all was going dark, when Sally knew she was going to pass out, her throat relaxed and Rick’s cock sank in to the hilt. His blond pubic hair tickled her nose. He sighed and slipped his cock back out. Sally gulped air. Rick forced his cock back in to the hilt. Its cockhead went deep in her gullet.

“Ohhhh, yeah, suck that big thing! Use your tongue, use your lips! Mmmmm, make it come!”

Rick eased his cock out, allowing her air again before he fucked it back in. His balls mashed against her chin. His pubic bone churned against her nose. As he worked his cock in and out, it felt to Sally like an arm sliding in and out of her mouth and gullet.

Rick put his hands on his hips. He swayed back and forth, sliding his cock in and out, watching it fuck Sally’s mouth. Sally gazed up at him, seeing his expressions of pleasure, watching the muscles of his abdomen ripple. He clasped his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, as if resting his head and reveling in the sensations streaming through his cock as he pleasured it in Sally’s mouth. His biceps flexed and sweat trickled from the blond sprigs of hair under his arms. He put his hands back on his hips and grinned.

“Man, you got the prettiest little mouth, and the hottest, softest throat! I could fuck your face all day, bitch! Use your tongue more, though, and suck a little harder! The faster you suck, the faster you get the cum.”

Sally growled, munching, sucking, licking. She’d never tasted anything more delicious than this stud’s cock. Her head vibrated as Rick’s cock quivered in her mouth. It excited her no end when Rick’s cock flexed, when it throbbed. His fucklube ran down her throat. She’d never felt more orally satisfied in her life. She wanted his cum, though. She craved the taste of his sweet, thick fuck-juice. She’d never hungered for anything more in her life.

Rick looked more delirious by the moment. His face flushed deeply, his eyes became more and more glazed, and he moaned as if someone had stabbed a needle into his ass and was slowly twisting it.

“Oh, baby, munch, suck, make it come!” Sally could just make out Rick’s thick toes curling against the floor. She longed to embrace his legs and ass, to cling to him as she sucked his cock and brought him off, but she’d have to thrust her hands right through the wall to do that, so instead of clutching at Rick, she clutched at herself. She rammed three fingers up her pussy again and started to jerk off in earnest. She was as horny again as if her orgasm of just moments ago had never happened.

Rick pulled his cock out until only the head remained in her mouth.

“Lick the back of the knob!” he gasped. “Oh Christ, yeah, yeahhhh, Goddamn!”

He forced his cock all the way in, and when he pulled it out, he let Sally lap at the rear of his cockknob before he shoved it back in. As she slicked there, his cock stiffened and quivered as if it would explode.

“Lick!” he muttered as he pulled it out, then moaned as he rammed it back in.

Sally’s face ran with sweat. She could hardly breathe, but she worked as she never had in her life, sucking, munching, licking as Rick had told her to. She wanted his cum! She’d die if she didn’t taste his cum!

“Baby, get ready!” Rick gasped. He slipped his cock in and out, his body shaking all over. “Oh, God, oh shit, take it!”

He rammed his cock tall the way down Sally’s gullet and pressed himself to the wall, which he rattled violently as his cock flexed powerfully and ejected his cum.

“Awwwww, man!”

Sally couldn’t believe it! Rick Johnson was feeding her his cum! She had to swallow fast to keep from choking as the hot thick fluid filled her throat again and again. Rick’s cock shook with each ejaculation, and Sally felt pleasure streaming through her mouth and throat and gullet and tits — as if some of Rick’s orgasmic sensations were shooting into Sally’s own flesh. Her head filled with the taste and smell of steaming stud-cum, Sally finger fucked herself to a frenzy of excitement. As she swallowed a fresh round of hot jism, she started to shake and jerk with her own orgasm. She moaned loudly, her young body saturated with pleasure. The pussyjuice gushed from her madly contracting cunt. She wanted to die!

Rick humped at her face, pressing himself hard to the wall until he’d milked out all his cum and fuck-feeling. Then he sighed, sliding his cock out of her throat and mouth. His cock flopped down heavily over his balls, dripping with cum and spit. It resembled the hanging cock of a donkey. He bent over and nipped Sally on the nose with his teeth. Then he straightened up again and quickly slipped on the new jockstrap, curling his cock up so he could stuff it in the pouch.

“Fits,” he said, then picked up his shorts.

Sally watched him dress, wearing the jockstrap underneath his cut-offs. She was still woozy on his taste and smell, and on the pleasure he’d caused her. As soon as he was done dressing, Sally forced herself up, closed the walldoor and curtain as she’d found them, slipped on her shoes, and quickly left the booth.

At the cash register, she rang up the sale for the jockstrap. Rick took his change, then pulled something from his pocket and shoved it into her hands. It was an old yellowed jockstrap, frayed and falling apart. It was also moist and reeking of Rick’s sweaty balls.

“Take care of it,” Rick said, stuffing a square of pink bubblegum into his mouth. “Half the chicks at school would give up one of their tits to have that thing. See you around, baby. One of these nights you and I’ll go out parking.” He leaned over the counter, gave Sally a juicy bubblegum-flavored kiss, then belched and swaggered away.

Sally watched him until the elevator door closed and he was gone. When her head finally cleared, she quickly stuffed Rick’s sweaty jock into a plastic bag and put it with her $500 check from Mr. Lipman. The check was worth a lot, but Rick’s jock was worth ten times more. Heck, it was unbelievable!


Sally arrived home carrying a Lipman’s shopping bag, which contained her prize acquisitions of the day: one fancy new green dress; one fancy new pair of shoes; a check for $500; and Rick Johnson’s dilapidated jockstrap. She was wearing what she’d left home in this morning — tight shorts and a tight blouse and nothing else. As she stepped into the driveway there was a roar behind her — her brother Mark arriving home on his motorcycle. From the look of his sun-bleached hair, his tan, and his scanty dress — just frayed cutoffs and Nike running shoes — it was obvious he’d spent another day out on the river beach.

As he got off the bike, he looked Sally up and down like a tiger appraising potential prey. “Where you been, Sis? The old lady threw a fit this noon cause you didn’t show up at the church dungeon this morning.”

“Tell you at dinner,” Sally said, unable to contain her smile. Nor could she keep her eyes off Mark’s muscles. She looked him over just as shamelessly as he was appraising her. She’d never dared look at him with such obvious interest before, but this evening she felt bold.

He swallowed, and Sally swore she saw the bulge in his shorts swell larger.

“I can’t wait to hear,” he said. He gave her a swat on the ass and walked with her into the house.

In the kitchen, Mom was busy tearing up greens for a salad. She took one look at Sally and her race reddened.

“You’d better have a good explanation for yourself, young lady!” Her eyes flitted to Sally’s bare legs and feet. She looked back to her salad preparations, as if she couldn’t bear to see anymore. “You will go upstairs, young lady, and you will wash and dress yourself. Then you will come back down here and help set the table.”

“Hi, Mom!” Mark butted in. “What’s for supper?” He went to the stove and lifted the lid of a pot, then wafted the steam at his nose. “Split-pea soup. Yummy!”

“Mark, I don’t want you in this kitchen dressed that way. You’re almost as bad as your sister. Go upstairs and shower, please. Then dress for dinner.”

“Just what I was gonna do,” Mark said.

Upstairs, Sally dumped her Lipman’s bag in her room, then slipped back out into the hall, tiptoeing to Mark’s closed bedroom door and kneeled in front of it. Her heart was pounding, as it always did when she spied on her brother, but she felt much less guilty today about what she was doing. After what had happened to her today at Lipman’s, playing peeping Sally wasn’t that big a deal. She peered through the keyhole and saw Mark prying off his left shoe with his right foot, and his right shoe with his left. He was standing at his dresser, unlocking the upper left-hand drawer where he kept his magazines that pictured naked women. He took them out at least twice a day — each morning before breakfast, and each evening before dinner. For all Sally knew, he took them out before bed too, and maybe at some other times during the day, but she’d never had the guts to spy on him at other times, for fear she’d be caught by Mom. When Mom was safely downstairs preparing a meal, Sally felt relatively safe.

Sally caught a glimpse of a naked woman with her legs spread as Mark tossed a magazine on the bed. He pushed down his shorts, bending over and showing Sally his naked ass before he stepped out of them and climbed on the bed. Sally found herself salivating as she remembered the taste and smell of Rick Johnson’s ass. Mark lay face up on the bed, the dirty bottoms of his bare felt staring Sally in the face. He balanced the magazine on his chest, turning its pages with his left hand as he jerked en his rigid cock with his right hand. His cock looked huge, though nowhere near as huge as Rick Johnson’s. Sally heard him moan and saw his toes curl. He strained upward, humping at his hand as he jerked himself off. His balls twisted slowly in his fat ball sac. Sally licked her lips, starving for a taste of her brother’s cock. She clutched her pussy through her shorts and squeezed it to the rhythm of her brother’s cock-pounding.

It took a minute, maybe two, and suddenly Mark was moaning as he spurted thick gobs of white cum on his tanned belly. His toes curled hard, and he himself against the bedspread sensuously as he milked out his load. As the spurts weakened, he dropped the magazine in his face and slowly moved his hand up and down his softening cock. He lay there about a half a minute after it was over, then threw the magazine off, reached for a Kleenex from the nightstand, and wiped himself off.

Sally was on her feet, ready to retreat to her bedroom, but still looking through the keyhole. She saw Mark put on his shorts again and lock up his magazines. As he turned toward the door, she ran on tiptoe to her room. She let him get safely into the bathroom and get the shower water running before she dared leave her room again. Then she moved quickly. In Mark’s room, she dug in the wastebasket for the wadded Kleenex, that dripped with Mark’s fresh cum. Her heart raced as she found it, and moments later she was back in her own room, locking her door, stripping off all her clothes.

She threw herself on her bed, stark-naked, her legs spread, her tits heaving at the ceiling. She pressed the wet Kleenex to her nose, rubbing some of the slimy male fluid into her nostrils, getting drunk on the smell of her brother’s fuck-juice. She smeared some cum on her lips, tasting it. The cum might as well have been shot from Rick Johnson’s cock, because it smelled and tasted identical to Rick’s cum. She anointed her nipples with the slick fluid, then smeared some between her parted cuntlips. She mashed the Kleenex to her upper lip, just under her nose, so she could get high on the aroma of Mark’s cum while she jerked herself off.

She spread her legs so wide that they hung off the sides of the single bed. The pussycream ran out of her, dribbling over her crotch and down her asscrack, moistening her bedspread. She bunched up three fingers of her right hand and forced them up her cunt. She wished her fingers were longer, harder, thicker. She longed to penetrate herself deep, as Mr. Lipman’s cock had done. It was hard to believe she’d actually, finally been fucked. And God, had she! Her pussy was still tender, still slightly sore from the reaming Mr. Lipman’s cock had given it.

She pumped her fingers in and out, getting them gooey and slippery with her fuckjuices. Even with the cum-slimy Kleenex pressed to her nostrils, she could smell her smoldering cunt. She couldn’t think of anything that smelled more potent than her crotch when she got hot then she remembered Rick’s jockstrap.

A half hour later, she was in the kitchen, setting the dinner table while her mother ladled soup into bowls. Her father sat at one end, of the table, reading the front section of the newspaper as Mark sat at the other end, reading the sports section. Sally couldn’t wait another moment to tell the fantastic news.

“I got a job at Lipman’s,” she announced, and for a few moments there was dead silence in the kitchen.

Her mother was the first to speak. “Well, I’ll be! Is that where you were all day, dear? You got a job at Lipman’s? Well, I’ll be!”

The woman appeared almost faint as she plopped bowls of steaming split-pea soup in front of Dad and Mark, who had both lowered their papers and were looking speechlessly at Sally.

“My stars, if I’d known I would have baked a cake,” Mom said. She sat down, fanning her face with her hand. “A job at Lipman’s! Wait till the girls hear about this!”

“How did this come about?” Dad said, sounding slightly suspicious.

Sally started to explain. “I was on my way to the church this morning to help Mom, and I was passing Lipman’s, and there was George himself putting a sign up in the window.”

“George?” Mom said, looking shocked. “It’s disrespectful to refer to a man of Mr. Lipman’s stature by his first name.”

“He’s always saying, ‘Call me George’, on TV,” Mark said.

“I don’t care,” Mom said. “Around this house we will refer to the man as Mr. Lipman.”

“Could we get back to Sally’s story, please?” Dad said.

Sally gave them a sketch of how she’d been hired and how she’d spent her day being trained by Cleo. She left out all the best parts, however — the parts she was sure she’d never dare tell anybody. The moment Sally finished, Mom was on her feet again, quickly putting the rest of the food on the table, then running to the other room to make some quick phone calls.

“Doris, you’ll never believe what my Sally did today!” came the sound of Mom’s bubbling voice from the hallway.

“Sporting goods, huh?” Dad said. He shoved a spoonful of soup into his mouth and burned his tongue, then quickly drank some water.

“Sporting goods,” Mark said, a smirk on his face. “That’s what she said, Dad.”

Dad scowled at him and he started eating his soup.

“How did you end up there,” Dad asked Sally.

“Like I told you Mr. Lipman put me there.”

“I don’t know,” Dad said. “Do you think you can handle that department? I mean, what do you know about sporting goods?”

“All she needs to know,” Mark mumbled as if to himself, and when Dad glared at him, he said, “I mean, George Lipman put her there, didn’t he? And he should know what he’s doing. It’s his store.”

As Dad continued to glare at Mark, Mark’s words trailed off and he crumbled some Ritz crackers into his soup.

“I can handle it, Dad,” Sally said. “I know I can.”

“You’ll be working part-time days, then?” Dad asked.

“No, full-time days,” Sally said.

“Full-time? I don’t know,” Dad said. “That’s a pretty stiff schedule for a girl your age to follow, especially since you’ve never worked before.”

“I’ve worked plenty,” Sally said. “Helping Mom at the church — sometimes all day long.”

“She’s right about that,” Mark said. “If helping Mom at the church ain’t like being on a chain-gang, then I don’t know what is. Besides, Lipman’s ain’t too busy during the day — weekdays, anyway. Evenings is when it gets hot.”

Dad stared at him in silence as if trying to communicate something to him by mental telepathy.

“They got two girls working in Sporting Goods, evenings,” Mark added quickly, then shoved his nose in his soup and started shoveling it down, a silly grin on his face.

Mom re-entered the kitchen. “Doris is sick to death. I could just see her, green with envy on the other end of the phone, just because her Mary Anne isn’t working at Lipman’s too. Some women can be so childish it’s sickening.”

“I was just wondering,” Dad said, “if maybe Sally isn’t a little too young and inexperienced for this job.”

Mom stared at him for a few moments, blinking like an owl, her face blank, as if she were trying to comprehend what he’d just said. Then she became very red.

“Hal Myers, I don’t want to hear another ridiculous statement like that or I’ll have you seeing a psychiatrist! This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened in this family, an you’re having doubts?”

“What about when I made the football team?” Mark said. “That was big, wasn’t it?”

Mom went on talking as if she hadn’t even heard Mark. “My daughter is capable of handling any job. She’ll do whatever is necessary to be the best salesgirl Lipman’s has ever had, and to make us proud of her, and that’s that!” Mom marched out of the kitchen and a few moments later was cooing into the hallway phone, “Martha, you’ll never guess what my Sally did today!”

Dad mulled over his soup bowl without eating, as if he’d lost his appetite.


Sally had to run to the restroom and shit twice after getting to work the next morning. Her excitement and anxiety over her first official day as sales clerk in Sporting Goods had her intestines all squirmy. As she dropped her turds in the toilet, she remembered Mr. Lipman begging her for her shit yesterday morning, and she thought she must have imagined it. In fact, she was beginning to wonder if the shock of getting this job hadn’t made her temporarily insane yesterday so she’d hallucinated all that had happened in Mr. Lipman’s office lounge and maybe even in the fitting room. She did have Rick Johnson’s jockstrap at home though, didn’t she, safely locked away in her dresser drawer? How had she got hold of that if Rick hadn’t given it to her? Still, just to convince herself that she hadn’t imagined everything, she decided to check out the fitting room first thing after she finished up in the restroom.

She didn’t get the chance. The store had officially opened for the day, and a customer came into the Sporting Goods Department just as she was returning there from the restroom.

“May I help you?” she asked, immediately uneasy about the young man. He was dressed in blue denim from neck to ankles, with boots on his feet and a motorcycle helmet over his head. A polaroid visor over the front of the helmet allowed her to see her reflection but not his face. She had a premonition of him pulling a gun on her and demanding all the money in the cash register.

“Yeah,” he grunted, his voice extremely deep. “I wanna try on these duds.” He snatched some tennis shorts off the nearest hanger.

“The fitting rooms are right over there,” Sally said, more uneasy than ever now. The young man was disguising his voice, trying to put on some kind of accent while at the same time keeping the tone unnaturally low.

He nodded, the overhead lights glinting off the shiny black helmet. Before he entered the fitting room Rick Johnson had entered yesterday, he glanced over his shoulder, flashing her with his mirror-like visor.

Sally wasn’t sure what to do. She wished Cleo were here. What would Cleo do in a situation like this? Sally remembered that whenever a male customer went into that fitting room yesterday, Cleo would slip into the adjacent women’s fitting room. Sometimes she would remain in there, sometimes she’d come back out just a few moments later. After Cleo had come back from lunch yesterday, Sally had tried to ask about the fitting rooms in an indirect way, but in a way in which her meaning was clear. Cleo had smiled mysteriously and told Sally that there were things about this job she’d have to learn for herself, and that there were things that were never, never talked about in this store. She told Sally that she must learn to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut.

Sally slipped into the women’s fitting room and lacked the door. Even in here she could hear the music blasting away, much louder than in the other parts of the store. She whisked aside the curtain and spotted the small door at waist height. Her heart was slamming. Dare she open it? Her question was answered for her when she heard three soft knocks on the small door and saw the door move slightly. She dropped to her knees, and turned the tiny knob.

As she swung the door open, she had to jerk her head out of the way to keep from getting rammed in the face by a big naked cock. The cock smelled sweaty and was throbbing. A drop of lube oozed from the pisshole. It wasn’t as huge as Rick Johnson’s cock, but it was big enough to make Sally wide-eyed at its size. Her face flushed with heat and she started to tremble. Moaning, she started to kiss the big cock all over. She kissed the big sweaty balls too. Then she started to lick.

“Ohhhh, mannnn!” sighed the young man. “Suck that cock!” In his excitement, he no longer disguised his voice, and Sally recognized it immediately as the voice of her brother.

She lapped up and down his wiggling cock, her mind whirling with both excitement and indecision. This was Mark’s cock! Her own brother was standing in that other booth, feeding her his fuckmeat through this window! How could he dare do such a thing? How did she dare, knowing now who he was, have sex with him? She thought about what a terrible, sinful criminal thing they were both doing. She thought about all the times she’d watched him through the bedroom keyhole and had salivated when she’d seen the cum spurt out of his big hard cock. Heck, in her imagination she’d been having sex with him for years! This was only the natural, the necessary, next step. She wrapped her hand around his big swollen nut sac, wrapped her lips round his prickhead, and swallowed his cock down to the balls.

“Ohhh, yeahhhhh!” Mark moaned. “Blow that big mother! Mmmnn, use your tongue!” He strained his hips toward the hole, working his stiff fucker in and out of her throat, in and out of her mouth.

Sally slid her swollen, wet lips up and down his cock in a tight ring. She flapped her tongue all over, licking especially hard at the back of Mark’s cockhead, in the place where Rick Johnson had enjoyed getting licked so much. Mark gasped, his cock flexing in her mouth, pumping out small spurts of warm fucklube.

“Mmn, baby, you’re gonna make me come! Stop, huh, so I can fuck you.” He slowly, hesitantly eased his cock out of Sally’s mouth.

Sally could tell he wanted to shoot his cum down her throat almost as badly as he wanted to fuck her. She hungered for his cum, but she wanted to fuck him too. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the tingling in her lips as the last few inches of hot cock were drawn out between them. His prick throbbed up and down, dripping and gleaming with her spit.

“Turn around,” Mark whispered. “Show me your bare ass.”

Sally had no trouble doing that. As yesterday, she wore nothing under her green dress — no bra, no panties and she had only to hitch up the short skirt to present her brother with her completely naked ass.

“Press it to the hole,” he said shakily. “And bend over.”

Sally braced her hands on her knees as she bent over and pressed her naked ass and cunt to the open window. She could hear. Mark breathing like an obscene phone caller. His hot fingers pinched and pulled on her asscheeks. His thumbs spread her puffed-up cunt-flaps.

“Oh shit, oh baby!” Mark groaned as he kissed her ass and cunt. He nuzzled her asscrack and cunt-slit. Then he started to lick, as if she had honey running out of her asshole and cunt. “Mmn, mmmm!”

His long tongue swiped up and down her sexy furrows licking up her sweat and female fluids.

Sally’s eyes rolled with pleasure as she fed her crotch to her brother. She couldn’t help rubbing her ass in tight little circles against the hole. Her face was burning up in her excitement.

“Lick!” she whispered. “Oh lick, suck, oh God!”

Mark slurped, sounding like a pig at a slop trough. He glued his mouth to her asshole and sucked hard. He pressed his lips between her pussylips and sucked again, vacuuming the heat and moisture and female scents out of her body. He shoved his tongue up her crotch and licked her out wildly. Then he quickly moved to her asshole and rammed his tongue up it, growling as he licked out the crevice of her shitter.

Sally had to bite her lips to keep from squealing. Tingles streamed through her loins. The fuckjuice dribbled from her cunt and down her legs. Mark took one last tongue-swipe at her cunt, then rose up behind her and started to rub his searing cockhead up and down her cunt and asscrack.

“Ohbhh!” Sally cooed, ready to go out of her mind, every cell of her body vibrating as Mark’s red-hot cockmeat smeared her fucklube up and down her hot, quivering furrows. “Ohhhh fuck me, God fuck me!”

Her bare toes wriggled in her shoes, and she pried the shoes off. The moment she was barefoot, she could no longer stand having her dress on either, so she pulled it off over her head, letting her naked tits hang freely in the cool air.

Mark forced her cuntlips wide apart with his thumbs and pressed his cockhead between them. Sally wanted to whine, she was so hot. Her cunt kept contracting, trying to suck Mark’s cock inside it.

“Shove it in!” she moaned. “Screw my cunt!”

Mark let her cuntlips close around his cockhead. She braced herself for his thrust. He didn’t thrust, though, just slipped his cock into her to the hilt, let it slide in smoothly, let her hungry crotch devour it. They moaned in unison as their fuckmeat coupled. Mark’s cock throbbed inside her like a hard, cylindrical heart, the tip of it kissing the mouth of her womb. He slid it most of the way back out and plunged it back in. They both moaned again from the itchy friction of their hot, juicy fucking.

Sally felt like dancing, and she did in a way, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as Mark screwed her, wiggling her toes, raising up and down on them. She cooed, the pleasure whirling through her loins as she churned her ass, working her, tight, sucking cunt around Mark’s rapidly thrusting cock. His big prick plunged, sending fuck-tingles to the tips of Sally’s toes and to the hair-roots in her scalp. Each time Mark thrust, his cock was like an electrified prod that sent a current of pleasure into Sally’s body. Her insides were melting. She became drugged on pleasure, helpless to do anything but wiggle her ass and moan as Mark rammed her again and again and again.

The wall between the booths vibrated. Mark grunted as he thrust, carried away by his fucking. He muttered to himself, but Sally couldn’t make out his words, just that their tone was that of pained pleasure. His long cock plunged in and out, its head probing deeper inside her until it was popping in and out of the mouth of her womb. Sally groaned, wishing he could fuck her so deep that his cock would come out of her mouth.

She was getting close. She would be coming at any moment. Her loins felt tight, like a balloon about to burst. Her ass had swelled, and her tits. Her cuntlips felt splitting-tight, and her entire cunthole streamed with fiery tingles.

“Fuck me!” she grunted, churning her ass, grinding her contracting, sucking cunt around and around her brother’s hard-slamming cock.

“Fuck me, oh God, fuck me!”

“Yeahhhhh!” Mark growled. He thrust so hard that his hipbones cracked against the wall. “Yeah, oh fuck yeahhh!”

“Shoot it!” Sally gasped. “Oh please!” Every cell of her body was set to explode with pleasure. Her cunt clutched hard, as if trying to skin Mark’s cock. She felt the first flickers of orgasm in the pit of her cunt. Her entire womb was contracting.

Mark’s cock flexed so hard that it nearly lifted Sally off her feet. His cum streamed into her. He groaned deeply, then gasped, whimpered. “Oh Jesus, oh shut!”

Spurt, spurt, spurt — his hot cum filled her. Sally grabbed her tits and squeezed, writhing as her orgasm gnawed through her crotch, through her loins, through every part of her naked young body. She gasped with each spurt of sizzling cum into her, with each spastic contraction in her loins. She could feel both her cunt and asshole squeezing rhythmically. She churned her ass, vacuuming the cum out of her thrusting, gasping brother.

“Mmmn, ohhhh yessss!” she cooed, feeling the hot jism splash deep inside her. “Oh baby, give it to me!” She worked her ass in tight circles until her spasms began to subside and Mark’s cock softened slightly inside her. As he withdrew his cock, Sally moaned, completely satisfied.

She had to brace herself to keep from collapsing. She felt like stretching flat out on the floor and completely letting go, letting the waves of relaxation and drowsiness overwhelm her. She lowered herself to her knees and turned to face the window. Mark was pulling up his jeans, stuffing his big, cum-frosted cock inside them. He still wore his denim jacket and the black helmet on his head, his face hidden by the polaroid visor.

He brushed his fingertips over Sally’s lips as she pressed her hot face to the hole.

“You’re good,” he mumbled, trying to disguise his voice again. “I’ll be back.”

He unlocked his door and pushed out of it, leaving the tennis shorts hanging in the fitting room.

By the time Sally had put herself and the women’s fitting room back together, Mark was nowhere to be seen. Sally felt self-conscious as she returned to the counter, sure that what she had done with Mark was written all over her face. A mother and her young son were browsing between some shelves, the boy loudly pointing out the merits of various baseballs bats.

They paid no attention to Sally, however, so obviously hadn’t been aware of anything unusual happening. How could they have heard anything, with the music blasting like a rock concert? They paid for their purchases a few minutes later. Sally half-shouted, “Thank you,” and watched the boy carry off his new baseball bat. The moment they were gone, she went to the men’s fitting rooms, to do some exploring.

All the booths were identical, with the exception of the one adjacent the first women’s fitting room. This booth was slightly larger, and had two sturdy wooden pegs set high into the wall with the small window. There was no curtain covering this wall, and the window was detectable upon close inspection. The door that blocked shut the window was set flush with the paneled wall, and so blended in with the wall that a person would have to be looking for it to see it. Sally tried to push open the door from this side, but found it securely latched. She looked up at the pegs above her head, wondering about them for a minute before she figured out that Mark had probably grasped the pegs for balance and for something to hold onto while he’d fucked her. She could still smell Mark’s sexy, sweaty scent in the booth, and she reached up under her dress to give her cunt a squeeze. Some of Mark’s cum oozed out of her and into her hand, and she licked it off. She would have jerked herself off, but she heard the signal-chime outside and quickly went out, carrying the tennis shorts Mark had never tried on.

The bottom nearly feel out of her stomach. Her mother, beaming, was leading five other church-women into the department. All the women were babbling simultaneously, her mother the loudest.

“Here she is, girls, here she is — my very own daughter! How are you, dear? Everything going all right? I’m sure it is.”

Sally stood by helplessly as the women looked her over as if to verify that she was Sally Myers, living and breathing, and not a fake plastic imitation. One of the women commented that Sally’s dress was a little scanty, wasn’t it, whereupon Sally’s mother gave the woman an indignant glance and told her that if she didn’t like Sally’s dress, she should go complain to Mr. Lipman, because he personally had chosen the dress for Sally and had given it to her to wear as her uniform for the job. This shut the woman up as if she’d been charged by the Reverend Rockford himself with blaspheming the Lord. “Can’t you turn down the music a bit, dear?” Mom asked.

“It’s lovely music, but we can hardly hear ourselves speak.”

“No,” Sally lied. “It’s controlled by a computer or something.”

“But it’s not this loud in other parts of the store,” Mom said. “Not in the ladies’ departments anyway. Why so loud in the men’s?”

“The computer sets it different in each department,” Sally said. “Mr. Lipman’s idea, I think. The loud music must help sell baseball bats or something. Men must like loud music.”

“That man’s a genius,” said one of the ladies. “Absolutely.”

“And he never did a wiser thing than hiring my Sally,” Sally’s mother said. “Well dear, we must be running along. Reverend Rockford wants to meet with the ladies’ group this morning. Too bad you can’t be there, but you have your duties here.”

Thank God for that, Sally thought.


For a time during the morning, things got busy. At one point Sally had to contend with a line of five people as they all converged on the sales counter at once. She felt momentarily exhausted after ringing up the last sale of the five. A half-dozen men went to the fitting rooms during the course of the morning, four of them choosing the booth with the window, but Sally received no indication from any of them that they were interested in anything but trying on and purchasing warm-up suits, T-shirts, tennis shorts, and whatnot. Four times, she entered the woman’s fitting room closest the men’s, and four times she waited for a knock or for some indication that the men wanted her to open the window. But nothing happened. Each time, the men went to the cash register a minute later, with no hint of suggestiveness in their expressions as they paid her their money and she made change. By the time noon came along, Sally was feeling tired, hungry, and puzzled. She wondered not only about why no men knocked on the window booth, but also about what she was going to do for lunch. Cleo wasn’t here today to relieve her.

About one minute after twelve, the elevator doors opened and a familiar face appeared. It was the girl who had greeted Mr. Lipman yesterday morning, the girl, Sally recognized from school. The girl came straight toward Sally, a smirk on her face.

“So how’s it going, you lucky bitch?” the girl said. “I don’t know how you got old George to assign you down here right off but whatever it was, I’d like to hear about it.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Sally said.

“Aw come on, baby, don’t play stupid. Half the girls in this store would take permanent pay cuts for the chance to work Sporting Goods even part-time. You’re brand new, and he puts you down here right off. What’s the catch?”

“Maybe he likes my hair,” Sally said.

“Or the feelings you gave him,” the girl said. “You look kind of like a mink, and I bet you fuck like one too.”

Sally was speechless.

The girl laughed. “Don’t get so uptight, girl. We both know what goes on around here, so why pretend we don’t? I’ve been working here six months and I still can’t get over how everybody is so tight-lipped about everything. We all got jobs here by selling our bodies to that old toad upstairs. He’s a shrewd old bastard. He gets more then pleasure out of those so called job interviews of his. He finds out if we’re suited to working in this glorified whorehouse of his. Any girl who isn’t one-hundred percent cooperative, any girl who isn’t hungry for cock doesn’t get hired. He can smell a willing slut a mile away.”

“Glorified whorehouse?” Sally mumbled.

“Well, what would you call a store that attracts male customers with willing girls? Some of those guys come from the next state to buy a pair of jeans just because there’s a good chance their salesgirl will give them a quick blowjob while they’re trying on their new pants. And even if they don’t get what they’re really after, they always end, up buying something. This is probably the only department store in the country that sells as much to men as it does to women. Old George has got half the men in this state addicted to buying whatever they need in his store, even if they have to drive all day to get here.”

Sally was starting to understand.

“And Sporting Goods is where all the jocks come. How have the jocks been treating you, girl? They been keeping you busy?”

“It’s been a very slow morning,” Sally said. The girl laughed. “Likely story. I’ll bet you’ve sucked off a half-dozen sweaty jock cocks since nine o’clock, and you call it a slow morning. Christ! I’ll bet old George has you working the evening shift by next month. Then you’ll get more than you can handle. You’ll be burping up cum all night. Those evening shifts are something else, especially in Sporting Goods. I worked part-time as a substitute my first six months here, and a couple of those evening shifts down herein Sporting Goods just about wore me out. One night we had four girls working Sporting Goods, and we could hardly handle it.”

Sally listened to all this with fascination and excitement. Her cuntlips swelled up and were throbbing. The wet meat between them tingled with a maddening fuck-itch. She felt like reaching under her skirt and screwing a finger or two up her seething crotch.

The girl had turned red. “Man, just thinking about those evenings down here gets me hot. And you look like you’re getting hot too. What’s your name, girl?”

Sally told her.

“I’m Denise,” the girl said. “I’m the one who’ll be taking over for you down here while you’re at lunch.”

“Oh, I was wondering about that,” Sally said. “Well, I’d better go eat.”

“Not so fast, girl. You’ve got a whole hour. Plenty of time.” She moved close to Sally, staring into Sally’s eyes, and she slipped her hand under Sally’s skirt.

Sally felt faint as Denise squeezed her cunt. “Main, you’re all wet,” Denise breathed. “Just like me. Feel me up, huh?”

Sally’s arm moved mechanically. Her hand slipped under Denise’s skirt. She groped Denise’s hairy, swollen cuntlips. A slimy fluid dripped into her hand, like hot spit.

Denise moaned. “Oh baby!” She worked a finger up into Sally’s cunt.

Panting, the hot juice starting to run down her legs as Denise finger fucked her, Sally shoved a finger up Denise’s cunt.

The two girls gazed into each other’s eyes, pistoning their fingers in their juicy, sucking fuckholes. Sally felt tingles all the way down to her toes.

Denise suddenly pulled her finger out. As she dropped down in front of Sally, Sally’s finger slipped out of her cunt.

“Hold up your skirt,” Denise said, breathing hotly. As Sally hitched up her skirt, Denise plunged her face between Sally’s thighs and started to lick. “Mmm, you taste good!”

She spread Sally’s cuntlips, opening Sally’s cunt completely so she could lap her cunt and fuckhole.

“Mmm, cum!”

She glued her mouth to Sally’s open crotch and sucked rhythmically, vacuuming out Mark’s cum.

Sally had to brace her hands on Denise’s shoulders to keep from falling over. She felt dizzy and weak. Her heart was slamming. She was scared to death of the elevator door suddenly opening and of being caught with Denise. That fear wasn’t quite rational, because she and Denise were hidden behind shelves and would have plenty of time to separate after the warning chime of the elevator. Still, she worried, and her fear increased her excitement, making it race.

“Ohhh, God!” Sally closed her eyes, grinding her crotch in Denise’s face. “Shove your tongue in! Quick!”

Denise rammed her tongue up Sally’s cunt and Sally exploded with pleasure. She gasped, humping at Denise’s mouth as the spasms pulsed through her loins.

“Eat it, oh God, suck it!”

Denise growled, sucking, gnawing, slurping. “Mmmm, you hot little bitch, hot little slut!” she mumbled, sucking down the fluids that ran from Sally’s contracting crotch.

Sally moaned, milking out her pleasure, feeding her raw crotch to Denise. The spasms had no sooner begun to subside than Denise suddenly pulled away and got up. Denise was masturbating frantically. She forced Sally to kneel and held up her skirt as she mashed her dripping cunt to Sally’s mouth.

“Suck it!” Denise moaned. “Eat it up!”

Sally had no choice but to suck, to chew, to lick. The hot pussycream ran down Sally’s chin and neck. Denise’s cunt felt like a huge hairy mouth, belching steamy air, drooling, sucking. Sally worked her tongue up into Denise’s fuckhole and listened to the other girl groan. All at once, Denise’s cunt contracted hard and Denise started to gasp and shake. She whimpered with pleasure as she fed her spasming crotch to Sally.

Sally gnawed on the spongy, hairy cunt-slabs, pistoned her tongue in the clutching sexy hole, drank the hot, tart fluids that drooled from Denise’s madly contracting pussy. The juice tasted tart, sweet, just like her own pussycream.

The elevator chime broke their sexual union. Within seconds, Sally was on her feet, wiping her mouth with her hand. Denise wiped her own mouth and adjusted her dress, although still apparently experiencing the aftershocks of her orgasm. She caught her breath three or four times as she squeezed her legs together. Sally mumbled that she was going to lunch and slipped quietly between some shelves so the customer wouldn’t see her. She waited for the customer to enter Sporting Goods, then made for the elevator without, looking back.

Forty-five minutes later, Sally stepped back out of the elevator, her stomach satisfied with a tuna sandwich and a fruit salad. She spotted Denise behind the sales counter talking to a muscular young man, whom she immediately recognized as Rick Johnson. She marched toward them, her heart pounding, her stomach tightening.

Denise gave her a smirk. “Have a good lunch, girl?”

“Yes,” Sally said, hardly looking at the bitch. “Hello, Rick.”

“Hey babe, where you been? I would have left a long time ago if Denise here hadn’t convinced me to stick around.” He blew a bubble. He was dressed in the same clothing as he’d worn yesterday.

“Glad you stuck around?” Denise said, reaching over the center to caress the boy’s muscular arm.

“At least one part of me is,” Rick said, giving his bulging crotch a squeeze, and Denise giggled.

Sally wanted to slug her. She pictured Rick’s huge cock stretching Denise’s lips, could almost hear Denise growling as she sucked out Rick’s cum.

Rick put his finger on Sally’s lips and stroked them. His finger smelled like cunt. “I’m going out for a ride tonight, hotlips — about eight. I’ll pick you up in front of the store here. Be on time.” He gave her a pat on the cheek and swaggered toward the elevator without another word to either of the two girls.

“Lucky bitch,” Denise said. “I could slug you.”


It was a muggy evening, and a fine sweat misted Sally’s face as she nervously paced the sidewalk in front of Lipman’s Department Store. The streetlights had just come on in the hazy summer twilight, and the cars cruising past were starting to turn on their headlights. More than once Sally was offered a ride by a carful of teenage boys, and once by a man in a big Cadillac. She politely but firmly declined their offers, wondering whether, if she hadn’t been waiting for Rick Johnson, she might not have gone with them. She wondered what it would be like to get felt up by a bunch of hot boys. She already knew what it was like to get pawed and fucked by a middle-aged man.

A motorcycle rumbled to a stop in front of her, and her brother Mark sat there looking her up and down. “What are you doing out here?” He wore jeans, boots, and nothing else.

“Waiting for somebody.”

“Oh yeah? Who?”

“None of your business.”

Mark laughed. “Too bad you’re waiting for somebody, or I’d take you for a ride. You waiting for one of your girlfriends?”

“None of your business.”

“Does Mom know, where you’re going?”

“No, she doesn’t, and if you tell her, I’ll kill you.”

“How can I tell her anything when I don’t even know who you’re waiting for? You sure you don’t wanna go for a ride? It’s a nice night for a ride, maybe out in the country.”

“No thank you,” Sally said. “Now will you please go away and stop bugging me.”

“Must be a hot date,” Mark said, revving his motorcycle. “I think maybe I’ll do some shopping in Lipman’s, since you don’t wanna go for a ride. The job working out alright?”

“Yes,” Sally said. “Now will you please go before…”

“What’s his name?”

“None of your business. Now go!” Sally lunged at Mark to slap him on his bare shoulder, but he roared away, laughing.

She watched him turn the corner and head down the block, then turn into the huge parking lot behind Lipman’s. She realized she was shaking, her guts all tied in knots, her blood surging so fast she could almost feel it. Mark had shaken her up, and in her nervous condition she didn’t need any shaking up. Here she was, about to embark on her first real date, and Mark almost ruins it. If Rick had come along and seen her talking to another guy, he might have got mad and just driven on. Rick could have any girl in town he wanted. He’d find another girl in two minutes. Then again, Rick might have stopped to pick her up right there in front of Mark, and the embarrassment would have been too much for her. She was sure Mark and Rick knew each other, since they were both on the football team. For some reason, she just didn’t want Mark to know she was going out with Rick. She was self-conscious about it, or something. She really didn’t know what her feelings were.

She was all confused, wound up inside, ready to jump out of her skin. And to top things off, she’d fucked Mark this morning, and Mark thought she hadn’t known who he was. It was all too confusing. She felt the insane urge to tear off her ultra-tight shorts, which had pulled up between her cuntlips like a gag, and her low-cut blouse, which she’d tied up so she could show off her bare tanned belly. She felt like ripping off all her clothes and running down Main Street like an escapee from, the local nut house. She couldn’t understand the tension inside her. Maybe it was just the nervousness of going on her first date, but whatever it was, she couldn’t stand much more of it.

The human traffic on the sidewalk and in and out of Lipman’s didn’t help her any. It was as if there was some kind of special sale going on in the store, although there was no sale going on, to her knowledge. Lipman’s became a madhouse evenings. Half the town — especially the men — passed through the store’s glass doors each evening. Sally had already seen a lot of people she knew entering or leaving the store. She’d seen her mailman and Reverend Rockford, and the football coach at school. She’d seen several neighbors, both men and women. And she’d done her best to hide her face as they’d passed by her. Why had Rick insisted on picking her up in front of Lipman’s, for the whole world to see? And why in God’s name had she arrived here to wait for him a half hour early? She must have been crazy.

A convertible came down the street and swerved toward the sidewalk so fast that Sally yelped and jumped out of the way before it jumped the curb and smashed her flat. The red car screeched as it stopped, and the driver, shiftless and blond, blew a bubble as he looked Sally up and down.

“So what are you waiting for, babe? I ain’t gonna get out and open the door for you, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Hello, Rick,” Sally said shakily. She had trouble yanking open the door, then slid in clumsily beside Rick, her heart thumping. The door seemed to be made of solid lead as she tried to slam it shut. On her third try, it finally latched.

Rick appraised Sally’s bare legs and feet. “Well, move over here, for Christ’s sake. If you’re gonna sit way over there, you might as well not even be in the car.” Rick spat his bubble gum out on the street, then put his arm around Sally as she sidled close. His biceps bulging against the back of her head, he pressed their mouths together and kissed her so hard he nearly sucked the breath out of her.

Sally’s mind swam. She was aware only of Rick and of the purring of his convertible. Her cunt did flip-flops inside as he kissed her, working his fat tongue in and out of her mouth. His sweaty aroma enveloped her like a cloud.

Suddenly there was some whooping. Rick broke the kiss, glanced toward the carful of boys that pulled up alongside his convertible, and said, “Her mouth’s as hot as her pussy.”

“Let me test,” said the boy hanging out the window of the car. “I’ll kiss ’em both and see.”

Rick threw the convertible into gear. “Like hell, slime-lips! You’ll contaminate ’em.”

Rick squealed off, and the other car squealed off right behind the convertible. Rick kept his right arm around Sally’s neck as he turned corners, screeching his tires, leading the other car in a chase for several blocks. The boys in the car behind kept shouting obscenities and laughing. Finally, after a few minutes, they lost interest and turned back toward downtown.

“Undo my pants and take it out,” Rick said. “You can suck and lick my lollipop while I get us out of this hick town.”

Sally felt sick to her stomach. What if somebody were to see her doing this? Still, she wasn’t going to argue with Rick. She had no doubt that he’d kick her out on the spot if she even hesitated. He knew what he wanted and there were a thousand other girls in this town who’d give him what he wanted if Sally failed to. When you’re out on a date with Rick Johnson, you don’t argue or hesitate.

She lay on the car seat, facing him, unsnapping and unzipping his jeans. His cock snaked out, standing vertical and gluing to his abdomen. The smell of it made her moan. He’d obviously had it stuck up some girl’s pussy not too long ago, because it smelled like pussy as much a it did like cock. He lifted his ass slightly so she could slide his pants down to his thighs and free his balls.

“Shit, take ’em all the way off,” he said. “It feels sexier.”

She got down on the floor and pulled his jeans down his legs. She bumped her head twice on the bottom of the dash board as she got them off over his bare feet. She looked up and saw him slowly messaging his cock as he drove. He was stark naked.

“Now you get naked,” he said.

Sally kept herself well down as she stripped off her clothes. By the trees that were flying past above, she could tell that they were in the country now. She could hear the whir of crickets. It was getting dark fast. The trees were silhouettes against the silver of the sky.

“Don’t get up yet,” Rick said. “Lay on your back on the floor.”

Sally didn’t know what Rick was going to do, but at this point, she didn’t care. She knew she’d willingly do whatever he asked. With her clothes off, she felt unbearably sexy. As she lay on the floor in front of the seat, she imagined herself as a naked slave girl.

Rick took his right foot off the accelerator as he set the cruise control. He laid his foot on her chest and began to play with her boobs. He caught her nipples between his toes and pinched them. Sally moaned, squirming.

“You’re a hot bitch,” Rick said, steering with one hand as he played with his cock. “There’s a lot of hot bitches around, but for some reason you’re extra hot. I don’t know why, but you just really turn me on.”

He stroked her face with his foot.

“Lick my toes, bitch. Suck on ’em.”

His feet were filthy. He must have gone barefoot half the day. But Sally didn’t let that bother her. She moaned with pleasure as she slithered her tongue between the young man’s toes. Then she sucked on them as if they were cocks.

“Shit!” Rick said. “What a feeling.”

He wiggled his toes and squirmed in his seat as she gave his foot a good work over with her hot lips and tongue.

“Better stop,” he said after a minute, “before you make me jerk off. Get back up here on the seat.”

The pussycream was running down Sally’s legs, and her thighs slipped together lubriciously as she slithered her naked and willowy teenage body up on the seat. The smell of hot cunt was strong in the night air, and she heard Rick taking deep breaths of the steamy female scent. He let go of his cock as she lay in his lap and started to play with him.

“Go easy,” he warned, “or you’ll have me shooting all over the place instead of inside you, where I intend to shoot off later.”

Sally could hardly control herself. She lapped at Rick’s balls nuzzling underneath them, nipping them with her lips. She lapped up and down the rigid length of his upright cock, savoring the fucklube that was trickling down the rock-hard prickshaft. She wished she had a ruler to measure Rick’s magnificent fuckrod. It had to be ten inches long. She still couldn’t believe anything but a donkey could grow a cock this huge.

Rick massaged her tits as she licked his cock. He pinched the nipples, twisting and stretching them. Sally worked her slippery thighs against each other, manipulating her swollen pussyslabs between them. A hot pulsation filled her loins and spread throughout her body. She gripped Rick’s cock at the base, bent it toward her wide-open mouth around the knob. Then she slid her mouth down on it, at the same licking, sucking, tasting sweat and fucklube.

“Aw, shit!” Rick put his hand on her head and forced her to swallow his cock till she gagged. “Suck that big mother, hotlips! Oh man, give it a blowjob!”

Sally’s spit ran down his cock as she bobbed her head, taking his cock knob into her gullet and sliding the tight ring of her lips up and down his prickshaft. She growled, sucking, slurping, starving to death for his huge, slab of hard fuckmeat. She played with his huge nuts as she blew him, gently caressing and squeezing them one at a time.

“Oh man, I wanna come!” Rick moaned. “I can’t wait no more. Suck that fucker! Make it blow! Oh yeah!”

He lifted up slightly.

“Shove your finger up my ass.”

Sally was shocked by his request, but she acted without hesitation. If Rick wanted a finger up his asshole, then she’d give him one. She shoved her hand under his balls, between his legs, and shoved her middle finger between his asscheeks. His asspucker kissed her finger like a set of hot lips, and she worked her finger up into it. His asshole swallowed her finger and pulsated around it.

“Finger fuck me!” Rick gasped. “Oh yeah, real quick, like that, yeah! Suck, lick, oh Jesus!” He humped with short thrusts, pumping his cock in Sally’s mouth, wiggling his ass as she finger fucked him.

“Mmmmm, znmmmmm!” Sally growled, munching, sucking, starved to death for the taste of his hot cum, wanting only to go on sucking Rick’s horny fuck rod forever as he shot load alter load of his potent spunk clown her throat. Her spit drenched his balls. She bobbed her head, sucking frantically. At the same time, she was working herself into a state of helpless excitement by sliding her smooth legs up and down against each other. Her toes wiggled and curled and pointed. She wanted to come, needed to come as badly as Rick did.

Rick was gasping. His asshole sucked at Sally’s sliding finger and his cock flexed in her throat. He began to shake all over. Something hot and spongy swelled inside Rick’s asshole and pressed against Sally’s finger, and she could sense electricity surging through his body. His cock vibrated powerfully, spurting cum against Sally’s tonsils. She gagged for a moment, then began to swallow greedily.

“Eat it!” Rick moaned. “Drink it! Oh I’m coming, oh shit!”

Sally felt the car swerving dangerously as Rick tried to steer it while feeding her his cum. For a moment, she realized they might both be killed, but then she completely pushed the thought out of her mind. Her pleasure was too great. It was worth dying for. As she sucked Rick’s flexing, spurting fuckrod, she shimmied her wet thighs together and brought herself off. The pleasure surged through her body in waves and she groaned, squirming naked on the seat, her mouth and throat stuffed with quivering cockmeat, Rick’s hot cum sliding down her gullet.

“Drink it all!” Rick growled. “Oh Jesus, suck that mother!”

Even after he’d finished coming, he allowed her to continue sucking his cock. He made her pull her finger out of his asshole, however. Sally lay there, cooing as she sucked Rick’s half-hard cock, milking every last drop of cum from his pisstube. She continued sliding her thighs against each other, slowly working the itch and heat out of her pussylips and shivering every so often as an aftershock from her orgasm pulsed through her loins.

Sally had no idea where they were going, but she didn’t care, just as long as she was with Rick.

“I gotta piss, babe,” Rick said. “You like to drink a guy’s piss? I bet you do.” He put his hand on her head so she couldn’t pull up off his cock. “Never met a bitch yet who didn’t like a bellyful of man-piss.”

His cock, snaked halfway down her gullet, quivered slightly. Her throat filled with hot piss, and she choked.

“Swallow it! I don’t want my car seat getting all stunk up. Swallow every drop or your ass is grass!”

Sally’s eyes teared and ran over. The acrid fumes of Rick’s piss rushed through her head. She swallowed frantically to keep from choking to death. Rick sighed as he emptied out his bladder. Sally hated him for doing this to her at least at first. By the time he’d finished pissing, she was sucking his pisstube dry, thirsty for more.


Sally had no idea where they were. Rick pulled the car off the road onto an overgrown trail that led into the woods. The weeds on the trail were as tall as the car and they scratched at the undersides of the car as Rick mowed them down. Once the car was well into the trees, and hidden from the road, Rick cut the engine. Only the whirring of crickets disturbed the perfect silence.

“I ain’t been here since about last summer at this time,” Rick said. “Neat place, huh?”

“Yes,” Sally said, looking around into the darkness under the trees.

“I know about a hundred places like this.” He switched on the lights inside the car. His arms wp around her neck and he started kissing her. His hand moved down between her legs and he wiggled his middle finger up her cunt.

Sally groaned, melting. She kissed Rick madly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. As he twisted and wriggled his finger inside her, she squirmed in his arms. Her hand went to his stiff cock, massaging it.

“Fuck me!” she mumbled. “Oh God fuck me!”

“Sure,” Rick said. “When I’m good and ready. Right now I wanna kiss. I wanna get good and worked up. See how good you can get me worked up.”

From the way Rick’s cock was throbbing and oozing fucklube, Sally couldn’t see how he could get much more worked up. Rick was boss, though, so she did her best to please him. She wiggled against him, purring, cooing, kissing him again and again, drooling into his mouth, feeding him her slippery tongue. Her fingers trailed up and down his cock, teasing it. She greased up her middle finger with his fucklube and pushed it down under his nuts.

She found his asspucker and slipped her finger up his hot asshole. As she finger fucked his shitter, he gasped as if he were being tortured.

“Oh shit, oh baby, Goddamn! Yeah, screw that ass! That gets me hot! Ooooh fuck!” He stared sucking on her tits, all the while drilling her cunt with his finger. His other hand moved around behind her and his fingers found her asscrack. He fingered the sweaty ass-furrow a while, then forced a finger up her asshole. His teeth gnawed her nipples.

Sally thought she’d scream. The pleasure was so intense she wanted to die. She wiggled her ass, going crazy with the sensations as Rick finger fucked her asshole and cunt simultaneously. She started biting his neck, blowing and drooling into his ear, licking his face. And all the while, her finger was sliding in and out of his hot asshole.

Rick trembled, groaning. “Jesus Christ, you’re gonna make me come if you keep this up. Sit on my cock, you little bitch! Oh man, fuck yourself right down on my cock!”

He slipped his fingers out of her and lifted her up as if she weighed nothing.

She straddled his lap, her arms around his neck, her tits in his face. He slobbered all over her tits, sucking and biting them. The cuntjuice was running down her legs. She reached down, getting hold of Rick’s cock so she could guide it at her half-open, pulsating cunt. His prickhead kissed her wet crotch and an electrical shiver went through her.

“Sit on it!” Rick whispered. “Oh baby, fuck that cock!”

Sally thought she was going to split right in half. The stretch was unbelievable as her cunt began to impale itself on Rick’s ten-inch fucker. She slid down on it slowly, devouring it inch by inch with her slick crotch-hole. The pressure was intense. It felt as if her pelvic bones would break apart. Rick’s cock entered her womb-mouth and slid up deep inside. She could feel his cock burning in the heart of her guts. Her ass wiggled against his balls.

Rick crushed her in a hug that nearly broke her back. He kissed her violently, biting her lips, nearly sucking her tongue out. His cock flexed powerfully inside her and her hot cuntjuice dribbled out over his fat balls. Sally quivered all over, every cell of her young body prickling and tense. She was coupled with Rick Johnson. She couldn’t believe it!

“Ride that thing!” he moaned. “Oh shit, ride it, fuck it!” He grabbed her asscheeks and started to slide her up and down on his cock. A slow squishing sound came from her stuffed cunt as Rick’s cockmeat worked against the sucking, juicy folds of her cuntal walls.

Sally crushed her tits to his face, twisting her head from side to side as the intense sensations burned through her cunt. The super-stretch caused by Rick’s donkey-cock intensified her fuck-thrills. Her loins pulsated as the tingles flooded them. Her legs quivered, the sensations streaming all the way to her toes.

“Oh Rick, oh God, Rick!” Sally slipped up and down against her lover, rubbing her tits against his chest and in his hot face. Her clit pressed hard against the sliding shaft of his cock, and the friction produced sensations almost too intense to stand.

Rick let go of her ass, letting her fuck him as she wanted to. He leaned back, moaning, panting, the sweat beading on his face as Sally bounced up and down faster and faster, fucking his cock, drooling cunt-slime all over his balls.

“Yeahhhhh!” he growled. “Oh fuck, ride that thing, make it come, yeahhhh!”

Sally’s blood surged. Her heart slammed to the rhythm of her fucking. Her long blonde hair bounced against her back. Her tits flapped in Rick’s face as his tongue darted at them, lapped at them. The squishing sounds came from her cunt faster. She jerked up and down so fast and hard that the shock absorbers of the convertible creaked like bedsprings.

“Damn, you’re a wild fucking bitch!” Rick gasped. “Oh yeah, oh man, that feels good!”

He squirmed on the seat, twisting his head, his face flushed and delirious. His cock hardened even more inside her, turning to a column of pure granite.

Sally fucked like a machine, her loins so tight and pleasure-filled that she thought they’d explode. The humid air of the warm night held the scent of her steaming cunt, and the sexy smell excited her as much as she was sure it did Rick.

I’m a slut, she thought. I’m a fucking slut! “Yessss!” she hissed, in a fucking frenzy, driving herself and Rick to the brink of ecstasy. “Oooooh yessss! Shoot it in me! Come on, shoot it in me!”

“Goddamnnnnn!” Rick growled, his eyes rolling drunkenly in his tossing head. He squirmed, gasping, humping upward to meet her tight, screwing down-fucks. His cock seemed to grow even more inside her. It quivered like an electric vibrator.

“Please!” she gasped, her pleasure on the verge of exploding. “Now, oh God please!”

Rick arched up powerfully, driving his cock into the depths of her clutching womb. His eyes turned back into his head, becoming only white slits. An expression of pure ecstasy contorted his face as his cock shuddered and his cum streamed into her cunt. “Ohhh Godddd! Uhh, uhhhh!”

Sally thought her head would pop off. The explosions of cum came so powerfully that she gasped, her body jerking. Rick’s cock swelled and contracted inside her, swelled and contracted, pumping out round after round of hot cum that splashed in the depths of her quivering, tingling womb. An electricity pulsed from his flexing, shuddering cock and shot into Sally’s cunt and womb. She came instantly her entire body shaking as if it were an extension of Rick’s spasming cock.

“Awwwww Rick!” she moaned, her vision blurry, her mind swimming as the unbearable pleasure saturated her cunt and flashed through every cell of her naked teenage body. She bounced up and down, her lust-swollen tits like. Water balloons, her loins contracting again and again, her cunt squeezing, sucking, nearly skinning Rick’s cock.

They clung to each other, grunting out their pleasure, their coupled fuck-organs throbbing in unison as Rick shot his cum into her hard milking cunt. Sally thought she’d lose her mind. She writhed in Rick’s arms, almost trying to get away. Finally, their mad fucking slowed as their orgasms subsided, and Sally slid all the way down on Rick’s cock, purring as she rubbed her ass against his cum-slick balls and thrilled to the twitching of Rick’s cock inside her. She gasped as aftershocks shook her cunt.

“Goddamn!” Rick mumbled. “I ain’t been fucked like that in months. Damn, you’re a wild one!”

Sally licked his nose, kissed his lips, clung to him and cooed. His cock was still hard as a rock inside her.

He fell, asleep, his head falling back against the top of the seat’s backrest. As he breathed in and out deeply, his eyes quivering under their lids, Sally started to play with his body, tracing the outlines of his pectoral and abdominal muscles first with her fingertips, then with her tongue. She sucked on his nipples and felt his cock flex inside her. She lifted his heavy arms so she could lick the sweat off his armpits. The manly smell of him made her woozy and excited her. She started to ride up and down on his cock again.

He mumbled in his sleep. After a few moments, his eyes opened.

“Goddamn, where am I?” he muttered. “Oh shit, you got me all horny again!”

He let her ride up and down on his cock for a minute, then grabbed her asscheeks and lifted her off it. Sally groaned as Rick’s cock slipped out of her. For a few seconds, she felt completely empty, hollow inside as the warm air licked the edges of her wide-open crotch-hole.

“Fuck me!” she whined, trying to impale her cunt on Rick’s cock again. “I wanna fuck!”

“Don’t worry, babe, we’re gonna fuck. But I’m getting tired of this position. Get up over the seat. Let me see your ass. We’re gonna do it dog-style.”

Sally’s tits dangled heavily as she leaned over the top of the front seat and rested her hands on the back seat. Her loins pressed to the top of the front-seat backrest and her ass stared Rick in the face as he got up on the seat behind her. She felt completely vulnerable in this position, and the sense of vulnerability excited her. She wiggled her ass, enticing Rick to mount her.

“What an ass?” Rick mumbled. “Shit, what a pretty ass!”

He spread her asscheeks with his thumbs, then leaned over and started to lick, making sounds of satisfaction and hunger.

Sally panted, rubbing her ass in Rick’s face. His tongue lapped up and down her asscrack. She hoped he’d shave his tongue up her asshole and lick it out. He did just that.

“Oh Rick, oh God, yes! Mmmn, that feels so good!”

Rick growled, twisting his tongue in deep, cleaning out her tight little shithole as if it were a honey pot. Sally felt cum and pussycream trickling down her legs. Suddenly Rick slipped his tongue out of her asshole and started licking up the juices that were oozing from her cunt and leaking down her legs. He spread her cuntlips and lapped between them, and Sally wiggled her ass, hoping he’d keep licking till she came again. He didn’t. He did something even better. He straightened up and slipped his cock up her cunt again, fucking her.

Sally arched her back, quivering with pleasure from scalp to toes.

“Mmn, fuck me!” she breathed, wiggling her ass, screwing her cum-filled cunt on his plunging cock.

He fucked her hard and fast for about a minute, but just when Sally was starting to build toward a new climax, he pulled his cock out of her. Before she knew what was happening, she felt his slippery cock sliding, between her asscheeks and his fist-like cockhead grinding against her asspucker. She tightened up, suddenly realizing what he was trying to do, but his cock was like a battering-ram. She couldn’t keep it out. His cockhead forced its way into her asshole and, as her mouth gaped in a silent scream of shock and pain, the rest of his cock followed.

“Ahhhh!” Rick sighed, sliding his ten-inch cock up Sally’s asshole to the hilt. “Tight ass!”

Sally squirmed like a speared fish, gasping, numb with shock. She’d felt a sharp, hot pain when Rick’s cockhead had first entered her, but now that all of his cock was inside her, she felt only a tight, stuffed feeling in her loins. Rick started to slide his cock in and out, moaning with pleasure as he worked his fuckmeat in her tight, clenching shithole, and Sally kept gasping so hard that she hyperventilated and almost blacked out. Rick gave her asscheeks a few hard whacks with the flat of his hand, and Sally got control of her breathing. She realized that she felt no pain. As the numbness she felt receded, she felt hot tingles in her asshole and she began to squirm with excitement and pleasure.

Rick dug his fingers into her ass, pounding his cock in and out, fucking her hard, making his belly smack against her upturned asscheeks. His long cock sliced in and out smoothly, its head scaring her deep in her guts. Her tight asspucker stretched around his cockshaft, being pushed inward and pulled outward like an encircling set of lips.

“Mmmn, what a sexy ass!” he said. “What a bitch! Nothing I like better than screwing a tight bitch asshole! You like my cock up your shithole, babe, huh?”

“Yes,” Sally whispered, breathless, excited, her toes prickling as Rick’s hot fucker buggered her. Her nipples tingled too, hard nubs at the ends of hugely swollen tits. “Feel my boobs, Rick. Pinch my nipples!”

Rick’s big hands closed round her tits, squeezing them, juggling them, feeling them all over. His rough fingers rubbed her cherry bumps, sending thrills whirling through her spongy tits. When he caught her nipples and began to twist on them, to pinch and stretch them, electrical waves went straight to Sally’s loins. Her cunt and asshole contracted in unison, her cunt squeezing out thick cum, her asshole sucking Rick’s sliding cock.

“Goddamn, what an ass!” Rick gasped. “Oh man, I ain’t fucked such a hot, tight ass in months!”

He growled, fucking her harder, deeper, all the while torturing her nipples with his strong fingers. He rammed her so hard that Sally gasped with each thrust, feeling his arm-like cock slamming deep in her guts.

Sally arched her back, tossed her head, rotated her ass and squirmed. Her blonde hair hung along her cheeks and down her arms, tickling her hands, which were still braced on the back seat of the convertible. Her entire body throbbed, quivered, shot full of pleasure by the sliding of Rick’s big prick in and out of her asshole. This was a different kind of pleasure from what she felt while getting cunt fucked, but it was just as intense, just as wonderful — maybe even better.

“Ooooh fuck my ass!” she cooed. “Ram it my deep? Oh yes, oh God, yes!”

“Goddamn mink!” Rick gasped. “Hot sucking asshole! Shit!”

He clawed at her tits, slamming his loins at her ass, driving his cock in again and again and again. His cock felt to Sally as big and hard as the tusk of an elephant. It fucked her so deep that she thought for sure it would pop out of her open mouth like a snake out of its hole.

“I’m gonna come!” Rick growled. “I’m gonna come!” His hands slid down her flanks and gripped her at the waist, his fingers nearly encircling it. He pumped his cock in and out, working it between the hot, slippery, sucking walls of her asshole, working it between the tight, stretched rings of her asspucker. His cock vibrated like a volcano about to erupt. Then it flexed and began to spurt.

Sally listened to Rick’s growl of pleasure. She felt his huge cock jerking and spitting cum inside her. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations mounting in her loins, concentrating on the feel of Rick’s spasming cock in her bowels. Gasping, cooing, she wiggled her ass in tight circles. Before Rick had shot his third round of cum, she was shaking all over as the spasms gnawed through her cunt and asshole.

“Ooooooh Rick!” she moaned. “Give it to me! I’m coming! Oh God!”

She trembled, jerked, the pleasure surging through her body and shaking her to her bones. As Rick’s cock shuddered inside her, as it shot cum, currents of electricity jolted her asshole, shocked her loins. They were currents of ecstatic pleasure, and she wished they could go on forever. They reached a peak of intensity, then began to subside. Sally nearly melted into the back seat as Rick’s cock slipped out of her.


When Sally got home, her brother Mark was waiting for her. He appeared out of the dark garage, a knowing smirk on his face, before Rick’s convertible was even out of sight of the yard. The house was dark except for the night light in the upstairs bathroom. Mark was dressed in a pair of gym trunks and nothing else. In the glow of the yard light, his skin had a sheen to it. The night was humid and warm, and he was sweating even more than Sally was, as if he’d been exercising.

“It’s after ten,” Mark said. “Where you been all this time?”

“None of your business,” Sally said. As she tried to squeeze past him and Dad’s car in the driveway, he blocked her way.

“That was Rick Johnson, wasn’t it?” Mark’s breath smelled of beer.

“None of your business. Let me go, I’ve gotta get inside before Mom discovers I’m just coming home.”

“They already went to bed,” Mark said. “Been sleeping for a half-hour already, with the TV going in their bedroom.”

Thank God, Sally thought. She didn’t want to be interrogated about where she’d been this evening. “Well, I’ve gotta get to bed too. I’m a working girl now.”

Mark didn’t move. “What’s that smell?”

“What smell?”

“You know what smell. You smell like a walking whorehouse, little sister. You fucked him, didn’t you?”

“That’s none of your business.” Sally’s voice rose a bit louder than was safe, and she quickly brought it back down to a half whisper.

“How was it? It’s a wonder you can walk after getting banged with that baseball bat of his. Biggest cock in school. Probably the biggest one in town.”

“Mark, what’s got into you? Will you let me go, please?”

“Sure, right after I show you something in the garage.” He took her hand, pulling her into the shadows of the open garage.

Despite the lack of direct lighting, Sally’s eyes were adjusted enough to the dark that she could see fairly well. Mark’s motorcycle was off to one side. His weight lifting bench sat in the middle of the garage, a barbell resting on the upright supports.

“Watch this,” he said, letting go of her hand. He flopped down on the bench on his back, spread his legs as he braced himself, and pushed the barbell up off the supports. “There’s one fifty on this bar. Watch.”

He lowered the bar to his chest and forced it back up to arm’s length. “One. Two…”

So what’s this supposed to prove? Sally wondered, ready to slip quietly out of the garage and go to bed. She might have left, but she realized that Mark’s cock had snaked out the leg of his trunks and was swelling before her eyes. Within seconds, it stood perfectly erect, throbbing fast as Mark pumped the weights up and down.

“Ten!” Mark gasped, and dropped the bar back on its supports. “That’s more than Rick Johnson can do with one-fifty.”

He looked up at her, the sweat streaming down his face and torso, his cock pounding the air like a club. His chest heaved.

“Whatever Rick Johnson can do, I can do better.”

His cock flexed, as if he were intentionally waving it at her. Some fucklube bubbled from the open pisshole and dribbled down the shaft.

Sally found herself salivating, her loins throbbing. After the workout Rick had given her she’d thought it would be days before she could get turned on again, but now she found herself as hot for cock as if the date with Rick had never happened. Before Mark could make another move, she was on her knees next to the bench, licking his cock as if it were a candy cane.

Mark squirmed, his belly heaving. “Oh baby, yeah!”

Sally got her mouth over his cockhead and slid her lips down the shaft. She swallowed his knob into her throat, then used her tongue as she bobbed her head up and down. She got hold of Mark’s balls, squeezing and tickling them as she sucked his sweaty, bucking cock. He arched up, driving his cock down Sally’s throat, clawing the concrete with his toes. Sally’s spit greased his balls and she massaged it in.

“Oh God, oh fuck!” Mark gasped. His cock quivered in her mouth, hard as stone. His balls swelled in her hand contracting. “I can’t hold it!” he whimpered, and shot his cum into Sally’s mouth.

Sally gagged on the sudden spurts of hot cum. She wasn’t ready for them. It took her a few seconds to realize what was happening, but when she did, she cooed, slurping and sucking, swallowing her brother’s cum greedily. His cock shuddered and contracted in her mouth, squirting cum against her tonsils, against the roof of her mouth. Her senses became saturated with the taste and aroma of fresh cum, and her mind became fuzzy for a few moments, as if she’d taken a whiff of some drug-like vapor.

Mark humped up and down, working his flexing cock between her lips and in her mouth and throat. “Oh man, suck it all out!”

His cock was still throbbing and oozing cum when Sally released it. She quickly slipped out of her shorts and T-shirt, then straddled the bench and Mark’s loins. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed Mark’s jizz-oozing cock and rubbed its head between her throbbing cuntslabs. A mixture of pussycream and Rick Johnson’s cum ran out of her and frosted Mark’s cock.

She let herself down, swallowing Mark’s cock completely with her cunt. Mark’s eyes nearly popped out.

“Christ, give me a break,” he gasped, squirming as Sally began to ride up and down on his cock. “Awww, fuck, it’s too sensitive tight after I come! Jesus, get off!”

No way, Sally thought, giving him a smirk of her own as she rode his cock and felt the wonderful thrills pulsing through her loins. Her tits bounced. She tossed her head. The tips of her hair tickled her ass. An obscene fucking sound came from her juicy cunt as she impaled herself again and again on her brother’s rigid fuckrod.

“Mmmmm, you’ve got such a big hard cock!” she cooed. “I like to fuck it! I’m gonna fuck it right off!”

Mark grabbed the upright supports of the bench. His eyes wobbled. His face contorted as if he were being tortured. He snapped his head from side to side, grunting, moaning.

“Ohhhh, yeahhh, fuck that cock!” he gasped. “Ride that big fucker! Oh shit yeahhh!”

Sally cupped her tits and showed them to her brother. He licked his lips and his cock swelled inside her. She looked down and saw his toes wiggling and clutching, and she feared he’d come again before she’d done all she wanted to do. She lifted up off his cock suddenly, and listened with perverse satisfaction to his groan of frustration.

“Damn you, fuck me!” he said deliriously. Sally turned to face the other way. She wiggled her ass at her brother, then spread her asscheeks with her hands, showing him her hot pucker. Some of Rick’s cum leaked from her itching shithole. She caught Mark’s cock, rubbed it between her asscheeks, then worked her asshole onto its knob, gasping slightly as the fat prickhead stretched open her pucker.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Mark moaned. “I don’t believe this!” The words were hardly out of his mouth when Sally let herself go, sliding down his slippery fuckrod and swallowing it to his balls with her asshole. “Awwwww shit, God damn!”

He started humping frantically, driving his cock in and out of her asshole with rapid, sharp thrusts.

“Mnnn, I love this!” Sally sighed.

She wiggled her ass and began to ride, making Mark’s cock slide in and out of her with long smooth strokes. His wild humping made his cock quiver and jerk inside her, giving her asshole added pleasure. As she slipped up and down on his cock, she stuffed three fingers up her cunt, finger fucking herself as she ass-fucked her brother.

“I’m gonna come quick,” she whispered. “Oh God!”

Mark leaned forward so he could grab Sally’s ass and feel it as he fucked his cock with it. “Man, what a sight! Look at my cock slide in and out of your asshole! Shit, it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Sally rotated her ass, screwing it up and down on Mark’s rigid cock. She twisted and jerked her fingers in and out of her cunt, sending a delicious fuck-itch through her loins as Mark’s cock rubbed the same sort of feeling into her asshole and bowels. She grunted as she jerked up and down, her tits flapping, her head tossing from side to side. Cum and pussycream ran from her finger fucked crotch-hole, dripping onto Mark’s balls and the bench.

“What a juicy fucking asshole!” Mark gasped. “Oh shit, I’m gonna make it even juicer!”

He rammed his cock up into her, trying to bring himself off.

Sally was ready to explode. Every cell of her body strained with fuck-tension. Her nipples were about to split open. She felt itchy tingles in her fingers and toes. She jerked up and down, ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt, fucking Mark’s cock again and again and again with her tight, sucking asshole. Mark’s cock shook inside her, began to flex. Sally closed her eyes and felt the spasms beginning in her loins. As the first orgasmic contraction caused her to gasp, Mark gasped with her and shot his first spurt of cum up her asshole. They moaned together, their coupled fuckmeat contracting and quivering with pleasure.

“Shoot it all in me!” Sally moaned. “Oh Mark, oh God!” She screwed her tight asshole up and down around his pulsing, spurting cock, nearly skinning it as her asshole contracted again and again, sucking, clutching.

Mark grunted like a bull, writhing on the bench, humping his cock up into Sally’s asshole and pumping her full of his cum.

“Ohhhhh man, this is it! Fuck!”

Sally rode him until his cock softened inside her, until every throb of orgasmic sensation had been milked out of her loins. Then she slowly got up off him and found her shorts.

Mark lay there with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. By the time he finally opened them, Sally was dressed.

“Where you going, Sis?”

“To bed, so I can go to work in the morning.”

“Before you go look up there on the shelf.” He pointed.

Sally saw two motorcycle helmets, one of them reflecting light from its mirrored visor. “New helmet, huh?”

She left the garage without another word. Behind her, Mark was laughing.


Over the next two weeks, Sally went on two more evening dates with Rick Johnson. On both those dates he took her to the same secluded place in the country and banged her ass good. Instead of fucking her in the car, however, be spread her out face-down on a blanket on the ground and humped her ass savagely, crushing her with his full weight. His wild fucking frightened Sally as much as it excited her, but she always managed to live through his attack, returning home tingling all over — only to find her brother Mark waiting for her so he could bang her asshole again in the garage.

She’d been seeing a lot of Mark lately. Now that she and Mark had openly admitted their lust for each other, Mark wouldn’t leave her alone. He sneaked into her bedroom every night for a blowjob or a quick fuck. Often, before breakfast or supper, the two of them would couple again. Instead of Mark hauling out his girlie magazines and whacking off, he’d haul Sally into his bedroom and work his cock off in her throat, or up her cunt, or up her asshole. At times, Sally felt as if she were being used like some kind of sex toy, but then she always realized that any pleasure she gave to Mark, she got back in return. In fact, half the time it was she who sought out Mark for sex before he came to her. The two of them were becoming more and more daring. They’d slept together three times, returning to separate bedrooms just before dawn. Sometimes Sally thought of them as Romeo and Juliet.

The job at Lipman’s was working out better than anything Sally had ever imagined. Word was slowly spreading about the new daytime salesgirl in Sporting Goods, and slow mornings gave way to mornings so busy that Sally wondered how much longer she could handle them alone. More and more boys from school wandered in, always buying a new jockstrap, or shorts, or an athletic jersey, always something they had to try on before buying it. Sally not only had, her hands full, she had her mouth full, and her cunt, and her ass. A lot of the boys she serviced had had blowjobs before, had fucked cunts, but most of them had never fucked a girl’s asshole, so Sally took pleasure in working her asshole onto their cocks and letting them bugger her. If she was pressed for time, ass-fucking their cocks was a sure way to bring them off almost before they got started humping. She had a hot, tight, hard-sucking asshole, and she was getting more and more talented with it everyday. One day she finished letting a boy bugger her and stepped out of her booth to find three other boys lined up and waiting for her ass. She feared that any day now things would be getting out of hand.

Then, at the beginning of Sally’s third week at Lipman’s, George Lipman showed up one morning, his fat hands on the backs of two new girls, whom he introduced to Sally as Linda and Margie. He wanted her to train them. She’d done such a good job — day sales in Sporting Goods had more than doubled since she’d been hired that more salesgirls would be needed to handle all the new customers. Sally had a magic touch, George Lipman told the new girls, and he hoped some of that magic would rub off on them. During her noon break, Sally was to report to him in his office.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened to us in his office,” said Margie the moment George Lipman was gone. She blushed very red, but it was obvious she was dying to talk about her and Linda’s encounter with Mr. Lipman.

“He told us not to talk about confidential stuff,” Linda said. “Or we’d be fired. Remember?”

Margie turned even redder. “My God, I forgot.”

“There are many things we don’t talk about here at Lipman’s,” Sally said. “And there’s a lot to learn about this job, some of it that you’ll have to find out on your own. Let’s get to work. By the way, nice new dresses you two are wearing.”

“Gifts of Mr. Lipman,” Linda said, beaming.

“We got bonus checks too,” said Margie.

“How much?” said Sally.

“A hundred dollars each,” said Linda. “Can you believe it?”

Sally smiled, pleased with herself. Her own initial bonus check had been five-hundred dollars. Mr. Lipman obviously valued her much more.

Margie and Linda showed what kind of giddy schoolgirls they were when the boys started showing up. Sally had to remind them several times that they’d been hired to work, not to stand around flirting and giggling like a couple of street girls. She let them tend the cash register and straighten the shelves while she went into the women’s fitting room to “tidy things up”, as she told them. By mid-morning Sally had given three blowjobs and had been fucked in the cunt and asshole four times each, and Margie and Linda were getting suspicious.

“What are you always going in the dressing room for?” Linda asked.

“I told you,” Sally said, smirking. “To tidy things up. That room is such a mess. I don’t know when I’ll ever get it back into shape.”

“I think she goes in there to jerk off,” Margie said.

“Come on, girls,” Sally said, ignoring Margie’s comment. “You’ve got lots to learn. Let’s get back to work.”

Noon came, and Denise appeared.

“Take care of these two,” Sally told Denise.

“What about us?” Margie said. “When do we get to eat?”

“As soon as I get back,” Sally said. Or maybe sooner, she thought — if Denise had anything to say about it. She envisioned the two girls down on their knees, munching way on Denise’s pussy and ass.

Upstairs, Mr. Lipman’s secretary was out to lunch, so Sally went straight through the outer office to Mr. Lipman’s office. He was sitting behind his desk, his chubby fingers punching a desk calculator, but he looked up immediately as Sally entered, then looked her up and down like a farmer appraising a prize cow at an auction.

“My dear, you look ravishing, but you are beginning to lose your wonderful tan. We really ought to do something about that. Starting now, I’d like you to begin working a few evenings each week, and by the time school starts I’d like to have you working most evenings. That way, you can work on your tan these summer days and, come school, we can have you working full time evenings.”

Sally didn’t know what to say. George’s proposal — or was it an order — was so sudden and unexpected.

“Well, why don’t we make it four evenings a week then, once school starts, and only every other weekend? How does that sound, darling?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

“Of course,” George Lipman said, “but I’m sure we can work something out satisfactory to both of us. You will, of course, be fabulously paid at least double what you’ve been earning. And there are fringe benefits. The evening clientele is much more distinguished in general, more the cream of society, shall we say, and they have been known to tip, sometimes quite well.”

As Mr. Lipman spoke, he scribbled in his check book and tore out a check, pushing it across the desk at Sally.

“A little bonus to reward two weeks of very good work, darling.”

The check was for $250, and Sally stared at it, not quite believing it, while at the same time trying to figure out what she was going to do with all this money she was making.

“Before you go to lunch, dear, please step into my lounge for a sip of wine. We must celebrate your promotion. And by the way, I’d like you to begin your evening shifts this very evening. One of the girls has called in sick. Can you do that, darling? You will, of course, be paid time-and-a-half.”

Who could argue with George Lipman? Sally found herself muttering agreements to him as he ushered her into his lounge and locked the door behind them. He poured red wine into two small crystal glasses and gave one glass to Sally. He put his arm around her and toasted her, and they drank. Within two minutes, he’d stripped her naked and had stripped himself too. He positioned her on her hands and knees on the carpet and mounted her from behind like a bull. His cock felt red-hot as it slipped up Sally’s cum oozing cunt.

“Oh my darling, oh my angel?” he moaned, humping, grunting, banging her ass with his paunchy belly. “You’re so wet inside! Oh look, the cum is oozing out of you!” He spread her asscheeks. “And out of your asshole too! Oh my angel, that’s so hot!”

He pulled his cock out of her cunt and guided it between her asscheeks. It sank easily up her asshole, and he started to thrust wildly, his breathing becoming labored.

“What is hotter than a pretty girl’s asshole? A pretty blonde girl’s asshole.”

He caught handfuls of her hair and rubbed it in his face. Then he leaned over and licked her back, all the while screwing his stiff cock in and out of her asshole. He breathed so hard that Sally feared he’d pass out.

She tightened her asshole, squeezing his cock rhythmically with her asshole walls, at the same time wiggling her ass with quick, small rotations. Her loins throbbed inside. Pussycream and cum dribbled from her contracting cunt and ran down her legs. Mr. Lipman’s cock sounded like a toilet plunger in her cum-filled asshole.

“Oh my, oh God!” the man gasped. “I’m going to lose it if I keep this up!” He yanked his cock out of her and fell on his back on the floor. “Sit on my face, darling, quickly!”

Sally was dizzy. She nearly fell over the man as she moved to straddle his head. He was beating his cock fiercely. She pressed her asshole to his mouth and felt his tongue slip inside it. In her excitement, she shoved some fingers up her pussy to jerk herself off. George growled, licking and sucking her hot asshole. Then he twisted his face away, puffing his tongue out of her.

“Shit, my darling!” he gasped. “Please shit, oh please! You’ve got to, angel, you must, oh please! Shit in my mouth! Oh please!” As his hand jerked, his foreskin worked up and down over his shiny, lube-oozing cock knob.

Sally realized that she could skit if she wanted to. She bore down, forcing the shit through her intestines. She heard George Lipman sucking up the fluids that bubbled out of her asshole. He was moaning, masturbating as if he’d rip his cock out at his loins. Sally’s fingers pistoned in her own cunt as she simultaneously tried to shit and bring herself off. She felt her turd slide through her bowels and to the entrance of her gaping whole. Bending forward so she could watch between her legs, she saw her turd slide into George Lipman’s open mouth, her turd frosted with slimy cunt. To her disbelief, George Lipman sucked on her turd, then began to swallow it. As it moved down his throat, his cum shot so forcefully that it hit Sally in the face and tits. Her cunt whirled to a peak of excitement and went into spasms. She moaned, hot cum pelting her face, the pleasure gnawing through her crotch as she jerked herself off. George Lipman swallowed her entire turd, shooting so much cum that Sally wondered if he’d ever stop coming. He moaned and cooed as if he were experiencing the orgasm of his life.

Finally, Sally crawled off him, her tits and face dripping cum. She crouched over him like a cat and lapped the cum off his flabby skin. Then she cleaned herself off. George watched her, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath. Sally got up to start getting dressed.

“Wait,” George said. He struggled up his hands and knees, looking like an old boar, with his flab hanging all over. He crawled behind Sally and licked her ass until it was absolutely clean. Then he crouched down and licked her toes and feet. He licked her legs, moving up to her crotch so he could lick that clean too. “Thank you, darling.”

Having dressed, Sally left him lying on the couch, on the verge of a nap. She went to lunch then, dizzy with visions of what had happened in his office.

Back in Sporting Goods after lunch, she found Denise and the two new girls getting along fine. It was obvious by the looks on their faces that Margie and Linda knew everything now about their new job.


The evening shift was like a different job. The Sporting Goods Department no longer belonged exclusively to Sally, but had to be shared with two other girls, both of whom had been working at Lipman’s for several years. The girls, Rhonda and Olive, were both college girls, and Sally could tell that they thought of her as a know-nothing teeny-bopper, not even worth talking to. They also seemed bored with their work, neither of them getting excited over all the handsome men who walked in. When a man tried to flirt with them, Sally could tell that they weren’t too thrilled. And when that same man went to the fitting room to try on a new warm-up suit, the two women looked at each other, then both of them at Sally. Sally shrugged and went in to take care of the man, which is exactly what she wanted to do.

The man had a big sweaty cock, and Sally sucked it off in less than two minutes. The man didn’t even try on the warm-up suit, just went to the counter and bought it, stumbling out of Sporting Goods in a daze.

“That was sure quick,” Rhonda said to Sally, giving her a suspicious glance.

Sally didn’t have time to think of something clever to say, because suddenly another man had entered the fitting room, and it was obvious that both Rhonda and Olive expected Sally to take care of him too. Sally didn’t mind. In fact, she’d take care of every man who came in tonight if the other two girls didn’t want to. As far as she was concerned, servicing the men was what made this job worth having. The money, the prestige — they were great. But she’d trade them both for the cocks alone.

This new man had loose skin on his cockhead, just like Mr. Lipman did. Sally had fun playing with the loose skin, sliding it up and down over the shiny wet knob, licking underneath it. His cockhead was burning hot, and Sally delighted in sucking on it. She paid so much attention to his swollen cock knob and to the sexy skin on it, that she found her mouth full of cum before she even had a chance to give the man a proper blowjob. She gripped his prickshaft so she could work the skin up and down, helping pump the hot jism out while she munched on the throbbing head. She sloshed the slimy cum around in her mouth before swallowing it, getting a good taste. When the man was done shooting, she peeled his skin back tight and sucked up his entire cock, milking the cum out of the pisstube with tight lips. He shook all over, gasping until she released his cock.

Outside, the two women studied her as she came out of the booth. The man she’d sucked off had made his purchase and was standing at the elevator.

“That was even quicker,” Rhonda said.

“What do you have in there?” Olive said. “Some kind of machine?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Sally said, smiling to herself as she sauntered away to help a man try on some golf shoes.

By the time her dinner break came, Sally had sucked off a dozen men, about as many as she sometimes did during an entire day. But she’d only been working two hours! Rhonda and Olive had let her have all the men, and they seemed to be warming up to her more and more. She was beginning to feel accepted by them, even admired in a way.

During her break, Sally was so caught up in watching the new faces in the cafeteria and with talking to new fellow employees of Lipman’s that she completely forgot to call home and inform her mother she wouldn’t be there for dinner. Mom would throw a fit tomorrow, but Sally knew that one mention of her new promotion would not only quell her mother’s raving, but would send the woman to the telephone to make gloating calls.

When Sally returned to the floor, Sporting Goods was hopping.

“Thank God you’re back,” Olive whispered to Sally as she rang up a sale. “Take over for me. I’m going to supper.”

Sally found herself looking at a line of five people, all waiting to check out. As Sally rang up the fifth purchase, she saw Rhonda come out of the women’s fitting room, her face red. Then, to Sally’s surprise, two men came out of the men’s fitting room. The two men gave Sally a good looking over as Sally checked them out, and one of them asked her if she’d be working evenings regularly from now on.

“A few evenings a week,” Sally said. “Otherwise I work days. Come back again soon.”

“You can count on it,” the man said.

Over and hour later — after both Rhonda and Olive had returned from their supper breaks, and after Sally had serviced five more men — a funny-looking man with a beard and dark glasses came into Sporting Goods. Without even bothering to take clothing along to try on, he slipped into the fitting room. Rhonda and Olive glanced at Sally as if to say, he’s all yours, not that she needed their glance to tell her that. She knew all the men would be hers for the rest of the evening.

The moment Sally opened the small door inside the booth, the man stuck his cock through. He’d pulled both his cock and balls out of his fly and he mumbled that Sally should lick them. Her tongue flapped and the man started to breathe heavily, loudly enough for Sally to hear him even aver the blaring of the music outside. His cock throbbed heavily, starting to drip as Sally sucked on his balls.

“Go down on it, you little bitch!” he muttered, and Sally swallowed his cock, trying to figure out where she’d heard his voice before.

“Mmn, suck that thing, you little slut!”

Sally bobbed her head, sucking, licking, munching. Her mind was working as well as her mouth. The voice was familiar, so familiar that it was shouting the man’s name at her, but she couldn’t make it out.

“Show me your ass, bitch! I want to fuck your pussy!”

Sally’s pussy was dribbling juice as she mashed it to the hole in the wall, and the man leaned over to lick it before he slipped his cock inside her. As his hot cock slid to the hilt up her throbbing cunt, she nearly gasped out the man’s name as she voiced her pleasure. Reverend Rockford! Sally couldn’t believe it! But there was only one voice like his in the world, and Sally had heard it preaching at her since she’d been in diapers, preaching hellfire and damnation, preaching about the evils of the world and the flesh — especially the evils of the flesh. It had always puzzled Sally that a man who condemned sex so much could father children. She’d always been sure his children had been adopted. It seemed impossible that Reverend, Rockford could even possess a cock.

“Ohhhh baby, fuck that thing! Yeah, wiggle that ass! Come on, slut, bring me off!” The reverend rammed his cock in and out, making it swell and harden even more as he pleasured it in Sally’s sucking pussyhole.

Sally tightened her cunt, churned her ass, and suddenly she felt the hot spurts splashing in the depths of her sucking crotch-hole. The reverend let out a pained groan, then gasped again and again as his cum shot into Sally’s cunt. The moment he was done shooting he pulled out.

“Lick it clean, you dirty little tramp!” he said in whispers. “You’re filthy. You ought to be thrown in a washing machine!” He waited for her to lick his cock and balls clean, then stuffed them back in his pants. “Here.” He shoved a twenty dollar bill at her, and then he was gone.

Sally was readjusting the curtain that covered the wall when she heard someone enter the men’s booth and knock on the wall. She whisked aside the curtain, dropped to her knees, and opened the door. The man in the next booth already had his cock out and was jerking it off. She put her face in the window and opened her mouth.

This man was chewing gum. His dark glasses hid his eyes and he had a mustache. He stared down at her through his dark glasses, chewing his cum to the rhythm of his cock-beating. Lube began to drip from his open pisshole, and Sally stuck out her tongue, trying to catch it. The man just watched her, jerking off his cock, not letting her tongue get more than a few inches from his cock knob.

“I’ll suck it, if you want,” Sally said.

The man said nothing, just kept jerking off. “Please,” she said. “Let me suck it, huh?” The man grunted and ejaculated on her face.

Sally closed her eyes, letting him shoot off all over her face and in her mouth. When he was done shooting, he stuffed his cock in her mouth and let her suck the pisstube dry.

Sally cleaned off her face with her fingers, then cleaned off her fingers by licking and sucking them. She could see the man going through his wallet in the other booth. He dropped the wallet and it fell open. The sight of a badge made Sally’s heart stop. The man was a cop, maybe the Chief of Police, for God’s sake! Her heart started again when the man tossed a five dollar bill through the hole.

“Pretty face,” he said. “Real pretty face.” Sally sat there after the man had left, slightly shaken up. She wondered if she could be arrested or something for doing what she was doing. Then she remembered who her employer was, and her fear passed. George Lipman owned this town including the police. And that cop hadn’t arrested her, had he? He’d fed her his cum instead. Her thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock on the wall. Sally opened the window and went to work.

Much later — the store must have been getting near to closing for the night — Sally found herself with a touch of a bellyache. She’d swallowed at least a quart of cum. And both her cunt and asshole were leaking cum too. She hadn’t left the booth since she’d entered it to suck off Reverend Rockford. Men had come in one after another to be pleasured. She’d lost count of them. Rhonda and Olive hadn’t bothered her, obviously happy to let her take care of all the men. She couldn’t figure out those girls.

Sally sighed as another man entered the men’s booth and knocked. She was getting a little tired, and a little sore. She had her job to do, though. She opened the window and, without looking through it, put her ass up to the hole, offering the new man her cunt. She couldn’t swallow any more cum or she might vomit. The man’s hot hands gripped her ass. Instead of entering her cunt, though, he chose to fuck her asshole. His cock was big, and it gave Sally’s asshole a good stretch, penetrating her so deep that Sally felt tingles deep in her bowels. As the man slid this cock in and out, Sally moaned, gyrating her ass. The man moaned too, and he fucked faster.

Sally had long ago discarded her dress and shoes, so she squirmed stark naked in the booth, her tits jiggling, her ass churning against the window as the man buggered her through it, his long, thick cock plunging in and out. She was slimy with cum inside, so his cock made noises inside her, and cum bubbled out of her asshole and out of her pulsating cunt. The sounds excited Sally, made her tighten her asshole and fuck harder. Her ass felt hot and swollen, tight with fuck-tension, its, skin ready to split open as the man dug in with his fingers. He rammed his cock in and out, jolting her, making them both gasp and grunt. Tingles streamed through her asshole and guts. She felt the man’s cock getting bigger, hotter, tighter inside her. He was getting close to coming, and so was she.

“Fuck me!” she gibbered. “Oh fuck me!” The man moaned, slamming his cock harder, faster, deeper up her clutching, sucking asshole. She could feel his heavy balls flapping against her cunt. She ground her ass hard, on the verge of ecstasy. The man started to rattle the wall, and Sally knew his orgasm was on the way. As his cock flexed inside her, as it vibrated, as his cum burst from his cock and shot deep into Sally’s bowels, Sally let out a gasp of pleasure and began to jerk with spasms. She felt as if she were melting inside. Her asshole clutched rhythmically, milking the hot cum out of the man’s bucking cock. The man’s gasps and moans of pleasure increased Sally’s own excitement, and she wiggled her hot ass, her body shaking with streaming tingles and spastic contractions.

Their fucking slowed. Sally let the man work his cock in her asshole until he’d milked out every drop of cum and pleasure. When he pulled out, she turned around and dropped to her knees, her mouth open. She wanted to suck the man’s cock clean. She reached through the hole, giggling as she caught the man’s cock and stuffed it in her mouth. She heard him gasp and she turned her eyes up.

Her dad was looking down at her, his cock dangling down her throat. He looked sick, weak, as if he’d just been slugged in the solar plexus.

“My God!” he whispered.

Her mind in such a state that she couldn’t even think, Sally just sucked. She sucked and sucked and sucked, until her father’s cock became ramrod stiff in her mouth and his expression of shock reddened to an expression of lust.

He stood there passively, letting her suck him off. He came in two minutes, gasping.

“How was I to know you were in here?” he said at last.

Sally finished swallowing his cum and wiped her mouth with her and she kissed his big hanging prick.

“You couldn’t have known,” she said. “But now you do. You’ve got a really good-tasting cock, Daddy. Can I suck it again?”

“No… I mean at least not now, not here.”

“The store closes soon,” Sally said. “I know a place you might like in the country. It’s a great place. Let’s go there. You can pick me up right in front of the store after it closes. Nobody will think a thing. You’re my dad, after all. What do you say, Daddy?” She eyed his cock, licking her lips.

“Hurry,” her dad said. “Don’t be late.” His cock was hard again.

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