Heatherlyn’s Happy Ending (MF,rom)

After the second month, Heatherlyn went to a doctor, and
her fears were confirmed–she was pregnant. She was now no
longer a virgin, and would have to bare and love the child
of a man who raped her. The abortion of an innocent life
was unthinkable to her Christian soul.

Heatherlyn told no one about her rape. She would not let
her unborn child suffer the distain of heartless blame.
Let people call her a whore and call the dear child a
bastard–but never let them say the child was unwanted.

And so Heatherlyn carried on with her job and carried on
with her life. Some friends left her, and some stayed
true. Because of the dear life within her, Heatherlyn
never felt lonely.

And then, at the start of the child’s eight month,
Heatherlyn answered the telephone at her workplace and with
a shock of fright she recognized the voice that asked her,
“Is the child mine?”

“Yes,” Heatherlyn admitted. It was the voice of the awful
white man who’d raped her.

“Oh, I’m so very sorry,” he said, sounding absolutely
sincere. “I never intended to do that to you, honest.”

“You said that you wanted to make me pregnant.” Heatherlyn
accused. “You knew that I was an unprotected virgin. You
stayed inside me afterward, lying on top of me, telling me
that you wanted me to have a baby.”

“If you knew how I felt about you Heatherlyn,” he said,
“how long I lusted for you . . .”

That was the first time he’d revealed that he knew
Heatherlyn’s name.

“You’ve been watching me then?” she asked.

“Yes . . . I . . . oh God, I’ve wanted you more. Since
then . . . since that time, well you were, you were very
good in how you let me do it.”

“It was awful,” Heatherlyn said, crying. “How could you do
that to me? How could you do that to anyone?”

“I never did that to anyone before, honest,” he said. “And
I felt so guilty about it afterward. I only did it because
you are so beautiful. I’d seen you, noticed that you would
be alone in the evenings, and I desired you so much.”

“I can’t forgive you for what you did,” Heatherlyn said.

“What about for our baby?” he asked. “Our baby deserves a
father. Can’t you find it in your heart to forgive me for
the sake of our child?”

“I don’t know,” Heatherlyn said. “It’s too much to ask.”
Heatherlyn was appalled. What was he saying? What did he
want? “Do you want to see the child, after it’s born?” she

“Oh Heatherlyn,” he said, “I want to be near my child now.
I want to feel it kick inside your belly. I want to be
with my child’s mother, to help her out. If only you can
forgive me.”

“You did such horrible things. I can’t risk the child,”
Heatherlyn said. “Think of what you did to me with that
big . . with that big . . . –oh God I couldn’t let you do
that again while I’m carrying a child.”

“No, no, never! I promise,” he said. He had ravaged
Heatherlyn’s virginity from her with the Mammoth Phallus,
an ancient Chinese punishment dildo from the museum where
she worked.

They talked on the telephone for a long time. Heatherlyn
was very scared of him; very fearful and protective of her
unborn child; but she stayed at the office alone after
closing. The doorbell rang late at night, and he was
there, as he’d said he would be.

Seeing him again brought back awful memories to Heatherlyn,
of him forcing that big thing into her and of her trouble
removing it once he’d left. Seeing him made her very
scared. At first she wouldn’t let him in, talking to him
only from behind the safety of the security gate. But he
was the father of her child; how could she refuse him?

Alone together in her office, Heatherlyn unbuttoned the
lower part of her blouse and let him put his hands on her
belly. She felt awful about letting him touch her again.
She was very confused. He’d used her by force, and now
Heatherlyn felt as if she belonged to him. And yet this
felt right. His eyes glowed with a father’s love.

But when he looked up at Heatherlyn his eyes became lustful

“Oh no, please, please,” she begged. “Please don’t do
anything to hurt our child.”

“I just want to know in what other ways I’ve changed you,”
he said.

At his insistence she unbuttoned her blouse fully and
unhooked her bra, letting him feel her breasts. They were
bigger now, but not yet carrying milk. He confessed to
wanting milk from her.

“That’s awful,” Heatherlyn told him, but she didn’t resist
when he dry-sucked her. She let him stay until very late,
talking with her, and feeling her breasts and her belly,
kissing her mouth.

“You’re going to be a very good mommy, Heatherlyn,” he told
her over and over again.

Heatherlyn became his wife in a private ceremony a month
later; their baby boy was born healthy, and legitimized by
their wedlock.

Breast pumping and three more pregnancies (all girls) kept
Heathernlyn lactating. “You clever girl, semen goes in
here, and milk comes out there,” her husband was fond of
joking while he made love to her and feasted from her.

Being a mommy and a lover made Heatherlyn content, but
after eight years of big bellies and wet nursing she was
very happy when he finally let her have her tubes tied.
After that their sex life dwindled for a while. And then
one day the newspapers carried the story of a break-in and
theft at the museum where Heatherlyn used to work.

“What’s this, another anniversary gift?” Heatherlyn asked
in their bedroom late at night. They’d dinned with the
children earlier, but now it was time for them to celebrate
their anniversary alone. With Heatherlyn in bed he’d
produced a huge gift-wrapped box that looked large enough
to contain a baseball bat. Heatherlyn tore the gift-
wrapping off and opened the box.

“Oh!” she said. “This belongs back in the museum!”

“Oh no it doesn’t,” he said, taking up the Mammoth Phallus
and lifting the hem of Heatherlyn’s nightgown, “From now
on, each night this is going to be just where it should
be–inside you!”