High school swingers 2.

She pulled him closer almost without realizing what she was doing. She felt his chest pressing the warmth of her young, but mature tits. Her thin halter did little to protect her from the insistent heat of his fingers. She found her nipples growing hard against the fabric, and she knew he was aware of it.
He kissed her throat. His teeth nipped at her. She knew that things were getting to the point of no return, and she pressed her hands firmly against his chest.
“No,” she said. “You can’t. I’m a virgin.”
“So,” he whispered. “Then it’s time you learned about real joy.”
“No,” she said weakly. “I’ll scream. I’ll yell rape loud enough for the park to come running.”
“No, you won’t,” he said.
She wanted to scream. She kept telling herself that all she had to do was open her mouth. She would wonder later why she didn’t.
Perhaps it was the gentle way he looked at her or the way his hands touched her, like no boy had ever touched her. A feeling went through her, a feeling of desire that made her skin glow hotly.
“You won’t scream,” he said.
She knew he was right. She wouldn’t scream. She couldn’t scream. She needed him as badly as he needed her.
“I’m going to be gentle,” he assured her. “I’m going to teach you things you never dreamed about. It’s about time you had something else besides your hand in your panties!”
“No, you can’t,” she mumbled. “You can’t. I’m a virgin. I really am a virgin.”
“I know it,” he said.
He pushed her gently onto her back and she felt his hands beneath her back. It was a moment before she realized what he was doing. His fingers deftly unhooked her halter top.
“No,” she said weakly.
He grinned at her as he lifted her arms and pulled the halter off her.
The cool air touched her bare skin and made her shiver. But she shivered far more as his eyes ogled her. No other man had ever seen her tits. In private, she’d always been proud of them and almost wished that someone could see them. Now Matt was looking at them and she tried to cover herself with her anus.
“Don’t do that,” he said sharply. “There’s no need to cover such beautiful things. You should be proud to show them. A man gets hungry just looking at them!”
She allowed her arms to be pressed don to her sides and once again his eyes devoured her creamy mounds and her hard pink nipples.
“They’re so beautiful,” he said. “I can’t wait to kiss them.”
She remembered how he had touched Mrs. Jones’ tits, how he had caressed, fondled and sucked them. She remembered the sounds he’d made while sucking her and how she had longed for that same mouth around her nipples. But now she was afraid.
He brought his hands up her sides, stroking her soft skin, until his hands were underneath her tits. She moaned as his fingers gently stroked her nipples and his hands cupped her titties. He began to squeeze and each time sent another hot shiver down her spine.
“Stop it!” she gasped. “Oh, please step it. I don’t like that.”
“Sure you do,” he said.
“No,” she lied. “I don’t. I don’t like it.”
“Sure you do,” he said. “Every woman likes to have her tits fondled. Every woman likes to have a man’s hands on her boobies.”
“No,” she said again.
Nothing would stop him, and she wasn’t even sure she wanted him to stop. His hands did feel good. They caused a warmth between her thighs, the same warmth she’d felt that day in his office. She had to fight the impulse to reach down and unzip her shorts.
He kissed her throat and then allowed his tongue to leave a wet trail from her throat to the top of her creamy mounds. She felt him lick one of her nipples.
“They look so tasty,” he said softly. “Like ice-cream mounds with a delicious cherry on top. I’m going to taste them, sugar!”
“No,” she begged him, trying to push him away. “No, please no. Oh, my God!”
Never had so many fires started in her body at the same time. His lips barely brushed at one jutting nipple and she got so hot she struggled to keep her thighs together. She couldn’t help rubbing herself against the round, trying to rid herself of the fiery itch between her legs.
“You liked that, didn’t you?” he asked. “You really liked that.”
“No,” she lied. “Yes, damn it. Yes!”
Now she knew how Mrs. Jones had felt when she had begged him to suck her titties.
Diane was so mixed up. She wanted him to stop. She told herself that she was a good girl over and over again. And yet, her tits ached for his kiss. She pushed herself off the ground, trying to get him to take her flesh into his mouth. How could a good girl be like this?
He flicked his tongue over one of her nipples, and then moved his face to the other. He kept licking both of them, over and over, until she was nearly driven out of her mind.
“Oh God, do something!” she cried.
“Do what?” he asked.
She understood what he wanted. He wanted her to beg just as Mrs. Jonas had begged. She wouldn’t do it. She couldn’t do it. She was not that kind of a girl.
But she found the words being torn from her throat, almost as if she were someone else speaking.
“Suck me,” she pleaded. “I want you to suck me. Please suck me.”
“That won’t do,” he chided. “What do you want me to suck? Tell me. Use the words. Just like you heard Mrs. Jones beg. Beg me.”
“I want you to suck my titties,” Diane said. “Please. I want you to suck my tits. They’re so hot.”
She’d said the words he wanted to hear and it was like a wall had tumbled down. She could no longer think clearly. Her good-girl image didn’t matter, nothing mattered any more except the hot pleasure he could give her.
“Yes,” she groaned. “Suck my titties. Suck them!”
He pressed his face hotly against the cavern between her two mounds. He tasted her soft, sweet flesh. He loved the way his lips made her moan for more. She was a hot one, all right. He hadn’t been sure at first, but now he was. Before he was finished he would have her screaming with delight.
He moved his lips slowly over her flesh and once more found her nipple. He opened his lips and sucked the hard point into his mouth. He rolled the nipple underneath his tongue. He captured it between his teeth and bit gently.
“Oh, God,” she cried. “Oh, God, what are you trying to do to me?”
He laughed loudly. He opened his mouth wide and sucked as much of her creamy flesh into his throat as he could manage. Her flesh was so hot and sweet, he thought he could manage to suck on her all day long.
He would have, too, if it were not for the persistent throbbing between his legs. He was growing impatient to stick his rod into this sweet thing’s honeybox.
He let his hand fall to her thigh and he started squeezing gently. He moved his hand higher up so that it was resting against her pussy.
“Ummm,” he said softly. “I’m so hot for you, baby. I can’t wait to get my cock in!”
“Oh, my God,” she said softly.
She really hadn’t thought about him putting his thing into her. She knew she was going to get fucked, but she hadn’t really thought about what that meant. Getting fucked meant he was really going to put his big shaft into her virgin cunt, the same way he had put it into Mrs. Jones.
She shivered as she remembered the blood-filled cock, covered with the redhead’s saliva, slamming deeply into that auburn cunt. In a few minutes that same cock would be filling her pussy.
“Oooh!” she groaned softly.
She felt his hand slip beneath her and softly caress her rounded buttocks. His fingers squeezed her asscheeks, and all the time he was moved closer to her zipper. Finally she felt him tugging at it until he got it completely undone.
She had another moment of shame and fear as she felt his hands slipping through the opening of her shorts and caressing her panty-clad ass.
“No,” she said, as she struggled to push him away from her. “Move. I don’t want you too. Please stop.”
It was too late now even if he had to rape her. He pushed her harder against the ground and his body leaned completely on her. She felt his knees parting her thighs and resting snugly against her mound.
He knew how to move to get the most excitement out of her. Slowly he moved his knee from side to side. She felt those same delicious shivers going up and down her spine. She fried to wiggle free but his knee was wedged solidly there.
His other hand caressed her ass and she felt his fingers searching for the top of her panties. She sighed as she felt his hand go underneath her panties to touch the cool skin of her ass. His finger parted her crack and prodded her anus.
“Oooh,” she said. “Ooooh, stop that. You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”
“I know,” he assured her. “And you’re going to like it, baby. You’re really going to like it. In a few minutes, I’m going to let you feel my cock. Would you like that?”
“No,” she protested. “No.”
The truth was she could already feel his cock. She felt the hard bulge pressing against the inside of her thigh every time his knee moved. The hard bulge felt huge already, and he wasn’t even out of his trousers.
“Let me get your shorts off,” he said. “Raise up a little.”
Again she struggled with him but she didn’t have the strength or will to do much.
In just seconds, his experienced fingers were tugging her shorts off her legs. Now only a pair of flimsy panties stood between her and his goal.
His hand groped between her thighs and she felt a shivery heat all over her body. He started rubbing her cunt lips through her panties.
“God,” she moaned. “Oh God, stop that!”
“You keep saying stop, but you don’t mean it,” he said, leering at her.
“Yes,” she said. “Yes, I do mean it. I want you to stop. Stop now.”
“You couldn’t mean it,” he said. “Your cunt’s hotter than a firecracker. Your panties are already soaked. You know you don’t want me to stop.”
What he said was true. Her panties were soaked. She hadn’t noticed it before, but she had already been dripping juices in her excitement. There was no use trying to lie to him any longer. He knew what she was. He knew her pussy was aching for his hard cock. She started lifting up to meet his rubbing hand.
He ginned at her.
“Now you’re getting there, sugar,” he said. “I knew you’d give it up.”
“God,” she said. “Sweet God, I can’t help liking it. I can’t help it!”
“Of course not, baby,” he assured her.
His hands went into her panties and he began tugging them down her legs. She kicked out of them and spread her legs farther apart.
“Ummmmm,” she said, as his fingers started exploring her black thatch again.
“A heavy, black bush,” he said. “I like a furry snatch!”
His finger carefully parted the delicate petals of her cunt. She gasped as she felt one finger going inside her. He rubbed his finger against her hymen.
“No,” she groaned.
“It’s all right, baby,” he assured her. “I’ll be gentle with you.”
He slipped two fingers into her and she felt a hot spasm of pleasure.
“Oooooh,” she groaned softly.
Again and again he drove his finger into her until she was slippery.
“I want you to feel my cock,” he said.
He took her hand and pressed it against his hard bulge. He was so big. She wanted to draw her hand back but she was fascinated by the feel of him. She traced his hardness with her fingertips until she found the cock-head.
“Take it out,” he said. “Take my cock out! I want you to play with it.”
She fumbled with his zipper and he finally had to help her.
He unzipped himself quickly and took her hand. He pushed her hand inside his trousers and she felt the heated staff of flesh against her fingers. His cock throbbed in her fingers.
“Wrap your hand around it,” he instructed her.
She laced her fingers nervously around his rod. Her fingers immediately sticky and she realized what it was from cum. For the first time in her life, she was actually touching a man’s cock and feeling his cum.
She jerked her hand away as if she had been burnt.
“Don’t be afraid of it,” he said. “It won’t bite. Put your hand back.”
The commanding tone of his voice left no choice but to do as she was told. She laced her fingers around the stem of his cock once again.
“Now move your hand up and down gently,” he directed her. “Ahhhhhh, that’s it. You catch on fast. Your hands are so soft!”
This time he moved her hand. He raised up and quickly unbuckled himself. He pulled his trousers down to his knees.
“Now put your hand on my balls,” he said. “Feel how heavy they are.”
She felt his balls. They were heavy. Another drop of liquid appeared on the head of his cock.
“They’re full of cum,” he said. “Cum for you. Some other time I’m going to teach you how to suck a man off. I’m going to let you taste cum.”
She remembered again. She remembered how the redhead had sucked his cock and then looked so satisfied as she swallowed it down, like the cat eating the canary.
Again Diane wondered what cum would taste like. This time she wasn’t going to find out, because he was pushing her flat again and kneeling between her legs.
He took his cock in his hand and rubbed the cock-head up and down her virgin cunt.
“Oh,” she said. “Oh, stop.”
Her cunt juices were mixing with his thick jism and making her cunt entrance slippery. He stretched out on top of her, his chest mashing painfully against her tits. He adjusted himself so that he was not hurting her.
He pushed and she felt his cock-head stretching the virgin entrance to her cunt. He had to shove really hard to gain entrance. She moaned in pain and tried to wiggle out from under him.
“You’re hurting me!” she cried. “You’re hurting me!”
“Relax, sugar,” he said soothingly. “You’re tighter than I thought you were.”
“No!” she screamed. “You’re hurting me! Stop it! Stop it right now!”
His cock-head popped into her almost before she realized it had happened. Now he was pressing against her hymen.
“God,” he said. “You’re so tight. You’re so fucking tight. You’re the tightest fucking virgin I’ve ever had.”
She groaned as he continued his pressure against her hymen. She felt as if her insides were splitting apart. She screwed in pain and tried to rake her fingernails down his back. If he hadn’t been wearing a shirt, she certainly would have drawn blood.
“Jesus Christ,” he said softly.
She pounded helplessly on his back as he pushed harder and harder until his thick cock ripped through the fragile walls of her hymen and plunged deep into her.
“Ohhhhhh!” she gasped. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Her nails tried again to dig into his back. He had hurt her.
“Bastard,” she said softly. “Bastard, you’re killing me.”
“Just relax,” he said. “The pain will go away soon. You had a really tight cunt.”
He didn’t start fucking her right away. He waited until the pain had subsided. The first thing she became aware of was how deep his cock had plunged into her. She could feel it almost in her stomach. The huge cock-head was pulsating and she could almost feel the blood pounding hotly.
“Oooooooh,” she moaned.
“There,” he said. “It’s beginning to feel better.”
She had to admit that it was. She’d thought that he had torn her in half but now something nice was happening between her legs. She became slowly aware of a burning itch. She started moving her ass against the ground, aware that her cunt was causing friction on his prick.
“There, baby,” he said. “I told you. I told you that you’d like it.”
Now he began to fuck her in slow, gentle strokes that drove his cock deep into her. He would bring it almost out of her before he would plunge into her again.
“Oh, you’re right,” she said. “You’re right. It’s starting to feel strange. It’s really starting to feel good.”
She almost jumped out of her skit when he really started to fuck her.
He was getting really excited and was now slamming his cock into her.
“Uhhhh,” he grunted. “You’re so tight. I can’t stand it. I’ve got to really fuck you.”
“Yes,” she moaned. “Really give it to me. Really fuck me hard! Just like you fucked Mrs. Jones. Fuck me just like you did that redeheaded bitch!”
He was a little surprised at the fierce tone of her voice. She was really going crazy. He was stroking her hard but she was thrusting back at him just as hard.
“God,” he said. “You hot little bitch!”
“Call me what you want!” she cried. “Do anything you want. Just fuck me!”
He reached beneath her and cupped her asscheeks. This way he was driving his spear deeper into her tight cunt. He wished that he had taken off his shirt.
He wished he could feel her hard little nipples poking holes in his chest, but there would be other times. He had barely tapped this little sexpot. There were going to be many other chances to teach her all about sex.
His balls were getting tight as he continued to thrust savagely into her hot box.
“Jesus, baby,” he said softly. “Jesus, you’re so tight. So Goddamned tight. I can’t help myself. I’m going to have to give you my cum.”
“Yes,” she urged him. “Give it to me. Fill me up. Give me all your cum.”
“Oh, Jesus Christ,” he said. “Jesus Christ, I can’t hold it any longer.”
She thrust up at him once again as she felt his hot cum pouring into her hungry pussy. At the same time, she felt herself climbing. “Yes!” she cried. “Give it to me! I’m coming, too! I’m coming with you. Oh yes, squirt that stuff in me! It makes me feel so hot, SO HOTTT!” They collapsed in each other’s arms and it was a long time before either of them could move.
Debbie didn’t like the way the boy was watching her as she brought back the two Cokes. She felt his eyes on her as she rejoined the crowd and found that Diane was nowhere to be found. She was aware that the young, curly-haired boy had walked up behind her.
“You looking for your friend?” he asked.
His voice was surly and his eyes were wicked. Debbie was glad there were a lot of people around.
“Yes,” Debbie said. “I am.”
“I saw her leave with that teacher,” the boy said. “Over there.”
“You mean Mr. Kinkaid?” Debbie asked.
“Yeah,” the boy said. “That’s the one.”
“But where did they go?” Debbie asked.
“That way,” the boy said. He grinned at her as he pointed toward the woods. “They both looked like they were kind of in a hurry.”
The look on his face left no doubt in Debbie’s mind that he was telling the truth. But why would Diane and Mr. Kinkaid go into the woods together? A possibility came to Debbie but she dismissed the idea quickly. With any other girl, it might be possible. Even Debbie might have been tempted to take Mr. Kinkaid up on an offer, but not Diane. Debbie had known Diane too long. They’d been friends all through grammar school and then high school, and even talked about going to the same college.
Debbie knew her friend almost as well as she knew herself. Diane was a prudish virgin, and definitely not the type to go walking in the woods with grown men. Yet, there had been something different about her friend lately, something Debbie couldn’t quite understand. Maybe there was something to what this boy said.
“Maybe you’d like to go looking for them?” the boy asked.
The thought was exciting. She kept telling herself that her friend could be doing nothing wrong. Perhaps she would really see something unexpected, like Diane and Mr. Kinkaid together. Debbie felt a little weak in her knees.”What about it?” the boy asked. “My name’s Tod. We might see something interesting.”
“Not Diane,” Debbie protested. “Diane’s a very nice girl. We wouldn’t see a thing.”
“Are you afraid to find out?” Tod taunted.
“Of course not,” Debbie said.
“Then let’s go look.”
Debbie wanted to refuse, but something urged her to follow the boy. He started off toward the woods looking over his shoulder at her.
When he saw her standing still he gave her a smug leer. That settled it. She wanted to see his face when he found out she was right and there was nothing going on. Debbie pulled her head up and walked proudly after him.
The two of them had barely entered the woods when Debbie felt her heart pounding rapidly. She felt wicked. Again she told herself that there could be nothing going on. Yet, she couldn’t think of any good reason for Diane and Mr. Kinkaid to be in the woods together.
“Shhhhh,” Tod said. He grabbed her arm. “They’re just up ahead. From here on, we walk real soft.”
There were beads of sweat on Tod’s upper lip and his eyes were burning with an intense excitement.
She let her eyes sweep dawn until she saw the heavy bulge in his trousers. She suddenly thought of another reason why Tod wanted her to go to the woods. Maybe everything he had been telling her was a lie, and he wanted her alone in the woods to rape her. Like every girl, Debbie had fantasies about rape but didn’t want any of her fantasies to come true.
“I think I’ll go back,” Debbie said.
He clutched her arm in a grip so fierce that her arm turned white.
“No,” he said. “Just up ahead. I hear them. Don’t you want to see your friend?”
Debbie started to jerk her arm away, but then she also heard the soft sounds coming from up ahead. Again she felt her heart pounding fiercely. She couldn’t believe what she heard.
It sounded like a girl crying softly. It was not hurt crying but pleased crying, like when a girl was getting something that made her happy.
“You hear them now?” Tod asked.
“I hear somebody,” she admitted. “But it’s not Diane. I know it couldn’t be Diane.”
“Come see,” he insisted.
His hand dropped from her arm. For a moment she wanted to turn and run, but she just couldn’t. This time Tod took her by the hand.
“Just follow me,” he said.
She went with him. There was no fear of being seen. They stopped just at the edge of the clearing with a clear view of everything going oft.
Debbie’s tint thought was that she’d been right and it wasn’t her friend. The hot little girl who was begging Mr. Kinkaid for more, as he slapped his thick cock into her, couldn’t possibly be prudish Diane.
Then the shock reaction set in because Debbie knew the naked tits, that straight, black hair, that soft, sexy voice could only belong to her friend.
“Oh, my God,” Debbie said softly.
Debbie felt wicked standing there watching, but she couldn’t find the strength to move away. She felt Tod’s arm going around her waist and pulling her close. She didn’t try to move away.
“It’s Diane,” she said. “It really is Diane. How could she do it?”
But Debbie really didn’t need an answer to that question. She already knew the answer. Diane had been strongly attracted to the teacher from the start. One look at those hot eyes let a girl know that he knew his way around.
Tod’s hand dropped from her waist to cup one asscheek and the still didn’t protest. Actually his fingers felt good stroking her through her tight shorts. She felt a warmth between her thighs from his fingers and partly from what she was watching. She realized that Mr. Kinkaid and Diane were approaching climax.
“We’ve got to get out of hew,” she said.
“I’ve got a car,” he told her. “It’s parked near the entrance.”
She knew what he wanted and she knew she couldn’t refuse. She wanted the same thing. Just watching had stirred her blood hotly.
“Okay,” she said softly.
She kept hearing Diane’s soft moans as she walked out of the woods. She couldn’t believe it, any of her other friends, but not Diane. She couldn’t believe she had seen Debbie, naked, with her legs in the air and Mr. Kinkaid’s big cock filling her up.
Debbie knew one thing for sure. The relationship between her and Diane would never be quite the same.
“Here it is,” Tod said.
He opened the door for her and she slid in. She didn’t waste any time. She slid close to him as soon as he got under the wheel. She put her hand on his thigh and felt the heat. She allowed her finger to touch his bulge.
“Ummmm,” she said. “Let’s go somewhere quick.”
“I’m with you, baby,” he said.
Debbie remembered that only a few moments before she had been afraid this boy was going to rape her and now she was afraid he wasn’t. It was strange how things could change so quickly. She didn’t even know the boy. She only knew that he had wicked eyes, a good build and probably knew how to use his cock.
“Where are we going?” she asked.
“I know a nice place,” he answered.
She was surprised when he pulled up into the deserted parking lot of the school building.
“What are we doing here?” she asked.
“I told you I knew a nice place.” He grinned at her. “There’s a way in. Trust me.”
She didn’t trust him but she didn’t argue when he grabbed her hand and pulled her up the walkway. He didn’t go for the front door. Instead, he led her around to the entrance of the physical-education building. The door opened easily.
“Isn’t this the boys’ locker room?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he said.
She had to admit there was something interesting about going into the boys’ locker room. The room smelled of boys, a strong masculine smell of sweat and steam.
“This way,” he said.
He pushed her ahead of him until they passed the shower rooms and dressing rooms. He stopped her at the coach’s office. The door was not locked and he pushed her inside.
“I told you I knew a nice place,” he said. “Nobody’s going to bother us here.”
She looked around. The room was just big enough for a large desk and a big, overstuffed couch. She felt a shiver as she looked at the couch.
He put an arm back around her waist and hugged her close to him.
“I’m hot, baby,” he said. “I want to get you naked so I can play with you.”
His hand was quick as he unbuttoned her shorts and jerked down her zipper. He was pulling her shorts down her legs almost before she realized he had started.
“Let me help,” she said.
She sat down on the couch and took her shoes off. She kicked out of her shorts and quickly peeled her flimsy panties down her slim legs. She saw him looking so she leaned back and parted her legs to give him a better look.
“God,” he said softly.
He was looking right into her pink pussy. He licked his dry lips and rubbed his crotch.
“Fucking nice,” he whispered softly. “But hurry up and take the rest off. I want to see your tits.”
She stood up and peeled the sweater off. She wore no bra. Her firm mounds poked at him and she brought her hands up under them so they would jut out even more.
“Damn nice,” he said.
“Aren’t you going to get naked?” she asked.
“Still, yes,” he said.
He got his shirt and under shirt off in just a few seconds. She could tell he was really excited because ho fumbled with his belt for a few seconds before he got it undone. Finally he sat down on the floor, kicked his shoes off and stripped the trousers off his legs.
“Hurry,” she said.
She sat down on the couch again, this time offering him a better show. She spread her thighs and allowed her hand to touch the tingling spot in her blonde thatch. She began to work her finger all around her sensitive pussy lips.
“I’m so hot!” she moaned.
She looked straight at the bulge between his legs. It looked large enough, but it was mostly concealed by his shorts. He grinned at her.
“I thought I’d let you take this off,” he said.
“Then hurry up and get over here,” she said.
She’d never seen a boy move so fast. He was by her side in a moment. She reached for his shorts and carefully tugged them down his legs. His cock poked against her cheek as she finished getting his shorts off.
“Ummmm,” she said, as she wrapped her hot mouth around his swollen flesh. “I like it.”
She bent her lips to his prick without him asking. The end of his cock was slightly wet from his lubricating fluid. She licked the white stuff off his prick and heard his gasp of surprise.
So, he wasn’t used to getting sucked. Debbie decided to give him a real thrill. She opened her lips and took just the crown of his cock into her mouth. She began to use her teeth and tongue gently around the sensitive part of his cock.
“Shit,” he groaned. “That feels so fucking nice. So nice. So Goddamned nice.”
She sucked his cock deeper into her throat. She saw that this was really getting him excited and she began to suck hard. At the same time, she reached up and began to play with his heavy balls. She felt his hands clutch the back of her head and he started directing her movements. Her mouth bobbed up and down on his cock in piston-like movements.
She tasted a little more of his thick, salty fluid and she quickly swallowed it down. She knew he was getting ready to come because she felt his cock-head growing in her mouth.
“Fuck!” he cried. “Oh fuck, it feels so nice. I’m going to make it in your mouth. I can’t stand it. I’ve got to blow, honey. I’VE GOT TO BLOW MY CUM IN YOUR MOUTHHHHH!”
This time she was ready for it. She pushed her mouth all the way down to his balls and felt him explode into the back part of her throat. She couldn’t taste it and it was easy to swallow the stuff down. She kept drinking him up as if he were a water fountain. Even when he was done, she sucked more out of him.
“No,” he said. “Shit, baby, that was nice but now you’re hurting me. I don’t have any more.”
Finally he managed to push her away from his cock.
She got up and leaned back on the couch. She wet the tip of her finger and put it back at her blonde thatch.
“Ummmm, honey,” she said. “Get that thing hard again. I’m ready for it.”
He wasn’t sure he could ever go again, but he began to feel excited just watching her.
She was better than a porno movie. Her finger parted the juicy, red petals of her cunt and slipped inside. He could actually see her finger going in and out of herself.
He sat down close to her and started rubbing her titties. He could feel her mounds getting swollen under the touch of his fingers. She really was a hot little piece.
He bent over and started licking at her hard nipples. It gave him a sense of pleasure and power when he felt her ass start to squirm against the couch. He sucked in more of her tender flesh.
“Jesus,” she groaned. “Jesus, that feels nice. Keep sucking me like that. IT’S MAKING ME SO HOT?”
He continued to suck at her titties as his hand moved don the flat of her stomach to touch her bush. His hand was over hers and he could feel the movements.
“Oh, I do feel so hot,” she groaned.
His cock was brushing against her thigh at every movement and he could feel himself growing hard again. He could feel the tightness in his balls that would soon make him beg for release.
He moved her hand and plunged two fingers into her slippery cunt. He felt her move with pleasure as he began to drive his fingers in and out of her tight cunt.
“Do you like that?” he asked.
“Yes,” she admitted. “God, yes I like it. Keep doing that. Keep doing it.”
His fingers searched for and found her clit. She ground herself against him as his finger brushed against her sensitive nub.
“Shit!” she cried. “Oh skit, that’s nice. I love your finger.”
He felt her cunt get wetter as he kept moving his fingers against her hard clit. Her cunt seemed to suck at his fingers. He tried to drive his fingers in deeper.
“That’s it,” she said, writhing against him. She pushed her tit into his clutching fingers. “Keep playing with my tit. I’m so Goddamned hot!”
It was like she had gone crazy. He had fucked girls before. He was no novice turning girls on. But this was a different kind of girl.
She had gotten hotter quicker than any girl he had ever seen and it was like she’d gone crazy for cock, like she was hungry for it. He didn’t mind. He loved it.
“God!” she gasped. “Give me your cock, baby. I want your cock in me.”
He rolled over on top of her with his fingers still buried in her hot muff. He still drove his fingers in and out of her cunt while he brushed his cock against her soft thighs. It wasn’t long before he felt his cock grow straight again and her thighs were getting wet from his lubricating fluid.
She reached for him. Her hot hands clutched at him. One hand wrapped around his staff while her other hand stroked his balls. This time he was forced to pull his fingers out of her cunt. She tugged him between her legs so that his cock-head was pushed firmly against her cunt.
“Put it in me!” she screamed. “Put it in me!”
She wrapped her hands around his shoulders and pulled him tightly against her. He felt her open her thighs as he started a steady pressure against her cunt.
“Yes!” she cried. “Yes, like that! Put your big cock right in my cunt! Do it now!”
He could stand it no longer. He gave a hard shove and his cock plunged deep into her hot sheath. She began to immediately move against him.
“I love it!” she wailed. “I love it! I love your big fat cock inside me! It feels so good! I can feel it leaking in me! It feels so good!”
Her hand warmed between them and he felt her fingers touching his balls. She got a better grip on his sac and she began squeezing gently.
“Don’t squeeze them off,” he said.
“Don’t worry, honey,” she cried. “I just want to squeeze them in. I just want to feel your hot own flooding my insides. I just want to be filled up by you.”
He started driving his cock in and out of her sucking cunt. It felt fantastic. She knew how to use her cunt muscles to surround his cock and squeeze him dry.
His balls felt so heavy with sperm that he was afraid he couldn’t wait until she came first. He didn’t have to worry about that, though.
She was already hotter than a firecracker. She could feel the heat building up in her cunt and making her skin tingle. She felt the first delicious spasm go up her spine.
“Jesus!” she cried. “Jesus, I love it! I’m going to come! You’re going to make me come!”
“Yeah, baby,” he said softly. “Come. I want to feel your ass jerking when you came. I want to hear you cry and moan with pleasure.”
“Fuck!” she screamed. “Oh, fuck, I’m crying for it. I’m begging for it. It feels so fucking good. I love it. God, I low it! You’re making me come! Make me come!”
“Come, baby,” he groaned. “Come on.”
“Yessss!” she groaned. “I am. I’m coming. I’m coming. YESSSSS, I’M COMINGGGGGGG! AGHGHGHHHHH!”
She went really crazy then. Her ass jerked as if he were riding a wild horse not a girl’s pussy. She acted as if she was trying to jerk him off.
He could feel his balls getting tight again as he began to come.
“Stilt!” he cried. “Stilt, I’m coming! Shit, shit, shit! Oh, fuckkkrmeeeeshittt!”
His hot cock exploded into her with a thick wad of his jism. Again and again he spurted. It felt so good it was almost painful. He collapsed on top of her with a soft sigh.
James Wailer was both nervous and excited. He sat behind his big oak desk and took a kleenex out of one drawer to wipe his forehead. He was sweating as only a big man can sweat.
He put the soggy tissue in the wastepaper basket and turned his attention back to the papers on his desk. He couldn’t concentrate. He knew that, in a few minutes, he was going to put his career on the line.
Anything could happen. The girl might start screaming or she might go into shock. She might not even be afraid of him. She might laugh at him. He didn’t know if he could stand that or not.
He heard the soft knock on the door.
“Come in!” he boomed.
His voice sounded stronger than he felt.
“You wanted to see me, Mr. Wailer?” Diane Christopher asked.
“I sure did,” he said. “Come on in and sit down, Diane. We need to talk.”
Diane Christopher certainly was a good-looking piece. He’d always thought so from the time he’d seen her in the school cheerleading tryouts. Today she wore a short dress, and a tight-fitting sweater. She wore no stockings, but her firm, trim legs were good enough without them.
He felt his pulse quicken as she sat down across from him and crossed her pretty legs. He liked the dress. There weren’t many girls who wore short skirts these days. Mast of them went around in baggy pants and sweaters with their hair uncombed. Diane had her jet-black hair pulled back in a bun.
“Diane,” he began. “I guess you’re wondering why I called you out of class today.”
“Yes, sir,” Diane admitted. “Is there something wrong with my work?”
Diane could see that Mr. Wailer had her transcript in front of him. She hadn’t thought that there was any trouble with her grades, but she couldn’t think of any other reason why the vice-principal would want to see her.
“No,” Mr. Wailer said.
She wondered why his voice sounded so nervous.
“I’m afraid we have a more serious problem to talk about, Diane. One that concerns you and a certain teacher in this school.”
He watched her face very closely. This was the point where he had to decide if he really wanted to go through with what he had planned. The look on her face convinced him.
Matt Kinkaid hadn’t been lying. There had been a rumor that something had happened on the park trip, something between Diane and Matt. The youngsters had been whispering about it in the halls around school.
James had gone to him personally knowing how a thing like that could completely ruin a teacher’s reputation. The man hadn’t been frightened at all.
“Sure,” Matt said casually. “It happened. The little bitch has been begging for it from the first day she walked into my classroom.”
His first impulse was to fire Kinkaid on the spot, but then he realized what that would mean. Kinkaid could deny it and take it before the school board.
No matter what happened there would always be a black spot on the school.
He was going to take a little time to think about things. Yet, all he found himself thinking about was the way Diane’s ass twitched when she walked down the hall. She had such a fantastic build.
He kept remembering his fat wife and the times he had fucked her in the last few years. She was little more than a quick release, nothing really fun. Diane Christopher, however, had a body and a way of wiggling that turned him on.
If Matt Kinkaid was telling the truth, then it might not be hard to get into her box. Even he could do it.
“Aren’t you feeling well Mr. Wailer?” Diane said.
“Of course,” he said. “Just a little hot. But we’re not here to talk about me. I want to come right to the point, Diane. Did something happen between you and Mr. Kinkaid?”
Diane could feel herself blushing a bright red. She searched her mind for an answer. She couldn’t tell him the truth. She couldn’t tell anyone the truth. She was aware of the rumors going around school, but she’d hoped they would fade away. Now she saw that she was going to have to think of a way to make the students quit whispering.