High school swingers

The Publisher Diane Christopher was immediately aware of the looks she was getting from her new math teacher. She was used to getting such looks from boys her age.
She was eighteen years old and she already had the full figure of a woman. Her body combined with her shoulder-length, black hair, clear blue eyes, and delicate features had been attracting boys for as long as she could remember.
This was the first time she had ever found herself looking back with interest. Mr. Kinkaid was not at all like the rest of the men teachers around the school. He was well over six feet tail, and he looked more like an athlete than a math teacher. His hair was blond and his eyes wow almost as blue as hens.
“My,” Debbie Fisher whispered. “He is handsome.”
“Hmph,” Diane said. “You think anything that wears pants is handsome.”
“I do like boys,” Debbie admitted, with a shake of her long blonde hair. “But there’s something a little special about Mr. Kinkaid. Now don’t tell me you don’t feel it.”
Diane turned her face away so that her friend couldn’t read her expression. The truth was that she did find something disturbing about Mr. Kinkaid.
Mr. Kinkaid ended class early and the students slowly filed out of the classroom. She was thinking about Mr. Kinkaid and hardly listened to Debbie’s flowing chatter.
She was suddenly aware that somebody was standing in front of her.
“Hi, Diane,” Bobby Pattern said.
Bobby Pattern was a shy, young man who had been Diane’s friend as long as she could remember. She was surprised to see him because he hardly ever spoke to her while Debbie was nearby. Debbie made him feel uncomfortable, and Debbie was aware of it. She would get very close to Bobby so that her pointy breasts poked Bobby softly in the chest. Debbie would speak softly and flutter her eyelashes and Bobby would turn a deep red.
“Why, Bobby,” Debbie said, drawing close as usual. “I didn’t think you liked me anymore. You never come around.”
Bobby blushed a fierce red as he cleared his throat.
“Diane,” he said. “I was just wondering if you’d go to the dance with me.”
“I’m sorry, Bobby,” Diane shrugged. “Bill Top has already asked me.”
“Maybe you’d like to ask me,” Debbie suggested.
Even Diane had to laugh at Bobby’s pained expression as he turned on his heels and hurried away. “I don’t think he likes me.” Debbie pouted.
“I think you make him nervous,” Diane said. The next bell rang and Diane cursed softly as she realized she’d left one of her books behind. She waved Debbie on as she hurried back into the math class to get it. There was no math class that period. She reached into the desk to get her book. As she started to straighten up, she heard a voice coming from Mr. Kinkaid’s office.
“Mr. Powers was never really fair with my Ronnie,” a soft voice said.
“I’m sure he was doing what he felt was right, Mrs. Jones,” Mr. Kinkaid said. “Ronnie is not a very good student.”
“He’s just a little slow,” Mrs. Jones said. “I’m sure if someone took a little time with him…”
Diane knew she should be going to her next class, but for some reason she stood still. She already knew the woman who was talking to Mr. Kinkaid.
Ronnie Jones’ mother was one of the most talked about people in town. She was a full-breasted redhead, slightly plump, and she had a reputation of being a little freer than she should. Her husband was always out of town and there had been talk of strange men going into her home.
Diane’s mother found such talk disgusting, but there was something in Diane that was excited by it.
That same something was telling her to stand still and wait because something was going to happen.
“Couldn’t you take a little more time with him, Mr. Kinkaid?” Mrs. Jones asked.
“I’m sorry,” he answered, “I have a full workload now. Taking more time with him would only hurt my other students.”
“I could make it worth your trouble,” Mrs. Jones purred softly.
Diane tried to will herself to leave, but instead she found herself drawing closer to the office. She found that she could look through the crack of the door and see everything in the room. She waited in breathless expectation.
Mrs. Jones sat on the couch in a tight-fitting skirt raised high enough to reveal some of her plump, creamy thighs.
Mr. Kinkaid sat on the edge of his desk and it was evident that he was interested in her thighs.
“I’m sorry,” Mr. Kinkaid said. “Teachers in this school are not allowed any extra jobs. I suppose the administration is just being careful. They don’t want us to get used to having extra money.”
“Money wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”
Diane felt her heart pounding. There was an obvious invitation in Mrs. Jones’ voice and in her eyes. Diane could feel the tension that suddenly filled the small office.
“Yes,” Mr. Kinkaid said, “What exactly did you have in mind, Mrs. Jones?”
Stephanie Jones licked her dry lips. This was not an offer she would have made to any other male teacher in school, but her son’s new math teacher was handsome and had an aura of animal sex about him.
“What would you like?” Stephanie asked.
The late bell rang but Diane couldn’t have moved if she’d tried. There would be some explanations due to her teacher, but she didn’t care. She had a feeling she knew what was going to happen in the next few minutes.
“Come here,” Mr. Kinkaid said.
Diane watched as Stephanie Jones stood up. The redhead’s face had a look on it that puzzled Diane. Mrs. Jones’ soft red lips were parted and her eyes shone with an intense light.
Mrs. Jones came so close to Mr. Kinkaid that her large breasts nudged softly against him.
“I’m over here,” Stephanie said. “What now?”
Matt Kinkaid didn’t get off the desk. He simply spread his legs so that Stephanie was standing between them. He reached around her waist and pulled her close to him. His hands dropped to her full, round bottom and he gave her a gentle squeeze.
“Mr. Kinkaid,” Stephanie said, pretending shock. Her eyes were laughing and she made no attempt to pull away.
His hands squeezed her again before he released her. He put his hands flat against her large breasts and squeezed them.
“Nice tits,” he said softly. “You have a very nice pair of tits, Mrs. Jones.”
“Why, Mr. Kinkaid,” she said, laughing. “I didn’t think you’d noticed.”
“I noticed, honey,” he said.
Diane felt a strange tingling as she watched her math teacher press his face into Stephanie’s soft tits. Diane wondered what it would be like to have a man’s face there, to have a man’s hands stroking her body.
Evidently Mrs. Jones enjoyed it because she gasped softly as she pushed Mr. Kinkaid’s head away.
“Let me make it easier for you,” she said. Deftly her fingers unbuttoned her blouse and she shrugged it off her shoulders. She wore a pale white bra that barely contained her creamy tits. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked the bra and also shrugged that off.
Diane could not suppress a soft cry of astonishment as she stared at Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. Jones had such enormous tits. Her creamy flesh was topped with large, brown nipples that were already growing hard under Mr. Kinkaid’s hot eyes.
“Gorgeous,” he said. “You really do have fantastic tits.”
“Taste them,” Stephanie Jones begged.
He pressed his face once more between her creamy globes. This time Diane saw his tongue touching her tit-flesh. Stephanie’s hands clutched his head fiercely.
“Suck them,” she begged. “They feel so hot. It’s been so long since a man’s lips have been there.”
His hands clutched at Mrs. Jones’ rounded asscheeks again. His lips traced a wet pattern all around the hard, brown nipples.
“Don’t tease me,” Stephanie Jones pleaded with him. “Take my titty in your mouth. Please suck on my titty.”
She sighed softly as his lips finally closed over one hard, aching nipple.
Diane felt giddy as she watched Mr. Kinkaid’s mouth sucking at the tender flesh. His cheeks were hollowed and Diane could almost feel his tongue working. God, she would have loved to have his mouth around her booby!
Immediately she was ashamed. That was not a feeling that good girls were supposed to have.
“Oh yes,” Stephanie sobbed. “Please keep sucking just like that. Just bite me a little. Ummmm, your mouth feels so nice there. It makes me feel so yummy.”
He was sucking on one tit while his hand cupped the other magnificent mound. Diane could see his fingers working on the flesh, kneading it gently.
His other hand still stroked her plump asscheeks. “Ummmm,” Stephanie moaned. “Ummmmm, you’re making me feel so nice.”
Suddenly he pushed her away. “You know what I want?”
“Ummmm, yes,” she groaned.
He spread his legs wider as Stephanie sank down to her knees in front of him. Diane could feel her blood racing hotly and she couldn’t help placing her hand against the moist place between her thighs.
Of course, she knew what was going to happen.
Diane was not a completely innocent girl. She’d heard the dirty stories. She’d once seen a dirty drawing showing one of the women teachers sucking a male teacher. That had only been a picture and this was real life.
She couldn’t tear her eyes away as Stephanie Jones deftly unzipped Mr. Kinkaid’s trousers. Her hand snaked inside his trousers and Diane gasped as Stephanie tugged out his cock. Diane had never seen a man’s cock before, and she had never even imagined it could be like this. His cock grew hard in the warmth of Stephanie’s fingers.
“Baby,” he said. “Take it in your mouth.”
There was a delighted smile on Stephanie’s face as she bent over his cock. Diane wondered what it was like to kiss a man’s cock. Surely it must be something really exciting or that look of intense pleasure wouldn’t be so evident on Stephanie’s lust-filled face.
Mrs. Jones moaned as her tongue licked at the top of his cock. Then she opened her full red lips and sucked the huge crown into her mouth.
“Yes,” Mr. Kinkaid groaned. “Yes, that’s the way to suck my cock. Bite around the head, baby! Bite it a little. Oh, God yes, that’s the way!”
Stephanie opened her mouth wider. Mr. Kinkaid’s entire staff disappeared down her throat.
“My God,” he groaned. “Oh shit, baby!”
Her hand pumped his stiff cock up and down while her mouth worked on him.
Diane had never seen such a lewd sight. She found herself rubbing harder between her legs as she watched those full, red lips work on Mr. Kinkaid’s cock.
Mr. Kinkaid’s hands were tangled in the thick, red hair as he started directing the up and down movement of her head.
“Oh, shit, baby,” he said softly, and then in a louder tone, “Oh shit, baby, you’re going to get a mouthful. You’re going to suck me dry!”
Diane realized what was about to happen. He was going to come in her mouth. She was actually going to allow him to come in her mouth.
Diane knew what cum was. She knew about the basics of biology. She had never imagined that a woman would actually let a man shoot his sperm into her mouth. There was no doubt that it was going to happen.
Mr. Kinkaid started thrusting his thick cock deeper into her mouth. He was groaning softly.
“I’m coming!” he cried. “I’m going to come. I’m going to shoot it into your mouth! God, it feels good! Gooood!”
Diane couldn’t believe it. Mrs. Jones didn’t pull her mouth away as Diane had thought she would. Instead, her mouth closed tightly on his cock and Diane heard the soft, swallowing noises as she accepted his cum.
“Oh,” Diane said softly.
The red-headed woman was gobbling up every bit of Mr. Kinkaid’s cum as if it tasted good.
Then Diane watched as she ran her tongue up and down his cock. Licking away the rest of his jism that had escaped the sides of her greedy mouth.
“Shit,” Mr. Kinkaid said softly. “Shit, you are a fantastic cocksucker.”
“Why, thank you,” Mrs. Jones smiled sweetly. Diane could feel her own juices flowing hotly within her. She wished that she were away somewhere, anywhere she could slip don her panties and finger away the hot itch that burnt between her legs.
She’d never seen anything like this. She was tempted to find a bathroom except she could see they were not finished.
Even now, Stephanie’s fingers were laced tightly around Mr. Kinkaid’s cock. Her fingers were moving up and down in a hot, pumping motion that Diane knew would bring Mr. Kinkaid back to hardness.
“Are you hot for me?” Mr. Kinkaid asked.
“Oh I am,” she said. “My pussy’s so hot for you.”
Diane gasped. She’d never heard a woman refer to herself that way before.
“Take it off,” Mr. Kinkaid said.
Stephanie got up off the floor. She quickly unzipped her skirt and allowed it to slip down her plump legs. She wore a black garter belt and no panties.
Mr. Kinkaid pressed his hand against her full, auburn bush.
“Ummm,” she said softly. “Ummm, that’s nice.”
Diane could see his hand massaging her and she found herself again wishing that it were her cunt that his fingers caressed. She was so hot down there.
Mr. Kinkaid was hard again. His huge, blood-engorged cock was like a living thing in Stephanie’s hot fingers. He kissed Stephanie softly on the lips as he stood up.
“Bend over the desk,” he said.
Stephanie bent over the desk and spread her legs wide so that her pink cunt gaped open.
Diane could see everything. She had never looked into another woman’s cunt before and she felt ashamed. Yet, she couldn’t take her eyes away.
Mr. Kinkaid put his hand on her ass and then pushed apart the crack of her ass. Diane gasped as she saw one of his fingers probing at Mrs. Jones’ anus.
“Oh, lover!” Stephanie cried.
Mr. Kinkaid plunged his finger into her ass up to his knuckles. Diane thought that it would hurt, but Stephanie didn’t mind and became aroused even more. Her plump asscheeks began to push back against his penetrating finger.
“Yes!” Stephanie Jones cried. “Yes, do that to me! Oh yes, lover!”
Diane could stand it no longer. She knew the door to the classroom was open enough for anyone to walk in, but she couldn’t control herself. Quickly she slipped her hand up under her short skirt and into her panties. Her fingers touched her sensitive pussy lips and she moaned softly. It felt so good! Hot spasms of pleasure shook her body and she knew she couldn’t stop herself now if the entire school walked through that door.
Her finger carefully parted the petals of her pussy and slipped into her aching box. She started moving her finger all over the inside of her pussy. A feeling of intense joy went through her body as her finger explored her tight cunt. She could feel her finger getting slippery from her own juices.
She knew it was a shameful thing to do and the chances of getting caught were great. Knowing it just made it all the more exciting.
She was so weak that she had to lean against the door, fighting to keep her eyes open. She didn’t want to miss a thing that went on in Mr. Kinkaid’s office.
Mr. Kinkaid took his hand away from Mrs. Jones’ ass and positioned himself behind the redhead. He took his swollen organ in his fingers and started rubbing the monstrous head against her cunt. Diane could see some of the auburn pussy hairs glistening with white drops of his cum.
“Put it in,” Stephanie moaned.
“Do you want me to fuck you?” Mr. Kinkaid asked.
“God, yes,” she groaned. “I want your big cock in me. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck the shit out of me. Put that big cock in my pussy. Fuck my cunt.”
Diane didn’t know if her words were exciting Mr. Kinkaid, but they sure as hell were getting to her. Her searching finger found the tiny hard clit and she began massaging it.
There was an ear-shattering groan as Mr. Kinkaid drove his thick cock deep into Stephanie’s pussy. The slap of his balls against her soft skin was very loud.
“God,” Stephanie moaned, “God, give it to me. I love it. I love your cock!”
Diane’s panties had grown damp from her juices. For the first time in her life she was desperate to have a man’s cock filling her cunt. She knew it was wrong. Yet, the temptation was strong to rush in and take Mr. Kinkaid’s cock inside herself. She wondered how he would react if she were to make herself known. Then she thought that these two people would never be shocked by anything the eighteen-year-old girl could dream up. Mr. Kinkaid and Mrs. Jones were too wise in sex, too depraved to be shocked or upset at anything.
“Oh God,” Diane whispered softly. “I’m going crazy. I’m getting as bad as them. I want a cock, too. I need a cock in my pussy.”
She couldn’t get away from them by closing her eyes. When she did, she could still hear the soft grunts and groans and the sound of flesh slapping together. And when she opened her eyes, she could see that depraved redhead bent over the desk, her cunt exposed and accepting willingly that monstrous cock.
She could see Mr. Kinkaid’s heavy balls banging from his trousers. The heavy sac filled with cum that would soon be exploding into her. She couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel tearing into her own cunt and releasing its load of thick cream. How would it feel?
“Oh God,” Diane repeated softly. “God, I know it would feel so good!”
Her finger began rubbing her clit harder as she felt her approaching climax.
“Dear Jesus!” Stephanie cried. “You’re driving me up the wall. Your cock feels so fucking good, honey. So fucking good! I love it!”
“I’m getting there, baby,” Mr. Kinkaid grunted. “I’m getting close so you better get ready.”
“Oh, yes!” she cried out. “I’m ready. Give me your load. I’m ready for it.”
Their bodies slapped together in a faster rhythm. Diane knew they were approaching orgasm. She closed her eyes as her finger coaxed the first delicious spasm form her cunt.
“Shit, baby!” Mr. Kinkaid screamed. “I’m coming. Jesus, I’m coming! Shit, baby! I’m going to till your fucking pussy with my cum. Oh shittt!”
“Yes!” she shouted. “Do it! Fill me up! I’m coming with you. I can see the stars! Jesus Christ, I can see stars all over! I can feel your hot jism squirting in me. Fill me up, baby! Keep filling my cunt. Keep it up!”
Diane knew how the redhead felt. She could see stars, too. Diane could no longer watch what was going on. She had to lean back and close her eyes tightly as the delicious spasms overwhelmed her.
She could still hear their soft cries as her own orgasm exploded into wet juices that flooded her probing fingers. It took a few moments before she was again aware of her surroundings. A little red-faced, she quickly took her hand from her cunt and pulled up her panties.
Mr. Kinkaid was zipping up his trousers. There was an amused grin on his face.
“Yes,” he said. “I’m sure we can work something out about Ronnie.”
Stephanie Jones was quickly dressing. She had lost her lustful look and now a satisfied smugness had taken its place.
“Ummm,” she said. “Of course, I’ll have to come back and check now and then.”
“Of course,” he said.
Diane got out of the room before she was caught.
Debbie Fisher was feeling tipsy. She’d only had two beers since she’d left the dance, but she wasn’t used to drinking. She shivered as she felt Bobby’s hand once again on her thigh.
“Stop it,” she protested weakly. “Bobby, I want you to stop.”
“Come on, Debbie,” Bobby said impatiently. “You’ve let me feel you before.” “But not tonight,” Debbie said. “I’m just not in the mood.”
The truth was that Debbie was too much in the mood, and she had been all evening. The dance had been fun and the strong, sexy rhythms had left a tingle between her thighs.
Only once in her life had Debbie felt so strongly aroused and she still had strong memories about that. Luckily it had been with a boy from another school and there had been little talk. Tonight she was with Bobby and one slip could mean a ruined reputation.
Bobby’s hand was again touching her thigh. She felt a delicious shiver go up her spine and she had trouble controlling her impulse to open her thighs to him. She badly wanted to feel his touch there.
She remembered the other time – the hot delight when the boy had entered her, the good feeling of his strong cock pumping away inside her. It had been wonderful, not at all like the warnings she’d always been given. There had been no pain at all.
“Come on, Debbie,” Bobby pleaded. “Just let me feel you up a little. I won’t go any farther than just a few feels. I promise you.”
“Ha!” Debbie whispered softly. “Cut it out, Bobby. Give me another beer.”
She didn’t really want another beer, but she wanted to get Bobby’s mind off sex.
Bobby sighed and reached into the back of the car for another beer.
The windows of the car were open and she could hear the soft sound of the river down below them. They were parked in a wooded area off the road, just a few miles from her house. She looked at the car clock and saw that it was barely past ten. She wasn’t due home for another couple of hours. That would give Bobby plenty of time if he got carried away.
“Here,” Bobby said.
He popped the cap on the beer and handed it to her. His voice sounded angry and she really didn’t want him angry at her.
“Now honey,” she said softly. “Don’t be mad at me. Can I help it if I’m just not in the mood.”
“You’re not in the mood a lot of times lately,” he said bitterly. “I’m beginning to think I’d be better off taking out your friend Diane.”
“Fat chance you’d have with her.” Debbie giggled. “You’d never put a hand on her. She’s the original prude.”
“Maybe,” he said. “But you ever noticed her eyes? She’s got hot eyes. Like she’s about to erupt or something.”
Debbie sipped her beer. She didn’t like him talking about Diane. She was jealous of Diane anyway. Diane was prettier and smarter. She had a sudden sick feeling when she thought of Bobby going out with Diane. Maybe she should be just a little nicer to him.
“Kiss me a little,” she told him.
He was more than willing. His mouth was hot as he pressed it down on hers. His tongue probed at her mouth and she opened her lips. His tongue tasted salty as it pressed deep into her mouth. She responded by wiggling her tongue against his. Once more he was getting strongly aroused. She could feel his muscles tensing as his arms went around her shoulders and crushed her tighter against him. His hand dropped to her thigh again.
“No,” she moaned, but this time her protest was weak and his hand snaked between her thighs. He was nearly at her panties. His hot hand started squeezing her flesh.
“No,” she said weakly. “Don’t, Bobby. Please don’t, Bobby. Please don’t.”
She almost spilled her beer on him. He pulled back and took her beer out of her lifeless fingers. He dropped it out the open window.
His hand still squeezed her thigh. His mouth pressed back on hers again. His kisses seemed to drain her will to resist. She kept thinking about her reputation, but her body quivered under his caresses.
“Baby,” Bobby said softly. “Let me feel your tits. Let me play with them a little.”
“No, Bobby,” she moaned.
He grabbed the bottom of her sweater and tugged it upward. She tried to resist but couldn’t. He dropped the sweater on the car seat. She felt the air on her bare flesh where her titties poked out of the bra. He reached behind her back again and tried to undo her bra.
“No,” she moaned. “No, please don’t.”
He got it undone and she struggled weakly as he pulled the bra off her. Then her bare tits were exposed to his eyes and to his hands. She shivered as his fingers caressed her creamy mounds.
“Stop, Bobby,” she begged him.
“You know you like it,” he said. “You know you do. I’m going to kiss you there.”
“Oh, no.”
She grabbed at his wavy hair but it was too late. She felt his lips on her titties. She groaned softly as his lips sucked at her tender flesh. She felt her nipples become two hard, aching points.
“See,” Bobby said softly. “I told you that you’d like it. I knew you would!”
His lips circled her nipple and he began to suck hard on it. A low gasp escaped her throat as she felt her pussy tingling hotly. This time she couldn’t help but spread her thighs slightly and his hand took advantage. His hand went immediately to her soft cunt and he started rubbing her there. Another moan escaped her throat.
“No,” she said. “Oh Bobby, you have to stop. Please stop, Bobby!”
There was no sense begging him. Bobby had already gotten farther than he’d ever gotten with her and he had no intention of stopping. He could feel her quivering under his fingers and knew she was getting turned on. He started rubbing her harder and he felt her panties getting a little wet under his touch.
“Oh my God! Bobby,” she said softly.
“I love to touch you,” Bobby said. “You feel nice in my hand. I love to kiss your titties. They’re so soft and tasty. I love them!”
She was completely out of control. Gone were all thoughts of her reputation. The only thing she was aware of was experiencing hot spasms of desire.
He started moving his mouth from one hard nipple to the other. His mouth kept sucking more and more of her creamy flesh into his mouth. He started biting gently and this caused her to push against his hand.
“I’m going to take your panties of,” he said.
“No,” she begged him, but even then she was lifting up her ass so that he could get hold of the flimsy material.
In a moment he was sliding them down her legs and she kicked them off. Her pussy was exposed to his greedy hand and he shoved it against her immediately.
“Oh,” she said. “What are you doing?”
Bobby wasn’t completely sure that Debbie was the innocent girl she claimed, but that didn’t matter. He was sure after that night she wasn’t going to be innocent anymore.
He felt her squirm against the seat as he ran one finger up and down the entrance to her slit. She was soft down there and he liked the feelings her furry cunt gave him. He carefully parted her cunt lips and pushed one finger inside. He found that he didn’t have to be so careful. Her aunt was already hot and juicy. His finger went in deep and a soft moan came from her throat.
Now he knew she was no virgin and there was nothing that could stop him now. He pushed her back against the car door as he slipped two fingers into her. He began to move his finger in and out, loving the way her ass squirmed. Soft moaning sounds broke from her throat.
“Like that, sugar?” he asked.
“God yes, baby,” she answered. “God yes, I love it. I love your fingers!”
He laughed roughly and she knew he was laughing at her. She had a feeling that she would get a new reputation by the end of the week.
Round-heels Debbie, she’ll put out for anybody. Just pat her on the ass and she’ll roll over for you. She didn’t give a damn. She was hungry for the thing that only Bobby could give her.
She reached for his crotch and heard his gasp of surprise. He hadn’t expected her to be that forward, but she was cock-crazy and ready for him now.
“I want you,” she whispered. “I want your big cock inside me.”
He raised up and he quickly started undoing his belt. He was nervous and fumbled with his belt. Finally she did it for him. She found herself surprisingly calm as she undid his trousers, perhaps since she was no longer fighting her desire. She knew she was going to get fucked and was looking forward to it.
She unzipped his trousers and helped him pull his trousers down around his knees. She traced his hard cock, still bunched in his shorts, with her fingertips.
“Ummm,” she shivered. “That feels really hard, Bobby. Nice and hard.”
“Yes, baby,” he grunted. “Nice and hard and ready to fuck you.”
“Then fuck me,” she said.
He slipped down his shorts and his hard cock sprang out. She grasped him hotly, her fingers lacing around his trembling staff.
“Feels good, baby,” she said.
He pushed her back and she directed the head of his cock to her gaping cunt.
“Put it in me,” she said. “Put your big rod in my hot pussy.”
The head of his cock went easily into her cunt lips. She pushed herself at him, and her cunt greedily sucked the rest of his thick staff deep into her. She squealed with delight as she felt his thick, pulsating cock filling her.
“That feels nice,” she gasped softly. “That’s so nice. I love your big cock in me, filling me up. I love it!”
He was as excited as she was. He began to fuck her in deep, savage strokes. He positioned himself so that he could play with her titties with one hand. His deep strokes combined with his caressing fingers drove her wild.
“Fantastic!” she breathed. “Oh shit, it’s fantastic!”
“You feel so good, honey,” he said. “You feel so fucking good. So tight. So Goddamned tight. I’ve never had a better piece of pussy.”
Even his words excited her. She wrapped her legs around him, her hungry pussy drawing his rod deeper with each stroke. She managed to reach between them and let her fingertips stroke his heavy sac.
“Jesus Christ!” he yelled. “I’m coming, baby! I’m going to come! I’m going to drop my load! Jesus Christ, BABY!”
She wasn’t ready for the thick jism that filled her insides. He kept thrusting into her and his cum kept spurting until she thought he would never stop. He finally gave one last thrust and sighed. His cock dropped limply out of her cunt and she grabbed it.
“Baby,” he moaned. “What are you doing?”
“I’m getting you hard again,” she said.
“I can’t,” he protested.
“You will,” she promised.
Her fingers traced his cock softly and she felt the wetness from his fluid mixed with hers. She was hot for his cock to be back into her again, and she knew the fastest way to make him hard again. She bent her head and sucked on his limp prick.
“Jesus!” he moaned.
She sucked his cock in all the way to the back of her throat and he started to respond immediately. His cock grew still, and she felt him leaking hot fluid into the back of her throat. She released him and pulled him over her once again.
“I’m so hot,” she moaned. “Put it in me. Put that big thing in me again!”
He was ready and he shoved his thick cock into her pussy once again. This time he fucked her slower, but just as deep. She pressed against him with each thrust.
“Ummm, baby,” she said softly. “You feel so good. You’re making me feel so good.”
“Yeah, baby,” he grunted. “Yeah!”
She felt the first delicious shiver go up her back and she pressed herself oven tighter against him.
“Now give it to me,” she begged. “Give it to me really hard. Fuck me!”
He knew what she wanted and once more he began to slam his big cock into her savagely.
She heard the steady slap of his balls against her and each stroke made her tingle all over.
“God, yes!” she moaned. “God, yes, I’m going to come. God, yes, I’m coming. Oh fuck, it feels good. It feels so fucking good. Oh fuck! FUCKKKKK!”
It was fantastic. A great sense of relief went over her as she flooded his thick cock with her juices. She raised her ass off the car seat one last time as she pulled his staff deep within her.
“Oh, baby,” she said. “That was nice. You know how to use it.”
She was aware of him pulling his cock out of her and she wondered why. He straightened up and he grabbed the back of her head. She found herself being pulled down toward his thick, juice-covered cock.
“No,” she said. “I’ve never done anybody all the way before.”
“Do me,” he said.
It was not a request. His cock was pushed under her nose and she felt his strong fingers tightening on the back of her neck.
“Don’t come in my mouth,” she pleaded with him.
“Don’t worry, sugar,” he assured her. “I won’t come in your mouth.”
He pressed her face harder against his cock and she opened her lips. Immediately the rubbery crown was pushed against her teeth. She parted her teeth and his crown went past. She could taste his salty fluid mixed with her own fluids. He had a strong male odor of sweat and salt.
“God, baby,” he said softly.
He thrust into her mouth and she felt his staff go deep. His cock-head pressed snugly against the back of her throat. He withdrew his cock partly and thrust again.
“Shit,” he said softly. “Shit, your mouth feels good. Shit, it feels fantastic!”
She had no control over his actions. He began to mouth-fuck her. His thrusts were gentle, but they still filled her mouth and almost made her choke. Both his hands were in her hair and he forced her head in the direction he wanted it to go.
“Baby,” he groaned. “Use your tongue a little while I fuck you. Use your tongue.”
She tried to follow his directions and do exactly as he wanted. She could feel the slap of his balls against her chin each time he drove into her mouth. His thrusts began to get faster, deeper, and she knew he was ready to come.
She knew he was lying about coming in her mouth. There was no boy alive who would be able to pull his cock away. She knew she was going to taste a boy’s cum. She prepared herself for it, or at least she tried.
No amount of preparation could have prepared her for the thick wad of jism that suddenly filled her throat.
“Jesus Christ!” Bobby screamed. “Jesus, I’m coming in your mouth! I’m coining in your mouth! JESUS CHRIST!!”
He spurted a river of thick, hot jism. She swallowed and choked and then she gasped for breath. Still, he didn’t release her. His jism escaped the sides of her mouth and dripped to her firm mounds. Still, he kept driving his cock in.
She sputtered as he finally gave her the last of his fluid and he slowly pulled his cock out. She could taste his jism all in her mouth. She had swallowed a great deal of it.
“God,” he moaned. “You were fantastic, Debbie. The best fuck I’ve had in a tong time!”
Debbie found a piece of cloth to wipe her mouth.
“Over here,” the man was saying, “is a classic example of…”
Diane quit listening. She wasn’t interested in the flowers in the park. She’d seen flowers before. The only reason she’d agreed to come on the field trip was that Mr. Kinkaid had chosen her to come alone.
“He’s watching you,” Debbie whispered. “I think I’m getting jealous.”
“What are you babbling about?” Diane asked.
“You know who I mean,” Debbie said. “And don’t pretend you don’t. Mr. Kinkaid’s watching you.”
“Quit being silly,” Diane said.
Diane knew her friend was not being silly. Mr. Kinkaid had been watching her. Now and then she would look up to find his amused eyes on her. She felt uncomfortable around him since the day she’d watched him with Mrs. Jones.
Yet, it was that same uncomfortable feeling that caused her to want to be around him. Her feelings just confused her.
“Damn it,” Diane said. “I wish that I hadn’t decided to come along today.”
“Why not?” Debbie asked.
“Because I’m really not interested in this park,” Diane answered. “A boy asked me up to the lake today and I should have went along.”
Debbie couldn’t understand the changes her friend had been going through. Lately she didn’t seem the same Diane. Diane cussed more and seemed mad about something.
“Maybe something cool to drink would help,” Debbie said. “I’ll go and get us a Coke.”
“Good idea,” Diane said.
Diane watched her friend walk away and wondered why she couldn’t walk like that. Diane had a better body but wasn’t as free with it. Debbie could cause boys’ heads to turn just by walking.
Diane looked away and looked at Mr. Kinkaid.
She realized that his eyes had been on Debbie’s behind, also, and Diane blushed a fierce red.
He started walking toward her and there was no place for her to go. She stood very still as he walked up to her. She felt even more uncomfortable with him so close.
“Your friend gone for good?” he asked.
“Oh, no,” Diane said. “She’s just gone for something cool to dunk.”
“Good idea,” he said softly. “But I bet it would take a river to cool you off.”
“What do you mean?” Diane asked. She felt that same hot redness at her cheeks.
“I saw you,” he said. “I saw you watching.”
“You saw what?” she asked.
She couldn’t believe it. Why hadn’t he said something? Why hadn’t he stopped? It just couldn’t be true. He couldn’t have seen her.
“I saw you,” he repeated. “You got your eyes full. That Mrs. Jones is quite a piece.”
“Oh, my God,” Diane said softly.
She knew there was little use in trying to deny it.
She’d been there and he’d seen her. She blushed even redder as she thought that he must have seen her with her fingers in her panties.
Matt Kinkaid took her arm and started pulling her away from the crowd.
“Mr. Kinkaid,” she protested weakly. “Where are we going?”
“Call me Matt,” he said. “After all, we know each other pretty well.”
“But where are we going?” she asked.
“Just out of here,” he said. “We need to get away before your friend comes back.”
She felt her heart pounding as he pulled her off the path and into the dark shadows of the trees. She was scared, but she was even more frightened of trying to resist.
“We shouldn’t be back here,” she said. “I’ve got rules about leaving the path.”
“Don’t worry,” he assured her.
He stopped puffing her when he got her into the middle of the woods. She could hear voices from the path, but she could see no one.
“Sit down,” he said. “We need to talk.”
It was warm enough to sit on the ground. She hoped the grass wouldn’t stain her shorts. She saw his eyes go over her and she shivered. There was obvious hunger in his eyes. He sat down beside her and put his hand on her bare knee.
“Now,” he said. “That’s better. We won’t be bothered by anyone. What do you intend to do about what you saw?”
“What do I intend to do?” she asked. “Nothing. I don’t know what you mean.”
“Sure you do,” he said. “You could get me in a lot of trouble if you wanted.”
“I wouldn’t do that,” she said.
His hand squeezed her knee. His eyes were gentle but fiercely hot. She felt a knot form in her stomach. She was alone in the woods with a man. Of course, all she had to do was scream and a dozen people would come running. Somehow that didn’t make her feel any less afraid.
“You have very nice lips,” he said. “Very pretty. So soft and inviting, but yet, prim and proper. I’d like to bruise them a little with a hard kiss.”
His hand kept stroking her knee and she felt a tingle in her inner thighs. His hand went a little higher until he squeezed her leg just where her shorts ended.
“Just a little kiss,” he said.
His kiss was firm, it wasn’t the sort of begging kiss she was used to from a boy just asking for more. This was a kiss from a man who was promising her something.
He didn’t stop at one kiss as she had known he wouldn’t. He kissed her a little harder the second time. His lips were open and she understood the greedy demand of his lips. She moaned deep in her throat and encircled his neck with her arms.