High school swingers 3.

“No,” she said weakly.
“Nothing at all?” he asked.
James was beginning to feel better. He knew she was lying. After awhile, one got a feeling about such thing. He knew how to deal with a lying child. First, he had to completely break down her resistance so that he could get at the truth. After that, anything could happen.
“No,” Diane said.
“Look at me, child,” he demanded.
She raised her head and her beautiful blue eyes looked like a frightened animal’s.
“I want the truth,” he said. “I want to know what happened in that park.”
“Nothing,” she said. Her head was trembling, and there was a sob in her throat. “Nothing happened. I’m telling you the truth.”
Diane felt as if she were going to fail over any minute. She wished his eyes would look somewhere else. She felt as if ho could look right down into her soul.
“Tell me the truth,” he said.
This was crazy, she thought. And it wasn’t fair. She wasn’t the only girl ever to get mixed up with a teacher. There were plenty of them in school. She shouldn’t be getting questioned like this.
“I’m telling you the truth,” she insisted.
He was quiet for a long time. He kept looking at her. She wished the next bell would ring so she could go back to her classwork.
“All right,” he said, with a disgusted sigh. “We’re not going to get anywhere like this. I’ll have to find the truth another way.”
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“I have to eventually find out the truth,” he said. “From someone. I’d rather you tell me, but since you insist that nothing happened, then I’m going to have to look somewhere else for my information. You can go.”
He looked down at his desk and pretended to be looking at her work record. The sudden dismissal always worked. It left them with unanswered questions. They started to wonder what he was going to do? He knew that all sorts of possibilities quickly passed through her mind. She was still sitting there when he looked up.
“Well?” he asked.
“I wasn’t telling the truth, Mr. Wailer,” she whispered softly.
“Now we’re getting somewhere,” he said. “What is the truth, Diane?”
Diane put her head down.
“Nothing really bad,” she said. “We just left the park and we… we talked for awhile!”
She knew he wasn’t going to believe that.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “You’re still not being honest with me, Diane.”
“Oh, my God,” she said softly. “All right, I’ll tell you. I went into the woods with him.”
“And?” James questioned.
“And he laid me,” Diane said.
She’d meant to shock him. Instead, he gave her a leering grin.
“Yes,” he said. “That must have been very nice. You realize, though, that we can’t allow this sort of thing to go on happening.”
“Yes sir,” she said.
“Perhaps I should tell your parents,” he suggested.
“Oh, God, no!” she gasped. She was really frightened now, just like he wanted her to be. She slid her chair closer to his desk and put her hand down on his.
“Oh please, Mr. Wailer. I’ll do anything you want. Anything. But please don’t tell my parents. Or anyone!”
The way her blue eyes looked made him really feel hot. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair as he felt himself start to grow hard.
“Ummmm, yes,” he said. “Perhaps there isn’t any real reason to get your parents upset.”
“No,” Diane said.
She was panic stricken. She could already see her father’s face. Her parents just couldn’t be told. No matter what it cost her.
“Perhaps we could work something out,” he said.
For the first time Diane started to realize why he had called her to the office.
“What do you want me to do?” she asked.
“First, I want you to undress, because I want to examine every pretty inch of you.”
She knew there was little use in protesting. He had her where he wanted her, and after all, it wasn’t like she’d never done it before.
She stood up and grasped the bottom of her sweater. She pulled it off in one quick motion. She saw the way his eyes went wide at the sight of her creamy boobies.
“You didn’t wear a bra,” he said.
“Do I need one?” she asked. “No,” he gasped. “You don’t. You certainly don’t.”
She found that she liked the ways his eyes ogled her. He may have been old and fat, but his eyes were young and burning hot. She put her hands under her tit and lifted them out toward him.
“Jesus,” he said softly. “You have a fantastic pair of titties. Really fantastic. But now take the rest of your clothes off. I want to see everything.”
She nodded. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She kicked out of her skirt and shoes. Now, all she had on was her flimsy, green panties.
“Shit,” he said. “Nice. Very fucking nice!”
She took off her panties, slowly sliding the to down her firm legs and kicking them off. He stand hotly at her black bush.
“Fucking nice,” he repeated. “God, my cock’s hard already!”
He didn’t tell her that his cock had been hot before he called her into the room.
“Come here,” he said.
He rolled backwards in his chair so that she could fit between his fat legs.
“You’re so nice,” he said. “So nice and soft. I’ve never felt anyone so soft!”
He kept running his hands all over her body, kneading and caressing her soft flesh. His hands burned. She moaned as his fingers brushed across her taut nipples. He realized he was turning her on. A girl being blackmailed into sex was not the type to get turned on. Diane was moving closer, pushing her tits into his groping fingers.
“Umnunm,” Diane gasped. “You have such strong fingers. You make me tingly all over.”
He pushed his hand between her legs. He felt the softness of her furry bush. He pushed his hand farther and felt her cunt lips.
“Ummmm,” Diane said.
He pushed at her cunt lips with his stubby finger and was surprised again as she humped at him.
Diane was getting just a little surprised at herself. She hadn’t expected to find herself responding so hotly to his caress. She’d been willing to go through with it because she had to. She hadn’t thought she could actually enjoy anything he did to her. There could be no doubt that his stubby fingers lit fires within her.
“Oh, God,” she said softly. “Put your finger in me. Put your finger in my cunt. Please God!”
There was nothing gentle in the way his fingers parted the petals of her cunt and slipped inside, but she didn’t want him to be gentle. She pushed up at his fingers and she felt them go deeper.
“Oh, that’s the way to put your fingers in me,” she groaned. “Wiggle them around. You’re making me so hot. So fucking hot. Keep wiggling them around!”
Her cunt juices made his lingers slippery as he began moving them in and out of her aunt. She pressed dawn on them again, loving the feeling of them rubbing against her cunt walls.
“Shit!” she groaned. “Oh, I love it. I really love it. Oh shit!”
She almost screamed out loud when she felt his stubby fingers rubbing against her clit. He knew he had found her special joy spot from the way she wiggled. He began rubbing his finger back and forth against her clit until she sobbed softly.
“Shit, baby,” he said. “I never knew you could get this hot!”
“Yes,” she agreed. “I’m hot. I’m so hot!” Her hand traced the inside of his thigh until she reached the bulge in his trousers. Quickly, her fingers unzipped him and she reached inside. She found his thick cock bunched in his shorts and slipped her hand inside his shorts. She laced her fingers around his staff.
“Oh, baby,” he groaned. “Baby, that feels good!”
His cock trembled in her tight fingers. She began to slowly move her fingers up and down.
“Shit, baby,” he said. “Pull it out. Pull my cock out!”
She pulled his trembling cock from his trousers. Her fingers felt sticky as he leaked.
“Jesus,” she moaned. “I want it inside me. I want your big cock inside me.”
He didn’t take time to undress. He pushed her backwards across the floor until they reached the couch. He pressed her back on the couch and leaned against her.
“Yes,” she sobbed. “Put it in me. Put that big thing in me.”
She felt the cock-head pressed snugly against her cunt and she opened her legs a little wider.
“God!” she moaned. “God! I’m so hot for it. Put it in me. Put it in me.”
She split her legs wider and hunched up at him. She felt his cock being drawn into her deeply. She hunched again and she felt him go all the way until his balls rested against her.
“Ooooooh!” she cried. “Oooooh, I love it!”
It was nice. She hadn’t expected his cock to fill her so nicely, but his cock was as thick and fat as he was. She moaned in soft delight.
“Mmmmmmmm,” she said. “Your cock is nice. It’s so nice. It fills me up good. Good!”
She wished that they had taken time to take the rest of his clothes off, but they were getting to the place where nothing mattered except his cock.
He started moving in and out of her cunt slowly but with deep, savage stokes that told her he was really hungry for pussy.
“Lovely,” she gasped. “Lovely.”
Her hands went around his back and she clutched him to her fiercely. She felt feverish all over. This time was even better than when Matt Kinkaid had fucked her. Perhaps it got better each time. She grunted as she felt the first silvery spasm of delight go up her spine.
“I’m coming,” she said. “I’m coming. Oh God, I’m going to come. Jesus, I love it. I love it. Jesus, I can feel you squirting in me. You’re squirting in me. You’re filling me up. You’re FILLING ME UPPPPPP!”
He kept moving in and out of her until every drop of his jism had been drained into her hot box. She moaned softly as she felt his limp cock slipping out of her.
“Jesus Christ,” she sobbed. “That was fantastic. That was really fantastic.”
He had dropped off the couch to stretch out on the softly-carpeted floor. She let her hand fall down to touch his limp cock still wet with their mingled juices.
“Can you make it again?” she asked.
“Again?” he asked incredulously. “Jesus Christ, no!”
She gave him a smug look and slipped down beside him. She started undoing his shirt.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“I’m undressing you,” she said. “That’s obvious.”
“But you can’t,” he protested. “I mean, I…”
“You don’t have to do anything,” she said. “I’m going to do it all.”
She felt a strong sense of power as she got his shirt and undershirt off and then unbuckled his trousers. She pulled his clothes off.
He was not a handsome man when she had him completely naked. He was too fat and wrinkled. But his cock was fat too, and that was what she was concerned with.
She brushed her black hair back from her face and bent over his cock. She clutched his staff tightly in her fingers and slipped her mouth over the rim of his cock. She began to jerk him up and down while her teeth nipped gently at his sensitive crown.
“Oh Jesus, Diane,” he said. “What are you frying to do to me?”
She was too busy to answer him. She pushed her tongue out and licked all up and down his cock. She coated his cock with her saliva and then did the same with his balls.
She could tell that he’d never had a blowjob before. He began to moan as her mouth worked on him. His hand caressed her head softly.
She wandered what it would be like to taste his sperm, but she had to get more courage before she tried that. Right now her cunt was aching and she wanted to get on top of him and feel her cunt sucking his cock in.
She kept working until she felt his cock growing stiff again. She released his staff from her hand and sucked his entire rod into her mouth.
“Christ,” he said softly. “Christ!”
He got stiff again.
“Ummm,” she said, releasing his cock. “I’m ready to fuck you.”
“Yes,” he said. “I didn’t think I could again but I’m ready. I’m ready.”
She climbed on top of him and pushed her cunt right down against his cock. She pushed down until his cock went easily into her.
This time she did the work and she made it a slow, comfortable fuck. She milked his rod while she squeezed her cunt muscles.
“Christ,” he moaned again.
She kissed him, pressing her mouth hungrily against his. She slipped her tongue between his lips and heard his soft gasp of surprise. She began to drive her tongue into his mouth with the same rhythm of her sucking cunt. She felt his thrusts begin to quicken.
“Baby,” he said. “I don’t know. I’m getting hotter. I’m getting hotter. I’m going to come again.”
“Yes,” she said softly. “I want you to come. I want you to come. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum again.”
“Christ,” he moaned. “You are one hot bitch. One fucking, hot bitch. I’m going to blow it in your cunt. Jesus, I’m going to blow it in your cunt! Christ, baby, here I come. Here I fucking come! AGHGHGHGHGH!”
She kept milking his cock until the first spasms of hot delight racked her own body. Her arms went around his neck and her mouth pound hungrily down on his again.
“MMMMMMM,” she moaned.
She fell against him and kept him tightly against her until she felt his cock grow limp and slip out of her. His cock had filled up her cunt so nicely.
It had been so much better than she’d expected.
“You may be a little plump,” she said softly. “But you know how to use your cock.”
“Do you really think so?” James asked proudly. She could tell that she had really pleased him. It was so easy to please men.
“Sure,” she said. “Your wife just doesn’t know what she’s been missing.”
His hand stroked her titty and she pulled away before he would start to get any more ideas. It had been nice but it wasn’t so nice that she was ready to go again. There were plenty of good-looking men to have sex with.
“I’ve got to get dressed,” she said.
“You’ll get dressed when hay so,” he said.
His voice had gotten ugly but he couldn’t match the fierce look she gave him. Diane may not have known much about men before, but she was beginning to know a lot about them now. She knew she could make them beg for what was between her legs. She really didn’t want to make anyone beg, but she wasn’t going to be walked on any more.
She gave him a savage smile.
“You got what you wanted,” she said. “I’m leaving now and you may go to hell if you don’t like it.”
His mouth dropped open as she started to get dressed. His mouth was still open when she left, but he didn’t try to stop her.
Diane was surprised to see Debbie on her front doorstep that Saturday morning. The two girls hadn’t been talking much lately. Diane wasn’t sure how much Debbie knew about what had happened, but there had been an uncomfortable feeling between them.
“Can I come in?” Debbie asked.
“Sure,” Diane said. “Come in. Mother and Dad haw gone to the lake today. I was just cleaning the kitchen.”
“So I see,” Debbie said.
Diane wiped a smudge away from her check.
“I guess I do look a mess,” Diane admitted. “But come on in. I’ll find something cool to drink.”
The two girls went into the kitchen and Debbie sat don at the table. Diane opened two Cokes and brought them to the table.
“I guess you’re wondering why I haven’t been around lately,” Debbie said.
“I wondered,” Diane admitted, sipping at her drink. “I just thought you were angry about something.”
“Oh, no,” Debbie said. “I wasn’t angry, just nervous.”
“Nervous about what?” Diane asked. Debbie looked pale. Diane waited while Debbie found the right words.
“I saw you,” Debbie finally blurted out. “I saw you and Mr. Kinkaid.”
“Oh,” Diane said.
Diane found that she wasn’t as upset as she’d thought she would be. So, Debbie knew all about it. Hell, half the school knew about it by now.
So far nothing had been said about Mr. Wailer, but Diane knew it would not be long before that story started going around. Somehow these things always got out.
“You’re not mad, are you?” Debbie asked. “I mean, about my watching.”
“No,” Diane said truthfully. “I hope you got your eyes full.”
Debbie giggled. “I did,” she admitted. “In fact, I got a little turned on myself.”
“You did?” Diane asked.
Diane began to get interested. “I did,” Debbie said.
“It’s a shame you didn’t have a boy of our own,” Diane said.
“I did,” she said. “A boy named Tod”
“And?” Diane asked.
“And he gave me what Mr. Kinkaid was giving you,” Debbie said.
“Oh, my God,” Diane said.
Diane took a closer look at her friend. It was true that Debbie had been open about sex, but Diane had never really believed that Debbie had done it. Now she knew that her friend had also allowed a man between her legs, maybe many men.
“Ummnm,” Diane said. “I guess we’re more alike than I thought we were.”
Debbie smiled and stretched her long legs out in front of her. Diane felt her eyes drawn to the strip of tanned flesh revealed by her short skirt.
“Did you like it?” Debbie asked.
“Ummmm, yes,” Diane said. “I get goose pimply just thinking about it. I never knew it could be like that. All Daddy ever told me was that it hurt and I should be careful because all boys wanted to do it.”
“Yeah,” Debbie agreed. “My father told me the same thing. And I believed sex was like that until I got into his private collection one day.”
“His private collection?” Diane asked. “What’s that?”
“His pictures and films,” Debbie explained. “Pretty raunchy stuff.”
“You mean your father has dirty pictures,” Diane said.
“Lots of them,” Debbie said. “All hidden away in one of his drawers. I bet your father has some too.”
“Not my father,” Diane said.
Diane remembered how she’d awakened at night and heard the film projector going and she’d wondered what films her parents were watching that time of night.
It seemed a little foolish for her parents to be watching family films in the dark privacy of their bedroom.
“We could look,” Debbie suggested. “You said your parents won’t be back for hours.”
“Okay,” Diane said. “We’ll look. But I don’t expect us to find anything.”
Diane felt her heart pounding as they made their way up the stairs.
“Oh, this is nice,” Debbie said, as they entered the plushly-carpeted bedroom.
“Where should we look?” Diane asked.
“In the closets first,” Debbie said. They found the film projector easily but they found no films in the room. They searched it twice and there was nothing to be found.
“Damn,” Debbie said disgustedly. “I guess your father isn’t like mine.”
“No,” Diane said. “I guess he isn’t.”
“But why does he keep the projector in here if he doesn’t have any films?” Debbie asked.
“I don’t know,” Diane admitted. “But I’ve heard it going at night.”
“Then there must be some films here somewhere,” Debbie said. “We just haven’t found them.”
Diane sat down on the edge of the big, comfortable bed. She looked around but she couldn’t think of any place where they hadn’t looked.
“Under the bed,” Debbie said. “But we looked under the bed,” Diane said. “Not under the mattress,” Debbie said. “But there couldn’t possibly be anything…” Diane began saying.
But Debbie had already pulled up a portion of the mattress to expose the cavity beneath the springs. The hollow portion was filled with books, magazines, films, and devices that Diane had only heard dirty stories about. “There,” Debbie said gleefully.
Debbie reached in and got a handful of the magazines and pulled them out.
“We should be able to learn something from these,” Debbie said.
Debbie let the mattress fall back and the two of them stretched out on the big bed. Diane was beginning to feel a little guilty and ashamed. After all, she had gone through her parents’ room and now she was helping her friend look through some magazines that her patents obviously didn’t want her to see.
The shame left her almost as soon as Debbie opened the magazine to the first page.
“My God,” Debbie said. “Will you look at that. Daddy just had some naked pictures. He didn’t have anything like this.”
Diane was looking and she could feel her heart hammering rapidly.
Debbie turned over the pages slowly and each picture seemed worse than the one before. Pictures of people doing everything – sucking, fucking and everything else in every combination possible. There were plenty of cum shots. “Damn,” Debbie said softly.
The next magazine had only girls and Diane was finding it hard to breathe.
“I-I,” she stammered. “I never thought about two girls like that.”
There was a picture of a dark-haired girl with her face buried in the pussy of another girl.
“God,” Debbie said softly. “Oh, God.” Diane was getting hot. She couldn’t help it. She was wondering what it would be like to pose for pictures like that, and she wandered what it would be like to kiss another girl.
Her own thought shocked her. “I’m getting kind of flushed,” Debbie said.
“Me too,” Diane admitted.
“I wonder where they find girls to do this,” Debbie said. “It looks like they’re really enjoying kissing one another.”
“Uh-uh,” Diane said.
“Do you think that it would be fun?” Debbie asked. “I mean, to kiss another girl.”
“I don’t know,” Diane said.
She knew what Debbie was getting at. She wanted Debbie to go ahead but she wanted Debbie to stop at the same moment. She really didn’t know what she wanted.
She felt Debbie moved her leg closer. Their thighs touched. Diane had on shorts and Debbie’s short skirt didn’t cover enough to matter. Diane felt Debbie rubbing against her.
“Would you like to kiss another girl?” Debbie asked.
“I don’t know,” Diane said.
“Would you like to kiss me?” Debbie asked.
It was a long time before Diane could answer. She was afraid, more afraid than she’d ever been. What happened with her two teachers had been wrong, but at least it was natural.
There was something unnatural about what Debbie was asking.
“Yes,” Diane admitted.
It was true. She wanted to kiss Debbie. She wanted to feel Debbie’s soft lips against her own. She felt her heart hammering again.
Debbie leaned closer, her face inches from Diane’s.
“Just like the magazine,” Debbie whispered. Her lips pressed against Diane’s. She felt Debbie’s lips open and her tongue press against her mouth. Diane moaned as her lips came open and Debbie’s hot tongue went deep into her throat.
Her first thought was that it was wrong. But her second thought was that nothing could be wrong that felt so good.
She hadn’t realized Debbie’s fingers had been fumbling at her blouse until she felt Debbie tugging her flimsy blouse open.
“Debbie,” Diane gasped. “What are you doing?”
“Don’t stop me.” Debbie pleaded. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long. Please don’t stop me.”
Diane felt weak as she tried to push Debbie away. Then she didn’t want to push Debbie away as she looked down and saw the girl’s blonde hair against her tits.
Debbie reached behind her back and easily unhooked the bra. Diane didn’t protest as Debbie pulled it off her shoulders and pressed her face against Diane’s tits.
“Oh, Debbie,” Diane moaned. “Oh, Debbie, you shouldn’t be doing that. You shouldn’t. It’s wrong.”
Diane said the things she knew she should say but she knew that she really didn’t want her friend to stop. It felt too good. Debbie’s lips were soft against her, not like the greedy sucking of a boy, but gently caressing.
“You’re getting me hot,” Diane moaned.
It was wrong, so wrong. And yet there was something exciting about being touched by another girl. Debbie knew the things to do to turn her on. Diane quit pretending.
“Oh, Debbie,” she moaned. “Mmmmm. It feels good. It feels so good.”
Debbie played with one tit while she sucked on the other. Her wet tongue caused shivery spasms up Diane’s spine. She arched her back and tried to push more of her titty into Debbie’s hot mouth.
“Oh, Jesus Christ,” Diane groaned. “Your lips feel so good to me.”
“Yes,” Debbie said. “It makes me feel hot to play with your titties. I’ve always thought they were so pretty. I’ve always wanted to touch them. Looking at them in the park was part of what got me turned on.”
“Seeing Mr. Kinkaid’s big dick didn’t help?” Diane asked, giggling.
“Of course, honey,” Debbie said. “Of course it did. But your tits are so pretty. I love them. I love how your nipples get so hard.”
“Jesus, Debbie,” Diane protested. “You’re biting me too hard.”
“Sorry,” Debbie said. “But your tits are just so tasty I can’t help biting.”
Diane knew she wasn’t going to be able to control herself. She was burning hot already!
She brought her hands up Debbie’s back and then slipped them between them so she could feel Debbie’s tits. She found the young blonde’s nipples as hard as rocks.
“Ummm,” Debbie moaned.
“You’re all excited,” Diane said.
“Damn right,” Debbie moaned. Diane unbuttoned Debbie’s blouse and found the girl wasn’t wearing a bra. Diane slipped her hands into the warmth of Debbie’s blouse.
“Your tits are nice,” Diane said.
She cupped Debbie’s titties and used her thumb to rub the hard nipples.
“God,” Debbie moaned. “God, that feels nice.” Suddenly Debbie pulled away. Diane watched as Debbie slipped out of her skirt and panties. Debbie had a fantastic build, better than Diane had expected.
“Got your eyeful,” Debbie giggled.
“Oh, yes,” Diane sighed. “You’re beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you,” Debbie said. “Come now. Your turn. I want to undress you. I want you to be completely naked so I can look at your body.”
“Yes,” Diane agreed.
Quickly, Debbie’s hands found the zipper of Diane’s shorts and Debbie peeled them down. Then the panties and Diane was as naked as her friend.
She saw Debbie looking at her critically. “Am I pretty?” Diane asked. “God, yes,” Debbie said. “You’re fantastic. No wonder the boys drool over you.”
Debbie’s words made Diane feel hotter. She found herself reaching for her friend and tugging her down. Debbie’s luscious nipple dangled inches from Diane’s lips.
“Ummm,” Debbie said. “Kiss it, Diane.” Diane pulled Debbie closer so that she was licking the nipple. She sucked the soft flesh into her mouth and began biting gently.
“Oh, yes,” Debbie moaned. “Yes, that’s it. I love it, Diane!”
Diane moved her mouth from one nipple to the other, greedily sucking at the tender flesh. It turned her on to feel Debbie squirming hotly against her mouth.
“You’re biting me,” Debbie groaned. “Biting me softly and it feels so good. It feels really good. Ummmm, so nice. Ummmmmmm!”
Diane tried to suck as much of her flesh into her mouth as she could take. Now she knew how a boy felt when he was able to suck her titties.
The flesh tasted sweet and innocent, but there was more than just the tasty nipple and creamy tit. There was a sense of excitement growing in her as she made Debbie moan. She allowed her hand to trace the flat of Debbie’s stomach all the way to her furry bush.
“Oooooh!” Debbie groaned. “Oh, my!”
Diane began pushing her finger into the soft, furry bush. Debbie’s hips began to move faster as she felt her friend’s hot finger brushing lightly against her sensitive cunt lips.
“Christ,” Debbie groaned. “Jesus, I like that.” Debbie really fell completely down on the bed. The two girls stretched out side by side with their mouths and hands busy. Diane felt Debbie’s fingers slipping between her own hot thighs.
“Ummmmm,” Diane groaned.
She found Debbie’s pussy almost at the same time Debbie found her own. Both girls cried out softly as they explored each other’s slippery cunts.
“Put it in me,” Diane moaned. “Put your finger in me and I’ll play with you.”
Diane sobbed as she felt two of Debbie’s fingers slipping past her cunt lips and going into her hot sheath. Debbie began to wiggle her fingers around.
“Oh, yes,” Diane cried. “Finger me. Finger fuck me. It feels good!”
Diane wasn’t going to be left behind. She gently pushed apart Debbie’s cunt lips and inserted her own finger into the slippery box. She was rewarded by feeling Debbie start to squirm hotly against her finger.
“Ummm, shit,” Debbie groaned. “We’re really doing it. We’re really playing with each other’s pussy.”
Diane moved closer to Debbie’s hot body and she kissed Debbie’s soft white throat. She traced a wet path with her tongue down Debbie’s body to her jutting boobies.
She licked at the nipple and heard Debbie groan. She licked harder at the salty-tasting bud. She opened her lips and sucked the nipple into her mouth. She bit down gently.
“Christ,” Debbie screamed. “You’re driving me crazy. You’re making me so hot.”
“Good,” Diane said.
She opened her lips wider and took much more of the soft mound into her throat. Debbie’s hot tit filled her mouth. She kept running her tongue over the nipple because she liked to feel Debbie shiver.
Diane felt Debbie’s hands pushing at the top of her head. She knew what Debbie wanted and she was afraid. She didn’t know if she could. She’d seen the pictures, especially of the redhead being eaten and eating another girl’s pussy. Debbie wanted to be eaten like that.
“Please,” Debbie whispered. “Go ahead.”
Debbie pushed harder and Diane found herself going down between Debbie’s legs. First Diane kissed at Debbie’s thighs. She could smell the girl’s pussy perfume and her nose pushed against the soft pubic hairs.
“Eat me,” Debbie urged. “Eat me like the girls were doing in the magazine. Please, Diane.”
Diane licked at the red pussy lips and felt Debbie start to shiver.
“Jesus, that’s it!” Debbie groaned. “Keep licking me that way.”
Again Diane pushed her tongue against the swollen lips. She tasted the salty juices of her friend. She parted the pink lips with her fingers and pushed her tongue inside.
“Christtt,” Debbie groaned. “Oh, myyy!”
Debbie tasted salty and sweet at the same time. She also tasted exciting. It was not as good as sucking cocks, but it was exciting because it was just as wrong.
“I love it,” Debbie shouted. “I love your sweet tongue, Diane. You’re making me feel so good.”
Diane no longer thought about what she was doing, except that it felt good. She kept Debbie’s pussy lips parted with her fingers and kept darting her tongue in the warm muff.
Diane felt Debbie’s fingers tugging at her hair.
“God, it’s so nice,” Debbie groaned. “It’s so nice. It feels so good.”
Diane found Debbie’s swollen clit and she sucked it up between her lips.
Debbie seemed to go out of her mind. Her hands pulled hard at Diane’s hair and her voice uttered soft cries of passion. Diane felt her hips beginning to jerk on the bed. Her sweet-tasting pussy was being pushed against Diane’s mouth.
“Shit,” Debbie groaned. “I’m going to come. Oh, shit, I’m going to come. Oh, fuck, what are you doing to me? Oh shit, I’m coming. I’m coming. SHITT!”
Diane pushed her face even tighter against Debbie’s pussy and began to suck her sweet juices. Debbie screamed loudly as her body rocked with her climax.
Diane swallowed Debbie’s flooding juices with a hunger almost as strong as when she had sucked James Wailer. Diane kept sucking until the trembling in Debbie’s body stopped.
Debbie’s hands loosened the fierce grip on Diane’s tangled hair.
“Oh, God,” Debbie moaned softly. “That was so fine, Diane. That was really nice.”
Debbie’s fingers tugged Diane upward and her soft lips clung hotly to Diane’s.
Finally Debbie pushed Diane gently away as Diane felt her blood getting hotter. There was something strange in Debbie’s eyes.
“Now it’s your turn,” Debbie said.
Diane panned. She could already feel Debbie’s tongue between her lap. She’d never felt so hot. She couldn’t think of anything to say and she simply nodded at Debbie.
Debbie bent her head to Diane’s titties and Diane felt a hot trembling. Debbie’s lips closed over one of Diane’s taut nipples. Diane moaned softly. It felt good, really good. Debbie’s lips were like burning embers burning her flesh.
“Oh, Debbie,” Diane moaned.
Debbie’s lips went lower. Diane felt the wetness from Debbie’s tongue as the blonde girl traced a path down her stomach. Diane looked down and she could see only the top of Debbie’s head.
“Nice,” Diane moaned. “Nice!”
Diane sobbed softly as Debbie’s head disappeared between her thighs. She felt the first tingle as Debbie’s tongue touched her inner thighs. She grabbed the back of Debbie’s head and pushed her farther into her venus mound.
Debbie’s hands slipped up and clutched Diane’s titties. Debbie began to knead them gently.
“Ummm, Debbie,” Diane said. “That does feel good. It really does.”
She shivered excitedly as Debbie’s tongue entered her. Debbie pushed her tongue deep and then began to wiggle it around Diane’s cunt walls. Diane felt hot shivers all over. She sobbed softly again as Debbie continued to drive her tongue into her honeypot.
Debbie’s tongue moved faster and deeper. Diane screamed as she felt it rub across her clit. Then her tilt was sucked into Debbie’s lips and Diane really went crazy.
“Oooooh,” Diane called. “Oooooh, Jesus.”
The hot fingers kneading her titties and Debbie’s mouth sucking greedily at her clit was too much for her.
“Christ!” Diane yelled. “Oh, Christ. I ain’t stand it. I’m coming. I’m coming. Oh, Christ I’m coming. It feels so good. CHRISTTTT!! AGHHHHH!”
She pushed Debbie’s face as hard as she could, and Debbie licked her cunt until Diane’s juices flowed. Diane sobbed softly as her head fell back against her pillow.
Diane opened her eyes early the next morning when she heard her mother calling her. She pulled the covers over her head and groaned that she would not be going to church that morning.
“Don’t you feel well?” her mother asked.
“Yes,” Diane said. “I just don’t feel like going to church.”
Going to church with her parents had always bored her and this morning she was especially not in the mood. She went back to sleep. She opened her eyes again when she heard a knock on the front door.
She rolled over and squinted at the dock. It was a little past ten which meant she’d been asleep two hours since her parents had left.
The knocking became louder and more insistent.
“Who in the hell?” Diane asked savagely.
She got up and started dowustairs. She caught a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror that stood in the hallway.
“Damn,” she said.
It wouldn’t do for her to go downstairs that way. All she had on was a pair of skimpy, green panties. Her full breasts seemed even fuller and she could easily we the heavy black bush beneath her panties. She went back into her bedroom and found a robe to wrap around herself.
The doorbell rang this time.
“I’m coming,” she said. “Hold your horses.”
She hurried downstairs as she tied the robe securely around her waist. She stopped again at the mirror just at the end of the stairs. She ran a comb quickly through her long, tangled black hair but there was little she could do about her bruised and puffy features.
Debbie had really given her a workout the day before. Of course, she would be willing to bet that Debbie would look little better.
“Danm,” Diane said again. “I hope she feels better than I do.”
She opened the door and immediately felt her anger leave her. It was hard to feel angry with a man in a blue uniform and a gun on his hip.
“Are you Miss Christopher?” he asked.
“Yes,” she said. “I am. What’s the trouble, Officer?”
“No trouble, ma’m,” he said. “Some practical joker messed up your yard last night. Usually when it’s a young girl, it’s a boyfriend or something.”
“Messed up our yard?” Diane asked groggily.
She looked past the officer’s shoulder and saw where the trash had been dumped.
“Oh, no,” Diane said.
“It’s a mess, all right,” the young officer smiled. “I talked to your parents this morning and they told me to wait until ten before I talked to you. So here I am.”
She realized he wanted to come in.
“Come in,” she said. “I can put some coffee on. But I don’t think I can help you.”
“No?” he questioned.
“No,” she said. “I don’t know who would do a thing like this.”
The officer followed her into the kitchen and he watched her make coffee. She saw the name on his badge – Officer Roger Davies. She liked his name. She also noticed that he wore no wedding ring, and that his sharp eyes watched her every movement.
“You haven’t had any arguments with your boyfriend lately?” Officer Davies asked.
“No,” Diane said. “That is, I don’t have a regular boyfriend.”
“No regular boyfriend,” he said, astonished. “I’d figure the boys would beat your door down trying get to you. A girl as pretty as you.”
Diane took the coffee off and poured two steaming cups.
“Here,” Diane said. “Enjoy. And I’m not really that pretty.”
He sipped his coffee. “I’d have to argue with that,” he said. “I think you’re fantastic-looking. That hair really does something to me.”
A month before and Diane would have blushed. Now she only gave him a steady look.
“It does,” she said.
“Yeah,” he said. “It makes me want to forget about duty, for a little while.”
Diane smiled. She studied the young officer’s face. He was strong-looking, and she wondered what he would be like in bed. She knew he would be good.
She thought herself crazy thinking about sex so soon after the good workout yesterday, but she couldn’t help it. She bent her head to sip her coffee and she knew he was looking down the front of her gown.
When she looked back at him he made no pretense of hiding where he was looking.
“Why don’t you forget about duty?” she asked him. “Just for a little while.”
Officer Davies started to look a little uncomfortable.
“How old are you?” he asked.
“Old enough,” she said softly.
“When are your parents due home?”
“They won’t be home for hours,” Diane said. “They make a day out of it.”
“Well,” he said softly. “Why don’t we go upstairs and find your bedroom.”
“It’s not hard to find,” she said.
He wasn’t as impatient as a younger man might have been. He waited until she had led him into her lush bedroom before she felt his hand pressed against her ass.
She turned quickly and folded into his strong arms. He pulled open the sash of her robe and her robe fell apart. His arms pressed her close to him.
She could feel his brass buttons against her titties, and it turned her on. “Ummm,” she said softly. “You have very nice arms. Very strong.”
“I’m nice all over,” he said.
“I hope you are as good as you say,” she whispered. “I’m ready for a good fucking.”
If he was shocked by her language, he didn’t show it. He pulled her tighter against him while his fingers explored the soft curves of her ass.
She felt him lifting up the hem of her gown, up past the curves of her ass to her waist. Both his hands cupped her soft asschecks and tugged her his groin.
She kit his prick jumping against then he was already very hard. She allowed herself to be pulled tighter so that her cunt was against his prick.
“God,” she said softly. “You are big and strong all over. At least I can feel a nice, strong pert.”
He laughed and she felt herself being picked up. His hands still caressed her asscheeks as he carried her to the bed and dropped her on her back.
“Nice stuff,” he said. “Very nice stuff. I like it, sweet thing, I like it.”
He bent over the bed and began to knead her titties. His hands weren’t gentle and there was something very exciting about them. She felt her nipples grow hard against his caressing fingers.
“Christ,” she groaned. “Oh, Christ.”
He didn’t waste any time getting undressed. He left her only a moment and when he returned, he was naked. His chest was well-developed and covered with thick black hairs. She found that she was strongly attracted to his ape-like look.
What really attracted her was the huge cock sticking ramrod straight between his lap and his huge balls.
She licked her lips as she stared nervously at the hanging sac. Two such balls looked as if they could really beat her to death if he fucked her.
“Like it, baby?” he asked.
“Yes,” she admitted. “Yes, I like it!”
“Feel it,” he commanded.
She reached for him. Her hot fingers wrapped around his staff and she moved her hand up and down gently. She was watching the huge slit and she saw the drop of white that appeared there.
He moved closer to the bed so that his prick was just inches from her mouth.
“Kiss it a little,” he said. “Haven’t you ever kissed a cock before?”
“Yes,” she said. “I’ve kissed them. I’ll show you how good I am at kissing cocks.”
He grunted as her tongue touched him. She licked away the drop of cum. He tasted very salty. She opened her lips and captured the head of his cock between her teeth.
“Jesus, baby,” he groaned. “Jesus, you are good at kissing cocks.”
“I haven’t started yet,” she said.
Again she sucked his crown into her mouth and she began to use her tongue and teeth on him. He was very sensitive there and in moments, he was groaning loudly. She had a mouth full of cum, but she knew it was only the beginning of his heavy load. This was only his lubricating fluid. What else did he have in those big balls of his?
“Umm,” she said, releasing him. “Have you been saving your load for me?”
“That’s the way all the girls act,” he said. “But I promise you a lot more. I can go all day.”
“We can’t go all day,” she said. “Maybe some other time we will.”
“Sure, baby,” he said. “But kiss it little more right now. Take my whole Goddamned prick into your mouth.”
She was willing. She opened her mouth wide and she sucked him completely into her throat. His thick cock pulsated in her throat and again she was tasting his thick, creamy lubricating fluid.
“God,” he said softly. “God, I love it. It’s nice. It’s so fucking nice.”
She began to bob her head up and down on his cock. For a few minutes, she thought he was going to allow her to suck him off, and she started wondering just how much cum he could pour into her throat.
It was a nice thought, but it wasn’t what he had in mind.
“Shit, no, baby,” he said. “I don’t have time and I want to give you a good fucking.”
“Yes,” she agreed. “That’s what I want too. A good fucking. Hurry and take my panties off.”
He grabbed the edge of her panties and peeled them quickly down her legs. Immediately his hand went between her legs. He began fingering her pussy until she was sopping wet and soft little sobs were being torn from her throat.
“Oh,” she groaned. “Fuck me now, Roger. I’m ready far you now.”
“Sure, baby,” he groaned. “Sure.”
He stretched out on top of her and his big cock slammed into her savagely. He didn’t wait for her to get ready. He knew she would be able to catch up with him.
He began fucking her with deep, savage thrusts that brought more moans from her throat.
Never had it been so nice. He was so big, so filling, and he knew how to use his cock. He kept slamming it so deep within her.
“Lift your legs,” he commanded.
She quickly lifted her legs and wrapped them around his buttocks. He seemed to get deeper in her. The pulsating cock began to grow and she realized he was getting ready to come. At the same time she felt her nipples harden and her juices flow hotly against his cock.
“I’m coming!” she screamed. “I’m coming and you’re coming with me! Yes, you are! I can feel you growing. I know you’re going to come. God, yes, you’re going to come. God, yes, I can feel you squirting. Squirting in me. In meeee!”
They finished barely in time, for they both heard the car pull into the driveway.
“Goddamn,” he said.
“They’re home early,” Diane said.
They got dressed in no time at all and were downstairs drinking coffee when Diane’s parents came in. Everything looked so natural that Diane almost laughed out loud.
She wondered what her parents would say if they knew what had happened just a few minutes earlier. With that thought, she giggled and her mother gave her a curious look.
Debbie was tired and sore, and she missed Diane in church that morning. Debbie wished her own parents had been as understanding and left her at home that morning.
Of course, she really couldn’t tell them that the reason she was tired was that she and Diane had really went through a workout the day before. Somehow she didn’t feel as if her father would ever understand that.
“I’m going home early,” she told her mother, as they walked from Sunday School to the church building.
“But why?” her mother asked.
“I’m tired and sleepy,” Debbie said. “And I thought about stopping to see Diane.”
“But you’d have to walk,” her mother protested, “and we were going out to eat after.”
“I can walk,” Debbie said. “And I can find something in the house to eat.”
Her mother was reluctant but she finally consented for Debbie to walk home.
“But you be careful crossing the streets,” her mother had said.
“I’ll be careful,” Debbie promised.
Debbie was a little amused by her mother’s concern as she started walking home. Her mother still so obviously thought of her as a child.
She wondered what her mother would say if she knew what her sweet, young daughter had been doing lately. God, would she have been shocked to know that her darling daughter Debbie actually spread her legs for anyone who asked.
Debbie giggled and almost turned her foot because she wasn’t watching where she was going.
“Damn shoes,” she said.
She reached down and took them off. So what if her stockings were ruined, she didn’t like to wear them anyway. She had to admit, though, that her sheer stockings did look good combined with her short blue Sunday dress.
Someone else was admiring her too, and it wasn’t just her dress.
She felt hot eyes burning the tops of her thighs and she looked up quickly.
“Hello, Debbie,” a man said.
She didn’t recognize him, at first. He was wearing a suit and tie and he never wore that to school, at least not so fancy-looking.
She blinked her eyes.
“Why, Mr. Kinkaid,” she said. “I didn’t know you lived around here.”
“I don’t,” he said. “I was just driving around.”
“Looking for anyone special,” she said.
“No,” he said. He grinned at her. “You’ll do. Would you like a lift? You look like you’re having a few problems.”
His lust-filled eyes left no doubt as to why he wanted her in the car.
“Well,” she said. “I was just going home.”
“Have you eaten yet?” he asked. “I know a place where we can get some hamburgers.”
“Where?” she asked.
“My apartment, of course,” he said. “Where else?”
She wanted to get into his car more than anything, but she was afraid. Then she remembered the pleasure he had given Diane. She remembered how Diane had begged him to fuck her harder and he could probably do her the same way.
Debbie nodded.
“Good,” he said. He reached over and opened the car door for her. She slid into the seat beside him and tugged down her dress.
“Now don’t do that,” he said, pained. “I like a little view when I’m driving.”
Even his words could make her feel a warmth that others could not.
She stretched out and allowed her dress to slip almost to the edge of her panties. In fact, he could probably see her blue panties if he looked hard enough.
He was looking hard enough. His eyes swept up her firm, tanned legs to where her pointy tits pushed at her frilly, white blouse.
“That better?” she asked him.
“Much better.”
He drove her to his apartment in a seedy section of the city. Debbie began to regret coming.
“It’s better on the inside,” he assured her. It was. The carpets were plush and clean. His apartment was large and well-furnished. She sank down into one of his big, comfortable chairs. Again she allowed her dress to slip up her thighs to her panties.
He licked his dry lips.
“Would you like a drink?” he asked. “While I put the burgers on?”
“You don’t really have to cook anything,” she said. “But a drink would be nice.”
He grinned at her. “I like a girl who gets right to the point. What would you like?”
“Anything,” she purred. “But not too strong.” He left the room to make the drinks. She sank down on her knees in the plush carpet right beside his stereo. She searched through his albums until she found one she liked. She put it on and soft music floated through the room.
Matt came back in with two full glasses.
He couldn’t believe his luck at finding Debbie walking home. He’d always been as attracted to Debbie as he’d been to Diane. He wondered what his luck would be like if he tried to get them both together. Now that would be a treat-blonde, beautiful Debbie and dark Diane together at the same time. It made his cock hard just thinking about it.
“Your drink,” he said.
He sat down on the carpet beside her and sipped at his drink. He watched her finish hers off in a couple of gulps. Debbie wasn’t the puritan type like Diane had been. He had a feeling he was really going to enjoy this Sunday.
Debbie put her glass down beside her. She leaned back, resting on her elbows, and she was fully aware that her dress was now bunched at her waist and that her pale-blue panties were plainly visible.
“Like what you see?” she asked.
Matt was enjoying his treat. He could see the pale strands of blonde hair slipping from the edges of her panties. He wondered what her pussy tasted like, probably fresh and sweet. He put his glass down.
“You know I like what I see,” he said. “You’re a fantastic-looking gal.”
“I’m just a little chubby,” Debbie said.
“The hell you are,” he said. “You’re just right. You’ve just got a little baby plumpness and I like it. Believe me, I like it.”
“I can see that,” Debbie giggled.
Matt looked down at himself. His bulge was very visible. She touched him between his legs and he could feel an aching in his balls.
“God, girl,” he said softly.
She laughed softly as he stretched out beside her. Her fingertips still played with his crotch.
He kissed her and found her lips as sweet as he’d thought. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she responded hotly.
Her hand clutched his cock fiercely and her tongue wiggled against has. He pushed her away.
“You’re a sweet thing,” he said.
“Am I better looking than Diane?” Debbie asked.
“Of course,” he said.
“You damn liar,” she said.
He kissed her again and this time he put his hand against one of her soft mounds. She groaned, deep in her throat, and pushed her tit firmly into his cupping hand.
“Ummm,” she said. “I like that.”
“So do I,” he said. “Your tit is so nice. I bet I can make your nipple hard.”
“You know you can,” she said.
He started unbuttoning her blouse while his mouth still pressed hard against hers. He kept pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and enjoying her hot response.
He got her blouse unbuttoned and he pulled it apart. She wore a pale-blue bra that did little to conceal her large, creamy jugs.
“Lift up,” he told her. “I want to unbutton you.”
She willingly lifted up as she felt his hand slip beneath her and undo the clasp of her bra. The bra slipped easily off her shoulders.
“God,” he said softly. “They’re fantastic. Your tits are fantastic.”
She shivered as she looked down and saw his face go against her titties. He sucked one hard nipple into his mouth as his tongue played around the sensitive edges.
“Baby!” she cried.
Again and again he rolled the hard nipple around his tongue.
“God!” she sobbed. “You’re really getting me hot. Really hot. Oh, God!”
He moved his lips from one nipple to the other, all the time kissing and caressing her hot flesh. He was so damned experienced at using his mouth. Now she knew how Diane had felt that afternoon in the pork. Mr. Kinkaid knew how to make a girl sob for more.
“Jesus,” she sobbed softly. “Jesus, you’re getting to me.”
He felt the soft material of her stockings as he slipped his hands beneath her dress. Her pantyhose was tight against her skin but somehow he got his fingers underneath.
“Yes,” she said. “Take them off. Take them off!”
He pulled them easily down her legs and she kicked them off. He ran his fingers lightly up her legs once more, carefully brushing against her inner thighs. He felt her tense as one of his fingers went beneath her panty edges and touched her sensitive mound.
“Yes,” she groaned. “Oh, yes, that feels nice!”
“Not as nice as it’s going to feel,” he assured her.
He took his finger out and rasped the top of her panties. He slid them quickly down her legs so that her cunt was exposed to him. “My panties,” she gasped. “Pull them all the way off. All the way so that I can spread my cunt for you.”
He got them down to her feet and she frantically ripped them off herself.
She parted her thighs and he could look into her gaping, pink cunt.
“Ummm!” she cried. “Ummm, I’m so hot. Do something for me. Do something!”
He looked again into the pink moistness of her cunt and he couldn’t resist.
He took her legs in his hands and placed them above his shoulders. Then he pressed his face into the warmth of her furry cunt. He liked the smell of her pussy perfume, the sweet and salty smell of her juices.
“God!” she groaned. “Oh, that’s nice. Eat me, Mr. Kinkaid, eat me.”
He knew she was still thinking of him as her teacher and that was exciting her. All the young girls were like that when he fucked them. Well he wouldn’t disappoint this one.
He pressed his face harder against her furry cunt and slipped his tongue between the lust-swollen pussy lips. She groaned and her fingers tangled in his hair.
“Nice!” she sobbed. “I love it. That’s so fucking nice!”
He drove his tongue into her deeply, tasting her cunt and loving it. He rubbed his tongue along her cunt walls and then found her clit.
“Jesus Christ!” she yelled.
He pulled her cunt apart with his fingers and began rubbing his tongue along her hard clit. She started moving wildly against him, her fingers clutching fiercely at his hair.
“Oh, I love it,” she cried. “How I love your west, sucking tongue!”
Her thighs closed tightly around his head and she pushed her cunt up at him.
He knew she wouldn’t be able to last long like this. He sucked her clit between his lips and began to chew on her.
It was too much for her to take.
“Christ!” she cried. “I’m coming. Your hot tongue is making me come. I love it. God, I low it! You’re making me come. YOU’RE MAKING ME COMEEEE!”
He didn’t pull his face away. He drank her hot juices and he loved every mouthful. Over and over again he sucked at her pussy until he was sure she was completely dry.
Only then did he remove his face from her cunt. He moved up her body, biting at her flat stomach and again sucking on her still taut nipples.
He kissed her throat softly and then her lips. Once again he pushed his tongue into her mouth. He could feel his balls aching hotly and he knew it wasn’t going to be long before he had to find release.
“Ummm,” she gasped softly. “That was nice. So nice. You’re pretty good with your mouth.”
“I’m pretty good every way, baby,” he said.
“You’re good at bragging,” she said.
But she knew he wasn’t bragging. He had eaten her pussy with the experience of a man who had eaten pussy before and knew every little thing to turn a girl on.
She ran her fingers through his thick, curly hair. He kissed her lips again and she could feel his big prick pushing between her legs.
“Ummm,” she said. “I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you good.”
“But I want something else in it,” he said.
She knew what he wanted and she was more than willing. She pushed him over on his back and started to undo the buttons of his shirt.
She got his coat, tie, and shirt off. He wore no undershirt. She ran her fingers lightly through the curly blond hairs on his chest.
“Ummm,” she said. “You’re so nice. So strong and nice.”
She had a hot flash as she remembered Diane being with him in the park. She wondered what it would be like for all three of them to be together. She wondered how he would respond to an idea like that.
“You’re a beautiful man,” she said.
“And I’ve got something else that’s beautiful,” he told her.
“I know,” she said. “I’ve seen it.”
“You’ve seen it,” he said incredulously. “How?”
She almost laughed it the expression on his face.
“That day in the park when you borrowed Diane for a little while,” Debbie explained. “I followed you. I saw what happened. And I was very impressed.”
She let her hand fall between his legs and she touched his bulge.
“It is beautiful,” she said.
It was Matt’s turn to almost laugh. So the little piece had seen him. No wonder the rumors had gone all over the school. He wondered how many others had seen them.
He should have been more careful, but damn, he had been hot for that little twat. It had been worth it, a tight little cherry.
He came back to the present as Debbie’s nimble fingers started undoing his belt. She unzipped his trousers and pulled his suit trousers down. Her hands went inside his shorts and she lifted his prick out.
“Ummm,” she said.
He doubted that this little blonde piece was a virgin. She was too good with cocks. He felt her hands brushing against his sweaty flesh and he groaned.
“Take all my clothes off, baby,” he panted. “All of them.”
“All right,” she said.
She bent down and unlaced his shoes. She pulled his shoes and socks off and his trousers followed. His shorts were easy to pull dawn.