Hill’s the Boss 4: With Grace

I was in bed with the Senator at the Hotel Z after
our partner (and her chauffeur) Tyrone went home. As
you may know, I am Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lover.

We were enjoying our post-coital glow when the Senator
got that girlish, mischievous look she only allows special
friends to see.

“You know, Joe,” she said, “I got really aroused seeing
Tyrone take your ass cherry tonight.”

I could feel my ears getting hot. I’m afraid I might
have been blushing.

“You remind me of another sweet, young thing I knew,” she
said. “Her name was Grace Winthrop. I knew her at Wellesley.

“It was my junior year. I was in my dorm room studying on a Saturday
night — which was a rare occurrence for me, I’ll have
you know. Most of the time, I was with a different lover every

“There was a knock on the door. It was Grace; she wanted
help with her freshman comp. Because she was pretty, and because I
had a feeling about her, I obliged. When we were finished, however,
she was in no hurry to go.

” ‘Miss Rodham,’ she said shyly, ‘some of the other girls in
the freshman dorm said you could help me with another problem.’

“Turns out, she wanted me to initiate her. She was a virgin.”

“You mean she’d never had a lesbian encounter before,” I said.

“No, I mean she was a virgin in every way.”

“So her very first lover was Hillary ‘Hot Rod’ Rodham?!” I
exclaimed. “Hoo-boy, she didn’t know what she was in for.”

“You said it, sweets,” the Senator agreed.

“I nibbled up and down her young neck. I french kissed her
so hard I was almost fucking her mouth with my tongue.

“I opened my blouse and presented my breasts to her.

” ‘Suck my boobs, Grace.’

” ‘Yes, Miss Rodham.’

“She kissed and licked and sucked every part of both
breasts. All of my favorite lovers have been very
generous with their mouths on my body.”

I thought of how she demanded that I lick her cunt until
she came over and over again — not that I minded! Then, I
thought of a man who was famously more interested in
getting head than giving it. I didn’t say anything, though.

” ‘Move down to my pussy, Grace.’

” ‘Yes, Miss Rodham,’ she said, but she looked a
little nervous about it.

“When Grace got down there, she just shoved her tongue
into me. Young girls in those days!” she sighed. “They
thought a woman’s sexual pleasure had to come from a man’s
penis — or something like it — roaming around a woman’s

” ‘If I wanted a dick in my pussy,’ I said, ‘I could call
any guy in the Ivy League. Do you know what a clitoris is,

” ‘I think so, Miss Rodham.’

” ‘Do you know *where* it is?’

“She looked at me abashedly and shook her head no.

“I slowly unbuttoned her dress. I unhooked her pink bra and
gazed upon her lovely 18-year-old breasts; it took all my will
power not to touch them yet.

“What I saw next was even more arousing. Now, as you know from
intimate examination, Joe, I’m not a natural blonde. Grace, on the
other hand, was. When I pulled down her panties, I could see that she
had the sweetest yellow pubic hair.

“I lay down next to her, took her hand in mine and guided
it through that flaxen patch right to her clit.

” ‘Now rub it, honey,’ I told her.

“She started out slowly, but soon decided she liked what she was
feeling. I held her as she experienced her first orgasms, wave after
wave of them.

“I loved to watch that sweet young thing make herself
cum for the first time, but I had other things I wanted
her to experience. I reached for my special toy box,
which I kept in the bedside chest. I had it even then, Joe.”

I knew the one she meant. It was an ornately decorated
wooden box with her initials carved on top. She’d used some
of those toys on me, too.

“I pulled out my double-headed dildo. Grace’s eyes
widened at that, I can tell you. I inserted one end in
her pussy, the other end in mine. I moved it back and
forth, first deep into her, then deep into me.

” ‘Touch yourself if you want, sweetie,’ I told her.

“I didn’t have to ask twice. Soon she was frigging
herself like mad and moaning loudly enough for all of
her freshmen friends to hear from the other dorm.

“I didn’t need any more encouragement either. I
indulged my own clit many times right along with her.

“Reluctantly I pulled the dildo out of our
pussies and reached into my toy box again. This time
I retrieved a strap-on model and pulled the straps over
my hips and ass.”

Ah, I thought, I knew she was an experienced
cockswoman from the time she fucked me with the strap-on.
What was it she’d said? Bill refused to take it up his
ass, but her strap-on had had a quite a workout at Wellesley.

” ‘Lie down, girl,’ I told her.

“I pushed the dildo into her pussy and fucked the
daylights out of her. This time she didn’t need to be
told to touch herself. I was touching every other
part of her body, from her perky breasts to her perfectly
round ass.

“We fucked as long as we could, until I was exhausted
from thrusting into her and she was exhausted from
cumming so much. We fell into bed together, my dildo
still inside of her, and went to sleep.”

“Do you know where Grace is now?” I asked.

“You know Mr. and Mrs. F—-?”

“The big party donors?”

“Yes. That’s her. I still see her at functions and we
exchange little smiles.”