Sex between an adult male and a 18+ girl

Poor Cindy she was finally in the back stage with her heartthrob-
singing idol and was soon to be going up to his room to party with the
others in his band and group. But she was younger than she had said
she was, a lot younger and what she had seen so far had shown her they
were a very racy and mature lot, and the band members were already
kissing the girls they were with to such a degree and fondling them in
ways that even now the showed they expected a lot more once up in the
penthouse, which she knew she had never done before. But she wanted to
with her idol, but now realized she didn’t have the sort of experience
of the older other girls, and was very much afraid of messing up and
making a fool of herself.

She had broken every rule to get to this concert even now her parents
thought she was spending the weekend at a girlfriend’s house. She be
grounded forever if they found out the truth.

He had her by the hand and was guiding her up. He hadn’t tried to kiss
her yet but it was sure to come. She almost regretted going as crazy
as the others and removing and throwing her panties on stage, but she
had and somehow it had led to this. He had his arm around her and it
seemed so comforting and protective she didn’t think he make her do
any of the things the other band members were asking of their dates.

As soon as they entered the penthouse she was handed a drink and as he
downed his quickly she followed suit not realizing just how potent it
was. It hit her quickly and the next thing she realized was he was
kissing her.

And she just barely knew to respond to it, it was so unexpected just
then. Then he was kissing her again and this time she was a bit more
ready, her blood already heated from the unexpected potent drink was
set ablaze as he expertly kissed her, his hands holding her around the
waist moved upward just under her ribcage his thumbs slipping along
her immature young breasts.

She was very unprepared for his assault but not wanting to appear
inexperienced did nothing to deter him. She forced herself to relax
and let him have his way with her and she was thrilled with the
attention he was giving her. It was as if it didn’t matter that she
didn’t know what to do, he was doing it all, and sweeping her up with
the excitement of it all.

His kisses were getting bolder, as well as his hands, but the drink
had done it’s work and she was beyond resisting, and in fact had
dreamed of something like this only then it was more a romantic dream
and not real. This was real and he had swept her off her feet and her
senses with his repeated kisses and his experienced exploitation of
her youth.

She didn’t know when it had happened but now she was alone in his
bedroom and he was undressing her and she had still done nothing to
deter him. He was overwhelming her and still she could not bring
herself to slow him down or say no even though warning bells were
going off in her head.

She had wanted this to be with her idol, it was her romantic dream.
Then she felt his lips on her budding breasts sucking on her nipples
one then the other, his lips burning her neck with feverish kisses
leaving bruising marks all around her neck and down to her breasts.

She felt her body burning with a fever for more. As she clung to him
as he ravaged her. He was doing things to her she barely recognized in
her dreams, and then! Suddenly there was this flash of pain. She for a
moment didn’t realize what it was or what it meant. She opened her
eyes and realized he had taken her virginity thrusting into her,
something she had dimly dreamed of and knew was wrong and was really
unready for.

Too late he was deep within her and driving deeper. His manhood filled
her in ways her inexperienced young body couldn’t have imagined. It
was too late to say no, to late to say this was wrong, and then the
pain was quickly washed away replaced with something that she had
barely imagined as she had touched herself. It was building so quickly
that there was nothing she could do but ride it out, as it thrust
beyond all sanity and her mind exploded in a wave erotic pleasure she
had never in her youth had even contemplated. And in the hindmost part
of her mind she felt him shoot his seed deep into her womb.

For some reason, she recalled it had been almost two weeks since her
last period. It made no matter, as all she could do at this point was
cling to him as her body was racked in its first orgasm she was
helpless, as she been from the beginning. She was liken to a rag doll
now as he had his way with her. He even penetrated her anus, which she
hadn’t known could be done or enjoyed, he used her, She even found
herself nursing, sucking on his manhood where he again shot his seed
this time into her mouth where she was given no option but to swallow
it all.

This lasted throughout the nigh till she was sore all over and she
found herself walking home pantieless stiff and very sore and with a
realization that her tummy, ass, and finally her womb was filled with
her idols potent seed. She could still taste it as well as feel it as
it dribbled from her well-fucked ass and pussy.

She be grounded forever once her folks realized what had happened to
her, but right now she didn’t care, she had seen and been with her
idol, had her first kiss by him, spent the night with him, lost her
cherry to him and quite possibly carried his baby in her womb by him.