Hot Eager Mom

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modern everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

HOT EAGER MOM is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its most base desires come to the fore, all swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

HOT EAGER MOM — the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.


Mandy Farley stepped naked from the bathroom after her shower, wishing that her husband were home so that he could help relieve the burning sensation deep in her cunt. She needed to be fucked and she needed it badly!

As she was about to pass her son’s room, she heard a sound and she stopped, startled. She had thought that she was all alone in the house and she was worried about running around naked.

But as she listened the sound came again, a low moaning sound coming from young Ned’s room. Cautiously and quietly, Mandy crept up to the doorway and peered inside. The door was already halfway open so she could easily see what was going on inside.

The beautiful woman gasped as she saw the exciting scene inside her son’s room. Young, handsome Ned was lying naked on his bed, his prick standing hard. His cock jerked up from his crotch as, with his eyes closed, the boy’s hands moved slowly over his cock.

Mandy closed her own eyes and her hands slipped down to her burning, pussy. She rammed her middle finger deeply up her pussyhole and began to finger-fuck herself. It felt so good to the horny woman that, without thinking, she let a low moan escape her lips.

“Uhhhhhh,” she moaned.

She opened her eyes and saw, with shock and excitement, that Ned’s eyes were now on her. She stared into his young, handsome face, and she gasped as she saw a smug, knowing smile out his lips. She shivered with fuck-lust as, without a word, the boy’s hand moved up and down his thick rod of cock meat faster.

His fingers stroked his prick up and down, deliberately teasing his turned-on mother with the firmness of his young prick. His eyes were riveted on her moistening pussy which still had her finger stuck inside it.

Still not uttering a sound, Mandy slowly walked toward her son. She saw that his gaze slowly moved over her naked body as she approached him and she trembled, relishing the raw excitement she saw gleaming in his youthful eyes.

Sinking to her knees on the floor beside him, she pushed his hand away from his cock and replaced it with her own. Ned moaned deeply as his mother’s fingers closed around the thick, throbbing shaft of his prick. While he watched her excitedly, the woman’s hand rose and fell along the solid rod of his prick.

“Ned,” she groaned, “I need your cock! I need to feel it inside me! I need you to fuck me!”

“Yes, Mom! I’ve been wanting to fuck you for ages now!” the boy moaned.

Mandy pushed her son down on the bed so that he was lying flat on his back. The boy moaned softly as his mother climbed on top of him, straddling his leg so that she squatted tits dancing on her chest, turning the boy on even more. Her hand slowly reached out and her fingers once more closed around his prick. Her fingertips ran up and down his hard cockshaft, making over him just below the throbbing rod of his cock.

Her spread thighs were pressed hotly and tightly against his legs and the woman could feel the electric excitement coursing through her son’s body. The soft bush of her pussy fur brushed over the tops of his thighs teasingly. Ned’s hips jerked in anticipation, moving as if they had a mind all their own.

Mandy smiled down at her son, her huge him moans over and over.

Ned’s hips twisted around in little circles. His mother’s caresses felt to the boy as if the beautiful woman was worshipping his cock, and he relished the lewd sensation. This was a dream come true for the teen and he sensed that it had been his mother’s dream all along as well.

Unable to hold back any longer, Mandy finally gave in to the lust-filled need that had driven her into her son’s bedroom to begin with. She scooted forward on her knees, moving over his young body. The heat from his crotch mingled with the fire in her pussy as she crawled up onto him.

Grasping his young cock with one hand, she squatted above it. Her pussy trembled with a hot, throbbing lust as she hovered there above his prick for a moment.

Ned grinned up at his sexy mother with wide-eyed excitement.

“Yeah, Mom, do it! Fuck meee!” the boy cried lewdly.

Then, her teeth sinking into her lower lip in concentration, Mandy began an erotic, slow-motion descent onto the cock that her entire body ached to feel inside it. The blood engorged bulb of her son’s prick nuzzled into her furry cunt slit as she guided his cock into her pussy with her hand.

“Ohhhhh, Ned, ohhhhh,” she moaned.

She moaned again as she felt the thick bulge of his cockhead twitch and jerk as it glided easily into the bloated lips of her wet pussy.

“Unnnhhh, that feels good, Mom!” the boy cried.

His moans mingled with hers as her hips descended. The pulsing tip of his prick sank deeper into her pussy, pushing into the folds of her inner cuntlips.

The horny woman struggled to control the maddening urge to throw herself all the way down over her son’s prick and fuck herself on it with a fury. That was what her body demanded but she was afraid of frightening her son. Her intense need had to be controlled. She didn’t want to take any chances on turning him off.

So she willed herself to go slowly and she released her clamp-like grip on his cock as she slowly slid her pussy down the remaining length of his bone-hard prick.

“Arrghhhh,” the boy groaned, throwing his head back and forth on the pillow as he felt his entire cock sink into his mother’s soft, wet pussy.

“Oh, God, Ned! This is what I’ve been needing for soooo long!” she groaned.

Her boy’s prick felt like a rod of fire inside her, completely filling up her entire pussy. She was beside herself with pleasure and she moaned and groaned over and over.

The inner folds of Mandy’s cunt closed around her son’s prick and her pussyhole shot out more pussy juice, which bathed the boy’s cockmeat in a lewd, liquid warmth.

“Ohhhh, Mom, it feels sooo good!” Ned groaned.

The spongy walls of his mother’s cunt squeezed him, molding themselves to each and every inch of his cock he had pushed up into her belly.

Then she moved, a twitching little move that jerked his prick with it. Her hands moved down to his broad, hairy chest. She stared down into her son’s grinning face and she moaned with excitement when she saw that the boy’s eyes were glazed over with the same brand of lust that consumed her.

“God, Ned! I had no idea… your cock is soooo… big!” Mandy cried delightedly as she felt her son’s cock growing another inch inside her pussy.

Ned was thrilled that his mother was so pleased with the size of his big prick. He had always known that his cock was extra large but knowing that his mother thought so, too, turned him on beyond belief. He could hardly believe that this wasn’t all a dream. At long last, he was actually fucking his own mother!

His hips jerked up as if moving with a mind of their own. And Mandy cried out with pleasure as she felt her boy’s cock slide even deeper into the hot wet pocket of her tight pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” she groaned in a voice thick with lust. “Go, Ned! That’s it! Yesssss, my God, yesssss, this is what I’ve been needing! Fuck me! Fuck me, Ned! Fuck your mother!”

“Yessss, Mom, I will! I’ll fuck you! I’ll fuck you good and haaard!” the boy hissed between clenched teeth.

His hips bucked and pumped upward, doing their best to plunge his big cock into the very depths of his mother’s cunt. His skillful fucking movements had his mother moaning and groaning. Her fingers dug into his muscular chest, leaving little marks from her fingernails.

Supporting herself on outstretched arms, palms sliding over the boy’s chest, Mandy began to move. Their bodies shuddered with pleasure as the warm, caressing folds of her cunt slid up Ned’s cock.

Higher and higher she pulled herself, inching up that throbbing rod of cockmeat. Ned moaned as she slipped her pussy completely free of him, leaving only the blood-engorged head of his prick inside the hot little pussyhole.

They moaned together as she started to move back down, burying her son’s cock once more in the twitching folds of her cunt. They trembled and quivered with excitement. Then she pulled up again, sliding off the boy’s cockroot. Then down she moved again, swallowing his prick up within her pussy. Then up. Then down. Up and down. She was fucking him expertly, fucking her own son!

A hot, incestuous passion whirled through her body as she moved up and down Ned’s cock. Her son’s cock was surprisingly big for a boy his age, but then she realized that she shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, Ned had always been mature for his age, physically and in other ways as well.

He was tall and ruggedly built with a broad, hairy chest and a powerful man’s body. So it figured that he’d have a man’s cock, too. Besides, his dad was pretty well hung, too.

The boy’s cock pulsed inside her, feeling big and hard and delicious. It completely filled every inch of her pussy, feeding the incestuous need that throbbed deep within her. She moaned and groaned out her pleasure.

As she lowered herself over him, she felt the entire length of his big prick sink into her and her body shuddered with erotic pleasure. His stiff cock throbbed against the squeezing folds of her cunt.

Then she raised herself back up, her son’s hands grabbing at her tits with their long, pulsing nipples. As she moved back down over him, the lust-engorged head of the boy’s prick glided into her little pussyhole, rippling the walls of her pussy before it as her cunt opened and accepted every inch of his long cock.

When she raised herself, she squeezed her cuntmuscles hard, trying to hold him inside her. The friction caused a red-hot ecstasy to course through both of their bodies.

She began to move faster now, eager to make him come inside her, and then she could come herself. She pumped her hips up and down in a steady rhythm, moaning and groaning as she sucked in the throbbing length of the boy’s cockmeat. She rode his prick up and down, fucking him expertly.

“Ohhhhh, Mom, that feels soooo good,” the boy groaned as he continued to hump his hips up into her.

Ned moved his cock in and out of the hot pocket of his mother’s cunt. His hands were on her tits, rolling and pinching the nipples each time she moved down over him. And, when she pulled herself back up, his fingers painfully tugged at the nips, filling the woman with the mingled sensations of pleasure and pain.

“Oh, God, I love it! I love fucking you, Ned?”

Mandy moaned, her eyes misting over with fuck-lust. All that mattered to the woman at that moment was the thick, hard pole of cockmeat that her pussy greedily ate and swallowed.

They were fucking each other in perfect rhythm now. As his mother pulled off the lust hardened rod of his prick, Ned jerked his hips back, his ass bouncing on the bed. As she dropped down, his hips jumped up, spearing his thick length into the woman who straddled him. Then he pulled back and lanced his prick up once again.

Ned was filled with a red-hot pleasure that matched his mother’s. He couldn’t get enough of her hot, wet pussy. He fucked her with a reckless abandon, plowing into her body and thinking only of that approaching moment when he would blast forth his hot load of cum that he had reserved just for her.

He fucked into her dripping pussy harder and harder. Mandy groaned and grunted as her son packed her full with his bursting cock.

Her incoherent cries of incestuous pleasure thrilled the boy and he slammed his prick more violently into her, making her cry, out louder than ever.

“Fuck me, Ned! Yessss, just like that! That’s it! Good and hard! Yesss, fuck meeee!” she pleaded.

They were both filled with a hot, flaming desire for each other. The woman wanted her son’s cock as much as he had to have her tight, wet pussy. She needed to have the boy’s pulsing prick crammed into her hot cunt over and over again until they both came.

Ned’s hips whipped and jerked up. His cock drilled deep into the softness of his mother’s belly as he fucked her harder and harder with his big hard cock. She grunted and groaned as his hips bucked into the open hole of her pussy. Crotch to crotch they slammed together in loud, wet slaps of naked flesh against naked flesh.

Waves of pleasure trembled through Mandy’s body. She fucked herself up and down wildly, trying to drive the boy’s massive cockrod even deeper inside her. She fucked like a woman gone mad as the pressure built within her. She knew that she would come any second now as her hips rose and fell frenziedly, pumping the boy’s fat rod of cockmeat in and out of her body.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, the two lovers fucked themselves into a frenzy of orgasmic need, desperate to come.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” the boy cried suddenly.

Thrilled to be hearing the words that she had been waiting for all this time, Mandy jammed her cunt down around his jerking cock.

“Yessss, Son, yesss,” she hissed. “Come! I want you to! I need to feel your cum shooting inside my pussy!”

Spurt after spurt of hot, thick cream gushed from the boy’s prick and splashed lewdly into his mother’s pussy, completely coating the walls of her cunt and filled it up entirely before overflowing and trickling down her inner thighs.

The incredibly exciting sensation of her son pumping her pussy full of his cum proved too much for Mandy and she came, too.

“Commmmiiinnnggg!” she shrieked as a white-hot orgasm seared through her.

Her pussy spasmed around her son’s orgasming prick as she came. Whimpers of orgasmic ecstasy escaped from her lips as her son continued to pump himself in and out of her cunt while she came.

All that mattered to the woman at that moment was the thick rush of cum that flooded into her from her boy’s cock, bathing the hot folds of cunt enveloping his prick.

Her arms gave way and she collapsed on top of her son. She just lay there, savoring the full satisfaction that washed over her as the last tremors of their mutual orgasm spasmed through the two lovers.

Long moments later, the boy slipped his still-hard cock out of his mother’s drenched pussy and Mandy moaned with disappointment, even though he had more than satisfied her.

“Aaarrghhhh!” the woman cried out moments later as she felt something wet and hot touching her cunt.

She glanced down and gazed with shock and excitement at her young daughter, June, whose tongue was embedded in the still moist folds of her mother’s cunt.


June’s eyes flashed with desire as she saw her mother looking down at her. The young girl’s tongue and lips were busily working on her mother’s cunt.

Running her eager tongue up into the hot hole of her mother’s cunt, the teenager shivered with lust. The taste that flooded into her mouth was exciting beyond belief. The girl eagerly sucked down the heady mixture of Ned’s thick cum and Mandy’s own cunt juices right from the woman’s cunt.

Pressing her lips hard against her mother’s quivering cunt, June drank deeply, sucking out the heavy flow of male and female fluids. She swallowed down all of the hot juices, her lips smacking with relish.

“Oh, God, Junie,” Mandy groaned as she felt her son’s cum being drained out of her quivering pussy. She trembled as her daughter’s tongue shot back into her cunt.

“Let’s join them,” someone whispered from across the room and, with a gasp of shock, Mandy raised herself up to see her husband, Mike, and their other daughter, Carrie, June’s twin sister.

She heard Mike groan out an excited reply and then he and Carrie approached the bed. There was a movement above and when Mandy glanced up, she saw Carrie standing over her. The young girl’s legs were spread wide so that her mother was given an unobstructed view of her moist, pink teenaged cuntlips.

“One good kiss deserves another, don’t you think, darling?” Mike said to his wife.

For a few seconds Mandy didn’t understand what her husband was talking about. But then Carrie made the meaning clear to her mother as she squatted down over Mandy’s face.

“Kiss my pussy, Mommy,” the young teenager urged in a thick, pleading voice. “Please kiss it for me, Mom!”

Mandy felt a jolt of forbidden excitement shoot through her. There was just no way in the world that she could deny herself the pleasure of kissing the lovely young cunt poised over her face. And as she kissed it, Carrie sat down directly on the woman’s face.

There was more than Carrie’s fuck juices on her plump pussylips. Mandy soon discovered there was the taste of cum as well and she shivered. Mike! She realized that her husband had fucked their daughter, Carrie, while Mandy had fucked their son, Ned!

And, now, with her pussy full of her father’s cum, Carrie was begging her mother to drink it from her cunt in the same way that her twin sister had drunk Ned’s jism from Mandy’s cunt.

Following June’s example, Mandy pressed her lips against the moist, pink cunt of her other daughter. She sucked and swallowed, drinking down the erotic mixture of male and female juices.

Then, for the first time in her life, the woman stuck the tip of her tongue into another girl’s pussy. She moaned softly, finding the taste of her girl’s cunt exciting, almost as exciting as the sensation of having a tongue fucking in and out of her own pussy.

Carrie groaned above her, letting Mandy know that she was fully enjoying the way her mother was eating her out. Cautiously at first, then with increasing passion, Mandy ran her tongue up into the moist pocket of the girl’s cunt. She licked the trembling cuntlips, sucking them and gently biting into them before ramming her tongue all the way up her daughter’s cunthole.

“Yesssss, Mommy!” the girl cried out with wanton fuck-lust.

As Mandy tongue-fucked Carrie, June’s tongue slammed deeply into the woman’s cunt. Mandy groaned with lust and excitement, realizing that she had never been so turned on before in her entire life.

June was kneeling between her mother’s widely splayed thighs and now, unable to simply watch the action any longer, Mike positioned himself behind his daughter. With one mighty shove he filled the young girl’s hungry cunt with the full length of his huge cock.

“Ummmmmmffff,” June moaned, the sound muffled by her mother’s wet cuntflesh, which was pressed tightly against her mouth.

The exciting impact of her father’s big prick fucking into her cunt made June’s tongue shoot into her mother with renewed force. In turn, this made Mandy moan with excitement and tongue-fuck Carrie even harder.

“Ohhhhh, soooo good,” Carrie moaned, writhing lewdly on top of her mother’s face.

Again Mike plunged his hard-on into June’s tight little cunthole. And, again, the girl groaned and pushed her tongue deeply into her mother’s pussy. In the lewd chain reaction, Mandy’s own tongue shot roughly and deeply into Carrie’s pussy making Carrie moan gratefully, her hips wriggling excitedly.

Mike pulled most of his cock out of June’s pussy and she moved her tongue back out of her mother’s pussy. Mandy did the same, pulling her tongue almost all the way out of Carrie’s quivering cunt.

Then, again, as Mike fucked back into June, the young girl tongue-fucked her mother with even more vigor. Mandy moaned with excitement as she savagely attacked Carrie’s cunt with her tongue.

In and out, in and out, harder and harder, Mike fucked his little girl, his throbbing cockmeat filling up her little cunt entirely.

In and out, licking and lapping, June’s tongue fucked at Mandy’s pulsing cunthole. And, in and out, Mandy’s own tongue reamed out Carrie’s pussy.

Locked together lewdly, Mike worked all three females into a frenzy of fuck-lust. Slowly, deliberately slowly, he plowed his cock back and forth, gradually working all of them into a fever pitch of desire and excitement.

It was only after long moments of fucking and sucking that Mike increased the pace of his fuck-strokes. Then, finally, he was ramming his cock into the tight channel of June’s cunt just as hard and fast as he could.

Carrie came first, tongue-fucked to the heights of orgasmic ecstasy by the persistent licking of her mother’s hot, hard tongue.

“Commmmiiinnngggg!” she screamed hysterically as she came, releasing a flood of hot cuntjuice right into Mandy’s hungry mouth.

The force of her orgasm made Carrie fall off of her mother’s face and she collapsed onto the bed, sobbing with pleasure, her entire body trembling.

The satisfied moans of the other two girls quickly followed as both Mandy and June came hard. As they reached the peak of their orgasms, Mike shot his entire load of hot, thick cum up into June’s spasming cunt.

As their orgasms subsided moments later, they all lay together on the bed in a heap, panting and trembling, their eyes closed.

It was a while before Mandy realized that Ned and Carrie had disappeared.

“Where do you think they’ve gone?” she asked the others sleepily.

“Judging from the size of Ned’s hard-on while he was watching us get it on, I’d say that he and his sister have gone someplace where they could have a little privacy,” Mike said with a laugh.

“Yeah,” June said with a giggle. “I saw him jerking himself off while he watched us. I’ve never seen his cock that big and hard before!”

Carrie was lying flat on her back in her own bed with her brother Ned, moving his grasping hands over her tits.

“God, Ned!” the girl cried excitedly. “That was so exciting… what we did in your room… Mom and Dad and June… Jesus, I never thought we’d ever be getting it on like this!”

“Yeah, baby, I’ve been wanting this to happen for a long time,” the boy groaned as he rolled and pinched his sister’s stiff nips between his fingers.

“But you just watched us,” Carrie said with a slight frown, twisting and turning her body in response to the delicious icy-hot tingles she felt from her brother’s hands. “How come you didn’t join in?”

“I almost did a couple of times, Sis, but I was having such a great time watching and, besides, I wanted to save my hard-on,” he murmured.

“You wanted to save it? What for?” Carrie asked.

“Not ‘what for’. It’s ‘who for’,” Ned responded with a grin.

“Oh, now I get it,” Carrie giggled. “Who did you want to save it for, Ned?”

“Three guesses, baby, and the first two don’t count!” Ned said.

Carrie giggled again, realizing that very soon now, she would be feeling her big brother’s cock in her pussy. She could hardly wait!

“Mmmmm, that feels good, Ned. I love the feel of your hands on my tits! God, I’m so horny my tits feel like they’re gonna burst!”

His sister’s lewd words turned Ned on even more and he moaned and groaned with pleasure as his cock twitched and harded against the girl’s leg.

Carrie reached pit mad rubbed the boy’s hard-on, loving the feel of his big cock throbbing against her hand.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, baby, rub my cock!”

Ned moaned as he kept rubbing her nipples, which were standing at rigid attention now. Over and over, her rolled her rock-hard-nips between his fingers as his sister stroked his prick, making his cock grow bigger and ever before.

“Suck my tits, Ned!” Carrie cried hoarsely.

Back and forth he went, sucking and nibbling on Carrie’s monstrously large tits.

“Ned!” Carrie cried, half out of her mind with lust for her handsome brother. “I have to suck your cock!”

“Thought you’d never ask, Sis,” the boy groaned as he turned over onto his back, waiting for his sexy sister’s mouth to suck his huge prickrod.

Carrie crawled down between her brother’s legs and cupped his large, throbbing cock lovingly in her hands, studying it for a minute. It was so big and hard and just the sight and feel of it turned her on so much, that she almost came on the spot. Just think how exciting it’s gonna be to suck this gorgeous cock! she thought to herself.

“Ohhhh, Ned,” she moaned, squeezing his prick.

She ran her hands up and down the full length of his gigantic prick. She squirmed back and forth with desire as she squeezed the pulsing prickmeat, feeling her pussyjuice beginning to flow again. She was rapidly consumed with a lust-filled fire that raged hotly throughout her entire, flushed body.

“Ahhhhhh, that’s great, Sis!” Ned said.

Then he gasped hard as he felt his little sister’s soft, gentle hands stroking his balls.

Her hot, wet mouth was sucking in his throbbing cock, taking it between her lips.

Carrie felt the heat from her big brother’s huge prick fill her mouth as she sucked slowly on his prickrod.

“Oh, yes, that’s it, Carrie! Suck it! Suck my cock!” Ned yelled, squirming, thrusting his hips up toward her mouth.

Carrie pulled her head back and licked Ned’s silken cockknob, tasting the delicious drops of white cum that oozed from his fucking cum-slit. She licked it all up eagerly, enjoying the taste. Her pussy was on fire now and she knew that her own orgasm was only minutes away.

She loved her brother’s huge, stiff cock. She felt as though she couldn’t get enough of it as she closed her lips tightly around its blue veined shaft. She pressed her hot tongue against the swollen cockhead and she could feel it throbbing harder and harder, swelling fatter and thicker as it filled her entire mouth.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, Carrie! Suck me hard, Sis! Suck me!” Ned cried, thrusting his hips up and fucking his sister’s lovely, young face with his huge hard-on.

Carrie sucked harder. She sucked in her cheeks, increasing the suction on his cock down her throat. She heard the sound of her own wet lips sliding over her brother’s prick and she turned on even more. She was so hot now that she knew she could come without even touching her pussy.

Her cunt was blazing hot and her pussyhole was shooting out buckets of her hot, thick pussycream.

Carrie was sucking her brother’s cock in so deep that her nose was buried in the bed of curly prick hair at the base of his cock. She could feel his cockknob against her throat and her tonsils. She moaned obscenely as she licked and sucked and teased the full length of his huge cock.

“Oh, yesss, Carrie! Suck me off! I’m gonna shoot my wad any second now!” Ned cried.

Carrie closed her fist around the base of her brother’s cock and tugged more of his prick down her throat, sucking just as hard as she could without passing out.

“Ohhhhh, Carrie, I’m gonna shoot!” Ned yelled, “ahhhhh, fuck, Sis, keep sucking my cock! I’m… commmmiiinnnggg!”

Ned’s cockrod swelled to absolute stiffness, pulsing violently deep down his sister’s throat.

Finally, the hot, white cum burst from the tip of his throbbing cockknob. The gushers of hot jism squirted rhythmically from Ned’s burning prick, pumping into his sister’s throat and down into her hungry belly. She tried to swallow every drop of the delicious cum, but she couldn’t. There was just too much of the sticky goo.

Ned’s thick, white jism burned out front between her lips and ran lewdly down her chin. Just as she felt the last of his jism splash out of his big cock, Carrie began to come.

The teenager’s cunt was now a dripping, sodden river of her own juices. Her throbbing pink nipples were as hard as rocks.

She pulled back from her brother’s cock, feeling a little sad as it slipped out of her mouth. She lay back on the bed, her hot climax washing over her in large shock waves of pure pleasure.

Shudder after shudder of hot organ posed through her body, leaving her trembling, and strains of pussy juice nice running down her quivering thighs.

“Ahhhhh, that feels woo good,” she sighed as she felt the last of her shuddering orgasm pass through her.

Ned hugged his sister, cupping her large tits gently in both hands.

“Wow, Sis! That was fantastic! It was really great!” the boy cried, lying back with a big grin on his face.

Carrie glanced at her brother’s crotch and gasped with excitement when she saw that his cock was still rock-hard! She swallowed hard and tried to control the swiftly rising fuck-lust she could feel burning through her loins.

“What’s the matter, Sis? You look kind of funny,” Ned said teasingly. Then he recognized the look of lust in Carrie’s eyes and he knew that she was dying for him to fuck her.

“Oh, I just… Ned, your cock’s still so big and hard!” the girl said with a half-groan of desire.

“Sure, so what?” he asked with an elaborately casual shrug.

Actually, the young boy was just as eager to fuck Carrie as she was for him to fuck her but he wanted to hear her beg him for it. And he didn’t have long to wait.

“Oh, God, Ned, I can’t stand it any longer! Fuck me! Pleeease! I have to feel your big cock in my pussy! Fuck meeee!” the young blonde girl wailed.


Ned grinned and knelt between his sister’s widespread legs.

“Damned right I’ll fuck you! I’ll fuck you good and hard, just the way you’ve been begging for it!” Ned cried.

Carrie raised her head and saw that her big brother had the biggest hard-on she had ever seen. At long last her brother was gonna fuck her! Her little cunt was twitching with desire as she waited impatiently for her brother to fuck her.

The young girl lay back and tried to relax, but she could not help but scream loudly with excitement as Ned rammed his massive prick into her trembling cunt.

“Yeeeooowww!” she yelped with pain and pleasure.

She was surprised by the pain she felt as the boy’s huge prick tore into her little cunt. But she enjoyed the pain as much as the pleasure, turning on more and more as she felt the entire length of her brother’s prickrod being stuffed into her cunt.

“It hurts!” she whimpered.

“It hurts, huh?” Ned asked, his voice ragged with lust as he rested inside his sister’s cunt.

“Yeah! It feels like you’re raping me!” the girl cried as she trembled all over with excitement.

Tears of pleasure filled her eyes but her brother misunderstood, thinking that she was trying to tell him that she wasn’t enjoying being fucked by him. He laughed cruelly.

“Rape?” he snorted. “Don’t give me that shit! No such thing at rape for a little slut like you who wants it all the time! Admit it, Carrie! You want to be fucked and you want it hard!”

Carrie smiled to herself. She suddenly realized that her brother had misunderstood her but she sensed somehow that the idea of actually raping her excited him as much as it did her. So the young girl decided that she would go along with it and let him think that she was resisting him. Actually, she was desperate for this fuck!

“No! No! Don’t rape me! Please don’t do it, Ned!” the teenager cried, trying to hide her desire from her brother.

Ned grinned. His little sister had read him correctly. The young boy was really excited by the idea of forcing her to let him fuck her. Rape, he savored the word, silently saying it to himself, turning on more and more as he prepared to give his sister the most savage fuck of her life.

“Shut up, cunt!” he roared. “I’m gonna fuck you whether you like it or not! You begged me to do it and I’m gonna do it and if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you love it!”

Carrie turned her head to one side and tried to hide her excited grin from her brother, not wanting to take the thrill of raping her, away from him. She bit her lip hard, trying hot to cry out in ecstasy.

“Suck a tight little pussy,” Ned muttered, and his sister could hear the lust in his voice.

Ned pulled his prick out of the girl’s pussy until only its throbbing tip remained. Then, taking a deep breath, he once again rammed it all the way into Carrie’s little cunt. A red-hot pain lanced through her and she moaned with excitement as she tossed her head back and forth on her pillow.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, baby, I love raping you!”

Ned groaned as he rested inside her again, his prick buried to the hilt inside her juicy little cunt. He wiggled his ass around, feeling the girl’s tight cuntmuscles clenching around his big prick and he moaned in pleasure.

“It’s not rape, Ned!” the girl cried, unable to keep up the act any longer. “I love it too! I want you to fuck me even though your huge prick is tearing my little pussy apart! I love it, Ned. Do it! Fuck meeee!”

Ned smiled down at his horny little sister as he savagely jerked his hips, sending his prick racing even deeper into her cunt.

“Aieeeeee! Yessss, that’s it!” she screamed. “I love it, I really do, Ned!”

“I knew it! You little pussies are all a like! About time you admitted how badly you want this fuck!” the boy shouted, the veins of his neck standing out as he strained to fuck her even harder.

Each time he fucked into her, the young girl cried out with pain and pleasure, loving every sensation her brother’s big cock was giving her ravaged little pussy.

The young boy was fucking her like a madman now. Watching her sitting on their mother’s face while the woman sucked the teenager’s pussy had aroused Ned so much that he now felt a savage kind of lust the likes of which he had never felt before.

He loved fucking his sexy, big-titted sister and he found that the more violently he fucked her, the bigger and harder his cock became. He loved it, just as she did.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Ned, you’re fuckin’ me sooo good! Do it to me, Ned! Fuck me haaaard!” the girl cried, thrashing about wildly on the bed as tears of ecstasy streamed down her lovely young face.

Ned began grinding his hips in a circular motion, digging his prick into her cunt even farther, inflamed by lewd work. He couldn’t get over just how small and tight her cunthole was and the way her cuntmuscles sucked hungrily at his cock each time he plowed into her.

“Ohhhhhh, God,” Carrie moaned. The teen’s entire body trembled and shook under the impact of her brother’s brutal fucking, and still she wanted more, needed more. She loved what he was doing to her. Her cunt was oozing out more pussyjuice than ever before and she could feel it trickling lewdly out from between her bloated pussylips and running down her slender thighs.

“Ned, suck my tits! Pleeeease!” she cried, tossing and turning in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

“You got it, baby,” the boy growled as he sucked her huge, left tit into his hungry mouth. He nibbled on the rigid nip, grazing it with his sharp teeth.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, just like that, Ned, just like that! Now do that to my other tit!” Carrie demanded.

Obediently, Ned moved his mouth to his sister’s right tit. Back and forth he went, from tit to tit, moaning in passion as he sucked his little sister’s huge tits.

Carrie couldn’t get enough of her big brother’s rigid cock. The feel of his gigantic prick deep inside of her and the lewd fact that it was her very own brother who was fucking her, thrilled her so powerfully that she began to come.

“Oh, Ned!” she cried, writhing on the bed as her longed-for climax began. Her orgasm smashed through her cunt, squeezing down on the cock inside her.

“Yeah, Carrie, come! You’re coming sooo hard!” Ned yelled, feeling the incestuous thrill of his sister’s cuntmuscles contracting over and over again, practically squeezing his cock to death.

Ned fucked her even harder now, brutally ramming his large cock up her cunt. His prick knew no mercy. And, each and every thrust of her brother’s cock into her juicy, spasming cunt just added fuel to the out-of-control fare already raging between the girl’s legs.

Now, the young boy lifted Carrie’s ass up off the bed, burying his prick to the hilt deep within his sister’s juicy, clenching cunt. His massive cock touched nerve-endings inside her pussy that she had never felt before and she came again and again and yet again, feeling dizzy from the impact of her multi-orgasms.

“Oh, God, yessss!” she cried. “More, Ned! I want your prick so bad! Fuck me haaaard!”

And again she came. Carrie couldn’t stop her young, horny body from responding hotly to her brother’s delicious fucking, not that she wanted to.

“Ohhhh, baby,” Ned groaned. “Your little cunt’s so damned tight? This is the best fuck ever!”

His obscene words made the young girl feel proud. She tensed and relaxed the walls of her cunt, wanting to make this fuck even more exciting for her big brother.

She lifted her head and groaned with excitement when she saw his huge cock plunging repeatedly between her cuntlips. She could see the big blue vein on the topside pulsing with lust. The sides of his cock rippled with veins and folds of cockflesh as he drove in and out of her slippery cuntslit. Most exciting of all was the feel of the broad, throbbing cockhead pressing hard and expanding her tight little cuntwalls to the breaking point.

“Yesssss, yessss,” she hissed over and over as she continued to come.

Carrie’s cunt expanded to allow room for the savagely fucking cock to ram into her pussy even deeper. Her cuntwalls sucked and milked her brother’s prick as he continued to fuck her harder and harder.

She tensed and reined and then came again. She had never had so many orgasms in her life! And she just couldn’t believe how much her strong, handsome brother turned her on, satisfying her horny little pussy beyond all expectation.

Ned reached under his sister and gripped her trembling asscheeks firmly. He squeezed her ass and she found her cuntwalls smashing down even more on his ramming cock. He jabbed his middle finger into her ass-crack and plunged it, with no warning, into her small, tight asshole, working it in and out in perfect temp with his fucking cock.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, Ned, that’s soooo good! You’re fucking my cunt sooo good! And now… you’re… finger-fucking my asshole!” she panted incoherently. “Keep it up, Ned, don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry, baby… I won’t stop… not until I dump my whole load up your little cunt!” Ned panted, half out of his mind with fuck-lust.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Ned! I want you to come inside me! I can’t wait to feel all your cum shooting into my pussy!” the girl cried, turned on beyond belief at just the idea of her brother coming inside her.

She humped up hard against his driving cock, her asscheeks trembling against his hands as he continued to hold her up from the bed while he fucked into her pussy and finger-fucked her little asshole at the same time.

Ned arched his back and drove his prick even deeper into his little sister’s tight cunt. His rigid finger fucked her little asshole, keeping perfect time with the savage strokes of his prick.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, fuck meeee!” Carrie cried, feeling the boy’s huge, cum-laden balls slapping obscenely and wetly against, her ass.

The next time he sucked into her, Ned lowered his head and tongue-kissed his sister long and hard, thrilling to the way her tongue curled around his as she sucked on it, her saliva mingling with his.

“Aaaarghhh,” she gurgled into his open mouth as they tongue-kissed each other over and over.

Carrie moaned over and over, loving everything her brother did td her. He was bringing pleasure to her cunt, to her asshole, and now to her mouth. Carrie felt more wanton than she ever had before, like a bitch in heat! She simply couldn’t get enough of her brother’s massive cock up her cunt!

They broke off their torrid kiss and the next time Ned plunged into her cunt with his rock-hard prick, he lowered his head once again, but not to kiss her mouth. No, this time, he wanted to taste her tits. Those huge tits that were shaking and bouncing all over the girl’s chests erotically each time he fucked into her.

His mouth captured one of the huge, quivering tits and be sucked the stiff nipple, making his sister cry out in ecstasy.

“Mmmmmm, that’s good, Ned, really good! But I want you to suck them both together!” Carrie cried.

With both hands she suddenly scooped up both of her large, trembling tit-mounds and squeezed them as tightly together as possible, creating what looked to Ned’s lust-glazed eyes as one gigantic tit, topped by two pulsing nipples.

On his next downward fuck-stroke, the boy opened his mouth and Carrie shoved as much of her tits into his hot, wet mouth as would tit.

“Ummmmffff,” he moaned, the sound muffled by the throbbing tit-flesh that filled his mouth.

“Oooooh, Ned! Suck my nips! Lick them! Bite them!” the girl demanded, hopelessly out of control now.

She was so aroused that she hardly knew what she was doing. Her wanton, lust-filled body had taken over and Carrie didn’t mind one bit!

As he stroked his bursting cock out of her pussy, Ned kept a firm mouth-grip on Carrie’s tits, pulling her up with him, his hands still on her ass and his finger still fucking in and out of her little asshole.

As he moved out of her cunt, Carrie helped him by ramming her body upward, thrusting her cunt-mound hard against the boy’s crotch.

Ned licked his sister’s pulsing nipples as hard as he could, using his flat, broad part of his tongue to lick at the girl’s sensitive tit-flesh. Then he wrapped his lips tightly around the base of her nips and sucked for all he was worth.

“God, yessss!” she hissed.

Next, he sank his sharp teeth into the sides of the nipples that were now trembling violently inside his mouth.

“Aieeeeee!” Carrie cried as she came again. Ned released her tits and pumped his cock furiously into her tight little pussy, gasping as she tensed her cuntmuscles harder than ever around his pulsating prick. She was fucking him like a pro, yet her pussy felt like a virgin’s, so deliciously small and tight around Ned’s huge prick.

Ned grinned down at her, thinking just how lucky he was to have such a hot, horny sister for his very own, to fuck anytime he wanted. He found his mind suddenly drifting to thoughts of June, Carrie’s twin sister.

He had fucked June many times in the past but not for a while now, and Ned suddenly realized that he was hot and horny for her. I’ll have to make it a point to get inside her little pussy soon, he promised himself.

Finally, Ned’s nuts screwed up tightly against the base of his cock and he felt himself beginning to come. He panted hard, slamming his cock even faster into the girl’s slick pussy.

“Commmmiiinnngg!” he bellowed.

His prick jerked and twitched crazily inside the young girl as she felt the hot rush of her brother’s cum filling her little cunt to overflowing. His jizz poured out of her pussy and ran down her legs in hot, thick, creamy rivers.

Ned fucked his little sister furiously over and over as he continued to come. He had never had so much cum before. Again and again, his cock poured out more and more of his cum into the girl’s sucking pussy.

“Ohhhhh, God,” Carrie groaned as she felt herself coming again as her brother’s hot cream spilled into and out of her cunthole, splashing down onto the bed.

With a soft, popping sound, Ned yanked his finger from his sister’s asshole and his cum dribbled down from her cunt and into her asshole, exciting the girl even more.

“Ohhhhh, give it all to me!” she cried. “I need it! I want all your cum!”

Finally Ned’s cock grew soft and he slipped it wetly out of his sister’s sopping pussy. He fell tiredly onto the bed next to her and stroked her tits affectionately.

“Thank you, Brother dear,” the young girl murmured with a smile as she snuggled up against her brother.

The two teenagers, satisfied at long last, fell into a deep, sound sleep.


With one savage movement, Mike Farley pulled his wife’s sheer blouse off over her head, tearing it as he did so.

“Wow! You’re really horny tonight, aren’t you, darling?” Mandy asked huskily.

The woman began to stroke her husband’s bulging crotch, enjoying the way his large, meaty hands were pinching and even bruising her delicate tit-flesh. Her nips were standing at rigid attention now and she closed her eyes and sagged against him there in the middle of their bedroom, feeling his prick pressing lewdly against her trembling thigh.

“You’d better believe I’m horny! Good and horny! And, we’ve got the house to ourselves for the evening and I intend to take full advantage of that!” Mike said.

“Oh, come on, Mike,” Mandy said with a throaty laugh. “You talk as if the kids are pests.”

“Well, aren’t they?” Mike asked with a chuckle.

“Sure… until we want to fuck them!” Mandy said, moaning as her husband stroked her tits harder.

“Yeah, you’ve got a point there,” Mike murmured, thinking about his twin daughters’ tight little pussies.

But, for tonight anyway, he wanted to fuck his wife and only his wife. They had always had a very active, exciting sex life but, thanks to their fun-filled orgies with their kids, it had been a while since Mike had had the pleasure of having Mandy all to himself.

Mandy studied her husband’s flushed face and saw, the way the vein pounded in his forehead. She was worried, that the man would have a stroke if be didn’t get his rocks off soon. She pulled back from him and, holding his handsome face between her soft hands, she pressed her hot mouth against his.

His lips instantly parted and their tongues meshed together. They groaned with pleasure and lust as they tasted each other’s flowing saliva.

“Come on, darling,” Mandy murmured huskily.

Taking him by the hand like a small child, Mandy led her husband over to the large, king-sized bed. Then Mandy quickly stripped while her husband watched her. He swallowed hard as he studied her large, heaving tits. He couldn’t wait to rant his big cock up her little pussy!

“Hurry, darling! I can’t wait for you to fuck me! Take your clothes off!” Mandy cried insistently.

Just seconds later, he was as naked as she was. Mandy moaned softly and, reaching out, she gripped her husband’s ten-inch prick.

“Mmmmm, I can never get over how big and hard your prick is!” Mandy said as she ran her hands up and down the man’s jerking prick.

Mike’s gaze was locked on her pussy and, realizing this, his wife released her hold on his cock and she began to run her hands lightly over her golden pussyfur, knowing that she was arousing him to a fever pitch.

“You sexy little cunt!” he growled between clenched teeth.

“Right, and that’s just how you like me, right, darling?” Mandy asked with a soft laugh.

“Damn right!” he said with a husky chuckle.

They sank together onto, the big bed and, once more, Mandy moved her hands to her husband’s bursting cock, rubbing it, squeezing it, feeling his pre-cum moistening her fingers.

Meanwhile, Mike’s hands were just as busy, alternately stroking her big tits and her moistening pussy.

“Want me to suck you off now, darling?” she asked.

Mike gasped.

“God, yesss, Mandy! Do it! Suck me off!” he hissed, hardly recognizing his own voice it was so ragged with fuck-lust.

As he lay back on the bed, his wife settled between his legs and eagerly seized his throbbing cockmeat in her tight fist, guiding her lips onto it, moaning deep in her throat.

This was one of the things that Mike loved best about his wife. She loved sucking cock, and she loved it best when he pumped his load of cum down her throats.

So many girls he had known in the past hadn’t been that great at cock-sucking because they really didn’t enjoy doing it all that much. And, if they did, they usually pulled their mouths away at the last minute, finding it somehow “distasteful” to eat his cum. Other men he knew had the same complaint and he knew more than one guy who had been driven to a prostitute because a professional whore seemed to be the only woman who sucked cock like she really enjoyed it, including swallowing the man’s cum.

But Mike had never had that problem with his wife — or with his daughters either, for that matter. Mandy and there twin girls, June and Carrie, all loved to suck Mike’s cock and they actually fought over who would get to eat his cum.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, baby, you’re sucking me really good!” the man, groaned now, half dazed under the woman’s lashing tongue.

Now she was using her fiery lips and tongue like a cunt on her husband’s pulsating prick, bobbing and weaving her head to roll his cock around in her mouth. He held her head in a tight grip, lunging forward with his hips, fucking her mouth with his hard-on.

As Mandy continued to suck and lick Mike’s cock, he stroked and squeezed her gigantic tits he was turning both his wife and himself on more and more.

As Mandy expertly sucked Mike’s throbbing prick, she massaged his aching balls, taking more and more of his massive cock into her hot, wet mouth and feeling his spongy cockhead strike against her tonsils. She took a deep breath and swallowed hard, controlling her gag reflex.

“Yeah, Mandy, you got it! Suck my prick! Suck it good and hard, honey!” Mike cried, feeling as if he would come any second now.

When the gagging sensation passed, Mandy sucked the entire ten inches of her husband’s cock down her throat. She was deep-throating him now and doing it very skillfully.

“Yesssss!” he screamed, his veins bulging out from the side of his neck.

The woman sucked expertly, tightening and loosening her throat muscles around her husband’s prick. His huge ten-inch cock was rock-hard and stiff as a board.

Mike felt his prick twitching and jerking down his wife’s hot, sucking throat, and he knew that he was about to come.

“Suck it, baby! Suck my cock!” he hollered hoarsely.

He thrust his hips up toward her sucking mouth as she pulled in her cheeks hard, increasing the throat suction on his massive cock. The squishing sounds of cock being sucked filled the room, arousing them both even more.

Meanwhile, Mandy’s pussy was in the middle of a series of shuddering orgasms, which made her entire body vibrate with their force. Buckets and buckets of hot, thick pussysauce poured from her cunthole and ran in rivers down her firm thighs.

Mandy was sucking her husband’s cock so hard and it was buried so far down her throat that her nose was buried in his bed of curly prickhairs. She could feel his cockknob pulsing against her tonsils.

She moaned obscenely over end over as she licked and sucked the full thick length of his gigantic prick. All the time, her pussy was quaking with never-ending climaxes, making her moan with pleasure as she sucked her husband’s prick.

Mandy closed her fist around the base of his cock and sucked so hard she thought she would pass out.

“Ohhhhh, Mandy, baby keep it up! Don’t stop sucking! I’m gonna come! I… ahhhhh, shit… commmiiinnnggg!” Mike cried out as his cock swelled even more and a gusher of hot, thick jism burst from the tip of his pulsing cockknob.

Rhythmically, wad after wad of the thick gooey cum squirted from his bursting prick into his wife’s throat and down into her hungry belly. She tried to swallow every drop of his cum but it was impossible. There was just too much of the delicious-tasting spunk and it burbled obscenely around her mouth, splashing down onto her huge, throbbing tits.

As Mandy slid her ripe lips back and forth furiously on Mike’s cock, he held tightly onto her head, forcing even more of his cockmeat down her throat. His cum continued to shoot in fierce torrents into the woman’s throat.

Finally he stopped coming and Mandy withdrew her lips. She held his prick in her fist and darted her hot tongue out to scoop up the few drops of jism left on his twitching cock.

“Ohhhh, your cock’s still nice and hard,” Mandy murmured huskily.

“Right, baby, the better to fuck you with!” Mike cried, hardly able to restrain himself from cramming his hard cock right up her wet little pussy.

Mike was sitting up on the edge of the bed now and, with an eager squeal, Mandy sat on his lap, facing him. She wound her arms around his strong neck. Her hot, throbbing tits burned into his broad, hairy chest, making even more blood pump into his stiff cock. She moaned with desire and began to rub her wet cunt all over his cock.

“I like that, baby,” Mike murmured.

“I do, too. But I’ll like it even better when we fuck,” Mandy muttered as they kissed passionately.

Their tongues wrapped about each other and they kissed long and hard, turning them both on so much that they could wait no longer. They had to fuck!

Mike grinned at his wife and held his cock still while the woman wriggled her cunt onto it.

Mike and Mandy both groaned with unbridled lust as the woman began to work her hot cunt, sliding it up and down on her husband’s massive prick very, very slowly.

“That’s it, baby! Your little cunt’s so Goddamned tight… like always! I love fucking your little pussy!” he groaned.

Mandy eased more and, more of the man’s thick, long prick into her cunt, grinding her sweating ass lewdly on his lap each time she eased down.

“Ohhhh, darling! I love your cock up my pussy! It feels so good!” Mandy cried, her eyes rolling back in her head as she eased his gigantic, hard cock in and out of her small, tight cunt.

His prick jerked with lust and passion inside her. He inhaled the arousing aroma of musk coming from her naked flesh. Reads of sweat dotted her smooth, flawless skin. Her huge tits heaved and bobbed with her wild fucking movements. And her churning cunt was gushing its cream in a steady stream over his cock, making it all the easier for her to fuck herself with it.

“Oh, God, Mike!” Mandy cried out, her gaze burning hotly into his as he reached for her tits and began to pinch and squeeze her turgid nips.

“I love fucking you! Your cock’s soooo big!” she cried.

She gently swung her hips back and forth so that Mike’s throbbing prick rubbed against her cuntwalls, making her little pussy gush out more and more honey as she rode her husband’s prick. She reached behind and under her and stroked his hardening, churning balls while he continued to pump his twitching cock in and out of her slick pussy.

“Ohhhhh, your big cock is fuckin’ me sooo good!” Mandy moaned obscenely as she suddenly switched to a side-to-side motion, gripping his entire cock in her hotly sucking cunt.

He could feel her strong cuntmuscles trying to milk his cock and the incredibly erotic sensation served to fill him with even more lust.

Mike craned his neck down and began to suck greedily on one of his wife’s big tits. His tongue brushed her rigid nip and he could feel it throbbing inside his mouth.

As he closed his eyes and sucked on her huge, pulsing tit, she continued to ride his bursting cock expertly, making him groan with excitement and pleasure.

Over and over again, Mandy skillfully contracted, then loosened her cuntmuscles, gripping her husband’s cock tightly inside her cunt, then releasing it, then repeating the hot action.

“What a great fuck, baby! You’re a terrific lay!” he groaned with approval.

He gripped her ripe, jiggling ass in both hands and rammed his stiffened middle finger straight up into her asshole.

“Oh, God, yesss! That feels good! Do it, Mike! Fuck my ass with your finger, Mike!” Mandy cried, her entire body trembling in a frenzy of fuck-.lust.

Moaning and groaning with desire, the young woman whipped her burning cunt up and down on her husband’s prick in a fever of excitement, clawing his naked back with her sharp nails, sinking her teeth into his shoulders, her cunthoney constantly pouring onto his cock.

With her husband’s strong, hard finger reaming out her asshole and his huge cock fucking in and out of her juicy cunt, Mandy felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. She knew she would come soon, but she couldn’t imagine how that could feel any better than the wonderful sensations already coursing through her body.

“Go, baby, go! Ride my cock! Make me come! I wanna shoot my load right up your little pussy!” be groaned.

He continued to ram his finger deep into her churning asshole, pumping it in hard, then wriggling it around before withdrawing it again.

Meanwhile, Mandy pumped her hot, wet pussy lustfully on her husband’s bursting prick. Her sopping-wet cunt pulled and sucked on his cock like a suction pump, making it quiver and dance in her pussy.

Her husband had one hand on her tit, pinching and squeezing the delicate tit-flesh, while his other hand rammed its middle finger in and out of her quivering asshole.

Mike clenched his teeth and threw his head back. Then, lowering his head, he bit savagely into Mandy’s tits, first one, then the other, biting hard into her rigid nipples, making her cry out in pain and pleasure. The man was about to come and he could ho longer control himself.

“Commmmiiinnngg!” he yelled as his prick exploded.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, darling, shoot your jizz up my pussy! I want it all!” his wife cried excitedly, riding his coming cock as if it were a wild horse.

Hot spurts of cum spattered deep into the woman’s ravaged pussy and the incredibly exciting sensation was enough to make her come too. She crushed her tits against his handsome face as spasms of obscene pleasure and relief shot through her cunt, filling her with an ecstasy beyond description.

“Take my cum, Mandy! Take it all!” Mike yelled, not even hearing his own words as he continued to come.

Finally, Mike had shot his entire load of hot, thick jizz up his wife’s pussy, and the sticky goo dribbled obscenely out of her little pussy, wetting his lap. She was still coming, her cunt jerking and twitching as she moaned with pleasure, still hugging the man’s cock in her tight little cunt.

“Oh, baby, you fuck great!” he gasped out admiringly as their orgasms subsided.

“You fuck really good too, darling, but we’re not finished yet!” Mandy cried, hungrily eying her husband’s still-hard prick.


“Oooooh, Mike! When you rammed your finger up my ass, you made me hornier than hell for a good old-fashioned dog-fuck! Come on, honey, fuck my ass!”

Mandy squealed as she quickly positioned herself on all fours on the large bed. Her firm ass jutted out invitingly and she wriggled her asscheeks in a dance of lust and seduction, her little asshole already tingling with hot anticipation.

“Please hurry, Mike! And fuck me hard! Your cock’s so big, it always hurts when you fuck my ass but I like it even better that way!” Mandy moaned, wriggling her ass again.

“Sure, honey, anything to keep my little wife happy!” Mike said.

He grinned with excitement as he spread the woman’s satiny asscheeks with both hands so that her small asshole was fully, exposed, already fuckering and twitching between her golden ass-mounds.

Mike took a deep breath, trying to calm himself as he positioned his hot, spongy cockknob squarely against her asshole. Then he paused.

“Are you sure you meant what you said, Mandy? You really want me to fuck your ass hard?” he asked, drooling with excitement.

“Sure I meant it, Mike! I’m so horny that I can hardly stand it! Ram your cock all the way up my ass! Ram it home and don’t worry about hurting me!” the woman panted.

With a low cry of lust, Mike suddenly slammed forward into a brutal thrust that knocked the breath out of the woman and filled her asshole with raging pain and pleasure.

“Oh, God, Mike! That monstrous cock of yours is tearing my ass apart! And I love it!” Mandy yelled.

“Mmmmmmm, baby, I always love fucking your tight little asshole. It’s so small and sexy. I love fucking you like a dog!” the man cried, feeling her assmuscles tightly hugging his huge prick.

Trembling with excitement, Mandy began to slide her ass back and forth on her husband’s long, thick prick. It burned and throbbed deep inside her asschute and she felt as if she could feel his huge, pulsing cockknob in the very pit of her stomach.

Mike began to fuck his wife in the ass as hard as he could. All he could think about was filling her gorgeous, sexy little ass with his heavy load of cum.

He fucked her savagely, his hands gripping her soft assflesh, his head thrown back, ramming his huge, hard cock all the way up her asshole, feeling her tight assmuscles closing around it in a tight love grip. Then he quickly yanked his prick out as her assmuscles loosened around it, until only his cocktip remained.

“Oh. God, baby, you’re the best ass-fuck ever!” the man moaned, closing his eyes and moaning with pleasure over and over.

Mandy sobbed with lust, clawing at the bedclothes as he continued to fuck her ass as hard and brutally as he could. And she loved it. The more savagely he fucked her and the more he hurt her, the more she loved it.

“Ohhhhh, yessss, Mike!” she hissed. “Your prick feels so good! So big and hard! Don’t ever stop! Fuck my ass, Mike! Fuck it good and hard!”

Mandy clamped her tight asshole around her husband’s cock and wriggled her ass on his pistoning cock. Then she gradually loosened her hold, allowing him to slide his cock back out of her. She couldn’t wait to feel his cum burning its way up her asshole.

“Love your fuckin’ little asshole, baby! I always have and I always will!” Mike panted, thrusting his prick savagely inside her ass.

He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He was close to shooting off and even though he couldn’t wait to dump his load of jizz up his sexy wife’s asshole, he didn’t want their hot fuck-session to end. He was enjoying it far too much, especially knowing, from his wife’s moans and groans of pleasure, just how much she was getting off on being fucked like a bitch in heat.

Mike deliberately and skillfully slowed his fucking motions. He still pumped his cock in and out of Mandy’s burning, wet asshole, but more slowly now. He wanted to go on and on with this exciting dog-fuck.

Mandy immediately felt the change in his fuck-pace and she groaned loudly with disappointment.

“What’s wrong, honey? Why are you slowing down, Mike?” she wailed.

“We want this great fuck to last, don’t we, baby?” he panted between clenched teeth.

“Ohhhhh, yessss, I want it to last! But I want it fast, too!” she cried hysterically.

“You silly cunt!” Mike laughed hoarsely. “You can’t have it both ways! Now just relax and let me dog-fuck you my way!”

He slapped her hard on her asscheeks, leaving his red handprint on her soft, pale assflesh.

Mandy moaned with pleasure as her husband slapped her ass. And she had to admit to herself that she enjoyed the slower, deliberate way he was fucking her ass now. There was something about postponing that final moment of orgasm that made it all the hotter and exciting.

The woman had learned a long time ago that she should trust her husband when it came to fucking. She had learned that she should just let him take charge and fuck her however he wanted to, for the man certainly knew what he was doing and he never failed to fuck her to the very heights of ecstasy.

Mike continued to thrust his big cock in and out of his wife’s tight little asshole. She expertly jerked her hips back and forth to meet his steady, ass-fucking motions. She could feel his huge, hard cock swelling and throbbing deep inside her asshole and the thrill it gave her was so intense she almost came. But she was determined to postpone her climax until her husband came. She wanted to pop off at the exact instant that his hot cum began to fill up her asshole.

Mandy wiggled her ass, thrusting it back toward her husband to meet his fucking cock.

“God, I love this!” she cried wantonly. “Fuck me good, Mike! Fuck my ass good and hard!”

His sharp, pistoning movements sent her into ecstasy. She felt as though her entire body were on fire as his thrusting prick filled her small, hot asshole.

Mandy’s cunt oozed showers of pussyjuice which trickled down her legs and splashed onto the sheets below. She could fell her husband’s balls pounding on her asscheeks and she groaned with pleasure, loving the way he was fucking her.

Her face and tits were flushed with lust and excitement and her nipples tensed as both she and the vile man grew more and more excited.

“Fuck meeeee!” Mandy yelled over and over. “Fuck my ass right off me!”

His wife’s obscene words made Mike’s prick swell even more and he knew he could’t hold back much longer. His muscles tightened and he reached the beginning of his much-needed climax.

Mandy moved her little ass in frantic circles, clenching his bloated prickshaft with her strong assmuscles. Her body reached a feverish pitch as his plunges quickened, growing faster and harder.

“I’M coming, Mandy! Commmmiiinngg!” Mike yelled, as his cock exploded in a thundering climax, shooting was after wad of thick, white gooey cum from his bursting prick and filing his wife’s asshole to overflowing. It spilled out her ass and streamed down her leg.

“Oh, God, yesss, Mike!” Mandy screamed loudly as her orgasm rose and exploded with her husband’s.

When she felt her asshole filling with the man’s hot cum, she clenched his pulsing prick tightly, draining him as he continued to pound and hump her wildly fucking ass.

“Commmmmmiinngg!” Mandy cried in relief and ecstasy as fiery lances of pleasure shuddered through her throbbing pussyhole.

As she came torrents of hot pussyjuices shot from her throbbing cunthole, poured down her legs, and dribbled into her asscrack, soaking her husband’s cock, which was still pounding inside her asshole as her orgasm ended.

Moments later, Mike pulled his softening prick from his wife’s asshole with a loud popping noise, making them both laugh. He slapped her affectionately on her rounded asscheeks, which were still quivering, and she turned to face him, her eyes still glazed.

“More, Mike, I need more!” She moaned.

“Sorry, baby,” the man laughed as he rose from the bed. “I gotta get going. Got that evening business meeting, y’know.”

Mandy groaned with disappointment and padded nakedly into the bathroom. As the warm shower water cascaded over her trembling body, her fingers idly found their way to her tingling little pussy, and she began to rub her cunt, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

She knew that, after the tremendous orgasm she had just had, she had no right to still be horny. But she was. She sighed, wishing that her son, Ned, was there with her right then and there. But she was alone in the house now, or would be in a minute after her husband left for his business meeting.

Her fingers began to pump harder inside her pussy as she thought about the delicious icy hot thrills that always washed over her body when her son fucked her.

Feeling another orgasm building, Mandy thrust her fingers rapidly in and out of her juicy cunt, the shower water still warming her tingling, naked flesh. But she knew that no matter how many finger-fucking orgasms she might reach, nothing but a big hard cock could possibly relieve that deep, intense ache inside her cunthole.

And, at that moment, she knew that she needed her son’s big prick for that. She moaned, hanging onto the wall for support as her orgasm built. She wanted to fuck Ned again so badly! If only he were here right now, she moaned to herself.

Growing more and more excited, she turned off the shower and toweled her wet body, deciding to finish her finger-fucking session in her bedroom. She wrapped her towel around her otherwise naked body and, tossing her golden hair behind her shoulders, she padded silently into the hallway outside the bathroom.

Suddenly, she heard a sound coming from Ned’s room and, her heart hammering in her chest, she paused outside the door. Taking a deep breath, she quietly opened the door and peered into the darkness.

Her breath caught in her throat as she saw her son lying completely naked on his bed, his huge rock-hard prick jutting straight up into the air. It reminded her of the first time she had gotten her son to fuck her. The scenario was almost exactly the same, and something about that fact made so much pussyjuice shoot from the woman’s cunthole that her thighs grew quickly damp.

“Hi ya, Mom,” Ned murmured, grinning with excitement at the sexy sight of his towel-clad mother.

“Hi, Ned,” Mandy muttered, feeling suddenly very awkward. “What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at the movies with your sisters, honey?”

“Can’t you guess, Mom?” Ned drawled, his hand beginning to move up and down his rock-hard shaft.

“W… why, no,” Mandy stammered as she turned on more and more. “What do you mean?”

“I came home to fuck you, Mom!” the boy said with a laugh as his hand moved faster up and down the hard meat of his prick.

“You what?” Mandy gasped.

All she could think about was her son’s huge cock, which was sticking straight up into the air as his hand moved, jerking it up and down. Her pussy burned and itched as she imagined his huge, hard prick ramming itself between her legs, and she felt as if she would cream right on the spot.

“You heard me,” the boy said, still grinning at her, his eyes raking over her body.

“Yes, I heard you, Son. And it’s what I want too,” she admitted as she blushed with embarrassment.

“Hey, you’re not ashamed of it, are you, Mom? I know that you’re one chick who always needs a big stiff cock up her pussy. And, hell, that’s nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, it’s something to be proud of… you’re one sexy, hot-blooded chick, Mom!” Ned said, feeling his prick jerk in his hand.

“Oh, Ned, thank you! I needed to hear that!”

Mandy moaned as she walked toward her son’s bed. Panting with desire, she sat on the edge of the bed. Her son’s hand slowly stroked the naked, silken flesh of her thighs, creeping up beneath the towel.

“You’re as horny as I am, aren’t you, Mom?” Ned asked, his voice ragged with lust.

“Yesssss,” she hissed.

With a groan, Ned unwrapped the towel from his mother’s sexy body, pulling her down beside him. His gaze raked over her full tits and softly curved hips down to her golden tangle of cuntfur.

“God, but that gorgeous body of yours really turns me on, Mom!” he groaned.

“Don’t keep staring at me like that, darling, you’re just making me hotter!” the woman said with a grin, all traces of embarrassment gone now.

“That’s the idea, Mom!” the boy laughed. He pressed his lips against hers, squeezing and pinching her huge, ripe tits as he forced his tongue into her mouth. After he kissed her, he moved his head down to suck on her huge, heaving tits, first one, then the other, one hand inching down to her cunt, which was already juicy with lust.

As Mandy felt her son’s hand stroke her cunt, she began to pump her pussy up against his hand, trying to get him to finger-fuck her. But he moved his hand away, bringing his cuntjuice-soaked fingers to his nostrils and inhaling deeply, savoring the sweet smell of his mother’s cunthoney.

Ned took his mouth from his mother’s lush tits and began to move his mouth down over her panting belly, seizing her hot ass in both hands and lifting it up slightly from the mattress.

“Ohhhhh, Ned, eat my pussy! God, I have to have it! I have to feel your mouth on my cunt!” Mandy cried.

Kneeling between his mother’s quivering thighs, Ned stared directly into the woman’s juicy, sexy cunt. He was turned on beyond belief.

“Yeah, Mom, I’ll eat your pussy all right! I can’t wait!” he groaned.

“Ohhhhh, hurry, Ned!” she begged, humping her ass off the bed in a frenzy of fuck-lust.

Suddenly, her son stabbed his hot, hard tongue into her juicy pussy and her ass rocketed off the bed as though she had just been struck by lightning.

“Ohhhhh! Oh, God, Ned! Ohhhhh, Jeeesus Christ! Too fuckin’ much! I can’t believe it!” she screamed and the boy grinned with delight, readying his tongue for its next attack.

As Ned rammed his tongue back into Mandy’s pussy, she clamped her legs to the sides of his young, handsome face, burying it deeply between her golden thighs. Then she began to hump his mouth with her cunt, turning on more and more.

Ned moved his tongue from Mandy’s clit and rammed it deeply up her quivering cunt hole, feeling her tight, strong cuntmuscles clamping greedily around it. When her pussymuscles loosened, he pulled his tongue back out, then repeated the move until she clawed at his naked back with her sharp nails, mashing his face hard against her steaming pussy.

“Oh, God, Ned! That feels soooo good! I love it! But I wanna suck you off too! Pleeeeease! Let me suck your big, beautiful cock!” she pleaded.

Groaning with desire, Ned swiveled his muscular body around so that now his huge, hard-on was directly over his mother’s hot, wet mouth. And his hotly sucking mouth was still plastered against her gushing pussy.

Mandy panted with fuck-lust as she stared at the milky drops of pre-cum oozing from the boy’s spongy cockknob. She continued to buck her hips, grinding her pussy against her son’s face while she greedily grabbed his prick in her fist and rammed it into her mouth with obscene cries of wanton lust.

Tasting her son’s delicious cum again turned the woman on even more and she began to suck his prick as though she were a small infant and her son’s prick held the milk which she needed so desperately.

And all this time, she was coming, her little cunt gushing out torrents of hot, thick fuckcream into her son’s sucking mouth.

“Mmmmffff,” Ned groaned into his mother’s musky, juicy pussymeat, still moving his tongue back and forth between her pulsing clit and her little trembling cunthole.

Feeling his mother’s hot, wet mouth clamp itself around his aching prick and tasting her pussycream was making him so hot that the boy almost came. It took all his willpower to hold himself back. He wasn’t ready to come. Not just yet!

The woman moaned over and over as she continued to suck his big, hard cock. Knowing that it was her very own son she was hungrily sucking off just increased her excitement, making her come harder and harder in a series of orgasms she thought would never end.

She couldn’t wait to swallow her son’s cum. She loved it when he pumped it into her mouth and she knew that, as always, she would savor every single drop of the delicious-tasting jism. Finally, unable to control herself any longer, she slipped her boy’s cock out of her mouth so she could beg him to come.

“Shoot your wad, darling! I can’t wait any longer! Please hurry, Ned! I have to eat your cum! Pleeeease!” she wailed.

She popped her son’s bursting cock back into her hot, wet mouth and began to suck it again, even harder this time, trying to milk his prick of all its jism.

His mother’s lewd words made the boy moan with unbridled fuck-lust. It was impossible for him to bold back any longer. Still jabbing his tongue in and out of her steaming pussy, he had his much-needed orgasm.

Mandy moaned with relief and pleasure as she felt her son’s cum exploding into her mouth. She swallowed hard, trying to eat all of his jizz as wad after wad of the thick, hot stuff spilled into her sucking mouth.

“Mmmmm, good,” she purred with pleasure, still swallowing the boy’s hot, delicious-tasting cum.

As she frantically swallowed, trying to keep up with him, Ned shot off even more jism until her mouth overflowed, and she felt his cum spill down her chin and her neck, finally trickling onto her huge, heaving tits, forming little warm pools of cum.

Over and over they orgasmed into each other’s mouth until Ned finished coming and tore his face away from his mother’s shuddering cunt. Then he slipped his limp prick front her mouth, sure that she would pull his prick right off with her greedily grasping mouth if he gave her half a chance.

As she kept coming, Mandy continued to jerk her hips in a rapid, fucking rhythm, moaning all the while. Ned grinned down at her and shoved two fingers of one hand up into her cunt, loving the sensation of her orgasmic spasms vibrating against his hand.

At last Mandy’s climax ended and she lay weakly on the bed, sighing with deep pleasure. Glancing down, she saw the pools of cum on her huge tits, and she eagerly scooped them up in her hands, bringing her son’s hot cum to her lips.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned lewdly as she stuck her cum-coated fingers into her mouth. Closing her eyes, she sucked her fingers clean, one by one.


Alone in the house the next afternoon, young June poured herself her second stiff drink from a bourbon bottle she had gotten from the bar. She knew that her parents wouldn’t mind if she had a little bit to drink, but already the strong brew was making her mind whirl.

She took a big swallow while her free hand rubbed her large tits through her thin teeshirt. She giggled as she put the empty glass down, realizing that she was turning on more and more, the way she always did whenever she had a strong drink.

She felt sexy and horny and as she glanced down, she saw her hardening nipples poking lewdly through the thin fabric of her shirt.

Her head was feeling light and a little fuzzy and her pussy was tingling more and more. She turned toward the front door with a grin on her beautiful face as her twin sister, Carrie, walked in.

Both girls were dressed the same thin teeshirt with no bra on underneath and very short, tight shorts, which revealed a good deal of their firm asscheeks.

“Hi, Sis,” Carrie said with a smile as she put the groceries down on the top of the bar and turned to face her sister.

Maybe it was the drinks, but June found herself suddenly feeling very aroused by her sister. June’s cunt was oozing out hot pussycream and her clit burned and itched for release. Her eyes swept over Carrie’s lush body, realizing that, just like herself, Carrie was a very sexy young girl.

“Where is everyone?” Carrie asked idly, glancing around.

“Oh, it, I don’t know,” June shrugged. “Out. They all had stuff to do.”

Carrie threw herself down on the big couch and June immediately sat down next to her.

“How about a drink, Sis?” June asked with a smile as she held the bourbon bottle and a clean glass out toward Carrie.

“Sure, why not?” Carrie said, feeling a tingle of excitement deep in her cunt.

She filled the glass to the brim with the strong whiskey and, closing her eyes, she took a huge swallow, emptying about a half of her glass. She immediately felt different, very relaxed and very horny.

She opened her eyes and saw that June was staring at her tits. She glanced down and gasped when she saw that her own nips had stiffened and were poking through her teeshirt. She closed her eyes again and drained her glass completely this time. She instantly felt light-headed and even hornier.

This time, when she opened her eyes, she saw that her sister’s gaze was fastened lewdly on her crotch. She glanced down again and saw, with a shock of excitement, that her tight shorts had worked their way up her crack so that her cuntlips were neatly outlined.

“What’s the matter, Carrie?” June cooed as she put her arm around the other girl’s shoulder and leaned close to her so that her ripe tits brushed her sister’s naked arm, making her shiver. “You look so funny. Your face is all red and I can feel you trembling all over.”

“Oh, no, nothing’s wrong, Junie,” Carrie said nervously, feeling a rush of heat in her pussy from her sister’s touch.

June grinned and hugged her sister tightly against her warm, soft body. Carrie moaned softly, feeling half drunk and beside herself with desire for her sister. June softly caressed the other girl’s bare arm, working her fingers over to her juicy tits straining at the teeshirt.

Carrie gasped but made no move to get away from her sister. When she did shift slightly on the couch, June held her firmly. Too dizzy from whisky and desire, Carrie collapsed weakly against her twin sister.

June continued to finger her twin’s tits, feeling more and more turned on with each passing second.

June’s touch on Carrie’s tits was making the girl feel hot and tingly, and the strong whiskey she had so quickly downed just added to the excitement and desire that coursed through her body.

And now, Carrie willingly accepted another full glass of whiskey from her sister. She raised it to her lips, hardly even realizing that she was drinking the delicious liquid. The girl’s eyes were glazed over with a growing lust and she repeatedly licked her lips in excitement.

“Ohhh, Junie, I feel soo good,” Carrie moaned as she drained her glass of bourbon.

By now Carrie’s luscious tits were heaving wildly and she had begun to squirm her ass on the couch. Suddenly Carrie realized that June’s hand had moved down to her soft, naked thigh, stroking and creeping upward beneath her shorts to her fiery pussy. She felt so weak, so helpless; she couldn’t even try to stop her sister from touching her there. And she knew that she wouldn’t have, wanted to anyway.

“Wow, your little cunt’s all wets honey,” June cooed, more and more turned on by the idea of fucking her sister.

“It is?” Carrie asked in a half-moan.

Now June had one hand on Carrie’s burning crotch and her other hand was still squeezing and rubbing the girl’s swollen tits. Carrie closed her eyes tightly and leaned back against the couch.

With her tits wildly heaving and her pussy oozing out more and more cuntjuice, Carrie spread her legs wide, scooting farther down on the couch.

Now, June slid a finger, inside the moist crotch of her sister’s shorts, finding her juicy cuntslit and began to pump gently.

“Ohhhh, God!” Carrie groaned, shuddering with excitement as she locked her thighs tightly on the other girl’s hand. Her breathing quickened hoarsely as the other girl’s began to finger-fuck her with a slow, relentless rhythm.

Carrie found herself instinctively humping her churning cunt on June’s jerking finger, trying to get more and more of the little substitute cock up her pussy.

Still fondling the other girl’s tits which grew harder by the second, June continued to finger-fuck her sister, feeling an incredible thrill each time a new wave of warm pussy-sauce poured out over her finger. June knew exactly how to fuck another girl. For, not only had she done it many times, but she always did to the other girl exactly what she herself would like to have done to her own little cunt. And it never failed to be exactly the right thing.

Suddenly, Carrie came hard, squeezing her thighs so tightly together that she almost broke her sister’s fucking finger.

“Jeeesus!” Carrie cried. “Commiiinngg!”

Floods of hot cuntjuice poured from her small cunthole and soaked the other girl’s hand as June continued to pump her finger in and out.

“Good girl! Keep coming!” June urged her sister, feeling her own climax building.

“Jesus! I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to! And I don’t want to!” Carrie cried as yet another orgasmic spasm shook her pussy.

June continued finger-fucking Carrie for another few minutes, slipping her hand inside the girl’s shirt to squeeze her burning, throbbing tits and pinch her turgid nips. Carrie moaned and gasped and trembled uncontrollably, still coming and coming over her sister’s stroking finger.

“Ohhhhhh, God, Junie!” Carrie cried crushing her moist thighs savagely around June’s hand. “Ohhhh, Jeeesus! I’m so hot, I can hardly stand it! Unnnnnhhhhhhh, I’m still coming!”

She thrashed her hips violently as great shudders of orgasm continued to thunder through her pussy. Finally, moaning with desire, June jerked her finger out of the other girl’s cunt.

“Oh, no, Junie! Please don’t stop!” Carrie begged, turning her wide, lust-glazed eyes to her twin sister’s face.

“Never mind, Sis,” June laughed huskily. “I’m hot as hell too! And the fun’s just beginning! Come on, let’s strip!”

Carrie gasped, watching her sister strip quickly. Then, her gaze raking obscenely over June’s beautiful, naked body, Carrie grinned and yanked her own clothes off.

“Come on, Sis,” June murmured, more turned on than ever at the sight of her sister’s lush, ripe body, “let me make you feel really good.”

June wrapped her arms around Carrie and pulled her down onto the couch, rolling over so that Carrie was lying beneath her own body. Then she kissed her passionately on her sexy mouth, rubbing their naked, swollen tits and tummies together, their cunts grinding eagerly against each other.

The two girls lewdly tongue-kissed for a few more minutes, their tongues pressing hotly against each other. Meanwhile, their cunts made lewd fucking motions toward each other. June slid down, clutching her sister’s huge tits in her greedy hands and sucking on her hard nips, teasing them with her teeth and tongue. Carrie writhed in ecstasy and cried out.

“Ohhh, yessss, Junie! Suck my tits! It feels sooooo good! Bite them! I don’t care if it hurts!”

June bit harder into the other girl’s taut nips, feeling them throbbing against her teeth. Then she slid farther down and began to lick and suck at the soft flesh of her sister’s belly. June hunched between Carrie’s drawn-up thighs, clutching her naked ass tightly in her hands.

June gazed at her sister’s pussy. She stared at Carrie’s soft, rosy cuntlips, their juicy wetness, the delicate pink color tinged with flaming red now, and her golden nest of silken cunthairs. And, suddenly, she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to get her tongue up that sexy little cunt!

“Ohhhhhhhh, June, what are you doing?” Carrie moaned weakly, almost desperate in her need to feel her sister’s mouth on her horny cunt.

With a low growl from deep in her throat, June lowered her head and began to kiss Carrie’s throbbing pussy, teasing her to the point of hysteria.

“Ahhhh, yessss,” Carrie moaned, wriggling her ass in rhythm with her sister’s mouth movements on her pussy.

June’s nostrils quivered at the heady fragrance of young, teenaged pussy in heat. She loved the feeling of the spongy, swollen cunt-flesh against her lips as she continued to kiss the girl’s little pussy.

“Hold on, honey,” June said. “This is gonna be wild for both of us!”

Then June took a deep breath and suddenly rammed her tongue in, then out of the other girl’s juicy cunt, scooping up her cunt sauce with deep moans of lust, making Carrie come hard once again.

“Ohhhhh, God!” Carrie screamed in ecstasy as violent tremors of orgasm coursed through her hot body. “It feels soooo good!”

Carrie’s long, sharp fingernails left a trail of red marks on June’s naked back. Then, while she was still coming, June pushed hard against Carrie’s belly to expose her tiny clit, its hot little tip quivering and jerking with climax.

June’s breath quickened with excitement as she planted her tingling lips on Carrie’s little clit and sucked hard, flicking her tongue against it to make her sister scream and shudder madly through yet another orgasm.

By now Carrie was in a frenzy of passion, rocking and thrashing as her twin sister greedily sucked her off, making her come again and again. June would tenderly kiss her boiling pussyslit, then suck furiously at her cuntlips. Then she would lick and nibble on her twitching clit. Next, she would stab her hard tongue into her small, tight pussyhole.

All this time Carrie was coming and June could feel the thunderous orgasms vibrating against her face, her lips and her tongue. She loved it all!

Carrie reached out and grabbed a handful of her twin’s hair and tugged at it desperately, trying to make the other girl suck her pussy even harder. She raised her knees high and dug her heels into June’s shoulders, fucking her face with savage jerks of her frantically exploding pussy, urging her sister on with incoherent babbling of lust.

“Unnnhhhh! Ohhhh! I love it, Junie! Don’t stop! Keep sucking meeeeee!” Carrie wailed.

Carrie moaned loudly with excitement and desire. All she cared about was having orgasm after orgasm. She couldn’t get enough of the other girl’s sucking mouth.

June was turning on more and more and she suddenly moved her mouth down to Carrie’s tender asshole, fucking her probing tongue deeply into the girl’s shit-chute. She wriggled and churned her tongue around again and again, relishing the taste of her sister’s shit on her fucking tongue.

“Oh God, that feels soooooo good! Don’t stop!” Carrie screamed.

Carrie climaxed again and again with fierce, spine-tingling orgasms, which made her entire body quiver with ecstasy.

As Carrie’s cunt honey poured out, June realized that she enjoyed pussy-eating and pussy-fucking with girls just as much as she enjoyed being fucked by a huge, hard cock. Well, maybe not quite as much, she thought, grinning to herself, but close, very, very close.

She felt a strange, lewd thrill at having a luscious young cunt and ass pressed hotly against her face, hot, thick fuck-juice stream ing into her open mouth. Feeling the other girl’s firm, hot thighs crushing her face and her silken, hot ass bouncing feverishly in her hands, she nearly came.

June realized that it was a real ego trip for her to hear Carrie’s cries of desire. She was taking great pleasure in the knowledge that she was making it so good for her twin sister.

Time seemed to stand still as June again kissed and sucked and lapped at the quivering cunt pressed so wantonly against her mouth. She felt orgasm after orgasm raging through Carrie’s cunt, and still she sucked and nibbled and tongued, relishing the continuous flow of her sister’s delicious pussyjuice.

“Oh, June, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just keep commmmmiiinnngggg!” Carrie babbled, her tits heaving furiously, her eyes glazed with lust, her climaxing pussy shuddering violently against her sister’s ravaging mouth.

Carrie’s lewd words took June over the edge and she finally had her own orgasm. June pressed her mouth even harder against the other girl’s cunt as her pussy exploded in a million ecstatic shocks.

“Ummmmfffff,” June gasped, wriggling her ass obscenely as the peak of her organ struck her.

Again, June stuck her hot, hard tongue deeply into Carrie’s quivering, puckering asshole, which immediately closed around it. Carrie worked her strong ass-muscles, making them contract, then expand, squeezing her sister’s tongue lustfully.

As June continued to probe Carrie’s asshole with her tongue, she worked her body around expertly so that now her thighs were edging close to the other girl’s hot mouth.

“Ahhhhh, Junie,” Carrie moaned excitedly as she watched her sister’s pink pussy moving closer to her face.

A tantalizing whiff of cuntmusk drifted into the girl’s nostrils, and she licked her lips and moaned softly.

Carrie reached out and clutched June’s tawny ass in her hands. Then, taking a deep breath, she buried her face between her sister’s burning thighs.

Carrie went wild, as she tasted her sister’s hot pussy. She moaned deep in her throat and crushed her mouth hungrily against the girl’s squirming cunt. She plunged her tongue madly into the juicy pussy before her, caressing and squeezing the wriggling ass in her hands as her sister continued to tongue-fuck her asshole.

Facing each other’s pussy as they lay side by side on the large couch, the two horny teenagers ate each other’s cunt with savage lust, unable to get enough of each other’s cuntcream, groaning and jerking and rocking as they writhed in orgasm. Their tongues worked hotter and faster and more greedily each time their tight pussies exploded with delicious tasting cum.

As they rolled over in violent excitement, June was on top at first, ramming her head down between Carrie’s trembling thighs, her throbbing tits digging into the other girl’s soft tummy. Then, as they rolled over again, Carrie was on top, and she moaned hungrily as she plunged her tongue repeatedly in and out of her sister’s streaming cunthole.

For a long time, the two teenagers moaned and thrashed and sucked each other on the couch, their mouths pressed hotly against each other’s pussy, oblivious to everything except the thrill of a tender hot pussy pressed against their mouths, oozing out honey steadily.

Finally, completely spent after numerous orgasms, the two young girls lay panting in each other’s arms.

“Hey, can anyone join the party?” came a deep voice from the front door, which now stood open.

“Daddy!” Both June and Carrie cried out at once, thrilled to see their father standing there, gazing down at their naked bodies.

Mike grinned and closed the front door behind him. Quickly he stripped all his clothes off to the accompanying cheers of his twin daughters.

Completely naked now, Mike stood before his girls, his hands on his lean hips, his huge, hard prick jutting straight out in front of him.

He let them admire his body for several minutes, and then he moved closer to the couch.

“Okay, girls, I’m gonna take turns with you. So who’s first?” he asked lewdly.

“Me! Me!” they chorused, their faces flushed with excitement.

“Okay, wait a minute, no fighting,” the man laughed. “I’ll take Carrie first. June, you sit over there in that chair and play with your hot little pussy while you watch us. Then I’ll take you on.”

The two teenagers squealed with excitement and June moved over to the chair as her father had instructed. Mike took his big hard-on and rubbed it over Carrie’s face, lingering on her lips so she could taste and smell his pre-cum. She groaned helplessly, lost once again in a world of lust from which she knew by now there was only one escape — orgasm and more orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy, you’re making me soooo horny,” Carrie rasped.

“Good, that’s the idea, baby,” Mike said with a grin.

“Go on, Daddy! Fuck Carrie! She really wants it! Fuck her good!” June cried from her [missing text].

“Oh, Daddy! It’s so gorgeous! I love your big beautiful cock!” Carrie crooned, squeezing her father’s pulsing prick in both hands.

Just when Mike was about to tell his daughter to hurry the fuck up and shove his cock down her throat and suck him off, she lowered her head and fastened her full, warm lips around the head of his cock. He gasped with the hot thrill that shot through his loins.

“Ohhhh, God, baby! Suck my cock, Carrie! Suck your daddy’s cock!”

“Ummmmfffff,” Carrie moaned around her father’s huge, throbbing prick.

“Yeah, yeah! Suck him off good, Carrie!” June cried, humping her juicy cunt against her probing hand. “Make him come!”

Carrie opened her mouth wider and sucked on the man’s aching hard-on.

Her hot lips closed around his prickshaft. Her hot tongue licked wetly over the spongy redness of his cockknob. She sucked her father’s enormous cock, making loud, wet, gulping sounds as her eager mouth worked on his raw cockmeat.

As Carrie continued to suck hard, her hands opened and closed around his jutting prickshaft, squeezing and milking it, tenderly stroking his loose cockflesh up and down. She sucked hard around his bulbous cockknob, caressing it with her lips, darting her hot tongue repeatedly into his twitching cum-slit.

“Oh, shit, Carrie! Shit! You’re so fuckin’ good! You really know how to suck cock good! Arrrghhhh!” Mike moaned. He bucked his hips up, shoving his cock even deeper into her daughter’s sucking mouth.

He thrust his fingers in Carrie’s beautiful, silken hair and tugged at it, pulling her mouth farther down over his throbbing prick. He arched his back hard, lifting his prick between her lips.

“Yeah, yeah! Shoot your cum into Carrie’s mouth, Daddy! Then you can fuck her! I wanna watch you fuck her!” June yelled, still plunging her juice-coated fingers in and out of her climaxing cunt.

Now she knew what her sister had meant when she had said she couldn’t stop coming. Orgasm after orgasm poured through her cunt as she continued to finger-fuck herself.

Mike glanced over toward his other daughter and moaned at the incredibly erotic sight of the young teenager sprawled nakedly with her legs slung over the arms of the chair and her hand quickly finger-fucking her juicy cunt.

Mike had a good view of June’s pussy. With her legs spread so far apart, he could even see her fucking asshole. He moaned again with lust. He couldn’t wait! First, he would fuck Carrie and then it would be June’s turn.

“Suck me off, baby,” he groaned now, thrusting his hips up toward Carrie’s sucking mouth. “Suck meeeeee!”

Carrie sucked her daddy’s cock even harder, taking the entire length of his hard cockmeat down her throat, feeling his prick completely fill her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah, baby!” Mike cried, humping his ass off the couch, fucking his prick down her throat. “Awwwwww, baby, suck me hard. I’m gonna pop!”

Carrie was about to come too. Her cunt was on fire from the incredible turn-on she got from sucking her father’s huge, hard cock. She stroked his aching balls with her hand to coax up the load of jism, which she wanted to taste in her mouth. Her hand tightened around the base of his cock and stroked it more violently, desperately trying to milk it of its creamy load of jizz.

“Commmmmiiinnnggg!” Mike cried.

Carrie felt his balls tighten in her fingers, his cock growing even bigger and harder inside her hot mouth.

“Suck even harder now, baby!” Mike ordered. “Ohhhh, yesss, commmiiinnnggg!”

A blast of hot, creamy jism gushed from the knob of his cock down the young girl’s throat. It was quickly followed by one hot spurt of jism after another flooding up from his balls and spouting from his pulsing cockshaft.

Carrie came hard, her orgasm forcing fountains of hot cuntjuice from between her bloated pussylips and down her quivering legs. She couldn’t believe just how much cum there was. Her father was so virile; he was still pumping more and more hot cum into her mouth. And she continued to come, right along with him, as she sucked his prick harder and faster, trying to keep up with his huge load of cum.

But it was impossible. There was just too much of the quickly spurting jism for her to swallow. Her daddy’s creamy cum spilled from her lips around his cock and ran in thick, white streams down her chin, neck, and over her heaving tits.

“Great! Beautiful!” June cried, still coming. “Look at all that delicious cum spilling out from her mouth, Daddy! I love it!”

“Ohhhh, yesss, Daddy, Junie’s right. It is beautiful! And it tastes soooo fucking good!” Carrie moaned as she finally withdrew her daddy’s drained prick from her mouth.

“Now, spread those sexy legs of yours, baby!” Mike said with a groan. “It’s time for me to fuck you!”

“Ohhhhh, yessss, Daddy!” Carrie squealed as she lay down on the couch and spread her trembling legs wide for her sexy, handsome father.

Suddenly, Carrie felt her father’s hot breath on her thighs, and she squirmed impatiently. Then, with a jolt of excitement, she felt her daddy’s tongue licking the inside of her firm thighs. He was lapping up her fuck-juices!


“Ohhhh, Daddy, that feels soooo good!” Carrie cried.

Her father’s hot tongue licked up the inside of her naked thighs then darted into her wet, aching cunt, licking and licking until the teenager was sure that she would faint with lust. The man’s large, rough tongue found her bursting clit. He licked and licked, harder and harder, making his sexy little girl writhe with pleasure.

“Ohhhh, yesssss, Daddy! Eat my cunt!” she screamed.

“Yeah, Daddy, eat her pussy good! She needs it so bad!” June screamed hysterically, still finger-fucking her own cunt.

Her pussy was now an ocean of cum, and her hand made loud, squishing sounds as she fucked herself over and over as she lewdly watched her father eating her sister’s pussy.

Mike groaned with pleasure, as he tasted the sweet pussy honey pouring into his daughter’s cunt. It was always a hot, obscene thrill for him to eat his daughters’ pussies. He loved the taste of their girl-cum and he just couldn’t get enough of it.

His tongue left her clit and lapped along the walls of Carrie’s cunt, finally thrusting into her cunthole. She groaned with excitement, thinking that her daddy’s tongue felt like a miniature cock as he fucked her with it. She squealed in ecstasy, over and over again.

Now, Mike’s tongue left his daughter’s pussyhole and returned to her pulsing clit, pressing it, teasing it, licking it, tickling it until she came again. Her head spun and she saw bright flashes of color dancing behind her closed eyelids as she came powerfully, her fuck juices pouring out of her pussy and into her daddy’s mouth.

Mike hungrily lapped up his daughter’s delicious cuntjuice, licking and licking until he had swallowed every single drop of the thick girl-cum.

He knelt between his daughter’s widely splayed legs and stared down at her cunt. The sight of her luscious pussy, spread out all juicy and pulsing, just waiting for his gigantic cock was more thrilling than anything he could ever imagine seeing. His prick was its full rock-hard length once again, eager for Carrie’s pussy.

Carrie lifted her head and saw her father staring at her cunt. She knew that he was about to fuck her, and she couldn’t wait.

“Oh, God, fuck meeee! I can’t wait any longer, Daddy! Pleeease! Fuck meeeee!” she wailed in wanton lust.

“Yeah, listen to her, Daddy! Boy, she’s really horny! Fuck her, Daddy! She needs you to fuck her! Fuck her and do it hard!” June cried, feeling yet another orgasm crash through her throbbing, sopping pussy.

“Hell, I’ll fuck her all right. Get ready now, Carrie. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your little cunt!”

“Oh, God, Daddy! I’m more than ready! Please just hurry! Fuck meee!” she cried, tears of sexual frustration and fuck-lust streaming down her lovely young face.

With a wide grin on his handsome face, Mike reared back and slammed his prick into her wet cunt. The entire head of his cock vanished and then smashed hard into her small, tight cunthole.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy! It feels sooooo good! Your cock is so big and hard, it’s filling me all up!” she screamed, half out of her young mind with lust for her father’s big prick.

The feel of her own father’s huge cock plunging into her pussy was, as always, the biggest turn-on in her life. She savored every obscene thrill.

Mike took a deep breath and thrust his prick all the way into his daughter’s cunt. Now the full length of his throbbing cock was embedded inside his little girl’s pussy. He could feel her tight cuntwalls expanding to make way for his massive prick, and he thrilled to the exciting feeling of his cock being hugged tightly by his daughter’s tight pussywalls.

Carrie’s cunt couldn’t get enough of her father’s rigid cock. The feel of his gigantic prick deep inside of her pussy and the incestuous knowledge that it was her own father who was fucking her thrilled her so much that she began to come again.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy!” she squealed as she came. Her climax blasted through her pussy, squeezing down on the cock inside her.

Her father was fucking her harder now, brutally ramming his huge prick up her cunt. Every single thrust of his cock into her juicy cunt just added fuel to the fire in her cunthole and she continued to come.

Mike lifted her ass up off the couch and buried his cock to the hilt deep within her juicy, orgasming cunt. His huge prick touched nerves inside her cunt that she had never felt before and still she came.

“More! Harder! Faster! Fuck meeee! I need this so bad, Daddy! I love your cock! It’s so big and so hard!” Carrie shrieked, tossing her head back and forth in a delirium of joy and fuck-lust as her father continued to fuck her.

Carrie concentrated on squeezing, then releasing the strong cuntmuscles of her pussy, giving her daddy the best fuck ever. She raised her head and moaned with excitement as she watched the huge cock plunging repeatedly between her wet, puffy cuntlips. And she come yet again.

The inner walls of her pussy squeezed her daddy’s cock, clutching hard at it. She tensed and relaxed and then came again.

Her father reached under her and gripped her ass in a firm hold. He kneaded her asscheeks, and she found her cunt smashing down even more on his prick.

“God, I love fucking you, baby! You’re so fuckin’ sexy!” Mike groaned as he arched his back to drive his prick even deeper into her tightly grasping cunt.

Each and every fuck-stroke of his cock caused his balls to slap wetly against Carrie’s ass, and the wet, squishing sounds of that and of their fucking turned the two lovers on all the more.

Mike pumped furiously into his daughter’s pussy, then gasped as she tensed her cuntmuscles again around his throbbing prick. He jerked and she felt the hot rush of his jism filling her pussy to overflowing. She felt his jizz pouring out inside her cunt and she came again.

“Commmmiiinnnnggg!” the moan groaned as yet more cum poured from his prick and splashed lewdly into his little girl’s orgasming cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, meeeee toooooo, Daddy! I’m commmmiiiinnnngg!” Carrie cried as the shudders of a powerful orgasm tore through her drenched pussy.

Mike pulled his still-hard cock out of his daughter’s cum with a wet, popping sound.

“God, Daddy! Your prick’s still hard! Ohh, goody! Now it’s my turn, isn’t it? My turn! My turn!” June chanted, still finger-fucking herself.

Mike looked at his other daughter and grinned with renewed lust. It was one of the things he liked best about having twin daughters. As soon as he finished fucking one, there was always the other girl waiting for her turn, horny and eager for his big prick, which was almost always still hard.

June wriggled her ass in the chair, ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt in a frenzy, as orgasm after orgasm tore through her hot, juicy cunt. She stared at her daddy’s huge prick, still big and hard even after all that hard fucking.

She licked her lips excitedly and caught him looking lewdly at her. Without another word, she jumped up from the chair and ran to the couch. Bending over, she sucked her daddy’s cock into her wet mouth. Moaning softly, she licked the last of his cum off his hard prick.

Carrie glanced behind her sister to see what was going on. She grinned when she saw June and got up from the couch to make room for her sister and father. She went over to the chair where June had been sitting and sat down herself, raising her legs up over the arms of the chair just as she had seen June do. Now it would be her turn to watch while her daddy and sister fucked each other and she could hardly wait.

Mike groaned as he held his daughter’s head steady. June cleaned up his prick, licking its full length. She was as hot as a pistol now. Finally, all his cum was gone, and she sighed heavily in disappointment as she felt her father slip his rock-hard prick from her hot, sucking mouth.

Without a word, Mike reached down and picked her right up from the floor. Then he tossed her roughly onto the cum-stained couch.

“Ohhhhh goody, Daddy! Now you a fuck me! Please hurry and fuck meeeeeeee!” June groaned.

“Yeah, fuck her, Daddy. Thick her like you fucked me!” Carrie yelled as she began to finger-fuck herself.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll fuck this little slut all right, but not the way you both think!” Mike said with a low laugh.

“What do you mean, Daddy? What are you gonna do?” June asked, her voice trembling with lust and excitement.

“You’ll find out soon enough!”

The man growled as he flipped her over quickly so that she was now lying face down on the couch. He slapped her hard on her asscheeks, leaving his large, red hand print on her delicate ass-flesh.

“Yeeooowww!” June whimpered in pain and excitement, trying to turn back over. But her father’s big, meaty hand held her down easily.

“I promised to fuck you, baby and believe me that’s just what I’m gonna do. But I didn’t say that it would be in your pussy!”

Suddenly, June knew what her father meant and a hot, savage thrill filled her entire body, leaving her shaking and trembling with a powerful need to feel her daddy’s cock filling her asshole.

Carrie watched wordlessly, her mouth open with shock. She knew that her father had assfucked her sister several times before, but Carrie’s ass was still cherry. She had never let her daddy fuck her ass, even though he had often wanted to.

The very idea of her own virgin asshole being fucked by a cock as big as her daddy’s made Carrie’s ass twitch and pucker with fear. Yet, at the same time, she felt a hot, lust-filled excitement and she wondered what it would feel like to be ass-fucked. Maybe it would feel good, after all, she told herself.

But looking at her father’s huge, hard teninch cock throbbing just inches away from her sister’s asshole, Carrie shuddered with fear, glad that it wasn’t her own asshole about to be fucked by that gigantic prick!

“Hurry, Daddy, please hurry! Fuck my ass!” June cried, tears of lust filling her wide eyes.

“My pleasure, baby,” Mike muttered.

He grabbed her hips, jerking her ass up high in the air. June could, feel the knob of his gigantic prick pushing against her little ass. He rubbed his red prick-head against her asscrack, pushing the tip inside. He licked his lips hungrily as he watched her asshole stretching wider and wider as more and more of his long, thick cock penetrated her little ass.

June sighed happily and wriggled her ass, trying to help her father get his cock in her ass deeper and deeper. She wouldn’t be satisfied until she felt all ten inches of his huge prick filling her asshole and she knew she wouldn’t be able to have her own orgasm until she felt his thick cum filling her ass all up.

As his daughter’s ass wriggled lewdly in the air, Mike rammed his huge cock deeply into her asshole, grunting as he felt it stretching her asshole. Her shit-chute closed tightly around his swollen prick.

Mike thrust his big cock in and out of her tight, quivering asshole. At the same time she jerked her hips back and forth to meet his quick, jarring motions. He could feel his cock swelling larger and harder in her small, tight asshole and he pumped harder and harder, straining for release.

“Ohhhh, Daddy! That feels sooo good! Fuck my ass! Fuck the shit out of meeee!” she cried, madly humping her ass back to meet his ass-fucking movements.

Carrie’s hand flew in and out of her cunt once again. She moaned softly, her eyes wide as she stared at the hot fuck-session taking place right in front of her. It was the sexiest, hottest thing she could ever imagine seeing and she wanted to see more and more of this incredibly ass-fucking!

Carrie envied her sister in a way. She almost wished it was her own ass that her daddy’s big cock was driving herself into. Almost, but not quite. She loved watching her twin sister getting ass-fucked, but Carrie knew that since she had never had her own ass fucked before, she would never be able to stand a cock as big as her daddy’s fucking her asshole. It would be tear her apart! It would kill her!

But she didn’t have to worry about that happening because it wasn’t gonna happen. All she had to worry about now was fingerfucking herself to orgasm after orgasm as she watched her handsome father ass-fuck June, who was clearly loving every second of it.

June wiggled her ass, thrusting it back toward her father to meet his ramming cock.

“Yesssss, Daddy!” she cried. “Fuck, my ass! Fuck it! Fuck my ass hard, Daddy! Good and hard just the way I love it!”

His daughter’s wanton words just added heat to the fire in Mike’s balls and he began to fuck his daughter even harder, sending his cock shooting up her asshole as deeply as he could, harder and harder each time. His full ten inches of cockmeat were buried up her asshole now and his swollen balls slapped wetly against her asscrack, turning all three of the lovers on with the wet, squishing sounds his nuts made against her naked ass-flesh.

“Oh, God, yessss!” June screamed as her father’s sharp ass-fucking movements sent her into a world of ecstasy.

She felt as though her entire body were on fire as his driving cock filled her tight little asshole.

But still, the young girl couldn’t come. She knew that she would not climax until her father’s hot jism was spilling into her little asshole. That would bring her to orgasm for sure, just as it always did.

“Fuck her, Daddy! Fuck her ass!” Carrie cried obscenely as she finger-fucked herself hotly, climax after climax shuddering through her hot body.

June’s face and tits were flushed and the sweat beaded up on her rigid nips as her excitement grew and grew.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my ass hard!” she yelled at the tap of her lungs.

The young girl’s lust-filled words made Mike’s cock swell even more, and he felt his balls tighten up against the base of his cockshaft as his climax began.

June sensed that her father was about to come and she rotated her ass in frantic little circles, clenching his bloated prick with her strong ass-muscles. Her body reached a feverish pitch of excitement as his plunges grew faster and harder.

“I’m commmmiiinnngg!” Mike yelled as his cock finally exploded in a thundering climax.

Wad after wad of the thick, creamy goo shot from his throbbing, jerking cock, filling his daughter’s asshole. His jism spilled out from her ass and streamed down her legs.

“Ohhhhh, God, don’t stop! Fill my ass with your cum! I want it all!” June yelled as she felt her asshole filling up with her daddy’s hot cum.

She clenched his pulsating prick tightly, trying to milk it of its entire load of jizz.

Mike continued to hump her wildly fucking ass as he shot the last of his enormous load of cum up her asshole.

The sensation of her father’s cum filling her asshole to overflowing and trickling obscenely down her thighs took June over the edge just as she had known that it would, and she came.

Her cuntmuscles and ass-muscles tightened, then loosened, in violent spasms of orgasm as she came. And came. And came.

“Ohhhhh, God, commmiiinnnnggg!” she cried loudly.

Fiery flashes of pleasure raced through her pulsing pussy and her quivering asshole. Over and over she came as buckets of hot pussyjuice poured from her cunthole, trickled into her asshole and mingled with her father’s thick cum before running down her legs in obscene streams of jizz.

“Yeah, yeah! Go! Go!” Carrie yelled, sounding for the entire world like a cheerleader.

She had been finger-fucking brutally, coming time and time again. Now, she felt her climaxes subsiding and she saw that her father and sister were lying side by side on the couch, their arms around each other, but their gazes on her. Carrie thought she noticed a strange look in their eyes which she didn’t understand and she felt a hot, lewd excitement raced through her body, as if something wonderful were about to happen to her.


Carrie felt a mind-blowing excitement sweep over her as her father rose from the couch and walked toward her, a menacing grin on his handsome face.

The young teenager looked up at her father, who was now standing before her, his hands on his hips. He was staring down at her, his eyes filled with desire.

Carrie felt a burning sensation deep in her pussy as she saw that her daddy’s cock was still hard, back to its full length of ten inches.

The sight of her daddy’s huge, hard prick filled the girl with a lewd excitement.

“D-D-Daddy, wh… what are you going to do?” she stammered, her gaze still fastened on his enormous cock.

“You’ll find out soon enough, baby!” the man growled.

Suddenly, Mike grabbed his daughter’s arm and yanked her up roughly from the chair. Then she pushed her over to the couch and shoved her down so that she was on her stomach.

When she struggled to sit up, he slapped her across her pale trembling asscheeks.

“Stay down, little pussy! I’m gonna fuck you! I’m gonna fuck your little cherry ass!” Mike said with a husky laugh.

“Oh, God, nooooooo! You can’t do that, Daddy! You can’t fuck me up my ass! Your prick’s too huge and it would tear me apart!” the girl whimpered.

“That’s okay, baby. I love popping cherries, and I’m good at it. And I can’t wait to pop your sweet little asshole cherry!” Mike said.

Without another ward, Mike roughly pulled Carrie’s asscheeks far apart and shoved his huge, ten-inch cock into her tight little virgin asshole.

“Aieeeee! Nooooooo!” she screamed in pain and shock.

Her small cherry asshole was being torn apart by her daddy’s huge prick. She could feel her sensitive ass-flesh tearing and she screamed again and again as Mike tried to plunge his entire rigid prick into her little asshole.

“Yeeeeoooowww! Nooooo! Stop! Please stop! You’re killing meeeee!” she whimpered.

She raised the upper part of her body, desperately trying to shake the man off her. She turned her back toward him, tears of pain and rage pouring down her lovely young face.

“Oh, God, pleeeease, Daddy! Stop, I beg you! It hurts soooooo fuckin’ much! You’re tearing my ass apart! Please stop!” Carrie screamed.

“What do you think, Junie? Should I stop fucking your sister’s ass?” Mike chuckled.

June was sitting in the chair again, madly finger-fucking herself as she watched her father ass-fucking her sister.

“God, no, Daddy! I know exactly what she’s going through. When you first ass fucked me, I thought I’d lose my mind with pain! And I begged you to stop fucking me, too, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember all right,” Mike panted, shoving more and more of his big hard cock up his little girl’s ass. “And I didn’t stop for you, did I?”

“No, you wouldn’t stop! You fucked my poor sore little ass even harder!” June giggled. “I think you enjoyed making me cry out in pain! But you were right, Daddy. You knew that before long, I would begin to enjoy it. And you were right. After a few minutes, I really liked my first ass-fucking. And I’ve been enjoying ass-fucks ever since!”

“Did you hear your sister, Carrie?” Mike asked through clenched teeth as he ground his prick into her tight cherry asshole, feeling her strong assmuscles hugging his cock tightly.

“Yesssssss, but it just hurts soooo much, Daddy! I don’t see how I could ever love this! Please stop!” Carrie wailed.

“You’re not paying attention, you silly slut!” Mike yelled as he slapped her across the side of her face. “Tell her again, Junie!”

“Well, all I know is that I started to love it after a few minutes and then, I couldn’t get enough of it, Carrie! Just relax, honey, and you’ll start loving it too! Just as much as pussy-fucking!” Junie said, still plunging her fingers in and out of her juicy little cunt.

“You hear that, little pussy? Just relax and let your daddy fuck your ass!” Mike yelled.

Carrie groaned, knowing that she was entirely at her father’s mercy. There was absolutely nothing she could do. She couldn’t get away and no matter how much she begged him to stop fucking her ass, he wouldn’t. She sensed somehow that he wouldn’t stop until he had dumped his load of cum right up her asshole.

I might as well take his advice, the young girl thought, clenching her teeth against the tide of pain that continued to sweep through her body. There’s no use in trying to fight him anymore. I’ll just try to relax and maybe it won’t hurt quite so much.

Mike slipped his large meaty hands under his daughter’s soft body and pinched nipples.

“Owwwwww!” she yelled.

“Do it, Daddy!” June yelled, giggling with excitement. “Fuck her ass and pinch her tits!” June was in the middle of a gigantic orgasm and hardly knew what she was saying.

Mike grunted and continued to fuck his daughter’s cherry asshole, savoring the feel of her small, tight asshole, giving way before his monstrously large cock.

Carrie writhed in pain, still trying to escape the burning pain in her ass. Her little asshole was on fire and her daddy’s huge prick was tearing her in two.

But just then, just as she tried to relax so it wouldn’t hurt her so much, she began to feel a little turned on. And that sensation increased rapidly. In a matter of minutes, just as her twin sister had predicted, she was actually beginning to enjoy her father’s rape of her cherry asshole!

Her cunt was flowing and throbbing now, sending a steady stream of thick fuck-juice into her asshole, lubricating it nicely for her daddy’s big prick.

She moaned and clenched her assmuscles hard, gripping the man’s raping cock as it slid smoothly in and out of her shit-chute. Her father was fucking her ass furiously now and she began to instinctively thrust her asscheeks up to meet the thrusts of his mammoth cock.

“Look, Daddy! It’s just happening just like I said! She likes it now! She loves it just like I did!” June cried, another orgasm ripping through her ravaged cunt.

“Ohhh, yessss, Daddy! You and June were right! I love it! I love ass-fucking!” Carrie shouted, her entire body flushed with desire and excitement.

“See, little cunt?” Mike laughed triumphantly. “I told you!”

“Shove it all up my ass, Daddy! Is your whole cock up inside me yet?” Carrie asked, growing hornier by the second.

“Not yet, baby,” Mike grunted. “About another inch to go. Your little ass is so fuckin’ tight!”

“Ohhh, Daddy, I can’t wait! Fuck your whole cock up inside me! Shove it up my ass haaaard! Don’t worry about hurting me! I love it! Just fuck meeeee! I have to feel all of your big hard cock shoved all the way to the hilt up my little asshole!” she wailed.

“Okay, you silly little slut! You asked for it!” Mike cried.

June paused in her finger-fucking and leaned forward, her eyes widening as she watched the exciting action before her. She had to see it when her father shoved his entire ten-inch prick into her sister’s virgin asshole. She knew that such an exciting sight would be good for at least one more orgasm.

Mike pulled his cock out of his daughter’s asshole until only the pulsing tip remained inside. Then he plunged his cock forward again with all his strength until his full ten inches of raw cockmeat were buried up her ass.

“Arrgghhhh! Soooo big! Sooooo hard! Oh, God, it feels sooooo good! It’s great! I love it! Fuck my ass hard, Daddy! Fuck meeeeeee!”

Carrie cried.

“Yeah, Daddy! Fuck her good and hard! It looks really good! Do it to her again that way! Pull your prick all the way out and then fuck it back up her asshole!” June shouted, now thrusting one hand in and out of her cunthole while her other hand played with her twitching clit.

“You got it, baby,” Mike grunted as he pulled his hard cock almost all the way out of Carrie’s asshole. Then, tearing back, he plunged his prick quickly back in again.

“Aieeeeee!” Carrie screamed, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“What do you say now, Carrie? You want me to stop fucking you?” Mike asked with a knowing laugh.

“Nooooo! Oh, God, noooo, Daddy! Please don’t stop fucking me, whatever you do!” the girl cried, sobbing with pleasure.

“Don’t worry, baby! I wouldn’t have stopped even if you wanted me to. I can’t! I can’t stop fucking your little ass until I shoot my wad right into it!”

Carrie moaned with lust. She loved her father’s words. For she wanted just what he did. She wanted him to fill up her little asshole with his hot jism. She could hardly wait.

Mike had his huge cock buried balls-deep up his little girl’s tight, clenching asshole. The tender walls of her asshole were stretched to the breaking point around her father’s hard cock and she still loved it.

Slowly, Mike eased his prick almost all the way out of her asshole again. Then, pausing for just a few seconds as he hovered above her trembling ass, he plunged his cock in deeply to the hilt, his huge, swollen balls slapping wetly against her asscheeks.

“Ahhhhh, goooood, Daddy! It feels soooo good!” Carrie moaned as she humped her ass back toward her daddy’s plunging cock.

Over and over, he rammed her asshole. In and out. In and out. Each time he buried his prick its full ten inches up her small, tight asshole. He groaned with the sheer pleasure of fucking her cherry asshole. He had never felt such a tight asshole before and it thrilled him beyond belief.

Mike’s face took on an expression of utter depravity and fuck-lust as he continued to thrust his rock-hard cock in and out of his daughter’s cherry asshole. He had never been so turned on before in his life and he could tell from the girl’s moans and wiggles that she was enjoying her first ass-fuck every bit as much as he was enjoying giving it to her.

Each time he slammed his prick into Carrie’s little asshole, she raised her ass to meet it, making it easier for him to penetrate her ass more deeply each time. She was writhing and moaning in pleasure and lust and she knew that her orgasm was only minutes away.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy! Fuck me good! Fuck me hard! I love it soooa much! Ohhhhh, shove your big cock up my ass! All the way, all the way!” she yelled in a frenzy of lust and desire.

Both Mike and Carrie heard the wet, squishing sounds and groans of pleasure coming from the chair nearby where June sat, still finger-fucking herself. The wet sounds of her finger-fucking mingled with the naked flesh slapping sounds of the man fucking his daughter’s virgin asshole, arousing all three of them more and more.

“I’ll fuck you all right! I’ll really fuck you good and hard!” Mike yelled, hardly recognizing his own voice, it was so thick with lust.

Carrie gasped with joy as her daddy continued to plunge his cock in and out of her clinging ass-walls. She concentrated on tightening and loosening her strong cuntmuscles, giving her daddy’s cock the great and lewdest hug of its life.

Mike groaned with pleasure and lust. “You got it, baby! Squeeze that prick!”

Carrie moaned and continued to clench and unclench her tight ass-muscles, feeling her father’s huge cock throbbing deeply within her ass-channel.

“Your ass is sooo fuckin’ tight! Feels so fuckin’ good!” Mike panted, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

Sweat was pouring down his face and running onto Carrie’s naked back as he continued to fuck her madly with all ten inches of his hot, pulsing prick.

Carrie’s cunt was pouring out such a steady stream of warm, thick pussyjuice, her asscrack had become slick and slippery. Her father was ass-fucking her smoothly now, feeling no resistance at all as he thrust his prick in and out of her wet little asshole.

Mike reached under her again and grabbed her large tits, pulling at her nips until they grew hard and stiff in his large bands.

“Mmmmm, good, Daddy! Squeeze my tits! Squeeze them hard!” the girl moaned.

Mike grunted and savagely dug his fingers into the teenager’s big tits, pinching her nipples until she sobbed with pain and pleasure. Then, he slid his hands back down to her ass and gripped her asscheeks hard, forcing them even wider apart, trying to bury his cock even deeper. Over and over, he rammed his stiff prick up her aching asshole, groaning with the pleasure he felt as her tight ass-muscle hugged his cock hard.

Carrie suddenly came powerfully. Her climax raged through her hot, writhing body forcefully. Her ass wriggled up and down on the couch as she tried to capture every lewd sensation of her orgasm as it ripped through her cunt and her ravaged asshole.

Mike smacked her hard on her trembling asscheeks. “Stop shaking your little ass so much, baby! You almost made my cock slip out! You don’t want that to happen, do you?”

“Oh, God, no, Daddy, anything but that! Keep fucking my ass!” Carrie whimpered, still in the middle of her orgasm. “Don’t ever take your prick out of my ass! I need to feel your cum filling up my asshole!”

Carrie came again and again as she continued to squeeze her daddy’s prick with the tight walls of her ass, feeling him fucking her ass even harder and faster now.

Mike thrust his huge, rigid cock deeper and faster and rougher into Carrie’s slick little asshole with each plunge. He was close to popping and he couldn’t wait to shoot his load of jizz into his little girl’s tight ass. He shot his prick all the way up her steaming asshole, then began to grind his cock in a small, tight circle inside her ass-channel. She moaned and came again as he fucked her with increasing force.

This was the tightest, juiciest fuck Mike had ever had the pleasure of having. And, knowing that it was his own daughter’s asshole he was fucking aroused him to a fever pitch of lust and excitement he had never quite felt before.

As he rammed his cock home aver and over, Carrie raised her ass to meet it, allowing him to shove his prick in her ass harder and deeper with each fucking thrust.

“Ahhhhhh,” June moaned.

She was wriggling her ass in the chair, ramming her fingers in and out of her horny cunt in a frenzy as orgasm after orgasm tore through her hot body. She stared at her father’s prick reaming out her sister’s asshole and she couldn’t get over how big and hard his cock stayed, even after all that savage fucking.

Carrie loved the feel of her daddy’s cock hotly fucking against her clinging ass-walls. She gasped with pleasure and excitement as he continued to plunge in and out, in and out. She could feel the raging heat from his prick and it just added fuel to the fire in her cunt.

“You’re a natural little ass-fucker, Carrie. I love fucking your ass!” Mike panted, straining hard now with the exertion of his brutal assfucking.

Carrie blushed with pride at her father’s lewd words. She loved him so much, now more than ever before, and she was glad and proud that she was able to give her daddy such a good ass-fucking, especially since this was her very first time. But somehow, she found that her movements and wriggles just came naturally and now the man’s praise turned her on even more.

Mike gripped the globes of his daughter’s ass and pulled them even farther apart. She felt him fucking powerfully all the way up into her guts and she came again. As she came, she continued to squeeze his prick with the strong muscles of her ass, knowing that he loved it when she did that.

As Mike continued to fuck Carrie’s ass with hard, powerful strokes of his gigantic, ten-inch prick, he reached underneath her writhing body and squeezed her tits, hurting them and making them feel good and tingly at the same time.

Then, he let go of Carrie’s tits, and thrust his right hand into her pussy while his left hand still held her asscheeks apart for his thrusting prick. His right hand began to strum her clit, making her come again and again. He finger-fucked her with his strong, merciless fingers, and she came over and over, bucking and moaning as she did, each orgasm more powerful than the last.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy! That’s soooo wonderful! Fuck my pussy with your hand, Daddy!” Carrie cried.

But Mike was about to come. He took his hand from his little girl’s pussy as a large, hot spurt of jism spurted from his prick and splashed into her asshole.

“Commmmiiinnnggg!” he shouted as his prick continued to pour what seemed like gallons of the thick, gooey cum until it felt as though his entire body were being drained. “Commmiiinnngg!”

More of Mike’s creamy spunk shot from his cock and buried itself up his daughter’s twitching little asshole. He threw his head back and clenched his teeth tightly. His face was flushed a deep red and the veins of his neck bulged out as several more wads of his creamy jizz jetted from his cum-slit and filled the teenager’s asshole to overflowing.

“That’s it, Daddy, that’s it!” June screamed as she came again and again, her hand flying in and out of her sopping wet pussy. “Fill her ass, Daddy! Unload all your cum! Dump it into her ass!”

“Ohhh yessss, Daddy, Junie’s right! I love it! Shoot my ass full! I want all your cum up my ass!” Carrie yelled as she continued to come.

Again and again Carrie came as she felt her daddy’s hot, foamy cum shoot up her small asshole and, slide down her hot, firm thighs, splashing onto the stained couch below her.

Mike shot more cum than he had thought possible. He felt totally drained as the last of his thick jism spurted, from his cock and splashed into his daughter’s creamy asshole.

“Mmmmm, Daddy, that felt soooo good! Thank you for popping my ass cherry, Daddy!” Carrie cried with a husky laugh.

Mike chuckled as he slowly withdrew his softening prick from Carrie’s puckering asshole.

“Wow, baby! Look at your horny little twin over there!” Mike whistled.

Carrie sat on the couch next to her father and they both watched excitedly as June finished finger-fucking herself. As the last of her orgasm died away, she brought her cum coated fingers to her mouth and began to greedily suck them off. One by one, she licked her fingers clean. Then she looked up and grinned happily at her father and twin sister.

“Mmmm, that was great!” June whispered as she patted her own sopping pussy affectionately.

“Yeah, Daddy! We should all get together and do this more often!” Carrie said excitedly.

“You got it, baby, you got it,” the man chuckled as he squeezed Carrie’s tits fondly.


“Mmmm, that feels soooo good, Ned! But fuck me harder, darling!” Mandy screamed, half out of her mind with fuck-lust.

She whipped up her long legs and wrapped them tightly around the boy’s heaving back. Wildly she bucked up to meet his fuck-strokes, fucking her cunt into the hard hugeness of his cock.

“Fuck my cunt, Son! Fuck me hard! I love it! Ohhh, Ned, fuck meee!” the woman yelled.

“I’ll fuck you hard all right, Mom! You sexy cunt!” Ned responded as he increased the power of his deep, fucking strokes.

Mandy grinned, knowing that the tightness of her small cunt was giving her son the same kind of hot, erotic pleasure she enjoyed, from having his huge prick thrusting up inter her pussy.

Ned lowered his head between the spongy globes of his mother’s tits. As he continued to fuck her hard, he took one fat, stiff nip into his mouth and sucked it hungrily, tugging the tip of it painfully between his teeth and lips.

“Ahhhhh, yessss,” Mandy moaned as she clawed her son’s naked back and wriggled her ass in a lust-filled frenzy.

Ned skillfully quickened the rhythm of his wild humping. His swollen cock hammered brutally through the sucking sheath of his mother’s tight cunt, his balls slapping lewdly against the crack of her ass. His mouth tightened around the bud of her nip and he sank his sharp teeth into the rigid rosebud. He sucked and licked and bit until the woman moaned with pleasure and pain.

“Ohhhh, yesssss, Ned! That feels soooooo good!” she groaned.

And Mandy came again. She grabbed her son’s head and pulled him harder against her tit, letting him know that she liked it when he sucked and bit her nipple.

Spasms of climax burned through her cunt and her clit twitched and jerked. Her tight, strong pussymuscles sucked hungrily around his pistoning cock and she moaned wantonly, lifting her ass and fucking him as hard as she could.

“Commmmiiinnnnggg!” she screamed.

As Mandy’s pussy sucked around the boy’s throbbing hard-on, Ned moaned and groaned with pleasure. He continued to hammer his cock into her snug cunt, wincing as he felt his prickmeat swelling to absolute stiffness inside her cunthole.

Suddenly he threw his head back and moaned loudly.

“Awwwww, shit, Mom! I’m gonna pop, too! Commmiinnngg!”

“Ohhh, yesssss, shoot your load, Son! I can’t wait to feel your cum shooting up my cunt!” Mandy cried lewdly.

Creamy white squirts of jizz poured from the slit in the teenager’s prickhead and gushed into his mother’s pussy. He worked his spurting cock deeper into her pussy, milking all the cum out of his balls.

As Ned came, he could feel his mother’s strong pussy muscles tightening harder than ever around his cock, trying to drain every single drop of cum from his nuts.

“Ohhhhhh, Son, it feels soooo good! I love the feel of your hot cum in my pussy! It’s so creamy and warm!” Mandy babbled happily as her boy’s jism filled her small cunt to overflowing.

Just as their orgasms ended, Mandy and Ned were startled to hear a sound from the doorway of the master bedroom. The two lovers looked up and they both grinned as they saw the three naked people standing in the doorway — Carrie, her twin sister June, and their father, Mike.

The two girls and their daddy had just finished a hot three-way fuck of their own and they were obviously ready for some more fuck action.

“Want my cock up your ass, baby?” Mike asked Mandy obscenely.

“Yeah, Daddy! Fuck Mommy up her ass!” Carrie cried.

She and June fell onto the floor and embraced each other. Their mouths quickly found each other’s tits as they ground their pussies together in hard, frantic circles of lust.

“Wow!” Ned cried as he watched his twin sisters mashing their horny little cunts together.

“Come on, Mike. I’m ready for a good ass fucking!” Mandy said, licking her lips excitedly as she watched her twin daughters making it with each other on the floor next to the bed.

“Good girl,” Mike said to his wife as he walked to the bed. “But wait a minute. Ned’s cock is still hard and we don’t want to leave him out of the action. So how about if he fucks you up your pussy again while I fuck your ass?”

“Ohhh, yessss!” Mandy hissed, turning on even more. “Fuck my ass, Mike! Fuck my pussy again, Son! But hurry! I want to feel both of your big hard cocks inside me!”

She ground her hungry pussy on her son’s cock, which was still embedded in her little cunt. Her hard, throbbing clit rubbed against his groin as they fucked.

Mike watched as his son’s cock, soaked with cuntjuice, slipped in and out of Mandy’s sopping cunt. His prick pulsed at the sight of his wife’s wriggling ass.

He climbed up on the bed and while their son continued to fuck her, he positioned Mandy’s heaving body so that he would be able to shove his big cock up her quivering ass.

“Hurry, Mike!” Mandy cried impatiently. “Ned’s cock feels so good in my pussy! But I need to feel your big prick up my ass too!”

“Hold still, baby. I wanna shove it in really good,” Mike groaned, slapping her trembling asscheeks until she finally held still for him.

Then Mike held his wife’s ass and pushed his long, thick cock into her tight asshole, stretching the muscles surrounding her asshole. His bloated cockhead pierced her ass and be pushed in even harder, the friction around his sensitive cockhead making him groan with excitement and desire.

“Ohhhhhhh, yessssss, that’s it!” Mandy whimpered as she felt her husband’s cock lunging into her horny asshole.

She moaned with pleasure over the erotic thrill of having two big, hard cocks inside her at the same time, one in her pussy and one in her ass. And the fact that it was her own son and husband who were fucking her together aroused her beyond belief.

From the floor, where she lay in her twin sister’s arms, Carrie could see her mother being ass-fucked by her father and cunt-fucked by her brother. The sight just added fuel to the fire already raging in her pussy, a fire that June was trying to put out with her tongue.

“ALL riiiiight, Mom! Way to go!” Carrie cried. “Fuck her ass really good and hard, Daddy! Just like you did to me!”

Her daughter’s obscene urgings just turned Mandy on even more. Her mind suddenly filled with the exciting, lewd image of Mike assfucking Carrie and she moaned with excitement, wishing that she had seen that.

Mandy rocked and bucked violently under the driving attacks from the two huge cocks inside her fuck-holes. As she wriggled and writhed in ecstasy on the bed, she raised her head and glanced down to where her daughters lay, lost in their own world of fuck-lust. She watched eagerly as June’s tongue stabbed into Carrie’s pussy, already running with her hot fuck-juices.

“Ohhhhhh, yessss, Junie! Eat my pussy!” Carrie cried.

“I love fucking your ass, baby! It’s so nice and tight!” Mike groaned as he fucked his cock even deeper up his wife’s ass.

The two big cocks jerking inside, her two tight fuck-holes were driving Mandy mad with lust. They stretched her to the limit. She rocked her hips rapidly, plunging her ass around pushing back against the hot, stabbing cocks.

“I love it!” she shouted.

Mike’s big thick cock plunged hard and deep into her asshole. She squeezed her ass muscles and he groaned with pleasure.

Ned’s body arched and trembled under his mother’s hot, grasping cunt. He was quickly approaching another climax. Faster and harder he fucked her, until his swollen prick exploded. Then wad after wad of his thick fuck-cream poured into her cunt.

Mandy cried out with lewd excitement as she felt her son’s hot jism filling up her little pussy for the second time within an hour. Ned reached out and grabbed her huge, heaving tits, his climax making his body shudder against hers.

“Ohhh, yesss, darling! Shoot your load into my pussy!” the woman yelled.

“Yeah, Ned! Fuck Mommy! Fill her pussy with your cum!” Carrie cried as her sister’s tongue brought her to her own climax.

Carrie shuddered, and her pussy quaked as a through her. As Carrie’s climax went on and on, June continued to lick and suck at her twin sister’s pussy, stabbing her tongue deep into Carrie’s spasming cunt-hold then licking her clit, then turning her attention back to Carrie pussyhole once again.

Mandy moaned with pleasure as she felt her son’s cum oozing from her cunt and down her thighs. She looked into Ned’s lust-glazed eyes as her thundering climax shook her body, making him shake against her.

“Commmiiinnngg!” she squealed and her cunt jerked madly as wave after wave of blissful climax tore through her.

“Meeee tooo! I’m commmiiinnnggg!” Mike bellowed as his cock spewed its load of jizz up his wife’s tight, quivering asshole.

He jerked and pierced her hot ass again and again. Finally, he stiffened and pulled his softening cock out of her ass. His cum ran out from her little cunthole and soaked the sheets below.

Suddenly June and Carrie scrambled up from the floor and threw themselves onto the bed, grinning at each other as if they shared an exciting secret.

Ned and Mike scooted back out of the way, sensing that something thrilling was about to happen.

Carrie and June spread their mother’s legs even farther apart and lay between them, still grinning excitedly. Then, both of the horny teenagers lowered their heads and they began to suck and lick their mother’s cum-drenched cunt.

“Ohhh, yesss, darlings, clean my pussy for me! Eat all the cum out of my cunt!” Mandy cried, trembling as she felt her daughters’ tongues and lips on her cunt.

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