Hot Mom, Hot Daughters

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modern everyday life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

HOT MOM, HOT DAUGHTERS is a dramatic representation of a family — a mother and her two daughters — who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society — people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


When Ann answered the door, Pete gasped. He hadn’t seen her for months, and she had changed. She had always just been Barb’s big sister to him — good looking, big tits, long blond hair. But now she was a sexy dream.

“Come in,” she said in a musical voice. “How have you been, Pete?”

“Fine. How’ve you been?”

“Terrific!” Ann said. “I’ll tell Barb you’re here.”

She wiggled out of the room, called to Barb, then came back. Pete was glad she hadn’t left him alone. He wasn’t finished enjoying the sight of her.

She wore a skimpy blouse that let her tits rise into view, hiding only her nipples. And they weren’t really hidden because he could see them as dark circles right through the pink material. Ann’s golden hair was now curled around her face like fine shavings of oak.

“You’ve changed,” Pete said, trying to pry his gaze off her gorgeous tits.

“You haven’t. You’re still staring at my tits, same as ever.”

That made Pete look up at her face. She was smiling at him warmly, and although Pete was embarrassed he smiled back.

“Hi,” Barb said as she came into the room.

Pete said hello to Barb, but he hardly took his gaze from Ann.

“Well, I’m off,” Ann said. “See you later.”

She walked out the front door with an exaggerated wiggle that made Pete swallow hard. Her wide ass, packed into her tight white pants, was an exciting sight.

“What do you think of her?” Barb asked.


“Oh, Pete! You’re so childish. Can’t you see how cheap she’s become,” Barb said. “My parents are very upset. They think she looks like a whore.”

“I think she looks great!”

Pete dropped the subject. After all, he hadn’t come to fight — he’d come to grab some tits. And there was always the chance he would get fucked. Barb had been dropping hints that she was thinking about it. And his chances would be better if he didn’t argue with her.

“Uh, your parents aren’t home, are they?”

“No,” Barb said. “You know they always go out on Saturdays. I don’t suppose you would be here if they were home. You only come to see me for one thing anyhow.”

“That’s not true,” Pete said as he went to where Barb had sat down on the couch. “I come to see you because I like you.”

He sat close to Barb and put an arm around her shoulders. He pulled her closer and kissed her. At first, she didn’t open her mouth to admit his tongue. Only after they had kissed a while and Barb was panting with lust through, her nose did her mouth open.

Why couldn’t Barb be more like Ann? Pete stuck his tongue deep into her mouth to find her tongue.

Barb had one of her firm tits pressed to his chest. The guy was dying to grab it, but he knew it was too soon. Barb had to be a lot hotter than she was now before she let him play with her tits.

Sometimes it helped to put his hand on Barb’s thigh. He moved it near her crotch until he felt the the heat of her cunt. Then, as always, Barb stopped him. But now she let him grab her tits.

Lifting his hand, Pete caught one big tit and caressed it. Barb inhaled sharply through her flaring nostrils as his fingers sank into her tit. Her nipple became erect as his palm pressed against it.

She loved having her tits massaged, Pete knew. And there were a lot of other things she would love if only she tried them.

A few times Barb had let Pete put his hand inside her blouse to play with her naked tits. Once, she had let him suck her nipples for a while. There didn’t seem to be any pattern to her favors, so Pete constantly hoped she would someday let him fuck her. It was possible, after all.

“Mmmmmmm!” Barb moaned softly into Pete’s mouth as he gave her tit a hard squeeze.

She seemed to be especially hot. So Pete tried far same bare tit.

He released his hold on her tit and brought his shaking hand to the buttons of her blouse. He was insane with suspense. He wanted so badly to get at the creamy smooth skin of her tits, but Barb could stop him merely by grabbing his wrist. The times she had grabbed his wrist in the past he had felt such a sharp disappointment he could have cried.

But this time he unbuttoned two buttons and slipped his hand into her blouse without her stopping him. Pete’s hard cock began to vibrate in the prison of his pants.

His fingertips touched Barb’s naked tit. Then his hand moved farther into her blouse, and he wrapped his hand tightly around her big tit.

“Oh, Pete!” Barb gasped in a voice that made his blood surge.

She loved it! That was obvious.

Now Pete buried his face in the nape of her long neck. He inhaled the sweet odor of her body as her blond hair tickled his nose.

“Ummm!” Barb hummed with passion as the guy kissed her beneath her ear.

He nibbled her ear lobe and stuck his tongue into her ear. She loved that. Besides, it took her mind off his fingers which were now unbuttoning the rest of her buttons.

Opening her blouse, Pete moved his hand back to her tits. He stroked his hand across her swollen tits, then gave each good workout. With his fingertips he examined her erect nipples.

His face was still tucked into the nape of Barb’s neck. But he longed to lift his face and look down at her tits. The one time he’d sucked them it had been dark and he had only gotten a dim view. But he was afraid that Barb would close her blouse over her tits if he tried to look at them.

Still, he had to try. So after reaming her ear with his wet tongue, he raised his head and looked down at Barb’s chest.

He held his breath. He’d never seen anything so beautiful! Her big tits were snowy white. Her nipples were pink and perfectly shaped circles with a gumdrop-sized bud in the center. Pete played softball, and he realized that Barb’s tits were almost the exact size and shape of the balls used in that game.

“Pete, don’t!” Barb whispered as she tried to throw her blouse closed over her tits.

Without realizing it, Pete grabbed her wrists and held them, preventing her from hiding her tits. She tried to pull her wrists away, shaking her tits with the effort.

The next thing Pete knew, he had dropped his face to one of her lovely tits and was sucking it. He let go of her wrists now — she couldn’t close her blouse with his head at her tits, after all!

But Barb had no intention of closing her blouse now. Rather, she threw her arms around the guy’s head and pulled his mouth tighter onto her nipple.

“That feels so good!” she uttered through clenched teeth.

With this mouth full of tit, Pete was going wild!

Pete’s mouth was opened wide, and his teeth pressed into Barb’s pliant titflesh. At the same time, his tongue poked around her nipple which was thrust deep into his mouth.

“Ohhhh!” Barb moaned, her lust obvious in her voice.

Pete was afraid to take his mouth from her nipple in case she closed her blouse suddenly. But Barb was moaning so passionately that he took the chance. He lifted his mouth from one nipple and moved it to the other.

“Ooo! Ah!” Barb cried as his mouth changed nipples and began sucking again.

Not only did Pete use his mouth on Barb’s exposed tits, but he used both his hands on them too. One held the unsucked tit, and the other held the bulk of the tit he sucked — the portion he couldn’t fit into his mouth.

As he feasted on Barb’s nipples and titflesh, he began to hope for more. He was already planning a foray to her cunt. She had never been so wantonly excited before, and she might welcome his fingers in her cunt.

Pete lifted his wet face from her tits and kissed her hard on the mouth. He stuffed his tongue into her mouth as he pushed her down on the couch.

Barb moaned more desperately.

Steeling himself, Pete reached for Barb’s waist. He found the snap that held her jeans closed and quickly opened it. Then he pulled down her zipper. Again he was terrified of feeling her hand on his wrist, stopping his quest for her pussy. He didn’t know if he could stop now even if he wanted to.

But Barb didn’t stop him. Now even when he stuck his hand down the front of her undies.

Pete’s fingers slid through her cunt hair as he pressed his hand between her body and the tight crotch of her jeans. The tip of his middle finger met the upper corner of her cunt crack, making Pete’s heart leap.

He forced his hand into her pants another half-inch before there simply was no more room. But now he had his finger in her pussy slot.

“Aaaa!” Barb cried in a tone Pete had never heard before.

Barb began wiggling like a hooked fish. And her moaning grew louder. In his innocence, Pete didn’t know he had his finger on her clit. Instead, he longed to reach the mouth of her flowing pussy which he knew was just a big farther. But he had to get her pants pulled down before reaching it.

So he took his hand from the girl’s pants. Then he lifted his mouth from hers.

“Oh, Pete!” Barb gasped with what sounded like disappointment to the teen.

But Pete grabbed her jeans and began to tug them down. Barb helped, much to his amazement and excitement.

As they pulled down her jeans, Pete scanned the girl with his eager gaze. He had known her for two years, had been necking with her for almost a year. Yet he hardly recognized her. First of all, he had never seen her with her gorgeous tits exposed. Second, the look on her pretty face was new — it was a mask of pure lust!

But, as Barb’s jeans slipped past her wide hips, Pete looked down at her crotch. He gasped as her hairy pussy came into view. Between her thighs he saw the crack of her cunt, pink-lined and glistening with fuck juice!

After staring at her pussy for a few seconds, Pete grabbed at her.

“Ohhhh!” Barb cried.

She pulled his face to hers again and sucked his tongue into her mouth. But Pete hardly felt her teeth biting down on his tongue since all his attention was on the sensation of Barb’s wet and hot cunt at his fingertips.

Now that Barb’s cunt was stripped of any protective clothing, Pete’s fingers reached down to the tender lips where her fuck juice seeped. Barb let her thighs sag open, opening the lips of her pussy. Pete’s fingers entered that wet and slippery cunt.

“Ooooo!” Barb cried.

Still kissing the girl, Pete began exploring her pussy. He felt the hot syrup that soaked her cunt gash. Then he examined her delicate pussylips. Parting them, he sent his finger up her tight cunt.

Pete’s heart pounded so hard he heard his pulse in his ears. He had never been so excited.

He searched Barb’s pussy, sending his long middle finger all around inside. Then he pulled his finger out and slid it back and forth along her cunt slot. The way her wiggling pussylips slithered around his fingers made him want to take a good look at her cunt mouth. But he had to take things slowly. After all, if Barb stopped him now, it would be a real disaster!

“Oh, Pete!” Barb moaned.

As his fingers swarmed in her wide-open cunt, Barb shook in a fit of passion. Her wild writhing made Pete drunk with lust. He had never imagined a girl could be so hot. He’d never gotten this wild when he jerked off. What was the girl feeling that made her wiggle and moan like this?

Pete lifted his mouth from hers. As exciting as it was to have her moaning into his mouth, he had to see her in her bliss. Since he hardly believed this was happening, he needed visual proof.

Barb grabbed Pete’s head and tried to bring his face back to hers. But he resisted, determined to look at the nearly naked girl as she went wild with lust.

The sight was startling! Her body writhed with quick, jerky movements which made her tits shake like jello. The muscles of her stomach were taut as she writhed. Looking at her cunt, Pete saw his hand dip past her pussy mound to her opened cunt. Lifting his head higher, he looked into her crotch. Pink folds of flesh held his fingers like an envelope.

“Oh, Pete!” Barb sighed as she grabbed his head and pulled it down to her tits.

Again Pete gobbled her nipples. The sight of her shaking body had doubled his lust, so now as he sucked her tits he shook almost as much as Barb did.

“Eeee!” she began wailing.

Her voice scared Pete. It was like a siren going off right next to his ear. So he jerked his head up again and looked at the girl.

Now her body bucked madly! Her firm tits bounced up and down and her hips did a hula dance, grinding her pussy on Pete’s hand. Looking at the girl’s face was even more exciting. Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth was wide open.

At first, Pete thought something was wrong with her. Had he hurt her cunt with his fingers? Then he realized she wasn’t in pain, but was out of her mind with pleasure. She was coming!

So Pete kept his finger stirring and fucking her cunt. He watched with bulging eyes as Barb went through the rapture of a fabulous orgasm.

Gradually she slowed and quieted until she was limp and gasping. Her tits heaved, and her body convulsed a few more times. Then she opened her eyes and saw Pete looking down at her with a shocked expression.

“That was beautiful!” she said as she hugged the guy and pulled him down to her.

Pete loved being held to her sweaty tits. But his prick was about to rip through his pants.

“Let me fuck you!” Pete said softly, hopefully. He felt the girl stiffen, but he still hoped she would fuck him. After all, it would be inhuman to leave him in such a state of desperation.

“I’ll beat you off,” she said. “Will that be all right?”

Pete’s heart skipped a beat. Where had Barb heard of beating a guy off? Had her sister been coaching her? In any case, Pete jumped at the chance. It wasn’t as good as fucking, but it was a lot better than anything else he’d ever gotten.

So he jumped up and pulled down his pants. He watched Barb’s face as he showed her his hard and throbbing prick. She was fascinated.

Dropping down beside Barb again, Pete brought his prick within her reach. He sat still, watching the girl marvel at the strange sight of an erect prick.

“God! It’s so big!” Barb whispered as she sat up, leaning forward.

Slowly, her hands moved toward his cock, the closer they got, the more his prick jerked.

“What makes it twitch like that?” Barb asked.

“That’s my heart pounding. Blood makes a prick hard.”

Both her hands descended on his cock, grabbing his prick like a baseball bat.

“It’s head is so soft,” Barb said as Pete panted with the excitement of having her hands on his prick.

As she moved her hands around on his prickshaft and cockhead, Pete wiggled and gasped. Her lightly exploring fingers were going to make him come before long.

But Barb let his prick go and lifted his balls. She held them in one hand and petted them with the other.

“Gee!” she sighed in amazement.

The pressure in Pete’s balls was becoming painful. He had to shoot before his gism erupted anyhow.

“Hold it here,” he said as he put Barb’s hand around his thick cockshaft. “And move the skin up and down like this.”

He set her hand pumping, then released it and slumped back as she jerked him off.

“Is this right?” she asked.

“Yeahhhh! A little faster.”

With her tits hanging over his prick, Barb stroked his cock, tugging the loose skin over his bloated prickhead, then down and up again.

Having a hand other than his own on his prick was heavenly. And having a hand belonging to such a gorgeous creature as Barb was almost unbelievable.

“Uhhh!” Pete gasped as his orgasm exploded.

“Wow!” Barb yelled as gobs of thick white fuck cream leaped from his cockhead.

She kept her hand quickly pumping up and down on his shooting cock. Some of Pete’s jism landed on her tits and then drooled down her belly. One shot hit her cheek. But she kept pumping like a champ.

She jerked his cock till he was drained. Her hand slowed, then stopped.

“Was that all right?” she asked.

“Oh, it was great!” Pete said.

Barb wiped jism from her face and tits, feeling it between her fingers.

“Is that what you do to yourself when you’re horny?” she asked.

“Yeah, but it never feels as good as it did this time,” Pete said. “Do you rub your cunt to make yourself come?”

“Uh-huh,” Barb admitted, averting her eyes coyly. “But it never felt as good as when you did it.”

They hugged each other until Pete’s prick was stiff again, which didn’t take long. But before they could begin again, Barb’s parents’ car pulled into the driveway. So they both jumped up and pulled up their pants. Barb quickly buttoned her blouse. When her mother and father walked into the living room, the teens looked like they had been necking, but the didn’t look like they had jerked each other off.

“Hello, Pete,” Mrs. Clark said. “Will you stay for dinner?”

“No, I have to get going,” he said. “My mother wants me to do some chores before dinner.”

Actually, Pete had to go because he wanted to be along to think about what had happened. He wanted to savor this treat, making it last.


The next day Pete rode his bike over to his best friend’s, Don’s, house. Don had a girl friend who let him finger fuck her. But she hadn’t ever jerked Don off. Pete was eager to brag about his recent experience with Barb.

“Wow!” Don said over and over as Pete told his story in vivid detail.

“My jism was hanging from her tits like icicles,” Pete said.

Don was impressed, and Pete felt like a hero.

“Hey, I was talking to my cousin yesterday.” Don said. “He told me how you can peek into the Kingston Hotel.”

“Why would anyone want to peek into that place?” Pete asked.

“That’s where the strippers are,” Don said. “You can look right down on the stage and even into their dressing room. My cousin did it lots of times. We should try it.”

Even though he’d experienced the joy of finger fucking and a hand job, Pete thought it would be exciting to peek at some strippers. So he agreed that they should give it a try.

It was a long bus ride to the old downtown section. Then they had to walk several blocks through a neighborhood where men sat in door stoops sipping from bottles hidden in paper bags.

“There’s an alley behind the building,” Don said. “Then we’ve got to climb up a fire escape to the roof.”

They cut through the bus station and a parking lot. Then they went down a dead-end alley littered with bottles and broken glass. There were some steel doors that had no handles and a lace-work of iron fire escapes on the brick walls which rose around them. A ladder hung from one of the fire escapes, but it was out of reach from the ground.

“You’ve got to grab this pipe and pull yourself up,” Don said.

Pete watched Don experiment until he found a way to climb to the ladder. Once he reached it, it was a simple matter to climb to the roof of the building.

Pete was soon following Don up the ladder. As soon as they reached the roof, they heard loud musk coming from the skylights which were set in two rows the length of the flat roof.

The guys looked at each other. Then, like burglars, they crouched down and sneaked up to a skylight. But when they peered into it, they found themselves looking down into a men’s room. A man stood at a long row of urinals.

But that wasn’t what they had climbed to the roof to see. They crept to the next skylight.

Now they were looking into a room lined with small tables, each of which had a round mirror above it. The tables were covered with small bottles and jars. There were chairs strewn with colorful clothing.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the room. It was a naked woman! She threw a few lacy garments over the back of a chair, then sat down.

From overhead, the guys could see her big tits protruding from her chest. When she sat down, they caught a glimpse of her cunt hair.

Don grabbed Pete’s arm and shook it. “Great, huh?”

“Yeah!” Pete said.

The woman lit a cigarette and began wiping make-up from her face. The guys watched until she pulled on a jersey and a pair of jeans.

“Let’s check out the other skylights,” Don whispered.

Moving across the roof, the guys locked down into a barroom. There was a bar with men sitting with their backs against it. From another skylight, they saw some sparsely occupied tables. Finally, though, through the skylight at the end of the row, the looked down on a stage where another woman was dancing.

She had a pink, gauzy veil around her tits. Her cunt was bare, but from their position over head, the guys didn’t have a very good view of her pussy. But they were excited nevertheless.

The woman sat down on the stage and spread her legs. Then she began thrusting her cunt toward the men in the audience.

“Those guys have a good view,” Pete said, pointing down to some young guys in the front row who were leaning forward, their faces a few feet from the stripper’s thrusting pussy.

“I wish we were old enough to get in there,” Don whispered.

They watched the woman until her act was over. Although they hadn’t had as good a view as the men in the audience, Don and Pete did get some good views, and their pricks were stiff.

“Let’s go over there again and watch her get dressed,” Don said.

They went back to the skylight that looked into the dressing room. The stripper appeared and went through the same procedure as the last.

As she dressed, another woman came into the room. She began to undress. Then she put on a tiny piece of cloth that covered her cunt and was held in place by strings that went around her waist and down the crack of her ass. Over that she put on a transparent gown.

Then, as the woman put make-up on her face, a man came up behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders, leaned ever, and kissed her.

The woman whose act the guys had caught had left, so the man and woman were alone.

“Come to my office after your show,” the man said.

“Okay,” the woman said.

Then she left the room. The guys went to the skylight that gave them a view of the stage to catch this chick’s strip. She was soon on stage, dancing and pulling off her gown. Then she danced around with her big tits wobbling.

Next, she took off her g-string and began flashing her cunt at the men in the audience.

“Beautiful tits!” Pete whispered.

“Nice ass, too,” Don said.

The woman was down on her belly and her ass wiggled and pumped. Then she rolled over and spread her legs. She was looking up toward the skylight.

Pete’s eyes bulged. It was Ann Clark, Barb’s sister!

“Hey, look!” he said. “That’s Ann Clark!”

“You’re right!” Don gasped. “Holy cow!”

“I saw her at Barb’s yesterday,” Pete said. “I knew she had changed, but I didn’t know why.”

Watching Ann’s act was even more exciting now that the guys realized they knew her.

By the time she left the stage, they were panting. “Let’s see if we can see into that guy’s office,” Pete said. “I have a feeling something interesting will happen.”

“Something interesting would happen if she came to my office,” Don said.

The guys went down the other line of skylights. Through one of them they saw the man sitting at a desk. A few seconds later, they saw Ann come into the room.

“Baby, I’ve been horny all day,” the man said. “Rescue me!”

“Gladly,” Ann said.

The man got up from behind his desk and met the woman in the middle of the room. They embraced and kissed. Then they went to a couch and sat down.

Ann was already naked, and the man immediately began massaging her tits. Ann reached into his crotch and held his balls as they kissed.

Then the man pushed Ann back against the arm of the couch. He leaned over and sucked her tits. Ann ran her fingers through his black, wavy hair.

“Oh, suck me!” she said wantonly and loud enough for the guys on the roof to hear.

After some serious tit-sucking, the man stood up. As he pulled off his pants, Ann slouched on the couch with her crotch open. The guys saw her pink pussy gash like a beacon shining in her dark cunt hair.

Now the man dropped onto the couch with his prick stiff and towering over his stomach.

“Feel like sucking me?” he asked.

“Ummmmm, of course,” Ann said and lowered her face to his lap.

Don and Pete looked at each other. Their faces wore horny expressions of lust.

Then they looked down into the office again. Ann’s head was bobbing over the man’s lap. He stroked Ann’s bare back.

After Ann sucked the guy for a while, he said something to her that the guys couldn’t hear. But they saw Ann lift her face and crawl up onto the couch. She straddled the man’s tap holding her gigantic tits at his face.

The guys watched in awe as both Ann and the man reached to where their crotches came together. By Ann’s movements, the guys knew they were fitting the man’s prick into Ann’s cunt.

“Ahhhhh!” Ann sighed, her voice drifting to the hot guys on the roof.

Ann began bouncing on the man’s lap. The guys imagined how his prick must be fucking deep into her body as she bounced, and her cries of pleasure helped their imaginations.

The man tried sucking Ann’s tits as they fucked. But her tits were bobbing wildly up and down with her bouncing, and they kept slipping out of the man’s mouth. Even when he tried holding one tit at his face, it would slip from his grasp and begin flopping up and down again. Finally, the man gave up the idea of sucking her tits, dropped his head back, and watched Ann’s tits dancing on her chest.

Ann’s blond curls shook around her head and shoulders as she fucked her cunt up and down. The guys saw the cheeks of her ass slapping on the man’s thighs.

“Oh, Joe!” Ann cried, her voice rising in volume.

“Are you coming, baby?” he asked.

“Yessss!” Ann hissed. “Aaaaa!”

“I’m going to come too,” Joe said. “Uh-h!”

Meanwhile, on the roof, Don and Pete stared in a horny trance. They would have given anything to be in that man’s place. The cries of sexual bliss rising from the skylight told the whole story better even than the sight of the fuckers.

“Uhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh!” the two on the couch moaned in their ecstasy.

By the time the fuckers were still and panting in each other’s arms, Don and Pete were about ready to came in their pants.

“God!” Don said as they backed away from the skylight. “That lucky bastard!”

“Let’s get out of here,” Pete whispered.

Don nodded, and they hurried to the fire escape. As so as they were on the ground, Pete suggested going for a Coke. They went into a coffee shop and sat down at the counter.

“I’ll be right back,” Don said.

He went to the men’s room. Pete had been about to do the same, but now he had to wait until Don got back. As soon as Don returned, Pete hurried to the men’s room, pulled out his cock and gave his prick a half-dozen pumps. That was all it took to make his jism fly.

Now that he had witnessed the magic of fucking, Pete could no longer settle for anything less. Even the hand job Barb had given him was not going to take the place of the object of his dreams fucking!


“Want to come over tonight?” Barb asked Pete after school on Tuesday. “My parents are going out.”

“Sure,” Pete said happily. “I’ll be there.” This was a lucky break. Usually, he only got a chance to be alone with Barb on Saturdays. But, now that he was especially eager to get at her again, he was going to have his chance.

Since she had let him finger fuck her and had given him a hand job, Pete hoped she would go even farther next time. Also, now that he had felt the chamber of her cunt, he knew how good it would feel to stick his prick into that hot and tender pussy.

He thought of Ann. Barb was her younger sister, and maybe the change Ann had gone through would happen to Barb too.

Pete wondered if Barb knew that her sister was a stripper, but he didn’t want to admit he’d peeked into the Kingston Hotel.

“What’s Ann doing these days?” he asked Barb when he went to her house.

“Why?” she asked, and her tone made Pete think that she did know that Ann was flashing her cunt at the Kingston Hotel.

“I don’t know. I just wondered,” he said. “She was dressed so sexy that I thought she might have to look that way for some sort of job.”

“Oh, Pete. It’s terrible!” Barb said. “Promise you won’t tell anyone? She’s a stripper!”

“Really?” Pete asked, pretending surprise. “What’s so terrible about that?”

“Are you kidding? I suppose you think it’s all right for a woman to take her clothes off and have a bunch of horny men gaping at her.”

“Well, it could be worse,” Pete said. “Yet, but it’s bad enough,” Barb said. “What do your parents think of it?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t talked to them about it,” Barb said.

As they discussed Ann, they sat down oh the couch and cuddled together. Now they kissed, forgetting about Ann. Pete was thinking about Barb’s body and how he had gotten so close to fucking her the last time. He still saw her tits in his memory and was eager to get at them again.

Toward that goal, he stuck his tongue into her mouth and found her tongue. Then, as they intertwined their tongues in a wild kiss, Pete slid his hand to Barb’s tits.

“Ummmmm!” she hummed wantonly.

She seemed to be heating up fast — a good sign. Pete felt her stiff nipples through the material of her jersey.

Barb opened her mouth wider, thrusting her tongue deep into Pete’s mouth and biting his lips. She was becoming a real tigress!

Pete saw her passion as a sign of willingness to fuck. He reached inside her jersey, grabbed her bare tits, and squeezed each of them in turn. By that time, Barb was panting and squirming. She dug her fingernails into Pete’s thighs.

Pete grabbed her jersey and pulled it up. When Barb lifted her arms so he could pull it over her head, he was thrilled.

Barb’s firm tits were exposed. Pete hadn’t remembered how truly beautiful they were. Now, as he gazed at them again, their lovely shape and creamy texture filled him with lustful longing that he couldn’t resist, so he dove into those mountains of softness, landing with his mouth open.

Sucking one of her big, erect nipples into his mouth, Pete sighed in heat. How exciting it was to have a mouth fill of firm titflesh!

“Oh, Pete!” Barb whispered. “I love that!”

“Um-mmmmm!” Pete hummed in agreement.

Just like last time, sucking her tits made him eager to get at her pussy. So he unfastened her pants and pulled down her zipper. So far, it hadn’t even occurred to Pete that she might stop him. So when he felt her hand on his wrist he was surprised as well as devastated.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing, but can’t we just kiss like we used to?”

Pete was flabbergasted. He’d let himself become too confident. But he wasn’t going to let himself get stranded in mid-lust with a case of blue-balls.

Pete jumped up. He only knew he had to do something to change Barb’s mind, and even as he pulled off his shirt he wasn’t sure what he was up to.

Staring down at the girl who was now covering her tits with her hands, Pete threw his shirt down on the floor. Then he unfastened his pants and pulled them down. As he grabbed his underpants, he watched Barb’s face. Her gaze was glued to the lump in his underpants, fascinated, enchanted.

He stripped off his underpants and stood naked in front of the girl. Why hadn’t he thought of this before? After all, the sight of a hard cock must be thrilling for a young girl.

He stood in front of the girl who continued looking at his prick bob up and down. Pete almost felt hep gaze on him, and his prick began to throb harder. Showing off his big cock was exciting, and since the sight was having a powerful effect on Barb, Pete merely stood there, enjoying himself.

After about a minute, Barb lifted her ass and pulled down her pants. She seemed to be hypnotized by the sight of Pete’s prick.

She tossed her jeans aside, then pulled down her undies. Now she was naked, still staring at Pete’s cock. He remained standing, displaying himself for the girl. But now he enjoyed the sight of her flaked body, too. Her cunt was spread so her pink pussylips showed like a vertical smile between her soft thighs.

It wasn’t until Barb held out her arms to the guy that Pete sat down beside her again. They wrapped their arms around each other, pulling their naked bodies into a tight embrace.

“Oh, I love the way your body feels against mine!” Barb whispered.

“Yeah! It’s nothing like being dressed,” Pete agreed.

They kissed again as they explored each other with eager hands. Pete felt Barb’s tits, then ran his hand down her side, over her hip, and across her wide ass. He grabbed a firm asscheek and Barb dragged her fingernails down Pete’s back, then tickled his asscrack. Then she brought her hand around to his standing cock.

Pete shifted his hips, bringing his prick up so Barb could cross his cockshaft. And when her fingers arrived on his taut prickhead, he stiffened his body with pleasure.

“I can’t believe the way it throbs!” Barb said into Pete’s ear.

By now, Pete had brought his hand to Barb’s cunt. She spread her thighs, making room for his hand at her cunt.

“You’re so wet!” he said as his fingers dipped into her pussy gash.

They sat back now, exploring each other with their eyes as well as with their fingers. As Barb experimented with his prick, Pete spread her cunt lips and looked at her tender pussy slot. He had never seen anything so beautiful!

Passing his fingers over Barb’s cuntlips, Pete wiggled them back and forth. Then he watched his finger disappear up her pussy.

Barb gasped as her cunt lips stretched over the finger.

Barb discovered how she could press Pete’s prick into his stomach, but not down to his thighs. Then she examined the way the loose skin could be slid up over his cockhead. She loved to squeeze his cockhead, then let his prick swell again in her hand.

As Pete fucked his finger in and out of Barb’s pussy, stretching its mouth, he got more and more eager to stick his prick in there. But he forced himself to wait. He wasn’t sure Barb would let him, but the hotter she got the better his chances of fucking her would be.

His prick was jerking spasmodically as Barb squeezed and stroked. And, when she let his cock go to lift his balls, his prick wagged like the tail of a friendly dog.

Barb grabbed his prick again, this time with both hands. Then she leaned down as though to get a better look. But she kept lowering her face farther and farther, until Pete wondered what she was doing. As her face neared his prick, he lost his grip on her cunt because she pulled her hips back.

Pete felt the girl’s hot breath on his cockhead. Her tits touched his thigh. But the teen wiggling with lust, still had no idea what was happening. Only when he felt her soft tongue on his swollen prick did he realize what Barb was up to!

“Ahhhh!” he gasped, and his body jerked.

Over and over, Barb’s tongue licked his prick. Up his cockshaft and over his prick-knob her tongue slithered. With each lick, Pete trembled.

He thought Barb’s fingers had felt wonderful as they moved along his cock. But now the touch of her tongue sent waves of dizzying lust through him.

“Oh, Barb!” he gasped.

But he found that even that touch of her soft, wet tongue was nothing compared to the way her mouth fast as it descended over his prick.

“Ahaaaa!” he cried in surprise and pleasure as her hot mouth took his fat cockhead into a tight grip.

Barb’s teeth pressed sharply against his prickshaft, her lips formed a tight seal around his cock, and her tongue began wiggling beneath his prickhead. Pete shook and moaned blissfully.

Barb’s tongue was lifting him toward ecstasy. But the rate of ascent was slow and steady. Pete’s head dropped back and lolled as he was devoured by the joy of a blow job!

If she was willing to suck his prick she would be willing to fuck him, Pete reasoned. But soon he realized he was going to come before he got a chance to stick his prick into Barb’s cunt. In fact, he was going to come before he got a chance to take his prick out of her mouth!

Pete looked down at Barb’s blond head hovering over his lap. He was nearing an orgasm!

It would feel so good to come right in her mouth Pete thought feverishly. But he would have to warn Barb that he was coming. She would never forgive him if be didn’t. When she lifted her head, he would tell her to grab his prick and jerk him as she had the last time.

He waited to the last second. His hips began bucking and he was sweating.

“Barb, I’m going to come!”

But the girl kept her mouth firmly attached to his prick which was now fucking deep into the back of her throat as Pete pumped his hips.

“Barb!” he cried louder. “I-I-I’m com-m-m-m…”

His jism gushed from his prick in mighty spasms. Still, Barb kept her mouth on his cock, letting her mouth fill with his thick cream.

Pete bounced and writhed, overcome with intense pleasure. With Barb’s hot saliva mixing with his jism and her tongue and teeth sliding on his prick, he had the orgasm of his life!

Besides the sheer physical joy, Pete had the excitement of having his prick stuck in Barb’s pretty face!

“Ohhhh!” he moaned as his jism kept spurting. Barb was swallowing his fuck cream as fast as he was pumping it into her.

Even when Pete stopped shooting, Barb remained bent over him, holding his cock in her mouth. Her tongue moved over the shrinking bulk of his cock as her tits rose and fell with her deep breathing.

“Ummm!” Barb moaned suddenly.

Her body twitched. Pete wondered what was going on. After all, he thought it was all over.

“Mm!” she cried and bit down on his cockshaft. Then Pete noticed Barb’s shoulder moving rhythmically. Her arm was tucked beneath her body, and Pete guessed where her hand was. She was rubbing herself off as she sucked him.

Pete’s prick began to inflate again now that he knew what Barb was doing. Her tits, still lying on his thigh, were rolling with her increasing motion.

“Mmmmmmm!” she hummed on the teen’s prick which she still held in her mouth.

Having this chick jerking off while her face was over his prick and her tits were on his leg drove Pete to a high level of horniness. His prick was hard and throbbing again now as Barb’s teeth bit.

“Owww!” he cried in pain as the girl’s climax made her bite him hard.

Hearing his cry, Barb lifted her head and tits from him and rocked backwards, throwing herself down on her back. Now Pete saw the beauty of a young girl in the throes of self-induced sexual bliss!

With her legs spread wide, Barb rubbed vigorously at her gaping pussy. Pete saw how her hairy cunt lips were buffeted by her furiously rubbing fingers. Her tits shook with the motion, and her face was screwed up in an expression of ecstasy.

“Eeeeee!” she wailed.

Her legs, which were drawn up over her body, began to kick. Pete got her foot shoved against his arm and chest a few times before he backed out of the way.

He’d never dreamed of such a kinky sight! Beneath Barb’s gash, her asscheeks were wet with cunt juice. Her little asshole peeked out at him.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Barb sighed as she slowed her fucking fingers.

Her body ground to a halt. Her tits stopped shaking. She dropped her legs across Pete’s thighs.

“Gee! That was weird!” she said. “I got so hat blowing you I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I was coming! I’m so embarrassed!”

She covered her tits and rolled over, hiding her cunt from the teen. But Pete was so excited again, he had renewed hopes of fucking her.

“It was exciting to see you do that!” he said as he rolled her ever onto her back again. “I’ve never seen anything so exciting!”

“I can’t believe I did it,” Barb said.

Pete reached for her cunt. But her thighs were clamped tightly together now, and she wouldn’t open them.

“Barb, let me fuck you?” Pete whispered hoarsely.

“No!” she said, and shook her head.

Pete’s heart sank, but hit prick kept twitching. He saw that she was firm in her refusal, and she could be stubborn.

“Jerk me off then,” he said.

“You do it and I’ll watch!” Barb said eagerly. “That’ll be fair since you watched me.”

Pete was struck by a one-two punch. One — he felt a thrill run through him at the thought of jerking off in front of Barb. Two — he didn’t think he could perform his secret vice in front of her.

“Come on!” she urged. “I’d love to see how you do it.”

“Do it the same way you did it to me last time,” he said.

“I know,” Barb whined. “But I want to see you do it. Come on please!”

Pete knew he was going to hare to do it. And, as soon, as he realized he would, he was wild with passion. Although he was still shy and embarrassed, his excitement was beyond limits!

They both looked at the teen’s cock throb above his lap. Barb sat up attentively.

Slowly, Pete grabbed his prick, closing his fist around his cockshaft. He took a look at Barb’s naked body, then began to pump his cock. Jerking off had never been so exciting! With Barb sitting beside him, with her gorgeous tits exposed, jerking off was a completely new experience!

“God, that looks like fun!” Barb said. “Boys are lucky!”

“I think girls are lucky,” Pete said, still pumping. “You looked like you were out of your mind with pleasure!”

“I was!”

Now, as he pumped his prick, Pete looked up from his cock and ova at Barb. Her gaze was still fastened to his prick and his sliding fist, though. He looked at her tits, then down into her lap where her fuzzy pussy was.

“Ahhh!” he groaned as his second orgasm burst.

With Barb’s gaze on his prick, Pete had a great orgasm. But, before he knew it, more than her gaze was on him. She leaped forward, dropping her face to his erupting cock. Her mouth covered the tip of his prick and she drank the fountain of jism!

She loved his jism, Pete realized!

Again she sucked his prick clean. When she lifted her face, she was licking her lips.

“Mmmmm! I like that stuff!” she said with a smile.

As they dressed, Pete took a quick, wistful look at Barb’s cunt before she pulled up her pants. The blow job was great — he hoped to get more of them. But he still longed to fuck her.


Before he could be alone with Barb again, Pete became awfully horny. He thought about the blow job he’d gotten, and dreamed of fucking his prick into a pussy. He jerked off several times. But none of that was enough. He needed more!

Peeking into the Kingston Hotel again would be fun. The more he thought about it, the more exciting it seemed. Finally, he had to go there and get another look. He hoped to see that guy fucking Ann again. If he couldn’t get fucked, the next best thing was to watch someone else fuck. He went in the evening, alone. Creeping into that alley at night was different from when he’d gone there with Don. If there had been anyone there, Pete would have gone right back home.

But there was no one there, and he soon was on his way up the fire escape. No one was on the roof as he thought there might be just before he reached it. Still, it was scary being there. If it weren’t for his raging lust, he wouldn’t have had the nerve to do this.

The music seemed louder than last time as he tiptoed to the skylight over the stage.

One of the women he had seen last time was dancing around. She swung her tits and pumped her hips, showing the audience everything she had. The audience was bigger now, and they clapped and yelled at the woman when she gave them a good view.

Kneeling on the roof, Pete watched her, wishing he was in the audience where the view was better. When she finished her act, he went to the skylight over the dressing room.

Now there were two other chicks there besides the one who had just done her strip. One was Ann.

Pete felt like he was right in the room with them. Then he realized that the skylights were opened. It was a warm night, and cigarette smoke drifted from the skylights.

“How’s the house?” Ann asked the girl who bad just done her act. “Almost full,” the girl said. “Bunch of young guys in front are good tippers. One shoved a five in my g-string.”

“And now, the lowly Minky!” man’s voice said, drifting up from the skylight over the stage.

One of the girls he looked down on, a redhead, jumped up and hurried from the dressing room.

Pete saw how her big tits bounced under her flimsy costume, and he wanted to see her strip. But it seemed like more fun to watch the girls in the dressing room. For one thing, Ann was there, and since seeing her fucking, he was fascinated with her. For another thing, peeking into a private room, at the chicks who had no idea someone was watching, seemed somehow kinky and exciting. After all, watching the stripper on stage, he would be just one more pair of eyes out of a hundred.

Ann and the other stripper, a black-haired beauty, talked about this and that as Ann undressed. Pete thought it was more exciting to see a woman take off her regular clothing than it was to see a stripper slip out of a silly costume. But he had to admit it was still exciting to see the strippers shaking their tits.

When Ann was naked, she opened a canvas bag and pulled out the pink and black bits of shining material that were her costume. She pulled her g-string on, adjusting it over her cunt and pulling the strings tightly into her asscrack. Then she strapped on her ridiculously tiny bra. Over those garments she put on a black veil that was so transparent it barely dimmed her body.

“Seen Joe?” the black-haired woman asked. “Yeah, this morning,” Ann said as she studied herself in a mirror.

“Still fucking him?”

“Yeah,” Ann said. “He’s a good guy. And fucking him makes the day go faster. Jealous?”

“Hell no! I’ve fucked him too many times to be jealous,” the black-haired chick said. “You can have him with my blessings.”

“Well, I just hope he doesn’t start coming around to my place,” Ann said. “I don’t want to get that friendly with him.”

Pete was thrilled to find that Joe wasn’t really Ann’s boy friend. He was entertaining thoughts of fucking her himself. But would she fuck a guy like him?

The music stopped. The man’s voice was heard again.

“Let’s hear it for the sexy, gorgeous Minky,” he said. “Isn’t she beautiful? What lovely tits!”

There was loud applause.

“See you later,” Ann said as she left the dressing room.

“And now, Spicy Sugar,” the voice said. “Give her a big hand!”

Pete scurried to the skylight over the stage. He wanted to see Ann strip. Even after watching her take off her street clothes and put on her costume, Pete was dying to see more of her beautiful body.

The audience seemed to like Ann better, judging by their wild clapping and whistling. The music started, and Ann began dancing. Now that Pete had seen several of the strippers dance, he saw that Ann was different. She danced wildly, throwing her tits about with more energy and shaking her ass until her asscheeks flapped like a flag in a strong wind.

Men reached up with bills rolled up, and Ann danced to them, bent down, shaking her tits. They slipped the rolled-up bill into her bra or g-string, dipping their fingers in deeper than necessary.

During the first few minutes, Ann merely danced around. Then she took her veil off. Before long, her bra and g-string followed. Then she spread a rug on the stage and lay down. Now Pete had a good view as she rolled over and over, spreading her legs.

Pete grabbed the lump in his pants. He was heating up fast. But as much as he wanted to pull out his prick and jerk off, he resisted the urge. Somehow, he hoped to talk to Ann and get her to fuck him.

When her number was over, she went back to the dressing room. Pete followed her on the roof, watching as she sank into the chair at her dressing table.

Shortly after Ann came into the dressing room, Joe came in.

“Beautiful!” he said to Ann. “You get better every day!”

“You used to say the same thing to me,” the black-haired chick said as she went to where Joe leaned on a table. “Don’t you think I’m getting better every day too?”

The chick was thrusting a naked tit to Joe’s chest.

“Cut the crap, Joy,” he said. “You know you’re not interested in what I think.”

“Oh, that’s right,” the black-haired chick said. “I forgot.”

“Come on to my office, Ann,” Joe said.

“Be right there,” Ann said casually.

Pete felt a current of lust in his prick. It seemed he was going to watch Ann fuck that guy again. He wished it could be him, and he was surprised at his jealousy. Pete went to the skylight over Joe’s office. He saw the man come in and stretch out on the couch. He looked horny.

Ann came in wearing a white robe. Dramatically, she opened it and slipped it from her delicate shoulders. It fell to the floor, revealing her naked body.

“Gorgeous!” Joe said as he held out his hands to the naked woman.

Ann went to him and sat at the side of the couch.

Joe grabbed her tits and began massaging them as Ann unfastened his pants. She fished his prick out and began sucking.

Both sisters seemed to like sucking cocks, Pete noticed. He wished Barb had Ann’s love of fucking too as he remembered how Ann had fucked this guy last time. But Pete hoped they would fuck in a different position this time. The way they had fucked last time hadn’t let Pete see as much as he longed to.

As Ann sucked Joe’s cock, they both lowered his pants. Then Ann lifted her face long enough to pull his pants from his feet. She resumed sucking as Joe took off his shirt.

Now that he was naked, Joe pulled Ann from his crotch. She mounted him, bringing her cunt to his cock. They got his prick inside her pussy, and Ann began rocking and bouncing.

Pete still couldn’t see her cunt as he had hoped to. But he did have a good view of her tits as they hopped like bouncing balls.

Watching the fuckers doing what he had only dreamed about made Pete shake with lust. His prick was jerking and his balls ached. He had to jerk off! So he whipped out his prick as he looked down at the fucking couple.

He began stroking his prick in time with Ann’s bouncing body. Suddenly, though, something was cutting into his knee as he knelt beside the skylight. It felt like a piece of broken glass.

“Ow!” Pete whispered as he shifted his weight from his painful knee.

By shifting his position, though, he bumped the open skylight with his shoulder. It slammed shut, and one pane of glass shattered, raining shards into the room. After flinching under the falling glass, Joe and Ann looked up.

Pete had jumped back into darkness. He shoved his prick back into his pants and ran for the fire escape.

Pete’s heart was pounding, but now it wasn’t lust that excited him, it was fear. It would be simple for Joe to cut him off in the alley, and Pete heard the man yelling to someone.

Pete climbed as fast as he could, reaching the lowest ladder and hang-dropping from it. He dashed toward the entrance of the alley. But before he got there, a flood of light flashed in front of him. Then two men stepped into the light just in time to catch the running teen by the arms.

A fist crashed into Pete’s stomach, knocking the wind from him and doubling him over so he hung by the arms in the men’s grip.

“What’s the big idea, sport?” one of the men asked.

They threw Pete against the brick wall. He couldn’t breathe, let alone talk. But they kept asking him what he was doing, on the roof.

“You like to peek, huh?” a man said. “It’s bad enough getting a free strip show, but I don’t like being spied on.”

Pete recognized Joe although he looked different when seen face to face.

“Pete!” Ann gasped. “What?”

This was the worst thing that could happen, Pete thought. He would rather have the men beat him up than have Ann find him here.

“Leave him alone!” she said as she ran to him and pulled the men’s hands from him. “He’s a friend of mine.”

“You have some weird friends,” Joe said. Pete was just catching his breath, breathing with horrible sounds in his dry throat.

“Come on, Pete,” Ann said as she led him to the open door.

“Hey, where’re you taking him?” Joe asked.

“Never mind!” Ann said. “You’d better pick on people your own size from now on.”

“Did you ever see anything so dumb?” Joe asked the other man as Ann took Pete to the dressing room.

The sight of the redhead putting lipstick on her nipples didn’t help Pete catch his breath. Things were happening so fast he wasn’t sure whether he should be scared or horny.

“Leave us alone, will you?” Ann asked the redhead.

“Well, what’s this?” the redhead asked. “One of the audience stricken with horniness?”

“Joe punched him in the stomach, that big ape,” Ann said bitterly.

“That creep!” the redhead said.

“Please leave us for a while,” Ann said.

They were alone. Pete felt better. He was breathing almost normally.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have been peeking. But I heard about being able to watch the strippers. I didn’t mean to see you and that guy.”

That wasn’t quite the truth, but it had happened that way the first time.

Pete was sitting in a chair. Ann was leaning over him. Her robe had opened enough to show the teen her heavy tits hanging from her chest.

“Are you going to be all right?” Ann asked.

“Sure, I’m okay. I can’t even blame that guy for punching me.”

Pete looked up from Ann’s tits. There was a piece of broken glass in her hair. He took it and handed it to her.

“After peeking and breaking the window, I deserved to get punched,” Pete said.

“Nonsense,” Ann said. “It wasn’t your fault. Would you like to go over to my place and rest up? It’s right around the corner. I’ve got to go on again soon, but then I’ll be off for an hour, and I’ll come to see how you are.”

She handed Pete her key and told him where her apartment was. Then she walked him to the parking lot to make sure Joe wasn’t waiting for him.

When Pete got to Ann’s place, his head was still spinning. But he wasn’t too confused to hope that he would fuck him. Why should she? he asked himself. There was no reason except that he had interrupted her fucking, and she might be horny. But in that case, she would probably finish fucking Joe. But she was mad at him. On and on, Pete debated his chances of getting fucked. Finally, he decided that things had been so strange so far, anything could happen.

He paced around the apartment while waiting for Ann. It was shabby, but comfortable. In the bathroom there were sexy undies and bras hanging everywhere. Pete examined them carefully.

By the time Ann arrived, Pete was dying to come. If she wouldn’t fuck him, he would have to jerk off soon!

“How are you?” she asked as she rushed over to him.

“Fine, I’m fine,” he said, “Just horny.”

Ann turned her head slightly, looking at him from the corner of her eye and smiling slyly.

“Poor baby! My sister won’t fuck you, will she? God, when I think back to when I was her age! I was the same way.”

“But you’re not any more,” Pete said.

“No,” Ann laughed. “And I’m having a lot more fun now. If you weren’t my own sisters boy friend, I’d fuck you myself!”

“I wouldn’t tell her!” Pete said eagerly.

Ann laughed. “If you do tell her, I’ll never speak to you again.”

Pete tried to decipher Ann’s words. Was she saying she would fuck him? Was he going to get fucked after all? Did all the trouble he’d caused so far bring his dream to reality?

“You won’t, will you?” Ann asked. “Tell her, I mean. It’s important that you don’t.”

He was going to get fucked! Pete felt like he’d been punched in the stomach again. He couldn’t talk.

Ann came over to him and hugged him. Her big tits, barely contained in her blouse, pressed against his chest. Her mouth moved to his. When she slipped her tongue into his mouth, the teen came alive, throwing his arms around her and pressing the lump in his pants to her stomach.

“Mmmmm!” Ann moaned.

They stood there kissing, Pete holding on to one of her big tits.

“Come on,” Ann said, breaking away. “I’ve got less than an hour.”

She led Pete to her bedroom. Again he saw her strip. But this time it was a hundred times more exciting — she was stripping for him!

Pete pulled off his clothes. Then he joined Ann who was already on the bed.

“What a beautiful cock!” she said as she grabbed his prick. “Too bad Barb is letting it go to waste. Did she at least blow you like I suggested?”

“Was that your idea?” Pete asked.

“Yeah, I told her she’d better do something to keep you happy or you would probably find a chick who would.”

As they talked, Pete kept his hand on one of Ann’s gorgeous tits. He held it like a shot put, hefting it and caressing it. The thrill of playing with such a beautiful tit ended the conversation as Pete kissed Ann again. Then he moved close to her, pressing his prick to her.

As soon as Ann ran her fingers along Pete’s shoulders and back, he knew he was in the arms of an expert. And her tongue had an exciting way of curling around inside his mouth.

Then Ann kissed her way to his ear, bit his ear lobe, and traced the swirls in his ear with the tip of her tongue.

As if the treatment he was receiving weren’t enough, Pete was trembling with the anticipation of fucking Ann. He was eager to feel her cunt sliding over his prick, but he didn’t want to seem as innocent and desperate as he was. He was glad she had to hurry to get back to her job, though.

“Suck my tits!” Ann said.

Without wasting a second, Pete slithered down until his face met her tits. They had spread out slightly on her chest with their great weights. But they formed beautiful curves, crowned with big, erect nipples. Ann’s tits were bigger than Barb’s, even though Barb’s were firmer.

As he nibbled then gobbled Ann’s tits, Pete reached for her cunt. Her mound was plump and her hair soft. Her pussy slot was hot and wet.

Ann grabbed Pete’s cock. Her fingers wrapped around his prick with a sure, firm grip, not like Barb’s grip which always seemed hesitant. Then Ann grabbed his balls and squeezed them tightly, making Pete wince.

Ann moaned as Pete’s finger slipped into her flowing cunt.

She moved her hips in a way he had seen her doing on stage, wiggling her pussy on his fingers. Pete wiggled his finger until it was churning her cunt, stretching her pussy.

He kept sucking her tits too. With her erect nipple sucked deeply into his mouth, his nose pressed into her titflesh. He moved his mouth to the neighboring tit and sucked it, then moved back to the first tit. He dipped his face into the warm valley between her tits, and Ann shook her body, making her tits bounce against the sides of his head.

Meanwhile, Ann’s hand was readying Pete’s prick for fucking. He loved the way she handled him, her fingers traveled up and down his shaft. She took his balls into her hand, reaching to his asshole with tickling fingers. She must have had a lot of practice, Pete thought.

“I love the way you suck me!” Ann said breathlessly.

Pete found that by biting down harder he made Ann cry out louder. She seemed to like him to squeeze hard with his teeth while fluttering his tongue over her big nipple.

“Get inside me!” Ann hissed.

Her words hit the teen like a bullet. His prick leaped from her hand as he scrambled on top of her. He took his finger from her pussy, leaving her cunt open and waiting for his cock.

Pete fumbled at her cunt, holding his fingers at her pussy to guide his prick in. But his prick didn’t seem to fit. He felt her cunt hair bristling beneath his cockhead.

“Uhhh!” he gasped with exertion as he tried to lodge his prick in her body.

He lunged a few times, but his cock slipped up over her stomach.

“Hey, relax,” Ann said softly. “Take it easy. Let me help.”

Forcing himself to slow down, Pete let Ann grab his prick. She bent it down a bit, then pulled forward. Pete followed her hand, hoping to feel his prick fucking into her cunt before he came on her hand.

The head of his prick was suddenly surrounded by tender, hot flesh. He moved his hips forward, and his cock fucked into the tight fit of Ann’s pussy!

“Ahhhhhhh!” Pete cried as he was rifled with the sensation of fucking.

He fucked his cock deep into Ann’s cunt. It throbbed within the confines of her wet cunt chamber, his balls hung to her asscheeks.

Pete was out of his mind. He’d never dreamed anything could feel this good!

Instinctively, he began pumping. He fucked his fat cockhead back and forth in the tunnel of Ann’s cunt, charging himself with mounting pleasure.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!” Ann cried.

Her moans fueled Pete’s passion, making him fuck his prick even faster. He was about to come, but his orgasm was merely part of a total insanity of ecstasy. He couldn’t distinguish between the friction of his prick in Ann’s cunt, the sound of her cries, the way her tits rolled beneath his chest, and the surges of joy running through his cock. It was all part of his overwhelming bliss!

“Uhhh! Uhhhh!” he gasped desperately.

After filling Ann with jism, Pete began to regain his senses. He felt her hips bucking as she kept his prick sliding deep into her cunt. Their stomachs were slapping together.

“Fuck me!” she yelled.

Pete had slowed his fucking. But he picked up the rhythm of her lunging hips, fucking his cock to the end of her cunt, then pulling almost completely out.

He knew Ann hadn’t come yet but was getting close. And he tried his best to give her as much pleasure as she had given him.

Her body became wet and clammy suddenly.

Her cries, which had been continuous, grew louder, more desperate.

She was coming, Pete realized.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Ann screamed.

Pete was spent. He lay limp on Ann’s body, his prick shriveling in her cunt. Her tits cushioned his chest as they rocked him with her gasping breaths.

“That was wonderful!” Ann said. “Barb doesn’t know what she’s missing. Now, I’ve got to go.”

She gave Pete a few playful slaps on the ass to rouse him. He hated to let her go, but he rolled off her, landing on his back with his wet prick slapping down on his stomach.

“Thanks, Ann,” he said as he watched her climb to her feet.

“Don’t thank me,” she said. “But the show must go on. Spicy Sugar must do her act.”

Pete smiled at her as she pulled her blouse over her bulging tits and buttoned a few buttons.

“Hang around as long as you like,” Ann said. “See you later.”

Pete lay in her bed, keeping the warmth of her body mingling with his own warmth. He tried to keep alive the memory of her tight cunt fucking on his prick. But already the memory was fading. He would have to fuck many more times before really knowing what it was like. It was like trying to recreate the sensation of a roller coaster ride months after being on it.

Pete had to get home. If he were too late, his parents wouldn’t let him out again for awhile, and that might interfere with his fucking. By the time he was on the bus, heading home, the whole evening seemed like a dream.


Now that he knew how it felt to have his prick fucking a pussy, knew the joy of filling a cunt with jism, Pete was hornier than ever!

After school, a few days after fucking Ann, Pete looked for Barb. He hoped they could go somewhere he could get another chance to try and fuck her. In any case, a blow job would be very nice.

But Barb wasn’t to be found. So Pete went to her house. Her mother answered the door and said Barb wouldn’t be home until dinner time.

“But come in,” she said. “I just took some brownies out of the oven. They’ll be cool soon.”

Pete was about to decline, but then he noticed how much Mrs. Clark looked like Ann. He was fascinated by the similarity, and he decided to accept her offer.

They went into the kitchen. Mrs. Clark poured a glass of milk for Pete, and put a platter of brownies on the table.

“Barb went with Ann to shop for some furniture for Ann’s new apartment,” Mrs. Clark said.

Hearing the woman mention her daughters’ names made Pete hot. But watching Mrs. Clark was enough to turn him on. It was strange that he’d never noticed before how sexy she was. She had the body of a much younger woman, and Pete saw where Ann had gotten her big tits.

“How is Ann?” Pete asked, opening a topic that he found exciting.

“Fine!” Mrs. Clark said. “She’s in show business, you know.”

Pete hadn’t expected that reply. Maybe Mrs. Clark didn’t know that her daughter was stripping.

“You mean like an actress?” Pete asked.

“No, she’s a dancer. She dances at the Kingston Hotel.”

“Really?” Pete said, “I’ve never been there.”

“Neither have I,” Mrs. Clark said. “At least not in years. I wanted to go see Ann’s act, but she won’t let me because she has to take all her clothes off while she dances, and I guess she’d be embarrassed to have her mother watch. Isn’t that silly?”

This was surprising, Pete thought. Could Mrs. Clark be so naive she didn’t understand that the only reason Ann danced was to show off her tits and cunt?

“You mean she’s a stripper?” Pete asked, trying to determine Mrs. Clark’s opinion.

“That’s right,” she said. “With that body of hers, I’m sure she’s good at it too. She’s always been a good dancer. Takes after me.”

Pete looked at the woman who sat opposite from him. He munched a brownie, but his interest was with Mrs. Clark.

“Didn’t Barb tell you I used to be a dancer?” she asked.

Pete said she hadn’t.

“Really?” she asked. “Oh, I used to be an exotic dancer. When I was a hoofer, I was Madam La Rue from mysterious Marseilles.”

“No kidding?” Pete asked, amazed at the news.

“I’ll show you my scrapbook,” Mrs. Clark said as she hurried from the room, her tits bobbing in her blouse.

She came back with a big book that had bits of paper sticking out from the pages. She put it in front of Pete and drew up a chair beside him.

Opening the book, she showed him posters of her act when she was a little girl dancing with her parents. She looked like a rag doll.

“Then, when I was a teenager, I did an act with Barney Jones,” she said as she turned the pages. “That’s him. Handsome, huh?”

Pete liked looking at the newspaper clippings and colorful handbills. He’d never imagined Barb had come from a show-biz background.

“Here I am as Madam La Rue,” Mrs. Clark said as she flipped a page.

Pete’s eyes widened as he looked at the picture. She looked almost exactly like Ann. And she wore only a g-string, net stockings, and pasties on her nipples with tassels hanging from them. Pete’s prick began to swell.

“Gee, Ann looks just like you!” he said.

“Yeah, she’s a chip off the old block, all right,” Mrs. Clark said. “Barb takes after her father, but Ann is me all over again.”

“You were beautiful,” Pete said. “I mean you still are. I mean…”

“I know what you mean,” Mrs. Clark laughed. “I don’t look bad nowadays, do I? And my tits are still firm. Here, feel.”

She grabbed Pete’s hand and pulled it to her tit. The teen was shocked, but as soon as he had his hand on the woman’s tit he began to squeeze. She was right about being in, he found.

“Ooooo!” Mrs. Clark sighed. “That’s enough! Don’t get me excited now.”

For the first time, Pete saw Barb’s mother as a real woman. Before, she had always been like a stage prop, something to be polite to, to walk around, to consider as an obstacle to necking with Barb. But now Mrs. Clark became a real woman with soft tits, a hot cunt, and sexual desires.

She began turning the pages of the scrapbook again. As Pete looked at the pictures of her in her outlandish stripper outfits, he wondered what it would be like to fuck her, a woman as old as his mother. His prick throbbed at the thought.

“I used to be terrific,” Mrs. Clark said. “The way I would get my tits swinging, one going around one way, the other swinging the other way. Gosh! You should have seen that!”

Pete was amazed at the way she was talking. But he’d never really talked to her before, and he supposed that was the way stripers talked, even years after they stopped stripping.

“I wonder if I could still do that?” she asked herself out loud.

Pete wondered too. But he wasn’t going to ask her to try it, as much as he would love to see her try.

“Should I show you my act?” she said.

Pete looked at her, too shocked to reply. His mouth hung open, but Mrs. Clark pretended not to notice his condition. She talked as though she’d asked if he wanted her to play the piano for him.

“Well, would you like to see it?” she asked.

“Sure!” Pete managed to gasp, not really believing she was going to strip for him.

“Go into the living room,” she said. “I’ll get ready.”

Mrs. Clark rushed from the room. Pete, bewildered, went into the living room and sat down on the couch. Before long, Mrs. Clark came back wearing a robe. She had pinned her blond hair back and had put on some bright red lipstick and rouge.

“Let’s see. Here’s some good music,” she said as she pulled a record from a shelf.

The music began. Pete sat frozen on the couch, slightly embarrassed and wildly horny.

Mrs. Clark took off her robe, revealing a costume like the one he’d seen Ann wearing — a lacy negligee over tiny bikini panties and bra.

The music started, and so did Mrs. Clark. At first she swayed with the rhythm of the rock music.

Then she danced across the room, turning around to show Pete every angle of her shimmering body. Through the pink negligee, her body writhed like a snake, except for her tits and ass which shook like jello.

She opened her negligee, but caught its sides, on her tits. Then she opened it wider with her back to the teen, shaking her ass. When she turned to face him, her nipples were rising over the cups of her black satin bra.

Finally, she slipped out of the negligee and danced more vigorously. She unsnapped the bra, but kept it over her tits. Then, coming close to Pete, she threw the bra into his face.

“I couldn’t find my pasties,” she said as she danced. “I think they made stripping more exciting. But Ann said they don’t use them any more.”

Pete watched the woman’s bare tits being swung around. They weren’t as firm as Ann’s, but they were beautiful nevertheless!

“Now, let’s see if I still have the knack,” Mrs. Clark said as she spread her legs and leaned forward slightly.

Pete was amazed to see her start one tit flying around in a circle. She moved her body to keep her tit rotating. Then she grabbed the other boob and started it going the opposite way.

“There!” Mrs. Clark said triumphantly as her tits swung around in circles, one clockwise, the other counter clockwise.

It was truly an amazing sight. Not only was it erotic, but it was downright kinky, especially since this was the middle-aged mother of Pete’s girl friend!

“Ohhh!” Mrs. Clark gasped as she let her tits stop. “That’s hard work!”

She kept dancing, though. Now she only wore her bikini panties and net stockings. She sat on the arm of a chair and peeled off the stockings. Then, after dancing around a while longer, she slowly stripped off her panties. She was left with a g-string which only covered her pubic triangle.

Pete was melting in lust. All the surprises he’d had lately paled compared to this!

The music ended. Mrs. Clark stopped dancing and came over to the couch, dropping herself beside Pete.

“Of course, we never went further than this,” she said, panting from her exertions. “Now, Ann tells me, they take everything off. They practically wrap their pussies around the face of every guy in the audience!”

Mrs. Clark was sweating and breathing hard. Her tits rose and fell, sagging only slightly onto her chest. Her thighs were spread a bit, revealing curly cunt hairs which protruded from the patch of satin on her cunt.

“I think it was more exciting in the old days when we left something to the imagination,” she said. “Don’t you? Pete! What’s the matter?”

“N-nothing,” Pete said, gasping almost as much as Mrs. Clark was.

“Oh, dear,” the woman said, putting her hand over her mouth. “I’ve aroused you, haven’t I?”

“Yeah, a little,” Pete said. “I mean, a lot, really.”

If she was willing to strip for him, would she be willing to fuck him? He thought it very likely. The whole family seemed weird all of a sudden — except for Barb, who was too normal.

“I shouldn’t have shown you my act,” she said.

“I didn’t think.”

“No, I’m glad you did! Really, I loved it!”

“But now you’re all worked-up,” she said. “What can I do? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to fuck an old woman like me.”

“You’re not an old woman,” Pete said. “I think you’re beautiful!”

“Aw, you’re sweet,” Mrs. Clark said. “Does that mean you will fuck me? You can if you want. After all, I got you all worked-up, and I should try and satisfy you.”

Pete reached for the woman, grabbing one of her tits. They leaned toward each other and kissed. Then they threw themselves into an embrace. Mrs. Clark’s tits covered Pete’s chest.

After kissing and feeling her tits, Pete reached down to her g-string. It was strange to feel that satin patch on her cunt surrounded by naked flesh. It was more exciting than her naked pussy.

“Get undressed, honey,” Mrs. Clark said. Pete stood and began taking off his clothes. He wished he could put a record on and dance around while seductively pulling off his clothes. It would be fun do to a trip tease, but he wasn’t going to suggest it. Still, it was exciting to take off his clothes with Mrs. Clark watching.

When he only had his underpants hiding his hard cock, he grabbed them, hesitated, then slowly pulled his shorts down until his prick sprang free.

“Oh!” Mrs. Clark said. “What a beautiful prick you have!”

She reached out for his cock. Pete stepped forward, bringing his cock within her reach. When he felt her fingers moving over his prick, he gasped. Mrs. Clark handled him with even mote skill than Ann had as her fingers swarmed over his cock and balls.

“Beautiful!” she whispered like an expert examining a rare and precious object.

She cupped her hands around his cockhead, letting his prick throb in her grip. Then she reached for his balls and scooped them up, weighing and caressing them.

Pete stood in front of her, looking down at her as she examined him. This was even better than kissing and hugging and groping. He liked being the object of such scrutiny and appreciation. Besides, he knew this lusty lady was going to devour him with passion as soon as she finished this examination.

“You young guys have such wonderful, pricks,” she said. “So hard and strong!”

Holding him by the balls, Mrs. Clark dragged Pete forward. He climbed on the couch, his knees on either side of Mrs. Clark’s naked thighs.

Pete watched in awe as she tucked his prick between her tits. His prickhead poked out from the top of her deep valley as she pressed her huge tits on his prick, making a sandwich. Then she shook her tits, giving his prick a thrilling massage.

This new trick excited Pete even more. He couldn’t keep from jerking his hips, fucking his prick within the sandwich of titflesh.

But when he began fucking her tits too eagerly, Mrs. Clark released her tits, loosening their grip on his cock. She didn’t want to waste his jism on such a simple thing.

“Let me suck you!” she whispered as she grabbed his prick again and pulled his cock to her face.

Pete crawled forward. Mrs. Clark slouched down, lowering her face to meet his prick. She held his cock still, one hand around his prickshaft, the other clutching his balls. Her tongue slipped out and touched Pete’s prickhead.

“Ohhh!” he cried, jerking his body.

Mrs. Clark tightened her grip on his balls as her tongue circled his prick-knob. Then she curled her tongue and tickled the underside of his prickhead.

All Pete could do was shiver with lust and look down at the tongue licking his cock.

Then Mrs. Clark opened her mouth and pulled his prick in. She held his prick in her hot mouth, then moved her head back and forth, sliding his cock over her tongue.

This was too much for Pete to bear without coming. Just looking at the woman’s face with her mouth stretched wide over his prick was almost enough to make him come. Added to that was the glorious sensation of her sucking mouth on his throbbing cock. The result was a quick trip to ecstasy!

“Ohhhh!” Pete gasped as his body bent forward over Mrs. Clark’s head.

“Mmmm!” Mrs. Clark moaned with the excitement of having a teen come in her mouth. She knew she would be able to get the teen ready for fucking even after a blow job.

“Aaaa!” Pete cried as the first burst of bliss hit him.

Mrs. Clark had handled him so skillfully, had done everything so perfectly in bringing him to this state of ecstasy, Pete was caught in a blinding orgasm. And, kneeling over her as he was, his hips were free to fuck his prick deeply into her mouth and throat. He fucked his cock forward until Mrs. Clark’s head was shoved to the back of the couch. Then he released a flurry of prick pumping, fucking her face desperately.

As he fucked her mouth, Pete looked down at her. Her face wore an expression of frozen surprise as he fucked it. Below his swinging balls, her tits wobbled and shimmered.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete gasped as he filled her mouth with cream.

“Mmmmmm!” Mrs. Clark hummed.

When Pete’s climax ended, he tried to pull his prick from the woman’s mouth, figuring she would be glad to be rid of the fat cock. But she held onto his balls, keeping his prick in her mouth. He felt her tongue moving over his cock, and he realized she liked his jism as much as Barb did.

When she let go of him, Pete collapsed onto the couch.

“Ummm, that was good!” Mrs. Clark said licking her lips.

Now she had to figure out a way to get the teen hot enough to fuck her before she lost her mind from horniness. His prick was soft, and she needed his cock to be hard so she could get his prick into her hungry cunt.

So she climbed on Pete, straddling him with her g-string-covered cunt over his chest. She gyrated, giving him an eyeful as her tits swung from side to side.

She saw how the teen’s gaze roamed from her crotch to her tits. Even though her cunt was hidden by her g-string, it was a gorgeous sight with her asscheeks below, quivering with her movements.

Mrs. Clark unfastened her g-string and let it fall to Pete’s chest. Now her cunt was bare and gaping. Pete’s eyes burrowed into the tender pussy slot. He’d never gotten such a good look at a pussy before. He saw Mrs. Clark’s cunt-lips guarding her pussy entrance. Near the top corner of her cunt was an interesting fold of flesh that Pete knew was her clit, the most sensitive part of a cunt. At the rear corner of her cunt was an inch of flesh that separated her pussy from her asshole, and it shined with her leaked cunt juice.

“Do I have a nice pussy?” she asked.

“Yeah! Beautiful!” Pete sighed.

The woman slid her fingers through her cunt hair until they were lined up at either side of her pussy crack, and then she spread it. Her cunt lips opened, revealing the darkness of her pussy tunnel.

The sight made Pete dizzy, as though he might lose his balance and tumble headlong into her dark cunt.

As he stared, transfixed by the beautiful sight, her cunt loomed larger, as though getting closer. Her pussy was getting closer! Mrs. Clark was moving forward, holding her cunt open, and bringing her pussy to Pete’s face.

She didn’t want to scare the guy away, so she moved slowly. She knew it was likely that he’d never eaten a pussy before, especially since he was hanging around with her daughter Barb. Bui if he were willing to lick her cunt, nothing else would get Pete ready to give her good fucking.

With the opened cunt approaching his fate, Pete was soon breathing the heady odor of her hot fuck juice.

Mrs. Clark stopped just short of shoving her pussy over the teen’s face. She wanted him to show that he was interested in eating her.

For a while, Pete merely held there, shivering with excitement and staring at the pink cunt that hovered a few inches above his face.

Maybe he had never thought of sucking a cunt, Mrs. Clark thought when Pete remained staring with his mouth closed. She decided not to press him to eat her. Instead, she moved her fingers into her pussy slot and began playing with the wet folds of flesh within.

Pete watched as she dipped a finger up her cunt while another finger played with her clit.

Pete had been too stunned to do anything. He knew what she wanted, but he wasn’t ready to stick his tongue into a flowing cunt. After all, a short time ago he was a horny virgin, almost a total stranger to pussies altogether. But now that he was used to having Mrs. Clark’s pussy in his face, he reached for her cunt with his hand.

Reaching into her crotch from beneath her ass, his fingers joined hers in her slippery pussy slot.

He put a finger up her cunt tunnel with her own finger still in there. Then he combed his fingers through her wing-like pussylips. Gradually, Mrs. Clark let him take over. Then she raised her hand to her tits and began massaging them.

With his fingers in Mrs. Clark’s cunt, Pete was beginning to wonder what it would be like to eat her. The thought excited him so much his mouth watered.

He was going to have to try it, he knew. Having her pussy so close to his face made it impossible to resist. So, dizzy with lust and with a pounding heart, Pete lifted his head and stuck out his tongue. He pulled his hand out of the way.

“Oh, yes!” Mrs. Clark cried when she saw his tongue disappear beyond the horizon of her cunt hair.

Pete’s tongue moved up until it touched the wet flesh of her spread pussy gash. He moved a bit, feeling her satiny cunt-lining. Her fuck juice seeped down his tongue and into his mouth.

“Oh, Pete!” the woman gasped.

Pete liked the flavor of hot cunt juice. Ann he loved the way her cunt lips felt as they slithered over his tongue!

The more he licked her pussy, the more he liked it; and the more he liked it, the harder he pressed his tongue against her cunt gash.

“Ooooo!” Mrs. Clark wailed every time Pete’s tongue passed through the spread lips of her pussy.

Pete looked up at the woman’s face as he ate her, watching as the progress of his cunt lapping twisted her features in a mask of lust.

Mrs. Clark’s body glistened with sweat now as she began to buck her hips. She ground her face on Pete’s out stretched tongue, pressing down harder and harder.

Her hairy mound spread over the teen’s face, covering his mouth and nose. Then, suddenly, her cunt was gone. She had pulled her crotch away from his face and was crawling backwards over him, taking her cunt to his prick.

Being able to breathe again, Pete gasped and wiped the fuck juice from his face. Mrs. Clark’s ass backed into the teen’s wagging cock. Reaching around her hips, she grabbed his prick and backed her ass over his cock. Then, raising herself a bit, she lined his prick up with her cunt tunnel.

Pete watched as his prickhead was fitted into the pink pussy gash in Mrs. Clark’s crotch. Then, as she lowered herself, she saw his cock slide into her pussy. Her hot cunt swallowed his prick.

“Aaaaa!” they both cried, their voices joining in a duet of fuck-lust.

The woman had a snug cunt, Pete realized as he enjoyed the tight grip on his cock. He felt like he was reaching halfway to her heart.

Before beginning to fuck his prick, Mrs. Clark rocked back and forth and swiveled her hips. That way, the teen wouldn’t come while she gave herself an orgasm. Pete felt his prick moving about inside her pussy and watched her rise to a pinnacle of pleasure.

“Ooooooo!” she wailed in a high-pitched cry as she came.

With his prick merely stirring her cunt rather than fucking in her pussy, Pete felt something he would never forget. Her cunt began snapping, squeezing his cock with irregular but powerful grabs. At the same time, Mrs. Clark put on a fabulous show by shaking her tits wildly!

In her cunt, Pete’s cock was swollen and throbbing. But without the friction of her sliding cunt-tube, he wouldn’t come, and the woman could ride him as long as she liked.

But after howling with bliss for a while, Mrs. Clark quieted and began fucking up and down on the teen’s cock.

Now it was Pete’s turn for ecstasy. Mrs. Clark leaned forward, resting her hands on his chest and letting her tits swing. Her ass bobbed up and down, pulling her pussy back and forth over Pete’s cock.

“Ahhhh!” he moaned.

Mrs. Clark moved with a regular, relentless rhythm. Up and down her ass bounced — in and out Pete’s prick fucked. Each cycle brought him a little closer to coming.

He gasped as he took deep breaths.

He tried pumping his hips too, but Mrs. Clark’s motion didn’t change or quicken. She was fucking him like a machine. That steady pace delayed his orgasm, making it more powerful when it struck. Also, since Pete had come a short time earlier, his prick was tender and ticklish.

He came! With great jolts of pleasure and huge gushings of jism, he reached fabulous heights of sexual rapture. Still Mrs. Clark’s cunt rose and fell with the same maddeningly steady rhythm.

“Aaaaa!” Pete screamed as he reached for the woman’s swinging tits.

His orgasm was first-rate! His pleasure sublime!

Only as he began to come down from the heights of pleasure did Mrs. Clark change her tempo. Suddenly, her hips bounced faster — twice as fast, then faster yet!

That sudden flurry of action brought Pete’s dying climax back to life.

His voice rose desperately.

Now he realized the reason for the woman’s steady fucking. It was the technique of a genius?

When they stopped, sated, Mrs. Clark dropped down on Pete’s chest, flattening her tits on him. She was spent after her supreme effort.

They were so dazed and exhausted they didn’t even budge when they heard the front door open and close. When they finally realized someone was about to discover them still in fucking posture on the couch, they leaped up.

Too late. Barb stood at the door staring in horror, her school books spilled at her feet. Without uttering a word, she turned and ran. The sound of her bedroom door slamming rang through the house.

“Oh no!” Mrs. Clark gasped. “What have I done?”

She jumped off Pete and gathered up her scattered costume. Pete got up too and began dressing.

“It’s not the end of the world,” Mrs. Clark said, “I’ll talk to her. She’s stubborn, like her father. But I’ll bet I can patch things up.”

“I hope so,” Pete said before he dashed out of the house.


Pete didn’t hear from Barb or Mrs. Clark for the next week. So Pete called up on the phone.

“I don’t think she’ll talk to you,” Mrs. Clark, who answered, said. “But hang on and I’ll tell her you’re on the phone.”

She came back a few minutes later. “She slammed her door and won’t come to the phone,” Mrs. Clark said. “I’m not surprised. She won’t talk to me either. I think she needs some more time. I told her that it was all my fault, that I was telling you about my career and then showed you my act. I explained how we both got carried away. Barb isn’t the type to get carried away, so she doesn’t understand.”

“I’ll call back next week,” Pete said.

He missed Barb, especially now that she had become looser with her sexual favors. But it was more than never getting another blow job from her. Pete really liked her and was hurt about what had happened.

Maybe Ann could help, he thought. Of course, in the back of his mind, there was the hope of fucking Ann again — a weird way to make up with Barb. But Pete was terribly horny. It seemed that the more he got fucked, the more fucking he needed!

He called Ann and asked to see her. Happy to bear from him, she invited him over that evening at seven.

During the bus ride, Pete almost forgot about his problem with Barb as he remembered the fun he’d had with Ann. He was eager to get to Ann’s apartment. When he got off the bus, it was already ten minutes after seven. Pete knew she would only have an hour or so before she would have to go do another strip, and if he didn’t hurry it would be too late.

So he began running. He got there in record time, but it was about twenty after seven.

When he knocked on Ann’s door, he was out of breath. But his prick was hard. He listened eagerly for Ann’s footsteps, but there were none. He knocked again, louder. No one answered.

She couldn’t have left already, he knew. Maybe she was late getting back and was on her way. He tried the door and found it open, so he let himself in. He was sure Ann wouldn’t mind since she expected him.

“Is that you, Pete?” Ann’s voice called from the bedroom.

“Yeah,” he said. “Didn’t you hear me knocking?”

“You were so late…” Ann stopped talking as Pete entered her bedroom, seeing for himself why she hadn’t answered his knock.

The black-haired stripper Pete had seen at the Kingston Hotel was in bed with Ann. They had a sheet pulled over them, but the bumps of their erect nipples on the sheet showed the teen that they were naked. And there was a scent of cunt juice in the air.

“I didn’t think you were coming,” Ann said. “Oh, do you know Joy? Joy, this is Pete.”

They said hello. Pete felt a weird thrill at finding Ann in bed with another chick. But did that mean he was out of the running as far as fucking Ann went?

There was silence. Pete felt awkward, but he couldn’t leave. What man could walk out of a room in which two naked and sexy chicks were under a sheet?

The girls looked at each other. Pete looked at them hopefully. He didn’t know what it was he hoped for, but the possibilities seemed endless.

“Let’s get him in bed with us,” Joy said. “If you don’t mind sharing him, that is.”

“What do you think, Pete?” Ann said. “Want to join us?”

“Sure!” he said happily.

As he stripped, he felt a vague fear that he wouldn’t know what to do with two chicks at once. But they apparently could do everything themselves and didn’t need him. He could just go along for the ride.

Naked and hard, he approached the bed. The girls threw the sheet off, kicking it out of the way with their feet. The sight of their naked bodies lying side by side was staggering. Compared to Ann’s voluptuous body, Joy’s was boyish, with small well-formed tits. Her tanned skin was a nice contrast to Ann’s pink-white flesh.

“Climb right in,” Ann said. “We both want to get a hold of you.”

Pete climbed over Ann and lay down between the girls. The bed and their bodies were hot and damp. As he made himself comfortable, the girls closed in on him, pressing their faces and tits toward him.

“Isn’t he better to kiss than I am?” Ann asked Joy as she grabbed his cock.

“I don’t know about that,” Joy said. “But he does have a prick.”

If Pete had merely rested there, the girls would have taken care of him. But he wanted more than to be taken care of — he wanted to fuck these two sexy chicks!

So he threw his arms around their shoulders, pulling them closer. He turned his face to Ann, kissing her deeply. Then he kissed Joy with the same passion. As they took turns kissing the teen, the chicks grabbed his prick and balls.

“I’m glad you showed up,” Ann said as Pete stuck his tongue into Joy’s mouth. “There really is nothing like a hard cock!”

As she spoke, Ann slithered down Pete’s body until she could lick his prickhead. Joy was still playing with his cock as Ann licked, and one of the girls, he didn’t know which, was squeezing his balls.

Pete grabbed Joy’s tits. They were the smallest he’d handled, and he found that size wasn’t very important after all. In fact, after Ann’s and Mrs. Clark’s big tits, a small neat pair like Joy’s were a treat. They were firm and perfectly formed.

Ann’s tongue, sliding around on his prickhead, took his mind off Joy’s tits, though. He held Joy’s erect nipple in his mouth, but the pleasure of being licked by Ann stole his attention. Joy realized that, so she took her tits from him and moved down his body beside Ann.

“Give me some!” Joy said as she shoved her face between Ann’s at his throbbing prick.

Pete watched as Joy added her tongue to Ann’s. They both were covering his prick with hungry swipes of their soft tongues.

“Gee!” Pete gasped with amazement as much as with pleasure as he looked down at the incredible sight of the chicks beside his legs and licking his prick like an ice cream cone melting in the sun.

It was Ann who held his balls, he saw. Joy held his cockshaft. But then they both let go of him so their tongues would have more territory to lick.

“Mmmmmm!” Ann moaned as she took his prickhead into her mouth.

Joy licked her way down his cockshaft to his balls. Cocking her head, she dipped her face between his thighs and took his balls into her mouth. She bit down until Pete yelped.

As the girls sucked and licked his prick and balls, they pressed their tits on his thighs, and Joy wrapped her thighs around his side and pressed her cunt to his foot. By wiggling that foot, Pete made her hum with pleasure on his balls.

Pete began writhing from the pleasure the girls gave him. He pulled a pillow beneath his head so he could watch comfortably.

As Ann held his prickhead in her mouth, she reached over to Joy and stroked her shoulders and neck. Then she reached for Joy’s tits. Joy rolled back, lifting her tits from Pete’s thighs and giving Ann’s hand a chance to grab them.

The sight of Ann feeling Joy’s tits thrilled Pete as much as their mouths on his prick and balls did. Joy still held his balls in her mouth as Ann squeezed her tits. Then Joy reached over to Ann’s tits.

They felt each other up as Pete watched. Joy lifted her face from his balls and began kissing Ann’s face as Ann sucked Pete’s cock.

“You look so beautiful with a cock in your mouth!” Joy said, then stuck her tongue out and licked Ann’s lips as they encircled Pete’s prick.

Joy used her tongue to pry Ann’s mouth from the teen’s cock. Then she took his prick into her hot mouth as Ann kissed her face. They took turns and didn’t fight over him.

Now Ann stuck her tongue into Joy’s mouth. Since Pete’s prick was already in there, Joy’s mouth had to open wider. Finally, Joy lifted her mouth from the teen’s prick and sucked in Ann’s tongue. Pete’s prick, throbbing madly, slapped against the chicks faces as they kissed. They were still grabbing each other’s tits, too.

“Mmmmmmmm!” one of them hummed with passion.

Except for Pete’s foot which still pressed against Joy’s cunt, he might as well never have showed up. But he didn’t mind being left out for a while. After all, having two chicks kissing and groping right on top of him was thrilling enough! And his prick was in contact with their kissing faces.

The girls seemed to have forgotten him. They squeezed their tits together as they kissed. So Pete decided to take matters into his own hands. He crawled out from under them. Then he went to the foot of the bed and approached from the opposite direction.

Joy lay with her legs spread. Her cunt smiled at Pete as he reached for her. Ann’s thighs were closed, but Pete pulled her legs apart, opening her cunt too.

When the girls realized what Pete was trying to do, they both threw their legs wide open.

Between their long slender legs, Pete reached for the girls’ cunts; Joy’s with his left and Ann’s with his right. He cupped their pussy mounds, finding Ann’s more plump. Then he stuck his fingers into their cunt slots. They were both slippery with fuck juice, but they felt different since Joy had pussylips that protruded slightly — they were tabs of flesh which Pete took between his fingers. Then he sent a finger up their cunts.

“Ummmmmm!” they both moaned.

Joy’s cunt was tighter. Pete figured that was because she was slimmer. Nevertheless, both pussies would make fabulous sheaths for his twitching cock!

Now that Pete had broken the cunt lapping barrier with Mrs. Clark, the cunts he now wore like rings made his mouth water.

The way he was lying made it more comfortable to stick his face into Joy’s crotch first. So he kept his finger in Ann’s cunt as he stuck out his tongue and licked Joy’s pink pussy.

“Nnnnn!” she cried into Ann’s mouth as Pete began running his tongue along her seeping cunt gash.

Pete tried out different ways of licking, using his tongue’s pointy tip and its flat surface. He licked her pussy slot, her clit, and probed her cunt tunnel. Joy began wiggling her hips.

But Pete didn’t linger. He moved his face to Ann’s pussy and licked avidly. As he did, he stuck a finger back into Joy’s cunt.

Ann reacted to his tongue with more passion than Joy did. She clamped her thighs on Pete’s head and bucked her hips. Pete felt a crick in his neck, but he kept his tongue fucking into the cunt grinding on his face.

Pete pulled his head free and moved back to Joy’s cunt. Back and forth his tongue went, licking the cunts. The girls were getting wilder. When he tried to pull his head from Ann’s clamped thighs again, she held on tight, not wanting to lose his tongue.

“Don’t stop!” Joy cried when he took his tongue from her cunt.

Pete had gotten himself in a predicament as both girls cried for his tongue. But, being a clever lad, he found a solution. He brought the chicks together, belly to belly, cunt to cunt. Then he got behind Joy and stuck his head into the two pressed together crotches. That way, he was able to lick them both with each swipe of his tongue.

The chicks’ clits were almost touching, and Pete could flutter his tongue over both without moving his head. But he only did that between trips from one flowing pussy to the other.

“Eeeee!” the chicks wailed, still kissing each other.

As they neared ecstasy, they shook and jerked their lips, beating Pete’s head between their thighs. But he toughed it out, keeping his tongue moving and lashing at their cunts even as they pound their clits together.

The muffled cries that issued from their kissing mouths thrilled Pete as much as did the wet cunt slots which his tongue fucked through.

“Ohhh! No more!” Ann cried as she pulled her pussy from Pete’s tongue.

Now he concentrated his cunt lapping on Joy’s cunt as she shook and wailed.

“Ohhhh! God!” she screamed as she came.

By the time Pete lifted his face from her cunt, his ears were bright red from the friction of their thighs. His face was soaked with cunt juice.

Just as he got to his knees, the chicks tackled him. Pete fell flat on his back, bouncing on the mattress. The girls were back at his prick, licking and sucking his throbbing cockshaft.

First, one would take his prick deep into her throat and bob her head up and down. The other would kiss his balls or the face of the other chick.

“My turn!” Ann said when Joy sucked too long.

Pete, after eating their cunts, was wild with lust. And now their mouths were bringing him near an explosion of ecstasy. But when the girls switched mouths, Pete’s progress slowed. Tie moved up two rungs on the ladder of lust as they sucked, then moved down one as they switched, leaving his prick unsucked for a few seconds each time.

This way, Pete was building up a tremendous head of steam. When the valves opened, there was going to be havoc!

“Ohhhh!” Pete gasped.

He loved the look on the chicks’ faces as they waited to get his prick into their mouths again. They looked so eager, as though they were afraid the other was going to get to drink all his gism.

They both put a hand on his cockshaft so each could jerk his prickhead to her mouth faster when her turn came. And, now that Pete was gasping, they pulled his prick from mouth to mouth after only a few dips of their heads. So now their hands, tugging his prick back and forth, gave his cock a message which added to the pleasure of their sucking.

“Aaaaa!” Pete cried in lust as he felt his orgasm rage.

Joy thrust her head at his spewing prick before Ann’s head was out of the way. But neither chick was willing to let the other have his spewing prick. So they both pressed their open mouths at his cock, getting some of his fuck cream into their mouths, but most of it shot on their faces.

Pete’s orgasm was robbed of some intensity since neither chick was really sucking him now. But their tongues were licking him, coaxing more jism from him. And the sight of them struggling to get an extra gob made up for the lack of friction from their mouths.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” Pete gasped as the last of his cream was licked by their flashing tongues.

The teen leaned back, spent and gasping. But the struggle at his prick continued. Lifting his head again, Pete watched the girls licking his gism from each other’s face. When they’d licked up every drop, they pressed their open mouths together, trying to taste what was left in each other’s mouth.

Even in his exhausted condition, their wild greed amazed the teen. They never stopped. Even when every bit of his jism must have been swallowed, the girls wrestled, kissing and knocking their tits together.

Pete was content to watch now. It seemed that they had gotten hot again from sucking him off, and they would have to give each other another orgasm before finding peace.

They reached for each other’s cunt, dipping their fingers into them. Pete watched with pleasure and curiosity. They finger fucked each other as he had finger fucked them, he noticed with satisfaction.

They began shivering, then quaking violently as they both neared release. Their bodies began to sweat, making the sight even more spectacular for the teen who watched in awe.

Finally, the girls let go of each other and rolled onto their backs. Pete watched their tits heaving.

“Shit!” Ann said as she glanced at the clock.

“We’ve got to go!”

“What a rotten shame!” Joy said as she got up.

Pete watched them dress. Watching them finger fucking had stiffened his prick again, and he was all ready for more action.

“See you later!” Ann and Joy called back to the teen as they rushed out the door.

Pete, left alone, relaxed and rested. The thrill of perverted sex made the peace and quiet of the empty apartment a welcomed respite.

As he lounged around, Pete remembered why he had come to Ann in the first place — he wanted to get her help patching up the situation with Barb. But he couldn’t wait until she got back. He had told his parents he was going to the library, and he had to get home. But since he hadn’t talked to Ann about Barb, he still had a good reason to come back.


The next day, Pete called Ann. He told her it was important that he speak to her and asked if he could come over again.

“Sure, any time.” Ann said. “You can come over even if I’m not there. Use the key under the mat.”

So after dinner, Pete told his parents he had to go back to the library. In a half-hour he was taking Ann’s key from beneath her door mat and letting himself into her apartment. He put the key back under the mat and went in. No one was there.

Pete sat down and flipped through a magazine. Even though Ann wasn’t home, her sexy spirit seemed to fill the place. From where he sat on the couch, Pete could look into the bedroom at the bed where he’d had so much pleasure. And the door of Ann’s perfume lingered, teasing the teen.

He got up and paced back and forth. His prick was stirring already, but Ann wasn’t going to be back for a half-hour. Jerking off, although tempting, would be foolish. After all, Ann could take care of his lust much better than he could.

But as he passed the bathroom door, he noticed that there was still an assortment of her underwear hanging about. So he began examining those sexy garments. Some of the panties were little more than two triangles of flimsy material held together with a few ribbons. Pete lifted each one and held it up, imagining Ann’s cunt and ass packed into it.

After that diversion, he went into her bedroom. The empty bed, unmade and inviting, taunted his passion. He sat down on it, imagining all the fucking that had taken place there. Then he went to Ann’s dresser and looked at all the bottles and jars of make-up.

For a reason he didn’t understand, he opened her top drawer. It was filled with more underwear, a sea of shining fabric. He dipped his hand into it as he would into a stream of cold water.

Among the silky garments, Pete found a hard object which he pulled out. He knew what it was because he’d seen them advertised in magazines. It was a vibrating dildo! White, long and fat, shaped like a rocket, it felt heavy and slick in his hand. There was a switch on it’s base. Pete tuned it on and it began to vibrate in his palm.

He could see, in his fevered mind, Ann slipping this thing up her hot pussy. He put it back and closed the drawer before he lost control. Or was it too late for that? He was getting some pretty kinky ideas.

More restlessly horny than before, Pete went back into the bathroom and looked again at the sexy underwear. What if he tried on a pair of those tiny panties? It seemed like fun, and he was already panting merely from the thought of such a weird notion.

There was no stopping now! With his heart pounding and his breath rasping, he stripped off his pants. Then he pulled a pink nylon pair of underpants on. As he tucked his stiff prick in, Pete realized how much pleasure there was in the simplest, but kinkiest, activities.

In the big mirror on the bathroom door, he examined, himself. It was a weird sight, and he had to admit Ann looked much better in these garments than he did. Still, it was fabulously exciting!

Next, he pulled off his shirt and strapped on one of her tiny bras. It looked silly, the empty cups stretched across his chest. But it felt good.

He tried on a few other pairs of undies. Then, wearing a sheer black pair, he pulled on a slip. The cool fabric hanging around his legs excited him. No wonder chicks were such sexy creatures, he thought. Who wouldn’t be with this stuff on?

Pete lifted the front of the slip and pulled his prick out over the top of the undies. His big cock protruding from the folds of delicate nylon looked out of place, but Pete liked the strange sight.

He grabbed his prick. His cock jerked in his grip. It would be fun to jerk off while wearing those garments, he thought. But he hated to waste an orgasm when Ann would be back so soon and would, no doubt, fuck him. So Pete tried on a few more things. Finally, he was outfitted with garterbelt, stockings, and high heels.

This perversion was so engrossing that he forgot about the time. And when he heard the key in the door, he was in Ann’s room admiring himself in the mirror.

As the door opened, Pete was filled with panic. He looked around for a place to hide, but there, was none. His only hope was to dash for the bathroom and close the door before Ann saw him. So he ran through the bedroom door into the hallway. He crashed right into Ann, and they both fell backwards.

“What are you doing?” Ann cried as she gathered herself together. “Oh!”

She looked down at the teen who lay sprawled with her slip thrown up, revealing her garterbelt and undies.

“Well, you certainly look sexy!” she said. “My, my!”

Pete was glad she was taking it so calmly. But he was mortified nevertheless.

“I… I was just trying these things on,” he gasped. “I was waiting for you and… and there wasn’t anything to do, so…”

“That’s all right, Pete,” she said. “What ever turns you on.”

“It doesn’t turn me on! I’m not a fag or anything, you know! I just… just…”

“I didn’t say you were a fag,” Ann said as she got up off the floor. “I know you’re not a fag. A lot of guys like to put on women’s underwear. It’s perfectly all right. In fact, I think you look good. It’s exciting!”

“Really?” he asked.

“Get up and let me have a good look at you,” she said.

Pete felt ridiculous, but he got up and turned around, showing Ann how he looked dressed in her things.

“Your prick is spoiling the lines,” she said. “But you look good. My cunt’s getting wet just from the sight!”

“Really?” Pete asked, feeling less embarrassed. “Yeah! I’m surprised how much it’s getting to me,” she said. “Hey, how about doing a strip for me?”

“No,” Pete laughed. “I’ve got to get out of these things.”

“No!” she called as he reached for the snap of the bra. “Really. Do a strip. Please!”

Pete hated to turn her down after all the things she’d done for him. But he couldn’t strip like a chick.

Ann ran to the record player and started some music. Then she began dancing, bouncing her tits in her tight blouse and wiggling her denim-clad hips. She danced over to Pete, took him by the hands, and started him dancing.

She was relaxing him, exciting him, and he let his hips wiggle to the beat of the music. The more he danced, the more fun it was and the less embarrassed he felt. But he wasn’t yet ready to do a striptease.

“Wiggle your hips more. That’s it,” Ann instructed. “Now turn around.”

Pete did what she said, and soon he was caught up in the game.

“Wiggle your ass,” she coached. “More. Make it jiggle!”

Pete did, feeling his ass shaking in her underwear. This was fun, he discovered, more fun than merely putting on a show for himself!

“Wooow!” Ann hollered in delight. “Take it off. Take it off!”

Now Pete was trying to make this as exciting for her as he could. He remembered how the strippers at the Kingston Hotel had stripped as he watched from the roof, and he imitated them.

After wiggling around, he reached behind him and unsnapped the bra. He held it to his flat chest though letting his nipples peek out a bit. Then he pulled it away from his chest and swung it around.

“Yeahhhhh!” Ann yelled.

He danced around, then began lowering the slip. Slowly, he pulled it down his narrow hips and let it fall to the floor. Then he stepped out of it. Left with the garterbelt, stockings, and underpants, he looked sexier than, ever.

He unfastened the garters one by one. Then he sat down on the arm of a chair just as Mrs. Clark had, and slowly rolled the stockings down his legs. When they were off, he danced about again and took off the garterbelt.

Now he only had the tiny bikini undies covering his ass and cock. But his hard prick was holding the front of the undies away from his stomach.

“Take it off!” Ann screamed. “But do it slowly.”

Pete turned his back on the chick and slowly peeled the back of the undies down over his ass. Then he wiggled his asscheeks again. He turned facing her, his prick still hidden, even though the front of the panties throbbed with the hardness of his cock.

Then he turned his back to her and let the undies fall to his feet. He picked them up, draped them over his standing prick, then turned around.

“Pete! You’re terrific!” Ann yelled. “Yahoooo!”

Pete was having a ball. And he was tremendously excited!

With the undies hanging over his twitching prick, Pete danced toward Ann on the couch. But when she reached out to pull the undies from his prick, he stepped back, still wiggling and thrusting his hips to the music.

“Oh, you’re driving me crazy!” she said as she sprang forward for the undies again.

This time she got them and pulled them from his cock. But Pete kept dancing. He swung his prick around as he danced and spun around the room.

“My cunt is soaking wet!” Ann said. “Now I know how the guys in the audience feel when I strip.”

Pete was getting winded. So he decided to end his number by throwing himself onto the couch beside Ann. He landed with his legs draped over her lap, his prick beside her.

“God! That was exciting!” Ann said as she grabbed his prick. “I never thought seeing a guy strip would be so exciting!”

She bent over him, bringing her face to his cock. She sucked him hard, hungrily!

As Pete caught his breath from the dancing, he lost it to the excitement of having his prick sucked.

He thought about the guys in the audience at the Kingston Hotel, how horny they must be after seeing Ann strip, and how much they would envy him right now.

As she sucked him, Ann took his balls into her hand. Her fingers reached below them to his asshole. When Pete felt her tickling him back there, he spread his thighs wider.

Then Ann lifted her face from his prick and pulled her hand from his balls. She held her finger to her mouth and drooled spit on it, then grabbed his balls again and put her wet finger to his asshole. Pete’s eyes widened as he felt her finger pressing oft his tight asshole!

She was sucking him again, and her finger was slipping into his ass.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete moaned with surprised glee.

After all he’d experienced with Ann, Barb, and their mother, there was still more to learn. Where would it end? Pete shuddered as he thought about it. Meanwhile, he thrilled to the finger wiggling in his ass.

With her free hand, Ann unbuttoned her blouse. Pete sat up and helped her take it off as she continued sucking him with a finger up his ass. But to get her pants off, she had to release the teen and stand up.

She pulled down her pants and undies quickly. And when she got back onto the couch, she did so with her head at Pete’s prick and her crotch at his face.

So Pete stuck his tongue into her pussy gash as she resumed sucking his prick. And when she stuck her finger back into his asshole, he reached for her ass, too.

“Mmmmmm!” Ann hummed when his finger found her puckered ass.

As he ate her cunt, Pete watched his finger at her ass, a few inches in front of his eyes. He managed to get just the very tip of his finger into her dry asshole. So he dipped it into her wet cunt and smeared her fuck juice over her asshole. The next time he tried sticking his finger in, it slipped in smoothly.

“Nnnnnn!” Ann moaned, muffled by the prick in her mouth.

Pete liked having his finger up her ass. And he liked the way her finger felt in his ass, too. He began to wonder if his prick would fit in there. Her asshole was tight, but could be stretched.

They ate each other leisurely as they kept exploring each other’s ass. Their lust rose steadily. But they kept their sucking and lapping slow and gentle, not wanting to bring each other off too soon.

Rather than tickle Ann’s clit, Pete kept his tongue circling and probing her pussy. Ann held his prick in her mouth, but only lightly licked it with her tongue. Still, the wiggling fingers in each of their asses made them hotter by the minute!

“Pete, do you want to fuck me up the ass?” Ann asked softly.

His heart skipped a beat. “Sure!” he said.

They crawled up out of their sixty-nine position and pulled their fingers from each others ass.

Ann lay on her back with her thighs spread. Pete kneeled between her legs and lowered his saliva soaked prick to her ass. He saw her cunt lips between her thighs and her asshole was just visible between her wide, creamy cheeks.

“Smear some more cunt juice on my ass,” she said. “And put some on your cock too.”

So Pete reached down between her thighs and dipped his fingers into her loose cunt lips. He brought some juice to her asshole and pushed his slippery fingers into it. Then he spread some of the slippery cream on his prick.

He was ready. Ann reached around her ass and spread her cheeks. Her asshole lay exposed, and Pete aimed his fat cockhead at it.

When his prick was pressed to her puckered aperture, he bore down on it. Ann grabbed his shaft and helped.

“Ohhhhh!” she cried as her ass began stretching around the fat cockhead.

Pete, watching his prick sinking, gasped too. Her asshole was such a tight fit his prick sank slowly. Her asshole muscle resisted penetration, but, beyond that constriction, her ass was comfortable and cozy.

“That’s deep enough!” Ann said desperately before Pete’s hips reached her asscheeks.

Pete was wild with lust. Her ass felt so good and the idea of fucking her this way was so kinky, the teen was out of his mind with passion!

But when he began fucking, pulling and pushing his prick in her ass, he found how glorious buggery was! This was nothing like fucking a wet and tender pussy. This fuck hole was hard and tight and dry — the wrong hole, but a fabulously exciting one!

“Aaaaaaa!” Ann sang as he fucked her ass.

Each thrust of his prick was deeper until Pete’s hips were slapping against Ann’s plump asscheeks.

“Ohhhhh! Yessss!” she gasped passionately.

“Uhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh!” Pete moaned with each lunge.

He was going to come! Her asshole was bringing him to a powerful climax fast!

“Ahhhhh! Oh, God!” he cried as he filled her ass with jism.

His fuck cream lubricated his prick’s fucking, making it possible to keep fucking her a while longer. But her tight asshole muscle was driving him crazy, making his prick too tender to last.

Ann moaned.

As Pete slowed his fucking, Ann reached back and grabbed his hand. She pulled it roughly around her hip, and tucked it down to her cunt. Pete knew what she wanted — he began diddling her clit.

As soon as he did that, her ass started bucking, making him bounce and making his prick fuck again.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete cried as his prick sent currents of lust through him like lightning through a lightning rod, to be grounded in his overloaded brain.

His finger made Ann hit an orgasm, and she could rage with ecstasy for quite a while, Pete knew. But how long could he stand to have her asshole wringing his spent prick?

“Eeeeee!” she wailed as she came.

She kept bucking wildly, shaking her asshole over Pete’s prick. He was bouncing crazily. But he kept massaging her clit with his finger.

Finally, as Ann’s body spasmed, she squeezed his prick from her ass suddenly.

“Ahhhh!” Pete yelled in pain, but it didn’t hurt enough to matter.

Ann kept bouncing until her orgasm burned itself out. Pete was relieved when she was still again.

“That was wonderful, wasn’t it?” she cooed.

Pete agreed.

“After your strip, we had to do something special, didn’t we?” she asked. “Um-m-m-m-m. I love taking it up the ass!”

They stayed as they were for a while, then Ann wiggled out from beneath Pete’s weight.

“What was it you wanted to talk to me about?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah. Gee, I almost forgot about it again,” he said. “It’s about Barb. She won’t talk to me since she caught me and your mom fucking.”

“You and Mom?” Ann asked, shocked. “You fucked my mother?”

Pete was surprised at Ann’s tone of voice. He’d assumed she knew from either Barb or her mother.

“I thought you knew,” he said. “Your mother put on a striptease for me, then we fucked. Barb came in and caught us.”

Ann got up and began pacing back and forth. She seemed to be thinking. Pete watched her naked body, but he was too much in suspense to enjoy it.

“Gee, Pete,” Ann said. “I don’t know. I feel sort of creepy; I mean, I never fucked anyone who’s fucked my mother. It’s sort of like incest.”

Pete was horrified. If Ann wouldn’t fuck him anymore, he would be out in the cold without even Barb’s tits to comfort him. But could Ann, this lusty chick, really be so upset about his fucking her mother?

“We were looking at her scrapbook,” Pete explained. “Then she put on a striptease, and we both got hot. It was nothing really.”

“I’ll have to think about this,” Ann said. “I don’t know if you should go out with Barb after fucking our mother. It doesn’t seem right, somehow.”

“Ann, come on,” Pete said. “What’s the big deal?”

“I’ve got to get back to work,” she said. “Let me think this over and give you a call.” Pete dressed. But he felt hollow. Ann’s tone was suddenly cold and distant, unlike he’d ever heard her before. All the way home, Pete wished he’d gone to the library instead, even though he had a thrilling time with Ann.


Pete thought and thought about his predicament. He was suddenly cut off from his sources of sex, and he was getting horny. He not only felt horny, but cheated. After all, he hadn’t done anything wrong, had he? He didn’t think so.

He could either forget about Barb, Ann, and their mother and try to find another chick to fuck. Or he could try to get back into the good graces of the Clark family. Not a guy to give up easily, Pete decided to try to convince the Clarks that he was worthy of their sexual favors. Mrs. Clark seemed to be the best one to approach. She was the one who had gotten him in all this trouble in the first place. If she hadn’t insisted on stripping for him, he wouldn’t have been in trouble now.

The next day, Pete skipped school. In the morning he went to the bowling alley, hung around in the coffee shop until that got too expensive, then watched the few bowlers who were there that early. He didn’t want to go to see Mrs. Clark the first thing in the morning.

Near lunch time, Pete set out. He was nervous. The way things were going, he could expect to be thrown out of Mrs. Clark’s house for fucking Ann. Did each of them think he should only fuck her?

By the time Pete knocked on Mrs. Clark’s door he wished he had gone to school. But there was no turning back now.

“Hello, Pete,” Mrs. Clark said as she opened the door. “How come you’re not in school?”

“I skipped so I could talk to you,” he said.

She invited him in. “I’m afraid there hasn’t been much progress with Barb. I told her it was all my fault, but she’s a stubborn girl.”

“I told Ann what happened, and now she’s mad at me too,” Pete said.

“Oh dear,” Mrs. Clark sighed. “We’ve certainly made a mess of things, haven’t we?”


“Well, I didn’t exactly rape you, you know,” Mrs. Clark said.

“No, not exactly,” Pete said.

“Well, what can I do?” the woman asked. “After all, when a young girl finds her boy friend fucking her mother, she’s bound to be a bit testy about it.”

“I thought if you helped me patch things up with Ann, both of you then could make Barb come around,” Pete said.

“I’ll try,” Mrs. Clark said. “But I don’t see Ann that often these days.”

“Call her now,” Pete said. “Tell her we’ll come over to her place right away. Please.”

Mrs. Clark considered for a moment, then went to the phone. Pete felt like a man on trial, waiting for the jury to come in. He listened to Mrs. Clark talking to her daughter — it sounded as though things were working out. Yes, Mrs. Clark told him Ann would expect them. They got into Mrs. Clark’s car and drove to Ann’s apartment.

Ann greeted them politely. She made coffee, and they all sat around the kitchen table.

“Pete wants me to explain how it was my fault we fucked,” Mrs. Clark began. “It’s true. I got into one of my nostalgic moods and insisted on doing a striptease for him. Naturally, after seeing me strip, the guy was horny.”

“I know,” Ann said. “I’ve learned recently how effective a strip can be. It’s not that I’m angry or anything. I just think it’s creepy, that’s all. The same for Barb. I’m sure she can’t help the way she feels.”

Pete’s hopes began to sink. This was more complicated than he’d imagined. Maybe he should try to find a new girl friend.

There was a knock at the door. Ann went to answer it, then came back with Joe from the Kingston Hotel. Pete had hoped he would never see that guy again. This was getting out of hand, he thought. Was fucking worth all the trouble? It was, of course, but there must be an easier way.

“This is my mother, Jane,” Ann said. “You already know Pete.”

“Hello, Jane,” Joe said with a nod. “Hello Pete.”

“Joe’s the manager at the Kingston,” Ann explained. “He likes to seduce all the girls. Don’t you, Joe?”

Joe stared back at Ann, his face turning pale. Ann poured him a cup of coffee, but her eyes had narrowed with contempt.

“Joe used to fuck me every day,” Ann continued. “Didn’t you Joe? But now it’s the new girl, Kathy, that he’s taken a fancy to.”

“Ann, can’t we discuss this later?” Joe said, his lower jaw tensed.

“Oh, is it a private matter?” she asked. “I thought all your fucking was a public concern, like the prime rate and Dow Jones.”

“Leave the poor man alone,” Mrs. Clark said.

“All men are interested in fucking as many chicks as they can. It’s human nature. It’s up to the woman to keep her men in line.”

“Ha!” Ann said. “You couldn’t keep him in line with barbwire.”

Pete was glad the conversation had turned away from his problems, but he was uncomfortable witnessing Ann’s tirade.

“When I was a stripper there was a man who simply had to fuck all of us,” Mrs. Clark said. “He was the stage manager. I’ll never forget him. He broke a lot of hearts, that man.”

“Mother! You’re not suggesting that Joe could ever break a girl’s heart, are you?”

“Why not?” Mrs. Clark asked boldly. “He could break mine if I were a few years younger.”

Mrs. Clark batted her eyelashes at Joe, and Joe smiled at her, his eyes twinkling.

“I couldn’t break your heart,” Joe said to the woman. “If you ever gave me a tumble, I would be hooked for life.”

Mrs. Clark giggled and blushed like a virgin school-girl. Pete was beginning to enjoy this encounter. It was taking his mind off his own problems and was making him realize that sex wars were not that serious.

“I used to be a stripper too, you know,” Mrs. Clark said to Joe. “Madam La Rue was my professional name.”

“No kidding!” Joe gushed. “I’ve heard of you. They say you were the greatest.”

“Oh, brother!” Ann sighed. “Mom, if you fall for that line, you’re hopeless.”

Pete was smiling too now.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not,” Mrs. Clark said. “What counts is that Joe wants to make me feel good. Don’t you, Joe?”

“I’d love to make you feel good,” he said as he moved closer to the blushing woman and put an arm around her shoulders. “I’d love to make you feel so good you’d cry tears of bliss.”

“I can’t stand it!” Ann said. “How could I have given this creep the time of day, much less fucked him?”

“Never mind!” Mrs. Clark said to her daughter. “What do you know about how a gentleman behaves?”

“Gentleman?” Ann screamed, then laughed loudly. “Come on, Pete. Let’s go in the other room where we won’t have to hear this crap.”

Pete followed Ann into the living room. Even from there they heard Mrs. Clark’s coy titters as Joe flattered her.

“Isn’t it sickening?” Ann asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Pete said. “It’s sort of funny, really.”

They sat looking at each other and sipping the coffee they had brought with them from the kitchen.

“Ohhhhh! Joe!” Mrs. Clark’s voice cried from the kitchen.

Pete, sitting on the couch, saw Joe and Mrs. Clark slip into Ann’s bedroom and close the door.

“That bastard!” Ann said. “He’ll fuck anything on two legs, and maybe a few things on four legs too.”

“I tend to agree with your mother,” Pete said.

“You would!” Ann said. “You’re just like Joe. You’ve fucked every member of my family who has a cunt to fuck.”

“Not quite. Barb never did let me fuck her. She gave me a blow job, though. But I still hope to fuck her sometime. And I’d love to fuck you again. You’re such a beautiful, sexy woman. I’ve never had so much fun as when we were in bed together.”

Pete had learned a lesson from Joe, and he decided to try out Joe’s technique. To his amazement, Ann already looked softer, calmer, more like she hid before, when he’d fucked her.

“It was nice,” Ann admitted. “But I thought you liked Joy more than me.”

“What? Are you kidding? Joy can’t compare with you!” he said. “You’re more beautiful than she is. And your tits are so much nicer. You fuck better, too.”

“Really?” Ann asked.

Pete was amazed at how the chick had been swayed by his words, especially after labeling Joe’s flattery of Mrs. Clark a lot of crap.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” Mrs. Clark cried from the bedroom.

Ann and Pete looked at each other as the moans from the bedroom drifted in and filled them with lust.

“It’s nice to know my mother can still attract men,” Ann said.

“She attracted me, too, don’t forget,” Pete said. “But I’ve been attracted to you since I first met Barb.”

Mrs. Clark began moaning again, louder and more wantonly this time. Pete felt those moans as if they were a hand on his prick. And he saw that Ann was affected the same way. He knew Ann would like to be moaning like her mother.

“Your mother’s moans are driving me wild!”

Pete said as he went to Ann who was sitting across the room.

Ann was slumped in a big easy chair, and Pete dropped into it beside her. Pete was right about Ann’s mood. She threw her arms around him and welcomed his tongue into her mouth.

In another second, Pete had Ann’s hand inside Ann’s blouse, and she was squeezing his hard prick through his pants. As they kissed, they opened buttons and pulled down zippers until their clothing was merely handing from them.

Pete reached into Ann’s pants and grabbed her plump pussy mound. Hot cunt juice drooled onto his fingers.

At the Pete’s pants and grabbed his cock. But this childish groping was not what they needed or wanted. So they both got up and pulled off their clothes. Then they hurried to the couch and jumped on it.

As they kissed again, Mrs. Clark’s moans were pouring from the bedroom louder than ever. Pete knew that Joe must be doing his best.

Pete wanted Ann to cry out to answer her mother’s wails. The best way was to eat her, he knew. But on his way down to her pussy, he lingered at her tits and sucked them.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ann moaned softly, not loud enough to be heard in the bedroom.

But Pete gobbled her nipples and sank his face into the softness of her tits for a while before continuing on his way. Then, after leaving her nipples, he stuck his tongue into her belly button. As he did, he ran his fingers along her pussy’s drooling mouth.

By the time he stuck his face into her crotch, her cunt was soaked. He could almost see steam rising from her pink pussy slot, but he knew that was just an illusion due to the hot mist of her fuck juice he felt on his face and smelled.

His first lick was a long one that bore down hard on Ann’s spread pussy.

“Ahhhhhh!” she cried desperately.

That was heard in the bedroom, and probably up and down the halls of the building, Pete thought.

And with every lick of his tongue, another loud cry sounded.

He made Ann sing out, answering her mother’s moans in a even louder voice.

Pete’s tongue plowed and lashed Ann’s cunt, making her writhe as well as moan. Cunt lapping was the most exciting perversion he’d tried so far. But now he was getting more than wild excitement from it. He was able to enjoy it in several ways: he liked the way Ann’s cunt felt slithering under his tongue; he liked Ann’s reaction, which he watched by looking up over her stomach; he liked the taste of her hot juice; and he was getting wildly excited too.

Moving his tongue in a certain pattern, Pete kept Ann moaning and squirming without bringing her to a climax. When her wailing voice rose too high in pitch, he moved his tongue away from her clit and fucked it up her pussy tunnel. Then, when her hips began humping steadily, he put his tongue on her clit and wiggled it, making her writhe in a tit of bliss. But, before he came, he took his tongue from her clit again until she calmed down.

“Ohhhhh!” she hollered. “Oh, Peeeete!”

When Ann stopped moaning to take a breath, Mrs. Clark’s moans were heard. Like her daughter’s, her moaning was wanton and nonstop. But Pete noticed that Ann’s cries of joy were more profound than Mrs. Clark’s, and Pete thought this was because he was a better fucker than Joe.

“My clit! Lick my clit!” Ann screamed when she could no longer stand nearing orgasms without achieving one.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, Pete was ready for the finish. He put his tongue on Ann’s clit and wiggled it. At first, he wiggled slowly, but then he wiggled faster and faster while pressing down harder and harder. Ann responded by crying out louder and louder. Finally, she was screaming loudly and her body was jerking uncontrollably.

“Eeeeee!” she wailed.

Pete held on tight and kept his tongue working. He loved the way she screamed, knowing the fuckers in the bedroom would be overwhelmed by the sound.

Ann began twisting her body as well as pumping her hips and shaking. Pete understood she was trying to pull her cunt away from his lashing tongue. She had come and couldn’t take anymore. Her moaning was now a cry for mercy!

So Pete lifted his head. Ann slowly calmed down, but her body kept bucking for a while.

The moans from the bedroom had stopped. Pete felt as though he’d won a contest by making Ann cry out longer and more fiercely.

Now that Ann’s pleasure was taken care of, Pete was ready for his own. He brought his twitching cock up to Ann’s cunt. She spread her legs, lifting knees, parting her cunt lips.

As Pete lowered himself over her, his prick fucked effortlessly up her pussy. He drew in a deep breath as he felt her tight cunt take his prick into its snug depths.

“Uhhhhhh!” Ann gasped.

“Oh,” Pete sighed.

For a few seconds, he let his prick remain still, enjoying the tender grip of Ann’s pussy. Then he began fucking.

Ann, still trying to catch her breath from her recent ecstasy, began jerking her hips again. With new passion, she met Pete’s lunges as he fucked his prick into her pussy. She was as hot as ever as she worked toward another orgasm.

Her voice rose again, moaning with a deeper tone which reflected the joy of having ha cunt stuffed and stretched.

Pete kept his fucking smooth and steady, letting his lust mount slowly. He had enough fucking experience to be able to keep his head until the blinding passion of coming. But now, he concentrated on the way his prick fucked back and forth, fucking through the tunnel of Ann’s cunt. He reached down to her ass and grabbed one asscheek. His fingers moved to her asshole. Finding it, he wet a finger with fuck juice which ran down from her cunt, then pressed his finger up her ass.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ann cried, louder now as his finger penetrated her asshole.

Through the membrane which separated her cunt from her ass. Pete felt his own prick fucking the sexy chick’s pussy. It was exciting to hold her like this while fucking her, impaled on his finger like a bug in a display case.

As Pete climbed toward an orgasm, he let his prick fuck faster. He wiggled the finger he had up Ann’s ass. She was completely out of her mind!

She lifted her legs high over Pete’s back, and her hips swiveled back and forth, helping Pete fuck her cunt with maximum speed and friction. Her yoke rang continuously.

“Uhhhhh! Ohhhh!” Pete gasped as he was charging full speed into heavenly bliss.

Ann grabbed his head with both her hands and turned his face to hers. Then she kissed him, sticking her tongue into his mouth as they both gasped for breath. Their tongues and teeth and lips pressed together. The odor of cunt juice, which was smeared over Pete’s face, was blown into both of their noses.

Ann’s asshole began snapping on Pete’s finger as she hit her second orgasm. Pete was already filling her pussy with jism.

They both disappeared down the well of pure sexual bliss. Blackness and dizzying motion accompanied their ecstasy. They were so far removed from the real world they thought they would never get back. And it was only gradually that they did come back to find themselves in a sweaty heap on the couch with Mrs. Clark standing beside them.

Pete first noticed the woman when he saw her feet on the floor. Turning his head he took in the full picture. The woman was standing there naked, gazing at them. She held one of her tits with one hand, and her cunt with the other. Her face wore an expression of passion.

“I couldn’t help coming out here,” Mrs. Clark said. “I heard your moans and couldn’t help it.”

She sat down on the edge of the couch next to Pete and Ann. She leaned over Pete’s back, resting her tits on him. Then she began kissing his neck and ear. Her fingers slid up his thigh into his crotch.

“You both looked so beautiful fucking!” she whispered.

Pete felt the woman’s hand arrive at his balls. She caressed them then moved her fingers to his prick, still in Ann’s cunt.

Ann stirred, not knowing what to think about having her mother’s fingers examining her cunt. As for Pete, having Mrs. Clark’s fingers feeling the connection between his prick and Ann’s pussy was fabulously exciting. His prick had begun to deflate, but now his cockshaft was rock-hard again.

With Mrs. Clark’s fingers at his prickshaft and her lips nibbling his earlobe, Pete was horny again.

He could have begun fucking his prick in Ann’s cunt until he had another climax. But he knew that wasn’t what Mrs. Clark had in mind.

“Fuck me, Pete,” the older woman said, breathing the words into his ear.

Pete hesitated. Ann was still clutching at him.

“What happened to Joe?” Ann asked.

“Who? Oh, Joe. I fucked him silly,” Mrs. Clark said. “I think he’s sleeping.”

Pete was ready to fuck Mrs. Clark. The way she was playing with his balls reminded Pete what a skillful fucker she was. She was holding his balls tightly while sticking her fingertips into her daughter’s cunt, which was still stuffed with Pete’s prick.

“Go ahead,” Ann said. “Fuck her.”

Pete lifted himself from Ann’s body, pulling his prick from her pussy. Mrs. Clark dragged him down to the floor beside the couch. Pressing him down on his back, she mounted him. She reached for his prick, and slid her cunt down over his cockshaft. Her tits hung from her chest, and Pete took them into his strong fingers.

The woman rocked and pumped her hips, making Pete’s prick slide and churn in her cunt. Pete looked up at her, watching her face register passion and happiness. His own face told the same story. His prick was tender from the last fuck, and it would take longer to stir up another orgasm. So Pete was in for an intense fucking.

Since Mrs. Clark had also just finished fucking, her cunt was tender, too. But, for her, one orgasm made another easier to reach. So she didn’t have to bounce long on Pete’s cock to begin moaning with bliss.

Still on his back, Pete watched the woman and held her flailing tits. Ann, still on the couch, watched.

Joe walked into the room rubbing his eyes. When hem what was happening, he stopped and stand as his prick slowly rose.

“Come on, Joe,” Ann said. “No use just watching. Let’s fuck!”

Pete felt proud of himself as Joe walked around him and Mrs. Clark. Then Joe climbed onto the touch with Ann, and began wrestling around with her.

Having this other couple fucking in the same room, gave Pete’s passion a lift. His prick was already sending waves of pleasure through his body.

“What’s that?” Mrs. Clark said as she stopped pumping on Pete’s prick.

Pete tried to keep his cock fucking in her cunt. But with her sitting on him, it wasn’t easy.

“Come on!” he gasped.

“Wait! Someone’s coming in,” the woman said.

Pete heard it too. A key had been slipped into the door, it turned, and the door opened. Barb stood there, stopped in mid-step by the sight that greeted her.

“Barb!” Mrs. Clark gasped.

Pete watched the young girl’s face as her eyes switched from fucking couple to fucking couple. The last time Pete had seen Barb was when she’d walked in on him and Mrs. Clark fucking the last time. She didn’t seem to be getting used to finding her mother fucking her boy friend — her face wore the same shocked expression as the last time, of course. Now that she had the added shock of finding her sister fucking some guy a few feet from where Pete was fucking her mother!

Barb turned, slammed the door, and sent the sound of running footsteps back to the fuckers.

As soon as she was gone, Pete started fucking his prick into Mrs. Clark’s cunt again. He wasn’t able to fuck her very well since she was on top and motionless with her hands over her mouth, dismayed at being discovered by Barb again.

Then she stood up, towering over Pete. His prick was shining with her juice and twitching violently. He was just about ready to come.

“Hey!” he cried at the loss of a cunt to come into.

“Oh, dear!” Mrs. Clark said. “I’ve done it again!”

Meanwhile, Pete felt the agony of an orgasm interrupted. He had no choice but to give his prick a flurry of strokes. His gism spurted as he groaned, not looking at anyone for fear they would be looking back at him.

“Forget it, Mom,” Ann said as she and Joe resumed fucking. “She’ll be all right. It’ll do her good to be a bit shocked.”

“I’ve got to find her,” Mrs. Clark said. “I’ve got to try to make her understand!”

She hurried to the bedroom and came out in a minute, dressed. Then she hurried to the door and ran out, leaving Pete on the floor while Ann and Joe rammed their hips together.

Pete dressed, took one last look at the fucking couple, and left. There was nothing for him to do but go home and hope his mother didn’t find out that he had skipped school.


Pete got away with skipping school. But that was small compensation for his other troubles. After Barb caught him fucking her mother the second time, he was afraid to call either Mrs. Clark or Ann. As for Barb, he didn’t think he would ever see her again.

About a week later, though, when he came in from hanging around with the guys, his mother told him that Mrs. Clark had called and left a message: she wanted him to meet her at Jo-Jo’s Hamburger Haven at seven that evening.

Pete was so curious about what she wanted he didn’t eat dinner. And, as soon as he could, he left the house and headed for the meeting.

He got there early, but was too excited to sit and order anything. So he paced back and forth in front of the place. Mrs. Clark drove up right on time, and Pete ran over to her car.

“Hi, Pete,” she said. “What did you want?”

“What did I want? You called me — what did you want?” he said.

“I didn’t call you; you called me. At least that’s what Barb told me,” Mrs. Clark said. “She said you called and wanted to meet me here.”

“But my mother said you called me and said you wanted to meet me here.”

They looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

“Well, now that we’re here, I suppose we ought to have a cup of coffee,” Mrs. Clark said. “Maybe we’ll figure out what’s going on.”

They went inside and sat down. They both knew this had something to do with Barb. But they couldn’t imagine what. Neither of them mentioned Barb — they were still embarrassed about what had happened at Ann’s.

“Is there a Jane Clark here?” a waitress called. “Telephone call for Mrs. Jane Clark.”

Again, Pete and Mrs. Clark looked at each other, puzzled. Then Mrs. Clark went to answer the phone. Pete wiggled in his seat with curiosity. “It was Barb,” Mrs. Clark said. “She wants me to come right home and bring you with me.”

They ran out of the restaurant, leaving a few dollars for the coffee they hadn’t waited for. Then they sped to Mrs. Clark’s house.

“What could that girl be up to?” Mrs. Clark kept repeating.

They rushed up to the front door and entered. As soon as they did, they were greeted with a clue to what was going on, and they weren’t surprised.

“Ahhhhhh!” It was a sexual purr from the living room.

Pete and Mrs. Clark headed toward it. When they entered, they learned how Jane must have felt when she entered the room and found Pete fucking her mother.

Barb was on her hands and knees on the floor. Behind her knelt a young man, fucking his prick into her pussy. In front of her was another young man, naked, his prick in Barb’s sucking mouth. All around the room there were other men, naked, waiting their turn. There must have been almost twenty.

Pete and Mrs. Clark stood and stared. Pete was surprised and excited. Mrs. Clark was surprised, excited, outraged, bewildered, and flabbergasted. But, as she watched for several minutes while her daughter was fucked in her face and cunt, excitement began to replace the other emotions.

Barb’s head was bobbing steadily. The guy she was sucking began to writhe and groan. Barb sucked with increased vigor, then murmured as her mouth was filled with jism.

She smacked her lips as she lifted her face from the guy’s cock. Another guy got off the couch and took his place in front of Barb’s face. Meanwhile, the guy behind her began moaning with pleasure.

“Hi, Mom, Pete,” Barb said. “This is the Maple Street Park soccer team and the Lazy Hour Tavern bowling team.”

The men said hello. Some waved. Some seemed shy, others eager for the newcomers to join.

“Hi, guys,” Mrs. Clark said with a strange mixture of emotions in her voice.

Pete was fascinated by Barb’s strategy for revenge. He faded to the background, watching the strange sight.

He watched Mrs. Clark. She also backed into a corner and watched as her face changed expressions. She looked at her daughter and scowled, then looked over the crowd of naked guys and her face brightened. Pete read her thoughts as though they were displayed on a billboard. When she fled from the room, he knew what she was up to.

He was proved right in about five minutes when Mrs. Clark, or, rather, Madam La Rue, came back. She was wearing that same stripper costume she wore when she stripped for Pete.

Slinking into the room, Mrs. Clark moved among the men to the record player. She put on some music and began dancing.

Pete noticed Barb look up from the cock she was sucking. Even with her mouth wrapped around a thick prick, Pete knew she was smiling at her mother. This was the Barb that Pete had known — a good-natured chick who loved her mother. She wasn’t the sort of girl who would mind her mother horning in on her act.

All the guys, except those being fucked or sucked at the moment or whose turn was coming up soon, turned their attention to Mrs. Clark. Some began to clap along with the music or whistle.

“Take it off!” they yelled.

Mrs. Clark was slowly opening her black transparent negligee, revealing her tits overflowing her bra and her bikini-clad crotch.

Pete noticed how much more exciting it was to watch Mrs. Clark strip than to watch Barb being fucked. It seemed strange, but the hidden beauty of Mrs. Clark’s body had more allure than Barb’s naked and fucked body.

But the guys didn’t forget about Barb. They kept checking to see if she had a free cunt or mouth. Then they would hurry to her and stick their pricks into her.

Pete felt jealous in spite of his fucking Barb’s mother and sister. After all, he had only fucked them because Barb wouldn’t fuck him. And now prick after prick was slipping into her pussy, where his prick had never been. Then he realized that this was his chance. Or would Barb still refuse to fuck him? He wouldn’t blame her if she did refuse after he had fucked Ann and Mrs. Clark. But he could try.

Now that he contemplated fucking Barb, Pete’s lust took off. Of course, watching Mrs. Clark stripping was adding to his excitement. She was just then unfastening her bra. She held it in front of her tits, then suddenly threw it away.

Mrs. Clark swung her tits from side to side. Her tits went one way, her ass the other. She wore her bikini undies which held her ass tightly, but it still shimmered.

“Shake ’em,” one of the guys yelled.

She shook them, slowly at first, tuning to show all the guys gathered around her. As she turned round and round, she wobbled her tits more and more. Finally, she started her tits turning around like propellers.

“Yahooo!” the guys hollered at the kinky sight. But Pete knew she had saved her best trick. And she was ready to try it. She caught one tit and stopped its motion, then sent it around in the opposite direction. With her tits rotating in different directions, the guys went wild. Mrs. Clark beamed with joy.

“Yeaaah!” the guys cheered.

“Fuck me somebody!” Barb yelled.

She was still sucking a prick, but no one had filled her cunt as Mrs. Clark stole the show. But Barb’s plea brought two guys running toward her. The one who got there first dropped to his knees and stuck his prick into her while the other went back to watching the show.

Pete still struggled with the thought of fucking Barb. It would be awfully embarrassing, though, if he were the only one she wouldn’t fuck. But maybe he could go up to her ass without her seeing who it was. In any case, he decided to get undressed if only so he could blend in with the rest of the guys.

Mrs. Clark was pulling down her bikini panties now. Leaning forward, she thrust her ass out as she slowly bared her asscheeks. When she had them just below her asscheeks so her panties held her ass mounds like a bra, she wiggled her ass — a gorgeous sight!

She still had a g-string on. And the agony of waiting to see her cunt was intoxicating even for the guys who had already fucked Barb. There wasn’t one limp prick in the room!

Now Pete stood with his own hard cock bobbing in the air. With his prick naked, all he had to do was stroll over to Barb when the guy fucking her pulled out and he could have his old wish come true. He wasn’t sure if he should, and he wasn’t sure if he could resist.

Now Mrs. Clark was dancing around with only her g-string on. Her tits and ass shimmered, and she brushed her hands over stiff pricks as she traveled around the room. The guys grabbed at her tits.

Pete began edging nearer to Barb while watching Mrs. Clark. She danced past him, grabbed his prick quickly. As she moved away, a guy grabbed her g-string and pulled it from her. A cheer went up as she was finally naked.

Mrs. Clark began throwing herself into the arms of the guys. They would catch her, grab her tits or cunt, then she would spin out of their grasp. While she was in their arms, she took their pricks or balls into her hand.

The guys kept gathering round about her, tightening their circle, giving her less and less room. She was soon going from man to man without more than a second between.

Pete was just behind Barb now. There was a guy fucking her and another being blown. But the guy behind her was already moaning, about to come. Pete would be next!

“Ahhhhh!” the guy fucking her cried. His body shivered and jerked.

Pete’s prick bucked mightily. The guy fucking her had come, had stopped lunging his prick, was gasping. Then he backed away and got up.

Before Barb knew her cunt was empty, Pete had fallen to his knees behind her and grabbed her hips. Then he shoved his swollen cockhead to her cunt and pressed his stomach against her ass.

With all the jism running from her cunt, and with the loosening of her twat from all the pricks, Pete’s cock seemed to flow right into her.

Barb didn’t even react. How could she as she bent forward to suck the prick in her mouth? Besides, she’d had so many pricks in her that her cunt must be numb, Pete thought. Nevertheless, finally getting to fuck his old girl friend was thrilling!

Pete pumped with all his might. Barb’s tight cunt milked his cock, and Pete was soon gasping in sexual rapture.

He watched the group around Mrs. Clark as he fucked Barb. Every now and then he caught a glimpse of her between the men’s bodies. She had a cock in each hand and there were a few cocks inside her, too. It looked as though a guy were standing in front of her, his hips thrust forward, his prick in her pussy. Another guy stood behind her, pressed against her ass, and he might have a prick in her too, Pete thought.

Watching this scene while fucking Barb was heady stuff. Pete was soon doubled over, resting his head on Barb’s back as he came.

He’d done it — he fucked Barb, and it was heavenly! But, must as he was enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm, someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Give a guy a chance,” a big blond guy said.

So Pete had to drag himself away from Barb and let someone else fuck her. But he didn’t mind. He wanted to see what was going on with Mrs. Clark, anyhow.

By the time Pete elbowed his way into the crowd around the woman, she was on the floor. Kneeling, she had a guy in front and a guy in back, and they were both fucking their pricks in and out of her. One was fucking her cunt, the other her ass.

Pete didn’t have to wait long before the sight made his prick hard. Soon he was ready to fuck again. But he couldn’t decide which end to go for. It looked as though guys were as eager to fuck her up the ass as they were to fuck her pussy.

He watched Mrs. Clark’s body being bounced back and forth between the guys who fucked her. Since they fucked with different rhythms, they would sometimes both be lunging simultaneously, and sometimes lunging in turn. Mrs. Clark’s body would be crashed by both men, then by one after the other.

“Ohhhhh! Eeeeee!” she moaned deliriously.

Every time someone got up from fucking Mrs. Clark, there was a scramble as guys elbowed each other, jostling for position. The most aggressive would then get in front of or behind Mrs. Clark and stick his cock into her body.

When a chubby guy pulled his prick from the woman’s ass, several others began shoving their way to fill the vacancy. Pete saw his chance. The others were on the other side of the woman, but there was no one between him and her. So as the others pushed and shoved, Pete took his position.

Mrs. Clark’s asshole was now well lubricated and stretched. It was no trouble getting his big prick in her. And since she was still being fucked in the cunt, she was already bucking her hips. It was like sticking his prick into a fucking machine. But that didn’t lessen the pleasure and excitement of sticking his cock up this lusty chick’s asshole!

Having come just a few minutes before, Pete was able to keep his prick fucking for quite a while. He was slowly brought to an orgasm, and it was a good one! Just as he came, the guy fucking Mrs. Clark’s cunt pulled out, so he had her to himself until another guy replaced the prick in her cunt.

Reaching around her body and clutching her tits, Pete fucked his cock relentlessly up the woman’s tight ass.

“Aaaaaa!” Mrs. Clark continuously wailed.

Pete came. It was a smashing climax and seemed to last for long minutes as he pumped his hips. When it diminished, he fell back and moved away. He knew there were those who hadn’t yet experienced the pleasures of Mrs. Clark’s asshole, and they were eager for their turns.

Pete dragged himself to the couch and sat down to rest. Now that he’d fucked both chicks, now that his passion had been soothed, the scene looked more bizarre than ever. Naked guys hovered around the two chicks like drones around queen bees. Each guy had a stinger protruding from his crotch, and after contact with one of the queens it drooped, but only temporarily.

“Gee, I never had a chance to fuck a woman after watching her do a striptease before,” one guy was saying to another.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Have you fucked the young one yet?”

“No, but she gave me a blow job. A good one, too!”

“Hey, here’s another one!”

Pete looked to where the guy was pointing. Ann had come in and was standing in the doorway. This was the first time Pete had seen that stripper stunned. She looked at the orgy as though she didn’t believe what she was seeing. She looked like her mother had looked when she and Pete walked in, but now the scene was even more incredible.

“Come on in, baby!” one of the guys yelled.

“Hey, more talent!” yelled another.

But Ann walked over to where her mother was getting fucked front and rear. She pushed away the hands that reached for her.

“What’s going on?” Ann asked her delirious mother.

“We’re f-f-fucking!” Mrs. Clark gasped. “C-c-can’t you see?”

Then Ann went to her sister who was still on her knees. A guy knelt behind her, fucking her, but she wasn’t sucking a cock at the moment and was able to talk.

“What the fuck’s going on here?” Ann asked Barb.

“This is the Soccer Street Fucking Team,” Barb said in a quavering voice. “A-and the bowling fuckers. Th-they’re f-fucking us!”

Pete had to talk with Ann, to offer her an explanation. They went into the kitchen, chased out a few naked guys who were raiding the fridge, and Pete explained how they had received the phone calls from Barb, and how they came back to find the house full of naked buys fucking Barb.

“Naturally, your mother did her Madam La Rue number, then started fucking,” Pete said.

“Well, I can’t blame Barb,” Ann said. “It must have been tough finding her mother fucking you like that.”

“Yeah, twice,” Pete said.

“But what are we doing to do now?” Ann asked.

“What do you mean?” Pete said.

“With all these guys! How are we going to get rid of them?” Ann said.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about them. They’ll go away when they’re all fucked out. You could hurry it along by fucking some yourself.”

Ann seemed to consider the suggestion. Pete saw Ann’s face light up.

“Why not?” she said. “I’ve never had a chance to get gang-banged.”

As he spoke to Ann, Pete’s prick hung limp. But now as she pulled off her clothes, his cock stiffened. He held her tits as she pulled off her pants. When she was naked, he kissed her, leaning her over the kitchen table. She let herself rest on the cold, shiny table top, let Pete climb over her, and let him fuck her.

When he’d finished, Ann seemed strangely agitated. She quickly slid out from beneath Pete and ran into the living room. Pete wasn’t surprised.


Pete left before the orgy was over. He’d fucked all three chicks, and didn’t feel like hanging around to talk to them. Now that Barb had her revenge, though, Pete hoped to make up with her.

But there was nothing else to do — he had to see Barb.

Finally, he got to Ann’s. But when he knocked, Joy came to the door.

“Well, hello,” she said. “Come on in.”

“Is Ann and Barb here?”

“No, they just left,” Joy said. “But never mind them. I’ve been thinking about you.”

Joy looked as luscious as ever, but Pete didn’t want to get sidetracked.

“Where are they?” he asked.

Joy said they went to the Kingston Hotel; Ann was going on stage soon.

Pete thanked her, said good-bye, and headed for the Kingston. He wondered why Barb had gone along. Maybe he would get a chance to talk to her in Ann’s dressing room.

But when he got to the hotel and knocked on the backstage door, nothing happened. The big steel door hardly made a sound when he knocked on it and there was no bell. So he had to go around to the front. Just as he expected, the woman collecting cover charges wouldn’t let him in and wouldn’t call Ann.

There was nothing to do but climb up on the roof again. On the way up, he thought about the last time he had climbed up there and how he’d been roughed up by Joe and his helper. But Pete kept climbing.

When he looked down through the skylight over the dressing room, he saw Barb and Ann. Ann was putting on her costume. Pete almost called to them, but he decided to wait for Ann to leave. He wanted to get Barb alone.

“I wish I could work here,” Barb was saying. “Doing what?” Ann asked as she draped her filmy robe around her.

“Stripping,” Barb said. “I’d love to be a stripper.”

“Well, why not?” Ann said. “It seems to run in the family.”

The MC announced Ann, and she hurried from the dressing room.

“Hey, Barb,” Pete called down through the open skylight.

Barb jumped, startled to hear a voice coming from above in the empty room. When she saw Pete, she merely looked up at him without saying anything.

“I’ve got to talk to you,” Pete said. “Can I come down?”

“I don’t think you’d better,” Barb said coolly. “No one’s supposed to be back here.”

“But I’ve got to talk to you,” he said. “It’s real important!”

“Well, don’t blame me if you get into trouble,” she said as she looked into a mirror and fooled around with her hair.

Pete crawled into the skylight, hung by his hands, then dropped into the room, sprawling on the floor as he landed.

“How come you’re here?” he asked the girl as he got to his feet.

“Oh, I’ve been hanging around with Ann a lot,” Barb said, still gazing at herself in the mirror. “I like to come here. I think I was cut out for show business.”

“You’d make a great stripper,” Pete said. “You certainly have the body for it. And you’re a great dancer.”

“Thanks,” Barb said.

“Hey, Barb. Now that you’ve gotten even with me, can’t we be like we used to? You know, go out together and things.”

“And things?” Barb asked. “What things?”

“Oh, you know. Fucking and stuff,” Pete said.

“What about Ann? What about my mother?”

“Come on, Barb,” Pete begged. “Don’t be like that. You know it’s just you I’m interested in. And you must still like me. You called me, pretending to be your mother, so you could get me to your house while you were fucking all those guys.”

Barb finally turned around and faced Pete. “Now you know how it feels, I hope.”

“I do,” Pete said. “I hated to see all those guys fucking you. I was so jealous I would have thrown them all out if there weren’t so many of them.”

“Oh, Pete! Really?” Barb said, warming up at last.

As a smile broke out on Barb’s face and her voice softened, Pete felt relief and lust. Barb was going to forgive him and fuck him.

“Sure,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I wanted to fight all those guys, but your mother stopped me. She was afraid I would get hurt. But I didn’t care.”

“Really?” Barb asked with a breathy voice.

“Really!” Pete said, excusing himself for lying, but he would have said anything to win Barb back.

He pulled up a chair near hers and took her hands. She leaned forward, and they kissed. Kissing, they couldn’t help thrusting their tongues back and forth between their mouths. Then Pete had to reach for Barb’s tits. She couldn’t resist sticking her hand into his crotch to feel his hard cock.

As their passion mounted, Pete reached into her tight jersey and groped at her naked tits. She unfastened his pants and reached inside.

Soon, Pete had Barb’s jersey pulled up over her tits and was sucking her nipples. At the same time, she had his prick freed and was stroking his cockshaft lovingly.

“Ohhhhh, Pete!” Barb moaned as he gobbled her titflesh.

As he stuffed his face with her tits, he opened her pants. Then he lifted his head from her tits and pulled her to her feet. He knelt down and pulled her pants down around her ankles. The odor of hot cunt juice filled his nostrils.

Pete pressed his face to Barb’s pussy hair. Burying his nose and lips in that soft tangle of hair, he reached around her hips and hugged her ass. Breathing the mist that rose from her cunt was driving him wild!

Barb ran her fingers through his hair and held his face tighter to her cunt. She spread her legs, opening her crotch just in case Pete wanted to get at her pussy.

He did! Sinking lower, he brought his mouth to her cunt crack. His tongue shot out and felt around in her hair for the lips of her cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” Barb gasped when his tongue entered her pussy.

Barb was near the dressing table, and she backed to it and rested her ass against it. That way, she was able to stick her cunt out and give Pete better access to her tender pussy gash.

As Barb backed to the table, Pete followed. And, when her hips rolled forward, he began licking her pussy from the rear to the front.

“Oooooo!” the girl cried softly.

Pete’s head nodded as he covered her pussy’s slot with his tongue. Barb’s cunt was sweet and wet, and her fuck juice seeped over his face and down his neck.

By rolling his eyes up as far as he could, Pete saw Barb’s tits swaying as she wiggled. Beyond her tits, her pretty face looked down at him. There was a cockeyed smile of pleasure on her mouth. “That feels so good!” she cooed.

Pete lifted his eyebrows several times to tell her he was having fun, too.

His tongue reached up her flowing pussy, twisting and wiggling. Barb’s body imitated the motion of the tongue in her cunt, making her tits sway and making the table she leaned against shake — bottles of make-up and perfume jiggled merrily.

Pete moved his tongue to the girl’s clit. Lightly at first, then more firmly, he wiggled that erect bud in a circle.

“Ohhhhhh!” Barb moaned, telling Pete he had the right spot under his tongue.

Pete kept his eyes lifted to watch Barb as she grew more wantonly excited. There was nothing so beautiful as a girl getting hot, Barb’s face looked blissful, her tits shook, and her voice filled the dressing room.

As he lapped her cunt, Pete kept his hands busy roaming over Barb’s smooth skin. Her thighs and ass felt wonderful to him as her cunt juice seeped down his chin.

“Oh, Pete! You do that so well!” she sighed.

Pete wondered if he should make Barb come with his tongue before fucking her. But he decided to let her tell him what she wanted. He would do anything to please her! He would be her slave, trusting her to give him pleasure in return.

So Pete kept his tongue working on her clit. Round and round he wiggled it as he ran his fingers down the soft skin on the backs of her thighs.

“Ohhhhhh! I’m going to come!” Barb gasped. Pete increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit. His eyes widened as he watched her hit her climax.

“Aaaaaa!” Barb cried in a splitting note of ecstasy.

Pete shared her pleasure, not by coming, but by watching her writhing and shaking with the pleasure he was providing.

Barb lifted her hands from Pete’s head where they had been running through his hair. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them. Pete didn’t know if she squeezed them like that because it felt good or to stop their wild bouncing. In either case, it was exciting to see!

After crying with passion for several minutes, Barb’s voice softened to a whimper. Still, Pete kept his tongue at her clit, waiting for further instructions.

“Get inside me,” Barb said finally. “Fuck me!” That was what he was waiting, hoping, and dying to hear! He got to his feet, bringing his throbbing prick to Barb’s pussy.

Leaning back on the edge of the table, Barb spread her thighs farther and reached for Pete’s prick. As she pulled his cock to her pussy, she lifted her face to be kissed.

Pete knew his face was wet with her fuck juice. But Barb didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she lashed his wet lips and chin with her tongue as though he was chocolate syrup that she was licking.

As eager as he was to feel his prick buried in Barb’s cunt, Pete was thrilled at the way she held his cockhead at her pussy slot, sliding his prickhead over her cunt lips and clit. She was still whimpering, too, even as she kissed him.

Having the slippery folds of flesh in Barb’s cunt slithering beneath his prick made Pete hotter than he’d ever been. And when she pushed his prick down a bit, then pulled his cock inside her, the guy shivered with joy.

His prick kept sliding deeper into the slick cavern of Barb’s cunt until his balls were against her ass below her crotch. The firm grip of her cunt on his stiff cock triggered Pete’s fucking instincts, and he began fucking.

“Ohhhhh!” Barb moaned in profound rapture. Each dip and pull of his prick lifted Pete higher into ecstasy. He tried to fuck slowly, making his pleasure last.

He grabbed one of Barb’s tits in one hand and one of her asscheeks in the other. She put her hands around his neck to hold on.

Harder and deeper, Pete fucked his prick. Bottles on the table had fallen over and were rolling around, but the fuckers were oblivious. The building could have crumbled around them without them being distracted from their fucking. “F-f-fuck me!” Barb wailed, on her way to another orgasm.

Pete gasped with every lunge of his prick.

Pete entered a pre-orgasmic state of ecstasy. With every second, his pleasure increased!

“I’m going to come!” he said, letting Barb know.

Pete pulled his face back from Barb’s. They looked at each other and, seeing the expression of lust on each other’s face, they both moaned with joy.

“Ahhhhh!” Pete cried as jism began surging through his cock.

He forced himself to keep his eyes open so he could watch Barb as she watched him. Her face never looked more beautiful!

Pete’s orgasm boiled and churned inside him as his prick pistoned in Barb’s cunt. Raw pleasure was his reward. And as long as it lasted, he was the richest guy on earth!

Even when his climax subsided, his pleasure was still intense. His prick, although out of ammunition, enjoyed the snapping tightness of Barb’s cunt. He still held her tit and ass in his hand. And he still enjoyed the gorgeous sight of Barb’s body connected to his at the crotch.

“That was heavenly!” Barb sighed.

“I love fucking you!” Pete said.

As they lingered in the glow of their fucking, the door opened. The teens swiveled their heads toward it and saw Ann step into the room. They tensed, held still, then relaxed. After all, they didn’t need to feel shy in front of Ann — not after all they’d been through together.

“Well, look who’s here,” Ann said as she tossed her costume on the back of a chair. “How’d you get in, Pete?”

“He dropped from the sky,” Barb said, pointing up to the skylight but not letting go of Pete.

“Well, don’t mind me,” Ann said as she sat down. “But Joy’s going to be here any minute, and if she finds Pete here she’ll want to fuck him.”

Pete and Barb remained where they were, holding each other, Pete’s cock still plugged into Barb’s cunt. Ann put cold cream on her face, then rubbed it off.

“Maybe we should get dressed,” Barb said. “I’d hate to have to share you with Joy now.”

“You don’t have to share me with anyone,” Pete said as he pulled his shrunken prick from the girl’s pussy. “But there’s no use tormenting her when she gets here.”

So the guys dressed. So did Ann. Then they decided to go out for something to eat. But before they left, Ann called Joy on the phone to make sure she hadn’t forgotten she was due to go on stage.

Pete and Barb stood next to Ann at the pay phone in the hallway, and they heard the gasps and moans coming from the receiver as soon as Joy answered.

“Joy, you’re supposed to be on stage in about two minutes,” Ann said. “Joe will be mad as hell. What? You’re fucking Joe now? Jesus!”

Pete and Barb giggled.

“There’s no one here to take your place,” Ann said. “No, I just got off. They don’t want to see me again.”

There was more moaning and breathy words coming from the receiver, but Pete and Barb couldn’t make them out.

“Oh, sure!” Ann said sarcastically. “And I’ll collect the cover charge while she’s on stage, I suppose.”

Pete and Barb giggled again, knowing that Joy had suggested that Bertha, the old chick who collected cover charges at the door, go on for Joy. Not that Bertha wouldn’t be glad to. But the sight of her two-hundred-pound body bouncing around the stage might drive out more customers than Ann had attracted.

“And now,” the amplified voice of the MC was heard to say, “the delectable, sensational, exotic Joy Toy!”

“Now what?” Ann asked as she hung up.

“I’ll go on!” Barb said.

“You can’t,” Ann said. “You’re too young. The place would be closed down if the cops knew we had an underage stripper. You have to be twenty-one, and you’re only eighteen.”

“They won’t know,” Barb said. “I’ll just go on this once. Besides, there’s hardly anyone out there at this time of day.”

“That’s true,” Ann said, thinking. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll see if there are any cops out there, and you go put on that pink costume.”

“Goody!” Barb yelled as she ran back to the dressing room.

Ann left Pete for a moment and came back. “I guess she’ll get away with it,” Ann said. “There are only a few of the regulars out there anyhow.”

“Well, I guess Joy isn’t quite ready,” the MC was saying. “Remember, Wednesday is ladies night at the Kingston…”

Barb suddenly was running down the hallway. She looked gorgeous in the stripper costume!

“I’m so excited!” she said as she ran past Pete and Ann.

“Let’s go watch,” Pete said.

“Okay. Come up on the roof. We’ll take the stairs, though.”

Once again, Pete found himself on the roof, looking into a skylight. But he never thought he would see his own girl friend on the stage, dancing and stripping.

When they looked down, Barb was just taking off her lacy robe. Her young tits, half bidden in a tiny bra, looked fabulous as they heaved to the music.

At first, Barb seemed a bit stiff. Her face looked rigid as she kept her gaze down. But the longer she danced around, the more relaxed she became. By the time she unfastened her bra and exposed her huge tits, she was dancing loose and free.

“Damn! She’s good!” Ann said.

“Yeahhh!” Pete agreed, excited by the sight even though he’d just fucked her.

When Barb tossed away her bra, her tits looked even more beautiful than they had when Pete had held them.

Pete and Ann were huddled together as they knelt by the skylight. Ann’s sexy perfume added to the guy’s excitement, and he couldn’t help putting an arm around her. As he did, Ann moved closer to him.

Barb was bouncing around the stage, smiling at the audience as she showed off her lovely tits.

“Do you think Barb would mind if we fucked while watching her?” Ann asked.

“Na, I don’t think so,” Pete said. “Especially when we tell her how excited her stripping made us.”

So they both pulled down their pants. Still looking at Barb, they got ready to fuck. Pete sank a few fingers into Ann’s cunt while Ann held his prick. Then, as Barb pulled down the pink satin bottom of her costume, leaving only herself in a tiny g-string, Pete got behind Ann and slipped his prick up her cunt, doggie-style. That way, they could fuck and still watch Barb’s act.

Pete kept his eyes on his girl, friend on the stage below as he slipped his prick in and out of Ann’s sweet cunt. It seemed like just yesterday he’d been up on the roof with his buddy, Don, two virgins getting a peek at naked ladies. Pete had come a long way.

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