Hot Schoolgirl Sister

There is something about adolescence that encourages young people to try the unknown, the forbidden. The illicit, the taboo, seem more attractive and exciting somehow. Maybe this is because most young people feel their rights have been infringed upon for long enough, and now is the time for them to “do their own thing”. And perhaps it is strictly a biological phenomenon.

This is the story of a young girl who dares to try the unknown. Linda is a teenaged girl trying to find herself, trying to find out what makes her budding body tick, trying to find out what life is really about. Like many young people, she often learns things the hard way.

HOT SCHOOLGIRL SISTER is a story about a time that everyone must face, the fragile moment between childhood and maturity. It is a frightening and confusing time, but one which holds lessons which will remain for a lifetime.


It was about three o’clock when Linda’s pussy started to itch. Her cunt usually itched after a long day in school. She kept her innocent, blue eyes on the teacher, but her hand slipped into the pocket of her jeans.

Her slender fingers stole into the pocket and touched firm, naked flesh. Linda had long ago cut the pocket right out of her jeans. Her fingers brushed through soft peach fuzz and touched her pussy-lips.

Her curvy, young legs parted under the desk and her middle finger located her clit, that special spot all girls love. Her eyes got glassy as her finger began to slowly rub and stroke and massage her little clit.

She slumped a little in her seat to make her pussy more available. Her bright eyes watched the teacher write on the blackboard and her fingers clawed her clit. Her thighs opened farther and she slipped one naughty finger into her juicy fuck-hole.

With her slender finger inside her pussy and her thumb on her stiff, little clit she slowly, very slowly writhed her hips. Her pussy slowly turned and twisted on her finger and thumb. The creamy, dreamy sensations she liked so much filled her cunt.

Her breathing quickened as she got hot, and her ripe, young tits began to rise and fall a little faster in her tight, little T-shirt. Her nostrils flared and her pretty face flushed slightly. A familiar tickle started up, deep in her belly, and she staffed moving her finger and thumb in time with the rolling of her hips.

A second later, her body froze in the seat and her mouth fell open. She fought back a gasp as she worked her finger in and out of her cunt and rubbed her clit hard. With no one the wiser, she came wetly on her naughty fingers. When the bell sounded, she pulled her wet fingers out of her pocket and quickly wiped them on her jeans. Then she grabbed up her books and hugged them to her tits as she got to her feet.

Her best friend, Debbie, appeared at her side and whispered, “God, Linda, where do you get the nerve?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not wearing a bra again!”

As they walked side by side out of the classroom, Debbie whispered, “You’re gonna get a terrible reputation as a cock-teaser!”

“Look who’s talking!” Linda laughed. “Yeah, but at least I wear undies!” As they left the school building, Linda said, “Want to come over to my house for a while?”

“Uhhh, no, I’d better not.”

Linda looked hurt. “I thought you liked what we did?”

Debbie kept her voice low. “I did, but… gee, Linda, we could get in a lot of trouble if we ever got caught doing that?”

“Please?” Linda begged. Her pussy was tingling just from thinking about it. “Came on! Just for a little while!”

“Your brother will be home,” Debbie said.

“No, he won’t. He’s supposed to stay home till my mom gets home, but he won’t. Come on, Debbie, be nice. I’ll let you borrow my bike for a whole week!”

“Okay,” Debbie said.

Linda was right. Her brother Johnny’s schoolbooks were on the table, which told her he had already been there and gone. Debbie was a little disappointed.

“I wish he’d stick around once in a while,” she said with a sigh that made her taut tits rise up.

“Me, too!” Linda giggled.

“I mean, so I can kiss him and maybe play with his you-know-what.”

“So do I,” Linda said.

Debbie gave her a playful shove and laughed. “You’re crazy! He’s your brother!”

“I don’t care,” Linda said. “Sometimes I get real hot for him, but he pays about as much attention to me as he does to you or any other girl. All he thinks about is playing baseball!” They deposited their books on the sofa and Linda led the way into her bedroom. She closed the door and stood looking at Debbie’s tits protruding in her dress.

“I’ll be glad when mine are as big as yours,” Linda said, and reached out and felt one of Debbie’s tits. She added, “I’m glad you wear soft bras.”

It made Debbie nervous. “Are you sure Johnny won’t come home?”

“Stop worrying,” Linda said. “Let’s get undressed!”

When Debbie hesitated, Linda smiled at her. She stepped up to her friend and gently kissed her mouth. Debbie’s lips parted almost against her will and Linda licked her slick tongue all over Debbie’s mouth.

Their tongues met, wet and slippery, and Linda brought a hand up to Debbie’s crotch. She pushed the girl’s dress in and rubbed her pussy through the light material. Debbie moaned.

“Come on!” Linda said hotly. “I’ll get you in the mood!”

Debbie knew Linda could do that. She found that out just a week ago. She shuddered a little as Linda led her to the cozy bed. Debbie’s knees trembled slightly as Linda unzipped her dress and made it slip down the length of her body.

Debbie stood in her little bra and panties, but not for long. Linda got her friend’s bra off and tossed it on the bed, then kissed and licked Linda’s pert tits and sucked her pink nipples till Debbie was moaning.

Linda dropped to her knees and peeled Debbie’s panties all the way down to expose her furry, young pussy. She smiled with pleasure and gave Debbie’s cunt a nice kiss that made Debbie quiver.

“You want me to, don’t you?” Linda purred teasingly.

“Yes, yes!” Debbie sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, naked except for her shoes and socks which didn’t matter anyway.

Linda smiled seductively as she stripped naked. She even kicked off her sandals because she liked to be totally nude. Then she dropped to her knees again, between her friend’s curvy, young thighs, and she planted a big kiss on Debbie’s cunt.

Debbie moaned as Linda’s tongue came out to lick up and down her pussy. Her eyes closed and she caressed her jutting tits as Linda ate her cunt. Her cute, little ass started to hump on the bed.

Linda moaned, too, enjoying the cunt sucking a lot, and she stuck her slender tongue up into Debbie’s tight, wet pussy. She fucked her tongue in and out for a while, then started lashing Debbie’s stiff, quivering little clit.

“Ohhh, Linda!” Debbie wailed as waves of forbidden pleasure washed through her body. She was sure that kind of sex was wicked, but when Linda was eating her pussy, it just didn’t matter any more.

Debbie surrendered to the excruciating pleasure and writhed on the bed hornily as her pussy caught fire. Linda pried her friend’s cuntlips apart with her thumbs and licked her tongue hard against Debbie’s clit. She did that until Debbie was close to coming.

“I need it, too!” Linda whispered then.

Linda got on the bed with Debbie and they scooted around until they could do a juicy sixty-nine with Linda on top. Then, mouths to pussies, they rocked and writhed on the bed until they both came hornily for each other.

Linda came first, being the horniest of the two, and she smashed her hot pussy down against her friend’s sucking mouth. She was halfway through her wonderful orgasm when Debbie’s pussy came jumping upward. Linda moaned and shafted her slender tongue into Debbie’s cunt.

Debbie moaned hotly and sucked hard on Linda’s clit. They came wildly, both humping for the ultimate pleasure a girl can get. Their pussies creamed wetly and writhed hornily all through their dynamic orgasms.

Afterwards, they sat facing each other on the bed and played with each other’s tits as they talked girl-talk about boy’s cocks. That was all they could do. As virgins, the only thing they knew about actual fucking was in X-rated movies. But they could talk about jerking a boy’s prick. They had both experienced that dozens of times.

After they had discussed the stiff cock of every boy they knew, they were horny again, and they quickly rolled into a hot sixty-nine again. Debbie got on top. Their pussies creamed wetly, humped wildly, and twisted hornily. They both came more than the first time, and it left Debbie breathless.

“I’m glad you started this,” Debbie moaned, stretched out beautifully on the bed. “I know I’m not as eager as you, but once you start me, I can’t get enough of it!”

“It sure beats playing with yourself, huh?” Linda laughed.

Debbie giggled, but said, “I don’t think I’ll ever stop that!”

They laughed about their naughty fingers and cummy cunts, then Linda suggested a soft drink. They dressed and went into the kitchen, and none too soon either. Johnny came in the back door, all sweaty.

“Hi, Johnny!” Debbie cooed, holding her shoulders back so her tits would poke out nicely.

Johnny muttered something, got a soda from the refrigerator, and went to his room. Debbie looked forlorn.

“Forget it,” Linda said. “Boys are all the same. We girls have to stick together if we’re gonna cum the way we want to.”

“Shhhh! He’ll hear you!” Debbie warned.

“So what? God, Debbie, you want to play with his cock and be a virgin at the same time!”

“Weird, huh?” Debbie laughed. She shrugged her shoulders and added, “Well, like my big sister says, there’s nothing worse than a horny virgin!”

After they finished their drinks, Debbie said she had to get home. She got her books and left the house with the promise that she’d call Linda later that night.

Linda looked at the clock after Debbie was gone. Her mother wouldn’t be home for another hour. She could watch television, or go to her room and play with her pussy and tits. She headed for her room.

As she approached her bedroom, she looked down the hall and saw the door of her brother’s room ajar. They had promised each other long ago never to go into the other’s room without express permission, but Johnny was heavy on her mind right then.

She went down the hall and peeked inside his room. Her blue eyes widened and her pussy twitched. Johnny was on his bed, looking at a girlie magazine, and his cock was out, in his hand. He was slowly milking his prick, which looked very big.

Linda shoved her hand into the pocket of her jeans and rubbed her hot pussy as she watched Johnny beat his cock-meat. Just the sight of her brother jerking his cock was enough to excite her cunt.

She was well on her way toward a juicy orgasm before it dawned on her that she didn’t have to masturbate. And neither did Johnny. Her heart raced behind her taut tits at the thought burning in her young mind.

She pushed the door open and said, “You don’t have to do that yourself!”

Johnny jerked on the bed and covered his cock. “Get the hell out of here!”

“Why are you always so angry?” Linda asked, posing for him with her pert tits jutting.

“God damn it…” Johnny gasped, embarrassed.

“Oh, quit that!” Linda said. “Wouldn’t it feel better if a girl did that for you?”

“You’re my sister!” he said.

“No kidding!” She entered his room and her blue eyes gazed at the spot where his hand was. “Let me see it!”

“Are you crazy?”

“I’ll show you my tits!” she bargained.

Johnny swallowed so hard his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. His cock jolted in his hand. “You will?”

“Uh-huh,” Linda cooed. “Want to see them?”

“You first,” Johnny said thickly.

“Sure,” she said, then crossed her arms in front of her and lifted her T-shirt way up and over her head. Her tits appeared — naked, hard, firm, and tipped with cute, pink nipples.

She let the T-shirt dangle from her fingers at her side and posed for him, unashamed, proud of her tits and glad that he was ogling them. His eyes were hot, and she could almost feel the heat.

“Jeez, Linda,” he whispered, “they’re neat!”

“I thought you’d like them,” she purred. Smiling, she dropped her T-shirt and brought her hands up to cup her tits. She caressed them as he watched the gentle motions of her hands. He licked his lips. He wanted to do that to her tits.

“Now show me your cock!” she said hotly. But Johnny was all boy now. “Show me your pussy first!”

Any other girl would have considered that a double-cross, but Linda knew she had him where she wanted him — horny with a stiff cock.

She opened her jeans and pushed them all the way down to her ankles. Then she straightened up and parted her legs a little, just enough for him to see her furry pussy. Then she caressed her cunt with her fingers, just to tantalize him. It worked. He took his hand off his prick.

Linda’s gaze seemed to devour his cock. His prick throbbed and pulsed and looked all wet and thick. Because Johnny was eyeing her tits and pussy, his cock got bigger and harder right before her eyes, and that was very exciting for Linda.

“Can I jerk it for you?” she murmured.

Johnny blinked dumbly. “If-if you really want to!”

“I really want to!” she said hotly.

She went to him and he swung his legs over the side of the bed, sitting up. Linda dropped to her knees and took his prick between her gentle hands. Her eyes caressed his prick like her fingers as she examined its thickness and length.

“You have a nice one!” she purred, and curled the fingers of one hand around his hard-on.

“You’ve done this before!” Johnny said, watching her fist pump up and down on his cock.

“Uh-huh. Like it?”


He leaned back on his elbows and watched with increasing horniness as his pretty sister jerked his prick better than he could.

“You were right!” he said hotly. “It feels better when you do it!”

Linda smiled with satisfaction and slipped her fist up and down his throbbing prick. When she thought he was close to shooting his load, she tickled his balls with her other hand. Johnny groaned with pleasure, amazed at how expert his sister was.

“Jeez!” he suddenly gasped. “I’m gonna shoot!”

“Oh, I forgot!” Linda cried, alarmed. “What are we gonna do? Where’s a sock? Or something? Oh, God!”

Johnny’s hand darted out and pressed on her head. “Suck it! Quick!”

Before she could think, Linda’s head went down and her mouth slipped onto his thick, young cock. Johnny pushed on her head and all of his prick streaked up into her throat. His balls exploded with cum all at once. Big wads of thick jism spurted out of his piss-hole and filled her young mouth. Linda gasped on his jizz and swallowed in self-defense. She gulped and gulped his jism down her throat and not a drop escaped her sucking lips.

After she drank all his cum, she pulled her head up and stared at him wide-eyed. “I never sucked a cock before!”

“It sure felt good!” Johnny said with an evil grin on his face.

Linda’s eyes narrowed on him. “Did you trick me? I wasn’t going to suck it!”

“You asked for it!” Johnny laughed.

Linda jumped to her feet, fuming at him. “That wasn’t fair, Johnny! Now you have to eat my pussy!”

He chuckled and said, “It’s sure a pretty one, Linda, but I’ve never done that, and I don’t think I want to start now!”

“You rat!” she cried. “You have to!”

“No, I don’t. Besides, Mom will be coming in any minute.”

“Later then?”

“No way!” he laughed.

She glared at him, and the wheels started turning in her pretty, little head. Debbie had been reluctant, too, at one time, Linda remembered. She had overcome that problem easily enough. Maybe she could overcome her brother’s reluctance, too.

“I think you’ll eat my pussy,” she said. She pulled up her jeans, got her T-shirt, and left his room, smiling.


That night at nine o’clock Linda was on the phone with Debbie. In the privacy of her room, Linda settled on her bed and rubbed her pussy while she told her friend what had happened.

“You jerked him off?” Debbie gasped.

“And more!” Linda giggled.

“More? What? Tell me! Tell me!”

“Well, he was very horny, probably because I was jerking his prick for him, and we weren’t ready. I mean, we didn’t even think of having a sock ready or something, so I ate him!”

“What? You sucked your own brothers cock?”

“I had too. He would have shot that stuff all over the place! It was the only thing I could do!”

“And what did he say? Was he shocked?”

“I think he tricked me into it,” Linda said.

That excited Debbie. “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”

“Are you rubbing your pussy?” Linda asked.

“I was!” Debbie gasped. “Now I’ve got two fingers in it!”

Linda went on to tell her friend how Johnny had refused to eat her pussy in turn. “But I think he will tonight. I’ve got a plan!”

“Oh! Tell me!” Debbie squealed.

“I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow,” Linda said, then hung up the phone.

At midnight, Linda stole into Johnny’s room stark naked and horny for some tongue-fucking. Bent on getting even with him, she slipped into his bed and found him wearing shorts. Stifling giggles, she slipped a hand down into his shorts and played with his cock. His prick erected for her in his sleep. But the excitement in his balls woke him up.

“Linda! What the…”

“Shhhh!” she shushed him, and her fingers curled around his growing cock.

“But… jeez.”

His prick stood up stiffly for her. She pushed his shorts down to free his cock. She pressed her tight, young tits against him to excite him further, then she kissed his mouth as if he were a boyfriend.

Johnny groaned as his cock reached its fullest size in her hand and he kissed her back. Then her reached over and played with her tits. All the fondling made his cock immense in her fist.

“Would you like me to suck you off again?” she whispered.

Johnny gasped. “Yeah!”

“Lick my pussy first!” she purred.


Linda giggled and stroked the full length of his cock teasingly. She was sure her little game would work. She had to get Debbie in the mood first, so why not Johnny? she reasoned.

She gave his prick a nice squeeze and said, “Eat my pussy for me and I’ll suck your cock for you!”

Johnny’s halls were aching for release. His sister’s fist was exciting. Her fingers were tantalizing. Her slow, jerking motion was driving him crazy. He wanted to shoot a load of jism in her sexy mouth.

Linda sensed that she was winning her little game. She released his throbbing prick and slowly got up. She straddled his body and inched her pussy up to his face. She knelt up over him and panted hotly, anxious to have him lick her cunt.

“Eat me, Johnny!” she moaned.

He felt foolish all of a sudden. And nervous.

Linda was exasperated with him. “You boys! You’re all the same! All talk! Give me your hand!”

He lifted a hand and she guided it to her pussy. She aimed his middle finger and instructed him in the parts of her pussy, especially her clit, which was now quivering.

“Feel this? That’s my clit. Lick that!”

Johnny extended his tongue and Linda squirmed her pussy against it until he was licking her stiff, little clit. Then she moaned.

“Mmmmm, yesss, like that… now, stick your tongue up my cunt-hole! Mmmmm, huh, uhhhh, good, good… now lick my clit some more… owwww, you’re getting good at it… don’t bite it now… no teeth… you wouldn’t want me to use my teeth on your prick, would you? Just your lips… Yeah!”

Johnny caught on fast. He pulled her clit between his teeth and at her direction, started licking it at the same time. Linda gasped and told him to suck her clit for her, just a little, then more and more as she got hot.

“Ohhh, Johnnyyyyy!” she moaned hornily, quivering all over. “Let’s do sixty-nine!”

Linda twisted around on his body and threw herself on his stiff cock. Then, as he ate her pussy, she sucked his prick. Her cunt churned on his face and she finally made cock-sucking a reality for herself. Using her imagination feminine instincts, she was soon blowing his cock like a young pro.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmm!” she moaned.

Her pretty head bobbed beautifully and his stony, young cock streamed in and out of her sexy, young mouth as he ate her cunt. His cock got bigger and stronger by the minute as she blew him. And her pussy creamed wetly.

To Johnny’s surprise, her cunt-juice tasted good. It was nothing like the raunchy stories he’d heard. Once he learned for himself just how sexy pussy-eating was, he really got into it.

Turned on by his sister’s lovely, sucking mouth, he gripped her ass and fondled and caressed it as he drilled all of his tongue up into her horny pussy.

Linda came and came, more than she ever had with Debbie, and that made her suck his cock really nice. She fondled his hot balls and took all of his prick into her leeching mouth. And when he shot his load, she sucked harder and faster and drank every wad of his sexy cunt.

“Ummmm!” she purred, kissing his spent cock. “I didn’t know how sexy cock-sucking really was!”

When they were side by side in his bed, Johnny said, “I thought pussies smelled terrible! Yours smells sweet. How come?”

“I powder it. You know, like a baby’s bottom.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. It makes it nice and soft and silky!”

“It sure does!” Johnny said.

“Want to eat it again?” she purred, stroking his prick.



Johnny didn’t want her to stop playing with his cock.

“Okay,” he said, “if you’ll suck my cock some more!”

“It’s a deal!” Linda laughed.

They got back into the sixty-nine position and sucked each other until they were ready to cum again. They clung to one another like horny lovers and rocked in the bed, cumming crazily in each other’s sucking mouth. Linda’s pussy creamed juicily and Johnny’s cock exploded as fiercely as before.

Once they started sixty-nining, they couldn’t stop. They sucked all night. It was Johnny who first noticed that dawn was breaking.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “Get back to your own bed! It’s morning!”

Linda giggled, but pranced back to her own room, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. With the energy of youth, they sprang right into action. They ate breakfast with their mother, glancing at one another every once in a while and smiling. Linda secretly posed for him, promising him her tits and pussy.

She wore her favorite jeans to school, so that kept her busy throughout the long day. She would have been totally bored if it hadn’t been for her juicy pussy. She played with her cunt all day and kept it wet and tingly. By three o’clock, her pussy, ass and inner thighs were soaked. She loved it.

On her way home with her best friend, Debbie was bursting with curiosity.

“So, what happened last night?” Debbie asked. “Hurry! Tell me!”

Linda told all in hot whispers. “I got into his bed around midnight and woke him up by playing with his prick. I got him so horny he had to eat me! I told you I could make him eat my pussy. And I sucked him off. In fact, we sucked all night!”

Debbie thought she’d cream in her jeans. “Oh! What was it like? Does he do it good? What’s his cock like? Does he cum a lot? Did you drink it every time? Ohhhh, I wish he’d notice me like that!”

“Maybe he will. What are best friends for? Here’s what we’ll do…” Linda whispered into Debbie’s cute, little ear for a few moments, then said, “Give me some time with him, then sneak in the kitchen door. Okay?”

Linda hurried into the house and, just as she expected, her brother was an the sofa, waiting for her pussy. She put her books down and smiled at him. He had his cock out and he was slowly milking it. His prick looked bigger than ever to Linda.

“No baseball today?” she laughed.

“Don’t be wise,” Johnny growled. “Get your clothes off!”

“My, my!” Linda giggled. “Horny, aren’t we?”

But she stripped off her shirt, kicked off her sandals, and pushed her jeans down and stepped out of them. Johnny’s gaze burned into her tits and pussy, and his prick throbbed wetly in his fist.

He was hot. “Don’t you ever wear undies?”

“Not if I can help it!” Linda cooed, and went up to him. She pushed her pussy forward and smiled as he eyed her cunt hotly.

Johnny wagged his thick cock at her and said, “You first!”

“Why me?”

“Because I’m gonna shoot any minute!”

“Oh!” Linda gasped. “Lay down and let me suck it then!”

Johnny obeyed her request and stretched out on the sofa with his cock sticking straight up in the air, thick and hot and wet. Linda’s gaze danced all over his cock as she approached him.

She pulled one of his legs off the sofa and knelt in front of his prick. She took his cock between her gentle hands and gave it little licks with her naughty tongue. Johnny groaned.

Linda kept one eye on him and one eye on the kitchen door. When Debbie sneaked inside, Linda secretly waved to her, beckoned to her. When Johnny groaned with pleasure again and closed his eyes, she motioned to Debbie to take her place at his erect cock.

Debbie did not hesitate. As eager to learn about cock-sucking as Linda once was, Debbie took Linda’s place on the floor, grasped Johnny’s rigid cock, and slipped her sexy mouth down on it. Johnny groaned even louder.

Imitating girls she had seen in fuck films, Debbie hollowed her young mouth and let his stiff cock fuck in and out as she bobbed her pretty head up and down.

Linda leaned over and whispered, “Lick with your tongue at the same time!”

“Mmmmm,” Debbie replied, and took the advice. She sucked Johnny’s cock body and swirled her pert tongue around and over his bulging, young cock-head. It didn’t take much of that to get him off.

“Linda! Jeez!” he growled.

His head shot up in wonder and he opened his eyes to watch her eat his jism.

“Debbie!” he cried, and his cock exploded. “Be nice,” Linda said with a laugh. “Let her eat you!”

Any objections he might have had disappeared as he watched Debbie suck him off and drink each gush of his jerking prick. His head dropped back and he groaned with lust as she sucked him off all the way.

Linda could see that Debbie liked to suck cock as much as she did. Debbie moaned hornily and sucked lustily on Johnny’s spitting prick. When she had drunk all his jism, she licked his cock clean.

“Ohhh, I did it, I did it!” she groaned hotly. “I sucked a cock! Johnny’s cock!”

Linda laughed at her friend’s excitement, understanding perfectly. There were some boys she knew who could make her that excited if they let her suck their pricks.

“That was great!” Johnny said.

“Maybe now you won’t be so mean to her,” Linda said.

Johnny grinned at Debbie. “Maybe. Show me your tits!”

“Just like a boy!” Linda laughed. “Give them an inch and they want a mile. Well, Debbie? What are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to turn him on to you!”

Debbie got to her feet, red-faced and bright eyed. “Well…”

Debbie reached up behind her and unzipped her dress. It loosened on her soft shoulders and she shrugged out of it. Both Johnny and his horny sister watched as Debbie got naked, shoes and all. She was lovely that way and both of them appreciated her.

Debbie could tell. It excited her that both were eyeing her.

“Now that we’re all friends,” Linda said, “how about some fun?”

“Like what?” Johnny asked.

“I saw something neat in a fuck film once. One guy and two girls. Let’s all get on the floor and I’ll show you!”

With the inventiveness of a movie director, Linda had them form a circle with their naked bodies. She took Johnny’s cock into her mouth while Debbie ate her pussy and Johnny ate Debbie’s pussy. Once the stage was set, the rest came naturally.

Linda moaned and sucked hotly on her brother’s stiff prick. She squirmed her horny cunt against her friend’s sucking, young mouth. And Johnny groaned and licked his thick tongue into Debbie’s humping cunt.

Johnny’s cock got really big, not only because his sister was licking it and sucking it, but because it was exciting to play with Debbie’s tits as he ate her pussy. All three were quite excited.


Linda was highly pleased with herself. In just a matter of days she had graduated from lonely pussy-playing to exciting sex with her brother and best friend.

As they all came wetly on the floor, writhing and humping feverishly for each other, Linda moaned with pleasure. She gulped down her brother’s thick jism and came in Debbie’s sucking mouth. She smiled to herself to recognize her recent accomplishments.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned on Johnny’s spitting cock. It thrilled her to think of how sexy it was to have a friend like Debbie to lick her pussy, how wonderful to have a brother like Johnny to eat her cunt and fuck her horny mouth.

Of course, she thought, they had to be very careful. They tended to get carried away and to forget the time. They couldn’t afford that if their sexy games were to continued indefinitely. It was Linda who noticed the time and the horny trio broke up reluctantly.

But it was the beginning of something wonderful for Linda. After Debbie left, she was alone with Johnny till her mother got home. They sucked in a beautiful sixty-nine till then. And, that night, she crawled into his bed again and they had a ball.

The afternoon fuck-sessions became habit, and Linda spent every night in her horny brother’s bed. The weekends became really special, too. They all went to the beach where the girls cock-teased Johnny, Debbie in her tight, one-piece bathing suit and Linda in her sexy, little bikini.

When Johnny’s swim trunks were chock-full of hot balls and stiff cock, they found a car with an unlocked door, got in the back seat, and ate each other.

On picnics, they separated from the group and found a lonely spot where they could suck Johnny’s prick and have him lick and suck their horny pussies. It was all very exciting.

It was on the first day of summer vacation when Linda went overboard. She awoke in the morning, pet her furry pussy a little, then got up and had breakfast with her mother while Johnny slept late.

After her mother went to work, she woke her brother up with her mouth on his naked cock. She kissed and licked and sucked his prick until he woke up, then she sucked till his cock was enormous and throbbing with lust.

“Johnny,” she whispered softly, milking his prick slowly, lovingly, “will you fuck me?”

“What!” Johnny gasped.

“Please don’t say no!” she pleaded. She knelt up on his bed and displayed her ripe, young tits and horny pussy. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I don’t want to be a virgin any more. But I’m still kind of afraid of boys!”

Johnny was aghast. “And you want me — your own brother — to break your cherry? Jeez!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Linda asked. “We’ve done everything else. Please! Pretty please? Wouldn’t you like to fuck my nice pussy? Haven’t you thought about it?”

“Well, yeah, but…”


To entice him into it, she cupped a tit in one hand and caressed it seductively. Her other hand slipped down to her parted thighs and she fingered her soft cunt-hair and firm pussy-lips.

She hunched her hips a little and pet her pussy in front of him till his cock strained in the air.

Linda was hot. “Can I sit on it?”

Johnny was still amazed at the turn of events. “Jeez!”

“That way nobody can ever say you broke my cherry,” she explained. “I’ll sit on your cock and break my own cherry! Okay. Please? You’ve never fucked a girl yet. Now’s your chance!”

“Go ahead!” he choked.

He stared hotly and somewhat startled as his pretty sister straddled his hips, facing him with her tits up and out, and slowly, ever so slowly, lowered her hot pussy onto his hot throbbing prick.

Linda held her breath, for it was, after all, a turning point in her life. She reached down with both hands and pried her pussy-lips apart. Then she lowered her body and her wet cuntmouth swallowed his cock-head.

Johnny groaned with new pleasure as his prick-head lodged in his sister’s pussy-mouth. Linda caught her breath and braced herself for the pain that was sure to come. She gripped her tits and held onto them for dear life, then sat down!

Johnny’s thick, young cock speared up into her juicy pussy and his cock-head ripped right through her tight cherry. Linda screeched once as his prick tore into her cunt, then she shuddered all over as she sat there, her pussy filled with his cock.

“Ohhh, Mama!” she gasped, afraid to move now that his prick was in her pussy.

Johnny had problems of his own.

“Fuck!” he groaned. “Damn, Linda, fuck! Jeez, I’m gonna shoot!”

“Not yet!” Linda cried. “Ohhhh, not yet! Let me fuck first!”

She ached to feel a stiff prick fucking in her young pussy, so she quickly started pumping up and down on his cock. She mauled her jutting tits and worked her soaked pussy, slightly bloody, up and down on his rigid cock.

Johnny groaned with lust. “Holy jeez, Linda! Your cunt’s so tight! Wow, fuck it on me, fuck it on me! Zowee! So this is what fucking is! Holy Jesse.”

Both sister and brother were gripped, by the extreme pleasure of actually fucking. Linda moaned hornily and her eyes rolled in her head as she humped faster up and down on his stiff cock. And Johnny groaned as her pussy sucked the cum up out of his hot balls.

His prick enlarged like never before and his balls tightened up. Linda felt it all and she moaned as she screwed her horny pussy on his stabbing, drilling cock. His prick exploded deep in her heaving cunt and she fucked even faster. Then she came wildly on his spitting cock and they both gasped and squealed together.

“Jeez!” Johnny gasped, shooting jism into her squirming, young cunt.

“Golly!” Linda groaned, cumming like crazy on his fucking prick.

Brother and sister discovered the joys of fucking right then and there. And Linda got hooked on it. She fell in love with her brother’s nice cock. Sex brought them together like nothing else in the world ever could.

There was a lot to learn yet, they realized but they had the house to themselves and plenty of time. Linda soon learned that she could cum and cum and cum, while poor Johnny had to have a hard-on to do that. So she learned what every horny girl must learn. She learned how to excite Johnny’s prick again and again.

In no time at all, she found out what a girl’s cock-teasing abilities were really for — to get that cock up! Since she wanted his prick up again and again, she teased his balls and kissed his prick and let him eat her pussy during the breaks.

When she had his prick nice and stiff again, she asked him to fuck, with him on top. Johnny was more than willing now. He even gave up a baseball game so he could stay home with her and fuck her hot pussy.

Linda sprawled out on the living room floor and opened her pretty legs wide for him. Her eyes glistened and sparkled with excitement as he mounted her. Johnny covered her mouth with his and tongue-fucked her as he pushed all of his horny cock into her waiting, willing cunt.

Linda moaned and shuddered and thrust her tits up against his chest as she screwed her hot pussy onto his plunging cock. Loving to fuck now, she clung to him and bounced her hot ass on the carpet as she made her pussy screw and fuck hornily for his nice cock.

“Ohhh, Johnnnyyyyy!” she wailed, clutching at his shoulders with sharp fingernails. “Give it tooo meeee! Ewwwww, how you fuck a girl! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

Johnny filled his wet mouth with her firm tit and chewed on her spiking, pink nipple as he drilled every solid inch of his stiff cock into her squishy, horny cunt. Linda screeched and squealed like a stuck pig as his cock ravished her virginal pussy.

The more he fucked into her pussy, the better she felt, until Linda thought she’d pass out with delight. In those hot moments of rising pleasure, she couldn’t think of anything in her whole life that felt better than a stiff cock fucking into her horny pussy. She saw stars when she came.

She wanted her own to last forever. She knew that she could cum nicely on his stiff prick, then cum again later if he kept fucking her. But her hot, twisting, humping cunt made him shoot his load. Her pussy was just too new, too tight, too horny for him to hold back.

“Linda!” He choked on her tit, and his cock spat savagely into her churning, screwing pussy.

“Ohhh, Johnnnyyyyy!” Linda cried, fucking fast on his shooting cock. “It feels soooo goooood! Ohhh, I wish it would never end?”

In those horny moments, during their wild orgasm, Linda understood why girls waited till they were eighteen or older to settle down in marriage. They needed lots of stiff cocks to satisfy their pussy’s hunger.

After their shuddering climax, brother and sister untwined and lay together on the floor. Linda was still starry-eyed, thoroughly smitten with fucking. She kissed Johnny’s mouth and tongued it and licked his lips with her saucy, little tongue.

She clung to him and pressed her wet pussy against his wet cock. Cock-to-cunt, they kissed and felt each other up. Johnny enjoyed playing with her taut, young tits and spiking, pink nipples.

“Ohhh, Johnny,” Linda whispered. “I’m so happy we fucked!”

“Me, too,” Johnny admitted. “It’s even better than I thought!”

“Am I a good fuck?” Linda asked.

“Yeah! Great!”

Linda smiled with pleasure and squirmed her pussy against his thick, wet prick. “Wait till Debbie feels that cock up her pussy!”

Johnny reared back and looked surprised. “Debbie! Hell, she won’t fuck!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Linda cooed. “If we got her in the mood, I think she will!”

She was wrong. After a cool drink of soda pop they gave Debbie a call and invited her over to the orgy. When she heard that Johnny and Linda had already been sexing around that morning, Debbie felt left out, and hurried over.

When she was naked on the floor with them and Linda sucked her pussy till it was creamy, she wanted to suck Johnny’s cock.

“You can use it for more than that!” Linda laughed.

Debbie frowned at her.

“What do you mean?” Debbie asked, and when brother and sister laughed long and hard, she said, “What have you two been up to?”

“He fucked me!” Linda declared. Then she laughed and added, “I mean, I fucked him first, then he fucked me!”

Debbie sat up and stared unbelievingly at her friend’s pretty pussy. “Oh, you did not! Where’s the blood?”

“There was only a little, huh, Johnny? And it didn’t hurt all that much, like we heard. Maybe because we got pretty wet first. But it was divine! Ohhh, Debbie, you’ll love it!”

“Not me!” Debbie cried, and she covered her naked pussy with both hands as if to protect her cunt against an invader.

“Chicken!” Linda snapped.

“I sin not! It’s just that… well… I’m a virgin! Good grief, Linda, you’re not a virgin any more! How could you do that? And with your own brother! Johnny, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! Linda was a virgin!”

“Hey!” Johnny barked. “What is this shit? She wanted to fuck! She even got on top and sat on my cock! I couldn’t stop her!”

“Well, I’m flying virgin!” Debbie declared.

“Oh, no you’re not!” Linda said hotly. “If you can suck his cock, you can fuck his cock!”

“No, Linda! Now stop talking like that! I’ll suck with you guys, but that’s as far as I’m going!”

Johnny looked at his sister, grinned, and said, “I think she’s trying to break up the trio.”

“I think so, too,” Linda said.

“Are we going to permit that?” Johnny asked.

“No way!” Linda said firmly.

Debbie was alarmed and started scooting her ass along the carpet to get away. “Now, wait a minute, you guys!”

But Linda attacked her all of a sudden and pinned her down on the floor. She pinned Debbie’s wrists to the floor over her head and her tits jutted hard in the air. Debbie’s pretty legs kicked out.

“Help me, Johnny!” Linda cried. Johnny grabbed Debbie by the ankles and held her whipping legs apart. He stared hotly at Debbie’s pretty pussy as it turned and twisted. Debbie was bucking and writhing. Her cute, round ass looked nice, Johnny thought.

Linda crawled above her friend and held. Debbie’s arms way over ha head. “Fuck her, Johnny!”

The excitement of the little struggle made Johnny’s cock nice and stiff, wet for action. He grinned lewdly at the gasping girl and Debbie fought as hard as she could.

“I’ll get her in the mood!” Johnny said threateningly.

He leaned over Debbie’s twisting, young body and kissed her mouth. When she started to bite his tongue, he laughed and kissed her jutting tits. He licked at them and sucked her nipples one after the other until Debbie was almost sobbing.

“Don’t, don’t!” she cried as her tits got horny for him. “Please, Johnny, don’t do this to me! You’ve always been a nice guy! Please! You didn’t even like me! Don’t fuck me! I wanna be a virgin when I get married. I just wanted to suck you! Please, Johnny, if you do this, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Great!” Johnny chuckled, horny for her wet pussy.

He licked his way down to her cunt, forced her legs apart and had them separated with his arms. He attacked her cunt with lips, teeth tongue and mouth. Debbie went crazy as he licked and sucked her pussy into a near-orgasm. But he wouldn’t let her cum. She gasped.

“Johnny! You bastard! Make me cum!”

“Sure!” Johnny laughed. “With this!”

He knelt between her clamping thighs and displayed his big, wet cock. Debbie gasped and stared at his prick with new alarm.

“Hold her arms,” Johnny said. “I don’t want her scratching my eyes out!”

Debbie tried once again to hump her hips away to freedom, but Johnny laid on top of her and, grinning into her frightened, young face, guided his thick cock into her juicy cunt.

“No!” she shrieked. “Johnny! Linda!”

Linda laughed and Johnny groaned. He grit his teeth, dug his toes into the carpet, and thrust forward with all his might. His thick cock drilled into Debbie’s tight, wet cunt. His cock-head ripped into and through her cherry. Debbie screamed once, and passed out.

“Is she all right?” Linda asked, worried.

He chuckled lewdly and fucked all of his big cock in and out of Debbie’s relaxed pussy. Several strokes of his cummy, bloodied cock brought Debbie around. She moaned, and her eyes went wide as she felt Johnny’s thick cock fucking the hell out of her cherry.

“Ohhh, nooooo!” she groaned.


Linda got horny just watching Debbie get fucked. Her eyes brightened with excitement as she watched her friend’s tits heave and her pussy churn on Johnny’s drilling prick.

She knelt close to Debbie’s head and bent over to whisper into her ear.

“Isn’t that neat?” Linda moaned hotly, as horny as Debbie. “Feel his cock? What are you whining about? We’ve been talking about fucking for years! Enjoy it, Deb. It’s fantastic!”

“I… I didn’t want to fuck,” Debbie cried as Johnny’s cock streamed into her tight, clenching cunt. “Oh! God! Ow! Ew! I didn’t know his cock was so big!”

“It just feels that way because you’re a virgin!” Linda laughed. “Your pussy is real tight. If you didn’t bleed a little, he probably wouldn’t be able to get it in you!”

“I’m gonna cum!” Debbie suddenly cried.

“Good! Good!” Linda moaned hotly. “That’s what you want! Pleasure! It doesn’t hurt now, does, it?”

“No!” Debbie gasped, and humped her cunt upward.

Linda knew she could let go of Debbie’s arms. Debbie wasn’t going to fight now. If Debbie was anything like Linda thought, she would now fuck hornily for more of that marvelous fuck-pleasure.

Linda was right. Young Debbie went wild on the carpet after a few more strokes of Johnny’s rigid cock. Her pussy opened for him and she started fucking with him. It was as if all the sensations she had tried to get all her life with her fingers were now available because of a boy’s stiff cock.

“Johnny! Fuck me! Oh, how you fuck a girl! Linda! Linda! Look! I’m fucking! Ohhhh, I’m cumming so much! Ewwwmmm, it feeds soooo good! Ohhh, Johnnnyyyyy, don’t stop, don’t stop! I’m still cummmiiinnnggg!”

Johnny grunted and speared his wet cock into her writhing pussy. He kissed her ear and her face and her mouth and she tongue-kissed with him as he fucked her. He reared back and plunged his prick into her cunt full force, loving her pussy now.

He chuckled lewdly into her wet mouth and drilled all of his stony cock into her wrenching, jumping cunt. Debbie moaned passionately and surrendered completely to the tremendous pleasures his prick provided. Her cunt twisted and churned violently as she fucked and came wetly for his stabbing prick.

“Mmmmmph!” she groaned. Her pussy creamed and creamed. It made Johnny’s cock awfully big and horny.

He growled deep in his throat and Linda knew he was going to shoot his load of jism into Debbie’s sucking, young cunt. To help his cum, she giggled and crawled down to their legs. She reached a naughty hand between their hot thighs and played with Johnny’s balls.

Laughing excitedly, Linda teased his balls until they tightened up against the thick base of his cock, then she rubbed them vigorously and laughed as he choked and pumped his jizz into Debbie’s cunt.

Debbie swooned under the impact of his spitting cock. She humped and moaned, screwed and groaned, fucked and gasped, and came wildly on his cumming cock.

Johnny imbedded all of his prick and clung to her curvy, young body as he fucked all of his jism deep into her cunt. Debbie moaned hotly, and Linda laughed sensuously, loving every minute of it.

The girls became really good friends after that. They shared Johnny’s stiff cock every day. Since Linda’s mother had to work until the middle of July, they had the whole house, to themselves. They took full advantage of the freedom and the privacy.

Johnny and Linda sucked and fucked every day, and when she could, Debbie joined them. They were a hot trio of horny youths. They spent many an hour in the house, just turning on and satisfying each other.

One afternoon, when Johnny was on the bed fucking Debbie’s brains out, Linda peered out the window and watched her next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilson, rake his back lawn. He was a nice, old guy with white hair and piercing eyes.

Linda smoothed her hands over her naked tits and wondered what he would think if he knew she fucked. She petted her pussy and remembered all the times she had cock-teased the old guy. He liked to look at her when she went to school and came home or when she pedaled her bicycle around the block. He always had a horny look in his eyes.

She looked at Johnny fucking Debbie, then looked back to the man outside. Her young mind whirled with naughty thoughts. Was Mr. Wilson all eyes or would he fuck her if he had the chance? she wondered.

Impelled by her thoughts, Linda stepped into her sandals and pulled an old minidress on over her head. She zipped it up in back and took a look at herself in the big mirror on the wall. She smiled at her reflection. She looked like a Barbie doll.

Johnny and Debbie were fucking so hot and heavy that they didn’t even notice when she left them. She went out the back door and pulled her bike away from the house. She squatted and let the air out of the front tire.

She pushed her bike over to Mr. Wilson’s yard.

“Hi, Mr. Wilson,” she chirped. “Would you take a look at my tire?”

“Sure, Linda, bring it here,” he said, as friendly as ever.

His eyes roamed over her as she guided her bike to the wall of his house. Her minidress was very short, being an old one, high on her curvy thighs and low across her jutting tits.

When he squatted to check the tire, Linda squatted, too. Keeping her eyes on the bike, she let him look at her. In her sexy position, he could see into the top of her dress. Her young tits looked good enough to suck.

As he checked the tire, Linda absently parted her pretty legs. Since her dress was so high on her thighs, Mr. Wilson could look right at her furry, young pussy. A huge bump appeared in his pants.

“Can you fix it?” Linda cooed, posing for him, hiding nothing.

He lost his voice, but only for a moment as he regained his composure.

“What?” he asked. “This, or that!”

Linda giggled naughtily. Lowering her eyelashes seductively, playing with his emotions, she dropped a hand between her thighs and pet her pussy. “This.”

He grinned lewdly and said, “We’d better take it into the cellar where I can work on it.”

Linda followed him into the dark and dank cellar of his house and that excited the old lecher. He had tried to get her into his cellar for over a year. Now here she was, practically naked, alone with him.

He switched on a small, overhead light so he could see her. Linda stood near him, short and pretty, with her hands behind her back, her tits protruding invitingly. Wilson paused only a second, then reached out and caressed one of her firm tits.

“You like it?” she cooed, and he knew she wasn’t cock-teasing any more.

His big arm circled her and he mashed his mouth down on hers. Linda parted her lips for his tongue and moaned a little as he tongue-fucked her wet mouth. She gave his tongue a few sucks.

His cock came up, rigid and throbbing, between her thighs and pounded up against her pussy. Thai thrilled her. His cock was even bigger than she had imagined.

When Linda gave his thick tongue a big suck again, he broke the kiss and said, “I’ve got something you can suck.”

Linda met his test. “I was hoping you’d want me to do that first!”

The word first excited him, too. Did that mean she would fuck after blowing his cock? he wondered.

Linda moaned and slipped to her knees in front of him. Smiling up at him, she unzipped his pants and worked his big cock out. Her eyes widened once she had his cock in her hand. His prick was immense.

“Golly!” she moaned. “I didn’t think your cock was this big!”

“You can change your mind,” he said kindly.

“No way!” Linda gasped, and took his cock into her sexy mouth. She gave his prick two big sucks, then purred, “I’m sorry I used to cocktease you.”

With her apology out of the way, she was free to correct her past mistakes. She slipped her moist mouth down on his thick cock and moaned as it filled her mouth. Her jaws stretched as Mr. Wilson’s huge prick filled every inch of space.

Her ripe, young lips ovaled beautifully around his thick cock-shaft and her pretty head moved fluidly as she sucked him off. Her nipples got hard and her pussy tingled as she blew his cock.

She had always liked Mr. Wilson. To show her affection, she sucked his prick and tickled his big, hairy balls. She couldn’t get all of his enormous cock into her mouth, but she could let his cock-head fuck her throat. That drove the man out of his mind with lust.

When his knees shook, Linda knew that he was really enjoying her sucking, young mouth, but she didn’t want him to fall down. So she cased her mouth off of his prick and suggested to sit down.

Wilson collapsed in a chair and opened his legs for her. Linda crawled between his thighs and attracted his rigid, upright cock. She sucked his prick with increasing passion. His cock was at least twice as big as her brother’s young prick. Wilson slumped in the chair and thrust his prick up at her sucking, licking mouth, amazed by his good luck. He had often daydreamed about that very thing.

He groaned with lust for her as she blew his cock. And Linda moaned with lust. The cellar filled with the sounds of their lust. Linda moaned and rubbed her pussy as she sucked on his hard, wet cock.

“Linda,” he moaned. “I’m going to shoot a load. Do you… know what that is?”

Linda was too busy to answer verbally. She nodded her head fast, then bobbed up and down hornily on his massive cock.

“Mmmm, mmm, mmmmm,” she replied, and she sucked feverishly on his prick.

He surrendered his cock and his jism to her then. He let her have her way with his cock. Linda moaned and sucked hornily as she licked her tongue around and over his cock-head. Then she let his cock-head fuck her throat again, in and out, in and out, and it exploded for her.

“Mmmmm!” she gasped on his spitting prick.

She soon learned that a man’s cock holds more than jism than a boy’s. His powerful prick pumped huge wads of thick cock-cream into her sucking mouth. She gulped and gulped and still his cock spat and spurted wildly. Jism squirted from the corners of her mouth even though she swallowed as fast as she could. She was impressed.

“Wow!” she cried when his cock stopped shooting for her.

“I didn’t know you could do that!” Wilson said hotly.

“I can do more than that!” Linda laughed.

“Oh? Like what?”

“Like this!” she said, and licked her tongue up and down his prick until it was growing in her hand again.

She dipped her pretty head down and licked her pert tongue all over his hairy balls, and his cock enlarged considerably in her small fist. When his cock was huge and throbbing again, she kissed it passionately.

Peering up at him through her lashes, she purred, “Would you like to fuck me?”


“You’ll have to be gentle with me,” she said. “Your cock is awfully big!”

“I’ll be gentle,” he promised.

He kept his promise. With the care of a father for his little girl, he got her clown on the floor and licked her naked pussy into a nice froth before fucking her.

To Linda’s pleasant surprise, he kissed and licked and sucked her cunt till she was horny out of her mind. Then she begged him to fuck her, which was what he wanted. It delighted him to her the young girl beg for his big cock.

Grinning lewdly, burning with lust for her young body, he kissed his way up to her jutting tits and aroused them as he had aroused her pussy. Linda moaned and almost wept with fuck-needs.

He got between her lovely, naked thighs and gripped his throbbing cock in his fist to guide it into her wrenching, bumping cunt. Linda caught her breath when his huge cock-head lodged between her tight pussy-lips and her cuntmouth opened for it, hungry.

“Give it to me!” she cried.

Wilson covered her gasping mouth with his and inched his massive cock into her tight, young pussy. Linda dung to him and her fingers clawed at his broad shoulders as her pussy surrendered to his big prick.

She moaned and groaned as cock invaded the tightness and wetness of her pussy. His cock felt twice as good as Johnny’s, and she soon found herself humping for more of it, aching for all of his cock. Something overcame her senses and she wanted to be fucked brutally by the big man.

“Don’t be gentle!” she moaned. “Fuck me!” Her plea for hot fucking inflamed the man, and he gritted his teeth as he plunged every solid inch of his cock into her waiting, hungry clit. Linda squealed as his huge prick streamed into her pussy. When his cock-head lodged deep in her cunt, she wailed.

Wilson groaned with mounting lust and fucked all of his wet cock in and out of her pussy the way she demanded. The thickness and length of his hard-on were enough to scud Linda’s senses whirling.

Her eyes rolled in her head, and her whole pussy joked and humped wildly for his stabbing, drilling cock. She was fucking like crazy for him, loving his prick, and needing every fuck-stroke.

Her cute, little ass writhed and twitched on the floor and in the air as he fucked her silly. Waves of cummy pleasure washed through her young body as he screwed her royally. She almost passed out from the intense pleasure.

Driven by his lust for the pretty, young girl, Wilson reared back, raised his ass high, and plunged all of his cock into her pussy. Linda screamed. He did it again and again, and she screamed again and again.

“Mr. Wilson!” she screeched. “Oh! Fuck me! Ew! More! More! Ohhh, do that again! Ow! Ohhh! Ewwww, you nice man! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee! I’m cummiiinnnggg!”

When Wilson felt his balls ready to discharge their hot contents, he gritted his teeth and fucked faster in and out of her clenching, sucking young cunt. Fucking for his own pleasure now, he rammed his cock into her and shot a big load of jism into her heaving, writhing pussy.

The twisting and turning of her tight cunt sucked him off deep in her pussy and he groaned as he pumped his jism into her. Her cunt strangled his cock and clung to it as he backed in and out, his cock spitting and spurting and gushing wildly.

“Ohhhmmmmm!” Linda moaned hornily as she came again on his cumming cock.


Linda fell in love with Mr. Wilson’s big cock. From that day on, she couldn’t get enough of his prick. Having sex with a grown man enhanced her sex life completely. She promised him that she would never again cock-tease him. The little cock-teaser turned into a horny cock-pleaser.

She worked out a nice, little plan for herself. In the morning, after her mother went to work, she sucked and fucked with Johnny. In the afternoon, she invited Debbie to join in. Toward evening, she left Debbie and Johnny sucking and fucking, and she strolled over to Mr. Wilson’s hot cellar.

He loved to watch her strip for him. She liked to pose sexily for him when she was dressed and when she was naked. It always made his cock get hard. Then she unzipped his pants and got out his cock and sucked it hotly for him. Then she got fucked really good.

After a week of his huge prick, she got a guilty conscience for keeping him a secret from her best friend. So, after a good cum on Wilson’s giant cock, she kissed him and purred, “I’ve got a surprise for you. Wait here!”

She slipped into her clothes and hurried back to the house where she had left Johnny and Debbie fucking. She found Debbie licking Johnny’s prick while he sipped a soft drink. His cock was stiff.

“Debbie,” she said at the doorway, “come here!”

Debbie joined Linda in the living room and Johnny called out, “Hey! What’s going on?”

Linda laughed and said, “This is private. Just jerk your prick for a few minutes.”

She led Debbie into the kitchen and told her the secret. Debbie listened, wide-eyed and openmouthed. “Mr. Wilson! Your next-door neighbor? You actually let him fuck you? But… but… isn’t his cock awfully big?”

“Twice as big as Johnny’s!” Linda whispered hotly. “Want to get some of it?”

“Gee, I don’t know,” Debbie said doubtfully. “I’ve never even seen a man’s cock. I think I’d be afraid.”

“Not once you were horny for it,” Linda said.

Debbie had to agree with her. Linda had taught her that when her pussy was hot, she’d fuck.

Even so, Debbie stood demurely in the cellar and looked wide-eyed at the startled Mr. Wilson.

“You told her about it?” he asked.

“It’s okay,” Linda assured him. “She won’t tell. Will you?”

“Uhhhh, no!” she said, glancing at his pants.

“Show her your cock,” Linda said.

“Linda!” Debbie gasped.

Linda giggled and gave Debbie a playful shove. “This is no time to play virgin. He’s a very nice man. Go ahead, Mr. Wilson, show her your cock!”

He hesitated. “If she doesn’t want to…”

“Now see what you’ve done?” Linda said. “You’ve embarrassed him. Tell him you want to see his cock.”

Debbie licked her lips nervously, but she said, “I want to see your cock!”

Thus assured, Wilson unzipped his pants and produced his prick, half-hard and growing right before their eager, young eyes.

“Oh, golly!” Debbie gasped.

Linda laughed and dropped to her knees in front of the man. She took his thick cock in her hand and held it up for Debbie to see.

“Come here, silly,” she chided. “Help me make his cock stiff. You won’t believe this!”

Debbie knelt with her friend and helped her erect Wilson’s cock. His prick grew quickly for them because their young hands were so exciting. Debbie stared hotly as his cock got thicker and longer and wetter. His hard-on throbbed in her fist.

“Isn’t that great?” Linda exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Debbie whispered. She found herself smitten by his hard-on, not at all afraid. Linda leaned back and let Debbie play with Wilson’s cock alone so she could get to know it. When his cock was enormous and pulsing like a heart, she nudged Debbie and said, “Let’s do a strip for him. That makes him very horny. He doesn’t get to see young girls naked, huh, Mr. Wilson?”

“Right,” he groaned, and sat down as Debbie and Linda took off their clothes for him. His hot gaze danced from girl to girl and his prick throbbed wetly in the air. Both girls kept their eyes an his cock.

When they were naked, Linda said, “Try sucking that one!”

Eager to try now, Debbie knelt down and took his prick in her gentle hands. She gave his cock a big kiss, then licked at his cock-head with her little, pink tongue. Linda encouraged her.

“Take it in you mouth!” Linda panted hotly, anxious to see Debbie suck him off.

She reached behind Debbie and rubbed her friend’s pussy slowly. Debbie writhed her cunt on her friend’s hand and fingers and took Wilson’s big cock into her mouth. She moaned right away because his cock was so huge in her mouth.

Linda laughed hotly as she watched Debbie turn on to the man’s enormous cock. She stuck her finger up into Debbie’s pussy and finger fucked her while Debbie licked and sucked Wilson’s big cock.

Debbie moaned passionately and sucked faster on his prick as she tickled his balls with her fingers. Wilson groaned and slumped in the chair. His cock rose up stiff and throbbing for the sucking, young girl.

Debbie shuddered with vowing excitement and slipped her wet mouth off his cock to gasp, “It’s so big!”

When Debbie was sucking his cock again, Linda said, “Wait till you get his cum! He shoots a lot!”

“Mmmmmph!” Debbie gasped on his prick, excited by Linda’s warning. Just how much cum did he shoot? Debbie wondered.

She soon found out. She pumped his cock in her tight fist and sucked up and down with her mouth until she felt his cock enlarge between her leeching lips. She moaned loudly and Linda knew he was going to shoot.

Wilson threw his head back and gritted his teeth as Debbie’s young mouth sucked voraciously on his cock. His thighs strained and his guts tightened up in his stomach. His balls tightened up, too, then exploded. Huge wads of thick cock-cream gushed out of his balls, torpedoed through his distended cock and spurted wildly into Debbie’s mouth.

Debbie’s eyes went wide as her mouth filled with cream and she gulped it down as fast as she could. Her mouth filled with more jizz, even though she was swallowing. She felt thick jism squirt from the corners of her small mouth as she sucked him off all the way.

“Oh, wow!” She gasped when Wilson’s big cock stopped spitting at her.

“Isn’t that neat?” Linda laughed, as excited as Debbie was. “But that’s just the half of it! Wait till you feel his tongue up your pussy!”

“Oh, God!” Debbie groaned and shivered all over at the mere thought of getting her pussy eaten.

She didn’t need any more coaxing from Linda. She stretched out on the floor and looked up at Wilson with longing eyes.

“Christ!” he groaned, finding it hard to believe his good luck.

He got on the floor with the girls and gave Linda a big kiss, and thanked her for being so good to him.

“You’re welcome,” she cooed sweetly. “Now, be nice to my best friend.”

He was eager to please. He slipped his big hands under Debbie’s writhing ass and lifted her up. Then he buried his face between her curvy, young thighs and ate her pussy for her. She squealed and humped hornily all through his dynamic licking and sucking.

Linda coached the fuck-session hotly. “Stick your tongue way in her like you did me! That’s it! Isn’t that big, Deb? Lick her clit! Suck on it! Bite it!”

“No!” Debbie shrieked. “Don’t tell him to bite it!”

“Sorry!” Linda said. “I got carried away!” Debbie gripped her taut tits and mauled them as she came on Wilson’s probing tongue. Debbie felt she was being fucked, his tongue was so big.

She grunted and screwed her pussy ’round and ’round as she came wetly for him. Wilson groaned with lust and drilled all of his tongue into her squishy, cummy cunt.

To encourage him, Linda reached over and milked his big cock. Her fist pumped on his prick and it excited him a lot, so he ate Debbie’s pussy more and more. Debbie went wild on the floor and came like never before.

When Linda had his cock big and stiff again, she cried, “Now fuck her!”

If Debbie had had any reservations earlier, she didn’t have any now. When she heard her friend say that, she shuddered and spread her pretty legs wide.

“Yes! Yes!” Debbie moaned hornily. “Fuck me!”

Wilson covered her body with his and kissed her horny mouth as he guided his thick cock into her willing, open cunt. Her pussy was tight, but wet, and that helped him get all of his prick into her writhing body.

He captured one of her firm tits in his mouth and sucked her nipple as he inched his massive cock into her tight cunt. Debbie almost passed out when all of his cock was in her pussy. His bulging cock-head filled her pussy and took her breath away.

“Ohhhh, Lindaaaaa!” she wailed, fucking her cunt on his cock. “His cock’s sooo big, sooooo goooood!”

Linda laughed excitedly as her friend enjoyed Wilson’s stabbing, drilling cock. She felt good about sharing him with Debbie. Debbie deserved it, Linda thought. She was really a neat friend.

When Debbie was cumming again on Wilson’s plunging prick, Linda got between their legs and played with his hot balls to excite him. She knew that would make him pump a big load of jism into Debbie.

Wilson groaned with lust and speared all of his thick cock into Debbie’s nice pussy. He buried his cock deep, gritted his teeth, groaned again, and let loose with a torrent of gush jism. Debbie squealed and humped faster on his spitting cock so she could cum again, too. They came together.

By then, Linda needed to get in on the action. So after Wilson had rested a little, just playing with the girls’ tits and pussies, she suggested a way they could all have fun.

She had Wilson lay down on his back. Then she sat on his stiff cock. She had Debbie sit on his face, facing her. Then, as she fucked Wilson and he ate Debbie’s cunt, the girls played with one another’s tits.

“Isn’t this great?” Linda laughed.

“Yeah!” Debbie said hotly.

Linda fucked up and down on Wilson’s stiff cock. Her tight, young pussy strangled his prick as she rode on it. As she humped, she thrust a hand down and mauled her stiff, little clit at the same time, increasing her pleasure.

Debbie moaned, squeezed Linda’s taut tits and screwed her hot pussy ’round and ’round on Wilson’s face as he tongue-fucked her cunthole. Her own tits thrust hornily for Linda’s playful hands.

“I’m gonna cum!” Debbie declared.

Wilson heard that and sucked her stiff, little clit into his mouth to help her get off. She rocked and writhed crazily as she came all over his mouth and chin and nose.

“Me, too!” Linda cried.

Wilson sucked into Debbie’s cunt as he thrust his stiff cock upward again and again. His large cock-head ripped up into Linda’s horny pussy and filled her cunt. Linda moaned hotly and creamed all over his cock and balls.

Afterwards, the girls lay down with Wilson, one on each of his arms. They toyed with his wet cock as he fondled them. They purred like two contented kittens.

Wilson got his arm around Debbie and his fingers found her soft and wet pussy. He finger stroked her clit until she was writhing and moaning softly. She opened her pretty legs and let him pet her cunt till she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Mr. Wilson,” she moaned, humping her pussy against his naughty fingers, “will you fuck me again?”

“Hey!” Linda laughed. “What about me?” Debbie climbed onto Wilson’s rigid cock and said, “Go fuck your brother!”

“Johnny! I forgot all about him! He’ll be wondering where we disappeared to!” She jumped to her feet, got dressed, and said, “See you later! Have fun!”

When she burst into the house, Johnny was in the kitchen, curious as hell.

“Where were you?” he asked. He was stark naked and his prick was erect, sticking out from his body a very nice way.

Linda dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. After a few nice sucks, she said, “Never mind. Let me blow you!”

Johnny leaned back against the refrigerator and surrendered to her mouth. He forgot all about his anxiety and curiosity. He groaned and watched his sexy sister suck his prick.

His cock welled up in her juicy mouth. Linda moaned and jerked his prick in a tight fist as she sucked and licked his cock. His prick got bigger and bigger for her and that pleased her.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm!” she moaned with pleasure.

Her mouth tightened around his cock-shaft and slipped up and down rapidly as she bobbed her head faster and faster. She toyed with his balls and tickled them erotically as she sucked his prick.

“Jeez!” he groaned, and his knees trembled as she made his cock shoot viciously.

His cock enlarged, thickened, then jolted furiously in her fist. She pumped his hard-on with her fist and sucked with her horny mouth as she lashed his piss-slit with her cute tongue.

Johnny let out a growl and his cock started spitting savagely into her sucking, young mouth. Linda moaned and sucked all his cum up out of his balls. His prick spat and spurt and gushed for her and she drank all the jism he could produce.

Sucking his cock like that, right there in their kitchen, turned Linda on something fierce. Her pussy was practically buzzing when she finished with his prick. So she got on the kitchen table, hiked her dress up onto her flat tummy, and opened her pretty legs wide.

Petting her pussy, she purred, “Eat my pussy, Johnny! Please?”

“Sure, sis!” Johnny chuckled.

He liked to eat pussy now, so he attacked her exposed cunt with his lips, tongue and teeth. Linda went crazy on the kitchen table as her horny brother pleased her pussy the way she had pleased his cock.

He set his hands on her inner thighs and stretched her legs wide as he drilled his tongue into her juicy cunt-hole. Linda loved that and she came right away. Even so, Johnny went on eating her, and made her cum several times before he was satisfied.

“Ohhhh, Johnnnyyyyy!” she moaned, writhing her wet pussy hornily. “You’re good at it now!”


As a virgin, Linda had still been afraid of boys, but thanks to her brother, her fear left her. So, the next afternoon, as she walked down the street and some boys called to her and whistled at her, it didn’t scare her.

She kept walking, slowly, and smiled at them. There were three horny boys, high school aged, which excited Linda. Her pussy started to itch something terrible as they laughed and called to her.

“Hey, cutie!” one hollered. “How about a ride?”

The car came close to the curb and Linda giggled. “A girl would be crazy to get in a car with guys like you!”

“Not crazy,” a handsome boy said. “Just horny!”

Linda blushed for their sake and a boy pushed the rear door open. “Come on, hop in!”

Her pussy propelled her right into the back seat of the car. She sat in a corner and peered at the grinning boys as the car drove on. She felt warm all over.

“What’s your name?” asked the boy in the back seat with her.

“Linda,” she said sweetly.

“I’m Jim. This here’s Ron, and that’s Fred driving.” His gaze ran up and down her curvy, young body. She was wearing a cute minidress, cut low across her tits and high on her curvy thighs, with little spaghetti straps tied in bows on her naked shoulders. “You wearing panties? You sure ain’t wearing a bra!”

“Now, don’t be naughty!” Linda laughed nervously. Her pussy was screaming for their attention.

They knew that. They could see her lust in her wicked, blue eyes.

Jim reached out and pulled the bow out of her trap. Linda pretended to stop him. Then he untied the other one. The elastic material of the top of her dress remained tight across her jutting tits. Jim curled his fingers inside it, right between her tits, and peeled it down to her waist.

Linda gasped because he was awfully fast at that. His gaze burned into her naked, young tits. So did Ron’s. Fred kept glancing into the rearview mirror as he drove. Linda felt naked already.

Jim slid closer to her and caught her mouth open with his. He kissed her good, tongue and all, and Linda shuddered in his arms.

He tongue-fucked her wet mouth and his hand came up between her curvy thighs to her naked pussy. Me groaned through the kiss when he felt her furry, young cunt. Linda moaned and slumped a little in the seat. Her hot pussy pressed against his exploring fingers.

“Wow!” Ron exclaimed from the front seat, watching all that hot action.

Jim raised her dress way up in front so his buddy could see the pussy he was petting. Linda went all to pieces on the seat when he inserted a naughty finger into her hot cunt.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm!” she moaned through the horny kiss, and her hips started to roll.

Anxious to see, Fred pulled the car over into a shaded, isolated area, and twisted in the seat like Ron. They both stared hotly as Jim kissed and aroused young Linda, and their pricks jumped up in their pants.

Jim’s horny mouth dropped to Linda’s jutting tits and he sucked her ripe nipple as he worked his finger in and out of her juicy, young pussy. Her head fell back and her pretty mouth opened as she gasped for a cool breath.

“I think she’s getting horny?” Ron observed. Jim lifted his wet mouth from her thrusting tit and said, “Fred! Get the blanket out of the trunk and spread it on the ground!”

Fred hesitated. “I don’t know, Jim. Is she a virgin? I ain’t getting in no trouble over a damned virgin!”

Before Jim could say anything, Linda said, “I’m not a virgin!”

Fred got the blanket out and spread it like he was told. Jim pulled a panting Linda out of the car and pushed her down onto the blanket. Her tits and ass and pussy were naked before their hot glances.

“Okay,” Jim said. “Let’s get her real horny!”

Linda didn’t know what to expect, so he whispered, “Wh-what are you going to do to it?”

“We’re going to eat your pussy,” Jim said hotly.

“Oh!” she said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it!” Ron added. Linda didn’t doubt that for a minute, but she was curious about how they planned to get her real horny. They each took a turn eating her pussy before fucking her. That was their winning technique with girls.

Jim started the little orgy by plastering his mouth against her posy and tongue fucking her till Linda was bumping hornily for him. Her cunt churned and twisted hotly as he ate her.

He drilled all of his tongue into her wet pussy and thrilled her down to her toes. When she was moaning and looked dizzy, panting for breath as she fucked her pussy up and down, Ron and Fred knelt beside her and made her hold their naked cocks.

By that time, Linda would have done anything. Her fingers curled around their stiff pricks and she jerked them hotly as she came in Jim’s sucking mouth. Their cocks grew and grew until she gasped with pleasure and need. But they wouldn’t deviate from their method.

After she came wetly for Jim, Ron replaced him between her straining, quivering young thighs. Then she filled her free hand with Jim’s stiff cock as Ron ate her pussy.

“Ohhh, ohhhh!” she moaned, her pretty head rocking from side to side as her pussy creamed again. Then she was pulling on Ron’s and Jim’s pricks while Fred took his turn at her pussy.

Fred really enjoyed her cute cunt and got her off with a good cum. Taking a little more time with her pussy, he licked and sucked her quivering, little clit for her till she was begging for cock.

“Ohhhh, pleassssse!” she moaned, writhing her hot ass ’round and ’round. “Give it to me! You’ve eaten me enough! Ooooo, I’m so horny! Please, please, fuck meeeeee!”

“Hot damn!” Ron exclaimed.

“Nice!” Ron groaned hotly, his eyes burning as he gazed into her open cunt.

“I’ll go first,” Jim said. “This was my idea!” Linda was pleased to hear that. He was the handsome one and he had the biggest cock, a little larger than her brother’s, just a little smaller than Mr. Wilson’s. Just right, she thought, and smiled at him as he mounted her.

“Kiss me while you fuck me!” she whispered hornily.

Jim was happy to do that for her. He covered her anxious, young mouth with his and gave her all the kissing she could handle as he fucked all of his stiff cock into her soaked, young cunt.

“God damn!” he announced to the other. “She’s tight even when she’s wet!”

That news only made Ron and Fred all the hornier and eager to fuck her, too. They dropped to their knees on each side of her and when she was jerking their pricks, so big and stiff, she could hardly wait to fuck them all.

Her wish came true soon enough. Jim fucked his thick, young cock in and out of her sucking, young pussy till he couldn’t take any more.

Her cunt sucked him off. His bulging cock-head drilled into her cunt and her hips swiveled so hornily that he shot his load, in minutes.

His prick swelled up and burst forth with huge wads of thick jism. Linda swooned and moaned and fucked faster to make him cum really good in her horny pussy. Her fists squeezed the other cocks very tightly as she shuddered her way through a dynamic orgasm, too.

Jim pumped all of his jism into her writhing curt and slowly eased his cock put of her body. Her pussy clung to his cock-shaft clear to the end, then his cock-head plopped out of her cunt and her pussy kept turning and twisting for more. Ron gave her more.

As soon as his buddy rolled away from Linda’s writhing, young body, Ron replaced him. He lowered his thighs between hers and guided his throbbing cock to her aching, humping cunt.

Linda moaned as his skinny, long cock came spearing up into her cunt. She let out a big moan of pleasure when he started fucking her fast and hard. He was very horny for her by then, so he screwed her almost brutally.

Her tits got horny, too, and she pushed them up into his mouth just as she pushed her pussy up at his driving, plunging young prick.

To her surprise, and increased horniness, Jim knelt beside her and pushed his half-hard cock into her gaping, young mouth. The next thing she knew, she was sucking his prick and fucking on Ron’s. Thrill upon thrill washed through her body and she came wildly.

Her cummy cunt made Ron shoot his load before he wanted to. He meant to fuck her brains out, but her hot pussy sucked him off and he spewed all his jism into her heaving, young cunt.

When he was finished, it was Fred’s turn. He was horny out of his mind by that time because he had watched while Jim and Ron fucked her silly.

He kissed her when there wasn’t a stiff cock in her mouth. When her mouth was busy with Jim’s and Ron’s cocks, he sucked her nice tits and fucked her hard.

He dug his toes into the earth and propelled his stiff prick into her cunt. Linda gasped on Ron’s cock and squeezed the life out of Jim’s as Fred’s cock came streaming into her soaked, young pussy.

It didn’t take much of her hot, squirming, squishy cunt to get Fred off. He licked her ripe tits and pumped his load of jism into her cunt. Linda moaned on Jim’s cock as she sucked it hornily and came like crazy on Fred’s spitting prick.

Being young and super horny, the boys were not content with one go-around with her pussy. To her amazement, the cocks she sucked found their way back into her humping pussy.

When Fred pulled his drenched cock out of her cunt, she thought the fun was over, but Jim, whose prick was swollen and stiff from her hot sucking, climbed between her thighs and fucked her again.

“Ohhhh, gollllyyyy!” she wailed as his big cock ripped into her juicy cunt.

Horny for a good fuck, she screwed her pussy wildly on Jim’s cock and came hornily and wetly. Waves of yummy pleasure engulfed her senses as she fucked and screwed and humped and balled.

Her pretty, blue eyes got all hazy and heavy lidded as cock after cock fucked into her mouth and her pussy. She got so dizzy with pleasure that she lost track of who was who. All she knew was that she was jerking a stiff cock, sucking a stiff cock and fucking a stiff cock.

She sucked so many cocks that by the time the orgy was finally over, she thought she had been fucked fifty times? That left her panting for breath and writing in an agony of extreme pleasure, more fuck-pleasure than she had ever known before.

The boys took full advantage of her helpless condition. It was horny Jim who came up with the wicked idea. He was standing at the time, just watching Linda squirm and twist on the blanket, gazing at her cute, naked ass as she turned and churned.

“You know what?” he said lewdly. “I’d really like to have a piece of ass!”

“What do you mean?” Ron asked.

“Her ass! Her ass!” Jim laughed. “Just look at it? Did you ever see a cuter ass? Why not fuck it?”

Linda couldn’t believe her cars. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t rind her voice. She was as weak as a fucked kitten. Her head whirled dizzily when she felt the boys move her naked body around.

Fred was all for the idea.

“Yeah!” he said excitedly. “She’s our slave! We can do anything we want to her!”

And Ron added, “She can’t squeal on us, that’s for sure! She doesn’t even know us!”

Linda found herself turned over, hefted up onto her hands and knees. A boy knelt in front of her and made her suck his stiff cock. As she blew his cock, a boy got behind her and fed his thick prick into her tight, wet asshole. Her shitter was nice and creamy from all her juicy cum.

Linda gagged on the cock in her mouth when she felt the thick cock squeeze into her ass. A little bit of pain was followed by the most excruciating pleasure she had ever known. The boy not only fucked her asshole, he mauled her clit at the same time, and she came like crazy for him.

It was Jim fucking her ass, and he drilled his horny cock rapidly in and out of her tight, squishy asshole. He chuckled lewdly as he fucked her, horny out of his mind for her cute ass. He leaned over her and squeezed her little clit as he screwed her.

Linda moaned on the boy’s prick in her mouth and sucked the jism out as she fucked back on Jim’s massive cock. Then another prick fucked her sexy mouth and another cock fucked her asshole after Jim had shot his load.

Ron fucked her ass hornily as she sucked Fred’s cock. Ron’s cock screwed into her ass faster and faster, knocking her mouth onto Fred’s prick. She moaned and groaned.

She lost count of the stiff cocks. It felt like a dozen pricks fucked her hot ass. When Jim fucked her for the last time, he discovered that he could screw both her fuck-holes. To her amazement, he fucked his cock into her wet asshole, pulled it all the way out, drilled it into her juicy cunt, then fucked into her ass again.

She came and came, shuddering and shaking, until at last she collapsed on the blanket into a mass of hot, writhing female flesh. She lay there, panting and squirming beautifully as the three boys watched her try to regain her composure. She looked thoroughly fucked and they were happy about that.

Linda was dumbfounded by the afternoon’s events. What she had thought would be a half-hour gang-bang had taken hours to complete!

That’s why she had a tough time explaining it to Johnny and Debbie when she got home.

The boys helped her to the car where she put her dress back on and got her breath back. They dropped her off about a block from her house and she walked bow-legged the rest of the way.

When Johnny and Debbie saw her — her hair disheveled, her legs quivering, her face all red and hot — they didn’t believe.

“Where have you been all afternoon?” Debbie asked.

“Oh, just walking around,” she lied.

“Bullshit!” Johnny said, looking her over. “You’ve been fucking somebody!”

“You even smell like jism!” Debbie added. Linda laughed and said, “I guess I’d better take a shower!”

Her brother and her friend joined her in the bathroom and as she showered and dried she told them about what had happened to her — all of it in delicious detail that got Debbie and Johnny horny as hell for her. Debbie ate her pussy, and her brother fucked it.


Linda fell in love with gang-bangs. She liked the first one so much that she couldn’t wait to repeat it. That wasn’t hard to do. All she had to do was wear a tight, little T-shirt, cut-offs, and hitchhike a ride. She started getting picked up by horny boys right from the start.

Two boys in a car was nice, but three was even better, and four was super? The first time she was picked up by four boys at once, she thought they’d fuck her brains out. They got so naughty with her!

Not only did all four of them fuck her pussy, one after the other, but they made her suck their cocks in between screwings, so their pricks were always stiff for her cunt.

Then they wanted to fuck her ass and they took turns doing that, too. She really got excited when two boys sandwiched her between them. One stuck his cock up her ass, and the other stuck his cock in her pussy. Both cocks met deep in her horny belly and she came like crazy till she thought she’d pass out from the extreme pleasure.

Then the two guys who were watching the hot action wanted to sandwich her, too. So Linda found herself sandwiched between two more horny guys, her asshole and pussy filled with stiff, drilling cocks. Like the boys before them, they pumped huge loads of jism into her writhing, twisting body.

One afternoon, when there were no boys to be found, she wondered aloud where they all were and a girl in the soda shop said they were at football practice.

Linda’s horny, young mind went to work and she came up with a hot idea. She hurried to the nearest donut shop and purchased a dozen donut. She carried the big box down to the old, empty lot where she knew boys practiced ball.

The group of guys didn’t see her at rust. She emerged from the bushes and set the box on a big rock, with her back to them. Then she turned and looked at the handsome bunch of hunks, her heart racing behind her jutting tits and her pussy getting wetter by the minute. They all looked so big and strong to Linda.

When one of the guys noticed her standing there in her cute, little minidress, he tossed the football aside and said, “Hey? What have we got here?”

Several boys approached her immediately, eyes glancing up and down her curvy, young body. Linda smiled and stood demurely with her hands folded behind her back, her young tits up and out.

“Isn’t that Johnny’s sister?” one boy asked.

“Yeah. Sure,” another said.

“Right?” a third asked.

Linda smiled prettily and said, “Huh-huh. My name’s Linda. I brought you some donuts.”

A tall, good-looking stud came right up to her and pulled her body against his. He grinned down into her pretty face and said, “I’ll bet that ain’t all you brought us!”

He took her breath away. His strong arm circled her slim waist and he pulled her pussy against his crotch. He bent his head and kissed her hotly. Linda went all weak in the knees.

The next thing she knew, a big hand was rubbing her ass right through her light dress. Mother hand got between her and the guy kissing her and grabbed her firm, young tit. The guy who was kissing her got a big hard-on and his cock came up between her hot thighs. Linda thought she’d faint.

She brake the hot kiss and asked, “How many guys are here?”

“Eleven,” her captor said, nabbing his cock up against her cunt.

“Oh, golly!” she gasped.

It was not a gasp of alarm. It was a gasp of excitement. And the guys knew that. It was their signal to fuck her all they wanted to.

Linda moaned as a hand behind her unzipped her dress in back. She moaned again as big hands pulled at her dress. She was surrounded by horny guys. She lost her sandals as she was passed from guy to guy for kisses and hot feels of her naked, young body.

The guys laughed a lot as they passed her around like a can of beer to be tasted and shared. Hot mouths covered hers and big tongues filled her mouth over and over. Huge, rough hands squeezed her tits and felt her ass and rubbed her moist pussy. When she was gasping for a cool breath, they got her down on the grass and started fucking the life out of her.

A guy named Jed started the gang-bang by whipping out his immense cock. He grinned at her panting, writhing young body and knelt between her thighs. He gripped his prick in his fist and guided his hard-on to her horny cunt.

“Fuck me!” she said hotly, slipping her arms around his neck as he bent down over her horny body.

His mouth covered hers and he inched his massive cock into her pussy. Linda clung to him as his huge prick squeezed into her body. His cock stretched her cunt mouth wide and streamed into her pussy. His bulging cock-head, horny for her, plunged into the pit of her cunt. Linda gasped.

She had really made Jed hot for her young body by showing up the way she did. It showed in the violent way he fucked her. He had pushed ahead of the other guys and demanded to be first.

Now he drilled all of his big cock into her hot, wet pussy, and Linda mewled and moaned and screwed her hot cunt ’round and ’round on his prick. Linda felt wonderful.

Her pussy chewed and humped as he fucked her. She got hotter and hotter until she was cumming wetly for him. Her cunt creamed nicely as his massive cock ravished her.

“I’m cumming!” she squealed.

Her horny outburst inflamed a couple of guys. They couldn’t wait for led to pop his balls in Linda’s fucking, little cunt. Horny for her, they knelt down on each side of her head and produced their stiff, wet cocks.

She moaned as they pushed their pricks at her face. Her lips parted for one and her mouth filled with cock. She moaned and sucked his cock hotly as led fucked her.

Jim pulled his cock out of her mouth and said, “Go ahead, Bill, get some!”

So em leaned over her face and inserted his big cock into her wet, young mouth. Linda moaned on Bill’s cock, too, and sucked faster as Jim pumped his load of jism into her squirming, cummy cunt.

“God damn!” Bill groaned. “I’m cumming!”

Bill leaned over Linda’s wide-eyed face and fucked his cock down into her throat. She grasped his cock-shaft in a fist and pumped wildly to get him off. Her other hand found his hairy balls and she played with them and tickled them and squeezed them and made Bill shoot big wads of thick jism down her gulping throat.

Jim replaced Jed and powered all of his hot cock into her pussy. Linda took his cock like a pro, and moaned with pleasure as Jim fucked her. She screwed hornily as she jerked and sucked other cocks.

Pricks kept coming at her mouth, and in her pussy. Cock after cock tilled her sexy mouth and horny cunt. She went to pieces and got all shivery and tingly. She moaned constantly as big cocks teased and pleased her.

Her eyes rolled in her head as her pussy creamed again. She rippled with pleasure and kept cumming as a guy fucked her brains out. Because she was busy jerking a prick and sucking another cock, he hefted her hips up and drilled all of his hard cock into her tight, young pussy.

Linda quivered with excitement and wrenched her juicy cunt on his driving, plunging cock. She moaned on the boy’s prick in her mouth as she twisted her hot pussy on another’s spitting cock.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned. The cock in her mouth started shooting, too, then two pricks were spewing their cum into her mouth and pussy.

She gulped and gulped as thick jism filled her mouth and she humped wildly.

A raunchy-looking guy straddled her writhing body as she sucked on another prick. He inched up her body and fucked her nice tits. He smeared pre-cum all over her tits and made her pink nipples stand up. Then he grasped her tits and squeezed his prick between them.

Holding her tits tightly, he fucked in and out between them. Her chest was all slippery with his fuck-juice, so his cock moved easily, exciting her tits. He tweaked her nipples as he tit-fucked her, and Linda moaned with new pleasure.

His cock-head kept knocking against her chin as she blew a cock and that made her suck faster for the guy in her mouth. All the guys laughed at how she got so horny from their stiff cocks.

When his cock was really immense between her tits, the guy backed down and streamed his prick along her writhing flesh, over her belly, through her soft pussy-fur, then into her hot pussy.

Linda came right away. She was high on sex now. As soon as the guy’s big cock invaded her cunt, she started screwing on it and humping for more pleasure.

He gritted his teeth with the effort of fucking her so hard and drilled all of his prick into her cunt. His massive cock-head speared through her tight fuck-channel and imbedded deep in he heaving cunt.

She fucked hornily on his cock, cumming like crazy for the umpteenth time, enough to make her mind spin. Inflamed by his big cock in her wet pussy, she jerked another cock fiercely and sucked another prick hungrily. She looked beautiful taking on three stiff cocks at once.

The raunchy guy got even raunchier with her. Horny out of his mind, he yanked her body up in the air and pulled his cock out of her juicy, little cunt. He pushed his prick into her tight young asshole, and Linda gasped.

His cock squeezed into her asahole and didn’t stop thrusting until his hairy balls kissed her asscheeks. He buried all of his prick in her ass and held there while Linda twisted and squirmed. Her asshole sucked on his cock like a horny mouth.

The guy chuckled with lusty pleasure as her tight asshole clenched and spasmed on his imbedded cock. Her guts licked his cock-head deep in her body, and when that got him hot, he started fucking his prick in and out of her wrenching asshole.

Linda was in heaven as the big jock fucked her asshole. She clung desperately to the prick on her left and she sucked feverishly on the cock on her right. She came again, even though the jock’s fucking cock was in her ass.

Her ass-fucker imbedded his prick again, and leaned over her twisting belly so he could maul her nice tits. Grinning lewdly, panting hotly, he grabbed her aching, young tits and squeezed the life out of them while she screwed her asshole around on his massive cock.

Her fucking, sucking asahole made his cock grow and grow until at last his hot balls exploded in a fury of spurts of thick jism. He mauled her tits and drilled all of his cock into her asshole and shot his load far inside her shitter. Linda almost passed out from the sheer pleasure of it all.

When he was finished fucking his cum into her ass, he released her. Her hot ass hit the ground with a little thump. She writhed there, twisting and humping as if her asshole and pussy were extremely horny for more cock.

“God damn!” she heard a thick voice rasp. “She wants more!”

“Well, give it to her!” another voice said. Linda felt another guy get between her quivering legs, and she moaned with anticipation of more cummy pleasure. She got it. The boy took the fuck a step further than the last one. He fucked her asshole and pussy alternately.

He drilled his prick into her wet pussy a few strokes, then pulled out and speared his cock into her asshole for a few strokes. Both her asshole and pussy clenched and spasmed on his powerful, young cock. Her fuck-holes got him so horny that he started fucking her almost brutally.

“Mmmmm, mmmmph!” Linda gasped on the boy’s big prick in her mouth. The cock ravishing her ass and cunt was enough to drive her out of her mind with pleasure.

Some guys cheered him on as they watched how he was fucking the writhing, humping young girl. It turned them on to see the way his thick cock drilled into her pussy and asshole, first one fuck-hole, then the other. But he couldn’t take much of that pleasure either. Just as Linda just had to cum on his cock, so he had to shoot his fiery load of jism into her.

His cock enlarged and his balls tightened up. Then his prick exploded with a fury. His prick shot so much cock-cream that his turn spurted not only in her fuck-holes, but all over her horny crotch and ass and belly. Linda moaned all through it.

“Let me try that!” she heard a sexy voice say. A moment later, she felt another stiff cock fuck into her pussy and asshole in turns. It drove her crazy and she started fucking and humping and twisting wildly on his prick.

She clenched the cock she was jerking and whacked it faster and faster as she came on the prick screwing her hot fuck-holes. She sucked hornily on the boy’s cock in her sexy mouth and made it spit savagely down her gulping throat. When her mouth was free for a few moments, she panted, “Oh, golly! I’m cumming so much! I feel so dizzy! I think I’m gonna pass out!” That worried one guy, who said, “Maybe we’d better lighten up.”

But he had misunderstood her, for she cried. “No! No! Ohhhh, doooonnn’t stop!”

“Jesus!” some guy exclaimed hotly.

So stiff cocks continued to fuck into her horny, young body again and again. Some guys were smart enough to pull their swollen cocks out of her sucking, young mouth before she made them shoot. That way they were able to stand in the line waiting for her hot pussy and tight, young asshole.

Linda had gotten a lot of cock when she was gang-banged by a group of boys in a car, but it was nothing compared to getting fucked by a football team! Cock after cock after cock screwed into her hot pussy and clenching whole and horny mouth until she completely lost count and even forgot how many guys she started with.

When the orgy was over and she was finally able to breathe and open her eyes, she found herself alone with just two guys. The rest had drifted off, one by one, after her hot fuck-holes wiped them out. The two remaining studs fucked her again, then helped her to her feet.

She assured them that she would be fine. She got dressed and staggered home. When Debbie and Johnny saw her, they laughed and told her she looked like she’d been through a hurricane. She laughed and told them about the guys.

“I swear, I must have been fucked a hundred times this afternoon!” After a nice shower, which her brother and friend watched, she smiled and said, “It’s amazing how many guys are willing to fuck a girl once she admits she’s horny!”


Linda’s pussy got hornier and hungrier as the days went by. She got fucked every night by her brother in her bed. Sometimes, she went into his bed to suck him off and get laid by him. During the hot summer days, she shared Johnny with her best friend Debbie. Both girls got fucked constantly.

When they wanted to have some fun, they went over and screwed Mr. Wilson. When Johnny finally figured out what was going on over there, he simply joined them, then Mr. Wilson and he screwed the happy, fucking girls together.

Linda really turned on to her secret, little gang-bangs, especially when her mother was at home to spoil all the fun, with Johnny and Debbie. Then she liked to go out and hitchhike to be picked up by horny boys and raped royally by them.

It was her fate to graduate to grown men. Just as she had graduated from Johnny’s young prick to Mr. Wilson’s big cock, she eventually graduated from gang-bangs with young boys to gang-bangs with horny, old men.

It happened gradually, though. One afternoon she was hitchhiking in a cute, little red halter and matching short-shorts when a man drove up in a pick-up truck.

Linda smiled, but waved him on. Until now, she had been careful to avoid grown men when hitchhiking because she didn’t know if they were friendly like Mr. Wilson.

But the old guy smiled at her and his gaze just ate her up till she felt funny in her pussy. He reminded her of her father. Maybe that was why she broke her own rule.

“Hop in,” the man said. “I don’t bite.”

Linda giggled and climbed up into the cab of the truck. The seat was so big that her feet almost didn’t touch the floor. The man’s eyes ran up and down her curvy, young body and she knew right then that he would fuck her if he got the chance.

“Where to?” he wanted to know.

“Uhhhh, just a few blocks,” she said, and glanced at his crotch. It looked chunky in tight denims. And his shirt was open. He had thick, black hair on his chest. Linda’s pussy twitched between her clamped thighs.

“Name’s Cal. What’s yours?”

Cal made small talk for several blocks and seemed like a friendly man. He kept looking over at her and they talked, so Linda turned a little in the seat so he could get a better look at her jutting, young tits.

They were hardly covered by the small triangles of material, and the crotch of her shorts was tight against her cunt. Cal looked real hard and saw the puffy lips of her pussy.

Linda heaved a sigh that made her tits rise up hard.

“If you keep looking at me like that,” she cooed, “I’m gonna think you’re a naughty man!”

“I am!” Cal laughed. “That’s why I picked you up. So I could feast my eyes!”

Linda was touched by his honesty. “Is that all you want?” she purred, making her eyes heavy and heavy sexy like big girls did.

“Yes,” he said, “if that’s all I can get!” Linda’s pussy tingled and she felt her clit get stiff. She knew right then that there was no way she would be able to get out of his truck without getting laid by him first.

She leaned her back against the door and brought one curvy leg up onto the seat. That stretched her thighs wide open and her pussy pecked out of the crotch of her shorts.

She smiled prettily and said, “You can get more than that!”

Cal glanced at her cunt and licked his lips with a thick tongue that thrilled Linda. She knew where she wanted his tongue! Unable to control herself any longer, she slumped in the seat and drew her shorts aside and touched her hot pussy.

“Lick this for me!” she moaned hotly.

Cal groaned and almost crashed the truck. He pulled off the road and took a dirt road a few hundred yards, then parked. Without a word, he slumped over and buried his face between her pretty legs. His mouth plastered against her naked pussy and he drilled his thick tongue up into her wet cunt.

“Ohhhh!” Linda moaned right away. “I just knew your tongue was nice!”

He reached up and played with her nice tits and got them naked as he tongue-fucked her pussy. Linda kept slumping on the seat until all of a sudden she was flat on her back, panting and humping her cunt on his thrilling tongue.

Horny for her body, Cal pulled at her shorts and got them off. Her halter didn’t matter. Her jutting tits were stark naked. He dropped her shorts to the floor and attacked her open pussy with tongue, teeth and lips.

“Ohhhhhmmm!” Linda mowed hotly and surrendered her pussy to him. Her eyes closed and a cute smile played at her lips as he ate her pussy for her. She loved every minute of it, making believe he was her father. It felt so good to her when she was cumming that she cried, “Oh, daddy!”

Her lovely, young body squirmed and twisted hornily for him and he liked that. She was a hot one, he thought, young or not. The more he licked and sucked her pussy, the more she conic for him.

Her pussy was delightful and he couldn’t get enough of it. He ate her cunt eagerly, biting her clit and tongue-fucking her juicy cunt-hole. Linda moaned and wailed and came two, then three times.

Cal raised his wet face and said, “You’re very horny for such a young girl!”

“Yeah!” she laughed. “Ain’t that neat?”

“Are you a virgin?”

Linda giggled. “Not after what your tongue just did to me! Do you wanna fuck me? You can if you want!”

Cal groaned deep in his guts and he sat up behind the steering wheel. He opened his jeans and got his cock out.

“Come here and suck this first,” he groaned hotly.

“Oh, wow!” Linda gasped, seeing the full length and thickness of his prick. She needed no further coaxing.

She got on her knees on the seat and lowered her face to his throbbing cock. Her breath was hot. She parted her ripe, young lips and took his bulging cock-head into her mouth.

Closing her lips around his prick-tip, she swirled her cute tongue around, tantalizing him for a while. Then she slid her mouth all the way down on his prick and his cock-head lodged in her tight throat.

She moaned and started bobbing her pretty head up and down, faster and faster, as she sucked him off. Cal stared blankly out the window as the horny girl sucked the jism right up out of his hot balls.

“God damn!” he groaned.

Linda laughed, sucked his pulsing prick, and knew she was pleasing the hell out of him. She liked that. So she sucked harder on his cock and milked it at the same time in a tight fist. Cal groaned deeply.

His hairy balls tightened up. Huge wads of thick jism torpedoed through his distended cock-pipe and burst out of his piss-hole into her sucking, slurping young mouth.

“Mmmm, mmm, mmmmm,” she moaned as he shot his load for her. She sucked hungrily and ate all the cum he could produce for her.

Thick jism filled her mouth several times and she gulped it all down. Not a drop squirted from the corners of her mouth. She ate it all, much to Cal’s surprise and delight.

“What a surprise you are!” he whispered as she licked his cock clean of jism.

“I like you, too!” she purred.

She settled back on the seat then. Her eyes were glassy. “You have a very big cock. I was afraid to get into your truck at first. Now I’m glad I did!”

Talk like that got his prick throbbing again. Linda saw his cock harden. She reached over and gently massaged his prick for him. She tilted her head up for a kiss and he kissed her hotly, the way she liked. Her fingers curled around his cock-shaft and she milked slowly to get it stiff again.

By the time his cock was erect, she was horny out of her mind. Sucking cock always made her pussy hot. Bright-eyed and hot-assed, she stretched out on the big seat with one pretty leg off to the side. Her pink and white pussy looked hungry.

“Fuck me!” she whispered hotly.

“God damn!” Cal groaned again.

He twisted around and gripped his massive cock in a rut and guided his prick-tip to her waiting, horny cunt. Linda slipped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down onto her as she inched his thick cock into her tight, wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned through the hot kiss. She gave her ass a little jerk upward to make his cock push into her cunt a little faster. Cal got the message.

He shafted his tongue into her sucking, young mouth and shafted his cock into her sucking, young cunt. Her mouth sucked his tongue and her pussy sucked his prick.

After some horny kisses, Linda groaned, “Suck my tits while you fuck me!”

Cal was happy to oblige her. He twisted on her and got his mouth on her firm tit. He sucked her spiking, pink nipple as he ram rodded her pussy with all of his thick cock. Linda swooned and moaned with mounting pleasure as he fucked her silly.

Her eyes rolled in her head and her fingers clawed at his shoulders. Her ass banged on the seat and her pussy fucked wildly on his drilling cock.

“Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!” she gasped, screwing her cunt on his driving cock. “Give it to meee! Ummmmm, how you fuck! Ewww, more, more! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!”

Her cries for help brought Cal to her rescue. He reared back and drilled all of his thick cock into her twisting cunt. His bulging cock-head speared into her hot pussy and she cried out with pleasure. He fucked her harder and faster.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed, throwing her pussy up at his cock. “I’m… I’m… ohhh, I’m cummmiiinnngggg!”

Her body rocked and rolled as his massive cock fucked into her pussy and made her cum wetly. The wetter her pussy got, the farther he could fuck his cock into her cunt. It was a mind boggling cycle for Linda, who came and came and came.

Then Cal shot his load. He covered her mouth with his and tongue-kissed her. His cock filled her pussy and he fucked her hard to make his prick spit savagely into her writhing, young body. His cock exploded with a fury and Linda came again on his cumming cock.

“Mmmmmmph!” she moaned around his probing tongue as she humped furiously on his spitting cock.

Ripples of sex pleasure rushed through her body and she basked in the sensations. As she came again, she was very happy that she had let Cal pick her up. It gave her the shivers to think that she might have missed out on that fuck.

As she gasped for breath, her tight, young pussy spasmed hotly on his thick cock. Her cunt clenched and unclenched several times and the action forced his spent prick out of her body. His cock slipped down wetly and rubbed against her ass. Linda shuddered with new excitement.

“If I get your cock hard again, will you fuck me in my ass?” she asked.

“God damn!” Cal groaned. “What a horny bitch you are! And I was going to be satisfied with just looking at you! You’re damned right. I’ll fuck your ass!”

“Goodie!” Linda laughed.

She had him sit up again and she got on her knees. She took his wet cock into her mouth and tongued it for a long time while his cock-shaft got bigger and stiffer for her. She sucked on his prick gently and licked all over with her pert tongue.

Cal leaned to the side and managed to stroke her hot ass and finger her tight, wet pussy. As she sucked on his growing cock, he fingerfucked her cunt-hole and asshole, getting her shitter ready for his prick.

She came hotly and wetly on his probing fingers as she sucked his cock. Cal was undressed by her. She sure was a horny, little thing, he thought. He could tell that by the way she wiggled her ass whenever he drilled a soaked finger into her shitter.

It made him as horny as she was, and he ached to fuck her tight, little asahole. As soon as hi prick was large enough for the job, he told her to stop sucking. Linda stopped reluctantly but she was aching to get fucked in the ass, too.

She laid face down with one leg off the seat. Cal laid on top of her young body and worked his stiff cock into her clenching asshole. It took some doing on his part and lots of moaning on Linda’s part, but then her asshole stretched open and his cock-head wedged into her shit-hole.

“Ohhhhh, give it to me!” she gasped. Cal grit his teeth and pushed several inches of his massive cock into her ass. Linda moaned and groaned with each inch, but she begged him not to stop.

When he ran into some difficulty with the tightness of her asahole, she moaned, “If you fuck your cock into my pussy a little, it’ll get all wet!”

Cal chuckled at her youthful wisdom and took her advice. She raised her ass up slightly for him and he drilled his thick cock into her squishy pussy several times, then transferred her slimy cum to her delightful, young asshole.

When he had her whole drenched, he started fucking her shitter in earnest, as if it were her cunt. He reared back and thrust forward with his horny cock and Linda squealed with delight. She gasped and whimpered as he screwed her ass with all of his stiff cock.

Her asshole was tighter than her pussy and it clenched twice as hard on his drilling cock. Her wetness made it easy to fuck, though, and Cal fucked her shitter faster and harder as his balls started to tighten up with lust.

Linda groaned and pressed her cheek to the hot seat as she got her ass fucked the way she liked. She surrendered completely to the man, to his cock, and to the mind-boggling pleasure he was giving her. She came wetly as he fucked her tight, little ass.

“More, more,” she cried.

Smitten with her, Cal fucked her hotly. He rammed all of his prick into her shit-hole and shot his load. His spitting cock made her cum some more, and Linda appreciated that. She loved fuck-feelings.

She groaned with disappointment after he pumped his load of jism into her guts. It felt so good, she wanted more. When she rolled over, eyes sparkling, and panted for more, Cal laughed at her and gave her taut tits a squeeze.

“I know what you need,” he said.

“Oh! What?”

“More cock!”

“That’s what I said!” Linda laughed, eyeing his spent prick.

“I don’t mean mine!” Cal chuckled lewdly.

“Well, what do you mean?”

“You’ll find out,” he said. “Just hold on to your pussy!”


Linda looked as fresh as a virgin again in her shorts and halter as Cal drove to his destination. It was a construction site, and Linda was dazzled by all the men there, many of them with their sleeves rolled up on powerful suns. Her blue eyes danced.

Cal got out of the truck and came around to her side. He opened the door and helped her down onto the pound. Already, men were milling around.

“Your daughter?” a man asked, his eyes gazing all over Linda’s cute body.

“No,” Cal laughed. “A hitchhiker.”

Men looked at her more closely then, and Cal said, “Is that cot still in the tool shed?”

“Sure is,” a man said.

“Let’s go!” Cal said, and took Linda by the arm and led her to the tool shed.

Inside, Linda found herself surrounded by a group of grinning, leering men. A few of them got as bold as the football players.

“I’m Steve,” one man said, smiling at her. “This here’s Ken. And that’s Pete. And we’re going to turn you on, honey!”

“Oh!” Linda whispered in a small voice.

While others looked on and waited patiently, but hornily, the three men stripped her naked and started kissing and licking her till she was whimpering with desire.

They took her halter off and hot mouths attacked her ripe, young tits. As men sucked her spiking, pink nipples, big hands stripped her shorts down. Then a man licked his tongue into her furry, young pussy. Linda quivered all over and moaned.

Big tongues seemed to come from every where.

One tongue rifled her mouth and made her kiss sexily. Other tongues licked and lapped her tits. Others licked her pussy and even her little asshole.

“Ohhh, golllyyyy!” Linda said.

Her knees buckled and men lowered her cute body to the old cot. Hands spread her pretty legs and a big, hot tongue assaulted her cunt. Men flanked her and mauled her jutting tits. Linda found herself getting kissed and licked and lapped holly and she moaned with passion. She was hot.

The men saw that and chuckled with pleasure. “You first, Pete,” a voice said, and Linda felt a big man get between her quivering thighs.

His huge, wet cock came inching up into her horny pussy. She sucked on the tongue probing her mouth and opened her legs wider. Pete’s huge prick filled her tight cunt.

“Mmmmm?” she moaned on the tongue filling her mouth.

Her whole body strained on the cot as Pete’s giant cock drove her crazy with lust. She started humping on his prick, aching to be fucked. The man gave her what she needed. He drilled all of his cock into her moist cunt.

Her fingers clawed and clutched at muscular flesh around her as her pussy churned on Pete’s plunging cock. She went crazy on the hot cot and fucked hornily for the man who was screwing her so lustily.

“What a beautiful cunt!” a man said hotly. “Thanks for bringing her to us, Cal,” another man said.

She smiled to herself, happy that these horny men were pleased. It made her feel good to know she could please grown men the way she could please young men.

It all made her feel like a woman instead of just a girl. Big cocks excited her more than smaller ones, and when one of the men pressed his cock to her lips, she opened her mouth and let the man fuck her sexy, wet mouth.

Her hand found a huge cock beside her and she jerked it as she sucked another cock and fucked Pete’s prick. It was mind-boggling for her to have so many big cocks at her disposal. She felt as happy as a young girl who had just received a whole bunch of birthday presents.

Her eyes closed in rapture as she pleased three men at once. Her slender fingers curled around a stiff cock and she milked it slowly. Her thumb found his sensitive piss-hole and she twirled her thumb there as she jerked his cock-shaft and tickled his hairy balls.

Her pretty mouth ovaled around a huge cock and she sucked on it feverishly. She played with that man’s balls, too, while she ate his cock. Her tongue swirled like her finger and the man she was blowing groaned deep in his guts.

Her pussy churned and humped hotly on Pete’s cock drilling in and out of her writhing body. Little moans escaped her throat as she screwed her cunt on his thick cock. Pete fucked deeper and deeper into her horny pussy.

Linda could tell which cock was going to shoot first. It was the cock throbbing in her small hand. She quickly turned her head and pulled his prick into her hot, wet mouth. She pumped his cock-shaft in her fist and sucked it hard, with her tongue whirling. The man grunted and his cock exploded for her. Huge wads of thick cock-cream spurted into her mouth and she ate it all.

Then the prick in her other hand, the one she had been sucking first, got very stiff and poked at her face. She finished eating the one cock, then drew the next cock into her horny mouth.

She blew his cock hornily and made it shoot for her, too. She gulped and gulped as his cock spat and spurt wildly.

Pete’s cock in her cunt let loose with torrents of thick jism, deep in her heaving cunt. Linda moaned loudly as Pete fucked her silly and filled her pussy full of hot cum.

By that time, a new, stiff cock was in her hand and in her mouth. Man replaced man and she got dizzy with lust as she came on Pete’s spitting cock in her pussy.

Another big prick filled her pussy next. She moaned again, getting drunk on all that hot sex, and she laughed sensuously as the man fucked her. His huge cock made her own fiercely and she moaned hotly all through it.

After that big prick shot its load into her pussy, another fucked her cunt, and a voice said. “You’re doing fine!”

Her eyes fluttered open and she saw that it was Cal fucking her. She jerked two cocks beside her and smiled at him. “Thank you for bringing me here!”

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself!” he said thickly.

“How… how many men are here?” she asked, a little breathless now.

“I don’t know. About twenty, I’d say. They all want to fuck you!”

Linda’s youthful imagination was fired and she said, “I feel like a princess getting fucked by all her knights!”

Cal laughed with her, then covered her mouth with his. He kissed her the way she liked to be kissed and worked all of his thick cock into her screwing, little cunt. Linda swooned.

She came so passionately and so long that she didn’t even know when Cal stopped fucking her and another man began. When she next opened her lazy eyes, she peered up into the face of a huge, bearded man. She smiled prettily for him and humped her cunt on his plunging cock.

The next man knelt between her legs and hefted her hips up in the air and fed his stony cock into her waked pussy. He grinned lewdly at her and fucked her brains out as the two other men mauled her tits for her.

She fucked her pussy faster and faster on the man’s big prick as she jerked another and sucked another. She was in heaven, thoroughly enjoying herself as their cocks pleased her.

When she was cumming again and shuddering all over with her orgasm, some raunchy men turned her over and got her up on her hands and knees. The next thing she knew, she was blowing a stiff cock and getting fucked in her tight asshole from behind. Her horny assailant gripped her hips tightly and drilled all of his stiff cock into her ass. She groaned with pleasure as his cock filled her shitter from behind and she started fucking back on his cock as she came again.

Cumming so wetly made her very horny and she sucked on the cock in her mouth with increasing passion. She raised a hand and squeezed the man’s big balls as she blew his prick. Her pretty mouth filled with his cock and she sucked voraciously, bobbing her head fast.

The man groaned and fucked his cock into her sweet mouth. She moaned and made him shoot for her. He grunted and his prick exploded with a fury. Huge wads of thick jism gushed into her sucking mouth and she gulped it all down.

A man lay on the floor and, to her delight, got under her fucking body and started licking and sucking her tits while she blew another cock and got fucked in the ass by yet another.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, and quivered from head to toe as another orgasm rippled through her body.

She came wildly on a cock that just drilled into her pussy. His cock streamed into her cunt and fucked her deep, then plunged into her tight, young ass. He fucked her pussy and her asshole, one after the other, till Linda saw stars and came again.

She moaned on the throbbing cock in her mouth and twisted her aching tits into the horny mouth under her. She moaned with pleasure as the man sucked and licked her tits.

She developed a beautiful rhythm to please two cocks at once. She rocked forward and slipped her mouth down on the prick she was sucking, then she rocked back and slipped her pussy down on the cock she was fucking. Back and forth, back and forth she moved, faster and faster.

“Mmmmmmph!” she gasped as she came. Great waves of cummy pleasure rippled through her young body as she sucked and fucked hornily for two happy men. Their cocks enlarged for her and, as she came, one cock spat savagely into her fucking cunt while the other prick shot a load of jism into her sucking mouth. Linda moaned with great pleasure as both cocks pleased her.

She almost passed out with sheer pleasure, and her body was like a limp rag when some men turned her over onto her back again. Her eyes fluttered and she gasped for breath as a cock entered her mouth and another drilled into her horny pussy.

She whimpered and moaned as cocks fucked into her fuck-holes — her mouth and asshole and cunt. Her hands filled with stiff cocks, too, completing her extreme pleasure.

She fucked crazily on the big prick in her tight, wet pussy and she came and came, moaning all the while. The man sucked her jutting tits as he fucked all of his huge cock into her cunt.

His massive prick drilled and plunged with such speed and accuracy that Linda came again, and her hot pussy-juice oozed out of her cunt to lubricate her asshole. The man pulled his cock out of her sucking cunt and pushed it into her ass. Linda’s senses whirled.

Her fists tightened on two big pricks. Her mouth sucked hornily on another. And her whole clenched and spumed on another cock. Pleasure upon pleasure coursed through her lovely body, making her very happy.

The men were amazed at how much cock the young girl could take. She filled their wildest dreams about young girls. Many had only fantasized about ever really fucking a young girl, yet now here they were, screwing the tightest pussy they had ever fucked.

Linda was just as amazed at how much cock she wanted. She had thought her gang-bang with the football team was the height of her pleasure, but that was nothing compared to the orgy with these horny construction men. They were hungry for her body. She could tell by the way they fucked her so hotly and forcefully. They really liked her pussy, and that made Linda feel good.

When Cal came back for thirds, she hugged him tight around the neck and gave him all her pussy. She kissed him hotly and thanked him again for bringing her there. Then she screwed wildly for his raging cock and made him shoot a big load of jism into her. That made her cum really hard.

Linda liked all these men. That amazed her too. She couldn’t believe how afraid of men she had been before she met Mr. Wilson and, now Cal. Men weren’t scary at all, she thought, they were just super horny for a young girl!

Laughing at her own thoughts, she giggled and kissed the man who was kissing her. Another man fucked his prick into her hot pussy and yet another waited by her side to get his cock sucked by her lovely mouth.

She gave him what he wanted. She took his big cock into her mouth and sucked hungrily. His cock felt good between her buzzing lips and she blew him with a passion. As she sucked him off, she came on the cock that was now pumping jism into her heaving cunt. She moaned hotly for both men.

More men arrived on the job and were let into the little secret in the tool shed. Linda thought stiff cocks would never stop fucking her mouth and asshole and pussy. The gang-bang was marvelous beyond her wildest dreams. As she sucked and fucked, she became increasingly glad that she was a girl.

She preened with pride as she got fucked. Thanks to Mr. Wilson, she thought, she wasn’t afraid of these men, and thanks to these men, she was cumming like she always wanted to, but never did. Cumming so wildly made her fuck and suck even more passionately for the men.

Her whole body glowed on the cot. Her eyes sparkled and her tits rose and fell with pleasure. Her toes curled and her thighs quivered. Her mouth sucked body and her pussy fucked hornily. She was all woman now, humping and fucking and eating lots of cock.

By the time the men were finished with her, she was a mass of hot, writhing female flesh on the cot. She caressed her jutting tits and smiled at the men who were still standing around eyeing her. She twisted her belly for them and squirmed her ass in the wetness she had made with all her orgasms. She giggled.

Cal came in and said, “We have to break it up. The boss is on his way!”

“Okay,” Linda cooed.

A man handed Linda her halter and shorts, and she put them on.

“Can you come back tomorrow?” Cal asked.

Linda’s blue eyes sparkled. “Sure!”

Cal believed her. Other men didn’t. One man said, “She won’t come back. We probably scared the hell out of her!”

He was wrong. They had delighted her, and she couldn’t wait to get back to that horny tool shed and hot cock. In fact, she came back again and again for more and more cock.

But she really surprised the men when she showed up one afternoon with Debbie at her side. Linda was wearing a tight, little minidress with nothing under it, and Debbie was wearing crotch-hugging cut-offs and a tight, little T-shirt that made her tits stand out invitingly. Both girls were very horny.

After getting fucked twice by huge cocks, Debbie moaned, “Ohhhh, Linda, thank you!”

The tool shed filled with girlish laughter and hot moans as both girls sot fucked in every fuckhole they owned.


That summer vacation changed Linda’s life for all time. No longer a frightened little virgin, no longer afraid of grown men, she did something about her poor grades in school. Now she knew what to do.

After the first day of school, she approached her math teacher, Mr. Turner, and stood prettily by his desk. Her minidress was low across her taut, young tits and high on her curvy thighs, which he had noticed more than once that day.

“Mr. Turner,” she said. “I’ve got to do something about my grades.”

“No kidding!” he laughed. “I told you that long ago! What do you need? Extra homework?”

Linda put her hands behind her back and her tits rose up invitingly. “No, I need your cock!”

Turner’s mouth fell open, but only for a moment. Once he saw that she was serious, his cock erected in his pants and he forgot all about being her teacher.

“What do you say?” she chirped. “Will you give me good grades if I give you my pussy?”

“Meet me in the parking lot!” he whispered. He took her to his bachelor apartment and gave her a glass of wine. She was only halfway through it when he got impulsive with her. He took the glass out of her hand and set it on the table. Then he caressed her and kissed her and forced her back on the sofa.

Linda moaned hotly as he lowered her dress in front and started licking and sucking her nice tits. As he sucked a spiking, pink nipple, his hand ran up between her thighs and touched her naked, furry cunt.

“I knew you weren’t wearing panda!” he said happily as he felt her pussy.

“I tried to show it to you today,” she said. “Today!” he cried. “I’ve seen your pussy so many times, I was going crazy! Don’t you ever wear panties?”

“No!” Linda giggled. “How come you never made a pass at me?”

“A teacher can’t afford to do anything like that.”

“Then I’m glad I made the pass!” Linda laughed, and stretched her naked, young legs wide open for him.

Turner dropped to his knees and buried his face in her cunt hair and licked his tongue up and down her sweet pussy. Linda liked that and let him know it. That encouraged him and he ate her cunt with a passion.

She came very fast and that excited him. Linda was hotter than he had expected her to be. His cock rose up in his pants and throbbed wildly as he licked and sucked her pussy. Her ass churned and her cunt twisted hornily as she came on his drilling tongue.

When her cunt was all creamy, she cupped her naked tits in her hands and moaned, “fuck me, Mr. Turner… fuck me…”

He got to his feet and stared hotly at her as he lowered his pants and shorts. With her dress bunched around her slim waist, her pretty tits and cute cunt were totally naked for him. His cock loomed large as he approached her.

Her slender arms slipped around his neck when he leaned over her. He gripped his wet cock in a fist and guided it into her waiting pussy. She kissed him passionately and urged her pussy up at his invading cock.

Her pussy-lips parted for his cock-head and she whimpered as he inched all of his prick into her hot cunt.

“Ummmm!” she purred, and gave her pussy a violent twist that encouraged him further.

“Ohhh, don’t be gentle with me!” Linda cried. “Give it to me! All of it! Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!”

“Christ!” he groaned, and obeyed her command.

He drilled all of his thick cock into her horny pussy and fucked the daylights out of her. He dug his toes into the carpet, gritted his teeth, and fucked all of his big prick into her writhing, humping pussy.

“Ohhhhmmmmmm, yesssss!” she hissed, and screwed her pussy around as he drilled his prick into her.

As his cock ravished her pussy, her fingernails scratched at his broad shoulders. Her hot ass came bouncing off the sofa cushion then and she fucked passionately for his raging cock.

“I’m cumming!” she cried.

Great ripples of cummy pleasure rushed through her body the way she liked them to, and that made her fuck faster and hornier for her teacher. She loved to fuck like crazy when she was cumming.

“I’m cumming!” she squealed again. “Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, I’m cummmiiiinnnggg! Give it to meeee! Shoooooot in meeee!”

He couldn’t resist a horny plea like that. He plunged all of his cock into her squishy cunt and shot a load of jism into her heaving pussy. Because her pussy was so young and tight, he came like never before, and he fucked her brutally as he pumped his load into her.

Linda swooned under the impact of his impassioned fucking, and she rocked hotly on the sofa as he fucked her. She humped her hot cunt upward again and again to meet every thrust of his rigid cock. And she came wetly all over his spitting prick.

His cock gushed wildly and filled her cunt with jism, and Linda loved every minute of it, every drop of his cum. She clung to him and moaned hornily as she fucked all the jism out of his hot balls. Then he collapsed on her curvy body.

“Mr. Turner,” she moaned. “You’re awfully heavy on me!”

“Oh, sorry,” he said, and got off of her.

They finished their wine and Linda let him look at her body. She took her dress completely off so he could get an eyeful. He got undressed, too, because Linda said she wanted to see him naked.

When she had to go to the bathroom, she paused halfway across the room and looked back at him over her shoulder, knowing what he was watching.

She patted her round ass and cooed, “Do you like my ass? I’ll bet you watch it wiggle every day, huh?”

“Yes!” he groaned.

Linda just giggled and hurried into the bathroom, but when she returned, her eyes were impish. She stood in front of him and purred, “Will you fuck me in my ass if I get your cock hard again?”

He couldn’t speak, but it didn’t matter. Linda laughed knowingly and dropped to her knees between his thighs. She lifted his cock and gave it saucy little licks with the tip of her tongue. His prick started to stiffen right away and he groaned with pleasure.

He leaned back and let the horny girl go at his cock. Linda smiled up at him and took his prick into her sexy mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked him off slowly at first, bobbing her pretty head up and down as his rigid cock slipped into her mouth again and again.

She toyed with his hairy balls and blew him hornily. She sucked and licked at the same time in such a way that his cock got enormous for her in no time.

“Will you fuck my ass now?” she asked.

“I’ll do more than that!” he barked, horny out of his mind.

Impassioned by her sucking mouth, he pushed her down on the sofa on her tits and forced her legs wide open. Then, panting, he licked and sucked her asshole and pussy from behind. Linda went wild on the sofa.

He pried her tight ass-cheeks apart with his thumbs and drilled his thick tongue into her asshole. Linda squealed with delight. He licked and sucked her cute as hell for a long time, then tongue-fucked her cunt and licked her clit. Linda swooned with pleasure.

When she was humping and panting hotly, he mounted her like a dog. He gripped her slim hips tightly and urged his thick cock into her asshole. Linda groaned as his cock fucked her, big and thick and long. He grit his teeth and fucked her asshole brutally.

Hers was the tight, little ass he had watched wiggle many times. Now it was his chance to fuck it! he thought. Taking full advantage of the situation, he reared back and drilled all of his stiff cock into her shiner. He pushed and plunged and fucked faster until Linda was practically in tears, her pleasure was so extreme.

Then, like others before him who had fallen in love with her humping body, he started fucking both fuck-holes in succession. He drilled all of his cock into her asshole, pulled it out, and pushed his hard-on into her pussy.

Linda cried out with joy as he fucked her.

Her fingers clutched the sofa cushion and she panted through her open mouth as she wiggled and twisted her hot ass and horny pussy for him, driving him on.

He groaned with growing lust and fucked all of his prick into her wet pussy and made her cum like crazy, then he screwed his cock into her asshole and buried it in there so he could shoot a load of jism into her.

He reached around her and mauled her tits and clit as he pumped a big load of cock-cream into her twisty, squirmy asshole. She groaned as he came in her and she came again, too.

Her whole body shivered and shuddered through her dynamic orgasm as he fucked all his jism into her. Then the tightness of her wet asshole forced his spent prick out of her, and he released her. Linda collapsed into a heap of writhing flesh, panting for breath.

It was a really nice fucking, and when she rolled over onto her back, Linda smiled and told him so. “I never dreamed you could fuck like that!”

Turner chuckled and said, “I didn’t know you could either!”

They were so pleased with each other that they wound up in a beautiful sixty-nine on the floor. They groaned and moaned together, rolling on the floor as cock and pussy got hotter and hotter. Linda sucked faster and harder and made him shoot another load down her throat. Then she came twice on his drilling tongue. Fucking with Mr. Turner was nice, Linda thought.

Fucking him worked so well that she just had to try it with other teachers. Before the week was out, she had her English teacher driving her home from school. She invited him inside, and there she seduced him. When she showed him her naked pussy, he was hooked.

He fucked her on the sofa, and she came three times to his once. He was able to hold his jism back so Linda could cum first. She loved him for that and sucked his cock to show her appreciation. Then they fucked again.

Linda got so good at seducing teachers that her grades rose fast. And she wasn’t partial to male teachers, either. It took some doing, but she managed to get her female teachers into sex with her, too. She needed higher grades in their classes, too.

The women found her hot pussy just as attractive as the men did, so she didn’t have much trouble getting them to lick her cunt for her. And when she ate their pussies, they were hooked. Then nature took its course.

She was halfway through the school year when she turned Debbie on to what she was doing. Debbie got in on the act and started with Mr. Turner, who was happy to see Debbie naked. He gave Linda an A plus for bringing say Debbie to him.

After she had Turner and Debbie fucking, she went on to another female teacher. In time, she had Debbie screwing all the male teachers and eating the cunts of the female teachers. Both of them got passing grades all through the year.

The trouble started when the principal got suspicious. Mr. Fielding was no man to fool around with. He always meant business and rarely laughed or joked.

Trouble began when Linda was told to report to him. She found him gruff as ever in his office behind his big desk. She felt small and weak in front of him. He hardly looked at ha.

He consulted a manila file on his desk and said, “There is something puzzling me, Linda. You’ve had terrible grades until just recently, when all of a sudden you were an A student. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday!”

To Linda’s horror, he seemed to know what was going on, and she concluded that he must be a very wise man. How did he know she was fucking teachers to get good grades? she thought.

“I’m no fool,” he said. “I’m going to investigate further and I assure you, if I find what I think I’ll find, heads are going to roll!”

When Linda reported that to Mr. Turner, he turned white with fear.

“He will investigate!” Turner said. “He’ll put security right on it! Christ, if this gets out, we’ll all make the newspapers!”

Debbie was there and she started crying. “They’ll say the teachers raped us because we’re under age!”

“No, I don’t think so,” Linda said. “I have an idea.”

“What?” Turner asked, but Linda wouldn’t tell him.

“It’s best if you stay out of this,” she said. “Debbie, you come with me.”

As they walked, Linda told Debbie her whole plan and said, “But you can’t chicken out at any time! You have to go through with it once we start! Okay?”

“Okay!” Debbie said excitedly, eager to start.

Fortified to do baffle, they marched to Mr. Fielding’s office. Debbie locked the door as she was instructed by Linda earlier. Mr. Fielding saw that and frowned curiously.

“What’s going on here?” he demanded.

“Nothing’s going on,” Linda said. “Something’s coming off!”

Both girls started undressing in his office. They kicked their shoes off first, then peeled off their shirts. Linda dropped her skirt and Debbie pushed her shorts down to her ankles.

“Now just a minute here!” Mr. Fielding roared. “You can’t do that!”

When they were stark naked, Linda acted as spokesperson because she was the bravest of the two.

“You have a choice, Mr. Fielding,” she said calmly, hands on her hips and eyes sparkling impishly. “You can either have some fun with us or we’re gonna start screaming rape right now!”

He came from around his desk in a rage, red of face and sputtering. “Now see here…”

“Now!” Linda cried.

Both girls attacked him at once and got him to the floor. Linda sat on his chest with her pussy on his mouth while Debbie opened his pants and got his cock out.

A few sucks of Debbie’s sweet mouth and his prick was erect. He complained bitterly — right into Linda’s pussy!

“Okay!” Linda laughed. “Debbie, you go to the door and start screaming!”

“No! No!” the principal cried. “You can’t do that! You’ll ruin my career! My life!”

Debbie came back and lowered her cute pussy down onto his throbbing cock.

“Fuck me!” she said.

Linda pushed her pussy against his mouth. “Suck me!”

He knew that he was no match for those two hellions. His prick spat savagely into Debbie’s cunt, and Linda’s pussy creamed all over his face. And though he never wanted to see them again, nothing more was ever said about their grades and both girls graduated with honors.

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