Raped Waitress

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victims are young, the story is so much sadder…

Linda Watson and her daughter, Judy, are the victims of immoral people. A widow, Linda finds herself caught in a web of depravity and perversion she never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another at the hands of some brutal truckers, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the whims of her captors.

RAPED WAITRESS — the shocking story of an innocent woman learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society!


Linda Watson leaned wearily against the edge of the counter and looked up at the clock over the entrance to the diner. Three a.m. Only four more hours to go before her shift was over and she could go home. The firm-assed blonde inhaled deeply then sighed as she raised her right hand and brushed away a few strands of her long hair from her face. She hated working this night shift. She hated working in the diner. But how else could she support herself and her daughter, Judy?

“Hey angel tits, some more coffee!” a tall, unshaven, pot-bellied truck driver growled from the other end of the counter.

“Coming, coming,” Linda sighed, pushing herself away from the counter and turning around to the coffee warmer. Linda hated the customers using that nickname. She cringed at the way they stared at her, mentally ripping off her short, clinging white cotton uniform and fucking her. The blonde hated everything about her present situation. But there was nothing she could do.

“Hey baby,” the fat trucker moaned as Linda poured more of the dark black coffee into the chipped and cracked cup. “I’ve got my rig parked out behind, you know, out of the light. There’s nobody in here,” he said, looking nervously around his shoulder.

“Just what are you after?” Linda asked, putting the glass pot down on the counter and staring steadily into the big man’s sparkling black eyes.

“Come on, babe,” he said, moving his hand over the counter until it crawled over Linda’s arm. She felt her skin goose-flesh with revulsion as the driver started stroking her wrist with his fat, stubby fingers. “You can give me a quick fuck and be back here before the boss knows it.”

Linda’s eyes opened wide, then narrowed as she moved the hot coffee pot quickly to the driver’s hand and pressed its bottom down hard on his wrist.

“Ow!” the driver cried, jerking his hand back and shaking it wildly in the air.

“You filthy pig! You get out of here and never come back!” Linda snarled as she backed up and pressed her ass against the wall.

“You little bitch!” the drive wailed, sliding off the stool and backing toward the door as he still stared angrily at her. “You think you can get away with that? I’ll get your for this!” ht growled menacingly as he spun around and stalked out of the diner.

“Hey, what’s goin’ on?” Max Greiger, the night cook called from the kitchen.

“Nothin’, Max. Just another one of those pigs trying to make a pass,” Linda said, still fixing her eyes on the dosed door, waiting for the driver to come stomping back in to rape her. She’d been threatened before by drivers who she’d put down. A few tried to get at her either in the parking lot when she got off the night shift or at her home three miles away. But Linda had always managed to avoid her attackers.

“That was Chris Orozco, honey,” Max said, pushing the white wooden swinging door open and walking out into the counter area. “I wouldn’t call him a pig. He’s mighty important.”

Linda put the coffeepot back down on the warmer and turned around, smiling at Max. The sweat on his face from the hot kitchen made his skin glisten. His forehead wrinkled and the skin around his dark eyes tightened as the big man smiled playfully at Linda. Max was about the only man around there who treated the full-titted blonde as something more than a piece of meat. He was a large-framed man with thick, muscular arms and long, powerful legs.

Max played tackle for the Gilroy amateur football team during the weekends, working out in between work shifts and football practice at the local gym. He was big, broad and rough around the social edges. But Max meant well, and that’s what counted for Linda.

“So what? He’s the President or something?” Linda quipped as she bent down and picked up an old, torn dishrag to wipe down the counter top.

“Close. He’s a big labor organizer here in Gilroy, hon. You don’t cross Chris and get away with it,” Max said, wiping his greasy hands on his stained white apron.

“Well, he hasn’t come up against Linda yet,” the blonde said under her breath, realizing that she might have bitten off more than she could chew. Her heart began to beat faster as she thought of that big man and the look of hatred he flashed at her just before he walked out of the diner.

“I don’t care,” Linda shrugged. “I’m sick and tired of these guys thinking that they can throw me into the back seat of their rigs any time they want to. I’m not some cheap slut!”

“Hey, take it easy, babe,” Max said, walking up behind her and putting his big hands lightly on her arms. Linda knew that he meant that move just to be a comforting one. But now for some reason, the blonde was responding to Max in a way she’d never done before. Linda kept wiping the counter. But now her mind was on a sharp tingle that toyed with her gradually swelling clit.

“I-I can’t help it. I’m so sick and tired of all of this, Max. I could die,” Linda confessed, stopping her wiping and hanging her head down.

“Hey, don’t cry on me,” Max said, obviously bothered by the blonde’s sudden confession.

“You don’t know what it is to live like this,” Linda kept on, feeling that tingle turn into an itch that started triggering the oozing of her love juices. “I’ve tried to keep going after Jack’s death. But, Jesus Christ, how much more of this can I take?”

Linda said, pulling away from Max’s gentle grip and covering her flushed face with both bands.

As the blonde started to walk to the other end of the counter, she could feel her thick pink panties clinging to her crotch. They were damp and sticky, soaked through by the cunt juice that trickled through her blonde pussy hairs. Linda wiped away her tears and tried to regain her composure. Could Max smell it? If the truckers were in here, they’d be baying like wolves in heat. They could smell a hot, swampy box ten miles away.

“You all together now?” Max asked behind her. “I-I think so,” Linda stammered, panicking as she felt something trickle down her thigh. It soaked into her nylons before it shot into view below the hem of her uniform. Linda wondered how long it would be before Max smelled the sharp odor.

“You know, you spend too much time alone. If you got out a little more, the job here wouldn’t be so bad,” Max said hesitatingly, lowering his eyes and shifting his feet nervously back and forth on the floor. Linda smiled gently as she stared at the big, blushing man. In his own clumsy way, Max was asking her for a date.

The blonde hesitated for a second. It had been over eight months since her husband’s car accident — eight months since she’d gone out with a man, let alone hopped into the sack with one. Maybe Max was right. Maybe what she needed was a little male company. Certainly, her rumbling pussy was trying to tell her something.

“Maybe you’re right, Max. Would you like to take me out some night? I’d like that,” Linda said suddenly.

“How about tomorrow? We’re both off. I’ve got practice on the field for a couple of hours. You could come down and watch and then we’d go out,” Max suggested, his words falling over one another as his eyes sparkled with excitement.

Linda felt her skin crawling with sexual excitement as she stared at the big man. God! All he had to do was ask her now and she’d flop down on the floor for him. Her heart pounded in rhythm with her throbbing cunt as her nipples stiffened and scratched against her D-cup bra. Linda’s slender fingers trembled with sexual tension as she smoothed down her wrinkled uniform with the palms of her hands.

“Well, that’s that,” she said in a low voice, a little surprised at how husky it sounded. “The guys should be here in half an hour from the San Francisco run,” Linda sighed as she glanced up at the clock.

“Yeah,” Max said absently as he watched the blonde move gracefully around the back counter area, setting up the places for the expected arrivals.

Linda felt like a teenager again as she wriggled her firm, tight ass teasingly around with every short step she took. The blonde knew that Max was staring at her long, tapered legs and her well-rounded ass that filled out her uniform. As for her tits, well, everyone in Gilroy knew that Linda was famous for her mammoth boobs that almost brushed the truckers’ faces whenever she leaned over the counter to take their orders.

“Damn!” Linda said under her breath as she surveyed the counter top. “Need more catsup.”

“Some down here,” Max said, his breath rasping as he pointed to an area below the counter just in front of him.

“Thanks, Max,” Linda said, walking sensuously over to him and bending down as she fished blindly for the catsup bottles. Something told her that the big man was going to make his move in a second. She pretended to keep on looking for the bottles as she moved her firm ass cheeks back toward the night cook. Her full outer labes were swelling with blood now, pushing against her fleshy clit as the sexual heat deep in her cunt steamed out and drifted through her drenched pussy hairs.

Touch me! Linda screamed to herself as she knocked one battle of catsup over with her trembling fingers. Touch me, damn it! The blonde cried to herself again as she felt her half-inch long nipples poking angrily against her confining bra.

As if he heard her, Max reached out with both hands and lightly cupped her full ass cheeks with his palms. Linda was too excited to speak. She gripped the edge of the shelf and sucked in a ragged breath as Max increased the pressure of his grip. Her pussy-lips shuddered with excitement and tension as the big man’s powerful fingers crawled all over her ass.

“Linda,” Max finally panted, moving his hands up to her waist and gently pulling her away from the counter. He turned her around and wrapped his muscular arms around her, pulling her up toward him as he lowered his ruggedly handsome face to her full lips. Linda closed her eyes as she opened her mouth and felt Max’s hot breath rush against her flushed, hot face.

“Mmmmmmmm,” the blonde moaned as she felt the cook’s full lips press hard against hers. Max was prying her lips apart, forcing her mouth open as his thick, long tongue slicked into her oral cavity. The big man was kissing her brutally, lashing her mouth with his tongue as his fingers dug into her waist.

Linda fought back with her own tongue, drinking in Max’s hot spittle as she wriggled her thighs together, dipping and plunging her ass. The pulses in her cunt got stronger as she rocked her hips, the subtle friction of her inner cuntal walls rubbing against her sparking clit and driving the blonde up the wall.

“Please,” Linda cried out in a tiny whisper as she pulled her mouth off Max’s. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted. All the blonde realized was that her tits were swelling with excitement. Her nipples were fully extended and rock-hard, aching for some kind of satisfaction. Her outer labes were fully puffed up and sputtering with sexual electricity. It had been so long since she’d gotten fucked. And now, in a diner?

“Oh babe, I don’t know about here,” Max rasped, looking at the closed door a little apprehensively. The blinking neon light advertising “Good Food And Beer” burned into the black California night as Linda wrapped her slender arms around Max’s broad shoulders and hunched her dripping crotch against his.

“Please!” Linda begged mindlessly again.

“Shit, suck me,” Max said suddenly, reaching up and pulling her arms from around his neck.

Linda hadn’t quite thought that blowing Max would solve her problem. But she slowly sank to her knees in front of Max and watched closely as he pulled off his apron, then reached down and slowly unzipped his Levi’s. Linda licked her lower lip in anticipation as she watched him reach into the opening and fish around for the stalk of his dick. Max crouched down slightly as he wrapped his fingers around his thick prong and yanked it out.

“Ohhhh!” Linda cried out involuntarily as Max unbuttoned his Levi’s and shoved them down to let his balls hang freely in the air. He had a huge cock! He was hung like a horse with a pair of man-sized balls completing the exciting picture.

Linda knelt very quietly as the swollen cock, inflamed with excitement and colored a deep pink, stretched out in front of her. The foreskin was drawn tight around the big, arrow-shaped head. A tiny circle had formed at the end, showing the narrow slit crowning the very tip of the thick, throbbing rod. Linda’s eyes widened with excitement when she saw a tiny opaque drop of pre-cum well up from that slit.

Linda felt a powerful throbbing surge of electric sexuality radiate out from her clit as she stared at Max’s thick dick. It had been so long since she’d seen a cock that she was frozen with excitement and admiration. She wanted to drag these few minutes of unfulfilled expectation out as long as she could. All the frustration and pent-up emotion she’d been carrying around with her surfaced now and came to a searing head. Linda let out a low, trembling moan then impulsively leaned forward and parted her lips.

“Ohhhhh, yeah!” Max groaned as Linda extended her tongue and licked up the tiny drop of cum that dangled from the wide cock-slit. She felt her cunt and heart throb more wildly then before as the salty taste of jizz inflamed her senses. Linda gradually felt herself slipping away from the reality of the surroundings around her. She was no longer a waitress in a cheap truck-stop diner in Gilroy. All she could think of now was that big, thick, throbbing dick jerking and bouncing in front of her and the urgent, hot, aching sensation that had completely infested her cunt.

Max shifted his feet slightly, making his cock slide a fraction of an inch further into the woman’s waiting mouth.

“Uhhhhh,” Linda groaned in a low, primitive voice of animal lust. She shoved her mouth far down the thick shaft of Max’s stiff hot cock.

Linda’s tightly gripping lips forced back the foreskin covering the head of the prick as her mouth plunged further and further down. Soon the naked, flaring head of Max’s cock was sliding into her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue curled around that big prong tightly, sliding up and over the sensitive hard underside as Max grunted and shifted his hips forward.

“Ohhh, suck it baby. Suck it, Linda,” Max growled softly as he reached down and clamped his powerful fingers against the sides of her head. The cook thrust forward into the hot, wet gripping mouth sucking his cock. He shoved more of his prick into Linda’s throat, sliding the pulsating head deeper and deeper into her mouth. Finally Linda felt her lips brush against the brown cock hair growing out at the root of Max’s dick. She skewered her face around his cock, making her mouth and tongue milk the big man’s dick-meat.

“Oh God, baby. I’m gonna come if you keep on doin’ that,” Max warned.

“Mmmmm,” Linda said as she stopped her sucking for a minute. After all this, she had no intention of letting Max blow his wad down her throat and leave her kneeling on the floor completely unsatisfied. She still had her clothes on! All this was a preliminary sex scene for the big one to follow.

“Okay, okay!” Max hissed after several minutes had passed.

“Mmmm,” Linda moaned again as she felt Max begin to fuck her mouth with greater intensity. He held her head tightly just above his balls with both hands and started slamming his rod into her throat with quick, jabbing thrusts. Linda lashed at the big, flaring red head with her tongue. She caressed the smooth throbbing head with every part of her mouth, digging the tip of her tongue into the big piss-slit as Max moaned helplessly in her sexual grip.

“Baby, you’re fantastic! Oh, shit!” he groaned as his powerful thighs shuddered with excitement. Linda worked her mouth up and down the rigid hot tool and ground her tongue against it. She formed a powerful vacuum as if she were trying to pull the churning cum out of Max’s swinging balls. Max shuddered again as he felt her start working harder and harder. He moaned and swayed back and forth, threatening to stumble on top of her. He clenched his fingers in the woman’s silky long blonde hair as he forced her lips farther down the shaft of his cock and lurched up into her throat.

“Ahhhhhh!” Max cried out as Linda slid her mouth suddenly off the big rod. She leaned back slightly and watched the big pole jerk up, nearly slapping the muscular, flat hairy belly of the panting cook. When Linda was sure that the frenzied throbbing had eased, she lowered her head until her lips were even with his big, leathery fuck sacs.

“Mmmmmm,” Linda moaned happily as she started running her tongue along the center line that divided his two big balls. Max jerked back, then forward as he felt Linda’s full lips kissing his high-riding nuts. The hot blonde trailed her tongue along every wrinkle of the man’s balls, sucking the tough skin in between her full lips occasionally as Max growled and hissed with pleasure above her. At the same time, Linda reached up and curled her fingers around the flared knob at the end of Max’s prick-shaft. As she sucked at the big man’s hanging balls, Linda swirled her fingers around and around the meaty knob, using the cum that leaked freely out of the piss-slit as a lubricant.

“Jeeesus!” Max cried out, his eyes popping open as this new sensation sent chills up and down his spine. “I can’t keep it in!”

“No!” Linda cried out, letting go at this second warning. Max was as hot as she was. She wanted to keep it that way. The blonde wanted to feel that big meaty rod sinking into her pussy like a hot poker. If he shot his load now, Linda couldn’t even think of what kind of condition she’d be in.

“I don’t think I can hold up like this much longer, babe,” Max confessed as he looked down at the kneeling Linda and smiled gently.

“Oh God, Max. I just want you to fuck me,” Linda confessed in a low, husky voice. She felt completely possessed by the hot, aching itch that had taken over her cunt and titties. She wanted to feel that big man’s hairy body crawling over hers. She wanted to feel his big hands digging into her sensitive flesh, holding her tightly against the floor as he fucked her. Linda wanted to be a slave to that dick! It was a new feeling that possessed her now. Even in their hottest minutes in bed, Linda and Jack had never been violent with their sex. But now that was what she wanted. The thought thrilled her beyond belief! As Max bent down and picked her up off the floor, Linda silently begged that he would beat her into a sexual pulsating pulp with that cunt-splitter of his.

“I’m gonna fuck your brains out,” Max growled as his fingers dug into her arms, almost bruising them.

Linda tilted her head back and opened her mouth, letting out a low, animal groan of hot sexual lust as she felt Max’s thick, hot wet lips sliding down her throat toward her chest and swollen titties. She rubbed her thighs together more frantically, feeling delicious waves of searing pleasure sweep over her clit.

As the moaning blonde rocked back and forth in Max’s tight grasp, the cook started unbuttoning her white cotton uniform. Linda could feel the cool air in the diner softly caress her exposed boobs as Max slipped the clinging uniform off her shoulders and pushed it down over her hips. The blonde backed away slightly and stepped out of the dress, kicking it under the counter. Linda stood half-naked in front of the growling cook. Her jugs pressed hard against her bra while the soaked crotch panel of her sheer pink silk panties clung to her swollen outer labes. Max seemed frozen with passion for a second, staring at Linda’s full, firm hot body with his sparkling eyes. Then he shook himself out of his stupor and moved forward again.

“Ummmm,” Linda hummed excitedly as she felt his arms wrap tightly around her body and his hands creep up the small of her back toward her bra-strap.


“Ohhh, it feels so good. It’s going to kill me!” Linda wailed as she felt Max’s long, thick prong press against her juice-soaked panties. Her cunt-lips eased open as the big rod pressed down into that swampy hole. Linda gasped as she felt the saturated silk rub against the slippery inner surfaces of her pussy. Max was teasing her cruelly, hunching his powerful hunk of cock-meat against her panties while he fumbled around the snap of her tight-fitting bra.

“Damn it!” he growled, fumbling with the snap for several seconds. Linda was about to help him when she felt him finally unhook the halter.

“Uhhhh!” she cried out as the bra slipped off and dropped to the floor. Then there was that most delicious feeling in the world — the sensation of a man’s muscular, hairy chest rubbing against her swollen, sensitive tits. The stiff body hairs tickled her goose-fleshed boob skin, digging at the taut brown nipples while Max’s fingers slid up and down Linda’s firm thighs. All the clumsiness Linda had observed when Max worked was gone. He was a passionate and considerate lover, working her body up to sexual heights that the blonde had rarely experienced.

“Like what you feel, honey?” Max asked teasingly as he hunched down, then shoved up and forward with his thighs. Linda growled like a wounded bitch as she felt his thick, meaty head shove further into her swampy box. It pushed more of that panty silk into her snatch and her juices were sopped up by the material.

“Ohhh, Jesus!” Linda moaned. He had her hanging on the cliff of orgasm, toying with her mind and body like a sadist. It was delicious sadism, though. Thrills of unspeakable ecstasy raked every frazzled nerve ending in Linda’s sweaty, swaying body as she tried to keep from shrieking with agony.

“Let’s get down to business,” Max finally growled, pushing her down to the floor again. This time he went with her, kneeling in front of her at first, gluing his thick lips once more to her mouth and digging his tongue between her lips. Gradually, Linda felt herself being pushed back down to the floor. This was it! Her heart pounded, threatening to rip through her rib cage as she thought of the endless pleasures that were waiting for her.

As the moaning blonde felt the cold tile floor come in contact with her back, Max reached forward and curled his fingers around the elastic waistband of her briefs. Linda hunched her thighs up, giving him more room as he pulled down and peeled the sticky panties off her sweaty thighs.

“Mmmmm, the best bushy snatch I’ve seen in a long time,” Max commented as he pulled her panties off her ankles and tossed them over his shoulder. With the same kind of gentle strength, Max unfastened her garter belt and pulled off her nylons, one at a time.

The sensation of that smooth material gliding over her hot skin added a new dimension to Linda’s excitement. She felt the hot juices bubble and froth out of her cunt-slit like lava from the pit of a volcano. They trickled through the matted jungle of her pussy hairs, finally running down into the crack of her ass and seeping into her bunghole.

She slid her hand down her belly, clutching at the tight mat of cunt hairs. The juice coating that fur wet down her fingers as a series of thrilling spasms rocked her body. She reached down further to plow into the mushy heat of her cunt.

“No, babe. You’re not gonna bring yourself off!” Max rasped as he lowered his face and tried to push her hands away.

But Linda wasn’t afraid of coming just yet. She was hot, but she wasn’t ready to drop her load right now. Max pushed forward, digging his nose under her hot cuntal mound. He moaned hotly as his tongue darted out and slowly lapped at her glistening slit. The first touch of the big man’s tongue against her hot box made her belly chum with excitement. Linda was petrified with passion and animal lust.

“Oh God! Ohhhhhh!” she babbled, opening her cunt to him.

Linda let her knees fall apart as Max started going wild. His tongue slopped over the tender inner skin of her thigh. Each lick brought floods of hot cuntal oil from the pits of her box. He lapped at her like a dog, growling deep in his throat with lust. It was a kind of teasing, ecstatic, light friction that sent her slowly toward a long, slow, burning orgasm. Gently and delicately, Max moved his head up slightly, tonguing around Linda’s tiny inner cunt-lips. She shuddered with sexual fever as she could feel his hot breath tickle her cuntal hairs. Max drenched her pussy over and over again as Linda rolled her head from side to side on the hard floor and bucked her hips up to his hot, flushed face.

“Ohh, lick, lick,” Linda babbled as strands of blonde hair stuck to her flushed, sweaty cheeks. Her eyes glazed over with lust as her fingers clawed at the smooth, cold floor.

“Baby,” Max hissed back as he lapped more furiously at her box. Linda plowed her fingers through the hot, wet cuntal hairs. She felt the squishy, steamy mess between her thighs with her fingers. Linda also felt Max’s long, hot tongue lap across her knuckles lovingly as he chuckled deep in his throat at her reaction to his cunt sucking.

“Oh Jesus Christ! Oh God in heaven!” Linda cried as she moved her ass up, giving Max more of her cunt to eat. Max slid lower, bathing the bottom of her ass with hot spittle, lapping back into the split of her ass-cheeks until he was close to her tight bunghole. Linda felt wet everywhere. The insides of her thighs, her ass and her cunt glowed with a hot wetness that threatened with every second to blast apart in orgasmic fury.

“Oh, nooo…” Linda growled again as she reached forward and tried to push Max’s head away. She was tightening up too fast. Linda could feel her belly knotting up in that old familiar way that signaled the big climax. She wanted to feel Max’s thick dick crushing down her clit before she popped off. She tried to push him away. But her arms trembled. Linda’s fingers curled behind Max’s ears and she humped her back, pressing her swollen cunt up against his sucking mouth. His tongue drove up and down her cuntal crevice. She fanned her fingers out along Max’s neck, lifting her feet off the floor and inching her knees back until they pressed against her big tits. Linda opened her legs even further until every tiny hollow of her cunt was peeled back. Max nuzzled and licked and pressed his pointed nose against her soaked cunt. Linda gasped and babbled to him as he kept licking, sucking, and tonguing her pussy. Drool leaked from the corner of her mouth as she moved her ass up, then let it fall back again. Up and back, up and back, twisting from one side to the other as she sought to give him as much of her clit as she could.

“Uhhhh… ohhhh!” Linda groaned. She didn’t care about anything around her. The whole damned truckers’ union could have walked into the diner now and she wouldn’t have batted an eye. It was the best thing that had happened to her in years. It was slowly driving her crazy. It was wonderful!

“Mmmmm. Fuck, fuck!” Linda cried, working her ass around in frantic circles. She was gasping excitedly. Her nostrils burned with the air she sucked in to fill her lungs. Max’s licking seemed to be everywhere at once. The more she moved, the more pleasure he brought to her.

“Oh Max, fuck, fuck!” Linda pleaded again. She loved what the big man was doing to her. But she wanted that sensation of being filled with cock-meat. It had been so long since the blonde had been fucked. Now she wanted to feel Max’s thick, long dick impaling her juicing snatch. “Please, Max, fuck me!”

But Max seemed not to hear her. He concentrated his licking on her sparking mouth of sex-flesh, lapping at the red, swollen clit-tip until Linda thought the throbbing was going to rip it apart. Her cuntal walls spasmed as Max searched deeper with his powerful tongue. She could feel the muscles trying to grab the man’s nose and tongue. She was quivering on the feverish edge of climax. The muscles in her ass cramped. She kicked her feet high, fanning her toes until they cramped too.

“Ohhh, fuck, fuck!” Linda begged. How often did she have to scream out for it? Didn’t he know that she wanted to be stuffed with his prick-meat? That’s what she wanted — hot, throbbing dick-meat jammed into her pussy, pressing against her rumbling, juice-slicked cuntal walls as that big, fat cockhead spat out wads of hot jizz down the throat of her snatch!

“Ohhh! OHHHHH!” Linda cried as she raked the back of Max’s head with her fingers. She scissored her legs tightly around his head, pushing his mouth and nose hard against her pussy. Linda rolled her head wildly from side to side, feeling her hair whipping across her face. She quivered and throbbed, bucking her body so crazily that Linda was afraid she might push Max away. But he stayed, licking and nuzzling and panting his hot, wet breath against her convulsing pussy. It was a tiny orgasm compared to what she was expecting. But Linda still writhed and thrashed, digging her fingernails into Max’s neck.

“Like it, baby?” Max asked, pulling his head out from between Linda’s smooth legs and smiling sheepishly at her.

“You bastard!” she said angrily as her box rumbled slowly down to a quiet roar. “You made me come without your cock!”

“That was just the preliminaries,” Max said, reaching down and tracing his fingers lightly across the outer edges of Linda’s still-swollen pussy-lips.

“Ahhh,” she groaned. That come hadn’t taken away any of the edge off her sexual heat. If nothing else, it had sensitized her snatch even more. Max moved his forefinger teasingly across her slick cunt-lips and watched in fascination as they spasmed.

“See? You’re as ready as ever, Linda,” Max said, dipping his forefinger into the big crack up to the first knuckle and feeling her hot snatch walls clamp down on the invading digit.

“Ohhhh!” the blonde cried in delighted surprise.

“Now for your fuck,” Max announced, putting his hands on either side of her shoulders as he hunched forward. Linda reached between their bodies until her fingers wrapped around the rigid, glossy cock-head. It was soaked with his cock juices, dangerously hot-feeling as if it might explode with cum at any second. Linda gently squeezed the hot dick-meat, feeling more oily spunk ooze out from the long dick-slit and coat her fingers.

“Oh baby, that feels good. But you’re gonna really turn on with my dick inside your snatch,” Max growled, hunching his powerful, hairy thighs forward in tiny, quick jerks. Linda loved to hear him talk to her like that. As she toyed with his stiff dick, letting him fuck her hand like that, Linda kept begging him to stuff his dick into her snatch while Max continued telling her how his cock would blow her mind apart.

“Okay,” Max signaled, changing his position slightly so that the head of his cock was dipped toward the drooling cuntal opening. Linda guided his cock down until she could feel the thick head pressing hard against the inner folds of her outer, puffy cunt-lips.

“Ummmmm!” Linda cried out as she felt that heavy rod slice into her cunt. The outer labes spasmed with excitement as Max’s flanged dick-head pushed past and dug into the throat of Linda’s hot box. The woman flattened her ass against the sweat-slicked floor under her as she inhaled sharply and held her breath. She swore she could feel every throbbing thick vein on Max’s dick bump past her tightly clenching cunt-lips as the big man slipped more hot inches of his cock-meat into her. Linda shuddered with the wild sensation of her pussy being filled with dick for the first time in eight long, frustrating months. He was halfway inside her when Linda’s cuntal muscles spasmed suddenly and tightened down on his prick. Max stopped breathing and jerked stiff and rigid in an instant.

“God! Don’t do that!” Max warned as his body shuddered and twitched violently. Linda could feel the big man’s prick jerking and swelling inside her clutching pussy as she tried to will her cunt to relax.

“I can’t help it!” Linda gasped out as she felt her pussy slowly relaxing and letting go of the sinking rod.

“Better,” Max sighed with relief as he continued pushing down. Linda growled deep in her throat as she felt his cock sinking through the oozing, hot folds of her cunt. He was going agonizingly slow, driving her wild with anticipation as sweat dripped off his flushed forehead and splashed on her swollen boobs.

“Oh God, noooo,” Linda groaned as the long shaft of cock-meat seemed to go on endlessly. More and more hot cock pushed into her pussy, spreading the hot membranes of her cunt apart, forcing them into a tube as that big, mushroom-shaped prick-head drilled deeper and deeper into her.

“Soon, babe, soon,” Max moaned. Linda felt her eyeballs roll up into her head as their bodies almost touched. She could feel the sexual heat radiating out from his chest and groin now, burning into her supine body as his balls lightly touched the inner surfaces of her widely spread thighs.

Linda slid her hand back to the big man’s dick, lightly touching the sides of that sinking cock with her thumb and forefinger. She felt his hot hanging balls bump her fingers. It was almost all the way in! Linda could hear the slick noises of his cock-shaft sliding past her cunt-lips.

“Oh God! I can’t take much more!” Linda cried wildly as the thick root of Max’s cock spread her snatch-lips apart even more.

“Almost there,” Max grunted. Finally Linda felt Max’s heavy, hairy groin pressing against her outer labes, flattening them down as his heavy balls swung against her upturned ass-cheeks. The blonde was dizzy with lust. When Max started to drag his cock back, that dizziness turned into spinning. She felt as if her insides were being ripped out with his sliding prick.

“Uhhhhh, Max… it’s… uhhhhh!”

“Oh babe!” he grunted. He pressed down deep again after pulling out only three inches of dick-meat. One heavy, leathery ball nestled against the cheek of her ass. Then the other followed, burning their way into the downy, sensitive butt-flesh.

“Ohhh, ohhhhhhh!” Linda cried again as Max squeezed his big, hairy ass-cheeks together and pulled more of his prick out again. The noise, the sucking sucking noise of that cook’s dick sliding in and, out of her hot pussy made Linda shudder with delight. She could feel her cuntal fluids froth out of her violated hole and coat the throbbing sides of Max’s dick as his fucking became harder and faster. His cock was pumping into her now, sometimes churning around in her hole like a stick, other times jamming in and out and rubbing teasingly against her swollen clit. She rolled her ass around and around, increasing the friction of cunt against cock. At the same time, Max lowered his head down to her right tit and clamped his mouth tightly over the stiffened nipple. As he fucked his dick-meat wildly into her pussy, he drew her nipple between his teeth. Linda shuddered again as she felt him biting gently into her sensitive tit-flesh, flicking his tongue over her nipples as he fucked her crazily.

“Can’t stop! Can’t stop!” Max cried, closing his eyes tightly as he jerked his head up. Linda opened her eyes and saw the cords in his neck stand out. He was straining every muscle in his hard, sweating body. Just to see him arched over her like that, muscular and trembling with his dick halfway impaled in her pussy sent Linda off into waves of babbling.

“Oh God, no! Oh, my fuckin’ pussy! Ohhh, Jesus, fuck me! Oh God, stuff that dick-meat into me! Ohhh, I’m gonna cum! Oh God, gonna cum!” Linda babbled in between ragged breaths. She started jerking her hips up in quick, frantic hunches, rotating her ass in a clockwise motion as Max stiffened even more above her. He was trying to fight down the hot jizz that was beginning to press up from his balls and pack tightly into his pulsating dick-head. Her fingers clawed at the floor for a while. Then suddenly she felt a strange hot wetness around her pussy. Every muscle in her body relaxed for the first gigantic orgasmic spasm rocketing up from somewhere deep in her belly. She inhaled deeply as her arms shot up in the air. Linda felt a sharp tingling between her fingers and toes as she wrapped her arms hard around Max’s back and dug her fingernails into his skin. She raked his back with them, slicing across his flesh as every muscle in her groin cramped tightly in orgasm.

“Oooohhhhh!” Linda screamed out, kicking her leg high in the air. “Aaaiiieee!” she cried out suddenly, rolling her head from side to side in blind passion as wave after wave of orgasmic contractions raked her juicy, hot box.

“Baby, baby,” Max whispered hoarsely as he jerked his big dick into her spasming pussy rapidly. Linda couldn’t believe that he was still fucking her while she was shooting off. The sensation of that stiff, iron-hard rod jerking in and out of her cunt drove her up the wall. Each spasm was more devastating than the last. She thrashed and grunted as Max continued fucking without shooting his cum.

“Now, babe,” Max announced suddenly.

Linda wailed loudly. Just the announcement that he was about to fire his jizz into her sent Linda into a higher plane of orgasm. She felt that big rod plunge into her. It swelled, pressing against her gripping cuntal walls. Then came that first lovely squirt, burning into her snatch like molten iron.

“No! No! Please, oh God! Oh God, it’s so good it hurts! Oh, nooooo!” Linda wailed as squirt after squirt of hot male jizz dumped into her twat. She jailed her belly and cuntal muscles like a milking machine, stroking that shooting dick from the root to the tip with her pussy membranes. She wanted to drain every inch of that prick of its hot cum. She wanted to suck all Max’s hot spunk into her twat. Linda felt the big man’s cum spilling out of her snatch, oozing out from between her stretched labes and trickling down her upturned ass-cheeks. It seeped into her stretched shitter then down to the floor. Linda didn’t care how sloppy it might feel.

As her violent climax gradually simmered down to a delicious rolling sensation in her box, the groaning blonde sobbed out gratefully for that fuck. All the tension of the past few months disappeared. She felt a delicious, warm glow spreading over her body as Max grunted a final time, then collapsed heavily on top of her.

“Oh Linda. Honey, I’ve been wantin’ to do somethin’ like this since you started workin’ here,” Max said as he gazed down into her dreamy blue eyes.

“All you had to do was ask,” Linda said, smiling at the big man.

“Date still on for tomorrow night?” Max asked sheepishly, hunching back and pulling his softened dick out of Linda’s cunt.

“What?” Linda cried out, breaking out into hysterical laughter. “You clown, you just try to break it,” Linda said, watching him slowly stand up and finger his long, now-soft dick.


Linda and Max dressed quickly, giving one another sheepish, longing glances as they slipped on their clothes and looked nervously at the clock. Linda felt strangely modest in front of Max now. He’d fucked the living daylights out of her and would probably repeat the act in a few hours. Still, she felt compelled to play the coy act.

Just as she finished buttoning up her uniform, they heard the sounds of three trucks pulling off the main highway and heading for the parking lot behind the diner.

“Here comes the animal act,” Linda said, grimacing as she walked to the end of the counter and peered through the window.

“Hey, babe, if you hate it so much, why did you start workin’ in a joint like this?” Max asked, walking up behind her and tenderly caressing her full buns.

“I didn’t know where to go, Max. Jack didn’t have any life insurance. We’d just moved up here from L.A. He was going to start his own trucking business. He made all these investments that didn’t come to anything. Then that stupid drinking of his!” Linda said, making a face as she slowly turned from the window and looked at the beg man. “We lost everything, including any love and respect we had for one another. He took on occasional jobs hauling long mileage jobs. I think he took them to get away from me and Judy. He couldn’t stand the idea that he’d dragged us up here and then lost all the money we ever had. It wasn’t much of a marriage in the last couple of months.”

“So you came here?” Max said, smiling gently as he reached up and lightly chucked her under the chin.

“Where else could I go? I didn’t have any money. I had plenty of bills,” Linda said, smiling as she glanced at the doorway. “We’d better stop. Those clowns see us like this and we’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Just keep your cool. Remember, whatever these guys are like, they’re our bread and butter,” Max said, winking slyly at her as he backed away into the kitchen.

Linda straightened the counter set-ups as five truckers barged into the brightly-lit diner, laughing and talking loudly.

“Hey, baby, some of that slop you call coffee,” the first trucker bellowed as they sauntered toward the booth closest to the door.

“Coming up,” Linda said mechanically as she reached over and picked up the pot off the warmer.

“And give us a llttle more friendly service than you gave Chris,” a tall, husky blond driver said as Linda walked around the counter.

Linda flushed red as she poured out five cups of coffee at the booth. She felt their eyes stapled on her boobs. It was the same look she’d seen in so many truckers. But after that wonderful fucking she’d received from Max just a few minutes ago, those looks seemed filthier than before.

“Just treat me right boys, and I’ll treat you right,” she flashed out as she turned and headed back toward the counter.

“Ohhh!” they all cat called, joking and laughing as Linda put the coffee back on the warmer and started to fill salt shakers on the counter. Gradually, the men seemed to forget her and started talking quietly among themselves. Linda wasn’t particularly interested in their conversation. Still, it was unusual for them to be so quiet. Most of the times they cut up in the diner as if it were a cheap whorehouse. But tonight they were acting somewhat secretive, she thought.

“Anything to eat, boys?” Linda called out from behind the counter.

“Yeah, burgers for everybody. Plenty of onions on all of ’em,” the big blond driver shouted impatiently, obviously angered by that sudden interruption.

Linda shrugged her shoulders, then wrote down the order on her pad and pushed it over the order window ledge.

“They’re acting weirder than usual tonight,” Linda commented to Max as he took the order slip from her.

“How so?” he asked, peering over the ledge at the tiny group of truckers in the corner.

“I don’t know. Can’t pin it down. But I’ll bet there’s something up,” Linda said, her curiosity aroused to a fever pitch. God only knows, there wasn’t much interesting happening in Gilroy at any time of day. So when something a little off-center occurred, Linda’s attention was completely captured.

“Well, keep out of it, whatever it is. These guys aren’t the best people to fool around with,” Max warned, flashing a final look at the men before he closed the panel of the window and started working up the order.

Linda went back to her busy work, straining to pick up the hushed conversation. Gradually, she realized that the big blond driver was the leader of that group. He was obviously in charge of the conversation, and seemed to be telling the rest of them something.

“Chris wants it that way,” he heard him say once. Then they sensed that they’d been talking too loudly. All of them looked up at Linda. Fortunately, she’d been quick enough to sense that something like this was going to happen. She kept her head down and busily wiped the counter top, occasionally filling those chipped, old salt shakers and pretending not to notice the men, but trying to catch every mumble they uttered.

Satisfied that Linda didn’t know or care what was going on, they went back to their conversation.

They’ll never open up with me here, Linda thought. With some commotion, the blonde turned around and walked through the swinging door into the kitchen. As it closed, Linda turned around and peered through the tiny rectangular window carved at the top of the door. The drivers had noticed that she left and were visibly relieved at her absence.

“What are you doing in here?” Max asked, turning from the sizzling grill.

“Never mind,” Linda said, putting her forefinger up to her lips and crouching down on the floor.

“Wha…” Max started to ask as Linda slowly opened the door and crawled back out behind the counter. She kept her head and back down, edging toward the end of the counter closest to the occupied booth. They were all talking louder now, satisfied that no one could overhear them.

“So what about the load tonight, Jack,” the tall blond driver asked a short, pot-bellied black-haired man.

“I’ve got the stuff hidden in the center of the load,” he said softly, looking around the empty diner nervously. “Listen, Bill, I don’t like this whole idea. Chris can get the whole bunch of us in trouble with this kind of game.”

“You want to live like you been livin’, driving that fuckin’ truck night and day while your family wonders what the fuck you’re doin’?” Bill said angrily.

“No. But this…”

“Look, you’re in or out. That’s it. You’ve got to make up your mind,” Bill hissed between his teeth.

“You think I don’t know that you’d figure out some way to get rid of me if I backed out?” Jack said, nervously fingering the edges of the white coffee cup as he lowered his eyes and stared at the tabletop.

“Hey, man,” Bill said, looking at the three other driven who obviously shared Jack’s concern. He reached over and gently squeezed the other driver’s shoulder. “Don’t talk like that. There’s no problem. You want out, you get out.”

Jack let out a low chuckle and shook his head slowly back and forth.

“I’m in too deep now. If I’d known you were smuggling heroin into the country, I don’t think I’d ever gotten into this thing. But I’m in now, and don’t plan on gettin’ out,” the driver said resignedly.

Heroin! Linda thought, raising her hand up to her throat. She’d stumbled onto something more serious than she’d thought possible.

“How about the rest of you?” Bill said, looking around at the other drivers. They all grunted in agreement. Then, smiling at Jack, Bill let go of his shoulder and leaned back against the counter seat. “Okay. Now that that’s settled, we’ve got to figure out a way to get this stuff past the checkpoints. Any ideas?”

As the five men tossed suggestions back and forth on how they could slip their loads of drugs past the checkpoint, Linda racked her brains. What should she do? Getting back to the kitchen was the first step.

Linda sucked in a deep breath. As she turned to crawl back into the kitchen, her hand accidentally bumped against a catsup bottle on the edge of a shelf under the counter. It crashed to the floor, sounding like a bomb going off in the otherwise quiet room.

“What was that?” Bill cried out, signaling for the others to be quiet.

“Somebody’s back there!” Jack cried out nervously.

“Get out of my way,” Bill hissed as he crawled over the truckers and sprinted across the empty diner. Linda cringed as she looked up and saw the husky driver peering down at her.

“I didn’t hear anything. Honest,” she wailed unconvincingly.

“Sure you didn’t,” Bill said. “We’ve got to take care of her and the cook,” the driver said as he turned around to the now-standing group.

“Hey, I didn’t bargain for this,” Jack protested. “None of us did. But we knew what we were gettin’ into. She’s heard too much,” Bill said, reaching down and grabbing Linda tightly by both arms.

“Let me go!” she shrieked, twisting helplessly in Bill’s tight grip. Jack froze. But the other drivers shot into action. As Bill dragged Linda down the far end of the counter, the three truckers leaped over the top and confronted Max just as he ran out of the kitchen. He’d heard her screams and came out to see what was happening.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doin’?” he asked as he saw Bill holding Linda tightly against him. The big blond trucker’s fingers wrapped tightly around her slender wrists, pinning her arms behind her back as Linda struggled to break free.

“Too late for explanations, pal,” Bill said as the three big truckers pushed Max hard against the back wall. Linda watched in horrified helplessness as the men started working Max over brutally. The thudding, soft sounds of their fists crunching into the dazed man’s chest and belly resounded through the diner sickeningly. It took some time. But soon Max roused himself and started to fight back. He grabbed one of the truckers by the shoulders and pitched him over the countertop. The yelling man crashed down hard onto a table, sending the surrounding chairs scattering noisily as the table collapsed under the trucker’s weight.

Linda felt a spark of hope kindle in her heart as she watched Max. She started to think that they might free themselves. Then suddenly she felt Bill’s right hand let her go for a second. There was some fumbling behind her. Then there was a flash of blinding light and a loud, deafening roar. Linda finally realized a gun had gone off.

“Max!” she screamed loudly as she saw the cook jerk back against the wall, knocking a row of hanging frying pans clattering to the floor. “Max!” she shrieked again as he sank to the floor.

Bill shaved his gun into his pants. Linda screamed once more, then raised her leg and kicked back hard.

“Fuckin’ bitch!” he growled, still holding her tightly.

“Let’s get the hell out of here!” Jack said nervously.

“Let’s take the bitch along with us,” Bill said.

“What are you going to do with me?” Linda asked as the big blond trucker pulled her out of the restaurant and hauled her into the darkened parking lot.

“Don’t rightly know now. But I’ll bet that Chris is gonna be mighty happy with you like this now. He’s got his fingers in a lot of pies. You know, he’s even got a little hooker ring goin’ ’round here,” Bill said, stopping to press his groin against her firm butt. Linda’s stomach churned sickeningly as she realized what he was doing. He had just shot Max and now he was thinking about fucking her. She could feel his hard groin pressing against her butt. With every sideways motion he made, her short dress worked higher and higher. Soon her ass was completely exposed.

“You animal! You fuckin’ filthy pig,” Linda hissed out between her teeth as she struggled violently in Bill’s tight grip.

“I like a bitch who fights. Baby, I’m gonna make you kiss dirt and shit before I’m through with you,” Bill grunted as he dragged her back toward his rig.

Linda fought him every inch of the way, clawing at his leathery skin with her fingernails when she could, kicking back with her feet when possible. But the big man held her tightly and firmly, dragging her across the loose gravel when she wouldn’t walk.

“Okay, babe, up you go,” Bill said, letting go of her with his right hand as he reached up and unfastened the big doors of the trailer behind his truck. Linda jerked away suddenly, breaking free of the big man.

“Hey,” he cried out.

Linda almost fell on her face. She barely managed to regain her balance, staggering forward and running as fast she could in the loose gravel. Her shoes had come off in the fight in the diner. The sharp stones dug painfully into the soles of her feet as she fled away from the pursuing, shouting driver. Everything spun in front of her as she headed for the forest behind the diner. It was the only place where she had a chance of escape.

“I’ll get you,” Bill said threateningly as he closed the distance between them.

Linda looked back fearfully, seeing that he was only a few feet behind her. The trees were almost around her. If only she could get to them…

“Gotcha!” Bill cried out, wrapping his fingers around her hair.

“Ohhhhh!” Linda cried out in pain as he yanked back and sent her stumbling to the around. The gravel tore into her skin, ripping and shredding her nylons as Bill dragged her back to the truck.

“IIIAHHHHH!” Linda cried out as she saw the big rig again.

“I’m tired of this, bitch!” Bill said, letting go of her quickly. Before she realized what happened, Linda felt something hard whack across her face. Everything spun wildly around in her head as she lost consciousness.

Linda didn’t know how long she’d been unconscious when she opened her eyes again. It was dark and cold wherever she was. The damp air made her shudder and curl her legs up under her ass-cheeks. Linda was afraid to move for several seconds, shifting only her eyes from one end of the tiny room to the other. In the bright moonlight, it appeared as if she were in some kind of jail cell. Suddenly, she heard a cry of agony from somewhere in the distance.

“Shut up, slut!” a harsh, low voice growled out followed by muffled cursing. Linda felt her skin crawl with horror as the cries of pain turned into sobs. Slowly she pushed up with her legs and stood up.

Her head was still a little dizzy from that blow Bill had given her. She staggered forward a few steps, reaching out with her right hand as she pressed its palm against the cold, damp stone of the wall in front of her.

Looking out into the clear night, Linda could see all the bright stars shining peacefully in the sky. Everything looked so calm and pleasant. Yet a man had been brutally murdered and she had been kidnapped and beaten, and for what purpose? Linda leaned heavily against the wall and sighed with unspeakable sadness. She’d wanted excitement. Well, now she had it and would probably die with it.

Judy! She suddenly thought. Who would take care of her daughter? A feeling of helpless panic crept over her as she pulled her ripped uniform tightly around her body to keep out as much of the damp chill as possible. Would the girl ever know what happened to her mother? What would she think when they found her body buried in some shallow roadside ditch? There was no relative left for the girl to go to. Linda closed her eyes and fought back the tears that welled up in her eyes. Her daughter would be forced into an orphanage! And God, for what? For what?

Linda’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sounds of footsteps coming up to the door. The cell door opened slowly as Linda turned around to face whoever it was walking in. The bright moonlight soon revealed that it was Chris Orozco.

“Enjoying your stay here?” Chris asked, nodding to someone behind him who closed the door again.

“What?” Linda asked.

“Being a trucker lets me into a lot of things,” Chris said evilly as he sauntered up to Linda. She stepped back against the wall. “Let’s just call this one of my training centers,” Chris added, raising his hand up to her cheek and rubbing it tenderly. Suddenly an expression of extreme cruelty and hatred ripped over his face. His mouth twisted into a thin slash. He slapped her hard across the face, sending Linda crashing down to the dirt floor of her cell.

“You’ll learn what submission’s all about now, bitch,” Chris said threateningly as he towered over the blonde.


Linda stared dazedly in front of her. Chris’ black leather boots glistened in front of her. There was the smell of freshly polished leather wafting into her flared nostrils as he mumbled some threatening curse at her. In that silver moonlight, Linda thought she could make out some blood on the toe of his boot. What did he want? Money? Power over her for a while? It didn’t matter. Linda had the feeling that Chris simply enjoyed the pleasure of stomping helpless victims into the filth.

“You’ll really eat it up, babe,” Chris said huskily, still towering in front of her.

Linda didn’t answer him. His big pot-belly hung inches over her head. The stink of his groin hung around her nose like a vile perfume. What was he going to do, chop off her clit with a jackknife? After what she’d seen at the diner, nothing would have surprised her. All Linda cared about was that it would be quick, whatever it was.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m not gonna kill you, at least, not yet,” Chris said as if he could read her mind… Linda jerked her head up and looked into the man’s cold, beady eyes. The flesh along her thighs crawled with horror as the big man took a step forward. He laughed as Linda instinctively shrank back.

“Don’t!” she protested.

“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hurt you… much,” Chris said, chuckling to himself as he reached down and laid his heavy, calloused palm on her shoulder. He shoved her back with such force that her head struck the floor. Linda groaned helplessly as bright flashes of light danced in front of her eyes. She inhaled sharply, afraid suddenly of those boots and the man.

“Uhhh!” Linda moaned softly as she watched Chris unbuckle his belt.

“Sit up!” Chris said coldly.

When Linda hesitated, he reached down and grabbed her hair. He curled a few strands around his fingers, jerking her up close against his leg. Linda’s mouth struck the side of Chris’ boot so hard that her lip cracked. The blonde could taste blood as the trucker growled some senseless obscenity.

When Chris raised his hand again, Linda tensed up and cringed back. The big trucker kicked her and she fell to the dirt floor, feeling the loose filth scrape against her legs. While she lay cringing, Chris moved forward. At the same time, the big man unzipped his dirty Levi’s. Linda winced as she watched him take out an eight-inch, thick cock and finger it lovingly. She saw that hard-on, heard his heavy breathing, sensing his growing sexual excitement.

“Like it, baby? All you fuckin’ waitresses are hungry for cock-meat. Everybody knows that,” Chris said, pulling his lips back across his teeth in an evil, animal-like sneer. As she flattened herself against the wall, drawing herself into a ball, Linda saw his big hand come shooting down through the cold, damp night air. The sound of that slap and her wailing cry reverberated off the stone walls.

“Okay, baby. You’ve found out too much about the operation. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with you, but I think you can be useful. You want to play along, fine,” Chris said as he still towered over her.

“You stink with filth!” Linda hissed.

Chris did nothing for several minutes except sneer down at her. Then Linda saw him clench his powerful fingers into a tight fist. Instinctively, she raised her hands over her face. But the expected flow didn’t come. She opened her eyes and peered through her trembling fingers. The fat, powerful trucker still towered over her with clenched fists. But a broad, mysterious smile snaked across his already sneering lips.

“You really dig this scene, don’t you?” Chris suddenly blurted out.

“What!” Linda couldn’t believe she heard him right. That someone who’d done what he had could actually stand in front of her and say that… it was incredible!

“I can sense it. I can sense those things, when a woman loves all the rough stuff, even if she won’t admit it to herself,” Chris said in a tight, throaty voice.

Linda gasped in horror that he could think she actually enjoyed this degrading brutality. She’d seen Max shot down in front of her eyes by the very men Chris employed to his own use. Then she’d been beaten, kidnapped and dragged to this cold, filthy hole of a prison cell only to be beaten again and told she liked all of it! To think that he could actually say that — and yet, as much as Linda hated to admit it, there was a grain of truth in his statement. For all her sense of outrage, indignation and horror, there was a deliciously strange thrill shooting through her body now. There was real fear and hatred. But somehow mixed in with those feelings was a hidden, almost unspeakable delight that actually fed on her fear and disgust.

“I can tell it in your eyes, baby. You want me as much as you want to spit in my face,” Chris said as he slapped her hard across the side of the face. The force of that blow sent her crashing to the cold dirt floor. Suddenly Linda felt the full weight of her fear and humiliation press down on her. Pulling herself up with great effort, Linda suddenly felt hot, burning tears well up in her eyes. She tried to fight them back, but it was useless. Sobs broke from her lips and she cried violently. She gagged and choked with horror and sorrow and fear as her long, tangled hair hung in her eyes. She curled her slender fingers into the dirt and beat the floor with her palms as Chris leered at her.

He let her cry for a few minutes. But the sight of the sobbing blonde was finally too much for him. He reached down with his right hand and unzipped his fly. Then the big man reached up and flipped the button holding his pants to his waist. Linda looked up in horrified fascination as Chris’ Levi’s slid down to his knees, exposing his thick mat of pubic hair and long, fat mass of cock-meat.

“Mmmmm, look lickin’ good, huh baby?” Chris said filthily as he circled his fat cock with his fingers and squeezed the hot flesh until a big drop of cum oozed out of his piss-slit.

Linda leaned back, raising her hands and crossing them over her tits in revulsion.

Chris was thick and long. His balls were taut, drawn up tightly against the underside of his jerking prick. Linda wanted a knife. She could just picture the startled, pained look on the trucker’s face as she reached up with that weapon and sliced that throbbing prick off. But at the same time Linda wanted to reach out and touch that dick. She wanted to feel it with her fingers, her mouth, her cuntal walls. Her crotch throbbed wildly and strangely as Chris leered down at her and smiled that same twisted knowing smile he flashed at her seconds before when he told her that she dug the violent scene.

“Gonna have that stuffed in your twat, baby. I been watchin’ you ever since you came to work at the diner. Too bad it had to turn out this way. But then, maybe you and me are two of a kind. I dig this kind of scene,” Chris said, looking around the cell with burning, flashing eyes.

Linda sobbed, edging back until her ass was pressed against the wall. Her fists were clenched and shoved hard against the dirt floor. Linda was dizzy with terror. She didn’t know what he was planning. But something told her that what she’d experience would be things she’d only dreamed about in her wildest, most forbidden fantasies.

Chris chuckled as he pushed his Levi’s to his boot tops. The hot smell of his groin blew into Linda’s nose. She felt her body starting to respond to Chris’ excitement even though she realized what kind of filthy piece of shit he was. Sweat poured out from under her arms and crotch. It spilled down from her forehead and burned into her eyes. Then there was a cold draft, causing her to shiver.

Chris moved closer, his big cock waving back and forth with every step he took. He reached down and lifted his filthy, smelly, stained T-shirt, revealing his thick matting of body hair that covered his large, protruding belly. His thighs were hairy and muscular. There was an exciting, overpowering brutality and power about this man as he stepped up to her.

“Uhhh,” the blonde sighed with fear as she felt her tits swell. Her nipples poked out again, scratching teasingly against her bra just as they had when Max made his pass at her. But this time there was a new feeling mixed in with this sexual excitement. It was hotter, more desperate, more forbidden, completely new and unnatural to Linda. A spasm passed through her mushy box. Her swelling clit tingled strangely as she could feel her pussy-lips chewing hungrily against each other. Their fat, hot edges were being lubed gradually by Linda’s flowing fuck juices. The blonde felt her thighs shuddering as Chris grabbed her hair and yanked forward hard.

“Ahhhh!” she moaned as she reached up and tried to pound his fists away with her hands. But the big man just laughed at her, dragging her to the middle of the cell as she groaned and as her eyelids flickered. Finally he let her go. Linda moaned low as she felt him roll her over on her. He was crouching between her legs, hiking her ripped uniform up to her waist with his hands. Soon he was pawing her tits, tearing open the uniform at the top. Buttons showered in the air as her bra cups were exposed. The cell was filled with the sound of ripping material as he tore the uniform off her shoulders.

He reached up and found her bra strap and pulled hard, jerking the halter off the thrashing woman with one yank. As her tits sprang free and cold air struck the big boobs, Linda yelped instinctively. She raised both hands to protect herself. Chris knocked them aside. Her hands came down on her tits.

“Stupid bitch!” Chris grunted. He jerked her by the wrists, forcing her arms aside. Her tits bounced up and down with the violent motions as the big, hard, brown nipples glowed hot and twitched up stiff. Chris pushed her arms out wide and held her tightly, his flushed face against her jugs. His teeth raked at her twitching nipples.

“Ahhhhh, nnnnghhh!” Linda howled with disgust as she wriggled under Chris’ heavy weight. She craned her head up and to the right as she tried to avoid looking at the raping trucker.

“Love them titties. Been lookin’ at them jugs for too long to let ’em go,” Chris mumbled as he bit, licked and sucked at Linda’s swollen boobs. Thrills of lust crawled over her body as chills of revulsion seared through her spinning brain. His body hairs felt like bristled brushes, scraping hard against her soft skin. His teeth tore at her hard nipples, sending painful electric jolts of pleasure through her titties. His sweat ran down her belly, running finally into her cuntal crack and mixing with her hot fuck oils. Her thighs hunched up suddenly as a painful contraction ripped through her pussy. She arched her back high, pressing her flat belly against Chris’ T-shirt.

“Like it, bitch? Like to feel this ole body of mine crawling over yours?” he taunted.

Linda could sense that Chris knew he was fat and unattractive. But he knew that that turned her on. She was enjoying this violent, disgusting rape scene as much as she was horrified over it. The more he hurt her and humiliated her, the more she loved it.

The blonde refused to answer any more of Chris’ questions. But she couldn’t stop herself from wanting Chris’ mouth on the silky flesh of her thighs, bruising the tender skin as he chewed toward her clit. She shuddered with revulsion and unspeakable delight as she pictured his sharp teeth between her legs, ripping at her outer labes then tearing at her clit.

Linda felt his fingers fumble around her waist. With three violent moves, the big trucker ripped what remained of her uniform from her body. With the same quickness he peeled off her panties and garter belt.

Linda shuddered at this sudden stripping and pulled back, whimpering.

Chris wouldn’t let her go. Holding her wrist with one hand, he jammed his palm between her legs, forcing them wider apart. As he stared hotly into her sparkling eyes, Chris ran the calloused tip of his thumb up and down the hot cuntal slit.

“Ahhhh!” Linda cried out, tilting her head back and babbling out some mindless obscenity as the trucker worked his thumb deeper and deeper into her juicing crack. Finally Chris shoved his thumb in hard at an angle, finding her swollen clit with its tip. While Linda jerked her hips convulsively from the sudden contact, the brutal trucker crushed her clit under his ragged thumbnail.

“NNNNGHHHAIYEEEE!” Linda shrieked. Her cry covered the other moans that were coming from the cell next to her. Panting now as the veins in her neck stood out, Linda fought hard to keep back another agonizing cry.

Chris was obviously pleased with her response. He finally pulled her hand away, making a muted sucking noise as it slid out of her hole.

“I’ve fucked around with you long enough,” Chris grunted, moving his hands up until they were at her shoulder level. With one big heave, the trucker knocked Linda back to the cold, hard floor again. This time, the blonde didn’t notice the discomfort of the dirt against her flesh. She stayed supine on the floor, clenching her thighs and feeling the clit-ripping electricity that sputtered uncontrollably in her box. Linda felt the terror slowly recede. Yet she realized that she had to show some kind of fear if she were to keep some semblance of dignity. Linda couldn’t figure that one out yet… It was just a feeling that crept over her as Chris crouched panting over her.

“Oh, don’t!” Linda wailed as the big man flung himself on her belly. He pried her legs roughly apart with his stubby fingers, grunting and wheezing. Linda turned her head to the side and tried to keep from vomiting as she felt the big trucker’s body slithering across her flesh. It was like being fucked by a big vat of hot slime. She clenched her teeth and held her breath as Chris’ hot dick pushed up and down on her flat belly.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful!” the trucker punted as he reached up and pawed her titties like an animal.

“Uhhhhhh,” Linda wailed, biting her lower lip until she tasted blood again. Yet at the same time, the blonde couldn’t ignore the spasms of lust that were attacking her belly. He forced her legs apart, but Linda didn’t do anything to snap them back together. As she groaned in revulsion, Linda felt her snatch-lips unsticking and spreading further and further apart in excited expectation for a big fucking. She didn’t have to wait long. Chris’ cock-shaft pushed past the mass of her tangled blonde cunt hair, then burned through her snatch-lips. The woman screamed, her eyelids flying open as she reached up and raked the grunting trucker’s back with her fingernails.

“UNNNGH!” Chris cried out, half in delight, half in pain. He shook wildly, trying to knock Linda’s hands off. But he too seemed to be enjoying the pain that went along with this fucking.

“No! Oh, God! Mother of God, you’re raping me!” Linda shrieked as she clenched her fingers into two tight fists and started beating his back as hard as she could. Chris ignored her and plowed his meaty cock-head in further. The force of that sinking dick sent shock waves through her pussy and into her tits and belly. Her head ached and spun wildly as she felt that big fat root edging closer and closer toward her flattened cunt-lips.

“UHHHHH!” Chris moaned as his fat, hanging balls finally rested against Linda’s upturned ass-cheeks. He was all the way in her hole now. His fat belly pushed down on her stomach, making it hard for the blonde to breathe. Before Linda could say anything, Chris pulled back, then slammed into her, stretching her cunt open even further. He fucked her harder and harder.

As he brutally raped her, Linda felt that initial scalding pain corkscrew into something else. It was a strange, powerful kind of pleasurable feeling that was greater than any sensation she’d ever felt before. She tightened her muscles around her pussy, milking Chris’ driving dick. He panted and yelped as Linda started to match his strokes with quick, jerky hunches of her own.

“Fuckin’ bitch,” Chris gasped, shaking his head from side to side to get rid of the sweat that poured down his forehead. “I told you that you’d dig it.”

“Oh, God! No! No! NO!” Linda wailed, unable to understand the feelings that were ripping both her body and mind apart. All she could do was suck at his fucking dick with her pussy, pulling at it greedily with her spasming cunt walls. Her tits bounced and swayed as Linda undulated sensuously under the fucking trucker. She felt his powerful fingers squeezing her tits, pinching the hard nipples mercilessly as he ground his fat dick-meat deeper and deeper into her body.

“UNNGH!” Chris suddenly cried out as his breathing turned into ragged gasps. As the first bursts of cum burned into her pussy, Linda cried out and raised her legs higher. She flung them around Chris’ back, pounding his thighs with her heels. Linda held on tightly as the trucker hunched forward, driving his cock further up her slit than before. He spilled all his spunk into her juicy hole until a mixture of cum and cunt-juice spilled out and trickled down her upturned ass-cheeks. Linda kept him prisoner until the trucker’s big cock softened. Chris grunted something unintelligible, then hunched back, puffing his flaccid dick out of the woman’s pussy.

“Ohhhh,” Linda cried out in shame and humiliation. She covered her eyes with her arm, unable to look at the big man who’d just raped her. He told her that she’d like it — and he was right. In spite of what had happened and what he thought of her, Linda reached a roaring climax that she’d never experienced in normal sex before.

“That’s just the start, baby. You can be a prime hooker if you really work at it,” Chris mumbled as he dressed slowly.

“Just l-leave me a-a-alone,” Linda stammered, shivering and rolling over on her belly, fighting back the sobs.

“I’ll see how you feel tomorrow,” Chris said menacingly as he left the cell.

When the door slammed shut ant Linda was alone again. She wondered why she’d reacted to the big trucker as she had. This whole scene was new to her. What kind of person was she turning into? And more serious, would she get a chance to find out?


Linda woke up shivering. Her clothes had been shredded by Chris the night before. All she had to cover herself were the rags that were once her uniform. As she tried to get up from the dirt floor of her cell, the blonde felt every muscle in her body ache. It felt as if a thousand tiny daggers were digging into every square inch of her body as she stood up.

“Uh!” she grunted, staggering forward toward the one tiny window that illuminated the cell. She peered out into the light gray dawn, looking up at the heavy cloud cover and wondering where she was. It looked like desert country.

Linda sighed, then turned around and walked back to the center of the cell. What were they going to do with her? She knew too much to be let go. She’d seen them kill Max. She’d overheard something about heroin smuggling. Although Linda had no idea as to the extent of the operation, she knew enough to get her put away for good!

Yet Chris seemed to want to keep her alive. He could have killed her last night after raping her, so he must have had some plans for her.

Linda looked around her cell once more, hugging her tattered clothing tightly around her as best she could. There was frost forming on the wall just below the window. The blonde walked over and pressed her palm against the wall. As the frost melted, she caught the run-off and patted her cheeks down with the grimy liquid. The chill penetrated her bones. But it felt refreshing.

Then Linda thought of the night before, and her blood started to pump faster. She still couldn’t understand her reactions. She understood the fear and revulsion, but the fact that she’d welcomed that horrible man into her cunt and had even begged him to fuck her, then climaxed with him — all that was too much to comprehend.

Linda’s thoughts were broken by the sounds of approaching footsteps. She backed up against the cold wall as the door unlocked, then swung open with a loud metallic creak.

“Have a good night?” Bill asked. It was the trucker who’d shot Max. Linda felt a feeling of hatred surge over her like a tidal wave.

“You…” she started, then stopped. It was useless to fling any kind of curse at these people. All they’d do would be to laugh and mock her. No, she had to wait, to bide her time until she could strike back with all the fury they were using now to degrade her.

“Save it, baby,” the tall, blond driver said as he walked slowly up to Linda. The woman looked at his twisted face, then glanced down at his hand. He had something in it.

“Something to wear. Guess Chris is gettin’ soft. He wants you to be comfy,” Bill said, throwing the pile of gray, coarse material in her face.

Linda caught it and held it up in front of her. It was a prison gown.

“Not a Gucci, but it’ll keep you warm,” Bill said as he motioned for Linda to get dressed.

The blonde dropped her pile of rags and quickly stepped into the woolen dress. The material was scratchy and uncomfortable. But at least she could keep warm.

“Okay, babe. Now we got to go,” Bill said, extending his arm out as if to escort her.

Linda ignored him, marching proudly past the trucker to the narrow hallway outside. Bill pushed her down the hall. She looked around as best she could, noticing that there were many cells in this large, semi-deserted building. From its age and style of architecture, Linda guessed that it was some kind of state or federal prison that had been built at the turn of the century. It probably had been abandoned and forgotten years ago forgotten until Chris and his henchmen took it over for their own use.

“Oh, help! H-help!” a voice wailed out from one of the cells as Linda shuffled past with Bill. She peered into the darkened room and saw a young, black-haired Mexican girl hanging from the ceiling by her wrists. A series of leather thongs were wrapped tightly around her wrists. A long, thick manila rope was fastened to these thongs and to art overhead beam that ran the length of the cell. The girl’s feet dangled only inches above the ground. Linda could see large bruise marks on the girl’s thighs and belly, while long, red welts covered her tits and ass. As the blonde stopped instinctively and peered into the darkened cell, Bill moved closely behind her.

“See what happens when you don’t cooperate?” he said in a low whisper.

“Oh, God, help me!” the girl wailed, lifting her head and looking desperately at Linda.

“You pigs!” Linda hissed as she stared in disbelief at that girl’s spread-eagled body.

“Better watch it, blondie. You’ll be hanging like her if you don’t shut up,” Bill warned as he grabbed her by the right arm and pulled her after him.

“Ohh!” Linda cried, stumbling along he uneven dirt floor as he dragged her down the long, darkened corridor to a large green metallic door. They stopped while the trucker fished around in his pocket for the keys. Finding them, he opened the door and shoved her through.

“Come on, baby, and meet the boys,” Bill said, pushing her into a large open space in front of the prison.

Linda turned around and saw the outside of the building for the first time. It was low and squat, built out of large granite blocks with a tin roof. It seemed to stick up like an unnatural rock in the desert landscape. All around the building was flat, dry, sandy land that seemed to stretch to infinity. Raising her right hand to shade her eyes, Linda could barely make out a high mountain range to the south.

Linda lowered her hand and hugged her chest to keep warm. A brisk, howling wind swept across the lonely desert scene, rustling through the sparse scrub brush that grew around the “deserted” jailhouse.

“Hey guys, come on out!” Bill suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs. Linda cringed as she saw ten men slowly crawl out of the jailhouse, yawning and scratching their hair. They stumbled into the open space where she and Bill stood, finally noticing her and walking up. Linda saw the four other truckers who were at the diner that night. The only one who looked the slightest bit guilty was Jack — the family man, Linda thought as the truckers lined up in front of the jail and stared curiously at Bill and her.

While Linda still shivered, the blonde, muscular trucker turned her around like a puppet. He laughed quietly, then ripped the dress he’d just given her off with a single, powerful jerking movement.

“Ohhh!” Linda cried out in shock as the cold desert wind slashed between her warm thighs. She shuddered, hiking her arms to her tits to protect her nipples. She closed her thighs as best she could. The cold morning desert air whipped through her pussy hair, making the sensitive flesh pucker up into goose flesh under those pubic curls.

“Put on a little morning show for the boys,” Bill said, grabbing her by the shoulders and pitching her forward. Linda stumbled, arms flailing in front of her as she tried to regain her balance. “Come on, bitch. Show them all what, a fine lady you an,” the trucker taunted.

Linda stood dumbfounded and naked in front of the gaping men. Shame covered her as she turned and saw Bill walking up to her.

“I said move!” he shouted, raising his hand as if to strike her.

Linda raised her arm over her face for protection, but instead of hitting her, Bill grabbed the arm and flung her forward again. “Move!” he ordered again, sending her stumbling toward the line of chuckling truckers.

Linda staggered forward several steps then got her balance and stopped. She felt confused and shamed in front of this line of sneering truckers.

Finally one of them reached out. She backed up quickly, avoiding his grasp by that quick move. More hands reached out. The men were awake now and taunting her, laughing and calling out obscenities as she clutched her tits protectively and shrank back toward where Bill was still standing.

When she almost got back to him, Bill shouted and raised his hand again. Linda dodged to the right, then ran back toward the men. Her jugs bobbed teasingly. Her ass-cheeks and belly jiggled as she ran around the yard like a confused, hunted, frightened animal. Goose flesh broke out on every part of her chilled body as the shouting and laughing grew to a deafening roar.

As she got closer to the uneven line of truckers, she felt hard sharp blows across her butt-cheeks. They were slapping her, pinching her tender flesh as she stumbled helplessly in front of them. Some of the men threw clumps of dry earth at her.

Linda spun around, sobbing and choking with horror as she looked helplessly about her. Her long, blonde silky hair flew out in every direction as the howling wind passed her. She didn’t know which way to go. Every direction she ran in promised nothing but pain and humiliation.

Then Linda looked at the long line of truckers and realized that they were exposing themselves to her.

They were unzipping their dirty Levi’s, pulling their cocks out and rubbing them to stiffness.

“Oh!” she cried, spinning around and running back toward Bill. She heard steps behind her. It was a tsll, dark-haired trucker with a thick, stubby dick poking out from between the gold teeth of his zipper. As Linda shrieked with pain, he caught her hair and pulled her back. He rasped out some obscenity as Linda stumbled to her knees, sobbing and pleading for him to let her go.

“Fuck I will!” he grunted, pushing her down on her belly, then rolling Linda over on her back. Dust and sand covered her twisting body as the trucker crawled on top of her and rammed two fingers of his right hand into her twat.

“AHHH!” Linda yelped, feeling her cunt muscles clamp down hard on the invading digits. She ground her snatch-lips hungrily against his hand and jerked up, spearing herself on his fingers. While the ruggedly handsome trucker sneered lewdly at her, Linda threw herself against him gladly.

“Shit! This bitch loves it!” the trucker said in a loud voice as he clawed the blonde’s cunt savagely with his calloused fingers. He probed her slit violently, exciting Linda so much by his brutality that she pissed involuntarily on his hand.

“You fuckin’ slut!” the trucker cursed, jerking his hand out of her snatch and pushing it up to her mouth. He was going to make her drink her own piss!

Linda groaned and turned her head away, refusing to take those fingers between her teeth. He cursed again, squeezing her ass tightly while he moved around and thrust his right knee hard into her belly.

The blonde groaned, opening her mouth to gasp in the air that had been knocked out of her.

“Suck it!” the trucker said savagely, jamming his piss-coated fingers deep into her mouth. Linda choked on the taste and smell while the trucker and his cronies laughed at the lewd spectacle.

Bill came up to them and signaled the trucker to back off.

“The more you give this slut, the more she begs for it,” Bill sneered, raising his boot and placing the heel on Linda’s shoulder. She lay there quietly, trembling and wondering what would happen next. The blonde had heard of people so tortured and shamed that they welcomed death when it finally came. Slowly, she began to realize that this might be the case with her. This constant barrage of pain and degradation was eroding her self-respect and sense of hope.

“On your belly, bitch,” Bill said in a low voice, putting pressure on her shoulder and forcing her to roll over on the dirt. At the same time he reached down and unbuckled his belt, yanking it out of the loops of his Levi’s. He held that long, thick black military belt doubled in his fist. Before Linda realized what was happening, he slapped her ass with it, making her butt tingle with pain and pleasure. He struck her again, the thwacking sound filling the otherwise silent desert air.

“Ohhh!” Linda finally cried out, throwing her head back. With each following stroke she became weaker, wriggling on the dirt with less intensity.

“Fuckin’ animal!” Bill hissed out at her, raising his hand and bringing the belt whistling through the air one more time.

“OHHHHH!” the blonde cried out, clawing the hard desert dirt with her fingers and hot tears sprang to her eyes. She could taste the loose soil in her mouth as she tried to crawl away from the stinging pain of Bill’s belt. Then another whistling sound filled the air, followed quickly by another hot, stinging sensation on her back. The belt sliced into her goose-fleshed skin mercilessly as Bill seemed to be increasing his whipping rather than growing tired of it.

“P-Please! AIYEE!” Linda howled as she felt the cold leather bite into the back of her neck. Large, curving welts raised all over her body as he flailed at her with increasing intensity.

Finally one of the truckers told Bill to relax.

“You’re right. That bitch’ll make any guy sweat his balls off to satisfy her,” he gasped, dropping his belt and wiping the sweat off his forehead. Linda groaned and slowly rolled over on her back and looked at Bill. He was right. They were two of a kind. The realization finally flashed across her mind like a burst of divine inspiration. She enjoyed pain and humiliation just as much as he enjoyed giving it to her. He sensed that earlier. It had taken Linda all this time to realize it.

“She still needs a little taming,” Bill said, fixing his burning eyes on her. Linda felt them boring into her soul, reading her innermost thoughts. She could tell that he knew her inside out now. Whatever these other men might think, Bill knew what he wanted and would give it to her in spades. “Bring out that old bull whip.”

Linda’s eyes widened when she heard those words. A bull whip? He had to be joking! Was he going to whip her to death in front of all these truckers? Was that how they got their jollies in between smuggling loads of heroin for high school junkies?

One of the truckers ducked into the jailhouse, coming out in a few minutes with an old, time-worn whip. Bill reached out and caught it as it was thrown to him.

Linda looked up at the man and started scooting away from him. She felt the dirt and sand spilling into her twat as her ass-cheeks scraped along the ground. Bill walked forward slowly, his boots crushing the loose dirt down as Linda kept on scooting backward. He kept snapping the whip, letting the knotted end strike his Levi’s. It sounded to Linda like a gunshot.

“Ohhh, God!” the blonde moaned again and she looked desperately around her. There was no place to run. They’d catch her wherever she fled. “Oh please, don’t! No!” Linda pleaded.

“Come on, baby,” Bill sneered as he took longer steps toward her. Her terror stricken eyes focused on that whip as it snapped against the big trucker’s Levi’s. The cold bit into her nipples and palms as the wind blasted into her pussy. Finally terror completely overtook her. Linda rolled over and got up on all fours, crawling out of reach of the whip. Her tits hung down low, the nipples brushing the desert floor. She tried to regain her balance. But the loose dirt seemed to pitch her forward. She tried to crawl faster, then slipped and fell into the dirt. She got back up and started crawling away on all fours again.

Bill laughed, dancing around the moaning woman as she fought to get away. He kept just out of whip range, blocking every avenue of escape Linda tried to take. The landscape spun around her as she ran now senselessly in every direction.

Finally she felt herself bumping against something rough and hard. Her eyes focused, and she saw that she was against the front wall of the jailhouse! She’d come back to the place she’d tried to escape from.

Linda spun around and screamed. There was no place to run. She closed her eyes and started sobbing uncontrollably. Let him do whatever he wanted! She was too tired and worn down to fight back or escape anymore.

“The race is over,” Bill said, snapping the whip. “Now it’s my turn.”

Linda opened her eyes and saw Bill raise his arm. Squealing like a stuck pig, Linda tried to cover herself with her arms as the trucker brought the whip down. The end bit into her flesh along her ribs. A large welt sprang up just below her left tit.

“OHHHHH!” the blonde cried out, feeling her knees giving out from under her.

Bill grunted approval, then swung the whip over his head again. She heard the sharp, high-pitched whistling that leather strand was making as it sliced through the air and shot down toward her body.

“OHHHH, NOOO!” the blonde cried out as she felt the whip chew into her thigh. Still screaming mindlessly, Linda rolled along the wall, clawing at the rough granite blocks with her hands as she desperately tried to escape the whip. It was useless. She whimpered and begged. Yet she had the feeling that he was going to peel all the flesh away from her skin with that lash. She was going to die here in front of this deserted jailhouse in the middle of nowhere.

“This one’s for last night,” Bill grunted, bringing the whip down hard across her tits.

Linda shrieked, jerking her body forward and away from the prison wall. She stumbled forward, then fell to her knees. Her body slumped forward until her forehead was touching the dirt. Her skin flinched with every sound Bill made, waiting for the next burninh, slicing sensation that the black leather bull whip made.

“ARRRGHHH!” the woman screamed as the long thong tore into her butt-cheek. But this time there was a strange kind of warmth that blossomed in her groin. Oh, God, no, not that! Linda thought. She was being whipped to death. Was she going to have orgasms at the same time?

The blonde tried to fight down that tingling sensation tickling her gradually swelling clit. But it was impossible. In this kind of situation, it was foolish to believe that she could control anything.

“UHHHHH!” the blonde cried out again as the whip tore into her butt again. She recoiled, falling onto her belly and clawing the dirt. Another bite of the whip brought her around. That flash of heat from the lashing was reaching her clit more powerfully now, creating a sexual excitement that was arousing all her senses once more.

Bill stopped whipping her, looking down and smiling at the groaning blonde as she lay in the dirt. Finally he threw the whip down and walked over to her crumpled prison dress. The trucker picked it up and threw it over to her.

“Get dressed, Linda. We’ve got work to do. Just wanted to let you know that we mean business. And that goes as a warnin’ to the rest of you,” Bill said, looking meaningfully at Jack. “If you’ve got any ideas, just remember what you seen here this mornin’. We did this just for fun. But believe me, suckers, it can get pretty fuckin’ rough if we want it!”

The other men grumbled, then turned and filed back into the building. Linda reached out and grabbed the coarse material. Pulling it up to her face, she wiped the tears from her cheeks with it.

“Come on. I ain’t got all day. Chris wants to talk to you,” Bill said, kicking her lightly with the toe of his boot.

Linda stood up with a groan and stepped into her now-ripped dress. Bill waited impatiently, hurling insults at her as she finished dressing. When she was through, he took her back into the building and back to what Linda feared would be more agony.


They went into a different hallway than the one they came out of. There were no people in this one. The cells were completely deserted and looked as if they’d been that way for years. Finally Bill pushed her into a room at the end of the long, chilly corridor.

“I was watching your performance,” Chris said, smiling from behind a rectangular, metal desk. There were piles of invoices on the desktop along with what looked like time schedules. A three-drawer green metal file stood to the left of the desk. The room had the appearance of a makeshift office. “You’ve got a lot of energy, Linda. I could use someone like you,” he added, sifting through the pile of invoices to his right.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the blonde said honestly.

“Of course you don’t. Not completely, that is. I heard that you overheard some of the conversation last night. That wasn’t very smart, Linda. It cost poor Max his life, not to mention what it’s gonna cost you if you don’t go along with us,” Chris said, smiling wryly at her.

“What does it matter? You’re going to kill me one way or the other. Why should I drag it out?” Linda answered tiredly. She knew that they couldn’t afford a luxury like her much longer.

“That’s not a bright way of looking at it. Besides, you might become so valuable that it would be impossible to kill you,” Chris said calmly, obviously enjoying her discomfort.

“What do you want me to do?” Linda asked after several minutes of silence.

“That’s better,” Chris said, smiling broadly.

Linda didn’t necessarily want to help these people. But she realized that even in the darkest moments of her despair, there was still that will to live. As much as she’d been hurt and degraded, she just couldn’t lay her head down on the block meekly and let them whack it off. She knew that she’d thought of that several times during her tortures. But when the chips were down, Linda opted for life. Besides, there was always the hope that she could get away.

“Do I have to do something with drugs?” Linda blurted out.

“Bright too,” Chris commented. “Of course. That’s the purpose of this whole set-up. You think we enjoy romping around the desert for kicks? Baby, you stumbled into one of the biggest drug ops in California.”

“I don’t understand…”

“You ain’t been reading the papers,” Chris said. “Ever since the overseas sources dried up, the heroin shit’s been comin’ in through Mexico. Baby, I’ve got half the traffic under my belt. We move it in by low-flying plane or boat in from down south to San Diego. There, we’ve got warehouses we stash it in until we get the high sign to move it out up to L.A., Frisco, or out of state.” Chris stood up from his desk and started to pace back and forth excitedly. It was obvious to Linda that he was proud of the operations he’d created.

“You see, we doctor up the invoices from the trucking company after the driver leaves. The added weight goes in here,” Chris said, picking up an invoice and pointing to a figure. “So if we get weighed by some suspicious cop, we’re covered. The heroin goes in the middle of the load. Most cops are too lazy or tired to go through what looks like a normal load for any kind of check. So we get away with it,” Chris concluded, smiling broadly as he leaned against the desk and folded his arms tightly across his chest.

“While the kids in the playground get high on your stuff,” Linda commented wryly.

“Listen. What happens to the heroin after we get rid of it’s no concern of mine. Those kids have got minds of their own. I’m not forcing it into their arms,” Chris said impatiently.

Linda sighed, then looked at the floor.

“So how do I fit into this?” she finally asked.

“It’s been getting kind of tight down around San Clemente lately. I think they suspect something’s goin’ on, so they’re checking the trucks more carefully. So far we ain’t been caught. But all they have to do is catch one trucker with a load of drugs and we’re all in trouble. There goes the organization,” Chris said, shaking his head sadly. “And me?” Linda persisted.

“And you, Mama, are gonna be a diversion for the big shipment we’ve got comin’ up in three days,” he said.

“I don’t understand,” Linda said, wrinkling up her forehead.

“I haven’t got it figured out yet. But while our trucks move through, you’ll be attracting attention in some other part of the checkpoint,” Chris said, scratching his chin thoughtfully.

Linda stared at him for several seconds, then turned away.

“If you think I’m going to help.”

“Baby, you ain’t got a choice. Didn’t you understand what happened out there?” Chris asked incredulously. “Don’t you know what I’ll let them do to you if you don’t cooperate? I think you don’t realize how important this whole operation is to me. I’d kill my own mother to pull it through. And a little diner slut like you’re not gonna stop me from doin’ it.”

“Go ahead and do whatever you want,” Linda said defiantly. “If you need me all that badly, you’re not about to damage the merchandise.”

Chris looked a little surprised by her sudden defiance. His eyes widened and his nostrils flared in anger as his fingers worked mechanically over the metallic desk top. Then his face broke into a sadistic smile.

“I think we can convince you to go along with us and have a little fun while we’re at it,” Chris said threateningly.

“What? More whips?” Linda asked, almost laughing as she thought about it.

“Not for you, anyway. Tie her hands behind her and gag her. I think you’re going to find what you see next pretty interesting,” Chris said, motioning to Bill who stood in the doorway.

Linda watched as Chris opened the middle drawer of his desk and threw a soiled handkerchief and some pieces of old rope at Bill. Quickly, the blond trucker jammed the filthy rag in her mouth, tying it tightly behind her head. The blonde gagged, fighting down the vomit that was rising from her belly as the pungent taste of that red handkerchief filled her mouth.

Soon her wrists were tied tightly behind her back, and Linda was shoved out of Chris’ tiny office and back into the corridor.

“You might think still that we’re dumb truckers who don’t know what we’re doin’,” Bill said as he marched Linda back up the hall toward the door that led outside. “But we did a quick investigation on you baby. We went through your purse back at the diner before we left,” Bill continued, stepping in front of her and opening the door. He pushed her out, then led her along the outside wall of the building to the door that opened into the occupied section of the prison building. As she was roughly shoved into the darkened corridor, Linda could hear violent sobbing coming from somewhere in the section. It couldn’t be that Mexican girl she’d seen hanging from the ceiling. The woman looked too drawn out and resigned to her fate to be wailing like that.

“Family reunions always make me cry,” Bill said ironically as he stopped in front of one cell and opened the door.

Linda’s blood froze at the big trucker’s words. She had an idea of who was in that tiny hovel. When she came forward at Bill’s hand command and peered into the filthy cell, her suspicions were confirmed. It was her daughter, Judy, sitting on the edge of an Army cot and sobbing her heart out.

The girl jerked her head around to see who was there. Her eyes opened wide with terror when Bill stepped in. Then she jumped off the cot and ran forward, stopping short of Linda when she recognized her mother.

“Mama! What’s going on?” The girl pleaded, her face twisted with fear and agony.

Linda felt tears filling her eyes, then trickling down her flushed cheeks as she looked at her daughter. Dirt covered the young girl’s face, and her dress was ripped open at the top and torn and soiled at the hem. There were claw marks on her legs and thighs. Linda was sure of what had happened to her daughter that night. She wanted to scream. She wanted to turn around and gouge out Bill’s eyes. But all she could do was stand there dumbly and cry while her daughter sank to her knees and wailed in terror.

“Your mother’s been uncooperative with us,” Bill said, pushing Linda roughly forward. She stumbled and slid down to the cot Judy had been sitting on seconds before. “Maybe we should show her what we did last night, baby,” he said, wrapping his big arms around the young girl’s waist and sliding his hands around her young, plump ass-cheeks.

“No! OH GODDD!” the teenager shrieked, curling her tiny fingers into two tight fist and beating the trucker’s chest with them. But it was useless. Bill just laughed, kneading her firm butt-cheeks with his powerful fingers while he hiked up the dress until her ass was completely exposed. Judy groaned and hung her head back, her long black silky hair hanging down almost to her waist.

Linda was appalled by what she saw. Bill had his nose nuzzled between the young girl’s mammoth tits while he sucked at the tender flesh. At the same time, he was hunching his bulging groin against Judy’s pussy. Linda could see streaks of dried blood on the girl’s inner thighs. That confirmed her suspicions that her daughter had been raped last night.

“Mmmmm, you should have seen her last night, bucking and wriggling under my cock! Shit, she kept screamin’ nooooo. But the way she was actin’ once I slipped it to her, sheeesh! She’s hotter than you,” Bill said tauntingly, slipping his fingers deep into Judy’s ass-crack.

Linda couldn’t take any more of this. She sprang up from the cot and ran for the two of them. She bumped hard against Bill, knocking him away from her moaning daughter.

“Shit!” he cried out, falling to the floor as Linda started kicking him wildly with her bare feet. But instead of fighting back, the big trucker just laughed, grabbing at her feet until he finally caught her leg in both hands. With one powerful quick movement up, he sent the blonde sailing into the air.

“MMMMFF!” Linda grunted as she crashed down to the cell dirt floor, flat on her back. Bright lights appeared in front of her eyes as she sobbed while her daughter wailed. She couldn’t tell if it was a dream or not. But through the bright haze that still covered her mind, Linda thought she could see Judy being pinned down and kicking while Bill unzipped his Levi’s and pulled out his prong. Linda tried to get up again, but the blow she’d received from her tossing was too much. In a dreamlike sequence, she watched helplessly as Bill’s thick, knotty prick pushed hard into Judy’s young cunt, digging into that almost virginal flesh like a torpedo.

Finally it was all over. It hadn’t been a dream after all. It was a nightmarish reality. Bill had raped her own daughter in front of her, laughing and taunting while he did it. The girl covered her face with both hands in shame as she rolled over on her right side and pulled her knees up to her tits.

“You ready to cooperate now?” Bill asked, looking at Linda.

Her eyes flashed defiance. No, she wouldn’t give in. It would be an insult to her daughter. They wouldn’t dare harm the girl any more than they had.

“Whew!” the man whistled, looking first at Linda, then at Judy. “It’s gonna take some pretty strong stuff to get you to come on over,” he said, backing out of the cell. “Well, the two of you can console yourselves while I tell the boss about this,” he said, closing the door and locking it.

When she was sure that he was gone, Judy sprang up and ran over to her mother. She quickly untied her hands and pulled the filthy rag out of Linda’s mouth.

“Mama! Mama! What’s happening,” the girl wailed out as Linda flung her aims around her violated daughter.

“Oh, God! Did they have to drag you in here, too?” the blonde wailed, looking up at the ceiling and wondering if there was anyone who could help them now.

“They came in last night while I was asleep, Mama, and told me to get dressed.” Judy sobbed out after she managed to get some kind of control over herself. “We drove around for hours until we got here. And then that man — that man,” Judy stammered, looking out at the closed prison door, “he…” she started to say, then covered her face once more and leaned heavily against her mother while she sobbed her heart out.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry,” Linda cooed as she patted her trembling daughter’s shoulders. Was there nothing that these animals wouldn’t do to get their own way? Would they keep torturing the two of them until Linda gave in? She looked at her daughter, sobbing, dirtied, raped by that animal! Giving into them would be the ultimate humiliation — the acknowledgement that they agreed with whatever Chris believed in. No matter what they did to her, Linda couldn’t think of submitting to their horrible demands.

But then there was her daughter. How could she explain to someone as young as Judy what she was thinking? She knew that the girl was hurt, humiliated, terrified and confused. All she wanted was for this nightmare to stop, no matter what the price. Linda knew that her daughter wouldn’t believe that they’d be trapped no matter what she did.

“What do they want, Mama?” Judy finally whimpered out. “Whatever it is, give it to them. I want to go home,” the girl wailed, resting her head against Linda’s heaving chest.

“They’ll do whatever they want to us no matter what I do,” Linda sighed, stroking her daughter’s long black hair with her fingers.

“Maybe not. Oh Mama, if that man comes near me again — if he — OHHHHH!” the girl screamed, shuddering again as the vision of what had happened earlier shot through her mind.

Before Linda could answer her daughter, she heard footsteps again. She knew that this was the result of her refusal to go along. Linda felt that Chris was desperate for her help and would try anything to get it. She was torn between her desperate fight for self-respect and her desire to stop all this madness and save both herself and her daughter.

The door opened and Chris stepped in.

“Come out here, girls,” he said, stepping back and pressing his body against the doorway to the cell. “I’ve got something I want the two of you to see.”

Linda looked curiously at the man, and then at her daughter. Hugging the young, sobbing girl protectively, Linda moved slowly out of the cell and down the long corridor toward the outside.

When she stepped into the clearing in front of the prison, she noticed several of the truckers who had been in that line earlier standing around in a loose semi-circle. They were all looking to the left.

Linda shifted her eyes and saw that young Mexican girl she’d seen hanging from the ceiling standing stark naked in the middle of the makeshift square.

“Maria there’s responsible for the Feds gettin’ active down south. Seems somebody paid her for some info. Too bad she’d not gonna have time to spend the money,” Chris said.

Linda looked at Maria who was standing with her hands crossed over her tits. There was abject terror registering in the pretty young girl’s eyes. Her smooth brown flesh quivered in the brisk air as the men stared at her and shook their heads.

“What are you going to do to her?” Linda asked in a quivering voice as she hugged her daughter more closely to her.

“The same thing I’m gonna do to the two of you if you don’t cooperate, baby. In case you think that you’re indispensable to this operation, forget it. You’d be nice to have. But I can chance it without you,” he said threateningly. “You’re beginning to be more trouble than you’re worth,” Chris said as he gave some kind of signal to one of the men.

Linda and Judy kept staring at the Mexican girl who seemed to beg for some kind of help from them. None of the women saw one of the truckers disappear into a tiny shed just behind the prison building.

Then there was the sound of cursing and growling. Linda, the Mexican girl and Judy all turned their heads and were horrified by what they saw. A tall, burly dark-haired trucker was pulling a large, black Doberman behind him.

“Oh, no!” the Mexican girl wailed, falling to her knees and crossing herself.

“You wouldn’t!” Linda cried in disbelief, turning around and staring wildly at Chris.

“Nobody crosses me and gets away with it,” he said coldly, leaving them and walking quickly up to the cringing Mexican girl. The other trucker had pulled the snapping animal up to the girl. He was standing now by Chris, his jaws leaking spittle as his powerful body quivered with excitement. He seemed to sense what was about to take place.

“There’s nothing better than seeing a dog and pony show,” Chris said, stepping back so that both Linda and Judy could see the animal. He was big-boned, husky, and sported a shiny black coat of short, bristly hairs. Drooping down between his muscular hindquarters was his big cock. As he panted heavily, he drooled spittle down his chin. Linda felt her skin crawl with horror as she guessed what was about to happen to that helpless girl in front of that big animal.

“Oh Mama, are they…” Judy wailed as she turned and looked with terror at her mother.

“Shhhh,” Linda cautioned her daughter, turning the girl’s face away from the woman.

“There’s a good meal down there, King,” Chris said, reaching over and rubbing his fingers over the girl’s snatch. Linda wasn’t sure if the girl was aroused by Chris’ fingering or if the dog thought she was. But the animal’s cock suddenly slipped out of its furry sheath and jerked. He took a step toward her, pulling the leash tight. He barked wildly at his inability to walk further, jerking on the restraining leather. Linda watched in horror, waiting for the attack.


“He wants you a lot, Maria,” Chris said, bending over and whispering loudly into the terrified girl’s ear. “It’s too bad you have to end up this way, baby. You were a good fuck, and a pretty damned good partner. Too bad you got greedy,” he added, bending down and grabbing a handful of the girl’s long black hair. He jerked it back hard until her head was pulled down almost to her back.

“I’d give anything to slice open that throat of yours,” Chris hissed, staring into the girl’s eyes with animal hatred. “But I think I’m gonna enjoy this more. Besides, it’ll be a good lesson for those two over there,” he said, calming himself down and letting go of the gasping girl’s hair. He snapped his fingers behind him. The dog stayed leashed while the trucker took a few short steps to give him more play with the leash. The massive head dropped while the Doberman shot forward. His tongue shot out, licking the screaming girl’s thighs. She tried to scoot away on her ass. But Bill was behind her, preventing her from making any kind of escape.

“Oh my God!” Linda wailed, hugging Judy closer to her trembling body.

“Nooooo!” the Mexican girl wailed as that long pink tongue sloshed up and down her firm, smooth inner thighs. Then Maria couldn’t stand the tension and fear any more. She screamed out, jerking her head to the side and hunching away to escape the animal’s licking.

Angered at the sudden loud noise and movement, the Doberman bared his long, dagger-like teeth. There was the sickening sound of a low growl filling the air, followed by a shriek of unspeakable agony as the dog sank his teeth into the wailing girl’s hip.

“AIYYEEEEEEE! N-NOOOO!” Maria shrieked, her eyes rolling up into her head as she fell to the ground. Her hands shot up, pushing hard against the growling Doberman’s pointed head. She tried to pull him off her as blood poured out of the slash. He kept chewing, growling angrily as the girl wailed in pain and terror.

“Ohhh,” Linda sighed, turning her head away and grabbing her stomach to keep from vomiting. The sight was too sickening to look at for long. The dog’s angry growling, the girl’s shrieks, Chris’ laughing and taunting — it all added up into a nightmare of sadism and bestiality that she couldn’t believe was really happening.

The big dog growled louder, his growls muffled by the wad of flesh between his teeth. He snapped more flesh on the hip, working his way down to where the girl’s right butt-cheek and the blood stained dirt mat. He nosed down further, pushing his snout hard against Maria’s hairy mound. Blood dripped from his white teeth.

Chris snapped his fingers and the dog was pulled away. The girl sank exhausted to the ground, sobbing out incoherent Spanish phrases and prayers as her body shook from shock. The big Doberman meanwhile howled and yelped, straining the leash as his jaws snapped at the man at the other end of it.

“Let him… feed,” Chris said, smiling cruelly at Maria, then turning toward Linda and Judy. Obviously, he was displeased that the young girl was being deprived of this vicious sight. He walked briskly up to the two women and pulled the teenager away from her wailing mother.

“I want her to see what she’s going to get next if you don’t cooperate,” Chris said, holding the girl tightly by the arm and forcing her to watch the sickening scene.

“Ohhh!” the girl cried out, her eyes opening wide in disbelieving horror as only now she realized what had been happening in front of her. The trucker now restraining the Doberman gave him more leash. He barked twice, then bounded forward until he was standing between the screaming girl’s legs.

“My God!” Linda groaned, covering her mouth in terror with her left hand as she watched the big dog’s massive cock swinging like a piece of heavy steel pipe. He drooled, snapped his jaws, and stared back at the gaping girl, wondering how to approach this odd new conquest.

“NO! NO! NO!” Maria wailed again, staring in horror at the growling Doberman. She kept on shrieking, drowning out any commands the trucker was trying to give the animal.

Finally the Doberman dropped his big, pointed snout into the jungle of black, curly pubic hair. For a second the movements of his powerful jaw were hidden in that forest.

“AIYEEE! NOOO! NOOOOO!” Maria screamed, each shriek louder than the last. Her tits jumped, rolled, collided with each other on her heaving chest as the Doberman’s growling grew to a furious pitch and intensity.

“Oh no!” Judy cried, turning her head away as she saw the dog’s blazing eyes. The Doberman seemed to enjoy the Mexican girl’s shouts and cries. Growling, he pushed his snout against her furry box once more.

“NO! Oh, noooooo,” the woman groaned as she rolled her head from side to side.

Linda stared at the whimpering girl. And as much as she tried to force it from her mind, she began to feel something hot and tight taking over her cunt. It was the same kind of sexual excitement that had crept up from the pits of her mind when she was being beaten and humiliated. As she watched that growling Doberman mercilessly work over the wailing Maria, Linda imagined that she could feel the animal’s teeth scraping painfully across her puffy outer cunt-lips. She could feel that long, rough pink tongue darting and slobbering all over her pussy, her ass, her inner thighs, and her heaving, flat belly. She could feel the hot, wet breath blasting through her spit-slicked cunt-hairs. And then there would be that wild, painful sensation of those long, sharp canine teeth ripping across her clit. Linda tried to shake that feeling from her mind, but it seemed to take over her body.

“ARRRRG-IHHHH!” The Mexican girl suddenly cried out. There was something desperate, despairing, agonizing, almost masculine about that scream. It shook Linda out of her daydream and forced her to focus her eyes on the scene. What she saw almost made her faint. The Doberman had gone wild, ripping his teeth into the girl’s snatch.

“Ohhhhh, Mama!” Judy wailed, trying to look the other way as Chris forced her to watch the carnage. The dog’s head swung back and forth as he made deep gutteral noises of an animal feeding on its prey. There was blood splashing and spraying everywhere as his snout sank deeper and deeper into the mess that was Maria’s cunt. The girl shrieked and tried to escape. But it was useless. The dog kept her from crawling away as he continued to gnaw her life away.

“STOP IT! STOP IT!” Linda shrieked, covering her eyes and sinking to the ground.

Chris raised his eyebrows, then turned toward the trucker who still held the leash. With a signal, the dog was pulled away. Linda peered at the animal, blood dripping from his paw. A few feet away the Mexican girl lay bleeding heavily. Only a few moans of agony escaped her moving lips.

“Take her away!” Chris ordered, pushing Judy back to her mother. As the two women embraced, the Mexican girl was dragged from the compound and back to one of the cells.

“You’ve seen the first part of the doggie show. You want your daughter to be in act two?” Chris asked, looking sharply at Linda.

“MAMA!” the girl wailed, clutching Linda wildly as she buried her face in her chest.

Linda closed her eyes and groaned deep in her throat. No matter how she felt, she could never even think about letting Judy go through what Maria had endured.

“You’ve won,” she said, inhaling a deep breath and turning her face away. “I’ll do what you want me to do,” she whispered out. “Now, let the two of us go back to the cell.”

“Sure, sure,” Chris said, obviously pleased that he’d gotten Linda to come around. “In fact, if either of you girls are anxious for a little cock as a reward…” he said, sweeping his hands around and motioning to the truckers who were still in the yard.

“We want nothing from you,” Linda said, fighting down the revulsion that boiled in her belly. The two of them walked back into the building, each clutching the other for support and protection as Chris watched them disappear into the stone building.

“What’s going on, mother?” Judy asked as Linda stood on her toes, peering out of the window. It was night. The two of them had been fed, then ignored as the sun set. Now the yard was filled with the sounds of wild laughing and drunken shouting.

“Looks like they’re having some kind of party,” Linda remarked as she watched the truckers staggering around with half-empty bottles of liquor in their hands. Chris and Bill stood stone-sober on the far side of a large bonfire that had been built. They seemed to be the orchestrators of this drunken orgy. Linda guessed that it was this kind of thing that kept the men loyal to him — this and money.

“I hope they don’t ask us to join,” the girl said after several minutes of silence passed.

“Don’t even think it,” Linda said, feeling a chill ripple through her body. The thought had crossed her mind. Two women, completely helpless in this deserted section of the desert; she could well imagine what they’d do to them and still keep them serviceable for their smuggling plans.

Both Bill and Chris seemed mildly amused at the truckers’ drunkenness, watching with detachment their unrestrained revelry. Then Chris turned around and noticed Linda peering out of the window. He stared at her for a few seconds, then broke into a thin, cold, mocking smile. Linda felt her skin crawl with disgust. Even looking at that man made her feel unclean. She shuddered, then pulled herself away from the window and walked over to the Army cot and where Judy was sitting.

“What are they going to do with us when they’re through?” the girl asked quietly after her mother sat down.

“I don’t even want to guess, honey,” Linda said, reaching over and gently taking her daughter’s hand in hers. She stroked those smaller fingers and almost broke down into sobs. It was only the knowledge that one of them had to stay strong in the face of this horror that kept her from screaming the roof down.

“Will they do the same to us as they did to that girl?” Judy asked dreamily.

“Don’t even think it! Don’t even think it!” Linda whispered hoarsely, hugging her daughter close to her. She remembered Maria’s shrieks. All that blood, all the pain! No — it was too horrible to think about!

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of drunken shuffling outside the cell door. Linda looked up and saw five truckers leaning heavily against the thick, black iron bars of the door. Their rancid breaths filled the tiny cell with a sick odor while they leered and chuckled and drank from the bottles they held loosely in their hands.

“What do you want?” Linda demanded, shrinking back from the tiny mob.

“Listen to her,” one trucker said, his heavy lidded eyes focused on Judy’s bare thighs. “She sounds like the Virgin Mary.”

The other truckers broke out laughing and took another long drink.

“Get out of here. If your boss knew where you were, he’d whip you!” Linda hissed, realizing that those men had more than just humiliation in mind.

“Come out, come out and play,” another trucker said in a mocking voice.

“Hey, I’ve got the keys,” someone yelled from down the passageway.

Linda’s blood froze. To be turned over to this howling, drunken pack — it was unthinkable! Yet soon she heard the sounds of the key being drilled into tht lock, then the rusty iron door creaking open.

“MAMA!” Judy shrieked as two truckers lunged far the girl.

“Leave her alone!” Linda cried out, jumping off the cot and clawing at the biggest man. She dug her fingers into his face, raking her nails across his flushed cheeks as she kicked him savagely in the legs. But her attack only seemed to make him more determined to get at Judy.

“Get her off me!” he finally cried out as Linda made a fist and pounded him as hard as she could in the left eye. The blonde felt a pair of rough hands suddenly slide around her waist and pull her off the angered driver. Another trucker held her tightly around her waist while she screamed, thrashed, kicked and tried to rip at him with her fingers.

“NOOOO!” Judy screeched.

Linda became more violent, twisting in the trucker’s arms. Any view of her daughter was obscured by three trucker’s backs. She couldn’t see what they were doing to her daughter.

“Come on. Let’s take ’em outside,” the trucker behind Linda shouted as he staggered backward toward the opened cell door. Linda clawed at his wrists with her fingernails, drawing blood into his hairy, leathery skin finally. But the man just laughed and continued dragging the screaming woman down the corridor.

Behind her Linda could hear Judy yelping and screaming for help. She twisted her head around and could barely see her daughter. Four men were carrying her like a bagged deer — two by the arms, two by the legs. The girl swayed back and forth like a piece of speared meat with every drunken step the men took. She tried to kick herself free. But the truckers held her too tightly for that.

“Let me go!” Linda cried out again when the trucker holding her let his hands slip up to her tits. He laughed again, bending down and planting a disgustingly sloppy kiss on the back of her neck. At the same time he squeezed her thunderous tits so hard that Linda screamed out in pain.

“Lots for you out there, babe,” the trucker said, still holding tightly onto the blonde. Linda felt him working her dress up to her waist, then sliding one hand slowly back to her bare right ass-cheek. She twisted again, this time partly breaking away from his grip. He grabbed at her arm as she started to bolt back to where her daughter’s shrieks were coming from. Linda screamed out in anger and frustration as she spun to the ground. The hard dirt scraped her knees and palms as she tried to keep from pitching forward on her face. The trucker took advantage of Linda’s dog-like position. Before the blonde could scramble to her feet, she felt the man on top of her, his hands wrapped tightly about her belly. She could feel the rough Levi’s material rubbing against her sensitive, exposed ass-cheek flesh. He was rubbing his fly against her ass-crack, grunting like a contented pig while he dug his powerful fingers into her sides. Just then, the other truckers came up with Judy shrieking and bucking in their respective grips.

“Ass-fucking the old lady?” one of them asked, making the other break out into loud, uncontrolled laughter.

“Sure,” the trucker said, letting go of Linda while he quickly unzipped his fly and yanked out his six-inch dick. “She’ll have to take it dry.”

“Mama!” Judy cried out, turning her head to the left and seeing what the men were all laughing about. Linda turned her head and shut her eyes tightly as she felt something pointed and hot sliding down the full length of her narrow ass-crack. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead and plastered down some of the stray strands of blonde hair that hung in front of her face. The trucker grunted as he reached down and poked around that narrow crevice, looking for her bunghole. Linda groaned as she felt that big, calloused finger inch closer and closer to her shitter until he finally ran the tip across her wrinkled, brown asshole skin. He punted with satisfaction, then shifted position slightly. Linda inhaled sharply as she felt the pre-cum-smeared cock-head pressing against her asshole. Then a belly-ripping pain spread across her stomach and made her writhe with agony as the trucker hunched forward and buried most of his dick in with one thrust.

“NNNGHHH!” Linda cried, tossing her head wildly from side to side as the ache made her fingers tingle. She clawed the hard dirt with her hands, breaking her nails. The agony increased when the trucker shoved the rest of his fat dick into her violated asshole. Linda collapsed on her elbows, sobbing wildly as the big man on top of her rode faster and faster, stabbing his prick like a dagger into her ass. She heard the sucking sounds of her pounded shit lubing up the tunnel for the big man’s dick. He laughed and grunted alternately, hunching forward so powerfully that he almost knocked her flat with every thrust.

“NNNGHH!” the trucker finally groaned, throwing his head back and gritting his teeth tightly together. He clenched his fingers together into two fists and slammed them hard into the blonde’s sides. Linda felt the air blasted out of her as the first white-hot spurt of jizz shot into her bunghole. There was another violent blow as his dick-head contracted again and spat out another clod of white, sticky spunk. Linda prayed that his climax wouldn’t last too long. She didn’t know if her asshole could hold out too much longer.

Finally, that nightmare was over. The big trucker grunted with satisfaction, patted her sides as if she were some favorite old cow, then yanked his soft dick out of her shitter with an audible, sloppy pop.

“Best kind of enema she could get,” he said, taking a soiled handkerchief from his rear pocket and wiping the shit off his dick. Linda looked up for the first time and saw Judy staring down at her mother with a mixture of horror and disgust.

“Come on. Jack’s in with a load of horses bound for Fresno. Let’s have a little fun,” the trucker who’d fucked Linda said. The others agreed, and the two women were dragged out of the damp, cold jail for yet another session of degradation.


As the men dragged the two girls out of the jail, Linda saw Chris and Bill still standing where she’d seen them last. They looked almost completely detached from the scene as they watched the two shrieking women.

Linda heard some of the truckers running quickly behind her. Twisting her head around, she saw several men running toward a large, white and blue trailer parked to the right of the jail building. At the same time, Linda watched helplessly as Judy was carried toward the bonfire. The flickering, red and gold flames lit up the black California night evilly. Long shadows streaked across the cold desert floor as the men stumbled, danced and staggered around that opened area. Their faces seemed to glow with a demonic light as they laughed obscenely at the cringing women.

“Let’s make sure she never forgets us,” someone yelled out.

“The poker!” another trucker shouted, breaking out into uncontrollable laughter.

The others cheered. Linda shifted her eyes quickly toward Chris and Bill. They still stood there, not moving a muscle as the truckers scuffled around the edges of the bonfire looking for something. But now they seemed to be smiling for an unknown reason.

“Here you go,” a trucker with long, greasy black hair said as he held up what looked like an old branding iron. A branding iron! Linda’s eyes widened as she watched him leer at her daughter, then turn around and put the end of it into the bonfire.

“No! Don’t hurt her!” Linda wailed as the men held her back.

Judy had been laid to the ground and was now held down by two truckers. The young girl had no idea of what was about to happen as she couldn’t see the bonfire too well from her position. But hearing the catcalls, laughing, and her mother’s screeching, Judy guessed that some violent torture was in store for her. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead, and perspiration poured out of her armpits. Soon, the young girl’s entire body glistened with sweat under the dark red light of the bonfire. She rolled her eyes from left to right helplessly, whimpering and biting her lower lip in mindless terror as her captors laughed and belched above her.

The bonfire roared up brightly as three men brought in more scrub brush and threw it onto the flaming logs. A shower of sparks rained into the black evening sky as the two women moaned for pity.

“Get the old lady ready for this one,” someone yelled from the blue and white trailer.

Linda turned around and saw the truckers who had disappeared returning with a large, black stallion snorting and whinnying nervously as they brought him closer toward the fire.

“Hey, don’t get him too close. He’s gonna spook out,” Bill warned, breaking his silence.

Linda stared in horror at the big animal’s wide, terrified brown eyes and his panting, glistening sleek sides. She had no reason to think that they weren’t going to make her fuck that horse. She saw them leering at her, then shift their eyes back to the animal.

“Come on,” someone said in a husky shout.

“No, NO!” Linda cried, pulling her arms and kicking her legs as they dragged her toward the stomping animal. “Oh GOD! GOD!” she wailed, tossing her head from side to side. The muscles in her neck, arms and legs bulged and strained as she got closer and closer to the panting animal.

“MAMA!” Judy screamed suddenly.

Linda wrenched free temporarily and spun around just in time to see that fat, greasy-haired trucker lifting the branding iron out of the bonfire and hold the red glowing tip high in the air. Now Judy realized what they were going to do to her and she screamed helplessly with fear. The trucker looked at the glowing end that seemed to be a letter M, then smiled and started walking slowly toward the young girl.

“No! NO!” she cried in a tight, strained voice. Judy pulled wildly at her arms and legs, writhing on the cold ground in a vain attempt to shake free of that branding iron. “P-P-PLEASE, DON’T!” she wailed, her eyes opened incredibly wide as the trucker stopped in front of her. The other men watched intensely as he held the still-glowing branding iron high above the girl’s heaving belly. Judy’s breath came in short, panic-driven pants as her entire body visibly quivered with terror.

“You’ll belong to us now,” the man said evenly, lowering the iron until it was just above the girl’s legs.

“OHHHHHH!” she cried, bending her legs and trying to pull away from the hot object. “AHHHHH!” she screamed, every nerve ending sputtering with horrified expectation of searing pain.

“Let her go!” Linda cried, trying to run to save her daughter.

But the truckers caught her again and pinned her arms tightly behind her back. They forced her to watch the brutal scene in front of her.

“No! NOOOOOO!” Judy screamed again. The hot iron was passed just above her snatch, not touching the tender pussy flesh yet. Even so, the scalding heat singed that tender skin. The young girl’s black pussy hair crinkled, smoldering down to her mound. The bitter stench of the burned hair filled the air like th stink of a dead animal. The heat was baking Judy’s crotch dry, burning into her convulsing hole without ever touching her sensitive flesh.

“AIYEEEE! NO! TAKE IT AWAY! OH MY GOD, TAKE IT AWAY!” she cried helplessly.

But the trucker just laughed and held the glowing iron still over her twitching snatch. The inferno curled into her box, reaching her clit. That searing heat was doing incredible things to the girl’s tiny mound of sex flesh. She couldn’t believe it herself, but she was actually feeling some kind of arousal.

“She loves it! The little bitch really loves it!” the fat trucker said almost in disbelief. “Let’s see if she loves this!” he cried, moving the branding iron over her leg. The now charcoal gray, but still hot tip burned into Judy’s left thigh. There was the sound of iron hissing against wet flesh. Then the air was filled with the young girl’s long, high-pitched shriek that seemed to bounce off the slopes of the distant surrounding mountains.

“AIYEEEEE! ARRGHHHHH! GHHHHHH! NOOOOO!” Judy screamed, arching her back and digging her head into the cold desert floor. The cords in her neck stood out as her body shook with agony. She dug her fingers into the dirt and sobbed wildly as the big man took the pain-giving branding iron away and threw it onto the ground.

“Oh God, God,” Linda wailed, hanging her head down and breaking into tears as Judy’s cries still echoed in the night.

“Now for a good fuck,” the long-haired trucker said as he unbuckled his Levi’s and pulled down the zipper. Linda watched in disbelieving horror as he shoved his pants down to his knees, fingering his stubby cock until it was stiff.

“You’ve seen this before, babe,” a man said, pulling Linda away back toward the horse. In the distance, she could hear her daughter yelling and sobbing, crying out in pain and horror as that big fat trucker stuffed his cock into her violated pussy.

But Linda had her own problems to worry about. The big black stallion was pawing the ground nervously. Linda shuddered as she looked at the horse. His muscular hindquarters, sleek and powerful, glistening in the glow of the crackling bonfire, seemed to excite her as much as to horrify her. His shiny, heaving sides suggested unbridled power and lust, while his big nostrils flared with excitement. She stared dumbly at the big horse while the truckers argued what to do first.

“Come on, baby,” one big, unshaven fat blond trucker said, pulling Linda in front of the horse. He held her arms tightly pinned behind her, shoving the groaning woman up to the animal until she could feel his hot, wet breath blasting against her face. It smelled stale, almost making her retch in front of the men. “Give him a big, sloppy kiss.”

“Go to hell,” Linda said defiantly, tired of giving in to these men. They’d violated her and her daughter in the most perverted and vile ways. What more did they want? Whatever it was, she’d be damned if she’d give into their demands anymore.

“That’s a good probability,” Chris said, stepping into the circle and grinning at Linda. “But we’ll worry about that when the time comes. You know, I haven’t seen a good donkey show in ages. You’ll be a good refresher,” Chris said, turning to two of the truckers and pointing at a high, flat-topped rock some twenty feet away from them. “Hold her down on her ass there,” he ordered.

“BASTARDS! SONOFABITCHES!” Linda shrieked at them while they dragged her quickly across the ground to the rock. Before she knew it, Linda was lying ass-down on the cold granite, feeling like the victim of some kind of ancient sacrifice. The red glow of the bonfire illuminated the surrounding area with an eerie light as she heard the steady clap-clap of the stallion’s powerful hoofs. She craned her neck, lifting her head and watching fearfully as the big animal was led up to her.

“Get those legs spread,” Chris said to the men. The truckers followed out his orders silently, exposing the woman’s blonde snatch to the snorting stallion. Linda inhaled sharply, biting her lip in terror as she thought of what was about to happen. Even in the flickering low reddish light the blonde could make out the stallion’s long, thick cock. She heard that horses were probably about the most stupid four-legged animals around. But even this one was able to figure out what was expected of him. A snatch is a snatch, whether it’s on a mare or a woman. One look at Linda’s spread cunt and the animal instantly became sexually excited. The blonde shuddered with revulsion as she watched something long, black and sausage-like slowly lengthen and throb from between the stallion’s hindquarters. His eyes opened wider and his breathing turned into short, sharp pants. Terror gripped the woman’s heart. But at the same lime, there was that unexplainable joyous tight feeling in her cunt.

“Come on, boy,” one of the truckers said, leading the whinnying animal up to the rock. The big horse hesitated, pulling back for a second while Linda looked up at him with wide, terrified eyes. The truckers coaxed the big horse forward again.

This time he lowered his head, sniffing curiously at Linda’s pussy.

“Ohhhhh!” she cried, feeling the folds of her cunt contract, squeezing her budding clit shaft. For some unexplained reason, Linda’s fuck juices began to flow again, evaporating in the air and filling the grunting stallion’s nose. He opened his big mouth and let that dark pink tongue slip out, spilling onto the blonde’s upturned, quivering pussy.

“Get a good licking, boy. Lick her up good!” the men roared.

Linda tilted her head back, growling with revulsion as she felt the stallion slobbering all over her box. Every powerful upward lick raised her body. She felt the animal’s hot spittle oozing into her hot crotch-slit, plastering down her matted blonde twat hairs as he continued to whinny with excitement.

“God, stop him! Stop him!” she panted. But with that plea was a silent prayer that the licking could go on with more frenzy. Her tits began to swell with excitement and jolts of sexual electricity as the slobbering sounds of the big animal’s cunt-licking filled the night air.

“Go, baby,” they shouted, seeing the woman’s now obvious enjoyment. Linda twisted her body with delight, raising her plump ass-cheeks to give the licking animal more room. She felt his hot, wet tongue slop over her butt-cheeks, sliding into the tight crevice between her buns, then working back up to her gaping cunt hole. Linda was being bathed with horse spit, drowned in waves of animal saliva as her pussy trembled and twitched with unnatural, perverted sexual delight. Her mind reeled with unspeakable pleasure as she grunted like a cow in rut.

“OHHH! UNNGHH! OHHHHHH!” she groaned, hunching up her slender thighs every time the stallion slobbered his tongue across her furry, fat, hot labes. When his sandy tongue slopped over her fully unsheathed clit, the blonde thought she’d orgasm right there.

“Okay, boys. Let’s really make her happy,” Chris sneered.

Linda felt herself being pushed back to the rock as the men pushed the big animal forward. While two truckers ducked under the horse’s forelegs, spreading Linda’s legs widely apart after the animal positioned himself directly over her, Chris and another trucker turned her ass up slightly so the stallion’s cock could slip in more easily.

“You think it’ll fit?” one trucker asked Chris as the animal’s big, black dong bumped against Linda’s hot pussy.

“Does it matter?” the trucker asked, winking at his friend as he pushed the blonde’s ass up.

“OHHHHH!” Linda cried, feeling that big, smooth hot cock-head pushing gently into the folds of her pussy. She felt her outer snatch-lips stretching and stretching, threatening to yield. A dull ache was replaced by a sharper pain as the animal’s dick finally slipped past her thick snatch-lips and started sinking into her juiced box. “OHHH! Take it out! Nooo! I can’t take it! OH GOD, I CAN’T TAKE IT! AHHHHHH!” she cried wildly.

“Hold still, dammit!” Chris said, refusing to listen to the woman. He kept looking down and grinning evilly as he watched more and more of the black, leathery horse cock-meat steadily knifing into the blonde’s snatch. Every few seconds, a giant throb raced through the grunting stallion’s dick, making Linda’s body shudder in sympathy to that sexual ripple. She twisted her body, helplessly wailing and crying and begging them to stop the awful pain in her snatch.

“I’LL DIE! OH GOD, I’M GOING TO DIE!” she finally cried out as she felt that dick-tip pressing deep in her cunt. Still it sank, stretching her fuck hole to incredible dimensions. Linda couldn’t believe that her box would stand up to much more.

She just knew that it would break apart any second, spilling blood and cunt juice into her body. She’d bleed to death like a stuck pig on this rock with a horse’s cock stuffed into her. Her last memories on earth would be of a grunting horse towering above her with his stiff, hot thick dick sinking into her bleeding pussy. In her wildest, most depressing dreams, Linda had never thought that she’d come to such a degrading end as this.

“Okay, I think she’s had enough,” Chris said, stopping the wilting animal from going any further. Linda babbled out some incoherent phrase of thanks. She broke into a series of loud wails as she felt the stallion pulling his thick dong slowly out of her fuck tunnel. It felt as if all her organs were being ripped out with it.

“AHHH! OHHHHH GODDUD!” the woman shrieked, clawing the hard, cold rock with her fingers as she tossed her head from side to side. Then the horse was hunching down again, sliding his thick dong back into her pussy. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster, until Linda found herself relaxing and actually accommodating the animal’s prick. She couldn’t fully enjoy that fucking. She was just too tight and terrified. But at the same time, the blonde found that her clit responded surprisingly well to that animal’s cock constantly rubbing against it.

“Hold him, bays. When he shoots, he’ll almost be uncontrollable,” Chris warned as he glanced quickly up and saw the stallion’s big brown eyes rolling wildly in his head.

“Oh God!” Linda cried, feeling the big dick inside her trembling and expanding. She knew he was going to shoot any second. She could feel something scalding and wet dripping out of the animal’s black, shiny, cunt-embedded dick-head and burning into her stretched pussy walls. It was a warning of imminent orgasm.

Then it happened. With a loud grunting and whinnying, the powerful stallion started spurting his thick jizz into the shrieking blonde’s pussy. Linda felt a long, hard squirt of something hot shoot into her hole. It felt as if someone had turned on a fire hose and shoved the nozzle into her snatch. Her eyes opened wide, her jaw slackened, her lips moved as if she wanted to scream. But no sound came out. The horror of the situation suddenly overwhelmed her as the second squirt sent another load of animal spunk dumping into her cunt.

“UHHHHH!” Linda finally grunted deep in her throat, shaking violently as another and another and another spurt of that stallion’s cum splashed and splattered in her stretched pussy. Her twat filled up quickly with the cum. Soon the excess was spilling out, covering her bouncing ass-cheeks and thighs with thick layers of hot, sticky white jizz.

“OHHH GODDD!” Linda finally screamed, her eyes glazing over and rolling back into her head as she fell limply and unconsciously back to the top of the rock.

“Hey, she’s out,” one of the truckers said, looking at the blonde.

“Doesn’t matter,” Chris grunted. “He’s through. Get her and the girl back to the cell. We got to get ready.”

Chris smiled to himself. It was almost over. Soon, there’d be a wad of cash in his pocket from the delivery and no witnesses to the plan or to what happened in the diner.


“Oh Mama, I hurt,” Judy wailed, holding her thigh and rubbing the sore, burned flesh with her trembling fingers.

“Don’t do that, honey,” Linda said, ignoring the pain in her snatch and crawling over to her daughter. She examined the dark letter M burned into the young girl’s flesh.

“I can’t take any more, Mama. I can’t!” the young girl said, sobbing as she looked pleadingly into her mother’s eyes.

“It’ll be over soon,” Linda said, afraid that her words would be too true. She couldn’t imagine why Chris allowed this to happen if he really needed their cooperation. He must have figured out something else, some other plan where they weren’t important.

Linda sighed and held her daughter closely. She had a feeling that everything would come to a head soon. Whatever Chris was planning would take place in a few days, or perhaps a few hours. He mentioned a big shipment of dope to go out pretty soon. That was what they were being saved for. After that, the thoughts that buzzed through Linda’s confused mind were too horrible to contemplate. She just prayed that if they were to be killed, Chris would make it short and painless.

The blonde’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud hissing sound coming from the window. Linda cringed, thinking at first that a rattler had somehow managed to crawl into their cell. Turning her head, she saw that someone was standing outside by the window and motioning her to come forward.

“Who is it?” she whispered, letting go of Judy and making sure no one was in the corridor outside her cell.

“Doesn’t matter,” the man whispered back as Linda approached the window. Looking closely at him, the blonde recognized the man as Jack, the reluctant trucker.

“What do you want,” Linda said a little bitterly.

“Listen. I haven’t got time to argue with you. I know you don’t have to trust me. But I’ve had enough of this game. I’ve got a wife and kids and I don’t want them dragged into this mess,” he said, looking nervously over his shoulders.

“Don’t tell me your problems,” Linda said, about to walk back to her daughter. She wasn’t about to sit as some kind of father confessor for a conscience-ridden trucker.

“Hey! I’m trying to help you,” Jack said in a low voice.

“Help? How? They’ve got this place so well locked up and guarded that you couldn’t smuggle a gnat out of here,” Linda said hopelessly.

“I’ve got to pull the rig out of here in a couple of hours, deliver the horses, then come back here for the trip down south with the stuff,” Jack confessed. “You could get in there. All you have to do is get out of here,” he said with a slight smile on his face.

“Why take that chance? When we get through helping them.”

“When you get through helping them, you’ll be just a pile of cinders, along with your daughter,” Jack said.

“What?” Linda almost cried out in a loud voice.

“Shhh! They’re gonna drug you and the girl, then crash the car just north of the checkpoint by San Clemente. They figure that the Feds will be so busy with everybody else trying to pull you two out that the trucks’ll sail through without any problems. And they’ll take care of the two of you at the same time,” Jack said, watching Linda’s reaction closely.

“Oh God,” she whispered hoarsely after several moments. “So they get their money and tie up loose ends at the same time.”

“Right. Now do you see why you’ve got to get out of here now?” Jack asked.

“All right. But how?” Linda asked, feeling terrified and fearful for her life.

“Most of the men are drunk out of their minds right now,” Jack said quickly. “They’ve just got one guy guarding your cell now, and he’s flaky. If you could get him in, we could knock him out and get the hell out of here,” Jack suggested.

“Why don’t you do it and save us the problem?”

Linda asked, wondering how she could fool the trucker guarding her.

“Nobody around here trusts me anymore. Chris and Bill spread the word that I might want out of the operation. I’m a threat to them. God only knows why they haven’t done me in yet. But anyway, that guy wouldn’t let me within ten feet of this place. You get him in the cell, you know, occupied, and we can get out.”

Linda shuddered, raising her arms and squeezing them tightly across her tits. She knew what she might have to do. But if Jack was right, there wasn’t any choice.

“All right. You stand outside there and wait,” Linda said, sighing deeply. “You’ll know when it’s time to come in.”

Jack winked in agreement, then pulled back from the window as Linda walked to the cell door.

“Honey,” she said, turning to Judy for a second. “We’ve got to play along to get out of here.”

“I know, Mama,” the girl said, smiling bravely as she crawled up to the cot and sat down on the edge.

Linda inhaled sharply, then started pounding the iron bars.

“Guard! Guard!” she called out loudly, rattling the door.

“What the fuck you want?” the sleepy, slightly drunk trucker finally said as he staggered from his chair up to the cell.

“A little attention,” Linda said coyly, stepping back and smiling at him.

The trucker looked a little stupidly at her, his thick lower lip drooping down as if he were a retarded ape. Then the message finally sank in. He smiled back, raising his right hand and wiping the drool off his mouth with the back of his wrist.

“What the fuck do I want with a broad’s who’s been busy fuckin’ horses?” he said sarcastically.

The words bit into Linda’s pride. But she kept on smiling, backing up into the cell. At the same time, Judy raised one knee and slowly opened her legs, exposing her furry young black snatch.

“That makes me just a little more experienced than the rest,” she said coyly.

“A lot fuckin’ looser, you mean,” the trucker said, still sneering. But Linda could tell that he was thinking over the possibility of slipping into their cell.

“Come on. Nobody’ll know. With all this around, we haven’t had a good lay,” Linda said, hating the words.

“You came to the right guy,” the fat, unshaven slobby trucker said, fishing in his pockets for the keys. Linda held her breath as she heard the key enter the lock and watched the door swing open. The blonde could tell that he wasn’t that drunk to be so easily overtaken. As fat as he was, he was also muscular. She’d have to get him in a position where he couldn’t fight back too well.

“Who do you want first?” Linda said recognizing the man as the greaser who had branded her daughter.

“You. I’ll get her later,” the big man said, grabbing Linda roughly by the arms and flinging her hard to the ground.

“OHHH! A cave man,” she grunted out, wanting to rip his eyes out with her fingernails. Instead she lay there quietly while the trucker stripped. He couldn’t get undressed quickly enough. Throwing his clothing in a pile on the floor, the trucker jerked off his soiled white cotton jockey shorts. His cock was stumpy and had an odor of animal decay about it. He was visibly shaking. Linda shuddered also, but she was trembling from the thought of this filthy animal crawling on top of her.

“Oh baby, see if this ain’t better than some horse,” the trucker grunted as he climbed on top of her. He tried to stab his dick in her immediately. But his cock was too wide.

“Oh God! I want to hold you, shit, chew on that dick of yours,” Linda said encouragingly, wondering what the hell was taking Jack so long in getting there. She looked around and noticed to her surprise that Judy was gone! Before she had a chance to try to figure out what happened, she felt the fat trucker’s greasy lips slithering all over her throat and tits.

“UHHHH!” she groaned, looking up into his glazed eyes. Linda lifted her arms to embrace him. The trucker bucked harder and harder against her, pushing his fat rod against her snatch-lips. She jerked from side to side, raising her ass-cheeks and fitting him nicely into her cunt.

“AHHH!” he grunted with satisfaction, plunging away with his big, hairy shaking ass. Soon she could tell from his uneven, ragged breathing that he was close to coming. Where the hell was Jack? The trucker would be through and dressed, and all she’d have for this show was a pussy full of this disgusting man’s spunk.

“OHHH, not yet!” she pleaded.

“Coming!” he grunted. He thrashed wildly, rearing up and tensing. She squeezed her cuntal muscles tightly together, choking off any attempt of his cock squirting cum into her hole yet.

“Please, wait!” Linda begged.

“Fuckin’ bitch. You like it good and hot, heh?” the trucker said, sweating like an overworked pig and grunting as he rotated his stubby dick around and around the blonde’s squishy cunt.

As he toyed with her snatch, plunging his dick in and out slowly, taking his time and trying to bring her to a climax before he shot his wad, Linda looked over the man’s shoulders and saw her daughter with Jack slowly slip back into the cell. In Judy’s hand was a long poker. In fact, it was the branding iron the trucker had used on her earlier. But Judy held it by the letter end and the long, pointed handle glowed bright red. A twisted sneer snaked across Judy’s lips as she slipped quietly across the dirt floor up to the fucking trucker. Linda gasped when she realized what her daughter was about to do. But this wasn’t the time for moralizing. She held tightly onto the fat, grunting man as Judy pointed the red-hot poker directly over the trucker’s shitter.

“COMMMMING!” Linda screamed, pretending to be thrashing wildly, gripped in the throes of a painful, violent orgasm.

The trucker grunted with obvious pleasure, thinking that he’d brought Linda to that kind of climax. His pleasure quickly turned to horror when Judy stabbed the red-hot pointed end of the branding iron into his exposed bunghole.

“ARRGHHHHH!” he cried out, his eyes opening wide with horror as the girl pushed harder, ripping the screaming man’s tender bowels apart with the searing, ripping poker.

Linda crawled from under the shrieking man quickly, scooting against the cot as he tried to turn around and fight off whoever was behind him. But Jack ran in and held him helplessly to the ground. Linda held her ears, feeling her stomach churn as she watched her young daughter commit this horrible act. He bellowed, writhed, shouted and screamed incoherently as Judy twisted and rotated that poker, smiling insanely. Linda wanted to get up and stop the girl. But she realized that that kind of revenge was due to her. She’d been brutally violated and mutilated for life by this animal. He deserved what he was getting now.

“AHHHHHH!” The man cried in weaker groans. Linda could smell the seared flesh of his ass. His flanks quivered, his arms shot straight out, flailing in the air then beating in the dirt as the poker jammed in even further. Judy still stood quietly above him, jaws tight, driving that iron deeper and deeper as Jack held the trucker down with all his might.

“My God, you’ll kill him!” Linda finally shouted out as she saw blood slowly oozing out of the man’s ass and mouth.

Judy didn’t hear her mother. The hissing of that iron poker against the trucker’s skin died as the man’s groans became softer and finally died away to a low moan. The girl backed away, smiling as the trucker lay face-down in the dirt with the poker sticking out of his burned, blackened asshole like some kind of battle standard.

“Let’s get the hell out of here! With all that screaming, even the drunks might be getting up,” Jack said, motioning Linda to get up.

“Come on Judy,” Linda said softly, taking her daughter by the hand and pulling her out of the foul-smelling cell. The girl followed obediently, turning her head around and looking at the man for one last time. A quiet chuckle escaped from her lips as she stared. Then she turned and stepped along with her mother as they crept down the long corridor to the outside.

“The truck’s over by that side,” Jack said, pointing to the spot. “Come on. We’ve got to get you two in there pronto.”

Linda and Judy ran quickly behind the sprinting trucker, looking nervously behind their shoulders for anyone.

“Thank God!” Linda said as they reached the trailer.

“Get in,” Jack whispered, opening the driver’s door and helping Linda in. “You’ve got to stay down behind the seat until we pull clear of the compound. They’ve got guards stationed at the foot of the entrance road,” Jack advised.

Linda nodded her head quickly in agreement, taking Judy by the hand and pulling her into the cab. Jack crawled in quickly, slamming the door as quietly as possible and started up the big truck. The vibrations rippled through Linda’s body as she prayed silently that they’d make it.

“By the way, I just heard that that guy at the diner’s alive,” Jack said as he steered the big rig out of the compound and headed down a narrow, bumpy dirt road toward the highway.

“What?” Linda cried out in disbelief.

“Yeah. I couldn’t believe it either. But seems Bill made the mistake of setting the place on fire,” Jack said.

“What!” Linda cried out.

“Yeah. He figured that it would cover his tracks. What it did was attract some passing motorists who called the fire department. They found that guy and pulled him out before the roof collapsed,” Jack said as he motioned for Linda to keep her head down. “We’re passing the guards now,” he whispered back.

“Then the police must know something’s up,” Linda whispered back.

“Yeah, but not exactly what it is,” Jack said out of the corner of his mouth as he nodded cheerfully to the two truckers sitting on rocks on either side of the twisting road. “He’s been in kind of a coma for these last couple of days. The news said something about him snapping out of it a little today. I guess Chris’ little deal wouldn’t have gone off anyway if that guy talked,” Jack said, sighing with relief as he pulled onto the main highway.

Max alive! Linda’s heart skipped a beat because of the happiness that rippled through her body. Alive, and in a few weeks, ready for her again. Whatever happened to her in the past was past. She couldn’t let that bother her any more. Not with Max in the picture again. The long nightmare was over. As the truck sailed down the highway toward Gilroy and safety, Linda thought of Max’s big fat dick and sighed happily.

“Mmmmmm, thought I’d never see this day,” Max said in a low, dreamy voice. He rolled over on his side and trailed his fingers lightly over the high-rising mounds of her tits. Linda gasped as his calloused thumb flicked across her nipple.

“God help me, I thought I’d die when I saw you sliding to the floor that night,” Linda said, pushing her legs apart and kicking the sheets off the king-sized bed.

“Our date was interrupted for a while,” the big man said, moving his powerful fingers down Linda’s flat, heaving belly.

“Ohh, but we’ll make up for it now,” she said unevenly, feeling Max’s big fingers toying with the tight curls of her pubic hairs. She knew that with the right kind of tugging and stroking, a man could make a woman climax just by playing with her cunt-hairs. Max was just doing that now, making the sensitive twat flesh ripple and tremble, making her slick, inner cunt folds pucker up and suck in as he plowed his fingers lightly through the tangled forest of blonde cunt-hairs.

“I’d like to have seen the look on those truckers’ faces when the police and Feds broke into their camp,” Max said suddenly.

“Huh?” Linda said in surprise. Her mind was drifting far away from any consideration of that horrible compound and what happened in it.

“I mean, I heard that they found one of the biggest caches of heroin in a long time stuffed in those semi’s,” Max continued, dreamily playing with Linda’s pubic curls.

“For God’s sake, Max,” Linda said a little irritatedly. “We can talk about that later,” she whispered now. The blonde was too aroused now to be thinking about cops and robbers. Besides, she was nervous about speaking of those events. Fortunately, not too much was made about the sexual degradation she and Judy were forced to submit to. And nothing was said about the horse act. It wasn’t due to any decency on Chris’ part. Linda guessed that he felt he needed all the help he could get, and confessing that he’d made the women submit to that kind of degradation wouldn’t win the sympathy of any court.

“Sorry, babe. But that was a pretty heavy scene laid on you and Judy,” Max said sympathetically, rolling over and sliding down on the bed until his thick, sensuous lips gently cupped Linda’s oozing snatch.

“Ohh, suck, suck, suck,” Linda cooed, jerking her knees together and trapping Max’s head with her smooth, sweaty thighs. She felt herself floating higher and higher, soaring into the sky as the big man dug into her fuck-hole with his long tongue. Linda sighed as first one ripple, then another delicious contraction fluttered across her stiffened clit. The nightmare was over and she was in the arms of a powerful lover who wanted only to please her. That’s all Linda wanted!

Or was it? Soaring higher and higher as her clit throbbed harder and harder, the blonde felt the overwhelming urge to be humiliated, hurt, degraded.

“Oh God!” Linda cried out with surprise as she fought down that feeling.

“Like it, babe?” Max asked, pulling his head out from between her legs and looking dreamily at her.

“Yes, yes,” she panted, shoving his face back down into her juice-slicked twat and hunching her swampy box against his mouth. God help me! Linda prayed silently as she successfully fought down that raging desire to be hurt this time. As she rocketed toward climax, the blonde wondered if she’d ever recover from her ordeal. It had unleashed a strange power and desire in her that might never be completely restrained.

“OHHHH!” Linda cried out as her blood-engorged clit throbbed and beat in climax. It was beautiful, but not the hard, knifing orgasm that cut through her like a rusty saw she’d experienced in the compound.

“Oh God, God,” Linda wailed, wondering where it would all end.

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