Hot Wild Babysitter

The teenage girl searching for a “real man” to initiate her into the mysteries of sex — a theme a old as man. And in today’s “liberated” society, it could safely be assumed that an even larger percentage of young girls look toward older men to help get them over that first big step and into womanhood. For whatever reasons, to many adolescent girls, the idea of ridding themselves of their bothersome virginity with the aid of an “experienced” man seems a good one. After all, why go through all that agony at the hands of a fumbling teenage boy in the back seat of a car?

OVEREAGER YOUNG STUFF is the story of a married man who finds himself the almost constant target of every virgin in his neighborhood. The word had gotten out that he was a “real man”, and soon his “services” were in great demand. At first reluctant, the man soon finds he prefers young girls to his wife, but then, as it so often does, reality steps in and the man’s life returns to “normal”.

A shocking story, certainly, but not a farfetched one, especially in these times of sexual liberation.


Pretty Pam Turner’s heart pounded wildly behind her small tits when she found her father home alone. The minute she saw him in his T-shirt and shorts she knew her mother was out. He always sat around like that when his wife was gone. And it scared Pam.

She shut the door behind her, and her sharp gaze flew to her father’s lap. There was a large bulge in his white shorts with a big wet spot on top of it. Pam could plainly see he had been playing with his cock again.

Her breathing quickened and she tore her gaze from the frightening monstrosity. Without a word of greeting, she hurried to her own room. She quickly closed the door and leaned against it, breathing erratically, hoping against hope that her father wouldn’t bother her.

She waited with bated breath for several minutes. Then she heaved a sigh and her tensed shoulders sagged. Her jutting little tits stopped thrusting in her shirt. She felt better.

She finally pushed away from the door and moved across the room, knowing she had to change but of her school clothes and hating that fact. She slowly unbuttoned her cute little shirt and the V neckline spread wide to reveal the gentle slopes of her tight young tits. She just started to pull the shirt out of her tight waisted skirt when the door swung wide.

Pam whirled and her heart hammered as her eyes flew wide. Her blood rushed through her veins and her tits rose up nervously, the sharp tips poking hard in the material of her halfopen shirt.

A look of extreme dread spoiled her pretty face and her voice cracked as she rasped, “Daddy — don’t come in my room.”

Her father, a heavy-set man with thick biceps, stepped inside and chuckled, “That’s no way to greet your dad, kitten.”

Fear flashed in Pam’s blue eyes. She stepped back and pulled her shirt closed over her nubile little tits. “And don’t call me kitten,” she said weakly, her eyes glancing at the huge bulge in his moist shorts. “I’m not a kitten.”

“Sure you are,” her father said with a slow grin. He moved right up to her, towering over her, and he circled her slim waist with a hairy arm. He pulled her against his throbbing hardon and said, “You’re a cute, cuddly little pussy.”

Pam gasped to feel his cock hotly throbbing against her flat belly. Her ears burned and her small fists pushed at his powerful chest as she whimpered, “I asked you not to say things like that.”

Ignoring her girlish protests, he stared down at her parted shirt front. “How’s your cute little tits today?” he rasped hotly. His prick jumped.

His huge hand pushed her shirt open and a small tit, tipped with a rather large pink nipple, poked out cutely. He grinned and grasped her tit in his hand, squeezing it until the nipple stood up.

Pam shuddered and in a small voice she whimpered, “Daddy… please… don’t.”

He opened her shirt all the way and his massive hand traveled freely across both jutting tits as his cock pulsed strongly near her crotch. Pam cringed and felt dwarfed by him, dwarfed and threatened. His powerful hand mauling her tender tits made the small mounds tighten up and quiver as Pam caught her breath.

“Daddy… no…” she whined.

“Now quit giving me a hard time,” he said, tweaking her left nipple. “You know you like it.”

“I don’t, I don’t,” Pam sobbed suddenly. She started to cry, afraid not so much because her raunchy father was toying with her tits but because her tits got too aroused when he did that. She hated the way he could make her body respond, when she didn’t want to.

“I know what you need,” her father said thickly. “You like to be coaxed, don’t you?”

He grasped her slender waist in a vise-grip and pulled her across the room. Pam sobbed and tried to hold back, but she was no match for his brute strength.

“No… ohhh, noooo…” she cried as he dragged her to her bed. Tears streamed down her smooth cheeks as he forced her down on her back and tied her hands to the bed post with a length of hair ribbon from her nightstand.

Her shirt spread open and her naked little tits heaved on her chest. Her father sat beside her and leered at them. Chuckling lewdly, he mashed them beneath his big hand until Pam gasped and squirmed.

“Here’s what you need,” he murmured obscenely. He bent over her thrusting tits and his thick wet tongue snaked out of his mouth. He chortled over her defenseless tits and licked his tongue up and down the gentle slopes of her tits.

“No, nooo,” Pam whined helplessly.

“Please… not again!”

A familiar fear rose up inside her straining young body, a fear of what would happen to her if her depraved father sucked her sensitive nipples. She twisted her torso away from his wet mouth, gasping. Her father chuckled and licked her rib cage, making her twitch and pant.

He got up on all fours on her bed and chased after her elusive tits. Pam turned on her side to get her defenseless tits out of his tongue’s reach, but her father ducked his head over her rib cage and gobbled at a pink nipple.

“No, noo, noooo,” Pam whimpered, her voice weaker than ever.

Her father was tremendously aroused by her little-girl tits and large pink nipples. His cock throbbed wetly in his sticky shorts as he laved his tongue all over her helpless tit-mounds. “Cute little tits,” he murmured lewdly, mauling her spiking pink nipples with his hot tongue. “We know about your luscious tits, don’t we, kitten?”

He threw one hairy leg across her writhing thighs to keep her legs away as he licked and sucked her nipples freely. With her wrists tied above her head and her legs pinned down, young Pam was a helpless victim, a prisoner, a teenaged sacrifice to her father’s ugly desires.

Pam threw her head back and grit her teeth as her father’s hungry mouth devoured her helpless boobs. Unwanted pleasure streaked through her stiff nipples as he slobbered over them, licking and sucking them until Pam thought she would go out of her mind. Her eyes closed tightly. Her lips fell open. She whimpered. Her pink tongue licked and flicked over her dry lips as she panted. Her whole body strained and trembled. The surge of pleasure in her tits became a tidal wave that the young girl couldn’t handle.

A huge sigh suddenly escaped her throat. Her body went lax on the bed and became soft and supple. She fell onto her back and her naked jutting tits reached upward to her father’s sucking mouth. Her eyelashes fluttered momentarily, then her eyes opened, slightly glazed, and she peered down at what he was doing to her aroused tits.

“I hate you, I hate you,” she breathed hotly as she watched her father’s tongue drive her aching tits to new heights of sensual pleasure. He had a nasty habit of spending lots of time on them, nibbling and munching and chewing and licking until poor Pam couldn’t think straight any more.

She gasped when her father’s sexy mouth slid wetly down her tit’s slope to kiss between her tits, then went lower. He extended his tongue from his mouth and gave little licks to her ribs, then down to her flat and tensed belly.

“Daddy… no… please… not down there!” Pam gasped, writhing under his tongue and lips.

He removed his leg from her body, no longer needing it to pin her weakened legs to the bed. He reached down and hiked her short skirt way up on her belly. Pam wasn’t wearing any panties.

He craned his neck and stared hotly at his little girl’s furry young pussy, and his prick raged in his shorts. “How sexy your cunt is, kitten,” he slurred.

“Ohhh, noooo,” Pam whispered, fearing the worst now.

Her father inched his way down between her shapely young legs. He forced her trembling thighs apart with his broad shoulders and ogled her succulent young pussy. As Pam sobbed and pleaded, he slipped his huge hands beneath her ass. Grasping her firm, round asscheeks, he lifted her off the bed and stared hotly at the puffy lips of her sweet cunt.

Drawn to her pussy as if her cunt were a magnet, he pressed his wet mouth against her pussy and kissed hornily. Then he drew his head back an inch and stuck his tongue out. Breathing heavily through his nostrils, he licked the tip of his tongue slowly up and down her exposed cunt-crack.

“No!” Pam screeched, jerking as his tongue burned her pussy. “Please — not that! Daddy! Ohhh, don’t lick it! No, no, noooo!”

But Pam’s pussy was as vulnerable as her tits and her father knew it. So he plastered his hot mouth against her defenseless cunt and buried his tongue in her juicy little fuck-hole. He wiggled it in there as his sobbing young daughter squirmed and writhed in an agony of unwanted pleasure.

“Ohhh, dooooooon’t,” she whined. “You know what that does to me!”

“Sure do!” her father chuckled, and he fucked his thick tongue in and out of her silky wet pussy-mouth. He kept that up until he felt Pam’s quivery ass-cheeks finally relax in his hands. Then he felt her cunt-walls flex around his thick, probing tongue. He had Pam where he wanted her.

Confident and horny, he pushed his face against her furry cunt. His long tongue wiggled up into her tight fuck-channel and his nose slobbered wetly against her quivery little clit. Massaging her helpless cunt with his nose and tongue-fucking her writhing cunt-hole, he drove his daughter over the brink of girlhood. Pam went wild on the bed beneath her lusty father’s vicious tongue and hands. Losing all control of her will and her body, she whimpered continually as her depraved father had his way with her.

Pam lost all sense of self now. She always did when her obscene father sucked her tits and cunt this way. There was something about her tits and her pussy that she didn’t understand. She could hate her father and resist him strongly any day of the week — but not when he got her like this! When he licked her aching tits and munched her hot cunt, it was as if her body no longer belonged to her. She became his to do with as he pleased. Pam hated it, but she couldn’t stop it. There was something terribly sexual about her.

Jack Turner knew his daughter well. He ought to. He had started feeling her up when she was only a kid. Like the dirty old man he was, he often forced her to sit on his lap while he toyed with her budding little tits and rubbed her cute, tiny pussy. When she got older he made her play with his enormous prick, and he taught her how to jack his cock off for him. He early instilled a horrifying fear of him in her. Now she was his sex slave, hopelessly and helplessly. All he had to do was suck on her sensitive nipples and eat her cunt.

Now that Pam’s helplessly writhing body was his to use, he chortled evilly and ogled her naked charms with lust-filled, glaring eyes. These times always frightened Pam, so she rarely struggled against the vicious man’s wishes. With her tits tingling and her cunt steaming, she simply surrendered to his evil desires and stopped fighting her own mysterious horniness.

She never told her father that he made her very horny. She didn’t have to. It was always quite obvious. Even now, as he tongue-fucked her sweet pussy, he knew that she was out of her head with passion. Licking her cunt-slit, he peered up at her thrusting young tits and saw the condition of her large pink nipples. Pam had gorgeous nipples — big, sensitive things that drove her crazy when they were spiking like they were now.

Watching his daughter’s helpless tits gave him an evil idea. He liked to rub his hot balls on them from time to time. Now was a good time, he thought.

Pam felt the bed creak and sink. She opened her heavy-lidded eyes and saw her father climbing over her, straddling her body, crawling higher. Her blue eyes riveted on his monstrous bulge, clearly saw the giant wet spot in his shorts.

He liked his little girl to gaze at his prick. It excited him. He raised up and laughed and opened his wet shorts. His monstrous cock leapt out and throbbed menacingly before Pam’s startled eyes. She was always startled by the size of her father’s prick. His cock didn’t look human to her, not like a boy’s. His prick looked more like a weapon of torture than an instrument of pleasure.

“Oh, noooo,” she whimpered weakly.

It wasn’t a protest now, and her father knew it. It had taken him some years to discover the secret to Pam’s sexy young mouth. At first he’d had to threaten her with whippings to get her to suck his cock. But with time and experiments he soon discovered her helpless horniness when her nipples and pussy were aroused. Then it was easy to get her to do anything.

It was easy now as he settled his ass on her jutting tits and mashed them for her. He wagged his prick over her sensuous young mouth.

“Lick,” he commanded.

Pam whimpered and tears filled her sparkly eyes, but her lips parted quiveringly and her pink tongue emerged. Her father chuckled lewdly and lowered his bulging cock-head to the tip of her tongue. He moved his prick there for a moment, groaning with his own selfish pleasure. Then Pam’s tongue started moving, sliding, licking slowly, then faster.

Her father laughed at her and she closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at him. He always looked so evil over her when he was horny for her body.

She licked his cock and his nuts and his prick-shaft as he writhed his hips obscenely over her, mauling her aching tits with his ass. She suffered quiet desperation and did all he commanded of her.

She wept softly when he backed away from her mouth and started fucking his huge prick between her small tits. He grabbed her tits and forced them together around his throbbing wet cock, and he fucked her there hornily, humiliating her with his drooling mouth and snorting remarks about her tits.

She quivered and sobbed when he drew his long prick down the length of her body to her furry cunt. She turned her face away from him when he tried to kiss her mouth as he planted his cock between her trembling thighs.

Her father just chuckled. He gripped his prick in his powerful fist and pressed his massive cock-head against the opening of her cunt-mouth. Grinning obscenely, he chuckled evilly and lurched forward, filling her small fuck-hole with his wide, thick prick.

Pam squealed when his cock first sliced up into her pussy. He always liked to degrade her by forcing his prick into her helpless body. And he loved to fuck his cock deep into her belly, knowing that she couldn’t help but fuck him wildly.

He twisted his huge torso around and gobbled one of her aching, jutting tits as he brutally fucked her defenseless pussy. His massive boner ripped into her fuck-hole until Pam screamed and came wetly on his prick. Then he chuckled with satisfaction as her lovely legs wrapped around his waist and she screwed her pussy on his fucking prick as if she loved his cock.

Gasping and moaning, coming continually, Pam helplessly fucked her father’s giant prick, the largest prick ever to fuck her frail young body. She felt small under his heaving frame, almost smothered by his body and his overpowering lust. She cried softly each time she came, hating to orgasm on his prick, but his cock was more than she could resist. It filled every inch of her cunt and belly and sometimes seemed to fuck to her very lungs.

Her father fucked his powerful cock in and out of her twisty pussy and his hairy balls smacked wildly against her ass-cheeks as he ravished her cunt. With no regard for her small size or young emotions, he fucked her cunt brutally, muttering now and then about how she loved it.

But Pam felt like a dirty slut under her fucking father, especially when he started grunting and slobbering all over her thrusting tits. She felt his massive prick enlarge tremendously, felt his balls tighten up. And she knew what that meant to her. He was going to shoot his filthy load of come into her pussy.

She sniffled pitifully and screwed her hot cunt round and round on his, plunging, fucking cock. She didn’t want to fuck him, but he had discovered how to make her helplessly wanton and hopelessly hot. She couldn’t stop fucking his thick, long cock.

Her father chuckled and bit into the soft flesh of one of her aching tits. He thrashed her spiking pink nipple with his horny tongue, making Pam whimper and moan hotly, and he fucked all of his soaked prick into her tight fuck-hole.

His hips pistoned faster and Pam started grunting. Her father’s great weight came slamming down on her belly as he fucked his big prick into her creaming cunt. Faster and faster he fucked her until at last he groaned like an animal and his nuts exploded.

Pam always dreaded this moment. She came and came and came each time her father fucked into her, but it was nothing compared to the orgasm she always got when his prick was pumping jism into her pussy. Now his cock reared back and plunged brutally. Huge wads of thick, rich cock-cream torpedoed through his prick-tube and blasted out of his piss-hole. The geyser erupted into her ticklish, straining pussy and huge quivers of orgasmic thrills rippled through her body.

“Ohhhh!” she shrieked as if she were being stabbed repeatedly. In a sense, she was. Her father’s rigid fuck-pole stabbed her cunt again and again as his cock pumped huge wads of creamy come into her pussy. Pam shuddered and trembled fitfully on the bed, and her ass churned helplessly into the mattress as her cunt flooded viciously. Then her whole body jerked violently and would have bounced all over the bed if her heavy father had not been on her. She came wetly.

Finished with his daughter for the moment, her father pulled his spent prick out of her cunt, untied her wrists, and went into the living room to watch his favorite TV show.

“I hate you… I hate you…” Pam whimpered, writhing on the bed.

“Sure you do!” her father chuckled as he left her.

But Pam did hate him. She despised him. She hated his guts. And she wanted revenge for being misused and maltreated. But she couldn’t fight her huge father, not the man who could make her fuck like a whore. So she had to take her anger out elsewhere. Pam often did.


Pam didn’t know it but she was an awful lot like her father. He took his teenaged pussy wherever he could find it; she took her revenge out on anybody she could. Jack Turner used and abused a girl too young to defend herself, so Pam used and abused boys younger than herself. Little did her depraved parent know that he was raising a depraved little girl.

Pam didn’t think of herself as depraved. Just angry. And hurt. She lived to get even with her father, to pay him back in like kind for degrading her and humiliating her with her own helpless sexual appetite. Since she was powerless against her father, she vented her hatred on those weaker than herself.

She turned to young boys and got her revenge by torturing the very organ which so often tortured her — a cock. Since she couldn’t punish her father’s gigantic prick, she punished smaller, weaker pricks.

The day her father raped her once again she suffered not only a buzzing, drenched cunt, but a burning desire to get even. And that very weekend her opportunity came.

It was a Saturday evening, right after dinner, that Pam’s mother, answered the telephone. Mona Turner listened a moment, said something polite, and turned to her daughter.

“It’s for you,” she said.

Pam pranced to the phone and her father watched the delightful twitching of her cute ass. Pam kept her back to him, not wishing to see his lewd gaze on her body. Her father admired her ass and daydreamed about fucking it.

“Hello?” Pam cooed into the phone.

“Pam?” a woman’s yoice said. “This is Anita Blame. We’re friends of the Fosters. They said you like to babysit and we were wondering if you could watch our kids tonight.”

“Well… sure,” Pam replied.

“Oh, thank goodness!” the woman exclaimed. “We’ve asked everywhere! We’ll pay you five dollars an hour.”

Pam swallowed hard and bit her tongue to keep from gasping. Five dollars! The most anyone paid her was three!

“Can we expect you around seven?” Anita Blame wanted to know. “I know it’s short notice, but…”

“No, no, that’s fine,” Pam interrupted. “I’ll be there.”

Anita gave her the address and Pam was out the door five minutes later, strangely eager to meet the Blame kids. By seven-fifteen she was alone with young Debbie and Johnny. Pam was most interested in the boy who, she was glad to notice, kept peeking at her body.

As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Blame left for the movies, Pam carried her purse into the bathroom. She took off her dress and removed her teeny-weeny undies. She wadded up the small bra and panties and stuffed them into her purse. Then she pulled her dress back on and returned to the living room. She left her purse on the toilet tank.

She peered at the golden-haired little girl on the sofa watching TV. “Where’s your brother?” she asked.

“In his room,” Debbie replied without taking her eyes from the TV.

Pam left the child engrossed in the program and made her way through the house in search of the boy. She found his room with no trouble and posed in the open doorway. Johnny Blame was sitting on the floor, gazing at a motorcycle magazine.

“What are you doing?” Pam asked softly.

The boy’s head jerked up. His gaze danced over the pretty girl’s sexy dress, then quickly fell back to the magazine. “Uhhhh, reading,” he murmured.

“I can see that,” Pam said. She stepped into his room until the toes of her shoes touched the edge of his magazine. “But why?”

To be polite, Johnny looked up — then wished he hadn’t. Pam’s dress was awfully short, high on her curvy thighs, almost up to her pussy. He gulped and lowered his head quickly.

“Because,” he muttered.

“Because why?” Pam pressed. “It’s not good manners to ignore the new babysitter.”

“You’re not my sitter!” Johnny blurted. “Only Debbie’s. I don’t need a sitter!”

Pam smiled. “I know, I know,” she laughed. “You’re a big boy. Well, if you’re such a big boy, how come you don’t want to get to know me better? Wouldn’t you like to know me better?”

There was no mistaking the teasing tone of her sweet voice. Johnny’s young prick began to get stiff in his pants. He looked up at her and rasped, “You mean it?”

“Sure I mean it,” Pam said.

She smiled wantonly and gave him a sexy glance that made his cock jump. She took another step forward and set her feet to each side of his magazine. Her pretty legs made a wide upside-down V. Johnny looked under her dress.

“Jeez!” he gasped as his gaze roamed over her cute furry cunt. His prick throbbed wildly.

“I saw you peeking at me before,” Pam cooed, letting him look. “Do you think I’m pretty?”


“Is that why you came in here? Afraid to look at me?”

“Yeah,” Johnny admitted. “Most girls get mad when I look at them.”

“I’m not like that,” Pam said. “I like to be looked at.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh. Want to look at my pussy?”

“I can see it!” Johnny gasped, blushing.

Pam giggled. “I mean really look at it.”

“Jeez… yeah!”

Pam smiled with satisfaction and went to the door. She closed it and leaned against it seductively. Her blue eyes sparkled and scanned his lap.

“Show me your prick,” she whispered, “and I’ll let you see my cunt.”

That dazed the boy. “You wanna see my prick?”

“Yes,” she cooed.

“Jeez, you are different!” he gasped. Little did he know just how different Pam Turner was.

He eagerly leaned back on an elbow and quickly opened his pants. Panting hotly, he pulled his stiff young prick out and let his cock throb in mid-air before Pam’s flashing eyes.

“Mmmm! You have a nice one,” she purred.

“Now show me your pussy,” Johnny said in a strained voice. He was anxious.

Pam smiled sexily and moved back to him. With her eyes fixed on his throbbing boner, she squatted in front of him and stretched her thighs wide. Then she pulled her dress way up and let him feast his eyes on her cunt.

“Holy Jeez!” he gasped, and his cock jerked stiffly.

Pam smiled at him. “Do I have a nice pussy?” she teased.


“Want to see my tits, too?”

“Huh? Well… yeah… if you wanna show ’em!”

Pam lowered her dress from her creamywhite shoulders and peeled it down below her little pointed tits. Johnny’s eyes went crazy and Pam giggled.

“Just your size, aren’t they?” she cooed. She cupped them seductively in her soft hands as the boy ogled.

“Jeez,” he rasped thickly, “how come you’re doing this? I mean… girls just don’t show their cunts and tits.”

“I told you,” Pam said, “I’m not like other girls. I like to show a boy my body. See what happens to your prick when you look at my tits and pussy? I like to watch a cock get stiff.”

“You do? But — why?”

“Because a stiff prick is more fun to play with. Would you like me to play with your cock?”

Johnny couldn’t believe his luck. The kids at school would never believe this. This cute babysitter not only wanted to make his prick hard, she wanted to play with his cock.

Pam giggled as the boy sat staring at her pussy. “Well?” she cooed. “Do you want me to or not?”

“Yeah! Heck, yeah!”

“You won’t tell anybody, will you?”


“You promise?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“It has to be our secret,” Pam whispered. “If anybody ever found out, we’d be in a lot of trouble. If you keep it a secret, I’ll do some nice things to your cock.”

Watching the look of youthful lust growing on his face, Pam reached over and gently caressed his thick, throbbing prick.

Johnny’s mouth fell open and odd sounds gurgled deep in his throat as for the first time in his life a sexy older girl willingly stroked his swollen prick.

“Holy Jeez!” he gasped, watching Pam’s fingers slowly encircle and fondle his pulsing cock.

“Does this feel good?” Pam asked. “You’re nice and hard. It’s hot, too. I like the way you got a hard-on for me.” Her hand closed around his hotly pulsating cock-shaft and she added, “Want me to jerk you off?”

“Yeah,” Johnny rasped hornily, and he eagerly pushed his prick upward in her hand.

“Do you shoot when you jack off?” she wanted to know.


“A lot?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Well, I want you to shoot a lot,” Pam said.

She slipped her naughty fingers down to his small hot balls and tickled them. “I want your nuts to make lots of come for me. I like a stiff wet cock and really horny nuts. If you’re good, I’ll make you come more than you ever did before.”

“Jeez!” Johnny panted as his elongated prick jolted viciously above her teasing fingers. “This is fantastic! You’re really neat, Pam! This is fantastic!”

“You said that,” Pam laughed. She scraped her sharp fingernails up the length of his swollen prick and caressed his wet cock-head.

Then, to Johnny’s complete surprise, she released his prick and got to her feet. She looked around his room.

“What’re you looking for?” he wondered aloud.

“Where are your toys?” she asked.

“My toys?”

Pam’s eyes nailed his. “Yes, damn it! Can’t you hear? You have toys, don’t you?”

Her sudden harshness intimidated the boy. “Y-yes,” he stammered, feeling foolish. “In the closet.”

Pam pulled the closet door open and peered inside. The shelf contained an array of games, a kid’s football helmet and boxing gloves. On the floor was a toy chest. She leaned down and rummaged through the collection of toys.

Johnny’s eyes widened because when Pam bent over to search her short dress hiked up in back and he could see the sandwich of her cute little pussy between her thighs. His cock jolted with excitement.

“Oh!” Pam exclaimed suddenly. “These are ideal!”

She whirled around and dangled a pair of toy handcuffs from her fingers. She looked very pleased, almost thrilled, which puzzled Johnny. Why would handcuffs excite her?

“Do these work?” Pam asked.

“Uhhh, yeah, sure.”


“You just put them on and close them around your wrists.”

“How do you open them?”

“Push that little lever on them.”

“Can you get out of them?”

“What do you mean?”

Pam looked impatiently at him. “If I put them on your wrists, can you get out of them?”

“Well, yeah — if my hands are in front of me.”

“But no other way?” Pam wanted to know.

“No. Why?”

Pam sighed. “Get naked and lay on your bed,” she said abruptly.

“Huh? Heck, no. I ain’t getting naked in front of a girl!”

Pam’s blue eyes flashed and Johnny thought she was going to get mad again. But she shrugged her shoulders and said, “I see. I thought you wanted me to play with your cock. Okay. I don’t care.”

She dropped the handcuffs on his bed and started out of the room.

“Hey! Wait!” he shouted. “Where ya going?”

“To watch TV with Debbie,” Pam said. She gave his prick a distasteful look and added, “I guess you’re to young for me.”

She turned away and Johnny blurted, “No don’t go.”

Pam glanced back at him.

He swallowed hard and rasped, “Why do I have to get naked?”

Pam faced him and gave him one of her prettiest smiles. “Because I want to feel you all over. I want to rub your, little ass and tease your balls and jerk your prick nice. An older boy wouldn’t argue with a girl.”

“Are you gonna get naked?” he wanted to know.

“After you do,” Pam replied.

“Why me first?”

“So I can cocktease you, silly,” she cooed. “After you’re naked on the bed, I’ll strip and excite you.”

Johnny only had to look up and down her figure once more. Her luscious young tits were still naked in the open V of her dress.

“Okay,” he said.

Pam’s eyes glazed over as she watched him undress. By the time he was nude, her eyes were glassy and her breathing erratic.

“On the bed,” she said in a strange voice. Johnny jumped onto his bed, flat on his back with his eager boner bobbing in the air.

Pam moved to the side of the bed and said, “Put your hands up here.”

Johnny obeyed, but frowned in puzzlement as the sexy teenager cuffed his wrists to a crossbar on the bed.

“What’er ya doing that for?” he asked. “Can you get out? Try.”

He wriggled his hands and tried to stretch his thumbs to the catch-springs.

“I can’t,” he admitted.

“Good,” Pam said.

“Why am I handcuffed?” he asked.

“It’s a game,” she replied, glancing at his throbbing prick.

“I never heard of a game like this,” he said.

“Sure, you have,” Pam said, moving to his dresser. “Like Indians tying up someone.”

“Girl Indians don’t tie up anybody,” he pointed out.

Pam smiled at him. “Well, think of me as a rapist, then, and you’re my victim.”

“A girl rapist?”

“Why not? There are girl truck drivers now.”

“Jeez,” he muttered hopelessly.

Pam pulled open a dresser drawer. “Do you have neckties?”

“No. Why?”

“Any rope?”

“Rope? Why do you want rope?”

“I want to tie your legs open,” she answered. She turned and gave his cock a sexy look, then cooed, “I want to torture your prick.”

Johnny couldn’t know that she really meant that. Her statement simply excited his prick.

“In the toy box,” he said hotly. “There’s a jump rope.”

Pam found it and murmured something about needing two lengths of rope. She settled for the jump rope and an electrical cord. She tied Johnny to the bed, spread-eagled.

“There,” she sighed, admiring her handiwork. “Now you’re my prisoner.”

She stood beside his bed and smiled seductively at him. Holding the sexy smile, she slowly climbed up onto his bed. Standing up on it, she carefully straddled his body with her feet. With her legs spread in a big V, she slowly took her dress off, lifting it up and over her head.

“Jeez,” the kid breathed, staring up at her golden-haired young pussy and tight little tits.

“Like?” Pam cooed.

She let her dress drop to the floor. Then she turned her body completely around and arched her back.

Her soft hands played over her ripe, firm ass-cheeks and she purred, “Do you like my ass?”

“Heck, yeah!” Johnny gasped.

She leaned forward then and wiggled her naked ass and cute cunt over his face, letting him get an eyeful. As he ogled her sweet ass and furry cunt, she watched his cock stiffen and throb and jerk excitedly.

“See how this makes your prick nice and big?” she whispered hotly.

Johnny took a quick look downward at his raging young cock and saw what was exciting the girl. Pam seemed to want his prick to get nice and hard. He had heard older boys in school say that all chicks liked stiff pricks, but this was the first time Johnny ever met a girl who really did.

“Jeez, this is great!” he announced, and his young prick bolted in the air for Pam to see.

She giggled and kicked her shoes off. Stark naked, she faced him again, one foot on each side of his hips. She posed for him. She lifted her hands to the back of her head and writhed her sexy body around to cocktease him. She cupped her tits and teased her pink nipple with her naughty fingertips. She smiled at him a lot.

Johnny’s blood boiled and his prick grew to the greatest height he’d ever seen. Pam smiled and stepped back, placing her feet between his splayed thighs. She peered down at his throbbing young cock and her eyes got very glassy.

“Now your cock is mine,” she rasped in a strained voice. With her hot gaze riveted to his bobbing prick, she sank to her knees and said. “It has to serve me.”


Pam got down on her elbows and rested her hands on Johnny’s trembling thighs. With her eyes just inches from his turgid prick, she said, “It isn’t fair.”

“What isn’t?” Johnny asked thickly. “That a cock can make a girl a slave,” Pam murmured. Her glassy gaze roamed up and down the length of his prick.

The boy no longer understood her. He thought she was weird, but that didn’t matter now. What the sexy babysitter was doing sure beat jacking off. Or so he thought.

Pam’s hand moved to his prick. Her soft fingers danced over his cock-skin. “Your cock is so cruel,” she said in a small, whispery voice. “It’s so fucking stiff.”

Her thumb and forefinger closed on his cock-shaft, and she slid them up and down as she watched his prick throb excitedly.

She suddenly, almost violently, grasped his boner in her fist and rasped, “You’re all alike. You poke your hard-on at a girl and turn her into a helpless whore!”

Johnny gagged as her nice hand squeezed his cock. She sounded odd to him, but her hand was exciting.

“You like to make a girl cry,” Pam said accusingly. “You shove your big dick in her and make her fuck! She tries to be good and clean. But no! You have to come along with your God damned boner! Well, you’re not the only one who can be cruel.”

Johnny’s mouth flapped and he stammered, “I-I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes, you do, you little cunt-teaser!” she fired at him. Her eyes flashed and her tits heaved. Gripping his hot cock tensely, she rasped, “The minute you saw me, you undressed me with your eyes. And you got a hard-on, didn’t you?”

“Don’t you know what a stiff prick does to a girl? It isn’t fair. Just look at your cock! How can a girl be good when you’re hard like this?”

Johnny stared down at the pretty girl who was raving so crazily. But he overlooked her wildness because at the same time she was playing with his prick!

Pam felt him quiver, saw him thrust upward with his stiff boner. She glanced over his rigid young fuck-pole at him and said, “You like me to do this, don’t you? You want a girl to play with your prick, even if she doesn’t want to. Well, I’ll show you. I’ll give you what you want.”

She said the words so threateningly that Johnny caught his breath, and, for a brief moment, he began to wonder if he wanted this girl to touch his prick. But Pam’s threat wasn’t dangerous, it was delicious.

She watched his young face for reactions as she slowly twirled her thumb round and round his wet cock-head. His prick jolted in her hand and she giggled.

“See how wet it gets?” she whispered, running, her thumb through his silky fuck fluid. “It’s enough to drive a girl out of her mind.”

“I never got so wet,” Johnny rasped, quivering.

“That’s from your nuts,” Pam said. “It’s pre-cum. I read about that in one of my father’s dirty magazines. Here’s your cockpipe, right here. Your balls make the jism and force it up through this pipe, right out your pee-hole on top. See? Right here.”

She tipped his prick so he could see what she referred to. With the tip of her forefinger, she pointed out his pee-hole and rubbed it for him.

“Jeez,” he groaned, and his stomach muscles tightened up. So did his hot balls.

“Feel good?” Pam asked softly.

“Heck, yeah! I never had a girl play with me before.”

“Do you wanna have sex with me?” she asked.

“What kind?”

“All kinds,” she laughed. “Ain’t I sexy? Have you ever licked a girl’s cunt?”

“Yuk! No!” Johnny blurted, turning up his nose.

“What do you mean? If a girl can lick your prick, the least you can do is lick her pussy for her!”

Johnny’s ears pricked up. “You gonna lick my cock?” he rasped. His prick jumped in her fist.

Pam studied his face for a moment. Her eyes deepened in blueness and she said, “I’ll show you what we’re gonna do.”

She crawled upwards on his writhing young body and brought their hot flesh into contact. She kissed his mouth hotly and crushed her small tits against his chest while his prick throbbed wetly against her firm belly. Raw erotic pleasure rushed through the inexperienced youth’s body, and he shivered beneath the horny girl.

Pam lifted her sucking mouth from his and her eyes glistened with sex. She pushed herself up on her hands and writhed upward a few inches on his body. Gripping his thick cock between her thighs, she thrust her naked boobs at his face.

“Here,” she breathed hotly, “suck my tits.”

“Suck ’em?” Johnny rasped.

“Yes, God damn it! Stick your tongue out. Lick them all over. Suck my nipples.” She moved her thighs together against his turgid prick, encouraging him.

Johnny obeyed and stuck his tongue out. Since he was reluctant and inexperienced, Pam pushed her tits against his mouth and rubbed a nipple up and down over his tongue. The pleasurable sensations created in him brought him to life, and he excitedly twisted his face this way and that as he lapped her luscious young tit-mounds and stiffening nipples.

“Yes, yes, like that,” Pam rasped. “Ohhh, you make a girl’s tits so horny! A good girl doesn’t stand a chance when you start licking her boobs!”

She arched her back and wriggled provocatively as her youthful slave’s wet tongue lashed her tits. Somewhat dazed by Pam’s sexy tits, Johnny parted his lips and caught her left nipple in his mouth. Pam moaned and pushed it in farther, then twisted her nipple around in there. Johnny caught on and started sucking and licking with a fury. He was amazed to see how horny Pam got when he did that.

“Ohhh! Ewww! You cunt-teaser!” she gasped, shoving more of her tit into his wet mouth. “Oh, God, how you suck! See how big my nipple gets? Ohhh, I can’t stand it!”

Overwhelmed by erotic pleasure, she squeezed her hot thighs against Johnny’s raging prick and worked them up and down to fuck his prick. Catching the rhythm, Johnny munched her taut tit and humped his hips up and down so his wet prick would continue to fuck between her luscious thighs. It all felt so good.

Pam’s tender nipples spiked enormously, like little pricks, and she fed him the other tit for a while. She started gasping and breathing deeply and small shudders rippled through her body. She suddenly moaned deeply and pulled her throbbing nipple out of his soaked mouth. She panted hotly and peered at him through glazed eyes.

“See what you’ve done to me?” she rasped. “Just look at me! All hot and horny, like a little slut! You little cunt-teaser!”

She squirmed and wriggled all over his body, twisting around. She crushed her aching tits into his quivery young belly. Her hands ran over his naked hips, his thighs, his balls. Her fingers fluttered like birds wings, tickling his balls, then gripping and stroking his alarmingly stiff prick. His pre-cum smeared her hands. She rubbed it back onto his cock-shaft.

Her furry pussy banged against his rib cage and she screwed it around there as she jerked on his prick. Drunk with heady sexual pleasure, she stroked downward on his rigid young fuck-pole, smearing his pre-cum all over his cock.

Feeling the girl’s hands on his naked flesh, Johnny groaned like a hurt animal and thrust his cock upward for more of the same.

Pam pressed her cheek against the soft fur of his cock area and stared hotly at his throbbing prick as his cock jerked wildly in her caressing hand. Panting hornily and electric with sensual feelings, she stroked his pulsing prick up and down. Her gaze remained glued to the rigid cock, examining and admiring his prick as she got his cock super stiff.

“Pam!” the boy gasped, writhing beneath her manipulations. “Holy cow! Jeez! What’re ya doin’ to it?”

Pam ignored him. She was interested only in his stiff wet prick. That and his rib cage where she was furiously rubbing her juicy cunt. She pressed her stiff little clit against his bones and squirmed against his chest, wetting him with her ample cunt-juices. At the same time, she ran her teasing fingers up and down his inner thighs leaving his prick to throb wildly in midair.

Her roaming fingers stroked up and down between his legs, making the boy twist and turn with sex-agony. The wetness of his bulbous cock-head delighted her and she wanted to see another bubble of the clear fuck fluid rise up out of his cute pee-hole. She knew how to make it happen.

Her fingers teased their way into his hot crotch. There the fingers of both hands met at his churning, tight balls and she diddled his balls until Johnny was gasping for relief. Pam giggled to see his cock stiffen even more and become a big, thick, juicy morsel of male flesh. His cock was so wet his prick-shaft looked like a bar of iron that had been rained on. Pam loved it.

She played with his boiling balls for a long time, letting the boy squirm and groan as if hurt. The more he twisted in agony, the better his chest felt against her squirming clit and pussy. She laughed to herself as she cockteased him endlessly and joyously.

Instinctively, Johnny thrust his aching prick heavenward and gasped, “Pam! Please! Oh, Jeez… lick it!”

Pam tittered girlishly. “Why, Johnny,” she teased, “what a naughty thing to say to a girl! And I thought you were a nice boy. Shame on you, teasing a girl with your big stiff prick this way!”

“Don’t tease me!” Johnny gasped, trying to hit her pretty face with his stony cock. “Lick it, suck it… do something to it! Please, Pam… please!”

Pam laughed excitedly. It thrilled her to hear the boy beg for her attention. She wished she could do something like this to her obscene father. How she would have loved to torture the son of a bitch this way!

To Johnny’s complete dismay, Pam rolled off of his body and sat next to him, her eyes gleaming. There was a wicked smile on her lips as her gaze traveled up and down his tortured young body. They lit up on his long, stiff prick as it throbbed wetly in the air.

“I thought boys liked to get hard-ons,” she teased. She leaned down on an elbow and blew her breath at his aching prick. “You have a nice one right now,” she said hotly. “Doesn’t that feel good? Isn’t this what a boy wants? You little cunt-teaser. All you boys are the same. Getting such big pricks and teasing a girl with them.”

“I ain’t teasing you!” Johnny gasped. “You can do anything you want to my cock! Please, Pam, you’re driving me crazy! It hurts!”

That did something to Pam. Johnny saw her face glow, and she looked delighted and excited.

“Where?” she whispered hotly. “Where does it hurt?”

“In my guts!” the boy groaned.

Pam placed her hand on the flat of his stomach just above his raging young prick. “Here?” she cooed. “Does it hurt in here?”

“Yes! Yes!” Johnny rasped, quivering.

“But what about your balls?” Pam cooed. “Don’t your nuts ache?”

“Yes, there, too!” the boy gasped. “It hurts all over!”

“And your cock, too?” Pam wanted to know.

“Yes! Jeez, Pam, why ya asking me all this? Can’t ya see I’m hurt?”

Pam giggled. “I just like to hear a boy say it,” she purred.

“Okay! Okay! It hurts! My guts hurt! My nuts hurt! My prick hurts! Oh, Jeez… please, Pam… do something! Make me come! I gotta come!”

Pam’s sparkling eyes danced up and down the length of his rigid, throbbing, wet prick and she smiled with a secret pleasure. “Yes,” she said softly, her tits heaving, “you look like you’re hurting. Serves you right, though, for cunt-teasing girls so much. You boys think you’re so fucking great just because you have nice pricks. It isn’t fair.”

Johnny’s head twisted back and forth and his young mind whirled. Pam was rambling again and he couldn’t make any sense out of what she was saying. All he knew was that this sexy babysitter was weird. He’d thought she’d wanted to jerk his cock or maybe suck him off, but what she was doing for fun was causing him a hell of a lot of pain.

But Pam’s sex-fun was just beginning. Her father had used and abused her so much that she had a lot of pent-up anger to get rid of. And the only way she could do that was to make some boy’s prick stiff and wet with lust.

Johnny’s cock was ideal for Pam. He was so young and innocent, his prick so new and fresh. She could make his cock stand up and beg for mercy. Now she was in command. Her dad’s monstrous cock had rendered her helpless and weak. Now she felt powerful, leaning over the boy’s rigid but helpless prick. He was her captive, his prick was her slave.

With the boy tied to the bed and his cock so big and wet, Pam got immense thrills in her pussy and tits. There was something so delicious about tying a boy up and torturing his beautiful cock. As far as Pamela Turner was concerned, this was the thrill of a girl’s lifetime.

But Pam wasn’t free from agony either. In spire of herself, she couldn’t help the deep feelings of softness and horniness that swept over her all the time as she tried to stay in command of a boy’s rigid fuck-pole. But the mere sight of a soaked, throbbing prick made her go all weak and lax inside. Her pussy got so damned hot!

Her cunt was super hot when her gaze moved from his turgid prick to his agonized eyes.

“You’re close to coming,” she said hotly.

“I know!” the boy gasped, and his cock lurched.

“Want me to suck you off?”

“Will ya?”

“Sure,” Pam smiled teasingly. “If you lick my pussy.”

“I don’t wanna lick a pussy,” Johnny said, turning up his nose.

“That’s what’s wrong with you boys,” Pam said bitterly. “You wanna make a girl all hot and horny so you can stick your darned cock in her cunt and shoot her full of jism. But you don’t wanna make a girl feel good, too.”

Johnny tried to appease the distraught girl. “I’ll fingerfuck you,” he rasped hotly, eyeing her pussy. “I wanna play with your cunt.”

“I want you to suck it,” Pam said sternly. Her voice took on a strange quality as she rasped, “I want you to nibble it and lick it and bite it and munch it!”

“Jeez! I ain’t gonna do all that!”

Pam’s eyes narrowed on his. “Oh, yes, you are,” she said through clenched teeth. “You’re gonna do everything I tell you. You’ll see.”

Johnny suddenly didn’t like this sex game. “Never mind,” he choked. “Forget it! Untie me. I’ll jerk off!”

Pam’s eyes sparkled and flashed wickedly. “You aren’t gonna whack off while I’m here,” she said evenly. “You just lay still, kid. You ain’t going nowhere.”

Johnny didn’t like the sound of that. This was getting too serious to suit him.

“You can’t keep me tied up like this!” he blurted.

“I can’t?” Pam cooed, smiling lewdly. “I’d like to see you stop me.”

The truth gave the boy the shivers. This pretty chick was really going to keep him prisoner for as long as she liked.

“Hey, Pam,” he rasped, “don’t look at me like that. What are you up to? I don’t wanna do this any more. Untie me or I’m gonna tell.”

Pam’s pretty face darkened and her eyes nailed his. “You shouldn’t threaten a girl, Johnny,” she said. Something in her voice made the boy afraid of her.

“I-I’m sorry,” he said weakly. “I was just kidding. Heck, I can’t say anything. Nobody’d ever believe me anyway. And I’d be laughed at for letting a girl tie me up. I was just kidding, Pam. I wouldn’t tell.”

“I know you won’t,” Pam said confidently. “Because if you did, I’d just tell your parents that you raped me. They’d believe a girl before they’d believe you.”

That was precisely Johnny’s fearful thought. His mom and dad would never believe that this cute teenager tied him to a bed and tortured his cock. Heck, all she’d have to say is that he grabbed her tits and he’d be in for a helluva whipping! Nobody would ever believe a girl tied him up and played with his dick for hours.

Pam was now satisfied that his threat was out of the way. Johnny looked handsomely beaten and his prick looked beautifully erect and juicy. Pam wanted to have fun with his cock now that she was in command once again.

She had something special in mind, but before she could make her move, there was a tapping on the bedroom door.

Pam stiffened and slapped a hand over Johnny’s mouth. Pressing her face close to his, she snarled, “If you make one sound, I’ll tell your parents you felt me up. Understand?”

Johnny swallowed nervously and quickly nodded his head. His eyes bulged and he choked on his saliva. Pam released his mouth and jumped off the bed. She hurried to the door and held it closed with her body.

“What do you want?” she asked through the door.

“It’s our bedtime,” Debbie Blame said sweetly.

Pam heaved a sigh of relief. For a minute, she’d thought the kid had heard what was going on in the boy’s bedroom.

“That’s a good girl, Debbie,” she cooed. “You go ahead and put your, pajamas on and climb into bed.”

After a moment’s silence, the child asked, “Is Johnny in bed?”

“Yes, he is,” Pam assured her. “I’m tucking him in now. You go ahead and get into bed like a good little girl.”

“Okay,” the child answered.

Pam pressed her cute little ear to the door and listened. She heard the girl move away, heard a door open and close. She was satisfied that the child was obedient.

She turned and rested her naked back against the door and peered over at Johnny’s tall, stiff, young prick.

“Now you and me can have some fun,” she purred.

Johnny groaned.


Pam moved to the bed and crawled onto it. On all fours, she climbed over Johnny’s agonized young body and straddled it with her hands and legs. With her face hovering over his rigid prick, she wiggled her wet cunt above the boy’s startled face.

“Don’t I have a cute pussy?” she purred.

Johnny looked and saw that she was bent over and peering between her ripe tits at his face and at her own sweet pussy. She wanted to watch him look at her cunt.

“Well?” she coaxed, giving her pussy a little twist for his benefit. “Like?”

Johnny got his breath back and stared hotly at the girl’s pretty pussy. “Yeah,” he said thickly, staring at the pink-and-white secret place between a girl’s legs — her juicy cunt.

“Wouldn’t you like to eat a pretty cunt like mine?” Pam wanted to know.

To her surprise the youth rasped, “No.”

She laughed then. “You’re a just a kid,” she giggled. “But don’t worry. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll want to eat me.”

Johnny didn’t like the sound of her voice. She sounded awfully sure of herself. What was she planning? He found out.

Pam leaned down and scraped her spiking pink nipples over the exposed flesh of his taut stomach, teasing him and herself at the same time. She liked the feeling of a boy’s belly against her sexy tits. Especially when her stiff nipples brushed against his pubic hair. That tickled.

As she playfully swung her body left and right to rub her aching tits against the boy’s flesh, her long soft hair brushed over his aching cock. Johnny groaned to feel her hair kissing his prick every time she moved. Pam giggled, well aware of what she was doing. Not only was she getting nice feelings in her tits, she was also making the boy’s captured cock throb and grow bigger.

She set her hands to each side of his trembling thighs and leaned down, closer to his raging prick. Smiling impishly, she pursed her sexy lips and blew her breath against the naked hotness of his exposed cock. The stream of air tickled his cock-head and, when Pam moved her head, it tickled his balls.

“Jeez!” Johnny gasped. “What the heck ya doing down there?”

Pam just giggled and blew some more streams of air along his cock-shaft and quivery young balls. She lifted her tits from his straining body and twisted her head so she could blow her breath up and down the underside of his prick.

Then she centered her face just above his raging cock-head and with private pleasure blew her breath onto his wet piss-hole. The air streamed over his cock-head, down to his hair and balls, caressing his whole cock. The boy strained and groaned as the girl continued to tantalize his prick with her teasing breath.

“Stop, Pam,” he grunted inelegantly. “Don’t do that any more… you’re driving me crazy… stop… lick it!”

Pam laughed with delight, pleased with herself for pulling such a feverish remark out of the youth’s mouth. She giggled and laughed and turned her face this way and that, blowing her breath up and down and around his pulsing cock.

And, all the while, her furry young cunt kept turning and twisting above Johnny’s agonized face. Even as he pleaded with the girl to stop torturing his cock in this hateful manner, he couldn’t help but stare up at her wet cunt.

Pam moaned with pleasure, loving every moment of her cruel behavior. Johnny didn’t notice her subtle movement, but she slowly parted her knees wider. Her breath streamed deliciously over his throbbing prick-head and her pussy inched lower, nearer his mouth.

Johnny’s nostrils flared as he began to smell the girl’s hot pussy. His eyes feasted on the puffy lips and the pink inner flesh of her cunt. He could see her clit now, all slick with juicy come — and stiff, like a cock. He sniffed and the aroma of hot cunt gave him greater sensations of lust in his balls and prick. He didn’t know what was happening to him, just that the aroma of a girl’s pussy seemed to trigger deep, unknown feelings in his body.

“Want me to lick your cock?” Pam teased.

“Yes! Yes!” the aroused boy gasped. He lurched his throbbing prick upward to make her suck his cock.

Pam giggled and blew a stream of cool air over his aching cock. “Lick my cunt and I’ll lick your prick,” she purred.

Johnny had no choice now. Even though his mind rebelled against the idea of putting his tongue to a girl’s soaked cunt, something stronger in him made him do it. Pam’s pussy was only an inch or so above his mouth. He trembled fitfully on the bed, his wrists and ankles straining against their bonds, and his small pink tongue extended from between his lips.

The very tip of his tongue kissed Pam’s clit area. It pulled back into his mouth. He swallowed, tasting pussy. The taste wasn’t as horrible as he’d thought it would be. He took another taste, and, to his surprise, Pam writhed and moaned helplessly.

Sensing a male’s power over a girl, he pressed his tongue flat against her clit and gave it a lick that made Pam squeal.

“Ohhh! Johnny!” she shrieked, twisting her pussy around. “Do that! Lick it!”

Now it was Johnny’s turn to chuckle with private pleasure. Now the high and mighty teenager was begging him! Delighted with this turn of events, he licked the end of his tongue up and down her cunt-slit, just to see what would happen to her.

The result was pleasing. Pam gasped hotly as his tongue licked her pussy-crack and her whole body shivered. Then her hot little tongue lashed wildly against his boner.

So that was the secret! Johnny was beside himself with joy. He’d just discovered how to make a girl suck his prick!

With this new, knowledge burning in his young brain, the boy lifted his head and slapped his wet tongue against Pam’s quivering young pussy. He lapped it up and down, making sure to lick her clit every once in a while. Pam quivered and whimpered so sexily when he did that. It turned him on. Pam was starting to lick his cock in earnest.

Her tongue caressed his cock-head, swirled around his prick deliciously. And Johnny gasped. He thrust his tongue up into her drenched fuck-hole. Pam squealed and took his prick into her mouth. Johnny fucked his tongue in and out of her cunt-hole. Pam bobbed her pretty head up and down and made his prick fuck her mouth.

With sexual tension mounting rapidly, the boy buried his hot face in the wet, aromatic crotch and sucked her cunt hornily. Pam moaned loudly and pushed her leeching lips all the way down on his rigid fuck-pole, taking every solid inch of his prick into her mouth. As Johnny’s tongue wiggled in her fuck-hole, her tongue swirled madly around his cock-head as she blew his prick.

The feeling of his erect boner fucking in and out of Pam’s sexy young mouth drove the boy up the wall with increasing lust. He plastered his mouth against her soaked cunt and tonguefucked her cunt-hole viciously, eating pussy for the first time in his life. He couldn’t believe how good cunt tasted, especially when the girl was blowing his aching cock! He was totally astounded by the intensity of Pam’s horny reactions. She got so breathless and wiggly!

Pam’s shaking fingers curled around the boy’s stiff cock-shaft, and she raised her wet mouth from his cock to gasp, “Ohhh! See how you make a girl do dirty things! Oh, ohhhh you suck my pussy so good! You make me want to swell up with orgasmic intentions.” She saw his piss-hole open, ready to spew forth great quantities of thick, rich jism.

“Uh! Uhh!” the boy grunted. His ass jerked up off the bed. His balls tightened up against the base of his rigid, throbbing prick. He was about to shoot his load.

Right then, Pam laughed and her eyes sparkled with strange pleasure as she deliberately squeezed his prick between her thumb and forefinger just below his bulging cock-head. His whole cock jerked and jumped in her hand. But no jism came out. Instead, it was as if he were shooting his load back into his own balls!

“Isn’t that neat?” Pam giggled, panting with her own brand of horniness. “I learned that from a book. If I keep doing this, I can keep you on the verge of coming all night. Neat, huh?”

“No! No!” Johnny rasped, quivering with pain.

“Oh, it is so,” Pam sneered. “The book said so. It helps a man to hold back when he’s fucking a girl he likes. Men have a problem with coming, you know? If they come too soon, the girl doesn’t get hers. So they discovered this secret. See? When I squeeze your prick like this, your come goes back down. Watch.”

Johnny just groaned and twisted against his bonds as the fascinated teenager caressed and milked his cock. She worked his prick up to twisted there as little growling sounds escaped her gulping throat.

She took every solid inch of his fucking cock up into her hot, wet mouth and gave his prick a tremendous suck as she plastered her horny pussy against the boy’s sucking mouth and twisted violently. Johnny gasped for breath and his mouth blew little bubbles in Pam’s juicy wet cunt as she scrunched her pussy into his mouth.

Johnny jerked his face away from her violent cunt and cried, “Pam! I’m gonna come!”

“Mm-mmm-mmmmm!” Pam replied, sucking feverishly on his throbbing prick. She knew he was going to bust his balls. That was what she wanted him to do. It gave her a sense of power over his prick to know that her sexy mouth could make his cock explode and hurt with tremendous release. What a power girls had, she thought. All she had to do was suck Johnny’s stiff prick and he had to shoot his come. He couldn’t hold it back even if he wanted to. What power!

She grabbed the boy’s aching balls and gently teased them as her mouth slid wetly up and down the full length of his pulsing prick. Her cheeks ballooned in and out in a sexy rhythm as she sucked faster and harder. And she twisted her cunt round and round against his sucking mouth as she blew his cock.

Her throat constricted, and she sucked on Johnny’s cock-head until he groaned like a hurt animal. The feeling in his prick was more intense than he’d ever known it. Not even his wildest jerk-off felt as good as Pam’s mouth sucking his cock.

“Make it come!” he bellowed uncontrollably. His whole body strained tensely. His wrists and ankles pulled hopelessly against their bonds. His teeth clenched and his face screwed up in a mask of agony as Pam’s hotly sucking mouth ravished his helpless, defenseless cock.

The young inexperienced boy went completely out of his head — to Pam’s delight. He arched his back and shook violently on the bed.

He chewed into Pam’s cunt, then yelled, “Eat me! Suck me off! I’m gonna come! Oh, Jeez! Pam! Pam! Suck my cock!”

He was out of his mind and Pam loved it. How wild she could make a helpless boy! Look how taut and tense his body was now, all shaky and quivery as she sucked on his raging prick. She felt his enormous boner stiffen even more between her leeching young lips, and the feeling excited her tremendously. She knew he was very close to orgasm. His cock was going to shoot violently and she was going to suck all his come up out of his aching balls. She felt heady with female power now.

This was the moment she’d been working toward. At home, this was the moment when her lewd father drove her out of her mind — either pumping his fiery load down her throat or up her cunt, making her whimper and moan helplessly. Now he’d pay!

With that thought in her feverish young mind, Pam suddenly raised her mouth off Johnny’s immense prick. She threw her leg over his head and flopped beside him, laughing uproariously at him as his whole body arched and strained and jerked violently for release.

“Pam! Wh-what are ya doing? Please! Oh, please, Pam, don’t stop! Jeez! Ya can’t stop now! Holy shit! It hurts! Suck me off, Pam!”

Pam rested on one elbow and giggled happily as the tortured boy twisted and churned helplessly before her gleaming, sparkling eyes. She watched his aching prick thrust and stab into the air, looking for relief, and she laughed long and loud at him.

“That’s what you get for cunt-teasing a girl so much,” she rasped hotly. It was a great turn-on for her to see a boy’s prick in such a fit of passion and need. “You make a girl so darned hot she can’t be good. I can’t even think straight in school any more, just because of pricks. Who can think of anything besides your God damned cocks? Look how stiff and wild it is. You make a girl so weak.”

“Oh, God!” the boy choked, and his head twisted agonizingly.

Pam smiled beautifully at his stiff, wet cock. With eyes flaming and tits heaving, she reached over his thigh and gently caressed his aching prick. Her fingers moved over his tightened young balls and rigid cock-shaft with cruel gentleness.

Smiling with private, sadistic pleasure, she curled her slender fingers around Johnny’s raging prick and slowly milked his cock-shaft up and down. Strange guttural sounds gurgled in the kid’s throat as the weird teenaged girl tortured his almost-coming cock.

“You close?” she purred, and her delightful fingertips teased his swollen cock-head.

“Yes! Yes!” Johnny gasped, twisting horribly on the bed.

Pam giggled. “Watch this,” she cooed.

She wiggled closer to his tortured body and peered hotly at his enlarged, swollen prick as her fist slid up and down. Johnny couldn’t watch anything. His eyes were shut in agony as the girl tormented his rigid young fuck-pole.

Pam’s pretty face moved within an inch of his enormous boner and her eyes flashed hotly as she watched her naughty fingers slide up and down on his soaked cock. She felt his prick engorge with hot blood and knew he was dangerously close to orgasm. That was what she wanted.

Johnny grunted loudly like a hurt animal. He thrust his shaking hips upward, trying to fuck the girl’s teasing hand. He looked terrible as he choked and gasped for relief.

Pam’s cruel fingers curled around his drenched cock-head, and she tantalized his prick deliberately, watching it enlarge and [missing text].

“[missing text] suck you off, you little bastard! Ummm, lick my cunt again! Ohhh, you horny boy! Shame on you, making me feel this way! God, your cock is big!”

With a whimper and moan she took his rigid fuck-pole back into her loving, sucking mouth and ate him hornily as his tongue, teeth and lips drove her aroused cunt wild.

In his wildest dreams, Johnny had never thought he would be eating an older girl’s cunt. The pussy-sucking seemed to come naturally to him as Pam fucked her face up and down on his enormous young boner. He lapped his tongue up and down with rapid slicing motions. He teased and tantalized her quivery little clit while sucking up her hot female fuck-fluids.

Pam moaned hotly on the rigid fuck-pole throbbing so hotly in her sucking young mouth. This cock wasn’t big and cruel like her dad’s prick. Johnny’s cock was just the right size for her sexy little mouth. She could take all of the boy’s boner into her mouth and suck his prick easily.

Her pretty mouth stretched nicely around his soaked cock-shaft as her head bobbed up and down in a lusty rhythm. The lustiest expression imaginable was on her pretty face as she blew the prick. The more Johnny licked her cunt, the harder she sucked his cock.

Whimpering and moaning, she sucked his prick faster and faster. Her eyes twinkled, and her tits crushed against the boy’s belly and another point of orgasmic violence and, just when the gasping wanted more than anything to shoot his aching load of jism, Pam squeezed his prick again. The same thing happened. Johnny’s body was racked with pain streaking to his guts as Pam laughingly prevented his aching cock from spitting.

“It hurts!” Johnny screamed. His wrists and ankles tugged violently at the handcuffs and ropes, but all he could, do was toss and turn and choke with pain as Pam went on with her pleasure.

She jerked his prick close to orgasm again — and squeezed it away. She caressed his soaked young prick, teased his cock, played with his prick, got him close to shooting a half dozen times and each time she stopped him from disgorging his fiery load of jism. She laughed a lot.

Her hot eyes danced over his straining belly, his throbbing wet prick, his tightened balls. She giggled ecstatically to know that his prick was totally at her mercy. At least for the time being. Johnny’s relief came in an unexpected way. Just when he was despairing of ever coming, something happened to the weird babysitter.

Pam’s eyes burned into the boy’s rigid, throbbing cock. But her giggling stopped. The pleasure of cockteasing was disappearing. Her pretty face grew somber as her gaze gently caressed the stony, poking prick. Her pink tongue slipped across her petulent young lips.

Her breathing grew rapid. Something was happening to her.

Her fingers curled around Johnny’s cock and she rasped, “You little cunt-teaser. You’re all the same. Always making a girl do naughty things. You want your cock sucked, don’t you? Sure you do. And you expect a girl to suck it for you.”

Her naked thrusting tits pressed against his thigh as she inched closer to his enormous boner.

She milked his cock in her fist and murmured, “You make me want to suck you. Girls shouldn’t have to blow your cock. You cunt-teaser. You fucking little cunt-teaser.”

Muttering incoherently, she lowered her sexy mouth to his aching prick and parted her ripe young lips. Johnny groaned in agony as she slipped her wet mouth down onto his enlarged, rigid prick. Pam moaned horribly and started sucking his cock with a vengeance as she whacked his prick in her fist.

She pounded his prick so violently and sucked so hard that Johnny started to cry like a baby. Great streaks of pain ripped through his guts as the horny girl pumped his cock and sucked viciously.

Repressed anger at her father drove Pam to wildness on the boy’s innocent cock. Her free hand grabbed his balls and squeezed them viciously. Her pretty head bobbed faster and faster as she took more and more of the boys’s prick into her feverish young mouth. Her hand slipped away and her leeching lips slid all the way down his cock-shaft until her nose pressed into his hot balls. With his rigid fuck-pole stuffed in her mouth, she sucked powerfully and swirled her vicious little, tongue round and round his bulging cock-head.

“Aaaggghhhh!” Johnny screamed. His body jerked into a bow. His cock fucked into Pam’s hotly sucking mouth. And his balls exploded viciously. Huge wads of thick jism torpedoed through his distended cock-pipe and shot out of his piss-hole with a violence. Pam groaned like an animal and sucked all his come up out of his balls. Her throat tippled as she gulped and gulped, swallowing every spurt of his aching prick.

Even when Johnny would have liked to stop coming, Pam grasped his prick and pumped viciously. His head continued to bob up and down as she sucked and sucked, drawing more and more juicy come out of him. She wouldn’t stop sucking and jerking his prick until she had sucked all the come up out of his aching young balls.

Johnny’s eyes rolled in his head and he twisted agonizingly on the bed as the strange girl sucked his prick like never before. He could feel her mouth fill up with his pumping come, could feel her swallowing, and gulping and sucking for more. He felt as if she were pulling all his strength right out of his body. Pam was like a vampire, sucking the blood out of him. Her blow-job left him as pale as a vampire’s victim.

He was a gasping, writhing, shuddering mass of male flesh when Pam was finished eating him. The poor kid shook violently, quivering and trembling fitfully as Pam drew away from his soaked, spent prick.

She sat up on the bed and smiled with satisfaction.


Pam’s next thought was of fucking. With the taste of Johnny’s hot jism still in her mouth, she gazed longingly at the cock that could stop the feverish tickle deep in her belly.

“I knew this would happen,” she said. She reached over and caressed the boy’s limp, flaccid cock. “You’re always making a girl feel this way. Even when she doesn’t want to. You get a stiff hard-on and make her pussy all wet and horny. I wasn’t gonna start fucking until I got married. But — you and your God damned cocks!”

Johnny hardly heard her ravings. He had problems of his own. Coming out of his haze, he turned his face and peered at the pretty teenager who was now manipulating his sucked-out prick.

“Jeez,” he rasped, “I didn’t know cocksucking was like that. I never came so hard. You sure know how to blow a guy. Where did you learn to suck a prick like that?”

His question made Pam remember her cruel and lust-driven father. Her eyes narrowed on the boy and she snapped, “Mind your own fucking business!”

She startled the boy. “Jeez,” he said, “you don’t have to get mad. I just asked.”

“Well, don’t! Isn’t it enough that you make me want to blow you?”

“I ain’t making you do anything!” Johnny protested. “Untie me. Get out of my room. Leave me alone. I don’t care!”

Pam’s fist tightened on his spent wet prick. “I knew it,” she sneered. “Just like a boy. Get your fucking rocks off and the hell with the girl!”

“What are you talking about?” Johnny gasped, alarmed by her outburst of anger and resentment.

“This!” Pam screeched. She knelt up on his bed and thrust her furry young cunt before his face. Her fingers groped around in the wetness between her puffy cunt-lips and she snarled: “See how wet it is? That’s all your fault! Do you know what that means? It means my pussy’s burning up! Do you think it’s fun to suck a prick? It’s disturbing! When I suck a cock, my belly starts to tickle like crazy! That’s what your damned prick does!”

“I didn’t tell you to tie me up and blow me,” the boy protested.

“Just shut up!” Pam yelled at him. “You didn’t have to tell me! All you had to do was look at me the way you did when I came here tonight! I saw you lusting after my tits! You think a girl is blind? I knew what you were thinking about, you little cunt-teaser! You wanted to see my pussy, didn’t you? Didn’t you? Well, look at it now! You got it so hot because of your fucking prick!”

Johnny didn’t understand the raving girl in the least, but he sure liked looking at her furry twat. Pam was nicely posed for him, and he stared hotly at her pussy, getting the best look at a cunt that he’d ever had. He couldn’t wait to tell the guys about it — without mentioning her name, of course. It would just be neat to tell about the night a babysitter knelt on his bed, naked, and showed him her cunt. At least he thought that would be neat — until Pamela Turner did her thing.

She straddled his body and perched her naked ass on his thighs. Her two hands caressed his prick and played with his cock. Johnny felt a slight stirring in his balls and he frowned at the girl.

“What are you doing?” he asked, watching her fingers tease his prick. “You already sucked me off. You can untie me now.”

Pam laughed. She threw her pretty head back and giggled fitfully as her hands manipulated his balls and cock. “Don’t be silly,” she laughed.

Johnny’s frown deepened and worried lines creased his forehead. “What do you mean?”

“We’ve just begun,” Pam laughed.

“Huh? I don’t want anymore sex with you. Get offa me!”

“Make me,” Pam giggled.

Johnny twisted his head and his widened eyes peered at the rope around his ankle, the electrical cord around the other, the handcuffs above his head. Then he stared wide-eyed at the sexy teenager bouncing on his thighs and toying with his growing prick.

“What are you gonna do, Pam?” he asked worriedly.

“Fuck you,” she purred. “Isn’t that what you were thinking of when you first saw me? Didn’t you think about fucking me? All boys think that about a girl, don’t they? They laugh together and talk about her tits and pussy and they plot and plan how to get into her pants. Even if the girl doesn’t want to screw, they make her. Don’t you?”

“I don’t!” Johnny blurted. “I never fucked a girl in my life!”

“That doesn’t matter,” Pam said through her teeth, thinking about her raunchy father.

“You’re all the same — stiff-cocked and raring to rape a girl. I know. You don’t fool me.”

Johnny looked from the burning lust in her eyes to his cock. Pam had his prick half hard already, to his amazement. “I don’t wanna fuck,” he muttered. “I just came so much!”

“That’s okay,” Pam said, watching his prick grow in her fingers. “You’ll come again. Your nuts are making more jism right now. Don’t you know that? When a girl plays with your cock, your balls build up more come to shoot.”

“I don’t wanna shoot any more,” Johnny rasped.

“I don’t care what you want,” Pam said sternly. “It’s what I want that counts now. You’re not gonna get me all hot and bothered and quit on me. Oh, no. You got me this way, so you have to do something about it. It’s all your fault for lusting after me and making me feel naughty.”

Johnny could not protest or reply.

Pam gazed down at her furry little pussy and murmured, “See how hot my cunt is? Look how wet! God, you got me wet! Did you know I came when you were shooting your come down my throat? I did. That’s what you do to a girl, you cunt-teaser. You made me very hot, Johnny.”

“I didn’t mean to…”

“Yes, you did. You like a girl to get all weak and helpless. You cunt-tease her until she can’t help herself any more. Then you fuck the daylights out of her and make her like it.”

She fondled his growing prick almost lovingly as she rambled on about the male’s power over a helpless girl’s hot body.

Memories of her father’s immense cock heightened her desire to strike back at a prick, any prick. It was the male fuck organ that rendered her so helpless and horny. It was a big, stiff prick that made her do naughty things. It was a large, wet cock that made her cunt want to screw viciously. She had to master cock or forever remain a slave.

Johnny could not know what strange thoughts passed through the teenager’s young mind. He only knew that Pam seemed terribly upset and horny and that she couldn’t get enough of his prick. Her hands were now teasing his balls and prick at the same time, as if she was trying to force his cock into renewed rigidity.

“I came too much,” the boy rasped, quivering. “It can’t get stiff again.”

“That’s what you think,” Pam giggled. Then her face darkened with that strange look that worried the boy and she added, “You think you’re in charge of your cock, don’t you? Well, you’re not. I am! I’d like to see you keep it soft! Just try! You think it can resist my cunt?”

Her fingers lifted his prick upright and stroked its length. She shifted her hips forward and poised her cunt directly over his cock. Excitedly, she placed the head of his prick against her cunt-mouth.

“See if you can stay soft now,” she laughed. She pushed down and caught her breath. Her pussy descended onto his prick as she forced her ass down. To Johnny’s surprise, his prick shafted into her writhing body. His mouth fell open in a silent scream of pleasure as he felt a girl’s cunt swallow his cock for the first time.

Pam leaned forward on her hands, and her soft hair hung in his face. She started mewling and fucking wildly. She was in total command of his prick. Her tight, slick cunt-walls sucked on his cock and made his prick big instantly; Johnny felt his cock loom large in her sucking, fucking pussy-hole.

Gasping hornily and making strange sounds in her throat, Pam pressed her naked tits to the boy’s face and rubbed them all over as she worked her hips up and down faster. Johnny’s prick fucked up into her twisty fuck-hole and got even stiffer as her pussy fucked up and down so smoothly and wildly.

“Suck!” Pam gasped, throwing her head back in a fit of ecstasy. “Suck my nipple! Suck it, you bastard! Ohhh, I’m gonna come!”

Johnny had no choice but to suck her tit. Pam pushed the tit into his mouth and crushed it in there. Johnny tried to protest but his muffle was as good as a suck. Pam’s pink nipple spiked in his wet mouth and her pussy churned violently on his stiff cock as floods of cuntjuice cascaded out of her heaving belly to soak her pussy.

“I’m commiiinnnggg!” Pam shrieked.

And she bounced up and down on the boy’s rigid fuck-pole so wildly that the mattress creaked loudly in rhythm with her frantic fucking.

“I’m commmiiinnnggg!” she squealed again, shivering and quivering hotly. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and chewed on it steadily as she humped her juicy cunt up and down viciously on the boy’s defenseless prick.

This was not fucking as Johnny had imagined it over the years. He felt used. This wild girl was abusing him. Abusing his cock. And Johnny knew that if his hands were free, he’d beat the hell out of her for this. But his wrists were cuffed securely, as were his ankles. So in his youthful rage, he bit into her tit.

“Ohhhh, yesssss!” Pam sighed hornily as his teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her aching tit.

Johnny couldn’t believe his ears or his eyes. He’d thought that surely biting her tender tit would discourage her, stop her from fucking the life out of his sensitive prick. But it turned her on! Pam became a wild thing on his body, fucking up and down violently. Her cunt sucked his cock viciously as she fucked him brutally.

“I don’t wanna fuck you!” the boy screeched in agony. Not only was Pam hurting him by making his guts ache, she was hurting him physically by bouncing so fucking hard on his body. Her cunt was like a weapon now, whipping his cock, beating his prick to shreds.

It slowly dawned on Johnny that the girl didn’t even hear him. Looking up at her face, he saw a mask of raw lust that he’d never seen in his life. It frightened him. Fear replaced his anger, real fear. There was something too strange about this girl. She was crazy, he was certain. Crazy with lust — or something.

Pam never felt any pain in her young tit. She shoved it into the boy’s mouth and whimpered soulfully as she continued fucking her wet pussy up and down the length of his erect boner. She was out of it. Her orgasm fired through her body like a powerful laser beam. All of her weight slammed down on her victim and she shrieked with wild female lust.

Suddenly, fitfully, she sat straight up, grasped her aching tits hornily in her hands and mauled the hell out of them while she screwed her hot pussy round and round on Johnny’s helpless cock.

She impaled her cunt with his prick. Her teeth gnashed as she bounced violently, and she howled with more climaxes as the boy’s bulging cock-head ripped up into her horny cunt. She cringed and gasped each time all of his cock fucked up into her pussy.

She came and came and came — to Johnny’s dismay and fright. Pam seemed to have an endless supply of violent orgasms in her pussy. She fucked brutally, chewing her lip and uttering odd-sounding curses as she fucked and screwed and humped hornily.

Johnny had often wondered what his first piece of ass would be like, but never had he dreamed fucking would be like this — so brutal, so mean, so vicious. Always in his young fantasies he had daydreamed of nice little girls he knew, girls he’d have to chase and feel up and get naked and fuck. But Pamela Turner was something else! She was wild, horny, strange, weird — and viciously fucking his swollen prick. The feeling deep in his guts was not the pleasure he’d heard about — it was raw, searing pain.

“Stop! Stop!” he gasped, wrenching his body in an effort to pull his prick out of the girl’s hungry cunt. “No more! Pam — please! Stop… don’t… owww, you’re hurting me… it hurts, it hurts.”

Pam didn’t hear a boy. She heard her own father begging for mercy. A strange grin crossed her pretty face as she fucked on the prick brutally.

“Fuck, you bastard!” she rasped crazily. “Fuck! Fuck!”

With deliberate if insane plunges, she fucked her tight young cunt down on the boy’s upright cock. Her bony pelvis slammed into his, hurting him again and again as her soaked pussy sucked his prick. She fucked faster and faster, getting off again, twisting and churning hotly as her burning pussy flooded.

“Fuck!” she gasped, twisting her tight pussy on the boy’s stiff prick. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me like an animal! That’s what you make me! A fucking animal! A bitch in heat! An animal-girl aching for a wild fuck! Look what you do to me! Ohhhh, my cunt wants to fuck! Give me your cock, you cunt-teaser! Fuck it into me! Give it to me! Screw my twat! Make me come! Ohhhh, fuck meeeeee!”

Johnny didn’t know what happened next. Maybe it was the teenager’s pleading voice. Maybe it was her tight pussy sucking so viciously on his sensitive cock. But whatever it was, it dazzled his mind and turned him into a fucking animal, too. All of a sudden, he pushed upward. His prick fucked into Pam’s cunt and rammed into her womb, splitting it open.

“Oh! Daddy!” Pam squealed.

Johnny hardly heard her now as he fucked his stony prick up into her cunt-mouth. His hips pistoned on the bed. His young ass bounced hard on the mattress as he fucked hornily for the first time in his life. His prick enlarged and thickened and fucked wildly into Pam’s twisting, humping pussy.

She shuddered and shivered and squeezed her tits tightly as she came and came and came on the boy’s beautifully fucking cock. Johnny was torn between fucking and hating every moment of the slavery to the girl’s sucking pussy.

“I don’t wanna come any more,” he cried, yet he fucked her pussy viciously with his youthful, wet prick. He was confused now, out of his head like Pam was out of hers. They were just cock and cunt now, two young animals coming together.

Johnny’s aching balls climbed up to the base of his fucking prick and squeezed there until big wads of thick cock-cream shot through his cock-pipe and out of his piss-hole.

Pam mewled animalistically and churned her fucking pussy hornily on the boy’s spitting prick. Her pussy sucked up all the jism out of his young body. She mauled her tits and fucked wildly on his firing cock, making his prick shoot a lot more than he was ready to. The boy came beyond his capacity because Pam’s cunt was like a vacuum cleaner gone berserk. It sucked come out of his balls that he didn’t even know he had in him!

“Ohhh, Daddyyyyyy!” the panting teenager rasped when the tumult was over. Johnny heard her that time, but didn’t know what to make of such a thing. Did her father fuck her like this?

He had no time to ponder the question. To his complete dismay, a very horny Pam slipped off of his body and suddenly threw herself on his wet prick. Before he realized what was happening, the strange girl had his cock between her fondling hands and in her sucking mouth.

“P… Pam,” he gasped, panting for breath. “What are you doing? Don’t… Ohh, don’t, Pam… no more… don’t suck me… stop!”

Pam lifted her sexy mouth just long enough to snarl, “I’ll teach you to make a girl fuck against her will.” Then she gobbled his prick into her mouth and started sucking his cock with passionate sucks.

“You can’t!” the boy gasped. “I can’t! What are you doing? There ain’t no more come in me!”

“Yes, there is,” Pam rasped hotly, licking her tongue all over his soaked cock. “I’ll get your fucking come, you cunt-teaser!”

She rammed her wet mouth down on his prick and sucked his cock into a rigid boner that shocked Johnny. He really didn’t believe his prick could get hard again. Not after a blow-job and wild fucking like that! But Pam got his prick big and stiff in no time.

His hard-on didn’t bring him pleasure, however. Pain streaked across his belly and through his young guts. A huge aching began in his balls and Johnny began to fear for himself. But there was no stopping this wild, strange girl. Pamela Turner was out of her mind!

Even though his cock got stiff and Pam sucked wildly, Johnny was sure there was no jism left in his body. Gasping and jerking beneath the girl, he groaned, “You can’t get any come… there ain’t any come.”

To his alarm, Pam laughed on his soaked prick. Her hand slipped below his balls and her fingers started dancing around his quivering ass-cheeks. He didn’t know what this meant until he felt one of her slender fingers trying to get into his tight little asshole.

“Pam!” he choked. “Stop! Stop!”

But Pam couldn’t stop. She was out of her mind with lust mixed with revenge and hatred for her fucking father. She pushed her slim finger up into the boy’s quaking, wrenching asshole and fucked it into him as she sucked viciously on his boner. Panting hotly, breathing rapidly through her flared nostrils, she screwed her finger deeply into his asshole. Her fingertip probed his guts, pushed and explored.

Suddenly Johnny howled and his whole body jerked upward off the bed. He gritted his teeth as totally new sensations shot through his lower body. Pam had touched something strange deep in his ass and, before he could catch his breath, his rigid fuck-pole spit large quantities of creamy come into Pam’s hotly sucking young mouth.

She chuckled lewdly, obscenely as she fingerfucked the boy’s helpless asshole and gobbled up all his gook. With relentless mouth and finger, she raped the boy of his come. She sucked and sucked and gulped and gulped as his defenseless prick jerked and lurched and spit savagely for her.

Her mouth filled with cock-cream many times, Pam whimpered hornily as she ate it all. At last the boy’s body collapsed on the bed and only then did she pull her sticky finger out of his clenching asshole and raise her wild mouth from his spent, shrinking cock.

Johnny Blame was crying, sobbing like a kid. Pam saw that and sneered at him. Sitting beside his wasted young body, she snarled, “You fucking cry baby.”

She crawled off his bed and pulled her dress over her ripe, naked body. She stepped back into her shoes and went to the boy’s feet. She untied them. Then she released the catch on one of the handcuffs, leaving the other for Johnny to work out of.

She moved to the door and pulled it open. Glancing back at the boy, she cooed, “That’ll teach you to cunt-tease a defenseless girl!”

She walked out of his room, feeling strangely superior and satisfied. These delicious feelings stayed with her for the rest of the evening. They were still with her at midnight when she got home.


Pam let herself into the house and turned off the porch light. She moved to the door of her parents’ room and listened for a moment. Silence. Then she tiptoed to the living room lamp and switched it off. Still on tiptoes, she made her way to her bedroom where she stripped naked and slipped into her comfy bed. She turned off the nightlight and pulled the sheets up above her tits. She smiled to herself in the dark, still feeling good about the exciting evening she’d had with the Blaine boy. Memories of his stiff young prick danced in her head and pleased her. She stretched kittenishly and smiled impishly, feeling creamy-dreamy. As she stretched, her toes pushed at the sheets and her luscious tits peeked out. Her pink nipples tingled and the feeling reminded her of her earlier tingly feelings with the boy.

She sighed contentedly. What a thrill it was to control a cock, to make a boy do things for her. This thought alone made her whole body glow. She basked in the sexy feelings now teasing her tits and pussy. She could have wallowed in this pleasure all night, but her good feelings were once again turned against her by her lusty father.

Just when she began to float lazily on a cloud of erotic pleasure, a sound beside her bed rudely tore into her dreamy state. She didn’t have to see in the dark to know what caused the sound.

“Daddy!” she rasped breathlessly. “Please — no.”

“Just came to give you a kiss goodnight, kitten,” her father whispered hotly.

Dread gripped her young heart and made her exposed tits rise and fall. She knew what her dad’s goodnight kiss really was — a tonguebath that would drive her crazy!

She felt the sheets slip away from her nude body. “No… noooo…” she whimpered helplessly.

Then she tried to frighten her father.

“Daddy,” she whispered. “Don’t… Mom will hear us.”

Her little trick didn’t work. “Not if you’re quiet,” her dad said. “Don’t moan so loud when I lick your pussy.”

When Pam heard that, her breath caught in her throat. Her dad’s big, experienced tongue always devastated her cunt. Now it was going to do it again!

Her horny dad started at her cute little toes. He caressed her dainty feet and licked his tongue-tip between her toes. Pam whimpered when she felt that. Her eyes were shut tightly. Her teeth were clenched, her fists gripped the bed sheet and held on for dear life. She braced herself for an agonizing torture.

Her father’s goodnight kiss was enough to drive the poor girl right out of her mind. His tongue aroused the flesh of her feet and ankles and made her legs tremble. He slowly licked insides her legs, spread them apart, and licked her calves. He licked his way up to her pert knees. He kissed each one, then licked them gently with saucy little licks that he knew would make Pam gasp.

She did gasp as her dad’s ticklish tongue swabbed around her kneecaps. He had his elbows on the bed between her legs now and her thighs started to shake. Pam knew why. This naughty licking made her pussy want some tongue. It made her cunt ache for sex. And now her earlier good feelings were driving her mad, making her want her dad’s tongue on her pussy. As his vicious tongue inched its way upward toward her hot cunt, she sobbed.

“I hate you, I hate you,” she rasped hotly as her father’s tongue invaded the firmness of her inner thighs. He licked first one, then the other, tantalizing the poor girl until she had to twist her cunt this way and that — as if she were reaching for his tongue, dying for it. In a sense, she was. She’d come home with an aroused pussy. Now her dad was inflaming her cunt. What could she do?

Her raunchy dad knew how to turn her on. He kept licking at her inner thighs until they shivered and opened for him. Pam couldn’t keep them together. The more her father licked her soft flesh the farther she pushed her legs away. The result was a beautiful young girl splayed on her bed with her dad’s face between her thighs.

Moving in for the kill, Jack Turner spread his daughter’s pussy-lips with his thumbs and, with the tip of his tongue, licked up and down her helpless cunt-slit.

“Oh!” Pam gasped, feeling the first lick. “Oh-oh!” she gasped, feeling the second one. “Oh-oh-oh!” she gasped, feeling the third. And with each short gasp, her pretty pussy jerked against her dad’s tongue until suddenly her dad was lapping her cunt hornily up and down rapidly. Then a helpless Pam humped her pussy hard and gasped a lot.

Her dad, pressed his lips against those of her cunt and inserted his tongue into her fuckhole. Pam choked as the thickness of his tongue invaded her pussy-channel and her whole cunt squirmed as he pushed it way in. He fucked his tongue in and out of her defenseless pussy until Pam came wetly. Hot silky girl-juice creamed over his tongue and lips. The heady perfume of his little girl’s sweet cunt drove him on and he sucked at her pussy-flesh hotly, lashing her cunt with his hot tongue all the while.

Pam gasped to feel her pussy leaking so juicily for her father. She secretly wished she could keep her cunt from coming, that she could deprive her dad of his pleasure. But she couldn’t. When he was licking and sucking her cunt this way, she had no control over herself at all. It was tcrrible for Pam. She didn’t want her pussy to feel good this way beneath her father’s mouth. But bow could she stop the fantastic, marvelous, mind-boggling feelings in her cunt? She couldn’t. Her pussy seemed to have a will of its own, and when her father was sucking like this her cunt just went wild and gave him all the fuck-juice he could lick.

Worst of all for Pam was when she began to like what was happening to her helpless pussy. The tickle in her cunt-mouth seemed to spread as her father licked her and it set her young pussy on fire. She hated these moments when she had to respond to her dad’s mouth. A tickle deep in her cunt made her a slave to her father’s lust, his kisses, his caresses, his licking, sucking mouth — and his enormous wet cock!

Pam tried not to think about her dad’s big cock. Her pretty head tossed on the bed as her pussy squirmed on her dad’s wicked tongue. She wished she had the nerve to cry out, to call her mother. But she knew deep in her heart that she wouldn’t do that. For one thing, her mother would die of shock. For another, Pam never thought of calling her until moments like this — when it was too late to call. Her cunt was now aflame with luscious unwanted feelings. She didn’t have the strength to call out, to stop this unwanted pleasure. She only had enough breath in her to gasp and moan as her father drove her pussy wild. In a little fit of orgiastic joy she threw a leg over her dad’s shoulder and humped her cunt up at his sucking mouth. He smiled to himself and fucked his thick tongue up into her pussy-hole.

Pam’s slender fingers suddenly gripped her aching tits and squeezed them as her cunt churned. “Ohhh, I hate you… I hate you…” she kept murmuring as she mauled her tits and twisted her pussy round and round.

Jack Turner ate his little girl’s cunt with a growing passion. How often he had lusted after her as she was maturing. How many hard-ons she had unwittingly given him. How hungry he had gotten for her pussy. How often he had daydreamed of eating her cunt. And now he was eating her pussy and he intended to get the most out of it. Pam’s sweet young pussy was pure delight to lick and suck. Her clit was so squirmy when he tongued and licked it. And her pussy-hole was so juicy after a few probes of his horny tongue.

Her cunt was soaked now as he slicked his tongue up and down her pussy-crack. He nibbled at her quivering clit to make Pam jump some more on the bed. Her hot little ass bounced deliciously each time her father fucked his tongue into her body. He lapped at her pussy-syrup with hot sharps and Pam heard the juicy sounds.

“I’m-I’m coming so much!” she panted.

Her dad grinned into her cunt and fucked his tongue up into her. He loved to hear Pam whimper weakly. He loved to make her helplessly horny like this, unable to keep her pretty cunt from coming. She was so lovely when she was weak and panting and coming like crazy.

Pam sobbed to herself, wishing she could stop this attack on her burning pussy. But her pelvis jerked hotly, and she arched her back on the bed as if her cunt was trying to get more tongue inside. Her ripe young tits hardened with sex-feelings and her pink nipples stood up like live things. She ran her hands over them sexily, trying to soothe them. But her tits were as excited as her clit.

Her dad’s tongue darted into her wet cunthole and once again that furious itch in her pussy made her hump like a bitch in heat. A quivering started in her belly and cascaded downward in the form of silky fuck-fluids. She was cumming again.

“Ohhhh, Daddy,” she panted hotly, “why do you do this to me? Please, stop. Ohhh, don’t lick any more… ewww, stop, stop! Don’t, Daddy… Please! Ohhhh, I don’t wanna come any more!”

Aroused by his daughter’s helpless horniness, Jack gripped her firm ass-cheeks in his big hands. Squeezing them and feeling them, he lifted them slightly. As Pam panted and whimpered, he devilishly slid his wet tongue lower and kissed her little asshole with the tip.

“Oh, nooo…” Pam rasped heatedly when she felt her father’s wicked tongue lick her asshole. His tongue was devastating enough in her pussy!

Jack chuckled lewdly and deliberately wiggled his tongue into her ass. He held on to her ass-cheeks to control her wiggling and fucked his tongue-tip in and out of her pink asshole. Pam couldn’t stand the new sensations that coursed through her whole body. This wicked licking was more than pussy-eating and it only made her twat cum more!

Pam’s fingers curled tightly and dug into the soft flesh of her aching tits as her, father drove her wild on the bed. Her breath came in short spurts as her hips jerked and her cunt humped.

Her asshole tingled excessively on her dad’s probing tongue.

“Daddy… Daddy…” she gasped hotly. “What are you trying to do to me?”

She should have known. He’d done this to her before. This was his way of rendering her docile and weak. He soon had her where he wanted her — on fire!

When he felt that Pam was horny beyond her capacity and beyond her ability to deny him anything, he moved around on her bed and got his enormous soaked cock dangling near her tits.

Pam felt something hot and silky dripping onto her hand and tit. She felt her father place his knees to each side of her. Without seeing in the dark, she knew that his huge wet prick was hovering over her face.

“So that’s what you’re up to,” she rasped. “You bastard…”

Just as her father knew she would, she reached up and caressed his giant prick in her soft hands and uged his cock downward. Without seeing Pam, Jack knew that his daughter was drawn irresistibly to his boner now that her cunt and asshole had been nicely licked. She was all aroused with female pleasure whether she liked it or not and she could do nothing now but take his big prick into her sexy mouth and suck.

Pam felt trapped by her own passions as she drew her dad’s burning cock to her mouth, and she felt whipped as she extended her little pink tongue and licked his cock-head. As she closed her lips around his prick, she hated him. She wanted to hurt him. She wished she could sink her teeth into his enormous boner, this thick hunk of stiff cock that made her so weak with desire. But she couldn’t hurt him that way. She would have to hurt him some other way. A female way.

Though her sexy mouth liked the feeling of a big wet cock, Pam sucked him off for her own reasons. She knew from experience now that a man could have agony, too. Her mouth, she knew, could drive him nuts the way his had driven her pussy crazy. Maybe I have to suck him off, she thought, but he’s gonna pay for raping me like this.

With that, she gripped his thick boner tensely in her hands and milked the hell out of his cock as she lapped her tongue all over his cock-head. Her father responded by digging his big finger into her tight little asshole and shoving his tongue deep into her cunt-hole. The more he fingerfucked her cute ass and tongue-fucked her pussy, the harder Pam sucked his prick.

With wicked intent, she lowered one hand to his big hot balls and fondled them saucily, as if she loved them. She tickled them and kneaded them and squeezed them with a gentleness that made her dad quiver. His whole cock jerked in her mouth as she toyed with his balls and sucked him.

When Pam heard him grunt with intense pleasure, she tightened her lips around his prick and sucked harder still. Jack grunted again and the tenseness of his body told Pam that she was getting to him, making his gut ache with lust. That’s what she wanted. She wanted to make him feel as achingly horny as he made her feel. Tit for tat.

To accomplish her evil ends, Pam slipped her hot mouth off his prick and used just her tongue to tantalize the sensitive, wet cockhead. Her father felt the results.

“Pam…” he rasped, panting near her cunt. “What the hell you doing? Suck it, God dammit!”

Pam giggled, surprising him, and she held his cock an inch from her lips as she worked her tongue round and round his bulbous cockhead.

Her father groaned and tried to fuck his prick down into her sexy mouth. He knew that he was close to busting his nuts. If he could just squeeze his cock into her mouth. If he could just push it in. But Pam wickedly twisted her face away each time he attempted to fuck her mouth.

She deliberately slipped her soft hand up and down his cock-shaft with excruciating slowness. At the same time she kept her saucy little tongue licking slowly round his cockhead, driving him crazy. She knew what she was up to. She could tell by the tightness of his hairy balls that he was close to coming. And she could tell from his grunts and groans that he was aching to shoot his load into her lovely mouth. So she tortured him with her hands and her lips and tongue.

She drove his enormous cock to a new height of lust. His prick could get no bigger, no hotter, no hornier. With terrible gentleness she stroked his cock-shaft and licked his cockhead. Her dad was in pain and she knew it. She loved it now. Make him suffer, she thought, and she cockteased him to the very brink of a violent orgasm. She would, have liked to keep him here, aching and tortured with need. But she couldn’t. She knew that his balls were going to let loose any second.

With the viciousness of a slave getting revenge against an evil master, Pam inched her dad’s prick to its explosion. Her soft hand tightened around his thick wet cock-shaft. His whole dick lurched in her fist. There!

Jack Turner buried his face in his daughter’s pussy and groaned like a wounded animal as his whole body jerked and whipped about. His solid cock jolted like a crazed thing as Pam took his prick into her mouth and deliberately sucked the cum out of his balls. Again and again his prick jumped in her pumping fist; again and again a huge, thick spurt of jismshot into her sucking young mouth. Then Pam whacked his prick with a vengeance and sucked him off viciously. She wanted his cum to rip through his cock-pipe and hurt. She got her way. Jack thought his very guts were going to follow his fuck-juice.

“Jesus Christ!” he gasped. And his willful daughter pumped his prick faster and sucked him harder.

Long after her father slinked from the room with his spent dick dangling between his shaky legs. Pam stayed awake, rubbing her tits and massaging her pussy. She was confused. At her tender age, she had some serious questions. Why did sucking a big stiff prick feel so good? How could her own father’s cock make her want to suck and fuck? Would she ever be free from her horny desires? Or did all women feel this way? How was a girl to remain chaste when sex felt so darned good?

Her confusion turned to anger and resentment. Why should her father be able to rape her any time he felt like it? Why should she be a slave to his wicked dick? If only she were braver, she could leave home. She was a rather young girl to have such anger burning in her breast. And a very young girl to be harboring evil thoughts about cocks. She felt like destroying some.


Pam’s opportunity to tease lots of cocks came the following Saturday when her mother wanted to go swimming. Mona nagged Jack for an hour until he finally gave in and agreed to take her and Pam to the beach. Pam wore her new swimsuit, a one-piece thing that cuddled her ass-cheeks and tits. She posed in front of her bedroom mirror and admired herself for a moment. She liked what the swimsuit did for her curvy young figure, but she still wished she could own a bikini. Her mother was shocked the way Pam had asked for one. Now Pam couldn’t wait until she was older and away from home. She planned to buy herself the skimpiest, sexiest bikini she could find.

The first cock she teased was her father’s.

The minute she saw his gaze on her body, she knew he ached to fuck her. Especially after last night and all that pussy-sucking and cocksucking. As they made their way to the car, Pam gave a slight, saucy twitch to her cute ass, just to aggravate her dad’s already-swollen hard-on. Serves him right for lusting after me, she thought as she climbed into the car.

She sat in the back seat and had to tolerate her father’s lewd glances in the rearview mirror as he drove. He kept chatting with Mona, but Pam could see by his eyes that he was thinking naughty things about her. When she could take no more of his lewd glances, she stuck her tongue out at him and looked away, her way of saying, “fuck you!” But Jack Turner didn’t interpret her action that way. To see her cute pink tongue slither between her sexy lips only made his hard-on pulse like a living heart. He couldn’t wait to kiss his little girl goodnight.

He feasted his eyes on Pam’s luscious young body as she pranced around the sand on the beach. Pam could feel his gaze on her tits and ass and cunt. He was so lewd it felt to Pam that he could see right into the crotch of her bathing suit. He made her very self-conscious about her beauty and her only consolation was the knowledge that the mere sight of her tortured his aching prick. It satisfied her to know that her curvy body was driving him crazy with lust. It was the only way she could hurt him.

Boys were another matter. She had secret ways to hurt them. She went in search of some when Mona coaxed her sunbathing hubby into the water. She paced the beach feeling carefree and lovely, aware of a lot of male eyes turning as she wiggled along. She heard some cat-calls and a few admiring whistles as she passed a group of young men. She glanced over her shoulder at them and gave them a scornful look. “Stuck up!” one laughed. “Frigid!” another chuckled.

Pam walked on, ignoring them and secretly despising them. There were five of them. She just knew what they would have liked to do to her. Like her father, they’d like to arouse her, feel her up, tease her, drive her out of her mind. Then all five of them would want to fuck her, fuck their monstrous pricks into her defenseless cunt. Not me, she thought hatefully, you’re not gonna use me! She continued her private search for just the right prey.

She found what she was looking for at the end of the beach near some huge boulders. Young boys. Kids. Youths. Some were tossing a football back and forth. A few were bathing in the sun and Pam glanced at their chunky young crotches. Their trunks looked full of nuts, tight trunks on slim young bodies. One boy’s trunks were still soaked from the water and Pam could make out the outline of his balls and slick prick. She licked her lips and kept walking.

She made her way through a narrow sandy path between some boulders. A sound overhead made her look up and there stood two boys, laughing, peering down into the top of her swimsuit at the tops of her round, firm tits. Pam gave them a nice smile. They whooped and hollered like foolish little kids, but Pam was tickled. Behind their foolishness was real excitement for her and she knew it. That was what made her glance up again and smile sweetly for them, sort of letting them know that she liked their interest in her tits.

The boys leapt along the boulders, watching Pam as she moved below them. Then they disappeared out of her sight and Pam’s heart sunk. Did the little cunt-teasers run off now to play somewhere else? Sometimes boys acted brave and sexy from a distance, but wouldn’t dare approach a teenager like Pam. Were they gone now, tittering with one another about that pretty girl’s neat tits?

But no, there they were, right in her path, blocking her. Pam was startled at first. She gasped, seeing them drop down onto their feet in front of her. She lifted a hand to her tits as if they’d taken her breath away. The boys glanced at her hand and tits.

“You scared me,” Pam said with a slow smile. She glanced at their crotches. They had nice crotches in their swim trunks.

“Didn’t mean to,” the blond boy said. He had nice blue eyes and a sexy mouth.

“Where ya goin’?” the other asked. He was the younger one. Pam liked the way he looked at her so hard.

“Just for a walk,” she replied, letting them get an eyeful of her curves. “Why?”

“Just wonderin’,” he said.

Both boys stared at her now, their eyes undressing her, and Pam giggled.

“Are you going to let me by or are you just gonna stand there looking at me?”

“What’s your hurry?” the blond boy asked. “Yeah,” the other added, “why don’t we get to know each other better?”

Pam giggled again and cooed, “Aren’t you boys a little young to be flirting with me?”

“Who you calling young?” the blond retorted, a little angrily.

Pam laughed then, tossing her head prettily. She liked his gumption. “What’s your name, big boy?” she teased.


“And yours?” she asked the other boy.

“Don,” he replied. His gaze kept dropping to Pam’s crotch.

“Well, Roger and Don,” she cooed seductively, “do you think you can handle a girl like me? Or are you all eyes and talk?”

The boys looked at each other in disbelief for a moment, then Don muttered, “You mean that?”

Pam didn’t have to answer. The blond boy named Roger murmured, “She means it, all right. Now I wonder why.”

“What do you mean, why?” his buddy blurted. “If she’s gonna let us, heck, let’s go!”

Pam stood smiling, her big blue eyes misty with lewd plans. She eyed the boys standing before her and knew she wanted to torture both of them at the same time. She felt a stirring in the pit of her tummy, the same feeling she got when her father cunt-teased her out of her mind. She wanted these boys to suffer the same stirring — and she knew how to make them suffer.

“I saw you two peeking down into my swimsuit,” she purred, posing seductively for them. She reached a hand behind her and unzipped her suit. “Is this what you were trying to see?”

As the boys stared wide-eyed, she slowly lowered her swimsuit down in front and freed her round, firm pink-tipped tits for them to ogle. Their young eyes grew so hot that Pam thought she could feel heat against her titflesh. It was the sunlight, but it was nice to think that the boys were that hot for her tits.

She gave them a saucy smile and cupped her tits in her soft hands. It was an inviting motion and the boys started to move forward, magnetized by her luscious tit-globes.

“Wait,” Pam said softly. “Not yet.”

Roger and Don stopped in their tracks. They couldn’t figure her out, but they weren’t about to ruin a good thing. If she wanted to strip for them, let her!

With a slow, teasing smile, she hooked her thumbs into her tight swimsuit and pushed downward. The blue elastic thing slithered down her belly, then her curvy thighs. She pushed it all the way down to her feet and the boys feasted their eyes on her luscious tits and naked ass.

“You can’t touch me yet,” she purred. “Promise me?”

Young Don frowned. “What do you mean?”

But Roger began to understand something. “She wants to play,” he suggested.

“You could call it that,” Pam laughed. “Want to play with me?”

“Heck, yeah!” an excited Don blurted.

“Good,” Pam cooed. “Then just leave everything to me. I know what boys like you want from a girl. You just stand there and I’ll take good care of both of you.”

Her eyes raced over their virile young bodies — Roger so tall and curious, Don so young and eager. With the sexiest smile they’d ever seen on a girl, Pam approached them, tits thrusting beautifully, hips swaying lewdly.

“If you’re gonna rape a girl on a beach, guys,” she purred, “you gotta have equipment to do it with.”

She dropped to her knees in front of Don. Gazing up into his startled eyes, she curled her fingers into the waist of his small trunks and tugged them downward. His prick, a little hard from the excitement, bobbed out in front of Pam’s face.

“Mmmmm, you have a cute one,” she purred. “Let’s get it nice and stiff for me, okay?”

The boy made a gulping sound in his throat and both boys stared wide-eyed as the sexy teenager slipped her mouth over the cock. Pam grasped his prick gently in a fist and slowly milked his cock-shaft up and down as her mouth joined the up-and-down motion.

“Holy shit!” Don rasped as his whole prick disappeared into the girl’s sucking young mouth.

“Christ!” Roger added, watching the horny scene hotly.

“You’re next,” Pam purred suddenly. She inched her knees across the sand and stationed herself before Roger’s trunks. She peeled them down a little nervously, a little anxiously, and when his cock jolted against her cheek, she pulled his prick into her horny mouth and sucked.

Her hand grasped his cock-shaft and rubbed his prick up and down. Her other hand reached over and caressed Don’s throbbing hard-on while she sucked Roger’s. Both pricks grew to exciting sizes and Pam gave a soft, low moan that thrilled both boys.

When Pam had the pricks nice and big, she pulled them together and made them kiss her mouth. She peered up and cooed, “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Yeah!” both boys groaned, arching their backs and pushing their wet cocks at the strangely horny girl.

To their dismay, Pam suddenly released their pricks and sat back on her haunches.

“Hey,” Don groaned, hurting in his belly, “ain’t ya gonna suck me off?”

“Not right now,” Pam giggled. “I just want to look at your cocks for a minute.”

“But, Jeez…” Don started to complain. His buddy elbowed him and said, “Leave her alone, stupid. If she wants to admire our pricks, let her!”

“Oh… yeah,” Don murmured then.

Pam wasn’t admiring their cocks as they thought; she was despising them. Her flashing blue eyes danced over their rigidness, their wetness, their pulsing hotness. She could feel those naughty feelings in her nipples and clit, in her tits and pussy — caused by these stiff, silky cocks!

“You think your pricks are marvelous, don’t you?” she asked Roger suddenly.

Her strange question baffled him. “What do you mean?” he rasped.

“Oh, you boys are all alike,” she sneered, eyeing their throbbing pricks. “You make a girl so horny. Why don’t you just keep your pricks to yourselves? Why torture us with them?”

“Huh?” Don said, looking to his pal for some understanding. But Roger didn’t understand either. And Pam didn’t explain. She simply did what she set out to do.

“Why did you boys follow me and jump down here in front of me?” she asked. “Wasn’t it to rape me?”

“Heck, no!” Don blurted. “We just thought you were awful pretty, and…”

“Sure, sure,” Pam sneered, “what a line! You get a girl all excited by telling her she’s pretty, then you want to stick your stiff pricks up her pussy!”

“Isn’t that what you want?” Roger asked.

“I’ll show you what I want,” Pam said threateningly. “Come over here.”

She spread herself out on the sand and tucked her swimsuit under her cute little ass for comfort. She opened her pretty legs and exposed her cunt.

“Do I have a pretty pussy?” she purred, teasing again.

“Hell, yeah!” Don choked, staring at her furry cunt.

“You’re sexy,” Roger murmured in a low voice.

“I want both of you to lick it for me,” she said.

“Both at the same time?” Roger rasped. “Yes,” Pam cooed, spreading her thighs wide apart. “Do you think you can handle it?”

“You bet!” Don chuckled.

“Do it real nice,” Pam purred, writhing her ass, “and I’ll suck you both off to a delicious come. Okay?”

“Okay!” Roger blurted.

To Pam’s delight, the boys dropped to their knees and attacked her cunt with a passion. They didn’t know how to suck a pussy the way her father did, but it was remarkably exciting for her to have two mouths and two tongues gobbling at her cunt.

Both boys kept trying to get Pam to jerk their pricks as they ate her, but she laughingly refused and told them again and again that she was going to suck their pricks real good for them, after she had a great come.

The boys licked and sucked, banging their heads numerous times, then taking turns shoving their tongues up Pam’s fuck-hole. Finally the horny teen writhed and humped wildly and the boys knew she was going to come. Roger took over then. He pulled the girl’s quivering little clit deep into his mouth and sucked the hell out of it.

Don, not to be left out, wiggled a hand between Pam’s quivering thighs and fingerfucked her cunt-hole while Roger licked and sucked her clit. All hell broke loose in Pam’s writhing belly.

“Ohhhh!” she squealed, and threw her pretty legs up in the air in a magnificent V. “Suck me! Suck me, you little cuntteasers! Make me come and come! Ewww, ohhhh, mmmmm, eat me, eat me!”

Her hot ass and juicy cunt wiggled and jerked as her burning fuck-juices cascaded through her silky fuck-hole. The long and vibrant climax left her gasping for breath, as if she’d just swam a great distance. The two boys sat up and admired her curvy, quivering young body. Her tits looked very suckable now.

Don looked at Roger, Roger looked at Don. They both grinned then attacked Pam’s beautiful tits. To her delight, they licked and sucked her nipples the way they had licked and sucked her clit and the feelings were the same — scrumptious! She took full advantage of their young mouths, touching their bodies and coaxing them on to more hot sucking. Her tits quivered after a while and the sensations in them grew so strong that she came again.

The boys had had great fun with this girl’s naked body, but now their sturdy young cocks were aching for release. Their tight young balls needed relief.

“What about us now?” Roger asked.

“Yeah,” Don put in. “How about getting us off?”

Pam’s eyes were glazed as she looked at the horny boys. She sat up and cooed, “Sure. Stand up here.”

They stood to each side of her and she grasped their wet boners tenderly. She jerked them slowly at first, then faster and harder. She sucked on one, then the other, twisting her pretty face back and forth between them. She gave Roger’s stony prick some nice licks, then turned and gave little-sucks on Don’s boner. The boys enjoyed her mouth thoroughly.

They smiled at each other and made signs with their eyes as if to say, “Boy, have we got this hot little bitch where we want her!”

But they were kidding themselves. When their pricks started quivering, Pam had them both lay down on the sand, so she could suck them off better, she told them. When they were flat on their backs, she pumped their pricks up and down and kept licking and sucking them.

“Are you ready to shoot?” she asked Don. “Yeah… any second!” the agonized boy gasped.

“Me, too, baby!” Roger blurted, shoving his prick up at her.

Pam giggled and teased their pricks to the very brink of orgasm. Just when both boys were prepared to let loose with fiery load of thick jism, she shocked them out of their minds. As they lay gasping and twisting hornily, she grabbed her swimsuit and stood up. Towering over them, she sneered, “Jack off, you cunt-teasers!”

“What the hell…” Roger choked.

Both boys sat up and stared as the naked young teenager pranced away, laughing happily. Pam left them pumping their pricks and shooting their come into the sand. Out of their sight, she pulled on her swimsuit, then slowly made her way to the spot where her parents were sitting.

“Have you been swimming, dear?” her mother asked.

“No. Just walking,” Pam replied.

“You should come in the water with me,” her mother said, ready for another swim. She got to her feet and started for the ocean.

As Jack Turner stood up, he paused to gaze meaningfully at his little girl’s crotch. He grinned and whispered, “Are you sure you haven’t been swimming?”

He followed Mona and Pam quickly glanced down at her swimsuit. Between her legs the blue of the suit was darker. A wet spot right on her cunt!

She sat dawn to hide the evidence and sunbathed peacefully, thinking about her recent conquest of two stiff pricks. She giggled to herself to think of the stiff cocks pumping thick come. That’ll teach them to corner a girl in the rocks, she thought.

She was proud of herself. She’d gotten two strange boys to lick her pussy and get her off, and she had been able to leave them in agonized pain. Good!

But Pamela Turner was only fooling herself. Just when she was feeling great, gloating over her wickedness, strange things began to happen.

The memory of those boys pricks began to disturb her, not please her. She began to wonder what would have happened if they’d both fucked her. What if one screwed her asshole and the other her pussy?

Oh, God, she thought feverishly, stop these thoughts! I don’t want to feel this way.

But she’d brought it on herself. Now she was hopelessly plagued by thoughts of stiff, wet pricks fucking in and out of her juicy cunt. Her tits started to tingle and her pussy began to squirm. She shut her eyes against the desire building up in her defenseless body, but it was no use. She had jerked and sucked two nice pricks, and now they were haunting her!

The hot sun seemed to be against her, too, warming her tits and cunt and legs, making her hotter. When her parents came back, her gaze automatically rested on her father’s swim trunks, full of his enormous, hunk of cockmeat and huge balls. Pam tore her gaze away and shivered in the sun.

“Are you getting chilly?” her mother inquired. “We’d better be going then.”

When Pam was bent over, climbing into the back seat of the car, her clever father stroked her ass quickly. The tip of one finger pressed up against the lips of her moist cunt.

Pam gasped when she felt that and she collapsed onto the rear seat, a little breathless. Just the touch of her dad’s hand had made her pussy feel terribly good! She saw his eyes in the rearview mirror, lusty eyes, threatening eyes. And now she couldn’t stick her tongue out at him. She could only feel endangered, weak. What if he made a pass at her at home? How could she stop him when her whole body was on fire for sex?

Oh, God, she thought frantically, what’s happening to me? I feel so horny! My pussy’s leaking! Ohhh, I wanna play with it!

She curled up in the back seat and pulled one of the blankets over her lower body. Pretending to nap, she closed her eyes and slipped a hand between her thighs. Slowly, carefully, so as not to arouse suspicion in the front seat, she wriggled one lone finger into the crotch of her swimsuit and was able to gently fingerfuck herself all the way home.


The minute Pam entered the house, she ran to her room for privacy. She closed the door quickly and stood gazing at herself in the mirror. Her throat felt tight. Her tits were rising and falling rapidly with her breathing. She looked flushed. Her fingerfucking in the car hadn’t helped at all. Her pussy felt feverish and nervous.

She caught her breath when the door opened. At the same time she heard the shower running in the bathroom. Her mother was taking a shower. Her father was approaching her.

Pam watched him come up behind her in the mirror. Then she felt him press his boner against her ass, and watched his big hands come around her waist and slip up to her tits.

“Daddy, don’t,” she rasped none too convincingly.

Jack Turner chuckled and covered her ripe young tits with his hands. His hard-on throbbed against her ass and he snickered, “You want this, don’t you?”

“No… no…” Pam breathed hotly. But she went against his body and her luscious tits rose up in his mauling hands. She felt her nipples stand up inside her swimsuit.

“What were doing at the beach, you little vixen,” her dad taunted her. “You’re horny, aren’t you? What were you doing? Playing with the boys? Who got my little girl all upset like this? You sexy little doll.”

“Daddy, don’t,” Pam whimpered helplessly. She wished she had the strength to reach up and stop his hands from teasing her tits, but she didn’t. She was as weak as a kitten in his arms. He knew it.

He slipped a hand behind her and unzipped the back of her swimsuit. Pam stared into her mirror and saw the front of it loosen across her ripe, thrusting tits, then felt it slip on them. Her dad eased her suit down in front. Pam caught her lower lip between her teeth and sobbed helplessly as he lewdly bared both her jutting tits.

“Your nipples need sucking,” her father said knowingly.

“No, no, noooo…” Pam whimpered.

Her dad chuckled and turned her around in his hot hands. He dropped his face to her chest and quickly captured a perky pink nipple in his mouth. Munching on her tit, he sucked her nipple hard and whipped it with the tip of his tongue. His hand gripped her other tit and kneaded it and stroked her other nipple. Pam’s knees went weak and she thought she would collapse.

“Hey, you’ve got it bad,” her father murmured against her tit.

He pushed her swimsuit down over her lithe young hips and lowered it past her cute navel, then beyond her furry patch of cunt-hair. The elastic thing clung to her thighs and he had to push harder to get the suit below her knees.

He dropped to his knees and kissed his daughter’s darling little cunt. Pam gasped as his tongue licked at her pussy-lips. Her senses reeled and her nipples stung. Her cunt pressed forward as if her pussy wanted the man’s big tongue. Pam’s feet moved, stepped out of her swimsuit. Her thighs parted, then opened wide as she set her feet apart. The V of her legs widened, and there was her pretty pussy, pink and inviting, sort of quivery and excited.

Her dad muttered something and attacked her cunt with lips, tongue and teeth. He caught her quivery little clit between his teeth and nibbled hornily. At the same time, his wicked tongue lashed it like a whip. Each lap against her flesh made Pam jerk and wiggle, until in just a matter of moments, her whole body was arching and humping and twisting hotly. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as her inflamed pussy churned on her dad’s wicked tongue. She couldn’t stop thrusting her cunt at him, couldn’t keep from coming on his mouth.

Jack Turner was in command now and he knew it. A glance up at his daughter’s face, beyond her thrusting, jerking tits, told him she was in seventh heaven whether she wanted to be or not. The look of anguished sex on her pretty face was enough to make his swollen cock throb like a wildly beating heart. It added to his delight to see Pam grasp her aching tits in her hands and squeeze them hard while she screwed her cunt round and round on his mouth.

He heard the shower water stop. Pam didn’t. She was out of it. But her father released her quivering, shaking young body and got to his feet. Pam couldn’t believe it when she felt her pussy abandoned.

“Daddy!” she gasped, forcing her eyes to open to see him. “What are you doing to me? Please… don’t stop… I’ll be nice to you, but… ohhh, please, lick me, lick me!”

Her father loved the moment and cherished it with a rather evil look on his face. He stood at the door and grinned lewdly at her. His gaze traveled slowly up and down her voluptuous young body.

“Save it for me, baby,” he snickered. “I’ll get to you just as soon as I can.”

“Oh, my God!” Pam rasped hotly, and fell across her bed, panting and writhing. One hand grabbed a tight tit while the other rubbed frantically on her pussy. She wiggled and moaned helplessly, aching for sex, dying for it, and hating herself for her feelings.

“I’ve got to stop this,” she panted. “I’ve got to! I can’t let him make me this way! He’ll use me again. Oh, God, he’ll make me fuck like crazy. He’ll drive me crazy on his cock! Ohhh, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna!”

She tore her hands away from her vibrating body and struggled to her feet. She grabbed her bathrobe and tugged it over her body. She hurried to the door, opened it and peered outside. Her parents muffled voices came from their bedroom. Pam rushed into the bathroom and locked herself inside.

She dropped her robe and climbed into the shower. She quickly got the water jetting against her body in hopes of cooling herself off. The water was too cold and made little shivers run up and down her flesh. She got the water warmer, nicer, more comfortable, and her whole body relaxed under the soothing spray.

She heaved a deep sigh of relief, the shower felt so good. She wanted it to wash away this afternoon with those boys and the moments with her raunchy dad. She wanted the stinging spray to wash away her desires, her needs, her lewd thoughts.

I have to stop thinking about sex, she told herself. Every time she thought about those boys’ stiff pricks, she got all trembly and excited. Wasn’t that why she couldn’t resist her father’s sexual advances? Wasn’t that why her foolish little cunt wanted to cream a lot? Wasn’t that why she felt too weak to stop her daddy from fucking her any time he felt like it?

She would just have to get her mind on something else, she thought. It was the only way she could turn off the alarming tickle in her pussy. She would have to pretend that she hadn’t played with two boys’ pricks, that her dad hadn’t sucked her pussy and made her come like crazy.

Pam was kidding herself again. No way could she forget those sexy things. Her pussy and tits wouldn’t let her. The water stung her nipples as she remembered sucking a bay’s stiff, wet cock. The stream of warmth jetted against her pussy-mound as she thought of her father kneeling in front of her like a slave eating her cunt. Her whole body tingled under the shower as she recalled the marvelous sensations of pleasure a girl gets during orgasms.

Against her will, new excitement coursed through her naked, writhing body. She moved sensuously under the spray and let the water play sharply against her tits and pussy. Trembling fingers grabbed the washcloth, a heavy and rather rough fabric. She rubbed it across her jutting tits and spiking pink nipples.

“Ohhhmmm,” she moaned, surrendering to the exquisite feelings. Her nipples pushed against the washcloth in her hand. Her tits felt like they would burst with pleasure. Pam heaved a sigh of resignation. It was so use. She couldn’t fight her own passions and desires. A short whimper of surrender escaped her throat as she realized that she would have to make herself come. How could she withstand her own impulses?

Like most young girls who have to justify their sex habits, Pam found a good excuse for getting herself off in the shower. If she came real good and satisfied her naughty little cunt, wouldn’t she then be able to resist her dad better? If she wasn’t so horny, she wouldn’t give her father so much erotic pleasure. That was it! Of course! She would come and come and come and cheat her dad of her orgasms!

With that wicked thought in mind, she thrust the rough washcloth down between her thighs and scraped it up and down on her hot pussy. She wedged the cloth between her cuntlips and rubbed. She gave a shudder of pure delight as the wet thing scraped against her clit and she humped her pussy forward several times and squirmed it around.

With her head thrown back and her tits heaving rapidly, she dropped the washcloth suddenly and grabbed her pussy anxiously with her clutching fingers. Her fingers could get where the cloth couldn’t reach. She needed that now.

She tipped her hips up and parted her cuntlips. The jet of water stung her little pink clit for her. Her ass quivered as she humped forward to get more of these tremendous sex sensations. Panting hotly, she lowered herself into the tub. She set a leg on each side of the tub, stretched her pussy open and wiggled into a position so the water-jets crashed into her fuck-hole and clit. She was a squirming, humping little girl in no time.

She had to come. That was her primary goal now. She had to rob her father of her fuckjuice, of her pleasure, of her needs. She inched a finger up into her fuck-hole and whimpered softly as she screwed her cunt round and round. Soon that wasn’t enough either. She inserted another finger with the first and the two together stretched open her cunt-hole nicely. She fucked them in and out faster and faster.

“Ew-eww-ewwwwwmmmmm,” she moaned sexily as she felt her pussy beginning to juice up. The tickle in her cunt grew intense and she loved it because her father wouldn’t be able to exploit her now. She was going to satisfy her pussy right now. And she did. She bit her lip and groaned like a hurt little animal as her ass jumped in the tub and her cunt creamed like mad. Silky fuck-juice squished between her fucking fingers and mingled with the shower water. Pam fucked her hips hornily then and came like crazy.

But even that wasn’t enough. Not now that she was aflame with lust. Panting breathlessly, she scrambled to her knees, and reached out of the tub to the cabinet under the sink. Her fingers trembled as she yanked a drawer open. Her small fist tightened around the handle of a hairbrush.

A soft sound escaped her throat as she quickly sat down with the hairbrush tightly in hand. Turning the implement around, she gently inserted the curved end into her pussyhole. She grunted and opened her legs real wide to make her cunt-mouth stretch open for the handle. The plastic dildo disappeared into her pussy and Pam caught her breath.

A moment later she gasped hornily and started fucking herself viciously with the hairbrush handle. In and out, in and out in a delicious fuck-rhythm, the device fucked. And pretty Pam whimpered with crazed pleasure as she humped and twisted and squirmed in the tub. Her tits felt like they’d burst. Her ass felt like it was burning. Her cunt felt juicy and anxious. With eyes closed in rapture of her own, she gripped the hairbrush handle in both hands and fucked into her pussy. When it was firmly imbedded in her ticklish spot deep inside her cunt, she fucked her pussy hotly and quickly, making her pussy churn on the sextoy.

Her orgasm was enough to drive her out of her young mind. The hairbrush handle lent a lot to her pleasure. Her twisting young cunt flooded and, as if the hairbrush handle had punctured a dike, her abundant fuck-juices came gushing from her fuck-hole. The stream of shower water crashed against her squirming, coming pussy.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhmmmm,” Pam moaned. She eased the sex-toy out of her soaked little cunt-slit and panted for breath. She washed the hairbrush in the stream of water, then got up and dried it on a towel. Knuckles rapped on the bathroom door.

“Pamela,” her mother said through the door. “Don’t spend all night in there.”

“Be right out, Mom,” Pam called back.

She turned off the shower, dried herself with a towel, slipped into her robe, and hurried back to her bedroom. She smiled at her mirrored reflection. She felt victorious. The tickle in her cunt had stopped. Her pussy felt satisfied. Her nipples had stopped tingling so much. She sighed with relief. Now she could withstand anything her father dished out. Or so she thought.

It was inevitable that her father would try to get at her. How could he resist after watching her cute little ass wiggle all over the beach? How could he resist after seeing her aroused and flushed with erotic feelings? How could he resist when every solid inch of his cock was aching to get at her sweet young body?

Pam felt quite secure in herself now. Even when she heard her mother and father in the living room.

“That’s a marvelous idea!” she heard her mom declare.

What was a marvelous idea? Pam moved to the door and pressed her little ear against it. What had her father suggested that pleased her mom?

“We’ll be eating later then,” her mother said.

“That’s okay,” her dad replied. “It’s worth the wait.”

“Okay,” her mom said. “I haven’t had filet in a long time. You’re sure we can afford it this week? Okay — it’s your money. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Pam heard the front door close, then heard the car start up. So that was it! Her father was sending Mona out of the house so he could be alone with his little girl!

Pam backed away from the door and the backs of her legs touched the edge of her bed as the door opened. Her father came in leering at her.

Pam mustered some courage and said, “That won’t do you any good. You might just as well leave me alone.”

Her dad squinted his eyes curiously. He looked her up and down, liking the way her robe caressed her youthful curves. Why wasn’t she looking weak and helpless?

Suspicious, he approached her. Pam stood her ground. Her dad untied the cloth belt around her slim waist. Her robe fell open and her proud tits appeared. Her dad took her cute pink nipples between his fingers and tweaked them. When Pam didn’t respond or protest, he frowned at her.

“I don’t care what you do,” she murmured haughtily, “you’re not gonna get me all horny and crazy.”

“Oh, I’m not, huh? And just what makes you think so?”

“Because you can’t,” Pam snapped, a little proud of herself.

“Well, we’ll just see about that,” her father chuckled.

He grinned lewdly and removed her robe. Then he forced her down on her bed and settled beside her. He slowly stroked the tender globes of tit-flesh and ran his fingers maddeningly over her taut little nipples. Pam fought down the thrills that wanted to erupt in her tits.

Jack Turner chuckled at her, knowing her better than she knew herself. He lowered his mouth to her tit and munched as he sucked her stiffening nipple. His hand slithered down her naked body to her pussy-mound, and he stroked her soft, silky cunt-hair, letting just the tip of a finger kiss her cute little cunt. Pam swallowed nervously.

She choked back the wicked pleasure her dad’s mouth and fingers induced in her sensitive body. She shut her eyes and held her breath, fighting against motions and moans. She didn’t want to yield to her father’s manipulations of her tits and cunt.

If I can just hold out till Mom comes back, she thought. Then she would win this little war with her dad. She would beat him at his own game if she could just not whimper and wiggle. So she held perfectly still even though her tits quivered slightly as her father sucked at them and her pussy trembled as he wiggled a big finger up into her fuck-hole. She refused to let her ass move for him.

Hurry, Mom, hurry! she silently pleaded. Ohhhh, how long does it take to go to a store! Hurry! Please! Hurry before he gets the best of me again!

Jack Turner was well aware of his daughter’s struggle and he sort of admired her spunk. But it made him chuckle to feel her trying not to move. Her lovely naked body wouldn’t stay still, no matter how hard Pam tried to resist her own emotions. Her tits and pussy couldn’t long resist her father’s mouth, tongue and fingers.

A little gurgling sound bubbled in Pam’s throat as her dad’s rigid finger probed deeply inside her wet cunt. Her breathing quickened and that made her ripe tits quiver. Her father parted the pink fleshy lips of her moist pussy with two fingers at once and fucked deeply into her pulsing pussy. When they were well planted, he made them wiggle and jerk around in the pit of her tummy. Pam had to fight harder to combat the new sensations that threatened to overwhelm her senses.

Her pretty head twisted on the bed. She bit her lower lip. Her luscious tits thrust harder as her dad’s mouth, lips and tongue assaulted them. Back and forth went his horny mouth from tit to tit, from nipple to nipple. And, all the while, his two big fingers dug and drilled into her pussy. Pam clenched the blankets in both fists and held on for dear life against the thrills that wanted to submerge her in an ocean of lust.

Her father, bent on winning this battle, determined to make his little girl plead for cock, slithered his wet tongue under her jutting tits and licked his way down the center of her quivering body to her cunt-hair. Pam gritted her teeth against the feeling in her pussy as her dad’s tongue licked her clit.

Her hell-bent dad knew how to turn her into the craven teenager he desired. He slipped to his knees beside the bed and buried his face between Pam’s open thighs. He licked his tongue back and forth across her puffy pussylips. Then he parted the lips with his thumbs and fucked his tongue straight into her juicy pink fuck-hole.

“Ohhhh!” Pam squealed as if she’d been stabbed. And she lost all control. Her whole body jerked on the bed as her father’s evil tongue sliced up into her and fucked in and out hornily. Her tits jerked and her ass humped furiously on the bed until her soaked little cunt was slamming against her father’s sucking mouth.

“Ohhh, nooo…” the poor girl whimpered. “I didn’t want to… I didn’t want to… ohhh, nooo!”

Jack Turner chewed into his daughter’s helpless cunt and sucked her pussy until Pam was no more than a quivering mass of female flesh.

In spite of herself, she thrust her hands down and gripped her dad’s head tightly. She thrust her pussy up in the air and yanked hard. Her father’s mouth crashed into her crotch and his thick tongue fucked into her hot twisting pussy.

He tongue-fucked her until she was gasping for air and moaning with obvious passion. Then he withdrew his tongue from her aching cunt and stood up. He grinned lewdly at her, triumphant once again over her sexual desires.

“That’ll teach you,” he chuckled, and left her writhing there, moaning and groaning.


Pam avoided her father’s glances all through dinner. His eyes kept undressing her and made her feel naked. He and Mona chatted, and Pam ate in silence, highly conscious of her tits and cunt. She pulled her thighs together under the table and squeezed her warm pussy between them. She tried to squeeze away the nervous feelings in her cunt, but she couldn’t.

The telephone rang and her mother answered it. It was one of Mona’s friends and when she sat down at the table again, she said, “That was Terry. She wants me to come over tonight for a while. Is that okay with you, Jack?”

“Sure,” he said quickly, and Pam’s heart caught in her throat.

“But, Mom,” she said, “I was gonna make popcorn for us. I thought you wanted to see the eight o’clock movie.”

“I did,” her mom said, “but I haven’t seen Terry in a long time. I’d like to see her.”

“And it’ll do you good to get out for a night,” Jack put in, grinning.

Mona reached across the table and squeezed her hubby’s hand. “Thanks, Jack,” she purred.

Pam looked from her mom to her dad, and a pain of hatred stung her when she saw what a con-artist her father was. He’d say or do anything just to get at his daughter’s pussy! He’d even be nice to his wife!

When Mona left the room, Pam didn’t hide her feelings. She stared right at her grinning dad and said, “You’re a bastard. You just want to get me alone again. I hate you for that.”

Jack chuckled and his eyes devoured her breasts. “I like the way your tits jump when you’re angry. And your eyes sparkle. You’re a sexy little bitch, you know that? I’ll bet you like to excite me.”

“I do not!” Pam blurted, raising her voice.

Her mother heard it and called out, “What’s the trouble out there?”

“Nothing,” Jack called out. “Just a little argument about doing the dishes.”

Pam fumed and her tits rose and fell nicely for her dad’s pleasure against her will. She wished she had the courage to tell her mom what was really bothering her. But she knew she couldn’t do that. What would her mom think? It would be just like her father to convince Mona that Pam was cockteasing him, instead of the other way around.

When her father went into the living room with his coffee, Pam used the kitchen phone to call a school friend. Whispering conspiringly, she arranged to spend the night at her friend’s house. Then she called out, “Mom? Can I spend the night at Mary’s?”

Before her mother could respond, her dad hollered, “On a school night? You know better than that, kitten.”

“Daddy! Please!” Pam cried.

“Your father’s right, dear,” Mona said, coming into the kitchen. “You girls get together and never go to sleep. No, wait till the weekend for that, Pamela.”

Pam opened her mouth to protest, but no words came out. What was the use? She couldn’t beat her dad. He’d win. She turned back to the phone and sighed sadly, “Never mind, Mary. I can’t.” In the living room, Jack Turner smiled to himself. He was nursing a hard-on.

Pam watched her mom leave and felt her heart sinking as the car drove off. She closed the door and looked at her father sitting in his recliner chair. He let his legs open and Pam’s gaze fell to his lap. She saw the swollen bulge in his pants and a weakness attacked her knees.

“Daddy, I want to watch TV,” she said.

“Sure.” He grinned. “Come sit on my lap and watch it.”

“No,” Pam said quickly. “Please… let’s just watch TV. I’ll make us some popcorn.”

Her dad burst into laughter. “You trying to bribe me with popcorn? Do you think I’d rather have popcorn than pussy? Come here, you little tease, and quit horsing around.”

“No, I don’t want that.”

“I didn’t ask you what you wanted.”

“Daddy, please…” Pam whimpered. She thought of running to her room, but what good would that do? He’d only follow and rape her on her bed.

“Why do you fight it, kitten?” Jack queried, admiring the thrust of her young tits and the curves of her legs.

“Fight what?”


Pam licked her lips, then murmured. “Because it isn’t right to have sex with you.”

“You like it,” her dad pointed out.

Pam worried her lower lip. “I don’t want to. You make me feel funny all the time. If you left me alone, I wouldn’t want to have sex.”

“Stop kidding yourself, Pamela,” he said in a fatherly tone. “I see what you do when you’re alone. What were you doing in the shower for so long today? You came home from the beach horny as hell and you spent a lot of time in there. Are you telling me you weren’t getting yourself off?”

Pam caught her breath. Sexy talk disturbed her. “I wish you wouldn’t say things like that to me,” she said.

“Why not?” her dad said, smiling knowingly. “Does it excite you?”


“Yes, it does,” he chuckled. “I’ll bet if you were alone right now, you’d be on your bed playing with yourself. Right?”

“That’s none of your business!” Pam blurted. “So what if I did? That’s not as bad as having your own father do it!”

Jack smiled with pleasure. Pam sure looked pretty, standing in front of him with her tits heaving and her face flushed.

“Come here, kitten,” he said in a soft, low voice.

Pam swallowed nervously. The tone of his voice and the look in his eyes were very disturbing.

“Come on,” he coned gently, smiling nicely. “Why do we have to fight all the time? You’re a big girl now. It’s time you faced yourself. We’ve had some good times, haven’t we? Come on, admit it.”

Moments of passionate pleasure flashed through her young mind. “Well…”

“Do you know why we’ve had good times even though we’re father and daughter? Because we really love each other.”

The word love was like a trigger in her heart. Tears stung her bright blue eyes and she whimpered, “Ohhh, Daddy, if only you did love me!”

“But I do, kitten, I do,” he said soothingly. He got to his feet slowly and drew her into his arms. He embraced her warmly and kissed her cute little ear as his boner throbbed against her crotch. Into her ear he whispered, “I’ve always loved you, kitten. Have I ever really hurt you? No, of course not. I just made you horny or turned you on. But haven’t I always given your pleasure? Have I been cruel to your tits or pussy? Can you really say I ever hurt them?”

Pam shivered in his arms and her senses whirled. “Well, no,” she said softly, “But but… oh, you confuse me!”

Jack eased her along with him. He settled into the recliner and gently lowered her to his lap. His arm circled her slim waist, his other hand settled on her thighs. “I’ve never wanted to hurt you in any way,” he said slowly. “You’re my daughter and I love you. You’re a very pretty girl. Sexy, too. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of girls wish they could be as sexy as you. Now you’re almost a woman and you’ve developed beautifully. Can you blame me for wanting to please you?”

Pam stared into his eyes and said, “Other fathers don’t please their daughters that way.”

“How do you know? Have you ever told any of your friends about how you and me come together?”

“No!” Pam exclaimed.

“Then why would they tell you about their dads?”

Pam’s pretty mouth fell open as she thought about friends like sexy Linda Stanton and foul-mouthed Connie Blake and virginal little Mary Apton. Were they getting off with their dads? Mr. Stanton, Mr. Blake and Mr. Apton were sure good-looking fathers, Pam had to admit to herself. And they all had at one time or another flirted with her. Didn’t she sometimes get the feeling that her girlfriends’ dads would like to rape her? Maybe they were just like her dad!

Pam peered at her father, felt his hard-on throbbing up against her ass, felt her nipples stiffen in her dress, felt his hand hot on her naked thighs. Did she have her dad all wrong? Was he just a nice guy who really wanted to give her pleasure?

As if he were reading his little girl’s troubled mind, he stroked her inner thigh, kissed her mouth, and said, “Doesn’t it feel good to be like this with me?”

“I… I… oh, Daddy, I’m so confused you make me feel scared and then safe. First I’m frightened and then I… ohhh, I shouldn’t say this!”

“Say it, kitten. Let’s talk about it.”

“Sometimes I do want you to touch me,” Pam confessed. “Sometimes I come home from school feeling funny in my belly and I know what it is. It’s a kind of ache — as if I wanted you to make the tickle go away. I thought I was a bad girl to think that way.”

“Of course not,” her father laughed.

“That’s natural. A girl like you can’t go around with that tickle driving her crazy. And you shouldn’t have to. I love you and I wanted to help you with it, that’s all. I didn’t want a bunch of careless and thoughtless boys getting at you.”

Pam sighed. “Do you really mean that?” she asked.

“Sure, I mean it. Remember when you were a little girl and fell down and scraped your knee. Didn’t I soothe it? This is the same thing. You’re a big girl now and you have a bigger problem, your blossoming sex needs. I still want to soothe you when you get hurt, even in a sexy way.”

A tear streamed down Pam’s cheek. “And I thought you were trying to take advantage of me. I didn’t know you were doing it for me.”

“Now you know,” her father said simply.

As he smiled at her, his hand inched up to her tit. Pam felt the forbidden pleasure tingling through her whole body as her loving dad caressed her proud, pointed tit. His fingers deftly tweaked her stiffened nipple and Pam felt the same arousing sensations she always felt but had tried to fight. She didn’t fight them now. Her eyes softened and she unexpectedly pressed her lips to her father’s. Her cute little pink tongue slipped into his mouth and, with a sigh that pushed her tits at her father’s hand, she probed with her tongue. Her eyes closed gently as she discovered how nice the kiss was, then she kissed a little hungrily as the familiar tickle began to swell up inside her young pussy.

Aroused by his little girl, Jack lowered her dress in front and exposed her jutting young tits. His hand flew across them excitedly as their tongues lashed. Pam whimpered through the hot kiss and her tits ached for more sensation.

Her understanding dad broke the kiss and fastened his mouth to her quivering tit and sucked hotly on her spiking little nipple. He lashed it with his tongue and Pam felt thrill after thrill. She moaned softly. She squirmed on his lap as the sensation rushed through her blood to her nervous young cunt.

Her father sucked both tits hungrily now and licked them for her, providing the pleasures she craved and needed. His hand stroked the insides of her luscious thighs, then urged them apart. Pam trembled in his arms. She caught her breath, waiting for the big thrill.

Jack’s hand moved upward under her dress between her open legs, and his fingers, a little shakily, touched the warm, moist lips of her pussy. Pam gasped immediately. He wormed a fingertip between her tight little cunt-lips and diddled her wet fuck-hole with deliberate and planned twists of his finger.

“Daddy…” Pam breathed hotly. That was all she could get out. Her head rolled drunkenly on her shoulders and her mouth dropped open loosely. Her eyes grew sexily heavy and dropped closed as her dad expertly teased the excited mouth of her juicy cunt.

She moaned helplessly as her father pushed her dress way up on her flat belly. He peered down between her white thighs at her furry young cunt and loved the sight of it. He sucked harder on her thrusting tit and ran a fingertip up and down her glistening pussy-slit. Pam whimpered hornily and squirmed her cunt around, a silent begging for more of his forbidden pleasure.

Her dad’s cock was rock hard and strained beneath her wiggly ass. Surprisingly, Pam twisted her ass on his prick and rasped, “It wants to get out.”

Her father swallowed hard. “Do you want it out?” he asked.

Pam hesitated a moment, then whispered, “Yes.”

She lifted up for him as he struggled at his pants. He pulled his huge wet dick out and Pam settled down again with, his cock right smack against her pussy.

Now she peered down to see his prick. Her blue eyes sparkled as she gazed at the wet hunk of meat pulsing so hotly right between her quivery thighs. Slowly but surely her gentle hands reached for his cock. Her fingers slipped over the cock-head. Both hands cupped, then stroked his prick gently. Pam felt something pass through her body as she gave her father’s dick tender strokes of her fingers.

“It’s so big,” she whispered hotly.

“You knew that,” her dad chuckled.

“But it seems bigger now,” Pam murinured. Her eyes riveted to his throbbing cock as her naughty fingers raced over his prick. Another quiver passed through her body. She gave a little shiver, then rasped, “I want it.”

Jack Turner stared in wonder as his pretty little girl slipped from his lap to strip off her dress. Stark naked and beautiful, Pam smiled rather wickedly and mounted her dad’s lap, facing him. She settled a knee to each side of his hips on the recliner, then reached down and grasped his solid, wet prick.

To her father’s complete surprise — and delight — she writhed her tits at his face and panted, “Suck my tits, Daddy.” Even as he willingly gobbled at her spiking nipples, Pam gripped his turgid prick and lowered her horny young cunt to the head of his cock. She held his prick as still as she could and inched her pussy-lips downward.

Slowly, maddeningly slow for both of them, the rigid fuck-pole wedged into Pam’s tight pussy mouth. She gasped when she got his cock in, shivered a little, them pushed down as hard as she could. Her dad’s immense cock fucked into her pussy and Pam squealed to feel his prick impale her like that.

She crushed her tit into her father’s sucking mouth, tossed her head back and forth dizzily, and fucked her hot cunt eagerly up and down on his prick. In no time at all she was panting and moaning hornily, screwing her pussy frantically round and round on her father’s cock.

“Umm, ummmmm, ummmmmmmmm,” she moaned then. Her fingers dug into her dad’s shoulders and she held on for dear life as she humped her body up and down rapidly. Her father’s cock streamed and streaked into her sucking young fuck-hole.

Her dad was beside himself with joy. What a wonder! He glanced up to see a look of pure beautiful lust on his little girl’s face as she fucked. She really liked his cock! She was aching to come all over his prick. So he helped her along.

He reached around her fucking young body and grasped her quivery ass-cheeks in his big hands. As Pam fucked up and down crazily, he kneaded her ass-flesh and stroked her asshole with his fingers. Then he inserted one finger up into her twisting asshole. Pam squealed with delight and fucked faster.

“Daddy!” she cried happily, shuddering in ecstasy. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Ohhhhh, I’m coming so good! I feel so hornyyyyy! Ewww, you make me come so much! You used to scare me! I was afraid to come like this! I thought it was dangerous! Ohhhhh, how silly of me! Ew, ewww, ewwwwmmmmmm! Make me come, make me come! Daddy, fuck me, fuck me! Ohhhhh, fuck meeeeeee…”

She was obviously out of her head with fuck-needs and fuck-pleasure and that pleased the hell out of her horny dad. He chuckled against her ripe, thrusting tits and sucked them wildly as he fingerfucked Pam’s tight, twisty asshole and fucked her pretty pussy with his enormous wet boner.

Pam’s new zeal and passion made it difficult for Jack to retain his orgasm. Her hungry young cunt simply sucked the come up out of his balls. He couldn’t have held back if he’d wanted to. And now he didn’t want to. He wanted to join his little girl in her extreme moments of pleasure.

Pam was still coming when he groaned and fucked his prick way up into her squirming cunt. He imbedded his cock there, drove his finger up into her tight asshole, then shot his load into her quivering young body. Pam gasped and whimpered as his gigantic boner, swollen now with fuck-lust, staffed to gush, squirt and explode viciously.

“Oh, Daddy!” she squealed excitedly. “You’re doing it! Ewww, you’re shooting in me! Ohhhhh, give it to me, Daddy, give it to me! Ohhh, I want you to fuck me silly! I’m coming so gooooood! Shoot up me! Oh, ohhhh, more, more!”

As if to extract even greater gushes of male jism from her fucking father, Pam twisted her pussy violently on his stabbing, spitting prick. She got what she wanted. Huge blasts of burning jism crashed into her twisty cunt after she got off as never before. Her willingness to fuck, her hot desire for stiff cock, seemed to make her hornier and more susceptible to orgiastic pleasure. Her pussy was now willing. Pam moaned passionately all through the fantastic fucking.

When the earthquake was over, Pam had lapsed in her dad’s lap, and he had to hold onto her quivering body to keep her from sinking to the floor. He embraced her gently and licked her mouth with his tongue as she panted, “Ohhhh, Daddy, that was so goood! I can’t believe it! Your cock is so nice! Why did I ever fight it? I must have been crazy! Ewww, how you fuck a girl! My pussy’s still buzzing from your cock! It feels so goooooood!”

She caught her breath and raised up so she could look at him. She smiled impishly and purred, “You’d better watch out now. You might be sorry you turned me on this way.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll regret it,” Jack said, petting her cunt. “I’ll just fuck the hell out of you every time you get horny.”

“Mmmm, that’s gonna be every day!” Pam laughed. She giggled and slipped to her knees in front of him. She cupped his soaked cock in both hands, glanced up into his face, and cooed, “I’ve been avoiding this. Can I get a good look at it?”

“Help yourself,” her father chuckled. Then he had the supreme honor and delight of having his naked little girl examine his prick for almost half an hour.

Free to do so now, Pam caressed her father’s nice cock. She touched and stroked and mauled and squeezed his prick. And finally, breathing heavily, she kissed his cock into a rigid fuck-pole. Then her soft, sexy mouth slipped onto his prick and she sucked her dad’s cock lovingly. But only until his prick was a massive boner. Then, with a giggle that excited the man tremendously, a new Pam jumped on his cock and fucked him wildly, coming and coming and coming.


Pamela Turner was bound to turn into a sexy, horny young nympho after what her father, had done to her. Pretty Pam’s excessive kicking and screaming against sex changed into luscious aching and hunger for sex. Her dad had done a good job of changing her young mind and she was grateful in the end.

At her next birthday party she showed her father just how much she loved him. She looked good enough to eat in her new party dress, a short blue-and-white thing designed to make a girl look like a child. Her mother bought it for her for the party. Pam had been disappointed at first. She’d wanted something a little sexier than that. After all, she was a big girl now. But her mom insisted.

It was her thoughtful dad who helped her accept the inevitable. He took her aside in the kitchen and whispered, “Don’t feel bad about your dress, kitten. It makes you look like a cute little virgin — good enough to eat. I’d like to suck your cherry right out of your pussy.”

Pam caught her breath and her little ear burned. Her tits lifted in the tightness of the dress. Her cunt warmed over. And she gave her dad a nice kiss on the mouth for being so nice to her. Since no one was watching the little father-daughter scene, she took the risk and gave her father’s cock a gentle squeeze, then a parting stroke as she hurried back to the lovely birthday cake.

During the party, while girls and boys danced to rock music and laughed childishly, Pam ached to get at her dad. She had given him a nice boner in his pants and now she wanted to fuck. He had been fucking her regularly lately and she needed to fuck almost daily now. She grew quite accustomed to his marvelous cock fucking into her hungry young pussy.

When she saw her dad go into the bathroom, she slowly left the room, too. She waited at her bedroom door until her father came out.

“Daddy!” she whispered.

Her father saw her and his prick jerked in his pants. He hurried to her and she pulled him into the bedroom.

She pressed up against him, kisssd him hotly on the mouth and writhed her cunt against his hard-on.

“Give it to me,” she rasped.

“Kitten… we can’t, no…”

“Yes, yesss,” Pam hissed. She quickly lifted her dress in front to show her dad that she had taken off the brief panties. She pulled his hand to her furry little cunt and cooed, “See?”

“Jesus,” he groaned, unable to resist his little girl’s sexual demands.

Pam giggled, knowing she had him where she wanted him. She tore at his pants and got his enormous wet prick out. She gripped his cock firmly in a fist, hunched her hips forward, opened her legs wide, and pulled his cock into her hungry pussy-hole.

He grunted animalistically and rammed his daughter against the bedroom wall. Pam gasped at his heightened lust pinned her to the wall. He gripped her ass-cheeks tightly, pulled upward, and fucked all of his soaked prick up into her sucking cunt. Pam’s eyes rolled in her head as the enormous boner pleased her pussy once again.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, it feels so gooood,” she murmured, screwing her cunt hotly on his cock. “You fuck me so nice. Ohhh, I wanna fuck you all the time! Give it to me! Ummm, how nice! Faster, Daddy. Faster, before we have to stop!”

Jack shared his little girl’s concern now. Someone was liable to miss the party girl soon and call her. He had to get the most out of this fast fuck if he was going to bust his nuts into Pam’s delightful pussy.

He fucked harder and faster with his silky smooth prick. Pam got off as his boner fucked her. She shivered and shook beautifully as her pussy creamed all over her dad’s fucking prick. But he didn’t bust his balls. Someone was calling Pam back to the party.

“Ohhhh, nooo,” she panted.

“God damn it!” Jack growled.

He had to release his little girl, had to pull his fiery cock out of her pussy and let her straighten her dress. Pam saw his enormous boner and his strained face. She kissed his prick quickly, bending over in front of him, then she whispered, “It’s okay, Daddy. Just wait. I’ll blow you later and make you shoot a real big load into my mouth. Okay?”

She pranced away and Jack collapsed against the wall, out of breath, his cock dripping his daughter’s hot fuck-juice.

Pam danced a few dances with boys who kept poking her thighs with their stiff young pricks. She smiled at them, letting them know she liked what they were doing to her. She had learned to appreciate a boy’s advance, especially when he had a nice big hard-on. She laughed happily and danced gaily, every once in a while snaring a boner between her thighs and milking the cock that way. The boys at the party enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was keen to dance with a girl like Pamela Turner. She liked pricks.

All the eager young cocks between her legs kept Pam in a constant state of erotic arousal, and all she could think about was her dad’s huge boner just waiting for her mouth. She spotted him across the room a few times and looked sadly at him, wanting him as much as he wanted her. But they had to be patient.

Opportunity finally knocked when the punch ran out. The minute Jack heard his wife mention that, he quickly volunteered to go to the store for more. Pam took the cue and piped, “I’ll go with you, Daddy!”

Her mother laughed and said, “You don’t have to do that, Pamela. It’s your party.”

Pam went up to her mother and gave her a phony kiss on the cheek. Looking into the woman’s eyes with big blue innocent ones, she cooed, “I’d like to be alone with him a little while, Mom. Just to tell him how much I love him.”

That touched Mona. A tear came to her eye as she cupped Pam’s face in her hands and kissed the tip of her nose. “Run along, darling,” she sniffed.

Pam did run — all the way to the car. She leapt into in and her dad gunned the motor. The tires almost squealed as they sped away from the house.

“Oh, Daddy,” Pam breathed. And her hand jumped to his lap to caress his boner and pull at his belt.

“Baby…” her dad rasped hotly. He turned onto a dark side street and parked beneath some trees, away from lights.

“Daddy, Daddy,” Pam panted, pulling his wet prick out.

“Baby, baby,” her father groaned as she lowered her face to his lap and took his enormous boner up into her mouth.

Pam was up on her knees. As her soft, sexy mouth bobbed up and down on his prick, Jack pulled her dress up in back and caressed her cute little ass. As she sucked him off, he finger-fucked her tight little asshole.

Pam quivered as cool air kissed her ass, and she whimpered on her dad’s boner when his big finger invaded her asshole. Her ass started twisting then and her mouth sucked faster on his prick.

“Mmm-mmmmm-mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned with pleasure. She wiggled her ass for her dad’s benefit, letting him know he was pleasing her. He groaned with pleasure himself and worked another finger into Pam’s squirming cunt-hole. Both fingers fucked rapidly in and out of her turned-on body as he kept nudging the back of her throat with his swollen cockhead.

It didn’t take much of Pam’s lovely young mouth to get him off. His prick enlarged like a balloon and pulsed hotly. Pam gripped his cockshaft tensely and whacked his prick hard as she increased the speed of her bobbing head. His cock fucked easily in and out of her sexy mouth until his balls ached, then his cock jolted furiously. Pam whimpered sexily and sucked him off, pumping his prick hornily and drinking the big spurts of his creamy come. Her small mouth filled several times with her father’s jism and she had to gulp it down to make room for more. It was a beautiful blow job that left her dad loving her more than ever. Afterwards they hugged and kissed for a long time before they went to the store, then back home.

Pamela Turner, sexy as hell, became a damned good friend to the boy she babysat. Johnny Blame was the first to notice the big change in the babysitter, and the first to benefit from her change of heart about sex. She didn’t tie him up any more, except in fun, and she was actually gentle with his boner. She licked him nice and made him come real good. Now he looked forward to seeing the girl.

On the night of her birthday, she babysat the Blame kids. Mr. and Mrs. Blame wished her a happy birthday and gave her a small gift before they left for the movies. The minute they were gone, Pam went for the gift she really wanted.

Johnny was stretched out on the sofa, watching TV, when his parents left. He grinned at Pam when she turned and let one leg fall off the sofa. Pam eyed his lap and saw that he was nursing a boner.

“You little demon,” she laughed, hurrying to him. She dropped to her knees beside him and smoothed a hand over his hard-on. “This is what you want, huh?”

“Yeah,” the boy rasped, pushing his hips up.

Pam giggled pleasantly and unzipped his pants. She lifted his sticky little cock out of his pants and caressed his prick gently. Her fingers did their magic dance over his hot cock-flesh.

“Jeez, Pam,” Johnny gasped. “You’re sure neat!”

“You didn’t think so a while back,” she purred, jerking his dick.

“Well, you were mean. You’re sure nice now.”

“Because I play with your prick? Is that why I’m nice?”

“Sure!” the boy laughed.

“You little demon,” Pam said again, licking her lips. “You boys are all alike, I swear. Always getting a girl hot.”

“Suck my cock,” Johnny said simply, almost innocently.

Pam giggled at that and kissed him on the mouth as her warm hand stroked his prick up and down. Then she transferred her sexy lips to his cock. Holding his prick upright, she parted her lips and slid them down over his boner. Moaning softly, she took her birthday present into her mouth and sucked with a hunger that drove the boy out of his mind.

When Pam had his cock as stiff as his prick could possibly get, she slowly took her mouth off his cock and rolled back onto the floor. She pulled her dress up in front and spread her legs so Johnny could see everything she owned. He sat up and peered hotly at her cunt.

“Wanna fuck me?” Pam cooed.

The boy fell onto her body with a choking gasp caught in his throat. Pam giggled sensuously and guided his cock into her pussy for him, then she hugged him lovingly and fucked him silly.

She got her tits out and had him lick and suck them while she expertly humped her hot ass and made her squirmy pussy suck on his ramming, fucking prick. Johnny went wild on the girl, chewing her spiking pink nipples for her and fucking his prick as hard as he could into her pussy.

“Weeeeemmmmmmmm,” Pam moaned happily. “You’re getting better all the time!” She threw her pussy up and his prick fucked into her cunthole. “Ummmmm, that’s nice.”

She loved it with all the boys. Especially the new ones. Pam soon had a reputation as a very reliable and inexpensive babysitter. Of course, she had to lie a lot to parents who had no boys in the family. She told them she was booked up when she wasn’t, but she didn’t want to babysit kids unless they had at least one older brother.

She never broke her own rule, but about a year later she had to amend it a little. Her father had a heart attack and when he came out of the hospital four weeks later, Pam was aching for his cock. She almost fainted when she learned the sad news — her dad couldn’t fuck for at least five more months!

Heartbroken and horny, but anxious to do right by her father, she suffered her pussy pains silently. But fate came to her aid, fate and her own maturing young body. She missed her dad’s big man-sized cock terribly. His prick had made her cunt open and willing, sometimes eager and hungry. Boys’ pricks, while nice to play with and screw, just weren’t doing the job. Her pussy was older now and hungrier.

Fate stepped in when one of the boys she babysat squealed. The little monster shared the news with his father. The man didn’t believe the kid and accused him of bullshitting. Pamela Turner was a sweet young thing. Surely she was a virgin!

Bill Clarke had to find out for himself! If his boy was telling the truth — wow! He arranged for Pam to babysit on a Friday night. Pam thought he and his wife went out together, but they went their separate ways. That left Bill free to double back and spy on his kid and the cute babysitter.

He’d deliberately left the back door unlocked, and he slipped into the kitchen undetected. He found Pam and his son in the kid’s bedroom, on the floor. His boy was flat on his back. Pam was propped on an elbow near his thighs. She had young Tommy’s prick out of his pants, eyeing his cock with interest, exploring his prick with a gentle hand. She had one leg drawn up and her dress was short. Bill could see her pussy, naked and furry.

“I’ll be damned,” he muttered, entering the room.

“Oh, my God!” Pam screeched, horrified. She slammed her legs closed and blocked the man’s view of her cunt. “Mr. Clarke!”

The man looked at his son’s stiff wet prick and said, “You weren’t lying, were you?”

Pam glared at the boy and snarled, “You promised not to tell! You brat! Now I’ll be in trouble!”

Bill looked at his son and jerked his head toward the living room. “Go watch TV,” he said thickly, and his gaze traveled back to Pam. The kid darted out of the room and closed the door. Bill stared hotly at the luscious young teenager slumped on the floor. His cock started to rise in his pants.

Pam didn’t know what to say. Her heart fluttered and she rasped, “Mr. Clarke… please don’t tell on me…” What else could she say?

“Tell on you!” the guy laughed. “Hell, I ain’t gonna tell on you.”

The look in his eyes alarmed Pam. “Wh-what are you gonna do?”

“What do you think?” Bill chuckled evilly, glaring at her heaving boobs, then at he creamy smooth legs.

“Mr. Clarke! Do you mean that?” Pam choked.

“Take that fucking dress off,” the man said thickly. Pam hesitated a second too long and he said, “Take it off or I’ll rip it off!”

“Golly!” she gasped and quickly stripped her dress off. Stark naked, she sat on the floor looking helpless and beautifully fuckable.

“Open your legs,” Bill murmured, dying to see her cunt.

“Mr. Clarke… shame on you…” Pam giggled, and spread her thighs wide apart. She settled back on her hands and let him devour her pretty tits and luscious cunt, first with his eyes, then with his mouth.

Pam felt at ease now. The man didn’t want to snitch on her — he wanted to fuck her! Fantastic! It was time she had another man-sized cock up her pussy! To guarantee that, she posed sexily for Bill Clarke and let him look all he wanted to. And when he anxiously approached her, she spread her pretty legs even wider and hunched her pussy up.

With blue eyes sparkling and ripe lips kissable, she peered directly at him and cooed, “Will you eat my cunt before your fuck it?”

“Christ!” the overwrought man groaned and buried his face between her thighs. Pam gasped as his sexy mouth attacked her pussy. A moment later she fell back on the carpet as the horny man ravished her cunt with lips, teeth and tongue. We kissed her snatch so lovingly that she whimpered. He nibbled her clit so hotly that she gasped. And he tonguefucked her pussyhole so viciously that she choked for breath. That was a cunt-hungry man down there!

Pam came beautifully for him and let him know it. Thrusting her hot ass skyward, shoving her pussy into his munching mouth, she panted. “Mr. Clarke… Mr. Clarke, ohhhhh, do it more! Do it more!”

Bill gripped her asscheeks and mauled them roughly as he went on sucking her clit and tonguing her fuckhole. It was pure pleasure to get the girl off again and again. He liked driving her mad.

“Ohhhhh,” he heard her moan then. “You’re just like my dad! Ewww, fuck me now! Please… fuck me!”

He didn’t need another invitation. He knelt up and tore his pants open. His huge erect prick bobbed up.

“Oh, golly!” Pam gasped when she saw it all thick and stiff and moist. “Let me suck it first!”

To the guy’s complete delight, the saucy young teenager attacked, his cock with a passion and sucked him off like a pro. Even his wife couldn’t suck his prick the way Pam did.

It was so good that he growled, “I’m gonna bust my nuts!”

Pam moaned and whispered lewdly, “Do it do it… give me your come. You can still fuck me after I eat it.”

She was right. She thrust her sexy mouth all the way down on his swollen boner and sucked him off all the way. She jerked his prick hotly as she sucked and bobbed her head and his prick exploded in a series of torpedo blasts. Huge wads of thick creamy jism gushed out of his prick and Pam gulped it all down, whacking his prick to get more.

“Umm, ummmmm,” she moaned afterward, licking her lips. Again she fell onto her back, this time looking highly fuckable and ready for cock.

“Give it to me,” she panted, writhing her ass on the floor. “Fuck me silly, Mr. Clarke.”

He groaned and crept between her lovely young legs. Just as Pam had predicted, his prick was more than ready, even though she had just emptied his balls.

He stuck the soaked head of his prick into her pussy-mouth and fucked in and out a few times. That’s all it took to give him a whopping hard-on, the kind Pam cherished. When she felt his cock nice and big again, this time creeping into her cunt, she threw her arms around the man’s neck and kissed him feverishly. She threw her legs around his hips and pulled with her feet on his as to make his giant cock plunge deeply into her hungry pussy.

“Ew, ewwww, good, good,” she panted, humping her cunt wildly on the man’s fucking prick. Her senses reeled and her belly churned and her cunt sucked hotly as the big man raped her thoroughly. With no thought of her tender age, he plastered his mouth to one of her thrusting young tits and sucked the hell out of it as he viciously fucked her tight little pussy.

Pam went out of her head with pleasure. It had been such a long time since she’d been fucked this way. She needed this. A man’s cock now held a special fascination for her. She wanted more of them. So, in time, she used her babysitting technique to insure herself a steady supply of big, wet, fucking cocks.

By the time she was a young lady, she was fucking the fathers of the boys she was blowing and fucking. As for her father, she owed him a depth of gratitude which she paid often. After his recovery, she immediately made it good to him. She opened her mouth and pussy and asshole to him any time he wanted them. She was a good daughter to him from then on.

Miraculously, Jack Turner lived to a ripe and virile old age. His fucking ability never did slacken off. And his loving daughter, Pam, kept him in good supply with her pussy. Even after she married, she fucked him often. Every time he visited, she had a sexy mouth or cunt or ass for him. And Jack lived to be seventyfive!

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