That Hot Sucking Sitter

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

Such things happen every day, but they do not often come to light. When they are discovered, the events themselves are denied by a repressive society.

In this book, a young babysitter, Roni Richards, is suddenly released from the restrictions put upon her by her strict parents. She was an innocent, but, upon her liberation, she becomes just as predatory as those who seduced her.

THAT HOT SUCKING SITTER — the story of one girl’s innocence, a story of an indifferent society.


Roni Richards had never been touched by a boy before, and it was quite a shock when it first happened. She was sitting on the couch with the kid she was babysitting, Greg Nelson, when he suddenly threw himself at her and kissed her.

Roni was so shocked that for a few seconds she couldn’t even move. That encouraged Greg. He wriggled his tongue into her mouth and probed around. When she still didn’t react, he grabbed her tits, squeezing them eagerly through her thin summer clothing. Roni almost went through the roof.

Wrenching her face away from his, she slapped Greg’s face and snapped, “Take your hands off me this minute, Greg. What a filthy thing to do.”

That hardly fazed Greg. He just drew back with a lazy grin and drawled, “Sorry, Roni, I though you might wanta get it on.”

Roni blushed hotly. “Certainly not,” she replied stiffly. “I have much more important things to do than, uh, get it on.”

“Yeah, like reading all those big books,” Greg said dryly. “Don’t you ever wanta have any fun?”

“This is plenty enough fun for me,” Roni said, pulling a book into her lap and opening it. “Why don’t you go play, Greg?”

“Yeah, I think I will,” he answered. “There’s sure nothing going on around here.”

Roni watched him go. She had to admit he was kind of cute for a younger guy. He was several years younger than she was, but already his body was man-shaped. He was husky, blond, and had nice features. But of course, she told herself quickly, that kind of thing didn’t interest her.

She just wondered why she had that strange hot sensation between her thighs. It started happening when he had kissed her and fondled her tits, and it was still there. She’d never experienced anything like it before. She just hoped it didn’t have anything to do with sex.

Roni had been raised in a very strict and puritanical way by her highly religious parents. They’d drummed into her head that sex was dirty and evil and that nice girls don’t have anything to do with it, at least not until marriage, and maybe not even after that. But they’d made it clear that they hoped Roni wouldn’t marry at all but would devote herself to her studies and a career.

So far, she’d followed their teachings without a murmur. She’d been a straight-A student all through school, and she’d never accepted a date. She’d just graduated from high school and had never had anything to do with sex or boys. At least not until a moment ago when Greg had come on to her. Now her pussy felt scorching hot, swollen and wet.

She tried to ignore the strange and disturbing sensations and concentrate on her book. It was a French grammar book. Roni intended to go to Europe in the fall, and she wanted to be able to speak the languages of the people there. A year in Europe would broaden her intellectually before she started college, she hoped.

She was babysitting to earn the money for her trip, but she had never been asked to sit with a kid as old as Greg. She could handle tiny babies or little kids, but this was her first experience with a teenage boy. She was finding it pretty disturbing.

“See ya later,” Greg said, sticking his head in the doorway.

“Where are you going, Greg?” Roni demanded.

“Just around the neighborhood,” he said.

Then he disappeared. Roni heard the back door slam. She hurried to the kitchen and peered out the window to see where he went. After all, she was supposed to be watching him. He didn’t go far. He just ducked into the next yard, swinging himself over the high fence. Roni frowned, wondering what mischief he was up to.

She went quietly out of the house and found a knothole in the fence. Greg was walking up to a cute teenage girl who was sunbathing on the grass. She was petite, blond, and snub-nosed, and she was wearing a ridiculously tiny red bikini. Greg was looking at her like she was a bowl of candy.

“Hi, Dawn,” he called.

The girl looked up and smiled. “Oh, hi, Greg,” she said. “Come and sit with me. I’m so bored.”

“Your folks gone out?” Greg asked, sitting down beside her.

“Yeah, they went to the company dance,” Dawn said.

“Mine, too,” Greg replied. “Hey, your back’s getting kinda red. Want me to spread same sunscreen on it?”

“Oh, thanks,” Dawn said, unhooking her bra.

Greg’s eyes widened, and so did Roni’s. Dawn was lying on her belly, and she just unhooked her bikini top so Greg could spread the lotion, but it was still a pretty suggestive thing to do. Her bra fell down on the grass, exposing all of her luscious-looking ripe tits except the nipples.

Greg swallowed hard and forced himself not to stare at her pretty breasts. He grabbed her sunscreen bottle and squeezed some lotion into his palm. Then he set his hands on her back and began smoothing in the stuff. Dawn gave a little gurgle of pleasure, reined totally, and closed her eyes.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels so nice,” she sighed. Greg was staring at her tits again and very gradually working his hands in that direction. Roni could see what he was doing, and she wanted to call out and warn the girl. But that meant Greg would learn she’d been spying on him, and she felt embarrassed about that. She could only watch helplessly.

Greg was getting a little flushed in the face while he inched his hands patiently but steadily toward the outer curve of Dawn’s creamy skinned tits. He was licking his lips, and his eyes were hot and glassy with lust. Obviously tits excited him a whole lot. He’d made a grab for Roni’s tits, too.

Now he suddenly slid his hands under Dawn’s naked tits and cupped them, squeezing. She gasped, and her blue eyes popped open and got huge. Panting, Greg started molding her tits in a lusty rhythm. Roni waited for the girl to roll over and slap his face. Instead, Dawn giggled.

“Greg, you nut, what are you doing?” she laughed.

“Playing with your tits,” he chuckled. “Can’t you tell?”

“You’re naughty,” she said teasingly. “You didn’t ask if you could.”

“That’s right,” he answered, “I couldn’t help myself. I’m just a naughty guy.”

He certainly was that, Roni thought, getting red with embarrassment. She was going to have to speak to his parents about it. First he’d come on to her, actually fondling her tits, and now he was practically attacking the neighbor girl. Greg was a very bad boy.

So why wasn’t Dawn protesting and making him stop? She just lay there getting more and more flushed in the face as he played with her tits. Then suddenly she rolled over and lay belly up, her gorgeous high-riding breasts exposed to Greg’s hungry eyes. He stared at them for a second, then gave a horny growl and cupped them again.

“Mmmmmmmm, yeah, that feels so nice,” Dawn sighed.

Roni was indignant. The girl had no morals at all. Didn’t she realize how wrong it was to do things like that with anybody but the man she married? Roni wanted to march into the yard and spank both the young teens. But she had an uneasy feeling that she would be laughed off the stage.

Now Greg was using his thumbs to tease Dawn’s rosy little nipples into long erect buds. Roni blushed even harder when she realized that her own tits were still swollen and stiff-nippled. It was incredible how a few brief squeezes from Greg had done that. Wonderingly, she rubbed her nipples through her clothes and found them supersensitive.

Dawn just lay there gurgling and shivering with excitement while he worked her nipples into long rigid nubs. Then he dipped his head down, stuck out his tongue, and used the hot wet meat to lash her engorged nipples.

“Oooooooo, yeah?” Dawn squealed.

Roni was so shocked, she could hardly think. Those kids were having a regular sex orgy over there, doing things she’d never even heard of. She knew she ought to put a stop to it, but how? They were too big to spank, and she was outnumbered. About all she could do was watch, then report everything she’d seen to Greg’s parents when they got home.

The only thing was, as she watched Greg tonguing Dawn’s tits, that hot feeling in her pussy got worse. It seemed like her gash was swelling up taut, getting steamy and creamy. She’d never felt that way before. She had the wicked urge to stick her hand down there and rub herself.

Stop that, Roni, she told herself sternly, that’s really depraved.

Greg was lathering Dawn’s stiff nipples with his spit, making the rosy nubs gleam. She lay there bare-titted without a trace of shame or embarrassment. She was grinning lustily, enjoying everything he did. Then he slid his lips down around her left nipple and started sucking it.

“Unnnnhhhh, yeah,” she moaned, “I love that, Greg.”

Roni didn’t think she could blush any harder. She’d heard that sex was pretty kinky, but she’d never dreamed it was anything like this. She was disgusted and outraged. But why did her pussy keep feeling hotter and hotter? Why was she creaming through her panties and jeans?

It was almost as if watching other people make love was turning her on. She knew she couldn’t bear to stop watching now. She had to see this scene through to the end, no matter how depraved it got. She watched Greg suck both Dawn’s nipples into complete stiffness, while the girl moaned and clawed the grass.

“Oh, wow, Greg,” Dawn panted, “you’re getting me so hot.”

“That’s the whole idea,” he chuckled, releasing a stiff gleaming nipple from his mouth. “Want me to get you off?”

“How?” Dawn asked dryly.

“With this?” he asked hopefully, rubbing his fly.

Roni just barely stifled a gasp of shock. She hadn’t been watching, but it seemed his cock had grown. The fly of his jeans was obscenely tented. There was a huge bulge there which he was rubbing and displaying to Dawn. She looked without shyness, but she shook her head.

“Uh-uh, Greg,” she said, “you know I’m not gonna go all the way with you.”

“Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying,” he said with a good-natured laugh. “You just want me to get you off the old way, then?”

Dawn nodded.

The old way? Roni realized that this wasn’t the first time these kids had engaged in sex play.

In fact it seemed to be a regular habit with them. Now Dawn was skinning out of her bikini bottoms, not even blushing as she made herself stark naked before Greg’s hungry eyes.

Roni felt a hot spurt of juice from her cunt as she watched the girl strip. Dawn really had a luscious body, petite and curvy and sleek. Her bush was a little golden triangle. She remained on her back, but now she bent her knees and spread her thighs, showing Greg the moist pink flesh of her gash.

“Oh, Jesus, Dawn,” he groaned, “I’d sure love to stick my cock in there.”

“I’m not ready for that yet, Greg,” Dawn answered. “I don’t wanta get in trouble.”

“Right,” he sighed, “but is it okay if I take off my clothes and you play with my cock?”

“Sure,” she said, grinning. “You know I love to jack you off.”

Roni shook her head. She didn’t understand half of what the kids were talking about. She’d had a sex education course in school, but it hadn’t mentioned any of these things. She watched dazedly as Greg tossed his tee shirt, shucked his sneakers, and skinned out of his jeans.

He wasn’t wearing shorts. Roni wasn’t prepared when his engorged prick snapped free, stiff as a board and pointing lewdly at the sky. Her eyes got huge, and she blushed as hard as she ever had in her life. It was the first time she’d seen a cock.

His prick looked so big, even on a kid Greg’s age. It looked way too big to do what it was supposed to. Roni knew that much about sex, of course. She knew that the man put his stiff cock into the woman’s cunt to make a baby. But would that enormous fat thing fit into her tiny virgin box?

How could any woman stand to be fucked, she wondered. That menacing slab of meat looked like it would split a woman in half. Roni just didn’t understand it at all. She watched with intense curiousity as Greg stretched out on the grass beside Dawn.

“Shit, I’m horny today,” he sighed. “I came onto the babysitter, but she wasn’t having it.”

“You mean Roni?” Dawn laughed. “I’m not surprised. She’s a bookworm, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, but even bookworms need sex,” Greg said, taking Dawn’s hand and setting it on his rigid cock. “She’s neat-looking, too.”

“Yeah, she is,” Dawn agreed as she began lightly stroking his engorged prick. “I wish I were tall and dark-haired like her. But she sure is a prude.”

That’s right, Roni thought, reddening, I’m a prude and proud of it. She certainly wasn’t a slut like Dawn. She’d never play with a boy’s cock.

It seemed like old stuff to Dawn. Now she was wrapping her fingers around Greg’s cock and pumping her fist up and down the thick blue-veined column of meat. Greg got flushed, and he gave a horny shiver. Big glistening gobs of cream oozed from his piss hole, and Dawn smeared the hot liquid up and down his shaft.

“Oh, yeah, just keep pumping like that,” he moaned. “I’m gonna get off like crazy.”

“Don’t forget me,” Dawn grinned.

“Right,” he said, cupping her neat little bush.

He gave a little squeeze, and she moaned. Then he slid his hand farther between her legs and started squeezing and caressing the supersensitive flesh of her gash. Dawn got flushed in the face and began to pant the two kids feverishly masturbated each other.

Roni shook her head in disgust. She was definitely going to have to report Greg’s wicked behavior to his mother and father. She probably ought to alert Dawn’s parents, too. This filthy business had to be stopped. She’d just watch it through to the end to make sure she saw everything they did.

The only worrisome thing was the way her pussy kept getting hotter and more swollen as she watched, and the way she was creaming heavily and uncontrollably. Her panties were actually soaked with the hot liquid. Even worse, she had this wild, insane urge to stick her hand down there and play with herself.

That was something else Roni had never done before. She’d never masturbated. She considered it a one-way ticket to Hell. That was what her parents had told her, anyhow. But right now the urge was just overpowering. She slipped her hand down inside her jeans and panties, onto the scorching soaked flesh of her gash. She began to rub the engorged hot flesh, just as Greg was rubbing Dawn’s pussy.

“Ohhhhh, my God,” she moaned.

She was lucky Dawn was making so much noise, otherwise her helpless hoarse cry would have been heard. It felt wonderful to play with her pussy. She couldn’t stop. Greg started using a stiff index finger to rub Dawn’s clit, the most sensitive spot of all, and Roni did the same thing to herself.

She’d never known such ecstasy. She hadn’t known pleasure could be that intense. She pistoned her finger stiffly up and down over her swollen joy button, giving herself stab after stab of pleasure. In seconds her hand was dripping with molten cunt juice. Meanwhile Dawn was also going out of her mind with pleasure.

“Oooooooo, Greg, yesssss,” the little blond squealed, “do it faster, honey, make me come.”

“I will,” he panted, “and you jack me off at the same time.”

“Right,” Dawn answered hoarsely.

They masturbated each other faster and faster, Greg rubbing his finger over Dawn’s clit while she pumped his cock in her hot little, fist. Spying on them, Roni rubbed her clit and experienced the most delicious and fantastic sensations. Her pussy seemed to be on fire, and she couldn’t control her heavy horny creaming.

Her parents had told her over and over again that sex was wicked and nasty, but how could it be so bad when it felt so great?

Roni just couldn’t believe it was evil. She rubbed her clit faster and faster, carried away by her natural horny instincts. Then she heard Dawn and Greg start to yell and moan. Dawn’s petite body was bucking and writhing, and Greg’s cock was shooting thick white jizz all over the place.

“Ooooooo, shit, oooooooo!” Dawn wailed. “Awwwwwwwww, fuck, aaaagggghhh!” Greg yelled.

Roni suddenly joined the noisy chorus as she brought herself off. It was her first orgasm. She fell to the grass and writhed and convulsed as hot pleasure wracked her body. She couldn’t believe how great it felt. She was just glad Greg and Dawn were making so much noise that her own helpless cries couldn’t be heard.

“Ohhhh, God, so good, ohhhhhhh!” she moaned.

She almost blacked out with the pleasure. Then she heard Greg and Dawn saying goodbye to each other, and she hurriedly stumbled back into the house.


Greg behaved himself for the next couple of hours, giving Roni time to think. She respected her parents and their views, but she’d begun to think they might be wrong about sex. It just didn’t seem so terrible to her.

Greg and Dawn had given each other such a terrific time, and Roni had adored beating off. What was so wrong about that? What was so bad about making herself or somebody else feel great? Roni couldn’t understand why her folks were so down on something like that. But one thing she did know — she wanted to experiment with more sex.

She waited, hoping Greg would come on to her again. This time she wouldn’t make him stop. She wanted to experience some of the stuff he’d done with Dawn, it looked like so much fun. But he remained a perfect little gentleman through dinner, and then he parked himself in front of the TV set.

Roni was disappointed. As she thought about all the exciting things she’d observed when she spied on Greg and Dawn, her pussy began to get hot and wet and swollen again. She wanted to play with herself, but even more, she wanted Greg to play with her. She wanted to see and touch and explore his cock. But he seemed absorbed in his TV programs.

Roni went into the master bedroom and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She wondered if maybe she wasn’t really so attractive to Greg. She saw right away that there could be some improvements in her appearance. She’d never been interested in attracting boys before, so she’d never bothered to try to look sexy.

She studied herself carefully. She was kind of tall for a girl, slim, and she had small high riding tits. There was nothing she could do about the size of her tits, but she could get rid of her sensible, binding bra. She removed it and watched her tits jiggle enticingly under her T-shirt.

Next Roni removed her reading glasses and put them away in her tote bag. If her plan worked, she wouldn’t need them for the rest of the evening. She also untied her ponytail and let her shining dark brown hair hang free. She paraded back and forth before the mirror, letting her tits bounce and wiggling her ass.

That was a lot better. She marched back into the living room and stood between Greg and the television set. He looked annoyed at first, but when he studied Roni’s changed appearance, his eyes lit up. They darted up and down her slim shapely body, and she knew he liked what he saw.

“Hey, what’d you do to yourself. Roni?” he asked. “All of a sudden you look great.”

“I’m glad you noticed,” she said, switching off the TV set and coming to sit beside him on the couch. “Let’s see if you can guess what I did.”

He studied her again, then grinned. “Well, I can’t be sure of everything,” he said, “but you’re not wearing a bra.”

“Correct,” Roni grinned, taking his hands and setting them on her tits.

Greg’s mouth dropped open.

She pressed his hands firmly against her tits. He had to feel their heat and their throbbing through her thin T-shirt. Her nipples quickly stiffened and poked into his palms. She could feel his hands growing hot. But he was still too stunned to say anything.

Roni couldn’t blame him for that. Just a few hours ago he’d tried to cop a feel of her tits, and she’d slapped his face and lectured him. Now she was actually inviting him to play with them. The kid had to be confused. Finally he cleared his throat and spoke to her.

“Uh, Roni, are you coming on to me?” he asked hoarsely.

“You could say that,” she answered. “I’d like you to play with my tits.”

“But this afternoon you didn’t want me to,” he answered in bewilderment. “You got real mad.”

“Things have changed since then,” she said. “Don’t ask questions. Let’s just have some fun.”

She didn’t want to explain to him why things had changed. That would involve admitting that she’d spied on him and Dawn while they made love and that she’d masturbated herself to climax while watching. She was still uptight enough not to want to admit those things but her prudery was vanishing fast as Greg began to smile and to play with her tits.

“Okay,” he said, “you’re the boss. I gotta do what you say while my folks are out, right?”

“Right,” Roni breathed. “I knew you’d get the idea fast, Greg.”

Greg felt the babysitter’s little round tits swelling and throbbing in his hands, her nipples poking out stiff and hot. She seemed very excited. She was flushed in the face and breathing hard, and her eyes were kind of dazed and glassy. She looked a lot like Dawn when he got the neighbor girl horny.

But it was hard to imagine Roni being horny. She’d been sitting for him for several weeks now, and she had always had her nose in some big complicated book. She was very stern — she didn’t allow swearing, and she clit him off immediately if he ever started to talk about sex. This afternoon he’d been feeling so horny, he just had to come on to her, but it had been a disaster.

So why the change? Was it real, or was she just setting him up for punishment? Greg decided to find out. He slipped his hands up under her T-shirt and cupped her bare tits. She just moaned and closed her eyes, and her tits throbbed even harder against his hands. This girl was genuinely turned on.

“Yes, Greg, don’t stop,” she panted.

Greg’s cock mushroomed into hardness. He didn’t know why, but the pretty babysitter was suddenly hot to trot. He decided to stop even wondering and just go with it. He squeezed and molded her hot silky-skinned tits, and he thumbed her nipples into perfect stiffness. Roni just slumped back against the couch and enjoyed it, panting and moaning softly.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes, that feels so exciting,” she murmured.

In fact she couldn’t believe how exciting it felt to be touched by a boy. Again she wondered why her folks were so dead set against sex. She was creaming right through her jeans as Greg played with her sensitive little tits, and she wanted him to go on touching her, all over her body.

He grew bolder and pushed her T-shirt up over her perfectly firm, swollen tits. He ogled the luscious apple-size globes, then stuck out his tongue and started licking her nipples, just as he’d done earlier to Dawn. Now Roni knew why the little blond had gotten so excited. It was an incredible turn-on to have her tits licked.

Then he started sucking them, and that was the best of all. He sucked her left nipple into the steamy heat of his mouth and she almost flew off the couch. She slumped there, squealing and creaming while he sucked on sensitive swollen nipple and then the other. She wanted the excitement to go on and on.

She grabbed his hand, set it on the fly of her jeans and said hoarsely, “Play with me, Greg. Play with my pussy.”

Greg’s cock almost ripped its way out of his jeans. He couldn’t believe this was his puritanical bookworm babysitter. But he wasn’t going to waste any time wondering about the sudden turn of events. He just grabbed the zipper of her jeans and got her pants open.

She was wearing sensible white cotton panties. That was more like the Roni he’d known up to now. He grasped her jeans and panties and tugged them down. She blushed a little as he stripped her but didn’t ask him to stop. He stared hungrily at the glossy black triangle of her bush.

Roni spread her legs. She was so horny, so eager to experience the things he’d done to Dawn, that she didn’t even blush as she showed her pussy to a boy for the first time. Greg gave a horny growl. Then he slid his hand between her legs and started petting the hot swollen flesh of her gash.

“Ohhhhhh, yesssssss,” Roni moaned.

It felt so exciting. She slumped back against the couch and just let him feel her all over. Even his lightest touch gave her a rush of excitement.

She creamed helplessly, soaking his exploring fingers. Suddenly she felt frantic to come.

“Greg,” she panted, “could you get me off?”

“Sure,” he leered.

He folded back the glossy black fur of her bush and exposed the small hooded lump of her clit, the most sensitive place in her whole pussy. He pressed his index finger on the throbbing button and kept his finger stiff as he began to rub. It felt fantastic. Dawn leaned back and moaned in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, yessss,” she cried, “keep doing that.”

Even the slightest pressure from Greg’s rubbing finger gave her a hot stab of pleasure. The molten fuck cream poured uncontrollably from her cunt, soaking her pussy and gushing down the crack of her ass.

She couldn’t bear to make him stop. She had to let him go on rubbing her joy button till she came. Now that she knew what it was like to have an orgasm, she wanted a million of them. She could never get enough of that fantastic sensation that was for sure. She closed her eyes and blotted out everything as Greg’s jerking finger brought her closer and closer to the climax she craved.

“Ooooooo just a little more, Greg,” she whimpered, “I’m almost there.”

“Don’t worry, Roni,” he panted, “I won’t stop till I get you off.”

He felt his cock getting ready to explode. He hadn’t expected the uptight, stern babysitter to come on to him, not in a million years, and it was just blowing him away to be allowed to play with her pussy and get her off. His fingers were sticky with her uncontrollably gushing cream, and he knew she was very close to coming.

He wanted to throw himself onto her and cram his stiff cock into her, but he knew that would be a stupid move. She hadn’t asked for that, and she wasn’t ready for it. But if he showed her how much pleasure he could give her with his finger, she might be interested in trying out his cock.

“Unnnnnhhhh, faster now, Greg,” she whined.

Greg rubbed his finger fast over her violently throbbing clit, and her pretty face contorted into a lusty grimace, her teeth flashing. She started clawing at the couch and beating her heels on the rug. Thick pearly cream was pouring like a river from her needy cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, I wanta come so bad,” she whimpered. “Do it as fast as you can now, Greg.”

Greg went into high gear, and a few seconds later Roni felt a violent orgasm radiating out from the root of her clit. It shook her whole body and made her scream with pleasure. Molten come-juice flooded from her cunt. She bucked and writhed so hard that Greg couldn’t keep his finger on target.

“Ohhhhhh, God, I’m coming, ohhhhhhh!” she wailed.

It was even better than when she’d gotten herself off while spying. This orgasm wracked her body for almost a full minute. Roni realized as she finally started coming down from it that she was hooked on sex. Now that she knew what terrific fun it could be, she never wanted to give it up.

At last she sighed and opened her eyes. Greg was looking at her with glassy-eyed horniness. She glanced down at his fly and saw that it was enormously tented, just like with Dawn. Eagerly she reached for the zipper of his jeans and tugged it open, then pulled off his pants.

There was his stiff teenage cock, right within reach for the intensely curious babysitter. She grabbed for it. She wrapped her fingers around it and explored it. She found his prick hard, hot and exciting to touch. It throbbed and bucked in her pumping fingers. Greg shivered and moaned.

“Shit, yeah, Roni, jack me off,” he begged. He slumped back against the couch, flushed with excitement, and he panted while the babysitter pumped his cock. Roni knew she was a little clumsy at first, but she soon had a good rhythm going as she recalled how Dawn had done it. Greg sure wasn’t complaining. He looked totally bussed-out as she ran her hot fingers swiftly and firmly up and down his engorged dick.

“Ahhhh, yeah, just keep doing that,” he sighed, “I’m gonna come like crazy.”

Roni could hardly wait to see that. She hadn’t been very close when Dawn and Greg got it on, and she was dying far a closer view of the action when his cock went off. It was so hot in her fist, and it was throbbing and bucking as if it was about to blow up. Greg closed his eyes tightly and got red in the face.

“Ohhhhh, Jesus,” he groaned, “unnnhhhhh.”

Roni kept zipping her fist up and down his prick, from the creaming purple head to his coarse-furred balls. His cock still seemed impossibly big to her. She just couldn’t understand how a girl could take something like that into her cunt. Still, she was, getting more and more interested in trying.

A lot of the girls in school had kept telling her what fun it was to fuck. Roni had been horrified, of course. He mother had always told her that it was painful and disgusting and was just something a woman had to put up with to please her husband. But if that was true, how come so many girls liked to do it?

There were obviously a lot of things Roni had to learn, but luckily Greg seemed willing to teach her. If only his parents stayed out late enough, she might be able to learn a whole lot about sex. But one step at a time. Right now she just wanted to see how it looked when a guy came.

Just a few seconds later she found out. She pumped Greg’s cock faster and faster, getting him aroused to the boiling point. He stiffened for a second, yelped, and then started fucking her fist. That was the only way Roni could describe it. He hammered his throbbing boner up and down between her fingers and started to come.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, shit, awwwwwwww!” he yelled.

Thick gobs of come started to spurt from his cock. Roni realized they were going to make an awful mess, so she clapped her fist over his squirting cock head and caught all the sizzling cream except for the few spurts. Greg was yelling and groaning, obviously having a great time.

Then he slumped back and gave a satisfied sigh. “Hey, thanks, Roni, that was great,” he said.

“Uh, you’re welcome, Greg,” she said. “Now could I ask you a favor?”

“Sure, anything you want,” he said.

“Would you get me off again?” Roni asked almost shyly. “I don’t know why, but I feel incredibly horny.”

“Why, sure,” Greg said, his eyes glinting wickedly, “I’ll be glad to get you off anytime you want, Roni.”

And he meant it. The more he got her off, the more pleasure he gave her, the more likely she was to realize his big dream — going all the way with a girl. He just might be able to lose his damned cherry with the lusty babysitter. But right now she just wanted his finger, and he gave it to her, sliding it into her juicy smoking cunt.

“Ohhhhhh, my gosh,” Roni moaned, soaking his finger with red-hot cream.

“You like that?” he leered.

“Oh, Greg, I love it,” she gurgled.

She’d never had anything in her cunt before, and she couldn’t believe how great it felt. Then he started finger-fucking her, and it felt even greater. He pumped his stiff middle finger hard and fast in her virgin box, and each deep thrust gave her a delicious stab of pleasure. She creamed helplessly, soaking his whole hand.

“Ohhhhh, God, yes,” she sobbed, “I love that, Greg, please don’t stop.”

“Not till you come,” he promised.

She closed her eyes and moaned steadily as he worked on her. Greg could feel his lust returning fast, his cock starting to swell again. He couldn’t believe how tight her cunt was, gripping his finger like a velvet vise. He wanted his cock in there so badly, he could have yelled.

“Ooooooo, shit, oooooo,” Roni squealed, clawing the couch.

She’d gone from prudish to horny in just a few hours, Greg realized, so maybe, if he just had enough time, he could actually get her to fuck tonight. He gave her the best hand-job he was capable of, wanting her to know how good he was. When she came, he’d ask her to try it yet another way — with his prick.

“Unnnhhhh, Greg, unnnhhhh, I’m coming!” Roni suddenly wailed, her slim body rocking and bucking, her come-juices spurting out to soak his hand.

Greg felt her cunt going even tighter around his jerking finger, and he imagined that exciting action around his cock. His prick swelied to total stiffness and began to drool. Roni writhed around the implement of his deeply thrust finger, her climax going on and on. But at last she opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Oh, Greg, that was fantastic,” she said gratefully.

“I know how we can have even more fun,” he said eagerly. “Let’s go to my bedroom and fuck.”

Roni thought it aver for a second, then agreed. She was dying to find out all about sex. “Okay, let’s go,” she said.

But just as they were standing up, they heard his parents’ car crunching gravel in the driveway. “Shit!” Greg moaned.

They scrambled into their clothes just in time to look presentable for Mr. and Mrs. Nelson.


Gary and Linda Nelson were an attractive couple in their thirties. Roni thought Mr. Nelson was a real hunk. Six feet tall, dark-haired, and well-built, he also had a very sexy smile. Of course before finding out how much fun sex could be, Roni wouldn’t have allowed herself to appreciate his looks.

Now she appreciated them a lot, and she began to plot as she got ready to go home. Linda Nelson excused herself and went right to bed, while Greg was sent off to his room for the night. Then Gary Nelson was to drive Roni home. She’d be totally alone with him for ten miles.

A lot could be accomplished in that time, the horny sitter thought. She was very interested to know what fucking was like. In fact she’d been about to find out when the Nelsons got home and interrupted her love-making with their son. But her curiosity could still be satisfied tonight if she could get Gary Nelson to cooperate.

“Have any problems with Greg?” he asked as they walked out to the car.

“Oh, no, Mr. Nelson,” Roni chirped, “Greg’s a well-behaved boy. He never gives me any trouble.”

“That’s good,” Nelson replied. “I just wondered. Now that he’s getting to be a teenager, he could become a handful.”

Getting to be a teenager? Roni stared at the man. He seemed to think Greg was still a little kid. But Greg had been a teenager for several years now, and his body was already shaped and operating like a man’s. It was funny that Mr. Nelson hadn’t noticed this. But then maybe Greg behaved himself a lot better around his parents. Maybe they just didn’t realize that they had a little sex fiend on their hands.

Nelson helped Roni into the car, went around to his side, and got in. She liked sitting that close to him. She could smell his natural masculine scent and a little after-shave, and that got her quite aroused. It was strange, but even with the two powerful orgasms she’d gotten from Greg’s finger-play, she was still horny.

She inched a little closer to Mr. Nelson as he backed out of the driveway. He didn’t seem to notice. As he started out for her place, he began his usual polite chatter, asking her about her plans for the future. That was nice of him, of course, but it wasn’t what Roni wanted to talk about.

She interrupted him. “I did have one problem tonight, Mr. Nelson,” she said.

“Aha, I thought so,” he replied. “What did Greg do?”

“Greg didn’t do anything,” Roni said. “I just found it hard to concentrate on babysitting because I feel so horny.”

Gary Nelson almost drove off the road. He got the car under control, stared at Roni and said, “Pardon me, honey, I don’t think I heard you right.”

“Yes, you did, Mr. Nelson,” Roni replied sweetly. “I said I’m horny. It was so bad, I could hardly keep my mind on watching Greg.”

It was a long, lonely stretch of highway, and Nelson pulled up the next side road, into the woods. He clit the engine and said, “It must be the engine noise, Roni, but I don’t seem to be hearing you correctly. Tell me again what you said.”

Roni was delighted that she’d gotten him to pull over, especially in that very private spot. She could hardly contain her glee. But she did her best to sound serious as she answered his question.

“Horny,” she said very distinctly. “I’m horny tonight, Mr. Nelson. It’s really bugging me. How about helping me out?”

She grabbed him. Since he wasn’t trying to drive, it was perfectly safe. She threw her arms around him and kissed him on the mouth. She wriggled her tongue into his mouth, like Greg had done to her, and she rubbed her body against him. He gave a muffled gasp of surprise.

Roni felt red-hot cream spurting from her cunt. Her pussy was on fire as she kissed the attractive adult male. She was glad now that she hadn’t had time to put her bra back on when the Nelsons got home. Her nipples were stiff with lust, and Nelson had to feel them through his cotton shin.

He could feel her hard nipples poking his chest, and of course he felt her hot little tongue tickling in his mouth. She caressed his hair and the back of his neck. She kept her mouth glued to his as long as she could. He was shivering a little or something like that, but she wasn’t sure how he was reacting. Everything depended on how he responded to her first move.

As a matter of fact, though Roni didn’t know it, Gary Nelson was going out of his mind with excitement. He dearly loved his wife Linda, and they had pretty good sex, but after almost twenty years of faithful marriage, Gary was itching for a little novelty and adventure. Not only that, but he secretly had a thing for very young girls.

Often lately he jacked off while fantasizing about making it with a teenager. Or when he and Linda got it on, he pretended she was the babysitter. He’d been fantasizing about Roni ever since she started sitting for them. But he’d never dreamed she’d throw herself at him like this. He was bowled over with surprise.

Roni was so prim, so studious, and so uptight about sex. Gary’s favorite fantasies involved introducing her to sex, getting her turned on, making her love everything he did to her. Now she was presenting him with that chance, but did he dare take it?

Finally she had to come up for air. Gary said with as much dignity as he could, “Roni, honey, you have to remember that I’m a married man.”

“But of course I know that, Mr. Nelson,” she laughed. “That’s just what I want. I want to get it on with a guy who has some experience. I want my first time to be perfect.”

“Your first time?” Gary said, gawking at her.

“Well, I’m a virgin, of course,” she said huffily, sounding like the aid prudish Roni for a moment. “I don’t want to fuck somebody who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Please, Mr. Nelson, can we get it on? I want to know what it’s like.”

Gary didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Dozens of times he’d fantasized about this girl, picturing himself fucking Roni eating her pussy, or having her suck him off. He’d have given anything to make it with the shy virgin babysitter. But now that she was actually begging him to take her cherry, he wondered if he really could live out his fantasies.

He’d never been unfaithful to Linda before, and he really didn’t like guys who fooled around. On the other hand, how many men had their favorite sexual fantasy come true? A gorgeous teenage virgin was actually begging him to be her first lover. Could he really turn down a chance like that? He’d probably never forgive himself if he did.

“Please, Gary,” she cooed, sliding her hands under his shirt.

She ran her fingers through the thick hairs of his chest. His eyes were getting used to the moonlight now, and he saw her stiff nipples poking up enticingly under her tight T-shirt. The girl wasn’t wearing a bra, that was for sure. His nostrils flared with excitement.

Roni saw where he was looking, and she quickly grabbed his hands and shoved them up inside her T-shirt till they were covering her luscious little tits. She squeezed his hands, making him squeeze her hot silky-skinned tits. He started to breathe very harshly, and she knew she was on the right track.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, Gary, that feels so exciting,” she murmured, letting go of his hands.

Gary couldn’t resist the opportunity. Starting to fondle her satiny hot tits, he felt his arousal growing powerfully, his balls starting to swell. His cock was getting engorged, and there was nothing he could do about it. But then he didn’t really want to do anything.

He just wanted the excitement to continue. Roni had slumped back against the seat, her eyes at half-mast. She was panting and moaning softly as he played with her sensitive little tits. Her nipples were hard little nubs, poking eagerly into his palms, and her breasts were swelling up taut with arousal.

No question about it, this horny teen wanted him to go all the way with her. She was begging for his stiff cock. And of course he wanted to give it to her. It would be the dream of a lifetime to take her cherry. But Gary was still struggling with his conscience, and he decided to buy time by playing with her tits.

He pushed her T-shirt up out of the way and ogled her cute apple-size tits. They were firm and high-riding and a perfect handful. He gently pushed them together till the rosy stiff nipples met, then bent low and stuck out his tongue. He began tongue-lashing her nipples with the hot wet meat.

“Ooooooo, yesssss,” Roni gurgled.

She’d loved it when Greg lashed her tender swollen nipples with his juicy tongue, but somehow it was even more exciting when his dad did it to her. She creamed right through her panties while Gary’s hot slippery tongue whipped the tender nubs. She was wriggling with horniness.

Then it got even more exciting when he opened his mouth very wide and sucked her nipples into the steam heat. Roni squealed with excitement as he sucked her tits, and she felt her molten cuntal juices seeping through her jeans. She just wouldn’t rest till she’d gone all the way with this man.

She glanced down at his fly and saw a huge bulge there. It thrilled her to know that he’d gotten a hard-on for her. She grabbed for it. Roni was brand-new to sex play, and she wasn’t very subtle. If she saw something she wanted, she went for it. Gary gasped as he felt his fly being unzipped.

“Hey, young lady, just a second,” he laughed. “Aren’t you moving pretty fast?”

“Oh, I just want a play with your cock, Gary,” she lied. “It’s no big deal.”

Gary decided she was right. As long as she confined herself to just touching and looking, it wasn’t really serious. He shivered with excitement as she tugged his pants and shorts down over his ass and to his thighs. She bent low to stare at his stiff cock, and her hot breath fanned the swollen slab of meat.

“Oh, my gosh, it’s huge,” she breathed.

Gary’s cock was even bigger than his son’s. It looked a good eight inches long and as thick as a girl’s wrist. Roni couldn’t see any way in the world that that monster would fit into a woman’s cunt, but of course it must have, because that was how Greg had happened. Somehow, fucking was possible, but Roni still couldn’t figure it out.

Well, there was only one way to solve the mystery, and that was to try it herself. She had to get Gary to put his cock in her. But for that, she’d have to get him a lot more aroused. He was having fun, obviously, but he was still hesitating about getting serious. Roni curled her fingers around his enormous engorged prick and began to pump.

“Oh, Christ,” he groaned.

The girl was making it very hard for him to keep his self-control. He meant just to play with her for a little bit, not to do anything heavy. But with that hot little fist zipping up and down his cock, he wasn’t thinking clearly. He left her tits and dropped his hands down to the zipper of her jeans.

Roni gurgled with excitement. She obligingly raised her ass as Gary pulled down her jeans and panties. He was almost shaking as he pulled them off and ogled the neat little dark triangle of her bush. Eagerly she spread her legs, showing him moist pink flesh. He clapped his hand over her hot wet gash and gave it a squeeze.

“Oooooo, yesssss,” she squealed, creaming into his hand. “Play with my pussy, Gary, I need it so bad.”

Gary found the tiny creaming mouth of her cunt and eased he tip of his middle finger inside. The fit was incredibly tight. He was sure now that she was a virgin, but he wanted to check it out thoroughly. He started sliding his finger up her cunt, slowly but steadily.

“Ohhhhhhh shit, yes,” Roni groaned, “give me all of it, Gary, don’t stop.”

Her smoking pussy hole gripped his finger and sucked at it. He glided it all the way into her and knew for sure that no cock had ever been there. His prick gave a lusty leap in her pumping fist. He had to have this girl. He really would be kicking himself for the rest of his life if he passed up this chance.

He drew his chipping finger from her cunt and quickly shucked his pants and shorts. The next thing Roni knew, she was on her back with him on top of her. She realized that she was about to lose her virginity. It came as a surprise that he’d decided so suddenly. But she wasn’t complaining.

“Oh, yeah, Gary, fuck me,” she panted.

He gently pushed her thighs wide open and sank down between them. She felt the hard head of his huge cock pressing against her cunt mouth, and it felt like a boulder. Very slowly he began easing his cock into her, and she gasped and clung to him. It felt like she was going to be split in half.

“Easy,” he crooned, “just relax as much as you can, honey. It may hurt a little, but not for long.”

“Okay, Gary,” she squeaked.

She knew he was trying not to hurt her, and she reined as much as she could. She felt her hot little cunt expanding like rubber to take his cock, and she realized she wouldn’t be torn apart. His invading prick stretched her untried pussy, cramming it completely, till it finally touched her womb. His cock throbbed against every inch of her tiny cunt.

“There,” he panted, “you got it all now, honey. You okay?”

“Yes, Gary,” Roni breathed. “Are we fucking?”

“We are now,” he said, starting to move his cock in her.

He cupped her ass and kept her tight against him as he fucked her in very slow, deep, sensuous movements. Roni loved it. His huge hard cock rubbed steadily up and down over her clit, giving her a continuous buzz of pleasure. She started creaming, and that made his way more slick and easy.

“Ohhhhh, yeah,” she sighed, clinging to him, “that feels great, Gary.”

“I’m glad you like it, baby,” he snorted, “because I’m sure as hell not gonna stop now.”

Wild horses couldn’t have dragged him off the girl. Her cunt was exquisitely tight, yet steamy and juicy and slick. As she relaxed, he steadily increased the speed of his fucking till he worked up to a normal pace. She came along easily, loving every bit of it. She continued to cream and wriggle and moan, letting him know in so many ways that she got off on his cock.

“Unnnhhhh, shit, it feels wonderful,” she moaned.

Now the mystery was solved for Roni. She could take a cock as big and hard as Gary’s if she was horny. When she was horny, her cunt expanded and creamed, making room for even a monster cock. And now she realized why so many girls loved to fuck. It really was the most fun thing in the whole world.

The faster Gary fucked her, the more excited she got, and soon she was making fucking motions back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm. He tightened his grip on her hot little ass and fucked into her even harder, their bellies slapping loudly together. Roni found she loved that hard fucking, too. Her head lolled back and she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, Gary, fuck me good, honey,” she babbled.

Gary almost shot his load. He’d been close to shooting it ever since she grabbed for his cock. This was the most exciting sexual adventure of his life. But to make it perfect, he wanted the moaning babysitter to come when he did, so he struggled to hold back his climax till he got her off.

He fucked her faster and faster, grinding his cock against her clit and giving her hot blasts of pleasure. He fucked her till the car began to vibrate. She dug her nails into his shoulders and howled with delight, and she soaked his cock with her uncontrollably spurting cuntal juices.

“Unnnnhhh, Gary, I think I’m gonna come,” she whimpered.

“You are, baby, in just a second,” he panted, “and I’m gonna come with you.”

He hammered it to her, making her slim body shudder with the impact, and she arched her body to take his pounding prick as deep as she could. Then she felt the orgasm beginning in the fiery depths of her cunt and exploding outward to rattle and sear her whole body.

“Ohhhh, shit, I’m coming, whaahhhhh!” she screamed.

“Awwww, aaaggghhhhh!” Gary roared, jetting his huge thick load into her.

That big blast of jism against her womb seemed to make her climax even more delicious. Roni sobbed with pleasure as the hard spasms rocked her body for nearly a mimic. She knew she could never get tired of fucking. She wanted to fuck for the rest of her life. Why in hell had her parents told her it was so awful?

As Gary drove her the rest of the way home, he seemed thoughtful, and Roni said, “I know what you’re worrying about, Gary, but relax. I promise nobody will ever know about this but on one condition.”

“What’s that, Roni?” he asked.

“That you fuck me again next time I sit for you,” Roni laughed.


From that night on, Roni was obsessed with sex. It was as if she was making up for her lost high school years when she had had absolutely nothing to do with bays and sex. Now she couldn’t think of anything else.

She wanted to fuck both Greg and Gary, both son and father. She wanted to make it with every attractive guy she met, young or old. But her heart was still set on that trip to Europe, and to be able to afford it she had to babysit every night, all summer long.

Not all her babysitting jobs were going to lead to sex.

The night after she lost her cherry, Roni was scheduled to babysit for a new family she’d never met, the Greens. She’d been told on the phone by Mrs. Green that they had twins, Willie and Millie. That didn’t sound like a very promising situation for the lusty babysitter, and when she arrived she found her fears confirmed.

Willie and Millie were teens, and they had “brat” written all over them. Roni could see she had a real handful here. But she believed in acting like a pro, so she looked perfectly calm and in control as she wished the Greens a pleasant evening of movies and dinner.

They’d hardly driven away before the trouble started. “We don’t like babysitters,” Willie warned her in a taunting tone of voice. “All our sitters leave crying, and Mom and Dad can’t get them to come back.”

“That’s right,” Millie sneered, “we’re sitter killers.”

Roni eyed them and said. “If you two give me any shit, you’ll both have sore butts. So knock it off.”

They gawked at her. It seemed that no sitter had ever taken a firm stand with them before. All evening the twins did their best to piss her off, but she just looked bored. They wanted to get a rise out of her, and she refused to give them the satisfaction.

Finally about seven-thirty, Willie said, “We’re gonna go to bed early. Is that okay?”

“Terrific,” Roni said. “Go right ahead. But I don’t want to hear a sound out of either of you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Millie said sarcastically.

“Don’t worry,” Willie added, “you won’t hear a thing.”

Just to make sure of that, Roni turned the TV up a little. But not many minutes passed before she realized she’d been had. It wasn’t normal for two active brats to voluntarily go to bed early. All evening they’d been behaving like jerks, just so she’d be happy to get rid of them. They were up to something.

Probably they had a standard routine with babysitters. They’d give the girl such a bad time that she’d be overjoyed when they went to bed early, and she wouldn’t even check on them as long as they were quiet. It was the perfect setup for mischief. Roni decided she’d better investigate.

Leaving the TV on so they’d think she was still watching it, she slipped out of her sneakers and walked barefoot down the carpeted hallway, listening at the bedroom doors. There wasn’t a sound coming out of either of the kid’s rooms. But when Roni got to the guestroom, the last room on the hall, she heard voices. She knelt and peered through the keyhole.

“Why, those little rascals,” she muttered.

The twins were lying on the double bed stark naked, exploring each other.

Roni didn’t know whether to laugh or barge in there and spank them. Brother and sister didn’t have a stitch of clothing on, and they were frankly ogling and touching each other’s body. Willie was fooling around with Millie’s still-budding tits, and she was fondling his growing cock. They seemed to be having a great time.

That was why Roni decided not to interrupt them, at least not for now. She’d just discovered how much fun sex was, and she was beginning to question her parents’ rules. Maybe what the twins were doing wasn’t so naughty and wicked after all. Maybe it was just healthy curiosity.

Not only that, it was exciting to watch. Roni had gotten very turned on the day before when she spied on Greg and Dawn, and now she was feeling the same forbidden excitement. Her pussy began to heat and swell, and hot cream trickled from her cunt mouth and moistened her panties.

Yes, no matter how naughty it might seem, she was going to spy on the twins and get off on what they did to each other. If any real trouble started, she could still march in there and put a stop to it. She wriggled into a more comfortable position and found herself grinning with anticipation. Willie was thumbing his sister’s nipples into stiffness, and she was squeezing and pumping his cock.

“I kinda like Roni, don’t you?” Millie said. “Yeah,” Willie agreed, “she’s neat. She doesn’t take any shit from us.”

“I almost wish we could get her in on this,” Millie said with a mischievous giggle.

“Oh, yeah, that’d be super,” Willie exclaimed. But then he added wistfully, “She’d never go for it.”

“No,” Millie sighed, “I suppose not.”

I wouldn’t be so sure of that, kids, Roni thought wickedly.

However, for the time being, Roni wasn’t making a move. She wanted to see what their idea of fun was. Then, if she liked it, she could always make their wish come true and join them. She shivered with excitement as she watched Willie’s cock stiffening and swelling in his sister’s pumping fingers.

“Mmmmmm, great, it’s hard already,” Millie said.

“How about sucking it?” Willie asked.

“Only if you eat my pussy at the same time,” his sister answered.

Roni watched almost without blinking, not wanting to miss a second of the action. These kids were really kinky. They were more sophisticated than Greg and Dawn. In fact she’d never heard of the stuff they were talking about. Obviously she still had a whole lot to learn about love-making.

Millie lay on her back, and her brother crouched over her in the opposite direction. His stiff cock hung down and almost grazed her lips, while he was looking right down at her pussy. She bent her knees and spread her thighs wide open, showing him all of the hot creamy pink flesh.

“All right,” Willie exclaimed.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Millie murmured.

She’d stuck out her tongue and was licking the fat purple head of her brother’s cock. Roni saw that the girl was lapping up the glistening globs of cream that oozed out of his piss hole. Millie must have loved the taste, because she lapped the stuff up as fast as she could get it. Millie shivered with pleasure.

“Oh, yeah, Sis, that feels great,” he said. “Good,” she replied, “how about doing something for me?”

Willie grinned and folded apart the lightly-furred lips of her bush, exposing the rosy lump of her clit. He dipped his head down low, stuck out his tongue, and started licking the supersensitive button Millie gave a hoarse moan of delight, and thick cream gushed from her cunt and flooded down her ass crack.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, Willie, I love that,” she gurgled.

Roni caught herself shivering with excitement and creaming through her jeans. She’d never heard of oral sex. She hadn’t known that people could give each other terrific, sensations with their mouths and tongues. But as she watched it happening, it was easy to imagine how great it must feel.

Willie’s tongue would be hot, wet and slippery on Millie’s clit. That had to be a marvelous sensation. Right away Roni wanted to experience it for herself. She rubbed her thighs together in a vain attempt to ease the hot longing in her pussy. Willie’s pointed tongue tip fucked sensuously back and forth over his sister’s clit, and the girl went wild.

“Unnnnggghhh, yesssss,” she gurgled, “keep doing that, Brother, I love it.”

“Don’t forget to lick my cock,” he reminded her.

“Oh, yeah!” she giggled.

She started swirling her little pink tongue around and around the swollen head of his cock. That looked like a whole lot of fun, Roni thought. She could tell Millie loved the taste of his thick cream. Roni wanted to taste it, too. She wanted to lick a stiff cock all over, exploring it with her tongue.

Now the twins were going at each other hungrily and swiftly, Willie lashing his stiff tongue over his sister’s clit while she lathered his purple cock head with her hot saliva. They got flushed in the face, and they were breathing so loud in their excitement that Roni could hear it through the closed bedroom door.

Willie’s tongue was fucking with lightning speed over Millie’s erect and throbbing joy button, giving her stab after stab of pleasure. She was creaming heavily and helplessly, the pearly liquid running down her ass crack and puddling on the bedspread. She swirled her tongue faster and faster around his cock head. They worked each other to a fever pitch of excitement.

“Mmmmmmmm, I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to come,” Millie moaned.

“Right,” Willie answered hoarsely, “let’s go for it.”

Roni almost squealed with horniness as she watched what happened next. Willie made his tongue long and stiff, and then he crammed it into his sister’s cunt, thrusting it clear to the root. He started using it on her like a cock, pistoning it up and down in her smoking twat. Millie shrieked with pleasure.

“Unnnnhhhh, yeah, honey, fuck me with your tongue,” she wailed.

That got Roni so aroused, she creamed right through her jeans. But then an even more exciting thing happened. Millie opened her lips very wide and pushed them up around her brother’s cock, taking more than half the stiff shaft into her mouth. She firmed her lips around his cock, drew in her cheeks, and started to suck.

“Unnnngggghhhh,” Willie groaned.

He shivered with excitement as his sister swiftly and noisily sucked his cock. As his arousal mounted, he tongue-fucked her faster and harder, and she gave muffled squeals of delight. Roni was practically moaning with need and envy. She would have loved trading places with Millie just then.

She ached to feel a guy’s stiff wet tongue probing her horny little cunt. She wanted to suck a cock and taste a guy’s cream. There was so much she wanted to do, things she hadn’t even known about till tonight. Well, maybe she’d get the chance to do them. The twins had agreed that they wanted her to join their fun. But this wasn’t the time to join them. There just wasn’t room for another person.

“Mmmmmmm, uummmmm,” Millie moaned as she ravenously sucked her brother’s swollen cock.

“Unnnnhhhhhhh,” Willie groaned, pistoning his stiff tongue faster and faster in his sister’s juicy pussy.

No wonder the twins liked to go to bed early, their amused sitter thought. This was a lot more fun than watching TV. Brother and sister went at each other loudly and eagerly, working each other toward climax. It wasn’t much longer in coming.

First Millie gave a muffled groan of ecstasy as her brother’s tongue triggered a body wracking orgasm. She sucked like crazy on his cock, and he yelped and began shooting his load into her mouth. Her cheeks swelled out like a chipmunk’s.

“Oh, God,” Roni whispered.

Watching them come, she realized just how desperate she was to relieve the hot ache between her legs. She decided to announce herself as soon as they finished coming. But although Willie finally pulled his tongue out of Millie’s smoking cunt, she just went right on sucking his drained cock.

“Yeah, Sis,” he chuckled, “I know what you want.”

Roni watched in an agony of need as Millie sucked her brother quickly into another hard on. There still wasn’t room for Roni in this scene. Millie raised her head to suck his cock as deep as she could, then finally released it and admired her work. His prick was as stiff as steel, all ready for more action.

Looking up at her brother’s rock-hard cock, her eyes glassy with lust, Millie whimpered, “Fuck me, Willie. I need it so bad I could scream.”

“Sis, you’re always horny,” the boy laughed as he crawled off her.

Millie flipped over onto her elbows and knees, and she poked her cute little ass up in the air. Kneeling behind her, Willie could see every inch of her glistening pink silt and its faint fringe of curls. He grasped her hips and pressed the grossly swollen head of his prick against her cunt mouth.

“Oh, yeah, honey, stick it in me,” she panted, clawing the bed in her eagerness Willie fucked about an inch of fat cock into her cunt, then held perfectly still, teasing her. It had to be a maddening sensation. Roni knew that if she’d been in Millie’s place, she would have been aching to feel his whole prick inside her. Millie whimpered and wriggled impatiently.

“Come on, Willie, quit fooling around,” she moaned. “Stick it in me give me all of it.”

“What’ll you do if I don’t?” he teased. “I’ll tell the babysitter,” she giggled.

“Oh, yeah,” he laughed, “I bet that’d go over big.”

Roni had to smile. But she felt Millie’s burn big need and hot impatience. Finally Willie relented and glided his cock into her, pushing till only his balls showed. Millie sobbed in ecstasy, and thick cream spurted out around his cock and around his cock and ran down her thighs as she juiced herself. He started fucking her in slow deep strokes, and again she moaned with frustration.

“Willie, you asshole,” she cried, “will you quit the kid stuff? I wanta be really fucked. So do it to me hard.”

“Say please,” he taunted.

“Fuck you,” she said.

“That’s better,” he said.

He started fucking her faster, pistoning his iron-hard teenage cock in and out between her splayed cunt lips. She grabbed fistfuls of bedspread and moaned in ecstasy. Her face twisted into a lusty grimace, and she closed her eyes, losing herself in the hot pleasure of being fucked.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, Brother, that’s good,” she gurgled, “that’s so fuckin’ good.”

Willie was grinning from ear to ear as he watched his stiff blue-veined cock in action, hammering in and out of his sister’s tight teenage pussy hole. He was having a marvelous time, and so was Millie as she took the delicious deep thrusting of his swollen cock. The only person left out of the fun was Roni.

The horny babysitter just, couldn’t stand the frustration any longer. She unzipped her jeans and shoved a hand down inside her panties, touching the swollen red-hot flesh of her gash. She crammed a stiff finger into her cunt and started finger-Fucking herself.

It felt great, but it was frustrating not to be able to make any sounds. She didn’t want the twins to know she’d been spying on them, at least not yet. She worked her stiff finger to the lusty rhythm of Willie’s hammering cock, pretending he was fucking her and not his sister.

“Ooooooo, shit, ooooooo,” Millie wailed, “fuck me real hard now, honey, I’m gonna come.”

You and me both, Roni thought dizzily.

Willie went into high gear, fucking his steel stiff cock into his sister so hard that, her slim body shuddered with the impact. She had to hang on to the bedspread to keep from being knocked over. But Millie wasn’t complaining. She threw back her head and wailed with bliss as her brother fucked her to the brink of climax.

“Unnnnhhhh, yeah, I’m almost there,” she moaned.

“You better hurry,” Willie panted, “’cause I’m damned near shooting my load.”

He didn’t have long to wait. As he fucked her with lightning speed, Millie stiffened for a second, then shuddered and began to convulse, her little tits swinging wildly. Thick hot cream spurted from her cunt and gushed down her legs.

“Unnnnhhh, shit, yeah, I’m coming!” she howled.

Willie’s eyes rolled back in his head, then closed tightly, and he roared, “Take my load, Sis, awwwwwwwww!”

That did it for Roni. Her excitement at fever pitch, she thrust her stiff finger deep and hard into her cunt and began to come. She allowed herself some whimpers of release, because the twins were making so much noise, they couldn’t hear her. She just couldn’t stifle all her cries of ecstasy.

“Ooooooo, God, unnnnnnhhhhhhh!” she moaned.

By the time she finished coming and looked through the keyhole again, the twins had rolled apart and were taking a rest. This was the perfect time for her entrance, Roni decided, because she wouldn’t be interrupting anything.

She wanted to get in on the wild kinky fun the twins were having. But they’d given her a bad time all evening, and she also wanted a little revenge. She’d just scare them a little bit. She zipped up, put a stern expression on her face and marched into the bedroom.

“All right, you two,” she snapped, “You’re in a whole lot of trouble.”


Roni expected the twins to cry and beg her not to tell on them. So she was totally taken by surprise when they leaped off the bed and grabbed her. The next thing she knew, she was on the bed, pinned down.

“Pretty fast work,” she admitted grudgingly.

“It was our emergency plan,” Willie said. “We knew some day a sitter would catch us, so we figured out a way to keep her quiet.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” Roni asked.

“You’ll find out,” Millie said with a wicked glint in her eye. “You got her pinned down good, Willie?”

“Yeah, go ahead,” he grinned.

Millie promptly pushed Roni’s T-shirt up out of the way, and the twins stared at her see through lace bra. It had a front catch, and Millie reached out and unsnapped it. The two bra halves-popped apart, and Roni’s firm and flawless orange-size tits wobbled free.

“Nice,” Millie said admiringly.

There was a touch of envy in her voice, too, because her own tits were just small cones, still growing. She stared at Roni’s creamy-skinned tits, her eyes glowing with excitement. Willie knelt behind Roni pinning down her shoulders, and she could feel him panting on her.

“Go ahead, Sis, touch ’em,” he said, his voice husky with excitement.

Millie reached out and cupped the babysitter’s hot little tits. Roni shivered and almost moaned with arousal. She discovered that it didn’t matter who fondled her sensitive breasts, a guy or a girl. It still felt exciting. Millie eagerly molded and squeezed the warm satiny flesh.

“Oh, wow, Willie, this is fun,” she giggled. “Yeah, I bet it is,” he said enviously. “Could I try it?”

“Uh-uh,” his sister replied, “you have to hold her down.”

Actually that wasn’t true. Roni didn’t intend to run away. She wanted to stay and be part of whatever kinky fun the twins had in mind. But she decided not to tell them that. Let them worry for awhile. She kept a stern expression on her face, and she didn’t respond to Millie’s caresses.

Willie’s hands were hot and sweaty on her shoulders as he watched his twin playing with the babysitter’s, pretty high-riding tits. He was breathing hard. Roni was willing to bet he had a hard-on. She was sure he wanted to fuck her, and that was fine with her. But clearly the twins had more in mind for her than that.

Millie trailed her hands down off Roni’s tits and grasped the zipper of her jeans. She unzipped the jeans and tugged them off, leaving Roni in just her skimpy bikini panties. Willie started to breathe even louder and more harshly as he watched his sister grasp the panties and draw them off, leaving the sitter stark naked. Roni felt pretty excited himself.

She didn’t admit it, though. Instead she said sternly, “All right, kids, you’ve gone far enough.”

“Oh, no, we haven’t,” Millie giggled. “We’re just getting started.”

“We think you’ll like this, Roni,” Willie said. “Like what?” Roni wanted to know.

But he ignored her and said, “Okay, Sis, go for it.”

“Oh, wow, this is gonna be so exciting,” Millie exclaimed.

Roni just wanted to know what in hell they were talking about. In a few seconds she found out while Willie pinned her firmly by the shoulders, Millie pushed her legs into a bent and spread position, exposing her pussy. Then the girl crawled between her legs. Roni felt hot breaths on her swollen slit.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned.

Suddenly she was experiencing the most heavenly sensations of her young life. Something hot and wet and juicy was lashing her pussy. She couldn’t help that drawn-out moan of pleasure. Then she looked down and saw that Millie was whipping her tongue up and down the engorged flesh of her gash.

Roni creamed helplessly. It was the first time anybody had ever gone down on her, and she adored it. She could never get enough of that exquisite feeling of having her pussy licked. As the hot juice spurted from her cunt, Millie eagerly lapped it up and gobbled it.

“Well, Sis?” Willie said impatiently. “What’s it like? Is it fun?”

“Oh, yeah,” Millie said eagerly, “this is really wild. You oughta try it sometime.”

“How about right now?” he said eagerly.

“Uh-uh,” she said, “you still have to hold her down.”

“But you’re having all the fun,” he complained.

“This is how our plan went Willie,” she reminded him. “You’re stronger, so you have to do the holding.”

“Oh, all right,” he sighed.

Roni found their discussion very interesting. It seemed that their plan, in case a sitter even caught them making out, was to hold the sitter down and get her turned on till she joined in their fun. It was a good plan. They just didn’t realize that Roni didn’t need any persuasion.

She still wasn’t going to tell them that. She wanted to be persuaded. Being persuaded with Millie’s greedy little tongue was the most exciting and delicious thing that had ever happened to her. She lay there and stifled her moans and squeals of delight as the girl’s hot tongue stimulated every inch of her seething pussy.

Finally Millie raised her pert cream-smeared face and said to her brother, “Now I’m gonna try to get her off.”

“Good luck,” he said hoarsely. “Remember, if this doesn’t work, we’re in big trouble.”

“Right,” Millie said.

Then she folded back the dark-furred lips of Roni’s pussy and isolated the most sensitive of organs, the pea-size lump of her clit. Her head dipped down, her slippery hot tongue contacted the supersensitive bud, and Roni experienced the most wonderful feelings so far. Once again she couldn’t control her reaction. She arched her body up instinctively, rubbing her clit against Millie’s tongue, and she creamed.

“Ooooooo!!” she squealed.

“Yeah, Sis, go for it,” Willie cried, “I think you’re getting to her.”

That was putting it mildly. As Millie’s hot tongue fucked swiftly up and down over her clit, Roni was in ecstasy. She never wanted the fantastic sensations to end. She creamed steadily and uncontrollably, the molten cream overflowing her box and dribbling down the crack of her ass.

It was very hard to keep from wailing and squealing with pleasure, and Roni knew that before long she’d just have to give up the pretense of not responding. Millie’s hot little tongue was fucking faster and faster over her throbbing joy button and driving her helplessly towards orgasm. When she came, she wouldn’t be able to disguise it.

“How’s it going, Sis?” Willie asked eagerly, practically clawing Roni’s shoulders in his excitement.

“Quit interrupting me, Willie,” his sister replied. “I can’t talk to you and go down on her at the same time.”

“Right,” he sighed.

Roni was beginning to feel sorry for Willie. He had to be going out of his mind with arousal as he watched all the kinky stuff his sister was doing to the babysitter, yet he wasn’t allowed to get in on it. Roni made a mental note to fuck his brains out later, when she’d finished playing games with the twins. But as her excitement mounted, she found it hard to think about Willie or about anything else except her incredible pleasure.

Millie’s tongue was fucking with lightning speed, and Roni’s clit was responding. It was swelling up into its own tiny hard-on, and it was throbbing like crazy. Roni knew she could come at any second, yet she greedily tried to draw out her pleasure, making the excitement last.

Millie misinterpreted what was happening. “Darn,” she said, “I can’t seem to get her off. I’ll try something else.”

She didn’t realize just how close she’d been to her goal. But the next thing she did was really a winner. She pressed her lips down around Roni’s pulsating joy button and started sucking her off. Roni shuddered violently as the powerful sensations ripped through her pussy, and she almost flew off the bed.

“Unnnnhhhhhh, ohhhhhh,” she moaned.

“Keep going, Sis, she likes it,” Willie cried.

Of course Millie didn’t need to be told that. She knew she’d struck pay dirt when Roni creamed all over her face. She sucked fast and hard, sucking up the babysitter’s cream like it was candy. Roni tried once more to make the incredible sensations last, but it was no use. She had to come or go crazy. She closed her eyes tightly and let it happen.

Millie’s hotly sucking lips started in orgasm deep in Roni’s clit, and it quickly exploded out to rattle every home in her body. She was coming hard, and as she’d expected, she couldn’t disguise it. Her body went into convulsions of pleasure, and she soaked Millie’s face with her spurting come-juices.

“Ohhhhh, God, I’m coming, whahhhhhhh!” she howled.

“All right!” Willie cried.

Millie didn’t say anything, just went on sucking the sitter’s squirting clit and gobbling her tangy come-cream. Roni adored being sucked all the way through her climax. It made her sensations doubly prolonged and intense. At last she went limp, and Millie raised her cream-soaked face from her steaming pussy.

“Well, Roni, how’d you like that?” she leered.

“Kids, I’ve got a confession to make,” Roni said, starting to grin. “I loved every second of it. In fact I got so turned on watching you guys through the keyhole, I had to beat off.”

Then stared at her for a second, then cheered. “Hey, Roni, that’s great,” Willie cried. “Does that mean you’re not gonna tell on us?”

“And does it mean you’ll get it on with us?” Millie asked eagerly.

“Yes to both questions,” Roni said, “and I know just how I wanta get started. Millie, will you teach me how to suck cock?”

“Oh, sure, Roni, I’d be glad to,” the girl cried.

“My cock, I hope,” Willie added.

“You better believe it,” Roni leered. “On your back, young man.”

Willie eagerly got into position. As Roni had suspected, his teenage prick was steel-hard, standing straight up and drooling thick rivers of cream. The girls knelt on either side of him, and Millie started off by showing the babysitter how to fist and pump his cock.

“I always start off like this,” she said. “It gets him hard.”

“I’m already hard,” Willie said hoarsely.

“Shut up,” his sister replied. “You’re just the guinea pig in this, you’re not supposed to talk.”

Willie grinned fiendishly. Millie let go of his cock and let Roni take over. It wasn’t hard to learn the part about pumping his meat. She loved feeling that thick slab of meat throbbing against her fingers. His prick bucked lustily in her fist and drooled more glistening globs of cream.

“Good,” Millie said. “The next thing I do is lick it, like this.”

She took over again, listing just the base of her brother’s cock. She bent low, stuck out her shining pink tongue, and started licking the sensitive purple head of his cock. She swirled her tongue around and around the fat fleshy head, lapping up the hot cream that oozed from his piss hole.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm,” she murmured. Then she grinned and said, “I really get off on the way cock juice tastes.”

“Let me try it,” Roni said eagerly.

“Yeah, Sis, leave some for her,” Willie said.

“Shut up, Willie,” Millie said.

She let go of his cock and once more let the babysitter have a go at it. Eagerly Roni wrapped her fingers round the thick base of the boy’s stiff-standing prick, then dipped her head down and stuck out her tongue. Using the pointed tip, she lapped up a little of the thick pearly cream that was bubbling from his piss hole.

“Mmmmmm,” she exclaimed, “yeah, that’s good.”

His juice was hot and salty, and she wanted all she could get. Eagerly she swirled her tongue around and around the head of his cock, just as Millie had demonstrated. Her tongue caught the dribbling cream, and she gobbled it as fast as she could get it. She found herself drooling all over the boy’s prick head.

“Hey, this is really fun,” she laughed.

“You’re doing great,” Millie told her. “Just keep that up for awhile, then I’ll show you how to finish him off.”

Willie looked like he was almost finished off already. He was red with lust, his features twisted into a horny grimace, his nostrils flared. He was practically cross-eyed with excitement as he watched the pretty babysitter tonguing up his cock cream and gobbling it.

In fact it was all Willie could do to keep from shooting his load. He really loved getting it on with his sexy sister, but he was beginning to want a little novelty. Millie was the only girl he’d ever made out with. And when the new sitter had arrived this evening, he’d had the hots for her right away. So he couldn’t help but get overexcited as she watched her actually going down on him.

She obviously loved what she was doing. Her gleaming pink tongue zipped around and around the head of his cock, lapping up his cream. She rolled the stuff around in her mouth for a moment, savoring the taste, then gobbled it greedily. Then she tongued for more. It wasn’t long before she’d thoroughly cleaned his cock head.

Still she wanted more. Moaning, she stared at his prick for a second, then made the tip of her tongue as pointed as she could. She stuck the point into his piss hole and started drilling out more hot cream. Willie felt her drooling onto his cock head, and he almost came right in her face.

“Ohhhhh, Jesus, yeah,” he groaned.

“He’s just about to come, Roni,” Millie said. “You wanta suck him off?”

“Yes,” the shitter answered huskily, “but show me how first, Millie.”

Terrific, Willie thought.

He liked the idea of two girls going down on him, one after the other, but he just hoped he could survive his sister’s cock-sucking and hold out for Roni. Millie grabbed his prick and plunged it into her scorching mouth. She caved in her cheeks and started to suck. Willie gritted his teeth and tried to think of something totally unsexy, like school.

“Unnnnhhhhh!” he groaned.

Millie’s head bobbed briskly up and down, and her widely stretched lips zipped over the spit-soaked flesh of her brother’s cock. Roni watched her carefully, memorizing everything the girl did. “Okay, Millie,” she said, “I think I’ve got it.”

Willie breathed a sigh of relief as his sister released his cock and got out of Roni’s way. The tail dark-haired sitter grasped the base of his prick, opened her lip’s wide, and slid them down the granite column of flesh. Win and in ecstasy as she sheathed his meat in juicy cheek folds and slippery tongue.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, Roni, suck me off,” he cried hoarsely.

“Hey, Roni, I think he likes you,” Millie laughed.

Roni couldn’t answer, of course, because her mouth was full of cock. She found herself terrifically excited as Willie’s prick stuffed her mouth completely, throbbing against her cheeks and tongue. She started sucking greedily, cager for more of his cream. Willie clawed at the bedspread and moaned.

She could see that the kid was struggling to postpone his climax, and she knew the feeling very well. She, too, was greedy to make pleasure last. But in Willie’s case it was hopeless struggle. He was just too excited after having two attractive girls go down on him, one of them his own sister.

“Ohhhhh, shit,” he moaned, spinning out of control.

He started fucking her mouth. His cock jerked frantically over her slippery tongue, and it almost drove its way into her throat. She tightened her grip on the base of his cock and drew back just a little. She gave one more long strong suck and brought him off. Hot jizz stung the back of her throat.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, eat it, aaaaggghhhhh!” he yelled.

Roni’s cheeks puffed but, and hot jizz spurted from the corners of her lips. She hadn’t been prepared for the size of his load. But she gobbled it eagerly as he filled her mouth again and again. At last he slumped back, his wet prick slipping from her lips, and Roni gulped the last of his come.

“How’d I do?” she asked.

“Fantastic,” Willie gurgled.

“Yeah, that was really great, Roni,” Millie told her. “Now we can think of ways for the three of us to have fun together.”

Then they all groaned as they heard the twins’ parents drive up.


“Shit,” Willie moaned, “why’d they have to come home early?”

“Well, I’ll be back to sit for you again soon,” Roni told the disappointed twins. “I know they’ll hire me again. Remember, I’m the only babysitter who ever left here happy.”

“Hey, that’s right,” Millie laughed. “They’ll want to make you our regular sitter.”

As they were saying all this, the three young people were scrambling into their clothes. By the time Mr. Green had finished parking the car, Willie and Millie had split for their bedrooms and were pretending to sleep, while Roni was back in the living room watching TV.

Mr. and Mrs. Green entered the house looking nervous. No wonder. Every sitter they’d had up to now had been driven to tears by the twins’ ratty behavior. So the middle-aged couple were astonished to find Roni rosy-checked and smiling. They just stood there for a moment and stared at her.

“Uh, how’d it go, Roni?” Mrs. Green finally asked.

“Oh, fine,” Roni said.

“Really?” Mr. Green exclaimed. “The twins didn’t give you a bad time?”

“A bad time?” Roni said, looking puzzled. “Oh, no, they were little angels. They did everything I told them to, and they went to bed right on time.”

Mrs. Green looked like she was going to faint. “Roni,” she said, “will you be our regular sitter?”

“Oh, I’d love to, Mrs. Green,” Roni chirped. “I seem to get along so well with the twins.”

“Thank God,” the woman muttered. “Well, I think I’ll just go off to bed, I’m so tired. Roger, will you please pay Roni and drive her home?”

“Sure, honey,” Mr. Green said, “anything for the world’s greatest babysitter.”

As Mrs. Green left the room, Roni studied Roger Green. She hadn’t paid much attention to him before. She’d just seen a balding middle aged man, old enough to be her father. Now she saw that he had nice features and that he was big and ruggedly built. His adult male body turned her on. And she was going to be along with him now.

“Ready, Roni?” he smiled.

“I sure am,” she purred.

She walked ahead of him leaving the house, and she deliberately undulated her shapely little ass, knowing how enticing her ass-wiggling would look in her tight jeans. When they got into the van, she sat as close to him as she could. Unfortunately that wasn’t very close on account of the bucket seats. She’d have to find some better arrangement.

“Nice van,” she said as they started off.

“Yeah, it’s comfortable,” Green replied, “but it’s a gas hog.”

It was comfortable, all right. Roni glanced into the back of the van and saw that it was set up for camping, with the seats folded down into beds. It would be the perfect place to make out. All she had to do was get Roger back there. As he turned on to the long lonely highway, she began some quick plotting. That side road was coming up, the same one Gary Nelson had parked on when she got him to fuck her.

“Mr. Green, will you pull over, please?” Roni asked. “Take the next side road.”

“Sure, Roni, but why?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you when we get there,” she said.

He did what she asked, turning up the dark side road and cutting the engine. “What’s wrong, honey?” he asked with concern. “Aren’t you feeling well?”

“I’m feeling great, Roger,” she leered. “I just wanta play with your cock.”

His mouth fell open. He was stunned, which was just the way Roni wanted him. She grabbed one of his big hands and pulled him after her as she got into the rear of the van. She gave him a push, and he sat down on the edge of one of the beds. She knelt on the carpeted floor, wriggled between his legs, and reached for his fly.

He finally found his voice. “Uh, honey, what are you doing?” he asked dazedly.

“I already told you, Roger, I’m playing with your cock,” Roni replied in a calm voice, as if she was doing the mast natural and ordinary thing in the world.

His mouth fell open again. Roni proceeded to unzip his pants. She grasped pants and shorts and tugged them down over his ass. She could hardly see what she was doing, so she reached up and switched on the overhead light. Then her eyes widened. His cock wasn’t even hard yet, but it was already the biggest she’d ever seen.

“Oh, wow, fantastic,” she breathed.

She wrapped her fingers around the long slab of meat and started pumping it. Roger shivered and moaned. He finally closed his mouth. He looked down at her pumping fist as if he couldn’t believe what was happening to him. But at least he wasn’t trying to make her stop.

“Does this feel nice, Roger?” she cooed.

“Uh, yes, Roni, it feels very nice,” he said, “but why are you doing it?”

“Because I’m horny,” she answered. “I wanta get it on with somebody. Do you mind if I make out with you, Roger?”

“Well, ah, no,” he said, his voice starting to hoarsen, “but maybe we shouldn’t. I mean, I’m married, and I’m awful old for…”

“Your wife doesn’t ever have to know about it,” Roni assured him. “Nobody does. And I get turned on by older men. So just relax and let me play with your cock, okay?”

“Okay,” he said dazedly.

Roni was glad he didn’t have very quick reactions. He seemed more dazed than anything else. He obviously knew he was doing something wrong, yet he couldn’t get it together to resist. That was just fine with Roni. She only needed a minute or two to work on him, and then he wouldn’t even want to resist.

She firmed her grip on his incredibly long cock and pumped it faster and harder. He started to get red in the face, and his nostrils flared. His eyes started to get that glassy, horny look. Then the most exciting development of all took place. His cock began to swell and harden in her fist.

“Oh, yeah,” she breathed.

She watched it grow as she pumped it. It pushed her fingers wider and wider apart, till she could hardly get them around the thick shaft. His cock mushroomed till it was about nine inches long, a real giant. The gleaming purple head looked as big as a baseball to the cock hungry babysitter.

“Oh, gosh, Roger, your cock’s so big,” she exclaimed.

“My wife says it’s too big,” he said.

“She’s fucked,” Roni said.

“Not very often,” he sighed. “She thinks sex isn’t necessary anymore now that we’ve had all the kids we want. She fucks me for Christmas and my birthday, and that’s about it.”

“You poor guy,” Roni exclaimed. “Gosh, how do you stand it?”

“I just jack off a lot,” he said wistfully.

“Well, not tonight,” she leered.

She could do this guy a great big favor, and he could do her one in return. She wanted to give him a really good time, to make up for those horny frustrated nights with his frigid wife. Fisting the thick hairy base of his massive stiff cock, she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the taut slab. Roger Green gasped and shuddered.

“Oh, God, Roni, that feels wonderful,” he moaned.

“Did your wife ever do this to you?” she asked.

“No, never,” he sighed. “She’s never done anything but lie there like a corpse. This is fantastic.”

“Then just lean back and relax,” Roni told him, “and I’ll give you all you want.”

“Roni,” he sighed, “you really are the world’s greatest babysitter.”

Roni wasn’t sure about that, but she did have plans to become the world’s greatest cocksucker. Roger slumped back on the narrow bed, submitting to her completely, and she went to town on his cock. She lashed her tongue all over the huge purple prick head, leaving it shiny with her hot spit. Big gobs of fuck cream began to ooze from his piss hole, and she gurgled hungrily at the sight.

“Oh, yeah,” she breathed.

Drooling, she went for his cream. She used the pointed tip of her tongue to lap up the hot salty liquid. As she speared up drop after drop of it, Roger groaned with excitement. Obviously no woman had ever gone down on him before.

It really would have blown his mind to learn that Roni had never given head before except for half an hour ago, with his own son. But she wasn’t going to tell him that for one thing, she’d promised the twins never to tell on them. And for another thing, she didn’t think Roger could handle it. She was just about blowing his mind right now.

She swirled her hot little tongue around and around the huge head of his prick, lapping up his cream as fast as it dribbled, from the cleft of his cock. She could have gone on eating his juice for hours, but she knew they couldn’t stay out too late. His wife or her parents might start to get suspicious.

So she had to move things along. She cleaned up every tasty drop of his cock cream, and then she opened her lips as wide as she possibly could and slid them down around his cock.

“Ohhhhh, Jesus, yes!” he cried hoarsely.

She didn’t get very far. Her mouth was small and his cock was enormous. She just managed to squeeze the fat head of his dick into her juicy mouth, no more. She caved in her cheeks and started sucking, and she thought Roger was going to shoot through the roof of the van.

“Unmmhhhh, fuck, shit, yeah,” he grunted. Obviously she’d broken through his reserve. He wasn’t thinking about his wife right now. He wasn’t thinking of anything but the wild excitement he felt as the hot-pants babysitter suckimg off greedily and noisily on his cock. Roger Green was totally absorbed in the first blow-job he’d ever had.

“Ohhhhh, Christ, yes,” he panted, “that’s wonderful, honey, don’t stop.”

Roni sucked harder, letting him know that she wasn’t going to quit. His huge prick throbbed violently on her tongue, and more molten cream leaked from his piss hole. She gulped it down and drooled all over his prick. She didn’t think she could ever get enough cock juice, no matter how many pricks she sucked. As her hunger mounted, she sucked faster and faster.

Roger was slumped against the wall, cross eyed with lust, his face twisted into a horny grimace. He was panting and groaning, totally unrestrained now. In fact he was getting carried away and starting to fuck her throat. Roni knew she’d choke to death if that giant cock reamed her throat.

She used both fists on his shaft, one above the other, holding the bucking boner to keep it from ramming any further into her mouth. Then she started sucking like crazy. She was making an obscene wet slurping noise that seemed to add to his wild arousal. His eyes rolled crazily, then closed tight.

“I’m gonna come,” he warned hoarsely.

“Ummmm-hmmmmm,” she urged.

He fucked her mouth frantically, and, a few seconds later she felt his boiling jism filling it. Her cheeks almost exploded with tire enormous hot load. It was obvious that this guy hadn’t gotten off with a woman in a long, long time.

“Unnnnhhhh, God, shit, whaaahhhhh!” he bellowed.

It was a good thing they were a long way from civilization, because he went on bellowing like a rutting bull as he hammered his load down her gulping throat. He was getting off harder than any guy she’d been with so far. It was a long time before he finally slumped back and sighed with satisfaction.

But Roni didn’t release his cock. She wasn’t finished with it yet. She just kept on sucking it as he rested and caught his breath. He obviously didn’t mind. He was grinning lustily, and soon his meat began to stiffen on her tongue. She drooled all over it as it grew.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm,” she moaned.

“Jesus,” he sighed, “you’re getting me hard again. This is just fantastic, Roni. I really needed this.”

No shit, she thought.

She felt sorry for Mr. Green. He was a nice guy, and he didn’t deserve a frigid wife. Even though she’d just finished sucking him off, she wanted to make his evening even better. She wanted to fuck his brains out. She released his spit-soaked boner and eyed it hungrily.

“Mmmmm, look at that,” she breathed, “as hard as ever.”

“Thanks to you,” he said.

“Well, show me how grateful you are, Roger,” she purred. “Fuck me with that great big thing.”

His mouth dropped open again. While he was recovering from his pleasant surprise, Roni stripped. It didn’t take her long. Then she turned around and bent forward, resting her hands on the opposite bed. Her luscious little ass practically in his face, and her legs were spread wide.

“Come on, Roger,” she said huskily, “stick your cock in me. I want it so bad, honey.”

“You got it,” he growled.

She whimpered in anticipation when he dropped to his knees behind her and grasped her hips. Then she felt the enormous rock-hard head of his cock spreading her cunt lips wider and wider. It felt like he was shoving a basketball up her cunt. But she knew her greedy cunt would expand like elastic, to take it, so she wasn’t scared.

“Yeah, honey, get into me,” she moaned, “give me every inch of that big thing.”

“I’m trying,” he panted, “but Jesus, you’re tight. I’ll have to take it slow.”

That was fine with Roni. The longer the fun lasted, the better, as far as the horny young sitter was concerned. She clawed the bed and moaned in delight as Roger stuffed more and more of his incredibly long thick cock into her cream-slick pussy. She felt crammed breathless with the throbbing meat.

“Oooooo, yeah,” she squealed, “it feels so good, honey.”

“It sure as hell does,” he answered hoarsely.

At last his prick butted up against her womb, and he paused to catch his breath. His cock felt like it belonged to an elephant. Roni couldn’t believe she’d taken the whole thing. But it felt wildly exciting to her, and she soaked his deeply lodged boner with molten cream.

“Fuck me, Roger,” she whimpered, “really give it to me, baby.”

“Oh. Christ, I can’t believe this,” he groaned.

He started fucking her in deep slow thrusts, which was the bet he could do with the incredibly tight fit. Roni sobbed with pleasure. The stimulation of his giant cock was incredible her, a continuous rush of pleasure. She drenched his prick with blast after blast of cream, making the way more slick. He was able to fuck her faster and faster.

“GOOOOOO, yeah, do it to me, fuck me hard,” she cried.

Roger was snorting and growling and humping away like a stallion. It was probably the best fuck the poor guy had ever had. It was sure the best one so far for Roni. She felt herself hurtling fast and helplessly toward orgasm. The pleasure was building in her pussy and making her wail with delight.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee,” she howled.

She thought about how much time she’d wasted by not dating in high school. She’d just believed everything her parents told her about nice girls not being interested in sex. Well, that was a real crock. Sex was all that mattered to her now, and she wondered if she could ever get enough of it.

Maybe if she sucked or fucked every night of her life for the next fifty years, that would help. She sure had a lot of wasted time to make up for. Every orgasm she had was more powerful than the last one, and this time was no exception. She felt a dizzying bomb blast of pleasure from the fiery depths of her cunt.

“Unnnhhhh, Roger, honey, I’m coming, whaahhhhhh!” she screamed.

Roger gave a horny growl and started fucking her so hard that the van began to rock. His rough thrusts just made her climax more intense. She forgot, everything else as the pleasure blasted through her. Then she felt the scalding floods of Roger’s jism filling her womb and cunt.

“Take it, baby, aaaggghhhh!” he bellowed. “Ohhhhhh, shit, fuck, aaagggghhhhhh!”

He acted kind of bashful afterwards, just like Gary had done, which wasn’t surprising. They were respectable married men, and it wasn’t every day that they fucked the babysitter. But Roni knew Roger would be back for more, just like Gary. He didn’t tell her so directly, but he might as well have.

“Roni, when will you sit for us again?” he asked when he let her off at her house.

“Why, as soon as you want, Roger,” she purred.


The next evening Roni babysat for the Nelsons again. Naturally Greg was delighted to see her, although his dad, Gary, looked a little nervous. But Roni’s calm smile conveyed to Gary that he had nothing to worry about and that she’d keep their guilty secret.

Meanwhile Greg was practically bopping up and down in his impatience for his folks to leave. He’d probably been reliving over and over again the exciting times he’d had with Roni the last time she sat for him. Now he was hoping they could pick up where they’d left off.

Roni was hoping the same thing. She remembered vividly that she’d just agreed to go all the way with the boy when his parents came home early and interrupted things. That had led to her losing her cherry with Mr. Nelson instead of with his son. It probably had been better to have her first fuck with an experienced man, but she was still looking forward to making it with Greg.

At last Mr. and Mrs. Nelson were starting out the door. Glancing over at Greg, Roni saw that the fly of his jeans was already tenting. Her pussy squirted hot cream in response to that enticing sight. But as Mrs. Nelson was stepping down the front walk, Gary suddenly halted.

“Just a second, honey, I forgot something,” he said.

He stepped back into the house, and Greg darted into the next room to hide his hard-on, leaving his dad alone with the babysitter. Gary hurried over to Roni and, said in a low voice, “I just had to talk to you, Roni. Are you feeling okay about what happened between us?”

“Oh, sure, Gary,” Roni answered, “and I’m looking forward to getting it on with you again.”

“You are?” he said, beaming.

“Yeah,” she grinned, “I hope we can do it tonight.”

“Me, too,” he said, then he darted out the door.

Roni shivered with excitement. Now she had two partners lined up for her night’s fun. Greg would be expecting to make out with her all evening, and then later she’d be making out with his father. That was Roni’s idea of a great night.

“Are they gone?” Greg called from the kitchen.

“Yes,” Roni called back, “they just drove off. You can come out now. I won’t be embarrassed by your hard-on.”

Greg was grinning sheepishly as he walked back into the living room. “Sorry about that,” he laughed, “but the second I saw you, my cock got hard. I’ve been thinking about you all the time, Roni.”

Roni wished she could return the compliment, but she’d been thinking about other guys in addition to Greg. So she just walked up to the kid and kissed him, darting her tongue into his mouth and rubbing her mound against his bulging fly. She thought the excited boy was going to come in his jeans. When she broke the kiss, he was flushed and panting.

“Oh, wow, Roni, I can’t wait,” he said hoarsely. “Can we get it on right now?”

“Why not?” she grinned. “Want to go to your room?”

“Let’s use the guest room,” he said. “It’s got a bigger bed.”

Roni nodded, and they started down the hall. Greg’s heart was hammering. At last he was going to lose his virginity. He was going to lose his cherry with the sexiest babysitter he’d ever had. He felt like the luckiest teenager in the whole world.

When they got to the guestroom, Roni undressed without a trace of embarrassment, flinging her clothes around carelessly. Greg imitated her, and in no time at all they were naked and climbing onto the king-size bed. Roni held out her arms, and Greg grabbed for her, kissing her hard.

He almost shot his load just from rubbing against her hot silky body. His cock bucked violently and left trails of sticky juice on her belly. He rolled her onto her back and got on top of her, almost yelping with anticipation. Roni spread her legs, and he sank down between them.

“Oh, boy,” he panted, “oh, wow.”

“Take it easy, tiger,” she laughed, “we’ve got all night.”

Greg knew that, but he just couldn’t go slow. He had to get his cock into her as fast as possible. His hot horny instincts were driving him to it. He started hammering his steel-stiff young cock against the swollen creamy flesh it her gash. But his prick kept skidding around, and he couldn’t seem to get it into her cunt. He groaned in frustration.

“Damn it all to hell,” he muttered. “What’s wrong?” asked Roni.

“I can’t find it,” he confessed. “Oh, here, let me help,” she chirped. She reached down and fisted his wildly throbbing boner and directed it right to the target Greg shivered and moaned as she plugged the head of his prick into the tight mid juicy mouth of her box. She wedged it in about an inch, then let go of it, letting him take over.

“Okay, Greg, just push,” she said. “Ohhhhhh, shit, unnnnhhhh,” the moaned as he lost his virginity in one greedy shove.

“Ummmmmm, yessss,” Roni gurgled. She arched her body up as he went into her, taking his nice hard cock as deep as she could get it. She creamed all over the engorged slit of meat. It was only her third fuck, but already she was hooked. She mooned with delight as his thick boner completely crummed her needy box.

“Oh fuck, it feels great,” Greg moaned. His prick was sheathed to the hilt in juicy hot flesh. The babysitter’s cunt was deliciously snug, sucking and tugging at his cock. He let his instincts carry him away and began hammering his prick into her, fast and hard. He was just too damned excited to be slow or gentle. But Roni didn’t seem to mind his roughness at all.

“Oh, yeah, tiger, fuck me good,” she moaned, clinging to him, “fuck me nice and hard.”

It was just what Roni needed. It had been almost twenty-four hours since she’d last taken a cock, and that was too long to suit her. The hot-blooded young woman had lots of lost time to make up for. She needed to be fucked hard and thoroughly. She moaned in bliss as she took the repeated deep thrusts of Greg’s cock.

She fucked back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm, meeting the hard thrusts of his stiff cock with upward jerks of her hip. She rubbed the swollen bumb of her clit against his sawing shaft, making her pleasure very intense. She creamed uncontrollably, and the molten liquid overflowed her box and gushed down her ass crack.

“Fuck it to me, honey, I love it,” she wailed. “Unnnnnhhh, shit, whaahhhhh!” Greg bawled, suddenly shooting his load.

His cry was half ecstasy and half disappointment. He really hadn’t intended to get off that fast. He’d wanted to make it last, and he’d wanted to get the girl off too. But he was just too wildly horny to hold out, and to his embarrassment he came like crazy, just seconds into his first fuck.

“Damn it all to hell,” he moaned.

Roni was disappointed, too. She’d been pretty close to coming herself. But she didn’t see any reason to get angry. They’d just try again, that was all. As Greg flooded her cunt with his boiling jism, then collapsed on top of her, she kept pumping her hips and keeping his cock deep in her seething twat.

“Keep moving, Greg,” she panted, “don’t stop.”

“Okay,” he said breathlessly.

He wasn’t sure what she wanted to do that for, but it wasn’t long before he found out. Her twat was squeezing his meat and sucking at it, and it was so exciting rubbing against her silky female body, that his lust returned fast. He felt his cock swelling in her box, till the fit was very tight.

“Mmmmmm,” Roni gurgled, “your cock’s getting so big, Greg.”

“Yeah,” he leered, “now we can do some of the stuff I was gonna show you.”

“What stuff?” Roni asked eagerly.

“Oh, you’re gonna love this, Roni,” he grinned. “My folks have this sex manual I snuck out of their room. It shows people doing it in all kinds of positions.”

“No shit?” she exclaimed excitedly. “Get the book, Greg. Oh, wait, get me off first, okay?”

“Okay,” he leered, starting to fuck her very hard.

“Unnnnhhhh, shit, yessss,” she gasped.

Her body shuddered with the impact of his hard fucking, but she loved every second of it. Again she arched her body and rubbed her clit against his sawing shaft, and in just a minute or so she was teetering on the brink of climax. She panted and squealed as the pleasure built in her needy pussy.

“Oooooo, Greg, I’m almost there,” she whimpered. “Give it to me real hard now, honey, as hard as you can.”

“You got it,” he growled.

He slid his hands under her writhing little ass, gripped it, and started fucking her like a pile driver. Her head lolled back, and she closed her eyes in ecstasy as the hot orgasm exploded in the fiery depths of her cunt and blazed out to engulf her whole body.

“Oooooo, shit, you did it, aaahhhhh!” she screamed. “Oooooo, Greg, I’m coming!”

Greg felt her cunt go into spasm around his cock, and if he hadn’t had his second wind, he couldn’t have resisted coming. He would have come right along with her, howling and flooding her with another sizzling load. But he managed to hold out, fucking her hard through her body-wracking climax.

“Unnnhhhhm, shit, that was good,” she gurgled afterwards. “Now go get that book.”

Greg often sneaked the sex manual from his folks’ room. He’d read it at night and jack off as he pretended he was one of the men in the photos, fucking an attractive and smiling young woman. But now something far more exciting was about to happen to him. He was going to practice some of those enticing poses with a real live female. He got the book out from under his mattress and hurried back to the guestroom.

“Let’s see it,” Roni said greedily.

Greg handed her the book, and she eagerly flipped through it. He hadn’t been exaggerating. The book contained hundreds of photos of real people fucking. They were fucking in every position the human body could be put into. Ronnie creamed furiously as she studied the pictures.

“How about it, Roni?” Greg asked eagerly. “You wanta try some of those positions?”

“I sure do,” she answered. “The question is, which one do we do first?”

Greg thought about it for a second, then said, “Why don’t you just close your eyes and choose a page?”

“That sounds as good as anything,” Roni agreed. She closed her eyes, opened the book, and they both stated at the photo she’d randomly chosen. “Oh, wow,” she breathed.

“Holy shit,” Greg said.

The couple in the photo looked like a pretzel with two heads. Roni and Greg studied the picture, frowning. “I guess all we can do is try,” she concluded.

They stretched out on their sides, facing each other, and Roni slipped one leg under Greg’s body and draped the other one over him. Then she brought her lower legs back between his legs, getting him in what felt like a wrestling hold. He tried to stick his cock into her.

“Ow,” she said, “you’re lying on my leg.”

“I can’t move,” he complained. “You’re holding me too tight!”

Roni looked at the photo again and concluded, “They must be nuts. This isn’t fun. I’m gonna try another one.” She turned the page.

“Oh, Jesus,” Greg said.

“Forget it,” Roni agreed.

She turned another page, and this time the kids liked what they saw. “Oh, yeah, let’s try that,” Roni exclaimed.

She disentangled herself from Greg, and he rolled onto his back. His magnificent teenage cock stood at right angles to his flat belly, swollen and drooling and hard as granite. Roni creamed at the sight of it. Checking the photo one more time, she straddled him, her knees hugging his hips. She rubbed her slippery pussy over the swollen purple head of his cock. “Mmmmm, perfect,” she leered.

All she had to do was slide down his prick. She worked the thick head into her little cuntal opening and slid, giving a shrill squeal of delight as his rigid boner filled her. He groaned with pleasure, his cock sheathed in hot velvety flesh. She slid down till only his balls showed.

“Oh, shit, that really worked great,” she moaned.

“Yeah,” he agreed hoarsely. “Now what do we do?”

“You fuck me, silly,” she giggled.

“Oh, yeah, I guess I can handle that,” he laughed.

He held her by her little firm waist and started pistoning his cock into her juicy smoking pussy, hole. He didn’t feel in such a frantic hurry this time. He wanted to take his time and, enjoy fucking her as long as he could. So he started by fucking her in deep, slow strokes, savoring every inch of her creamy silk-lined cuntal tunnel.

“Ohhhhh, yeah,” he breathed. “Mmmmmm this is fun,” she gurgled. Every time he pushed his cock into her, she soaked it with a helpless burst of molten cream. His stiff fucking felt great to the horny sitter. But this position offered a great view, too. She liked watching Greg’s handsome face twist into a lusty grimace, his teeth flashing and his nostrils flaring. His excitement fed her own arousal.

“Fuck it to me, Greg, honey,” she said, deliberately enticing him, “fuck me with that big hard thing.”

“Oh, shit,” he moaned, “oh, fuck.”

He could hardly believe this was happening to him. Just a few days ago he’d figured he’d never get laid, not in his whole life. It was just too hard. He couldn’t even get a goodnight kiss out of the few girls who’d consented to date him, so how in hell was he going to lose his cherry?

Now all his dreams were coming true — his jack-off dreams, that is. He was fucking a terrific-looking girl, and she was loving every second of it, moaning with lust and creaming all over his cock. She’d fuck him all night if he wanted her to, and she’d try any crazy thing he wanted. Yes, he was a very lucky guy.

As his excitement grew, he fucked her faster and harder, but she never complained. She just fucked right back at him, keeping up with his tempo, till they were going at each other like a couple of rutting animals. The bed was bouncing and creaking, the noise punctuated by Greg’s hoarse moans and Roni’s [missing text].

“Ohhhhh, yeah, fuck me good and hard, honey,” she cried, “fuck my brains out Greg.”

She started deliberately tightening her cunt around his cock, getting more and more hot friction. The squeezing action had both of them teetering an the brink of climax. Yet they greedily held off, not wanting the fantastic fun to end.

Roni moaned in bliss with every deep thrust of Greg’s cock.

“Unnnhhhh, Greg, it feels so fuckin’ good,” she whined.

“It sure the fuck does,” he panted.

He shifted into the highest gear, fucking her so hard that her body bounced, and she felt like she was riding a bucking bronco. But Roni loved it. At last she was getting the prolonged pounding her as craved. She’d missed so many years when she could have been fucking, she just had to make up for them all.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, fuck hard, I’m gonna come,” she wailed.

“You and me both,” he warned her hoarsely. She tightened her cunt, making it as tiny as she could, and in another second the delicious hot friction brought her off. Greg felt her twat clamping like a vise around his meat, sucking at it, and the jizz came boiling out of his balls, up his cock, to flood her hungry cunt.

“Oooooo, fuck, I’m coming, oooooo!” she screamed.

“Awwwww, shit, unnnggghhhh!” Greg roared.

The horny teens rolled around on the bed, humping like crazy, working out their violent mutual climax. When they finally finished coming, they rolled apart and went right for the sex manual again. Lying side by side, they flipped through the pages to find another interesting position to fuck in.

“Oh, hey, let’s try this one,” Greg exclaimed. “Yeah, that looks like a real kick,” Roni laughed.

Then they heard a car in the driveway, and Greg groaned. “Oh, fuck, no,” he cried, “they’re home early again. What lousy luck.”

“Don’t worry, Greg,” Roni said as she dashed into her clothes, “I’ll be back to sit for you again soon. So have that book read.”


Poor Greg might have to go to bed frustrated, but Roni knew she wouldn’t be having that problem. Gary would be waiting for her. She dressed and went into the living room, while Greg closed himself in his bedroom, pretending to have gone to bed.

Linda and Gary came in the front door, Linda yawning. “I know,” she said, “we’re home awfully early. But for some reason I was just too tired to watch the second feature. I’m going right to bed. Gary will pay you and take you home, Roni.”

“Okay, Mrs. Nelson, have a good sleep,” Roni said, smiling angelically.

Linda headed for the hall, then paused, asking, “Oh, any problems with Greg?”

“Oh, no, ma’am,” Roni replied. “He’s one kid I really look forward to sitting.”

“Good,” Linda said with another huge yawn. “‘Night.”

They waited till they heard the master bedroom door close, and then Gary grabbed Roni and kissed her hungrily, shoving his tongue into her mouth. She slid her tongue along his, and she ground her belly against his fly. There was already a growing lump there. She creamed heavily as she felt it.

It was so exciting to have two guys get hard on for her on the same night, especially when they were father and son. Gary would have been shocked to know that the babysitter had just finished fucking his “little boy”. But Roni didn’t intend to share that delicious secret with anybody. She acted as hot as if she hadn’t fucked since the last time she and Gary had gotten together. As a matter of fact, she really felt that hot!

“Mmmmm,” she murmured when they broke the kiss. “I’m so horny, Gary. I could hardly wait till you got back.”

“I could hardly wait to get here,” he said. “Listen, I hate making it in the car, so why don’t we do it here?”

“You’re sure your wife won’t wake up?” Roni asked.

“Not Linda,” he said. “Once she’s out, that’s it. Come on, let’s turn down the lights and do it on the couch.”

The wide couch seemed a lot more exciting than the cold and cramped car, so Roni willingly accompanied him. He turned out all the lights but one low mellow lamp. They kicked off their shoes and stretched out on the couch, kissing and fondling each other. Roni was very quickly flushed and panting. She grabbed for the zipper of his fly.

“Hey, what’s the hurry?” he chuckled.

“Don’t you wanta fuck?” she asked.

“Sure,” he said, “but there’s a lot more to love-making than just fucking.”

“There is?” Roni said wonderingly. “I didn’t know that. What else is there?”

“Going down on each other, for one thing,” Gary said. “Wanta try it?”

“Yeah,” she said eagerly.

“Okay, let’s get our clothes off,” he said. They stripped, being careful not to put their clothes anywhere where they could be seen by somebody passing through the room. The couch was shadowed. Gary stretched out on his back and showed Roni how to crouch over him in the opposite direction. She remembered the position now. Willie and Millie had used it when they had gone down on each other.

She felt Gary’s hot moist breath tickling her pussy, and she found herself looking down on his big stiff-standing cock. There was so much to see and do in this position. Roni eagerly stuck out her tongue and began to lick the sensitive head of his cock, lapping up the salty fuck cream that oozed from his piss hole.

“Ohhhh, yeah, baby, great,” he breathed. “Now I’ll lick you.”

“Ooooooo!” Roni squealed.

His tongue was on her pussy, lapping gently and sensuously it felt marvelous. She started creaming and couldn’t stop. Gary licked up her cream and gobbled it, just like she was gobbling his cock juice. They went at each other hungrily, savoring each other’s delicious liquids.

“Mmmmmm, ummmmm,” Roni moaned.

“See, I told you there was more to it than fucking,” Gary chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s great to know,” she said.

It really was. Not that fucking could ever get old or dull. Roni knew she’d never get tired of it. But it was wonderful that there were all kinds of other things people could do to make each other feel good. She loved using her mouth and tongue to get guys off, and she loved it when they went down on her. Right now Gary’s tickling tongue was driving her wild.

“Ooooo, shit, you’re getting me so hot,” she moaned.

“Good,” he whispered, “but we have to remember to be quiet. We’d be in big trouble if we got caught.”

“Right,” Roni agreed.

At least she wasn’t licking cock loudly. She was just making a naughty little wet noise with her tongue as she swirled it around and around the engorged purple head of Gary’s cock. As fast as the thick juice seeped out of his piss hole, she tongued it up and gobbled it. She didn’t think she could ever get enough of his cream.

He must have felt the same way about her cunt juice, because he was gobbling as fast as it spurted from her hotly aroused cunt. His tongue was all over the place for a while. But at last he zeroed in on the most sensitive spot of all, the erect and throbbing button of her clit. He tickled with the pointed tip of his tongue, making Roni squeal.

“Oooooo, eeeee, yessss,” she cried, “lick me there, honey, get me off!”

“Okay,” he said, “but remember to be quiet…”

“Right,” she sighed.

She felt like wailing her pleasure, but she’d have to restrain herself. Gary caught her pulsating clit between his lips and started sucking, and she barely stifled a groan of ecstasy. Each hot suck sent a blast of pleasure ripping through her pussy. It wouldn’t take her long to come like this.

She wanted to take Gary along with her when she came, so she opened her lips wide and started sliding them down around his rigid drooling cock. He gave muffled groans as she took inch after inch of his stiff prick into the steam and juice of her mouth. His tall body shivered with delight.

The eager babysitter managed to get more than half his cock into her mouth before it threatened to choke her. Then they started to suck each other off. They were both making muffled noises of hot excitement as she sucked at his throbbing boner and he sucked at her swollen joy button.

That was when. Linda came out, of the bedroom. “Gary?” she called sleepily. “Gary, did you put the cat out?”

Gary and Roni froze. They became a statue in the sixty-nine position. For what seemed about a million years they lay there with his cock deep in her mouth and his lips locked around her clit. Linda kind of stumbled through the living room and on into the kitchen, looking for the car.

“Here, kitty, kitty,” she called.

Oh, shit, Roni thought.

She hated to think of all the consequences if they were caught like this. Linda would be hysterical, Gary’s marriage might be ruined, and Roni’s parents would die of apoplexy. Her folks just wouldn’t be able to stand it if they discovered that their carefully raised daughter loved sex and had been caught sucking a guy’s cock while he sucked her pussy.

“Gary?” Linda called. “Kitty?”

Finally the cat meowed and came out from wherever it had been sleeping, and they beard Linda put it out the back door. She came strolling back through the living room, passing only a few feet from the couch where her husband lay with the babysitter’s pussy in his face.

“Gary?” she called. “HMO, guess he hasn’t come back yet.”

She gave a big long yawn and went back into the bedroom. Gary and Roni breathed again. Gary drew back from her pussy long enough to mutter, “Fucking cat.”

“Never mind the cat,” Roni moaned. “Suck my pussy.”

His lips clamped around her clit again, and she brought her steaming mouth down around his cock. They started sucking each other more hungrily and frantically than before. Roni had been so close to coming when Linda had interrupted their action, that by now she was going crazy with need.

She suctioned the hot cream out of Gary’s piss hole and gobbled it as fast as she could. She whimpered in ecstasy with each hot suck from his greedy lips. Rapidly she rose towards the orgasm she craved, reminding herself not to yell when it happened. If she had a mouthful of cock, she’d be quiet enough, she decided.

Gary was sucking her clit faster and faster, driving her wild. She matched his tempo with her greedy sucking, and he spun out of control and started fucking her mouth. She creamed hugely all over his face as a delicious hot climax began in the base of her clit and then ripped through her body like a blast of lightning. A second later she felt the first hot sting of his come against the back of her throat.

“Mmmmmm, unnnhhhhh!” she moaned.

“Unnnnggghhhh, uuuuhhhhh!” he cried.

They were quiet enough, except they almost knocked the couch apart as they came. They were bucking and writhing, the couch was creaking and vibrating. Roni gulped load after load of Gary’s hot jism, her cheeks bulging with the stuff. Gary sucked up the steady spurts of cream that came from her spasming cunt.

At last she collapsed on top of him. “Oh, shit, that was fun,” she breathed.

“Except when Linda came out of the bedroom, I almost shit,” Gary said dryly.

“Yeah,” Roni sighed, “that was pretty risky. I suppose you better take me home.”

“Hey, not yet.” He grinned. “I still wanta fuck you. Suck my cock for a while, okay? Then we’ll finish the evening with a terrific fuck.”

That sounded good to Roni. She slipped his wet cock back into her mouth and started sucking on it, and Gary gave a big sigh of contentment. He must have been really horny for her, because it didn’t take long at all for him to get totally hard again. His prick mushroomed, pushing her lips wide apart.

His prick grew long and rigid, almost gagging her, so she released it. It snapped to attention, standing straight up and bulging with blue veins. Roni creamed at the sight and her lust came back in full force. It seemed like no matter how much loving she got, she could still take more.

“Okay,” she breathed, “I think you’re ready.”

“Good,” Gary said, “let’s have you on your back.”

He got off the couch and let her stretch out. Eagerly she bent her knees and moved them wide apart, showing him the moist and glistening pink flesh of her slit. With a horny growl he let himself down on her, sinking between her hot silky thighs and pressing the fat head of his cock against her juicy little cuntal opening.

“Oh, yeah, Gary, get into me,” she squealed.

“You better believe I will,” he panted, “but remember to be quiet.”

“Right, right,” Roni said impatiently, wriggling her hips.

She was trying to impale herself on the skewer of his big hard cock, but all she did was make him miss the target. He shoved his hands under her ass, clutched the hot little globes tightly, and held her writhing pelvis still. Then he socked the head of his prick into her cunt and started penetrating her slowly and deliciously.

“Ooooooo,” she squealed, “eeeee.”

“Sssshhhhh,” he warned.

Roni clamped her lips together and tried to stifle her cries of lust and pleasure as Gary eased his fat rock-hard cock into her cunt. She was so excited, she was creaming like crazy, soaking his meat and overflowing her cunt. At last he was all the way into her, his prick pushing up against her womb, and he paused so they could savor the feeling. His cock was throbbing against every inch of her fiery hot little cunt. “You like it, baby?” he whispered.

“Shit, yes,” Roni moaned, “I love it, Gary. I want you to fuck me good with that big ol’ thing.”

“That’s just what I’ve got in mind, honey,” he growled.

Firming his grip on her ass, he started fucking her, starting out with slow sensuous strokes that brought her arousal to the boiling point. She wanted to take his cock as deep as she possibly could, and her horny instincts led her to throw her legs around his waist and lock them there. That really seemed to turn him on.

“Oh, yeah, baby, let me in deep,” he panted. Roni gurgled with pleasure as she took the steady deep thrusts of his cock and the exciting massage of her clit by his hard shaft. She couldn’t imagine anything more fun and exciting than being fucked, and she knew she could never get enough of it no matter how long she lived.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, honey,” she panted, “fuck me all night.”

“I just wish I could,” he groaned.

But they both knew it wasn’t possible. Roni’s folks would be wondering where she was pretty soon. They’d be able to have one terrific fuck, but that was all. Roni knew she had to make the most of this one. She shoved up against him, rubbing her clit against his shaft, taking his pistoning cock deep. She felt herself rising steadily towards orgasm.

That was when she looked up and found Greg watching them.

Roni barely stifled a gasp. The boy had come out of his room silently. Maybe he was on his way to the bathroom, or maybe he was after a snack, but he’d been, so quiet that he’d heard the soft guarded sounds of their love-making and had come to investigate. Roni didn’t know how to react, so she just grinned helplessly.

To her relief, Greg grinned back. He seemed to be pretty amused to find his dad fucking the babysitter. Not only amused, but aroused. Roni watched the fly of his pajamas become sharply tented. She stuck out her tongue and circled her lips, making an obscene and enticing gesture.

That completed Greg’s hard-on. He rubbed his painfully swollen cock and looked down at his dad’s knotting, jerking ass. He looked both envious and horny. No doubt he wanted to be in Gary’s place, pistoning his swollen prick in the babysitter’s hot juicy cunt. But at least he could do the next best thing.

He could watch, and jack off. Roni almost squealed with excitement as she watched him drop his pajama bottoms, unleashing his magnificent stiff adolescent cock. It stuck straight out, rigid as steel. She creamed all over his father’s jerking prick as she studied the son’s enticing hard-on.

It was just too bad she couldn’t take both those nice hard cocks at the same time. She felt greedy for cock. Creaming furiously, she fucked back at Gary while she watched Greg fist his stiff boner and begin to masturbate. It was the kinkiest situation Roni had been in so far, even wilder than the stuff she’d done with the twins. She felt like she could come if she sneezed, she was so turned on.

“Oooo, honey, fuck me good,” she squealed, “fuck me real hard now.”

In a way she was saying it to both father and son. She was saying it to Gary, to get him to fuck her harder and faster, but she was also saying it to Greg so he could get a good jack-off fantasy going. It seemed to work. His eyes got glassy with lust, and he started pumping his cock like crazy.

Of course all this lime Gary had no idea that his son was watching them. He had his eyes closed in bliss and was fucking away like there was nobody in the world but him and the hot cunted babysitter. Roni grinned wickedly at Greg, and he leered back, enjoying the kinky situation just as much as she did. The three of them hurtled toward orgasm.

“Unnnnhhhh, honey, I’m almost there,” Roni panted. “Oh, stilt, am I gonna come.”

That spurred Gary to pull out all stops and fuck into her like a pile driver, making the couch creak. It also spurred his son to jerk himself off. Clamping his jaws together to keep from moaning with excitement, Greg pumped his prick with lightning speed. A second later, thick wads of jizz began to fly from his cock.

On some crazy impulse Roni opened her mouth wide, and Greg aimed his squirting prick in that direction. She got a pretty good mouthful of his come. It made her so excited that she started coming, too, her cunt going into spasm around Gary’s jerking cock. That squeezing action brought him off hard.

“Unnnnhhhh, shit, yessss, I’m coming!” Roni moaned.

“Take my load, baby, unnnngggghhhh!” Gary gasped.

“Unnnngggghhhh!” Greg groaned.

Luckily his gasp of release was drowned out by his father’s groans, and when Roni looked up again, the boy was gone, having slipped silently back to his room. She couldn’t help grinning about the cool way he’d snuck up on them and gotten off. She’d have to tell Greg how that had aroused her, next time she babysit with him.

But meanwhile it was on to other adventures, or so Roni hoped. The next night she’d babysitting for some new people, and they had a teenage son. It sounded like the perfect setup for her.


Roni could hardly hide her disappointment. It was the next evening, and she’d reported to her new babysitting job with the Preston family, only to find that the teenage son, Paul, was a total nerd.

It had sounded like a golden opportunity for her. She was going to be alone all evening with the Prestons’ only child, a high school student. Of course he’d be perpetually horny, like most adolescent boys, and it would be a piece of cake to seduce him. Or so Roni had thought. Now she was discovering just how wrong she’d been. Paul was tail, skinny, awkward, and incredibly bashful. He wore thick horn-rimmed glasses and, went around clutching a book at all times. He didn’t watch TV or hang out with other kids. He studied. It was summer vacation, and he still studied. He took one look at Roni when they were introduced, turned beet red, then curled up with a book.

“You won’t have any trouble with Paul,” Mrs. Preston said as she and her husband prepared to leave.

“No, ma’am, I don’t imagine I will,” Roni said gloomily.

She watched them drive away, then turned to look at Paul. Just possibly he was the perfect little gentleman around his folks but turned into a mischief-maker when they left. No such luck, however. He was still sitting stiffly in a chair, his nose in a big thick book. Roni wondered how she was going to get through the evening without dying of boredom and horniness.

One thing was for sure, she wasn’t going to just sit there and watch Paul read. She walked over to the TV set and switched it on. “I hope you don’t mind, Paul,” she said, “but I’m not much of a reader.”

The kid gave an exasperated sigh, got up, and said, “Well if you’re going to have the TV on, I’m going to the basement to study. I can’t concentrate with that thing going.”

He stalked off, lugging a pile of books. Roni stared after him. She’d never sat for a kid like him before, and suddenly she felt challenged. There had to be a way to get to him. After all, he was human and male and young. Deep down inside, he must have some interest in sex.

She intended to find out. She turned off the TV and found the stairs to the basement. She discovered that the basement had been turned into a large recreation room, which was very attractive. It had wall-to-wall carpeting, nice comfortable furniture, and a fireplace. She found Paul lounging on the couch before the fire with his inevitable book.

He looked annoyed when she appeared. “I thought you were going to watch TV,” he said.

“I changed my mind,” Roni replied. “I decided to hang out with you instead.”

“Well, I don’t wanta hang out,” he snapped. “I have a lot of studying to do.”

“Aw come off it, Paul,” Roni said with a wicked grin, “there’s not gonna be any school for almost three months. You don’t have to study. I think you’re just afraid of girls.”

“Bullshit,” he cried, “I am not.”

But he was blushing like crazy, and Roni knew she was on to something. “I bet you are,” she taunted, “and I’m gonna prove it. I bet you can’t just go on reading that book while I take my clothes off.”

“What?” Paul gasped, turning even redder. “You heard me,” Roni leered. “Now if that studying is so important to you, just go ahead and do it. Don’t pay any attention to me.”

He lowered his eyes to the book.

Grinning fiendishly, Roni began to strip. She stepped out of her sandals, then let her jeans drop. Paul’s eyes flickered upward for just a second, then down again. Roni took off her T-shirt and dropped it on the floor right in front of him. He glanced at it and blushed.

Next came the bra. She unsnapped it, drew it off, and tossed it onto the couch, right beside him. He looked down at it and got redder than she’d thought a human being could get. She stood there hands an hips, thrusting her chest forward and showing off her luscious high-riding tits. Paul looked up at her and froze.

It was obviously the first time he’d seen real naked tits. He stared and stared. He seemed to stop breathing. His eyes got huge. Roni drew closer to give him a better look at the creamy skinned globes and her little strawberry-colored nipples.

She let him go on staring. At least she had his attention. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her little bikini panties and started slowly inching them down. Paul’s eyes dropped from her tits to her lower belly. He watched the gradual emergence of her little dark bush.

He made a kind of croaking nose, and his eyes got even bigger. He started breathing again, loudly and harshly. Sure enough, he was human. He did have an interest in girls. Now the question was, could Roni entice him into an evening of fun? She sure hoped so, because she was starting to feel very, very horny.

She turned around and popped the panties dawn over her cute little ass. She let him stare for a moment, then turned and faced him again. She let the panties slither down her nice long legs, and then she kicked them away. Standing there stark naked, she let the panting teenager ogle her body.

“Like what you see, Paul?” she purred.

He made that croaking noise again. Then he cleared his throat and said with as much dignity as he could muster, “This is very naughty of you, Roni. You’d better put your clothes back on, or I’m going to have to tell my parents about this.”

The little prick, Roni thought. However, she went on smiling and said, “Aha, I was right. You really are scared of girls.”

“I am not,” Paul answered indignantly.

“Then prove it,” she said. “Take off your clothes. I bet you’re too chicken. I bet you’re too scared of me to do it.”

“Of course I’m not,” he said loftily.

He closed his book, stood up, and started to undress. All the while his hands were shaking and he was blushing like crazy. Roni felt sorry for him. He had to prove he wasn’t chicken, but he was dying of mortification as he stripped in front of a girl for the very first time.

He took off his thick glasses to get his T-shirt over his head, and she noticed that without them, he was nice-looking. His body was nice, too, tall and lean and hard. She watched eagerly as he peeled off his jeans, then his jockey shorts. Was his cock starting to stiffen? She couldn’t be sure.

“There,” he said defiantly.

“Nice,” she said, ogling him. “Let’s sit down.”

Before he could answer, she grabbed his arm and pulled him down on the couch with her, cuddling up close. She put her hand on his leg and stroked it. She rubbed one hot satiny tit against his arm. Paul gawked at her. It was so obvious that he’d never even been near a girl before.

“Do you date much, Paul?” Roni purred.

“No,” he said, blushing again, “I’m not interested in that kind of thing.”

“What kind of thing?” she asked. “Sex? Making out?”

He blushed harder. “Right,” he said. “I’ve got more important things to do.”

“I bet you don’t,” she said. “I bet you just don’t think you could ever score with a girl.”

He hung his head and said sheepishly, “Yeah, that’s true. I mean, what girl would wants go out with me?”

“Lots of girls might want to go out with you, Paul, if you just learned to turn them on,” Roni said gently. “Want me to show you how?”

“Oh, wow, would you?” he cried. “Gosh, Roni, I’d love to know how to get girls excited.”

“Well, you came to the right person,” she said. “Let’s get rid of these damned books.”

She started to move the pile of books from the couch, but Paul just kicked them off onto the rug. Then Roni grabbed him and pulled him down on top of her and kissed him. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and ground her pussy against his cock. In about one second flat his prick became huge and hard as a rock.

Roni creamed furiously. Twenty-four hours had passed since her last fuck, and she was aching to feel a nice stiff cock in her pussy. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his prick and started pumping. As they broke their kiss, he shivered at her touch, then sighed. “Small, isn’t it?” he sighed.

“Are you kidding?” Roni asked, stroking his seven-incher. “It’s big. It’s nice. I’d really like you to fuck me, Paul.”

“You’re kidding,” he groaned. “You’re putting me on, Roni. You have to be.”

“Oh, no, I’m not, honey,” she said, “and I’m gonna prove it right now.”

Her plan had been to teach him how to neck and do foreplay, but that could wait. She just had to take his stiff cock into her seething pussy hole. She plugged the fat head of his prick into the juicy opening, then let go. Paul was shaking with excitement as he realized that he was about to lose his cherry.

“Go ahead, honey, push,” Roni moaned.

He pushed hard. She moaned in ecstasy as his steel-stiff prick crammed her and butted up against her womb. “Ohhhhh, shit, yessss,” she wailed, creaming all over his deeply-buried boner. “Now fuck me, Paul, fuck me good and hard.”

“I-I’m not sure how to fuck, Roni,” he said.

“Just do what feels best, baby,” she told him. “Move your cock the way you want to.”

That was good advice. Paul just went with his natural horny instincts and started hammering his stiff prick into her good and hard. He fucked her fast, and each deep rough thrust gave her a hit of pleasure that made her squeal and cream. She clung to him and rubbed her clit against his sawing shaft.

“Ooooooo, yeah, unnnhhhhh,” she moaned. “Is it okay, Roni?” he panted. “Am I fucking you all right?”

“Oh, yeah, honey, it’s great,” she gurgled, “just keep doing to me that way, make me come.”

Paul swelled with pride. It was only his first fuck, and already he was driving this gorgeous “older woman” wild with the deep thrusts of his stiff cock. He was fulfilling his deepest and most secret fantasy of himself. Paul didn’t really think of himself as a bookworm. He thought of himself as a stud.

“Awwwwww, shit yeah,” he groaned.

As he hammered his iron-hard cock in the babysitter’s steamy slick cunt, he knew he was where he really belonged. He belonged here, not in a library. He didn’t care if he ever cracked another book. He wanted to die fucking. He wanted to take an advanced degree in sex. Nothing else in the world could be as great as this.

Roni would have agreed with that last thought. Eyes closed, all other sensations blotted out, and she concentrated on the sharp stabs of pleasure she was getting as Paul hammered his rigid teenage cock into her hot and hungry fuck hole. She was so horny, it was going to be a snap to come. But she wasn’t in a hurry.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, Paul, fuck my pussy good and hard,” she wailed.

Paul didn’t want to rush, either, but he was dangerously close to coming. “Ohhhhh, fuck, Roni, I’m gonna shoot my load,” he warned.

“Try to hold off for a couple more seconds,” she urged hoarsely. “I’ll come with you.”

“Right,” he groaned.

He gritted his teeth and hammered his cock into her, out of control. Their bodies slapped loudly together, and his prick made an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the thick cream from her box. Roni arched her body up and rubbed her swollen joy button against his pistoning shaft. The red-hot friction brought her off in no time at all.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, I’m coming, ohhhhhh!” she wailed.

“Awwwwww, fuck, shit, aaaggghhhh!” Paul howled.

Roni gurgled in ecstasy as he pistoned his boiling load into her cunt. Her delicious climax went on and on. Yet even as she began to come down from it, she knew that one orgasm wasn’t going to be enough for her tonight, not nearly enough.

She seemed extra lusty fat some reason. She wanted to go on fucking all night.

Luckily she had a very horny teenage boy at her service. Now that he’d experienced fucking, Paul could hardly wait to try it again. He didn’t roll off her when he finished shooting his load. He just stayed in the saddle and went on pumping his hips till his prick swelled into readiness again. It didn’t take long.

“Can we do it again, please, Roni?” he panted.

“Mmmmmm, I’d love to, Paul,” she cooed, “but let’s do it a different way this time, okay?”

“Whatever you want,” he said adoringly.

He would have done it upside down, in the front yard, or on the moon if she’d asked him to, just as long as he could fuck her again. Now he rolled off her, and she got up and stood by the arm of the couch. She leaned forward, braced her hands on the arm, and spread her legs, sticking her cute little ass out.

“Do it to me from behind, Paul,” she invited huskily.

“Yeah, all right,” he leered.

He hurried around behind her, his stiff cock wagging lewdly. Grasping her slim hips, he socked the fat purple head of his prick between the fur-fringed lips of her pussy slit and into the molten tunnel of her cunt. As his iron-hard cock dug deep, both horny kids groaned in ecstasy, and Roni creamed thickly all over Paul’s prick. He shoved it into her till only his balls were showing.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah,” he moaned, “it’s so fuckin’ hot and nice.”

“Mmmmmm, I love the way your cock feels in me, Paul,” she gurgled. “Fuck me good and hard now, honey. I love it that way.”

“You got it,” he said eagerly.

He started hammering it to her, fucking her hard and fast. He liked this position because he could watch his cock in action, pistoning in and out between her widely stretched cunt lips and forcing out her cream. That really made him feel like the stud of his fantasies. It also helped that Roni was squealing with delight as he fucked her.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, honey, give it to me hard,” she cried, “fuck my brains out, Paul.”

She was congratulating herself for going ahead with the evening as she’d planned it. Even when it looked like Paul was the last kid on earth she could have seduced, she’d given it a try. The results were well worth the effort. The kid could fuck as good as anybody. In fact by the end of the summer he’d be fantastic.

“Harder, baby, really give it to me,” she moaned.

We responded instantly, fucking her so hard that she had to grip the couch arm tight to keep from being knocked over. But his roughness didn’t bother her a bit. She craved it. She needed a long, hard fucking tonight. Somehow the more she fucked, the more she wanted and needed.

“Ohhhhh, honey, yessss,” she moaned, “that’s so fuckin’ good, don’t stop.”

“I won’t, Roni,” he panted. “I’ll fuck you as long as you want, anytime you want.”

That was nice to know, and it was even nicer to realize that she could get the same service from Greg or Willie and maybe even from their dads. She definitely wasn’t going to go horny this summer. In fact, she might have a problem juggling all her lovers, but it was the kind of problem she welcomed.

Paul was fucking her faster and faster, making her slim body shudder with the impact. She could have come at any second, but she greedily prolonged the pleasure and excitement, holding back on her climax. She had a feeling Paul was doing the same thing. The two lusty teens were threatening to fuck each other to death.

“Ooooooo, shit, don’t ever stop,” Roni sobbed, “fuck me forever, Paul, I love it.”

Paul could hardly even talk by then, he was so excited and blissed-out. He’d never expected to lose his virginity as long as he lived, yet here he was not even out of high school and already fucking. He was fucking the sexy babysitter and making her howl and sob with pleasure. It sure beat reading a book.

“Just a little more, honey, I’m gonna come,” Roni whimpered. “Give it to me as hard as you can, cream me.”

Paul gave a lusty growl and went into high gear. Between his panting and groaning, and Roni’s shrill cries of ecstasy, they didn’t hear the car puffing into the driveway and someone entering the house. Roni and Paul weren’t aware of anything at that moment but the ecstasy of coming.

“Unnnhhhh, Paul, you’re doing it to me, I’m coming!” the babysitter wailed.

“Unnnhhh, stilt, take my load, unnggghhh!” Paul roared.

It was almost a minute before they opened their eyes again, a full minute before the delicious spasms stopped shaking their bodies. Then they looked up, blinked, and looked again. Paul’s father, George Preston, was standing not five feet away, watching them.

“Dad,” Paul squeaked, “what are you doing here?”

“I live here, son,” George said dryly. “Do you suppose the three of us can talk?”


Paul gave his father a classic shit-eating grin and staggered backwards, his dripping cock slipping from the babysitter’s come-filled cunt.

“But I don’t understand, Dad,” he said. “You and Mom just left. I thought you were going to a party.”

“Your mother got a headache,” George said. “Now, both of you, sit. We need to talk.”

The kids didn’t know what else to do, so they sat on the couch, and George pulled up a chair and sat facing them. He was just opening his mouth to speak, when Mrs. Preston called out to him from the top of the basement stairs.

“George?” she cried. “Are the kids down there? What’s going on?”

“They’re, uh, playing a game, Gladys,” George called back. “I think I might join them. You just go take care of that headache, all right?”

“All right, dear,” Gladys replied, “I’ll just go on to bed, then.”

They heard the door close, and they all breathed a sigh of relief. “Gee, Dad, thanks a million for not telling Mom on us,” Paul said.

“No point in telling her,” George said. “She’d just get hysterical. But maybe now we can discuss things.”

He sounded very serious and in charge, but Roni noticed that the fly of his pants was bulging a little. She wondered how long he’d spied on them before confronting them. Long enough to get excited, that was for sure. And that meant that instead of scolding them, he’d probably rather get in on the fun.

Roni liked that idea a lot. George Preston was a very attractive guy in his thirties, burly and dark-haired and powerfully muscled. His adult male body turned her on like crazy. He had his shirt open at the neck, and she could see the thick dark hairs of his chest. She wanted to see the rest of him, too.

“You kids are kinda young to be doing something like this,” he was saying.

“Mr. Preston,” Roni put in, “I’m ready for college. That’s not too young. And I can tell you, Paul isn’t too young to fuck, either.”

As she said the word “fuck”, he leaned toward her, his eyes lighting up. “Oh?” he said. “And just who seduced whom?”

“I seduced your son,” Roni admitted without any embarrassment. “I felt he was ready, and I was so horny I could hardly stand it.”

George’s fly swelled up even bigger. “Just how horny are you, Roni?” he asked.

“Very, very horny,” she said, looking him right in the eye. “I don’t know what’s with me tonight, but I just can’t seem to get enough.”

“Well, then, maybe Paul and I can help you out,” George leered. “What do you say, son?”

“Oh, yeah, Dad,” Paul beamed, “that sounds great.”

“I like the idea a lot myself,” George grinned. “We can go into the guest room over there.”

He led the way to the basement bedroom, which had a king-size bed in it. Just as he was about to close the door, however, they heard Mrs. Preston calling again from the top of their stairs.

“George,” she said, “I almost forgot — will you pay the babysitter and take her home?”

“Yes, dear,” George called impatiently. “But Roni’s going to stay a little while, till we finish this, er, Monopoly game. You just go on to bed and relax, okay?”

“All right,” Gladys called. “Good night.”

“Good night,” George called, then added under his breath, “For good, I hope.”

They all went into the guest bedroom, and George quickly took off his clothes. Roni watched in lusty fascination. George was the most virile-looking and powerfully built man she’d encountered yet. She watched breathlessly as he peeled his shorts down over his hardon, and then her eyes got huge. The guy was hung like a horse.

There was an envious sigh from Paul, and then they all climbed onto the bed. “Had a chance to learn much yet, son?” George asked.

“Not really, Dad,” the boy said. “We were just getting started when you showed up.”

“I was going to show him how to turn girls on,” Roni said, “but we didn’t get a chance. I was too greedy, I wanted to fuck him first.”

“I’m sure Paul forgives you for that,” George said dryly. “We’ll continue his lessons now. On your back, honey.”

Roni lay back on a pile of pillows, bent her knees and opened her legs wide. To her delight, George crawled between them and brought his face within an inch of her glistening wet gash. She writhed with anticipation when she felt his hot breath tickling the sensitive flesh of her pussy.

“Son, pay close attention,” George said. “This is how to get a girl really turned on. It’s called pussy eating.”

“Go ahead, Dad, I’m watching,” Paul said eagerly.

The boy knelt as close as he could, and he watched intently as his father prepared to reveal the big secret of how to get girls to fuck. Paul had always been a good student, and he intended to do everything right in this course. He wanted to learn how to seduce girls more than he’d ever wanted to learn English or math.

George stuck out his tongue and started lashing the thick slab of hot wet meat over Roni’s slit. She squealed with delight, got flushed all over, and her pretty face twisted into a horny grimace. Thick hot cream spurted from her little cunt mouth, and George licked it up and gobbled it.

“Oooooo, shit, yesssss,” Roni moaned, “I love it, George, don’t stop.”

Paul watched in wonder. Just a few strokes from his dad’s tongue and the babysitter was going wild with excitement. It was like instant horniness. George lashed his tongue all over the tender pink flesh of Roni’s gash, lathering it with his hot spit. She went completely melting and submissive, loving everything he did to her. This was definitely a skill Paul wanted to learn.

“Dad, can I try it now, please?” he begged.

“Okay, son, just for a second,” George said hoarsely.

His huge cock was stiff as a board, and Roni knew he was horny out of his mind, but he felt he had to make this a learning experience for his son. He moved out of the way, and Paul took his place, going belly down between the sitter’s widely spread legs.

“Unnnnhhhh, yesssss,” Roni gurgled.

Paul was imitating his father, lashing his tongue up and down her hot little slit and gobbling her cream. He wasn’t nearly as skilled at it as George, but it felt damned good. Besides, he seemed to have a natural talent for it and could only improve. Roni clawed the bed and moaned with pleasure.

“Good work, son,” George said hoarsely. “Now I’ll show you how to make her come. See that little thing right there?”

He pointed to Roni’s clit, the small hooded nub of flesh at the top of her pussy. Paul nodded. “Okay, just suck her right there,” George instructed. “That’s where girls like to be licked and sucked best.”

“Got it,” Paul said.

He pressed his mouth to Roni’s pulsating joy button and stared sucking. “Ohhhhhh, God, yeah, ohhhhhh,” she moaned.

It felt great, and she knew she was going to get off like crazy, but there was something else she was looking forward to even more. She couldn’t keep her eyes off George’s enormous rock-hard cock. It was wagging lewdly as he knelt there and supervised his son’s pussy eating. It would be the biggest cock Roni had ever taken, and she could hardly wait to get it into her cunt.

But for a few moments she was carried away with pleasure as Paul sucked her off. He sucked faster and faster, making her hurtle helplessly towards orgasm and she closed her eyes and went with it. The violent climax began in the root of her clit and exploded out to shake her whole body.

“Unnnnhhhhh, yeah, you did it, aaahhhhh!” she howled.

“Good work, Paul,” George said proudly. “Now let your old man have a turn.”

Paul moved out of the way reluctantly. He had yet another hard-on, and he yearned to cram it into the babysitter’s velvety hot cunt and fuck himself silly. Not only that, he was afraid that once she’d fucked his hugely-hung dad, she wouldn’t be interested in a teen-size cock any more.

But he couldn’t argue with his father, and it really was George’s turn. At least Paul told himself, he’d have the delicious memory of having fucked Roni twice, and he could always jack off to that. He moved a few feet away on the huge bed and let his father get it on with the beautiful young sitter.

Roni opened her eyes, her climax over, and saw George kneeling there looking at her like a starving man at a banquet. His cock was absolutely enormous, swelling with blue veins. She didn’t know how she’d get that monster into her tiny cunt, but she could hardly wait to try. George saw her eyeing his stiff-standing cock, and he shivered with excitement.

“Is that what you want, honey?” he asked hoarsely.

“Yeah, George,” she said eagerly, “why don’t you fuck me?”

“Just what I had in mind,” he leered. “Why don’t you come and sit on my cock?”

He stretched out on his back, his gigantic prick looking like a baseball bat rising from his loins. Paul almost groaned. This was it, he thought. Roni would get hooked on his dad’s big boner and would never go back to normal size cocks again. Paul’s fucking career was over. But what could he do? He couldn’t grow a bigger cock just by snapping his fingers.

He watched enviously as Roni straddled his dad’s powerful hairy body and poised the pouting lips of her cunt right over his massive purple cock head. She sat on his prick and started sliding down it slowly and carefully as if she wasn’t sure she could take it. Paul could understand her doubts.

“Oh, my gosh,” she gasped.

“Easy,” George said, “you can do it. Just relax.”

Roni tried to keep her little cunt relaxed and loose as she slowly impaled herself on the massive column of meat. It felt very exciting. That made her cream, and the ride got more slippery and easy. She loved feeling that huge prick completely filling her greedy little box. A girl couldn’t take much more cock than that.

“Ooooo, yessss,” she squealed.

“Yeah,” George leered, “now we’re cooking. Keep going, baby, take it all.”

Thick cream was being reamed from her cunt by his massive prick, and it was streaming down her thighs. Roni really wondered if she could take every inch of his massive boner into her recently virgin box, but she just had to try. She kept sliding down the steel-hard column of meat, while George leered and panted.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, honey, you got it all now,” he groaned.

“Fantastic,” Roni breathed.

She paused to catch her breath and to enjoy the complete cramming of her cunt by his giant cock. His meat was throbbing hard inside her, so engorged it was ready to explode. George was savoring the exquisite tightness of her cunt and thinking how great it was going to be to fuck her.

“George?” Gladys called from the top of the stairs.

“Oh, shit,” George groaned. Then he called back, “What is it, honey?”

“I can’t sleep,” she complained. “I can’t find the sleeping pills, will you come and look for them?”

George looked desperately at his son. “They’re in the spare bathroom,” he said. “Will you please take care of this, son? I really hate to leave right now.”

Paul took pity on him and headed for the door. “Don’t worry, Dad,” he said, “I’ll see that she takes two pills.”

“What a fine kid,” George said. “I wanta thank you, Roni.”

“For what?” she chirped.

“For making a man out of him,” George answered. “He’s gonna be a lot more popular and better adjusted now that he feels confident around girls.”

“Oh, it was nothing,” she said. “Let’s fuck.”

“Right,” he growled.

He held her tiny firm waist and started fucking her, starting off slowly. He didn’t want to rush the experience. He hadn’t been into a tighter cunt since his wedding night, and he’d never met a hornier girl. She squealed with pleasure as he worked his cock in her and soaked his meat with scalding spurts of cream.

“Oooooo, yessss. Fuck meeee,” she cried.

George damned near shot his load just from watching her and listening to her. She squealed and moaned, and her pretty face got all twisted with lust. Her cute high-riding tits wobbled and bounced with the impact of his fucking, and pearly cream overflowed her crammed box and gushed down her thighs.

“Ohhhhh, George, I love it,” she gurgled, “fuck me forever.”

“I just wish I could, honey,” he answered hoarsely, “but I’m damned close to coming.”

Roni regretted that. She wanted to go on riding his big hard boxier all night. She really got off on that massive cock, and she loved the way it reamed her cunt and crammed her full.

She was creaming uncontrollably now, and each deep thrust of his prick gave her hot pleasure.

“Oooooo, shit, unnnhhhhh,” she moaned. George watched his massive boner pistoning up and down between her splayed cunt lips, then glanced up at her lust-contorted face. It was the most exciting fuck he’s had in a long time. Gladys wasn’t frigid or anything, but after being married so long, he was really up for some novelty. The babysitter filled the bill perfectly.

He couldn’t forget how violently aroused he’d gotten when he came home and found the kids fucking. He and Gladys had gone in apposite directions looking for them, and it was just luck that she hadn’t come into the basement instead of him. Then the shit really would have hit the fan.

But it was George who came down the basement stairs, looked into the rec room, and found his bookworm son fucking the babysitter in the doggy position. At first he could hardly believe his eyes. Then he got really aroused, and he moved closer and closer to watch as Paul hammered his stiff young cock into the sitter’s juicy cunt.

He’d never forget how Roni enjoyed that stiff fucking. She was enjoying it again now. The girl loved riding a pistoning cock. Her cunt was hot as fire around his pumping prick, and she was creaming steadily and heavily. George started fucking her faster, and she responded with squeals of pleasure.

“Oh, yeah, honey, fuck my brains out,” she moaned.

On that note Paul walked back into the room and quickly took off his clothes. George saw that the boy had a hard-on and that he was looking longingly at the moaning babysitter. He got up on the bed to watch, and George could tell from his expression that he was eating his heart out with envy.

“Roni,” George said, “let’s let Paul in on the fun. I want you on your hands and knees.”

Roni didn’t know what he was up to, but she was ready to any kinky adventure he had in mind. She hopped off the implement of his cock and went into a crouch. George knelt behind her and slid his thick hard boner back into her boiling little twat, making her gurgle with pleasure.

“Okay, son,” he said, “come and kneel in front of Roni so she can suck your cock.”

“Oh, George,” Roni purred, “what a terrific idea.”

Paul thought it was pretty terrific, too. He hurried to get into place, and then the lusty shitter was sucking his stiff boner into the steamy velvet, of her mouth. She started sucking loudly and greedily on his cock, and he groaned in ecstasy. It was great that he and his dad could share her.

“Everything okay with your mother, Paul?” George asked hoarsely.

“Yeah, Dad, she’s sound asleep,” the boy panted. “Ohhhh, shit, this is great.”

“It sure is,” George sighed, hammering his nearly-bursting cock in the sitter’s greedily nipping box.

Roni agreed it was great, but she couldn’t talk with a mouthful of cock. She just gurgled and moaned and enjoyed. It wasn’t long before she sucked the jizz right out of Paul’s balls and felt his dad’s come sizzling into her womb.

“Unnnhhhhhhh, uummmmmmm!” she moaned, triggered into a body-wracking orgasm.

“Ahhhh, shit, eat my come!” Paul yelled.

“Take it, baby, take my load, aaaggghhhh!” George roared.

Roni loved getting two guys off at the same moment, gulping come and feeling it flood her cunt. This was definitely an experience she wanted to repeat. She wanted to make it with father and son again as soon as she could. But she also wanted to make it again with Greg, Gary, Willie and Millie as soon as possible.

She wanted new babysitting jobs and new adventures, too. She was sure that word would get around that she was excellent with teenagers and got along very well with fathers. She was going to get plenty of jobs and plenty of money for her trip to Europe. And she’d be going away with much more experience than she’d dreamed possible.

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