I love my car – Juices dripped down my shifter onto the boot

The idea of doing this bizarre and kinky act had never crossed my
mind until I met Bob just a month ago. His delightfully perverted,
prodigious mind provoked and aroused me in ways I never knew
existed. He intrigued me and compelled me to step beyond even my
broad, abnormal limits and to expand my thinking to compromise
even more surreal activities. He is committed to helping me become
a perfect slut.

My car has always represented my new freedom. It was the first thing
I purchased following an unsavory divorce and I staunchly made the
payments…keeping it and maintaining it for the past 10 years. My
present husband looks out for the mechanicals, but I lovingly wash it,
clean it and, despite his protests, pay for any and all maintenance.
My little red 1996 Pontiac Sunfire represents my identity….my own
oasis in a world where things are shared….a place where I’m
surrounded by what is entirely my own. A place where I can be me.

I’m not sure how Bob first broached the subject but I remember him
sending me a video. I was immediately captivated by the beautiful girl
and her devilish act. I saved the video and have viewed it many, many
times. At some point early on I remember saying to myself, “I can do
that!” while thinking I WANT and NEED to do that. And so, with Bob’s
help, my planning began.

It took a little doing as winter had just grabbed hold in New England.
One day, though, in spite of the new fallen snow, I took a meaningful
first step. After Ken, my husband, left for work, I poured myself a
generous cup of hot black Dominican coffee and checked my outfit.
I smiled as I reviewed my TOTALLY NUDE 5’3″ frame. My prominent
nipples pointed straight and hard, which always happens when I`m
sexually aroused. Bob had noticed that and had pointed it out after
looking at pictures of me. My clit began to pulse at the contemplation
of what I was about to do. Inside, I began to ache at the thought of
the cold air on my nude body and the wet icy snow prickling my
tender feet. I deliberated only briefly before padding down to my
Pontiac wearing NOTHING, not even shoes. I shivered with the cold
and anticipation, gulping my coffee quickly to try to stay warm as
the engine began to heat up.

Soon I was driving around the back roads of a new development
marveling at winter’s beauty, the cold no longer a factor as the sun
streamed through the windshield and the heater working its magic.
Before long I came to a cul-de-sac where a few new houses were
being erected. The sites were deserted today due to the weather,
but now I could stop the car and enjoy the serenity of being naked
in a foreign place and behold nature’s beauty. I sat there for a long
time before I began testing Bob’s idea.

My Pontiac is a stick shift model. I examined the gearshift knob….its
shape, size and position. I felt its black hardness and slight movement
of the shifter. I caressed the rubber saddle that concealed the long,
thin lever. Each movement made me tingle and I knew that I would do
it. But not today, as Bob`s idea needed one more key element to be

Today I was only accessing my desire and ability. I spread my legs
across the console and moved to my right gently, resting my
asscheeks on the gray plastic that separated the two seats. I tweaked
my already hardened nipples and took one last glance around to be
sure I was alone before sliding forward. My clit made contact with the
hard knob and the shock shook my loins. Quickly I moved forward and
began to rotate, slide and move over the now slick shift knob. I rubbed
it against, over and around my labia sliding down to grind my clit
against it in perfect agony. It took all of my will power to stop from
enveloping its sweet hardness, instead grinding and writhing over it
again and again. It took seemingly only seconds before I erupted in
sweet orgasmic bliss. It was incredible! My clit exploded with pure

The quick ride home was punctuated by the slick feel of the shifter in
my hand. Pleased with myself, I told Bob what I had done and he was
thrilled. I had driven around naked in public with no clothes available
to me and it excited me beyond words. Bob was extremely proud of
me, so we quickly formulated the next phase of my training. The day
was to be Friday, just 3 days from now. I had selected the parking
garage at the train station as the perfect environment for my first real
test. However, it wasn’t meant to be. The weather was brutally cold
on Friday….too cold to be in a sheltered concrete garage. On top of
that, my work schedule changed when some salesmen’s laptops
needing updating. Regrettably my education was put on hold.

Then Fate interceded. Monday proved unseasonably warm and my
dentist called, saying they had a cancellation and could I come in
that afternoon for my routine cleaning. I leapt at the chance, picturing
the train station just a few blocks away. I had already chosen my
outfit, a short green “A” line dress. I would wear nothing underneath
as Bob requested. A bigger surprise awaited me when I arrived at the
dentist’s office.

His office is located at the crossroads of two very busy main two-lane
roads in a small city in northeast Massachusetts. To say it’s in a strip
mall is to be generous. His office occupies a corner of a small group
of eight stores in the complex. The front of the buildings parallel the
intersection and the small parking lot comprises the middle section
between the stores and the highways, thus the store fronts and entire
parking area is visible from the roads. To my delight, the two largest
stores — a former real estate office and a political campaign office —
were abandoned. Instantly my head began to spin as I took the short
walk across the lot to my dentist’s office from the upper corner where
I parked facing the now defunct real estate office.

I noticed my inflamed nipples poking out, begging for release as I lay
back in the chair. I kept my legs separated as Bob requested, my
thighs clearly visible beneath the short hem with the loose skirt falling
demurely between my ivory legs. Underneath the hem, my pussy
practically percolated at the thought of what was to come! I was
literally light headed in anticipation as I hurried from the office. The
sun had warmed the car perfectly as I had hoped but I started it to
warm it further as I re-surveyed the area.

I had parked the car facing the office, the width of two cars and the
sidewalk from the main road. Behind the car were the two lanes for
the entrance and exit from the lot, then one other row for parking and
finally, another sidewalk leading to the other crossroad. A car was
parked to my left but it had been there when I came in so I surmised
it was someone that worked in the few remaining businesses. As I
tore off my shoes, turned and threw them in the backseat, I had a
clear view across the parking lot, and the intersections. Traffic was
picking up in the late afternoon but I figured most drivers would be
concentrating on the stop lights and the other cars; not on some
broad in a little car.

Still, I had to work up the courage. My hand found its way under my
dress and soon I was rubbing my clitoris and fingering my pussy. I
stopped briefly to adjust the seats so they were both equal front to
back. I checked the shifter again. “Yes,” I confirmed. “Fourth gear
was correct.” Reverse pushed it too far to the passenger side and
second too far to the driver side. I released the emergency brake as
that would be in the way. That made me nervous but I confirmed that
the movement of the lever was sufficient and that the car would stay
in gear.

My heart beat loudly as I twisted around in the seat, putting my left
knee on the passenger seat and my right knee on the driver’s side,
now facing rearward with my back to the stores. I lifted my dress only
slightly while I got in position. I stopped when I felt the hard plastic
knob contact my sensitive skin. I was panting hard and forced myself
to control my breathing as I took one last survey of the grounds. “Yes,
I can do this,” I told myself.

The hem of my dress silently rose over my smoothly shaved pussy,
then higher…revealing my abdomen. Then still higher, until my belly
button was uncovered. Using my right arm, just as the girl had done
in the movie, I held up my dress and began to move my damp slit
onto the gear shift knob. In no time, I felt my juices gush negating
the need for lubricant that was in the console as a precaution. As
the knob began to part my lips and spread my vagina open, my
excitement increased dramatically. It was agonizingly slow and I
pushed down hard and felt my vaginal walls subside and the thick
bulge exploded into my cunt causing me to shout out in amazing
delight and surprise. I couldn’t remember being this turned on!

Catching my breath, I looked around. Nothing had changed. I then
began to lower myself on the prominent rigid handle. The feeling was
explosive. The knob did not give but instead pushed its way up my
vaginal walls, causing them to contract in waves at the intrusion. The
knob remained, large round and solid, a ball of dense plastic invading
my cunt. The incredible feeling was heightened by the sights and
sounds of cars stopping and driving around the intersection. A glance
to my left revealed a line of cars stopped at the red light just 30 feet
from me. I began to ride on my haunches faster and faster, feeling the
head go deeper until my cuntlips felt the coarse leather cover. This
further incensed me and I now began to steadily FUCK MY CAR!!!
I felt my lips distend as I rose up and curl back as I sank. Time and
time again I rode my car up and down, the whole time my cunt
exposed to unsuspecting vehicles and passers-by.

“YESSSS!!!” I was screaming silently. “I’M FUCKING MY CAR!! I’M

I twisted a bit, feeling the shift lever move slightly under my weight.
I guided the lever up and down, in and out, around and around. I was
in slut heaven!! Finally, I could take no more. When my left hand
found my clit, I came in thick heavy waves. I fell back, forcing the
intruder even deeper into me, causing me to cum even harder. I
almost passed out from the force of my orgasm. Bob was right….he
had told me I would have the most mind-blowing orgasms ever if I
would follow his instructions. My mouth was dry and my mind was
spinning from the powerful fuck I just experienced.

My dress fell from my hand. I stayed impaled on my beloved car for
a long time as I began to wind down and wonder if anyone had any
idea what I had done. I rocked back and forth, keeping the knob deep
inside my cunt, loving the nasty act I had just performed.

Finally I climbed off. I could tell my cunt was gaping open and a little
sore. Juices dripped down my shifter onto the boot. I remembered
what Bob had said and I twisted down to lap a little of the sweet cunt
nectar from the boot and the lever into my mouth. I smiled wickedly
as I swallowed it.

For the remainder of the ride home, my dress was hiked above my
belly button, tucked neatly behind my seat belt. My shoes stayed in
the back seat. As I drove, I dreamed of doing this again and again and
again. I vowed that soon I would do it completely naked. I touched
myself quietly, thinking of this as my sticky hand shifted gears.

Now when I say, “I love my car,” it takes on an entirely different