Tell me what you want – Anal sex

It had never been a plan, so much as a fantasy he had. John had been
dating Sonya for 3 months. He’d taken her virginity after 3 weeks, and
they had been active ever since. He enjoyed being with her immensely,
enjoyed showing her new things, doing things no one had done to her

They had gone for a nice dinner this particular night. Talk ranged
across all subjects: college life, family, politics. He’d spent a lot
of time admiring her. She always dressed conservatively. A first
generation American, her Korean parents had not raised a wild child.
He had discovered, to his delight, that she was not afraid of trying
new things.

This particular night he’d been planning to walk her back to her dorm.
He held her close, his arm around her shoulder, against the cold.
They were most of the way back when she stepped away from him, then
turned to face him.

He stood a few inches taller, and looked down at her pretty face. Her
shoulder-length black hair framed her beautifully. He was somewhat
surprised — pleasantly, but still surprised — when she placed both
hands on his chest and said, “Take me to your place, Dana is home.”

He smiled. She did, too. There was only one reason she didn’t want to
be around her roommate. John didn’t need to be asked twice.

Within minutes they entered his apartment, going directly to his room.
As he shut the door Sonya removed her long coat, dropping it to the
floor. Before he could say a word she was on him, pulling his mouth to
hers. John held her to him, letting her tongue in.

“I want you. Now, John, I want you.” She was never like this. Clothes
came off, and soon she was lying on his bed. He slid between her
slender thighs, she knew what was coming. She loved it. Originally shy
having him so focused on her, she now relished the feeling. She held
his head as his tongue made contact with her thighs. Sonya raised her
knees, pushed herself towards him.

John had no idea where this had come from, and did not really care. He
licked, teased, sucked her clit. One finger, than two slid into her.
She was wet, hot, tight. God he loved having this girl. His idea —
his fantasy — came to him. As he finger fucked her harder, he slid
one finger on his left hand down to caress her asshole.

She had pushed him away before. Sonya felt him touching her. But she
felt even more the fingers in her, the tongue and mouth on her.
Fingering her ass just added to it; she decided she didn’t care.

John kept his pace with her, but was now paying careful attention. She
didn’t push him away like the times before. He ran the finger up,
wetting it, before sliding it back down. He began to apply slight
pressure. She tensed, he pushed hard with his right hand, into her
pussy. She moaned, pushing into his mouth.

Then she pushed down. The tip of her finger slid in.

“Oh… shit…” His ears perked. She never cussed. Moaned, yelled
even. This was new. Encouraged, he eased his finger into her more. He
felt it pass the inner ring. She moaned deliciously, pushing back
more. His finger was all the way in.

Emboldened, he pulled his face from her. She whimpered, trying to push
him back. She was close. His thumb attacked her clit, making her
shiver. He began to work the finger in her ass in and out, finger
fucking her from both sides. He smiled at her, naked, eyes squeezed
shut, hands out to her sides, grasping the sheets. He returned his
mouth to her. A few more licks and her pussy tightened almost
painfully on his fingers as she came.

He eased up, kissing lightly. She whimpered again when he removed his
hand from her pussy. He slid his finger from her ass. After a moment
she sat up, smiled.


“I can do that.” He rubbed her clit again. Then the surprise.

“Not there. In…” She trailed off. He knew what she wanted to say. He
didn’t know why she was embarrassed; they had fucked and sucked
repeatedly, he had just made her come with a finger in her ass. But
it turned him on even more that she was embarrassed.

“Tell me what you want.”

“In my ass.” Simply stated. He was rock hard, and moved to kneel in
front of her. Sonya raised her knees, hugging them to her chest. From
the porn he’d seen and read, he knew he needed to loosen her up. He
leaned down, sliding a finger into her pussy.

“No, not there…”

“I know, just wait.” And he slid the finger smoothly into her ass. She
let out an rather unladylike grunt. He loved the feel. After a moment
he removed his hand. He repeated the process, this time with two

“Oh fuck John.” He fucked them in and out a few times. Then he came
back up, lined himself to her pussy, and slid in. Hard. They both
moaned. Raised up as she was, he went deep into her. In and out a few
times, he popped back out. Another whimper.

“Ready?” She bit her lip, nodded. A shy gesture, but her eyes
betrayed that notion. He pressed his dick against her ass. He felt he
would cum right then. He didn’t. Slight pressure and…

Nothing happened.

He pressed, harder. Nothing. A bit more, and the tip of his dick
popped in. “OH JESUS” Sonya’s eyes snapped open, and she began
muttering and moaning. He found it unintelligible and amazingly sexy.
He was doing this to her. And he was fucking her ass.

A bit more and he slid in more. Sonya squeezed her muscles, like she
was pushing him out. The connection would have bothered her had she
not been so worked up, but at this point she didn’t care. She had
heard from Dana that this made it easier. She had blushed then. She
was glad she knew it now.

John slid all the way into her. His hands were planted on either side
of her head. He moved his mouth to hers and they kissed deeply. He had
never felt anything so tight, so hot. And the very thought of what
they were doing drove him insane.

As he began to move in and out, Sonya winced. “Slower, slower.” He
slowed, and the delight returned. So damned full, so… dirty,

It did not last. Soon he could hold back no more. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Stay in me.” He did. He yelled when he came, pushing into her,
hurting her a bit, but he was lost.

Afterwards he held her. “What got into you?”

She giggled, blushing again. The shyness had returned, at least a bit.
“You did, silly.”