In the Hold of Swingers

Genie and I were both 18 years old. We’d had several
dates already, and there was plenty of chemistry between
us. But although we both worked, we both still lived with
our parents. We had made out a lot, but hadn’t gone all
the way. We wanted to, but the timing had always been
wrong, and we had no real privacy anywhere.

So I suggested that we drive down to Newport, Rhode
Island for the weekend, and have a look at the America’s
Cup boats. This is back when the races used to take place
down there.

We made a late start, and then had trouble finding a
place to stay. It was amazing we found a hotel at all, it
being America’s Cup week.

I remember it was more than I could afford the time, but
I wasn’t going to lose the weekend over a few dollars,
despite how hard those dollars were to come by at the
wages I earned then.

Genie beamed at me; “Wow. Am I really worth that much?”

She was blond, slim, and 18 years old. Genie had clear
blue eyes and a pleasant personality. I was quite smitten
with her, and at last we had the privacy to do what 18-
year-old couples like to do best. Yes, she was worth it.

It was already 4 PM by the time we’d moved into our room
for the weekend. We sat on the bed and got up to some
very pleasant groping, but Genie wanted to go down to the
seafront to check out the scene before dark.

The race teams and their boats were impressive, and we
walked around the various wharfs and admired them all.
There was absolutely no wind that day, so there was no
racing. That meant all the boats and all the crews were
in port.

Then we walked down a pier where the wealthier spectators
moored their yachts.

Mostly white refrigerator-like vessels, but a few were
really worth seeing. We were standing and admiring one
particularly unique vessel, when the woman sitting on the
deck started to chat with us.

I’d like to tell you about the boat, but it’s so unique
that anyone who knew the vessel would be able to identify
it from the description, and I want to respect the
owner’s privacy. So I’ll tell you about the woman.

Fairly attractive, but not magazine cover material.
Expensively dressed of course, matching pearl necklace
and earrings, impeccable makeup, perfectly styled
shoulder length auburn hair. Her skin was well cared for,
but there was a blemish or two, and the few lines around
her mouth and eyes placed her in the early forties age

Such a contrast from Genie and myself. We both wore blue
jeans and sneakers, and Genie wore no makeup or jewelry
at all.

But despite the fact that we obviously came from opposite
sides of the fiscal divide, Charlene chatted with us as
though we were equals who could have owned our own yacht
moored just down the pier. We were both quite flattered,
even more so when she invited us on board for coffee.

There was no one else aboard, and Genie and I felt like
millionaires ourselves as we relaxed in the deck chairs
and held hands while our wealthy host made coffee for us

Charlene was bright, funny, and very charming. A couple
of hours slipped by while she told us stories of the
boat, and celebrities that she and her husband knew or
had met.

The sun was approaching the horizon, and Charlene asked
us if we wouldn’t stay and have dinner aboard with her
and her husband, Stanley.

Stanley arrived on board while Charlene and Genie were in
the galley, chatting away like old friends and working
together on the meal.

We shook hands introduced ourselves. It made me feel like
a real man, greeting this wealthy fellow aboard his own
boat as if I were his equal. Well, this was America after

It was all very seductive, and I was very proud of Genie
that despite her lack of makeup and jewelry, her simple
haircut and simple clothes, she seemed to just fit right
in with these wealthy people. I remember feeling a kind
of warm euphoria about it all. This fine fleeting
fantasy; moving amongst the rich and famous. Okay, they
weren’t famous, but they were rich.

Stanley was as pleasant and personable as his wife. He
was about half a head taller than me, lean and tanned. I
guess he was nearer 50 than 40, judging by his gray hair,
but he was very vibrant and energetic. I have to admit

It was dark by the time we had finished our meal, sitting
on the generous deck in the warm summer evening.

Genie asked to use the toilet.

“It’s down the companionway to the left. Come on, I’ll
show you.” Said Stanley, and he led her below.

Their heads had barely disappeared into the cabin, when I
felt Charlene’s hand on my leg.

Charlene was an attractive woman, especially to a poor
working lad like myself. I was very flattered, and it
seemed quite harmless, just a little harmless flirtation
while no one was looking. It just added to the general
seductiveness of it all. I was in no hurry, but I very
much looked forward to getting Genie back to the hotel,
where we could be alone at last.

Charlene was telling me an unlikely story of a one legged
man she knew who had seduced Goldie Hawn. It was quite
titillating, and by the time she had finished it I
realized that Genie hadn’t come back. And neither had
Stanley. And Charlene’s hand had found its way under my
T-shirt, and in the privacy afforded by the dark night,
was tracing across my belly. The flirtation had become a
little less harmless.

Alarmed, I stood up suddenly.

“Where’s Stan and Genie gotten to?” I asked.

I felt Charlene’s hand grip mine, and she stood up in
front of me, between me and the cabin door.

“Oh, Michael.” She said quietly, “Don’t be too upset.
Stanley has this way with women.”

Charlene’s hands were on my hips; her body was nearly
touching mine. Her wealthy but middle-aged lips were only
an inch from my young but poor ones. Her breath was on my
face, her perfume in my nostrils.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Let them have their fun.” She continued, “It’s not such
a big thing, really.”

“What you mean, Charlene? What’s going on?”

“You’re such a sweet boy, Michael. Young girls like Genie
are always falling for Stanley. Don’t feel bad about it.”

And her lips closed the small gap, and her tongue invaded
the innocent temple of my mouth. Her body was soft and
luxurious against mine, her scent was intoxicating.

I couldn’t believe that Genie could really be making out
with Stanley down below us somewhere. She had the hots
for me, that was why she had come here with me.

But it was wonderfully wicked to hold the rich man’s wife
in my arms, to arouse her passions, to crush her full
breasts against my chest, to run my hands over her
pampered behind. But I kept one eye on the cabin door,
expecting Genie to come up again at any moment, and I was
prepared to release the older woman, and get back into my
chair, before Genie’s [or Stanley’s] eyes would be able
to re-adjust to the darkness on deck.

But the minutes slipped by, and I suppose it was a case
of one in the hand is better than two in the bush. Or if
you like, a bush in the hand is better than a bush in
someone else’s hand. Oh, never mind.

Without much in the way of conscious thought, my hands
roamed over her silk blouse, up to the soft smooth skin
of her neck.

Charlene sat me down on a bench, and we kissed and groped
each other in the near darkness, just as I had done with
Genie so recently.

I cupped Charlene’s breasts in my hands through her
clothing, lifting them and feeling their weight.

Charlene squeezed my cock through my jeans, testing my
youthful erection.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable with all of this, I had no
way of knowing what was going on down below. Genie was my
girl; I had brought her down here for this weekend. I
felt responsible for her; I had to know that she was all

Charlene must have felt me stiffen, and noticed my sudden
shift of attention. She was a very perceptive woman.

“Let’s go below, Michael. There’s a spare cabin.” She
suggested seductively.

That seemed like a good idea. Genie was down there
somewhere, and my cock was like a steel rod. I had
hormones pumping through my brain at very poisonous
levels, adding to the intoxicating effects of the wine
we’d all had with the meal. Below seemed like the correct

Charlene led me below, and then to the right through a
narrow doorway, into a small cabin with a bunk. She
wasted no time getting her arms around my body again,
once more slipping her hands under my T-shirt and
engulfing my mouth with her’s, engulfing me with her
desire. Her desire to have my youth for her pleasure.

But Charlene and Stanley had only just got delivery of
this vessel. There was something that they didn’t know
yet; that the wall between the two cabins was as thin as
paper. It had been very quiet while we kissed, still
standing in the small space between the bed and the door.
But suddenly, we heard Stanley speaking.

“You’ve got gorgeous breasts, Genie.”

We heard Genie giggle.

“So firm and tight. Let’s let them lose, shall we?”

“Do you think it’s all right Stanley? What about Michael
and Charlene?

They’ll be missing us.”

“Don’t worry about them. Charlene will see to it that
we’re left alone. She knows whose captain of this boat.”

“Really? She doesn’t mind?” Said Genie.

Charlene surrendered my mouth for a moment, and beamed at
me. She put her finger to her lips. She was obviously
excited at being able to eavesdrop on her husband and my

“Charlene knows that I want what I want, and I mostly get
what I want. What I want right now is you, Genie, and the
only one who can deny me is you. Would you deny me this,
Genie? Should we get dressed and go above?”

There was silence for a minute, so I assume that their
mouths were busy doing something other than talking.

“Are you shocked?” Charlene whispered in my ear.

“Yes.” I whispered back.

“Sit on the bed Genie, and let’s get the rest of your
clothes off. That’s a good girl.” Stanley said.

I might have missed a bit while Charlene pulled my T-
shirt over my head.

“What about you Stanley?” Asked Genie, quietly.

“Why, you can be a naughty little girl, Genie! Here, is
this what you wanted to see?”

I didn’t hear an answer from Genie.

Charlene’s body was shaking with laughter in my arms, and
her face was turning a bit pink, but she made no sound.
Her hands on my naked back and arms felt pleasant. The
contrasting wonderful feeling of Charlene’s attentions to
me, and the dreadful feeling of Stanley’s attentions to
Genie, were pulling me in opposite directions. I couldn’t
tell how much my disorientation was due to that, and how
much was due to the heave of the boat in the light swell.

Charlene’s tongue continued its exploration of my oral
cavity, and her soft hands had pushed under my waistband
to fondle my ass.

“Go on, Genie.” Stanley said, “Touch it. Hold it in your
hand. That’s it.

Wow, that feels really nice. Does it excite you, holding
it for me?”

“Yes, Stanley.”

I really was shocked. Even as I surrendered myself to
Stanley’s wife, I didn’t understand how Genie could have
surrendered herself to Stanley, especially like she did,
knowing [thinking] I was expecting her above deck.

“Kiss it, Genie. I want you to kiss it for me. Don’t
worry, it won’t bite you. Go on. That’s a good girl. Now
open your mouth. A little more. Ah, that’s it, good. I
like that Genie, I really do. What pretty eyes you have.”

My belt had become unbuckled, and my jeans were sliding
down over my ass, taking my underwear with them. Cool
hands, experienced hands, eased the burning of my young
genitals with their touch.

“I’ve never done that before.” I heard Genie say.

“Really? Charlene always sucks my cock for me. It lets a
guy know you want to please him. Do you want to please
me, Genie?”

“Yes please.” My girlfriend answered, quietly.

I know it’s all passe these days, but back in the ’80s,
girls didn’t usually give head and swallow come as soon
as they grew tits, like they do now. My cock had only
briefly touched the lips of a girl before. A light peck
on the pecker, and that was it. I couldn’t help but be
impressed at how smoothly old Stanley had apparently
managed to get his penis into Genie’s pretty mouth.

“That feels really nice, Genie. Really nice. Take it a
little deeper in. Yes, that’s it. Now take my balls in
your other hand. You’re a good girl, Genie. Oh, yes,
that’s it! good girl, Genie!”

And then, as I numbly sat on the bed, Charlene
reciprocated, lowering her rich mouth over my poor cock.

As my dick slid between her lovely lips, I surrendered
all resistance. There was no use fighting it, she had me.
Stanley had Genie. There was no stopping it, I knew it
now. There was nothing to do but enjoy the ride.

“Do you like it now, how my dick feels in your mouth?”
Stanley asked Genie.

“Yes, Stanley. It’s nice.”

“Do you like the taste?”

“It doesn’t really have much taste. It has a nice texture
though. It feels nice.

I like the smell.”

“That’s good, you’re a fine girl, Genie. I find you very
beautiful. I want to please you, too.” He replied. “Open
your legs now, Genie. All the way. Don’t be shy now;
you’ll like it, I promise.”

Soon Genie was giggling again; “It tickles!” she said.

“But it’s nice, isn’t it?” said Stanley.

“Yes.” Said Genie.

“You’ve got the most gorgeous ass, Genie.” I heard
Stanley say. “And I love the way you taste, you taste so
nice and fresh.”

I’ve learned since then that just as clothes don’t have
to be revealing to be sexy, a person doesn’t have to be
young to be sexy, either. Charlene had a certain animal
magnetism that I couldn’t resist. And I suppose Stanley
was the same way to Genie.

I was 18 years old, and my first blowjob didn’t take
long. Charlene’s fingers across my balls and ass, her
tongue swirling around my dick; it’s still a happy

She stopped as I started to come. She held her mouth
still, and held my balls in her palm as I powerfully shot
my load.

I had been lying on my back on the bunk, and she had been
on her knees between my legs, still mostly dressed.

“I’ll be right back.” She whispered in my ear, and
slipped out the door.

She was gone for about five minutes I suppose. I became
aware of the voices from the next cabin again.

“I want to put it in you now Genie. Do you want me to do

“Yes please.”

“Are you afraid, Genie? Just a little?”


“That’s ok, Genie, it’s perfectly normal. Here, I’ll just
rub it against you. Is this nice?”


“Now I want you to relax. Just lie back, and relax
completely. That’s it, good girl.

There was a short silence.

“I’m just going to push it in a short way, alright?”
continued Stanley.


“Oh Genie! This does feel good! Do you like it?”

“Yes! I like it, Stanley, It’s nice.”

“You’re such a sweet girl, Genie. I want to push it
farther in. is that ok?”

“Ok. Yes, it’s ok.”

“You have to relax, Genie, and let me in. I don’t want to
force it. Ah, that’s good! It feels so good to have my
cock in you, Genie. You’re so lovely. Does it feel good
to you, Genie? Do you like it?”

“Yes, Stanley. It feels good, I like it.”

I heard an unmistakable rhythmic slapping as Stanley
began fucking my girl.

“How does this feel, Genie?”

“Mmm good.”

“It’s not too hard, is it?”

“No, it’s good.”

“How good?”

“Very good, Stanley. Very good.” Genie replied

I felt very alone at that moment, and very betrayed. And
yet, horny. I was starting to wonder what had happened to
Charlene. I was wondering if she had just left me there.
For all I knew, she was in there with Stanley and Genie.

The rhythm continued.

“Oh Stanley. Stanley! Oh Stanley.” Cried Genie, and I
wondered if she’d just come. It sounded like it.

After a minute or so I heard Stanley say, “Let’s try it
another way, Genie. Turn over. That’s it; now lift up on
your knees. That’s the way. You’re so gracious, the way
you do as I ask. I like that in a girl. How’s this?”

“It’s ok. I liked it better before though, to be honest,

“You’re a fine girl Genie.” Said Stanley. “Let’s try
something else, then. Move over a little. now you get on
top. Yes, yes, that’s it. Oh, Genie, you’re so young and

It was still going on when Charlene slipped back inside
with me, to my relief. Undressing herself in the dim
light from the side lamp, she slid her naked body over
mine and onto the bunk.

As she pushed her tongue between my lips again, it was
clear that she had rinsed my come from her mouth.

Her middle-aged breasts hung slightly low. But she had
taken good care of them during her life, and they still
had shape. Her hips were narrow, although she had nowhere
near the figure of the 18-year-old girl that her husband
was screwing next-door. Her perfectly groomed hair had a
certain attraction, even if I wouldn’t have willingly
traded it for Genie’s simple straw blond head.

I never figured out how Stanley had managed to seduce
Genie so quickly and completely. It had taken me several
dates to get Genie to where she had been [apparently]
prepared to be my lover. Stanley had her so hot for him
within a couple of hours, that she was willing to dump me
without a thought just so she could screw him one time. I
guess she wasn’t as attracted to me as I had thought.

But I was 18 years old, and Charlene’s charms had my dick
hard again in short order.

I found it curious myself how she could turn me on like
that. Enough to overcome my distress about the goings on
next door, enough so that I didn’t care about her age.

The smell of her perfume was rich, like she was. Her skin
was so smooth.

I kissed her nipples, and brushed her belly with my lips,
and she spread her legs to let my face reach her sex.

“Do you like this position, Genie?” we heard Stanley

“I liked it best the first way, Stanley. I like it when
you hold me down, like I wouldn’t be able to get away.”

“You’re first rate, Genie. I think it’s best like that as

Charlene was quiet as I inexpertly licked her, while we
listened first to the thumping as Stanley and Genie
rolled over, and then to Genie’s cries of passion as the
rhythmic slapping resumed in the next room; “Yes Stanley,
yes! Like that!” She cried.

They were soon joined by our rhythm. We kept completely
quiet, though, as we knew about the wall.

Charlene came; she came again. It’s always good, when a
woman comes in your arms. If only the same thing wasn’t
happening in the next cabin.

We rolled over, so Charlene was on top. I toyed with her
breasts as she rocked back and forth on my stiff young

Her hair swayed back and forth with her motion, but never
lost its dignity. Her pearl necklace swung back and forth
just above my chest. The large diamond of her wedding
ring glinted in the dim light.

“Are you going to come, Genie?” we heard Stanley ask.

“Yes, Stanley! Don’t stop.” replied Genie, following her
words with an indescribable guttural moan.

Intellectually, I don’t think it’s possible to really
explain why I should’ve been so upset. I was doing the
same thing as Genie; I had also been seduced by a
charismatic person old enough to be my own parent.

I came again myself, shamelessly injecting my sperm into
this woman I’d known for only a few hours. Our fingers
were laced together, and she smiled down at me, letting
me know that she was happy to accept my gift.

We dozed, as I stroked Charlene’s back and ass as she lay
on top of me, playing with my hair.

I could hear Stanley next-door, talking softly to Genie;
“How do you feel, Genie?”

“Wonderful, Stanley.”

“That’s good. You’re not feeling any regret, then?”

“Oh no, not at all. That was absolutely amazing, I
wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”

“I won’t ever forget you, Genie. You’re a very special

The sudden opening of the cabin door woke me. Genie stood
there, staring opened mouthed at her lover’s wife and I
in our naked embrace. Genie was cleaned and dressed,
right down to her sneakers; her straw blond hair was
brushed and tied back as it had been earlier in the
evening. Somehow, the fact that she had gotten dressed
first negated the fact that she had been the first one to
betray our young innocence.

“Michael!” She exclaimed with some distress in her young
voice, “How could you?”

It seems pretty funny now, after all these years. But at
the time, it wasn’t funny at all.

I can’t remember a word being spoken as I dressed, and
took Genie back to the hotel. We never touched each other
again. We slept in the double bed together, but never
touched. The following day, we drove back up to Boston. I
ran into her once or twice, but whatever we had had, we
had no more.