Lactation at the gloryhole

A low-slung black dress, which fit tight in the waist,
very much slimmed down in the period since the birth.
Some matching black silk panties and stockings attached
to a black garter belt, and topped off with matching
color 4 inch heels. The final touch was a sheer black
bra, under her dress, which helped support her more full
breasts, now about a 36 C. She did her hair, a golden
color, and her makeup around her blue eyes with care. At
the conclusion, she admired herself in the mirror, a
picture of beauty, of sex.

As she watched herself spin in the mirror, she felt that
familiar tingle between her legs. Running her hands over
her breasts she began to wonder how much time she had
before her husband got home from work. She sat down on
the end of the bed, hiking up the hem of her dress, and
rubbing the front of her panties, feeling the dampening
of her pussy begin. Not caring if her husband would be
home soon, she began to slowly move a few fingers under
the side of her silk panties, running them through the
blond hair above her vagina.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned, lying back on the bed, and
spreading her legs oh so slowly. Her other hand moved to
the neckline of her dress, drawing it down over a
breast. The only thing restraining the breast was the
sheer fabric of the bra, through which her darker
nipples clearly showed against her milky skin. Her lower
hand had now moved the silk panties completely to the
side, exposing the outer lips of her vagina. She began
to rub her clitoris lightly, feeling the warmth of
pleasure spread through her body.

Her other hand began to wander, caressing her stomach,
running through her hair, lightly squeezing her breasts.
She began to moan louder as she pushed two, then three
fingers into her cunt. The rate of her masturbation
began to speed up. Slowly she could feel the heat swell
between her legs, burning her up, as she leaned back
fully onto the bed.

Her hand had now completely pushed her panties away,
exposing her blond, well-trimmed bush to the early
evening air. As her excitement grew, she pulled her
dress completely off, lying with only her stockings,
garter, and shoes on, naked breasts feeling warm in the
cool air.

“How I wish he were here,” she thought to herself as she
moved faster and faster toward orgasm. Just then, her
breasts began to leak slowly, the sweet cream of her
milk dripping slowly down the sides of her breasts, some
collecting on her stomach, some falling into the bed
sheets. Her hand was moving quickly now, trying to reach
the warmth of orgasm. She closed her eyes, and began to
squeeze milk from her left breast with her free hand.

It squirted upwards about one foot before falling back
down and coating her body in the sugary tasting liquid.
As she bathed in her own milk, her orgasm hit,
shattering her mind with ecstasy while she moaned
uncontrollably, writhing on the bed.

The orgasm remained for a number of minutes, prolonged
by the hand on her clitoris, and the shower of white
milk coming down around her. When she finally regained
her senses, she sat up slowly, thinking about the real
world again.

“Damnit, now I have to wash the sheets again,” she
thought, “and I’ll have to pump because my milk is just
flowing now.” She thought about the baby at her parent’s
house, wondering if by some strange connection, that he
was hungry for her milk again. She knew her husband
would be…


When his car finally pulled into the driveway after 6
pm, she had changed clothes into a white mini with a
halter top to show off her well-endowed gifts full of
mother’s nectar. Some white stiletto heels and white
stockings rounded things out. She removed her panties
for the evening some time ago, and was now ready to go
out with her man to dinner and God knows what else.

The door shut with a loud bang, as she heard her husband
going into the kitchen on the first floor, most likely
looking for a beer or something. She heard the
refrigerator door close just as she was coming down the

“Hi honey, how was your day?” she asked.

“Terrible, I lost the Fitco contract to our competition,
someone hit my car in the parking lot, and I don’t
really feel like casserole tonight. Where’s Justin?” he
asked quizzically.

“With my folks, sweetheart.” She bit her lip slightly,
pondering whether or not to ask if their date was still

“We still going out?” he said, thinking warmly about a
date with his wife. “I have a special place I’m thinking
of” he said with a coy smile.

“Where to, my dear?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing special” he responded with a smile. “I like
your outfit,” and with that he took his wife into his
arms and gave her a welcome home from work kiss, worthy
of the outfit she was wearing. “You look like such the
little whore, my dear.”

“Do I then?” she asked with a slight smile. “Does that
mean that you are going to fuck me?”

“You bet your ass I am.” He replied.

“Well, then let’s get going,” and out the door they
went, him in his shirt and tie, her in the mini and
halter top.

As the car started up, her reached over and put a hand
in her lap which she steered towards her aching sex, now
very moist at the thought of going out in public to show
off. As his hands started to play with her vagina, some
small moaning sounds escaped her mouth.

“Ohhh, right there, right there. That feels great.”

They were on the interstate now, heading into town with
her skirt hiked up and three of his fingers inside her
pussy, working in and out slowly. She reclined the
passenger seat down in their Jeep, so he could have
unlimited access to her cunt. The smell of sex began to
spread throughout the Grand Cherokee, and the windows
began to steam up, an uncommon occurrence in late summer

“Why don’t you get out your toy?” he asked, and she lit
up with a smile.

“You brought it?” she said in surprise.

“Check the glove box” he said which she then opened and
pulled out a 7 inch long, thin dildo with a slight
upward curve at the end.

“Ohhh, baby, you must have something special planned if
you brought my toy along” she said deviously.

“You bet I do” he said, as she went to work plunging the
dildo in and out of her cunt until she erupted in
orgasm, moaning loudly and going tense as it hit.

“You have to stop doing that, dear” he said, “you are
giving me a boner that won’t quit.”

“Am I?” she asked feigning surprise. “Well then we
should take care of it shouldn’t we?.” She reached over
and unzipped his slacks, taking his hard cock out of the
restraints of his pants. She leaned over and began to
give her husband a blowjob, not caring who saw or what
may happen if they get caught.

Up and down she went, using her mouth as a great vacuum
to suck on his hard-on. “Ohhh” it was his turn to moan,
as he felt the sperm boiling in his balls, aching to be
released. She could tell he wouldn’t last long, and
increased her pace, trying to keep his eyes fixed to
hers as long as he could still drive safely. He began to
tense and she knew it was time.

“Oh God, here it comes” he yelled, disintegrating into
animal moans as shot after shot of thick sperm began
spewing into her mouth, down her throat and into her
tummy. She continued sucking, trying to catch every last
bit, not wanting to waste any.

Thinking after a minute that he was done, she pulled
away, only to have a jet of sperm shoot the length of
her face, hanging off of her hair and nose. She gathered
up what she could with a finger and licked it off, what
she couldn’t get, she let dry on her face, hoping it
would be a sign to other males that she was owned by


They arrived shortly thereafter at the local adult
bookstore, parking around back to remain inconspicuous.
He popped the trunk, pulling out a small paring knife
and a few five dollar bills.

“What are we doing here?” she asked giggling like a

“We are going to try something new, you know `expanding
our horizons’ and such” he said. “Let’s go have a look”
and with that, they entered the bookstore, walking down
a line of videos on each side. In the back of the store
was a row of video booths, ten in all, by the cash
register which was manned by what looked like a charter
member of the local biker gang.

“Neat place. You come here often?” she said to him,
holding his hand as they looked at some videos.

“I am here often, and I do cum here, so I guess that I
would have to answer that question in the affirmative,”
he said, his turn to be coy. Turning away to the
register, he said to her “wait here for a sec,” and went
to get change.

Returning in a minute, her grabbed her hand and led her
towards the booths, receiving knowing looks from the man
at the register. They walked down the short hall,
flanked by booths on each side.

“You go into number three, I’ll be in number four, the
one next door” he said to her.

“why can’t we go into the same one?” she asked.

“Because, that’s part of the evenings activities dear,
be a good sport” he smiled. “See you soon. Oh I almost
forgot, here is ten dollars in quarters, use one quarter
for each four minute span that you want the video on the
screen to keep running. If you need more money, tap on
the wall, and I’ll get you some more.”

“Okay” she said, feeling her pussy get very moist as she
entered the booth and closed the door behind her,
settling in facing the video screen which read “place
coin in slot to begin videos.” She did as she was told,
placing some quarters into the video booth wall. As she
was choosing what channel to watch, she heard the booth
door on the left side open and close next to her.

Where could he be going, she wondered to herself as she
watched her husband’s shoes go down the hall between
video booths. “Must be important” she thought,
dismissing it and returning her attention to the video
screen in front of her.

The sound of footsteps returned down the hall a few
minutes later, and she noticed the familiar shoes of her
man returning to the booth next door. She began to feel
the ache in her breasts as she was getting more excited
and her milk was filling in.

She began to caress her breasts, hoping that the motion
would soothe them, but she just became more excited,
watching two women on the screen locked in a passionate
sixty-nine. The one on top, the redhead was very
beautiful, with green eyes and a great figure. Her
partner was a blonde with light blue eyes and a milky
white complexion. They were licking each other
sensually, moaning in delight and giggling like two

She flipped through the different channels, finally
landing on a scene between a girl and two guys. Getting
hotter, she slipped her hands down and hiked up her
miniskirt, exposing her flesh to the air and her
buttocks to the vinyl bench in the video booth. She
began to explore her sex, touching slowly at first,
rubbing the emerging bud of her clitoris. On the screen
the two men were using the woman like a fuck doll, one
in her mouth, one in her pussy.

“God wouldn’t that feel good,” she caught herself
thinking. “Two men devoted just to you and your own
pleasure, mmmmm,” and with that thought, proceeded to
slip three fingers of her other hand into her pussy
working faster and faster. Just then the scene on the
video got interesting.

The man in her mouth had cum on her face, and just as
the other guy was about to cum, he moved forward and the
first man began to suck on his dick, trading time with
the cum covered girl trying to coax a second load out
onto her face. The two of them took turns licking and
sucking that cock, worshipping it like a crystal statue.
Just then the guy being sucked began to tense and shoot
his cum, splashing onto the face of both of his
cocksuckers, male and female.

“Wow, you don’t see that every day,” she thought to
herself, pushing harder and faster over her clit. She
was close now, wanting to feel that all too familiar
warmth or orgasm.

“Unnnnhhhhh,” she moaned as she began to come, flooding
her hand with juice, and provoking her breasts to start
producing milk.

“Damnit,” she thought as she felt the milk begin to flow
along with her still spasming pussy. “I forgot the pump,
what am I going to do?”

Just then, she leaned over to tap the wall of the next
booth for her husband, when she noticed a hole in the
wall about three feet high. “So that’s what he wanted
the knife for,” she thought to herself.


“Honey are you there?” she whispered through the hole,
trying to peer into the darkness of the next booth.

“Honey?” she tapped a little harder. Just then, her
husband opened the door to her booth, smiling.

“what can I do for you, sweetie?” he asked.

“My milk is coming in, and I forgot the pump, what
should we do?”

“Why not this…” he said as he untied her halter top
and let her breasts swing free, already noticing the
shine from her self-lubricating tits.

“But, what does that…” she trailed off as he lowered
himself down on one knee and started to suck on her
right nipple, extracting milk right away. He went to
town on her breast, careful not to bite with his teeth,
lest he lose the right to taste her sweet honey.

“Mmmmm, that feels good” she moaned as she leaned back.
It was just then that she noticed a flickering light in
the next booth over, now occupied by someone other than
her husband. She tapped lightly on the wall and was
taken aback as a semi-hard penis pushed through the hole
into their booth. With her husband busy sucking away,
she leaned over and took the stranger’s cock into her
mouth, licking and sucking on it slowly. Her pussy was
gushing now with fluid, as she guided her husband’s hand
to it and he began to finger fuck her.

Her senses were becoming overloaded as she breathed in
the odor of the cock she was sucking, felt her husband
licking and mauling her breasts, and his hand deep in
her pussy. She began to come hard, feeling the warmth
well up from deep inside her. Rolling over her in waves,
one after another, she could barely keep concentrating
enough to keep the strangers cock in her mouth.

Just as she came down off her high and started sucking
in earnest again, the stranger came, coating her throat
in cum, erupting into her mouth so much that some small
strands leaked out of the corner of her mouth and onto
her chin. She kept swallowing and swallowing, wondering
to herself, how much more cum this guy could have.
Finally the oral assault subsided, and just as quickly
as the cock came through the wall, it was gone.

Her husband, who witnessed the whole event up close, was
still attached to her breast like a newborn. Sucking
harder and harder, and pumping his fingers faster and
faster, and before she knew it, she was cumming again.

“OH GOD!” she moaned loudly, writhing in ecstasy as she
had another long, languid orgasm. Her miniskirt was in a
bunch around her waist now, her halter top on the floor,
her stockings showing pale yellow and cream colored
stains from where some combination of milk, and/or cum
landed on them. She was a picture of pure sex. And the
video store trip wasn’t over yet.


Apparently someone else had found out that there was
some action in the booth because another cock began to
protrude from the hole while her husband was still
sucking on her breast. This dick was long and thin, kind
of an off white color, smelling almost of a perfume or
cologne. She leaned over to take it into her mouth and
was jostled by her husband getting up from nursing on
her swollen breasts.

“You sure are quite the cocksucker tonight” he said,
looking playfully at her.

“Well, when in Rome…” she returned, realizing how
turned on she had been for how long.

“Do you need some help?” her husband asked, an eager
look on his face.

“Really?” she said, jacking the strangers cock in one
hand, looking quizzically at her husband.

“Sure, I’d like to be taught by a master cocksucker,” he
said and got down on his knees beside her as she began
to take the stranger’s dick into her mouth. He watched
carefully as she used her tongue to lick the underside,
and to caress the cock while it was in her mouth. She
moved back and forth, cheeks becoming hollow as she used
suction to stimulate the stranger’s dick.

“Your turn,” she said, pointing the male member at her
husband. He lowered his lips to the cock, taking it
gently into his mouth, getting pleasure from the filled
up feeling in his mouth. As he bobbed back and forth,
she reached around and pulled his pants down, reaching
for her husband’s cock.

“I bet you’d like me to suck you off while you are doing
this, wouldn’t you?” she asked him devilishly.

“Mmmmm, Mmmmmm,” he nodded his head slightly, mouth full
of cock. She lowered herself down onto her back, and had
him straddle her face on the floor of the video booth.
He began to thrust in time with the stranger’s cock in
his mouth, which began to push faster and faster, using
his mouth like a woman’s cunt. He started to get into it
more, moaning and getting anxious to receive his first
load of cum.

She was on the floor sucking for all she was worth,
wanting to time his orgasm and the strangers’ close
together. He was thrusting faster as the stranger’s cock
began to come, spewing thick white sperm all over his
mouth. He tried to swallow all he could, working his
throat overtime to catch it all. Just as the salty white
stuff was sliding into his stomach, he erupted into his
wife’s mouth, giving her the daily dosage she needed
from his cock.

He gingerly licked the stranger’s cock clean, and it was
gone, disappearing through the hole back into anonymity.
He got up and helped his wife up as she pulled her
clothes back into place and re-tied her halter top. They
both noticed the plain blue screen on the video monitor,
their money having run out a long time before. She
leaned back and smiled, then looked over and kissed her
husband, who returned the favor, tasting of another
man’s cum. She grabbed his hand and they left the
bookstore, thankful for the hot tub back at home.