Incest Girl

The incidence of amorality in our society today seems to be increasing in proportion to the growth of our cities, the centralization of power and the ever-growing mobility of the population.

We see examples all around us — Watergate, the ITT scandal. People who outwardly appear respectable and imbued with high moral standards, but who secretly violate them, their only concern being what they personally want.

INCEST GIRL contains another example. Alan Madden is a man looked up to by many of his peers. Independently wealthy, he is the head of his own firm and a well-respected figure in his community. Yet behind the scenes he is a man possessed of passions that run counter to every dictate of society. He is a man who corrupts his own daughter, dragging her down with him in a cesspool of perversity and debauched desires.

INCEST GIRL — the story of a man who leads his own daughter down the path of illicit lust. A tale providing an insight into some of the darker sides of human nature.


The insistent ringing of the phone pounded into Alan Madden’s skull like a jackhammer. He reached for it, removing it from the hook, and set it on the nightstand. Sleepily, he fumbled for his cigarettes and lighter. Flicking the wheel, he glanced at his watch. It was a quarter past six.

Goddamn it! he thought. Who the fucking hell could be dumb enough to call a man at this ungodly hour of the morning?

He sucked on the cigarette, pulling the smoke deep into his lungs while regarding the phone, debating with himself whether he should find out who was on the other end of the line and what they wanted. Again he drew on the cigarette before mashing it out in an ironwood ashtray and picking up the receiver.

“Hello!” he barked into the mouthpiece, leaving no doubt that he was displeased over being disturbed this early in the morning. “Do you know what time it is? It’s five o’clock in the fucking morning!”

“Stop exaggerating, Dad!” she scolded him with a tingling laugh. “It’s after six and you know it. Did I wake you?” She laughed again and added, “Even if I did, you don’t have to be so grouchy, Dad.”

When he heard the familiar voice, a warm glow spread throughout his stomach, as if he had just tossed off a double shot of excellent, imported Scotch. “No,” he lied, his tone soft. “I was awake, baby.” Even if he wanted to, Alan could not have prevented the tingling feeling from bubbling in his nuts at the mere sound of her sexy, sultry voice.

She laughed, aware of the effect she always had on her darling father. “I love you, Dad,” she whispered, evoking memories of the many wonderful times the two of them had fucked each other to the point of exhaustion. She never failed to fill him with an urgent, burning desire since that first time he had dared screw her, making her his lover and a woman. But a woman only in the sense that she was to learn every aspect of sex. Alan had unknowingly instilled in his daughter the burning demand for sexual satisfaction which equaled and, more often than not, surpassed his own.

“Are you still in bed?” she asked, and there was a different quality in her voice than there had been a moment before. It was a soft purr, almost a tangible caress deep in his groin.

“Uh-huh,” he answered, then teased her with: “But I’m about to get up and go to the office. I’ve got some things I’ve been neglecting and I must get them done before the staff arrives. Why?” He knew precisely why she’d asked, and was pleased that she had.

“Kirk left for work a few minutes ago,” she explained, as if he wasn’t well-aware of what time her husband departed each morning. “May I come over?” An astute ear would have detected the slight pleading quality projected even through the phone.

“Welllll,” he drew the word out, feigning serious consideration whether he actually wanted her to spend a few hours with him. When, in fact, he wanted nothing more than to have her in his arms with her legs over his shoulders, her horny pussy wrapped around his rook-hard cock. “I don’t know about that. I’ll have to think about it for a while. I’ll call you back after a while and let you know.”

“Dad!” she reproached angrily. “Don’t you dare tease me at a time like this! My pussy’s so hot it’s smoking. If I don’t get your big beautiful cock in me real soon, I’m going to go stark raving mad!” There was no mistaking Lillian’s pressing need to fuck her handsome father. “I’ve got to have you, Dad — I’ve got to have you right now!” She sounded desperate, as if she were in pain.

“What’re you waiting for then?” he smiled into the mouthpiece. He tried to master his emotions but the flames leaped in his balls and his cock hardened in anticipation as he conjured up a vision of how it would be with his daughter in a few short minutes.

“Don’t get up then!” It sounded like an order, yet it was only her desperate hunger for sex with her father that gave it this quality. “I’ll be there in ten minutes,” she assured him. “Do you love me, Dad? I mean, do you really love me aside from the sex?” She wanted to hear him say so, even though she already knew what the answer would be.

“You know I do, darling,” he assured her, meaning every word. “Life would have damn little value without you, baby.” Alan heard her gasp for breath, then a few seconds later, a contented sigh reached his ears. He knew what had caused her heavy breathing and it made his cock leap in his hand as he stroked the sensitive knob. “Did you make it, baby?”

“Uh-huh,” she answered, breathing another ragged sigh into the phone. “Want to hear what I was doing?”

“You know Goddamn well I do!” he answered, not realizing he had growled into the phone. Alan tossed the covers back and started slowly stroking his stiff cock. As always, it was thrilling for him when she depicted what she did sexually.

“I put my fingers in my pussy the second I heard your voice. And while you were talking,” she whispered in her sexy, sultry voice, “I sat here with my legs over the arms of the chair finger-fucking myself until I came. Then I licked my fingers until I had all the juice off them. Mmmmmm… delicious, Dad!”

The phone clicked in his ear when she hung up. He knew she was on her way to him. It took all his will power to release his prick before he’d finished jacking off, but he did. It would have been such a waste to come this way. Alan showered, shaved and brushed his even white teeth so his mouth would be fresh for his daughter when she arrived, although he knew she would be sucking his prick far more than she would his tongue. He had just finished changing the sheets when he heard the soft, muted hum of Lillian’s expensive sports car when she tooled it expertly into the white graveled driveway. The foreign job was a wedding gift from her husband of less than ninety days. And it had been ninety days of raw, naked hell for her. Not that Kirk wasn’t a charming, adoring, attentive husband, for he certainly was all of that, and more. But every day that she could not fuck her father was sheer agony for her.

As she ran up the walk to the side entrance, Lillian shot a quick glance over her creamy shoulder at the sixteen-thousand-dollar automobile and stuck her tongue out at it. She would gladly give the car away in exchange for still living here with her adored father. “Darn you, Dad!” she snapped at the house as if her father were standing there in the door. “Why’d you make me do it? Everything was so perfect for us.” No other man could make her cunt explode into licking flames of raw passion as her father could. She had laid several other men, but none could equal him. Some of them had given her many delicious moments of sexual pleasure, though when she equated them with her father there was no comparison.

Lillian recalled his exact words that morning when he had turned her perfectly happy world upside down. It was Saturday and their itinerary called for a day of water skiing at Lake Tahoe; they would be there in forty-five minutes in Alan’s private Lear jet. But instead of a day of play at the lake, he had exploded their planned fun into a million fragments when he pulled her down on his lap and told her what had been bothering him for several months.

“Baby,” he started while she squirmed her sexy ass around in his naked lap until she had his cock captured snugly between her thighs, “I want you to listen carefully to me because what I have to say concerns our lives, your happiness and mine.” He nibbled the soft petal of her exquisite ear and he felt his cock beginning to harden like a piece of rolled steel. And he knew exactly what a stiff dick would lead them to. But it was his fault; he knew he shouldn’t have drawn her into his naked lap before he’d told her what he felt he must. But, he thought, nuzzling the milky curve at the hollow of her throat, it wouldn’t have mattered if they were both fully clothed. He could never get near her without getting a hard-on. He smiled and nipped her gently on the throat. This lovely daughter of his was one hell of a lot of woman. If she really tried, she could make a statue get a hard-on, for she was truly that sexy, or so it seemed to Alan Madden. He had fucked her what seemed like a million and two times, yet he could be miles away from her and his dick would grow suddenly hard with the mere thought of the last time he had felt her long, beautiful thighs around his waist or over his shoulder.

“Okay,” she said, turning her raven-tressed head towards him to lick his lips, her flashing green eyes filled with so much love for her father, her lover, that had anyone looked into those eyes, they could not have failed to read the smoldering message behind her sooty, silken lashes. And the dangerous thing was that she didn’t seem to care who knew how she felt; in fact, it often seemed as if she were flaunting her intense love for the man who had sprung her into life.

This was the very thing Alan was on the verge of discussing with his daughter. Several times he had cautioned her about this, but no matter how many times he warned her, she simply could not seem to understand the danger under which she placed them by not bridling her emotions toward him when they were in public. No matter where they were or what they might be doing, Lillian’s bottomless, passionate love for him couldn’t be concealed. And eventually someone was going to reach the conclusion that there was a far greater love between them than the usual attachment and devotion of a father and daughter. And should it be discovered that Alan Madden was fucking his daughter, he would spend many, many years in the state prison, the infamous San Quentin.

“Angel,” he started again, “I hope you’ll try to understand what I’m going to say… what I must say to you. I want you to…”

Before he could say anything further, Lillian laid her fingertips across his lips. “Wait a minute, Dad,” she interrupted, feeling between her thighs for his dick. She had felt his rod growing stiff within a few seconds after her warm, soft ass settled down in his lap. Her fingers closed around the shaft and pointed the head at her crotch. With her free hand, she pulled the elastic of her panties aside and, lifting her ass a few inches, settled back down with a sigh as the swollen, thick knob pushed her wet twat lips apart, sinking through the slippery flesh until the head settled snugly against the end of her cunt.

The slick warmth of her pussy enveloped his cock like a tight-fitting glove which had been made precisely for him. And, in a manner of speaking, her pussy had been created for him only. At least so it seemed since he’d first fucked her. As good as it felt, he was on the verge of protesting that what he had to say was far too important for them to confuse the issue by indulging in a screw. But he held his tongue; once Lillian made up her mind she wanted his dick in her snatch, she had a single-minded determination about it and she seldom let anything short of an outright fight prevent her from fucking her dad. Aside from that, Alan had to admit to himself, there was nothing in the world quite like having his dick in his baby’s hot, clutching pussy. He had fucked many women in his lifetime, but never once had he found one who could even come close to giving him the sexual thrills his daughter gave him. Maybe it was the forbidden perversity of the act of father and daughter fucking and sucking each other that gave it that added dimension of excitement. He wasn’t sure what it was that made sex with her so much better than with anyone else. But whatever it was, he was thankful the right chemistry existed between them.

When they fucked, no matter whether he had his dick in her cunt, ass, or her sweetly sucking mouth, it was always special for him. And there was a magic in it for her, too. There had to be, he reasoned, because, so far as he knew, Lillian had never fucked another man until after she was married. That is, aside from the sex he and she had with other men or women right here at the house. A couple of years after he’d started fucking her, he tried to get her to date some young men but she had grown so angry and then so terribly hurt at his suggestion that he’d never broached the subject again.

“I don’t want to fuck anyone but you, Dad,” she’d explained patiently after she got herself back together again. But still her lovely green eyes filled with tears as she thought about his suggestion that she should have sex with someone other than her father so she would learn what it was like to fuck another male besides himself. “And I don’t want to suck any man’s dick but yours!” she snapped, her hanger overshadowing her hurt. Twin jewel-like tears spilled from her long lashes and tumbled down her flushed cheeks.

Those tears had made Alan feel like a big jackass, and to make it up to her he said, “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’ll never mention the subject again.” He had kissed her damp eyes and licked the salty tears from her cheeks. His hand went under the micro-mini and his fingers snaked between her thigh and the elastic of her panties and sank palm deep in her tight cunt. For a few minutes he had stroked in and out of her twat, making certain she was soaking wet before moving to her swollen clitoris. With the ball of his index finger he caressed it until he had her reduced to a panting she-animal who was fucking hard against his probing fingers.

“Am I forgiven, baby?” he had whispered, and tongued her pink ear. He knew he could turn her into a puddle of quivering jelly anytime he wished simply by caressing her ever-hungry pussy. “You don’t have to fuck anyone but me. This pussy,” he had soothed against her ear, and pushed his fingers all the way in her hole when she thrust her hips forward, “is all mine and mine alone, if that’s the way you want it.”

She had nodded her head and sniffled back the tears as Alan went on. “You misunderstood what I meant. I didn’t mean that you had to fuck anyone else — I merely thought you might want to see what it would be like to have sex with someone else besides your old father. You’ll never know, sugar,” he pointed out, “till you try another cock.”

Strangely enough, even though he had been saying it, he wasn’t sure he meant it. Why was he trying to talk her into fucking some young punk kid who probably wouldn’t know a damn thing about sex — a dummy who would know no better than to simply jump between her thighs, cram his cock in her cunt, pump a few times and come. It would probably be over quicker than it would take to tell about it.

His left hand had also gone under her skirt. It went in the back of her panties and down the crack of her ass, past her asshole and his fingers entered her cunt from the rear. When his fingers were wet and slippery, Alan moved them back up to her asshole and pushed two fingers in her bung up to his second knuckle, then began pumping them in and out with a circular motion.

“Ye… yes!” she had gasped in answer as she went up on her tiptoes to reach his mouth. Her sweet tongue pushed in his mouth. “Fuck my asshole with your fingers!”

That had been the end of his attempts to get his daughter to fuck someone else. But he had grown afraid they might somehow be caught because of her seemingly uncontrollable penchant to fondle and caress his cock no matter where they were or what they might be doing.

So when she’d said, “There, now go ahead with your oh-so-serious discussion,” he wasn’t sure he could talk intelligently with his cock buried to the hilt in her slick, velvet-soft cunt.

But he had managed it much better than he’d thought he would. Alan explained that he wanted her to get married, and the reason behind his decision. She’d cried and protested that she would kill herself before she would leave him and marry some dumb punk who wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. But with a great deal of patience Alan was able to convince her it was the best thing to do, otherwise both of them might end up in prison. If she were married, then no one would think anything was going on between her and Alan. Yet, it was only after she had his solemn promise that she could still fuck him whenever one visited the other that she agreed.

And now here she was back home once more to make him fulfill that promise once again. When Lillian opened the door to the bedroom, a warm smile parted her lips, exposing sparkling, even white teeth. Her wide eyes blazed with instant desire for her naked father stretched across the bed on his stomach. How very delicious his tight, firm ass looked to her.

“I’m going to eat up every sweet inch of your body, Dad!” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear. Lillian knew he wouldn’t reply; she also knew he would lie utterly still and let her manipulate his yielding body to meet and satisfy her burning desires — and thereby quench the leaping fires within himself.

Before Lillian reached the bed, she was naked. When she hooked her thumbs in the elastic band of her panties and pushed them from her rounded hips, she noticed that the crotch was soaked. She smiled to herself; her father always had this effect on her, especially when they were going to fuck. Alan didn’t even need to touch her to start her cunt juices flowing.

With her heart racing, pounding so hard within her chest she feared it would actually explode, she grasped his ankles and spread his legs as far apart as they would stretch without causing him discomfort. She looked between his parted thighs for his cock, but it was hidden under his belly. But she saw something almost as good; his heavy balls looked delightful. Lillian leaned forward with her hands on either side of his ass and sucked one nut gently into her warm, wet, hungry mouth.

Tiny imps played tag with each other as they scampered up her spine and darted around to her proud tits and hardening nipples. It seemed as though the imps were dressed in a million brilliantly colored feathers when they tumbled about in her sprouting nipples, then down through her bubbling stomach to her wet, slippery cunt.

With her long, slender fingers — fingers that knew this hard body better than any living person — she spread the cheeks of his butt and gazed down at her father’s brownish-pink, puckered asshole. Soft whimpering sounds trickled from her lips, but she was so enthralled with the anticipation of what she was about to do to her father that she was completely unaware the murmurs were coming from her.

It had been far, far too long since she’d made tender, sweet love to Alan’s asshole. His buns quivered when Lillian pushed her tongue as deep as she could up his ass. God, how she loved the silky feel of his flesh against her sensitive tongue as it slipped in and out of his ass. Her secret fantasy was that her tongue was a cock — her cock. As she reamed his bung, she imagined her thrusting tongue to be her own huge cock; for a few moments she pretended that she had grown a big, steel-hard dick and was fucking her own father with it. Often she wondered why she harbored such fantasies, but she found no answer. Was it because he fucked her in the ass and this was her way of getting even? No. For she loved it to death when he fucked her asshole. Whatever the reason, it was one of her favorite things to do to him, and for him. And that was all that really mattered.

Lillian licked from his balls up to the crack of his ass, over his twitching shitter, up to the base of his spine and then back down to his quivering bung. Her tongue tip flicked teasingly into the warm asshole, circled it, and suddenly darted inside like a stabbing cock in a slippery cunt.

A groan started deep in Alan’s chest and worked its way up through his throat and parted his lips. “Ooooooh! Goddamn, that’s good, baby! So fucking good!” he cried, thrusting his ass back against her face, trying to force her maddening tongue deeper in his bung.

As gently as though she were cupping a robin’s eggs, Lillian slipped her hand between the sheet and his body and caressed his hot balls for a moment or two before forcing her hand farther up to grasp his throbbing cock. Her wet, knowing tongue slipped easily out of his relaxed asshole. The distended flesh seemed to clutch and grab at his daughter’s escaping tongue as it convulsed and quivered.

“No, Lillian, no!” he protested, wanting her tongue to remain up his ass. “Don’t stop, Goddammit! Fuck my asshole with your tongue! Fuck me!”


It was always this way for them. If her father had his way, Lillian knew, he would have her fucking his hungry ass with her educated tongue far hours at a time. But then, she knew all the things her father loved — and she was about to do one of them right now. Yet, before she did, her full, sensual lips circled Alan’s puckered bung and she drew the round flesh into her mouth and sucked and nipped the tender, sensitive-skin until she had him whimpering in shuddering pleasure.

The girl’s long fingers closed around his cock when he arched his trembling ass so she could reach him better and began to stroke his pulsating dong from tip to base. Not until she felt his dick jerk and quiver, an indication that he was going to come very shortly if she didn’t stop, did she take her hand away from his cock and draw her damp face from between the cheeks of his sweaty ass.

“Jesus fucking Christ, yes! Now!” he panted, knowing very well what she was about to do. No matter how she made him come it was wonderful, but what she was, about to do now was infinitely better. “Do it now, for God’s sake, before I go out of my fucking mind!” he begged, his face contorted and beaded with sweat.

He felt the bed shift when Lillian stood and went to the closet. For the first time since his daughter entered the bedroom, Alan twisted his head to watch her. For some strange reason it always had a special effect on him to observe her ritual at this particular moment of their sex game. When she first did this thing to him, he felt like a homosexual. He told himself he wasn’t. But… was he?

Going up on her toes, she reached for the box on the shelf above his tailored clothes. The perfectly formed cheeks of her ass clenched, making them look almost, almost but not quite like a young boy’s firm butt. Her fingers trembled as she fumbled with the lid and took out the object the box contained.

Alan’s ass muscles snapped together and his bung squeezed down tight. That special tingling sensation started racing around the rim of his asshole and flashed straight to his nuts and cock as his staring eyes watched his daughter adjust the nine-inch dildo snugly against the wet hair of her pussy. When she finished lacing the strap at the base of her spine, she looked up at her staring father with her eyes half-closed.

Each step was slow, calculated to draw from both of them every perverted thrill that lay hidden in their bodies — the anticipation was a part of their ritual neither would nor could have gone without. The flesh-colored cock swayed gently from side to side when she came to a stop beside the bed. With her eyes on his, and his staring eyes never leaving the huge man-made cock sticking almost straight out from his daughter’s crotch, Lillian reached between her slightly parted thighs. She made a cup of her fingers and scooped upward from the bottom of her soaked cunt to the top. The pink, wet gash parted to admit the fingers and cunt juices soaked her hand.

She looked at the tiny puddle now formed in the center of her palm. Lillian had to fight an almost overpowering urge to dip her tongue into the scented fluid from her own body. And she would have had she not needed it for another purpose at this very moment.

Without being told, Alan came up on his knees at the edge of the bed. And though there was no need because of his position, his fingers bit into the firm cheeks of his ass and spread them wider yet. His clutching brownie looked like nothing so much as a little mouth begging to be filled.

Smearing her cunt juices around his asshole, Lillian stuffed her wet fingers up his throbbing butt as far as she could get them so he would be slippery inside as well as out. Once again they dipped between the lips of her pussy and came out glistening. She reached forward and nudged them in her father’s mouth. While he sucked the delicious juice from her fingers, she arched her crotch and stuffed the dildo up her cunt so it, too, would be slick when she fucked with it.

With a building excitement unlike any she felt when having sex with her dad, she stroked the large head of the dildo up and down the crack of his ass. And each time it rubbed over his asshole, his whole body twitched.

“You fucking bitch! You hot-cunted lesbian slut!” he snarled over his shoulder at her, unable to withstand the frustrating suspense any longer. “Fuck me, Goddamn you! Fuck my ass with your big cock!”

Had there been an observer listening to their exchange, he would have thought Alan actually hated his daughter. But he would have been wrong. Shortly after Lillian became a sexy teenager, these two, father and daughter, discovered quite by accident that it created explosive excitement in Lillian when her father used filthy language with her.

“Shut your filthy, cum-sucking mouth, motherfucker!” she hissed back at him. “I may not fuck you, you dick-loving whore!” How very much alike these two were, for Alan also thrilled to the perversity of hearing his daughter curse him as if he were a cock-starved broad. “I’ll fuck your big ass when I get Goddamn good and ready, slut! And I’ll do it my way, you cunt drunk bitch!”

Alan sighed in resignation, knowing damn well she meant exactly what she said. Generally, she teased him until he was wild, all but crazed to have every last glorious inch of the giant dildo rammed up his ass all the way to his aching guts.

Knowing he expected her to continue her insufferable teasing; she brought the cockhead slowly up his crack and centered it on his hungry bung. Without the slightest warning she drove her hips hard against his buttcheeks. The dildo slammed guts deep up his ass. When the head of the dildo burst through the resisting muscle of his asshole, he thought he would pass out from the breathtaking pain. Never before had she treated him with such cruelty. But, strangely enough, it was a good pain. It had been months since she’d fucked him in the ass, and even though he wanted this, wanted her hammering the dildo up his asshole, he could not help but tighten up. The pain laced through his ass like white-hot heat, making his guts feel like they were aflame with each inch the cock penetrated up his pulsating bowels. “AWWWH! Too much… the… that’s too much, you fucking bitch!” he managed to get out through clenched teeth.

If it were mercy Alan was seeking, he was searching for it in the wrong place, the wrong time. For Lillian did not have the capacity for gentleness at this nerve-shattering moment, let alone mercy.

Of course there is no way to measure one’s pain or pleasure, but if such a thing were possible and could be registered by a machine, Lillian’s excitement and thrill at fucking her very own father up his ass would measure just as much, if not more, than what her precious father was experiencing.

In and out she drove the dildo, going so deep in his bowels she forced him to grunt with each thrust up his ass. Lillian moved her hips back until she could see the huge cockhead almost slip from his bleeding asshole; then with a cruel lunge, she slammed back into his bung until her groin smacked his buns.

Each time she drove the dick all the way in, her cunt hair electrified Alan’s ass. It seemed to him that each hair was charged and somehow found the pores and filled them with tiny explosives. When she started moving the cock back out of his guts, the explosive charges ignited, sending skyrockets racing through each vein in his ass.

“Come, you hot-assed sonofabitch! Come for your baby daughter!” Lillian panted above him, her tingling nipples like points of white-hot steel burning into his wet back. Now she worked her hips back and forth only three or four inches, keeping the dick stuffed deep in his ass. Her sharp teeth nipped his shoulder, moved to his neck until she felt the large artery pumping swiftly. She traced it with her tongue a moment before biting down hard, the faint, salty taste of his blood lacing her mouth when the tender skin broke under the pressure.

“Yes, yes… bite me hard!” her dad moaned the sound muffled against the sheet. “Ummm! Fuck me! Fuck my ass, you sweet long-dick bitch. Kill me with your huge cock! Oh, Christ, kill me with the Goddamn thing!”

Never would Alan be able to explain why the combination of pain and sexual pleasure thrilled and excited him; he knew only that it did. And he had never known about it until his lovely daughter had shown him what it felt like by inflicting pain while she fucked him with the dildo.

“I’m going to fuck your Goddamn brains out, Dad!” Lillian breathed in his ear. “I’m going to fuck you in your hot ass until you die from pleasure! Now come, sonofabitch, come!” she commanded, and once again those strong teeth penetrated the flesh of his neck.

The hard prick pressed along Alan’s stomach jerked and spewed his milky jizz on the sheet. Wad after wad shot out of the pulsating knob.

“AAAWWW! I’m there, my sweet baby! I’M COMING!”

This was what his daughter had been waiting to hear. Her cunt convulsed, the inner muscles tightening with her own eruption. She was there, too. His beautiful daughter was coming with him, as she always had each time she fucked him in the ass.

“Me, too, Dad!” she managed to get out between great gulps of breath. “I’m coming, too!”

Man’s sweat-soaked body collapsed on the bed with Lillian still clinging tightly, the dildo buried nine inches deep up his clutching asshole. For perhaps five minutes father and daughter lay frozen where they were. The only indication that they were still alive was their now quiet breathing.

Finally Lillian stirred. She reached behind her, low on her beautifully curved spine, and released the straps securing the dildo. “Okay, Dad,” she instructed, “raise your ass.”

He put his hands flat on the bed and pushed. When there was enough room for Lillian to get her hands beneath him, she brought the straps around and under his belly and buckled the dildo on him while it was still deep up his butt. Now there was absolutely no way it could come out of his asshole until he wanted it out.

Lillian moved backwards off his slippery back to her knees and waited. Her father rolled over, his stiff cock pointing at the ceiling. The girl pushed his legs wide apart and reached for his cock, tilting the swollen knob towards her waiting mouth. A single drop of thick, milky cum formed on the tip and Lillian’s knowing tongue came slowly from between her full, sensuous lips and licked the jizz from his cock. For Lillian, there was nothing quite so delicious as the sweet taste of her father’s fuck juice and she meant to have much, much more than that one drop.

If the dildo weren’t still buried up his asshole, she would have reamed his bung out again. But for now she would have to be satisfied with the other things his body had to offer to quench the hunger in her soul. Actually, nothing could put out, the fires blazing in her for her father, but with the use of his body, and what he could do to hers, the leaping flames could be reduced to a controllable simmer.

How she wished there was some way she could take both of his balls in her mouth. But they were too large, or her mouth was too small, she wasn’t sure which. His balls were the only place where she had to be careful, extremely tender. It was difficult for her to do, but her sex-hungry tongue circled the ball in her mouth several times before shifting to the other egg to do the same thing to it. As she sucked his nuts, her right hand slowly stroked his cock.

Letting the nut slip from between her wet lips, Lillian licked up the full length of his cock, circled the blood-engorged head and nipped the ridge with her soft lips. Jesus fucking Christ, she thought, how I love this big, wonderful cock! The smooth, velvet feel of his rod against her lips made her think of her mouth as a pussy — a pussy that could do all the things to a cock that her lips could.

Impatient as Alan was for her to start sucking his aching prick, he knew better than to rush her, because Lillian would blow him only when she was ready. Quite some time ago, when she had first learned to suck his dick, and had quickly come to love sucking him off, he thought she lingered over her blow jobs because she wanted to tease him. But he was to discover she had no intention of teasing. She had licked and kissed every tiny bit of his cock because she loved every second it touched her lips and mouth. Should she immediately start eating him, naturally he would come quickly, much too quickly to suit her.

It was wonderful to have her licking and sucking all over his dick, yet at times, such as at this moment, he ached to have his cock deep in her tight throat.

As if fate had answered his wish, Lillian’s hot mouth opened wide and covered the knob. Without moving her head, she sucked. There was no up and down movement. She sucked tenderly at first, gradually increasing the force and strength of the suck. She curled the tip of her tongue upward and caressed that very sensitive strip of flesh connecting the head to the shaft. Each time she fucked it with her tongue tip his body jerked as if he had been touched with a live electric wire.

Far back in Lillian’s throat she began to feel that old familiar tingling, a tingling that could only be satisfied by the head of her father’s stiff cock spurting his deliciously hot cum down her throat. Lillian swallowed the little pool of saliva which had formed in her mouth and pushed her head down on Alan’s cock until the swollen knob was deep in her throat. Every last inch of his throbbing cock was buried in her hungry mouth and throat. Her perfectly chiseled nose was pressing into his crotch hair.

When her head started to rise, the muscles in her throat convulsed, tightening around the full length of his shaft like silken hands stroking him to a climax. The muscles clung snugly around his rod until she drew the head out of her throat and stabbed her tongue into the tiny cum-slit, searching for a drop of his secretion.

Alan’s ass pressed down hard against the bed so the dildo would be forced the last remaining inch in his aching guts each time his knob forced the walls of her throat aside. Sometimes he felt like his daughter was going to suck his nuts right up through his dick when she drew her mouth from the base to the head. With each stroke she made up and down his dick her speed increased. When the desired rhythm was reached, Lillian maintained the even stroke; every fourth time she withdrew his jerking cock from her throat and brought the rosy knob into her hot, sucking mouth, she let her teeth drag along the shaft with just enough pressure for him to feel it.

“Oh God, baby, suck it! Suck all the cum out of me!” he said, and this was Lillian’s signal that her father would be jetting his scalding jizz at any second now. She also knew that this was the time she would feel his powerful hands on her head, bringing her totally under his control so he could finish this mouth-fucking precisely as he wanted.

Steel fingers intertwined into her long, midnight-black hair and pulled her head down hard. His cockhead hurt her when it hit the back of her mouth and charged down her throat, forcing the clenching muscles aside. It hurt but, paradoxically, the pain somehow made her pussy twitch and the hot fluids flow. Her twat was so wet her cunt hairs had little diamond-like drops clinging up and down the full length of her gash.

Get ready, my handsome father, Lillian told him mentally. While he fucked his dick into her mouth, she fumbled with the straps around his waist. When the strap was free, Lillian grasped the end of the dildo and pulled it from his tightly clamped asshole until the huge head was on the verge of slipping all the way out. Then she rammed it back up his ass with all the strength she had in her arm.

Man grunted when his nuts exploded, shooting hot spunk down her throat. To keep her from gagging, he let her pull her mouth from his shaft until just the knob was spewing cum on her tongue. Each time he shot into her mouth she came within a breath of making it herself — and someday she would.

Hot, slippery fuck juice filled her hungry mouth, delighting every taste bud. His daughter swallowed as fast as she could manage, and still twin trickles seeped from both corners of her lovely mouth.

It was like this every time — his jizz flooding her mouth to overflowing when she fucked him in the ass and then sucked him with the dildo still stuffed deep in his butt. Sometimes it seemed as if she would never be able to suck all of his cum out. And this time, when the spunk trailed down her chin and dripped onto his crotch hair, after she’d milked his cock dry with her hot mouth, she licked every drop from his groin. Every sticky drop of his cum was vital to her existence. She needed it as others needed food.

“Enough!” The single word burst from Alan’s lips when he could come no more. Lillian stopped fucking his quivering asshole with the dildo and let his shrinking prick slip from her lips.

She gazed at her fresh-fucked, fresh-sucked father and remembered the first time they had had sex together. How fantastically wonderful that had been.


Lillian was a happy, vivacious young woman who adored her strikingly handsome father. For her no other man existed. Alan Madden was aware of his daughter’s adoration, but he attributed this unusual attraction to the father-daughter sexual syndrome. From the beginning of man’s recorded history, Alan knew, daughters harbored a secret desire to fuck their fathers. And far more often than mankind knew, fathers burned with their own secret ache to fuck their daughters. Most men fought and were able to control this almost overpowering urge, but many, many more than one might imagine, succumbed.

Alan had succumbed. He hadn’t realized he was nurturing a sexual craving for Lillian until his wife died and he found himself in the position of being both a father and mother to his lovely daughter.

It began quite innocently one Friday night when Lillian called from the bathroom, “Dad, Dad?” She was in the shower and, as usual, needed Alan’s help. “Are you going to scrub my back for me?”

“You bet I am, baby!” he shouted above the TV. He was watching an old movie starring Angie Dickinson, and wishing he had his head between her beautiful thighs, sucking her cunt. “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes, okay? There’s an Angie Dickinson movie on right now.”

The girl knew how much her dad got turned on by Angie, so there was nothing she could do but wait and pout, wishing Alan wanted her as he did the lovely Angie. She giggled when she thought of how shocked her dad would be if he knew that she, too, fantasized about Angie: while she sucked Angie’s cunt, her dad had his cock stuffed up her hot asshole — and all three of them came at the same time. There’s a possibility that nothing would have happened if Alan hadn’t just finished watching his dream-woman, then gone into the bathroom to wash his daughter’s back with his dick still hard from thinking about Angie giving him a blow job.

While she waited for her father to come into the bathroom, Lillian dreamed of her father. She had no idea how many times she pretended she was sucking his lovely dick, licking his delicate balls, reaming his asshole with her lapping, darting tongue while making believe he was sucking her pussy as she swallowed his sweet cum. It seemed that he had fucked and sucked her a million times — but it had all been in her head, a mere dream she wished would become a reality.

The shower curtain whispered on its rings when Alan pushed it aside. Lillian’s nipples hardened instantly because she knew her father’s eyes were traveling over her back. She knew he was looking at her firm, rounded, girlish buttcheeks. She could almost feel them traveling down the crack of her ass to the tuft of blonde cunt hair peeping from between her thighs. How fantastic it would be if he stripped away his clothing, stepped into the shower with her and drove his dick up her cunt! She felt her pussy grow wet with the thought of her dad fucking her slippery twat.

What would happen, what would he do if she turned and expressed her burning desire to fuck him? God! He just might beat her within an inch of her life for daring to be so bold! Maybe, just maybe he felt the same way about her. But, on the other hand, he might hate her for the rest of her life. And if that should happen, she knew she would die of heartbreak.

Never before had Lillian’s body affected Alan quite like this. Just what the hell would he do if she turned and saw his stiff cock?

He watched the water flow down her curved spine to the tight crack of her ass and vanish between her thighs where the lips of her pussy began.

He’d almost knelt and kissed her cunt right then!

Maybe it was this, the advent of puberty, which made Alan Madden plunge irrevocably into incest. Later, the guilt would come. Yet that ugly guilt could never overpower the emotion of the most uncontrollable, mind-shattering urge known to mankind: SEX!

Forgetting about his expensive watch, his favorite double-knit dress shirt, Alan reached for the soap in the dish attached to the tiled wall and lathered Lillian’s back. In seconds he was soaked to the elbows, but he didn’t even notice.

As if of their own volition, his hands, slippery with soap, floated over her velvet skin. They grew hot on her shoulders, down her spine to her hips, hips already fulfilling the promise of ripe womanhood with each passing day. He fought a silent, losing battle within himself. It was terribly, horribly wrong what he wanted to do to his own daughter, a mere baby.

It took every ounce of will power he possessed to prevent his hands from moving on down to cup the warm, soft cheeks of his daughter’s ass. “No!” The singe word exploded from his lips as he jerked his hands from the soft swell of her hips and placed them on her shoulders.

“Huh?” She glanced over her wet shoulder at him, and, somehow, she knew: in her father’s tone she recognized a barely controlled passion. And in his eyes she saw the same burning desire she felt for him.

A crooked little smile tugged at her lips and her eyes sparkled with delight. This time she would do something she’d never dared before. “Let me have the soap, Dad,” she said, taking it from his trembling fingers — which was an excellent opportunity for her to pretend it had slipped from her hand. She let it fall to the floor. “Oops!” she giggled nervously and spread her legs as she bent to retrieve the bar of soap.

Would the ploy work? Would this be enough enticement for him to react as she wanted. Lillian was sure she knew what she was doing. She was a virgin and had never even considered seducing a boy, much less her own father. But she, and many of the other young women, had read dozens of the so-called porno novels and had looked at even more magazines with full-page fuck-pictures. In fact this very pose she was striking for her father was one she had seen in a fuck magazine only a few days before. If it worked for grown women, then it should do the same for her, she reasoned.

Lillian peeped through her parted thighs and saw her father’s staring eyes fixed on the lips of her tight pussy. A glance at the crotch of his flares told her all she needed to know. The big bulge along his right thigh could mean only one thing: his cock was hard because he wanted her, wanted to bury that big, wonderful hunk of meat deep in her virgin pussy.

She reached between her thighs and spread her cuntlips so he would see the tender, pink inner flesh. Inside the soft folds, her secretions made the pinkness glisten, and she slipped one finger in her hole until it completely vanish from Alan’s sight.

The girl worked it in and out of her snatch, and with each thrust he caught his breath.

Carefully, as if she were an exquisite, delicate piece of priceless Ming China, Alan cupped the crack of her ass, his middle finger sinking carefully between those hot labes, the labes that were flesh of his flesh — his daughter whose body excited him beyond rational reasoning, was created by him. It was his seed which issued the spark of life in her mother’s womb.

Perhaps it was this very fact that generated the blazing inferno in his loins at this moment. Carefully, gently, so he wouldn’t hurt his daughter, Alan pushed his finger past the tender lips of her pussy and sank it in her slippery hole. Goddamn, how very tight her cunt was. He felt her flinch and draw away just a little as his finger penetrated her innocent body — innocent because only her own fingers had ever been inside her virgin cunt.

To Lillian’s surprise, there had been no pain and only a small amount of blood when she’d broken her own cherry with her finger a few weeks before. Now she was pleased it was broken, for she wanted absolutely nothing to impede her dad’s progress in the violation of her cunt.

Alan sank to his knees and leaned forward, kissing each rounded, tightly stretched asscheek. Then his tongue came out and licked at the top of her crack. Flicking his knowing tongue from side to side, he started down the middle of her ass and when he reached her puckered, tiny pink asshole, the tip of his tongue nudged its way in a fraction at a time. For a few seconds Lillian was wholly unable to relax the tightly clenched muscle of her bung. But the tongue was so exciting, gentle and warm, she couldn’t have kept him locked out had she wanted to do so. And she certainly had no wish to prevent him from enjoying all of her body.

He withdrew the tip of his tongue and circled her asshole with his lips, sucking the entire puckered bung into his mouth. As he nibbled the velvet flesh with his lips, his finger slid up the soaked crack of her pussylips until he felt the tiny, extended clitoris. Lillian gasped when the soft ball of his index finger brushed the top where it peeped its head from the protective shield.

“Hummmmm! Oh, Dad-Dad! That feels… Oh my God!” she cried, when suddenly her father’s tongue stabbed into her asshole and his finger caressed her clit at the same time. “Ye-Yes! Do it to me, Da-Dad!” She felt his thumb ease as far as he could get it into her cunt. And never once did his tongue cease its maddening thrust up her asshole, nor did his finger stop the careful, gentle caressing of her clitoris.

Her perfect titties heaved with each gasping breath she sucked into her lungs. Could there possibly be anything in the whole wide world as soul-shattering as this? It was super when she finger-fucked herself, but in no way could that be compared to what Dad was doing to her now.

“Fuck me, Dad!” she gasped between gulps of breath. “Fuck me with your sweet tongue.” She had no idea how he would react to such foul language from her, but she no longer cared. Besides, she was unable to control what she said. It was as if another had taken over her body and mind — and this new being knew all the words, and wanted to say them to her adorable father.

As his fingers worked in her tight slit and his tongue fucked her asshole, Alan wondered if she could take his stiff, aching cock. It sure as hell didn’t appear likely judging from the snug fit of her sheath around the thumb pressing in and out of her slick cunt. Maybe he should fuck her in the ass first, he thought, to get her accustomed to taking a cock as large as his.

Not that his prick was all that large. His rod was only seven inches long but it was damn near as big around as his wrist. Her virgin pussy couldn’t possibly take that much dick without Goddamn near tearing apart. And the last thing in the world he wanted to do was hurt his baby girl. Besides, causing a girl any more pain than was absolutely necessary could destroy sexual pleasure for her for life.

But if a man were gentle and extremely careful with a virgin or a girl who had not been fucked but a few times, he could turn all of her future sexual encounters into explosive thrills instead of fear and frustrations.

“I’m going to put my dick up your ass, baby,” he informed her, wondering how she would react. She must know that it would hurt her a great deal.

“Yes! Oh, yes, I want you to!” she assured him, urgency lacing every word. “I want your dick in me — anywhere! Now!”

His fingers left her cunt and she moaned with regret. He gave her asshole one long, last suck and his tongue went up her quivering bung as far as he could push it before it, too, withdrew.

In seconds he was naked with his cock in his hand, pointing at her widespread buns. He rubbed the prickhead up and down the glistening, wet lips of her pussy, making it slippery enough to enter his daughter’s tiny asshole.


Lillian’s entire body trembled with anticipation when she felt her father’s big knob push her labes aside. How very marvelous it felt to have her dad’s dick touching her pussy! The thrill of it almost made her come right then. For a moment she thought he had changed his mind and was going to fuck her in the cunt. Actually, she didn’t care where he fucked her — cunt, asshole or mouth — just so he fucked her craving, wildly aching body, that was all that mattered for right now.

She felt the enormous cockhead pushed softly against the wrinkled mouth of her asshole and a tingling flashed up her spine and centered in the nipples of her titties. “Ugh!” she grunted when her father pressed harder against her resisting asshole. His fingers bit into her hips and he pulled her ass back against his cock.

The thrill left her and was replaced by a sharp, blinding pain when the knob slipped suddenly into her bung. “God, Dad! It’s too big — too big! It won’t go in any more!”

But he ignored her and forced another inch of prick in. He knew he was inflicting a great deal of pain upon his daughter, but it simply could not be prevented. As much as he detested hurting his daughter, he discovered that the insane desire to plunge in and out of her tightly clamped asshole was much too overpowering for him to stop. Alan was so helplessly caught in the mind-shattering experience of fucking his daughter’s butt that he was unable to take his cock from her pretty asshole and eliminate her aching pain. He felt as if he had to sink all seven inches of his dick in his daughter’s clutching, bleeding asshole. He didn’t want to hurt her, but there was no way he knew of that he could fuck her ass without inflicting a great deal of pain.

When she learned to relax as his prick entered her, Lillian would come to love being fucked in the ass. At least she thought she would. But now, with her dad’s dick stuffed up her tiny bung, the pain was so intense she was nauseous. Yet, under no circumstances, even if his pulsating cock ripped her ass open as cruelly as might a serrated, dull knife, would she ask him to stop. For it seemed that she had been waiting her whole life for what was happening to her this very moment. Though she had known beyond any shadow of doubt there would be much pain before the pleasure, she hadn’t known there would be this kind of agony.

Blinking the stinging sweat from his eyes, Alan was about to express the hackneyed cliche.

“Lillian, this hurts me more than it does you, darling,” but he realized how utterly ridiculous it would sound to her. Besides which, it would be totally untrue. Never in his wildest imagination, never in his most bizarre sexual fantasies had he dreamed there could be such blazing pleasure — such naked, ecstatic rapture in any sexual coupling.

What Alan Madden failed to comprehend was that this thrill, the excitement and sheer pleasure coursing throughout his body was not derived so much from this sex act as it was from the perverted possession of his own daughter. For generation upon countless generation father and daughter have entwined in the most abhorred of all sexual crimes: incest. And herein lies one of mankind’s most puzzling paradoxes — how does a loving father create within himself a desire to fuck his daughter when he knows it’s a crime against man and God? And how does a man’s daughter reach a stage in her life when she feels the flame kindling deep in her loins to have her father’s cock thrusting in her cunt when she, too, knows how horribly wrong it is?

From the inception of recorded history, father and daughter have violated man and God’s law by joining in sexual bliss; from the beginning of time they have tasted this forbidden fruit. Even in the Bible there is a record of incest and the ugly guilt it sometimes nurtures.

In spite of the nearly uncontrollable desire to hammer his raging cock deep into her trembling ass, with willpower he had no idea he had at his command, Alan stopped the thrust of his hips and reached around her belly and slid his hand down until his fingers encountered and parted the slippery, soft petals of her cuntlips. But try as he would, he could not stop his cock from moving ever so slowly in and out of her bung as he searched for and found her clitoris.

The soft ball of his index finger caressed it gently, eliciting whimpers of mixed pleasure and pain from Lillian’s panting mouth. With each careful caress of her sexual center, thrilling electrical sparks ignited her sensitive nerve-ends and her body twitched and jerked. The torn tissue of her asshole squeezed spasmodically on his cock.

Misinterpreting the reaction of her body, her dad nudged her damp hair aside with his cheek and whispered in her exquisitely contoured ear, “Oh, my sweet baby girl, I’m so very sorry I have to hurt you like this. I swear I don’t want to hurt you, darling. If only there were some way I could suffer this pain for you — it is I who should have to endure it, not you!” And he meant every word; had it been humanly possible, Alan would gladly have taken his daughter’s pain upon himself.

“It… it’s all right, Dad,” she choked out, trying to conceal the tears in her voice. The terrible pain lacing her torn ass was somehow strangely intermingling with the inexplicable pleasure his finger was giving her just inside the quivering lips of her pussy. How the combined mixture of the two opposites could thrill her entire being as it was, she would never understand. For now, though, it was quite enough that it was happening.

“I… I knew it would hurt the first few times,” she pointed out between each breath she sucked into her lungs. “I don’t care how much you hurt me, Dad — as long as it’s your lovely dick hurting me! I love you, and I want you to fuck me forever and ever!” she told him, pushing her hips back against his prick, forcing it deeper in her torn ass.

“Ugh!” Lillian grunted when she felt his cock force the inner walls of her butt farther apart. “Awwwh! That hurts so Goddamn good, Dad!”

Carefully, he started pumping in her asshole again while his fingers stroked and caressed the lips of her cunt all the way down to where his dick stretched her flesh. When his fingers reached her asshole, he felt the trickle of blood seeping from her torn bung. His big prick had to be hurting her a great deal since it had ripped her flesh, yet she didn’t seem to know she was bleeding. Had she realized she was bleeding, he knew it would frighten her half to death.

He hoped she wouldn’t see the blood, but there was no way he could prevent it. As soon as it started flowing down her trembling thighs, she couldn’t help but see it.

Maybe he could make this buggering feel so good to her that when she saw her own blood flowing from her torn asshole, she wouldn’t want him to stop fucking. Each time his fingers reached the top of her virgin gash, the tips brushed over her tiny, erect clitoris like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.

“Feel better now, baby?” Alan whispered, his cock sinking so deep up her ass his balls bounced lightly against her buttcheeks.

It felt good, but it hurt even more and she struggled to free herself from his hold. “Too much, Dad — that’s too much!” His raging cock filled her smoldering ass to the bursting point. She felt his hot breath on her neck and his hot flesh cover her back as his cock seemed to be reaching for new depths. If he managed to go any deeper in her aching ass, she would die.

The searing pain burned inside her ass and guts, torturing her tender, tight bung with each thrust he made in her until she knew she must soon explode from its sheer size and the pain it was causing her.

“Dad-Dad, please!” she pleaded with him. “You’re hurting me too much!”

But her father couldn’t hear her; the only thing on his mind now was reaching his climax, shooting his scalding cum deep in her asshole. He hammered his hips hard against her trembling butt, slamming his dick so deep in her she couldn’t help but grunt each time his balls slapped her buns.

“Oh, please take it out, Dad! It hurts too much!” she begged. “I can’t stand the pain any longer, Dad!”

At last she somehow got through to him and he realized what he was doing. He stopped, and his pulsating cock lay deep in her throbbing, pain-filled asshole; her convulsing bung clenched and relaxed again and again around the base of his stiff shaft. Now he knew what it was that had made him come to himself and stop. She was crying.

The sobs racked her whole body. Now she was only a girl whom her adored father had hurt when she had pleaded and begged him not to. “Ho-How cou-could you b-b-be so mean to me, Dad?” she cried, huge tears spilling from her eyes. “At fir-first it felt good — the pain and everything, I mean. But then you seemed to go crazy an-and…” She broke off when she saw the little trickle of blood trailing down her left thigh.

“God! Oh, God, Dad, I’m bleeding! You tore me open!” she accused, trying to dislodge her hurting ass from his dick.

“No!” he snapped at her; then more softly, “It’s okay, baby. Everything’s going to be all right. I promise!”

In his quest to come in her tight asshole, Alan had forgotten her pleasure and thought only of his own. No wonder he had hurt her. The shame flushed through his face and he felt it burning. He reached around her stomach and cupped her cunt, sinking his middle finger gently between her labes, and found her clit again.

Lillian’s body responded instantly with a shudder and he let her shift her ass forward enough to start his dick slipping from her bung. When there was nothing but the knob inside her, he pushed two fingers in her cunt as he carefully mashed his hips forward, sinking his cock back to the hilt in her butt.

“Mmmmmmm… gently, Dad,” she told him through clenched teeth. It still hurt when she felt his dick going back up her torn ass, but this time, with his knowing fingers caressing her wet pussy, the pain was good again, like at first. “Please be gentle with me, Dad, please!”

“I will, darling,” he assured her, his fingertip stroking her tender clit with each push of his hips. “I lost my fucking head a few minutes ago, but I won’t let that happen again — I promise you that!” And he meant it, too.

How very stupid of him to have lost control like that and cause her so much pain. He could have ruined her for sex for the rest of her life. And it could be too late to repair the damage right now, for all he knew. He just might have hurt her too much. But if he hadn’t, he vowed to make this as good for her as was humanly possible.

Alan stroked his cock in and out of her ass slowly while his fingers worked over her cuntlips and clitoris. For a few seconds he thought she was going to try to get away from his thrusting prick so he found her nipple with his free hand and rolled it between thumb and forefinger. The nipple burst into bloom and she began to cry again, only this time it wasn’t because of pain.

She twisted and squirmed under him. Strange sounds bubbled from her panting mouth. He felt the tight ring of her bung clinging to his cock, squeezing it as he pushed in and out. Now her ass accepted his raging cock. She wanted his rod deep in her butt now. Her asshole opened, relaxing for his harsh thrusts, sucking his cock deep and then clinging like a mouth, making the skin move back and forth.

The sperm started boiling in his groin, sending wild, maddening sensations up through his pumping cock as it slipped in and out of her shitter.

To Alan’s surprise and pleasure, because now he could direct all his attention to fucking her hot ass, Lillian pushed his hand from her lit and cunt. “Just fuck me now, Dad! Fuck my ass. Come in me! Ohmigod! Come in my ass!” she begged, her head thrashing from side to side as she rammed her butt back against his cock so she could feel the knob sink deep in her bowels. Her own fingers were pumping up her cunt. It was his daughter’s turn to lose control, those fingers were stabbing so deep and harshly that her pussy was bleeding along with her ass.

“Take it! Take all of my cock, you little whore!” he screamed at her. His nails dug into her hips as he jerked her buttcheeks back against his driving prick. “I’m going to fuck your Goddamn brains out, slut! I’m going to fuck you until you beg for mercy!”

His daughter’s excitement was transferred to him, and he hardly knew what he was saying because his brain was aflame. His nuts were an inferno. He felt the boiling sperm start up the shaft of his cock and he rammed into her ass harder than ever.

Suddenly he exploded in her asshole and she clenched her buttcheeks. Her ring tensed, squeezing his spurting dick as his cum shot into her asshole, filling her with the milky juice.

She felt it bathe her bruised bowels like a soothing balm. It spurted on every spot his cockhead had rammed against. Her insides convulsed around his dick as if trying to suck every drop of jizz from his pounding cock.

Juice seemed to be flowing around Lillian’s ramming fingers. They slipped in and out of her starved cunt easier than ever before. “Jesus! Jesus fucking Christ, Dad — I’m coming, too!” she screamed. Her dad had stopped his fucking; he stood behind her, head hung, his chest heaving as he let her milking asshole suck every particle of cum from his aching balls.

“No! No, no, no! Don’t stop fucking me, Dad!” she ordered, and when he didn’t do as she said, the girl started fucking her asshole back on her dad’s cock until she had finished her own climax.

Always before when Lillian played with her pussy, she had never come. It had simply felt extra — nice to finger her cunt, but she’d never once had that breathtaking experience the other girls talked about — that ecstatic thrill tingling through her cuntlips all the way to her asshole, that volcanic eruption in her tiny clitoris. Never once had she felt any of this.

But it was all there now. No thrill was left out, and it was far better than her friends had told her. “I’m coming, Dad! You made me come!” she screamed, her legs turning to jelly. The only thing left in her body which seemed to have any strength at all was her convulsing asshole. It squeezed his softening cock, sucking the last drop of hot cum into her bowels.

She would have crumbled to the floor of the wet shower if Alan hadn’t locked his arms around her waist and held her up. “Are you okay, baby?” he asked, and pulled his cock free of her ass with a plop. Now he was scared that he might have seriously injured her internally. “I’m sorry, baby! My, God — I’m so sorry!” His heart pounded with naked fear.

Carefully, he laid her on the throw rug just outside the shower. She was out cold. This was the first time in his sexual experience that a female had passed out on him while he was fucking her. For that matter, it was the first time a female had passed out before, during or after a fuck.

He bent and started to scoop his unconscious daughter into his arms when her eyes fluttered open.


“Lillian baby,” he said, shaking his head, “can you ever forgive me, darling?” He was filled with shame and disgust at himself for having dared to fuck his own daughter — and, as if that weren’t horrible enough in itself, he had fucked her in the ass, causing her more pain than any girl could be expected to endure. He thought of the perversion of fucking his daughter, then realized he had compounded his great wrong by fucking her in the ass.

What in the world could have possibly come over him to have done such a wicked thing? It was a question he was unable to answer. If only he could turn back time for just a few short minutes, he could wipe out this ugly thing he had done to his lovely, innocent daughter.

Unfortunately, one’s hindsight is often quite superior to one’s foresight. Shame and guilt become a living thing in the brain when it is much too late to reverse the act committed. Alan Madden deeply regretted his rash, impulsive plunge into incest. And now the only thing left to him was to beg her forgiveness and try to live the rest of his life making up for this atrocity.

“I must be crazy, baby,” he cried, tears flowing freely down his flushed cheeks. “I can’t begin to tell you how terribly sorry and ashamed I am for what I’ve done to you.” He kissed her pale cheek and brushed the wet hair from her forehead with his lips.

Lillian’s trim body was still reacting from the earth-shattering thrill of her father’s cock and the jetting cum he had skyrocketed inside her. She still couldn’t believe or comprehend how such an act as being fucked in the ass could hurt as much as it did, while at the same time thrill her enough to render her unconscious. She had read novels in which people had been horribly hurt and the pain had blacked out their minds, but never had she read or heard where pleasure could do such a thing. Yet it had happened to her.

If there were any regrets, they existed only in that she had passed out — thereby being deprived of the total, soul-shattering experience of what had happened to her. Next time — and she made a solemn vow to herself that there would, indeed, be a next time — she would fight with all the power she possessed to remain completely conscious and aware.

Out of sparkling, love-filled eyes, she gazed up into her father’s as the tears formed on his lashes and tumbled down his cheeks. “No. Oh, no, Dad. Don’t cry. There’s nothing to forgive you for. I love you! God, how I love you, my beautiful, darling Dad.” Her hands cupped his head and pulled it down to her lips and she licked away his tears. First one cheek, then the other. She tilted her head to one side and their lips met and parted, her tongue searching the inner softness of his underlip. She sucked the lip into her sweet mouth and nibbled, savoring his masculine taste.

He almost jumped when he felt her fingers close around his limp cock and squeeze. “This is the most wonderful peter in the whole wide world, Dad!” she told him, covering his entire face with quick, loving butterfly kisses. She kissed his nose, eyes, his damp brow, and her sharp teeth nipped his neck.

“Touch me, Dad,” she whispered, her hot, sweet breath warming his ear. Goosebumps danced up his spine, making the short hairs on his neck prickle deliciously. “Fuck me with your fingers. I want them in me now!” Her warm hand stroked his cock from tip to base, feeling it harden under her ministrations. She almost giggled with pleasure at the knowledge that she possessed the power to make his rod react so swiftly to the mere touch of her hand.

“But, sweetheart… you can… you can’t possibly want me to start…” he began, completely at a loss as to how he should react, especially after what he’d just done to her.

Hot, soft, sensual lips stopped him from saying anything further. Her hand found his wrist and guided it to her sore but hot pussy. She had managed to seduce her darling father, although it had not happened precisely as she’d planned. It wasn’t her tiny asshole she’d wanted him to fuck, but since it had happened that way, she was glad. More than anything she wanted her cunt fucked by her dad’s lovely cock. And she wanted to taste his cum in her mouth; she wanted it jetting against the back of her mouth and down her throat.

Perhaps it wouldn’t turn out to be exactly as she imagined; maybe his jizz would taste ghastly and make her puke, but it was something she had to discover for herself.

As with most men — and evidently with some fathers who have sexy daughters — a stiff cock has no conscious, which, in turn, dissipates incestuous guilt. At least it helped lessen Alan Madden’s guilt feelings. His fingers became extensions of his now hard, throbbing cock. Vividly aware of the pain, the agony he had caused his daughter by fucking her up the ass with his big cock, he parted her cuntlips and pressed his fingers slowly, gently into her sweet pussy.

He caressed from just below her clitoris to her distended asshole and found she was soaking wet, as slippery as if oil had been poured between her parted thighs. Lillian gasped, her eyes growing wide with surprise, when his index finger slipped easily up her sore asshole and his thumb pushed aside the resisting muscles of her virgin cunt until he could reach no farther in her body.

“Ugh!” she groaned and started scooting up the bed towards the headboard, trying to escape. Alan had to force himself not to become too excited because there was something special about stuffing his hand in her ass and cunt at the same. And he felt sure she would dig it, if he didn’t hurt her.

But when she grunted with pain, he remembered what he’d done to her a few short minutes before. He stopped. “Sonofabitch, baby,” he said contritely, “I’m sorry. No matter what I do I hurt you.” His finger left her asshole and he moved it up to her clit.

“You didn’t hurt me… much,” she hastened to explain, letting her ass settle back in the bed where it was before she tried to escape. Actually, it hadn’t hurt her all that much. She had just thought it would after what she’d gone through with his huge cock.

A pink tongue came out to moisten her perfectly shaped lips, leaving them glistening invitingly. He lowered his head and pushed his tongue between them. It met hers and she pretended it was his cock and started sucking on it.

“If you really want to,” she told him, hugging him close, her hands stroking his tense back, “you can fuck me in the ass again, Dad. But — oh!” she squealed when his finger circled her sensitive clitoris. “But… but I’d rather have your dick in my pussy.”

There was no way for him to know whether she was a virgin, though her youth suggested as much. And being his own baby daughter, he was inclined to accept it as a fact that she was. Yet the way she talked about wanting him to fuck her cunt made him wonder.

“Are you a virgin, baby?”

A smile pulled at her mouth and her eyes sparkled with suppressed humor. “Would you be angry at me if I wasn’t?”

“Of course!” he snapped in anger before realizing how ridiculous it was for him to be upset over someone else having fucked his daughter, especially after he had just fucked her asshole so hard she had passed out. “I mean, no. That is,” he laughed and kissed the tip of her button-like, turned-up nose, “I don’t know, baby. I’d like to be the only man who’s ever fucked you — no matter how. In your asshole, cunt or mouth. After all, you’re mine! I created you, Goddammit!” he explained, building an excuse for what he’d already done to this mere baby, and for what he might yet do to her.

“I have more right to you than anyone else!” he justified, winning the battle of guilt in his mind. “Someone would have fucked you eventually, so why not me?”

A giggle bubbled from her parted lips, and with a shake of her lovely head, she agreed. “I think so, too, Dad. That’s why I wanted you to be the first to fuck me. From now on I’m your woman and you’re my man! I don’t want anyone else, ever! Just you… and only this cock!” She slid down in the bed until she could reach his stiff prick with her mouth and licked the single drop of crystal-clear secretion from the eye of his blood-engorged cock.

Before he could gather his wits and shove his rod all the way in her pixie mouth, she moved back up to face him. Locking her eyes on his, Lillian’s lips parted, exposing her perfect teeth in a smile of pure delight. “Mmmmmmm,” she smacked her lips, “that tasted good, Dad. Honestly, I love the taste of your cum!”

With a laugh, her father explained, “Sugar, that wasn’t cum. It was only secretion a man’s cock releases to help lubricate a female’s cunt. It happens when a man is sexually excited. The same thing happens to your cunt when you’re aroused. Secretion is released by your body to… to, well, so to speak to oil your snatch so a cock will slide in and out of you without difficulty.”

“Then,” she laughed, “let’s find out exactly how much difficulty we’ll have getting your marvelous cock in my slick cunt because I’m hot right now. So fucking hot I’m going to burn up if you don’t put this…” she reached down and tried to pull his raging cock towards her waiting pussy, “in me right now! I need it this instant!”

Without waiting to hear what he had to say, Lillian raised her right leg and circled his waist, snugging her hot pussy down against her father’s cock.

But instead of pushing his dick in her twat as she wanted, as she expected him to do, Alan lifted her legs and hooked them over his shoulders. The pink, glistening inner flesh of her cunt peeped out from between her slightly parted labes, beckoning his mouth and tongue. His thumbs spread those pouting pussylips, exposing her glistening depths and his pointed, hot, wet tongue licked along the outside of her labes. Up one side and down the other, never going inside.

Somehow the salty taste of her spilled blood excited him as never before when he had gone down on a woman. Maybe the blood had nothing to do with what he felt; he wasn’t sure at all. More than likely, he told himself, it derived solely from the perverted excitement of being on the verge of sucking his baby girl’s virgin cunt.

He pushed his tongue in her gash an inch, tasting her fluids, fluids which no other tongue had known. “Baby, my sweet, darling baby!” he whispered a second before stabbing his tongue in her soaked cunt until it would reach no farther.

Lillian choked back a cry of ecstasy as his knowing tongue caressed the nerve-filled flesh of her inner cuntlips it seared the velvet walls as it moved upward and covered her clitoris. She didn’t want to scream, didn’t want to cry out in her exquisite, tortured agony of raw pleasure, but she couldn’t prevent it.

If he hadn’t known better, Alan would have thought she truly was twisting, thrashing about in naked pain. But her hands belied the actions of her jerking, twitching body. They locked behind his head and her fingers interlaced in his hair and pulled down hard as if she were actually trying to stuff his entire head up her cunt to extinguish the inferno his tongue was creating. Her father locked his arms around her thrusting butt and pulled her even tighter against his sweating face, rocking his head from side to side while his tongue sucked and licked, and lashed her twitching labe like a tiny, maddening velvet whip.

Her perfectly shaped titties heaved as she gasped for air. Neither of them knew exactly what happened; they couldn’t have explained it if someone had asked them later how it happened, but suddenly they were on the floor with Lillian’s thighs on either side of his head. Her smooth, firm thighs pressing against his cheeks and his tongue thrust up into her wet gash. It missed no part of her sweet pussy flesh.

It twisted and lunged in her twat, driving her wild with the building desire racing through her body. He let her labes close and sucked both of them into his mouth with his tongue still in her hole. It seemed trapped there as he sucked with his mouth, holding her swollen cuntlips tightly against his tongue as he thrust it in and out.

Alan glanced upward and saw his daughter’s fingers twisting and rolling her flowered nipple almost harshly between her fingers as she twisted and squirmed her cunt down against her father’s face and the tongue that had turned into liquid fire in her quivering snatch. He stabbed his tongue in and out of her hole as if it were his cock trying to reach the very end of her cunt, making it beat like another heart between her thighs.

For a while Alan thought she was going to pull his hair out by the roots if she didn’t stop trying to force his entire face up her pussy. Her hips ground down hard as his searching tongue found and centered on her hard clitoris a few seconds before his mouth circled it and he concentrated all his efforts on making his baby daughter explode in a climax unlike any she would ever know again.

That first climax — the very first time a boy or girl reaches for and attains the stars, is an experience which can never again be equaled without the implication of drugs.

He felt her pussy melt and enfold his entire mouth. Every fiber of her body shuddered, her breath came in short, ragged gasps as her cunt seemed to rob her of the very breath she needed to sustain life.

Many, many times in his life, Alan had sucked women to a climax. But never once had he sucked a cherry pussy, and, of course, he’d never before sucked his own daughter’s cunt. Her being a virgin could have had something to do with the tremendous flow from her convulsing snatch. Other pussies he’d sucked had gotten very wet during their climaxes, but never anything near the release from the pussy he was now sucking. It actually tasted sweet, this juice from his daughter’s virgin cunt. And it was even more than he could swallow at one time. It flowed down over his mouth and nose, even streaming into his eyes. He licked and sucked and swallowed as quickly as he possibly could and still it kept coming from her convulsing cunt.

Spasm upon spasm rocked Lillian’s perspiring body, making her tremble as if she were being whipped by an icy wind.

“Aaaawww God!” she whimpered. “I’m going to die, Dad! You’ve killed me!” There was no more strength in her trembling body. She folded like a rag, tumbling helplessly to the thick carpet beside her father.

While the thrill of her climax was still coursing throughout her body, her dad hurriedly scrambled between her thighs and sank his dripping cock in her cunt. It had to be the tightest pussy he’d ever been lucky enough to shove his cock into. The slippery, hot, velvet walls fit snugly around his cock as if it had been created especially for his dick alone.

It hurt her, but not like she thought it would. Her dad’s cock wasn’t the largest in the world, but by the same token it sure as hell wasn’t the smallest, either! Actually, it was just a little larger than the average man’s meat. Still, to a virgin pussy — it felt enormous. Fortunately for Lillian, her body and brain wasn’t finished with the ecstatic rapture of her first cunt-sucking and climax. Her pussy accepted his cock far better than it possibly could have had he not sucked her to a climax first.

All the girl felt was a quick, sharp pain. Then she relaxed as Alan filled her cunt with his heavy meat and began even, steady, silken thrusts deep into her clutching pussy.

“Yes, yes, YES! Fuck me, Dad!” she groaned, mashing her parted lips up against his panting mouth. She wanted to keep kissing him, wanting to taste her own juices still in his mouth and around his lips. But she couldn’t. Her breath caught in her throat and she had to jerk her lips away to breathe. “Fuck me, in-my big-dicked Dad! Fuck me to death! Fill my cunt with your scalding cum, Dad! Fuck your baby daughter like you’ve never fucked any woman!”

He hammered deep and hard. Each downward thrust slammed the head of his swollen cock against the back wall of her cunt. Lillian cried out, half from raw pleasure and half from naked pain. But, as before, the mixture of the two opposites produced an unexplainable element in father and daughter’s first fuck.

Her mouth flew wide and she cried out now with each thrust of his cock into the deepest recesses of her cunt. He pumped hard, his hips crashing down on her tight butt like an angry, maddened rapist.

There had been rare times, few and far, far between, when Alan and the woman he was fucking reached their climaxes simultaneously. At no other time in sexual contact is a fuck quite so perfect as when man and woman can come at precisely the same second — or within five or ten seconds of each other.

These two, father and daughter, were fantastically fortunate in that they were on the brink of erupting within the same second.

Alan Madden felt himself peaking, about to spew his sperm in his daughter’s cunt — the cunt that might give birth to his child.

Lillian felt her own climax wash throughout her sweaty body like a giant tidal wave destroying everything in its path. The aftershock of the wave flashed through her again and again as she felt her father’s boiling cum fill her cunt and bathe her labes and thighs with its milky stickiness.

“My precious darling girl!” Alan panted, falling forward to suck her right, hard nipple into his mouth. He let his teeth scrape the sensitive, tender flesh of her pink nipple and felt her body jerk with each nip. The huge cock deep in her twat began to shrink, growing softer with each passing second.

Lillian felt it getting small and smaller, too, and before it could slip out of her compressed cunt, she twisted quickly from beneath him, closed her fingers around the cum-covered, slippery meat that had just emptied itself into her thirsty twat and lowered her mouth towards it.

Her tongue darted out and licked the thick, milky cum from her father’s glistening cock. Tilting her head to one side, she half circled his cock and sucked all the jizz draining down towards his balls. She knew she was eating the mixture of his cum and the juices from her own cunt, and it almost made her climax again.

How very delicious the sticky juices were! For a moment she closed her eyes and let the slippery substance glide down her throat to her stomach where it seemed to explode like tiny bombs as each drop coated her insides with a glow that warmed her entire stomach and seemed to melt down towards her cunt.


How long they lay there with her cuddled, spoon-fashion, in the curve of his body, they had no idea. Finally the girl twisted in the curve of his arms and kissed his slack mouth, pushing her tongue between his lips to find and duel playfully with his.

After a moment or two of tender, loving kisses without passion, she tugged him up and they lay on the bed. “I want some more, Dad,” she told him matter of factly, as if this were something she had done each day of her life. Her eyes were bright, sparkling with life and the fires of rekindled passion — that is, if they indeed ever did lose their flaming desire from the second Alan had taken his first irrevocable step into incest.

He gazed at her, shaking his head in disbelief. He’d Goddamn near torn her tiny asshole apart and ripped her a new cunt and damned if she still didn’t want more! She should be too sore to move, and probably would be when she came down from her sexual high. “Sorry, pussycat,” he pointed out patiently, “but your old dad’s not a young man any longer. I simply can’t perform on command.” He reached down and closed his fingers around his flaccid dick and shook it at her. It looked like nothing so much as a giant, fat grub worm too deep in sleep to be awakened.

“I couldn’t get this thing hard again if my life depended on it. In an hour or two, maybe…” He shrugged, leaving the rest unsaid; there was no further need.

“Tsk tsk tsk!” she teased, removing his hand from the limp dick and replacing it with her own. There was no denying that the softly stroking hand on his defeated cock felt extremely pleasant, but it was a dead issue, in a manner of speaking. His prick wouldn’t get hard again this quickly even if God himself came down from heaven and gave a command for it to come to attention!

A new, strange gleam lit her dancing eyes. She licked her lips in anticipation. “I can make it stand straight up again. Wanna bet?” She smiled almost wickedly at him, her thumb caressing the tender under flesh of his cock.

Cocking his head, he said suspiciously, “Do I wanna what?” he mocked, using her colloquialism.

She tweaked his nose playfully for catching her slip. “You know very well what I mean, Dad!” she admonished, feigning anger.

“Nope — what?” he teased. Of course he had an idea, yet he wasn’t certain. Not after what they’d just gone through.

“I know how to get it hard again. I’ve been reading loads of books and magazines,” she explained patiently, as though she were the one teaching him all about sex instead of the other way around. Without awaiting an answer, her head went to his lap. Her lips parted far enough for her to take the head of his soft dick in her mouth. Her long, silky black hair brushed his thighs, tickling pleasantly.

It felt wonderful to have her hot, wet mouth around the head of his dick, but he knew his tool wouldn’t get hard again after two comes — not even for his dream-woman, Angie Dickinson. “That’s nice, sugar, but it… it… Oh, shit!” Her tongue caressed the underside of his cock on that super-sensitive strip of flesh. It made him grind his teeth.

“I told you I could do it!” she said triumphantly when she made him cry out. But she was wrong, so far. His prick was still as limp as a wet sack.

“Pussycat, it feels great, but my cock’s simply not going to get hard again for a while yet.” But he wasn’t too certain of that because her wet mouth took every last inch of his soft cock, and it completely filled her. The smooth, hot head tickled the back of her throat and she held it there, sucking as best she could.

The effort choked her and made her eyes fill with tears. She knuckled them away with a sigh. “I’m still not going to give up, Dad,” she assured him with a swallow. “I want you to come in my mouth. I want to know what it tastes like right out of your cock instead second-hand like a while ago,” Lillian explained, referring to when she’d licked their mixed juices from his dick.

“Promise you won’t get mad at me,” she asked, “no matter what I do?”

What in hell could she possibly have in that lovely head of hers? He really couldn’t imagine. But then, there have been thousands of fathers surprised and shocked when they learned the extent of their daughters’ understanding and involvement in sex.

His shoulders lifted in a shrug, and he closed one eye and peered at her out of the other. “What are you going to do, angel?” He wanted to give her the go-ahead, but did he dare?

“You’ll see,” she beamed warmly. “But promise me first?”

“Okay, okay.” He grinned at her and ruffled her hair. “I’ve got a feeling I shouldn’t, but I promise. Do whatever you want and I’ll keep my cool.”

He watched her spit in her free hand and still had no idea what she was going to do. “I read about this in a fuck novel,” she pointed out, her face flushing. She felt slightly embarrassed at what she was about to do to her father. For all she knew, he might come completely unglued. “It’s supposed to really turn a man on. I sure hope it turns you on, Dad.”

Alan didn’t miss the skepticism. Obviously she wasn’t sure of her ground. He wanted all sex to be easy for his daughter so he reassured her with, “Do it, sweetheart. Whatever it is, I won’t mind.” He laughed to show her he meant it. “What the hell. I might even like it — if you ever get around to doing it.”

For a second he was on the brink of stopping her when she smeared her spit over his asshole and without any warning her middle finger pressed slowly but steadily up his bung. In spite of himself, he pulled away from her. At least he tried to get away from that probing finger until he reminded himself that he would let her do whatever she wanted. Actually, a finger digging in his asshole was not exactly his idea of sex. Yet, how could he justify stopping her when he’d just finished fucking her ass until she’d passed out? He couldn’t. He grew still while she sucked his dick and fucked him up the ass with her finger.

Lillian didn’t really know what she was supposed to do other than simply fuck his ass with her fingers while she sucked him off. She remembered that in the novel she’d read, the woman had stuffed her finger up her man’s ass and caressed his prostate gland. Now just what the hell was a prostate gland? She didn’t know — nor did she have the slightest idea how one went about finding it up someone’s asshole.

It didn’t hurt. However, Alan mused, it did absolutely nothing for him sexually. But if this was what she wanted to do, it was okay with him. Maybe it enhanced her sexual thrill in some way. He made up his mind to let her finish and then he’d inform her that being fucked up the ass with a finger wasn’t exactly his joy bag. For that matter, getting fucked up the ass with anything wasn’t his bag!

A glance up at her father’s face told Lillian that, though he was enjoying her mouth laying his cock, the finger she had going in and out of his asshole was doing nothing for him. All wasn’t lost, though. She had an idea. Instead of simply stuffing her finger in and out of his ass, Lillian made her finger go in a complete circle each time she shaved it up his ass, hoping with blind luck to touch that goodie called a prostate gland. On the fifth thrust and circle, the very tip of her finger brushed something silky and soft, and her father flinched.

Pressing her palm hard against the outer wall of his ass, she was able to force her finger another half-inch in his butt. She gurgled around his cock with joy when she found that special piece of flesh in his ass and felt his dick twitch in her mouth as she stroked it gently with the ball of her finger.

Nothing could have surprised Alan Madden more than when sparks seemed to ignite and rocket to his cock with each caress of her finger on something she’d discovered in his ass. My God, who would have imagined there was something in a man’s ass that could feel this fantastic when touched in the manner his daughter was stroking him?

If it hadn’t been happening to him, Alan wouldn’t have believed it. For some reason, he thought of Lillian’s tiny clitoris. Was this thing it his ass the male clitoris? Could nature have placed it there for sexual stimulation? He had no idea, but it definitely had a sexual purpose!

The girl would have squealed with sheer delight if she had not had her dad’s growing dick in her mouth. She was extremely proud of herself for having found what she was searching for up her dad’s asshole. The soft piece of limp meat in her mouth was quickly growing stiff. She felt it swelling, coming alive on her tongue.

Haw! And he’d said she couldn’t make his cock hard again! Well, now he would simply have to be pleased with her knowledge of this much sex without ever having been fucked before. His prick was so big and hard now that she could no longer keep all of it in her mouth. She withdrew her mouth until just a little less than half his shaft remained between her softly sucking pink lips.

She twisted her tongue around, flicking the very tip into the tiny slit in the head of his bulging cock, and Alan moaned with delight. Never for a second did she let the finger deep in his ass stop its maddening caressing. It was driving her dad wild, half out of his mind. He was trying to fuck up into her mouth and back down on her finger at the same time.

He tugged her body around until she had her knees on either side of his body, her wet cunt poised directly above his face. Without being told, she lowered her hips and his mouth immediately found her stiff clitoris. He pulled the nub between his lips and started licking the nerve-filled head.

Alan couldn’t help himself. He locked her head between his upraised thighs and started thrusting his cock up into her tight, sucking mouth. She didn’t seem to mind that the knob forced her throat muscles aside and sank inches past the back of her mouth. She wanted her dad’s cum, wanted to feel it spurting in her mouth, down her clinging throat.

When he started his climax, he came hard, flooding her hot mouth with his murky sperm. She was bursting with pride that she had gotten his cock hard again when he’d said it was impossible for at least another two hours. Not only had she made his dick hard again, she was sucking his delicious jizz from somewhere deep in his thrusting body.

His daughter drank greedily, sucking and swallowing each jetting spurt. She loved the slightly salty taste of his jizz, loved the sticky slipperiness it gave her tongue and mouth. Lillian trembled with the thrill of her father’s fuck juice shooting down her throat, and she sucked harder, wanting every drop he had to give her.

His swollen cock stopped erupting, but the girl never ceased her sucking. She could get no more from him, though. He was empty, and exhausted. With a sigh the girl reluctantly gave his prick its freedom and let it slip from between her lips.

Alan was completely drained. Never had he experienced three climaxes in succession. It was a new record for him. What he didn’t know, but would discover in the months ahead, was that he was capable of sexual feats which would make the average man believe himself slightly superhuman.

With a tug, he pulled his daughter into the security of his arms, snuggling her close as he pushed his tongue in her mouth and tasted his sperm.


Two years later, her father introduced her into the world of lesbianism. There was nothing they hadn’t done together, and one day when they were trying to come up with a new way to have sex, somehow the subject of lesbians came up.

“Have you ever made it with another girl, pussycat,” he asked in an offhanded manner.

“Do you mean have I sucked a girl’s cunt?” she returned, never taking her eyes from the TV. Lillian had Alan’s stiff cock in her hand and every now and then she licked all around the head, occasionally taking his rod all the way down her throat until her pert nose was buried in his crotch hair. “Or do you mean has another girl sucked my cunt?”

Well, now, how about that? Alan mused, gathering her short mini in his fist and lifting it over her tightly pantied ass. Obviously one or the other had happened, otherwise she wouldn’t have phrased her question as she did. He wondered why she hadn’t told him about this before. Perhaps because she was afraid he might get bent out of shape over it. If so, she should have known better. Any sexual indulgence which appealed to her suited him just perfectly. If it fixed her head, then it would fix his. How could she doubt his total approval of anything after their entrance into the hidden world of incest? He slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties and eased them into the warm crack of her ass, over her much-used, puckered asshole and on down the slit at the center of her thighs.

They were on the sectional and both were fully dressed. Five minutes before, Lillian had arrived home from school and had lain down with her head in his lap. It had become a habit with her to suck his dick just as soon as she came in. His cum was her sustenance, a staple she felt she needed as badly as food. It had become her narcotic. She was as addicted to his delicious cum as a hype on the needle for years. The girl had come to believe she couldn’t survive unless her dad spurted his milky jizz in her mouth at least once a day. And she had to be fucked no less than twice.

“Put your fingers in my cunt and your thumb in my ass, Dad,” she instructed, arching her plump, rounded butt so he could reach her better. “Ah… yes, like that. Push harder!”

“I can’t, hot stuff,” he told her. “Not from this position. I’m in you as far as I can reach. Stop sucking my dick and scoot up so your ass is in my lap and I’ll do this right for you. Do you want me to make you come this way?” He pushed down against the back of her head, forcing his cock deep in her throat. Alan held her there for a few seconds before freeing her from his grip.

She moved her mouth back up to the knob, and, milking his dick with her thumb pressed tightly on the sperm tube on the underside of his cock, she sucked a few drops of his oily secretion onto her tongue before replying.

“Uh-uh.” She gave him a negative shake of her head. “I’m satisfied where I am. I want to suck this…” she gave it a long lick from base to tip and the tip of her tongue snaked in the tiny slit to dip out juice she might have missed, “while you finger-fuck me.”

“Which way was it, baby?” he questioned again.

“Which way was what?” She turned her head and looked up at him.

“Did you suck a pussy or get your pussy sucked, and if so, by whom?” Why he insisted upon knowing about this, he wasn’t sure. The only thing he knew for sure was that he did.




“But I thought.”

“Yes, I know what you thought,” she told him and her mouth covered his cockhead again.

“Hey, wait just a fucking minute, young lady,” he ordered, pulling her sucking mouth from his dick with a wet plop. “We’re going to discuss this before we do anything else.”

“Golly, Dad,” she scolded, angry because he was depriving her of her rightful load of cum, “what’s the problem? I’ve already told you I’ve never sucked a pussy or had mine sucked. At least not by a girl!” she added, teasing him. She knew very well what those last few words would do to his head.

“What the hell does that men, you little bitch?” he growled in anger, ramming his thumb harshly up her ass and making her grunt from the sudden thrust.

“Ouch, Goddammit!” she cried, squirming to get away from his stabbing thumb. “That hurts! I was only joking. No one has ever touched me but you — and you fucking well know it!” She feigned anger. But she wasn’t, not really. Lillian was tickled to learn that her father was jealous over the thought that another besides himself had had her.

Suddenly his entire attitude changed when he said, “Have you thought about it, baby?”

“Thought about what?”

With a jerk that puckered her tightly clutching ass, Alan’s thumb left her hole. He swatted her smartly on the cheeks of her firm, lovely ass, leaving a perfect print of his big hand for a few seconds. “Now don’t you start that dummy act again, dammit!” If she’d turned her head to look up at him, Lillian would have seen the smile on his face.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” she whimpered, kicking her feet wildly, trying to squirm from his grip. “I’ll be good, Dad. I promise!” she assured him, both hands rubbing her stinging buttcheeks.

“Well?” he prompted, lifting his hand above her smarting rump.

“I’ve thought about it, yes,” she admitted; searching for his hand. She directed it back between her thighs so he would put his fingers back up her asshole and cunt.

Finding both hungry holes, he pushed fingers and thumb back in her and worked them slowly, caressingly in and out. “Who would you like to have suck your cunt, honey?” It would be fascinating, Alan told himself, to watch another girl suck his daughter’s pussy. He let his mind drift and he saw several of Lillian’s friends, all of whom were exquisite creatures. And if today’s liberal sexual attitudes were a criterion for America’s newest generation, then they were all fucking and sucking. Though not necessarily each other, but someone. In which case there was the possibility one or more could be induced to suck Lillian’s cunt while he observed the action. Now that he was considering the exciting thought, he took it further. What a thrilling aspect it was to contemplate and imagine his own daughter sucking another girl’s pussy — or sucking a woman’s cunt. He tried to think of a woman he knew who might enjoy going down on a girl such as Lillian.

But how did one go about suggesting such a thing to a woman? Especially when the girl he wanted the woman to eat was his own daughter? He hadn’t the slightest idea. But the prospect was so intriguing he intended to turn his thoughts into a reality if he could figure some way to manage it.

Normally, a girl wouldn’t be able to bring herself to answer such a question put to her by her father. However, by no stress of the imagination could this be considered a normal situation, for these two, this daughter and her sex-hungry father, couldn’t be considered normal under any circumstances — not after what they had been doing together for the past two years.

It never occurred to Lillian to lie to her father about any sexual matters. Even though he had never before asked such a question as this, she felt no need to lie now. “I don’t know, honestly, Dad.” Her legs crossed and she squeezed the cheeks of her ass together, as if she wanted to lock his fingers deep in her horny body. She sucked a breath through her clenched teeth and moaned. “Oh, that feels so good!” Then, “I guess I’d like it both ways. I mean — I’d like to try sucking a pussy as well as having my pussy sucked by another girl.”

“How about getting some head by a woman?” he injected.

It was difficult for Alan to maintain a steady tone because she had her hand around the base of his stiff cock and she was using it like an all-day sucker. Her tongue left a wet path from the edge of her hand up to and around the big, blood-filled knob where she flicked the tip of her tongue against the sensitive flange. On the fourth lick, she opened her mouth wide to let her pink lips circle the swollen head.

Lillian thought about her father’s question for a long, long moment before answering. And before she did, she wanted at least one drop of his sweet juice. Dammit, a girl couldn’t just keep answering questions without lubricating her throat — every now and then, now could she? The girl teased the slit in the end of his dick with the tip of her tongue. She worked it inside the hole as if she could somehow push her whole tongue right down into his cock like he stuck his tongue up into her pussy. She tightened her grip on his dick and begin to stroke gently upward. She was rewarded with not one, but several drops of clear fluid. She spread it all around her mouth, enjoying the slippery stickiness of it before she withdrew her mouth to glance up at him.

“What does that mean, Dad, an educated sucking?” She’d never before heard him use this particular expression.

“Someone who could give you an educated pussy-sucking,” he laughed, working his fingers and thumb deeper in her slippery cunt, “is a person who really knows what they’re doing when they suck a cunt. Like me, for instance. Do you think I know how to suck your pussy real well?”

“Uh-huh.” She rolled her eyes up in her head as if she were on the verge of fainting. “I’ll tell the whole world you suck my pussy well!”

It was difficult; but he leaned down and managed to kiss her by pulling her tongue into his mouth. There was just the slightest taste of his pre-cum still on her tongue. It wasn’t a bad taste, but then, it did nothing for him sexually, either. He had often wished he was capable of enjoying it as much as his daughter did.

“You’d better not tell the whole world, sugar,” he warned her, half in jest and half serious. “Because if you do, I’ll end up in Folsom State Prison for one hell of a long time! There’s a law against a man having sex with his own daughter, you know.” It wasn’t a question. This was the first time the thought had come to his mind about going to prison for fucking his daughter.

Now that the thought had reared its ugly head, it was more than a little frightening. What, exactly, would they do to his daughter should they be discovered? Would she, too, be sent to prison? He promised himself that he would somehow find out what could be done to both of them for the crime of incest.

Jesus, how she loved her wonderful dad; she loved everything about him. The way he touched her in passing, the way he stroked her hair at night after they had made love. His tender, warm glance from across a room and the way his eyes lit up and sparkled each day when she came in from school.

“I’d never tell anyone, Dad,” she assured him, turning over to pull his head down so she could kiss him again. “Give me all of your tongue.”

“How about just part of it, angel face?” he answered, slipping his hand between her soft thighs to find her pussy. His fingers parted her slick labes and he sank two of them up her hole until his palm stopped him from going farther. “I can’t get all of it in your mouth.”

“A girl’s gotta be satisfied with whatever she can get, I reckon!” she joked. Lillian clung tightly to his neck while they kissed and she raised her hips and pushed his fingers from her cunt. She reached between her thighs and found his dick and guided the head to the lips of her cunt. Her sigh filled his mouth when she lowered her hips and forced his cock deep, deep up her tight pussy.

Both of them were too hot and ready to draw this fuck out as long as they usually did. The girl hunched her hips up and down on his cock no more than a dozen times when she felt his pulsing dick fill her pussy with its life-giving syrup.

And with his climax, Lillian reached hers and her cunt convulsed, clamping tightly, snugly around his spurting prick to milk everything she could get from it. But if she didn’t draw out every drop of jizz with her squeezing cunt, she wouldn’t miss what was left when she got down to use her mouth, as always, after each fuck. Closing her cunt muscles around his cock as tightly as she could, Lillian stroked her hips up and down a few more times.

Alan’s head was thrown back against the sectional with his eyes closed, letting his daughter do all the work. Most of the time when they fucked here on the sectional, he would set their rhythm by keeping his hands on her rounded hips. She followed the instructions of his hands until he was satisfied her stroke was exactly right for both of them.

Now, carefully, she lifted her hips until only the head of his quiet cock remained locked in her cunt. Then she relaxed every muscle and let her juices and his cum flood down his shaft. With a quick, agile lump, she was off his dick, kneeling between his widespread legs, licking her dad’s glistening dick. Some of their cum flowed into his crotch hair and was going on down to streak his balls. A trickle of juice was seeping between the cheeks of his ass, and before it could escape her and soak into the sectional, she ducked her head, and her lapping tongue snaked out to capture the nectar. Lillian cupped her tongue and licked upward, starting with her tongue against his asshole, to his balls and then on up until she opened her mouth and took his entire dick in her mouth and down her throat.

When she had him cleaned to her satisfaction, she snuggled in his lap, so they could finish their discussion about some female sucking her cunt. “There,” she beamed at him, giving him a quick peck on the nose, “now we can discuss this without any more interruption, huh?”

“Shit, I haven’t the vaguest idea what we were talking about,” he laughed. “That was so Goddamn good I forgot everything but what we were doing.”

“We were talking about someone else sucking my pussy besides you,” she pointed out, knowing damn good and well he hadn’t forgotten. She knew this was his method of testing her to see whether she was actually interested enough in the subject to bring it back to his mind. “I think it’d be fun to have someone else give me some head. Have you got someone in mind?”

He shook his head, “No. Not at the moment, but I’ll work on it. How about you — do you think you could get any of your girl friends to suck your snatch?”

She gazed at him for a few seconds, trying to figure exactly where her dad’s head was at this moment and where it might be going in the immediate future so far as this new pussy-sucking thing was concerned. Somehow she got the feeling that he wanted to watch her getting sucked, and maybe even being fucked by another man. The idea excited her a great deal. And she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to see her father suck another girl’s twat. How terribly exciting, she mused, it would be to see his big, stiff cock slamming deep in another female’s cunt.

“Do you want to watch?” she asked, wondering how he would answer this.

“Fucking right!” His cock was getting hard again just from thinking about seeing his baby daughter make it with either another girl or man. “Raise your hips, kitten,” he ordered.

A shiver of delicious anticipation raced up her spine. She knew exactly what her dad wanted this time. Her hand closed around his stiffening cock and rubbed it between the lips of her cunt until it was slippery and wet again from their cum. Then she steered the head to the tight ring of her asshole and lowered her hips, forcing the swollen knob through her tight shitter.

“Humph!” she groaned as she squirmed her ass down on his dick, sinking it deep into her guts. When her buttcheeks were pressing firmly against his groin, only then did she grow still, content, for the moment, just to feel his dong pulsating there inside of her body.

After she caught her breath, she gave him a big kiss, her tongue searching his mouth before she pulled away. “I’d dig watching you fuck one of my girl friends — and I want to see you eat her cunt, too.”

“Who?” The prospect of fucking any of her charming friends was a turn-on for Alan. He thought about it as he pumped his dick in and out of her extremely tight ass. He wouldn’t dare tell Lillian in a million years, but he was pretending he was fucking Elizabeth, her best friend, in the ass right now. Jesus, would she be pissed off if she knew it wasn’t her asshole he was fucking, but Elizabeth’s!

Strangely enough, this was the same trend of thinking Lillian’s mind was following. It wasn’t her dad’s stiff cock that was stuffed deep up her asshole. The only difference was that she didn’t have any particular man in mind. She was pretending it was simply a strange cock and that was enough to turn her on more than she had been for quite some time. Not that her father didn’t still turn her on a great deal, for he definitely did. But it was nice to pretend that someone else was fucking her for a change.

“I… I don’t know for sure,” she panted, already nearing her climax. “Oh my Goddddd!” she cried, running the words together in her excitement. “Come with me! Shoot your hot jizz up my ass!”

There was no gentleness in him now. He was driving his thick, hard prick as far up her convulsing asshole as he could possibly get it. “I will, baby — I am! I’m coming right now!”


In the car beside Lillian was another teenager with long, cornsilk blonde hair falling a few inches past her shoulders. Her micro-mini just did manage to cover the crotch of her sexy blue bikini panties — at least it would hide her crotch if she sat perfectly still with her legs together. Elizabeth was three months older than Lillian, but a stranger would have thought her at least eighteen. Her shimmering blonde hair framed a lovely, blue-eyed face with delicately molded features.

Alan watched his daughter and Liz get out of the car, and he got a peep at the color of Liz’s panties when she spread her legs while stepping out. She had a delightful body. Before he realized it, Alan’s cock responded in anticipation to what would take place in just a few short minutes.

He let the drapes fall back in place and stepped towards the door. This was going to be fantastic; it couldn’t help but be anything else. Jesus Goddamn Christ! He was about to fuck his daughter and one of her dear friends in the same bed. Well, they weren’t going to simply fuck. They would do everything that could be done to each other. At least this was what Alan had in mind.

Lillian and Alan had discussed this a few days before, during and after they fucked and sucked each other. And she had come to the conclusion that the very best girl for what they had in mind was Liz. It was decided that Lillian would supply whatever their needs might be in the way of females and her father would procure the necessary men for the same project if, indeed, such a machination as this father and daughter planned could be referred to as a project.

“Hi, Mr. Madden,” Liz bubbled, sweeping breathlessly into the huge living room. “This is going to be wild, really crazy — wild! I’m ready to start right now. I’m so fucking hot my pussy’s leaking juice. Look!” she exclaimed, hiking her skirt above her panties and thrusting her pelvis towards him. “See how wet I am already?” She cupped her crotch, rubbing her pussy through the panties. When she held out her hand, palm upward, for Alan’s inspection, it was glistening from her soaked panty crotch.

Butterflies fluttered around in his stomach when he reached out and caught her wrist and brought her hand to his lips. He smeared the glistening twat juice over his mouth, leaving it shiny and wet and slippery. Then he licked her hand until there was no more of the sweet juice.

Eyes dancing with barely controlled excitement, Liz shot a quick glance over her shoulder at her friend. “Let, your handsome father’s a real juice freak!” Her eyes came back to his as he freed her hand, which dipped immediately into the waistband of her panties, parted her labes and sank up her cunt. When she felt the juices flow freely between her fingers, she pulled them out and extended her hand towards Lillian.

“Now let’s see how much of a freak you are, baby!”

For only a second did the girl hesitate before taking a slow step forward, then another, and another until the wet fingers were touching her lips. “Well?” she prompted, smearing the glistening substance over the girl’s lips. “You were the one who wanted me to get down — you came to me for this, Lil,” she pointed out patiently. “I didn’t come to you. Don’t be a party-pooper now, not at this stage of the game, you hot-assed little cunt! Now lick my fingers — no, suck them!”

Lillian’s eyes were half filled with fright. Now that the crucial moment had arrived, her nerve faltered. Did she truly want to do this thing? She wasn’t sure. Yes, she’d thought a great deal about sucking Elizabeth’s silken-haired muff. But thinking about doing it, and the actuality of the thing were two entirely different situations. From the corner of her eye, she glanced up at her father. Now that the time was here, what did he really want her to do?

A slight nod of his head gave her the answer and the needed courage to go ahead. Those glistening lips parted and Liz’s fingers slipped inside and the girl sucked them. Much to her surprise, the cunt juice tasted good. But more than this, it was exciting. She loved it.

Alan could wait no longer. He peeled Elizabeth’s panties down her hips and she stepped out of them without so much as glancing at the man who was removing her clothes. She felt his hard cock slip between her legs, just brushing her labes. The knob stuck out a good three inches in front of the girl and it looked exactly like Elizabeth had suddenly gown a man’s cock from between the lips of her cunt.

Elizabeth had all four fingers in Lillian’s sucking mouth, and now she clamped her thumb on the girl’s chin so she couldn’t escape and pulled her head down towards her waiting cunt and the big cock snugged against it.

A sudden, unexpected explosion of excitement coursed through Lillian’s body when the fingers left her mouth and cupped behind her head, pulling it forward until her mouth opened wide and closed around the head of her dad’s cock. Her nose was buried in Elizabeth’s pussy hair and she could smell the thrilling odor of the other girl’s sexual arousal.

Lillian sucked her father’s cock for no more than three or four minutes before the other girl shoved her head away with, “That’s enough for now. Let’s get on the bed,” she instructed, and strangely enough, this mere teenager seemed to have taken complete control of the situation. She positioned herself on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees. She ordered Lillian to crawl between her widespread thighs.

“Now guide your father’s cock in my cunt,” Elizabeth told her, motioning for Alan to step forward so his daughter could reach his throbbing prick. “Awh! Sonofabitch! That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever tried to take! Oh, wait!” she cried when the head had entered no more than an inch of her wet, slippery cunt. “I… I don’t think I can take it!”

It was too late for her to refuse Alan’s hungry meat. She might have been running the show a few minutes before, but not now, not if she thought for a second she wasn’t going to take every last inch of his dick deep in her teenage pussy!

Steel fingers locked into Elizabeth’s full, upthrust hips, and Alan drove his cock into her resisting twat until the only thing left out of her hole was his balls. The girl’s mouth flew open and a piercing scream filled the room. But Alan didn’t give a shit whether he hurt this bitch or not. He was going to show her that the only thing she could run was her mouth.

“St-stop! For God’s sake, stop!” she cried, pleading with him to cease his hammering in her hurting cunt. “You’re too big — it’s tearing my pussy open! Please stop — please!” Elizabeth had been fucked at least fifteen or twenty times before this, but never with a cock so big.

Lillian hadn’t been at all sure she wanted to suck Elizabeth’s cunt, even though Elizabeth had eaten her three times already. Yet, as she lay there on her back between the girl’s legs watching her father’s big, wet cock hammering in and out of Elizabeth’s slippery hole, she could no longer resist.

When a few drops of secretion formed on Elizabeth’s gaping cuntlips, her pink tongue pushed hesitantly from between her lips and the sensitive tip licked the clear juice from the girl’s cunt. For a few seconds she spread the fluid all around the inside of her mouth, trying to determine whether she liked the decidedly unusual flavor. She looked pensive, unable to make up her mind. But then something indefinable happened to her taste buds; it was as if she had just tasted the most exotic, tantalizing food of her life. She looked up at the pussy with her father’s driving, wet cock filling it all the way to his balls with each thrust and nodded as if she were talking to a person instead of her girl friend’s dripping cunt. “Uh-huh, it’s good! Hhhuuummm! Goddamn, is it ever delicious!” She raised her head once again and licked the seeping, juicy cunt and her father’s plunging cock.

With each plunge into the girl’s widely stretched pussy, Alan’s thick, swollen cock forced their juices out of the girl’s hole, and the slippery fluid glistened like precious jewels along the entire length of her pussylips. Lillian’s sucking mouth captured each drop, and as she licked, she could feel her dad’s long dick slide against her tongue as he humped in and out of the girl. Once, to her surprise and delight, Alan’s prick slipped all the way out of Elizabeth’s aching twat and shot balls deep down his daughter’s throat. As he withdrew to get it back in the hot, tight cunt, Lillian sucked hard and grabbed his hips to stop him from taking the juicy, slippery cock from her mouth. But he wasn’t to be denied this new, tight pussy his daughter had brought home for him to fuck. Elizabeth groaned when the huge hunk of stiff meat went nuts deep up her cunt again. Just for a moment there she had thought he was finished with his cruel hammering into her defenseless box.

There was something unusually thrilling about having his dick in a hot, wet cunt one moment and the next moment balls deep in his daughter’s mouth. His nuts exploded like a time bomb.

When Lillian heard Alan gasp, she knew her dad was coming. A second later she saw the smoky turn her father had jetted into the girl’s cunt begin to seep out of the hole all around his thick cock. She licked and sucked greedily, fearing she might miss a drop if she relaxed her hungry mouth and lapping tongue for a single second. How sweet and delicious their juices tasted mixed together.

Alan stopped his terrible pounding up Elizabeth’s cunt and pumped in and out of her cum-filled slit with slow, even strokes. He wanted to enjoy her velvet cunt until his rod went soft in her.

Beneath him, his daughter drew Elizabeth’s glistening, slippery cuntlips into her mouth and sucked gently. To her surprise, no matter how quickly she swallowed the nectar, some of the cum flowed freely from Elizabeth’s pink pussy and down her chin. While she licked and sucked on the hot, velvety flesh in her mouth, she conjured up a picture of herself bathing in a tub filled to the rim with her dad’s tasty cum and Elizabeth’s sweet twat juice. She wondered how long it would take her to drink the tub dry.

Elizabeth’s cunt had been aching as never before in her life from Alan’s cruel, pile-driving cock. She had felt no pleasure whatsoever; every second of the fuck had been sheer, naked pain for the girl. But when she felt her friend’s warm, sucking mouth and caressing tongue close softly, gently over her cuntlips, she gave herself over completely to this marvelous thrill taking away her pain and filling her body with unbelievable pleasure.

Now that Alan wasn’t trying to ram his big cock all the way through her pussy, it felt nice as the big dick moved gently in and out of her cunt. Maybe it was because Lillian was sucking her cunt at the same time a dick was fucking her with such tenderness instead of the fierce way it was a few minutes before.

She didn’t know whether it was the mouth sucking her cunt or the dick filling her slippery hole that was making her feel so wonderful all over, but whichever it was, she wished it would continue for the rest of her life!

Finally Alan backed his dripping cock from Elizabeth’s thoroughly fucked cunt. His legs were so wobbly and weak he sank to the floor. Fucking the girl as she knelt on the edge of the bed had put a hard strain upon his legs. A glance down his belly told him his incestuous cock was still stiff as if he’d never come. He couldn’t help but wonder what these two women had in store for him, for there wasn’t the slightest doubt that they had already made some kind of plans before arriving.

With her thumbs, Lillian spread Elizabeth’s pink; cum-smeared cuntlips as wide apart as they would go and trailed her tongue from one end of the delicious slit to the other — licking one tender labe and then the other. Her lips closed over the hard clitoris peeping from the sheath, and the girl above her shivered from head to toe. Lillian closed her lips around the quivering clit sucking gently before she circled it with her pointed tongue.

She felt it begin to grow in her mouth, almost as if it were a tiny cock. A moment later it was a good inch long. Carefully, Lillian pushed two fingers up the girl’s pussy until she could get them in no farther. The cum her father had spurted deep into Elizabeth’s snatch started trickling down the inner walls of her cunt and Lillian could feel it on her fingers.

“Ugh! Mmmmmm! I’m there, darling!” Elizabeth managed to murmur through tightly clenched teeth. Jeweled beads of sweat dotted her forehead, plastering her hair to her temples. With each thrust of the fingers up her contracting cunt, her ass clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed again. “Oh, Goddamn sonofabitch, baby, I’m coming! Suck my cunt! Work that tongue — work it! Work that motherfucker!”

Liz said something else, but Lillian couldn’t distinguish what it was, for her lovely friend’s mouth was suddenly buried in her cunt, her tongue searching for the clitoris she had come to love.

On the floor, still panting, Alan watched his daughter and the other girl sucking each other’s twats like two starved puppies noisily drawing milk from their mother. He saw Elizabeth’s puckered asshole clenching tight as his daughter fucked into her cunt with her fingers and her mouth and tongue drew a climax from the girl. Just as he made up his mind to climb to his feet and fuck that winking asshole, the girl cried out that she was coming, and thirty seconds later his daughter’s body quivered with its own eruption.

With a shuddering sigh of contentment, Elizabeth collapsed upon the girl beneath her. Both twisted their heads aside, away from the pussies they had been sucking, to pull in great gulps of much-needed air.


After his encounter with the lustful, delightful, and totally vivacious Liz, Alan could not keep his mind from dwelling on their madness. Madness, yes, but the connotation he applied to the word was one of fantastic pleasure. Since he’d first fucked his daughter, no sexual contact had been quite so fulfilling. It took a few days before he came down from his silver-lined cloud.

At the office a week later, with his thoughts occupied by the contract facing him on the highly polished, black walnut desk top, he pushed the blue button on his intercom.

“Yes, sir?” Alan’s young assistant answered immediately. Among other things. Kirk Carter accomplished here at ACRON, Inc., his most vital function was to examine Alan’s contracts to make absolutely certain they would withstand examination by a court of law. Kirk was not only handsome, he was, in fact, almost beautiful to the extent of looking effeminate. And he was a brilliant legal administrator. His academic distinction of graduating cum laude assured him a position in the business world. And Alan had managed to hire him.

His huge dark eyes and long black eyelashes matched perfectly with his midnight-black hair. A perfectly sculptured nose flowed down to lips so perfectly molded as to be unreal. Pew women could look at them without becoming breathless with the desire to kiss him. They were soft, sensuous, and infinitely kissable. Few women could look at Kirk’s six-foot-one frame and not want to slip between the sheets with him for a prolonged session of tender lovemaking. But, strangely, Kirk had never in his life paid the slightest heed to the opposite sex.

The strangest thing about this young man was his virginity! Yes, he was a virgin. A twenty-three-year-old virgin. Most women who encountered him were intimidated by his strikingly handsome looks, and without fail they always thought they hadn’t a ghost of a chance with him. No man who looked this good could possibly be without all the women he could ever desire. Therefore, not once in Kirk’s life had a girl or woman tried to seduce him. And, unfortunately for Kirk, depending upon how one viewed such a unique phenomenon, his total concentration had been directed toward his education and he’d never found time for women. Sometimes, when the thought invaded his mind for a few brief moments, he wondered what was wrong with him that he didn’t really care about women. Once he’d considered the remote possibility that he was a homosexual. But that thought was quickly rejected, for he had no desire to mate with another man.

Was he one of nature’s mistakes — a freak who could function wholly without sex, a neuter? Alan Madden often wondered, for he was aware of the younger man’s absolute absorption in his work. Perhaps, on the other hand, one couldn’t fairly say absolute absorption in one’s work was necessarily objectionable. However, in a young, healthy and unusually handsome man, there was something definitely wrong with it.

Two things were playing around in Alan’s mind: Kirk would be a delicious prize for Lillian — and, just maybe, he would include Liz — and at the same time he would be doing the boy a turn he would never forget. But Alan had no idea Kirk was a virgin, though he was well-aware that the boy had never once dated any of the many lovely young secretaries in ACRON’s employment. And as far as Alan was able to determine, Kirk had never dated any women outside the job, either.

The slight inflection in Alan’s tone warned Kirk that something wasn’t quite what it should be. In his mind he went back over the past week in an attempt to discover what it could possibly have been that he’d done wrong. He could think of nothing.

Vivian Baxter, Alan’s personal secretary, smiled warmly and straightened her shoulders, thrusting her tits forward when Kirk came to a halt before her desk. Shamelessly, her bright hazel eyes traveled down his thick chest, past his belt buckle and came to a halt at his crotch. The bulge of his cock lying along his thigh was very impressive, even though it was soft; it looked good enough to make Vivian’s pussy suddenly wet. She couldn’t help but wonder how his prick would feel deep in her juicy cunt, or what it would taste like.

“Hi, Kirk,” she beamed up at him, “can I help you?” Her eyes said much more; they said she’d love to suck all the cum from his big balls. Several times in the past, Vivian had made it painfully obvious to Kirk that he need only to say the word and she would climb out of her soaked panties and spread her beautiful legs and let him ball her on the main street of town before everyone if that was what it would take to get him to fuck her. But never once had the handsome young man given her the slightest indication that he desired her in any way.

Alan fucked her damn near every day, and she loved it to death. Each day he picked a different hole of hers to come in. Yet she could think of nothing that would or could please her more than to have this young man stand before her, strip her naked and fuck her brains out right there on the desk top.

She took her eyes from his crotch just long enough to glance at the button on the IC. She had been stalling as long as she could so she could gaze at his hidden cock outlined there in his trousers. She knew Alan had sent for him.


“Mr. Carter’s here, sir,” she informed her boss, cutting her eyes back to Kirk’s bulging cock. As if of its own volition, her pink tongue tip peeped out and traced her ups, leaving them gleaming wetly.

“Send him in, Vivian.”

“You heard the bossman,” she purred, at last bringing her eyes back to his. They told him, if he cared to read the brazen message flashing in their depths like a neon sign at midnight, she wanted to fuck him in the worst possible way.

And, of course, the message meant nothing to him. He saw her as nothing more or less than an efficient piece of human machinery which functioned adequately to meet the requirements of the position it held. With a slight nod of his head he said, “Thank you, Miss Baxter.”

Miss Baxter! Miss Baxter! Shit! The least he could do was call her by her first name! She watched him vanish through the thick oak door, wishing she had him spread eagled on a bed with her tongue buried up his cute, tight asshole. With that pleasant thought, she spread her thighs and pushed her fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties and stuffed two fingers into her wet cunt, working them in and out while she pretended it was Kirk’s dick. When they were slippery with her juices, her index finger went farther down and she rammed it hurtingly up her asshole until her palm stopped her from going farther. With her left hand, the girl pinched the lips of her cunt together as hard as she could, feeling the pain lace through her loins like liquid fire.

It took her no more than three minutes; her body shuddered and she was there, coming copiously. Her asshole convulsed, locking down so tightly on her finger that her hard thrusting was almost brought to a stop. Tiny bubbles of spittle formed and popped on her lips as her head sank forward on the desk.

It was terribly stupid of her to remain like this, with both hands in her panties, but she didn’t have the strength to remove them. If someone should come into the office right now while she had her legs widespread and her fingers in her cunt and asshole.

This had to be casual, Alan told himself, yet he wanted the boy to know it came as an order. Well, perhaps not exactly an order. But a request which shouldn’t be rejected. He waved at an overstuffed chair. “Make yourself comfortable, Kirk.” When his legal advisor was seated, Alan leaned back and studied the young man with penetrating eyes.

“How would you like to come to a little party at my home, Kirk?”

“I’m afraid I’d be a very dull addition to any party, sir.”

“Man,” he smiled. “From now on I’m Alan to you.” He couldn’t help but wonder if that sounded too sickeningly magnanimous. He hoped not. That definitely wasn’t the way he had meant it.

An embarrassed smile pulled at Kirk’s mouth.

“Thank you,” he said, nodding his head in response.

Now that he had set the stage, Alan went on: “I would appreciate it if you would come to the party, Kirk…” The slight inflection to his tone left little doubt that Kirk would be far better off should he accept.

Nor did Kirk miss it; since there obviously wasn’t a hell of a lot of choice in this matter, he accepted. Besides, he hadn’t been to a party since his teen years, and it just might prove to be interesting. It would certainly be an excellent opportunity to find out how the affluent lived.


Diagonally from the TV, halfway across the huge living room, Lillian lay half-sprawled in a large easy chair, with her legs splayed as only a young person could and remain comfortable. The crotch of her black panties was clearly visible to Elizabeth, who sat on the floor only a few feet in front of her.

“You’re flashing your furburger, baby,” she grinned, her eyes traveling from the girl’s tightly encased twat to her teasing eyes.

“I know,” Lil answered with a lascivious laugh. And she also knew her friend couldn’t resist taking some type of action when she got a look at her hot box.

“Then cut it out, Goddammit. Your old man and what’s-his-name’ll be here pretty soon and I don’t want to start any shit until they get here. So cover your box because it’s not going to do you any good.” But even as she scolded Lil for trying to entice her, a tiny bubble of saliva began to form under her tongue as she thought about crawling over between those sexy thighs for just a small lick or two of puss before the full action of the night began.

Lillian had told her that her father was bringing home the best-looking guy in the world for them to party, with and wanted to know if she was interested in a foursome. Naturally Elizabeth had been. In another thirty minutes Lillian’s father and the prize would be here.

Like a honeybee drawn to a flower, Liz could no more resist the demanding urge than the bee as she watched Lillian’s fingers pull aside the elastic around her thigh to expose the dampening slit between her legs. An odd sound at the top of her throat bubbled up and out as she crawled on her hands and knees and pushed her face between Lillian’s soft, girlish thighs.

At first she did nothing but sniff the exciting odor when she thumbed apart Lillian’s pink labes, exposing the glistening inner flesh. How she loved the smell of a wet cunt, a clean, wet cunt. She pressed her thumbs upward, towards her tongue. When Lillian’s slick twat lips touched her tongue, she started moving it slowly in and out and flicked the tip upward every third or fourth thrust, making the girl’s body twitch and jerk spasmodically each time the tip touched her clitoris.

For a few minutes Lillian let the girl suck and lick her juicy cunt; then, with iron-willed determination, she pushed Liz’s sucking mouth away. “Wait! Let me take my clothes off.” She wanted to be naked so Elizabeth’s tongue could bathe every inch of her burning flesh.

But Liz couldn’t wait; her fingers twisted into the waistband of Lillian’s panties and ripped them from her hips. Part of the crotch and some elastic around one thigh still remained, and Liz tore that from her friend and buried her tongue back in Lillian’s pussy. Lillian raised her legs and let them rest over the arms of the big chair. All of her flesh was fully exposed now, pussy and pink, puckered asshole. She wished her dad were there to fill her ass with his thick, long cock. But for the moment it was enough that a knowing, caressing tongue was quickly bringing her to a climax.

When the sweet juices started flowing from the pink walls of Lillian’s cunt, Liz licked around the girl’s asshole a few seconds before going up to her quivering clit, then back down the same side and up the other, drawing every precious drop of the delicious secretion into her hungry mouth.

When the girl’s pussy quivered under Elizabeth’s mouth, she knew Lillian was on the brink of coming. She moved her lips quickly upward, closing her mouth gently over the hard clitoris, and sucked the sensitive bud as she stuffed three fingers up her slippery slit, fucking her friend deep and hard, the way she knew Lillian loved it best.

Liz loved to suck the girl’s cunt. She loved the way Lillian’s pussy tasted because, unlike many of the girls in their school whom she had gone down on, Lillian’s slit was always clean and smelled fabulous. A gash that stank was a complete turn-off; she had been sickened more than once when she’d stripped a girl’s panties off only to discover the inner flesh covered with a cheese-like substance that stank as if something had crawled up her hole and died there.

That was why it was such a thrill for her to give head to Lillian. No matter what time of the day or night, Lillian’s cunt was clean. Carefully, Elizabeth pushed her fingers deep, working them in and out of the slippery pussy. Lillian was frantic now; she arched her back, cunt quivering, and exploded.

For several seconds the jarring climax rocketed through the girl’s body. And Elizabeth never stopped her licking, sucking mouth while her fingers plunged in and out of Lil’s soaked cunt. Finally, Lillian’s ass sank back down and Elizabeth’s mouth and hand grew still. Well; almost still.

They lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch their breaths. Both of them needed a rest, but Elizabeth couldn’t resist the slightly gaping pussy, and her tongue darted out occasionally to capture an errant drop of snatch juice that threatened to escape her if she didn’t lap it up now.

With her thumb and forefinger, Elizabeth spread Lillian’s labes widely so she could feast her eyes on the soft, pink inner flesh of her cunt, flesh that was so inviting that she wanted to start sucking the girl all over again. Sometimes Elizabeth found herself wishing she were a man so she could give Lillian the kind of real fucking she needed. How wonderful it would be, she mused, if only she were a hermaphrodite! What could possibly be better than having a nice tight cunt and a big cock growing from the same body? That would be perfect; then she could not only be fucked, but she could also fuck another girl with her very own cock!

It was such a delightful thought to Elizabeth that she lay there for a while dreaming of having both a cunt and cock with which she could fuck or be fucked, depending upon how she felt at the particular moment.


Elizabeth gave Lillian’s hot crack one last long, tender lick before pushing to her feet a second before she heard the click of the front door opening. She smiled; she’d finished just in time.

Lillian’s thighs snapped together, and she rushed to the bathroom to wash her perspiring face and brush her hair. She didn’t want Kirk to see her like this.

With a squeal of sheer delight, Elizabeth dashed across the living room and leaped wildly into Alan’s outstretched arms. Her sensual lips parted under his, their tongues meeting in a fierce duel. The girl won and she sucked his tongue far into her mouth, wondering if he could taste his daughter’s pussy in her mouth.

Alan couldn’t help wondering how Kirk was going to react to the scene unfolding before his eyes. Here was his boss with a lovely young woman in his arms who was trying her very best to eat him alive. He would have the answer to that question shortly.

Kirk watched as Alan’s hands moved down the girl’s spine until they were cupping the firm cheeks of her saucy ass. Kirk made up his mind right then and there that Alan had surely mistaken the date for the party. He wondered what Lillian would think when she saw her father caressing the other girl’s firm ass. His gaze left Lillian for a second, long enough to see one of Alan’s hands move farther down and then back up under Elizabeth’s skirt where it vanished down the back of her sexy panties. He could hardly believe his eyes when Lil gave the couple no more than a casual glance.

“You must be Kirk,” she beamed at him, heading for the large chair where a few minutes before Elizabeth had sucked her pussy. He nodded briefly, his eyes following her across the room where she bent to scoop up the tattered panties Elizabeth had torn from her body. She turned and held them up for Kirk’s inspection. Exposing her sparkling teeth in an engaging smile, Lillian explained simply: “Before you and Dad arrived,” she started and paused, cocking her pretty head to one side and gazing at him out of one eye as if trying to determine how he would handle the truth, “Elizabeth got all carried away and ripped them off my ass when she wanted to suck my cunt and I was too slow in getting them off.” She giggled at the look of incredulity on his face.

His mouth fell open in stunned silence. My God, had he heard correctly? Holy Mother of Christ, did she actually say that Elizabeth sucked her cunt? If she had, what in the world did one say to something like this?

With a smile of delight at having totally shocked Kirk, she crossed the room, went up on her toes and traced the outline of his lips with her tongue. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from giggling when he flinched, trying to move his hips backwards as she cupped his crotch and squeezed his cock. In spite of himself, he felt his prick growing hard under her caressing hand.

Good grief! he thought, her father will murder me for this! Not for a second did he suspect that Alan and Lillian had planned an evening of raw sex. He might have bolted for freedom had he known what was in store for him.

Kirk was so stunned with disbelief at what was happening to him and so filled with fear of what Alan would do when he turned around and saw what his daughter was doing, he was incapable of movement, much less resisting this young woman’s audacious actions.

He felt his belt buckle being released, the rasping sound of his zipper whirring down, and then her thumbs hooked inside his shorts and she tugged them down about his ankles. No sooner had he regained his presence of mind and was about to bolt, when her hot, velvety mouth closed around the head of his flaccid prick.

Never in his wildest imagination had he dreamed anything could feel so fantastically wonderful. Millions of playful imps, their bodies covered with billions of feathers, raced madly through his veins, each finding a pore and darting to the surface of his skin where they exploded miniature bombs.

Minute droplets of perspiration popped out on his forehead and upper lip, whether from fear or from what the girl was doing down there on her knees, he didn’t know for sure.

Lillian drew his still soft cock all the way in her mouth, sucking gently, and was wholly unable to comprehend why his prick wasn’t hard by now. “Ohmigod!” he moaned as Lillian gently pushed two fingers up his asshole and found his prostate. Almost instantly his cock stiffened in her slippery mouth.

She took every inch of his tool down her throat, pressing her nose into his crotch hair and then drew back until only the head remained between her caressing lips. She kept it there for a moment or two, her educated tongue circling the pulsating knob, stroking the nerve-laced underside, and then darting the tip into the tiny slit in the end.

Would his cum taste like her father’s? Would it be as good? She certainly hoped so. There was the possibility that it would taste even better than her dad’s. But she really doubted it because there was nothing in the entire world that tasted as maddeningly delicious as her dad’s scalding, sweet jizz. And she couldn’t help but wonder if he could come as many times in a row as her adored dad.

Lillian wanted his fuck juice in her mouth, spurting down her throat, and she wanted it jetting deep in her pussy, and she wanted it washing over the bowels deep up her tiny asshole.

For a second, and just for a second, Kirk mentally kicked his own ass for having gone all his life without experiencing sex such as this girl was giving him this very moment. He wasn’t at all sure what the emotional conflict in his head would be when this was all over and he reflected back upon it — was he a homosexual for having let this girl stuff her fingers up his asshole? Was he a queer for letting her fuck him with them as if they were a man’s stiff cock? Perhaps. He didn’t know. But for the moment those fingers were sending thrill upon thrill throughout his body.

“I’m… Oh, God… I’m going to… to climax!” he managed to pant down at her swiftly moving head. Actually, he had no wish to warn her that he was about to come in her mouth. For that was exactly what he wished to do more than anything else he had ever done. Yet he wasn’t sure a man should shoot his sperm in a girl’s mouth.

When Lillian heard him gasp that he was on the brink of coming, she gave him every bit of her mouth. His cock was deep in her throat and the muscles clung to it with velvet softness while the very back of her tongue moved back and forth against the base.

Kirk’s cum boiled in his balls like molten lava about to erupt. And then suddenly it did. His balls exploded, rocketing the boiling jizz up the shaft of his cock to spurt down Lillian’s hungry throat.

She pulled her head back so she could feel the cum melting over her tongue. The girl sucked greedily, drawing every fantastic, scalding drop of spunk from his jerking, twitching cock. When both of them thought there could be no more in his balls, it seemed like with each stab of her fingers up his ass, she somehow managed to force a few more drops from his prick. At last, when her finger-fucking produced no further results, she let his cock slip from her lips and pulled her fingers from his convulsing asshole.

“Oooohhh!” he whimpered when the fingers popped from his abused, stretched bung. His legs would no longer sustain his weight; all the strength in his body had been pumped down into the girl’s stomach, and he sank to the thickly carpeted floor. Vaguely, he was aware of Lillian tugging at his clothes until he lay there as naked as the day he came into this world.


When Kirk’s eyes blinked open, he found himself gazing up at his host and the two girls. Alan was staring down into his eyes with a wide, knowing smile spread across his face. But there were no smiles on the girls’ faces, nor were their eyes looking into Kirk’s. They were looking at his crotch. His limp cock rested on his thigh like a sleeping, giant worm that had been worked to the point of exhaustion.

Kirk’s first instinct was to quickly cover his prick with both hands, and he did. Lil giggled while the other two laughed outright.

“You… you’re not serious!” Lil said after a moment. “Don’t you think it’s a bit late to bide your cock? Don’t you remember, Kirk, you came in my mouth only a few minutes ago?” It really wasn’t a question. She hugged herself, reliving for a few seconds the time when his jizz covered every taste bud in her mouth. “If you know how delicious your hot cum is, you’d be eating it yourself!”

This time all three of them burst into laughter when Kirk’s face paled at the mere thought of eating his own sperm. Of course he remembered that he’d just come in her mouth! It was something that would live in his memory forever.

“Well, how was it, Kirk?” Alan asked, still smiling. “Doesn’t my charming daughter give a fantastic blow job?”

“You know?” Kirk gulped, still not certain what his reaction should be. “You saw us?” He closed his eyes and tried to understand how a girl’s own father could possibly allow such an act to be performed in his presence.

“Shit, that blow job was only the beginning of the party,” he pointed out, as all three of them climbed out of their clothes. “Now it’s time for us to get down to the real nitty-gritty, as it were.”

Had his life depended on it, Kirk couldn’t prevent his dick from growing hard as he looked from one naked, teenage pussy to the other. He could hardly believe his own eyes when. Lillian sank to her knees before her father and, taking it in both hands, gingerly placed his big cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around, and she could feel the nervous twitch of his entire shaft. She began to slide her mouth up and down the shaft, tonguing the split at the tip of his swollen meat, and without warning Alan shot his throbbing cock into the back of her throat.

As Kirk watched from the floor, he was certain her father would choke her to death. But Lillian had many times in the past had this same stiff prick deep in her throat like this. She was not only accustomed to the depth he now had his dick in her, she loved to feel the huge knob sink down her convulsing throat. In fact, she even tightened her lips around the base when he rammed his cock into her.

Still in somewhat of a daze over what had already happened, and what was, at this very moment, happening before his eyes, Kirk let Elizabeth lead him to a kneeling position behind Lillian’s ass and spread her cheeks and guide his hard cock up to her tight asshole. There was no further need to direct him. He immediately started pounding his prick in and out of her tight, clutching asshole while she lovingly sucked her dad’s dick.

Great God in heaven, Lillian’s brain screamed silently, what could be better than to have a hard cock in her mouth sucking the cum out of it while another one was ramming hard up her asshole? Nothing that she could think of — unless it was three cocks in her at the same time, one in each of her holes!

Kirk felt the cheeks of his ass being spread and then a wet, slippery tongue licked his crack from his balls to the base of his spine. Elizabeth’s mouth circled his puckered bung and she sucked the tight ring between her lips and stabbed her tongue in the hole as deeply as she could get it. She cupped his balls and rolled them carefully, gently in the palm of her hand while she fucked him in the ass with her tongue.

Elizabeth’s brain throbbed with the suppressed desire to reach a climax with the rest of the group. All three of them would soon cum, but not her. No one was doing anything to her to help her make it. She loved what she was doing to Kirk’s asshole, but she still wanted to come when they did. Her left hand slithered down her belly and went between her widely spread thighs. She worked in one finger, then two. Finally she had three fingers between the slick lips of her cunt. Deeper and deeper she forced them, while she pushed her tongue deeper and deeper in Kirk’s asshole. She worked her fingers in and out of her own cunt furiously for a moment, trying to make herself come, but the maddening itch eluded her.

Yet a flood of warmth answered her beckoning fingers from deep within her belly and cunt. She heard Alan groan; Lillian grunted with the deep, hard stab of Kirk’s dick sinking so far up her ass the girl felt as if it were going to enter her throat from the wrong end of her body should he hunch another inch or so, and Kirk had to bite his lip to keep from crying out from the sweet agony galloping throughout his entire body.

All three of them were on the brink of coming, but Elizabeth wasn’t quite ready. Silently, she pleaded with them to hold off just a few seconds more. She withdrew her soaked, glistening fingers from her gaping twat and moved them up to her clitoris. It was a live thing now, beating like a tiny heart enfolded there between the lips of her pussy near the top of her gash.

A low rumble from somewhere in her throat bubbled upward and burst from her lips. Elizabeth worked her wet, slippery fingertips against her hard clitoris, caressing the nerve-filled tip. The other three in the daisy-chain were there, they were coming almost in unison. Sweat streamed from Elizabeth’s body as her hips gyrated against her frantically working fingers.

Suddenly her lovely face contorted. Her sparkling eyes grew glassy when she thrust her fingers deeply, and the quivering walls of her cunt locked tight around her fingers, as if it had a mind of its own and was trying to suck them farther into her body.

At the exact second Elizabeth started to come, Kirk erupted, also. Every fiber of his being quivered like a tuning fork and his asshole squeezed down so tight he popped Elizabeth’s tongue from his twitching bung. She gasped for breath and melted away from Kirk. She had come, too.

Sometimes, when Alan’s daughter sucked his dick, one of the things he liked to do was pull his cock from her mouth at the instant of his climax so he could shoot his jizz all over her face. He knew how perverted it was to do such a thing, but then, one could hardly become more perverted, he reasoned, than to fuck one’s own daughter! Besides, there was something inexplicably thrilling about seeing one’s sticky, thick cum slowly trickling down a girl’s face. And, strangely enough, Lillian derived a spine-chilling thrill from this same act. She would rather he came in her mouth, asshole or cunt, but there was something about having her father’s fuck juice hitting her face that made her pussy quiver with excitement.

“This is it, baby… do it!” She knew exactly what he meant. There was no hesitation when Alan drew back, letting her know for sure he wanted to cover her face with his cum. “On your lips, too, angel… put some on your lips!” He watched her give his cockhead one last flick with her tongue, as though reluctant to stop sucking it. She closed her fingers gently, so as not to impede the free flow of his jizz, around the glistening shaft and directed the spurting cum straight into her face.

Lillian pushed her tight asshole back harder on Kirk’s prick, forcing it deep in her guts, letting him know she wanted him to keep his cock in her ass even though they had both climaxed. The cheeks of her butt were pressed tightly against his crotch hair. She worked the sphincter muscles in her ass and milked Kirk’s rod of the last drops of spunk.

Her eyes blinked when the thick, milky fizz from her father’s prick shot into them. It trickled slowly down her face. Each drop that came within reach of her tongue was quickly snaked into her hungry mouth like a greedy puppy at its mother’s teat. What she was unable to lap in with her stretching tongue, dripped from her cheeks to her heaving titties. A few drops hit her hard nipples, and each one felt like molten lava, causing a wave of delicious warmth to fill her boobs and flow to her belly, tickling the lips of her wet cunt like the caressing fingers of a tender lover. For a moment Lillian thought she was going to come again, but she didn’t.


After a totally nude dinner — none of them had bothered to dress when they took a breather from their sex games to bathe — Alan was content to relax on the sectional and watch the two girls go to work on the handsome young Kirk.

The two nude girls, with their rosy-tipped jugs and freshly bathed bodies smelling as sweet and edible as wild honey, converged on Kirk as if they hadn’t already fucked and sucked him and were going to absolutely ravish his body.

Whatever they had in mind this time was perfectly okay with Kirk; so long as they didn’t kill him, he was more than willing to go for anything they could come up with. When they got within reach, both hands went out and his fingers pressed between the long, slick lips of their cunts. For a moment or two both girls fucked his fingers by holding tightly to his wrists and guiding his strokes. With a backward step, and a sigh at having to give up the driving fingers pushed deep in her pussy, Elizabeth instructed: “Lie down. No, right here on the carpet.” When he was stretched out on the floor as if spread eagled on an ancient biblical cross, Liz explained, “I haven’t had a taste of your cum yet and I want some.” With a crooked little smile, she added, “I know what your sweet asshole tastes like, though, don’t I?” it wasn’t a question so much as a statement of fact. She lowered her head and her mouth covered the head of his hard prick, enclosing it in liquid fire. She continued to press her mouth downward until the blood-engorged head was deep in her throat.

Another hot, wet tongue licked his face, eyes, nose and across his lips, leaving them glistening with Lillian’s sweet saliva. Her tongue probed his ear and moved down his neck where she nipped him lightly with her sharp teeth, making him flinch from the pain. Yet it was a good pain, unlike any he’d known until now. The girl pushed his arms over his head and sucked the center of his armpits. She moved her sucking mouth to his nipples, making them grow hard as tiny pebbles. Finally, she went back to his mouth and pushed her tongue between his lips.

He knew they wanted him to simply lie there and do nothing while they made love to him, but he could no longer stand the inactivity. His fingers twined in her hair and held her lips against his while his other hand slipped down her curved spine, over the tight globes of her ass, into the crack and down to her soaked, slippery slit.

Carefully, he inserted two fingers, then three, and finally, he tried to push his entire hand into her squirming cunt. Nor did he stop until she groaned from the pain of having too much in her twat.

His weren’t the only probing fingers. Elizabeth was stuffing her fingers up her own cunt until they were slippery with her flowing juices; then she gently pushed three of them up Kirk’s resisting asshole. She heard his muffled groan against Lillian’s mouth, which was pressed tightly against his. Whether a groan of pain or delight, she didn’t know. Nor, at the moment, did she care, for the cock she was sucking suddenly, unexpectedly exploded in her mouth. And his cum tasted even better than Lillian said it did. The slightly salty tang of his sperm filled her immediate desire for male cum. Only a trickle seeped down her throat because she was holding it back, determined to see if he could shoot enough fuck juice to completely fill her cheeks. But when his jizz began to ooze from the corners of her mouth and down her chin, she started swallowing, letting it go down her throat as slowly as she could, puffing like a contented kitten as the spunk heated her stomach and set her cunt ablaze.

Maybe if Kirk had known that a man wasn’t supposed to come as many times as he had this evening, he might not have been able to perform like a Greek God with an insatiable appetite for sex. His cock was even harder now than before he’d come. At least it felt so to him. None too gently, he pushed Elizabeth over on her back, and when her legs flew upward, he quickly spread them wide apart and drove his stiff meat brutally, deeply into the tight gash at the center of her crotch. He pulled out and drove back into her cunt again and again. Her inner twat muscles closed around his rod, grasping, sucking, trying to milk the cum from his hammering dick.

Her body writhed under him in total surrender, liking this new, exciting mastery. Her legs locked themselves around him, ankles clasped at the base of his spine. The words bubbling from her parted lips were unintelligible. When she came a moment ahead of his own nerve-shattering climax, he heard her panted, gasping words.

“Fuck me, you sonofabitch!” Her nails raked a furrow down his back — eight rows of torn flesh filled with stinging sweat that made him pound into her bruised pussy even harder than a moment before. “Kill me with that cock! Drive the motherfucker all the way through to my asshole! Fuck my brains out! FUCK ME! FUCCCKKK MEEE! OOOGGGHHH!”

Kirk was still fucking in and out of her snatch furiously, even though he knew she had come. Their wet flesh smacked together with each thrust he made into her slick, cum-filled pussy. He was filling her gash with so much of his fiery jizz it was spilling out of her cunt, down the crack of her ass and forming a small puddle on the carpet. Finally, he rolled off and lay there panting, staring up at the ceiling.

With a tiny cry of dismay when she saw the cum being wasted as it was soaked up in the thick carpet, Lillian said, “Oh, no! I want it!” Her head sank quickly between Elizabeth’s thighs and her tongue licked the thick cream from her ass. She spread the lips of the slick pussy and buried her hungry mouth as deep as she could get it into Elizabeth’s muff, and sucked Kirk’s cum from the rosy hole.

“Oooooogh! That feels wonderful, darling!” Liz breathed, rolling her left nipple around between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. With her left, she tugged Kirk towards her waiting lips.

He wanted to rest a little more, but kissing this angel incarnate would be far more fun than resting. Prom the corner of his eye, he saw Alan get to his feet and move towards them. He could see no more, because Liz cupped her hand behind his neck and pulled his lips down upon hers. Their tongues met and dueled playfully. Kirk let her have her way, and she drew his lower lip between her lips and sucked the soft under flesh.

Between Liz’s widespread legs, Lil snorted and rooted like a starved piglet. Her entire face was smeared with thick cream. She was stretched out flat on her stomach as she lapped at the juicy cunt, but now her father was between her thighs, hooking his hands under her hips, lifting her to a kneeling position so her tight buns would be spread wide and on the same level with his hard cock.

With loving tenderness, Alan leaned down and tongued her pink, puckered asshole a few seconds before pushing it into her bung as far as he could manage. When he had her shitter thoroughly wet and relaxed, he straightened and knee-walked forward. The raging head of his meat nudged between her cheeks and his daughter’s hand came back to guide the knob into her cute asshole.

Carefully, gently, he leaned forward and the tapered head of his cock pressed against her unresisting brownie. He stopped for a second in case Lil’s asshole wasn’t totally relaxed. Her other hand came back and cupped one cheek of his butt, urging him forward, wanting all of his prick in her, wanting his rod so deep in her ass that his nuts would caress her buns.

She wanted to tell him to hurry and bury every last inch of his dick up her asshole and fuck her guts out, fuck her so hard the friction would set her inner flesh afire, but she couldn’t bring herself to take her mouth from the sweet, juicy cunt she was sucking. To have stopped might mean she would lose a drop of cream, and she didn’t want that to happen. Sperm shot from her father’s prick into her mouth was absolutely delicious, nectar of the Gods, but cum jetted into Elizabeth’s boiling cunt to mix with her own fantastic juices became a combination she felt she would die to get.

The cockhead and an inch or two of the shaft was in her ass now, and more was filling her. When Alan had four inches of hard meat stuffed up her ass, he started pumping in and out. And with each inward push, he sank his dick in her butt just a tiny bit more. What a gloriously tight asshole his lovely baby daughter had! He loved to fuck her in the ass, but more than this, he loved to fuck her tight pussy. Shit! For that matter, there was nothing sexual he didn’t like to do with his charming daughter. As far as he was concerned, no other woman could suck his cock like she could. In one final plunge Alan was balls deep in the girl’s convulsing asshole. When he withdrew and stuffed his rod back in, Lillian pushed her hips back against him until she felt his balls brush against the cheeks of her ass.

With a tremor that rocked her whole body, Elizabeth was the first to reach a climax. Kirk sucked her nipples, first one and then the other. While he was gently chewing on her left tit by rolling the nipple from one side of his mouth to the other against his teeth with his tongue, she indicated that she wanted him to twist around so she could get his cock in her mouth.

“Finger-fuck my asshole!” Liz commanded. Her bung was still wet from having had Lillian lick Kirk’s cum from it, and he was able to push three fingers in her brownie with comparative ease. With each stroke he made in her asshole with his fingers, Elizabeth’s mouth sank down on his stiff cock. In only seconds she came again.

Lillian felt her friend’s body shudder and the juices began to flow. She sucked the delicious cream down her throat hungrily. A moment later the hammering cock in her butt jerked and twitched as it spewed thick, scalding cum up her asshole. She climaxed when the jizz shot over her guts, sending wave upon wave of spine-shattering thrills throughout her body.

Kirk’s free hand moved to Elizabeth’s head, fingers twining in her hair, holding her so she was unable to escape, and fucked into her face as hard as he could, sending his throbbing cock so deep into her throat that her cute nose banged hard against his crotch each time he drove his hips forward and jerked her head against his groin. In no more than a dozen pumps into her sweating face, Kirk started spewing his hot spunk, filling her mouth and throat.

A few minutes later when she reflected back upon what she had done, Elizabeth wondered idly which she enjoyed more — sucking a dick or eating a pussy. She finally came to the conclusion that if she were sucking a dick, then that was what she liked best. And if she were eating a sweet, hot pussy, then that was what she liked best. Both were equally exciting.

For the first time since the beginning of their sex orgy, they were all exhausted. It was as though having indulged in a daisy-chain, the chain had transmitted each person’s fatigue to the other, thereby magnifying the total exhaustion. They lay there on the carpet panting for breath, each in his secret world of sexual fantasy.

The lovely Lillian wondered if there could possibly be anything more exciting, more thrilling than sex. She sure as hell didn’t think so, but if there was, she Goddamn sure intended to discover what it was.


After they had ripped off Kirk’s cherry that night, he became a frequent guest at Alan’s home, and after three months of one sexy orgy after another, there was absolutely nothing the four of them hadn’t done to and for each other. Yet they were content to be with each other and continued their sex parties until shortly after Lillian’s birthday, at which time she and Kirk were married and he became a full partner in Alan’s prospering company. Lillian thought very highly of Kirk because he was a classy guy and she’d grown fond of him. But love him — no. She felt love for only one man, her adored father. She admitted to Alan that Kirk had a perfectly lovely, sweet cock, and how marvelous it felt in her cunt and ass, how sweet it tasted when she sucked it, but that didn’t mean she loved him, she explained — she merely enjoyed having sex with him.

If it were possible, she told Alan, she would marry no man but Alan himself. But since there was no way she could marry her own father, she would marry no man. But Alan had assured her that it would be best for both of them if she were to marry, because too many people had begun to suspect that there was much more to their relationship than simple fatherly love for a daughter. Her marriage to Kirk would, once and for all, dispel any suspicion in that direction. It might not, he admitted, but it should. Especially if they didn’t see each other for a few months.

So Lillian had mated Kirk, but only under the condition that she could still fuck Alan whenever she wanted to. Under no circumstance, she had said, would she stay away from Alan’s cock for a few months! It Goddamn near drove her out of her mind just to do without his prick for a few days; she wasn’t about to agree to a separation of months.

Kirk was at work this morning, and that was why Lillian was here at her father’s home fucking him. Kirk, of course, knew about them from the beginning because he, Alan and the two girls had Goddamn near fucked each other to death over the years they had known each other. Kirk told Lillian that he didn’t mind if she continued to fuck her father, but there was, however, one provision: they must always include him in any sex in which they might indulge. And generally they did, but sometimes, like this morning, Lillian wanted to fuck her dad with no one else around. She wanted them to enjoy each other’s bodies without the involvement of other people.

Lillian’s penchant for sucking dick led Kirk into bringing men home for his new bride to suck off. As much as she loved sucking dick, Kirk loved watching her do it. One evening he phoned to say they would have company for dinner. He was bringing his brother and a close friend home for her to meet, if it was okay with Lillian. Not for a moment did she suspect what he had in mind for her that night. Yet, even if she had, she would have been pleased rather than angry.

That night she went down on the three men several times, but the thing Kirk really wanted to watch was his wife getting fucked by three men at once. He picked up the phone and called another friend and asked him to come over. Lillian took a cock in all three of her holes at the same time shortly after the last man’s arrival.

Frank stretched out across the bed with his dick sticking straight up in the air. Lillian straddled his waist, poising herself above him. Her husband steered Frank’s dick, aiming the long, hard shaft at her slightly gaping, wet cunt and Lillian lowered her beautiful body to receive it, her gash widening as the knob pushed between her glistening twat lips to welcome him. Her hot wetness closed around his rod as if it were a hand as she began to slide up and down Frank’s swollen hunk of meat.

“That’s enough, baby,” Kirk ordered, placing his hands on her hips to keep her from fucking Frank any more until he was ready for her to do so. “Wait until you get all three cocks in you.” He’d never seen a woman fucked by three men at the same time. If it excited him so much to see her suck a dick and to be fucked by one man, it stood to reason that watching her take three pricks at once would be three times as thrilling.

He turned to Mike. “You get up there where she can suck your dick while the other two fuck her cunt and ass.” Mike got on his knees over Frank’s head and Lillian immediately opened her mouth wide to take the huge cockhead aimed at her face.

Von Haehl had mentioned earlier that there was nothing he liked better than to fuck a broad in her tight asshole, so Kirk had saved his wife’s bung for him. She had been fucked in the ass many, many times since her father and she had first taken those irrevocable steps into incest and group sex. She was accustomed to having a cock pounding up her still tight ass, but never had she taken a prick this gigantic.

She tried to scream when Von Haehl started shoving the swollen head of his cock up her ass. It felt like he was trying to stuff a German helmet in her ass instead of a prick. When her mouth flew open to scream, Mike thought she wanted more cock in her mouth and he drove his hips forward, sinking his meat all the way down her throat. The scream came out no more than a gurgle, for at that very same second Von Haehl started pile-driving all eleven inches of his dong deeper and deeper in her guts. It wasn’t so much that he had crammed eleven inches of dick in her ass as it was that his cock was almost four inches in diameter. To Lillian it felt as if someone were jamming a telephone pole up her asshole.

But strangely enough, once Von Haehl had crammed all his whang in her straining hung, Lillian almost went completely wild with desire. The huge cock tearing into her guts seemed only to heighten the thrill of the other two cocks driving in her mouth and cunt. She could hardly wait for all three of them to shoot their hot cum in her, she hoped they could somehow manage to do it at the same time. She simply couldn’t imagine anything better than having three cocks spurting jizz in her at the same moment. What a glorious feeling that would be.

Her hand came out and Kirk moved within reach. Her fingers closed around his hard cock and started jacking him off. Kirk wished he’d invited another man now so his wife would be fully occupied. If she had another dicking her left hand, stroking it up and down as she was his, there would be nothing more she could do; all her holes were filled with throbbing pricks — and her hands would be as busy as a one-armed man fighting an octopus. He let her stroke his dick for a moment or two before taking her hand from his rod. He wanted to stand a few feet away to watch all the action.

When he thought they were on the verge of climaxing, Kirk returned to the bed and lay on his back. Now he could actually see all three dicks plunging into her body. It made him so hot to see the clicks driving in and out of his wife’s holes that he couldn’t help but grasp his own dick and beat it furiously until he was exploding right along with the rest of them.

Lillian didn’t get her wish. The three men fucking her didn’t come at the same instant. But they did come within seconds of each other, and that was fucking near enough to drive her out of her mind. For no sooner did one man finish jetting his milky, hot cum in her than another would begin. Thrill piled upon thrill coursed throughout her entire body until she would have screamed her joy had not the dick in her throat prevented her from doing so.

The last one to come in her was Mike, and he shot so much jizz in her throat that it backed up and spilled from her sucking mouth, over her lips and down her chin. But before his fuck juice could drop away and perhaps be lost to her, she cupped her hand under her chin to catch the errant drops of spunk to lick up later when the dick was no longer driving down her cum-filled throat.

Lillian had been so excited and thrilled over Kirk’s having brought the men home for her that she urged him to find others for her to suck and fuck. And because he enjoyed watching men make it with his wife so much, he never hesitated to find someone for her. Often during the day when Kirk was working, Lillian found her own partners. There was the elderly neighbor who was somewhere between fifty and sixty, a man who really, truly made love to her as opposed to merely getting in bed with her and throwing a quick, hard fuck in her hungry cunt. He was a wonderfully considerate, gentle lover who derived a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from the joy he gave his partner, for in giving all he could of himself, he received far more. He played her erogenous zones as a master strategist might effect a plan of attack on an enemy force. When she could no longer withstand the stroking from his gentle hands, the maddening softness of his velvet tongue licking the inner flesh of her thighs, the wet, slippery length of her slick gash, the tiny button of her clit, Lillian would beg him to fuck her.

Au of it was thrilling for her, but there was nothing quite as wonderful as being with her father like she was at this moment. As she was driving over to the house this morning, she’d planned to fuck him in the ass with the dildo and suck his cock, both of which she had already done. Now, she would leave the rest up to him. She didn’t know why she liked to fuck him with a dildo. Maybe because he enjoyed it so much. And it was strange to her that he should like her to fuck him when he definitely didn’t want to be fucked by another man. Yet he loved having his daughter ram the dildo deep in his asshole until he could stand it no longer and exploded.

Lillian smiled happily when Alan caught his breath and told her what he wanted. She rose and placed a foot on either side of his chest. He stared up at the wet bush, the long, glistening lips of her pussy as they spread when she lowered herself. The cheeks of her ass came to rest on the hair of his chest. She thrust her crotch forward, spreading her labes wide with thumb and forefinger, exposing the deep inner pinkness of her cunt.

Alan raised his head to meet her and to taste and smell the exciting odor of his daughter’s pussy. His tongue came out and licked up one lip and down the other and then back up again, savoring the sweet juice her box released for his tongue to lap from her slit. He nudged her hips forward with his hands on the cheeks of her ass. She had to move no more than an inch or two, and with his neck stretching upward, he closed his lips around her hard, quivering clitoris. He sucked the bud between his lips and caressed the nerve-filled tip, then circled it with his tongue.

Lillian’s fingers twisted in his hair like the talons of a hawk clamping onto its prey and smashed his face hard between her wet twat lips. “Bite it, Dad! Bite my clit!” she begged him when she felt herself beginning to reach her climax. She wanted him to bite her clitoris, but not too hard; just soft little nips of love.

“Bite my lips — really bite them, Dad!” Lillian cried, meaning exactly that. She wanted him to actually bite her cuntlips, wanted to feel the pain the bites would inflict. “Bite, Goddamn you! BITE ME HARD!”

Always when she wanted him to bite her cunt like this, he couldn’t help but fear that he would hurt her too much. Nevertheless, he obeyed her request. He nipped her clitoris gently a few times before grasping her right labe between his strong white teeth to bear down until Lillian threw back her head and screamed from the sweet agony of the pain lacing through her cunt.

When she came like this with Alan’s teeth almost breaking through the skin of her tender cuntlips, she collapsed backwards, her legs folding under her and her body convulsing as if a sudden chill were sweeping through her body.


Where could this father and daughter go from here — what more could they do that they hadn’t already done? They didn’t really know. The four of them had continued their sex games even after Lillian and Kirk were married. Tonight, they had another party planned and the men were going to kick back and watch the girls fuck each other with dildos, after which all four would get it on together. The four were to meet at Alan’s pad that night at eight-thirty, but Elizabeth didn’t show up at the appointed time. A phone call to her apartment confirmed that she’d left a few minutes after eight. At ten-forty-five they called the police and reported her missing.

Across town at five after eight, Elizabeth was just pulling up to a stop sip, her body tingling with anticipation. She was looking forward to fucking her lovely girl friend with a dildo. The mere thought made her cunt wet. She shivered each time she pictured, in her mind’s eye, Lillian on her hands and knees before her while she hammered the eight-inch dildo far up her horny cunt. She had no doubt whatsoever in her mind that she, herself, would come while she fucked Lillian because the mere thought was driving her half wild with desire.

She had just put her hand between her thighs to cup her crotch and found that her panties were soaked all the way through, when suddenly the right-hand door of her car was jerked open and two men in their late twenties leaped into the front seat. Her mouth flew open to scream when the one nearest her pressed the gleaming point of a long hunting knife against her stomach. The scream died on her trembling lips.

“I’ll spill your fucking guts all over this car,” he snarled in warning, “if you make one Goddamn mistake!” The knife blade bit her soft flesh and a tiny trickle of blood quickly soaked through the material of her short skirt.

Elizabeth gasped, fearing that this madman was going to kill her here and now. The cut didn’t hurt as much as it stung — it frightened her more than anything. She was almost totally paralyzed with naked fear. She had read in the papers about such things happening, but, like most people, she had always told herself that it would never happen to her.

The other man, his face contorted with the fear he felt over the possibility that they might be caught and punished for kidnap — and kidnap in California carried the death sentence — leaned across his partner and hissed at the terrified girl: “Do exactly as you’re told, bitch, and you might live through this!”

The knife point withdrew and Elizabeth breathed easier. “Ohmigod, pl-please don’t hurt me,” she begged, her eyes big as half-dollars and her face drained of color. “I’ll do anything you tell me… only d-d-don’t hurt me!”

“Drive, bitch!” the one with the knife ordered. “I’ll tell you where to go from here. Turn right on Supulveda,” he instructed and slipped his hand up her dress, his fingers snaking under the elastic hugging her thigh. He was surprised and pleased that his fingers went into her pussy so easily. He’d expected her cunt to be totally dry since she couldn’t possibly be hot and had to be frightened half to death.

He smiled when his fingers sank to his palm in her slippery, wet cunt. “Sonofabitch, baby,” he chuckled, pumping his fingers in and out of her hole, “how come your furburger’s so fucking wet?”

The girl tried to answer; she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. She was too frightened to say a word. She was doing well just to drive the car and obey his instructions when he ordered her to turn here and turn there.

George Bevins twisted his fingers around the crotch of her panties and tore them from Elizabeth’s body in a single jerk. They were parked now just at the foothills of the mountain range between Bakersfield and Los Angeles. This wasn’t the first girl George had raped. The number was almost up to a hundred.

Ronnie Gillette sniffed at the torn, discarded panties and liked the odor of her juices. This chick was going to taste delicious! He licked the crotch and was happy to discover that there was actually a sweet taste there, as if she had dipped her fingers in honey and then wiped them on the crotch of her panties.

“Here,” he said, thrusting the crotch under George’s nose so he, too, could get a sniff and taste if he wanted, “taste these, George. They’re but of sight!”

“Fuck that,” he laughed as they climbed from the car and headed for the little cabin nestled under an outcropping of rock at the base of a small hill. It was completely hidden from view. If one didn’t know exactly where to look, it couldn’t be seen. “What the fuck do I want with her fucking Goddamn drawers when I’ll have my face buried in the real thing in a couple of minutes, dummy?”

In sudden, total panic that these two men might kill her when they were finished raping her, Elizabeth bolted, racing in raw terror back down the rutted road up which she had driven the car.

Laughing like a madman, George’s short legs churned like pistons in swift pursuit. His hand shot out, trying to grab her long, flowing hair. Instead he caught her blouse and tore it from her body.

She was naked except for the skirt, because she never felt the need to wear a bra since her tits stood straight out from her chest like ripening pears. Another grab, and the skirt was fluttering to the sun-scorched ground.

Elizabeth’s feet fairly flew across the rough ground. But she didn’t have a chance. Ronnie had cut off her only chance at freedom by leaping in the car and speeding ahead of her. But it was an unnecessary move because George was having a ball chasing this naked nymph with the golden hair streaming out behind her. He could have captured her anytime he wanted. But since it was the first time he’d ever chased a naked girl across country, he let her remain a few yards ahead of him until he grew weary of the game. Then he reached out and caught a handful of her hair and jerked her off her feet into his arms. For a moment he considered the possibility of fucking her right there in the weeds, dirt and rocks. But it would have been a bit hard on his knees so he marched her back to the cabin and gave her a swift, but not hard kick in the ass for daring to run from him.

“What’s your name?” he asked, still panting for breath after his run.

“E-Elizabeth,” she stammered, watching Ronnie peel out of his clothes and grease his stiff cock with a substance from a jar. This could mean only one thing — he was going to fuck her in the ass. She wanted to protest that there was no way in the world that she could take his huge cock up her asshole, but she was too frightened to object. His dong looked like it had to be at least ten inches long and three and a half inches in diameter. It would surely tear her wide open when he tried to stuff it in her tiny asshole. Yet, there was nothing she could do but submit to whatever they had in mind for her.

“Well, Elizabeth,” he went on, smiling when he saw the look on her face as she stared at Ronnie’s long, hard dick sticking straight out from his groin, “we’re going to fuck your Goddamn brains out, so you might as well get yourself used to the idea. There’s nothing we’re not going to do to you. You’re not a virgin, are you?” Not that it mattered one Goddamn bit to him; he simply wanted to know. He’d never fucked a virgin before. George didn’t think she was. Her cunt had been rather tight when he’d pushed his fingers into her hole, but he still didn’t think she was a virgin.

“N-N-No,” she stammered, watching Ronnie’s approach, his cock gripped tightly in his fist and waving threateningly at her. He had a crooked grin on his handsome face, no longer scared as he was when they first put the snatch to the girl. There wasn’t much chance that they would be caught now, not since they had the girl at their cabin. This was the first time he had gone with George when he went out to rip off a broad.

The prospect of taking pussy from a woman had always excited him, but he’d never dared rape one before this. And now one of his long-time fantasies was about to become a reality. Another thing he’d never done before was fuck a broad in the ass, and he sure as hell wasn’t about to miss this golden opportunity! He could hardly wait to ram it deep up this young chick’s bung.

There was little doubt, if any, in Elizabeth’s mind that she could very quickly talk herself into an early grave if she weren’t extremely careful with these two strange men, but she couldn’t help but say, “Good God, mister, please don’t fuck me in the ass with that thing!” She pointed at Ronnie’s huge, swinging cock as he advanced on her threateningly, as if he were going to beat her with a club rather than fuck her.

That stopped him cold. “Hey, bitch,” he said, examining his cock, then looking back at her, his brow wrinkled with his hurt feelings, “whaddya mean that ‘thing’?” He twisted his cock in his hand and examined it carefully to see if there might be a scabby sore or something unpleasant on his dong.

Ronnie was quite proud of his giant prick; that is, he had been until this moment. Now he wasn’t so sure. None of his women had ever complained about his hunk bf meat before. But then, that was only because since his advance into early adulthood, Ronnie had known nothing but one whore after another. And without fail, each of them had had a cunt like an open rain barrel; therefore, they had loved Ronnie’s cock, because seldom did they find a cock that they could feel in them. But Ronnie’s whang filled them, sometimes even to the point of hurting. “What’s wrong with my dick?” he demanded.

“What’s wrong with it?” she repeated. Was this dummy for real? she wondered. “Why, that’s not a cock! That’s a Goddamn redwood tree stump! There’s no way in the world that will go in my ass!”

Now Ronnie understood what she was talking about, and his sensitive feelings were no longer hurt. In fact, he was rather flattered that she thought his cock belonged on a giant. He shook his rod at her and pushed her down on the bed, ginning from ear to ear. “You’ll love it,” he said confident that she actually would — for hadn’t all the whores? “Once it’s buried in your hot ass.”

George had moved around to the other side of the bed and was getting out of his clothes. “Get on your hands and knees, baby,” he ordered, “with your ass toward Ronnie. While he fucks you in the ass, you’re going to suck my dick for me. Got that?”

Elizabeth nodded and obeyed, fearing not to. She felt a hand caressing her ass, then moving down the crack, over her bung to her cunt, where the fingers sank in deep. T-hey were surprisingly gentle fingers. She had naturally assumed that these men would care less about what she felt under these circumstances.

Elizabeth had become such a complete sexual person with her three dear friends that it was utterly impossible for her not to respond whenever anyone so much as brushed her cunt. A soft moan escaped her lips in spite of her fear. It felt so good to have those fingers slipping gently in and out of her oozing hole.

“You ever had it in the ass?” Ronnie asked, smearing her pussy juice around her puckered asshole.

“Yes,” she answered, watching George climb onto the bed, his hard dick moving nearer and nearer her face. “But never with a cock as big as yours. That thing will tear my guts out, can’t you understand that? You might be able to fuck a horse with that thing, but never a woman!”

His hand came down with a sharp splat on the cheek of her ass and she squalled and hunched forward. George’s dickhead poked her in the right eye. “Ouch!” She was about to ask what had brought that on when he smacked her ass again.

“Look, bitch,” Ronnie warned, stuffing three fingers up her quivering shitter, “it’s a dick, not a ‘thing’!” He jammed the three fingers in and out of her bung. “You got that straight now?” he growled, deliberately hurting her.

“Uugh! Ye-Yes!” The fingers were no longer gentle. Would she never learn to keep her fucking mouth shut? She warned herself to be extra careful from this point forward, because for all she knew these two men might be cold-blooded killers. But if she played her cards right, she might come out of this alive. If she didn’t, there was no telling what might happen to her.

“Why don’t you let me suck it?” she asked, glancing back over her shoulder at him just as his fingers were withdrawn from her asshole, “or fuck my pussy? There’s no need for you to hurt me, is there? Please don’t do this and I’ll make this sex as good for both of you as I know how — I promise. And I always keep my pro… MISE!” she finished with a gulp as the head of his huge cock, started pressing against her tightly clamped brownie. She had known he was trying to make her asshole relax by finger-fucking it after his anger passed, and she had relaxed there for a moment. But the second his giant cock touched her bung, her entire body tightened like a bow string. That dong was going to completely ruin her, and she knew it!


Elizabeth tried to scramble forward on her hands and knees to escape the aching, blazing pain Ronnie’s cock was causing, but she could move only inches because George stuffed his dick in her gaping mouth and now he was fucking into her face, driving his rod deep in her throat. As the swollen, saucer-like head of Ron’s cock forced its way into her tightly clenched bung, Elizabeth tried to scream but the dick in her throat permitted her only a pain-filled groan.

“You’ll make it good for us, you fucking slut,” George cautioned her, “or I’ll slice your motherfucking throat for you. And if you think I’m bluffing, fuck-face…” he drove his point home by slamming his groin hard into her face, smashing her cute nose against his crotch hair, “test me!”

Elizabeth had not the slightest intention of testing him. She was afraid that she might have already overplayed her hand by running off at the mouth. Besides, right now her entire mind was filled with the pain of Ronnie’s cock slipping inch by agonizing inch up her tight, convulsing asshole. Jesus, how it hurt! She didn’t know what it was like to have a baby, for she’d never given birth to one. But the cock going up her ass felt as if she were giving birth to an elephant — and the fucking thing was going to leave her body from her asshole instead of her cunt. If this was any indication of what it felt like to have a baby, she wanted no part of it, ever!

Her asshole felt as if someone were ramming a fencepost in and out of her. And the cock hammering her mouth wasn’t a toothpick! Though it wasn’t nearly as large, George wasn’t giving her a chance to suck his prick; he was too busy fucking her throat. The muscles contracted around the knob and part of the shaft, making her throat feel every bit like a tight, young woman’s pussy to him.

Besides, she couldn’t have sucked his rod even if he gave her the chance to do so. For the searing pain in her ass and guts was almost more than she could bear. Elizabeth was on the verge of passing out.

With one last thrust, Ronnie’s whang was in her ass all the way to his balls. He had eleven fat inches of cock up her ass. He held her hips tight, fearing she might escape if he didn’t. No pussy he had ever fucked felt like this one; it was so very tight and hot. It wouldn’t have taken much for him to make himself believe that Elizabeth’s smoldering ass had been created especially for his cock. Her convulsing bung tightened and relaxed every few seconds as if she were doing it on purpose to please him. What he didn’t know, was that pain made it clutch and release his cock.

Minute beads of sweat broke out on the cheeks of Elizabeth’s ass and down the center of her spine. Never had anything hurt her quite like this. Her eyes started to roll back as she went into a faint, but at that precise second Ronnie withdrew his huge cock and pushed it quickly all the way back up her ass into her guts.

For some unaccountable reason the horrible pain began to diminish; in its place came a warm wave of pleasure, partly induced, she knew, by George coming in her mouth and down her throat. There were few things in life Liz loved more than a man jetting his spunk into her, no matter whether he shot it on her body or in one of her holes, she wanted it.

But there was more to it than this, for the pain in her ass was gone now. There was something strange happening to her. The cock slipping in and out of her asshole was beginning to feel quite wonderful. How the change could come about so quickly, she couldn’t imagine, nor did it matter. What did matter was the fact that all the terrible pain was no longer tearing up through her guts and spine.

Behind her, Ronnie backed his hips away from the cheeks of her ass until there was nothing but the pulsating head of his cock left in her bung. Then he pushed his tool back in, sinking deep. His nuts bounced like velvet sacks against the cheeks of her sweaty butt, and this, too, seemed to add something new and strange. It was like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, because only when his balls touched lightly against her ass did she know for certain that Ronnie had no more cock left to shove into her stretched shitter.

When George was finished rubbing the head of his prick on her lips and she had given it one last lick, snaking away the final drop of jizz which had oozed onto the tip, Elizabeth began helping Ronnie fuck her ass by shoving her hips backward against him when he drove into her.

“AAAAWWW! God, yes!” she panted, feeling wave upon wave of delight flow through her ass to her cunt and up to the nipples of her tits.

“Fuck my ass, you big-cocked motherfucker! Drive it home, Dad! Make me feel it deep in my guts!” Elizabeth was going completely wild with this new feeling Ronnie was giving her body.

“I’m gonna fuck your Goddamn brains out, you little bitch!” Ronnie told her, slamming his gigantic cock in and out of her ass. The silken sleeve of her inner flesh tried, or so it seemed to Ronnie, to suck his meat right back up her guts when he drew it backwards from her bung. It was almost as if Elizabeth’s asshole had a brain all of its own and was afraid he was going to take this wonderful cock away from it before her butt had all it wanted.

“I knew you’d love my dick,” he panted down at the girl, “after I get this big mother in you! When I get finished with you, whore, you probably won’t want a cock nowhere else but in your hot asshole!” The blazing heat was beginning to build in his nuts, and Ronnie knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be loading her ass and guts with his milky cum.

Elizabeth could only make little incoherent whimpers as the man on her back stuffed her asshole with far more cock than any woman should be expected to take. Tears streamed from her eyes, but she wasn’t sure why she was crying. It wasn’t because of the pain, for that was mercifully gone now.

Though George was positive that was what it was. Actually, he felt about half-assed sorry for her. She had to be hurting with Ronnie’s cock stuffed up her guts. He never could understand how Ronnie was able to fuck even those whores with whom he partied so often. He gazed at her face and what he saw here certainly didn’t suggest there was pain, but then there was no suggestion of pleasure, either. The tears had him baffled.

Elizabeth could not have explained this new, exciting feeling she was experiencing had she been asked. What she didn’t realize was the combination of pain Ronnie was inflicting in her ass had been overshadowed by her intense sexual pleasure — the fantastic mixture had turned her on in a manner unlike any before in her life. It was a masochistic part of her nature she had no idea existed.

At first he had inflicted unbearable pain, but now he was giving her almost limitless pleasure. And to make it even better for her, Ronnie was thoughtful and considerate enough to circle her waist with both arms, the fingers of one hand sinking deep in her juicy cunt and the forefinger of his other hand carefully searching for and finding her hard clitoris.

With his long, thick cock plunging up her tight, bleeding asshole, his fingers digging all the way to the back wall of her pussy, the soft ball of his forefinger gently caressing her pulsating clit, Elizabeth could not have prevented herself from coming if she had wanted to.

Every drop of secretion that exploded from her cunt soaked his fingers like molten lava. Ronnie knew she was coming and it felt to him like she orgasmed with her entire body. Even though his huge cock had her asshole stretched and torn, it somehow squeezed down even tighter on his pounding dong, and he drove it even farther up into her guts, as if he were trying to reach her throat.

The quivering body under his made Ron’s cock burst in her ass, spraying her intestines with liquid fire. When she felt his cum melting her very guts, Elizabeth climaxed again and again. No sooner would one climax shatter her soul when another made her body jerk as if an electric shock had jolted her. Never had she come quite like this.

She couldn’t help but wonder how she could ever do without this huge cock in her bung, for what other man in the entire world would have a cock with the length and thickness of this one fucking far up into her pulsating ass? Probably none. So somehow she must convince Ron that she truly wanted to be his woman from now on; fuck, she not only wanted to be, she felt she had to be. After being fucked by Ron’s big cock, no other man could possibly satisfy her but Ronnie. Or so she thought, anyway. She knew her poor asshole was already stretched so far out of shape that any other man’s cock would feel like a toothpick in her butt compared to Ron’s. After this, no man could help but think he had his cock in a barrel — unable to reach the bottom or touch the top or sides!

But her biggest problem would be in trying to get Ronnie for her man, because she had to make him believe she wasn’t merely trying to trick him so she could have the police waiting when they met somewhere to fuck — assuming, of course, he liked what he was getting enough to want her again.

“I love it, my big-dick Dad!” Elizabeth breathed, still pushing her sweating ass back against Ronnie’s softening cock. “I really love the way you fuck my asshole with that monster dick!” At last she grew still, feeling his cock shrink back to its normal size. And even with it back to a soft state, his rod would still be three or four times larger than the average man’s dick.

An ordinary cock would have grown soft and simply slipped from her asshole. But not Ronnie’s. When his prick was completely soft, it was still deep in her clenching asshole. Elizabeth was surprised and utterly amazed to feel her stretched bung shrink back down with each diminishing millimeter of his dick. Maybe she wouldn’t absolutely have to take this common criminal, this animal who raped women, as the only man who would be able to satisfy her. Maybe her asshole wasn’t completely mined for other men, after all. Now she was having second thoughts about this rapist with his cock in her butt. Maybe she really would have to have only his cock in her to make her feel it. Well, she reasoned, she would never know until she got another cock in her hot bung. Suddenly it occurred to Elizabeth that Ronnie would probably be fucking her in the cunt in a few minutes with his gigantic cock, and a cold chill darted up her spine. There was no way in the world he could keep from ripping her pussy open. She knew he had torn her asshole because she was still bleeding. There was no pain, but she could feel the blood seeping down her thigh. What she didn’t know, was there was more cum than blood.

Ronnie’s huge cock had torn her asshole, but only a little — not enough to do her any lasting harm. But he could very likely tear her cunt enough to need a doctor to repair the damage. He had even torn some of the whores he’d fucked, so there was little doubt that he would Goddamn near destroy her pussy with his slowly hardening hunk of meat.

No matter how hard he might try, Ronnie knew he couldn’t help but hurt and tear her cunt at least some when he fucked her. But he promised himself that he would be careful.


Ronnie had his fingers stuffed deep in her wet cunt, pumping them in and out as far as he could get them. He knew he had to have her completely relaxed and smoldering hot if she was going to be able to take all of his cock.

George was behind her, waiting to fuck her in the ass while Ronnie got her in the position he wanted to fuck her cunt. He couldn’t help but wonder if she would even feel his normal-sized cock after having Ronnie’s whang crammed up her butt.

“You get on top,” Ronnie instructed, holding his hard cock in both hands as though it were an ax handle instead of a cock. “Just sit down on it slowly until you’ve got every inch of it in your cunt.”

The girl wanted to protest, but she was too frightened not to obey his every command. She put a foot on either side of his hips and lowered herself to her knees. That is, she started to go to her knees but she didn’t make it. About halfway down, she came in contact with the throbbing head of his cock.

Carefully, her hand trembling as she aimed his rod at her cunt, she lowered her body until the knob pushed its way between her wet, glistening twat-lips. She gasped as it sank in, forcing the walls of her cunt apart as nothing ever had in her life.

“That’s enough for now, baby,” Ronnie grinned up at her, locking his fingers in the crack of her ass, spreading her cheeks farther apart for George and opening her cunt a bit more for his own hungry cock. “Just pump up and down on it for a few minutes till you get used to the big motherfucker going in your pussy. While you work your cunt up and down, sink my dick in just a little more each time till it’s all the way in.”

He glanced around her body at George and winked. “Hey, ole buddy,” he laughed, “why don’t you start fucking her sweet asshole right now so it’ll take her mind off my little monster?”

Elizabeth felt a little stinging sensation when George shoved his cock balls deep up her asshole, but that was because the sweat from her buns was trickling into the torn hole. But even with the stinging back there in her asshole, she had to admit that it felt good to have another cock in her butt, especially one that was of normal size! But more importantly, it really did help to take her mind from the post-like cock slowly sinking into her widely stretched cunt.

She knew it was humanly impossible for a woman to take a cock this huge in her pussy — seven, possibly eight inches was all any woman could take no matter what size the cock. But the more prick she managed to force up her cunt, the more she wanted in her. There was pain, a lot of pain. But as before, there was something strange happening to her body. As long as it was sexual pain, it somehow, strangely, made it all that much better.

Behind her, George was fucking her perspiring ass as if it was the last fuck he would ever get in his entire life. His crotch pounded against her butt like a machine.

What none of them knew at this moment, was that they had been spotted from a nearby hilltop by a couple of young lovers. They had seen George and Ronnie chasing Elizabeth, tear her clothes from her, and force her back to the cabin. The girl wanted to get dressed and hurry to inform the police that a girl was surely going to be raped by two crazy men, but the boy said, “Fuck that shit! We’ll report it, all right. But not before we finish here. Besides, before we can get to the pigs, those guys will already have that girl well-fucked!”

She started to protest, but when she glanced down at the stiff cock she had waited all day in school to suck, she couldn’t argue the point. She sank to her knees on the blanket and closed her sweet mouth over the head of his dick and started to suck.

“My asshole, baby,” he panted, steering her fingers between the cheeks of his butt. “Finger fuck my asshole while you blow me!”

Quickly, Marian dipped her fingers in her slippery pussy, twisted them around a few times until they were good and wet and then smeared the juice carefully around Joe’s bung.

Joe’s fingers were twined in her short-cropped black hair as he fucked his cock deep into her throat. He felt three fingers press carefully — that is, as carefully as she could manage as his hammering hips drove six inches of stiff meat in her mouth and down her throat — up his asshole and start finger-fucking him.

Her mother had taught her over a year ago how to please a man by fucking his asshole with her fingers. She explained what a woman could do to a man’s mind by stroking and caressing his prostate. While her mother had sucked her cunt, she had finger-fucked Marian to demonstrate how it was to be done to a man.

This wasn’t the first time she had finger-fucked Joe’s brownie, but she had been the first one to do it to him. And when she fucked him with her fingers, he always came three times as much as he would otherwise. When the tips of her fingers found his swollen prostate, and the soft balls caressed it gently, he started jetting his hot, sweet jizz in her sucking mouth and down her throat.

As always, there was far more fuck juice than she could possibly swallow and it spilled from her bulging cheeks and ran down her chin. And everytime he came in her mouth, she came, too. Her twitching pussy spilled its thick cream over her fingers as she jammed them in and out of her cunt hole.

Fifteen minutes later Marian and Joe were at a phone booth instructing the police how to reach the cabin. Unfortunately for Elizabeth, the dispatcher who ordered the radio car to the scene of the crime had no idea that the officers responding had been ripping off girls and women for over five years.


When the police arrived with their lights off, they surprised Ronnie and George with their cocks buried in the half-conscious Elizabeth. They handcuffed the rapists and spent the next three hours fucking the girl. Then all four of them screwed her in every way they could think of. Later, when they were all fucked out, Elizabeth was made to confess her entire life’s story. She told them about Kirk and his wife Lillian, who were waiting this very minute along with Lillian’s father so they could have an orgy.

The four of them went to Alan Madden’s home and caught him fucking his daughter in the asshole while her husband sucked her cunt. Under threat of arrest and exposure, all eight of them got into a daisy-chain.

From that point forward, George and Ronnie had to rob and share their loot with the two crooked cops, and the cops made the girls sell their cunts and give them most of the money.

But then, that’s another story of the incest girl!

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