Hot For Sis

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood mate-traders.

Amy Collins is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her, a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

HOT FOR SIS — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


“Mmmmmm, you have the biggest, juiciest cock,” Amy Collins murmured, smacking her lips with horny delight.

She rubbed her cheek against the rubbery warmth of her husband’s jutting cock, purring out her lusty appreciation of his meaty prick.

“I just love your big prick,” she cooed. “I absolutely fuckin’ love it!”

Mouth parted, she nuzzled his horny hard cock, making his cock shaft glistening wet from her moving mouth. Her soft lips massaged his prick with sensuous slowness, and her tongue flicked out teasingly.

“Give it to me, you hot cock-sucker,” Rick urged her hoarsely.

Amy rubbed her open mouth up and down the long shaft of his prick, from the bulging angry-red head of his cock down to the hairy sacs of his balls.

She lingered there, taking in his taut balls, sucking them gently. Her tongue laved over the crinkly-haired curve of his balls, and she moaned softly in growing passion.

Rick cradled her cheek in his hand, rubbing his thumb along her jaw, groaning as she sucked on his pulsing balls.

“Christ, you’re really getting to me when you do that,” he gasped.

Amy shivered at the raw lust in his voice, thrilled by the way she could so easily and quickly arouse him. Somehow, too, she knew that the idea of their being parted in the morning was also responsible for making this moment even more erotic and feverish.

She sucked at his bulging balls, tongue lashing them furiously.

“Yeah, that’s it… oh, shit, yeah,” Rick groaned passionately.

A rippling shudder of arousal coursed along her body. Amy let his swollen balls slip from her sucking mouth, and once more ran her tongue up and down the tall-standing pole of his prick.

“God, you taste so good,” she sighed happily. “I could just eat you and suck you forever.”

Rick’s cock jerked against her mouth, inviting her to do just that.

Grinning eagerly, she stuck out her tongue and licked up from the root of his prick to the bulging cockhead in a single slow swipe like a child running her tongue along a long lollipop.

Then she stiffened her tongue, running the tip of it around the sensitive rim edging his cockhead, then flicking at the piss-slit in its center.

“Aaaawww, Jesus!” Rick gasped.

Teeth bared, she nibbled daintily at his cock flesh until he was thrashing and growling out his ferocious need.

Her own lust threatened to overwhelm her. She could no longer stand to deny herself the thrill of sucking all of his cock into her throat.

Quivering with carnal anticipation, she moved up to cup his cockhead with her softly parted lips. Steadily she edged downward, until his cockhead plopped into her mouth with a wet sticky sound.

“God damn,” Rick snorted. “You’re makin’ me crazy woman… do it to me, suck that cock.”

She needed no urging now. Gobbling his horny hot cock fed the fire of her arousal, giving her the sensual pleasure she craved so much.

The slick disappearance of inch after inch of tasty cock into her mouth made her nearly faint from the sheer pleasure of it. She gloried in the rich meaty taste of his prick and how wonderful it felt being stuffed into her mouth.

Amy sucked hungrily at his prick, drawing in more and more of it into her gulping mouth.

Rick shuddered against her, sucking in great gasps of air. His lean, muscular legs opened wider, stretching out and stiffening.

The movement thrust even more of his swollen cock into the damp depths of her throat. She closed her eyes in erotic bliss. A low moan sounded deep in her throat. She hated to give up this sensual electricity between them, even if only for a few weeks.

Then she thought of Alan… of being with him. Her body pounded with a sudden flush of super-heated lust.

Her lips clamped firmly around Rick’s turgid prick as he fucked his cock into her throat. She sucked at his cock feverishly, her tongue swirling out wildly to lick and taste his steamy prick.

“Aw, you sweet bitchin’ cock-sucker,” Rick groaned lustily.

His hips arched, fucking his prick into her throat.

Amy humped her cunt mound against his out flung leg, trying to calm the ravenous passion making her pussy pulse hotly. As she thrust her cunt against his leg, her pussy cream coated his skin stickily.

Moaning in erotic delirium, she sucked wildly on his hard prick, bobbing her head up and down. His prick fucked in and out of her gripping mouth in delightfully slow strokes.

“That’s it, that’s what I like,” Rick grunted heavily.

She continued her avid cock-sucking, while mashing her churning cunt against his leg. Each grazing hump jarred her distended clit, making the little stub throb with building arousal.

The wet warmth of her mouth captured his pumping prick time after time. Her lips were tight around his cock, and her tongue continually swiped across the thickness of his prick with rasping pleasure that made him tense with horny desire.

“Shit, yes,” he groaned. “Oh, Amy honey, it’s coming… it’s coming.”

She could feel his horny cock thickening ever so slightly, and felt the building pressure in his balls against her face. She twitched hungrily at the anticipation of swallowing his hot load of cum.

“Suck me, suck me off, cunt,” he growled, pushing his hips against her face.

His fucking motions grew stronger, and so did her sucking and licking. In moments he stiffened against her.

In that instant, Amy ground her cunt against his outstretched leg, and felt the orgasmic tremors flower in her horny cunt. Her fuckhole twitched, convulsed sharply.

Then he was shooting into her mouth, wad after wad of hot cock juice. Amy swallowed blissfully, her throat rising as she gobbled up spurt after spurt of sticky warm cum.

“Drink it down, sweet bitch,” Rick groaned hoarsely. “Take it all now.”

His cock pulsed hotly, erupting in a rhythmic flood of cum that slicked down her greedy throat in moments.

As the flow eased, Amy hungrily lapped up the last of his tasty cum, running her tongue up and down and around his slowly softening prick.

“Mmmmmmm, that was good,” she murmured softly, her tongue snaking out to curl around his dwindling prick with loving attention.

He grinned at her insistent licking and nibbling on his prick.

“Think you’re gonna bring life to the old man again?” he teased her.

“You bet I am, stud… the night is young, you know,” she retorted with a lewd giggle.

“And it’ll be the last one for a while,” he added softly, “so we’d better make the most of it, right?”

She lowered her eyes, afraid he would catch a glimpse of the horny eagerness in her gaze at the thought. No matter how much she disliked being away from Rick, she still gloated over the chance to spend some time with Alan.

Alone with him… with sexy virile Alan with Alan, her brother!

“You know I just couldn’t refuse Pam’s request,” Amy sighed. In order to care for an ailing friend, Amy’s sister-in-law had asked her to “family-sit” for a couple of weeks for Alan and his son.

She’d jumped at the idea, though she was careful not to appear too eager. The longing she had felt for Alan since she was a teenager had only grown stronger over the years.

“I am going to miss being with you like this,” she told her husband. “Let’s forget about tomorrow for a while, and fuck the night away.”

His cock surged, shifted, hardened slightly. “A fun-fucking-tastic idea, honey,” Rick grinned.

She bent her head over his musky-scented crotch, inhaling the delicious smell of his sexy body. Then her mouth once more sought the heady taste of his prick.

Amy mouthed his meaty prick hungrily. Her tongue licked and lapped all around his cock shaft as it steadily grew harder and longer.

Her body tingled with new awareness of her ever-present carnal need. She could feel how her cunt twitched and thumped in horny eagerness.

Slurping up and down his hardening prick she moaned quietly.

“Oh, Rick, you make me so fuckin’ horny,” she breathed, her voice cracking a little from the overwhelming power of her fuck lust.

“I’m gonna make you feel real good,” he promised thickly, “and make you cum over and over.”

“Mmmmm, that’s a promise, I hope,” she grinned.

“Solid gold, baby… now keep on sucking my cock a little more and get me good and hard.”

She went to it in gleeful eagerness. Her soft lips teased his prick to full-thrusting power in moments, aided by the teasing caress of her rasping pink tongue.

Against her mouth, his cock surged fully, rowing hard and hot with fuck-force.

Amy cooed happily then leaned back, admiring her handiwork.

“Now that’s what I call one hell of a great cock,” she grinned.

He nudged her over onto her back, swinging a leg over her middle. His jutting cock danced in front of her face.

Rick slid his hands over the full thrust of her lust-swollen tits. He massaged the fleshy globes of her tits with his strong firm fingers until she writhed hornily.

“Oh, Rick, Jesus, I’m getting so hot,” Amy moaned, thrashing her head from side to side.

He grinned and plucked at her turgid hot nipples, pulling at the stiff little stubs with his fingers and making them tingle deliciously.

Then his hands cupped the sides of her big tits, as he slid his rampant prick into the deep vee between her tits. The dampness of her skin oiled his way, making her tit crevice into a warm moist cunt for his cock.

“Ooooohhhh, I like that,” she panted.

Rick pushed her swollen tits close together, cradling his thrusting cock in pillowy tit flesh.

Grunting his own pleasure he sawed back and forth, sliding his cock in and out between her tits. As he pushed, her tits against his pumping prick he flicked the sensitive nipples with his fingertips. Her tit tips were so hard and stiff they seemed almost rubbery, and each glancing flick of his fingers sent new jolts of electric arousal coursing along her nerve endings.

Her breathing quickened, and her blood pounded in her veins.

“God… oh, God, I’m hot… so fuckin’ hot,” she gasped, her voice low and strained.

With her tits rammed against his thrusting prick she rocked as he fucked her tits repeatedly. Tucking down her chin, Amy met each forward lunge of his cock with her tongue stuck out.

Each time Rick fucked forward, his bulging cockhead shot out from between the tight moist clutches of her tits. Then Amy whipped her tongue across the sensitive head of his cock, before it withdrew once more.

“Aw, baby, do that again,” Rick groaned. “So, so fucking good.”

Again he thrust forward, sliding his engorged cock along the tight wet crevice between her tits. Again Amy’s tongue flicked out, teasingly licking against his cockhead.

It took each of them higher and higher on a plane of pure physical passion. Amy felt as though her skin were on fire, and the hollow ache in her cunt grew more and more demanding.

“Fuck me now,” she pleaded hoarsely. “God, Rick, I need your cock in me, balling me, filling me up. I need it so much. Fuck me now, now!”

His own desire just as rampant, Rick let go of her tits. White imprints showed the places where his fingers had dug in, holding her tits firmly against his thrusting prick.

“Yeah, baby,” he grunted, moving down between her wide-open legs. “Now you’ll get it… get my big prick shoved up your horny pussy.”

“Yes, yes, do it to me… ram it home, honey,” she gasped.

He pushed her legs wider apart, enjoying the way her soft cunt hair split open, revealing the pink inner meat of her steamy cunt.

Her pussy flesh gleamed wetly, thoroughly coated with ooozing cream from deep in her cunt. The hot sweet-sour smell of her cunt floated up to his nose, making him hornier than ever.

“Oh, baby, am I gonna fuck you good,” he said thickly.

He leaned forward, guiding his cock to the target of her pussy. Holding his prick, he rubbed it up and down the full length of her cunt slit, coating his cock heavily with her sticky pussy juices.

She twisted and moaned beneath him, her whole body begging for his cock to be thrust inside her fuckhole.

“Fuck me, rip me open, shove your big prick in all the way,” she pleaded.

He pushed his swollen cockhead against the greedy sucking mouth of her fuckhole. Her pussy clutched at his cock, trying to draw it in, as if her fuckhole had a mind of its own.

With a guttural groan of lust, Rick pushed forward, fucking in a couple inches of his rock-hard prick. Her fuckhole fluttered open, eagerly accepting the invasion of his prick.

“More, more,” she sighed. “Feed me more of that big prick of yours.”

Rick flexed his ass, shoving another length of cock meat into her greedy cunt. He shuddered at the velvet heat of her pussy sheathing his prick, sucking at his prick.

Amy moaned in wanton pleasure. His cock reamed out her fuckhole so thoroughly and deeply she could barely stand the exquisite sensation. Yet at the same time she craved more of his exciting fucking.

His cock fucked into her cunt, spreading her pussy wide open, and she loved it. He filled her so totally, so excitingly.

She twisted anxiously, feeling her fuck-heat rise to the fever point. Her clit ached deeply with arousal and her pussy throbbed with a demanding beat.

“Ball me good, baby,” she groaned. “Fuck me all the way!”

“Gonna fuck your shittin’ ass off,” he grunted, his voice raw and low.

His body began pistoning against her straining cunt. With piledriver insistence, his engorged cock rammed in and out of her sticky fuckhole.

Amy squealed at the unbelievable thrill his hard, fast fucking created in her horny body. Her legs twitched, muscles jerking spasmodically as her brain overloaded an erotic sensation. Her eyes rolled back, and she tossed her head from side to side wildly.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted.

Rick fucked into her clutching cunt without let-up, relentlessly slicing his rampant prick into her fuckhole time after time with a fierceness that left the wanton woman breathless.

Her legs came up against his waist, ankles locking, heels drumming against his pumping ass.

She urged him on, wanting every last bit of his driving prick fucked into her cunt. Amy shivered with delight at the way her sensitive, turgid nipples grazed against his chest as their bodies slapped together. It made her tits tingle in a most enjoyable way.

Sliding her hands between their heaving bodies, she brushed along each side of his sticky, deep-fucking cock, then cupped the swinging sac of his balls. Her fingers caressed him urgently.

“Aw, Christ!” he bellowed, head flung back. His balls beat a tattoo against her grasping fuckhole.

Her passion rose in a dizzying spiral toward the pinnacle of pleasure. Her cunt felt like it was ready to explode from the raw friction of his fucking.

She felt his cock throb, his body grow rigid. Her own arousal peaked.

As his cum flooded her climaxing cunt, she closed her eyes, thinking… Alan, Alan, Alan!


Amy’s brother Alan was one hell of a sexy stud, she thought. Making small talk with him and her sister-in-law Pam, before Pam’s bus left, Amy could hardly keep her eyes from dropping to inspect the massive cock-bulge in his jeans.

He was the kind of guy who just got better looking as the years went by. She swallowed dryly, thinking he was prime now. U.S.D.A. number one prime. And if she had her way, she was going to feast on that prime cockmeat of his before the stay was over.

Both he and Pam seemed unaware of Amy’s lust. She was trying her best to conceal it for now, until Pam left. After that, well… she smiled to herself.

Though Amy would miss the erotic fun she shared with her husband Rick, she still wouldn’t miss this chance at “family-sitting” for Pam… and her chance to finally do something about the concealed hunger she’d had for years for Alan.

His hair was darker than her own brown locks, and he was deeply tanned. She pictured the swimsuit-strip of pale skin that would band his hips. The image made her pulse race.

At long last Pam’s bus was ready to go. Amy stood by Alan, waving as the bus pulled out.

Then she slid an arm around his waist, letting her full tits brush against his arm. She hid a smile at the brief, abrupt stillness on his body.

It seemed to tell her he was more than simply aware of the contact of her bountiful tits, that he liked the feeling. Liked it very much, even in spite of himself.

The scoop-neck tank top she wore with her short skirt was cut dangerously low. From his height, topping her by several inches, she knew he could easily see a wide expanse of her tits by merely looking down.

Her cunt thudded hungrily as she saw his dark eyes flicker downward, brushing across her straining tits, peering into the deep crevice between them.

“Oh, Alan, we’re going to have us a real good time,” she purred softly.

Again that slight stiffening, that all-too-obvious awareness of her as a highly desirable woman.

“Uh, yeah, I expect so,” he agreed lamely. She mashed her tits against his arm again, laughing.

“Oh, I know it, Alan… I just know it.”

As they went outside and got into his car, she let her skirt ride up shamelessly as she slid into the seat. A quick glance sideways told her he caught the movement of her skirt up her naked thighs. She saw him swallow, and saw how his hands shook a little as he stuck the key in the ignition.

Her nephew, Brian, was spending the night with a friend of his. That left her wide open in her plans for seduction, Amy realized as they drove to Alan’s home.

After having something to eat, they went into the living room. Alan poured drinks for both of them, then joined her on the sofa, sitting a respectable distance from her.

Body language, Amy thought, with a smile. Alan was aware of her as a sexy woman, and wanted her, but didn’t trust himself too far.

And that was just what she wanted! Amy slid closer. She looked at him with only a thinly veiled invitation in her eyes.

“Just you and I tonight,” she murmured. “That kind of situation makes almost anything possible, doesn’t it?”

He squirmed a little, looked away, his cheeks reddening.

“Well, uh… listen, it’s been a long day, and I’m kind of bushed, I guess. Yeah, I’d better hit the sack.”

He rushed from the room in a way that made her chuckle delightedly. Then she stared after him with a thoughtful expression.

Apparently he wasn’t about to take any hint of hers, no matter how obvious. It was up to her to make the first move.

She rose to her feet? So be it.

Amy went to her room, and took a long bath, soaking in the scented oil she’d added to the bath water. After she got out and dried off, she dusted her skin with a heady musky scented powder. She brushed her long glossy brown hair, letting it tumble around her shoulders.

Then she walked to Alan’s room, gloriously naked, her pussy juicy and ready.

She opened the door slowly, then swung it open as she heard the rasping sound of Alan’s snoring. He really had managed to fall asleep, but she wasn’t about to let him sleep for long.

He was a very sound sleeper, always had been. She approached the bed, and pulled the bedspread back. Her breath caught, held, then came out in a sigh of excitement.

He still slept in the nude, as he had since he was a teenager. Her eyes roamed his relaxed body, running over the lightly furred width of his chest. Her gaze followed the arrow-like path of dark hair to his crotch and she bit her lip.

Even unaroused, his cock was excitingly long and thick. All the fleeting glimpses she’d managed when they were younger were confirmed now. Her pussy creamed and her mouth watered.

She sat down beside him on the bed. He didn’t move. She breathed in the warm male scent of his body and trembled eagerly.

Amy leaned over his body. Softly, delicately, she lifted his meaty cock and brought her lips to it.

Ah, God, his cock tastes so good, Amy thought happily, Alan’s thick prick was absolutely delicious, just as she’d always known it would be.

Her soft lips feathered wet kisses up and down her brother’s cock column. She felt his prick surge slightly, start to harden. Amy took his semi-hard cock into her mouth with a single gulp, sucking his cock hotly.

Dimly, she heard him groan in his sleep, and she knew he couldn’t help but awaken soon.

She let his rapidly swelling prick slip from her lips. With her tongue curled out, she started licking his cock, up and down, and let her hand slide down to cup his taut balls.

Alan twitched, and then his body jerked.

“Amy, Jesus! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he gasped.

“Just suckin’ and lickin’ your cock, bye,” she whispered. “Your big beautiful cock.”

“God, Amy, no!” he panted hoarsely. “You shouldn’t be doing that… no.”

She flicked her tongue around his cock teasingly. “Doesn’t Pam suck you and lick you like this?”

“Of course,” he groaned. “But she’s my wife.”

“Maybe so,” Amy agreed softly. “But I love you too, and want you, just like she does.”

Although the idea of his sister licking his cock seemed faintly wrong to Alan, her warm wet tongue was driving him wild, sending electric tingles all through his body.

Amy realized he was about to surrender to her, to his lust for her, no matter what their relationship.

So she opened her mouth widely and wrapped her soft wet lips around his thick prick. Her tongue swirled out, lapping around the sensitive rim of his cockhead.

“Aw, Jesus… Jesus,” Alan groaned, his voice coarse and raw.

She heard the wanton surrender in his voice, and loved it. He was hers!

As she began bobbing her head up and down on his juicy hot cock she felt him lurch frantically beneath her. The way his engorged prick fucked so hotly in and out of her mouth turned her on like, nothing else.

Alan thrilled to the action of her slurping, sucking lips and the tight grasp of her throat around his aroused cock.

“Isn’t it good, Alan?” she asked, raising her head. “Do you like the way I’m sucking your nice hard cock?”

“Shit, yes!” he gasped, shaking from the fury of his lust for her. “Don’t stop. Christ, don’t stop!”

The taste of his big hard prick in her mouth was an ecstatic sensation for Amy. Her fingers curled around the thick base of his cock, holding his prick up for her slurping kisses. She began licking up and down the entire length of his prick.

Then she slid her licking, sucking mouth against the hairy bulge of his cum-swollen balls. Sucking and lapping greedily on his hard balls, she made them wet and glistening.

More excited by the minute, Alan’s sister thrust her wide-open mouth over his swollen balls, massaging them with eager caresses.

“Amy… sweet, sweet Amy,” Alan moaned huskily.

She mouthed his taut balls hornily, then let her mouth release them. Her mouth moved back to the tall-standing column of his hard cock. She gobbled up his prick, sucking deeply and firmly.

Alan felt it coming… coming.

That was when Amy stopped her hungry cock-sucking.


“Goddamn cock tease,” Alan snarled in frustration. “Damn you, don’t… stop now.”

She crawled up beside him.

“I’m not trying to tease you, love,” she said softly, urgently. “I want it to last… to be the best ever.”

He shuddered at the lewd lust in her voice. “And I want some of what I’ve been giving you,” she added sexily. “Now it’s your turn to go at some licking, in my horny pussy.” He stared at her. Amy rolled onto her back, spreading her legs apart lewdly. “C’mon, lover… eat me!”

“Jesus, Amy… I… I can’t,” he managed finally.

“Don’t you do it for Pam?”

“She’s never wanted me to,” he admitted hesitantly. “Does Rick eat you?”

“Sure, he loves cunt-lapping,” Amy grinned. “Just as much as you will.”

She dipped her hand into her steamy cunt slit, then held her cream-slickened fingers to Alan’s lips.

“Try it, you’ll like it,” she giggled. After his first tentative suck of her juice-wet fingers, he greedily lapped at the cunt cream.

She thrust her legs wider apart, exposing her fiery hot pussy. “Do me, Alan… suck on my cunt… eat me up.”

Alan thrilled to the heady taste of her pussy juice, and lost all hesitation. He quickly moved down to bury his face between her legs.

Trembling with excitement, he mashed his lips against her sopping-wet cunt, nuzzling her curly pussy hair. The texture and taste of her creamy cunt on his tongue sent searing flames of lust shooting through his body. The exotic scent of her oozing pussy added to the erotic excitement of the moment.

Cradled between her warm damp thighs, he started flicking his tongue in and out of her slick cunt.

She moaned throatily. “Aaaaaaahhhhh, good… so good.”

Within moments, his face was spread with her buttery-soft cunt cream. His sucking and tongue-fucking of her horny cunt slit grew frantic.

Amy squealed with uncontrolled rapture when his tongue grazed the sensitive surface of her distended clit.

“You bastard fucker!” she wailed. “Give it to me, now suck it, suck my clit.”

Closing his firm lips around the hard little stub of her clit, Alan sucked and began lashing at her clit with the tip of his tongue.

“Oh, God, Alan,” she sobbed hoarsely, reaching, pulling his face tighter against her churning cunt. “You fuckin’ good cunt-eater, you’re the best.”

She thrashed and quivered so violently Alan could hardly keep his face locked against her soaked cunt he slid his hands up under her bouncing ass, clawed at her tight ass cheeks and held on. He pulled her pussy against his face, burrowing his mouth even deeper into her juice-coated cunt.

His thick rasping tongue swirled around and around the sensitive lump of her clit, making her cry out in delirium.

“Fantastic… fuckin’ fantastic!” she cried.

Her unabashed joy spurred him on. Alan doubled his efforts to taste and tease every horny inch of her cunt slit. He licked and sucked and lapped her pussy more urgently.

From head to toe, her body quivered in expectant bliss. She felt the drawing coil of heat deep in her gut, caught her breath in anticipation of the nerve-melting release that was approaching. Control was out of the question, for Alan was eating her cunt so thoroughly and hungrily she could do nothing but let the sensation take her.

“My God, Alan… oh Alan, love, I’m cumming,” she cried out.

Snaking his tongue fervently around her fully erect clit, Alan buried his face into her mushy hot pussy. Then his mouth closed over her clit, his teeth grazing the rubbery surface and making her senses jolt.

“Suck it, suck it!” she cried out again as the spasms engulfed her.

Wave after wave of mind-numbing pleasure flooded her body. She floated dreamily on a cloud of pure physical sensation that was totally fulfilling.

As the convulsions eased, Amy looked at her brother with slitted, lust-glazed eyes, and she smiled thankfully. She slid her hand down his damp body, grasped his iron-hard cock.

“Now… now,” she breathed. “Take me, Alan. Fill my cunt with your great big prick. Fuck me… fuck me now!”

Alan trembled with the anticipation of having his painfully swollen prick at last fucking away in his sister’s pussy. He moved up, guided his cockhead to the waiting mouth of her soaked fuckhole.

She gasped when she felt the bulging head of his prick probe into her cunt flesh and wedge against the fluttering opening of her cunt hole.

“Hot fucker, give it to me,” she moaned.

Once more she was in a wild state of arousal as she felt his prick fucking into her throbbing pussy. Her puffy cunt lips closed around his invading prick, gripping his cock snugly.

“Mmmmmm, that’s great,” she murmured, swinging her hips up, screwing her steamy cunt around on his fucking cock. “Make it last, love… I want this fuck to go on and on.”

The sensation of her sweet young cunt gripping his hard prick made Alan bellow with desire. He thought about shooting his cumload into that terrific little pussy of hers, and he could barely restrain himself from doing just that. He began slamming his cock in and out of her deliciously clinging cunt.

Amy quivered and cried out in pleasure, then pushed her hands against his bombarding hips.

“Hold it off, love… it just gets better that way,” she crooned. “Keep on the edge… slow and sexy. We have so much time.”

Alan gulped, his mind on fire. It was delicious torment. Pam had never, requested this, and their fucking had always been so fast. Yes, Alan thought, so fast, and over so quickly. Not like this… not like fucking Amy.

The feel of her sucking cunt squeezing on his slowly fucking prick was one of the most frankly erotic sensations he’d ever experienced. The intense pleasure created by the slow smooth pumping of his cock was building to an ecstasy that was becoming nearly unbearable.

God, how he wanted to burst, to blast her cunt full of his cum! The thought made him lose control and he started slamming his engorged priqk into her cunt.

Amy squirmed under him. “God, Alan, please… please,” she begged. “Shoot for the moon with me, love… make it forever, fucking forever.”

As desperate to please his wanton sister as he was to get his rocks off, Alan sighed in anguished arousal and once more slowed his fucking tempo.

Again he began softly sliding his thick rock-hard prick in and out of the incredibly tight tunnel of her cunt.

“Jesus, yes, it is good this way,” he gasped finally. “Oh sweet Jesus, it just keep getting better, just when I think it’s never gonna feel any sexier than it is now.”

“Better and better,” she agreed, with a low purring sound of pleasure. “Better and higher and hotter… hatter than hell.”

“Gonna fuck you to hell, though,” Alan muttered thickly. “Next time, you cock-hungry cunt… next time gonna fuck you to hell and back.”

“Going to fuck me raw,” she added, egging him on.

“Shit, yes… I’ll rip your cunt with my cock, fuck you raw and red.”

Her body flamed white hot. She trembled from the force it took to maintain the leisurely, painfully exciting tempo of their fucking. Their talk made her arousal a wanton whirlwind.

“Oh, so much time… time for us,” she breathed huskily. “Time to suck you, lick you, fuck you. Time for your cock in my cunt, in my mouth, in my ass.”

“I’ll make you beg for it,” he panted. “Make you plead for my prick.”

“I’ll do anything, anything to get your big horse-cock in my pussy.”

Alan was almost out of his mind from the sweet agony of his raging-hot cock slithering slowly in and out of the greedy grasp of her fuckhole.

Sharp needles of pleasure stabbed along the length of his prick as it fucked in the hot sheath of her cunt hole. He’d never experienced anything like this, and the lewd sensations grew steadily more intense by the second.

Her cunt was hot as a furnace, and the heat threatened to consume him.

Amy’s nerves were stretched taut, to the breaking point. She knew his were, too. They’d drawn the utmost from their fucking, the promise of a sensual release to dim the memory of any other fuck in their lives.

She clenched her cunt muscles around his slowly fucking prick, then did it again, harder. His whole body shook.

“Now, fucker, now!” she hissed. “We’re gonna explode, stud… ram it to me!”

His bulging cock was like a jackhammer then, drilling into her pussy, fucking into her agitated cunt flesh.

Growling his enjoyment of the savage finale to their fucking, Alan pounded her pussy with his prick ruthlessly. His hugely swollen cock gouged into her again and again.

“Beat me with your cock meat!” she wailed, throwing her ass up, swallowing his ferocious cock-thrusts with her pitching pussy.

Their bodies slapped lewdly together in a totally wild fucking tempo. Her heart pounded, ready to burst.

“Faster, harder, deeper!” she yelled, fucking her cunt up to meet his battering cock lunges.

His pounding assault accelerated. She gloried in the gut-deep thrust of his raging-hot cock, and the way it split into her hungry pussy.

Blinding agony suddenly overwhelmed her as his engorged cock fucked even deeper than before, then erupted in a molten flow of cum.

She screamed, arching her hips to receive his spurting cum, her cunt seeming to dissolve in a bone-melting spasm of rapture.


Amy purred like a well-fed kitten. Or like a well-fucked woman. She snuggled against her brother with a sigh of contentment.

At last, after all the years of secretly lusting for… at last she had fucked him. She knew now what she’d speculated on since she was a kid, that he was one fantastic fuck!

“God, you’re good,” she murmured, her mouth nuzzling against the damp curly hair on his chest.

“I may be good,” he retorted, “but you’re absolutely fantastic. Jesus, I’ve never had a fucking like that.”

“There’s more where that came from,” Amy giggled. “Isn’t that nice to know?”

Alan pulled her tight. “Sure is. And know what? I’m ready for seconds.”

That first night… how they had fucked!

Thinking about it now, three days later, Amy stifled a laugh. It was a wonder she hadn’t gotten up bowlegged the next morning.

Catching her teenaged nephew’s gaze on her, she suppressed hr erotic daydreaming. There was no telling how Brian would take it if he had any idea of how she and his dad sucked and fucked each other.

She finished dishing up lunch for Brian and herself and then sat down next to him at the dinette.

“I’m going over to Billy’s house this afternoon.”

She smiled. “OK, but your dad’s planning to come home early from work so we can take a drive or something.”

“I won’t stay late,” he assured her.

Brian slanted a look at Amy every chance he got, without being too obvious. His aunt was one fucking choice bit of pussy.

That was just what his buddy Billy had said when he’d first seen her. Brian agreed wholeheartedly.

His cock got hard when he thought about her, about what she must look like naked. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

He and Billy had discussed endlessly how to get in her pants, even while each figured the chance of it happening as next to nothing. But, oh, how he’d love to fuck her!

She went around in the skimpiest clothes, showing off those big juicy tits of hers. And he got off on the tight shorts his aunt wore and the way the crotch seam hugged her pussy, outlining and crevicing her cuntlips.

Brian choked a little on his food, so horny he could hardly think.

Gulping the rest of his meal, Brian belted out of the house.

After the teen left, Amy cleared the table and did the dishes. All the while, she was anticipating Alan’s arrival.

She felt like an addict. Her always-ready lust was now even more demanding. The more cock she had, the more cock she craved.

Now, it seemed, she lived to suck and fuck. To always be quenching her obsessive fuck lust.

She heard Alan’s key in the front door and rushed down the hallway.

He shoved the door shut behind him, gathered her against his lean hard body.

“Brian’s over at Billy’s house,” she told him, informing him of his son’s whereabouts and at the same time inviting his lusty caresses.

“Guess that gives us some time for a quickie, huh?”

She giggled. “More than that, I hope.”

“Greedy bitch.”

“You know it, lover,” she grinned, rubbing up against his body.

Alan lifted her in his arms and carried her into the living room. Then he set her back on her feet.

Amy started to unbutton her midriff-tied blouse, but he stopped her.

“No, let me.”

His eyes gleaming with sexual hunger, Alan slowly, unfastened the ties of her blouse, then opened the buttons and pushed the blouse apart.

Her full tits strained against the flimsy lace cups of her bra. The lush tit flesh swelled up, threatening to spill from the lacy confines. Through the open work of the lace bra, her stiff pink nipples beckoned.

“Sweet, sweet tits,” Alan whispered huskily.

His hands closed over each thrusting tit mound. Amy swallowed thickly, swayed slightly as riotous desire ignited in her pussy.

Her nipples throbbed, pushing against the bra cups and the pressure of his palms. His touch burned her skin with a delicious heat.

“Such juicy sweet tits,” Alan breathed. His fingers fumbled to strip her bra away. At last her puffy tits were free and naked, jiggling in a tempting invitation.

Alan rolled his cupped hands over and around her creamy low-slung tits.

“Jesus, you sexy big-titted bitch,” he growled lustily before dropping his mouth to her tit.

Amy curled her hands into his hair holding him against her tit with a moan of agonized arousal. Liquid fire danced through her veins and electric sparks jumped along her nerve endings.

Her pussy pounded with a gnawing hunger that she knew would soon be appeased by her brother’s mammoth length of cock meat.

Alan squeezed and fondled her tits, feeling the squishy tit mounds swell with passion as he sucked a nipple. He flicked the deep-pink rubbery nipple with his tongue tip and loved how it made her moan.

Sucking the end of one big tit, he gnawed gently on her tasty tit flesh. Her tit tasted warm and slightly sweaty, absolutely delicious.

After licking and sucking her tits for a long, long time, Alan pulled back and unfastened her denim shorts.

Breathing fast, just as she was, he eased her shorts and panties down over her sleek hips, then let them fall to the floor. Amy stepped out of them, and kicked the fabric to one side.

She stood before him, legs apart, every inch of her lush naked body trembling for his touch.

Alan knelt in front of her, his eyes glued to the dark thatch of hair covering her pussy mound. He could see the pink meat of her cuntlips peeping out. Her pussy hair glistened stickily.

When he ran his hands up her thighs, Amy quivered with horny glee.

“Oh, yes, you wild cunt-lapper,” she sighed, “do it to me. Open me up, spread my hot cunt and get your mouth in there. Eat me, eat my cunt!”

He dug his fingers into her sopping-wet pussy slit. Amy moaned and moved her legs farther apart, thrust her pussy forward, giving him greater access to its steamy depths.

Alan pulled her sticky cuntlips open, exposing the dewy wet length of her cunt slit. He savored her cunt’s horny hot smell, licked his lips.

Her passion-clouded mind reeled at the force of her arousal. She cried out wildly when Alan leaned forward, moving his open mouth against the crinkly hair of her cunt.

Alan’s tongue probed the soft wet pussy folds, making Amy squirm with ecstasy. The lump of her clit became swollen and hard, pushing out from her steamy cuntlips. He fastened his mouth on her clit and sucked.

She wailed and twitched as he nibbled at the tender morsel of her clit. She felt truly on fire, burning up with horny need.

“Oh, Alan, eat me!” she cried. “Eat me out… suck my pussy!”

Tingling electric sensations darted from her throbbing pussy in all directions. She felt squirmy and jumpy inside without mounting lust. She could sense her climax rapidly approaching and tried to pull back, but Alan held onto her taut ass cheeks.

“God, I can’t hold it!” she wailed. “I just can’t hold back.”

He leaned back and muttered hoarsely.

“Don’t then. Go ahead, baby, and get it off. Cum on my face, cum hard and hot.”

She moaned, pulling his head back to her pounding pussy. Once more his mouth nipped and sucked at the distended lump of her clit. Without holding back a bit, Amy gave herself over to the raw pleasure of his cunt-lapping.

As he chewed gently on her clit her hips bucked wildly and she felt the sweet beat invading the deepest reaches of her body.

“Suck me, suck me!” she shrieked. “Oh, yes, now… suck me… suck, suck, suck.”

Alan ground his face into her spasming cunt, licking and sucking for all he was worth.

He felt warm fragrant-smelling cunt cream bathing his face as it flowed from deep in her boiling-hot cunt. His own desire was intensified by her lusty abandon and his cock felt red hot, ready to explode.

The bone-melting climax shot through her body, making her heart pound crazily. She gave a whimper of despair when Alan’s sweet sucking mouth left her convulsing cunt.

Quickly he stripped, and he groaned when his hard cock was finally freed. His prick jutted out fiercely from the tangled mat of dark hair at his crotch and Amy stared at his cock.

Stepping back up to where she stood, swaying slightly, he trailed his hand across her swollen aching tits, down over her quivering belly, across the damp curls hiding her pussy.

With a quick motion, he fucked his fingers into the creamy slit of her cunt. Amy jerked spasmodically and braced her legs, sliding her trembling thighs wide apart.

The tight elastic walls of her pussy closed around his fingers with every harsh stroke as he finger-fucked her sopping-wet cunt. Soon Alan’s hand was coated with her thick sticky pussy juice.

Once again she found herself rising higher and higher into a dream-world of pagan lust. Alan plundered her, pussy without let-up, thrusting his stiffened fingers in and out of her vise-like fuckhole.

She humped her pussy against his fucking fingers, relishing the way her arousal grew again so easily and quickly.

Just as she felt herself straining at the edge of ecstasy, Alan cruelly pulled out his fingers.

She gave a hoarse whimper of frustration, then began to tremble at the order he gave her.

“On your knees, cunt,” Alan grunted thickly. “Suck my cock. Take every bit of my prick in that horny mouth of yours.”

“Yes… oh, God yes,” she panted. Her mouth watered. “I want your cock, all of it, fucking my throat.”

She dropped to her knees, her hands playing with his massive hard prick. Amy cooed in lusty pleasure at how hard and hot his prick felt.

Bending forward, she opened her mouth. Even as wide as she could stretch her lips, she knew his meaty cock would fill her mouth to the limit. Eagerly Amy attempted to gulp in as much of his lust-thickened prick as she could.

Slowly, inch by heavy inch, she eased the length of his huge hot cock into her mouth and down into her throat. In moments her mouth and throat began to feel wonderfully stuffed with his delicious prick.

Amy started sucking back and forth on his huge rigid prick as she used her agile hands to fondle and massage his tight hairy balls.

Now it was Alan’s turn to moan and shudder erotically. He held onto her head as she sucked up and down on his prick. At the same time, he bent his legs slightly and began to work his hips back and forth, as if trying to still more of his rampant fuck prick into her gulping mouth.

“Suck it hard, honey,” he gasped. “Shit, yeah, just like that. More… suck now, harder… oh, yeah.”

As much as she loved cock-sucking and adored the stuffed sensation of his huge prick in her throat, Amy still anticipated how it was going to feel having his bulging cock crammed into her cunt. Thinking of the way his prick stretched and plugged her pussy, just as it did her mouth, made Amy writhe with lust.

As she slowly, deeply sucked, Amy flicked out her tongue, trailing it up and down and around the meaty width of his prick as it fucked into her mouth. His prick tasted so heavenly she wanted to swallow every last bit.

Swinging his hips urgently, Alan continued to fuck into her sucking mouth, driving his cock deeper and harder all the time. He stared down at her head, enjoying the sight of her wide-stretched lips moving back and forth as he fucked in and out of her mouth.

Sunlight streamed in the living room windows as the afternoon deepened. The warmth of the sun on her body only emphasized Amy’s internal heat building now to a full rolling boil.

Slurping and sucking, she mouthed his thick cock until they were both squirming hornily. More than ever, she wanted her brother’s chunky length of cock fucked to the hilt in her aching cunt.

Alan seemed to have the same idea then, too. He pulled his glistening prick from her mouth slowly, enjoying a last lusty thrill as her soft moist lips pulled at his retreating prick.

“Your mouth’s great, honey, but I want my cock shoved in your cunt now… shoved in hard and fast,” he groaned.

She gave his cockhead a final slurping lick. “Mmmmm, yes… me too.”

“On your hands and knees then, woman,” he ordered throatily. “I want to fuck you from behind, pound into that delightful little ass of yours.”

Eagerly she moved as he wanted, waggling her ass at him wickedly.

“Ready and waiting for you, stud,” she chuckled.

“Looks good enough to eat,” he grinned.

“Help yourself, lover.”

Nuzzled against her quivering ass, Alan licked over and around the saucy cheeks of her ass. His talented tongue teased and tickled the heated flesh, making her whimper with lust. His mouth savored the crease between her ass checks and he poked the soft opening of her asshole with his tongue.

“God, just like a little cock up my ass,” Amy said. “Now my pussy, Alan… lick my… oh, you make me so hot and horny.”

With long strokes, he licked every exposed inch of her juicy cunt. Pushing his face against her pussy, he fastened his mouth on the distended bud of her clit. He could feel her cunt swelling and throbbing in his mouth, twitching as he sucked at it greedily.

Her hips bucked crazily as he sucked and lapped at her clit. Bursts of pure delight surged through her and soft moans came steadily from her throat. Her agitated pussy was creaming steadily and the sticky cunt juice slithered out to coat her thighs.

He started fucking his tongue into her cunt hole with fierce strokes. Her soft pussy was drenched and the sticky wetness bathed his face.

Darting his long hard tongue into the depths of her pussy, he could feel her cunt clutching at it, trying to suck in even more.

Amy was shaking so hard she could barely keep steady on her hands and knees. He was so damned good at eating pussy that she could hardly think straight. The way he fucked his tongue in and out of her aching cunt had her glassy-eyed and quaking with rapture.

Ravenous with erotic hunger, she was anxious to have him transfer his attention to plugging her pussy with his meaty hot cock. As much as she loved the fantastic way he ate her pussy, she wanted a whole lot more than his tongue crammed up her fuckhole!

“Give me your cock,” she gasped. “Ram it in me now, right now!”

His mouth left her upturned pussy. He mounted her then, quickly fucking his thick prick to the hilt in her sopping-wet cunt. “Aaaaaahhhh!” she wailed.

Her senses whirled madly. His huge prick filled and stretched her just as much as was possible… making her totally, joyfully stuffed with rock-hard cock.

His prick made the most satisfying friction, sawing away in her fuckhole. He not only had a great big prick but he knew just what to do with it.

“You fantastic fucker!” she squealed. “You fuck me just the way I like it.”

They kept fucking each other like animals in heat. She experienced one mini-cum after another as her passion got out of control. Her skin felt like it tingled and crackled with electric lust and his rigid cock felt like a thick hot steel rod shoved in her cunt.

“C’mon, stud,” she gasped, goading him. “You can fuck me stronger and harder and deeper than that. Don’t hold back… give me all you’ve got.”

Alan grabbed her around the waist and slammed his body against her ass. She shrieked in pleasure as she felt the massive thickness of his cock ripping into her, fucking in all the way to his taut balls.

“How’s that, you greedy little cunt,” he grunted, fucking into her with ferocious cock lunges. “You gettin’ what you want now?”

“Oh, God!” she wailed. “It feels like a fucking log shoved in me… so good. God, you’re so good.”

She gave a crazed cry of fear and frustration when he abruptly pulled his cock out.

“Nooooooo,” she moaned, flailing her head wildly. “No… God, no.”

She pushed her ass upward and out and pleaded with him.

“Alan don’t do this to me. Fuck me, please… please. God, I can’t stand it… please.”

“I’m gonna shove my cock in, all right,” he growled, his voice coarse. “But not in your cunt. I’m gonna fuck my cock right up your pretty little ass.”

She trembled, thinking of the hot tight friction of having his huge cock crammed in her little asshole. She almost fainted with a flush of excitement.

“Yes, do it… do it,” she begged shamelessly. “Fuck me in the ass… anything, just fuck me.”

Gloating over the wanton response he caused in his sister, Alan rubbed his fleshy prick against her tight little asshole, his slick prick moistening the opening of her asshole. Slowly, he started to push his engorged prick into the clenched opening.

“Mmmmmmmm, keep doing it,” she moaned. “Push… push it in me.”

“Sweet Jesus, it’s tight,” he gasped. “Gad, how tight and sexy!”

“Make it even better… feed me your cock.”

Inch by inch, Alan fucked his lust-thickened prick into her tight asshole. At last his full fat cock was enclosed in her ass guts and his hairy balls bumped against her pussy.

She sighed ecstatically. “Oh, you’re in me so far… so deep.”

“Thought that’s what you wanted, cunt,” he grinned.

“Oh, it is… I love it!”

She had to stifle a scream of joy as he began to slowly fuck in and out of her ass. The friction was so incredible it was almost painful. Quickly though, she adjusted to his huge cock plunging into her tight asshole. With a conscious effort, she relaxed her ass muscles, making the fucking better for both of them.

“It’s heaven… absolute heaven,” she sighed. “If only you had two cocks, then my pussy wouldn’t be ignored either.”

“Well, now,” Alan grunted, fucking his prick into her humid asshole, “I think I can do something about that.”

“Then do it.”

“We’ll just switch off… fuck you in the ass for a while, then shove my cock back in your cunt.”

Her voice was hoarse and quivering. “That sounds wild… do it to me.”

He fucked into her upthrust ass with short, hard jabs. Then he drew back, only to plunge his massive cock into her steamy pussy.

She couldn’t decide which sensation she liked better. They were both so wonderfully exciting and she soared to new levels of sensual bliss. She felt as if she were a mass of raw exposed nerves. Her eyes were glazed and blank as Amy focused inward, thrilling to the lusty sensations. She wanted to simply howl with happiness.

Alan fucked her cunt hard and deep, over and over… cruel, fast fuck-thrusts that completely embedded his hot cock. Then he slowly pulled his prick out, moving it to the slick opening of her asshole.

Again he would shove his meaty cock shaft into the steamy wetness of her asshole. After first sinking his prick to the hilt, Alan then fucked her tender ass savagely, bringing shrill cries of pleasure to her lips.

He could feel the familiar gathering heat. “I can’t hold out much longer,” he warned her in a husky whisper.

“I’m ready, I’m ready to cum!” she wailed. As she felt the hot milky jism busting out of his cock into her ass guts, Amy exploded into rapture. With a strangled scream, she felt her insides turn molten hot as a tremendous orgasm overtook her.

She was lost in the throes of a super cum, her body churning and humping crazily. Alan’s jizz-spurting cock drenched her asshole with its heated load of cum. His prick pumped rhythmically, emptying his load of cock cream. And she took it all, glorying all the while.

At last they slumped to the floor, still entangled. Each felt the sleepy warmth of total satisfaction creep in.

But neither of them noticed the figure at the living room window.


Amy lay curled against Alan, the exciting expanse of her naked body gleaming damply.

From his position between the house and the shrubbery, Brian had a perfect view through one of the living room windows. He shifted on his feet, fingers clawing at his thickly swollen cock, trying to ease the painful bulge of his prick in his jeans.

What the teen had suspected was obviously true. Amy… Aunt Amy… ass fucking his dad!

Brian had come back, hoping to find just what he had found. He’d carefully circled the front of the house when he saw his dad’s car in the driveway, edging his way into the bushes alongside the house until he had a clear view into the living room.

For breathless moments he’d been watching the building sensual violence between them, seen their bodies straining, could almost hear it when Amy’s mouth opened wide in a cry of rapture.

All the while, he’d been aware of his own lusty response to what he watched.

The swollen mounds of Amy’s tits drew his gaze again. He licked his lips as he stared at the deep pink centers, and the darker pink of her nipples.

Hungrily, his gaze moved down her body, to the thick dark bush coveting her pussy. Bright light made the sticky dampness clinging to her cunt hair glisten. His cock shifted, surged.

Her legs were loosely splayed, exposing much of the juicy pink, inner meat of her cunt. Brian flinched, imagining just how soft and warm and wet her pussy, must be… even how good her cunt must taste.

He felt a furious sting of jealousy toward his father. He wanted his Aunt Amy, too… wanted the gift of her sexy body that she gave so freely to his dad.

The teen watched, feeling the beat build unbearably inside of his body at the sight of the pleasure he wanted most in the world.

He had to fuck her! The teen was wild with anguished arousal. He just had to fuck her…

Coming out of their after-fucking quietness, Alan and Amy regarded each other with pleased remembrance.

“God, that was good,” he grinned, pulling his sister tightly against the full length of his warm, damp body.

“Four Stars,” she murmured in return, pressing close in the total body caress.

Almost at once she felt the stirrings of his erotic response by the hard lump of his rising rock as it pressed against her.

She rubbed her check against the side of his face, enjoying the rough friction of the rasping afternoon stubble along his jawline. His mouth moved over hers, open and searching. She fucked her tongue deep within his mouth.

After tasting the sweet warmth of her mouth in return, Alan leaned back, smiling sensually.

Amy returned his smile, the hot horny glint in her eyes telling him that he was wanted, and wanted badly.

She sighed rapturously as his firm hands slid along the sides of her body and then cupped the twin mounds of her ass cheeks. A thrilled murmur came from deep in her throat at the possessive touch.

Even after their frenzied fucking only shortly before, she was already ripe and eager for more of her brother’s cock.

“Mmmmmm, I love the way you touch me!” she murmured. “Like you’re gloating, having me all to yourself.”

“That’s just the way I do feel, you hot wench,” Alan grinned. “God, when I think of all the years wasted… I can’t get enough of you.”

She gave herself to the intense pleasure he was creating with his insistent hands. Amy moaned, pushing her steamy hot pussy up against his hugely hardening prick. She rotated her hips, nibbling at his earlobe and neck while her hands roamed freely over his tight-muscled body.

His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, then he slid one stiffened finger into the damp crack of her ass, poking at the clenched opening of her asshole.

Her breath sucked in at the sudden explosive flare of fuck-lust that rippled along her nerve endings.

Alan fucked his finger deeper into her tight hot asshole. Her ass quivered and she humped her hips with wild bucking motions.

Her breath grew fast and shallow. She could feel the fiery lust pounding riotously deep in her cunt at the lewd caress of his fucking finger in her asshole.

Alan eased the delicious torment, raising himself on one elbow and gazing down at her silky soft body.

She lay back, letting him look his fill, savoring the fierce protectiveness and possessiveness in his eyes. Her body quivered with expectant need.

“Hurry, love,” she whispered softly. “Hurry… oh, God, please start fucking me now!”

Brian stared, slack mouthed, his face flushed with youthful lust. His fists had clenched when he watched his father squeezing and caressing Aunt Amy’s sexy pink ass. He’d gulped when he saw his dad’s hand slide between the rounded halves of her ass, when he’d known what it was he was doing, sticking his finger right up inside her ass!

Watching wasn’t enough, not nearly. But though Brian knew this wasn’t the time to try to get Amy for himself, he could at least get a better view, could at least be able to hear as well as see.

Carefully he edged out of the dense shrubbery, working his way around to the back of the house. With the urgent stealth a burglar would use, he got inside and started through the kitchen to the hallway leading into the living room.

Although they probably wouldn’t notice anything but the loudest sort of noise, the teen wasn’t taking any chances. He kept a desperate, tight rein on his ragged breathing and as he positioned himself with the best sight of the living room floor possible without giving himself away, he at last pulled his raging hard cock from the painful confines of his jeans.

As he watched his father, playing with his aunt, readying to fuck her with that huge stiff cock, Brian closed his hand around his own surprisingly thick prick. The damp warmth of his hand became the hot wetness of his aunt’s cunt as he watched…

Amy squirmed against the shag carpeting, thoroughly enjoying the erotic fire Alan had ignited. His thickly pulsing prick thrust out hugely from his hairy crotch.

Her fingertips teased his engorged meaty prick. “Just what I want… yes, all of it.”

Still propped up on an elbow, Alan slid a hand up the full curve of her tits, stopping to tweak the soft pink nipples to rock-hard firmness. He shuddered with hunger as he watched her nipples grow fully taut from his caress.

The deceptive, air of innocence in her face amazed and excited him. It was like fucking a virgin every time, like arousing the hidden woman in a little girl… his little girl, his little sister.

Her juicy wet cunt glistened in the sunlight. He could see the tiny droplets of cunt cream glinting, beckoning him. Though stretching out the anticipation brought each of them a pleasantly sensual agony, Alan was now unable to control his ravenous urges.

With a sudden movement he moved downward, crushing his mouth against her sopping-wet pussy. His mouth fastened on her cunt hungrily as he tried to suck up every sweet flowing drop of her sticky cunt juices.

His tongue snaked out, licking and savoring the sweet-sour taste of her pussy.

Amy arched her back, her head thrashing wildly from side to side. She gave a short barking cry of bliss.

Her cunt flowered open in eager acceptance. Alan buried his face in her dripping cunt slit, gnawing gently on the puffy pussylips.

Her hips humped rhythmically against his face. She moaned, tossing her head, biting her lip. “My God, I love the way you eat me,” she gasped.

His amazingly long tongue, stiff and rasping, fucked in and out of her grasping, greedy cunthole like a slim cock.

She gasped and trembled violently when he moved to suck on the ultra-sensitive stub of her clit. The little nubbin tingled hotly as Alan’s lips clamped around it. Her clit throbbed when he closed the sharp edges of his teeth around it.

Amy climaxed sharply and abruptly as he sucked and gnawed on her tender clit, only to find herself almost immediately winging her way toward another peak of sensual pleasure.

“So good, so good to me,” she whimpered hornily.

Giving her tempting cunt flesh a last lingering lick, Alan raised himself and levered the full length of his body along hers, finding her mouth, one more.

She moaned with lusty delight as he tonguefucked her soft mouth. She could taste her cunt on his tongue, his lips, and it turned her on unbelievably.

Her body thumped against his, her hips grinding against his burgeoning cock.

“Please, please,” she groaned, begging him to ease the torment he was putting her through.

He seemed determined to make her writhe in agonized ecstasy. She knew it only made his own desire flame higher to delay the moment of their fucking.

His hard-muscled leg slid between her open thighs and Amy rubbed her soft wet cunt against his firm thigh. He pushed his leg higher and harder against her churning cunt, making her twitch with sharp pleasure.

He ran his tongue around the pouting softness of her lips and into her mouth. Amy sucked hungrily on his tongue, nibbling on it.

Then his mouth was on her big tits, sucking, softly biting, licking. He hefted her tits, fingers digging slightly into the heavy mass of pliant tit flesh.

“Squeeze my tits, squeeze hard!” she wailed, furiously thrashing about in her passion.

His hands closed around her tits, squishing into the delicate flesh, pushing the engorged nipples into thrusting cone shapes that he teased relentlessly with his rasping tongue. He took a nipple into his mouth, suckling it with greed.

Back and forth he sucked on her aching, sensitive tit tips, still squeezed into jutting fullness by his tight handholds.

“Now, now!” she cried. “Fuck me now… give it to me… ram your cock deep and hard, right up to the hilt.”

She strained the full length of her body against him, grinding and pushing before spreading her legs wide.

Alan moved between her wide-spread thighs with his jutting cock poised against the snug mouth of her steamy fuckhole.

Amy reached for his engorged prick, sliding his cock up and down between her cunt lips and swirling it around her tender pink pussy flesh before pushing his prick against the fluttering opening of her fuckhole.

“Now!” she yelled. “Fuck me!”

They were so caught up, so enormously aroused, neither heard the quickly strangled groan from the hallway…

Brian had a hand crammed against his mouth, biting the knuckle. The teen had simply been unable to control himself at the instant he saw his dad feeding her his big prick, fucking it into her cunt.

His other hand continued pumping on his raging cock, as he fantasized himself in his dad’s place, rutting, balling, fucking the shit out of Aunt Amy.

He would have her, show her he wasn’t a kid… that he could give her what she so obviously craved, lots of sucking and licking and fucking.

He’d fuck her good, just shove his hard prick right in her horny cunt, fuck her again and again.

As Brian’s cum-load erupted, he bit down on his knuckles to keep from crying out.

Alan lunged forward, his hips thrusting heavily as he fucked into his sister’s pussy. They both groaned as the hot rubbery sheath of her cunt clasped his cock, sucking hungrily at the thick cockshaft.

Amy rocked gently beneath him, crooning almost mindlessly in the throes of her fuck lust. Her hips pushed forward as she tried to take in more of his prick. Alan obliged her, fucking his prick all the way into her fuckhole.

Her pussy was as warm and tight as if he were her first fuck, and again that almost intangible sense of innocence clouded his senses.

She clawed at the cheeks of his ass while he fucked into her cunt deeply. His cum-bloated balls banged against her with each clean deep stroke of his prick.

Squealing happily, she trembled as he fucked faster and faster, flexing his prick to fill her needy little cunt over and over.

“Fuck me good, stud… feed me that big cock of yours until I can’t take anymore.”

Over and over, Alan fucked the total length of his thick prick into her, churning cunt, grinding his crotch against her savagely. Her heated pliant cunt flesh closed around his pumping prick, milking his cock.

Soft mewling sounds rose from deep in her throat as she strained to meet his pounding fuck-thrusts. Alan angled his hips and fucked her with fierce friction.

“Oooooohhhhh, your cock feels so good… so good and hard and deep,” she moaned, nuzzling his stubble-shadowed jaw with her open mouth.

She gave a gasp of blazing pleasure and screwed her pussy tighter to his pounding prick. Her body jerked, started twitching.

Powerful, long strokes of his raging hot cock spurred her on. With a growling moan, she began to climax uncontrollably. In seconds he joined her, releasing his own pent-up passion. Hot wet jets of cum splattered into her spasming pussy, filling her totally and wonderfully.

Their voices mingled in hoarse moans of bliss. Finally he collapsed across her, his sigh of contentment matching her own.

Her cunt still twitched, the milking cunt muscles closing around his softening prick. The sweet heat of orgasm made a warm spreading flush across her tits.

She relished the heavy pressure of his body over hers, and the warmth of the sun blazing in from the living room windows.

“Your fucking makes me feel so good,” she crooned, sliding her hand over his muscular sweat-slickened back. “But we’d better get up and dressed… Brian could come home at any moment, you know.”


Not long after Alan had left for a meeting the next evening, Brian sauntered into the bedroom where Amy was straightening up things.

Amy smiled at him then gave a mock grimace of disgust at the condition of his room.

She indicated a discarded plate she’d uncovered under the bed. “It’s a wonder there’s not some kind of nasty fungus growing in here,” she told the teen. “Doesn’t your mom ever clean up in here?”

Brian gave her a sly look. “Mom doesn’t do a lot of things you do around here.”

She flashed him a glance. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He shrugged sullenly. “Nothing.”

But she knew.

Because Alan had talked of it that morning. Talked… then asked her to do something. For him, for Brian.

Now Amy realized that Alan had been correct. Brian was a horny teenager.

She could make that happen. Alan wanted her to fuck the teen.

When he’d talked to her that morning, about how he thought Brian was getting too randy for his own good, she hadn’t realized where the conversation had been leading. Not at first.

“For years I had no idea of what fucking was all about, what really turned a girl on, how I could make it better for both of us,” Alan had said earnestly. “I don’t want the same for Brian.”

He’d looked at her, kissed her, held her.

“Teach him for me, Amy. Show him how great fucking is. Show him how to please all the girls he’ll have.”

He’d felt Brian had to realize they were fucking. He was a smart teen and be would pick up on the signals soon, if he hadn’t already.

Amy hadn’t bothered to hide the lusty thrill she’d felt at the idea of teaching the teenager about fucking. Alan had grinned then, knowing she would do what he wanted her to.

So Alan had conveniently made himself scarce this evening, leaving the way wide open for her to give his son the lesson of his life.

Amy turned to the teen with an impish grin, dropping the dust cloth.

“I’ve had enough of cleaning,” she laughed. “What I’m in the mood for is a nice hot bath.”

She didn’t add that a bath wasn’t the only she was in the mood for. Brian would find that out for himself before very long!

As she started out of the room she called over her shoulder: “Why don’t you come with me? You can sit on the bed and talk to me while I take my bath.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah… I mean, okay.” He padded after her like an eager puppy, his eyes glued to the seductive sway of her ass.

As she went toward her bedroom, Amy unbuttoned her blouse. When they entered the room she waved Brian toward the bed and walked across to the bathroom, slipping out her top and letting it fall to the floor.

The startled intake, of breath told her the teen had taken in the brief glimpse of her full naked tits as she stepped into the bathroom. Leaving the door open, Amy ran the bath and added fragrant crystals, then stripped and got in.

With the door open, she knew Brian could easily see all he wanted to. The thick silence told her he was doing just that.

After relaxing in the sudsy hot water, she picked up a fat round sponge, smiling to herself wickedly.

“Brian? Would you please come wash my back?” she called out throatily.

There was a moment of stillness, then she heard him scurrying across the bedroom. He stopped short at the doorway, staring at the lush swell of her tits bobbing in the steamy water, and the suds-clouded mystery of all that lay below.

She looked back at him, smiling slightly. Her voice was soft and warm, as she handed him the sponge.

“Here you go. Now, make sure you get it all.”

She leaned forward, the sleek expanse of her back exposed.

Brian nearly fell over his own feet in his haste to get to her. Gulping audibly, he knelt beside the tub, vainly trying to hide the rampant cock-bulge straining at the crotch of his jeans. His hands shook as he soaped up the sponge.

Amy diplomatically ignored the youth’s nervousness.

Brian slid the soapy sponge up and down her back with slow lingering movements, wanting the unexpected treat to last as long as possible.

Amy hid a smile, knowing the teen still had no idea of where it all was leading.

“Mmmmmm, that really feels nice,” she murmured huskily. “You have a good strong touch, Brian.”

“Jeez… uh, thanks,” he gulped.

As he swiped the sponge across her back he let it work farther to each side, brushing just at the edges of her partially submerged tits.

Just getting that close to actually touching his sexy aunt’s tits got him hornier than hell.

His throat closed dryly and his confined cock throbbed almost painfully.

Amy was enjoying herself hugely. The teen’s lusty eagerness was turning her on. She grinned, turned to look at him over her shoulder.

“That’s good enough, Brian.” She hesitated deliberately. “What would you say to joining me in here?”

Brian dropped the sponge from his suddenly numb fingers. His wide-eyed gaze met hers.

Lowering her voice to a husky whisper that held all the sensual promise in the world, she said: “I mean it, Brian. C’mon, get out of your clothes and join me. It’s what I want that and a whole lot more.”

The teen couldn’t believe it, but it was true. True! Amy wanted him just as he’d fantasized.

In record time he was out of his clothes, but he hesitated as he hooked his thumbs into his cock-straining briefs, feeling a youthful flush of shyness.

Amy stared at his cock-bulge, with slitted eyes, licked her lips.

“Let me see,” she urged throatily. “Looks good so far, honey… let me see.”

A virile pride surged in the teen. He felt the lure of a long-awaited manhood, and his hesitation dissolved.

His briefs fell to the floor and his surprisingly big prick jerked free.

Amy sighed, staring at his jutting prick. “Oh, Brian, what a sexy cock.”

He stepped into the warm bath, sat down facing her. Amy let some of the water swirl out, until more of their bodies were exposed.

The water lapped at the top of her cunt mound and she grinned as she watched the end of Brian’s prick poking out of the bath water. Smiling, she scooted closer, reached for his hands and brought them up against her aching tits. Brian groaned hornily as his fingers closed over her puffy tits.

“Jesus, you’re so sexy, so pretty,” he gasped. “I’ve wanted you so much.”

She gave him a deliciously naughty grin. “Well, you’re going to get just what you want.”

He shuddered, looked at her in desperation. “I don’t know if I can keep from…”

The swollen head of his cock jutting out of the water showed the reason for his frantic words.

Amy started leaning forward, her head lowering slowly. “Let’s get you a little relief, honey. Kind of take the edge off, you know.” Before he could really believe it was happening, her warm wet mouth was dosing around the aching crown of his cock.

He yelped in a rush of lustful pleasure, gripping the sides of the tub with his hands, his legs stiffening out.

Amy sucked on his turgid cockhead, running her tongue around the rim with lavish licks. The musky taste excited her and her pussy pounded fiercely.

Brian’s hands on her tits started moving, pinching and rolling her stubby nipples until they tingled. Amy widened her mouth, dipping downward to take in more of the teen’s randy prick.

Horny and greedy, she started sucking deeply, grazing his cock with her teeth, flailing his prick with her tongue. She felt him grow tense, felt his cock swell.

The teen gave a strangled groan and thrust upward in the bath, fucking a couple more inches of his cock into her sucking mouth as he erupted with youthful urgency.

Fat wet globs of milky cum spurted into her mouth Amy slurped it up, swallowing cum hungrily. She reached down, cupped his balls, caressed them firmly as wad after wad of the teen’s cum jetted into her mouth.

Brian was blissfully dazed. The feeling of her mouth sucking up his cum was unlike anything he’d ever imagined. And if she meant what she had said, it was only the beginning!

His aunt lovingly slurped up the last bit of foamy cock cream and ran her tongue over and around his spent cock, flicking off droplets of cum from the rubbery cock shaft. She gave a soft moan.

“Ooohhh, your cum tasted good, honey,” Amy crooned. “Now I’m ready for some more fun.”

She rose from the tub, and he followed. After handing him a fluffy towel she took one as well and started patting and rubbing his body dry, managing in the process to pay special attention to his chest and his cock and balls.

In turn, Brian used his towel to caress the full slopes of her tits, watching the slight scratch of the toweling bring to her nipples to full stiffness. She spread apart her legs and be brought the towel between her firm thighs, rubbing it against her cunt mound, watching her close her eyes with a horny sigh.

Her body trembling with anxious desire, Amy led the teen to the bedroom. She sank to the bed, pulled at his hand. He joined her on the big wide bed, panting and nearly trembling with his passion.

As they lay back, Brian tumbled over her, frantically stroking and squeezing her jiggling tits. He tried to wriggle between her legs and wedge his half-hard cock into her cunt.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” Amy laughed, holding him back a little.

The teen backed off, trying to wipe away a somewhat sullen look on his face.

“You said I could,” he protested.

Giving a rich chuckle of delight, Amy drew him against her body.

“Just take it easy,” she purred. “You’re going to get your fill of me, I promise. But you might as well learn fucking the good way. That mad scramble of yours isn’t going to make any girl anxious to let you fuck her, you know.”

“But I don’t know what to do,” he whined. She smiled, pulling him tighter. “Just remember that fuckin’s a whole lot better when you try to give as much pleasure as you get.”

He seemed to understand what she was saying, as much as he could at this point.

“New,” she said huskily, “why don’t you start by playing with my tits?”

His hands covered her swollen tit flesh. She moaned quietly.

“Mmmmmm, yes, that’s what feels so good. See how my nipples get hard? Oh, you’re making me want it bad!”

Brian found the excitement then in slowing down just a little, in savoring all of her textures and scents and tastes.

He suckled at her tits hungrily, rolling her tight hard nipples with his tongue. His lust increased as he saw how it made her squirm with building arousal. Clamping his mouth around one turgid nipple, he pulled back until the nipple popped from his lips, making her tits bounce enticingly.

At her gentle nudge, he moved his mouth downward, quivering in anticipation of the carnal treat he was being offered.

Brian groaned with lust as the hot scent of her horny cunt drifted up to his nose. Then he was working between her thighs nosing into her sticky wet cunt slit.

Instinctively, the teen knew how to relish the sexy morsel of her pussy. He sucked and chewed on her swollen cunt lips, then stroked his tongue up and down the length of her steamy pussy.

As his rasping tongue slashed across her clit, Amy gave a coarse low cry.

“There, suck my clit,” she instructed huskily. “Oh, yes, that’s the spot. God, more… just like that. Eat me, Brian, eat my clit.” He took her rubbery clit into his mouth, sucking deeply on the cock-like stub. Amy jerked spasmodically at the exciting pulse of pleasure his hungry clit-sucking produced.

His youthful eagerness aroused her until she felt blinded to everything but the driving need of her passion-filled body.

She reached out, clasped his head to her aching cunt. The teen reacted with wanton excitement, burrowing deeper into the sweet mystery of her pussy flesh. He licked at her clit, sucked it, chewed on her clit with enthusiasm until she was a mass of lust tortured flesh, screaming for release.

“Suck me, you fuckin’ bastard,” she said. “Give it to me, you horny cunt-lapper… give it to me!”

Brian was awed and hugely aroused by the woman’s lewd responses. He slurped up the steady flow of pussy cream oozing out from deep in her cunt, enjoying the strange taste of her cunt juice. Then he attacked her clit once more with his curling tongue, knowing it made her really hot.

Her lips bucked against his face in fucking motions, mashing her ripping wet cunt against the teen’s mouth.

Amy let her senses revel in the delight of being so thoroughly pussy-eaten. The teen’s lewd behavior was delightful, egging her onto even greater plateaus of pagan pleasure.

“More, more,” she chanted, on fire with her lust. “Fuck me with your tongue.”

Brian obeyed eagerly, thrusting his stiff tongue deep into her clutching fuckhole. He crammed every inch of his cock-like tongue into her pussy hole, reaming the elastic opening. Savoring the tangy taste of her cunt cream, he licked up the trickle of sticky juice as it appeared.

His aunt squirmed and hunched her hips against him. Her pussy was a raging inferno of desire. She wanted more and more of his tongue flicked up inside. But even as he plugged her pussy with his tongue, she writhed… it still wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

“Your cock!” she gasped finally. “Give me your cock, Brian. Shove that wonderful prick in me.”

Brian pulled his face away from the tempting treasure of her cunt, ready to sink his aching prick where his tongue had been.

“I’m gonna really give it to ya,” he crowed lustily. “Really fuck you hard.”

He moved between her drawn up, widespread legs, positioning his bulging prick at the center of her cunt. With a fierce lunge, the teen fucked his thick hard cock to the limit in his aunt’s churning cunt. He gasped with happiness as he felt her cunt hole grip and squeeze at his embedded prick.

Soft whimpers and moans escaped her as Amy felt her horny pussy being wildly filled with the teen’s hot cock. Just knowing how aroused she’d made him caused her own level of passion to skyrocket.

“Fuck me good, you stud!” she cried out, “Ram that big prick of yours in as hard and deep as you can… I want it all, all.”

She absolutely loved the delicious feeling of being fucked full of his stiff prick.

“Aaaaahhhhh, you sweet cunt-fucker!” she wailed, her voice rising higher and higher.

Brian grunted coarsely as he fucked savagely into her steamy hot cunt.

“Ball me, baby… show me how good your pussy-fucking cock really is.”

“I’ll show you, all right,” he groaned, fucking her fast and deep. He could feel his throbbing prick fucking in farther with every hard cock-stroke.

Amy could feel her boiling need begin to bubble over. Sparkling ripples of lurid excitement shot through her pounding pussy and she squealed as she toppled over the brink of ecstasy.

A fresh oozing trail of cunt cream drooled from her pussy, coating his meaty cock as he fucked her. Amy climaxed in shuddering spasms, crying out her frenzied release in wild abandon. Before the deep tremors of her orgasm had even trickled away, she felt herself rising again to erotic heights.

“More… give me more fucking and make me cum again,” she pleaded.

She was completely beyond reason. Only the pounding need in her pussy and the fat prick fucking in her pussy seemed real. Each jamming fuck-thrust of the teen’s prick created an exquisite friction that made her want to scream from the pleasure.

Showing amazing control, and aware that it might not last long, Brian began fucking her harder, faster, deeper.

Juicy wet smacking sounds came with each surging plunge of his bulging prick. The plump head of his cock banged against her cunt walls with each deep fuck-stroke.

“Fuck the shit out of me, Brian!” Savagely, he responded to the enraged need in her voice, and his own nearly unbearable arousal. He reamed her fuckhole in wide grating circles then began to fuck into her cunt hard and fast again.

All sensation centered in her slick cock hungry cunt. Her hard little clit was throbbing wildly and she felt the approach of another mind-numbing explosion.

Her breath came in short gasps and moans rasped from her throat. Each fuck-thrust made Brian’s engorged prick rub against her clit, making her clit throb and twitch crazily.

She felt the fiery hot pole of his prick fucking deeper than before and nearly went out of her mind from the sensation. His prick felt so huge, so hard and so hot! His cock filled her to the limit with each bone-jarring thrust.

Her senses snapped. She felt as though she were falling deeper and deeper into a swirling whirlpool of erotic bliss. She convulsed with stunning force, shrieking.

It set the teen off, and his pumping prick tightened and jerked as he started to shoot his cum-load.

“Oh, God… oh, God,” she moaned.

Thick hot spurts of pulpy cum shot from his plunging prick. The juicy cum splashed into her spasm-rocked cunt, coating the fleshy cunt walls. Feeling the heavy flow of his cum intensified her climax.

She cried out, feeling a deep hot explosion of sensual rapture that filled and warmed her body. Her soft, satiny skin flushed and her eyelids fluttered. Gratefully, she went into orgasmic ecstasy.

The humid tide of his cum eased and she felt Brian’s cock lose its demanding hardness. The teen’s whole body shook with tremors, but the look on his face was one of pure youthful bliss.

He fell away from her and his dwindling prick came out of her greedy twitching cunt, a last sticky glob of cum shot out. Jism splashed wetly against her thigh, then oozed slowly down her leg.

Sinking down beside her, Brian mumbled hoarsely. “Wait’ll I tell Billy about this!”


“You fucked me, so why not him?”

Brian stared at his aunt, waiting for her answer.

Amy’s first instinctive answer stilled on her lips as she remembered the wild time she’d shared with her nephew. He’d boasted to his buddy, Billy, and now the other teen wanted the same initiation. She grinned.

“I sure did, didn’t I? Well, why the fuck not!”

Her eyes lit up as an idea came to her. It was wonderfully naughty and exciting — and it made her horny as hell.

“Listen, Brian, don’t go telling your friend I said okay. Just bring him over this afternoon after school and have him go up to my bedroom and knock. Let him think I got really pissed off at the idea and want to have a talk with him.”

Now knowing his sexy aunt well enough to realize she was cooking up a sexy scenario to surprise and excite his buddy, Brian wriggled with anticipation. He was going to make sure he got a good look at this.

Amy waited in the bedroom, naked, skin glistening from a lavish application of musk scented body oil. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears and she felt her cunt juicing up.

Just on time, she heard the somewhat timid knock at the bedroom door.

“Come on in,” she called, posing provocatively, legs wide apart, hips thrust forward.

The tall teen opened the bedroom door, walked inside… and stopped short at the sight of her.

“Hi, Billy,” she said sweetly, grinning as his eyes widened at her nakedness.

He blushed hotly.

“Close the door behind you please.” Eyes glued to her body, he swung an arm back, missed the door, tried again and caught it, pushing it shut.

She took a step toward him. “Uh, you don’t have any clothes on.”

“I know,” she said impishly. “I like being naked. Don’t you?”

“Well… uh, yeah,” he said nervously. “Okay, so take your clothes off.” Billy jumped. His face held a wary look, as if he were almost certain she was kidding. But he started, fumbling with his buttons, twice redoing buttons that he had just undone.

Finally he got his shirt off, then, blushing again, turned away from her to open his pants and slide them down his slim thighs. He looked back at her over his shoulder.

“Don’t be bashful, Billy. Come on, turn around… let me get a look at your equipment, stud.”

He did so reluctantly, still not sure about all of this. His cock bulged out the front of his shorts.

Amy walked up to him, put her hands on his slim hips. “You don’t have to worry we’re going to have us a real sexy time. Fucking is fun, not scary.”

“Yeah, I know,” he croaked.

She smiled. She knew he didn’t know, not really. And he might never know just how exciting good fucking could be if she didn’t take him in hand.

She worked his shorts down, and his prick jumped free, standing straight out.

“Mmmm, you have a very sexy cock. How old are you, Billy?”

He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “Why? Does it make a difference, whether or not you’ll…”

“Not a bit, really. You’re big enough to fuck,” she chuckled, her hand around his jutting prick, “so — you’re old enough.”

She took pity on the teen and decided to stop her teasing. Besides, she was ready for some action. She took him to her bed, pulling him down on top of her as she fell back.

His cock was rubbing between her legs and she reached for the heavy shaft of his prick, working it up until the plump end of his cock was centered in her cunt. He shuddered against her.

“Guess you’re going to find out what it’s all about now, Billy,” she breathed huskily. “Now push, damnit… push!”

He bottomed out on the very first fuck stroke.

“Wow!” he gasped.

Amy tightened the agile muscles of her cunt around his prick, milking his cock ever so gently.

“This is it, Billy… this is fucking,” she chuckled lewdly, pumping her pussy up against his crotch.

“Oh, man,” he sighed rapturously, awed by actually having his horny cock inside a cunt for the first time.

“Do you like it?” she teased him, flexing her cunt muscles around his prick.

“Shit, yeah!” be cried, transported into an unbelievable delight.

He started fucking his hard cock in and out of her wonderfully warm and wet cunt, batting manfully at the depths of her pussy.

His ass pumped in and out, driving his prick hard with each fuck-thrust. Suddenly he tightened against her and almost immediately tried to pull his cock out, but he was stopped by her arms going around his ass and clinging tightly.

“Let me pull out,” he protested hoarsely. “I’m… I’m going to cum… I don’t want to get you knocked up.” He felt very much the suave man-of-the-world, thinking of that at the last moment.

She resisted the impulse to laugh at the teen. “It’s okay, Billy, really. I’ve taken care of that.”

He relaxed, sagging against her, letting the tide of his cum splatter out in pumps of ecstasy he felt clear to his toes.

Amy wasn’t pleased at all at his rapid explosion. Jesus, she thought, Brian did better than a few measly humps.

The twitching and spurting of his cock stopped, but his cock stayed hard, sheathed in her hotly aroused cunt. Amy got an idea and suddenly rolled over, carrying him with her.

“Hey!” Billy yelped in surprise. “What are you doing?”

“Just take it easy, honey,” she soothed him. “I’m just getting on top. All you have to do is lie there, enjoy yourself and let me do all the work now.”

There was little else he could do, far Brian’s aunt weighed probably much the same as he did and she was pinning him down pretty effectively.

Amy worked her ass around, settling his cock in her aching cunt to her satisfaction.

Then she released his arms.

“Play with my tits, Billy,” she commanded throatily.

He stared at the hanging mounds of her tits then reached up to touch them lightly. She moaned in frustration.

“Don’t be so afraid,” she said, more sharply than she had intended. “They won’t break. It’ll make me feel good… real good. Take hold of my nipples and rub them hard. I want to really feel it.”

He did as she wanted, tweaking and rolling the tight stubs of her rosy pink nipples. It gave her the sensation she craved.

At last the fuck fire was coursing through her veins, burning in her cunt.

She settled back against his embedded prick, screwing her pussy around on his cock in circles that made her feel more like she was really getting fucked than she’d felt before.

“Ooooohhhh, shit, that’s it,” she crooned softly.

Her ass rose off his crotch and then slammed back down again with a thrust that sent Billy’s prick deep inside her cunt. She concentrated on tightening her cunt muscles as much as she could, desperate for more sexy sensations.

Billy was joining in eagerly now, more sure of himself. He teased and thumped her aching nipples, making ripples of sensation go through her tits.

She bounced up and down on his upthrust prick, finding the best position now, the best way to attack his cock… rising then falling back, completely in control of their fucking.

His cock was stroking her up like a furnace, sending the fire through her body. She rose and fell back, again and again, biting her lip as his fingers tweaked hard at her nipples, twisting the rubbery stubs savagely.

Billy grunted as her ass slammed down time after time. His cock felt like it was caught in a vise that was twisting and turning. It was a good pain, though, a hot pain and one that was unbelievably exciting.

Billy hoped Amy would never stop his fantastic fucking ride she was giving him. He was in the groove now, humping his hips up each time she came down, fucking his swollen prick deeper and deeper.

“Oh, fuck!” she wailed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck… it’s so great… so fucking great.”

The teen fucked as hard as he could, his cock feeling as though it would explode from the pressure of her hungry cunt. Perspiration dripped down his face.

“Throw it to me, stud,” she challenged hoarsely, her head tipped back, long hair swinging. “I want to feel your big prick bustin’ me wide open. Fuck me, damn you… fuck me hard.”

He gasped and grunted, doing his damnedest to satisfy her. She was like a wild animal, bucking and squirming on top of him. Her cunt gulped at his cock over and over.

The teen felt his tide of cum rising again and cried out, not wanting the fucking to end yet. He craved his sweet sensation, wanted it to last forever. Yet she knew there was no way he could ever stem the flow of his release… it was just too close.

Amy sensed his approaching climax and hurried to be certain she wasn’t left high and dry. She swirled her cock-clutching cunt around and around, making his prick dance against her ultra-sensitive clit.

It was the fuck-forcing friction she needed to throw her over the brink of bliss. With a cry that came up from deep in her throat, she quivered to a halt, her cunt convulsing sharply.

Billy cried out too, his cum once more spewing out, spitting up into her cream-oozing cunt.

At that moment Brian came out of the closet Amy had let him stay in, so he would be able to watch the fucking.

After a round of soda pop and cookies, the teens were eager for action. Amy turned to them. Both teens were naked, both were respectably hung and their cocks were hard as rocks.

“Let’s fuck!” she cried happily.

All three tumbled to the bed, Amy sandwiched between the youths. She lay back as they did and reached out, wrapping a hand around each of their jutting cocks.

Brian turned, nuzzling against one of her heavy, swollen tits. His mouth closed over the turgid nipple and he suckled wetly.

Amy gave a sigh of pure contentment. The two teens were ready to romp again, and so was she!

Not to be outdone, Billy turned to suck at her other tit, drawing in a mouthful of tit flesh and tickling her tingling nipple with his tongue.

“Ah, now that’s fantastic,” Amy murmured huskily, a teen sucking at each tit while she pumped her curled fingers around their rampant pricks.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, suck it… yeah, let me feel your teeth. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!”

They writhed against her body as they mouthed her aching tits, hips bunching against her pumping hands.

The teens grew daring, running their hands along her body. Brian was first to dip his searching fingers into the moist heat of her cunt, rimming his fingers along her swollen cuntlips before poking them into her grasping fuckhole.

Then Billy’s hand slid to her pussy, fingers working madly against her cunt flesh. His hand stilled as it brushed against his friend’s pumping fingers, then his fingers nudged in as well.

“Oh, ooooohhhhhhh!” she wailed as both teens started fucking her cunt hole with their fingers. Fire seemed to explode within her guts.

Brian, eager to show initiative as well as prove his superior hold over sexy Amy, gave a last deep suck at her tit then broke away. But his lips never left her body as be started edging downward, licking along the way. He paused only to stab his tongue at the well of her navel.

Amy wriggled happily, her fleshy tit bobbing against Billy’s sucking mouth. Brian pulled his cunt fucking hand away, slipping it beneath her ass, digging his fingers into the crack of her ass.

Brian’s voice was hoarse and urgent as he spoke. “Billy, get your fingers out of my way.”

Mumbling his disappointment, Billy gave way. His fingers popped free of her cunt with sucking noises. He contented himself with using his hand to play with her freed tit, while he continued to suckle at the other tit.

“Yes, oh yesssssss,” Amy hissed as Brian’s mouth settled over her cunt mound.

His mouth was open wide and he sucked in a hefty mouthful of her pussy flesh. Amy jerked and cried out as he bit down. He let go immediately and sent his tongue licking along her cunt crack, tormenting her pussy just as his fingers had done.

As she moaned wildly, his tongue worked into her sapping pussy and probed the mouth of her fuckhole. Impatient to gain better leverage to fuck his tongue into her cunt even farther, he moved around until he was completely between her legs, pushing them wider and wider apart to open her pussy up.

“Suck me, you fuckin’ cunt-lapper,” she wailed.

Now as she fastened his mouth onto her cunt, fucking his tongue into her cunt, he could really feel his tongue getting in deep.

He could feel her slippery cunt flesh against his face, and the fleshy clasp of her fuckhole around his invading tongue.

Amy whirled in a desperate storm of lust, whimpering steadily. Billy’s mouth pulled and sucked ravenously at her tit, making it throb almost painfully. His anxious fingers did the same to her other tit and she pumped wildly on his hard cock.

Her mouth watered as she felt his cock in her hand. She pulled at his hard-on.

“Move up here,” she rasped to Billy. “Give me your cock… shove it in my mouth.”

As his buddy continued to feast noisily on Amy’s wet cunt slit, Billy scrambled up, doing as she instructed, straddling her shoulders. His cock jutted straight out, aimed right for her mouth, and he wanted to feel that first fiery touch of her open lips on his aching prick.

She wet her lips, then ran her tongue up the inner side of his thigh, enjoying the way it made the teen quiver. Amy nosed up against his tight hard balls and his thrusting prick jumped spasmodically as she ran her tongue over his balls.

“Oh, Jesus… aaaawwwww,” Billy groaned.

Brian gobbled hungrily at her cunt. He captured her throbbing clit between his teeth, bit hard, and Amy gasped with pain and pleasure.

Her mouth tightened on Billy’s balls and the teen yelped. Then her sucking touch was soft again, incredibly warm and sensual.

“Jesus God,” Billy gasped, feeling his cock get even harder while she sucked on his balls.

Amy let his balls plop from her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Starting at the thick base of his prick, she slurped her way to his cockhead. Her tongue was everywhere on his prick, swirling, tasting, teasing his cock.

She whirled her tongue around and over the head of his prick, then stabbed at the piss-slit in its center.

As she worked at Billy’s pumping prick, Amy shivered at the fire Brian’s tongue was causing in her cunt. He held onto her ass cheeks, burrowing deeper and deeper against the soaked length of her pussy, tongue wagging furiously at her sensitive clit.

Her own tongue was just as active on Billy’s lust-swollen prick. She raked it up and down the long column of his cock, relishing the sexy taste of the teen’s prick. Then Amy opened her mouth, sucking in his bulging cockhead.

“Jesus… oh, Jesus, Amy!” Billy cried out. “Oh, how you make me feel… please, please keep on sucking on my cock.”

She hadn’t any intention of doing anything else, and busied herself gulping down more and more of his thick prick, until the tip of his cock nudged against the back of her throat.

Once she had his cock fucked into her mouth as far as possible, she sucked hard, pulling in her cheeks to squeeze and suck at his prick. It drove the teen wild, and it made her own desire soar.

Over and over, she sucked his cock, washing her teasing tongue over and around the cockhead wantonly.

At the same time she let herself hump against Brian’s nuzzling face at her pussy, savoring the delightful sensations of his tongue in her fuckhole.

Amy felt the approach of Billy’s climax from the frantic lurching of his hips against her face and the gradual tightening of his cock and balls. She slurped and sucked and licked his prick with fervent hunger.

“Oh, Jesus fuckin’ Christ!” the teen bellowed. “Suck me, suck me… I’m cumming… now!”

As his cock flexed between her lips Amy felt a jolting burst of arousal, white hot and gut deep.

Billy’s cock began thumping rhythmically, pumping out his flow of cum and filling her mouth with jizz. It tasted honey-sweet to her and Amy eagerly swallowed spurt after spurt of his cum.

He groaned hoarsely, fucking her face, his prick jetting out pulpy cum to coat her tongue and shoot into her throat.

She drank all of his turn happily, hungrily. As the gushes of cum cased, all the strength seemed to wash from his body as well. The teen gave a huge sigh, smiled weakly, and fell away from her to tumble onto his side on the bed. Within seconds, it seemed, he fell asleep.

Brian looked up from between Amy’s legs, his face smeared with her sticky pussy fluid. He grinned.

“Now that I can really concentrate on it,” Amy told him with a lewd smile, “why don’t you stuff that horny prick of yours in my cunt?”

He scrambled to his knees, licking his lips free of her thick pussy cram.

“Damn, yes,” he crowed.

The head of his cock nudged her fuckhole and she cried out for him to slam it home. The teen’s hips worked forward and he fucked in deep, as if there were no bottom to her horny cunt.

Brian shuddered. It was like sliding into a pool of hot liquid warmth.

Amy purred in pleasure, tightening her cunt walls around his invading prick. His cock was steel hard wonderfully lodged inside her aching pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhh, fuck me, Brian… really put it to me, make me feel it.”

He slid his cock out just a little, then slammed against her, throwing himself forward with all his strength. Almost instantly, he pulled his cock back out with nerve-melting friction, then fucked in again.

Each ferocious fuck-thrust buried all of his raging hot prick into her cunt, making his aunt writhe with erotic delight.

“You fuckin’ super-stud!” she wailed. “You’re giving me just what I need.”

Her fingernails dug into his back and her legs whipped up, clasping his waist. She felt drunk with desire, oblivious to everything but the deep satisfying lunges of the teen’s hugely swollen cock. Her clit swelled, throbbed crazily.

Amy’s body jerked each time Brian crammed his cock into her dripping-wet fuckhole.

Brian felt her cunt convulse then, the pussy muscles rippling, milking his fucking cock as it drove into her like a sledgehammer. The whole length of her pussy seemed, to spasm and twitch.

She screamed, then blubbered crazily in wordless sounds as the full force of her climax hit.

It was more than the teen’s slender thread of control could take. His resolve to hold off snapped, as his prick surged, exploded a bath of hot cum into her convulsing cunt.

Beside them, Billy awoke with a start at the sound of her screams. He was instantly horny again.

Amy dimly saw the other teen edging closer. She grinned invitingly.


“Oh, Rick, I’ve missed you,” Amy said, coming into his arms.

Her husband held her tightly, caressing her body with the rubbing pressure of his own.

“Missed you too, baby,” he whispered. “Missed this… holding you, fucking you, talking to you. Just couldn’t wait till Pam got back and you came home.”

It pleased her, he could see that.

“So you took that long drive, just to see me,” she purred happily.

She stepped away, grinned at him and started to lead him toward the living room.

“God, I’d half forgotten how good it was,” he chuckled, following her.

In the living room she turned around. “What do you mean?”

His gaze glinting with arousal, he said: “Your sweet tight little ass.”

A flame jumped in her, burning brightly.

“Maybe you need to get reacquainted with the object of your affection,” she teased as he sat down on one end of the sofa.

Rick leaned back, not sure exactly what she had in mind but certain he was going to love the shit out of it in any case.

“Sounds good to me,” he chuckled.

Standing a few feet away from where he sat, Amy gave him a smoldering look that promised endless carnal delights.

With teasing, provocative slowness, she eased out of her halter, pausing to shake her tits sexily. Then she leisurely worked her brief shorts and skimpy panties down over her sleek hips. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

Amy stood for a moment, watching Rick’s eyes devour her naked body. Then she turned around, with her back to him. Standing with her legs far apart, she leaned forward, way down, and grinned back at her husband between her widespread thighs.

“This what you had in mind?”

“The start of it, anyway,” Rick grinned lewdly.

The position offered a tempting view of her lush pussy and the tiny pink pucker of her asshole. All of her crotch was fully exposed to his hot horny eyes.

God, she had missed him, Amy realized. Though she was fulfilling a longtime dream to fuck with her brother Alan and enjoyed the fun of initiating her nephew and his friend, she still missed Rick… and she was so glad he’d shown up.

Still bent over, peering back at him, she said: “Well, come and get it then, lover.”

She braced her hands on her knees and wriggled her taut little ass at him in wanton invitation.

Groaning from the ferocity of his need, Rick stood and took off his clothes, exposing the familiar chunky length of his prick. Amy’s heart pounded at the sight of his cock jutting out from his hairy crotch.

“Mmmm, yes, do come and get it,” she repeated sexily.

He came up behind her and knelt. His face slack with arousal, he stared at the moist inviting cunt folds displayed so obviously.

“Lick me, lover,” she invited. “Get me all hot and wet.”

“God,” he moaned huskily. He leaned forward, burying his face in her soft warm pussy.

From her viewpoint between her widespread legs, Amy watched his huge angry-red prick throbbing as he knelt in back of her. Just the thought of soon having that stiff prick crammed inside of her cunt filled her with shivers of anticipation.

She cooed as his talented tongue traced a fiery path up and down her cunt slit, before zeroing in on the distended lump of her clit.

Eagerly, he licked and lapped at her stubby clit, bringing it to a hard little peak. His mouth worked over her clit, sucking and gnawing ever so gently.

“Oooooohhhhh, Rick, nobody eats me like you do,” she moaned.

Holding onto her creamy ass cheeks, he pushed his mouth deeper and deeper into her wet warm pussy. He savored the exciting smell of her cunt, and sampled every dewy soft inch of her pussy.

Her legs quivered as a sensual warmth grew and spread in her body. The spark of lust grew steadily into a blazing furnace of aching desire.

Amy felt an almost pagan exultation burst forth as her carnal needs were flamed. Soft moans gurgled from her throat and she closed her eyes in bliss.

“Oh, I wish you could eat my pussy like this forever and ever,” she murmured throatily.

Her appreciation of his cunt-lapping drove Rick to greater efforts. His stiff reaming tongue darted into her fuckhole, sending tremors spiraling through her. Quick, hard little flicks of his tongue against her clit made Amy quiver down to her toes.

She was almost beside herself with her sexual frenzy. Trembling and whimpering, she fought to stay on her feet as her very bones seemed to melt from the boiling churning fire in her cunt.

“Stick your tongue back in me,” she rasped. “Do it, lover… do it.”

He clawed his fingers into her pussy, spreading her cuntlips and opening her pussy slit. Mashing his face into her hot pussy, he stabbed at the moist opening of her fuckhole with his stiff tongue. He rimmed the warm elastic mouth of her cunt then drove his tongue deep into the creamy depths.

“Aaaaaahhhhh,” she gasped, shuddering.

She could feel her pussy contracting, trying to suck in his stiff tongue. The wet sucking sounds he made as he ate her pussy filled Amy with a throbbing ache.

Satisfying his hunger to taste and torment her cunt, Rick started to give his attention to the tempting target of her asshole.

Her little asshole resisted his first attempt to skewer it with his tongue. Gradually though, the clenched ass ring relaxed, dilating in lewd invitation.

She moaned hoarsely at the sensation of Rick’s tongue relentlessly fucking into her tight hot asshole. He poked at it over and over with his tongue tip, at last succeeding in wedging part of his licking, stiffened tongue deeply into her asshole.

“Eeeeeeeeee!” she squealed, her legs quivering.

Rick started eagerly tongue-fucking her tight asshole. Quick thrusts of his tongue rapidly opened and widened her asshole.

Amy thrashed as her fleshy asshole twitched its own message of arousal.

“More… give me more,” she pleaded. “Your tongue feels so great, baby, but it’s just not enough. Give me your cock, right up my ass!”

She fell away from him, feeling his tongue slither from the tight confines of her asshole. Dropping to the floor, she went forward onto her hands, kneeling with her legs wide open.

“Fuck me in the butt,” she commanded hoarsely. “Do it, Rick… shove your cock in my ass now.”

She heard him drop down, move in behind her wantonly spread legs.

“You’re getting it, cunt,” he whispered thickly. “Getting my big prick crammed right up your tight little asshole.”

“Yes… oh, Jesus, yesssssss!”

He held his cock, pushed the swollen cockhead against the pucker of her asshole. His cock fucked inside with a wet squishy sound.

“Ball me good, baby,” she said. “Fuck that monster prick of yours inside, push now… hard.”

“Here it comes, cunt,” he growled. “Gonna split your little ass wide open… rip you right up, I swear to fuckin’ Christ.”

He lunged forward then, impaling her ass with his fiery hot prick.

She shrieked, a cry of raw rapture. Her tender asshole convulsed spasmodically as it was assaulted with the hard thickness of his cock.

Inch by inch, Rick fucked the rest of his prick into her tight hot ass tunnel. He pushed on relentlessly, fucking deeper and deeper, until at last his cock was buried completely in her ass guts.

Pausing for an instant, he thrilled to the clenching pressure that came from her asshole. Her ass was gripping his prick like a vise.

Then slowly, sensually, creating the most delicious sort of friction, he started to fuck in and out of her tight asshole.

“Uuuuuuummmmmm,” she breathed blissfully. It was exquisite torture… a blend of pain and pleasure that left her aching for more.

She could feel her cunt creaming, and the stub of her clit swelling even more than it had been before. Darting sensations danced along her spine.

Little by little the feeling grew more intense, a flame fanned by Rick’s harsh fucking in and out of her tender asshole. She thrust her ass back to meet each of his fuck-lunges, wanting all of his cock meat buried each time.

Slowly fucking in and out of her upturned ass, Rick leaned a little to reach for the hanging globes of her tits. His hands captured the swollen tit mounds and he massaged her firm warm tit flesh. Amy moaned deeply as it brought new sexy vibrations streaming through her body.

Rick rubbed and tweaked each hard tit peak. The rubbery nipples pulsed and grew even stiffer. As he massaged and squeezed her tits he could feel them balloon with lust.

Amy writhed helplessly, tossed along on a sea of passion that swelled and rolled and pitched.

“Yes, yes, that’s it… that’s the way to fuck me!” she wailed shrilly.

He increased the tempo, fucking his cock forward to grind his groin against her squirming heated ass flesh. He fucked into her ass with long hard strokes now.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she cried out. “Rip me with your hot cock, fill me up.”

He fucked her savagely, pulling his prick out, slamming forward, jackhammering his engorged prick into her asshole.

“Aaaaaahhhhh, shit… yes, yes… fuck me. I’m… oh, God! I’m cumming!”

She exploded in a wild frenzy of orgasmic bliss, screaming out her sensual delight.

With his prick crammed in her ass, Rick could feel the flood of her climax gushing out in a juicy stream of cunt cream. It drooled out from deep in her spasming pussy, slithering along her thighs.

He sniffed, grew hornier at the lusty scent of her climax as it filled the air. Still he fucked hard and fast and deep into her asshole.

The slim sheath of her ass channel was totally reamed out, stretched wide open by his fierce fucking strokes. Her asshole was plugged to the limit and twitched with a lurid kind of climax all its own.

Her lust-crazed response triggered a building excitement in Rick. His fuck-thrusts were lightning-like. The pistoning pumping of his prick bruised the tender mouth of her asshole, and he fucked his prick to the balls each time. His bloated, taut balls surged, quivering and [missing text].

Rick pushed against her ass violently as he felt the approach of his release.

“Yes, cum with me… make it good,” Amy croaked, feeling his orgasm approach even as hers continued to surge within her body.

He gave a strangled scream, stiffened. His embedded prick pulsed and the battle was lost.

The steamy load of cum erupted. Thick, hot spurts of cock cream splashed up into her tight asshole. After his initial stillness, Rick started fucking again, hard slow fuck-strokes that made the tight ring of her asshole milk at his jizz-jetting cock.

“Jesus Christ,” he grunted. “So fuckin’ tight and so, so good.”

As the last humid globs of pulpy cum trailed off, he sagged against her ass, breathing raggedly. His cock began to soften and he pulled it out of her clutching asshole.

“You’ve got the sweetest, tightest ass,” he murmured happily.

Though her ass felt battered and bruised, Amy felt a pure physical satisfaction that was reflected in the look on her face — the smile curving her lips, and the pleased glaze in her eyes.

“Boy, did I need that,” she purred joyfully.


Rick seemed to echo her sentiments, looking just as satisfied as she was.

“You’re not going to head back right away, are you?” Amy wanted to know.

He rose unsteadily to his feet, stretched, yawned.

“Naw, thought I’d at least stay the night.”

“Mmmmm, good.” She sat up too, rolling her neck in wide circles to get the kinks out.

“Know what would hit the spot right now?” he grinned.

She smiled back. “Fried chicken, right?”

After a lusty bout of fucking, her husband invariably became hungry for fried chicken.

“Yeah, you got it.” Rick scooped up his clothes. “Think I’ll go pay the Colonel a visit.”

“Mmmmm, fine… saves me from fixing a meal tonight, too.”

After he left, Amy gathered her clothes and went up to the bedroom. Dropping them in the hamper, she went to turn on the shower.

Freshly showered, her hair washed, she stepped out, wrapping a thick towel around her body. Amy raked a comb through her quickly drying hair and tucked the sides behind her ears, then dusted her body with her favorite perfumed talc, discarding the damp towel.

She walked through the bathroom doorway into the bedroom — and she jumped.

Her brother sat on the edge of the bed, facing the bathroom door.

“You know, Pam’s going to be heading back in a couple of days,” he began.

Her eyes flickered to his crotch and she smiled at the huge cock bulge straining there.

“And you want to make the most of the time we have left, right?”


She strode toward him, squatted on the floor at the edge of the bed between his sprawled legs. A long rippling shudder moved along her body.

“Looks like you’ve been thinking about me,” she teased, staring at his hefty cockbulge.

“And I decided I just couldn’t stand it any longer, not having those gorgeous lips of yours around my prick.”

She reached to unzip his jeans. Once freed, his fat cock jutted out tail and thick from the kinky hair at his crotch. He lifted his hips and Amy pulled the jeans down his legs.

Her eyes never left the huge prick waving in front of her face. Like his body, Alan’s prick was wide, thick and powerfully muscled. The swollen crown was darkly colored in arousal and the vein coursing down the cockshaft throbbed.

She remembered how his fucker felt embedded in the depths of her cunt, and she gulped. Trembling with hot desire, Amy leaned forward to unbutton his shirt, letting her heavy tits bounce against his steel-hard prick. Her brother shrugged out of the shirt and she ran her hands ever the tight muscles of his chest.

“Mmmm, lover, am I getting hungry for you,” she murmured, her voice low and passionate.

Her eyes grew hazy with desire. She tangled her fingers in the thick mat of hair at his crotch and massaged his groin. His pounding-hard prick was nestled in the cleft between her forward-thrust tits. Arching her back even more, she pushed her swollen tits against his hard cock.

“Eat me,” Alan commanded hoarsely. “Suck cock, baby. Get those lips of yours around my prick.”

She stared down at his bulging cock, wedged between her creamy tits. Her mouth watered.

Amy wasted no more time in setting to devouring the thick morsel, of his hot cock. Eagerly, she edged back and leaned down to lick hungrily along the curve of his tight hairy balls.

Curled up between his thighs, she rested her head against his leg and moved her open mouth sensuously around his balls. Her tongue snaked out, rubbing along his balls. His cock jerked, surged fuller.

Then she was licking up and down the plump shaft of his prick. Dipping her head over him, she eased her open mouth over the bulging tip of his hard prick and drew it into her throat.

Moaning huskily, she went down, deeper and deeper, until her tender mouth was crammed with his big cock.

Amy licked and lapped with abandon, swirling her stiff little tongue around his cock. Her brother gave a satisfied groan as he watched her lips sliding up and down along his horny prick. He loved the hungry way she curled her tongue around his prick.

“Go to it,” he rasped. “Suck me dry.”

She shivered with delight as she fucked her face happily with his pulsating prick. His cock filled her mouth and throat in a most delicious way. She had to stretch her mouth wide open merely to encircle the thickness of his cockshaft.

Alan grabbed her head, his fingers tangling into her hair. He ground her face into his crotch, fucking his prick even deeper into her gulping throat.

“Oh, you sexy cock-sucker,” he breathed.

Just hearing the wet slurping sounds her moving mouth made on his surging cock made Amy quiver with agonized arousal.

She squirmed ecstatically, impaling her face on his hard hot prick, guided by his hand at the nape of her neck. She absolutely loved sucking his cock. Having her mouth plugged with his cock meat was a terrific turn-on and she could feel the lurid vibrations clear down to her juiced-up pussy.

Her hand strayed down, curled into her aching cunt gash. Alan was caught up in his own lust, his hands working her mouth against his straining prick, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. She dearly loved having her pussy played with while she sucked cock, and since it didn’t appear Alan was going to do anything about it, she would just please herself.

She stroked and rubbed her agitated cunt, timing her finger-fucking to the slurping tempo of her cock-sucking. Her searching fingers strayed to the lump of her clit and closed around it eagerly. Her clit was fully erect, swollen and throbbing with arousal, Amy subbed and squeezed her clit and the exciting sensations it created made her hips buck in reaction. Desperately, she began to pump her mouth up and down on Alan’s cock as it stuffed her throat.

Alan gave a gut-deep sigh. “Oh, baby, you’re so good… so fuckin’ good at sucking me off.”

Her cunt sucked at her fucking fingers while she lavished Alan’s cock with sucking slurps of her mouth and licks of her tongue.

She pulled her cream-coated hand from her cunt and brought it up to his prick. Letting his hard prick plop out of her moist mouth, she made a circle with her sticky thumb and forefinger around his enormous bulging cockhead. Then she tightened her grip, clasping his meaty prick firmly.

“Aw, Jesus,” Alan growled heavily.

She began to stroke his huge cock shaft with her slick fingers in a cunt-like clasp, using a slow teasing movement that clearly drove her brother crazy with lust.

He humped his hips, fucking her hand. Faster and faster she pumped his prick, making him gasp with pleasure.

He felt it coming.

“Get my cock back in your mouth,” Alan said. “Eat me, Amy… suck me off.”

“Oh, yes, yesssssss,” she hissed.

Her greedy wet mouth once more closed over his thick prick, stretching wide to encircle the swollen shaft of his cock. She felt a fresh flush of passion surge through her body as she tasted his cock meat and the faint flavor of her own cunt cream on his prick.

“Go down on me, all the way down,” Alan grunted coarsely. “Shove your face down, baby.”

She obeyed, forcing her mouth farther and farther down the length of his prick. She shuddered as the swollen head of his cock prodded the back of her throat. Her senses reeled with the power of the incredible pleasure.

She fucked his fat prick even farther into her throat and let her teasing tongue vibrate against his cock shaft. His crinkly crotch hair tickled her nose and her lips as she buried her face in his musky groin.

Her body could take only so much arousal. She jerked, racked with bone-crushing orgasmic convulsions. Her cunt twitched madly.

Alan gave a low growl and clutched, her head, mashing her face against his throbbing cock. Then he began to move her head back and forth on his spasming prick as it erupted.

Hot wet jets of cum spurted from his pulsating prick into her sucking mouth, like thick boiling cream. Cum plopped wetly against her tongue, oozed down into her throat. She gobbled his cum-load in gurgling gulps.

“So good, so fuckin’ good,” Alan moaned.

As the milky flow dribbled down to an oozing stream, Amy flicked her tongue over the head of his cock, sucking up the last few precious drops of cum.

She leaned back, grinned at him lewdly. “Shit, but I love sucking your cock.”

“Sure looked that way to me!” said a voice from the bedroom doorway.

Amy jumped, stared at the doorway.

“Rick! Oh, my God!”

In her surprise and horny delight at finding Alan in the bedroom after she’d come out of the shower, Amy had totally forgotten about Rick. Forgotten he’d left only to pick up some carry-out fried chicken.

She stared at him in shock and growing fear. How in the hell was he going to take it, finding her enthusiastically sucking off her brother?

Amy sneaked a look at Alan, expecting to see the same shock and wariness in his face. Instead, he grinned. Rick chuckled, and she glanced at him.

She whirled to face Alan again. “You knew! All the time, you knew Rick had been here, that he’d be back soon.” Then she stared at her husband. “And you knew all about Alan and me, that…”

“You bet your sweet ass I did,” Rick said. “Hell, I knew you had the hots for your brother. I knew once you got to stay here it wouldn’t take long for you to get what you’ve wanted for so long.”

The shock was wearing off, replaced by excitement over the possibilities, having her two favorite men with her.

Rick had the same idea, it seemed, for he was hurrying to get out of his clothes.

Alan moved over on the bed, pulling Amy down beside him. He reached up to cup her damp heavy tits while Rick stripped. When her husband slid onto the bed beside them, Alan bent over her tits, licking the plump slopes of her tits slowly and sensually.

Alan chewed on the rubbery stubs of her nipples and she felt shooting ripples of hot lust radiating through her veins. When he gave each aching nipple a quick sharp nip with his teeth, she cried out. At the same time, Rick was licking his way down her body after rimming her navel with his tongue.

“Ah, yes, love, lick my cunt,” she encouraged him huskily.

Rick made a dive for her steamy pussy and began to lick up and down feverishly. Amy moaned, her body shaking.

Alan continued his leisurely tit feast, running his rasping tongue over every inch of her lust-swollen tits. Then he sucked hard and nipped at her sensitive nipples, making them ache deeply.

Hot squishy sounds came from her cunt where Rick was busily helping himself to the tender morsel. Her cunt scent wafted up, an aroma that revealed her arousal.

“Oh, God, both of you… so wonderful,” she panted, eyes closed in erotic bliss.

A searing jolt of ecstasy sparked in her body. Rick fastened his teeth around her clit and her hips jerked spasmodically at the hot contact.

She humped her pussy mound against his face, urging him on. She felt as if every nerve ending in her entire body was humming from the electric pulses caused by Rick’s avid cunt lapping and Alan’s determined sucking on her tits. She reached dizzying sensual heights, only to discover that even more delight lay ahead.

“Gettin’ hot, aren’t you, pretty cunt?” Alan mumbled, his mouth working against her creamy tits. “Getting hot as a fuckin’ furnace.”

“Oh, I sure am,” she smiled blissfully. “You two are enough to drive me absolutely wild.”

Rick licked and sucked at her horny cunt until he could feel her cuntlips swell and practically vibrate with erotic tension. Once again he moved to clamp down on her clit, drawing it into his mouth as far as he could.

As she moaned and twisted in wild fuck lust, her pussy was streaming with cunt juice, coating Rick’s face. She pushed her legs achingly wide apart, thrusting her pussy mound up to him, wanting every inch of her horny cunt wide open for him to lick and taste.

Alan diverted her attention as he rolled the stiff peaks of her tits against his teeth. The sharp edges bit into her nipples, causing a searing flame of lust in her tits.

“Mmmmmm, you great tit-sucker,” she murmured brokenly. “Oh, Alan, I love the way you eat my tits!”

He made a muffled sound, never pausing in his deep sucking.

Rick burrowed farther into her bumping pussy. He began to stroke the rim of her fuckhole with his tongue. The fleshy opening fluttered open, eagerly accepting the invasion of his tongue.

Amy hunched her hips and groaned lustily. It felt so, so good to have him reaming out her achingly hot fuckhole with his tongue while Alan nuzzled at her tits.

With a quick jab, Rick slid his hard tongue up inside her pussy as far as he could. He fucked his tongue into her steamy cunt depths and tasted the silky walls of her pussy sheath. Slowly, he stroked and reamed the elastic mouth of her fuckhole with his avid tongue, making her squirm and twist as be tongue fucked her.

“Eat me, eat me all up!” she wailed to both of them.

She shuddered as waves of erotic pleasure rolled aver her body. Her horny clit twitched crazily as she was overloaded with pagan enjoyment.

The tremors seemed to start from the center of her being, radiating outward in slow deep ripples, like the movement caused by a stone dropping into water.

As the waves of sensation reached her dripping wet pussy, Amy cried out. Her scream echoed eerily in the stillness of the room. Her pussy rhythmically gulped at Rick’s tongue.

“Aaahhh! Oh, shit!” Her voice betrayed the almost desperate tremor of ecstasy that gripped her.

Spasm after spasm ripped through her overheated cunt. The cunt flesh convulsed in echo-like pulses around Rick’s fucking tongue.

As the orgasmic fury eased, he moved away from her mushy warm pussy. His face was smeared with her sticky cunt cream and he licked his lips.

Through her slitted eyes, she saw his rampant prick as he straightened on his knees. Against her side, she could feel Alan’s demanding hard prick as well.

Rick’s voice was hoarse with held-back passion. “C’mon, Alan, let’s have us a pussy sandwich.”

Alan grinned. “Sounds fuckin’ good to me. Which hole do you want?”

Rick considered only briefly. “Hell, I fucked her ass just a little while ago — you can have it this time. That leaves me her hot little cunt to fuck.”

Amy listened to it all, but the words seemed to come from far away. She felt as though she floated on a downy-soft cloud of contentment.

Rick pulled at her. “Come on, honey, you know you’re not done yet. You’ve got two horny cocks to satisfy. Besides, once you come down again, you know you’ll want some more loving.”

Her smile was soft, but somehow eager. She knew he was right. Already, a tickle of renewed fuck-lust was working deep inside her pussy.

Her growing lust was obvious and Rick chuckled lewdly.

“What’d I tell you,” he said to Alan, who laughed too.

Rick lay back and nudged Amy. “Climb aboard, pretty pussy.”

She shook her head, clearing it of the daze of lust’s aftermath. She looked over to see Rick’s burgeoning prick standing straight from his hairy crotch.

“Gee, is that for me?” she giggled.

Rick laughed.

“So’s this,” Alan added, not to be outdone. His own cock was just as tall standing and fiercely hard as he sat near them, cross-legged on the bed.

Gurgling with delight, Amy moved over to straddle Rick’s prone body. She swung a leg over his hips and levered her cunt over the jutting shaft of his rampant prick.

With a hand stuck between her spread thighs, she grasped his prick, held it against the mouth of her fuckhole.

“Have a seat, honey,” Rick grinned, his voice low and husky with desire.

She sighed happily as she sank down. His meaty cock fucked into her cunt with a slick plop.

Amy went down, down, until she sat against his crotch. All of Rick’s turgid prick was fucked up inside of her aching pussy, and her pussy felt gloriously stuffed.

“Aw, shit, that’s fuckin’ good,” Rick grunted.

“Good isn’t the word,” she panted. “It’s great… fantastic!”

She ground her ass against him, making his prick dance inside of her gripping fuckhole. Then she raised and lowered her hips, fucking her pussy up and down on his upthrust prick.

“Christ, I’m waiting, you know,” growled Alan, half seriously. His cock was so hugely hard again it was nearly painful. He couldn’t wait to get his cock fucked into his sister’s horny asshole.

Amy leaned forward as Alan came up behind her, moving between Rick’s outstretched legs. She shuddered hornily when Alan shoved a hand into her crotch from behind. His fingers brushed against her cock stuffed pussy as he scooped up a glob of her sticky cunt cream and drew it back to rub it into her asshole.

“Mmmmmm, feed that cock to me, love,” she urged Alan.

“That’s all I’ve been wanting to do,” he grumbled in mock anger.

He held his cock and pushed the head of his prick against her cream-smeared asshole and nudged forward.

Her mouth opened in a soundless cry as he ruthlessly forced his cockhead into her tight asshole. He was simply too horny to make it a leisurely invasion — he just fucked his cock in to the balls.

Only a thin wall of flesh separated the two cocks plugging her body. Amy felt as if she were filled with a huge, single, super-size prick that gutted her. It was glorious.

Rick pumped upward with his hips, making short hard jabs of his cock into her cunt while Alan fucked his prick into her slightly resisting asshole.

Alan felt her slim body quivering from the double assault, with cocks fucked up her cunt and her asshole.

The men started working together, drawing out their friction-making cocks, then fucking in at the same moment. Amy was tossed between them, rocking back and forth as the two cocks fucked into her body.

“Oh, God… oh, oooohhhh!” she wailed, overcome with a rush of lust so violent she almost felt faint.

Over and over, harder each time, they plundered her pussy and asshole with their cocks. Both cocks were so hugely swollen with desire she felt her tender guts might split from the savage force of their fuck-thrusts. Then it didn’t matter, as her passion overcame all thought.

Alan, behind her, reached around for her jiggling tits. His hands closed over the aching tit mounds and he squeezed hard, then harder.

The sensual torment never let up. Rick shoved a hand between their bodies as she rocked against his crotch, fingers gripping her throbbing clit.

“Aaaaaawwwww!” she shrieked. Every inch of her body seemed on fire, teased and pleased beyond bearing.

A cock in her cunt, fucking her ruthlessly, another cock in her tortured, split-open asshole fucking just as furiously, plus Alan’s cruel grip of her tits and Rick’s lusty stroking of her clit. It was just too much, far too much to take.

Every cell in her body seemed to explode and she felt as if she were encased in a white-hot sheet of raw flame. She shrieked, her body shuddered from head to toe.

As the spasms built, incredibly, she was aware of the two men’s frantic fucking strokes into her asshole and cunt. They fucked her hard, as if to catch up to her loss of control and feel the heat of release she was wallowing in.

“Oh, you fucking bitch, you hot bitch,” Rick said excitedly.

“Gonna spill my cum-load… right up your horny asshole,” Alan hissed.

The two men almost seemed to race to completion, as if each was eager to be the winner and the first to give in to the mind numbing wave of erotic joy.

Tossed between them like a limp rag doll, Amy was only dimly aware of the contest. Her fuckholes felt raw and, friction filled as their two engorged pricks fucked away with ferocious force.

She only knew that she had cum like she’d never done before and it was leaving her totally wiped out.

Alan gave a bellow of lust and shagged against her ass, fucking his cock into her asshole with even wilder cock-thrusts. Then he stiffened, surged against her, his cock spewing out jet after jet of sticky cum.

Rick blew his cum-load in just moments, flooding her pussy with foamy cock juice.

Still filled with their pricks, now she was filled even more, with the steamy turn of her sexy husband and horny brother. Amy had never known such a glorious sensation!

As they tumbled apart, collapsing on the bed, they exchanged murmured expressions of mutual pleasure.

Then Alan staggered to his feet.

Amy laughed weakly as Rick called out: “Get the chicken out of the kitchen, will ya?” Alan grinned. “Better get some vitamins, too. We’ll need them. We’ve got a whole hell of a lot of fucking and sucking to enjoy before my wife gets home!”

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