Three Way Wife

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only tinder extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under soup pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood mate-swappers.

Wendy Holmes is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a perverse desire for new thrills lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

THREE WAY WIFE — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


His hand slid a little farther up her leg. Her skirt began to bunch at her waist but neither of them really noticed. They were getting too turned on by the feel of fingers moving slowly over silky smooth thigh.

“Ummm, Alan, that’s too much for me,” Wendy said. “Stop. Don’t make me do any more.”

Alan moved in the uncomfortable car seat and turned so that his hand slid another inch up. His finger tips were just inches away from the promised land now. Her pussy was damp. He knew it. It had to be from all the petting they had been doing. And he wanted to stuff his fingers all the way up into that gooey twat.

“Don’t be silly, Wendy,” he told her, his hand clutching her firm thigh. “We didn’t come to the drive-in just to watch the dumb movie.” He turned and saw Dracula sinking fangs into the heroine’s throat. “Look at that, will you?” he said. “That looks like fun.”

Alan dived down, his mouth seeking Wendy’s swan-like throat. The whiteness of her skin gleamed in the light reflected from the movie screen. His lips lightly brushed her throat and his tongue shot out trying to bury itself in the hollow just under her chin. She sighed and relaxed a little, her back arching forward. This caused her tits to press firmly against the thin blouse she wore.

The sight was almost more than Alan could bear. Hard, aroused nipples were perfectly outlined in the thin fabric. Her tits heaved up and down in a slow, sensual motion that made Alan worry that he might blow his wad. He hadn’t done that at the mere sight of a chick’s tits in more years than he could remember. But, this was almost more than he could keep locked up inside.

His balls tightened and he felt the lead-heavy jism inside begin to boil and chum. The thick stew of his sperm and semen demanded a hot, clinging cunt to blast off into. And Wendy didn’t seem to want any part of it.

But she was turned on. He could see the visible evidence. No chick’s tits puffed up like that when she was bored. Her nipples pulsed with every beat of her heart. He could get into her pants if he played his cards right. He could. He knew he could!

“Don’t be that way, doll,” he told her, his tongue slowly working hot, wet circles on her throat. “You want me as much as I want you. This isn’t something where only one of us wins. We’ll both enjoy it. How about it?”

“How about it? All the time, let’s fuck, let’s fuck. Is that all you ever think about?” she raged.

“When I’m with you, yes. You’re beautiful!”

And he wasn’t lying. She was gorgeous. Her tits weren’t even the most delightful portion of her anatomy. While they were ample, they couldn’t compare to the trim waist and the flaring ass. He was an ass man. He loved meaty buttocks moving slowly, sensuously. He could watch Wendy walk all day long, the twin moons rolling from side to side.

Just the thought of it was enough to make his hard-on even more painful than it had been. He knew he was going to have to get between her sweet thighs and fuck the shit out of her or he’d go mad from lust.

He kissed along the line of her jaw and came to her ear. The hot breath on her earlobe turned her into a sex-starved maniac. She thrust her boobs against his arm and clutched wildly at him.

“God, Alan, this is too much! You’re driving me out of my head! The feel of your tongue on my ear is too much!”

He gave her more if she liked it, she would soon love it and if she loved it, her luscious thighs would drift apart to allow his needy prick entry. He would fuck her royally then!

His tongue shot out, cock-hard, into the tight passage of her ear. She moaned louder as he started tongue fucking her ear slowly, then built up the tempo until his jaws ached. But it was worth it. He kept his nostrils flaring widely with hot air. This sensitized the already sensitive flesh even more. She was melting in his hands.

He pressed one hand hard into her left tit. He felt her heart hammering wildly. This was the first real indication he had that she was going all the way. The mindless drive-in movie went on and on, droning to the motion he was staring.

“Ummm, Alan, I don’t want to do itttttt!”

“It?” he hotly whispered in her ear before gently gnawing on the tender lobe. She came.

Her body raged against his. His legs spread wide and she managed to half turn in the car seat so that she straddled his leg. She started moving back and forth on it, dragging her pussy over the top of his thigh. It didn’t take long before his pants leg was totally drenched with her love oils. Her cunt was drooling obscenely now. It was ready for cock his cock.

He moved to her lips and brutally crushed his into them. They tasted like wine. It was an old cliche and he didn’t care. That was the way it seemed. Her saliva was sweet and hot and exciting. His tongue darted from his mouth and pressed between her lips. As it entered her dank, demanding mouth, it tangled with her tongue. The pink organ danced around, lightly tapping away at the very tip of his tongue. Their tongues dueled, dancing from one mouth to the other in ecstasy.

Her body pressed more demandingly against his. The man could barely figure out what to do with his hands. He didn’t want to abandon his post on her leg. The hot flesh was pulsing with power now. Her cunt contracted and churned out enough juices to liberally drench his hand. But his other hand was cruelly twisted between their bodies. But who would give up such a luscious berth as the woman’s left tit?

The mound of titflesh seemed to grow as he fondled it. The nipple was rock-hard and refused to quiet down. The excitement flaring inside the woman’s body was echoed to the man through that nubbin of erectile flesh. But it cramped his arm hanging onto her boob.

And his mouth! He wasn’t going to abandon her demanding mouth. She sucked on his tongue now, her teeth lightly caressing the very tip. She sucked and sucked and sucked and threatened to make him come.

He managed to escape her passionate embrace and whispered hotly into her ear, “Do you want to go into the back seat?”

“No, not without you!”

He had to laugh. “Let’s go together! Let’s be together!”

Getting into the backseat was harder than he’d thought it would be. He damned the Detroit car manufacturers that persisted in putting bucket seats in cars. It made fucking almost impossible.

But with a lot of wiggling around, some of it quite nice as Wendy’s pert and perky ass waggled in his face, they managed to get into the back seat of the car.

“Better, isn’t it?” he asked, his hands roving all over the luscious curves of the woman’s body. He tweaked one of the turgid nipples and felt it grow even harder in response. The breathing increased and shoved the warm mound of titflesh into his hand. He squeezed down harder and kissed her.

“Lots better,” she agreed after breaking off the kiss. Her hands sought and found Alan’s zipper. Quickly yanking on it, the fly opened and his prick snapped to rigid attention. She stroked along the hot length of cockflesh until Alan told her, “No, don’t. I don’t want to come yet. Not in your hand. I want to come where it’s a lot warmer and tighter.”

“Tighter than this?” She really squeezed down on his cock. He felt the entire length of aroused fuck stick quiver in anticipation. More than ever, he wanted to get his prick buried all the way up her gooey twat.

“I know a place where it’s a lot tighter and hotter and better — for both of us.”

“Show me.”

And he did. He managed to get her skirt hiked up around her waist and pulled down the drenched white cotton panties. She helped. Her ass lifted off the back seat to allow him to get the undies pulled free of her flaring ass. He savagely jerked the panties free and tossed them aside. Then he gasped in sheer admiration.

“God, your pussy’s beautiful! Goddamn fucking beautiful!”

“So fuck it! Stuff this all the way up my cunt!” She pulled insistently at his prick so there wouldn’t be any question what was wanted.

He hesitated for a moment, thinking. The thrill was back in fucking for him. He and Wendy had been married for three years and the thrill had gone away, fading as each day came and went. She had suggested that they try their old haunts and see if some of the magic couldn’t be recaptured. This entire seduction was reenacting one of the most precious times in their lives. The first time they’d fucked had been at this theatre, maybe with the same dumb horror flick playing.

They hadn’t been married then and they had both been teenagers. Everything was new and exciting then. Alan was beginning to realize that the kick he got out of seducing a woman needn’t have ended when he and Wendy married. They could seduce each other and make a game of it. They could arouse each other, stimulate themselves and have one hell of a fine time.

This back seat fucking proved it.

He felt just like a teenager again, not a twenty-five year old man with a responsible job and a pillar of the community and oh-so-straight. He felt lusty. And it was good.

His hands parted Wendy’s thighs. She resisted softly, making him exert just a bit more pressure. “Don’t be harsh with me,” she cooed. “Be gentle. I want to like it.”

He recognized the lines. She had said the very same words before, in this same spot, when they had fucked years and years ago. He answered her now as he had then, “I’ll be gentle — and you’re going to get one hell of a kick out of this fucking.”

“Don’t use words like that,” she chided him.

“Like what?”

“You know.”

“Tell me. I want to hear them.” His hands managed to get her thighs parted beautifully. Her gash showed wet and ready. The pinkly scalloped inner cunt lips fluttered in anticipation. That was something new. She hadn’t been this worked up that former time, but then she didn’t know what a real stud he was and she had been about to lose her cherry.

Now she could relax and enjoy the swift penetration, the smooth fucking, the warmth and power of his cock.

“You know, ‘fuck’. Words like that.”

“Don’t you want me to fuck you? You don’t want me to stuff my prick all the way up into your sweet little cunt and fuck the living hell out of you?”

“Yes! Just… just don’t say it.”

“Why not? That’s what I’m going to do to you. Now tell me what you want me to do.”

He teased her a little with just the end of his prick. He dragged the bulbous head up and down the liquid slash of her sex. The cunt lips trembled as he touched them. Once, his hips shot forward and she anticipated his prick shooting all the way up her taint hole. He didn’t carry through. Instead, he allowed his cock to slide along the pussy lips, parting them and laying in the warm berth between them.

She was almost ready to come from his non-fucking. The nearness of his cock, the promise of the fucking, the feel of his flesh rubbing so sensuously into hers — and no penetration. She was going out of her mind with lust. She had to get all his cock buried up her cunt.

Her hips lifted off the back seat. Her lips formed the words and she almost choked on them. “F-fuck me! I want you to fuck meeeeeee!”

“How?” he demanded. “Tell me every single detail of what you want.” It was getting harder and harder for him to control himself. His balls had tensed into a tight, hard sphere dangling under his long cock. The steamy stew of his jizz threatened to erupt lava-hot at any second. Only long practice and desire to bury his prick in the soft folds of her seething cunt kept the rising tide of his come back.

“I want to feel that hard-fucking prick of yours pressing into my cunt walls. I want it, I want every Goddamn inch of your cock fucking meeeee!”

He slammed forward, his prick parting her pussy lips, tasting the sweet wine of her fuck juices, and then sinking all the way up into her seething cunt.

They both tensed at the penetration as if an electric current passed through them. For a timeless second, they hung suspended, locked together, cock into cunt and then they relaxed a little.

Her fingers clawed at his back. “Just like before,” she sobbed loudly. “It’s too much. Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast and deep. I want it alllll!”

He couldn’t even answer her the fucking had taken his breath away. His prick was completely surrounded by demanding, hot, clinging cunt wall. He felt her pussy walls begin to expand to take his meaty cock, and then, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He fucked hard and fast and deep, just as she had requested.

The fucking in the back seat took them both to a different time and place. The magic of fucking had returned for them. The illicit aspect of premarital sex had been recaptured. Fucking in the drive-in also presented the possibility that someone passing by outside on their way to buy popcorn might see them. A single glance and they would get more than they bargained for.

Alan’s ass was high up in the air, surging down, driving his prick firmly into the hot interior of Wendy’s pussy. Her legs were up in the air, quivering whitely in the dimness. Her cunt gripped firmly at the incoming cock, hanging onto it, not wanting to let it slip free. The lewd squishing noise as he pulled out of her wet, hot depths filled the car and drowned out the voice of the characters in the movie. Neither of them noticed that. They were too engrossed in the wild, uninhibited fucking.

They had recaptured the spirit lost in their three years of marriage. Alan fucked his wife harder, with growing desperation. He had returned to his past in more ways than one. His iron-control vanished. He felt like a teenaged kid knocking off his first piece of tail. He couldn’t keep the tide of his jism back much longer.

“Gotta fuck longer. Can’t. Your pussy is milking me. Slow down, dammit, or I’ll get off too soon,” he told her.

Wendy didn’t hear a single word of what he said. The blood hammered too loud in her ears. The pulse was like the pounding surf in her temples. She had her eyes closed and all that mattered to her was between her legs, driving hard into her cunt.

Cock. She needed more cock. She slipped down in the seat so that she could rock back more. This shoved her snatch firmly down around the impaling spike of his cock. She shuddered as he repeatedly drove that fierce cock into her needy pussy.

And then she came.

A slow, wracking shudder passed through her body. She moaned but the words wouldn’t form into a coherent phrase. The warmth of the fucking spread from her pussy into her belly and then blasted into the rest of her like wildfire. She came hard. Their crotches ground together in the ultimate human pleasure and this set off the blazing eruption of his come.

He whitewashed the walls of her cunt with his manseed. His jism rocketed out into her greedily sucking cunt until every last drop was drained from his balls. Sweaty, tired and feeling wonderful, he collapsed forward into Wendy’s arms.

She put one firm, trim leg up on either side of his body so that her heels rested on the backs of the bucket seats. Her pussy was wantonly exposed to his now limp prick. He cursed his bad luck and poor control.

“God, darling, I wish I could take advantage of you when you’re like this!”

“Why should it be any different now? You took advantage of a poor, naive young virgin in this very same drive-in about six years ago.”

“You weren’t any virgin tonight. No virgin could fuck like that. I thought you had a velvet gloved hand inside your pussy squeezing down on me. It was great!”

“Yeah,” she sighed pulling him close and letting his face press into the deep canyon between her boobs, “it was.”

“I just wish…”

He didn’t have to tell her what he wished. Wendy was sad his prick was dead, too. Fucking again would have been fantastic. But just the thrill she got out of this single screwing was nice. It relit the fires that had died between them. Fucking was something to do again, rather than just talk about.

Both of them realized that and both of them got progressively hornier thinking about their next time together.


Alan and Wendy clung closely to each other, almost as if they were afraid the other might vanish. Wendy knew why she gripped Alan’s waist so hard. She didn’t want the mood to vanish. The fucking in the back seat of the car had revived some of the feelings she’d had before they were mated.

Married life had gotten to be a real drag. The pattern was so, predictable it drove her out of her mind. Housework was a bore and the few nights they could afford to go out they always did the same things. Usually they got together with some friends and drank wine and talked about the same tired things. Wendy thought she would scream if she heard another word about Alan’s work on computers. He was good at it and she appreciated the fact that he had the chance to move up rapidly in the company, but right now she wanted more out of him than talk.

This boredom had crept into their sex life. They only screwed on Tuesdays and Fridays now. It was almost like clockwork — and so was the fucking. Alan would run his hands up and down her body a couple times to show her he cared, then he’d kiss her boobs until she writhed a bit and then he’d stuff his prick in and fuck until he came.

Wendy wasn’t sure she’d gotten off in a big way in almost a year. Tonight had reversed the tide. The idea of going to the drive-in and fucking like they had when they’d been teenagers had been spontaneous. She had insisted that they pretend they weren’t married and that Alan had to try to “make” her like he had before.

It had worked. She felt a thrill when his hand crept up her leg that had long since died. When he had actually stuffed his prick in and began fucking her, it wasn’t like the times they screwed in the bedroom. This had vitality, an electric quality to it that made her come hard. And she realized Alan had barely been able to control himself. He had felt the difference, too.

“Alan,” she said in a tiny voice, “is your cock ready for another try?”

“Hmmm?” he said, almost dreamily. It was obvious he’d been thinking of the fucking at the drive-in just as she had. “I don’t think so. I haven’t felt that drained since your honeymoon!”

“Let me do something about it!”

Wendy dropped to her knees and quickly unzipped his fly before he could protest. Alan usually didn’t like to fuck anywhere but in the bedroom. He said the living room wasn’t right and the kitchen — he always said the kitchen was for eating only. And that was exactly what Wendy intended to do to his prick!

She looked at the feeble, limp cock as it spilled from his pants. Sighing, she pulled it to her lips and kissed. A thrill went into her body when she felt the instant response. His cock was already stiffening!

She crammed it all into her mouth and gently chewed. Alan started moaning softly to tell her this was super. He loved every second of it. She used her rough, pink tongue to slip between the coils of cock in her mouth. When the prick grew too hard to contain, she gently pushed it free of her soft, trembling lips and kissed the very end of the fuck stick.

The wild gobbling noises she made as she ate his prick filled the room. Neither of the two cared in the least. Wendy’s sister might have been staying with them for the summer while their parents were back East, but she was out on a date. Besides, Wendy couldn’t control her lusty feelings now. She had to eat every singe inch of that tasty prick now half-erect and pressing against her lips.

“Keep going,” Alan told her. His hands laced through the lustrous strands of her fiery red hair. He pulled her mouth closer to his prick. He didn’t want her stopping now. Not when the jism trapped in his balls was beginning to heat up. He wanted to face fuck her until her lips burned with the friction of the fucking. He wanted to come in her mouth.

“God,” he moaned out. “This is too much. Keep sucking, damn you, keep that mouth sucking hard!”

She did. Her lips tightened around his prick in a tight “O” and her tongue caressed the entire glans with wet, rough strokes. She even tried to stuff her tongue all the way down his piss-slit. They both knew it wasn’t possible but the very attempt made them both get even hotter.

His cock snapped to rigid attention. Gone was all the looseness of skin. This was a virile, ready to fuck cock. And the woman wasn’t going to abandon it now. Not for a million dollars.

She sucked harder. Her cheeks went hollow under the suction she applied. Her tongue swirled all around the purpled end of his cock until Alan couldn’t stand erect any more. She robbed him of his strength. He had to prop his ass against one of the counters in the kitchen.

“More,” he demanded. “Suck me off!”

She turned emerald green eyes upward and knew this was exactly what she was going to do. The taste of male musk turned her on in a big way. Her tongue captured every single drop of his male essence. She rolled her tongue all around the crown of his cock and then worked her way down the sides. Tightening her jaws caused her teeth to lightly gouge into his flesh.

He groaned but she kept her face moving downward. The hurt caused by the pearly hard teeth was soothed by her ruby red, soft, wet lips. When the rubbery tip of his prick bounced off the roof of her mouth, she swallowed hard. His pecker dived down into her throat.

For a moment, she thought she was going to gag. She didn’t often get the chance to deep throat him. All too often he felt obligated to eat her cunt if she gave him a blow job. For some reason, he seemed squeamish about actually putting his mouth to her cunt, even though she loved the feel of his tongue fucking deeply into her juicy twat.

She moved a little bit and rearranged the position of the cock in her throat. Now she could swallow and massage the most sensitive portion of his cock with her Adam’s apple. She moved the Adam’s apple up and down rapidly while moving her lips against his virile flesh. Alan almost came.

When she had to breathe again, she carefully allowed the cock to slip free of its sexy berth in her tight throat. She panted harshly to get the air into her lungs and even this turned him on more. The hot air gusted through the tangled strands of his bush. The breeze circled around his balls and caressed them in the most intimate way possible.

It was everything he could do to keep from coming. Alan moaned softly and knew that Wendy had been right about their marriage. It had been going sour from lack of excitement. By going back to the ways it had been before they were married had changed things for the better. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been as excited about a chick sucking his prick.

Her tongue snaked out and gently prodded into the hairy little bag containing his balls. He felt a trembling pass throughout his loins and he fought to keep from coming. Her eager tongue diddled his balls until he was almost sobbing in an odd combination of excitement and desire.

“Yeah, baby, that’s the way I love it. Keep that tongue moving all over my nuts!”

He didn’t have to tell her. She was getting a huge charge out of it. To stop now would be to rob herself of incredible enjoyment. She tasted the tiny drop of bitter pre-come fluid beading at the end of his cock. The woman realized how close to coming he was. A hair-trigger and nothing more. She could get him off with very little effort on her part.

His come blazing into her mouth, sweet and tasty, salty and stimulating. That was what she wanted. But not yet. She wanted more of the hot, hard shaft of prick pressing into her lips. She wanted to taste more of his male musk and smell the arousing odor of his balls. All that and more. Dancing at the tip of her tongue was his scrotum. The hair little bag containing his balls was just working up to the point where she could feel the real agitation inside.

She wanted more, lots more!

The couple was so intent on the blowjob that neither of them noticed the back door open and a young girl walk in. She was a younger version of the woman so avidly sucking on the cock stuffed into her face. Katherine stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth gaping slightly at the sight of her sister sucking off Alan.

She brushed back a strand of coppery red hair, her blue eyes blazing with lust as she realized what was happening. The last thing in the world Katherine wanted to do was interrupt this. She had heard her sister moaning and bitching about how her marriage was going down the tubes. This was an obvious turn around. Katherine was just a visitor; she wasn’t going to stop the pair when they were so obviously enjoying each other.

Silently, Katherine backed out of the kitchen and closed the door. She knew that neither Wendy nor Alan had heard her. With the cock sucking getting on so hot and heavy, how could they? They both had more important things to think about.

Katherine went to a window and peered in, ashamed of herself for being so damned nosy. She knew it wasn’t right to spy on her sister and brother-in-law but she couldn’t help it. She was no virgin, but she had a teenager’s curiosity about all aspects of sex. What she knew might be all wrong. She got off on it in a big way, but there was always room for improvement. That was her philosophy and she pursued it constantly.

“Ummmm, God, Wendy, that mouth of yours is punishing my cock. It feels like you’re going to pull my guts out the end of my pecker!”

“Umpgh!” was all the reply she could give. Her mouth was too intimately entangled with his cock. She ate greedily, nursing at the very tip of his turgid cock. Her mouth moved relentlessly, all over the sides and always came right back to the thick purpled knob at the very end of his fuck stick. She couldn’t get enough of it.

And her spying sister couldn’t get enough of an eyeful of the fellatio. She felt her own pussy begin to chum and throb with desire. She had always envied her older sister Alan’s prick, but this was the first she’d ever seen it. Katherine thought Alan was really great, one of the all time studs. And she had nothing to really base that on.

Not once had he even made a pass at her. She felt a little hurt at this, but in its strange way, his neglect turned her on even more. He was sexy and his easy arrogance dealing with her made him all the more attractive to her.

She wished she was the one sucking on his prick.

The thought made her pussy began to obscenely drool. Quick fingers reached down and stroked over the crotch of her tight blue jeans. The feel of the harsh material pressing into her soft cunt lips turned her into a sex hungry bitch. She had to have more stimulation. Never taking her eyes off the cock sucking woman inside, Katherine began wiggling out of her jeans.

Anyone passing by on the sidewalk would have gotten quite a vision. Twin asscheeks gleamed whitely in the soft moonlight as she dropped her jeans. She quickly kicked free of them, her legs parted delightfully. Fingers sought and found the soft furry patch of her bush. Never hesitating, those fingers pushed down into the pinkly scalloped pussy lips and gently parted them. The girl shuddered with delight. She had to have more.

The sight of her sister sucking so avidly on the long, hard prick made her desire more than she was giving herself. Her very mouth watered at the thought of having her brother-in-law’s cock pressed into it. She needed lots more attention to keep from going out of her skull with unfulfilled desires.

The fingers swept back along the pink, liquid gash of her sex. The cunt lips were already rigid with excited blood. When she found the cunt hole, a middle finger dipped deep. She sighed and felt her legs go rubbery. She pressed into the cool siding of the house and opened her eyes again to take in the full scene inside. Even through the window she could hear every single word being uttered — and every lewd sound as her sister sucked hard at the wondrously virile cock.

“Don’t stop, damn your eyes,” Alan cried. “I want you to give it all to me. Give, me a tongue lashing. I, oh, shiiit!”

His hands clenched tightly on the counter top. His balls hardened into a sphere of pure carnal desire. The nuts inside tumbled and lurched wildly in the thick stew of his jism. It took every bit of self-control for Alan to keep from fountaining out his precious come into the sucking mouth. Never had he felt this aroused from a chick giving him head.

Her tongue was everywhere. It touched all the right places. Every single nerve screamed in joy. She pressed into the cleft head and aroused the already sensitive flesh there. She stroked down the side of his cock and he shuddered as if a seizure was on him.

“God, Wendy, that mouth! It’s pulling my jizz out of my balls! And I love it!”

She pulled her mouth away from his cock and let the purple tipped cock tremble an inch away from her sucking mouth. She looked up, her brilliant green eyes blazing with desire. “I want you to come in my mouth. Don’t worry about it. I want it!”

“You do?” he said, shocked. “You never have before. Hell, even on our honeymoon, you didn’t let me shoot off into your mouth.”

“I’ll do it. Now. For you. And because I’m the sexiest, cock-starved-est bitch you ever saw!” She dived back down and put her lips around just the tip of his prick. She sucked. She sucked harder. She sucked until his prick reluctantly edged into her mouth. Inch by slow inch she made sure it entered her face.

And then she face fucked herself. Slowly at first, then with mounting desire. There was something elemental, basic, primitive about having his prick stretching her lips to the breaking point as the huge fuck stick rammed in and out of her dank, wet mouth. All the while, his hips began to jerk and pulse in uncontrollable motions.

She knew he wasn’t far from coming. And she sucked her face even faster to take advantage of this.

Wendy would have been turned on even more if she’d known she had an audience. This was the best blowjob she had ever given in her life and it would have pleased her to know her kid sister was outside watching eagerly.

And masturbating. Her teenaged fingers pressed into her wet cunt lips and that probing middle finger stroked faster and faster in her pussy. She was sobbing openly now, not caring if anyone outside the yard heard her or not. Katherine was completely aroused and nothing less than coming would ease the intense urges in her young loins.

She blinked her eyes at the sight of her sister taking that monstrous fuck stick into her face like she was doing. She’d never really thought Wendy was all that hot a chick.

Now she was having to readjust her opinions. Wendy was giving one hell of a fine blowjob to Alan. Katherine even envied her sister getting the chance like that.

Then she felt her body begin to stiffen with the first waves of orgasm. She seldom came fast. It mounted up inside her, a little bit at a time. Never a lot, but always enough to clue her in as to what was happening to her.

“Ummmm,” she sighed, loving the feeling mounting up inside her belly. The first stab of desire made her stiffen and her muscles hardened. Then she reined and allowed the melted butter feeling to pass throughout her body. She continued finger fucking herself, damning the fact that it wasn’t Alan’s cock reaming her out.

She wanted that man’s prick worse than anything else in the whole Goddamned world!

And she didn’t have it. Her sister had it all to herself. And she was only sucking on it. Doing a damned good job, sure, but what a waste. Her pussy was hungry for cock now. She added another finger hoping this would ease the demands her body made on her.

If anything, it made her cunt even hungrier than before. Her pussy wasn’t fooled by a mere finger. It knew hot, hard, virile prick. She added a third finger and felt her hot cunt oils leaking out and down into the palm of her hand. She was turned on more than she had been in ages. And all because she was spying on her sister giving head to a delightfully sexy stud.

Her entire body trembled and then went stiff. Muscles locked rigid and she shook as if she had a high fever. Orgasm always affected her like this. She could feel the blood rushing to her shoulders and tits, filling her boobs and making her nipples feel as if they might pop. She closed her eyes and reveled in the delightful sensation assaulting her body it died down. She opened her eyes and when she studied the scene in the kitchen the way her sister was sucking cock set her off on still another come… enough to get her really hot for more. The sight of Alan’s prick fountaining out set her off and smashed her flat with a huge come.

Wendy never saw her sister sink from view in the kitchen window. She had allowed Alan’s prick to slip from her mouth for an instant and he had come. The liquid bullet of jism arched out and spattered uselessly into the floor. She hastily clamped her mouth onto his spurting prick and sucked for all she was worth. The next gob of come splattered against her tongue. She tasted the salty, tangy flavor of manseed for only the second time.

Wendy couldn’t imagine why she didn’t like it before. This was the distilled essence of man. And not just any man. This was the man she loved with all her heart and soul. Her leaking pussy told her this; her sucking mouth confirmed that.

She sucked harder and soon drained his prick of every last drop of his white hot come.

It was over too soon and she told him.

“So let’s go to the bedroom and see what we can raise up from the dead,” he told her, looking down at his limp cock.

She smiled and they kissed, his tongue working eagerly into her mouth to savor his own come…

While the two were locked in their passionate embrace, a disconsolate Katherine spied on them, damning her lousy luck. She had gotten off a couple times — and felt hornier than before.


Katherine watched as her sister licked her lips clean of the white, gooey jism. Wendy and Alan walked arm-in-arm out of the kitchen, no doubt heading for their bedroom to continue their amorous activities. The idea that they were going to continue fucking all through the night made Katherine hornier than before. She hardly knew what to do about it.

She lifted her jeans again and fastened them around her trim waist. She was still breathing heavily and the feel of the rough material on her exposed snatch almost made her come again. She didn’t know what to do. Going into the kitchen and smelling the odors left by the sucking pair gave her the clue.

Without hesitation, she went to the telephone and rapidly dialed. It seemed an eternity for the numbers to dial. Her hands shook a little as she held the receiver. On the other end, she could hear the phone ringing. Finally a sleepy voice came, “Huh? Who is it?”

“Larry? Is that you?” she asked eagerly.

“Huh? Yeah, it’s me. You wanta wake my folks up?”

He still wasn’t awake and that was fine with Katherine. She could get her boyfriend to agree to anything in this state. He could think about it later, but then he would be committed and would have to carry through. A thrill surged all the way up into her pussy.

“Come over, Larry. I think I can show you something which you won’t be sorry to find.”


She smiled into the telephone. He wasn’t too coherent yet but he would be over. And when he got here — she rubbed around her pussy and then slowly across the denim covered snatch. Another thrill of need flashed through her tender, young body.

She hung up the phone and sat on one of the straight backed wooden chairs. The feel of the wood pressing into her asscheeks made her uncomfortable. The girl finally got up and went outside. A cool breeze was blowing. This gave her an idea. She dropped her jeans again and let the cool air caress her naked, flowing snatch.

Sighing, Katherine closed her eyes and imagined that it wasn’t air passing so close to her cunt but a hot, hard cock. It was teasing her, prodding her into moving. She moved. She jumped and raced and ran all around the small backyard. Anyone seeing this wild performance would have gotten a real eyeful. A half naked teenager cavorting around, her white legs flashing beautifully in the dimly moonlit yard was enough to give any man a hard-on.

And that’s what happened when Larry came blundering into the yard.

Katherine was taken by surprise. She hadn’t even seen his car coming into the drive way, she was so engrossed in the feelings rampaging throughout her body. Her cunt lips were rigid flaps of desire now. She could feel the pulse of life deep inside, begging for a cock to touch each and every nerve along the walls of her cunt.

“Katherine, Christ!” he exclaimed. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Don’t talk dirty,” she said, smiling wickedly. The words sent tremors of delight blasting into her loins. She loved it when he said all those “forbidden” words. They did something to her; she didn’t know what but they made her hotter than a blow torch.

“Jesus, you’re half naked.”

“Yeah, isn’t it a shame? Why don’t you get me totally naked?” She stood with her legs spread wide so that he could see the tiny patch of flame red pussy fur. The wind curled it around and occasionally a tiny droplet of her love oil would drip and run down the inside of her creamy white thigh. She held her arms out to him in wanton invitation.

He moved like a zombie. Each foot went in front of the other as he covered the space between them in a daze. “I don’t know what’s going on. You got me out of bed and I find you half naked…”

“Make me completely naked,” she told him again. She shoved out her chest so that her tits pressed impudently into the soft fabric of her tee-shirt. There wasn’t any doubt at all she wasn’t wearing a bra. Katherine hated undergarments. They always got in the way. She didn’t wear panties and she never wore a bra. Having her fine tits imprisoned in cloth like that crimped her style. She liked the feeling of swinging freely.

“Shit,” was all Larry could say.

His eyes drank in every single bit of her beauty. He was like a kid in a candy store with a twenty dollar bill. He hardly knew where to start first. The hair he loved so much was pulled back from her face by an increasingly high wind. She looked like some sort of Goddess standing there. But from her perfect oval face and those brilliant blue eyes, he worked down quickly along her body.

Those tits! He loved them. The deep valley between them seemed to beckon. In spite of the cooling wind, she was sweating and the tee shirt had clung tenaciously to her boobs. He felt his prick hardening at the sight of the aroused nipples lightly pulsing every time her heart beat. The meaty mounds of succulent titflesh underneath were as tasty. He could pop them into his mouth and suck and gnaw and nibble until he came. They were that good.

But her waist was so trim. It offset her flaring ass perfectly. He could see the shadowy depression of her navel and wanted to dip his tongue into it until he found a more delightful orifice. Her cunt. She moved slowly, sensuously, to display all her charms.

The tapering, slender legs really turned him on. The well fleshed thighs were a delight to crawl between. To feel them on either side of his body as he drove his prick all the way into her slippery cunt was the nearest thing he had found to heaven. He would have given anything for that now, but he sensed that Katherine was in a teasing mood.

The way his prick hurt him, pressing into the heavy denim of his own jeans, he doubted if he would be able to take too much of her love-play. He wanted to fuck her — right now!

“Katherine,” he said, his voice trembling slightly. “Tell me all about this. You don’t usually run around mother naked in the back yard after dark do you?” His mind was racing. If she did, he’d just found a place to go besides the hamburger joint down the street. He could watch her run and leap naked all night long.

Even if it did make his boner hurt with need.

“Come here, lover boy,” she said, her arms extending out to him. He couldn’t say no. There wasn’t any way. He went to her.

She hungrily pulled him to her body. He felt her tits mash down against the well-muscled slab of his chest. The hard little points of her nipples poked holes into his chest. He didn’t care. His mouth was fully engaged with hers now. Tongue pressing into tongue sent their pulses racing.

Katherine felt the stab of joy deep inside. She moved closer to her boyfriend and rubbed lasciviously against him. She parted her thighs and captured one of his legs. Moving up and down, she could rub her snatch against his upper thigh. She sighed and moved faster. She had to have cock pressing between her cunt lips and plunging all the way up into her pussy. She just had to have it or go crazy!

She broke off the kiss and said, “Take off my tee-shirt. I don’t need it as long as you’re here to protect me from the cold wind.”

“Cold wind?” he mumbled. “I hadn’t noticed.” Inside he was raging hot. And he knew how hot her pussy was. Never cold, not for his meaty, virile cock.

His hands slid up the smooth sides of her ribcage. He pressed his fingers in and felt the bones underneath. But it was, the silken smooth flesh that thrilled him. He pulled away the sweat-drenched material. Slowly. Inch by inch. He moved it upward across her boobs. The fleshy bulge underneath showed. Then came the coppery disks of her aureoles. When her nipples sprang into view, he saw they were like rubber erasers on a pencil. Hard, rubbery and totally springy. He almost ripped the tee-shirt off her to get to that delicious set of knockers after that.

She didn’t mind. She wanted his mouth moving all over her naked body. She wasn’t standing bare ass naked out here for nothing. She wanted his tongue in her cunt; she wanted his cock, too. She wanted it all!

He licked and lapped down the deep canyon between the melon-sized mounds of her jugs. The rough, pink tongue probed hard and made her gasp in reaction. He slowly spiraled up her left tit leaving behind a trail of saliva that cooled instantly in the wind.

Katherine stood for a moment, then she realized her legs were growing too weak to continue in this position. The grass crushed moistly under her feet. She decided this was as good a place to fuck as any. She carefully lowered herself so that his tongue never left her boobs.

By the time she was stretched full length in the soft grass, his mouth had almost reached the top of her left tit. The nipple was hard and pulsing with every single beat of her heart now. It was filled with aroused blood and felt as if it would explode like the safety valve on a pressure cooker at any instant.

“More, Larry, give me more of that sweet sucking mouth of yours. I need it so baaaaad!”

He didn’t bother answering. He was barely able to keep from jetting off. Keeping his orgasm under control wasn’t easy. From the moment he had walked into the backyard and seen this naked vision of loveliness, he had had an erection. Now he was fighting to get as much more stimulation out of this naked bitch as he could before coming.

He found the throbbing button of nipple. His lips worked magic on it. He finally sucked it into his mouth. Using his teeth, he stimulated it until it grew to almost twice the size it had been. Instead of a tiny mushroom throbbing with life, he now had a tiny finger pressing into the tip of his tongue.

“God, Larry, God! I feel it all the way down into my chest. I’m on fire. I burn! I’m burning up inside. Fuck me, go on and stuff that hard cock of yours all the way up my cunt and fuck the skit out of meeeeee!”

She used all the words she had been taught were naughty. They sent lightning bolts of desire searing along her every nerve. She almost came just mouthing them. Almost. To really come she would need that cock of his driving hard to split her apart.

Trembling hands reached out and found the fly on the youth’s jeans. She managed to run the zipper down its metallic track. Like a switchblade knife opening, his prick leaped out into her hand. The throbbing, virile cock was hot and exciting in her grasp.

She came.

It took her completely by surprise. Usually she knew every stage of her arousal. She could even tell to within a few seconds of when she would get off in a big way. Everything she had seen and done that evening had conspired against her to push her passions to the breaking point.

Spying on her sister giving her brother-in-law a blowjob had been a real turn-on for her. She could have watched that over and over on instant replay all night long. The sight of the gooey white gobbet of jism arching through the air from his coming prick was enough to make her hot. Seeing her sometimes stuffy and proper sister greedily nursing that coming prick and sucking up all the jizz was a sight that was permanently burned into her brain.

Her cunt quivered with added desire now at the thought of what she had seen. The nearness of a hard and eager prick was more than she could handle. The youth’s tongue was dancing lightly all over her boobs and making her acutely aware of her own body.

“Give it all to me!” she demanded. “Your cock!”

She jerked hard at his pecker to let him know what she wanted and where she wanted it. Her legs drifted wantonly wide to give him full area of her snatch to drive that pleasure spike in.

He straightened from his delectable task of gobbling her tits and looked down. He gasped at the sight of the milky white thighs so widely parted — and all for him!

She held his cock in a firm grip. He wasn’t going to escape, even if he had been stupid enough to want to. Her ass was crushing the grass beneath. Wild, odd thoughts flashed through his mind. Fucking in the grass wasn’t a good thing. It might kill the grass with their writhing, passionate motions once the fucking started.

“Larry, dammit, fuck, meeeee!”


She pulled painfully hard at his cock to guide him toward the rigid flaps of her pussy. They were like the gates of heaven to him. They both groaned loudly as the very tip of his prick touched the wet pussy lips. He wanted to plunge in balls deep, but he didn’t. He restrained himself. He wanted to savor this moment for as long as he could.

While he was enjoying the nearness of her aroused body, the girl was about ready to explode inside. She could feel the heat from his cock adding to the carnal heat boiling out from inside her seething pussy. Her entire snatch was on the verge of convulsing with orgasm. But it needed the delightful trigger of his cock fucking her.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He couldn’t escape her now! This action pulled the glans of his hard cock into her cunt. Just an inch but it felt as if a burning hot poker had been jabbed into her soft, vulnerable flesh.

“God, Larry, I need this sooooo!”

“And I need you!” he told her. He reached under her body and cupped the curving moons of her asscheeks in each hand. Lifting he was in a better position to drive his throbbing prick all the way into her lewdly displayed, red furry cunt.

He did.

He sank all the way to the hilt in her seething morass of wet pussy flesh. He felt his balls wetly slapping against her upturned ass. He squeezed down hard on her asscheeks and twisted her from side to side. It took all his control to keep from coming then and there. He was totally surrounded by wanton female flesh. The hot sheath of her cunt gripped and pulled and squeezed right back at him.

She was in the throes of ecstasy. This was what she had been wanting. The cock filled her to overflowing. Her tender cunt walls struggled to expand to take the huge girth of his prick. For a moment, she was positive he would rip her apart all the way to the chin, then she adjusted to the pulsating wand of hard cockflesh inside her pussy.

She demanded more. “Fuck hard! Deeper! I want to feel it allll!”

“Not so loud,” he cautioned. “You’re going to get the police in on our asses if you don’t cool it!”

“Cool it! How can I with such a virile fuck stick shoved all the way up my cunt. I want to feel your prick fucking my pussy. Give it to me until I beg for you to stop — and then fuck me even harder!”

The words got to her. She was glowing white hot inside. She could sense the youth’s prick twitching and dancing around in the tight berth she gave it with her cunt. The girl began tensing and relaxing her muscles to give that hidden cock a massaging he couldn’t forget.

“Ummm, shit,” he said. And then his hips exploded in a frenzy of fucking. She felt his prick slip backwards, struggling against the pressure she exerted. The friction of that retreat started tiny fires of desire all along the slippery fuck tunnel. Her love oils finally betrayed her and he slid out until only the thick bulbous crown of his cock remained inside her pussy lips.

Then he slammed back in as hard as he could. Their crotches mashed together. She felt his fingers urging her to movement. She ground her bush into his and her entire world shattered. Her tiny cunt had poked up out of its sheath of protective flesh to see what was happening. It received a full dose of his body moving against it.

She thought someone had driven an icepick into her cunt.

She came, hard — very hard. She struggled and writhed and moaned and clawed at him. But she came and came and came. His prick moved slowly inside her and this fanned the flames of her passion. His prick picked up speed and he was soon fucking her as hard and deep as she could have wanted.

Her voice caught in her throat. Only trapped animal noises escaped. But it was all right. She couldn’t have asked for a better fucking. She felt his hot prick digging deeply into her seething pussy. Her entire cunt convulsed with the power of her repeated orgasms.

And then his hips went crazy. He fucked without any rhythm or finesse. She felt his cock expanding inside the tight tunnel of her cunt. His come wasn’t far behind.

“Gotta fuck, just gotta!” he cried.

And then the white hot surge of his come hit her tender cunt walls. The feel of that liquid rush set her off again. Katherine soared on the hot winds of orgasm while her boyfriend whitewashed her pussy walls with his come.

It seemed to be over too soon. In spite of her unbridled enjoyment, she wanted more. Her pussy demanded it. She raised her head and peered down to see Larry’s prick limply fall from her tight cunt. A tiny flow of pussy juice and his jizz leaked out from behind it. The sight made her sure she had to have more of his hard prick.

And what she wanted, she got.


For a while they simply lay there, wrapped in each other’s arms. Katherine finally stirred and rolled over onto her side, then on top of Larry’s body. She felt the thick muscles flowing underneath her and enjoyed that almost as much as she had enjoyed the fucking. She liked men with lots of muscles. They were virile and made her feet even more like a woman.

“Larry?” she asked. “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”


“The fucking, you idiot!” she poked him hard in the ribs. He hardly seemed to notice except for the tiny smile dancing on his lips.

“Of course I enjoyed it. But if I enjoyed it as much as you did, how can I say? You seemed to really get off in a big way. And I’m glad you dragged me out of bed for it. But why tonight?”

She bent down and kissed him quickly on the lips. “I was in the mood,” she said.

“Why tonight but not last night? I made one hell of a big play for you then and nothing. Something’s happened. I want to know what it is.”

“Why?” she teased him.

“So I can bottle it and carry it with me. If it really turns you into such a sex hungry bitch needing all the cock you can get, I want to know how I can harness it!”

She laughed and rested her red-haired head beside his. Her gentle fingers worked on his tensed shoulder muscles as she snuggled down on top of him. Finally she said, “I saw my sister giving her husband a blowjob. I didn’t mean to spy on them, but it just seemed to go down that way.”

“Yeah, it sounds as if more than that was going down. Your sister’s a real fox!”

“Is she prettier than I am?”

“Don’t fish for compliments, wench. Just tell me what you saw.” His fingers worked down her naked back, outlining each and every bone in her spine. And when he came to the fleshy buttocks, his fingers began working all over them, squeezing and trying to mold them into new shapes. The resilient flesh popped back into its delightful original shape as he played with them.

She sighed and continued. “I watched as Wendy sucked off Alan. He came in her mouth. I remember some of the stuff she’d said before and that shocked me. She said she didn’t like the taste of come and it revolted her. She sure as hell didn’t look revolted when sucking on his prick tonight.”

The words were turning her on again. She felt the tiny tremors that signaled her mounting arousal. Her pussy still leaked out its thick cunt juices. And she was swimming in Larry’s jism. It had creamed her insides good. And now she wanted more. She wanted his prick back inside her cunt fucking her royally.


“So I got hot watching, that’s what. And I couldn’t figure any guy I wanted to be with more.” She moved her voluptuous teenaged body against his, rubbing her tits across his chest. She felt the nipples begin to harden with lust again.

So did he.

His fingers probed deeper into the humid canyon between her asscheeks. He finally found her tightly puckered asshole. A quick swipe of his finger across her fluid pussy lips greased his finger for the lunge all the way up her back door. He shoved his finger three knuckles deep up her asshole.

“Ummmm, God, that feels great,” she moaned.

Her fingers on his shoulders dug deeply. She was demanding more of his than a little finger fucking, even if it was all the way up her ass. She began hotly blowing into his ear to arouse him again. She wanted to feel the thick manroot of his cock pressing into her thighs and then all the way up into her seething hot pussy. She had to get him hard again for that to happen. And she did her damnedest.

Her tongue slowly circled around the outside of his ear, then she stabbed down into the tight channel, using her tongue as if it were a cock. She reamed out his ear and soon had him squirming underneath her naked body.

“You’re trying to turn me on,” he whispered in her ear, “but it’s not going to do you any good. I’m not going to get another hard-on for a while yet. You really wore me out the last time.”

“I was trying to burn you to a charred nubbin!” she cried.

“You damn near succeeded!”

She finally raised herself up and stared down into her boyfriend’s eyes. She saw that he wasn’t kidding her. He really meant it that he wasn’t going to get another erection, no matter what she did to him right now. Only time and a little help on her part would get him hard again.

“Let’s go see what’s happening,” she said.

“Inside the house?”

“Not on TV, that’s for sure,” she said.

“Look, Katherine, spying on your sister isn’t my thing. Let’s leave them alone, huh? We can do all sorts of things that feel good without actually fucking. Like, doesn’t this seem nice?”

He drove his finger in and out of her asshole with a little more force. She felt the liquid weakness inside her loins that she did just before a stud fucked her up the cunt. But it wasn’t quite the same thing now. She knew that nothing more would follow. She wanted cock and all Larry could give was a Goddamned finger up her ass.

She straddled his waist and reached down to grab his limp penis. She couldn’t think of it as a cock. A cock was long and hot and hard and was stuffed up cunts. This was a penis waiting to become a cock.


She tugged more insistently on his prick until he tailed along behind her like a captive helium balloon on a string. She guided him to the window where her sister and Alan could be seen. They were inside, a single light on in the room. That alone surprised her. Wendy liked to fuck in the dark. For that matter, she suspected Alan did, too.

They seemed to think something was evil and wrong about screwing. How wrong they were.

But Katherine could see that the couple found nothing at all wrong about the idea of fucking with the light on now. They were going at it hot and heavy. She wondered how long it had taken Alan to get his hard-on back after he had came in the kitchen. And she wondered what tricks Wendy had used to get him hard. She would have learned anything to find out something to get Larry up and ready to ball again.

“Shit, Katherine,” he said, “I’m not going to act like some Goddamn Peeping Tom. Let’s split. I’ll eat you out if you want, but I’m not going to… owwww!”

She jerked painfully on his prick to keep him in place. She put a finger to her lips to caution him to silence. She glanced back into the room and finally decided that they could make all the noise they wanted. The two in the bedroom wouldn’t hear anything they were so engrossed in each other’s body.

Katherine managed to work the window of the bedroom up so that she could even hear what was happening inside. Then she really got hot eavesdropping on her sister and brother-in-law.

“You’re so big inside me,” Wendy moaned. “So huge. Your swollen prick fills me up completely!”

The woman was lying on her back, her legs spread wantonly on either side of the crouching man. He knelt between her legs and drove his prick in and out of her cunt with slow, deliberate motions. The lewd squishing noise as his cock shoved deeply into her fluid pussy could be heard all the way out into the back yard.

“Isn’t that super?” said Katherine, watching in awe as Alan’s monstrous prick speared all the way into her sister’s cunt. She was little bit envious of her sister, not for the first time. Alan was one hell of a cocksman and there wasn’t much she wouldn’t have done to trade places with Wendy right now. She tensed her fingers around Larry’s dead cock. Still no sign of life returning. But she wouldn’t give up.

Larry said nothing but pressed closer to her and began diddling her tits. His fingers rolled the tiny buttons of her nipples in small circles until she was panting and drenched with sweat again. She wanted more than the feel of his hands on her boobs. She wanted what was going on inside the bedroom.

She could see the long fuck stick parting the tender, pinkly scalloped inner cunt lips to plunge balls deep into the pussy. Every stroke made Wendy shudder and quiver in desire on the bed. The springs squeaked with an easy rhythm that could mean only one hell of a fine fucking was in progress.

“Alan, fuck faster. I need more of you inside me all the time. Your cock is wonderful!”

“Don’t worry, you sex hungry bitch. I’m going to really fuck you tonight. I’m going to screw you cross-eyed. I’m going to rip you apart all the way to your dainty little chin with this!”

He drove his cock hard into her softly yielding cunt. The woman convulsed as orgasm smashed into her body. The friction of the fucking had mounted slowly. When he changed the tempo and fucked her as fast and hard as she could, her delicate pussy walls had ruptured with desire. She had come hard.

She felt as if she floated and spun through the air. She gasped and panted and felt the cock leaving her pussy for a moment. All she could think of was that she had to have more of that hard-driving cock. She couldn’t survive without it fucking her and turning her into a complete woman.

Their marriage had been foundering for some time. Tonight everything was coming alive for them again. The fucking was the best she could remember. Not the tentative fumbling they had done when they were first married and still exploring what each other wanted. Now they knew that. And they were using the skills of three years of marriage coupled with the enthusiasm of when they’d first met to really fuck.

Wendy came down from her sexual high to find herself lying on her belly. She had completely turned over while she was clutched in the ice and iron grip of the climax. And Alan’s cock was still probing for her pussy, but from behind her this time.

“What…” she managed to gasp out.

“You’re like a bitch in heat and by damn, I’m going to fuck you like one!” he cried out.

His hands went around her hips and lifted her up to hands and knees. The bed squeaked in protest but she hardly heard it. His words burned in her ears. He was going to fuck her like a bitch in heat. Fuck her like a dog! And she loved the idea.

All too much of their screwing had been done in the old missionary position. Now Wendy couldn’t even say why. This felt lusty, good. She was able to move her upper body and swing her tits back and forth. They hung, pendulous and heavy, under her. She groaned in stark pleasure when Alan reached out and squeezed down as hard as he could on her huge boob. He almost circled the base and then slowly worked down the slope as if he were milking a cow. This forced all the excited blood in her boob into the nipple. She almost screamed in joy when his fingers brushed across the aroused nipple.

He never stopped fucking her. His prick drove mercilessly into her well-greased cunt hole. She managed to spread her legs a little wider to give him an ever better shot at driving his cock into her body. Her entire belly was tensed and hard as a rock now. She was about ready to come again.

When his fingers stroked across her stomach and down into the tangled mat of her fiery red bush, she did cone. His finger pressed firmly down onto the tip of her cunt. She felt as if someone had driven an icicle into her cunt. The heat of the fucking was nice, but the diddling of her clitoris really set her off again.

Her entire body shook, as if some giant had grabbed her and was trying to rattle her teeth. She shoved her ass back into the curve of her husband’s groin. She marveled at the fit. They seemed like two pieces cut from a jigsaw puzzle. And the key piece was his prick filling her pussy so perfectly.

She came and came and came, like a human machine gun firing. As the last of the convulsions passed through her tender body, she found she wanted more. She usually had been drained and content to go to sleep with Alan. Now she found that the harder she came, the more she wanted. She was like a bitch in heat!

“Fuck me more! Give me all that sweet, fucking prick of yours. I need it! My pussy needs it!”

He laughed lustily. She would have been shocked at their behavior if this had happened any other night. Now it seemed perfectly normal. She wondered, why they hadn’t tried this sooner. She had been missing out on so damned much, she wanted to make up for lost time!

Katherine pulled Larry’s prick a little harder and got him over to the window. “See,” she said, “how he is fucking my sister? God, he’s like a statue come to life. That prick of his looks like bronze!”

And it did. He drove his cock deeply into her pussy and pulled it out, all coated with her thick love juices. The light from the single lamp in the room made it gleam and glow like metal. If Wendy had been asked what was shoved in and out of her pussy, she would have agreed: a hot metal poker.

Alan’s hands worked all over her body as he continued fucking her with the long, smooth strokes that threatened to rip her apart all the way to her tonsils. He found her spine and worked a hand along it. She felt the thrill of his fingers pressing into the bones as she arched up like a contented cat against the pressure.

But most of all, it was the cock filling her pussy to overflowing. Never had their fucking been this good. She felt as if it could go on all night long. For the first time, she felt as if she really wanted it to go on all night long.

She lifted her feet up off the bed, rocking on her knees. She managed to place her ankles over the tops of his calves so that she was firmly locked into position. Even better she gave him a firmer surface to shove against. She could aid him in his drive to split her apart like a rotted melon with his sweet, fucking cock.

“God, I can’t take much more of this,” he moaned out. “You’re too hot for me. And tight! Shit, I’d have thought you were a virgin from the way you’re squeezing down on me.”

The words set her off again. She climaxed. She could listen to his compliments throughout the night. Her pussy squeezed down unrelentingly on his cock. She felt every single contour of his dick before she was totally lost in the wonderland of sex.

The thick glans topping his cock was spread like a monster hood. It pressed into the walls of her pussy and tried to stretch her out of shape. She managed to pressure her pussy walls against this tip of his fuck-piston. The juices squirted out lewdly and dribbled all over his balls and down the insides of her thighs.

The tickling feeling made her acutely aware of other nerves in her body besides her cunt. She was throbbing all over. She was one giant, raw, tingling nerve ending. The lightest of touches was all it took to get her off and soaring on the winds of ecstasy.

“Gotta come. I feel the tide of my jizz coming down my pecker,” he groaned. “I don’t want to, but I’m coming. God, am I commmmmmmming!”

She felt the sweet rush of his jism all the way up into her womb. The heat from the come ignited her own lusts again. Together, they stayed locked prick in cunt and fucked wildly.

When it was all over, they sank back to the surface of the rumpled bed and held each other close.

Wendy’s hand went down to Alan’s sleeping prick and was surprised to find it still half-erect.

“Yes, dearest, in a few minutes we’ll be able to do it all again. And I want to fuck you all night!”

“You’ll never know how much I want that, too!”

And they began kissing, Wendy slowly moving down to Alan’s cock. Soon, she had the come and cunt juice drenched prick in her mouth and was noisily sucking on it, getting it hard and ready to fuck again.

Katherine squeezed down on Larry’s prick again and found it trembling in its desire to harden once more. She looked into her boyfriend’s eyes and said quietly, “Doesn’t that turn you on?”


She smiled and slowly sank down. She didn’t really want to miss out on her sister sucking prick again, but she had cock of her own to attend to. The heat boiling out from Larry’s crotch made it all worthwhile. Her lips brushed over the tip of his prick, then nursed at it.

He groaned and the cock began jerking erect, slowly at first then with more and more speed as her mouth continued to work its magic. Soon she had a mouthful of hard, needy prick.

And he fucked her again right there, under the window, not ten feet from her sister and brother-in-law. Something about that added zest to the fucking.


Katherine could hardly restrain herself at the breakfast table the next morning. She wanted to burst out with what she had seen her sister and Alan doing the night before. Reluctantly, she kept her mouth shut. She had to be content with the memories of what had gene on.

She sighed, thinking of the lovely sight of that huge, ponderous prick of her brother-in-law’s vanishing between the pinkly puckered cunt lips and fucking the merry hell out of her sister, or seeing Wendy going down on Alan. That had been a real thrill. Just the thought of it made Katherine’s pussy begin to quiver and shake.

Pressing a hand firmly against her snatch didn’t help at all. It usually quelled some of the rampaging emotions that always started. This time it fed them like gasoline feeds, a fire. She had to have something more than a finger pressing into her greedy cunt lips.

She had purposefully not dressed this morning. Under the thin bathrobe she had put on was nothing but acres and acres of luscious bare skin. She allowed the bathrobe to slip open and reveal more and more of her cleavage. Bending forward giving Alan a view of firm, ripe young tits.

He seemed ill at ease with her display and this fed her desires. She was attractive to him and he didn’t want to show it in the presence of his wife. That made Katherine all the more eager to deliberately seduce her brother-in-law.

“How’s it coming this morning, Alan?” she asked, licking her lips with just the tip of her tongue. Wendy worked away at the stove and had her back turned. She couldn’t see the sensuous gesture.

“Hmmm, oh, fine, I guess. I’m a bit tired.”

“And what did you do to get tired? Didn’t you sleep well?” she asked, a malicious grin on her lips. She straightened her bathrobe and yet managed to make it slip just a bit wider open to expose one of the coppery disks surrounding her nipple. The nipple itself was now hard and eager. She was exciting herself just thinking of what might happen right here.

Katherine didn’t believe Alan would leap over the table and rape her in the middle, of the scrambled eggs, not with Wendy in the same room — but he was definitely getting hotter and hotter. Soon, he might just do about anything as long as it was under the table.

“No, didn’t sleep much last night. Not complaining, though,” he said, glancing at Wendy and her pert ass bobbing around near the stove.

Katherine swallowed hard. She couldn’t keep down the feelings inside. She had to reach under the table and rest her hand on Alan’s thigh. She squeezed to let him know how much she wanted him. He moved away.

She realized this wouldn’t do. The fucking with Larry the night before had been great. She loved the motion of the wind over her naked skin almost as much as she did the swift fucking motion of his cock inside her juicy, hot twat. But he had worn out so fast. Even after she had sucked him hard again after they had watched Alan and Wendy fucking like rabbits, he hadn’t really performed all that well.

Sure, she’d gotten off again. But he was only a kid. A teenager. He couldn’t possibly screw like Alan could. Alan was more mature and knew what pleasured a woman the most. Not for the first time, Katherine really envied her sister. The girl had really lucked into a real stud and she didn’t deserve it.

Katherine was going to sample that prick come hell or high water.

She rearranged her robe again and flashed an entire naked tit at Alan. He looked at it, his eyes seeming to be glued to the very tip. She bent forward and dipped her nipple in a bit of Tabasco sauce on her plate. The liquid dripped slowly, provocatively down the whiteness of her breast.

“Want some hot sauce for your eggs, Alan?” she asked. She thrust her tit forward so he could see the condiment drenched nipple pulsing visibly. “I’ll be glad to give it to you.”

He was breaking out in a cold sweat. He shook his head and glanced guiltily at Wendy. Katherine didn’t worry about her sister. In a lot of ways, Wendy was very naive. It would never occur to her that her youngest sister was even interested in her husband. After all, he was so old!

Old, shit, all of twenty-five. That was just about right for a teenage girl who was tired of all the quick coming studs around her high school. Katherine hadn’t really wanted to stay here while her parents went back East, but now she was beginning to enjoy staying with her sister and brother-in-law.

“Do either of you want anything else?” asked Wendy.

“I do,” said Katherine just loud enough for Alan to hear.

“Nope? Okay, I’m going to go get dressed then. I’ve got to go to the store and all over the place today.” Wendy turned and left the room. Alan’s eyes glanced downward at Katherine’s still exposed tit and then went back to his plate of eggs.

Katherine said in a soft voice, “What you see is what you get. If you want it, Alan.”

“I don’t. I’m happily mated and things are just now beginning to run smooth for us again. I’m not screwing around with my wife’s kid sister and fucking everything up now!”

She smiled at him and reached under the table. She found his foot and pulled hard. He struggled for a moment, then glanced through the door and saw Wendy standing there. He stopped fighting Katherine and pretended to eat his breakfast.

Katherine pulled off his shoe and sock and spread her thighs. She placed his foot directly between her legs and moved around so that his big toe was firmly lodged in her cunt. She sighed and began bouncing up and down lightly, fucking herself on his toe.

His eyes widened and he started to say something as Wendy came back into the room. She went over and kissed her husband, then sat down beside him. She pulled some of the eggs off his plate and began eating them. “Ummm, good, even if I say so myself.”

“I agree, sister, I agree!” said Katherine, her face aglow from the feel of the huge toe entering and leaving her now juicy twat. She felt her cunt oils leaking out and dribbling down the sole of the Alan’s foot. She guessed that this must tickle like hell but he was keeping as straight a face as possible.

Twisting from side to side, she drove the toe even deeper into her pussy. The feel wasn’t as intense as having real cock up her fucking the hell out of her cunt, but it was still nice. The warm of his foot against the flesh of her upper thigh was almost worth the effort.

“Is anything wrong, Katherine?” asked Wendy. “You’re bouncing around like you’re sitting on a splinter.” Her older sister eyed her half-open robe with some disdain, as if she wanted to say something disapproving and not quite having the nerve.

“I’m fine!”

“Well, okay. Anything I can get for either of you at the store?”

“Nothing,” said Katherine. “I’ve got all I need now.”

“Bye, dear,” said Alan, his face growing pale. Wendy’s forehead furrowed in concern at the way her husband looked, but she said nothing. She bent and kissed him and then left, the door slamming behind her like a gun staffing a race.

Alan jerked his foot free. There was a squishy wet plot as his toe broke the vacuum formed in her tight, hot pussy.

“Goddamn, girl, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Alan raged. “I’m not some stud you’re trying to pick up in a bar. I’m the husband of your sister. Your sister!”


“So?” he said, startled. “So I expect some common decency from you, that’s what. I don’t want you making such obvious plays for me in front of my wife — your sister.”

“Play? Whatever do you mean?” Katherine allowed the robe to fall completely open. Both her tits were exposed, lush, ripe melons of titflesh that would have given a bronze statue a hard-on.

“That, dammit, that. And the business under the table was disgraceful!”

“I enjoyed it. And I’ll bet you did, too.”

“I did,” he said in a low voice. “Look, Katherine, let me tell you the facts of life.”

“I know them already. I’ve heard all the crap about the birds and bees. If you want it in that sense, then I want you to pollinate me!”

“Shit,” he said. “Look. Wendy and I have been having some hard times. We hadn’t been getting along too well in bed till last night. Things came alive for us. I don’t want to do anything that will ruin it. It feels good, too damn good for me to want to fuck things up right now.”

“Sure you don’t want some hot sauce?” the girl said, cupping her left tit and poking it in Alan’s direction. She knew his willpower was weakening. She lifted her own slender leg under the table and found his crotch. The hard lump her toes discovered could only be a raging hard-on. She squeezed down with her toes as much as she could, but it was enough.

“You want me to fuck you, is that it?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want!”

“I won’t do it!”

With a smooth motion filled with liquid grace, Katherine glided around the table and sat down on Alan’s lap. The thick bulge that was his prick prodded purposefully into her ass. She knew she could keep him from leaving as she thrust her tit forward and said, “Just lick it off. All I want is for you to lick my tittie!”

And he did. He damned himself for being weak, but it seemed about all he could do. He didn’t want to fuck his wife’s teenaged sister. But the way his rigid prick hurt him, he wondered if he could avoid doing so.

Or if he wanted to avoid it at all!

His tongue reached out and started at the very base of that huge boob. He licked straight up until he came to the tiny river of the Tabasco. The hot sauce bit into his tongue and made his mouth water. He licked up farther. Katherine almost went berserk when he reached for her nipple.

His tongue pressed down roughly and worked over the mushroom-sized nubbin of erectile flesh. He rolled it around like a marble and then sucked it into his mouth. Tender lips caressed the sensitive nipple. Hard teeth worried at it. Agile tongue licking soothed it again.

And she was turned on totally. She was lost in the wonders of her own body’s responses. She was getting his mouth all over her boob, but she wanted more. She had to have his prick fucking her. It wasn’t good enough simply sitting on his cock. She had to have it in her cunt, fucking her.

“Oh, Alan, that’s super!” she cried. Then she kissed him. She tasted the hot sauce on his lips and this spurred her on. She forced apart his lips with her tongue and then invaded his mouth.

From then on, he was lost and they both knew it. His lips parted enough to allow her easy entry into his mouth. Their tongues rolled over and over, dueling erotically. Soon, they were both out of breath and panting harshly.

The sight he received was more than he could possibly stand. Looking down he witnessed the rise and fall of her succulent tits. Those mounds of pure white flesh were too tempting for him to ever pass up. His hands cupped one of them and squeezed. She responded by shoving her chest forward.

He caught the hard point of her nipple between, thumb and forefinger. He tweaked hard. She moaned and kissed him even harder. Both their desires flared and consumed them.

Katherine could think of nothing but the wetness between her legs. Her thighs unconsciously drifted apart to reveal the bright red swath of her pussy fur. The gleaming pink cunt lips poking out from below were already well-greased with her inner oils.

“Fuck me,” she said, savoring the taste of the forbidden words on her tongue. “I want your cock all the way up my pussy, fucking the shit out of me. I want you to make me come and come and come!”

“Girl, you’re too much. I shouldn’t do this…”

“Do it to me! Fuck meeeee!”

She held him closer. His false virtue and desire not to ball his sister-in-law faded as his prick hardened. Katherine reached down under her hips and fumbled out the man’s prick. It was as hard as tempered steel and hotter. She pulled at it, guiding it to the safe, needy berth of her cunt. Her legs parted even more as she lifted her ass, then sank down, the prick driving in hard.

They both quaked at the entry. He penetrated her all the way up until her cunt walls shivered and tried to expand to take the huge girth of his prick. He pulled and stretched her in excitingly different ways. He was even bigger around than she had imagined. Katherine had seen her sister’s lips strain to take the entire prick into her mouth, but she hadn’t believed a man could be this huge around.

Alan was.

She bounced lightly up and down, fucking herself. But she was unceremoniously dumped sprawling across the kitchen table. The plates went flying, several breaking on the floor. She was bent over the table and helpless. She felt Alan moving behind her, his hands holding her legs wide open. Her naked pussy was vulnerable from behind.

And she wanted him to take her so hard it would seem like rape!

“I’m not going to fuck that pussy of yours,” he said in a cold voice. “That is exactly what you want. I’m going to do what I want.”

She winced as he began spanking her naked ass with his hand. The criss-cross pattern of his fingers burned into her snowy white flesh until she was squirming around pleading for him to stop.

“No, I won’t stop. I want to punish you for what you tried to do to me. I am not going to be unfaithful to my wife! She’s your sister, dammit!”

When his hand grew too tired of spanking the now rosy assmeat, he reached over and picked up a spatula. He used this to whap and spank the ass so vainly trying to escape his attentions. His hand rubbed over the curving buttocks every few whacks to check out the temperature of the flesh.

Katherine would have had to admit she was enjoying this manhandling. It was everything — and more — she could hope to get from Alan. He was a man, she was a woman. He was doing to her what he wanted, not what she wanted him to do.

And, like it or not, the ass spanking was sort of sexy. She felt the pain at first. Then the warmth began to spread throughout her ass, wanting her, making her cunt water. When it reached her belly, she was a quivering mass of desire again.

She wanted cock driving hard all the way up into her pussy. She wanted to feel his body rubbing against her tortured butt.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded. “I want your cock fucking me! Don’t spank me, fuck meeee!”

She was openly sobbing now. She had never felt more helpless. His strong hand kept her pinned to the table. She couldn’t have moved even if she’d wanted to. When he moved in close behind her and spread her legs uncomfortably far apart, she felt a surge of desire again.

He was going to fuck her!

“I’m tired of beating that perky ass of yours,” he said. “So I think I’ll fuck it instead.”

The words seared her ears. She cried out, “No, you can’t fuck me up the ass! You’re going to tear me apart. No man’s ever fucked me up the tail before!”

“A virgin asshole, huh? There’s always got to be a time, so this is it. No more wearing your cherry as a tail light.”

He reached over and scooped out a couple fingers of butter and liberally applied it to his prick. When his pole was well greased, he moved forward, positioning himself directly behind the teenaged girl. His prick shot forward and she cried out.


His prick slid easily between the thick slabs of her asscheeks. And then he was down into the humid canyon, seeking her asshole. He fucked the puckered ring of muscle and pressed into it. The chary muscles refused to grant him entry. He didn’t care. His cock was well enough greased to get him in. He applied gentle pressure, not wanting to really hurt the teenager. Slowly, the ring of anus relaxed and his cock slipped into the hot confines of her tightest passage.

When she totally relaxed, his cock rocketed all the way up into her stilt chute. The girl screamed in agony, her entire body being ripped apart by the thick male invader up her ass.

“God, Katherine, you’re tighter than I thought you’d be,” he grunted. But he didn’t stop driving his prick forward until his balls wetly slapped against the puckered lips of her wet pussy.

“Please, oh sweet Jesus, please don’t do this to me!”

The girl’s entire body was on fire. She shivered and shook with reaction to the butt fucking. Her ass had been well spanked. That had gotten her hot — but she hadn’t thought having a man’s cock up her asshole would be this bad. It was as if he had dipped his prick in acid before greeking her. Each movement in her tight ass seemed like an earthquake. She could hardly take more of this.

He filled her up totally and stretched membrane never stretched before by a man’s cock. And then he was sliding out of her. The relief should, have been great. It wasn’t. The emptiness his cock left behind was worse than it had been when he threatened to rip her to bloody shreds with his cock.

“No, no, you can’t!” she begged. “Stick it back in and fuck me! I’m all mixed up, but I know I want you fucking my ass!”

He laughed then and the echoes taunted her. When only the thick bulbous head of his prick remained inside her body, he hesitated for a moment. His hands circled her waist and found her fleecy pussy mound. He pressed down into the pubic bone and collapsed her cunt beneath. She moaned in stark pleasure. When he found her tiny little cunt and stroked across it, she came. And then he fucked her ass.

All the while she was grasping in the throes of orgasm, he drove his cock hard into her ass. He fucked her butt with all the speed and skill and strength locked in his loins. She had tormented him, teasing him with subtle looks at her knockers. He had responded and she had grabbed his foot and tried fucking herself on his big toe.

Now it was his turn to show her what he wanted.

“Brace yourself, I’m going to fuck you even harder,” he warned her. And it was no idle boast. His hips exploded in a frenzy of movement. He plunged all the way into he hot, demanding asshole. He felt the clinging flesh all around his cock and wanted more. The rubbery membrane of her anus squeezed down harder and harder an his pounding prick until he could hardly stand any more.

But he still fucked harder. He had to. He couldn’t allow this teenaged whore to seduce him, to think he was a pushover. He loved his wife, but he was discovering new emotions inside himself as he fucked her sister. This girl was offering him something he had never had with his wife, illicit sex. That was the way he thought about butt fucking. Wendy would never allow him to screw her up the ass. The very thought would horrify her. And the opportunity had never arisen for him to spank her ass, get her really hot and wet and then butt fuck her like he had her sister.

Katherine’s obvious attempts at seducing him had turned him on. He hadn’t really wanted to ball Wendy’s delightfully beautiful younger sister until this morning. And then he had seen how much of a woman she really was. He couldn’t possibly pass up this chance to drive his cock all the way up her slit chute and sample sex such as he had seldom had before.

He fucked harder, giving his incoming prick a corkscrewing motion. The girl was driven out of her mind with delight. She came again and again. And this caused her body to tense up. The crushing weight of those asscheeks on his prick was almost more than he could take. The feel of her inner membranes clutching fiercely at his hidden cock was more than he could handle.

He came. His prick erupted white hot jism and he creamed all the way up her rectum giving her the sexiest enema she had ever received.

The girl wasn’t complaining. She felt the swift surge of his come and her body tensed up and then exploded, too. She came hard. She felt the hard fucking cock and the searing torrent of his come spattering her insides and she remembered the feel of his hand spanking her ass and she came again.

And again. The girl couldn’t stop herself. She remembered all that her sister and Alan had done the night before. The thought of her own exploits with her boyfriend outside their window. And she came again. Harder than before, she came.

She sobbed and shook and then collapsed weakly to the table, totally drained of all emotion. Katherine had been keyed up such as she had never experienced before in her young life and now it as all over. She felt the thick manroot melting in her ass, dribbling out with a flood of his own come. The salty sting of the butter he had used as a lubricant on his prick burned at the ring of her asshole. But she felt fine. She felt better than she ever had before.

“God, Alan, that was great,” she managed to sigh. “But it was over so fast!”

“And it’s over for good. You asked for that and you got it. I hope it knocked some sense into your head. You can’t go around seducing your sister’s guy like that. Not now, not ever!”

She rolled over on the table, not bothering to conceal her pussy mound or cunt lips from the man. She let her legs stay obscenely wide as she looked at him, the soft afterglow of a good fucking possessing her totally.

“Really?” she said, smiling wickedly. The look she got back told her this wasn’t going to be the only time she sampled his delightful prick. Not by a long shot.


Alan couldn’t keep his mind on work at all that day. As soon as he would start a problem, his mind drifted away to what had happened at breakfast. Was there something new about him that turned on women all of a sudden? He hadn’t been making it very regularly with his own wife until they had tried that drive in business.

That broke the dam of desire between them. They couldn’t get enough of each other’s body then. They had sucked and fucked and done all types of things together. And it had been good. No, he corrected himself, it hadn’t been good, it had been great!

The night with Wendy had been the greatest fucking he had ever had. They had flowed together and her passion fed his and his fed hers and they had screwed until they were both exhausted. And when dawn came, they had balled again and it had been even better.

Did something of that still show when he had gotten to the breakfast table? Alan couldn’t answer that. There was no denying the fact that Wendy’s sister had gotten awfully hot for him. That business with fucking herself on his big toe had been so positively kinky he couldn’t help responding. And the lewd way she had opened up the front of her robe and dipped the nipple of her left tit in the hot sauce.

Fucking that off had been more than a little fun. And when he had gotten the idea of spanking her and fucking her up the ass, things had really gotten strange. And good. He loved the feel of her virgin-tight ass around his cock. He had never once even suggested butt fucking to Wendy while they had been married. Once he had tried it when they were dating and she had turned him off totally. The few times he had done it before were one night stands.

Without Katherine this morning he would have gone on missing one hell of a nice sensation. And what was it about this morning that made her come on so strong to him?

Alan didn’t know. And that bugged him all day long. By the time he got home he was sporting a perpetual hard-on. He had been aching to sink that ramrod of cockflesh into his wife — or her sister — since noon and he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer from either of them.

Hell, the way he felt, he’d take them both on! And wouldn’t that be really kinky?

“Honey, I’m home!” he called out. Wendy answered from the bedroom. That was perfect for him. He went in and found her bending over, putting away clothing freshly washed.

“Just a sec, dear, and I’ll be — ohhhh!”

He caught her up from behind and bent her forward. He kissed the back of her neck and licked around until he came to her shell-like ear. His tongue shot out, cock-hard, and imitated fucking as he worked his way in and out of the tight canal. His hands roved along her body, feeling the soft flesh rippling with desire under the thin house dress she wore.

He lifted her up and tossed her onto the bed. She landed on her back, her legs up. The bedsprings squeaked as they protested under the sudden load, but Wendy wasn’t complaining.

“What’s this? A new husband? One who is into digging sex like it should be between married people?” She grinned wickedly and he was lost. His hard-on threatened to blast out jism at any second. He had to get it on with her. Besides, this spontaneity was, exactly what had been lacking from their lives for so long. He was happy to give it a rebirth.

“The same old one, just hornier,” he said, unzipping his trousers. His cock leaped out, eager as a racehorse in the starting gate.

“Well, come to Momma!” She held out her arms but it was under her skirt where his eyes went. She wasn’t wearing any panties. His cock tried to turn cartwheels when he realized that.

He brushed aside her arms and hiked up her skirt to expose the flame red hair on her pussy mound. His hands reached out, shaking a little as he touched her puckered cunt lips. They were blue-tinged and already rigid with blood. Excited blood, blood hammering through her eager body.

He didn’t like eating pussy. The thought turned him off usually. But he couldn’t stop himself now. He dived down, his arms circling around the woman’s legs. He pulled her even wider apart and applied his mouth directly to her sex gash.

And licked. His tongue licked up the slit with a slow, languorous pace that drove her wild. She felt his rough, pink tongue working against the most sensitive portion of her anatomy. She sank back to the bed, suddenly weak and quivery inside.

“Oh, God, Alan, you don’t know how much I’ve wanted you to eat me out like this. Your mouth is heaven on my pussy! And inside! I’m on fire! Tongue fuck me! I want to feel that sweet tongue of yours reaming out my cunt!”

He did nothing of the sort. He was the man, he was the one who called all the shots. He knew what she wanted and he’d give it to her — when he was good and ready. Right now, he was on an exploring trip. He moved his tongue along the pursed lips of her pussy until he came to the front vee. Poking its meek little head out was her cunt.

He pounced on it. His soft lips cuddled it and finally sucked it into his mouth. Once there, he used his teeth and tongue on it as best he could. He gnawed gently and then teased the very tip of her cunt with his pink, wet tongue.

She went wild.

And then he really moved. His tongue flashed out and touched all the right spots. He worked down the edges of her pussy lips until he came to the deep well of her cunt. She had wanted him to tongue fuck her. And he did. His tongue lashed out and probed deep. He began stroking along the trembling walls of her velvet hung pussy until she came.

And came and came.

Wendy was turned on more than she had been in years. Going down on Alan the night before seemed to set the tone for their newfound sexuality. Anything went. And she was the one receiving the thrill right now. The hot breath coursing across her pussy mound excited her. The nearness of his mouth to her cunt lips told in the erotic kiss how much he loved her. And the deep thrusting tongue working against her cunt walls drove her wild with desire.

Alan sucked and licked and tongue fucked until his jaw ached. And then he did it some more. The taste of her woman wine was almost too much for him. He felt himself getting drunk on it. The salty, tangy flavor was unique in the world and he wondered how he could have ever not liked it before.

The more he tried to get into his mouth, the more he stimulated her. And she was soon coming like a string of Fourth of July firecrackers going off. He could hardly hang on to her bucking, lurching body. But he did. He had to. He wanted even more of this mouth love.

“Ummmm,” she sighed finally and rolled over, her eyelids drooping. He realized how much a strain it had been on her. He had worn her out. He had actually worn out his wife!

The thought pleased him. She was always griping about him coming too soon. This was the perfect way of wearing her down to where he could handle her — and both of them could get their kicks.

There was only one problem. Wendy was asleep and his prick was still rigid. He hurt. He hurt as badly as he ever had in his life. She couldn’t return the favor and suck him off. Not asleep. And he wasn’t going to wake her up. Then a thought came to him. Katherine would be home now.

His cock leading the way, Alan walked out into the hall just as Katherine came in the front door. She glanced at him, smiled, turned away and then did a double take. Her eyes swung back and riveted on his prick.

“Really, Alan, just for me?” she said. She felt her juices sluggishly flowing down her leg now. She hadn’t been thinking of him greeting her this way. She had just hoped he wouldn’t shout at her for what had happened at breakfast. But this!

“Into your room. Wendy’s asleep right now.”

“Asleep? Anything wrong? It’s the middle of the afternoon and she usually doesn’t… oh!” Katherine suddenly understood why, her older sister was taking an uncharacteristic nap. She had already been worn out by the prodigious fucking capacity of this man’s prick.

She knew then that she was going to get her fondest hope. He would fuck her as she’d wanted to be fucked at breakfast. For the first time, she would find out how good a stud he really was.

“Hurry!” he said. As she brushed by him, his anxious fingers caught the snap on her jeans and undid it. She continued walking, the jeans working their way down on the flare of her ass. By the time she was standing beside her bed, the jeans were halfway down her legs. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing any panties, either.

“Damn, don’t any of the women in your family wear undies?” he asked. He quickly closed the door. It wouldn’t do to wake up Wendy. Not now.

“No, why should we? They just get in the way when we find a real stud who wants to fuck.” She let the word roll over her tongue. She was getting progressively hornier just thinking about what was going to happen. He had been the one calling the shots this morning and she had loved it. But not this time. Now she was the needy one — but he was even more up for this fucking. She could control him if he wanted to bury that mighty sword of cockflesh into her hot little box.

“Onto the bed,” she commanded.

He started to say something, but she quickly skinned out of her tee shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra either. She impudently thrust out her chest and said, “If you want any of this, do as I say!”

He moved. He dropped to the bed. She shoved him down onto his back and swarmed up over him, straddling his erection. Sighing, she stroked up and down the huge pole. It felt like a battering ram but she wasn’t going to hesitate now. She couldn’t, not with the memory of what this had felt like up her ass.

She had burned all day long. To burn all night long with the memory of his cock fucking her cunt was exactly what she wanted.

“God,” he said, looking up at her jiggly tits. The nipples were tracing out invisible figure eight patterns in the air in front of her chest. Every time she moved her shoulders, the knockers swayed. He reached up and gripped them in his hands. The hot flesh flowed like putty. He squeezed harder and she moaned. He loved this and wanted to manhandle her tits all night long.

She lifted up and pulled hard at his cock. It was pointed straight up like a rocket on the launching pad. Then she lowered her hips. The girl gasped when she felt the hot nosecone of his cock prod into her cunt lips. She wiggled from side to side to make sure she had a firm position. Then the teenager simply relaxed and allowed gravity to do all the work.

The cock penetrated her cunt and strove for her tonsils. She screamed. She couldn’t help herself. The feeling of so much prick filling her tight little pussy was more than she could bear.

“Not so loud!” he hissed. “You’ll wake up Wendy!”

“God, we wouldn’t want to do that,” moaned Katherine. She didn’t want to do anything that would lose her this fantastically thick and impossibly long cock. Not when she had finally succeeded in getting it fully buried all the way up her greedy cunt.

She swung her hips from side to side and let the man’s prick work around inside her cunt. The cunt walls tried to cling to the pecker. The thick oils leaking out of her made this impossible. She succeeded in getting a portion of her pussy to hang in there. The twisty sensation made her moan in sheer pleasure and demand more.

“Keep those hands on my tits,” she told the man. “I love the way you work the nipples around in circles. It makes my whole chest burn with desire.”

“Yeah, sure,” he grunted. “And the hell with this.” He shoved hard upwards on her boobs, as if trying to rip them off, her body. She shrieked and moved upwards, his cock sliding out of her agitated pussy.

“Now fuck, damn you, fuck hard!” he cried. His hands guided her in the rhythm he wanted.

She felt the prick slipping free of her cunt and immediately relaxed. The pressure on her boobs decreased and allowed her to plunge downward again. She was filled once more with pulsating, throbbingly virile cock. Gasping for air, she twisted from side to side reveling in the intense feelings lashing her young body.

The teenager tried to figure out what it was that turned her on the most about this up and down self-fucking. The way her cunt lips split apart and the cock hid itself just under the flame-red of her bush turned her on a lot. She couldn’t deny that, but the idea of controlling the tempo of the fucking was a big turn on for her, too. But was it as big a thrill as feeling his hands all over her tits, massaging them, manhandling them, making them feel like hunks of dough being kneaded?

She couldn’t say.

The burning shaft of his cock rested inside her cunt. She tensed and relaxed her pussy walls a few times until she was sure of his maleness. She could feel the thick blue vein on the top of his prick pulse with desire. There was no doubt in her mind tat she had been the one to build up that desire to the point where he couldn’t resist her. The other contours of his hidden cock came to her also through the sensitive membrane of her cunt.

The mighty crown of his prick pulsed and throbbed with life. She tensed again and trapped the retreating prick. Her entire body was rising upwards and she held his cock inside firmly. For a moment, she thought she might break his dork off.

And then her body’s juices betrayed her. The flood of her love oils made his cock too slippery to hang onto.

With a wet, squishy plop he came free of her cunt.

She immediately reached down and gripped the slick shaft and pulled it back to her trembly cunt lips. She wasted no time in stuffing the prick back into her blast furnace hot cunt.

“Don’t let it come out like that,” he warned her. “I might just spurt out my come any second. God, you can’t imagine the feelings in my balls! I feel like a Goddamn pressure cooker within a safety valve. I’m going to fucking explode!”

She smiled and dropped down. His prick shot all the way up into her pussy. Grinding her bush into his produced the most heavenly sensations imaginable. Her cunt tickled along the crinkly hairs of his pubic fur and lit the fuse of her own desires.

The girl felt her insides begin to tense up in preparation for a really big come. She knew that she was going to get off in a breath taking way if she could only fuck herself fast enough. Her hips launched into a frenzy of motion. She slipped up and down that telephone pole thick prick as if her life depended on it.

She came hard. Her entire body shook and her muscles locked in the now familiar rictus of desire. The grip of the climax shook her to the point of her teeth rattling.


Her cries filled the room. Alan shook almost as hard but his trembling came from a mixture of desire and fear that Wendy would awaken and find them together. He had no idea what his wife would think if she discovered her husband fucking her younger sister. And he didn’t especially want to find out.

Reaching up, he managed to put his hand over Katherine’s mouth. He hissed out, “Shush! Don’t cry out like that. We’ll both be in big trouble if she finds us like this.”

Katherine barely heard the words. Her entire body was in movement. She continued moving her hips up and down, the feel of the heavy pike of solid cock reaming her out in the most intimately exciting way possible. She controlled the rhythm of the fucking. She could get all the prick she wanted simply by dropping down on it.

She took all she could stand and continued pressing harder and harder. Her cunt sang a song of joy at the friction between the thick head of his prick and the ripply muscled walls. Tiny fires burned and blazed brightly and she felt herself responding again.

This come was even more intense than before. She felt the heat lightning shooting up her spine and searing her brain with desire. She twisted and turned around the axle of cock in her wet pussy until she couldn’t take any more. And then she came again.

Alan wasn’t made from steel. He could take only so much of this joyous fucking. He felt his balls harden and the thick stew of his jism begin to boil more and more. The tide of his come rose along his prick inch by inch until it burned only a fraction of an inch away from the tip. With a wild explosion of desire, he blasted out into her awaiting pussy.

He felt her cunt walls clamp down firmly all around his buried cock. She squeezed and milked his prick for every single drop of jism. He’d never felt a tighter, hotter, more demanding pussy in his life. And he loved it. He lifted his hips up off the bed and tried to stuff his cock even deeper into her convulsing pussy.

He succeeded. An extra inch into that squirming, seething swamp of her gooey cunt was all it took to completely drain his balls. He started to melt inside her body.

In a few more minutes, he was completely flaccid, his cock useless for fucking now.

Katherine settled down, her tits still heaving up and down. She opened those shockingly blue eyes and stared down at him. All she said was, “I liked it.”

But they both knew what her true feelings were. Words simply couldn’t express how good that fucking had been.


His hands reached up and cupped her trembling breasts. He squeezed just a little bit and she closed her eyes again and let out a long, loud sigh. She heaved up and down in his hands. He felt the gooseflesh begin to pop up on the otherwise smooth titflesh. He caressed the snowy white slopes and finally trapped the rock-hard pebbles of her nipples again.

He rolled the tiny orbs around in small circles. Then he moved them in slightly larger ones, threatening to rip them off her tits. She sighed again and he knew she wanted more of this manhandling. He started rolling them in wide circles all over her tits. When he pressed down hard, the buttons of her nipples almost vanished in the marshmallowy soft flesh beneath.

The man could feel her excited heart beating merrily. The nipple on the left pulsed hard with every single throb of her heart just inches away. He pressed downward. Her boobs began to mash out flat. She pressed her body forward, demanding more.

He gave it to her. His strong fingers gripped her entire tit and began rotating it in a clockwise direction. With his other hand he rotated her other boob in the opposite direction. Her jugs were dancing around in the most enticing manner possible now.

“Ummmm, Alan, that’s so nice. But I want to feel your mouth on my poor little titties.”

“I wouldn’t call them little. Not by a long shot!”

She bent forward and he was treated to a sight that almost made his prick spring erect again. He could peer down into the deep canyon between her boobs and see all the way to her flame red bush, now dotted with few drops of fuck juice. Her belly was slightly domed and still heaving from the intensity of their lovemaking.

“Your mouth,” she repeated. “Suck on my tits!”

He did as she wanted because it was, what he wanted, too. His lips were just a fraction of an inch from her left nipple, but he used his tongue. He lightly fucked the tip of his pink, probing tongue against that aroused nubbin of flesh. She almost came.

He licked all around the button cresting her wondrously white tit until it started to grow again. During the fucking it had been an angry red finger pointing accusingly at him. After she had come, some of the blood had left it. Now her nipple was erecting again and pressing hard into his tongue.

Soft lips closed on her nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, past his teeth and into the dank cavern beyond. His tongue stirred and wiggled hard against the nipple, teasing it, tormenting it, making it come fully alive.

She shoved her boob, hard into his mouth. He obliged her by opening his jaws a bit wider. More and more of that succulent tit went into his mouth. He sucked it hard and she was trembling in reaction. He felt a power coming over him that he had seldom felt before. He was the sole benefactor of this needy girl. He gave her all the pleasure she could take — and then some.

His teeth left fiery red tracks down the sides of her tit. His tongue wasn’t able to wash away the hurt he left, and it didn’t seem to matter to the teenager. She reveled in the burning sensations of his teeth cutting into her soft, silky flesh.

“God, Alan, this is more than I can stand. Ifs tooooooo gooooood!”

She shivered as if she had a fever. In a way, she did but it was a fever of desire, a fever of sheer, wanton need. His teeth brutalizing her tit made her heart throb wildly. Blood rushed to the injured portions of her tit and filled it with more and more excited blood. As his tongue washed over the satiny soft slopes of her boob, she simply knew her tit was going to explode from having too much blood in it.

“Ummm, that’s nice, Alan, but let me do something for you now.”

“Like what?”

“Let me suck on your cock a while.”

The man’s entire body tensed at the idea. His prick was limp and sleeping between his legs. There was no way she could get him hard again, not this soon after such a momentous release of his jism. But the idea of her mouth moving all over his cock still pleased him.

“Go on, then. Do it. But don’t expect miracles.”

She grinned wickedly and said, “I don’t expect miracles, I work them!” And she slithered down his naked body like a sinuous snake. He marveled at the way she moved. It seemed as if she didn’t have a bone in her entire body.

Her hands stroked on his flanks and slipped under his body to cup his buttocks. She squeezed encouragingly and then applied her mouth to his dead prick. The man’s first reaction was that he must have died totally. All he felt was the hot breath gusting around his balls. But then she really got down to eating cock and he thought he would go through the ceiling.

He might have lost his erection but his prick remained as sensitive as before. The feel of her lips moving along the sides of his cock turned him on in a big way. She licked with her rough pink tongue from the tip of his prick along the shriveled length until she came to the loose sac containing his balls. Here, she sucked hard and got them into her mouth.

Chewing gently, she teased and tormented his balls until he was writhing on the bed. He could hardly stand the oral attentions she gave him. His hips lifted up off the bed and he felt her subtle finger seeking out his asshole. As her finger slipped in, he had the sensation that he was coming again.

But that was absurd. His prick wasn’t even hard. He was limp and allowing her to simply work her magic on him. But that finger up his ass began to do things inside that he wouldn’t have dreamed possible. She massaged his prostate while she sucked hard on the very tip of his prick. It seemed like magic when his cock began to inflate and swell. In less than a minute of the hidden massaging far up his asshole and sucking on his glans, he had a fully usable boner back.

“I don’t fucking believe this!” he cried. “I’m hard again!”

“You’re one in a million, Alan,” she said. This made him feel good. A girl as young as Katherine couldn’t possibly know any trick to make him hard again. He really was the stud she thought he was. He could fuck her again.

He sat up in bed and said, “How do you want it this time? Up the ass again? You seemed to enjoy the hell out of that this morning.”

“No,” she said. “I’d want you to spank me first and seeing this has made me hornier than ever!” She held his prick in her hand as if it were some sort of religious relic to be cherished. She squeezed down on his cock and started stroking up and down the steely hard length to make sure he stayed erect. There wasn’t any problem now for the man to keep his hard-on. He saw what he wanted — and it was his young sister-in-law’s pussy.

With a surge of muscle, he swarmed up and bowled her over. She found herself on her back, half off the bed. He ran his hands under her slim, trim legs and lifted. This caused her cunt to become widely exposed to his probing prick. But it still wasn’t right. This was almost like fucking in the missionary position. He wanted something more, something different from this red-haired teenager.

He hefted her left leg and heaved. She squawked as he turned her over onto her belly, but he managed to remain between those slender legs where he wanted to be. He slipped down the bed and got his feet onto the floor. This pushed his prick directly into her still wet snatch.

“You missed!” she complained. She felt his cock go slithering down the entire length of her sex gash. The cock parted her pussy lips but failed to penetrate and go into her cunt hole.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just getting ready for the real plunge!”

She sighed as she felt him stroke back and forth. His cock was warm against her snatch. The way her pussy was overflowing with its cunt oils, it wouldn’t take long for him to be thoroughly greased and ready to fuck again. She had to prop herself up on her arms to keep her face from pressing into the rug. The effort tightened all the muscles in her belly and caused her tits to flatten.

Something about the effort made her acutely aware of what was happening at her pussy. Alan’s movements heightened with all her muscles tensed. As he stood and picked her up like a wheelbarrow, she knew then that his fucking was going to be different — and maybe better than any she had gotten before firm any stud.

“Ready for it?” he asked needlessly.

“Yes, damn you, yes. Fuck me good. I want to feel your cock driving hard into my twat!” Again she mouthed all the “forbidden” words and primed herself for the entry of his sweet, fucking cock into her body.

She felt the heavy knob on the end of his fuck stick prod into her blood-engorged cunt lips. He slid his hands along her legs and parted her thighs a big more. She felt as if he were tearing her apart at the crouch. Holding her like a wheelbarrow, her legs on either side of his body, he moved forward with a jerky motion.

His cock drove mercilessly fast into her twat. She cried out in joy as he sank to the hilt in her seething hot, incredibly demanding pussy. She couldn’t really relax in this position. Her belly muscles remained tense and this heightened the enjoyment of his hard-driving cock.

“I… I never thought it could be this fine,” he muttered. “Your pussy is tighter than any virgin’s. This is fantastic!”

“So fuck me, damn you, fuck me hard! I want to feel that cock of yours moving inside me. This is making all the blood run to my head!” But she wasn’t complaining. She couldn’t, not with the most delightful sensations a woman can experience running amok through her body.

The man’s cock pulsed lightly in her fuck tunnel. The echoes of that throbbing spread like ripples in a pond throughout her entire body. As long as she was exerting herself to maintain her position, her cunt was firm and tight around his thick cock. When he pushed forward, she had to move her arms. Just like at a picnic race, she was forced to move.

He maneuvered her around the room, his prick buried balls deep in her cunt. She had to laugh in joy. This was the most outrageous position she had ever been fucked in and it was getting better all the time. The more they moved around the room, the more tense her muscles got. This tightened her pussy around his buried prick and gave them both added enjoyment.

Swinging back and forth caused his cock to slip in and out of her in a slow, predictable motion. She found herself tensing and trying to relax as he fucked her with this deliberate stroke. With her entire body trembling with strain and excitement, she came. It wasn’t the hard come she had expected, but she recognized it for what it was.

Her body was readying itself for one really huge climax. She was panting harshly now from the physical strain and wanting to laugh from the sweat trickling off her tits. The sweat formed all over her chest and ran down the snowy white slopes of her jugs to build up at her nipples. When enough had accumulated there, it dripped off onto the floor. But it tickled and stimulated her tits more than she would have thought possible.

“More,” she demanded. “Give me more!”

“Shit, baby, I’m doing my damnedest now! But I’ll see what can be done!”

The man’s movements speeded up. He drove his cock in and out of her softly yielding pussy with all the strength and power he could. The smooth ripple of her thighs against his body made him hornier than before. The feel of her legs tensing and relaxing in his grip told him of his complete power over the teenaged girl.

He fucked faster and faster. He could feel her responding. He moved her around the room, pushing her ahead of him like some inanimate object. But she was anything but inanimate. He could feel the strong muscles all over his prick, massaging it, teasing it, making him try to come again. Her cunt was impossibly tight and flexible around him as he plunged in and pulled out.

Katherine was gasping for air now like a fish out of water. She couldn’t get enough of his prick into her cunt. Bending her arms and shoving backwards, she found she could get his prick into her cunt with just a bit more force. This was all that it took to get her off.

This was the big one. The huge orgasm she had been working on. She came like a ton of bricks falling off a skyscraper. Her entire body shook and she simply knew an atomic bomb had been detonated inside her cunt. The heat and joy smashed through her and ripped her apart. And she wanted more. She felt the friction from the hard-driving cock. It spread and she soared again on still another orgasm, equally as intense.

The angle of entry into her pussy was different than from any other time she had gotten laid. This warmed new and different nerves in her cunt and made her respond even more. He didn’t stop fucking, either. He drove into her like a piston made of steel. But it was fleshy, warm steel that speared all the way up into her seething cunt. And she wanted more.

Alan walked her around the room, his prick seeking out the depths of her twat as he fucked her. He bounced her up and down and she struggled to stay alert. The wave or orgasm washed over her again and the entire world blotted out. She came and came and came. She wondered if her entire life could be spent in the throes of divine ecstasy like this.

When the hot rush of his jism gushed into her gripping twat, she knew it was going to be over too soon for her. She could have remained in that blissful, aroused state as long as the hot cock danced mightily in her cunt. But the man wasn’t up to fucking her forever. He had to get his rocks off. She realized her gripping cunt must have been giving his hidden prick sweet torture all the while, but she was still sad that it had to end.

He finally lowered her legs and she felt the rug against her toes. For a moment, she stayed in a pushup position, then sank full length to the floor and simply enjoyed the afterglow of the fucking. It filled her entire body and left her delightfully sleepy.

Katherine didn’t even hear Alan as he left and went back to Wendy. She didn’t care what he did now. She had gotten all she wanted and more.


Alan rolled over in bed and saw the sleeping face of his wife. Wendy had never looked happier — and he couldn’t remember when he’d woke up in the morning with a harder erection. This wasn’t any piss hard-on, either. This was a full-fledged, raging hard-on that only cunt and lots of it could satisfy.

His hands snaked out under the cool sheets, leaving tiny ridges on the top. He homed in on the leg of the woman and finally found it. Her flesh was warm and firm and exciting. He squeezed gently and she stirred, rolling over a little. He managed to get his hand between her thighs. The warmth turned to carnal heat. She smiled a little, still asleep, as his hand worked slowly up to her flame-red furred snatch.

He found her pussy lips rigid and inviting. A little wiggling got his finger between them and into her cunt hole. He didn’t know if he was surprised or not to find her pussy already damp with lust. From the expression on her face, she was having damned fine dreams. He wondered if he was included in them.

Alan thought he was.

“Ummmm, yes, yes!” she moaned out. “That’s what I want. Give it all to me now! I’m a cock-hungry bitch and I want it alllll!”

He was a little startled at his wife’s words. She never used “dirty” words like that, even when she was really revved up and ready to fuck. This marked still another change for the better. If she was willing to speak the words, she would be even more willing to put those wards into actions.

His finger stroked in and out slowly, enticingly. She rolled onto her back, her legs spreading wide in unconscious invitation to him. Alan didn’t pull back the covers like he would have a week before to get on top of the woman and fuck her in the old, tired missionary position. He wanted to see how aroused he could get her before she was begging far him to screw her.

He guessed she would be hot enough for that very soon.

He stroked in and out of her clinging pussy until his hand was totally drenched with her fuck juices. Then he allowed his finger to slip free and moved up and down the entire length of her turgid cunt lips. The flaps of blood-filled flesh pulsed hard against his probing finger. He felt a tiny tingle pass all the way up his arm as he realized this might be the very first time he had carefully explored Wendy’s snatch.

Intrigued, he moved along the trembly pussy lips until he came to the front of the vee. The tender tissue there actually fluttered wildly under his light touch. She moaned louder and tossed her head from side to side. Her red hair flew out and formed a halo on the pillow. He resisted the temptation to bend over and kiss her. That might wake her and break the spell of sheer sex he was conjuring up.

“Ummm, yes, fuck me! I want it sooooo!” she sighed. Her eyelids didn’t flutter as if she were coming awake. He guessed she lost, in the middle of a really sexy dream. The man wanted to give her the total fulfillment of whatever fantasy she was experiencing.

His fingers brushed lightly across her clit and teased it to full erection. She moaned louder and arched her back. The man had to fight to keep his own emotions in check. The sight of one tantalizing tit coming out from beneath the white sheet was almost all it took to get him to jet off. Her nipple was cherry red and hard already.

He circled her clit with his finger and began stroking from the base all the way to the top. At the very tip, he lightly flicked his finger in a rapid motion. She was soon writhing on the bed, almost at the point of orgasm.

Alan couldn’t resist then. He had to bend down and kiss her throbbing nipple.

“Alan?” she asked, her voice dreamy. She had awakened and he didn’t care now. He needed to get on her and ride. His prick was going to explode like a stick of dynamite if he didn’t.

“Yes, darling, it’s me. How does this feel?” His finger worked faster up and down her little cunt. The tiny organ was well drenched with her cunt oils and throbbed hard against the tip of his finger. He kissed her nipple again and tasted sweat. She was beginning to perspire from the excitement he had already generated.

“I love it!”

“And I love you. And I want you. I want to fuck you. Here.” He used his finger to drive deep into her pussy again. He wiggled it along the slippery walls of her velvet hung cunt and then finger fucked her as fast as he could. He felt the heat mounting inside and guessed she was close to coming.

“Oh, ohhhh! I… aeeeeeeee!” She thrashed around on the bed as if she had gone berserk. And she had. She had gone berserk with lust. That finger in her twat was more than she could take. Her dreams had been sexy ones, a lot sexier than she was used to dreaming. She had envisioned herself a princess in a flowing dress being rescued by a prince charming.

That was usually where the fairy tale ended. Not her dream. She dreamed of the wedding night and the prince’s mighty lance of flesh dividing her legs and plunging deep into her awaiting cunt. He had fucked her better than any man ever had before. She dreamed all that and more — while Alan’s finger had moved slowly in her cunt.

Now she was awake and wanted the real thing. All the muzziness of sleep had left her. She wanted him on top of her, pressing her down into the soft bed and riding her as hard as he could.

“Fuck me! I want you to really fuck meeeeeee!” She was surprised when she got off on the finger fucking. That heat mounting in her pussy had been nice but she hadn’t thought it would be enough to really pleasure her. She had been wrong. The carnal heat had spread until her stomach felt as if it had been filled with melted butter. The attention he had given her tiny clit had brought her to the point of climax. The kissing of her nipples and the rapid finger fucking had pushed her over the edge of the orgasm and sent her soaring.

“I… I want more!”

“And you’re going to get it. Just keep those delightful legs of yours spread wide and let me in!”

He rolled on top of her and lifted her ass up off the bed so he could get an easier entry into her seething hot pussy. He thrust forward, his prick touching the wet pussy lips. For a moment, he hesitated. This was the way it had always been before. And this was what had almost ruined their marriage. Should he go on and fuck her like this?

“Ride me, ride me hard!” she demanded. He almost shoved forward and sank his prick balls deep in her quagmire of cunt. He stopped just as the purpled hood of his cock vanished between her pinkly tinged cunt lips.

“No, not this way,” he told her. “Let’s do it different this time. Let’s try something we’ve never tried before.”

“No, no,” she groaned. “I need it now! I want you to fuck me here and now. I don’t want to experiment. I want to fuck!”

Alan’s hands gripped her ass. He lifted her completely off the bed until she was bowed up. Bending down, he kissed her belly and drove his tongue down hard into the deep depression of her navel. But it still wasn’t right. He wanted to fuck her in a new and excitingly different way.

“You’re always talking about us having good, clean fun. So let’s go fuck in the shower!”

“I always wondered what good clean fun was,” she said, her green eyes peering up at him. Then she smiled broadly and said, “Let’s not sit here talking about it. Let’s do it!”

“I didn’t know we were just sitting here,” he said, looking down at her pussy lips. They were still parted and lewdly kissing his prick. But he wasn’t going to argue with her. He wanted to bury his spike of hard cock all the way up her cunt, too.

Laughing, the two naked people went into the bathroom. She hastily got into the shower and turned it on, getting the temperature just right. He closed the door and dropped to hands and knees. Like a retriever, he went sniffing and snorting into the shower with Wendy.

She looked down, surprised at his behavior. She moaned and leaned against the side of the shower when she felt what he was doing with his roving tongue. He began licking at her feet. The feel of his rough, pink tongue against the instep of her foot was almost enough to bring her off again.

The woman tried to understand what it was about her feet that got her so hot. When she was being fucked, her toes would curl up. She had never considered the fact that stimulating her feet might get her rocks off too. After all, the nerves were all interconnected.

“What are you doing?” she laughed. But she didn’t pull away from that mouth as she might have done even a couple days before. She was enjoying this delicious sex play. She knew where it was leading and her cunt was already drooling and ready for his prick!

“Sampling you to see if I want more!”

He licked up the inside of her leg. The water poured over them both. Wendy couldn’t remember having more fun in her life. She felt his tongue probing hard against her tender inner thigh. Along with the cascades of water hitting her flesh and bouncing off in dancing rivers, she had never been more aroused in her life.

The water stung and bit her soft skin but she was turned on by it. With the tongue coming ever closer to her drooling pussy, she was about ready to come.

“More,” she cried out. “Give me more of that sweet tongue of yours!”

It lapped up the inside of her wet thigh and came to her tangled pussy mound. The water ran off the fur there and dribbled down across her cunt lips, making her feel all keyed up and ready for anything. When the tongue sought out and dueled with it briefly. She went weak in the knees and sank down a little bit.

“I… I need more! Tongue fuck me!” She let her legs drift as wide open as she could. She didn’t have any strength left at all. She just wished she could lie down and let the water hammer wetly at her body while he continued eating her cunt. But that wasn’t possible. She propped herself up as best she could and simply enjoyed the feel of the water and that exciting mouth all over her pussy.

The lewd slurping noise mingled with the sound of the falling water. She tensed for another come when his tongue parted her pussy lips and plunged far up into her cunt. And then he was gone. For a moment, she stood there, stunned. He couldn’t leave! He didn’t dare!

Then she felt his tongue continuing to work across her trim belly. She had prided herself on how she kept in shape. Now she was glad she did. She wanted to be as attractive as possible far him. She desired him, she wanted him to desire her, too.

The tongue came to the broad base of her left tit. When he began working up the jutting slope, she came again. She barely knew when he took her nipple between his lips and sucked for all he was worth.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she hissed. “This is what I want. I need you so much! But your cock. Give me your cock!” Her hand reached out seeking the hot cylinder of cockflesh. She missed it and groped again. She missed it a second time as it slipped from her wet fingers.

Then it didn’t matter any more. His mouth had reached hers and his prick was aimed into her pussy like it was homing in on a distant target. That blunt nose poked between her cunt lips, received a full measure of her flowing fuck oil and then shoved deep into her body.

She screamed. The entry had taken her totally by surprise. The depth of the penetration was enough to cause her inner cunt walls to be stretched and pulled out of shape. As her pliant membrane stretched and expanded to take the huge girth of his cock, she came again.

His mouth crushed into hers and stifled her screams. This seemed to build up the sexual pressures in her body more than she would have believed possible. She had to cry out and couldn’t. She had to move and couldn’t. She was impaled on his thrusting rod of hard, virile cock.

The water pouring over her red head ran down her body and tickled all the right places. Between her delectable tits, between the thick slabs of her ass, around her curd lips, down her legs. The water ran and stimulated. But this was just added enjoyment.

The taste of his mouth was nice, the thrill of his hard fucking cock was even better.

She came. Over and over, she came.

“God, Alan darling, this is too much for me. I can’t take any more of it. I am totally drained.”

“Bullshit,” was all he said as he began to really fuck her. Up till this moment, he hadn’t been working hard. He had used his mouth a little bit to make her want his prick. And when he shoved it in to the hilt, he hadn’t done all that much. The tightness of her cunt around his cock told him of her intense arousal and that was fine for the moment.

Now he wanted more out of this fucking. The feel of the water stinging hotly into his skin turned him on, but it was the nearness of the naked woman flesh that made him really hot.

Her nipples poked tiny holes into his hairy chest. Her hot breath breezed past his ear and made the flesh even more tender. When she started nibbling passionately at his ear, it took all his control to keep from jetting out his come into her sucking little cunt hole.

That thrilled him the most. Her pussy was tight and firm and demanding around his cock. He felt as if he had thrust his prick into a surgeon’s glove filled with boiling hot lava. Moving slowly at first, he felt her clinging flesh grip at his cock.

“Shit, baby, that pussy of yours is really hungry. How much do you really want me?”

“This much!” she cried out, tossing her head back and sending a wild disarray of red hair over her shoulder.

At the same time, she tensed all her muscles and clutched wildly at him. He felt the naked bite of her fingernails into his flesh and her pussy tense all around his cock. He was certain she was crushing him flatter than a pancake with her cunt.

“Ummm, shit, not that much,” he complained, not really meaning it. He managed to pull free of her hungry pussy and paused only a moment before ramming back into the hot berth of soft flesh. The squishing noise of the passionate fucking filled the tiny booth. He didn’t care. If anything, the feel of her flesh made him fuck faster. The noise of the fucking only added to an effect already there.

“Yes, yes! This is what I want. I want your cock fucking me. Drive it in harder! Split me apart with that divine fuck stick!”

She wasn’t coherent any more. The feelings rampaging inside her body had taken control from her mind. All she was now was a vessel for enjoyment. The hard cock gave it all to her and that was what she needed to know — nothing else.

He ignored the pain of her fingernails raking his back and concentrated on driving that prick harder and harder into her cunt hole. He felt her pussy lips begin to fold inward he was fucking so firmly now. He speeded up the tempo. The water flew off his balls every time he slammed hard into her crotch.

Grinding his bush into hers produced the most intense sensation he had ever felt. He actually lifted her up and off her feet with the force of his movement. Her entire body weight hung suspended on just his prick before he released her to sink back down to the wet floor of the shower stall.

“I can’t take any more, Alan, I just can’t. And I want you so bad!”

He continued fucking her, not paying any attention to her. The feel of her twat all around his prick drove him on. And then his balls tightened frantically and he felt himself slipping. His cock erupted in a creamy geyser that whitewashed the insides of her cunt thoroughly.

“Ummmm, oh, yes! YES!”

He felt her muscle spasm and knew she was coming, too. He pumped hard and fast into her cunt to get the most stimulation possible from the fucking. He thought the top of his head was going to blow off as he fountained out his manseed into her sucking pussy. And then it was all over.

The two of them stood in the downpour from the shower head and simply looked into each other’s eyes. The water washed away the sweat built up from the fucking and then they silently took up bars of soap and washed each other down completely.

This was almost as much fun as toweling each other off. The feel of the fluffy towel across her snatch made Wendy shiver with desire. She let Alan do anything he wanted and when it came her turn to towel him off, she let her imagination run wild. The use of a towel on a man’s balls had never occurred to her before.

She felt delightfully sinful as she caressed and dried his balls and cock and allowed him to kiss her at the same time the time. By the time they were both dry, they were both ready to fuck again. And they did. Right there on the floor of the bathroom.


“I swear, it’s been great these past few days, Katherine,” said Wendy, slowly sipping at her cup of coffee. Her mind ranged back over how Alan had turned into a real sex machine. The man couldn’t get enough — and she couldn’t give him enough!

They were both almost perpetually turned on and willing to fuck. This was so different from the way it had been that the woman couldn’t help confiding it with her younger sister.

Katherine smiled knowingly. Wendy thought this was something that had been a secret. Far from it, as far as she was personally concerned. Sure, Wendy had been getting a lot of action out of Alan. So had she. The young girl had plied the man with all the seductive charms she came so admirably equipped with. He had melted into her arms more than once in the past week.

And they had fucked so many times she had lost track. Wendy would have been shocked out of her head if she knew that she was getting only a part of Alan’s mighty prick.

“I noticed,” was all Katherine said. She smiled a bit broader, and wondered if her older sister would ever suspect that she was the other woman in Alan’s life. She doubted it. Wendy was so naive about a lot of things.

“I guess so,” blushed Wendy. “It’s just that I’m so hyper all the time. Really keyed up about it. For a while, we were seriously thinking of getting a divorce. All the zest had gone out of our lives. Now that it’s back, I guess I can’t tell enough people.”

“Alan’s a real stud, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah,” Wendy said, her eyes going glassy as she remembered all the times they had balled. Never repeating a position had been the secret to their arousal. The idea that only the missionary position was “proper” had almost wrecked their marriage. She was gladder than ever that they had gone to the drive-in movie that night with the idea of recapturing some of the thrill of the days when they had only been dating. It had launched them on a brand new sexual track that didn’t seem to have any end.

“He tastes good, too,” said Katherine, deliberately provoking her older sister. Wendy looked at her strangely and brushed a strand of red hair from her eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I just said he tasted as good as he fucks. Which is damned good.” She felt a thrill pass through her as she realized she was going to tell her sister every intimate detail of how Alan had fucked her, too. “Alan and I have been getting it on for the past week. When you turned him on, nothing can turn him off. He’s been balling me as well as you. And I’m glad! Damn, but he’s a fine stud!”

“What?” Wendy said, unbelieving. “You can’t mean you and Alan have been…”

“That and everything else. We’ve been eating each other until it hardly pays to go to the dinner table. And I found out something really sexy. We’re both exhibitionists. You know that ball game we went to the other day?”

Wendy could only nod. She hadn’t gone because she’d had a headache. Besides, she didn’t much like baseball.

“It was a ball game, all right. He balled me in plain view of twenty thousand fans!”

“Katherine, if you’re lying to me!”

“I’m not, honest!” Katherine smiled her wicked smile and hastened on. “Look, Wendy, I’m not putting you down. It’s just that Alan’s too much man for any single woman.”

“Not for me.”

“Yes, even for you.” The teenager began to soften her tone a little. She didn’t want to get thrown out of the house. After all, she was imposing on their hospitality until her parents got back from their trip. And she didn’t want to jeopardize her arrangement with Alan. It was best that this all come out right now while Wendy was still feeling good about her revitalized sex life.

“Look, Sis, it’s not so bad,” Katherine told her. “You’ve been happy, haven’t you? So have I. Who’s getting hurt? Nobody! And Alan sure isn’t complaining. Well,” she smiled, “not much. He said his balls ached from coming too much. Poor baby!”

“I… I don’t know what to say. You shouldn’t have done this to me!”

“I haven’t done anything to you. You’re doing it all to yourself right now. I haven’t taken Alan away from you. I’ve only been sharing him. Look, Sis, he loves you and you obviously love him. So what’s to say I can’t love him and let him love me right back? What’s wrong with three people being in love with each other?”

“That’s sick!”

“No, it isn’t. It’s lovely. We’re even keeping it in the family, so to speak. It’s not like it was incest or anything. I’m only his sister-in-law. And what would be hurt even if we were blood relatives? We do love each other. And we’re good for one another.”

“No, this isn’t right,” Wendy maintained. “I won’t be a party to any three-way love affair. It’s dirty!”

“So what?” Katherine said, moving closer to her sister. “That’s someone else’s opinion, not yours. You haven’t had time to think it through. If it feels good, go with it. Don’t be old fashioned.” Katherine’s hand rested on her older sister’s leg and squeezed reassuringly.

Then one squeeze changed position just a little bit and they found themselves staring at one another, their faces less than an inch apart.

“No, we can’t…” said Wendy. And then it happened. Katherine closed the gap between them and kissed her sister full on the lips. At first it was a kiss without passion but it quickly changed. Neither of them knew who really responded first, nor did it matter.

The kiss developed real meaning. The feelings pent up in both of their trim bodies flowed through their lips. They crushed together harder and really kissed one another then. Lips parting, their tongues explored the other’s mouth. The dancing pink tongues rolled over and over until they were both gasping in unison. Their salvias mixed and turned into a heady wine.

Finally, Wendy broke off, panting. “We can’t do this! It’s not right!”

“But it feels too good to stop, Sis,” complained Katherine. To prove her point, she let her hand run up under her sister’s skirt until she came to her fleecy pussy mound. The teenager was surprised to find her sister wasn’t wearing any panties.

“No, I’m not,” said Wendy. “For Alan, I’m not. This seems to really turn him on. And it is sort of sexy. I like the feel of the air running over my p-p-pussy lips.” She stuttered a little getting the word out. But once she did, she felt a lot better.

“He probably got that from me. Check it out. I don’t wear any, either!”

Katherine gasped as eager fingers outlined her dewy cunt lips. When her sister’s finger probed between the turgid flaps and poked all the way up into her pussy, she came. It wasn’t much, but she was strung out sexually by the idea of making it with her very own sister.

Incest. But not just any incest. This was lesbian incest, a double edged thrill for both of them. Totally illicit, even dirty in the ways they had been raised. But exciting. Both of their pussies were drooling now and nothing could contain their need for each other’s body.

They flowed and moved and struggled passionately until they were on the floor, their faces buried in each other’s cunt. This was the traditional 69 position, but with a difference. After all, they knew what turned themselves on. They were both women.

“Ummmm, Sis, this is wonderful. I’ve never eaten out a cunt before!” cried Katherine, her tongue worming its way between the salty, tangy coated cunt lips.

“I never have either. This is so kicky I can barely believe it’s happening,” said Wendy, her head resting on the soft inner thigh of her teenaged sister. She rubbed her cheek against the silky flesh and was startled to feel her own body responding wildly.

She had never thought she could get turned on by another woman. That was sick. And this was her very own sister. But it didn’t seem wrong. If anything, this was the most proper lovemaking she had ever engaged in. Wendy didn’t know why it was that way except it felt that way. During the past week, she had come to deny what her head told her and go with her feeling.

This felt right; it must be right!

She licked along the puffy edges of Katherine’s pussy lips before plunging all the way into her steamy hot interior. She laved her tongue along the rim of the cunt hole and then tongue fucked her sister as hard and fast as she could. Wendy felt the same process going on between her own wide spread legs and shuddered in reaction.

Never had oral sex been this stimulating! She knew what Alan always did to her that felt the best. Katherine did it without being told and then added some nice touches of her own.

Her tongue managed to curl around the chary little cunt and tease it completely erect. Then she gave it a tongue lashing such as it had never had in its entire life.

Wendy came harder than she could remember. It had always been good with Alan these past few days, but this was a different kind of come. She couldn’t put it into words. It wasn’t as intense in some ways as when she got off on his cock fucking her, but it was warmer, more fulfilling. Her entire body glowed instead of burned. Softer, but no less exciting, the orgasm seized her and shook her and then slowly released her.

Wendy immediately returned the favor by lapping and sucking and eating out her sister the best she could, using all the knowledge she had of a woman’s responses.

Katherine wasn’t disappointed, either. She came as hard as she ever had.

Larry felt a little nervous about coming over after what he and Katherine had done that night outside of Wendy and Alan’s bedroom. He enjoyed fucking the redhead more than anything else in the world, but her attitudes shocked him a little bit. Peeping into the couple’s window while they fucked hadn’t been right, even if he and Katherine had really gotten turned on by it.

Somehow, Larry was positive his guilt would be written all over his face and Alan or Wendy would know instantly what he’d done. Maybe they knew he was balling Katherine and would disapprove. He doubted if Katherine could keep such a thing quiet for long. She spoke her mind and to hell with anyone not agreeing with her.

But Larry couldn’t stay away. He had to come back and see her again. The thrill of her company, the skill of her fucking, the delight he felt afterwards, wasn’t to be denied.

Besides, he was hornier than hell and wanted to get laid.

Larry hesitantly knocked at the front door and didn’t get an answer. Nervously, he looked around. Wendy’s car was in the driveway and he knew that Alan wasn’t home yet. That meant that somebody was home. He tried to walk away but the feelings inside were too strong.

As he was agonizing over the decision of whether to knock again or walk off he heard low moans from inside the house. This shocked him. Thoughts of rape and robbery raced through his mind. He tried the door knob and the door was unlocked. He pushed into the still house.

The sounds came stronger and louder. He almost ran down the hallway but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what was going down in the living room. Both women were going down — on each other!

He stood there for a moment, stunned. He almost refused to believe this was actually happening. There was his girlfriend eagerly eating out her sister. And Wendy’s mouth was working eagerly on her sister’s pussy. He could see every sordid detail of this mutual mouth love.

Katherine’s pink, darting tongue flashed out and parted the puckered cunt lips of her sister’s pussy and dived deep. The sucking noises weren’t too loud but to the youth standing in the doorway spying on the two women, they might have been claps of thunder. The younger girl’s mouth fastened firmly on the other’s twat and she sucked. He could see her cheeks going hollow under the strain of sucking up all the fuck juices leaking from between those tender cunt lips.

“Ummmm, God, Katherine, it’s so good. Don’t ever stop. I want you to tongue fuck me some more!” cried out Wendy. The words shocked Larry as much as anything he had seen. Wendy blushed if anyone said “damn” and here she was mouthing things he was positive she thought totally forbidden.

“Anything you want, Sis,” came the girl’s voice from between those white pillars of thigh. A lewd lapping noise echoed forth and then Wendy screamed. Larry jumped a foot, then realized the woman had just come. The tongue fucking had set her off. The expression on her face was one he had seldom seen.

This was really the first time he had witnessed a fucking and not been all wrapped up in it. The time he and Katherine had spied outside Wendy and Alan’s window hardly counted. He could see bodies moving then, but not the expressions on their faces. Now it was different. Wendy’s face was like a rigid mask. She had her lips pulled back in a mockery of a smile and she hardly looked like she was enjoying herself.

But he knew she was.

She came again, shrieking out her joy at the way her sister’s tongue reamed out her pussy.

“Give me more of that mouth, Katherine,” begged Wendy. “Don’t stop now. It’s too much for me. I need it all!”

“I think we have company,” the teenaged girl said, lifting her head up and glancing over at Larry. He swallowed hard when he saw the glowing lips covered with cunt juice. He wanted to turn and run but his feet were frozen to the floor. He was totally paralyzed by the sight of the two sisters eating out each other.

“Ummm, hello, Larry,” said Wendy, unconcerned that he had seen them. This shocked him more than anything else.

“Y-you don’t mind that I saw you doing th-this?”

“Why?” Wendy rolled over and spread her legs even wider. Katherine quickly moved and dived down to lick along the very top of her sister’s pussy mound. The contented smile on the older woman’s face told the story. She was enjoying the hell out of this.

“But I saw you!” he blurted. “You were… I mean with each other!”

“So what?” said Katherine. Then she got a special gleam in her eye. “Why don’t you join us, Larry? We can use a cock between us.”

“Yes, yes!” said Wendy, eager now. “I want it!”

“He’s my boyfriend,” pointed out Katherine somewhat primly. “So I get first shot at it.”

Larry didn’t know what to say. He’d never had two beautiful women arguing over who was going to get fucked first. He took a couple steps into the room, still trying to figure out what was going on. This was all it took for Wendy to reach out and grab his leg. She pulled him the rest of the way and soon he was down on the living room floor with them, totally stripped of his clothes and sporting a painful hard-on.

“I get it first!” demanded Katherine.

“Oh, very well. But I want some action.”

“Eat her out, Larry,” said Katherine, positioning herself astride the youth’s waist. She was going to fuck herself on his erect cock just as she had fucked herself on Alan’s cock almost a week earlier. She liked the freedom this style of screwing gave her. Her tits could bounce around and she could regulate the tempo of the fucking. Besides, Larry seemed too stunned by the immensity of all this to properly fuck. She would have to do it all for him.

“But how? Wh…?” And that was all the farther the youth got. Wendy swarmed up and dropped down, crouching over his face. He looked up and saw red furred cunt lips opening just inches above his face. And then she was shoving her snatch down into his mouth.

“Eat me!” she cried.

His lips parted and his tongue shot out, mostly an involuntary gesture. When the woman’s entire body shuddered from the brief touch of his tongue against her twat, he realized exactly what was happening.

And he loved it.

He loved it even more when Katherine started stroking her hand up and down the entire length of his prick. When she shoved her own cunt down firmly onto the tip of his cock, he almost came. This was more pussy than he usually got in a month — and he was getting it all at once!

Katherine sighed as she lowered herself onto the youth’s hard cock. This was exactly what she had been wanting! And she guessed from the surprised, satisfied look on Larry’s face, he wasn’t complaining about it, either. How could he? With a sexy young redhead fucking herself on his cock and an equally sexy woman letting him eat her out.

He was in heaven and he didn’t even have to die!

“Go on, Wendy,” said Katherine. “Take my tits and fondle them. Give me some extra special attention now.” While she was telling her older sister what she wanted, she reached out and took Wendy’s tits in her own hands.

The mounds of titflesh filled her palms fully. She squeezed down slightly and then allowed the nipples to spring between her fingers. Gripping tighter, she was able to give her older sister more stimulation than she would have considered possible just a few hours before.

Wendy didn’t know what to do so she simply crouched there, letting Larry eat out her juicy twat and Katherine fondle her tits. She raised her own hands and found them to tremble too much. Katherine quickly grabbed her wrists and pulled them into her ample tits. That felt so exciting to Wendy she forgot all about her nervousness.

She simply enjoyed the feelings rampaging throughout her body now. The tongue fucking her cunt was sheer delight. She twisted from side to side to give the youth a better chance to get his tongue all the way up into her damp, seething hot pussy. And when he really started tongue fucking her, she knew she was lost. She came hard. She gripped down on her sister’s boobs and almost yanked them from her chest.

This made Katherine come completely alive. She liked a little harsh handling to bring out the animal in her. She thought her sister’s come was going to send her spinning across the room it was so intense. The fingers clamped like steel bands on Katherine’s snowy white tits and left ugly red streaks down the sides. The nipples felt like they were going to rupture from the pressure of the agitated blood in her tits.

And the feel of the prick moving constantly inside her pussy was enough to send her soaring out into a sexual orbit, too.

She fucked herself faster when she felt the beginnings of a come inside. She let the friction of the cock against her cunt walls mount to the point where she was hardly able to restrain herself. She found new strength and held in the feelings threatening to rip her apart and then her hips took control. She fucked herself wildly. When she climaxed, she thought the prick would drive all the way through her guts and poke out her mouth. That steely prick felt as hot as a fireplace poker. It seared the tender walls of her damp pussy and spread out, stretching her delicate tissues to the breaking point. She hunched up and down, moaning and panting in exertion. She couldn’t slam her crotch down into his fast enough. The frictions were sweet, even divine. The feel of her sister’s hands moving on her tits was great. All of it combined to send her reeling in intense come.


She couldn’t slow down. She fucked herself faster and faster. There didn’t seem to be any limit to how much cock she could cram into her pussy. The feel of his bristly bush rubbing all over her trembling cunt lips and her shivering clitoris got her off again. And again. She continued to fuck. The cock was too much for her tiny pussy to hold.

She tensed her cuntal muscles and tried to flatten it down to size. This worked a miracle, but it didn’t produce the result she wanted. His cock grew inside her. It pushed forcefully against the tight walls until she screamed in joy and came again.

This time she fell away from his prick. It left her pussy with a wet “plop!” that could be heard all over the room.

But Larry didn’t hear it. All he could do was feel. His eyes were useless. A nice, wet, wonderful snatch was pressed only inches away. His niece prodded into the folds of the woman’s pussy. His ears were pressed by soft pillars of thigh that threatened to permanently deafen him.

And he didn’t care. How could he? One hot chick fucking herself on his prick and another wantonly offering her pussy to him to be eaten? He was like a kid in a candy shop. He hardly knew what to do, where to look first.

The fucking along the long rod of his prick, was taking care of itself. He concentrated on eating out the cunt split open so invitingly. His tongue lashed out and drove up into the deep well of her gushing pussy. He felt the soft walls ripple at his rough touch. He plunged down further, exploring, stimulating, giving them both all the thrill they could hope for. He tasted the salty froth coming from the woman’s hot interior and loved it. He sucked hard to get as much of it into his mouth as he could.

It was oily and coated his lips, his tongue. He savored the taste of woman wine and lapped it all up. Then he returned to fucking her cunt with his tongue. He whirled his tongue around inside the tight passage like it was some sort of tornado. She strained to shove her snatch down even more into his face.

He was suffocating now, but he wasn’t going to try and move her. This was the perfect way of dying, if he had to! His tongue finally slipped free of her pussy when his jaw muscles began to tighten up and he licked along the blue-tinged ribs of pussy lip.

This drove her into a frenzy. He continued to lick and suck those flaps of flesh into his mouth. Teasing them made the redhead respond even more. He heard her sob repeatedly. The words didn’t reach his but the effect did. When she came, her thighs pressed even harder into his ears. He was momentarily deaf and blind. All that was left him was his tongue.

Driving this deeper into her cunt prolonged the come. The flood of cunt juices boiling out of her insides almost drowned him. He stopped tongue fucking and started sucking on her pussy. The juices were salty and good. He couldn’t get enough of them.

And then Wendy slipped away.

Larry didn’t want her to go. His prick was still stiff with desire. The air was beginning to cool it. All the hot pussy juices were drying rapidly and he didn’t like it being out in the cold. He preferred it when Katherine was fucking herself silly on it. And now Wendy left his face. He licked away the fuck juices on his lips and tried to sit up.

He was surprised to find that the strength had left his body. He had been so excited he had spent all his energy in the sex. Now he had to recuperate for a moment.

Larry started to worry that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hard-on very long if he really got to fucking with either Wendy or Katherine. And then he lost his erection totally when he looked up and saw Alan standing in the doorway.


“God, Mr. Holmes, I… that is, I mean, I came in and, oh, shit!” Larry was at the point of tears. He knew that no amount of talking would get him out of this. Alan had his ass in a sling for sure. Here he had been standing in the doorway and watching while Larry ate out his wife and fucked his sister-in-law. That was a surefire reason for murder — and Larry was mother naked. He couldn’t do a damn thing!

“Hey, you’re losing your hard-on. Want to help him get it back, Katherine? You’re damned good at sucking cock. I ought to know.” He rubbed over his crotch, and smiled at his sister-in-law. She grinned back and then dived down onto Larry’s cock, stuffing it entirely into her mouth.

The youth moaned. He didn’t know what was happening. He was sure he would catch shit for what he’d been doing with the two girls, and now it all seemed as if Alan didn’t care in the least.

“Alan?” asked Wendy, hesitantly. “You’re not mad?”

“Why should I be, honey? I assume you’ve found out about me and Katherine. It just happened. We got it on and it seemed good and I kept on fucking her while I was making it with you.”

“I’m not mad. I… I was at first. Or maybe not mad as much as confused. Then Katherine convinced me that it wasn’t all that naughty. It wasn’t even incest, really.”

Alan’s eyebrows shot up. “I had never even thought of it that way. But you’re right, it wouldn’t be incest. Not technically, I suppose. And you’re not bent out of shape over it?” His eyes drank in her naked form. He could tell from the flushed expression on her face what she had been doing. The look of her pussy lips confirmed it. They were all a hot pink and visibly pulsing. The youth flat on his back and getting his prick tended to by the red-haired teenaged girl had been dining out — and quite well, Alan thought.

“I didn’t realize it was so late,” Wendy said.

“It’s not. I got off work early, I got horny, I came home. So simple, huh? And I’m gad I did!”

“Mister Holmes, honest! This wasn’t my idea!” stuttered Larry. He was having a hard time controlling his voice with Katherine so eagerly eating his cock. Her tongue looped around the thick head and dragged down the underside giving the most sensitive portion a real treat. When she came to his balls he had a full-blown boner back.

“Forget it, kid. I’m not mad. In fact, I’m envious. You got both of them at the same time I wish I had been in your place.”

“You still can be, Alan,” Wendy said, her eyes glowing. She didn’t understand this strange change in her feelings. Not too long ago she would have been horrified at what she was suggesting. Now it seemed thrilling, outrageous and completely natural.

Wendy realized it was just a measure of letting her hair down and living to fulfill her sexual needs. She had been pent-up inside more than she cared to think about now. Releasing all those emotions caused her to do things that society might frown on, but which felt so damned good she never wanted to stop!

The fucking with Alan was okay since he was her husband. But with her own sister? That was doubly kinky. Another woman and her sister. She felt a delicious tremor pass through her body as she thought of the feel of Katherine’s knowing tongue all over her pussy.

And the three, of them fucking, Katherine screwing herself on Larry’s prick while the teenaged boy ate her out. A few weeks ago that would have been enough for her to call the police and turn anyone in trying it. Three people fucking at the same time? Absurd! And dirty! Filthy, even!

Now she got off on it. And the idea that Alan had stood there watching her while she was getting her pussy attended to by a teenager made her weak and watery again. She hadn’t realized she had a trace of the exhibitionist in her, too. The stories Katherine told her about how Alan had fucked her at the ball game had seemed too much. Now she accepted it as the gospel truth. In fact, she wished she could have been the one. She ended up envying her very own sister!

Wendy had undergone a great change in attitude in the past week — and loved every second of her new self!

“Fuck me, Alan. I need it so!”

He smiled and began stripping off his clothing. Larry laid on the ground, Katherine still ministering to his prick, hungrily nursing at it with lewd, slurping noises. He was too confused to know what to do. He had come over here because he was horny and had now gotten himself in a full fledged orgy! This was more than he had counted on!

“There, I’m properly naked. Is my cock in the right condition for you?” he asked, stroking across Wendy’s lustrous red hair. This put his prick less than an inch from her face. She took the hint. The cock vanished between her ruby red lips in a flash.

“Ummm, yeah, that’s what I want, baby. Give me all the mouth love you can!” Alan’s hips began to jerk and stab forward trying to bury as much of his cock down the woman’s throat as possible. She took it all and even dared him to make her gag.

He almost came when his prick shot all the way down her throat. She was up on her knees and her head was twisted around, to get into the proper position. But there was no denying the fact that her Adam’s apple bobbed up and down along the most sensitive portion of his cock.

“Give me more, baby. I need it all!”

She had to back off. His cock slipped free of the tight berth in her throat and he felt the air gusting past his cock as she inhaled deeply. The hot air made his pubic fur rustle around and this stimulated him almost as much as her deepthroating had.

“Let’s not just pair off,” came Katherine’s eager voice. “Let’s make this a real party! Let’s all four get together in a daisy chain!”

“Daisy chain?” asked Wendy, suddenly unsure of herself. She still retained the naive outlook in spite of the strides she’d made in the past few days. “What’s that? I don’t want to…”

“Sis, don’t worry! You come on over and suck on Larry’s cock. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Katherine held the prick firmly in her fist. The throbbing purple knob poked up past her index finger. It was wet and gleaming with her spittle.

“Okay, sure!” Wendy agreed. She dropped to her knees and then she mouthed Larry’s cock. The youth’s hips lifted off the floor in reaction to her sudden sucking. “That tastes nice!” she exclaimed, and then went silent as she used her lips for more important things than talking.

“Okay, Alan, you see how Wendy’s perky little ass is up in the air? Why don’t you fuck it?”

Alan didn’t have to be told twice. He didn’t quite understand how a teenage girl had come to be in charge of an orgy, but he didn’t much care. He had been eyeing his wife’s butt and wanted nothing more than to fuck it. This was his opportunity. Let her enjoy the boy’s prick all she wanted. He would give her a real taste of a man’s cock all the way up her shit chute!

He dropped down behind her, his hands running slowly over the warm flesh. The buttocks trembled under his touch and he slowly parted the thick slabs of asscheek. She gasped in reaction and he heard Larry moan louder. Whatever he did to Wendy was immediately transmitted along to the youth by way of that incredibly hot, sucking mouth. He smiled to himself as he worked closer. This was going to be more fun than he’d thought it would be.

“Ready?” he asked. “I want to get my prick all greased up first.”

She bobbed her head up and down on the pole of Larry’s cock. Man took that to mean she was ready. He stabbed forward with his hips. His cock missed her pussy and went skittering along her liquid gash. They all gasped at that. Alan almost lost it. He felt his balls tightening up and getting ready to spurt. He held on and soon the tides of his passion abated a little.

Working his cock back and forth along her puffy cunt lips drenched his cock totally. The juices leaked out of her seething interior and dribbled down over his thick prick. When he felt he had enough of her oils on his cock to ease entry all the way up tier asshole, he pulled back.

Wendy shook her head. She obviously wanted more. He smiled and laughed at her. “I’m doing this. You just tend to your blowjob and let me do all the butt fucking!”

She knew she would have to be content with that. She felt his upper thighs pressing into the smooth flesh of her ass. His cock had been sheer heaven as it raced back and forth along her gash. She had really hoped he would stuff it up her cunt hole and fuck the shit out of her. But he hadn’t. All he wanted was to lubricate his meat.

Wendy sucked a little harder on the prick so delightfully resting against her tongue. She cradled the long length of cock and pressed her soft, red lips into the sides. Every time she sucked just a little harder, Larry would twitch and jerk around on the floor. The taste of his cock drove her on. She loved the maleness of it. She sucked harder, trying to get even more of his heavy battering ram of cock into her mouth. It pulsed and danced against her tongue. She laved all over the tip making sure the big purple plum at the end received the full treatment.

When a drop of bitter pre-come fluid beaded at the piss-slit she knew the youth was going to come too soon. She stopped with her frantic mouthings and contented herself with the feel of Alan’s huge cock exploring between the slabs of her meaty ass.

That cock drove straight down to the bottom of the humid canyon. When it touched her anus, she almost came. For the first time, Wendy realized how keyed up she was. The lightest of touches an any erogenous zone was electric. She could get off on any of it.

But this was fantastic!

The blunted nose of his prick nudged into the ring of anal sphincter, trying to drive all the way into her guts. She tensed up involuntarily. Then she forced herself to relax. It wouldn’t do to make her asshole so tight he couldn’t possibly get in and butt fuck her. She felt his cock slowly entering her. She was thankful he didn’t simply drive that flaming spike of cock into her bowels. That would have ripped and torn delicate tissues.

She gasped when the head of his prick fully entered her. The tight ring of anus clamped down firmly to keep the huge male invader out of her tightest passage. But it was a losing fight. Another inch of his prick slipped into her ass. Greasing his cock with her fuck juices had been the right thing to do. It was so slick, it could glide right on past even her powerfully convulsing asshole.

“Here it comes!” he warned her. And then she was totally filled with white hot prick.

He might have dipped his cock in acid. She felt her skin searing and burning at the touch of his prick. But worse of all was the way he pulled her apart. She simply knew he was too big for her to take up the asshole. He was tearing her apart. She would bleed to death. There was no way her tiny asshole could take such a monstrous cock.

But her tender inner membrane expanded just as her cunt would. They expanded and relaxed and held that mighty, virile, hard fucking cock like a glove. Then it was her turn to make him gasp and moan. She slowly recovered the use of her inner muscles. She tensed and relaxed. This sent an electric carnal charge throughout her body.

She could feel the contours of his prick perfectly. The huge head capping the long cock pulsed hard against the walls of her ass. The big blue vein on the top of his prick felt as if it grew and beat steadily faster. The entire shaft of his pecker danced around wildly and would soon have to move — move fast fucking her. And that was what they both wanted.

“Gotta get out of there,” he muttered. “Your Goddamn asshole feels like a hangman’s noose around my cock!”

She tensed and relaxed it a few times to let him know what it was he had fucked into. And then she felt his prick sliding out of her. She had thought it was bad going in. As he retreated from her body, she cried out. The empty feeling was driving her out of her mind. She ignored the cock so close to her mouth to moan, “Don’t do this to me! Don’t leave me hollow inside! Stuff it back into my asshole!”

“Sure thing, babe!”

Alan drove his prick back in with furious speed. She thought she was going to die. The pain lancing into her body almost robbed her of consciousness. And then the pain died to leave nothing but warmth and joy. He began pulling out again.

The cycle was repeated over and over. He fucked slowly at first, each inch of prick bringing her a new pleasure. When she had expanded enough to take a more rapid fucking, he gave that to her.

She burned inside. The feel of his cock awoke sleeping nerves all over her body. She tried to separate all the feelings assaulting her body. There were so many she wasn’t sure she could do it.

The cock entering her ass made her into a complete woman. She felt every single inch of that prick as it drove into her softly yielding body. The feel of his hairy legs rubbing against her silky smooth ass turned her on a lot, too. They seemed to fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Her ass thrust back into the hollow of his crotch perfectly. And his hands were beginning to explore her body. The feel of his hands reaching around her waist and seeking her clit really got to her.

When he found the tiny nubbin of erectile flesh, she came. He stroked over the clit as he fucked hard into her butt. He fucked her with all the strength in his body, but ironically it was the light touches on her slippery clit that brought her off.

She thrashed around, impaled on his spike of steely hard prick. His hands held her firmly in place so she wouldn’t lose even one single stroke of his mighty cock. And the prick dancing around just inches away from her lips seemed, to need her attention again.

Even while she was still locked in the rigid muscle of come, she took Larry’s cock into her mouth and sucked. The youth’s hips lifted off the floor as she really applied hearty suction this time. He thought his guts were going to be pulled out the end of his prick.

The three of them were erotically linked together for Katherine’s eager viewing. But this wasn’t enough for her. Just watching Alan buggering Wendy was enough to make her pussy sticky and hot and ready for anything. But knowing that her older sister was getting not only cock up the ass but cock shoved hard into her mouth made the younger girl frantic. She had to get into this hot and heavy action or go mad with lust!

“Larry!” she called out. “Eat me!”

She quickly straddled her boyfriend’s face before he had a chance to say anything. She felt the hot breath gusting across her aroused cunt lips and then she came. His tongue shot up and into her cunt hole. She hadn’t realized she was this ready.

But she was. She rocked through her orgasm and when it died down inside, she realized that this had only added fuel to her sexual needs. The come hadn’t erased her longings at all.

“Tongue fuck me gooooood!” she sobbed. Her hands gripped at the youth’s belly for support. She tried to grab handfuls of his flesh but failed. The rock-hard belly refused to yield.

The agile pink, rough tongue slithered along her pussy lips and probed into the vee at the front folds. He teased her clit up erect and then sucked it into his mouth. She felt soft lips and hard teeth at the same time. She came again. When his tongue began teasing the very tip of her cunt, she sobbed and moaned and the insides of her body turned to Jell-O.

She couldn’t believe she could have been reduced to such a piteous pile of flesh in such a short time. The effect of the others fucking had gotten to her fast. When the tongue was applied to her own ready and eager snatch, this was all she needed to get off.

Opening her eyes, Katherine was able to see the butt fucking still going on. She saw the sweat beading on Alan’s face and knew he was under incredible strain to keep fucking. How she wished it was her ass getting reamed out by that massive prick of his!

She turned and looked down at the supine body stretching out from between her legs. Her sister’s mouth sucked noisily on the erect column of cock jutting up from Larry’s crotch. Her lips worked feverishly on that dick. She bobbed her head up and down in a fast face fucking that would surely rob the youth of his jism soon.

Wendy’s sucking mouth worked, better than she’d hoped it would. She slowly sank down, her tongue slithering along the side of his cock, then she worked back up. There was a convulsive jerk and a gob of come blasted into the air and arced down into her hair.

Katherine applauded. She saw the entire thing from her vantage point. Even more so, she felt the tongue go wild in her cunt. There wasn’t any doubt the youth came hard. Wendy’s mouth went to cover the spewing cock and suck up all the precious jism leaking out. She sucked hard and loud and filled the room with positively obscene noises.

This added to Katherine’s pleasure. She watched and felt and experienced a sexual high such as she’d never felt before. Making it with one guy was great. She hadn’t thought there was anything better in the world till she had engaged in the lesbian lovemaking with her very own sister. That had been a kick that couldn’t be denied.

But group fucking was even better. She could enjoy the feel of a mouth all over her pussy while she watched her sister gave a blowjob and her brother-in-law butt fucking like a son of a bitch.

This was living!

Wendy’s mouth allowed the now limp cock to dribble out and go to sleep at the teenager’s groin. She licked up all the spilled come and then put her forehead down into the youth’s side. She was getting more and more stimulation from the cock reaming her out from behind.

“Oh, ohhhh! I can feel it all the way up to my tonsils! Don’t stop! Fuck me deeper! Give it all to meeee!”

“Christ, how can I do more?” panted Alan. His hands were turning slippery on her smooth hips. Reaching around, he sought out her clit again. Pressing down into it, the woman came. And this time he couldn’t control himself. The feel of her inner muscles convulsing in climax mashed his cock flat.

The pressure triggered his own come. He fountained out his precious come, giving the woman the sexiest enema she’d ever gotten. They were locked together, pumping away, hips jerking back and forth and then it was over. All too soon for both of them, but it was over.

Wendy collapsed forward onto Larry’s body, panting and gasping for air. She was feeling totally drained. And Alan stayed upright on his knees, his prick slowly melting like an icicle in the morning sun.

Only Katherine remained ready for more. “Keep eating me out, damn you!” she called to Larry. Her boyfriend’s mouth worked a little faster on her pussy and this momentarily sated her.

He dragged his tongue back along the blue-tinged flaps of her pussy lips until he came to her asshole. For a moment, he hesitated. He didn’t know if she would like this he didn’t know if this was the right thing to do. Then he decided he would try it just this once. His tongue shot out cock-hard and drove directly up and into her asshole.

The reaction was immediate.

Katherine came, her entire body going rigid and then shaking like a leaf in a high wind. She felt the wet spike of his tongue probe far up her shit chute and responded totally. This was something brand new for her. She had been wanting Alan’s cock to butt fuck her. Now she had a wiggly, rough tongue to do it.

She gasped and panted and shoved her hips down, demanding more. She twisted from side to side and felt the tongue working inside her rectum. This was more than she had bargained for when she ordered Larry to eat her out. And it was great!

“More,” she sobbed, tears of joy running down her cheeks. “Give me all you caaaaaan!”

His tongue fucking of her butt was complete. He brought her off again and again. She didn’t know why this should work, but it did and that was all that counted. Her trim young body was wracked by one delicious come after another until she was too weak to continue.

Limply rolling to one side, she laid on the rug and shuddered. Larry slowly rose and turned onto his side to peer at her. He said in a quavering voice, “D-did you l-like it?”

“Like it?” she sighed. “I loved it! And I wish I could take more. But not now. I’m exhausted, drained, totally spent!”

“Me, too,” Larry said, looking at his prick. Then he looked at the others, wrapped in one another’s arms and wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into by coming over this afternoon.


“You may be tired out, but I want more!” declared Wendy. “How about it, Larry? Think I can get you hard and ready to fuck real soon now?”

Her slender fingers worked over the limp sac of his balls and squeezed provocatively. He winced and tried to move away and found he couldn’t do it. He was still entangled in Katherine’s legs. The woman’s fingers stroked all over his balls and he felt himself responding.

Looking down at his cock, he could hardly believe it. It was like a corpse rising up to walk again. He was sure that she had sucked him off and that would be it for the entire day. Not so. His prick stirred, weakly at first, then with growing need.

She lightly drew her fingertips over his shaft and teased it erect. In less than a minute, he had a full fledged hard-on again.

“Wonderful!” she cried. Her lips closed on just the tip and she sucked hard. He closed his eyes and sank back to the rug, his body shaking all over. He shouldn’t be doing this. He couldn’t! It wasn’t right. He had loved it when he and Katherine had fucked outside the window that night after spying on Alan and Wendy.

But this!

It was a Goddamn orgy and he shouldn’t even be here!

“No!” he cried out. “Leave me alone! I don’t want any part of this!”

He struggled to get away from Wendy’s sucking mouth. It was difficult for him. He loved the feel of her hot breath blasting through the tangled mat of his pubic hair. The soft caresses from her tongue really turned him on. And the suction she applied to just the tip of his cock was almost enough to make him come again.

But he had to get out of this den of iniquity!

“What’s wrong, Larry?” asked Katherine. “Isn’t she doing it right? Let me help her!”

Katherine dived down to join her sister. They ended up with his thick, throbbing prick held between both sets of lips. Katherine was on one side of him and Wendy on the other. They kissed passionately, his cock firmly lodged between them. They used their tongues on his prick at the same time and their hands were working all over his naked body. Alan actually cheered them on with his words.

“Go get it! That’s the way to really suck cock! Two of you on the same prick at the same time! I really love it.”

Larry had to leave. He forced them away and grabbed at his clothes. “You people are sick! Goddammit, you are all perverts! Let me out of here. I don’t ever want anything to do with any of you again!”

He ran out, still bare ass naked. Katherine rolled over and looked up into her sister’s eyes. “I think we scared him off. Not many can accept us for what we are.”

Wendy swallowed uncomfortably. She was wondering exactly what they were. She had changed immensely in the last few days. Loosening up had given her more excitement in her sexual life than she had imagined in the whole world. She loved what she and Alan had been doing together. It had been great. And when Katherine seduced her, she wondered how much of that had been her own kinky desire to see what it was like making it with another woman.

Larry’s sudden departure told her that their sexual relationship wasn’t a normal one. It had scared the teenager out of his wits. But she had begun to enjoy the group sex. They were all so loving and caring. She had discovered a thrill one man couldn’t give her.

Sucking cock was nice. Having her ass fucked was nice. Doing both of them at the same time doubled — tripled! — her sexual kick. She had to have more and more thrill or it wasn’t any good any more. She was like a junkie needing a stronger fix each time.

She looked from her husband to her younger sister. They were both turned on by this, too. She wasn’t alone. Yet, was it right?

It felt right. Therefore, it had to be right!

Never had the words “If it feels good, do it” appealed to her more. That had seemed an alien philosophy once. And she remembered vividly what her life had been like in the staid, fuck me in the missionary position days. It had been dull and stifling. She had felt continually cheated with the fucking she got from Alan.

That had changed and she refused to return to it.

“Think you can get it up again, big boy?” she asked Alan. Her eyes were on his prick.

“If both of you suck on my cock like you were doing with Larry, before he left. Dumb shit!”

They didn’t have to be asked twice. In the twinkling of an eye, they were crouching on either side of him, their agile lips caressing the sides of his prick. Wendy shivered at the idea of kissing her sister’s lips with a huge prick keeping them apart. The idea was so kinky it was a turn on. She sucked and licked and felt Katherine’s tender lips working on the other side of the cock.

In nothing flat, they had a monumental hard-on between them. They used their tongues on the sides of the pulsing shaft as well as on each other. Their tongues occasionally slithered over the top of his prick and touched, then raced away to touch underneath his cock.

“Wait, wait!” cried Alan. “This is nice, but who gets to really suck on my cock?” He saw the looks on their faces and knew that they would both feel cheated if he picked the other one. He had a solution to the problem which made his prick jerk even more lustfully. “I’ll fuck you both at the same time.”

“What?” Wendy looked suspicious. “How can you do that?”

“Just follow my instructions and all will come out right in the end, if you get my meaning.”

“Let’s do it, Wendy,” said Katherine. “What have we got to lose?”

“Nothing,” said Alan. “And we all have a lot to gain!”

“Okay. Tell us what to do.”

“Katherine. On your back — where you belong!” He smiled at the dark look she gave him, but, she hastily obeyed. “And get a big pillow under that sweet ass of yours to get your pussy up where I can get at it.” He watched as she did as he ordered. “Now, Wendy, on top of your sister. Do whatever comes naturally and let me do the rest.”

Wendy hesitated, then laid down on top of her sister. Their tits pressed erotically together, the nipples hardening against one another. Wendy felt a little better about this. She still didn’t know what Alan had in mind, and it no longer mattered. She planted her lips firmly against her sister’s and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. As their tongues dueled, she felt Alan’s hands pushing her thighs wide apart.

She allowed him to do whatever he wanted. And then she was glad for it. His prick dragged along her cunt lips for a moment, and then found her pussy. His cock plunged all the way up into her belly. She tensed and then sighed in relief. He was giving her the entire benefit of his prick.

With slow, deliberate motions, he fucked back and forth in her tight, steamy hot cunt. And then he was gone. For a moment, Wendy didn’t know what to do. His leaving made her feel all hollow and aching inside. She wanted to protest but found Katherine’s pulling her down frantically and kissing with all the pent-up emotions in her young body.

Wendy knew then what was happening. Alan was giving her a few strokes and then moving down to her sister’s pussy and fucking her a few times. If that was his pattern, he would soon be back to her cunt.

And he was. She shuddered under the impact of his mighty pillar of manmeat. He fucked faster this time. Her own kissing became more insistent. She had to have a full measure of stimulation. What she and Katherine did to each other added to the delight of this fucking. They were literally sharing his prick — and she found herself getting hotter just thinking about that.

Wendy had changed immensely over the past week. She had been awakened to a brand new world of her own senses. Sex had become a drag for her. Now it was something that got her hot just thinking about the infinite variations on the singe act. Stuffing a cock into a cunt could be boring — if it was always done the same way. She was finding out just how many different ways the sex act could be done.

And she loved the anticipation. This dual fucking had turned her on in a big way. She was sharing with her sister and they were both benefiting. All three of them were. As she gasped and hurtled toward orgasm, she realized she was experiencing what all too few in the world do.

Complete and total ecstasy.

She had missed it for too long. She had to make up for lost time. And she did. All three of them did!

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