Joyce’s Day – Piercing The Veil

Joyce was eighteen years old, unmarried, progressive in her views, and
definitely in control of her life. She was street smart, being raised
in Miami, and at the same time naive in the ways of a woman. Which
when meeting Joyce, displayed her freshness and spontaneity, in a
natural, unclouded and honest manner. When Joyce flirted with someone
it was not a sexual advance, but rather a straightforward attempt for
friendship. Joyce was five feet six inches tall, with long golden
blond hair, the consistency of unripe corn husk hair. She was slender,
weighing in at an even one hundred and ten pounds, and her legs were
long and well proportioned. Although her breasts were small, they were
firm and uplifted, with large enough nipple length to show through
shirts and dresses when not wearing a bra. Most of the time Joyce wore
tight fitting jeans, and when walking down a street, invariably men
would turn to appreciate the symmetry of motion from the opposite
side. In all Joyce had the kind of shape that many women worked hard
to achieve and maintain, but which was natural for her. Her face was
delicate and pretty, with thin lips, and a thin nose.

Living in the city, Joyce stayed close to a select group of friends,
not often straying from the protective shell that formed around them.
They were a mixed group and they often partied together to share
lifestyles, involving drugs, liquor, and sex. Without fully realizing
it, they placed a safety net around themselves, by their close
association, that protected them from the intercessions of outsiders.
Their parties never got too out of control, their use of drugs and
liquor remained modest, and their friendship remained the strongest
bond. Occasional sex within the group seemed natural and safe, and
involvement’s rarely progressed to love between members, as if the
code of friendship was the strongest bond shared. Dating outside the
group was rare because outsiders found it difficult to penetrate the
protective walls that surrounded all of them. It was simply easier to
function within the confines of the group, than to stray outside in a
world that seemed alien to them. Within this circle of friends
another woman became her closest companion, and the two of them shared
their free hours together almost like sisters. They became inseparable
and in essence formed a separate bonded group within the main group
itself. To reach them an outsider would first have to penetrate the
boundaries of the main cadre and then scale the walls of friendship
between Joyce and her companion. For this reason Joyce did not make
new acquaintances easily, and there seemed no real reason to do so.

On one rare occasion in November, Joyce and Val decided to accept an
invitation to a party. The event was going to take place at a friend
of Val’s home and Joyce would know few if any of the people attending.
This was somewhat of a concern to Joyce, because they would leave the
confines of their world and enter another. Val reassured her close
friend that everything would be fine, and after all, they would both
be together. Joyce accepted the logic and they made plans to attend
the party, on the approaching weekend.

Chapter 2. The party.

Val was very excited about the weekend planned festivities and passed
her jubilance to Joyce like a contagious cold. Both girls talked of
what outfits they would wear to the party, but the main conversation
always came back to the fabulous pot that would be available. Val’s
distant friend John was to be at the party and he had promised to
bring an ounce of the best Colombian grown marijuana available. Val
and Joyce would split the purchase of the marijuana. It would be
enough to keep them happy for several weeks, if it was as good as John
claimed it was. So the party was much more than asocial event for both
of them, and the plan was to show up, talk to some of guests, and
finally link up with John. As soon as the exchange was made, they
planned to slip away from the party, so as not to be tempted in
sharing their booty with the rest of the crowd. An ounce of good pot
would go a long way for two people, but at a party it would be
difficult to control it’s usage.

Friday finally arrived and both Val and Joyce spent the afternoon
primping their hair, trying on different outfits, finally showering
and making up their faces. With one hour to go before heading to the
party, Val became violently sick. It started by sessions of throwing
up and followed with a violent attack of diarrhea. Joyce did the best
to help her friend, but really there was not much she could do, but
watch. When Joyce announced that it might be wiser if both of them
stayed at home for the evening, Val insisted that she still go to the
party. Val would stay home and go to bed, but Joyce must go as planned
and link up with John. Joyce really didn’t want to leave Val, but
understood the urgency of meeting John, and really what would be
accomplished by staying at home while Val was in bed. Joyce would go
only for the exchange and then come straight home. It probably
wouldn’t take more than an hour and they did need more pot right now.
Joyce finished dressing, deciding at the last moment to wear tight
hip-hugger jeans, and a short button down shirt, with no bra. It was a
simple looking outfit that was in style at the time, so she would fit
right in without drawing too much attention to herself. Joyce very
seldom wore lipstick, but decided to put some on tonight. Good enough,
she thought.

Joyce arrived at the home and was surprised to see how many cars were
already there. She had to park more than a block away. When she
arrived at the front door, it was open and she could see many people
inside standing, some dancing, and a few sitting in the many chairs
and sofas spread around the room. She hesitated before going in
because she didn’t like crowded places. Taking a deep breadth she
entered the room and walked over to a group of people in the corner,
just standing and talking. She approached a young woman with friendly
eyes and introduced herself as Val’s friend. The woman’s name was
Cindy and she said she knew Val vaguely, having met her once at
another friends home. Joyce told Cindy of Val’s sickness and explained
that she was supposed to meet with John, a good friend of Val’s. Cindy
wasn’t sure which John that might be, because she knew of two that
might show up for this party. At that moment a handsome, smooth faced
Latino walked over and introduced himself as Richard. He looked right
at Joyce and told her she was a good looking chick. Joyce flushed, but
said thank you and replied by saying that Richard was the good looking
one. Richard took Joyce’s hand and pulled her to the center of the
room where several people were dancing to a moderately fast rock song.
They faced each other and joined in the dance, making small talk as
they moved around the room. Richard said he knew a John and would take
her to him as soon as he arrived and that he would take care of her
until then. Joyce wasn’t sure she needed being taken care of by
anyone. She just wanted to meet up with John and finish her business.
Richard was nice though, but somewhat pushy and she didn’t know anyone
else in the room. She didn’t say anything and decided she would play
along with the situation. Another song started with little pause, and
Richard continued dancing and talking. He asked Joyce if she was
involved with anyone right now, and to Joyce’s surprise she heard
herself say no. She didn’t know why she set herself up, but it was
done and she was really starting to like Richard. He was extremely
good looking with an almost hairless face. He stood about five foot
eleven and appeared to be well muscled in the chest and legs. Richard
talked with confidence and directness. His forceful dialogue was
tempered by a warm sincere smile. The small talk continued and soon
the discussion turned to marijuana. Joyce readily admitted that she
occasionally smoked pot and thought that it should be legalized.
Richard asked if she would like some right then and Joyce said yes.
The Latino took Joyce’s hand and led her to a semi-private area off
the main room, where other people were openly smoking joints. Richard
reached into his front pocket and pulled out a slimly rolled joint. He
lit one end and drew in a large amount of smoke before passing it on
to Joyce. They finished about half of the joint before admitting they
both had enough. It left them feeling light headed and full of
laughter. The music was still loud in this room and Richard starting
dancing again, inviting Joyce to join him by outstretching his arms in
a gesture of beckoning. They danced for what seemed a long time to
fast rock music. Finally the tempo of music changed and a slow dancing
love song came wailing from the living room stereo. Richard took Joyce
in his arms and moved his body in closely and was rewarded by her lack
of resistance and return of arms to his shoulder and waist. They moved
slowly in time to the gentle music, feeling a part of it from the
induced high of the marijuana. Joyce felt comfortable in Richard’s
arms and felt the extent of his muscular chest through her shirt to
her uplifted bare breasts. She could also feel a large bulge in his
pants rubbing up against her lower stomach which stirred feeling from
deep inside. When the dance ended Richard kissed Joyce tenderly on the
neck before stepping away from her. Things were moving too quickly and
Joyce was relieved when Cindy came over and told them John was here
and was expecting Val. They followed Cindy back into the living room
and to a sofa where a bearded black haired man with a long ponytail
sat. Sitting next to him on the right was a beautiful woman, with
enormous breasts which were in full view as if trying to come out of
the front of her dress. Cindy said this was John. John motioned for
Joyce to sit on his free side on the sofa. Richard understood the need
for privacy and excused himself for a while, and left with Cindy.
Joyce told John she was a friend of Val’s and explained what had
happened to her. It was apparent that John was somewhat suspicious and
the conversation drifted into many areas before there was a twinkle in
his eye of acceptance. John told Joyce that they should go outside to
his car for the exchange, because crowded places made him nervous.
They left with the buxom laden woman sitting on the sofa and walked to
Johns car. Until he stood up Joyce didn’t realize how tall John was,
but when standing next to him she realized he must have been at least
six and a half feet tall. He had a strong build and extremely large
arms. Joyce thought that this was a man who would be good in a fight
and felt no fear once outside and in the dark. When they arrived at
John’s car he motioned for her to get in and almost in the same
movement followed her. John reached under the front seat and pulled
out a small leather zippered pouch. When he unzipped the pouch it was
full of one ounce baggies of marijuana. He offered her to select one
and quickly zipped the bag shut and put the pouch back under the seat.
Joyce removed the pre-counted money from her from pocket and handed it
to John. Without counting the bills he stuffed the money into his
shirt pocket. John removed a large rolled joint from the same pocket
and told Joyce that she must try some to understand the true quality
of what he had just given her. Joyce was already high from Richard’s
joint, but didn’t want to offend this big man sitting next to her.
Joyce took the joint and lit the end, inhaling deeply and handed it
back to John. She immediately felt the effects and was shocked at how
fast it sent her head reeling. John handed back the joint and again
she took a large draw from it. After several more hits, Joyce realized
she was higher than she had ever been before, and was not fully
cognoscente of all her actions. Her speech felt slurred and she could
not focus on anything for more than an instant. At times she had no
idea of where she was or what John might be saying. She thought she
heard John say something about going for a ride, but she wasn’t sure,
but did feel the car start up and begin to move. It did not frighten
her because she was enjoying the strangeness of this incredible high
she was on. She had been high many times before and this was not much
different in feeling, except for it’s intensity. John moved the car
away from the curb and started past the house.

Chapter 3. The Ride.

While John was driving past the house, someone came running up to the
car and motioned for it to stop. It was Richard and he immediately
asked Joyce why she was leaving the party. Joyce said that they were
just going for a ride to wear off the effects of the pot they had just
finished. John asked Richard if he was Joyce’s friend and why not come
along. Without answering Richard ran around to the passenger side of
the car and jumped in, while Joyce scooted over against John. The car
quickly sped off and Joyce, in moments of clarity, wondered what she
was doing in a car driving somewhere with two strange men. The high
answered her quickly that it didn’t matter the way she was feeling if
they cut her head off, so quit worrying and have fun. She agreed. A
joint was passed around again and Joyce went deeper and deeper into
oblivion. She felt Richard’s arm go around her shoulders and felt
comfort in his closeness and strength. Without realizing it she placed
her hand on Richard’s leg and was rewarded with a squeeze from his
hand on her shoulder. Her other hand involuntarily found John’s leg
and both hands gently stroked the men’s legs. There was a almost
spiritual closeness inside her and she couldn’t distinguish her
feeling between the two men. John had stopped the car at a corner and
without warning turned and kissed Joyce tenderly on the lips. Before
it even registered with her the kiss was gone and the car proceeded
into the street. Richard must have been terribly surprised at this
event, but never showed any emotion or concern. They continued in
silence, Joyce drifting in and out of reality, caressing each man’s
leg tenderly. There was no sexual connotation in anything that was
happening, but all of them seemed to be enjoying each others company
and the remarkable high the marijuana caused. Joyce had no idea how
long they rode around like this, listening to music on the radio,
occasionally being gently kissed again by John and then Richard.
Another joint was passed around and the euphoric high they were on
reestablished itself but in a more aggressive nature. They started
singing, and became more animate with arm waving and gesturing. They
were laughing now at almost everything they saw and the gentle kisses
and touch’s were becoming more insistent. Richard turned and kissed
Joyce, probing with his tongue, and she returned to him with the touch
of her tongue, tracing their tips together. Richard’s free hand
expertly squeezed one of Joyce’s breasts, and then retreated. John
responded in like manner and the game started. Both men were testing
Joyce and her resolve for things to come. They proceeded slowly, not
wanting to scare her, but urgently enough to relay their intent. Joyce
showed no disinterest, but did not initiate any advances, relying on
Richard and John to make the proper moves. This petting game went on
for some time, with both men sharing their affections equally on the
receptive yet subdued Joyce, never crossing the boundaries of
complete seduction. It remained to be seen, how was the crossing
point of affection would lead to the penetration and acceptance of
total submission.

Chapter 4. The veil is lifted

Without word from either John or Richard, the car pulled into a first
class motel. Both men left Joyce sitting in the car while they went to
the motel office. Joyce was given the opportunity to leave at this
point, but she remained sitting in the middle of the front seat,
listening to music, as if nothing significant was going to happen to
any of them. She never asked why the car was pulling into a motel, nor
what was the men’s intent. She blindly trusted Richard and John and
instinctively knew they would not harm her. She was wet between her
legs already. Their kisses and gentle breast squeezes had their
intended affect. Joyce was ready to be doubly seduced. Both men came
back to the car and proceeded to drive to a parking space around the
back side of the motel. Richard got out and opened the room door and
went inside. John beckoned for Joyce to get out of the car, and she
did stumbling as she slid out. John pulled Joyce to him and easily
picked her up in his arms, carrying her into the motel room. Joyce put
her arms around John’s neck and nested her head on his shoulder. Once
inside Richard closed the door and walked to where John was standing,
still holding Joyce in his arms. With John cradling Joyce, Richard
kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue deeper into her mouth. Joyce
closed her mouth about his tongue, and when it was withdrawn, pushed
hers into Richard’s mouth. Richard’s hands caressed Joyce’s breasts,
bringing her nipples erect, and wanting to be freed from the shirt.
The kiss ended and John moved to sit on a soft sofa chair with Joyce
still in his arms, again resting her head in the crook of his neck.
John turned his head and drew Joyce’s mouth to his and much as
Richard’s kiss, explored the opened mouth with his tongue. Richard
knelt in front of the chair and delicately unbuttoned Joyce’s shirt
and parted each side revealing two slightly swollen breasts, with
protruding nipples. He moved forward to place a nipple in his mouth
and gently sucked more of the breast in. Joyce still in a passionate
kissing embrace arched her back to Richard’s suckling, and
involuntarily parted her legs. Richard’s hand found her wet crotch and
rubbed through the jeans, while rolling his tongue on an extended
nipple. Johns hand found Joyce’s free breast and cupped the mount with
gentle pressure. Joyce’s hips began to slowly and rhythmically move up
and down, inviting Richard’s hand to further stimulate. Joyce let one
free arm and hand reach to Richard’s crotch to find a hard fully
extended member, wanting to be freed from confining pants. Richard
withdrew his mouth from her breast and stood up to take his cloths
off. Joyce turned in John’s arms and straddled his waist with her open
legs to a height that put her breasts close to his mouth. She moved
her chest inward, cupping and squeezing the unsucked breast to a
point, and placed it in John’s open mouth. She groaned when more than
half her breast was pulled in and wetly sucked. John who was now naked
kissed and massaged Joyce’s back and carefully pulled off the opened
shirt. Richard reached around to squeeze on the untended breast
soliciting pumping motions from her loins against John’s waist. Joyce
disengaged herself from the men and moved off the chair. She gently
pushed Richard back to the floor on his back and kissed him hard on
the mouth. Her hand found his hard erect member and stroked it slowly.
Joyce knew the men needed to ejaculate quickly so her subsequent
seduction would not be so urgent. They could take their time with her
and their anticipated vaginal penetrations would last longer. She
almost had an orgasm thinking of the way these two men were going to
violate her still juvenile body. Joyce wanted to feel the hard prick
she now held slide past her wet vaginal lips and bury itself deeply
inside her. She shuttered. Joyce stopped kissing Richard, who was now
breathing very heavily and started moving down his chest with her
mouth and tongue. She rubbed the excess lubricant that continued to
ooze from the penis, around the gland head, making him stiffen with
pleasure. She kissed and licked his nipples, on an almost hairless
chest, continuing to stroke and rub his erection. John had undressed
and was rubbing Joyce’s back and feeling between parted legs the wet
pants in the crotch. Joyce moved her mouth to Richard’s stomach and
found the tip of his extended penis with her tongue. She licked off
the copious sticky lubricant and drew in the head to her opened mouth.
Richard groaned and Joyce drew him in further, now moving her mouth up
and down his shaft. John fondled her breasts, rubbed her buttocks, and
watched as Richard began to arch his back and release his spent up sex
into Joyce’s mouth. She continued to suck on him and swallow the
ejaculate until he relaxed and no more spasms were felt in the still
erect penis. Joyce quickly turned and now pushed John to his back. She
now eagerly kissed him on the mouth while finding his erect member
with her hand. She was eager now to be the center of their attentions,
to let herself be taken in any way they wanted. She began stroking the
engorged penis, and was astonished at it’s size. John’s penis would
not permit Joyce’s hand to fully encompass the shaft, and it’s head
was bulbous and fat. Joyce let John explore her opened mouth with his
tongue. Some of Richard’s spent ejaculation was still not fully
swallowed and John’s tongue was finding it. Richard now began to
cautiously unbutton Joyce’s pants, to expose her wet groin. Slowly
Joyce moved her mouth down John’s hairy body to the enormous engorged
penis that waited for her. She easily found it’s bulbous tip and with
some effort and licking managed to get it in her mouth. Richard was
gently tugging on the hot-pants and pulling them away. It wasn’t long
before the giant penis erupted in Joyce’s mouth, with a volume of
sticky hot juice equaling it’s size. It was all Joyce could do to
swallow fast enough before a fresh shooting load would fill her mouth
again. Her pants were off now and she was completely naked and exposed
to the men. Her legs were already wet with the fluids leaking from her
parted vagina. She was open like the pedals of a flower inviting any
stiff erect member to penetrate her. She stood up and was panting with
excitement as she watched the men look at her with unbridled lust. Her
legs parted for them to get a better look at her wet vagina, inviting
them to partake of it fragrance. Her hand reached down to feel the
wetness between her legs, and with Richard and John looking she slid
her finger deep within the opening, relaying to them the need to take
her now. Her dominance while making both men ejaculate into her mouth,
now turned to total submission, and she squatted down on her inserted
finger. Richard and John both exhaled heavily as both realized the
passion and need Joyce was openly showing them. Richard lifted Joyce
in his arms and carried her to the bed. John pulled back the covers
and she was delicately laid on the fresh clean sheets. The two men
would take the submissive Joyce, now.