This Family Does It

“Ohh — oh, you bastard!” Sharon Brant gasped, her gasp turning into a groan as she spread her slender legs wide open to expose the pink, blonde fleeced flower of her sopping cunt. “You know I can”t stand it when you”re like this! Why… why can”t you be a nice normal husband for once and do it the way it”s supposed to be done?”

“Because that would be too easy,” Ted chuckled back, standing nude at the foot of the bed as her lust-filled gaze fastened on his wagging nine-inch prick, its hard veined length bobbing up and down like a thick branch in a stiff breeze. “I want you good and horny first, the way we both like it best. And that”s why you”re going to do exactly what I say, Share. Now, spread your pussylips open real wide so I can see right up that hungry cunt of yours. Maybe then I”ll fill it with a little of this.”

He dropped a hand to enfold into a tantalizing fist wound his huge bloated cock, and Sharon groaned again. She knew her husband loved teasing her, enjoyed getting her furnace-hot before he finally fucked her with that big expert prick of his. And at the moment she was too horny to object. With nothing but a long hard day of cooking and cleaning and laundry ahead of her, another whole day of just waiting for Ted to get home from work to soothe the ache that was bound to swell in her cunt the way it did every day, she couldn”t pass up the chance to get a little fucking right now.

“Damn you!” She glared in mock anger up at his knowing smile, her hands sliding down her trim stomach and between creamy parted thighs straight into her blonde matted thatch of pussyfur. “Damn you, you know what I want! Don”t make me — ahhh!”

Her fingers slid across the wet, pink trench of her pussy and that first intimate touch was like an electric jolt that sent out a horny flood of her juices. Almost as if those fingers belonged to somebody else they dipped down to her puffed gold-trimmed cuntlips and pried them open.

Sharon had a naturally tight pussy mouth, and her cuntlips parted with a wet sucking sound. Cream poured from her exposed cunt, bubbling up from its velvety depths like the hot steamy outflow of a fountain. In the three months of her marriage, the twenty-four-year-old bride was constantly horny and this morning she was hornier than usual.

Her fingers pulled both her taut pussylips wide, baring the hot pink hole of her cunt to his gaze.

“Is… unnnh, is this what you want?” She tried to sound disapproving, but her voice was a husky give-away.

“Yeah, that”s it.” Ted nodded, his response a slightly harsh grunt as he gave his soaring cock a squeeze at the sight of his wife”s scrumptious tight pussy. “Jesus, you really wake up hot, don”t you. I”ll never get over that clit of yours — Christ, it sticks out like a little hard-on all its own! Why don”t you massage that fat little hard-on for me, babe, while I do the same with my big one…”

His fist began to move, riding up and down his bloated cockshaft with measured, taunting strokes.

It was true that Sharon had an oversized clit. It had always been larger than those of any of her girlfriends, standing out at least an inch long from its hooded cleft and swollen up finger-thick. At one time she”d been embarrassed about her clit — it had seemed like having too much of a good thing. But then she”d met Ted, and he”d quickly shown her the fun an oversized clit could bring. He showed her how it could be sucked and teased and nibbled, how it could be worked into such a frenzy that even the slightest touch brought her to peaks of orgasm like nothing she”d ever known before.

And then, adding some spice to their newly married life, he”d shown her how to bring on those peaks all by herself.

That”s what she did now, bringing a thumb up to that stiff, juice-drenched bud and gliding it across her clit in a slow torturous fuck that made her ache.


Already hotter than a firecracker, she exploded with greasy cream, at that loving caress. Her thumb flicked again, and her resilient, inch-long clit popped erect, quivering in reaction. Her slightly glazed eyes watched Ted”s fist slide back and forth along his meaty prick as she began to blatantly finger herself, giving him all the show he wanted and more.

“Ahhhhh — ahhmmff… is this… uhhh… better?”

“Yeah. That”s it. Lots better, babe,” Ted agreed completely as his wife massaged her enormous clit with growing openness, making sure he saw every twang of her clit and every motion of her thumb.

To be absolutely honest, Sharon didn”t really hate displaying herself nearly as much as she pretended, and Ted knew it. Secretly she had to admit that she enjoyed being watched, though it was hardly the sort of thing a nice shy young woman went around bragging about. She liked to be admired and teased, tormented by Ted”s hovering cock with its huge inflated head lurching from his fist and glistening at its tip with a wet droplet of promising cum. She liked the way his dangling balls jiggled with every hand motion, bobbling like a pair of eggs in their hairy sack and filled with the goodness she ached to have.

And she especially liked the look of lust that spread over her husband”s handsome face as he watched each movement, turning her on even more.

“I… I hope this — uhhh! — this is satisfying you!” she gasped with malicious pleasure, thoroughly enjoying her cunt-massage. “You, can just stand there and… ahhhh… watch all you want — uhhh — because I”m going to have fun without you! Ahhh! Annnh!”

She gave a little cry, surging up as the first delicious spasms of climax ripped from her greased cherry-like clit.

That was all the torture Sharon could stand. Suddenly the fingers holding her pussy open shifted, and two of them went deep up her tight slushy pussy.


She bucked on the bed, plunging her fingers in and out furiously as the first tides of orgasm swept through her pussy in fresh floods of hot oozing cream. Dimly she knew that Ted was taking the whole scene in with a grin — he liked seeing his innocent young wife so horny she couldn”t help finger-fucking herself right in front of him.

But at the same time, she had to admit that Ted knew things about her she”d never suspected. Who would”ve thought that she could masturbate the way she was doing now, openly soothing her hungry young cunt with her fingers while he looked on?

And Sharon was enjoying it, no doubt about that. Her firm, taut ass lurched off the bed, frantically stuffing her fingers in her cunt as explosions of release came.


“Jesus!” Ted barked, grinning from ear to ear with a lustful expression as she flailed on the bed in oblivious rapture, pumping her fingers in and out with furious abandon and smashing the heel of her hand against her rigid oversized clit. “Do it, babe! Fuck that little pussy of yours nice and hard, loosen it up real good for me, and maybe I”ll fill it with something even nicer. Yeah, yeah!”

Vaguely she knew that he was enjoying her show almost as much as she was, and that fact only made her come all, the harder. She hunched up in a blatant fury, legs spread wide and ass undulating off the bed as her fingers plunged in and out with a cock-like pistoning intensity, splitting her tight pussylips open and sinking deeper than ever as she soared to climax.

“Do it, baby.” Ted”s voice was a hoarse grunt as he watched gleefully, pumping on his rigid cock faster as he watched his wife finger-fuck herself into a haze of pure sensation. “Come for me, babe. Come real hard, just like it”s my pecker pounding into that tight, sweet cunt of yours. Let”s see you really go at it, show me just what you can do. And maybe then I”ll give you a taste of the real thing…”

His words were meant to urge her on, but by this time Sharon didn”t need any urging. With two fingers stabbing up her cunthole and the heel of her hand wildly gyrating against her big sensitive clit, she was beyond hearing anything. The mere wavering sight of Ted”s beautiful, tantalizing cock was enough to have her bouncing up in a fantastic climax, fucking herself furiously now.

“Aaah — aaannnggghhh!”

She let out a wail as a fresh orgasm ripped through her seething pussy. Her fingers shoved in and out as she surged uninhibited before her husband”s gaze, coming in a chain of explosions that wrenched her body off the bed in a bunching frenzy.



Ted stood gasping, his cock spasming in hit fat as he watched his bride masturbate herself into a peak of ecstasy that left her limp and drained, slumping at last with a purring sigh of satiation.

That spectacle was more than he could stand. Even as Sharon”s soaked fingers slid out to knead the last tingles of pleasure from her sopping cuntflesh he found himself hastily clambering onto the bed between her limp, out flung legs, unable to endure the ache in his balls another moment.

“Jesus Christ, babe, that was something else! And now it”s time to get your reward — oh shit, if I don”t slip into that luscious little pussy of yours in about two seconds I”m going to blast my load all over this bedroom!”

Still gasping for breath, Sharon had to let out a panting laugh at the tortured expression on his face. She plucked her sopping fingers free so that he could see her cuntlips glide over them like a hungry, sucking mouth.

“Then — ahhhh — then what”re you waiting on, honey? We can”t have you flooding the bedroom, can we? Now get that horny big prick of yours over here, where it can do some good! Put it in me, lover — hurry!”

Pulling her taut cuntlips apart once more, she smiled with satisfaction as Ted leaped onto the bed, going straight for her open, sopping pussy.

Lunging forward, he sprawled atop her. His bloated cock speared her cunt without hesitation. Its huge knobbed head shoved between her parted cuntlips, and with one thrusting drive he rammed every one of his nine inches to her.

Sharon let out a delighted cry as her pussy was filled with hard, pulsing cock. Ted”s hairy chest mashed down hard against her big pillowy tits, and his breath came in harsh raspings as he began to piston in and out, fucking her with all the pent-up fury that had built up in his balls.

“Oh Jesus, you sweet little bitch! Take it, take it, baby! Christ, that feels good. Oh fuck…”

His voice turned into a groan as she dug her fingernails into his tightened ass, heaving up to take the full length of his delicious cock and letting out a wail of sheer, blissful rapture.

“Yehhhsss! Yes, baby, stuff it to me! Oh fucking sweetheart, your cock”s killing me! Sweet bastard, get every inch — get it — in — meeee!”

Writhing ecstatically, she pumped herself onto his huge thrusting cock with all the insatiable hunger that Ted had cultivated within her. Shrieking, she flailed on his wonderful, big, loving cock as if it was the last one she would ever have inside her.

“Oh cock, fuck, piss that feels good! Fuck me, damn you! Fuck the shit out of me — more, morrre! Fuck my cunt good! Good! Good!”

Instantly he began to lunge in and out of his wife”s steamy pussy, delighted by her pleading sobs.

“Christ, babe, you seem to get tighter all the time!” His voice was a pleased grunt as Sharon clenched her cunt muscles around his meaty prick, clinging to it with moist, rhythmic suction. “Ahhhh, that”s it! That”s my sweet baby, take my cock up that tight hot pussy of yours and fuck it good for me. Give it a real fucking, yeah, hon, yeah.”

With a deep groaning sigh he slid his aching cock in and out of his young bride”s clutching cuntmouth, shoving it to her with long hard strokes that she hunched up to meet, whimpering with pure ecstasy.

“Yes, yessss! Do it, fuck me right out of my mind! Oh God, baby, I love your cock. I love to feel it sliding into me! More, more! Stuff me with your prick, give it to me hard! Ohhhh, yehhhs! More, Teddy, morrrrre!”

She twisted under him like a flopping fish, her eyes glazed and her face wrenched in an expression of total pleasure as she soared up to greet every down thrust of his body, impaling herself on his prick like some cock-hungry nympho he”d picked up in a bar.

Ted groaned, pumping even faster. Sharon had changed a lot in the past three months — and all for the better, as far as he was concerned. The shy, timid girl he”d married had blossomed into a vivacious, lusty woman. And right now he concentrated fully on giving his woman the fucking she so richly deserved. His cock speared into that wet, tight little pussy of hers, pistoning to her with new urgency as he slammed down, grunting loudly.

“Take it all, babe! Jesus, that”s nice — give me every bit of that sweet fucking pussy… yeah, ahhh…”

He plunged furiously into her, slurping his swollen cock in and out of her cunt with an intensity that made Sharon blast in a spasm of blissful climax.

“I”m coming! Make me come, lover, make me come! Now, oh now! I”m exploding, fuck me, fuck me… fuck… meeeee!”

Shudders of pure enraptured joy rippled through her as Ted pounded his cock home, drilling her to a delicious long-awaited orgasm that had her strumming like a bowstring, her ass bouncing off the bed in wild, frenzied gyrations.

She let out a scream as the first tremors shivered deep inside her.

“Yes, oh you fucking big bastard do it!” Clawing his back and clutching at the taut cheeks of his ass, she careened in utter bliss as the explosion tore throughout her. “Do it, baby, fuck my pussy good! Fuck — fuhhh — fuck me — eeee!”

She shrieked then, surging in the totality of an orgasm that slammed her up onto Ted”s prick with all the force she had.

He groaned loudly, boring into his wife”s cunt with a final lunge that pinned her writhing body to the bed. His pent-up load of jism blasted into her cunthole, spurt after spurt shooting up Sharon”s twitching pussy as she flopped about in luxurious climax.

They clung together, groaning and panting with mutual satisfaction as his cock rippled again and again inside her, pumping its load of jizz deep into her cunt. Sharon wrapped her arms and legs tightly about her husband and hung on for dear life, eager to get every precious drop. She humped onto his meaty, spasming prick with whimpers of pure culmination, soaking up each fresh spurt of cum until her pussy was overflowing with his sweet cock syrup.

If there was anything she loved as much as actually fucking, it was the feel of Ted”s hot, thready jizz sloshing inside her.

“Ohhhh, yeahhsss…” Cooing in the lush, downward spiral of orgasm, she slumped in a happy, sated heap.

“Chriiii… ohhh, Christ!” he managed to pant at last as his softening prick rolled in the squeezing suction of his bride”s cunt until every tiny droplet of cum had been soaked out of him. “Babe, that cunt of yours is enough to make a man old before his time! I feel like I just stuck my cock in a whirlwind!” He chuckled, squirming ecstatically atop her.

Sharon gave him a glowing smile, pleased that for once she”d matched her husband climax for climax. “You… you just wait, Mister! Things are gonna get better and better! Oh God, Teddy, I love you.”

The newlyweds wiggled together like a pair of happy puppies, clinging to each other in mutual amazement at the growing intensity of their fucking.

Three months ago, Ted had been afraid. The thought of marrying a girl ten years younger than he was and so shy she could hardly meet his gaze had made him hesitate. But now he knew without a doubt that their marriage was going to work.

Sharon was coming along just fine. Real fine.

“I love you too, babe.”

They hugged each other tightly, his limp cock still crammed in her heated pussy.

“Let”s do it again.” Sharon”s blue eyes suddenly gleamed brightly and she began to twitch under him. “Fuck me some more, Teddy. And this time — uhhhmmmm — this time you”ll think whirlwind!” Ted grinned.

His cock gave a pleasant nudge in her blonde haloed pussy.

And that was when he noticed the bedroom wall clock, and gave a groan.

“Oh, shit! I”ve got to get to work. You just stay here and go back to sleep, baby. You”re going to need your strength later, when I get home again.”

With that promise and a last light tender kiss he rose, reaching for his clothes.

Sharon gasped in disappointment as his prick slid from her cum-drenched pussy. Sadly, she watched him dress.

At last, straightening his tie and heading for the bedroom door, Ted turned to give her one last lingering stare, wishing he could spend at least another hour in bed with his hot wife.

She stuck out her tongue at him, making a face.

“Ohhh, you bastard! You don”t know what you”re going to miss, sneaking off to work! I… I just may go ahead without you!”

His grin widened. “Just so long as I”m here for the finish, that”s okay. See you tonight, hon.”

He left, smiling from ear to ear.

And Sharon smiled too, feeling his jizz seeping from her cunt. She was happy, truly happy for the first time in her life. Mrs. Ted Brant — it was a perfect name — and a perfect way to start the day. If only it didn”t have to end so on…

“Oh you, just wait until tonight! You”ll get yours!”

Scolding the empty doorway, she reached down to fondle her flooded cunt, still smiling.

It was tingling as furiously as ever, hungry for more.

She sighed.


“Will, would you mind dropping these recipes off at your Uncle Ted”s house on your way to the swimming pool? I was supposed to see that Sharon gets them this morning but it looks like I”m going to be too busy to get around to it.”

Will Brant looked up from his bacon and eggs in time to make a face as his mother set a small piece of notecards on the kitchen table beside him. “Aw, come on, Mom. I”m gonna be late! The guys are practicing their high-dives today, and they”ll start without me!”

Joyce Brant smiled, knowing her son would give in, despite his arguments. “Now, darling, I”m not asking very much, am I? Just drop these off at your uncle”s house — it”s right on the way, isn”t it? Maybe your Aunt Sharon Will bake up some of those cookies you love for our cook-out tonight. Isn”t that worth the effort?”

“Well…” Will hesitated, still not used to his young “Aunt Sharon”. After all, she”d only been married to Uncle Ted three months now, and at twenty-four she hardly seemed much older than Will himself. She certainly didn”t fit the image of an “Aunt Sharon” just yet.

But any further objections were wilted by his mom”s expression, her attractive face both pleading and scolding.

Reluctantly giving in, he shrugged. “Okay. If she needs “em all that bad, I guess I have to. Besides, I was gonna be late getting to the pool anyway.”

Shoveling in a last mouthful of breakfast, he rose and adjusted his swim trunks where they”d ridden up in his crotch. His tan, muscular teenaged body rippled with the smooth suppleness of youth, and he scooped up the recipe cards and headed for the back door.

“Thank you, dear.” His mom caught him on the way, planting a grateful kiss on his forehead. For one instant her big nightgown-clad tits brushed his bare chest, and Will felt a familiar tingling in his balls as be broke away, blushing.

“Well, I gotta go. See you this afternoon, Mom.”

“All right, honey. And have a nice time!”

Will banged out the door and made for his motorcycle, the one he”d bought because he couldn”t yet afford his own car. But, instead of climbing on and taking off, he stood there a long moment, waiting.

Then, when he judged he”d been out of the house long enough, he went back to the door and let himself in, easing it open carefully and then shutting it again behind him.

Just as he re-entered the kitchen he heard the upstairs shower come on.

Listening, Will grinned. He knew what that shower meant. He knew why his mom claimed she was too busy to take those recipes the three short blocks over to her brother”s house. He”d known from the moment she kissed him, when he felt her stiff tautened nipples digging into his chest.

Keeping as quiet as he could, Will crept through the house and up the stairs.

Believing that her son was gone, Joyce had left the bathroom door wide open. Will”s heart was hammering with a mixture of fear and excitement as he tip-toed to the doorway. He could hear his mom humming and splashing under the spray, and his cock gave a little tug of awareness in response. He listened a moment, so afraid of getting caught that he almost turned back.

Then he heard a gasp, and his cock twitched more eagerly.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhmmm…”

Will knew what that gasp meant, as well. He”d heard it once before by accident, when he”d come home unexpectedly and practically walked right into the middle of one of his mom”s “special” showers. That time he”d merely stood at the door, numb with shock and flooded with crazy, sexy images as he heard her groans.

But this time he intended to do more than just listen. This time he intended to find out exactly what was causing those groans. With his determination overcoming his fear, he slowly leaned forward and peeked in.

The sight that met his gaze made him goggle.

Unaware that she was being watched, Joyce Brant stood under the sharp, stinging spray of the shower and luxuriated in its tingling massage. Her long glossy brunette hair swept back across her slender shoulders like a dark wet halo to enhance a sculptured high-cheeked face as she sighed, taking a moment to just stand there and let the water rush over her lush, vibrant body.

Joyce was so horny she wanted to scream. A widow for the past six years, she”d grown used to the aching emptiness of not having a man. But there were times — like this morning — when the ache grew too much to bear. She was a healthy, attractive woman in her mid-thirties with all the normal needs. And what she needed now was a stiff, throbbing cock plunging into her pussy.

But there was no cock available. And that fact only added to Joyce”s loneliness, making her hornier than ever.

“Ummmmmm, yes…”

She let out a purr of pleasure, hefting her oversized tits up to the stinging spray and feeling her large nipples tauten and expand.

Will almost choked when he saw his mom”s big pink nipples spike out into hard, inch-long spires, their finger-thick peaks quivering. His cock twisted painfully in the tight crotch of his trunks, and he gave a small gasp.

Fortunately, she was beyond hearing. Even as he took in the sight of those swollen tips, Joyce slid her thumbs across them. Both nipples popped erect, stiffer than ever, and she groaned.


Her thumbs rolled and flicked over her hard nipples, kneading the twin points of puffed flesh until they ached. Her aroused pussy melted with a gush of heat, and slick wetness ran down between her rounded thighs, dripping into the streaming rivulets of rushing water.

No longer able to hold back, she released herd weighty tits and slipped her hands down to the spongy triangle of soaked brown fur that hid her pussy from view.

Mesmerized, Will watched with feasting eyes. He”d never seen a cunt as bushy as his mom”s, not in any of the pictures the guys at school showed around. His mother”s cunt was a dark, furry thatch, all curled and glistening wet and so thick that he couldn”t even get a glimpse of what hid beneath it. Her fingers slid down across a smooth, tapered stomach and over full, flared hips, converging on that soaked mound. Without considering the possible consequences, he craned forward, feeling his throat constrict with anticipation.

Joyce moaned, creaming furiously as her fingertips plowed into the dank moss of her pussy and dipped along its moist crevice. A tremor surged through her and she groaned.

“Ahhhhh, yes…”

Will stared at the sight of his mom”s fingers rippling through that dark, wet bush of pussyfur, spreading it apart to give him his first fleeting glimpse of pink gleaming cunt. Then her hand clit off that brief look, covering her pussy totally, except for the brown, spongy curls that poked out between her fingers.

Engulfed in her own gushing hungers, Joyce didn”t hear the slight gasp that came from the doorway. Her pussy was bloated and aching for attention, its petite, puffy lips pooching apart like a drooling mouth. She”d gone unsatisfied too long to stop now. Almost of its own accord one finger slipped knuckle-deep into her drenched cunt, and began to slide back and forth in a delightful fucking massage.


She sighed once more, gushing a fresh torrent of cream over her hand. This was the moment Joyce loved best, that first tantalizing instant when her pussylips glided apart to take the initial stab of an urgent probing finger. If it had been an actual cock she would”ve exploded in orgasm right on the spot, but as it was she merely groaned and worked her finger deeper, pushing it far up inside her heated cunthole and moving her hand in a circular motion.

Will”s jaw dropped as his mom”s hand began to knead her pussy, and small, rippling undulations twitched her hips.

“Ohhhh… oh God…”

She panted for breath under the spray, swept up in her own sensations. Her finger eased in and out with slow strokes as water cascaded across her slickened tits and down into her cupped palm, rushing into the juices that poured from her, churning up a froth.

“Ohhhh, yes!”

Abruptly she knew she couldn”t waste another moment.

Suddenly Will saw his mom pull her hand away, and caught sight of one suspicious shining-wet finger. He barely had time to catch a furtive breath as she shut the shower off, then rushed out of the bathroom straight toward him.

It was too late to escape! There was no way to duck out of sight, and with a single frantic burst of pure terror he dove flat against the wall, his heart pounding afresh.

To his total amazement, his mom didn”t even notice him! She hurried past, her firm, glistening asscheeks rolling in a fluid motion as she vanished into her bedroom without a glance in his direction.

For an instant he remained like that, frozen by fear. Then he heard the bedsprings squeak in his mom”s room and her gasping moan, and he knew he was safe.

“Ohhhhh… aaahhh…”

Will couldn”t believe his luck. He hadn”t been seen because his mom”s attention was obviously focused on other things. Now he could slip down the stairs and out the back door and she”d never know that he”d been spying.

Only he didn”t slip away.

He couldn”t, not after the appetizing glimpse he”d just had.

Instead he padded quickly and silently to the bedroom door, and eased forward. His prick bucked wildly at the sight that met his eyes.

Joyce lay sprawled on her big double bed, gleaming wet and arching in spasms of sheer blissful fervor. Her legs were flung wide apart, and both hands had darted to her cunt.

For the first time, Will got the full view of his mom”s dark-furred pussy lurching spread-out before him.

And as if she knew full well that her son was watching, Joyce moved and improve the view even more. The first thing he saw was his mother”s fingers pulling her pink fat cuntlips open like dewy, wet butterfly wings, allowing him to see every slick inch of her gaping, taut-mouthed pussyhole.

His breath rattled in a hiss as he took in that sopping twat, its outer lips drawn apart to expose the pinkest, silkiest cunthole he”d ever imagined. Juices seemed to gush from its depths, and a stiff, fattened hood poked like a nipple from its upper juncture. That was his mother”s clit, and now he could see why the guys at school called it a joy button. It looked like a button, all oily and glistening and just begging to be pressed.

In that single frozen moment he took it all in, imprinting the image of his mom”s pussy in his mind forever.

Then the view was obstructed. Joyce”s hands fluttered together, and before he could even suck in a breath she plunged both forefingers into her cunt and gyrated up, screwing her ass in the air until the fingers vanished completely up her cunt. She groaned deliciously, thumbs rolling with frantic excitement across her rigid clit, and began to hunch up in ecstatic spasms that made her asscheeks quiver. Her fingers slid out wet and slick, then plunged back in. Then again, and again, faster, picking up speed. Her thumbs twiddled her clit and her big tits flopped in a crazy dance as she finger-tucked herself to oblivion.

“Nuuhh — hhhuuuhhn…”

Will”s cock twisted and strummed as he watched, mouth agape. His mom sobbed and bucked on the bed, hunching her ass faster than ever. He stared, aghast and astounded, as her fingers slurped in and out of her cunt with increasing fury.

Suddenly her body arched off the bed like a bow and she screamed.


Climax tore through Joyce in ripples of pure bliss. She hovered there for what seemed like a rapturous eternity, fingers lodged in her pussy as wave after wave of joy washed over her.

Finally, in a haze of release, she slumped back, sated and groaning.

The fingers in her cunt moved leisurely now, soaking up the dregs of the much-needed satisfaction that shot through her in twanging little jolts. Still twitching and gasping from the most furious climax she”d had in weeks, Joyce fingered her pussy and lay still, drifting on tides of delightful relief.

In a surprisingly short time, Will realized that his mother had fallen asleep. Her fingers plopped free at last, and she sighed.

With his pulse racing he waited until her breathing became slow and regular. She was asleep all right, drained and worn out from her unmotherly exhibition.

Then, swallowing hard to get his voice, he spoke in a low, testing tone.

“Mom? You awake?”

Obviously his mother wasn”t. When she didn”t answer, he took a long throaty breath and eased forward.


Will”s ears were ringing with a roar of combined excitement and fear as he entered the bedroom on his toes, ready to pounce for the door if she stirred. It was crazy to be sneaking in here like this, and he knew it. If Mom woke up and caught him… He shuddered, not wanting to think about that.

Drawn by the sight of her voluptuous, nude body, spread out on the big rumpled bed, he slunk in and knelt at its foot, directly between her smooth, tapered legs, intent now on getting his first close, unobstructed look at a real, honest-to-gosh pussy.

Crouching, Will looked. His breath sucked in once more, and a small rasping gasp slid out as he found himself staring straight at what had to be the most beautiful cunt in the world.

“Oh Mom.”

Its pink, petaled lips flared open in the thick, downy nest of her cuntfur, exposing her entire pussy in all its wet, sopping splendor. Even more beautiful close up, it drooled with musky-scented juices that filled the bedroom, making his head swim. He”d never smelled pussy before, and its aroma quickly had his balls itching.

Without thinking, he leaned forward, breathing in that fantastic pussy smell with a deep sigh.


Joyce groaned softly in her sleep, and he froze. As if somehow aware of being admired she twitched slightly, opening her legs even wider. The slick butterfly wings of her cunt flared apart and Will could actually see the moist inner lining of her cunthole as it leaked with juicy satiation, open and inviting.

His cock throbbed like never before. It hurt so bad that with a sudden burst of bravery he reached down and began to work his swim trunks off, eager now to be rid of their painful confines.

The moment his prick slipped free it soared up in the air, veined and thick and bobbing from its base of cock curls with an enthusiasm unlike anything he”d ever felt before.

The trunks fell to the floor and Will stepped out of them. Now he was as nude as his mom, and he prayed she didn”t wake up to find her son standing over her with his cock hanging out like a fence post and his face filled with lust at the spectacle of her bare cunt. A dim part of him knew it was wrong to be spying on her, but he couldn”t help it. Will was too curious to get the hell out of there like he should and too horny not to want a better look. It might be his mother”s cunt he was spying on, but it was a cunt just the same and he wanted to see more.

So why not take advantage of it while he could?

Urged on by that thought, he inched onto the bed between her spread-open legs and began to case toward that gaping slash of wetness as if drawn by a magnet. Almost before he knew it his faced hovered mere inches from that lush, fur trimmed cunt, the musky aroma dizzying him with arousal.

Until a few minutes ago Will wouldn”t have dreamed that his cock would be twanging over his own mother”s sweet-scented pussy. But after watching her finger-fuck herself he was past feeling more than just a twinge of guilt. And even that was swept away when he leaned closer, sniffing the dank fragrance of that luscious pussy and practically drooling.

What he did then came as a complete surprise — even to Will. His tongue flicked out, and its soft, rough length slid along the slippery creased folds of that enticing cunt and tasted the musky juices that filmed it.


Joyce gave an unconscious purr, and before he quite realized what was happening Will was lapping and tonguing her wet pussy with long, hungry slurps, licking up the cream that poured over his tongue as if he”d eaten cunt all his life. His eager probe dipped between her plump pussylips, and its fat tip wormed into her cunthole as if sucked in by a vacuum.

Joyce groaned again, but miraculously didn”t awaken. Instead her body twitched, and her legs drew even wider apart as she squirmed. Cunt juices literally gushed down Will”s throat, and with a gasping groan of his own he shoved his face into his mother”s spongy mound of fur, sliding his tongue in as deep as it would go and thrashing it around. He wanted to taste every bit of pussy he could.

“Uhhh… huhhnnn…”

His mom”s response was an unexpected delight. Her ass arched and undulated upward with grinding little bumps, mashing her cunt against his face. The jutting erect button of her clit jammed hard against his front teeth, and small surging shudders seemed to shoot through her whole body.

“Uhhm… mmuhhm…”

Small, soft whimpers rose from her throat, making Will”s tongue plunge in deep for more. She shuddered in rhythmic humping motions, and before he knew it he was probing in and out with urgent strokes. Shit, he was tongue-fucking his own mom!

And man, was she getting off it on!

As if reading his thoughts in her sleep, Joyce responded. Her hips began to undulate, slowly at first, then faster. Her pussy slapped greedily against his face. Suddenly a tremor began inside her, then erupted with volcanic fury.


She arched up in an abrupt spasm, and shivered. With his head shoved between her thighs and his tongue wiggling wildly in her cunt, Will swallowed again and again as burst after burst of hot, heady cunt cream poured down his throat.

He knew instinctively that she was coming, and that fact made him gobble all the harder. She seemed to hang in mid-air for hours, surging on his tongue. Then, finally, she sank back.

He pulled his face from her thickly fuzzed pussy, gasping for air.

Joyce”s ass continued to gyrate for a moment, then at last settled back down on the bed.

“Oh shit,” Will muttered, licking pussy juice from his lips and gazing insatiably down on her ripe voluptuous body. “Oh man, I can”t stand it. Mom…”

The ache in his cock had grown to a lurching throb that threatened to explode his balls at any moment. The nearness of his mom”s slick, inviting cunt was too good to pass up, and with a courage that surged up from his stiff, sore cock he clambered carefully onto the bed, climbing atop his mother”s sprawled body.

“Oh fucking shit…”

Will”s voice was a hushed grunt as he positioned himself between her legs, his weight resting on knees and hands and his engorged prick nestling its reddened head against her furry cunt. It weaved its way through her thick bush until its tip was gliding against her pussy. It lodged there, caught between the pooched-open lips of her cunt, and as gently as possible he eased forward.


Though still sound asleep, Joyce reacted to the first nudge of her son”s meaty cock with all the need and hunger that had built up within her. She soared up to take it, her full lips parting in a gasp, her body trembling with pent-up desire as her greedy cunt mouth was pried open to receive the very thing she”d wanted so badly all this time.

For an instant there was some resistance, as her long-unused pussy walls were pushed apart. Then, to his astonishment, his cock slipped to its base in his mom”s cunt and her strong slickened muscles clamped around it like a vise.

“Muhhm… uummhh.”

She moaned huskily. He lay there with his prick sheathed in her cunt, breathless at the feel of having his cock buried in a real, snug pussy.

It was almost too good to be true! Even if his mom woke up now he knew he”d gone too far to stop. His load of jizz was boiling up in his balls, eager for release, and nothing on earth was going to halt it now.

“Oh Jeez… fucking shit!”

The words came out in hissing bursts as he began to work his prick in and out, feeling her cunt suck at its thickness and gush in syrupy heat that soaked his balls in its juices. Her big bounteous tits jutted up at his face, their enormous round nipples hard and pink and thrusting up for attention. More than happy to oblige, he took one stiff bud between his lips and started to suck.


“Annh… ahhnnhh.”

Joyce wasn”t aware that she was being fucked by her own son. To her dazed, lust-filled sleeping mind it was all just a delicious dream, a bit more vivid than usual but hardly different from the dreams she”d grown used to over the years. She didn”t know that the sweet dream-cock that was plowing into her was the real thing, and that it belonged to Will. When her hands snaked up to clutch the head fastened to one of her tingling tin it was only a dream reaction. When her legs flopped wide and her ass bounced off the bed, it was merely the culmination of her own hungers.

But Will knew whet was real. He thought his load of cum was going to blast out on the spot as his mom clung to his head, pushing her big tits into his mouth and bunching up on his cock as if it might disappear at any moment. For one horrified instant he thought she”d awakened, but by twisting his head he could see that she was still asleep. Only her body didn”t seem to know that. It rippled under him, her cunt sliding back and forth on his cockshaft and tit, smothering him with urgent need.

He responded naturally, with all the enthusiasm of a horny teenaged boy fucking his very first piece of ass. His cock lunged in and out of his mother”s hot, slurping cunt, his balls slapping against her ass as he sucked and nibbled at the tit in his mouth and fucked her with all the strength his muscular young body could muster.

“Guhhh… ggguuunnnh…”

Joyce”s moans grew louder and she writhed under him in a frenzy that had her cunt gulping up and down on his meat, milking it until his head swam.

It was all he could do to keep from pistoning his prick in and out of that lush, sucking pussy with all his might. It hardly seemed real that his mom could be fucking in this way without even waking up, but he wasn”t about to question his luck.

Instead, he concentrated on sliding his cock in and out of that hot, vise-like cunt with long, effortless strokes, sucking her tit with new eagerness as his balls began to tingle their taut, itchy warning.

He was going to come! Right in his mom”s pussy! He couldn”t have stopped it from happening now even if he”d wanted to. His cock knob was being sucked right into that luxurious brown furred pussy and his balls seemed to boil like a volcano on the brink of eruption. He sucked the swollen nipple in his mouth urgently and the eruption came.



His mother rippled up as if she knew exactly what was happening, and her pussy seemed to greedily snap up the first blast of cock juice that tore into it.


Joyce”s head lolled, and her hot cum-flooded cunt twitched around her son”s cock, sucking it dry. Jet after jet of hot cream soared up her pussy as Will groaned and lurched above her, pumping every last drop of his load into his mom”s seething hot pussy. Her tit flopped from his mouth, wet and rubbery-tipped as he shuddered atop her, coming furiously.

“Oh Mom, Mommm…” He grunted as the last twinges of release were soaked from his prick.

When his cockhead finally slipped from her sopping cunt it was followed by a splatter of hot, steamy jism. He slumped away, gasping for breath.

He”d done it! For the first time in his life, he”d actually fucked a woman”s cunt! So what even if she was his own mom, and so what if she was asleep? It was still the real thing, wasn”t it?

Hell yes it was!

Grinning widely, he crept quietly from the bed and paused one last moment to take in the sight of his mother, his load of jizz seeping from her pink, gaping cunt. A thick, white thready trail of cum oozed along the flared crease of her pussy, little droplets of it hanging like dew in her moist, brown cunt curls. It was a sight Will would never forget, no matter how many girls he fucked.

He hoped that through some miracle she wouldn”t notice the cum all over her cunt. But, oddly, now that it was over he wasn”t nearly as scared. In fact, he felt great. Damned great! He almost laughed, relishing the sheer triumph of his first piece of ass.

Weak and giddy and hardly a bit guilty at all, he turned and silently crept away.



Sharon groaned sleepily and stretched out on her bed in the late-morning sunshine, luxuriating in the feel of Ted”s cum trickling from her cunt. Though he”d left for work almost two hours ago she couldn”t seem to get the vivid memory of his scrumptious pumping cock out of her mind. She”d spent the past two hours alternating between short catnaps and fondling her cunt, keeping that memory fresh and dreading the long day ahead without him.

She gave a husky groan at that thought and reached down with both hands to caress her tender, cream-slickened pussy. God, their fucking got better every time! Ted was loosening up her inhabitation”s more and more every day — each time they fucked she came harder and faster than before, as if he”d opened up a valve deep inside her. She loved nothing more than pounding on his delicious prick and sucking the jizz from his balls until not a drop remained. If he were only here right now for a fresh session!

Sharon almost laughed aloud at her own swelling sensuality. But the laugh came out in a moan as she fingered her drenched pussy, stroking the large nub of her clit and enjoying the unending tingles that shot through her.

Almost before she knew it Sharon had slipped a finger up her greased cunt and was working it in and out, at the same time thumbing her clit to a frothy peak of taut sensitivity. She was so fucking horny! Usually Ted fucked her at least twice, but this morning he”d been in a hurry to get to work. However, her pussy was still churning for more. The presence of her slick, probing fingers made it churn all the harder.

“Annh, yesss!”

Two more fingers joined the first, and flaw all three pumped in and out of her sopping crammed cunthole just the way Ted”s lovely fucking prick would have done if he had been here. At that image, her fingers pumped faster.

“You… you bastard,” she panted sweetly, lurching on the bed and wishing he would walk in and see how hot he made her. “Oh you beautiful big bastard, I can”t stand it! Ahhhhhh! Baby, baby stick it to me, fuck me good, fuck — oh fuck — fuuuuuhhhh!”

It only took a few strokes of her handmade cock to have Sharon”s cunt seething, erupting gushes of mixed cunt juices and cum and drenching her thighs with fresh slickness. Within moments she was reeling in ecstasy, intoxicated by her own uninhibited arousal as her fingers plunged in and out, thumb furiously rubbing her hard, strumming clit.

“Gaaa — aaaah!”

She gave a small wail of climax and bounced in obvious frenzy. Wave after wave of orgasm swept over her, and she writhed in a chain of explosions that seemed to go on forever.


It was only as she collapsed in completion, drained and momentarily satisfied, that she heard the doorbell ringing.

“Ohhhh… oh hell…”

Sliding her fingers free with a reluctant gasp, Sharon returned to reality. The last thing she wanted right now was to get out of bed and answer the door. But the ringing persisted and she gave in.

“Oh, all right… damn it!”

She rose and slipped into a bulky baby-blue robe, not bothering with the confines of clothes. Then, after pausing a moment at the vanity mirror to fix her long, tangled blonde hair, she sighed and made for the front door.

It cracked open just before she reached it and Will pushed his head in. “Aunt Sharon? Hey, anybody ho… oh, hi! Uh, you weren”t busy, were you?”

The shy expression on his youthful face broke through Sharon”s irritation, and she had to smile. “Good morning, Will. And you know I”m never too busy for my favorite nephew! You”re welcome anytime, and you know it! Now, quit peeking in and come on inside. What”ve you been up to lately? You haven”t been over to see us since school ended.”

Grinning with relief, Will stepped in. “Oh, not much. Just the usual stuff.”

Sharon got a moment”s surprise when she saw that her nephew was wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of swim trunks, his tan, muscular body glistening from the exertions of pedaling his bicycle over in the heat. Then she saw the recipe cards he was holding.

“Mom wanted me to drop these off, in case you needed them for the cookout tonight.”

“Why thank you!” She took the cards, beaming at him. “But there was no real hurry. If you were on your way to a swim, these could”ve waited until later.”

“That”s okay.” Will shrugged, blushing slightly. “I missed diving practice anyway. I, uh, guess I didn”t get away from the house soon enough…”

He could feel his face reddening, as if his attractive blonde aunt could tell exactly what had made him so late.

But of course she couldn”t. In fact, Sharon was a bit flushed herself. Turning away quickly so the boy wouldn”t notice, she spoke over her shoulder. “Well, I”m not going to let you go back outside into that heat without at least a glass of orange juice to cool you off! And to tell the truth, I wouldn”t mind a little company. It gets lonely in the house when your Uncle Ted is at work, and I could use someone to talk to — I mean, you have a few minutes, don”t you? If you”re in a hurry to get someplace.”

“Nah, I”m in no hurry.” Will shrugged again, following her toward the kitchen. “I”ve got lots of time now, and orange juice sounds great. Thanks, Aunt Sharon.”

He plopped down at the kitchen table and Sharon hastily went to the refrigerator and poured a tall glass of orange juice, glad for the chance to cool off.

The cold refrigerator air helped a bit, but it was hardly the kind of help she wanted. Damn that Ted!

Sighing an unhappy, unfulfilled sigh, she took her time pouring the juice and then headed back to her guest, nudging the refrigerator door shut. “Here we are, nice and cool and wet, just perfect for a hot morning like this.”

As she bent across his shoulder to set the brimming glass before him, the loose top of her robe gaped open, exposing her creamy tits. They both noticed simultaneously and Sharon heard his hiss of breath as his eyes bulged, taking in the ample swells of her melon-sized tits as they strained against the robe”s loosened flaps.

In that instant something more than mere embarrassment coursed through her. A delicious pang of pleasure had her cunt tingling afresh, and she held that position just a moment longer than necessary.

“Here you are, this ought to cool you off. Is something the matter, Will? You don”t look very well — too much sun?”

“Uh,” Will swallowed hard, unable to hide the furtive expression on his face as he tried not to stare at the two huge, milky tits that bulged from the open front of his new aunt”s robe. “It”s nothing. I, uh, I was just kind of thinking, that”s all.”

Sharon had to hide her smile at his feeble excuse. It was obvious that he”d been thinking, all right — thinking about her exposed tits, unable to take his eyes off of them. And that fact made her pussy cream with a nice, oozing ache. Before her marriage to Ted she would”ve been mortified even at the notion of displaying herself so blatantly, but after three months of discovering the depths of her own sensuality, and after this morning”s activities, she could hardly help but be turned on.

“Are you sure that”s all I can get you?” she went on, pretending not to notice a thing. “You look hungry. How about something to eat? Just a little snack to tide you over?”

If he caught the hidden taunt in her words, he didn”t show it. “Uh — nah, that”s okay Aunt Sharon. I”m fi…”

Neither of them were quite prepared for what happened next. Sharon was so intent in leaning forward, showing off the ample expanse of her bounteous tits to the teenager”s view, that she leaned a bit too far for the robe”s confines. Abruptly the straining thrust of her tits proved too much for the robe, and one rose-tipped tit spilled out as its flap parted suddenly.

“Oh-oh my goodness!”

Her shocked gasp matched Will”s as both of them froze, staring at the bare tit that bobbled into sight. The teenager”s eyes bulged, and instantly Sharon felt a surge of mixed humiliation and arousal sweep through her.


One of her hands darted up in an instinctive attempt to cover the exposed tit, but only made matters worse. The flared pink bud of her nipple slipped and popped out between her fingers, and Will let out a breath.

“Ohhh, shit…” If it was possible, his eyes went even wider.

Despite her embarrassment Will”s reaction had its effect. Covering her tit in a hopeless effort to hide it, Sharon suddenly laughed.

“Oh well,” she said giddily, both sheepish and pleased at his admiration. “I guess there”s nothing to be ashamed of since we”re related now. But you don”t have to stare quite like that — you”re making me feel positively wicked!”

By this time her pussy was juicing up to an incredible itch, and Will”s unblinking gaze tickled it even more. When his voice answered, it was hoarse. “Oh… oh, I”m sorry, Aunt Sharon. I was just… I mean… oh, hell! A guy doesn”t see a girl”s tit popping out at him every day! Especially one as beautiful as that!”

“Why, Will!” Sharon”s blush of embarrassment deepened, but she couldn”t stop a pang of pleasure shooting through her at his praise. The ridiculous image of them both standing there, she holding her naked tit while Will gazed on in rapt fascination, was too comical to take seriously. Her smile widened. “You shouldn”t say things, like that! Honestly, you don”t catch me staring at your tits, do you?”

His face broke into a grin at that. “Aw, come on Aunt Sharon! But — honest, I mean it? That is, I didn”t see much, but I sure saw enough to tell. And I never saw anything like it, either!”

“You really think so?” she asked, pretending perfect innocence as she suddenly let her hand drop, hefting her bare tit up for his examination. “I always thought they were a little too big — even nice things can be overdone! Do you really think I”m… beautiful?”

“Hell yes!” he blurted quickly, afraid that at any moment she might stuff the huge jutting tit back under her robe. “It”s really something else, like… a model, or something!”

His praise made her blush, and the wicked tingling in her pussy grew even more ferocious. With a small, husky laugh she stood there with her bared tit cupped in her hand, letting him look. “Thanks for the compliment, but I”m not so sure I really deserve it. After all, how many women”s tits have you seen, anyway?”

“Well…” Will hesitated, knowing he could admit that the only real tits he”d ever seen had been his own mother”s this morning. “I”ve seen lots of pictures, the kind the guys show around at school. They”re all right, but… oh shit, I never saw any like yours! Man…”

He couldn”t stop gaping at that big gorgeous tit hovering before him, trembling like jelly in the cup of her hand. Its pink areola had to be almost the size of a half-dollar, all bright and shiny and fat, like a huge swirled strawberry atop a mountain of vanilla ice cream, and good enough to eat. His mouth watered, just at the thought.

Thoroughly enjoying his attention, Sharon couldn”t help teasing him even further. “I think you”re just saying that because I”m your cunt, William! After all, I”m not one of those pictures you and your friends ogle at, am I? Do… do you really think I could pose for that type of picture myself?”

With those playful words she struck a taunting pose, thrusting her bared tit out at him as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

Will swallowed hard, staring straight at the stiffened pink nipple that loomed before him. His cock lurched painfully in the confines of his trunks, and it was all he could do to keep from swooping forward and fastening his mouth on that ripe, rigid bud.

“Uhhh… yeah, you sure could. Oh hell yes, Aunt Sharon. With what you”ve got, you could be a centerfold!”

His exuberant response made Sharon”s cunt glow with wicked, juicy heat. This was the very game she enjoyed most, the game Ted had taught her. Only now it wasn”t Ted who gaped before her, but her young nephew Will.

And, with hardly more than a twinge of shame, she was enjoying it to the hilt!

“Well, I wouldn”t go quite that far! Besides, you can hardly judge this way. Maybe… oh, what the hell. You”ve seen so much already, I don”t suppose it would hurt to show you a little more — just to get your professional opinion, of course. Here, let”s find out if you really think I could be a model!”

She shrugged the other shoulder of her robe off quickly, before she could lose her nerve. The garment fell limp to her waist, and Sharon stood with both tits free and bare before him, quivering with her own arousal.

“What do you think?” Her voice was husky with a giddy mixture of embarrassment and horniness as she stood proudly before the open-mouthed teenager, letting him get the full view. “Could I really pose for some of those awful pictures, do you think?”

Will”s prick soared up, tenting his trunks in a way she couldn”t fail to notice. His head bobbed up and down, eyes flitting from one fat, spired nipple to the other.


His dry lips formed a circle with that exclamation, and Sharon felt her glowing nipples expand toward it with a surge of delightful aching hunger.

The game was getting out of hand, but, she couldn”t resist pushing it a bit further. “Of course, I know they show a lot more than women”s titties in those kinds of pictures these days. If I really wanted to be a centerfold, I”d have to show a lot more — maybe a bit of leg to go along with it. What”s your impression of this? Professionally speaking, of course.”

Abruptly she thrust a leg out and pulled the lower flaps of the robe away from it, assuming a sexy pose.

Will”s eyes traveled up his aunt”s bared leg, across her tapered thigh and right up to her hip, where the robe”s loosened belt held it bunched together. His throat constricted. He could see just a hint of her fringed pussy curls, the blonde, spongy fuzz standing out sharply against the baby blue of the robe. His cock soared up throbbing, and he saw his Aunt Sharon”s eyes glitter at him.

By this time it was perfectly obvious that his aunt was enjoying her display every bit as much as he was. Hoping for a chance to see even more, Will cleared his throat and continued their game on a light voice. “Well, that”s okay for starters, but you know how guys are. They want to see all they can get. And the sexier, the better. How about a real sexy pose, Aunt Sharon? Something that”d really make their eyes pop!”

The veiled, hungry expression on his face couldn”t be hidden. Tingling and creaming, Sharon knew she just had to torture her nephew a bit more. God! she thought, smiling inwardly. Ted”s turning me into a regular cock-teaser!

“Well, let”s see…” she hesitated a moment, pretending to think. Then she reached down and unbelted the robe entirely, letting it slide down her legs to a bunched heap. “How”s this for sexy?”

She stood totally nude before him, her glossy blonde carpet of cuntfur shining with dampness as it suddenly slipped into sight.

He gulped, staring down at her lush mound of trim gold pussy hair. “Oh shit…”

Sharon smiled, noting the way the crotch of his trunks strained out more stiffly than ever. “I”ll take that as a compliment, if you don”t mind. What”s the matter, Will? I thought you”d seen everything already in your pictures. Why do you look so surprised now? You weren”t fibbing to me, were you?”

“Unh…” His jaw worked, his voice a hoarse grunt. “No, no, I wasn”t lying. It”s just that — oh shit!”

“Now, about that sexier pose you wanted.”

It was a game she couldn”t stop, not when she saw the look in Will”s eyes. She”d played this game too often for Ted, and she had learned to love it. Her pussy seethed with juicy arousal. And nothing could stop that now.

“Is this more like it?”

Suddenly she scooted up on the kitchen table before him. With Will staring raptly, she leaned back on her elbows and propped her feet on the table”s edge, letting her knees fall wide apart.

He stared straight into his aunt”s splayed open pussy, agog! It was wet and pink and dripping with juices, its fat, slick lips all flared out like a hungry little mouth. They seemed to flare even more as he looked on, and a burst of fresh cream slid forth.

“This… this is more what you had in mind, isn”t it?” A bit breathless at her own blatant display, she enjoyed his open stare with a new tingling in her cunt that rose and swelled within her like the first tremor of an earthquake.

Never in her wildest dreams had Sharon expected to find herself stretched out nude on the kitchen table with her nephew sitting slack-jawed before her, gaping up her cunt.

But now that it was happening she found herself totally caught up, unable to stop. Ted had unleashed the exhibitionist in her, and at the moment his nephew was enjoying the results.

But then, so was she. There was no use denying it — she liked being stared at. And td be stared at by an inexperienced teenaged boy… well, so much the better!

“What”s wrong, Will?” her voice came out teasing, a bit husky. “You”re acting as if you”d never seen a woman like this before! I thought you”d seen thousands!”

“Yuhhh…” His answer came out in a cracked groan, and he had to cough. “Yeah, but those were just pictures! This is… oh, shit! You”re more beautiful than any of them! If-if I ever saw a picture of a pussy like that, I”d split my pants wide open! You look… oh fuck, you look good enough to eat!”

Sharon gushed a fresh burst of pleasure, drenching her cunt with an arousal that no twinges of guilt could override. When she spoke, the words seemed to come out on their own accord.

“Would you like to prove that statement, Will. After all, talk”s cheap — and I”m willing, if you are…”

Hardly able to believe that she was really taunting the poor horny teenager, Sharon reached down and pried her puffed cuntlips apart to make the offer even clearer.

A little burst of pussy drool seeped from her split-open cunt mouth, its fragrant odor floating up to him. He found it just as sweet and enticing as his own mom”s.

That was all Will could take. With a groan deep in his throat he lunged between his aunt”s invitingly opened legs and dove for her blonde-fringed pussy.


Sharon let out a delighted squeal as her nephew”s tongue raced across her frothing pussy, darting along its open lips and lapping up the juices that literally poured from it. Her hands shot down between her spread thighs, fingers tangling in his brown, curly hair and her cunt arching up to meet his face.

She clutched his head and spasmed with wicked pleasure as his mouth fastened to her pussy, his tongue stabbing into her churning cunt and worming deep for a better taste.

He groaned, collecting burst after burst of her hot cunt juice. His tongue plunged frantically into her, and she let out a sigh of pure delight.

“Ohhhhh, oh my God, yes! Yes baby, eat me good and hard! Tongue my pussy, honey! Lick all my cream up — faster oh fasterrr!”

Her taut ass bucked off the table onto his face, her fat clit jabbing hard against his teeth as her pussy juice blasted all over his chin.

Will shoved his wiggling tongue as deep as it would go up that gorgeous cunt, drinking at his aunt”s cunt like it was a frothy fountain of sweetness.

But for a cunt like that, he had better things than a tongue. Suddenly she knew what he really wanted, even more than this. He pulled back abruptly, his face slick with cream and wrenched in a look of sheer lust.

Gasping in disappointment, Sharon slumped. But she wasn”t disappointed long. Will rose, and his trunks bulged with seam-splitting hugeness. Without warning he tore them down, and his cock burst free.

“Oh, yes!” She breathed the words out in shocked fascination as his enormous young cock sprang up stiff and swollen and looming in front of her even bigger than she”d imagined. “Yes, get… get it in me! Get that luscious prick up my cunt before I die! Pleeease!”

Her pussy seemed to wink open and shut, snapping wetly for his dick.

Will grinned. “Oh yeah, Aunt Sharon. I”m gonna do that right now! How”s this?”

He placed his engorged cocktip against her plumped cuntlips, feeling them ease open as if to suck it up. Then, suddenly Sharon arched, and his prickhead slipped into her.


His cock was unbelievably big, almost a match for Ted”s. It shoved her pussy wide open, stretching her cuntlips apart and gliding inch after inch of hard, pulsing cockmeat into her pussy with that first youthful thrust.

And just as suddenly, it wasn”t a game anymore. This wasn”t any little-boy cock jabbing into her, so but a real man”s prick. His cock began to ease in and out, dipping deep into the seething wetness of her juices, and picking up speed.

If there was any doubt left in Sharon”s mind that this was really happening, it was soon pushed out of her by the surging presence of that massive cock. She cried out and hunched up for more, wailing eagerly.

“Oh fuck baby, it”s so fucking big! Fuck me with your big prick, fuck me good! Good, oh honey, yesss!”

Standing at the kitchen table pistoning his cock into his aunt”s hot, sucking cunt, Will watched gleefully as her big tits flopped and bounced in a wild dancing frenzy with his every thrust. Though not quite as big as his mom”s enormous jugs, those pink-nippled mountains looked tastier than ever.

Without missing a stroke with his prick he reached down and caught one taut, strawberry-nipple between his lips, sucking its juicy roundness with loud smacking sounds.

“Uhhh — yesss, yes that”s it!” Arching upward and hunching on his cock with new fury, Sharon shoved her arching nipple to his mouth. “Suck my tit while you fuck me! Give it all to me, baby! Fuck me and suck me like that, oh God I”m coming like crazy! Fuck me, Teddy! Fuck me, fuck me — eee!”

The fact that she wailed out his uncle”s name didn”t bother Will in the least. Just the realization that he was actually fucking his Aunt Sharon”s pussy and sucking an one of her big candy-tits took all his attention. Gulping hungrily at the fat strawberry bud between his lips, he hunched more furiously than before.

His cock slammed in and out of her snug juice streaked cunt, and Sharon shrieked.

“Oh fucking shit, I can”t stand that! You”re fucking the piss right out of me! Do it, damn you — fuck my cunt, lover! Fuck me — suck my tits until I scream! Yes, yesss! Ahhhhh!”

Wailing in rapturous oblivion, she flailed and bounced on the table in a haze of frenzy as the lush, bloated prick pistoned deep inside her. Will groaned and plunged with all his might, clutching her spread-open thighs as his prick slid smoothly in and out with fast, furious stabs.

Suddenly he stiffened. His eyes bulged wide, and a moan tore from his throat as he lunged his cock home, burying it to its base up her cunt.


A thick jet of cock-cream spurted up her cunt and she soared into an arch to take it, sobbing out loud.


A second blast quickly followed, and then a third. His cock rippled inside her, driving into her again and again as its hot loads of cream were sucked hungrily into her clutching pussy.

Not counting this morning”s experience with his sleeping mother, this was the first time in his life that Will unloaded his cum inside a woman. Sharon”s pussy squeezed down hard on his spasming cockmeat, milking it for every drop as he grunted and twitched and shivered with blast after unbelievable, blast, each one being sopped up by her thrashing cunt.

It seemed to go on and on, until his balls were drained and even after.

It wasn”t until he broke away reeling and gasping, his cock plopping from her cunt with a wet slurp, that she sank back with a blissful sigh and lolled there twitching and sated, her eyes glazed.

“Ohhhh, Teddy…”

A smile twitched at Will”s lips. Oh man, she thought she was fucking his uncle! What was she going to do when she snapped out of it and saw him standing there with a silly look on his face?

Suddenly a little scared by what he”d just done, he hitched up his trunks and headed for the back door. Before he”d gone two steps his Aunt Sharon”s voice caught him, rising in a husky whisper behind him.

“Does… does that satisfy your curiosity, Will?”

Startled, Will turned and looked at her.

Sharon smiled dazedly, soothing her nephew”s fear.

“Oh shit, yeah!” He didn”t even have to think about his answer. Then he frowned a bit, and hurried on. “How about you, Aunt Sharon?”

Sharon”s smile widened. “Uhhhmmm, yehhhsss…” Hardly aware of what she was doing, she reached down to cup her cum-bloated cunt, feeling it leak between her fingers.

Astonished by that sight, Will grinned from ear to ear. “Oh, man! See you later, Aunt Sharon. And I sure will, too!”

He didn”t honestly know if she heard him or not. Still rubbing her pussy, she let out a small “Huhhhmmm…”

With that hearty promise he turned and headed for his motorcycle, leaving his aunt stretched out on her kitchen table. Man, what a day this had turned out to be!


“Okay everybody, steaks are on!”

Ted forked the last T-bone off the grill and headed for the picnic table where the two women and Will were already seated and waiting. With a flourish he set the platter of steaks down and stood back, beaming.

“Well now, what”re you waiting for? Dig in, folks!”

They did, laughing and chatting as dusk settled in about them.

Will always enjoyed their family cookouts. And Aunt Sharon”s presence made this one even nicer.

Though she”d carefully avoided his gaze ever since her arrival, it was obvious what she was thinking. Her face had been flushed all evening, and as he watched her cheeks seemed to redden even more.

She was, remembering this afternoon, just like he was.

“Come on, Will, what”s holding you back? Eat!” Uncle Ted”s command was a muffled chuckle, and Will obeyed with a grin.

But for Sharon, the dinner was less enjoyable.

She”d been dreading it, dreading, having to face her nephew again after what she”d done to him this afternoon. After he”d left, reality had begun to seep back in. And with it came realization — she”d seduced Will, teased the poor boy until he”d had no choice but to give her what she”d wanted — a good fucking.

She”d fucked her own nephew — and she”d loved it! And that was the most embarrassing thing of all.

Throughout the meal Sharon felt his eyes on her, veiled and probing. Though he never once did or said the slightest thing to suggest that their unexpected session earlier today was still vivid in his mind, she knew it was there.

And, no matter how she tried, she couldn”t seem to push it altogether out of her own mind either. It was her own fault. She could hardly blame Will for her own uncontrollable horniness. She”d tormented her own naive teenaged nephew into fucking her!

Plagued by that realization all through supper, Sharon put up her best pretense as Joyce and Ted made light conversation, neither of them aware of the thoughts that passed between nephew and aunt.

Nor was Sharon aware of the uppermost thought racing through Will”s mind as he chomped on his steak, paying little attention to the discussion going on about him. He just had to get Aunt Sharon alone again!

If there was only a way to do that…

“Hey!” he said suddenly, an idea bursting through him as the last scraps of his steak disappeared. “Aunt Sharon”s never seen my telescope! How about it, Aunt Sharon? You want to see my telescope?”

The abrupt suggestion caught her by surprise. “Well…” She hesitated, not wanting to be alone with him after what had happened.

“Oh, go ahead.” Ted grinned widely, taking up for his nephew. “He”s captured all of us with that toy of his at one time or another, so I see no reason why you should be the exception. Besides, there”s nothing to do here but clean up. Joyce and I can handle that, can”t we?”

“Of course,” Joyce agreed with a smile of motherly pride at her son”s enthusiasm. “You two go have fun while we clear away. You might as well get it over with, Sharon. I know my soft and he”ll never let you alone until he gets his way.”

That was exactly what Sharon feared. Darting a sharp glance at Will”s expectant face, she gave in reluctantly. “All right then, if it”s going to please everybody. But don”t say I didn”t try. Star-gazing is not my favorite hobby, so it shouldn”t take long.”

With that slightly warning tone she rose, and Will hopped from his place to join her.

“It”s around back, where there aren”t any lights to mess up the view. Come on, I”ll show you. It won”t take but a couple of minutes, and besides, it gets us out of doing the dishes!”

His infectious smile seemed perfectly innocent, and she couldn”t help returning it as they headed for the telescope. However, the moment they rounded the corner, Will”s arm slid about her waist and his hand slipped down to cup the ripe, undulating swells of her asscheeks.

“Will!” Sharon pulled away with a glare, determined not to let their earlier episode repeat itself. “Now stop that, or I”ll march right back to the party! I thought you were going to show me your telescope!”

“Oh, I am.” Will chuckled, not at all fazed. “But I thought maybe you”d show me a few things too. That”d be more fun than looking at some old stars, wouldn”t it?”

He reached for her again, but Sharon stepped back defiantly. “Oh, no you don”t! Now listen, Will. What happened this morning was… well, let”s call it an accident. And it isn”t ever going to happen again, so don”t get the wrong idea. Besides — you”re my nephew!”

“So what?” Will”s handsome young face scrunched up with lust in the moonlight, obviously not put off by her argument. “That makes it okay, doesn”t it? I mean, since we”re related and all, that makes it kind of like… you know, just practicing. It isn”t the real thing since you”re my aunt, is it?”

His youthful logic made her smile in spite of herself. “Well, if it isn”t the real thing it”s certainly close enough to fool me! And I don”t intend to be fooled again, young man! Now, are you going to show me your telescope, or not?”

Even through the darkness she could see Will”s unhappy expression. “Yeah, sure. But you don”t know what you”re missing.”

“Oh yes I do,” she countered, almost feeling sorry for the boy as she noticed the stiff tent that had grown in his jeans. “I know exactly what I”m missing, and that”s why I intend to keep my distance.”

His crotch was bulging so much she could even see it in the dark, and Sharon couldn”t ignore the tickling itch that rippled through her cunt at the vivid memory of his stiff, throbbing young prick.

The telescope stood on a tripod in the back yard, and as he motioned her to it she could see that his cock was straining painfully, trying to get out.

“Well, here it is Aunt Sharon. Go ahead and take a look. It”s dark enough now, you ought to be able to see something.”

He didn”t seem to know that she already had. Only too aware of the nearness of that hard, pulsing cock, she leaned to the eyepiece of the telescope and tried to concentrate on the stars instead.

“I don”t see anything,” she said after a moment, her voice a bit huskier than she intended. “Are you sure this thing works?”

“Yeah, it works all right.” He shifted behind her, pleased at showing off his expertise and eager for the chance to get nearer. “You just have to focus it on something, that”s all. Here, like this.”

Grinning in the darkness, Will moved forward. His arms went around her, and Sharon felt the hardness of his denim-sheathed cock pressing against her ass.

Just the feel of that vibrant, stiff cock had her pussy seething all over again with juicy excitement, and as he guided the telescope in a different direction she couldn”t keep a tremor of delight out of her voice.

“Are… are you sure you know what you”re doing? Maybe we should do this some other time… when the light”s a little better.”

“Nah, it needs to be dark.”

He shifted the telescope, not really caring where it pointed. All his attention was now centered on the taut presence of his aunt”s ass pushing against his cock, making it soar up stiffer than ever. He could sense her response, though she tried to hide it. This afternoon”s experience was still fresh in both their minds, and no amount of pretending could deny that. His inched closer.

“Is that any better, Aunt Sharon?”

Sharon”s resistance was slipping away fast as the boy”s cock pressed against her, pushing its rock hard bulge between her asscheeks and nestling there. A small gasp rose from her lips and she undulated slightly against that probing prick, wiggling to feel it better.

“I… I still can”t see anything,” she said, trying weakly to keep her composure. “And… and it might help if you weren”t quite so close.”

“You want to see how it works, don”t you? Here, I”ll show you. Move a little this way.” His hands slipped up to her shoulders, as if innocently guiding her in the right direction.

She shivered, feeling the heat of his palms through her light summer dress. “This isn”t helping, Will. Maybe we”d better just forget…”

His hands slid down then, abruptly pushing their way under the vee neck of the dress and cupping her heavy, dangling tits. Instantly her nipples spiked out against his palms, and he began to knead.

“Please — I don”t think we should be. Hhhhhh…”

She wilted against that probing cock as Will continued his tit-massage, forcing the shoulders of her dress down until both her milky tits sprang free. In his hands her nipples popped erect and tingling in his sweaty palms, and she let out a hoarse, pleading little groan.

“Don”t… ohhh, oh God, that”s — stop it Will, stop!”

Instead of obeying, he pushed his cock even harder against her ass. His fingers darted over her tits, tweaking and fondling and working the nipples into peaks of urgent stiffness as she melted in a gush of flooding cunt juice.

“Oh man, that feels good!”

His voice was a soft groan as he give her big dangling tits an extra squeeze, then slid his hands down to her hips and along her thighs, grasping at the material of her dress with obvious determination.

“But I know what feels even better, Aunt Sharon. And I”ll bet you do too, remember? And if you don”t, I”ll bet that hot pussy of yours does…”

The dress was being pulled upward, and she gave a gasping moan. “No — oh please…”

But Will had no intention of stopping now. If anything, her little wail urged him on.

Almost before she knew it Sharon”s dress was bunched up at her waist, and her panties were inching over the firm, taut globes of her ass.

“This… this isn”t right, Will! What if someone sees us? I can just imagine what Ted would think? And your mother! Oh baby, don”t…”

Her plea rose to a whimpering purr as the material pulled stickily away from her cunt, then fell down onto the grassy lawn.

Now Sharon”s ass was totally bared to the teenager, her greased thighs spread apart and her sopping pussy slash flaring open in invitation. One of his hands slipped down, fingers sliding along the trench of her ass and probing into her furred cunt mouth, testing its wetness. She let out a long throaty groan.

Dimly she heard the slither of Will”s zipper, and he chuckled. “Don”t worry, Aunt Sharon. I”m gonna make you feel better real fast, just like I did this afternoon. What you need is another taste of my cock. That”s what you”re hungry for, isn”t it? Hell, this is just dessert!”

His voice was gleeful and assured as his cock swung up behind her, its inflamed head snaking along the crevice of her ass as if sniffing out the betraying scent of her heated cunt.

And despite it all, despite all her pleas to the contrary, Sharon knew this was what she wanted, too. She wanted to feel a hard cock slamming up her pussy, reaming her out and fucking into her furiously. She wanted a man”s big hard prick throbbing up inside her cunthole, plunging in and out and flooding her with hot, steamy cock-juice. She wanted to fuck.

She wanted Ted to fuck her, and once again Ted wasn”t here.

Instead, she had his nephew.

“Yes,” she panted, writhing in a juicy torrent of need. “Yes damn you, get it in me! This is what you”re after, so get it over with! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

In a mixture of defeat and urgency she undulated back, splaying her taut little cunt mouth for him with a creaming surge of guilty hunger.

Will chuckled, softly, delighted by her reaction. “Shit, you”re really aching for some cock, aren”t you? How”s this, Aunt Sharon? How about a little nibble, just to whet your appetite?”

With those words he slipped the swollen head of his cock between those tight, greased pussylips, feeling them close over it in a moist, hot vise.


Sharon groaned, unable to keep up even the merest pretense as her nephew”s big bloated cocktip slid into her.

“How”s it feel?” he said triumphantly, letting his prickhead lodge at the entrance of her hot clutching pussy. “You sure like your share of cock teasing — how does it feel to get teased a little yourself? I”ll bet you”d like more, wouldn”t you? Tell me, Aunt Sharon. You want some more of this?”

With a twisting motion of his hips he rolled his cocktip around in the very rim of her seething pussy, making it explode in a blast of fresh juices.

She moaned in an aching surge of lust at that tantalizing nibble of cock, her pussy mouth clenching frantically to eat it up. Dimly, Sharon knew that she made quite a spectacle. Leaning forward, she clutched the telescope, her dress all bunched about her hips and her tits flopping as she shuddered around that delicious, young pricktip that was dangling just inside the rim of her pussy. Wouldn”t she make a sight if Ted happened to come around the corner this very moment, looking for his vanished bride?

But even that degrading image wasn”t enough to halt the current of electricity that flowed through her now. In her three months of marriage Sharon had shed a lot of inhibitions, and it was too late to bring them back now. She arched, trying desperately to fuck herself on that taunting young cock.

“Yeah, that”s what I like.” Will chuckled, purposely holding back and enjoying her groans of disappointment. “You want it bad, don”t you? You want my prick sliding up your cunt just like this afternoon. Tell me — tell me you want it!”

“Yes!” she gasped out, unable to hold back even a bit. “Yes, I want it! Get your cock up my pussy before I scream! Fuck it into me — please! Fuck it… fuck it… oh God, stuff my cunt this instant!”

Will still held back, delighting in her pleas.

His thrusts came hard and fast, drilling his cock to her with a furious intensity that made her whole body shudder. With tits dangling and flopping and her ass jutting bare in the moonlight, Sharon hunched back to meet those ferocious stabs, wailing out a cry of sheer, oblivious rapture.

“Do it! You-you cunt-teasing little bastard, do it to my pussy good! Fuck me! Fuck me, ohhh fuck meeeee!”

Her cries rose as he pumped harshly in and out, holding her hips in a firm grasp and plunging with a fierceness that smacked his stomach loudly against her ass in a noisy slapping rhythm.

“Yessss!” she panted, thrusting backward onto that lush big cock as it shoved furiously up her cunt. “Fuck me good and hard, Will! Screw the fucking piss out of me — ohhh, oh fucking baby, you”re doing it! You”re fucking me good! Good, goooood.”

Groaning blissfully, she thrashed onto his pistoning cock. Will groaned as well and pounded his cock to her even faster, making her body shudder with each wrenching stab.

Unlike their afternoon episode, this time Sharon had no excuse for the sobs of pure ecstasy that ripped through her with each lunge of that meaty prick. This time she hadn”t been caught in a horny mood, but had deliberately allowed herself to succumb to her nephew”s cock. There were no rationalizations, this time. She was just a horny, cock-hungry bitch who deserved everything she got.

And right now she was getting it — to the hilt!

She reeled back with a long, ecstatic cry of sheer release, pumped to orgasm after orgasm by Will”s hard, thrusting cock. He grunted for breath behind her, crashing forward with fierce stabs that slammed his fuzzed cock base against her moist, rippling ass.

Warning boiled through his balls, and he hunched harder.

Sharon felt it too, even in the midst of her own orgasm. She let out a small scream and plummeted onto his prick, eager to oblige.

“Come in me, damn you! Shoot me full of cum, you sweet cunt-fucking bastard!”

“Oh shiiiit!”

With a furious chain of blasts he spurted his load of jizz deep in her cunt, his prick exploding again and again. Their bodies slammed together in simultaneous frenzy, both orgasming in unison.

Will gasped for breath as his cock surged inside his aunt”s snug cunt while she pumped back for every drop of cum, hissing ecstatically.

When the last searing spasm of release had been totally soaked up, she sank to the ground in a blissful heap, moaning happily.

He chuckled in the dim moonlight, gazing down at her limp, pale body with an assured expression. “I… I told you I”d show you stars, Aunt Sharon. And I”ll bet you saw some, too! Didn”t you, Auntie? Tell me how much you loved it, Auntie Sharon!”

He gave her a playful nudge with his foot, and she groaned.

Sharon”s eyes unglazed, and she looked up at the limp, wet, young cock that dangled above her, glistening in the moon”s soft glow. Cum leaked from her bloated pussy, and a hazed smile crept across her lips.

“Yes, oh yes I loved it!” she purred, twitching at his feet in a cloud of pure satiation.

Will”s eyes glittered as he looked down at his crumpled aunt. Almost entirely nude, except for the skirt bunched at her hips, she lay on the lawn with her big tits thrusting up and her legs splayed to show off her wet, shining pussy gash.

It was almost as if his Aunt Sharon were groveling at his feet, worshiping the prick that had just fucked her into an ecstatic frenzy.

That unexpected image made him grin maliciously. Hell, she was too fucking hot to object to anything now. He could do whatever he wanted and she”d love it!

Urged on by that thought he suddenly reached down and grabbed two fistfuls of her long, glossy blonde hair, pulling her roughly up.

“Show me that you mean it, Auntie. Clean all that jizz off my prick and swallow it down like a good auntie, just to prove how much you love getting fucked. Get up on your knees, bitch! Suck my cock clean!”

“Oh — Will, that… that hurts! What”re you — ohhh!”

Suddenly Sharon found herself being pulled up by a painful twist of her hair. Before she quite had time to resist Will had jerked her up to her knees, and his lolling soft cock was abruptly thrust against her face.

“Lick my cock up good, Aunt Sharon! Like your pussy cream off it and give me a real sucking, just to show your appreciation. Take it, bitch! Take it down your throat!”

His limp, young cock rolled against her lips with harsh enticement, slithering like a big wet worm across her cheeks.

She reacted automatically, still clouded with bliss. Her tongue flicked out — small and pink and darting — and gulped hungrily at that big slippery cock being shoved at her, and began to lap up the juices, that filmed it.

The whole thing happened so suddenly that by the time reality once more seeped into Sharon”s brain she was slurping at her nephew”s prick with a hunger that just couldn”t be halted. Her tongue slapped greedily at his greased cock, then slid down to taste the rough, wrinkled texture of his balls and lick them clean as well. Finally his entire crotch was shining with her saliva.

“Oh fuck, yeah!”

Will”s voice was gleeful as she lapped the mixture of cum and cuntjuice from his balls and cock, swallowing it all down. Then, as if by magic, her mouth eased open and his limp prick slipped into it.

She groaned. “Muhhmmm…”

It was like a dream. She began to suck, tasting the little threads of jism that leaked from the teenager”s piss tip and gulping for more.

Almost instantly his cock began to swell again, and that only made her suck all the harder. Her head moved back and forth, making his cock slither between her stretched lips, picking up speed.

She couldn”t help it. Totally caught up in her own pleasure, Sharon just had to get a better taste of that beautiful fucking cock. She clutched at his asscheeks, digging her fingernails in deep, and bobbed her head even faster as his shaft blossomed once more to full stiffness, driving down her throat like a slick, hard piston.

“Muhh — hhuumm…”

“Yeah, that”s it… oh fucking yeah, Auntie, go for it, bitch! Make me come in your mouth! Make me… ahhhh…”

Will”s voice was a delighted gurgle as she concentrated on doing just that: riding her soft lips back and forth on his thick, veined prick with increasing fervor.

Surprisingly, it didn”t take long at all to get Will twitching and groaning, shoving his cock down her throat and clinging to her hair with all his strength. He”d never been sucked off before, and just the feel of that hot, sucking mouth clamped on his prick was enough to send new jolts of pleasure through him. He hunched his aunt”s attractive face with open delight, his eyes bulging as he soared to fresh explosion.

“Do it, do it good like that Aunt Sharon! Oh man, I”m gonna blast! I”m — gonna — aaaahhhh!”

It happened suddenly. His cock rippled, and a long thick arc of cum spurted into her mouth.

She swallowed it down greedily, feeling it slosh and slide all the way down to her tummy. Then a second blast flooded her mouth, and she gulped at that as well.

“Oh shit… oh fuck that”s good, ahhh…” Will thrashed and jerked in groaning completion as his cock was pumped dry, all its precious cream soaked up between his aunt”s vise-like lips. Her head kept bobbing until his prick was absolutely drained, and didn”t stop until she couldn”t wring another drop from it.

Then she sank to the ground once more, tonguing the last little splatters of warm, sticky jizz and collapsing in a sated heap before him.

“Oh God, that was… uhhhmmm…”

Will wobbled weakly, beaming with glee as he looked down at his fucking, sucking aunt. “You did it, Auntie! Oh man, you really sucked me dry!”

He laughed out laud, hitching up his pants at last. And there was plenty to laugh about. After all, what other guy had an aunt like this?


“They must be having quite a time out there,” Ted said, peering out the kitchen window and drying his hands on a dishcloth. “Here we”re done already, and not a peep out of them. That”s a good sign, Sis. I”m glad Sharon and Will are getting along.”

“So am I,” Joyce agreed, putting the last of the dishes away. “But there was never anything to worry about, was there? Honestly Ted, Sharon”s a darling. How could anyone help but like her? The only thing that bothers me is why a nice young woman like that would get herself attached to a big hunk like — ow!”

She screamed and darted out of range, laughing as Ted swatted at her with the dishcloth, a grin plastered across his boyish face.

“Very funny,” he said as he lunged at his older sister, rolling the dishcloth up for a second attack. “Now what was that you were saying? I don”t hear very well.”

“I give up!” Joyce threw her hands in the air in mock submission, smiling along with her brother. “She”s a lucky girl, and don”t I know it! I only hope you don”t treat her in the same gentlemanly fashion you treat your own sister! How about a beer, as a peace offering?”

“Sounds great.” Ted yawned and patted his flat stomach as Joyce got out two cans and opened them. “Oh man, I just can”t get over the ton of food I put away. You still make just about the best potato salad in town, Sis, and that”s a fact.”

He took a grateful gulp of the beer she handed him, while Joyce sipped hers.

Normally she didn”t drink, but tonight she was in the mood. Despite the pleasant family meal and the light banter with her brother, Joyce was uncomfortably aware of the ache deep in her cunt. It had strangely been like that all day, throbbing like a pulse within her. Despite her morning”s relaxation, it just hadn”t gone away. If anything it seemed to get worse, and the heady strength of the beer instantly made her feel giddy and relaxed.

“Why don”t we go out on the front porch?” she suggested suddenly. “It”s cooler out there and if our wayward relations ever get finished stargazing, they”ll have no trouble finding us. And just to make the offer more enticing, why don”t we take along some refreshments?”

His eyebrows shot up, and that infectious grin of his widened. “How can I resist an offer like that? Lead the way, Sis. It”d serve Sharon right if I got a little smashed tonight, just to show her she”s not the only one who can have fun!”

They laughed, and Joyce led.

It was cooling off outside, now that the night had fallen. They settled on the old creaking porch swing, and Ted was deep into his third beer when Joyce giggled unexpectedly.

“What”s up, Sis?”

“Oh, nothing.” At first she didn”t intend to tell him, but then the words flooded out. “I was just remembering when you were Will”s age, the crazy things you used to do. Compared to you, my son”s a blessing!”

Ted gave a grump of injured innocence and reached for a fresh can. “That might be how you remember it, but it just so happens that when I was Will”s age, I was a model of perfection, with a twenty-year-old sister who never missed a chance to give me hell! You played that big-sister routine to the hilt, as I recall.”

“Oh really?” Joyce gave him a haughty look, but had to smile at the truth in his words. “Well, maybe I was a bit too motherly. But it wasn”t all a bed of thorns, you know. Do you remember the little games we used to play?”

The memory came back, and Ted let out a slightly embarrassed laugh. “Hell, I hadn”t thought about that in years! If the folks had caught us doing some of the things we did in those days, they would”ve skinned us alive — or you, anyway, since you were the one who started most of it.”

“Oh, is that just so?” She had him blushing now, and she liked it. Joyce went on in an impish tone. “Remember our wrestling matches? Or are you going to tell me those were my idea too? It seems to me that those were strictly your fault, and somehow I always ended up on top! Don”t think I didn”t know what you were up to!”

Their conversation had taken an unexpected turn, and Ted shifted uncomfortably. His grin turned rueful. “Well hell, when a bay”s got a sister built like you were, he”s got to get just a little of it out of his system! Besides, you were in damned good shape in those days — not that you”ve changed much since then, but I”ve grown a bit myself. Things”d be different if we were up to that silliness again — hey!”

Joyce acted without thinking — partly because of the beers she”d downed, and partly because of the implied challenge in her brother”s tone. Suddenly she rose and plopped down on Ted”s lap, straddling him. Her light-cotton skirt fainted out across his thighs, and she spoke in a stern, teasing tone.

“Things would be different huh? There was never a day I couldn”t out-wrestle you, Ted Brant. And I can do it now just like I did back then, too!”

“Hey Sis!” Taken by surprise, Ted only laughed as his sister pinned him back in the swaying porch swing, reenacting their teenaged wrestling sessions.

“Give up?” she purred.

A little drunk and very determined not to give in again after all these years, Ted clamped his strong hands about her waist and tried playfully to wiggle out from under her. His hips lurched back and forth, riding the bulge of his trousers across her pantie-clad crotch in a feeble effort to escape.

Joyce gasped at the feel of her brother”s hard cock pushing against her pussy and a gush of hot juice soaked her panties.

The tease in her voice made Ted grin. They”d both had just enough beer to enjoy their little romp down memory lane all too much, and at that moment it was a dare he couldn”t pass up.

“Well now, I can hardly refuse an offer like that, can I? Let”s find out just how far you”ll go to make a point, Sis. Go ahead — I dare you.”

Those were exactly the words Joyce wanted to hear. Still smiling, she reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. “I remember how you used to sneak feels of my tits during those wrestling matches when you thought I wouldn”t notice. You always did like my tits, didn”t you? I wonder if you still do?”

The blouse flapped open and this time Ted”s breath sucked in with a shocked gasp. It was obvious his sister wasn”t wearing a bra. Her pendulous tits dangled freely under the loose material, bobbling and swaying with the same enticement that had never failed to make his cock rock hard when they were teenagers.

Suddenly their game didn”t seem very funny at all. Ted”s mouth went dry, and he could feel his jaw working at the nearness of those lush, jutting tits. The flapping blouse barely hid them from view, showing off the sharp cleavage of his sister”s creamy ample tits with a display that made his throat constrict.

In an effort to fight the effect of the alcohol and the turmoil of old memories they”d stirred up, he swallowed hard. “Hey, this is going a little too far, isn”t it? I mean, fun and games are fine, but let”s not get carried away. That is, uh… Christ, Sis!”

The choked lust in his words urged her on, and she gave a husky chuckle. “What”s the matter, little brother? Don”t tell me you”re giving up already! After all the times you out dared me in high school, you”re finally going to let me win? Is my baby brother chicken, huh? Just a little bit?”

That teasing made his face tighten into a mischievous smile as the words bit in. Despite his attempt to sober up, he couldn”t resist a dare like that. “Man, what a bitch! You haven”t changed a bit in all these years, have you? Still cock-teasing like you always did, because you think you”ve got me now. Well, we”ll see about that! We”ll damned well see…”

Without warning, without taking time to think.

Ted groaned in a choking tremor as his hands cupped her mammoth tits, feeling her nipples spire fatly into enormous rubbery peaks of quivering arousal. These were the tits that had captivated him throughout his teenaged years, the ones he”d dreamed about so many times in his youth that he could practically taste their textured sweetness on his lips. Finally, after all these years, he at last had his hands on them.

And this time Joyce wasn”t pulling away, like she had then. This time she leaned forward, her shoulders arching and her tits plunging into his palms for more.

“Go on, baby,” she purred, smiling lecherously. “These were what you always wanted, just like a little baby. My baby, my… uhmm, my baby brother. Now that you”ve got them, enjoy yourself… aahhhh… I dare you.”

“You bitch,” he grunted, making her smile widen. “That”s just what I”m going to do. You”ve made one dare you can”t back up, and I”ll prove it. Like this.”

Capturing each stiff nipple between a thumb and forefinger, he gave them a sharp tweak.

A spasm of pleasure soared through Joyce”s cunt and she groaned. “Do it! Go on — I won”t stop you! Give my titties a real going over, just like you always wanted to do. I dare you!”

He pinched down hard on those lush, giant spikes, twisting them with an urgency he couldn”t resist.

Joyce let out a little cry and squirmed atop him, her pussy melting hotly against the taut bulge of his crotch as he fingered and pinched and teased her nipples to a tingling ache, rubbing their twin peaks.

Suddenly she couldn”t stand it. In one deft motion she peeled the blouse off and tossed it aside.

Ted found himself staring in shock at her big bare tits, their stiff nipples expanded between his fingers and pointing at him as if just aching to be sucked.

“Oh my Lord,” he managed to grunt, staring. “My Lord, Joyce, I can”t take this!”

“You don”t have to, darling.”

Joyce breathed the words out in a moan, now more certain than ever that all these years hadn”t changed a thing. Her brother still, wanted her, as much as ever. And this time he just might get what he wanted.

“Go ahead, give it to me just the way I deserve after all those times I teased you. Work my tits for me, treat me just like you always wanted to. Suck me… suck my titties baby, oh baby…”

She leaned toward him, shoving one taut tit-bud at his face. Its fat, distended nipple pushed against Ted”s mouth, and somehow slipped between his lips. Before he could stop it from happening he was sucking urgently at that big, hard peak, groaning like a man in pain.

And the pain was there. It leaped in his bloated cock as it strained up, throbbing against her silk covered pussy. Joyce gasped and writhed on that big, swollen prick, mashing her tit to his mouth and urging him on.

“Ohhh — oh God, Ted, that”s good! Suck my nipple, baby oh my sweet horny baby suck it for me good! Give it all you”ve got, I dare you! I… dare… aaahhh!”

Panting with unleashed delight she reeled as he greedily clutched her tit with both hands, swallow big as mach of her softness as he could and drinking it in with harsh slurping gulps.

It was as if they were two teenaged kids again, with their folks out of town and no one else in the world to bother them. Will and Sharon were completely forgotten as Ted gulped at his sister”s sweet, lush tit, mouthing it as its sheer hugeness mashed his face with smothering intensity. He”d jerked off dozens of times, just dreaming of this exact moment. And now it was really happening. He slurped and sucked and lapped, so engrossed in fulfilling this teenaged wet dream that he hardly noticed the fingers that groped at his trousers, tearing them open.

“That”s nice, oh that”s so fucking nice!” she panted, fishing for his hard, throbbing prick. “Milk me milk me just like my precious baby, ohhh — ohhh, my God!”

Her fingers closed on his prick, jerking it free. It swooped up bare and rigid in her fist, pulsing and thrashing beneath her with an eagerness that couldn”t be ignored.

Ted gasped as his cock soared into the air, displaying the fact that he was as turned on as ever by his sister”s voluptuous sensual body. It speared straight up, stiff as a fence post and bloated with hungry need for the sweet-scented cunt that hovered above it, rippling just out of its reach.

“Yehhhhs,” Joyce purred, grasping that enormous stiff prick and squeezing it so hard that her fingernails dug painfully into the thick, meaty shaft. “Keep sucking, until we”ve both had our fill! Oh Ted, I just can”t believe it! Your cock — baby, it”s gotten so big! You always were a well-hung little bastard, but this… it”s beautiful! Suck me hard, lover, suck the sweetness all out of my tits, and maybe… oh God, maybe I”ll get a little taste of sweetness too…”

Ted hardly heard. His head moved urgently from one swollen pink nipple to the other, giving both of them the kind of attention they should”ve gotten all those lost years ago. Joyce”s mammoth tits crushed him as if they too were trying to make up lost time. Caught up in a drunken fantasy come true, he sucked and swallowed and burrowed his face into those magnificent tits with all the pent-up yearning that had been buried within him over the past years.

At the same time, Joyce was busy with the zipper of her skirt. It slithered down, and a moment later she was wiggling out of it, inching her panties over her full, ripe hips and forcing them down, first over one leg, then the other.

Taking great care to keep her big aching tits arched to her brother”s mouth, she accomplished the entire maneuver without his realization.

In fact, Ted wasn”t even aware of the change until he felt a luxurious hot wetness settle down against his sensitive bloated cock-head, undulating across it like an open, gently nipping mouth. With a startled grunt, he jerked back, letting a hard, quivering nipple slide from his lips.

“Oh… oh fuck, I can”t stand that! What the hell are you — Jee-zus, Joyce! Oh Jee-zus!”

He stared down at his sister”s lush cunt bush gyrating before him, rippling down on his stiff, sore cock with greedy undulations.

“What… what”s the matter, little brother?” she gasped out breathlessly, gushing hot spurts of cream all over his rigid, fluttering prick. “Were my tits all you wanted? Doesn”t… hhhh… doesn”t the rest of me appeal to you? Or are you just too chicken to take any more dares tonight? What are you waiting for, Ted? Here”s my pussy, right in front of you! Aren”t you man enough to do something about it? I dare you!”

Those last words came out in a hiss as his prick surged up, gouging against her cunt and dipping its ballooned head into the wet, melting heat of his sister”s pussy slush.

Altogether, it was more than Ted could stand.

A growl rose in his throat. His hands slid down from her jutting tits and converged on that thick brown carpet of fur, his fingers plunging into it. Joyce gave a gasp of pleasure as his fingertips plowed straight for her cunt, gliding over its fat juicy lips and pulling them wide apart.

“Jesus Christ!”

He gurgled a rough groan as his sister”s pink shining pussy split wide open for him, its soft, buttery lips opening under his fingers like flower petals to display her pink velvety depths and fat, erect clit.

As if he”d opened some long-closed floodgates, a sudden burst of pussy cream drooled over his hands. Joyce moaned softly, clutching his prick tight.

“That”s it, baby. Oh my God, I”ve got to have my pussy filled — with this!”

She undulated down, and his engorged cock seemed to swoop up to meet her. Its bloated head sank between her pried-open cuntlips, and both brother and sister gasped.


“Ohhhhh, God!”

Joyce reeled in oblivious rapture as her pussy mouth was wrenched open to take the whole enormous bulb of his cockhead. Long-unused cunt muscles were stretched with rubbery tautness around its thick mushroomed knob, and a blast of cunt juice poured onto his lap.

“Nahhh — ahhhnnngggh!”

With a throaty purr of pure sensation she began to rotate her hips, screwing his cockhead deep between her pussylips and working herself onto his prick.

Staring, Ted watched his prick slowly vanish up his sister”s cunt. Inch after inch eased into her split open pussy as streams of hot, filmy cream flooded across its rippled surface, as if he had punched a hole in a dam and let a torrent of juices gush out.

“Oh Jesus, oh fucking — ahhh…”

He groaned loudly as the last of his nine-inch cock disappeared, and Joyce settled on his thighs.

Her mouth hung open, her head lolling as she luxuriated in the sheer utter sensation of having her cunt totally filled with hard massive prick. It had been so long, and felt so good, that for a long moment she simply hovered there and let it twitch inside her, pulsing with life.

When she spoke, her words came out in a coo of total rapture.

“Ohhh… oh my God, Teddy, I love your prick! I — ahhhm! I can feel it squirming inside me, ready for some fucking! How… how”s that for a dare, baby? You want to fuck your big sister, do you, Teddy bear…”

Calling him gently by the name that had always made him so mad when they were kids, she began to undulate. His cock jerked and strummed in her tight cunt channel like a thick, high-voltage electric cable. She hunched faster, reaming her pussy on his huge prick, making it squish like a sucking mouth.

Ted tried to force an answer, but his voice was choked at the feel of that hot, snug pussy wrapped around his cockmeat.

“Yuhh… oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, give it to me Sis, give it… to… me!”

He was practically whimpering with need, croaking the words out as Joyce moaned and worked herself onto his prick with increasing friction. The juices were really pouring from her now, drenching their thighs. Her pussy smacked and slurped around his big bloated cockshaft making her even hotter. The porch swing swayed more violently, creaking and groaning as she pumped herself onto her brother”s cock, tasting the delicious hardness of a man”s prick for the first time in much too long.

It was the loveliest fucking she could remember ever getting, and she took her time. Surging with long, leisurely strokes, she rode her sopping cunt up his twisting prick until its fat knob barely dangled between her fur-trimmed cuntlips, then sank down and down until his cock bored completely up into her, his thick mat of fuzz meshing with her soft, downy pussy curls and big hefty balls grinding against her ass.

It didn”t take too many of those fuck-strokes to have her sobbing and picking up speed.

“Yesss, oh sweet honey yes, now you redoing it! Fuck me good, to make up for all those years you wanted to fuck my pussy! Fuck it to me lover, give your cock-teasing big sister a screwing she”ll never forget! Stick it all the way in me and make me come… ohhh, ohhhh fuhhhhck!”

Her large, soft tits began to bobble and sway, their nipples spiking out and rolling before him with blatant yearning as she pumped faster, seesawing on his shaft in a growing pitch. Splatters of cunt juice sprayed over his hairy stomach, hot and wet and thick. Joyce”s face took on an ecstatic glow as she rode his prick. Her mouth drooped open, and whimpering gasps slid out.

It was like a dream, but it was the real thing. Ted grabbed her bouncing tits and hung onto them tightly, surging up to meet her down thrusts. His cock stabbed deep up her tight pussy, right into the core of her cuntwalls.

Within moments they were fucking in mutual abandon, lurching and crashing together as Joyce moaned and Ted hunched up panting.

“Take it, Sis! You asked for it — now take it! Christ, your pussy”s good! Suck on my cockmeat, damn it! I”m-I”m gonna blast in your cunt, babe! Fuck me real good so I can shoot my load up your sweet pussy… ahhhh…”

He grasped her flopping tits harder, bucking up with new hunger at the warning tingle in his balls.

As if she could feel that tingle as well, Joyce quickly picked up her pace. She bounced faster, plunging his prick into her with fast, driving lunges. Her clit mashed against his cockbase and the first tremors of orgasm swept through her like ocean tides, washing her away in waves of ecstasy.

“Ohhhh God, now you”re doing it! Fuck it to me hard Teddy bear, fuck the piss right out of me! Make me come. Yehhss, yes I can feel it happening! I”m… I”m coming! Oh baby, faster! Easter!”

Her tits flailed wildly as her speed increased. His enormous cock slurped in and out of her with furious, driving thrusts, and he squeezed her tits until they ached. The porch swing screeched — And so did Joyce.

“Nowww! Oh God, oow baby, do it now! Come in me Teddy, cuhhmm! On fucking sweet — cuuuhhhmmm!”

Orgasm ripped through her then, like an explosion. She went wild, pounding down on his big cock in a frenzy of bliss as surge after surge of completion swept throughout her.

That was all it took to suck the last of Ted”s resistance from him. He gave a loud, long groan and slammed up, blasting his load of pent-up cream into her.

The first hot geyser of jism spouted all the way up Joyce”s cunt and she screamed.


It was followed by a second geyser, and then a third. It never seemed to end. Ted arched up in a grunting spasm, his face filmed with delight.

They thrashed like that for what seemed an eternity. She soaked up every new blast of cock-cream and plunged down for more, until his cock stopped spurting and merely rolled inside her, totally used up.

She didn”t stop bunching even when he slumped gasping, drained.


Joyce was in heaven. She”d almost forgotten what a real orgasm felt like, and she hung onto this one for dear life. Steamy, thick globs of cock syrup sloshed in her sated pussy, and she didn”t stop hunching until at last his limp, worn cock slipped from her cunt, limp and reddened.

Purring and happier than she”d been in years, she slumped against her brother”s chest. “Oh… oh Christ honey, that was…”

Ted didn”t have the breath to whisper his praise. He merely clung to her, panting.

And that was when the first pangs of guilt set in.

“Babe… Sis, if Sharon comes out here right now… hey, Sis?”

“Uhhhm.” Beyond hearing, Joyce wiggled and clamped her pussy muscles together in an effort to hold his thick, creamy jism inside her.

“They could come back any moment, and if they see us like this…”

The fear in his voice grew, and abruptly he hauled her off his lap and fumbled for his zipper.

“Jee-zus Christ!” Ted spat out as his zipper caught. He stared about fearfully, his eyes roving on the spectacle of his big sister sprawled beside him absolutely nude, smiling dazedly.

Their eyes met for an instant.

And then Joyce knew that things would never be the same again, not for her, not after all these years of living without a man”s cock to stuff inside her when she wanted it. Never again.

And she was glad.



Joyce was having a wonderful dream. In her dream, a big, hard cock slithered hilt-deep into her pussy and pulsed there, throbbing inside her. Ted”s face loomed over her, his expression wrenched with lust.

“Jesus baby,” he was groaning. “Jesus, I could fuck you forever! Forever, I”m going to fuck you forever, ahhhh…”


She moaned as his image swam above her. In her dream, his cock began to slide in and out of her seething cunt, pistoning faster and faster. He laughed, slamming it to its base in her cunt and making her sob.

“Take it, bitch. Take my cock up your cunt and chew on it for me! I cheated on Sharon just to get a piece of ass I should”ve gotten when we were kids, and now I”m going to fuck it right! Suck on it, cyst! Suck it up your pussy! Yeah! Yeah!”


A whimper rose from her throat as she twisted on the bed. His cock was pumping to her hard and fast, picking up speed. She was coming, he was making her come. Oh yes, yes!


She hunched up deliriously, her eyes fluttering. Morning sunlight streamed into her bedroom, and an eruption of orgasm flooded through her — Ted”s face faded away. She awoke to find three fingers stuffed up her cunt, pumping her to climax.

It was too late to stop. Instead of trying, she pumped harder. “Ohh — ah darling, yes! Yes, that”s — oh — aaaahhhh!”

Delicious spasms of ecstasy ripped through her, just as if she were really being fucked by his big cock. She shuddered again and again, pumping her fingers in and out with furious stabs. Her ass twisted off the bed and she wailed.


At last, weak and sated and thoroughly fingered, she slumped in a dizzy heap.

“Ohhhh, oh my God…”

What a way to wake up! Now, if only Ted had hire to give her the real thing!

She smiled, remembering last night. And oddly, hardly a twinge of regret or remorse seeped through that vivid memory. It had been too nice finally getting a taste of cock after all these years. And even though that cock had belonged to her brother, she didn”t seem to feel the least hint of shame.

Still smiling, she rose and dressed in blouse and slacks, feeling the last little tremors of satisfaction ooze through her inflamed pussy. God, she was hotter than ever! Ted”s cock had done more than merely given her the first real fucking she”d had in years — it had opened the floodgates, and now she couldn”t shut them off. Tingling with arousal and all too aware of the deep itch buried in her cunt, she headed out of the bedroom to start a glorious new day.

On her way, Joyce stopped at Will”s bedroom to wake him up the way she usually did. Only this time, as she reached the open doorway, her voice froze in her throat.

“Wuhh…” Joyce stopped, gaping.

“Oh Mom, Mom… ahhh…”

Will lay stretched out nude on his bed, oblivious to her presence. He was already wide awake, with one hand wrapped around his engorged cock, pumping furiously.

“Oh fuck, Mom, yeahhh…”

Stunned, Joyce stood there watching him writhe, his hips thrusting up and his bloated cock sliding in his fist like a stiff, pumping piston.

In that first instant she was too astonished to act. The spectacle of Will beating off was shocking enough in itself, but the added fact that he was groaning for his own mother while he did it… that — that was disgusting!

Suddenly Joyce”s face burned with horror. She moved in a daze, hardly aware of striding forward. When her voice came out, it sounded like a stranger”s.

“Will! Will Brant, do you hear me? Stop that!” Seething in a turmoil of emotions she stalked into the room to confront him, her face burning with humiliation at his cries.

“Whuh…?” Will”s eyes blinked open, glazed and unfocused. Then they fell on her, and his hand stopped in mid-pump. “M… Mom!” His mouth dropped open, eyes widening in the slow realization that he”d been caught.

“Just what do you think you”re doing, young man?”

The words came out of her in an angry rush, sounding righteous and a bit silly since it was perfectly obvious to them both what he”d been doing.

Will”s hand jerked away from his cock, and his prick swung back and forth in long, leisurely ripples as he blushed fiercely, stammering. “Uh… nothing! That is, I didn”t mean…” He stopped, trapped and wordless.

“Will Brant, I”m shocked!”

Joyce glared down at her son, trying not to stare at his slowly wagging cock. Despite herself she felt a fresh surge of electricity soar through her cunt at its stiffened appearance. And that only made her react all the more angrily, more at herself than at her son.

“Don”t you know that what you were doing is wrong? It”s… it”s wicked!”

Frankly, it had never seemed particularly wicked to Will. But he didn”t dare say that with his mother hovering above him shivering with rage.

“I… I didn”t mean to do it, Mom!” he said, speaking hastily. “It just — just kind of happened, that”s all!”

His expression turned so fearful that abruptly Joyce was embarrassed by her own outburst. Forcing herself to calm down, she went on.

“Will, you”re getting to be quite a big boy now, and it”s time you learned that certain things just aren”t supposed to kind of happen! It”s not healthy, and… and I don”t want it to happen again! Do you understand me?”

He nodded quickly. “Sure Mom. Whatever you say. But… but what”s a guy supposed to do? Sometimes it gets so bad like — like I hurt all over, and I”ve just gotta do something!”

His plea sounded so mournful and filled with youthful frustration that Joyce felt the last of her anger drain away, leaving only that gnawing ache.


She tried to form an answer to his frantic question. With a sigh she sat down on the bed beside him, trying to ignore the fact that her weight made his prick jiggle all over again. It wasn”t easy to do, not easy at all.

“Darling, I want you to promise me you”ll never do this again, no matter how bad it hurts. And… and if you feel the urge, come to me instead. Understand?”

Suddenly she reached out and grasped her son”s meaty cock, curling her fingers about it in what was meant to be only motherly concern.

But neither of them reacted in that manner: Will hissed out a breath, and his prick soared up in his mother”s palm with a surge of fresh arousal.

“Oh Mom…”

The sudden hot, silky feel of his big, veined prick had its effect on Joyce as well. Her pussy gushed with heat, and she stared down at the bloated slab of cock captured in her fingers with a feasting expression that couldn”t be hidden.

“Do you understand me, Will?” She tried to make her voice sound normal, but it came out strained and husky.

His head bobbed.

“That”s better.”

She gave his prick a squeeze, and it twitched in her fist. Will gasped, sitting up in bed propped on his hands and staring down at the sight of his cock enwrapped by his mother”s hand.

Joyce couldn”t seem to stop herself. Just the feel of that beautiful young prick was enough to have her pussy melting in floods of juice. Though her voice went on naturally, she hardly knew what she was saying.

“You see, I know exactly how it feels to… to hurt all over like that. And I know that sometimes it becomes so unbearable you”d do almost anything to satisfy it — women are like that too, you know! And… well, darling, when you need satisfying in that way, perhaps I can help more than you think. Does this feel better?” Her hand had begun to ease up and down his massive prick with gentle, soothing strokes.

Will groaned, taken if by complete surprise. “Oh-oh yeah, that helps a lot! That… that”s good…”

His slim, muscular young body went tense, and his reddened pisstip leaked just a bare hint of precious cum.

Altogether it was more than she could withstand. Almost without thinking Joyce bent forward and kissed the engorged knob of her son”s prick, unable to resist its fluttering temptation.

That first warm, intimate touch of her lips made him groan even louder with astonished delight. “Ohhh, Mom! Oh shit…”

The droplet of jism that collected at his piss tip rose to form a wet, glistening diamond, and she tasted its hot, thick syrupy flavor against her tongue. Without hesitation she fucked for more, feeling a thread of creamy cock-juice trail across her moist darting probe.

That taste was like an appetizer, making her hungry for more. Before she quite realized it she had taken his cockhead in her mouth and was sucking it like candy, making him twist up.



A burst of pure joy flooded from the depths like a tidal wave, and she sucked harder. With dim realization she knew this shouldn”t be happening — God, she was actually sucking her own son”s cock!

But she couldn”t stop. And when Will groaned, she sucked all the harder.

“Oh Mom, that feels great! That-that”s lots better than jerking off, oh… oh shit…”

His hips tugged up, and almost before she knew it Joyce was gulping down more ant more of his cock, taking it into her throat and sucking ferociously on its smooth thickness as her pussy ached with a need that urged her on.


A deep purring groan rose muffled from within her at the feel of that throbbing prick sliding into her mouth. It was huge, inching between her stretched lips until it was crammed down her throat with gagging force, but she kept sliding her mouth onto it until her lips nuzzled his cockfur.

Then her head began to move up and down, slowly at first, then picking up speed.


At first Will merely sat there, blankly amazed to see his mom”s full lips sliding up and down his prick, forming a snug, moist vise around it. Then, abruptly realizing that she had to be every bit as horny as he was, he moved quickly.

Twisting pound on the bed without dislodging his cock from her warm, sucking mouth, he fumbled at the buttons of her blouse.

“Yet Mom, that”s it! Suck me good, keep sucking me…”

Joyce felt it happen. She felt her buttons being plucked free one by one, until her blouse gaped open. A twinge of embarrassment urged her to put a stop to things right now, before they went any further. But the tender young cock throbbing in her mouth tapped a greater urge. Her cunt was seething, juicing as she swallowed her son”s big, swollen prick. It was too late to stop now. Instead she sucked harder, groaning amidst the confusing turmoil of her own emotions.

“Mumm… uhhhrnfff…”

Will pushed her blouse wide open. His mom”s huge bra-clad tits spilled out, joggling in their white overfilled cups as if aching to be freed.

Instantly he obliged. His fingers snaked under the flapping blouse, and her bra catch snapped open.

The cotton-and-elastic garment dropped to the bed, and Joyce”s big tits burst into view, bobbling and dangling into fat pink spikes of arousal, their areolas swollen and inflamed.

“Oh Mom…”

He gasped out a breath, and his hands swooped. Trying desperately to clutch all that pliant jiggling tit-flesh at once, they kneaded and massaged across her nipples with an eagerness that sent new sparks of electricity shooting through her pussy. Crouched on the bed with her son”s fingers tweaking her sensitive tit-buds and his cock oozing a second droplet of cum across her tongue, Joyce was helpless. She could only suck his lush youthful prick all the more furiously, racing her mouth up and down its length as small animal-like moans tore from her.

“Uhhm — muffm…”

Will felt his cock being vacuumed down his mother”s throat, and gasped put a laugh. “Ohhh, shit that feels good! Keep sucking my cock like that, Mom! Suck me off good! Yeah…”

He couldn”t believe it. Not even his horny Aunt Sharon could give him the head he was getting right now from his own mother! His hands slid from her tits, and moved down to the elastic waist of her slacks.

Joyce gave a muffled start of intermingled lust and shock as she felt his fingers push under her waistband and begin to work it down. Her firm, even teeth nipped gently at his cockmeat, gnawing with a spiraling wave of need.

From where he lay almost under her kneeling body, Will saw his mother”s smooth, bare stomach appear. She quivered above him, her mouth plunging on his prick and her tits trembling, her small, puckered navel seeming to wink open and shut. His fingers clutched her panties and her hips undulated as if to help him along.

The first dark pussy curls popped free, moist and brown and thick. Then more came into view, growing moister and thicker as the fabric inched across her jutting ass.

Then, with a jerk, he tore them down to her knees.

The crotch of the panties came away stickily, and Will found himself gazing up at that gorgeous pink-lipped, flared-open pussy he”d been beating his meat over just a few minutes ago.

It was every bit as wet and silky and hot as he”d seen it yesterday morning.

“Oh fuck, Mom!”

Joyce mewled, drooling a fresh burst of cunt juice under his open, gleeful stare. If she”d been embarrassed about her blatant arousal last night with Ted, then this was the ultimate humiliation. Creaming like crazy, letting her own son see her pussy all sopping and heated while, her mouth plunged on his prick.

It was the most absolute humiliation of all, and there was nothing she could make herself do or say to prevent it. Will”s appreciative gasp made her wiggle in pure degrading ecstasy, drawing, her knees apart to show him more.

That was when he reached up between her thighs and stabbed a finger into her cunt. She gave a stifled wail as the finger slipped neatly between her pussylips, sinking deep into her.

“How”s that feel, Mom?” His voice was a knowing chuckle. He eased his finger in and out, feeling her cunt mouth slurp greedily to hold it in. “I guess you were right. Women do get horny too! Suck me off good, and I”ll make you feel better too. Here — I”ll bet this helps!”

His free hand came up as well, thumb rolling across her plump, hooded clit. Joyce moaned and arched, sucking feverishly ow his massive young cock as he massaged her cunt with both hands, fingers dancing across her taut, hard clit and dipping into her juicy cunthole with all the deftness of playing a musical instrument.

Cream oozed over his hands, and her entire voluptuous body started to shudder.

“Uhhmm — ppffuuum!”

“Oh Jeez — that”s it, yeah that”s really going! Give me your head, Mom, give it to me good! Oh fucking yeah!”

Almost instantly Will had three fingers stuffed up her churning cunt and was pumping them in and out while he pushed hard at her puffy clit, the way he”d learned that women liked. His balls were boiling and bouncing wildly as her mouth rode on his pick, drinking it like a big slurpy straw. He couldn”t take much more of that, and he knew it. Happily urging her on, he jammed his fingers in her pussy faster.

“Do it, Mom! Suck my jizz right out of me! Suck it all up — oh fucking shit, you”re doing it! I”m gonna come! Suck it!”

He thrashed up, ramming his prick to her soft lunging lips in a fury.

Joyce felt it happen, and couldn”t stop it. His fingers were reaming her pussy out until it was a froth with cream and making wet hungry noises. She felt his cock ripple in her throat, and knew it was on the verge of spurting its sweet, precious load.

And that was exactly what she wanted. Her mouth soared greedily down on the whole length of his strumming prick and he surged up to meet it.

A blast of cock-cream ripped between her lips and flooded her throat, and she drank it up. A second blast followed, and she gulped up that as well. Then a third, and a fourth. It never seemed to end. She swallowed again and again, her mouth overflowing with jism. It leaked from her stretched lips, dribbled down her chin. She drank it all up, and kept sucking.

“Yeah — ohhhh, yeahhh!”

Will gave an ecstatic cry, pumping his load of jizz right down his mother”s throat as if it was something he did every day.

Suddenly she couldn”t stand it anymore.

Pulling abruptly from his freshly drained cock, Joyce flopped down on the bed and kicked her slacks off with a wild flail of her legs. Then her legs flew wide apart.

“Fuck me! Get your cock in my cunt, baby, get it in rue now! Oh God, Will, I”ve got to have it! Nowww!”

She reached out and grabbed his slumping prick in a fierce grip, pulling it to her.

At the moment, her son didn”t have the slightest desire to disobey. He scrambled between her sopping thighs, his reddened prick spearing straight for that beautiful brown-trimmed pussy.



His young, hardly shrunken cock slid smoothly to its base up her gaping cunt, and Joyce groaned loudly as she felt her pussylips close around that delicious meaty shaft and begin to squeeze, milking at it.

“Oh — oh God, darling, yes!” she panted, hunching up in a gyrating motion that screwed it into her even deeper. “Get it in me, get it all inside my cunt! That”s it, that — aaaah!” Her voice rose to a wail as every single inch of his prick shoved between her wide-split cuntlips, stretching them luxuriously.

Will lay like that a long time, gasping for breath and simply enjoying the feel of having his cock snugly sheathed in his mother”s pussy. Then he rose up on his hands to look down at her slack, lust-filled face, his own expression leering and assured.

“How”s this, Mom? It”s better than fingering yourself, I”ll bet! You sure never had a finger like this!” With those words he gave his hips a twist, wrenching his cock inside her.

“Wuh — Will!” Joyce panted out loud in shocked realization at his statement struck home. But even that wasn”t enough to stop the upward arch of her hips as his cock pulled back, sucking out of her cunt to the very rim of its bloated head.

He hovered there, watching her twist and squirm under him, wailing for more.

“Fuhh — fuck me, damn it! Fuck my pussy, lover! I”ve… I”ve got to have it, baby, oh God, I need it so bad!”

As if it hadn”t been sucked off at all, his cock was quivering out of her cunt rim like a drawn arrow. Grinning, Will enjoyed watching her squirm a moment more, than gave in.

“Sure, Mom. Anything you want. How”s this?” He plummeted forward, drilling his still stiffened prick to her with every ounce of strength.


Joyce shrieked blissfully as his cock tore through her cunt, all the way to the core of her. Her large tits flopped in shuddering unison as he pumped in and out with fast, hard strokes, ripping his prick into her as wildly as he could.

And that was exactly what she wanted. It only took a few swift strokes of that lovely prick to have her bunching up to meet it in gleeful abandon, thoroughly fucking herself with all the eagerness of a woman who”s been lonely far too long. Her cries rose into screams as she was fucked to orgasm, writhing and sobbing.

“Sweet God that feels so fucking nice, I can”t stand it! Give it to me honey, give it to me good! Faster, fassss… terrr!”

Will grunted and did his best to oblige, totally astonished. Man, nobody could fuck like his mom! She was taking everything he had and begging for more! Ohhh, man!

Enraptured, he pumped like crazy. His cock gouged in and out of his mother”s cunt until it ached, until his balls were tingling. Her pussy sucked on his prick with smacking slurps of pure need as she hunched up, clutching his ass.

This time when Joyce screamed, it was with an orgasm that plunged her up off the bed in an explosion of wordless bliss, her body tautening.


A chain of climaxes went soaring through her. When Will gave a harsh groan and slammed home one last time, she came all the harder as his cum shot deep into her.

“Guuuunnnh… hhhuuuunnnh…”

Hot sticky loads of jism flooded her pussy and splattered down the crevice of her undulating ass. Both mother and son writhed and moaned in mutual completion as his jizz spurted into her. Happily, she took it all.

Joyce wasn”t even aware that Will had collapsed, totally drained, until long after. Her body kept twitching, sloshing that magnificent prick around in her cunt until it slipped out, wet and lolling and empty.


She groaned ecstatically, thoroughly caught up in the aftermath of one of the best fucks she”d ever had.

It wasn”t until some time later that she realized the truth. She”d just fucked her own son — and it was glorious!


“Hey, Mom, what”s for supper?”

Will burst into the living room sweaty and breathless from jogging, his face flushed and his eyes lit with the youthful exuberance of activity as Joyce set down the magazine she”d been reading and surveyed him with a small smile, unable to keep the glow from her own face.

“Supper? At this time of the afternoon? Don”t start worrying about that just yet, young man! We”ll have something, I promise. Now go take a shower this instant — you look positively filthy!”

But instead of obeying Will abruptly grinned wider and gave his mom a hug, catching her in an unexpected embrace.

“How about taking a shower with me, Mom? I”ll bet you could use some cooling off too after this morning. Want to?”

To emphasize his words he shifted forward, and his young vibrant cock pushed against her crotch.

Joyce had been thinking about this morning too, going over and over it in her mind. And while her son was out exercising she had come to a firm decision — it couldn”t happen again, no matter what, no matter how much she wanted it, not with her own son, ever again.

So of course she had absolutely no intention of taking a shower with Will, but the persistent presence of his stiffening cock digging into her crotch swept all her previous decisions away. Despite herself she felt her pussy melt in a sweet tingling drool of hot cream, and a tremor raced through her.

In the next instant fingers were plucking lightly at her blouse, and it flapped open.

“Will, don”t! Please, darling, this isn”t… I only just got dressed a little bit ago! No — ohhhhhh…”

Her feeble pleas did no good at all. The blouse was easily pushed aside, and in the next instant he was fondling her big bra-clad tits and shoving his hardened prick against her with greater urgency, making her wilt in a gush of unmotherly arousal.

“Don”t,” she groaned, unable to resist as Will eased the blouse off her shoulders and had the snap of her bra undone before she even knew it. “Please, honey, this isn”t right! This morning was an accident, I didn”t mean — ohhhh…”

Her words turned into a soft moan as he confidently palmed her pliant tits, hefting them in his hands and grinning widely. “Come on, Mom. You don”t have to pretend with me anymore — hell, you”re just as horny as I am! Oh man, you”ve really got a great pair of tits! Yeah…”

Joyce gasped, unable to stop her son from rolling his thumbs across her large, pink nipples. They twanged erect, big and stiff and fattening instantly into hard, aching spikes. Will grinned as he tweaked his mother”s fat rosy nipples and watched them strain toward him for more, despite her objections.

She gave a small, whimper, arching her shoulders toward him. Losing all inhibition, not even realizing that she did it, Joyce reached up and pulled his head down over one thrusting bud.

“Oh God…”

His moist warm mouth eagerly covered her enlarged nipple, and began to suck. Hissing out a long breath she mashed her tit to his face, urging him on.

“Oh… oh God, that”s nice! Yuhhh — yes, yes!”

Will obeyed gladly, milking at his mother”s tit with hungry delight. At the same time his hands grasped the elastic waistband of her slacks and jerked them down. She didn”t protest as the material slithered crisply across her taut ass and dewy cunt mound.

In another instant she was absolutely nude, and Will was tearing at his own clothes.

Too much had happened in too short a time. Dazed and overwhelmed by the torrent of creaming need that soared through her, Joyce was hardly aware of being led upstairs to the shower. She groped for her son”s meaty prick and pumped it with long squeezing strokes as he fondled her undulating ass, seething pussy and big, bouncing tits.

It was as if he wasn”t her son at all, but a loving horny husband home from a hard day at the office and eager to soothe his aching prick in his wife”s waiting pussy.

And a moment later he was doing just that.

Warm rushing spray cascaded over them, and they kissed. Their tongues clashed urgently, saliva melting from one to the other in delicious, overpowering sensation.

Before she quite knew what was happening, Joyce found herself leaning gladly back against the wall of the shower, one foot propped on the tub”s edge and her leg flopping wide open as Will”s cock slid neatly up her sopping pussy, slithering to its hilt inside her.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, grinding his hips hard to work every inch of his swollen cockmeat into her. “Your pussy feels so good I could plant my cock in it forever! Take it, Mom — take it all right up inside you. Suck my prick up your cunt. Oh man, I can feel it sliding all the way in your cunt! Yeah, fuck my pecker real good! Ahh… aahhh… aaahhhhh!”


She clung to his slippery young body, riding hard on that thick, plunging prick. Her soaked pussy fit it like a glove, sliding up and down with greasy friction as she clutched his taut humping ass and dug her fingernails in.

“Fuck me, lover!” Her voice was a purr of sheer bliss in his ear as she writhed on his slickened shaft, pumping it for all she was worth. “Oh God, my loving baby, fuck me sweeter than ever! Fuck me — fuck — meeee!”

She wailed ecstatically as his prick lunged to obey, shoving deep up her sopping cunt and drilling to the very core of her in a way no man but her brother, Ted, had even done.

“Oh yeah, that”s better — lots better!” With a breathless gasp he hunched up fast and hard, grinding his cock base against her plump clit with smashing lunges that made her cry out. “Now you”re really fucking, Mom! I”ll never get enough of your pussy… uhh… unh!”

His thrusts grew to pistoning intensity, and she shrieked.

“Yessss! Oh my God, baby, stick it into me! If — ahhhn! If you keep fucking me like this, I”ll make damned sure you get enough of my pussy to last you! Harder, harderrrr… aaahhh!”

Warm water splashed over them in streams, running in wet rivulets down their tangled, heaving bodies. Joyce lurched and bucked on his prick in a churning froth of unleashed delight, the last wisps of motherly shame being literally pumped out of her.

It seemed like no time at all before she was climaxing in furious blasts of orgasm, twisting with a cry of sheer bliss as jolts of pleasure were wrenched from her.

“Do it, do it, honey, I”m coming! Make your momma cuhhhmm! Oh fucking sweet lover — uuuuhhhh!”

“Ohhh, shit!”

Will let out a gasp and pounded his cock in deep. It thrashed and the first hot, sticky jets of jism spurted deep, deep into her.

Again and again they slammed together, caught up in their mutual explosions of completion. Joyce squeezed her cunt muscles down around that luxurious spasming prick until she”d soaked up every trace of cum. She was still shuddering and surging when Will went limp, wide-eyed and beaming.

“Oh, Mom, that was… ohhh, fuck!” She rasped out a hoarse little laugh, still twitching with little explosions of delight and feeling his thick load of sweet jizz leaking from her bloated cunt. “Yehhhsss, oh yes, darling, it-it was certainly that! Oh Godddd, was it ever!”

She slumped, her expression glassy and hazed with delight.

After that, the rest of the afternoon passed in a soft cloud of utter sensuality unlike anything she had quite known before. She felt herself being lifted up in Will”s strong arms and carried dripping wet into her bedroom. An instant later she lay sprawled on her big double bed, legs spread wide apart and cunt seeping out the mingled warmth of cum and pussy juices, as he clambered atop her.

She groaned deliriously as his softened prick slid effortlessly into her once more, resuming its position hilt-deep in the hot, creamy sheath of her pussy.

“Oh yet,” he breathed as her pussylips snapped around it with rubbery resilience, sucking it into her completely. “I could fuck your cunt forever, Mom! It feels so silky and hot, all wrapped around my cock… oh shit, that feels good!”

He rotated his hips in slow, circular strokes, rolling his cock around inside her.

“Oh, baby,” she purred, caught up in the fantasy that they were husband and wife. “Do it, do it, lover. Fuck me forever! I can take it as long as you dish it out… ahhhh, that”s better! Stir me up, honey. Get your prick nice and hard again, so I can give you some real fucking… yehhss…”

She undulated up to work that lush, softened prick all through her frothing cunt, feeling it slosh and twitch in her snug, juicy cunt with the first faint strummings of new life. Will was her son, but at the moment he was like a stranger. Her hands moved caressingly across his broad shoulders and flat chest, feeling their way along his well developed muscles and firm, vibrant flesh until at last they clutched his taut young asscheeks. She slipped a finger into the tight clenched ass crevice there, wiggling it down to the hairless pucker of his ass and wormed the tip into him.

“Ohhh, shit!” Surprised and pleased at the feel of having his asshole invaded by his mom”s finger, Will squirmed. His cock rolled in the heated vise of her pussy and swiftly blossomed to erection.

“Uhhhmmm, that”s it.” She sighed ecstatically as his cock grew inside her, swelling and thickening and blooming like a flower. It stretched her cuntlips wide, wider. It began to throb, still growing. She worked her finger knuckle-deep up his ass, glad to help it along. “Now you”re getting nice and big again. Oh my God, yessss! Ohhhh…” Her hips undulated lazily, reaming her thoroughly on his massive prick.

For his part, Will did some exploring too. He craned his head down between his mother”s big jiggling tits, and his tongue flicked over those huge mounds of creamy flesh. She shrugged her shoulder, and a large mouth-size nipple danced into easy reach. Its rubbery areola was all fat and bumpy and pinkened almost to a red tinge, nipple spiking up finger-thick for attention. His tongue slid across the flared bud. It trembled and quivered up stiffly. His mouth closed around it, and he began to suck.


Joyce was more than happy to simply be still, her son”s monster of a prick jammed in her cunt and his mouth sucking at her tit.

He was her son…

But he was her man, too. Her little man, and all hers because she was his mother. That was what she needed now — a man. A real, loving cunt pleasing man. Ted had unleashed that need, in his own unknowing way. As her brother, he”d given her the first real man-love she”d had in years, the kind that couldn”t be replaced by a thousand finger-fucking sessions.

Her brother, and her son. Built-in love. In a way, it didn”t seem very terrible at all that she”d turned to the men who loved her for satisfaction.

In fact, it seemed almost logical.

And at the moment she didn”t regret it at all, not one little bit.

Will”s cock eased in and out of her steamy cunt and she groaned happily.

“Yes, yes, baby, do it to me good! Forever, just like that! Fuck me forever, honey… uuuhhhm… uuhhhrnmm!”

He began to pump faster. His breath fanned across her face in quickening gasps, and his engorged cock slid in and out of her pussy with greater urgency.

It was almost as if she hadn”t stopped coming from their session in the bathroom. Instantly her pussy was tingling with rapturous ripples of joy. She arched up, splaying her cunt wide for his cockstabs and moaning with sheer oblivious fulfillment as the two of them surged toward fresh explosions of climax.

“Come in me, lover! Fuck the loving piss out of me and feed me your cum, oh sweet, honey, I need it up my pussy this instant! Faster, fasss… terr… aannhhh…”

Shudders of pleasure went tearing across her voluptuous body, and Will pumped her all the harder.

This time when she came it was with a never ending chain of orgasms that hurtled her ass off the bed as he pounded down, her pussy sucking on his jabbing cock for every inch.


“Oh — ohhh yeah — daahhh!”

Streams of fresh cum pumped up her dripping cunthole until she seemed to be floating in a warm oozy ocean tide of pure uninhibited culmination.

Joyce snared her son between her strong thighs and locked her ankles about his waist, not wanting to lose a single precious drop of his jism.

Then, when he was once more drained and gasping atop her, his cock thoroughly soaked dry and his balls nestling wearily in the wet fur-matted trench of her crotch, she uttered a small girlish laugh.

“I… I thought you were going to fuck me forever!”

Will grinned down at her weakly. “I tried, Mom, honest!”

A wicked notion struck, and Joyce smiled enticingly. “May… maybe you just need a little special encouragement, that”s all, darling. And — and I know just what might encourage you best.”

She acted without hesitation, scooting out from under him.

Will flopped over limply, watching expectantly and wondering just what his mom had in mind.

Then he found out, and his eyes bulged.

Joyce knelt before him on her hands and knees, spreading her soaked legs wide to display every inch of her drenched, dripping pussy slash.

“Fuck my ass,” she purred, wiggling her hips with delight at the mere notion. “I… I want to feel your cock sliding up my asshole, baby. Fuck me in the ass until I scream — please, Will, stick it in me!”

Her hungry tone cut through his initial astonishment.

Will”s lips twitched in a widening smile as he stared directly into his mother”s pink puckered ass rim, all glistening and moist and tight and hovering before him, winking open and shut with her undulations.

Shit, how many guys ever got the chance to fuck their own mother in the ass?

It was a temptation he couldn”t pass up, no matter how drained he was. Instantly he scrambled to his knees and clambered up behind her, not really sure if she meant it or not.

“You — you really want me to? Oh fuck — really?”

If she hadn”t been so horny, Joyce would”ve laughed at the naive wonder in his voice.

“Yes, darling, that”s just what I want. And I want it now, honey, give it to me now…”

She reached back and grasped his soft, wet cock, tugging it toward her.


Will saw her fingers pull his slick glistening cockhead up to her moist ass lips until its tip nuzzled there, greasy and reddened. He didn”t hesitate, in light of that invitation. Grabbing her ample hips, he pushed.


His cock sank into her, big and warm and soft, like a slurping tongue. It eased her asshole open and filled it completely, snaking up her ass chute.

She squeezed her ass muscles in rhythmic twitching clenches, sucking it all in.

“Ahhh, yes!” Her voice was throaty as she reeled, working that luscious cock around in her tight asshole until it was nicely reamed and perfectly fitted around her son”s big limp shaft. It had been a long time since she”d had a good assfucking, almost too long to remember. But the instincts all came flooding back as she eased her hips back and forth, tugging on his cock in her ass sheath as if it was a hungry little mouth.

He”d never had his cock in such a tight hole before, and it quickly got tighter as his prick nudged in appreciation, expanding like a balloon in the expert vise of that clutching slot. His mom let out a long, heavy groan and began to rock back and forth, sucking his cock with her asshole and cooing in total delight as it pushed her taut ass lips apart, growing big and long inside her she was so stretched around that surely she and her son were fastened together, forever.

Will hunched his cock in and out of her clenched ass with straining hinges, forcing it in and out by sheer strength.

“Unnngggh — oh God, Will, oh fucking sweet baby, that”s it! That”s just ri-iiight!”

His cock soared to full length in her wrenched asshole, shoving back and forcing its way home with strong, hard thrusts. He gasped, pushing deep up her ass with growing need.

“Wow, what a piece of ass! It”s great, Mom, it”s — oh fuck, that feels good! Suck on my prick, suck it right up your ass! Yeah — yeah! Uhhh!”

He pistoned his re-hardened cock in to its fuzzed base, then pulled it out with wet slushy noises only to shove it in again. His mom swayed, trembling with the power of his thrusts and wobbling in total oblivion, her tits flopping and her voice hissing out in purrs of delight.

“Yes, baby, yes! Fuck… fuck me good in the ass! Stuff my asshole full, cram it all to me, lover! Gohh — aaahhh…”

His stomach, slapped against her quivering asscheeks as he did exactly that, picking up speed. His balls bounced off her slick thighs, now boiling with cum. He hunched furiously, grunting.

“I”m gonna shoot it — gonna shoot my load right up your ass! Take it, Mom! Take it good! Gonna… gonna shoot! Oh fuck, yeah!”

Orgasm went spouting through her with his thrusts, and she screamed at exactly the moment he fulfilled his threat, spurting hot, thready geysers of jizz up her sucking ass.



She sobbed, taking each burning load of cum with enraptured lurches. Threads of jism splattered from her overstuffed asshole as he pumped his prick into her ass with gleeful surges, draining it up his mother”s ass chute.

Delirious with unleashed blasts of completion, Joyce finally sank forward on the bed twitching, dragging her son with her by his clamped prick.

They lay like that, his prick wedged in her ass and spurting its final little bursts of acid-hot jizz into her, as she moaned and hunched up in sated consummation, as thoroughly fucked as she”d ever been in her life.

“Oh, baby, ohhhh, Will… do it, do it foreverrrrr…”


Sharon awoke with a nice itchy sensation in her cunt, a moist, tingly warmth like a soft, almost nonexistent tickle. Her eyes fluttered open in the streaming morning sunshine, and she sighed.


She blinked awake to see Ted moving silently about the bedroom, dressing for work.

“What…?” she roused sleepily, still a tingle, and he froze.

“Sorry I woke you, babe. Go back to sleep. It”s just me.”

But suddenly she didn”t feel like going to sleep. Her pussy creamed with juicy warmth, and instead she smiled and kicked back the covers.

“Uhhhn, is that the best suggestion you have to make, Ted Brant? Or can I interest you in something else?”

Her long legs glided apart, and Ted gaped at the sight of his wife”s lush blonde pussy melting open, slick and glistening in the morning light.

He swallowed hard, feeling his prick nudge. That inexplicable pained expression filled his eyes again, and he spoke in, a quick slightly hoarse voice. “Hon, I”ve just got to get to work, or the boss”ll kill me. If we had a few minutes more maybe… but I”m late already.”

Hastily he grabbed his tie and turned away, tearing his gaze from his wife”s pussy.

“Teddy, whuh…”

Confusion cut through her sexy haze, and she opened her mouth in wordless shock. Something was terribly wrong. It had been two days since he”d shown the slightest interest in her — two long, horny days. Ever since the night of the family cookout a vague reasonless fear made her wonder if somehow he knew what had happened between her and Will. But he”d hardly been acting like a man who was angry. In fact, the way, be turned from her now almost seemed like the act of a husband plagued by guilt!

But… what on earth did Ted have to feel guilty about?

He was heading for the door, practically on the dead run.

“You”re — you”re not going to just leave me like this! Baby — oh, damn!”

He paused just long enough to say goodbye, not quite looking in the direction of her nude, unfulfilled body. “Got to, Share. Maybe tonight we”ll relax, okay? See you then, hon.”

And with that parting glimmer of a promise, he fled.

For a long time Sharon simply lay like that, her cunt still tingling with an itch that hadn”t been scratched for two days. She reached down and massaged her aching pussy, fingering its wetness and wondering. Just what the hell had gotten into her horny husband lately.

“Ohhhhh, damn you, Ted!” The words came out in a groan as her fingers slickened, rubbing harder! “Damn you… ahhh…”

At the moment she would gladly have remained right where she was and fingered at least a little pleasure out of her glowing cunt. But she”d promised to pick Joyce up for a shopping excursion this morning, and there seemed little point in trying to grab a bit of momentary satisfaction now, and then spend the rest of the day trying to pretend it had been enough…

With a sigh she pulled her fingers away, sopping wet.


At last, arching incredibly with unsoothed need, she rose to dress.

Neither of the two women were much in the mood for shopping and despite their light conversation and attempted interest the morning dragged on through lunchtime before they finally drove back to Joyce”s house to deposit the items they”d managed to purchase in spite of their lack of enthusiasm.

It wasn”t until they entered the living room and dropped their bundles that either of them relaxed.

“I hate to admit this, but shopping wears me out!” Plopping onto the couch with a loud groan, Joyce fanned feebly at her sweaty face. “My God, it must be a hundred degrees out, there! Do you know what I need right this moment? A nice tall glass of ice-cold lemonade! How does that sound?”

“Uhmmmm, like heaven!” Sharon agreed, wiping the beads of perspiration from her face and trying as best she could to ignore the extra warmth that came from her pussy, just as it had been doing all morning. “What”re we waiting for? Let”s go!”

They headed for the kitchen, two heated women eager for some cooling off.

“Here, why don”t you just sit down and relax while I do the honors?” It was Sharon who took over, firmly guiding her sister-in-law to a kitchen chair and turning to get the drinks. She took two large glasses out of a cupboard, then went to the refrigerator.

The moment she opened its door and a blast of cool air hit her, she gasped. “Oh my God, that feels good!”

She acted impulsively, giving in to the glow that seethed inside her.

Joyce turned her head, and blurted in surprise. “Sharon! What on earth?”

Sharon was unbuttoning her blouse and even as the brunette looked on she pulled it wide open and thrust her tits into the coolness with a loud pleased sigh.

“Uhmnnn, that”s just exactly what I needed? Oh yessss…” She glanced over at Joyce, who was gaping.

An impish look crept over her face at her own boldness. “Well, it was! And to be perfectly honest, you ought to try it too. In fact, I think I”ll just take advantage of the situation and cool myself off right!”

Those words were hardly out when she was jerking the blouse off altogether and reaching for the snap of her jeans.

Joyce could hardly help but ogle as the young woman shed her jeans and panties, then stood absolutely nude at the open refrigerator door with her arms outstretched, enjoying her own shocking display as much as the cool, refreshing air that wafted over her.

“Sharon Brant, you must be crazy!” Joyce found her voice at last. “Prancing around like that — even thought Will isn”t home, he could always come walking through the door and… you simply ought to be ashamed!”

In retort Sharon stuck her tongue out. Her abrupt, uncharacteristic actions had their effect. Joyce had to laugh.

“Come and try it, Joyce. You”ll see. It”s nicer than lemonade! Anyway, if Will does come in unexpectedly, it won”t look quite so bad if there are two of us prancing around!”

Joyce couldn”t stop laughing and Sharon danced around the refrigerator to get aired all over, laughing as well. It was the kind of silly situation that broke the dreariness of a dull morning, and Joyce found herself joining in.

“Well, I really shouldn”t. It seems so… so wicked! But I am hot enough to explode, and oh, damn you for starting this, all right!”

Setting her jaw in defiance, she began to unbutton her own blouse. Bra followed. Then shoes and slacks and panties. Embarrassed but determined not to show it, she joined her sister-in-law.


The refrigerator fanned a cold burst over her bare, sweaty flesh, and she goose-pimpled. The women stood side by side, both enjoying the fresh tingles that surged across their heated bodies.

Joyce had to admit it felt nice. She began to relax, despite herself.

Then Sharon”s voice broke through the moment.

“Joyce — my goodness! Your tits are absolutely magnificent! I never thought — why, you make me look positively flat-chested!”

She was staring pointedly at the older woman”s outthrust tits, her blue eyes wide with blatant admiration.

Joyce couldn”t resist a flush of pleasure that seeped through her at that praise, especially since it came from a woman who had large, well-developed tits herself.

“Really, Sharon, you”re going to make me blush. And besides, we can both see perfectly well that there”s hardly any difference between us — or are you just fishing for compliments, yourself?”

They were facing each other now, and Sharon shook her head with a look of rapt envy. “I mean it, Joyce. To be absolutely honest I always did think I was well-endowed, but standing here with you like this… why, I look like a half-grown teenager! You really do have the most gorgeous titties I ever saw. They”re… why, they”re just fantastic!”

Suddenly her hands shot up. Caught up in admiring those lush huge-nippled tits, she captured them in her palms.

“Ahhh — Sharon…”

A tremor shot through Joyce as her tits were hefted up for examination. Their large, rounded areolas swelled in immediate response, and her nipples began to expand.

“I just can”t get over these,” the blonde murmured, not noticing her sister-in-law”s gasp. “They”re just… my God, look at me! Mine aren”t even half as nice!”

Shoving her own big tits forward for display, she brought them up until her nipples almost brushed Joyce”s stiffening fat buds. The two women gazed down at their confronting tits, each taking in the other”s as if to compare them.

A surge of heat rippled in Joyce”s pussy. Truthfully, she enjoyed the appreciation of an attractive young woman like Sharon. And she especially enjoyed having her tits held, no matter how unintentional the reason. Her nipples spiked toward those creamy, slightly smaller tits, and when she spoke her voice was throaty.

“Don”t… don”t put yourself down, darling. After all, you”ve got more than enough to please any man, and I can prove it. See?”

She reached up, repaying Sharon”s favor by palming her young unsagging tits and lifting them outward as well. Their nipples touched, and an electric spark seemed to jump between the two nude women.

Suddenly Sharon was all too aware of the tickling arousal deep in her own cunt. A bit breathless, she tried to ignore that tickle. “Well, maybe I”m not exactly flat-chested, after all! But we both have to admit your tits are nicer. And those nipples! They”re just scrumptious!” Her thumbs flicked across Joyce”s tautened peaks, making them quiver.

Joyce trembled, her cunt gushing with heated pleasure. Dimly she realized they made a wicked spectacle — standing here holding each other”s tits, for God”s sake! But the creamy ooze of warmth deep in her pussy more than made up for the awkwardness of the situation. She eased forward, and her brown thick cunt bush lightly entangled with Sharon”s gold one.

Their pussies bumped together, and this time it was Sharon”s turn to gasp in flooding realization that they were both getting more turned on than was good for them.

“I… I think we”re cool enough now, don”t you?” her voice trembled slightly, and she couldn”t seem to relinquish her hold on those lovely mammoth tits.

“Are we?” Joyce”s eyes twinkled with new mischief, her embarrassment sweeping away in a burst of horny juices. “I don”t know about you, but I”m getting warmer than ever! And since you”re the one who started this, it would only serve you right if you got a little hot too!”

With a malicious expression she rubbed her cunt hard against Sharon”s fleecy pussy, and her blue eyes flew wide.

“Joyce — oh… you bitch! You”re doing that on purpose!”

They smiled at each other in playful horniness, tingling pussies grinding together and tits mashing to tits. Allowing herself to be caught up in a tide of sensual naughtiness, Sharon gave her sister-in-law”s giant nips a sharp tweak.

They twanged out between her fingers, and the brunette hissed.

“Ohhhh, you! Now who”s being a bitch! And I can certainly go one better, since you insist!”

Suddenly she pulled one of Sharon”s jutting tits to her mouth and bit down on its pink, flared bud.


Sharon squealed, her pained lurch shoving their cunts together even harder.

It was just a game. They were merely two hot, tired, horny women horsing around in front of the opened refrigerator, neither of them really concerned that it was anything more than that.

But with that hard fluttering nipple clenched between her teeth, Joyce couldn”t resist a flick of her tongue.

Sharon gasped, and Joyce fucked again.

“Oh… ohhh, stop it! I give up!”

She tried to pull her tortured tit away, but Joyce”s teeth held it tight. “Oh, no you don”t! Not until I”ve had enough!”

With that muffled warning she began to tongue the young woman”s nipple furiously, lapping its hard, captive tit to even greater stiffness.

“Please… ohhh please, that… that”s killing me!”

Sharon wailed, creaming wildly. Instead of pulling back, her shoulder arched forward as if of its own accord. More and more of her tit crushed to Joyce”s lips, and the brunette purred. “Uhhhmmm!”

Neither of them quite knew when she ceased to bite and started to suck. But a moment later she found her lips engulfing that juicy stiff nipple in a smacking vacuum, and Sharon”s fingers were tangling in her hair and pulling her head down for more.


Joyce had never sucked another woman”s tit before — had never even dreamed of doing such a thing in her wildest imagination. But now she gobbled at the rosy pink spike that pushed between her lips, sucking on it just as if she”d done it a thousand times before.

“Oh, no-o-o-o!” Sharon cooed back, torn between inhibition and cunt-burning arousal. “No, you”re — ahhhh! — you”re driving me crazy like that! I give up, I… give… up!”

She melted against the older woman in a twitching frenzy of surrender, her tit throbbing with an ache that soared all the way down to her dripping pussy.

When Joyce at last released the slick, blotted nipple, it was with a slightly harsh, knowing laugh. “Oh no you don”t, lover. You… you don”t get out of calling me names that easily! I”m going to have you screaming for help before I”m finished — ad that”s a promise!”

With those ominous words she began to lick and kiss her way down across Sharon”s trim, rippling tummy, right to the fringe of her dew spumed cuntfur. Her lips pushed into that blonde matted fleece, and her tongue darted and plunged.

“Ohhhh, you bitch!”

Sharon gave a little wail, and her legs slid apart. No longer even pretending to resist, she let the waves of delight wash through her sopping cunt without embarrassment. Her pussy arched, and Joyce”s probe dipped along its creased cleavage.

For the first time in her life Joyce tasted another woman”s pussy. The flavor was thick and musky, rolling over her tongue in a heady drool. Her tongue slid over a surprisingly large clit.

Before she quite knew it Joyce was eating her sister-in-law out. Working both clit and cunthole, she slithered her tongue across the wet strumming bud and deep between her snug, well-fitting pussylips. She knelt on the kitchen floor, squirming between her wide-spread thighs and craning her head up for better contact, her soft, full lips plunge into Sharon”s spongy cunt moss and her tongue jabbed hard and fast.


Panting, Sharon began to hunch the woman”s face. Blasts of sensation like nothing she”d ever quite known before ripped through her, and within moments she was writhing down on Joyce”s tongue and fondling her own flopping tits in harsh, urgent squeezes, soaring to a peak suspiciously like an orgasm.

“Fucking bitch, eat me!” she cried, humping frantically. “Do your worst, do it — yes, faster! Tongue my pussy, cunt! Drink up my juices, ohhh, yes! More, give it to me all the way! Deeper, baby, deeperrrrr! Aaaaggghhh!”

Her cunt muscles squeezed violently onto Joyce”s jabbing tongue, and floods of cunt cream streamed down her face.

Abruptly Sharon collapsed. In a slow-motion tumble she sank atop Joyce in a delicious heap, sprawling them both on the kitchen floor. Joyce was caught by surprise and her legs splayed wide.

Sharon dove between them. Her own glistening, wet tongue shot straight into the gaping brown furred cunt beneath her, and stabbed between the oily, puffed cuntlips.


Joyce was the one who cried out this time, as her cunt was viciously lashed into a creaming lather by the writhing young blonde.

They clung to each other, sobbing and moaning in a mutual frenzy of sheer unleashed delight. Their tongues lunged in eager unison, and in the next instant both were hunching and slurping in frantic crescendo.


Their mouths were plastered to each other”s cunt and their tongues stabbed furiously. They climaxed in a rippling chain of orgasms that had both their bodies surging together, soaking up every blast.

Joyce had never come like this before. Firecrackers exploded in her cunt. Her thighs clenched about Sharon”s head, and her hips rolled up as that pink eager tongue slid hungrily in and out of her, the blonde”s pussy thrashing as well.

And unlike the final searing blast of an erupting cock, this climax never quite seemed to end. It merely dwindled to twinges of ecstatic release that kept them groaning even after their legs unlocked each other”s head, and each woman gasped breathlessly into the pussy hovering at her lips.

“Ohhh, my God!” Joyce managed, licking her slickened lips.

“Mmmmm…” Sharon”s answer was an enraptured purr, her full mouth drifting across the brunette”s drenched cunt in dazed appreciation.

Her tongue slipped out, delicately trailing along Joyce”s inflamed lips and flicking up the juices that still leaked from her.

Hardly aware of what she was doing, Sharon licked across her sister-in-law”s pussy crevice. Her tongue tip located the moist puckered rim of Joyce”s ass, and wiggled into it as well.

Joyce gave a fresh gasp, then smiled hazily and panted her approval. “Yes, yes, that”s just what I want! That”s the kind of apology I need — eat my ass, lover! Stick your tongue up my asshole and lick it out! Tell me you”re sorry, honey! Do it!”

Urged by that horny voice, Sharon automatically obeyed. Her tongue worked in deeper between the tight pink lips. It pushed in, further and further. Tasting the inner recesses of the other woman completely, Sharon was twitching afresh.

At the same time greedy fingers rippled over Sharon”s cunt. They pulled her filmed asscheeks wide apart, exposing the entire slash of her pussy and ass all inflamed and dripping with mingled juices and saliva. Her snug, gold-fringed cunthole gaped open, and shining hot liquids leaked out.

This was an experience neither of them had ever known before, and they both wanted to take full advantage of it while they could.

Joyce plunged three fingers up the blonde”s pussy and began to pump.


Sharon gave a stifled scream, her tongue slamming up that tight, clenched asshole like a wildly wiggling worm.

“Now… now who”s the bitch?” Joyce moaned triumphantly, cramming her fingers hard into the younger woman”s cunt. “Who”s my little asssucking bitch, Sharon? Lick it up good… ahhh, that”s it! Now come and eat my titties, just like I did yours!”

Her tongue slid free, and she cried out. “Muhh — ohhh, fuck that”s sweet! Stick me…”

Whimpering ecstatically, taking great care not to dislodge the fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, she twisted around. Her mouth slurped over Joyce”s huge tits, first one and then the other and back again.

By now they were both gasping and arching once more. When Sharon”s eager fingers suddenly shoved deep up Joyce”s snatch, it hardly came as a surprise.

She sank atop the brunette. Their wet mouths fastened, tongues clashing and fingers plowing in and out of each other”s cunt. Their pussies twisted together in mutual rhythm, blonde fur intertwining with brown matted curls. Slick thighs tautened in unison, and pussy creams melted together.

Within moments they were humping and arching and sobbing on the floor in frenzied bliss as fingers plunged wetly to cunts and tits smashed against tits in frantic, lurching joy.

“Muhhhh — my God, yesss!” Joyce squealed, spasming up. “You sweet — fucking little — bitch! Give it to me, give it to me good! Fuck me! Fuck me — eeeeee!”

She wailed and pumped the blonde”s little cunt all the more eagerly as fresh orgasm went tearing through her, in bursts of pure rapture.

At the same time Sharon hunched down and shuddered on the other woman”s hand, coming as well. “Ahhhh — aaahhmm!”

They plunged together, climaxing in surge after surge of uninhibited release. Their cunt-stabbing fingers didn”t stop until every renewed twinge of completion had been soaked from them both.

At last it was Sharon who collapsed atop her writhing sister-in-law, sated and moaning. “Ohhhhh, oh Joyce that was nice, so fucking nice… ahhhhnnn…”

Dazed and intoxicated by her own unleashed hungers, she barely heard Joyce”s hoarse giggle.

“And to think we almost spent the whole day shopping! My God, that would”ve been such a waste… oooohh…”

At the moment, Sharon couldn”t have agreed more.


The next morning was crisp and beautiful — the perfect start of a new life.

Joyce sighed and stretched deliciously in the cascading sunlight, her groans rising soft and happy on the morning air.

“Ahhhh — oh yes, darling, nice and slow like that, oooh!”

Sliding his prick in and out of his mother”s cunt with practiced ease, Will grunted. “Like this, Mom? Uhhhh! Oh shit, your pussy”s squeezing me too good, I”m gonna come if you keep that up! Yeah… ahhh, yeah, that”s lots better!”

His massive young cock slithered out to the very rim of its greasy bulbed head, then back again to its base. He used long, lazy strokes that fucked her with every lush inch of his cock meat, the way she liked best first thing in the morning.

Will hardly ever slept in his own room anymore. So much had happened the past week that neither of them tried to keep up the slightest pretense. His mom was like a whole different person — hell, it was all he could do to keep up with her! She was always ready to fuck, so much so that he hadn”t seen any of his friends in days, and couldn”t even remember the last time he”d gone swimming.

Not that he minded of course. But still… a guy can”t stay with his mom all the time, can he?

Her hands drifted up to clutch his asscheeks, interrupting his train of thought.

“Now faster… yehhs, yes faster like that. Uhhhmmm…”

Her hips began to arch in response. Will pistoned his cock to her with short hard stabs now. His balls slapped against her ass, and a tingle surged through them.

She sensed that, and arched faster. “Oh God, that”s it! Make me come, baby. Make me come nice and long while I suck the cream right out of you! Yes, more, morrrre! I”m-I”m coming! Aaaaaah!”

Her pussy squeezed down on his lunging cock with growing friction, and he gasped. It was like being sucked off by a greedy mouth, the way her cunt muscles slurped onto his pumping shaft and squeezed so tight his eyes bulged. Ripples of ecstasy tremored through her voluptuous body, little earthquakes that swelled until she was bouncing eagerly, her ass hunching off the bed and big tits smashing up against his chest.

Orgasm erupted in her, and she screamed.

“Now! Stuff it in me now lover! Now — owwwwooohhh!”

She soared up, twisting furiously.

“Uhh — unnnhh.”

With every ounce of strength Will slammed down to meet her, shoving his prick all the way up her seething pussy. He let out a long groan, and his load blasted.


Joyce cried out with delirious wrenching joy as its hot thick syrup spurted up her cunt channel, flooding all through her until she overflowed. She hunched for every drop, climaxing in a sweet frenzy until at last her son slumped between her widespread legs, drained.

“Ohhh Mommm…”

Twitching and gasping, he kissed her smothering tits and gave them each a few lingering flicks of his tongue, his cock still splattering its last little bursts of dew into her pussy.

Joyce was in heaven. Her whole life had turned around in the past days, as if she were a totally new woman. It had engulfed her brother and her son, and even her young sister-in-law. And she couldn”t have been happier.

“Oh baby, that was good… you”re getting better every day, darling! Uhmmm, just think if that keeps up how good you”ll be fucking me by the end of summer! All it takes is practice, lots and lots of practice…”

“Ohhh, damn!”

Joyce breathed out a gasp of frustration as Will”s prick slid from her bloated cunt.

“You want me to get it, Mom?”

“No, I will. You just stay right here, young man. I”m not done with you yet. We can still squeeze in another lesson before lunch, you know!”

She squirmed out from under him and caught up a fluffy blue night robe, slipping it on as she went down to answer the bell.

“Oh Jeez…”

Will sank on the bed, hating to admit that he was glad for the chance to sneak a few moments rest. Shit, it was beginning to look like his mom was never gonna get enough!

He almost dozed off, then snapped awake with the realization that several minutes had passed and she still hadn”t come back.

Growing curious as to just what was keeping her, he rose and left the bedroom, stepping quietly out into the hallway.

The moment he entered the hall, Will heard the voices of his Uncle Ted and Aunt Sharon coming faintly from the living room.

Not quite able to make out their words, Will slipped to the landing. Then he heard what Uncle Ted was saying, and froze. “… told her everything, Joyce. I had to, I couldn”t help it. You”ve got to understand why — I just couldn”t keep it from her!”

“Oh my God!” His mother”s voice, sounded strange, choked.

“Please Joyce, don”t be shocked.” This time Aunt Sharon spoke, her voice pleading. “It”s all right. Ted and I spent all last night discussing this, going over and over it. I… I had something to confess too, you know! I gave him all the details.”

“Oh… my God.” Now his mom”s voice sounded as if it was on the verge of tears, overwhelmed by what they”d told her. “What”ve I done? I… I couldn”t help myself! I just… couldn”t!”

Whatever the hell was going on down there, it wasn”t having a very good effect. Frowning, perplexed, Will crept down the stair steps until he could peer into the living room where they were.

His mother sat on the couch, her face in her hands. Both Uncle Ted and Aunt Sharon hovered over her, faces strained and concerned.

“Come on Joyce, don”t take it like that.” Uncle Ted reached out and gently squeezed her shoulder. “The point is that we both talked it out. Secrets can ruin a marriage faster than anything. Now that Sharon knows what happened the other night on the porch, that you and I fucked…”

Will”s eyes bulged!

“… and I know what you women were up to with each other yesterday…”

They bulged wider.

“… then that aren”t any more secrets to keep. That”s why we came over here. To clear the air once and for all, so we can stay a family.”

His mom and Uncle Ted?

His mom… and Aunt Sharon?

Will was aghast. There seemed to be a lot going on under his own roof that he”d never, even suspected. His mom and… ohh, slit!

“I don”t know why I did it.” Joyce spoke up then, her voice quivering. “Everything… everything seemed to just happen, and I couldn”t stop it.”

“We both know that. Believe me, we do.” Uncle Ted knelt, lifting her tear-filmed face in his hands. “It happened to us all, didn”t it? What we really came here to say is that, well, living in this big old house all alone, just the two of you, I mean.”

“What my husband is trying to say in that funny way of his,” Aunt Sharon broke in with a little smile, “is that we want you and Will to come and live with us. We want to be a real family, with no more secrets between us.”

Joyce was taken totally by surprise.

For that matter, so was Will. He gaped, openmouthed. Go live with his aunt and uncle? That was crazy! Wasn”t it?

Stunned, he hardly knew what to think.

And obviously, neither did his mom.

“Come and live with you? Sharon, are you serious? After… after what you know, what you both know…”

“That”s just the point,” Ted answered with a smile. “It”s time we all faced up to the facts. We”re still a family and the only way to stay like that, is to take things head-on. Believe me, Sharon and I have dashed this out for hours, and it”s the only answer for all of us. I mean, that, Sis.”

He held her face cupped in his hands, and even from his position Will could see his uncle was totally in earnest.

“Please Joyce, think about it.” Sharon took over then, settling on the couch beside her sister-in-law and placing a gentle arm across her shoulder. “It would be the best thing all around for you and Will, and… and maybe the best thing for Ted and me, too. Darling, we both love you. Say yes, please.”

Joyce turned to look at her, not knowing quite what to say. The two women”s eyes locked, both bright and shining.

Abruptly Sharon leaned forward and kissed her. It was a sisterly kiss, a brief touching of lips to relay the sincerity of her words.

But as their lips came together, the kiss lingered. Joyce gave a small purr, and her mouth eased open.

Sharon”s tongue darted inside it.

One of the women groaned, Will couldn”t quite make out which. Astonished, he watched their tongues clash as the kiss grew more urgent, less sisterly.

“There, that”s better.” It was Ted who spoke, his voice pleased. “Lots better, now that we all understand each other…”

His hands reached out and delicately pulled the loose flaps of Joyce”s night robe apart, baring her brown-fuzzed pussy.

Overwhelmed by the whole spectacle, Will stood agog as his mother leaned back on the couch, still crushing her mouth to Sharon”s. Her legs eased open, and Uncle Ted”s hand slid between them. Her cunt gash was all pink and wet, flaring slickly before his stare just as his uncle”s fingers covered it.

Joyce gave a soft low moan as a finger snuggled into her glistening pussy, and reached for the buttons of Sharon”s blouse.

The surprises were coming thick and fast, one after another. In his wildest experiences of the past week Will had been prepared for nothing like what he was seeing now. Sharon”s blouse gaped open, and she wasn”t wearing a bra. His mother”s hands slipped inside it and hefted out a big bare tit, its nipple spiked and fat.

Joyce broke off the kiss. Her head craned down and the pink thrusting spire slipped between her eager lips.

“Ohhh, yesss!” The blonde gave a pleased gasp, arching forward. “Yes darling, take my titty, take every bit of it! You can have anything you want, just as long as it”s with us… ahhh!”

If he”d had any doubts about the things he”d heard so far, Will quickly lost them as he watched his mom suck Aunt Sharon”s tit, her attractive face mashed to that swollen out thrusting tit and her cheeks drawing in around it in a vise, milking at it with hungry little slurps.

Meanwhile her legs had spread wide apart, the robe slowly sliding from her shoulders as she arched to the plunges of Uncle Ted”s finger. Smiling, he moved between her thighs and knelt lower. His finger plopped out of her cunt all wet and glistening, to be replaced by his tongue.


She groaned and sucked on Sharon”s tit even harder, sprawling on the couch with her legs flung wide and Uncle Ted”s face buried in her pussy.


Sharon purred as Joyce twisted between them, her robe now lying in a crumpled heap beneath her. She tugged the blonde”s blouse off entirely, then grasped the elastic band of her slacks and began to peel them down.

Will watched mesmerized as it all happened. His aunt leaned back, Joyce”s mouth fastened to a big tingling nipple, as her slacks were inched down across her ripe round hips. And all the time Uncle Ted was slurping noisily at his mom”s twat, shoving his tongue deep into her steamy juicepot and swallowing the floods of cream that poured out. He was working at his shirt and trousers too, not missing a single tongue-stroke.

Just moments later they were all three stark nude, their clothes strewn across the living room floor. Uncle Ted”s prick thrashed up bare and throbbing and enormous as he mouthed Joyce”s pussy more greedily than ever, making her hips arch. At the same time she was forcing Sharon back onto the couch until her legs flailed apart, exposing the gold-fleeced slash of her dripping mouth-like pussy and its hooded clit, now oily and puffed with arousal.

He got a good long look at his aunt”s cunt as Joyce lifted her face, letting the stiff slick nipple slide from between her lips.

“Oh God, I can”t stand it! Eat me Ted, eat me you sweet fucking bastard while I give your wife some of the same! Yes, oh yesss that”s it! Ohh, fu — uhhhmmm…”

She dove, her face plunging into Sharon”s sopping cunt and her tongue lashing along its lathered creases for the rich, heady juices that gushed out.

Will couldn”t believe it. Even though it was happening right in front of him he couldn”t believe what he was seeing. His mom twisted on the couch, her mouth smacking urgently against Sharon”s cunt and her own pussy thrashing up to Ted”s lips as he drove his tongue in and out of her, picking up speed.

It wasn”t long at all before the three of them were a tangle of sensations, Joyce writhing between her two lovers with unleashed glee at their unexpected behavior.

“Muhhm — uhhmniff!”

She hunched and lapped furiously, moaning for more.

Suddenly Ted pulled his head back and grabbed her undulating hips. He pulled her about so that her knees struck the floor in a crouch without interrupting the plunges of her tongue into the blonde”s cunt.

“Yeah, that”s nice.” His voice was a rumble as he moved behind her, positioning his inflamed prick at the soaked rim of her flared pussy mouth. “Now you”re getting the hang of things real nice, and I know just what it”ll take to really convince you we mean business. Like some of this — ahhhh!”


She wailed delightedly as his thickened cockmeat pushed into her, sliding up her melting cunt sheath as if they were made for each other. Its huge pulsing length slithered home, and he began to hunch back and forth with long thorough strokes, dipping every inch of his prick in and out of her cunt with the kind of loving completeness that only a brother could know.

Her hips wiggled with ecstasy. She pumped back on his prick, slapping her tongue up Sharon”s downy cunt with even more furious stabs.

Taken all at once, it was more than Will could handle. He just stood on the stairs and stared as his mom reeled back and forth, fucking herself on Uncle Ted”s cock and eating Aunt Sharon”s pussy with obvious expertise.

When she came, it was with a sense of lunges that had all three of them groaning and humping and spasming to climax, their bodies merging in mutual abandon as Joyce let out a long stifled scram of explosion.


“Aaaannnnnh!” Sharon cried out, reaching up to her sister-in-law”s face with oblivious orgasm.

Ted dammed his prick deep into her cunt then, and groaned loudly. “Uuuuuhhhh…”

His load of cream spurted up her cunt in a thick geysering arc, and she pounded back for more. Its hot, thready jets flooded her cunt, driving her to heights of completion that had her careening between them, until at last she slumped drained and sated to the floor.


Twitching and gasping with a glazed, happy expression, Joyce lay there in an enraptured heap.

It was more than Will could stand. His cock was soaring up all over again, demanding action.

Dazed, almost as if in a dream, he found himself heading down the stairs toward the three of them, his tone husky and cracked.

“Jee-zus Uncle Ted, what the hell”s going on here?”

They all looked around at the unexpected sound of his voice.

As if he”d known all along that his nephew had been watching, Ted grinned. “Well well, look who finally showed up! We”re just renewing some family bonds, Son. And you”re part of the family to, you know. Want to join the party?”

Despite his astonishment, Will couldn”t hide the fact that he was more than willing to do just that. His prick bobbed in the air like a thrusting spear, and even his gasped reply couldn”t disguise that.

“I… uh, oh shit, you really — ohhh, shit!”

He was absolutely speechless at his uncle”s offer. However, Aunt Sharon made the decision for him. She twisted around on the couch and lay with her blonde-fringed pussy gaping wide open, all sweaty with juices and winking in blatant enticement.

“Yes, I think he does.” Her voice was a husky giggle. “Come here, Will. Don”t be shy — none of us are keeping any secrets today! Let”s show Ted just what you”ve been up to lately, shall we? And would you please hurry up? I”m dying for some of diet sweet, precious cock, while you stand there.”

Her invitation did the job. The next thing he knew Will was scuttling forward and climbing between his aunt”s out flung legs, only vaguely aware that his uncle was watching the whole thing.

His cockhead plunged between Sharon”s sopping cuntlips, and she arched up with a delighted groan.

“Ohhh, that”s it! That”s what I need, fuck it to me! Fuck it — to — meeee!”

Her wet willing pussy stretched easily around his cockmeat, swallowing inch after inch as it sank into her.

“Nuuh — oh yeah, yeah!” Will hissed breathlessly and began to pump, wiggling between her outstretched legs like an eager puppy.

Sharon purred and arched to meet his plunges, caught up in the boldest exhibition of her life. Ted had always enjoyed the little shows she put on, and this time was no different. Her blue eyes caught sight of him hovering not far away and taking in the whole spectacle of his nephew”s prick sliding into her greased slippery cunthole, a small knowing grin on his face. That had come as a shock in itself — when she”d admitted her sessions with Will, but instead of the anger she”d expected Ted had only chuckled and shook his head.

“That boy!” he muttered.

Now, with Will”s cock slamming in and out of her cunt with hard, urgent jabs, she put on her wildest show yet. Her legs flew about his waist, and she concentrated on fucking the teenager with a vengeance.

“Ummh, oh yes baby, yes! Fuck me, fuck me good and hard! Ohhh, owwwooooh!”

The couch squeaked, and Will lunged all the faster.

Ted was watching so intently that he wasn”t aware of Joyce stirring beside him until she squirmed around on her stomach and grasped his limp, wet cock, murmuring in a small, insatiable voice.

“Oh God, you big cunt-fucking bastard! I love your prick, Teddy bear, I love it!”

Delirious with a freedom she”d never even suspected in herself before, Joyce craned her head up and covered his limp dangling prick with her mouth. Her tongue glided over its large smoothness, lapping at the mixture of pussy juice and cock-cream that filmed it and rolling its red knobbed head between her lips with hungry suction.

He couldn”t keep his eyes on the show on the couch with his big sister sprawled between his thighs, gulping at his softened prick as if it was the last one on earth.

With a sound almost like a sigh Ted collapsed back on the floor in a sitting position as Joyce snuggled between his hairy legs, her mouth engulfing his shaft and long brown hair fanning across his stomach.

Her head bobbed up and down, working his cockhead again as she cupped and squeezed his balls in a gentle milking motion that had him twitching.

“Oh yeah, yeah, Sis, that”s good… ahhhh…”

Watching his wife bounce on the couch with Will”s young prick stabbing into her, Ted kit his own cock nudge up, swelling and blossoming in Joyce”s warm, snug vise, until it was at full throbbing attention.


Joyce”s moan mingled with Sharon”s little cry as she reeled up in a frenzy onto her nephew”s pistoning prick, rippling to renewed climax.

“Ohhh — oh fucking baby, do it to me good! Make me come, you little bastard! Make me come hard — now, ohh nowwww! Now — ooowwwhh…”

She shrieked and flailed as Will plummeted his cock to her, groaning hoarsely.

His pent-up blast of jism jetted up his aunt”s cunt and the two of them thrashed in a furor of mutual release as she took it all, snapping her pussy muscles around his convulsing prick and soaking it dry of hot flooding cream.

It was as they twitched with breathless completion that Ted clutched his sister”s head to urge her on, his face taking on an expression of revived pleasure.

“That”s it, Joyce. Oh Christ, you know how to do it! Suck me, yeah suck me real good, ahhh!”

His thighs went taut, and Joyce slid her head up and down with increased intensity as she felt his load of jizz boil up in his balls, threatening to explode at any moment.

When it did, she plunged down to take the full length of his cock up her throat.

“Unnnh!” Ted surged up, shooting his fresh load of cum into her mouth with an ecstatic groan.

She gobbled it up, cooing and swallowing as spurt after spurt of steamy liquid fountained between her lips. She kept sucking until it was drained, her tongue collecting every little glob until her brother”s prick was thoroughly used up.

Then she rolled away, her dark, glittering eyes falling on the couple who lay gasping and watching from the couch.

“Come here, baby. Come to Momma, where you belong. I want to fuck, and I want your cock in me right this moment before I scream! Hurry baby, hurry!”

In spite of his weariness, Will couldn”t help but obey. He slipped from his aunt”s arms. His cock flopped limply from her cunt, bobbing and soaked as he scampered to the floor where his mother waited.

Just as he was clambering between her open legs Joyce pushed him onto his back and rose abruptly to a straddling position over him. Her fingers groped for his used prick and stuffed it into her heated pussy, until it was completely captured inside her.

“Ohhh, oh God that feels so fucking good!” In a haze of utter sensuality Joyce see-sawed atop her son, sloshing big soft cock around in her cunthole as her juices spewed over his stomach and balls, drenching them. She leaned forward, wedging his prick in her, and shoved her mammoth tits at his face.

“Suck me! Fuck me and suck me the way I really like it, show us all just what you do best! Ohhh, yesss! That”s it, that”s just right… ahhhh!”

One large distended nipple pushed between his lips and Will clamped his teeth around it in a chewing grip as his well-used prick slowly began to expand in his mom”s cunt, tugged back to life by her expertly squeezing cunt muscles.

It was like being caught in some crazy dream. His aunt and uncle were watching without the slightest hint of shock as his mom reeled atop him, fucking his prick to hardness and smothering him with one of her giant tits.

And it seemed like the party had only just begun. Uncle Ted moved then, grinning. His cock was lolling as well, used up by the two insatiable women. But that didn”t stop him from positioning himself behind Joyce and placing his inflamed cockhead against her small puckered asshole, chuckling as he pushed it easily between those tight poached lips.

“Well, it looks like we”re finally beginning to understand each other around here. That”s a good beginning. And if we”re going to be a real family for a change, it”s time we started doing things together. You don”t mind that, do you, babe?”

His slickened prick slid deep into Joyce”s asshole and she moaned.

“Unnnhhh, oh God please! That feels so nice, stuff it in my ass! Fuck my ass and cunt, you sweet bastards! I want to fuck, I… wanna fuck, wanna fuck! Ohhhhh, yehhhsss!”

Both their pricks began to awaken in the tight twin sheaths that stretched around them. Joyce careened on her hands and knees, more crammed with cock than she”d ever been in her life.

And as those two pricks slowly rose to full length inside her, she wailed.

“Oh my fucking sweet lovers, that”s so good! Cram me, cram me good! I need your fucking, don”t ever stop! More, morrre! Aaaannnh!”

Ted began to pump, easing his engorged cock in and out of her reamed asshole with long, leisurely strokes. Will hunched up, sucking hungrily at his mom”s tit as he shoved his cock up her tightened pussy.

And Sharon, not one to be left out now that her own inhibitions had been completely shed, joined in as well. She slipped from the couch and crouched between her husband”s thighs, nuzzling forward until her pink darting tongue slipped eagerly along her sister-in-law”s stuffed cunt and the two veined cocks that buried themselves inside her. Juices poured from Joyce”s cunt, and she lapped them up. One hand leaped between her thighs, and three fingers shoved up her blonde cunt without the least bit of effort.

That was all it took to make the four of them a heaving, moaning mass of rapturous sensations, the two men sliding their hardened cocks into Joyce”s clenched holes as Sharon knelt tonguing them on, lapping fuzzed balls and stuffed pussy and vanishing cock-lengths as she reeled onto her own fingers, twiddling her over large clit like a marble. It was the wildest experience Will had yet known, and he dove in with a fury. Gnawing his mom”s fat nipple and digging his young cock up her pussy, he met Uncle Ted”s downward thrusts to a perfection that impaled her completely. His mom shuddered and squealed and heaved, getting the fucking of her life. His aunt”s darting tongue wormed into his ass crease and urged him on, dipping and gliding in an effort to taste everything at once.

It was fantastic. It was the best yet. They seemed to entangle like that for endless hours, until his mom was screaming. She flailed like a butterfly pinned between her two men. Then she screamed, climaxing in a series of frantic undulations that fucked both their cocks to her with ramming stabs.

“Ggggaaannnhhh! Uuuuunnnnggggh…”

Her cunt smashed down wetly on his cock and Will couldn”t hold back. His cum shot up his mother”s twisting pussy in long syrupy threads, one after another.

Right behind him, Uncle Ted grunted. His load geysered as well, deep into the taut channel of her ass. She cried out in sheer joy, arching to take both those spurting cocks at once.

Aunt Sharon was mewling as well, finger fucking herself to a peak of bliss as she licked up the thick splatters of cum and cunt creams that seeped from their enmeshed bodies. Her husband”s jizz slid down her throat, along with her nephew”s warm, thick ooze and Joyce”s frothing juices.

They thrashed and twitched in a horny foursome, orgasm tearing through them all.

And they didn”t stop until Joyce finally sank atop her son, totally and deliciously fucked to a daze of sheer bliss unlike anything she”d even hoped possible.

“Ohhhh, babyyyyy…” she crooned, clinging to Will”s supple young body. “So good, it”s going to be so good from now on, just wait and see… aaahhhm…”

Ted and Sharon smiled it each other. They”d gotten their answer, and the honesty their marriage needed.

And it looked like Will had gotten a new home. Now his mom wouldn”t be lonely again, with his aunt and uncle to look after her. Now he could have some time to himself when he wanted it.

And a whole family when he didn”t.

That didn”t sound so bad. Hell, that didn”t sound so bad at all! Practically the whole summer lay ahead, and it looked like it was, going to be a busy one. Real busy, between Mom and Aunt Sharon…

Will grinned, looking forward to it.