The seduction of Joyce

Already the room permeated with the smell of sex and the strong musky
odor that emanated from Joyce’s parted and swollen vagina. Joyce lay
on the bed and stretched her arms over her head so that both men could
lay next to her and be held. Her legs were parted and she wanted to be
filled by both of them. She had already climaxed when they first
sucked her breasts, and she was very close now as the men climbed in
along side of her. John pulled the covering back over them and joined
Richard in kissing the sides of her neck. Both men in unison found a
swollen breast and squeezed the nipples until they were erect. She
thrust her chest out to the nipple manipulations, making sucking
sounds with her mouth, bidding them to feed on her.

Each breast was
pulled into a wet tonguing mouth and the sucking became harder and
more urgent. Two hands moved down her belly and found the parted wet
spot between her legs. She climaxed again before either hand touched
her. The breast sucking had become intense. John and Richard with
their free hand had squeezed the breasts upward and had sucked in more
than half it’s volume. The erect nipples were rubbing on the rough
back of the tongue of each man and for every sucking motion exquisite
sensations flooded her chest. Fingers found parted wet lips and began
to trace the vaginal outline. While one finger penetrated the open and
wet wound, the other fingers found the clitoris. As a finger slid
deftly inside she parted her legs fully and again sent climatic fluids
from her violated and fully swollen opening. The breast sucking
continued and a thumb and forefinger gently squeezed and rubbed her
clitoral button, pulling back it’s hood to expose it’s sensitivity.
The finger inside moved in and out in time with the sucking motions at
her breasts, her button was rubbed and pushed, and the waves of
climatic release continued. Her buttocks were wet from the constant
discharge of fluids from her engorged and parted pleasure hole. Just
when she thought she might pass out a mouth dislodged itself from her
left breast and quickly moved down her stomach to her clitoris. The
mouth immediately sucked the button in to a flicking tongue producing
the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. She literally cried
out with pleasure as the other breast was released and lips met hers
in a passionate kiss filled with noise and urgency.

She twisted away
from the embrace and pleaded that she wanted to be taken and filled
with their manlyhood. Take me she cried, and each of you fill me with
passion and seed. Both men responded to the urgency. Richard lay back
on the bed and John carefully lifted Joyce’s body to his. She was laid
on Richard with her back on his chest. He would have to enter her from
behind. He was long enough and she was definitely sufficiently wet to
make entry easy. John gently opened Joyce’s legs wider and guided
Richard’s erect member to the fully opened vagina. A single thrust and
Richard penetrated her to his full extension. Joyce organismed
immediately and began thrashing violently to move the penetrated penis
inside her, while Richard grabbed hold of her pointed breasts to hold
her to him. John knelt between their open legs and rubbed Joyce’s
stomach and pubic mound. Richard turned Joyce’s head to position her
mouth over his. With each new thrust Joyce cried out through tightly
locked mouths. She found Richard’s tongue and sucked violently in
tempo with his deep thrusts. Richard would withdraw until the head of
his hard penis almost dislodged itself from her inflamed opening, and
then violently thrust it in fully. John manipulated her clitoris with
circular rubbing motions and pushed gently on her mound. Locked in
this bouncing and thrusting passion, with Joyce experiencing one
continuous orgasm, Richard let go his spurting load inside her, with
volcanic eruption. He squirted load after load of hot jism deep inside
her private recesses. This continued for several minutes, with spasms
and twitching from both of them well after the ejaculate has ceased.
John quickly moved to lift Joyce from Richard and lay her back to the
cool sheets, her legs still widely spread, showing the opened vagina
now swollen and stretched and continuing to ooze a combination of her
juices and Richard’s ejaculate. She was still gyrating her hips to the
climatic tempo when John placed the head of his enormous dripping
penis at the opening to Joyce’s pink hole and pushed gently. The head
of the penis slipped and stopped at the glands major ridge. He
withdrew and reentered. This time Joyce responded with an upward
thrust and the blood engorged penis went in. She cried out and John
thought it was from pain, but her arms grasped his buttocks and pulled
him deeper inside her. John withdrew back to the head and gently
reentered to a new depth of penetration. Joyce cried out again in
climatic pleasure. She was getting wetter again, providing the
necessary lubrication for a full depth thrust. Richard massaged a
breasts and placed a finger at the opening of her puckered rectum.
Joyce’s hands reached between her legs to hold the enormous member and
feel it as it violated her exposed hole. Once more John withdrew to
the ridge on the red swollen head. An inward forceful thrust achieved
full penetration and his member was sunk deep within the hole to the
base of it’s shaft. She was filled and she began another series of
spasmodic organisms, each increasing over the previous. John began a
steady motion of long thrusts penetrating her fully each time. The
penis was sufficiently large to exert pressure and rubbing of her
clitoris, further stimulating the waves of passion. Richard teased her
rectal opening, now fully wet with escaping juices from her dripping
vagina. His finger carefully slipped in to the first digit. Johns
deep pushes increased in tempo and together they worked to mutual
climax. Joyce’s urgency to be filled with hot spurting jism again
translated easily to John who received the internal messages directly
into his thrusting penis. When John released his load deep into Joyce,
it was totally unexpected in volume, it’s violent discharge was felt
by innermost places never before touched. He shot deep within her and
she shuttered with explosive orgasms to match his spurting cum. Spurt
after spurt shot in her and she thought it would never end. John’s
erect member twitched upward with each shooting discharge loading her
with fluid that now began to squirt outward past the engorged and
fully lodged penis. Joyce felt the penis that had impaled her with her
fingers and squeezed it not quite believing it was all inside her. As
John began a careful withdrawal from the now tender opening, fluids
began pouring out, running down over her rectal opening. Still in her
throes of climax, still bucking wildly, Richard entered her gaping
and stretched orifice, her legs still widely opened. Richard lowered
his hairless chest against hers and locked Joyce in a tight embrace ,
squeezing her arms tight against her sides. Joyce’s hands reached
under her own buttocks and held each check while Richard rymmatically
stroked his erect member in and out of her arched pelvis. The rymthm
slowly increased it’s tempo and both interlocked lovers matched
thrusts. Richard withdrew from her quickly, and watched while Joyce’s
pelvis continued to pump an invisible lover.