Julia’s Birthday by Lyceka (M+F oral anal)

It was Julia’s birthday. I asked her if there was anything she
would really like. Half jokingly she said more dick would be

She had been on a diet and was looking very sexy. Although even
when she was bigger she always knew what to do. (and where to put
it). On the night of her birthday we were at home talking about
one thing and another, just small talk between husband and wife.
I glanced at the clock on the video. It was nearing ten.

“Do you fancy a walk?” I asked.

“What, take the dog out? At this time?” Julia replied.

“No no. A naughty walk.” I smiled.

Julia couldn’t get upstairs quick enough. She came down wearing
dark tights, high strappy heels and a long black coat. She opened
the coat and gave me a flash. She was wearing a black silk
underdress. with a black lacy bra.

“Will this do?” She said and fastened her coat back up. I tried
to grab her and she pushed me off. She told me to wait till we
got over the rec….

We set off down the canal towpath, pausing every now and again so
I could finger Julia through her tights. She was wet. The whole
of her cunt was sopping.

“Do you want me to rip them?” I pleaded.

“Not yet” Julia purred.

We passed a couple of blokes fishing and we stopped to inquire if
they had caught anything. They just grunted and ignored us. We
carried on walking. I did notice that Julia had let her coat slip
open slightly. She had been rubbing herself while I had stood

“They were boring bastards.” she said. She seemed a bit
disappointed that they hadn’t noticed her. We got to the small
canal footbridge that led over to the rec. I asked Julia where
she wanted to go. She said she fancied a sit down, so we walked
to the far side of the rec near to the school fence where we
found a bench and sat.

“Fucking hell. I feel so dirty.” Julia said and put my hand
between her legs. I began to rub her again vigorously. She opened
up her legs as wide as she could.

“Do you know what I want?” she said. “I want to be used. Not by
you though. I want to be used by loads of dirty fucking blokes.”

“You never know. If we sit here long enough, it may happen. I
don’t think you dare anyhow.” I said.

“You fucking watch me then.” Julia laughed. “I’ve wanted this for
ages. You ain’t gonna stop me. Not now.”

“I don’t think I would want to stop you” I replied.

We sat a while longer on the bench. I was still frantically
rubbing off Julia through her tights, which were now almost
completely soaked. She still refused to let me rip them. I stood
up and looked down at her.

“Christ, you look like a right fucking slut.” I said. And I began
to undo my jeans. I was going to stick my hard cock in her mouth,
but Julia stopped me.

“I never said I wanted that.” she laughed. “Carry on rubbing me.”

I did just that.

“So what do you want your slut to do then?” Julia said.

I said that I would love to see her getting done by a load of

“Well fuck off over there. Leave me here. Let’s see what
happens.” Julia said.

I got up and went to the other side of the field where there was
another bench. I sat down. I could clearly see Julia sitting on
the bench I had just vacated. She sat with her legs crossed and
still looked like a real slut.

After twenty minutes or so I noticed a group of blokes entering
the rec from the outwoods street gate. Julia had seen them

I couldn’t hear what she said to them but they all went over and
stood around her. I could make out at least six of them. It was
such a turn on watching this going on. Two of them sat on either
side of her. Julia kissed one full on the mouth. The other put
his hand on her leg. Her pulled her leg over. The other chap
Julia was kissing did the same, and opened up her legs. Julia
threw her head back to a bloke standing at her rear. He thrust
his cock into her mouth. Julia’s head was rocking back and forth.
The three who had stood watching said something to the others.
They roughly hauled Julia up off the bench and one held her hair
back and led her to the ground by the school fence. I could her
one say something like, “You’ve been asking for this, you

They pushed her to the ground. Two held down her arms and pulled
apart her coat. Two more pulled her legs apart. One knelt down in
between her legs and ripped her tights.

“You fucking dirty slut. You are wet, Must have been gagging for
it, eh?” He said. He entered her and fucked her hard and fast.

The two either side of her face got their cocks out and began to
wank themselves off. Julia was taking them in her mouth in turn.

I could hear her screaming out in ecstasy. “I want you all. Fill
me, you dirty fucking bastards.” she panted.

She threw off the chap who was fucking her and got on top of him.
She pulled off her coat, and stuck out her arse. One bloke didn’t
need the hint. He pulled up her black silk underdress and ripped
her tights at the back. He entered her from the rear as she
continued to fuck the chap under her. The two she was sucking off
carried on being pleasured this way. One shot his load all over
her face and Julia wiped it down her neck and licked it from her
fingers. The chap fucking her up the arse came also and Julia
yelped in delight.

The chap under her rolled her back over and ripped apart her silk
garment. He came also.

Julia lay there whilst the rest wanked over her. They bit and
clawed at her tits, pulling down her bra. I could hear the
material ripping as they did so. She wanked herself violently.
They covered her in cum….

I went over to her when they had gone. She said it had been
fucking brilliant. I said is it my turn. She was about to say yes
when something caught her eye. There was another gang of men
approaching. At least ten of them, most of which were black. I
begged Julia again for my turn. She turned to me and laughed.

“I can’t stop now. I’ve only just got warmed up. Fuck off home.
Or stay and watch. I’ve got a taste for this now….”