K9 lover Pam’s Trip to Scottsdale

This story is about a girl that is flown to Flagstaff by a wealthy
young couple to have fun with them and their two black labs. If you don’t
like this subject matter please don’t read any further.

I found myself spending more and more time on the net, chatting in
various rooms but mostly in a group called K9 Lovers. I started in this
room about a year ago when I first started messing around with my lab,
Dude. I chatted with mostly girls and they told me what to do and how to do
it and had progressed with Dude until we were finally doing everything a
girl could do with her dog. I particularly enjoyed letting Dude lick me
while I was chatting on line.

One afternoon I got home from school about my usual time which gave me
about 2 hours before Mom got home from work. I was particularly horny so
let Dude start licking me while I was changing my cloths. I put on a t
shirt with no bra and a pair of loose shorts with no panties and headed for
my computer.

It took about 10 tries to get into K9 Lovers because it was as busy as
it usually is. I had already taken my shorts off, was setting at my desk
with my legs up on the desk with my computer between them. My precious
Dude was licking away at my cunny about to bring me to climax. I got into
the site and said hi to everyone when the messages started. I recognized a
couple of them and started to chat but then I got a message from a gal
who’s nic was Kennel Queen. She said Hi and that she like my pic. I
brought up her profile and saw the picture of a beautiful young woman,
probably mid twenties with her arm around a very big looking black lab.

I answered her that I really liked her picture too and then asked about
her dog. She explained he was one of two they had, that he was very well
trained and that she reallllly enjoyed spending time with each of them. I
replied that I also had a black lab and enjoyed spending time with him

Then Queeny blew me away by asking which I liked to do better, suck him
or fuck him. I kind of swallowed and answered that I really didn’t have a
preference. She asked if I was into women and I said yes I was into
anything as long as it ended in sex.

She laughed and suggested we should get together and I said I’d love to
but they lived along way from me. She said well you have an airport don’t
you and I said yes and she said it would only take about 3 hours to fly to
Phoenix. I told her I couldn’t afford the fare because I was saving my
money for college. She said in about 20 minutes there would be a ticket
waiting for me at the counter.

Man I was tempted but didn’t say yes. I thought about it while we
chatted but about then Mom got home so I had to leave. We ended our
conversation by adding each other to our friends list.

That night after dinner I got back in to the group but was very
disappointed because Queeny was on. I chatted with a couple of people I
knew but finally went to bed, very horny and unfulfilled. All thru the
night and all day at school the next day I dreamed about Queeny and her
dog, wondering what it would be like to really visit her and get it on with
her dog. When I got home from school I thru my books on the couch,
stripped down to bra and panties and headed for my computer without even
letting Dude in. He was barking like crazy, wanting to come in and play. I
stayed at the computer with only one thing in mind, finding Queeny. I
tried time after time but couldn’t get in because of the volume. Then I
realized that if I clicked on her name it would bring up a window that I
could send direct to her, not having to wait for the group.

“Hi beautiful lady,” I typed.

“Hi yourself,” came her reply. “Where the hell have you been?”

“School,” I typed. “I just got home. And I’ve been trying to get into
the K9 group.”

“OK, but first off, my name is Kaylee and my husbands name is Kevin. We
talked along time last night and today and really want you to come visit
us. We know it is a big decision so want to do something that will put you
fears to rest. We want you to come down and have fun with us. We aren’t
into pain, or bad stuff like shit and piss, just good clean sex with us and
our doggies. So here is what I want to do. You give us dates you could
come down and spend at least four days with us. Five or six or seven would
be better but at least four full days. That means with travel you would be
involved for six days. I will tear 6 $100 bills in half and send one half
to you and keep the other half until you get here, then they will be yours.
I’ll mail them to any address you want, including General Delivery at the
Post Office. When you get them and email me then I will have a plane
ticket ready for you at your airport. And I will by return email give you
our full names, phone number and address. You can look it up on the
computer and see that we are where we say we are.”

Man I was getting excited. Mom had told me that she was taking a
business trip for 10 days that included spring vacation and I hadn’t
figured out what I would do. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her where I
was going or just go.

“You are really blowing me away this time,” I typed. “What all are we
going to do while I’m there? Besides sex that is, LOL”

“Oh the three of us will go out to dinner and you and I will go shopping
and buy whatever turns you on, and we’ll have a lot of girl talk and just
kind of hang out.”

“What happens if you don’t like me or I don’t like you?” I asked.

“Well I think the chances of that happening are slim and none but I’ll
make you this deal. The $600 is still yours and we’ll change your plane
tickets so you can leave at the earliest time. How does that sound?”

“Let me think it over a bit and I’ll be back on in less then half an
hour if my answer is yes. If I don’t come back on you’ll know I decided
against it.”

“Sounds good to me girl,” came the reply. “Chat with you in a bit.”

I went to the back door and let Dude in. He was so excited he damn near
knocked me down trying to mount me as we headed back to my computer. Just
thinking about this beautiful woman, her husband and two dogs had me really
wet. Dude reacted to my sexual aroma by burying his nose in my cunny and
licking me deep and fast. I was laying back enjoying his efforts when I
looked at the clock and saw my half hour was almost up. I hadn’t done any
thinking at all, which told me I had already made up my mind. I let Dude
continue licking me as I put a message to Kaylee.

“Send the money to Pam Parker in care of General Delivery” I typed.

“It will go out Postal Express or whatever its called tomorrow morning
so should be there the next day. When will you be down?”

“Spring vacation is coming up so I could leave here next Saturday and
can stay until the following Sunday, 8 days.”

“Wonderful, wonderful,” she typed. “Kevin will be so pleased, and so
will Andy and Leon.”

“Are those your labs,” I asked.

“Yes, aren’t their names neat? Now I want you to think of something you
have wanted to do with another woman, or with a man or with a dog for that
matter because we will do it while you are here.”

“Oh that’s easy,” I said.

“OK what is it?”

“I want to help Kevin and the two dogs fuck you until they all cum in
your cunny. Then I want to be the cleanup girl. I will have already
sucked their cocks dry and licked all your juice off and then I want to do
the same to you. I want to push my tongue deep in your cunt and taste your
juice mixed with the three loads of male cum. I will lick and suck your
pussy so good you will have a mind boggling climax that washes all the cum
down into my waiting mouth.”

“Oh girl can’t you cum down tonight?”

“No sorry I can’t,” I replied.

The following Saturday saw me at the airport seeing Mom off and then
waiting about 45 minutes for my flight. Mom said she really didn’t like me
going but I was a big girl and since she had their name and address and
phone number they were probably on the up and up. Mom knows I am very
sexually active with men and women but doesn’t know I’m also active with
dogs. On the plane it seemed that every person that looked at me was
undressing me and getting ready for sex. I know the guy setting next to me
was interested because he got a big hard on that appeared in his pants. He
saw me looking at it and smiled and I laughed.

Two hours and 50 minutes and my plane landed in Scottsdale. Just as I
left the hallway into the waiting area I spotted Kaylee. She waived and
gave me a big smile and then grabbed the arm of this beautiful handsome
black guy. They headed towards me and both of them grabbed me and we had a
three way hug. They were both dressed in very expensive cloths and were
gorgeous. Kaylee had told me not to bring much in the way of cloths so all
I had was a small carry on. We headed for the parking garage. Kaylee held
my hand and chatted away as we walked. Kevin walked behind us like the
baby sitter taking care of two young girls. I wanted so bad to kiss Kaylee
and bury my tongue in her mouth. I wasn’t ready for what was about to

We were standing on the sidewalk across from the parking garage when a
big white limo came pulling up to us. Out hoped the driver and open the
door for us. I mean this was cool. Kaylee and I sat on one seat and Kevin
sat on another, facing us. As we pulled away, Kevin asked me if I’d like a
beer or some wine or something. I told him that I very rarely drank
anything and he said OK, if you change your mind just holler. He handed
Kaylee and glass of wine and fixed a scotch on the rocks for himself. I
said I guess I’ll have a glass of what ever Kaylee has. He said OK and
poured me one.

We had not gone more then a couple of miles when Kaylee put her glass in
the holder and asked me to do the same. I did and with one move I was in
her arms and her lips were approaching mine.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” she said as her lips pressed on mine.

The next thing her tongue was pushing its way into my mouth and met mine
and the dance started. Her hand was on my breast rubbing over the nipple
that had appeared in the fabric. I was getting very wet down between my
legs and as if she read my mind her hand moved down across my stomach and
under the waist of my skirt. Using both hands she removed my skirt and sat
back and observed the wetness of my panties.

“Young lady did you play games on the plane?” She asked with a smile.

“No dear lady, it’s all your fault.”

Kevin chuckled as he listened to the two of us playing our game. I had
not paid any attention to Kevin until he spoke and then I noticed what he
had been doing. His hand was wrapped around the biggest cock I had ever
seen. I about fainted when I saw it. Kaylee looked at me and then at
Kevin and laughed out loud.

“I forgot you didn’t know how well endowed he is,” she laughed.

His cock was as big around as my arm and nearly as long. I was playing
with this hot lady but wanted so much to move over between his legs and
play with that big black cock. Kaylee sensed my dilemma and suggested we
both give him some attention. Kaylee had all my cloths off but I hadn’t
even touched her pussy. I brought this up to her and she said later will
be soon enough. She moved over to her husband and looked at me like Are
you coming?

I joined her between his legs and she let me do pretty much what ever I
wanted to. I took his big cock in my hands and looked at it. It was by
far the biggest cock I had ever played with. It was cut and the veins
stood out the full length of it. I started licking it like an all day
sucker while Kaylee licked and sucked his balls. Kevin had his hands on
the back of our heads urging us on. I felt really inadequate as a cock
sucker cause all I could get in my mouth was the head. We were just going
good when Kaylee said,

“OK that’s all for now, we’re almost home. Better get your cloths on

I had just finished dressing when Kaylee looked at me and messed with my
hair a little and said, “You are so beautiful…I’m so glad you came down.”

Then the limo stopped, the driver opened the door and we got out. My
breath was taken when I looked at the house. It looked more like a hotel,
big, several floors and lots of windows. As we entered the house Kaylee
said the first thing was for her to show me around, then we’d get down to
some serious playing.

“Boys,” Kaylee called and into the room bounded two big black labs.
“This is Andy and this is Leon,” she said as she petted each one. It will
take a little time for you to tell them apart. They were very
rambunctious, rubbing against Kaylee’s legs and panting quite loudly. I
just happened to notice, lol, that one of them was getting a rather nice
big hard on.

Kaylee took my hand and said come on girl I’ll show you our home. As we
approached what I thought would be the dining room because of the double
doors she said, “This is the center of our business. From here we direct
what’s should happen and observe what is really happening.”

“In the Phoenix-Scottsdale area,” she continued, “we have 8 very deluxe
adult theaters or as we refer to them, places of pleasure.”

Kaylee opened the door and we entered. Against one wall was a large
desk affair with lots of controls and a couple of key boards. On the wall
were eight big TV screens about three feet square. Kaylee flicked a button
and instantly there were pictures on all eight of them, all but one of
which showed women and a couple of men on their knees sucking a cock thru a
hole in the wall. In each picture there were several people in each room,
apparently waiting their turn. Instead of dirty floors and walls with
writing on them, their was carpet and tile on the floors and pictures of
nude guys and gals doing whatever on the walls.

I was blown away. Then Kaylee flicked another button and a really big
screen TV lit up on another wall. It must have been 6 feet wide. She hit
another button and the efforts of a young black chick sucking a huge black
cock appeared on the big screen. My juice was running down my leg just
thinking what that must be like. Kaylee clicked a couple of buttons and
the screens went dark. She took my hand and led me on for the rest of the
tour of the house. After looking at the swimming pool, the dining room, we
headed for the kitchen. Here I was introduced to Carlita, probably the
most beautiful Mexican woman I had ever seen. She was not bigger then I am
except her breasts and they were huge. If I guessed right they were about
38DDD. She smiled at me and said Hi and then returned to her work. Karlee
said she had worked for them for about a year and they had only played a
couple of times. Kevin wanted her bad but Carlita was pure les. Then
Kaylee blew me away again. She put her arms around me and gave me the
hottest French kiss I had ever had.

“Come on girl, it’s time to play.”

I was so ready. She led me to the master bedroom. In the middle was a
really big round bed. Lying in the middle with a really big hard on was
Kevin. Kaylee started undressing me so I returned the favor. She told me
to leave my bra and panties on so both of us jumped in bed with Kevin with
just those on. My panties were verrrry wet and I noticed Kaylee’s were
also. I had not even tasted her so far so felt I had some catching up to
do. While she nestled in with Kevin I cuddle behind her and put my arm
over and started playing with her tits. When Kevin showed he wanted to
play there I slid my hand down her body and found her love zone. I slid my
hand under them and found her pussy. She was so hot and so wet I fingered
her a bit and then sniffed and licked my fingers. She was delicious. Once
again Kaylee demonstrated how unpredictable she could be. Just when I was
about to bury my tongue in her hot cunny she said OK that’s enough of that
and hoped of the bed. She quickly went to a dresser, opened the drawer and
pulled out some two foot long tubes of heavy knit material.

“Come on boys,” she hollered, “It’s time to dress for the party.”

Immediately Andy and Leon came bounding into the room. The went to
Kaylee and she pulled the tubes up their legs and fixed them with tape.
Those are to keep them from scratching us she told me. They get quite
active when they fuck.

“I know you are the guest,” Kaylee said to me, “But I think I should go
first so Kevin can help me and show you how it’s done. That way there
won’t be any painful surprises.”

“That’s OK with me,” I said, “But I want some time with you, just you
and me.”

“I promise before the night is over we will spend some time together,”
she replied. “I tell you what, while you are watching me get fucked by
Leon why don’t you play with Andy? He’ll like that and so will you.”

She told me that Leon had the blue socks and Andy the red ones so I
started petting Andy while Kaylee spread her legs and let Leon lick her
pussy. I was so jealous, thought that it should be me with my tongue
working her clit. But Andy was very interested in my petting and got a
tremendous hard on almost immediately. He had a big cock. I asked Kaylee
if all the males in her house had big meat and she smiled and said yesssss.
But then I saw Kevin’s massive tool and was torn between two awesome cocks.
I knew dogs normally don’t last very long so I choose Andy’s. Kevin saw my
dilemma and told me if I sat on the floor with my back against the bed Andy
would know what to do. I did and He did. He jumped up and put his front
paws on the bed with his cock starring me in the face. When my lips
touched it he started fucking my mouth. Wow what a doggy. I held him in
my hand and his sheath was pushed back past his knot by his efforts. Wow
what a cock. From tip to knot it was at least 9 inches. It was kind of an
angry red and about 2inches thick at its thickest point. Andy was trying
very hard to push it all the way down my throat and with my back against
the bed I couldn’t move away from him. He eventually won out and I was
forced to deep throat him. Not that I minded a lot. When he finally
slowed down I could feel his hot sperm fill my throat and mouth. It was
delicious. When he was thru pumping seed, he jumped down and moved over on
his blanket and lay down. I rested a minute and then approached Kevin. He
smiled at me as his hand was slowly stroking his beautiful meat.

“I’m glad you worked out with Andy first,” he smiled. “Now maybe you
can handle a little more of this.”

This man had a massive love area. As I have said his cock was huge and
his balls were the size of lemons. I could barely get one in my mouth. I
loved licking around his ball sack and sucking his balls and then licking
and nibbling up the shaft of his cock. The veins of his cock stood out
like roads on a map and the head of his cock reined over the shaft like a
helmet. And from the looks of his equipment if I did my job right he would
give me buckets of cum. I asked him to move over to the edge of the bed so
I could play with him while on my knees. He agreed and that position let
me do some really fine cock sucking.

About that time Kaylee’s moans became screams as Leon filled her cunt
with cum and sealed it off with his knot. I was sure it must be hurting a
little because his knot was the size of an orange. Kevin said you’ll have
to excuse me for a minute cause I need to be there when Leon pulls out. He
spread Kaylee’s legs wider and got his face right in so his mouth was very
close to her cunt and Leon’s cock. He licked what he could reach of cunt
and cock until after about 10 minutes with a plop Leon withdrew. The
minute his cock left her cunt his cum gushed out. That was what Kevin was
waiting for and drank deeply at the fountain. Then he licked her thighs
and cunny. Leon was just standing there with this big cock hanging down so
I decided to be a nice girl and clean him up. He just stood there allowing
me to do my job. Then he joined Andy on the blanket.

Kaylee laid there like she was a sleep. Her breathing slowed and moans
stopped. About the time I got Kevin back into position she said, “I think
that’s enough for now. Let’s go have something to eat.”

“No way I said, ‘holding Kevin’s dick. “The two other guys got to dump
their loads so I’m not stopping until Kevin dumps his.”

Kaylee smiled at me and said, “I hope you know what you are getting

Kevin laid back on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. I was
on my knees, leaning against the bed so I could use both hands to service
him. My hands were so small compared to his big dick but I slowly stoked
him up and down. I kissed and licked, pushing the tip of my tongue into
his cum hole. I thought to myself it was about the same size as my 11 year
old girl friend that I first licked when I was 12. Kevin spread his legs
and pulled my head down wanting some more attention to his balls. They
were so hard and hot and biggggg. I asked him if I was doing OK and he
just pushed my face tighter into his crotch. I felt a tongue licking my
butt and saw Andy and recuperated and was thinking about going again.
About 4 inches of cock was sticking out of its sheath.

“Do you want fucked while you are sucking Kevin?” Kaylee asked.

“No, I want to wait until Kevin gives me is load.”

“It won’t be long,” he moaned.

I doubled my efforts, gradually increasing the speed of my stroking him
and taking every bit of cock I could into my mouth. Now Kevin had both his
hands on the back of my head and was lifting his pelvis as he tried to
force more and more cock into my mouth. He was so fucking strong I
couldn’t get away, not that I really wanted to. And then Oh my lordy his
streams of cum starting filling my mouth. Buckets full, cum coming out my
mouth and nose because I couldn’t swallow fast enough. And Kevin holding
my head tight as he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. I was gagging,
thought I was going to throw up but loving every minute of it. That big b
lack man with his big black cock filling my mouth with his seed.

It seemed like an hour but was probably on a minute or so before Kevin
let my head go and I was free to try to regain my composure. Kaylee was
laughing her ass off. Between her giggles she said,

“I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. It takes two mouths to take all
of his cum!”

I looked at her with kind of a glare but then smiled as my nose and
throat cleared and I could breathe again. I was hoping Kaylee would
suggest we take a rest, but not to eat, I was tooo full of cum. Kaylee
cuddle up on one side of Kevin so I joined them on the other. I was kind
of dozing off when all of a sudden the two boys jumped up onto the bed.
Kaylee spread her legs and Andy headed for her. I spread mine too, but
Leon started licking Kevin’s cock.

“I forgot to tell you that Leon is bi,” she said as she cracked up. “He
likes to lick a cock almost as much as a pussy.”

That certainly was true because he stayed with Kevin’s dick until it
started growing to its excited state. My pussy was getting wet just
thinking about how that tongue must feel. I saw two faces that weren’t
occupied so I lowered my hot wet pussy down on Kevin’s, he was the closest.
His tongue was bigger and longer then most men’s dicks so it was a most
enjoyable ride. He had me on the verge of climax several times but backed
off enough each time that I came back to earth. While he was licking my
cunny Kaylee was fingering my rosebud. It made a most wonderful
combination. Then Kaylee said, “My turn” and wanted me to move over to her
face which I did eagerly. She had no more then started when I washed her
face with long stored love juice.

The five of us played until well into the night and Kaylee was in the
middle of everything. The girl was insatiable. Every time I thought we
were going to rest she would jump into something else. I was about half a
sleep when she said,

“Let’s go to the movies!”

I thought bullshit, I’m not going to get dressed and go out somewhere, I
am beat. By this time Kevin and Kaylee were up off the bed and heading out
of the room. Kaylee hollered,

“Come on slow poke you might miss something.”

I reluctantly got up and followed them down the hall. They went into
the office room we had been in before, the one with all the video screens.
Kaylee hit the button and the all lit up. On each one was someone doing
something to someone else. Sucking or licking or fucking or something.
Then she hit another button and each screen became 6 smaller screens.
There were a total of 48 screens with something going on on each one.
Kaylee said these were their “security cameras” so they could see what was
going on at all times. We checked out all of them until we agreed on one,
an older white gal sucking a big black cock thru a hole in the wall while
getting fucked by an equally big black cock. Kaylee hit the button and
that picture appeared on the big screen. Then she settled down on Kevin’s
lap taking his big cock into her ready pussy. I was soooo tired I just
couldn’t stay awake. I dozed a couple of times and then like passed out.
When I awoke later I was stretched out on the couch with a blanket over me.
The screens were dark and Kevin and Kaylee were no where to be seen. I
looked at the clock and it was 7:30 in the morning. I laid there wondering
what this day would bring. I had been in Phoenix with Kevin and Kaylee for
about 12 hours and it seemed like I had known them for years. But what
would today bring?