Quickie on the beach

Slamming on the brakes, Sarah cursed herself; she should have filled up
with gas back in town but now she was halfway to the middle of nowhere.
Surely there must be a gas station somewhere around here? Why had she
slammed on the brakes? Now she was grateful she was out in the sticks.
Recovering her composure; she inched forward her sleek BMW. It purred
its satisfaction at being given its head.

Three miles down the road a luminescent white beacon shone out.
Hopefully it wasn’t a 24 hour diner or something equally useless As
she drew closer she felt a little tingle of elation. Drawing her car in
she hoped two things could go right in a row and she had remembered her
cards. Phew! They were nestled in the back of her wallet.

As she took them out to pay the attendant she noticed a twinkle in his
eyes. At first glance he seemed like the typical spotty 18 year old
barely-out-of-puberty gas station attendant that provides enough
material for 1001 comic stand-up routines but if you bothered to take a
second glance he wasn’t all that bad. He was possibly older than 18.
A few spots freckled an otherwise and smooth face and his eyes were a
cutie doe blue offset by stylishly messy jet black hair. Sarah,
studying him, caught his eyes wandering to her blouse. Favouring him
with a charming but blunt smile she took her receipt and, spinning on
her heels, exited the gas station.

Back behind the wheel her mind wandered to her goal. Aspen beach was
about 30 miles from her home town. She had decided to go on an
adventure there last week when she had overheard Gillian telling Sam
about the night she had spent there with her new dreamboat Darren
Shepherd; as the somewhat dizzy Gillian had propped up the water-cooler
and relayed her tale of romance to a allegedly engrossed Sam, Sarah
caught a little of the wonderlust. However, no dreamboat for her, she
was alone by choice.

She prided herself on being in command. At 29 she was successful and
relatively well off by dint of her inheritance and self-made success.
She had no need for a man. When she needed sex she went out and 9.5
times out of 10 got it but in the morning she was polite but short and
exchanges of numbers were rare and only granted to the privileged few
that impressed her sufficiently to be useful in the future.

The wine and its companion glass chimed in harmony in the back as the
BM grappled with the scrub cum car park. She was going to have a
midnight liquid picnic, me time as kitsch self help books called it.
Laying back and pouring herself a glass of Shiraz she lied down flat on
her back and, letting her mind wander, gazed and at the milky
black/blue of a moonlit sky.


His matt black hair was short and spiky. Golden brown eyes sunk
inconspicuously into a thick set face and something about his smile was
permanently dirty. He announced his presence grinding his body right
into hers. Spinning around she ground him back and as she did she felt
beneath his jeans a hard cock. Hard enough and big enough to interest
her. After an hour of dancing, drinking and mindless chatter she
decided to make her move. Her hands raced up the inside of his leg and
she whispered: “follow me and I’ll give you what you want”


Laying on her bed naked she was waiting him to do heaven knows what.
Her spike of frustration relented as he walked back through the door,
completely naked.

“Its not polite to keep a lady waiting you know’

“But am I not worth waiting for” he said as he winked.


…her hand slid under the lip of her jeans as she sunk her fingers
into her crimson red panties. She teased herself by stroking her clit
with her fingertip…


A sharp pain shot up his neck as he was backed towards the bed.
Resistance was futile. Physically his strength was far greater than
hers but right now he was her creature. Her tongue was licking around
his nipples teasing him until the moment when she bit down hard.
Flinching he put his hand on her shoulders as if making to push her
away but she countered by drawing herself into a sitting position. Now
her whole body weight was keeping him pinned to the bed.

Cock swelling with cum he was caught between the shock of the pain and
his growing desire to penetrate her. Sitting on-top of him she just
leered and started rhythmically rubbing her moist pussy against his
cock. It was hard enough to thrust into her now but she refused to sit
on it, instead she continued massaging it. Digging her nails into his
exposed flesh she pinned his shoulders to the bed and continued to


Bored of teasing herself she pressed her finger firmly down on her clit
and started rubbing firmly in a circular motion. Her legs were wide
open, welcoming. Button after button on her chemise popped open as her
free hand craved her supple breasts crowned by erect nipples. The same
leer creased her face as she massaged her breast and experienced the
satisfaction of that first thrust as her fingers rammed themselves into
the waiting hole.

Inside herself it was warm as her juices bubbled. She thrust hard and
deep making sure she didn’t neglect to stroke against the soft roof
inside her. Her nails inflicted a pleasurable pain as they jarred
against her tender flesh.

“Do you need any help there?”

She was hit with a splash of cold water. Withdrawing her fingers
quickly and fumbling with the buttons on her blouse she substituted
words for incoherent mumbles of rejection.

“Don’t stop. You were obviously enjoying yourself.”

The voice was deep and masculine. She stopped trying to cover herself
and turned to see as much as she could of the man. Set against the moon
she could see a bulky silhouette but absolutely no detail of his face
or body. Her face was tinted crimson but her grace was saved by pitch

“You know, it would be a shame to waste this moment.”

She was speechless.


He moved closer to her. The moon vanished behind his advancing form.
Standing next to her he removed his clothes and tossed them to one
side. Like a rabbit trapped caught in headlights she was frozen
transfixed as he moved to take her. She could see that his cock was
hardening in anticipation and as he straddled her she felt drawn to it.
As she rose her blouse fell away.

Rather than feast on him straight away she placed her tongue tip at the
base of the shaft; slowly she worked her tongue tip upwards enjoying
every second. Feeling the rougher flesh of the shaft give way to the
head she opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth whole; until
she could feel it’s head pressing against the back of her throat.
Having her take him inside of her pleased him immensely however he was
going to make her beg; build her up to the point where she was consumed
by the need to be penetrated. Pushing her away he pinned her shoulders
to the ground.

“Now where were you?”

Not wanting to waste any time later he quickly unbuttoned her jeans and
slid them off, tossing them into an undignified heap with his clothes.
Even this momentary pause frustrated her and she rolled her eyes.

Spreading her legs he drew the half empty bottle of Shiraz from the
darkness; between her legs was a furnace, cum was seeping from her
pussy. As he poured the Shiraz between her legs she flinched. No time
was wasted in lapping up the wine and her juices.

Against the soft tender flesh of her pussy his tongue felt rough.
Rather than plunge his tongue into her he licked the sides teasing her
softly and encouraging the cavity to release cum. He wanted her moist
and ready for his cock.

She was oblivious as he reared up to mount her fully. Her head was
pushed right back into the sand: as she lay there he began ravishing
her body pinning her arms back again. His teeth bit down hard into the
tender flesh of her neck as his pulsating cock sunk deep into her
pussy. Pain from his biting teeth was mixed with the pleasure of
feeling his flesh inside her.

Arms pinned and her body caught in a vice between the earth and his
sweating body she was powerless to do anything as he thrust into her
slowly at first but always powerfully and always deep into her. The
tongue that had prepared her for his cock now licked her neck,
shoulders and face. No words were spoken.

Faster and faster he thrust into her. She was getting impatient; she
wanted him to cum in her now and she limply made to scratch him. Cum
was filling his cock but he was determined not to release it. Her
efforts to hurry him on only made him draw things out more; rather than
thrust he pounded now. He was smirking in the dark, loving every minute
of her growing desperation.

When he felt he was nearing climax he gently kissed her face and her
neck; brushing them with his lips. Then as he knew he could hold
himself no more he dived to the nape of her neck and clamped his teeth
down hard exactly at the same moment as his cock exploded, pumping cum
into her. For a fraction of a second she was shocked then the shock
produced a spasm; her body convulsed as she released her cum.

Moaning and gasping for breath she was lost for words as he withdrew
and begun to dress himself. Not once had she spoken to him. He had
given her all that she wanted and words seemed pointless; as he faded
into the shadows she slowly came too. Swiftly she re-packed the car and
made her way home.