Mandi and Rick the two prick

Mandi and Rick arrived home a good hour before Merry did, and Mandi
took Rick’s instructions of the morning to heart. When Merry walked in,
Mandi met her at the door, nude, with a couple of coat hangers in her hand.
“Hello, Mum, how was your day?”

Merry’s initial response was “Ummm,” but she recovered quickly. “Fine.
Interesting, in fact.” Looking Mandi up and down, she observed, “You don’t
have to do that,” while pulling off her coat. “Is my master home?” she

“No, he isn’t and yes, I do. Rick directed that I not put on any airs
around you, and frankly, I agree.”

Merry took the hangers, but announced, “If Robert isn’t here yet, I’ll
undress in my room. It’s easier to put things away, there. Still, I need
to ask him about this… There are issues: What if he arrives home first?
Does it matter whether he’s here or not? I don’t know, and I don’t want to
pay the price for guessing wrong!” She headed for the stairs. Turning on
the bottom step, she smiled and said, “Thank you, Dear!” Then she turned and
went on up.

Ten minutes later, she was downstairs, wearing her house collar,
assessing dinner opportunities when Bobby and Dina walked in. Rick and
Mandi were sitting at the table, drinking cokes and working on homework.
“Hi, Mum!” Dina said, brightly.

“Hi, Dear. Hello, Bobby,” Merry replied.

“Hello, Merry,” Bobby replied. True to Dina’s early morning
prediction, he was ogling Mandi and Merry shamelessly.

Mandi ignored him after a quick nod; Merry let him have a long look,
and announced, “Okay, get that wolf out of here before your father comes
home and decides to charge him admission!” Dina and Bobby both grinned, and
Dina asked, “Can Bobby stay for dinner? Big Al’s having Helen over to their
place, and…”

“… They might like to be alone?” Merry filled in the blank.


“Well, I’ve no problem with it, but I’m not the final arbiter around
here. Ask your father when he comes home. Mandi?”

“I’m staying the night, Mum, if I can get away with it – basically for
the same reason.” Mandi replied.

Merry eyed the girl critically. “That’s the second time today you’ve
referred to me as ‘Mum’. What’s going on?”

Mandi blushed. “I’m buttering you up; I want to move in!”

“As I recently pointed out, I gave up all pretense at being in
authority around here a couple of days ago!” Merry pointed out.

“True, but you’re in charge below stairs. And you still have some
influence on your Master, if only in that he will take the implications on
you into account before deciding.”

Rick put in his two cents worth: “Mandi would help around here, and
I’d ensure that you stood first in the pecking order. In fact, I already

Merry frowned, considering. As she did, her eyes lit on the younger
girl’s relatively unravaged body. “And would this extend your father’s
authority over Mandi?”

Rick’s answer was smooth, if not exactly honest, “No more than it
would mine over you…”

Merry wasn’t buying. “You must answer to your father!”

“I trust him to do what is right! Don’t you?” Rick replied.

“Your father’s idea of what is right has had to be adjusted several
times in the last couple of weeks, as has mine. I don’t care to predict.
In fact, it’s presumption beyond my station to do so.” Merry snapped.

Rick grinned and set the hook, “I could always demand tit for…tit!”

“Richard! That’s – ” Merry went red, then white.

“Every adolescent boy’s dream – including mine!”

“You’re as bad as Dina! I’ve failed you both!” Merry wailed. Worse
was the fact that the idea had a certain forbidden appeal…

“What’s the real problem?” Rick asked, more seriously.

Merry got a grip on her imagination. “Mandi is quite a bit younger and
fresher looking than I am! I’m twenty years and two children ahead of her!
Surely that will represent a temptation to your father!”

“Mandi, stand beside Mum!” Rick directed. He examined the pair.
“Okay, Mandi is taller, and more – uh – robust, but all that means is that
you’re more petite by comparison. Bust size is about the same, although
Mandi’s are rounder and yours are more pointy. Both sets droop just a touch
– sorry! – but neither of you is bad, and in fact it confirms that both sets
are natural. Turn around.” They did. “Both of you are padded a bit from
the rear – and actually, you’re very similar.” He popped them both on the
ass. To the accompaniment of their shrieks of outrage, he grinned and
announced, “Feel’s about the same, too! Nice!” Sobering, he continued,
“Seriously, Mum, Pop has twenty years invested in you – I don’t think you
have anything to fear from Mandi, even if he does dally with her a couple of
times. But I’ll insist upon reciprocity if it will make you more

“Um, I’m not sure that would help – but I guess I won’t stand in your
way!” Merry grinned. This had gone beyond ridiculous! Rick winked and gave
Mandi the thumbs up.