Bonnie’s Anal Accident

My girlfriend Bonnie was quite sexually experienced already at 18
(same age as me at the time), but she’d never tried anal. I was
just coming off a relationship where the girl would let me finger
and eat her ass as much as I wanted, but she never would let my
dick get close to that hole I wanted so badly.

So this new girlfriend let me finger her ass and rim it really
good on our first date, but I didn’t press the issue and just
went vaginal that time with my cock. But then on the second date
I’m fingering her ass, no rimming yet, it’s pretty dry still, and
she asks me if I want to fuck her ass, I say “yes”. She says she
always wanted to try it that way, so she gets up on her hands and
knees and puts her face in the pillow, and I get into the

Her hole was not lubed. We had no lube in the room, and I wasn’t
about to go searching in my parents’ room (even though they were
out to dinner), so I just licked her musky-sweet anus a little,
spit on my dick, and began to move it v…e…r…y slowly in.

She didn’t flinch at all. I remember vividly how she turned her
face so we could make eye contact, and how she was concentrating
so hard on relaxing her hole and breathing deeply.

So I get it in there to the root, and I ask her if it hurt. She
says, “It’s OK now”, but I don’t move for a long time. For maybe
five minutes I’m just still as a statue in her ass while I lean
over her back and rub her nipples and clit. Finally, she starts
to rock against me, fucking herself on my dick. Then I start to
seriously hard-fuck her ass for about a minute before I’m ready
to blow.

I’m crazy-happy, too, because it’s the first time I’d been able
to put my jizz *inside* a girl (no pulling out required with her
ass, of course, and with pussies I’d never used rubbers). So
when I cum, she goes crazy in her own orgasm, and I end up
staying in her ass for about five more minutes, still rock hard,
while we catch our breath. I remember how sweaty we were. Her
back was beaded with all this sweat that I bent down and tried to
lick it off. (That sweat-licking is its own nice memory, as a
matter of fact.)

Anyway, and here’s the part that’s twisted, just as she begins to
rock against me again for a second fucking, we hear the garage
door opening. My parents are home, and we’ve got to get out of
there! (I’d lied about going to a movie and had brought her
straight home after picking her up from her house, knowing my
parents would be out.)

I pull out, jump off the bed, and throw her clothes at her while
I get in mine. While I’m trying to get my boner into my
underwear, I see that it’s got shit all over it. I was *way*
more than shocked; but I was like “wow” in a very horny way, too
(all in a split second). I don’t say anything out of sheer
weirdness, and I see that she hasn’t noticed.

I look at her while I’m pulling on my pants, and she’s got on her
blouse and is trying to reach down for her panties. She’s got
shit smeared on her crack and across one ass-cheek (from me
pulling out I guess); and I remember just stopping for a second
and watching her, stunned, as she unwittingly steps her dirty ass
into her panties and skirt. Then the two of us were just racing
hard to finish getting dressed, running downstairs to the kitchen
*just* as mom and dad walked in the door.

We acted all casual, but they knew and we knew we’d been busted.
Dad says, “Why don’t you take her home”, so I take her home and
they never say anything about it. But I never sneak a girl home
like that again, either.

The mind-blowing thing about it was that I knew both of us stood
there in front of them with her shit in both our underwear. I
could smell it, and I have to think that they all could, too.
Then it was like a twenty minute drive to her house, and all you
can smell in the car is shit, even with the windows down. And
Bonnie never once said a thing about it! We never even talked
about it later.

Meanwhile, I remember sitting there thinking “Whoa, is this how
anal sex is always going to be?” I wasn’t sure about that idea,
but it didn’t exactly scare me, either!

We did have more anal sex after that, but that was the only time
it was a poop problem.