Meet My Hot Mom

MEET MY HOT MOM is the story of a teenage boy and his mother. They find themselves victims of the ravages of sexual need, and seek release in the heat of each other’s body. They have no trouble setting aside the traditional taboo against incest after a young lusty girl enters their lives.

Once they break the taboo, one perversion leads to another until they are enmeshed in a sordid imbroglio of lasciviousness. All three are drawn into the web of carnal delight and their lives are devoted to greater and greater pleasures.

This account of sexual aberration is strictly fictional, but we all know that some of our neighbors and acquaintances are acting out these scenes in their real, everyday lives. In these pages, those of us who’ve had no firsthand knowledge of these practices can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the drawn drapes of Middle America.


Donna Kirby was not sure the idea was good, allowing Kathy to stay with them.

For one thing, Kathy was quite young and, for another thing, she seemed to have run away from home. It was the third reason that bothered her most: Kathy seemed to be very seductive.

It was in her blue eyes, on her exquisite face, even in her posture. The first time Donna saw the girl, which was the day before, she had seen something in those wide, not-so-innocent eyes. Despite the youth of the girl, those eyes were hot. They literally steamed with an inner eroticism that was bold, blatant.

There was something about Kathy’s eyes that told Donna she was actually boiling with sexual heat. Some girls have it and some don’t, but Donna thought Kathy had more than her share. Erotic desire seemed to ooze from the girl, seemed to envelop her with a sort of scent that drew boys like magnets. There was an aura of sexuality that clung to Kathy that radiated outward.

Kathy was small, quite small for her age, yet she was beautifully shaped, with small, tight tits that were capped with twin nipples. She had an exciting little ass, twin bubbles of firm flesh which writhed inside the tightness of her jeans as she walked. And Kathy did not seem to be concerned that the crotch of those jeans molded and outlined the puffiness of her cunt.

Kathy had arrived in tow, with her son, Bobby, wearing those tight jeans and a T-shirt, and very little else. She had no luggage, no change of clothing, nothing. She had not been wearing a bra, and her nipples were bold against the T-shirt.

The story had been plausible; the girl had no home and no place to go. When Donna questioned Kathy, the girl said she had left her foster home two weeks previous after a beating by her foster mother. She had no parents, she explained, and the only homes she had ever known were foster homes. Kathy had told Donna she never had any choice in where she was sent, but everyplace she lived people used her, were cruel to her, made her do all the work.

Bobby had found Kathy inside an old crumbling abandoned warehouse and had brought her home with him. Donna could not blame her son; he was always bringing home stray animals. And that was what Kathy reminded Donna of a stray kitten.

If Kathy’s story were true, then Donna would help the little girl all she could. But if it weren’t, then she would have to locate her parents and return the girl to her home.

Donna sat at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, thinking about the night before. It was close to noon, and her son, with Kathy, was in the back yard.

Kathy had been filthy from sleeping in the abandoned warehouse, and Donna insisted she bathe. Kathy did not argue the matter and eagerly jumped into the tub of scented bubbles, cooing with pleasure. Donna sat on the toilet, still talking to the girl. Kathy was not in the least embarrassed to undress before Donna, and, when she pulled her T-shirt over her head, Donna was amazed at the beauty of those small tits. The flesh looked like satin. The small nipples were pale pink, and they were rigid. Donna was surprised at her feelings as she watched the girl open her jeans and wiggled her hips from them.

Before Kathy slipped into the tub, she stood straight, her arms up and fluffed her dark blonde hair for a moment. Donna looked at the naked girl, seeing the small waist, the dimple of her belly button, and, below, the promise of a thick bush of cunt hair. Kathy’s thighs were long, shapely, yet not fully filled out.

When Kathy turned her back to step into the fragrant water, Donna looked upon the sweetest, tightest little ass she had ever seen.

Donna had never been attracted to another girl in a sexual way, she felt something strange pulling at her. She felt the desire to touch Kathy, to fondle those succulent little tits and caress the creamy tight ass, to stroke those smooth thighs, to hold that sugary cunt.

She continued to sit and watch Kathy while the girl soaped herself, then used a thick, soft cloth to scrub at her arms and legs. Kathy lifted her legs, one at a time, from the tub, teasingly, to wash them. Then, with her gaze on Donna, she handed her the cloth. For a moment Donna almost refused, then she took it and dropped to her knees beside the tub and began to wash Kathy’s back. She could not understand the tingling heat that, seemed to burn at her hand when she touched Kathy’s flesh. She trembled slightly, but Kathy didn’t appear to notice.

Then, on her own, Donna dried the girl as she stood up in the tub. Kathy wiggled and mewled as Donna roughly ran the towel over the skin.

Since Kathy could not possibly put those dirty jeans and T-shirt back on, Donna rummaged about in her closet for something to cover the girl with. None of her clothing would fit, of course, and she had to settle for an old faded man’s shirt that Donna often wore during yard work.

Although the shirt was much too large, it had to do for the time being. It hung on Kathy the way an overly large nightgown would, the sleeves rolled up.

As Kathy joined Bobby in the living room, Donna took the soiled jeans and T-shirt to the washer and tossed them in, setting the machine.

When she returned to the living room, she saw Bobby and Kathy sitting on the floor, facing each other, some game board between them. Since it was not yet time for bed, Kathy picked up a magazine and sat on the couch to read a bit.

Kathy was facing her, and Donna almost choked when she saw the girl’s pink cunt exposed under the shirt. She had not thought about panties, and now it was too late. Donna glanced at her son to see if he could see Kathy’s cunt, too. Either he paid no attention or was trying not to peek. That fuzzy little cunt was like a beacon to Donna. Kathy’s pussy drew her gaze time and again. She licked at her lips nervously, and once her gaze caught the attention of Kathy. For a moment, Kathy gazed steadily back at Donna, and the heat from the girl seemed to reach out for her. That unseen heat felt as if it lapped at Donna’s cunt. There was a deep tingling in Donna’s pussy, and her clitoris had suddenly became swollen and hard.

Before long, Donna called it a night. When she told Bobby and Kathy it was time for bed, she watched the girl stand, and, while gazing at Donna, Kathy brushed her hand over Bobby’s head, then went to the extra bedroom without a word. When Bobby stood, Donna saw the lump in his pants and knew her son had a hard-on. So, she thought, Bobby had seen Kathy’s cunt, too.

Now, drinking coffee, she wondered what to do about Kathy. She could not very well send her off. Where would she go? Back to the warehouse? That would be dangerous. She could call the authorities, if she knew which authorities to call. But, as she finished her coffee and rinsed her cup, Donna knew she would not contact anyone, not yet.

But, if she allowed Kathy to stay, the girl would need something to wear. Those jeans and that T-shirt would not do. Deciding, she called the boy and girl into the house.

“We’re going shopping,” she said. “You can come with us Bobby, if you want. Kathy has to have something to wear.”

Bobby’s eyes shined. “You’re gonna let Kathy stay with us, Mom? She’s gonna live with us?”

“For the time being,” Donna replied.

She was not prepared for Kathy’s reaction. Kathy gave a squeal and flung her arms about Donna’s waist, hugging her tightly. Donna, surprised, put her arms about the small girl. Then she felt Kathy’s face pressing into her tits, and the girl’s breath was hot, searing at her nipples through the dress. Donna felt her nipples become stiff, and they tingled with a strange desire.

“Oh, Donna!” Kathy squealed, raising her face and looking up into Donna’s eyes. “You won’t be sorry. I promise you won’t be sorry for letting me stay.”

Bobby elected not to go, and she and Kathy drove to the shopping center. There, she had Kathy try on skirts and dresses, but when Kathy wanted jeans, Donna refused.

“You should look like a girl, Kathy,” she said. “You look very lovely in those dresses. Now, underwear.”

Donna allowed Kathy to select panties, and they bought a dozen, but Kathy outright refused bras. Donna wasn’t bothered much by her refusal. After they loaded their purchases into the car, they shopped for various toilet articles, and, as Donna moved about rows, she was acutely conscious of the girl’s hand brushing her hip more than was necessary. Kathy stood close to her, pressing against her as they selected what they wanted to buy. Donna could not understand the constant pulsation of her cunt, the wetness that soaked into the crotch of her panties, or the almost painful swell of her cunt.

It had been a long time since Donna had enjoyed a fuck, but not because she was a cold woman. On the contrary, she was more erotically minded than many women. She just did not like the hassle of meeting men, fending them off with their one-night-stand desires. Donna wanted to fuck, but she wanted a man on a permanent basis, not fucking in some sleazy motel room with someone different every time.

Back in the car, with Kathy wearing one of her new dresses, Donna sat for a while before starting the engine. There was a familiar weakness in her body, and she knew what it was. It was a burning, almost desperate need between her thighs. Somehow, Kathy had sparked the heat within her cunt. She looked at Kathy, who sat quietly against the door. Kathy’s skirt was hiked almost to her lap, and those long thighs were exposed, teasing Donna, almost calling out to be touched and caressed. Kathy gazed steadily into Donna’s eyes, the heat literally steaming from the blue depths.

“Thank you, Donna,” Kathy whispered, “for buying me these clothes.”

“You’re welcome, honey,” Donna said, and she gave in to the impulse to run her fingers through the dark-blonde hair. “Pretty girls need pretty dresses.”

Then she closed her arm about Kathy’s shoulder, pulling her against her body. Kathy mewled with pleasure as she pressed against Donna, and then Donna’s breathing stilled. Kathy’s small hand had brushed over one of her tits. At first Donna thought it was accidental, but then the hand moved across her tit again, this time with more pressure on the nipple.

Donna trembled, unable to still the sudden desire that flared inside her slender body. She hugged Kathy tightly and kissed the smooth forehead, and she felt the little girl very deliberately, very slowly, cup her tit and squeeze gently.

Pulling away, her eyes glazed and her body shivering, Donna started the car and drove from the parking area. Kathy remained close to her, the girl’s sweet thigh brushing hers.

By the time they arrived home, Donna was moist with sweat, and it was not due to the heat of the day. Once in the house, she rushed to her bedroom and quickly into the adjoining bath, where she ran a cool shower over her heated body.

Something was happening. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was because of Kathy.


Kathy bounced about the house happily, helping Donna with all the household chores. She bubbled with gaiety, giggling a great deal, chattering about anything and everything.

Donna wondered why Kathy was always so close to her and why she seemed to find opportunities to touch her. Donna was sure it had been accidental, but the touches continued, coming more often. And Kathy didn’t just touch her arm or back but seemed to always manage a brush across Donna’s tits, her hips, and even her ass a number of times.

Donna’s cunt was in a turmoil of steaming desire. Her pussy was wet and throbbing, her clitoris about to melt from the overpowering heat between her thighs.

While Bobby watched television, she and Kathy washed up the dinner dishes. Kathy was still bubbling with youthful vitality, and, standing side-by-side at the kitchen sink, Donna felt Kathy bump her hips often. When their eyes met, sparks of desire seemed to fly between them. Finished with the dishes, Donna dried her hands and turned, finding herself facing Kathy. The blonde girl was looking up into her face sweetly, a slight smile on her moist lips. Then, with no words spoken between them, Kathy wrapped her arms about Donna’s waist and hugged, pressing her small body tightly against Donna. For a moment Donna did not respond, then she wrapped her arms about Kathy’s shoulders. She felt Kathy pressing her crotch against her thigh and gasped when the girl spread her long thighs apart, that hot crotch tight against her leg.

Donna began to tremble but could not turn Kathy loose. Even when Kathy’s hands moved from her waist, dropping down and cupping the shapely cheeks of her ass, Donna could not move. She could hardly breathe, and a gurgling sound came from her when she realized Kathy was fondling her ass through her dress. And, as she fondled Donna’s ass, Kathy rubbed her cunt up and down Donna’s thigh.

She wanted to protest when Kathy’s fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass, squeezing deliberately. But it felt so good, so very good. It had been years since anyone had felt her ass this way, and Donna was responding. She was also responding to the rubbing motion of Kathy’s cunt on her thigh. Donna pressed her thigh between Kathy’s legs, feeling the heat of that succulent pink cunt.

Kathy was purring softly against her tits, and Donna clung to the shoulders of the girl tightly. She felt Kathy pulling her skirt up in back but had no power to stop her. She felt the girl’s hot hands move along the backs of her naked thighs, the touch feathery light. Then Kathy was holding the cheeks of her ass again, with only flimsy panties between her palms and Donna’s ass. With a conscious thought, Donna’s ass flexed, clenching as Kathy fondled and squeezed.

Their breathing was loud in the kitchen as they clung to each other tightly. Every nerve in Donna’s body was screaming for release, her cunt pulsating wildly, hotter than she remembered it ever being. She could feel the tight tits of Kathy pressing below her own, the nipples hard and searing through their dresses. She shivered as the girl slipped one hand into the elastic waist of her bikini panties and began feeling about the creamy, swelling ass cheek.

Donna pressed her thigh harder into Kathy’s cunt, feeling her pussy rub up and down. Her own hands moved now, and Donna was surprised to find she was cupping the small, tight ass of Kathy, drawing her cunt tighter against her thigh.

“Ooooo,” Kathy mewled.

Donna’s hands held the small ass cheeks, finding them to fit perfectly in her palms. She squeezed the tight flesh, bringing whimpers of desire from Kathy. She felt the little girl tracing a fingertip up and down the crack of her ass, and Donna could not prevent the orgasms that suddenly rippled through her cunt. She shook with ecstasy, pressing her convulsing cunt harder against Kathy’s rubbing thigh. She held the firm ass cheeks tightly as she came, a soft sobbing sound of pleasure coming from her constricted throat.

“Oh, Donna!” Kathy whispered. “I feel it… feel you! You’re coming, huh, Donna?”

“Yes,” Donna hissed huskily. “Oh, God… yes!”

Then, ashamed of herself, Donna pulled away quickly, turning her back to Kathy. But Kathy pressed up against her back, pressing her stomach along Donna’s still-trembling ass cheeks, her arms tight about her waist. Donna felt moist lips at her neck as Kathy kissed her.

Then, abruptly, Kathy released her and skipped from the kitchen.

For a long time Donna remained where she stood, gazing vacantly at the far wall. She couldn’t understand why she had responded so eagerly, so wantonly toward Kathy.

Later, lying in bed, Donna gave serious thought to the girl.

Kathy did everything she could to please her, she knew. The girl had only been with them a full day and one night, but already Kathy had shown her eagerness to please. All Donna had to do was mention something, and Kathy jumped to do it immediately, and she did it with happiness.

Staring at the dark ceiling, Donna moved her hands up and down her body. Her dark brown hair fanned about her head on the pillow. The sheet was at her waist, her tits naked and arching in shapely firmness. Her tits were throbbing with hardness as she teased them with gentle twisting and pinches. Sliding her hand down under the sheet, Donna ran her fingers through the dark curls of her cunt, then traced her pussy slit with a fingertip. She could feel the pulsations of her cunt lips, and her cunt was almost too sensitive to touch. Drawing her knees up, then spreading them, Donna began to rub her cunt with her middle finger, and, before she knew it, she was fingerfucking herself slowly, sliding her finger deeply. Her hips writhed as she began to moan softly, her eyes closing. Behind her lids she was seeing Kathy, seeing her in the tub, seeing her succulent tits and sugary pussy and tight little ass.

Her finger fucked faster, and her hips began to pump up and down. She felt her cunt gripping her fingers as she came, whimpering in pleasure.

Her body relaxed, her legs sliding downward again, but spreading out wide.

“Goddamn it!” she hissed into the darkness, throwing the sheet from her body and sitting on the edge of the bed.

She couldn’t stand it.

“Shit, shit, shit!” she spat softly, getting to her feet. She pulled her robe on and started from the room.

A light at the end of the hall caught her attention. Wondering who was out of bed at this time of night, she walked toward the light. Passing Bobby’s bedroom, she saw his bed was empty, and so was the bed given over to Kathy in the guestroom. Curious now, Donna began to walk quietly. The light was on in the kitchen, and she peered around the corner.

“Oh!” she gasped, quickly pressing her knuckles to her mouth to cunt the sound off.

Kathy and Bobby were in the kitchen, and Kathy was resting back on the table. She held her upper body up by her elbows, looking at Bobby. Bobby was sitting on a chair, gazing at Kathy. The little girl had her heels hooked on the edge of the table, her knees spread very wide. Donna could see the sugary pink cunt, with the blonde fuzz, and her son was staring at the girl’s pussy. Kathy was whispering to Bobby, but the words weren’t clear to Donna. As she watched, Kathy shoved one hand down her flat stomach and moved her fingertips slowly about the slightly puffy lips of her pussy as Bobby watched. Donna could see the excitement in her son’s eyes as he leaned close, watching Kathy play with her cunt. Lowering her gaze to the front of her son’s pajamas, she saw the way his cock made a tent there. He had a hard-on, she saw, the way he had had in the living room the night before.

Kathy must have said something naughty to Bobby, because Donna saw her son move his hand. Bobby gingerly touched Kathy’s cunt, and the sigh of pleasure the girl made came to Donna’s ears. She saw Kathy lift her hips and arch her cunt closer to Bobby as he felt her pussy. Her son’s eyes were gleaming with heat, and his other hand began to press against his hard-on.

Donna knew she should say something, let them know she was there. But she also wanted to see how far they would go. Remembering what had happened in the kitchen between her and the exquisite girl, Donna felt she had no right to deny her own son the same pleasure.

Seeing Bobby stab his linger into Kathy’s cunt, Donna felt her own pussy start to steam. She could see the way those sweet, pink cunt lips closed about her son’s finger as he fucked his finger in and out, and Kathy twisted her little ass about with delight, her blue eyes glassy as she looked between her thighs at Bobby. Then Kathy, with her ass lifted off the table, began to twist and churn her crotch while Bobby finger-fucked her. She threw her head back, her eyes closed, humping up and down. She made loud gurgling sounds of ecstasy, which Donna could hear.

Then a low wail came from Kathy.

Donna saw her small body shudder and knew Kathy was coming, her cunt gripping Bobby’s finger wetly. It seemed to be a long drawn-out orgasm because Kathy’s hips churned up and down for some time, and Bobby kept fucking his finger in and out of that succulent cunt.

Finally, Kathy lowered her small ass to the table, and Bobby pulled his finger free. His cock was very hard, and Donna saw his prick now sticking up through the fly of his pajamas. The cock head was swollen, looking moist. She felt drawn to her son’s cock, her eyes blazing hotly at his prick.

“You wanna do it to me now?” she heard Kathy say. “You can do it to me now if you really want to, Bobby.”

“Really?” Donna heard her son say.

“I told you so, didn’t I?” Kathy came back.

“Didn’t I tell you we could do it if I stayed here?”

Donna’s son stood up, his cock jutting out. Donna stared at it, licking her lips, feeling a strange excitement, sensing a need to walk into the room with them. But she remained where she was, concealed around the corner, peering at them.

“It’s best if you take your pants off,” Kathy said, spreading her legs very wide on the table. “That way you can feel it better.”

Hurriedly, Bobby shoved, his pajamas to his feet, and Donna’s pulse raced as she saw her son’s naked body. His cock was so strong, so hard, with those precious balls dangling below. His ass was as small as Kathy’s, but looked much tighter, more muscular.

Kathy’s head was lifted again, her blue eyes looking down between her thighs as Bobby moved his cock toward her cunt. Donna, too, was watching, holding her breath. She saw her son brush the head of his cock up and down that sweet pussy slit. Kathy cooed with delight as Bobby rubbed his dripping cock along her cunt.

“Golly, you feel hot,” Bobby said, his voice thick with desire.

“I’m supposed to be hot,” Kathy replied. “At least I am down there. My pussy is always hot, and I bet I can always make your cock hard, too.”

Bobby giggled nervously and Kathy made a happy gurgle as she lifted her cunt a bit.

“You stick it in me now,” she said.

“What if I come?” Bobby wanted to know. “I might come before I know it.”

“That’s okay,” Kathy said. “If you come, just come, that’s all.”

“Will you let me do it again even if I come fast?”

“We can do it all the time,” Kathy said. “Besides, I like it when a guy comes in me. It makes my pussy feel good.”

“Okay,” Bobby replied. “I’m gonna put it in you now.”

“Ooooo, do it!”

Donna, her legs shaking, watched her son slip the swollen head of his cock into Kathy’s cunt. As his prick slithered between those boiling wet cunt lips, Kathy gave a soft sob of ecstasy. She rested her head back on the table. She held her crotch up, though, and Donna could see her son fuck the full length of his cock into that hot little pussy.

“Pump your ass!” Kathy yelped. “Now you gotta pump your ass and fuck me! Oooooo, you sure feel good inside my pussy, Bobby! Come on… you gotta fuck me now!”

Donna could hardly breathe as she saw her son’s cock fucking in and out of Kathy’s cunt. The excitement rumbled through her like hot liquid, slicing at her nerves and scalding her cunt. She could see those wet, pink tight lips of Kathy’s cunt clinging to her son’s cock as he fucked in and out. Then Kathy drew her knees up and back, holding them against her small tits, swinging her creamy little ass up and down, grinding into Bobby’s cock. She made hot sounds of ecstasy as her naked little ass churned and thrashed on the table. Kathy was a blur of motion, but only from her waist down.

Donna was biting her bottom lip, confusion filling her. She didn’t know what to do about this. On one hand, she wanted to stop it, but on the other she wanted to watch, finding the sight intensely exciting.

Watching the two young ones fucking was one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen. The way her son’s cock fucked in and out of that gripping cunt, the way his almost hairless balls swung back and forth, the way Kathy thrashed and tossed her sweet ass about it was all beautiful.

Donna had not realized the beauty of seeing someone fucking before. She had never been voyeuristic, although she enjoyed looking at men and boys wearing tight jeans, their cocks bulging, wondering what their pricks would feel like inside her cunt. But she was not really a peeker.

There were moist sounds coming from Kathy’s cunt and Bobby’s cock, the liquid sounds that only a cock fucking into a wet, hot cunt can make.

Donna was unaware that her hand was inside her robe and between her thighs. But she was aware of the steaming desire swelling through her body. The vision before her — Kathy on the table with her knees drawn back, beautiful naked ass lifted, Bobby’s cock fucking in and out of that sugary cunt — filled her senses more than ever.

“Do you like it, Bobby?” she heard Kathy squealing as she banged her ass up and down. “Is it as good as I told you it would be?”

“Golly yes!” her son groaned.

“You really like it, huh?”

“It’s the best, Kathy!”

“Then fuck me faster!” Donna heard the little girl urge, twisting her uplifted ass frantically. “Fuck me real fast, and go as deep as you can! Your cock feels real good in my pussy, Bobby! Really fuck my pussy fast!”

Donna saw her son fucking his throbbing hard cock almost brutally into Kathy’s receptive cunt. Kathy, she saw, was almost out of her mind with ecstasy as he fucked her hard, his ass bunching with effort. She saw his balls slapping at the curve of Kathy’s ass, saw the way his cock glistened wetly as he withdrew only to fuck back in deeply. The sounds of grunts and squeals became louder, and Donna knew they were both quickly approaching the point of orgasm. She would have liked to watch the come juice spurt from her son’s cock, but that was impossible since his prick was so deep in Kathy’s cunt, and she knew without a doubt that Kathy would not let Bobby jerk his cock out when he started coming.

“Ooooooeeee!” Kathy wailed, churning her ass fast and hard against Bobby’s fucking cock. “Ohhhh, you’re really making me come, Bobby! I’m coming… can you feel my cunt come with your cock?”

Donna saw her son slam his cock hard into Kathy’s convulsing cunt. His body went stiff, and his face contorted. She knew her son was flooding that overheated cunt with thick, sweet come juice. A tremor shot through Donna, and she, too, began to come. Her cunt throbbed against her palm and she came with a tight, liquid heat that was very strong.

Bobby slumped forward, resting on Kathy’s quivering stomach. Finally, he pulled away, his cock leaving Kathy’s fuzzy cunt with a moist sucking sound. Donna saw his prick gleaming wetly as he sat back in the chair, his pajamas still at his ankles. Kathy sat up on the table, dangling her legs over the side and grinning down at Bobby.

“Do you like fucking?” she asked him.

Donna saw her son grin back, nodding his head.

“We can fuck all the time if I get to stay here,” Kathy said. “I would even give your cock a kiss, sometimes.”

Bobby’s eyes went wide. “You’d kiss me, there?”

Kathy nodded, a lewd giggle bubbling from her. “Sure I would, Bobby. That’s fun too, you know. If I get to stay here, we can fuck all the time and I’ll kiss your cock and maybe Donna didn’t hear anymore.”

She slipped quietly away and returned to her room.

She got in bed, thinking of what she had seen, wondering about Kathy. She wasn’t sure how old Kathy was, but she knew the girl could not be too old. And what made her so erotic? Where did she learn all that?

Kiss Bobby’s cock.

Donna ran her tongue over her lips.

It has been so long since I’ve felt a cock in my mouth, she thought. Oh, the hardness of a cock between my lips… against my tongue probing at my throat.

She shrugged the thoughts away, knowing they would torment her, make her frustrated.


Donna was almost asleep.

She fell a weight settling on her bed and turned over.

Kathy sat there in the darkness. Glancing at the lighted digital clock, Donna saw it was two in the morning.

A shiver went through her, and she couldn’t ask what Kathy wanted. Again she felt the tingle of heat close about her body, her nipples turning hard and her cunt starting to swell, just from her being near Kathy.

“Donna,” Kathy whispered. “I can’t sleep.”

“What’s wrong, Kathy?” Donna asked, her voice shaking a bit. She saw again, in her mind, the exquisite girl on the kitchen table, her son fucking her cunt wildly.

“I just can’t sleep,” Kathy said.

“Want to talk about anything?”

Kathy was silent for a moment, then said in her low, soft voice, “I don’t wanna go away, Donna. I wanna stay here, with you and Bobby.”

Donna felt a need to hold and comfort Kathy. But she forced herself to stay still, to wait and see what Kathy would say.

“It’s true, what I told you,” Kathy said. “I don’t have a home, no mother or father like other boys and girls. I get so lonely sometimes for a home, a real home.”

Donna listened, wanting more than ever to hold the girl.

“I feel at home here,” Kathy said quietly, her hands resting in her lap. The new nightgown Donna had bought her was demure, a little girl’s nightgown. “I’ve never felt at home anyplace else.”

Donna heard a soft sobbing, and she could not quiet her urge to hold the girl. She pulled at Kathy’s hand and brought her down on the bed beside her. Kathy immediately snuggled against Donna, wrapping her arms about her and holding tightly. Donna felt hot tears on her flesh, and remembered she was naked, her tits close to Kathy’s face.

She held Kathy as the girl sobbed, the sound almost pitiful, lost and fearful. She caressed up and down Kathy’s back, kissing her blonde head. She kept seeing this exquisite girl on the table, with her son fucking her. She could not prevent the heat between her thighs, and she recalled the way Kathy had rubbed her cunt on her thigh in the kitchen, sliding her small hands into her panties and fondling Donna’s ass.

Suddenly, Donna’s breath caught in her throat.

Kathy, no longer sobbing, had moved her hand down under the sheet and was lightly touching her naked ass, the way she had in the kitchen after they finished the dishes. Donna wanted to draw away, but she was frozen, unable to move. As the small hand began to fondle her naked ass, Donna decided she didn’t want to draw away. She held tightly to Kathy, feeling the lips of the girl moving on her flesh now kissing very close to her tits as she felt her ass. A slim thigh sneaked between Donna’s, and she felt the warmth of that thigh pressing at her cunt. Kathy gently rubbed her thigh back and forth, massaging Donna’s cunt as her hand began to gently squeeze a rounded ass cheek. Then those moist lips were kissing near a rigid nipple, and Donna was breathing hard.

When she felt Kathy’s lips close about her nipple, Donna whimpered, and her hand moved down until she, too, was clutching an ass cheek. She pulled the girl tighter, and Kathy began to suck her nipple. Donna held the girl’s thigh between her legs, pressing it harder against her cunt, and she was moving her hips, sliding her cunt along that creamy, hot thigh, arching her tit into Kathy’s wet mouth.

Kathy began to trace a fingertip up and down the crack of Donna’s ass, the touch light but exciting. Donna whimpered again and dug her own fingers into the tight flesh of Kathy’s writhing little ass.

“Mmmm,” Kathy murmured as she ran her tongue wetly about the tingling nipple in her mouth. She closed her lips and sucked back on the nipple, stretching it, then letting the nipple pop from her mouth. When she lifted her face, Donna could not resist pressing her lips to Kathy’s. Hardly had her lips made contact when Donna tasted the girl’s sugary tongue slithering into her mouth, and, at the same time, Kathy rubbed her thigh back and forth on Donna’s hairy cunt faster, no longer holding back.

Donna sucked at the darting tongue, mewling against Kathy’s mouth, her hips pumping as she rubbed her wet cunt on Kathy’s thigh. Donna felt a small hand sliding between their bodies, then it closed about her firm tit, squeezing her tit, then going lower. Donna shivered as that hot hand moved down, the fingers brushing through the dark curls of her cunt. Kathy pulled her leg away, and, before Donna closed her thighs, she shoved her hand between them, cupping Donna’s cunt quickly. Then Donna felt a small finger darting into her pussy, and she writhed her ass gently.

Slipping her tongue from Donna’s mouth, Kathy sighed in pleasure. Donna gripped the tight ass when Kathy began to slowly fingerfuck her. She spread her legs wide for Kathy, unable to resist the erotic heat, flooded her pussy now.

“Oh, Kathy!” Donna mewled. “Oh, God, Kathy!”

“Lemme do it, Donna,” Kathy whispered. “I wanna do it for you. I wanna make you feel good, Donna.”

Donna gave in completely. She rolled onto her back and spread her thighs wide. Kathy sat up on the bed, shoving the sheet down to reveal Donna’s slender, curvy body. Kathy fondled Donna’s swelling tits, twisting the nipples tenderly. She ran her other hand up and down Donna’s satiny thigh, caressing between Donna’s legs. She probed at Donna’s inflamed clit and teased the sensitive cunt lips.

“You’re awfully wet, Donna,” Kathy murmured as she felt the hairy cunt. “Your pussy is real wet. You’re hot, aren’t you? You like this, don’t you, Donna? Your pussy feel’s so good, so hot and hairy, and, oooo, so wet!”

Donna squirmed her naked ass as the girl’s finger fucked in and out of her pussy, the heel of Kathy’s hand pressing against her cunt. She could hear Kathy’s voice, hear her words clearly, inflaming her emotions.

“Your cunt is very hairy, Donna,” the girl was saying. “I like all this hair. And your cunt feels so hot, so wet, and so tight! I love your tits, Donna. They stand up and feel so firm in my hand.”

Kathy leaned over and brushed her lips against Donna’s quivering stomach, kissing lightly. Then the tip of Kathy’s tongue probed at Donna’s belly button.

Donna whimpered, and her hand moved under the girl’s gown, sliding along a creamy, smooth thigh.

Kathy shifted.

Donna felt her fingertips touch the cunt of the girl. Again Kathy shifted, and Donna found herself working her middle finger into that wet tight cunt that her son had fucked hardly two hours ago.

Donna fucked her finger into the young girl’s wet cunt, finding it unusually tight, she could feel the hard little clit against her palm as her fingers fucked in and out. She squirmed her hips upwards, meeting the fucking finger of Kathy, who was still licking her tongue about Donna’s belly button.

Then something changed.

Donna felt Kathy moving, her finger no longer inside that tight, hot cunt. Kathy was sitting on her thighs, leaning over and playing with Donna’s tits. Kathy straddled Donna, and Donna felt the girl’s succulent cunt pressing against hers, the moisture meeting. Kathy was rubbing her little pussy back and forth on her, and Donna could feel her cunt rubbing the wet pussy lips of Kathy. Donna lifted her ass, pressing into that steamy cunt as Kathy began to grind, up and down. The heat of those long, satiny thighs wrapped about her hips, increased the bubbling hunger within Donna.

“Ooooo, you’re so hot, Donna,” Kathy was whispering in her husky voice. “Your cunt feels so hot against mine. I love to rub cunts, Donna. It feels so good, my cunt pressing against another cunt.”

Kathy leaned down and ran her tongue about first one nipple, then the other. Donna’s body jerked with a mild orgasm, and she placed her hands on Kathy’s beautiful young face in the dim room, and those blue eyes seemed to be glowing with a fiery heat.

Her cunt was building to an explosive orgasm, and then Kathy moved again. She began to slide her wet, hot cunt up on Donna’s body, smearing the juices of her pussy against Donna’s flat, shaking stomach.

Donna was almost choking for air, excitement rippling through her like never before. Kathy drew her young, tender cunt higher yet, then she was straddling Donna’s body with her pussy at the curves of Donna’s tits. Impulsively, Donna wrapped her arms about Kathy’s small hips and clutched that small, tight, round ass hotly. Kathy scooted higher, then Donna felt that bubbling, wet cunt rubbing at her nipple, going from side to side, teasing her nipples one after the other. The thin fuzz on Kathy’s cunt tickled Donna’s tits and nipples sweetly. Donna clung to the girl’s small, writhing ass tightly.

And Kathy scooted higher yet.

Donna shivered as the girl stood on her knees, one on each side of her head now. She could not see anything except the vague outline of Kathy. She could feel the liquid heat wafting from that succulent cunt down onto her face. She felt the hot, velvety thighs of Kathy sliding against her face, rubbing at her cheeks. She gripped Kathy’s ass tightly, her fingers clawing at the smooth flesh.

With a tremor of desire, Donna knew what Kathy was about to do.

For an instant, she almost shoved the girl away. But, before she could, Kathy lowered her crotch, and Donna felt and tasted the sweetness of Kathy’s succulent cunt against her lips. Kathy held her crotch still for a moment, as if waiting, then she began to rub gently back and forth into Donna’s face. Donna felt the liquid, slippery heat smearing her nose and lips and chin, and when the girl’s cunt brushed across her lips again, she found she was kissing Kathy’s pussy, still gripping Kathy’s ass tightly, desperately.

As soon as Donna began kissing her cunt, Kathy mewled in delight, pressing harder. She moved her hands to the back of Donna’s head, lifting the woman’s face into her pussy.

Donna could not resist.

Her mouth opened, her lips closing about the sweetness of Kathy’s cunt. Her tongue darted forth, and she licked up and down the pussy slit, tasting the wetness, finding the fuck juices sweet on her, tongue. With a groan, Donna fucked her tongue into Kathy’s cunt, and, with a squeal, Kathy began to grind into Donna’s face, holding her head against her crotch tightly. Clinging to Kathy’s bunching ass cheeks, Donna tongue fucked the squirming girl deeply and eagerly.

“Ooooo, Donna!” Kathy hissed. “Oooooo, that’s good, Donna! Oh, I like that! Shove your tongue deep, Donna! Ooo, kiss my pussy, Donna! Ahhh, lick my cunt… oh, lick my cunt!”

Donna fucked her tongue in and out, her lips sucking the puffy cunt at the same time. She withdrew her tongue and twisted it about the inflamed clitoris of Kathy, sucking hard, making Kathy gurgle with ecstasy. She dug her hands into the girl’s tight ass, trying to pull this sugary cunt harder against her hungry mouth.

She lapped eagerly at Kathy’s cunt and wondered if she was tasting the come juice of her son, too. It had been so long, Donna had forgotten what come juice was like. And since this was the first cunt she had ever had against her mouth, she didn’t know what a pussy was supposed to taste like either. What she did know was that she loved it. She loved the taste of those slippery, hot fuck juices against her tongue and lips, and the softness of her cunt, the liquid heat smearing and rubbing her mouth so eagerly.

Her tongue was deep inside the tasty cunt. She could feel Kathy’s pussy nibbling, clutching at her tongue as if it were sucking. The sensation was exciting, and Donna fucked her tongue in and out furiously, her lips sucking and grinding at the knotted cunt of the sobbing Kathy.

Kathy rubbed and twisted her cunt into Donna’s mouth with fiery delight, cooing and moaning, her hot inner thighs clamping at Donna’s face.

“Ooooo, you’re gonna make me come, Donna!” Kathy was whimpering. “Ahhh, your tongue… so deep, fucking my cunt! I’m gonna come all over your fucking face, Donna! In your mouth… on your tongue. There! I’m coming, coming on your fucking tongue!”

Donna felt the lips of Kathy’s cunt close and squeeze at her deeply buried tongue, flexing as the convulsions ripped through her body. Donna, with muffled wails of pleasure, fucked her tongue in and out of Kathy’s spasming cunt swiftly, eating and sucking in a frenzy, her fingers digging into the girl’s shaking little ass, holding tightly. Donna sucked frantically at Kathy’s cunt, swallowing as her mouth filled with those sweet, hot cunt juices. Her mind was reeling with erotic ecstasy, knowing she would gladly suck this sugary cunt again, that she would be unable to make Kathy go away now.

Kathy, her body shivering, sat on Donna’s face for a while. She did not sit there hard enough to prevent Donna from breathing, but sat with her cunt resting on Donna’s chin. Donna’s hand fondled about the girl’s small ass, touched Kathy’s hips and her silky thighs until the girl stopped shivering from the power of her orgasm. Donna’s face was wet, smeared with the fuck juices from that beautiful, tight, oh so hot cunt.

Then, with a squeal, Kathy scooted her ass back across Donna’s tits, leaving a trail of delicious wetness on them. She squirmed her cunt on Donna’s stomach as she dropped her mouth to Donna’s. Kathy licked at Donna’s lips, thrusting her tongue deep, moaning happily.

“Oh, Donna, you’re so good to me,” Kathy said. “Now I’m gonna make you come. I’m gonna suck your cunt and stick my tongue in it and fuck you and lick you and eat you and just love you up!”

“That’s not necessary, Kathy,” Donna murmured.

“Yes it is!” Kathy squealed. “I wanna do it to you, too, Donna! I like to suck cunt! I love the taste of a cunt, with my tongue way in there, licking it. I can tongue fuck a cunt real good… you’ll see.”

Donna trembled with anticipation. She left her arms loosely at her sides as Kathy began licking and kissing down at her body. Kathy paused at Donna’s upthrusting tits to taste the nipples, licking the juices her own cunt had left there. Then she was flicking her tongue along Donna’s stomach, the wetness searing her flesh. As Kathy’s lips and tongue worked, her hands caressed.

Donna spread her thighs as the beautiful young girl went down. She shivered when Kathy’s tongue licked about the upper line, of her cunt hair. But Kathy teased her, moving her tongue to one side, licking almost daintily at her thigh, then going down to Donna’s knee. Kathy then ran her tongue along the inner surface of Donna’s other thigh, leaving it wet and hot. Donna was mewling softly as the girl’s wet tongue lapped at her flesh, her hips arching, her cunt pulsating with eagerness, wanting that tongue on it. In the dim light of the room, she stared between her jutting tits, watching the glowing eyes of Kathy, watching that pretty face with that blonde hair, watching that hungry tongue slide about her inner thighs.

Kathy shoved her hands under Donna’s hips, clutching her rounded, shapely ass cheeks. With a soft mewl of ecstasy, Kathy pressed her lips into Donna’s crotch, kissing her boiling cunt loudly.

“Oh, I love all this hair,” Kathy whispered as she nuzzled her face into the thick curls. “You have such a hairy cunt, Donna! So thick and silky… mmmmm!” Kathy pressed her young face into Donna’s slippery wet cunt, mouthing her pussy with muffled sobs of pleasure.

Donna felt that wicked little tongue lick up and down the hair-lined slit of her pussy, and she arched her crotch up, mewling softly with delight. Kathy dug her fingers into Donna’s ass cheeks, darting her tongue up that steamy pussy. She snapped her fucking tongue in and out, making Donna whimper with ecstasy. Closing her lips about the hairy cunt, Kathy sucked hard, her tongue in constant movement.

“Ooooo, you taste so good, Donna!” Kathy murmured from between Donna’s thighs.

“Your cunt tastes so fucking good! All this silky hair… so wet and hot! Oooo, I’m gonna love eating you, eating your cunt, your pussy, your snatch!”

Donna twisted her hips, urging Kathy to tongue fuck her cunt fiery with need. “Ohhh, Kathy, Kathy, lick me! Oh, baby, it’s been so long since anyone has sucked my cunt! Eat my twat, darling! Oh, God hurry and suck my cunt! I want to come so much! Eat it… eat my hairy cunt good!”

“Ahhhh,” Kathy sighed, burying her face in Donna’s pulsating cunt again, licking swiftly up and down the slippery, puffy pussy lips, twisting her tongue about the woman’s throbbing cunt. Taking Donna’s clitoris between her lips, she began to suck very hard, making Donna wail in pleasure.

Kathy lifted at Donna’s ass, and Donna understood. She drew her knees up and back against her tits, wrapping her arms behind her legs to hold them tight. This caused her ass to lift high, and Kathy shoved her face hard into the woman’s hairy cunt.

“Higher,” Kathy grunted. “Lift your ass higher!”

Donna complied, her knees on each side of her head now, and she looked up as Kathy began to devour her hair-lined cunt. Her whole crotch was vulnerable to that greedy hot young mouth now, and Kathy’s tongue seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Kathy sucked at one cunt lip, then the other, finally pulling Donna’s cunt into her mouth, only to plunge her tongue into the liquid heat of Donna’s pussy, fucking it in and out.

Donna’s cunt was about to explode with a powerful orgasm. She was making soft whining sounds, trying to thrash her ass about, trying to grind her overheated cunt into Kathy’s licking, sucking mouth.

She felt the wet tongue sliding, then it was licking at the cheeks of her ass.

“My cunt!” Donna wailed. “Lick my cunt!”

“I wanna lick your ass,” Kathy replied, racing her tongue about the creamy ass cheeks, then darting between them. Donna’s ass cheeks were spread very wide, and Kathy had no difficulty as she plunged her tongue against the tight pucker of Donna’s asshole. Donna yelped, her asshole clenching as that wet tongue lapped back and forth, pressing and licking.

This was the first time her ass had ever been licked, and Donna’s mind reeled with erotic pleasure. The sensation of that wet tongue moving about her asshole was different, so different, but also beautiful. It felt to her as if Kathy was trying to thrust her tongue into her asshole, and she clenched against the invasion. But Kathy seemed content to lick the hot pucker a while longer, then she scooted her tongue back the woman’s burning, seeping cunt.

Again and again she thrust her tongue into Donna’s cunt, fucking harshly, her lips pressed against the curling hairs that grew along each side of Donna’s pussy.

Donna could take no more.

With a drawn-out wail of ecstasy, she came.

Her hairy cunt gripped Kathy’s fucking tongue in flexing waves as her orgasm shattered its way through her naked body. Everything seemed to go off at once — her nerves became searing flames, her tits almost burst, her mind reeled dizzily, and her cunt was racked with strong, spasms, and she was coming harder than she ever had in her entire life. And Kathy would not let her go.

That wicked tongue kept up a relentless fucking pace, driving deeply as the girl’s lips sucked. Her small hands clung to Donna’s uplifted hips when Donna’s legs went into the air, the hot inner flesh closing about Kathy’s blonde head, capturing her face.

“Enough!” Donna wailed. “No more, Kathy! Please, no more right now!”

Kathy pulled her face out of Donna’s cunt reluctantly. As soon as Donna was stretched out on the bed again, Kathy snuggled against Donna’s body, hugging her tightly.

“That was good, wasn’t it, Donna?” she asked in a soft voice. “Did I suck your cunt good?”

“Oh, darling,” Donna breathed heavily. “I think I’m still coming.”

Kathy giggled, reaching between Donna’s thighs to feel the wet pulsations there.

“Did you like licking me, Donna?” she asked while she tenderly rubbed Donna’s sensitive cunt. “Did you like tasting my pussy?”

For a moment Donna didn’t answer. Then, giving in, she said, very softly, “Yes, I liked it, Kathy. I liked it very much.”

“Can we do this again?”

Again Donna hesitated.

She envisioned her son fucking Kathy on the kitchen table again and wondered if that had been his come juice she had tasted on this succulent, sugary cunt. And what was she going to do about it, about Bobby?

She could not deny her enjoyment of watching them fuck, nor of discovering her own delight about sucking a cunt. She had never in her life tasted a pussy.

And Kathy had such a sugary sweet cunt, like honey.

Could she give that up? Donna knew she didn’t have the nerve, or courage, or whatever it took to do this with another girl. She would not have done it at this time if Kathy had not taken the initiative.

“I… I’ve got to think, Kathy,” she finally said.

“Okay,” Kathy murmured sleepily, confidently.

She climbed out of Donna’s bed, and, after leaning down to kiss Donna on her mouth, she left, closing the bedroom door silently behind her.


Donna watched Kathy and Bobby become very close.

Like brother and sister, only much closer. Where one went, so did the other.

Kathy went out of her way to please, particularly to please Donna. Kathy was so cheerful, so eager. And, with her new clothes Donna had bought, she was beautiful Donna was very pleased to notice Kathy was a clean girl, bathing as often as two and three times a day. At first, Donna wondered if this was a fetish, but then realized Kathy simply loved being clean, smelling fresh.

Her blonde hair sparkled with shimmering waves, and those blue eyes were so clear and happy. Kathy flounced about and bubbled and laughed constantly.

Donna noticed, too, that Kathy was apparently a good influence on Bobby. He had begun helping about the house when before Donna had been forced to resort to threats just to make him clean his room. But now, with Kathy helping him, his room was the cleanest ever.

They played, often whispering and giggling. Sometimes Kathy’s eyes would glint with mischievous delight at Donna when their heads were together, and sometimes Bobby would glance shyly at his mother.

Oddly enough, she didn’t mind; she was thrilled, knowing her son and Kathy often talked about fucking. She watched her son often as they put their heads together, watching his face light up as Kathy whispered. And Bobby seemed to have a perpetual hard-on. Donna knew that was from the influence of Kathy, too. Kathy seemed to know how to keep her son excited and how to keep his cock hard. But, at his age, she knew his interest in sex would be intense no matter who the girl was… provided the girl was erotic, like Kathy.

But Kathy kept Donna in a high state of arousal, too.

Donna’s cunt pulsated and twitched with a beat she had never experienced before. She felt as if she were on the brink of orgasms all the time. Donna could look at the exquisite girl and feel her cunt clench. If Kathy smiled at her, running her pink tongue sensuously about her lips at the same time, Donna would shiver with pleasure.

She found herself wanting to touch the girl, to feel that sweet, tight little ass, those small, firm tits, and, best of all, her succulent, wet cunt.

Coming out of the bathroom and into the ball about noon that day, Donna came upon Bobby and Kathy as they wrestled about on the living room floor. They laughed a lot, enjoying themselves. Donna, with a smile on her beautiful face, stood and watched them. They were careful not to bang into anything although they were involved in their fun. It was wonderful for Bobby to have Kathy here, she thought. She was like a sister to him, only closer.

Bobby wrestled Kathy to her back and sat astride her, knees on each side, pinning her arms above her head. Kathy’s feet were toward Donna, and, as the girl lifted her knees, Donna gazed between her slender thighs. The tight panties she had bought the girl were exposed, and the crotch was very tight, molding to the sweetness if that fuzzy cunt. Donna ran her tongue over her lips as she remembered the sugary taste of that pussy. The lovely, smooth curves of that ass could be seen by Donna, the small ass she had held in her hands as she tongue fucked Kathy. Donna’s breath caught in her throat as excitement rumbled through her, and there was a sudden burning sensation between her thighs as her cunt twitched.

Seeing between Kathy’s thighs had excited her so that Donna was unaware that she had lifted her hand and now clutched one of her tits tightly.

Kathy arched her hips up, trying to toss Bobby from her, but all she succeeded in doing was wiggling and bouncing her ass.

She looks like she’s fucking, Donna thought as her hands dug into her tit. Like she’s getting Bobby’s cock in her cunt, fucking him.

Kathy and Bobby were so absorbed with each other, they did not see Donna watching.

Sitting on Kathy’s stomach, Bobby reached behind his ass and shoved his palm between Kathy’s thighs, yelling gleefully, “Handful!”

“I’ll handful you!” Kathy giggled, twisting her hips about.

“Handful!” Bobby yelped again.

Kathy’s hips became still, barely writhing when Bobby rubbed up and down her cunt. “Handful of what, Bobby?”

“Pussy!” Donna heard her son say.

“Handful of pussy, or cunt, or…” Kathy giggled in her cute, lewd manner.

Hearing her son say those words sent a ripple of delight racing up and down Donna’s spine, and her cunt seemed to spasm in a mild way.

Kathy had finally seen Donna, but not Bobby, who had his back toward her.

Kathy saw right away where Donna’s hand was, and she also saw the expression on Donna’s face. She did not try to squirm away from Bobby, nor did she say anything to him. Instead, she became more teasing, more erotic.

She lifted her hips and began to grind her cunt into Bobby’s hand, watching Donna’s reaction. Donna’s eyes were smoldering, gazing between those succulent thighs as Kathy widened her knees.

“Put your hand inside my panties, Bobby,” Kathy said, her voice thick now, her eyes staring directly at Donna. “I wanna feel your hand on my cunt, Bobby.”

Donna saw her son quickly shove his hands into the tight crotch of those panties, and it was obvious that he had thrust a finger into Kathy’s boiling little cunt. Kathy squealed and whipped her hips up, gyrating them while keeping her eyes glowed with brightness when she saw Donna’s long thighs and panties, saw the wicked smile on Donna’s face.

Then, with a sudden motion, Kathy tossed Bobby from her stomach. Bobby landed on his back, but he still had not seen his mother watching them. Kathy, with a swift movement, jumped onto Bobby, straddling him with her face toward his feet, her back keeping him from seeing his mother.

“I’ll show you!” Kathy shouted and shoved her hands along Bobby’s body. Donna saw her son’s cock bulging against his pants, and that was what Kathy grabbed.

“Hey, that’s my cock!” Bobby yelped with delight.

“I know it’s your cock,” Kathy said, opening his pants and pulling Bobby’s prick out. She looked up at Donna as her fingers closed on it. “I’m gonna jack you off and make you come all over the fucking place, Bobby.”

Bobby laughed in his eagerness, lifting his hips to Kathy’s hot hand.

Staring at Donna, Kathy began to pump her fist up and down Bobby’s cock slowly. Donna’s eyes became very hot and excited as she looked at her son’s prick. Her fingers dug into her tit, and the other hand pressed her dress tight into her crotch.

The head of Bobby’s cock was very swollen, so smooth, and Donna could see his piss hole, glistening wetly. Kathy ran the thumb of her other hand over his piss hole, lifted it and very briefly offered it to Donna, then mewled as she shoved her thumb into her mouth, sucking it. Donna almost came. Her hips twisted and she pressed her hand hard into her cunt, squeezing her tit hard enough to feel pain.

“Wanna fuck?” Kathy asked Bobby, sliding her crotch along his body. “Wanna get this cock fucked, Bobby?”

“Yeah!” Bobby replied huskily.

Donna watched as Kathy stood on her knees, straddling her son. Kathy slipped her dress to her waist and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, revealing her pink cunt. As she rubbed the succulent lips of her sugary cunt back and forth on the head of Bobby’s cock, she gazed at Donna, running her tongue about her lips suggestively.

Donna wanted to go to her, spread her legs out, and squat against the sweet mouth, letting Kathy lick and tongue fuck her as she fucked Bobby. She wanted to badly, yet remained where she was.

Donna knew Kathy was making certain she could see every detail as she pressed the head of Bobby’s cock between the puffy, hot lips of her cunt. Donna watched that tight pussy close about her son’s cock, holding her breath as excitement gripped her. She was not spying now; she was standing there in the open, with Kathy deliberately fucking Bobby, those blue eyes almost challenging Donna to stop it.

Slowly, Kathy settled her cunt onto Bobby’s cock, then leaned backwards. Donna saw those fine, sugary cunt lips stretched about her son’s throbbing hard cock, the tiny clit visible. Those cunt lips seemed so stretched, Donna wondered if the girl could take a bigger cock.

Again Donna was overcome by the beauty of watching them fuck. She could see her son’s cock, even how his prick throbbed, buried as his cock was inside Kathy’s steaming, sweet cunt. She wished Bobby’s pants were down, wanting to see his balls, too. She lifted her dress as Kathy continued to gaze at her, shoving her hand into her bikini cut panties and fingering her hairy cunt. Kathy slowly twisted her hips, fucking on Bobby’s cock. Donna watched her son’s cock as his prick was sucked deep, then released. Bobby’s prick glistened with the wetness of Kathy’s pussy, and those cunt lips seemed to grip and draw on his cock when she moved her hips up and down.

Kathy’s wet, pink tongue licked about her lips as she gazed between Donna’s thighs, her pussy pumping on Bobby’s cock. Donna knew Kathy wanted to get her mouth against her hairy cunt, but he could not join them; she didn’t want her son embarrassed.

“You like my cunt, Bobby?” Kathy was mewling as her ass whipped up and down. “Is my cunt hot and wet on your cock, Bobby?”

When Bobby replied, his words came out garbled, but the sound was enough to tell Donna her son was in ecstasy.

Kathy sat upright, her knees bent, squatting down and beginning to lift and lower her cunt on his cock, fucking him fast. Donna knew Kathy was making it easy for her to watch, keeping her skirt high and the crotch of her panties drawn to one side. She banged her cunt up and down swiftly, churning now, squealing with pleasure. The moist sounds of Kathy’s cunt fucking up and down his cock seemed to reach out and grab Donna, closing hotly about her. Kathy fucked her tightly gripping cunt up and down Bobby’s cock, groaning with ecstasy, plunging up and down, the muscles of her slender thighs working. Donna was gasping with boiling desire as she stared hard, watching Kathy’s cunt gobble her son’s cock.

“You’re gonna make me come, Kathy!” Bobby shouted, arching his hips from the floor. “I’m gonna come!”

“Come, Bobby!” Kathy urged, her little ass flying up and down, smacking against the base of his cock with a moist sound. “Come, come!”

As Bobby gave a loud grunt, Kathy quickly jerked her pussy off his cock, scooted back a bit, and grabbed his prick with a tight fist. She jerked hard and fast, and the come juice squirted high. Donna moaned and felt weak as she watched her son gushing sweet come juice into the air. Kathy gurgled and jacked him faster and faster. The creamy come juice, spewing with force from his balls, made a wet, slippery mess on her thigh and his pants.

Then, as Bobby finished, Kathy seemed to point his prick at Donna, as if offering his cock to her. A shudder went through Donna, her eyes rolling. She licked her lips with desire, but remained where she was.

Kathy slipped off Bobby and sat beside him, and Bobby, for the first time, saw his mother there.

“Oh!” he yelped, turning quickly onto his stomach to conceal his cock, his face turning a bright red. He covered his face with his arms, and Kathy giggled softly.

Donna, her legs weak, moved into the room and managed to get to the couch, where she sat down. She had to get her breathing under control. Kathy turned on the floor so she was facing Donna, her knees drawn up and her chin resting on them. Donna saw the crotch of her panties, the backs of those sweet, smooth thighs. Donna’s cunt was pulsating with liquid heat, and she crossed her legs, the pressure of her thighs almost making her come.

“Are you mad, Donna?” Kathy asked softly.

Donna knew that was for Bobby’s benefit. The girl knew Donna was not mad by any means, but excited. Donna knew why it was said, and she replied, “Not at all, Kathy.”

She saw her son’s body shiver. Bobby was peeking shyly at his mother from his arms.

Donna smiled at her son, and said, “Why should I be mad because you two…”

“Fuck?” Kathy supplied, glancing at Bobby. “Because we’re fucking?”

Donna saw her son cover his face again quickly, and she laughed, a low, throaty sound. “Bobby, stop acting so shy. I watched it, every bit of it. Come on, darling, skip that.”

Kathy turned and began to tickle Bobby, and he was unable to keep from laughing, and, in an effort to get away, he rolled onto his back, his cock exposed. Realizing this, he quickly tried to cover his prick with his hands, but Kathy fought them off. Bobby peeked at his mother as Kathy held his hands away from his prick.

Donna smiled at him. “You have nothing to hide anymore, Bobby,” she said. “I watched you and Kathy from the first.”

When she knew Bobby would not fight anymore, Kathy turned him loose. She scooted until she sat at Donna’s feet, draping an arm over Donna’s thighs and resting her cheek there, looking at Bobby’s cock, as did Donna. Bobby was nervous, but he made no more attempts to hide his cock from his mother.

Bobby’s prick stirred, and he flushed when his cock began to swell, become hard again. Still he didn’t try to hide, and Donna and Kathy watched his cock become very hard. Donna’s cunt throbbed as she gazed at her son’s prick, and, when she felt a hot little hand moving under her skirt and caressing her thigh, she did not stop Kathy. She saw her son’s gaze follow the hand, and he was no longer blushing. His cock stood straight now, the shaft hard and the head swollen, and Donna could see his prick start to drip once more.

Kathy ran her hot palm up and down Donna’s thigh, and, as her skirt moved up, Donna let it go. She was fascinated to be seeing her son’s cock openly, excited by the sight. She ran her hand over the top of Kathy’s blonde head. When she felt Kathy trying to spread her knees, and allowed it. Donna gazed back at her son, knowing she would soon be looking under her dress, seeing her panties, her crotch, because Kathy was urging her to open her legs for him. Kathy was initiating this, and Donna did not try to prevent it. She allowed her knees to be parted, and her cunt throbbed when she knew her son could see her crotch.

Kathy caressed the inside of Donna’s thigh, turned her face and began kissing wetly at the satiny flesh. Donna ran her fingers through the blonde hair, still watching her son. She scooted her ass to the edge of the couch, leaning her head on the back. Her whole crotch was revealed to her son now, but all he could see were her panties. Donna trembled as Kathy licked at her thigh and moaned softly when that bold hand stroked high, a finger now tracing up and down the moist band of cloth there. Bobby, with his eyes now blazing, gripped his cock as he saw what Kathy was doing to his mother.

But then Kathy stopped. She lifted her hand away from Donna’s crotch and pulled her lips from her thigh. She crawled toward Bobby, her little ass wiggling invitingly. She moved around Bobby so she was facing Donna, showing his hand away and taking his cock in her hand. Kathy grinned in a lewd way at Donna, then darted her tongue out and licked up and down the throbbing hard shaft of Bobby’s cock.

Donna groaned, her ass hanging over the cushions, twisting.

Kathy ran her tongue up and down Bobby’s cock, her blue eyes boiling. She lapped at the seeping piss hole, whimpering at the taste of those slippery fuck juices.

Bobby, far too excited with Kathy’s tongue licking at his cock and staring between his mother’s thighs, did not try to prevent Kathy from shoving her face to his balls, licking at them as she stroked his cock, pressing his prick against her cheek, but never letting her gaze stray from Donna.

The heavy, steamy, sexual tension filled the room, wrapping not just about Bobby and Kathy, but Donna as well. Donna felt as though they had come under the power of some unseen force, a force that was leading them into erotic delights, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Kathy ran her tongue from Bobby’s balls to the tip of his cock, and Donna watched Kathy’s tongue flutter around the piss hale. Kathy lifted her face an inch or so, saying in husky, passion-filled voice, “Lemme see your tits, Donna. Let me and Bobby see your tits.”

Donna glanced at her son, and his eyes showed his desire. Her fingers fumbled shakily with her blouse, and she pulled a button loose in her eagerness. Her creamy, firm tits swelled upward, her nipples very hard.

Bobby swallowed noisily as he gazed at his mother’s naked tits, his tongue moving over his lips. Kathy, with a giggle of lewdness, began licking at Bobby’s cock again.

“Want a blow job, Bobby?” she murmured hotly. “Wanna get your cock sucked off?”

Bobby, seemingly afraid to reply because of his mother being there, kept silent, and he was breathing hard. Donna, her cunt steaming, twisted her ass about, twisting at her own nipples.

“Suck him, Kathy,” she groaned. “Suck his cock… suck my son’s cock! Suck him off… suck his cock off!”

Bobby grunted as he heard what his mother said, but it was a grunt of ecstasy. His prick throbbed, and Kathy lowered her mouth.

Donna’s eyes became glazed with passion as she watched those moist lips stretch about her son’s cock, the prick head between them. Kathy was making soft sounds of delight as she slowly moved her lips downward. Donna was amazed to see the girl take the full length of Bobby’s cock into her mouth and was again reminded of Kathy’s intense erotic nature.

Kathy began to suck up and down on Bobby’s cock, bobbing her exquisitely pretty face with pleasure, mewling hotly. Donna, somehow, felt Kathy usually sucked a cock differently than this and not so fast, but was doing it this way simply to excite Donna.

It was fascinating to Donna the way Kathy gulped and sucked on Bobby’s cock. She loves to suck cock as much as eat a cunt, Donna thought. A cunt or cock, she loves them both.

Bobby could not take his gaze from between his mother’s spread thighs, from the crotch of her panties. He twisted his ass about on the floor as Kathy sucked swiftly and wetly on his prick, and he was breathing in hot gasps. Kathy was still on her knees, her little ass swaying about as she ran her lips up and down his cock, her blue eyes gleaming with ecstasy.

“Oooo,” Donna whimpered, tossing her hips about, squeezing her tits hard as she watched Kathy sucking her son’s cock hungrily. “Ohhh, yes, yes! Suck him, Kathy! Ahh, you love it, don’t you? You love sucking cock, don’t you Kathy?”

“Mmmmm,” Kathy gurgled, filling her mouth time and again with Bobby’s cock. Now and then she lifted up to run her tongue about his piss hole, making sure Donna could watch. Then she would swallow the hardness of his prick quickly again. Soft, puppy-like whines came from Kathy, whines of hungry pleasure.

Bobby was squirming his naked ass about with excitement, unable to lie still. Donna knew part of his excitement was from seeing her crotch, and part from the fact that she was watching, but mostly from Kathy’s hot, wet mouth devouring his cock. Kathy was holding his balls now as she bobbed her mouth up and down greedily. She dived down, her lips tight at the base of Bobby’s cock, her cheeks sucking inward. She lifted his balls to her cheek and rubbed them about, her blue eyes boiling with excitement.

“Ooo, make him come, Kathy!” Donna whimpered. “Make him come! Suck Bobby’s cock off… into your mouth! Oh, you little hot cocksucker, make Bobby come in your fucking wet mouth!”

With a muffled squeal, Kathy sucked up and down hard and fast. Her lips almost flew as she swallowed Bobby’s cock time and again, struggling to make him come.

Bobby twisted his naked ass about, groaning with ecstasy arching and trying to pump his cock into Kathy’s greedy mouth. Donna watched her son’s balls become tight, drawing up at the base of his cock.

Then he came, grunting loudly.

Kathy, tasting his thick come juice spewing into her mouth, sucked up and off, but kept her lips wide and her tongue far out. Donna sobbed with desire as she saw her son’s come juice spurting into Kathy’s wide-open mouth, then dripping out. Kathy ran her tongue about the gushing piss hole, then placed her lips around his cock head, sucking frantically, taking the rest of his come juice this way. Her slender throat worked in liquid ecstasy as she swallowed the creamy sweetness from Bobby’s balls.

As Bobby relaxed, Kathy ran her tongue about his cock to lick away what come juice she had not caught with her tongue or mouth. Then she sat back on her heels, a huge grin of satisfaction on her lovely face. Bobby was grinning from ear to ear, no longer shy because his mother had seen this.

Donna, still very excited, remained with her legs wide and ass over the cushions. She had experienced an orgasm at the same instant her son had begun to come into Kathy’s cock hungry mouth. The crotch of her panties were soaked from the juices of her cunt.

“God, I’m so hot!” she moaned. “I need something cold to drink, anything to cool me down.”


Immediately Kathy was on her feet and racing to the kitchen.

While she was gone, Donna looked down at her son, who still lay on the floor with his cock and balls deliciously revealed to her.

“Is she gonna stay with us, Mom?” Bobby asked, showing no signs of nervousness now. “You’re gonna let Kathy stay with us, aren’t you, Mom?”

Donna almost nodded her head, but said instead, “I’m… I’ve got to think about it, Bobby. Especially after this.”

“I’m sure glad you didn’t get mad at he,” he said, glancing between her thighs again.

With amusement, Donna asked why.

“Because Kathy is nice, Mom,” he said. “I’ve never done anything like this before, and I like it!”

“Of course you’d like it, you little fart!” she laughed. “What boy wouldn’t… a girl like Kathy staying with him. I’ve known ever since you brought her home with you. You haven’t been getting away with anything.”

Kathy came in carrying a tall glass of iced tea. She handed it to Donna and sat on the couch next to her. Donna felt the heat of that slender thigh against hers. She jumped slightly as Kathy placed her hot palm on her thigh. The tea did nothing to cool her off, but she had known it wouldn’t.

Kathy caressed her hand up and down Donna’s smooth thigh, gently but with pressure. Donna’s cunt continued to throb with desire despite the intensity of her orgasm when her son squirted his come juice into Kathy’s mouth. She looked at Kathy’s lips, and they seemed puffy, almost bruised. Glancing at her son’s cock, she licked both her own lips, wondering what his prick would taste like in her mouth.

Would Bobby like it if I sucked his cock off? she wondered, then quickly shoved the thought away.

Kathy slipped her little hand to Donna’s crotch, and Donna turned to look at those blue eyes as the palm cupped her cunt. She moaned softly as Kathy rubbed the wetness of her panties. When Kathy leaned over and slipped her tongue about a swollen nipple, Donna grunted with delight. She saw her son’s cock was turning hard again as he watched what Kathy was doing to her.

Bobby got to his knees, holding onto his pants, and moved closer, his eyes watching Kathy’s hand move up and down his mother’s crotch. Donna felt his stomach against her knee, and a jolt of fire flared through her. Kathy lifted her mouth from Donna’s creamy tit and grinned lewdly at Bobby. Without saying anything, and before Donna could stop her, Kathy hooked her finger into the crotch of her panties and jerked it far to one side, exposing her hairy cunt to her son’s hot eyes.

“Kathy!” Donna gasped, closing her thighs quickly.

Kathy giggled.

“What are you…”

But Kathy interrupted. “Why not let Bobby see your cunt, Donna? I mean, you watched me fuck him… watched me suck his cock off. What’s wrong if he sees your cunt now?”

“But… but I…” Donna stammered, feeling a flush creep over her smooth cheeks. “He’s my son, Kathy!”

“Donna, you sat there and watched me suck his cock off, make him come in my mouth,” Kathy said. “You had your legs wide so he could look between them.”

“But I… he couldn’t see my cu… I have panties on,” Donna justified.

“Panties, scanties!” Kathy snorted. “Are you a tease, Donna? Are you a prick teaser?”

“I am not!”

“But you let Bobby look between your legs,” Kathy said. “You showed him all this… but you won’t show any more. That’s being a prick teaser, you know. Show a little, make his cock hard, then stop. Come on, Donna! Why don’t you cover up your tits, then, too?”

Donna had no reply.

Her son’s stomach was still burning against her knee, and this time, as Kathy parted her legs and shoved her skirt to her waist, she did not protest. When Kathy hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and dragged them down, she shivered. The thick curls of her hairy cunt were exposed, and her son was looking with hot eyes at her. Kathy dragged her panties to mid-thigh, then began to slip her fingers up and down her swollen cunt lips. Donna writhed her ass, unable to still the heat of her cunt. When Kathy parted the thick hair to reveal her pink, wet cunt lips and stiff clitoris to Bobby’s excited eyes, Donna whimpered softly, watching her son’s face.

With a giggle, Kathy suddenly thrust her finger into Donna’s cunt.

“Ohhh!” Donna yelped, lifting her hips to the finger.

“You like this, Donna,” Kathy said in a thick voice. “I know you like me to fingerfuck you. You loved it last night, didn’t you, when I fingerfucked you?”

Heat came to Donna’s face when Bobby looked at her.

“Oh, he knows all about it Donna,” Kathy said, fucking her finger back and forth in Donna’s clinging cunt. “I told him this morning.”

“You told… everything?” Donna asked.

“Even about you tongue fucking me.”

“Oh, God!”

“It’s okay, Mom,” Bobby said quickly as his mother flushed with embarrassment. “It’s okay.”

He placed his hand on her thigh, very close to her pussy as Kathy fingerfucked her. Her son’s hand burned hotly against her flesh, and she quivered. Then she felt the head of his cock brushing her leg, leaving a wet smear of fuck juice there.

“Mom, it’s okay,” Bobby whispered.

Donna watched his fingers now as they moved higher on her thigh. Kathy pulled her finger out of her cunt, and Donna felt an electric thrill flow through her when the girl took Bobby’s wrist and brought his hand to her cunt. She felt her son’s palm press at her bubbling pussy, and Kathy worked one of his fingers into it.

“Don’t worry about anything, Mom,” Bobby was saying as Kathy began to fuck his finger in and out of his mother’s cunt. “Don’t be embarrassed, Mom.”

Donna could not hold her hips still. She lifted her crotch to meet her son’s finger as Kathy leaned down and began to suck at her rigid nipple. Somehow, her panties had been pulled from her legs, but she didn’t remember when it happened or if her son or Kathy had removed them.

She was sitting on the couch, her ass hanging over, her legs spread wide. Her skirt was bunched about her waist, her hairy cunt exposed, and her son was fingerfucking her, and Kathy was sucking on her tit. And her son’s cock was leaving a hot wetness on her leg.

Fearful of what was happening, not sure she was ready to have her son fucking her, his beautiful cock penetrating her cunt, Donna suddenly pulled from them, sitting up and closing her thighs tightly. She drew her blouse together.

Kathy and Bobby looked at her, Bobby with disappointment on his young face and Kathy with an amused expression.

“You two fuck,” Donna said, her breathing heavy. “You two leave me alone… just fuck all you want.”

Kathy slipped from the couch and stood up. With a grin of knowing, she peeled her dress off, then rolled her panties down, kicking them away. “Come on, Bobby. I guess Donna would rather watch than do.”

His attention tuning toward Kathy, his cock became very hard. Donna could not get over how beautiful Kathy’s young body was. Those small tits, so perfect in shape, so spongy with her pink nipples tight, and that fuzzy little cunt… beautiful!

Kathy dropped to her hands and knees, waving her small, satiny ass in the air. “Fuck me, Bobby!” she squealed with hot pleasure. “Fuck my little cunt! Oooo, I wanna feel your hard cock fucking my pussy, Bobby!”

Donna felt a rumble of desire between her thighs as she watched her son get to his knees behind that small, exciting ass. They were close to her. Before she could stop herself, Donna leaned over and grabbed her son’s cock in a hot hand.

Bobby looked up at his mother. “You want it, Mom?” he asked eagerly.

“I’ll put it in her, darling,” Donna whispered in a thick voice. Her son’s cock was so hard and hot in her hand, she could not resist pumping his prick a bit first. She stroked her son’s cock with tight fingers, licking her lips as she gazed with smoldering eyes. The prick head looked sweet to her, and his piss hole was flaring wetly.

I want to suck it, she thought. Oh, I want to suck my son’s cock! I want to taste it in my mouth and feel it fuck my cunt!

Quickly, she pulled the head of her son’s cock to the pooching lips of Kathy’s cunt. Using the fingers of her other hand, she parted the tight lips of Kathy’s pussy, those succulent cunt lips she had tasted the night before. She sucked in a deep breath as she watched his cock slide into Kathy’s pussy easily. The pucker of Kathy’s pink asshole could be seen between her spreading ass cheeks, and Donna remembered how Kathy had tongued her in the ass.

Kathy began to sob with ecstasy as Bobby’s cock fucked into her bubbling cunt, her ass wiggling. Donna watched as her son began fucking his cock back and forth, then she lifted one hand and moved it about the sweetness of Kathy’s uplifted ass, sliding it underneath to fondle a tight, small tit. As Bobby fucked Kathy, Donna ran her hands about the girl’s shivering, overheated little body, feeling all about those churning asscheeks, the quivering stomach, those tight tits that failed to dangle because of their smallness.

Donna wasn’t aware when one of her hands moved behind her son’s thrusting ass. She found herself clutching one of his ass cheeks with a tight hand, breathing hotly as she stared at his cock fucking back and forth, seeing the tight lips of Kathy’s cunt grip and squeeze his prick. When she finally realized she was holding his ass, she gave in to her desires and caressed the bunching ass, sliding her hand between his thighs to feel his balls swinging back and forth. Her cunt was boiling, her clit very hard. Her blouse had flapped open again and her shapely tits were revealed.

Kathy was squealing and mewling with pleasure, shoving her naked little ass against Bobby as he fucked forward, twisting excitedly. Donna shoved her hand under Kathy and dug into a spongy tit, now holding her son’s balls tightly as he fucked the girl’s tight pussy. The erotic sight held her as she gazed at his glistening cock fucking in and out of Kathy’s hot cunt, the tight asshole flexing. Donna leaned down and began to run her tongue about the shaking, naked cheeks of Kathy’s creamy ass.

“Oooo, lick my ass, Donna!” Kathy urged in a thick voice. “Lick my ass while Bobby fucks my cunt! Oooo, his cock fills my pussy… really stuffs my cunt, Donna! Oooohhh, you don’t know what you’re missing… not fucking him!”

Donna heard every word, and they caused her cunt to steam very hotly. She was so wet between her thighs that the inner surfaces were slippery with the fuck juices. The heat of Kathy’s ass cheeks caused her senses to reel with erotic ecstasy. She licked frantically at the soft, smooth flesh, squeezing and pulling on her son’s balls and Kathy’s small tit. She thought she would come.

When she felt her son shoving his hand under her skirt as he fucked Kathy, Donna whimpered and parted her knees on the floor, giving him room. As his hand moved through the thick hair framing her cunt, she almost came. “Oooo, you’re… you’re touching me, darling!”

“Finger your mother’s cunt, Bobby!” Kathy squealed when she heard the words. She dropped her head to the floor and looked past her body, seeing Bobby moving his hand along Donna’s hairy cunt. “Fingerfuck your mother’s cunt, Bobby! Oooo, fuck my pussy with your cock and fuck your mother’s cunt with your finger!”

Donna, shaking with erotic pleasure, gripped her son’s balls tightly and drew her head back from Kathy’s wiggling ass. She looked at her son, her lips pursing. Then, with a cry, shoved her mouth to his, kissing him wetly, her tongue darting into his mouth. Bobby’s finger stabbed into her cunt and began to fuck in and out. Donna jerked her hips back and forth, fucking his finger and moaning into his mouth. When Bobby shoved his tongue past her lips, she sucked at it frantically, twisting at his balls and feeling the slippery fuck juices from Kathy’s cock against her hand.

Bobby, his tongue deep in his mother’s fiery mouth, slammed his finger into her pussy hard, fucking his cock as deep as he could into Kathy’s gripping cunt.

Donna clung to his tight balls desperately as she sucked her son’s tongue, still squeezing one of Kathy’s hard, spongy tits.

Kathy was gurgling with pleasure as an orgasm swelled within her tightening stomach.

“I’m gonna come! Ohhhh, fuck me hard, Bobby… I’m gonna come!”

Donna pulled her mouth from her son’s and watched the way Kathy tossed her beautiful ass about in a frenzy. She pulled her hand from her son’s balls and shoved it between Kathy’s ass and the base of his cock. She felt the spasms of Kathy’s cunt when the girl came. The fuzzy cunt squeezed at Bobby’s prick as Kathy wailed in erotic ecstasy, her small body shuddering with orgasm.

“Ooo, come in her, darling!” Donna hissed hotly. “Come in her tight little cunt! Oh, baby, flood her fucking tight cunt… spurt that sweet come juice up her hot fucking pussy, Bobby!”

Donna felt the throbbing of her son’s cock increase about her fingers. Her eyes burned down past the spreading checks of Kathy’s ass, past the tight asshole, seeing Kathy’s cunt lips hold his cock tightly, flexing with convulsions.

“I’m gonna do it!” Bobby shouted. “I’m gonna come… in her cunt, Mom! Ahhh! I gotta come… gotta come!”

Donna felt something come over her, and, just as her son’s cock discharged, she jerked his prick from Kathy’s cunt. Kathy wailed her protest. Donna lifted her son’s cock and saw the thick come juice bubble from the piss hole, the first spurt splashing against Kathy’s tightly puckered asshole, the others spattering the girl’s creamy, sweet ass cheeks. Donna jerked her fist on her son’s, cock as he came, gasping in pleasure as she watched him come all over Kathy’s satiny ass. Some of the thick sweetness flew up as far as her spine, puddling there.

With a sob of mindless delight, Donna shoved her face down and began licking the creamy come juice from the sweet cheeks of Kathy’s ass, running her tongue all over the hot flesh. As she tasted her son’s come juice, his finger, deep inside her cunt, sent her into a reeling orgasm. She shook violently as her son fingerfucked harder into her climaxing cunt, moaning in mindless delight, thrilled to be tasting the sweet thick come juice from his balls. She ran her tongue all about Kathy’s shivering ass cheeks, then to the pool of come juice at her spine. By the time she finished licking, she had it all off that smooth flesh.

She sat back on her heels when her son pulled his finger out of her cunt, her lips glistening with his come juice. She gurgled happily as Kathy turned her head and laughed. “You got it after all, Donna!”

Bobby, gasping as he sat on the floor, stared at his mother.

“Well, darling,” Donna said, “you don’t have to look so fucking shocked, do you? I love it, too.”

Kathy, sitting up with her legs crossed, was laughing with delight. “It tastes good, don’t it, Donna? But it’s better when you take it straight from the cock.”

Donna looked at the happy girl. “I’ve sucked a cock off before. I know it’s better that way.”

Bobby, delight all over his face, asked, “Mom, you sucked cocks before?”

Donna grabbed her son and hugged him tightly. “Of course I’ve sucked cocks before. I’m a girl, aren’t I?”

“You’re my mom,” he said.

“But I’m still a girl,” Donna laughed, ruffling his hair. “And, damn it, I love to suck a cock as well as any other girl.”

She found her hand on his cock and balls. For just a moment she started to pull away, then thought, Don’t be silly, girl. You just licked his come juice off Kathy’s ass. Nothing else should make any difference.

She fondled her son’s cock and balls gently, then turned and saw Kathy smiling at her. She stuck her tongue out at the girl, stroking her son’s cock with pleasure.

Kathy, with a happy giggle, came close and darted her tongue over Donna’s come-wet lips, licking at them, then kissed Donna hard, digging her small hand into a spongy tit. Donna wrapped her arm about Kathy and dropped her hand to a still-wet ass cheek and squeezed it, making Kathy coo with delight.

“Does this mean I get to fuck you, too, Mom?” Bobby asked.

“Would you like that?”

Bobby grinned from ear to ear. “I sure would, Mom!”

Donna pulled from them, petting her son’s cock and Kathy’s ass. “I’ll tell you what. Let’s wait and see, but right now I’m so hungry, I could eat a…” She flushed, then blurted ahead. “I could eat the asshole out of a speeding bear!”


After dinner, Kathy chased Donna from the kitchen.

“I’ll take care of the dishes,” she said. “You go sit and rest.”

“I’m not tired,” Donna said.

“Then sit anyway,” Kathy said. “I wanna do the dishes for you.” Then her eyes flashed impishly. “Among a lot of other things, too, of course.”

“Like what, Kathy?” Bobby asked. “Oh, you know, Bobby… taste her hairy cunt and things like that.”

Bobby giggled. “You like to do that too, Kathy?”

“I like to do anything,” Kathy said.

Donna left them in the kitchen, amused at how easy it had been for Kathy to talk her son into helping with the dinner dishes.

She sat in the living room, thinking how Kathy had almost taken over the running of the house. She was such a young girl, yet knew everything about cleaning and cooking. She even knew how to shop for the best prices. She knew nothing, really, of Kathy’s background, except what she had told her. Donna had no reason not to believe her. She had come to their house grimy from sleeping in an old warehouse, and now she was clean and cheerful and so eager to please.

She knew, if she allowed Kathy to stay with them, that their lives would never be the same again. Donna knew Kathy was intensely erotic, without inhibitions whatsoever. She did not hesitate to show that succulent body, to fuck and suck when the mood was on her, and the mood was always on her. Donna had never seen or heard of a girl, so steamy and eager to fuck. Kathy seemed insatiable, and it didn’t matter to her whether it was a cock or a cunt she had her hands or her mouth on.

Kathy was the only one still naked. Bobby had pulled on a pair of shorts, and Donna wore a wrap-around skirt, but allowed her tits to be naked.

She wondered if she and her son would have eventually begun to fuck if Kathy had not came home with him. She didn’t think so. She had never looked at her son with desire until Kathy came. Donna tried to analyze her feelings about this, but her emotions were too complex… she gave it up.

Why not just accept it and enjoy it? She told herself.

Bobby wants to fuck me, and it would be delicious to feel his young, hard cock in my cunt. Donna hugged herself, squeezing her tits together.

She thought of her son’s cock, and could almost feel his prick moving into her hairy cunt. A deep pulsation throbbed there, and her clit was again swollen, inflamed with steaming desire.

Yes, Kathy had already made a change in her life, along with Bobby’s. She had fucked him first, taken his so-called virginity, if he had ever possessed such a thing. Kathy had fucked her son that first night, then had come to her bedroom and had unabashedly sucked her cunt, and, although Donna tried to blame it on Kathy, she knew that she had been eager for it, and that Kathy had not forced her to eat that succulent, sugary cunt. She had tongue fucked the girl of her own free will, and had found it so enjoyable, she would lick and suck the girl’s pussy again and again.

As she listened to the activity in the kitchen, Donna grinned to herself, an idea flaring in her mind.

The idea grew, swelling inside her brain. It was such a delicious idea, she thought. Bobby wouldn’t mind; he had seen her lick his come juice from Kathy’s flesh, from her ass. Bobby knew his mother was a hot one, surely, she thought. A ripple of pleasure went through Donna. Bobby had stared so hungrily at her hairy cunt, she felt. Her son had wanted so much to fuck her then.

No, Bobby wouldn’t mind at all, he would love it.

Donna watched her son and Kathy enter the room — Kathy, her small, succulent tits naked, with those pink nipples, her fuzzy little cunt so sweet; Bobby, in his shorts and not feeling the least bit uncomfortable, his cock and balls cupped nicely, making an inviting lump. Donna’s exposed tits swelled as she looked at them, her cunt pulsating very hotly.

Kathy and Bobby sat on the couch close to each other, their hands moving along each other’s body. Donna could not stand much more, watching them fondle and caress. She jumped to her feet, her tits jiggling slightly.

“I want to do something, you two,” she said in a very low voice. “Turn over, both of you.”

Without question, Kathy and Bobby turned, sliding to their knees and bending over on the couch. Donna gazed with hungry eyes at them, seeing the creamy smooth ass of Kathy and her son. On her knees behind them. Donna began running her palms about their thighs, up toward those ass cheeks. This was the first time she had outright caressed her son, and she felt her pulse race with excitement. She placed a palm on each ass, feeling the tightness. Dragging a finger up and down the hot, tantalizing crack of Kathy’s ass, she shoved her other hand into her son’s shorts and did the same to him. Kathy and Bobby looked at each other, giggling with pleasure.

Recalling the way Kathy had tongued her asshole. Donna lowered her face. She licked her tongue first over the sweetness of Kathy’s satiny ass cheek, and then pulled her son’s shorts down. She pressed her lips to a cheek of her son’s ass, kissing his ass cheek wetly. As she began to lick from one small ass to the other, she cupped Kathy’s cunt, feeling the wet heat. Her other hand was holding her son’s balls. The excitement of what she was doing sent shivers of ecstasy boiling through her, and, with a soft mewl, Donna shot her tongue between the cheeks of Kathy’s ass and probed that tight, puckered asshole. Kathy squealed and wiggled her ass into Donna’s face.

Rubbing her palm against Kathy’s bubbling cunt and her son’s balls with the other, Donna pulled her face out of the girl’s ass and, for a moment, looked at her son’s ass. Then, with a deep breath, she shoved her face between the cheeks of Bobby’s ass. Her tongue darted, and she groaned with mindless desire. Her tongue lapped at the tightness of her son’s asshole, and Bobby, with a grunt of pleasure, shoved his ass into his mother’s face. Donna licked her tongue up and down swiftly, probing at the hot tightness, using her stiff tongue as a cock, trying to penetrate her son’s asshole.

Then she quickly returned to Kathy’s, probing hard and with pleasure. Going from asshole to asshole, she began to finger fuck Kathy’s gripping wet cunt and twisted at her son’s balls. She could feel the hardness of his cock with the tips of her fingers. Quickly, she released his balls and grabbed his throbbing cock. She jacked on his prick and finger fucked Kathy’s pussy, her tongue lapping from asshole to asshole.

Kathy and Bobby were kissing and giggling with lewd pleasure, with Bobby squeezing those succulent tits. They arched their sweet assholes into Donna’s face eagerly, wiggling about.

Her son’s cock was so hard, so very hard in her hand, and she jacked up and down hurriedly, fucking her finger into the clasping cunt of twisting Kathy. Then Donna pulled her mouth away, looked at the two assholes, and started rubbing her tingling nipples about them. She had to release her son’s cock and pull her finger from Kathy’s cunt to mold her tits, make her nipples protrude more. Then she rubbed her nipples up and down the hot cracks of their asses.

The excitement of what she was doing made Donna’s emotions soar, and, with a sob of ecstasy, she shot her tongue into the crack of her son’s ass, licking frantically up and down. She felt his balls on the tip of her tongue and, with another sob of pleasure, squeezed her face between his thighs and sucked those precious balls into her mouth. She forgot about Kathy for the moment, finding herself thrilled out of her mind to have her son’s balls in her mouth. She gripped Bobby’s hips as she sucked and licked his balls, then moved a hand around his waist to pump furiously at his cock again.

Kathy sat up, watching, her blue eyes gleaming with erotic delight. She spread her legs and began to fuck her finger into her tight cunt.

“Oooo, suck his fucking balls, Donna!” she squealed. “Suck Bobby’s fucking balls!”

Hearing Kathy, Donna pulled her mouth away and sat back, grinning. “God, it’s been so fucking long since I’ve done anything like that. I’d almost forgotten what fun it was to suck on balls.”

Now that his mother had pulled her face away, Bobby turned and sat up on the couch next to Kathy, his cock straining in the air. With a low growl of passion, Donna grabbed her son’s cock tightly, jerking up and down, watching his piss bole seep. The beads of fuck juice seemed to bubble on the head of his cock, and Donna could not resist. She moved her face forward, her tongue darting from between her lips. She lapped at the fuck juice, twisting her tongue about the smooth, swollen head of her son’s cock. She squeezed his prick as she drew up on his cock shaft, bringing more fuck juice to the flaring piss hole.

She felt Kathy’s hand on the back of her head, urging her. “Do it, Donna,” came the soft but hot voice. “Take it in your mouth. Suck his cock, Donna… suck it! You want it in your mouth, Donna, so put his cock in and suck it!”

“Oooo, yes!” Donna wailed, her lips brushing the head of her son’s cock. “I want to! Oh, I want to suck it!”

Kathy kept urging, and Donna stared at her son’s cock only a few inches from her face. She pumped and squeezed the hardness with her hand, her other hand gripping his hips hard.

“Oooo,” she groaned, and she suddenly closed her lips about the head of her son’s cock. A low, hungry wail of ecstasy came from her, and she lapped her tongue about his piss hole, tasting the nectar of his balls. Her cunt quivered and then Donna came. Her pussy convulsed between her thighs as she held the head of her son’s cock with her hot, wet lips. During her strong orgasm, she suddenly gobbled Bobby’s cock all the way into her mouth, sucking greedily with hot liquid sounds, her tongue racing about the head of his hard cock.

Growling, she raced her mouth up and down her son’s cock, sucking hard and hungrily, desperate in her desire. Kathy was pressing at her head, forcing her mouth down hard until her lips were at the base.

“Suck it, suck it!” Kathy was whispering in her thick voice. “Suck your son’s cock, Donna! Suck it good and hard! Good, huh? So very good in your mouth!”

“Mmmmm!” Donna moaned, sucking frantically, her ass swaying as she came, her tits jiggling from the violence of her bobbing head.

But, suddenly, Donna pulled her mouth off her son’s cock, looking up at him. Her eyes were misty, tear-stained. They were tears of ecstasy, but also tears of humiliation. “I… oh, Bobby! I shouldn’t have… oh, God!”

She pulled away and sat on the floor, drawing her knees to her naked tits, resting her chin on them. Her eyes were wet with the confusing emotions in her mind, but she gazed without embarrassment at them.

“You fuck him, Kathy,” she said in a quivering voice. “Let me watch you fuck him.”

For a moment Kathy stared into Donna’s wet eyes, then she swung her legs over Bobby, her back toward him so she could face Donna. Donna watched the eager girl grasp his cock and fit his prick easily into her almost-hairless, sugary cunt.

Kathy sighed happily as she settled upon Bobby’s prick, taking his cock deeply. Donna watched those sweet cunt lips stretch around her son’s cock, closing wetly and tightly. The glistening nub of Kathy’s clit could be seen, and Donna moved her fingers up her son’s thigh, then began to fondle and twist at the girl’s rigid clitoris. Kathy mewled and began to bounce up and down on Bobby’s cock. Bobby shoved his hands around Kathy and cupped her small, succulent tits.

Donna gazed hotly at the stretched cunt of Kathy, her son’s cock appearing and disappearing, his precious balls writhing. Her other hand cupped his balls, rolling them about in her hand.

On her knees again, Donna began licking at her son’s thighs, her eyes burning up, watching Kathy’s cunt ride up and down his cock. She licked high, then flicked her tongue about Kathy’s creamy thigh. And once more with a deep, throaty growl, she sucked her son’s balls into her mouth, sucking them as Kathy fucked on his cock. The wet heat of Kathy’s cunt rubbed at her nose, and Donna could not resist taking a lick now and then of that sweet, wet cunt. Before she knew it, her tongue was lapping from her son’s balls to Kathy’s cunt, tasting them both. Sliding one hand under her son’s ass, she clawed at an asscheeks. Her other hand went to Kathy’s ass, and she held the kids this way as she ran her tongue about those precious balls and tasty cunt. She could feel, with the tip of her tongue, the tightness of Kathy’s cunt, and she tried to slip her tongue into Kathy’s pussy along with her son’s cock.

But then Kathy became too excited. She began to bounce up and down on Bobby’s cock faster, and Donna could not keep her face there. She drew back and looked with hot eyes, seeing Kathy’s cunt squeezing her son’s cock as she fucked faster and faster, squealing with ecstasy. Her son’s balls were drawing up tight at the base, and Donna rushed her open mouth to them, sucking hard.

“Oooo, I’m coming!” Kathy squealed. “Ohhhh, I’m coming so good!”

Bobby was trying to hunch up and down, to fuck his cock into Kathy’s spasming cunt, but her up and down motions prevented him from moving much. Donna felt her son’s balls very tight in her mouth now, and a spasm went through them. She knew he was coming. Without thinking about it, she shoved at Kathy, almost knocking the girl to the floor. Her son’s cock was free, glistening from the cunt juice, the head of his prick almost fiery red. A glob of come juice erupted from his piss hole, and Donna quickly closed her mouth about his cock before he squirted again. She gripped her son’s cock halfway down with tight, burning lips, her tongue flying. She tasted the thick sweetness of his come juice as it boiled into her hungry mouth, and again her cunt convulsed. She moaned with ecstasy as Bobby filled her mouth with his sweetness, coating her tongue.

Gurgling wetly, Donna sucked her son’s cock with mindless delight, and, as her mouth filled with his come juice, she swallowed it with soft moans. She held her son’s cock tightly with her lips until he finished coming, then she released his prick. Donna gazed for a moment at his cock, thinking, I just sucked my son’s cock off! I just sucked him!

She gave some credit to Kathy for fucking him so hard and fast, but she had his come juice in her mouth.

“You liked that, huh, Donna?” Kathy said, pressing her small, exquisite body against hers, cupping a firm tit and fondling it. “You liked sucking your son’s cock off, didn’t you?”

Donna looked at Kathy, and, when Kathy ran her tongue over her lips, tasting the come juice lingering there, Donna sucked it into her mouth. She grabbed Kathy’s small ass, squeezing.

“I didn’t like sucking his cock, Kathy,” she said, her voice heavy with pleasure. “I loved sucking his cock off!”

“Wow, Mom!” her son gasped. “You’re real good!”

“Better than me?” Kathy asked. “Who’s the best cocksucker, Bobby? Me or your mother?”

Donna laughed. “Come on darling, don’t make him decide such a thing.”

“I was only teasing, Donna,” Kathy said quickly, afraid she had offended Donna.

“I know, baby,” Donna said. “Besides, I think we’re both pretty damn good cocksuckers, don’t you?”

“I think so, too,” Bobby laughed.

“You would, fart,” Donna said. “Two of us sucking that cock… sure you would.”

“Now you gotta fuck him,” Kathy said. “You gotta fuck Bobby now, Donna.”

“Oh, is that right? By whose rules?” Donna asked.

Knowing Donna was joking, Kathy shoved her until Donna sprawled on the floor, her wrap-around skirt parting to expose her hairy cunt. Before Donna could scramble away, Kathy buried her face between her thighs and that wicked little tongue was then plunging into her pussy.

Donna arched her hips up, grinding her cunt into the girl’s young face, holding the back of Kathy’s head, pressing her hair-lined pussy hard into that open mouth, churning with ecstasy.

Bobby jumped from the couch and leaned over his mother, sucking on a nipple as she squeezed the other tit. Donna thrashed about on the floor, holding Kathy’s head tightly, her other hand on the back of Bobby’s head. She cooed and whimpered as they sent hot ecstasy flowing through her body.

She began to come, and the orgasms were relentless, one after the other, each more powerful, stronger, until her body was shaking from head to toe.

“Enough!” she yelled breathlessly. “Oh, God, you two, that’s enough!”

With effort, Donna pulled away from the two young faces, sprawling onto her stomach, her tits smashed against the carpet. Her naked ass quivered as her cunt continued to pulsate.


Donna still had no idea what she was going to do about Kathy.

She wanted to keep the girl, let her stay, but then, on the other hand, she wasn’t sure. Kathy tried so very hard to please her and Bobby. She was soon doing most of the housework, singing and laughing all day.

And tease… Kathy loved to tease, to reveal her succulent body in such a way that both Donna and her son were in a constant state of steaming arousal. After so long a time, Donna was enjoying almost continuous orgasms. There was nothing Kathy would not do to make Donna come, or Bobby, for that matter. She was trying to make herself valuable to Donna, very valuable. But somehow Donna didn’t think it was only a selfish reason to stay there. She felt sure Kathy loved both her and Bobby, and fucking and sucking made them all very close.

It was an arrangement Donna would never have thought possible.

She had tried to find some guilt or shame about sucking her son’s cock, but found none. She did not pretend she had not enjoyed it. She had; she had loved feeling his throbbing cock between her hot, wet lips loved the taste of his gushing come juice bubbling into her mouth. It had been years since she had tasted a cock coming in her mouth, and Donna knew that, even if Kathy did not remain with them, she would be sucking her son’s cock again and again. That was for certain.

And she felt this growing desire to fuck her son. The desire was becoming stronger and stronger. Thinking about his cock inside her hairy cunt would send her pussy into convulsions, and she came just looking at his prick, feeling in her mind that precious hardness stretching her sensitive cunt, scraping at her cunt. Although she had never thought voyeurism would be exciting, she loved watching her son fucking Kathy. Kathy was so enthusiastic, so eager, so damned willing, and it was obvious she loved fucking and sucking more than anything else in the world.

Kathy did not suck her cunt or fuck Bobby only to be liked. She did it because she loved it. The way she worked about the house told Donna that.

Kathy was always touching either her or Bobby. If she wasn’t playing with Donna’s tits or feeling her hairy cunt, she was stroking her son’s cock and balls. It didn’t matter what time of day it was, morning, noon, or night, Kathy was feeling up one of them. Often she went about the house wearing only bikini panties or nothing at all. Donna had to admit to herself it was very pleasant to look at Kathy’s exquisite body. Bobby, too, was taking up the habit of wearing only shorts or nothing, his cock usually exposed in some way. Donna found her gaze on her son’s cock more than the succulent body of Kathy, and she felt the desire to suck his prick all the time. And her cunt was growing more demanding, almost screaming to take her son’s cock, to fuck him.

Kathy, too, was urging her.

“Donna, you might as well fuck him,” she said one evening. “You know you wanna do it. You’re just lying to yourself, you know.”

“You fuck him all you want, Kathy,” Donna said, her arm around the girl’s small shoulders as Kathy fondled her nipples in a teasing manner. “I think my son is very well satisfied with your cunt.”

Bobby was watching them, sitting on the floor, his legs crossed and his cock standing up hard. Donna wore a pair of panties and nothing else. Kathy was, naked, and she had one thigh draped over Donna’s, the other spread out wide to expose her sugary cunt.

Dropping her hand over Kathy’s shoulder, Donna cupped a firm, small tit. Her eyes gazed hotly at her son’s cock, her tongue lapping at her lips hungrily.

Kathy slid her hot little hand down, caressing about Donna’s stomach, then moved between her thighs. She rubbed up and down the tight crotch of Donna’s panties, and Donna writhed her hips, arching into the hand. Bobby’s eyes glowed as he watched, and then he was on his knees, before his mother.

Fondling his mother’s thighs, Bobby leaned down and started kissing the velvety flesh. Donna mewled as his tongue ran up and down the creamy, smooth sensitive inner surfaces. Kathy moved her face down, taking one of Donna’s long nipples between her wet lips.

Bobby moved his face slowly between his mother’s thighs, and Donna felt his breath burn against her cunt, filtering through her flimsy panties. Her clit swelled and the hairy lips of her cunt throbbed. With anticipation, she spread her legs wider, looking down her body as her son moved his face closer to her cunt.

“Ohhh, baby!” she whimpered, feeling her son’s tongue lick along the tightness of her crotch. “Ahh, you’re so sweet, Bobby!”

Donna hooked her finger into the crotch of her panties and pulled it to one side, freeing her hairy, pulsating cunt. Bobby licked at her pussy, tasting the wetness of his mother’s cunt and then began to lick each puffy pussy lip, twirling his tongue about her swollen clit. Donna sobbed with delight and arched her cunt into her son’s face, placing her hand on the back of his head. She rolled and twisted her hips, and Bobby sucked at her steamy cunt for a moment or so. Then Donna squealed when he fucked his tongue up her pussy.

“Oooo, darling, darling! Eat me!”

Kathy pulled away from her nipple, giggling lewdly. “Eat her cunt, Bobby! Suck your mother’s hairy pussy! Give her a tonguefuck, Bobby!”

“Yes, oh, yes!” Donna yelled, slamming her cunt into her son’s face, churning up and down, smearing his chin, his nose, his cheeks. She pressed her hot thighs about his head, holding him tightly. “Suck it… tonguefuck it! Oh, Bobby, eat mother’s cunt! Suck mother’s hairy snatch, darling.”

Kathy stood up, swinging one leg over Donna’s chest. Donna saw that succulent cunt moving toward her face, and ran her hands up the backs of Kathy’s slender thighs, then clutched the small ass. Bobby held the crotch of his mother’s panties to one side when she moved her hand away, and his tongue fucked in and out of the steaming wetness swiftly.

“Suck my cunt, Donna!” Kathy gurgled, arching her pussy into Donna’s face. “Eat my pussy while Bobby tonguefucks yours!”

Donna snapped her tongue eagerly into that sugary pussy and began sucking even as her tongue plunged. She churned her hips up and down, grinding into her son’s face with powerful motions. She dug her hands into Kathy’s tight ass while her mouth closed about those hot cunt lips, her tongue fucking in and out. The slippery wetness of Kathy’s young cunt excited Donna as always.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Kathy screamed with ecstasy, banging her cunt into Donna’s eager mouth. “Tonguefuck my cunt! Ohhh, I love it, love it! Suck the piss out of my fucking hot cunt, Donna! Ooooo, yes, yes, suck the piss out of my pussy!”

There was a ripping sound as Bobby jerked at his mother’s panties, and they fell away from her hips. Donna didn’t care that he tore her panties away. She wanted her cunt fully naked to his young, eager mouth. She felt her son digging his hands into her spongy, firm ass cheeks as he lapped up and down her hairy cunt. She slammed her tongue as deep as she could into Kathy’s cunt, fucking in and out, using her tongue like a cock. The tight heat of Kathy’s cunt gripped her tongue so tightly, so wetly.

“Cunt eater!” Kathy screamed with mindless ecstasy as she squirmed her pussy harder into Donna’s sucking mouth. “Cunt sucker… cunt fucker… cunt licker! Ohhh, suck my hot pussy, Donna! You’re gonna make me come… come in your cocksucking mouth!”

Donna churned her hips up and down, grinding hard into her son’s face while sucking wildly at the now-convulsing pussy grinding into her own mouth. Her tongue fucked in and out of Kathy’s spasming pussy, her lips wide, tasting the hot fuck juice seeping into her mouth. She was mindless with passion, digging into Kathy’s tightening ass cheeks with strong fingers. Her mind was reeling with the pleasure, her own cunt so very close to orgasm.

She felt her son stuffing his tongue deep into her pussy, and she sucked harder on Kathy’s cunt. Kathy gurgled and wailed with orgasm, then almost fell from Donna’s face in weakness.

Then Donna saw it was not her son’s tongue fucking so deeply into her cunt.

Bobby had taken the opportunity to plunge his hard cock into his mother’s cunt.

“Bobby!” Donna yelled, shoving at his hips, trying to dislodge his cock from her cunt. “You’re… you’re fucking me! Bobby, this is your mother you’re fucking!”

“Yeah!” Bobby grunted.

“Bobby, stop!”

But Bobby wouldn’t stop.

His cock fucked in and out of his mother’s hairy cunt. Donna stopped pushing at his hips. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her cunt up to him, grinding and churning with his thrusts. She moaned with ecstasy, her cunt stretching about his hard cock deliciously. She could feel his prick scraping her distended cunt, sending flames of pleasure roaring through her. She pulled her legs up, sending her ass higher, making it easier for her son to fuck her hairy, overheated cunt. His balls banged against the cheeks of her spreading ass, and she felt them slap against her puckered asshole causing a more intense sensation to her body.

Donna no longer thought of Kathy, no longer thought of anything… except the cock fucking so wonderfully into her very wet cunt. The cock seemed to reach deep into her, all the way to her stomach. The hard throbbing, the thickness, the way his prick stretched her sensitive cunt so deliciously — her mind was reeling with ecstasy.

“Oooo… ohhhh!” she mewled, tossing her cunt up and down. “Ahhh, fuck that cunt, Bobby! Oh, baby, fuck my cunt! I love it, love that cock! Fuck me, darling! Oh, God… pour it to me! Bang my wet pussy… bruise my twat! Do anything, but fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

When she came, Donna’s body became very rigid, all sensation rushing to her cunt. Everything went black in her mind, and she screamed loudly. Her pussy closed about her son’s cock tightly, drawing and sucking on his prick. The convulsions pulled on her son’s cock until Bobby could not hold back his discharge.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” he yelped. “I’m gonna come right in your hot, hairy cunt!”

“Oh, yes, yes!” Donna shouted, banging hard against him. “Come in me! Please, please, come in mother’s cunt, darling! Flood my fucking pussy with that come juice! Come in me!”

Donna, even though she was almost fainting, felt her son’s cock throbbing deep inside her cunt. Then she felt the gushing of his thick, sweet come juice. His come juice splashed the satiny walls of her pussy, burning at her tender nerve endings. It seemed as if he came and came and came. Her cunt closed and tightened about her son’s cock, draining him, as if desperate for the come juice. Her naked body shuddered as powerful orgasms ripped through her. The spasms of her cunt were relentless, clutching her with the most ecstatic sensations Donna had ever felt.

And then she became weak. Every muscle turned to liquid and she allowed her ass to fall, her legs dropping, still spread wide about her, son’s hips. She groaned when he pulled his cock from her tight cunt, feeling the loss, the emptiness. She felt the come juice seeping from her cunt and moved her fingers between her thighs.

Then she noticed Kathy.

“He fucked me,” Donna said, her voice low, amazed. “My son fucked me.”

“He sure did!” Kathy laughed with excitement. “I watched, Donna.”

“My son fucked me,” Donna said again, as if not believing it. “Bobby fucked me… my son fucked me in my cunt.”

She did not feel Kathy’s tongue licking at her come-wet pussy. That is, she felt it, but her mind was filled with the wonder of being fucked by her son…


Donna was amazed that it finally happened. Surprisingly, she felt no shame now that he had fucked her. It had been the feeling of shame that had prevented her fucking him before.

How senseless, she thought.

Her son strutted about proudly, she noticed. She was amused by it. But Bobby had a right to be proud. What other boy his age was shoving his cock into two women, or rather one woman and one girl, almost simultaneously? He had it made, the little shit-face.

And Kathy.

Oh, the sweet girl! She was the cause of everything that had happened to them. Donna found herself glad she had allowed the girl to stay this long, at least. If not for Kathy, none of this would have happened. Donna was sure.

Erotic tensions filled the house constantly now, but the tensions were not hard to accept. It was fun for Donna, anticipating, knowing she would be sucked or fucked, that she could lick Kathy’s sugary cunt or now suck her son’s cock.

Donna realized she was happier than ever before. She had not realized how unhappy she had been until Kathy had come to stay with them. She had missed being fucked, more than she had thought.

Wanting to test herself, she decided to keep her hands off Kathy and Bobby, to see if that were possible. She said nothing to them, but would pull away when one or the other reached for her. She did not prevent them from doing what they wanted with each other, and would always watch excitedly. That part was difficult to do. When they stroked each other or when Kathy would drop to her knees and take Bobby’s hard cock into her mouth and suck so hungrily, Donna was hard put to keep her hands away from them.

If they were fucking in front of her, Donna had to exert a great deal of will power to keep from feeling her son’s bouncing ass, his swinging balls, the churning of Kathy’s small, creamy ass or her small tits.

The one thing she did not do was cover herself. She wore clothing, but always made sure it was revealing. She knew that exposure of certain parts of her body — her thighs, her ass, tits, a flash of her hairy cunt — excited not just Bobby but Kathy as well.

Her son, at Kathy’s suggestion, had taken up the habit of leaving his cock sticking from pants or shorts when he wore them. Somehow that excited Donna tremendously. Bobby being dressed but having his sweet cock standing from his pants, was very erotic to her. There was nothing she could do about the constant pulsation of her cunt, or the swelling of her tits, or the sudden clenching of her ass cheeks as desire boiled through her.

Donna didn’t know where all this would lead, but she knew there was always the possibility of jealousy flaring. If Kathy was permitted to remain with them for some time, Donna would have to watch for signs of such things. As much as she enjoyed what was going on, she would not have her household or life upset by it.

She felt no jealousy when she watched her son fucking Kathy, her taking his cock into her cunt or mouth so greedily. What she felt was boiling excitement, flaming desire. Kathy continued urging Donna to fuck her son. “Once you do it, why hot keep on fucking, Donna?” she had said. “Why hold back when it’s so much fun?”

But Donna had no answer for the girl, the question was a good one, but she did not have the answer. Kathy was right, she felt. Why hold back?

She sat on the floor, leaning against the cushions of the couch, watching Kathy as she sat in a chair, her legs draped over Bobby’s shoulders. She could see her son’s tongue lick up and down that sugary cunt slit, curl about Kathy’s sensitive cunt. He sat on the floor with his legs crossed. His cock, so beautifully hard, was jutting up with a round head. Donna drew her knees to her tits, hugging them tightly with her chin resting there, watching her son suck and lick on Kathy’s bubbling cunt. Her own pussy was very wet, the hairy cunt lips twitching as her clit swelled. Kathy was squeezing into her succulent tits, her fingers making dimples in the sweet, creamy flesh. Her blue eyes gazed hotly at Donna as she swung her crotch up and down, grinding into Bobby’s sucking, licking mouth.

Donna knew Kathy could see the backs of her long thighs and the hairiness of her cunt. She knew the sight excited the girl almost as much as Bobby’s tongue excited her.

“I wanna suck some hairy cunt,” Kathy was mewling softly as she lifted her fuzzy pussy into Bobby’s face. “I wanna taste that hairy cunt and fuck it with my tongue and suck on that clitoris.”

But Donna didn’t move. She knew Kathy was trying to get her involved with them. She knew that Donna enjoyed hearing such things.

“Ooo, Bobby, you lick my pussy so nicely,” she hissed, her gaze burning on Donna. “I just love it when you stick your tongue up my cunt and lick it! Mmmm, lick my cunt faster, Bobby! Oh, faster and faster.” Bobby had one hand on Kathy’s tight naked ass, his other hand squeezing his cock. Now and then he would turn his eyes toward his mother, his tongue deep into the succulent snatch of Kathy. His eyes, Donna knew, were urging her as much as the words of Kathy. Her cunt, exposed between her uplifted thighs, glistened wetly, and her son glanced at her pussy with desire as he ran his tongue up and down the puffy cunt of Kathy.

Soft, wet, licking sounds came to Donna, further inflaming her emotions. She wanted to crawl to them, take her son’s cock into her hand, lean her face down, take that sweetness into her mouth and suck his prick furiously. She was shivering with powerful desire but held off.

“Ooo, Bobby, you suck my pussy so good! You’re gonna make me come soon! Ohhhh, my cunt is gonna come!”

Donna watched as the girl’s small hips began to thrash up and down. She knew Kathy well enough to know it was not a put-on. Kathy always wiggled and churned in a frenzy as she approached orgasm. It was as if she had no control over her body from the waist down when she came.

The muscles of Kathy’s stomach rippled, the smooth flesh pumping with shivers of ecstasy. Her son, she saw, was racing his fist up and down his cock as he licked in a frenzy at Kathy’s boiling cunt now. Donna jerked her gaze from Kathy’s cunt to her son’s cock, anxious to see his sweet come juice spurt from that flaring piss hole. Seeing her son come, seeing that thick come juice flying out, never failed to excite her. But she would have preferred having him come in her mouth, up her steamy cunt, or even on her tits.

Kathy seemed to understand that Bobby was jacking his cock in an effort to come.

“Don’t do it, Bobby!” Kathy screamed in a passion-thick voice. “Don’t come… wait! Oooo, please, don’t come yet!”

Donna saw her son’s fist stop all movement, but he was clinging to his cock with tightness. His tongue raced about the convulsing pussy of Kathy, licking at her spasming cunt lips and exploding clit, then sucking the sensitive clitoris into his mouth, sucking hard as Kathy continued coming. Kathy held the back of Bobby’s head, pressing his mouth tightly into her cunt now, her smooth thighs scissoring about his face.

Kathy was squealing loudly with intense ecstasy as she banged her crotch into Bobby’s face, and Donna felt as if she, too, would come just from watching them. Her cunt burned and throbbed to get her son’s cock, and her mouth became very moist with the desire to suck him off.

Kathy began to slow her frantic thrashing, and finally let her little cunt fall away from Bobby’s mouth. His face was smeared with cunt juices, and he licked at his slightly puffy lips, turning to look at his mother.

“Don’t you wanna get a good tonguefuck, too, Mom?” he asked.

Donna’s resolve almost left her. Bobby had turned about so that he was facing her, his cock standing up so beautifully, his precious balls below. She looked at them, licking her lips with hungry desire. His cock was very wet at the tip, the piss hole beading with that slippery, ever so delicious fluid.

She almost gave in.

But Kathy climbed from the chair and dropped down to the floor with her son. Donna watched as the small girl’s hand grabbed her son’s balls, twisting them about gently as her other hand stroked his cock.

“I didn’t want you to come off, Bobby,” she said in a voice surprisingly throaty, “because I wanna do something with this cock.”

“What, Kathy?” Bobby asked, still looking at his mother’s revealed cunt with hot eyes.

“I’ll show you in a minute,” Kathy said, stroking his prick carefully. “I think you’ll like it.” Turning to Donna, Kathy said, “What’s wrong with you, Donna? You’re not the same.”

Donna shook her head. “I just want to watch you two fucking for a while.”

Kathy gazed at Donna for a long minute, boldly and with heat in her blue eyes.

Without saying anything more to Donna, Kathy turned onto her stomach and drew her knees underneath her body, her head resting on the floor. Donna saw the girl’s small ass cheeks split, the pink pucker of Kathy’s asshole, the almost hairless cunt lips pooch from her slim thighs.

“Lick me there, Bobby,” Kathy said in a thick voice, wiggling her upturned ass lewdly.

Bobby looked at Kathy. Then he leaned his face close and lapped his tongue up and down her pooching cunt.

“No, not there, silly,” Kathy giggled. “Lick me in my asshole!”

Donna saw her son draw back, peering at the crinkle of Kathy’s asshole. “You mean lick your asshole?” Bobby asked.

“Yes! I love to have my asshole licked,” Kathy mewled, her sweet ass twisting about with lewd invitation. “Come on, Bobby, lick me in the ass! You’ll like it, I promise. It’s almost like licking my cunt!”

Donna watched her son’s eyes, seeing his desire boiling in them. His cock throbbed, then Bobby leaned forward. Donna saw his tongue lap about the tight ass pucker, and Kathy whimpered with pleasure, twisting her ass into Bobby’s face.

“Oooo, that’s nice! Gosh, Bobby, your tongue feels so fucking hot on my asshole! Oh, lick my asshole… suck me there! Suck my asshole, Bobby!”

Donna couldn’t see very well. She began to move toward them on her knees, one hand holding a firm, spongy tit, the other moving about her cunt. Her eyes blazed with heat. Peering between the cheeks of Kathy’s swinging ass, she could not see her son’s tongue lapping the girl’s pink ass crinkle.

“Oh, darling!” she breathed hotly, leaning down very close. “Lick Kathy… lick her asshole! Oooo, baby, that looks so good, so fucking good! Eat her hot little asshole, honey!”

Donna felt one of Kathy’s small hands moving up her thigh, and she gave in to the intensity of her desires. She allowed Kathy to feel up into her crotch, and Donna caressed the shivering little ass cheeks of the excited girl. The flesh of Kathy’s ass was hot, very hot. Her son ran his tongue up and dawn Kathy’s ass crack, twirling about the tight asshole. Kathy was mewling softly, running her fingers about the steamy lips of Donna’s cunt, her hand creating more and more pressure, the resulting friction causing Donna’s cunt to throb with tingling pleasure. Donna wanted to lick that asshole, too. She wanted to taste Kathy’s ass so badly! Her face lowered, she kissed wetly at a creamy ass cheek, her forehead brushing her son’s. Donna ran the tip of her tongue into Kathy’s ass crack, flicking about the base of Kathy’s spine. She felt her son’s wet tongue touch hers, then Bobby thrust his tongue into his mother’s mouth. With a moan, Donna sucked it, and her hand moved from Kathy’s ass, down to her son’s throbbing cock. She closed her fingers and jerked on his prick. Bobby pulled his tongue out of his mother’s mouth and darted it back against Kathy’s flexing asshole.

“Fuck her cunt, darling,” Donna hissed.

“No, lick my asshole!” Kathy pleaded.

“I want to see your cock up her cunt, Bobby,” Donna said with a throaty sound. “I want to see your cock in her cunt!”

“Lick me in my asshole!” Kathy begged in a hot voice. “Fuck me later… but lick my asshole right now!”

Donna pulled up on her son’s cock, and Bobby allowed it. With her fingers wrapped about his prick, she drew the swollen cockhead to Kathy’s pooching cunt. But suddenly Kathy shifted, and the head of Bobby’s cock brushed along the heat of her tight asshole.

“Oh!” Bobby grunted.

Creamy come juice gushed from his cock, splashing upon the tightness of Kathy’s asshole. Donna, surprised to see her son’s cock spewing, watched the creamy come juice splash against Kathy’s asshole, and she began to smear it about until not just the asshole, but the smooth inner ass cheeks were dripping with come juice.

Donna’s mind exploded.

With a sob of desire, she shoved her face down and caught the last gush of come juice from her son’s cock with her open mouth. She flicked her tongue about the piss hole, and, as Bobby fell back on his ass, gasping, Donna shoved her face tightly into Kathy’s come juice-wet asshole, licking with frantic ecstasy.

The taste of her son’s come juice sent Donna’s mind reeling, her cunt ready to burst. She slammed her tongue against Kathy’s asshole, her lips wide, sucking as much as she licked. She ran her tongue about the heat of those inner ass cheeks, then up and down, tasting the girl’s puffy cunt lips and asshole in turn.

“Oooo, I’m gonna come again!” Kathy squealed, and Donna felt the flexing of Kathy’s asshole against her tongue. She raced her tongue up and down, going from cunt to asshole, her hands clinging to the small girl’s hips as Kathy wiggled with delight.

When Donna lifted her face, it was smeared as her son’s had been earlier. Kathy turned around swiftly, sitting up and shoving her face forward. Donna let the girl lick at her cheeks and lips, kissing back. She held Kathy tightly with one arm, her other moving about the still trembling cheeks of Kathy’s ass.

Then, before she could prevent it, Kathy shoved Donna to her back, spreading her long legs wide. “Eat your mother’s cunt, Bobby!”

“Wait!” Donna moaned.

But her son shoved his face into his mother’s bubbling cunt, and his tongue seemed to reach her stomach. She wailed again, and lifted her crotch to his face. Bobby licked and fucked his tongue in and out of his mother’s steaming cunt, then sucked hard at her painfully swollen cunt. Donna’s hips jerked spastically as her son fucked his tongue deep into her boiling cunt. When she came, her muscles twisted into knots, a scream of pure ecstasy ripping from her throat. Kathy had leaned down and was sucking with eager hunger at one of her tits, and Donna wrapped an arm about the girl, holding her hot, wet mouth tight against, her nipple.

Mindless with ecstasy, Donna gave in. It had been senseless in the first place to hold back. She knew that it would be impossible from the beginning.

Her cunt gripped her son’s buried tongue, flexing and squeezing as she came time and again, a series of orgasms shuddering through her body like boiling liquid.

As she came, she was hardly aware that Kathy was moving about. Kathy had lifted her mouth off Donna’s tits and was sitting almost in her face. Donna gazed with steamy eyes between Kathy’s thighs, seeing that sugary cunt only inches away. With a moan of mindless delight, she grabbed Kathy’s small hips and jerked the almost-hairless, pink cunt into her face, licking and sucking with a boiling frenzy of hungry desire.

They rolled about mindlessly.

Somehow, Donna found herself sprawled out on top of Kathy, her face still buried between those sweet, smooth thighs, her tongue flicking in and out of the wet tightness of the girl’s sweet, syrupy cunt. And then Kathy’s face was between her thighs. Donna drew her knees up along Kathy’s side, squatting her cunt into that young mouth. She twisted her naked ass about, grinding her hairy cunt into that eager mouth of Kathy. Then a new sensation came over her.

She felt a wet tongue moving up and down the inner cheeks of her ass, but Kathy was still sucking and licking at her orgasming cunt. The other tongue had to be her son’s, and Donna growled as she began to devour Kathy’s slippery pussy.

She felt her son’s tongue lapping at her tight asshole as Kathy fucked hers in and out of her hair-rimmed cunt. The sensation of having two tongues licking her sent Donna into a soaring world of erotic ecstasy. She was hardly moving her own hips, holding them almost still as her son licked her asshole and Kathy tongue fucked her cunt.

The liquid sounds of hungry tongues filled the room. Donna’s cunt came time and again, each succeeding orgasm stronger and more delightful than the one before. She smashed her tits against Kathy’s lower stomach as she sucked and licked frantically at the sugary cunt, her tongue sometimes lapping the swollen clitoris, sometimes driving deep into that hot tightness. Now and then, when Kathy arched her crotch up, Donna found her tongue scraping about the crinkle of that tiny asshole, and this inflamed Donna even more.

Her body shivered as she sucked the fuck juices flowing from Kathy’s overheated cunt. The way her son was licking at her asshole, Donna thought he was trying to fuck his tongue all the way inside. Four hands held her hips and thighs and ass, and Donna thought she would go insane from so much pleasure.

When the kids pulled away from her, Donna rolled onto her back, gasping, her tits heaving up and down, her nipples still tingling. She sprawled with her arms stretched wide out, her thighs open, her cunt pulsating from her many orgasms. The pink lips of her cunt glistened, and her asshole would not stop twitching.

“Oh, God!” she murmured in a tired voice. “Oh, God! What you two did to me!”

She heard Bobby and Kathy giggling, but felt too good to open her eyes and look at them. Her beautiful face, smeared with cunt juice, glowed with delight.

She felt them caressing her body, feeling her tits and thighs, feeling her hairy cunt. She mewled with pleasure, trembling as they ran their hands about her flesh. They touched her so lightly, almost like a feather, but it was enough to make her skin tingle in such a delicious way.

After a while, she struggled up.

Sitting with her legs straight out, holding her body up with her hands, she grinned at them.

“I guess I can’t stay away from you two,” she said, her voice low.

“Why do you want to, Donna?” Kathy asked.

For a moment Donna thought. “Well, I’m not sure,” she said finally. “I felt that… oh, fuck it! I don’t want to keep away from you two anyway!”


It had been foolish to try staying away from Kathy and her son. Donna didn’t know why she had had that fleeting impulse in the first place.

All she had succeeded in doing was to frustrate herself and her son. Kathy, she thought, would never be frustrated. She was aggressive and went after what she wanted. Donna found herself growing very fond of Kathy. It was not, she knew, because of her joy in eating that succulent, sugary cunt. At least that wasn’t the only reason. Kathy was a friend to her son, too, someone he could confide in, be close to even without fucking.

It was rare to find someone to be close friends with, and still be able to fuck, Donna knew. Kathy was a great help about the house, and she had never been angry or cross about anything. She was cheerful and bubbly, always smiling or giggling.

As she watched her son and Kathy now feeling each other up, she wondered if she should send the girl back to the authorities. She saw no harm in allowing her to remain with them. No one would ever know, probably, and Kathy had a good home here. Bobby and Kathy could attend school together, be a brother and sister to one another.

The idea appealed to Donna, and she knew it would appeal to her son.

At the moment, all they did, it seemed, was fuck and suck. Probably because of the newness, Donna thought. Maybe, after a time, they would not fuck and suck so much. But then again, at their ages, Donna felt doubtful they would ever slow down much. She was surprised at her son. His cock seemed to be in a perpetual state of beautiful hardness. And his hands were always feeling either Kathy’s lovely slender body or his mother’s. He had become more affectionate toward Donna, too. At the moment, Bobby was running his tongue about one of Kathy’s creamy little tits, his hand sliding up and down her smooth inner thighs, feeling about her tight cunt, then her thighs again. Kathy was stroking his throbbing cock gently, caressing his balls, rubbing the seeping fuck juices from his piss hole.

Donna enjoyed watching them very much.

She was in her reclining chair, the one she usually sat in to watch television. She had the back leaned down, her feet up. Her tits, round and arching, peaked from her chest. She slowly twisted her nipples as she watched the boy and girl. Her cunt was bubbling in a delicious way. Bobby and Kathy, as had become a habit now, were beautifully naked. Donna, however, wore a pair of bikini panties.

“The Goddamn house is turning into a fucking nudist home,” she had joked earlier.

Her son had come back with, “And you like it, Mom, seeing cock, balls, cunt and tits.”

Donna had agreed with him. She did like seeing the kids naked. It had been a long-time fantasy of hers. She had often wondered what it would be like to have naked people milling about, feeling, caressing, fucking, sucking each other whenever they wanted. Now she was finding out… and she enjoyed it very much.

Spreading her legs on her chair, Donna rubbed at the crotch of her panties, finding them moist with the oozing sweetness of her hairy pussy. Kathy and her son watched as Donna felt her own pussy, then Kathy lowered her face to Bobby’s cock. Her blue eyes glittered happily as she sucked the deliciously swollen head between her lips. Donna watched the lovely little girl’s moist lips stretch about her son’s cock. A moan of pleasure came from Kathy as Bobby’s cock stuffed her mouth completely. Holding his cock there, Kathy lifted his precious balls and rubbed them about her lips and cheeks, making moist mewling sounds.

Bobby leaned back with a delighted grin on his face as Kathy began to suck slowly on his cock. He spread his legs out, stretching them, lifting his hips. Kathy pulled back from his prick and licked at the throbbing cockshaft with the tip of her tongue, lapping from his balls to the seeping piss hole, then, with a whimper of ecstasy, sucking his cock into her mouth again.

Suddenly, with a soft squeal, Kathy pulled her face away. “I wanna fuck, Bobby!”

Donna watched Kathy swing her sweet thighs over her son, her small, curvy, delightful ass toward Donna. She saw the girl take her son’s cock in her fingers and settle her tight, pink, very wet cunt over his prick. With a loud hot sigh, Kathy sat down on Bobby’s cock. From where she sat, Donna could see those tight pussylips stretch around her son’s cock as Kathy settled down firmly. The small cheeks of Kathy’s ass trembled as pleasure flowed through her lovely body.

It was amazing, Donna thought, how Kathy’s young cunt seemed to be squeezing Bobby’s cock. The syrupy cunt had squeezed her tongue the same way often.

Kathy began to lift and lower her crotch, fucking Bobby with hot sighs and gurgles. Her sweet ass moved up and down slowly. Bobby’s cock was soon glistening with the wetness.

Donna pressed her fingers against her own cuntlips as her pussy throbbed, the fingers of her other hand digging into a firm tit. Her eyes became glowing coals of desire as she watched Kathy fucking Bobby. Kathy’s naked back shivered, the cheeks of her ass clenching as she fucked up and down. Bobby shoved his hands past her hips and clutched those sweet smooth ass cheeks, and Donna mewled with voyeuristic delight, shoving her hand into her panties now, wanting to feel her cunt with nothing between her pussy and her hand. She rolled her hips about as her fingers stroked her cunt, her eyes gleaming at the way Kathy’s cunt devoured her son’s cock.

“Ooo, beautiful,” Donna whispered in a thick voice. “So beautiful, watching you two fucking.”

Kathy giggled and looked over her shoulder at Donna, never missing a beat with her ass. Bobby could see past Kathy, could see his mother’s hand inside her panties. He was clawing at Kathy’s ass, grunting softly as her hot, wet cunt fucked up and down on his hard cock.

Passion clutched Kathy, and she began to bounce her ass faster, twisting about, screwing up-and-down on Bobby’s hard prick. She was whining softly as she fucked her cunt on his cock, her body shaking with ecstasy. Moist sounds came to Donna, adding to her boiling passion. She twisted her own hips about on the chair, spreading her legs so wide that her feet hung over the arms of the chair.

“Ooo, I think I’m gonna come!” Kathy squealed. She banged her ass up and down harder, faster, gasping hotly. “Oh, I feel it… and I’m gonna come!”

Donna stared with heat-fired eyes at the bouncing ass, trying to see if she could catch the sudden convulsions of that succulent cunt. Kathy gave a loud sob and slumped onto Bobby, her naked ass jerking spastically. Donna thought she saw those stretched cunt lips twitch, but she wasn’t sure. She sat too far away to see them clearly. But that small ass was jerking, the cheeks clenching and relaxing, and soft mewl of ecstasy came from Kathy.

For a moment, Kathy lay on top of Bobby, then pulled her cunt away. Bobby’s cock stood as tall and hard as always glistening with the fuck juices from that sugary cunt. Seeing his prick, Kathy giggled happily and dropped to the floor.

“Come on, Bobby,” she urged excitedly. “Lemme suck it now! I wanna suck your cock off now!”

Bobby went to Kathy. Donna was still in her chair, watching them. Bobby straddled Kathy’s body, his cock dangling toward her mouth and his own face hovering above her wet cunt.

Kathy grabbed Bobby’s spreading ass cheeks with both hands, opening her mouth as she pulled his cock down. Donna watched her son’s cock fuck into that hungry little mouth. Bobby buried his face into the girl’s bubbling cunt and began to lick and suck. At the same time, he fucked into Kathy’s willing mouth.

He’s fucking her mouth as if it were her cunt, Donna thought to herself, watching his balls bounce about Kathy’s nose. He’s fucking her, and the only difference is his cock is in her mouth and not her cunt.

Kathy lifted her, legs, bending them at the knees and closing her thighs about his face. She squirmed her crotch against Bobby’s mouth, humping up and down. She gripped his ass cheeks tightly and let Bobby fuck as fast and as hard as he wanted into her mouth.

Donna was no longer surprised at anything her son and Kathy did with each other’s body. It seemed Kathy always came up with something that would create excitement and intense delight for either Bobby or her. That erotic mind and luscious body were enough to make her endearing to Donna, and she was deciding right now that she would allow Kathy to remain with them for as long as she wanted, and the authorities could damn well go fuck themselves with rotten carrots.

Kathy was entirely too precious to be let go. She had awakened the dormant desires in her body, had showed her it was possible to be as erotic as she wanted, to do as she wanted. Besides, if not for Kathy, Donna would never have felt her son’s cock inside her cunt, fucking her so delightfully.

Kathy could stay.

Donna’s eyes blurred with steaming excitement as she watched her son’s cock fuck in and out of Kathy’s gripping, wet mouth, his face buried between those smooth thighs, licking the sweet cunt. Kathy wiggled her hips up and down, grinding into Bobby’s face, her lips gripping his fucking cock tightly.

Bobby’s balls were drawing up now, and Donna was anticipating his cock coming into that greedy mouth. Donna licked her lips, her hips revolving as she fucked a finger into her cunt, her panties stretching as she finger fucked herself. She could see the tightness of her son’s asshole as he fucked Kathy in her hungry mouth.

Both Bobby and Kathy began to squirm and thrash about as they each approached orgasm. Their sucking and licking mouths became more frantic on each other. The liquid sounds mingled with the gurgles and sobs, their bodies pressing together hard.

“Oooo, come, both of you!” Donna hissed throatily. “Come, damn it! Came in your fucking mouths! Bobby, squirt come juice down her cocksucking throat! Kathy, make your cunt squeeze his cunt-licking tongue!”

Hardly had Donna said it than Bobby and Kathy seemed to come at the same time.

Kathy shot her cunt hard into Bobby’s face, her hips grinding furiously. She was squealing, the sounds muffled because Bobby’s cock was fucking in and out of her sucking mouth in a frenzy now, his balls banging at her nose.

Then Donna saw her son’s cock explode.

He fucked his prick deep into Kathy’s steaming little mouth, and Kathy gave a liquid gurgle. Donna saw her son’s balls writhe about as he came, and his asshole twinkled with, flexing movements. Thick, white come juice escaped the corners of Kathy’s tightly sucking lips, running about her cheeks, and she dug hard into Bobby’s ass with her fingers.

With a sigh, Bobby rolled from Kathy.

Kathy remained on her back, legs wide apart, her cunt pulsating from the power of her orgasm. Her small, succulent tits rose and fell as she breathed. Her cheeks were covered with the come juice that she had been unable to swallow, her lovely face glowing with ecstasy, her blue eyes shining.

“Oh, golly, I love to do that,” Kathy said after a time. “Getting fucked in the mouth sure makes my cunt come! I love it so much!” Donna pulled her hand from her panties.

“You just love cock, Kathy,” she said.

“You are absolutely right, Donna,” Kathy giggled and rolled onto her stomach, her ass twitching. “And I love that hairy cunt of yours, too.”

Donna got out of her chair. “You two kept me so damned excited. I almost forgot about dinner.”

She went to the kitchen and took frozen dinners from the refrigerator, thinking meals like these weren’t the best for a growing boy and girl.

She could hear her son and Kathy talking as she prepared the flimsy meal. Kathy was asking lobby if his mother had said anything about her staying yet. Bobby, Donna heard, said his mother had not said anything.

But Donna had just made her mind up, and she knew she should let Kathy know. While the frozen dinners heated, she went back to the living room. Kathy had not moved, still lying on her stomach. Bobby, facing her feet, was on his side, feeling Kathy’s sweet ass cheeks.

“I’ve decided,” Donna said.

Kathy looked at her, her eyes still a bit glassy, apprehension in them now. Bobby, his hand pausing on one firm ass cheek, looked at his mother anxiously.

Donna let the tension draw out. Her face calm, not giving a hint of her answer.

“Kathy,” she said softly, “When it comes to sex, where do you draw the line? I mean, is there anything you won’t do?”

She saw indecision in those blue eyes. She knew Kathy was wanting to give the right answer, but still afraid that if she answered truthfully it would ruin her opportunity.

Donna understood. “I need the truth, Kathy.”

She saw the small girl’s body shiver, then Kathy replied with an almost inaudible voice. “I don’t think so, Donna.”

“Then you’re telling me you’ll do just about anything?”

Kathy nodded her head, fear of rejection in her eyes.

“I’m glad you told me the truth, Kathy,” Donna said. “If you had lied, I would have known. And if you had lied, I would have said you couldn’t stay.”

“Mom, you mean.”

Donna smiled, nodding her head. “Yes, Kathy can stay. She answered truthfully.”

Kathy gave a loud, ecstatic squeal, jumping to her feet and running to Donna. She wrapped her arms about Donna’s waist and smashed her small tits just under those larger tits of Donna, hugging her tightly, still squealing. Donna held the girl, kissing the top of her head as her son came to hug her, too.

“You won’t be sorry, Donna,” Kathy was saying. “You’ll see. I’ll do anything you want, what Bobby wants. I’ll take care of the house for you. You won’t have to do anything. I’ll be the maid. The maid that fucks Bobby, too!”

“No you won’t,” Donna said. “We’ll all share around here. You won’t be a maid in this house, Kathy.”

“We’ll share everything?” Bobby asked his mother.

“That includes you, you little hard-cocked shit,” Donna said teasingly.

She pulled from the happy boy and girl. “Come on, those frozen dinners are ready now. We have to take time out to eat… and I don’t mean cock and cunt all the time, either.”

Immediately after they ate, Kathy cleared everything away while Donna sat with coffee. Bobby helped the little girl. She realized that Kathy could be a good influence on her son when it came to chores about the house. But she would not allow Kathy to do all the work as she asked, that wouldn’t be fair.

Donna explained to Kathy she would be treated as a member of the family, as if she were Bobby’s sister.

Kathy said, “I’ll be his sister, Donna, and you’re gonna be my mother. Ohhh, I’ve got a mother and brother, at last!” Then Kathy’s eyes went wide. “All I need is a father, and we’ll be a real family.”

“No you don’t,” Donna laughed. “There’ll be no matchmaking around here. If I decide to marry again, I’ll do the choosing, young lady.”

Back in the living room, both Bobby and Kathy were excited about Donna’s agreement. They chattered about going to school together, and Bobby told of various teachers and his friends.

“But you can’t fuck those guys,” Bobby said.

Kathy poked at his cock, which was swelling again. “Why can’t I?”

“Because I don’t wanna have my sister being fucked by any one of them. If they try it, I’ll break their fucking noses!”

Donna could not keep her hands away from her son now. She had watched them fucking and sucking, and now she wanted his cock, too. Bobby was on the couch, with Kathy next to him. Donna dropped to her knees before her son, pushing his knees apart. She leaned down and licked her tongue along his inner thigh, then bounced his balls with the tip. Kathy, her eyes glowing, began to trace her tongue down his stomach, working it into his belly button, leaving a wet trail as she licked toward his cock.

Donna, watching Kathy’s tongue lap about the swollen head of her son’s cock, pulled his balls into her mouth, sucking them. Kathy closed her lips about Bobby’s cock and swallowed his prick. Donna’s and Kathy’s lips brushed against each other.

“Let’s take turns, Donna,” Kathy said as she drew her lips from Bobby’s cock. “Let’s take turns sucking Bobby’s cock and balls.”

Donna released her son’s balls and ran her tongue up the shaft of his throbbing cock as Kathy pulled the balls into her mouth. Donna ran her hot, wet lips down on her son’s cock, feeling and tasting the hot hardness on her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She sucked up and down a few times, then offers Bobby’s cock to the eager Kathy, Donna and Kathy switched back and forth, each taking turns sucking his prick. As Kathy ran her tongue up one side of Bobby’s cock, Donna licked at the other side, their tongues meeting at the piss hole. They licked tongues quickly, then Kathy stuffed Bobby’s cock into her mouth before Donna had the chance. As Kathy sucked at the swollen prickhead, Donna licked about the base and his balls.

She could feel her son’s body trembling under this twin assault, and she shoved her hand underneath to clutch one of his ass cheeks, meeting Kathy’s hand which was there already.

Passing Bobby’s cock back and forth between their hot mouths, Donna located her son’s tight asshole, rubbing the tip of her finger against his ass pucker. Bobby groaned with pleasure, his eyes blazing down, watching his mother and Kathy take turns sucking his cock.

“I bet no other boy gets sucked by two girls at the same time,” he said in a thick voice.

Donna gave a low, throaty laugh. “What do you know about other boys? How do you know some of them aren’t getting sucked by three hungry girls?”

“I don’t,” Bobby said, “but I gotta be the luckiest guy around here.”

“Just enjoy it,” Donna said, opening her mouth as Kathy placed her son’s cock in her mouth. Donna gripped her son’s cock hard with her hungry lips, her tongue flicking about his dripping piss hole. Then she offered his cock to Kathy, who took it deeply. As Kathy sucked Bobby’s cock, Donna pressed the tip of her finger against her son’s asshole. She applied more pressure, and her finger slipped into her son’s asshole. Bobby grunted, and Kathy was offering his cock now to Donna. Donna gobbled his prick into her mouth and began to plunge her finger in and out of his asshole.

Bobby’s cock went back and forth, and Donna kept her finger moving up and down, feeling his asshole squeeze it. She glanced at his face, seeing the intense ecstasy there, wondering if he would come in Kathy’s mouth or in hers.

Kathy was just passing Bobby’s cock to Donna’s mouth.

His prick was between them when white, thick come juice spurted.

“Ooooo!” Kathy whimpered.

“Oh!” Donna yelped.

The come juice spurted between their faces, and both Kathy and Donna at the same time darted their tongues to his piss hole. Each was tasting Bobby’s come juice in this way, and they didn’t try to close their lips about his cock head. They ran their tongues over his squirting cock, over each other’s tongue, both getting come juice into their greedy mouths. Donna ran her finger in and out of her son’s asshole swiftly, and Kathy was twisting at his balls.

Bobby came and came, and, although Donna and Kathy managed to take most of his come juice on their tongues and into their mouths, their faces were coated with the sweetness.

As Bobby stopped spewing, Donna pulled her finger out of his asshole. Then, seeing Kathy’s face coated with come juice, she shoved her mouth against Kathy’s hot, small mouth, kissing eagerly, tasting the came juice an those sugary lips.

“Come on you two,” Bobby said. “I thought I was getting all the attention.”

Donna cupped her son’s cock and balls, squeezing them gently. “You did get all the attention.”

“We can kiss if we wanna kiss,” Kathy said, poking Bobby in his ribs. “Didn’t we just suck the shit out of your fucking cock? You gotta let me and Don… uh, mother, have some fun with each other, you know.”

“She’s right, darling,” Donna said. “Remember, share and share alike. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you out of anything.”

“I know what we can do with him,” Kathy said excitedly.


“Bobby can fuck both of us at the same time,” Kathy said.

Donna watched the excitement on the girl’s face, seeing those blue eyes glow with steamy desire. Kathy was always coming up with something exciting. The only problem with Kathy — if it were a problem — was her intense, insatiable desire to fuck.

It was obvious Bobby was very much able to satisfy the desires of not just the hot-assed little Kathy, but Donna as well. Donna knew her own desires were growing and gnawing at her with increasing hunger. Her cunt was never still, always pulsating, twitching, wet and ready.

“Come on, Donna,” Kathy urged.

Kathy was on her hand and knees, her sweet smooth ass arching into the air, her cunt pooching from her slender thighs. “Get down here with me, and Bobby can take turns fucking us!”

“Yeah, come on, Mom,” Bobby said, his cock standing up with throbbing hardness. “Lemme fuck both of you!”

“Why not?” Donna laughed, dropping next to Kathy. “Why the hell not?”

She shot her rounded ass into the air, her thigh rubbing against Kathy’s hip. The heat between them seared their flesh, causing both to shiver, with excitement. Donna turned her face to Kathy’s, and immediately Kathy snaked her tongue into Donna’s mouth. Donna sucked the wet tongue, wiggling her uplifted ass for her son.

On his knees behind them, Bobby gazed with hot eyes. He watched his mother’s ass cheeks split apart, the twinkle of her asshole puckering up. The smaller asshole of Kathy, so pink and pretty, seemed to wink at him. He looked at Kathy’s cunt, seeing those wet pussy lips with hardly any hair, and what hair she had there was very pale. The lips of Kathy’s [missing text].

Donna trembled, Kathy’s tongue thrusting into her mouth like a cock. She felt her son drag his cock up the back of her thigh, leaving a trail of slippery wetness that seemed to scald her flesh. She waggled her ass invitingly to her son as her tongue shoved Kathy’s away, her own tongue penetrating those eager lips of the little girl.

She felt her son draw his dripping cock across the cheeks of her ass, then he was no longer touching his mother. Bobby was rubbing the head of his cock about the shivering beauty of Kathy’s twisting little ass. Finally he rubbed the head of his prick up and down Kathy’s tight, steamy cunt. Then he did the same with his mother’s hairy pussy. Both Donna and Kathy were groaning with eager anticipation, each wanting to feel Bobby’s hard cock fucking up her cunt first.

But Bobby was in no hurry. He was enjoying this, looking down at Kathy’s exquisite ass and the rounded smoothness of his mother’s ass. His balls drew tight at the base of his cock, and he moaned with pleasure. He moved a hand about each of those hot, eager ass cheeks, fondled their thighs, then cupped a hand between them, holding the hairy cunt of his mother in one and the pulsating pussy of Kathy with the other.

“Ohhh, stop teasing, damn it!” Donna hissed with her mouth close to Kathy’s. “Bobby, fuck us! If you don’t fuck my cunt soon, I’m going to come any fucking way!”

Kathy giggled. “I can come just thinking about it.”

“Then you two don’t need me,” Bobby teased.

“Don’t you dare move away!” Donna growled, throwing her naked ass backwards. “You give me that cock, Bobby! Fuck me, damn it! Thick mother’s hot cunt… now!”

Bobby aimed his cock toward his mother’s hairy cunt, and, as he fucked the swollen prick head into her pussy, Donna gave a loud wail of ecstasy. She felt her cunt stretch about his cock, then it seemed as if her pussy was stuffed completely. She felt her son’s balls brush the hair of her pussy, and her ass began to churn against him.

Bobby stared down at his mother’s ass, watching her fuck his cock. Her asshole seemed to pucker tighter yet as she fucked her cunt back and forth on his prick. With his cock buried in his mother’s cunt, Bobby fucked a finger into Kathy’s gripping pussy.

Donna’s eyes whipped about frantically as her son began to fuck her cunt hard and fast, fucking his cock deeply, his balls beating upon her ass. She shoved a hand under Kathy’s chest, grabbing a small tit in her hand, squeezing and mewling as ecstasy began to swell and bubble deep inside her body. She swung her naked ass about, lurching back and forth.

Then his cock was pulled from her.

“Nooooo!” she wailed.

But Bobby had slipped his cock to Kathy, fucking his prick deep into the sugary cunt. As he fucked his cock into Kathy’s squeezing pussy, he shot his finger up his mother’s cunt, fucking it in and out as Kathy started tossing her tight little ass back and forth.

As hot as Donna was, as much as she wanted her son’s cock up her cunt, she knew he was enjoying switching back and forth between them. It was something many young boys dreamed about, and she was not going to interfere with his delight. She could not wait patiently for her turn, though. If her son had not been fingerfucking her as he fucked into Kathy’s cunt, Donna would have twisted about and taken that precious cock deep into her mouth after his prick had been inside Kathy’s cunt and let him take turns that way.

Bobby changed time and again, breathing heavily as he watched his cock disappear first into his mother’s hairy cunt, then into that delicious, hot tightness of Kathy’s pussy. His balls tingled and swelled as the cunts sucked at his cock alternately.

Both Donna and Kathy were whimpering with delight, kissing and sucking on tongues hungrily, fondling each other’s tits with hot hands.

“Ooo, we’re getting fucked good, Donna!” Kathy mewled in a hot voice. “Bobby’s cock is fucking us so nicely!”

“Nicely my hot ass!” Donna growled. “It’s beautiful, fantastic! Ohhh, Bobby, fuck me… fuck Kathy! Fuck the piss out of our cunts, darling!”

Somehow, Kathy had managed to turn onto her back, with her knees drawn high, her little ass arched far into the air. Still, Bobby could fuck into both cunts easily. Donna, seeing Kathy’s succulent tits near her face, began to suck eagerly at a pink sugar-sweet nipple as her son fucked into her steamy cunt. Even when Bobby moved his cock to Kathy’s cunt, Donna continued sucking and licking Kathy’s tits, her ass twisting about as she waited for him to fuck her again.

Bobby, his excitement at a high pitch, could not keep up much longer. His cock was throbbing and his balls were almost painfully tight at the base.

“I gotta come!” he yelled.

“Come in my pussy!” Kathy groaned.

“No, come in mother’s cunt!” Donna wailed.

Bobby came in neither.

He was in the process of changing cunts when he suddenly came, his come juice boiling out from his piss hole and splashing onto the thigh of Kathy. The second squirt landed directly on the hairy lips of his mother’s cunt, partly on her rigid cunt. The hot feeling of her son’s come juice on her cunt triggered a shattering orgasm inside Donna. She screamed as she came, her pussy flexing very tightly.

Before the third squirt bubbled from his cock, Bobby fucked his prick into his mother’s pussy. Just as Donna felt his sweet come juice spatter the satiny walls of her cunt, he jerked his cock free and hurriedly fucked his prick into Kathy’s cunt, and that was where he finished coming, unable to pull out to move to his mother again.

Donna fell to her side, watching her son press his cock deep into Kathy’s cunt, his face contorted with ecstasy as he came. Kathy squealed with intense pleasure as her cunt went into convulsions, the muscles of her flat stomach rippling while her pussy squeezed Bobby’s cock until his balls were empty of come juice.

“I didn’t get enough of [missing text],” Donna complained a few minutes later. “I never seem to get enough of your come juice in me, Bobby. Kathy always gets most of it. And, oh, I love to have your cock coming in me so much!”

Kathy’s face turned shameful. “I didn’t know that, Donna,” she said.

Donna hugged Kathy. “Oh, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded, honey. I know you can’t stop it, any more than I can. Don’t worry about it. I get plenty of cock and come juice.”

“From now on, you always get to fuck Bobby fist, Donna,” Kathy said. “I don’t wanna do anything to make you mad at me.”

“No one is mad at you, darling,” Donna assured the exquisite girl. “And you will not always make sure I’m first. When you want his cock, you get it. Don’t worry about me, I’ll always get my share.”

Donna left them for a few moments to go to the bathroom. She cleaned her cunt free of come juice and drank a glass of water. She looked at herself in the mirror over the sink. Before, she had had tiny, very fine lines around her eyes, but they seemed to be gone now. Nothing on her beautiful face suggested she had been getting fucked fantastically these past few days or eating that syrupy cunt of Kathy’s. She lifted her tits with both hands, looking at her tingling nipples, knowing how much both Kathy and her son enjoyed sucking them.

She gazed at her reflected cunt, seeing the thick hair that came close to concealing the pink wetness of her cunt. She parted the hair and split her cunt lips, gazing at the glistening cunt. Brushing a finger over her clitoris, Donna felt a ripple of pleasure flow through her. Having Kathy with them had certainly made some changes in their lives, she thought. The changes, she admitted to herself, were the most beautiful things that could have happened to her, and she knew Bobby was having the time of his young life. She wondered about Kathy and wondered about her being in so many foster homes. Perhaps, Donna thought, those people could not accept Kathy’s insatiable sexual desires. Perhaps Kathy ran from those places because she was unhappy in her insatiability. Maybe she had been searching for someone like Donna and her son.

She walked back to the living room, her hips swaying gently, feeling very good. Her tits, though round and large, hardly moved as she walked. They were very firm and tight fleshed, as were her rounded, exciting ass cheeks.

Bobby and Kathy were still sitting on the floor, their arms about each other. As usual, Kathy was fondling his cock and balls. Bobby, Donna thought, was in heaven now. His every wish was being catered to by not only Kathy, but by his mother, as well.

She sat on the couch near her son’s head, and Bobby turned his face into her thighs. As Donna opened her thighs, he pressed his mouth against her hairy cunt, kissing and licking her pussy. Donna spread her long thighs for him, arching her pussy into her son’s face, watching as Kathy leaned over and started sucking on his cock. Bobby placed one hand on the back of Kathy’s head, his other clutching one rounded cheek of his mother’s ass, his tongue lapping up and down the wetness of her pussy.

Donna cupped her son’s cheeks, her eyes blazing into his as his tongue slipped into her cunt, fucking in and out. She lifted her crotch and began to grind softly against his open mouth.

“Ohhh, darling, I love the way you suck my cunt,” Donna whispered as passion began to steam through her once more.

“What about me?” Kathy said, lifting her mouth off Bobby’s cock. “Don’t I lick your cunt good, too, Donna?”

“You lick my cunt beautifully, baby.” Donna smiled at the girl.

“You suck my cock pretty good, too, Kathy,” Bobby said with his mouth half an inch from his mother’s cunt. “So do you, Mom.”

“Oh, let’s stop complimenting each other,” Donna laughed, shoving her pussy into her son’s face. “Just lick that hairy, hot cunt! You suck his cock, Kathy.”

Donna’s cunt gripped her son’s tongue as he fucked it deeply. Bobby fucked his tongue back and forth into his mother’s cunt, his face almost buried by the thick pussy hairs. His top lip was pressing against her once again inflamed cunt. Past his head, between her thighs, she could see Kathy’s pretty face bobbing up and down on his hard cock, the liquid sounds of her sucking mouth filling the air.

An orgasm built inside Donna’s cunt, and she pressed her crotch tighter into her son’s face, squirming her pussy against his mouth and tongue.

“Ohhh, you’re going to make me come again, baby!” she hissed. “Ahhh, tonguefuck mother’s cunt, Bobby! Ohhhh, stick that hot pussy! Eat mother’s twat, her cunt!”

The explosion, although not as powerful as before, still sent shivers racing about her creamy flesh. She was still looking past her son at Kathy’s bobbing head when Kathy lifted her mouth off his cock.

Kathy’s blue eyes were steaming with heat.

“This time you get his come juice, Donna,” she said. “But why don’t you take his cock up your ass this time?”

Donna’s eyes widened. “Up my ass?”

“It’s fun, Donna,” Kathy said. “I get fucked in my ass a lot of times. Come on, let Bobby fuck you in the ass!”

The idea of feeling her son’s cock in her asshole caused Donna to tremble. She had never been fucked in her ass before, but now, with Kathy’s urging, she found herself wanting to see what being fucked in the ass felt like.

“Okay,” she said, her voice suddenly thick with desire again. “Let’s try that.”

She went to her hands and knees on the floor, her naked ass once again jutting into the air. She rested her head on the carpet, arching her back to make her creamy ass go high in the air.

“Come on, Bobby,” Donna grunted. “Fuck mother up the ass! Let’s see if we like it.”

Kathy was on her knees at Donna’s hips, running her hands over the smooth flesh of the woman’s parted ass cheeks. Donna felt Kathy’s small finger brushing her asshole, and the finger seemed to spark a fire about his asshole. She puckered her asshole tightly when Kathy applied pressure, trying to stick the tip of her finger up her asshole.

But, no matter how tight Donna’s asshole became, Kathy’s finger slipped in.

“Ooooo!” Donna wailed, shaking her ass. “Feels good, huh?” Kathy asked, fucking her finger back and forth as Bobby watched.

Then there was a change at Donna’s asshole. She felt Kathy pull her finger out, and the round head of her son’s hard cock was pressing against her asshole. For a moment Donna almost resisted, but the sudden pleasure that came over her, centered at her asshole, caused her to shove her uplifted ass back against her son’s cock.

Bobby lunged.

Donna yelped.

“It’s in!” she screamed. “Your cock is up my fucking asshole, Bobby! Ohhhh, you’re stretching mother’s asshole… filling her ass with that hard cock. More, darling, more!”

Bobby shoved his cock hard.

“Ooooeeeee!” Donna wailed.

She felt Kathy’s hand on her ass cheek, and the other hand was under her body, rubbing along her distended cunt.

“Fuck her, Bobby!” Donna heard Kathy urging in a low, hot voice. “Fuck your mother up her tight asshole! Fuck her in her hot ass, Bobby! Ooooo, your asshole is sure stretched, Donna! Oh, that looks so good! I’m next… I get fucked up my ass next!”

Donna felt her son fucking in and out. Her asshole felt stuffed, very staffed and on fire, but the fire was delicious, sending waves of ecstasy through her. She shot her ass back against him as he fucked forward, feeling her son’s cock throb hotly between the clenching ring of her asshole. The sensations were much different than having his cock in her cunt, but just as good.

“Ooo, darling, darling,” she squealed. “Fuck me this way! Ooo, I wish I knew about this before! Fuck my ass, Bobby! Fuck my hot asshole with your hot, hard, sweet cock!”

Bobby was fucking his cock in and out of his mother’s tight asshole swiftly, his balls beating against the swollen lips of her pussy, and Kathy’s fingers were rubbing at Donna’s cunt. Donna thrashed her upturned, naked ass about with wild, burning ecstasy, gurgling when her son fucked deep.

She felt Kathy’s hot, wet lips kissing at the cheeks of her ass, that small tongue licking eagerly at her flesh, fucking about the base of her spine as if she was trying to lick Donna’s asshole while Bobby fucked her. The hot breath from Kathy further enflamed Donna, and her cunt exploded with a tremendous orgasm. The orgasm caused her asshole to become very tight around her son’s fucking cock, and Donna was sure she was coming with her asshole too.

An ecstatic scream ripped from her constricted throat. Then she felt her son’s cock throb and lurch inside her asshole.

“Come, darling!” Donna screamed with pleasure. “Come up mother’s asshole! Fill my hot asshole with that sweet, sweet come juice!”

When her son came, Donna felt the thick come juice splash about the velvety lining of her asshole, triggering a series of wild, roaring orgasms that seemed never to end. The sensations rumbling through her caused her body to become very weak, and she slumped to the floor, her asshole clenching and relaxing, her ass cheeks shivering, her cunt pulsating with milder orgasms now. She felt the lips of both Kathy and her son kissing and licking her quivering ass cheeks, helping her come down from the greatest ecstasy she had ever experienced.

After she had recovered a bit, she rolled onto her back. Immediately her son and Kathy were in her arms. Donna hugged them tightly.

“I know where I want to get fucked from now on,” Donna laughed, sounding happy. “Up the fucking asshole!”

“Among other things,” Kathy giggled, her mouth near Donna’s tit. “Like your hairy, hot cunt.”

“And your mouth, Mom,” Bobby said, running his tongue about his mother’s nipple. “Don’t forget your mouth!”

“I want to get fucked every place,” Donna said. “I want that cock up my pussy, in my mouth, in my asshole… and, Kathy, I want to suck your sweet little cunt forever.”

Donna hugged Kathy and her son tightly, feeling happier than she had ever felt before.

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