Mind games for you – My pet

The following is taken from early transcriptions of recordings of His
pet during the first month while she was under hypnosis. She was still
over 200 pounds.
In business she knew how to “Power Dress” and was running her company
fully. He helped her to delegate more of her tasks to others so that
she could take time out and work on her “issues”. He knew His meaning
on the word while she took it to mean her mental problems, the stuff
holding her up, not letting her feel in control of her own life, as it

After talking her into her very relaxed state and saying her trigger
word, He asked her to tell him some of her fantasies. He knew that we
hold secrets about ourselves in our fantasies. So He took her deeper
and more relaxed to that place where dreams and fantasies come from
without the censure of judgment.

“Tell me about a fantasy where you have no control. Who or what
controls you?” He asked her.

she took a long sigh and spoke this as if she had recited it many times.
It is through this picture that he learned what she needed and how he
could achieve her goals and HIS.

What started as an experiment and has since taken on a life of its own.
We, who are his students, had to learn this and memorize it. We watch
and see ourselves in each of the people we observe every day. Since
this experiment has never been done like this to this
extent we believe we are helping to write history, His-story.

she is speaking quietly, deeply feeling the story and the needs

collar me.

blind fold me.

strip me of my clothes and dignity.

lead me around like a pet.

stroke me and speak to me as you would a good pet.

pets need fresh air.
You take me for a walk.

Oh, no, i think, i don’t want everyone to see me.

yet the air feels good on my body.

my nipples stand erect.

the air on my pussy is so erotic.

You look at me.

“I see you love it out here. Good Pet!”

You pet my hair, caress my face, stroke my breasts.
the goose bumps show the pleasure you are giving me.

You smile.

You tickle my nipples.

i moan.

i know i am outside and others can see
but i am losing my will to You and the pleasure You are giving me..

You know this and continue the stroking down to my pussy then you make
me spread my
legs so you can stroke me there.

oh, yeah, i am nothing but your pet!

You see that i am wet.

“Good, Pet!”

You lead me up and down the street.

People stare and you tell them with a wink that i am your pet.

You make me stop so that they can take it in.

“Come, she loves to have others pet her!”

i am nervous. What are you doing? These are our neighbors!

:”Here, like this!”

You repeat stroking my hair, face, breasts, tummy, ass, legs.

You again repeat “Spread your legs, pet, how can they know you like it?”

i feel many hands.

“Watch this!” You say as you nibble at my breasts. i moan and move with

“Wow, may I try?” Someone asks.


Now there is a stranger licking and nibbling my nipples.

“What’s that?” Someone asks.

“Sex drool. It shows she loves all this attention. Touch it.”

Someone’s hand strokes up my thigh into my wet cunt. i can’t help but
lean toward the

“But aren’t most pets supposed to crawl on all fours?” Someone asks.

“She will. She is so well trained!” You say as you tug at my leash and
say “Down!”

i get down on all fours.


You tug at my leash to make me crawl around showing off my ass
and your ability to control me.

They can see how wet i am as the wetness is leaking down my legs.

People pet me on the head and back.

Someone plays with my crack. my body gravitates to their hands,
especially the one at
my cunt.

“Now sit up!” The collar is tugged and i am forced to pull away from the
pleasure as I sit
back on my legs kneeling.

“Come here, I want to show you something.” You bring someone near my


i open my mouth.
Wet fingers slip into my mouth.
i lick the fingers clean of my juices.

You put your crotch in my face.
“Watch this!”

You have someone working my nipples.

Crotch. UMMM. i nuzzle you. i want you and the wonders that are in
your pants.

“Oh, my, she is hungry!” Someone says.

“She is my pet. She’ll do anything for me. Watch!” The leashes
attached to my wrists
raise my hands to your crotch. my hands do what comes naturally.
i unzip, reach in and pull out my desire.
Someone is sucking at my nipples.
i can’t resist.
in front of everyone i am sucking your cock.
i don’t care who is there,
i want your cum.
my body is gyrating in need.

“No, not now. We have a lot to do today. Down, Pet!”

my mouth is begging, my body is aching. my leg is wet and i am leaving
a puddle
beneath me.

“That’s enough for today, she is getting over excited.”

You lead me back to the house.
You do not allow me to stand.
i crawl.

“Heel” you say.

i crawl along side of you.
You stroke my hair, back, ass, and down my crack. “Such a good Pet.”

At the house you tether me outside.
i can only stay on all fours.
i don’t mind for i feel your fingers pleasuring me.

“I’ll be right back”. You say.

i am dumbfounded at being left alone outside. It doesn’t take much for
me to forget
though, I am enjoying the cool air touching my naked body, i rock to
imagined touches
from You.

But someone has followed us home. i feel the hands on me, playing with
my breasts and
i know it isn’t you and i am embarrassed.
i know i am not allowed to speak as i am only a pet.
i know i shouldn’t be responding to them at all as i am YOUR pet
but it feels so GOOD!

Someone is beneath me licking my nipples, pinching them, twirling them.
i moan and wiggle with need.
Someone else is poking their fingers around my cunt.
i squirm as they find my clit.
They find my hole and start pushing something in and out.
i hear giggling but i can’t stop responding to the good feelings it is
giving me.
Another cock is in my face, i hungrily lick, it and suck it.
my body is wiggling in ecstasy from being stimulated from all sides.

Suddenly the door opens.

“You kids go home!” You are shouting.

i am ashamed.

“Bad Pet “ You scold.

i want to hide.
i hang my head.

You untie me and lead me into the house.

“Look at you!” You exclaim. “You are filthy!”

You drag me into the bathroom and put me into the tub.
You squirt me off with the shower massage concentrating on the spots
those kids had
It feels delightful. the pulsing on my nipples and cunt keep me
You pull me out and dry me with a rough towel, concentrating on the

“Gotta get those good and dry!” You say.

You put your mouth on them and suck good and hard.
Oh, that feels good!
my ass wiggles.
You poke your finger around my pussy, then on inside.
i want more.

“But you have had enough for now and it is time for pet’s nap,” you tell
You lead me to my bed on the floor.
Of course, after all of that i can’t sleep.
my cunt continues dripping.
my nipples stand erect.
i try to get quiet but every orifice is in need.
my hands wander my own body in search of relief.
You swat my hands away.
i slip the one that had been in my cunt into my mouth and suck the
wonderful juices.

i am ashamed of myself for my lack of control.
Yet my thighs still move tightly together rubbing my clit.
i breathe heavily in passion.
Like an animal in heat.

You feel sorry for me and sit on the chair and pet me.

“You poor thing. That is what separates us. Pets aren’t expected to
control themselves.”

Your crotch is very close and i smell your aroma.
i move closer.
You are changing your clothes.
As your pants come down i am so excited there is no stopping me.
my tongue is slurping at your balls and cock.
As i suck, my cunt is rubbing against the floor and soon your foot.
Your toes wiggle against my clit and i am in pet Heaven.
i suck and suck until that wonderful taste floods my mouth
and i drink it till there is no more.
You chuckle at how cute i am, tweak my nipples
and push my cunt from your very wet foot.
i want more but know you have to go.

“I bought you something to keep you happy while I am gone.” you tell
You disappear into the kitchen and come back with it.
It is shaped just like your cock and balls and contains the same
wonderful juices.
You hand me my new toy and are gone.

It smells like you and i quickly put it into my mouth.
When you are gone i hop on the bed relishing my new toy.
The wonderful juice doesn’t come out very fast and takes a lot of
my jaws grow tired.
i love my new toy.
i hug it to me.
It feels delightful against my nipples.
i hold it between my breasts stroking it with my breasts
as it always pleases you when i do it to you.
i soon move it across my tummy.
It isn’t long before it has reached my steaming cunt.
Before long it is stroking furiously in and out of me.
i am oblivious to the rest of the world.
It is just my toy and me.
i don’t realize that you are taking videos of me to show at your
share with friends
and that you charge admission to those horny kids you just shooed away.
You are so proud of Your pet!

i am finally cumming.
It has been so long!
i leave the cock in me it feels so good.
i am tired from my busy morning and i fall asleep my hand touching my
own balls.

i dream i am in your arms.
And feeling i had pleased you.

As she finishes speaking she falls deeper into her trance.
He has realized His duty.

“Would you like to be MY pet?’ He asks her.

she smiles and says, “Oh, YES”

“Then I will take you to my home and I will help you to lose that weight
and train you to
be MY pet. In fact, when you hear me speak those words and you feel me
petting your
hair and body, you will sink into this state of totally giving yourself
to me. And when I
play with your nipples like this all memories of you and your past and
your present will
disappear replaced by deep sexual hunger that you know only I can
satisfy. It will be in
this way that you will be free. you will have no worries, all your
needs I will meet. I will
love you deeply and cherish you, and you will grow from extreme hunger
to loving and
cherishing me. You will grow to see My needs as great as your own and
you will be this
Man’s best friend, My sweet pet!”

As He says that she is moving toward His voice.
she kneels at his feet and puts her head on His knee.
He pets her hair.

“Oh, yes, MY sweet pet!”

This was the last day she was seen out in the world. He took her home
with him. This
was the last day she wore clothing. This was her first day wearing the
leashes. and the
collar she longed to have.

she became HIS pet.